What does Two Thousand mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
אַלְפַּ֕יִם a thousand. / a thousand 7
אַלְפַּ֖יִם a thousand. / a thousand 6
אַלְפַּ֥יִם a thousand. / a thousand 4
אַלְפָּ֑יִם a thousand. / a thousand 2
אַלְפַּ֣יִם a thousand. / a thousand 2
δισχίλιοι two thousand. 1
אַלְפַּ֛יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1
אַלְפַּ֗יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1
אַלְפַּ֙יִם֙ a thousand. / a thousand 1
וְאַלְפַּ֥יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1
כְּאַלְפַּ֥יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1
כְּאַלְפַּ֣יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1
אַלְפַּ֪יִם a thousand. / a thousand 1

Definitions Related to Two Thousand


   1 a thousand.
      1a as numeral.
   2 a thousand, company.
      2a as a company of men under one leader, troops.


   1 Two Thousand.

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Frequency of Two Thousand (English)


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Two Thousand - * For Two Thousand see THOUSAND, Note (1) ...
Wrote - Herodotus wrote his history more than Two Thousand years ago
Flowers - It has been calculated that in Western Syria and Palestine from Two Thousand to Two Thousand five hundred plants are found, of which about five hundred probably are British wild-flowers
New Birth - The name which the New Testament Scriptures, and theChurch for nearly Two Thousand years have given to Holy Baptism,which is the Laver of Regeneration, the new and spiritual Birth
Cruiser - ) A man-of-war less heavily armed and armored than a battle ship, having great speed, and generally of from Two Thousand to twelve thousand tons displacement
Genesis - It includes a period of near Two Thousand four hundred years, from the beginning of the world to the death of Joseph
Mile - Our translators of the Bible have, however, very properly, rendered the measurement by the English standard; so that a mile, in our language, corresponds to Two Thousand cubits, and a furlong is the eighth part of a mile
Mile - The rabbins make a mile to consist of Two Thousand cubits, and four miles make a parasang
Midst - 35:5 the word means “in the center”: “And ye shall measure from without the city on the east side Two Thousand cubits, and on the south side Two Thousand cubits, and on the west side Two Thousand cubits, and on the north side Two Thousand cubits; and the city shall be in the midst
Pergamos - It is now called Bergama, and has a population of some twenty thousand, of whom about Two Thousand profess to be Christians
Dan - Dan had but one son, whose name was Hushim, Genesis 46:23 ; yet he had a numerous posterity; for, on leaving Egypt, this tribe consisted of sixty-two thousand seven hundred men able to bear arms, Numbers 1:38
Shibboleth - ]'>[1] , ‘forty and Two Thousand
Sela, Selah - Though about Two Thousand feet above the sea, it is shut in by mountain-cliffs, and is entered by a narrow ravine, through which also the river winds
Shibboleth - Forty-two thousand were thus detected, and "Without reprieve, adjudged to death, For want of well-pronouncing shibboleth
Holy Place - Outside the holy place stood the great tank or "sea" of molten brass, supported by twelve oxen, three turned each way, capable of containing Two Thousand baths of water
Samaritan Pentateuch - In about Two Thousand instances in which the Samaritan and the Jewish texts differ, the LXX
Dan - It is worthy farther remark, that though in the first instance of Dan there were no very promising prospects of a numerous race, Dan himself having but one son, (Genesis 46:23) yet, at the children of Israel's leaving Egypt, the tribe of Dan amounted to "threescore and Two Thousand, seven hundred men," all that were able to go forth to war
Cubit - Moses assigns to the Levites a thousand sacred cubits of land round about their cities, Numbers 35:4 ; and in the next verse he gives them Two Thousand common ones
Sabbath-Day's Journey - times it was understood that a person might travel Two Thousand cubits (about five furlongs); this extent had been fixed on because when the Israelites were marching they were commanded to keep the above named distance from the ark, and it was concluded that when they were encamped, there was the same distance between the tabernacle and the tents, and that this space was constantly travelled for worship
Treasures - This lost treasure, worth many thousands of dollars, had remained apparently undisturbed over Two Thousand years
Genesis - It contains, according to the usual computation, the history of about Two Thousand three hundred and sixty-nine years
No - They have formed a great storehouse of interesting historic remains for more than Two Thousand years
Reuben, Tribe of - ' We hear of nothing beyond the multiplication of their cattle in the land of Gilead, their spoils of 'camels fifty thousand, and of asses Two Thousand' (1 Chronicles 5:9,10,20,21 )
Gideon - First, with ten of his servants, he overthrew the altars of Baal and cut down the asherah which was upon it, and then blew the trumpet of alarm, and the people flocked to his standard on the crest of Mount Gilboa to the number of twenty-two thousand men
Jeph'Thah - He first defeated them, then intercepted the fugitives at the fords of Jordan, and there put forty-two thousand men to the sword
Nippur - ” Nippur was for more than Two Thousand years the undisputed cultural and religious center, although it never was used as the capital city for any kingdom
Whitsun Day - Whitsun Day isthe Birthday of the Christian Church, and as such it has beencommemorated for nearly Two Thousand years by Christian people andobserved by them with holy joy and deep thanksgiving for thefulfilment of our Lord's promise to send the Comforter to Hiscomfortless people
Sidon - or ZIDON, a celebrated city and port of Phenicia, and one of the most ancient cities in the world; as it is supposed to have been founded by Sidon, the eldest son of Canaan, which will carry it up to above Two Thousand years before Christ
Lunatics - "A legion" besought Christ's permission to enter into a numerous herd of Two Thousand swine; which they did, and drove the whole herd down a precipice into the sea, where they were all drowned
Olivet Discourse, the - They are still operative after Two Thousand years, a further indication that they do not herald the end time
Nonconformists - Calamy, was nearly Two Thousand; and to the laity who adhered to them
Language - For some Two Thousand years, "the whole earth was of one language and of one speech," Daniel 2:4-7 . The Hebrew may be regarded as having been a dead language, except among a small circle of literati, for about the space of Two Thousand years
Carmel - According to Volney, it is about Two Thousand feet in height, and has the shape of a flattened cone
Manasseh - The tribe of Manasseh came out of Egypt in number thirty-two thousand two hundred men, upward of twenty years old, under the conduct of Gamaliel, son of Pedahzur, Numbers 2:20-21
Jew - From that time, for Two Thousand years, the visible church of God was confined to the family of this man; and for fifteen centuries the history of this family is the only sacred history of the world. Two Thousand years after the promise was made to him; in thy seed shall all the families and all the nations of the earth be blessed
Abraham - ...
Abraham withheld not Isaac from his Friend on one of the mountains of Moriah; and in the same country, Two Thousand years after, God was not to be outdone by Abraham in the seal of His friendship to Abraham and to his seed for ever. And the bare mention of that brings God, and His friendship to us and our friendship to Him, Two Thousand miles nearer us and Two Thousand miles more possible to us than Abraham's too splendid faith and too wonderful love. ' Well then, we do not need, we have no temptation now, to challenge the wisdom and the love that cast our lot Two Thousand years after Christ; as the same wisdom and love cast Abraham's lot Two Thousand years before Christ
Euphrates - Boats of wicker work, coated with bitumen and covered with skins, are still to be seen on the river, as more than Two Thousand years ago in Herodotus' time
Bouddhists - To the present grand period, comprehending all the time included in a "kulpu," they assign five deities, four of whom have already appeared, including Goutumu, or Bouddhu, whose exaltation continues five thousand years, Two Thousand three hundred and fifty-six of which had expired, A
Decapolis - The presence of Two Thousand swine on the eastern shores of the Lake of Galilee would of itself suggest the presence of a Gentile population in that vicinity
Pisidia - ...
The mountainous parts of the country are today inhabited by Karamanians who are as wild and rapacious as the Pisidians of Two Thousand years ago
Olives - "It is truly a curious and interesting fact," adds the learned traveller, "that, during a period of little more than Two Thousand years, Hebrews, Assyrians, Romans, Moslems, and Christians, have been successively in possession of the rocky mountains of Palestine; yet, the olive still vindicates its paternal soil, and is found, at this day, upon the same spot which was called by the Hebrew writers Mount Olivet and the Mount of Olives, eleven centuries before the Christian era," 2 Samuel 15:30 ; Zechariah 14:4
Moses - All the religious institutions of Moses pointed to Christ; and he himself, on the mount, Two Thousand years after his death, paid his homage to the Prophet he had foretold, Deuteronomy 18:15-19 , beheld "that goodly mountain and Lebanon," Deuteronomy 3:25 , and was admitted to commune with the Savior on the most glorious of themes, the death He should accomplish at Jerusalem, Luke 9:31
Corinth - Since 1458, it was till lately under the power of the Turks; and is so decayed, that its inhabitants amount to no more than about fifteen hundred, or Two Thousand; half Mohammedans, and half Christians
Sea - ...
The BRAZEN or MOLTEN SEA, made by Solomon for the temple, was...
a circular vessel at least fifteen feet in diameter, which stood in...
the court of the temple, and contained three thousand baths,...
according to 2 Corinthians 4:5 , or Two Thousand baths according to 1Ki...
7:26. Calmet supposes this may be reconciled by saying that the cup...
or bowl contained Two Thousand baths, and the foot or basin a...
thousand more
Church, Gallican - There were in this kingdom eighteen archbishops, one hundred and eleven bishops, one hundred and sixty-six thousand clergymen, and three thousand four hundred convents, containing Two Thousand persons devoted to a monastic life
Nonconformists - The number of these was about Two Thousand
Nineveh - ...
At length, after being lost for more than Two Thousand years, the city was disentombed
Monk - Martin, the celebrated bishop of Tours, erected the first monasteries in Gaul, and recommended this religious solitude with such power and efficacy both by his instructions and his example, that his funeral is said to have been attended by no less than Two Thousand monks
Bible, Formation And Canon of - It is a perennial best-seller and has been translated into more than Two Thousand languages and dialects
Monk - Martin, the celebrated bishop of Tours, erected the first monasteries in Gaul, and recommended this religious solitude with such power and efficacy, both by his instruction and example, that his funeral is said to have been attended by no less than Two Thousand monks
Pentateuch - That the Jews have acknowledged the authenticity of the Pentateuch, from the present time back to the era of their return from the Babylonish captivity, a period of more than Two Thousand three hundred years, admits not a possibility of doubt
Ark - Hales proves the ark to have been of the burden of forty-two thousand four hundred and thirteen tons; and asks, "Can we doubt of its being sufficient to contain eight persons, and about two hundred or two hundred and fifty pair of four-footed animals, (a number to which, according to M
Methodists - The number of members in the societies were, in Great Britain, two hundred, and forty-nine thousand one hundred and nineteen; in Ireland, twenty-two thousand four hundred and seventy; in the foreign stations, forty-two thousand seven hundred and forty-three. The number of itinerant ministers was Two Thousand and ten, of whom one hundred and thirty-four were superannuated, or worn out
Hold - The church holds Two Thousand people
Solomon - On this day the king caused to be sacrificed twenty-two thousand oxen, and one hundred and twenty thousand sheep for peace-offerings
Antiochus - The year following, he sent Apollonius into Judea, with an army of twenty-two thousand men, and commanded him to kill all the Jews who were of full age, and to sell the women and young men, 2Ma_5:24-25 . Simon Maccabaeus sent Antiochus Two Thousand chosen men, but the latter refused them, and revoked all his promises
Containers And Vessels - The famous Dead Sea Scrolls were kept in these finely-crafted containers for almost Two Thousand years
Canaan - Its valley is deeply sunk, and from its source to the Dead sea it has a descent of Two Thousand feet
Education - On their settlement in Canaan, however, they were brought into contact with a civilization which for Two Thousand years or more had been under the influence of Babylonia and in a less degree of Egypt
Babylon - Four thousand guards stood before the palace gates, and Two Thousand on each side. These advanced as Cyrus approached; Two Thousand spearmen followed them. Cyrus afterward reviewed, at Babylon, the whole of his army, consisting of one hundred and twenty thousand horse, Two Thousand chariots, and six hundred thousand foot
Philistim - It has shared in the general destruction; and, notwithstanding its proud title of the capital of Palestine, it is now no more than a defenceless village," (baldness has come upon it,) "peopled by, at most, only Two Thousand inhabitants
Money - He acquaints us that the Israelites offered for the works of the tabernacle seventy-two thousand talents of brass, Exodus 38:29
Tabernacle - Wherever they encamped, it was pitched in the midst of their tents, which were set up in a quadrangular form, under their respective standards, at a distance from the tabernacle of Two Thousand cubits; while Moses and Aaron, with the priests and Levites, occupied a place between them
Angel - " Jesus Christ says, that his heavenly Father could have given him more than twelve legions of angels, that is, more than seventy-two thousand, Matthew 26:53 ; and the Psalmist declares, that the chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels, Psalms 68:17
Elijah - There was not on the face of the earth another night of passion in prayer like that for the next Two Thousand years
Time, Meaning of - (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 )...
Some are troubled that the mystery of lawlessness is still at work and has delayed the “day of the Lord” for another Two Thousand years
the Children of Capernaum Playing at Marriages And Funerals in the Market-Place - Butler has told you the same way in your own tongue, but Epictetus was beforehand by Two Thousand years
Egypt - It is generally believed that they were erected more than Two Thousand years before Christ, as the sepulchres of kings
Christianity - The essence of a great historical religion—with a record extending over some Two Thousand years, taking different shapes in many diverse nationalities, itself developing and altering its hue and character, if not its substance, in successive generations—cannot easily be summed up in a sentence. But the present state of Christendom, no less than a survey of Two Thousand years of history, is anew compelling men to inquire, What, then, is the essence of Christianity?...
Exodus, Theology of - Each plague addresses a deity of Egypt's pantheon (some five hundred to Two Thousand gods), including the tenth plague against the firstborn son (12:12)
Bible, Theology of - The Bible is much more than a book of miscellaneous, disconnected religious ideas that emerged over a period of nearly Two Thousand years
Poetry - Though the Psalms have not been written in poetical form for Two Thousand years, yet their poetry cannot be obscured
Jerusalem - In various parts of the city the minarets of eight or ten mosques arise, amid an assemblage of about Two Thousand dwellings, not a few of which are much dilapidated
Day of the Lord, God, Christ, the - The New Testament, while speaking of the Christ event as a day of the Lord (Acts 2:16-21 ), also speaks of the anticipated day of Christ as his return (2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 ), which is yet, after almost Two Thousand years, still future
Number - language expressed the integers from one to any amount by words denoting units, tens, a hundred, two hundred, a thousand, Two Thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, and by combinations of these words
David - in His Services - The temple was built, and built again, and built again; but for Two Thousand years now not one stone of that so sacred and so stately structure has stood upon another
Preaching - When Narni taught the people in lent, from the pulpits of Rome, half the city went from his sermons crying along the streets, "Lord, have mercy upon us;" so that in only one passion week, Two Thousand crowns' worth of ropes were sold to make scourges with; and when he preached before the pope to the cardinals and bishops, and painted the sin of non-residence in its own colours, he frightened thirty or forty bishops, who heard him, home to their diocesses
Jesuits - Pope Clement III, prohibited their landing in his dominions; and, after enduring extreme miseries in crowded transports, the survivors, to the number of Two Thousand three hundred, were put ashore on Corsica
Sabbath - ...
"A Sabbath day's journey" was reckoned to be Two Thousand cubits, or one mile, Acts 1:12
Revelation, the Book of - Almost Two Thousand years have elapsed since our Lord ascended to the right hand of God, but the “three-and-a-half years” still continues
Preaching - When Narni taught the populace in Lent, from the pulpits of Rome, half the city went from his sermons, crying along the streets, Lord have mercy upon us; Christ have mercy upon us; so that in only one passion week, Two Thousand crowns worth of ropes were sold to make scourges with; and when he preached before the pope to cardinals and bishops, and painted the crime of non-residence in its own colours, he frightened thirty or forty bishops who heard him, instantly home to their dioceses
Isidorus Pelusiota, an Eminent Ascetic - ...
Two Thousand letters of his, we are told, were collected by the zealously anti-Monophysite community of Acoemetae, or "sleepless" monks, at Constantinople, and arranged in 4 vols
Animals - ...
Evidence indicates that the horse was introduced into the Middle East Two Thousand years before Christ
Egypt - " After the lapse of Two Thousand and four hundred years from the date of this prophecy, a scoffer at religion, but an eye witness of the facts, thus describes the self-same spot: "In Egypt," says Volney, "there is no middle class, neither nobility, clergy, merchants, landholders
Persecution - In Charles the Second's reign the act of uniformity passed, by which Two Thousand clergymen were deprived of their benefices
Sinlessness - In cursing the fig-tree, it is claimed, He gave way to temper; and, in the casting of the demons out of the possessed man of Gadara and giving them permission to enter the swine, with the result that Two Thousand of these were lost to their owners, He displayed a lack of respect for the rights of property
Jews - The number of persons who returned at this time was forty-two thousand three hundred and sixty, and seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven servants
Preaching Christ - The Kingdom of God has been coming ever since Jesus left the world; but Jesus Himself, after nearly Two Thousand years, has not yet come in like manner as the disciples saw Him going into heaven (Acts 1:11)