What does Zereth-Shahar mean in the Bible?


Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Zereth-Shahar
ZERETH-SHAHAR . A Reubenite town ( Joshua 13:19 ). Its site has not been identified.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Zereth-Shahar
(zee' rehth-sshay' hahr) Place name meaning, “splendor of the dawn.” The city located “on the hill of the [1] valley” was allotted to Reuben (Joshua 13:19 ). The site is perhaps modern Zarat near Machaerus on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. Others suggest khirbet el-Libb seven miles south of Medeba or khirbet qurn el-Kibsh six miles northwest of Medeba.

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Zareth-Shahar - (zar' rehth-sshay hahr) KJV form of Zereth-Shahar
Zereth-Shahar - Zereth-Shahar