What does Testimony mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
μαρτύριον testimony. 18
μαρτυρίαν a testifying. / what one testifies 16
μαρτυρία a testifying. / what one testifies 14
הָעֵדֻ֑ת testimony. 6
הָעֵד֑וּת testimony. 4
הָעֵדֻ֔ת testimony. 4
הָעֵדֻ֖ת testimony. 3
הָעֵדֻֽת testimony. 3
הָ֣עֵדֻ֔ת testimony. 2
עֵד֥וּת testimony. 2
הָעֵדֻת֙ testimony. 2
הָ֣עֵד֔וּת testimony. 2
הָעֵדֻ֜ת testimony. 2
ἐψευδομαρτύρουν to utter falsehoods in giving testimony 2
μαρτυρίου testimony. 2
עֵ֤דוּת ׀ testimony. 1
פִּ֣י ׀ mouth. / a weight equal to one third of a shekel 1
עֵד֨וּת ׀ testimony. 1
יַעֲנֶ֥ה to answer 1
μαρτυροῦντες to be a witness 1
פִּ֖י mouth. / a weight equal to one third of a shekel 1
לְפִ֣י mouth. / a weight equal to one third of a shekel 1
עֵד֑וּת instruction in the title of Psalm 60 and Psalm 80. 1
עֵד֖וּת instruction in the title of Psalm 60 and Psalm 80. 1
תְּעוּדָ֑ה testimony 1
עֵד֣וּת testimony. 1
לָֽעֵדֻ֔ת testimony. 1
הָעֵד֔וּת testimony. 1
הָֽעֵד֔וּת testimony. 1
הָעֵדֽוּת testimony. 1
הָעֵד֖וּת testimony. 1
הָֽעֵדֻת֙ testimony. 1
הָעֵדֻ֗ת testimony. 1
וְעֵדֹתִ֥י testimony 1
ψευδομαρτυρίαν false witness 1
στόματος the mouth 1
μαρτυρίας a testifying. / what one testifies 1
! וְלִתְעוּדָ֑ה testimony 1

Definitions Related to Testimony


   1 a testifying.
      1a the office committed to the prophets of testifying concerning future events.
   2 what one testifies, Testimony, i.e. before a judge.


   1 Testimony.


   1 Testimony.


   1 mouth.
      1a mouth (of man).
      1b mouth (as organ of speech).
      1c mouth (of animals).
      1d mouth, opening, orifice (of a well, river, etc).
      1e extremity, end pim.
   2 a weight equal to one third of a shekel, occurs only in 1 Sa. 13:21.


   1 to utter falsehoods in giving Testimony, to testify falsely, to bear false witness.


   1 the mouth, as part of the body: of man, of animals, of fish, etc.
      1a since thoughts of a man’s soul find verbal utterance by his mouth, the “heart” or “soul” and the mouth are distinguished.
   2 the edge of a sword.


   1 false witness, false Testimony.


   1 to be a witness, to bear witness, i.e. to affirm that one has seen or heard or experienced something, or that he knows it because taught by divine revelation or inspiration.
      1a to give (not to keep back) Testimony.
      1b to utter honourable Testimony, give a good report.
      1c conjure, implore.


   1 instruction in the title of Psalm 60 and Psalm 80.
      1a meaning uncertain.
      Additional Information: Shoshannim-eduth or Shushan-eduth = “lilies”.


   1 Testimony, witness.
      1a always plural and always of laws as divine testimonies.


   1 to answer, respond, testify, speak, shout.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to answer, respond to.
         1a2 to testify, respond as a witness.
      1b (Niphal).
         1b1 to make answer.
         1b2 to be answered, receive answer.
   2 (Qal) to sing, utter tunefully.
   3 (Qal) to dwell.


   1 Testimony, attestation, confirmation.
      1a Testimony, (prophetic) injunction.
      1b attestation.

Frequency of Testimony (original languages)

Frequency of Testimony (English)


Easton's Bible Dictionary - Testimony
Witness or evidence (2 Thessalonians 1:10 ).
The Scriptures, as the revelation of God's will (2 Kings 11:12 ; Psalm 19:7 ; 119:88 ; Isaiah 8:16,20 ).
The altar raised by the Gadites and Reubenites (Joshua 22:10 ).
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Testimony
TESTIMONY . See Ark, 1 ; Tabernacle, 7 ( a ); Witness; and, for 2 Kings 11:12 , Ornaments, 4 .
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Testimony, Tabernacle of
The tabernacle, the great glory of which was that it contained "the testimony", i.e., the "two tables" (Exodus 38:21 ). The ark in which these tables were deposited was called the "ark of the testimony" (40:3), and also simply the "testimony" (27:21; 30:6).
The American Church Dictionary and Cycopedia - Congregational Testimony
"The confession of the Name of Christis, after all, very lame, and will be so till the discipline whichChrist ordained be restored, and the Rite of Confirmation berecovered in its full use and solemnity."—Dr. Coleman, Boston.
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Testimony
See Martyr, Trial-at-Law.
Bridgeway Bible Dictionary - Testimony
Holman Bible Dictionary - Lily of the Covenant, Lily of the Testimony
Translation of the Hebrew shushan eduth in the title of Psalm 60:1 , taken as a reference to the hymn tune (NAS margin, NIV, NRSV, REB). KJV, RSV simply transliterate the Hebrew.
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Testimony
The biblical concept of testimony or witness is closely allied with the conventional Old Testament legal sense of testimony given in a court of law. Linguistically, the biblical term principally derives from the Hebrew yaad, ud , anah [1] and Greek marturein [2] word groups; conceptually, it broadly influences the thought patterns, truth claims, and theology of nearly all of Scripture.
Its validity consists in certifiable, objective facts. In both Testaments, it appears as the primary standard for establishing and testing truth claims. Uncertifiable subjective claims, opinions, and beliefs, on the contrary, appear in Scripture as inadmissible testimony. Even the testimony of one witness is insufficient—for testimony to be acceptable, it must be established by two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15 ).
Thus, within Scripture an inseparable bond exists between the message and its historical reliability on the basis of sound testimony. The message is as trustworthy as the events themselves. In the Old Testament, the truth claims have to do mainly with God and the revelation of himself to Israel; in the New Testament, this picture is greatly deepened with the additional revelation of Jesus Christ, and now to all the world.
Testimony in the Old Testament . Testimony as the Revelation of God . The idea of testimony is intrinsic to the idea of biblical revelation. The content of biblical revelation, whether general or special, stands as testimony to its Giver. Furthermore, God has unveiled divine truth to people within the matrix of secular history. This means that people were able to verify divine revelation. Paul proclaims that the coming of Jesus and the worldwide spread of the gospel were "not done in a corner" (Acts 26:26 ). These events were well observed by many. This assessment holds true for most of biblical revelation.
Concerning Old Testament general revelation, the psalmist praises the created order for revealing and bearing witness to God's glory and supremacy (Psalm 8:1-4 ; 19:1-6 ; 29 see Job 36:24-33 ; 37:1-13 ). The sun/moon and day/night cycles appear as eternally established faithful witnesses, affirming Yahweh as a promise-keeping God (Psalm 89:35-37 ; Jeremiah 33:20-21,25 ).
Concerning God's special revelation of himself to Old Testament Israel, the Ten Commandments are called the Testimony (Exodus 31:8 ); as the revelation of God's legislation, they testify to his person and work and to his expectations for Israel. The ark and the tabernacle are also occasionally called the ark of the Testimony (Exodus 25:22 ; Numbers 4:5 ; Joshua 4:16 ) and the tabernacle/tent of the Testimony (Exodus 38:21 ; Numbers 10:11 ; 2 Chronicles 24:6 ). In these instances, testimony more specifically refers to the revelatory self-witness of God to his people. Here, by the ark in the tabernacle, God testifies to his own existence in the act of revealing himself to Moses (Exodus 25:22 ; 33:9-11 ; Numbers 7:89 ) and to future generations (Exodus 29:42 ).
The Old Testament prophets also reveal God's mind and will when testifying against Israel (2 Chronicles 24:19 ; Amos 3:13 ) and the nations (Zephaniah 3:8 ). All instances of this kind of prophecy in the Old Testamentof which there are manyappear as divine testimony against unrepentant peoples. The content of the prophetic testimony is often directly inspired revelation. Its truth claim lies ultimately in its fulfillment. But the history of prophetic fulfillment also guarantees its reliability.
Testimony and the Lawcourt of God . The seat of justice in Old Testament Israel was the legal assembly, which usually met near the town gate. Here the accuser and defender presented their cases before the town elders, who presided over the assembly as judges. The litigants often called in witnesses to substantiate their cases.
Old Testament writers frequently use the language of the lawcourt to express God's disposition toward various individuals and groups of people. He appears as defender, accuser, and judge. As defender, God is beseeched to take up the cause, to testify on behalf of an aggrieved party. Job, for example, appeals to God to defend him as his witness, advocate, intercessor, and friend (Job 16:19-21 ). Elsewhere, God defends the cause of the poor, sick, and disenfranchised (Deuteronomy 10:18 ; Psalm 10:18 ; 72:4 ; 82:3 ; Proverbs 23:10 ), the righteous (Psalm 119:154 ), and Israel (Jeremiah 50:34 ; 51:36 ). As accuser, God testifies against Israel because of their sin (Psalm 50:7,21 ; Isaiah 57:16 ; Hosea 4:1 ; Micah 1:2 ; 6:2 ; Malachi 2:14 ); as judge, he reaches a just verdict on the basis of his own testimony (Hosea 12:2 ; Micah 6:2,9-16 ; Zephaniah 3:7-8 ; Malachi 3:5 ). But even as accuser and judge, God's gracious love is still in force: "He will not always accuse, nor will he treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities" (Psalm 103:9-10 ). God's desire for justice establishes a precedent for his people to follow. To defend the cause of the powerless and to testify against injustice reflect knowledge of God's ways and personal obedience to him (Isaiah 1:17 ; Jeremiah 22:16 ).
Testimony also appears in the Old Testament as the legal proof of God's trustworthiness. Certain visible evidence existed within Israel attesting to the trustworthiness of God's revelation of himself to them. The Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 31:14-32:44 ) and the Book of the Law (Deuteronomy 31:26 ) stand as testimony against Israel; these documents contain God's prediction that Israel will one day rebel against him and turn to idols. Israel's legacy of apostasy verifies the reliability of God's predictions that they would forsake him. More broadly, the fulfillment of these predictions in Israel's history endorses the trustworthiness of God's entire revelation given through Moses.
Testimony appears, moreover, as a visible reminder of God's supremacy. The Transjordan tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh built a replica of the Lord's altar near the Jordan, not for burnt offerings and sacrifices, but as testimony to Israel that they would remain faithful to God's law given to Moses and that they had a continuing legal right to worship at the Lord's tabernacle even though living outside of the promised land (Joshua 22:27-28 ). They named the memorial: A Witness Between Us that the Lord is God (v. 34). It stands as visible evidence that Yahweh is supreme. The prophet Isaiah apparently takes up the altar and memorial ideas of Joshua 22 in describing a significant future conversion of Egyptians to the Lord. At that time, they too will have a legal right to worship the sovereign God of Israel at his tabernacle/temple ( Isaiah 19:19-20 ).
Furthermore, to invoke God as witness in oaths and binding agreements in the Old Testament implicitly indicates the participant's complete confidence in God as irreproachable, and thus as utterly reliable. For this reason, he is called "the true and faithful witness" (Jeremiah 42:5 ).
Testimony as the Proclamation of God as Lord and Savior . In Isaiah 43:8-13 , the prophet depicts the nations as forming a legal assembly to proclaim the superiority and saving work of their gods. But their case proves groundless. Their gods are blind and deaf, mere idols made of the commonest materials; their makers are nothing but men. Hence, their message is nothing but a lie (43:10,12; 44:9-20). The nations ultimately have no case, because they lack any evidence to support their claims (44:11).
In the same assembly, Israel takes the witness stand (43:10,12; 44:8) to proclaim Yahweh as the Lord and that apart from him there is no savior (43:11). Their case, in contrast, is undeniable. Israel's history proves it. God has historically, time and again, revealed himself to Israel and redeemed them from oppression (43:12). God's revelation of himself to Moses, his giving of the law, his abiding presence in the tabernacle (and temple) and his redemption of Israel from Egypt provide the Israelite witnesses with solid evidence to support their claims. In defending Yahweh, Israel proclaims to the nations God's lordship and that salvation can be found only in him.
Here testimony is equivalent to proclamation. It presents historical evidence attesting to God's unique person, position, and work. It simultaneously is evangelistic: the message of God's saving work in Israel's history becomes itself an offer of salvation to those listening.
Testimony in the New Testament . The New Testament takes up the Old Testament concept of testimony and greatly expands it in light of God's special revelation in Jesus Christ. Here again the content of the testimony is certifiable, objective evidence (John 3:11 ; Acts 1:21-22 ; 1 John 1:1-4 ), and for this reason, it is considered true (John 3:33 ; 5:32-33 ; 19:35 ; 21:24 ; 3 John 12 ). The association of Christian witness with suffering and martyrdom, on the other hand, is mostly a post-New Testament Christian development.
Testimony Concerning the Divine Identity of the Earthly Jesus . Biblical and early nonbiblical writings indubitably affirm that Jesus truly lived. But the New Testament explicitly and implicitly testifies that the earthly Jesus considered himself as God incarnate.
John's Gospel, in particular, offers a wealth of Jesus' self-claims concerning his divine identity (see the numerous "I am" sayings). In fact, the entire Gospel ostensibly appears as a legal defense of Jesus' divine sonship. Jesus regarded his personal testimony as valid (8:14), but knowing that, according to Jewish law, appearing as one's own witness without confirmation invalidates the testimony (5:31; 8:13-18), he summoned other witnesses, whose testimony he also considered beyond dispute. Jesus stressed that his miraculous works affirmed his divine status (5:36; 10:25,38; 14:11; 15:24). He could not have performed them if he were not from God. This unity implies, furthermore, that the Father testifies to his divine identity as well (5:32,37; 8:17-18). In the same sense, Jesus declares that the Old Testament Scriptures testify about him (5:39), as will the Holy Spirit, whom he will send to his followers from heaven (15:26) and the apostles (15:27). John the Baptist also offers testimony endorsing Jesus' self-claims about his divinity (3:26; 5:32-33): Jesus is the true light through whom all people can be saved (1:7-9), is preexistent (1:15), will baptize with the Spirit (1:32-33), and is the Son of God (1:34).
Jesus as Testimony about God . Scripture uniformly asserts that no one has seen God (John 1:18 ; 1 Timothy 6:16 ). God is spirit (John 4:24 ; 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 ) and invisible (Colossians 1:15 ; 1 Timothy 1:17 ). Jesus, on the other hand, declares that his purpose for coming into the world was to testify to the truth (John 18:37 ). According to John 14:6 , Jesus is the truth. Only he has seen the Father (John 6:46 ) and for this reason has come to make God known (John 1:18 ). Jesus' testimony, therefore, is about God as revealed through him.
Thus, to see Jesus is to see what God is like: "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9 ). Jesus is the image of the invisible God (2 Corinthians 4:4 ; Colossians 1:15 ); he is the exact representation of God's being (Hebrews 1:3 ).
The theological importance of this reality is that Jesus' person, qualities, attitudes, and behavior expressly image the Father's. For Jesus willingly to have given up his life that we might live not only depicts the lowest point of his earthly career and describes the depth of his love for us (Philippians 2:8 ), but it correspondingly reveals what it means when John says that God is love (1 John 4:8,16 ): God so loved the world, that he gave of himself in giving Jesus (John 3:16 ). Because of the incarnation, we have now received "the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ" (2 Corinthians 4:6 ).
Testimony and the Gospel . The legal sense of testimony as the presentation of evidence plays a decisive role in the New Testament church's propagation of the gospel. In the New Testament, reliable historical evidence is a handmaiden to the theological significance of the gospel message. Eyewitness testimony is of utmost importance. The New Testament church's confidence in the gospel as saving is directly proportional to its confidence in the historical reliability of the gospel events themselves. It would have been untenable for Jewish Christians to use the Old Testament legal procedure for establishing the legitimacy of the gospel via the testimony of multiple witnesses, if all the while knowing that historically the events had not transpired in the way they had so claimed. Jewish opponents of Christianity would, otherwise, have been able to find bonafide witnesses of their own (something historically they were unable to do) to refute the legitimacy of the Christian claims.
The New Testament two types of witness as legal testimony. First, it appears as a literal courtroom defense of Jesus and the gospel. It stems from Jesus' own teaching. Jesus announced to his followers that they will stand trial before Jewish and Gentile authorities as witnesses to them on account of him (Matthew 10:18 ; Mark 13:9 ; Luke 21:13 ; John 15:27 ; Acts 10:42 ). In the New Testament, the Book of Acts especially attests to the fulfillment of this promise. Luke recounts numerous occasions when believers appeared in court settings bearing witness to Jesus as savior before Jewish, Greek, and Roman authorities. Second, witness as legal testimony frequently appears as a way of presenting the gospel. In its technical usage, it strictly refers to Jesus' followers who witnessed his entire earthly ministry, from John's baptism to the ascension. They vouched for the certainty of the gospel message from their firsthand knowledge of the events of Jesus' earthly career, and provided able sources for the contents of the Gospels. In a more general sense, it also refers to the way believers appealed to Jesus' life, the Old Testament Scriptures, the Spirit's presence and personal testimony to substantiate the legitimacy of the gospel message.
Furthermore, in the New Testament the historical reliability of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection is intrinsic to the preaching of the gospel. The interrelation between testifying and preaching in the New Testament closely resembles the Old Testament example in Isaiah 43-44 . Paul, for instance, while at Corinth "devoted himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ" (Acts 18:5 ). For Paul to present evidence that Jesus was the Messiah was at the same time intended to induce a believing response from his Jewish listeners. Proclamation in the New Testament means bearing witness to the historical reliability of God's saving work in Jesus. The authenticity of the message preached is what grants the message its authority. To preach the gospel to the nations is to challenge them with the fact of Jesus (Matthew 24:14 ; Mark 13:10 ; Luke 24:48 ; Acts 1:8 ).
Another New Testament form of testifying to Jesus and the gospel is through proper Christian conduct. Jesus tells his disciples (John 13:34-35 ), "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." The command to love is not new (cf. Leviticus 19:18 ; Deuteronomy 6:5 ). What is new is the revelation of God's love through Jesus. As Jesus bore witness of God's love to the world by his life and death (John 3:16 ), his followers by loving as he has loved will reveal a Christ-like love to a world that has never seen him. Any inquiry into the reason for this selfless love will encounter the good news of Jesus' saving workan event historically reliable and theologically certain. Proper Christian conduct, therefore, provides timeless testimony to Jesus' perfect and final expression of God's love.
The Witness of the Spirit as the Testimony of God . According to 1 John 5:6-11 , the Spirit's witness appears as God's testimony that Jesus is his Son. The witness the Spirit bears is recognizable outwardly to all people and inwardly to believers. Outwardly, "the signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit" appear as God's testimony to the salvation first announced by Jesus and then confirmed by eyewitnesses (Hebrews 2:3-4 ). The tangible evidence of the Spirit's presence is displayed both in Jesus' life and in the experience of the church. The Spirit's ministry in the church becomes, in effect, incontrovertible evide
The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Testimony
These words would need no explanation in their simple sense and meaning, whether as they relate to the Lord's testimony or to man's. Every one cannot but know, that the direct tendency of a testimony is to witness to some certain truth. Thus the whole Bible is a testimony of JEHOVAH'S sovereign will; and the Gospel a special testimony of the riches of his grace in Christ Jesus to the church and people.
But we meet with the word testimonies in the book of the Psalms, in a sense so peculiarly sweet and blessed, that I could not prevail upon myself to pass it by, without calling the reader's attention to it.
If the reader will turn to Psalms 119:1-176 he will find the word testimonies, together with nine other words there evidently placed for the same meaning, which mutually serve to throw a light upon each other. The ten words are—testimonies, way, law, commandments, precepts, word, judgments, truth, (or faithfulness) statutes, and righteousness. And what is very remarkable, one or other of these ten words is in every verse of that Psalm, except one, (as far as my memory helpeth me) namely, Psalms 119:122.
I beg the reader first to inform himself of his very striking circumstance, and then to consider, from the manner and occasion in which the words are applied, what is their obvious sense and meaning. If, for example, we consider the common and general acceptation of the word law, surely the Psalmist David could never be supposed to say, that the law of Moses as a covenant of works was his delight and joy, as he saith the law was in this Psalm, (Psalms 119:72; Psa 119:97, etc.) Had he been looking to his own personal performance of the law of God, the conviction of his manifold breaches of the law would have made him rather tremble. But if the law spoken of in this Psalm be considered with an eye to what the Holy Ghost saith by his servant the apostle, "that Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth," (Romans 10:4) —and if Christ himself be the speaker represented by his servant the Psalmist, the whole then is abundantly clear and evident. Jesus might well say, and Jesus alone could say it, "I delight to do thy will O my God, yea thy law is within my heart"—or as the margin renders it, "in the midst of my bowels," (Psalms 40:8) —meaning that it was wrapt up, yea forming his very nature, from the entire holiness of that nature. (See Hebrews 7:26)
In like manner the word testimonies, these had evidently a reference to the table of testimony in the Jewish church. It was before this testimony the omer of manna was placed. (See Exodus 16:33-34) Now, as the whole of this service plainly typified Christ, we cannot be at a loss to discover what is meant under the term of testimonies in this Psalm, when we hear the blessed speaker saying, "Thy testimonies have I taken as mine heritage for ever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart." (Psalms 119:111)
Similar observations might be offered on each of the other words in this Psalm, but these are enough in point. I only desire to add, what may be considered as a key to the whole, that one verse in the middle of the Psalm determines at once to whom the whole refers, and who is the speaker; and the evangelist's application of the words to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ very fully confirms it: "My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words," (Psalms 119:139; Psa 69:9; John 2:17)
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Testimony
Webster's Dictionary - Testimony
(n.) The two tables of the law.
(n.) A solemn declaration or affirmation made for the purpose of establishing or proving some fact.
(n.) Affirmation; declaration; as, these doctrines are supported by the uniform testimony of the fathers; the belief of past facts must depend on the evidence of human testimony, or the testimony of historians.
(n.) Open attestation; profession.
(n.) Witness; evidence; proof of some fact.
(v. t.) To witness; to attest; to prove by testimony.
(n.) Hence, the whole divine revelation; the sacre/ Scriptures.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of OT Words - Testimony
‛Êdûth (עֵדוּת, Strong's #5715), “testimony; ordinance.” The 83 occurrences of this word are scattered throughout all types of biblical literature and all periods (although not before the giving of the law at Mount Sinai).
This word refers to the Ten Commandments as a solemn divine charge or duty. In particular, it represents those commandments as written on the tablets and existing as a reminder and “testimony” of Israel’s relationship and responsibility to God: “And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God” (Exod. 31:18). Elsewhere these tablets are called simply “the testimony” (Exod. 25:16). Since they were kept in the ark, it became known as the “ark of the testimony” (Exod. 25:22) or simply “the testimony”: “As the Lord commanded Moses, so Aaron laid it up before the Testimony, to be kept” (Exod. 16:34—the first biblical occurrence of the word). The tabernacle as the housing for the ark containing these tablets was sometimes called the “tabernacle of testimony” (Exod. 38:21) or the “tent of the testimony” (Num. 9:15).
The word sometimes refers to the entire law of God: “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple” (Ps. 19:7). Here ‛êdûth is synonymously parallel to “law,” making it a synonym to that larger concept. Special or particular laws are sometimes called “testimonies”: “And keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, to keep his statutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and his testimonies …” (1 Kings 2:3). In Ps. 122:4 the annual pilgrimage feasts are called “the testimony of Israel.”
Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary - Testimony
a witnessing, evidence, or proof, Acts 14:3 . The whole Scripture, or word of God, which declares what is to be believed, practised, and expected by us, is called God's "testimony," and sometimes in the plural "testimonies," Psalms 19:7 . The two tables of stone on which the law or ten commandments were written, which were witnesses of that covenant made between God and his people, and testified what it was that God had required of them, have the same title, Exodus 25:16 ; Exodus 25:21 ; Exodus 31:18 .
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Testimony
1: μαρτύριον (Strong's #3142 — Noun Neuter — marturion — mar-too'-ree-on ) "a testimony, witness," is almost entirely translated "testimony" in both AV and RV. The only place where both have "witness" is Acts 4:33 . In Acts 7:44 ; James 5:3 , the RV has "testimony" (AV, "witness").
In 2 Thessalonians 1:10 , "our testimony unto you," RV, refers to the fact that the missionaries, besides proclaiming the truths of the gospel, had borne witness to the power of these thruths. Kerugma, "the thing preached, the message," is objective, having especially to do with the effect on the hearers; marturion is mainly subjective, having to do especially with the preacher's personal experience. In 1 Timothy 2:6 the RV is important, "the testimony (i.e., of the gospel) to be borne in its own times," i.e., in the times Divinely appointed for it, namely, the present age, from Pentecost till the church is complete. In Revelation 15:5 , in the phrase, "the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in Heaven," the "testimony" is the witness to the rights of God, denied and refused on earth, but about to be vindicated by the exercise of the judgments under the pouring forth of the seven bowls or vials of Divine retribution. See WITNESS.
2: μαρτυρία (Strong's #3141 — Noun Feminine — marturia — mar-too-ree'-ah ) "witness, evidence, testimony," is almost always rendered "witness" in the RV (for AV, "testimony" in John 3:32,33 ; 5:34 ; 8:17 ; 21:24 , and always for AV, "record," e.g., 1 John 5:10,11 ), except in Acts 22:18 and in the Apocalypse, where both, with one exception, have "testimony," Acts 1:2 , is objective, the "testimony" or witness given to Him (cp. Acts 1:2,9 ; as to those who will bear it, see Revelation 12:17 , RV). The statement "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy," is to be understood in the light, e.g., of the "testimony" concerning Christ and Israel in the Psalms, which will be used by the godly Jewish remnant in the coming time of "Jacob's Trouble." All such "testimony" centers in and points to Christ. See WITNESS.
King James Dictionary - Testimony
TEST'IMONY, n. L. testimonium. A solemn declaration or affirmation made for the purpose of establishing or proving some fact. Such affirmation in judicial proceedings,may be verbal or written, but must be under oath. Testimony differs from evidence testimony is the declaration of a witness, and evidence is the effect of that declaration on the mind, or the degree of light which it affords.
1. Affirmation declaration. These doctrines are supported by the uniform testimony of the fathers. The belief of past facts must depend on the evidence of human testimony, or the testimony of historians. 2. Open attestation profession. Thou for the testimony of truth hast borne
Universal reproach.
3. Witness evidence proof of some fact. Shake off the dust under your feet, for a testimony against them. Mark 6 .
4. In Scripture, the two tables of the law. Thou shalt put into the ark the testimony which I shall give thee. Exodus 25
5. The book of the law. He brought forth the king's son--and gave him the testimony. 2 Kings 11 .
6. The gospel, which testifies of Christ and declares the will of God. 1 Corinthians 2 . 2 Timothy 1 7. The ark. Exodus 16 8. The word of God the Scriptures. The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple Psalms 19
9. The laws or precepts of God. "I love thy testimonies." "I have kept thy testimonies." 10. That which is equivalent to a declaration manifestation. Sacrifices were appointed by God for a testimony of his hatred of sin.
11. Evidence suggested to the mind as the testimony of conscience. 2 Corinthians 1 12. Attestation confirmation. TEST'IMONY, To witness. Not in use.
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Testimony
The whole revelation of God, testifying to man what he is to believe, do, and hope, Psalm 19:7 119:88,99 1 Corinthians 1:6 Revelation 1:2 . The two stone tables of the law were a visible "testimony" or witness of God's covenant with his people; and hence the ark of the covenant was called sometimes the testimony, or the ark of the testimony, Exodus 25:22 34:29 . See ARK.
The American Church Dictionary and Cycopedia - Methodist Testimony
"I was determined not to be without it,and therefore went and received Confirmation, even since I became aMethodist preacher."—Dr. Adam Clarke.
The American Church Dictionary and Cycopedia - Presbyterian Testimony
"The Rite of Confirmation thus administeredto baptized children, when arrived at competent years, shows clearlythat the Primitive Church in her purest days, exercised the authorityof a Mother over her baptized children."—Committee of the GeneralAssembly.
The American Church Dictionary and Cycopedia - Baptist Testimony
"We believe that Laying on of Hands, withprayer, upon baptized believers as such, is an ordinance of Christ,and ought to be submitted unto by all persons to partake of theLord's Supper."—Baptist Association, September 17, 1742.

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Testimony - Testimony differs from evidence Testimony is the declaration of a witness, and evidence is the effect of that declaration on the mind, or the degree of light which it affords. These doctrines are supported by the uniform Testimony of the fathers. The belief of past facts must depend on the evidence of human Testimony, or the Testimony of historians. Thou for the Testimony of truth hast borne ...
Universal reproach. Shake off the dust under your feet, for a Testimony against them. Thou shalt put into the ark the Testimony which I shall give thee. He brought forth the king's son--and gave him the Testimony. The Testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple Psalms 19 ...
9. Sacrifices were appointed by God for a Testimony of his hatred of sin. Evidence suggested to the mind as the Testimony of conscience
Testimony, Tabernacle of - The tabernacle, the great glory of which was that it contained "the Testimony", i. The ark in which these tables were deposited was called the "ark of the Testimony" (40:3), and also simply the "testimony" (27:21; 30:6)
Testimony - 1: μαρτύριον (Strong's #3142 — Noun Neuter — marturion — mar-too'-ree-on ) "a Testimony, witness," is almost entirely translated "testimony" in both AV and RV. In Acts 7:44 ; James 5:3 , the RV has "testimony" (AV, "witness"). ...
In 2 Thessalonians 1:10 , "our Testimony unto you," RV, refers to the fact that the missionaries, besides proclaiming the truths of the gospel, had borne witness to the power of these thruths. In 1 Timothy 2:6 the RV is important, "the Testimony (i. In Revelation 15:5 , in the phrase, "the temple of the tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven," the "testimony" is the witness to the rights of God, denied and refused on earth, but about to be vindicated by the exercise of the judgments under the pouring forth of the seven bowls or vials of Divine retribution. ...
2: μαρτυρία (Strong's #3141 — Noun Feminine — marturia — mar-too-ree'-ah ) "witness, evidence, Testimony," is almost always rendered "witness" in the RV (for AV, "testimony" in John 3:32,33 ; 5:34 ; 8:17 ; 21:24 , and always for AV, "record," e. , 1 John 5:10,11 ), except in Acts 22:18 and in the Apocalypse, where both, with one exception, have "testimony," Acts 1:2 , is objective, the "testimony" or witness given to Him (cp. The statement "the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy," is to be understood in the light, e. , of the "testimony" concerning Christ and Israel in the Psalms, which will be used by the godly Jewish remnant in the coming time of "Jacob's Trouble. " All such "testimony" centers in and points to Christ
Testimony - ‛Êdûth (עֵדוּת, Strong's #5715), “testimony; ordinance. In particular, it represents those commandments as written on the tablets and existing as a reminder and “testimony” of Israel’s relationship and responsibility to God: “And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon Mount Sinai, two tables of Testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God” ( Testimony” ( Testimony” ( Testimony”: “As the Lord commanded Moses, so Aaron laid it up before the Testimony, to be kept” ( Testimony” ( Testimony” ( Testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple” ( Testimony of Israel
Testimony - ) Affirmation; declaration; as, these doctrines are supported by the uniform Testimony of the fathers; the belief of past facts must depend on the evidence of human Testimony, or the Testimony of historians. ) To witness; to attest; to prove by Testimony
Testimony - The two stone tables of the law were a visible "testimony" or witness of God's covenant with his people; and hence the ark of the covenant was called sometimes the Testimony, or the ark of the Testimony, Exodus 25:22 34:29
Edut - Testimony
Testimonies - See Testimony...
Law - See Testimony
Witness - See Testimony ...
Testimonies - ) of Testimony...
Jehoadah - Passing over; Testimony of the Lord
Gilead - The heap or mass of Testimony
Maadiah - Pleasantness; the Testimony of the Lord
Adullam - Their Testimony; their prey; their ornament
Beacon - Isaiah 30:17 (a) Here we have a beautiful picture of the Testimony of GOD's people. This Testimony is elevated high and shines plainly so that the light from it illuminates far and wide in this world
Eduth - "Testimony," title of Psalm 60; Psalm 80
Shoshannim-Eduth - Lilies of Testimony, Psalm 60:12
Witnessing - Seeing in persons bearing Testimony giving evidence
Testimonial - ) A writing or certificate which bears Testimony in favor of one's character, good conduct, ability, etc. ) Relating to, or containing, Testimony
Witness - Testimony attestation of a fact or event. One who sees the execution of an instrument, and subscribes it for the purpose of confirming its authenticity b his Testimony. One who gives Testimony as, the witnesses in court agreed in all essential facts. With a witness, effectually to a great degree with great force, so as to leave some mark as a Testimony behind. To attest to give Testimony to to testify to something. To bear Testimony
Record - 3, Testimony, No
Shushan-Eduth - Lily of the Testimony, the title of Psalm 60
Believing - Giving credit to Testimony or to other evidence than personal knowledge
Witness - ) To bear Testimony; to give evidence; to testify. ) Attestation of a fact or an event; Testimony. ) To give Testimony to; to testify to; to attest. ) One who sees the execution of an instrument, and subscribes it for the purpose of confirming its authenticity by his Testimony; one who witnesses a will, a deed, a marriage, or the like
Testimony - Testimony
Testifier - ) One who testifies; one who gives Testimony, or bears witness to prove anything; a witness
Shoshannim - A word in the headings of Psalm 45 , Psalm 69 , and Psalm 80 , with the word EDUTH, 'a Testimony,' added. ' In the heading of Psalm 60 is a similar word: SHUSHAN-EDUTH,'the lily of Testimony
Contestation - ) Proof by witness; attestation; Testimony
Autoptical - ) Seen with one's own eyes; belonging to, or connected with, personal observation; as, autoptic Testimony or experience
Shu'Shan-e'Duth - (the lily of Testimony ), ( Psalm 60:1 )
Documental - ) Of or pertaining to written evidence; documentary; as, documental Testimony
Testification - ) The act of testifying, or giving Testimony or evidence; as, a direct testification of our homage to God
Testifying - Affirming solemnly or under oath, for the purpose of establishing a fact giving Testimony bearing witness declaring
Testify - ) To bear witness to; to support the truth of by Testimony; to affirm or declare solemny. ) To make a solemn declaration under oath or affirmation, for the purpose of establishing, or making proof of, some fact to a court; to give Testimony in a cause depending before a tribunal. ) To make a solemn declaration, verbal or written, to establish some fact; to give Testimony for the purpose of communicating to others a knowledge of something not known to them
Bushel - Matthew 5:15 (b) A type of business affairs under which some Christians bury their Testimony
Graciously - ...
His Testimony he graciously confirmed
Compurgator - ) One who bears Testimony or swears to the veracity or innocence of another
Testimony - The biblical concept of Testimony or witness is closely allied with the conventional Old Testament legal sense of Testimony given in a court of law. Uncertifiable subjective claims, opinions, and beliefs, on the contrary, appear in Scripture as inadmissible Testimony. Even the Testimony of one witness is insufficient—for Testimony to be acceptable, it must be established by two or three witnesses (Job 16:19-214 ). ...
Thus, within Scripture an inseparable bond exists between the message and its historical reliability on the basis of sound Testimony. ...
Testimony in the Old Testament . Testimony as the Revelation of God . The idea of Testimony is intrinsic to the idea of biblical revelation. The content of biblical revelation, whether general or special, stands as Testimony to its Giver. ...
Concerning God's special revelation of himself to Old Testament Israel, the Ten Commandments are called the Testimony (Exodus 31:8 ); as the revelation of God's legislation, they testify to his person and work and to his expectations for Israel. The ark and the tabernacle are also occasionally called the ark of the Testimony (Exodus 25:22 ; Numbers 4:5 ; Joshua 4:16 ) and the tabernacle/tent of the Testimony (Exodus 38:21 ; Numbers 10:11 ; 2 Chronicles 24:6 ). In these instances, Testimony more specifically refers to the revelatory self-witness of God to his people. All instances of this kind of prophecy in the Old Testamentof which there are manyappear as divine Testimony against unrepentant peoples. The content of the prophetic Testimony is often directly inspired revelation. ...
Testimony and the Lawcourt of God . As accuser, God testifies against Israel because of their sin (Psalm 50:7,21 ; Isaiah 57:16 ; Hosea 4:1 ; Micah 1:2 ; 6:2 ; Malachi 2:14 ); as judge, he reaches a just verdict on the basis of his own Testimony (Hosea 12:2 ; Micah 6:2,9-16 ; Zephaniah 3:7-8 ; Malachi 3:5 ). ...
Testimony also appears in the Old Testament as the legal proof of God's trustworthiness. The Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 31:14-32:44 ) and the Book of the Law (Deuteronomy 31:26 ) stand as Testimony against Israel; these documents contain God's prediction that Israel will one day rebel against him and turn to idols. ...
Testimony appears, moreover, as a visible reminder of God's supremacy. The Transjordan tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh built a replica of the Lord's altar near the Jordan, not for burnt offerings and sacrifices, but as Testimony to Israel that they would remain faithful to God's law given to Moses and that they had a continuing legal right to worship at the Lord's tabernacle even though living outside of the promised land (Joshua 22:27-28 ). ...
Testimony as the Proclamation of God as Lord and Savior . ...
Here Testimony is equivalent to proclamation. ...
Testimony in the New Testament . The New Testament takes up the Old Testament concept of Testimony and greatly expands it in light of God's special revelation in Jesus Christ. Here again the content of the Testimony is certifiable, objective evidence (John 3:11 ; Acts 1:21-22 ; 1 John 1:1-4 ), and for this reason, it is considered true (John 3:33 ; 5:32-33 ; 19:35 ; 21:24 ; 3 John 12 ). ...
Testimony Concerning the Divine Identity of the Earthly Jesus . Jesus regarded his personal Testimony as valid (8:14), but knowing that, according to Jewish law, appearing as one's own witness without confirmation invalidates the Testimony (5:31; 8:13-18), he summoned other witnesses, whose Testimony he also considered beyond dispute. John the Baptist also offers Testimony endorsing Jesus' self-claims about his divinity (3:26; 5:32-33): Jesus is the true light through whom all people can be saved (1:7-9), is preexistent (1:15), will baptize with the Spirit (1:32-33), and is the Son of God (1:34). ...
Jesus as Testimony about God . Jesus' Testimony, therefore, is about God as revealed through him. ...
Testimony and the Gospel . The legal sense of Testimony as the presentation of evidence plays a decisive role in the New Testament church's propagation of the gospel. Eyewitness Testimony is of utmost importance. It would have been untenable for Jewish Christians to use the Old Testament legal procedure for establishing the legitimacy of the gospel via the Testimony of multiple witnesses, if all the while knowing that historically the events had not transpired in the way they had so claimed. ...
The New Testament two types of witness as legal Testimony. Second, witness as legal Testimony frequently appears as a way of presenting the gospel. In a more general sense, it also refers to the way believers appealed to Jesus' life, the Old Testament Scriptures, the Spirit's presence and personal Testimony to substantiate the legitimacy of the gospel message. Proper Christian conduct, therefore, provides timeless Testimony to Jesus' perfect and final expression of God's love. ...
The Witness of the Spirit as the Testimony of God . According to John 3:16 , the Spirit's witness appears as God's Testimony that Jesus is his Son. Outwardly, "the signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit" appear as God's Testimony to the salvation first announced by Jesus and then confirmed by eyewitnesses (Hebrews 2:3-4 )
Witness, Martyr - The Testimony of a person, or something which bears Testimony to a person or an event. This meeting is Testimony to a particular person or event, such as God or the giving of the covenant, and provides a place of Testimony. One rendered Testimony based on observation which was to be true and faithful. In Psalm 119:1 , the law is the supreme “testimony” or monument to God. The legal sense of witness/testimony occurs in the synoptics during the trial of Jesus (Matthew 26:65 ; Mark 14:63 ; Luke 22:71 ). In John 1:1 , John the Baptist bore Testimony to the truth of Jesus' witness. In John 8:1 , Jesus reminded His hearers that according to the law the Testimony of two people is true. That very word comes from martureo and really states that Stephen was first and foremost a witness, giving Testimony. Ironically, the witness was put to death by witnesses to his Testimony ( Acts 7:58 ). ...
The death of Stephen serves as a stark reminder that true and faithful Testimony to Christ requires total commitment, even one's life
Shoshannim-Eduth - , "lilies, a Testimony"), probably the name of the melody to which the psalm was to be sung
Depose - ) To testify under oath; to bear Testimony to; - now usually said of bearing Testimony which is officially written down for future use
Decently - , "decently"), in contrast to the shamefulness of gentile social life; in 1 Thessalonians 4:12 , the contrast is to idleness and its concomitant evils and the resulting bad Testimony to unbelievers; in 1 Corinthians 14:40 , "decently," where the contrast is to disorder in oral Testimony in the churches
Unimpeachable - ) Not impeachable; not to be called in question; exempt from liability to accusation; free from stain, guilt, or fault; irreproachable; blameless; as, an unimpeachable reputation; unimpeachable Testimony
Bell - Exodus 28:33 (c) This represents the gracious and beautiful Testimony of GOD's people as they go about in the service of the King
Onesiphorus - This person is spoken of by the apostle Paul with honorable Testimony, 2 Timothy 1:16
Shoshannim - In Psalm 80 SHOSHANNIM EDUTH is the "testimony" (Psalms 78:5; Psalms 81:5) which points out the lovely ("lily like") salvation of the Lord. SHUSHAN EDUTH (Psalm 60) is "the lily of Testimony"; God's promise (Genesis 49; Deuteronomy 33; Numbers 24:17-19) of Canaan to Israel (Numbers 24:6) is His lovely Testimony, of which the assurance was already given in a partial deliverance (Numbers 24:4-5)
Refutation - ) The act or process of refuting or disproving, or the state of being refuted; proof of falsehood or error; the overthrowing of an argument, opinion, Testimony, doctrine, or theory, by argument or countervailing proof
Ebed-Melech - This man is spoken of with honourable Testimony in Scripture, for his service to the prophet Jeremiah
Accuracy - ) The state of being accurate; freedom from mistakes, this exemption arising from carefulness; exact conformity to truth, or to a rule or model; precision; exactness; nicety; correctness; as, the value of Testimony depends on its accuracy
Refute - ) To disprove and overthrow by argument, evidence, or countervailing proof; to prove to be false or erroneous; to confute; as, to refute arguments; to refute Testimony; to refute opinions or theories; to refute a disputant
Deposition - ) The act of laying down one's Testimony in writing; also, Testimony laid or taken down in writing, under oath or affirmation, before some competent officer, and in reply to interrogatories and cross-interrogatories
Enoch - The Holy Ghost: hath given a blessed Testimony to this man
Unweighed - Not deliberately considered and examined as, to leave arguments or Testimony unweighed
Somewhere - 1: πού (Strong's #4225 — Adverb — pou — poo ) a particle, signifies "somewhere" in Hebrews 2:6 ; 4:4 , RV (AV, "in a certain place"); the writer avoids mentioning the place to add stress to his Testimony
Compurgation - ) Exculpation by Testimony to one's veracity or innocence
Caleb - Son of Jephunneh, of whom honorable Testimony is given, Numbers 13:2
Jegar-Sahadutha - Pile of Testimony, the Aramaic or Syriac name which Laban gave to the pile of stones erected as a memorial of the covenant between him and Jacob (Genesis 31:47 ), who, however, called it in Hebrew by an equivalent name, Galeed (q
Amount - ) To rise, reach, or extend in effect, substance, or influence; to be equivalent; to come practically (to); as, the Testimony amounts to very little. ) The effect, substance, value, significance, or result; the sum; as, the amount of the Testimony is this
Celsus - A Pagan philosopher of the second century, who composed a work against Christianity, in which he so expressly refers to the facts of the Gospels, and to the books of the New Testament, as to have furnished important undesigned Testimony to their antiquity and truth
Witness - The Testimony or evidence adduced or given in confirmation of an assertion, and so often used judicially. Until God intervenes in power to establish His own purpose in regard to this world, He maintains a Testimony to that which He will assuredly accomplish. ...
The words μαρτυρέω, μαρτυρια, and μαρτύριονare translated both 'testimony' and 'witness. ' The ark was often called the "Ark of the Testimony," and the tabernacle was the "Tent of witness," the witness of good things to come. Stephen also was a true witness, and his Testimony led to his becoming a martyr (μάρτυς). God will to the last have a Testimony on earthas seen in His 'two witnesses' of Revelation 11 . ...
The Church, in the absence of the Lord Jesus, is the vessel of the Testimony of Christ, hence Christians should be in their whole life and deportment true witnesses to the rejected Christ. The Testimony of the church is characterised by — separation from the world; devotedness to the interests of the Lord Jesus on earth; faithfulness to the truth; unblamable moral conduct; and indeed, as the pillar and ground of the truth, by everything that becometh godliness
Martyr - The word ‘martyr’ comes from the Greek word that is used in the New Testament for ‘witness’ and ‘testimony’. People became known as martyrs when they died because of their witness, or Testimony, to their Lord (Revelation 6:9-11; Revelation 12:11; Revelation 17:6; Revelation 20:4)
Attestation - ) The act of attesting; Testimony; witness; a solemn or official declaration, verbal or written, in support of a fact; evidence
je'Gar-Sahadu'Tha - (heap of Testimony ), the Aramaean name given by Laban the Syrian to the heap of stones which he erected as a memorial of the compact between Jacob and himself
Unbelief - The refusing assent to Testimony. It is often taken for distrust of God's faithfulness, but more particularly for the discrediting the Testimony of God's word concerning his Son, John 3:18-19 . "...
"Unbelief, " says the great Charnock, "is the greatest sin, as it is the fountain of all sin: it was Adam's first sin; it is a sin against the Gospel, against the highest Testimony; a refusal to accept of Christ upon the terms of the Gospel
Forgery - In canon law, forgery may be by word, as false Testimony; or by writing, as falsifiication of a document; or by deed, as counterfeiting money; and finally it is also the conscious utilization of such forgery
Rechab - There are several of this name in Scrip ture; but he that is most recommended to our attention by the Holy Ghost, is he who by his rules to his family gave an honourable Testimony to the house of the Rechabites; and which is handed down to us of this house
Trim - ...
Matthew 25:7 (c) This illustrates the way that the Lord's people should remove from their lives anything that would keep their Testimony from shining out brightly for the Lord
Certificate - ) A written Testimony to the truth of any fact; as, certificate of good behavior
Testify - To make a solemn declaration, verbal or written, to establish some fact to give Testimony for the purpose of communicating to others a knowledge of something not known to them. In judicial proceedings, to make a solemn declaration under oath, for the purpose of establishing or making proof of some act to a court to give Testimony in a cause depending before a tribunal. To bear witness to to support the truth of by Testimony
Belief - Belief, in its more restrained sense, denotes that kind of assent which is grounded only on the authority or Testimony of some person. But when a thing is propounded to us, of which we ourselves have no knowledge, but which appears to us to be true from the Testimony given to it by another, this is what we call belief
Testimony - Testimony, TESTIMONIES...
These words would need no explanation in their simple sense and meaning, whether as they relate to the Lord's Testimony or to man's. Every one cannot but know, that the direct tendency of a Testimony is to witness to some certain truth. Thus the whole Bible is a Testimony of JEHOVAH'S sovereign will; and the Gospel a special Testimony of the riches of his grace in Christ Jesus to the church and people. (See Hebrews 7:26)...
In like manner the word testimonies, these had evidently a reference to the table of Testimony in the Jewish church. It was before this Testimony the omer of manna was placed
Witness of the Spirit - (Romans 8:16 ), the consciousness of the gracious operation of the Spirit on the mind, "a certitude of the Spirit's presence and work continually asserted within us", manifested "in his comforting us, his stirring us up to prayer, his reproof of our sins, his drawing us to works of love, to bear Testimony before the world," etc
Cedar - Cedars represent collective Christian Testimony. The palm tree in this verse represents the individual Testimony
Attest - ) Witness; Testimony; attestation
Bribery - The act or practice of giving or taking rewards for corrupt practices the act of paying or receiving a reward for a false judgment, or Testimony, or for the performance of that which is known to be illegal, or unjust
Bury - It is a Testimony of identification with CHRIST in His death, burial and resurrection
Inquisition, Canonical - Should the investigation justify further judicial procedure, an auditor is appointed to collect Testimony for as well as against the accused
Canonical Inquisition - Should the investigation justify further judicial procedure, an auditor is appointed to collect Testimony for as well as against the accused
Phinehas - The name seems to have been derived Panah, to shine, See an honorable Testimony given by the Lord himself to this man
Moses - ) And a blessed Testimony it is! But the same Testimony gives him no higher a character than a servant of Christ; and Moses himself thought this an honour high enough
Fan, Fanner - It is also used symbolically for the judgements of God, Isaiah 41:16 ; Jeremiah 15:7 ; Jeremiah 51:2 ; and for the discriminating power of the Testimony of the Lord Jesus
Candle - Job 18:6 (b) This is a type of the personal Testimony of a man during his daily life. ...
Psalm 18:28 (a) The Psalmist is telling us that GOD will give him a bright Testimony so that others might learn to know GOD through his ministry and messages. ...
Matthew 5:15 (b) This is a type of man's Testimony hidden in his business (the bushel), or dimmed by laziness (the bed)
Faith - " Faith accepts the truths revealed on the Testimony of God (not merely on their intrinsic reasonableness), that Testimony being to us given in Holy Scripture. " In its barest primary form, faith is simply crediting or accepting God's Testimony (1 John 5:9-13). The necessary consequence of crediting God's Testimony (pisteuoo Τheoo ) is believing in (pisteuoo eis ton huion , i. "trusting in") the Son of God; for He, and salvation in Him alone, form the grand subject of God's Testimony. The Holy Spirit alone enables any man to accept God's Testimony and accept Jesus Christ, as his divine Savior, and so to "have the witness in himself" (1 Corinthians 12:3)
Faith - I have strong faith or no faith in the Testimony of a witness, or in what a historian narrates. Simple belief of the scriptures, of the being and perfections of God, and of the existence, character and doctrines of Christ, founded on the Testimony of the sacred writers, is called historical or speculative faith a faith little distinguished from the belief of the existence and achievements of Alexander or of Cesar. Evangelical, justifying, or saving faith, is the assent of the mind to the truth of divine revelation, on the authority of God's Testimony, accompanied with a cordial assent of the will or approbation of the heart an entire confidence or trust in God's character and declarations, and in the character and doctrines of Christ, with an unreserved surrender of the will to his guidance, and dependence on his merits for salvation. In other words, that firm belief of God's Testimony, and of the truth of the gospel, which influences the will, and leads to an entire reliance on Christ for salvation. ...
Faith is an affectionate practical confidence in the Testimony of God. ...
Faith is an affectionate practical confidence in the Testimony of God
Agony of Christ - The sweat of blood is understood literally by almost all Catholic interpreters; medical Testimony has been alleged that such a phenomenon, though rare, is neither impossible nor preternatural
Caesarea - This place is rendered memorable in the gospel, from Jesus passing near the coasts of it when Peter gave so blessed a Testimony to the GODHEAD of his master
Except - ) To take exception; to object; - usually followed by to, sometimes by against; as, to except to a witness or his Testimony
Bribe - A bribe is a consideration given or promised to a person, to induce him to decide a cause, give Testimony, or perform some act contrary to what he knows to be truth, justice or rectitude
Auricular Confession - The Testimony of the first three centuries regarding confession, while not abundant, affords unquestionable evidence that, although public confession was very common, auricular confession, especially of secret sins, was in use
Unbelief - Of the Testimony of God makes him a liar, and is a sin of the greatest enormity
Venerable - The places where saints have suffered for the Testimony of Christ - rendered venerable by their death
Publican - Hence the Jews classed them with sinners, and would not allow them to enter the temple or the synagogues, to partake of the public prayers or offices of judicature, or to give Testimony in a court of justice
Set - ’ ‘Set to’ means to affix , as John 3:33 ‘He that hath received his Testimony hath set to his seal that God is true
Evidence - That which elucidates and enables the mind to see truth proof arising from our own perceptions by the senses, or from the Testimony of others, or from inductions of reason. The Testimony of two witnesses is usually sufficient to evidence the guilt of an offender
Witness - Their witness was their Testimony (Exodus 20:16; John 3:11). The two tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments were a witness, or Testimony, to God’s demands and to Israel’s acceptance of them (Exodus 24:3; Exodus 24:12). They were therefore called the Testimony (Exodus 25:21), the ark of the covenant in which they were placed was called the ark of the Testimony (Exodus 25:16), and the tabernacle (or tent) in which the ark was kept was called the tabernacle of the Testimony (Exodus 38:21). The gospel was sometimes called the witness, or Testimony, of Christ (1 Corinthians 1:6; 1 Timothy 6:13-14; 2 Thessalonians 1:10). In these circumstances they had to bear the same Testimony to the truth as Jesus had borne (Acts 22:20; 1 Corinthians 2:1; Revelation 1:9)
Lamp - It is also taken by some to represent the perfect Testimony of the Word of GOD. ...
1 Kings 15:4 (b) Here is a figure of the Testimony and life of King David. They were to exhibit the faith which David had and to carry on the Testimony which David maintained. ...
Proverbs 13:9 (b) The Lord tells us in this passage, as well as in other portions, that the influence of the wicked, and the memory of them, as well as their public Testimony, will be blotted out, for they have no value to GOD. ...
Matthew 25:1 (a) It is generally believed that these lamps refer to the Testimony of these virgins. The oil represents the presence of the Holy Spirit Himself, and when He is present the Testimony of the one who speaks savors of Heaven and presents a spiritual tone which is absent in other testimonies. The lamp represents the Testimony and the message which that unusual person brought to the earth
Vouch - ) To bear witness; to give Testimony or full attestation
Faithful Witness - ,one who may be trusted and whose Testimony never falls short of the truth
Sackcloth - , Genesis 42:25 , and for garments worn as expressing mourning or penitence, Matthew 11:21 ; Luke 10:13 , or for purposes of prophetic Testimony, Revelation 11:3
Belief - ) Assent to a proposition or affirmation, or the acceptance of a fact, opinion, or assertion as real or true, without immediate personal knowledge; reliance upon word or Testimony; partial or full assurance without positive knowledge or absolute certainty; persuasion; conviction; confidence; as, belief of a witness; the belief of our senses
Weariness - The allusion is an eloquent Testimony to the fact that He who is touched by the feeling of our infirmity shared that infirmity in its commonest effect of physical exhaustion
Dove (2) - Bochart supposes chick-peas here meant; but Keil, without deciding the question, produces Testimony that excrement has been used for food in famine, and that the literal meaning is not impossible
Testimony - The whole Scripture, or word of God, which declares what is to be believed, practised, and expected by us, is called God's "testimony," and sometimes in the plural "testimonies," Psalms 19:7
Witness, Faithful - ,one who may be trusted and whose Testimony never falls short of the truth
Oath - As an appeal to the Testimony of God, it is an act of religion. An oath may be: ...
assertory, whereby God is called to witness the truth of an assertion of fact, past or present
promissory, whereby God is called upon as a witness to a resolution, a vow, or an agreement made with another party, and as a "guaranty and pledge of future fulfillment
To have a valid oath there must be the intention, at least virtual, of invoking the Testimony of God, and a word or sign by which such an intention is manifested
Authority - Testimony witness or the person who testifies as, the Gospels or the evangelists are our authorities for the miracles of Christ. Weight of Testimony credibility as a historian of no authority
Martyr - ...
As of one bearing Testimony to the truth of what he has seen or known (Luke 24:48 ; Acts 1:8,22 ; Romans 1:9 ; 1 Thessalonians 2:5,10 ; 1 John 1:2 )
Believe - ) To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or Testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider; as, to believe a person, a statement, or a doctrine
Manifest - From the Testimony, the truth we conceive to be manifest
Battlement - Deuteronomy 22:8 (c) The thought of the passage is that we are to seek to establish preventive measures or ample protection around the church, the people of GOD, and the Testimony of our Lord
Puah - The honourable Testimony given of this woman, as well as Shiphrah, see Exodus 1:15-22; and the houses said to be built for them is rather to be taken figuratively, that the Lord built up their households
Bells - They were on Aaron's robes, "a bell and a pomegranate," Testimony and fruit were to mark all his goings, as they should accompany the Christian's walk through being attached to Christ
Oil, Olive - In the Old Testament God commanded that a lamp filled with purest oil of olives should always burn in the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Exodus 27); it was also used in many religious ceremonies, e
Olive Oil - In the Old Testament God commanded that a lamp filled with purest oil of olives should always burn in the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Exodus 27); it was also used in many religious ceremonies, e
Arrows - Compare Ezekiel 5:16 ), or of some sudden danger (Psalm 91:5 ), or bitter words (Psalm 64:3 ), or false Testimony (Proverbs 25:18 )
Chains - " (Acts 28:20) "Be not thou, therefore, ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord, of me his prisoner
Heart - ...
The process of salvation begins in the heart by the believing reception of the Testimony of God, while the rejection of that Testimony hardens the heart (Psalm 95:8 ; Proverbs 28:14 ; 2 Chronicles 36:13 )
Shoshan'Nim - As the words now stand they signify "lilies, a Testimony," and the two are separated by a large distinctive accent
to-Day - Go and do likewise, living, but dying men! Now is the accepted time; to-day, according to the true Testimony of his adversaries, 'This man receiveth sinners
Despair - The Testimony of God: he hath said, he desireth not the death of the sinner
Verbal - ) Expressed in words, whether spoken or written, but commonly in spoken words; hence, spoken; oral; not written; as, a verbal contract; verbal Testimony
Immortality - All arguments, however, are unsatisfying without the Testimony of Scripture
Drusilla - Paul bore Testimony before them to the truth of the Christian religion, Acts 24:24
Candlestick - ...
Revelation 2:5 (a) This is clearly a type of the Testimony of an individual or of a church wherein the person and work of CHRIST no longer are properly presented to the public. They bear GOD's Testimony in a hostile land
Peter, Second Epistle of - (2 Peter 1:1-13 ) Referring then to his approaching death, the apostle assigns as grounds of assurance for believers his own personal Testimony as eye-witness of the transfiguration and the sure word of prophecy--that is the Testimony of the Holy Ghost
Resurrection of Christ - This is the great central fact on the Testimony of which the structure of Christianity has been reared. Evidence of the fact was also borne to the Jews by the apostles in the power and by the gifts of the Spirit, Acts 4:10 , confirming what they had themselves seen and heard and the Testimony of the scriptures
Mailros, Chronica de - 1140the work is compiled from earlier histories; from then on it is the Testimony of writers who lived for the most part within 50 years of the events recorded
Pergamos - Antipas, Christ's "faithful martyr," here sealed his Testimony with his blood
Confirmation - ) That which confirms; that which gives new strength or assurance; as to a statement or belief; additional evidence; proof; convincing Testimony
Recital - ) The act of reciting; the repetition of the words of another, or of a document; rehearsal; as, the recital of Testimony
Amiss - It is used four times in the NT, and is rendered "amiss" three times in the RV; in the malefactor's Testimony of Christ, Luke 23:41 ; in Festus' words concerning Paul, Acts 25:5 , "if there is anything amiss in the man" (AV, "wickedness"); in Acts 28:6 , of the expected effect of the viper's attack upon Paul (AV, "harm"); in 2 Thessalonians 3:2 , of men capable of outrageous conduct, "unreasonable
Light - It refers also to the Testimony of the Christian, as in Matthew 5:16. It refers to the defense of the believer who lives above reproach and has a godly Testimony before his neighbors, as in Romans 13:12
Mark, Gospel of - The most direct Testimony is that of Irenaeus, who says it was after the death of the apostles Peter and Paul. --As to the place, the weight of Testimony is uniformly in favor of the belief that the Gospel was written and published at Rome. --Mark was not one of the twelve; and there is no reason to believe that he was an eye and ear witness of the events which he has recorded but an almost unanimous Testimony of the early fathers indicates Peter as the source of his information. This Testimony is confirmed by other witnesses
Revela'Tion of st. John, - is also described as a servant of Christ, one who had borne Testimony as an eye-witness of the word of God and of the Testimony of Christ. He is in Patmos for the word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Eusebius also records that, in the persecution under Domitian, John the apostle and evangelist was banished to the Island Patmos for his Testimony of the divine word
Caesar's Household - The Testimony of inscriptions makes it certain that most of the persons named in Romans 16:1-27 were’ of Cæsar’s household
Examine - ) To interrogate as in a judicial proceeding; to try or test by question; as, to examine a witness in order to elicit Testimony, a student to test his qualifications, a bankrupt touching the state of his property, etc
Hezekiah - (See Isaiah 36:1-22; Isaiah 37:1-38; Isaiah 38:1-22; Isaiah 39:1-8) The miraculous effect wrought on the sun-dial, in confirmation of the Lord's promise to Hezekiah, is an evident Testimony of the Lord's favour to this prince
Candace - That the queen mentioned in the Acts was converted by the instrumentality of her servant, and that the country thus received Christianity at that early period, are statements not supported by any good Testimony
Bible, Authority of the - It is sometimes suggested that this invalidates the Bible's Testimony to its own authority, through it is a matter of logic that the highest authority must be its own authority. Moreover, the Bible's self-testimony is pluriform and, in turn, sustained by the Testimony of others; especially, the internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit. ...
First, the pluriform character of the Bible's self-testimony. The canonical claim takes the form of interlocking claims and evidences that include the phenomena of the divine speech, the particular Testimony of Jesus Christ to the character of what we call the Old Testament, and the authoritative use of canonical books by the writers of others. Second, the Bible's Testimony is sustained by the use of the Bible in the church, as its authority has been recognized and found to be effective for the definition of doctrine and ethics, the public preaching of the gospel, and private devotion. Third, the chief ground of the believer's and the church's confidence in the authority of Holy Scripture lies in the internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the Christian. ...
The Biblical Testimony . Perhaps the most striking, if often least noticed, Testimony is the sustained interweaving of the direct speech of God in the text of the canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. ...
The second thread of internal Testimony within Scripture may be traced through apostolic use of other canonical books. ...
The Testimony of the Holy Spirit Central to Christian confidence in the authority of Scripture lies the conviction that behind every argument and experience that lead the believer to trust the Bible there is another witness to be discerned; that of God the Holy Spirit, himself inspirer and interpreter of Scripture, as he testifies to that Word of God. We have noted that it is not possible for a supreme authority to find final Testimony in anything lesser. As Calvin puts it, "For as God alone is a fit witness of himself in his Word, so also the Word will not find acceptance in men's hearts before it is scaled by the inward Testimony of the Spirit
Magistrate (2) - Their presence before the magistrates and their utterance in such a situation will constitute a twofold Testimony—a Testimony against the unbelief and injustice of their accusers, and perhaps also of the magistrates (Mark 13:11)—and a Testimony to the truth of the gospel and to their own fidelity (Luke 21:13)
Magus, Simon - According to the Testimony of Saint Justin, a native of Gitta, he was converted by the preaching of Philip in Samana and was baptized
Candle - the word signifies a lamp, and in some passages is typical of the Testimony of God, which should be manifested in those receiving it, and should not be hidden
Hearing - Judicial trial attention to the facts, Testimony and arguments in a cause between parties, with a view to a just decision
Enoch - He has this remarkable Testimony, "that he walked with God;" an expression denoting near communion with the Lord, and conformity to his will
Gilead - the name given to the monument erected by Laban and Jacob, in Testimony of a mutual covenant and agreement, Genesis 31:47-48
Simonans - According to the Testimony of Saint Justin, a native of Gitta, he was converted by the preaching of Philip in Samana and was baptized
Simon Magus - According to the Testimony of Saint Justin, a native of Gitta, he was converted by the preaching of Philip in Samana and was baptized
Hew, Hew Down, Hewn - A — 1: ἐκκόπτω (Strong's #1581 — Verb — ekkopto — ek-kop'-to ) "to cut out or down" (ek, "out of," kopto, "to cut"), is rendered "to hew down," of trees, Matthew 3:10 ; 7:19 (a similar Testimony by John the Baptist and Christ); Luke 3:9
Canon of Scripture - "The Testimony," or Decalogue written by God's finger on the tables of stone, was put into the ark (Exodus 25:16; Exodus 40:20; 1 Kings 8:9). Isaiah (Isaiah 8:20) as representative of the prophets makes the law the standard of appeal: "to the law and to the Testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them
Savor - A — 1: εὐωδία (Strong's #2175 — Noun Feminine — euodia — yoo-o-dee'-ah ) "fragrance" (eu, "well," ozo, "to smell"), is used metaphorically (a) of those who in the Testimony of the gospel are to God "a sweet savor of Christ," 2 Corinthians 2:15 ; (b) of the giving up of His life by Christ for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for an odor (osme, see No. 1, in the three passages mentioned, as of an odor accompanying an acceptable sacrifice; in 2 Corinthians 2:14,16 (twice), of the "savor" of the knowledge of Christ through Gospel Testimony, in the case of the perishing "a savor from death unto death," as of that which arises from what is dead (the spiritual condition of the unregenerate); in the case of the saved "a savor from life unto life," as from that which arises from what is instinct with life (the spiritual condition of the regenerate): in Ephesians 5:2 , "a (sweetsmelling) savor;" in Philippians 4:18 , "an odor (of a sweet smell);" cp
Faith - Is that assent which we give to a proposition advanced by another, the truth of which we do not immediately perceive from our own reason and experience; or it is a judgment or assent of the mind, the motive whereof is not any intrinsic evidence, but the authority or Testimony of some other who reveals or relates it. The Greek word, translated faith, comes from the verb, to persuade; the nature of faith being a persuasion and assent of the mind, arising from Testimony or evidence. The objects hereof are matters of human Testimony or evidence. ...
These are the ideas which are generally annexed to the definition of saving faith; but, accurately speaking, faith is an act of the understanding, giving credit to the Testimony of the Gospel; and desire, expectation, confidence, &c. It discerns the evil of sin, the holiness of God, gives credence to the Testimony of God in his word, and seems to precede repentance, since we cannot repent of that of which we have no clear perception, or no concern about
Corrupt - ...
Matthew 7:17 (b) This is GOD's description of a professing Christian whose Testimony and ministry are not according to the truth of GOD
Confirm - The Testimony of Christ was confirmed in you
Regulae Juris - , if a man has been proven a perjurer once, he is excluded from giving Testimony again, but he would not be considered a homicide from the fact that he was a perjurer
Enoch - It was a Testimony to his rare piety in an ungodly age that he was translated without seeing death, like Elijah
Witness (2) - This Testimony is unmistakable and unqualified. He appealed to the Father’s Testimony concerning Him, or else silently waited till it should be brought to light. The witness of the Father to Jesus includes both the personal, inward Testimony to Jesus Himself, which resulted in His full consciousness as Messiah and Son (see art. The works are a Testimony from the Father; for Jesus declares: ‘The Father abiding in me doeth his works. The Testimony of the works issues from His whole life and ministry. It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the Person and work of Jesus Christ are the object of this Testimony. The Spirit’s Testimony is coextensive with the objective Testimony. The climax of the inward Testimony is personal assurance; but the inward witness is inseparable from the outward. Faith does come by hearing (Romans 10:17)—the fact of the vital union with Christ is proof of the adequacy of the word of Testimony. ...
But the effectiveness of the word of Testimony is absolutely conditioned upon the operation of the Holy Spirit. And unless the hearer is aided by the Spirit to apprehend and to prove the Testimony, the word concerning peace, fellowship, freedom, and the power of an endless life would be but empty sound. The mere fact that they were the first witnesse is of itself sufficient to give to their Testimony a peculiar importance and to make it for evangelical Christians the last resort. ...
For the sake of their Testimony many of Christ’s servants have been called upon to suffer death. ‘This is not to be understood, as in ecclesiastical Greek, in the sense that death was the form of their Testimony, but in reference to their Testimony of Jesus as having occasioned their death’ (Cremer, Lex
Aaron's Rod - The rod was thereafter ordered to be laid up in perpetuity ‘ before the (ark of the) Testimony for a token against the rebels’ ( Numbers 17:10 )
Ed - " After the division of the Promised Land, the tribes of Reuben and Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh, on returning to their own settlements on the east of Jordan (Joshua 22:1-6 ), erected a great altar, which they affirmed, in answer to the challenge of the other tribes, was not for sacrifice, but only as a witness ('Ed) or Testimony to future generations that they still retained the same interest in the nation as the other tribes
Martyrs, Acts of the - They may be classified as follows: ...
Official reports of the interrogatories, few in number, among the most famous being the "Passio Cypriani" and the "Acta Martyrum Scillitanorum"
Non-official records, made either by eye-witnesses or by contemporaries recording the Testimony of eye-witnesses, including "Martyrium San Polycarpi," "Acta SS
Walls - A “brazen wall” is symbolic of prophets and their Testimony against the wicked (Jeremiah 15:20 )
Hem of the Garment - On the hem of the high priest's robe were pomegranates of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and twined linen, placed alternately with a golden bell — typifying that fruit and Testimony flow from Christ's heavenly position, and are borne and rendered by Christians through abiding in Him
Capernaum - He speaks of it as 'exalted to heaven;' perhaps in the privilege of the presence and Testimony of the Lord; but, because of refusing Him and His works, it should be 'brought down to hell' (Hades)
Andrew - Ere he knew Jesus he had been influenced by the preaching of John the Baptist, and became his disciple, and it was on hearing the Baptist’s Testimony that he attached himself to Jesus ( John 1:35-40 )
From - , are regarded as setting out or beginning; also, less frequently, the source, the cause, the occasion, out of which anything proceeds; - the aritithesis and correlative of to; as, it, is one hundred miles from Boston to Springfield; he took his sword from his side; light proceeds from the sun; separate the coarse wool from the fine; men have all sprung from Adam, and often go from good to bad, and from bad to worse; the merit of an action depends on the principle from which it proceeds; men judge of facts from personal knowledge, or from Testimony
Acts of the Martyrs - They may be classified as follows: ...
Official reports of the interrogatories, few in number, among the most famous being the "Passio Cypriani" and the "Acta Martyrum Scillitanorum"
Non-official records, made either by eye-witnesses or by contemporaries recording the Testimony of eye-witnesses, including "Martyrium San Polycarpi," "Acta SS
Daniel, Book of - ...
We have the Testimony of Christ (Matthew 24:15 ; 25:31 ; 26:64 ) and his apostles (1 Corinthians 6:2 ; 2 th 2:3 ) for its authority; and (2) the important Testimony of (Ezekiel 14:14,20 ; 28:3 )
Pithom - The Holy Ghost compels the foes of the church thus to give Testimony, however unwillingly, to the dutiful and honourable deportment of the people. Thus the Lord carries on the gracious purposes of his government in the minds of men in all ages! We have another striking Testimony of a like kind to the good conduct of the Lord's people upon a similar occasion, when the people were again brought into bondage. (See Judges 4:1-24 and Judges 5:1-31) The mother of Sisera gave this unintentional Testimony to the good housewifery of our mothers in Israel, when, looking out at a window to watch for the coming of her son in triumph, she cried out,"Have they not divided the preys to every man a damsel or two; to Sisera a prey of divers colours, a prey of divers colours of needlework, of divers colours of needlework on both sides, meet for the necks of them that take the spoil?" (Judges 5:30) Here we see that the daughters of Israel, as their fathers before them, ate not the bread of idleness, for their divers colours of needlework manifested their industry
Ear-Rings - His Testimony in supported by Dr. It is worn, by the Testimony of Egmont, in the same manner by the women of Egypt. We know from the Testimony of Pliny, that rings with the images of their gods were worn by the Romans
Miracle - " ...
The credibility of miracles is established by the evidence of the senses on the part of those who are witnesses of them, and to all others by the Testimony of such witnesses. The witnesses were competent, and their Testimony is trustworthy. Unbelievers, following Hume, deny that any Testimony can prove a miracle, because they say miracles are impossible. We believe a thousand facts, both of history and of science, that are contrary to our experience, but we believe them on the ground of competent Testimony
Jesse, Rod of - "Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the Testimony" (Numbers 17)
Tahpanhes - In its ruins was found an abundance of Greek pottery, iron armour, and arrowheads of bronze and iron, while numerous small weights bore Testimony to the trade that passed through it
Shut, Shut up - 1: κλείω (Strong's #2808 — Verb — kleio — kli'-o ) is used (a) of things material, Matthew 6:6 ; 25:10 ; Luke 11:7 ; John 20:19,26 ; Acts 5:23 ; 21:30 ; Revelation 20:3 ; figuratively, Revelation 21:25 ; (b) metaphorically, of the Kingdom of heaven, Matthew 23:13 ; of heaven, with consequences of famine, Luke 4:25 ; Revelation 11:6 ; of compassion, 1 John 3:17 , RV (AV, "bowels of compassion"); of the blessings accuring from the promises of God regarding David, Revelation 3:7 ; of a door for Testimony, Revelation 3:8
Gilead - Hill of Testimony, (Genesis 31:21 ), a mountainous region east of Jordan
Authority - ) Testimony; witness
Aaron, Rod of - "Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the Testimony" (Numbers 17)
Wolf - ...
Acts 20:29 (a) The wolf is used in this case to represent wicked, cruel leaders who, in the name of Christianity and the Church, will burn, maim, torture, kill and seek to destroy GOD's people and GOD's Testimony
Teraphim - Nevertheless, as in the case of Rachel there seems a pretty clear Testimony that her Teraphim were idols for worship, it is more than probable the whole we meet with in Scripture were to the same purpose
Examination - In judicial proceedings, a careful inquiry into facts by Testimony an attempt to ascertain truth by inquiries and interrogatories as the examination of a witness or the merits of a cause
Ark of the Covenant - Also called the "Ark of the Testimony" (Exodus 30:6), "Ark of God" (1 Samuel 3:3), and the "Ark of the covenant of the Lord" (Deuteronomy 10:8)
Alliance - ) is typical of the church making alliances with the world which have so sadly dimmed and destroyed the Testimony which should have been borne by a heavenly people
Rod of Jesse - "Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the Testimony" (Numbers 17)
Scripture, Rod in - "Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the Testimony" (Numbers 17)
Martyr - It is doubtless possible to be put to death as a Christian, without real love for Christ, 1 Corinthians 13:3 ; but in general "the noble army of the martyrs" have borne a true and overwhelming Testimony to the power and preciousness of faith in Christ; and their blood witnesses before God against their foes, especially against that apostate church which is "drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus," Revelation 17:6
Pinnacle - Here, as Josephus informs us and the excavations corroborate his Testimony a spectator looking down into the valley of the Kidron ‘would turn giddy, while his sight could not reach down so such an abyss’ ( Ant
Assurance - This infallible assurance, which believers may attain unto as to their own personal salvation, is founded on the truth of the promises (Hebrews 6:18 ), on the inward evidence of Christian graces, and on the Testimony of the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8:16 ). That such a certainty may be attained appears from the Testimony of Scripture (Romans 8:16 ; 1 John 2:3 ; 3:14 ), from the command to seek after it (Hebrews 6:11 ; 2 Peter 1:10 ), and from the fact that it has been attained (2 Timothy 1:12 ; 4:7,8 ; 1 John 2:3 ; 4:16 )
Dispensation, - This was an additional Testimony for God. Among these ignorance of God prevailed in spite of the Testimony of God's power and divinity, and the admonition of conscience spoken of in Romans 1,2 . Connected with this was prophetic Testimony: the law and the prophets were until John
Mortal Sin - The gravity of matter is determined by Holy Scripture, by the definitions of the Church, by the Testimony of the Fathers, Doctors, and theologians, by the universal belief of the faithful, and by reason enlightened by faith
Fame - All the passages under this heading relate to the Testimony concerning Christ in the days of His flesh
Evidence - Is that perception of truth which arises either from the Testimony of the senses, or from an induction of reason
Centurion - The centurion at the Lord's crucifixion uttered the Testimony so remarkable from a Gentile: "certainly this was a righteous man"; Luke's explanation (Luke 23:47) of what a Gentile would mean by saying, "Truly this was the Son of God" (Matthew 27:54)
Apply - To put, refer or use, as suitable or relative to something as, to apply the Testimony to the case
Except - I except to a witness, or to his Testimony, on account of his interest or partiality
Law - Also called Testimony, commandments, statutes, precepts, judgments, the Word, and words
John - ...
There is another John surnamed Mark, spoken of with honourable Testimony in the New Testament
Triumph - The main thought is that of the display, "in Christ" being the sphere; its evidences are the effects of gospel Testimony
Sin, Mortal - The gravity of matter is determined by Holy Scripture, by the definitions of the Church, by the Testimony of the Fathers, Doctors, and theologians, by the universal belief of the faithful, and by reason enlightened by faith
Mat'Thew, Gospel of - --The Testimony of the early Church is unanimous that Matthew wrote originally in the Hebrew language. -- The Testimony of the early Church is unanimous that Matthew wrote first of the early Church is among the evangelists
Conscience - Reid, who says, "The Testimony of our moral faculty, like that of the external senses, is the Testimony of nature, and we have the same reason to rely upon it. "As we rely," says he, "upon the clear and distinct Testimony of our eyes, concerning the colours and figures of the bodies about us, we have the same reason to rely, with security, upon the clear and unbiassed Testimony of our conscience, with regard to what we ought and ought not to do
Martyr - The early Christians, who bore witness to the truth of those facts upon which Christianity rests, were liable at any time to be given a choice between death and a denial of their Testimony
Abimelech - King of Gerar of the Philistines, who took Sarah into his harem; but being warned of God in a dream, he restored her to Abraham, and gave him 1,000 pieces of silver as a "covering of the eyes" for Sarah, that is, as an atoning present, and to be a Testimony of her innocence in the eyes of all
Rock - ; Hosea 10:8 ); Luke 8:6,13 , used illustratively; 1 Corinthians 10:4 (twice), figuratively, of Christ; in Romans 9:33 ; 1 Peter 2:8 , metaphorically, of Christ; in Matthew 16:18 , metaphorically, of Christ and the Testimony concerning Him; here the distinction between petra, concerning the Lord Himself, and Petros, the Apostle, is clear (see above)
Three - 1: τρέχω (Strong's #5143 — Verb — treis — trekh'-o ) is regarded by many as a number sometimes symbolically indicating fullness of Testimony or manifestation, as in the three persons in the Godhead, cp
Ahijah - " Jeroboam bears Testimony to the high esteem in which he was held as a prophet of God (1Kings 14:2,3)
Mercy Seat - God, thus reconciled through the blood sprinkled on the mercy-seat, could speak to His people "from off the mercy-seat that was upon the ark of the Testimony" (Numbers 7:89; Psalms 80:1)
Gadara - It is identified with the modern village of Um-Keis, which is surrounded by very extensive ruins, all bearing Testimony to the splendour of ancient Gadara
Hosts, Lord of - It came in with prophetic Testimony, faith laying hold of Jehovah's glory when Israel had corrupted themselves, and were in a weak and low estate
Flower - Exodus 25:33 (b) By this figure is represented the beauty of the Testimony of the church, of the individual Christian, and of the Holy Spirit
Zaccheus - And hence, by the way, a sweet Testimony to that blessed truth, that Christ was given both for a light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the glory of his people Israel
Banner - Psalm 60:4 (a) Evidently this is the confession which a Christian makes; it is the Testimony which he bears to the truth of GOD and to his faith in his Lord
Witness - And it is most blessed to every child of God at one time or the other to receive this Testimony of the Holy Ghost, witnessing to their adoption character
Assurance - We also meet with: ...
1, the full assurance of faith, Hebrews 10:22 ; the reception of God's Testimony respecting the work of Christ and the glory He now enjoys:...
2, the full assurance of hope, Hebrews 6:11 , issuing in continued diligence of the saints in their work and labour of love: and ...
3, the full assurance of understanding, Colossians 2:2 , for full knowledge in the mystery of God
Magi - God thus raised up from the Gentiles a Testimony as to the 'holy child' in the midst of Jerusalem, though all there were troubled at the announcement
Prove - ) To evince, establish, or ascertain, as truth, reality, or fact, by argument, Testimony, or other evidence
Experience - , and as ‘the seal’ or ‘witness (testimony) of the Holy Spirit,’ ‘of our conscience,’ etc
Apphia - Authorized Version , following inferior manuscript Testimony, substitutes ‘beloved’ (ἀγαπητῇ); some Manuscripts have both words
Write - ) To make known by writing; to record; to prove by one's own written Testimony; - often used reflexively
Elimelech - This man was the husband of Naomi, whom we read of with such honourable Testimony for her faith in God, in the book of Ruth; and as so much is contained in that sweet fragment of sacred Scripture, in allusion to the Lord Jesus Christ, I thought it proper to notice in this place, this name
Demetrias, Roman Virgin - He exhorts her to prefer the coenobitic to the hermit life, and bears Testimony, as he had done 30 years before to Eustochium, to the excellence of the virgin-state, notwithstanding the attacks made upon it
Rosh - 1640, contended that Russia was the nation meant by the term Ros; and this opinion is supported by the Testimony of various Greek writers, who describe "the Ros as a Scythian nation, bordering on the northern Taurus
Revelation - " ( John 7) ...
"the works themselves which I do, give Testimony of Me, that the Father hath sent Me" (John 5) ...
"For I give you to understand, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man
Thessalonians, Epistle to the 1 And 2 - In the first epistle, Paul rejoices over Timothy's good report of the faith of Christians at Thessalonica; and confirms them against the persecutions and temptations they would meet, by discussing the miraculous Testimony of God to the truth of the gospel, 1 Thessalonians 1:5-10 ; the character of its preachers, 1 Thessalonians 2:13 ; the holiness of its precepts, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 ; and the resurrection of Christ and his people, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11
Salute - In the navy, a Testimony of respect or deference rendered by the ships of one nation to the ships of another, or by ships of the same nation to a superior or equal
Mustard - Contrast the Testimony of the NT, e
Palsy - In the absence of competent and explicit medical Testimony, it would be idle to conjecture whether any of these cases was organic rather than functional, or how large a part suggestion played in their cure
Christ, Divinity of - The Testimony of Christ, concerning Himself clearly reveals Him as the: Divine Son of God, and it is proved that Christ's' Testimony is worthy of credence, and that the Gospels are authentic historical documents
Divinity of Christ - The Testimony of Christ, concerning Himself clearly reveals Him as the: Divine Son of God, and it is proved that Christ's' Testimony is worthy of credence, and that the Gospels are authentic historical documents
Faith (2) - ...
Now, what will the soldier do? If he imitates those who before believing wish to see and feel, and like the apostle Thomas wait for palpable proof before relying upon Testimony, he will say, 'a captain of the guard always wears a captain's uniform, and mine is only that of a common soldier. ...
You now see how a person may be sure that God gives peace: it is by believing his Testimony, just as this soldier believed that of his emperor
Of - , "the Testimony of Jesus" is objective, signifying the Testimony borne to Him
Witness - ...
A — 2: μαρτυρία (Strong's #3141 — Noun Feminine — marturia — mar-too-ree'-ah ) "testimony, a bearing witness," is translated "witness" in Mark 14:55,56,59 ; Luke 22:71 ; John 1:7,19 (RV); 3:11,32,33 (RV); 5:31,32,34 (RV),36; RV in 8:13,14,17; 19:35; 21:24; AV in Titus 1:13 ; AV and RV in 1 John 5:9 (thrice), 10 (1st part); RV in 1 John 5:10 (2nd part),11; 3 John 12 : see Testimony , No. ...
A — 3: μαρτύριον (Strong's #3142 — Noun Neuter — marturion — mar-too'-ree-on ) "testimony or witness as borne, a declaration of facts," is translated "witness" in Matthew 24:14 , AV; Acts 4:33 ; 7:44 (AV); James 5:3 (AV): see Testimony , No
Sandemanians - His sentiments are fully explained in a tract, published at that time, entitled, "The Testimony of the King of Martyrs, " and preserved in the first volume of his works. Sandeman attempts to prove that justifying faith is no more than a simple belief of the truth, or the divine Testimony passively received by the understanding; and that this divine Testimony carries in itself sufficient ground of hope to every one who believes it, without any thing wrought in us, or done by us, to give it a particular direction to ourselves. They dealt largely in calls and invitations to repent and believe in Christ, in order to forgiveness; but he rejects the whole of them, maintaining that the Gospel contained no offer but that of evidence, and that it was merely a record or Testimony to be credited. ...
See Glass's Testimony of the King of Martyrs; Sandeman's Letters on Theron ant
Savior - 1: παρεκτός (Strong's #3924 — Adverb — soter — par-ek-tos' ) "a savior, deliverer, preserver," is used (a) of God, Luke 1:47 ; 1 Timothy 1:1 ; 2:3 ; 4:10 (in the sense of "preserver," since He gives "to all life and breath and all things"); Titus 1:3 ; 2:10 ; 3:4 ; Jude 1:25 ; (b) of Christ, Luke 2:11 ; John 4:42 ; Acts 5:31 ; 13:23 (of Israel); Ephesians 5:23 (the sustainer and presever of the church, His "body"); Philippians 3:20 (at His return to receive the Church to Himself); 2 Timothy 1:10 (with reference to His incarnation, "the days of His flesh"); Titus 1:4 (a title shared, in the context, with God the Father); 2:13, RV, "our great God and Savior Jesus Christ," the pronoun "our," at the beginning of the whole clause, includes all the titles; Titus 3:6, 2 Peter 1:1 , "our God and Savior Jesus Christ; RV, where the pronoun "our," coming immediately in connection with "God," involves the inclusion of both titles as refering to Christ, just as in the parallel in 2 Peter 1:11 , "our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (AV and RV); these passages are therefore a Testimony to His deity; 2 Peter 2:20 ; 3:2,18 ; 1 John 4:14
Apply - ) To make use of, declare, or pronounce, as suitable, fitting, or relative; as, to apply the Testimony to the case; to apply an epithet to a person
Confirmation - That which confirms that which gives new strength or assurance additional evidence proof convincing Testimony as, this fact or this argument is a confirmation of what was before alleged
Action Francaise - Aroused by the movement's subsequent activity, Pope Pius XI, rafter an examination of all Testimony, disapproved and warned, September 1926
Abba - This adoption into the family of God, inseparably follows our justification; and the power to call God our Father, in this special and appropriative sense, results from the inward Testimony given to our forgiveness by the Holy Spirit
Pretorium - Paul speaks also of the pretorium (English translation, "palace") at Rome, in which he gave Testimony to Christ, Philippians 1:13
Trinity - But Archbishop Tillotson has shown, by the most convincing arguments imaginable, that transubstantiation includes, the most palpable contradictions; and that we have the evidence of our eyes, feeling, and taste, that what we receive in the Lord's supper is bread, and not the body of a man; whereas we have the Testimony of our eyes alone, that the words "This is my body, " are at all in the Scriptures. Now this in intelligible to the meanest capacity: it is fairly made out, and perfectly unanswerable: but who ever attempted thus to prove the doctrine of the Trinity to be self-contradictory? What Testimony of our senses, or what demonstrated truth, does it contradict? Yet till this be shown, it is neither fair nor convincing, to exclaim against it as contradictory, absurd, and irrational
Mock, Mocker, Mocking - ...
A — 3: χλευάζω (Strong's #5512 — Verb — chleuazo — khlyoo-ad'-zo ) "to jest, mock, jeer at" (from chleue, "a jest"), is said of the ridicule of some of the Athenian philosophers at the Apostle's Testimony concerning the resurrection of the dead, Acts 17:32 . 3, "to scoff at," whether by gesture or word, is said of those who jeered at the Testimony given on the Day of Penticost, Acts 2:13 (some mss
Ark - , was historic ally later than ‘the ark of Jahweh,’ and ‘the ark of God’ (Jewish Encyclopedia ), and earlier than ‘the ark of the Testimony’ (P). ’ When the Decalogue came to be known as ‘the Testimony,’ the new name ἡ κιβωτὸς τοῦ μαρτυρίου was introduced, but it did not displace the older phrases. ‘In this was nothing at all,’ is Josephus’ emphatic Testimony (Bellum Judaicum (Josephus) v
Resurrection of Christ - The Testimony of the apostles furnishes us with arguments, and there are eight considerations which give the evidence sufficient weight. The place in which they bore their Testimony. The time of this Testimony: not years after, but three days after, they declared he was risen; yea, before their rage was quelled, while Calvary was yet dyed with the blood they had spilt. It must be supposed either that five hundred persons were all deprived of their senses at a time, or that they were all deceived in the plainest matters of fact; or that this multitude of false witnesses had found out the secret of never contradicting themselves or one another, and of being always uniform in their Testimony
Bereans - " With regard to the various distinctions and definitions that have been given of different kinds of faith, they argue that there is nothing incomprehensible or obscure in the meaning of this word as used in Scripture; but that as faith, when applied to human Testimony, signifies neither more nor less than the mere simple belief of that Testimony as true, upon the authority of the testifier, so, when applied to the Testimony of God, it signifies precisely "the belief of his Testimony, and resting upon his veracity alone, without any kind of collateral support from concurrence of any other evidence or Testimony whatever. they consider as restricted to the apostles, and to the inspired Testimony alone, and not to be extended to any church on earth, or any number of churches or of Christians, whether decided by a majority of votes, or by unanimous voices
Job - His Testimony to immortality as the mainstay of his patience is the climax of the prayers of the Church in the services over the departed
Chair of Peter - Portable chair preserved at the Vatican and believed to be a chair used by Saint Peter, the extant Testimony referring to it dating from the 2century
Transubstantiation - It must be evident to every one who is not blinded by ignorance and prejudice, that our Lord's words, "This is my body, " are mere figurative expressions: besides, such a transubstantiation is so opposite to the Testimony of our senses, as completely to undermine the whole proof of all the miracles by which God hath confirmed relation
Faith - ) Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting solely and implicitly on his authority and veracity; reliance on Testimony
Spoil - ...
Colossians 2:8 (a) The thought presented by this type is that of ruining; the Testimony and the godly life of a believer through the teaching of false doctrines, or of evil practices
Philemon, the Epistle of Paul to, - Nothing is wanted to confirm the genuineness of the epistle: the external Testimony is unimpeachable; nor does the epistle itself offer anything to conflict with this decision
Fellow - Who but must rejoice, when he thus receives God the Father's own Testimony to the oneness and fellowship in the divine nature between God the Father, and God the Son. Here again, the Lord JEHOVAH, the Father, gives the like Testimony; for speaking to Joshua, the type of Jesus, the Lord saith, "Here now, O Joshua the high priest, thou and thy fellows that sit before thee, for they are men wondered at" (Zechariah 3:8) Wondered at indeed, to be fellow to him in his human nature, who, in his divine nature, "is fellow to the Lord of hosts!" But so it is: for the truth is undeniable. " (Isaiah 8:18) See this more fully explained, (Hebrews 2:11-13) Hence also, the Holy Ghost bears Testimony to the same in that glorious Scripture, when speaking of his mediatorial throne, and the covenanting of Christ for his people; "Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever; the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre. ...
And while the Lord Jesus himself bears Testimony to the fellowship and equality between himself and his Father, saying, "I and my Father are one," (John 10:30) none after this would fancy fellow meant neighbour
Profession (2) - The distinction between profession and confession is valuable when we consider the varying emphasis laid by the Gospels on verbal Testimony as an element in the confession of Christ. So He prized the bold Testimony of Peter at Caesarea Philippi as being a sign of the rock-fast loyalty of His disciple (Matthew 16:17-19); so also He mourned over the later weakness of the disciples and the verbal denial of Peter, as betokening a certain diminution of their allegiance (Mark 14:27; Mark 14:30, Luke 22:61). But, further, Christ repeatedly cautioned His followers against all ill-timed Testimony. It is then, when the day and hour are calling for a clear and living Testimony, that profession becomes one with confession, and the word has fullest force: ‘Whosoever shall confess me before men, him will I also confess before my Father which is in heaven’ (Matthew 10:32 f
Conscience - It may be defined to be the judgment which a man passes on the morality of his actions as to their purity or turpitude; or the secret Testimony of the soul, whereby it approves things that are good, and condemns those that are evil. An act, say they, would be represented as an agent, whereas conscience is a Testimony. Conscience is evil in itself when it gives either none or a false Testimony as to past actions; when reflecting upon wickedness it feels no pains, it is evil, and said to be seared or hardened, 1 Timothy 4:2
Truth - " (John 6:37) See Testimony
Due - So in 1 Timothy 2:6 , "the Testimony to be borne in its own (AV, 'due') times (seasons);" 1 Timothy 6:15 , "in its own (idios) times (seasons);" similarly in Titus 1:3
Libya - Philo bears Testimony to their diffusion in his time ‘from the Katabathmos of Libya (ἀπὸ τοῦ πρὸς Λιβύην καταβαθμοῦ) to the borders of Ethiopia’ (in Flaccum, 6)
Incense - ...
The incense was also to be put on burning coals in a censer and carried by the high priest into the most holy place on the Day of Atonement, that the cloud of incense might cover the mercy seat that was upon the Testimony, 'that he die not
Commandments, the Ten - The two stones are also called the 'tables of the Testimony,' Exodus 34:29 , and they were laid up in the ark of the covenant, Exodus 40:20 ; 1 Kings 8:9 ; Hebrews 9:4 ; over which were the two cherubim as guardians of God's rights together with the mercy-seat
Oracle - It is doubtless so called because God said, "There I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the Testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel
Gabbatha - And while with that contempt which marked Pilate's character, we hear him say, "Shall I crucify your king?"the chief priests, unconscious of what they said, answered,"We have no king but Caesar;"thereby fulfilling the dying patriarch Jacob's prophecy (that "the sceptre should not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come;" Genesis 49:10 and thus proving from their own Testimony, that the Shiloh was come
Simeon - It is believed, with good reason, that he died soon after he had given his Testimony to Jesus Christ
Inspiration - The Testimony of the sacred writers themselves abundantly demonstrates this truth; and if they are infallible as teachers of doctrine, then the doctrine of plenary inspiration must be accepted
Remnant - ' In every crisis in the history of Israel there has been a remnant: this was seen in the time of Ahab (1 Kings 19:18 ), and so too in the introduction of Christianity (Luke 2:38 ), and that it will be so in the future is abundantly evident from the Testimony of the prophets
Philippians, Epistle to the - The Testimony is not viewed as opposed by the Jewish leaders, as in the beginning of the Acts, nor in conflict with Judaising influences, as at Antioch; but as in contact with the world power (Rome), which was holding Paul, the vessel of it, in bondage. This is the proper place of the church in Testimony here
Enoch - " While mankind were living in open rebellion against Heaven, and provoking the divine vengeance daily by their ungodly deeds, he obtained the exalted Testimony, "that he pleased God. The cloud of witnesses which the Apostle has produced of Old Testament worthies, all bore, in their respective generations, their Testimony to this great doctrine, in opposition to the atheism or theism, and gross idolatry, which prevailed around them
Faith - ...
This assent to or belief in the truth received upon the divine Testimony has always associated with it a deep sense of sin, a distinct view of Christ, a consenting will, and a loving heart, together with a reliance on, a trusting in, or resting in Christ. It consists chiefly, not in the assent given to the Testimony of God in his Word, but in embracing with fiducial reliance and trust the one and only Saviour whom God reveals. ...
The warrant or ground of faith is the divine Testimony, not the reasonableness of what God says, but the simple fact that he says it
Tradition - ...
We receive the Christian Lord's day and infant baptism not on the inherent authority of the fathers, but on their Testimony as witnesses of facts which give force to the infiltrations of Scripture. We are no more bound to accept the fathers' interpretation (which by the way is the reverse of unanimous; but even suppose it were so) of Scripture, because we accept the New Testament canon on their Testimony, than to accept the Jews' interpretation of the Old Testament because we accept the Old Testament canon on their Testimony; if we were, we should be as bound to reject Jesus, with the Jews, as to reject primitive Scripture Christianity with the apostate church
Gospel - All ancient Testimony, however, goes to show that it was published before the others. The unanimous Testimony of ancient writers is in favor of a Hebrew original, that is, that it was written in the language of Palestine and for the use of the Hebrew Christians. But, on the other hand, the definiteness and accuracy of this Testimony is drawn into question; there is no historical notice of a translation into Greek; and the present Greek gospel bears many marks of being an original; the circumstances of the age, too, and the prevalence of the Greek language in Palestine, seem to give weight to the opposite hypothesis
Commandments, the Ten - They are as a whole called "the covenant" (Deuteronomy 4:13 ), and "the tables of the covenant" (9:9,11; Hebrews 9:4 ), and "the Testimony
Revelation, Book of - Those who are in favour of the later date appeal to the Testimony of the Christian father Irenaeus, who received information relative to this book from those who had seen John face to face
Galenus, Physician - For apologetic remarks on Galen's Testimony see Lardner's Credibility (Works, vol
Peace - This term is used to express the present attitude and Testimony of God toward man consequent on the declaration of God's righteousness in the death of Christ
Baptist - What a blessed Testimony to the GODHEAD and glory of Oh! that Socinians and Deists would think of it!...
Foundation - " (1 Corinthians 3:11) And blessed is the corresponding experience and Testimony of true believers in the heart, when built upon the foundations of apostles and prophets, "Jesus Christ being the chief corner-stone; they are in all the building fitly framed, and growing together unto an holy temple in the Lord
Mercy Seat - God said to Moses, "I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are upon the ark of the Testimony
Faith - Faith is distinguished from credulity in that it does not accept anything as true which is not based on sufficient evidence; it is contrasted with unbelief in that it accepts whatever is proposed to it when the Testimony thereof is adequate
Earthquake - 2), the often-used imagery of the earthquake bears eloquent Testimony to a fearful experience
Adoption - It consists in the reward witness or Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the sonship of believers, from which flows a comfortable persuasion or conviction of our present acceptance with God, and the hope of our future and eternal glory. That he excites this filial confidence, and enables us to call God our Father, by witnessing, bearing Testimony with our spirit, "that we are the children of God. But as there is a current and generally understood sense of this term, implying that the assurance of our present acceptance and sonship implies an assurance of our final perseverance, and of an indefeasible title to heaven; the phrase, a comfortable persuasion, or conviction of our justification and adoption, arising out of the Spirit's inward and direct Testimony, is to be preferred. For, our faith may not at first, or at all times, be equally strong, and the Testimony of the Spirit may have its degrees of clearness
John, Gospel of Saint - The Biblical Commission, May 29, 1907, declared that the constant and universal tradition from the 2century, the Testimony of the Fathers and ecclesiastical writers, the codices, versions and catalogs of the Sacred Books, all give convincing proof that the fourth Gospel was written by Saint John and that it is a strictly historical document
Church Colors - Red is used on the Feasts of Martyrs,typifying that they shed their blood for the Testimony of Jesus; itis also used at Whitsun Tide, symbolizing the cloven tongues offire in the likeness of which the Holy Ghost descended on theApostles
Apollonius of Ephesus - of Ephesus, but the silence of Eusebius and all other earlier Testimony makes it difficult to lay much stress on this statement
Bourignonists - The Light of the World, and The Testimony of Truth
Luke, Gospel of Saint - The Gospel contains 24 chapters and maybe divided into: ...
the hidden life (1-2)
preaching of Saint John, baptism, and temptation (3:1 to 4:13)
teaching, miracles, and works of mercy in Galilee and the founding of the Church (4:14 to 9:50)
the "Perean Ministry," work of Jesus outside of Galilee (9:51 to 19:28)
ministry in Jerusalem (19:29 to 21:38)
Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension (22-24)
The Biblical Commission, June 26, 1912, declared that the harmonious tradition from the earliest ages, the Testimony of ancient writers, the use of the Gospel by the early Church, constitute certain proof that Saint Luke wrote the entire Gospel as contained in our Bibles before the year 70, and that it is a true historical document
Lamb of God - ” John's Testimony probably should be seen as a combination of both concepts
Gospel of Saint Luke - The Gospel contains 24 chapters and maybe divided into: ...
the hidden life (1-2)
preaching of Saint John, baptism, and temptation (3:1 to 4:13)
teaching, miracles, and works of mercy in Galilee and the founding of the Church (4:14 to 9:50)
the "Perean Ministry," work of Jesus outside of Galilee (9:51 to 19:28)
ministry in Jerusalem (19:29 to 21:38)
Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension (22-24)
The Biblical Commission, June 26, 1912, declared that the harmonious tradition from the earliest ages, the Testimony of ancient writers, the use of the Gospel by the early Church, constitute certain proof that Saint Luke wrote the entire Gospel as contained in our Bibles before the year 70, and that it is a true historical document
Bow (Rainbow) - The rainbow is a Testimony, a proclamation of the grace and goodness of GOD toward evil men
Breastplate, High Priest's - THE ROBE, made of blue, worn over the coat, on the edge of which were alternately a bell and a pomegranate (testimony and fruit): the colour is heavenly, indicating the character of the priesthood of Christ
Presents - We read in Scripture of presents upon various occasions; and it should seem to have been intended as not only important on account of the value of what was given, but also more so as a Testimony of some particular meaning
Aristo Pellaeus - " This Testimony is the only one connecting the name of Aristo with the dialogue, and though doubt has been thrown on its trustworthiness by its strange assertion that Clement attributed the work to St
Felix (1) i, Bishop of Rome - Notwithstanding this Testimony, his martyrdom seems inconsistent with the silence of the Liberian Catalogue, and with his name appearing in the Depositio Episcoporum, not the Depositio Martyrum of the same date
Perfect - " There are various applications of the term which can be gathered from the context of each occurrence, but in general it may be said to have reference either to the purging of conscience, which is indispensable to the service of God, or to intelligence of a true standard (dead and risen with Christ) as a necessity to Testimony for Christ here
Show - ) To make apparent or clear, as by evidence, Testimony, or reasoning; to prove; to explain; also, to manifest; to evince; as, to show the truth of a statement; to show the causes of an event
History - We say, we have a concise history of the prisoner in the Testimony offered to the court
Gospel of Saint John - The Biblical Commission, May 29, 1907, declared that the constant and universal tradition from the 2century, the Testimony of the Fathers and ecclesiastical writers, the codices, versions and catalogs of the Sacred Books, all give convincing proof that the fourth Gospel was written by Saint John and that it is a strictly historical document
Apochrypha - They were written after the days of Malachi, in whom, according to the universal Testimony of the Jews, the spirit of prophecy ceased, Malachi 4:4-6
Epistle to the Hebrews - The unbroken Testimony of the Eastern Fathers, the perfect accord in the Western Church since the 4th century, the decrees of popes and councils, the constant practise of the universal Church, the similarity and harmony existing between this and other epistles of Saint Paul prove that he is its author; the differences in style and language are perhaps due to one of Saint Paul's disciples who put it in the form in which it now stands (Biblical Commission, June 24, 1914)
Mouth - ) Speech; language; Testimony
Andrew - He was at first a disciple of John the Baptist, whom he left to follow our Saviour, after the Testimony of John, "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world," John 1:29 , and was the first disciple received by our Saviour
Reconciliation - God was in Christ, when Christ was on earth, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing unto them their trespasses; but now that the love of God has been fully revealed in the cross, the Testimony has gone out world wide, beseeching men to be reconciled to God
Hebrews, Epistle to the - The unbroken Testimony of the Eastern Fathers, the perfect accord in the Western Church since the 4th century, the decrees of popes and councils, the constant practise of the universal Church, the similarity and harmony existing between this and other epistles of Saint Paul prove that he is its author; the differences in style and language are perhaps due to one of Saint Paul's disciples who put it in the form in which it now stands (Biblical Commission, June 24, 1914)
Tradition - " Inasmuch as the Church is the "Witnessand keeper of Holy Writ," and that it is upon her Testimony that weknow what is the Bible, it is but reasonable to defer to herinterpretation, her universal customs and traditions as to itsmeaning
Vettius Epagathus - " The word "martyr," as at first used, did not necessarily imply that he who bore witness for Christ sealed his Testimony by death; and Renan ( Marc Aurèle , p
Censer - He may be supposed to have been misled (a) by the ambiguous instructions regarding it given in Exodus 30:6 : ‘thou shall put it before the veil that is by the ark of the Testimony, before the mercy-scat that is over the Testimony’; (b) by its designation as ἅγιον τῶν ἁγίων in Exodus 30:10; and (c) especially by the fact that in Exodus 25:23-40; Exodus 26:35, only the candlestick and the table are mentioned as standing in the holy place
Peter, First Epistle of - They had thus the means for the service of God and for Testimony to man. ...
The peculiar character of this moment, in which judgement as the issue of God's moral government is imminent, is marked by the reference to the time of Noah, whose Testimony in preparing the ark was that of coming judgement; but at the same time of a way of salvation
Tabernacle - , where God promised to meet with Israel (Exodus 29:42 ); the "tabernacle of the Testimony" (Exodus 38:21 ; Numbers 1:50 ), which does not, however, designate the whole structure, but only the enclosure which contained the "ark of the Testimony" (Exodus 25:16,22 ; Numbers 9:15 ); the "tabernacle of witness" (Numbers 17:8 ); the "house of the Lord" (Deuteronomy 23:18 ); the "temple of the Lord" (Joshua 6:24 ); a "sanctuary" (Exodus 25:8 ). ...
The holy of holies, a cube of 10 cubits, contained the "ark of the Testimony", i
Miracle - "It is indeed, we believe, universally admitted that the miracles mentioned in the book of Exodus, and in the four Gospels, might, to those who saw them performed, be sufficient evidence of the divine inspiration of Moses and of Christ; but to us it may be thought that they are no evidence whatever, as we must believe in the miracles themselves, if we believe in them at all, upon the bare authority of human Testimony. Hume, indeed, endeavoured to prove, that 'no Testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle? and the reasoning employed for this purpose is, that 'a miracle being a violation of the laws of nature, which a firm and unalterable experience has established, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience' can be: whereas our experience of human veracity, which (according to him) is the sole foundation of the evidence of Testimony, as far from being uniform, and can therefore never preponderate against that experience which admits of no exception. Campbell, in his Dissertation on Miracles, who justly observes, that so far is experience from being the sole foundation of the evidence of Testimony, that, on the contrary, Testimony is the sole foundation of by far the greater part of what Mr. Hume calls firm and unalterable experience; and that it, in certain circumstances, we did not give an implicit faith to Testimony, our knowledge of events would be confined to those which had fallen under the immediate observation of our own senses. But if this accusation be well founded, their Testimony itself is as great a miracle as any which they record of themselves, or of their Master. The existence of other laws of nature we know by Testimony, and our own observation of the regularity of their effects. If the Testimony of the first preachers of Christianity were true, the miracles recorded in the Gospel were certainly performed, and the doctrines of our religion are derived from heaven. On the other hand, if that Testimony were false, either God must have miraculously effaced from the minds of those by whom it was given, all the associations formed between their sensible ideas and the words of language, or he must have endowed those men with the gift of prescience, and have impelled them to fabricate a pretended revelation for the purpose of deceiving the world, and involving themselves in certain and foreseen destruction. The object of the former miracles is worthy of a God of infinite wisdom, goodness, and power; the object of the latter is absolutely inconsistent with wisdom and goodness, which are demonstrably attributes of that Being by whom alone it follows, that the supposition of the apostles bearing false Testimony to the miracles of their Master, implies a series of deviations from the laws of nature infinitely less probable in themselves than those miracles: and therefore, by Mr. Hume's maxim, we must necessarily reject the supposition of falsehood in the Testimony, and admit the reality of the miracles
Deborah - Deborah's authority under God was evidenced by Barak's desire to have her present with him in the army camp (Judges 4:8 ,Judges 4:8,4:14 ) and by the Testimony to her leadership in the song (Judges 5:7 ,Judges 5:7,5:12 ,Judges 5:12,5:15 )
Simplicity - ’ It is ‘the Testimony of the Lord’ that makes the simple wise ( Psalms 19:7 ; cf
Ephesians, Epistle to the - The right of this epistle to a place in the canon of inspired books has never been contested, while its Pauline authorship is proclaimed both by its style and contents, and by the universal Testimony of antiquity
Mark, Gospel of Saint - " The sixteen chapters are written in the chronological order, with some exceptions, and follow these general divisions: ...
preparation through the preaching of Saint John, the baptism, and temptation (1,2-13)
the preaching and miracles of Jesus in Galilee (1,14, to 9,50)
the journey to Jerusalem for the feast of the Pasch, and the last days of Our Lord's teaching (10-13)
the Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension (14-16)
The Biblical Commission, June 26, 1912, declared that all reasonable doubt that Saint Mark is the author of the second Gospel as now contained in our Bibles, and that the Gospel was written before the year 70 and according to the preaching of Saint Peter, has been removed by the clear evidence of tradition from the earliest ages, as found in the Testimony of the Fathers, in the use of the Gospel by early Christians, and its place in ancient codices and versions
Witness - root is to repeat, re-assert, and we find the word used in the following connexions: (1) Witness meaning evidence , Testimony , sign (of things): a heap of stones ( Genesis 31:44 ), the Song of Moses ( Deuteronomy 31:26 ), Job’s disease ( Job 16:8 ), the stone set up by Joshua at Shechem ( Joshua 24:27 )
Adjure - " Oh! precious Testimony of Jesus, and from Jesus himself
Quench, Unquenchable - in Mark 9:44,46 ); (b) metaphorically, of "quenching" the fire-tipped darts of the evil one, Ephesians 6:16 ; of "quenching" the Spirit, by hindering His operations in oral Testimony in the church gatherings of believers, 1 Thessalonians 5:19
Thessalo'Nians, Second Epistle to the, - The internal character of the epistle too, as in the former case, bears the strongest Testimony to its Pauline origin
Language - But what a decided proof is this, among may, of the overruling power of God to cause good to spring out of evil, that as sin induced a confusion of languages, grace rendered this very confusion a means for the greater display of the riches of mercy in the confirmation of the truth of the gospel; for by the confusion at Babel, and the diversity of languages that followed, what a blessed opportunity was thereby afforded, when at the day of Pentecost, the poor, ignorant, and unlearned disciples of Jesus gave Testimony of the truth by conversing with the greatest fluency in no less than fifteen different languages to the different nations of the earth then assembled at Jerusalem
Bed - ...
Mark 4:21 (b) The teaching is that we should not hide our Testimony under indolence and laziness
Believe - BELIE'VE, To credit upon the authority or Testimony of another to be persuaded of the truth of something upon the declaration of another, or upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by other circumstances, than personal knowledge
Albanus - But the Testimony of Germanus, in Constantius's Life of him, seems sufficient proof that a tradition of the martyrdom of somebody named Albanus existed at Verulamium a century and something more after the supposed date of that martyrdom
Token - ...
Genesis 9:12 (b) The rainbow is GOD's Testimony that He will never again send a universal flood to destroy life upon the earth
Epistle to the Ephesians - The right of this epistle to a place in the canon of inspired books has never been contested, while its Pauline authorship is proclaimed both by its style and contents, and by the universal Testimony of antiquity
Daniel - In fact, the corresponding fulfilment of the prophecy with the prediction, becomes the best and most decided Testimony to their truth; for this is the seal of God the Holy Ghost
Crete - They therefore had continually holydays, diversions, and idle times, and one of their native poets (Diodorus calls him Θεολογος gave them the Testimony which Paul found to be so true, Titus 1:12
Pitch - It is known that the plain of Shinar did abound with it, both in its liquid and solid state; that there was there a cave and fountain which was continually casting it out; and that the famous tower and no less famous walls of Babylon were built by this kind of cement, is confirmed by the Testimony of several ancient authors
Abimelech - A king of Gerar, and contemporary with Abraham, who took Sarah into his harem, and thought to make her his wife; but being warned of God in a dream of Sarah's relationship to Abraham, that she was not his sister, but his wife, he restored her to her husband, with a present of a thousand pieces of silver, as "a covering of the eyes" for Sarah; that is, as an atoning present, and to be a Testimony of her innocence in the eyes of all
Murder - Death was usually inflicted by stoning, upon the Testimony of at least two witnesses, Numbers 35:30
Philadel'Phia, - ) (Revelation 3:7-13 ) Even Gibbon bears the following well-known Testimony to the truth of the prophecy, "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee in the hour of temptation": "At a distance from the sea, forgotten by the (Greek) emperor encompassed, all sides by the Turks, her valiant citizens defended their religion and freedom above fourscore years
Soter, Bishop of Rome - But the writer is generally so unworthy of credit that his Testimony is of no value
Thomas - When Jesus appeared to the disciples on the evening of the Resurrection day, Thomas was absent, and was unable afterwards to accept the Testimony, ‘We have seen the Lord. He requires direct personal evidence, and will not hastily accept the Testimony even of his friends
Advocate - And He would testify to them about Jesus, the unseen Lord, and they would repeat His Testimony to the world ( John 15:26-27 ). And He would make their Testimony effective, ‘convicting the, world regarding sin, righteousness, and judgment’ ( John 16:8-11 )
Ark - ...
The ark was a Testimony of Noah's faith because no large body of water stood nearby on which Noah could have floated such a large boat. These details may be of interest, but are of far less significance than the message of the biblical ark itself as Testimony to God's unmerited grace
Burn - ...
Luke 12:35 (a) This term is used to describe a clear, bright Testimony for GOD, which would illuminate and inspire those who came under its influence. ...
John 5:35 (a) This refers to the active, forceful Testimony of John the Baptist
Ascension - Here we learn that the scene was more precisely the Mount, of Olives ( Acts 1:12 ); that the final conversation, to which allusion is possibly made in Mark 16:19 , concerned the promise of the Holy Spirit ( Mark 16:6-8 ); and that the Ascension, so far as it was an event and therefore a subject of Testimony, took the form of the uplifting of the bodily form of Jesus from the earth till it disappeared in a cloud ( Mark 16:9-10 ). ]'>[5] ],’ as must necessarily be the case where the doctrine of the Ascension is concerned; Acts, on the other hand, which purports to describe an event, rigidly keeps within the limits of Testimony. ’ But it is nevertheless a fact which came within the experience of the Apostles, and can therefore claim a measure of historical Testimony
Synagogue - ...
It is important to see that everywhere in their own buildings a clear Testimony was borne by the Lord Himself as to the significance of His appearance among them; and afterwards by Paul and others to the work He had accomplished by His death and resurrection for them — reference being constantly made to the scriptures which they professed to reverence and to follow. The reality of the Testimony was happily proved by the salvation of many, and which left those who refused it without excuse. The only case recorded is that of the man born blind, when he bore Testimony to Christ
Pilate - By the Testimony even of his judges, Pilate and Herod, after examination of evidence. By the Testimony of the traitor Judas, who hanged himself in despair, for betraying the innocent blood. By the Testimony of the Roman centurion and guard, at his crucifixion, to his divinity and righteousness
Sin - The greater heinousness of the sin of these men would consist in their rejecting a greater body of Testimony; for they are supposed to be acquainted with the resurrection of our Saviour from the dead, with his ascension into heaven, with the miraculous descent of the Holy Ghost, and with the supernatural powers which it communicated; circumstances, all of which were enforced by the Apostles when they preached the Gospel; but none of which could be known to those who refused to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah during his actual ministry. Though this was a great sin, it was not an unpardonable one, it might be remedied by subsequent belief, by yielding to subsequent Testimony. But, on the other hand, they who finally rejected the accumulated and complete evidence of Jesus being the Messiah, as exhibited by the inspired Apostles, precluded themselves from the possibility of conviction, because no farther Testimony would be afforded them, and consequently, there being no means of repentance, they would be incapable of forgiveness and redemption
Analogy of Faith - Cambell remarks:—...
"In vain do we search the Scriptures for their Testimony concerning Christ, if, independently of these Scriptures, we have received a Testimony from another quarter, and are determined to admit nothing as the Testimony of Scripture which will not perfectly...
quadrate with that formerly received
Numbers, Book of - But, after all, "what this book was is uncertain, whether some writing of Israel not now extant, or some writing of the Amorites which contained songs and triumphs of their king Sihon's victories, out of which Moses may cite this Testimony, as Paul sometimes does out of heathen poets (Acts 17:28 ; Titus 1:12 )
Pharisees - ...
While the Jews continued to be divided into these two parties, the spread of the Testimony of the Gospel must have produced what in the public eye seemed to be a new sect, and in the extensive development which took place at Antioch, Acts 11:19-26 , the name "Christians" seems to have become a popular term applied to the disciples as a sect, the primary cause, however, being their witness to Christ (see CALL , A, No
Praise - ...
The modes of praise are many, including the offering of sacrifices (Leviticus 7:13 ), physical movement (2 Samuel 6:14 ), silence and meditation (Psalm 77:11-12 ), Testimony (Psalm 66:16 ), prayer (Philippians 4:6 ), and a holy life (1 Peter 1:3-9 )
Witness - (Exodus 22:13 ) ...
According to Josephus, women and slaves were not admitted to bear Testimony
Beloved Disciple - The last reference to this disciple is a veiled reference to himself as the writer of this Testimony, the Gospel of John (John 21:24 )
Slowness of Heart - Bengel, who paraphrases, ‘void of mind and slow of heart’) as the joint cause of their failure to understand and believe the Testimony of the prophets concerning Himself
Appeal - To refer to another for the decision of a question controverted, or the counteraction of Testimony or facts as, I appeal to all mankind for the truth of what is alleged
Lily - ...
Hosea 14:5 (a) This is a type of Israel in the regeneration when they will be restored to the Lord and shall bring joy to His heart by the beauty and fragrance of their Testimony
Record - ) Testimony; witness; attestation
Judgment - We must judge of every proposition by those proper and peculiar means or mediums, whereby the evidence of it is to be obtained, whether it be sense, consciousness, intelligence, reason, or Testimony
Emilianus (8), Solitary - of Saragossa, written about 50 years after his death, on the Testimony of four of his disciples
Bourignonists - Her works are very numerous, making eighteen volumes in octavo: of which the principal are, "The Light of the World;" "The Testimony of Truth;" and "The Renovation of the Gospel Spirit;" which are much in esteem among the admirers of mystical theology
Publican - It is even said that they would not allow them to enter the temple or the synagogues, to engage in the public prayers or offices of judicature, or to give Testimony in a court of justice
Vespasianus, Titus Flavius - 611), contrary to all previous Christian Testimony, he couples Vespasian with Nero and Decius
Baptism - Those who refuse to be baptized thereby reject GOD's Testimony about their wickedness and sinfulness. The Christian emerges from the watery grave to bear witness and Testimony that he is "alive unto God" and is walking with Him
Magdala - An incidental Testimony in support of this identification is given by Rabbi Schwarz, who asserts that the cave of Teliman or Talmanutha was in the cliffs which overlooked the sea behind the site of el-Mejdel. To this may be added the Testimony of the Rabbins, that Magdala was adjacent to the city of Tiberias (Otho, Lex Rabb. ...
The generally accepted view that the descriptive surname of Mary—‘Magdalene’—used several times in the NT, and by all the Evangelists, was derived from her home or birthplace, is confirmed by the Testimony of Edersheim, who asserts that several Rabbis are spoken of in the Talmud as ‘Magdalene’ or residents of Magdala
Waldenses - ...
For bearing this noble Testimony against the church of Rome, these pious people were for many centuries the subjects of a most cruel persecution; and in the thirteenth century, the pope instituted a crusade against them, and they were pursued with a fury perfectly diabolical. This was, however, wholly on account of their pretended heresies,—their bitterest enemies bearing Testimony to the purity of their life and manners. " But most remarkable is the Testimony of Reinerus, an inquisitor of the thirteenth century: "Of all the sects which have been, or now exist, none is more injurious to the church, (that is, of Rome,) for three reasons:...
Apocalypse - As to the author, the weight of Testimony throughout all the history of the church is in favor of John, the beloved apostle
God - The arguments generally adduced by theologians in proof of the being of God are: ...
The a priori argument, which is the Testimony afforded by reason
Bells - The high priest alone was admitted, as wearing the robe of God's word and bearing the divine Testimony, upon which the covenant fellowship was founded which ensured his not dying
Net - ...
Ecclesiastes 7:26 (a) In this way the Lord is warning us against the tricks and traps of Satan who would like to destroy the Testimony of the people of GOD
Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit - He is also the power of life and the power for Testimony
Sarah - The reader will do well to turn to the relation given of her in the book of Genesis, and in summing up her character to recollect what honorable Testimony the Holy Ghost hath given of Sarah in giving her a place among those illustrious persons-who all died, as they had lived, in faith, "not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them
Stephen - He, lifting up his eyes to heaven, saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, and bore Testimony to this
Degree - In colleges and universities, a mark of distinction conferred on students, as a Testimony of their proficiency in arts and sciences giving them a kind of rank, and entitling them to certain privileges
From - Men judge of facts from personal knowledge, or from Testimony
Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem - ]'>[1] The friendship of Alexander and Origen was warm and lasting; and the latter bears Testimony to the remarkable gentleness and sweetness of character manifested in all Alexander's public instructions (Orig
Dust - To shake off the dust of their feet, as a Testimony against house or city, meant that it had passed under the ban of their Lord, and the symbolic act proclaimed that ‘nought of the cursed thing’ clave to them
Fat - " (Psalms 17:10) If these views be well founded, it may serve also by way of additional Testimony to the truth of Scripture, that the law in all points was but a shadow, the body is Christ
Lot - it could not have been discovered that he was a righteous man; but this Testimony is given of him in 2 Peter 2:7,8 , where he is called 'just Lot,' who, as a righteous man, was daily vexed in his soul by the unlawful deeds of those among whom he dwelt
Gilead - There were several mountains of this name lying eastward of Jordan The term itself is evidently taken from the word Gal, an heap; and Houd, Testimony
Openly - 1: παρρησία (Strong's #3954 — Noun Feminine — parrhesia — par-rhay-see'-ah ) "freedom of speech, boldness," is used adverbially in the dative case and translated "openly" in Mark 8:32 , of a saying of Christ; in John 7:13 , of a public statement; in John 11:54 , of Christ's public appearance; in John 7:26 ; 18:20 , of His public Testimony; preceded by the preposition en, "in," John 7:4 , lit
Barley - Pliny, on the Testimony of Menander, says that barley was the most ancient aliment of mankind
Daniel, Book of - We have the Testimony of Christ himself, Matthew 24:15 ; of St
Handle - 1: ψηλαφάω (Strong's #5584 — Verb — pselaphao — psay-laf-ah'-o ) "to feel, touch, handle," is rendered by the latter verb in Luke 24:39 , in the Lord's invitation to the disciples to accept the evidence of His resurrection in His being bodily in their midst; in 1 John 1:1 , in the Apostle's Testimony (against the gnostic error that Christ had been merely a phantom) that he and his fellow Apostles had handled Him
Ark - It is distinguished from all others by such titles as the "ark of God" (1 Samuel 3:3 ), "ark of the covenant" (Joshua 3:6 ; Hebrews 9:4 ), "ark of the Testimony" (Exodus 25:22 ). The two tables of stone which constituted the "testimony" or evidence of God's covenant with the people (Deuteronomy 31:26 ), the "pot of manna" (Exodus 16:33 ), and "Aaron's rod that budded" (Numbers 17:10 ), were laid up in the ark (Hebrews 9:4 )
Turtle - ...
And I beg the reader before he dismisseth the subject, that he will take with him the consideration what a blessed, full, and unanswerable Testimony this passage, concerning Christ's baptism, affords to the glorious doctrine of our holy faith. " (Matthew 3:16-17) Reader, I beseech you to carry this precious Testimony about with you wherever you go, as among the sweetest credentials of your holy religion
Micah, Book of - " All the earth was involved in the judgements that God was going to bring upon His chosen people: a solemn consideration when the people of God, instead of being a Testimony for Him, bring the judgements of God down on the world. They had turned away from the Testimony, and it should be taken from them
Jonah - It shows that the prophet embodied in himself the Testimony of God through Israel to the Gentiles (comp. Jonah was God's servant, but unfaithful: his unfaithfulness brought him into the depths of judgement, but he then embodied in his own person the truth of the Testimony he proclaimed, and yet while proclaiming the judgement, he was unprepared for the extension of mercy to the Gentiles
John the Baptist - ...
So far we have considered John's official place as the forerunner of Christ, but in John's gospel the Baptist's Testimony is given to the Lamb of God. " He may have known Jesus in a natural way, but his knowing Him as Son of God was by a divinely-given Testimony
Profession - The public confession was not only a Testimony for Christ, leading, it might be, to the conversion of others; it had a strong psychological effect on those who made the confession, confirming them in their relation to Christ, and calling certain forces of their nature to the side of devotion. Those who were to be received into the Church sometimes had a form of words provided for them which they might use, but the convert was also allowed to speak for himself, as in the famous instance of Victorinus, whose Testimony or confession can still be read with interest (see Augustine’s Confessions, bk
John (the Apostle) - The Testimony of Scripture. The Testimony of tradition...
1. ...
(a) Irenaeus bears repeated Testimony to the Apostle’s presence in Asia, and says explicitly:...
‘Afterwards’ (i. ...
The value of all this Testimony is enhanced when one marks the overlapping of lives which is here evident. The other consideration urged against the Testimony of Irenaeus is really a seconding of the correction made by Eusebius of the declaration of Irenaeus that ‘Papias was a hearer of John and a companion of Polycarp’ (adv. A thoroughly satisfactory understanding is, however, that which makes these words we have just quoted refer not to the spoken witness, but to the written Testimony of Aristion and the Presbyter John. There is therefore no sufficient reason for doubting the Testimony of Irenaeus. Polycrates now follows with his Testimony that among those who had died in Asia was ‘Philip, one of the Twelve Apostles, who sleeps in Hierapolis, and his two virgin daughters and another daughter who lived in the Holy Spirit and now rests at Ephesus’ (Historia Ecclesiastica iii. The value of this Testimony lies in the fact that Clement, in gathering memoranda to be ‘stored up against old age as a remedy against forgetfulness,’ had collected traditions handed down ‘from the holy Apostles Peter, James, John, and Paul, the sons receiving it from the father. ’ This Testimony has been confirmed by the de Boor Fragment, which expressly says that Papias tells in his second book of the death of James and John at the hands of the Jews. Of course, if John the Apostle died in this way, there is nothing left but to take some other John as the John of Ephesus; and all the Testimony of Irenaeus, Polycrates, and Clement of Alexandria has a confusion of names underlying it; also the John of the Apostolic council (Galatians 2:9) was not the son of Zebedee
Holy Ghost - Paul by the phrase "the Spirit of adoption;" so that it is through him that we receive a direct inward Testimony to our personal forgiveness and acceptance through Christ, and are filled with peace and consolation. ) But what is the witness of the Spirit? The original word, μαρτυρια , may be rendered, either, as it is in several places, the witness, or, less ambiguously, the Testimony, or, the record: so it is rendered in our translation: ‘This is the record,' the Testimony, the sum of what God testifies in all the inspired writings, ‘that God hath given unto us eternal life, and this life is in his Son,' 1 John 5:11 . The Testimony now under consideration is given by the Spirit of God to and with our spirit. ' The immediate result of this Testimony, is, ‘the fruit of the Spirit;' namely, ‘love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness. ' And without these, the Testimony itself cannot continue. But, perhaps, one might say, (desiring any who are taught of God to correct, soften, or strengthen the expression,) By the ‘testimony of the Spirit,' I mean, an inward impression on the soul, whereby the Spirit of God immediately and directly witnesses with my spirit, that I am a child of God; that ‘Jesus Christ hath loved me, and given himself for me;' that all my sins are blotted out, and I, even I, am reconciled to God. ) Now what is the matter of dispute concerning this? Not, whether there be a witness or Testimony of the Spirit. Therefore, that there is a Testimony of the Spirit, is acknowledged by all parties. ) Neither is it questioned, whether there is an indirect witness or Testimony, that we are the children of God. This is nearly, if not exactly, the same with ‘the Testimony of a good conscience toward God;' and is the result of reason or reflection on what we feel in our own souls. ) Nor do we assert, that there can be any real Testimony of the Spirit, without the fruit of the Spirit
Ransom - " The giving of His life was the giving of His entire person, and while His death under Divine judgment was alone expiatory, it cannot be dissociated from the character of His life which, being sinless, gave virtue to His death and was a Testimony to the fact that His death must be of a vicarious nature
Honour - A Testimony of esteem or submission, expressed by words and an exterior behaviour, by which we make known the veneration and respect we entertain for any one, on account of his dignity or merit
Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani - It is possible to interpret these words as a beautiful Testimony to Jesus' love of His Bible, the Old Testament, and His quoting of it in this hour of darkest crisis
Brothers - The dual function of the term brother as describing both a physical and spiritual relationship bears eloquent Testimony to the importance in the Christian community of both the family of flesh and the family of faith
Timotheus, Timothy - He bore Testimony of him, that when all were seeking their own, he had no one like-minded with himself but Timothy, Philippians 2:20 ; and when Paul's course was nearly run, he found in Timothy one to whom he could commit the work, instructing him as to the order of the house of God, and his behaviour in it
Elijah - Though the history of this highly favoured servant of the Lord would afford much improvement to enlarge upon, according to the Scripture Testimony concerning him, yet it would swell this work to a size much beyond the limits intended, for the writer to indulge himself in it
Naphtali - When Jacob prophetically announced to the tribes that which should befall them in the last days, he said, "Naphtali is a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words," Genesis 49:21 ; it is the remnant of Israel as the vessel of Testimony
John, Gospel of - (John 20:30,31 ) ...
Confirmation of the authority of the evangelist by additional historical facts, and by the Testimony of the elders of the Church, ch
Omniscience - ...
When we come to the Testimony of Scripture, we find Christ growing in knowledge (Luke 2:52), and afterwards limiting Himself to be a teacher not even in matters of civil justice (Luke 12:14), but only in the highest region of religion
Theodotus, Patriarch of Antioch - On the real character of Pelagius's teaching becoming known in the East and the consequent withdrawal of the Testimony previously given by the synods of Jerusalem and Caesarea to his orthodoxy, Theodotus presided at the final synod held at Antioch (mentioned only by Mercator and Photius, in whose text Theophilus of Alexandria has by an evident error taken the place of Theodotus of Antioch) at which Pelagius was condemned and expelled from Jerusalem and the other holy sites, and he joined with Praylius of Jerusalem in the synodical letters to Rome, stating what had been done
Theonas, Bishop of Alexandria - Eusebius's Testimony that those imperial domestics who held the faith (three of whom he afterwards names, Dorotheus, Gorgonius, and Peter) were allowed perfect freedom therein, and were even peculiarly valued by their master (viii
Regeneration - " What a dreadful confession this for a man in his dying hours!...
Our blessed Lord, who brought life and immortality to light by his Gospel, brought this doctrine of regeneration also, as a fundamental part of that Gospel, to the full and complete Testimony of it in his conversation with Nicodemus the Jew. " (Titus 3:5-6) I only add an humble prayer to God to grant to all his renewed members the sweetest Testimony in their own experience to this most blessed truth, that they may know that they are born again, "not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of our God, which liveth and abideth for ever
Congregation - They noticed the relation of mô‛êd to the root ‘ud (“to testify”) and translated the phrase ’ohel hamo’ed as “tabernacle of the Testimony. ” This phrase was picked up by the New Testament: “And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the Testimony in heaven was opened …” ( Mark, Gospel by - As soon as John was cast into prison the Lord began His unceasing work, taking up the Testimony that the kingdom of God was at hand. ...
In the first two chapters are presented the various proofs which the Lord gave of His mission, which were as a Testimony to the leaders in Israel
Numbers as Symbols - Distinctness, and hence adequate Testimony and fellowship when in agreement. Divine fulness or completeness, and hence perfection in Testimony. A three-fold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12 ), corresponding to perfection in Testimony: three also describes perfected experience
John, the Gospel by - *...
* The 'third day' of John 2:1 probably refers to the millennial day: John's Testimony being the first, John 1:35 ; Christ's ministry the second, 1 John 5:6-8 ; and the millennium the third. This introduces the Testimony of the love of God to the world, and His purpose for man in His giving His only begotten Son, namely, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. ...
A further and touching Testimony is rendered to the Lord by John the Baptist, whose joy was fulfilled in hearing His voice, though he himself should be eclipsed. Apart fromthe Testimony of John, there was the three-fold witness to His glory: His works, the Father, and the scriptures. The Testimony of His own word as the light of the world follows, and is definitely rejected by the Jews; and when He at length bears witness, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am," they took up stones to cast at Him. Here the Testimony is that of His work. In the resurrection of Lazarus this is set forth in pattern; but at the same time a crisis was reached as regards His Testimony to the Jews, and He is now conspired against by the leaders of the people, who decide that it was expedient that one man should die for the nation. A final Testimony is given to the daughter of Zion as her king rode into Jerusalem, sitting on an ass's colt, amid the acclamations of the crowd, who gave witness to His having raised Lazarus. The world however would rejoice at being rid of Him: terrible Testimony to its state
Gospel - That all the books which convey to us the history of events under the New Testament were written and immediately published by persons contemporary with the events, is most fully proved by the Testimony of an unbroken series of authors, reaching from the days of the evangelists to the present times; by the concurrent belief of Christians of all denominations; and by the unreserved confession of avowed enemies to the Gospel. ...
They relate the first appearance of Christ upon earth, his extraordinary and miraculous birth, the Testimony borne to him by his forerunner, John the Baptist, the temptation in the wilderness, the opening of his divine commission, the pure, the perfect, and sublime morality which he taught, especially in his inimitable sermon on the mount, the infinite superiority which he showed to every other moral teacher, both in the matter and manner of his discourses, more particularly by crushing vice in its very cradle, in the first risings of wicked desires and propensities in the heart, by giving a decided preference to the mild, gentle, passive, conciliating virtues, before that violent, vindictive, high-spirited, unforgiving temper, which has been always too much the favourite character of the world; by requiring us to forgive our very enemies, and to do good to them that hate us; by excluding from our devotions, our alms, and all our virtues, all regard to fame, reputation, and applause; by laying down two great general principles of morality, love to God, and love to mankind, and deducing from thence every other human duty; by conveying his instructions under the easy, familiar, and impressive form of parables; by expressing himself in a tone of dignity and authority unknown before; by exemplifying every virtue that he taught in his own unblemished and perfect life and conversation; and, above all, by adding those awful sanctions, which he alone, of all moral instructers, had the power to hold out, eternal rewards to the virtuous, and eternal punishments to the wicked. Though we have only four original writers of the life of Jesus, the evidence of the history does not rest on the Testimony of four men. Christianity had been propagated in a great part of the world before any of them had written, on the Testimony of thousands and tens of thousands, who had been witnesses of the great facts which they have recorded; so that the writing of these particular books is not to be considered as the cause, but rather the effect, of the belief of Christianity; nor could those books have been written and received as they were, namely, as authentic histories, of the subject of which all persons of that age were judges, if the facts they have recorded had not been well known to be true
Luke, the Gospel According to - Ancient Testimony assures us that Paul's teaching formed the substratum of Luke's Gospel (the Muratorian Fragment; Irenaeus, Haer. ...
Alford rejects ancient Testimony that Paul's teaching constitutes the substance of Luke's Gospel, on the grounds that the evangelist asserts that his Gospel is drawn from those who "from the beginning" were eye witnesses of Christ's ministry, among whom Paul cannot be reckoned. In Acts too his style is purer in the latter parts, where he was an eye witness, than in the earlier where he draws from the Testimony of others. The oldest reliable Testimony to the Gospel according to Luke is Marcion, whose Gospel so called (A. His Testimony as a physician to the reality of demoniacal possession prevents its being confounded with lunacy (Luke 4:41)
Claims (of Christ) - Hence it becomes a matter of the highest importance to consider the Testimony of the Gospels as to our Lord’s personal claims. According to the Fourth Gospel, it was the Baptist’s Testimony, ‘Behold the Lamb of God!’ (John 1:36), that brought the first pair of disciples to Jesus. They came to see if this Testimony was true (cf. The Testimony of the Synoptics with regard to this claim of our Lord is supported by the Testimony of the Fourth Gospel to the same effect (John 5:27 ff
Numbers, Book of - Each tribe had an individual place and interest before the Lord: type of God's saints being acknowledged and their place appointed in reference to His Testimony. There were twelve tribes besides the Levites, who were reserved for the service of the tent of Testimony, and would be located round the court. When journeying the sacred things of the tabernacle in general were to be covered with skins, to preserve from defilement, over a covering of blue: typical of the heavenly character of the assembly as the vessel of the Testimony of Christ in the wilderness, in separation from evil. Such is the Testimony of God at such a time. When Moses entered into the tabernacle he heard "one speaking unto him from off the mercy seat that was upon the ark of Testimony, from between the two cherubim:" cf
Lamentations, Book of - The spirit, tone, language, and subject-matter are in accord with the Testimony of tradition in assigning it to him
Presumption - They are said to be a reproach to the Lord, Numbers 15:3 ; they harden the heart, 1 Timothy 4:2 ; draw down judgments from heaven, Numbers 15:31 ; even when repented of, are seldom pardoned without some visible Testimony of God's displeasure, 2 Samuel 12:10
Baptism - (Acts 2:4) It were devoutly to be prayed for, and sought for by faith, that all true believers in Christ were earnest for the continual influences of the Holy Ghost, as the only read and sure Testimony of being baptized unto Christ, in having put on Christ
Grass - " As, in their decay, the herbs of the fields strikingly illustrate the shortness of human life, so, in the order of their growth, from seeds dead and buried, they give a natural Testimony to the doctrine of a resurrection
Judas - ...
The remorseful confession of Judas was a signal Testimony to the spotless innocence of Christ, Matthew 27:4 ; and his awful end is a solemn warning against avarice, hypocrisy, and all unfaithfulness, Matthew 26:34 John 17:12 Acts 1:25
Say - We never use the phrases to say a sermon or discourse, to say an argument, to say a speech, to say Testimony
Rebuke - He rebuked the spirit (1) because, being personal, he was susceptible of rebuke; and (2) because of his malevolence in torturing the human patient (Matthew 17:15), or because of his Testimony to Him as Messiah, which Testimony, seeing it tended towards a faith founded upon marvels and not upon a simple love of goodness and joy in His revelation of the Father, really opposed His work (Mark 1:24-25; Mark 1:34, Luke 4:41)
Ark - ]'>[3] termed ‘the Testimony,’ the ark becomes ‘the ark of the Testimony
Bezer - "...
I cannot forbear adding, what hath been always considered, by pious believers, as a farther Testimony that these cities of refuge had an eye to Christ, and were plainly typical, namely, that the name given to each became expressive of somewhat significant in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. And JEHOVAH'S Testimony of Jesus is, that "he should be exalted, and extolled, and be very high?" (Isaiah 52:13) And Golan, in Bashan, carries with it the glory
Messiah - And it is very blessed to behold in the Scriptures of truth the Testimony of JEHOVAH to this grand doctrine of Christ the Messiah, as the Christ of God. ...
I might detain the reader were it not for enlarging this work beyond the limits I must observe, with offering several most interesting reflections, which arise out of this view of our now risen and exalted Messiah as the Messiah, the Christ of God; but for brevity's sake, I shall only beg to offer this one observation, namely, how sweet and strengthening a Testimony such views of Jesus give to the faith of the church, when receiving Christ as the anointed of the Father and the Holy Ghost, Recollect in that blessed portion, just now quoted what the Mediator saith as Mediator—"Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret; from the beginning, from the time that it was, there am I; and now the Lord God and his Spirit hath sent me
Number - ...
Two notes "intensification" (Genesis 41:32), "requital in full" (Job 42:10; Jeremiah 16:18; Isaiah 61:7; Revelation 18:6); the proportions of the temple were double those of the tabernacle; two especially symbolizes "testimony" (Zechariah 4:11; Zechariah 11:7; Isaiah 8:2; Revelation 11:3), two tables of the Testimony (Exodus 31:18), two cherubim over the ark of the Testimony
Swedenborgians - denote that particular denomination of Christians who admit the Testimony of Baron Swedenborg, and receive the doctrines taught in the theological writings of that author. It is therefore resisted farther that the humanity of Jesus Christ is itself divine, by virtue of its indissoluble union with the indwelling Father, agreeably to the Testimony of St. They who receive this Testimony concerning Jesus Christ therefore acknowledge no other God but him; and believe that in approaching his divine humanity, they approach, at the same time, and have communication with, all the fulness of the Godhead, seeing and worshipping the invisible in the visible, agreeably to the tenor of those words of Jesus Christ: "He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me; and he that seeth me, seeth him that sent me,"...
John 12:44-45 . But in no place have any peculiar rites and ceremonies been introduced, the worshippers being content with retaining the celebration of the two sacraments of baptism and the holy supper, since no other rites are insisted on by the author whose Testimony they receive
Edom - The present desolate condition of that land is a standing Testimony to the inspiration of these prophecies
Discern, Discerner, Discernment - 31, the RV has "discerned," for the AV, "would judge," of trying oneself, "discerning" one's condition, and so judging any evil before the Lord; in 1 Corinthians 14:29 , regarding oral Testimony in a gathering of believers, it is used of "discerning" what is of the Holy Spirit, RV, "discern" (AV, "judge")
Bithynia - His correspondence with Trajan bears striking Testimony to the expansion of the Christian religion, which seemed to him a superstitio prava immodica (Epp
Firstfruits - As "firstfruits" believers are a Testimony to God's power in salvation
Mystery - Where the truth of a doctrine depends not on the evidence of the things themselves, but on the authority of him who reveals it, there the only way to prove the doctrine to be true is to prove the Testimony of him that revealed it to be infallible
Gallio - " How exactly and undesignedly this independent Testimony coincides with Acts 18:12-17!...
The Jews plotted to destroy Paul by bringing him before Gallio's judgment seat
Chronicles, Books of the - The history in Samuel and Kings is far more general, and gives the history of the nation to whom the Testimony of God was confided in the midst of other nations
Rahab - The memorable woman of the city of Jericho, of whose faith the Holy Ghost hath given such honourable Testimony, Hebrews 11:31
Dragon - But what is characteristic is that the figure and functions of the dragon are turned to Christian uses, so that they have a bearing upon Christ’s earthly birth and heavenly glory (Revelation 12:5), upon the present conflict of Christianity with the world’s evil powers and its victory over them by ‘the blood of the Lamb’ and ‘the Testimony of Jesus Christ’ (Revelation 12:11; Revelation 12:13; Revelation 12:17), and above all upon the assurance of Christian faith that God will destroy the dragon’s present power to accuse His people and persecute them even unto death (Revelation 12:10-11; Revelation 12:13; Revelation 12:17), and will at the appointed time send forth His angel to subdue him utterly (Revelation 20:1-3)
Alogians, or Alogi - But the Testimony of Epiphanius is essentially sustained by Irenaeus who mentions persons who rejected both the Gospel of St
Blood And Water - ...
Medical science has confirmed his Testimony, and furnished an explanation which at once defines the phenomenon as a perfectly natural occurrence, and reveals somewhat of the awfulness of our Lord’s Passion
Caesarius, of Nazianzus - —According to the Testimony of his brother, Caesarius owed much to the careful training received from his parents
Lunatics - The Testimony of the demoniacs to Christ was not that of madmen or idiots
Trial of Jesus - The carefully prepared witnesses could not agree in their Testimony (see Mark 14:56 ; compare Deuteronomy 19:15 ). Jewish rules prohibited convicting the accused on His own Testimony
Milk - " (Genesis 49:12) And the church, as if giving Testimony to the accomplishment of the patriarch's prophecy, compares her Beloved's eyes to "the eyes of doves, by the rivers of water, washed with milk
John the Baptist - He continued, however, for a while to bear Testimony to the Messiahship of Jesus
Report - ...
Note: For marturia, rendered "report" in 1 Timothy 3:7 , AV, see Testimony , WITNESS
Mouth - Testimony
Hair - When he permitted the hair to grow again, this was his Testimony that he again was returning to the GOD of his youth, and was now to be obedient to GOD's Word
Ransom - " (1 Peter 1:18-19) And the Psalmist brings in his Testimony to the same amount, (Psalms 49:7-8) "None can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him: for the redemption of his soul is precious, and it ceaseth for ever
Arm - Smith’s reading of 2 Kings 11:12 where, agreeing with Wellhausen, he would substitute ‘bracelet’ for ‘testimony’ Abimelech - , either as an atoning gift and a Testimony of her innocence in the sight of all, or rather for the purpose of procuring a veil for Sarah to conceal her beauty, and thus as a reproof to her for not having worn a veil which, as a married woman, she ought to have done
Zephaniah, Prophecy of - The prophecy gives the judgement of God with respect to the Testimony that was being borne when there was an outward reformation under a pious king who trembled at God's law
Gospel - To the Corinthians he writes: "I came not to you with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the Testimony of God
Baal - ) Surely, nothing can be wanting to give the most finishing Testimony to the grace that is in Christ Jesus
Athens - On the place where the great Apostle bore his noble Testimony against idols, and declared to them the God whom they ignorantly worshipped, Dr
Isa'Iah, Book of - In favor of the authenticity of the last 27 chapters the following reasons may be advanced:-- (a) The unanimous Testimony of Jewish and Christian tradition, comp
Last - ...
Notes: (1) In Hebrews 1:2 , RV, "at the end of these days" (AV, "in these last days"), the reference is to the close of the period of the Testimony of the prophets under the Law, terminating with the presence of Christ and His redemptive sacrifice and its effects, the perfect tense "hath spoken" indicating the continued effects of the message embodied in the risen Christ; so in 1 Peter 1:20 , RV, "at the end of the times" (AV, "in these last times")
Mac'Cabees, Books of - The Testimony of antiquity leaves no doubt that the book was first written in Hebrew
Josiah - The Testimony is that "there was no Passover like to that kept in Israel from the days of Samuel the prophet
Platter - The concession on the Jewish side was a great Testimony to the power of the new life in Christ, for such regulations were taught to Jewish children from infancy, and were commended by the venerated names of teachers who had ingeniously elaborated them
Repentance - Hence God's Testimony is "repentance toward God, and faith towardour Lord Jesus Christ
Resurrection - ...
Isaiah 26:19 ; Ezekiel 37:1-14 ; and Daniel 12:2 , are often quoted as Testimony to resurrection; but these passages are figurative and refer to Israel being raised up as from their national decease (the consequence of their departure from the Lord, Isaiah 1:1-4 ), when God will again bless them on the earth
Supremacy - He is acknowledged as lord by the unwilling and undesired Testimony of the demons (Mark 1:34, Luke 4:33-35 etc. ...
Christian worship, Christian art, Christian sufferings are full of the same Testimony
Tabernacle - It was also called the tent of the Testimony (Exodus 38:21), to remind the people that within it, in the ark, was the Testimony of God, the law, which was to guide and control their lives
Lebbaeus - Very curious is the Testimony of the Manuscripts of the Evangeliarium Hierosolymitanum. The Testimony of Origen (c
Mark - The works of these fathers contain numerous quotations from this Gospel; and, as their Testimony is not contradicted by any ancient writer, we may safely conclude that the Gospel of St. Clement gives this account in the sixth book of his Institutions; and Papias, bishop of Hierapolis, bears Testimony to it
Power of the Keys - It was his believing confession of Christ that had gained him the privilege, and both in Jerusalem and at Cæsarea it was by a renewed confession of Christ, accompanied by a Testimony to the truth regarding Him as that had been made known in the experience of faith ( Acts 2:32-36 ; Acts 10:36-48 ), that he opened the doors of the Kingdom alike to Jews and to Gentiles. Peter; It means only that it was extended to others on their fulfilment of those same conditions of faith and Testimony on which Peter had first received it
Revelation of John, the - ...
The most primitive Testimony is decidedly for it; the only objections were subjective: (1) the opposition of many to the millennium in it; (2) its symbolism and obscurity prevented its being publicly read in churches and its being taught to the young. It is John's manner to asseverate the accuracy of his Testimony at the beginning and end (Revelation 1:2-3; Revelation 22:8 with John 1:14; John 19:35; John 21:24; 1 John 1:1-2). ...
(5) So "witness" or "testimony" (Revelation 1:2; Revelation 1:9; Revelation 6:9; Revelation 11:7; John 1:7-8; Revelation 12:7-12; John 1:19; Hebrews 12:22-23; 1 John 1:2; 1 John 4:14; 1 John 5:6-11); "keep the word," "commandments" (Revelation 3:8; Revelation 3:10; Revelation 12:17; John 8:51; John 8:55; John 14:15). ...
The nearer the connection of the witnesses with the apostle John (as Irenaeus), the more explicit their Testimony. That doubts should prevail in after ages must have originated either in ignorance of the earlier Testimony, or else from some supposed intuition of what the apostle ought to have written. ...
What he wrote they attested; John 21:24, "this is the disciple which testifieth of these things and wrote these things, and WE know that his Testimony is true
Altar - Both from Paul's assertion and the Testimony of Greek writers, that altars to an unknown or gods existed at Athens
Monasteries, Suppression of - The truth of the charges thus rests solely on the word of the inquisitors, whose careers make their Testimony reasonably open to doubt
Work, Theology of - Managers' Testimony for Christ is on the line in their dealings with subordinates
Fall of Man - The Testimony of the Scriptures to the same effect is most abundant ( Romans 1 ; 2 ; 3:1-19 , etc
Noah - An interval of one hundred and twenty years elapsed while the ark was being built (6:3), during which Noah bore constant Testimony against the unbelief and wickedness of that generation (1 Peter 3:18-20 ; 2 Peter 2:5 )
Athaliah - Joash was duly anointed, crowned, and received the Testimony or law, the statute book of his reign (Deuteronomy 17:18-20)
Tongue - On confession itself great emphasis was naturally placed (Romans 14:11; see also article Mouth); it is felt that the truth of the inner life will instinctively utter itself in the Testimony of the spoken word: ‘As the fountain gushes out its water, so my heart gushes out the praise of the Lord and my lips utter praise to Him, and my tongue His psalms’ (Odes of Solomon, xl
Tribulation (2) - They would draw this relentless hostility on themselves in consequence of their Testimony and activity as disciples
Mary - The sister of Lazarus and Martha, and a devoted friend and disciple of our Saviour, from whom she received the Testimony that she had chosen the good part which should not be taken from her
Oaths - Using the Lord's name in an oath directly appeals to His involvement regarding Testimony and establishes Him as the supreme Enforcer and Judge
Scriptures - Doth the Old Testament shadow forth by type and figure the person work, character, and relation of the Lord Jesus Christ? And what is the New Testament record but the sum and substance of the same? Doth the Old Testament relate the prophecies, hold forth the promises, and insist upon the doctrines, which were to be revealed openly, and completed in the person of Jesus? And is not Jesus, in the Testimony given of him in the New Testament, the spirit of prophecy, the yea and amen of all the promises, and the pardon and remission of sins, the glorious doctrine in his blood and righteousness fully proclaimed and confirmed to his church and people? In short, the former prefigured, and the latter realized, the immense event of salvation, and all in Christ
Foot - Neither the world nor the church has any confidence in that man, and refuses to receive his Testimony
Thigh - And if this should have been the allusion, what a blessed Testimony doth it hold forth of the patriarch's esteem of the salvation by Jesus Christ, and of their faith and assurance concerning it! And why may we not suppose that that early song of the royal nuptial feast of Christ with his church, which was sung by the psalmist a thousand years before Christ's incarnation, had an eye to the same, when Jesus was called upon to gird himself with his sword upon his thigh? (Psalms 65:3) We lose numberless beauties of the holy Scriptures, in our ignorance of the customs and manners of the East
Peter - ...
In the beginning of the Acts Peter's boldness in Testimony is conspicuous
Honor - A Testimony of esteem any expression of respect or of high estimation by words or actions as the honors of war military honors funeral honors honors
Publican - Hence the rabbis declared, as one robber disgraced his whole family, so one publican in a family; promises were not to be kept with murderers, thieves and publicans (Nedar 3:4); the synagogue alms box and the temple corban must not receive their alms (Baba Kama 10:1); it was not lawful to use riches received from them, as gotten by rapine; nor could they judge or give Testimony in court (Sauhedr
Cloud - ...
‛Ânân can represent the “smoke” arising from burning incense: “And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the Lord, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that is upon the Testimony, that he die not …” ( Open, Opening - 2); Revelation 19:11 ; "the temple of the tabernacle of the Testimony in heaven," Revelation 15:5 ; by metonymy, for that which contained treasures, Matthew 2:11 ; (b) metaphorically, e
Begin, Beginning, Beginner - ...
In John 8:25 , Christ's reply to the question "Who art Thou?," "Even that which I have spoken unto you from the beginning," does not mean that He had told them before; He declares that He is consistently the unchanging expression of His own teaching and Testimony from the first, the immutable embodiment of His doctrine
Almond Tree - Such, we know from the Testimony of Scripture, was the rod of Aaron; which renders it exceedingly probable, that the rods of the other chiefs were from the same tree
Over - The mercy-seat that is over the Testimony
Suppression of Monasteries - The truth of the charges thus rests solely on the word of the inquisitors, whose careers make their Testimony reasonably open to doubt
Wash - ) again indicates that the converts at Corinth, by their obedience to the faith, voluntarily gave Testimony to the complete spiritual change Divinely wrought in them
Home, at Home - " The implication in being "at home with the Lord" after death is a Testimony against the doctrine of the unconsciousness of the spirit, when freed from the natural body
Joannes i, Bishop of Rome - There is concurrence of Testimony that John obtained a cessation of Justin's measures against the Arians
Philippus, the Arabian - Against this doubtful Testimony must be set the following: (1) Constantine is called by Eusebius ( Vit
Tongue - On confession itself great emphasis was naturally placed (Romans 14:11; see also article Mouth); it is felt that the truth of the inner life will instinctively utter itself in the Testimony of the spoken word: ‘As the fountain gushes out its water, so my heart gushes out the praise of the Lord and my lips utter praise to Him, and my tongue His psalms’ (Odes of Solomon, xl
Symmachus, Author o.t. in Greek - ...
Palladius, by his incidental statement, coming almost direct from Origen himself and resting on the Testimony of a lady who had known Symmachus personally, powerfully confirms Eusebius, and makes it clear that Symmachus was a Christian (or "semi-Christian" as Jerome expresses it) of the Nazareo-Ebionite sect
Ark of the Covenant - Its title, "the ark of the Testimony," implies its purpose, namely, to keep intact God's "covenant" written by God on the two stone tables (Exodus 34:28), as the sacred deposit of the Israelite church (Exodus 25:22; Numbers 10:33). "Before the Lord" and "before the Testimony" was where they were directed to be laid up (Exodus 16:32-36). Manasseh set up an idol, a carved image, instead of the ark which contained the Testimony against him
Presence (2) - The common Testimony of the Apostolic circle may be summed up in Hebrews 1:2 ‘God … hath in these last days spoken unto us in his Son. This faith that through Christ a man is always in the presence of God as a child in his father’s house was based on (1) the Testimony, and (2) the teaching of Jesus. ...
(1) By the Testimony of Jesus is meant the unconscious impress of His Personality. John and the Synoptists is that whereas with them the Testimony of Jesus to Himself is mostly unconscious, with him it is altogether self-conscious. the Testimony of Christ is merged in His teaching
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch - 36) as a Testimony to Ignatius. Jerome's Testimony is dependent on that of Eusebius. Peter and made the food of beasts for the Testimony of Christ. The argument rests upon the acts of the martyrdom being proved by Zahn, with the general assent of all his critics, to be untrustworthy; the date of the saint's death thus resting wholly on the Testimony of Eusebius, who shews that he had no data except the untrustworthy information of Julius Africanus (Harnack, pp. The Testimony of Irenaeus which Eusebius adduces as perfectly agreeing with the tradition known to him, dates but 70 years after the fact. The Armenian version, first printed, though very incorrectly, in 1783, is mentioned by Cureton, who failed to perceive the effect its Testimony was to have upon his own argument. All now recognize that, according to the Testimony of the letters, Ignatius has been condemned in Antioch to death, and journeys with death by exposure to the beasts as the settled fate before him. ...
It is noteworthy that the Testimony of the epistles on this point extends no further than the localities named. to organized episcopacy, took place, according to the Testimony of all records both of Scripture and tradition, in the 30 years between the death of St
Miracles - Experience informs us that one event has happened often; Testimony informs us that another event has happened once or more. Each fact may arise from its own proper cause; each may exist independently of the other; and each is known by its own proper proof, whether of sense or Testimony. If we be asked whether miracles are credible, we reply, that, abstractedly considered, they are not incredible; that they are capable of indirect proof from analogy, and of direct, from Testimony; that in the common and daily course of worldly affairs, events, the improbability of which, antecedently to all Testimony, was very great, are proved to have happened, by the authority of competent and honest witnesses; that the Christian miracles were objects of real and proper experience to those who saw them; and that whatsoever the senses of mankind can perceive, their report may substantiate. So, from the absence of miracles, we may conclude, in any supposed case, that they were not necessary; from their existence, supported by fair Testimony, in any given case, we may refer with confidence that they are proper. In whatever age the revelation is given, succeeding ages can know it only from Testimony; and, if they admit, on the report of their fellow creatures, that God had inspired any being with the preternatural knowledge of his will, why should they deny that he had enabled the same being to heal the sick, or to cleanse the leprous? How, may it be asked, should the divine Teacher give a more direct and consistent proof of his preternatural commission, than by displaying those signs and wonders which mark the finger of God? That the Apostles could not be deceived, and that they had no temptation to deceive, has been repeatedly demonstrated. So powerful, indeed, is the proof adduced in support of their Testimony, that the infidels of these later days have been obliged to abandon the ground on which their predecessors stood; to disclaim all moral evidences arising from the character and relation of eye-witnesses; and to maintain, upon metaphysical, rather than historical, principles, that miracles are utterly incapable, in their own nature, of existing in any circumstances, or of being supported by any evidence. This appeal to miracles was founded on the following just and obvious grounds:—...
First: That they are visible proofs of divine approbation, as well as of divine power; for it would have been quite inconclusive to rest an appeal on the Testimony of the latter, if it had not at the same time included an evidence of the former; and it was, indeed, a natural inference, that working of miracles, in defence of a particular cause, was the seal of Heaven to the truth of that cause
Justice - The procedure in these courts was of the simplest character: the injured person brought his complaint before the judges, previous notice having been given, and publicly gave his version of the matter; the accused then in his turn defended himself; judging from Job 31:35 a written statement was sometimes read out; the Testimony of two witnesses at least was required to substantiate an accusation; according to the Talmud, these witnesses had to be males and of age, but the Testimony of a slave was not regarded as valid. Before witnesses gave their Testimony they were adjured to speak the truth, and the whole truth. False witnesses and these were evidently not unknown had to suffer the same punishment as the victim of their false Testimony would have had to undergo, or had undergone
Hebrews - Paul begin with a salutation in his own name, and that, in the Epistle to the Hebrews, there is nothing of that kind; but this omission can scarcely be considered as conclusive against positive Testimony. On the other hand, the positive proof, I acknowledge, is only of a circumstantial nature, and falls short of the weight which direct and unequivocal Testimony in the epistle itself would possess. In the western churches a diversity of opinion prevailed; although the actual quantity of negative Testimony, that can be adduced, is not great. But, in the absence of all Testimony in respect to this subject, it must be allowed as not improbable, that the Epistle to the Hebrews may have, in this way, become obnoxious to the Roman church. It remains, then, to balance the Testimony thus collected together and compared. The early Testimony is, of course, immeasurably the most important. This Testimony is of considerable importance in respect to the question before us, as it comes from a critic who spent many years on the study of that which is most intimately connected with the very subject under consideration, namely, the detection of the Aramean originals of the various parts of the New Testament
Incense - A portion beaten small was to be "put before the Testimony in the tabernacle," i. ...
"He shall take a (Hebrew the) censer (see Hebrews 9:4) full of burning coals of fire from off the altar before the Lord, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten small, and bring it within the veil; and he shall put the incense upon the fire before the Lord, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercyseat that is upon the Testimony, that he die not
Luke - We may however observe, that his Testimony is supported by Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen, Eusebius, Jerom, Chrysostom, and many others. This Gospel contains many things which are not found in the other Gospels; among which are the following: the birth of John the Baptist; the Roman census in Judea; the circumstances attending Christ's birth at Bethlehem; the vision granted to the shepherds; the early Testimony of Simeon and Anna; Christ's conversation with the doctors in the temple when he was twelve years old; the parables of the good Samaritan, of the prodigal son, of Dives and Lazarus, of the wicked judge, and of the publican and Pharisee; the miraculous cure of the woman who had been bowed down by illness eighteen years; the cleansing of the ten lepers; and the restoring to life the son of a widow at Nain; the account of Zaccheus, and of the penitent thief; and the particulars of the journey to Emmaus
Revelation, the Book of - To be sure, the Lord will come in power and majesty, but not before His enemies have exercised a terrible (albeit limited by the divine mercy) attack upon those who “hold to the Testimony of Jesus. He was a “fellow partaker in the tribulation” which is “in Jesus,” who, because of his Testimony to Jesus, was exiled to the island of Patmos (Revelation 1:9 NAS). Refusing the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16-17 ; Revelation 14:11 ), they hold to the Testimony of Jesus (Revelation 14:12 ) in spite of persecution (Revelation 12:17 ; Revelation 13:7 ) and therefore have the promise of final deliverance in heaven from this evil age of great tribulation (Revelation 7:14 ). The “two witnesses” (“two” suggests a confirmed, legal Testimony) are also called “two lampstands” (Revelation 11:4 ), terminology already interpreted in Revelation 1:20 to mean the church. Though the earth rejoices that the Testimony of the church is in the end apparently snuffed out, the temporary triumph of evil (“three-and-a-half days,” Revelation 11:9 ,Revelation 11:9,11:11 ) will turn to heavenly vindication as the two witnesses (the people of God) are raised from the dead (Revelation 11:11-12 ). The woman, who (as Israel) brought forth the Christ (Revelation 2:10 ) and also “other offspring,” those who “hold to the Testimony of Jesus,” now received the brunt of the frustrated dragon's wrath (Revelation 12:17 )
Fundamental Theology - That this constitution is not democratic, but hierarchical, with bishops and priests to rule the faithful, and monarchical, with the plenitude of jurisdictional power possessed by one head, is proved scripturally as well as from the Testimony of authentic tradition
Canon (1) - ; and their genuineness is proved by the Testimony of those who were contemporary with the apostles themselves
Man - Jesus’ Testimony to the Fatherhood of God, including the care and bounty in Providence as well as the grace in Redemption, has as its counterpart His estimate of the absolute worth of the human soul (see Matthew 10:30 ; Matthew 16:26 , Luke 10:20 ; Luke 10:15 )
Darkness - Macknight, in his Harmony of the Gospels, was peculiarly proper, whilst the Sun of Righteousness was withdrawing his beams from the land of Israel, and from the world; not only because it was a miraculous Testimony borne by God himself to his innocence, but also because it was a fit emblem of his departure and its effects, at least till his light shone out anew with additional splendour in the ministry of his apostles
Power - He also demonstrated that his power was derived from his authority as the Son of Man and that the two were an inseparable Testimony to his divine nature (Matthew 9:6-7 ; Luke 4:36 ; 9:1 )
Epaphroditus - Partly to relieve that solicitude and to satisfy the ‘longing’ of Epaphroditus; partly to convey the Apostle’s grateful acknowledgment of the recent gift; partly also, we may presume (although with delicate consideration this reason is not expressly stated), in order that the invalid’s health may be fully restored through entire rest such as he would not take in Rome, the Apostle sends him back to Philippi with a cordial Testimony to his zealous labours and chivalrous service
Aquila And Priscilla - On this Testimony Harnack bases his ingenious but doubtful theory that Priscilla was the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Galatians, Epistle to the - Appealing to the spiritual experiences of the Galatians and to the Testimony of Scripture, he proves that salvation is through Christ alone (3; 4)
Vessel - "...
Luke 8:16 (a) No real Christian will hide his light, nor smother his Testimony under his business enterprises, nor in laziness
Arise - Also see Deuteronomy 19:15, which states that a matter may be "confirmed" only by the Testimony of two or more witnesses
Ark - This chest was also called "the ark of the Testimony" (Exodus 25:22), which indicates that the two tablets were evidence of divine redemption
Gospel, the, - The Testimony rendered by means of angelic power is, "Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgement is come," with the injunction to worship the Creator
Epistle to the Galatians - Appealing to the spiritual experiences of the Galatians and to the Testimony of Scripture, he proves that salvation is through Christ alone (3; 4)
Blasphemy - Here is another sweet and precious Testimony to the timid and fearful child of God, if he would but attend to it as it really is
Kinsman - " (Job 19:25-26) Reader! if you can join the man of Uz in this precious Testimony, and his creed and your creed on this great point are the same, you will enter into the beauty and blessedness of this relationship of kinsman as belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ, and enjoy the privilege of it in your heart
Witness - In the case of a newly married woman charged by her own husband, his Testimony is sufficient to prove her guilty of adultery unless her parents have clear evidence proving her virginity before her marriage ( Tent - This structure is called the tent of meeting inasmuch as it contained the ark of the covenant and the tables of Testimony ( Friends - They are advocates of the interior spiritual life of religion, to which, indeed, they have borne constant Testimony; and they are distinguished by probity, philanthropy, and a public spirit
Acts of the Apostles - This strong Testimony in favour of the genuineness of the Acts of the Apostles is supported by Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Jerome, Eusebius, Theodoret, and most of the later fathers
Daniel - With respect to the genuineness and authenticity of the book of Daniel, there is abundance both of external and internal evidence; indeed all that can well be had or desired in a case of this nature: not only the Testimony of the whole Jewish church and nation, who have constantly received this book as canonical, but of Josephus particularly, who recommends him as the greatest of the prophets; of the Jewish Targums and Talmuds, which frequently cite and appeal to his authority; of St
Theology, Fundamental - That this constitution is not democratic, but hierarchical, with bishops and priests to rule the faithful, and monarchical, with the plenitude of jurisdictional power possessed by one head, is proved scripturally as well as from the Testimony of authentic tradition
Jehoshaphat - He had this Testimony, that "he sought the Lord with all his heart" (2 Chronicles 22:9 )
Altar - This altar stood in the holy place, "before the vail that is by the ark of the Testimony
Ignorance, Ignorant, Ignorantly - ...
A — 4: ἰδιώτης (Strong's #2399 — Noun Masculine — idiotes — id-ee-o'-tace ) primarily "a private person" in contrast to a state official, hence, "a person without professional knowledge, unskilled, uneducated, unlearned," is translated "unlearned" in 1 Corinthians 14:16,23,24 , of those who have no knowledge of the facts relating to the Testimony borne in and by a local church; "rude" in 2 Corinthians 11:6 , of the Apostle's mode of speech in the estimation of the Corinthians; "ignorant men," in Acts 4:13 , of the speech of the Apostle Peter and John in the estimation of the rulers, elders and scribes in Jerusalem
Mouth Lips - ’ On the other hand, the painful contrast possible between the spoken Testimony and the real character of the life was not absent even from these early Christian communities; e
Maximus, an Ecclesiastical Writer - That the work is rightly ascribed to Maximus the Testimony of Eusebius is decisive; and St
Miracles - ...
Hume alleged against miracles their contrariety to "experience," and that experience shows Testimony to be often false. The Testimony to Christian miracles is that of concurrent and contemporaneous witnesses. ...
In estimating the value of the Testimony to Christ's miracles it is to be remembered there is no counter Testimony. Therefore that His miracles were false would be far harder to believe than that the Testimony which supports them is true. To deny Testimony because of the improbability of the facts attested would involve the denial of the Napoleonic history and other facts notoriously true
Timothy, Epistles to - Prayers were to be made for all men, that the saints might lead quiet and tranquil lives in all piety, in view of liberty for God's Testimony. Timothy is exhorted not to be ashamed of the Testimony of the Lord, nor of Paul His prisoner. The important Testimony is added that every scripture is divinely inspired, and is profitable for teaching, conviction, correction, instruction in righteousness (supplying what is needed for every time), that the man of God may be complete, fully fitted to every good work
Ebionites - As far, then, as the Testimony of the fathers is concerned, the Cerinthians and Ebionites were decidedly heretics. If we are to receive the Testimony of the fathers in one particular, but to reject it in every other, I need not say that argument is useless. The Testimony, therefore, of these Ebionites, in favour of the miraculous conception, is stronger, perhaps, than even that of persons who received the whole of the Gospel, and departed in no points from the doctrine of the Apostles
Pilate - ...
When the Jews said "He ought to die for making Himself Son of God" Pilate was the more afraid; Christ's Testimony (John 18:37) and bearing, and his wife's message, rising afresh before his mind in hearing of His claim to be "the Son of God" His suspicion betrays itself in the question, "from whence art Thou?" also in his anxiety, so unlike his wonted cruelty, to release Jesus; also in his refusal to alter the inscription over the cross (John 18; 19). ) Jesus answered not to his question, "from whence art Thou?" Silence emphasized His previous Testimony (John 18:37); but to Pilate's official boast of his power to release or crucify, Jesus' answer, "Thou couldest have no power at all against Me, except it were given thee from above;" answers also "from whence art Thou?" Thy power is derived thence from whence I am
Tabernacle, the - This is variously styled the 'tabernacle of Testimony, or of witness,' the 'tabernacle of the congregation,' or 'tent of meeting. ...
Amid the coming judgements, we read of "the temple [1] of the tabernacle of the Testimony" being opened in heaven, and out of the temple proceed the seven angels having the seven vials
Tabernacle - ]'>[2] ’s characteristic name for the former is the ark of the Testimony . ]'>[2] for the Decalogue ( Exodus 25:16 ), which was written on ‘the tables of Testimony’ ( Exodus 31:18 ), deposited, according to an early tradition, within the ark. The ark itself occasionally receives the simple title of ‘the Testimony,’ whence the Tabernacle as sheltering the ark is named in P [9] ‘tabernacle’) of the Testimony’ ( Exodus 38:21 etc. ) and ‘the tent of the Testimony’ ( Numbers 9:15 etc
John the Apostle - ...
In Mark 1:16-2081 two disciples are mentioned as having heard the Testimony of John the Baptist to Jesus and having accompanied the new Teacher to His home. His Testimony obviously is not that of himself alone, it must represent that of the whole Ephesian Church; and what Irenæus remembered as a boy others of the same generation must have remembered according to their opportunities of knowledge. The explicit Testimony of three writers like Polycrates, Irenæus, and Clement of Alexandria carries with it the implicit Testimony of a whole generation of Christians extending over a very wide geographic area. It is only, however, as regards the main facts of history that the Testimony of the 2nd cent
Doctrines - But apart from the thought that, according to this view, the ethical teaching of Jesus would mean the enactment of a new code of religion and morality infinitely more difficult than the old which He professed to explain, it is abundantly clear from the Synoptists themselves, no less than from the Testimony of St. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as distinctly as in that of John, Jesus lays down as the first condition of membership of the Kingdom the duty of accepting His Testimony concerning Himself, and of following Him. As we read in the Fourth Gospel that ‘to as many as received him’ Jesus ‘gave the right to become children of God’ (John 1:12), so, according to the Testimony of all four, the Kingdom of God is come in the person of the Messiah (Matthew 12:28 || Luke 11:20). And although, when He received the first disciples, John and Andrew, Peter, Nathanael and Philip, He accepted their confession that in Him they had found the Messiah (John 1:41-51), it was in but few cases that He declared Himself in so many words to be the Christ of God; as, for example, in that of His conversation with the woman of Samaria (John 4:26); again when He declared to His townsmen in Nazareth that Isaiah’s prophecy of the Messiah as the great preacher and healer was fulfilled in Himself (Luke 4:21); and again when He answered the doubting question of the Baptist, ‘Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?’, by pointing to the Testimony of His teaching and of His works of mercy (Matthew 11:2-6 || Luke 7:19-23). ...
And, notwithstanding the fact that He left the full recognition of His claims to develop gradually in the minds of His disciples, His Testimony concerning Himself contained implicitly all the elements of a complete revelation of His Divine claims
Peter - According to the Testimony of Christian antiquity, Peter suffered martyrdom in Rome under Nero, but his residence in Rome is disputed, and the year of his martyrdom is uncertain
Biblical Commission - ...
While David need not be considered the sole author of the entire Psalter, a large number of the Psalms attributed to him, especially those which in other parts of ScrIpture are expressly cited as his; the antiquity of the titles prefixed to the Psalms must be upheld and their Testimony is not to be set aside without solid reason; some of the Psalms may have been divided or joined into one or slightly modified for liturgical or other purposes; there is no probability in the opinion that not a few Psalms were composed after the time of Esdras and Nehemias or even as late as the Machabean times; many of the Psalms are to be recognized as foretelling the coming of the Messias and describing His kingdom
Talmud - The Mishna, which comprehends all the laws, institutions, and rules of life (which, besides the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, the Jews thought themselves bound to observe, ) was composed, according to the unanimous Testimony of the Jews, about the close of the second century
Right (2) - The encouragements to right are found in (a) the joy of satisfaction in obedience to God; (b) the approving Testimony of conscience as the result of rignteousness; (c) the blessing of God manifestly resting upon the life (Matthew 10:28-31); (d) fellowship with Christ in faithful and true living (Matthew 10:25, Matthew 12:50)
Predestination - Predestinarians deny these consequences, and endeavour to prove this doctrine from the consideration of the perfections of the divine nature, and from Scripture Testimony
Sennacherib - And the slaughter of such an army in one night carried with it the fullest and most decided Testimony that it was indeed effected by the messenger, the angel of the Lord
Felix ii, Bishop of Rome - What became of the inscribed slab is not known, and in the absence of any knowledge of its date, its Testimony is valueless
Leaf - ...
Jeremiah 17:8 (b) By this figure we are taught that the person who walks with GOD in happy communion with Him will be a constant Testimony and will continually bear fruit for GOD
False Witness - ...
Even the spies who constantly laid wait for Him had caught up nothing to serve their purpose; but at last two false witnesses (Matthew 26:60; τινες, Mark 14:57) came, who perverted certain words spoken at the beginning of His ministry (John 2:19); but their Testimony also was not ἴση
Esau - In the history of those two brothers, we have enough to answer and silence all cavils respecting distinguishing grace from God's own Testimony
Faith - "...
The hearty, cordial, and sincere belief in these blessed truths of God is called faith, because it is giving credit to the Testimony of God, and relying upon his faithfulness for the fulfilment of them
Amos, Book of - " Three witnesses were adequate Testimony; four is the cup running over, of which the four quarters of the earth can testify
Stone - The Israelites that dwelt beyond Jordan also raised one upon the banks of the river, as a Testimony that they constituted but one nation with their brethren on the other side, Joshua 22:10
Altar - This altar stood in the holy place, "before the vail that is by the ark of the Testimony
Peace, Spiritual - ) The Law, the Prophets, and the Writings of the Old Testament each bear Testimony that such peace is the gift of God, for God alone can give peace in all its fullness (Leviticus 26:6 ; 1 Chronicles 12:18 ; 1 Chronicles 22:9 ; 1 Kings 2:33 ; Isaiah 26:12 ; Isaiah 52:7 ; Ezekiel 34:25 ; Isaiah 57:1-28 ; Zechariah 6:13 ; Malachi 2:5-6 ; Job 22:21 ; Job 25:2 ; Psalm 4:8 ; Psalm 29:11 ; Psalm 37:37 ; Psalm 85:8 ; Psalm 122:6-8 ; Psalm 147:14 ; Proverbs 3:17 )
Help, Holpen - " ...
A — 3: ἐπικουρία (Strong's #1947 — Noun Feminine — epikouria — ep-ee-koo-ree'-ah ) strictly denotes such aid as is rendered by an epikouros, "an ally, an auxiliary;" Paul uses it in his Testimony to Agrippa, "having therefore obtained the help that is from God," Acts 26:22 , RV
Porphyrius, Patriarch of Antioch - 35), as well as by a still stronger Testimony in his favour in Theodoret's letter to Dioscorus, when he calls him one "of blessed and holy memory, who was adorned both with a brilliant life and an acquaintance with divine doctrines" (Theod
Procopius of Caesarea - Gibbon draws largely on the "sober Testimony of Procopius," and also describes him as "the gravest historian of the times" (c
Canon of the New Testament - Probably each leading church made for itself a collection of those books which were proved on good Testimony to have been written by inspired men, and sanctioned as such originally by men having the "discerning of spirits," as well as by uninspired men in the several churches. It merely sealed by declaration the decision which the churches previously came to by carefully sifting the Testimony for each book's inspiration. If one or two cite them it is the exception, not invalidating the otherwise uniform Testimony against them
John - Much of the weight of the traditional view of the authorship of the Gospel rests on the Testimony of Irenaeus, bishop of Lugdunum in Gaul (A. ” Justin Martyr, moreover, in the earliest Testimony regarding the authorship of Revelation attributes it to John. ” Luke recorded that John was thrown in prison before he said that Jesus also was baptized ( Luke 3:20-21 ), and John told of the baptism of Jesus but only through the Testimony of John the Baptist himself
Thessalonians, First Epistle to the - Authenticity...
(1) External Testimony . If regard be had to the personal and non-theological character of the letter, this Testimony is ample
Timothy - The joint Testimony to his character of the brethren of Lystra and Iconium implies that already he was employed as "messenger of the churches," an office which constituted his subsequent life work (2 Timothy 2:3-184). "...
Paul bears Testimony to his disinterested and sympathizing affection for both his spiritual father, the apostle, and those to whom he was sent to minister; with him Christian love was become "natural," not forced, nor "with dissimulation" (Philippians 2:19-23): "I trust to send Timothy shortly
Providence - Nothing can be more clear, from the Testimony of Scripture, than that God takes part in all that happens among mankind; directing and over-ruling the whole course of events so as to make every one of them answer the designs of his wise and righteous government. "...
The experience of every one also, must, more or less, bear Testimony to it
Jesus, the Lord - His baptism by John; His being anointed with the Holy Ghost, and consequently John's Testimony that He was the Lamb of God, the Baptiser with the Holy Ghost, and the Son of God. This Testimony attracted, as to a new centre, some of John's disciples
Elijah - This will explain the miraculous displays accompanying his Testimony, by which the people were left without excuse. Elijah's Testimony was given in righteousness: his ministry demanded that the righteous claims of God as the Jehovah of His people should be satisfied
Matthew - Matthew as the writer of a Gospel; and we are indebted to Eusebius for transmitting to us this valuable Testimony. We may therefore conclude, upon the concurrent Testimony of antiquity, that this Gospel is rightly ascribed to St
Nicolaitans - We might therefore infer, even without the Testimony of the fathers, that the Gnostic doctrines were prevalent in these churches, where St. We have therefore the Testimony of St
Elijah - This will explain the miraculous displays accompanying his Testimony, by which the people were left without excuse. Elijah's Testimony was given in righteousness: his ministry demanded that the righteous claims of God as the Jehovah of His people should be satisfied
New Orleans, Louisiana, City of - The Ursulines who remained were assured by President Jefferson that they and their property would be unmolested, and by appeal to the legislature had a law passed, January 28, 1818, providing that Testimony when required of a nun should be taken at the convent by commission
Ten Commandments - , or, very often as the solemn attestation of the divine will, the "TESTIMONY
Enoch - Enoch's translation was an appropriate Testimony to the truth he announced, "Behold the Lord cometh
Altar - ...
The altar of incense (Exodus 30:1-10 ), called also "the golden altar" (39:38; Numbers 4:11 ), stood in the holy place "before the vail that is by the ark of the Testimony
Preparation, Prepare, Prepared - of Psalm 89:14 (RV, "foundation"); if that is the meaning in Ephesians 6:15 , the Gospel itself is to be the firm footing of the believer, his walk being worthy of it and therefore a Testimony in regard to it
Persecution in the Bible - For Paul, persecuting Christians could be a living and visible Testimony to the crucified and risen Christ (2 Corinthians 4:7-12 )
Ignorance (2) - The chosen race, wilfully blinding themselves to the true meaning of the Scriptures (John 5:45) and to the signs of the times (Matthew 16:3), especially the Testimony of the Baptist (John 3:26; John 3:32) and the words and works of Jesus (Matthew 11:20, John 10:38; John 14:11; John 15:24), were punished by having the truth hidden from them in parables (Matthew 13:13), and by having their spiritual understanding darkened (Matthew 13:15, 2 Corinthians 3:14)
Spain - Paul’s Testimony and martyrdom in Rome, it seems natural to take ἐλθών and μαρτυρήσας together, and difficult to interpolate a journey between them
Dedication, Feast of - Unhappily the questioners were not sincere, and would not receive the Testimony of our Lord, not even when He referred them to His works as proving His claims; and so the matter ended where it began
Atonement, Day of - If the blowing of trumpets on the first day of the seventh month suggests that Testimony from the Lord which shall arouse the nation from their long spiritual slumber, the Day of Atonement points to the moral effect produced in them when they shall look upon Him whom they havepierced, and mournfor Him
Day-Star - He has therefore the Testimony in himself that he follows, not wandering fires, but a star
Bear - To show or exhibit to relate as, to bear Testimony or witness
Law - The word can refer to the whole of the “law”: “For he established a Testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children” ( Watch - The Levites were to “keep the charge of the tabernacle of Testimony” ( Repent - 14:23); the connection between “comfort” and “repent” here resulted from the calamity God brought upon Jerusalem as a Testimony to the truth of His Word
Tabernacle - And so we find the various names of it, the "tent," Exodus 26:11-12; the "tabernacle," dwelling or habitation, Exodus 26:13; the "tent of meeting," Exodus 29:43, for so the words should be rendered; the "tent of the Testimony" or "tabernacle of witness," Numbers 9:15; Numbers 17:7; Numbers 18:2; the "house of the Lord," Deuteronomy 23:18; Joshua 9:23; Judges 18:31; all these appelations pointing to the covenant-purpose of God
Apocalypse - " It is graciously designed, that the gradual accomplishment of these predictions should afford, in every succeeding period of time, additional Testimony to the divine origin of our holy religion
Ashamed, Shame - It is said of being "ashamed" of persons, Mark 8:38 ; Luke 9:26 ; the Gospel, Romans 1:16 ; former evil doing, Romans 6:21 ; "the Testimony of our Lord," 2 Timothy 1:8 ; suffering for the Gospel, 2 Timothy 1:12 ; rendering assistance and comfort to one who is suffering for the Gospel's sake, 2 Timothy 1:16
Justice - No one could be condemned without the concurring Testimony of at least two witnesses, Numbers 35:30 ; and these failing, he was obliged to make oath of his innocence, Exodus 22:11 Hebrews 6:16
Rest - The truth of religion rests on divine Testimony
Elders - The elders continued their opposition as long as there was any open Testimony in Jerusalem
Obed-Edom - We have the honourable Testimony which God the Holy Ghost gave of this man, 2 Samuel 6:9-12; and again recorded, 1 Chronicles 13:13-14
Patmos - While the authorities of Ephesus, moved perhaps by some mysterious impulse to spare the saint’s life, transported him to the lonely island in order that the city might be freed from his too insistent word and Testimony, he was providentially taken into a retreat where he was beside ‘the deep sea and the mighty things
Cry, Crying - 1, "to lift up the voice, cry out," is said of Christ at the moment of His death, a Testimony to His supernatural power in giving up His life, Matthew 27:46 ; in some mss
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - Thus a high value was attached to the witness Polycarp could give as to the genuine tradition of apostolic doctrine, his Testimony condemning as offensive novelties the figments of the heretical teachers. 3) that on Polycarp's visit to Rome his Testimony converted many disciples of Marcion and Valentinus. The Testimony of Irenaeus conclusively shews the current belief in Asia Minor during the old age of Polycarp, and it is certain that Polycarp was bp. of Polycarp is guaranteed by external Testimony of exceptional goodness. It illustrates the small solicitude of Eusebius to produce Testimony to the use of N. He says, "Every one who doth not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is antichrist; and whosoever doth not confess the Testimony of the Cross is of the devil; and whosoever perverteth the oracles of the Lord to his own lusts and saith that there is neither resurrection nor judgment, this man is a first-born of Satan
Hebrews, the Epistle to the - Jerome, though bringing from Rome the Latin prejudice against this epistle, aggravated by its apparent sanction of the Novatian heresy (Hebrews 6:4-6), was constrained by the almost unanimous Testimony of the Greek churches from the first to receive it as Paul's; after him Rome corrected its past error of rejecting it. What gives especial weight to the Testimony for it of the Alexandrian church is, that church was founded by Mark, who was with Paul at Rome in his first confinement, when probably this epistle was written (Colossians 4:10), and possibly bore it to Jerusalem where his mother resided, visiting Colosse on the way, and from Jerusalem to Alexandria. A generous Testimony of Christian love to one who formerly rebuked him (Galatians 2:7-14)
Tabernacle - "The tabernacle (tent) of the Testimony" (i. having within it the tables of the law) is another name (Acts 7:44; Revelation 15:5), Hebrew 'eduwth (Exodus 38:21, where it ought to be "the Testimony". As the Israelite theocracy was God's kingdom, so the tabernacle was His palace, where the people had audience of God and whence He issued His commands, embodied in the Testimony within the ark
Disciple (2) - The time would yet come for them to deliver their Testimony and to fulfil their ministry. … Let us be thankful for the honest stupidity of these men, it gives great value to their Testimony. It concerns us yet more to recall the evidence which their training affords of the patience and transforming power of Him who now, not less truly than in the days of His flesh, calls weak men to Himself that they may be with Him, and that He may send them forth to bear witness on His behalf, enduing them with His Spirit, that their Testimony, like that of the Apostles, may not be in vain
John, the Gospel According to - If John 21:24-25 came from some Ephesian disciples this is the oldest Testimony to it. 2 Peter 1:14 alludes to (John 21:18) Christ's prophecy of Peter's crucifixion, taking for granted his readers' acquaintance with the Gospel, the strongest kind of Testimony as being undesigned. ...
His characteristic phrases are Testimony or witness, glory, the truth, light, darkness, eternal life, abide, the world, sin, the true (i
Court Systems - Physical evidence was presented when necessary (Deuteronomy 22:13-21 ), but proving one's case depended primarily on Testimony and persuasive argument. Cases brought by a malicious witness giving false Testimony were referred to the central court (Deuteronomy 19:16-21 )
Prophets, the - It appears probable, whatever may be the reason, that the Testimony commonly known as "the prophets" began in the time of Jeroboam 2 king of Israel, Uzziah being his contemporary in Judah. The Testimony of the prophets extended thus over a period of from three to four hundred years
Exodus - As no priests have been consecrated, and the people must not draw near, Moses ascends alone to receive the tables of the Testimony (Exodus 24:15-18 a) written by Jahweh on both sides. He returns ( Exodus 34:29-35 ), deposits the Testimony in an ark he has caused to be prepared, and constructs the Tabernacle ( Exodus 34:35 )
Paul - Testimony before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa (the Gospel of Luke and the Acts commenced at Cæsarea, and concluded at Rome)...
Paul's voyage to Rome (autumn); shipwreck at Malta; arrival at...
Paul's first captivity at Rome, Epistles to the Colossians, Ephesians, Philippians, Philemon...
Conflagration at Rome (July); Neronian persecution of the Christians; martyrdom of Paul (?)...
Hypothesis of a second Roman captivity and preceding missionary journeys to the East, and possibly to Spain
Palm (of Hand) - These are what one claps together in joy and applause: “And he brought forth the king’s son, and put the crown upon him, and gave him the Testimony; and they made him king, and anointed him; and they clapped their hands, and said, God save the king” (2 Kings 11:12)
Fall of Man - Some striking proofs of this depravity may be seen in the general propensity of mankind to vain, irrational, or cruel diversions; in the universality of the most ridiculous, impious, inhuman, and diabolical sins; in the aggravating circumstances attending the display of this corruption; in the many ineffectual endeavours to stem its torrent, in the obstinate resistance it makes to divine grace in the unconverted; the amazing struggles of good men with it; the Testimony of the heathens concerning it; and the preposterous conceit which the unconverted have of their own goodness
Fulfill - ...
In John the failure of the people to recognize God at work in Jesus' signs or to accept Jesus' Testimony was explained as fulfillment of Scripture (John 12:37-41 ; compare Mark 4:11-12 )
Pentateuch - But in answer to all these objections it is justly observed, that these books are by the most ancient writers ascribed to Moses, and it is confirmed by the authority of heathen writers themselves, that they are his writings; besides this, we have the unanimous Testimony of the whole Jewish nation ever since Moses's time
Saints - It is explained by saying that we have in the incident a striking Testimony to the supernatural character and far-reaching power of our Lord’s death; that not only did it affect nature (earthquake), the Jewish economy (the rent veil), and human life (centurion), but that its influence penetrated even to the unseen world
Bonifacius i, Pope - ), is addressed to Boniface, and bears Testimony to the kindness and condescension of his character
Fig Tree - " (John 15:5) If this be the right sense of the passage, and the Lord Jesus meant to teach his disciples thereby, that every hedge fig tree hath no part in the church, no owner in Christ by his Father's gift or purchase, no union with him, and, consequently, no communion in his graces, but must in the hour of decision instantly wither away; then will this parable of the barren fig tree form one Testimony more to the numberless other testimonies with which the word of God abounds, that the children of the wicked one, and the children of the kingdom, are totally separate and dissimilar from everlasting, and so must continue to everlasting
Bible - ...
Some pious minds, indeed, have gone farther, and have ceased to call those writings apocryphal, or doubtful, but have decidedly determined against them, and from their own Testimony shewn that they are unscriptural and contrary to God's word
Catharine, Martyr of Alexandria - But the whole story is plainly unhistorical, even apart from the significant fact that there is no external Testimony to its authenticity
Barrenness - It is upon this principle of interpretation, and I know not upon what other so well, that we may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men, who have made those parts of the Mosaic history a stumbling-block to many, which, if rightly understood, are the very Testimony of the covenant; and a principle which is thus extensive in its application and successful in its results, which explains so much that is difficult, and answers so much that is objected against, has, from this circumstance alone, strong presumption in its favour, strong claims upon our sober regard
Judge - , the light of the heart-searching Testimony of the assembly probes the conscience of the unregenerate, sifting him judicailly
Locust - ...
Writers in natural history bear abundant Testimony to the Scriptural account of these creatures
Giant - Living giants have certainly been seen who were somewhat taller; but the existence of those who greatly surpassed it, or were double the height, has been inferred only from remains discovered in the earth, but not from the ocular Testimony of credible witnesses
Polychronius, Bishop of Apamea - The Testimony of Theodoret, however, is unequivocal, and is that of the contemporary bishop of a neighbouring see
John, Gospel of - In its combination of minute historical detail with lofty spiritual teaching, in its Testimony to the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the preparation it makes for the foundations of Christian doctrine, it stands alone. This is proved by the Testimony of Irenæus, bishop of Lyons, in Gaul, writing about a. On the broad issue of John’s ministry in Asia and his composition of a Gospel, this Testimony is of the first importance. The Testimony of churches and of a whole generation of Christians, inheritors of the same tradition at only one remove, corroborates the emphatic and repeated statements of Irenæus. Abbott, and others would interpret the word emphatically, of Christ; but its use is probably due to the fact that the writer is speaking of himself in the third person, and emphasizes his own personal Testimony
Logia - ’ For Papias, and a fortiori for the later authorities who repeat the tradition in partly independent forms, it was a Testimony to our canonical Matthew. Finally, the internal evidence of the tradition itself indicates a close relation to the Testimony of ‘the Elder’ as to Mk. No such compendium did Mark make, but only a transcript of certain discourses of Peter, accurate and complete so far as secondary Testimony could go, but suffering from the inevitable limitations of one who had been a follower, not of the Lord (like Matthew), but, ‘as I (Papias) said, of Peter, afterward. To the latter type would belong the ‘testimony of the cross’ (τὸ μαρτύριον τοῦ σταυροῦ) rejected by the opponents of Polycarp (l
Ecclesiastes, the Book of - Qoheleth addresses "the great congregation" (Psalms 22:25; Psalms 49:2-4), giving his Testimony for godliness as the only solid good, as the seal of his repentance under chastisement for apostasy (1 Kings 11:14; 1 Kings 11:23; Psalms 89:30; Psalms 89:33). Its canonicity rests on the Testimony of the Jewish church, "to whom were committed the oracles of God," and who are never charged in the New Testament with unfaithfulness in that respect, though so unfaithful in other respects (Romans 3:2)
Jesus Christ - And the Testimony of Josephus confirms the account given in Scripture of John the Baptist. That all these predictions were fulfilled in Jesus Christ; that he was of that country, tribe, and family, of the house and lineage of David, and born in Bethlehem, we have the fullest evidence in the Testimony of all the evangelists; in two distinct accounts of the genealogies, by natural and legal succession, which, according to the custom of the Jews, were carefully preserved; in the acquiescence of the enemies of Christ in the truth of the fact, against which there is not a single surmise in history; and in the appeal made by some of the earliest Christian writers to the unquestionable Testimony of the records of the census, taken at the very time of our Saviour's birth by order of Caesar. " Thus the prophetic Testimony describes him, as entitled to the appellation of "Wonderful," since he should be, in a sense peculiar to himself, the Son of God, Psalms 2:7 ; Isaiah 9:6 ; as existing and acting during the patriarchal and the Jewish ages, and even from eternity, Psalms 40:7-9 ; Micah 5:2 ; as the guardian and protector of his people, Isaiah 40:9-11 ; as the proper object of the various affections of piety, of devotional confidence for obtaining the most important blessings, and of religious homage from angels and men, Psalms 2:12 ; Psalms 97:7 ; and, finally, declares him to be the eternal and immutable Being, the Creator, God, the Mighty God, Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah. So numerous are the passages in which divine titles, acts, and qualities, are ascribed to Christ in the apostolical epistles, and so unbroken is the stream of Testimony from the apostolic age, that the Deity of their Saviour was the undoubted and universal faith of his inspired followers, and of those who immediately succeeded them, that it is not necessary to quote proofs. So powerfully, in fact, has this been felt, that, in order to evade the force of the Testimony of Scripture, the most licentious criticisms have been resorted to by the deniers of his divinity; such as would not certainly have been tolerated by scholars in the case of an attempt to interpret any other ancient writing
Passover (ii. in Relation to Lord's Supper). - And it must be remembered, on the other hand, that those who deny that there is any outward connexion between the Passover and the Lord’s Supper have to meet difficulties of the most pressing kind, arid above all the difficulty of accounting for the unanimous Testimony of the Synoptics on this very point. What are we to make of this Testimony, and especially of the Testimony of Mk
Joshua, the Book of - The value of modern discoveries in their relation to Old Testament history has been thus well described: ...
"The difficulty of establishing the charge of lack of historical credibility, as against the Testimony of the Old Testament, has of late years greatly increased
Joy - Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 records the sad Testimony of one who sought to build his life on pleasure-seeking
Lily - " (Micah 7:2; Mic 7:4) How truly blessed is it thus to prove the doctrine of Christ by Testimony, and yet more when a child of God discovers, through the Holy Ghost, his own personal interest in it
Ark of God - This is also called 'ARK OF THE COVENANT,' 'ARK OF THE Testimony,' 'ARK OF JEHOVAH
Eleutherus, Bishop of Rome - What they say, however, is quite consistent with the earlier, and other than Roman, origin of the British church; and it may be that it was the very fact of their having borne this Testimony that suggested Eleutherus, a pope shortly anterior to their date, as one to whom the mission might be assigned
Eucherius, Saint, Bishop of Lyons - This is a defence of the lawfulness of the allegorical sense of Scripture pleading the Testimony of Scripture itself; e
Chief, Chiefest, Chiefly - ...
C — 1: ἡγέομαι (Strong's #2233 — Verb — hegeomai — hayg-eh'-om-ahee ) "to lead the way, to preside, rule, be the chief," is used of the ambition "to be chief" among the disciples of Christ, Luke 22:26 ; of Paul as the "chief" speaker in Gospel Testimony at Lystra, Acts 14:12 ; of Judas and Silas, as chief (or rather, "leading") men among the brethren at Jerusalem, Acts 15:22
Pontus - There is a well-known and valuable Testimony to the prevalence of Christianity in the province, belonging to the period a
Canon - And, above all, the unqualified Testimony to the Scriptures of the Old Testament, by Christ and his Apostles, ought to satisfy us that we have lost none of the inspired books of the canon. It is a matter of Testimony, in which all the fathers concur, as with one voice, that St. " In confirmation of this interpretation, we can adduce the old Syriac version, which, having been made soon after the days of the Apostles, is good Testimony in relation to this matter of fact. Paul refer? It seems safest in such a case, where Testimony is deficient, to follow the literal sense of the words, and to believe that it was an epistle written by the Laodiceans, probably to himself, which he had sent to the Colossians, together with his own epistle, for their perusal
Creation - Biblical writers may reflect an awareness of these extra-biblical accounts, but their consistent Testimony is that Israel's God was the Creator. John's Testimony is that “the Word” made all things (John 1:3 ) and that Jesus is the Word (John 1:14 )
Divination - ...
Scripture has written for all ages (Isaiah 8:19-20):"when they shall say, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits; and unto wizards that peep and that mutter, should not a people seek unto their God? (should they seek) for the (good of) the living to the dead? To the law and to the Testimony . Paul was "grieved," so far was he from seeking and welcoming like spiritualists the pythoness' Testimony to him (Acts 16:17-18); for the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of divination cannot dwell together in the same soul
Atonement, Day of - ...
The cloud of incense "covering the mercy-seat upon the Testimony, lest he should die," typifies Christ's merits incensing our prayers, so as to make them a sweet smelling savor to God (Revelation 8:3-4). " No such change took place for 40 years before the destruction of Jerusalem; a singular Testimony from Jewish authority to Messiah, as His ministry was precisely 40 years before the destruction of the holy city; the type ceased when the Antitype came
Miracles - The Synoptic Gospels do not profess to be written by eye-witnesses, but the Fourth Gospel does claim to give first-hand Testimony (John 21:24, confirmed by many internal indications), though it was written more than half a century after the events which are recorded. Paul that he himself had the power of working miracles (see below) indirectly gives good Testimony to the fact that our Lord worked them, for we can hardly imagine that St
Georgius (43), Patron Saint of England - ]'>[1] The earliest historical Testimony to the existence and martyrdom of St. —The consentient Testimony of all Christendom till the Reformation attested the existence of St
Rejoice - ), "ye rejoice greatly;" in the event of the marriage of the Lamb, Revelation 19:7 , "be exceeding glad," RV; (II) in the Middle Voice, (a) of "rejoicing" in persecutions, Matthew 5:12 (2nd part); in the light of Testimony for God, John 5:35 ; in salvation received through the gospel, Acts 16:34 , "he rejoiced greatly," RV; in salvation ready to be revealed, 1 Peter 1:6 ; at the revelation of His glory, 1 Peter 4:13 , "with exceeding joy," lit
Reproach - ...
In 1 Timothy 3:7 the Apostle, enumerating the characteristics requisite for a bishop, says that ‘he must have good Testimony from them that are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil
Canaan, Land of - Universal Testimony is given to the great productiveness of the soil if it were properly cultivated; but under the judgement of God and the misrule of man comparatively little has been produced until the State of Israel was founded in the twentieth century
James, Epistle of - , before Paul's Testimony came in
Maronites - One thing is certain, from the Testimony of Tyrius and other unexceptionable witnesses, as also from the most authentic records, viz
Concubine - (Revelation 19:9)...
I beg to make a farther observation on this subject, while I am upon it, and to call the reader to remark with me, that even in those times of ignorance, when men gave loose to their corrupt affections, yet, the very law of usage concerning concubines carried with it a decided Testimony, that even in the very moment they gavel way to their unbridled passions, yet, by the reverence shewn the lawful wife, they tacitly confessed the just and honourable appointment of the Lord
Bethesda - " The Holy Ghost hath given his, Testimony to the many blessed truths in his servant John's writings, and of consequence, to the reality and certainty of this pool of Bethesda among the rest
Proverbs - The mode of conveying instruction by compendious maxims obtained among the Jews, from the first dawn of their literature, to its final extinction in the east through the power of the Mohammedan arms; and it was familiar to the inhabitants of Syria and Palestine, as we learn from the Testimony of St
Captives - The barbarous custom long survived the decline and fall of the Babylonian empire; for by the Testimony of Mr
Measure - It is the ascended Christ who gives the Spirit to those who receive His Testimony and set their seal to this, that God is true
Inspiration - Others, as the historical parts, are matter of human Testimony. it is not the utterance of the mere individual, and so to be solved or interpreted by him, but of "the Holy Spirit" by whom the writer was "moved"; Scripture is not restricted to the immediate sense in the mind of the individual writer, but has in view "the Testimony of Jesus," which is "the spirit of prophecy" in the "holy men moved by the Holy Spirit. While some passages affecting vital doctrines are on examination rejected as not in the original, the doctrines themselves stand firm as ever, because they rest on the agreeing Testimony of the whole of God's word; in other passages the orthodox truths are confirmed more fully by restoring the original text
Seceders - They also published what they called an Act, Declaration, and Testimony, to the doctrine, worship, government, and discipline of the church of Scotland; and against several instances, as they said, of defection from these, both in former and in the present times. Alexander Moncrief, Thomas Mair, Adam Gib, and others, contended, on the other hand, that the swearing of the above clause was a virtual renunciation of their Testimony; and this controversy was so keenly agitated, that they split into two different parties, and now meet in different synods. The Antiburghers consider the Burghers as too lax, and not sufficiently steadfast to their Testimony
Confession (of Christ) - But it is by hard trials that the soldier of Christ learns to endure hardness, and gains the unflinching strength which enables him to confess the good confession in the sight of many witnesses (1 Timothy 6:12), and not be ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord (2 Timothy 1:8). Peter’s powerful Testimony to Jesus as the risen Lord and Christ (Acts 2:32-36) that 3000 souls on the day of Pentecost were led gladly to receive the word, and in baptism to confess Christ for themselves (Acts 2:37-41). It was above all else by the personal confessions of humble individuals—a Testimony often sealed with blood (Revelation 2:13; Revelation 12:11)—that the pagan empire of Rome was cast down and the Church of Christ built upon its ruins
Apocalyptic - However, these ideas are not found only in apocalyptic, but are themes of the whole biblical Testimony in different ways. While they give their Testimony, the two witnesses are kept safe, even though they are defeated by "the beast from the abyss" and follow their Lord through death and resurrection (11:5-12)
Miracles - ...
It is stated in Mark 16:16-18 that those who should believe on the Lord Jesus, by the Testimony of the apostles, would be able to work miracles; and there is ample Testimony in early church history that this was the case, especially in casting out demons
Power - —During His earthly ministry, in the impression made both upon His disciples and upon the hostile Pharisees, as well as upon the mass of the people, there is abundant Testimony to the transcendent personality of Christ. The impression thus made upon His disciples became in turn the Testimony which they gave to the world—‘The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only-begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth’ (John 1:14)
Impostors - ...
Returning to religious impostures, there is the case of the pseudo-nun, Marilll Monk, whose anti-Catholic accusations were refuted by Protestant Testimony; and that of Dr
Day - The succession of days is Testimony to a God whose governance of the universe is not haphazard but marked by order and, especially, reliability
Resurrection of Christ - ...
The resurrection is a public Testimony of Christ's release from his undertaking as surety, and an evidence of the Father's acceptance of his work of redemption
Witness - ...
The consistency with which the NT writers dwell upon this varied Testimony of the Holy Spirit to Christ is remarkable
Walk - ...
From both the Old and New Testament references, it is clear that the metaphorical or figurative use of the English verb, "walk, " refers to conduct or behavior which, it is insisted, should support one's verbal Testimony
Liberality - ’ The answer of John the Baptist (Luke 3:11) may be quoted as in accordance with the teaching of our Lord: liberality is here shown to be an evidence of repentance, and a practical Testimony to a change of heart
Branch - Another lesson may be that some of the principal men of Israel will be left alive to continue the Testimony of Israel
Prophecy - All are alike given by inspiration of God, and all alike give witness to Jesus; for "the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy
Serpent - But while the uniform Testimony of Scripture is with this subject, and the devil is continually called by the name of serpent through the whole of the Bible, and while the faithful in all ages have, without a single instance of departure, received no other idea, it should seem the safest method to accept the good old way of translation, assured that if the fact had not been so, God the Holy Ghost would have taught the church accordingly
Building - The reading adopted in Revised Version may be claimed as an incidental Testimony to the early date of the Epistle
Image - 2: Ephesians 6:1-24 , bears strong Testimony against images; and he may be considered as one of the first iconoclasts
Shem - Methuselah and Shem were the two links between Adam and Isaac, so that the record of creation and man's fall came to Isaac on the Testimony of the original chief actor, transmitted by only two intervening links
Borrow - And I would ask, Is not that day, yea, that very day, at hand? Hath not the Lord, even now, been planting the gospel in Egypt? Hath not our God, when working by terrible things in righteousness, as he doth in the present awful war, caused even the Musselmen and inhabitants of Egypt to look on the congregations and prayer meetings of some of our pious soldiers who have been there? The writer of this hath himself received Testimony to this striking providence of our God from a faithful soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a faithful servant of his king and country, who was there, and an eye-witness to such characters looking in upon them, when he and a few of his devout comrades met together to read the Scriptures, and pray, and sing praises to the Lord
Covenant - 103:18, NASB), ‘edah (“testimony”— Oath - Such is that Being whom Christians, when they take an oath, invoke to bear Testimony to the truth of their words, and the integrity of their hearts
Baal - It is probable that Baal, Belus, or Bel, the great god of the Carthaginians, and also of the Sidonians, Babylonians, and Assyrians, who, from the Testimony of Scripture, appears to have been delighted with human sacrifices, was the Moloch of the Ammonites; the Chronus of the Greeks, who was the chief object of adoration in Italy, Crete, Cyprus, and Rhodes, and all other countries where divine honours were paid him; and the Saturn of the Latins
Love-Feasts - However that be, all antiquity bears Testimony to the reality of the Christian αγαπαι , or love- feasts
Greek Language - To the universality of the Greek language, Cicero, Seneca, and Juvenal bear ample Testimony: and the circumstances of the Jews having long had political, civil, and commercial relations with the Greeks, and being dispersed through various parts of the Roman empire, as well as their having cultivated the philosophy of the Greeks, of which we have evidence in the New Testament, all sufficiently account for their being acquainted with the Greek language
Popularity - But the more the world persecutes them, the more must they bear Testimony to the cause of Christ by their loving fellowship one with another
Dog - ...
The Testimony of the Latin poet is confirmed by Diodorus, who, in his first book, assures us that the Egyptians highly venerate some animals, both during their life and after their death; and expressly mentions the dog as one object of this absurd adoration
Poverty - ) bears eloquent Testimony to the prevalence of poverty under the later monarchy (cf
Judges - ...
Two examples of forms of procedure occur: a civil case (Ruth 4:2), in which Boaz calls in ten elders to witness the redemption by him of the kinsman's right from the one whose claim was first, and whom he summoned to appear"in the gate," the usual place of judgment; and a criminal one (Exodus 5:6,), where the eiders and nobles judge, on the Testimony of witnesses, in the presence of the people
Popularity - But the more the world persecutes them, the more must they bear Testimony to the cause of Christ by their loving fellowship one with another
Building - The reading adopted in Revised Version may be claimed as an incidental Testimony to the early date of the Epistle
Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens - Therefore he turns to another and a new Testimony, that of the soul. Yet Christians beg now for a Testimony from thee, as from one outside them; a Testimony against thine own that the heathen may blush for their hatred and mockery of us. " The Testimony of the soul to God is found in popular phrases indicative of knowledge and fear of God; then it is adjured to speak about immortality and the resurrection of the body (c. , and the Testimony to baptism in the life and passion of the Lord
Quakers - In the course of his travels, he met with many seeking persons in circumstances similiar to his own, and these readily received his Testimony. in Testimony of their dependence on the heavenly Father, and for a renewal of their spiritual strength: nevertheless, in the performance of worship, we dare not depend for out acceptance with him on a formal repetition of the words and experiences of others; but we believe it to be our duty to lay aside the activity of the imagination, and to wait in silence to have a true sight of our condition bestowed upon us; believing even a single sigh (Romans 7:24 . Hence arises our Testimony against preaching for hire, in contradiction to Christ's positive command, 'Freely ye have received, freely give, ' Matthew 10:8 . "There are not many of our tenets more generally known than our Testimony against oaths, and against war
Word - The strength of John's high Christology is that it stems from Jesus' earthly life and was demonstrable by eyewitness Testimony to it (19:35; 20:30-31; 21:24-25). They are testable (Genesis 42:16,20 ), especially in the legal sense of eyewitness Testimony (Deuteronomy 19:15-19 ). In view of these Old Testament considerations, for a Gospel writer to profess that his Testimony is true, reliable, is a weighty claim (John 21:24 ; cf
Bible, Canon of the - What was the attitude of the church in the city to which it was originally written?
People of every generation have inherently asked about each book of the Bible: Does it have the "ring of genuineness "? The Testimony of the Spirit was important. ...
According to the Testimony of Talmudic and rabbinic sources, the thirty-nine books of the Hebrew Bible were originally divided into only twenty-four
Education (2) - ]'>[22] This is rank Docetism, and is refuted by the Evangelist’s Testimony that ‘Jesus made progress in wisdom and age’ (ἩΛΙΚΙΑ) (Luke 2:52), as it were, pari passu. Again it was objected that He testified concerning Himself; and it was a Rabbinical maxim that a man’s Testimony concerning himself was invalid (John 8:13)
Nazarene - " (Mark 1:24) Next we find the apostles giving in their Testimony to the same blessed truth, John 1:45 "We have found him (saith Philip) of whom Moses in the law and the prophets did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. " (Matthew 26:71) And yet more, the Roman governor, as if constrained by an overruling power, in giving a Testimony to Christ the very reverse of the ignominy he meant to put upon him, both subscribed to his regal authority, at the same time he proclaimed him the Nazarite to God; and wrote a superscription in three different languages, and put it on the cross, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews
Oracle - ...
From Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, who are the last of the prophets that have any of their writings remaining, the Jews pretend that God gave them what they call Bathkol, the Daughter of the Voice, which was a supernatural manifestation of the will of God, which was performed either by a strong inspiration or internal voice, or else by a sensible and external voice, which was heard by a number of persons sufficient to bear Testimony of it
Sychar - ) mentions a Sychar distinct from Shechem, and about a Roman mile away—to which Testimony must be added that of the Itinerary of Jerusalem (a
Truth - In Testimony before Pilate, Jesus declared: “For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth
Circumcision - The Testimony of the Egyptian sculptures, mummies, and hieroglyphics, is very doubtful as to the pre-Abrahamic antiquity of circumcision
Ark of the Covenant - The word “covenant” in the name defines the ark from its original purpose as a container for the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandments (sometimes called the “testimony”) were inscribed
Mouth - ...
2 Timothy 4:17 (a) Paul describes his enemies as lions who would by their words and by their power hinder his Testimony and destroy his person
Deceit, Deception, Guile - The Testimony of the late Dr
Plagues of Egypt - This was typical of the precious blood of Christ, which is the Testimony that judgement on man has been executed, and is the basis of all God's subsequent dealings in grace
Fasting (2) - Fasting was generally practised in an ostentatious manner; on this point the Testimony of Matthew 6:16 is confirmed by the Mishna
Mouth - “The mouth of two witnesses” means their Testimony: “Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses …” ( Ark of the Covenant - It was also named the ark of the Testimony, because the two tables which were deposited in it were witnesses against every transgression
Chaldean Philosophy - From the Testimony of Diodorus, and also from other ancient authorities collected by Eusebius, it appears, that the Chaldeans believed in God, the Lord and Parent of all, by whose providence the world is governed
Assurance - Some have concluded that we obtain it by inference, others by the direct Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the mind
Appear, Appearing - , to declare by oral Testimony and to "manifest" by the witness of the life
Philemon, Epistle to - The external Testimony is full and consistent, although so short and personal a letter might easily lack recognition
Job, Book of - The author may have received it in one of three ways: the writer may have been an eyewitness; or have received it from near contemporary Testimony; or it may have reached him through a tradition of whose substantial truthfulness he has no doubt
Philip the Evangelist - True, our Lord had made converts among the Samaritans partly through the Testimony of the Samaritan woman, partly by His own teaching and influence (John 4:39-42), but it is not clear that they were actually admitted to baptism, and they were directly excluded from those to whom during the continuance of His ministry the disciples were to address themselves (Matthew 10:5)
Cast - , disapproved, and so rejected from present Testimony, with loss of future reward); 2 Corinthians 13:5-7 , "reprobate" (sing
Mind - Its use in the NT may be analyzed as follows: it denotes (a) the faculty of knowing, the seat of the understanding, Luke 24:45 ; Romans 1:28 ; 14:5 ; 1 Corinthians 14:15,19 ; Ephesians 4:17 ; Philippians 4:7 ; Colossians 2:18 ; 1 Timothy 6:5 ; 2 Timothy 3:8 ; Titus 1:15 ; Revelation 13:18 ; 17:9 ; (b) counsels, purpose, Romans 11:34 (of the "mind" of God); 12:2; 1 Corinthians 1:10 ; 2:16 , twice (1) of the thoughts and counsels of God, (2) of Christ, a Testimony to His Godhood; Ephesians 4:23 ; (c) the new nature, which belongs to the believer by reason of the new birth, Romans 7:23,25 , where it is contrasted with "the flesh," the principle of evil which dominates fallen man
Print - He also offered them the Testimony of their sense of feeling, ‘Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye behold me having
Silvester, Bishop of Rome - There is abundant Testimony that he did not seek baptism, or even imposition of hands as a catechumen, till in a suburb of Nicomedia, as death drew near, he received both from Eusebius, the Arian bishop of that see
Christianity - It is in accordance, therefore, with the original application of the name ‘Christian’ that in seeking for the meaning of the word ‘Christianity’ we should make full use of the Apostolic Testimony regarding Christ. His own Testimony runs: ‘The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost’ ( Luke 19:10 ). Paul in like manner, when the Philippian jailor cried out in the night, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ replied, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved’ ( Acts 16:30-31 ) words which contain in brief the essence of the Apostolic Testimony as to the way of salvation
John the Baptist - That this was meant of the Baptist, we have the Testimony of our Lord himself, who declared, "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. When Jesus Christ presented himself to receive baptism from him, this sign was vouchsafed; and from that time he bore his Testimony to Jesus, as the Christ. He himself tells us that he "was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ;" and Irenaeus, speaking of the vision which he had there, says, "It is not very long ago that it was seen, being but a little before our time, at the latter end of Domitian's reign
Samaria, Samaritans - Acts 5:38), was, however, inclined to accept such Testimony, and at a later period we occasionally meet with a less bitter tone; for, while some of the Rabbis, remembering 2 Kings 17:25; 2 Kings 17:28, called them ‘proselytes of the lions,’ Rabbi ’Akiba was ready to recognize them as true proselytes (Bab. In the matter of their ritual orthodoxy we have even the Testimony of Josephus; for, when he tells of Jewish fugitives accused of ritual irregularities being received by the Samaritans, he adds that they complained of being falsely accused (Ant. Another Testimony to their early reception of the Torah is that it is not divided into parâshahs like the Massoretic Text , but, on a totally different principle, independent alike of the Rabbis and the Alexandrian critics, into ketzîn. A careful consideration of these processes enables us to produce the Samaritan as a valuable Testimony to the general accuracy of the Massoretic pointing; while, if we road the Samaritan Targum with the pointing of Onkelos, we shall attain to a very close approximation to the speech of Christ with the woman of Samaria and with the people of Sychar
Scripture - But even while they lived, they confirmed their Testimony by a variety of miracles wrought in divers places, and for a number of years, sometimes before thousands of their enemies, as the miracles of Christ and his disciples; sometimes before hundreds of thousands, as those of Moses. To say nothing of the harmony, venerable antiquity, and wonderful preservation of those books, some of which are by far the most ancient in the world; to pass over the inimitable simplicity and true sublimity of their style; the Testimony of the fathers and the primitive Christians; they carry with them such characters of truth, as command the respect of every unprejudiced reader
Hilarius Arelatensis, Saint, Bishop of Arles - Hilary held a council at Vienne in 444, and we learn from his biographer and from the Testimony of Leo that by its sentence Chelidonius was deposed from the episcopate and appealed to Rome in person. ...
It must be said for him that his conviction, that the see off Arles gave him metropolitical power over the whole of Gaul, was based upon no small amount of cogent Testimony
Divination - The Testimony of history to this fact is fully confirmed by the discovery of contemporary texts, among which are ‘innumerable … horoscopes, amulets, cursing tablets, and magical books
Apostle - This was the primary function of an apostle-to bear witness of Christ’s Resurrection (Acts 1:22; Acts 4:2; Acts 4:33), and the influence of the Testimony was enormous. And the confidence with which they delivered their Testimony was communicated to those who heard it all the more effectually because, without any sign of collusion or conspiracy, they all told the same story
Joannes Presbyter - There is an immense mass of patristic Testimony that John the apostle lived to a great age and died in Asia in the reign of Trajan. It obtains no confirmation from independent Testimony, nor does it solve any perplexing problems
Crimes And Punishments - The offenses subject to capital punishment were: intentional homicide (Exodus 21:12 ; Leviticus 24:17 ; Numbers 35:16-21 ,Numbers 35:16-21,35:29-34 ), giving false Testimony in capital cases (Deuteronomy 19:16-21 ), idolatry (Exodus 20:3-5 ; Leviticus 20:1-5 ; Numbers 25:1-9 ; Deuteronomy 13:2-19 ; Deuteronomy 17:2-7 ; 1 Kings 15:11-13 ; 2 Kings 10:18-28 ), kidnapping an Israelite (Exodus 21:16 ; Deuteronomy 24:7 ), incest, homosexuality, and beastiality (Exodus 22:19 ; Leviticus 20:11-17 ), rape (if the victim did not cry for help, she, too, should be executed; Deuteronomy 22:23-27 ), adultery (Leviticus 20:10-12 ; Deuteronomy 22:22 ), other sexual relations outside marriage (Leviticus 21:9 ; Deuteronomy 22:20-21 ,Deuteronomy 22:20-21,22:23-24 ), false prophecy (Deuteronomy 13:1-5 ; Deuteronomy 18:20-22 ; 1 Kings 22:19-28 ; Jeremiah 26:9 ,Jeremiah 26:9,26:15-16 ; Jeremiah 28:5-9 ), magic, divination, and witchcraft (Exodus 22:18 ; Leviticus 19:26 ,Leviticus 19:26,19:31 ; Leviticus 20:6 ,Leviticus 20:6,20:27 ; Deuteronomy 18:10 ; 1Samuel 28:3,1 Samuel 28:9 ), violation of the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11 ; Exodus 23:12 Exodus 31:14-17 ; Exodus 34:21 ; Exodus 35:1 ;Exodus 35:1;2:1 ; Leviticus 23:3 ; Numbers 15:32-36 ; Nehemiah 13:15-22 ), blasphemy (Leviticus 24:14-16 ,Leviticus 24:14-16,24:23 ; 1 Kings 21:13 ), cursing or striking one's parents (Exodus 21:15 ,Exodus 21:15,21:17 ), disobeying the ruling of the court of appeals (Deuteronomy 17:8-13 ), and certain crimes against the king (1 Samuel 20:31 ; 1 Samuel 22:7-19 ; 2 Samuel 12:5 ; 2 Samuel 13:30 ; 2 Samuel 15:12 ; 2Samuel 16:5-9,2 Samuel 16:21 ; 1Kings 1:21,1 Kings 1:51 ; 1 Kings 2:22-25 ; 1 Kings 12:18-19 ; 1 Kings 21:10 )
John, First Epistle of - Morally John's writings have their place when the church as a Testimony had failed, and the 'last time' had arrived
Sabbath - That considering Adam was restored to favour through a Mediator, and a religious service instituted, which man was required to observe, in Testimony not only of his dependence on the Creator, but also of his faith and hope in the promise, it seems reasonable that an institution so grand and solemn, and so necessary to the observance of this service, should be then existent
Title on the Cross - With reference to (1) Westcott (on John 19:19) remarks: ‘The Roman governor found expression to the last for the bitterness which had been called out in him by the opposition of the Jews … the heathen governor completed the unwilling Testimony of the Jewish priest’ (John 11:49 f
Monk - In the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, it appears, from the Testimony of the best writers, that the monks were generally lazy, illiterate, profligate, and licentious epicures, whose views in lite were confined to opulence, idleness, and pleasure
Satan - Ultimate victory comes by "the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their Testimony, " as the devil is cast down from heaven to the earth (Revelation 12:11 )
Philosophy - ...
In Romans 1:18-23Paul's philosophical logic is essential a "teleological" argument, that is, a Testimony of the existence of God based on the order and purpose of the universe
Gospels, the - All proving that this gospel was a Testimony to Jesus as the true Messiah for Israel
Firstborn - ...
It forms an additional Testimony, that all this was with an eye to Christ, in that among the first-born of the Levites, the redemption of the first-born was not appointed
Antioch - We have the Testimony of Chrysostom, both of the vast increase of this illustrious church in the fourth century, and of the spirit of charity which continued to actuate it
Maronites - One thing is certain, from the Testimony of Tyrius, and other unexceptionable witnesses, as also from the most authentic records, namely, that the Maronites retained the opinions of the Monothelites until the twelfth century, when, abandoning and renouncing the doctrine of one will in Christ, they were readmitted into the communion of the Roman church
Monk - In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, it appears, from the Testimony of the best writers, that the monks were generally lazy, illiterate, profligate, and licentious epicures, whose views in life were confined to opulence, idleness, and pleasure
Corinthians - They were not even of the orthodox Jews, but those who adhered to the doctrines of the Sadducees; and though they were even now converted to Christianity, while they spoke zealously in favour of the law, they were undermining the hopes of the pious, and exciting doubts against the resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15:35 ; so that Paul, from regard to the teachers, whose disciples they professed to be, was obliged to refute them from the Testimony of James and Cephas, 1 Corinthians 15:5 ; 1 Corinthians 15:7
Heaven - This view appears to be borne out by the clear and uniform Testimony of Scripture,; and it is an interesting circumstance, that heaven, as represented by "the holiest of all," is heaven as it is presented to the eye of Christian faith, the place where our Lord ministers as priest, to which believers now come in spirit, and where they are gathered together in the disembodied state
Pentateuch - ...
But, long previous to the captivity, two particular examples, deserving peculiar attention, occur in the Jewish history, of the public and solemn homage paid to the sacredness of the Mosaic law as promulgated in the Pentateuch; and which, by consequence, afford the fullest Testimony to the authenticity of the Pentateuch itself: the one in the reign of Hezekiah, while the separate kingdoms of Judah and Israel still subsisted; and the other in the reign of his great grandson Josiah, subsequent to the captivity of Israel
James - This must be considered as a strong and remarkable Testimony to the character of this Apostle, as it is given by a person who did not believe that Jesus was the Christ
Bear - " It is used with the meaning (a) "to take up," as in picking up anything, stones, John 10:31 ; (b) "to carry" something, Matthew 3:11 ; Mark 14:13 ; Luke 7:14 ; 22:10 ; Acts 3:2 ; 21:35 ; Revelation 17:7 ; "to carry" on one's person, Luke 10:4 ; Galatians 6:17 ; in one's body, Luke 11:27 ; "to bear" a name in Testimony, Acts 9:15 ; metaphorically, of a root "bearing" branches, Romans 11:18 ; (c) "to bear" a burden, whether physically, as of the cross, John 19:17 , or metaphorically in respect of sufferings endured in the cause of Christ, Luke 14:27 ; Revelation 2:3 ; it is said of physical endurance, Matthew 20:12 ; of sufferings "borne" on behalf of others, Matthew 8:17 ; Romans 15:1 ; Galatians 6:2 ; of spiritual truths not able to be "borne," John 16:12 ; of the refusal to endure evil men, Revelation 2:2 ; of religious regulations imposed on others, Acts 15:10 ; of the burden of the sentence of God to be executed in due time, Galatians 5:10 ; of the effect at the judgment seat of Christ, to be "borne" by the believer for failure in the matter of discharging the obligations of discipleship, Galatians 6:5 ; (d) to "bear" by way of carrying off, John 12:6 ; 20:15
Bear - " It is used with the meaning (a) "to take up," as in picking up anything, stones, John 10:31 ; (b) "to carry" something, Matthew 3:11 ; Mark 14:13 ; Luke 7:14 ; 22:10 ; Acts 3:2 ; 21:35 ; Revelation 17:7 ; "to carry" on one's person, Luke 10:4 ; Galatians 6:17 ; in one's body, Luke 11:27 ; "to bear" a name in Testimony, Acts 9:15 ; metaphorically, of a root "bearing" branches, Romans 11:18 ; (c) "to bear" a burden, whether physically, as of the cross, John 19:17 , or metaphorically in respect of sufferings endured in the cause of Christ, Luke 14:27 ; Revelation 2:3 ; it is said of physical endurance, Matthew 20:12 ; of sufferings "borne" on behalf of others, Matthew 8:17 ; Romans 15:1 ; Galatians 6:2 ; of spiritual truths not able to be "borne," John 16:12 ; of the refusal to endure evil men, Revelation 2:2 ; of religious regulations imposed on others, Acts 15:10 ; of the burden of the sentence of God to be executed in due time, Galatians 5:10 ; of the effect at the judgment seat of Christ, to be "borne" by the believer for failure in the matter of discharging the obligations of discipleship, Galatians 6:5 ; (d) to "bear" by way of carrying off, John 12:6 ; 20:15
Poetry of the Hebrews - Synthetic; which is a mere juxtaposition; or rather, the thought is carried forward in the second member with some addition; the correspondence of words and construction being as before: as for example, ...
The law of the lord is perfect, converting the soul: ...
The Testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple
Vine - The account of Moses, however, is confirmed by the Testimony of several travelers; and even in England a bunch of Syrian grapes has been produced which weighed nineteen pounds, was twenty-three inches in length, and nineteen and a half in its greatest diameter
bi'Ble - (5) The Testaments or Covenants , because it is the Testimony of God to man, the truths to which God bears witness; and is also the covenant or agreement of God with man for his salvation
Palm Tree - " (John 12:12-13) And hence also, as if to shew the same glorious Testimony to the Lord Jesus, the redeemed in heaven are represented as "standing before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms their hands
Conscience - This does not, of course, exclude the further view that, as man is made in the image of God, and as his individual personality is rooted in that of the absolute moral Ruler, the Testimony of conscience actually is the voice of God bearing witness in the soul to the reality and authority of moral truth. When conscience is said to ‘bear witness’ (Romans 2:15; Romans 9:1) or to give ‘testimony’ (2 Corinthians 1:12), it is the clear and direct shining of the inner light that is referred to. Paul appears to distinguish conscience as the witness-bearing faculty from the moral judgments and moral feelings that accompany its Testimony
Hosius (1), a Confessor Under Maximian - We have his own Testimony in his letter to Constantius (the son of Constantine) preserved by Athanasius (Hist. When, then, did he suffer? We have his own Testimony that he had been a confessor in the time of Maximian. " Socrates gives similar Testimony ( l. " So public a Testimony to his high character is enough to silence all detraction, and the affectionate and reverential language in which the great Athanasius describes the passing frailty of his venerable friend, the father of the bishops, is very different from the furious and intemperate tone in which it is referred to by Hilary
Bible - We have, however, unquestionable Testimony of the genuineness of the Old Testament, in the fact that its canon was fixed some centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. And that we now possess them as thus delivered and authenticated, we have the concurrent Testimony of the whole succession of the most distinguished early Christian writers, as well as of the Jews to this day, who, in every age, and in all countries, the most remote from one another, have constantly been in the habit of reading them in their synagogues. The volume of the New Testament was thus completed before the death of the last of the Apostles, most of whom had sealed their Testimony with their blood. By the concurrent Testimony of all antiquity, both of friends and foes, they were received by Christians of different sects, and were constantly appealed to on all hands, in the controversies that arose among them
Mark, Gospel According to - External Testimony . The former statement, both as being earlier and as agreeing with the negative Testimony of the Alexandrian Fathers, is more probable, though some moderns have supposed a double publication, one in Rome and one in Alexandria. The external Testimony, however, raises some difficulty when we consider the date of 1Peter
Lois And Eunice - And that the two sorely chastened women succeeded in all but completely compensating their spiritually fatherless child, we have Paul's own Testimony to that, and a Testimony that Timothy must all his days have read with tears and thanksgivings
Sabbath - It may seem as if the day were thus made burdensome to the community, but, if we are to believe the Testimony of Jewish writers who are worthy of all esteem, it was not so in reality. What mainly marked them off from their fellow-Jews was their Testimony and declaration that ‘Jesus was the Christ’ (Acts 5:42; Acts 17:3; Acts 18:5)
Baptism - This is the sense of 1 John 5:6; "this is He that came by water and blood;" by water at His consecration by baptism to His mediatorial ministry for us, when He received the Father's Testimony to His Messiahship and His divine Sonship (John 1:33-34). , agree in testifying to Jesus' Sonship and Messiaship by the sacramental grace in water baptism received by the penitent believer through His droning blood and His inwardly witnessing Spirit (1618454005_37; 1 John 5:8; John 7:390), answering to the Testimony to Jesus' Sonship and Messiahship by His baptism, by His crucifixion, and by the Spirit's manifestation in Him
Reality - It is significant that the men who knew Him best and saw most of Him in daily intimacy were also the men who adored and believed in Him most fervently; and even the one who played the traitor was yet constrained to bear Testimony to the goodness he had wronged (Matthew 27:4). Conscious of a Testimony to bear for God to which He could not be untrue, and intent on disseminating ideas which He felt to be essential to the spiritual well-being of humanity, He confronted the malice of priests, Pharisees, and scribes, and amid gathering troubles ‘steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem’ (Luke 9:51), where that malice at its fiercest had to be encountered
Satan (2) - ...
To these examples from the Synoptic Gospels must be added the very emphatic Testimony of the discourses of Christ according to the Fourth Gospel. The other portions of the NT confirm but do not materially add to the Testimony of the Gospels on the subject of the personality and the power of the Evil One
Woman - Many Samaritans believed in Jesus because of the woman's Testimony. Jesus said that divorce is a Testimony to the hardness of the human heart, not God's will (Matthew 19:1-9 )
Confession - ...
The Epistle to the Hebrews confirms the Testimony of the earlier Pauline Epistles. There was Peter, who by reason of unrighteous jealousy endured not one nor two but many labours, and thus having borne his Testimony went to his appointed place of glory
Christ - " (Romans 9:5; John 1:1; Matthew 3:17) And no less in Testimony of his human nature. ...
Next let us attend to the names given to Christ, in Scripture, in Testimony of his manhood
Job - ...
Farther: no reasonable doubt can be entertained respecting the real existence of Job, when we consider that it is proved by the concurrent Testimony of all eastern tradition: he is mentioned by the author of the book of Tobit, who lived during the Assyrian captivity; he is also repeatedly mentioned by Arabian writers as a real character. These characters are, Job himself, of the land of Uz; Eliphaz, of Teman, a district of as much repute as Uz, and which, it appears from the joint Testimony of Jeremiah
Moab - His information respecting these ruins was derived from some of the wandering Arabs; and its accuracy has been fully corroborated by the Testimony of different European travellers of high respectability and undoubted veracity, who have since visited this devastated region. The subjoined description is drawn from their united Testimony: Among the ruins of El Aal (Eleale) are a number of large cisterns, fragments of buildings, and foundations of houses
Sabbath - It may seem as if the day were thus made burdensome to the community, but, if we are to believe the Testimony of Jewish writers who are worthy of all esteem, it was not so in reality. What mainly marked them off from their fellow-Jews was their Testimony and declaration that ‘Jesus was the Christ’ (Acts 5:42; Acts 17:3; Acts 18:5)
Obedience (2) - Were this the Testimony of the Jews, who were self-righteous, and thus incapacitated for judging of their true spiritual condition, it would have no value; but it is the Testimony of a specially sensitive conscience, one which saw deeper into the meaning of the Law than others, which enjoyed perfect communion with God (John 14:9; John 12:45)
Revelation, Book of - It was during this latter period that John, having been imprisoned for his Christian Testimony, received the revelation recorded in this book (Revelation 1:9-10)
Tongues Gift of - It is an open question whether it was deliberate, on the ground that ordinary language was unsuitable for prayer or fellowship or Testimony regarding the spiritual life, or was produced apart from the volition of the speaker under the influence of spiritual excitement or emotion
Phoenice - ...
The -a termination of the Greek letters is the Aramaic status emphaticus ; the definite article he , instead of being prefixed was subjoined to the noun; so in Genesis 31:47 the Aramaean (Syrian) Laban adds -a to sahaduth "testimony," Jegar Sahadutha; nine out of the 16 Cadmeian letters are in the Aramaic status emphaticus , i
Canon of the Old Testament - Their Testimony condemns the decree of Rome's council of Trent that the apocryphal books deserve "equal veneration" as Scripture, and that all are "accursed" who do" not receive the entire books with all their parts as sacred and canonical
Death - You behold Moses and Aaron bearing the ark of the covenant; David and Elijah presenting the oracle of Testimony
Tradition (2) - ]'>[2] ...
By some it was held that the oral or traditional Law was even superior to the written, because the latter was dependent for its authority upon the oral Testimony of Moses
Love - Yet they must love even enemies (Luke 6:27-36 ) as a witness and a Testimony
Prophet, Christ as - The ruins continue to stand as a mute Testimony to the predictive abilities and the veracity of Jesus as a Prophet
Lie, Lying - ...
The Scriptures bear universal, consistent, and clear Testimony to the absolute sin of lying
Minister - May the Lord send to our happy land more simple gospel, more Christ-exalting doctrine, more free-grace teaching, more distinct Testimony to atoning blood and eternal love
Polygamy - "When we reflect, " says he, "that the primitive institution of marriage limited it to one man and one woman; that this institution was adhered to by Noah and his sons, amidst the degeneracy of the age in which they lived, and in spite of the examples of polygamy which the accursed race of Cain had introduced; when we consider how very few (comparatively speaking) the examples of this practice were among the faithful; how much it brought its own punishment with it; and how dubious and equivocal those passages are in which it appears to have the sanction of the divine approbation; when to these reflections we add another, respecting the limited views and temporary nature of the more ancient dispensations and institutions of religion how often the imperfections and even vices of the patriarchs and people of God in old times are recorded, without any express notification of their criminality how much is said to be commanded, which our reverence for the holiness of God and his law will only suffer us to suppose were for wise ends permitted; how frequently the messengers of god adapted themselves to the genius of the people to whom they were sent, and the circumstances of the times in which they lived; above all, when we consider the purity, equity, and benevolence of the Christian law, the explicit declaration of our Lord and his apostle Paul respecting the institution of marriage, its design and limitation; when we reflect, too, on the Testimony of the most ancient fathers, who could not possibly be ignorant of the general and common practice of the apostolic church; and, finally, when to these considerations we add those which are founded on justice to the female sex, and all the regulations of domestic aeconomy and national policy, we must wholly condemn the revival of polygamy
Denial - When he affirmed so confidently that he was ready to go to death, what he thought of was a public Testimony to Christ, for whom he eounted no sacrifice too great
Samaritan Pentateuch - To His honour I have written this holy law at the entrance of the tabernacle of Testimony on Mount Gerizim, Beth El, in the 13th year of taking possession of Canaan
Abercius, Bishop of Hierapolis - , as "a Testimony, brief, clear, emphatic, of the truth for which Avircius had contended—the one great figure on the Catholic side produced by the Phrygian church during this period," a man whose wide experience of men and cities might in itself have well marked him out as such a champion
Sign - ...
Romans 4:11 (a) The circumcision of the Old Testament was a constant Testimony to Israel; first, that they belonged to GOD; and second, that they were not to live according to the lusts and desires of the flesh, but according to the will of GOD
Apocalyptic - John's “apocalypse” is specifically stated to be a Christian revelation: it is “the revelation of Jesus Christ ,” received from God; accordingly it is described as “the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ
Statute, Ordinance - The word’s synonyms are mitswah, “commandment”; mishpat, “judgment”; berit, “covenant”; torah, “law”; and ‘edut, “testimony
Dionysius (3), Bishop of Corinth - This letter is remarkable also as containing the earliest Testimony that St
Sanhedrim - In the time of Moses, this council was held at the door of the tabernacle of the Testimony
Patience - After that he had been seven times in bonds, had been driven into exile, had been stoned, had preached in the East and in the West, he won the noble renown which was the reward of his faith, having taught righteousness unto the whole world and having reached the farthest bounds of the West; and when he had borne his Testimony before the rulers, so he departed from the world and went into the holy place, having been found a notable pattern of patience
Joshua, the Book of - Be strong and of a good courage for the Lord thy God is with thee wheresoever thou goest" (Joshua 1:7-9), are urged upon the people in detail by Joshua as his last Testimony (Joshua 23:24)
Minister - , Mark 1:31 ; Luke 10:40 , "serve;" John 12:2 , "served;" (c) of relieving one's necessities, supplying the necessaries of life, Matthew 25:44 ; 27:55 ; Mark 15:41 ; Acts 6:2 , "serve;" Romans 15:25 ; Hebrews 6:10 ; more definitely in connection with such service in a local church, 1 Timothy 3:10,13 , [1]; (d) of attending, in a more general way, to anything that may serve another's interests, as of the work of an amanuensis, 2 Corinthians 3:3 (metaphorical): of the conveyance of materials gifts of assisting the needy, 2 Corinthians 8:19,20 , RV, "is ministered" (AV, "is administered"); of a variety of forms of service, 2 Timothy 1:18 ; of the Testimony of the OTs prophets, 1 Peter 1:12 ; of the ministry of believers one to another in various ways, 1 Peter 4:10,11 (not here of discharging ecclesiastical functions)
Baptism - ...
Baptism is also a witness, or Testimony
Manes, Called Also Mani - ...
Since Beausobre's time the sources of Oriental knowledge have been much enlarged, and modern research inclines more and more to trust the concordant Testimony of Persian, Arabic, and Armenian historians, as opposed to the Byzantines, about the affairs of W
Palladius, Bishop of Helenopolis - He was honourably received by pope Innocent, and his Testimony gave the pope full knowledge of the transaction (Soz
Patience - After that he had been seven times in bonds, had been driven into exile, had been stoned, had preached in the East and in the West, he won the noble renown which was the reward of his faith, having taught righteousness unto the whole world and having reached the farthest bounds of the West; and when he had borne his Testimony before the rulers, so he departed from the world and went into the holy place, having been found a notable pattern of patience
Zephyrinus - In addition to this Testimony of Tertullian (whose treatise against Praxeas, written in the time of Zephyrinus, has been supposed, not without reason, to have been directed against the reigning pope as much as against the original heresiarch) we have that of the Refutation of all Heresies , attributed to HIPPOLYTUS, a learned writer of great note in his day, whose real ecclesiastical position is still open to discussion
John the Baptist - But when we put together all the references to John’s ministry and history and character which we find either in the form of historical narrative, or Testimony from the lips of Jesus, or reflexion on the part of an Evangelist, and when we make use besides of one or two sidelights which fall from the book of Acts and the pages of Josephus, we find that for knowledge regarding the Baptist’s mission, his character, his relation to Jesus Christ, and his place in the history of both the old and the new dispensations, we are in no lack of plentiful and trustworthy sources of information. Of the intercourse of John with Jesus, the Fourth Gospel gives an account which differs widely from that presented in the Synoptics; but apart from the Johannine colouring of the later narrative, the difference is sufficiently explained on the ordinary view that the Synoptists describe the meeting between the two at the time of our Lord’s baptism, while the Fourth Evangelist concerns himself only with John’s subsequent Testimony to the now recognized Messiah (cf. ...
It is true that in the Fourth Gospel John is made to bear a witness to Jesus by the banks of the Jordan (John 1:15-36) which finds no parallel in the earlier narratives; but if we follow the ordinary view of students of the chronology of our Lord’s life—that the narrative of the Fourth Evangelist comes in after the forty days of the Temptation have intervened, and that John now sees Jesus in the light not only of the authenticating sign given at the baptism, but of his own reflexion ever since upon the subject of the character of Jesus and the fulfilment of the Messianic promise—the fulness and explicitness of his Testimony upon this later occasion appear perfectly natural
Luke, Gospel According to - Paul bears Testimony in Galatians 6:6. ...
(e) It used to be argued that the Testimony of four men is true, and those passages which are found in more than one Gospel were held to be doubly or trebly attested. Luke? Is the Testimony of three men true? No one until quite modern times has ever thought so
John, Epistles of - The Epistle ranked from the first among the Homologoumena , and the Testimony in favour of its authenticity is early, varied, and explicit. So far as external Testimony is concerned, the early recognition of the Epistle as written by St. Whilst very little evidence is forthcoming to enable us to fix exactly either of these, the general consensus of Testimony points very decidedly to Ephesus during the last few years of the 1st century
Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - That Papias lived when it was still possible to meet such persons has given great importance to his Testimony, though only some very few fragments of his work remain. The conclusion which has been drawn is, that Papias's Testimony relates not to our Gospels of SS. In looking for traditions of our Lord's life, Papias would naturally inquire after the Testimony of those who had seen Him in the flesh
Matthew, Gospel According to - ...
( b ) What does Papias mean about the original language of Matthew? All the Testimony as to its being Aramaic [3] probably reduces itself to this one sentence. The name comes simply from ecclesiastical Testimony of the 2nd cent
Entry Into Jerusalem - ...
John 12:12-19 describes the scene from the stand-point of the people in the city who went out to meet Him (εἰς ὑπάντησιν): the blending of the two streams of people, the οἱ προάγοντες, ‘those going before’ of the Synoptics being those who had gone out to meet Him and had turned back when they met Him at the head of the procession, and thus preceded Him to the city; the Testimony of the people who were with Him to the new-comers that (reading ὅτι for ὅτε) He had summoned Lazarus from the tomb; and the fact that the people from the city took branches of palm trees (τὰ βαΐα τῶν φοινίκων Word - John, who lived to a great age, and who resided at Ephesus, in Proconsular Asia, was moved by the growth of the Gnostic heresies, and by the solicitations of the Christian teachers, to bear his Testimony to the truth in writing, and particularly to recollect those discourses and actions of our Lord, which might furnish the clearest refutation of the persons who denied his preexistence. When you come to analyze the Gospel of St John, you will find that the first eighteen verses contain the positions laid down by the Apostle, in order to meet the errors of Cerinthus; that these positions, which are merely affirmed in the introduction, are proved in the progress of the Gospel, by the Testimony of John the Baptist, and by the words and the actions of our Lord; and that after the proof is concluded by the declaration of Thomas, who, upon being convinced that Jesus had risen, said to him, ‘My Lord, and my God,' St
Psalms - The authority of the Psalms is established not only by their rank among the sacred writings, and by the unvaried Testimony of ages, but likewise by many intrinsic proofs of inspiration. The sacred character of the whole book is established by the Testimony of our Saviour and his Apostles, who, in various parts of the New Testament, appropriate the predictions of the Psalms as obviously apposite to the circumstances of their lives, and as intentionally composed to describe them
Peter, Second Epistle of - The question is really indeterminable, and, apart from the external Testimony of the one to the other, has little bearing on the authorship. Testimony of later Christian Literature
Leper - ...
Christ proved His divine mission by healing lepers, and at the same time commanded them to go to the priest to "offer for cleansing those things which Moses commanded for a Testimony unto them" (Matthew 11:5; Mark 1:44)
Ornaments - ]'>[22] ‘ Testimony ’) are named as insignia of royalty
Ephesians, Epistle to - The authenticity of the Epistle is well attested by external Testimony, but has been disputed during the last century on internal grounds
Ministry, Minister - It is their Testimony that is the basis of the books of the New Testament
Persecution - ...
A godly Testimony will often result in ridicule, scorn, deprivation, physical harm, and even death
Magic - pneuma python normally a spirit connected with the Delphic oracle Acts 16:16 ) was forced to acknowledge Jesus, but the apostles did not accept this Testimony because of the ungodly source
Mark (John) - 6) unite in their Testimony on the point
Satan - And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death
Paul - This was the distinctive point of his Testimony
Feeding the Multitudes - in this case, but his Testimony could hardly offset that of Jn
Poetry - Nature's Testimony to the unseen, God's glory and goodness, is also embodied in the inspired poetry of the Psalms
Abraham - , his public walk and Testimony as called of God
Judah - The other Testimony, and from their own lips, also became equally strong
Culdees - From the Testimony of Bede, it is evident that by means of Scottish missionaries, or of those whom they had instructed and ordained, not only the Northumbrians, but the Middle- Angles, the Mercians and East-Saxons, all the way to the river Thames, that is, the inhabitants of by far the greatest part of the country now called England, were converted to Christianity; and for some time acknowledged subjection to the ecclesiastical government of the Scots
Adder - "...
The wonderful effect which music produces on the serpent tribes, is confirmed by the Testimony of several respectable moderns
Cross - ...
The assertion that the persons who suffered crucifixion were not in some instances fastened to the cross by nails through the hands and feet, but were merely bound to it by ropes, cannot be proved by the Testimony of any ancient writer whatever
Lion - Happily, indeed, the species is not numerous, and is said to be greatly diminished; for, if we may credit the Testimony of those who have traversed those vast deserts, the number of lions is not nearly so great as formerly
Rome, - It may be sufficient to state that though there is no evidence of such a visit in the New Testament, unless Babylon in (1 Peter 5:13 ) is a mystical name for Rome yet early Testimony and the universal belief of the early Church seems sufficient to establish the fact of his having suffered martyrdom there
Joshua, Book of - To this is added the Testimony that "Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders that overlived Joshua, and which had known all the works of the Lord, that he had done for Israel
John the Baptist - " By his Testimony at Bethany (so oldest manuscripts for Bethabara) beyond Jordan, "Behold the Lamb of God," he led two of his disciples to Him, Andrew and John the apostle and evangelist (John 1:35 ff; John 3:23-36; John 4:1-2; Acts 19:3)
Covenant - ...
The New Testament word for covenant has usually been translated as covenant, but Testimony and testament have also been used. ...
Biblical Testimony points to the fact that God covenanted when he created. " An increasing number of biblical students and scholars have come to consider, on the basis of biblical Testimony, that it is preferable to speak of the covenant of creation and that what was considered to constitute the "covenant of works" is but an integral part of the covenant of creation
Sinlessness - ...
On different minds such an argument will make different impressions; but we are certainly going upon more solid ground when we turn to the Testimony of Scripture. Of all the testimonies of the NT, however, the one to which we turn with the keenest curiosity is the Testimony of Jesus Himself; and we have to see whether He committed Himself on this subject. On the whole, the great series of Lives of Christ, which have formed a leading feature of the theology of the last two generations, have been loyal to the conviction and Testimony of Christendom; but, in the very latest productions which have appeared in this field, an uncertain sound is heard (see, e
Trial-at-Law - In the précis of rules laid down in Deuteronomy, no doubt as the formulation of ancient practice, the Testimony of two witnesses at least is required for condemnation. The judge is to examine their Testimony as they stand ‘before the Lord’ (i. Conviction was never allowed on the unsupported Testimony of one witness
Jesus Christ - Further, that Gospels composed in the second generation can be trusted to have reproduced the original Testimony with general accuracy may be held on two grounds. It is also certain that the Synoptic material was used throughout the intervening period in the Christian meetings for worship, and the memory of witnesses must thus have been in a position to ensure the continuity of the report, and to check any serious deviations from the oldest Testimony. It is true that there is a powerful body of Patristic Testimony in support of the tradition that the Fourth Gospel was composed by the Apostle Johnin Ephesus in his old age about a
Augustus (2) - Other enrolments may have taken place before it under Augustus, as the review by the Emperor himself in the celebrated Monumentum Ancyranum bears, but there is no contradiction between that and the Evangelist’s Testimony. Luke’s Testimony with the facts of secular history. And yet his Testimony, while it differs from that of St
Montanus - We cannot be sure how long Montanus had been teaching, or how long the excesses of his prophetesses had continued; but in 177 Western attention was first called to these disputes, the interference being solicited of the martyrs of Lyons, then suffering imprisonment and expecting death for the Testimony of Christ. of the neighbouring colony of Debeltus, gives his sworn Testimony that Sotas had tried to cast the demon out of Priscilla but had been hindered by the hypocrites. The justice of this previous condemnation Praxeas could confirm from his own knowledge of the Montanist churches and their prophesyings; and his Testimony had the more weight because, having suffered imprisonment for the faith, he enjoyed the dignity of a martyr
Tatianus - ...
The Testimony of his pupil Rhodon (Eus. After enumerating numerous variant opinions as to the date, parentage, and poetry of Homer, he remarks upon such discordant Testimony as proving the history untrue; so different from the unanimity common among Christians. In the literature of the Western church there is no serviceable Testimony to it till the middle of 6th cent
Abortion - Nevertheless, it would be unwise to dismiss outright so consistent a Testimony; pregnancy is never seen as a curse, nor children as divine punishment for sexual promiscuity. Further Testimony to this profound interest in society's least protected is heard from texts that single out the destruction of pregnant women and children among the atrocities perpetrated by enemy troops (2 Kings 8:12 ; 15:16 ; Hosea 10:14-15 ; Nahum 3:10 ; cf
Hebrews, Epistle to the - Having thus presented the glorious Person as the One in whom God had spoken in these last days to His people, the inspired writer in chapter 2 parenthetically warns those who had believed, of the danger of slipping away from such a message, and of the impossibility of escape for those who neglected so great salvation, which had first been presented by the Lord Himself, and had been confirmed by those who had heard Him, to whom God also had borne Testimony by various acts of power. ...
In Hebrews 11 , and Hebrews 12 , on the question of faith 'to soul salvation,' a most remarkable cloud of witnesses is marshalled, to give their Testimony as it were to this great principle
Begetting - Thus, according to the Testimony of St. In the latter case the addition of the words ‘hear ye him’ to the original form of the Divine Testimony would naturally suggest to persons familiar, as the disciples probably were, with the current Messianic interpretation of Psalms 2:7, the thought of the Divine decree there spoken of, which constituted the subject of the prophecy King of God’s people, having a Divine right to their loyalty and obedience
Peter, the Epistles of - The church in the fourth century had, beside the Testimony which we have of its acceptante though with doubts by earlier Christians. Now Cappadocia (1 Peter 1:1; 2 Peter 3:1) is among the countries addressed; so it is from Cappadocia we get the earliest Testimony
Preaching - With the consciousness of the same need awakened, their hearers believed the Testimony that was thus given them; they embraced the Saviour who was thus presented to them; and so believing, they entered into the same experience of salvation as belonged to their teachers’ (W. Beyschlag, ‘in whom the Lord who is the Spirit has come to dwell, who exhibits the love of Christ in its transforming power, can kindle that flame of divine life in others; and the fire is spread, not by instruction in a doctrinal system, but by Testimony to a personal experience of the gospel of God coming from the heart with individual truth and freedom’ (NT Theology, 1895, ii
Biblical Criticism - Sanely weighed, this evidence exhibits Christ as the God-Man, and it demands to be received at its full value since it possesses all the requisites of valid human Testimony
Inspiration of Scripture - The fact that the Bible is the most widely translated and circulated Book in the world is a Testimony of God's providence
Typology - ...
In Acts 7:44 , Stephen said that the whole tabernacle, which he called “the Tent of the Testimony” (REB), was made according to “the pattern” that Moses had seen
Chronology of the Old Testament - ...
More than a hundred systems of Biblical Chronology have been invented or reckoned out another Testimony to the uncertain nature of the Biblical data
Devil - The “blood of the Lamb” and the Testimony of faithful disciples overcame Satan
Mission - Of first importance is the personal life and Testimony of the Christians themselves
Reproach (2) - (Mark 16:14) He reproaches the Eleven for their slowness to receive the Testimony of His resurrection
Macedonia - The correspondence of Paul with this church, now preserved in the Epistle to the Philippians, gives Testimony to the early development, organization, and generosity of this church
Criticism - In place of the external evidence of Testimony conjoined to mere tradition, attention is now given more carefully to the internal evidence of literary and doctrinal characteristics
Jude, Epistle of - External Testimony
Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament - It has also been suggested that the Old Testament quotations may have been drawn from “testimony books,” collections of selected, combined, and interpreted Old Testament texts gathered by the early Christian community for proclamation and apologetics
Moses - Yet he is recognized as being "a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth" (Numbers 12:3 ), which has been urged commonly as a Testimony to his humility in the service of Israel's most holy God
Agriculture - ...
The fact that no department of human activity has enriched the language of Scripture, and in consequence the language of the spiritual life in all after ages, with so many appropriate figures of speech, is a striking Testimony to the place occupied by agriculture in the life and thought of the Hebrew people
Ezekiel, Book of - After the first chapter the Testimony is against Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular
Amphilochius, Archbishop of Iconium - The affectionate confidence which the great man reposes in his younger friend is a powerful Testimony to the character and influence of Amphilochius
Sea, the Salt - ...
Ancient Testimony, the recent formation of the sea, its bituminous, saline, volcanic aspect, the traditional names (Usdum ), and the traditional site of Zoar (called by Josephus Zoar of Arabia), the hill of salt traditionally made Lot's wife, all favor the southern site for Sodom, etc
Elisha - Elisha went to Carmel, where the priests of Baal had been destroyed, and thence to Samaria, the seat of the apostasy, and where his Testimony was most needed
Mennonites - In consequence of this doctrine, they admit none to the sacrament of baptism but persons that are come to the full use of their reason; they neither admit civil rulers into their communion, nor allow any of their members to perform the functions of magistracy; they deny the lawfulness of repelling force by force; and consider war, in all its shapes, as unchristian and unjust: they entertain the utmost aversion to the execution of justice, and more especially to capital punishments: and they also refuse to confirm their Testimony by an oath
Africanus, Julius - 226) he does so on second-hand Testimony
Thessalonians, Epistles to the - He recalls how blamelessly he had walked before them, and that he had preached in such a way that they had received his Testimony as the word of God, which wrought in them effectually so that they were in consequence persecuted by the heathen, as the saints in Judaea had been by the Jews, who had killed the Lord Jesus
Dositheus (1), Leader of Jewish Sect - 113, quotes the Testimony of an Arabic writer, Aboulfatah (given more fully, De Sacy, p
Faith - Serious consideration of our ways, confession of the fact, and sorrowful conviction of the evil and danger of sin, will, under the influence of divine grace, follow the cordial belief of the Testimony of God; and we shall then turn to God with contrite hearts, and earnest prayers, and supplications for his mercy
Paulus of Samosata, Patriarch of Antioch - This is allowed by Athanasius, though with some hesitation, and only on the Testimony of his semi-Arian opponents, as he said he had not seen the original documents (ib
Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch - Theophilus's Testimony to the O
Canon of the Old Testament - This limit is fixed by the Testimony of Jesus ben-Sira, who writes the book in the Apocrypha called Ecclesiasticus. The earliest Testimony to the existence of sacred books in addition to the Law and the Prophets is given in the Prologue to Ecclesiasticus
Galatians, Epistle to the - As for the Testimony, Clement of Rome explicitly mentions and quotes 1 Corinthians, and his date cannot be brought down later than a. But, apart from this external Testimony, the spontaneous nature of the Epistle is decisive in favour of its genuineness
Miracles - Hume laid down this criterion: ‘No Testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle unless the Testimony be of such a kind that its falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavours to establish
Humility - Martinean asks—‘What meek and lowly soul was ever known to set itself forth as such and commend its own humility as the model for others?’ and adds, ‘did a Saviour bear such Testimony of himself, his Testimony would not be true’ (Seat of Authority in Religion2 [2] , p
Isidorus, Archbaptist of Seville - He alone preserves the memory of Euric's legislation, while our knowledge of Visigothic history under Gesalic, Theudis, Theudigisel, Agila, and Athanagild rests essentially on his Testimony. Just where Isidore might have drawn most from oral Testimony and thus supplied a real gap in our historical knowledge, viz
Oath - In any case, their Testimony will be false, and thus a certain irreverence will be implied in it, but only remotely; the requirement of an oath will simply make it far more pointed and direct; for it is known beforehand that a large number, if they take an oath at all, will commit perjury; moreover, few of these perjuries will be investigated, and the number punished will be negligible. This has the most deadening effect on morality and religion alike, and there is a very general desire to limit oaths to a few matters on which truthfulness is specially vital, or to abolish preparatory oaths altogether and accept sworn Testimony only to evidence already given
Confess, Confession - Reflected here is the secular Greek use of the word to denote solemn and binding public Testimony in a court of law
John, the Gospel of - ...
The roots of the Johannine tradition reach back to the ministry of Jesus, and the Gospel stands on eyewitness Testimony (John 19:34-35 ; John 21:24-25 )
Church - ' But those who ruled the church after the apostles' death had not the Testimony of miracles, and were in many respects inferior, therefore they thought it unbecoming to assume the name of apostles; but dividing the names, they left to 'presbyters' that name, and themselves were called 'bishops'" (Ambrose, in Bingham Ecclesiastes Ant
Abiding - The keynote of this truth is struck by the Testimony of the Baptist in the preamble of the Gospel (John 1:32 f
John the Baptist - In his last Testimony to Jesus (John 3:29 ) ‘the friend of the bridegroom’ is said to have rejoiced greatly as he heard the welcome tidings that men were coming to Jesus (v
Hunneric, King of the Vandals. - The variety of the witnesses and the consistency of their Testimony on all material points give it claims to belief, such as few apparently preternatural events possess
Timotheus - Paul was under confinement at Rome, appears from the two following passages: "Be not thou therefore ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner," 2 Timothy 1:8
Jeremiah - Many Heathen writers also have undesignedly borne Testimony to the truth and accuracy of his prophetic and historical descriptions
Assyria - The ruins are a splendid monument in Testimony of the truth of prophecy and of Scripture
Pilate - The governor usually went up to Jerusalem for the Passover time, but he must have felt that in face of a sudden national movement he would be powerless; and it is no small Testimony to Roman powers of administration that for 60 years the series of procurators in Judæa managed to postpone more serious conflicts
Psalms, Book of, - The Psalms bear repeated Testimony to the duty of instructing other in the ways of holiness
Abiding - The keynote of this truth is struck by the Testimony of the Baptist in the preamble of the Gospel (John 1:32 f
John, Gospel of (Critical) - The very way in which his identity is studiously concealed shows that the writer is himself conscious that the Gospel contains a personal Testimony, which he does not hesitate to present as objective and impersonal. He makes appeal in another writing, de Praescriptione Haereticorum, to the Testimony of those Churches that were founded by Apostles, or to whom Apostles declared their mind in letters. Unfortunately his Testimony has given rise to more questions about the Gospel than it solves
Basilides, Gnostic Sect Founder - Earliest of all, but vaguest, is the Testimony of Justin Martyr. ...
It should be observed at the outset that the Testimony of Clement is not quite so homogeneous as is generally assumed. 20-27) represent faithfully though imperfectly the contents of part at least of the Exegetica of Basilides; and proceed to describe his doctrine on their authority, using likewise the Testimony of Clement wherever it is available
Inspiration - It were, indeed, reasoning in a circle, to bring the Testimony of the Scriptures in proof of the divine mission of Jesus. These facts are to be received upon the Testimony of men who had been eye-witnesses of them. But after the respect which their character and their conduct procured to their Testimony, and the visible confirmation which it received from heaven, had established the faith of a part of the world, a belief of their inspiration became necessary
Holy Spirit - ...
The Testimony of Acts agrees with the Gospels that the Old Testament writers were inspired by the Spirit (Acts 1:16 ; 4:25 ; 28:25 ), as was Jesus himself (1:2). Although baptism is closely linked as a Testimony to this repentance, Peter does not likely see it as essential for reception of forgiveness or the Holy Spirit, since his next closely parallel sermon concludes only with the call for repentance (3:19)
Bethlehem - These two Evangelists are joined in their Testimony by the author of the Fourth Gospel, who assumes acquaintance on the part of his readers with the story of the birth of Christ at Bethlehem, the Bethlehem associated with David and his royal line. , and its Testimony is a valuable confirmation of the early Christian tradition
Will - But to me it seems the Testimony of conscience and experience, which, in natural religion, must, as I conceive, be preferred to abstract hypothesis. It is then evident, that, the question being as to the nature of man in general, it must be determined by the voice of preponderating Testimony
Regeneration - The Testimony of Scripture is uniform that man has turned aside from God (Psalms 14:1-3 , Romans 3:9 ff
Slave, Slavery - Though the master is here an Amorite, the cases of runaway slaves in Israel bear Testimony to their sufferings even at the hands of their fellow-countrymen; cf
Thessalonians, Second Epistle to the - Authenticity...
(1) External Testimony
Peter - ...
At Bethabara (RSV, John 1:28 , "Bethany"), beyond Jordan, John the Baptist had borne Testimony concerning Jesus as the "Lamb of God" (John 1:29-36 )
Suffering - ‘Be not ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner; but suffer hardship with the gospel’ (2 Timothy 1:8)
Wilderness (2) - ...
Galilee, and particularly the shores of the Lake of Gennesaret, was at the time of our Lord relatively well peopled: this is proved by the Gospels, and still more explicitly by the Testimony of Josephus
Names of God - This name is a Testimony to God's deliverance
Corinthians, Epistles to the - His heart being enlarged towards the Corinthians, he entreats them to be wholly separated from the world and every pollution of the flesh and spirit, so that, as regards their Testimony, the grace of God might not be received in vain
Apostolic Fathers - " There is a breadth of moral sympathy, an earnest sense of personal responsibility, a fervour of Christian devotion, which is the noblest Testimony to the influence of the Gospel on characters obviously very diverse, and which will always command for their writings a respect to which their literary merits could lay no claim
Free Will - Paul as the Testimony of his own experience
Abraham - Mark bear emphatic Testimony to this belief, in their narrative of the incident of our Lord’s solution of the dilemma presented by the Sadducees with their tale of the seven brothers
Bethlehem - Coming into his presence, they present to him the surprising Testimony of their valour and affection
Philistim - Volney, (though, like one who in ancient times was instrumental to the fulfilment of a special prediction, "he meant not so, neither did his heart think so,") from the manner in which he generalizes his observations, and marks the peculiar features of the different districts of Syria, with greater acuteness and perspicuity than any other traveller whatever, is the ever ready purveyor of evidence in all the cases which came within the range of his topographical description of the wide field of prophecy: while, at the same time, from his known, open, and zealous hostility to the Christian cause, his Testimony is alike decisive and unquestionable: and the vindication of the truth of the following predictions may safely be committed to this redoubted champion of infidelity
Nineveh - This Testimony of Lucian, and the lapse of many ages during which the place was not known where it stood, render it at least somewhat doubtful whether the remains of an ancient city, opposite to Mosul, which have been described as such by travellers, be indeed those of ancient Nineveh
Tabernacle - This is usually called the tabernacle of the congregation, or tent of assembly, and sometimes the tabernacle of the Testimony
Nin'Eveh - This agrees with the Testimony of the Old Testament
Old Testament - It is indeed to the direct Testimony of the MSS
Philemon Epistle to - Testimony to the Epistle
Abraham - Mark bear emphatic Testimony to this belief, in their narrative of the incident of our Lord’s solution of the dilemma presented by the Sadducees with their tale of the seven brothers
Joannes ii, Bishop of Jerusalem - But the most important Testimony is given by the pope Anastasius, in a letter to him in 401, a time when the adversaries of John, Pammachius, and Marcella had access to the pope, and only two or three years after Jerome's Philippic was composed
Prophecy - "Prophecy keeps the attention of Christians alive to the truth and importance of their holy religion: to its truth, because prophecy and Christianity had one and the same origin, both being derived from the same fountain of perfection; it keeps them alive to its importance, because prophecy shows that the Supreme Being has vouchsafed, through a long succession of ages, to prepare mankind, by gradual revelations of his will, for future blessings; and has proved, by sending chosen messengers to usher in this final dispensation, that 'the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. We are not, indeed, to suppose that each of the prophecies recorded in the Old Testament expres...
sly points out, and clearly characterized Jesus Christ; yet, taken as a whole this grand system refers to him; for the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
Last Supper - The case illustrates the difference between two schools of criticism—those who follow the Testimony of ancient MSS, and those who are influenced by subjective considerations. John adds the emphatic Testimony of an eye-witness to our conclusion. The case illustrates the difference between two schools of criticism—those who follow the Testimony of ancient MSS, and those who are influenced by subjective considerations
Consciousness - It was, rather, an objective Divine confirmation of the truths which He already knew from the Testimony of His inner consciousness. The Testimony of even one Evangelist (St
Dates - ...
Assuming that Josephus is correct, and taking in addition the Testimony of Eusebius (Chron. This is not probable in view of the Testimony of Tacitus, who tells us that Pallas was indeed acquitted along with Burrhus (Ann
Fire - There appears to be a reference also to the illuminating power of the Spirit, by which the prophets, with whom the apocalyptic writer identifies himself, were qualified for bearing their Testimony, especially with regard to the future (Revelation 2:7; Revelation 4:2; cf. ’ An alternative rendering to that of the Authorized Version and Revised Version , takes δεῖγμα with πυρός in the sense of ‘an example (or ‘testimony’) of eternal fire,’ the punishment which began with the destruction of the cities, and still continues, fitting them to serve as such example
Humility - Martinean asks—‘What meek and lowly soul was ever known to set itself forth as such and commend its own humility as the model for others?’ and adds, ‘did a Saviour bear such Testimony of himself, his Testimony would not be true’ (Seat of Authority in Religion2 [2] , p
Fire - There appears to be a reference also to the illuminating power of the Spirit, by which the prophets, with whom the apocalyptic writer identifies himself, were qualified for bearing their Testimony, especially with regard to the future (Revelation 2:7; Revelation 4:2; cf. ’ An alternative rendering to that of the Authorized Version and Revised Version , takes δεῖγμα with πυρός in the sense of ‘an example (or ‘testimony’) of eternal fire,’ the punishment which began with the destruction of the cities, and still continues, fitting them to serve as such example
Mark, the Gospel According to - 6) to Peter; meaning one who expresses and clothes in words the Testimony of another
Tithes - Not only, however, is there no evidence of the truth of this contention, but such Testimony as we possess from the pages of the NT goes to disprove it
Faith - In relationships, one trusts persons and believes their Testimony or promises
Mercy, Merciful - His healings are themselves Testimony to the divine mercy (Mark 5:19 )
Romans, the Epistle to the - Abraham an example, David's Testimony (Romans 4)
Idol, Idolatry - ...
The Testimony of Scripture is that God alone is worthy of worship
Endurance - An intuitive perception of His sinlessness appears in the self-abasing awe of a few good men (Matthew 3:14, Luke 5:8) more convincingly than in the ambiguous Testimony of many other observers (Matthew 27:3; Matthew 27:19, Luke 23:47, John 19:4 etc
Altar - It was "before the veil that is by the ark of the Testimony, before the mercy seat;" between the candlestick and the shewbread table
Stoning - ‘It is plain,’ he adds, ‘that Stephen died, not on the Testimony of witnesses (Acts 6:13, Acts 7:58 b), but on account of his own recent word and confession’ (ib
Salt - " Here was both God's acceptance of the salted offering, and Testimony at the same time given that the consumption of the sacrifice became the salvation of the people
Simeon - " His mentioning his original name accords with his design in 2 Peter, to warn against coming false teachers (2 Peter 2) by setting forth the true "knowledge" of Christ on the Testimony of the original apostolic eye witnesses like himself
Versions of the Scripture, Ancient - The value of its Testimony was enhanced by C
no'ah - ) ( The scene of the deluge --Hugh Miller, in his "Testimony of the Rocks," argues that there is a remarkable portion of the globe, chiefly on the Asiatic continent, though it extends into Europe, and which is nearly equal to all Europe in extent, whose rivers (some of them the Volga, Oural, Sihon, Kour and the Amoo, of great size) do not fall into the ocean, but, on the contrary are all turned inward, losing themselves in the eastern part of the tract, in the lakes of a rainless district in the western parts into such seas as the Caspian and the Aral
Propitiation - ...
Unable as they who deny the vicarious nature of the sufferings of Christ are to evade the Testimony of the above passages which speak of our Lord as "a propitiation," their next resource often is to deny the existence of wrath in God, in the hope of proving that propitiation, in a proper sense, cannot be the doctrine of Scripture, whatever may be the force of the mere terms which the sacred writers employ
Peter - According to the ancient and credible Testimony of Papias of Hierapolis, a hearer of St
no'ah - ) ( The scene of the deluge --Hugh Miller, in his "Testimony of the Rocks," argues that there is a remarkable portion of the globe, chiefly on the Asiatic continent, though it extends into Europe, and which is nearly equal to all Europe in extent, whose rivers (some of them the Volga, Oural, Sihon, Kour and the Amoo, of great size) do not fall into the ocean, but, on the contrary are all turned inward, losing themselves in the eastern part of the tract, in the lakes of a rainless district in the western parts into such seas as the Caspian and the Aral
John the Apostle - Patmos, for the word of God, and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ
Eschatology (2) - This belief, so far as the Jews were concerned, goes back to the Testimony of the earlier prophets (esp. ]'>[4] ), rested on the early Prophetic Testimony that the Messiah would spring from the house of David,—a belief of whose persistence and of whose correspondence with the actual fact the circumstance that Jesus is confidently affirmed or assumed by five of the NT writers (Matthew, Luke, Paul, author of Hebrews, author of Apocalypse* Apocalypse - The warrant, substance, and spirit of his prophecy are ‘the Testimony of Jesus,’ a phrase in which the of seems to include both a subjective and an objective meaning* Pentecost - At any rate, there is complete agreement with the repeated Testimony of Josephus as to the crowds of people who were at Jerusalem for the festival. The chief sign was power to give clear and bold Testimony to the truth about Jesus Christ-a rich gift of prophetic grace
Pentecost - At any rate, there is complete agreement with the repeated Testimony of Josephus as to the crowds of people who were at Jerusalem for the festival. The chief sign was power to give clear and bold Testimony to the truth about Jesus Christ-a rich gift of prophetic grace
Revelation, the - It presents also the coming out of the seven angels from the temple of the tabernacle of the Testimony, having the seven vials, or bowls, of the wrath of God. When the Testimony is closed, man's state is unalterable
History - The Testimony of these eyewitnesses calls one to believe beyond mere evidence; they did not, however, ask one to believe against the evidence
Receive, Receiving - friends of") others; of Rahab's reception of the spies, Hebrews 11:31 ; of the reception, by the Lord, of the spirit of a departing believer, Acts 7:59 ; of "receiving" a gift, 2 Corinthians 8:4 (in some mss; RV follows those which omit it); of the favorable reception of Testimony and teaching, etc
Daniel, the Book of - What a strange Testimony then does Porphyry unwillingly bear to the divine inspiration of the book; the events so minutely fulfilling the prophecies about Antiochus that it might be supposed to be a history of the past instead of, as it is proved to be, a prediction of events then future
Seventy (2) - (2) Instruction is given to both (a) to go in pairs, two and two, Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1, in order to strengthen their Testimony and to give mutual help and sympathy; (b) to take with them neither purse (for the labourer is worthy of his entertainment), nor wallet (for needless encumbrance was to be avoided), nor shoes, i
Unbelief (2) - And yet it is not incompatible with an allegiance deep and strong to which all the stories told of him (in Fourth Gospel only) bear ample Testimony
Weights And Measures - ...
As to the equivalency of the seah in the classical Graeco-Roman system, the following data give Testimony: Josephus (Ant
Creation - ) are, for scientific purposes, hopelessly inadequate; and the idea that these groups originated as wholes , and in the order here specified, is entirely contrary to the ‘testimony of the rocks
Mark, the Gospel of - ...
Mark's concern for detail, sometimes to the point of redundancy (see Mark 6:49-50 NIV, “when they saw Him because they all saw Him “He spoke to them and said ”), demonstrates his reliance upon eyewitness Testimony
Religion - "...
What, then, constitutes the religion that God accepts as pure and faultless?...
First, it believes the Testimony of the spirit of God contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments that arose in conjunction with God's saving Acts in Israel's history and culminated in Jesus Christ
Messiah - The murder of Abel (Genesis 4:8 ) and the violence that saturated society before and during the first part of Noah's life, bear Testimony to Satan's efforts (Genesis 4-5 ; 6:1-8 )
Martyr - In Revelation 13:7 Testimony is borne to the thoroughness with which the whole of the Empire was made to feel the effects of this policy
Glory - There is the glory which belongs to the Divine Being in itself, in which God manifests Himself to His creatures, so far as such manifestation is possible, and the glory which He receives back from His creatures; the outshining (Erscheinungsform) of the Divine nature, and the reflexion of that outshining in the trust, adoration, and thanksgiving of men and angels, as also in the silent Testimony of His works, find especially by the results of the Divine redemption in the character and destiny of the redeemed
Magnificat - ), in Burkitt’s phrase ‘a typical European group,’ to which may be added the Testimony of Niceta of Remesiana, de Psalmodiae Bono, c
Calling - There is indeed a universal call of the Gospel to all men; for wherever it comes it is the voice of God to those who hear it, calling them to repent and believe the divine Testimony unto the salvation of their souls; and it leaves them inexcusable in rejecting it, John 3:14-19 ; but this universal call is not inseparably connected with salvation; for it is in reference to it that Christ says, "Many are called, but few are chosen,"...
Matthew 22:14
Ammonites - While the fruitfulness of the land of Ammon, and the high degree of prosperity and power in which it subsisted long prior and long subsequent to the date of the predictions, are thus indisputably established by historical evidence and by existing proofs, the researches of recent travellers (who were actuated by the mere desire of exploring these regions and obtaining geographical information) have made known its present aspect; and Testimony the most clear, unexceptionable, and conclusive, has been borne to the state of dire desolation to which it is and has long been reduced
Divination - The Testimony of the evil spirit to the servants of the most high God is remarkable: it may have been compelled to speak thus when brought face to face with the power of God (as the demons owned Christ): but the apostle could not tolerate commendation from such a source — the spirit was cast out by a superior power
Sea - This water was used...
for the various ablutions of the priests, 1 Chronicles 4:6 ; a perpetual...
and impressive Testimony from God of the necessity of moral...
purification in the inexhaustible foundation of Christ's grace
History - The Testimony of these eyewitnesses calls one to believe beyond mere evidence; they did not, however, ask one to believe against the evidence
Prayer - Luckock, After Death: Testimony of Primitive Times4, London, 1832; S
Prophecy Prophet Prophetess - Paul mentions three functions of the prophet: ‘He that prophesieth speaketh unto men edification, and comfort, and consolation’: in other words, he builds up the Christian character, utters ethical precepts and warnings, and gives the encouragement arising from personal Testimony, example, and sympathy
Marcellus, Bishop of Ancyra - Against such Testimony—living, competent, and explicit—as this, it is plainly not for moderns to contend, the book being no longer extant to speak for itself; and therefore we must—in spite of all Cave may urge to the contrary ( Hist
Presentation - Then, on the fortieth day, she must bring ‘a lamb of the first year for a burnt-offering (expressive of devotion), and a young pigeon or a turtle-dove for a sin-offering (a Testimony, St
Vincentius Lirinensis - ...
One element must be added lest to all this weight anything seem lacking namely the authority of the apostolic see which was illustrated by the twofold Testimony of the reigning pope SIXTUS III
Revelation (2) - They unveil the Divine love, and power, and holiness; and they are accepted as true revelations, in part because of the existing Testimony to them as historical facts, but in part also because they find a response and a welcome in men’s hearts. ...
We have seen that the general experience of religious men gives identical Testimony as to God’s power and willingness to communicate with them in their need
Canon of the New Testament - The general answer as to the authority of Scripture is an appeal to ‘the Testimony of the Holy Spirit. This was found in the ‘analogy of faith’ ( Analogia fidei ), which was more especially Luther’s principle, while the Testimony of the Holy Spirit was Calvin’s
Ethics (2) - However profoundly they were misunderstood, still it was not possible to prevent the intermittent welling up, from the soil, of many a copious spring; and many a document of the later period bears clear Testimony to their influence. Luke 11:39-52) furnishes invaluable Testimony
Gospels (Apocryphal) - For one thing, the number of those who could give personal Testimony of what Jesus did and said was rapidly becoming smaller; and for another, the Christian faith was spreading far beyond the limits of its original home in Palestine. This rise of our four Gospels to a commanding and unchallengeable position bears witness not only to their inherent value,—which the Church, with a fine spiritual sensitiveness, perceived,—but to the conviction that, as opposed to fictitious writings which appeared under the names of Apostles, they embodied the Testimony of Apostolic writers
Dates (2) - —This may be fixed somewhat approximately by its relation to (a) the date of Herod’s death (Matthew 2:1-22), (b) the enrolment under Quirinius (Luke 2:1), and by (c) Patristic Testimony. ...
(c) Patristic Testimony, as represented by Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and Hippolytus, and perhaps based upon Luke 2:2, favours a date between b
Polycarp - 1]'>[2]: ‘Whosoever shall not confess the Testimony of the Cross is of the devil; and whosoever shall pervert the oracles of the Lord to his own lusts and say that there is neither resurrection nor judgment, that man is the first-born of Satan’). We have also the Testimony that a similar anniversary would be celebrated for Polycarp when possible; that means that it had not been possible at the time when the Martyrium was edited-which proves that this redaction was made shortly after Polycarp’s death
Papias - ...
While it is likely that Papias based on the Elder’s Testimony his own assertion that Matthew himself wrote his collection of the Lord’s Oracles, it seems precarious to lean much weight on the statement. ]'>[7]; and whosoever shall not confess the Testimony of the Cross, is of the devil; and whosoever shall perversely interpret the Oracles of the Lord (μεθοδεὐῃ τὰ λόγια τοῦ κυρίου) to his own lusts, and say that there is neither resurrection nor judgment, that man is the firstborn of Satan
Language of the nt - The literature, classical and post-classical, will of course retain the place it has always held, when modern methods have taught us how to check its Testimony
Cross, Crucifixion - Jesus' vindication was found not only in the rending of the veil and the centurion's Testimony (Matthew 27:51 ,1 Peter 3:18-220:54 paralleling Mark) but in the remarkable raising of the Old Testament saints ( Matthew 27:52-53 ) which links the cross and the open tomb
Scripture, Unity And Diversity of - ...
This approach to the unity of Scripture is often attacked on the basis that it is circular reasoning, using the source (the Bible) as a Testimony to itself
Jesus, Life And Ministry of - Yet he confirmed Matthew's Testimony that the family was of the line of David
Music And Musical Instruments - Having regard, however, to the Testimony of Josephus (see above) that the nebel had twelve strings, and was played by the hand without a plectrum, we are safe in taking it to be a kind of harp , an instrument of larger size than the kinnôr , and used ( Amos 6:5 , Isaiah 5:12 ; Isaiah 14:11 ) at the feasts of the rich
Repentance - Knowling, The Testimony of St
Numbers, the Book of - Deuteronomy is his last Testimony, just after the war, and before his death in the eleventh month of the 40th year
Unconscious Faith - This is not, indeed, universalism, for it does not anticipate the ultimate judgment of God; but it does teach that it is God’s will ‘that all men should be saved and come to a knowledge of truth’; and it teaches that this is through faith—conscious or unconscious—in ‘one mediator between God and men, himself man, Christ Jesus, who gave himself a ransom on behalf of all, the Testimony being appointed for its proper seasons’ (1 Timothy 2:4; 1 Timothy 2:6)
Luke, Gospel of - Members of the Jerusalem church (including James, the brother of Jesus) would have provided much oral Testimony to the physician intent on writing an account of Jesus' life
Historical - (d) At the risk of making a cross-division, we must mention the importance of foreign Testimony
Knowledge - Paul admits that for the knowledge of the facts of Christ’s life he and others are indebted to the Testimony of witnesses (1 Corinthians 15:3), and that for bringing faith and knowledge the preaching of the word of truth is invaluable, but he insists pre-eminently that in all true knowledge of God in Christ the spirit of man is directly acted upon by the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 2:4-6, Ephesians 3:5)
Judas - The best way to determine the point, will be to regard what the Evangelists have said upon the subject; for it must be from their Testimony alone a right judgment can be formed
Joseph And Mary - And later on, when all who heard it were wondering at the Testimony of the shepherds, it is instructively added that Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart
Septuagint - This hypothesis, however ingenious and plausible, is by no means determinate; and what militates most against it is, the inveterate enmity subsisting between the Jews and Samaritans, added to the constant and unvarying Testimony of antiquity, that the Greek version of the Pentateuch was executed by Jews
Almighty - The expression, "He toucheth the mountains and they smoke," is not mere imagery:—every volcano is a Testimony of its truth; and earthquakes proclaim, that, before him, "the pillars of the world tremble
Fall of Man - Taken in its natural and obvious sense, along with the comments of the subsequent Scriptures, it teaches the doctrines of the existence of an evil, tempting, invisible spirit, going about seeking whom he may deceive and devour; of the introduction of moral corruptness into human nature, which has been transmitted to all men; and is connected also with the doctrine of a vicarious atonement for sin; and wherever the fundamental truths of the Christian system are denied, attempts will be made so to interpret this part of the Mosaic history as to obscure the Testimony which it gives to them, either explicitly, or by just induction
Creation - With regard to the western mythologists, then, there can be little doubt that their cosmogonies, at least such of them as profess to be historical, and not theoretical, are derived from Moses; and the same may be affirmed with regard to the traditions of the east: as they were the same with those of Greece in the time of Megasthenes, whose Testimony to this effect is quoted both by Clemens Alexandrinus and Strabo, we may naturally conclude that they had the same origin
Ecclesiastical Polity - In the excellent letter which he addressed to Grindal, bishop of London, and in which he pleads the cause of those ministers who scrupled to use the ceremonies which their brethren approved, he bears his Testimony to the conformity of the church of England in doctrine with his church, expresses himself with the highest respect of the prelate to whom he was writing, and concludes by asking his prayers in his own behalf, and in that of the church of Geneva; all of which is quite inconsistent with the tenet, that presbytery is absolutely prescribed by divine authority
Jonah - Our Lord's Testimony proves the personal existence, miraculous fate, and prophetical office of Jonah
Principality Principalities - ’ Meyer’s conclusion is that for Christian faith there remains and suffices the Testimony as to different and distinctively designated stages and categories in the angelic world (cf
Multitude - Matthew 12:23; Matthew 21:9; Matthew 21:15); and His enemies bore striking Testimony to His popularity when they said, ‘Lo, the world is gone after him’ (John 12:19)
Passion Week - Even Keim, who puts no faith in the narratives of the Fourth Gospel, least of all in its chronology, accepts its Testimony in this particular passage (see Jesus of Nazara, v
Patricius, or Saint Patrick - " This strong Testimony might have been made stronger and applies equally clearly to the Ep
Providence - The confidence of the Evangelists in the fulfilment of Messianic prophecy in the Person of Jesus is a Testimony to their belief in the far-sighted operation of the Divine counsels (Matthew 1:22; Matthew 2:5; Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:23; Matthew 3:3, and passim)
Incarnation (2) - The Testimony of His contemporaries might not suffice to establish this result, though it is, indeed, most impressive to note how those who knew Him intimately bear unanimous and most solemn Testimony to His sinlessness, and ascribe to Him an office which could be held only by an absolutely holy person (1 Peter 1:19; 1 Peter 2:22; 1 Peter 3:18, 1 John 2:1; 1 John 3:5, Acts 3:14; Acts 7:52; Acts 22:14)
Clemens Romanus of Rome - 29); and in fact on this subject the Testimony of antiquity is unanimous. First, because it is distinctly the more ancient; secondly, because if the earlier tradition had not placed the undistinguished name Cletus before the well-known Clement, no later writer would have reversed its order; thirdly, because of the Testimony of the liturgy
Donatus And Donatism - The official Acts and the Testimony of Holy Scripture were taken to have proved the unsoundness of the accusations against Caecilian, and of the view that one man, through the sinfulness of another, became therefore a partaker in that other's guilt. Fines were doubled; confiscation and banishment stared the Separatists in the face; their Testimony in courts of law was disallowed; their social condition was degraded to the lowest; that the penalties stopped short of death was owing chiefly to St
Paul (2) - Still even this is a Testimony to the energy and widespread influence of the Apostle of the Gentiles. It is coming to be seen that these statements are exaggerated, and in recent years allowance is being made for knowledge on a considerably larger scale than used to be the case (see, for instance, the opinions mentioned by Knowling, The Testimony of St
Preaching Christ - It is the Testimony of the Apostles to the resurrection of Jesus, and experience of the new life in His spirit, not any pre-Christian Christology, or Jewish Messianic dogmatic, that define for the first Christians the content of the title ‘the Christ. No doubt this gave its whole character to primitive Christianity; but if we accept the Testimony of the Apostles to the resurrection, we shall be slow to say that it transformed its character, and made it a new and essentially an inferior thing as compared with the religion of Jesus
Demon - The Testimony of the Scriptures regarding demons is clear and cohesive
Law - "The ten commandments" (Hebrew words, Exodus 34:28) are frequently called "the Testimony," namely, of Jehovah against all who should transgress (Deuteronomy 31:26-27)
Lazarus - (1) The earlier rationalists (Paulus, Venturini), in spite of the Evangelist’s specific Testimony to the contrary, supposed that Lazarus had not really died but only fallen into a trance
Aaron - To prevent future rivalry for the priesthood, God made Aaron's rod alone of the twelve rods of Israel, suddenly to blossom and bear almonds, and caused it to be kept perpetually "before the Testimony for a token against the rebels" (Numbers 17; Hebrews 9:4)
the Rich Man And Lazarus - 'Put a Testimony into it,' he says to us toothless preachers
Commission - Luke tells how Christ opened the understanding of His disciples that they might understand the Scripture Testimony to His suffering and resurrection on the third day
the Man Who Cast Seed Into the Round And it Grew up he Knew Not How - ...
If we only had the eyes to see it, there is not a little of our Lord's teaching and preaching that is autobiographical, and experimental, and is consequently of the nature of a personal Testimony
Paul's Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow of Heart - Lord Brodie also will give us his Testimony on this same subject out of his heavy-hearted diary
Wealth - So too God materially blessed the Israelites in Goshen as a Testimony to the Egyptians (47:27)
Pentateuch - ...
In 2 Kings 11:12 "the Testimony" is put in the hands of Joash at his coronation
Dionysius, Pseudo-Areopagita - Thus a chain of Testimony begins to be attached to them in unbroken continuity
Matthias the Successor to Judas Iscariot - All you really know about your future minister you have to take sometimes on the best Testimony you can get
Roman Catholics - "It is from the Testimony and authority of the church, therefore," say they, "that we receive the Scriptures as the word of God
New Testament - the earliest versions and patristic quotations give very important Testimony to the character and history of the ante-Nicene text; but till the last quarter of the second century this source of information fails us
Isaiah - ...
The Disciples of Isaiah During the ministry of Isaiah when the Judeans discounted his stern warnings, he ordered that his “testimony” and “teaching” be bound and sealed—no doubt in a scroll—and committed to his disciples until history proved his words true (2 Kings 18:13-203 )
Evangelize, Evangelism - World evangelism is the one positive feature of the time between his return to heaven and his second coming (Matthew 24:14 /Mark 24:14/13:10 ; Matthew 26:13 /Mark 26:13/14:9 ): "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a Testimony to all nations, and then the end will come
Eschatology - The legislation against necromancy is a further Testimony to the same fact ( Deuteronomy 18:11 )
Incarnation - From the evidential point of view the most important and unquestionable Testimony to the early belief of His disciples is contained in St
Paul the Apostle - His exegesis of the Old Testament bears Testimony to his rabbinic training
Resurrection - ...
The resurrection of Jesus is a Testimony to the general resurrection of all humans, which will be followed by the dispensing of God's justice; to the righteous there will be a "resurrection of life" and to the unrighteous a "resurrection of condemnation" (John 5:28-29 ; cf
Grace - ]'>[18] That is the consentient Testimony of the apostles, as of the saints, of the first and of every age
Humanity of Christ - Luke 24:41-43); slept (Luke 8:23); was restricted by space as ordinary men are, and thus laboriously travelled about (Luke 8:1, Matthew 4:1-11,7); was weary (John 4:6); suffered under the inhumanities attending the Trial and Execution (John 19:28; John 19:33), although, in the restraint of the Gospel narrative, no express mention is made of this fact; and truly died (as is made evident by the peculiar character of the phenomenon related in John 19:34, an unconscious Testimony, by one not acquainted with the principles of anatomy, as to the reality of His death)
Paul the Aged - And Cicero goes on to fortify first himself and then his readers, with such examples as those of Plato, who died at his desk at eightyone; and Isocrates, who wrote one of his best books at ninety-four, and who lived another five years on the fame of it; and Gorgias the Leontine, who completed a hundred and seven years, and never to the end loitered in his love of work, but died leaving this Testimony on his deathbed, "I have had no cause for blaming old age," he said
Friendship - The universal Testimony of the Christian Church is that as we abide in the presence of Jesus by prayer, self-denial, and meditation, we are uplifted in soul, encouraged in our holy endeavours, and made partakers of spiritual joy
Peter (2) - Soon the Testimony of the women confirmed the inference they had drawn, and if any doubts continued to haunt the Apostle’s mind, they were finally dispelled by a personal appearance made by Jesus to himself
Paul - At length Stephen, one of the seven deacons, gave forth more public and aggressive Testimony that Jesus was the Messiah, and this led to much excitement among the Jews and much disputation in their synagogues
Matthew, the Gospel According to - Ancient Testimony is unanimous that Matthew wrote in Hebrew Papias, a disciple of John (the Presbyter) and companion of Polycarp (Eusebius, H
Time - The Testimony, however, is limited to the Fourth Gospel, and the point of view may be peculiar to the author (John 19:14; cf
Ham - More than one of those abused beasts will be brought forward at the day of judgment to bear Testimony against one of their former masters
Mission - The Testimony thus borne by the last of the Old Covenant prophets is referred to by the Saviour together with other credentials,—as the witness of His works, that of the Father and that of the Scriptures (John 5:32-47)
Isaiah - Its Testimony convinced the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8) and must convince all who seek the truth
Gospel - ...
While the teaching of the New Testament affirms that there is only one, true gospel, the books contained therein stand as Testimony to the fact that the gospel is influenced by each personality which proclaims it
Luke, Gospel According to - It will be observed that the ecclesiastical Testimony shows the existence of Lk
Elect, Election - , however, the variant reading ὁ ἐκλεκτός in the Baptist’s Testimony to Jesus, John 1:34 WH Helena, Saint, Mother of Constantine the Great - He says that Helena went to rescue the holy places, adorned the site of our Lord's Birth in addition to the other three sites, and discovered the place of the Passion by the concurrent Testimony of many Jews and Christians in the city
Evolution (Christ And) - There is no historical character that has ever threatened to divide the sovereignty of Jesus in the spiritual homage of men; and such ‘detached’ thinkers as Goethe and Carlyle, Strauss and Renan, Richter and Lecky have borne unqualified Testimony to the solitary and unapproachable grandeur of the moral ideal incarnated in Him
Force - Are the forces inherent and operative in the physical or moral order of the world of such a nature as to render it impossible for the miracles ascribed to Christ’s power to have happened? That is the real point at issue as between the Testimony of the Gospels and Science
Prophet - Moreover, many prophecies, besides their references to events of the times of the sacred writer, look forward to ulterior fulfillments in Messiah and His kingdom; for "the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10)
Inspiration - ...
If, then, the sacred writers had not been directed in the choice of words, how could we have been assured that those which they have chosen were the most proper? Is it not possible, nay, is it not certain, that they would have sometimes expressed themselves inaccurately, as many of them were illiterate; an by consequence would have obscured and misrepresented the truth? In this case, how could our faith have securely rested on their Testimony? Would not the suspicion of error in their writings have rendered it necessary, before we received them, to try them by the standard of reason? and would not the authority and the design of revelation have thus been overthrown? We must conclude, therefore, that the words of Scripture are from God, as well as the matter; or we shall charge him with a want of wisdom in transmitting his truths through a channel by which they might have been, and most probably have been, polluted
Letters - We have given sufficient reason to conclude that Job lived at an earlier period still, and as he expresses a wish that his words should be written in a book, and engraven on the rock, the knowledge of reading as well as writing must have been pretty general in his country, or the book and the inscription could not have been a Testimony of his faith and hope to his countrymen, as he passionately desired it to be
Transubstantiation - It is quite evident, that although this system got rid of one difficulty by leaving the Testimony of the senses as to the bread and wine unchallenged, yet it is just as incomprehensible as the other, assumes as a fact what the senses cannot discern, and involves in it difficulties equally repugnant to the plainest dictates of reason
Grace - ]'>[18] That is the consentient Testimony of the apostles, as of the saints, of the first and of every age
Manicheans - As to their Eucharist there is the same diversity of Testimony and a similar accusation of filthy practices
Timothy And Titus Epistles to - -The Christian minister must pursue those virtues the possession of which brings life, and Timothy must give a pure Testimony to the gospel, even if through suffering
Temple of Jerusalem - The pillars were named Jachin (“He shall establish”) and Boaz (“In the strength of”), perhaps to signify the visible symbolism of the Temple as a Testimony to the stability of the Davidic dynasty to which it was intimately related
Ideal - And if we are not to reject the evidence of the Fourth Gospel, with respect even to its Testimony as to the leading ideas in our Lord’s teaching, the fact that in it ‘eternal life’ takes the central place which in the Synoptics is held by ‘the kingdom of God’ points once more to a future reference in Christ’s ideal
Worship - ...
The Testimony of Justin Martyr in his First Apology is much more definite, and must be quoted in full:...
Gospel - As long as oral teaching and exhortation could be had from eye-witnesses and intimates of our Lord’s ministry, ‘gospel’ was reserved for this Testimony; accordingly, the Apostle John (1 John 1:1) writes, ὁ ἦν ἀπʼ ἀρχῆς, ὃ ἀκηκόαμεν, ὃ ἑωπάκαμεν τοῖς ὀφθαλμοῖς ἡμῶν, ὃ ἐθεασάμεθα καὶ αἱ χαῖρες ἡμῶν ἐψηλάφησαν, περὶ τοῦ λόγου τῆς ζωῆς, ‘that which was from the beginning, that which we have heard, that which we have seen with out eyes, that which we beheld, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life
Lord's Supper. (i.) - It is distinctly so stated, and it is difficult to suppose that there were not good grounds in the primary sources for such united Testimony
Emperor-Worship - The patience with which the tyrannies and cruelties of the bad Emperors were endured is eloquent Testimony to the lasting impression of horror which the nightmare of the expiring Republic had produced
Aaron - We are sure of that, because for Aaron's goodness as a man we have not only his long lifetime in the most sacred of all services, but also the psalmist's Testimony that Aaron, with all his great trespass, was a great saint of God
Deluge - " Eusebius informs us, that Melo, a bitter enemy of the Jews, and whose Testimony is on this account peculiarly valuable, takes notice of the person who was saved along with his sons from the flood, having been, after his preservation, driven away from Armenia, whence he retired to the mountainous parts of Syria
Sabbath - It is wholly a mistake, that the Sabbath, because not reenacted with the formality of the decalogue, is not explicitly enjoined upon Christians, and that the Testimony of Scripture to such an injunction is not unequivocal and irrefragable
Heaven - Paul’s Testimony to the pre-existent life of Christ as in heaven is not clear, though it may be upheld on the ground of the above passages
Woman - Martha's traditional preoccupation for domestic chores receives only censure! Jesus chooses women as the first witnesses to his resurrection (Luke 24:1-12 ), even though their Testimony would have been thrown out of a legal court, and Mary Magdalene becomes the "apostle to the (male ) apostles" (John 20:1-2,18 )
Church - It was this which created a natural and competent check upon the ministers of the church; for being only sustained by the opinion of the churches, they could not but have respect to it; and it was this which gave to the sound part of a fallen church the advantage of renouncing, upon sufficient and well-weighed grounds, their communion with it, and of kindling up the light of a pure ministry and a holy discipline, by forming a separate association, bearing its Testimony against errors in doctrine, and failures in practice
Death of Christ - When in the different strands of New Testament Testimony we have reference to the "blood" of Christ, that word speaks of his sacrificial death (e
Synagogue - ...
The earliest Testimony for the existence of the synagogue in Palestine is found in Psalms 74:6 : ‘They have burned up all the synagogues of God in the land’ (so Symmachus and Aquila for מֹוֹעֲדַי־אַל)
Sacraments - Apart altogether from historical criticism of their contents, the Gospels bear Testimony to the convictions which held sway in the Apostolic Church
Sanctify, Sanctification - The Apostolic phrase ‘God is love’ (1 John 4:8) sums up the irresistible Testimony of Jesus to the Father (cf
Transfiguration (2) - Better material may be found in such passages as 1 John 1:1-4, Revelation 1:13-17, Hebrews 1:3-4; Hebrews 3:3; Hebrews 3:6-7, 2 Corinthians 4:6, in which we have statements obviously coloured from immediate conviction of Christ’s visible glorification; even here, however, we have only indirect Testimony
Sin (2) - Paul’s appeal is not to the equivocal Testimony of external facts, which considered in themselves are non-moral, but to facts as interpreted by conscience
Barnabas, Epistle of - to the Old, although in some respects grievously at fault, embodies the important principle that the Old is but the shadow of the New, and that "the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
Gregorius Thaumaturgus, Bishop of Neocaesarea - This document is of interest from the Testimony it bears to the doctrine of the Trinity and the light it throws upon the faith of Gregory
Peter - ...
He repeated this Testimony at Caesarea Philippi (Mark 14:66-67)
Assumption of Moses - In the 2500th year from the Creation, after the Exodus, Moses calls Joshua and appoints him his successor as minister of the people and of the tabernacle of the Testimony, at the same time committing to his charge certain books which were to be preserved in the place which God had made from the beginning of the world (Jerusalem)
Fall (2) - The embodiment of this Protevangelium in the primitive religious tradition, and in the inspired record of it, is a Testimony to the fact that the Divine purpose of redemption is coeval with the existence of human sin
Jesus Christ - Besides his Testimony, there are numberless passages in the fathers that attest the truth in question; especially in Tertullian, Hippolytus, Felix, &c
Absolution - The Testimony of men who are spiritually minded and in communion with God is felt to have an authority such that great relief is given to souls by the Church’s absolution, and great burden imposed by its refusal
Palestine - 650; and the modern sect of Samaritans is a living Testimony to the story of the re-settling of the Northern Kingdom under Assyrian auspices (2 Kings 17:24-41 )
Leucius, Author of n.t. Apocryphal Additions - The only apparent evidence for a connexion of the name of Leucius with apocryphal gospels is the mention of the name in the spurious letter of Jerome to Chromatius and Heliodorus, a witness unworthy of credit even if his Testimony were more distinct
Thecla - Tertullian, writing of a matter on which he was apparently well informed, and which was recent, is surely a competent witness; and his Testimony is express, that the author of the Acts was deposed from the presbyterate, not because the teaching of his book was heretical, but because its narrative was an imposture
Missions - Then He warned the disciples, saying, ‘Ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a Testimony against them and the Gentiles’ (Matthew 10:18)
Job, Theology of - Because God does not answer his plea to specify charges against him, Job dares to challenge the sovereign power of the Almighty by trying (as it were) to subpoena him for Testimony (31:35)
James And John, the Sons of Zebedee - 86), which shows that the saying of Mark 10:38 was interpreted of the baptism of blood, and the Testimony of Aphraates (Homily 21), who speaks of James and John following in the footsteps of their Master, if they point to the tradition of martyrdom, also suggest the natural explanation of its origin, if it is not historical, viz
Luke - Paul relate the same facts, they give discordant Testimony, and that the Pauline and Lucan theology are evidently different (see Acts)
Lunatic - ...
The Evangelists give full prominence to the physical side of these distressing afflictions, not because they understand the symptoms they describe, but because they testify simply and artlessly to what they had themselves witnessed, or what had become part of the common tradition from the Testimony of eye-witnesses
Acts of the Apostles - Patristic Testimony
Atonement - Varied in standpoints and in modes of representation, the Apostolic writings are singularly consentient in their Testimony to the central fact of the propitiatory and redeeming efficacy of Christ’s death
Paul - There "long time abode they speaking boldly in the Lord, which gave Testimony unto the word of His grace and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands" (Acts 14:3)
Honorius, Flavius Augustus, Emperor - The Eunomians in particular were excluded from rights of military service, legal Testimony and inheritance, though this special severity was relaxed soon after (v
Acts of the Apostles (2) - The latter expression is chosen no doubt in order to emphasize His innocence in His sufferings and death, but it is certainly not contrary to the spirit of the Acts to find in it the Testimony that it was He that was called to break the sway of sin in the world
Joshua - 'He departed not out of the tabernacle' is another very remarkable Testimony for that time concerning the son of Nun
Egypt - Though the facts relative to Egypt form too prominent a feature in the history of the world to admit of contradiction or doubt, yet the description of the fate of that country, and of the form of its government, may be left, says Keith, to the Testimony of those whose authority no infidel will question, and whom no man can accuse of adapting their descriptions to the predictions of the event
Oracle - The psalmist David enumerates their excellent properties under various epithets; such as the law of the Lord, his Testimony, his statutes, his commandments, his judgments, &c
Adam - That he had such qualities eminently, and that in them consisted the image of God, as well as in the natural attributes just stated, we have also the express Testimony of Scripture: "Lo this only have I found, that God made man UPRIGHT; but they have sought out many inventions
Jesus Christ - the anointed of the Father to be king of the earth (Psalms 2:6-12; Revelation 11:15; Revelation 12:10), rests:...
(1) On His fulfilling all the prophecies concerning Messiah, so far as His work has been completed, the earnest of the full completion; take as instances Isaiah 53; Psalm 22; Micah 5; Hosea 6:2-3; Genesis 49:10, compare Luke 2; "the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10; Luke 24:26; Luke 24:44-46; Acts 3:22-25)
Liberius, Bishop of Rome - With regard to Rome, we find traces of two conflicting stories, one gathered from the practically unanimous Testimony of contemporary or ancient writers of repute, some of whom have been our authorities so far—viz
Nestorian Church - Arianism passed by this church absolutely, and the fact is both a Testimony to its isolation and a merciful dispensation
Novatianus And Novatianism - " This Testimony sufficiently disposes of the accusation of Cornelius that Novatian denied the faith in time of persecution declaring himself "an admirer of a different philosophy
Physician - Physicians were put in charge during epidemics, gave expert Testimony in courts, accompanied armies and fleets, and practised at places provided at public expense
Proverbs - 743: ἀγκθὸν δὲ ὀντα διαφερόντως καὶ πλούσιον εἱναι διαφερόντως ἀδύνατον); and Origen’s reply is most just: ‘Who that is even moderately able to handle the subject would not laugh at Celsus, whether a believer in Jesus or one of the rest of mankind, hearing that Jesus, who had been born and bred among Jews, and was supposed to be the son of Joseph the carpenter, and had studied no literature, neither Greek nor even Hebrew, according to the Testimony of the veracious scriptures that tell his story, read Plato?’...
Nevertheless, despite their exclusiveness, it was impossible for the Jews to escape the leaven of external influences
Rufinus of Aquileia - ...
The Exposition of the Creed is of importance, as a Testimony to the variations in the creeds of the various churches (that of Aquileia having "Patrum invisibilem et impassibilem ," "in Spiritu Sancto," and "hujus carnis resurrectionem" as distinctive peculiarities), and from its intrinsic merits and as shewing the influence of Eastern theology, harmonized by a sound judgment, on Western theology
Money - For this we have the express Testimony of Josephus, who tells us ( Ant
Romans Epistle to the - , Testimony of St
Redemption - It is the ‘testimony in its own times, whereunto I was appointed a preacher and an apostle’ (1 Timothy 2:7)
Religion (2) - Its validity for Him, as for us, lay in its being the chosen Testimony of those who gave the best response that was in them to the revelation they received, and so became witnesses of the truth
Trial of Jesus - ]'>[1] and the lack of any outside Testimony occasionally prevent criticism from throwing a steady ray of light upon the exact course of affairs, and this is particularly the case with regard to the first two classes of the trial-problems
Turning - Paul combines the two when he says to the elders of the Ephesian Church, as he sums up his ministry among them, that both to Jews and Greeks his Testimony has been this: ‘repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Acts 20:21)
John, Theology of - John the Baptist, the Samaritan woman, the disciples, witnesses at the cross, and even the evangelist bear Testimony
Heaven - Paul’s Testimony to the pre-existent life of Christ as in heaven is not clear, though it may be upheld on the ground of the above passages
Matthew, Gospel According to - In the period of preparation for the Kingdom, the gospel was to be preached to all nations for a Testimony (Matthew 24:14), and those who entered by baptism into the Christian Church would become members of that new Israel, which in the days of the Kingdom should be judged and governed by the twelve Apostles as viceroys of the King Messiah (Matthew 19:28)
Mediator - He affirms that he received it, and his Testimony is true
Complacency - Such are: John 10:17, Luke 15:7; Luke 15:10; Luke 15:22; Luke 15:24; Luke 15:32 (in the parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son, in which Luke 15:22; Luke 15:32 are especially notable, where Jesus mentions the joy of the father over the son’s return, and the reason which the father gives for that joy: ‘It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found’); our Lord’s assurance in another place that the prayer of the Publican was accepted of God (Luke 18:14); and again His Testimony that prayer and almsgiving, if prompted by the right spirit, are rewarded by the Father who seeth in secret (Matthew 6:4; Matthew 6:6)
Faith - ...
If faith must be associated with such outward Testimony it must be even more intimately associated with many Christian graces, and especially with love or charity
Barnabas, Epistle of - , this Testimony cannot overbalance the weighty considerations drawn from internal evidence which make it impossible to ascribe it to the companion of St
Ascension (2) - The NT documents set forth much in the way of new truths and new ethics, but their distinctive Testimony is to a new intense experience, which has altered the entire character of those who share it
Palestine - Volney objected to the sacred history on the ground of Judaea's present barrenness, whereas Scripture represents it as flowing with milk and honey; but this is strong Testimony for its truth, for the barrenness is the fulfillment of Scripture prophecies
Annunciation, the - On the mere Testimony of Mary he could not have accepted so extraordinary a story
Acts of the Apostles (Apocryphal) - ...
The Testimony of early writers to the Acts of Paul
Methodists - They hold also the direct internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the believer's adoption: for an exposition of which See HOLY SPIRIT
Prophecy - " For when, for instance, the events are distant many years or ages from the uttering of the prediction itself, depending on causes not so much as existing when the prophecy was spoken and recorded, and likewise upon various circumstances and a long arbitrary series of things, and the fluctuating uncertainties of human volitions, and especially when they depend not at all upon any external circumstances nor upon any created being, but arise merely from the counsels and appointment of God himself,—such events can be foreknown only by that Being, one of whose attributes is omniscience, and can be foretold by him only to whom the "Father of lights" shall reveal them; so that whoever is manifestly endued with that predictive power must, in that instance, speak and act by divine inspiration, and what he pronounces of that kind must be received as the word of God; nothing more being necessary to assure us of this than credible Testimony that such predictions were uttered before the event, or conclusive evidence that the records which contain them are of the antiquity to which they pretend
Abram - Paul, he lived in tents in preference to settling in the land of Canaan, though it had been given to him for a possession, in order that he might thus proclaim his faith in the eternal inheritance of which Canaan was a type; and in bearing this Testimony, his example was followed by Isaac and Jacob, the "heirs with him of the same promise," who also thus "confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims," and that "they looked" for a continuing and eternal city in heaven
Paul the Apostle - These are all well attested by early Christian writers, and (as van Manen remarks) the Pastoral Epistles have as good external Testimony as the rest
Faith - ...
If faith must be associated with such outward Testimony it must be even more intimately associated with many Christian graces, and especially with love or charity
Peter - Paul’s Testimony to the significance of Peter’s position in the early history of Christianity
Peter Epistles of - According to Pliny’s Testimony, this was the course which the Christians of his province were actually pursuing
Romans, Epistle to the - They have failed, because the coming of Christ puts an end to legal righteousness, a fact to which Moses himself bears Testimony
New Testament - ...
To the outcry against hint for omitting the Testimony of the three heavenly witnesses he replied, it is not omission but non-addition; even some Latin copies do not have it, and Cyril of Alexandria showed in his Thesaurus he did not know it; on the Codex Montfortianus (originally in possession of a Franciscan, Froy, who possibly wrote it, now in Trinity College, Dublin) being produced with it, Erasmus INSERTED it
Atonement - This much seems to be implied in what is probably the earliest Testimony, if regard be had to the date of the writings in which it occurs, concerning the apostolic doctrine of the atonement
Sea of Galilee - The Gentile world also lends its Testimony
Psalms, Theology of - Psalm 16 , a song of confidence/trust in which the psalmist rejoices because of his assurance that Yahweh will not allow him to succumb to the ordeal in which he finds himself, becomes another Testimony to Jesus' resurrection (107:1 )
Jerusalem - In spite of Josephus’s Testimony, all writers are not of one mind regarding the extent of the ruin
Holy Spirit (2) - is due to the writer’s desire to slur over something which is really inconsistent with his account of Jesus’ birth; but even if Luke had difficulty in adjusting these two things, as the Fourth Evangelist may have had difficulty in adjusting the incarnation of the Eternal Logos in Jesus with the descent of the Spirit upon Him in manhood, it is clear that for both the baptism was so securely fixed in the Gospel Testimony that they had no alternative but to set it unambiguously down (cf
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - urges as against heretics the Testimony of the prophets (ex auctoritatibus propheticis) in favour of the propositions of bk
John, Theology of - The whole of Scripture bears its Testimony
Authority in Religion - ) bear impressive Testimony to the fact that He regarded the whole preceptive portion of the OT as an expression of the will of God
Fall - ...
(a) What has already been urged must be repeated: that the teaching of the OT regarding sin and salvation does not rest at all on the narrative in Genesis 3, but on the reality of human experience and the Testimony of human conscience; that the teach
Eusebius (60), Bishop of Nicomedia - Are we to believe these writers against the Testimony of Sozomen and Socrates, who expressly give a consistent representation undoubtedly more favourable to Eusebius?...
The most powerful argument of De Broglie and others against the genuineness of the letter, as being written from the exile of Eusebius, is the silence of Athanasius, who never uses it to shew the identity of the position and sentiments of Arius and Eusebius
Augustine - " Such a Testimony as this far outweighs the vituperative remarks and petty sneers of a thousand infidels
Trinity - It is for us, simply and in that docile spirit which becomes us, to receive the Testimony of God as to himself, and to fix ourselves upon that firmest of all foundations, and most rational of all evidence, "Thus saith the Lord
Christianity - To this influential motive as a reason of obedience, is added another, drawn from its end: one not less influential, but which Heathen moralists never knew,—the Testimony that we please God, manifested in the acceptance of our prayers, and in spiritual and felicitous communion with him
Paul - For what remains we have the concurrent Testimony of ecclesiastical antiquity that he was beheaded at Rome, by Nero in the great persecutions of the Christians by that emperor, A
Paul - This is also the Testimony of tradition, and it is generally, though not universally, accepted
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - While the primary steps in such education were no doubt carried out in the home, there is pretty clear Testimony that everywhere schools for at least elementary education were established
Text of the New Testament - Of these three classes it will be necessary to treat separately in the first instance, and afterwards to combine the results of their Testimony
Character of Christ - His sinlessness: (1) Testimony of those who knew Him
Church (2) - It is argued, on the other side, that the passages in question were not interpreted in this sense by early Church writers, and that the Testimony of the Acts and Epistles and of early Church history shows that such a position was not actually held by St
Criticism - Lepin’s contention is that the theory in question is not in agreement with the most ancient Testimony, which regards St
Apostles - Not a word is related of the considerations which brought them to this conclusion, but the explanation is to be found partly in the Testimony of the Baptist, partly and pre-eminently in the impression produced on them by the personality of Jesus
Art - Elsewhere he gives useful Testimony by his incidental mention of Christian art work in the painting of the Good Shepherd and other subjects upon chalices (de Pudic
Belief (2) - More narrowly considered, belief is the mental acceptance of a proposition, statement, or fact on the Testimony of another, or on the ground of authority
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - of Papias's Λογίων κυριακῶν ἐξηγήσεις Irenaeus cites the saying traditionally attributed to our Lord on the alleged Testimony of St
Methodists, Protestant - Wesley's preachers bears this Testimony of him and his sentiments: "The Gospel, considered as a general plan of salvation, he viewed as a display of the divine perfections, in a way agreeable to the nature of God; in which all the divine attributes harmonize, and shine forth with peculiar lustre
Clement of Alexandria - It is opposed to the Testimony of Scripture (93–105); and it is of recent origin (106–108)
Clementine Literature - She had been guilty of adultery with a slave, as he had learned on his brother's Testimony, and afterwards leaving Rome with her twin sons on account of a pretended vision, had perished miserably by shipwreck
Dioscorus (1), Patriarch of Alexandria - Theodoret, whose Testimony in his favour cannot be suspected, declared in a letter to Dioscorus, soon after his consecration, that the fame of his virtues, and particularly of his modesty and humility, was widely spread (Ep
Eusebius of Caesarea - But the Testimony of this strong partisan may well be suspected; and the attitude of Eusebius of Caesarea throughout suggests that he was influenced rather by personal associations and the desire to secure liberal treatment for the heresiarch than by any real accordance with his views
Babylon - " From Rauwolff's Testimony it appears that, in the sixteenth century, "there was not a house to be seen
Expiation - James, all martyrs and sufferers for the truth, who had recently sealed their Testimony with their blood
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - ...
Western Testimony to the Didaché is scanty, and rather indicates that any book which circulated in the West as the Teaching of the Apostles was not the same as Bryennius's Didaché
Odes of Solomon - The OT Peshiṭta is an irrefragable Testimony to this assertion, and the literary compositions of Aphrahaṭ and Ephrem, in which Greek words and Greek expressions are counted by hundreds, would not tend to weaken it
Marcion, a 2nd Century Heretic - The strictness of the Marcionite discipline is proved by the unfriendly Testimony of Tertullian, who tries by their practice to convict of falsity the Marcionite theory, that a good God could not be the object of fear: "If so, why do you not take your fill of the enjoyments of this life? Why do you not frequent the circus, the arena, and the theatre? Why do you not boil over with every kind of lust? When the censer is handed you, and you are asked to offer a few grains of incense, why not deny your faith? 'God forbid!' you cry—'God forbid!'"...
At the end of the Diocletian persecution the Marcionites had a short interval of freedom of worship
Originality - Bauer has no hesitation in setting aside the Testimony of Tacitus, Suetonius, and the other Roman historians
Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia - " Higher Testimony could not have been borne, or by a more competent judge; and so much was this felt by Theodore's enemies at the fifth council that they vainly made efforts to deny the identity of Chrysostom's correspondent with the bp