What does Think mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
δοκεῖτε to be of opinion 7
δοκεῖ to be of opinion 6
בְּעֵינֶ֔יךָ eye. / spring 2
δοκῶ to be of opinion 2
δόξῃ to be of opinion 2
νομίσητε to hold by custom or usage 2
לֵאמֹ֔ר to say 1
בְּעֵינֵיהֶ֖ם eye. / spring 1
תַּחְשְׁבוּ֙ to think 1
יַחְשֹׁ֖ב to think 1
חָשַׁ֣בְתָּ to think 1
חֹשֵׁ֥ב to think 1
יַחְשֹׁ֑ב to think 1
תְּדַמִּ֣י to be like 1
תֹּאמַ֣ר to say 1
φρονεῖς to have understanding 1
אֹֽמְרִ֗ים to say 1
φρονεῖν to have understanding 1
ξενίζονται to receive as a guest 1
νομίζω to hold by custom or usage 1
νοοῦμεν to perceive with the mind 1
λογίζεσθε to reckon 1
κατανοῶμεν to perceive 1
ἐνθυμεῖσθε to bring to mind 1
δοκοῦμεν to be of opinion 1
δοκοῦσιν to be of opinion 1
δοκεῖς to be of opinion 1
רֹאֶה֙ to see 1

Definitions Related to Think


   1 to be of opinion, Think, suppose.
   2 to seem, to be accounted, reputed.
   3 it seems to me.
      3a I Think, judge: thus in question.
      3b it seems good to, pleased me, I determined.
      Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 2233, hegeomai; 3543, nomizo; 3633, oiomai; and 5316, phaino.
      See entry 5837 for comparison of synonyms.


   1 eye.
      1a eye.
         1a1 of physical eye.
         1a2 as showing mental qualities.
         1a3 of mental and spiritual faculties (fig.
   2 spring, fountain.


   1 to have understanding, be wise.
   2 to feel, to Think.
      2a to have an opinion of one’s self, Think of one’s self, to be modest, not let one’s opinion (though just) of himself exceed the bounds of modesty.
      2b to Think or judge what one’s opinion is.
      2c to be of the same mind i.e. agreed together, cherish the same views, be harmonious.
   3 to direct one’s mind to a thing, to seek, to strive for.
      3a to seek one’s interest or advantage.
      3b to be of one’s party, side with him (in public affairs).


   1 to hold by custom or usage, own as a custom or usage, to follow a custom or usage.
      1a it is the custom, it is the received usage.
   2 to deem, Think, suppose.
   Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 1380, dokeo; 2233, hegeomai; 3633, oiomai; and 5316, phaino.
   See entry 5837 for comparison of synonyms.


   1 to say, speak, utter.
      1a (Qal) to say, to answer, to say in one’s heart, to Think, to command, to promise, to intend.
      1b (Niphal) to be told, to be said, to be called.
      1c (Hithpael) to boast, to act proudly.
      1d (Hiphil) to avow, to avouch.


   1 to Think, plan, esteem, calculate, invent, make a judgment, imagine, count.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to Think, account.
         1a2 to plan, devise, mean.
         1a3 to charge, impute, reckon.
         1a4 to esteem, value, regard.
         1a5 to invent.
      1b (Niphal).
         1b1 to be accounted, be thought, be esteemed.
         1b2 to be computed, be reckoned.
         1b3 to be imputed.
      1c (Piel).
         1c1 to Think upon, consider, be mindful of.
         1c2 to Think to do, devise, plan.
         1c3 to count, reckon.
      1d (Hithpael) to be considered.


   1 to bring to mind, revolve in mind, ponder.
   2 to Think, to deliberate.


   1 to perceive, remark, observe, understand.
   2 to consider attentively, fix one’s eyes or mind upon.


   1 to reckon, count, compute, calculate, count over.
      1a to take into account, to make an account of.
         1a1 metaph.
         to pass to one’s account, to impute.
         1a2 a thing is reckoned as or to be something, i.e. as availing for or equivalent to something, as having the like force and weight.
      1b to number among, reckon with.
      1c to reckon or account.
   2 to reckon inward, count up or weigh the reasons, to deliberate.
   3 by reckoning up all the reasons, to gather or infer.
      3a to consider, take into account, weigh, meditate on.
      3b to suppose, deem, judge.
      3c to determine, purpose, decide.
      Additional Information: This word deals with reality.
      If I “logizomai” or reckon that my bank book has $25 in it, it has $25 in it.
      Otherwise I am deceiving myself.
      This word refers to facts not suppositions.


   1 to perceive with the mind, to understand, to have understanding.
   2 to Think upon, heed, ponder, consider.


   1 to see, look at, inspect, perceive, consider.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to see.
         1a2 to see, perceive.
         1a3 to see, have vision.
         1a4 to look at, see, regard, look after, see after, learn about, observe, watch, look upon, look out, find out.
         1a5 to see, observe, consider, look at, give attention to, discern, distinguish.
         1a6 to look at, gaze at.
      1b (Niphal).
         1b1 to appear, present oneself.
         1b2 to be seen.
         1b3 to be visible.
      1c (Pual) to be seen.
      1d (Hiphil).
         1d1 to cause to see, show.
         1d2 to cause to look intently at, behold, cause to gaze at.
      1e (Hophal). 1e1 to be caused to see, be shown. 1e2 to be exhibited to.
      1f (Hithpael) to look at each other, face.


   1 to be like, resemble.
      1a (Qal) to be like, resemble.
      1b (Piel).
         1b1 to liken, compare.
         1b2 to imagine, Think.
      1c (Hithpael) to make oneself like.
      1d (Niphal).


   1 to receive as a guest, to entertain, hospitably.
      1a to be received hospitably.
      1b to stay as a guest, to lodge.
      1c be lodged.
   2 to surprise or astonish by the strangeness and novelty of a thing.
      2b to Think strange, be shocked.

Frequency of Think (original languages)

Frequency of Think (English)


Vine's Expository Dictionary of OT Words - Think, Devise
A. Verb.
Châshab (חָשַׁב, Strong's #2803), “to think, devise, purpose, esteem, count, imagine, impute.” This word appears 123 times in the Old Testament, and it implies any mental process involved in planning or conceiving.
Châshab can be translated as “devise” in association with the sense of “to think and reckon.” A gihed person of God “devises” excellent works in gold and other choice objects (Exod. 35:35). The word may deal with evil, as when Haman “devised” an evil plot against the Jewish people (Esth. 8:3). David issued his prayer against those who “devise” evil toward him as a servant of the Lord (Ps. 35:4), and the scoundrel “devises” perverse things in Prov. 16:30. Other verses indicating an immoral intent behind the action of “devising” are Jer. 18:11; 18:18; Ezek. 11:2.
The word may mean “think.” Some “thought” to do away with David by sending him against the Philistines (1 Sam. 18:25); Judah “thought” Tamar to be a harlot (Gen. 38:15); and Eli “thought” Hannah was drunk (1 Sam. 1:13). God repented of the evil concerning the judgment he “thought” to bring upon Israel (Jer. 18:8). Those who fear the Lord may also “think” upon His name (Mal. 3:16).
Châshab may be rendered “to purpose” or “esteem.” God asked Job if he could tame the Leviathan, who “… esteemeth him as straw, and brass as rotten wood” (Job 41:27). A classic usage of “esteem” appears in Isa. 53:3-4: “He [1] is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs.… Yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.” Some uses of “to purpose” have a malevolent intent. David’s enemies have “purpose” to overthrow him (Ps. 140:4). God repented of the evil He “purposed” to do concerning Israel (Jer. 26:3), and perhaps the people will repent when they hear the evil God has “purposed” against the nation (Jer. 36:3). On the other hand, God “purposes” evil against the land of the Chaldeans in His judgment after using them for the purification of His people, Israel (Jer. 50:45)
Translated as “count,” the word is used in a number of ways. It had a commercial connotation, as when land was being redeemed and the price was established, based on the value of crops until the next year of Jubilee: “Then let him count the years of the sale thereof, and restore the overplus …” (Lev. 25:27). The same idea concerns the provisions for the Levites when Israel offered their gifts to the Lord (Num. 18:30). “Count” may imply “to be thought or reckoned.” Bildad declared to Job, “Wherefore are we counted as beasts, and reputed vile in your sight?” (Job 18:3). Those who seek to live for the Lord are “counted” as sheep for the slaughter (Ps. 44:22). The foolish person, when he holds his peace, is “counted” as wise (Prov. 17:28). A theological emphasis exists in God’s reward of Abraham, when the patriarch believed God and His word: “And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness” (Gen. 15:6).
Most uses of châshab translated as “imagine” bear an evil connotation. Job chided his friends: “Do ye imagine to reprove words, and the speeches of one that is desperate …” (Job 6:26); David’s enemies “imagined” a mischievous device (Ps. 21:11); and Nahum complained of those who “imagine” evil against the Lord (Nah. 1:11).
Other unique translations of châshab occur. In order to approach God, Asaph had to remember and “consider” the days of old (Ps. 77:5). God had a controversy with Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, because he “conceived” a plan against Him and His people (Jer. 49:30). The prophet Amos cites people who “invent” instruments of music and enjoy it (Amos 6:5). Huram of Tyre sent a man to help Solomon in the building of the temple, who knew how to “find out” all the works of art—i.e., he could work in various metals and fabrics to design a work of beauty (2 Chron. 2:14). Joseph had to remind his brethren that he did not seek to do them harm because they had sold him into slavery, since God “meant” it for the good of the preservation of Jacob’s sons (Gen. 50:20).
Infrequently, châshab is translated as “impute”: “And if any of the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace offerings be eaten at all on the third day, it shall not be accepted, neither shall it be imputed unto him that offereth it; it shall be an abomination” (Lev. 7:18). When an Israelite killed a sacrifice in any place except an appointed altar, the blood was “imputed” to that man; the substitute sacrifice would not atone for the offerer at all, and the offerer would bear his own guilt (Lev. 17:4). David could praise God for forgiveness because the Lord will not “impute” iniquity after he had confessed his sin (Ps. 32:2).
B. Adjective.
Châshab (חָשַׁב, Strong's #2803), “cunning.” This word is applied to those who performed “cunning” work with parts of the tabernacle: “And with him was Aholiab, son of Ahisamach, … an engraver, and a cunning workman …” (Exod. 38:23). This meaning of châshab as “cunning” appears 11 times in Exodus. But this skill was more than human invention—it indicated how the Spirit of God imparts wisdom, understanding, and knowledge (cf. Exod. 36:8; 39:3).
Webster's Dictionary - Think
(n.) Act of thinking; a thought.
(v. t.) To purpose; to intend; to design; to mean.
(v. t.) To presume; to venture.
(v. t.) To conceive; to imagine.
(v. t.) To seem or appear; - used chiefly in the expressions methinketh or methinks, and methought.
(v. t.) To employ any of the intellectual powers except that of simple perception through the senses; to exercise the higher intellectual faculties.
(v. t.) To call anything to mind; to remember; as, I would have sent the books, but I did not think of it.
(v. t.) To reflect upon any subject; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to consider; to deliberate.
(v. t.) To form an opinion by reasoning; to judge; to conclude; to believe; as, I think it will rain to-morrow.
(v. t.) To believe; to consider; to esteem.
(v. t.) To plan or design; to plot; to compass.
King James Dictionary - Think
THINK, pret. and pp. thought, pron. thaut. L. duco.
1. To have the mind occupied on some subject to have ideas, or to revolve ideas in the mind. --For that I am
I know, because I think.
These are not matters to be slightly thought on.
2. To judge to conclude to hold as a settled opinion. I think it will rain tomorrow. I think it not best to proceed on our journey. Let them marry to whom they think best. Numbers 36
3. To intend. Thou thought'st to help me.
I thought to promote thee to great honor. Numbers 24
4. To imagine to suppose to fancy. Edmund, I think, is gone
In pity of his misery, to dispatch
His 'nighted life.
Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall. 1 cor 10
5. To muse to meditate. While Peter thought on the vision--Acts 10 .
Think much, speak little.
6. To reflect to recollect or call to mind. And when Peter thought thereon, he wept. Mark 14 .
7. To consider to deliberate. Think how this thing could happen. He thought within himself, saying, what shall I do?
Luke 12 .
8. To presume. Think not to say within yourselves,we have Abraham to our father-- Matthew 3
9. To believe to esteem. To think on or upon, to muse on to meditate on.
If there by any virtue,and if there by any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4
1. To light on by meditation. He has just thought on an expedient that will answer the purpose. 2. To remember with favor. Think upon me, my God, for good. Nehemiah 5
To think of, to have ideas come into the mind. He thought of what you told him. I would have sent the books, but I did not think of it.
To think well of, to hold in esteem to esteem.
THINK, To conceive to imagine.
Charity--thinketh no evil. 1 Corinthians 13
1. To believe to consider to esteem. Nor think superfluous others' aid.
2. To seem or appear, as in the phrases, me thinketh or methinks, and methought. These are genuine Saxon phrases, equivalent to it seems to me, it seemed to me. In these expressions, me is actually in the dative case almost the only instance remaining in the language. Sax "genoh thuht," satis visum est, it appeared enough or sufficient "me thineth," mihi videtur, it seems to me I perceive. To think much, to grudge.
He thought not much to clothe his enemies.
To think much of, to hold in high esteem.
To think scorn, to disdain. Esther 3 .
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Think
1: δοκέω (Strong's #1380 — verb — dokeo — dok-eh'-o ) "to suppose, to think, to form an opinion," which may be either right or wrong, is sometimes rendered "to think," e.g., Matthew 3:9 ; 6:7 ; see ACCOUNT , No. 1, SUPPOSE, No. 2.
2: ἡγέομαι (Strong's #2233 — Verb — hegeomai — hayg-eh'-om-ahee ) for which see ACCOUNT , No. 3, is rendered "to think" in Acts 26:2 ; 2 Corinthians 9:5 , "I thought;" Philippians 2:6 , AV (RV, "counted"); 2 Peter 1:13 .
3: νοέω (Strong's #3539 — Verb — noeo — noy-eh'-o ) "to perceive, understand, apprehend," is rendered "think" in Ephesians 3:20 . See PERCEIVE , UNDERSTAND.
4: ὑπονοέω (Strong's #5282 — Verb — huponeo — hoop-on-o-eh'-o ) "to suppose, surmise" (hupo, "under," and No. 3), is rendered "to think" in Acts 13:25 , AV (RV, "suppose"). See DEEM.
5: λογίζομαι (Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee ) "to reckon," is rendered "to think," in Romans 2:3 , AV (RV, "reckonest"); 1 Corinthians 13:5 , AV, RV, "taketh (not) account of," i.e., love does not reckon up or calculatingly consider the evil done to it (something more than refraining from imputing motives); 1 Corinthians 13:11 , "I thought;" in the following, for the AV, "to think," in 2 Corinthians 3:5 , RV, "to account;" 1 Corinthians 10:2 (twice), "count;" 1 Corinthians 10:7 , "consider;" 1 Corinthians 10:11 , "reckon;" 1 Corinthians 12:6 , "account." In Philippians 4:8 , "think on (these things)," it signifies "make those things the subjects of your thoughtful consideration," or "carefully reflect on them" (RV marg., "take account of"). See ACCOUNT , A, No. 4.
6: νομίζω (Strong's #3543 — Verb — nomizo — nom-id'-zo ) to suppose, is sometimes rendered to think, e.g., Matthew 5:17 . See SUPPOSE , No. 1.
7: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) "to be minded in a certain way" (phren, "the mind"), is rendered "to think," in Romans 12:3 (2nd and 3rd occurrences), RV, "not to think of himself more highly (huperphroneo, see No. 13) than he ought to think (phroneo); but so think (phroneo) as to think soberly [1];" the play on words may be expressed by a literal rendering somewhat as follows: "not to over-think beyond what it behoves him to think, but to think unto sober-thinking;" in 1 Corinthians 4:6 , some inferior texts have this verb, hence the RV, puts "go" in italics; lit., the sentence is "that ye might learn the (i.e., the rule) not beyond what things have been written." The saying appears to be proverbial, perhaps a rabbinical adage. Since, however, grapho, "to write," was a current term for framing a law or an agreement (so Deissmann, Bible Studies, and Moulton and Milligan, Vocab.), it is quite possible that the Apostle's meaning is "not to go beyond the terms of a teacher's commission, thinking more of himself than the character of his commission allows;" this accords with the context and the whole passage, 1 Corinthians 3:1-4:5 . In Philippians 1:7 , AV, "to think" (RV, "to be ... minded"). See AFFECTION , B, Note (1) and list there.
8: οἶμαι (Strong's #3633 — Verb — oiomai | oimai — oy'-om-ahee, oy'-mahee ) "to imagine," is rendered "I suppose" in John 21:25 ; "thinking" in Philippians 1:17 , RV (Philippians 1:16 , AV, "supposing"); "let (not that man) think," James 1:7 . See SUPPOSE.
9: φαίνω (Strong's #5316 — Verb — phaino — fah'ee-no ) in the Passive Voice, "to appear," is rendered "(what) think (ye)" in Mark 14:64 , lit., "what does it appear to you?" See APPEAR , No. 1.
10: εὐδοκέω (Strong's #2106 — Verb — eudokeo — yoo-dok-eh'-o ) "to be well-pleasing," is rendered "we thought it good" in 1 Thessalonians 3:1 . See PLEASE.
11: ἀξιόω (Strong's #515 — Verb — axioo — ax-ee-o'-o ) "to regard as worthy" (axios), "to deem it suitable," is rendered "thought (not) good" in Acts 15:38 . See WORTHY , B.
12: ἐνθυμέομαι (Strong's #1760 — Verb — enthumeomai — en-thoo-meh'-om-ahee ) "to reflect on, ponder," is used in Matthew 1:20 ; 9:4 : see No. 14. Cp. enthumesis, "consideration" (see THOUGHT).
13: ὑπερφρονέω (Strong's #5252 — Verb — huperphroneo — hoop-er-fron-eh'-o ) "to be overproud, high-minded," occurs in Romans 12:3 , rendered "to think of himself more highly." See No. 7.
14: διά (Strong's #1223 1760 — Preposition — dienthumeomai — dee-ah' ) "to consider deeply" (dia, "through," and No. 12), is used of Peter in Acts 10:19 , in the best texts (some have No. 12).
15: ἐπιβάλλω (Strong's #1911 — Verb — epiballo — ep-ee-bal'-lo ) "to throw oneself upon," is used metaphorically in Mark 14:72 , "when he thought thereon (he wept)," lit., "thinking thereon," but "to think" is an exceptional sense of the word (see BEAT , CAST , LAY , PUT); hence various suggestions have been made. Field, following others, adopts the meaning "putting (his garment) over (his head)," as an expression of grief. Others regard it as having here the same meaning as archomai, "to begin" (at an early period, indeed, archomai was substituted in the text for the authentic epiballo); Moulton confirms this form a papyrus writing. Another suggestion is to understand it as with dianoian, mind, i.e., "casting his mind thereon."
Notes: (1) In Acts 26:8 , AV, krino, "to judge, reckon," is translated "should it be thought" (RV, "is it judged"). (2) In Luke 12:17 , AV, dialogizomai, "to reason" (RV, "reasoned"), is translated "thought." (3) In Romans 12:3 , sophroneo, "to think soberly," RV, is, lit., "unto sober thinking," the infinitive mood of the verb being used as a noun (AV marg., "to sobriety"): Cp. No. 7. See SOBER , B, No. 2.

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Think - Think, pret. --For that I am ...
I know, because I Think. I Think it will rain tomorrow. I Think it not best to proceed on our journey. Let them marry to whom they Think best. Edmund, I Think, is gone ...
In pity of his misery, to dispatch ...
His 'nighted life. ...
Let him that Thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall. ...
Think much, speak little. Think how this thing could happen. Think not to say within yourselves,we have Abraham to our father-- Matthew 3 ...
9. To Think on or upon, to muse on to meditate on. ...
If there by any virtue,and if there by any praise, Think on these things. Think upon me, my God, for good. Nehemiah 5 ...
To Think of, to have ideas come into the mind. I would have sent the books, but I did not Think of it. ...
To Think well of, to hold in esteem to esteem. ...
Think, To conceive to imagine. ...
Charity--thinketh no evil. Nor Think superfluous others' aid. To seem or appear, as in the phrases, me Thinketh or methinks, and methought. To Think much, to grudge. ...
To Think much of, to hold in high esteem. ...
To Think scorn, to disdain
Unthinker - ) A person who does not Think, or does not Think wisely
Cogitate - ) To Think over; to plan. ) To engage in continuous thought; to Think
Misthink - ) To have erroneous thoughts or judgment of; to Think ill of. ) To Think wrongly
Overween - ) To Think too highly or arrogantly; to regard one's own Thinking or conclusions too highly; hence, to egotistic, arrogant, or rash, in opinion; to Think conceitedly; to presume
Premeditate - ) To Think, consider, deliberate, or revolve in the mind, beforehand. ) To Think on, and revolve in the mind, beforehand; to contrive and design previously; as, to premeditate robbery
Deem - 1: ὑπονοέω (Strong's #5282 — Verb — huponoeo — hoop-on-o-eh'-o ) "to suppose, conjecture, surmise," is translated "deemed" in Acts 27:27 , AV (RV, "surmised"); in Acts 13:25 "think ye" (AV); RV, "suppose ye;" in Acts 25:18 , "supposed. " See SUPPOSE , Think
Bethink - ) To Think; to recollect; to consider. ) To call to mind; to recall or bring to recollection, reflection, or consideration; to Think; to consider; - generally followed by a reflexive pronoun, often with of or that before the subject of thought
Consider - ) To Think seriously; to make examination; to reflect; to deliberate. ) To fix the mind on, with a view to a careful examination; to Think on with care; to ponder; to study; to meditate on. ) To estimate; to Think; to regard; to view
Mistrow - ) To Think wrongly
Think - 1: δοκέω (Strong's #1380 — verb — dokeo — dok-eh'-o ) "to suppose, to Think, to form an opinion," which may be either right or wrong, is sometimes rendered "to Think," e. 3, is rendered "to Think" in Acts 26:2 ; 2 Corinthians 9:5 , "I thought;" Philippians 2:6 , AV (RV, "counted"); 2 Peter 1:13 . ...
3: νοέω (Strong's #3539 — Verb — noeo — noy-eh'-o ) "to perceive, understand, apprehend," is rendered "think" in Ephesians 3:20 . 3), is rendered "to Think" in Acts 13:25 , AV (RV, "suppose"). ...
5: λογίζομαι (Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee ) "to reckon," is rendered "to Think," in Romans 2:3 , AV (RV, "reckonest"); 1 Corinthians 13:5 , AV, RV, "taketh (not) account of," i. , love does not reckon up or calculatingly consider the evil done to it (something more than refraining from imputing motives); 1 Corinthians 13:11 , "I thought;" in the following, for the AV, "to Think," in 2 Corinthians 3:5 , RV, "to account;" 1 Corinthians 10:2 (twice), "count;" 1 Corinthians 10:7 , "consider;" 1 Corinthians 10:11 , "reckon;" 1 Corinthians 12:6 , "account. " In Philippians 4:8 , "think on (these things)," it signifies "make those things the subjects of your thoughtful consideration," or "carefully reflect on them" (RV marg. ...
6: νομίζω (Strong's #3543 — Verb — nomizo — nom-id'-zo ) to suppose, is sometimes rendered to Think, e. ...
7: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) "to be minded in a certain way" (phren, "the mind"), is rendered "to Think," in Romans 12:3 (2nd and 3rd occurrences), RV, "not to Think of himself more highly (huperphroneo, see No. 13) than he ought to Think (phroneo); but so Think (phroneo) as to Think soberly [1];" the play on words may be expressed by a literal rendering somewhat as follows: "not to over-think beyond what it behoves him to Think, but to Think unto sober-thinking;" in 1 Corinthians 4:6 , some inferior texts have this verb, hence the RV, puts "go" in italics; lit. ), it is quite possible that the Apostle's meaning is "not to go beyond the terms of a teacher's commission, Thinking more of himself than the character of his commission allows;" this accords with the context and the whole passage, 1 Corinthians 3:1-4:5 . In Philippians 1:7 , AV, "to Think" (RV, "to be . ...
8: οἶμαι (Strong's #3633 — Verb — oiomai | oimai — oy'-om-ahee, oy'-mahee ) "to imagine," is rendered "I suppose" in John 21:25 ; "thinking" in Philippians 1:17 , RV (Philippians 1:16 , AV, "supposing"); "let (not that man) Think," James 1:7 . ...
9: φαίνω (Strong's #5316 — Verb — phaino — fah'ee-no ) in the Passive Voice, "to appear," is rendered "(what) Think (ye)" in Mark 14:64 , lit. ...
13: ὑπερφρονέω (Strong's #5252 — Verb — huperphroneo — hoop-er-fron-eh'-o ) "to be overproud, high-minded," occurs in Romans 12:3 , rendered "to Think of himself more highly. , "thinking thereon," but "to Think" is an exceptional sense of the word (see BEAT , CAST , LAY , PUT); hence various suggestions have been made. " (3) In Romans 12:3 , sophroneo, "to Think soberly," RV, is, lit. , "unto sober Thinking," the infinitive mood of the verb being used as a noun (AV marg
Deem - ) To account; to esteem; to Think; to judge; to hold in opinion; to regard. ) To be of opinion; to Think; to estimate; to opine; to suppose
Ween - ) To Think; to imagine; to fancy
Trow - An old word for Think, Luke 17:9
Highly - * For HIGHLY see DISPLEASE, EXALT , EXCEEDING , FAVOR , Think ...
Heleph - It is often identified with khirbet Arbathah just northeast of Mount Tabor, but some Bible students Think this location is too far south. Others Think Heleph represents the southern border of Naphtali
Methinks - ) It seems to me; I Think
Trow, to - 'To believe, Think
Opine - ) To have an opinion; to judge; to Think; to suppose
Trow - have dokeo, "to Think," in Luke 17:9 , AV, "I trow (not)
Seem - , Luke 8:18 , RV, "thinketh" (AV, "seemeth"); so 1 Corinthians 3:18 ; to Think, suppose, James 1:26 , RV, "thinketh himself" (AV, "seem"); see SUPPOSE , Think; (b) "to seem, to be reputed," e. , Acts 17:18 ; 1 Corinthians 11:16 ; 12:22 ; 2 Corinthians 10:9 ; Hebrews 4:1 ; 12:11 ; for Galatians 2:2,6,9 , see REPUTE; (c) impersonally (1) to Think (see Think), (2) to "seem" good, Luke 1:3 ; Acts 15:22 , RV , "it seemed good" (AV, "it pleased"); 15:25,28 (ver
Hezion - Some Think Hezion is a scribal change from Rezon in Hebrew. Others Think both names have been changed from an original Hezron or Hazael
Thought - of Think. ) The act of Thinking; the exercise of the mind in any of its higher forms; reflection; cogitation. ) of Think...
Excogitate - ) To Think out; to find out or discover by Thinking; to devise; to contrive
Michtam - Prefixed to Psalm 16:11 , and meaning golden, profound, or as some Think, a writing or song, as in Isaiah 38:9
Shulamite - The same, as some Think, with "Shunammite," from "Shunem:" otherwise, the import of the word is uncertain (Song of Solomon 6:13 ; RSV, "Shulammite")
Scarcely - We scarcely Think our miseries our foes
Freedom of Thought - However, one is not free to Think anything at all, as, that two and two make five. In so far as the intellect recognizes a statement as true, it is not free to Think it false. As long as a man's Thinking remains purely internal, it is, of course, beyond the control of the State, but it may indirectly coine under the control of the Church. Thus one who recognizes the infallibility of the Church is not free to Think that on a particular point, as the Virgin Birth, she has erred
Thought, Freedom of - However, one is not free to Think anything at all, as, that two and two make five. In so far as the intellect recognizes a statement as true, it is not free to Think it false. As long as a man's Thinking remains purely internal, it is, of course, beyond the control of the State, but it may indirectly coine under the control of the Church. Thus one who recognizes the infallibility of the Church is not free to Think that on a particular point, as the Virgin Birth, she has erred
Avise - ) To look at; to view; to Think of
Shal'Man - ( Hosea 10:14 ) Others Think it the name of an obscure Assyrian king, predecessor of Pul
Dulcimer - Many Think the bagpipes are meant here (NAS)
Trow - TROW, To believe to trust to Think or suppose
Forethink - ) To Think beforehand; to anticipate in the mind; to prognosticate
Shoshannim - Some Think that an instrument of six strings is meant
Election - Andrew Fuller remarks, in a letter to two relatives:: ' I used to Think that the doctrine of election was a reason why we need not pray, and I fear there are many who split upon this rock, who Think it is to no purpose to pray, as things will be as they will be. He that decreed that any one should be finally saved, decreed that it should be in the way of prayer; as much as he that has decreed what we shall possess of the things of this life, has decreed that it shall be in the way of industry; and as we never Think of being idle in common business, because God has decreed what we shall possess of this world's good, so neither should we be slothful in the business of our souls, because our final state is decreed
Wis - ) To Think; to suppose; to imagine; - used chiefly in the first person sing
ha'Nes - a place in Egypt mentioned only in (Isaiah 30:4 ) We Think that the Chald Paraphr
Believe - ) To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to Think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine. ) To Think; to suppose
Coral - The Rabbis Think it refers to red coral
Liken - ) To allege, or Think, to be like; to represent as like; to compare; as, to liken life to a pilgrimage
Beri - Many Bible students Think a copyist has changed original text which may have read, bene (sons of)
Elect Lady - Some Think that the word rendered "lady" is a proper name, and thus that the expression should be "elect Kyria
Sentimentalize - ) To Think or act in a sentimental manner, or like a sentimentalist; to affect exquisite sensibility
Maschil - Some interpreters Think it means an instrument of music; but it more probably signifies an instructive song
Candid - ) Free from undue bias; disposed to Think and judge according to truth and justice, or without partiality or prejudice; fair; just; impartial; as, a candid opinion
Succoth Bennoth - Tents of the daughters, 2 Kings 17:30 , an object of idolatrous worship among the Babylonians: an idol; or as some Think tents, or booths, in which the Babylonian females prostituted themselves of Mylitta, the Assyrian Venus
Scum - Some translators Think that the Hebrew word here means "rust
Spain - There is, however, no evidence that he ever carried it into effect, although some Think that he probably did so between his first and second imprisonment
Ponder - ) To Think; to deliberate; to muse; - usually followed by on or over
Hamath-Zobah - Others Think the Chronicler reflects the Babylonian and Persian administrative system of his day including the two cities in one administrative district. Other Think this was simply another name for Zobah
Trow - ‘To trow’ was originally ‘to trust,’ with which it is connected in origin; but it came to mean no more than ‘think or suppose
Mearah - This may be the cave of Jezzin in Lebanon, 10 miles east of Sidon, on the Damascus road; or probably, as others Think, Mogheirizeh, north-east of Sidon
Misgab - Height, a town of Moab, or simply, the height=the citadel, some fortress so called; or perhaps a general name for the highlands of Moab, as some Think (Jeremiah 48:1 )
Thinking - ) The act of Thinking; mode of Thinking; imagination; cogitation; judgment. ) Having the faculty of thought; cogitative; capable of a regular train of ideas; as, man is a Thinking being. ) of Think...
Highly - With elevation of mind or opinion with great estimation as, to Think highly of one's performances
Rotten - Job 13:28 (b) Job seems to Think that GOD is working on him as rot works on any substance or as a moth works upon a garment
Mulberry-Tree - The particular species is not known; though some Think the popular, or aspen, may be intended, 2 Samuel 5:23-24 ; 1 Chronicles 14:14-15
Badger - Hence many Think the "badgers' skins" mentioned Exodus 25:5 ; 26:14 ; Ezekiel 16:10 , and elsewhere, as being used for covering the tabernacle and for shoes, were the skins not of this animal, but of a species of seal found in the Red Sea. " Others Think it was an animal of the antelope species, the skins of which the Jews had obtained in Egypt
Prescription - This mode of arguing has been despised by some, both because it has been used by Papists, and because they Think that truth has no need of such a support. Others, however, Think that if it can be shown that any particular doctrine of Christianity was held in the earliest ages, even approaching the apostolic, it must have very considerable weight; and, indeed, that it has so, appears from the universal appeals of all parties to those early times in support of their particular opinions. Besides, the thing is in itself natural; for if a man finds a variety of opinions in the world upon important passages in Scripture, where shall he be so apt to get the true sense as from contemporary writers or others who lived very near the apostolic age? And if such a man shall find any doctrine or interpretations to have been universally believed in the first ages, or, as Vicentius Lirinensis words it, semper ubique et ab omnibus, he will unquestionably be disposed to Think such early and universal consent, or such prescription, of very considerable weight in determining his opinion
Charity - In a general sense, love, benevolence, good will that disposition of heart which inclines men to Think favorably of their fellow men to Think favorably of their fellow men, and to do them good. Candor liberality in judging of men and their actions a disposition which inclines men to Think and judge favorably, and to put the best construction on words and actions which the case will admit
Consider - To fix the mind on, with a view to a careful examination to Think on with care to ponder to study to meditate on. In the imperative, consider is equivalent to, Think with care, attend, examine the subject with a view to truth or the consequences of a measure. So we use see, observe, Think, attend. To Think seriously, maturely or carefully to reflect
Parvaim - It may simply, as some Think, denote "Oriental regions
Weasel - Some Think that this Hebrew word rather denotes the mole (Spalax typhlus) common in Palestine
Bethcar - The location is not known unless copyists changed an original Beth Horon as some Bible students Think
Swift - Some commentators Think a bulbul or wryneck is meant
Vainly - Humility teaches us not to Think vainly nor vauntingly of ourselves
Immateriality - Acts 17:29 argues that “we ought not to Think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone
Ir - Some Bible students refer to Genesis 46:23 and Think a copyist misread the name, writing Ir rather than an original Dan, which looks much like Ir in Hebrew (REB)
Beth-Barah - Many Bible scholars Think copyists have changed the original text, introducing a place name not in the text
Shuhah - Some commentators connect the name to Suchati known from Egyptian sources and Think of a forefather of a nomadic clan who lived in the Negeb
Forget - ) To lose the remembrance of; to let go from the memory; to cease to have in mind; not to Think of; also, to lose the power of; to cease from doing
Bethink - BETHINK', pret. be and Think. ...
BETHINK', To have in recollection to consider
Deign - ) To Think worthy; to vouchsafe; to condescend; - - followed by an infinitive
Hadattah - Some Bible students Think Greek had the original reading
Iru - Many Bible students Think the original text read Ir, a copyist joining the final u to the name when it should have been the first letter of the following word, meaning, “and
Berodach Baladan - Parallel passage in Isaiah 39:1 reads Merodoch Baladan, so most Bible students Think Berodach resulted from a copyist's change in the text
Madmannah - of Beersheba, but does not Think it suitable
Uest - Some Think these guests are the believing Israelites of the Old Testament
Ossifrage - Some interpreters Think the vulture is intended; others, a mountain bird like the lammergeyer of the Alps, which breaks the bones of wild goats by hunting them over precipices
el'Kosh - Some Think a small village in Galilee is intended
Hermes - Paul's role as chief speaker made the Lystrans Think of Hermes
Giloh - Some scholars locate it at khirbet Jala in the suburbs of Jerusalem, but most Think Giloh was actually further south
Shiggaion - ” Some Think the basic meaning is “to wander” in reference to a wandering style of thought or melody or to the unconnected expressions of a lament
Repute - ) To hold in thought; to account; to estimate; to hold; to Think; to reckon
Should - : they should have come last week; if I should go; I should Think you could go
Beelzebub - ), the god of Ekron, meaning "the lord of flies," or, as others Think, "the lord of dung," or "the dung-god
Joanan - Some interpreters Think his father Rhesa does not represent a personal name but is a transliteration of the Aramaic word for prince, a title for Zerubbabel
Brooch - Some recent interpreters Think “nose rings” were meant
Gishpa - It does not appear in the lists in Chronicles and Ezra, so some Bible students Think the name is a copyist's change from Hasupha, which the Jews would pronounce similarly (Ezra 2:43 ; Nehemiah 7:46 )
Regemmelech - Who this man was doth not seem clear: not an Israelite, I should Think, for the name is of the Chaldeans, and means to stone the king
Abel-Mizraim - Some Think it was near Hebron
Infants - Some Think, all dying in infancy are annihilated; for, say they, infants, being incapable of moral god or evil, are not proper objects of reward or punishment. Others Think that they share a fate similar to adults; a part saved, and a part perish. Others, perplexed with these diverse sentiments, Think better to leave the subject untouched
Hazo - Some Bible students Think Hazo represents the city of Hazu known from an Assyrian source and located at al-Hasa near the Arabian coast by Bahrein
Ishvah - He is not named in Numbers 26:44 , leading some scholars to Think that a copyist duplicated the following name Ishvi with a minor variation
Gabbai - Many modern commentators Think copying errors have introduced the name into the text from an original Hebrew text meaning, “heroic men,” though no existing Hebrew text has this reading
Scall - Some scholars Think favus is the disease described; others speak of ringworm or eczema
Selah - ' The LXX has διάψαλμα, denoting, as some Think, 'a pause, a break or rest
Slime - Genesis 11:3 (c) We may Think of this material as a substitution offered by the religious world for GOD's revealed truth
Ruminate - ) To Think again and again; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to reflect
Chilmad - ” A trading partner of Tyre according to Hebrew text of Ezekiel 27:23 , but many Bible students Think copyists inadvertently changed the text from “all of media” or a similar reading
Remember - ) To be capable of recalling when required; to keep in mind; to be continually aware or thoughtful of; to preserve fresh in the memory; to attend to; to Think of with gratitude, affection, respect, or any other emotion. ) To have ( a notion or idea) come into the mind again, as previously perceived, known, or felt; to have a renewed apprehension of; to bring to mind again; to Think of again; to recollect; as, I remember the fact; he remembers the events of his childhood; I cannot remember dates
Think - ) Act of Thinking; a thought. ) To seem or appear; - used chiefly in the expressions methinketh or methinks, and methought. ) To call anything to mind; to remember; as, I would have sent the books, but I did not Think of it. ) To form an opinion by reasoning; to judge; to conclude; to believe; as, I Think it will rain to-morrow
Muse - ) To Think closely; to study in silence; to meditate. ) To Think on; to meditate on
Thought - of Think pronounced thaut. primarily the passive participle of Think, supra. Properly, that which the mind Thinks. By this we mean that the mind is directed to that particular subject or object that is, according to the literal import of the verb Think, the mind, the intellectual part of man, is set upon such an object, it holds it in view or contemplation, or it extends to it, it stretches to it. Why do you keep alone? ...
Using those thoughts which should have died ...
With them they Think on
Sheth - Rather than a proper name, some commentators Think the translation should be, “sons of tumult
Siddim - Some Think the Hebrew should be read Shadim and interpreted as a reference to the Valley of Demons
Adonikam - Some Bible students Think Adonikam is the same person as Adonijah in Nehemiah 10:16
Meditate - ) To keep the mind in a state of contemplation; to dwell on anything in thought; to Think seriously; to muse; to cogitate; to reflect
h'Eron, - Canon Cook and others Think the bird intended is the plover ( Charadrius aedicnemus ), a greedy, thick kneed, high-flying migratory bird, very common in the East, on the banks of rivers and shores of lakes
Account - A — 1: δοκέω (Strong's #1380 — verb — dokeo — dok-eh'-o ) primarily, "to be of opinion, Think, suppose," also signifies "to seem, be accounted, reputed," translated "accounted" in Mark 10:42 ; Luke 22:24 . " See REPUTE , SEEM , SUPPOSE , Think. " See CHIEF , COUNT , ESTEEM , GOVERNOR , JUDGE , RULE , SUPPOSE Think. It is used of love in 1 Corinthians 13:5 , as not taking "account" of evil, RV (AV, "thinketh"). In 2 Corinthians 3:5 the Apostle uses it in repudiation of idea that he and fellow-servants of God are so self-sufficient as to "account anything" (RV) as from themselves (AV, "think"), i. ...
Note: In Philippians 4:8 it signifies "to Think upon a matter by way of taking account of its character" (RV marg. See CONCLUDE , COUNT , CHARGE , ESTEEM , IMPUTE , NUMBER , REASON , RECKON , SUPPOSE , Think
Dan-Jaan - Many Bible students Think the scribes have not preserved the correct Hebrew text at this point and read only “Dan” (NRSV) or “Dan and Ijon” (NEB)
Halah - Some Bible students Think the original text of Obadiah 1:20 contained a promise for the captives in Halah
Tabitha - It should seem that this is rather a Syriac than a Hebrew word, meaning clear-sighted, as some Think
Immutability of God - There be many Christians most like unto young sailors, who Think the shore and the whole land doth move when they ship, and they themselves are moved
Lord of Glory - " In this passage, glory is regarded as an essential attribute of Christ (John 11,5); some commentators Think that the genitive of quality "of glory" is connected only with "our Lord," but more likely it goes with "our Lord Jesus Christ
Unbelief: Wickedness of - Oh, to Think what Christ is, what he did, and whom he did it for, and then not to believe him, not to trust him! There is no wickedness like the wickedness of unbelief!' ...
Glory, Lord of - " In this passage, glory is regarded as an essential attribute of Christ (John 11,5); some commentators Think that the genitive of quality "of glory" is connected only with "our Lord," but more likely it goes with "our Lord Jesus Christ
Emerald - Some Think it is the carbuncle
Liberally - With generous and impartial regard to other interests than our own with enlarged views without selfishness or meanness as, to Think or judge liberally of men and their actions
Cle'Opas - ( Luke 24:18 ) Some Think the same as Cleophas in (John 19:25 ) But they are probably two different persons
Christ: the Preacher's Great Theme - The best sermon is that which is fullest of Christ, A Welsh minister, when preaching at the chapel of my dear brother Jonathan George, was saying that Christ was the sum and substance of the gospel, and he broke out into the following story:–A young man had been preaching in the presence of a venerable divine, and after he had done, he foolishly went to the old minister and enquired, 'What do you Think of my sermon, sir?' 'A very poor sermon indeed,' said he. ' 'Why, then, do you say it was poor; did you not Think my explanation of the text to be accurate?' 'Oh, yes,' said the old preacher, 'very correct indeed. ' 'Well, then, why do you say it is a poor sermon? Didn't you Think the metaphors were appropriate, and the arguments conclusive?' 'Yes, they were very good, as far as that goes, but still it was a very poor sermon. ' 'Will you tell me why you Think it a poor sermon?' 'Because,' said he,' there was no Christ in it
Cushan - The parallel with Midian makes people Think of an Arabian tribe, possibly nomads
Hareth - Others Think it is near the village of Kharas near Keilah
Hazar-Susah - As most towns of Simeon also appear in Judah's allotment (compare Joshua 19:1 ), many Bible students Think this is another name for Sansannah in Joshua 15:31
Iim - Many Bible students Think a copyist copied parts of the following Ezem twice
Mind of the Church - To Think and to act with the Church in matters not solemnly defined, is characteristic of a loyal member of the Church
Lycaonia - The "speech of Lycaonia" (Acts 14:11 ) was probably the ancient Assyrian language, or perhaps, as others Think, a corrupt Greek intermingled with Syriac words
Kenaz - Some Think that Othniel (Judges 1:13 ), and not Kenaz, was Caleb's brother
Bdellium - Others Think the word denotes "pearls," or some precious stone
Shoa - Some Think it denotes a place in Babylon
Anise - Some Think the Pimpinella anisum, others more probably the dill, Anethrum graveolens, of the order Umbelliferae; the seeds used in medicine as carminatives, in cookery as condiments, like caraway seed
Marriage, Putative - (Latin: putare, to Think) ...
If a couple are not really married but are publicly reported to be man and wife, and at least one of them believes that they are lawfully married, the supposed marriage is called putative
Beth-Nimrah - 3, and, some Think, Nimrim Isaiah 15:6 , see Nimrim)
Legion - If the poor man possessed of a legion of devils was thus numbered, what a state to contemplate! (See Mark 5:9) I rather Think the expression is of the figurative kind, or, as the poor man himself saith, a legion meant many
James the Less - But James the Less may be, as some Think, the same person as James the son of Alphaeus
Snail - " Some Think the Stellio lacerta
Contemplate - ) To consider or Think studiously; to ponder; to reflect; to muse; to meditate
Amber - Some Think that the Greek (Septuagint) and Latin (Vulgate) translations of the Old Testament suggest the substance known as electrum—an amalgam of silver and gold
Quench - ...
Dost thou Think, in time she will not quench? Not in use
Archangel - So exalted are the position and offices ascribed to Michael, that many Think the Messiah is meant
Joiarib - Many interpreters Think Joiarib is a copyist's duplication of Jarib earlier in the verse
Consistency (2) - 'Because my mother is going to send me to the dancing school, and I Think it very inconsistent to attend both at the same time
Kerchief - Some Think that it was a long veil or head-dress, denoting by its form the position of those who wore it
Baalah - (15:9; 1 Chronicles 13:6 ), now Kuriet-el-Enab, or as some Think, 'Erma
Silk - Some Think that Solomon may have gotten silk from India
Mortality - ...
When I saw her die, ...
I then did Think on your mortality
Bedstead - Think of reading on his tombstone: "He left a bedstead
Nicopolis - a city of Epirus, on the gulf of Ambracia, whither, as some Think, St
Nahash - He, or as some Think, his son of the same name, was on friendly terms with David, 2 Samuel 10:2 ...
Hadad-Ezer - Some Bible students Think the narrative in 2 Samuel 8:1 may be a summary looking forward to the fuller account in 2 Samuel 10:1 of the same event. Others Think two separate battles are described
Death: Its Revealing Power - High carnival is being held, and men wear their masks and dominoes, and strut about, and we Think that man a king, and this a mighty Oriental prince, and this a haughty Indian chief. If any of our readers seem to be what they are not, let them be wise enough to Think of the spade the shroud, and the silent dust; let every one among us now put his soul into the crucible, and as we shall test ourselves i the silence of the dying hour, so let us judge ourselves now
Ratio - from ratus, reor, to Think or suppose, to set, confirm or establish. Reor is contracted from redor or retor, and primarily signifies to throw, to thrust, hence to speak, to set in the mind, to Think, like L
Shaaraim - Many scholars Think Sharuhen is meant in Chronicles
Shoshannim - But whoever reads Psalms 45:1-17, where it is used, and with the additional title, A song of loves, will, I conceive, be inclined to Think with me that somewhat higher is intended by it
Barachias - ...
Some Think him to be Zacharias, the son of Jehoiada, who was killed by the orders of Joash, between the temple and the altar, 2 Chronicles 24:21 . Campbell Thinks, with Father Simon, that Jehoiada had two names, Barachias and Jehoiada
Ashur - It is believed that Ashur originally dwelt in the land of Shiner and about Babylonia, but that he was compelled by the usurper Nimrod to depart from thence, and settle higher toward the springs of the Tigris, in the province of Assyria, so called from him, where some Think he built the famous city of Nineveh, and those of Rehoboth, Calah, and Resen, Genesis 10:11-12
Raguel - Some, however, Think he was Jethro's father, and that he is called the father of the others as being the head of the family
Greyhound, - " Various are the opinions as to what animal "comely in going" is here intended Some Think "a leopard," others "an eagle," or "a man girt with armor," or "a zebra," or "a war-horse girt with trappings
Hushah - Some Bible students Think that in the copying process the name was changed from an original Shuah (1 Chronicles 4:11 ) through transposition of Hebrew letters
se'Lah - (Gesenius and Ewald and others Think it has much the same meaning as our interlude,--a pause in the voices singing, while the instruments perform alone
Contemplation - "Monks and mystics consider contemplation as the highest degree of moral excellence; and with them a silent spectator is a divine man:" but it is evident we are not placed here only to Think
Dissension - , to Think
Ferret, - The Jews' Bible (by Leeser) has 'hedgehog;' others Think the 'shrew-mouse;' and others the 'gecko,' a wall-lizard
Bdellium - Some believe this bdellium was a precious stone; some Think it of vegetable origin, a kind of gum exuding from a tree
Cherith - Some identify it with Wady Fusail, a little farther north, and yet others Think it was some stream on the other, or eastern, side of the Jordan
Conceive - To Think to be of opinion to have an idea to imagine. To Think to have a conception or idea
Scorn - ...
To Think scorn, to disdain to despise. to Think unworth to disdain
Jerahmeelite - While dwelling with the Philistines, David told them he was fighting in the territory of the Jerahmeelites (1 Samuel 27:10 ), making Achish, the Philistine king, Think he was fighting against parts of Judah, while he actually fought the other groups in the south who opposed Judah—Geshurites, Gezrites, Amalekites (1 Samuel 27:8 )
Eliathah - Many scholars of the Hebrew language Think the names of the last nine sons of Heman in 1 Chronicles 25:4 originally formed a verse of a Hebrew psalm in which Eliathah would have meant, “My God are you
Flying - Some scholars Think this passage may refer to the airplane
Archelaus, Supposed Bishop of Carchar - It is extant in a Latin translation from a Greek text, but some Think the Greek is derived from a Syriac original
Baal-Hamon - I am inclined to Think that this was not an idol, but a place; for the church, celebrating the glories of her Solomon, saith, that he had a vineyard at Baal-hamon (Song of Song of Solomon 8:11) Hamon, is people, multitudes, or riches
Likeminded - ...
Note: In Romans 15:5 ; Philippians 2:2 , phroneo to auto, "to Think the same thing," is translated, AV, "be likeminded" (RV, "be of the same mind")
Worse - ) That which is worse; something less good; as, Think not the worse of him for his enterprise
Sargon - Others Think he was the same as Shalmaneser, which see
Thought - ’ Thus Mark 13:11 ‘Take no thought beforehand’ does not mean do not Think or plan
Onyx - Some Think that the sardonyx is meant
Pelethites - Some, however, Think that these are the names simply of two Philistine tribes from which David selected his body-guard
Chorepiscopi - There have been great disputes among the learned concerning this order, some Thinking that they were mere presbyters; others that there were two sorts, some that had received episcopal ordination, and some that were presbyters only; others Think that they were all bishops
Entertain - See LODGE , STRANGE (think)
Zaphnath-Paaneah - Some Think it means "creator," or "preserver of life
Lahmi - Some interpreters Think the present text of Samuel represents copyists' confusion with the Chronicler's text accurate
Vanity - It is often applied to the man who wishes you to Think more highly of him than what he really deserves; hence the vain man flatters in order to be flattered; is always fond of praise, endeavours to bribe others into a good opinion of himself by his complaisance, and sometimes even by good offices, though often displayed with unnecessary ostentation
Compass - ...
Isaiah 50:11 (b) This is a description of those who have a false religion and false doctrines, and who Think that these are a light to them for eternity
Moab - Let us never Think that we can find more blessing in the world among GOD's enemies than in the church among GOD's people
Talent - Zechariah 5:7 (b) Some students Think that this represents the weight of sin that will encompass the business dealings of Israel
Teem - ) To Think fit
Ephraim - (See Jeremiah 31:20; Hosea 7:1; Hos 12:1; Hos 13:1) I do not presume to say the cause was, because the ten tribes had the chief city in Ephraim; but I Think it probable
Muddle - ) To Think and act in a confused, aimless way
Gihon - ) Reland, Calmet, &c, Think that Gihon is the Araxes, which has its source, as well as the Tigris and Euphrates, in the mountains of Armenia, and, running with almost incredible rapidity, falls into the Caspian Sea
Rehob - Some Think there were two cities of this name in Asher
Cherethites or Cherethim - Others Think they had their name from their office-executioners and runners
Stacte - Some Think the gum called storax is intended; but it is generally understood to be the purest king of myrrh; and as the Hebrew properly signifies a drop, it would seem to refer to myrrh as distilling, dropping form the tree of its own accord, without incision
Remnant - ...
Where I may Think the remnant of my thoughts
Brood - ) To have the mind dwell continuously or moodily on a subject; to Think long and anxiously; to be in a state of gloomy, serious thought; - usually followed by over or on; as, to brood over misfortunes. ) To Think anxiously or moodily upon
Dream - To Think to imagine as, he little dreamed of his approaching fate. To Think idly
Solomon - Many scholars Think that the number of his wives and concubines should be set at 70,300, respectively, and that the last number may have represented female slaves in attendance upon the women. Some Think that he received the grace of final repentance
Red - ...
Zechariah 1:8 (b) Since the myrtle trees represent those who live a happy life, some Think that these horses are a type of CHRIST riding in power because of the red blood, and because of Calvary to protect and preserve His own people. Others Think that these horses represent angels sent among the people to bring upon them the wrath of GOD because they were indifferent and unconcerned. Others Think that these horses are a type of sin that pervades all the land
Conceit - ) To form an idea; to Think
Hazelelponi - ” Many Bible students Think a copyist omitted something in Hebrew
Armenia - Some, however, Think Minni a contraction for Armenia
Dove's Dung - This name, however, is applied by the Arabs to different vegetable substances, and there is room for the opinion of those who Think that some such substance is here referred to, as, e
Horror - Horror and terror seem almost to be synomymous; but the former, I Think, refers more to what disgusts; the latter to that which alarms us
Beetle - A species of truxalis , some Think, one of the orthoptera , like the locust, but with elongated, projecting, conical forehead; carnivorous
Rainbow - Others, however (as Delitzsch, Commentary on Pentateuch), Think that it "appeared then for the first time in the vault and clouds of heaven
Shimron - Some commentators Think the original name was Shimon and identify it with modern khirbet Sammuniyeh five miles west of Nazareth in the Esdraelon Valley
Moyer's Lectures - A great number of English writers having endeavoured, in a variety of ways, to invalidate the doctrine of the Trinity, this opulent and orthodox lady was influenced to Think of an institution which should produce to posterity an ample collection of productions in defense of this branch of Christian faith
Sin: Loathed by a Christian - ' 'How much sin,' replied the godly Calvinist, 'do you Think it would take to fill a true Christian to his own satisfaction?' Here he hit the nail on the head
Understanding: no Time For - How is it, my dear,' inquired a schoolmistress of a little girl, 'that you do not understand this simple thing?' 'I do not know, indeed,' she answered, with a perplexed look; 'but I sometimes Think I have so many things to learn that I have not the time to understand
Temptation - Many horses fall at the bottom of a hill because the driver Thinks the danger past and the need to hold the reins with firm grip less pressing. I Think it was Ralph Erskine who said, 'There is no devil so bad as no devil
Practice: Necessary to Perfection - He bores my ears as with an auger, and renders it almost an impossibility to Think
Apes - Others Think Ophir was on the E
Lucius - The names are not identical or even very near one another, and there is no reason to Think that St
Conceive - ) To have a conception, idea, or opinion; Think; - with of
Eternal Creation - Many modern philosophers Think we can prove it
Tarsus - Some Think it obtained the privileges of a Roman colony because of its firm adherence to Julius Caesar; and this procured the inhabitants the favour of being acknowledged citizens of Rome, which St
Angelics - Those who consider this as a sect of the Apostolic age, Think St
Muse - To ponder to Think closely to study in silence. ...
MUSE, To Think on to meditate on
Cuckoo - Some have interpreted the Hebrew word by "petrel" or "shearwater" (Puffinus cinereus), which is found on the coast of Syria; others Think it denotes the "sea-gull" or "seamew
Goad - We could now see that the feat of Shamgar was not so very wonderful as some have been accustomed to Think
Discerning of Spirits - Acts 5:1-11; Acts 8:28; 1 Corinthians 14:23,37: "if any man Think himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord
Geshur - Many scholars Think Joshua 13:2 and 1 Samuel 27:8 refer to a group of southern Philistine cities about which nothing else is known
Gourd - ” Many interpreters Think a castor oil plant ( Ricinus Communis ) is meant
Preachers: Not to Preach Themselves - ' Too often when the preacher should Think only of his Master, and labour only to set forth the Redeemer's glories, he is occupied with his own style and oratory, and so honours himself at the expense of his Lord
Gourd, Wild, - Others Think the poisonous Colocynth, the Colocynthis agri, to be referred to
Apprehend - ) To Think, believe, or be of opinion; to understand; to suppose
Disdain - ) To Think unworthy; to deem unsuitable or unbecoming; as, to disdain to do a mean act
Approve - ) To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to Think well of; as, we approve the measured of the administration
Reputation, Repute - , not rulers nominally)]'>[1], Paul recognized that James, Cephas, and John were, as they were "reputed" by the church at Jerusalem, its responsible guides; (c) impersonally, "to Think, to seem good. " See SEEM and Think
Punishments of the Hebrews - Some Think it was originally from the Persians or Chaldeans. Some Think this punishment was seldom executed, but the offender was made to suffer in his property rather than in his person: yet there are some instances on record, Judges 16:21 ; 1 Samuel 11:2 ; 2 Kings 25:7
Hagarite - 1 Chronicles 11:38 names a Hagarite among David's military heroes, but some interpreters Think that 1 Samuel 23:36 is evidence of an original Gadite, which would be written quite similar to Hagarite in Hebrew
Hazazon-Tamar - Some Bible students Think Hazazon-tamar was actually located six miles north of Engedi at wadi Hasasa, while others point to Tamar in southern Judah, Kasr Ejuniyeh or ain Kusb, twenty miles southwest of the Dead Sea
Hushim - Member of tribe of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 7:12 ), though many Bible students Think copying has caused omission of tribe of Dan in the list, Hushim here being the same as in Genesis 46:23
Adrammelech - Some Think that Adrammelech represented the sun, and Anammelech the moon
God: Acting as a Father - Is there anything unkingly here? Is it not most natural? Does it not even elevate the monarch in your esteem? Why then do we Think it dishonorable to the King of kings, our heavenly Father, to consider the small matters of his children? It is infinitely condescending, but is it not also superlatively natural that being a Father he should act as such? ...
Shalman - ]'>[1] version seems to Think of the slaughter of Zalmunna by Gideon ( Judges 9:1-57 )
Ignorance: Possible in Most Constant Hearers - 'Thomas, where do you Think your soul will go?' ...
'Soul! soul!' said Thomas
Cockatrice - Others Think it to be the yellow viper (Daboia xanthina), one of the most dangerous vipers, from its size and its nocturnal habits (Isaiah 11:8 ; 14:29 ; 59:5 ; Jeremiah 8:17 ; in all which the Revised Version renders the Hebrew Tziph'oni By "basilisk")
Heman - Psalm 88 is ascribed to Heman the Ezrahite, who some Think to be the same person, but (as in the margin of the A
Hardly - Severely unfavorably as, to Think hardly of public measures
Anathema Maranatha - The apostle, therefore, in allusion to this custom, when speaking of those who love not the Lord Jesus Christ, as if no punishment he could Think of would be equal to such horrible ingratitude and impiety, exclaims, Let him be Anathema Maranatha! The want of that love will be to him an everlasting source of bitterness
Tophet - Others Think the name Tophet was given to the valley of Hinnom, from the beating of drums, (the word toph signifying a drum,) which accompanied the sacrifices of infants that were offered there to the god Moloch
Laodicea - From Colossians 4:16 it appears that Paul wrote a letter to the Laodiceans, which some Think is the same as the Epistle to the Ephesians
Jehonadab - The Hebrew word rechab means “chariot,” so some scholars Think Jehonadab belonged to Israel's chariot forces
Bittern - Rich says he found "great quantities" of porcupine quills among the ruins of Babylon; but others Think this inconsistent with Zephaniah 2:14 , and understand the word is referring to the common night-heron, a bird like the bittern found among the marshes of Western Asia, resorting to ruined buildings, and uttering a peculiar harsh cry before and after its evening flight
Repetitions - , a great number of times; and Think that the oftener a prayer is repeated, the more meritorious and efficacious it is
Poplar - This is the rendering of the Hebrew word libneh , which occurs in ( Genesis 30:37 ) and Hose 4:13 Several authorities are in favor of the rendering of the Authorized Version and Think that "white poplar" (Populus alba ) is the tree denoted: others understand the "storax tree" ( Styrax officinale , Linn
Dove's Dung - Later authorities incline to Think it the bulbous root of the Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum , i
Regard - ...
3: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) "to Think, set the mind on," implying moral interest and reflection, is translated "to regard" in Romans 14:6 (twice); the second part in the AV represents an interpolation and is not part of the original. 6, MIND, SAVOR, Think, UNDERSTAND. ...
5: ὀλιγωρέω (Strong's #3643 — Verb — oligoreo — ol-ig-o-reh'-o ) denotes "to Think little of" (oligos, "little," ora, "care"), "to regard lightly," Hebrews 12:5 , RV (AV, "despise")
Olive (Tree) - Some Think that these two trees represent Moses and Elijah, Moses the lawgiver, and Elijah the grace giver. Others Think that these two trees represent two angelic beings, who stand guard over the believer to protect and preserve him, and make him a radiant conqueror. Most Bible students Think they are Moses and Elijah who return to this earth in person with a message from GOD, and are persecuted
Heart: Hardness of - One would Think it strange that men in their case should be so merry
Baptism For the Dead - This they Think may have been one of the erroneous customs which Paul went to Corinth to "set in order
Eonians - He left behind him a number of followers, whom persecution and death, so weakly and cruelly employed, could not persuade to abandon his cause, or to renounce an absurdity, which, says Mosheim, one would Think, could never have gained credit but in such a place as Bedlam
Pisgah - Some Bible scholars believe it was part of Mount Nebo; others Think it could have been a separate rise, either en-Neba or near modern Khirbet Tsijaga
Resignation: Want of Rebuked - She plaintively said, 'What! deny a flower!' He replied, 'You have denied God your flower, and surely you ought not to Think it hard in me to deny you mine
Meditate - To Think on to revolve in the mind
Boldness - Boldness does not, I Think, imply the firmness of mind, which constitutes fortitude,nor the elevation and generosity of magnanimity
Greek, - How could they naturally Think of having faith in a man crucified with malefactors? But to the called ones Christ became the power and wisdom of God
Crown of Thorns - It is supposed to have been made of the Arabian nabk, which has flexible branches with very sharp thorns, and ivy-like leaves: mocking the Lord, as some Think, both as a king and as a victor
Jehoshaphat, Valley of - The name signifies 'Jehovah is judge,' and some Think that it is used symbolically for the place where God will judge
Calculate - ) To plan; to expect; to Think
Abana - His conduct was not unsimilar to modern Syrians in nature; who Think high of their own moral excellency, and cannot brook the necessity of being washed from the leprosy of sin, in the blood of Christ
Maschil - Others, on the contrary, Think it shows the clearness and perspicuity of such psalms, and that they needed no particular explication
Hagarenes - But some writers Think Hagarene imports south, conformably to the Arabic; hence Hagar, that is, the southern woman; and Mount Sinai is called Hagar, that is, the southern mountain, Galatians 4:25
Shem - A son of Noah, Genesis 5:32 6:10 , always named before Ham and Japheth, as the eldest son; or, as some Think, because he was the forefather of the Hebrews
Sursum Corda - Cyprian giving an explanation of the meaning and purpose of theSursum Corda as follows: "It is for this cause that the Priestbefore worship uses words of introduction and puts the minds ofhis brethren in preparation by saying, 'Lift up your hearts'; thatwhile the people answer, 'We lift them up unto the Lord,' they maybe reminded that there is nothing for them to Think of except theLord
Fish - Others Think that the giving of the number of the fish indicates the care with which GOD looks after each deed that we do for Him. Still others Think that these fish, and the number of them, represent GOD's abundant care for His own
Tables of the Law - Many Think they were transparent, so that they might be read through; on one side toward the right, and on the other side toward the left. Some Think that the same ten commandments were written on each of the two tables, others that the ten were divided, and only five on one table, and five on the other
Affection, Affected - ...
Notes: (1) Phroneo, "to Think, to set the mind on," implying moral interest and reflection, is translated "set your affection on" in Colossians 3:2 , AV (RV, "set your mind on"). See CAREFUL MIND, REGARD , SAVOR , Think , UNDERSTAND
Consider - ...
4: νοέω (Strong's #3539 — Verb — noeo — noy-eh'-o ) "to perceive with the mind" (nous), "think about, ponder," is translated "consider," only in Paul's exhortation to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:7 . See PERCEIVE , Think , UNDERSTAND. ...
6: λογίζομαι (Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee ) signifies "to take account of," 2 Corinthians 10:7 (RV, "consider," AV, "think"), the only place where the RV translates it "consider
Heldai - Some students Think Heldai was a nickname and Helem the official name
Ahimelech - Some Think, however, that both names belong to the same person
Sepharad - The modern Jews Think that Spain is meant, and hence they designate the Spanish Jews "Sephardim," as they do the German Jews by the name "Ashkenazim," because the rabbis call Germany Ashkenaz
Leviathan - " This word is also used figuratively for a cruel enemy, as some Think "the Egyptian host, crushed by the divine power, and cast on the shores of the Red Sea" ( Psalm 74:14 )
Almug - Others, with some probability, Think that it was the Indian red sandal-wood, the pterocarpus santalinus, a heavy, fine-grained wood, the Sanscrit name of which is valguka
Ithra - Many Bible students Think Ishmaelite was the original reading in 2Samuel, since it would be unusual and unnecessary to identify an Israelite (REB, TEV, NRSV)
Nimrod - Others Think that Amenophis III of Egypt (about 1411-1375 B
Jasper - As this stone does not answer the description ‘clear as crystal,’ some Think that the diamond is meant (Smith’s Dict
Decision, Valley of - Orelli, Michaelis, Robinson, and others Think the valley of this prophecy is purely a symbolic one, the valley of ‘Jehovah’s judgment,’ as the Heb
Ahlai - Others Think Sheshan changed his servant's Jarha's name to Ahlai when he made Jarha his son-in-law (1 Chronicles 2:35 )
Impute - imputo in and puto, to Think, to reckon properly, to set, to put, to throw to or on
Faithful - After what hath been said under the foregoing article of faith, I shall not Think it necessary to add much on the subject of faithfulness
Obadiah - Some Think that he was contemporary with Hosea, Amos, and Joel; while others are of opinion that he lived in the time of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and that he delivered his prophecy about B
Lop - The primary sense is evidently to fall or fell, or to strike down, and I Think it connected with flap
Water - ...
In Isaiah 35:7 , the Hebrew word for "parched ground" that shall become a pool of water, is the same with the Arabic term for the mirage, a peculiar optical illusion by which travelers in hot and dry deserts Think they see broad lakes and flowing waters; they seem to discern the very ripple of the waves, and the swaying of tail trees on the margin in the cool breeze; green hills and houses and city ramparts rise before the astonished sight, recede as the traveler advances, and at length melt away in the hot haze
Daily Bread - Many of the Fathers of the Church (Saints Cyprian, Hilary, Ambrose, Jerome, Peter Chrysologus, and Augustine) and some later exegetes Think the word "bread" refers to the necessities of our spiritual life, e
Harp - Some Think the word Kinnor Denotes the whole class of stringed instruments
Meribah - Some Think the one place is called by the two names (Psalm 81:7 )
Shinar, Plain of - Others Think a Kassite tribe was meant originally
Meditation: to be Practiced - Those who would be in health do not sit still in their houses to breathe such air as may come to them, but they walk abroad and seek out rural and elevated spots that they may inhale the invigorating breezes; and thus those godly souls who would be in a vigorous spiritual state, do not merely Think upon such holy doctrines as may come into their minds in the ordinary course of thought, but they give time to meditation, they walk abroad in the fields of truth, and endeavor to climb the heights of gospel promises
Reflect - Specifically: To attend earnestly to what passes within the mind; to attend to the facts or phenomena of consciousness; to use attention or earnest thought; to meditate; especially, to Think in relation to moral truth or rules
Apprehend - To Think to believe or be of opinion, but without positive certainty as, all this is true, but we apprehend it is not to the purpose
Sabaoth, Lord of - "of hosts", namely, of the heavenly powers (1 Kings 22:19; Psalms 103:21; Psalms 148:2; Romans 9:29; James 5:4, reminding the rich who Think the poor have no advocate that the Lord of the whole hosts in heaven is their patron)
Condescend - Can they Think me so broken, so debased, with corporal servitude, that my mind ever will condescend to such absurd commands? ...
Reckon - ) To conclude, as by an enumeration and balancing of chances; hence, to Think; to suppose; - followed by an objective clause; as, I reckon he won't try that again
Uess - ) To Think; to suppose; to believe; to imagine; - followed by an objective clause
Devise - Châshab (חָשַׁב, Strong's #2803), “to Think, account, reckon, devise, plan. ”...
Frequently used in the ordinary sense of “thinking,” or the normal thought processes ( Eliezer - But as the name of the latter is not given; as Abraham had near relatives, Lot and others; and as there is no evidence that he ever lived in Damascus, some Think Eliezer must have been a near relative of Abraham residing at Damascus; and that "steward of my house" and "born in my house"-literally son of my house, Genesis 15:2,3 -mean the same thing, the lawful family heir
Terah - Scripture intimates plainly that Terah had fallen into idolatry, or had for a time mingled some idolatrous practices with the worship of the true God, Joshua 24:2,14 ; and some Think that Abraham himself at fist did the same thing; but that afterwards God, being gracious to him, convinced him of the vanity of this worship, and that he undeceived his father Terah
Ger'Izim - Some scholars Think there is ground for the first belief (so Smith); but careful observers of the locality discredit it and believe Moriah to be the spot
Sober, Soberly, Soberminded - ...
B — 2: σωφρονέω (Strong's #4993 — Verb — sophroneo — so-fron-eh'-o ) akin to A, is rendered "to Think soberly," Romans 12:3 ; "to be sober," 2 Corinthians 5:13 ; "to be soberminded," Titus 2:6 ; in 1 Peter 4:7 , AV "be ye sober" (RV, "of sound mind"); see MIND , B, No. ...
Note: For the phrase "to Think soberly," see B, No
Prayer: Believing - Is it not a sad thing that we should Think it wonderful for God to hear prayer? Much better faith was that of a little boy in one of the schools in Edinburgh, who had attended a prayer-meeting, and at last said to his teacher who conducted it, 'Teacher, I wish my sister could be got to read the Bible; she never reads it. ' ...
'Do you Think so, Johnny?' ...
'Yes, I do, sir, and I wish the next time there's a prayer-meeting, you would ask the people to pray for my sister that she may begin to read the Bible
Feast of Saint Peter in Chains - The date when these chains were brought from Jerusalem is disputed; some claim they were brought in 116 by travellers sent in search of them by Saint Balbina and her father Saint Quirinus, while others Think Saint Eudoxia brought them in 439
Fir - Some regard it as the sherbin tree, a cypress resembling the cedar; others, the Aleppo or maritime pine (Pinus halepensis), which resembles the Scotch fir; while others Think that the "stone-pine" (Pinus pinea) is probably meant
Ira - Ira was apparently from Havoth-jair in Gilead (Numbers 32:41 ), though some Bible students Think he was from Kiriath-jearim (1 Samuel 7:1 )
Son of God - But, besides these four, many Think that he is called the Son of God in such a way and manner as never any other was, is, or can be, because of his own divine nature, he being the true, proper, and natural Son of God, begotten by him before all worlds, John 3:16
Shekinah - They wanted people to Think of him as a dazzling light or a shining presence, rather than as a human-like figure with physical features such as hands, arms, eyes, mouth and the like
Omnipotence - Scripture often affirms that all power belongs to God (Psalm 147:5 ), that all things are possible for God (Luke 1:37 ; Luke 19:26 ), and that God's power exceeds what humans can ask or Think (Ephesians 3:20 )
Alphaeus - Others Think the language problems between Greek and Hebrew make the equation impossible so that two different Marys are meant
Athanasian Creed - Some Think it originated during the second half of the 4th century, while others assign it to the 5th
Teraphim - Others Think they were talismans or figures of metal cast and engraven under certain aspects of the planets, to which they ascribed extraordinary effects
Saint Peter in Chains, Feast of - The date when these chains were brought from Jerusalem is disputed; some claim they were brought in 116 by travellers sent in search of them by Saint Balbina and her father Saint Quirinus, while others Think Saint Eudoxia brought them in 439
Lot - ) A large quantity or number; a great deal; as, to spend a lot of money; lots of people Think so
Sadducees - , 18), "But the doctrine of the Sadducees is this: that souls die with the bodies, nor do they regard the observation of anything besides what the law enjoins them; for they Think it an instance of virtue to dispute with those doctors of philosophy whom they frequent
Despise, Despiser - , "to Think down upon or against anyone" (kata, "down," phren, "the mind"), hence signifies "to Think slightly of, to despise," Matthew 6:24 ; 18:10 ; Luke 16:13 ; Romans 2:4 ; 1 Corinthians 11:22 ; 1 Timothy 4:12 ; 6:2 ; Hebrews 12:2 ; 2 Peter 2:10 . denotes "to Think round a thing, to turn over in the mind;" hence, "to have thoughts beyond, to despise," Titus 2:15 . , "one who Thinks down against," hence, "a despiser" (see A, No
Fitches - There are not, however, wanting, who Think it was rye; among whom R. Geddes, too, has retained it, though he says that he is inclined to Think that the spelt is preferable. Shaw Thinks that this word may signify rice. One would Think from the intercourse of ancient Egypt with Babylon and with India, that this country could not be ignorant of a grain so well suited to its climate
Anah - If we take Anah as an eponym rather than a personal name, and Think of relationships between clans rather than individuals, it is quite possible to reduce the above three references to one
Door - Others, with Saint Augustine, Think that Our Lord refers to the sheep rather than to the shepherds in these verses; He would affirm that to be saved one must come under His influence
Cormorant - Some Think the Hebrew word should be rendered "gannet" (Sula bassana, "the solan goose"); others that it is the "tern" or "sea swallow," which also frequents the coasts of Palestine as well as the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan valley during several months of the year
Millennium - " On the other hand, it is maintained, more in accordance with the teaching of Scripture, we Think, that Christ's second advent will not be premillennial, and that the right conception of the prospects and destiny of his kingdom is that which is taught, e
Nazarene - Some, however, Think that in this name there is an allusion to the Hebrew Netser , Which signifies a branch or sprout
Rend - Sometimes we start on a project which we Think will be useful, and then find out we are wasting our time
Powers of the Mind - Are those faculties by which we Think, reason, judge, &c
Preaching: Fruit And Flowers - At Hampton Court Palace every one regards with wonder the enormous vine loaded with so vast a multitude of huge clusters: just outside the vine-house is as fine a specimen of the wistaria, and when it is in full bloom, the cluster-like masses of bloom, cause you to Think it a flower-bearing vine, as the other is a fruit-bearing vine
Preaching: Best Manner of - You could not Think of playing the orator, of studying your emphases, cadences, and gestures, you would be yourself, and the interesting nature of your subject, impressing your heart, would furnish you with the most natural tone of voice, the most proper language, the most engaging features, and the most suitable and graceful gestures
Sapphire - On the high-priest's breast-plate (Exodus 28:18); some Think the lapis lazuli is meant (Exodus 24:10)
Sackcloth - (Genesis 37:34; Psalms 35:13; Isaiah 20:2) There is a prophecy in the book of the Revelations which some Think yet remains to be fulfilled, where it is said that the Lord's "two witnesses shall prophecy a thousand, two hundred, and three-score days, clothed in sackcloth?" (Revelation 11:3) Others suppose the event hath been already accomplished
Sepharad - The modern Jews Think Spain
Ammiel - Many Bible students Think these verses are talking about the same person, whose names have been slightly altered in the process of copying the manuscripts
Daughter - I should not Think it necessary to offer any observation upon this name, if considered in natural alliances only
Theophilus - Some Think this name is generic, and that St
Bar-Jesus - Origen and Chrysostom Think that Elymas, or Bar-Jesus, was converted likewise; and that St
Narrow - , hemmed in, like a mountain gorge; the way is rendered "narrow" by the Divine conditions, which make it impossible for any to enter who Think the entrance depends upon self-merit, or who still incline towards sin, or desire to continue in evil
Shekel - But most authors make them the same, and Think that the word sanctuary is added to express a just and exact weight, according to the standards kept in the temple or tabernacle
Purim - Some Think it is alluded to in John 5:1
Linen - Some Think BUTZ, in Latin byssus, denotes cotton cloth, and SHESH that made of hemp
Eder - Jerome mentions a Jewish tradition that this Eder was the site of the Temple, but himself prefers to Think that it was the spot on which the shepherds received the angels’ message
Vanity - ...
Think not when woman's transient breath is fled, that all her vanities at once are dead succeeding vanities she still regards
Language - It is much more natural to Think that God taught our first parents only such language as suited their present occasion, leaving them, as he did in other things, to enlarge and improve it, as their future necessities should require. What was the first language taught man, is matter of dispute among the learned, but most, Think it was the Hebrew
Thorn - Some Think it was sore eyes and defective vision. Others Think it was the small size of his body. Others Think that it was the restraint put upon him in which he was not permitted to tell what he saw in Heaven during his visit there
Challoner, Richard - He wrote many religious books, among them the well-known meditations "Think Well On't," the "Garden of the Soul," a favorite book of devotion, "Meditations for Every Day in the Year," and "Memoirs of Missionary Priests
Habakkuk, Prophecies of - 650-627, or, as some Think, a few years later
Provide, Providence, Provision - " ...
B — 1: πρόνοια (Strong's #4307 — Noun Feminine — pronoia — pron'-oy-ah ) "forethought" (pro, "before," noeo, "to Think"), is translated "providence" in Acts 24:2 ; "provision" in Romans 13:14
Sanctify, Sanctification - Sanctification is the process by which the Holy Spirit makes us more like Christ in all that we do, Think, and desire
Lebo-Hamath - Many modern interpreters Think Lebo-hamath was an independent city in the city-state dominated by Hamath in Syria
Mercy: Its Effect on the Soul - What Think you, will he not entreat the gracious monarch to extend his clemency to his fellow rebels? Will not the tears stand in his eyes as he admires the difference which his sovereign's free mercy has made? Will he not be moved with emotions impossible to describe, of mingled joy and grief; pity and gratitude, wonder and compassion? Christian, see your likeness here drawn to the life, you must surely feel ready to fall down on your knees, and cry,' Lord, why dost thou reveal thy mercy to me and not to these? Save them also, O Lord, for thy name's sake
Virtue - " Some, again, Think it consists "in mediocrity, " supposing vice to consist in extremes; others have placed it in "a wise regard to our own interest
Affect - Think not that wars we love and strife affect
Asleep - When we Think of a person being asleep, we know that he will soon waken to live and walk with his loved ones
Esteem - To hold in opinion to repute to Think
Heart - The expression, "to speak in the heart," 1 Samuel 1:13, is synonymous with "to Think
Mark, Marcus - When the second journey was proposed, Paul did not Think it right to take Mark with them; but on Barnabas pressing this, they separated, and Barnabas took Mark with him and sailed to Cyprus
Breastplate - Others Think it is because the Urim and Thummim were annexed to it
Dial - Some have imagined it a hemispherical cavity in a horizontal square stone, provided with a gnomon or index In the middle, the shadow of which fell on different lines cut in the hollow surface; some Think that it was a vertical index surrounded by twelve concentric circles; while some, with perhaps greater probability, believe it an obelisk-like pillar, set up in an open elevated place, with encircling steps, on which the shadow fell
Haran - Some Think that it was built by Terah, or by Haran, his eldest son
Richard Challoner - He wrote many religious books, among them the well-known meditations "Think Well On't," the "Garden of the Soul," a favorite book of devotion, "Meditations for Every Day in the Year," and "Memoirs of Missionary Priests
Coney - Some eminent interpreters Think the SHAPHAN means the Jerboa
Worse - Think not the worse of him for his enterprise
Casuistry - ...
On the other hand, I Think it may be observed, that, though these remarks may apply to some, they cannot apply to all books of casuistry. It must be acknowledged that nice distinctions, metaphysical reasonings, and abstruse terms, cannot be of much service to the generality, because there are so few who can enter into them; yet, when we consider how much light is thrown upon a subject by the force of good reasoning, by viewing a case in all its bearings, by properly considering all the objections that may be made to it, and by examining it in every point of view; if we consider also how little some men are accustomed to Think, and yet at the same time possess that tenderness of conscience which makes them fearful of doing wrong; we must conclude that such works as these, when properly executed, may certainly be of considerable advantage
Mind - There is something within humans that enables them to commune with God, to Think, to reason and to understand in a way that animals do not. The point that the Bible emphasizes is that because humans have minds they must Think and behave differently from the other animals (Psalms 32:8-9; Proverbs 1:2-6; Proverbs 18:15; Matthew 22:37; Philippians 1:9-10; 1 Peter 1:13-15; 2 Peter 2:12-16; see KNOWLEDGE; WISDOM)
Reed - (Matthew 27:29) How little, did they Think that both the crown of thorns and the reed, were emblems of the Lord Jesus's character as the Messiah. " (Genesis 3:18) And little did they Think that when they had crowned him with thorns, and put the reed in his right hand, JEHOVAH had that day set him for his king upon his holy hill of Zion
Baal Zebub - Some commentators Think that he was called Baal Samin, or the lord of heaven; but that the Jews, from contempt, gave him the name of Baal-zebub. " Those commentators who Think that the idol of Ekron himself is intended, have indulged in an improbable fancy
Consent - , "to Think well with" (sun, "with," eu, "well," dokeo, "to Think"), to take pleasure with others in anything, to approve of, to assent, is used in Luke 11:48 , of "consenting" to the evil deeds of predecessors (AV, "allow"); in Romans 1:32 , of "consenting" in doing evil; in Acts 8:1 ; 22:20 , of "consenting" to the death of another
Mind - "a Thinking through, or over, a meditation, reflecting," signifies (a) like No. ...
A — 6: φρόνημα (Strong's #5427 — Noun Neuter — phronema — fron'-ay-mah ) denotes "what one has in the mind, the thought" (the content of the process expressed in phroneo, "to have in mind, to Think"); or "an object of thought;" in Romans 8:6 (AV, "to be carnally minded" and "to be spiritually minded"), the RV, adhering to the use of the noun, renders by "the mind of the flesh," in vv. ...
B — 1: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) signifies (a) "to Think, to be minded in a certain way;" (b) "to Think of, be mindful of. , "minding the same," and "set (not) your mind on," RV, AV, "mind (not);" Romans 15:5 , "to be of (the same) mind," RV, (AV, "to be like-minded"); so the RV in 2 Corinthians 13:11 , AV, "to be of (one) mind;" Galatians 5:10 , "ye will be (none otherwise) minded;" Philippians 1:7 , RV, "to be (thus) minded," AV, "to Think (this);" Philippians 2:2 , RV "be of (the same) mind," AV, "be likeminded," and "being . " See CAREFUL , B, 6, REGARD , SAVOR , Think , UNDERSTAND
Milk - It means "butter," but also more frequently "cream," or perhaps, as some Think, "curdled milk," such as that which Abraham set before the angels (Genesis 18:8 ), and which Jael gave to Sisera (Judges 5:25 )
Apple Tree - They Think the common apple tree was only recently introduced to Palestine, and that the wild variety hardly matches the description given to the tree and its fruit in the Bible
Shew-Bread, - Then they were replaced by twelve new ones, the incense was burned, and they were eaten by the priests in the holy place, out of which they might not be removed, The title "bread of the face" seems to indicate that bread through which God is seen, that is, with the participation of which the seeing of God is bound up, or through the participation of which man attains the sight of God whence it follows that we have not to Think of bread merely as such as the means of nourishing the bodily life, but as spiritual food as a means of appropriating and retaining that life which consists In seeing the face of God
Parlour - The "inner parlours" in 1 Chronicles 28:11 were the small rooms or chambers which Solomon built all round two sides and one end of the temple ( 1 Kings 6:5 ), "side chambers;" or they may have been, as some Think, the porch and the holy place
Religion: Must be Personal - One day he said to her, 'Ellen, it is time for me to take my medicine, I Think
Destitution: of London - We have no reason to congratulate ourselves on what we are doing, if we only Think of the great work which still buried amid the ruins of Nineveh
Nahor - Some Think we have, instead, the name of a lost tribe once resident in the neighbourhood of Haran, from which the Aramæar tribes were descended
Salvation: Theme For Thought - He said, 'Here is the black leaf that is my sin, and the wrath of God which my sin deserves; I look, and look, and Think it is not black enough to represent my guilt, though it is as black as black can be
Conclave - The conclave is not fixed to any one determinate place, for the constitutions of the church allow the cardinals to make choice of such a place for the conclave as they Think most convenient: yet it is generally held in the Vatican
Knife - Some Bible students Think the pruning hooks of Isaiah 18:5 were curved knives
Narrow (And Forms) - The world Thinks that GOD's people are fanatics because they do not follow the ways of the world in sin of many kinds. Because the believer does not spend his time, talents and funds in the ways of the world, they Think that the Christian is restricted and hindered
Fly - Some Think this passage may refer to the airplane)
Sheminith - If therefore we suppose (and which I venture to Think may be done without violence) that the blessed things contained in them refer to Christ, may we not suppose also that the Psalm itself is therefore dedicated to him? If the reader wishes to see yet farther the foundation of such probable conclusions, I refer him to Parkhurst's Lexicon, page 696, or Fenwick on Titles of the Psalms, page 18
Impurity - Think how dear, and endeared in every way, and by every means, is the Lord Jesus Christ when brought home to the heart, and formed "in the heart the hope of glory
Amber - Gregory and Origen Think, that, in the above cited passages from Ezekiel, a precious and highly polished metal is meant
Sentence - sententia, from sentio, to Think
Willing - ...
B — 3: εὐδοκέω (Strong's #2106 — Verb — eudokeo — yoo-dok-eh'-o ) "to be well pleased, to Think it good," is rendered "we are willing" in 2 Corinthians 5:8 ; in 1 Thessalonians 2:8 , AV, "we were willing" (RV, "we were well pleased")
Loins - ...
1 Peter 1:13 (a) It is quite evident from this figure that the Lord is referring to our powers to Think, analyze and consider by our mental processes the things of time and eternity. The Lord expects us to Think through in regard to His work and service, to be resourceful, energetic and vigorous in preaching the Word and in carrying out His plans as He reveals them to us
Consent - , to be of one mind, to agree to Think, feel or perceive. Literally, to Think with another
Monumental Brasses - Iconoclasm after the Reformation, vandalism, and neglect, have contributed to the disappearance of most of the brasses in Germany, France, and in Flanders where some Think the art originated and where existing specimens are unusually fine
Latten - Iconoclasm after the Reformation, vandalism, and neglect, have contributed to the disappearance of most of the brasses in Germany, France, and in Flanders where some Think the art originated and where existing specimens are unusually fine
Word - ]'>[2] ‘word’ is preferred by some expositors, who Think that the reference is to the word preached by the Apostles and its attendant blessings (cf
Nob - This identification does not meet these conditions, and hence others (as Dean Stanley) Think that it was the northern summit of Mount Olivet, the place where David "worshipped God" when fleeing from Absalom ( 2 Samuel 15:32 ), or more probably (Conder) that it was the same as Mizpeh (q
Peter, Second Epistle of - Some Think this reference is to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11
Etam - Some scholars Think Rehoboam's fortification program came after Shishak's attack
Havilah - Some Bible students Think the name is preserved in modern Haulan in southwest Arabia
Tithe - Some scholars Think the differences in legislation reflect different uses of the tithe at various stages of Israel's history
Q - Others prefer to Think of Q as an “oral” source
Memorial Brasses - Iconoclasm after the Reformation, vandalism, and neglect, have contributed to the disappearance of most of the brasses in Germany, France, and in Flanders where some Think the art originated and where existing specimens are unusually fine
Strange - " ...
B — 1: ξενίζω (Strong's #3579 — Verb — xenizo — xen-id'-xo ) denotes "to Think something strange," 1 Peter 4:4,12 , Passive Voice, i
Detraction - Nothing can be more incongruous with the spirit of the Gospel, the example of Christ, the command of God, and the love of mankind, than a spirit of detraction; and yet there are many who never seem happy but when they are employed in this work: they feed and live upon the supposed infirmities of others; they allow excellence to none; they depreciate every thing that is praise-worthy; and, possessed of no good themselves, they Think all others are like them
Sorrow: For Sin Absorbing - When that famous statesman Mirabeau died, all France bewailed his loss, and men for some hours could Think or speak of little else
Kue - Many Think, further, that the Hebrew word translated as “Egypt” (Mizraim) should be translated as “Musri,” a country in Asia Minor near Cilicia
Invocation - The Protestants censure and reject this opinion, as contrary to Scripture; deny the truth of the fact; and Think it highly unreasonable to suppose that a limited, finite being, should be in a manner omnipresent, and, at one and the same time, hear and attend to the prayers that are offered up to him in England, China, and Peru; and from hence infer, that, if the saints cannot hear their request, it is inconsistent with common sense to address any kind of prayer to them
Tongues, Gift of - ...
The expression 'unknown tongue' is unhappy, because it has led some to Think that the gift of tongues consisted of a sort of unintelligible gibberish
Aquila And Priscilla - Some scholars Think the church at Ephesus received a copy of the last chapter of Romans
Behold - This word is so often used in the word of God, that I do not Think it unimportant to have a place in our Concordance
Lily, - Others Think it was probably the Anemone coronaria, which they judge to have been included in the Greek κρινον
Dial - The generality of expositors Think that it was a staircase so disposed, that the sun showed the hours upon it by the shadow
Laodicea - It was addressed by Paul in his letter to Colosse, and in another now lost, Colossians 2:1 4:13-16 , though some Think the "Epistle to the Ephesians" is the one alluded to
Shekel - ...
Between the sacred shekel, Exodus 30:13 , and the shekel after the "king's weight," 2 Samuel 14:26 , there would seem to have been a difference; but this and many Think the phrase "shekel of the sanctuary" simply means a full and just shekel, according to the temple standards
Adino - Some Think that Jashobeam and Joshebbassebet are the same name — one being varied by the copyist
Gil'e-ad - (Judges 7:3 ) We are inclined, however, to Think that the true reading in this place should be GILBOA
Allow - ...
3: συνευδοκέω (Strong's #4909 — Verb — suneudokeo — soon-yoo-dok-eh'-o ) "to consent or fully approve" (sun, "with," eu, "well," dokeo, "to Think"), is translated "allow" in Luke 11:48 ; "was consenting" in Acts 8:1 ; 22:20
Easter Day - Some Think that itis derived from a Saxon term meaning "rising"; others Think theword Eost or East refers to the tempestuous character of theweather at that season of the year and find its root in theAnglo-Saxon YST, meaning a storm
Report - It is reported among the heathen, and Gashmu saith it, that thou and the Jews Think to rebel. ...
In this form of expression, it refers to the subsequent clause of the sentence "that thou and the Jews Think to rebel, is reported
Think, Devise - ...
Châshab (חָשַׁב, Strong's #2803), “to Think, devise, purpose, esteem, count, imagine, impute. ...
Châshab can be translated as “devise” in association with the sense of “to Think and reckon. ...
The word may mean “think. Those who fear the Lord may also “think” upon His name ( Apollonius of Tyana - ) Thinks that part may be genuine; but Kayser and Zeller reject them summarily, and most writers on Apollonius barely mention them. We do not Think that this opinion can be held by any one who attentively compares the letters with the biography; and we Think it probable that the letters, whether genuine or not, were composed before the work of Philostratus, and hence form our earliest and best authority respecting Apollonius. Baur took an intermediate view in his Apollonius von Tyana und Christus, Tübingen, 1832), which in its main outline will we Think commend itself as by far the most probable account. This cannot, we Think, be doubted by any one who reflects on the whole tone of the book. But was any character like this, or approaching to this, drawn by any heathen writer before Christ? We Think not
Ibleam - Many Bible students Think Ibleam was the original reading for the Levite city in Joshua 21:25 , where the Hebrew text now reads “Gath-rimmon,” also read in Joshua 21:24
Ashtoreth, Plural Ash'Taroth - This last name is commonly rendered in the English version "grove;" but eminent Hebrew scholars Think this meaning is unsupported either by the etymology or the context
Serpent, Brazen - Some Think it represented the Celestial Dragon, others the spirit of an ancestor, others a chthonic deity: Robertson Smith believed that it was the totem of David’s house
Red Sea - Some Think it is derived from the red colour of the mountains on the western shore; others from the red coral found in the sea, or the red appearance sometimes given to the water by certain zoophytes floating in it
Sincerity - This word, however, like many others, is abused, and often becomes a subterfuge for the ungodly and the indolent, who Think that their practice is nothing; but that sincerity, or a good heart, as they call it, is all in all
Count - ) To esteem; to account; to reckon; to Think, judge, or consider
Kish - Some Think he was the grandson of Abiel and son of Ner
Threshold - 1 Samuel 5:4 (c) We may learn from this interesting incident that those who approach an idol or the temple of the idol should see that the idol could neither Think (for his head was off), nor work (for his hands were off)
Lectures, Religious - Beside lectures on the sabbath day, many Think proper to preach on week days; sometimes at five in the morning, before people go to work, and at seven in the evening, after they have done
Key - I should not Think it necessary to notice this, the thing is so familiar, were it not that the Lord Jesus hath condescended to use the figure with reference to his grace and power
Accad - Some believe this to have been the ancient Accad; but others Think it must have been farther south
Rahab - Others Think she was only a hostess or innkeeper, and that this is the true signification of the original word
Cush - Others Think it is Saul
Let - ) To consider; to Think; to esteem
Bethsaida - Others Think it unlikely that two cities in such close neighborhood should have borne the same name
Pretorium - Some Think that by this he means the palace of the emperor Nero; and others, that he intends the place where the roman Praetor sat to administer justice, that is, his tribunal
Same - Do but Think how well the same he spends, who spends his blood his country to relieve
Deacon - Special directions as to the qualifications for and the duties of deacons will be found in Acts 6 and ( 1 Timothy 3:8-12 ) From the analogy of the synagogue, and from the scanty notices in the New Testament, we may Think of the deacons or "young men" at Jerusalem as preparing the rooms for meetings, distributing alms, maintaining order at the meetings, baptizing new converts, distributing the elements at the Lord's Supper
Paul, Conversion of Saint - We find him described by two names, Saul and Paul, thefirst being Hebrew, relating to his Jewish origin and the otherLatin, assumed by him, as some Think, at his conversion, as an actof humility, styling himself less than the least of all saints
Ananias - The expression may mean (a) that Paul had at the moment overlooked the honour due to the high priest; or (b), as others Think, that Paul spoke ironically, as if he had said, "The high priest breaking the law! God's high priest a tyrant and a lawbreaker! I see a man in white robes, and have heard his voice, but surely it cannot, it ought not to be, the voice of the high priest. ) (c) Others Think that from defect of sight Paul could not observe that the speaker was the high priest
Merits - Even the captain did not seem very grateful; so our hero ventured, in a roundabout style to hint, that such valuable services as his, having saved the vessel, ought to be rewarded at least with some few words of acknowledgment; when he was shocked to hear the captain say, 'What, sir, do you Think you saved the vessel? Why, I gave you that rope to hold to keep you engaged, that you might not be in such a feverish state of alarm. They Think they can certainly save themselves, and there they stand holding the rope with their clenched teeth and their feet tightly fixed, while they are really doing no more than our officious friend, who was thus befooled
Eve - Thus she welcomed Cain, as some Think, as if he had been the Promised One the "See d of the woman
Badger - Others Think it is the stag goat, of the antelope kind, called thacasse , related perhaps to tachash , to be seen on Egyptian monuments
Feel, Feeling, Felt - ...
2: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) "to Think, to be minded," is translated "I felt" in the RV of 1 Corinthians 13:11 (for AV, "I understood")
Tarshish - Some Think there was a Tarshish in the East, on the Indian coast, seeing that "ships of Tarshish" sailed from Eziongeber, on the Red Sea (1 Kings 9:26 ; 22:48 ; 2 Chronicles 9:21 )
Nahum, Book of - Others, however, Think that his prophecies are to be referred to the latter half of the reign of Hezekiah (about B
Deaconess - Such a one it is reasonable to Think Phebe was, Romans 16:1
Sin: One the Souls Ruin (2) - ...
'Alas! I didn't Think one caterpillar would ruin me
Fiery - (a) Some Think that this is a definite reference to the operation of motor vehicles by electricity
Seer - " (1 Samuel 9:9) I Think it is very remarkable, however, that there is this striking difference between the two names, in that we find the word seer made use of as being the king's seer, but when the name of prophet is used, it is said "the prophet of the Lord
Excuse - Think you that we excuse ourselves to you? 2 cor 12 ...
Evangelists - In which sense these interpreters Think it is that St
Chemosh - Jerom and most interpreters consider Chemosh and Peor as the same deity; but some Think that Baal-Peor was Tammuz, or Adonis
Lamentations of Jeremiah - One would Think, as it has often been said, that every letter was written with a tear, and every word was the sob of a broken heart
River - Such conduits were easily turned by moulding the soil with the foot; and some Think this is the idea in Deuteronomy 11:10 ; "where thou sowedst thy seed, and wateredst it with thy foot, as a garden of herbs
Philologus - The locality to which we shall suppose these churches belonged will depend upon whether we Think the destination of these salutations was Rome or Ephesus
Count - ...
3: λογίζομαι (Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee ) "to reckon," is rendered "count" in 2 Corinthians 10:2 , RV (AV, "think"); "counted" in the AV of Romans 2:26 ; 4:3,5 ; 9:8 (RV, "reckoned")
Ift - All Bible students do not agree with this, but rather Think that it refers to the Holy Spirit. Some Think it may refer to "eternal life
Child - On his account I Think it important, and the reader will, I hope, forgive me. " I know not whether the reader enters with me into an apprehension of the very great loveliness, as well as importance, of the expression, in respect to the holy child Jesus; but I cannot but Think, that the church, in this prayer, laid the whole stress, for their prayers being answered, upon the person of Jesus, in the holiness of that nature; which nature the church considered as its own
Hebron - Some Think it was founded by Arba, one of the oldest giants in Palestine; for which reason it was called Kirjath-arba, or Arba's city, Joshua 14:15 ; which name was afterward changed to that of Hebron, Joshua 15:13 . When it was first called Hebron, is uncertain; some Think, not till it was conquered by Caleb, and that he called it so from his son of that name
Worthy, Worthily - ...
B — 1: ἀξιόω (Strong's #515 — Verb — axioo — ax-ee-o'-o ) "to Think or count worthy," is used (1) of the estimation formed by God (a) favorably, 2 Thessalonians 1:11 , "may count (you) worthy (of your calling)," suggestive of grace (it does not say "may make you worthy"); Hebrews 3:3 , "of more glory," of Christ in comparison with Moses; (b) unfavorably, Hebrews 10:29 , "of how much sorer punishment;" (2) by a centurion (negatively) concerning himself, Luke 7:7 ; (3) by a church, regarding its elders, 1 Timothy 5:17 , where "honor" stands probably for "honorarium," i. 1 (Acts 28:22 ), Think (Acts 15:38 )
Thorn - We should hardly Think Gideon went far to seek these plants. I find nothing in the New Testament concerning this crown which Pilate's soldiers put on the head of Jesus, to incline one to Think that it was of thorns, and intended, as is usually supposed, to put him to pain. ' [1] The total silence of Polycarp, Barnabas, Clemens Romanus, and all the other Christian writers whose works are now extant, and who wrote before Tertullian, in particular, will give some weight to incline one to Think that this crown was not platted with thorns
Baptism of Fire - So some Think of the fiery tongues at Pentecost as the fulfillment of his prediction
Babel, Tower of - " Others Think it to be the ruins of the Temple of Belus
Omri (1) - The length of this king’s reign is given as twelve years, but some Think it to have been more
Kenites - ” Some scholars Think the traveling blacksmiths of the Middle Ages resembled the Kenites
Sabean - Some scholars Think this is too far south and seek biblical Sheba in northern Arabia near Medina on the wadi esh-Shaba
Conceit - ...
CONCEIT, To conceive to imagine to Think to fancy
City - Which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God, (Hebrews 11:10) I Think it not improper to notice this, in a work of this kind, inasmuch as we meet with the expression frequently in Scripture, both in allusion to the church of God upon earth, and the church triumphant in heaven
Zerubbabel - Some Think that Zerubbabel had also the name of Sheshbazzar, and that he has this name in Ezra 1:8
Jehoshaphat - Others Think the office maintained public records, while others speak of a foreign minister
Pre-Existence of Souls - That it had Jewish adherents is clear from ( a ) Wis 8:19-20 , written by some Jewish Thinker influenced (as, e. Some Think that the question rose from Jewish ideas as to pre-natal consciousness
Weak - To Think every thing disputable, si a proof of a weak mind and captious temper
Self-Defence - "Notwithstanding, " says Grove, "the great names which may appear on the side of any of these opinions, I cannot but Think self-defence, though it proceeds to the killing of another to save one's self, is in common cases not barely permitted, but enjoined by nature; and that a man would be wanting to the Author of his being, to society, and to himself, to abandon that life with which he is put in trust. And if it be said that I dispatch him with his sins upon him into the other world, which he might have lived long enough to repent of, if legally condemned: as he must answer for that, who brought me under a necessity of using this method for my own preservation; so I myself may not be prepared, or may not Think myself so, or so well assured of it as to venture into the presence of my great Judge; and no charity obliges me to prefer the safety of another's soul to my own
Self-Love - When we Think too well of our righteousness, and over-value our good actions, and are pure in our own eyes. There is an everlasting obligation on men to love God for what he is, however incapable of doine it; but, at the same time, our love to him is our interest; nor can we, in the present state, I Think, while possessed of such bodies and such minds, love God without including a sense of his relative goodness
Gilgal - Joshua set up Gilgal as the border between Judah and Benjamin (Joshua 15:7 ; compare Joshua 18:17 ), though many Bible students Think the border town must be south of the original camp. The earliest Greek translation reads this as “kings of the nations in Galilee,” which many scholars Think is the original reading, a copyist of the Hebrew text using the word “Gilgal” since it had become familiar in the earlier chapters of Joshua
Mount Sinai - Since Horeb means “waste” or “wilderness area,” it seems best to Think of Horeb as the general term for the area and Sinai as the specific peak where God manifested Himself to Moses. Many explorers Think Ras es-Safsafeh is the biblical Sinai because it has a plain, er Rahah , on its northwest base, which is two miles long and about two thirds of a mile wide
Rain - ...
Proverbs 28:3 (a) One would Think that the poor man would bring a blessing to the poor, seeing they are in the same condition. One would Think that the rain would bring fruitfulness and blessing to the ground as it fell upon it
Gate - Modern structures lead us to Think of iron throughout, but it is more likely the gate was of wood and faced with iron. Although it is spoken of as a gate (πύλη), we have reason to Think this was a portal of ft very elaborate type (Hastings’ Single-vol
Care, Careful, Carefully, Carefulness - ...
B — 4: φροντίζω (Strong's #5431 — Verb — phrontizo — fron-tid'-zo ) "to Think, consider, be thoughtful" (from phren, "the mind"), is translated "be careful" in Titus 3:8 . See AFFECTION , B, Note (1), MIND , REGARD , SAVOR , Think , UNDERSTAND
the Rich Man And Lazarus - Yes, said Luther, I do Think our Lord must have known the rich man and Lazarus in Galilee, or in Samaria, or in Judea. ...
The very first thing, as I Think, that we are to see clearly in this scripture is this, that the rich man is not in hell simply and wholly because he had starved Lazarus to death. I used to read this parable so superficially as to Think that the rich man is where he is altogether because of his starvation of Lazarus. On the other hand, the crumbs that were sent out to Lazarus must, as I Think, have been much more than mere crumbs. They must have been both many and large and savoury crumbs, as I Think, else Lazarus would not have been laid so regularly and so long at that gate. Those who carried Lazarus to that rich man's gate every morning did so, as I Think, because they had found out by experience that this was the best gate in all the city at which to lay Lazarus down. Just Think for yourself what you will say and do if you come to yourself for the first time there. But there is one lesson specially intended, as I Think, for us who are ministers. Else, if they had, do you Think I would have been where I now am! O Father Abraham: pity my poor brothers, and send and deliver them from those dumb dogs that eat and drink till they cannot bark
Prince - I shall not Think it necessary to enlarge in our views of our adorable Lord as our Prince and Saviour, for every act of his manifests his royal princely sovereignty and power as the glorious Head of his body the church
Thought - To bring the mind into a habit of Thinking as we ought to Think, there should by a constant dependence on and imploring of divine grace; an increasing acquaintance with the sacred Scriptures; and improvement of every opportunity of serious conversation; a constant observance of the works of God in creation, providence, and grace; and, lastly, a deep sense of the realities of an eternal world as revealed in the word of God
Preaching: Need of Prayer And Unction - In a Romish book by Father Faber of the Oratory, we find the following:: 'Do you remember the story of that religious, a Jesuit I Think, who was a famous preacher, and whose sermons converted men by scores? It was revealed to him that not one of the conversions was owing to his talents or eloquence, but all to the prayers of an illiterate lay-brother who sat on the pulpit steps praying all the time for the success of the sermon
Superstition - Or from a natural inclination we all have to idolatry, which makes men Think they see some ray of the Divinity in extraordinary creatures, and on this account worship them
Candlestick - Some Think these are Moses and Elijah
Proselyte - Some hold that it was introduced when the emperors forbade their Gentile subjects to be circumcised, but others Think it must have been earlier, which seems confirmed by John 1:25
Digest - ) To Think over and arrange methodically in the mind; to reduce to a plan or method; to receive in the mind and consider carefully; to get an understanding of; to comprehend
Incomprehensibility of God - In those perfections of the divine nature of which we have some idea, there are many things to us inexplicable, and with which, the more deeply and attentively we Think of them, the more we find our thoughts swallowed up: such as his self-existence, eternity, omnipresence, &c
Baptist - What a blessed testimony to the GODHEAD and glory of Oh! that Socinians and Deists would Think of it!...
Finish - " (John 17:4) And in confirmation of the same, as the last act on the cross, he bowed his sacred head, and said, "It is finished!" (John 19:30) Think reader, what a blessed consideration this is to the mind of a poor self
Degrees - Some Think that they were called psalms of degrees, because they were sung upon the fifteen steps of the temple; but they are not agreed where these steps were. Calmet Thinks, that they were called songs of degrees, or of ascent, because they were composed on occasion of the deliverance of the Jews from the captivity of Babylon, either to implore this deliverance from God, or to return thanks for it after it had been obtained; and that the Hebrews used the term to go up, when they spoke of their journeying from Babylon to Jerusalem
Oak - We have reason to Think that this veneration was brought from the east; and that the Druids did no more than transfer the sentiments their progenitors had received in oriental countries
Gallio - Paul being about to speak, Gallio told the Jews, that if the matter in question were a breach of justice, or an action of a criminal nature, he should Think himself obliged to hear them; but, as the dispute was only concerning their law, he would not determine such differences, nor judge them
Babe - 7 ...
Note: The corresponding verb, nepiazo, is found in 1 Corinthians 14:20 , where believers are exhorted to be as "babes" (RV) in malice, unable to Think or speak maliciously
Observation, Observe - phroneo ("to Think"), "regardeth" in Romans 14:6 , where the subject is connected with the above, though the motive differs
Urim And Thummin - Some Think it was the precious stones on the sacred breastplate, which made known the divine will by casting an extraordinary luster
the Man Who Had Not on a Wedding Arment - Then what else than that command would you Think about all the intervening six days and six nights? I feel sure you would Think about nothing else. Think you see Mary Magdalene while it is yet dark. Think you hear what she says to her Risen Lord, and what He says to her. And open and read the journey to Emmaus, and Think you are one of them, till your heart burns within you. Have a good half-hour to read and Think and pray. I Think it will suit you next Sabbath
Thorn in the Flesh -
Roman Catholic writers Think that it denotes suggestions to impiety
ir-ha-Heres - " Some Think the five are Heliopolis, Leontopolis, Migdol, Daphne (Tahpanhes), and Memphis
Net - ) The tempters Think that their intended victims are "innocent in vain" (so translated for "without cause"), i
Daemons - Others Think the word is in that version certainly applied to the ghosts of such dead men as the heathens deined, in Deuteronomy 32:17
Whole - ...
Luke 5:31 (b) There are those who Think that they are so good, righteous and holy that they do not need the Saviour
Accad - The Semitic Babylonians ("the white race"), or, as some scholars Think, first the Cushites, and afterwards, as a second immigration, the Semites, invaded and conquered this country; and then the Accadian language ceased to be a spoken language, although for the sake of its literary treasures it continued to be studied by the educated classes of Babylonia
Dream - , God's service becomes by "dreams" (foolish fancies as to what God requires of worshippers); and random "words," positive vanity of manifold kinds; compare Matthew 6:7, "they Think that they shall be heard for their much speaking
Taste: Spiritual Needful For Earthly Joys - I love to Think of the green and quiet walk at this moment, and could wish for just such a study
Service - Being in an army is also service ( 2 Timothy 2:4 ), and those who persecute Christ's followers Think they do service for God (John 16:2 )
Sosipater - If we Think the identification unlikely, we shall suppose Sosipater and the others to have been members of the church at Corinth
Field - Teachers who teach GOD's Gospel of grace sometimes Think they can succeed in their ministry while teaching in a group where the Word of GOD is denied, and the Gospel is perverted
Salutation - What would those eastern people Think of the clamour of voices in our Royal Exchange? In families, among the servants with their masters, a thousand commands are issued and executed, and not a voice heard
Count - To esteem to account to reckon to Think, judge, or consider
Hear - They Think they shall be heard for their much speaking
Gibeon - Keil and others Think Gibeon is the place intended
Temper - ) To accord; to agree; to act and Think in conformity
Horeb - Robinson and Hengstenberg Think that Horeb is the name for the whole range—Sinai for a particular peak; Gesenius and others hold precisely the opposite view
Belief - If the servant of some kind and generous master was promised by him a favour, which he knew his master could perform, he would Think it a base impeachment of his master's character for any one to call the promise in question
Golden Candlesticks - And I do not Think, that the Lord Jesus, in his high priestly office, could have been more strongly represented than by appearing thus in the midst of the candlesticks, his churches
Look, Looking - A — 1: προσδοκάω (Strong's #4328 — Verb — prosdokao — pros-dok-ah'-o ) "to await, expect" (pros, "to" or "towards," dokeo, "to Think, be of opinion"), is translated "to look for," e
Mandrake - Some translate it by "violet," others, "lilies," "jasmines," "truffle or mushroom," and some Think that the word means "flowers," or "fine flowers," in general
Onyx - The onyx of the high priest's pectoral was, no doubt, the gem onyx; the stone prepared by David was the marble onyx, or rather onychus; for one would hardly Think that gems of any kind were used externally in such a building, but variegated marble may readily be admitted
Badger - Aben Ezra Thinks it some animal of the bovine kind, of whose skins shoes are made; alluding to Ezekiel 16:10 . Faber, Dathe, and Rosenmuller, Think that it is the seal, or sea calf, vitulus marinus, the skin of which is both strong and pliable, and was accounted by the ancients as a most proper outer covering for tents, and was also made into shoes, as Rau has clearly shown. " Bochart Thinks that not an animal, but a colour, was intended, Exodus 25:5 ; so that the covering of the tabernacle was to be azure, or sky blue
Judge - ) To determine upon or deliberation; to esteem; to Think; to reckon
Wake - ...
I cannot Think any time, waking or sleeping, without being sensible of it
Fool, Folly - They may Think God’s way of salvation through Christ’s death to be foolish, but if they reject that salvation, they themselves are foolish (1 Corinthians 1:18-24)
Vettius Epagathus - It not unfrequently happened [1] that a bystander at a trial would press on the judge the necessity of such an investigation, whereupon the magistrate would say, I Think you must be a Christian also yourself, and on the advocate's confessing that he was, would send him to share the fate of those whom he had attempted to defend. 307) is of opinion that Vettius had "only the merits of martyrdom without the reality," since no mention is made of Vettius in the subsequent narration of the sufferings of Christians tortured in the amphitheatre, and, what Renan Thinks decisive, the epistle of the churches says of Vettius that "he was and is a genuine disciple of Christ, following the Lamb whithersoever he goeth
Wall - Some commentators Think it did suggest the figure (Westcott); others Think any kind of fence would serve the purpose (Meyer). Alford Thinks the primary allusion is to the rending of the veil at the Crucifixion
Deliverance - To Think of Christ is to Think of Him as Saviour
Love to God - Nor can these two ideas, I Think, be well separated; for, however some may argue that genuine love to God should arise only from a sense of his amiableness, yet I Think it will be difficult to conceive how it can exist, abstracted from the idea of his relative goodness
Bereans - As to their practice and discipline, they consider infant baptism as a divine ordinance, instituted in the room of circumcision; and Think it absurd to suppose that infants, who all agree are admissible to the kingdom of God in heaven, should, nevertheless, be incapable of being admitted into his visible church on earth. They do not Think that they have any power to deliver a backsliding brother to Satan; that text, and other similar passages, such as, "Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, " &c. Neither do they Think themselves authorized, as a Christian church, to enquire into each other's political opinions, any more than to examine into each other's notions of philosophy. ...
They both recommend and practise, as a Christian duty, submission for lawful authority; but they do not Think that a man by becoming a Christian, or joining their society, is under any obligation by the rules of the Gospel to renounce his right of private judgment upon matters of public or private importance. Upon all such subjects they allow each other to Think and act as each may see it his duty; and they require nothing more of the members than a uniform and steady profession of the apostolic faith, and a suitable walk and conversation
People - In Thinking of God and His people, He would Think of Him as a moral Being and of them as moral beings. He would Think of the relations between Him and them as moral, and therefore as founded in this direct inward relation to them as individuals. He would Think also of His relation to them as absolutely impartial, and of their relations to Him as absolutely equal. And for all these reasons He would Think of the relation between God and His people, as His people, as in no sense legal, and as not permitting Him to show towards any people in particular either national favour or political privileges. Finally, all this implies that Christ would Think of God and His people in terms of purely moral universality
People - In Thinking of God and His people, He would Think of Him as a moral Being and of them as moral beings. He would Think of the relations between Him and them as moral, and therefore as founded in this direct inward relation to them as individuals. He would Think also of His relation to them as absolutely impartial, and of their relations to Him as absolutely equal. And for all these reasons He would Think of the relation between God and His people, as His people, as in no sense legal, and as not permitting Him to show towards any people in particular either national favour or political privileges. Finally, all this implies that Christ would Think of God and His people in terms of purely moral universality
Bread - ...
Proverbs 31:27 (b) This probably represents those who Think that it is sweet, good and profitable to sit around doing nothing. ...
Isaiah 55:2 (a) The things that most people seek for and Think that they will be satisfied when they obtain them, find that these are not bread at all, but only look like bread. ...
Luke 11:11 (a) In our prayers we often ask for that which we Think is good for us and will be a blessing to us
Zacharias - "Barachias" here may be another name for Jehoiada, as some Think
Blood - It has been held by some, and we Think correctly, that this law of prohibition was only ceremonial and temporary; while others regard it as still binding on all
Savor - ...
Note: In the AV of Matthew 16:23 ; Mark 8:33 , phroneo, "to Think, to mind," is translated "thou savorest" (RV, "thou mindest")
Bigotry - If we consider the different makes of men's minds, our own ignorance, the liberty that all men have to Think for themselves, the admirable example our Lord has set us of a contrary spirit, and the baneful effects of this disposition, we must at once be convinced of its impropriety
Diligence - What a wealth of minor good, as we may Think it to be, might be shaken down into the interstices of ten years' work, which might prove to be as precious in result, by the grace of God, as the greater works of the same period
False Confidences - But is not something of the same kind happening around you every day? Those people who are alarmed and perplexed at the danger of having to judge for themselves in religious matters, Think to escape that danger by choosing to take some guide as an infallible one, and believe or disbelieve as he bids them
Hanging - Some Bible students Think hanging was prescribed only for blasphemers and idolaters
Unicorn, - Considering that the reem is spoken of as a two-horned animal of great strength and ferocity, that it was evidently well known and often seen by the Jews, that it is mentioned as an animal fit for sacrificial purposes, and that it is frequently associated with bulls and oxen we Think there can be no doubt that, some species of wild ox is intended
Javan - " Others from the mention of "Sabeans" (Joel 3:8) Think Javan in Arabia is meant
Bird - It is a curious thing that the duck is not apparently (unless, as some Think, in 1 Kings 4:23 , under the ‘fatted fowl’ barburîm ’abûsîm ) mentioned in the OT, although a beautifully modelled clay duck of an early period, certainly earlier than the OT records, was found during the recent excavations in Gezer
Dispute - They had a dispute on the lawfulness of slavery, a subject which, one would Think, could admit of no dispute
Likeness - Interpreters have identified the divine likeness with the ability to Think rationally, to form relationships with other humans and with God, or with the exercise of dominion over creation (cf
Armageddon - It would be natural to Think of it as the site of the last and greatest battle of all
Manoah - " And the name Wonderful is Christ's well-known name (Isaiah 9:6) Reader, what Think you of the subject? Was it not Jesus, as if longing for the time of his coming to tabernacle openly with his people?...
Mary Magdalene - And what is more remarkable, the Holy Ghost is particular to tell the church this, in the same moment he speaks of the mercy; for so the sweet and gracious words run" Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary, Magdalene, out of whom he cast seven devils;"Did the kind compassionate, Lord mean to say by this condescending act of grace, that there he will be most gracious where Satan hath been most, cruel? Did he thereby mean to intimate to all his disciples, that the poor lamb of his fold shall have, the softest lying down in his bosom, whom the prowling wolf hath most torn and worried with his claws? Oh! that every deeply-exercised follower of the Lord Jesus would frequently Think of this; and, as often as this Magdalene riseth to their recollection, would behold the Lord Jesus in this unequalled act of mercy, that "where sin abounded, grace doth much more abound; that as sin hath reigned unto death, so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord?" (Romans 5:21)...
Horse - Psalm 32:9 (a) This is a warning that the believer should use good judgment, Think for himself, and not be just as an animal that must be guided by another
Believe - ...
In popular use and familiar discourse, to believe often expresses an opinion in a vague manner, without a very exact estimate of evidence, noting a mere preponderance of opinion, and is nearly equivalent to Think or suppose
Imagination - We are apt to Think that space, in itself, is actually boundless to which imagination, the idea of space of itself leads us
Abiathar - Others, however, Think that the loaves belonged to Abiathar, who was at that time (Leviticus 24:9 ) a priest, and that he either himself gave them to David, or persuaded his father to give them
Imposition of Hands - Some suppose it to be confined to those who received extraordinary gifts in the primitive times: others Think it ought to be retained, as it was an ancient practice used where no extraordinary gifts were conveyed, Genesis 48:14
Fat - " This is observed by the modern Jews, who Think that the fat of other sorts of clean creatures is allowed them, even that of beasts which have died of themselves, conformably to ...
Leviticus 7:24 : "And the fat of the beast that dieth of itself, and the fat of that which is torn with beasts, may be used in any other use; but ye shall in nowise eat of it
Proseuchae - Prideaux; and they Think the difference consists partly in the form of the edifice; a synagogue, they say, being roofed like our houses or churches; and a proseucha being only encompassed with a wall, or some other mound or enclosure, and open at the top, like our courts
Lodge, Lodging - Its other meaning, "to Think strange," is found in 1 Peter 4:4,12
he'Brews, Epistle to the - For many years Paul was considered the author; others Think it may have been Luke, Barnabas, or Apollos
Remember - To Think of and consider to meditate
World: Vanity of Pursuit of - Would you take the offer, verbally made by the death angel? Would the meanest among us take it, Think you? Yet practically and verily we grasp at it, every one of us, in a measure; many of us grasp at it in its fullness of horror
Hannah - What Elkanah might have been driven to do had it not been for the worship and the sacrifices at Shiloh, we tremble to Think of. And even when some might Think your person respected, it may be to this extent, to the great and gracious extent of forgiveness; while, all the time, a sharp vengeance is taken on your inventions. ' Little did her adversary Think-only, people like Hannah's adversary never Think-little, I was going to say, did Peninnah Think what a life of sin she had plunged Hannah into. And little do we Think-only one here and there has the power and the will, the mind and the heart so to Think-how we plunge this man and that woman into a lifetime of deadly sin just by the way we provoke them to anger at us. Little do we Think the sins that we are the true cause of, and of which we shall one day have to share the guilt. But I do not Think that He was greatly offended to be so taken
Vagabond - " (See Genesis 4:12-14) I am inclined to Think that the word contains more in it than is generally supposed. ...
I cannot but Think, however, that there was much more in Cain's sentence concerning these terms of a fugitive and a vagabond, than what is here supposed
Angel - Some Think that this person was the Lord JESUS. Some, however, Think that the angel in verse Genesis 22:15 is one of the persons of the Godhead, and that He Himself was making the statement found in verse Genesis 22:16. Some Think that all three Persons of the Trinity were there
Preface - Only after a commentary was available on the whole Bible did I Think about writing a Bible Dictionary
Pride - Proud persons do not Think it necessary to ask forgiveness because they do not admit their sinful condition
Souls: Care For - Poor pay, you Think, for such dangerous toil; but, fellow worker for Jesus, I wish we were as venturesome for souls, and as careful of them, as these poor peasants are concerning miserable bundles of grass
Ben-Hadad - When this Ben-hadad besieged Samaria again, God through Elisha caused him to Think Hittites and Egyptians were attacking him
Breed - I Think it is never used of plants, and in animals is always applied to the mother or dam
Leper - And this, I Think, is plain, from this one striking circumstance; namely that it was deemed an impious presumption of the prerogative of God, to attempt by any human means to cure it
Lily - ...
Some Think that this lily is a type of the Bride, the Church of CHRIST
Concern - They ...
They Think themselves out of the reach of Providence, and no longer concerned to solicit his favor
Eve - The writer appears to Think, like Milton, that the man knew better, and sinned, not under stress of temptation, but in generous sympathy with his frail partner, whose fate he resolved, to share
Lent - Others Think that it was of ecclesiastical institution, and that it was variously observed in different churches, and grew by degrees from a fast of forty hours to a fast of forty days
Allegory - Think reader, if it be possible, how JEHOVAH'S mind hath been occupied from all eternity, in bringing in, and revealing the Lord Jesus to his church and people
Ishi - I have been from everlasting the Husband and Head of my church, in the secret transactions of covenant redemption; but in that day when I shall openly manifest myself in that character I will be called Ishi: "for my people shall know my name, therefore they shall in that day know that I am he that doth speak, behold, it is I!" (Isaiah 52:6) Reader Think if of the love and tenderness of thy Jesus! Was there ever such grace manifested as by him? Who but must love him? Who but must delight in him? Yes, Lord, I will do as thou hast said, and call thee Ishi, my Husband, my man, and also the Lord my Righteousness!...
See Ammi...
Zechariah - Some Think this is the Zacharias mentioned Matthew 23:35
Melchizedek - An infinite number of absurd opinions have been at different times held respecting this mystic personage, as that he was Shem, or Ham; or, among those who Think he was more than human, that he was the Holy Ghost, or the Son of God himself; absurdities which are too obsolete to need refutation
Zeal For Souls - 'Why do you Think so?' 'Oh, I heard such a report this afternoon, and though I am not certain about it, you had perhaps better not proceed
Poor Poverty - In Matthew 5:3 our Lord’s words are repeated in a different form-‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’; and while we may be inclined to Think that Luke gives us the more original form of the words, the gloss, if it be such, of Matthew’s Gospel is very possibly just in substance
Advocate - People today usually Think of an advocate as one who pleads on behalf of another in a court of law, but only occasionally does the Bible use the word in this legal sense (e
David - in His Services - Think much about intentions. When I Think of that service, all the other services that David has done by his Psalms shine out in a far diviner glory. Think, people of God, of the honour to David, higher far than all the thrones on earth and in heaven,-the unparalleled and immortal honour of being able to teach Jesus Christ to sing and to pray. And then, Think of Him as He grew in wisdom, and in stature, and in strength of spirit beginning to discover Himself in this Psalm of David and in that. Think of the sweet start, the overpowering surprise, the solemnity, the rejoicing with trembling, the resignation, the triumph with which the growing Saviour was led of the Spirit from Psalm to Psalm till He had searched out all David's Psalms in which David had prophesied and sung concerning his Messiah Son. And, having once begun to read and to Think in that way you will go on till you come to the cross, where you will see and hear your dying Redeemer with one of David's Psalms on His lips when He can no longer hold it in His hands. And they said one to another, did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures?...
O two disciples, on your way that same day to Emmaus, how I envy you your travelling Companion that day! My heart burns to Think of your Divine Companion opening up to you David's Messianic Psalms that memorable day. And when I Think also of the multitudes that no man can number to whom David's Psalms have been their constant song in the house of their pilgrimage; in the tabernacle as they fell for the first time hot from David's heart and harp; in the temple of Solomon his son with all the companies of singers and all their instruments of music; in the synagogues of the captivity; in the wilderness as the captives returned to the New Jerusalem; in the New Jerusalem every Sabbath-day and every feast-day; in the upper room, both before and after supper; in Paul's prison at Philippi; in the catacombs; in Christian churches past number; in religious houses all over Christendom at all hours of the day and the night; in deserts, in mountains, in dens and caves of the earth; in our churches; in our Sabbath-schools; in our families morning and evening; in our sickrooms; on our death-beds; and in the night-watches when the disciples of Christ watch and pray lest they enter into temptation
the Mother of Zebedee's Children - WHY does the Evangelist write the text in that round-about way? Why does he not write the text in his own simple and straightforward style? Why does he not simply say: Salome, the mother of James and John? I do not know for certain why the Evangelist writes in that ambiguous and intentionally obscure way, but I will tell you what I Think about it. And thus it was, as I Think, that Matthew wrote in this round-about way about it. And it was the sight of all this that made our Lord's rising anger turn to an infinite pity, till He said to her two sons: 'Are ye able to drink of My cup, and to be baptized with My baptism?' And what do you Think the two insane men said? They actually said: "We are able!" In such sin had their mother Salome conceived them. And what would I Think of them if they took advantage of their friendship with Christ, as I am taking advantage of my friendship with Him, in order to get Him to favour them and their sons at our expense? And what would I Think of Him if He was imposed upon, and prevailed upon, to overlook, and neglect, and injure my sons, at the shameful plot of some of their mothers?' Had Salome talked in that way to her own heart; and, especially, had she brought up her sons to look at themselves and at all their fellows in that light; she would then have been as wise a woman as she now was a fool, and as good a mother as she now was a bad. Where had Salome lived all her days? What kind of a mother had she herself had? In what synagogue in all Israel had she worshipped God? Who had been her teachers in the things of God? What had she been Thinking about all the time our Lord had been teaching and preaching in her hearing, as He did every day, about seeing with other people's eyes, and feeling with other people's hearts, and doing to other mothers and to their sons as she would have them do to her and to her sons? How could she have lived in this world, and especially in the day and in the discipleship of Christ, and how could she have borne and brought up her sons to be His disciples, and still be capable of this disgraceful scheme? Had she possessed one atom of experience of the world, not to say of truth and wisdom and love, she could never have petitioned for a place of such offence and such danger for her two sons. And even had James and John got their two thrones, would they, do you Think, have got one-thousandth part of the pleasure out of their thrones that Peter and the nine would have got pain? And your own cup of honour, and praise, and what not, is not half so sweet to you as it is bitter as blood to the Peters and the Judases who see it in your hand
Supralapsarians - ...
The question which he proposes to discuss, is, "Whether men were considered in the mind of God in the decree of election as fallen or unfallen, as in the corrupt mass through the fall, or in the pure mass of creatureship, previous to it, and as to be created?" There are some who Think that the latter, so considered, were the objects of election in the divine mind. And in this way of considering the decrees of God, they Think that they sufficiently obviate and remove the slanderous calumny cast upon them with respect to the other branch of predestination, which leaves men in the same state when others are chosen, and that for the glory of God. They Think also that this way on conceiving and speaking of these things, best expresses the sovereignty of God in them, as declared in the 9th of Romans, where he is said to will such and such things, for no other reason but because he wills them
Good - ...
To Think good, to see good, is to be pleased or satisfied to Think to be expedient. ...
If ye Think good, give me my price
Fulness - When we Think of a pitcherful of water, we may regard the water as a completed entity, which by successive additions has reached its full quantity and become a pleroma of water; but much more naturally we Think of it as that which fills the pitcher, and is pleroma. The Church, redeemed humanity in its vital spiritual unity, grown at last to a ‘perfect man,’ to the ‘fulness of Christ,’ which is the ‘fulness of God’; God thus possessing in man the fulfilment of His eternal purpose, His perfect image, the consummate organ of His Spirit-even this is possible to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or Think (Ephesians 3:20)
Fulness - When we Think of a pitcherful of water, we may regard the water as a completed entity, which by successive additions has reached its full quantity and become a pleroma of water; but much more naturally we Think of it as that which fills the pitcher, and is pleroma. The Church, redeemed humanity in its vital spiritual unity, grown at last to a ‘perfect man,’ to the ‘fulness of Christ,’ which is the ‘fulness of God’; God thus possessing in man the fulfilment of His eternal purpose, His perfect image, the consummate organ of His Spirit-even this is possible to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or Think (Ephesians 3:20)
Humanity, Humankind - ...
For example, we must not Think that, because Jesus told people to love God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength, they are made up of four parts (Mark 12:30); or that, because Paul prayed for the Thessalonians to be kept blameless in spirit, soul and body, they are made up of three parts (1 Thessalonians 5:23); or that, because Jesus spoke of the destruction of soul and body, they are made up of two parts (Matthew 10:28). We should not Think of them as two ‘parts’ which, put together in a certain proportion, make up the inner life (as hydrogen and oxygen, put together in a certain proportion, make up water). It is probably better to Think of them as the inner life viewed from different aspects
Baptism For the Dead - If it can be proved (as some Think it can) that this practice was as early as the days of the apostle Paul, it might probably form a solution of those remarkable words in 1 Corinthians 15:29 : "If the dead rise not at all, what shall they do who are baptized for the dead?" The allusion of the apostle to this practice, however, is rejected by some, and especially by Fr. Doddridge, who Thinks it too early: he thus paraphrases the passage: "Such are our views and hopes as Christians; else, if it were not so, what should they do who are baptized in token of their embracing the Christian faith, in the room of the dead, who are just fallen in the cause of Christ, but are yet supported by a succession of new converts, who immediately offer themselves to fill up their places, as ranks of soldiers that advance to the combat in the rooms of their companions who have just been slain in their sight?" Lay baptism we find to have been permitted by both the common prayer books of king Edward and queen Elizabeth, when an infant was in immediate danger of death, and a lawful minister could not be had
Confusion of Tongues - Some Think that no new languages were formed; but that this event was accomplished by creating a misunderstanding and variance among the builders without any immediate influence on their language; and that a distinction is to be made between confounding a language and forming new ones
Scoffer: Silenced - At length the infidel walked up to him, and rudely slapping him on the shoulder, said, 'Old fellow, what do you Think of these things?' He calmly pointed out of the door, and said, 'Do you see that beautiful landscape spread out in such quiet loveliness before you?' 'Yes
Shall - ) The same relation is transferred to either second or third person in such phrases as "You say, or Think, you shall go;" "He says, or Thinks, he shall go
Sarah - " (Hebrews 11:11-13)...
Though I Think it unnecessary to swell the pages of this Concordance with the history of Sarah, because we have it already most blessedly set forth in the holy Scriptures, yet I cannot shut up this article without making a short observation on that beautiful allegory which the Holy Ghost hath given us in Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, (Galatians 4:22-31)
Weighing - I should not have thought it needful to have called the reader's attention to this article of weighing, but for a particular circumstance, and which I am inclined to Think serves to elucidate to an English reader, a very interesting passage in Scripture
Sychar - Some Think it an intentional corruption, as if from sheker "falsehood," or shikor "drunkard" (Isaiah 28:1; Isaiah 28:7), due to Jewish bigotry against the Samaritans
Hamor - Some Think that the name points to a totem clan, such as there is reason to believe existed among the early Canaanite, and other Semitic, peoples
Three - Some Think it represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Memory - We should Think of it before we go to sleep at night, and the first thing in the morning, when the faculties are fresh. Often Thinking, writing, or talking, on the subjects we wish to remember
Intermediate State - Priestly, that the soul is not a substance distinct from the body, we must believe with him that the whole of the human machine is at rest after death, till it be restored to its functions at the last day; but if we are convinced of the immateriality of the soul, we shall not Think it so entirely dependent in all its operations upon its present companion, but that it may exist and act in an unembodied state
Image - Paul was greatly affected, when he saw that the city of Athens was "wholly given to idolatry," Acts 17:16 ; and declared to the Athenians, that they ought not "to Think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device,"...
Acts 17:29
Serve - They Think herein we serve the time, because thereby we either hold or seek preferment
Want - Nor Think, though men were none, that heaven would want spectators, God want praise
Remigius, Saint, Archbaptist of Rheims - Some Think that Clovis was convinced by the exhortations of Remigius or Clotilda, or both, some that he saw his advantage in the partizanship of the orthodox clergy in his struggle with the Arian Burgundians and Visigoths
Son of Man - By using this unusual title for himself, Jesus made people Think carefully about who he was and what his mission involved (John 12:34; John 13:31-32). He knew the title ‘Son of man’ could be puzzling, but he wanted people to Think about it
Anger - In contrast with our modern emphasis on the constructive uses of anger, Proverbs urges us to Think carefully before expressing anger (12:16; 14:29; 19:11), to be patient (16:32), and to show restraint (29:11). Those who angrily oppose Jesus Think that God is on their side (Matthew 21:15-16 )
Marriage - And I Think it very plain, from the New Testament doctrine upon this subject, that from the very first order of things, even from the creation, the spiritual marriage and unity between Christ and his church was all along respected by the marriage-state, and uniformly intended to be shadowed forth. From the whole of which taken together, I Think it is very plain, not only of the original design from the beginning, that every woman should have her own husband, and, every husband his own wife, but also that the married state was intended, in the most dear and tender manner, to set forth and display Christ's union with his church
Condemn, Condemnation - A — 1: καταγινώσκω (Strong's #2607 — Verb — kataginosko — kat-ag-in-o'-sko ) "to know something against" (kata, "against," ginosko, "to know by experience"), hence, "to Think ill of, to condemn," is said, in Galatians 2:11 , of Peter's conduct (RV, "stood condemned"), he being "self-condemned" as the result of an exercised and enlightened conscience, and "condemned" in the sight of others; so of "self-condemnation" due to an exercise of heart, 1 John 3:20,21 . 13), CONCLUDE, DECREE, DETERMINE, ESTEEM, JUDGE, LAW (go to), ORDAIN, SUE, Think
Judge - 13, CONCLUDE, CONDEMN, DECREE, DETERMINE, ESTEEM, LAW (go to), ORDAIN, SENTENCE, Think. (2) In Hebrews 11:11 , the verb hegeomai, "to consider, Think, account," is rendered "she judged (Him faithful)," AV (RV, "she counted")
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - In our artificial and superficial way we Think of our Lord as making up His parables as He went on with His sermons, and throwing them in just as they occurred to Him at the moment. " Think shame, man! the passers-by exclaimed as they heard him making that so disgraceful noise in the midnight street. The neighbours also looked out of their windows and shouted "Think shame!" at him. Think shame, woman! the devil said to Santa Teresa. Think shame! Or if you will still presume to pray for forgiveness, at any rate, wait a little
Hebrews, Epistle to - Others have attributed it to Clement of Rome, or Luke, or Barnabas, or some unknown Alexandrian Christian, or Apollos; but the conclusion which we Think is best supported, both from internal and external evidence, is that Paul was its author
Stephen - Some Think that he disparages the Temple as having been built against God’s will ( Acts 13:48 ff
Corinthians, Second Epistle to the - It was probably written at Philippi, or, as some Think, Thessalonica, early in the year A
Casual Security - ' Ah, but suppose you cannot believe whenever you phase? Suppose the day shall come when you shall call upon the Lord, and he will not answer; when you shall stretch out your hand, but no man shall regard! Suppose you should one day cry, 'Lord, Lord, open to us,' and the answer should be, 'I never knew you, depart, ye cursed!' O procrastinator, if you Think that you can repent now, why do you not repent now? You believe that you have full power to do so! Oh, do it, do it, and do not trifle with that power, lest when the power is gone, you find, too late, that in one sense you never possessed it! ...
Elder - "I incline to Think, " says Dr
Colossians, Epistle to the - 57, or, as some Think, 62, and soon after he had written his Epistle to the Ephesians
Gerizim And Ebal - Archaeologists Think they have found remains of this temple, 66 x 66 feet and 30 feet high, built of uncut rocks without cement
Obligation - Moral obligation, I Think, arises from the will of God, as revealed in the light and law of nature, and in his word
Shepherds - ...
I rather Think, (though I speak not in the most distant way decidedly upon the subject) that the mind of the patriarch Joseph had an eye to Christ and aimed, upon this and every other occasion, to keep up the gracious distinction of character of the seed of Abraham, whose first and most decisive feature all along was of "the people that dwell alone, and that were not to be reckoned among the nations
Sceptre - ) And whosoever compares what Isaiah hath said in this chapter with Matthew 4:13-16, will I Think conclude that the Shebeth of Judah, and the Shebeth of Zebulun, are only beautiful duplicates, under different views of office, both pointing to the Lord Jesus, and only applicable to him
Tree - I do not take upon me to say that in numberless instances the names and trees are not figurative, for I rather Think they are
Boanerges - Others prefer to Think that the original title was בִּנִי רְנַז = ‘sons of wrath,’ or בְּנַי רְנַשׁ = ‘sons of tumult,’ and that υἱοὶ βροντῆς is an inaccurate translation on the part of the Evangelist
Crown of Thorns - Others incline to Think it was the Zizyphus Spina-christi, a spiny plant covered with sharp prickles
Caiaphas - What Think ye?" They answered, "He is worthy of death
Red Sea - Some suppose it was so named from the red color of the mountains on the western shores, some from the red coral, or the red appearance of the water occasioned by certain zoophytes; others Think that, as the Edomitish territory reached down to this gulf, it might be the Sea of Edom, Edom meaning red
Simeon - Some Think he was Simon the Cyrenian; but there is no proof of this
Ward - To ward off is now the more general expression, nor can I, with Johnson, Think it less elegant
James - It would certainly be natural to Think that we had here but one family of four brothers and three or more sisters, the children of Clopas and Mary, nephews and nieces of the Virgin Mary
Naaman - Luke, or later on as some Think (cf
Hour - ...
While I am upon this subject of the Jewish hours, I cannot forbear calling the reader's attention to one circumstance, which I Think, now in the present day of the church, still equally interesting as it was of old always regarded, I mean the time of the evening sacrifice. Who was it but God the Holy Ghost, that caused the evening sacrifice, from the first moment of appointed sacrifices in the church to the glorious finishing of all sacrifices in the death of the Lord Jesus, thus minutely to correspond? And what a sacred hour that was all along considered in the divine mind, when not the sacrifice only, but the very hour of offering it was so scruptulously regarded! Think then reader, how infinitely momentous must be the thing itself, when the mere shadow of the substance was so solemnly attended to; when through a period of more than fifteen hundred years the evening lamb was regularly sacrificed in the very hour which, in after ages, Christ, the Lamb of God, should offer himself in a sacrifice to God, to take away the sins of the world! Lord, I would say, for myself and reader, cause this hour of the afternoon, which was so sacred in the Jewish church, to be sacred to my soul also; and wherever I am, or however engaged, at the sounding bell at three in the afternoon, call my forgetful wandering thoughts to the hill of Calvary
Materialism - the doctrine which resolves the Thinking principle in man, or the immaterial and immortal soul with which God was pleased to endue Adam at his creation, into mere matter, or into a faculty resulting from its organization. Much has been written of late years against this doctrine, and the different modifications which it has assumed: but in substance nothing new has been said on either side; and the able and condensed argument of Wollaston in his "Religion of Nature Delineated," if well considered, will furnish every one with a most clear and satisfactory refutation of this antiscriptural and irrational error:—The soul cannot be mere matter: for if it is, then either all matter must Think; or the difference must arise from the different modification, magnitude, figure, or motion of some parcels of matter in respect of others; or a faculty of Thinking must be superadded to some systems of it, which is not superadded to others. Why doth the scene of Thinking lie in our heads, and all the ministers of sensation make their reports to something there, if all matter be apprehensive and cogitative? For in that case there would be as much thought and understanding in our heels, and every where else, as in our heads. If all matter be cogitative, then it must be so quatenus [1] matter, and Thinking must be of the essence and definition of it; whereas by matter no more is meant than a substance extended and impenetrable to other matter. And since, for this reason, it cannot be necessary for matter to Think, (because it may be matter without this property,) it cannot Think as matter only; if it did, we should not only continue to Think always, till the matter of which we consist is annihilated, and so the asserter of this doctrine would stumble upon immortality unawares; but we must also have thought always in time past, ever since that matter was in being; nor could there be any the least intermission of actual Thinking; which does not appear to be our case. If Thinking, self- consciousness, &c, were essential to matter, every part of it must have them; and then no system could have them. For a system of material parts, would be a system of things conscious, every one by itself of its own existence and individuality, and, consequently, Thinking by itself; but there could be no one act of self-consciousness or thought common to the whole. ...
In the next place, the faculties of Thinking, &c, cannot arise from the size, figure, texture, or motion of it; because bodies by the alteration of these only become greater or less, round or square, &c, rare or dense, translated from one place to another with this or that new direction or velocity, or the like; all which ideas are quite different from that of Thinking; there can be no relation between them. These modifications and affections of matter are so far from being principles or causes of Thinking and acting, that they are themselves but effects, proceeding from the action of some other matter or thing upon it, and are proofs of its passivity, deadness and utter incapacity of becoming cogitative: this is evident to sense. ...
They who can fancy that matter may come to live, Think, and act spontaneously, by being reduced to a certain magnitude, or having its parts placed after a certain manner, or being invested with such a figure, or excited by such a particular motion; they, I say, would do well to discover to us that degree of fineness, that alteration in the situation of its parts, &c, at which matter may begin to find itself alive and cogitative; and which is the critical minute, that introduces these important properties. So then, in conclusion, if there is any such thing as matter that Thinks, &c, this must be a particular privilege granted to it; that is, a faculty of Thinking must be superadded to certain parts or parcels of it; which, by the way, must infer the existence of some being able to confer this faculty; who, when the ineptness of matter has been well considered, cannot appear to be less than omnipotent, or God. But the truth is, matter seems not to be capable of such improvement, of being made to Think. ...
The accidents of matter are so far from being made by any power to produce cogitation, that some even of them show it incapable of having a faculty of Thinking superadded. For that which is made to Think must either be one part, or more parts joined together. And if the seat of cogitation be in more parts than one, whether they lie close together, or are loose, or in a state of fluidity, it is the same thing, how can it be avoided, but that either there must be so many several minds, or Thinking substances, as there are parts, and then the consequence which has been mentioned would return upon us again; or else that there must be something else superadded for them to centre in, to unite their acts, and make their thoughts to be one? And then what can this be but some other substance, which is purely one?...
Matter by itself can never entertain abstracted and general ideas, such as many in our minds are. Therefore, to make mere matter do all this is to change the nature of it; to change death into life, incapacity of Thinking into cogitativity, necessity into liberty. And to say that God may superadd a faculty of Thinking, moving itself, &c, to matter, if by this be meant, that he may make matter to be the suppositum of these faculties, that substance in which they inhere, is the same in effect as to say, that God may superadd a faculty of Thinking to incogitativity, of acting freely to necessity, and so on. ...
That faculty of Thinking, so much talked of by some as superadded to certain systems of matter, fitly disposed, by virtue of God's omnipotence, though it be so called, must in reality amount to the same thing as another substance with the faculty of Thinking. For a faculty of Thinking alone will not make up the idea of a human soul, which is endued with many faculties; apprehending, reflecting, comparing, judging, making deductions and reasoning, willing, putting the body in motion, continuing the animal functions by its presence, and giving life; and therefore, whatever it is that is superadded, it must be something which is endued with all those other faculties. And whether that can be a faculty of Thinking, and so these other faculties be only faculties of a faculty, or whether they must not all be rather the faculties of some substance, which, being by their own concession, superadded to matter, must be different from it, we leave the unprejudiced to determine. For I Think it is plain enough, that the mind, though it acts under great limitations, doth, however, in many instances govern the body arbitrarily; and it is monstrous to suppose this governor to be nothing but some fit disposition or accident, superadded, of that matter which is governed. ...
For the foregoing reasons it is plain, that matter cannot Think, cannot be made to Think. But if a faculty of Thinking can be superadded to a system of matter, without uniting an immaterial substance to it; yet a human body is not such a system, being plainly void of thought, and organized in such a manner as to transmit the impressions of sensible objects up to the brain, where the percipient, and that which reflects upon them, certainly resides; and therefore that which there apprehends, Thinks, and wills, must be that system of matter to which a faculty of Thinking is superadded. All the premises then well considered, judge whether, instead of saying that this inhabitant of our heads (the soul) is a system of matter to which a faculty of Thinking is superadded, it might not be more reasonable to say, it is a Thinking substance intimately united to some fine material vehicle, which has its residence in the brain. Though I understand not perfectly the manner how a cogitative and spiritual substance can be thus closely united to such a material vehicle, yet I can understand this union as well as how it can be united to the body in general, perhaps as how the particles of the body itself cohere together, and much better than how a Thinking faculty can be superadded to matter; and beside, several phenomena may more easily be solved by this hypothesis; which, in short, is this, that the human soul is a cogitative substance united to a material vehicle; that these act in conjunction, that which affects the one affecting the other; that the soul is detained in the body till the habitation is spoiled, and their mutual tendency interrupted, by some hurt or disease, or by the decays and ruins of old age, or the like. Lawrence, after the French physiologists, represents it, that "medullary matter Thinks. "...
Now it must certainly be referred from all these circumstances, that there is a close connection between the power of Thinking and the brain; but it by no means follows, that they are, therefore, one and the same. How indeed the brain and the Thinking principle are connected, and in what manner they mutually affect each other, is beyond the reach of our faculties to discover
Heaven - Others Think that the saints will dwell upon earth when it shall be restored to its paradisaical state; but these suppositions are more curious than edifying, and it becomes us to be silent where divine revelation is so. "Moreover, some Think that this may be proved from the apostle's words, in 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20 . And as for others, who are excluded from their society, they will Think themselves obliged, out of a due regard to the justice and holiness of God to acquiesce in his righteous judgments. Some Think that there shall; and that, as persons of all nations and tongues shall make up that blessed society, so they shall praise God in the same language which they before used when on earth; and that this worship may be performed with the greatest harmony, and to mutual edification, all the saints shall, by the immediate power and providence of God, be able to understand and make use of every one of those different languages, as well as their own. Some suppose that this indicates an imperfection in the felicity of the saints for any addition to be made; but others Think it quite analogous to the dealings of God with us here; and that, from the nature of the mind itself, it may be concluded
Sennacherib - There is some reason to Think that the Biblical accounts refer partly to a second campaign of Sennacherib after b
Areopagus - dwelleth not in temples made with hands"; and again in the midst of the exquisitely chiseled statues in front, crowning the Acropolis, Minerva in bronze as the armed champion of Athens, and on every side a succession of lesser images, to reason, "Forasmuch as we are the offspring of God" (which he confirms by quoting his fellow countryman Aratus' poem, 'We are His offspring'), we ought not to Think that the Godhead is like gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art or man's device
Michael - ) Some Think that Michael is the Son of God
Fight - Some Think that the Apostle was condemned to fight with wild beasts; if so, he would scarcely have omitted it from 2 Corinthians 11:23-33
Expect, Expectation - ...
A — 2: προσδοκάω (Strong's #4328 — Verb — prosdokao — pros-dok-ah'-o ) "to watch toward, to look for, expect" (pros, "toward," dokeo, "to Think:" dokao "does not exist"), is translated "expecting" in Matthew 24:50 ; Luke 12:46 , RV (AV, "looketh for"); Luke 3:15 , "were in expectation;" Acts 3:5 , "expecting" (AV and RV); Acts 28:6 (twice), "expected that," RV (AV, "looked when") and "when they were long in expectation" (AV, "after they had looked a great while")
Soul - The Cartesians make Thinking the essence of the soul. The rational soul is simple, uncompounded, and immaterial, not composed of matter and form; for matter can never Think and move of itself as the soul does
Much - Think much, speak little
Abomination of Desolation - The last antichrist, many Think, is about to set up an idol on a wing of the restored temple (compare Matthew 4:5; John 5:43) in the latter half of the last, or 70th, of Daniel's prophetic weeks; for the former three and a half days (years) of the prophetic week he keeps his covenant with the Jews; in the latter three and a half breaks it (Zechariah 11:16-17; Zechariah 11:12; Zechariah 11:13; Zechariah 11:14; Daniel 9; 11)
Aphthartodocetae, a Sect of the Monophysites - Aphthartodocetae (from ἄφθαρτος , incorruptible , and δοκέω , to Think ), a sect of the Monophysites, which arose in the 6th cent
Lice - The Hebrew word כנום , which the LXX render σκνιφες , some translate "flies," and Think them the same as gnats. They were particularly solicitous on this head; Thinking it would be a great profanation of the temple which they entered, if any animalcule of this sort were concealed in their garments
Zidon - In New Testament times Zidon (called "Sidon") was visited by Jesus, Matthew 15:21; Mark 7:24; Luke 4:26, although the "coasts" of Tyre and Sidon denoted the adjacent region as well as the cities themselves, and some Think that the Saviour did not enter the cities
James - ...
"The Lord's brother," Galatians 1:19 ; either a brother a Christ, being a son of Joseph and Mary; or as many Think, a cousin of Christ, and identical with the James above, 2
Narcissus - 175) Thinks that the Narcissus referred to was the powerful freedman of that name, whose wealth was proverbial (Juv. Some scholars Think that the mention of this household is conclusive in favour of the Roman destination of Romans 16, but to others, in view of the strong probability that the chapter belong to a letter to the Church at Ephesus, it seems quite reasonable to suppose that there was a ‘household of Narcissus’ known to St
Deacon - The church elders invite the church members to select those they Think suitable, then the elders, after due consideration, make the appointment (Acts 6:3)
Zephaniah, Book of - Some scholars Think Hezekiah was the king of Judah by that name who reigned in the late eighth century during the ministry of Isaiah (2 Kings 18-20 ). Many scholars Think part or all of Zephaniah 3:8-20 was appended to the book by a later author
Antichrist - Others Think that it was in 727, when Rome and the Roman dukedom came from the Greeks to the Roman pontiff. Mede dates this rise in the year 456; but others, and I Think with the greatest reason, place it in the year 606
Remember - ...
Zâkar (זָכַר, Strong's #2142), “to remember, Think of, mention. ” Joseph said to Pharaoh’s butler: “But Think on me … , and make mention of me unto Pharaoh …” ( Joseph - We never Think that all the other people at table are as full of themselves as we are. We Think that all that silence and all that suspense means that all our audience are as full of our interests as we are ourselves, and are waiting to hear us. I overheard a conversation something like this not long ago: 'Shall we ask him to dinner, and invite So-and-so to meet him?' 'No, I Think not. Whether it is pride-I sometimes Think it is; or whether it is scorn of their company-as it may well be; or whether it is absence of mind, or age, or experience, or knowledge of the hearts of men, till they will not commit themselves to men, I am sometimes divided; but, be it what it may, I never yet saw either of them take up a single moment of Joseph's time. ' And, all that night after, Joseph could Think of nothing else but the sins of his youth; his vanity, his proud superiority and superciliousness to his brothers, his evil reports concerning his brothers, his talkativeness about himself, and all the temptations and provocations into which he had led his brothers. And, tomorrow, when you buy an apprentice, or a message boy, of his widowed mother for five shillings a week, Think of Joseph for a moment, and say to yourself, Who knows what the future may have in store for my message boy and for me? Who knows how I may go down, while he goes up? Who knows the talents of God that may lie hidden in that friendless buy? Who knows what place he may be predestined to fill in the church and in the world? And even if he comes to nothing of all that; if he never becomes a great man, yet, even so, such thoughts, such imaginations, such forecasts will help you to treat him well, and will help to make you a good man and a good master, whatever your slave-boy may come, or may not come, to be
Sermon - It has been frequently the practice of making apologies, by way of introduction: though this may be admitted in some singular cases, as on the sudden death of a minister, or disappointment of the preacher through unforeseen circumstances; yet I Think it is often made use of where it is entirely unnecessary, and carries with it an air of affectation and pride. They can discuss a topic in a general way, show their abilities, and give pleasing descriptions of virtue and religion; but to apply, they Think will hurt the feelings of their auditors. The application, however, must not be too long, unnatural, nor, I Think, concluded abruptly
Abel - Face full in the face that monstrous folly; that word, that act, that makes you blush scarlet and turn in your seat to Think of it. And, if you do not, whatever you may Think you are, and whatever other men may Think you are, Christ, your angry Judge, knows what you are. ...
The blood of Christ! O my brethren, what blood the blood of Christ must be! What wonderful, what wonder-working blood! What amazing blood! How can even the blood of Christ atone for, and make amends to God and man for, all our envy, and malice, and murder of men's bodies, souls, and reputations? The more I Think of that-I do not know, I cannot tell, I cannot imagine
Divine Retribution - Thus, many (incorrectly) Think that “divine retribution” means only an expression of God's wrath
Fig Tree - ...
The parable of the Barren Fig-tree is given in Luke 13, in connection with the call to repentance, inspired by recent misfortunes which should cause the nation of Israel to Think, else destruction awaits them
Philistines - , probably Crete, or, as some Think, the Delta of Egypt
Hosea - Hosea began to prophecy very early in the church, prehaps, as some Think, the first of all the prophets whose writings have been preserved in the canon of Scripture; and he continued through several reigns, as the preface in his first chapter shews
Dispute, Disputer, Disputing - 1, primarily signifies "to Think different things with oneself, to ponder;" then, with other persons, "to converse, argue, dispute;" it is translated "to dispute" in Mark 9:34 (for ver
Nebaioth - Many Think the rock inscriptions of Sinai to be Nabatean, and to belong to the centuries immediately before and after Christ. ) Thinks them Israelite. Literature in Arabic Translations) Thinks that "the book of Nabat agriculture," commenced by Daghreeth, continued by Yanbushadth and finished by Kuthamee, according to the Arab translator, Ibn Wahsheeyeh, the Chaldaean of Kisseen, was so commenced 2500 B
Darius - But soon after his death and the accession of Darius, the Jews resumed their work, Thinking that the edict of Smerdis would be now null and void, as Darius was in known harmony with the religious policy of Cyrus. There are some, however, who Think that the king here meant was Darius III
Trinity - But if the most common of God's works, with which we are the most conversant, be in this respect incomprehensible, how can men Think that the modus existetendi (or manner of existence) of the infinite Creator can be level to their capacities?...
The doctrine of the Trinity is indeed a mystery, but no man hath yet shown that it involves in it a real contradiction
Helps - ...
We are not to Think, however, that there is any reference in this passage to deacons and bishops as Church officials. The fact that ‘helps’ are named before ‘governments,’ and especially that abstract terms are used instead of concrete and personal ones as in the earlier part of the list, shows that it is functions, not offices, of which the Apostle is Thinking throughout
Trance - We may not point to trances and ecstasies as proofs of a true revelation but still less may we Think of them as at all inconsistent with it
Subscription, Clerical - ...
They who Think subscription to be proper, should remember that it approaches very near the solemnity of an oath, and is not to be trifled with
Epicureanism - Many Think he proposed a life of sensual pleasure and gluttony
Personal Effort: Needed For Success - How did you Think that a slender band could do the work of all the thousands? When you all went to the fight, and every man took his share, e dashed upon the foe like an avalanche, and crushed him beneath our tramp; but now that you stay at home, and put us
Present - ) To lay before a court as an object of inquiry; to give notice officially of, as a crime of offence; to find or represent judicially; as, a grand jury present certain offenses or nuisances, or whatever they Think to be public injuries
Follow - To embrace to adopt and maintain to have or entertain like opinions to Think or believe like another as, to follow the opinions and tenets of a philsophic sect to follow Plato
Ham - Some Think that the three names represent three grades or castes Feet - ...
But if these things were so, and every action relative to the feet carried with it somewhat of a special nature, Think what unequalled humbleness that was in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of life and glory, when he condescended to wash the feet of poor fishermen
Fear - Reader, Think how Jesus sympathizes with his people under their fears, and heaviness, and sorrow of heart
Independents - Though the Independents considered their own form of ecclesiastical government as of divine institution, and as originally introduced by the authority of the Apostles, nay, by the Apostles themselves; yet they did not always Think it necessary to condemn other denominations, but often acknowledged that true religion might flourish in those communities which were under the jurisdiction of bishops, or the government of presbyteries
Lunatics - And some Think that this is countenanced by the calumny of the unbelieving Jews concerning Christ, "He hath a demon, and is mad," John 10:20 ; both possession and madness often producing the same symptoms of convulsions, paralysis, &c, Matthew 17:15-18
Judge - To esteem to Think to reckon
Noetus, a Native of Smyrna Noetus - As to his date, Hippolytus tells us "he lived not long ago," Lipsius and Salmon Think this very treatise was used by Tertullian in his tract against Praxeas [1], while Hilgenfeld and Harnack date Tertullian's work between a
Joining the Church - Because, in whatever religious teachingthey receive, their Baptism is never referred to, and they are neverreminded that they are now God's children by adoption and gracebecause baptized, it comes to pass that, when these same childrenare asked to be confirmed, they Think and act as if they wereinvited to "join the Church
Parables - They were stories designed to make people Think, and often the hearers had to work out the meaning for themselves. He wanted people to listen and Think (Matthew 18:12; Matthew 21:28; Luke 10:36), but more than that he wanted them to decide and act (Matthew 18:35; Matthew 21:45; Luke 10:37)
Theudas - ...
(3) Still other interpreters Think the Theudas incidents of Acts and of Josephus are so similar in general content that they must have been originally identical, but it is Josephus, they hold, rather than Acts that is erroneous. But most scholars who find Acts at fault Think the error a part of the original composition and due to the author’s defective knowledge of Josephus
Servant of the Lord, the - ...
As an Israelite read this prediction, he would Think: “How can Israel even Think of performing this great task that God's Servant must do?” Soon the Lord Himself called attention to the inability of the natural Israelite to fulfill the picture of the ideal Servant
Cherubim - ...
The question is then, What, or whom, did they represent? I would very humbly say in answer, that I am inclined to Think, with several who have gone before me in the study of this solemn and mysterious subject, that the cherubim were emblematical of the glorious persons of the GODHEAD, in their covenant engagements to redeem our fallen nature, as represented in those characters united with the manhood of Christ. And though I do not presume, on a subject so mysterious and sublime, to speak decidedly, yet I cannot but Think, that the cherubim of Scripture, are intended to represent the glorious persons of the GODHEAD, with the human nature united to the person of the Son of God, and by no means intended to represent angels
Ahithophel - 'Ahithophel was a politic, Thinking man, and one that had a clear head, and a great compass of thought,' and so on. ' Ahithophel's extraordinary and superhuman subtlety may honestly enough have led him to Think that he saw in his counsel both prophecy, and policy, and payment back again into David's own bosom of all that David had done to other men, and to no man more than to Ahithophel himself. Why is he no longer here? Why is he where he now is?...
And, then, what did David Think when Ahithophel's terrible end was told him? And what did Bathsheba Think? Did she curse David to his face when it was told her what her grandfather had done to himself? Did Uriah's wife fling David's psalms in his face in her agony of horror and self-disgust? Did she scream in her sleep till all Jerusalem heard her as she saw in her sleep her grandfather's gallows at Giloh? Or was this prophecy fulfilled before it was spoken: In that day there shall be a great mourning in Jerusalem, the house of David apart, and their wives apart, till there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David for sin and for uncleanness? And then did David go out to Giloh, and over the sepulchre of the suicide did David fall down and cry, past all consolation, O Ahithophel, the friend of my youth and my best counsellor, Ahithophel! Would God I had died for thee! O Ahithophel, mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance! If he did-then this would come in, The sacrifices of God are a broken heart. What did David Think, and what did Bathsheba Think? True. But what would you Think if the first thing you saw tomorrow morning was the suicide of some one who has been the victim of your lust or your lies? Pray, man, pray
the Woman Who Took Leaven And Hid it in Three Measures of Meal - Now, what did He mean by that saying, do you suppose? What would you say was the leaven of the Pharisees? I do not know any more than you do, but I will tell you what I Think. Now, you who are new beginners in morals and in religion-what Think you is malice? For you cannot purge it out, nor keep it purged out, if you do not know it when you see it. A little of the leaven of pride-think it out, with home-coming illustrations, for yourself. A little of the leaven of anger-think it out, with home-coming illustrations, for yourself. A foul thought, a foul hint, a foul innuendo, a foul word, a foul image; a foul-mouthed boy in the playground; a foul-mouthed man in the workshop, in the office, in the bothy; a foul-mouthed woman in the workroom, in the kitchen, in the field; a foul book, a foul picture, a foul photograph in a shop-window in passing,-think it out, with a thousand illustrations taken from your own experience, and you will be wiser in this universal leaven of sensuality than all your teachers
Samaria - Some Think, however, that there were before this some beginnings of a city in that place, because, antecedent to the reign of Omri, there is mention made of Samaria, 1 Kings 13:32 , A. The Cuthites that were sent by Esar-haddon to inhabit the country of Samaria did not Think it worth their while to repair the ruined city: they dwelt at Shechem, which they made the capital city of their state. Richardson, "is extremely beautiful, and strong by nature; more so, I Think, than Jerusalem
Reprobate - Paul trusts that they will know that he abides this test ( 2 Corinthians 13:6 ); but let them Think of him what they will, if only they themselves do what is honourable ( 2 Corinthians 13:7 )
Lot - , as some Think, of asphalt
Bartholomew - Arabia Felix, as many Think) is assigned to him as his subsequent sphere of missionary labors (Eusebius, H
Reckon, Reckoning - , if he was to be justified before God), the rectification could not be brought about by works of merit on his part; in James 2:23 , RV, "reckoned," the subject is viewed from a different standpoint (see under JUSTIFICATION , B, last four paragraphs); for other instances of "reckoning" in this respect see Romans 9:8 , RV , "are reckoned" (AV, "are counted"); 2 Corinthians 5:19 , RV , "(not) reckoning (trespasses)," AV, "imputing;" (c) "to consider, calculate," translated "to reckon" in Romans 6:11 ; 8:36 ; 2 Corinthians 10:11 , RV , "let (such a one) reckon (this)," RV (AV, "thinkest"); 2 Corinthians 3:28 (AV, "we conclude"); 8:18; 2 Corinthians 11:5 (AV, "I suppose"); see ACCOUNT , A, No. 3, SUPPOSE: (e) "to purpose, decide," 2 Corinthians 10:2 , RV, "count" (AV, "think"); see COUNT , No
Heaven - It was natural to Think of the heavens as concave above the earth, and resting on some foundation, possibly of pillars, set at the extreme horizon ( 2 Samuel 22:9 , Proverbs 8:27-29 )
Quartus - It has been conjectured that Tertius and Quartus were brothers, but there is no ground for Thinking so. It is, however, easier to believe that members of the Church at Corinth had friends in Ephesus, to which city some scholars Think that the greetings were directed
Searching - But the Indicative seems in best accord with the immediate context (‘because ye Think,’ ‘and these are they,’ ‘ye will not come to me’) (cf
Mother - madda, to secrete, eject or discharge a purulent substance and I Think cannot have any direct connection with mud
Meat - Those Christians had to receive the simplest kind of teaching because they had not learned to Think through the doctrines and the philosophies of the Word of GOD
Peter - We must not however totally pass by our improvements on the apostle's life and character, though we do not Think it necessary to go over the history of this great man
Hold - ) To consider; to regard; to esteem; to account; to Think; to judge
Dancing - DANCE, DANCING...
I Think it not a little important, for every serious reader of the Bible, to have proper ideas of the Scripture meaning of dancing, and therefore it would have been wrong, in a work of this kind, to have passed it by
Mount - And if, as some Think, that both these figures of the mountain of myrrh, and hill of frankincense, have peculiar reference to the mount Moriah, where Isaac was intentionally offered up a type of Christ, the figure is striking and just indeed
Interpreter - And though I would not go so far as to say, that the glorious Mediator of his people was prefigured in every use of it, yet I do venture to Think it was peculiarly significant on this occasion amidst the brethren of Joseph
Artaxerxes - ...
The easterns Think that the surname of Longimanus was given to Artaxerxes by reason of the extent of his dominions; as it is commonly said that princes have long hands: but the Greeks maintain that this prince had really longer hands or arms than usual; and that, when he stood upright, he could touch his knees
Mordecai - Some Think the reason was, because Haman was an Amalekite; a people whom the Israelites had been commissioned from God to destroy, because of the injuries they had formerly done them, Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Neomenia - They Think it rather belongs to the women than to the men
Grasshopper - "But I presume," says Parkhurst, "this circumstance is not peculiar to any particular kind of locust: I should rather, therefore, Think it denotes the cucullated species, so denominated by naturalists from the cucullus, ‘cowl' or ‘hood,' with which they are furnished, and which distinguishes them from the other kinds
Lot - It is folly to Think of identifying the "pillar" with some one of the fleeting forms which the perishable rock of the south end of the Dead Sea is constantly assuming
School - I Think, must have been derived from the Latin
Foot - This office was usually performed by servants and slaves; and hence Abigail answers David, who sought her in marriage, that she should Think it an honor to wash the feet of the king's servants, 1 Samuel 25:41
People of the Land - Some scholars Think the “people of the land” represented a particular influential element in society such as a national council, influential aristocrats, free citizens and property owners, landless poor, or non-Jerusalemites
Angel - Some Think that the idea of God's not creating them before this world was made, is very contracted. ...
Some Think envy, others unbelief; but most suppose it was pride
Jephtha - I shall beg to offer an observation or two upon the subject, and then leave the reader, under grace, to Think for himself on this point. (See Judges 11:34-40) But having now stated all I Think necessary to state on the subject, I leave the reader to his own opinion, taught, as I pray he may be, by the grace of God, only adding one short observation: how blessed is the condition of God's Israel now, freed from vows and sacrifices, while looking to, and wholly depending upon that glorious, all-sufficient, all effectual offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all, "whereby he has perfected for ever them that are sanctified
Appear, Appearing - " ...
It is used of the "appearance" of Christ to the disciples, Mark 16:9 ; of His future "appearing" in glory as the Son of Man, spoken of as a sign to the world, Matthew 24:30 ; there the genitive is subjective, the sign being the "appearing" of Christ Himself; of Christ as the light, John 1:5 ; of John the Baptist, 5:35; of the "appearing" of an angel of the Lord, either visibly, Matthew 1:20 , or in a dream, Matthew 2:13 ; of a star, Matthew 2:7 ; of men who make an outward show, Matthew 6:5 ; 6:18 (see the RV); Matthew 23:27-28 ; 2 Corinthians 13:7 ; of tares, Matthew 13:26 ; of a vapor, James 4:14 ; of things physical in general, Hebrews 11:3 ; used impersonally in Matthew 9:33 , "it was never so seen;" also of what appears to the mind, and so in the sense of to Think, Mark 14:64 , or to seem, Luke 24:11 (RV, "appeared"). See SEE , SEEM , SHINE , Think
Nazareth - " Some, however, Think that the name of the city must be connected with the name of the hill behind it, from which one of the finest prospects in Palestine is obtained, and accordingly they derive it from the Hebrew Notserah , i
Messianic Secret - Jesus forced the disciples to Think about the secret until they could articulate the secret
si'na-i, - Some Think that Horeb is the name of the whole range, and Sinai the name of a particular mountain; others, that Sinai is the range and Horeb the particular mountain; while Stanley suggests that the distinction is one of usage, and that both names are applied to the same place
Confession of Faith - Some Think that all articles and confessions of faith should be expressed in the bare words of Scripture; but is replied, that this would have a tendency to make the ministry of the word useless; in a great measure cramp all religious conversation; and that the sentiments of one man could not be distinguished from another in some points of importance
Restoration of Offenders - Lightfoot) Think that the Corinthian case was before the mind of St
Schoolmaster - ...
The Fathers liked to Think of Christ Himself, the Incarnate Word, as the παιδαγωγός
Midian, Mtdianites - Perhaps, as some scholars Think, this is a later version of the victory of Gideon. 3081) Thinks that the name has survived from an old habitat of the Midianites
Love Feast - But there is no reason to Think that the practice of a communal fellowship meal, conceived of as a normal aspect of church life or worship, could not have developed in the church addressed by Jude
Scriptures - "Search the Scriptures, (said that dear Lord) for in them ye Think ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me
Solomon - But oh, what a degradation of the subject is it thus to suppose! Oh, what indignity is thereby offered to the Lord Jesus Christ! I have said so much on this point in my Poor Man's Commentary on the Book of the Psalms, that I Think it unnecessary in this place to enlarge; but I could not suffer the subject even in this little work, while speaking of Solomon, to pass by without remarking the great perversion of the Scripture to suppose that there is in those things the least reference to Solomon, king of Israel
Conscience - Doubtless he did it with an unoffending conscience, according as the Lord stated: "The time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will Think that he doeth God service
Rams Horns - But over and above this very obvious instruction, I venture to Think that in the appointment of those horns there was somewhat in allusion to the Lord Jesus
Book (2) - There is no reason to Think that St
Intercession of Christ - Christ appears before God with his own body; but whether he intercedes vocally or not cannot be known: though it is most probable, I Think, that he does not: however, it is certain that he does not intercede in like manner as when on earth, with prostration of body, cries and tears, which would be quite inconsistent with his state of exaltation and glory; nor as supplicating an angry judge, for peace is made by the blood of the cross; nor as litigating a point in a court of judicature; but his intercession is carried on by showing himself as having done, as their surety, all that law and justice could require, by representing his blood and sacrifice as the ground of his people's acceptance with the Father, Revelation 5:6
Divisions - This was followed by a stern letter which some Think is preserved in 2 Corinthians 10-13; and finally, on receipt of the good news of their repentance, St
Hand - How sweet to this purpose are those Scriptures: "I know the thoughts I Think towards you, saith the Lord; thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end
Elect - Think what a glorious, blessed Almighty Lord the christian's Lord is! Well might the apostle Peter, under the deep impression of this sacred truth made upon his heart, cry out with holy rapture, "Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctification of the Spirit unto obedience, and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ, grace unto you, and peace be multiplied
Ear-Rings - Harmer seems to Think they properly signified ear-rings; but this is a mistake; the sacred writers use them promiscuously for the rings both of the nose and of the ears
Antinomians - Crisp in the seventeenth century are considered as highly favourable to Antinomianism, though he acknowledges that, "in respect of the rules of righteousness, or the matter of obedience, we are under the law still, or else," as he adds, "we are lawless, to live every man as seems good in his own eyes, which no true Christian dares so much as Think of
Libertines - So that, upon the whole, there is little reason to doubt of the Libertines being so called from the place from whence they came; and the order of the names in the catalogue might lead us to Think, that they were farther off from Jerusalem than Alexandria and Cyrenia, which will carry us to the proconsular province in Africa about Carthage
Baptists - They Think that the order of public worship, which uniformly obtained in the Apostolic churches, is clearly set forth in Acts 2:42-47 ; and therefore they endeavour to follow it out to the utmost of their power
Beard - As they would Think it a grievous punishment to lose it, they carry things so far as to beg for the sake of it: "By your beard, by the life of your beard, God preserve your blessed beard
Beat - 8, STRETCH, Think, No
Fish - Boothroyd, in the note upon Numbers 11:4 , says, "I am inclined to Think that the word בשד , here rendered flesh, denotes only the flesh of fish, as it certainly does in Leviticus 11:11 ; and indeed the next verse seems to support this explication: ‘We remember how freely we ate fish
Wine - The wines from the vineyards on that mount are even to this day in repute; but some Think that this may mean a sweet-scented wine, or wine flavoured with fragrant gums
Moloch - Some believe that Moloch was the same as Saturn, to whom it is well known that human sacrifices were offered; others Think it was the same with Mercury; others, Venus; others, Mars, or Mithra
Coney - ' Now this, I Think, very obviously fixes the ashkoko to be the saphan; for his weakness seems to allude to his feet, and how inadequate these are to dig holes in the rock, where yet, however, he lodges
Wind - Think not with wind or airy threats to awe
Understand, Understood - ...
A — 2: νοέω (Strong's #3539 — Verb — noeo — noy-eh'-o ) "to perceive with the mind," as distinct from perception by feeling, is so used in Matthew 15:17 , AV, "understand," RV, "perceive;" Matthew 16:9,11 ; 24:15 (here rather perhaps in the sense of considering) and parallels in Mark (not in Luke); John 12:40 ; Romans 1:20 ; 1 Timothy 1:7 ; Hebrews 11:3 ; in Ephesians 3:4 , AV, "may understand" (RV, "can perceive"); Ephesians 3:20 , "think;" 2 Timothy 2:7 , "consider," See CONSIDER , No
Lot - Nay, I am quite sure, when I Think of it, that it must have been. Think, fathers; oh, Think, mothers; Think, young men, also, with so much at stake-think what the temptations and the dangers and the almost sure issues of this and that choice in life must be
Tares - As to Matthew 13:25, it is not at all necessary to Think that this was a common method of revenge in Jesus’ day and country. Matthew 13:27 and the following verse show that the idea of wheat degenerating into darnel is foreign to the parable; the servants Think of mixed seed, the master of an independent sowing of darnel. No one who knew anything about farming would Think of removing the darnel at that juncture. Holtzmann and Pfleiderer Think that the Evangelist has worked over and added new traits to Mark 4:26 ff. Weiss Thinks that the idea of gradual development is not in this or its sister parables
the Samaritan Who Shewed Mercy - This, kept in view, will account for the author's ascribing to an over-ruling Providence many incidents, which some may Think might be resolved into natural causes. What do you Think would be the thoughts of the half-dead Jew as he saw his own temple-kinsmen passing by on the other side, and then saw this dog of a Samaritan leaping off his mule? What would he Think and say all night as he saw this excommunicated Samaritan lighting the candle to pour oil and wine into his wounds and watching all night at his bedside? That Samaritan mule hobbling down the Jericho-pass with that half-dead burden on its back always reminds me of Samuel Johnson hobbling along to Bolt Court with the half-dead streetwalker on his back and laying her down on old Mrs. ...
And now, my brethren, is it not a cause of the profoundest praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God that peace has come, and that there is not a man on the face of the whole earth that we any more wish to see wounded and half-dead? And must it not be a sweet thing to our King to Think about on his bed, and to all his Royal House, that he has no enemy now to his throne and sceptre and crown in all the wide world
Divination - -Primitive man, under the influence of animatism and animism, came to Think of himself as surrounded by in numerable spirits. -If we Think of the above three methods of communication between the divinities and men as existing, in embryo, in the earliest ages, we can realize how they were each developed by such great races as the Semites and the Aryans, and how the common inheritance of each of thesis was developed along distinctive lines by the different nations springing from them. ’ Nor must we Think that the Christians stood far removed from the common beliefs of the age. Think of their belief in the Satan, the antagonist who stood over against God
Desire, Desirous - ...
B — 1: ἀξιόω (Strong's #515 — Verb — axioo — ax-ee-o'-o ) "to deem worthy," is translated "desire" in Acts 28:22 , where a suitable rendering would be "We Think it meet (or good) to hear of thee;" so in Acts 15:38 . See Think
Vain - Our Lord gives the interpretation of the word in the clause following, ‘For they Think that they shall be heard for their πολυλογία. Wilson’s ‘Maxims of Piety’: ‘The eloquence of prayer consists in our proposing our wants to God in a plain manner’ (Maxims, 132), and still better by Hooker in the words, ‘The thing which God doth regard is how virtuous our minds are, and not how copious our tongues in prayer; how well we Think, and not how long we talk, when we come to present our supplications before Him’ (Eccles
Veil - VAIL or VEIL...
I Think it right to stop at this word, because we meet with it very often in the Scripture, though it is to be lamented that our little acquaintance with the customs of the people of the East, makes us lose numberless beauties in the sacred volume, when we meet with expressions of a local nature, for want of being acquainted with their manners and customs. Reader, Think what a glorious object will that day, that wonderful day, open to the soul, when Jesus, removing the last vail of death, shall appear in all his beauty to take home his redeemed to himself, and when they, awakening up after his likeness, shall be fully and eternally satisfied with his presence for ever
Spitting - (Hebrews 12:2)...
I do not presume to speak decidedly upon a subject so infinitely great, and wrapped up as it is in mystery; but I confess that I am inclined to Think that no small part of the glory of Christ's work in redemption consisted in the humiliation of the Son of God in the accomplishment of it. Think often of him who hid not his face from shame and spitting; and in the moment of such views of his unequalled shame and ignominy, recollect that when JEHOVAH brought in this first-begotten into the world, he said, "Let all the angels of God worship him
Ham - For Ham could neither feed those brute beasts, nor bed them, nor look at them, nor Think about them without sin. Newman, 'the inconceivable evil of sensuality!' 'If you once begin to Think about forbidden things, says Cicero, 'you will never be able to Think about anything else. Let us Think of Noah as a preacher of righteousness; as the builder of the ark; as elected, protected, and delivered by God; and as, with all his falls, all the time in God's sure covenant of peace, and under God's rainbow and God's oath. I shall always after this Think of Shem and Japheth as Paul's Old Testament forerunners in that excellent, beautiful, and noble character
Inspiration - I Think, for example, that the evangelists could not have written the history of Christ if they had not enjoyed miraculous aid. ...
This account of the inspiration of the Scriptures has, I Think, these two recommendations: that there is no part of Scriptures which does not fall under one or other of the foregoing heads; and that the different degrees of the agency of the Divine Spirit on the minds of the different writers are carefully discriminated. Some Think, that in the choice of words they were left to their own discretion, and that the language is human, though the matter be divine; while others believe, that in their expressions, as well as in their sentiments, they were under the infallible direction of the Spirit. "Every man who hath attended to the operations of his own mind, knows that we Think in words, or that, when we form a train or combination of ideas, we clothe them with words; and that the ideas which are not thus clothed, are indistinct and confused. ...
Let a man try to Think upon any subject, moral or religious, without the aid of language, and he will either experience a total cessation of thought, or, as this seems impossible, at least while we are awake, he will feel himself constrained, notwithstanding his utmost endeavours, to have recourse to words as the instrument of his mental operations
Hymn - Most Bible students Think they sang part of Psalm 115-118 , hymns known as the Hallel, which traditionally were sung after supper on the night of Passover
Please, Pleasing, Well-Pleasing, Pleasure - ...
A — 3: εὐδοκέω (Strong's #2106 — Verb — eudokeo — yoo-dok-eh'-o ) signifies (a) "to be well pleased, to Think it good" [1], not merely an understanding of what is right and good as in dokeo, but stressing the willingness and freedom of an intention or resolve regarding what is good, e
Tent, Tent-Making - It is permissible to Think that this cilicium, as it was called, passed as an article of commerce in the form of a web of stated dimensions, which would require adjustment before it could be used for particular purposes
Queen (2) - Others Think that, having spoken of the Ninevites to whom without any seeking of theirs a preaching of repentance was brought, He refers, to complete the warning, to one who was herself a spontaneous seeker of wisdom
Darkness - The Septuagint, our translation of the Bible, and indeed most others, in explaining Moses's account of this darkness, render it "a darkness which may be felt;" and the Vulgate has it, "palpable darkness;" that is, a darkness consisting of black vapors and exhalations, so condensed that they might be perceived by the organs of feeling or seeing; but some commentators Think that this is carrying the sense too far, since, in such a medium as this, mankind could not live an hour, much less for the space of three days, as the Egyptians are said to have done, during the time this darkness lasted; and, therefore, they imagine that instead of a darkness that may be felt, the Hebrew phrase may signify a darkness wherein men went groping and feeling about for every thing they wanted
Torch - Probably we are to Think in them of a lamp borne on a pole, and therefore bearing some resemblance to a torch, or of a torch fed with oil in some way from time to time
Works - ...
Some people Think that Paul and James contradict each other in their teachings about works
Circumcision - This rite, practised before, as some Think, by divers races, was appointed by God to be the special badge of his chosen people, an abiding sign of their consecration to him
Honest - (4) σεμνά; ‘whatsoever things are honest (Authorized Version ; ‘honourable,’ Revised Version ) … Think on these things’ (Philippians 4:8)
Burden - As an example, we may Think of the father and mother who have an afflicted child
Towel - Did Jesus, I would, methinks, have every poor sinner say, did Jesus not Think it unbecoming of him then to wash poor fishermen's feet? And will he reject the humble cries of poor sinners now? Yea, will he not delight to receive them? Is he not become more glorious to our view, from becoming so gracious to our need? Precious Lord, I would say for myself and reader, give each of us grace to be everlastingly beholding thee into his most lovely portrait girded with thy towel; and the lower thou comest down to suit the wants of our souls, be thou the higher exalted in our hearts, and live and reign there for ever!...
Aphraat (Aphrahat, Farhad - This was a distinct loss to the fullness of Christian thought, and a misfortune to the Syriac church itself, in that it soon shewed itself unable to Think on Greek lines, so that schisms resulted that endure to this day
Corn - And these lessons from the corn in the records of the Lord’s ministry may be greatly extended as we recall what He said about the sowing of the corn (parable of the Sower) and its reaping (the Tares and the Wheat); how He saw in the white fields a vision of a great spiritual harvest only waiting to be gathered (John 4:35); how at Capernaum He turned the people’s minds from the barley bread of the previous day’s miracle to Think of Himself as the Bread of Life (John 6); and said of the broken loaf at the Last Supper, ‘Take, eat, this is my body
Anger - To suppress this passion the following reflections of arch-deacon Paley, may not be unsuitable: "We should consider the possibility of mistaking the motives from which the conduct that offends us proceeded; how often our offences have been the effect of inadvertency, when they were construed into indications of malice; the inducement which prompted our adversary to act as he did, and how powerfully the same inducement has, at one time or other, operated upon ourselves; that he is suffering, perhaps, under a contrition, which he is ashamed or wants opportunity to confess; and how ungenerous it is to triumph by coldness or insult over a spirit already humbled in secret; that the returns of kindness are sweet, and that there is neither honor, nor virtue, nor use, in resisting them; for some persons Think themselves bound to cherish and keep alive their indignation, when they find it dying away of itself
Bartholomew - A person with Isaiah 9:1 in his mind, and convinced that rich blessings would come from Galilee, might nevertheless Think that Nazareth was not a likely place to be the dwelling-place of the Messiah
Affection - It is also distinguishable from passion, which, depending on the real or ideal presence of its object, vanishes with its object; whereas affection is a lasting connection, and, like other connections, subsists, even when we do not Think of the objects
Cloud - I Think the particularity of it, and the blessedness of it, demands the attention of the church in all ages
Blasphemy - I Think it proper to stop at this word, as the sense and meaning of it is not so generally understood as it were to be wished; and many of God's dear children, it is to be apprehended, have their minds much exercised about it, fearing they have committed the unpardonable sin, in blasphemy against the Holy Ghost
Morning - Surely no figure comes up to our Lord Jesus with an exactness more full and complete than the beautiful one the Holy Ghost hath given by his servant David, "he shall be as the light of the morning when the sun riseth, eveen a morning without clouds!"...
Think of Jesus under this sweet figure, I beseech you, reader; yea, never lose sight of him if possible
Cerdo, Gnostic Teacher - He describes him as more than once coming to the church and making public confession, and so going on, now teaching his doctrine in secret, now again making public confession, now convicted in respect of his evil teaching, and removed, or, as some Think, voluntarily withdrawing himself, from the communion of the brethren (ἀφιστάμενος τῆς τῶν ἀδελφῶν συνοδίας )
Christ - As to the use of the term in the New Testament, were we to judge by the common version, or even by most versions into modern tongues, we should receive it rather as a proper name, than an appellative, or name of office, and should Think of it only as our Lord's surname
Acts of the Apostles - This latter opinion rests upon the subscriptions at the end of some Greek manuscripts, and of the copies of the Syriac version; but the best critics Think, that these subscriptions, which are also affixed to other books of the New Testament, deserve but little weight; and in this case they are not supported by any ancient authority
Samaria - ...
The following is the account of the modern city, as given by Richardson: "Its situation is extremely beautiful and strong by nature; more so, I Think, than Jerusalem
Manna - ...
When manna was first sent the Israelites "knew not what it was," and "said one to another", MAN-HU, which means, What is it? Most interpreters Think that form the frequent repetition of this inquiry the name MAN or manna arose
ma'gi - " It is with such men that, we have to Think of Daniel and his fellow exiles as associated
Pipe Flute - ...
When we attempt to describe these flutes, we must not Think of the modern keyed flute introduced by Theodore Bcehm, but of something much more primitive
Fellowship - Those who Think they can sin as they please and still have fellowship with God are deceiving themselves
Leontius, Bishop of Antioch - Yet we may charitably Think that the gentleness and love of peace which all attest were not mere hypocrisy, and may impute his toleration of heretics to no worse cause than insufficient appreciation of the serious issues involved
Maximus, an Ecclesiastical Writer - But there seems increasing reason to Think that Eusebius erroneously attributed to Maximus the work of Methodius: see Zahn in Zeitschr
Miltiades, 2nd Cent. Christian Writer - If we are not permitted to Think that there might have been Montanists of both names, it would seem more natural to make the opposite correction
Simon Magus - Nay, I Think it but fair to Simon Magus to say that he had completely deceived himself as well as Philip. I Think so. I am bound in charity to Think so. "I am not of their mind," he says, "who Think that Simon Magus made only a semblance of religion
Roman Catholics - " Penance is a sacrament in which the sins we commit after baptism, duly repented of, and confessed to a priest, are forgiven; and which they Think was instituted by Christ himself when he breathed upon his Apostles after his resurrection, and said, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost; whose sins ye remit, are remitted; and whose sins ye retain, are retained," John 20:23 . That marriage is a sacrament, they Think evident from Ephesians 5:32 : "This is a great mystery," representing the mystical union of Christ and his church. " Notwithstanding this, they enjoin celibacy upon the clergy, because they do not Think it proper that those who, by their office and function, ought to be wholly devoted to God, should be diverted from those duties by the distractions of a married life, 1 Corinthians 7:32-33 . This sacrifice of the mass was, they Think, predicted by the Prophet Malachi, Malachi 1:11 , who says, "In every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering
Judgment, Day of - On both occasions he warned that the people of Capernaum should not Think of heaven as their final destination; that would rather be Hades. When we Think of the reality and the seriousness of judgment day we must be on our guard against holding that our final salvation is to be decided on the basis of merit. We are not to Think that it is only when they explicitly reject the gospel that they are condemned
the Woman With the Issue of Blood - Never mind the people in the same seat staring at you, and Thinking you are mad. Now, why was it, did you ever Think, that when our Lord healed so thoroughly this woman's sick body, He did not in an equally immediate, and in an equally thorough way, heal her far more sick soul? Why did He stop short at her blood? Why did He not work a far better cure on her sin? Was it because she was not sick of sin? Was it because she had not come, with all those twelve years, to know the plague of her own heart? Or was it because He did not come the first time to this world with a full salvation? Or was it, and is it, because sin is such a mystery of iniquity that it takes not only both His first and His second comings to heal our souls of sin; but long time, and great labour, and great pain, and great faith, and great prayer on our part also, before even His Divine power can perform and pronounce a perfect cure? Yes, that is it. Give reins to your imagination and Think,-all sin for ever gone! Think of that! All sin gone clean out of your sinful heart for ever! I cannot believe it possible
Iniquity - No generation, however, was to Think that it bore God’s judgment for the “iniquity” of another generation: “Yet say ye, Why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live. The wicked work, speak, beget, Think, devise, gather, reap, and plow 'âven, and it is revealed (“comes forth”) by the misfortune that comes upon the righteous
Ordination - They farther Think it strange, that the validity of orders and ministrations should be derived, as some have contended, from a succession of popish bishops; bishops of a church, which, by the definition of the nineteenth article of the church, can be no part of the true visible church of Christ, and bishops, likewise, who consider the Protestant clergy, although ordained by Protestant bishops, as mere common unconsecrated laymen. Watts, that since there are some texts in the New Testament, wherein single persons, either Apostles, as Paul and Barnabas, ordained ministers in the churches, or evangelists, as Timothy and Titus; and since other missions or ordinations are intimated to be performed by several persons, namely, prophets, teachers, elders, or a presbytery, Acts 13:1 ; 1 Timothy 4:14 ; since there is sometimes mention made of the imposition of hands in the mission of a minister, and sometimes no mention is made of it; and since it is evident that in some cases popular ordinations are and must be valid without any bishop or elder,—I Think none of these differences should be made a matter of violent contest among Christians; nor ought any words to be pronounced against each other by those of the episcopal, presbyterian, or independent way
Pharaoh - They both Think about it; both in their own way. I Think I will take what looks like God's word to me tonight. Stay up alone and set yourself to Think what conceivable end God can have had in raising you up, and in filling your life so full of so many accumulated and aggravated sentences and respites of sentences? God tells us Himself for what purpose He raised up Pharaoh. What do you Think, what do you suppose, God has raised you up for? Are you, do you Think, would you believe, being sentenced and respited, sentenced and respited, and sentenced and respited again in order to show how far grace can go-your sin and God's grace? Who can tell, but that as Pharaoh stands to the end of time the proof of God's power, so you are to stand at the opposite pole as the proof of His long-suffering and super-abounding grace? Yes, that must be it in you
Good, Goodness - ...
It is nearly impossible to Think about goodness in the abstract
Fasting - However light some Think of religious fasting, it seems it has been practised by most nations from the remotest antiquity
Bread - The mistress of the house and even a king's daughter did not Think baking beneath them (2 Samuel 13:8)
Humility - Trench defines ‘humility’ as the esteeming of ourselves small, inasmuch as we are so; the Thinking truly, and because truly, therefore lowlily, of ourselves. The exhortation of Philippians 2:3 does not mean that every man ought to Think that everybody else is better than himself in moral character, or in outward conduct, or in natural or inherited powers
Oaths - there was the fear that a demon might Think his services were required)
Will (Testament) - Galatian theory, forbids us to Think that when St
Repetitions - —The word ‘repetitions’ is found in the Gospels only in the phrase ‘vain repetitions’ in Matthew 6:7 ‘When ye pray (Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ‘in praying’), use not vain repetitions, as the heathen (Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ‘the Gentiles’) do: for they Think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. What our Lord condemns is clearly verbosity, the unthinking use of many words, and perhaps also the formal, careless use of expressions which are in themselves appropriate
Milk - The skin is shaken for a little, when the process of fermentation speedily commences, and the milk is served ‘with that now gathered sourness which they Think the more refreshing’ (Doughty, Arabia Deserta , i
Tribes, the Twelve - Though the ten tribes were dispersed, and as men Think 'lost,' Paul spoke of the twelve tribes constantly serving God in his day; and James addressed the twelve tribes in his epistle
Lollards - A religious sect, differing in many points from the church of Rome, which arose in Germany about the beginning of the fourteenth century; so called, as many writers have imagined, from Walter Lollard, who began to dogmatize in 1315, and was burnt at Cologne; though others Think that Lollard was no surname, but merely a term of reproach applied to all heretics who concealed the poison of error under the appearance of piety
Idolatry - Others Think that angels were first worshipped
Unperfect - Though we meet with this word but once in the whole Bible, namely, Psalms 139:16, yet, as in the two translations we have of the Psalms, the word in the one is rendered imperfect, which in the other is rendered unperfect, and as the difference is very striking when properly considered, I Think it an object of no small moment in a work of this kind, to guard the reader against an error into which he may be apt to fall for want of due attention in this particular
Offer, Offering - , Matthew 8:4 ; Mark 1:44 ; Acts 7:42 ; 21:26 ; Hebrews 5:1,3 ; 8:3 ; 9:7,9 ; 10:1,2,8,11 ; (c) of "offerings" previous to the Law, Hebrews 11:4,17 (of Isaac by Abraham); (d) of gifts "offered" to Christ, Matthew 2:11 , RV, "offered" (AV, "presented unto"); (e) of prayers "offered" by Christ, Hebrews 5:7 ; (f) of the vinegar "offered" to Him in mockery by the soldiers at the cross, Luke 23:36 ; (g) of the slaughter of disciples by persecutors, who Think they are "offering" service to God, John 16:2 , RV (AV, "doeth"); (h) of money "offered" by Simon the sorcerer, Acts 8:18
Walk - Do you Think Id walk in any plot? ...
Waste - He will never, I Think, in the way of waste, attempt us again
Pavement - In the case of Pilate, it is possible that he would be disposed to imitate the procedure of the Emperor, or even that of a petty sovereign, but in this matter no record to such an effect has been found; and whilst the course would not be without danger, it is not easy to Think that a locality would derive its name from being one of many places on which a movable pavement was once or occasionally laid
Procopius of Caesarea - The controversies of the church had done much to alienate him from doctrinal Christianity; and, though he does speak at times as if he had embraced some of its distinct tenets, it is hardly possible to Think that he had done so in the sense of regarding them as an express revelation of divine truth to man
Symmachus, Bishop of Rome - Symmachus replied in a letter entitled "Apologetica adversus Anastasii imperatoris libellum famosum," and in strong and indignant language rebutted the charges against himself, and retorted that of heresy on the emperor; he accuses him of presuming on his temporal position to Think to trample on St
the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans - When we speak of shame, in our shallow and superficial way we usually Think of the shame of a naked body. When you next Think you hear His knock, rise off your seat, rise off your bed even, and open the door. Think to yourself that He is actually in the street, and is actually, and in the body, standing at your door
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - How then do we stand in this matter of blame and shame? And blame and shame or no, are we any wiser men, and any better men today because of those tumults? Or after all our lessons are we just as ready for another tumult, and as ill-prepared for it as ever we were? Are we just as ill-read, and as ill-natured, and as prejudiced, and as hot-headed, and as full of pride and self-importance, as ever we were? What do you Think? What do you feel? What do you say? You must surely see now, as you look back, what a splendid school for Christian character, and for Christian conduct, all those tumults were fitted, and intended of God, to be to you. Well then, how do you Think you have come out of those great years in those great and costly schools? Has your temper and your character come out of those terrible furnaces like gold tried in the fire? For all those tumults whatever you may have made of them, and they of you, they were all intended to be but means to a far greater end than their own end. ...
Now, you may well Think that Paul has left nothing at all for you tonight, but for ministers only. Is it possible I should desire any one to speak any good of me, or to Think it, when so many ill things were thought and spoken of Thee! What is this, Lord what do we imagine to get by pleasing worms, or by being praised by creeping things! What about being blamed by all men, if only we stand at last blameless before Thee!"...
Go - I Think, as the world goes,he was a good sort of man enough. To Think over to proceed or pass in mental operation
Joshua, the Book of - Some Bible students Think Joshua wrote the book except for the death reports (Joshua 24:29-33 ); but the book gives no indication that Joshua had anything to do with writing the whole book, though he did write the laws on which the covenant renewal was based (Joshua 11:1-1241 ). Other Bible students Think the Book of Joshua only reached its present form when the Former Prophets were collected together during the Exile
Manifestation - This, we Think, is singular, and certainly one of the marks of the truthfulness of the narrative. Not, however, that we are to Think of them as entirely, subjective
Communion - Paul perhaps Think of the blood as some transfigured heavenly substance? And what does the body of Christ mean? Is it the material body, which Jesus wore on earth, and which hung on the cross, or the immaterial body of the heavenly Lord? Or, again, is it the spiritual body, whose head is Christ, i. Now the question is: Is it the common supper which constitutes the communion, or are we to Think of the particular elements, bread and wine, as producing the communion? We shall try to find an answer by noting some analogies from the comparative history of religions
Zechariah, Book of - Since the chapters differ in style and contents from both Jeremiah and Zechariah, some scholars Think they were prophecies from an unknown prophet either from the time of the Persian Empire (down to 332) or the Greek Empire. Others Think they are the later work of Zechariah
Judgment, Last - ...
They also Think, that the justice of the proceedings of that day requires it, since it is presumed and known by the whole world that they were prone to sin, as well as others; and, before conversion, as great sinners as any, and after it their sins had a peculiar aggravation. Others Think it will be on the earth, on the new earth, on which they will descend from the air with Christ
Unitarians - Priestly refers us to the "Theological Repository," "in which," he says, "I Think I have shown that the Apostle Paul often reasons inconclusively; and, therefore, that he wrote as any other person of his turn of mind or Thinking, and in his situation, would have written, without any particular inspiration. Facts, such as I Think I have there alleged, are stubborn things, and all hypotheses must be accommodated to them
Matthew - Being early called to the apostleship, he was an eye-witness and an ear- witness of most of the things which he relates; and though I do not Think it was the scope of any of these historians to adjust their narratives to the precise order of time wherein the events happened, there are some circumstances which incline me to Think, that St
Christ, Miracles of - This general statement has made some commentators Think that there were cases of resurrection not described in the Gospels
Miracles of Christ - This general statement has made some commentators Think that there were cases of resurrection not described in the Gospels
Jonah - , though many Bible students Think the book came from about 750 B
Targum - As to the Old Testament, they serve to vindicate the genuineness of the present Hebrew text, by proving it to be the same that was in use when these Targums were made; contrary to the opinion of those who Think the Jews corrupted it after our Saviour's time
Border - ...
Some Think that behind this law was an ancient Semitic custom with superstitious and magical associations, which, however, was impressed with a new significance by the Hebrew legislation
Lord's Name Taken in Vain - " It offends against politeness and good breeding, for these who commit it little Think of the pain they are inflicting of the sober mind, which is deeply wounded when it hears the holy name it loves dishonoured; and it is as contrary to good breeding to give pain, as it is to true piety to be profane
Proverbs - In reading Proverbs, it is better to stop and Think about each unit of instruction than to read the book straight through as if it were a letter or narrative
Evangelism - While many Think of evangelism as a New Testament phenomena, profound concern for all people is also obvious in the Old Testament (1 Kings 8:41-45 ; Psalm 22:27-28 ; Isaiah 2:2-4 )
Southcotters - Joanna gives those who profess belief in her mission, and will subscribe to the things revealed in her "WARNING, " a sealed written paper with her signature, and by which they are led to Think they are sealed against the day of redemption, and that all those who are possessed of these seals will be signally honoured by the Messiah when he comes this spring
Parents - So, among the great, permitting their children to spend their time and their money as they please, indulging them in perpetual public diversion, and setting before them awful examples of gambling, indolence, blasphemy, drinking, and almost every other vice; what is this but ruining their children, and "bequeathing to posterity a nuisance?" But, while we would call upon parents to exercise their authority, it must not be understood that children are to be entirely at their disposal under all circumstances, especially when they begin to Think for themselves
Decrees of God - This doctrine is the subject of one of the most perplexing controversies that has occurred among mankind; it is not, however, as some Think, a novel doctrine
Ignorance (2) - To put the matter in another way, the truths of Natural Religion carry their own evidence with them, and those who worship the creature instead of the Creator, or who deny that there is a God, or who Think that there is no essential difference between virtue and vice, wilfully blind themselves to the truth (cf
Reward (2) - We need not Think to do without it, even while we pass on to higher motives and fuller conceptions of duty
Spiritual Gifts - In our day many people tend to Think individualistically; it is easy to do this with reference to spiritual gifts
Mind - Genesis 6:5 ‘every imagination of the thoughts of his heart’), psychological terms begin to be employed in the NT with more discrimination and precision, and ‘mind’ comes into use to denote the faculty of Thinking, and especially the organ of moral consciousness; the fundamental Gr. φρονεῖν) is found in the transitive sense of ‘to Think about,’ ‘to direct one’s mind to’ (Romans 8:5, Philippians 3:16; Philippians 3:19)
Herod the Great - He seemed to Think her guilty and she was sacrificed to his jealousy; but as soon as his beautiful wife was slain he was filled with the deepest remorse
Lion - When I hear or see some awful effects of his devices, on the minds of my fellow creatures and fellow sinners; oh! how powerfully doth it teach me the blessed consequences of distinguishing grace! Doth he work his devilish purposes on others, and am I preserved from his snare? Doth he accomplish their destruction, and do I escape? Reader! Think of this precious subject! How doth it exalt my Lord in the consciousness of preserving grace! And how doth it tend to humble my soul!'...
Aaron (2) - Christ’s priesthood was ‘after the order of Melchizedek’ (Hebrews 6:20), eternal: His sacrifice was a spiritual one, offered once for all; it is impossible to Think of the repetition on earth of that offering which ‘through (the) eternal Spirit’ (Hebrews 9:14) our glorified High Priest presents continually in ‘a more perfect tabernacle’ (Hebrews 9:11) in heaven itself, for us
Altar - ...
Idol1Ki18:26 (c) Here we may Think of a false altar which is a type of the religious plans and schemes of men wherein they hope to appease the god of their imagination, and to obtain his favor even though what they are doing is not Scriptural
Bear - Some Think to bear it by speaking a great word
Flock - The church of Jesus is so often spoken of in Scripture under the figure and similitude of a flock, that I could not Think myself justified in passing it by unnoticed
Hypostatical Union - The Monothelites, an ancient sect, of whom a remnant is found in the neighbourhood of Mount Libanus, disclaim any connection with Eutyches, and agree with the Catholics in ascribing two natures to Christ; but they have received their name from their conceiving that Christ, being one person, can only have one will: whereas the Catholics, considering both natures as complete, Think it essential to each to have a will, and say that every inconvenience which can be supposed to arise from two wills in one person, is removed by the perfect harmony between that will which belongs to the divine and that which belongs to the human nature of Christ
Jehoshaphat - Others Think it lies between the walls of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives
Platonists - Campbell Think it more probable that he took it from the Old Testament
Proselyte - " He also observes that "the term proselytes of the gate is derived from an expression frequent in the Old Testament; namely, ‘the stranger that is within thy gates;' but I Think it evident that the strangers were those Gentiles who were permitted to live among the Jews under certain restrictions, and whom the Jews were forbidden ‘to vex or oppress,' so long as they live in a peaceable manner
Miracles - ) From the same conception of nature as a machine, we are apt to Think of interferences with the ordinary course of nature as implying some imperfection in it
Nicopolis - Paul should sooner or later Think of this splendid Graeco-Roman city and its neighbourhood as a field for evangelistic work
Move, Moved, Mover, Moving, Unmovable - " Field suggests a reading, the translation of which is, "neither make I account of anything, nor Think my life dear unto myself
Lucianus, Priest of Antioch, Martyr - Some have thought that he cherished sentiments akin to those of Paulus himself, which were of a Sabellian character, while others Think that in opposing Paulus he used expressions akin to Arianism (cf
Maximus, Bishop of Turin - This has led some to Think that there were two bishops of this name, but the early date given by Gennadius seems irreconcilable with the many allusions to Nestorian doctrines in the homilies on the Nativity, and the general opinion is that he is wrong (Gennad
Eternity - )...
It is therefore inadequate to Think of God’s eternity solely as everlasting existence
Baptism - An abstract, however, of the chief arguments, I Think it my duty to present to the reader, in order that he may judge for himself, as to the subject. These positions, they Think, are so clear from Scripture, and the history of the church, that they stand in need of but little argument to support them. As to the subject, they believe that qualified adults who have not been baptized before, are certainly proper subjects; but, then, they Think also that infants are not to be excluded. As to the apostle's expression, "buried with him in baptism, " they Think it has no force; and that it does not allude to any custom of dipping, any more than our baptismal crucifixion and death has any such reference
Philippians, Theology of - And yet Paul, whose mind is filled with thoughts of God, Christ, the Spirit, salvation, resurrection, and the new world to come, cannot write even the briefest of letters without Thinking and writing theologically. Nevertheless the idea of salvation is present in his Thinking all the way through as he shares his own life's history, describing by means of it the beguiling nature of sin and its devastating consequences. ...
He urges them to discipline their minds because he knows that how people Think determines how they act, that thought governs conduct. And so he tells them to Think about things that are true, to focus their minds on things that merit respect, to ponder things that are just, to reflect on things that are pure, to dwell on all those things that are lovely, amiable, attractive, winsome, to Think long and hard about those things that are likely to draw people to the faith and help them grow in the faith (4:8). It is not enough for Christians to Think lofty thoughts
the Importunate Widow - Among all your adversaries, who is it that drives you day and night to God, like this woman to the judge? Do you Think that our Lord counts you up among His Father's elect? I Think He does? I am sure He does, if your adversary that you cry to be revenged upon is sin. ...
There is a well-known system of medicine that, most paradoxically as one would Think, for a cure prescribes a little more of that which caused the sickness
Creation - " At first, the cosmogonists contented themselves with reasoning on the traditional or historical accounts they had received; but it is irksome to be shackled by authority; and after they had acquired a smattering of knowledge, they began to Think that they could point out a much better way of forming the world than that which had been transmitted to them by the consenting voice of antiquity. " There is so striking a coincidence between his account and that of Moses that one would almost Think that he was translating from the first chapter of Genesis; and there can be no doubt that the Mosaic writings were well known at that time, both among the Greeks and Romans. ]'>[1] ...
We are therefore inclined to Think that Ovid actually copied from the Bible; for he adopts the very order detailed by Moses
Take - This word seems to be allied to Think, for we say, I Think a thing to be so, or I take ...
it to be so. ...
To take for, to mistake to suppose or Think one thing to be another
Principality Principalities - Abbott Thinks that this applies also to Colossians 1:16). Fritzsche and Meyer Think that in Col. Paul (though Meyer Thinks it is the right reading in Plato, Rep. ’ (2) It necessitates a change of subject, of which the context gives no intimation; in Colossians 2:12-14 the subject is God the Father, and no one would Think of changing it but for the difficulty of otherwise giving to ‘principalities and powers’ the meaning of evil angels. Others Think that both terms mean evil angels, arguing that the good would not try to separate us from the love of God
Questions And Answers - The interrogative form was also particularly adapted to make people Think for themselves, and we can trace all through our Lord’s utterances the desire to promote thought. The instances of this sort of question in the Fourth Gospel are of interest; sometimes the question seems intended to make people Think what they are doing (John 1:38; John 10:32; John 18:5; John 18:7; John 18:23; John 18:34; John 20:15); at other times, to make them consider how they really stand in regard to Christ (John 1:50, John 3:12, John 6:61 f
Bosom - On the other hand, when we read of putting one’s hand into one’s bosom (Exodus 4:6-7), taking fire into the bosom (Proverbs 6:27), receiving a gift in the bosom (Proverbs 21:14), it is the bosom of the garment of which we are to Think. Mark 13:9; Mark 13:16, Acts 7:4; Acts 8:40), or, as Godet and Westcott Think (Comm
Blasphemy - This cannot have been the case of all who disbelieved the mission of Jesus, and even decried his miracles; many of whom, we have reason to Think, were afterward converted by the Apostles. Paul; and it may be laid down as certain, for the relief of those who may be tempted to Think that they have committed the unpardonable sin, that their horror of it, and the trouble which the very apprehension causes them, are the sure proofs that they are mistaken
Doubt - Such an individual "should not Think he will receive anything from the Lord" (v
Even, Even as, Even so - Some Think it has this sense in John 3:5 , "water, even the Spirit," and Galatians 6:16 , "even the Israel of God
Fall of Man - Infidels, however, have treated the account of the fall and its effects, with contempt, and considered the whole as absurd; but their objections to the manner have been ably answered by a variety of authors; and as to the effects, one would hardly Think any body could deny
Pentateuch - Lastly, they Think they observe certain strokes in the Pentateuch which can hardly agree with Moses, who was born and bred in Egypt; as what he says of the earthly paradise, of the rivers that watered it and ran through it; of the cities of Babylon, Erech, Resen, and Calmeh; of the gold of Pison; of the bdellium, of the stone of Sohem, or onyx stone, which was to be found in that country
Rich (And Forms) - ...
Matthew 19:23 (a) Those who hold themselves in high estimation and Think themselves to be fit for Heaven without the robe of righteousness will find themselves deceived and shut outside the door of Heaven
Foreknowledge - Yet we should not Think of this as some kind of fatalism or determinism
Godly, Godliness - He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions, and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who Think that godliness is a means to financial gain" (1 Timothy 6:3-5 )
Key - For the age with which we have to deal we must Think of the key as a device by which one outside held command over the closed door
Loaf - We may Think we just want three loaves, but the Lord may see that we need much more
Lamp - Others Think that they represent the ministry of the church which gives out the light of the Gospel
Fig Tree - I should not Think it necessary to notice this article in our Concordance, but for the occasion that offers thereby of making an observation on the fig tree which the Lord Jesus blighted near Bethany
Turtle - The Holy Ghost hath been pleased to say so much concerning this bird in his sacred word, that I Think it a duty, as well as a pleasure, to enquire somewhat concerning a bird so particularly recommended to our notice
Sojourn, Dwell - Some scholars Think this word is a proper name, a part of a place name
Alexandrians - Others (Wendt, Zöckler, Sanday, Knowling, Winer-Moulton) Think that the first three classes or Jews had one synagogue and the last two another-an idea favoured by the τῶν … τῶν after τινες
Fathers - "Though we have appealed," he says, "to the churches of the first ages for new proofs of the truth of our doctrine, it is not that we Think that the doctors of those times had more right to judge of our faith than those had that followed them; but it is because after a serious examination we have found, that, as for what concerns the common belief that is among us, they have believed and practised the same things without adding other opinions or superstitions that destroy them,—wherein they have acted conformably to their and our rule, THE WORD OF GOD: notwithstanding, it cannot be denied, but that they effectually fell into some wrong opinions, as that of the Millenaries and infant communion," &c
Breastplate - Some Think they were two precious stones added to the other twelve, by the extraordinary lustre of which, God marked his approbation of a design, and, by their becoming dim, his disallowance of it; others, that these two words were written on a precious stone, or plate of gold, fixed in the breastplate; others, that the letters of the names of the tribes, were the Urim and Thummim; and that the letters by standing out, or by an extraordinary illumination, marked such words as contained the answer of God to him who consulted this oracle. Prideaux Thinks the words chiefly denote the clearness of the oracles dictated to the high priest, though perhaps the lustre of the stones in his breastplate might represent this clearness
Asa - Concerning this year, however, there are difficulties; and some Think that we should read the twenty-fifth, instead of the thirty-fifth; since Baasha, who made war on Asa, lived no longer than the twenty-sixth year of Asa, 1 Kings 16:8
Vine - Many are of opinion that wine was not unknown before the deluge; and that this patriarch only continued to cultivate the vine after that event, as he had done before it: but the fathers Think that he knew not the force of wine, having never used it before, nor having ever seen any one use it
Pisidia - 204) Think that he chose the steep pass leading from Attalia to Lake Ascania (Buldur Göl)
Will, Would - ...
A — 4: εὐδοκία (Strong's #2107 — Noun Feminine — eudokia — yoo-dok-ee'-ah ) (eu, "well," dokeo, "to Think") is rendered "good will" in Luke 2:14 , AV (see WELL PLEASED); Philippians 1:15 : see DESIRE , PLEASURE , SEEM , WELL-PLEASING
Paradox - Brief and vivid statements are made without qualification or explanation; metaphors are used to arrest the attention and stimulate the imagination, rather than to give a definite picture of the truth; a contrast which will force the hearer to Think for himself is preferred to an argument which he need only follow
Quakers - "Being thus persuaded that man, without the Spirit of Christ inwardly revealed, can do nothing to the glory of God, or to effect his own salvation, we Think this influence especially necessary to the performance of the highest act of which the human mind is capable; even the worship of the Father of lights and of spirits, in spirit and in truth: therefore we consider as obstructions to pure worship, all forms which divert the attention of the mind from the secret One, 1 John 2:20 ; 1 John 2:27 . Yet, although true worship is not confined to time and place, we Think it incumbent on Christians, to meet often together, Hebrews 10:25 . We therefore Think persecution, even in the smallest degree, unwarrantable. "In the practice of discipline, we Think it indispensable that the order recommended by Christ himself be invariably observed, Matthew 18:15-17 . "In this place it is proper to add, that, as we believe women may be rightly called to the work of the ministry, we also Think that to them belongs a share in the support of our Christian discipline; and that some parts of it, wherein their own sex is concerned, devolve on them with peculiar propriety; accordingly they have monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings of their own sex, held at the same time and in the same place with those of the men; but separately, and without the power of making rules; and it may be remarked, that, during the persecutions which in the last century occasioned the imprisonment of so many of the men, the care of the poor often fell on the women, and was by them satisfactorily administered
Eli - It is startling and terrible to Think that the unparalleled catastrophe of Eli's awful end had its first and far-back roots in what is as much a virtue, surely, as a vice: his determination to do two men's work with his own hands. And I never hear them complaining of that, unless it is when they Think of their children. ' Let me Think. Well, I always Think that Job was the very best father in all the Old Testament, while Eli was surely the very worst
Bason - ’...
We therefore Think that the νιπτήρ was a jug or ewer, with a dish, sancer or basin, under it to catch the drippings, but that the stress of the word is not on this under-basin. We also Think that it was kept chiefly in the house, and used for the many ‘hand-washings’ which the Jews practised (Matthew 15:2, Mark 7:3 etc
Judgment - The circumstance of the present heavens and earth being treasured up and kept, ever since the first deluge, from all after deluges, in order to their being destroyed by fire at the day of judgment, shows, we Think, that the Apostle is speaking of a real, and not of a metaphorical, destruction of the heavens and earth. Men may contrive to keep it from their thoughts, but they cannot Think of it without fearful apprehensions of its consequences
Methodius - It is hard to get good sense by translating "pearls of the guest-chamber"; and with the knowledge we have that one of Methodius's dialogues was called Xeno, we are disposed to Think that Xeno was one of the speakers in this dialogue, and that we are to translate "Xeno's pearls," i. In the extracts preserved the orthodox speaker addresses his Origenist interlocutor as ῶ Κένταυρε without the slightest air of uttering a sarcasm, so that we should be disposed to Think that the name of the Origenist speaker in this dialogue was Centaurus
Pity - And while Himself manifesting forth pity towards men and inculcating the same feeling on His disciples, He also most clearly taught them to Think of His Father in heaven as One moved with compassion for His earthly family. ...
How are men to Think of that pitiful, gracious Saviour who in His own life was so sorely tried and afflicted? Now nowhere in the Gospels—nor indeed in any passage of the NT—is Christ presented to men as an object of pity. On the contrary, He said to the women, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me’ (Luke 23:28); and to the disciple peter, ‘Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?’ (Matthew 26:53)
the Man Who Cast Seed Into the Round And it Grew up he Knew Not How - Bruce, as I Think, at his very best. For, as it is in so many of His sermons, and as it is in so many of His parables that illustrate His sermons, this fine parable has, as I Think, its first fulfilment in our Lord Himself. You Think you are something, but you will come to nothing
Image of God - People have the power to Think, analyze, and reflect even upon abstract matters
Revelation - God may, for any thing we can certainly tell, Think proper to make some discovery to his creatures which they knew not before
Joy - ...
Many people Think that God is the great Kill-Joy
Wisdom - People may Think they are wise, but they must humble themselves and trust in God’s wisdom if they are to be saved (1 Corinthians 3:18-20)
Deluge - ...
Others, supposing a sufficient fund of water in the sea or abyss, Think that the shifting of the earth's centre of gravity drew after it the water out of the channel, and overwhelmed the several parts of the earth successively
Torah - The Jews began to Think of their Scriptures as consisting of three sections: the Torah (Law), the Prophets, and the Writings (compare Luke 24:44 )
Legs - 26, ‘His executioners did not Think it necessary to break His bones, as was their prevailing custom’)
Judas Iscariot - ), but to a less extent, we are inclined to Think, than is sometimes held
Genealogies - 205]'>[4]: ‘the author can Think of no more striking contrast than that between the endless prattle of the false teachers and the gospel of the glory of the blessed God’ [5])
Despise - καταφρονεῖν, to look down upon from a position of superiority, whether assumed or real, to Think lightly of, to neglect, to disdain, with more or less actively hostile design (cf
False Christs - For it is hard to Think of any Christians claiming to be Jesus
Atheist - What would the world Think of a man that should advance such an opinion as this, and write a book for it? If they would do him right, they ought to look upon him as mad; but yet with a little more reason than any man can have to say, that the world was made by chance, or that the first men grew up out of the earth as plants do now
Earth - Let no one Think that the earth is an independentself-contained mechanism, for “the Lord reigns” as He “sits on the vault of the earth” from where “He sends rain on the earth” ( Conscience - Conscience, then, cannot be considered as any thing else than the general principle of moral approbation or disapprobation applied to our own feelings or conduct, acting with increased energy from the knowledge which we have of our motives and actions, and from the deep interest which we take in whatever concerns ourselves; nor can we Think that they have deserved well of morals or philosophy, who have attempted to deduce our notions of right and wrong from any one principle
Tithes - At this day, the Jews no longer pay any tithe; at least they do not Think themselves obliged to do it, except it be those who are settled in the territory of Jerusalem, and the ancient Judea
Chief, Chiefest, Chiefly - See ACCOUNT , COUNT , ESTEEM , GOVERNOR , JUDGE , SUPPOSE , Think
Gospel - Critics of he greatest name are arranged on both sides of the question; and some who believe it to have been first written in Hebrew, Think that the author himself afterwards made a Greek version
Jude, the Epistle of - 70), some Think Jude would have scarcely omitted allusion to an event which uprooted the whole Jewish polity
Junilius, Quaestor of the Sacred Palace - This is clearly incorrect with regard to several of them, and one is tempted to Think ( pace Kihn) that Junilius himself added this reference to Jerome and did not find it in his Greek original. He Thinks that Junilius probably met Paul of Nisibis there as early as 543
Canon - "I Think," says he, "that those books which should have authority in religion were revealed by the Holy Spirit, and that men composed others by historical diligence, as the prophets did these by inspiration. That some parts of these histories were prepared by prophets, we have clear proof in one instance; for Isaiah has inserted in his prophecy several chapters which are contained in 2 Kings, and which, I Think, there can be no doubt were originally written by himself. There is good reason to Think that, if God saw it needful, and for the edification of the church, that such books should be written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, by his providence he would have taken care to preserve them from destruction. Paul here refers to the epistle to the Ephesians, which they Think he sent to the Laodiceans, and that the present inscription is spurious
Philippians Epistle to the - Paul with a monetary gift (Philippians 4:18), and his experience is described in the letter: ‘I Think it needful to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow-worker and fellow-soldier, your messenger and minister of my need. Does a careful study of the letter itself substantiate such a view? Is there anything in the letter itself (as Baur and others Think) inconsistent with its own account of its origin and authorship?...
Before we can answer we must ask who were the recipients and what were their relations with the writer. We Think of these words in their modem sense or in their 3rd cent. Is it possible, then, to Think of two orders in a church like that of Philippi, in the lifetime of St
Sol'Omon - Nothing that we know of Bath-sheba lends us to Think of her as likely to mould her son's mind and heart to the higher forms of goodness. or the Song of Songs, we are all but compelled to Think of them us having had at least a historical starting-point
Language of Christ - We may Think we have good grounds for believing that they accurately represent His utterances; but to hear the original sounds we must recover, if that be possible, the Semitic vernacular which underlies the traditional Greek. Perhaps (to take another, and, as some Think, crucial instance), the angel could not have saluted Mary in the native dialect with the famous alliteration Chaire kecharitômenç ; and yet the Evangelist may have recorded the ‘ Hail! highly favoured ’ in that form, influenced by the style of OT diction, in which play on words is a marked feature
Pope - On the demise of a pope his pontifical seal is immediately broken by the chamberlain, and all public business is interrupted that can be delayed; messengers are despatched to all the Catholic sovereigns to acquaint them of the event, that they may take what measures they Think proper: and that the cardinals, in their dominions, if any there be, may hasten to the future election, if they choose to attend; whilst the whole attention of the sacred college is turned to the preservation of tranquillity in the city and state, and to the necessary preparations for the future election. They well know that, as a private doctor, he may fall into mistakes as well as any other man; but they Think that, when he teaches the whole church, Providence must preserve him from error
Stone - For whenever Christian men Think of the Lord’s sepulchre, they always see that great stone rolled back from the door, and the angel of the Resurrection sitting upon it (Matthew 28:2 ||). ’ Thus He identified the rejected ‘Son’ of the parable with the rejected stone of the Psalm, and the wicked husbandmen with the scribes and Pharisees as the ‘builders’ of Israel’s theocratic edifice; but at the same time intimated to the latter that they must not Think that by rejecting Him and putting Him to death they would be done with Him for ever
Paul's Visit to Jerusalem to See Peter - Think of yourself as a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious. Would you have asked anything? How far would you go tonight to have an interview with Peter? Honestly, have you any curiosity at all about Jesus Christ, either as He is in heaven now, or as He was on earth then? Really and truly, do you ever Think about Him, and imagine Him, and what He is saying and doing? Or are you like John Bunyan, who never thought whether there was a Christ or no? If you would tell me two or three of the questions you would have put to Peter, I would tell you in return just who and what you are; just how you stand tonight to Jesus Christ, and how He stands to you: and what He Thinks and says about you, and intends toward you
Angel - They merely indicate that God employs the ministry of angels to deliver his people from affliction and danger, and that the angels do not Think it below their dignity to minister even to children and to the least among Christ's disciples
Above And Below - And when we Think of Christ’s Ascension into heaven, we must not conceive of it as a flight into some far-off region, but as His passing into a state of existence (of which we gain hints during the great forty days) which we can describe only by employing words which, in the very act of using them, we see to be utterly inadequate
Cross - )...
Jesus' sacred and lacerated body was raised aloft, the hands nailed to the transverse beam, the feet separately nailed to the lower part of the upright beam so as to be a foot or two above the ground (others Think the two feet were pierced by one and the same nail)
Acts of the Apostles - 64, or, as some Think, 66
Scribes - (2 Samuel 8:17 ; 20:25 ; 1 Kings 4:3 ) We may Think of them as the king's secretaries, writing his letters, drawing up his decrees, managing his finances
Seeing - ’ The most ordinary significance of the word ‘see’ is, of course, the natural one—to recognize by the act of vision ordinary external objects, as when the blind are described as seeing (Matthew 15:31, John 9:7), or men are promised that they shall see the Son of Man, or when the disciples Think they see a vision, or the multitude see the miracles of Jesus (Mark 14:62, Luke 24:23, John 6:2)
Miletus - The trade of the Maeander Valley was diverted to Ephesus, and, before the coming of the Romans, Miletus, though still called a ‘metropolis’ of Ionia, had become a second-rate commercial town, which the conquerors did not Think it necessary to link up to any important city by one of their great roads
Guest-Chamber - Some Think that the ‘inn’ of Bethlehem (Luke 2:7) was of this character, but others are of opinion that it was rather an inn under the care of a host, like the πανδοχεῖον of Luke 10:34
Honour - words, in various forms, are thus translated: (1) δόξα, δοξάζειν, as in the phrases ‘by honour and dishonour’ (2 Corinthians 6:8), and ‘one member be honoured’ (Revised Version margin ‘glorified,’ 1 Corinthians 12:26); the words are derived from δοκεῖν, ‘to Think,’ ‘hold an opinion,’ or ‘hold in repute or honour’; hence the noun has the significance of ‘good-repute,’ ‘honour,’ ‘glory’; (2) τιμή, τιμᾶν, τίμιος (from the root τίειν, ‘to pay a price’ and then ‘to pay honour’)
Jephthah - Those who urge the strict literal interpretation Think these arguments inconclusive; and urge that Jephthah was a wild character in a rude period, and that there is not a particle of evidence that God approved his rash vow, or this part 'of his conduct
Arment - ...
Zechariah 3:3 (a) We Think that Joshua in this verse is a type of the nation of Israel and that the garments are a type of the wicked ways, actions and deeds of these people
Concubine - )...
And Think reader, what will it be in that day of final consummation, when the Lord shall bring home his church, and every individual of his mystical body shall be found one with the Lord, in an everlasting union never to be dissolved! Oh, the joy in Jesus's own declaration, "At that day ye shall know, that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you!" (John 14:20)...
Eusebius of Alexandria, a Writer of Sermons - But when you have done all this, do not Think you are better than A
Sycamore - This sort of tree is pretty common in Egypt; the people, for the greater part, live upon its fruit, and Think themselves well regaled when they have a piece of bread, a couple of sycamore figs, and a pitcher of water
Look - To consider to view to conceive of to Think
Sermon on the Mount - contain only true Logia of Jesus, and yet see reason to Think that these Logia were not all spoken on one and the same occasion, in fact, that they do not actually constitute a sermon. But Jesus was welcomed everywhere by simple peasants and the people generally much more than by trained Thinkers and the educated classes. inclines us to Think that they are in their right place. (c) It is difficult to Think that if our Lord gave the sayings originally with their ethical and spiritual characterization, this could have dropped out accidentally, or have been deliberately eliminated so as to confine them to social relations
Paul the Aged - " What a man was Paul! If we did not know that this was Paul, we would certainly Think that it was a Greater than even Paul. Where are those men then, who Think that they have made so great progress that they do not need any more to persevere? Which of you will have the courage to compare yourself with the Apostle? Still more surely does this passage refute the folly of those fools who, despising books, and neglecting all study, boast of their spiritual inspiration. Do you ever forefancy your first meeting with Christ? How do you Think He will look? How and where will you look? Rehearse the scene, and have your part ready
Paul as an Evangelical Mystic - Christ, then, that so mysterious Person who fills the Gospels and the Epistles with His wonderful words and works,-What Think ye of Christ? Paul tells us in every epistle of his what he Thinks of Christ, and it is this deep, spiritual, experimental, and only soul-saving, knowledge that Paul has of Christ, it is this that justifies us in calling him the first and the best of all mystics; the evangelical and true mystic: the only mystic indeed, worthy, for one moment, to bear that deep and noble name. And if God expresses it never so plainly and properly, he will still Think that God is speaking in riddles and parables. Just Think about Christ
Isidorus Pelusiota, an Eminent Ascetic - but until that foundation is well laid I Think it idle to talk about the top-stone" (v. "Some Think that the soul is extinguished with the body . He speaks of the harm done to the Christians' argument by Christians' misconduct: "If we overcome heretics pagans and Jews by our correct doctrine we are bound also to overcome them by our conduct lest when worsted on the former ground they should Think to overcome on the latter and after rejecting our faith should adduce against it our own lives" (iv. "I cannot Think," writes Isidore "that the true Christian Iron who knows the grace that has set all men free can hold a slave" (οἰκετην ἔχειν i
Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Some Think that Matthat ( Luke 3:24 ) = Matthan ( Matthew 1:15 ). ) Think that Mt. ), who Thinks that it is not original, but derived from a variant of the ordinary text: ‘Jacob begat Joseph, to whom being betrothed the Virgin Mary bare Angel - Some Think this took place when our heavens and the earth were made. Others Think that angels existed long before the formation of our solar system; and Scripture seems to favour this opinion, Job 38:4 ; Job 38:7 , where God says, "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?— and all the sons of God shouted for joy
Holy - Both are in the Bible as necessary ways to Think of and experience God. Both are necessary if one is to avoid shallow, one-sided Thinking about God
Black People And Biblical Perspectives - Some Black theologians now Think that had Paul known Jesus would have been this long in returning he would have tackled this social evil straight forwardly
Satan - ...
God’s rebellious servant...
We should not Think that Satan is in some way the equal of God, one being a good God and the other an evil God
Understanding - gives ‘a stimulating question which leaves the Twelve to Think out for themselves’ the comparison of leaven with teaching (Swete, in loc)
Envy - If the Revised Version of James 4:5 is correct, φθονέω has its usual evil sense, and this difficult passage means, ‘Do you Think that God will implant in us a spirit of envy, the parent of strife and hate?’ But it may be better to translate, either, ‘For even unto jealous envy (‘bis zur Eifersucht’ [1]) he longeth for the spirit which he made to dwell in us,’ or ‘That spirit which he made to dwell in us yearneth for us even unto jealous envy
Lucifer - Whether, hell from beneath is moved at the unawakened sinner's coming, or heaven from above opens her golden gates to receive the redeemed regenerated saint in Jesus, this Scripture, with others to the same amount, plainly testify that that Thinking faculty, that immortal incorporeal part, which at death separates from the body, hastens into the world of spirits like its own, and exists in a state perfectly distinct from and unconnected with the body, and will so continue until the general resurrection. ...
And there is another thought connected with it, which gives solemnity to the former, and which this Scripture tends to prove, namely, that in that world of spirits they Think and speak, have conversation and fellowship, with each other, as familiarly as we have with each other that are yet in the body. And hence, though they cease for ever from us, and we from them, in respect to farther communion; though as the Scripture saith, "Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledge us not," (Isaiah 63:16) yet the existence is made up of identity, consciousness, and unceasing Thinking, and acting, and the most lively perception
Hierocles of Alexandria, a Philosopher - We have all in time of need more strength than we commonly Think" (p
Minister - Now, while ministers ought to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, they must remember that men always will Think different from each other; that prejudice of education has great influence; that difference of opinion as to non-essential things is not of such importance as to be a ground of dislike
Barabbas - And unless we are to suppose, on the ground of the possible etymology, ‘son of father’ = ‘son of teacher,’ and the ‘filius magistri eorum’ which Jerome quotes from the account of the incident in the Gospel of the Hebrews, that he was popular among the people because he was the son of a Rabbi, we have no reason to Think that either the Jewish leaders or the multitude had any ground for preferring him to Jesus except their passionate hatred of the latter
Image - 100: 10, of certain cups or chalices, as Beliarmine pretends, on which was represented the parable of the good shepherd carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders: but this instance only proves that the church, at that time, did not Think emblematical figures unlawful ornaments of chalices
Ethelbert, King of Kent - But since you are strangers who have come from afar, and, as I Think I have observed, have desired to make us share in what you believe to be true and thoroughly good, we do not mean to hurt you, but rather shall take care to receive you with kindly hospitality, and to afford you what you need for your support; nor do we forbid you to win over to your faith, by preaching, as many as you can
Balaam - It cannot be denied that the Scripture expressly calls him a prophet, 2 Peter 2:15 , and therefore those are probably right who Think that he had once been a good man and a true prophet, till, loving the wages of unrighteousness, and prostituting the honour of his office to covetousness, he apostatized from God, and, betaking himself to idolatrous practices, fell under the delusion of the devil, of whom he learned all his magical enchantments; though at this juncture, when the preservation of his people was concerned, it might be consistent with God's wisdom to appear to him and overrule his mind by the impulse of real revelations
Hand - Above all things, we should avoid vanity and ostentation in all the good we undertake to do, and should not Think that thereby we merit any thing
Sepulchre - From this room you pass into, I Think, six more, one within another, all of the same fabric with the first
Marcus, a Gnostic - 34) have copied the account from Irenaeus; and there seems no good reason to Think that either had any direct knowledge of the writings of Marcus. If we are sometimes tempted to be indulgent to Gnostic theories as the harmless dreams of well-meaning Thinkers perplexed by problems too hard for them the history of Marcus shews how these speculations became a degrading superstition
Death - ...
Some may Think that since human beings are creatures of the natural world, physical death is inevitable
Victor, Bishop of Rome - But others Think it more probable that Eleutherus was referred to
Boyhood of Jesus - We Think it probable, therefore, that the emphatic words of the sentence are οἱ γονεῖς. 247) argues that Joseph and Mary set out for home before the close of the Feast, because the Talmud says that ‘during Feasts’ (not after them) ‘the members of the Temple Sanhedrin came out on to the terrace and taught the people, contrary to the usual custom of sitting as a court of appeal,’ and he Thinks that Christ was there. Luke’s words are therefore perhaps compatible with Joseph and Mary having left on the third day, the so-called half-holiday, when it was lawful to return home, but we prefer (in spite of Edersheim’s Talmudical argument) to Think that they ‘stayed to the end’ of the Feast. We Think that the reason for Joseph and Mary spending at least a day in Jerusalem before going up to the Temple, was that they and our Lord were well known to this group of persons, and that they thought of Him as possibly among friends at Jerusalem, just as they had thought it possible on the first day of the separation that He was among the pilgrims. Yet as in the later case there was nothing contrary to true manhood, so now we ought not to Think of anything contrary to true boyhood
Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - For I did not Think that I could get so much profit from the contents of books as from the utterances of a living and abiding voice. But considering that there is a change of pronouns, we are disposed to Think that there is an anacoluthon, and that his meaning, however ill expressed, was that he learned, by inquiry from others, things that Andrew, Peter, and others had said, and also stored up in his memory things which Aristion and John said in his own hearing. Lightfoot is probably right in Thinking that the sarcasm in the phrase "those who have so very much to say" may have been aimed at the work on the Gospel by Basilides in 24 books, and some similar productions of the Gnostic schools of which the later book Pistis Sophia is a sample. There is a striking resemblance between the two as we have them at present; but Papias's description, it is said, would lead us to Think of them as very different. Nor is there reason to Think that when St. ) has given convincing reasons for Thinking that Papias is his authority, a conclusion which Harnack accepts as highly probable
Calvinists - They Think also that the greater part of these passages, being found in the epistolary writings, after the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, who was promised to guide the apostles into all truth, is an argument in favour of the doctrine. Some Think Calvin, though right in the main, yet carried things too far; these are commonly known by the name of Moderate Calvinists. Others Think he did not go far enough; and these are known by the name of High Calvinists
Solomon - If Solomon actually, and all of himself, made and offered that wonderful prayer, then when we Think of it, he is more a mystery of perdition to us than ever. I can hold up my head better when I am opening a church and am reading and expounding this prayer, when I Think of Nathan's pure and noble soul rather than of Solomon, who is so soon to be such a scandal and reprobation. ...
Our own Lord Bacon always comes to my mind when I Think about Solomon
Paul as a Student - But there is one possibility in Saul's student days in Jerusalem that makes our hearts beat fast in our bosoms to Think of it. ...
Now the first instruction, as I Think, intended to us out of Saul's student days is this-that the finest minds in every generation should study for the Christian ministry. What in the world does he mean? Strange to say, and it is something for us all to Think well about, he declares to us on every autobiographic page of his, that all the time he sat at Gamaliel's feet, and for many disastrous years after that, he was in the most absolute and woe-working ignorance of the law of God
Achan - Look how the hearts of those fathers and mothers who have sons in the army beat as if it were the last trump! Did you ever spend a night like that in Achan's tent? A friend of mine once slept in a room in a hotel in Glasgow through the wall from a man who made him Think sometimes that a madman had got into the house. You Think that the darkness will cover you. Lie down on the floor of your room,-you need not Think it too much for you to do that, or that it is an act unworthy of your manhood to do it; the Son of God did it for you on the floor of Gethsemane, Yes, lie down on the floor of your room, lay your head in the dust of it, and say this about yourself: Say that you, naming yourself, are the offscouring of all men
the Penitent Thief - The swiftness of the thief's repentance, and faith, and confession, and pardon, and sanctification, and glorification, is something very blessed for us all to Think about, and never to forget; and, especially, those of us who must make haste and lose no more time if we are to be for ever with him and with his Lord in Paradise. I cannot but Think that Paul will insist on giving place to this very prince and leader of all New Testament believers
Ordination - Some, however, on this side of the question, do not go so far as to say, that the essence of ordination lies in the choice of the people, but in the solemn and public separation to office by prayer: still, however, they Think that ordination by either bishops, presbyters, or any superior character, cannot be necessary to make a minister or ordain a pastor in any particular church; for Jesus Christ, say they, would never leave the subsistence of his churches, or the efficacy of his word and sacraments, to depend on the uninterrupted succession of any office or officer: for then it would be impossible for any church to know whether they ever have had any authentic minister; for we could never be assured that such ordinations had been rightly transmitted through 1700 years. and 1 Timothy 4:14 ; since there is sometimes mention made of the imposition of hands in the mission of a minister, and sometimes no mention of it; and since it is evident that in some cases popular ordinations are and must be valid without any bishop or elder; I Think none of these differences should be made a matter of violent contest among Christians; nor ought any words to be pronounced against each other by those of the episcopal, presbyterian, or independent way
Majesty (2) - His followers do not Think of Him ‘according to the flesh’ (2 Corinthians 5:16)—as the Prophet of Galilee or the Man of Sorrows. The Christ of whom they do habitually Think is risen, ascended, glorified, and set down on the right hand of the Majesty on high (cf
Hermogenes (1), a Teacher of Heretical Doctrine - " There are indications that the work to which Tertullian replies was in Latin, and every reason to Think that Hermogenes (though probably, as his name indicates, of Greek descent) was then living in Carthage, for Tertullian assails his private character, entering into details in a way which would not be intelligible unless both were inhabitants of the same city. Philaster, however, attributes to his heretics other doctrines which we have no reason to Think were held by Hermogenes: that evil proceeded sometimes from God, sometimes from matter; that there was no visible Paradise; that water-baptism was not to be used, seeing that souls had been formed from wind and fire, and that the Baptist had said that Christ should baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire; that angels, not Christ, had created men's souls; that this world was the only "infernum," and that the only resurrection is that of the human race occurring daily in the procreation of children
the Unmerciful Servant - IF you had been destined by your parents to be a minister, and if at twelve years old you had come to the same decision yourself, from that day you would have begun to Think continually about your future office, and you would every day have done something to prepare yourself for your future office. "Do you Think it will ever be possible to construct an instrument to discover and to exhibit our thoughts against our neighbour?" asked a Pall Mall interviewer at Mr
Nimrod - ...
Archbishop Whately Thinks that the whole story of the building of the Tower of Babel, the confounding of the speech of the builders, and their consequent disruption and dispersion, north, south, east, and west, is a veiled history of a great outbreak of religious controversy in that early and eastern day. But, on the whole, he Thinks it must have been some dispute connected with the worship of God. We cannot Think, any more than we can speak or write, without words. And, since Behmen is so full and so good, as I Think, on Babel, and since he himself has been so much the victim of Babel-more almost than any man I know-let me show you once more the kind of thing that has made me love him: and, almost to say of him, as Dr
Nazarene - and Matthew 1:20-21) I do not Think it necessary to insert in this place, at large, the law concerning Nazarites to God. (Acts 22:8)...
From the whole then, I hope the reader will Think with me, that God the Holy Ghost had all along a design, from the first dawn of revelation, with an eye to the Lord Jesus in this most important character; and to this end and purpose directed his servants' minds, Jacob and Moses, to point to this great Nazarite, by type and figure, in the separation of Joseph from his brethren
Eternity - It is to demand of us to Think without ideas. On the contrary, we Think that the idea of our successive duration, that is of continuance, is an advantage, and not a defect
Peter - Many Think these things were spoken to St. Some learned men Think St
Haggai - Some scholars Think he neglected the moral element, but he really stressed a return to the basics of worship and a close relationship between worship and work
Esther - Others Think it is an attempt to write history with free interspersion of speeches and conversation following the conventions of history writing of its day
Foreknowledge - Nothing is hidden from Him, and only fools Think they can hide their deeds from God (Psalm 10:11 ; Psalm 11:4-5 ; Proverbs 15:11 ; Isaiah 29:15-16 )
Mary Magdalene - " She never stops to Think of her own weakness as a woman; love gives her the nerve to take it for granted that she is able for the blessed task; contrast her and the women's former question, "who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre?" (Mark 16:3
Slave - They were not to Think of themselves merely as tools of their masters (Colossians 3:22; Titus 2:9)
Burial - ...
Fine ranges of tombs, said to be of the kings, judges, and prophets, still remain near Jerusalem; but these, many Think, are the tomb of Helena, the widow of the king of Adiabene, who settled at Jerusalem and relieved poor Jews in the famine foretold by Agabus under Claudius Caesar
Chaldaea - Some Think the seeming Hebraisms in it are remnants of an older form of the language than that found in the targums
Virtue - In Philippians 4:8 (‘Whatsoever things are true … if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, Think on these things’) and in 2 Peter 1:5 (‘In your faith supply virtue; and in your virtue knowledge’) the reference is to a human attribute, and the sense is the ordinary classical one of moral excellence possibly coloured with its Septuagint meaning of ‘praiseworthiness
Church, Gallican - Some Think that there was another cause of the revolution, and which may be traced as far back at least as the revocation of the edict of Nantz in the seventeenth century, when the great body of French Protestants who were men of principle, were either murdered or banished, and the rest in a manner silenced
Rebels - Reader, pause! If this opinion be at all founded in right, Think, how precious the Lord's people are in his sight!...
Desert, Wilderness - When we Think of a desert we tend to imagine a bare sandy waste, without any vegetation or water, such as the Desert of the Sahara in N
Antichrist - We must Think similarly of the use of ‘the man of lawlessness’ of St
Pharaoh - He took Gaza of the Philistines (Jeremiah 47:1), and made himself master of Philistia and most of Phoenicia; attacked Sidon, and fought by sea with Tyre; and "so firmly did he Think himself established in his kingdom that he believed not even a god could east hint down" (Herodotus ii
Lord's Supper - Some have been for keeping it every day in the week; others four times a week; some every Lord's day, which many Think is nearest the apostolic practice, Acts 20:7
Atonement - God, in his infinite wisdom, did not Think fit to pardon sinful man, without some compensation for his broken law; for, 1
Version, the Authorised - The king exhorted the clergy to contribute 1000 marks, and he was to be informed of what each man gave, intimating that when any vacancies occurred, he would Think of the translators for preferment
Infallibility - For is it consistent with reason to Think that God would have imparted so extraordinary a gift to prevent errors and dissensions in the church, and yet have left an additional cause or error and dissension, viz, the uncertainty of the place of its abode? No, surely...
Some place this infallibility in the pope or bishop of Rome; some in a general council; others in neither pope nor council separately, but in both conjointly; whilst others are said to place it in the church diffusive, or in all churches throughout the world
Friends Friendship - ’...
We have only to Think of the travelling comrades of the Apostle-of Barnabas and Silas, of Timothy and Mark, of Luke and Titus, of Priscilla and Aquila-to realize that, so far from being friendless, he enjoyed the richest resources of that relationship that were to be had in that age. In his letters he nearly always associates with himself one or more of his colleagues as joint authors, and those who have been named above were the ablest Christian Thinkers and workers of the time
Aenon - 36) and others still Think this site has the best claim
Andrew - Again, when we Think of the Apostle in his more official aspect, it is sufficient to recall that he was not only the first home-missionary (John 1:41), but also the first foreign-missionary (John 12:22)—evidence, if evidence be wanted, of the close connexion between the two spheres of work
Conflagration - Philosophers contend for its being produced from natural causes; and will have it effected according to the laws of mechanics: some Think an eruption of a central fire sufficient for the purpose; and add, that this may be occasioned several ways; namely, either by having its intensity increased, (which, again, may be effected either by being driven into less space by the encroachments of the superficial cold, or by an increase of the inflammability of the fuel whereon it is fed,) or by having the resistance of imprisoning earth weakened; which may happen either from the diminution of its matter, by the consumption of its central parts, or by weakening the cohesion of the constituent parts of the mass, by the excess or the defect of moisture
Hebrew Language - On the other hand, it has been maintained that Heber's family, in the fourth generation after the dispersion, lived in Chaldea, where Abraham was born, Genesis 11:27-28 , and that there is no reason to Think they used a different language from their neighbours around them
Moral Obligation - We Think it a duty to support and cherish aged parents; many nations, on the contrary, abandon them as useless, and throw them to the beasts of the field
Mark - Lardner Thinks that St. The following passage in Eusebius appears to contain so probable an account of the occasion of writing this Gospel, and comes supported by such high authority, that we Think it right to transcribe it: "The lustre of piety so enlightened the minds of Peter's hearers at Rome, that they were not contented with the bare hearing and unwritten instruction of his divine preaching, but they earnestly requested St
Ravels - Forty days the violent rain had continued; and he might Think this, therefore, a likely time for the waters to run off again
Power of the Keys - There are some who Think that by this gift of the keys St
Nile - Niebuhr justly remarks, "Some descriptions of Egypt would lead us to Think that the Nile, when it swells, lays the whole province under water
Pha'Raoh, - One class of Egyptologists Think that Amosis (Ahmes), the first sovereign of the eighteenth dynasty, is the Pharaoh of the oppression; but Brugsch and others identify him with Rameses II. , whom Brugsch Thinks was probably the Pharaoh of the exodus, who with his army pursued the Israelites and were overwhelmed in the Red Sea
Cast - See DISPUTE , MUSING , REASON , Think
Creation - Modern science may at times cause people to Think they are almost insignificant in relation to the size and complexity of the universe, but the Bible takes a different view
Fulfilment - We must lay down, in general, that the NT Thinks of fulfilment as occurring in detailed mechanical correspondence with the letter of prediction. But what of Matthew 5:17 (‘Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets; I came not to destroy but to fulfil’—πληρῶσαι)? (a) Much has been written on this subject since the present writer discussed the passage in Christ and the Jewish Law, 1886. It is ‘hard’ to Think that our Lord ever exercised the supposed conscious detailed intellectual criticism of the OT as such (so the late A. ’ (c) When ‘fulfil’ is predicated of ‘prophecy,’ the sense is well known; the ‘prophets’ become the predominant partner in such a juxtaposition as ‘to fulfil law and prophets’; and we have to Think of the OT’s moral lawgiving as a sort of type, fulfilled, when the word of the prophets is fulfilled, in Christ’s person
Heaven - But we can see that his Thinking on this point tends in the direction of a spiritualization of the whole conception of heaven. In Thinking of it as laid up or reserved in heaven, St. For example, the Rabbinical tradition could Think of the Law, the Temple, and other central ideas of Judaism as laid up with God before the creation of the world. Possibly, also, he so takes it for granted that believers will have their place in a Messianic earthly kingdom that he does not Think it necessary to mention it. The spiritual and the symbolic are so subtly blended that it is hard to Think that the writer is the slave of his symbols
Prayer (2) - Nathanael’s fig-tree (John 1:48) and Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36, Mark 14:32) lead us to Think of gardens as places of retirement for prayer. If, however, as some Think, there was only one occasion on which this was done, then St. Our petitions must have a worthy meaning, and we must Think of the meaning
Prayer - To which some add invocation, a making mention of one or more of the names of God; pleading, arguing our case with God in an humble and fervent manner; dedication, or surrendering ourselves to God; deprecation, by which we desire that evils may be averted; blessing, in which we express our joy in God, and gratitude for his mercies: but, as all these appear to me to be included in the first five parts of prayer, I Think they need not be insisted on. We must not Think it absolutely necessary to insist upon all the parts of prayer in every address to God; though in our stated and solemn prayers there are but few of them that can be well left out. The eye should be kept from roving, and some Think it best to keep the eyes closed. If we use ourselves to various motions, or noise made by the hands or feet, or any other parts, it will tempt others to Think that our minds are not very intensely engaged; or, at least, it will appear so familiar and irreverent, as we would not willingly be guilty of in the presence of our superiors here on earth
Chronology of the New Testament - ) Think that any age from 28 to 32 would suit; but Ramsay, who remarks that St. Luke’s authority for his early chapters was clearly a very good one, and that he could not have been ignorant of the real age, Thinks that the phrase must mean 30 plus or minus a few months. There seems to be some doubt as to the age when a Levite began his ministry at this time, as the age had varied; but we may follow Irenæus in Thinking that 30 was the full age when a public teacher began his work. ) are inclined to Think that in this respect he may to a very limited extent be right
Jonah - As he sulks in a booth outside the city, waiting to see the issue, a remarkable series of experiences is arranged for his instruction ( Jonah 4:5-8 ): the shooting up of a castor-oil plant (or, as some Think, a bottle-gourd) appointed by Jahweh, which delights him by its welcome shade; the killing of the plant by a worm, also appointed by Jahweh; and the springing up of a hot wind which also blows by Divine appointment, so that the now unshaded prophet is so tormented by the heat, that, like Elijah ( 1 Kings 19:4 ), he longs for death. There are several indications of Aramaic influence: sephînâh ‘ship’ a word common to Aramaic and Arabic, found here only in the OT; shâthaq ‘be calm’; ta‘am ‘decree’; hith‘ashshçth in the sense of ‘think’; minnâh ‘prepare,’ ‘appoint,’ etc
Session - Harnack indeed Thinks that in some of the oldest accounts the resurrection and the sitting at the right hand of God are taken as parts of the same act, without mention of any ascension. 727), Thinks the primary reference was to a Maccabaean priest-prince, possibly Simon, who in the year 141 b. Therefore its use as referring to the Father is to be taken as a necessary accommodation to our limited minds, which can Think only in terms of time and space, and which can have no conception of pure spirit. Since, then, His body cannot be ubiquitous, it seems necessary to Think of it as raised at the Ascension to some distinct place
the Merchant Man Who Sold All That he Had And Bought the Pearl of Great Price - " And of another goodly pearl, whose title at least you all know, he writes, "I am on the eve of finishing Guthrie, which, I Think, is the best book I ever read. " And at a later date-"I still Think it the best human composition I ever read relating to a subject about which it is my earnest prayer that we may all be found on the right side of the question
Exorcism - -It is pointed out in the article Divination that man, at a very early period, came to Think of himself as surrounded by innumerable spirits, many of whom could enter into and influence him. This is possibly to be accounted for by the fact that the work of these writers forced them to Think more of evangelism and apologetic than of combating the evils of the heathen world
Judas - Think, what a spectacle! How justly the object of detestation both to God and man! And Think if possible what followed
Barzillai - It was a mad project to Think to solder the crown of Charles Stuart to the crown of Jesus Christ; at the same time, there was a pathos and a poetry in it that still touch our hearts to this day. One would Think that the two asses that stood so laden and waiting for David on the top of the hill had marched straight out of Barzilla's butler's pantry
James the Lord's Brother - Think out for yourselves those three years, the like of which never came to any other family on the face of the earth. And, then, Think of the last week of all; the arrest, the trial, the crucifixion, the resurrection of Mary's first-born Son-whose imagination is sufficient to picture to itself Joseph and Mary and James and the other brothers and sisters of Jesus all that week! Where did they make ready to eat the passover? What were they doing at the hour when He was in Gethsemane? Were they standing with the crowd in the street when He was led about all night in His bonds? And where were they while He was being crucified? For, by that time, no one believed on Him but the thief on the cross alone
Daniel - And in all other ways, like Plutarch's Alexander, Ardmillan was, I Think, the most gracious and gentlemanly man I ever knew. Read it and Think about it
Elijah - Some Think that he was a priest descended from Aaron, and say that one Sabaca was his father; but this has no authority. Scheutzer observes, that he cannot Think that the orebim of the Hebrew, rendered "ravens," means, as some have thought, the inhabitants of a town called Oreb, nor a troop of Arabs called orbhim; and contends that the bird called the raven, or one of the same genus, is intended
Simon Maccabaeus - Peter rebuked him for Thinking that the gift of God might be purchased for money, Acts 8:20 ; but I would observe that some of those persons who insist upon the fact that Simon was not a Christian appear to have forgotten that he was actually baptized. Such is the title which he bore before he had heard of Christ; and there is no reason to Think that he afterward raised his pretensions, and identified himself with God. That Simon never identified a real living person with an idea emanating from the mind of God, may, I Think, be assumed as certain
Hebrew - Some Bible students Think many of the difficulties of the text of Hosea may be clarified by considering the Hebrew of that book as an example of northern or Israelite idiom
Korah - ...
Korah's sin answers to that of sacerdotalist ministers who, not content with the honour of the ministry (nowhere in the New Testament are Christian ministers called "sacrificing" or "sacerdotal priests," hiereis, a term belonging in the strict and highest sense to Jesus alone; restricted to Him and the Aaronic and pagan priests, and spiritually applied to all Christians: Matthew 8:4; Acts 14:13; Hebrews 5:6; Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10; Revelation 20:6; 1 Peter 2:5; 1 Peter 2:9), usurp Christ's sacrificing and mediatorial priesthood; also to that of all men who Think to be saved by their own doings instead of by His mediatorial work for us (Acts 4:12)
Sandemanians - In their discipline they are strict and severe, and Think themselves obliged to separate from the communion and worship of all such religious societies as appear to them not to profess the simple truth for their only ground of hope, and who do not walk in obedience to it
Book(s) - Many Think these titles are references to the same work and refer to it as the “Midrash of the Kings
Doctrine - ...
Culture shapes the way we Think, the values we hold, the choices we make, and the way we relate to others. This may let doctrine be taught without responsible Thinking
Conflagration - Some Think an eruption of the central fire sufficient for the purpose; and add, that this may be occasioned several ways, viz
Judas Iscariot - One is glad to Think that St
Jealousy (2) - It is a jealousy for them, in which their cause is His, in which His honour (if such a word can be used in such a connexion) is touched if they are wronged, in which His love rises into passion, and takes on itself responsibilities for them of which they would not have dared to Think
Silas or Silyanus - Others go further, and Think that Silas may have written it independently, after the death of the Apostle
Citizenship - We can Think of human existence and life apart from citizenship, but to the ancient member of a πόλις or ciuitas citizenship was life and life was citizenship
Cosmopolitanism - ...
It is true that the Gospels are full of protests against Jewish exclusiveness (Matthew 3:9 ‘Think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father’; cf
Ammon, Ammonites - Perhaps the Ammonites lost their identity at this time: for, though their name appears later, many scholars Think it is used of these Arabs
Field - We are not meant to Think of Jesus and His disciples as going ruthlessly through the fields and trampling down the grain, but as following one of these paths over or between the fields
Abba - And I Think it worthy of yet farther remark, that there is a beautiful sameness between the first cry of nature, in the infancy of our being, and this language of grace when the souls of believers are first born to God
Firstborn - FIRST, FIRSTBORN...
I should not Think it necessary to detain the reader with any thing by way of explanation to these terms, being in themselves sufficiently obvious, but only when applied to the person of Christ, considered with an eye to him, they merit attention
Feasts - " (Isaiah 52:3)...
I Think it highly proper, before I dismiss this article concerning the Jewish feasts, to remark to the reader, the distinguishing privilege we enjoy in the Christian church, in having all in one the sum and substance of every feast in the person, work, grace, and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ
Philosophy - Hence arose the need of an interpreter on the sabbatic year, a time when the whole law was read, and also on the Sabbath in the synagogues, which some Think had been recently erected, in order to make the people understand what was read
Cerinthians - Carpocrates is reported to have been distinguished by the gross immorality of his life; and whatever we may Think of the imputations cast upon the Gnostics in general, it seems impossible to deny that this person, at least, professed and practised a perfect liberty of action
James - Hence we infer, that it was from the first acknowledged by those for whose instruction it was intended; and "I...
Think," says Dr
Pass - A middling sort of man was left well enough by his father to pass,but he could never Think he had enough, so long as any had more. A good part of their lives passes away without Thinking
Priest - They crave for the intervention of some one of whom they can Think as likely to be more acceptable than themselves
Justification - ...
A man "deceives" himself if he Think himself "righteous," and yet does not righteousness, for "doing righteousness" is the sure fruit and proof of "being righteous," i
Election - ...
Responsibilities of the elect...
Although believers may feel secure because their salvation is centred in God, they deceive themselves if they Think their behaviour is unimportant (1618453387_55)
Leucius, Author of n.t. Apocryphal Additions - The context does not indicate that he had much personal knowledge of the sect, and his heretical notices appear to be derived from the Syntagma of Hippolytus, where we have no reason to Think that he would have found any mention of Leucius. We Think Zahn does not sufficiently allow for the probability in the case of one who is said to have lived so long that a true tradition that he never married might have been preserved in the churches of Asia. Combining the probabilities under the three heads enumerated, there seems reasonable ground for Thinking that the Leucian Acts were 2nd cent. If so, we Think other traces of this Leucian statement would have remained
Authority of Christ - ...
This holds true whenever we Think of the moral or practical authority of Jesus. But just because we are conscious of this principle and of the affinity of our nature for it, we are free with regard to any particular expression of it; the particular words in which it is embodied even by Jesus do not possess the authority of a statute to which we can only conform, but about which we must not Think. When Jesus says, ‘Whoso shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him also the other; to him that would go to law with thee and take thy coat, leave also thy cloak’: it is not to keep us from Thinking about moral problems by giving us a rule to be blindly obeyed, it is rather to stimulate thought and deliver us from rules. ...
(b) The authority of Jesus comes before us in another aspect when we Think of Him not as commanding but as teaching, not as Legislator or Judge, but as Revealer. They do not, as they Think, set aside the authority of Jesus in doing so: their idea rather is that in these regions Jesus never claimed to have or to exercise any authority
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - Harnack has given good reasons for Thinking that the same forger manipulated the Didaché and the Ignatian letters, and that his work may have been as early as a. The two forms employ some common earlier documents, but there is no reason to Think that the framer of either was acquainted with the other. The same reasons that forbid us to Think that Barnabas, if he had known the Didaché , would have left out its Christian element, prove the Ordinances and the Latin likewise independent of the Didaché. The quotation by Pseudo-Cyprian leads us to Think that the Latin Doctrina Apostolorum did go beyond the "Two Ways. We prefer (2), on account of the reasons we shall presently give for Thinking the document used by Barnabas to have been pre-Christian. a coincidence between the second "commandment" of Hermas and the "Sermon on the Mount" section, which we have already seen reason to Think belongs to a later form of the Didaché
Mark, Gospel According to - The present writer Thinks it most probable that the Second Gospel as we have it, or at any rate with the very slightest differences, was in the hands of all the other Evangelists when they wrote; and that the latter freely used the material before them, altering it, or adding to it, or omitting parts of it, as they thought right when following other guides. Internal evidence leads us to Think that not improbably St. ) Thinks John, Salmon (Introd. ) Thinks Luke; while Schmiedel, in a not very convincing argument, Thinks that Papias did not recognize Jn. ) Thinks that the author of the fragment had quoted Papias as saying that Mark was not a hearer of our Lord, and then qualified Papias’ assertion by saying that Mark had been present at some of our Lord’s discourses. Then the crowds begin to see in Him a prophet; His own people and the learned scribes from Jerusalem Think Him mad. We might even Think, at first sight, especially if we have the Matthaean account (Mark 16:16) of Peter’s confession chiefly in mind and not the Markan, that the disciples then and then only found out that Jesus was Messiah
Esther - What a long, and complex, and shining chain, link after link, till Mordecai fashioned its last link and bound it with his strong but tender hands upon both the imagination, and the conscience, and the heart of Esther in these noble words: 'Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king's house, more than all the Jews. Do not talk what thou wouldst be sure to do if thou wast an angel, but Think what thou canst do as a man. But what is the chaff to the wheat, if only you will let God cleanse you? These are they-the elders in heaven look down and say over you-who come up hither out of great tribulation! The chaff Think that I am describing a monstrosity and an impossibility in my poor description of you
Baptism - " Others Think it signifies, "In hope of blessings to be received after they are numbered with the dead. These positions, they Think, are so clear from Scripture, and the history of the church, that they stand in need of but little argument for their support. As to the subjects of baptism, they believe that qualified adults, who have not been baptized before, are certainly proper subjects; but then they Think, also, that infants ought not to be excluded
Adam - Josephus Thinks that he was called Adam by reason of the reddish colour of the earth out of which he was formed, for Adam in Hebrew signifies red. Jones Thinks it may be from Adim, which in Sanscrit signifies, the first. Paul with the Athenians: "Forasmuch, then, as we are the OFFSPRING of God, we ought not to Think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device;"—plainly referring to the idolatrous statues by which God was represented among Heathens. If likeness to God in man consisted in bodily shape, this would not have been an argument against human representations of the Deity; but it imports, as Howe well expresses it, that "we are to understand that our resemblance to him, as we are his offspring, lies in some higher, more noble, and more excellent thing, of which there can be no figure; as who can tell how to give the figure or image of a thought, or of the mind or Thinking power?" In spirituality, and, consequently, immateriality, this image of God in man, then, in the first instance, consists. "For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity:" and though other creatures were made capable of immortality, and at least the material human frame, whatever we may Think of the case of animals, would have escaped death, had not sin entered the world; yet, without admitting the absurdity of the "natural immortality" of the human soul, that essence must have been constituted immortal in a high and peculiar sense which has ever retained its prerogative of continued duration amidst the universal death not only of animals, but of the bodies of all human beings. The Jews Think that he wrote the ninety-first Psalm, invented the Hebrew letters, and composed several treatises; the Arabians, that he preserved twenty books which fell from heaven; and the Musselmen, that he himself wrote ten volumes
Nehemiah - His prayer often repeated is "think upon me, my God, for good according to all that I have done for this people" (Nehemiah 5:19; Nehemiah 13:14; compare Hebrews 6:10; Acts 10:4; Matthew 10:42). His safeguard was prayer; "strengthen my hands, my God, Think Thou upon" my enemies (Nehemiah 6:9; Nehemiah 6:14)
Baptize, Baptism - Some Think Jesus was already aware of his role as Servant-Messiah, "numbered with the transgressors" (Isaiah 53:12 ). Some Think that Paul means this by the phrase "baptized into Christ" (Galatians 3:27 ). It has much to say about the gospel, faith, new birth, purification, putting aside the flesh, the Spirit, admission to the community, reverencing Christ as Lordechoing much of the baptismal Thinking already noticed
Insight - A man of political insight is a man who instinctively understands what the community will Think, desire, or do at any particular period or special conjunction of circumstances. The sin of the Pharisees is that they are blind while they Think they see (John 9:41)
Paul as the Chief of Sinners - EVERYBODY knows what the most eminent saints of Holy Scripture Think and say of their sinfulness. We shallow-hearted fools would Think and would say that it was some great crime or open scandal that those saintly men and women had fallen into
the Ten Virgins - EVERYTHING that our Lord saw on the earth immediately made Him Think of the kingdom of heaven. And then, it takes far more time than you would Think to buy this oil and to have it always ready
the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia - We Think of temptation as if it were for the most part to whoredom and wine. If it took a man like Daniel Cormick all his might to keep his crown from being all stolen from him, what chance, Think you, have the most of us ministers?...
But look up! Who is that glorified saint shining as the brightness of the firmament, and as the stars for ever and ever? That is the angel of the Church that once was in Philadelphia
the Ethiopian Eunuch - Think, then, of this Ethiopian treasurer and his royal retinue coming up all the way from the far south to pay his vow, and to seek the face of the Lord in His holy temple. Think you see his conversion in Ethiopia, his sojourning for a season in Jerusalem, and then his returning home; and these pictures of him in your mind will greatly help you to understand and appreciate this remarkable man and his remarkable story. " If that accusation was laid against the readers of 1792, how much more have we laid ourselves open to it in 1899?...
But, all this time Philip is wandering up and down the wilderness, Thinking that he must have mistaken his own imagination for the voice of the Lord
Paul's Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow of Heart - "How, now, good friend, whither away after this burdened manner? A burdened manner indeed, as ever I Think poor creature had. Methinks, I am as if I had them not. Duncan is inclined to Think, since Aristotle
Josiah - But try your own hand on Moses and Josiah, and explain to me how you Think you could have had Moses in your Bible but for Josiah; and, again, but for Josiah's tender heart. Jeremiah-you all know the proverbial penitent, and the contrite heart, that Jeremiah was-but Jeremiah did not Think that
Nicodemus - But to Nicodemus that night Jesus of Nazareth was-Nicodemus staggered and stood still-he was afraid to let himself Think Who and What Jesus of Nazareth was, and might turn out to be. It is surely not enough to cost you in the end the loss of your soul for you to Think first of your prospects in life, and how you will continue to stand with this great man and with that, according as you cast in your lot with this party in the state, or with that denomination in the church
Thyatira - Many scholars Think that ‘Lydia’ was not her proper name but her ethnic designation-‘the Lydian
Relics - The Roman Catholics in Great Britain do not acknowledge any worship to be due to relics, but merely a high veneration and respect, by which means they Think they honour God, who, they say, has often wrought very extraordinary miracles by them
Justice - ...
Often people Think of justice in the Bible only in the first sense as God's wrath on evil
Paul - The Greek influence in his education gave him the ability to Think clearly and systematically, and the Hebrew influence helped to create in him a character of moral uprightness (Philippians 3:6)
Prayer - (1) With Jesus' example in mind we must not Think that faith will always cause our wishes to be granted
Cattle - These were apparently the best animals for human consumption, making Israel Think they would be the most pleasing to God
Bible, History of Interpretation - Calvin insisted (in the preface to his commentary on Romans) “It is the first business of an interpreter say what he [1] does, instead of attributing to him what we Think he ought to say
Hour - Of one thing He was sure, and gave repeated warning,—it would come upon men with startling suddenness: ‘and in an hour when ye Think not’ (Matthew 24:42; Matthew 24:44; Matthew 24:50; Matthew 25:13, cf
Abomination of Desolation - 493) Thinks it has to do with the order of Caligula to erect in the Temple a statue of himself, to which Divine honours were to be paid (Ant. But it occurs in all the Synoptists, and ‘it is difficult to Think that even these words … are without a substantial basis in the words of Christ’ (Driver)
Son of God - To Jesus' question, "what Think ye of Christ, whose Son is He?" the Pharisees answered not the Son of God, but "the Son of David," and could not solve the difficulty," how then doth David in the Spirit call Him Lord?" in Psalm 110, "Jehovah said unto my Lord" ('Αdonay ), etc
Care - He can and must Think, plan, and toil
Corban - ...
It is not necessary to Think that Jesus had such cases of recklessness in His mind. We prefer to believe that He was Thinking of bonâ fide vows, made to the Temple, hastily, perhaps angrily, without sufficient regard to the claims of aged parents
Samaritan Pentateuch - Gesenius Thinks that both Samaritan and Septuagint were formed from Hebrew manuscripts differing from one another as well as from the authorized one of Palestine, and that many willful corruptions have crept, in latterly. Some Think they are those in which the Mosaic law was originally written
For - Shall I Think the world was made for one, and men are born for kings, as beasts for men, not for protection, but to be devoured
Fruit (2) - The original application of the parable is, doubtless, to the scribes and the chief priests who rejected Jesus, but it is equally applicable to any who Think they can do as they please with their life and ignore all obligations to the Giver and Lord
Cassianus (11) Johannes, Founder of Western Monachism - By him Cassian was ordained deacon, or, as some Think, appointed archdeacon; and in his treatise de Incarnatione (vii
Sabbath - Then they who are able and willing give what they Think proper, and what is collected is laid up in the hands of the chief officer, who distributes it to orphans and widows, and other necessitous Christians, as their wants require
Paul - He is first called Paul in Acts 13:12 ; and as some Think, assumed this Roman name according to a common custom of Jews in foreign lands, or in honor of Sergius Paulus, Acts 13:7 , his friend and an early convert
Phoebe - It is interesting to notice that a Christian woman in the Apostolic Age did not Think it necessary to discard the name of a heathen deity
Baptism - ...
Clearly, people are mistaken if they Think that any sort of baptism, whether for adults or infants, guarantees personal salvation regardless of what people believe or do as morally responsible beings (Matthew 3:7-10)
Philip - Philip was so occupied with his own careful calculations as to what the actual feeding of the multitude meant, that he could Think of nothing else
Religion (2) - … Our mind’s bear a stronger witness than the minds of our forefathers did to the idea of a revelation: so strong a witness, that we Think it must have originated in them. We cannot Think it possible that God has actually manifested Himself to us, because the sense of a manifestation is so near to us that we Think it is only our sense, and has no reality corresponding to it
Corinthians, First Epistle to the - Ramsay Thinks that the special work of the Church was to raise the thoughtful and educated middle classes. But it is difficult to Think, in view of Matthew 11:11 and Ephesians 5:23 ff. ]'>[8] 375) Thinks that the decree is not mentioned because it was the very subject of discussion. ...
It is chiefly this passage that has led some to Think that the writer of the Epistle is quoting the Synoptic Gospels (see below, § 10); the Lukan account, as we have it in our Bibles, is very like the Pauline. (some Think also 1 Cor. 275) Thinks that we must date our Epistle some six months earlier, in the second autumn before St
Gospels - He Thinks that the late evidence of Clement of Alexandria,‡
Some of those who reject the Lucan authorship of the two books are inclined to Think that Luke may have written the ‘we’ sections (so Bacon, Introduction to NT, p
Heaven - But we can see that his Thinking on this point tends in the direction of a spiritualization of the whole conception of heaven. In Thinking of it as laid up or reserved in heaven, St. For example, the Rabbinical tradition could Think of the Law, the Temple, and other central ideas of Judaism as laid up with God before the creation of the world. Possibly, also, he so takes it for granted that believers will have their place in a Messianic earthly kingdom that he does not Think it necessary to mention it. The spiritual and the symbolic are so subtly blended that it is hard to Think that the writer is the slave of his symbols
Old Testament (i. Christ as Fulfilment of) - ‘Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfil’; cf. If the basis of the current Jewish morality respecting revenge found support, as some Think, in Psalms 41:11, (10) (‘But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon me, and raise me up, that I may requite them’) and the imprecatory Psalms, then we find the mind of Jesus in respect of those Psalms an expression of feelings which belong to the individual relations in life. ‘Ye search the scriptures, because ye Think that in them ye have eternal life’ (John 5:39)
Isaiah - Some Bible students Think that the writings that reflect the Babylonian period may be the work of the disciples of Isaiah, who projected his thought into the new and changed situation of the Babylonian world. Others Think God transported the eighth century prophet into the fifth century setting
Matthew, Gospel According to - There is no reason for Thinking that the Matthæan Gospel actually used by Papias was other than ours. Most critics (but Hilgenfeld and Harnack are exceptions) agree that this Gospel is later than our canonical four; Zahn gives good reasons for Thinking that it is derived directly from our Mt. But this would not lead us to Think of the author or (if the phrase be preferred) the editor who brought the Gospel into its present form as an Apostle and eye-witness. , which abounds in autoptic characteristics, though in that case we have reason to Think that they come not from the writer, but from the writer’s teacher, the First Gospel has none of the marks of an eye-witness
Marriage - Others, however, should also Think, plan, initiate, and give input. "...
Biblical love Thinks first of the other person (cf. Believing wives with unbelieving husbands Think independently, while still submitting to their husbands (1 Corinthians 7:13-14 )
Ten Commandments - Furthermore, if God rested after his labors, who are we that we Think we can outdo God (Exodus 20:9-11 )? The manner or way a Sabbath is kept is not important, but it is important that we consciously set aside one day in seven, filling it with worshipful rest, to remind ourselves to whom all our time belongs. Nor dare we allow ourselves to Think that if we were just in someone else's shoes, enjoying what they possess, we would be happy
Entry Into Jerusalem - And His question, ‘What Think ye of Christ?’ (Matthew 22:42), shows that He did not consider Davidic origin sufficient status in itself for the Messiah. ]'>[4] , the ideal son to whose descendants that throne was ensured (2 Samuel 7:16), upon which the prophets of the OT continued to build their hopes—hopes which had become greatly modified and materialized during the struggle with Antiochus and Rome, and by contact with Grecian thought, and which made the ordinary Jew dream of a deliverer with all the heroic qualities of a Judas Maceabaeus, and the more philosophic Think of an earthly empire, cosmopolitan and world-ruling like the Roman
Minister, Ministration - 20, ‘For I Think that what God chooses is better than what I choose. Davidson, Theism, 372), so to be great you must cease to Think of greatness and humble yourself to serve others, which includes the being quick to discern and open-hearted to minister to their needs, even to the sacrificing of yourself for their good
Demoniac - And," they continue, "we Think ourselves entitled to hold our religion as true, and to regard it as in the highest degree beneficial, though we must allow, at the same time, that the magicians of Egypt performed many wonderful works by the agency of wicked, spirits; that the sorceress of Endor was in league with the powers of darkness, and that Christ was literally tempted ‘of the devil,' in the wilderness of Judea. And if, upon any occasion, we Think it proper to do so, let us consider well the grounds and reasons upon which our determination is built
David - At least one brother did not Think too highly of him (1 Samuel 17:28 )
False Prophet - They stressed the permanence of David's dynasty, the temple, and the covenantas a guarantee that operated for every generation! They were overly dependent on promises made at Sinai that God would be Israel's God and Israel would be his peoplethereby allowing more leeway than one would ordinarily Think permissible
Thessalonica - Ramsay Thinks (St. Ramsay Thinks that St. It was such subtlety, and not the hatred of the mob, that made him Think of the devices of Satan (1 Thessalonians 2:18)
Hutchinsonians - ...
Farther: they Think it not unworthy of God, that he should make it a secondary end of his revelation to unfold the secrets of his works; as the primary was to make known the mysteries of his nature, and the designs of his grace, that men might thereby be led to admire and adore the wisdom and goodness which the great Author of the universe has displayed throughout all his works
Heresy - Under these restrictions, some Think it necessary, for the support of the national religion, that the officers of the church should have power to censure heretics; yet not to harass them with temporal penalties, much less to exterminate or destroy them
Jehoiachin - In 2 Kings 15:16 "men of might" (anshey hachail ) may mean the same, but nowsh is a low man; I Think therefore it means "men of the army," as in Ezekiel 37:10, and is defined by "all that were strong and apt for war," 7,000
Make - It is melancholy to Think that sensual pleasure makes the happiness of a great part of mankind
Nahum, Theology of - And do not Think you can say to yourselves, We have Abraham as our father
Home (2) - As we Think of Joseph, who, as it is commonly agreed, appears to have died at an early period, and of our Lord’s ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ (Mark 3:31; Mark 6:3), there is every reason to conclude that within the circle of the home Jesus had the experience of human bereavement and sorrow, and also of rejoicing, as His very own
Learning - In the choice of subjects the theoretical and practical were successfully combined; and pupils were taught both to Think and to act, while maxims of duty were graven on their memories
Millennium - Some Think that Christ will reign personally on earth, and that there will be a literal resurrection of the saints, Revelation 20:4 ; Revelation 20:7 ; but I rather suppose that the reign of Christ and resurrection of saints alluded to in that passage, is only figurative; and that nothing more is meant than that, before the general judgment, the Jews shall be converted, genuine Christianity be diffused through all nations, and that Christ shall reign, by his spiritual presence, in a glorious manner. Astronomy, geography, natural history, metaphysics, and all the useful sciences, will be better understood, and consecrated to the service of God; and I cannot help Thinking that by the improvements which have been made, and are making, in ship-building, navigation, electricity, medicine, &c
Judah - I would be always understood on these deep things as rather inquiring than deciding, rather desiring to be taught than to teach; but I cannot but Think, that such views of the Lord Jesus are very sweet and interesting, and tend, under the Holy Ghost's guidings, to endear Christ to the heart, when we behold him thus typically represented in so many engaging services for his people
Blood - For this prohibition no moral reason seems capable of being offered; nor does it clearly appear that blood is an unwholesome aliment, which some Think was the physical reason of its being inhibited; and if, in fact, blood is deleterious as food, there seems no greater reason why this should be pointed out by special revelation to man, to guard him against injury, than many other unwholesome ailments
Run - ) To discuss; to continue to Think or speak about something; - with on
Parents (2) - His reply is, perhaps, capable of metaphorical interpretation: ‘Think not only of the dead, remember the needs of the living
Philaster, Bishop of Brixia - 368, and died in 391; and the "nuper" would lead us to Think that Philaster wrote early in this episcopate
Proselyte (2) - There is no reason to Think of him as a ‘proselyte of Righteousness,’ for in that case (a) he need have had no hesitation in asking Jesus to go to his house, and (b) the words of Jesus (Matthew 8:11) would not be so suitable
John (the Apostle) - For I did not Think that what was to be gotten from the books would profit me as much as what came from the living and abiding voice’ (Eus. Indeed, it does not require us to Think that he was living at the time the words of Papias were written, or that he was even ever in Ephesus at all. If John was in Patmos, it may be that he went thither, as Weiss supposes, to find a religious retreat, or, as others Think, to avoid persecution
Jesus Christ - The character of Jesus, and the acts in which it is revealed, form a whole which has the unmistakable stamp of historical reality, and forbids us to Think that to any great extent it can have been the product of the collective Christian mind. The treatment of the historical matter, it may be permitted to Think, is more largely topical, and the chronological framework which it provides is less reliable, than is commonly supposed. For it is a reasonable belief that God, in whose plan with the race the work of Christ was to be a decisive factor, took order that there should be given to the after world a record which should sufficiently instruct men in reply to the question, ‘What Think ye of Christ?’...
(2) The Epistles
Jews - That there shall be a resurrection of the dead when God shall Think fit. Besides what they suffered in the East by the Turkish and sacred war, it is shocking to Think what multitudes of them the eight croisades murdered in Germany, Hungary, Lesser Asia, and elsewhere. Ezekiel 36:1-38 : As to the time, some Think about 1866 or 2016; but this, perhaps, is not so easy to determine altogether, though it is probable it will not be before the fall of Antichrist and the Ottoman empire
Polycarp - It is a model martyrdom, and the author explains this by saying that Polycarp ‘waited to be given up, as the Lord also did’ (περιέμενεν γὰρ ἵνα παραδοθῇ, ὡς καὶ ὁ κύριος), to teach the faithful not to Think only of their individual safety, but to Think of all the brethren (i. We must be careful not to Think that the virtues which Ignatius recommends to Polycarp are so many virtues wanting in the latter! Ignatius insists that the Christians of Smyrna should send a messenger to Antioch: ‘It becometh thee, most blessed Polycarp, to call together a godly council and to elect some one among you who is very dear to you and zealous also, who shall be fit to bear the name of God’s courier-to appoint him, I say, that he may go to Syria and glorify your zealous love unto the glory of God’ (vii
Possession - He thought, and in the lower culture still Thinks, of these as in many respects like himself. ...
As men came to Think of the river running and the tree falling through natural causes, while still attributing the earthquake and the thunder to the action of a god, so they came to Think of certain maladies as also due to natural causes, whereas others, peculiar, or peculiarly severe, were still considered as the work of demons. Further, it explains how these wonders, while attracting the crowd, did not impress the majority of the people with the fact that He was a Divine Being, any more than the miracles of Moses led the Egyptians to Think of him as a messenger from Jahweh
Passover - ...
Whenever the custom may have originated, it is curious to Think that still in every Jewish home, just after the third cup, or cup of blessing, has been drunk, the door is opened to admit the prophet Elijah, for whom a spare cup of wine is always set, as the forerunner of the Messiah. ’ We Think of the question: ‘Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come?’ (Matthew 17:10), and of the answer: ‘Elijah is come already. Paul was probably Thinking specially of this. It is the more natural to Think, considering the relation of Christianity to Judaism, that we have here a close point of connection between the old and the new
Montanus - ...
We Think that the Montanists had appealed to Rome ; that the church party solicited the good offices of their countrymen settled in Gaul, who wrote to Eleutherus representing the disturbance to the peace of the churches (a phrase probably preserved by Eusebius from the letter itself) which would ensue if the Roman church approved what the church on the spot condemned. We have no reason to Think of Rome as then enjoying such supremacy that its reversal of an Asiatic excommunication would be quietly acquiesced in. Hippolytus tells that the Montanists "have an infinity of books of these prophets whose words they neither examine by reason, nor give heed to those who can, but are carried away by their undiscriminating faith in them, Thinking that they learn through their means something more than from the law, the prophets, and the gospels. But still we Think it plain from the history that the conception of a closed N
Mission - Jesus made men Think of God trustfully as well as reverently, with love as well as with awe. Any devout Jew would Think that somehow the Gentiles were to reap advantage from the Messianic reign (Luke 2:30-32), and though it was deemed absurd to suppose that preference could be given by the Messiah to heathen men (John 7:35), even the Pharisees were zealous in making proselytes (Matthew 23:15)
Justice (2) - Some Think (and this is Ritschl’s opinion) that the true punishment of sin consists in the sense of guilt and alienation from God which a persuasion of the Divine displeasure awakens; and that the outward evils which are regarded as punishments are really due to natural causes that have no relation to human guilt (Ritschl, Justification and Reconciliation, 47 ff. To be angry with our brother without cause is to do him wrong (Matthew 5:22); and the man is accounted guilty who, while refraining from actual murder, yet Thinks in his heart, ‘I would, if I dared. ’ Our neighbour has a claim on us, that we should Think and feel justly regarding him; and when this is withheld, we fail to give him his due
Sarah - He is washing with water and with blood thy heart Think, Hagar, Think
Jonath - You may Think the mariners to have been too superstitious, but you must judge gently of a crew of heathen men taken so suddenly between the jaws of death. ' 'And those things, my brethren'-they are Paul's words-'I have in a figure transferred to myself for your sakes, that ye might learn in me not to Think of men above that which is written
Letters - " His theory is, in fact, that of Warburton; and he Thinks that the recent discoveries as to the hieroglyphics of Egypt fully establish it. This was a necessary consequence of the general use of hieroglyphics in their primitive state; for although the Egyptians might, and, in fact, did, give the preference to the alphabet, yet they did not Think it necessary to erase the old hieroglyphical characters from their temples, from their obelisks, from their tombs, and religious vases. We Think it more probable that alphabetical writing is much older than the hieroglyphics; that the phonetic hieroglyphics were fanciful representations of the alphabetic characters, intermingled with those symbols which idolatry and the natural peculiarities of Egypt would suggest; that the whole was originally easy to be deciphered by those who knew letters at all; and that the leading motive of fixing them on public monuments in preference to literal inscriptions, was the taste of the day, which custom, and antiquity, and superstition at length consecrated
Paul - ...
(3) We must not Think of Paul as an established administrator over the churches he founded. Paul could Think of Christ's death as a Passover sacrifice (1 Corinthians 5:7 ), as a representative sacrifice (2 Corinthians 5:14 ), or as a ransom (1 Timothy 2:5-6 )
Jesus Christ - ...
Jesus preferred the title ‘Son of man’ because it made people Think about who he was. They made people Think, and those who understood and accepted their message entered the kingdom of their Saviour-Messiah (2 Corinthians 5:21; see PARABLES)
Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria - " Theophilus uttered the fateful words of compliance: "I will do what you Think fit; do not be angry with me, for I object to Origen's books, and blame those who approve them. " Here he was using "economy"; he stooped to propitiate the Anthropomorphists by using their phrase in a sense of his own and letting them Think that he condemned Origen absolutely. Either in this work (as Tillemont Thinks, xi
Obsolete or Obscure Words in the English av Bible - ...
Trow, Luke 17:9—think; imagine; suppose
Joseph - Some, however, Think that Joseph came to Egypt in the reign of Thothmes III
Philippians - (The change is so marked that some scholars Think Philippians 3:1 is a later addition to the letter
Typology - But did Moses see the “heavenly tabernacle” that is called the pattern? Or did God grant to Moses to see a pattern from which a rough earthly counterpart of the heavenly reality could be constructed? I Think it was the latter
Bible, Methods of Study - Protestantism, in connection with modern Thinking, has sometimes tended, however, to become preoccupied with literary, linguistic, and historical observations only. As an interpreter, you must not Think you are the first and only recipient of the text
Samuel, Books of - Many Bible students Think Samuel along with Nathan and Gad had major input, pointing to 1 Chronicles 29:29 as evidence
Remnant - It is too mechanical to Think of wrath and grace within God vying with each other for the upper hand, but given that hypothetical scenario, the message is that God's grace triumphs in the end
Glory (2) - ’ This word is derived, of course, from the root of δοκέω, ‘to Think or suppose,’ and the primary meaning of δόξα is, no doubt, ‘thought or opinion,’ especially, favourable human opinion, and thus in a secondary sense ‘reputation,’ ‘honour,’ etc
Growing - —But if it is thought even by devout and careful students that such ideas are more than may be gathered from our Lord’s actual utterances, those who treasured His sayings in the Apostolic age did not Think so
Mercy - We must Think of Christ as abiding in the constant sense of the mercy of His Father, and communicating the same to men in word and deed
Sincerity - Many Think Him mistaken, or beside Himself (Mark 3:21), or blasphemous (Mark 14:63-64), but none treat Him as a conscious deceiver
Christian - There is nothing of this character in the title itself, although Conybeare-Howson and others Think that it was so meant. He Thinks that St. He Thinks and feels, loves and acts, as Christ does
Hold - To consider to regard to Think to judge, that is, to have in the mind
Galatians, Epistle to the - They were to care for one another — to Think nothing of themselves — to care for those who ministered to them in the word
Apollos - ‘We are to Think of Apollos as a disciple of John who was carrying on the work of his master and preaching to his countrymen repentance in view of the approaching kingdom of God’ (Apostolic Age, 219f. Preaching to recent converts whose intellectual equipment was slender and whose Christian knowledge must have been elementary, Apollos, whose own instruction had been imperfect, would inevitably put the impress of his own mode of Thinking upon them
Thessalonians, Epistles to the - Christians often misinterpret this Second Epistle, and Think that Paul was showing the Thessalonians that they were wrong in expecting the Lord. The Thessalonians were right in expecting the former, but were wrong in Thinking that the day of the Lord was (not 'at hand,' but) 'present,' as 2 Thessalonians 2:2 should read, as may be seen by the translation of the same word (ἐνίστημι) in Romans 8:38 ; 1 Corinthians 3:22
Church of England - In this view such liberal sentiments as the following, from the Apology of the Church of England in 1732, are not of uncommon occurrence: "This, I know, I am myself an Anti-Calvinian; and yet, were I to compile articles for the church, I would abhor the thoughts of forming them so fully according to my own scheme of Thinking, or of descending so minutely into all the particular branches of it, that none but Arminians should be able to subscribe, or that the church should lose the credit and service of such valuable men as the Abbots, Davenant, Usher, and other Calvinists undoubtedly were. And since our reformers were men of temper and moderation, it seems but justice, I am sure it is but reasonable, to Think they intended such a latitude as I contend for, so that both parties, the followers of Arminius as well as of Calvin, might subscribe. The divines who fled for refuge, in Queen Mary's reign, to Geneva, Zurich, and other places beyond sea, (where, by conceiving a great veneration for Calvin, they were mightily changed in their sentiments and ways of Thinking,) began to propagate his notions soon after their return in the next reign: and this seems to have been the prime occasion of Calvinism taking any considerable root in this kingdom
Council - It is matter of historical record, and therefore cannot be denied, that the convening of all these councils appertained solely to the respective emperors; that they alone exercised authority on such occasions; that the bishop of Rome was never thought to possess any, although his power may be said to have been set up between the fifth and sixth general councils; nor did the bishop himself, pro tempore, Think himself entitled to an authority of the kind
Joseph - " How natural was it now for his brethren to Think that the tie by which alone they could imagine Joseph to be held to them was dissolved, that any respect he might have felt or feigned for them must have been buried in the cave of Machpelah, and that he would now requite to them the evil they had done! "And they sent a messenger unto Joseph, saying, Thy father did command before he died, saying, So shall ye say unto Joseph, Forgive, I pray thee now, the trespass of thy brethren, and their sin; for they did unto thee evil
Language - Nay, I Think it justly doubtful, whether, without inspiration from God in this point, man could ever attain the true ends of his being; at least, if we may judge in this case, by the example of those nations who, being destitute of the advantages of a perfect language, are, in all probability, from the misfortune of that sole defect, sunk into the lowest condition of barbarism and brutality
Love - ...
If we find this statement hard to understand when we Think of God’s wrath and judgment, the reason is probably that we misunderstand the nature of love
Mercy - We must Think of Christ as abiding in the constant sense of the mercy of His Father, and communicating the same to men in word and deed
Abraham - And, when I come to myself, and Think of it, if I had ten sons, and all of them were Isaacs, I would build the ten altars with my own hand. And I Think, nay, I feel sure, we would have done it too
Aaron - On the other hand, what are those men to do, who, like Aaron, have no such depth, and grasp, and originality, and productivity of mind as Moses and the great Thinkers and great scholars of our race have had? A common man and a man of no gifts may be set in a place, and may have a calling of God that he cannot escape-a place and a calling which demand constant speaking and constant teaching at his hands. He may not he a great scholar or a great Thinker himself, but he is set over those who are still less scholars, and who Think still less. Little did the penitents in Israel Think how much of his high priesthood Aaron had put on under Sinai and on the scene of that idolatrous and licentious revelry
Balaam - ' A thing terrible to any man to Think about; but terrible to a minister above all men to read and to Think, and to take home to his heart
Red Sea - And a copy of these queries was left, also, for Bruce, to join his inquiries likewise; his observations on which are excellent: "I must confess, however learned the gentlemen were who proposed these doubts, I did not Think they merited any attention to solve them. ' The words of this author are of the most remarkable kind: we cannot Think this Heathen is writing in favour of revelation: he knew not Moses, nor says a word about Pharaoh and his host; but records the miracle of the division of the sea in words nearly as strong as those of Moses, from the mouths of unbiassed, undesigning Pagans
John, the Gospel of - No ancient manuscript, however, lacks the last chapter, which these Bible students Think was probably added shortly later by the final editor
Sweat - ’ Neither do these editors Think that there is any evidence of the omission of the verses for doctrinal reasons. In Harnack’s opinion the Fourth Gospel draws its material for the Passion narrative from the Synoptics, and here he Thinks we have another version of the story contained in Luke
Temple - ) Thinks that ‘it may fairly be supposed that the effect of their Christian faith was to make all of the early disciples more devout and earnest Jews than they had ever been. ) also Thinks that the building of the Temple is represented by Stephen as an unauthorized and presumptuous act. ‘To call Stephen a forerunner of Paul, and to Think of him as anticipating in any way Paul’s treatment of the Jewish law and his assertion of a free Gentile Christianity, is to misunderstand him’ (McGiffert, op. Weizsäcker Thinks that in the whole narrative of this episode ‘practically nothing is historical’ (op
Commentary - ...
There are some people so wise in their own conceit, and Think human helps of so little worth, that they despise commentaries on the Scriptures altogether: but every student or preacher whose business is to explain the sacred oracles, to make known the mind of God to others, to settle cases of conscience, to oppose the sophistry of sceptics, and to confound the arguments of infidels, would do well to avail himself of the most judicious, clear, copious, critical, and sound commentaries on the Bible
Worldliness - Confidence in the stability of material conditions and circumstances and the security thence begotten take the place of trust in the living God and ‘the peace that passeth all understanding,’ Men presume upon the prolongation of life, and arrange their future without reference to the Divine will on which moment by moment their being depends (James 4:13-15), and thus more readily come to Think of their life-work as the doing of their own will rather than God’s
Uniqueness - Who can imagine a more complete expression of filial trust than that which is contained in His precepts on putting away every anxious care about the stoics which the morrow may bring (Matthew 6:25-34)? Who can conceive of filial devotion ascending to a higher stage than was made manifest in the words, ‘Not my will, hut thine be done’ (Luke 22:42), spoken in the presence of the most bitter cup of shame and suffering? Who can Think of filial intimacy more close and constant than is attested by the whole body of Christ’s words and deeds? In truth, it is impossible to review the record without being struck with the aptness of the Evangelical description which speaks of Him as the ‘beloved Son (Matthew 3:17) and as dwelling ‘in the bosom of the Father’ (John 1:18)
Hearing - In His teaching with regard to prayer Jesus warns His hearers against using vain repetitions, ‘as the Gentiles do: for they Think that they shall be heard for their much speaking’ (Matthew 6:7)
Pre-Existence of Jesus Christ - His body, they Think, was formed in the Virgin's womb; his human soul, they suppose, was the first and most excellent of all the works of God; was brought into existence before the creation of the world, and subsisted in happy union in heaven with the second person in the Godhead, till his incarnation
Bethesda - 288; Barclay, City of Great King, 560), and, while nothing of the kind is now seen at the pool under the Crusaders’ church, it is not, perhaps, a too violent supposition that the same intermittence now observed in the Virgin’s Fountain may have characterized this pool also in that early time of more copious ‘rains of the year,’ as Eusebius calls them, especially if, as some Think, they both lie upon the same concealed watercourse
Begotten - I shudder to Think to what lengths this misapplication of the words begetting souls to Christ, and spiritual fathers, have hurried men, when I have heard it hath been said from the pulpit, or committed to the press, that such preachers, at the last day, will have to say, "Behold I, and the children which the Lord hath given me!" Words which can belong to none but the Lord Jesus Christ, and never were intended to be used, or can with truth be used, by any other
Exodus - It should here be stated also, that some geographers Think this miracle took place below Mount Atakah, ten or twelve miles south of Suez, where the sea is about twelve miles wide
Church - ...
It is therefore better to Think of the church not as an organization or institution, but as a family
Gnosticism - " But it would be a mistake to Think too disdainfully of those early heretics who go by the common name of Gnostics. ...
We have no reason to Think that the earliest Gnostics intended to found sects separated from the church and called after their own names. Other Jewish speculators came to Think of the formation of matter as accomplished by a subordinate being carrying out it may be the will of the Supreme but owing to his finiteness and ignorance doing the work with many imperfections
Augustinus, Aurelius - "Let it be now—let it be now," he said to himself; but the vanities of his life plucked at his clothes and whispered "Do you Think you can live without us?" Then again the continence of the monks and virgins confronted him with the question "Can you not do as these have done?" Alypius watched him in silence. He tried to Think whether the words were used in any kind of children's game; but no it must be a divine command to open the Bible and read the first verse that he should happen upon. Augustine travelled to different places in search of a suitable site—avoiding towns where the see was vacant, for he knew that his growing fame might lead men to Think of him
Hermas, Known as the Shepherd - ...
But if, as we Think, the Hermas of The Shepherd is not a fictitious character, but a real person known in the church of Rome in the 2nd cent. " The seeds of Gnosticism had begun to spring up even in apostolic times; but we cannot Think that Hermas would have written thus after Gnosticism had become dangerous to the Roman church. It is a very forced explanation of the last plural noun to suppose it means some one of the προηγούμενοι who desired to make himself the first, nor have we reason to Think that the word implies any sarcasm
Person of Christ - It is scarcely probable, as Dalman inclines to Think, that Jesus employed it for the first time after St. It is a title which denotes the vocation rather than the nature of Him who bears it; and we are led to Think that Jesus chose it deliherately in order to veil, for a time, His personal claim to Messiahship. When we Think out the idea of sinlessness, however, and consider how adult manhood rises with organic continuity out of childhood and infancy, we can hardly escape the inference that Jesus’ stainless life had from the first a different personal content from ours
Sin - Perhaps we most often Think of sin as wrongdoing or transgression of God's law. People can become so perverted, so self-deceived, that they perform the most unnatural and heartless crimes, Thinking them to be worship. The remarkable capacities of humans to Think, plan, persuade, and train others enables wickedness to become clever and strong
Barnabas, Epistle of - Above all, we must Think of the estimation in which the epistle was held for centuries, e. If such rites were not actually practised, whence did he learn their supposed existence? It is out of the question to Think that they were a mere fancy of his own. He had been always Thinking, not of Judaism, but of Christ and Christianity
Christ in the Seventeenth Century - Instead of such a communication between the natures as the Lutherans maintained, they were content to Think of the human nature of Christ as working in harmony with the Divine through the anointing and activity of the Holy Spirit. It was equally irrational to Think of God generating a Son after the manner of corruptible animals, or to speak of two natures, each complete in itself, coming together and forming one person
Absolution - One night he said, ‘Sister, I Think I am dying, and it is so hard; but I Think if you kissed me as if I was a good boy, I could bear it
Will - But in his lapsed and sinful state, man is not capable, of and by himself, either to Think, to will, or to do that which is really good; but it is necessary for him to be regenerated and renewed in his intellect, affections or will, and in all his powers, by God in Christ through the Holy Spirit, that he may be qualified rightly to understand, esteem, consider, will, and perform whatever is truly good. When he is made a partaker of this regeneration, or renovation, since he is delivered from sin, he is capable of Thinking, willing, and doing that which is good, but yet not without the continued aids of divine grace. "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to Think any thing as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God,"...
2 Corinthians 3:5
Ten Commandments - But many critics Think that Exodus 10:28 b originally referred not to the ‘ten words’ of Exodus 20:1-26 , but to the laws of Exodus 34:11-26 , and that these laws were J Suffering - ’ If, as some Think, the woman represents the Jewish Church, then she appears in all the glory of the patriarchs (see Romans 9:5)
Hopkinsians - Let any serious person Think what are the particular branches of true piety; when he has viewed each one by itself, he will find that disinterested friendly affections, is its distinguishing characteristic
Son, Sonship - Its occurrence in the NT is best explained in this connexion: and it is difficult to Think that it might have occurred in exactly the same way had the writers been writing in an independent Greek style
Episcopacy - It also appears, from other places in which the journeys of Timothy and Titus are mentioned, that they were a kind of itinerant officers, called evangelists, who were assistants to the apostles; for there is great reason to believe the first epistle to Timothy was written prior to those from Rome in the time of Paul's imprisonment, as some Think the second was also
Atonement, Day of - Many Think Azazel to be the devil, to whom, as the source of sin, "the entirely separate one," the scape-goat, with its lead of sin taken of from the congregation, was sent to the wilderness (the abode of evil spirits) to be given up to, as sin and the wicked shall be hereafter (Revelation 20:14-15; Matthew 25:41; Luke 16:20): entirely separated from God
Forgiveness - This, we are inclined to Think, is the most striking feature in the ethical creations of Jesus’ teaching
Simple, Simplicity - The natural antithesis to ἁπλοῦς would have been διπλοῦς, instead of which πονηρός is used, both to turn attention sharply from the physical to the moral which it was meant to illustrate, and, by avoiding the thought of ‘seeing double,’ which διπλοῦς in itself would naturally suggest, to make it easier to Think of the unusual attempt to see things in opposite directions, and so pass to the common moral experience of cherishing, as objects of ambition, things that are diametrically opposed
Imitation - And, when we Think of that truth, we see that our proper pattern is not the angels, but the Son
Babylon - ...
The monuments show that Babylon was taken by Gobryas the general of Cyrus, and that the capture of the city was, as some Think, aided by treachery among its inhabitants
Debt, Debtor (2) - The image is natural which pictures the Deity sitting like a civil judge, to try men for defaults; and while some Think more of the majesty of the law, and what must be exacted to satisfy the interests of order, others love to dwell on the prerogative of mercy, and favour judgments which are ameliorative as well as punitive
Georgius (43), Patron Saint of England - 23, 303), he returned to Nicomedia where, as some Think, he was the celebrated person who tore down the imperial proclamation, and then suffered death by roasting over a slow fire (Eus
Genesis - No greater mistake could be made than to Think that these non-historical, legendary or imaginative, parts of the tradition are valueless for the ends of revelation. Once the principle is admitted that every genuine and worthy mode of literary expression is a suitable medium of God’s word to men, it is impossible to suppose that the mythic faculty, which plays so important a part in the Thinking of all early peoples, was alone ignored in the Divine education of Israel
Free Will - We cannot, however, Think of God as acting other than freely, if we are to accept Him as a living God at all
Parable - They were a penalty era blessing according to the hearer's state: a darkening to those who loved darkness; enshrining the truth (concerning Messiah's spiritual kingdom so different from Jewish expectations) from the jeer of the scoffer, and leaving something to stimulate the careless afterward to Think over
Foundation - What shall we Think of Christianity? 1899, pp
Bishop, Elder, Presbyter - It must be remembered that we have no evidence that either Christ or the apostles ever prescribed any particular form of government for the society which they founded; and there is the improbability that men who believed that Christ would very soon return would Think it worth while to devise and prescribe a particular form of government for the increasing number of Christian communities
Philistim - Volney, (though, like one who in ancient times was instrumental to the fulfilment of a special prediction, "he meant not so, neither did his heart Think so,") from the manner in which he generalizes his observations, and marks the peculiar features of the different districts of Syria, with greater acuteness and perspicuity than any other traveller whatever, is the ever ready purveyor of evidence in all the cases which came within the range of his topographical description of the wide field of prophecy: while, at the same time, from his known, open, and zealous hostility to the Christian cause, his testimony is alike decisive and unquestionable: and the vindication of the truth of the following predictions may safely be committed to this redoubted champion of infidelity
David - When pressed by the king, into whose dominions he retired, to join in a war against his own country and father-in-law, he prudently gave him such an answer as his situation required; neither promising the aid demanded of him, nor tying up his hands from serving his own prince, and the army that fought under him; only assuring him in general, that he had never done any thing that could give him just reason to Think he would refuse to assist him against his enemies
Adultery - I cannot but Think that, under the sanction of such a pugatorium, perjury must have been a very rare occurrence indeed
Reason - The sublime, incomprehensible nature of some of the Christian doctrines has so completely subdued the understanding of many pious men, as to make them Think it presumptuous to apply reason in any way to the revelations of God; and the many instances in which the simplicity of truth has been corrupted by an alliance with philosophy confirm them in the belief that it is safer, as well as more respectable, to resign their minds to devout impressions, than to exercise their understandings in any speculations upon sacred subjects
Tabernacle - ...
But although the tabernacle was surrounded by the court, there is no reason to Think that it stood in the center of it
Deluge - And we are fortunate in the possession of an earlier form of the legend, which belongs to Babylonia, and makes it probable that its origin is to be ascribed to the inundation of the large Babylonian plain by the bursting forth of one of the rivers by which it is intersected, and perhaps also, as some Think, to the incursion of a tidal wave due to an earthquake somewhere in the South
Mahometanism - Prideaux Thinks he invented it either to answer the expectations of those who demanded some miracles as a proof of his mission; or else, by pretending to have conversed with God, to establish the authority of whatever he should Think fit to leave behind by way of oral tradition, and make his sayings to serve the same purpose as the oral law of the Jews. The Koreish, fearing the consequence of this new alliance, began to Think it absolutely necessary to prevent Mahomet's escape to Medina; and having held a council thereon, after several milder expedients had been rejected, they came to a resolution that he should be killed; and agreed that a man should be chosen out of every tribe for the execution of this design; and that each man should have a blow at him with his sword, that the guilt of his blood might fall equally on all the tribes, to whose united power the Hashemites were much inferior, and therefore durst not attempt to revenge their kinsman's death. ...
In the seventh year of the Hegira, Mahomet began to Think of propagating his religion, beyond the bounds of Arabia, and sent messengers to the neighbouring princes, with letters to invite them to Mahometanism
Religious Experience - —Whatever we Think, who never ate at the same table with Him, there is not the slightest doubt as to what the earliest Christians thought of Jesus. So long as Jesus remained with them, the disciples did not Think it worth while to talk of themselves, or notice their own inward emotions or mental experiences
Lord's Prayer (ii) - Before we Think of Jesus in the garden of shadows, we should Think of Him as He sat by the well of Sychar and said to His disciples, ‘My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to accomplish his work’ (John 4:34)
Caesarea Philippi - He desires to know now what men Think of the messenger. makes it difficult for us to Think that it was now used for the first time; and the Synoptic Gospels do indeed give earlier instances of its use (Mark 2:10; Mark 2:28, Matthew 16:17-19; Matthew 9:6; Matthew 10:23; Matthew 11:19; Matthew 12:8; Matthew 12:32; Matthew 12:40; Matthew 13:37; Matthew 13:41, Luke 5:24; Luke 6:5; Luke 6:22; Luke 7:34). Not only was there variety of opinion, some Thinking that He was John the Baptist (cf
Childhood - When we read, as we do, of boys playing in the synagogue during worship and causing annoyance to their elders, it interests us to recognize the counterpart of a familiar experience in modern times; but without taking anything from the naturalness of our Lord’s boyhood, it is impossible to Think of Him in any such association. We can only Think of Him as showing forth a spirit of wondrous grace, a growing responsiveness towards the prayers and praises, becoming more and more familiar and dear, a deepening love of the noble words in which He heard the laws, the hopes and the faith of Israel set forth
Consciousness - , English translation) Think that at the Baptism Jesus first attained to the consciousness of His Messiahship, though already aware of His Sonship. His mode of Thinking and speaking about God. But it is perhaps even more remarkable that when Christ is teaching His disciples to Think about God as their Father in heaven, and speaking of Him as ‘the Father’ or ‘your Father,’ He always adopts the manner of one who knows this truth from within
Offence (2) - To ‘offend’ such means to be responsible for leading them into sin; and when we Think what and whose they are, it means to be responsible for their separation by sin from Christ. What is meant is in principle to seduce them to ways of Thinking or acting such as led men to stumble at Jesus while He lived. They know what the Christian principle is, and to determine their conduct they do not need to Think of anything else
Hammurabi - ” Others Think the term means “my family is widespread
Disease - To understand the biblical records concerning illness it is necessary to Think oneself back into a world that knew nothing of germs, bacteria, viruses, antisepsis, anesthesia, the circulation of the blood, or the precise difference among catalepsy, "clinical death, " coma, and "final death
Lazarus - The five brethren coming to the same hell, so far from relieving by their company, (as many virtually Think by walking with the many on the broad way rather than with the few on the narrow way), would only aggravate his anguish by reproaches, because he had countenanced their unbelief
Faith - ” In this period belief in the existence of the gods of the Greek pantheon would be expressed with the verb nomizo (to Think, believe, hold, consider)
Nahum - ‘What Think ye of Jehovah?’ ( Nahum 1:9 , where RV Paul as a Preacher - " Why is it that this epitaph is so seldom to be read in any of our churchyards over our ministers? Why are there so few divines so right in Scotland as to satisfy Paul and Luther? Why are there so few of our young preachers who make Paul's determination, and stand to it? As often as I Think of this great determination of his, I always remember Hooker's immortal sermon on Justification
Demon - We may, however, remark that the language of the famous passage Romans 7:14-25, in which the Apostle speaks of the power of sin in the Christian-for we can hardly Think that he is speaking of himself only before his conversion-bears a close likeness to that used to describe demoniacal possession
the Publican - He needed not to leave His seat where He was teaching and healing, because at all that distance, and notwithstanding all that surging multitude, He knew in Himself what those two men were Thinking and what they were saying. Were it not such an exception to his usual insight and sympathy, I would be tempted to say that such a censure of such a saint is, to my mind, and I Think I have the mind of Christ, a far worse sign of Coleridge than all the opium he ever ate, and all the procrastinated work he died and left unfinished
Head - As we put on CHRIST He turns our thoughts to heavenly things, and enables us to Think GOD's thoughts after Him
Evil (2) - Josephus says of the Pharisees: ‘When they say that all things happen by fate, they do not take away from men the freedom of acting as they Think fit; since their notion is that it hath pleased God to mix up the decrees of fate and man’s will, so that man can act virtuously and viciously’ (Ant
Discipline - ‘If there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,’ the brethren are to ‘think on,’ or ‘take account of,’ ‘whatsoever things are true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, of good report
Ebionites - Priestly, claiming the Ebionites as Jewish Unitarians, considers the ancient Nazarenes, that is, the first Jewish converts, as the true Ebionites; these, he Thinks, were called Nazarenes, from their attachment to Jesus of Nazareth; and Ebionites, from their poor and mean condition, just as some of the reformers were called Beghards, or beggars. Some believe that they ought not to be reckoned heretics; others Think that they were united in doctrine, differing only in name; others place them in the second century. But they could hardly help believing so; for they agreed with all the Gnostics in Thinking (though it might seem as if this point had been forgotten) that Jesus and Christ were separate persons: they believed, as I have already stated, that Christ descended upon Jesus at his baptism, and quitted him before his crucifixion
Socinians - It has been insinuated that Socinus was accessary to this cruel deed of detestable persecution; and, although attempts have been made to wipe off the imputation, there is too much cause to Think that it is not wholly unfounded
Swedenborgians - On this subject, it is insisted, not only from his view of the sacred Scriptures, but also from the experience of the author himself, that every man is in continual association with angels and spirits, and that without such association he could not possibly Think or exert any living faculty
Atheist - Will chance fit means to ends, even in ten thousand instances, and not fail in a single one? How often might a man, after shaking a set of letters in a bag, throw them on the ground, before they would become an exact poem, or form a good discourse in prose? In short, the arguments in proof of Deity are so numerous, and at the same time so obvious to a Thinking mind, that to waste time in disputing with an Atheist, is approaching too much toward that irrationality, which may be considered as one of the most striking characteristics of the sect. If they argue against providence, from the faultiness and inequality which they Think they discover in the management of the moral world; this is a plain confession, that it is a thing more fit and desirable in itself, that the world should be governed by a just and good Being, than by mere chance or unintelligent necessity
Lucianus, a Famous Satirist - The passage contains one or two statements—that about the new Socrates, and the eating forbidden food—which it is difficult to Think strictly accurate. Thinking him, however, not worthy of so honourable an exit, he let him go
Parousia (2) - After all, apparently, whatever may be the catastrophic social or other upheavals by which it is preluded, the signal event is to come suddenly and unexpectedly, at such an hour as men Think not (Matthew 24:44, Luke 12:40; Luke 12:46)
Power - Clarke, What shall we Think of Christianity? (1899), 106; Forrest, Authority of Christ
Jephthah - ...
"In his eagerness to smite the foe and thank God for it Jephthah could not Think of any particular object to name, great enough to dedicate
Hebrews - I do not Think it necessary minutely to examine his arguments. On the other hand, Bolton, a sharp-sighted critic, and well acquainted with the Aramean language, who has gone through with the New Testament, and found almost every where marks, as he Thinks, of translation from Aramean documents, confesses, that, in respect to this epistle, he finds not a single vestige of incorrect translation from an Aramean original, and no marks that there ever was such an original. Is it any wonder, then, that, after twenty-five years' incessant labour or preaching, conversing, and writing, in this language, he should have preferred writing in it? Indeed, can it be probable, that, under circumstances like these, he still possessed an equal facility of writing in his native dialect of Palestine? I cannot Think it strange, therefore, that although the Epistle to the Hebrews was in all probability directed to some part of Palestine, yet it was written by St
Judgment Damnation - ’ Though the writer describes this as ‘the second death,’ it is clear that he is Thinking not of annihilation but of an eternity of suffering (Revelation 14:10-11). By bringing together a number of scattered indications we may, however, arrive at a fairly certain nation of what the Apostle Thinks regarding their fate. It is true that the Apostle does not Think of the believer’s present state of salvation as absolute. It is improbable that this conception was a creation of the Church; rather have we to Think of the adoption and Christianizing of a current pagan myth of a saviour-god descending into the under world to wrest the sceptre from its powers
Ideas (Leading) - —Christianity teaches us to Think of love as the nature of God and as the highest law of human life. By precept and example He taught His followers to Think of the Almighty as their Father in heaven
Regeneration (2) - Paul spoke of baptism, however, as involving men in the death and resurrection of Jesus,—making them mysteriously participant in all that was meant by both, a death to sin and a life to God, with the assurance of immortality at the heart of it,—he was not Thinking of baptism as a sacrament which produced these effects as an opus operatum. He could Think of it only as he knew it, that is, as an ordinance administered to people confessing their sins and accepting the love of God in Christ,—an ordinance that gathered into it the whole meaning of Christianity, and in a high and solemn hour raised to its height the Christian’s sense of what it is to be a Christian. He does not Think of his experience in terms of regenerate and unregenerate
John, Theology of - ...
Most scholars Think that the earliest ending of the gospel is in 20:30-31 and that chapter 21 is a later addition no doubt from the same Johannine sources that supplied the original Gospel. This accumulation of "evidence" for Jesus has led many interpreters to Think that John's Gospel is using a trial motif
Galatia - Paul always Thinks and speaks with his eye on the Roman divisions of the Empire, i. ἀσπασάμενοι in Acts 25:13 would be the most striking parallel, but here Hort Thinks that some primitive error has crept into the text. Some Think that St. ’ The pagans who acclaimed the coming of Jupiter and Mercury would be likely enough, when partially Christianized, to Think themselves recipients of a visit of angels
Lord's Day - ) inclines to this view, Thinking it suits the context better, and seeing no reason for mentioning the day on which the seer had his vision. ) points out that no one belonging to the circle of Jewish Christians would Think of relaxing one of Moses’ commandments; and, even if already in apostolic times Sunday came to be observed, none could Think that the Sabbath commandment would be fulfilled through a Sabbath-like observance of another day instead of the observance of the Sabbath itself
Colossians, Epistle to the - The Colossians are therefore not to be misled into Thinking that there is some higher way of leading the Christian life, consisting in special ordinances or a higher asceticism, even if commended by a show of esoteric knowledge (Colossians 2:16-23). It is impossible to Think that St. ), it is difficult to Think that the teaching at Colossae had as yet taken so definite a form
Barnabas, Epistle of - Paul would say that the physical descendants of Abraham were not cut off from this special relationship until they out themselves off when they refused to believe in Jesus (Romans 11), our author Thinks that they were cut off long before this, as long ago as the day of Aaron’s golden calf. It is evident that the writer did not Think that his readers stood in need of instruction in the details of the life of Christ. And it is difficult to Think that any Jew, born under the Law, and nurtured in the stirring traditions of its maintenance in the face of cruel persecution, could come to feel so little enthusiasm for and interest in the national struggles and heroisms that he could sweep them all away as things which never ought to have been. It is evident that the writer Thinks that this prophecy has been, in part at least, fulfilled; he has seen something in recent history which corresponds with this vision
Dream (2) - We have but to Think of Abraham and Abimelech, of Jacob and Laban, of Joseph and Pharaoh, of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, of Joseph and the Magi, to observe how near at hand the suggestion lies that the choice of dreams in these instances as the medium of revelation has some connexion with the relation in which the recipient stood at the moment to influences arising from the outer world, or at least to some special interaction between Israel and that world. ...
Instances of this heightened mental action in dreams are so numerous and so striking in fact, that they have given rise to an hypothesis which provokes Wundt’s scoff at those ‘who are inclined to Think that when we dream the mind has burst the fetters of the body, and that dream fancies transcend the activity of the waking consciousness, with its narrow confinement to the limitations of space and time’ (Vorlesungen über die Menschen- und Thierseele, Lect
Julius (5), Bishop of Rome - But, should any one of the bishops have been condemned in any case, and Think that he has good cause for a reconsideration of it, let us (if it please you) honour the memory of the blessed Apostle St. the Roman bishop's]'>[7] power to do whatever he Thinks right. But if he should Think the bishops sufficient for terminating the business, he shall do what approves itself to his most wise judgment
Omnipresence - Clarke teaches: ‘By omnipresence we do not mean a presence of God that fills all space in the manner in which we Think of matter as Ailing certain parts of space. ’ But it will be said: ‘Is heaven, then, a place?’ Perhaps not; but so long as we are here, and endowed with our present faculties, we are compelled to Think of it as a place; and it must ever seem to us probable that created spirits are possessed of some enswathement which enables us, more or less accurately, to assign locality to them. ...
Beyschlag interprets the passage differently: ‘Jesus Thinks of Himself as pre-existent, not because He knows Himself to be a second God, and remembered a former life in heaven, but because He recognized Himself in Daniel’s image as the bearer of the kingdom of heaven, and because this Son of Man, as well as the kingdom which He brings to earth, must spring from heaven
Pharaoh - Some Think the balance of evidence to be in favour of the former, whose reign it is known began peacefully, but came to a sudden and disastrous end
Hebrews - Some biblical scholars Think the recipients of Hebrews had been converted to Christianity from Judaism and were tempted to return to their Jewish faith and the relative safety from persecution that being Jewish brought
the Wedding Guest Who Sat Down in the Lowest Room - I Think I see enough to justify me in believing that this parable was no parable but was an actual experience of our Lord Himself. Pooh-pooh your own heart when it says to you,-What a grand man you are! When it says to you,-What a grand sermon that is you have just preached! What a grand book that is you have just published! What a grand run in the race-course that was with all men's eves upon you! And what a grand leap that was, leaving all your rivals far behind you! Turn upon your puffed-up heart and tell it that nobody is Thinking about your grand sermons, or your grand books, or your grand runs, or your grand leaps; nobody but yourself. Only, all your competitors in preaching and in leaping, they, indeed, are Thinking almost as much, and almost as often, about you as you are about yourself
Revelation of God - We should not Think of the progress from untruth to truth, but from a lesser to a fuller revelation (Hebrews 1:1-3 )
Reconciliation - ...
The objection, however, will not unfairly be urged—Does it not conflict with a worthy view of God’s character, and detract from the grace of salvation, to Think of God as at ‘enmity’ with any of His creatures, and needing to be propitiated or reconciled? Can such a thought have any real place in a gospel of Christ? It may be observed, first, that St
Unbelief (2) - ...
It is difficult, then, to see in Thomas one who will painfully Think out truth in order that when once found it may be the more firmly grasped
Upper Room (2) - Indeed, the evidence for it appears to me so strong that, for my own part, I Think that I should be prepared to give it an unqualified adhesion
Woman (2) - A veil will always rest over the frequent communings between the Mother and the Son, but it is quite clear from the use of the expression ‘mine hour,’ that she had been led to Think of and desire that time of manifestation when His Personality should be revealed
Zebedee - His earlier years were spent in the midst of its fierce politics, He knew the various party watchwords; He knew what was meant by ‘wars and rumours of wars’; He had come into contact with soldiers from Tabor and Sepphoris, and early learned the terrors associated with the word ‘legion’; He had met returned slaves—redeemed, freed, or fugitive; He had wrought in the villages of this tribe, and we can even Think of Joseph taking the young Jesus to work with him at Sepphoris during the busy days of its rebuilding—for there was not the same objection to entering it as the polluted Tiberias
Micah, Theology of - False worshipers Think God's favor, like theirs, can be bought! Comparative religionists refer to Micah 6:8 as the quintessential expression of true religion
Poetry - When many Think of poetry, common characteristics of English poetry such as rhyme, alliteration, and assonance come to mind
Person, Personhood - The body is none other than the soul in its outward form, allowing the various parts of the body to Think and act as representations of the soul
James, Theology of - Because of this, people are foolish to Think that God would ever be the author of their temptation (1:13)
Messiah - This dominating royal aspect led many in Old Testament, intertestamentary, and New Testament times to Think of the Messiah strictly in terms of his kingship and his setting up and ruling an earthly political entity in which Hebrew/Jewish people would be the kingdom people
Minister Ministry - ’ ‘I Think that what God chooses is better than what I choose: I will attach myself as a servant to Him
Keeping - To pay no heed to Christ’s ‘word’ (or ‘words’), to be at no pains to Think out the purport of His appearance in history, and of the tidings of salvation He proclaimed; or, the meaning and worth of the gospel having in some measure been realized, to set it aside, to neglect it, to occupy one’s self seriously with other things only—that is the attitude to Himself which Christ describes when He speaks of a man not ‘keeping His word
Magnificat - Weizsäcker Thinks that St. Harnack Thinks that Jerome, if he had been responsible for this reference, would have mentioned whether the reading was in Latin or Greek Manuscripts . ’]'>[3] ...
How then are we to account for the reading? Bardenhewer Thinks that, Μαριάμ having dropped out, Ἐλισάβετ was supplied by a copyist. ’ (1) Harnack does not Think that the exclamation of Luke 1:42-45 covers all that is implied in Luke 1:41 καὶ ἐπλήσθη πνεύματος ἁγίου ἡ Ἐλισάβετ. It does not seem necessary, on the other hand, to resort to the extreme remedy of Spitta, who refuses to consider that the Benedictus supplies a parallel case, because he Thinks that it has been interpolated at this point. Does the Magnificat seem more suitable on the lips of Elisabeth?...
Harnack Thinks that it was modelled on the lines of Hannah’s song, that it expresses the feeling of a mother from whom has been removed what Jewish women felt as ‘the reproach of childlessness. ’...
Apart from the question raised by Wellhausen whether Hannah’s song has been interpolated in 1 Samuel 2, Spitta Thinks that it is the song of a warrior rather than a woman, and looks elsewhere for parallels to the Magnificat
Hardening - To Think of God as all in all, and yet to retain our belief in human freedom or personality,-that is the real metaphysical difficulty’ (J
Games - ...
Thus far the language is suggestive of the stadium, particularly of the foot-race, although it is not forbidden to Think of the hippodrome and of chariot-racing
Heracleon, a Gnostic - There is reason to Think that he wrote commentaries on St. "Men mistake in Thinking that the only confession is that made with the voice before the magistrates; there is another confession made in the life and conversation, by faith and works corresponding to the faith. He Thinks it necessary to reconcile his own doctrine with that of the sacred writer, even at the cost of some violence of interpretation
the Angel of the Church in Pergamos - I often Think of the difference between London grace and country grace
the Widow With the Two Mites - What would she have thought if she had been told Who had watched her that day, and what He had said about her, and that we would be reading about her tonight in this far-off island of the sea? As also that her two mites would multiply, all down the ages, into millions upon millions of gold and silver, the same Eyes still watching the process all the time? And what will she Think and what will she say when all that is told from the housetop on that day about her, and about her two mites, by the Judge of all? And still He sits over against the treasury in this temple tonight, and calls unto Him His disciples among us, and says to us, 'Verily I say unto you also
Evangelist (2) - How then was the transition effected from the one of these significations to the other? How was the title transferred from a preacher to a writer? There are those who Think that even from the first the term denoted not so much a travelling preacher in general as a preacher who set himself to relate the life and words of Jesus
Matthew - His business would not let Matthew stop to Think who was a widow, and who was an orphan, and who was being cruelly treated
Marriage - We Think that the religious effect would be greater, were the ministers of each religious body to be authorized by the state to celebrate marriages among their own people, due provision being previously made by the civil magistrate for the regular and secure registry of them, and to prevent the laws respecting marriage from being evaded; which is indeed his business
Idolatry - The authors of the Universal History Think, that the origin and progress of idolatry are plainly pointed out to us in the account which Moses gives of Laban's and Jacob's parting, Genesis 31:44 , &c
Jephthah - Jephthah replied that they had made no conquests in that quarter but from the Amorites; adding, "If you Think you have a right to all that Chemosh, your god, hath given you, why should not we possess all that the Lord our God hath conferred on us by right of conquest?" Jephthah's reasoning availed nothing with the Ammonites; and as the latter persisted in waging war, the former collected his troops together and put himself at their head
Macarius Magnus, Magnes, a Writer - But Nicephorus had no favourable opinion of him on the whole, Thinking he discerned Manichean, Arian, or Nestorian tendencies, and especially agreement with "the impious and senseless Origen" as to the non-eternity of future punishments. ...
With respect to idolatry the heathen apologist argues: None of us supposes wood or stone to be God, or Thinks that if a piece be broken off an image, the power of the Deity represented is diminished. It was by way of reminder that the ancients set up temples and images, that those who come to them might Think of God and make prayers according to their needs
Marcellus, Bishop of Ancyra - Epiphanius does not mention the work of Eusebius against Marcellus, but gives extracts from one against him by Acacius, the successor of Eusebius at Caesarea, but not, as he says, because he Thinks it any more conclusive than the Sardican fathers thought the work of Eusebius. Now this creed Marcellus never ventures to call the creed of his own church, yet must have meant that Julius should Think it so, as he designates it "what he had been taught by his spiritual fathers, had learnt from holy Scripture, and preached in church," and he begs Julius to enclose copies of it to those bishops with whom he was corresponding, that any to whom he was unknown might be disabused of wrong notions formed of him from hostile statements
Reconciliation - ...
The objection, however, will not unfairly be urged—Does it not conflict with a worthy view of God’s character, and detract from the grace of salvation, to Think of God as at ‘enmity’ with any of His creatures, and needing to be propitiated or reconciled? Can such a thought have any real place in a gospel of Christ? It may be observed, first, that St
Vincentius Lirinensis - ...
The danger of ignoring the principles here laid down more especially the test of antiquity is painfully exhibited in the case of Origen whose acute profound and brilliant genius (fully recognized by imperial disciples and the church at large) has not saved his writings from becoming a source of temptation; though it is just possible as some Think that they may have been tampered with (c
Revelation (2) - Concerning another, ‘I have no commandment’ (1 Corinthians 7:25) is his prelude, although he concludes, ‘I Think that I have the Spirit of God’ (1 Corinthians 7:40)
Education - 12), comparing the Jews with other nations, ‘is to educate our children well, and to observe the laws, and we Think it to be the most necessary business of our whole life to keep this religion which has been handed down to us. Plutarch in his treatise on the education of children says: ‘Some one may object that I in undertaking to give prescriptions in the training of children of free citizens apparently neglect the training of the poor townsmen, and only Think of instructing the rich-to which the obvious answer is that I should desire the training I prescribe to be attainable alike by all; but if any through want of private means cannot attain it, let them blame their fortune and not their adviser
John Epistles of - If some openly accepted the condition, many Jewish Christians must have been sorely tempted to Think that their estimate of Jesus as Messiah had been mistaken, and to regard Him as a Prophet indeed, but not as Messiah, still less as the unique Son of God. It is, of course, a perversion of history to assume that Gnostic ideas first came into contact with Christianity when Christians began to Think in terms of Greek philosophy, towards the middle of the 2nd century. There are good reasons for Thinking that Hippolytus in his Syntagma ascribed to Cerinthus the view that the Spirit (not the Christ) descended on Jesus at the Baptism
Clement of Rome, Epistle of - Or Think of those who suffered martyrdom ‘nearest our own time’-of Peter and Paul and the multitude of others (v, vi. Look at the soldiers in the Roman army; Think of the limbs in a human body; ‘all the members conspire and unite in subjection, that the whole body may be saved’ (xxxvii
Freedom of the Will - The conception of some Divine power as temporarily displacing a man’s control over his speech or thought was by no means strange to the Hebrews, or to the Greeks and Romans, who had not learnt to Think in terms of the sub-conscious; and when we, forgetting or improving on our philosophy, say ‘he was not himself,’ they would have said ‘God, or some evil spirit, entered into him’ (1 Samuel 16:14; cf. Paul means by the Law; whether he Thinks of it as the assessor of a tyrant, as in Romans, or the slave-attendant in the father’s house, as in Galatians. Paul, on the other hand, does not habitually Think in terms of union with God, either in the sense of Spinoza or of the Fourth Gospel
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - ‘Books that have influenced me’ always constitute an illuminative section of the autobiography of any great Thinker or writer; and to discover that the recorded conversations and addresses of our Lord reveal to us as clearly as they do the literature upon which He has nurtured His own soul, is a great help both in the interpretation of His teaching and in the understanding of His message and mission. It is at least permissible to Think that Jesus may Himself have played this part many times in the quiet of the Nazareth synagogue, and by the exquisite appropriateness of His language have already shown Himself capable of making the word of God an attractive message to the common people. Language of Christ), He would have the immense advantage that belongs to any one who grows up able to speak and Think in two languages almost indifferently. ...
(a) The great ideas that were regulative of the OT revelation were also those which guided the conduct and practice of our Lord, ideas that were central to His Thinking, and loyalty to which He demanded not only from all His followers, but from the people who themselves professed to reverence them
Jesus, Life And Ministry of - So radical was He toward the accepted traditions that He found it necessary to state at the outset: “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill” (Matthew 5:17 )
Children of God, Sons of God - But we must remember that He was speaking to Jews, who had long been accustomed to Think of God’s Fatherhood as a term specially applicable to the pious Jew, or to the Jewish nation
Scripture - ...
This alone, one would Think, might be deemed quite sufficient to justify the practice among his disciples through all succeeding ages, and even inspire them with zeal for its constant observance
Numbers, Book of - , Judges 1:24-30 Some Think that the former should follow Exodus 33:1-3 and the latter Exodus 33:7-11
Time, Meaning of - Western Thinking borrowed that from the ancient Greeks. To the people of the Bible—Israelites and Jewish...
Christians living out of the Hebraic heritage—it would have been impossible to even Think of eternity as a timelessness before and after time
Retribution (2) - We cannot Think ourselves away
Unconscious Faith - To the professed students of Scripture round Him He said: ‘Ye search the Scriptures, because ye Think that in them ye have eternal life: and these are they which bear witness of me; and ye will not come to me that ye may have life’ (John 5:39-40)
Widows - * There is no reason, however, to Think of a fixed ecclesiastical order with definite status and functions
Election - We err grievously if we Think of God’s relation to the objects of His choice as that of a workman to a set of tools provided for him, from which he selects that most suited to his end
Bible, Texts And Versions - Only in a few instances do scholars Think that the Samaritan Pentateuch preserves readings superior to the Masoretic text
Righteousness - Alongside this is the righteousness in the new covenant, which is right Thinking, feeling, speaking, and behavior on the part of disciples of the kingdom, who do what God approves and commands. ...
It would be a mistake, however, to Think that Paul does not use the word "righteousness" in its more familiar meaning as a virtue
Galatians, Theology of - ...
But now, afraid of what some Jews might Think, Peter had decided to go back to his earlier and stricter Jewish conduct (2:12). This emphasis on the power of the Spirit for sanctification raises the possibility that back in 3:3 Paul was already Thinking about the ethical conduct of the Galatians
Last Day(s), Latter Days, Last Times - ...
There is another problem in that in modern times we find it difficult to Think that the New Testament writers were living in "the last times
Stoics - Now, bereft of all interest in civil affairs, the more serious-minded turned for relief to those deeper human considerations in which they could Think as they would, and adulation and sycophancy would not be required
Jonah - has, ‘For even as Jonah became a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of Man be to this generation,’—words which many Think refer only to Jonah’s preaching. (1) Did our Lord cite details from the story of Jonah as facts, He Himself Thinking them to be facts? If we reply in the affirmative, we must admit that our Lord was not completely omniscient, and that on a point of literary knowledge He was and could be in error. (2) But did our Lord know in Himself that the story of Jonah was fiction and yet cite details from it as though they were facts, His hearers Thinking them to be such? Here, again, we might reply in the affirmative, and that without detracting from our Lord’s honesty as a moral and religious teacher, for He would have been but speaking according to the beliefs of His hearers, as many other teachers in all ages have done
Joy (2) - Whether we are to Think that the Fourth Evangelist had carried back the conception of his Lord’s ministry into the prophetic description of it given by His forerunner or not, it is difficult to decide
the Labourer With the Evil Eye - They are the few who so Think and so feel and so speak; but, then, they are the very finest and the very choicest of all His saints
Church Government - ...
We are accustomed to Think of the first Christians as having no government, other than that of ‘Peter with the Eleven’ (Acts 2:14)
Claims (of Christ) - To answer the question, ‘What Think ye of Christ?’ we need above all to know what Christ thought of Himself
the Slothful Servant Who Hid His Lord's Money - He felt himself to be as good a man and as deserving as any of his fellow-servants, and he may very well have been in the right in so Thinking and in so saying. He is often Thinking what reformation he would make in the world if he was a priest or a bishop. The piety of your mind makes one Think that you intend all this with sincerity
Thomas - The other disciples, as a matter of fact, know quite as little, and even less, about this whole matter than Thomas knows: only they Think they know, when they do not: they have not knowledge enough to know that they know nothing
the Angel of the Church of Ephesus - YOU are not to Think of an angel with six wings
Independents - They disallow of parochial and provincial subordination; but though they do not Think it necessary to assemble synods, yet, if any be held, they look upon their resolutions as prudential counsels, but not as decisions to which they are obliged to conform
John the Baptist - You totally misread and misunderstand John if you Think that it was either misanthropy or moroseness that made John what he was. For he who Thinks, and says, and does a thing like that is born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God
Joseph And Mary - There is no fear of our Thinking too much either of Mary's maidenly virtues, or of her motherly duties and experiences. If the converse of our Lord's words holds true, that no mighty work is done where there is unbelief: if we may safely reason that where there has been a mighty work done there must have been a corresponding and a co-operating faith; then I do not Think we can easily overestimate the measure of Mary's faith
Ananias And Sapphira - Think of Ananias and Sapphira when all men praise your generosity, or your Shakesperian genius, or your enormous emoluments
Alexander the Coppersmith - One of our latest and best authorities Thinks that Alexander even followed Paul to Rome, and did his best to poison Nero and his court still more against Paul. Only, Christ Himself will have to be formed in you, and will have to live in you, and will have to Think and feel and write in you, before you will be able to love that bad man, and to do him good, all the time he is doing, not you, but Jesus Christ Himself, evil
Assyria - Newton, "the Assyrian empire seems arrived at its greatness; being united under one monarch, and containing Assyria, Media, Apolloniatis, Susiana, Chaldea, Mesopotamia, Cilicia, Syria, Phoenicia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and part of Arabia; and reaching eastward into Elymais, and Paraetaecene, a province of the Medes, and if Chalach and Chabor be Colchis and Iberia, as some Think, and as may seem probable from the circumcision used by those nations till the days of Herodotus, we are also to add these two provinces, with the two Armenias, Pontus, and Cappadocia, as far as to the river Halys: for Herodotus tells us that the people of Cappadocia, as far as to that river, were called Syrians by the Greeks, both before and after the days of Cyrus; and that the Assyrians were also called Syrians by the Greeks
Mediator - As that nature did not exist till he was born of Mary, they do not Think it possible that he could exercise the office of Mediator under the Old Testament; and as they admit that a mediator is essential to the covenant of grace, they believe that those who lived under the Old Testament, not enjoying the benefit of his mediation, did not obtain complete remission of sins
Joannes Presbyter - What remains but that the second John had the same right to the title as Andrew, Peter, and the rest to whom it is given in the beginning of the sentence? ...
Hence while we own the Eusebian interpretation of Papias to be a possible one, we are unable to see that it is the only possible one; and therefore while willing to receive the hypothesis of two Johns, if it will help to explain any difficulty, we do not Think the evidence strong enough to establish it as an historical fact: and we frankly own that if it were not for deference to better judges, we should unite with Keim in relegating, though in a different way, this "Doppelgänger" of the apostle to the region of ghostland
Name (2) - But sometimes it seems more natural to Think of the primary meaning of ‘name’ as an external designation
Prosper, Saint, a Native of Aquitaine - This doctrine was taken up warmly by many monks at Marseilles, and both Prosper and Hilary (as to whom see further on), afraid lest a doctrine they believed erroneous should become prevalent among the monks, were Thinking of writing to Augustine to request him to explain some of his statements. They also Think that men can by their own merit, by praying, beseeching, knocking, attain that state of grace in which we are born anew unto Christ
Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria - One of those present, also bearing that name, answered, but was not noticed by the archbishop, who again repeated the name, and added, "You Think to escape—but it cannot be. " It is probable that (as Fleury Thinks, though Tillemont and Neander date it much later) we should refer to this period the visit of Anthony to Alexandria ( Vit. The emperor was persuaded to Think it a case for inquiry. He drew from behind the cloak first one hand, and then, after a pause, the other; and remarked with triumphant irony, "I suppose no one Thinks that God has given to any man more hands than two
Christianity - But, on the other hand, criticism must not be merely subjective and arbitrary, else religious truth is simply that which every man troweth, and Christianity nothing more than what individual Christians choose to Think it. Lessing is the father of those who in modern times Think it desirable to return from ‘the Christian religion’ to ‘the religion of Jesus
Church (2) - It must also be noticed that the doctrine of a Remnant, which had taken strong hold of the Jewish mind since the time of Isaiah, had accustomed them to Think of a community of the faithful, within and growing out of the existing nation, who should in a special sense be the heirs of the promises. He would not allow His followers to Think of appealing to force (Matthew 26:52), He repudiated the idea of being a ruler or a judge of ordinary contentions (Luke 12:14), He accepted the payment of tribute to an alien potentate as a thing indifferent (Mark 12:17)
Desire - ...
Taking the definition of Professor Mackenzie as a goal and an ideal, we ask, In what ways have Thinkers looked at Desire in the past, and what is the view they take of it in the present hour? To set this forth with fulness would be a great task. Is the end pleasure, or a pleasurable state of feeling? Is it the avoidance of pain, or is it indifference to, or superiority over, both pleasure and pain? Is pleasure—pain, or indifference to pleasure—pain, or any other description of the end of life something to be referred to and determined by the individual man, or must we bring the thought of common life to bear on the solution of the problem? If we refer to the individual man the power of deciding what is the end of life and what is desirable as a means to that end, are we to Think of the end in terms of pleasure as it appears to the enltured man, a man who is familiar with ideas and trains of ideas, or are we to Think of pleasure as it appears to the natural man? All these questions were keenly debated in the schools of Greece, and all of them have a bearing on the definition of Desire. ’...
This, then, is the problem which the majority of English ethical Thinkers had before them. In the Prolegomena to Ethics and in the Introduction to Hume, Green has brought the self in its concrete reality within the vision of English Thinkers. ...
It is well to have an emphatic statement of the unity of the Thinking, willing, feeling subject placed on record; for up to Green’s advent we were allowed to see Thinking, willing, feeling, but the self was altogether out of sight. Are we to hold that a man, following out what he Thinks self-interest, clearly seeing the end in view and choosing appropriate means for its accomplishment, if he acts self-consciously, is always acting rightly? For Green in his description of the self-conscious subject does not seem to contemplate the possibility of wrong or vicious action
Gregorius (14) Nazianzenus, Bishop of Sasima And of Constantinople - Clemencet Thinks two or three years, and the supposition agrees with Gregory's regret that he had but tasted enough of the life there to excite his longing for more ( Orat. The earlier part treats of the reasons for his flight: (1) he was wholly unprepared for the ordination; (2) he had always been attracted by the monastic life; (3) he was ashamed of the life and character of the mass of the clergy; (4) he did not at that time, he did not now—and this reason weighed with him most of all—think himself fit to rule the flock of Christ and govern the minds of men" ( Orat. Did he see the white hair of the aged bishop, and Think of his long, unblemished priesthood, whom, it may he, the very angels found worthy of homage (λατρείας ), and did not that move him?" "I adjure you by the name of Christ, by Christ's emptying Himself for us, by the sufferings of Him Who cannot suffer, by His cross, by the nails which have delivered me from sin, by His death and burial, resurrection and ascension; and lastly, by this common table where we sit together, and by these symbols of my salvation, which I consecrate with the same mouth that addresses to you this prayer—in the name, I say, of this sacred mystery which lifts us up to heaven!" He concluded by praying "that the prefect may find for himself such a judge as he should be for them, and that all meet with merciful judgment here and hereafter" (Orat
Belief (2) - They were needed to make the new departure, they were the first to see the vision, they made the discovery, or thought out the truth; but those unfitted to be pioneers may be quite able to Think over again what is made plain to them by him who was the first to Think out that truth
Methodists, Protestant - "How shall we try those who Think they are moved by the Holy Ghost to preach?" ...
A. You Think it your duty to call sinners to repentance
God - But he Thinks that both words originally denoted unity; and that the root is אתד , unus; whence the Syriac Chad and Gada; the Arabic Ahd and Gahd; the Persic Choda and Chuda; the Greek αγαθος and λαθος ; the Teutonic Gud; the German Gott; and our Saxon God. The other names of God, this author Thinks, are referable to a similar origin. Locke, yet, having furnished us with those faculties our minds are endowed with, he hath not left himself without a witness; since we have sense, perception, and reason, and cannot want a clear proof of him as long as we carry ourselves about us, To show, therefore, that we are capable of knowing, that is, of being certain that there is a God, and how we may come by this certainty, I Think we need go no farther than ourselves, and that undoubted knowledge we have of our own existence. I Think it is beyond question, that man has a clear perception of his own being; he knows certainly that he exists, and that he is something. If, then, there must be something eternal, it is very obvious to reason that it must be a cogitative being; because it is as impossible to conceive that bare incogitative matter should ever produce a Thinking, intelligent being, as that nothing should of itself produce matter
Inspiration - When predictions, like those in Scripture, are particular and complicated, and the events are so remote and so contingent as to be out of the reach of human sagacity, it is plain that the writers of the predictions do not speak according to the measure of information which they had acquired by natural means, but are merely the instruments through which the Almighty communicates, in such measure and such language as he Thinks fit, that knowledge of futurity which is denied to man. They might Think it unnecessary to introduce the same particulars into their Gospels after St. "If any man Think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord," 1 Corinthians 14:37 ; that is, Let no eminence of spiritual gifts be set up in opposition to the authority of the Apostles, or as implying any dispensation from submitting to it
Paul (2) - Paul dealt with these; but they must at least have formed the starting-point of his own more adventurous and developed Thinking. It worked ceaselessly within, and dominated all his Thinking. Paul is Thinking mainly of those who are brethren in the faith, that is really not the case; his exhortations are in no way confined to the relations of the brethren to one another. Some scholars Think that it was used by him, but we should not like to commit ourselves to that alternative. We must Think of it always as love for One who is in heaven and not on earth, and therefore as at one and the same time love and adoration
Lois And Eunice - Little did that devout and chastened saint Think that many of us in this congregation tonight would carry home lessons of salvation from her house to our own house at home
Ezra, the Book of - The narrator (Ezra 1) evidently wrote in Babylon not in Jerusalem; and Ezra might Think the portion at the close of 2 Chronicles and beginning of Ezra more suitably placed there than in Daniel
Reality - He dared to Think for Himself, and rose high above all artificiality and make-believe
Tombs - Though a convert to Judaism, she did not Think it needful to be buried under ground
Sadducees - One would like to Think that the two greatest of NT writers were of Pharisee and Sadducee origin respectively
Unpardonable Sin - Jesus was speaking to Pharisees, and it is by Thinking, in the first place, of the Pharisees and their attitude to Him and His teaching that we get on the right line for arriving at the meaning of His words. But if the view taken above is the right one, there is no specific act of blasphemy in word or deed, standing by itself, that we are entitled to Think of as ‘the unpardonable sin
Woe - ...
‘Tremendous’ (Mozley) as this language is, we are not to Think that it was meant to apply to all the Pharisees indiscriminately
Occupations And Professions in the Bible - Although readers of the Bible may be tempted to Think of the Hebrews in general, and the Bible personalities in particular, as living lives totally absorbed by their religion, the ancients did have to make a living
Temple - ) But what does the Lord Think of this structure?...
Solomon, like Bezalel before him with the building of the tabernacle, is described as having "wisdom. Jesus employs a wordplay equivocating on the term "body" to break the parochial Thinking of his audience (John 2:19 )
Golden Rule - We are to Think what we should like done to us, and then apply that rule to our dealings with others
Eschatology - ; and they were accustomed to Think and speak of their religious hopes in the terms of Jewish apocalyptic
Law of God - The attitude which Jesus adopted towards the whole question of the Law, considered as the Law of God, is well exemplified in the Sermon on the Mount, and in particular in those words which may be fitly taken as the motto of His teaching: ‘Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets
Aaron - ...
Nadab and Abihu, probably (see Leviticus 10:8-9) under the effects of wine taken when about to be consecrated, instead of taking the sacred fire from the brazen altar, burned the incense on the golden altar with common fire; or, as Knobel and Speaker's Commentary Think, they offered the incense in accompaniment of the people's shouts, not at the due time of morning or evening sacrifice, but in their own self-willed manner and at their own time
the Prodigal Son - John Howe warns us that we must not Think it strange if all the requisites to our salvation are not to be found together in any single passage of Holy Scripture
Shimei - Charity seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, Thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth. ' You will blame me for my too open ear to such bold scholarship; and you will Think it very wrong in me to listen to such bad men
Body (2) - We are not to Think of the body of Jesus during this period as in a transition state with regard to its substance—partly of earth and partly of heaven
Call, Calling - (1) station, and (2) trade—are often (unwarrantably, the Dictionary seems to Think, as far as etymology goes) regarded as Divine vocations
Christian (the Name) - ‘Truly,’ as Renan observes, ‘it is remarkable to Think that, ten years after Jesus died, His religion already possessed, in the capital of Syria, a name in the Greek and Latin languages
Henoticon, the - Thinking the seeming neglect a studied insult, Acacius and Gennadius, bp. " It asserts that this is no new form of faith, and anathematizes all who have ever thought or do Think, "anything to the contrary, either now or at any other time, either at Chalcedon or in any other synod," especially Nestorius and Eutyches and their followers
the Disobedient Prophet - Think it out well, and count the cost, before you become a minister
the Sower Who Went Forth to Sow - I Think I have told you before about a Sabbath night I once spent long ago in a farm-house up among the Grampians. This is he who Thinks that sermons are provided by God and man for him to praise or blame as suits his fancy
Peter - Judas lies a cast-out suicide in Aceldama! 'O the depths of the Divine mercy to me! That I who sinned with Judas; that I who had made my bed in hell beside Judas; should be held in this honour, and should be ministering to the holy brethren! O to grace how great a debtor!' And again, just Think what all must have been in Peter's mind as he stood up in Solomon's porch to preach the Pentecost sermon
the Queen of Sheba - And I cannot Think there could have been, since our Lord sets His seal upon her, and takes her and her questions as His accusation and condemnation of the Pharisees of His day
the Angel of the Church in Sardis - All men Think well of thee, but not God
Sanballat - And all party spirit among ourselves also, at its beginning, is but our natural and dutiful love for our own land, and for our own city, and for our own Church, and for those who Think with us, and work with us, and love us. As long as there is such a rich variety and diversity of talents, and capacities, and dispositions, and tastes, and interests among men, there will always be bodies of men Thinking together, and working together, and living together, and loving one another, more than they can live with, and work with, and love other men who see their duties and pursue their interests in another light
Acts - Many Bible students Think Theophilus was a Roman dignitary sympathetic to the Christian cause
Hormisdas, Bishop of Rome - We anathematize Nestorius the man-worshipper, and those who Think with him, who deny that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our God, Incarnate, made man, and crucified, was One of the holy consubstantial Trinity" ( Lex Justinian
Antioch - In Acts 18:23 the region is simply called ‘Phrygian,’ and if, as many Think, Φρυγίαν is here to be taken as a noun, the sense is still much the same (see Galatia and Phrygia). Ramsay Thinks that ‘the Jews are likely to have exercised greater political power among the Anatolian people, with their yielding and easily moulded minds, than in any other part of the Roman world’ (Hist
Barnabas - And, worse than that, he could not Think of any one in Jerusalem who was any better able to cope with those difficult questions than he was himself
Matthias the Successor to Judas Iscariot - ...
But is there anything possible to our very best probationers that can at all be compared to this qualification of those days-to have companied with the Lord Jesus all the time He went out and in among His disciples? Yes; I Think there is
Canaanites - ...
But, farther, if punishing them by the hands of the Israelites rather than by a pestilence, an earthquake, a fire, or any such calamity, be still an objection, we may perceive, I Think, some reasons for this method of punishment in preference to any other whatever; always bearing in our mind, that the question is not concerning the justice of the punishment, but the mode of it
Minucius Felix, Marcus - The doctrine of a future life is recommended by countless analogies of nature; and though men whose lives are bad dislike to believe in future retribution, and prefer to Think that death ends all, yet the current popular belief in Pyriphlegethon and Styx, a belief derived from information given by demons and from the Jewish prophets, shews how deep-seated is the conviction that the time will come when it shall not be well with the wicked
Oaths - ’ An oath by heaven and earth, for instance, was not considered to be binding, because one did not require to Think of the Creator; whereas if one swore by one of the letters of the Divine name, or by one of the Divine attributes, that was regarded as binding, and he who treated such an oath lightly was punishable (Wünsche, op. Thus to call heaven or earth to witness our statement is an empty form, unless we be Thinking not merely of heaven or earth, but of the Power they suggest, who will punish unfaithfulness (Matthew 5:34-35 a), i. To appeal to Jerusalem (Matthew 5:35 b) is meaningless unless we be Thinking of the great King, who has made Jerusalem His city (Psalms 48:3). That is a very different thing from Thinking that we are not required to speak the truth unless bound by an oath; and it is the latter view that Christ condemns in His dictum upon swearing
Simon Magus - There is no evidence that this Samaritan magician had obtained elsewhere any great notoriety; and there is every reason to Think that all later writers derive their knowledge from the Acts of the Apostles
Inspiration - Thus, Paul (1 Corinthians 14:37), "if any man Think himself a prophet, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord
Greece, Religion And Society of - Although there were occasions when the Greeks comingled with the local population, in general, they kept their distance and began to Think of themselves as different
Revelation - Whether we Think of the patriarchs, kings, and prophets of the OT, or of Christ and His Apostles in the NT, revelation has ever been connected with human life and personality
Trinity - Belief in Theism postulates a self-existent God, and yet it is impossible to Think of a God without relationships
Unbelief - The ruling opinion of all the Thinking men of antiquity, from which all religious legislation proceeded, was, that pure religious truth could not be proposed to the multitude, but only such a mixture of fiction, poetry, and truth, as would serve to represent religious notions in such a manner that they might make an impression on men, whose only guide was their senses. The geographer Strabo Thinks that, in the same manner that mythical tales and fables are needful for children, so also they are necessary for the uneducated and uninformed, who are in some sort children, and also for those who are half educated; for even with them reason is not sufficiently powerful, and they are not able to free themselves from the habits they have acquired as children. This is, indeed, a sad condition of humanity, when the seed of holiness, which can develope itself only in the whole course of a life, cannot be strewn in the heart of the child, and when mature reason must destroy that which was planted in the early years of infancy! when holy truth cannot form the foundation of the future developement of life from the earliest dawn of childish consciousness! The Thinking Roman statesmen also of the time at which Christianity appeared, as Varro, for instance, distinguish between the theologia philosophica [2] and the theologia civilis, [3] which contradicts the principles of the former, as Cotta in Cicero distinguished between the belief of Cotta, and the belief of the Pontifex. Here this independently proceeding developement of the intellect must have been at open war with the religion of the people; and as intellectual culture spread itself more widely, so also must a disbelief of the popular religion have been more extensively diffused; and, in consequence of the intercourse between the people and the educated classes, this disbelief must also have found its way at last among the people themselves; more especially since, as this perception of the nothingness of the popular religion spread itself more widely, there would naturally be many who would not, with the precaution of the men of old, hide their new illumination from the multitude, but would Think themselves bound to procure for it new adherents, without any regard to the injury of which they might be laying the foundations, without inquiring of themselves, whether they had any thing to offer to the people in the room of that of which they robbed them; in the room of their then source of tranquillity under the storms of life; instead of that which taught them moderation under affliction; and, lastly, in the place of their then counterpoise against the power of wild desires and passions
Insects - Some Think the Hebrew word is a more general term for “terror” or “destruction
Talents - It is, however, possible that here the application determined the form of the story, and that Jesus, or possibly His reporter, is Thinking of the contrast between earthly opportunities and the heavenly reward. There is no need to suppose that the parables of the Pounds and the Talents are a development of Mark 13:34-37, or to Think that the experience of delay in the early Church created the parables
Ethics - Thus, “If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands” (Leviticus 26:3 NIV); or “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things
Ecclesiastes, Theology of - As a human being he can never be certain that this is the "right time, " and this lack of knowledge, this lack of certainty, frustrates him to the point that he Thinks that life "under the sun" is meaningless. ...
What does this normative voice tell the reader? In the first place, the second unnamed wise teacher gives a cautious approval to Qohelet's words (12:9-10), and indeed, as we Think about what Qohelet says, we can see that he does accurately describe the situation on the earth apart from God ("under the sun")
Woman - We naturally Think of the ‘Court of the Women’ in the Temple, beyond which no woman might pass
Vine, Allegory of the - Some take it as the keeping of His commandments (John 15:10), and the practice of that righteousness whereby the soundness of the tree is proved (Matthew 7:16; Matthew 7:20-21), while others Think specially of that Apostolic work which is to fall to the disciples (so Bruce, Training of the Twelve, p. Weiss believes he can find the original elements in John 15:2; John 15:4; John 15:6, and Thinks that it had taught that, as the husbandman does all in his power to make the vine productive, but if his efforts are in vain casts forth the worthless branches and burns them up, so God’s purpose in the planting of the Kingdom of God in Israel had been to increase the fruitfulness of its members, and if that purpose is not fulfilled the only result will be the exclusion of Israel from the Kingdom. Jülicher Thinks that Weiss is influenced by a desire to make John approach as closely as possible to the Synoptists; and while he does not believe the allegory as preserved by John to be genuine, confesses himself unable to conjecture what its original form was, supposing it to be based upon authentic reminiscences (Die Gleichnisreden Jesu, 1888, pp. 231) Thinks that it belongs to an earlier and more didactic period in the life of Christ, and that it is out of place in the present speech, of which the object is to comfort the disciples in view of their Lord’s departure. The latter Thinks that the allegory in its original parabolic form, of which the main point was a warning against unfruitfulness, belongs to the period of crisis in the life of Christ, when the multitudes who had been attracted to Him fell away, and He foresaw that even one of the Twelve was to prove unfaithful. When we realize that this is the purpose of the speech in which it occurs, the aptness of the allegory cannot, he Thinks, be questioned (Training of the Twelve, p
God, Names of - The designation "Shaddai, " which some Think is the oldest of the divine names in the Bible, occurs forty-eight times, thirty-one of which are in Job
Man (2) - The death of the body was merely a temporal event; but to Think and believe and act as if the material world was all, was the death of the soul (Luke 12:13-21)
Meekness (2) - —When we Think of meekness in regard to the wrongs and opposition of men, we find that it is characterized by the same heroic qualities and is attended by similar blessed results
Soul - —In every act of Thinking, a distinction exists between the Thinker and his thought, or, as it is otherwise expressed, between the self and the not-self, the ego and the non-ego, the Thinking subject and the object of thought. This ego, self, or Thinking subject, is denominated the soul (ψυχή, נֶפֶשׁ, נְשִׁמָה), or spirit (πνεῦμα, דוּחַ; see Spirit); often also, both in the OT and NT, the heart (καρδία, לֵב, לֵבָב; see Heart). A perfect human soul is personal, and therefore, if Christ was perfect God and perfect man, it seems to follow that He must have been two persons, as Nestorius thought, or was supposed to Think
Spirit - The Pauline identification of ‘the Spirit of Christ’ and ‘the Spirit of God’ is for us ultimately justified in the twofold story of the birth of Jesus, narrated, as we must Think, from two distinct points of view
Philip: Deacon And Evangelist - ' "How can I?" said the humble-minded eunuch, "except some man should guide me?" Now, we all Think, because we know the letters of it, and are familiar with the sounds of it, that we understand the Bible: Isaiah, and John, and Paul
the Man Which Sowed Good Seed in His Field But His Enemy Came And Sowed Tares Among the Wheat - Now, for what other purpose, do you Think, was this parable spoken to us by our Master, but to impose upon us patience, and caution, and confidence in the truth, and to deliver us from all panic, and all precipitancy, and all sudden execution of our fears? This is a very wonderful parable
Will of God - It is also incorrect to say that we should expect God to reveal his will always in a specific "yes" or "no" through internal prompting or external signs, or to Think that the reality of God's will relieves us of the responsibility of decision making
Friendship - ‘Friendship is the wishing a person what we Think good for his sake and not for our own, and, as far as is in our power, the exerting ourselves to procure it’ (Aristotle, Rhct
Nehemiah - He was not my kind, as we say: the kind, that is, that I like best to read about, and to Think about, and to imitate and to preach
Heman - The only thing you can Think of is such a little thing, that, if it is a sin, it is not worth God's pains to take so much notice of it, and to punish you so persistently for it
Mephibosheth - I Think I shall die still but minting and aiming to be a Christian man!'...
This, then, is the prize for finding out that enigma of motive, Mephibosheth's hidden heart
Michal, Saul's Daughter - Let our wives, then, take us, with all our faults and infirmities, and let them Think that with all our faults and infirmities we are still their husbands
Edom - Some Think that Esar-haddon, king of Syria, ravaged this country, Isaiah 21:11-17 ; Isaiah 34:6
Games - The most renowned heroes, legislators, and statesmen, did not Think it unbecoming their character and dignity, to mingle with the combatants, or contend in the race; they even reckoned it glorious to share in the exercises, and meritorious to carry away the prize. L'Enfant Thinks, the Apostle here alludes to those who stood at the elevated place at the end of the course, calling the racers by their names, and encouraging them by holding out the crown, to exert themselves with vigour
Poetry - There is not a commanding tradition of the pronunciation of the language, whether we Think of vowels, syllables, or accent
Soul - —In every act of Thinking, a distinction exists between the Thinker and his thought, or, as it is otherwise expressed, between the self and the not-self, the ego and the non-ego, the Thinking subject and the object of thought. This ego, self, or Thinking subject, is denominated the soul (ψυχή, נֶפֶשׁ, נְשִׁמָה), or spirit (πνεῦμα, דוּחַ; see Spirit); often also, both in the OT and NT, the heart (καρδία, לֵב, לֵבָב; see Heart). A perfect human soul is personal, and therefore, if Christ was perfect God and perfect man, it seems to follow that He must have been two persons, as Nestorius thought, or was supposed to Think
Canaan - ...
Some Think Canaan means "lowland", from Hebrew kana , "to depress
Luke, Gospel According to - Sanday and Plummer Think that the earlier date does not allow enough time for drawing up the narratives spoken of in Luke 1:1 ; but it is not obvious why written Gospels should not have been attempted at an early stage. Hawkins ( Horœ Synopticœ ) Thinks that there must have been a considerable interval between Lk
Ethics - The prophets were glad to Think that God was not limiting Himself to the letter of the Covenant, the very existence of which implied that Jehovah, in the greatness of His love, had chosen Israel to be His peculiar treasure
Kings, Books of - From our point of view there is reason to Think that the reign of Manasseh was quite as interesting and quite as important as the other. But usually they are separated by a narrative, longer or shorter according to what the author Thinks fit to give us
Kingdom of God - " Any eschatological thoughts associated with this expression were seen as unrefined, primitive, Jewish apocalyptic Thinking that Jesus never outgrew and that was only the "husk" and not the "kernel" of his teachings. Since the kingdom of God was seen by most Jews in Jesus' day as a future, supernatural kingdom that would bring history to a close, it was logical to Think that Jesus thought similarly. Jesus' sayings concerning the kingdom of God would have been understood by his audience as referring to such a kingdom, and since Jesus made no radical attempt to correct such Thinking, we must understand his teachings on the kingdom of God as eschatological
Leadership - Samuel's influence with the people was strong enough that Saul didn't Think of harming him
Gentiles - But we cannot fall in with this view, when we Think of the books of Job, Jonah, and Ruth-of the larger hope of the later Psalmists (Psalms 67, 87, 100, 117, 145), and the remarkable assertion of Malachi (Malachi 1:11) that the name of God is honoured by the sincere worship offered to Him among the Gentiles from East to West
Elect, Election - ’ Whatever we may Think of the orthodoxy of this teaching, it is at least interesting as showing how completely the habits of thought in the early Church were dominated by this aspect of the Incarnation, and how men strove by the aid of reason to harmonize the ideas underlying the titles of ‘Servant’ and ‘Son’ (see Sim
Hypocrisy - ‘They preferred to Think Thy substance did suffer ill, than that their own did commit it’ (Conf
Sorrow, Man of Sorrows - He is the Man of Sorrows, yet we cannot Think of Him for a moment as an unhappy man
Paul as a Pastor - They got splendid service out of Paul, both for themselves and for their families, but all that was because Paul did not Think of them at all, but only of his Master. Altogether, Paul was such a preacher, and such a pastor, and such a saint, that I cannot blame them for Thinking in those days that he must be nothing less than the Holy Ghost Himself, who had been promised by Christ for to come
Fire - We see this graphically displayed in the expression "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will Think that he doeth God service
Children of God - They Think of Him as King, as Judge, as Law-Giver; and because they are sinners they cannot know Him purely as Father
Paul as a Man of Prayer - Instead of the life of prayer being a monotony and a weariness, as we Think it, there is simply no exercise of the body, and no operation of the mind, and no affection of the heart, for one moment to compare with prayer, for interest, and for variety, and for freshness, and for elasticity, and for all manner of intellectual and spiritual outlet and reward. Prayer worth calling prayer: prayer that God will call true prayer and will treat as true prayer, takes far more time, by the clock, than one man in a thousand Thinks
Blessing (2) - During this year they took the boy to the priests and learned men that they might bless him, and pray for him that God might Think him worthy of a life devoted to the study of the Torah and pious works
Fellowship (2) - But it would seem that they did not Think of themselves as a new organization
David - in His Races - Dwell upon this imagination till you Think you are singing with this divine musician; and let such a companion teach you to exalt your heart unto God every new morning in his thanksgiving psalms
Angels (2) - You seem to Think that God can make only one kind of body, with one sort of functions, and dependent on one means of life
Jacob - Jacob took a great herd of Laban's whitest cattle: goats, and camels, and kine, and everything he could Think of, and sent herd after herd on beforehand so as to quench the embers of his brother's wrath
Jonathan - But when I read again and again and again that Jonathan loved David as his own soul, till I come down to David's splendid hyperbolical elegy over the slaughter of Saul and Jonathan; and then, when I go back and read Jonathan's whole dealing with David in the light of that golden chain of hyperboles, I stop, and Think, and say to myself that there must be much more here than stands on the surface
Baxterianism - Baxter says, in his preface to his "Saint's Rest," "The middle way which Camero, Crocius, Martinius, Amyraldus, Davenant, with all the divines of Britain and Bremen in the synod of Dort, go, I Think is nearest the truth of any that I know who have written on these points
Persecution - They are convinced that nothing is more excellent than religion, and therefore Think that it ought to be defended with force; but they are mistaken, both in the nature of religion, and in proper methods to support it; for religion is to be defended, not by murder, but by persuasion; not by cruelty, but by patience; not by wickedness, but by faith. But still there was, in the excommunication rashly pronounced by the pope, merely an exertion of ecclesiastical power, not interfering with the personal security, with the property, or with the lives of those against whom it was directed; and we may, notwithstanding this slight exception, consider the first three centuries as marked by the candour and the benevolence implied in the charity which judgeth not, and Thinketh no evil
Hypocrisy - ‘They preferred to Think Thy substance did suffer ill, than that their own did commit it’ (Conf
Dead Sea Scrolls - The centrality of the sacred Meal (and Drink) calls to mind the importance of the Lord's Supper in the early church and reference to being sprinkled with purifying water has led some to Think of baptism
Ephesians Epistle to the - Paul is not Thinking of himself at all. And even if the Pauline authorship is given up it remains quite impossible to Think that a disciple of St
Timothy And Titus Epistles to - When discouraged, Timothy must Think upon the gospel that Jesus died and has risen in triumph
David - Some Think she was the Nahash of 2 Samuel 17:25
Idol - The principle involved is stated by Paul on Mars' hill, surrounded by the choicest works of genius representing deity (Acts 17:29), "forasmuch as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to Think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device
Christianity - We must Think of it therefore (1) as it was historically revealed to the world; (2) as it is realized in the life of the individual
Revelation of John, the - ...
(2) The historical interpreters Think that it comprises the history of the church from John's time to the end of the world, the seals being chronologically succeeded by the trumpets and the trumpets by the vials
Worship - ’* If we use the word ‘prayer’ in the widest sense, as including praise as well as petition and intercession, the words agree with the opinion of Döllinger: ‘When the attention of a Thinking heathen was directed to the new religion which was spreading in the Roman Empire, the thing to strike him as extraordinary would be that a religion of prayer was superseding the religion of ceremonies and invocations of gods; that it encouraged all, even the humblest and the most uneducated, to pray, or, in other words, to meditate and exercise the mind in self-scrutiny and contemplation of God. 7: ‘And attempt not to Think anything right for yourselves apart from others: but let there be one prayer in common, one supplication, one mind, one hope, in love and in joy unblameable, which is Jesus Christ, than whom there is nothing better. ’...
‘And the well-to-do and the willing give what each person Thinks fit, and the collection is deposited with the president, who succours orphans and widows, and those who are in want through sickness or any other cause, and those who are in prison, and the strangers sojourning among us, and, in a word, he takes care of all who are in any need
Restoration - ...
The hope of a final completion of the Divine purpose in the restoration from sin’s dominion of all mankind must derive much of its force from a contemplation of the alternatives; from the difficulty of supposing a Divine purpose and will eternally active yet never attaining to its desire, or of conceiving of any human soul as eternally incapable of responding to the all-pervasive Love of God, or of Thinking of any eternal felicity of the blessed which can be undisturbed by the knowledge of living souls abiding in a hopeless doom. Alleviations of the idea of eternal punishment such as that of ‘Conditional Immortality’ offend almost equally against the fundamental instincts of the human heart, which cannot Think that the All-wise and All-loving has created any soul in His own image to prove but a waste and an abortion
Universalism (2) - The present writer does not Think that hopeful
Prayer - For example, one Thinks of Abraham's intercession for Sodom (Genesis 18:22-23 ), Moses' intercession for his people (Numbers 14:12-20 ), or Israel's desire to have a king against God's wishes (1 Samuel 8:19-22 ). If the latter is the case (as the majority Think), then why ask God to do for us what should be our duty? It is certainly not to escape our responsibility for action, but to enter into this human-divine partnership in which we offer ourselves at God's disposal, expecting and seeking him to be at work to make our efforts effective
Kingdom Kingdom of God - Roughly, there were two ways of Thinking about the Kingdom. Just as the writer of the Hebrews Thinks of the true rest as still in the future, belonging to the world to come (Acts 17:14,), and at the same time feels that Christians in some sense anticipate and enter into that rest even now (Colossians 4:3), so the NT writers Think of the Kingdom of God as waiting to be manifested when Christ comes again, and yet feel that in some sense the Christian is even now a member of it, and that, as the number of Christian disciples increases, the Kingdom widens here upon earth
Ebionism (2) - ...
While, however, it seems impossible to distinguish between Nazarenes and Ebionites, and improper in this connexion to Think of a separation into clear-cut sects, there were undoubtedly differences of tendency within the general sphere of Ebionism. But it may be said that while the whole trend of recent scholarship is unfavourable to the views of those who would make the Gospel according to the Hebrews either the ‘Ur-Matthaeus’ itself or an expanded edition of it, some grounds can be alleged for Thinking that it represents an early Aramaic tradition of the Gospel story which was in existence when the author of Canonical Matthew wrote his book, and upon which to some extent he may have drawn,—a tradition which would naturally be more Jewish and national in its outlook than that represented by the Greek written sources on which he placed his main dependence (see Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible, Extra Vol
Cures - These indications, casually given, and probably not understood by the narrators, lead us to Think that a similar process would be manifest in the other cures were they fully and adequately reported, and it is always a salutary reminder that our Gospels are only most fragmentary
Christian Life - ’ ‘They seem to Think that if they can only fill men with true thankfulness for the gift of life in Christ, morality will take care of itself’ (Gwatkin, Early Church Hist
Antiochus - Some Think that it was on the following occasion: The Galatians having marched to attack the Jews in Babylon, whose army consisted only of eight thousand men, reinforced with four thousand Macedonians, the Jews defended themselves with so much bravery, that they killed one hundred and twenty thousand men, 2Ma_8:20
Egypt - It is a dual form, signifying 'the two Matsors,' as some Think, which represent Lower and Upper Egypt
Parable - , Luke 8:9-10), they Think of parables as always veiling a hidden meaning, one hard to be understood and intelligible to the disciples themselves only after interpretation
Church - The first opinion is manifestly contradicted by the language of the Apostles, who, while they teach that there is but one church, composed of believers throughout the world, Think it not at all inconsistent with this to speak of "the churches of Judea," "of Achaia," "the seven churches of Asia," "the church at Ephesus," &c
Death of Christ - '"...
Thinking in these terms takes us back to the Gospels. ...
When Jesus is spoken of as "the Lamb of God" (John 1:29,35 ), it is not clear whether we should Think of the daily sacrifice of lambs offered in the temple or the Passover lamb as background
Life And Death - animus), the part of man which Thinks and feels and wills (Acts 2:27, Romans 2:9, 2 Corinthians 1:23, etc). Paul’s view of the body, not indeed as essentially sinful, but as the invariable seat and source of sin in fallen humanity (see article Body) helped him to Think of the Crucifixion of Christ as carrying with it a destruction of the polluted flesh (cf. And in this case, at least, it is plain that the death of which he Thinks is not the judicial but the mystical dying, the dying which is at the same time the birth to a new life (cf
Eschatology - Others Think it best to simply affirm that the dead are somehow “in Christ. It is more in line with biblical Thinking to affirm that the last judgment, in the most decisive sense, has already occurred in Jesus' death and resurrection
Government - Whatever Christians may Think about the nature and objectives of civil government they are encouraged to work toward such changes as will benefit society and honor Christ
Golgotha - ...
‘If executions were to take place near the city, I Think they must have been carried out on the line of such a road, where the soldiers would have free ground to act upon in case of an emergency, without being hampered by crowded streets, and where only one gate would be between them and their stronghold, and that one entirely under their own control’ (Merrill)
Metaphor - … But when anybody heard the Greek word λύτρον, “ransom,” in the first century, it was natural for him to Think of the purchase-money for manumitting slaves’ (p
Presbyterians - "There is nothing in Scripture upon which the Episcopalian is more ready to rest his cause than the alleged episcopacy of Timothy and Titus, of whom the former is said to have been bishop of Ephesus, and the latter bishop of Crete; yet the Presbyterian Thinks it is clear as the noon-day sun, that the presbyters of Ephesus were supreme governors, under Christ, of the Ephesian churches, at the very time that Timothy is pretended to have been their proper diocesan. He may, indeed, enter his protest against their sentence, if he Think it improper, and appeal to the judgment of the presbytery; but this privilege belongs equally to every elder, as well as to every person who may believe himself aggrieved by the proceedings of the session
Holiness Purity - ...
‘We are … face to face with the mystery of the Divine personality, of which we are compelled to Think as life capable of being moved to its utmost depths, without however being able to press this necessary idea, [10] to its logical conclusions’ (ib
Athenagoras - Among his peculiar words and phrases, Clarisse notices his use of ἄγειν in the sense of ducere, to Think, and τὰ ἐπισυμβεβηκότα Θεῷ for the attributes of God
Anger - If we must judge the anger of God from the righteous indignation of a good man, we cannot Think of His cherishing any vindictiveness, or needing any propitiation to induce Him to forgive, when the sinner seeks His face
Adam - Who and what is he, we insist, who has leapt at a bound above all taw and all order of matter and of mind, and of cosmic and ethic evolution, and has taken His stand of holiness at the head of the human race? Schools of science, schools of morals, schools of philosophy, ministers and interpreters of nature and of man, what is sin? and what Think ye of Christ?...
Bishop Butler has taught us, and that with an impressiveness we can never forget, that knowledge at its best is not our proper happiness
Prayer - But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering—for let not the wavering man Think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord," James 1:5-7
Presbyterians - "There is nothing in Scripture upon which the Episcopalian is more ready to rest his cause than the alleged episcopacy of Timothy and Titus, of whom the former is said to have been bishop of Ephesus, and the latter bishop of Crete; yet the Presbyterian Thinks it is clear as the noon-day sun, that the presbyters of Ephesus were supreme governors, under Christ, of the Ephesian churches, at the very time that Timothy is pretended to have been their proper diocesan. He may, indeed, enter his protest against their sentence, if he Think it improper, and appeal to the judgment of the presbytery; but this privilege belongs equally to every elder, as well as to every person who may believe himself aggrieved by the proceedings of the session
Amos, Theology of - Obviously to this, some speak longingly of the day of Yahweh (5:18a), a day on which the messianic kingdom (in which they undoubtedly Think they will play a prominent part) will violently displace the present order (5:18b-20; 9:8-15)
Marriage - (c) In the Pastoral Epistles marriage is recommended, or as some Think required, for the local clergy (1 Timothy 3:2; 1 Timothy 3:4 f. ) gives good reasons for Thinking that it must apply to married as well as unmarried chastity, and ‘be taken metaphorically, as the symbolical character of the Book suggests. ), who Thinks that the bridegroom was coming from a distance to the wedding in the bride’s house; but the other view, held by most commentators, is much more probable
Lunatic - So far from the idea of semi-sensuous beings representing the truth, it would be far truer to Think of possession as akin to the condition seen in intense anger, or extreme fear
Acts of the Apostles - Blass Thinks that Luke here used an Aramaic document by Mark; this is pure conjecture, and it is quite uncertain if Luke knew Aramaic. He Thinks that the ‘Bezan’ Acts represents the first draft, the ‘Bezan’ Luke the second draft. Many scholars, however, Think that it preserves a large number of true and authentic readings which have been lost in the other great MSS; but this seems doubtful
Atonement - It is certain that, in the time of our Lord, even if, as some Think, there were partial exceptions, the great mass of the Jewish people had no idea of a suffering Messiah, or thought of any connexion between the Messiah and the sacrifices
Honorius, Flavius Augustus, Emperor - But the connexion he instituted between the temporal and spiritual power tempted a Christian despot like Theodosius, under guidance of a great representative of the church, to Think that God was surely with them in whatever persecuting edict they set forth; and thus Justinian's words, "Sacrilegii instar est dubitare" (Cod
Acts of the Apostles (2) - ’ And as our author in his Gospel narrative already calls Jesus ‘Lord,’ it is always of the Exalted One that he Thinks even when communicating what he knows of the earthly life of Jesus. Mark’s Gospel, but with other writings which he utilized merely for extracts; and how manifold may have been the oral tradition current at the same time, which he made use of in an eclectic fashion! The whole of this copious tradition we must Think of as forming the background of the Acts if we are to appreciate rightly its picture of Christ. Conceptions which our intelligence Thinks it necessary to separate, and which a St
Priest (2) - To regard our Lord as now offering, or representing, or re-presenting Himself in heaven, is to Think of Him in the attitude of a worshipper instead of on the throne
Elisha - Others, from "Hazael" being named at the end of 2 Kings 8:15 as if distinct from the previous "he," Think Benhadad placed it wet on himself to cool the fever, and died of the sudden chill
Inspiration And Revelation - But to expect this would have been to expect too much, especially when we Think of the poor and low beginnings from which the human race has gradually risen
Virgin Birth - ’ The prophet is not Thinking so much of the circumstances of the birth as the time. Therefore we are not to look for an earlier written Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus, but are to Think of a number of early Christian poems with reference to that infancy from which the author of our Gospel Redemption - The sacrificial allusion here is manifest, whether we Think (with Hermann Gunkel), through the medium of Is 53, of the ordinary offerings (cf
Resurrection - It is a mistake to Think that St. Paul’s Thinking; it only fell into the background
Regeneration - The continuity of revelation which has been thought of between the OT and the NT has made it easy for us to Think of Christianity as accepting the language, the metaphors, and many of the externals of Judaism, giving to them a larger significance. He Thinks also that the mention in the Naassenic sermon of a πνευματική, ἐπουράνιος, ἄνω γένεσις, in which the reference is to the Eleusinian mysteries, may well indicate a general influence, at least upon the Christian phraseology
Wandering Stars - What! do you Think I cannot appeal to my Father to furnish me at this moment with over twelve legions of angels? Only, how could the scriptures be fulfilled then-the scriptures that say this must be so?’ He had already told the disciples that they were being sent out like sheep among wolves, defenceless against any brutal attack; He had censured the Elijah-spirit in the two disciples who were indignant at the churlish behaviour of a Samaritan village; He had bidden His followers face arrest, ill-treatment, and death itself, rather than be untrue to their confession; and the refusal of armed help for Himself was only the climax of the regulations which He had laid down for their conduct
Roman Empire - Some modern historians Think that these two classes represented different tribes
Trial of Jesus - It would be in their own interests to preserve most of the forms of legal process; and it is difficult to Think of the Council, or even a quorum of twenty-three members, being already summoned hurriedly to await the nocturnal arrest of Jesus, when nothing decisive could be done for hours
Turning - In dwelling further on it we may Think (1) of its essential nature; (2) of its particular contents; and (3) of its types or modes
Bible - A Divine covenant is like a will in which a man disposes of his property on whatever terms he Thinks fit. The Fourth Gospel is written in good Greek; but the structure of the sentences indicates a mind accustomed to Think in Hebrew or Aramaic
Second Coming of Christ - Midtribulationists Think that the church will experience three and a half years of the tribulation before being raptured (citing Daniel 7:25 , etc. In terms of one short human life the delay is already considerable, but the biblical writer is not Thinking in those terms
Sin - And, if God be personal, He feels as well as Thinks and wills; and so we cannot altogether exclude an emotional reaction of God against sin. Paul regard sin as a personal agent? As a Jew he believed in Satan and a host of evil spirits; and probably, if pressed to explain the power of sin, he would have appealed to this personal agency; but we must not assume that when he thus speaks of sin he is always Thinking of Satan. Did he really Think of any period or nation as having had in this sense no law?...
(2) Inheritance of a sinful disposition. Paul affirms, is not that of effect and cause, but of penalty and transgression (Romans 5:14), or wages and work (Romans 6:23); for he Thinks not of a natural sequence, but of a deserved sentence (Romans 2:5)
Hebrews Epistle to the - Think of the words in which Habakkuk speaks of the promise. -The writer of the Epistle Thinks of religion as a covenant
Eschatology (2) - ]'>[14] that the Johannine presentation of the eschatology of Jesus supplies just the kind of supplement to that of the Synoptics which a critical study of the latter led us to Think necessary
Gnosticism - -The word γνῶσις has misled many into Thinking that Gnostics are essentially those who prize intellectual knowledge as superior to faith. -while Gnostics alone were certain of return to the Kingdom of Light, some at least were disposed to Think charitably of the destiny of the psychics, who might attain a measure of felicity
Immanuel - Many Think that the former was created by the latter,* John the Baptist - To understand John’s baptismal doctrine it is necessary to Think of the historical roots out of which it sprang
Boyhood - ) Thinks that the definite age was fixed in post-Talmudic times, and that nothing but ‘the signs of approaching puberty’ settled in earlier times whether a child was bound or not bound to the observance of the Law. Schürer concludes that schools were general in the time of Christ; and Thinks that the tradition is by no means incredible that Joshua, the son of Gamaliel (1st cent. ’ We Think that Luke 2:42 neither affirms nor denies any previous visits of Christ to the temple, either annually or three times a year
Job - , we have to Think of him as a Gentile living in patriarchal times either in the Hauran or on the confines of Idumæa and Arabia (see Uz), and his friends also must be regarded as Gentiles. Marshall Thinks that the dialogue may have been written as early as the time of Tiglath-pileser iii (b. Marshall Thinks that the latest element may be as late as the age of Malachi, and Duhm confidently assigns ‘Elihu’ to the 2nd cent. There is no reason for Thinking that he wrote either in Babylonia or in Egypt
Miracle - Others Think that it was continued long after
Announcements of Death - When did He become conscious of His death? Why did He expect a violent death? What did He Think was to be accomplished by His death? Was His death a voluntary sacrifice, or merely a martyr’s crown? These and similar questions can be answered only by a careful and comprehensive survey of Christ’s own words upon the subject. They are Thinking of the apocalyptic conception current in their literature
Annunciation, the - And the form of the narrative leads one to Think that there cannot have been many persons between her and him. 297) agrees that the narrative came not only from a woman, but through a woman, and he Thinks that Joanna, the wife of Chuza, steward to Herod Antipas (Luke 8:2-3; Luke 24:10; cf
Acts of the Apostles (Apocryphal) - 53), who Thinks that it probably, though not certainly, implies that Euodius also regarded Leucius as the author of a corpus of Acts, but argues that this opinion was probably based only on an interpretation of the passage of Augustine quoted above. Schmidt, however, while Thinking that the Acts of John are certainly intended, is inclined to believe that the writer may have meant the whole Manichaean collection. Schmidt Thinks that be probably derived his knowledge from the letter of Turribius and a list of heretical writings, which was once annexed to it, though it has now disappeared; the letter was probably taken up into the works of Leo, with whom Turribius corresponded (see Schmidt, p. 44]'>[9] Thinks that this is merely accidental); (d) Leucius is not mentioned. Before the discovery of the Acts of Paul it was possible to Think that this might be the so-called Acts of Paul and Thekla. 767) Thinks that these names are a corruption of Charinus and Leucius. 50) Thinks that it is the source of a quotation from a Manichaean writing which Augustine could not trace:...
‘Sed Apostolis dominus noster interrogantibus de Judaeorum prophetis quid sentiri deberet, qui de adventu eius aliquid cecinisse in praeteritum putabantur, commotus talia eos etiam nunc sentire respondit “Demisistis vivum qui ante vos est et de mortuis fabulamini
Book - We need not wonder then, that the Prophet Jeremiah should Think it necessary to inclose those writings in an earthen pot, which were to be buried in Judea, in some place where they might be found without much difficulty on the return of the Jews from captivity
Mahometanism - So necessary did he Think them, that he is said to have declared, that the practice of religion is founded upon cleanliness, which is one half of faith, and the key of prayer
Paul the Apostle - But we may here ask what we are to Think of St
Peter - Paul did not Think his apostleship or mission at all different in kind or superior in authority as compared with that of Peter. Paul’s Thinking-an item sometimes obscured by a too one-sided emphasis upon the legalistic controversy-is further attested by the high estimate he continues to place upon Judaism, and the value he attaches to Christianity’s Jewish connexions. For one who evidently occupied so prominent a place in the life and Thinking of the Apostolic Age, the amount of information about him preserved in the literature of the period is relatively meagre. It necessitated, however, considerable readjustment in his Thinking, for the Messiah in whom he now believed was not an earthly figure who would demonstrate the validity of His claims by leading a revolt against the Romans; He was a heavenly apocalyptic Being who would come on the clouds in glory when the day arrived for the final establishment of God’s rule upon earth. ...
This new way of Thinking gave Peter a new conception of his mission
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola - Not long after he began to Think of retiring from the world, and in 389 or ago went to Spain, residing chiefly at Barcelona. Augustine the third is chiefly occupied with remarks on the grief of Melania for the loss of her only son Publicola and a reply to Augustine on the condition of the soul in celestial glory which he Thinks will be one of highly exalted powers and beauty resembling the condition of our Lord after His resurrection. : the last expression he Thinks void of sense; though he could understand "verticem capitis," who are the "dogs," v. Paul mean?—if bad angels how can there be any "humilitas" or "religio" connected with them? Paulinus Thinks that heretics must be intended
Personality - But personality subtly underlies Thinking, feeling, and willing. ’...
There is such an utter absence of the language of the schools in the speech of Christ, that one might be tempted to Think that He made no contribution to the subject of personality
Peter Epistles of - While Tacitus does not Think they were guilty, he does regard them as malefactors deserving the severest of the punishments which they received at Nero’s hands
Elijah - of Jordan (or else, as many Think, the wady Kelt near Jericho), beyond Ahab's reach, where the ravens miraculously fed him with "bread and flesh in the morning . Here he was the first "apostle" to the Gentiles (Luke 4:26); a poor widow, the most unlikely to give relief, at his bidding making a cake for him with her last handful of meal and a little oil, her all, and a few gathered sticks for fuel; like the widow in the New Testament giving her two mites, not reserving even one,: nor Thinking, what shall I have for my next meal? (Luke 21:2
Text of the Gospels - ’ He further distinguishes two stages in the revision, and Thinks (§ 190) that the final process was completed by 350 or thereabouts, and that the first process took place at some date between 250 and 350. ...
This much every Thinking Christian will surely grant. We lay a good deal of stress on this matter, because we Think there has been a strong disposition to regard the ‘Traditional Text’ as a hobby of Burgon’s, and to treat his defence of it with the same contempt that he poured so freely on others
Babel - " Oppert Thinks that the lesser measurement of the interior of Babylon given by Strabo, Ctesias, etc. Rawlinson Thinks that he was set up by Cyrus, the captor of Babylon, as viceroy there, and that he is identical with the Median king Astyages, son of Ahasuerus (Cyaxares), whom Cyrus, the Persian king, deposed but treated kindly. ) Think his reign was ignored by Herodotus, etc
Sacrifice (2) - That Christ should Think of His coming death as certain to break for ever the cords of their worldliness, so that their love for Him might draw them away from the world unto righteousness and God, is perfectly conceivable
Samaria, Samaritans - It is discussed in the Talmud as to whether they are to be classed with the Sadducees in belief, and the Jews seem to have had some ground for Thinking so, for they are represented as saying that ‘no resurrection is recorded in the Law’ (Bab. , but did not Think that he should be greater than Moses. Socin Thinks it may belong to the 6th cent
Science (2) - But at the same time they are insufficient for scientific description, which demands certain mental qualities in which the Hebrew mind was notably deficient—breadth of vision, systematic and architectonic power, consistent and persistent Thinking. ...
In the second place, this inability to Think abstractly prevented the Hebrews from arriving at the notion of natural law
Sanctification - The ‘saint’ belongs to God, and therefore Thinks of things and men as God Thinks of them. ...
(1) He refuses to Think in terms of abstractions or mere forces
Vicarious Sacrifice - In Luke 22:37 there is a deeper thought than Hollmann has in mind when he says: ‘He is only Thinking of the dreary fact that His countrymen are going to treat Him as a criminal instead of as the Holy One of God,’ for this passage was associated in the minds of His hearers with a Messianic work of the greatest significance. Being in the midst of it, not Thinking about it, but experiencing it, this fact of evil comes upon Him with an overwhelming reality, and for a moment His sensitive soul is clouded, and He lays hold of a sentence found in Psalms 22:1 and utters it as the most suitable words at hand by which to express His agony. If regard be had solely to the language of our Lord at the institution of the Supper, it must be admitted, I Think, that it is adapted to carry our thoughts not in the direction of the current Jewish ideas of propitiation by sacrifice, but rather toward the conception of a new relation of fellowship with God and obedience to Him constituted by Jesus’ death
Gospels, Apocryphal - And they are contained, I Think, in the Gospel according to the Egyptians
Israel - The persistent historical tradition which colours all Hebrew religious thought must have, one would Think, some historical foundation
Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy - In fact, Amos protested that he was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet (7:14); therefore, no one was to Think that he merely fell into this occupation, or that he sought it as a career goal
Jerusalem - Wilson is more favourable, and Thinks that here ‘amidst soldiers and civilians drawn from all parts of the known world, the Christians may have settled down on their return from Pella, making many converts and worshipping in a small building [6] which in happier times was to become the “Mother Church of Sion,” the “mother of all the churches” ’ (Golgotha, p. 33 and 37) the Third wall was not in existence, and the total irregularity of the proceedings at his stoning leads us to Think that he was killed at the readiest point outside the city
Ethics (2) - In its extant form the Sermon is the promulgation of a great programme, in which the Evangelist seeks to give a definitive and approximately complete statement of Jesus’ relation to the Law, with a reference, moreover, to the representatives of the anti-legalistic standpoint, who Think that He is come ‘to destroy the law. But this is only an ex post facto justification, of which the disciples certainly were not Thinking as they plucked the corn; they had acted without deliberation, simply availing themselves of the freedom which their fellowship with Jesus had made a matter of course
Gospels (Apocryphal) - we have, accordingly, to Think of the four Gospels as having merely a local and circumscribed authority, while in different sections of the Church the production of Evangelic literature still proceeded, in which the tradition was handled more or less freely to suit the dominant conceptions and needs
Holy Spirit (2) - If they do not mention the Spirit at every step, it is because they Think of Him as in full possession of it continually
Socialism - Here ‘Socialism,’ as an active Christian principle, comes in; for though Christians must always claim the supreme importance of personal regeneration, as against those who Think that society can be made perfect by the mere operation of the State, it must also be admitted that a religion which attempts to deal only with the individual, and leaves society to its own devices and the laws of supply and demand, is untrue to itself, and is doomed to failure
Apocrypha - ...
The things that have been commanded thee, Think thereupon;...
For thou hast no need of the things that are secret’ (Sirach 3:21-22)
Authority in Religion - In other words, while he Thinks it unquestionable that the Apostles were media through whom God exercised His legislative authority, he is of opinion that we have to go outside of the Gospels for the evidence of this fact. ‘Think not,’ said He, ‘that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfil’ (Matthew 5:17). ...
In the case of such courts, no one Thinks of denying to the least and lowest of them the character of a true court
Divinity of Christ - Newton Clarke’s What shall we Think of Christianity? Lect
Fall - Paul is constant in his assertion of individual liberty, yet he does not Think of opposing it to, or trying to harmonize it with, the common sin of the race, sprung from Adam
Messiah - Whereas the Jews, in their synagogues, were wont to pray for the Grand Seignior, he orders those prayers to be forborne for the future, Thinking it an indecent thing to pray for him who was shortly to be his captive; and, instead of praying for the Turkish emperor, he appoints prayers for himself. When the legates arrived at Smyrna, they heard of the news that Sabatai was turned Turk, to their very great confusion; but, going to visit the brother of Sabatai, he endeavoured to persuade them that Sabatai was still the true Messias; that it was not Sabatai that went about in the habit of a Turk, but his angel, or spirit; that his body was taken into heaven, and should be sent down again when God should Think it a fit season
Millenarians - Whitby, in his learned treatise on the subject, proves, first, that the millennium was never generally received in the church of Christ; and, secondly, that there is no just ground to Think it was derived from the Apostles
Augustine - I Think the emphatical speeches of Augustine against the Pelagians, and of Prosper, are not so much to be regarded (who say the like of the eucharist also) touching the necessity and efficacy in the case of infants; and they are very like the speeches of Lanfranc and Guitmund of Christ's presence in the sacrament, opposing veraciter, [3] and vere [3] to sacramentaliter; [5] which is a false and absurd contraposition
Paul - " We naturally Think of Saul as having been one of these, when we find him afterward keeping the clothes of those suborned witnesses who, according to the law, (17:7) were the first to cast stones at Stephen. 37-40, and that Saul, not Thinking it necessary to procure authority to teach from the apostles that were before him, went after his conversion to Arabia, and returned from thence to us
Persecution - ‘You are the only people,’ said Agrippa, in his effort to dissuade the Jews from rebelling against Rome, ‘who Think it a disgrace to be servants of those to whom all the world hath submitted
Paul - Paul cannot have been born very long after Jesus; and it is wonderful to Think of any race having the fecundity to produce, within a few years or perhaps months, three such figures as John the Baptist, Jesus, and St. It is generally supposed that Jesus was three-and-thirty years of age at the time of His death; and we cannot be far wrong in Thinking of St. Paul was on terms of much closer intimacy; but, in writing to them as youthful pastors, he could not help Thinking of the churches over which they presided, and much of what he wrote was obviously intended for the general benefit. ‘He Thinks in Greek, and it is the vernacular of a brilliant and well-educated man in touch with the Greek culture of his time, though remaining thoroughly Jewish in his mental fibre’ (A
John, Gospel of (ii. Contents) - Réville Thinks that ‘the author has wished to prove to his contemporaries who had remained in the liberal and philosophical Judaism of the Diaspora, that, in Jesus Christ, the revelation of the Logos, admitted by them in the OT, has its full and definitive fulfilment. There is reason to Think that he abandoned his project of putting the coping-stone on his theological works by a book of an esoteric character, because a published treatise cannot be confined to those who ought to read it
Simon Magus - Salmon Thinks (DCB
(3) Is it not possible to find a mediating theory? First of all, we must Think of the Simon of Acts as a convert whose conversion was sincere as far as it went, but was very superficial
Incarnation (2) - Only as man Thinks the Divine thoughts, wills the Divine will, and acts in the Divine strength, does he reach the truth of his own nature, or realize his ideal self. To Think at all, implies that there is present to the mind the ideal of a unity in and to which the manifold details of the universe exist. It seeks to accomplish, in thought and for Thinkers, the harmonizing of all reality in and with God. From Xenophanes, with his assertion that nothing is save Being, and Heraclitus, with his counter assertion that all is flux, the problem of the higher synthesis is handed on to Thinkers who, philosophizing imperially, seek to exhibit the ultimate unity of the universe as ‘the Good,’ or ‘Thought of Thought. The failure of Stoicism is obvious now; but in the Hellenic world, in the early years of the Roman Empire, it permeated educated society like an atmosphere, and supplied Thinking men with a point of view whence they might look out on life not wholly dismayed or despairing. Philo’s dualism is thus wider and deeper than that of the Greek Thinkers
Ambrosius of Milan - The three loved one another too devotedly to Think of marrying
Basilides, Gnostic Sect Founder - But there is not the slightest reason to Think that the "Gospel" here spoken of was a substitute for the Gospel in a historical sense any more than in St. of Miller) with their allusions to Rom_5:14; Rom_8:19; Rom_8:22-23; 1Co_2:13; 2Co_12:4; Eph_1:21; Eph_3:3; Eph_3:5; Eph_3:10 prove that the writer was throughout Thinking of St
Christ in Jewish Literature - Such interest as they possess is due to their significance as indications of the way in which Jews were wont to Think and speak amongst themselves of the Founder of Christianity
Christ in Reformation Theology - He approached the Person of Christ from our Lord’s mediatorial work, and not from any metaphysical way of Thinking what Godhead must be, and what manhood must be, and how Godhead and manhood can be united. He declares frequently that we must beware of Thinking that the Deity and the humanity of Christ are united in such an external fashion that we may look at the one apart from the other. For if we are certain of this: that when Jesus Thinks, speaks, wills, the Father also wills, then I defy all that may fight against me. When we know and feel that it is God who is working on our behalf, then we instinctively cease trying to Think that we can work out our own salvation (Erlangen ed
Hippolytus Romanus - 13), the former in the cemetery of Callistus, the latter in that on the Via Tiburtina, and it is natural to Think that both bodies were brought from Sardinia to Rome. For it continued after the death of Callistus, some time after which the account in the treatise on heresies was plainly written, and Döllinger Thinks it even possible that it may have continued up to the time of the deportation of Pontianus and Hippolytus to Sardinia
Archaeology And Biblical Study - One Thinks, for example, of early attempts to excavate the cities of Ur, Babylon, and Jerusalem. The third stage of archaeology also is characterized by a growing tendency to Think in terms of a regional approach rather than concentrating exclusively on one site
Clemens Romanus of Rome - It is natural to Think that the writer of the epistle may have been either the consul or a member of his family
Dioscorus (1), Patriarch of Alexandria - Dioscorus proposed that these decisions, with those of Nicaea, should be recognized as an unalterable standard of orthodoxy; that whoever should say or Think otherwise, or should unsettle them, should be put under censure. " Presently, in regard to some words of Eustathius of Berytus, adopting Cyril's phrase, "one incarnate nature," as Athanasian, the Easterns cried, "Eutyches Thinks thus, so does Dioscorus. Peter of Corinth, a young bishop, did the same, owning that Flavian held with Cyril; the Easterns exclaimed, "Peter Thinks as does" (St
Donatus And Donatism - I rejoice to Think that you meet their brutality with gentleness and good temper
Eutyches And Eutychianism - We all Think thus
Confession - " This is, perhaps, all that can be said in favour of these comminations; but few will Think it quite satisfactory
Jews - He died in the seventh year of his reign, and left a son called also Agrippa, then seventeen years old; and Claudius, Thinking him too young to govern his father's extensive dominions, made Cuspus Fadus governor of Judea. That there shall be a resurrection of the dead, when God shall Think fit
Worship - It was far from their notions to Think of observing a yearly passover with the Jews
Holy Ghost - But, whatever we may Think as to the doctrine of spiration, the profession of the Holy Ghost rests on more direct Scriptural authority, and is thus stated by Bishop Pearson: "Now the procession of the Spirit, in reference to the Father, is delivered expressly in relation to the Son, and is contained virtually in the Scriptures
Neology - I remember that another theologian often lamented, that there was such a dearth in the church of such persons as the Apostle would alone Think worthy of the ministerial functions, that it was to be regarded as a happiness if, of many applicants, some one of outwardly decent life could at length be found
Julianus, Flavius Claudius, Emperor - Barlow on Gibbon and Julian in the Dublin Hermathena for 1877 endeavours to shew that Gibbon, in order to gain a reputation for impartiality, is unfair to the emperor, whom he Thinks morally and intellectually the best man "of the whole series. 3, 2); and in his later famous decree against Christian professors he writes vehemently of the wickedness of Thinking one thing and teaching another ( Ep. We have no reason, however, to Think that Julian had any real hesitation, except as to the opportuneness of the moment
Marcion, a 2nd Century Heretic - Unless, therefore, the story of the interview with the Roman presbyters is to be rejected altogether, we Think it must be taken date and all. When the Creator saw Jesus thus appear, he was obliged to own that he had been wrong in Thinking that there was no other god but himself
Pelagianism And Pelagius - He defended himself by saying that what he had actually said was that the Christian ought to study not even to Think evil
Preaching Christ - ’ One almost wonders if Weinel Thinks it a pity that Jesus rose from the dead, or that His disciples believed that He did, and were overpoweringly influenced by a faith so tremendous; but this apart, the assumption in all criticism of this sort is that when the Apostles preached Jesus as the Christ they concentrated all their attention on the predicate of the proposition, which owed no part of its import to Jesus, and treated the subject as if it had no meaning. Probably, however, in this case more than in any other it is rash to discount too cheaply what we Think, rightly enough in principle, are but forms of conveying this truth, and forms unequal to the reality
Christ in Mohammedan Literature - This seems to be their line of argument, and it led to the emphatic declaration that whatever the Christians might Think of Him, in the opinion of Mohammed He was ‘no more than a servant. The Jews, Thinking he was Jesus, quickly killed him, and he was crucified, though he protested that he was not Jesus, but the man who had betrayed him