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The mode in which the patriarchs performed their pastoral migrations will be illustrated, with several differences in circumstances, by the following extract from Parsons' Travels: "It was entertaining enough to see the horde of Arabs decamp, as nothing could be more regular. First went the sheep and goat herds, each with their flocks in divisions, according as the chief of each family directed; then followed the camels and asses, loaded with the tents, furniture, and kitchen utensils; these were followed by the old men, women, boys, and girls, on foot. The children that cannot walk are carried on the backs of the young women, or the boys and girls; and the smallest of the lambs and kids are carried under the arms of the children. To each tent belong many dogs, among which are some greyhounds; some tents have from ten to fourteen dogs, and from twenty to thirty men, women, and children, belonging to it. The procession is closed by the chief of the tribe, whom they call emir and father, (emir means prince,) mounted on the very best horse, and surrounded by the heads of each family, all on horses, with many servants on foot. Between each family is a division or space of one hundred yards, or more, when they migrate; and such great regularity is observed, that neither camels, asses, sheep, nor dogs, mix, but each keeps to the division to which it belongs, without the least trouble. They had been here eight days, and were going four hours' journey to the north-west, to another spring of water. This tribe consisted of about eight hundred and fifty men, women, and children. Their flocks of sheep and goats were about five thousand, besides a great number of camels, horses, and asses. Horses and greyhounds they breed and train up for sale: they neither kill nor sell their ewe lambs. At set times a chapter in the Koran is read by the chief of each family, either in or near each tent, the whole family being gathered round, and very attentive." Instead of the Koran of modern times, let us conceive of Abraham, and other patriarchal emirs, collecting their numerous dependents and teaching them the true religion, and we then see with what truth they are called the Lord's "prophets."
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Chapman - Travelling merchant
Chapman - A Travelling merchant
Circulatorious - ) Travelling from house to house or from town to town; itinerant
Watchings - "sleeplessnesses," the result of "manual labour, teaching, Travelling, meditating, praying, cares, and the like" (Meyer's Com
Cruse - The above cut {see picture 1} represents various antique cups, Travelling flasks, and cruses, like those still used in the East
Travel - ...
Note: For apodemeo, rendered "travelling" in Matthew 25:14 , AV, see GO , No
Dog - Representation in art associated with ...
Saint Hubert as part of his connection with hunters
Saint Roch, who was fed during his illness by a dog
Saint Tobias, who had a dog as a Travelling companion
See also the patron saints index for patrons of dogs
Dedanim - They are mentioned in Isaiah 21:13 as sending out "travelling companies" which lodged "in the forest of Arabia
Emmaus - a village about eight miles northwest of Jerusalem; on the road to which two of the disciples were Travelling in sorrow and disappointment after the resurrection, when our Lord appeared to them, and held that memorable conversation with them which is recorded by St
Chapman - A chapman is a trader, the word being still used in some places for a Travelling merchant
Impediment - Bad roads are impediments in marching and Travelling
Emmaus - A village about threescore furlongs from Jerusalem, that is, about 7 miles, whither the two disciples were 'travelling on the day of the resurrection, to whom the Lord made Himself known
Melons, - Kitto long remembered the gratitude with which he received a slice of melon when Travelling in a hot and dry plainin the East
Cloak - ...
The cloak which Paul "left at Troas" ( 2 Timothy 4:13 ) was the Roman paenula, a thick upper garment used chiefly in Travelling as a protection from the weather. Some, however, have supposed that what Paul meant was a Travelling-bag
Saffron - "We found," says Tristram, "saffron a very useful condiment in Travelling cookery, a very small pinch of it giving not only a rich yellow colour but an agreable flavour to a dish of rice or to an insipid stew
Zenas - Perhaps they were Travelling preachers; or Zenas may have been the Travelling companion of the eloquent Apollos
Apostle - The appellation was also given to the ordinary Travelling ministers of the church, Romans 16:7
Smoking Flax - —The little earthenware lamp is largely replaced to-day, even in the houses of the fellahîn in Palestine, by lamps made by Travelling tinsmiths from the tins in which petroleum is imported
Dedan - The "travelling companies" of Dedan are mentioned by Isaiah 21:13
Julius - The centurion of 'Augustus' band' who had custody of Paul in Travelling to Rome
Chariot - Except in Song of Solomon 3:9 , where the word is appiryon and signifies 'sedan, portable couch,' the chariots were vehicles with two wheels, used either for Travelling or for war: they are often seen portrayed on Egyptian and Assyrian monuments
Sabeans - In Isaiah 45:14 they were Travelling merchants
Affliction: Making us Long For Heaven - What then? Why, we longed the more eagerly to reach the hotel towards which we were Travelling
Perea - For this reason Jews Travelling between Judea and Galilee often detoured across Jordan and through Perea, rather than go through the territory of the Samaritans
Dedan - The "travelling companies" of Dedanim, A
John, Letters of - ...
Background and contents of 2 John...
The false teaching that John fought against in his first letter was being spread around the churches by Travelling preachers. ...
Background and contents of 3 John...
In spite of his warnings about Travelling preachers who had wrong teaching (2 John 1:10-11), John knew that many other Travelling preachers were genuine Christians whose teaching was true and wholesome. But there was a problem in one church because a dictatorial person named Diotrephes refused to accept the Travelling preachers into the church
Diotrephes - The writer of 3 John was apparently responsible for a band of Travelling evangelists to whom Diotrephes refused a welcome
Baking Bread - Sometimes it was however made to keep several days, as the shew bread; and a sort of rusks, or bread for Travelling, Joshua 9:12
Montes Pietatis - The institution was founded to combat the usurious exactions of the Jewish money lenders and Lombard Travelling bankers of the Middle Ages, and the first mons pietatis was established in Perugia, 1462, through the instrumentality of the Franciscans, Michele Carcano of Milan, and Barnabò da Terni and Fortunato Coppoli of Perugia
Bible: to be Read With Delight - Hone, who wrote the 'Every-day Book,' and was of sceptical views, was Travelling through Wales, he stopped at a cottage to ask for a drink of water, and a little girl answered him, 'Oh, yes! sir, I have no doubt mother will give you some milk
Inn - It would soon have been found that persons Travelling long distances needed protection and some better resting place at night, which led to such places being provided at certain stations
Mahanaim - of the Jabbok, as Jacob Travelling S
Evangelist - In the first place, then, the evangelist was a Travelling Christian missionary, one who preached the good news of Christ to those who had never heard it before. Timothy is exhorted to ‘do the work of an evangelist,’ but also to engage in tasks of moral supervision and patient doctrinal instruction ( 2 Timothy 4:2-3 ) which suggest the settled pastor and stated teacher rather than the Travelling missionary
Stoics - The council consisted of philosophers from two main schools, the Epicureans and the Stoics, and both were keen to hear the Travelling preacher Paul give an account of his new religion (Acts 17:18-22; see AREOPAGUS)
Sabean - They were known as “travelling merchants” (Job 6:19 REB; compare Psalm 72:10 ,Psalms 72:10,72:15 ; Isaiah 60:6 ; Jeremiah 6:20 ; Ezekiel 27:22 ; Ezekiel 38:13 ; Joel 3:8 )
Lamp - For night Travelling, a lantern composed of waxed cloth strained over a sort of cylinder of wire rings, and a top and bottom of perforated copper
Hinder, Hindrance - ), where the significance virtually is "who broke up the road along which you were Travelling so well?;" of "hindrances" to the prayers of husband and wife, through low standards of marital conduct, 1 Peter 3:7 (ekkopto, "to cut out, repulse," in some mss
Kenites - They were wandering smiths, "the gipsies and Travelling tinkers of the old Oriental world
Moon - Its brilliancy is seen much more in the east than in the west, and its light is more appreciated in the former, especially when the heat of the day necessitates Travelling by night
Gilead - The Ishmaelites who bought Joseph were Travelling with balm and myrrh from Gilead
Tokens - An arrangement was therefore introduced, that only such Travelling Christians should be received as brethren into churches where they were strangers, as could produce a testimonial from the bishop of the church from which they came
Gilead - The Ishmaelites who bought Joseph were Travelling with balm and myrrh from Gilead
Communion With Christ: Joy of - If they had but faith to surmount ,heir spiritual impediments, how changed would everything become! It is fair Travelling with a sunny land smiling before your eyes, especially when you retain a grateful remembrance of the bleak and wintry road which you have traversed; but it is sorry work to be always stopping on the Swiss side of the mountain
Bottle - ...
Such bottles, or skins, are still universally employed in Travelling in the East, as well as by the public water-carriers, and for domestic uses
Hospitality - ...
Christians have a special duty to give hospitality to Travelling preachers and teachers of God’s Word (Romans 16:23; 1 Corinthians 9:4-5; Titus 3:13-14; Philem 22; Genesis 24:32)
Apollos - ...
Apollos must have continued as a Travelling Christian preacher for many years
Philippi - ...
Paul appears to have visited Philippi twice on his third missionary journey – once when Travelling through Macedonia south to Achaia (Acts 20:1-2), and once when returning through Macedonia to Troas (Acts 20:6)
Dress - ( Isaiah 47:2 ; Jeremiah 13:22 ) The Travelling cloak referred to by St. It is, however, otherwise explained as a Travelling-case for carrying clothes or books. --The length of the dress rendered it inconvenient for active exercise; hence the outer garments were either left in the house by a person working close by, ( Matthew 24:18 ) or were thrown off when the occasion arose, (Mark 10:50 ) or, if this were not possible, as in the case of a person Travelling, they were girded up
Sinai - This was the place where God first met Moses and where he later established his covenant with the Travelling Israelites (Exodus 3:1; Exodus 3:12; Acts 7:30)
Far - ...
The kingdom of heaven is as a man Travelling into a far country
Banner - As Travelling then in the night must be, generally speaking, more agreeable to a great multitude in that desert, we may believe a compassionate God, for the most part, directed Israel to move in the night
Astrology - Travelling to Palestine, they ascertained at Jerusalem that the Messiah was expected to be born in Bethlehem, and directing their steps thither they saw the ‘star’ in front of them all the way, till they came to the house where the infant Jesus was found
Armenia - They have, in fact, in the northern parts of the Asiatic continent, been what the Cushites and Ishmaelites were in the south, tenders of cattle, living on the produce of their flocks and herds, and carriers of merchandize between the neighbouring nations; a part living at home with their flocks, and a part Travelling as merchants and dealers into distant countries
Peraea - In the Peræa to-day the Jew is represented only by the Travelling tinsmith and the pedlar
Festivals - --They promoted friendly intercourse between Travelling companions; distributed information through the country at a time when the transmission of news was slow and imperfect; and imported into remote provincial districts a practical knowledge of all improvements in arts and sciences
Samaritan, the Good - —Jesus had bidden His last farewell to Galilee, and was Travelling to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51). Jesus told how a man, Travelling down the Ascent of Blood, was set upon by brigands, plundered, maltreated, and left half-dead
Garments - The Travelling cloak referred to by Paul, 2 Timothy 4:13, is sometimes explained as a Travelling case for carrying clothes or books
Cloke - Most accounts agree in describing it as a Travelling-cloke, for rich and poor, and for both sexes
Cloke - Most accounts agree in describing it as a Travelling-cloke, for rich and poor, and for both sexes
Mysia - Paul and Silas were Travelling from Pisidian Antioch northward through Phrygian Asia, Ramsay observes that they would be ‘over against Mysia’ when they reached such a point that a line drawn across the country at right angles to the general line of their route would touch Mysia (The Church in the Roman Empire, 1893, p
Horse - To Moses, educated as he was in Egypt, and, with his people, at last chased out by Pharaoh's cavalry, the use of the horse for war and for Travelling was well known; but as it was his object to establish a nation of husbandmen, and not of soldiers for the conquest of foreign lands, and as Palestine, from its situation, required not the defence of cavalry, he might very well decline introducing among his people the yet unusual art of horse breeding
Sabbath - It is, however, awfully violated by visiting, feasting, indolence, buying and selling, working, woeldly amusements, and Travelling. That day seems to be considered by too many as set apart, by divine and human authority, for the purpose not for rest, but of its direct opposite, the labour of Travelling, thus adding one day more of torment to those generous but wretched animals whose services they hire; and who, being generally strained beyond their strength the other six days of the week, have, of all creatures under heaven, the best and most equitable claim to suspension of labour on the seventh
Travel (2) - —Travelling for pleasure was almost, if not altogether, unknown in the ancient world. As the sea had special terrors, Travelling was chiefly by land, and not till well on in history did men launch boldly out into the deep
Camel - For swift Travelling a different breed of camel known as hajîn is employed
Lollards - Abelly says, that the word signifies "praising God, " from the German loben "to praise, " and herr, "lord;" because the Lollards employed themselves in Travelling about from place to place, singing psalms and hymns
Tadmor - "...
It is probable, says Mansford, that, although Tadmor is said to have been built by Solomon, or, in other words, to have been erected by him into a city, it was a watering station between Syria and Mesopotamia before; with perhaps accommodations suited to the mode of Travelling in those times, as we read of palm trees being found there, which are not trees that come by chance in these desert regions
Wages - The next instance is Tobit’s engagement of the angel Raphael as his son’s Travelling-companion for a drachm a day and all found ( Tob 5:14 )
Lion - What a sweet consoling thought to the believer Travelling through this waste and howling wilderness, that our Jesus is the sovereign of all, and the ruler over all
Foot - "If thou turn away thy foot from the Sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day,"...
Isaiah 58:13 ; if thou forbear walking and Travelling on the Sabbath day, and do not then thine own will
Dress - In the case of Travelling, the outer garments were girded up (1 Kings 18:46 )
Timothy - In this he mentions that Timothy (travelling via Macedonia) would shortly reach them ( 1 Corinthians 4:17 ); he bespeaks a kindly welcome for him, and adds that he wishes him to return with ‘the brethren’ ( i
Sergius Paulus - These Travelling teachers were summoned to Court
Eating - We are assured that this is still practised in China; and that many in India never eat out of the same dish, nor on the same table, with another person, believing that they cannot do so without sin; and this, not only in their own country, but when Travelling, and in foreign lands
Inn - " "In all other Turkish provinces," observes Antes, "particularly those in Asia, which are often thinly inhabited, Travelling is subject to numberless inconveniences, since it is necessary not only to carry all sorts of provisions along with one, but even the very utensils to dress them in, beside a tent for shelter at night and in bad weather, as there are no inns, except here and there a caravanserai, where nothing but bare rooms, and those often very bad, and infested with all sorts of vermin, can be procured
the Woman Who Took Leaven And Hid it in Three Measures of Meal - You see on what road you are Travelling. You are Travelling on the road of the Pharisees. You are Travelling on the road to hell
Iconium - 19), says that Cyrus, Travelling eastward, came ‘to Iconium, the last city of Phrygia; thence he pursued his route through Lycaonia
Bar-Jesus - Hearing of Barnabas and Paul as Travelling teachers in the island, the governor, a highly educated man, interested in science and philosophy, invited them to his court
Ways - The state of those countries in every age, where roads are almost unknown, and, from the want of cultivation, in many parts overgrown with brambles, and other thorny plants, which renders Travelling, especially with a large retinue, very incommodious, requires this precaution
ju'Das Iscar'Iot - As soon as the twelve were recognized as a body, Travelling hither and thither with their Master, receiving money and other offerings, and redistributing what they received to the poor, it became necessary that some one should act as the steward and almoner of the small society, and this fell to Judas
Mourning (2) - Travelling with goods was forbidden, and no business even at the risk of loss could be transacted by himself or his family or his servants
Italy - ’ Dangers could not be wholly avoided, but ‘travelling … was easy, swift, and secure to a degree unknown until the beginning of the nineteenth century’ (L
Evangelist - Philip was a Travelling missionary
Home - There is a striking difference in the NT between the qualifications of an ‘apostle’ in the widest sense, of a Travelling missionary having oversight of the churches (such is also the meaning of ‘apostle’ in the Didache), and of the local ‘bishop’ or ‘presbyter’ and deacon
Evangelist - Philip was a Travelling missionary
Simon Magus - Throughout these romances Simon is found Travelling about from place to place in constant opposition to Peter, uttering calumnies against the Apostle; but being pursued by Peter he is ultimately vanquished and discredited
Timothy - ...
Missionary travels...
After Travelling with Paul through Troas, Philippi, Thessalonica and Berea to Athens, Timothy was entrusted with his first individual mission
Edom - Isaiah 63:1 , for example, speaks of one that “cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah, glorious in his apparel, Travelling in the greatness of his strength
Fellowship - Fellowship, then, becomes a system of mutual help-the care of the poor and the sick, the feeding of widows and orphans, the visiting of prisoners, hospitality, the procuring of labour for Travelling workmen (Didache, xii
Mendicants - As the pontiffs allowed these four Mendicant orders the liberty of Travelling wherever they thought proper, of conversing with persons of every rank, of instructing the youth and multitude wherever they went; and as those monks exhibited, in their outward appearance and manners of life, more striking marks of gravity and holiness than were observable in the other monastic societies, they rose all at once to the very summit of fame, and were regarded with the utmost esteem and veneration through all the countries of Europe
Friends Friendship - ’...
We have only to think of the Travelling comrades of the Apostle-of Barnabas and Silas, of Timothy and Mark, of Luke and Titus, of Priscilla and Aquila-to realize that, so far from being friendless, he enjoyed the richest resources of that relationship that were to be had in that age
Hebrew Language - It appears, moreover, that the Chaldee, and not the Hebrew, was the language of Abraham's country, and of his kindred, Genesis 24:4 ; Genesis 31:46-47 ; and it is probable that Abraham's native language was Chaldee, and that the Hebrew was the language of the Canaanites, which Abraham and his posterity learned by Travelling among them
Balaam - It ignores the embassy that has been sent to bring Balaam back across the wilderness ( Numbers 22:15 ; Numbers 22:21 ), for it represents Balaam as Travelling alone
Romans, Letter to the - 1 Corinthians 1:14), and he sent the letter with a lady from the Corinth region who was Travelling to Rome (Romans 16:1-2)
Basket (2) - 380 note 2) inquires why the apostles should have been provided with either kind, and mentions (a) that perhaps they carried their provisions with them while Travelling through a polluted land, such as Samaria (yet cf
Chapters - His son, Henry Stephens, was the first to record this for the reformation of posterity, in the preface to his Greek Concordance to the New Testament; in which he says, that two facts connected with it equally demand our admiration: "The first is that my father, while Travelling from Paris to Lyons, finished this division of each chapter into verses, and indeed the greater part of it [2] when riding on his horse
Timothy - He was evidently a friend and Travelling companion of the unknown author
Forsaking All - ...
Again, when He was Travelling through Galilee on His last journey up to Jerusalem, He was followed by an enthusiastic throng
Appoint, Appointed - , of what was "appointed" for tax collectors to collect, Luke 3:13 ; of the tabernacle, as "appointed" by God for Moses to make, Acts 7:44 ; of the arrangements "appointed" by Paul with regard to himself and his Travelling companions, Acts 20:13 ; of what the Apostle "ordained" in all the churches in regard to marital conditions, 1 Corinthians 7:17 ; of what the Lord "ordained" in regard to the support of those who proclaimed the Gospel, 1 Corinthians 9:14 ; of the Law as Divinely "ordained," or administered, through angels, by Moses, Galatians 3:19
Phoebe - The Imperial post was not available for private correspondence, and such a letter could be sent only by special messenger or by a trusted friend who happened to be Travelling
Philip - ) represent him as Travelling through Lydia and Asia, and finally settling in Hierapolis
Passover (i.) - Every male Jew residing within fifteen miles of Jerusalem, and not ceremonially unclean, was required to do so, and in addition, numerous visitors from other parts of the Holy Land, and from other countries near and far, Travelling with their gifts, and with song, swelled the number of residents. ...
The meal was partaken of, not as at the first Egyptian Passover, in Travelling dress, ‘with loins girded, with shoes on the feet, and staff in the hands,’ but in festive garments, and reclining on the left side ‘as free men do, in token of their freedom
Heathen - 1327), recommending to the kind attention of Gaius, a friend of his, some ‘travelling missionaries,’ described as men who ‘for the sake of the Name went forth, taking nothing of the heathen’ (3 John 1:7 : μηδὲν λαμβάνοντες ἀπὸ τῶν ἐθνικῶν)
Hegesippus, Father of Church History - Paul Travelling like a commissioned agent in the interests of the Judaizers (K
Aetius, Arian Sect Founder And Head - According to Gregory Nyssen, he became the slave of a woman named Ampelis; and having obtained his freedom in some disgraceful manner, became a Travelling tinker, and afterwards a goldsmith
Commerce - A large Travelling company of this kind is called a ...
caravan or carvan, a smaller one was called kafile or kafle, Job 6:18-20 ; Genesis 37:25 ; Isaiah 21:13 ; Jeremiah 9:2 ; Judges 5:6 ; Luke 2:44
Luke (2) - ’...
The only part of Luke’s life of which we know much is the part he spent Travelling in St
Apollos - Paul, Apollos tried to avoid fomenting the party spirit in Corinth; and the NT leaves him in Crete, as a Travelling preacher
Wanderings of the Israelites - ...
Apparently the Israelites spent about thirty-seven years in Travelling three times between Kadesh and Ezion-gaber, at the corner of the Gulf of Akaba, but many of the stations cannot be identified; some may have been situated farther to the west
Bread - ...
In Travelling through Palestine and partaking of the hospitality of the peasantry, one may notice in the bread the indentations of the pebbles, and small patches of grey ash, with here and there an inlaid attachment of singed grass or charred thorn, the result of the simple baking process
Joannes, Bishop of Antioch - He had been Travelling without interruption for 30 days; he was now within five or six stages of Ephesus. 602); the transport broke down; many of the bishops were aged men, unfit for rapid Travelling
Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata - He is represented as Travelling in the guise of a soldier (Theod
Inn - 232), quoting from the Talmud a story of some Levites, who, Travelling from Zoar, left at an inn one of their number who had fallen ill upon the road (Yeb
Babylon - In Genesis 11:2 , it speaks of Babel being built in a plain in the land of Shinar, whichthey reached by Travellingfrom the east; this reads in the margin Travelling 'eastward,' a reading preferred by many and by the Revisers
Paul's Visit to Jerusalem to See Peter - Damascus, Arabia, Jerusalem,-this, in our day also, is the God-guided progress, in which the true successors of the Apostle Paul are still Travelling, in their spiritual experience, and in their evangelical scholarship
Bethlehem - Clarke will be read with interest: "After Travelling for about an hour from the time of our leaving Jerusalem, we came in view of Bethlehem, and halted to enjoy the interesting sight
Weights And Measures - (b) The day's journey was the most usual method of calculating distances in Travelling, (Genesis 30:36 ; 31:23 ; Exodus 3:18 ; 5:3 ; Numbers 10:33 ; 11:31 ; 33:8 ; 1:2; 1 Kings 19:4 ; 2 Kings 3:9 ; Jonah 3:3 ) 1 Maccabees 5:24 ; 7:45 ; Tobit 6:1 , though but one instance of it occurs in the New Testament (Luke 2:44 ) The ordinary day's journey among the Jews was 30 miles; but when they travelled in companies, only ten miles
Canaan - ...
Maundrell, when Travelling near Mount Hermon, says, "We were instructed by experience what the Psalmist means by ‘the dew of Hermon,' Psalms 133:3 ; our tents being as wet with it, as if it had rained all night. Clarke, when Travelling from Napolose to Jerusalem, relates, "The road was mountainous, rocky, and full of loose stones; yet the cultivation was every where marvellous: it afforded one of the most striking pictures of human industry which it is possible to behold
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - Travelling, with all its accompanying incidents such as this, takes place mostly at night in the East, and importunate prayer in the West
Evangelist (2) - How then was the transition effected from the one of these significations to the other? How was the title transferred from a preacher to a writer? There are those who think that even from the first the term denoted not so much a Travelling preacher in general as a preacher who set himself to relate the life and words of Jesus
the Merchant Man Who Sold All That he Had And Bought the Pearl of Great Price - THIS is one of those Travelling jewellers of the East who compass sea and land in their search for goodly pearls
Methodists, Protestant - Out of these men who are called local preachers, are selected the itinerant preachers, who are first proposed at a quarterly meeting of the stewards and local preachers of the circuit; then at a meeting of the Travelling preachers of the district; and, lastly, in the conference; and, if accepted, are nominated for a circuit. During his life, some of the societies petitioned to have preaching in their own chapels in church hours, and the Lord's supper administered by the Travelling preachers
Clementine Literature - Among the spurious writings attributed to Clement of Rome, the chief is one which purported to contain a record made by Clement of discourses of the apostle Peter, together with an account of the circumstances under which Clement came to be Peter's Travelling companion, and of other details of Clement's family history. Clement, anxious to be permitted to join himself permanently as Travelling companion to Peter, reminds him of words used at Caesarea: how Peter had there invited those to travel with him who could do so with piety, that is, without deserting wife, parents, or other relations whom they could not properly leave
Apostle - ...
The appellation of Apostles was also given to the ordinary Travelling ministers of the church
Dress - Paul left at Troas ( 2 Timothy 4:13 ) was the Roman pœnula , a circular Travelling cape
Luke, Gospel According to - It may be remarked that this fact, if proved, would not preclude the Lukan authorship, for if Luke was a young man when Travelling with St
Achan - Balak's gold had long before now brought Balaam the soothsayer across the plains of Mesopotamia, and the gold and silver of Jericho had also drawn toward that city the Travelling dealers in the woven work of the Babylonian looms
David - in His Services - And they said one to another, did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures?...
O two disciples, on your way that same day to Emmaus, how I envy you your Travelling Companion that day! My heart burns to think of your Divine Companion opening up to you David's Messianic Psalms that memorable day
Manicheans - 305); subordinate to them there were 72 bishops, under whom were presbyters, deacons, and Travelling missionaries, a constitution which lasted to the 13th cent
Preaching - The ancient world was familiar with much propaganda work done by Travelling teachers of various philosophical schools
Deluge - Faber, who, in his "Dissertation on the Mysteries of the Cabiri," has in Travelling over similar ground with his illustrious master at once corrected some of his statements, and greatly strengthened his general conclusions
Organization (2) - Their equivalent title in Greek cities would seem to have been ‘overseers,’ ‘bishops’ (ἐπίσκοποι, Philippians 1:1, Titus 1:7), and their duties the same, namely, attending to the poor and the sick, helping Travelling brethren, exercising discipline towards wrong-doers, and the general administration of the community’s business
Ephraim (4) the Syrian - " Doubtless Ephrem Travelling about with an educated companion and having been an eminent teacher at Edessa a place famous for its schools had picked up some knowledge of Greek and Hebrew some evidence of which we shall later gather from his own writings
Marriage - The meaning of these words is not quite plain; Cephas certainly was married (Matthew 8:14, Luke 4:38), but were all the other apostles and all our Lord’s four brethren in like case? If so, why is Cephas mentioned separately? To the last question there is no clear answer, but the whole verse seems to show, especially in view of Jewish customs (see above), that at least a majority of the apostles and of our Lord’s brethren were married, and that the married state was not inconsistent with the work of a Travelling missionary
Proverbs - ...
A missionary in Syria once counselled a youth to complete his education by Travelling in Europe
Romans Epistle to the - The fact that the other Travelling companions of Acts 20 do not happen to be mentioned creates no difficulty; they may have had no connexion with Rome, or they may not yet have joined St
Resurrection - Paul and how far he is Travelling on independent lines
Sirach - Part of the scribe’s training is to be got by Travelling abroad and entering the service of some ruler (Sirach 39:4); but it very largely consists in accumulating books and learning them by heart (vv
Hellenism - Travelling had become fairly easy, and whatever luxuries a refined life required were brought by tradesmen from the remotest parts of the world
Boyhood of Jesus - Jews resident outside the Holy Land seem, probably on account of the more favourable season for Travelling, to have preferred Pentecost (Acts 2:1-11; Acts 18:21; Acts 20:16; Acts 21:27; Acts 24:18, 1 Corinthians 16:8)
John, Epistles of - It is written in a free and natural style, and deals with the case of some of those Travelling evangelists who figured so prominently in the primitive Church, and to whom reference is made in the Didache and elsewhere
Peter - An incidental reference to Peter as a Travelling missionary accompanied by his wife and deriving support from those to whom he ministered (1 Corinthians 9:5), and mention of a Cephas party in Corinth (1 Corinthians 1:12; 1 Corinthians 3:22), complete the list of Pauline data
Prayer - It is one of the principal excellencies of this kind of prayer, that it can be practised at all times, and in all places; in the public ordinances of religion; in all our ordinary and extraordinary undertakings; in times of affliction, temptation, and danger; in seasons of social intercourse, in worldly business, in Travelling, in sickness, and pain
Roads And Travel - Such a traveller could avoid it only by Travelling northwards and taking the overland route (the Via Egnatia) to Macedonia and Thrace, or else by following the Via Ostiensis, and taking ship at Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber
Gospels - The Third Gospel, being written by a Travelling companion of St
Arabia - It was the produce partly of India, and partly of Arabia, which the Travelling merchants, to whom Joseph was sold, were carrying into Egypt
Paul - We see him in the prosecution of his purpose, Travelling from country to country, enduring every species of hardship, encountering every extremity of danger, assaulted by the populace, punished by the magistrates, scourged, beaten, stoned, left for dead; expecting, wherever he came, a renewal of the same treatment, and the same dangers; yet, when driven from one city, preaching in the next; spending his whole time in the employment; sacrificing to it his pleasures, his ease, his safety; persisting in this course to old age, unaltered by the experience of perverseness, ingratitude, prejudice, desertion; unsubdued by anxiety, want, labour, persecutions; unwearied by long confinement; undismayed by the prospect of death
Paul - At this stage a final effort was made to dissuade Paul from going up to Jerusalem, by the Christians of Caesarea and by his Travelling companions
Basilius, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia - His chief malady, a disease of the liver, caused him repeated and protracted sufferings, often hindering him Travelling, the least motion bringing on a relapse ( Ep
Babylon - The natives, in Travelling over these pathless deserts, are compelled to explore their way by the stars
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - The false apostle is said to betray himself if he asks for money or for a larger supply of Travelling provisions than will provide for his next stage
Palestine - While Travelling there, it is a constant source of wonder that so much could have happened in so small a place