What does Value mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
וְהֶעֱרִ֥יךְ to arrange 1
יַעֲרִיכֶ֖נּוּ to arrange 1
וְהֶעֱרִ֤יךְ to arrange 1
וְהֶעֱרִיכוֹ֙ to arrange 1
עֶרְכָּ֑הּ order 1
כְּעֶרְכְּךָ֥ order 1
בְּרֹאשׁ֔וֹ head 1

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   1 to arrange, set or put or lay in order, set in array, prepare, order, ordain, handle, furnish, esteem, equal, direct, compare.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to arrange or set or lay in order, arrange, state in order, set forth (a legal case), set in place.
         1a2 to compare, be comparable.
   2 (Hiphil) to Value, tax.


   1 order, row, estimate, things that are set in order, layer, pile.
      1a order, row.
      1b estimate, valuation.


   1 head, top, summit, upper part, chief, total, sum, height, front, beginning.
      1a head (of man, animals).
      1b top, tip (of mountain).
      1c height (of stars).
      1d chief, head (of man, city, nation, place, family, priest).
      1e head, front, beginning.
      1f chief, choicest, best.
      1g head, division, company, band.
      1h sum.

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Webster's Dictionary - Present Value
Alt. of worth
Webster's Dictionary - Value
(n.) That property of a color by which it is distinguished as bright or dark; luminosity.
(n.) Any particular quantitative determination; as, a function's value for some special value of its argument.
(n.) The property or aggregate properties of a thing by which it is rendered useful or desirable, or the degree of such property or sum of properties; worth; excellence; utility; importance.
(n.) Valor.
(n.) The valuable ingredients to be obtained by treatment from any mass or compound; specif., the precious metals contained in rock, gravel, or the like; as, the vein carries good values; the values on the hanging walls.
(v. t.) To estimate the value, or worth, of; to rate at a certain price; to appraise; to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc.
(v. t.) To rate highly; to have in high esteem; to hold in respect and estimation; to appreciate; to prize; as, to value one for his works or his virtues.
(v. t.) To raise to estimation; to cause to have value, either real or apparent; to enhance in value.
(v. t.) To be worth; to be equal to in value.
(n.) The relative length or duration of a tone or note, answering to quantity in prosody; thus, a quarter note [1] has the value of two eighth notes [1].
(n.) Precise signification; import; as, the value of a word; the value of a legal instrument
(n.) In an artistical composition, the character of any one part in its relation to other parts and to the whole; - often used in the plural; as, the values are well given, or well maintained.
(n.) Degree of lightness as conditioned by the presence of white or pale color, or their opposites.
(n.) Worth estimated by any standard of purchasing power, especially by the market price, or the amount of money agreed upon as an equivalent to the utility and cost of anything.
(n.) Esteem; regard.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Value
A — 1: διαφέρω (Strong's #1308 — — diaphero — dee-af-er'-o ) used intransitively, means "to differ, to excel," hence "to be of more value," Matthew 6:26 , RV, "are (not) ye of (much) more value," (AV, "better"); Matthew 12:12 ; Luke 12:24 , ditto; Matthew 10:31 ; Luke 12:7 . See BETTER , (be), CARRY , No. 4, DIFFER, DRIVE, No. 7, EXCELLENT, MATTER, Note (1), PUBLISH, No. 2.
Note: For timao, rendered "to value" in Matthew 27:9 (twice), AV, see PRICE.
B — 1: τιμή (Strong's #5092 — Noun Feminine — time — tee-may' ) denotes "a valuing, a price, honor;" in Colossians 2:23 , RV, "(not of any) value (against the indulgence of the flesh)" [1], i.e., the ordinances enjoined by human tradition are not of any value to prevent (pros, "against;" cp. Acts 26:14 ) indulgence of the flesh. See HONOR , PRECIOUS , PRICE , SUM.
King James Dictionary - Value
VALUE, n. val'u. L. valor, from valeo, to be worth.
1. Worth that property or those properties of a thing which render it useful or estimable or the degree of that property or of such properties. The real value of a thing is its utility, its power or capacity of procuring or producing good. Hence the real or intrinsic value of iron, is far greater than that of gold. But there is, in many things, an estimated value, depending on opinion or fashion, such as the value of precious stones. The value of land depends on its fertility, or on its vicinity to a market, or on both. 2. Price the rate of worth set upon a commodity, or the amount for which a thing is sold. We say, the value of a thing is what it will bring in market. 3. Worth applied to persons. Ye are all physicians of no value. Job 13 .
Ye are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10 .
4. High rate. Caesar is well acquainted with your virtue, and therefore sets this value on your life.
5. Importance efficacy in producing effects as considerations of no value. Before events shall have decided on the value of the measures.
6. Import precise signification as the value of a word or phrase. VALUE, val'u.
1. To estimate the worth of to rate at a certain price to apprise as, to value lands or goods. 2. To rate at a high price to have in high esteem as a valued poem or picture. A man is apt to value his own performances at too high a rate he is even disposed to value himself for his humility. 3. To esteem to hold in respect and estimation as, to value one for his works or virtues. 4. To take account of. The mind doth value every moment.
5. To reckon or estimate with respect to number or power. The queen is valu'd thirty thousand strong.
6. To consider with respect to importance. The king must take it so slightly valu'd in his messenger.
Neither of them valued their premises according to the rules of honor or integrity.
7. To raise to estimation. Some value themselves to their country by jealousies to the crown. Not in use.
8. To be worth. Not in use.

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Esteem - ) Estimation; opinion of merit or Value; hence, valuation; reckoning; price. ) High estimation or Value; great regard; favorable opinion, founded on supposed worth. ) To set a high Value on; to prize; to regard with reverence, respect, or friendship. ) To form an estimate; to have regard to the Value; to consider. ) To set a Value on; to appreciate the worth of; to estimate; to Value; to reckon
Value - Value, n. The real Value of a thing is its utility, its power or capacity of procuring or producing good. Hence the real or intrinsic Value of iron, is far greater than that of gold. But there is, in many things, an estimated Value, depending on opinion or fashion, such as the Value of precious stones. The Value of land depends on its fertility, or on its vicinity to a market, or on both. We say, the Value of a thing is what it will bring in market. Ye are all physicians of no Value. ...
Ye are of more Value than many sparrows. Caesar is well acquainted with your virtue, and therefore sets this Value on your life. Importance efficacy in producing effects as considerations of no Value. Before events shall have decided on the Value of the measures. Import precise signification as the Value of a word or phrase. Value, val'u. To estimate the worth of to rate at a certain price to apprise as, to Value lands or goods. To rate at a high price to have in high esteem as a Valued poem or picture. A man is apt to Value his own performances at too high a rate he is even disposed to Value himself for his humility. To esteem to hold in respect and estimation as, to Value one for his works or virtues. The mind doth Value every moment. ...
Neither of them Valued their premises according to the rules of honor or integrity. Some Value themselves to their country by jealousies to the crown
Appreciate - ) To raise the Value of; to increase the market price of; - opposed to depreciate. ) To rise in Value. ) To set a price or Value on; to estimate justly; to Value
Outprize - ) To prize beyong Value, or in excess; to exceed in Value
Overvalue - ) To Value excessively; to rate at too high a price. ) To exceed in Value
Valuation - ) Value set upon a thing; estimated Value or worth; as, the goods sold for more than their valuation. ) The act of valuing, or of estimating Value or worth; the act of setting a price; estimation; appraisement; as, a valuation of lands for the purpose of taxation
Depreciate - ) To fall in Value; to become of less worth; to sink in estimation; as, a paper currency will depreciate, unless it is convertible into specie. ) To lessen in price or estimated Value; to lower the worth of; to represent as of little Value or claim to esteem; to undervalue
Toman - ) A money of account in Persia, whose Value varies greatly at different times and places. Its average Value may be reckoned at about two and a half dollars
Depreciation - ) The falling of Value; reduction of worth. ) The act of lessening, or seeking to lessen, price, Value, or reputation
Underrate - ) To rate too low; to rate below the Value; to undervalue. ) A price less than the Value; as, to sell a thing at an underrate
Value - ) Any particular quantitative determination; as, a function's Value for some special Value of its argument. , the precious metals contained in rock, gravel, or the like; as, the vein carries good Values; the Values on the hanging walls. ) To estimate the Value, or worth, of; to rate at a certain price; to appraise; to reckon with respect to number, power, importance, etc. ) To rate highly; to have in high esteem; to hold in respect and estimation; to appreciate; to prize; as, to Value one for his works or his virtues. ) To raise to estimation; to cause to have Value, either real or apparent; to enhance in Value. ) To be worth; to be equal to in Value. ) The relative length or duration of a tone or note, answering to quantity in prosody; thus, a quarter note [1] has the Value of two eighth notes [1]. ) Precise signification; import; as, the Value of a word; the Value of a legal instrument...
(n. ) In an artistical composition, the character of any one part in its relation to other parts and to the whole; - often used in the plural; as, the Values are well given, or well maintained
Price - ) To set a price on; to Value. ) Value; estimation; excellence; worth. ) The sum or amount of money at which a thing is Valued, or the Value which a seller sets on his goods in market; that for which something is bought or sold, or offered for sale; equivalent in money or other means of exchange; current Value or rate paid or demanded in market or in barter; cost
Nought - ‘To set’ is ‘to Value,’ and ‘nought’ is ‘nothing,’ so the phrase means to reckon of no Value
Value - A — 1: διαφέρω (Strong's #1308 — — diaphero — dee-af-er'-o ) used intransitively, means "to differ, to excel," hence "to be of more Value," Matthew 6:26 , RV, "are (not) ye of (much) more Value," (AV, "better"); Matthew 12:12 ; Luke 12:24 , ditto; Matthew 10:31 ; Luke 12:7 . ...
Note: For timao, rendered "to Value" in Matthew 27:9 (twice), AV, see PRICE. ...
B — 1: τιμή (Strong's #5092 — Noun Feminine — time — tee-may' ) denotes "a valuing, a price, honor;" in Colossians 2:23 , RV, "(not of any) Value (against the indulgence of the flesh)" Valure - ) Value
Estimate - To judge and form an opinion of the Value of to rate by judgment or opinion, without weighing or measuring either Value, degree, extent or quantity. We estimate the Value of cloth by inspection, or the extend of a piece of land, or the distance of a mountain. A valuing or rating in the mind a judgment or opinion of the Value, degree, extent or quantity of any thing, without ascertaining it. Value
Yen - ) The unit of Value and account in Japan. Since Japan's adoption of the gold standard, in 1897, the Value of the yen has been about 50 cents
Worldliness - There is a poor creature at Aosta who does not know the Value of money, and only cares for eating, drinking, and sleeping. He is undoubtedly an idiot; but what is he who does not know the Value of his soul? ...
Assess - To Value to fix the Value of property, for the purpose of being taxed as by the law of the United States. Also, to Value or fix the profits of business, for the purpose of taxation
Esteem - To set a Value on, whether high or low to estimate to Value. To prize to set a high Value on to regard with reverence, respect or friendship. To compare in Value to estimate by proportion. High Value or estimation great regard favorable opinion, founded on supposed worth
Farthing - The fourth of a penny a small copper coin of Great Britain, being the fourth of a penny in Value. We however use the word to denote the fourth part of a penny in Value, but the penny is of different Value from the English penny, and different in different states. Very small price or Value
Twopenny - ) Of the Value of twopence
Valuing - ) of Value...
Outvalue - ) To exceed in Value
Cheap - ) Having a low price in market; of small cost or price, as compared with the usual price or the real Value. ) Of comparatively small Value; common; mean
Countervail - ) Power or Value sufficient to obviate any effect; equal weight, strength, or Value; equivalent; compensation; requital
Refait - ) a state of the game in which the aggregate pip Value of cards dealt to red equals that of those dealt to black. All bets are then off; unless the Value is 31, in which case the banker wins half the stakes
Valuably - ) So as to be of Value
Considerableness - ) Worthiness of consideration; dignity; Value; size; amount
Valueless - ) Being of no Value; having no worth
Apprize - ) To appraise; to Value; to appreciate
Outweigh - ) To exceed in weight or Value
Ergal - ) Potential energy; negative Value of the force function
Triobolary - ) Of the Value of three oboli; hence, mean; worthless
Abditory - ) A place for hiding or preserving articles of Value
Virgouleuse - ) An old French variety of pear, of little Value
Misvalue - ) To Value wrongly or too little; to undervalue
Maximum - ) The greatest quantity or Value attainable in a given case; or, the greatest Value attained by a quantity which first increases and then begins to decrease; the highest point or degree; - opposed to minimum
Cheapness - ) Lowness in price, considering the usual price, or real Value
Evaluate - ) To fix the Value of; to rate; to appraise
Pragmatism - A method in philosophy where Value is determined by practical results
Vilipend - ) To Value lightly; to depreciate; to slight; to despise
Lira - ) An Italian coin equivalent in Value to the French franc
Chaff - Job 21:18 (a) As chaff has no Value to the farmer, so the wicked have no Value to GOD. ...
Psalm 1:4 (b) Here we have a type of certain kinds of people who have no Value to GOD because of their wickedness. As chaff contains no chemicals that can be used by the farmer in any way, so the wicked are lacking in any Value to GOD, and so are shut out from GOD's presence because of their worthlessness (See Matthew 3:12)
Par - ) Equal Value; equality of nominal and actual Value; the Value expressed on the face or in the words of a certificate of Value, as a bond or other commercial paper
Choiceness - ) The quality of being of particular Value or worth; nicely; excellence
Sixpenny - ) Of the Value of, or costing, sixpence; as, a sixpenny loaf
Disproportionally - ) In a disproportional manner; unsuitably in form, quantity, or Value; unequally
Valuator - ) One who assesses, or sets a Value on, anything; an appraiser
Feck - ) Efficacy; force; Value
Unpriced - ) Not priced; being without a fixed or certain Value; also, priceless
Valuable - ) A precious possession; a thing of Value, especially a small thing, as an article of jewelry; - used mostly in the plural. ) Having Value or worth; possessing qualities which are useful and esteemed; precious; costly; as, a valuable horse; valuable land; a valuable cargo
Esteemer - ) One who esteems; one who sets a high Value on any thing
Actuarial - ) Of or pertaining to actuaries; as, the actuarial Value of an annuity
Pistareen - ) An old Spanish silver coin of the Value of about twenty cents
Unvaluable - ) Not valuable; having little Value
Threepence - ) A small silver coin of three times the Value of a penny
Rei - ) A portuguese money of account, in Value about one tenth of a cent
Appraisement - ) The act of setting the Value; valuation by an appraiser; estimation of worth
Unworthy - ) Not worthy; wanting merit, Value, or fitness; undeserving; worthless; unbecoming; - often with of
Obolo - ) A copper coin, used in the Ionian Islands, about one cent in Value
Tetradrachma - ) A silver coin among the ancient Greeks, of the Value of four drachms
Tributer - ) One who works for a certain portion of the ore, or its Value
Overrate - ) To rate or Value too highly
Sardonyx - Revelation 21:20 (b) The beauty and the Value of these stones probably represent the beauty and the Value of the nation of Israel (the twelve tribes) in GOD's program of world development
Utility - ) Adaptation to satisfy the desires or wants; intrinsic Value. See Note under Value, 2
Overhold - ) To hold or Value too highly; to estimate at too dear a rate
Unprizable - ) Not prized or Valued; being without Value
Cheaply - ) At a small price; at a low Value; in a common or inferior manner
Quadrin - ) A small piece of money, in Value about a farthing, or a half cent
Octogild - ) A pecuniary compensation for an injury, of eight times the Value of the thing
Mohur - ) A British Indian gold coin, of the Value of fifteen silver rupees, or $7
Undervaluation - ) The act of undervaluing; a rate or Value not equal to the real worth
Picayune - ) A small coin of the Value of six and a quarter cents
Sharock - ) An East Indian coin of the Value of 12/ pence sterling, or about 25 cents
Filch - ) To steal or take privily (commonly, that which is of little Value); to pilfer
Underbuy - ) To buy at less than the real Value or worth; to buy cheaper than
Coral - The Value of wisdom surpasses the Value of gold, silver, a variety of precious stones, crystal, or coral (Job 28:12-18 )
Drachma - ) A silver coin among the ancient Greeks, having a different Value in different States and at different periods. The average Value of the Attic drachma is computed to have been about 19 cents
Countervail - Equal weight or strength power or Value sufficient to obviate any effect equal weight or Value compensation requital
Worthy - ) Having suitable, adapted, or equivalent qualities or Value; - usually with of before the thing compared or the object; more rarely, with a following infinitive instead of of, or with that; as, worthy of, equal in excellence, Value, or dignity to; entitled to; meriting; - usually in a good sense, but sometimes in a bad one. ) A man of eminent worth or Value; one distinguished for useful and estimable qualities; a person of conspicuous desert; - much used in the plural; as, the worthies of the church; political worthies; military worthies
Derogatory - ) Tending to derogate, or lessen in Value; expressing derogation; detracting; injurious; - with from to, or unto
Equivalue - ) To put an equal Value upon; to put (something) on a par with another thing
Liard - ) A French copper coin of one fourth the Value of a sou
Rigsdaler - It was the former unit of Value in Denmark
Sixpence - ) An English silver coin of the Value of six pennies; half a shilling, or about twelve cents
Embase - ) To bring down or lower, as in position, Value, etc
Riksdaler - It was formerly the unit of Value in Sweden
Tantamount - ) Equivalent in Value, signification, or effect
Omnium - ) The aggregate Value of the different stocks in which a loan to government is now usually funded
Unit - ) Any determinate amount or quantity (as of length, time, heat, Value) adopted as a standard of measurement for other amounts or quantities of the same kind. , of the Value of twenty shillings
Scribble - ) Hasty or careless writing; a writing of little Value; a scrawl; as, a hasty scribble. ) To write without care, elegance, or Value; to scrawl
Ambs-Ace - Hence: Bad luck; anything of no account or Value
Valued Policy - A policy in which the Value of the goods, property, or interest insured is specified; - opposed to open policy
Enrichment - ) The act of making rich, or that which enriches; increase of Value by improvements, embellishment, etc
Valued - ) of Value...
(a. ) Highly regarded; esteemed; prized; as, a Valued contributor; a Valued friend
Dime - ) A silver coin of the United States, of the Value of ten cents; the tenth of a dollar
Hogchoker - achirus), related to the European sole, but of no market Value
Uncurrent - Specifically: Not passing in common payment; not receivable at par or full Value; as, uncurrent notes
Priceless - ) Of no Value; worthless
Louis d'or - Formerly, a gold coin of France nominally worth twenty shillings sterling, but of varying Value; - first struck in 1640
Error - ) The difference between an observed Value and the true Value of a quantity. ) The difference between the observed Value of a quantity and that which is taken or computed to be the true Value; - sometimes called residual error
Ry - ) Anything very small, or of little Value
Appraiser - , a person appointed and sworn to estimate and fix the Value of goods or estates
Enhancement - ) The act of increasing, or state of being increased; augmentation; aggravation; as, the enhancement of Value, price, enjoyments, crime
Jacobus - ) An English gold coin, of the Value of twenty-five shillings sterling, struck in the reign of James I
Krone - ) A coin of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, of the Value of about twenty-eight cents
Underlet - ) To let below the Value
Lower - To lessen to diminish to reduce, as Value or amount as, to lower the price or Value of goods, or the rate of interest
Second-Rate - ) Of the second size, rank, quality, or Value; as, a second-rate ship; second-rate cloth; a second-rate champion
Unvalued - ) Having inestimable Value; invaluable. ) Not Valued; not appraised; hence, not considered; disregarded; Valueless; as, an unvalued estate
Minimal - ) Of, pertaining to, or having a character of, a minim or minimum; least; smallest; as, a minimal amount or Value
Maximilian - ) A gold coin of Bavaria, of the Value of about 13s
Murnival - ) In the game of gleek, four cards of the same Value, as four aces or four kings; hence, four of anything
Price - A — 1: τιμή (Strong's #5092 — Noun Feminine — time — tee-may' ) denotes "a valuing," hence, objectively, (a) "price paid or received," Matthew 27:6,9 ; Acts 4:34 (plural); 5:2,3; 7:16, RV, "price (in silver)," AV, "sum (of money);" Acts 19:19 (plural); 1 Corinthians 6:20 ; 7:23 ; (b) "value, honor, preciousness. ...
B — 1: τιμάω (Strong's #5091 — Verb — timao — tim-ah'-o ) "to fix the Value, to price," is translated "was priced" and "did price" in the RV of Matthew 27:9 (AV, "was Valued" and "did Value")
Estimate - ) To judge and form an opinion of the Value of, from imperfect data, - either the extrinsic (money), or intrinsic (moral), Value; to fix the worth of roughly or in a general way; as, to estimate the Value of goods or land; to estimate the worth or talents of a person
Penny - The American Revisers’ note renders δηνάριον by ‘shilling,’ which more nearly represents the actual Value. During the reign of Nero the denarius suffered depreciation, and its Value was as above stated. At the higher Value the total price of the books burned is about £2000
Kesitah - No clue has yet been found to the weight, and therefore the Value, of the kesitah ; but that it was an ingot of precious metal of a recognized Value is more probable than the tradition represented by several ancient versions, which render it by ‘ lamb
Cadaster - ) An official statement of the quantity and Value of real estate for the purpose of apportioning the taxes payable on such property
Florence - , of six shillings sterling Value
Precious, Preciousness - ...
4: πολύτιμος (Strong's #4186 — Adjective — polutimos — pol-oot'-ee-mos ) "of great Value;" comparative degree in 1 Peter 1:7 ; see COSTLY , B, No. ...
5: βαρύτιμος (Strong's #927 — Adjective — barutimos — bar-oo'-tim-os ) "of great Value, exceeding precious" (barus, "weighty," time, Value), is used in Matthew 26:7 . ...
6: ἰσότιμος (Strong's #2472 — Adjective — isotimos — ee-sot'-ee-mos ) "of equal Value, held in equal honor" (isos, "equal," and time), is used in 2 Peter 1:1 , "a like precious (faith)," RV (marg
Carolus - ) An English gold coin of the Value of twenty or twenty-three shillings
Shinplaster - ) Formerly, a jocose term for a bank note greatly depreciated in Value; also, for paper money of a denomination less than a dollar
Trifling - ) Being of small Value or importance; trivial; paltry; as, a trifling debt; a trifling affair
Keta - ) A small salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) of inferior Value, which in the autumn runs up all the larger rivers between San Francisco and Kamchatka
Jot - It has a numerical Value of ten and is used in the Hebrew language both as a letter and as a number and also as an article by which the Value and meaning of another letter is changed
Doubloon - ) A Spanish gold coin, no longer issued, varying in Value at different times from over fifteen dollars to about five
Xeriff - ) A gold coin formerly current in Egypt and Turkey, of the Value of about 9s
Orichalch - ) A metallic substance, resembling gold in color, but inferior in Value; a mixed metal of the ancients, resembling brass; - called also aurichalcum, orichalcum, etc
Mina - ) An ancient weight or denomination of money, of varying Value. The Attic mina was Valued at a hundred drachmas
Underestimate - ) To set to/ low a Value on; to estimate below the truth
Bimetallism - ) The legalized use of two metals (as gold and silver) in the currency of a country, at a fixed relative Value; - in opposition to monometallism
Shilling - ) In the United States, a denomination of money, differing in Value in different States. ) The Spanish real, of the Value of one eight of a dollar, or 12/ cets; - formerly so called in New York and some other States
Mite - A small Roman coin, so small, and of so little Value, that we are told two of them made a farthing: (Luke 21:2) —and yet the Lord Jesus declared, that this was a costly offering when thrown in by the poor widow into the treasury. Sweet thought to the truly charitable in Christ, teaching that it is not the largeness of the gift, but the largeness of the heart with which alms are given, that constitutes the Value in the sight of God, and when given for his glory!...
Bauble - ) A trifling piece of finery; a gewgaw; that which is gay and showy without real Value; a cheap, showy plaything
Beaten Silver - Thin sheets of silver produced by hammering and used to overlay objects of lesser Value such as the wooden core of an idol (Jeremiah 10:6-10 )
Denier - ) A small copper coin of insignificant Value
Prizer - ) One who estimates or sets the Value of a thing; an appraiser
Drachma - The Value of a common drachma was sevenpence, English
Equivalent - ) That comparative quantity by weight of an element which possesses the same chemical Value as other elements, as determined by actual experiment and reference to the same standard. ) Something equivalent; that which is equal in Value, worth, weight, or force; as, to offer an equivalent for damage done. ) Equal in wortir or Value, force, power, effect, import, and the like; alike in significance and Value; of the same import or meaning
Considerable - ) Of importance or Value
Royal Spade - A spade when spades are trumps under the condition that every trick over six taken by the successful bidder has a score Value of 9; - usually in pl
Bougie Decimale - A photometric standard used in France, having the Value of one twentieth of the Violle platinum standard, or slightly less than a British standard candle
Cheapen - ) To beat down the price of; to lessen the Value of; to depreciate
Ballooning - ) The process of temporarily raising the Value of a stock, as by fictitious sales
Denarius - ) A Roman silver coin of the Value of about fourteen cents; the "penny" of the New Testament; - so called from being worth originally ten of the pieces called as
Obolus - ) A small silver coin of Athens, the sixth part of a drachma, about three cents in Value
Castaway - Rejected useless of no Value
Mass Penny - An Anglo-Saxon term signifying a money offering of uncertain Value commonly made, at the Offertory of the Mass all over the Western Church from the 12th to the 15th century
Outsell - ) To exceed in the price of selling; to fetch more than; to exceed in Value
Underload Switch - A switch which opens a circuit when the current falls below a certain predetermined Value, used to protect certain types of motors from running at excessive speed upon decrease of load
Sancho Pedro - A variety of auction pitch in which the nine (sancho) and five (pedro) of trumps are added as counting cards at their pip Value, and the ten of trumps counts game
Payable - ) That may be discharged or settled by delivery of Value
Pilfer - ) To steal in small quantities, or articles of small Value; to practice petty theft
Johannes - ) A Portuguese gold coin of the Value of eight dollars, named from the figure of King John which it bears; - often contracted into joe; as, a joe, or a half joe
Castaway - ) Of no Value; rejected; useless
Groat - Piece of money mentioned by Our Lord in the parable of the woman who has ten groats and loses one (Luke 15); it is identical with the drachma, and has the same Value
Deteriorate - ) To make worse; to make inferior in quality or Value; to impair; as, to deteriorate the mind
Worthless - ) Destitute of worth; having no Value, virtue, excellence, dignity, or the like; undeserving; Valueless; useless; vile; mean; as, a worthless garment; a worthless ship; a worthless man or woman; a worthless magistrate
Rack-Rent - ) A rent of the full annual Value of the tenement, or near it; an excessive or unreasonably high rent
Toy - ) A thing for amusement, but of no real Value; an article of trade of little Value; a trifle
Valued-Policy Law - A law requiring insurance companies to pay to the insured, in case of total loss, the full amount of the insurance, regardless of the actual Value of the property at the time of the loss
Ratable - ) Capable of being rated, or set at a certain Value
Farthing - ) A very small quantity or Value
Thebaic - ) Of or pertaining to Thebes in Egypt; specifically, designating a version of the Bible preserved by the Copts, and esteemed of great Value by biblical scholars
Derogation - ) The act of derogating, partly repealing, or lessening in Value; disparagement; detraction; depreciation; - followed by of, from, or to
Wen - It had the Value of modern English w, and was replaced from about a
Sesterce - ) A Roman coin or denomination of money, in Value the fourth part of a denarius, and originally containing two asses and a half, afterward four asses, - equal to about two pence sterling, or four cents
Overbalance - ) Excess of weight or Value; something more than an equivalent; as, an overbalance of exports
Accuracy - ) The state of being accurate; freedom from mistakes, this exemption arising from carefulness; exact conformity to truth, or to a rule or model; precision; exactness; nicety; correctness; as, the Value of testimony depends on its accuracy
Trumpery - ) Something serving to deceive by false show or pretense; falsehood; deceit; worthless but showy matter; hence, things worn out and of no Value; rubbish
Valor - ) Value; worth
Poncelet - One poncelet equals g watts, when g is the Value of the acceleration of gravity in centimeters
Shrinkage - ) Decrease in Value; depreciation
Pence, Penny, Pennyworth - 1: δηνάριον (Strong's #1220 — Noun Neuter — denarion — day-nar'-ee-on ) a Roman coin, a denarius, a little less than the Value of the Greek drachme (see PIECE), now estimated as amounting to about 9 1/2d. " Considering the actual Value, "shilling" would have been a more accurate translation, as proposed by the American translators, retaining "penny" for the as, and "farthing" for the quadrans
Currency - ) That which is in circulation, or is given and taken as having or representing Value; as, the currency of a country; a specie currency; esp. ) Current Value; general estimation; the rate at which anything is generally Valued
Potsherd - Psalm 22:15 (b) A potsherd is a piece of a broken clay pot which has no Value. The Lord is describing in figurative language the way He would suffer on Calvary, be broken, and apparently have no Value to GOD or to men
Dollar - ) A coin of the same general weight and Value, though differing slightly in different countries, current in Mexico, Canada, parts of South America, also in Spain, and several other European countries. ) The Value of a dollar; the unit commonly employed in the United States in reckoning money Values
Idle - They are words which when spoken have no Value whatever to either GOD or man. ...
Luke 24:11 (b) These tales are stories that have no usable point, give no information, and have no Value for their hearers
Disproportionate - ) Not proportioned; unsymmetrical; unsuitable to something else in bulk, form, Value, or extent; out of proportion; inadequate; as, in a perfect body none of the limbs are disproportionate; it is wisdom not to undertake a work disproportionate means
Doit - ) A thing of small Value; as, I care not a doit
Appraise - ) To set a Value; to estimate the worth of, particularly by persons appointed for the purpose; as, to appraise goods and chattels
Adarconim - They were darics, a gold coin, which some Value at twenty drachms of silver
Equal - ) Agreeing in quantity, size, quality, degree, Value, etc. ; having the same magnitude, the same Value, the same degree, etc. ; houses of equal size; persons of equal stature or talents; commodities of equal Value. ) To be or become equal to; to have the same quantity, the same Value, the same degree or rank, or the like, with; to be commen/urate with
Rial - ) A gold coin formerly current in England, of the Value of ten shillings sterling in the reign of Henry VI
Wood - 1 Corinthians 3:12 (b) The word is used to represent Christian activities, which look big, but have little Value in GOD's sight
Calibration - ) The process of estimating the caliber a tube, as of a thermometer tube, in order to graduate it to a scale of degrees; also, more generally, the determination of the true Value of the spaces in any graduated instrument
Precious - ) Of great Value or worth; very valuable; highly esteemed; dear; beloved; as, precious recollections
Piece of Gold - The rendering "pieces of gold," as in (2 Kings 5:5 ) is very doubtful; and "shekels of gold") as designating the Value of the whole quantity, not individual pieces is preferable
Disproportional - ) Not having due proportion to something else; not having proportion or symmetry of parts; unsuitable in form, quantity or Value; inadequate; unequal; as, a disproportional limb constitutes deformity in the body; the studies of youth should not be disproportional to their understanding
Capitalize - ) To compute, appraise, or assess the capital Value of (a patent right, an annuity, etc
Drachma - Of the Value of seven pence, three farthings, sterling, or nearly fourteen cents
Pennyworth - ) Hence: The full Value of one's penny expended; due return for money laid out; a good bargain; a bargain
Appreciation - ) A rise in Value; - opposed to depreciation
Year's Purchase - The amount that is yielded by the annual income of property; - used in expressing the Value of a thing in the number of years required for its income to yield its purchase price, in reckoning the amount to be paid for annuities, etc
Deserve - The laborer deserves his wages he deserves the Value of his services. A work of Value deserves praise
Contribution Plan - A plan of distributing surplus by giving to each policy the excess of premiums and interest earned thereon over the expenses of management, cost of insurance, and the policy Value at the date of computation
Valorization - ) Act or process of attempting to give an arbitrary market Value or price to a commodity by governmental interference, as by maintaining a purchasing fund, making loans to producers to enable them to hold their products, etc
Ruble - ) The unit of monetary Value in Russia
Gold - It was one of the gifts of the Magi to the Infant Jesus (Matthew 2) offered to Him as symbol of His kingship; a symbol of purity (Job 23), and great Value (Isaiah 13)
Rate - The proportion or standard by which quantity or Value is adjusted as silver Valued at the rate of six shillings and eight pence the ounce. Degree comparative height or Value. Degree of Value price. a tax or sum assessed by authority on property for public use, according to its income or Value as parish rates town rates highway rates. To set a certain Value on to Value at a certain price or degree of excellence
Rix-Dollar - , varying in Value from about 30 cents to $1
ad Valorem - A term used to denote a duty or charge laid upon goods, at a certain rate per cent upon their Value, as stated in their invoice, - in opposition to a specific sum upon a given quantity or number; as, an ad valorem duty of twenty per cent
Latchet - Mentioned as a thing of the least Value, and the unloosing of which was accounted a menial act
Marketable - ) Current in market; as, marketable Value
Pitcher - Instead of that they are compared to clay, which has little Value, is easily broken, and contains nothing of Value
Assay - The trial of the goodness, purity, weight, Value, &c. Value great purity
Osbern Bokenham - The "Lyvys of Seyntys" does not merit serious consideration from modern hagiologists, but is of decided historical Value as showing the evolution of English literature; it is written in the Suffolk dialect
Mite - , the fourth part of a Roman as, which was in Value nearly a halfpenny
Census - ) An official registration of the number of the people, the Value of their estates, and other general statistics of a country
Reis - ) The word is used as a Portuguese designation of money of account, one hundred reis being about equal in Value to eleven cents
Emerald - Avery precious gem of a pure green color, to which it owes its chief Value, as the deepest colors are the most esteemed
Undervalue - ) To Value, rate, or estimate below the real worth; to depreciate
Stones, Precious - They are figuratively introduced to denote Value, beauty, durability (Song of Solomon 5:14 ; Isaiah 54:11,12 ; Lamentations 4:7 )
Scute - ) An old French gold coin of the Value of 3s
Disparagement - ) Injurious comparison with an inferior; a depreciating or dishonoring opinion or insinuation; diminution of Value; dishonor; indignity; reproach; disgrace; detraction; - commonly with to
Vicinity - ) The quality or state of being near, or not remote; nearness; propinquity; proximity; as, the Value of the estate was increased by the vicinity of two country seats
Ruby - a beautiful gem, whose colour is red, with an admixture of purple, and is, in its most perfect state, a gem of extreme Value
Constant - ) A quantity that does not change its Value; - used in countradistinction to variable. ) A number whose Value, when ascertained (as by observation) and substituted in a general mathematical formula expressing an astronomical law, completely determines that law and enables predictions to be made of its effect in particular cases
Pigeon - The bird is a small bird in size, and this indicates that some people must have just a small comprehension of the Value of the Saviour. Still others have a very large understanding of the Value of CHRIST, and this is represented by the large animal, the bullock
Dream - ...
Psalm 73:20 (a) All the prosperity and activity of the wicked has no more Value in GOD's sight than a dream has to any person after he awakens. Dreams are like the chaff, having no Value whatever
Ruby (Stone) - ...
Job 28:18 (a) Here the ruby, which has greater Value than the diamond, is contrasted with the great Value of wisdom
Penny - In reading the Scripture passage in which this word, occurs, we should consider that the real Value of money, to purchase labor or commodities, was far greater then that now; and also that even the nominal Value of the drachma would be better expressed by "shilling," or "franc," than by "penny
Reduce - ) To bring to any inferior state, with respect to rank, size, quantity, quality, Value, etc. ) To change, as numbers, from one denomination into another without altering their Value, or from one denomination into others of the same Value; as, to reduce pounds, shillings, and pence to pence, or to reduce pence to pounds; to reduce days and hours to minutes, or minutes to days and hours. ) To change the form of a quantity or expression without altering its Value; as, to reduce fractions to their lowest terms, to a common denominator, etc
Cinchona - ) A genus of trees growing naturally on the Andes in Peru and adjacent countries, but now cultivated in the East Indies, producing a medicinal bark of great Value
Padding - ) Material of inferior Value, serving to extend a book, essay, etc
Eelpout - Both are edible, but of little Value
Piece of Money - Translation of the Hebrew qesitah, a coin of uncertain weight and Value (Genesis 33:19 ; Job 42:11 KJV, NAS, NRSV)
Wellspring - Of course, there are many who do not have such a mind, and therefore are of little Value to society
Sequin - The different kinds vary somewhat in Value
Scudo - ) A silver coin, and money of account, used in Italy and Sicily, varying in Value, in different parts, but worth about 4 shillings sterling, or about 96 cents; also, a gold coin worth about the same
Testimonial - , or of the Value of a thing
Damage - The Value of what is lost the estimated equivalent for detriment or injury sustained that which is given or adjudged to repair a loss. DAM'AGE, To hurt or harm to injure to impair to lessen the soundness, goodness or Value of. ...
DAM'AGE, To receive harm to be injured or impaired in soundness, or Value as, green corn will damage in a mow or stack
Drachma - There were two drachmas: the Attic, its Value a little less than 20 cents; and the Æginetan, equal to one and two-thirds of the Attic drachma
He - The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet; it carries the numerical Value five
Tradition - Thus the Jews pretended that, besides their written law contained in the Old Testament, Moses had delivered an oral law, which had been conveyed down from father to son; and thus the Roman Catholics are said to Value particular doctrines, supposed to have descended from the apostolic times by tradition
Booty - Includes anything that might be of Value or use to the captor including persons (Numbers 31:53 ; Jeremiah 15:13 ; Ezekiel 25:7 )
Piaster - The Spanish piaster (commonly called peso, or peso duro) is of about the Value of the American dollar
Pounder - ) A person or thing, so called with reference to a certain number of pounds in Value, weight, capacity, etc
Deserve - ) To earn by service; to be worthy of (something due, either good or evil); to merit; to be entitled to; as, the laborer deserves his wages; a work of Value deserves praise
Select - ) Taken from a number by preferance; picked out as more valuable or exellent than others; of special Value or exellence; nicely chosen; selected; choice
Postpone - ) To place after, behind, or below something, in respect to precedence, preference, Value, or importance
Purveyance - ) A providing necessaries for the sovereign by buying them at an appraised Value in preference to all others, and oven without the owner's consent
Cane - The true odoriferous calamus or grass came from India; and the prophets speak of it as a foreign commodity of great Value, Isaiah 43:24 Jeremiah 6:20 Ezekiel 27:19
Mean - ) Of little Value or account; worthy of little or no regard; contemptible; despicable. ) Average; having an intermediate Value between two extremes, or between the several successive Values of a variable quantity during one cycle of variation; as, mean distance; mean motion; mean solar day. ) A quantity having an intermediate Value between several others, from which it is derived, and of which it expresses the resultant Value; usually, unless otherwise specified, it is the simple average, formed by adding the quantities together and dividing by their number, which is called an arithmetical mean
Worth - Value that quality of a thing which renders it useful, or which will produce an equivalent good in some other thing. Value of mental qualities excellence virtue usefulness as a man or magistrate of great worth. Equal in Value to. Equal in possessions to having estate to the Value of
Pound - It was equal to 100 drachmas, and was of the Value of about ,6s
Diminutive - ) Something of very small size or Value; an insignificant thing
Pearl - Its shell is the "mother of pearl," which is of great Value for ornamental purposes (1 Timothy 2:9 ; Revelation 17:4 )
Altruism - (Latin: alter, other) Unselfish interest in another; a theory of conduct propounded by the French philosopher, Auguste Comte (1798- 1857), according to which only actions having for their object the happiness of others possess a moral Value; the theory that the chief good and the supreme end of conduct are to be found only in disinterested devotion to the welfare of others
Cucumber - Cucumbers have no food Value, and were one of the principle foods in Egypt
Drawback - ) A loss of advantage, or deduction from profit, Value, success, etc
Humanism - A philosophical system of thought that focuses on human Value, thought, and actions
Concussion - ) The unlawful forcing of another by threats of violence to yield up something of Value
Were - ) A fine for slaying a man; the money Value set upon a man's life; weregild
Trinket - ) A thing of little Value; a trifle; a toy
Visitation of Prisoners - This is a very comprehensive andappropriate Office, proving of great Value to the Clergy who arecalled to minister to the spiritual wants of prisoners
First-Born - A title which indicates the special Value attached to the first male offspring, both human and animal
Malcam - The expression probably denotes its Value rather than its weight
Asper - ) A Turkish money of account (formerly a coin), of little Value; the 120th part of a piaster
Approximation - ) A Value that is nearly but not exactly correct
Beaten Gold - Thin sheets of gold produced by hammering and used to overlay objects of lesser Value
Validity - ) Value
Dainty - ) Value; estimation; the gratification or pleasure taken in anything
Highness - Excellence Value
Lattice - Some do not see clearly the Value of CHRIST
Tester - ) An old French silver coin, originally of the Value of about eighteen pence, subsequently reduced to ninepence, and later to sixpence, sterling
Hidden Treasure, Parable of the - The two parables of the hidden treasure and of the pearl of great price are closely related and teach the same lesson, namely the supreme Value of the Kingdom of Heaven, for which all else must, be sacrificed without any hesitation. The sole point which Our Lord intends here is the eagerness of the man who is willing to sell everything he owns in order to get the treasure, the latter being supposed naturally to be of much greater Value; the application to the spiritual religious life is that the Kingdom is something of such incomparable Value that no sacrifice made to enter it will be too great
Pearl - The Value of the pearl is not primarily a commercial Value; it is something which appeals to its possessor as a unique and priceless possession, precious for its own inherent qualities of beauty and rarity, something for which all that a man has may be sold, itself to be jealously treasured, not to be cast at the feet of those to whom it has no meaning. It stands not for any utilitarian aspect of religion, but for the secret shared between the soul and God, which loses its beauty and its Value if it is paraded before those who do not understand its sanctity
Pearl - The Value of the pearl is not primarily a commercial Value; it is something which appeals to its possessor as a unique and priceless possession, precious for its own inherent qualities of beauty and rarity, something for which all that a man has may be sold, itself to be jealously treasured, not to be cast at the feet of those to whom it has no meaning. It stands not for any utilitarian aspect of religion, but for the secret shared between the soul and God, which loses its beauty and its Value if it is paraded before those who do not understand its sanctity
Shekel - Weight, the common standard both of weight and Value among the Hebrews. Six gold shekels, according to the later Jewish system, were equal in Value to fifty silver ones
Prize - ) To set or estimate the Value of; to appraise; to price; to rate. ) To Value highly; to estimate to be of great worth; to esteem
Sequence - ) All five cards, of a hand, in consecutive order as to Value, but not necessarily of the same suit; when of one suit, it is called a sequence flush. ) Three or more cards of the same suit in immediately consecutive order of Value; as, ace, king, and queen; or knave, ten, nine, and eight
Restitution - That were it can be made in kind, or the injury can be certainly Valued, we are to restore the thing or the Value. When the thing cannot be restored, and the Value of it is not certain, we are to give reasonable satisfaction, according to a liberal estimation
Bezant - ) A gold coin of Byzantium or Constantinople, varying in weight and Value, usually (those current in England) between a sovereign and a half sovereign
Dominique Parrenin - His services to science were of Value in drawing up the great map of China
Jean de Beaumont - His work on the age and origin of mountain systems was of great Value
Consequence - ) Importance with respect to what comes after; power to influence or produce an effect; Value; moment; rank; distinction
Advancement - ) An advance of money or Value; payment in advance
Dross - ...
Proverbs 26:23 (b) The expression here typifies hypocrisy - a beautiful silver covering on a worthless bit of broken pot has no Value
Essay - To try the Value and purity of metals
Tares - So the hypocrite has no Value - no eternal life
Wealth - ) In the private sense, all pooperty which has a money Value
Elie de Beaumont, Jean Baptiste Armand Louis Leonc - His work on the age and origin of mountain systems was of great Value
Custom - The customs were paid on the Value of goods, in Galilee and Peræa to the Herods, but in the Roman province of Judæa to the procurator as agent of the Roman government
Potter - Psalm 2:9 (b) This type represents GOD in His terrible fury breaking the nations of the earth because they have no Value to Him, and are an offense to Him
Exploit - ) To utilize; to make available; to get the Value or usefulness out of; as, to exploit a mine or agricultural lands; to exploit public opinion
Derogate - ) Diminished in Value; dishonored; degraded
Excellent - Being of great Value or use, applied to things remarkable for good properties as excellent timber an excellent farm an excellent horse excellent fruit
Impair - To make worse to diminish in quantity, Value or excellence
Unfruitful - Usually it is religious works which have no spiritual significance, and produce no Value in the soul
Tractarian - ) One of the writers of the Oxford tracts, called "Tracts for the Times," issued during the period 1833-1841, in which series of papers the sacramental system and authority of the Church, and the Value of tradition, were brought into prominence
Seigniorage - ) Something claimed or taken by virtue of sovereign prerogative; specifically, a charge or toll deducted from bullion brought to a mint to be coined; the difference between the cost of a mass of bullion and the Value as money of the pieces coined from it
Vain - ) Having no real substance, Value, or importance; empty; void; worthless; unsatisfying
Less - ) Smaller; not so large or great; not so much; shorter; inferior; as, a less quantity or number; a horse of less size or Value; in less time than before
Scheiner, Christopher - Prior discovery was claimed by Galileo, but Scheiner was the first to make continuous observations of scientific Value
Rubies - " (The real ruby is a red sapphire, next in Value to the diamond
Restitution - That where it can be made in kind, or the injury can be certainly Valued, we are to restore the thing or the Value. Where the thing cannot be restored, and the Value of it is not certain, we are to give reasonable satisfaction, according to a middle estimation
Talent - The Value of the talent, therefore, varied in different countries, in proportion to the different weights of the talent. The Jewish talent appear, from Exodus 38:25,26 , to have been equal to 3,000 shekels; and as the shekel is estimated at about fifty cents, the Value of the talent would be about 1,5000 dollars
Fatling - , autmnal lambs, and therfore of less Value)
Cantor - In medieval times the cantor was commonly one of the dignitaries of the church whose office held a prebend of considerable Value
Cantoris - In medieval times the cantor was commonly one of the dignitaries of the church whose office held a prebend of considerable Value
Stacte - "The Syrians Value this gum highly, and use it medicinally as an emulcent in pectoral complaints, and also in perfumery
Ruby - A comparison is made between the Value of wisdom and rubies (Job 28:18 ; Proverbs 3:15 ; 8:11 )
Extortion - ) The offense committed by an officer who corruptly claims and takes, as his fee, money, or other thing of Value, that is not due, or more than is due, or before it is due
Buy - ) To acquire the ownership of (property) by giving an accepted price or consideration therefor, or by agreeing to do so; to acquire by the payment of a price or Value; to purchase; - opposed to sell
Naught - Bad worthless of no Value or account
Wool - was an article of the highest Value among the Jews, as the staple material for the manufacture of clothing
Bald - ) Destitute of dignity or Value; paltry; mean
Disable - ) To deprive of that which gives Value or estimation; to declare lacking in competency; to disparage; to undervalue
Bald - Mean naked base without dignity or Value
Compensate - ) To be equivalent in Value or effect to; to counterbalance; to make up for; to make amends for
Street - The gold represents the beauty of CHRIST, the purity of CHRIST, and the Value of CHRIST
Succentor - In medieval times the cantor was commonly one of the dignitaries of the church whose office held a prebend of considerable Value
Mite, - (Mark 12:41-44 ; Luke 21:1-4 ) It seems in Palestine to have been the smallest piece of money (worth about one-fifth of a cent), being the half of the farthing, which was a coin of very low Value
Set - ‘Set at’ is Valued at , as 2 Kings 12:4 ‘The money that every man is set at. ’ ‘Set by’ is to Value, esteem , as 1 Samuel 18:30 ‘His name was much set by
Dreams, Interpretation of - Dreams may at times profitably be the subject of psychological investigation, but even here their Value can be exaggerated or abused, as in Freudian systems
Interpretation of Dreams - Dreams may at times profitably be the subject of psychological investigation, but even here their Value can be exaggerated or abused, as in Freudian systems
Platinum - ) A metallic element, intermediate in Value between silver and gold, occurring native or alloyed with other metals, also as the platinum arsenide (sperrylite)
Peculiar People, or Treasure - The terms imply a possession upon which a specially choice Value is set
Laver - We do not know the depth, the scope, nor the Value of the Word of GOD
Weight - ...
Isaiah 26:7 (a) GOD is well acquainted with every detail of our lives, and He knows the Value of what we are doing, what we are saying, where we are going, and our manner of life. ...
Daniel 5:27 (a) Before we die, and while we are still living, GOD estimates the Value and the worth of each soul. The estimate of his Value was made before he died
Cost - The price, Value or equivalent of a thing purchased the amount in Value paid, charge or engaged to be paid for any thing bought or taken in barter. Expense amount in Value expended or to be expended charge that which is given or to be given for another thing
Precious - ”...
Second, the word can focus on the Value of a thing: “How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!” ( Valued from, be Valued or honored, be precious. ...
Yeqâr (יְקָר, Strong's #3366), “precious thing; Value; price; splendor; honor. The word signifies “value or price” (
Pound - ) A British denomination of money of account, equivalent to twenty shillings sterling, and equal in Value to about $4. There is no coin known by this name, but the gold sovereign is of the same Value
Equivalence - ) The condition of being equivalent or equal; equality of worth, Value, signification, or force; as, an equivalence of definitions
Meat - The prohibition of meat on days of fast and abstinence is because of the spiritual Value of such deprivation
Dram - But the Revised Version rightly regards it as the Greek dareikos, a Persian gold coin (the daric) of the Value of about 1 pound, 2s
Auction Bridge - The score Value of each trick more than six taken by the successful bidder is as follows: when the trump is spades, 2; clubs, 6; diamonds, 7; hearts, 8; royal spades (lilies), 9; and when the deal is played with no trump, 10
Rubies, - It is mentioned as a symbol of preciousness: as "the price of wisdom is above rubies"; the Value of a virtuous woman is far above rubies
Diminution - ) In counterpoint, the imitation of, or reply to, a subject, in notes of half the length or Value of those the subject itself
Thicket - A thicket has no Value to a farmer, but is to be destroyed
Stubble - ...
1 Corinthians 3:12 (a) Many of the works which Christians do in the Name of the Lord have no Value
Reputation - ) Account; Value
Trifle - ) A thing of very little Value or importance; a paltry, or trivial, affair
Moment - ) Importance, as in influence or effect; consequence; weight or Value; consideration
Sapphire - A gem next in hardness and Value to the diamond, and comprising, as varieties, all those precious stones known by the name of oriental gems, namely, the oriental ruby, oriental topaz, and oriental emerald, John 21:25
Sapphire - It was one of the stones in the high priest's breastplate, Exodus 28:18 ; 39:11 ; as an intimation of its Value see Job 28:16 ; Ezekiel 28:13
Peeled - The invaders would take everything that was of Value
Transform - ) To change, as an algebraic expression or geometrical figure, into another from without altering its Value
Merit - ) To acquire desert; to gain Value; to receive benefit; to profit
Second - Next in Value, power, excellence, dignity or rank inferior
Fountains - Perennial springs of good water were of inestimable Value in Palestine, and numerous places took their name from some fountain in their vicinity
Count - ) To number or be counted; to possess Value or carry weight; hence, to increase or add to the strength or influence of some party or interest; as, every vote counts; accidents count for nothing. ) An object of interest or account; Value; estimation
Fancy - ) That which pleases or entertains the taste or caprice without much use or Value. ) Extravagant; above real Value
Perish - ...
Psalm 1:6 (b) The manner of life of the unsaved man brings no blessing to GOD, and has no Value in GOD's sight. Otherwise, the life has no Value to GOD. Their lives are of no Value to GOD
Vanity - This approaches the chief Old Testament understanding that human life apart from God, even at its best, has no ultimate significance and consequently is Valueless. Human life is of equal Value with that of animals (3:19-20). The vanity of false worship is of no Value, as it fails to see that other religions and philosophies lead only to damnation. Vanity as a despair of Value of human life thus destroying confidence in self, abilities, and possessions can be of Value if faith is allowed to focus on him with whom true joys are to be found
Penny - Agreeing "to pay the laborer a denarius a day" shows that 16 cents was then about the Value of a day's labor in Judea
Ointment - The Apostles estimate the Value of the pound of nard to be 300 denarii
Booty - Captives or cattle or objects of Value taken in war
Affliction: Right View of - The Papists foolishly worship pieces of wood supposed to be parts of the true cross; but he who has borne the really true cross, and known its sanctifying power, will Value every sliver of it, counting his trials to be his treasures, his afflictions argosies of wealth, and his losses his best gains
Attenuate - ) To lessen the amount, force, or Value of; to make less complex; to weaken
Below - ) Inferior to in rank, excellence, dignity, Value, amount, price, etc
Assess - ) To Value; to make a valuation or official estimate of for the purpose of taxation
Penny - ) An English coin, formerly of copper, now of bronze, the twelfth part of an English shilling in account Value, and equal to four farthings, or about two cents; - usually indicated by the abbreviation d
Inferior - Lower in excellence or Value as a poem of inferior merit cloth of inferior quality or price
Equality - ) The condition or quality of being equal; agreement in quantity or degree as compared; likeness in bulk, Value, rank, properties, etc
Expectation - ) The Value of any chance (as the prospect of prize or property) which depends upon some contingent event
Parameter - ) A term applied to some characteristic magnitude whose Value, invariable as long as one and the same function, curve, surface, etc
Raffle - ) A kind of lottery, in which several persons pay, in shares, the Value of something put up as a stake, and then determine by chance (as by casting dice) which one of them shall become the sole possessor
Silver - כספּ? , Genesis 20:16 ; αργυριον , 1 Peter 1:15 ; Acts 3:4 ; Acts 20:33 ; a well known metal, of a white shining colour; next in Value to gold
Restitution - He restitution to the Value makes
Nic'Olas - There is no reason except the simplicity of name for identifying Nicolas with the sect of Nicolaitans which our Lord denounces, for the traditions on the subject are of no Value
Emerald, - a precious stone of a rich green color, upon which its Value chiefly depends
Nitre - The Value of soda in this respect is well known
Scriptures in the Prayer Book - " We thus learn the great Value of thePrayer-book in setting forth "the things pertaining to the Kingdomof God
Silver - , but weight continued to be the most common standard of determining Value. Wisdom is declared to be of more Value than silver (Job 28:10-15 ; Proverbs 3:13-14 ; Proverbs 8:10 ,Proverbs 8:10,8:19 ; Proverbs 16:16 )
Advance - ) To furnish, as money or other Value, before it becomes due, or in aid of an enterprise; to supply beforehand; as, a merchant advances money on a contract or on goods consigned to him. ) An addition to the price; rise in price or Value; as, an advance on the prime cost of goods. ) A furnishing of something before an equivalent is received (as money or goods), towards a capital or stock, or on loan; payment beforehand; the money or goods thus furnished; money or Value supplied beforehand
Inventory of Church Property - All clerical administrators should in the beginning of their office draw up this document in which all goods should be accurately described and their Value noted
Pound - , in Value near about f4IS
Angel - It varied in Value from 6s
Bribery - Giving anything of Value with intention of influencing one in the discharge of his or her duties
Crystal - zekukith, Job 28:17 : probably glass highly ornamented, such as was made in Egypt: it is here classed with gold; but wisdom, the gift of God, far exceeds such things in Value
Earnest - ) Something of Value given by the buyer to the seller, by way of token or pledge, to bind the bargain and prove the sale
Depress - ) To lessen in price; to cause to decline in Value; to cheapen; to depreciate
Virtue - ) Excellence; Value; merit; meritoriousness; worth
Profit - ) Acquisition beyond expenditure; excess of Value received for producing, keeping, or selling, over cost; hence, pecuniary gain in any transaction or occupation; emolument; as, a profit on the sale of goods
Tribute - ) A certain proportion of the ore raised, or of its Value, given to the miner as his recompense
Talent - The Value of a talent of silver was three hundred and forty- two pounds three shillings and nine-pence, and a talent of gold was equal to five thousand four hundred and seventy-five pounds sterling
Best - ...
2: μείζων (Strong's #3187 — Adjective — meizon — mide'-zone ) "greater," is translated "best" in 1 Corinthians 12:31 , "the best gifts," greater, not in quality, but in importance and Value
Sardis - 548, he is said to have taken treasure of the Value of $600,000,000
Liberality - Largeness of mind catholicism that comprehensiveness of mind which includes other interests beside its own, and duly estimates in its decisions the Value or importance of each
Ruby - The oriental ruby is next in Value, as a gem, to the diamond
Rescue - ...
Estimate the Value of one soul rescued from eternal guilt and agony, and destined to grow forever in the knowledge and likeness of God
Variable - In mathematics, subject to continual increase or decrease in opposition to constant, retaining the same Value
Mite - It was Valued at 1/8th of the Roman as, and the 1/128th part of the denarius: its legal Value was about one third of an English farthing; Mark 12:42 lit
Better - ) More, in reference to Value, distance, time, etc. ) Preferable in regard to rank, Value, use, fitness, acceptableness, safety, or in any other respect
Laicism - A laicistic program, denying the Value of religious ideals for the civic,political, and social life of man, prevents the Church from functioning beyond the vestibule of her temples of worship
Jesuit's Bark - Known as Jesuit's bark because its Value first became known by a Jesuit missionary in South America who was cured of malaria by a native's use of it
Daric - It weighed about 128 grains troy, and was of the Value of about one guinea or rather more of our money
Clod - ) That which is earthy and of little relative Value, as the body of man in comparison with the soul
Cabinet - ) A set of drawers or a cupboard intended to contain articles of Value
Benefit - ) Whatever promotes prosperity and personal happiness, or adds Value to property; advantage; profit
Surety - A person who is legally responsible for the debt of another or the money or thing of Value put down to guarantee the debt
Moment - Importance in influence or effect consequence weight or Value
Premium - ) A sum in advance of, or in addition to, the nominal or par Value of anything; as, gold was at a premium; he sold his stock at a premium
Irdle - ...
Revelation 1:13 (c) This golden garment over the heart or the breast of the Lord indicates the purity, beauty and Value of the love of CHRIST for His people
Essay - ) To test the Value and purity of (metals); to assay
Bark, Jesuit's - Known as Jesuit's bark because its Value first became known by a Jesuit missionary in South America who was cured of malaria by a native's use of it
Bark, Peruvian - Known as Jesuit's bark because its Value first became known by a Jesuit missionary in South America who was cured of malaria by a native's use of it
Benefit - Advantage profit a word of extensive use, and expressing whatever contributes to promote prosperity and personal happiness, or add Value to property
Goodness - The state of being good the physical qualities which constitute Value, excellence or perfection as the goodness of timber the goodness of a soil
Real - ) Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical Value or meaning; not imaginary
Satisfaction - All supernaturally good works performed by one in the state of grace possess satisfactory Value
Conscience - Conscience is a critical inner awareness that bears witness to the norms and Values we recognize and apply. The complex of Values with which conscience deals includes not only those we own, but the entire range of Values to which we are exposed during life's journey. The witness of conscience makes its presence known by inducing mental anguish and feelings of guilt when we violate the Values we recognize and apply. Conscience also provides a sense of pleasure when we reflect on conformity to our Value system. Paul's reference to the conscience being "seared" and "corrupted" (1 Timothy 4:2 ; Titus 1:15 ) indicates that the function of conscience as a capacity for sound inward critique has been thwarted by resistance to God's revealed Values. , Values) than the Jews' is to theirs (i. The Gentiles are demonstrating a more consistent "moral" consciousness, "the work of the law" (its function, not its content is in view), in regard to their Values than the privileged Jew is in regard to the Value of God's law. The conscience does not dictate the content of right or wrong; it merely witnesses to what the Value system in a person has determined is right or wrong. In this regard, conscience is not a guide but needs to be guided by a thoroughly and critically developed Value system. ...
Third, conscience is a servant of the Value system. , a wrong Value system), and therefore suffers feelings of guilt. If the strong were to force the weak to conform against their Values (albeit wrong), they would thereby destroy a process of conviction God created so society could police itself. The solution is to address the foundational Values. As the Value set is informed and changed, conscience will follow. Conscience is an aspect of self-awareness that produces the pain and/or pleasure we "feel" as we reflect on the norms and Values we recognize and apply. The critique conscience exercises related to the Value system which a person develops. Romans 12:1-2 makes the point that God desires that his creation conform to divine Values by a process of rational renewal
Avail - ) Profit; advantage toward success; benefit; Value; as, labor, without economy, is of little avail
Saints: Their Real Worth - A piece of plate may become battered and scratched, so that its beauty is hopelessly gone, but it loses not its real worth; put it into the scale, and its weight and not its fashion shall be the estimate of its preciousness ; throw it into the melting-pot and its purity will show its actual Value. God Values him at as high a rate as ever
Amount - ) The effect, substance, Value, significance, or result; the sum; as, the amount of the testimony is this
Skat - The Value of hands depends upon the game played, trump suit, points taken, and number of matadores
Refuse - ) Refused; rejected; hence; left as unworthy of acceptance; of no Value; worthless
Praise - ) To Value; to appraise
Cake - They are compared to a small cake with reference to their weakness but they are compared to a barley cake to describe their Value
Money - The type represents everything considered of spiritual Value by human beings if it is used to purchase forgiveness, and obtain entrance into Heaven
Sieve - Isaiah 30:28 (a) The Lord promised in this passage that He would strain out the nations in such a way that all their boastings, pride and vain glory would prove to be of no Value whatever, and would not stand His testings and siftings
Degradation - ) Diminution or reduction of strength, efficacy, or Value; degeneration; deterioration
Degrade - ) To reduce in estimation, character, or reputation; to lessen the Value of; to lower the physical, moral, or intellectual character of; to debase; to bring shame or contempt upon; to disgrace; as, vice degrades a man
Sale - The act of selling the exchange of a commodity for money of equivalent Value
Nothing - No importance no Value no use. A thing of no proportion to something, or of trifling Value or advantage
Account - ) Importance; worth; Value; advantage; profit. ) To Value, estimate, or hold in opinion; to judge or consider; to deem
Regard - ) To pay respect to; to treat as something of peculiar Value, sanctity, or the like; to care for; to esteem. ) That view of the mind which springs from perception of Value, estimable qualities, or anything that excites admiration; respect; esteem; reverence; affection; as, to have a high regard for a person; - often in the plural
Water - ) An addition to the shares representing the capital of a stock company so that the aggregate par Value of the shares is increased while their Value for investment is diminished, or "diluted
Talent - The true Value of the talent cannot well be ascertained, but it is known that it was different among different nations. sterling, or fourteen dollars and a third nearly, the talent was of the Value of f193 15s sterling, about dollars
Ignatius of Antioch, Saint - Trajan sent him in chains to Rome; during this last journey he was welcomed by the faithful of Smyrna, Troas, and other places along the way; he addressed epistles, of supreme interest and Value, to various congregations, for, as a disciple of the Apostles, Ignatius testifies to the dogmatic character of Apostolic Christianity
Emerald - It owes its Value as a gem to its extremely beautiful velvety green colour, which is ascribed to the chromium it contains
Preachers: to be Acquainted With Human Nature - If we would preach well to the souls of men we must acquaint ourselves with their ruined state, must have their case always on our hearts both by night and day, must know the terrors of the Lord and the Value of the soul, and feel a sacred sympathy with perishing sinners
Pi - The Value of the quotient pi, to eight decimal places, is 3
Crotchet - ) A time note, with a stem, having one fourth the Value of a semibreve, one half that of a minim, and twice that of a quaver; a quarter note
Vial - Revelation 5:8 (a) These golden receptacles are evidently pictures of the Value our Lord places upon the worship and the prayers which ascend to GOD from the hearts of His children
Antioch, Ignatius of, Saint - Trajan sent him in chains to Rome; during this last journey he was welcomed by the faithful of Smyrna, Troas, and other places along the way; he addressed epistles, of supreme interest and Value, to various congregations, for, as a disciple of the Apostles, Ignatius testifies to the dogmatic character of Apostolic Christianity
Turtledove - The lamb was a larger offering and indicates a more comprehensive view of the Value of CHRIST in His sacrificial work
Beryl - Its great abundance in modern times has depreciated its Value
Transformation - ) The change, as of an equation or quantity, into another form without altering the Value
Scriptorium - Often the scriptorium of a monastery developed some peculiarities of writing which were perpetuated and are of great Value in ascertaining the source from which a manuscript comes
Lop - ...
Else both body and lop will be of little Value
Regard - To attend to with respect and estimation to Value. To regard the person, to Value for outward honor, wealth or power. Respect esteem reverence that view of the mind which springs from Value, estimable qualities, or any thing that excites admiration
Injury - Whatever impairs the quality or diminishes the Value of goods or property, is an injury
Esteem - Is that high and exalted thought of, and Value for any thing which arises from a since of its own intrinsic worth and excellency
Countermark - ) A mark or token added to those already existing, in order to afford security or proof; as, an additional or special mark put upon a package of goods belonging to several persons, that it may not be opened except in the presence of all; a mark added to that of an artificer of gold or silver work by the Goldsmiths' Company of London, to attest the standard quality of the gold or silver; a mark added to an ancient coin or medal, to show either its change of Value or that it was taken from an enemy
Development - ) The act or process of changing or expanding an expression into another of equivalent Value or meaning
Sparrow - Fear ye not therefore ye are of more Value than many sparrows" (Matthew 10:29; Matthew 10:31; Luke 12:6-7)
Argument - ) The independent variable upon whose Value that of a function depends
Reckon - ) To charge, attribute, or adjudge to one, as having a certain quality or Value
Bag - The money collected in the temple in the time of Joash, for its reparation, seems, in like manner, to have been told up in bags of equal Value; and these were probably delivered sealed to those who paid the workmen, 2 Kings 12:10
Theophrastus Paracelsus - He made great use of tinctures of herbs, was the first to employ mercury in treating syphilis, and to recognize the Value of mineral springs
Esther, the Book of - The chief Value of the book is to illustrate the wonder- working providence of God, his control of human passions, his righteous judgment of sinners, and his care for his covenant people- whom, even when captives in a strange land, he can exalt above all their foes
Gold - (Genesis 43:21 ) Gold was extremely abundant in ancient times, (1 Chronicles 22:14 ; 2 Chronicles 1:15 ; 9:9 ; Daniel 3:1 ; Nahum 2:9 ) but this did not depreciate its Value, because of the enormous quantities consumed by the wealthy in furniture, etc
Magna Carta - The Value of Magna Carta to political progress lay not so much in the individual clauses as in the general check it represented to absolutism. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, played a prominent part in the negotiations leading up to the drafting and acceptance of Magna Carta and it contained five guarantees of Value to the Church
Carta, Magna - The Value of Magna Carta to political progress lay not so much in the individual clauses as in the general check it represented to absolutism. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, played a prominent part in the negotiations leading up to the drafting and acceptance of Magna Carta and it contained five guarantees of Value to the Church
Albanus - Gildas mentions him in 560 (his statement, however, about the persecution is of no Value, being simply a transference of Eusebius's words to Britain, to which Eusebius himself says they did not apply), and Venantius Fortunatus (Poem. ) is of the ordinary nature and Value of lives of the kind and date
Indulgence - Lightfoot translates the passage "yet not really of any Value to remedy indulgence of the flesh. " A possible meaning is, "of no Value in attempts at asceticism
Lacordaire, Henri Dominique - A member of the French Academy (1860), his most celebrated work, the "Conferences," met with great success; his biographies of Saint Dominic and Mary Magdalen, although of little historical Value, are popular, as are also his "Letters to young men
Catholic Record Society - About 30 volumes have thus far been issued, including several diaries of the English College at Douai; a volume of documentary evidence concerning the English martyrs; annals of the English community of Blue Nuns in Paris from 1658 to the dissolution in 1792; documents relating to the Venenerable Philip Howard; and 16 volumes of "Miscellanea" which have proved of great Value to serious students of history and others
Shekel, Half Shekel - 1: στατήρ (Strong's #4715 — Noun Masculine — stater — stat-air' ) a teradrachmon or four drachmae, originally 224 grains, in Tyrian currency, but reduced in weight somewhat by the time recorded in Matthew 17:24 ; the Value was about three shillings, and would pay the Temple tax for two persons, Matthew 17:27 , RV, "shekel" (AV, "a piece of money"); in some mss
Affliction: Endears the Promises - We all of us Value those golden words, 'When thou walkest through the fire thou shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee' but few if any of us have read them with the delight of the martyr Bilney, to whom this passage was a stay, while he was in prison awaiting his execution at the stake
Lost Coin, Parable of the - So, too, sinners, despicable and of no Value in the eyes of the Pharisees, mean much to God who out of His great love created and destined them for heaven
Assay - ) Tested purity or Value
Tontine Insurance - This plan of tontine insurance has been replaced in the United States by the semitontine plan, in which the surplus is divided among the holders of policies in force at the termination of the tontine period, but the reverse for the paid-up Value is paid on lapsed policies, and on the policies of those that have died the face is paid
Pique - ) To pride or Value; - used reflexively
Rap - ) A popular name for any of the tokens that passed current for a half-penny in Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century; any coin of trifling Value
Money - Mention is made of money as early as Genesis 17:12,13 , where persons are said to be 'bought with money;' and from Genesis to Zechariah it is spoken of as being not counted, but weighed, which would give the true Value of the precious metals in the form of rings or in odd pieces of gold or silver
Alloy - ) Admixture of anything which lessens the Value or detracts from; as, no happiness is without alloy
Crow - To pluck or pull a crow, is to be industrious or contentious about a trifle, or thing of no Value
Current - Established by common estimation generally received as the current Value of coin
Henri Lacordaire - A member of the French Academy (1860), his most celebrated work, the "Conferences," met with great success; his biographies of Saint Dominic and Mary Magdalen, although of little historical Value, are popular, as are also his "Letters to young men
Slight - ) To disregard, as of little Value and unworthy of notice; to make light of; as, to slight the divine commands
es'Dras - It has no historical Value
Bracelet - Bracelets were of great variety of materials and forms; were usually large, and often of great Value, Genesis 24:22
Less - Smaller not so large or great as a less quantity or number a horse of less size or Value
es'Dras - It has no historical Value
Double - ) To be increased to twice the sum, number, quantity, length, or Value; to increase or grow to twice as much. ) Twice as much; twice the number, sum, quantity, length, Value, and the like. ) To increase by adding an equal number, quantity, length, Value, or the like; multiply by two; to double a sum of money; to double a number, or length
Christ, Resurrection of - The Apostles after Him made it the cardinal point in their teaching, on which hinged the Value of the Christian faith
Gilead, Balm of - The oil or resin, exuding through an orifice made in its bark in very small quantities, is esteemed of great Value for its supposed medicinal qualities
Martyrs, Acts of the -
Besides these divisions there are documents, whose historicity has little or no Value, romances, with a possible foundation of truth, and real forgeries
Oil - It was an article of Value, and the people had their olive yards as well as their vineyards
Fast - The abstaining from food in itself evidently has little, if any, Value in GOD's sight
Bag - ...
Haggai 1:6 (b) This represents a business that failed, stocks and bonds that lose their Value, barrenness in the fields caused by crop failure, the loss of sheep and cattle - generally speaking, the failure of those enterprises into which GOD's people put their money instead of giving it to Him
Sparrow, - In Palestine sparrows are plentiful, and five were sold for two farthings, and yet the Lord said not one fell without His Father's knowledge, adding "Ye are of more Value than many sparrows
Gold - ' Precious things are compared with gold to show their Value
Eagle - ) A gold coin of the United States, of the Value of ten dollars
Batiffol, Pierre - Their apologetical Value cannot be exaggerated
Defraud - ...
The man who by deception obtains a price for a commodity above its Value, defrauds the purchaser
Trumpet - ) A wind instrument of great antiquity, much used in war and military exercises, and of great Value in the orchestra
Acts of the Martyrs -
Besides these divisions there are documents, whose historicity has little or no Value, romances, with a possible foundation of truth, and real forgeries
Reprove - ...
It is evident in most of the uses of yâkach that there is a Value judgment involved, as in Bracelet - It was fastened above the elbow; and was commonly of great Value
Shekel - English troy weight; and the Value equal to 2 s
Talent - avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver money, its Value was £243 15s
Resurrection of Christ - The Apostles after Him made it the cardinal point in their teaching, on which hinged the Value of the Christian faith
Septuagint - This ancient version contains many errors, and yet as a whole is a faithful one, particularly in the books of Moses; it is of great Value in the interpretation of the Old Testament, and is very often quoted by the New Testament writers, who wrote in the same dialect
Stone - The allusion in Revelation 2:17 may be to the practice at the Olympic games of giving the successful competitor a white stone, inscribed with his name and the Value of his prize; or to the mode of balloting with black and white stones on the question of the acquittal of an accused person, or his admission to certain privileges; if the stones deposited in the urn by the judges were all white, the decision was favorable
Worthy - Suitable having qualities suited to either in a good or bad sense equal in Value as flowers worthy of paradise
Bag - ( 2 Kings 5:23 ) They were long cone-like bags of the size to hold a precise amount of money, and tied or sealed for that amount, as we stamp the Value on a coin
Glass - The Value of glass in ancient times may be indicated in Job where the Value of glass is equated with that of gold and is used in parallel with jewels (Job 28:17 )
Account - , including the names of the parties to the transaction, date, and price or Value of the thing. Value importance estimation that is, such a state of persons or things, as renders them worthy of more or less estimation as men of account of him
Measure - Psalm 39:4 (b) This figure probably represents the Value of a person's time. We should evaluate both our time and our actions to see of what Value these are, either to GOD or to man
Treasure - They were His Valued possession. It is not riches that can be stolen by another, nor does it decrease in Value with time. GOD records these in Heaven, for they have great Value to Him
Waste - ) Lying unused; unproductive; worthless; Valueless; refuse; rejected; as, waste land; waste paper. ) To be diminished; to lose bulk, substance, strength, Value, or the like, gradually; to be consumed; to dwindle; to grow less. ) That which is of no Value; worthless remnants; refuse
Rent - Rack-rent is a rent of the full Value of the tenement, or near it. A fee farm rent is a rent-charge issuing out of an estate in fee, of at least one fourth of the Value of the lands at the time of its reservation
Self-Love - When we think too well of our righteousness, and over-value our good actions, and are pure in our own eyes. When we over-value our abilities, and entertain too good an opinion of our knowledge and capacity. When we are proud and vain of inferior things, and Value ourselves upon the station and circumstances in which, not our own deserts, but some other cause, has placed us
Stones, Precious - Precious stones are frequently alluded to in Scriptures; they were known and very highly Valued in the earliest times. Precious stones are used in Scripture in a figurative sense, to signify Value, beauty durability, etc
Bluff - ) To deter (an opponent) from taking the risk of betting on his hand of cards, as the bluffer does by betting heavily on his own hand although it may be of less Value
Cipher - ) A character (0) which, standing by itself, expresses nothing, but when placed at the right hand of a whole number, increases its Value tenfold
Mill - A money of account of the United States, Value the tenth of a cent, or the thousandth of a dollar
Mercy: Excellence of - I remember well being taken one day to see a gorgeous palace at Venice, where every piece of furniture was made with most exquisite taste, and of the richest material, where statues and pictures of enormous price abounded on all hands, and the floor of each room was paved with mosaics of marvelous art, and extraordinary Value
Extend - ) To Value, as lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt; to assign by writ of extent
Accept - To regard with partiality to Value or esteem
Anesthesia - The reception of the sacraments has a psychotherapeutic Value, as the patient's knowledge of having performed his religious duties makes him less susceptible to a shock which may terminate fatally
Approbation - A state or disposition of the mind, wherein we put a Value upon, or become pleased with, some person or thing
Tell - ) To make account of; to regard; to reckon; to Value; to estimate
Geography - The contributions of Catholics to every branch of the science are innumerable and of inestimable Value
First-Born - (Exodus 13:2,12,13 ; 22:29 ; 34:19,20 ) Unclean animals were to be redeemed with the addition of one-fifth of the Value, or else put to death; or, if not redeemed, to be sold, and the price given to the priests
Shame And Honor - Sociological studies have increased appreciation for shame and honor as two pivotal Values in ancient societies. ...
To honor is to recognize the Value of someone or thing and to act accordingly. The ancients viewed every human action and interaction as an occasion for either gaining honor, that is, increasing one's Value in the public eye, or for being shamed, that is, having one's estimation degraded. Having rejected the framework for Values, such will do anything (Job 19:3 ; Jeremiah 6:15 )
Matthew - Matthew knew the Value of goods of all description: wool, flax, linen, pottery, brass, silver, gold, barley, wheat, olives, figs, wheat. He knew the Value of local and foreign monetary systems
Silver - By this time it had become a recognized standard of Value and medium of exchange. The thousand ("pieces" is not in the Hebrew) of silver given by Abimelech to Abraham probably indicate the Value of the "sheep and oxen," etc
Law - ) In matematics: The rule according to which anything, as the change of Value of a variable, or the Value of the terms of a series, proceeds; mode or order of sequence
Money - Afterward, the more precious metals were used in traffic, as a Value more generally known and fixed. Lastly, they gave this metal, by public authority, a certain mark, a certain weight, and a certain degree of alloy, to fix its Value, and to save buyers and sellers the trouble of weighing and examining the coins. At the siege of Troy in Homer, no reference is made to gold or silver coined; but the Value of things is estimated by the number of oxen they were worth. ...
The shekel of silver, or the silverling, Isaiah 7:23 , originally weighed three hundred and twenty barleycorns; but it was afterward increased to three hundred and eighty-four barleycorns, its Value being considered equal to four Roman denarii, was two shillings and seven pence, or according to Bishop Cumberland, two shillings and four pence farthing. The assar, or assarion, Matthew 10:29 , was the ninety-sixth part of a shekel: its Value was rather more than a farthing. The farthing, Matthew 5:26 , was in Value the thirteenth part of a penny sterling. The talent was fifty minas; and its Value, therefore, three hundred and eighty-seven pounds ten shillings. The gold coins were as follows; a shekel of gold was about fourteen and a half times the Value of silver, that is, one pound seventeen shillings and five pence halfpenny. According to Parkhurst its Value was one pound five shillings. But how accurately is even this stated according to history, and the arrangement of things! The ancient imposts which were introduced before the Roman dominion were Valued according to the Greek coinage; for example, the taxes of the temple, the διδραχμον , Matthew 17:24
Bind - ...
Job 31:36 (b) Job would Value a book about his life because he thought it would vindicate his integrity and uprightness. ...
Matthew 23:4 (b) Churches make rules for their members which are irksome, burdensome, and really have no Value in GOD's sight. None of these have any Value in GOD's sight. These have no Value in obtaining forgiveness, nor acceptance with GOD
Honor - , the honor and inestimable Value of Christ as appropriated by believers, who are joined, as living stones, to Him the cornerstone; (c) in the sense of Value, of human ordinances, Valueless against the indulgence of the flesh, or, perhaps of no Value in attempts at asceticism, Colossians 2:23 (see extended note under INDULGENCE , No. See PRECIOUSNESS , PRICE , SUM , Value
Base - Mean vile worthless that is, low in Value or estimation used of things. Of little comparative Value applied to metals, and perhaps to all metals, except gold and silver. ...
BASE, To embase to reduce the Value by the admixture of meaner metals
Rapture Ecstasy - von Hügel deals with this subject fully, and indicates the manner in which these experiences may be tested by the moral and spiritual Value of their results. James, who works out the psycho-physical accompaniments of these states, dwells upon the authoritative Value they have for the experients themselves, and shows that they tend to break down the exclusive authority of the non-mystical or rational consciousness. They are as real as their results are real, and their Value is to be judged by their effects in a higher order of morals and of life
Leo the Great, Pope Saint - He left many sermons and epistles of great historical Value
Leo i, Pope Saint - He left many sermons and epistles of great historical Value
Montes Pietatis - Charitable credit organizations from which the poor may borrow money by depositing objects of nominal Value as a security
Ark of the Covenant Item - According to a tradition, the Value of which is much discussed, the Ark, with the Tabernacle and the altar of incense, was hidden by Jeremias before the siege of Jerusalem by Nabuchodonosor (2Machabees 2); however, the view that it was carried to Babylon as a trophy (4Esdas 10) seems to enjoy greater probability
Floor - The people are the chaff to be destroyed because they are of no Value to GOD, and have no interest in GOD's affairs
Amplitude - ) An angle upon which the Value of some function depends; - a term used more especially in connection with elliptic functions
Eagle - A gold coin of the United States, of the Value of ten dollars, or forty-five shillings sterling
Unbelief - For it denies the sovereignty of divine mercy: it sets at nought, the infinite merit and Value of Christ's blood and righteousness
Firstborn - Unclean animals were to be redeemed with the addition of one-fifth of the Value, or else put to death; or, if not redeemed, to be sold, and the price given to the priests
Redemption - Repurchase of notes, bills or other evidence of debt by paying their Value in specie to their holders
Token - In coinage, tokens were coins struck in the reign of Elizabeth in the cities of Bristol, Oxford and Worcester, and also by private persons, which were put into circulation, and upon being returned,the issuer gave the Value of them in current money
Vain - Empty worthless having no substance, Value or importance
Increase - Hence, to become more in number to advance in Value, or in any quality good or bad. INCRE'ASE, To augment or make greater in bulk, quantity or amount as, to increase wealth or treasure to increase a sum or Value
Alabaster - Judas Valued it at three hundred pence. And unguent and box would have a Value of something like £60. Whatever tends to uplift the imagination, to ennoble and purify the emotions, to refine the taste, and thus to add to the spiritual Value of life, is good, and is to be encouraged
Redeem - To repurchase what has been sold to regain possession of a thing alienated, by repaying the Value of it to the possessor. In commerce, to purchase or pay the Value in specie, of any promissory note, bill or other evidence of debt, given by the state, by a company or corporation, or by an individual
Redeemer - It is the personal and peculiar fitness of the Lord Jesus to the office of Redeemer, that forms the special greatness and importance of the work itself; for if it could be shewn, or ever supposed, that any other beside Christ had been competent, it, would have lessened the dignity, the personal dignity, and glory of the Son of God, and reduced the infinite Value of redemption itself. But as none but the Son of God could perform it, so in that performance the Value and efficacy of it is heightened beyond all the conceptions the imagination can form of it. ...
And first, the very idea of redemption is to buy out, or deliver, what was lost or forfeited, and this by giving a full and equivalent Value for it
Weights And Measures - The situation was not unlike that of modern Syria, with its bewildering confusion of coinage and other standards of Value, brought in and grafted on the native system by French, German, and English merchants. These, during the course of the interrelations of the peoples using them, mutually affected one another; and the result was a variety of Values called by the same name, or by names derived from the same original. On account of this fact, etymological processes of reasoning are in this field of little Value, if not altogether Valueless and misleading. Moreover, throughout the whole history of metrology there is a tendency noticeable towards the shrinkage or reduction of primitive Values, making it essential to distinguish with great care between the Values current under the same name in different periods of history. Perhaps while the shekel was still being used in these forms, a third Value was attached to it by the introduction of the Syrian shekel of 320 grs. , and a fourth Value later, viz. The question of the absolute length of either is, therefore, resolved into the Value of the handbreadth. Accordingly, the consensus of the most recent investigation may be safely taken to fix the Value of the cubit in inches at between 17. 5 + may be accepted as the approximate Value of the common cubit among the Israelites. †
This gives us the Value of the seah in Roman sextarii
Conversion - ) A change or reduction of the form or Value of a proposition; as, the conversion of equations; the conversion of proportions
Rain - The agricultural Value of this division is obvious, and it is recognized by the expressions ‘ former ’ and ‘latter’ rains which we meet with in the Biblical writings
Josue, Book of - The historical Value of the narrative is substantiated by its fidelity to older geographical names and to some circumstances of the time which archaeology is able to control
Joshua, Book of - The historical Value of the narrative is substantiated by its fidelity to older geographical names and to some circumstances of the time which archaeology is able to control
Peter, Second Epistle of - Though apocryphal, it is of considerable Value as showing that the main facts of the history of our Lord were then widely known
Alabaster - , denarii, each of the Value of sevenpence halfpenny of our money, and therefore worth about 10 pounds
Honorius Iii, Pope - His letters are of great historic Value, and in addition to a work on papal economics he wrote the lives of Celestine III, Gregory VII, and made the Fifth Collection of Decretals
Money - Gold and silver, containing great Value in small compass, and being therefore of easy conveyance, and being also durable and little liable to diminution by use, are the most convenient metals for coin or money, which is the representative of commodities of all kinds, of lands, and of every thing that is capable of being transferred in commerce
Laugh - Though Hebrew wisdom recognized a time to laugh as part of God's ordering of time (Ecclesiastes 3:4 ), wisdom downplayed the Value of laughter, associating it with fools (Proverbs 29:9 ; Ecclesiastes 7:4 ,Ecclesiastes 7:4,7:6 ), calling it madness (Ecclesiastes 2:2 ), and finding sorrow preferable (Ecclesiastes 7:3 )
Coin - The shekel was the common standard of weight and Value among the Hebrews down to the time of the Captivity
Lodge - They contained no nutriment, had little food Value, and perish quickly
Sycamore - The tree is always green, and bears fruit often throughout the year, so that it is of much Value to the poor
Hair - A trifling Value
Warranty - ) A covenant real, whereby the grantor of an estate of freehold and his heirs were bound to warrant and defend the title, and, in case of eviction by title paramount, to yield other lands of equal Value in recompense
Poor - ) Of little Value or worth; not good; inferior; shabby; mean; as, poor clothes; poor lodgings
Sparrow - A sparrow is of course of comparatively little Value; and it is therefore a striking exemplification of God's providence to say that he watches even over the sparrow's fall, Matthew 10:29
Savelli, Cencio - His letters are of great historic Value, and in addition to a work on papal economics he wrote the lives of Celestine III, Gregory VII, and made the Fifth Collection of Decretals
Pomegranate - The Value of the fruit and the beauty of the flower made the pomegranate welcome in gardens, Song of Song of Solomon 4:13 6:7,11 8:2 Joel 1:12
Maximianus i., m. Aurelius Valerius - ...
The military talents and activity of Maximianus were of the greatest Value to the Western empire and in Africa, and while under Diocletian's influence or direction he seconded him honestly and well
Much - ...
To make much of, to Value highly to prize or to treat with great kindness and attention. Much at one, nearly of equal Value, effect or influence
Dove (Turtle) - Probably the various animals mentioned represent different aspects of the Value of the sacrifice in the eyes of men. Other converts have a greater knowledge of CHRIST, the "lamb" understanding of the Value of CHRIST
Money - It is an unpredictable and wildly vacillating guide to Value. 14), generate inflation, which devalues the currency and its buying power. A shortage of certain commodities may drive up prices exorbitantly (2 Kings 6:25 ; Lamentations 5:4 ; Revelation 6:6 ), while the sudden availability of products may cause the Value of money to plunge (2 Kings 7:1,16,18 ). ...
It is a repeated theme in the Bible that the monetary Value of items does not reflect the Value that God places on them. Jesus notes that although one can purchase a pair of sparrows in the market for a single copper coin comparable to a penny, this market Value does not reflect the great attention that a single one of these birds receives from God (Matthew 10:29 ). So persistent is this theme of skewed Values that it becomes predictable for items of low market Value to figure high on God's list of valuables, and vice versa. Others may look with disdain upon a donation of a few copper coins to the temple treasury, but it is not the market Value of the widow's gift that Jesus finds important: "She put in everything—all she had to live on" (Mark 12:41-44 ). It is this confusion of market Value with spiritual Value that irritates Peter when Simon Magus offers to pay money in return for the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:18-24 ). There is no greater demonstrations of the contrary Value system represented by money than Paul's observation that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10 ). Because money behaves like a spiritual narcotic, deadening one's sensitivity to real Value, Jesus insists that one cannot be committed simultaneously to both God's Values and "mammon" (an Aramaic word meaning money, wealth, or property Matthew 6:24 )
Good Shepherd, Parable of the - The differences between them are of the kind that may be expected in two parallel versions of the same discourse, teaching essentially the same lesson; the Value of the soul in the eyes of God, whence flows the necessity of doing everything to reclaim one on the way to perdition, the point brought out especially by Saint Matthew, and the joy of God over the conversion of the sinner, the point brought out especially by Saint Luke
Sycamore - (Amos 7:14 ) So great was the Value of these trees that David appointed for them in his kingdom a special overseer, as he did for the olives (1 Chronicles 27:28 ) and it is mentioned as one of the heaviest of Egypt's calamities that her sycamore were destroyed by hailstones
Catholic Indian Missions, Bureau of - President Roosevelt, recognizing the Value of the Bureau, gave it marked consideration, and by his order contracts producing a yearly income of $100,000 for the benefit of the contract schools, payable out of Indian tribal funds, were granted, 1904, and confirmed by the United States Supreme Court, 1908
Summer - The harvest day is coming, the summertime of opportunity will be ended, and some will be left outside the door because they are of no Value to GOD
Heaven: None Admitted But Those Like Jesus - The angel pays him no respect, but reminds him that the diadems of earth have no Value in heaven
Boot - ) That which is given to make an exchange equal, or to make up for the deficiency of Value in one of the things exchanged
Lost Sheep - The differences between them are of the kind that may be expected in two parallel versions of the same discourse, teaching essentially the same lesson; the Value of the soul in the eyes of God, whence flows the necessity of doing everything to reclaim one on the way to perdition, the point brought out especially by Saint Matthew, and the joy of God over the conversion of the sinner, the point brought out especially by Saint Luke
Nail - 2 Chronicles 3:9 (c) The fact that the weight of the nails is given may be taken as a picture of the Value GOD puts on unseen acts and deeds
After - According to as, consider a thing after its intrinsic Value
Board - It was once a tree in the woods and of no Value as a dwelling place for GOD
Born - ...
1 Peter 1:23 (a) This also is a statement concerning the wonderful transaction that takes place when the Word of GOD reveals to soul the Value of CHRIST JESUS the Lord
Harvest - Jeremiah 8:20 (b) This is a description of the end time when the Lord will judge the earth and gather into Heaven believers who are profitable to Him (the grain), but will shut out of Heaven the weeds and the tares which have no Value to Him
Candlestick - 2 Kings 4:10) that Christ referred in Mark 4:21 as being necessary to complete the Value of the lamp for those in the house (Matthew 5:16) and those who enter it (Luke 8:16; Luke 11:33)
Expectation - A sum of money in expectation, when an event happens, has a determinate Value before that event happens
a'Haz - (2 Kings 23:12 ) His only service of permanent Value was the introduction of the sun-dial
Lend - To grant for temporary use, on condition of receiving a compensation at certain periods for the use of the thing, and an ultimate return of the thing, or its full Value
Pearl - " In (Matthew 7:6 ) pearls are used metaphorically for anything of Value, or perhaps more especially for "wise sayings. Pearls have been Valued as high as ,000 or ,000 apiece
Meet - A — 1: ἄξιος (Strong's #514 — Adjective — axios — ax'-ee-os ) has the meaning of being of "weight, Value, worth;" also "befitting, becoming, right on the ground of fitness," e
Money - Afterwards, the more precious metals were used in traffic, as a Value more generally known and stated, and the amount agreed upon was paid over by weight, Genesis 23:16 43:21 Exodus 30:24 . Lastly they gave this metal, a certain weight, and a certain degree of alloy, to fix its Value, and to save buyers and sellers the trouble of weighing and examining the coins
Money - Antiquity of a metallic currency: weights and Values. ...
With regard, now, to the intrinsic Value of the above gold and silver shekels, all calculations must start from the mint price of gold, which in Great Britain is £3, 17s. as the Value of the Hebrew gold shekel of 252 grs. represents the Value as bullion of the Hebrew silver shekel . Of course the purchasing power of both in Bible times, which is the real test of the Value of money, was many times greater than their equivalents in sterling money at the present day. ...
The results as to weights and Values above set forth may be presented in tabular form as follows: ...
Denomination. Intrinsic Value. ) Since the effective weight of the extant shekels is somewhat under the theoretical weight above given, the intrinsic Value of any number of shekels of silver may be found with sufficient accuracy by equating the shekel roughly with our half-crown (2s. Throughout the whole of this period, as has already been emphasized, in every transaction involving the payment of sums of considerable Value, the money was reckoned by weight. In view of what has just been said regarding the variety of standards in use in Palestine in early times, it would be unwise, in the present state of our knowledge, to pronounce as to the Value of the price paid in this transaction. Thus Abraham, as we have seen, paid 400 shekels, not 8 minas, to the children of Heth; the weight, and therefore the Value, of Achan’s ‘wedge of gold’ (see next paragraph) is given as 50 shekels, not as 1 mina, and so throughout. Larger Values were made up in the shape of bars, such as Schliemann discovered at Troy and Macalister found at Gezer (illust. The vases and other vessels of gold and silver which are so frequently mentioned in ancient tribute lists also, in all probability, represented definite weights and Values. , but the effective weight of the Syrian drachms and tetradrachms of this period is slightly below this standard, and may be Valued at 11d. Since the denarius was almost equal in weight to the Syrian-Attic drachm (§ 4) the silver unit throughout the Seleucid empire the two coins were regarded as of equal Value, and four denarii were in ordinary business the equivalent of a tetradrachm of Antioch. To reach the monetary Value of the denarius in sterling money, which is on a gold standard, we have only to divide the Value of the gold aureus by 25, which gives 9 3 /8 d. Its Value was £1 (see § 6 ). In Value equal to a franc or 9 1 /2d. Its Value was between 1 /4 and 1 /3 of an English farthing. Its Value would thus be about 3 /8 of a penny. The relative Values of the three coins may be represented by 1 /8, 1 /8, and 1 /3 of a penny respectively
Old - Golden - Job 23:10 (a) Job is in this way describing the severity and yet the Value of the sufferings through which he was passing. ...
Proverbs 25:11 (b) By this figure we learn of the great Value of words that are well spoken and timely. Much of our service is of little or no Value to GOD. ...
Revelation 5:8 (a) The Value of the prayers of GOD's people is revealed by the use of this type. ...
Revelation 15:7 (b) The Value of the wrath of GOD may be understood by the fact that His wrath is in these priceless vases. We Value the service of that judge who brings the vengeance of the law upon the lawbreaker
Hazael - He was prevented from capturing the holy city of Jerusalem only by being allowed to carry off everything that was portable and of Value in the city and the Temple
Assize - ) To assess; to Value; to rate
Most - The most, the greatest Value, amount or advantage, or the utmost in extent, degree or effect
Pin - ) Hence, a thing of small Value; a trifle
Fan - The chaff referred to in this passage are those folk who are of no Value at all to GOD
Stork, - In some places they are of much Value on account of their attacks upon the serpents
Extend - In law, to Value lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt or to levy on lands, as an execution
Scarlet - ...
Leviticus 14:4 (c) This probably is a picture of the Value of the blood in every sacrifice for sin
Volume - An odd volume of a set of books, bears not the Value of its proportion to the set
Jubilee - ...
Since all land returned to the original owners in the fiftieth year, the sale price of land had to be reduced from its original Value so that it was proportionate to the number of years that remained to the fiftieth year (Leviticus 25:13-17)
Wages - The denarius was equivalent in money Value to 9½d. , and in purchasing Value to about 2s
Gold - Value. As the highest quotation of earthly Values, it supplies a standard for estimating what surpasses it (Job 28:17, Psalms 119:72; Psalms 119:127, Proverbs 3:14; Proverbs 8:10; Proverbs 16:16; 1 Peter 1:7; 1Pe_1:18). ...
After playing many parts, such as being a medium of decorative art, a standard of Value, and a means of good and evil in society, along with higher uses in the coinage of empires and the representation of the Godhead, gold renders its last symbolic service in providing a pavement for the feet of the saints (Revelation 21:21)
Gold - Value. As the highest quotation of earthly Values, it supplies a standard for estimating what surpasses it (Job 28:17, Psalms 119:72; Psalms 119:127, Proverbs 3:14; Proverbs 8:10; Proverbs 16:16; 1 Peter 1:7; 1Pe_1:18). ...
After playing many parts, such as being a medium of decorative art, a standard of Value, and a means of good and evil in society, along with higher uses in the coinage of empires and the representation of the Godhead, gold renders its last symbolic service in providing a pavement for the feet of the saints (Revelation 21:21)
Weights And Measures - 141, was the first to coin Jewish money, though there existed doubtless from of old pieces of silver of known Value, which passed from hand to hand without being always weighed. ...
If the weights in the foregoing list be approximately correct, and silver be taken at ??? per ounce, and gold at £ ??? per ounce Troy, the money Value will be about...
Gerah (1/20 of a shekel)………………. ...
NOTE the above is a / "chart"/ but it should be OK to insert whatever Values you decide under ??? without upsetting the layout...
With respect to 'Piece of money' (Genesis 33:19 ; Job 42:11 ) and 'Piece of silver' (Joshua 24:32 ) qesitah, Gesenius compares Genesis 33:19 with Genesis 23:16 and supposes the weight to equal 4 shekels. ...
The above gives no idea of the purchasing Value of these sums, which often varied. A penny (δηνάριον) was the usual daily wages of a working man: its purchasing Value then must have been considerably more than it is now
Coins - Because of their intrinsic Value and mobility, cattle were very popular in the barter system. Of course, the “penny” translation was an attempt to equate the Value of an ancient coin with a familiar one of the King James era. Its Value in New Testament times can be more accurately assessed by knowing the labor that the ancient coin could buy. Such a talent had been estimated to have a current Value of about one thousand dollars
Economics - Because trade is for the common good, it should not benefit one to the disadvantage of another, and it must therefore be controlled by some principle to detetmine Value, or, as it was termed, the just price. This, of course, depended on two elements, the Value of the thing in itself, and its Value to the owner and purchaser. The guilds which then had become the arbiters of good workmanship, Values, and prices, had much to do with working out in practise what the experts submitted to them in theory
Ostensorium - Ostensoria of remarkable beauty and Value were wrought by the goldsmiths of the Middle Ages, and numerous fine examples have been made in our time
Monstrance - Ostensoria of remarkable beauty and Value were wrought by the goldsmiths of the Middle Ages, and numerous fine examples have been made in our time
Queen of Heaven - The fact that cakes were offered in this worship has little evidential Value, as we find this rite a frequent feature in Semitic worship
Cathari - Besides directly assailing the doctrines and hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the various tenets of the Cathari, as the denial of the Value of oaths and of the right to punish, undermined the basis of the Christian State, while its abhorrence of generation and its commendation of suicide would have meant the extinction of the human race had the Catharist doctrine been triumphant; but by the 14th century it had practically disappeared from France, Germany, and England, while the 15th century saw the disappearance of the heresy in Italy and the Balkan States
Moabite Stone - " It is the oldest inscription written in alphabetic characters, and hence is, apart from its Value in the domain of Hebrew antiquities, of great linguistic importance
Harlot - Her payment might be in money, or it could be in jewelry (Ezekiel 23:42 ) or other items of Value (Genesis 38:15-18 ; compare Luke 15:30 )
Women - The Value of a virtuous and active housewife forms a frequent topic in the book of Proverbs
Balances - Only He knows the true Value of our lives
Equity - Equity of redemption, in law, the advantage, allowed to a mortgager, of a reasonable time to redeem lands mortgaged, when the estate is of greater Value than the sum for which it was mortgaged
Offset - ) A sum, account, or Value set off against another sum or account, as an equivalent; hence, anything which is given in exchange or retaliation; a set-off
Self - Reciprocally, I abhor myself thou enrichest thyself he loves himself she admires herself it pleases itself we Value ourselves ye hurry yourselves they see themselves
Crown - In general we must attach to it the notion of a costly turban irradiated with pearls and gems of priceless Value, which often form aigrettes for feathers, as in the crowns of modern Asiatics sovereigns
Fig - They also believed that figs had some medicinal Value (Isaiah 38:21)
Past - The motto of the Cliffords (Désormais) may recall a Christian truth of priceless Value: ‘Henceforward’ sin no more (John 8:11)
Mean - Of little Value low in worth or estimation worthy of little or no regard. Of little Value humble poor as a mean abode a mean dress
Balance - But, usually, the term is applied to the difference between the amount or Value of the commodities exported and imported. To weigh reasons to compare, by estimating the relative force, importance, or Value of different things as, to balance good and evil
Dead - ...
Hebrews 6:1 (a) These works are those which have no Value in GOD's sight, and do not produce GOD's life in the experience of others. They have no spiritual Value whatever
Money - The shekel weight of silver was the unit of Value through the whole age of Hebrew history, down to the Babylonian captivity. It was worth 55 to 60 cents, and is of about the same Value as the Jewish stater , or coined shekel
Disannul, Disannulling - A — 1: ἀθετέω (Strong's #114 — Verb — atheteo — ath-et-eh'-o ) signifies "to put as of no Value" (a, negative, theton, "what is placed," from tithemi, "to put, place"); hence, (a) "to act towards anything as though it were annulled;" e
Cost, Costliness, Costly - ...
A — 2: τιμιότης (Strong's #5094 — Noun Feminine — timiotes — tim-ee-ot'-ace ) "costliness" (from timios, "valued at great price, precious;" see No. , "of great Value" (see A, No
Money Changers - Such transactions were numerous and required the service of brokers who knew the Value of foreign money
Man (the Good): Beneficial Influence of - He derives nothing from earth, his fountain is from above, but he enriches the sons of earth with untold blessings, and though they often wound him they experimentally know his Value
Pearl - Pearls which are round, or nearly round, and of fine luster, are highly esteemed as jewels, and compare in Value with the precious stones
Pay - ) To discharge, as a debt, demand, or obligation, by giving or doing what is due or required; to deliver the amount or Value of to the person to whom it is owing; to discharge a debt by delivering (money owed)
At - ) The relation of a point or position in a series, or of degree, rate, or Value; as, with the thermometer at 80�; goods sold at a cheap price; a country estimated at 10,000 square miles; life is short at the longest
Experience - We learn the Value of integrity by experience
Genesis - Its Value cannot be overestimated as a fragment of literature or as a work of history, and it has been well observed that in the first page of Genesis a child may learn more in an hour than all the philosophers in the world learned without it in a thousand years
Gemara - The Jews have little Value for this Jerusalem Talmud, on account of its obscurity
At - ) The relation of a point or position in a series, or of degree, rate, or Value; as, with the thermometer at 80�; goods sold at a cheap price; a country estimated at 10,000 square miles; life is short at the longest
Palladias, Bishop of Ireland - 1879), has discussed with vast resources of legendary lore the different localities in Wicklow and Kildare where Palladius is said to have preached and built churches, but his authorities have little historical Value, being specially the Four Masters and Jocelyn
Wind - ...
Of the greatest Value for all living things is the perpetual interchange of land and sea breezes
Altar - " (Exodus 20:24-26) For, as every altar represented Christ, it was lessening Christ's dignity and the infinite Value of his sacrifice, to presume to mingle any thing with this
Fish - They all leave a bad odor and have little food Value
Sacrifice - ) ...
We learn from the Epistle to the Hebrews that sacrifices had in themselves no Value or efficacy
Fathers, the - Their writings are of the greatest Value as bearingwitness to the N
Second - ) Next to the first in Value, power, excellence, dignity, or rank; secondary; subordinate; inferior
Murder - Human life is given great Value in the Bible
Spitting, Spittle - 8), to witness to the prevalence of an ancient belief in the medicinal Value of human saliva, especially for eye troubles
Develop - ) To change the form of, as of an algebraic expression, by executing certain indicated operations without changing the Value
Barley - At the famine of Samaria, when the Syrian camp was found deserted, one measure (seah) of fine flour was sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, 2 Kings 7:1,16 , showing that barley was Valued at half the price of wheat. Here it is one-third the Value of wheat, and 5 pints would have cost, in N
Presents - We read in Scripture of presents upon various occasions; and it should seem to have been intended as not only important on account of the Value of what was given, but also more so as a testimony of some particular meaning
Ather - ) To pick out and bring together from among what is of less Value; to collect, as a harvest; to harvest; to cull; to pick off; to pluck
Commission - of the Value of the goods bought or sold
Tribute - The fish Peter caught had in its mouth a stater of the Value of about 2s
Accent - ) A mark placed at the right hand of a letter, and a little above it, to distinguish magnitudes of a similar kind expressed by the same letter, but differing in Value, as y', y'
Mount - ) To attain in Value; to amount
Camel - The camel is ill-tempered, vindictive, and obstinate; but its Value to man may be estimated by what has been said
Judge - ) One who has skill, knowledge, or experience, sufficient to decide on the merits of a question, or on the quality or Value of anything; one who discerns properties or relations with skill and readiness; a connoisseur; an expert; a critic
Absalom - He was very beautiful and had extraordinary hair, which when cut every year weighed 200 shekels, the exact equivalent to which in our weights it is not easy to ascertain; or, possibly, the hair was of 200 shekels' Value
Restore - To make restitution or satisfaction for a thing taken, by returning something else, or something of different Value
Truth - The truth of history constitutes its whole Value
Reserve - It is theoretically the difference between the present Value of the total insurance and the present Value of the future premiums on the insurance
Humour - —Humour in its highest form is the sign of a mind at peace in itself, for which the contrasts and contradictions of life have ceased to jar, though they have not ceased to be; which accepts them as necessary and not without meaning and Value, indeed as giving an added charm to life, because it looks at them from a point above them. With this consciousness of the superficial absurdity and the underlying Value of what He said, He bade men when smitten on the one cheek ‘turn the other’ (Matthew 5:39), go ‘two miles’ with the man who exacted one (Matthew 5:41), yield the cloak to him who took the coat (Matthew 5:40),—in fact, His followers were asked to be ‘lambs,’ missionaries ‘among wolves’ (Matthew 10:16, Luke 10:3), and to ‘leap for joy’ when they were ill treated (Luke 6:23). In all these sayings there is obvious contradiction between the surface Value and the thought beneath
Honour - The metaphorical sense, indicating something of price, worth, or Value, naturally follows, like ‘dignity,’ ‘veneration,’ ‘honour,’ and ‘ornament,’ as in the expression ‘a vessel for honour’ (Romans 9:21), ‘in honour preferring one another’ (Romans 12:10), ‘honour to whom honour’ (Romans 13:7). ...
The other passage is in Colossians 2:23, οὐκ ἐν τιμῇ τινὶ πρὸς πλησμονὴν τῆς σαρκός, which is translated, ‘not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh’ (Authorized Version ), ‘not of any Value (honour, Revised Version margin) against the indulgence of the flesh’ (Revised Version ). Eadie’s translation and interpretation seem to us the best: ‘Which things, having indeed a show of wisdom in superstition, humility, and corporeal austerity, not in anything of Value, are for, or minister to, the gratification of the flesh
Money (2) - The extant coins contain no indication of Value, nor can any safe inference be drawn from their weight, seeing that, where a silver standard prevails, the copper coinage must always be very much of the nature of token money. For convenience of reference the average Value in sterling money is put opposite the larger sums. ’ This identification enables us to assign Values to those coins which follow the Greek system. The weight of the gold aureus is known, and its Value admits of easy calculation (see Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible iii. 427), and the other Values, as given above, follow at once. This method of ascertaining the Value of the silver coins of the Gospels does justice to the fact that, in the Roman Empire then, as in Britain now, the Value of silver coins was legally defined in terms of the gold standard. At the time of our Lord its Value was fixed at 1/23; of the aureus, which may be taken under the early emperors as equal on the average to our sovereign; thus the denarius was worth 9–6 pence, or roughly 9½d. In Mark 6:37 = John 6:7 the disciples estimate that it would seed bread to the Value of at least 200 denarii (£8) to provide for the five thousand. In Mark 14:5 = John 12:5 the vase of ointment with which Mary anointed our Lord is Valued at 300 denarii (£12). In any case, the Value for ordinary purposes was the same—about 9½d. —As the name implies, this is a coin of the Value of two drachms. 2) to ‘the Tyrian coin which is of the Value of four Attic drachms,’ and in another (Ant. 2) he gives the Value of the Hebrew shekel as four Attic drachms
Sheep - Human Value is contrasted to that of sheep ( Matthew 12:12 )
Apocrypha - Some of them, however, are of Value for the historical information they furnish, for their moral and prudential maxims, and for the illustrations they afford of ancient life
Sparrow - " The Greek stauthion (Authorized Version "sparrow") occurs twice in the New Testament, ( Matthew 10:29 ; Luke 12:6,7 ) (The birds above mentioned are found in great numbers in Palestine and are of very little Value, selling for the merest trifle and are thus strikingly used by our Saviour, (Matthew 10:20 ) as an illustration of our Father's care for his children
Arabia - Their language is the most developed and the richest of all the Semitic languages, and is of great Value to the student of Hebrew
Reveal - ...
"The objective use is that in which something is presented to the senses, sight or hearing, as, referring to the past, (f) the truth declared to men in the gospel, Romans 1:17 ; 1 Corinthians 2:10 ; Galatians 3:23 ; (g) the Person of Christ to Paul on the way to Damascus, Galatians 1:16 ; (h) thoughts before hidden in the heart, Luke 2:35 ; referring to the future, (i) the coming in glory of the Lord Jesus, Luke 17:30 ; (j) the salvation and glory that await the believer, Romans 8:18 ; 1 Peter 1:5 ; 5:1 ; (k) the true Value of service, 1 Corinthians 3:13 ; (l) the wrath of God (at the Cross, against sin, and, at the revelation of the Lord Jesus, against the sinner), Romans 1:18 ; (m) the Lawless One, 2 Thessalonians 2:3,6,8
Scribe - Only that was of Value which was governed by external precept
Parable - It is the lesson that is of Value; the hearer must catch the analogy if he is to be instructed (this is true also of a proverb)
Gentleness - It renounces no just right from fear; it gives up no important truth from flattery: it is, indeed, not only consistent with a firm mind, but it necessarily requires a manly spirit and a fixed principle, in order to give it any real Value
Boom - ) To have a rapid growth in market Value or in popular favor; to go on rushingly
Schools - Their idea of the Value of schools may be gained from such sayings from the Talmud as "The world is preserved by the breath of the children in the schools;" "A town in which there are no schools must perish;" "Jerusalem was destroyed because the education of children was neglected
Mortgage - But in this case, courts of equity interpose,and if the estate is of more Value than the debt, they will on application grant a reasonable time for the mortgager to redeem the estate
Ask - To claim, require or demand, as the price or Value of a commodity to set a price as, what price do you ask? 6
Fowl - In this particular case, Satanic powers wanted to hide from Israel the Value of GOD's preserving care, and His rich provision for their needs
Physician - Job, in the bitterness of his soul, found his friends to be physicians of no Value
Basket - It need not be said that present-day tradition’s in Damascus are of little Value
Sanctify - These things were in reality of no moral worth or Value; they were merely typical institutions, intended to represent the blessings of the new and better covenant, those "good things that were to come;" and therefore God is frequently spoken of in the prophets as despising them, namely, in any other view than that for which his wisdom had ordained them, Isaiah 1:11-15 ; Psalms 50:8-9 ; Psalms 51:16
Fasts - (1 Kings 21:27 ; Nehemiah 9:1 ; Psalm 35:13 ) ...
The sacrifice of the personal will, which gives to fasting all its Value, is expressed in the old term used in the law, afflicting the soul
Sadducees - Another principle of their belief was the absolute freedom of man's will, so that he had full power of himself to do good or evil as he chose; and then only could his actions have a moral Value
Diana - Its treasures were of immense Value
Genesis - The book of Genesis lays the foundation for all the subsequent books of the Bible; and its Value in the history of the earth, of man, and of religion, is inestimable
Wisdom - Wisdom gained by experience, is of inestimable Value
Profit - ...
This weighing of advantages and gain finds its full force in Christ’s doctrine of the supreme good of the Kingdom of God, the one secure treasure of unspeakable Value, for the possession of which all other treasures may well be given in exchange (Matthew 13:44-46)
Soter, Bishop of Rome - But the writer is generally so unworthy of credit that his testimony is of no Value
Base - ) Of little comparative Value, as metal inferior to gold and silver, the precious metals. ) To reduce the Value of; to debase
Thomas - ...
Later traditions of Thomas, obviously of little Value, are mentioned in Eusebius and in the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas. ...
The scepticism of Thomas has a real apologetic Value
Tribute, Toll, Taxing - It was not a direct tax like (1) and (2), but an impost on the Value of exported goods
Christian Year, the - )...
The Value of the Christian Year cannot be too highly estimated,for after all has been said, the fact remains, that no betterinstructor in the truths of the Bible can be found than what iscommonly called THE CHRISTIAN YEAR
Praise - ...
Praise comes from a Latin word meaning “value” or “price
Discretion - "many more shining qualities in the mind of man, but there is none so useful as discretion: it is this, indeed, which gives a Value to all the rest; which sets them at work in their proper times and places, and turns them to the advantage of the person who is possessed of them
Rest (2) - There is in the Gospels frequent allusion to the Value of rest as the purchase of preceding effort, the compensation that is provided for sore afflictions
Balance - ) To compare in relative force, importance, Value, etc
Mount - To amount to rise in Value
Mortify - ), and for this end the rules of an arbitrary asceticism are of no Value (Colossians 2:16-23)
Salvation - What he is in himself, in the glories of his person, his greatness, fitness, suitability, and all-sufficiency; what he is in his work, and what he hath done for his redeemed, the salvation he hath wrought beyond all conception of Value in its completeness, and beyond all reach of extent in its efficacy, being like himself, everlasting and eternal; and what he is in his relations to his people, being their everlasting Father, Brother, Husband, Friend all these things, included as they all are in salvation, give the happy partakers of it "a joy unspeakable and full of glory;" so that every individual finds cause to join in the hymn of the church, and say: "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation: he is a rock, his work is perfect, just and right is he
Hesychius (27) Illustris, a Writer - This, as the work of a contemporary whose official position enabled him to obtain accurate information, must have been of great historical Value, and its loss is very much to be regretted
Phase - , to its initial Value as expressed in factorial parts of the complete cycle
Tender - ) To have a care of; to be tender toward; hence, to regard; to esteem; to Value
Gold - כתם , kethem, from כתם , catham, "to sign," "seal," or "stamp;"...
gold made current by being coined; standard gold, exhibiting the stamp expressive of its Value
Sapphire - In its finest state it is extremely beautiful and valuable, and second only to the diamond in lustre, hardness, and Value
Fasts - The sacrifice of the personal will, which gives to fasting all its Value, is expressed in the old term used in the law, afflicting the soul
Pay - To discharge a debt to deliver to a creditor the Value of the debt, either in money or goods, to his acceptance or satisfaction, by which the obligation of the debtor is discharged
Magic, Magicians - Laban attached great Value to, and was in the habit of consulting, images
Publican - They appointed managers, under whom were the portitores , the actual custom-house officers, who examined each bale of goods, exported or imported, assessed its Value more or less arbitrarily, wrote out the ticket, and enforced payment
Aquila - But the excessively literal character of the work while impairing its Value as a translation for those who were not Jews renders it all the more valuable as a witness to the state of the Hebrew text from which it was made. (As to the nature and Value of the version see Smith's D
Biblical Criticism - Literary and historical criticism tries to discover who the author of the book was, when and where he wrote, what were his sources, methods, and purpose, and what is the historical Value of his work. " On the whole the conservatives respect the Divine character of the sacred writings and place a high Value on external evidence, while the radicals reject everything supernatural and draw their arguments almost entirely from internal evidence, colored for the most part by their subjective views on philosophy and history. Internal evidence, if rightly used, is often of great Value, but its results are chiefly negative, showing what could not have been the case rather than what was actually the case; when not controlled by external evidence, it is apt to lead to conclusions that are merely subjective to the critic. Sanely weighed, this evidence exhibits Christ as the God-Man, and it demands to be received at its full Value since it possesses all the requisites of valid human testimony
Essenes - 1), writes in the mood of the preacher to whom facts have no Value except as texts for sermons. The priestly aristocracy of Palestine being in close touch with Hellenism, it naturally resulted that the high priesthood, and the Temple which was inseparable from the high priesthood, suffered a fall in sacramental Value. This bias was strengthened through the assumption of the high priesthood by the Hasmonæan house, an event which still further discounted the sacramental Value of the Temple services
Selfishness - He demanded self-renunciation (Luke 14:26-27; Luke 14:33), and at the same time He inculcated the absolute Value of the self (Matthew 16:26 || Mark 8:36-37). Each of these Christ calls the ‘self,’ the ‘life’; but it is the latter only—‘the soul’—that is of absolute Value. The Value of the former is but relative; and its good, which has a measure, must always be subordinated to that of the other, which is measureless
Piece - ...
5: ἀργύριον (Strong's #694 — Noun Neuter — argurion — ar-goo'-ree-on ) which frequently denotes "money," also represents "a silver coin," of the Value of a shekel or tetradrachmon (four times the drachme, see No
Spices - People placed great Value on some of these substances, and preserved them in expensive boxes that they opened on special occasions (Isaiah 3:20; Mark 14:3; Luke 7:37-38)
Nehemiah - The registers and lists of names are also of Value
Grafting - The olive, like most fruit trees, requires a graft from a cultivated tree if the fruit is to be of any Value
African Church - Cyprian has left historical matter of great Value
Weighing - (Jeremiah 32:8-9) From hence it appears that the real Value of money was ascertained by weighing
Equal - Having the same Value as two commodities of equal price or worth
Fool - To spend for things of no Value or use to expend improvidently as, to fool away money
Gilead - " (Song of Song of Solomon 4:1) Perhaps the fairness so often repeated by the Lord concerning the spouse, is to shew how lovely she is in his eyes, from the comeliness he hath put upon her and the high Value he hath for her
Conscience - In man, however, though this conviction that we must do what is right never fails, yet the Value of conscience is greatly impaired by its inhering in a depraved soul, whose evil tendencies warp and pervert our judgment on all subjects
Fall - ) To decline in power, glory, wealth, or importance; to become insignificant; to lose rank or position; to decline in weight, Value, price etc. ) Diminution or decrease in price or Value; depreciation; as, the fall of prices; the fall of rents
Godly, Godliness - For physical training is of some Value, but godliness has Value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" (1 Timothy 4:7-8 )
Gifts - It was the custom anciently, as it is at the present time in the east, for an individual when visiting a person of high rank, to make some presents of small Value to the servants or domestics of the person visited, 1 Samuel 25:27 . It was the usual practice among kings and princes to present to their favourite officers in the government, to ambassadors from foreign courts, to foreigners of distinction, and to men eminent for their learning, garments of greater or less Value, Genesis 45:22-23 ; Esther 8:15
Sign - The Fourth Gospel frequently describes the miracles of Jesus as signs ( Luke 3:2 , Luke 4:44 ), and attributes to them an evidential Value which is not prominent in Jesus’ own intention
Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani - However, since the Gospels record only the first verse of the Psalm and we do not know whether Jesus quoted the entire Psalm, this view may run the risk of not taking the phrase at face Value
Palace - Since silver is usually a type of redemption, it must refer to the fact that the story of GOD's redemptive power and the Value of the redeeming Blood are a very part of the church and is upheld by the church
Mount (And Forms) - He is occupied only with the death of CHRIST, and does not see the Value nor the power of the risen CHRIST
Black - To them He is unattractive, with no beauty and no Value
Astrology - ...
The first two chapters of the First Gospel are recognized as being taken from another source than the rest of the book, and different views have been held as to their historic Value
Lot - The Value and the significance of the story to us are contained in the allusion of Christ
Tradition - With this, even before the time of the Savior, Isaiah 8:20 , all traditions were to be compared, as being of no Value if they conflicted with it, added to it, or took from it, Revelation 22:19
Redemption - It is in virtue of this solidarity between the race and Christ, its Chief, that His redeeming acts have a Value for all His mystic members
Lot - The Value and the significance of the story to us are contained in the allusion of Christ
Festivals - The Value of these great religious festivals was threefold
Fool - A gospel centred in the person of an ignominiously executed criminal, and finding indeed a mystic Value in that death, was likely to provoke the contempt of a highly philosophical community. , was not that it challenged the distinctive forms of Christian faith, but that it gave rise to the bitterness of religious controversy-sacrificed the love which never failed in Value for the sake of the mere forms of knowledge, which at the best necessarily passed away in the coming of greater light (1 Corinthians 13:11)
Stone - ...
Isaiah 34:11 (b) These are types of those matters which look good, but have no Value. The unsaved follow the Devil's plans and programs, thinking he has permanent Value, and will give permanent blessing
Proverb - The Value arising from this likeness was twofold. Out of such corroboration grew the second Value of the proverb, namely, authority
Raise - To enhance to increase as, to raise the Value of coin to raise the price of goods. To increase in current Value
Slave - (Exodus 22:1,3 ) The thief was bound to work out the Value of his restitution money in the service of him on whom the theft had been committed. by the arrival of the year of jubilee, or by the repayment to the master of the purchase money paid for the servant, after deducting a sum for the Value of his services proportioned to the length of his servitude. The average Value of a slave appears to have been thirty shekels
Tongues Gift of - It was of no Value to an unbeliever, because it could not lead to faith: cf. Nor to the believer was it of real benefit unless there was an interpretation (1 Corinthians 14:13); and the speaker-with-tongues was counselled to pray for such an interpretation, as if his utterance per se were of little Value. ...
It is obvious that the Corinthians were specially susceptible to such abnormal powers; with a considerable section of the church γλωσσολαλία was more popular than teaching and prophecy, in spite of the fact that as a purely subjective phenomenon it was of no Value to the outsider (ἰδιώτης), who could not even say ‘Amen’ to the formula of thanksgiving (1 Corinthians 14:16)
Judges 2:6 to Judges 3:6 , which forms the introduction to the main body of the book, is, with the exception of isolated notes such as Judges 2:9 , Judges 3:5 , of very little historical Value; when, every time the people are oppressed, the calamity is stated to be due to apostasy from Jahweh, one cannot help feeling that the statement is altogether out of harmony with the spirit of the book itself; this theory is too characteristic of the ‘Deuteronomic’ spirit to be reckoned as belonging to the period of the Judges. In the same way, the brief references to the ‘minor’ judges Shamgar ( Judges 3:31 ), Tola ( Judges 10:1-2 ), Jair ( Judges 10:5 ), Ibzan ( Judges 12:8-10 ), Elon ( Judges 12:11-12 ), and Abdon ( Judges 12:13-15 ) are historical notes of Value; their Interpretation is another matter; it is possible that these names are the names of clans and not of individuals; some of them certainly occur as the names of clans in later books. 4 and 5, the latter ranks by far the higher; it is the most important source in existence for the history of Israel; ‘by the vividness of every touch, and especially by the elevation and intensity of feeling which pervades it, it makes the impression of having been written by one who had witnessed the great events which it commemorates’ (Moore); whether this was so or not, there can be no doubt of its high historical Value; apart from the manifest overworking of the Deuteronomic redactor, it gives a wonderful insight into the conditions of the times. The Jephthah story ( Judges 11:1 to Judges 12:7 ), again, contains a great deal that is of high Value historically; the narrative does not all come from one source, and the Deuteronomist’s hand is, as usual, to be discerned here and there, but that it contains ‘genuine historical traits’ (Kuenen) is universally acknowledged
Death of Christ - ...
In this order of things, then, and its evolution, the death of Christ occupies a place of the highest importance and Value. This conjunction of righteousness and sin, and their creative influence on His earthly history and experience, affected Him in three ways, each of which should have a regulative effect on every one’s thoughts as to the meaning and Value of His death. The question now arises as to the nature, meaning, and Value of our Lord’s unique achievement on earth, which reached its perfect accomplishment in His death on the cross. It is to be observed, then, for one thing of highest importance, that this achievement of His, in its nature, meaning, and Value, was purely, entirely, exclusively moral. That it was so in our Lord’s own way of conceiving of the nature, meaning, and Value of His life of obedience unto death, is manifest from His own words, e. His obedience unto death was regulated, on His part, by one determinative moral principle; but there was diversity of incidental moral significance and Value in the various positions in which His moral vocation summoned Him to act, and to be faithful and loyal to this principle. And the effect of this truth is neither to dim the moral splendour nor to detract from the moral Value of our Lord’s death, but rather to reveal how great was the moral splendour and Value of all the activities, words, and deeds of His life. ...
(2) But if His life prepared Him for dying, His death on the cross raised the moral splendour and Value of His whole life to its highest powers of revelation and effect in the human soul and in the moral history of the world
Doctrine - The New Testament repeatedly emphasizes the Value and importance of sound doctrine, sound instruction (1 Timothy 6:3 ), and a pattern of sound teaching (2 Timothy 1:13-14 )
Romans, Epistle to the - " Himself deeply impressed with a sense of the Value of the doctrines of salvation, he opens up in a clear and connected form the whole system of the gospel in its relation both to Jew and Gentile
Oil - ...
Isaiah 61:3 (b) The joy of heart, the freedom of soul, and the radiance of spirit are compared to oil because of its sweetness, smoothness and Value
Figure - ) Value, as expressed in numbers; price; as, the goods are estimated or sold at a low figure
Silver - 25:50 the word is used in the general sense of “money, Value, price”: “And he shall reckon with him that bought him from the year that he was sold to him unto the year of jubilee: and the price of his sale shall be according unto the number of years
Noble - 11:13); there it modifies the Value of an amount of money
Alphaeus - But Mary is a name of far too common occurrence in the NT to make this theory of any Value
Mill - ) A money of account of the United States, having the Value of the tenth of a cent, or the thousandth of a dollar
Sandals - But there were sandals also belonging to men, and of mean Value
Abstinence - Such fastings have a religious Value only indirectly. Fasting is not the cause of such pre-occupation, but the effect; and so its Value depends on the nature of the emotion causing it. James, while emphasizing the Value of prayer (Colossians 2:206), says nothing of fasting, and he makes real ritual consist in works of mercy and blameless conduct (James 1:27). Paul had to prove that such fastings could not be redemptively of any Value, that they were not binding, that they did not place the observer of them on a higher spiritual plane than the non-observer, that even as means of discipline they were of doubtful Value, and that they were perpetually liable to abuse (1618486009_5 ff. The whole spirit of apostolic Christianity regards fasting as of little or no importance, and the experience of the Christian Church seems to be that any Value it may have is infinitesimal compared with the evils and perversions that seem so inseparably associated with it. Paul does not say that it can produce that life or is necessary to it, but when it is a consequence of it, then it is of Value. Indeed, it is this inward reality which is mainly of Value in the Christian ideal of abstinence
Go - To pass to be accounted in Value. If our exports are of less Value than our imports, our money must go to pay the balance. To have effect to extend in effect to avail to be of force or Value
Weights And Measures - (1) The relations of these weights, as usually: employed for the standard of weighing silver , and their absolute Values, determined from the extant silver coins, and confirmed from other sources, were as follows, in grains exactly and in avoirdupois weight approximately: (2) For gold a different shekel was used, probably of foreign introduction. Its Value has been calculated at from 129 to 132 grains. The former Value assimilates it to the Persian daric of the Babylonian standard. It occurs only in Ezekiel ( Ezekiel 40:5-8 ; 41:8 ; 42:16-29 ) The Values given In the following table are to be accepted with reservation, for want of greater certainty: ...
Of measures of distance the smallest is the pace , and the largest the day's journey . Computed from the Value given above for the cubit, the Sabbath-day's journey would be just six tenths of a mile . ( 1 Kings 4:22 ; 5:11 ; 2 Chronicles 2:10 ; 27:5 ; Ezra 7:22 ; Ezekiel 45:14 ) The Greek equivalent occurs in (Luke 16:7 ) The absolute Values of the liquid and the dry measures are stated differently by Josephus and the rabbinists, and as we are unable to decide between them, we give a double estimate to the various denominations. The Value of the Attic metretes was 8
Modernism - The Christ of faith is not the Christ of history; He founded the Church and the Sacraments not personally and directly but only through the movement He started as if by a process of evolution; the Sacraments are only formulae which touch the soul and carry it away; the Scriptures are only a collection of religious experiences of great Value
Transfiguration - Its Value is symbolic
Exceed, Exceeding, Exceedingly - (2) In Matthew 26:7 , barutimos (barus, "weighty," time "value"), is rendered "exceeding precious," RV, for AV, "very precious
Fear - In the NT mention is made of a fear which has high moral quality and religious Value
Pitch - ) To set or fix, as a price or Value
Brimstone - ...
But the biblical meaning, which is invariably determined by Genesis 19:24, reflects the ideas of a pre-scientific age, in which the commercial Value and domestic utility of brimstone were unsuspected, while, electric currents and their sulphurous fumes were regarded as indications of the wrath of heaven
Force - ) To allow the force of; to Value; to care for
Injury - Now if we consider the Value of character, the resentment which the injurious person has of such treatment when it comes to his own turn to suffer it, the consequence of a man's losing his good name, and finally, the difficulty of making reparation, we must at once see the injustice of lessening another's good character
Meditation - of God's word, Psa cxix; the Value, powers, and immortality of the soul, Mark 8:36 ; the noble, beautiful, and benevolent plan of the Gospel, 1 Timothy 1:11 ; the necessity of our personal interest in and experience of its power, John 3:3 ; the depravity of our nature, and the freedom of divine grace in choosing, adopting, justifying, and sanctifying us, 1 Corinthians 6:11 ; the shortness, worth, and swiftness of time, James 4:14 ; the certainty of death, Hebrews 9:27 ; the resurrection and judgment to come, 1 Corinthians 15:50 , &c
Ram - When land was Valued in anticipation of selling it or devoting it to God, it was to be Valued in terms of anticipated productivity prior to the year of jubilee. Between jubilees land might be redeemed for its productivity Value
Over - ) Above; - implying superiority in excellence, dignity, condition, or Value; as, the advantages which the Christian world has over the heathen
Babylon (2) - It was conducted by priests, through whom the worshippers made offerings, often of great Value, and sacrifices of oxen and goats
Sandals - The sole was sometimes plaited of some vegetable fibre, or cut from a fresh undressed skin; and the "shoelatchet" or thong, and indeed the whole sandal, was often of very little Value, Genesis 14:23 Amos 2:6 8:6
Judge - One who has skill to decide on the merits of a question, or on the Value of any thing one who can discern truth and propriety
Tithe - A person might pay this tax in money, adding one-fifth to its estimated Value
Trust - The merchants and manufacturers trust their customers annually with goods to the Value of millions
Brimstone - ...
But the biblical meaning, which is invariably determined by Genesis 19:24, reflects the ideas of a pre-scientific age, in which the commercial Value and domestic utility of brimstone were unsuspected, while, electric currents and their sulphurous fumes were regarded as indications of the wrath of heaven
Coins - Coins were of gold, silver or copper, depending on their Value (Matthew 10:9). ...
It is not possible to give accurate present-day equivalents of the Values of ancient coins, but New Testament references give an indication of the Values of some coins in the first century
Parables - It is of such Value that to enter it is worth any sacrifice (Matthew 13:44-46). Rather he was teaching that if believers use their material possessions wisely, they are guaranteed heavenly riches of permanent Value (Luke 16:9-11)
Sacrifice - To make accurately and sympathetically the fine adjustments necessary between these transformed and spiritualized sacrificial Values and their pre-Christian forms is of first importance. Sacrifice thus originated in primitive childlike ideas of God, and developed, through the primary religious instinct of pleasing Him by giving or sharing a meal with Him, into later rites regarded as of expiatory Value as the moral consciousness of the race deepened. From these the primitive Christian Church drew much of the substance of its teaching on sacrifice as it came to be interpreted in ethical and spiritual Values. In thus setting character before cultus the Psalmists join the prophets, emphasizing at the same time the abiding Value in the sight of God of penitential feeling (cf. This transcends in its perfect ethical and spiritual Value all lower ideas associated with the offering of animal victims (Isaiah 53). It is of great importance, however, in view of apostolic conceptions to note that such sacrifices-the highest in Value the Levitical system provided-availed only for sins of ignorance, for unwitting transgression of holy things and for the removal of physical uncleanness, which was regarded as implying moral as well as ceremonial disability in drawing near to God (Numbers 15:30). -The whole question of the expiatory Value of Jewish sacrifices generally is keenly debated amongst modern scholars. For instance, the merits of Abraham served to cover the sins of his posterity; such expiatory Value of suffering is also applied to the sufferings of Moses, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, and to the passion of the martyrs; it was also pre-eminently illustrated in the career of the Suffering Servant of Is 53. These tendencies probably influenced profoundly the sacrificial theory of the age; for it was a transition easily made from the vicarious death of the righteous to the belief in substitution of animal victims, or possibly by a fortiori reasoning from the Value of the substitutionary death of the animal victim to that of the righteous saint (cf. Owing to the renewed authority of the teaching of the prophets, and the widening distance from the Temple services of the multiplied congregations of the Dispersion, knowledge of the Law and the ethical Value of good deeds became recognized forms of religious activity which were regarded as directly well-pleasing to God; the Rabbi and the scribe became at least complementary authorities, often indeed competitors with the priest and the Levite
Papyri And Ostraca - Whole bundles of documents that were too old to be worth preserving were thrown on these rubbish heaps by the authorities, instead of being burned; and private persons did the same when they wished to get rid of written matter that had accumulated and was considered Valueless. Their Value lies in the inimitable fidelity with which they reflect the actual life of ancient society, especially in its middle and lower strata. ...
The direct Value of the papyri to Bible scholarship and ecclesiastical history is thus very considerable. Less obvious, however, but none the less great, is the indirect Value of the papyri, and chiefly the non-literary documents of private life. ...
This Value is discoverable in two directions. ...
As regards the first, the philological Value of the papyri, these new texts have caused more and more the rejection of the old prejudice that the Greek Bible (OT and NT) represents a linguistic entity clearly determinable by scholarship. Paul and this alone constitutes a large part of the Value of the papyri to NT study so they make live again for us the men of the middle and lower classes of the age of the Primitive Christian mission to the world, especially for him who has ears to hear the softer notes between the lines. To show that the ostraca, besides their indirect importance, have also a direct Value for the history of Christianity, we may refer to the potsherds inscribed with texts from the Gospels, or the early Christian legal documents recently discovered at the town of Menas, but chiefly to the Coptic potsherds containing numerous Christian letters and illustrating particularly the inner history of Egyptian Christianity
Common Life - ...
All this tends towards the placing of a higher Value upon common life. The life of Jesus is throughout a clear admission of the Value of that probation which God the Father and Creator has allotted to mankind. Than this there could be no stronger argument for the Value and the nobleness of common life in the eyes of the Father and the Son. ...
Yet in the view of our Lord all these things had but a transitory Value. ...
To sum up the whole, we may say that there are two great ideas which underlie all Christ’s teaching:—(1) The inestimable Value of the human soul (Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36 f
Heart - The dispositions and motives of the heart as determining the religious Value of actions. —which yet He pronounced to be of little moral Value because done from a false motive, the desire for social credit, ‘to be seen of men’ (Matthew 6:2; Matthew 6:5). It was His dominant idea that on the disposition of the heart the spiritual Value of worship depends (John 4:24), and He had strong warnings to utter against the offerings at the altar when sinister feelings were nursed within (Matthew 5:23), and the ascription of honour to God with the lips while the heart was far from Him (Matthew 15:8). —Such teaching, setting the renewed dispositions of the heart far above the riches and honours of the world in Value, supplied a potent counteractive to the proud security and self-assumption which prosperous worldliness is apt to beget
Heart - The dispositions and motives of the heart as determining the religious Value of actions. —which yet He pronounced to be of little moral Value because done from a false motive, the desire for social credit, ‘to be seen of men’ (Matthew 6:2; Matthew 6:5). It was His dominant idea that on the disposition of the heart the spiritual Value of worship depends (John 4:24), and He had strong warnings to utter against the offerings at the altar when sinister feelings were nursed within (Matthew 5:23), and the ascription of honour to God with the lips while the heart was far from Him (Matthew 15:8). —Such teaching, setting the renewed dispositions of the heart far above the riches and honours of the world in Value, supplied a potent counteractive to the proud security and self-assumption which prosperous worldliness is apt to beget
Heaven - They may be of Value in cultivating religious emotion, but they belong to the region of speculation
Issachar - The difference shows that the traditions are of little Value as linguistic guides
Ransom - " And to heighten the subject, beyond all possible conception, of the greatness of the Value, Peter was commissioned to tell the church that "they were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish and without spot
Sin Offering - It was accompanied with pecuniary fine, one fifth besides the Value of the injury done, in fact "fine offerings" (Numbers 5:5-8)
Sandal - ...
The latchet was the strap across the instep, securing it on the foot, of small Value (Genesis 14:23; Amos 2:6; Amos 8:6)
Raise - ) To bring to a higher condition or situation; to elevate in rank, dignity, and the like; to increase the Value or estimation of; to promote; to exalt; to advance; to enhance; as, to raise from a low estate; to raise to office; to raise the price, and the like
Alexander And Rufus - The inscriptions exhibit several members of the household bearing the names Rufus and Alexander, but this fact is of no Value where both names are so common
Mark - Also, a silver coin of this Value
Swine - " There is a similar maxim in the Talmudical writings: "Do not cast pearls before swine;" to which is added, by way of explanation, "Do not offer wisdom to one who knows not the Value of it, but profanes its glory
Apple Tree - As the best apples of Egypt, though ordinary, are brought thither by sea from Rhodes, and by land from Damascus, we may believe that Judea, an intermediate country between Egypt and Damascus, has none that are of any Value
Measure - ) To ascertain by use of a measuring instrument; to compute or ascertain the extent, quantity, dimensions, or capacity of, by a certain rule or standard; to take the dimensions of; hence, to estimate; to judge of; to Value; to appraise
Lot - The Value and the significance of the story to us are contained in the allusion of Christ
Metals - Among the spoils of the Midianites taken by the Israelites in their bloodless victory when Balaam was slain were earrings and jewels to the amount of 16,750 shekels of gold, (Numbers 31:48-54 ) equal in Value to more than ,000
Unwritten Sayings - It is significant of the Value of the canonical Gospels as historical records that outside of them there are so few ‘sayings of Jesus’ that could possibly be accepted as conveying a veritable tradition of His actual words. ’...
Of the Value of the Oxyrhynchus ‘Sayings’ very different estimates have been formed
Fast, Fasting - It is in examining these situations that the theological meaning and Value of fasting are to be discovered. These objects and actions had no intrinsic penitential Value but in a culture in which inner feelings were commonly displayed or even dramatized, when done sincerely they effectively communicated contrition
Confession - ...
( b ) The Value of confession . the Value of confession is emphasized not less strongly
Profession (2) - Yet the Value of such professions depended on the occasions that called them forth, as well as on their genuineness and their seasonableness. It was as if He said: The profession of My name is not always needful: its Value depends on its seasonableness, and the maturity of the faith lying behind it
Monachism - He placed greater Value upon work than upon the austerities heretofore practised
Monasticism - He placed greater Value upon work than upon the austerities heretofore practised
Work, Theology of - Meaning and Value God places on human labor
Firstborn - This meant that the people of Israel attached unusual Value to the eldest son and assigned special privileges and responsibilities to him
Mediator - This is what imparts in the Father's eyes such a Value to it (Psalms 40:6-8; Hebrews 10:5)
Genealogies - Hebrews 7:3 ,Hebrews 7:3,7:6 assigns Value to the fact that Melchizedek was a priest without genealogy—a fact that set him apart from the Jewish priesthood
War - ( Numbers 13:17 ; Joshua 2:1 ; Judges 7:10 ; 1 Samuel 26:4 ) The combat assumed the form of a number of hand-to-hand contests; hence the high Value attached to fleetness of foot and strength of arm
Tithe - (Genesis 14:20 ; Hebrews 7:2,6 ) ...
Jacob, after his vision at Luz, devoting a tenth of all his property to God in case he should return home in safety (Genesis 28:22 ) The first enactment of the law in respect of tithe is the declaration that the tenth of all produce, as well as of flocks and cattle belongs to Jehovah and must be offered to him that the tithe was to be paid in kind, or, if redeemed, with an addition of one fifth to its Value
Zacchaeus - The importance of Jericho as a trade centre, the abundance and Value of whose products called forth the enthusiastic approbation of Josephus (BJ iv
River - ...
Psalm 36:8 (a) The blessings of GOD are so abundant, so liberal and so great that no other figure could properly express the Value of them
Arden - Sports exhilarate for a few moments, but leave no permanent Value in the lives of those who see them
Book (2) - ’...
The books mentioned in Acts 19:19 as having been brought by their possessors and burned, were probably, many of them at least, simply amulets, spells, grammata Ephesia, little strips of parchment with words professedly of magical Value written on them
Thorn - ...
Song of Solomon 2:2 (c) Probably this means that the church is in GOD's sight like a beautiful lady, while everything else outside the people of GOD is of no more Value to Him than thorns would be
Bill - Against the theory of a simple debt is the fact that the amount of the obligation is stated in kind—wheat and oil—and not in money; and the probability of the story is heightened if we are to understand that the remissions authorized by the steward—amounting in money Value, according to Edersheim, to the not very considerable sums of £5 and £25 respectively—affected not a single but an annual payment
Targum - It is easy to understand that pious Jews who did not return under Ezra and Nehemiah, and were gradually losing the use of the Hebrew tongue (as well as their descendants born in captivity) would Value such a translation; and it has been stated that for centuries the Targums were publicly read on the Sabbaths, festivals, etc
Ecclesiasticus - One group regards it as the work of the author whose name it bears having for its purpose an exposition of the practical Value of Hebrew teaching (wisdom) concerning fundamental verities: God, law, wisdom
Beard - " When they would express their Value for any thing, they say, "It is worth more than a man's beard
Only Begotten - The Value and the greatness of the gift lay in the Sonship of Him who was given
Joseph - No narrative in the Bible more strikingly illustrates the protective and elevating power of the fear of God, and its especial Value for the young
Over - Above, denoting superiority in excellence, dignity or Value as the advantages which the christian world has over the heathen
Change - To give one kind of money for another to alter the form or kind of money, by receiving the Value in a different kind, as to change bank notes for silver or to give pieces of a larger denomination for an equivalent in pieces of smaller denomination, as to change an eagle for dollars, or a sovereign for sixpences, or to change a dollar into cents or on the other hand, to change dollars for or into eagles, giving money of smaller denomination for larger
Low - Below the usual rate or amount, or below the ordinary Value as a low price of corn low wages
Use - the Value of a thing is to be estimated by its use
Will - In other words, we reason with respect to the Value or importance of things we then judge which is to be preferred and we will to take the most valuable
Nard - He speaks of its great Value,† Olive - It is sometimes eaten green, but its chief Value is in its oil
Confession (of Christ) - He showed the Value He set upon it not only by the deep solemnity of His affirmations upon the subject, but by expressing the truth in a double form, both positively and negatively, declaring that the highest conceivable honour awaits every one who confesses Him before men, and the doom of unspeakable shame all those who are guilty of denying Him (Matthew 10:32-33, Luke 12:8-9; cf. In the Johannine Epistles, as we have seen, confession begins to assume a more theological form than heretofore, but the writer is not less emphatic than those who have preceded him in insisting upon its spiritual Value. —When we ask why such supreme Value is set upon confession by Christ and His Apostles and all through the NT, there are various considerations which suggest themselves. Paul says, is at once in the mouth and in the heart (Romans 10:8), and whatever Value belongs to faith as a vital and saving power necessarily belongs to confession also. ...
(5) But, above all, the Value attached to confession in the NT seems to lie in the fact that it is the great Church-building power
Gospels (Apocryphal) - Value. —The question of greatest moment which arises in estimating the Value of the Apocryphal Gospels naturally has reference to their worth as additional sources for the life and teaching of Jesus. From what has been already said about their origin and their relation to the canonical Gospels, their Value in this respect will appear to be extremely slight. This rise of our four Gospels to a commanding and unchallengeable position bears witness not only to their inherent Value,—which the Church, with a fine spiritual sensitiveness, perceived,—but to the conviction that, as opposed to fictitious writings which appeared under the names of Apostles, they embodied the testimony of Apostolic writers. ...
Perhaps the chief Value of the Apocryphal Gospels is to be found in the light which they cast on the conditions of life and thought in early Christian times. ...
A subsidiary element in estimating the Value of the Apocryphal Gospels is their antiquarian interest. The religious Value which Jesus had for them, and the manner in which they conceived of His person, were reflected in their narrative of His life. However small the Value of the writings may be as authentic sources of information regarding Jesus, they are interesting as showing by a side light what men thought about Him
Revelation, Book of - Religious Value . If properly interpreted, Revelation is of really profound religious Value. Its literary form is so remarkable, the passages descriptive of the triumph of the Messianic Kingdom are so exquisite, its religious teaching is so impressive, as not only to warrant its inclusion in the Canon, but also to make it of lasting Value to the devotional life. More particularly the Letters to the Churches are of Value as criticism and Inspiration for various classes of Christians, while its pictures of the New Jerusalem and its insistence upon the moral qualifications for the citizens of the Messianic Kingdom are in themselves notable incentives to right living: Stript of its apocalyptic figures, the book presents a noble ideal of Christian character, an assurance of the unfailing justice of God, and a prophecy of the victory of Christianity over a brutal social order
the Merchant Man Who Sold All That he Had And Bought the Pearl of Great Price - For he has spent his whole life in the search for the very best pearls, till his emporium is famous for the size, and the beauty, and the Value, of its pearls. "What is a man profited," our Lord demands of every man among us, "if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Our Lord was the last to undervalue the world which He had made, and of which He is the Heir, and yet He says that if any man should have this whole world in one hand, and his immortal soul in the other hand, he will be a fool of the first water if he holds to the whole world and lets go his immortal soul. And thus it was that our Lord was not content with warning us as to the Value of our souls; but He entered the soul-market Himself, and bought back our souls at a price that has for ever put His immense estimate upon them. He who alone knows the exchangeless Value of our immortal souls, He came and redeemed our souls at a price which was worth far more than the whole world, and all our souls to the bargain. All these partial, and, as it were, preliminary, pearls take their Value to us entirely from Him. They all run up their Values into Him
Prudentius, Marcus (?) Aurelius Clemens Prudentius - All the poems have a considerable literary Value; they are written on the whole in good classical Latin, with many new words needed for church purposes and with a touch of archaic forms and words characteristic of this period. In this way, and in the substance of their arguments, they have a theological Value, as shewing the tone of thought common at the time. ) But perhaps their historical Value is the greatest. The poem is very interesting and of great historical Value for the circumstances of the time and for the details of Roman mythology and religious rites
Versions, Ancient, of the Old And New Testaments, - , It has its Value in textual criticism. The Old Syriac has the peculiar Value of being the first version from the Hebrew original made for Christian use
Giving - ...
But while it is ever true that ‘money Values are not the standard of gifts in the Kingdom of God,’ this must not be pressed so as to minimize gifts of money. These must often measure ‘the moral Value of the giver. The giving of money by men who know its Value, and whose keenest activities are directed to get it, is a searching test of their self-denial and devotion
Formalism - Unlike his Laodicean neighbour, who is ‘neither cold nor hot,’ he sets a high Value upon the Christian name, and firmly believes that to do so is to be earnestly Christian, lie mistakes zealous performance of acts of worship for real devotion, and punctilious orthodoxy for living conviction. James (James 1:21-25) hastens to preclude the notion that such ‘hearing,’ as a mere opus operatum, has any religious Value
Water - Hence a cup of water is a present in the east of great Value, though there are some other refreshments of a superior quality. The proper time for drawing water in those burning climates is in the morning, or when the sun is going down; then they go forth to perform that humble office adorned with their trinkets, some of which are often of great Value
Nicodemus - ’ This reconstruction can hardly be persuasive except to those who on other grounds have already judged the Fourth Gospel to be without historic Value. ...
Christian tradition records many legends of Nicodemus, and his name is associated with one of the Apocryphal Gospels; but nothing further is recorded that has any historical Value
Genealogy - ...
With regard to the historical Value of these genealogies, two remarks may be made. 1618486009_91 gives geographical and ethnographical information of great Value. 7, 13), that Herod the Great destroyed the genealogical records of the Jews in order to conceal his own origin, is at least an indication of the existence of such records and of the Value attached to them
Grief And Mourning - Just calling and being there can be of Value
Water - The scarcity of water in the East lends it a special Value
Rich, Riches, Richly, Rich Man - Christ in you, the hope of glory;" (b) to be ascribed to Christ, Revelation 5:12 ; (c) of the effects of the gospel upon the Gentiles, Romans 11:12 (twice); (d) of the full assurance of understanding in regard to the mystery of God, even Christ, Colossians 2:2 , RV; (e) of the liberality of the churches of Macedonia, 2 Corinthians 8:2 (where "the riches" stands for the spiritual and moral Value of their liberality); (f) of "the reproach of Christ" in contrast to this world's treasures, Hebrews 11:26
Charge - ) Weight; import; Value
Love Feast - ’...
In spite of the disorders, which marred the religious Value of these social club-feasts and led in the end to their suppression, they lasted for a considerable period
Man - ...
The Bible estimate of man’s Value is shown in its anticipation of his destiny not merely continued existence, but a future life of weal or woe according to the moral quality, the relation to God, of the present life (see Eschatology)
Mass - The Value of this offering is infinite from the application of the merits of Christ's Passion and Death, giving adequate praise and thanksgiving to God
Saying And Doing - the importance of character as distinguished from profession, the supreme Value of ethical ideals and practice above ritual observance, the vital connexion between creed and conduct
Wall - Basket), so that the tradition has little Value
Name - ...
Proverbs 22:1 (a) The good reputation of a man is of more Value than earthly possessions
Gallio - This amounted to a declaration of freedom in religion of immense Value to Christians
Vessel - These represent two kinds of Christians; the beautiful ones with lovely attractive lives are like the vase in the parlor and have little Value to the household, and are not usually useful
Solomon - The riches of Solomon increased so much that silver was of little Value in his days
Ashtaroth - , on the Bashan plateau, stands Tell (‘hill’) ‘Ashtarâ , whose strategical Value, as shown by the ruins, was recognized in the Middle Ages
Exchange - In commerce, to give one thing or commodity for another to alienate or transfer the property of a thing and receive in compensation for it something of supposed equal Value to barter and in vulgar language, to swap to truck
Thirteen - These have no Value to GOD or to man
Apocrypha - The Value of holy scripture as the fountain of truth is such that anything that might in any way contaminate that spring should be refused with decision and scorn
Purification - Paul was Jew enough to respond to these forms, and Christian enough to extract Value out of them (Acts 18:18)-to make them ‘days of separation’ (Numbers 6:4, Hebrews 7:26) in the religious life
Trust - On the other hand, one may note here and there a tendency towards the opposite extreme—to ascribe a Value to faith as a subjective state without special regard to the reality of its ground and content. Faith has no Value per se; its Value lies solely in its object. Confidence in any object other than God, who alone has power over sin and death, could not in any case have saving Value
Love - There is an aspect in which faith in itself, and apart from its working through love, glorifies God (Romans 4:20), and whatever thus directly contributes to the Divine glory has inherent religious Value. The emphasis thrown throughout the NT on the Value of truth cannot be wholly explained from its soteriological utility. ‘Knowledge,’ while of Value, is not equal in Value to love (1 Corinthians 8:3)
Insight - Hence, too, it results that it is the spiritual meaning of human actions alone that gives them Value to Him, and the measure of their Value is the degree of spiritual vitality they indicate. The medium is of Value only in so far as it serves its purpose. To the irresponsive soul it has no meaning or Value at all
Apocrypha - This is a historical work of rare Value on the Jewish war of independence against the encroachments and invasions of Antiochus Epiphanes (b. The multiplication of the marvellous and miraculous in the narrative discounts the Value of the material as a source of historical data. These additions sometimes contradict the Hebrew, and add nothing new of any Value. Their Value lies in the revelations that they give us of the methods adopted and the doctrines promulgated in the early centuries of the Christian era, by means of such works
Versions of the Scripture, Ancient - The Value of its testimony was enhanced by C. ) The fact of the MSS being of different recensions lessens their critical Value. The Arabic is seldom quoted by the Editors, as it is judged to be of little Value as evidence. ) It found a place in the various Polyglots, and has been highly Valued as a faithful record of the Greek text. Its early date is undoubted, and it is highly Valued
Atonement - The inference Denney draws, though obviously open to keen criticism from the eschatological school, has a suggestive Value: the Messianic consciousness of Jesus from the beginning was one with the consciousness of the suffering Servant; He combined kingship and service in suffering from the first. Whether this was strictly sacrificial blood with expiatory Value is debated. ]'>[5] Whilst too much should not be built upon a single authority for the precise word of Jesus, the criticism does not touch the Value of the citation as an index to the mind of the Apostolic Church. -The early chapters of the Acts contain the one particular account of the earliest form the doctrine of atonement took in the Apostolic Church; for it is generally admitted that some source of considerable Value underlies the speeches of Peter. It is set forth as a motive to repentance and a means of turning men away from sin, but its saving Value is not more closely defined. Peter are represented as in harmony on the significance of the redemptive work of Christ, when they are manifestly at variance in other important factors of the primitive faith, is not without its Value; it is possible also that their similarities may be accounted for by their common loyalty to the accepted Christian tradition. If so, then the evidence of 1 Peter will fall into the Later Pauline period of apostolic doctrine, which we shall now consider at length; but that would not depreciate its Value as a witness to the faith of the Apostolic Church in its wider range
Text of the Gospels - Miller, who edited and completed many of Burgon’s papers after his death, adopted a more temperate tone; but so much of Burgon’s language is incorporated, that the subject is still treated rather after the fashion of a polemical controversy than of a critical investigation, Moreover, Burgon’s contention was that the ‘Traditional Text’ is the only one that has any claim to be regarded as the true text; all documents that differ from it are treated as of practically no Value. Hort, on the other hand, considered the ‘Traditional’ or ‘Antiochian’ text to be Valueless as evidence. ’...
We are now in a position to consider the Value of the argument for the posteriority of Antiochian readings which Hort bases on Ante-Nicene Patristic evidence: it is an e silentio argument—that no extant writer before Chrysostom used the Antiochian text. Call the text by what name you will, but let it be judged on the intrinsic Value of its readings, not in accordance with uncertain theories. Hort on the intrinsic Value of the Antiochian readings must carry the greatest weight. This decision may be regarded either as an expression of subjective judgment, in which case its Value will vary according to the estimate formed of its author’s ability as a critic; or else it can be regarded as the result of certain lines of argument, in which case it is the business of other critics to examine those arguments. ...
It is an obvious truth that, if the original of a document exists, no number of copies will possess any Value for settling its text, which can be ascertained by reference to the document itself. Now two leaves have been lost from a MS preserved at Florence (called F), which contained exactly this passage; it is therefore beyond doubt that the Manuscripts referred to were copied from F after the loss of these leaves, and they are therefore of no Value as evidence
Money - The wedge or tongue of gold that Achan took was not money probably, as the 200 shekels of silver were, but an article of Value used for costly ornamentation. The Roman denarius or "penny" in weight and Value in New Testament is equivalent to the Greek drachma (Matthew 22:19; Luke 15:8, Greek text)
Cattle - The high Value placed on oxen can be seen in the penalty for stealing one (Exodus 22:1 ). Their financial Value led to special laws concerning them (Exodus 21:33 , Exodus 22:1 ,Exodus 22:1,22:10 ; Deuteronomy 22:1 )
Dionysius (3), Bishop of Corinth - ...
The letters also illustrate the Value attached by Christians to their sacred literature. The Value attached by Christians to writings was regulated rather by the character of their contents than by the dignity of the writer; for while there is no trace that the letter of Soter thus honoured at Corinth passed beyond that church, the letter of Dionysius himself became the property of the whole Christian community
Anthropology - At the same time, however, this view devalues the idea of humans being created in “the image and likeness” of God. In fact, the worth or Value claimed by Scripture for humans is because of God's initial act of creation or God's great sacrifice through Jesus Christ. As a result, a proper theological conclusion would be “God loves people; therefore a person has Value and worth. The biblical record explicitly and implicitly affirms the Value and worth of humanity. As such, the Value of humanity is a God-given Value
Parable - The details as a rule are not to be pressed, but are simply the picturesque setting of the story, their Value being purely literary. Thus in the parable of the Sower ( Matthew 13:1-8 ) the kinds of soil in the narrative are related to certain distinctions of character in the interpretation ( Matthew 13:19-28 ), The teaching Value thus created came from an appeal to the uniformity of nature. Such was the parable Value of contrast between the behaviour of Israel towards God and the common seotiment of family relationship, and even the grateful instincts of the beasts of burden ( Isaiah 1:2 , Isaiah 1:3 ). ...
(3) Occasionally the public parable Value was reached by making an individual represent all others of the same class. When the meaning was perceived, this fact gave to the explanation the persuasive Value of something sanctioned, by the actualities of life
Ideas (Leading) - The infinite Value of the human Soul. An external morality had no Value in His eyes. The Infinite Value of the human Soul. Every person, no matter how poor, wretched, sinful or degraded, is of infinite Value when compared with any mere thing. ...
Apart from the religious Value of these teachings, their ethical importance is incalculable. They conveyed to mankind one of the greatest gifts which even Christianity had to bestow: the belief that each human soul is of absolute Value, above all price or estimation
Consolation - ...
Despite the Value of human sympathy, it is God who ultimately eases our sorrows
Sanctification - Both Old and New Testament writers emphasized that formal sanctification was of Value only when it was accompanied by practical sanctification (2 Chronicles 29:15-16; 2 Chronicles 29:34; 2 Chronicles 30:15; 2 Chronicles 30:17; Romans 6:19; Romans 6:22)
Grafting - 328): ‘Grafts must necessarily be branches from a cultivated olive inserted into a wild stock, the reverse process being one which would be Valueless, and is never performed. Ramsay accepts the statement without question ( Expositor, ut supra , 19), and the Value of his subsequent discussion rests upon the assumption of its truth
Measure - Silver and gold are the common measure of Value
Labour - There was a danger that slaves might suppose that, as in the eyes of God they were of equal Value with their masters, they need not do their work very carefully
Magistrate - Luke is an authority of primary Value for the jurisdiction of magistrates in an Eastern town
Brass (Brazen) - ...
1 Corinthians 13:1 (a) The use of the metal here evidently indicates that there are those hypocrites who would be bright, beautiful and vocal, but would have no true Value
Cleopas - It is this teaching that invests the narrative with its peculiar Value for the Church, and was doubtless a prime cause of its preservation
Condemnation - The wanton are rightly condemned for the rejection of the faith whose Value they had learnt by experience (1 Timothy 5:12)
Beat - ...
Also, to sink or lessen the price or Value
Babblings - (1 Timothy 6:20, 2 Timothy 2:16 βεβήλους κενοφωνίας)...
The ‘profane babblings, and the oppositions of the knowledge which is falsely so called’ are all profitless speculation and empty religious talk which only minister questions, but have no Value in the equipment of a man of God, or in the building up of the Church
Foolishness - The foolishness of the formalist, who shuts his eyes (μωροὶ καὶ τυφλοί) to the spiritual side, the inward consecration which gives meaning and Value to conduct or to things (Luke 11:40, Matthew 23:17)
Waste - That of which no account is taken, or of which no Value is found as waste paper
Gen'Esis - " Now, do all these accurate quotations," says Professor Stowe, "impair the credit of the Mosaic books, or increase it? Is Marshall's Life of Washington to be regarded as unworthy of credit because it contains copious extracts from Washington's correspondence and literal quotations from important public documents? Is not its Value greatly enhanced by this circumstance? The objection is altogether futile
Tongue - 14 gives instruction concerning the use of the gift, the paramount object being the edification of the church; unless the "tongue" was interpreted the speaker would speak "not unto men, but unto God," 1 Corinthians 14:2 ; he would edify himself alone, 1 Corinthians 14:4 , unless he interpreted, 1 Corinthians 14:5 , in which case his interpretation would be of the same Value as the superior gift of prophesying, as he would edify the church, 1 Corinthians 14:4-6 ; he must pray that he may interpret, 1 Corinthians 14:13 ; if there were no interpreter, he must keep silence, 1 Corinthians 14:28 , for all things were to be done "unto edifying," 1 Corinthians 14:26
Procopius of Caesarea - )...
As to the Value of the three works first mentioned there can be no doubt
Pride - Thus, ‘the vainglory of life’ is a false view of the Value of our possessions, and therefore ἀλαζόνεια in 1 John 2:16 is rightly associated with life (βίος) in its external and transient significance, not in its essential principle (ζωή)
Sacrifice - The first clear revelation of the Value of blood for atonement had to wait till the time of Moses (Genesis 9:3-6; Leviticus 17:11). ...
The guilt offering was offered in those cases where the person’s wrongdoing could be given a monetary Value. The person presented an offering (similar to the sin offering for a private citizen) and repaid the loss, along with a fine of one fifth of its Value (Leviticus 5:16; Leviticus 6:5)
Man (2) - ‘How much then is a man of more Value than a sheep!’ (Matthew 12:12). He was of Value, as a lost coin is of Value, for which a woman sweeps the house and searches diligently until she finds it (Luke 15:8-10); or as a son is of Value, who, even if he has left home for a far country and there wasted his substance in riotous living, is still dear to his father’s heart (Luke 15:11-32)
Poetry - If there is any ridicule justifiable, it should he expended, with extreme caution, upon those who, ignoring these many points of uncertainty which necessarily limit the Value of their inductions, formulate an elaborate and microscopically minute system of metre, and then turn confidently round and use the system to emend the text so as to bring it to its original condition. Some of the poems inserted in the prose books are written and printed line by line, as Exodus 15:1-27 , Deuteronomy 32:1-52 , Judges 5:1-31 , 2 Samuel 22:1-51 ; and for the three poetical books of the canon the Massoretes of later times provided a special system of pointing, thereby recognizing a distinction that must have had its basis in tradition, although the special pointing was not to preserve the poetic Value. This number is made to depend on the metrical Value of the syllables, which, according to some scholars, is determined by the number of morœ , or time units, which they contain. Outside of these books, however, is an interesting and by no means small amount of poetry which the Bible student may profitably study for its literary and historical Value
Body - The Greek-Hellenistic culture often downplayed the Value of the body. Greek culture placed small Value on the body, the mortal house of the immortal soul
Make - To make amends, to make good to give adequate compensation to replace the Value or amount of loss. ...
To make much of, to treat with fondness or esteem to consider as of great Value, or as giving great pleasure
Nahum, Theology of - The book's structure works hand-in-hand, however, with its content to present a theological message of lasting Value that can stir the Christian to deeper faith and obedience today. The theological Value of this book for the Christian church has often been overlooked
Proverbs - ...
This basic instruction in the Value of wisdom prepares the reader for the first major collection of proverbs
Meat - The minchah , as a sacrifice, was something surrendered to God, which was of the greatest Value to man as a means of living
Clergy - per month, and total avoidance of the lease; nor upon like pain to keep any tap-house or brewhouse; nor engage in any trade, nor sell any merchandise, under forfeiture of the treble Value; which prohibition is consonant to the canon law
Cain - The Value of the story lies, as always, mainly in its religious teaching
Edification - ...
In order that genuine edification might result from such a variety of gifts, exercised often under stress of great excitement, two rules were laid down for the Corinthian Church: (1) the comparative Value of χαρίσματα must be recognized-e
Caiaphas (2) - Henson, Value of the Bible, 294; Expos
Blood - ” The high Value of life as a gift of God led to the prohibition against eating “blood”: “It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood” ( Lion - ...
Ecclesiastes 9:4 (b) This is a very graphic way of telling us that a great and mighty powerful man is of no Value when dead
Abomination, Abomination of Desolation - Bdelugma , “that which stinks, is disgusting,” things people Value are an abomination to God (Luke 16:15 )
Impute - And if God accepts such a ransom; yea, he himself appoints it: and if the sinner by Christ's righteousness be made holy: and if the sins of the sinner be all done away by Christ's voluntary sufferings and death: if the law of God be thus honoured; the justice of God thus satisfied; all the divine perfections glorified by an equivalent; yea, more than an equivalent, inasmuch as Christ's obedience and death infinitely transcend in dignity and Value the everlasting obedience of men and angels; surely, here is the fullest assurance of the truth of the doctrine of Christ's imputed righteousness, and the perfect approbation of JEHOVAH to the blessed plan of redemption
Idol - ” This nuance appears clearly in Job 13:4: “But ye are forgers of lies; ye are all physicians of no Value [5]
Tabernacle - The tabernacle was completed in about nine months: and as the people offered most liberally, Exodus 36:5, it was a costly structure: the Value of the materials being estimated at $1,000,000
Balsam Tree - The great Value set upon this drug in the east is traced to the earliest ages
Sacrifice - It is clear that the external act derives all its moral Value from a corresponding act of the human will
Julianus, Bishop of Cos - Nothing could exceed the Value of such a man to Leo to watch over the interests of the faith and the Roman see in the East
Ninian, British Missionary Bsp - , had authentic evidence of an earlier date to assist him we do not know, except that he specially refers to Bede's information and also to a "liber de vita et miraculis ejus, barbario [1] scriptus," of the Value of which we are ignorant
Canon of the New Testament - The question of the Canon differs from questions of the authenticity, genuineness, historicity, inspiration, Value, and authority of the several NT books in concerning itself simply with their acceptance in the Church. Then, having the Value of Scripture gradually associated with them, they came to be treated as authoritative. Here is evidence of a double advance: (1) in the addition of the Epistles to the Gospels as a collection, (2) in the enhancement of the Value of all these books for the settlement of questions of doctrine. If, however, the Church were to declare the titles they bear to be canonical, then I would condemn my doubt, for the opinion formulated by the Church has more Value in my eyes than human reasons, whatever they may be’ a most characteristic statement, revealing the scholar, the critic, the timid soul and the satirist (?). ’ Nevertheless, while thus discriminating between the Values of the several books of the NT, he includes them all in his translation. ); but the critical study of the subject began with Semler (1771 5), who pointed out the early variations in the Canon and attacked the very idea of a Canon as an authoritative standard, while he criticised the usefulness and theological Value of the several books of the NT. But the justification for it when this is sought is usually found (1) in the Apostolic authorship of most of the NT books; (2) in the Apostolic atmosphere and association of the remaining books; (3) in the general acceptance and continuous use of them in the churches for centuries as a test of their Value; (4) in their inherent worth to-day as realized in Christian experience
Immortality - In Alexandrian Judaism, as represented by Philo, we have the blending of the Platonic doctrine of immortality, based on the distinction between the higher and the lower elements in man, with the Pharisaic assertion of the Value of the individual to God and its grasp of the eternal character of the soul’s communion with God. But these offer no true parallel to the belief in a historic Resurrection and do not explain either its existence or the peculiar moral Value attached to the Resurrection of Christ by the primitive Church. Paul and the primitive Church on the ethical Value of the Resurrection of Christ and its implications dropped out of sight. Paul the Resurrection of Christ has an ethical Value which is of great importance in his view of the future life of believers. Paul and everywhere in the primitive Church, and the same view of the ethical Value of the Resurrection of Christ: ‘who through him are believers in God, which raised him from the dead, and gave him glory; so that your faith and hope might be in God’ (1 Peter 1:21)
Esdras, the Second Book of - The Oriental versions are of Value chiefly for the assistance they afford in testing and correcting the Latin. Value and relation to NT. In these characteristics, perhaps, no less than in its unconscious admission of the weakness of Judaism, lay the strength of its appeal to Christian readers; but its present-day Value is chiefly historical, as it is practically contemporaneous with the NT literature, and shows points of contact with it
Bible, Methods of Study - Values, emotions, actions, attitudes are involved both on the side of the author and of the addressee. Every event and document can and must be considered from the various perspectives of human knowledge, such as social and political sciences, humanities, economy, psychology of religion, Value systems, etc. What could have happened if these words had not been given to Jeremiah's or James' generation? What would be lacking if that message had not been preserved by Luke? Which details would cause us to suffer clarity or completeness in our knowledge about Jesus Christ, the church, or ethics? In so asking the interpreter will get a better glance of the specific Value of the text
Number Systems And Number Symbolism - For example, the Hebrew letters of the name Eliezer, Abraham's servant, have a numerical Value of 318. When Gensis Acts 14:14 states that Abraham took 318 trained men to pursue the kings from the east, some Jewish commentaries interpret this to mean that Abraham had but one helper, Eliezer, since Eliezer has the numerical Value of 318
Sincerity - … The literal truth has little Value for the Oriental; he sees everything through the medium of his ideas, his interests, and his passions. An oath lowers the Value of normal speech
Head - ...
Because the head was the seat of life, Value was placed on it
Colour - The colouring matter in each separate shell-fish amounted to only a single drop, and hence the great Value of this dye
Tithes - The amount they paid was the Value of the goods plus a fifth
Tithes - and was paid in kind, or if redeemed one fifth of the Value was added
Roads - The Romans knew the Value of good roads, and spared no pains on them
Rich (And Forms) - None of these have any Value at all with regard to the salvation of the soul
Clean, Unclean, Common - Paul recognizes the Value of forms for the human spirit, but he subordinates them to the conscience
Burnt-Offering - His obedience is the burnt-offering that has enduring Value and needs no repetition
Lamp - ...
Proverbs 13:9 (b) The Lord tells us in this passage, as well as in other portions, that the influence of the wicked, and the memory of them, as well as their public testimony, will be blotted out, for they have no Value to GOD
Mediator - He must be God, to give virtue and Value to his obedience and sufferings; for the sufferings of men or angels would not have been sufficient
Fathers - The Greek heading πατέρων ὕμνος is of more Value, as it may be pre-Christian
Famine - " What an awful sentence is this! And by as much as the soul is infinitely more important in Value than the body, by so much must be the famine of living bread here threatened
Fathers - As Biblical critics they are often fanciful and injudicious, and their principal Value consists in this, that the succession of their writings enables us to prove the existence and authenticity of the sacred books, up to the age of the Apostles
Judge - , "examineth"), said of the exercise of a discerning "judgment" of all things as to their true Value, by one who is spiritual; in the same verse, "is judged (of no man)," RV marg
Education - He spoke with authority and with finality on the truths which had perplexed the pagan world, the existence of God, the moral order, immortality, the Value of the present and of the future life
Giving - God views a person’s gifts not in relation to their market Value, but in relation to the offerer’s total financial capacity (Mark 12:43-44; 2 Corinthians 8:2)
Offerings, the - They are all typical, having no intrinsic Value, but they foreshadowed Christ, who, as antitype, fulfilled them all. In the sweet-savour offerings the offerer was left free to choose a victim, and the different Value of the animals offered gave evidence to the measure of appreciation of the sacrifice: thus if a rich man brought a sheep instead of a bullock, it would show that he undervalued the privileges within his reach. It made atonement for the offerer, who found acceptance in its Value. The drink offering may be typical of joy in the Spirit in the sense of the Value of Christ's work as done to God's glory
Blood - For agricultural people, this command stressed the Value of life. In giving what was of great Value, the person offering the sacrifice showed that reconciliation with God involved life—the basic element of human existence
Monastery - About the same time a bull was granted by the same pope to cardinal Wolsey to suppress monasteries, where there were not above six monks, to the Value of eight thousand ducats a year, for endowing. which came into the hands of the king by the dissolution, and for the Value of money at that time, which was at least six times, as much as at present, and also consider that the estimate of the lands was generally supposed to be much under the real worth, we must conclude their whole revenues to have been immense
Renunciation - The Value is in the principle. The surrender of a life as a sacrifice to a cause tends to give a universal Value to the life so sacrificed
Appreciation (of Christ) - It is no blind-fold acceptance of Him, no mere echo of a tradition, but a series of utterances of men personally convinced of the supreme Value of Christ to the world. He sees through the pure-minded hesitancy of Nathanael (John 1:47), He recognizes the true Value of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4), He draws Nicodemus the timid to Him (John 3:1), He knows what will satisfy Thomas (John 20:27), and what will please and win Zacchaeus (Luke 19:5); and His immediate followers include a Mary Magdalene as well as a Mary of Bethany, a Judas as well as a John
John, Gospel of (Critical) - There can be no doubt that the Gospel is intended to be read as the work of the Apostle, and it would seriously detract from its Value, if, as extreme critics are more and more inclined to allow, that claim means only that it contains a nucleus of Johannine tradition. So far from being a stumbling-block to the Johannine authorship, the Prologue even gains in Value and significance with the acceptance of the traditional view. Again, it is not until the latter part of the century that there are indications of a distinct Value attached to each separate Gospel. The second statement seems, like the γνώριμοι of Clement, to be founded on John 1:14; John 21:24, and possesses no independent Value, except as an interpretation of internal evidence. Justin is certainly the first writer who displays the tendency to attach a separate Value to the four Gospels; he is the first to speak of εὐαγγέλια instead of εὐαγγέλιον; but he can scarcely be expected to have completely emancipated himself, at this transition stage, from the older conception of the gospel as embracing equally the contents of the four. ...
The significance of Tatian’s work lies in the fact that an authoritative Value is attached to the contents of our four Gospels, and that the Fourth Gospel is placed on a level with the Synoptics
Belief (2) - The contributions towards the right understanding of the province and character of belief in more recent years have been of great Value. For in the long-run the achievements of great men in any sphere, just in proportion to their truth and Value, turn out to have elements of permanent Value. Though the discoveries of a person, they have no mere personal Value. He learns from Christ his own Value and worth, and the sphere in which these may be realized. In the works of Sir William Hamilton, Mansel, and Herbert Spencer the reader will find discussions of some Value
Reality - The distress and suffering that are in the world (Matthew 4:23; Matthew 12:15), the mysteries of Providence (Luke 13:1-4, John 9:3), the Value and needs of the soul (Matthew 16:26-27, Luke 12:20-21), the curse of sin (Matthew 18:8-9, Luke 13:3, John 8:24), the certainty of retribution (Matthew 18:6; Matthew 23:33, Mark 9:43-48), the necessity of spiritual renewal (Matthew 9:17, John 3:3-7), the burden of responsibility (Matthew 11:20-24; Matthew 23:14, Luke 10:13-16), the imperative obligations of duty (John 9:4), the supreme authority of God (Matthew 19:17, John 4:34; John 10:29),—on all these Jesus kept His eye fixed with an intensity of vision and purpose that was never relaxed from the beginning to the end of His career. The show of goodness may look fair, but it has no Value if it be the outcome only of calculating prudence or self-flattering pride (Matthew 6:2-5, Luke 16:15). What He did denounce was the disposition to take material success as the measure of a man’s Value (Luke 12:15-21)
Sadducees - -Our knowledge of the Sadducees, such as it is, is derived from the following sources: (a) Gospels and Acts; (b) Josephus; (c) Rabbinical writings, mainly Mishna, Tosefta, Sifre, Sifra, and Mechilta (these are all of comparatively late date, but their Value is unquestionable as embodying earlier traditions. Some references to Sadducees are found in various Church Fathers, but they have no independent Value. Further, the tendency of Josephus to bring Jewish parties into line with Greek schools of philosophy detracts somewhat from the Value of his account
Golden Rule - ’...
The saying is rightly called a rule, for it lays down a general principle for moral guidance, and furnishes a ready test of the social Value of words and deeds. To the disciples of Christ the coming of the Kingdom of God is the supreme end; for them this saying is, therefore, the golden rule, furnishing a standard of excellence whose practical Value consists in its universal applicability. ...
The unique Value of the Golden Rule of Jesus does not depend upon its never having been uttered by any earlier teacher in its positive form, but upon its connexion with His revelation of man’s chief good, His perfect example of devotion to that good, and His power to inspire and sustain those who, at His bidding, become followers of that which is good
Night (2) - ...
It may be urged that Jesus teaches by His example the Value of prayer in the silence of night. It is still the emblem of peril and evil, but it speaks also of quietness and peace; this Value it has had for poets from Milton to Whitman. The word has changed its Value in the commerce of ideas
Symbol - Whatever was drawn from such a source would not only be familiar, but would seem to be part of an organic whole, and to possess a Value of Divine preparation
Joshua, the Book of - The Value of modern discoveries in their relation to Old Testament history has been thus well described: ...
"The difficulty of establishing the charge of lack of historical credibility, as against the testimony of the Old Testament, has of late years greatly increased
Fasting - In time a greater stress was put on the Value of fasting, as is shown by the probable insertion of an allusion to it in Matthew 17:21 , Mark 9:29 , Act 10:30 , 1 Corinthians 7:5
Firstborn - The origin of the belief that a peculiar Value attached to the firstborn cannot be definitely traced; but it would be a natural inference that what was valuable to the parent would be valuable to his God
Judah - ...
A tradition is preserved in Genesis 38:1-30 which is generally supposed to be of great Value as bearing upon the early development of the tribe
Genealogies - The Value attached by the Hebrew people to genealogies is seen in the long and, to modern readers, somewhat wearisome, lists of Scripture
Dry Dried Drieth - The unsaved see no beauty whatever in CHRIST, and some Christians see very little of His Value
Captivity - The city was spoiled of all that was of Value, and then given up to the flames
Asherah - These references, it must be allowed, are not all of equal Value for the critical historian and some of our foremost authorities have hitherto declined to admit the existence of a Canaanite goddess Asherah, regarding the name as a mere literary personification of the asherah or sacred pole (see § 3), or as due to a confusion with Astarte (cf
Tithes - Of those nine parts that remained to the proprietors, after the tithe was paid to the Levites, they took still another tenth part, which was either sent to Jerusalem in kind, or, if it was too far, they sent the Value in money; adding to it a fifth from the whole as the rabbins inform us
Moth - The robes of princes were a part of their treasure, upon which they often set a particular Value
Gospel - They contain many errors and legends, but have some indirect Value
Pound - —The Value of the denarius (Authorized Version ‘penny’) being about 9½d
Woman - Women were Valued most for their roles as wives and mothers, as bearers and rearers of children. Men should Value such a prudent wife far above property and wealth (Proverbs 19:14 ; 18:22 ). But the positive side of each of these episodes is the high Value placed on sexual and spiritual fidelity. Various laws seem to Value women less than men. As an initiation rite that included women (unlike Jewish circumcision), baptism publicly affirmed the equal Value of women and men in a way that suggests that the church should continue to seek outward, visible forms for demonstrating this equality
Trade And Commerce - 4) in Asia was replaced by a coin of the Value of three Roman denarii. ...
An aureus was equivalent in Value to 25 denarii. The original Value of the denarius was, as the name indicates, ten asses. Two instances of the Value of the negotiatores may be given
Barnabas, Epistle of - And how came the great Fathers whose names have been already mentioned, how came the church at large, to Value the epistle as it did if in the mention of them we have nothing but absurdity and error? We are hardly less puzzled to account for such inaccuracies if the writer was an Alexandrian Christian of heathen origin than if he were a Jew and a Levite. The Apostle of the Gentiles recognized the Value of Judaism and of all the institutions of the law as a great preparatory discipline for the coming of the Messiah, as "a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. cultus had its meaning only in Christ; of its denial of all Value to outward Judaism; of its aim to prove that the inward meaning of that ancient faith was really Christian; of its exclusion of Jews, as such, from all part in God's covenant; and of its dwelling precisely upon those doctrines of the Christian faith which were the greatest stumbling-block to the Jewish mind, and those graces of the Christian life to the importance of which it had most need to be awakened. The old Latin version is of high Value
Anger - Anger provoked by personal injury may have a protective Value in a lower stage of the world’s life, but the attitude of Christian ethics to this type is governed by the law of non-resistance laid down by the Sermon on the Mount. Human suffering has educative Values, and does not necessarily indicate the disapproval of God (Hebrews 12:5 f. the atoning Value of the sufferings of pious men]'>[3] which attained wide development in later times and constantly meets us in the teaching of the Jewish synagogues’ (O. There is no hint in the early preaching of the Church, as recorded in this work, of a propitiatory Value in the death of Jesus. This dark law-that the innocent must suffer the results of transgression along with the guilty-has an educative Value in demonstrating the evil and disastrous nature of sin, which is doubly terrible since the suffering which it creates falls upon the just as well as upon the unjust, sometimes even more upon the former than upon the latter
Progress - Among them there had been developed, many centuries prior to Christ’s time, ideas and sentiments, aspirations and hopes relative to the progressive destiny of mankind, which were entirely phenomenal, and which possessed immense Value, partly because in many points they were highly enlightened, partly because of their profound moral significance, and partly because of the service they rendered in the preparation of the way for the new, progressive era to be ushered into the life of humanity by Christ’s advent (e. And this must have been one of Christ’s reasons for the immense importance and Value that He attached to men as individuals. That in the Law and the Prophets which had supreme interest and Value for Him, was the nature and the extent of the revelation they contained of the will and purpose of God with reference to the moral relations between God and men and between one man and another, and with reference to the historical development of human destiny. This fact as to man’s progress our Lord likewise fully realized, and He expressed His sense of its truth and Value in His parable of the Mustard-seed (Matthew 13:31-32)—(5) Finally, the end of moral progress in the life and history of humanity will be a destiny in which every department of its individual and social life, external as well as internal, will be interpenetrated and regulated by the will and purpose of God as perfectly realized and manifested in a universal and established order of righteousness and love
Samson - Historical Value . He is a popular hero, and the permanent Value of the story is to be sought in its ethical lessons
Georgius (43), Patron Saint of England - Thenceforward the testimonies to his existence rapidly thicken, but decrease in Value. 20, § 27, when arguing against invocation of saints, he ridiculed those who esteem Christ's intercession as of no Value unless "accedant Georgius aut Hippolytus aut similes larvae," where, unfortunately for himself, he places Hippolytus in the class of ghosts or phantoms together with St
Clovis, King of Salian Franks - 111–114, doubts the Value of Clotilda's work; Bornhak, Geschichte der Franken unter den Merovingern, Greifswald, 1863, pp. Anastasius saw the Value to the empire of the Frankish power as a counterpoise to the Ostrogothic
Church - Those who fully admit this differ considerably in their estimate of the Value of Acts as a historical document, but the trend of criticism is in the direction of a high estimate rather than of a low one. Something of considerable Value may also be obtained from two writers near the middle of the 2nd cent. we can find apostolic traditions of great Value in the writings of Irenaeus. The restoration of the simplicity of the primitive forms will have little Value or vitality unless we also restore the primitive conditions, and that is impossible. But the daughter has put them to far better account and has increased their Value tenfold
Jesus Christ - This Gospel supplies most of our knowledge of the life of Jesus, but its main concern is to bring out the inner meaning and the religious Value of the story. It is a different question whether the interpretation of Christ which the Fourth Gospel supplies is trustworthy, and on the Value of this, its main message, two remarks may be made. Of the 70 Logia which have been claimed, Ropes pronounces 43 worthless, 13 of possible Value, and 14 valuable ( Die Sprüche Jesu , 1896). Of more Value are the fragments of the Gospels of the Hebrews , the Egyptians , and Peter (Hilgenfeld, NT extra canonem receptum 2 , 1876 84; Swete, The Akhmim Fragment of the Gospel of Peter , 1903). One group conceives of Him as a man who is essentially modern because the Value of His ideas and of His message is perennial (Harnack, Das Wesen des Christenthums , Eng
Rebuke - Various instances of rebukes by other persons are reported, whose Value lies in their revealing by contrast the mind of Jesus
Eye - The eyes were especially Valued organs. Proverbs 7:2 called for making God's law the apple of one's eye, that is, something of Value to be guarded (kept) carefully
Age, Old (the Aged) - The Old Testament places high Value on the elderly, as is evident from the command in Leviticus 19:32 : "Rise in the presence of the aged (seba [1]), show respect for the elderly (zaqen [2]) and revere your God
Esther, Theology of - In spite of this, the Book of Esther was included in the canon and has significant theological Value
Seeing - Thus the miracles of giving sight to the blind become peculiarly significant; but we need not, therefore, assume that, though they are in this way acted parables, the narratives of such miracles are not to be regarded as of any historical Value, but as mere pictorial representations of the spiritual truths they are meant to convey
Son of David - The Messianic Value of the title comes out forcibly in the puzzling question put by Jesus to the Pharisees (Matthew 22:42 f
Pass - ) To go from one person to another; hence, to be given and taken freely; as, clipped coin will not pass; to obtain general acceptance; to be held or regarded; to circulate; to be current; - followed by for before a word denoting Value or estimation
Ambrosiaster, or Pseudo-Ambrosius - ...
The commentary on the Pauline Epistles, notwithstanding its inequalities of treatment, is of great Value, and is well characterized by Sixtus Senensis as "brief in words, but weighty in matter"; and, although the writer is frequently controversial, he speedily returns to the proper work of exegesis
Think, Devise - It had a commercial connotation, as when land was being redeemed and the price was established, based on the Value of crops until the next year of Jubilee: “Then let him count the years of the sale thereof, and restore the overplus …” ( Caecilianus, Archdeacon And Bishop of Carthage - This council, presided over by Marinus, bishop of the see, and composed of about 200 persons, was the most important ecclesiastical assembly the Christian world had yet seen; and its decisions have been of permanent Value to the church
Sycamore - From its Value in furnishing wood for various uses, from the grateful shade which its wide-spreading branches afforded, and on account of the fruit, which Mallet says the Egyptians hold in the highest estimation, we perceive the loss which the ancient inhabitants of Egypt must have felt when their vines were destroyed with hail, and their sycamore trees with frost," Psalms 78:47
Atonement - As no other sacrifice of like Value could be found, proof was given to the universe that sin was the most disastrous evil, and that its "punishment was not the arbitrary act of an inexorable judge, but the unavoidable result of perfect holiness and justice, even in a Being of infinite mercy
Nineveh - To the student of the Bible especially these buried treasures are of the highest Value, and we may well rejoice not only in this new accumulation of evidence to the truth of the history and prophecies of Scripture, but in the additional light thus thrown on its meaning
Moses - Thus it was in the laws established by the pilgrim fathers of New England; and no small part of what is of most Value in the institutions which they founded, is to be ascribed to the influence of the Hebrew legislator
Measure - 1), is used (a) of space, number, Value, etc
Physician (2) - Elsewhere physicians are mentioned in proverbial sayings only (Matthew 9:12 || Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31; Luke 4:23): there is no censure of them in Christ’s words, on the contrary He implies that the sick should resort to the physician; but Mark 5:26 probably gives a fair impression of their general Value
Gregorius (32) Turonensis, Bishop of Tours - Prioux, Paris 1847, is a mere réchauffé of Gregory's own account of these proceedings, and of no independent critical Value). , investigates the comparative Value in different parts of the work of the documentary and oral sources of the History. , and his fresh and simple, though not unbiassed, narrative is of the greatest Value
Prayer - Intercessory prayer must on the lowest view be of great altruistic Value; while a recognition of God’s personality makes natural the belief that He may control events in answer to prayer made according to His will. ]'>[19] books of fiction, fable, history, with apocalyptic and sapiential writings are of very unequal Value, but contain many prayers. In this book prayer reaches heights: Value of prayer ( Sir 21:5 ), true prayer heard of God ( 1 Samuel 12:23 ), prayer in sickness ( Sir 38:8 ; Sir 38:14 , cf
Childhood - Perhaps the most valuable service that the latter writings render is that comparison with them so strongly brings out the intrinsic Value and superiority of our Canonical Gospels. ’...
With every allowance for whatever scanty touches of beauty and elements of Value may here and there be found, a survey of this Apocryphal literature gives fresh force to Edersheim’s remark (Jesus the Messiah, bk. —It was only to be expected that Jesus would exhibit an unquestionable love for children; and it is in complete accord with the whole tenor of His teaching that He should specially emphasize the importance and Value of the child. ...
(b) The way in which Jesus dealt with the disciples’ dispute concerning precedence (Mark 9:33-37 and parallels) further brings out the qualities of childhood which were most precious in His eyes, and the Value and importance He attached to little children themselves
Fall - To decrease to be diminished in weight or Value. Diminution decrease of price or Value depreciation as the fall of prices the fall of rents the fall of interest
Cosmetics - There may also have been some medicinal Value by preventing dryness of the skin of the eyelid or discouraging disease-carrying flies
Bone - The pleasures and the processes of this world are dead in the sight of GOD and have no spiritual Value whatever in the Christian life
Circumcision - To counter the Judaizers' position he conceded that, while circumcision was of great Value for the old covenant, it carried no significance for the "covenants of promise" (Ephesians 2:12 )
Rahab (1) - ...
The nature of the works alleged, not works of charity and virtue, but works the Value of which consists in their being proofs of faith, proves that James quotes them as evidences of faith, faith expressed in act
Tithe, Tithing - ...
If a person did not want to give what he produced he could give 120 percent of its Value (Leviticus 27:31 )
Blood - The believer embraces by faith with no question or doubt the Value of the person of CHRIST and the efficacy of His work for our souls
Bread - It would not harm us, nor hurt us, but it would be of no Value whatever to us
Inspiration - ...
Further, it has been asserted that the doctrine of verbal inspiration is Valueless, because of diversities in the Greek manuscripts, which in some places prevent any one from determining what are the words God caused to be written. ...
Another objection to the Value of verbal inspiration is that most persons read scripture in a translation, the words of which cannot, it is alleged, be said to be inspired
Ezra, Book of - ...
For the historical Value of the book cf
History, Church - ,derived from the most authentic and reliable documents furnishing first-hand information concerning the facts to be narrated; critical, sifting, weighing, and estimating at its true Value the existing evidence and distinguishing carefully between possibility, probability, or certainty of an event; philosophical, i
Minister - His mind should clearly perceive the beauty, harmony, and utility of the doctrines, while his heart should be deeply impressed with a sense of their Value and importance
Indulgences - Finding the project take, he granted to Albert elector of Mentz, and archbishop of Magdeburg, the benefit of the indulgences of Saxony, and the neighbouring parts, and farmed out those of other countries to the highest bidders: who, to make the best of the bargain, procured the ablest preachers to cry up the Value of the ware
Knowledge of God (1) - If we entertain any doubts concerning the intrinsic Value of religious knowledge, let us look around us, and we shall be convinced how desirable it is to be acquainted with God, with spiritual, with eternal things
Elkesai, Elkesaites - ...
The statement of the book that the revelation was made in the 3rd year of Trajan is of no historic Value
Text of the New Testament - ]'>[3] ; the Latin has been accommodated to the Greek, and is of little independent Value. Of the Value of their evidence little can definitely be said, since few of them have been properly examined. A priori they might be of considerable Value, since service-books are likely to he conservative, and also to preserve local peculiarities. They might be expected, therefore, to be of great Value in localizing the various types of text which appear in the MSS, and in preserving early variants from a period before the establishment of a general uniformity. Next in importance are the Coptic versions and the Latin Vulgate; and the Armenian and the later Syriac versions are also of considerable Value
Trade And Commerce - 4) in Asia was replaced by a coin of the Value of three Roman denarii. ...
An aureus was equivalent in Value to 25 denarii. The original Value of the denarius was, as the name indicates, ten asses. Two instances of the Value of the negotiatores may be given
Kings, Books of - The period of time they cover is something over 400 years, and when it is remembered that these books give us almost the only light we have on events in Israel for this period, their historical Value will be evident. To estimate the historical Value, it will be necessary to look at the literary method. It follows that the historical Value of the work must be estimated with due allowance for this main purpose
Acts of the Apostles - Historical Value of the various traditions-...
1. Two groups may be distinguished from the purer K Manuscripts :-Kr, a mediaeval revision of K for lectionary purposes, critically quite Valueless; and Kc, a text with enough sporadic I readings to raise the question whether it be not an I text which has been almost wholly corrected to a K standard; it is called Kc because Manuscripts of this type seem to be represented in the Complutensian edition. -The earliest quotations long enough to have any Value for determining the text are in Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Clement of Alexandria, who may be regarded as representing the text of the end of the 2nd cent. )...
The Value of this tradition must necessarily depend on the internal evidence of the book itself
Illustrations - The intention and the Value of that stand out strongly in this contrast. ...
One great, though indirect, Value of Jesus’ illustrations must not be missed, i
Creation - ...
To form a correct estimate of the character and religious Value of the first chapter of Genesis, it has to be borne in mind that speculative theories of the origin of the universe were an important element of all the higher religions of antiquity. ...
From this point of view we are able to state the significance of the Scripture account of creation in a way which does justice at once to its unrivalled religious Value and to its lack of scientific corroboration
Nero - This was a serious blow, as the exchange Value of the copper always exceeded the Value of the metal, and the Senate could thus coin credit-money to any amount
Give - We give the full Value of all we purchase
Red Heifer - ...
The Value of the chapter for the student of Hebrew ritual lies in the illustration it affords of the primitive conceptions of uncleanness, especially of the uncleanness of the dead, and of the ‘contagiousness of holiness,’ the nature of which has been so clearly expounded by Robertson Smith (see RS Sacraments - The Council of Trent defined the nature of a sacrament more closely, by laying it down that not all signs of sacred things have sacramental Value, and that visible forms are sacraments only when they represent an invisible grace and become its channels
Zidon - 460) and in the products of the loom, the Value of which was enhanced by the famous dye, used first by the Zidonians, but, by a strange fortune, known to the later world as ‘Tyrian purple
Magi - stood Paul and Barnabas at Paphos (Acts 13:6-12); also the exorcists and those who used "curious arts" and who "brought their books together, and burned them before all men" to the Value of "50,000 pieces of silver," at Ephesus (Acts 19:13-19)
Propitiation - Hence, in connection with Jewish sacrifices, 'the blood' is mentioned without reference to the victim from which it flowed, but in connection with the great antitypical sacrifice of the NT the words 'the blood' never stand alone; the One Who shed the blood is invariably specified, for it is the Person that gives Value to the work; the saving efficacy of the Death depends entirely upon the fact that He Who died was the Son of God
Memphis - 4) observes, the inhabitants Value little this brief life, but most highly the name of a virtuous life after death; they call the houses of the living inns, because they remain in them only a little while, but the sepulchers of the dead everlasting habitations; they are not therefore very careful about their houses, but in beautifying the sepulchers leave nothing undone
Nehemiah, Book of - Historical Value of the Book
Nehemiah - He is a unique figure in the OT, and rendered services of incalculable Value to the cause of Judaism
She'Chem - (Genesis 33:19 ; Joshua 24:32 ; John 4:5 ) The field lay undoubtedly on the rich plain of the Mukhna , and its Value was the greater on account of the well which Jacob had dug there, so as not to be dependent on his neighbors for a supply of water
Water - Just as he altogether ignores the sacramental Value of the Levitical rites which he enumerates, it is not his task to give a philosophy of the Christian sacraments
Virtue - Lightfoot gives us the meaning of ἀρετή in Philippians 4:8, ‘Whatever Value may reside in your old heathen conception of virtue’ (Philippians, London, 1878, p
Sex, Biblical Teaching on - Some passages truly Value sex and celebrate it joyously (Genesis 18:12 ; Genesis 26:8 ; Song of Song of Solomon 4:1-16 ); others call for times of abstaining from sexual activity (Exodus 19:15 ; 1 Samuel 21:4-5 ); still others raise the life without sex above the normal marital relationship (1Corinthians 7:1-9,1 Corinthians 7:37-38 ; Revelation 14:4 )
Ointment - ...
Value Most of these spices were imported by the people who lived in Palestine
Sermon on the Mount - ...
There may be some truth in all these approaches to the Sermon on the Mount, but it appears that the best approach is to take the sermon at face Value (with some obvious exceptions such as Matthew 5:29-30 ) and to do our best to live the life Jesus outlined for us
Enthusiasm - And the constant application of the terms to the Evangelical Revival and its leaders shows that this debasing of their Value was due to the spiritual deadness of the critics rather than to the extravagances of the enthusiasts
Melchizedek - ) takes him as pronouncing no judgment on the historical problems, but as eliciting the typical and abiding Value of the story
Fasting (2) - Its whole Value depends on the purity and sincerity of the motive with which it is undertaken
Version, the Authorised - ) a sum equal in Value to more than £40 in modern times
Infallibility - The popes were thought by numbers to be too unworthy possessors of so rich a jewel; at the same time it appeared to be of too great a Value, and of too extensive consequence, to be parted with entirely
Point - ) A dot placed at the right hand of a note, to raise its Value, or prolong its time, by one half, as to make a whole note equal to three half notes, a half note equal to three quarter notes
Husbandry - To these communities just mentioned, which excelled in this particular all the others of antiquity, may be added that of the Hebrews, who learned the Value of the art while remaining in Egypt, and ever after that time were famous for their industry in the cultivation of the earth
Palm Tree - "...
This tree was formerly of great Value and esteem among the Israelites, and so very much cultivated in Judea, that, in after times, it became the emblem of that country, as may be seen in a medal of the Emperor Vespasian upon the conquest of Judea
Bible - The entire Bible is the rule of faith to all Christians, and not the New Testament alone; though this is of especial Value as unfolding the history and doctrines of our divine Redeemer and of his holy institutions
Christ, Christology - In the first place, it tends unduly to depreciate the importance, indeed the normative Value, of Christian experience and reflexion anterior to St. -The material for the study of this period is far from copious, and its Value has been much disputed. ’ Now, however, that the governing historical principle of that theory has been shown to be untenable, and the conclusions based upon it have been either abandoned or seriously modified, the way has been opened for a reconsideration of the Acts as to both its date and its historical Value
Isidorus, Archbaptist of Seville - It is probably not possible to overrate the Value and the usefulness of this treatise to the age in which Isidore lived, and indeed for many ages it was the best available handbook. —The histories, of all Isidore's works, have the most practical Value for the present day. Notwithstanding these drawbacks, the permanent historical Value of certain portions of the Hist. is, however, historically Valueless, as we possess the sources from which it is a mere extract, and the same may almost be said of the Hist
Text, Versions, And Languages of ot - The text of the OT has been transmitted to us through circumstances singularly different from those which mark the transmission of the NT text; and the results are a difference in the relative Value attaching to different classes of evidence, and a much less close and sure approach to the original text when the best use has been made of the material at our disposal. The Value of the Massorah in perpetuating a form of the Hebrew text for many centuries has doubtless been great; but it has also long served to obscure the fact that the text which it has perpetuated with such slight variation or mutilation was already removed by many centuries from the original text and had suffered considerably. But the Value of the recension lies in the fact that it has descended since the 4th cent. ]'>[7] than the text of the NT; the detection of the underlying Hebrew text must inevitably often remain doubtful; and when variants are established, there will be in many cases room for differences of opinion as to their relative Value
Targums - This shows of what high Value the Targum of Onkelos is, and that it is not without reason that it has always been regarded with great veneration. But owing to its fragmentary character this Targum is of much less Value than the ‘Targum Jerushalmi
Life - The great Value ascribed to human life is indicated by the numerous laws relating to manslaughter and to offences which interfere in any way with a man’s right to live and with his reasonable use and enjoyment of life. The supremely ethical Value associated with life is seen in the definition given in Romans 8:6 , with which cf
Knowledge - Thus individuals learn the outstanding features of their own characters (James 1:23), the sanctity of their lives as being the temples of God (1 Corinthians 3:16), the Value of their bodies as members of Christ (1 Corinthians 6:15), and the consecration of all the powers of body and mind as an acceptable service to God (Romans 12:1). This insistence on the cosmical Value of Christ carries with it the best refutation of all extra-Christian theosophical teaching
Disciple (2) - It is also evident that their slowness and prejudice have for us an apologetic Value (see esp. … Let us be thankful for the honest stupidity of these men, it gives great Value to their testimony
Providence - That He believed in the Value and the need of prevision and forethought we may learn from His own example. In His teaching He lays frequent stress on the Value of prudent forethought (see art
Sacrifices in the Old Testament - In addition to the restitution proper, which was taxed at six-fifths of the Value of the thing concerned, a guilt-sacrifice had to be offered
Old Testament, Sacrifices in the - In addition to the restitution proper, which was taxed at six-fifths of the Value of the thing concerned, a guilt-sacrifice had to be offered
Version - ...
The targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel comes next to that of Onkelos in respect of age and Value
Nineveh - They contain a record of the history, the laws, and the religion of Assyria, of the greatest Value
Consecrate - The washings, while serving generally as a hygienic measure to check or prevent disease, also have metaphoric Value
Obadiah - Had not his Value as a servant made him necessary to Ahab, his piety would have destroyed him
Gnostics - They set a great Value on the beginning of the gospel of St
Child, Children - Value set on the possession of children
Ransom - ); but this view is not fully adequate to the expiatory Value attributed to Christ’s death by Christ and His apostles (Matthew 26:28, 1 Corinthians 11:25; 1 Corinthians 15:3); (c) the attempt to find, with most expositors, a closer definition of the term by isolating it from its context and treating it as a word study; it is the representative in the Septuagint of certain much-used Hebrew words
Kingdom of God - It is a pearl of such Value that they should sell everything else they have in order to be able to purchase it (Matthew 13:44-46 )
Image of God - ...
In the New Testament the teaching of Jesus indicates the Value of human beings implicit in their being God's image-bearers (Matthew 6:26 ; 12:12 )
Levite - They did not always Value their function and inheritance, as evidenced after the exile
Restore, Renew - This mental alignment to God's truth is the foundation of the Value clarification the believer begins to pursue at conversion (Romans 12:2 )
Kill, Killing - Israel's death penalty showed moral sensitivity and placed a high Value on human life
Art And Aesthetics - They were aware of the teaching Value which art might have
Proverbs, Book of - Whether this is so or not does not in any way affect the Value of the proverbs in the chapter
Circumcision - In Romans 2:25-29 he shows that circumcision was an outward sign of being one of the chosen people, but that it was of no Value unless accompanied by obedience, of which it was the symbol
Set - ) To Value; to rate; - with at
Habakkuk - ...
So read, this short book is seen to be a human document of unique Value
World - Because God is Creator and Lord of the earth, it holds only secondary Value; a believer must not swear by it (Matthew 5:34-35 ) or accumulate treasure on it (Matthew 6:19 )
Liberality of Sentiment - "He must be distinguished also from that tame undiscerning domestic among good people, who, though he has sentiments of his own, yet has not judgment to estimate the worth and Value of one sentiment beyond another
Magnify - Perhaps the force of this could be expressed if one were to translate: “So may my life be very highly Valued. 4:13), and of Value or importance ( Cassiodorus (or Rather, Cassiodorius) Magnus Aurelius - Meanwhile he enjoyed an intimacy with the prince, which, reflected as it is in his Varieties, has given to that work much of the character and Value of a state journal
Language - One of the distinguishing gifts of God to man, essential to all high enjoyment and improvement in social life, and to be prized and used in a manner worthy of its priceless Value for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind
Muratorian Fragment - This copy was made by an illiterate and careless scribe, and is full of blunders; but is of the greatest Value as the earliest-known list of N
Severus Sulpicius, an Historian - 35–45) is inaccurate and of little Value; but of more importance is that of the Priscillianist heresy, which had arisen in his time and with the details of which he was familiar
Circumcision - In Romans 2:25-29 he shows that circumcision was an outward sign of being one of the chosen people, but that it was of no Value unless accompanied by obedience, of which it was the symbol
Sacraments - Such a combination could not have been maintained unless these ceremonies had been regarded either as of indispensable Value, or as ordained by incontestable authority, or, which was in fact the case, as possessing both of these sanctions in the fullest measure. ...
(b) The observance of sacramental rites was regarded as of indispensable Value in the Apostolic Church. Paul could never have expressed himself as he did in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 had he reckoned its Value to be secondary, or its sacredness to be negligible, or its obligation to be anything less than imperative upon all members of the Church
Hellenistic And Biblical Greek - Nor are the various texts and classes of texts all of the same Value for our knowledge of the true forms of the vernacular. ] ...
(6) The two foregoing sources are surpassed in the Value of their contributions by Modern Greek. * Assumption of Moses - ...
The work is of great Value in the stress it lays on spiritual religion and quietism. The Essenes did not Value the Temple sacrifices, and objected to animal sacrifice altogether. Value for New Testament study...
Asceticism (2) - He nowhere implies that the lower goods are of no Value in themselves, or that they ought under all circumstances to be foregone. In His view, the Value of such exercises depends solely upon the spirit in which they are undertaken. Hence fasting is not a matter of compulsion or prescription or external ordinance; it has Value solely as the appropriate manifestation of a state of mind
Propitiation (2) - ...
From all these lines of evidence it is impossible to escape the conclusion that our Lord and the Evangelists considered His death to be of paramount importance in His mission, and gave it this Value because it stood to the sins of the world in a similar relation to that which the Levitical sacrifices held to the sins of the Jews. Neither is the faith which might be aroused by the setting forth of Christ in His blood that which has propitiatory Value. The propitiatory Value is in His blood, as He tastes death for every man so as to bear the sins of all, in a way analogous to that in which the sacrificial victim bore those of the offerer
Virgin Birth - ...
The theological Value of the virgin birth is that it happened. To strip it of its supernatural character is to make the story nothing more than a moral example or ideal: It humanizes Christ's birth, devalues the redemptive significance of his coming, and makes God untrue in that he never did what was claimed he would do in regard to Jesus' birth. The saving Value of Jesus' birth is realized on the cross
Law - That these cultic regulations were, even in the Old Testament, considered of secondary Value, prepares the way for their elimination in Christ. Mosaic law is of Value for the Christian in several ways
Eschatology - The evidence from the speeches must, perhaps, be used with a little more reserve, but even here there appears to be a growing tendency to recognize a real historical Value. Modern writers generally hold that the Value of prophecy consists primarily in its insight into spiritual truths, and only indirectly in its foresight into the future; but to the Jew, a coincidence between a prophetic prediction and a subsequent event was a signal proof of Divine inspiration, for it showed that God had ‘unveiled’ before the vision of His prophet some detail of that future which was already predestined and lying spread out before His all-seeing eyes (cf
Christianity (History Sketch) - ) What was the effect of this depressing situation? Did it check the dissemination of the Gospel, or confine it to the men by whom it was preached? So far was this from being the case, that from the period of the death, and, as it must here be termed, the alleged resurrection of Jesus, it was embraced by immense numbers in all the countries to which it was conveyed; and even while they were contemplating the sacrifices and the trials to which, by attaching themselves to it, they would be exposed, they did not hesitate to relinquish the religion in which they had been educated, and to exchange for misery and death all the comforts which the strongest feelings and propensities of our nature lead men to Value and to pursue. Mankind, when scarcely emerged from barbarism, and attached to no particular country, but seeking wherever it can be found the food necessary for themselves and the flocks upon which they in a great measure depend, although they entertain those sentiments with regard to religion which seem almost interwoven with our nature, feel little attachment to any one system of superstition, and are open to the reception of new doctrines, which an association with what they Value may have led them to venerate
Tarsus - He learned to give full Value to the words πολίτης (Acts 21:39), συμπολίτης (Ephesians 2:19), πολιτεία (Acts 22:28, Ephesians 2:12), πολίτευμα (Philippians 3:20)
Furniture - To the contrary, this term suggests that the Israelites of Old Testament times were not especially interested in their furniture beyond its practical Value
Tradition (2) - Tradition thus canonized the media of communication, and lost sight of the Value and validity of the things communicated on one side, and of the authority of Him from whom the communication came on the other
Capital Punishment - Is Genesis 9:6 the mandate for capital punishment? Its rationale appears to be the unique Value of persons, “for in the image of God made he man” ( Genesis 9:6 ). Is this more in line with a biblical sense of justice which also Values life? To be effective, punishment should be certain, swift, and impartial
Gods - ...
The evidential Value of the whole passage with respect to Jesus’ attitude to the OT Scriptures will, to some extent at least, be measured by the nature of the clause, ‘the Scripture* Service - Indeed, it was only thus that service could be of any moral Value to the servant
Census - No mention was made in them of the Value of property and stock, as in the annual returns, and the only financial purpose they served was to determine who were liable for the poll-tax exacted from all subjects between the ages of fourteen and sixty
Corban - He accuses the Pharisees of attaching too much Value to the tradition of the elders, so as even in some cases to set aside in their favour the plain moral commandments of God
Book of Life - names of the righteous) in the Book of the Living,’ This passage is not of any Value as evidence for the source of the conception, for the work shows in many places dependence upon Rev
For - Against in the place of as a substitute or equivalent, noting equal Value or satisfactory compensation, either in barter and sale, in contract, or in punishment
Abercius, Bishop of Hierapolis - But the epitaph which the Acts incorporate, placed, according to the story, on the altar brought from Rome by the demon whom the saint had driven out of the emperor's daughter, is of great Value, and the discovery of some of the actual fragments of the inscription may well be called "a romance of archaeology
Praise - Again, the estimate of Values may be so completely false that praise may be felt and expressed genuinely in cases where it is undeserved. And Jesus’ whole influence is directed towards the proper appreciation of Values so that only the good shall appear to us good. This restriction does not involve an essential difference either in the praise or in the sense of moral Values. ’ The word is used at the beginning and end of Psalms, apparently with liturgical Value
Food - A meal made from the flesh of these animals was of special Value (Genesis 27:3-4; Deuteronomy 14:4-5)
Baptism - ...
The belief in the Value of infant baptism among Christian families is related to the Old Testament idea of God’s covenant with his people
Acts, Book of - )...
The Value of Acts...
Acts provides a good base for an intelligent understanding of much of the New Testament
Lord's Day - -As shown by the few passages already noticed, the first day of the week evidently began from the earliest times to have a special Value in the eyes of Christians. ...
Less than ever is it of service now to appeal to the Fourth Commandment as an authority in urging the due maintenance of the Lord’s Day; though, indeed, the Mosaic institution has its full Value as a venerable exemplification of the naturally wise provision for a weekly release from daily business and toil. Others who may be uninfluenced by specific religious considerations, and for whom the very term ‘Lord’s Day’ may have no significance, may yet very well recognize the Value of the underlying natural principle of the ‘day of rest
Gospel (2) - More specifically, He illumined the Fatherhood of God by teaching ‘the infinite Value of the human soul. In several of His parables He referred to Himself as the Son of God (Luke 20:13), as the Judge and King of men (Matthew 25:31), as the bridegroom (Matthew 9:15; Matthew 25:6); these and other titles indicate the peculiar Value of His person. From the first, Jesus Christ had the religious Value of God
Magi - The following article will deal with (1) certain difficulties in the narrative, (2) the historical Value of the narrative, (3) the legendary additions to the narrative. The historical Value of the narrative has been frequently impugned, the principal objections being as follows. The Value of this source cannot here be determined (see artt
Job - This identification, which appears also in the Testament of Job , a work probably containing an ancient Jewish nucleus, although critically worthless, is not without interest and Value, as possibly preserving a fragment of old tradition. The speeches of Elihu lay stress, as already observed, on the educational Value of suffering. These opinions have no critical Value, but the first has exercised considerable influence
Apocalypse - There is the general question as to how that age of early Christians came to Value and even to produce apocalyptic books, which we convert here into the more concrete question, How could it produce the Apocalypse of John? There is the dogmatic question, What are the elements in this book which entitle it to the position of authority it holds to this day? For (b), examples of Christian interpolation may be found in The Ascension of Isaiah, which is Christian in all but 2:1-3:11618486009_6; and in chs. At the same time their artificial literary style takes from the spiritual Value of the apocalyptic writings. of John]'>[16] of the entire career of the Church in time, but the modification, of this view through the clear perception that both prophets and apocalyptists wrote for their own time, attaching to its needs and prospects a certain finality, has not altered the belief of Christians in the permanent spiritual Value of this unique book
Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis - Although a fanatical partisan, and therefore not always to be relied on, Epiphanius speaks almost everywhere from his own knowledge and enhances the Value of his work by the literal transcription of important documents. Of far inferior Value are his attempted refutations, which are further marred by fanatical abuse, misrepresentation of opinions, and attacks on character
Ecclesiastes, Theology of - "...
Qohelet is not satisfied merely to state that everything is meaningless, but specifies a number of areas and shows why they have no Value. If there was anything that should have appealed to a wise person in Israel, it would have been the Value of his wisdom
Sermon on the Mount - (c) The character of the Sermon and its position in the life and work of Christ give it a unique Value as the presentation of fundamental principles for the guidance of Christ’s disciples in their conduct among men. , it may be urged that the greater spiritual Value of its version of the Beatitudes points to their originality, for we cannot believe that it was given to copyists and catechists to greatly enrich their Master’s teachings
Amen (2) - ]'>[2] who wrote 99 at the end of their work, this being the total numerical Value of the characters in ἀμήν. Curious sayings were current among them, emphasizing the significance and Value of Amen
Games - They were animated in their course by the rapturous applauses of the countless multitudes that lined the stadium, and waited the issue of the contest with eager anxiety; and their success was instantly followed by reiterated and long continued plaudits; but these were only a prelude to the appointed rewards, which, though of little Value in themselves, were accounted the highest honour to which a mortal could aspire. " The Christian is thus called to fight the good fight of faith, and to lay hold of eternal life; and to this he is more powerfully stimulated by considering that the ancient athletae, took all their care and pains only for the sake of obtaining a garland of flowers, or a wreath of laurel, which quickly fades and perishes, possessed little intrinsic Value, and only served to nourish their pride and vanity, without imparting any solid advantage to themselves or others; but that which is placed in the view of the spiritual combatants, to animate their exertions, and reward their labours, is no less than a crown of glory which never decays; "an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for them," 1 Peter 1:4 ; 1 Peter 5:4
Presence (2) - The Value of a religion is the pledge it can give of the presence of God. By their theory of Value-judgments they throw the whole proof of the presence of God upon the faculties of the soul
Death - Because the Bible also affirms the Value of life as a gift from God, death is sometimes depicted as threatening and never entirely desirable
Number - Numbers also have often a symbolical rather than a mere arithmetical Value
Rock - The honey is for rich food Value, and the water is for refreshing, inspiration and life- giving virtue
Arabia, Arabs - ]'>[3] , are of course a pure dittography; for, although the Massoretes, for the sake of distinction, point in the second instance hâ-‘ereb , this has no Value] and in Ezekiel 27:21
Abgar - The fact that Moses was for several years a student in Edessa enhances the Value of his account
Arnobius - 1850) protests against the obscurity and neglect which have attended his name; holds that his "peculiar position and character invest his sentiments and reasoning with very singular interest and Value"; pronounces him to be in some respects "the keenest of the apologists," and to be remarkably apposite to the popular arguments of modern times (pp
Communion - To adduce analogies taken from primitive culture is of no Value
Shechem (1) - It lay in the rich plain of the Mukhna, and its Value was increased by the well Jacob dug there
Firstborn - ]'>[7] or redeem him for five selaim, which thou art bound to give according to the Law?’ The father replies: ‘I desire rather to redeem my son, and here thou hast the Value of his redemption, which I am bound to give according to the Law
Great, To Be; Heavy - This use of rab does not describe the relative Value of the thing modified, but its numerical recurrence
Callistus, Pope - That this should have been intrusted to the same man to whom also was given the control of the clergy proves what a high Value was set upon this first public burial-place of the Christians in Rome
Matthew, Gospel by - Christ buys the field in view of the treasure hidden there, and also buys the pearl of great price for its Value in His eye
Acceptance - There is an aristocracy of the spiritual as well as of the natural life; the saved are one in the fact of salvation, but not in the magnitude of their attainments or the quality of their influence; and they are more or less acceptable to God according to the entireness of their consecration and the Value of their service
Gods - The pious Israelites had so great an aversion and such an extreme contempt for strange gods, that they scorned even to mention them; they disguised and disfigured their names by substituting in the room of them some term of contempt; for example, instead of Elohim, they called them Elilim, "nothings, gods of no Value;" instead of Mephibaal, Meribaal, and Jerubaal, they said "Mephibosheth, Meribosheth, and Jeribosheth
Only Begotten - The expression μονογενής acquires a qualitative secondary meaning from the fact that what is ‘unique’ is naturally of special Value
Vigilantius - He wrote with a certain zeal for religion; but was led astray by the praise of men, and presumed beyond his strength; and being a man of elegant speech but not trained in discerning the sense of the Scriptures, interpreted in a perverse manner the second vision of Daniel, and put forth other works of no Value, which must be placed in the catalogue of heretical writings
Vicarious Sacrifice - Some regard them as close types and symbols of Christ’s work, and give them expiatory Value (P. The criticism, however, seems scarcely valid, for in speaking to the disciples about the nature of greatness—that its Value lies in service—it was natural that Jesus should allude to His expected death of which He had previously spoken, using it as an illustration of the point He was enforcing. They are therefore of the highest Value
Israel - Here his narrative has no independent Value. Historical Value of the earlier books . , the question as to the Value of the narratives concerning the patriarchal period is forced upon us
John (the Apostle) - ...
The Value of all this testimony is enhanced when one marks the overlapping of lives which is here evident. The statement which he makes regarding the relationship of Papias to the Apostle John and to Polycarp is not derived from the preface of Papias (see above), and if there is no possible confusion in the two Johns, we need only ask what Value the positive statement of Irenaeus really has. The Value of this testimony lies in the fact that Clement, in gathering memoranda to be ‘stored up against old age as a remedy against forgetfulness,’ had collected traditions handed down ‘from the holy Apostles Peter, James, John, and Paul, the sons receiving it from the father
Calvinists - They maintain that though the death of Christ be a most perfect sacrifice, and satisfaction for sins, of infinite Value, abundantly sufficient to expiate the sins of the whole world; and though on this ground the Gospel is to be preached to all mankind indiscriminately; yet it was the will of God that Christ, by the blood of the cross, should efficaciously redeem all those, and those only, who were from eternity elected to salvation, and given to him by the Father. The following positions are contained in the resolutions of the synod of Dort, under this need of doctrine:...
"The death of the Son of God is the only and most perfect sacrifice and satisfaction for sins, of infinite Value and price, abundantly sufficient to expiate the sins of the whole world
Diseases - Although it is unlikely that the figs had any medicinal Value, they were probably applied in the form of a hot compress. ...
Wine was commonly thought to have medicinal Value
Ethics - Moreover, it would be a mistake to suppose that no Hebrew minds felt the intrinsic Value of morality. Jesus asserted the immense Value of the individual
Gentiles - But it is far otherwise with Jewish apocalyptic, the Book of Daniel and its numerous extra-canonical successors-far inferior to it in religious Value-in which much true spiritual insight is mixed with carnal views and human passion. The Value of his report of the commission given by our Lord to His disciples in the upper room (Luke 24:47-49), and repeated at the Ascension (Acts 1:8), is heightened by the fact that ‘it seems now to be established beyond question that both books of this [8] great historical work were, written while St
Individual - The saying, ‘What shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?’ (Mark 8:36), may only indicate a man’s Value to himself, and the other, ‘How much then is a man better than a sheep!’ (Matthew 12:12), may not seem to go very far. The tendency with him is, not only to limit God, but also to ignore possibilities in man; yet his main contention is of great Value, and it helps us to understand the patient humanness of God’s revelation, if we take it to be a dialogue in which God could not speak the next word till man had responded to the last
Sorrow, Man of Sorrows - ...
The fuller discussion of the redemptive Value of Christ’s sufferings belongs to other articles (see art. Sorrow, indeed, is of no Value unless it leads to the striving after higher things
Fire - Sometimes the works are really wicked, sometimes they are just injurious, and sometimes they are just of no Value at all to GOD or man. Sometimes these works are works of charity, in which GOD is omitted, and therefore have no Value to GOD
Collection - As we shall see, other and more powerful causes were at work; but, even if we minimize the historical Value of the early chapters of Acts, enough remains to prove that this earliest and most self-sacrificing attempt of Christian men to realize their obligation to their poor brethren contributed to, rather than allayed, the evil it sought to destroy. In spite of the discouraging defection of the Galatian Christians, the Apostle feels himself justified in keeping this purpose before them, recalling its origin, and reminding them of its spiritual Value (cf
Word - The incarnation personifies God's sending of his saving creative Word: through his Son, God has made something of eternal Value out of nothing (cf. ...
Under divine control, human words can have eternal Value
David - in His Services - And it is our privilege to have it in all these three ways, if we love and Value such things above all other love and Value
Physical - It may be affirmed, moreover, that none of the ideas of this order, to which as a Teacher of humanity He attached momentous importance and Value, can ever be superseded by the teaching of either Science or Philosophy. ...
But withal, it remains to be added here, that Christ believed that human beings have a higher Value for God as the God of providence than the birds of the air
Pre-Existence of Christ - -According to its peculiar mode of thought, Rabbinism expressed the transcendent Value of any person or thing by assigning to it a pre-existent celestial archetype. ...
While the history of primitive Christianity proves its eclectic genius, its hospitality towards all ideas and forms of thought by which it could express its sense of the inexpressible religious Value of Christ, and while there is no a priori reason to deny that it may have incidentally woven into its own web sundry hints of a pre-existent Messiah or Ideal Man, it seems impossible that the rapid Christological advance which had taken place by the time the Pauline Epistles were written can have been in any vital way influenced by the recondite speculations of apocalyptic, Rabbinical, or Hellenistic Judaism
Joseph - ), ten pieces less than the current Value of a slave, for "they cared little what they had for him, if so be they were rid of him
Questions And Answers - It is personal work at the records themselves that has a real Value, and the main object of this article is to suggest lines of study, since an exhaustive investigation is obviously impossible within the space available
Criticism - Adam Smith, who accept the main positions of Wellhausen and assign a primary place to the prophets as the chief exponents of the higher religion of Israel, in which the world possesses a genuine revelation of the mind and will of God of the highest Value for all ages
Grace - Paul to understand, by contrast, the Value and the operation of the principle of grace; he was able to handle it with effect in the legalist controversy
Inheritance - ’ ( b ) The Jews also recognized that the possession of Canaan had Value only in so far as it assured them of the free exercise of their religion, and all other spiritual blessings
Error - This is true especially with respect to all judgments of Value, all questions of right and wrong, of duty and religion
Glory (2) - God’s ‘opinion’ marks the true Value of things, as they appear to the eternal mind; and God’s ‘favourable opinion’ is true ‘glory
Hunger - ’...
It is of the greatest interest to notice that, on the two occasions when it is definitely stated that Jesus suffered the pangs of hunger, the writer has pointedly attached to the narrative a lesson of psychological and spiritual Value
Interpretation - ), and from the numerical Value of letters (Revelation 13:18; cf
Bible, - There are also hundreds of Cursives (those written in a more running hand), for the most part of later date than the uncials, a few of which are of special Value
Materialists - This system gives a real Value to the doctrine of the resurrection from the dead, which is peculiar to revelation; on which alone the sacred writers build all our hope of future life: and it explains the uniform language of the Scriptures, which speak of one day of judgment for all mankind; and represent all the rewards of virtue, and all the punishments of vice, as taking place at that awful day, and not before
Providence - God's providence is concerned in a sparrow's fall; His children are of more Value than many sparrows, and therefore are assured of His providential care in all their concerns
Abraham - It is much more important to inquire what is the historical Value of the tradition which lies immediately behind the more popular narratives in which the religious significance of Abraham’s character is expressed
Caracalla, the Nickname of m. Aurelius Severus Antoninus Bassianus - A boon now so widely diffused could scarcely retain the same Value
Nero, Claudius Caesar - Reuss interprets the number of the beast as the numerical Value of the letters of the words Νέρων Καῖσαρ when written in Hebrew, and explains the existence of the ancient variant reading 616 by supposing it due to a Latin reader who had found the solution, but pronounced the name Nero and not Neron
Universalism (2) - On both sides, law is treated, not as customary, but as religious in Value—good religion to the Judaizers, bad religion to St. § 22) contends that this form of expression is of inferior scientific Value to the other set of expressions—noted by us in the Johannine teaching, and in Romans 8—according to which grace is destined to the Church
Cures - The Value of diet and the use of oil and wine in cases of bodily injury are indirectly referred to in Luke 14:1-668; Luke 10:34. He felt the throbbing in His own life of that Mighty Will and Love which animated all being, and therefore He intimated that the true Value of prayer, for Himself and for mankind, was that it established in man a close sympathy with, and an absolute dependence upon, the Source of all healing and life
Ebionism And Ebionites - It was the natural tendency of this view to diminish the Value of faith in Christ and a corresponding life. on their Value, R
Time - The revelatory nature of these divine in-breakings dispels any notion that time is merely cyclical, without purpose and Value
Sweat - Their words are: ‘These verses can only be a fragment from the traditions, written or oral, which were, for a while at least, locally current beside the canonical Gospels, and which doubtless included matter of every degree of authenticity and intrinsic Value
James, the Letter - ...
The Letter of James remains of lasting Value and consequence to the Christian confronted by an increasingly secular world
Proverbs, Book of - They can also make clear Value judgments (Proverbs 10:17 ; Proverbs 14:31 ; Proverbs 15:33 ; Proverbs 19:17 )
Scripture - Naturally their own writings have not yet attained to the dignity of Scripture; but a true feeling for the spiritual Value of apostolic letters is already evident in 2 Peter 3:15 f
Worldliness - If in a special situation he seems to deprecate and even disparage marriage and the family-life (1 Corinthians 7:1; 1 Corinthians 7:7-8; 1 Corinthians 7:28; 1 Corinthians 7:40), he yet shows unrivalled insight into their ideal significance and their Value for spiritual education (Ephesians 5:22-33; Ephesians 6:1-9). The terrestrial environment appeals directly not to the spiritual but to the psychical and animal nature, and where, as even in the Christian, life is not entirely emancipated from the bias of sin, whore higher and lower elements mingle and contend, there is necessarily a tendency for the relatively good to displace the absolutely good; and if this tendency is not counteracted and overcome, the uses and enjoyments of the world-innocent in themselves and capable of being elevated to the higher range of Values-become the means of chaining life to the lower
Priest - The sacrifice he once offered being of infinite Value, by virtue of his infinite nature, he hath, "by that one offering of himself once offered perfected for ever them that are sanctified
Bread - It is to-day practically what it has always been with regard to (1) the materials of which it is made, (2) the way in which it is prepared, (3) its importance and use as an article of food, and (4) the symbolism and sanctity suggested by its Value
Confession (of Sin) - In Matthew 5:23-24 confession to a justly offended brother is directly enjoined; and more than that, it is implied that the very gifts laid on God’s altar are shorn of their Value if such confession has not first been made
Corner-Stone - ...
The epigrammatic Value of the saying is enhanced by the fact that in the East the master-knowledge of the different trades has always been carefully guarded, and a sharp distinction is drawn between the man who thinks and plans and the man who by his elementary manual labour merely carries out the orders of another
Dead, the - , is of no dogmatic Value to us, though suitable and significant to the men of our Lord’s day
Cerinthus, Opponent of Saint John - "...
The Value of this and other such traditions is confessedly not great—that of the meeting with St
Essenes - Like many other Jews, they attributed great Value, in general, to lustration by bathing in cold water
Dead - ...
These sable vestments differed from their ordinary dress, not only in colour, but also in Value, being made of cheap and coarse stuff, as appears from these lines of Terence:—...
"Texentem telam studiose ipsam offendimus ...
Mediocriter vestitam veste lugubri ...
Ejus anus causa, opinor, quae erat mortua
Ecclesiastes - The Value of the book for us lies largely in its very deficiencies
Philosophy - The very Value of Greek teaching lies in the fact that it was, as far as is possible, a result of simple reason, or, if faith asserts ifs prerogative, the distinction is sharply marked
Province - The poll-tax pure and simple was rare; generally the basis of taxation was the profession, the income, or the Value of the movable property
Rome - Paul was confined there is Valueless. The reliefs are a contemporary historical document of Value unsurpassed in the whole of Roman history. Apart from its historical Value, the monument has been described as ‘the most important example of an attempt to create a purely Roman art filled with the Roman spirit. Other works of Value and interest are T
Fact And Theory - This is held to be the revelation of Christianity, but no Value is attached to the historic Christ apart from the idea which He exemplified. Thus he says that ‘faith has to do not with single historical facts as such, but with their religious Value,’ and that ‘there are facts about whose historicity there is little doubt, and which are of no importance for our religious life, and there are others about which there may be much doubt, and yet, as sensuous representations of religious truths, they are of the greatest Value
Preaching Christ - There is no religious and no intellectual Value for us in such fulfilments of prophecy as Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:18; Matthew 2:23. Its Value now lies in showing that He regarded Himself as the Christ, the promised King. Here again we may say that the spectacular representations of the judgment are a form which we may recognize to have only a relative Value, while yet we do not dispute in the least the absolute truth that the standard of reality and of worth in the spiritual world is Jesus, and that no life can be finally estimated except by its relation to Him
Theodoretus, Bishop of Cyrrhus - (2) Eranistes or Polymorphus, "a work of remarkable interest and of permanent Value for theological students, to be read in connexion with the Tome of Leo and the definitions of Chalcedon" (Bright, Later Treatises of Athanas. —This class contains two works of very different character and of very different Value: (1) the Ecclesiastical History , and (2) the Religious History. —No portion of Theodoret's literary remains exceeds in interest and Value the large collection of his letters
Genealogies of Jesus Christ - A more detailed examination of the main characteristics of the two genealogies will show the fundamental differences of conception and treatment that exist between them, and prepare us for extracting whatever may be of Value from the attempts that have been made to harmonize them. Historical Value of the two genealogies
Life - This belief is primarily an act of intellectual assent to the claim of Christ; but such an act implies a religious experience which has led up to it and gives it Value. John adds one element of priceless Value
High Priest - Others take the Biblical texts at face Value and accept Mosaic institution of the fully developed priesthood
Tarsus - It would be impossible to exaggerate the Value which would accrue to the study of St
Ezra, Book of - ...
The Value of the contributions of Ezra to the Jews is immeasurable
Atonement, Day of - ...
But both goats were presented before Jehovah" as consecrated to Him (Leviticus 16:14-153); and both alike in color, height, and Value, form but two parts of one complex act of atonement; the one alone could not in the nature of things have expressed the whole truth
Gnosticism - The Value of the study of gnosticism for interpreting the New Testament is greatest from the point of view that there was a pre-Christian gnosticism which was not an organized religion but was more a general attitude among thoughtful persons that although ignorance abounded, one could through knowledge come to understand one's true identity and find union or relationship with the absolute deity
Chronicles, i - ...
The material is most carefully chosen, with the object of bringing out the importance of Judah, the greatness of the line of David, the religious Value of Jerusalem, and the position of the Levites
Babylon - For 45 years nothing of real Value was undertaken
Immanuel - The Value of the supposition that he was working on the lines of popular beliefs ready to his hand, is that it explains how his hearers would be prepared to understand his oracular language, and suggests that much that is obscure to us may have been clear to them
King - ) showed the Value of the kingly office; and when Saul and his sons fell on Mt
Miracles - In this article we may consider the meaning of the words used in the NT for ‘miracles,’ and the evidence for the apostolic belief in them; the evidence will then be compared with that for miracles in the succeeding ages, and the evidential Value of miracles will be weighed
Self- Denial - Death and persecution in themselves have no spiritual Value (1 Corinthians 13:3, 1 Peter 4:15), but to deny the ‘name’ or the ‘faith’ (Revelation 2:13; Revelation 3:8) in order to escape them is to renounce Christ
Labour (2) - ...
A charge, which has been brought again and again against the Christian religion, is that it is too exclusive in its other-worldliness to be of practical Value in the midst of life’s stern realities
Apostolic Fathers - The gentleness and serenity of Clement, whose whole spirit is absorbed in contemplating the harmonies of nature and of grace; the fiery zeal of Ignatius, in whom the one overmastering desire of martyrdom has crushed all human passion; the unbroken constancy of Polycarp, whose protracted life is spent in maintaining the faith once delivered to the saints,—these are lessons which can never become antiquated or lose their Value
Song of Solomon - They Value the love of the bridegroom more than wine
Alexandria - The Value of this unrivalled collection was immense
Guilt - To this a fine, amounting to one-fifth of the Value of the wrong done in the case of a neighbour, was added and given to the injured party ( Leviticus 6:5 , Numbers 5:6 f
Twelve - Among the ungodly there is only silence regarding the grace of GOD, the loveliness of CHRIST, the Value of the Blood and all those precious themes which are loved by the Christians
Parable - The fifth and sixth, the inestimable Value of the kingdom
Amen - ...
‘Amen’ would naturally have passed from the synagogues to the churches which took their rise among the synagogue-worshippers, but the Master Himself gave a new emphasis to its Value for Christians by the example of His own practice
Deluge - And herein is seen the religious Value of the latter
Nin'Eveh - These inscribed bricks are of the greatest Value in restoring the royal dynasties
Old Testament - Our Old Testament textus receptus is a far more faithful representation of the genuine Scripture; but, on the other hand, the means of detecting and correcting the errors contained in it are more precarious, the results are more uncertain, and the ratio borne by the Value of the diplomatic evidence of MSS
Proselyte - Some of the proselytes whom he mentions by name were acquisitions of very doubtful Value, as the kings Azizus of Emesa and Polemo of Cilicia, who were prompted to embrace Judaism by the desire to contract advantageous marriages with Herodian princesses (Ant
Nationality - He was loth to discount the Value of nationality by admitting a Syrophœnician woman, an alien both in race and in religion, to an equal claim on His brief ministry with the elect people (Matthew 15:24; Matthew 15:26)
Miracles - ...
In estimating the Value of the testimony to Christ's miracles it is to be remembered there is no counter testimony. Besides the evidential Value of miracles, they are intimately and internally connected with Christianity as a new creation springing from God manifest in the flesh
Religious Experience - Evidential Value of religious experience. Its importance and Value to the race are doubly starred, for ‘its best fruits are the best things history has to show’ (James, Varieties of Religious Experience, p
Old Testament - The real Value of the OT Scriptures, therefore, is to point forward to the Light, and then to pass away as the shadow before the sunshine. In the remaining books the speculative interest has almost vanished, and the OT is cited mainly for its ethical Value
Physician - For the sake of its Value in sexual development he advocated physical as well as mental training for youth. In therapentics he made use of amulets for their Value in suggestion
Disease - Ben Sirach adds a strong warning, again on health grounds, against gluttony, and urges the therapeutic Value of "industrious work" (margin: "moderate work" )
Jacob - It taught him the Value of continued prayer from one who is helpless
Tithes - Not only is the general principle of maintaining the clergy a decided feature of the early Apostolic Church, but towards the close of the period we have evidence that there were gradations in the payment given, proportionate to the Value of the work accomplished (οὶ καλῶς προεστῶτες πρεσβύτεροι διπλῆς τιμῆς ἀξιούσθωσαν, 1 Timothy 5:17)-a not unexpected development of the old law, ‘the labourer is worthy of his hire’ (Luke 10:7)
Prophecy, Prophet - They were of Value only when the people were doing God’s will in their daily lives
Nahum - Literary character and religious Value
Ransom (2) - He takes the notion of ‘covering’ in this word to apply to ‘covering in Value’ (one thing covering the worth of another), and so imports into כֹּפֶר the idea of strict equivalence
Sayings (Unwritten) - ” ’ The last sentence agrees in sentiment with a well-known text; but these Mohammedan traditions of Christ’s words are for the most part of no Value
Conscience - The difference between the moral and the unmoral emotions is one of kind and not of quantity, of worth and not of amount: some pleasures low in the scale of Value are very intense, while the moral satisfactions may have small intensity and yet are preferred by good men to any physical or intellectual delights
Idol, Idolatry - Places of historic Value that testified to the power and presence of God, like Bethel, were turned into cultic shrines (Amos 4:4 )
Antichrist - ...
Moreover, the only two Greek nouns in the New Testament, whose Value numerically is exactly 666, are precisely the two expressing the grand corrupters of the church and sources of idolatry, "tradition" (paradosis ), the corrupter of doctrine, "wealth" or the pursuit of it (euporia , only in Acts 19:25), the corrupter of practice (Colossians 3:5)
Salt - Oh, for grace to know our mercies, and truly to Value them! For he that now saves from corruption, will one day be the everlasting condemnation of those that reject him
Head - ...
Song of Solomon 5:11 (c) The beautiful purity of CHRIST, as well as His supreme Value, are represented in this picture
Widow - ...
The widow—who was absolutely dependent, whose Value was found in "being" and not "doing" and "achieving, " who had known both the joy of love and the anguish of lossperhaps reflected more than others the image of God
Pharisees - Jesus, to confute the notion of its having moral Value, did not wash before eating (Luke 11:37-40)
Elisha - Some of these sacred mantles can be traced for several centuries, and their Value increases with their age
Miracles - While the Christians were being persecuted, such signs would be a visible evidence of the power of God and the Value of the name of the Lord Jesus
Cabbala - The first, called gematria, consists in taking letters as figures, or arithmetical numbers, and explaining each word by the arithmetical Value of the letters whereof it is composed; which is done various ways: the second is called notaricon, and consists either in taking each letter of a word for an entire diction, or in making one entire diction out of the initial letters of many: the third kind, called themurah, that is, changing, consists in changing and transposing the letters of a word; which is done various ways
Nathanael - But his reply does not mean, ‘I know that I am all that; but how do you know it?’ Rather, he exhibits surprise that a total stranger should express any opinion about him, lie somewhat coldly intimates that he doubts the Value of praise which can hardly be based upon experience
Redemption - He calls Himself by the lofty name of the Son of Man, and, by thus throwing the exaltation of His Person into contrast with the lowliness of the work He was performing, He enhances the Value of His example to a life of service. On the one hand, he speaks of it, enhancing its Value, as precious
Regeneration - Is it possible that the word had so sacramental a significance that it was better avoided by those who were insisting upon an actual ethical renewal? With the triumph of sacramentalism in the Church the word attained its technical Value. The saying of John the Baptist that the Coming One shall baptize with the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11, Luke 3:16) implies the supernaturalism of the charismata, but Jesus’ own words have to do with the simplicity of a religious experience within the reach of all who fulfil the ethical conditions of thorough-going repentance (Matthew 18:3) and heroic, sacrificial choice of the higher Values (Matthew 10:39, Matthew 11:25 ff. When attention is concentrated upon duty, a man acts according to his sense of higher Values; when impulse determines his conduct, he is false to his better knowledge. An element of this new idea that has strong emotional Value is the belief that there awaits the victor in the conflict an eternity of splendid peace in the full enjoyment of all those experiences for which now he must contend so hardly (Romans 8:15-17)
Jesus Christ - They are either too late in time, too tangential, too geographically distant, or too obviously a distortion of more traditional Christian thought to be of much Value. Other fragmentary material from Jewish and pagan sources is also well known and has a certain corroborative Value that is quite helpful
Sexuality, Human - The eschaton and its Values, therefore, reflect the end toward which the present redeemed community labors. The Values of the eschaton, accordingly, are prescriptive. In the Bible a person's life was considered of great Value even if his social standing was merely that of a slave (Exodus 21:20-21,26-27 ). ...
In the New Testament Paul, recognizing the Value of a healthy sex life for a solid marriage, warns married couples that they should not use the other's sexual desire as a weapon
Man - -The fundamental fact for apostolic anthropology is the new Value assigned to human nature by Jesus Christ, both through His personal attitude and teaching, and through His life, death, and resurrection. For Jesus, the supreme element in human personality was its moral content, as the supreme Value in the life of men was human personality itself
Logos - Hence the peculiar Value which is ascribed to them (John 6:63; John 6:68, John 15:3). The vital and permanent message of the Fourth Gospel is little affected by any estimate we may form of the Value of the Logos hypothesis
Luke, Gospel According to - Luke omitted what his readers would not Value: being a Gentile himself, and writing for Gentiles, he naturally omitted sections which dealt with questions of Jewish interest; (2) that he objected to repetition, and left out what he regarded as dittographies; e. Mark in details, however highly he may Value it on the whole
Matthew, Gospel According to - ...
In the present article we propose to discuss the chief features in the picture of the Person of Christ drawn for us by the First Evangelist, and to consider the bearing of this upon the questions of the author, the sources, the date, and the historical Value of the Gospel. Those of the Hid Treasure and of the Goodly Pearl emphasize its Value, and teach the lesson that a man must give up all else to enter into it
Mediator - His death had some special Value in itself, or else the Church would not have continued to show forth the Lord’s death (1 Corinthians 11:26). The special Value which He attached to His own death is made plain by the account of the Lord’s Supper contained in the Petrine Gospel of St
Colossians, Epistle to the - ’ The references to circumcision (Colossians 2:11; Colossians 3:11) show that the false teachers assigned some Value to it. The real Value of the suggestion is that it shows that within Judaism itself it was possible for strange esoteric cults to appear
Faith - The writer appreciates the Value of faith when he refers to those who are ‘rich in faith’ (James 2:5) and to the ‘prayer of faith’ (James 5:15); but in the section of the Epistle which deals with faith and works, it is not too much to say that he looks upon faith with a measure of suspicion. Paul the only faith that is of Value is the faith that rests on Jesus Christ our Lord, who was made in the likeness of men, died for our sins, and rose again from the dead
Faith - The writer appreciates the Value of faith when he refers to those who are ‘rich in faith’ (James 2:5) and to the ‘prayer of faith’ (James 5:15); but in the section of the Epistle which deals with faith and works, it is not too much to say that he looks upon faith with a measure of suspicion. Paul the only faith that is of Value is the faith that rests on Jesus Christ our Lord, who was made in the likeness of men, died for our sins, and rose again from the dead
Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - Respecting St Mark's accuracy as he did Papias would certainly have accepted his order unless he had some other document to which, in this respect, he attached more Value, going over the same ground as St. Remembering the solicitude Papias here displays to clear the Gospels from all suspicion of error, and the recognition of inspired authority implied in the title λόγια , we cannot admit the inference which has been drawn from the last sentence of the fragment, that Papias attached little Value to the Gospels as compared with the viva voce traditions he could himself attest; and we endorse Lightfoot's explanation, that it was the Gnostic apocryphal writings which Papias found useless in his attempts to illustrate the Gospel narrative accepted by the church
Family Life And Relations - Sons were especially Valued (Psalm 127:3-5 ) to carry on the family name, yet it is against rebellious sons, not daughters, that legislation was directed and proverbs were coined (Proverbs 20:20 ; 30:11,17 ). While not denying the Value of strong internal ties in a traditional Jewish family (see Luke 1:17 ), Jesus would not permit such ties to stand in the way of one's decision to follow him (Matthew 10:35-36 )
Clean, Unclean - Other laws, by creating distinctive customs (even where such customs were without any inherent moral Value, as in Leviticus 18:19 ), nonetheless inculcated Israel with the concept of "holiness" and served as "object lessons, " creating in Israel a sense of self-identity as a "separated" people
Jerusalem - Its Value was no longer dependent on its physical splendor
Liberty - ...
Though civic freedom is quite evidently Valued, we find little or nothing in the apostolic writings bearing on political questions. As the ancient conception of man as merely a component unit in tribe or nation faded and gave way to the sense of his Value for himself as well as for the community, and of his responsibility for himself, such consequences were bound to follow
Family - All who belonged to him and claimed their allegiance to him were considered part of the household and were similar in beliefs and Values. When the family moved from a rural to an urbanized culture, their traditions and Values were threatened. Jesus affirmed the Value of marriage but did not view it as more important than the family of God
Tiberius - These statements are now regarded as historically Valueless, and may have been taken from some apocryphal work, possibly the original Acts of Pilate, known to Justin (Apol. and regarded as of no Value as history
Animals - Clearly, animals are Valued by God in and for themselves, and God expresses pleasure and delight in them. Jesus reaffirms the Value of the animal world in Luke 12:6 : "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Christians must now live in a way that is consistent with the kingdom, and so are called to embrace kingdom Values and goals, including harmony with creation, and so are to act to preserve and enhance the created order
Reward - His reward lies in the attainment of that for which he has striven, and any other motive destroys the Value of his service
Wealth (2) - It is subordinate to the great moral issues of life, and it is of Value only in so far as it promotes the true purpose of life
Logos - , the Value be assigns to knowledge; his crystallization of the gospel into such general terms as light,’ ‘truth,’ ‘life’; his constant antithesis of light and darkness)
Poetry - ...
The esthetic quality of poetry is particularly appropriate in God's Word, for the Lord is a God who is both creative and places great Value upon beauty
Mercy - Thus in Luke 11:41 the Value of giving alms is placed high above religious rules about purity, which the Pharisees guarded so carefully
Salvation - The writer of Hebrews suggests that the hearing of the gospel is of no Value unless combined with faith (4:1)
Person, Personhood - While individual Value, worth, and responsibility are recognized in the Old Testament, there is no tendency to the rugged individualism of Western culture
Jude Epistle of - , its evidence is of little Value on this point
Education (2) - It is not the least merit of the Jewish people that they recognized the Value of education, and brought it within the reach of the poorest
Invitation - it may be (1) openly scorned, (2) accepted and then rejected or ignored, (3) accepted in a wrong spirit, or with an imperfect realization of its privileges and Value
Glory - Caspari, Die Bedeutungen der Wortsippe כבד im Hebräischen, Leipzig, 1908, is not without Value for the student of the NT
Hardening - The story of Pharaoh’s overthrow has great and permanent Value as a drama of freedom abused, and its moral effect would be ruined if we were to interpolate in it at any point the words of the Qur’än (x
Epicureans - The difficulty be found in attaining this ideal led him to allow some Value to prudence as an aid thereto
Death - The Value of the Apocrypha in connexion with the study of Scriptural teaching and usage here is not to be overlooked
Atonement - When Christ died sin was, as it were, all consumed for His people by the fire of judgement, and all the Value of the blood was before God where He communicated with the people
the Angel of the Church in Pergamos - Pergamos possessed a library also that rivalled in size and in Value the world-renowned library of Alexandria itself
the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans - He will enrich them with his annotations, and thus tripling their Value
Arts - When graven by art and device of man (Acts 17:29), stone, especially marble, took high Value (Revelation 9:20; Revelation 18:12)
Adam - Thus the genealogy, which might at first sight appear to be a useless addition to the Gospel narrative, possesses a lasting spiritual Value
Cosmas (3), Indian Navigator - Cosmas preserves a monument of very considerable historical Value consisting of two inscriptions relating to Ptolemy Euergetes b
Nazarene - ...
As the proper apprehension of this point is, in my view, of infinite Value in the faith of a believer, I beg the reader's indulgence to state the whole subject very particularly
Chronicles, Books of - ...
Purposes and Enduring Value The principal purpose of 1,2Chronicles is to show God's control of history to fulfill His desire to dwell among His people in a perfect relationship of holiness in which God is God and the redeemed are His people
Plagues of Egypt - Religious Value
Prayer - ’ The Value attached by Ignatius to the influence of prayer is expressed in the words (Ephesians 5): ‘For if the prayer of one and another hath so great force, how much more that of the bishop and of the whole Church
Adam - Thus the genealogy, which might at first sight appear to be a useless addition to the Gospel narrative, possesses a lasting spiritual Value
Prophecy Prophet Prophetess - 9), whose intellectual tastes were offended by the excesses of certain types of prophet, and who had not sufficient insight or tolerance to estimate the spiritual Value of prophecy as a whole
Ignatius - Paul, does not seem to be of any greater Value than the foregoing. ...
No historical Value can be attached to the rest of the Martyrium Colbertinum, or to the Martyrium Vaticanum (which is independent of the foregoing and perhaps dates from the 5th cent
Sacrifice (2) - All external religious practices are Valueless except in so far as they manifest inward spiritual life. Just as the baptism of John was Valueless without change of mind, and could confer no forgiveness without the bringing forth of fruit worthy of repentance, so the sprinkling of the blood expressed the thought that purity and sincerity are necessary for all who would enter into the covenant relationship with God—that there can be no forgiveness except it be followed by sincere obedience. But the death itself has a Value apart from the resurrection, for in it is revealed the triumph of holy love over the power of evil: it is the means whereby the Father glorifies the Son (John 12:27-28, John 13:31-32). Yet the emphasis be lays on it is never one-sided; for the death of Christ is but the consummation of His holy life of Divine love, and at the same time the prelude to the fuller life of glory beyond; both of which are essential to the meaning and Value of the sacrifice
Gospels, Apocryphal - These Gospels possess Value for the Church historian in that they represent tendencies at work in the Church of the first four or five centuries. It is of even less historical Value than the Protevangelium
Eucharist - ]'>[4] They laid stress on the Value of γνῶσις and attached insufficient importance to morality. If this were his claim, it would very seriously affect the historic Value of St
Jerusalem - Little Value can be attached to the tradition that the Golden Gate above the Kidron Valley is the gate referred to in Acts 3:2. James in the Armenian Quarter-a tradition of no Value
Ethics (2) - Taking into consideration the writer’s date and point of view, we can quite well understand the words; but we naturally ask whether this conciliatory and conservative attitude towards the ceremonial law truly represents the mind of Jesus?...
The words about the cleansing of cups and platters, and about the tithing of mint, anise, and cummin, certainly sound so contemptuous as to compel us to ask whether Jesus set any Value whatever upon the ceremonial side of the Law, and, in particular, upon the special casuistical precepts of the scribes. To assert such equivalence of thought and deed may seem to us almost to overshoot the mark; for we rightly place a high Value upon the self-command which keeps desire from passing into action
Apocrypha - ...
2 Esdras, also a Jewish Apocalyptic work, calls for closer examination, since it is contained in our Apocrypha, although its late date diminishes its Value in the history of the development of thought. ]'>[3] But the much debated point is of little real importance; indeed, it is of no Value till we grant that Wisdom in Proverbs and Sirach is (1) personal, and (2) identical with Christ
Augustine - The reflections, however, which accompany his narrative, are generally important and judicious, and furnish to the moral philosopher copious materials for a history of the varieties of the human heart, and are of superior Value to the humble Christian for the investigation and better knowledge of his own. ...
Many were the theological labours to which he was invited by the most eminent of his contemporaries; and hastily as some of his lucubrations were executed, it is not surprising that among two hundred and seventy-two treatises on different subjects, some are of inferior Value and unworthy of the fame which he had acquired in the church
Jonah - The identification of Jonah with the son of the widow of Zarephath, which is mentioned by Jerome, and other assertions of Jewish origin, have no historical Value
Language of the nt - Contributions of great Value have recently been made to our knowledge of the Aramaic, in which nearly all the sayings of Christ must have been uttered, and in which Papias (as usually understood) shows they were first written down
Scripture - To conclude: It is exceedingly remarkable, that the more humble and holy people are, the more they read, admire, and Value the Scriptures: and, on the contrary, the more self-conceited, worldly- minded, and wicked, the more they neglect, despise, and asperse them
Sacrifice And Offering - Someone who took something illegally was expected to repay it in full plus 20 percent of the Value and then bring a ram for the guilt offering
Galatians, Theology of - ...
Central in this discussion Isaiah 5:6 , one of the most important statements in all of Paul's letters: "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any Value
Joel, Theology of - The Value of this appeal, however, may be questioned
Stoics - A full discussion of the Value and bearing of these facts is given in Lightfoot (see Literature)
Infancy - If it be so, it cannot detract from the supreme Value of the portraiture of Christ in the Gospels
Star (2) - But these are of very uncertain Value
the Blind Leaders of the Blind - ...
Now, the great Value of this passage to us lies in this, that we have two classes of preachers here set before us for our learning
Boethius, Anicus Manlius Severinus - The works of Boëthius prove his intimate knowledge of Greek literature, and were for centuries the only vehicle by which Greek philosophy penetrated to the West; but his chief work is now of Value only as serving, along with the poetry of Claudian and Ausonius, to mark the point of contact between the thought of heathendom and the faith of Christianity
Various Readings - Therefore the more ancient the manuscript the more Value is placed upon its readings, not that any particular one could, however, be followed entirely. He laboured many years in his work, and, in searching for more manuscripts, was rewarded by discovering and issuing the Codex Sinaiticus, one of the most Valued copies, though erroneous in many places
Apocrypha - These are not a part of the Old Testament but are Valued by some for private study. Thus he included in his writing not only traditional Jewish wisdom but material that he found of Value from the Greek world
Mediator - In opposition to all this, we hold that Jesus Christ was qualified to act as Mediator by the union between his divine and his human nature; that his divine nature gave an infinite Value to all that he did, rendering it effectual for the purpose of reconciling us to God, while the condescension by which he approached to man, in taking part of flesh and blood, fulfilled the gracious intention for which a Mediator was appointed; that the introducing any other mediator is unnecessary, derives no warrant from Scripture, and is derogatory to the honour of him who is there called the "one Mediator between God and men;" and that as the union of the divine to the human nature is the foundation of that worship which in Scripture is often paid to the Mediator of the new covenant, this worship does not afford the smallest countenance to the idolatry and will worship of those who ascribe divine honours to any mortal
Jordanis, Historian of the Goths - 222–242) is a compendium of the history of the world, of little Value, and only important as indicating the strong feeling of the Goth Jordanis that the power of the Roman empire was to last to the end of time
Multitude - The parables of Matthew 13 give a very sober estimate of the Value of the professions of the multitude
Vigilius, Bishop of Rome - We have also the letters written by Vigilius, of great historical Value, and the Acts of the Fifth council, with contemporary documents preserved among them
Simon Magus - The historical Value of the story. ] ...
(b) If the Tübingen theory be recognized as ‘lifeless,’ there are three questions of importance bearing on the historical Value of the Simonian legend
Law (2) - His doctrine of the Fatherhood of God and of the incomparable Value of the human soul were fundamental convictions. The religious self-advertisement which characterized the Pharisees eviscerated these exercises of all their Value
Hieronymus, Eusebius (Jerome) Saint - of his works, which has a singular Value from its succinct narrative and careful investigation of dates. Jerome's own experience in the desert, his anti-Ciceronian dream at Antioch, his knowledge of the desert monks, of whom he gives a valuable description, were here used in favour of the virgin and ascetic life; the extreme fear of impurity contrasts strangely with the gross suggestions in every page; it contains such a depreciation of the married state, the vexations of which ("uteri tumentes, infantium vagitus") are only relieved by vulgar and selfish luxury, that almost the only advantage allowed it is that by it virgins are brought into the world; and the vivid descriptions of Roman life—the pretended virgins, the avaricious and self-indulgent matrons, the dainty, luxurious, and rapacious clergy—forcible as they are, lose some of their Value by their appearance of caricature
Christ in the Early Church - But within these limits a very special interest attaches to the pre-Nicene period, both from its comparative nearness to the time of Christ, and from the extreme Value and interest of its records, scanty though they are. ...
The representations of the suffering and dying Christ, which became the favourites of a later age, have, of course, an independent Value
Apostles - Practically nothing can he brought forward in support of this hypothesis; for who can attach any Value to the fact that three of the Apostles bore the same names as three of our Lord’s brothers, when it is known that these names were among the most common in the land? The statement made in John 7:5 that six months before the Crucifixion none of our Lord’s brothers believed on Him is wholly inconsistent with the view that two or even three of them were Apostles. By whom the catalogues were framed is unknown, but their Value as historical witnesses is great
Archaeology And Biblical Study - In the past, archaeology has aided Old Testament studies especially, but its Value to the student of the New Testament also is now being recognized more fully. A study of Ugaritic has helped Old Testament scholars better understand the nature and development of the Hebrew language, and it has been of particular Value in the clarification of some of the ancient Hebrew poetry contained in the Bible
Lutherans - Christ's sacrifice is alone sufficient to satisfy for sin, and nothing need be added to the infinite Value of his atonement. Congruous merit was universally esteemed a pearl above all price, the intrinsic Value of which attracted the regard, and conciliated the benevolence, of the Almighty
Neology - I receive it only because my reason approves it; and I should, of course, do so if an authority of far inferior Value were to present the system to me. Peter must either have caught so many fish as would be reckoned worth a stater at Capernaum, (so near to a sea rich in fish,) or one so large and fine as would have been Valued at that sum. Francke, he observes, assigns as a reason for attaching the more Value to the opportunities provided at Halle for the study of Scripture, that "in former times, and in those which are scarcely past, one generally found at universities opportunities for every thing rather than a solid study of God's word
Originality - As contributions to the study of the early history of the Christian Church and the development of Christian doctrine, their works may prove of Value; but as accounts of the origin of Christianity itself, we cannot assign to them any worth (Harnack, Hist. ...
Seydel claims a certain apologetic Value for his investigations
Perfection (of Jesus) - The law of His life, its ultimate Value. So the individual can never have permanent or universal Value
Mediation Mediator - ), is just that conception of the relative Value of the Cross in the mediatorial work of Christ found in Acts and the rest of the NT
Lord - ...
But perhaps the most striking instance of all of how Christ comes to have the Value of God in the Christian consciousness is afforded by the fact that, repeatedly in the NT, quotations from the OT which manifestly refer to God are immediately applied to Christ
Hebrews, Epistle to - Of more direct Value are the testimonies of Hippolytus and Irenæus, both of whom were acquainted with the Epistle, but denied that St
Croisade, or Crusade - In pursuit of these chimerical projects, they sold at low prices their ancient castles and inheritances, which had now lost all Value in their eyes
Scribes - He condemned the external, mechanical formalism which they encouraged, and declared that only the inward purity of the heart was of Value in the sight of God
Woman - Wisdom, which held high Value for the Hebrew people, was personified as “she” (Proverbs 1:20 ; Proverbs 7:4 )
Matthew, the Gospel of - Fasting is of Value only if the motive behind it is right (1618486009_60 )
Heaven, Heavens, Heavenlies - Either the earthly or heavenly Value system will prevail
Pietists - Hence arose those famous disputes concerning the use of philosophy; and the Value of human learning, considered in connexion with the interest of religion, the dignity and usefulness of systematic theology, the necessity of polemic divinity, the excellence of the mystic system, and also concerning the true method of instructing the people
Law of God - His aim throughout was to call attention to the true spirit and purpose of the Law, to that in it which was of essential and permanent Value
Body (2) - Though the body is a true part of our humanity, its Value is not to be compared for a moment with that of the spiritual part (Matthew 10:28)
Commission - * Devotion - His life, as well as His teaching, shows that fasting in itself has no devotional or any other religious Value, but is serviceable only when and in so far as it promotes the closeness of communion with God
Peter - So many faults had Peter, and so patent and on the surface did they lie, that you might very easily take a too hasty and a too superficial estimate of Peter's real depth and strength and Value
Fig-Tree - ...
To explain the narrative of Mark 11:13 two other facts have been advanced of doubtful Value and trust-worthiness
Christ - " But that that sacrifice might possess an infinite dignity and Value, it must be united to the GODHEAD
Agony - Secondly, only a very superficial and external view of His work as Saviour warrants the supposition that His sacrifice could be accomplished only on the Cross; that its efficacy depended in any way on its outward mode; that His death, if it had come to Him in Gethsemane, would have had less Value for God and man than His crucifixion has
Nicodemus - Nicodemus saw the pearl, and knew something of the Value of it, but he could not make up his mind to sell all he possessed so as to pay the price
Kingdom of God - The parables of the hidden treasure and the valuable pearl illustrate that when people are convinced of the priceless and lasting Value of the kingdom of God, they will make any sacrifice to enter it (Matthew 13:44-46)
Obedience (2) - Were this the testimony of the Jews, who were self-righteous, and thus incapacitated for judging of their true spiritual condition, it would have no Value; but it is the testimony of a specially sensitive conscience, one which saw deeper into the meaning of the Law than others, which enjoyed perfect communion with God (John 14:9; John 12:45)
Solomon - The books of OT and Apocrypha ascribed to Solomon are of Value only as giving later conceptions of his career. Later legends, Jewish and Mohammedan, are interesting, but historically Valueless; the fact that they have in no way influenced the OT narrative is an evidence of its general reliability; only two dreams and no marvels are recorded of Solomon
Ethics - Thus the life of all persons, whether still unborn and in the womb (Exodus 21:22-25 ; Psalm 139:13-6 ) or those who were citizens of a conquered country (Isaiah 10:1 ; Habakkuk 3:1 ), were of infinite Value to God
Evangelize, Evangelism - The "beautiful feet" figure, along with the joyful response, indicate the news' Value and personal benefit
Ten Commandments - They also explain some of the high Value that has been put on individual worth in Western thought
Meekness (2) - Indignation has a vastly greater moral Value and influence when it proceeds from one who in personal matters endures provocation with calmness and self-restraint
Spirit - ...
That ψυχή is, nevertheless, sometimes found to denote more than this is evident from references by Jesus Himself to its indestructibility and its incomparable Value as the goal of all human progress, where we should have expected either τνεῦμα or πνεῦμα and ψυχή to convey His full meaning (cf
Gifts - Sometimes, as in John 3, we detect the narrow intolerance which resented any new influence or development in the Church life, Diotrephes being a type of mind which is ecclesiastically conservative and ‘so loses impulses of the greatest Value’ (E
Coming to Christ - ‘Coming,’ the first movement of the soul to Christ, is associated with, and derives spiritual and permanent Value from, hearing and doing the words of Christ
Apocalyptic Literature - This apocalypse, both from its probable origin and general characteristics, is of particular Value as a document for understanding the NT literature
Zechariah, Theology of - ...
Some scholars have discounted the religious Value of this book because it is tied so closely to the Jerusalem cult
Dispersion - The laws of the Empire had a high moral Value for the Apostle, and he repaid what he owed to them by fervent intercessions for those who administered them (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-2)
Demoniac - Nor does this, say they, detract from the very high character which Christ undoubtedly sustains in the inspired writings, or diminish the Value of his miracles as the evidences of our religion; since it must be allowed, that to cure a disease with a word or a touch is an effort of power far beyond the reach of any human being
Pentateuch - Fundamental and difficult it calls for patience, industry and the ability to sift evidence and estimate its Value
Philippians, Epistle to - Paul, who had enjoyed every Hebrew privilege, knows of how small Value they were for attaining true righteousness, and now he boasts only in Christ. He thanks the Philippians for their gift, crowning many acts of generosity towards him, and yet, lest they should feel that he was too dependent upon them, he reminds them that it is their spirit that he Values most
Political Conditions - At the same time the produce of the field was Valued, and made chargeable to the extent of one-tenth in the case of corn and two-tenths in that of fruit and vine. The scheme was of the utmost Value to the city, as the supply of water conveyed through an older aqueduct at a higher level was proving insufficient; but the offence was that Pilate proposed to throw the cost upon the Temple treasury, and actually seized some of the sacred funds
Dispersion - The laws of the Empire had a high moral Value for the Apostle, and he repaid what he owed to them by fervent intercessions for those who administered them (Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-2)
Song of Songs - It does not follow that the Oriental ascribes no Value to a woman’s excellences of disposition and character
Talmud - It is true that in the Talmud itself the letter of Scripture is always clearly differentiated from the rest; but, in the first place, the comments and explanations declare what Scripture means, and without this official explanation the Scriptural passage would lose much of its practical Value for the Jew; and, in the second place, it is firmly believed that the oral laws preserved in the Talmud were delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai
Colossians, Theology of - In fact, it fails to check the flesh and is of no Value (2:23). This means that the church was formed to be a community with Values distinct from the world's, reflecting a distinct character. One is to identify with it and reflect its Values
Church - But already in the NT that ideal element, which distinguished the primitive fellowship as the Kingdom of Messiah, is beginning to express itself in a conception of the ecclesia which, while it never loses touch with the actual concrete society or societies of Christians, has nevertheless no constitutional Value
Clean And Unclean - The animistic horror of ghosts and theories of a continued existence after death, gave a rationale for such terror; but it probably existed in pre-animistic days, and the precautions exercised with regard to dead bodies were derived partly from the intrinsic mysteriousness of death, partly from the Value of a corpse for magical purposes
Gospel - The early church placed a high Value on the experience of actually having seen and heard Jesus (Luke 1:2 ; 1 John 1:1 )
Number - ...
A certain mystical Value is attached to numbers in later Jewish and Christian philosophy and superstition, perhaps due partly to the ideas suggested by the relations of numbers to each other, and to the practical power of arithmetic; the symbols which aided men so effectually seemed to have some inherent force of their own. It consisted in indicating a word by means of the number which would be obtained by adding together the numerical Values of the consonants of the word. ...
The Apocalyptic number of the Beast is often explained by Gematria, and 666 has been discovered to be the sum of the numerical Values of the letters of some form or other of a large number of names written either in Hebrew, or Greek, or Latin
Abortion - Thus, although Mosaic law would not tolerate the cheapening of human life, it was not because human beings have infinite Value and therefore must live, but because human life is a gracious gift from God, images God, and therefore deserves high honor. But within a cultural context that Valued childbirth and children so highly as a tangible sign of God's blessing it is more likely that, for the Jewish family, the intentional termination of pregnancy was unknown, distasteful, or even unconscionable than that their stance was casual, tolerant, or positive toward the practice
Eucharist - The evidential Value, not the mystical significance, of the rite is here asserted
Faith - Only here, however, and in Habakkuk 2:4 , along with two or three passages in the Psalms ( Psalms 27:13 ; Psalms 116:10 quoted 2 Corinthians 4:13 , and possibly Psalms 119:66 ), does faith ipso nomine (or ‘believe’) assume the personal Value which is of its essence in the NT
Miracle - But he often withholds miraculous healing because of the remedial Value of suffering (2 Corinthians 12:8-9 )
Matthew, Theology of - Thus, the foundation of the tension the church had with Israel over the symbolic Value of the nation of Israel may have been rooted in Jesus' teaching to love and minister to all nations
Kingdom of God - This ethic focused on Jesus' teachings concerning the universal Fatherhood of God, the infinite Value of the human soul, and the love commandment
Leadership - Then there must be proof in his own home of his ability to lead the life of the congregationhigh Value was placed on a well-ordered and hospitable home
Light - Yet the stress of the saying falls on attention to the inward life as determining the course and Value of the outer
Merit - The work of Christ is not only the work which God has given Him to do (John 4:34; John 17:4), but God works through Him; so that the Value to God of the work of Christ consists ultimately in His voluntary self-surrender to be the personal instrument in the world of the saving revelation of God, and the recognition of this work by God in the exaltation of Christ, which yields Him the fruit of His work in the salvation of men, is, at the same time, included in the execution of God’s own purpose of salvation
Ministry - Finally, the atoning Value of Christ’s sacrifice is pointed out in Matthew 20:28—the words ‘and give his life a ransom for many,’ and in the accounts of the Last Supper (Matthew 26:27-28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:19-20)
Hebrews, Epistle to the - ...
If Christ be such a Priest, He must have 'somewhat to offer,' and in the following chapters the Value of His offering is shown forth
Helena, Saint, Mother of Constantine the Great - Eusebius's silence would imply that she died in Palestine; but if the traditions of her bounty to the people and church of Cyprus on her way home are of any Value, it must have been somewhere nearer Rome or Constantinople
Dress (2) - When one has worn thin, a new one is placed on the top, so that two or three layers are quite usual; and between the layers the fellah keeps small papers of Value
Force - ‘Power’ is a word of frequent occurrence in the Gospels, and in many instances where it is employed it possesses moral significance of very high Value
Jonathan - But all the time Saul had a son at his side whose deep and pure and holy heart he could neither understand, nor Value, nor satisfy
Baxterianism - Christ paid not, therefore, the idem, but the tantundem, or aequivalens; not the very debt which we owed and the law required, but the Value: (else it were not strictly satisfaction, which is redditio aequivalentis: [1] and (it being improperly called the paying of a debt, but
Letters - In consequence of this uncertainty respecting the author of alphabetic writing, and the high Value and extreme difficulty of the invention itself, many have been inclined to attribute this art to an immediate revelation from the Deity; contending that it was communicated with other invaluable gifts from above, in remote ages, to the descendants of Abraham, and probably to the Patriarch Moses, who was the author of the most ancient compositions in alphabetical writing that we at present possess
Omnipresence - These defective notions are confessed by Gibbon, a writer not disposed to undervalue their attainments: "The philosophers of Greece deduced their morals from the nature of man, rather than from that of God. ...
The usual argument a priori, on this attribute of the divine nature, has been stated as follows; but, amidst such a mass of demonstration of a much higher kind, it cannot be of any great Value:—The First Cause, the supreme all-perfect Mind, as he could not derive his being from any other cause, must be independent of all other, and therefore unlimited
Ideal - Deeply as He impressed upon His hearers the unspeakable Value of the individual life or soul (Matthew 10:30 f
Restoration - The discipline of mystery concerning the future world, which is so salutary for our nature, was not without its Value in the perfecting of the Redeemer
Union With God - Rather is it an experience of an ethical and spiritual order, the goal of which is not the absorption of the individual in God, in a kind of Nirvana, but the completion and perfecting of all that is of worth and Value in individual personality in loving communion with God through Christ (John 17:23, Revelation 21:2)
Unity (2) - As to schism generally, the Reformers maintained the traditional doctrine, and Calvin’s view may be taken as typical: ‘Such is the Value which the Lord sets on the communion of His Church, that all who contumaciously alienate themselves from any Christian society in which the true ministry of His word and Sacraments is maintained, He regards as deserters of religion’ (Inst
Galatians, Epistle to the - This argument does not appear to the present writer to be of much Value, for the question of the Gentiles and the Mosaic Law had really arisen with the case of Cornelius ( Acts 11:2 ff
Miracles - see) was the supernatural feature of deepest significance and highest Value
Election - That the Jewish people had come to attribute to it an exaggerated and erroneous Value is clear not only from St
Sibylline Oracles - It is true, as we have seen, that the very diffusion of such verses led to the partial discrediting of the entire literature as a religious authority of impartial Value, but long before this shadow fell upon the Sibyllina at Rome the Hellenistic Jews of Alexandria had taken advantage of the current Sibylline verse as a literary genre and started a new, ingenious development of the method
Ebionism (2) - The extant fragments of the Gospel of the Twelve Apostles show that its Value is quite secondary, and that the author has simply compiled it from the Canonical, and especially from the Synoptic Gospels, adapting it at the same time to the views and practices of Gnostic Ebionism
Living (2) - It was ‘in all probability a survival from a time when water (in the desert) was considered an article of Value’ (Kantzsch in Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible , Ext
Logia - He Valued the tradition because it gave him Apostolic authority for the Gospel on which he relics in all known instances for his logia of the Lord (Frgt. —Modern critics attribute great Value to the tradition reported by Papias, partly because of its inapplicability to canonical Mt
Emperor-Worship - With that key many obscurities disappear, and the Value of part of the book as a sober historical document becomes plain
Old Testament - Its chief Value is its collection of Qeri's, of which some are from the Talmud, many from manuscripts, others from the sole authority of the Masoretes
Jesuits - In spite of their vow of poverty, their wealth increased with their power; and they soon rivalled, in the extent and Value of their possessions, the most opulent monastic fraternities
John the Baptist - According to his judgment, want of love was the characteristic fault of the Ephesians: but this epistle is from beginning to the end occupied with admonitions to love, with recommendations of its Value, with corrections of those who are guilty of this fault, 1 John 2:5 ; 1 John 2:9-11 ; 1 John 2:15 ; 1 John 3:1 ; 1 John 3:11-12 ; 1 John 3:14-18 ; 1 John 3:23 ; 1 John 4:7-10 ; 1 John 4:12 ; 1 John 4:16-21 ; 1 John 5:1-3
Antiochus - Antiochus, conducted by the corrupt high priest Menelaus, entered into the holy of holies, whence he took and carried off the most precious vessels of that holy place, to the Value of one thousand eight hundred talents
Organization (2) - His race had learned in the Captivity and the Dispersion the Value of some outward conformity, especially of holy seasons, holy books, and meetings for worship and edification, all aiming at that unity expressed in Acts 4:32 ‘they had one heart and soul
Parable - In the pair of parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price we have two illustrations of like character to enforce the one truth, that to gain a possession of greatest Value no sacrifice is too great
Weights And Measures - No data of any Value for the exact determination of the cubit are to be obtained from this source. ...
In the above table, the Values of the measures are given according to three estimates, viz
Synagogue - The term מְלֵאֲתִי (= 481, being the numerical Value of the letters) in Isaiah 1:21 causes the Haggâdist to speak of 480 synagogues which Jerusalem had besides the Temple (Jer
Synagogue (2) - A set of synagogue accounts from the early part of the 1st cent, would be a discovery of much Value
Evil - That cultic and ethical Values were one and the same in the Hebraic mind may be illustrated by the similar penalties exacted for the severest offenses in either category (death, being cut off). Cultic Values are addressed in the first four of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-11 ; Deuteronomy 5:7-15 ) and by the first of Jesus' "Great Commandments" (Matthew 22:37-40 ; Mark 12:30 ; Romans 5:12-14 ; cf. There are, therefore, no grounds for the oft-repeated error wherein the "moral law" (the ethical) is in some way distinguished from the "ceremonial law" (the cultic) in Israel's Values system. It may also be used to emphasize the absence of any theological Value to a religious exercise (Isaiah 1:13 )
Sin - ...
Throughout the Bible almost every sin reaches for things with some intrinsic Value, such as security, knowledge, peace, pleasure, or a good name
Gospels - Stroud thus tabulates the four, taking 100 as the sum:...
Portions Unique To...
Total Each Gospel...
John's narrative of Mary's anointing of Jesus' feet combines her actions drawn from Luke, the ointment and its Value from Mark, and the admonition to Judas from Matthew
Golgotha - Moreover, even if it were possible to prove the existence of an earlier tradition, its Value would be open to serious question, as is shown by the falsity of other traditions which did actually exist in the age of Constantine
Miracles (2) - The evidential Value of the work was secondary, the need of man and the Divine impulse primary
Sin (2) - Its Value is irrespective of the view which historical criticism may suggest of the literature of the OT
Character - There we see convincingly the love of the Father (Romans 8:32, 1 John 4:10), who counted men of such Value (Matthew 18:2-14, Luke 15:10) that He would have all to be saved though at infinite cost (John 3:14-16)
Christ in the Seventeenth Century - that the supreme and essential characters of Deity are omnipotence, omniscience, unchangeableness; but by applying this conception logically to the Person of Christ, Socinians emptied their Christology of all religious Value
Atonement (2) - ...
Midway between the NT and Church History, as related in point of evidential Value to either, come the Creed and Sacraments
Fall (2) - (5) Jesus everywhere indicates clearly His view as to the original dignity and Value of man
Absolution - The Value, however, of this discipline depends wholly on the measure in which those who administer it are Christian, not legal, in their spirit, and on the support which the discipline receives from the spiritual level of the general body of the Church
Law of Moses - ( Leviticus 25:31-34 ) (3) Land or houses sanctified , or tithes, or unclean firstlings, to be capable of being redeemed, at six-fifths Value (calculated according to the distance from the jubilee year by the priest); if devoted by the owner and unredeemed, to be hallowed at the jubilee forever, and given to the priests; if only by a possessor, to return to the owner at the jubilee
Philippians Epistle to the - ’...
The letter, then, on its face Value is St
Law - ), it would seem that the OT legal system as a whole had for him only a typological Value
Luke - Paul’s life, and in places claiming that the writer was an eye-witness by the use of the first person, it would be not unnatural for the redactor carefully to preserve these important indications of the Value of his source, while at the same time rewriting or touching up the rest of the language
Immortality (2) - The whole tone of His speech, the implications of His parables, the sanctions with which He surrounds His encouragements and warnings, the comparative Value which He teaches men to set upon heavenly and earthly things, the gravity and seriousness of His outlook into the future, all show that here at least to Him and to His hearers there was common ground; that He did not need to begin by proving to them that death was not the end of all, but that the universal postulate of religious thought of His day anticipated a renewal of personal and conscious existence after death
Individualism - It is not a denial of the necessity of a corporate existence or of the Value of society
Preaching - ...
The old papal popular sermons had gone off like a charge of gunpowder, producing only a fright, a bustle, and a black face; but those of the nerve learninge, as the monks called them, were small hearty seeds, which, being sown in the honest hearts of the multitude, and watered with the dew of heaven, softly vegetated, and imperceptibly unfolded blossoms and fruits of inestimable Value
Last Supper - (3) It has been supposed that there was a difference of opinion between Jewish schools as to the date of the Passover; but this argument, if it has, which is doubtful, any foundation, is of no Value in the present inquiry
Mark, Gospel According to - , with its roughness and inelegances, is of great Value, and still more is its description of the Saviour in words which were often in after times misunderstood, of the utmost importance as showing a very early record
Adam - " The essence of the crime of homicide is not confined here to the putting to death the mere animal part of man; and it must, therefore, lie in the peculiar Value of life to an immortal being, accountable in another state for the actions done in this, and whose life ought to be specially guarded for this very reason, that death introduces him into changeless and eternal relations, which were not to be left to the mercy of human passions
Priest - (7) Finally, the offering He presents is perfect both in itself (Galatians 1:4, Ephesians 5:2, Hebrews 9:12; Hebrews 9:24) and in its Value and effect (Romans 5:21; Romans 6:9 f
Priest (2) - Herein lies the present and permanent Value of the Epistle in Christian life and service, with its constant emphasis on ‘Draw near’ (Hebrews 10:22), ‘Draw not back’ (Hebrews 10:39), ‘Let us go on’ (Hebrews 6:1)
Rufinus of Aquileia - But, being in uncertainty as to the Value of the translation, Pammachius and Oceanus sent the books and prefaces to Jerome at Bethlehem, who sat down at once, made a literal translation of the Περὶ Ἀρχῶν , and sent it to his friends with a letter (84) written to refute the insinuations through which, as he considered, Rufinus's preface had associated him with Origenism. into Greek, and Valued in the East, as his trans
Aristion (Aristo) - ’ The statement has been generally received at its face Value, but with different identifications of ‘the Elder Aristo
Teaching of Jesus - , offers certain regulative ideas of high Value. Accordingly it can be received, in the sense alone Valued by Jesus, only gradually, by successive acts of use or vital obedience
Judgment Damnation - We can take from it nothing more than this-the loss of all that gives to life its Value, the loss of all that is signified by salvation
Biblical Theology - While parts of this law appear to have their fulfillment primarily in their own day and time, others are restated in the New Testament, and all retain Value and relevance (Romans 15:4 ; 1 Corinthians 10:11 )
Sanhedrin - Little historic Value can be attached to Jose b
Religion (2) - Ritschl, again, in his theory of Value-judgments, throws the weight of authority on the soul’s response; while Sabatier, in his beautiful study of the genesis of religion, speaks of the spirit attaching itself to its principle, and seems also liable to the dangers of subjectivity (Outlines of Phil
Trial of Jesus - The occasional divergences of the records do not affect seriously either the religious truth or the historical Value of the traditions as a whole
John, Theology of - The religious Value of ceremonial water (2:9-11), the temple (2:20-22), rabbinic teaching (3:1-15), and Jacob's well (4:13-15) are all replaced by Christ
Hebrews Epistle to the - Does this idea seem strange? The following analogies may help you to understand: (a) a testament is a covenant, but it has no Value unless the testator die; (b) the old covenant was inaugurated with the offering of the life of bulls and goats; (c) in the Levitical Law every atonement is symbolized by the offering of the life of beasts
Slave, Slavery - ...
Again, Christianity placed a high Value on what might be called servile virtues-the qualities that any master would esteem as most desirable in his slaves
Eschatology (2) - The main features of our Lord’s eschatological teaching,—Turning now to the subject of our Lord’s eschatological teaching, and looking to the present condition of critical opinion, we may make a distinction, which has in most respects only a theoretical Value, between the eschatological views of the early Church as reflected in the Gospels and those held and taught by Jesus Himself
Gospels - Moreover, it was one thing for the Church to Value an Apocalypse placed in the mouth of the Ascended Christ; it would have been quite another matter for it at a date when, as the Third and Fourth Gospels show, the tendency was rather to diminish than to enhance the apocalyptic element in the Lord’s words, to accept a Gospel in which (according to the theory) there were placed wholesale in His month during His earthly life sayings couched in technical apocalyptic language which He never used
John the Baptist - It was essentially an ethical rite, and thus very different from an outward ceremony to which some Value could be attached apart from the moral and spiritual condition of the recipient
Manuscripts - The Value of the Old Syriac Version consists in the fact that it reproduces the Greek text current in Antioch at the end of the 2nd cent
Hellenism - Therefore history becomes a collection of single tales of various kinds and often of very different Value, not sifted critically, but put together without even an effort to connect them. Human life was not Valued, and suicide was frequent
Complacency - || Luke 9:47-48); while the Value which He attached to their faith and devotion is clearly shown in the incident of the children in the Temple, when Jesus silenced the cavils of the Pharisees and priests, and demanded, ‘Have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?’ (Matthew 21:16)
Gregorius Nyssenus, Bishop of Nyssa - —What exegesis of Holy Scripture he has left is of no high Value his system of interpretation being almost entirely allegorical
John, Epistles of - But its close relationship to the Second Epistle is very obvious, and the two form companion pictures of Value from the point of view of history; and St
John, Gospel of - (2) On any theory of authorship, the document in question is of great significance and Value in the history of the Church
Ascension (2) - Their Value is similar in character to that of the Epistles; they testify to the existence of a widespread crystallized tradition in the first century
Announcements of Death - It is in the realm of spirit that we find the true Value of the death of Jesus for our sins (Hebrews 9:14), and the moral grandeur of it is seen in the fact that He made a voluntary offering of His life for those who hated Him (Romans 5:8)
Book - They were obliged on that account to write all their books upon parchment; and as the price of that was high, books became extremely rare and of great Value
Peter - Paul’s thinking-an item sometimes obscured by a too one-sided emphasis upon the legalistic controversy-is further attested by the high estimate he continues to place upon Judaism, and the Value he attaches to Christianity’s Jewish connexions
Personality - He opened up new vistas for the soul’s self-consciousness by revealing the inherent but hitherto hidden natures of God, the world, and the soul, whereby the Value of the personality has been infinitely enhanced; and higher ways for the soul’s self-determination by bringing the gift of the Holy Spirit, in the strength of which the soul overcomes the world, submits to God, and thus realizes itself. Though uncounted in a nation (Luke 19:9), though unvalued by society (Luke 7:47), though classed with publicans and sinners (Luke 15:1), a man is counted among the Father’s children, and Valued in the Father’s heart (Matthew 12:9 f
Revelation (2) - What is the test by which we may assure ourselves that the imaginings of pious souls are not merely of subjective Value, that is, that they are anything more than the expression of discontent with the limitations of human knowledge and of human life? What is the test, or is there any test, by which we may ‘try the spirits’ (1 John 4:1), by which we may convince ourselves or others that a true revelation of the Divine will and purpose has been vouchsafed? The theology of the 18th cent
Science (2) - He judged them according to their spiritual and religious Value, not according to any canons of textual criticism, modern or ancient
Egypt - ...
Piazzi Smith says, when complete, it was so adjusted and exactly fashioned in figure that it sets forth the Value of the mathematical term pi, or demonstrates the true and practical squaring of a circle
Gospels - has very little which is peculiar to itself; its great Value lying in another direction (see art
Law - A law-book must be kept up to date if it is to have any practical Value, and in Deuteronomy we have ‘a prophetic re-formulation and adaptation to new needs of an older legislation’ ( LOT Education - The Value of education was understood among the Jews before the Christian era. Homer was Valued not merely as a poet but as an inspired moral teacher, and the Iliad and Odyssey were the Bible of the Greeks
Josephus - For a proper understanding of the Apostolic Age there are, apart from the Epistles of Paul and the Acts of the Apostles, no documents of such Value as the writings of Josephus
Mental Characteristics - More nearly than anywhere else one seems here to discover a deficiency in Him; for the critical faculties are of great Value, and in some minds are in admirable vigour
Clement of Rome, Epistle of - But the real Value of the Epistle depends not so much on its authorship as on its date, which is sufficiently indicated by purely internal evidence
Arius the Heresiarch - Moreover, well-informed and honest, if sometimes more or less inaccurate, historians have studied and handed down documents of great Value, bearing on the proceedings
Christ in Art - It is remarkable that the moral Value of the better elements of mythology should have been thus recognized at the very tombs of martyrs who had suffered at the hands of paganism
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - They possess considerable Value in the elucidation of the history of the period embraced by Hilary's episcopate
Jerusalem - Some theories that have been based on expressions used by ‘Abd-khiba, and supposed to illuminate the Melchizedek problem, are now regarded as of no Value for that desirable end
Divinity of Christ - The absolute Value of the Christian Faith, the real stature of the Christ, cannot be established by merely dropping the historical surroundings or setting of the traditional truth
Arabia - The tribes themselves were generally at variance, from some hereditary and implacable animosities; and their only warfare consisted in desultory skirmishes arising out of these feuds, and in their predatory excursions, where superiority of numbers rendered courage of less Value than activity and vigilance
Paul - Did ever enthusiast prefer that universal benevolence, meant by charity here, (which, we may add, is attainable by every man,) to faith, and to miracles, to those religious opinions which he had embraced, and to those supernatural graces and gifts which he imagined he had acquired, nay, even to the merit of martyrdom? Is it not the genius of enthusiasm to set moral virtues infinitely below the merit of faith; and of all moral virtues to Value that least which is most particularly enforced by St
Polycarp - a hagiographer, who writes under the name of Pionius, a martyr at Smyrna at the time of the Decian persecution, composed a Vita Polycarpi, devoid of any historical Value, in which he inserted the complete text of the Martyrium Polycarpi
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - Thus a high Value was attached to the witness Polycarp could give as to the genuine tradition of apostolic doctrine, his testimony condemning as offensive novelties the figments of the heretical teachers
Gnosticism - The doctrines and facts of the religion are only Valued so far as they can be made subservient to the peculiar notions of Gnosticism; and the method of allegorical interpretation was so freely applied to both Testaments that all the solid parts of the religion were in danger of being volatilized away. The matter, not borrowed from Irenaeus, to be gleaned from later heresiologists is scanty and of doubtful Value
John, Gospel of (ii. Contents) - —on the contrary, the miracles which he records are more startling than anything in the Synoptics,—but no stress is laid on any physical portent as momentous in and for itself, or as evidence, apart from its symbolical Value as a type of the Person, work, and office of Christ. There is abundant evidence that those who Valued the ‘Gnosis’ were agreed that it must not be profaned by being explained to all
Incarnation (2) - ‘the Fatherhood of God,’ or ‘the Kingdom of God,’ has meaning and Value; but they all lie within the supreme and commanding truth, which is the declaration of Christianity, viz
Augustinus, Aurelius - But in his nineteenth year, while reading Cicero's Hortensius, he became deeply impressed with the supreme Value of Wisdom, as contrasted with the vain hopes and fleeting opinions of the world
Character of Christ - (c) Theological Value of a study of the character of Christ
Christ in Modern Thought - Kant’s central doctrine is in harmony—asserting ‘the absolute Value of the ethical life
Christ in the Middle Ages - His teachings were even more openly pantheistic than those of his Oriental masters, and his denial of the reality of derived existence and his thoroughgoing Docetism make it extremely difficult to interpret much of the language in which he strives to give a certain Value to the historical facts of redemption
Criticism - Holtzmann’s book gains its Value not only by its rejection of the ‘tendency’ theories with regard to the composition of the Gospels, but also because, in its advocacy of the two-document hypothesis, as we now call it, it marks a new departure, and lays down a foundation for future study
Desire - The moral Value of the feelings of pleasure and pain arises, says Aristotle, out of the fact that by means of them man passes from a state of a merely cognitive and intellectual being, and becomes a moral and active being. An analysis of mental states can never give a complete account of the system to which the self belongs, and of the interests and Values which are such because they are referred to the self. It is the merit of Green, and specially of those who with him have so fruitfully worked at ethical problems under the inspiration of Kant and Hegel, to point out that mental and moral Values cannot be appraised, and cannot be the objects of desire, if we look at them in abstraction from the self, and from the world-system. True, the Values of life lie in their relation to the self
Hermas, Known as the Shepherd - The statement that the book not only might but ought to be read is a high recognition of the Value attributed to it by the writer, and we gather that at least in some places its use in church was then such as to lead some to regard it as on a level with the canonical Scriptures
Hippolytus Romanus - Its chief Value to us consists, in addition to the light cast on the disputes in the church of Rome at the beginning of the 3rd cent
Art - He was himself the greatest exponent of the religious mission of art and of its moral Value
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch - bears marks of interpolation, and its chief Value lies in its incorporation of the Ep. The standpoint of the epistles is perfectly consistent with the supposition that episcopacy existing from the times of the apostles in Asia Minor and Syria and believed by the Christians there to be a divinely ordained institution, made its way gradually into other parts of the church, and that those who most Valued it might yet know that it did not exist in churches to which they wrote, or not be assured that it did, and might feel it no part of their duty to enter upon a controversy concerning it
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - Most of the original work being now lost, the slavish literality of the translator imparts to his version a very high Value
Methodists, Protestant - So far was he from putting works in the place of the blood of Christ, that he only gave them their just Value: he considered them as the fruits of a living operative faith, and as the measure of our future reward: for every man will be rewarded not for his work, but according to the measure of them
Babylon - "The ground is extremely soft, and tiresome to walk over, and appears completely exhausted of all its building materials; nothing now is left, save one towering hill, the earth of which is mixed with fragments of broken brick, red varnished pottery, tile, bitumen, mortar, glass, shells, and pieces of mother of pearl,"—worthless fragments, of no Value to the poorest
Calvinism - " Passing over, for brevity's sake, what is said of the necessity of atonement, in order to pardon, and of Christ having offered that atonement and satisfaction, it is added, "This death of the Son of God is a single and most perfect sacrifice and satisfaction for sins; of infinite Value and price, abundantly sufficient to expiate the sins of the whole world; but because many who are called by the Gospel do not repent, nor believe in Christ, but perish in unbelief; this doth not arise from defect or insufficiency of the sacrifice offered by Christ upon the cross, but from their own fault
Worship - Thus, Clemens of Alexandria warns the Christians, from the example of Christ, not to attribute too much Value to outward beauty: "The Lord himself was mean in outward form; and who is better than the Lord? But he revealed himself not in the beauty of the body, perceptible to our senses, but in the true beauty of the soul as well as of the body; the beauty of the soul consisting in benevolence, and that of the body in immortality!"...
Fathers of entirely opposite habits of mind, the adherents of two different systems of conceiving divine things, were nevertheless united on this point by their common opposition to the mixture of the natural and the divine in Heathenism, and by the endeavour to maintain the devotion to God, in spirit and in truth, pure and undefiled
Synods - From all these circumstances taken together, it is evident that no Value is to be attached to the decrees of this obscure council; and that, although due respect was paid to St
Person of Christ - Its educative Value lay in this, that while in no sense can it be called a popular or transparent designation of the Messiah otherwise Jesus’ question in Matthew 16:13 is meaningless it yet hinted Messiahship to those who cared to search deeper
Paul (2) - It is this which gives its peculiar quality and Value to ‘faith,’ as St
Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia - Its exegetical Value is diminished by Theodore's absolute confidence in the LXX, excessive independence of earlier hermeneutical authorities, and reluctance to admit a Christological reference, as well as by his usual defects of style