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τρισχίλιαι three thousand. 1

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   1 Three Thousand.

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Three Thousand - * For Three Thousand see THOUSAND ...
Legion - It originally consisted of Three Thousand men, but in the time of Christ consisted of six thousand, exclusive of horsemen, who were in number a tenth of the foot-men
Pharaoh - Josephus says, that all the kings of Egypt, from Minaeus, the founder of Memphis, who lived several ages before Abraham, always had the name of Pharaoh, down to the time of Solomon, for more than Three Thousand three hundred years
Aaron - He caused the casting of the golden calf which the Israelites worshiped in the wilderness (Exodus 32), but at the prayer of Moses he was spared the fate of the Three Thousand worshipers (Deuteronomy 9)
Legion - The number in a Roman legion varied at different periods, from Three Thousand to more than twice that number
Asher - On entering Canaan his tribe was the fifth in order, numbering fifty-three thousand four hundred
North - This is as true in Syria and Arabia now as it was Three Thousand years ago
Sea, the Molten - It was capable of containing two or Three Thousand baths of water (Compare 2 Chronicles 4:5 ), which was originally supplied by the Gibeonites, but was afterwards brought by a conduit from the pools of Bethlehem
en'-Gedi - 2 Chronicles 20:2 Saul was told that David was in the "wilderness of Engedi;" and he took "three thousand men, and went to seek David and his men upon the rocks of the wild goats
Keep, Oversee - 2:2: “And Solomon told out threescore and ten thousand men to bear burdens … and Three Thousand and six hundred to oversee them. 2:18: “… and Three Thousand and six hundred overseers to set the people a work
Destitution: of London - But, because you have don a little to bless London, and have brought a thousand, Three Thousand, ten thousand to hear the word of God, are you to sit down and say, 'It is done
Proverbs, Book of - ...
Solomon is said to have written Three Thousand proverbs, and those contained in this book may be a selection from these (1 Kings 4:32 )
Proverb, the Book of - Solomon is said to have uttered Three Thousand proverbs, 1 Kings 4:32 , B
Mich'Mas - " Immediately below the village the great wady spreads out to a considerable width --perhaps half a mile; and its bed is broken up into an intricate mass of hummocks and mounds, two of which, before the torrents of Three Thousand winters had reduced and rounded their forms, were probably the two "teeth of cliff" --the Bozes and Seneh of Jonathan's adventure
Ararat - Three Thousand feet of the summit of the higher of these peaks is covered with perpetual snow
Pergamus - The number of inhabitants, however, is still said to amount to thirty thousand, of whom Three Thousand are Greek Christians
Calf - Its worship was attended with degrading obscenities, and was punished by the death of Three Thousand men
Samson - '...
When the Philistines gathered themselves together to arrest Samson, the men of Judah would not defend him, but, owning their bondage, said, "Knowest thou not that the Philistines are rulers over us?" and Three Thousand of Judah bound Samson and delivered him to the Philistines. God strengthened him, and he pulled down the house, on the roof of which there were about Three Thousand souls, and thus he slew at his death more than he had slain in his life
Flowers - The known species exceed Three Thousand, and even this large list is probably far from complete
Ai - The Three Thousand men, first sent by Joshua to reduce this city, were repulsed, on account of the sin of Achan, who had violated the anathema pronounced against Jericho, by appropriating a part of the spoil
Bethlehem - Bethlehem is now called Beit-lahm, and contains about Three Thousand inhabitants, almost exclusively nominal Christians
Talent - But the Hebrew talent of silver, called cicar, was equivalent to Three Thousand shekels, or one hundred and thirteen pounds, ten ounces and a fraction, troy weight
About - There fell that day about Three Thousand men
Genealogy - The sacred writings contain genealogies extended Three Thousand five hundred years backward
Naphtali - Naphtali had but four sons, and yet at the coming out of Egypt his tribe made up fifty-three thousand four hundred men, able to bear arms
Archelaus - Before his departure to Rome a rebellion broke out in Jerusalem; and in quelling it his soldiers put Three Thousand men to death, among whom were pilgrims visiting the Holy City for the passover (ib
Sechem - The sacred story of events transacted in the field of Sichem, from our earliest years, is remembered with delight; but with the territory before our eyes where those events took place, and in the view of objects existing as they were described above Three Thousand years ago, the grateful impression kindles into ecstacy
Embalming - Great numbers of mummies are still found in Egypt, in the subterraneous vaults where they were deposited two or Three Thousand years ago
Proselyte - In the time of Solomon there were one hundred and fifty-three thousand six hundred strangers in the land of Israel (1 Chronicles 22:2 ; 2 Chronicles 2:17,18 )
Caves - " Tavernier, in his "Travels in Persia," speaks of a grotto between Aleppo and Bir, that would hold near Three Thousand horse
Camp - Mountains of Abarim In the second year after their exodus from Egypt they were numbered; and upon an exact poll, the number of their males amounted to six hundred and Three Thousand, five hundred and fifty, from twenty years old and upward, Numbers 1:2
Captivities of Judah - The captivities of Judah are generally reckoned four: the first, in the year of the world 3398, under King Jehoiakim, when Daniel and others were carried to Babylon; the second, in the year of the world 3401, and in the seventh year of the reign of Jehoiakim, when Nebuchadnezzar carried Three Thousand and twenty-three Jews to Babylon; the third, in the year of the world 3406, and in the fourth of Jehoiachin, when this prince, with part of people, was sent to Babylon; and the fourth in the year 3416, under Zedekiah, from which period begins the captivity of seventy years, foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah
Samson - His greatest triumph was on the day of his death when, through faith in the power of God, he killed all the Philistine rulers along with Three Thousand of their leading people (Judges 16:23; Judges 16:28; Judges 16:30; Hebrews 11:32-34)
Stranger - At a latter period, namely, in the reigns of David and Solomon, they were compelled to labour on the religious edifices which were erected by those princes; as we may learn from such passages as these: "And Solomon numbered all the strangers that were in the land of Israel, after the numbering wherewith David his father had numbered them; and they were found a hundred and fifty thousand and Three Thousand and six hundred; and he set three score and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens," &c, 1 Chronicles 22:2 ; 2 Chronicles 2:1 ; 2 Chronicles 2:16-17
Solomon - "He spake Three Thousand proverbs; and his songs were a thousand and five: and he spake of trees-of beasts, and of foul, and of creeping things, and of fishes," 1 Kings 4:32,33
Nero - 66, Florus there slew Three Thousand six hundred persons, and thus began the war
Sycamore or Sycamine - Shaw states that he found the mummy chests, and that little square boxes containing various figures, which are placed at the feet of each mummy, to be both made of sycamore and uncorrupted for at least Three Thousand years
Captivities of Israel - The Samaritan Chronicle asserts that in the thirty-fifth year of the pontificate of Abdelus, Three Thousand Israelites, by permission of King Sauredius, returned from captivity, under the conduct of Adus, son of Simon
Amaziah - " Amaziah, hereupon, sent back those troops; and they returning, strongly irritated against Amaziah, dispersed themselves over the cities of Judah, from Bethoron to Samaria, killed Three Thousand men, and carried off a great booty, to make themselves amends for the loss of the plunder of Edom
Vengeance - Samson kills Three Thousand Philistines for blinding him (Judges 14-16 )
Peter - On the day of Pentecost we find Peter accordingly using these keys, and opening to Three Thousand Jews the doors of the kingdom
Claudius - Felix sent to Rome Eleazar, son of Dinaeus, captain of a band of robbers, who had committed great ravages in Palestine; he procured the death of Jonathan, the high priest, who sometimes freely represented to him his duty; he defeated a body of Three Thousand men, whom an Egyptian, a false prophet, had assembled upon the Mount of Olives
Archelaus - Archelaus sent troops to suppress the mutineers, and killed near Three Thousand of them about the temple
Solomon - ...
Solomon was remembered as having Three Thousand proverbs and a thousand and five songs in his repertoire (1 Kings 4:32 )
Solomon - ...
We read of Solomon that he spake Three Thousand proverbs, and his songs were a thousand and five
Alexandrian Library - Ptolemy Euergetes, for instance, borrowed of the Athenians the works of Sophocles, Euripides, and AEschylus, and only returned them the copies, which he caused to be transcribed in as beautiful a manner as possible; the originals he retained for his own library, presenting the Athenians with fifteen talents for the exchange, that is, with Three Thousand pounds sterling and upwards
Nazareth - The modern town, en-Nasirah, is a secluded village of about Three Thousand inhabitants, most of whom are Latin and Greek Christians
Accho - Conner says, on the authority of the English consul, that there are about ten thousand inhabitants in Acre, of whom Three Thousand are Turks, and the remainder Christians, chiefly Catholics
Jacob's Well - The sacred story of events transacted in the fields of Sichem, Genesis 37, from our earliest years, is remembered with delight; but with the territory before our eyes, where those events took place, and in the view of objects existing as they were described above Three Thousand years ago, the grateful impression kindles into ecstacy
Baptism With the Spirit - The second consisted of the Three Thousand mentioned in Acts 2:37-42
Solomon - He composed or collected, Three Thousand proverbs, and one thousand and five canticles. He employed in this great work seventy thousand proselytes, descendants of the ancient Canaanites, in carrying burdens, fourscore thousand in cutting stones out of the quarries, and Three Thousand six hundred overseers of the works; besides thirty thousand Israelites in the quarries of Libanus
Act of Faith - A scaffold is erected beg enough for two or Three Thousand people; at one end of which are the prisoners, at the other the Inquisitors
Inquisition - In Portugal they erect a theatre capable of holding Three Thousand persons, in which they place a rich altar, and raise seats on each side, in the form of an amphitheatre
See, Perceive - This verb can also mean “to observe”: “… And there were upon the roof about Three Thousand men and women, that beheld while Samson made sport” ( Sol'Omon - " One hundred and fifty-three thousand, with wives and children in proportion, were torn from their homes and sent off to the quarries and the forests of Lebanon. ( 1 Kings 4:32,33 ) Excerpts only are given from the Three Thousand proverbs
Sycamore - Shaw, "and whatever figures and instruments of wood are found in the catacombs, are all of them of sycamore, which, though spongy and porous to appearance, has, notwithstanding, continued entire and uncorrupted for at least Three Thousand years
Sela - The theatre was so large as to accommodate more than Three Thousand persons
Lamaism - This religion, which was early adopted in a large part of the globe, is said to have been of Three Thousand years' standing; and neither time, nor the influence of men, has had the power of shaking the authority of the grand lama
Church, Gallican - There were in this kingdom eighteen archbishops, one hundred and eleven bishops, one hundred and sixty-six thousand clergymen, and Three Thousand four hundred convents, containing two thousand persons devoted to a monastic life
Lama, Grand - This religion is said to have been of Three Thousand years standing; and neither time nor the influence of men, has had the power of shaking the authority of the grand lama
Abba - And although they know nothing of the true religion of the patriarchs, yet in provincial acts and habits, they are much the same people that they were, two or Three Thousand years ago
Antioch - It consisted at this time of not less than a hundred thousand persons, Three Thousand of whom were supported out of the public donations
Nazareth - The population is estimated at Three Thousand, of whom five hundred are Turks; the remainder are Christians
Shechem - " ...
"The sacred story of events transacted in the fields of Sychem, from our earliest years is remembered with delight; but with the territory before our eyes where those events took place, and in the view of objects existing as they were described above Three Thousand years ago, the grateful impression kindles into ecstasy
Jew - More than Three Thousand years ago, while on a conquering march, with visions of glory before them, they were warned of their future apostacy, and were told of the judgments that would fall upon them and upon their land
Solomon - "He spake Three Thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five
Diseases - "That all this," remarks Michaelis, "should still be found exactly to hold at the distance of Three Thousand five hundred years from the time of Moses, ought certainly to gain some credit to his laws, even with those who will not allow them to be of divine authority
Weights And Measures - According to the account of the sanctuary tax (Exodus 38:25-26 ), Three Thousand shekels were in a talent, probably sixty minas of fifty shekels each
Money - A talent of gold consisted of Three Thousand shekels
Eye - The verb טוח , rendered in our version, to shut, signifies "to overlay," "to cover over the surface;" thus, the king of Israel prepared Three Thousand talents of gold, and seven thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the temple, 1 Chronicles 29:4
Pharaoh - In the wall of rock separating this basin from the one next to it some ancient Egyptian engineers had constructed the hiding-place, whose secret had been kept for nearly Three Thousand years
Peter - Three Thousand of his audience were pricked to the heart, and cried out, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" St
Sea - ...
The BRAZEN or MOLTEN SEA, made by Solomon for the temple, was...
a circular vessel at least fifteen feet in diameter, which stood in...
the court of the temple, and contained Three Thousand baths,...
according to 2 Corinthians 4:5 , or two thousand baths according to 1Ki...
Baptism - ‘They then that received his word were baptized’ to the number of ‘about Three Thousand souls
Nabal - And the man was very great, and he had Three Thousand sheep and a thousand goats, and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel
Samson - What a past Samson looked back upon as he sat at the mill! What he might have been! What he might have done! How he might have departed to his fathers and left Israel! Three Thousand years dissolve, and this is Gaza
Political Conditions - At Caesarea, the headquarters, was a force of Three Thousand men, of whom five-sixths were infantry
Canon - " In confirmation of this opinion, an appeal is made to 1 Kings 4:32-33 , where it is said of Solomon, "that he spake Three Thousand proverbs, and his songs were a thousand and five
Animals - They appear in Mesopotamia (onager) and Egypt Three Thousand years before Christ
Egypt - Manetho, the Egyptian historian, has given a list of thirty dynasties, which, if successive, make a period of five thousand three hundred years to the time of Alexander, or Three Thousand two hundred and eighty-two years more than the real time, according to the Mosaic chronology
Jews - Three Thousand of them were cut off for worshipping the golden calf; and for loathing the manna, they were punished with a month's eating of flesh, till a plague brake out among them; and for their rash belief of the ten wicked spies, and their contempt of the promised land, God had entirely destroyed them, had not Moses's prayers prevented
Arabia - On the smallest computation, such must have been the manners of these people for more than Three Thousand years; thus, in all things, verifying the prediction given of Ishmael at his birth, that he, in his posterity, should ‘be a wild man,' and always continue to be so, though ‘he shall dwell for ever in the presence of his brethren
Christianity - On the fiftieth day after our Lord's crucifixion, Three Thousand persons were converted in Jerusalem by a single sermon of the Apostles; and a few weeks after this, five thousand who believed were present at another sermon preached also in Jerusalem, Acts 2:41 ; Acts 4:4 ; Acts 6:7 ; Acts 8:1 ; Acts 9:1 ; Acts 9:20
Moses - After thus destroying their idol, he inflicted punishment on the idolaters themselves; for he summoned all that were on the Lord's side to attend him; and all the Levites having obeyed the call, he sent them, in the name of the Lord, to slay all the idolaters, from one end of the camp to the other, without favour or affection either to their neighbour or to their brother; and they slew about Three Thousand men
Bible - This period comprehends nearly Three Thousand years