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King James Dictionary - Wont
WONT, a contraction of woll not, that is, will not.
WONT, a. wont is strictly the participle passive of won, wone. G. See the Verb. Accustomed habituated using or doing customarily.
If the ox were wont to push with his horn-- Exodus 21 .
They were wont to speak in old time, saying-- 2 Samuel 20 . Matthew 27 . Luke 22:39 .
WONT, n. Custom habit use.
WONT, To be accustomed or habituated to be used.
A yearly solemn feast she wont to make.
Wherewith he wont to soar s high.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Wont
1: ἔθω (Strong's #1486 — Verb — etho — eth'-o ) "to be accustomed," is used in the pluperfect tense (with imperfect meaning), eiotha, rendered "was wont" in Matthew 27:15 ; Mark 10:1 . See CUSTOM , B, No. 2, MANNER, A, Note (1).
Notes: (1) In Mark 15:8 , "he was wont to do," RV, represents the imperfect tense of poieo, "to do" (AV, "he had ever done"). (2) In Luke 22:39 , AV, ethos, "a custom," preceded by kata and the article, lit., "according to the (i.e., His) custom," is translated "as He was wont" (RV, "as His custom was"): see CUSTOM , A, No. 1. (3) In Acts 16:13 the AV, "was wont," translates the texts which have the Passive Voice of nomizo with its meaning "to hold by custom;" the RV, "we supposed," translates the texts which have the imperfect tense, Active, with the meaning "to consider, suppose."

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Wont - Wont, a contraction of woll not, that is, will not. ...
Wont, a. Wont is strictly the participle passive of won, wone. ...
If the ox were Wont to push with his horn-- Exodus 21 . ...
They were Wont to speak in old time, saying-- 2 Samuel 20 . ...
Wont, n. ...
Wont, To be accustomed or habituated to be used. ...
A yearly solemn feast she Wont to make. ...
Wherewith he Wont to soar s high
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Wonted - ...
of Wont...
Wont - 1: ἔθω (Strong's #1486 — Verb — etho — eth'-o ) "to be accustomed," is used in the pluperfect tense (with imperfect meaning), eiotha, rendered "was Wont" in Matthew 27:15 ; Mark 10:1 . ...
Notes: (1) In Mark 15:8 , "he was Wont to do," RV, represents the imperfect tense of poieo, "to do" (AV, "he had ever done"). , His) custom," is translated "as He was Wont" (RV, "as His custom was"): see CUSTOM , A, No. (3) In Acts 16:13 the AV, "was Wont," translates the texts which have the Passive Voice of nomizo with its meaning "to hold by custom;" the RV, "we supposed," translates the texts which have the imperfect tense, Active, with the meaning "to consider, suppose
Rachal - Place where David was 'wont to haunt
Accustom - ) To be Wont
Fain - ) Well-pleased; glad; apt; Wont; fond; inclined
Chorashan - City in Judah where David was Wont to haunt, and to which he sent some of his spoils taken in war
Rich: Danger of the - A holy woman was Wont to say of the rich: 'They are hemmed round with no common misery; they go down to hell without thinking of it, because their staircase thither is of gold and porphyry
Accustom - To be Wont, or habituated to do anything
Sometime, Sometimes - ]'>[1] , and except in Sir 37:14 (‘For a man’s mind is sometime Wont to tell him,’ etc
Chor-Ashan - Smoking furnace, one of the places where "David himself and his men were Wont to haunt" (1 Samuel 30:30,31 )
Anniversary - ) The annual return of the day on which any notable event took place, or is Wont to be celebrated; as, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
Censoriousness-Who Most Guilty of - Pedley, who was a well-known natural simpleton, was Wont to say, 'God help the fool
Greet - ...
There greet in silence, as the dead are Wont, ...
And sleep in peace
Mercu'Rius - 620-724, appears to have formed part of the folk-lore of Asia Minor, and strikingly illustrates the readiness with which the simple people of Lystra recognized in Barnabas and Paul the gods who, according to their Wont, had come down in the likeness of men
Enrogel - Fuller's fountain, so named because here the fullers were Wont to cleanse their cloths by treading them with their feet
Herdsman - The daughters also of wealthy chiefs were Wont to tend the flocks of the family (Genesis 29:9 ; Exodus 2:16 )
Secret - There secret in her sapphire cell, ...
He with the Nais Wont to dwell
Stone - The same custom still prevails in Syria, and passing travellers are Wont to add each one a stone to the heap
Vicar - The origin and meaning ofthis title as used in the Church of England are thus given inBlackstone's Commentaries, "These appropriating corporations, orreligious houses, were Wont to depute one of their body to performdivine service in those parishes of which the society was the Parson
Hosanna - Taken from Psalm 118, which they were Wont to recite at the feast of tabernacles in "the great Hallel" (Psalm 113-118), in responses with the priest, while they waved willow and palm branches with rejoicings
Euodias - Euodia and Syntyche were two of "the women who resorted to the river side, where prayer was Wont to be made
Reward: of Benevolence Sometimes Immediate - Jones was Wont to add, when telling the story, 'If I had not stopped to give relief I should have missed the gentleman and the sovereign too
Hireling - ...
Calvin, who defines hirelings as ‘those who retain the pure doctrine, and who proclaim the truth, as Paul says, to serve a purpose rather than from pure zeal,’ discusses a question Wont to Be debated in times of persecution, viz
Ass - The most noble and honorable amongst the Jews were Wont to be mounted on asses
Hiram or Huram - Josephus relates that he and Solomon were Wont to exchange enigmas with each other; that he greatly improved his city and realm, and died after a prosperous reign of thirty-four years, at the age of fifty-two
Hand - The right hand meant towards the south, the Jews being Wont to speak as if facing the east
Mark or Marcus - As he was the son of that Mary at whose house in Jerusalem the apostles were Wont to convene, so it is probable that he was particularly instructed in the doctrines of Christianity by Peter, who on the account calls him son, 1 Peter 5:13
Confound - A fluid body and a wetting liquor, because they agree in many things, are Wont to be confounded
Ass - The most noble and honorable amongst the Jews were Wont to be mounted on asses
Senochus, Saint - Martin, according to tradition, had been Wont to pray
Distraction - Here we consider distraction as it is Wont to happen in prayer and in the administration of the sacraments
Treasures - Kings were Wont to store their possessions and guard what they most valued in well-fortified cities, hence called treasure-cities, Exodus 1:11 ; 1 Chronicles 27:25 ; Ezra 5:17
Camp, Encampments - ...
Travellers in the desert were Wont to pitch their tents in the center of a circle formed by their camels and baggage, which served as a barrier against an assault
Use - Sweetness, truth, and every grace, which time and use are Wont to teach. To be Wont
Thorn in the Flesh - If we consider the fact, "which the experience of God's saints in all ages has conclusively established, of the difficulty of subduing an infirmity of temper, as well as the pain, remorse, and humiliation such an infirmity is Wont to cause to those who groan under it, we may be inclined to believe that not the least probable hypothesis concerning the 'thorn' or 'stake' in the flesh is that the loving heart of the apostle bewailed as his sorest trial the misfortune that, by impatience in word, he had often wounded those for whom he would willingly have given his life" (Lias's Second Cor
Bartimaeus - Eliciting, as He was Wont, first of all from the blind man the expression of his want, "What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?" Christ next grants his prayer, and praises his faith "Receive thy sight; thy faith hath saved thee
Taste: Spiritual Needful For Earthly Joys - My grandfather was Wont to use it as his study
Bethany - About a bow-shot from hence you pass by the place which they say was Mary Magdalene's house; and thence descending a steep hill, you come to the fountain of the Apostles, which is so called because, as the tradition goes, these holy persons were Wont to refresh themselves there between Jerusalem and Jericho,—as it is very probable they might, because the fountain is close to the roadside, and is inviting to the thirsty traveller
Iconium - They preached in the synagogue first, as was Paul's Wont, and with such power of the Holy Spirit "that a great multitude both of Jews and also of Greeks believed
Kingdom of Heaven - The ancient prophets, when describing the character of the Messiah, Daniel 2:44 7:13,14 Micah 4:1-7 , and even when speaking of his humiliation and sufferings, were Wont to intersperse hint of his power, his reign, and his divinity
Conversion: a Radical Change - But suppose this man can be so changed, that just as freely as he was Wont to curse he now delights to pray, and just as heartily as he hated religion he now finds pleasure in it, and just as earnestly as he sinned he now delights to be obedient to the Lord; ah! then, this is a wonder, a miracle which mat cannot accomplish, a marvel which only the grace of God can work, and which gives to God his highest glory
Hypatia, Lady in Alexandria - She was Wont to have frequent communications with Orestes [1]; this aroused enmity against her in the church community
Olives, Olivet, Mount of - because of the Lord's association with it: He was 'wont' to go there and "at night he went out and abode in the mount
Use - ) To be Wont or accustomed; to be in the habit or practice; as, he used to ride daily; - now disused in the present tense, perhaps because of the similarity in sound, between "use to," and "used to
Feasts - ...
The Hebrews were a hospitable people, and were Wont to welcome their guests with a feast, and dismiss them with another, Genesis 19:3 31:27 Judges 6:19 2 Samuel 3:20 2 Kings 6:23 . Those who brought sacrifices and offerings to the temple were Wont to feast upon them there, with joy and praise to God, Deuteronomy 12:6,7 1 Samuel 16:5 2 Samuel 6:19
Hannah - Her home was at Ramathaim-zophim, whence she was Wont every year to go to Shiloh, where the tabernacle had been pitched by Joshua, to attend the offering of sacrifices there according to the law (Exodus 23:15 ; 34:18 ; Deuteronomy 16:16 ), probably at the feast of the Passover (Compare Exodus 13:10 )
Demophilus - The same writer says that Demophilus was Wont to throw everything into confusion, especially the doctrines of the church, and quotes from a sermon at Constantinople, in which he spoke of the human nature of the Saviour as lost in the divine, as a glass of milk when poured into the sea
Eating, Mode of - " The Jews were Wont to wash their hands before eating, a custom rendered necessary by their mode of eating, but made by the Pharisees a test of piety, Mark 7:2,3 Luke 11:38 . The head of the family was Wont to send a double portion of food to a stranger, as an honor, and to furnish him a greater variety, Genesis 43:31 1 Samuel 1:4 9:22-24 ; and often would select the choicest morsels and present them to his guest with his own fingers
Easter Day - " In the early Church Christianswere Wont to greet one another on this day with the joyoussalutation, "Christ is Risen," to which the response was made,"Christ is risen indeed
Bithynia - Their error is this; they are Wont to meet on a stated day before dawn and to repeat in turns among themselves a hymn to Christ as God; and to bind themselves by oath not to commit any wickedness, such as theft, robbery, or adultery, nor to break their word
Olves, Mount of - Here he gave them the beautiful parables of the ten virgins and the five talents (25); here he was Wont to retire on each evening for meditation, and prayer, and rest of body, when weary and harassed by the labours and trials of the day (Luke 21:37 ); and here he came on the night of his betrayal to utter that wonderful prayer, 'O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt' (Matthew 26:39 )
Burial - A banquet sometimes followed the funeral, Jeremiah 16:7,8 ; and during subsequent days the bereaved friends were Wont to go to the grave from time to time, to weep and to adorn the place with fresh flowers, John 11:31 , a custom observed even at this day
Dan - This new city of Dan became to them a new home, and was Wont to be spoken of as the northern limit of Palestine, the length of which came to be denoted by the expression "from Dan to Beersheba", i
Lydia - Many women, and among them Lydia, resorted to the place by the river Gangites or Gaggitas "where prayer was Wont to be made"; possibly a proseuchee was there, "the meeting place of Jewish congregations in Greek cities" (Winer), or "a place of prayer as opposed to a synagogue or house of prayer" (Conybeare and Howson, Life of Paul)
Justice - The servant also deals justly with his master, not stealing or purloining, as heathen slaves were Wont to do, but ‘with good will doing service, as unto the Lord, and not unto men’ (Ephesians 6:5 ff
Burial - 2 Chronicles 16:14 A banquet sometimes followed the funeral, Jeremiah 16:7-8; and the bereaved friends were Wont to go to the grave from time to time, to weep, John 11:31; a custom observed even at this day
Gabbatha - To Zacharias he declares that he is Wont to stand in the presence of God, and that he is sent by Him on the mission stated
Spiritualizing of the Parables - ]'>[1] of the parable of the Steward (Luke 16:1-12), which inculcates simply the duty of being as shrewd in spiritual matters as men are Wont to be in worldly affairs
Gate - The most reasonable interpretation is that the πυλῶνες go together with the Temple buildings outside the city (Lystra), being near the point where sacrifice was Wont to be made
Jovinianus, Heretic - ...
The heresies of Jovinian would be especially obnoxious to the great ecclesiastics of his time, who were Wont to insist strongly upon the merit of virginity and of abstinence
Water - Use and Wont have established certain regulations for the watering of animals, infringement of which frequently causes strife ( Genesis 29:2 ff
Epiphanes, a Gnostic Writer - He died at the age of 17, and at Same, a city of Cephallenia, a handsome temple and other buildings were raised in his memory; and at the new moon the Cephallenians were Wont to celebrate his apotheosis as a god by sacrifices, libations, banquets, and the singing of hymns
Camel - Meanwhile it is Wont to utter loud cries or growls of anger and impatience
Prayer - Hypocrites also are Wont to pray chiefly that they may have praise of men
Hermes (1) Trismegistus, Writings of Unknown Authorship - Both works are quoted by Lactantius (who ascribed to them the fabulous antiquity and high authority which the early Fathers were Wont to attribute to the Sibylline books); and must have been written before c
Refuge - They were Wont to send some prudent persons to meet those who were pursuing their revenge for the relations, that they might dispose them to clemency, and persuade them to wait the decision of justice
Dan - These characterizations are more applicable to a small tribe of guerilla fighters, versed in cunning strategy, Wont to strike a quick blow from ambush at a passing troop, than they are to the more sustained measures of warfare of a large and powerful body
Gregorius, Saint., the Illuminator - After two years Tiridates ordered the saint to be thrown into a muddy pit infested with creeping creatures, into which malefactors were Wont to be hurled, in the city of Ardashat, and there he lived for 14 years, being fed by a Christian woman named Anna
Veil - Women were Wont to cover their faces with veils in token of modesty, of reverence, and subjection to their husbands, Genesis 24:65 ; 1 Corinthians 11:3 , &c
Mary - She had a house in Jerusalem, where the followers of Jesus were Wont to convene
Samaritan, the Good - ]'>[1] as He was Wont (cf
Tittle - And so in the striking language of paradox and even of hyperbole that He was Wont to use when He felt strongly and desired to speak strongly, He exclaimed, ‘For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all be fulfilled
Love-Feasts - The former were Wont to offer certain sacrifices to their gods, which were afterward given to the poor
Sadducees - His deviating from his Wont to explain "the S
Isaacus, Egyptian Solitary - "Abbat Isaac was Wont to say to the brethren, Our fathers and abbat Pambo wore old bepatched raiment and palm husks ( σεβένια ); nowadays ye wear costly clothing
Wells And Springs - ...
The cut above given presents a view of "The Fountain of the Virgin" at Nazareth, so called from the strong probability that the mother of our Lord was Wont to draw water from it, as the women of Nazareth do at this day
Manner - See CUSTOM , Wont
Husbandman - And nothing better certifies the supreme instinct of the Master than this, that the thousand revelations of the natural science of to-day illustrate only the more those spiritual principles and universal laws of the unseen which He was Wont to enforce by reference to phenomena around Him as He spoke
Prayer - But, besides this public prayer, it was the custom of all at Jerusalem to go up to the temple, at regular hours if possible, for private prayer, see (Luke 18:10 ; Acts 3:1 ) and those who were absent were Wont to "open their windows toward Jerusalem," and pray "toward" the place of God's presence
Lazarus - And it is noteworthy how, when He employed Jewish imagery, He was Wont to invest it with new significance. The Jewish fancy was that for three days after death the soul hovered about the sepulchre, fain to re-enter and reanimate its tenement of clay; and the bereaved were Wont to visit the sepulchre to see if haply their dead had come to life
the Rich Man And Lazarus - This lost soul seems to have had no hope for his five brothers if they were left alone with the minister he had been Wont to meet with at his father's table, and had been Wont to hear preaching on Sabbath
Census - The people had often before been numbered by their tribes, and Herod probably judged that, especially on this first occasion of such an enrolment, the use and Wont would be more acceptable to his subjects than a method new to them, and would be less likely to arouse resentment or even tumult
Praise - It was called forth by the acts of Jahweh upon which the Israelites were especially Wont to dwell in different periods
Marriage - ...
Jewish parents were Wont to arrange with other parents as to the marriage of their children, sometimes according to the previous choice of the son, and not without some regard to the consent of the daughter, Genesis 21:21 24:1-67 34:4-6 Judges 14:2-3
Paul the Aged - ...
You may remember how a great divine as he grew old was Wont, for that and for some other reasons, to go back now and then and take a turn up and down in his unregenerate state. As Paul also was Wont to do
Arnobius - )...
On the origin of the Soul he is far more speculative than is his Wont
Lion - In this thicket anciently, and the same is reported of it at this day, several sorts of wild beasts were Wont to harbour themselves, whose being washed out of the covert by the over-flowings of the river gave occasion to that allusion: ‘He shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan
Papias - For I used not to delight, like the many, in those Wont to have so much to say (by way of comment), but in those Wont to teach things that are true; nor yet in those accustomed to bear in mind the precepts of other masters (τὰς ἀλλοτρία; ἐντολάς), but in those (wont to bear in mind) such as have been given once for all from the Lord to faith and reach (us) from the Truth itself as source (ἀπʼ αὐτῆς παραγινομένας Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria - But when the Nile-gauge was removed from the Serapeum to the church, the pagans asked, Would not the god avenge himself by withholding the yearly inundation his power had been Wont to effect? It was, in fact, delayed. Many others were of fiercer mood: was the "image of God" to be thus nullified? They hurried from their deserts to Alexandria and menaced the "pope" whom they had been Wont to honour
Benedictus of Nursia, Abbott of Monte Cassino - 14, 15), and that he was Wont to cheer his solitude by brief and rare interviews with his beloved sister, Scholastica, herself a recluse at no great distance ( ib
Bethesda - There the sick of many years were Wont to be healed
Caecilia, Saint, Roman Lady - As she refused, he commanded her to be shut up in her bath, and that the furnace should be heated with wood seven times hotter than it was Wont to be
Regeneration - It is connected with the outward call of the gospel (hence the older divines were Wont to treat of this subject under the head of ‘vocation,’ or ‘effectual calling’)
Moses - But when the task of concealment became difficult, Jochebed contrived to bring her child under the notice of the daughter of the king by constructing for him an ark of bulrushes, which she laid among the flags which grew on the edge of the river at the spot where the princess was Wont to come down and bathe
Arrest - ‘As though against a brigand,’ He said scornfully, ‘have ye come forth with swords and cudgels? Daily in the temple I was Wont to sit teaching, and ye did not arrest me
Amen - The lack of a common language has always been a barrier to the mutual knowledge and intercourse of the great nations of mankind, all the more that the days when the educated men of all European nations were Wont to converse in Latin have long since passed away
Joshua - Now, in that Joshua was exactly like his Great Namesake in the New Testament whose Wont it was to go up to the synagogue of Nazareth every Sabbath day, and who said to His father and mother when they sought Him all through Jerusalem sorrowing: 'How is it that ye seek Me? Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?' Joseph and Mary had sought the child Jesus in all those places where other sorrowing fathers and mothers were seeking their lost sons also,-among the theatres, and the circuses, and the shows, and the races, and the wrestling arenas, and the inns, and shops, and streets of Jerusalem; but He departed not out of the temple. At the same time, the defect of Joshua's finest quality, as we are Wont to call it, came out on an occasion, and was warmly and nobly rebuked by Moses, as we read in a very beautiful passage in the Book of Numbers
Anointing (2) - (2) The position of the incident in Matthew-Mark is merely an example of the freedom wherewith the Synoptic editors were Wont to handle the material of the Evangelic tradition, arranging it topically rather than chronologically
Elisha - Even the Elijah you so often go back upon, were he here again, he would not be exactly the same man, with exactly the same mantle, the hem and the hair of which you were so Wont to kiss
Teaching of Jesus - But the same knowledge was also given less fully and formally, in occasional and piecemeal fashion, in the ‘teaching’ Jesus was Wont in His earlier ministry to give at the Sabbath services in synagogues of Galilee, in close connexion with the reading of the Law and its regular exposition (Mark 1:21; Mark 6:2, Luke 4:15; cf. In this beneficent yet deeply serious sense Jesus ‘was Wont to speak the word’ to men ‘just as they were able to listen to it
Hospitality - ‘There was a sworn alliance between the Lihyân and the Mostalic: they were Wont to eat and drink together’ ( RS Salutations - ’ This universality of Christian interest, or inclusiveness of brotherhood, appears often: ‘Salute every saint in Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 4:21); ‘The brethren which are with me salute you’ (Philippians 4:21), where all the Christians who were Wont to assemble in prison or in his hired rooms (Acts 28:30) to console St
Jude Epistle of - The Gnostics were Wont to describe themselves as ‘spiritual,’ and the ordinary members of the Church as ‘psychics
Popery - But to this accusation the Papist replies, that he keeps images by him to preserve in his mind the memory of the persons represented by them; as people are Wont to preserve the memory of their deceased friends by keeping their pictures
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - He had been much longer absent from His disciples that day than was His Wont
House - These smaller houses are known by the name alee, or oleah, and in them strangers are usually lodged and entertained; and thither likewise the men are Wont to retire, from the hurry and noise of their families, to be more at leisure for meditation or devotion, Matthew 6:6 ; besides the use they are at other times put to, in serving for wardrobes and magazines
Language of the nt - Mark , who often gives us very literal translations of the Aramaic in which his story was first Wont to be told; there seems some reason to suspect that in the oldest form of his text this occurred more frequently still
the Blind Leaders of the Blind - For Wesley was Wont to preach this high doctrine of Moses, and of Nature herself, to the people called Methodists, this high doctrine of his, that cleanliness is next to Godliness
Hilarius Arelatensis, Saint, Bishop of Arles - of Arles was always Wont to speak very plainly
the Much Forgiven Debtor And His Much Love - ...
Samuel Rutherford was Wont to set this riddle of love to the old saints in Anwoth: Whether they would love their Saviour more for their justification or for their sanctification? And some said one thing and some said another thing
John the Baptist - ' John was a great man and a great preacher, but, as we are Wont to say, he never quite escaped out of the seventh of the Romans
Lazarus - And He so loved Lazarus back again, and so expected all His disciples to love Lazarus also, that He was Wont to call Lazarus their universal friend
Joseph And Mary - Day after day, week after week, Joseph's misery increased, and when, as his Wont was, he went up to the synagogue on the Sabbath day, that only made him feel his loneliness and his misery all the more
Alexander the Coppersmith - Many were the clever speeches the coppersmith made during his baptized days also; the Christians putting him forward to speak, just as the Jews were Wont to put him forward when he was one of themselves
Synagogue - During the Babylonish captivity, the Jews, who were then deprived of their customary religious privileges, were Wont to collect around some prophet or other pious man, who taught them and their children in religion, exhorted to good conduct, and read out of the sacred books, Ezekiel 14:1 ; Ezekiel 20:1 ; Daniel 6:11 ; Nehemiah 8:18
Principality Principalities - ‘He has put off and laid aside the garb of angelic mediation in which, under the Law, He was Wont to hold intercourse with men’ (Findlay)
Nestorius And Nestorianism - On the fifth day after his consecration, he resolved to destroy the oratory in which the Arians were Wont to celebrate their worship, and thereby he not only drove them to desperation, but, as Socrates adds, he alienated thinking men of his own communion. Nor should it be forgotten that though many modern divines are Wont to represent Theodore of Mopsuestia as a dangerous heretic, he was rather, like Origen at an earlier period, a pioneer of theological inquiry [7], and that, like Origen, he lived and died m the communion of the church, though some of the propositions laid down by him were afterwards shewn to be erroneous
Paul as a Believing Man - A great Pauline divine, the greatest indeed that I know, was Wont to say that there are many things in our Lord far more wonderful and far more glorious than even His Cross
Reality - —With no demure, sanctimonious airs, and no pretentious tones such as the Rabbis were Wont to assume, He spoke straight to the heart and conscience; and common people felt that His utterances came home with an authority they were compelled to own (Matthew 7:29)
Paul's Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow of Heart - And, to come down to His great servant: when Mont Blanc was so full to him of the glory of snow and sunshine on many a Sabbath morning, Calvin was Wont to boast it all back into its own place with this out of the Psalms,-"The hill of God is as the hill of Bashan; an high hill as the hill of Bashan
Nabal - It was the season of the year when the most churlish of men were Wont to melt for the moment into hospitality and self-enjoyment, and even Nabal held a feast in his house
Paul the Apostle - It is also a dependable third-person (and sometimes first-person) account of the kinds of things Paul was Wont to urge on his listeners in the various situations he faced
Samson - You stand up for use and Wont in public worship, and in pulpit and in published doctrine; but, then, you hate and hunt down the men who innovate upon you in these things
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - ...
Thomas Goodwin, that great minister, tells us that always when he was tempted to be high-minded and to forget to fear, he was Wont to go back and take a turn up and down in his unregenerate state
Michal, Saul's Daughter - Had Michal been married in the Lord; had Michal reverenced her husband; had she cared to please her husband; had she played on the psaltery and harp sometimes, if only for his sake-what a happy wife Michal would have been, and David what a happy husband! Had her heart been right with her husband's heart when he blessed his household every night; had she been Wont with all her heart to unite with her husband when he blessed them every night and sang psalms with them; had she sung with him and said, We will not go up into our bed till we have found out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob: how well it would have been
Poetry - And again, in Hebrew so many facts are lost upon which we are Wont to place dependence in such a study, that until we get new light from without, any scheme of Hebrew metre must be merely a working hypothesis, and no complete system can be expected
Lord's Prayer (i) - ’ That the disciples of John were Wont to make prayers or supplications, besides their fasting, is told by St
Paul as a Pastor - To me it is as clear as anything can be, that the apostle had been tempted, and even commanded, by those very men sitting there, to keep back some things out of his preaching that he was Wont to bring forward into it
Solomon - No doubt it may be said in suspicion and in depreciation of Solomon that kings are Wont to get their speeches and their prayers written for them by their ministers, secular and sacred; and that what falls from a king's lips before his people need not have come from his heart
Ahithophel - For the counsel of Ahithophel, which he counselled in those days, was as if a man inquired at the oracle of God; so was all the counsel of Ahithophel with Absalom as it had been Wont to be with David
Jonathan - His comrades, for his beauty of person and for his swiftness of foot, were Wont to call him The Gazelle
Poetry of the Hebrews - The origin of this form of poetical composition among the Hebrews is clearly to be deduced from the manner in which their sacred hymns were Wont to be sung
Food - One or more of these, doubtless supplied the venison from which Esau was Wont to make the ‘savoury meat’ which his father loved ( Genesis 25:28 ; Genesis 27:5 f
Absolution - And our Lord is speaking, according to His Wont, to the ideal Church, to the Church which receives in the fulness with which He is willing to bestow
Animals - The elder brother complains that he has never been allowed to offer his friends the entertainment which his father is Wont to provide for any chance visitor; while for the graceless prodigal is killed the fatted calf, which is destined only for high festivals
Proverbs - ...
The general sentiment is well illustrated by Origen’s sneer at Celsus’ imaginary Jew who quoted Euripides, that Jews were not Wont to be so well versed in Greek literature (c
Elisha - ...
There Elisha was Wont to see her regularly at his services on the "new moon and sabbath
House - It is now certain that the Canaanites, and the Hebrews after them, were Wont to consecrate the foundation of a new building by a human sacrifice
God - And there can be no doubt that from Moses’ time onwards it was derived from the ‘imperfect’ tense of the verb ‘to be,’ and was understood to mean ‘He who is Wont to be,’ or else ‘He who will be
Boyhood of Jesus - ...
‘The same thing is true of the Chagiga, the meat of a slain thank-offering, which was Wont to be previously brought with the Passover Supper
Dream (2) - ), of how ‘the little people’ of his brain, who had been Wont to amuse him with absurd farragos, harnessed themselves to their task and dreamed for him consecutively and artistically when he became a craftsman in the art of story-telling
Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - 52) that Eusebius is not Wont without some special reason to copy references made by his predecessors to undisputed books of the Canon
Samaria, Samaritans - The Jews were Wont to accuse the Samaritans of having corrupted the Law; and the charge was well founded
Sea of Galilee - A brackish taste can be perceived at different places, and especially at a point ⅔ across between Tiberias and Kersa, where in the warmer water great shoals of fish are Wont to congregate
Messiah - Whereas the Jews, in their synagogues, were Wont to pray for the Grand Seignior, he orders those prayers to be forborne for the future, thinking it an indecent thing to pray for him who was shortly to be his captive; and, instead of praying for the Turkish emperor, he appoints prayers for himself
Eusebius (60), Bishop of Nicomedia - " They undoubtedly compromised themselves by signature; yet they did not treat as unimportant that which they were Wont to declare such but set all the machinery of church and empire in motion to enforce their latitudinarian view on the conscience of the church
Montanus - Phrygia was a country in which heathen devotion exhibited itself in the most fanatical form, and it seemed to calm observers that the frenzied utterances of the Montanistic prophetesses were far less like any previous manifestation of the prophetic gift among Christians than they were to those heathen orgiasms which the church had been Wont to ascribe to the operation of demons
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - A cry was raised "Away with the atheists! Let Polycarp be sought for!" Polycarp wished to remain at his post but yielded to the solicitations of his people and retired for concealment to a country house where he spent his time as was his Wont in continual prayer for himself and his own people and for all the churches throughout the world
Ambrosius of Milan - He was Wont to "celebrate the sacrifice" every day (Ep
Christ in Jewish Literature - Such interest as they possess is due to their significance as indications of the way in which Jews were Wont to think and speak amongst themselves of the Founder of Christianity
Justinianus i, Emperor - Pope Agapetus, having heard of these suspicions, and disapproving, as Rome was Wont to do, of translations from one bishopric to another, refused to communicate with the patriarch till he should have purged himself from the charge of heresy, and insisted that, when purged, Anthimus should return to Trebizond
Marcion, a 2nd Century Heretic - When Hyle came after her Wont to serve him, Adam did not listen to her, but withdrew himself
Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens - Tertullian, if frequently satirical, is at first grave and dignified, sober and patient, more than is his Wont; but the smouldering fire bursts out at last; his last chapter is a climax of withering scorn and impassioned appeal