What does Spot mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
ἀσπίλου spotless. 1
בַּבַּהֶ֗רֶת white patch of skin 1
וּמִֽחְיַ֛ת preservation of life 1
וּמ֖וּם blemish 1
מֻאֽוּם‪‬ blemish 1
מִמּ֑וּם blemish 1
--וְלַבֶּהָֽרֶת white patch of skin 1
הַבַּהֶ֜רֶת white patch of skin 1
בַּבֶּהֶ֙רֶת֙ white patch of skin 1
בַּהֶ֛רֶת white patch of skin 1
ἄσπιλοι spotless. 1
הַבַּהֶ֙רֶת֙ white patch of skin 1
בַהֶ֖רֶת white patch of skin 1
בַּהֶרֶת֩ white patch of skin 1
בַהֶ֔רֶת white patch of skin 1
בֹּ֥הַק a harmless eruption of the skin 1
τόπον place 1
σπίλον a spot. / a fault 1
(תַּחְתָּ֑יו) the under part 1

Definitions Related to Spot


   1 white patch of skin, brightness, bright Spot (on skin).
   2 (CLBL) bright Spot, scar, blister, boil.
      2a resulting from fire.
      2b resulting from inflammation of the skin.
      2c possible sign of leprosy.


   1 the under part, beneath, instead of, as, for, for the sake of, flat, unto, where, whereas.
      1a the under part adv accus.
      1b beneath prep.
      1c under, beneath.
         1c1 at the foot of (idiom).
         1c2 sweetness, subjection, woman, being burdened or oppressed (fig).
         1c3 of subjection or conquest.
      1d what is under one, the place in which one stands.
         1d1 in one’s place, the place in which one stands (idiom with reflexive pronoun).
         1d2 in place of, instead of (in transferred sense).
         1d3 in place of, in exchange or return for (of things mutually interchanged) conj.
      1e instead of, instead of that.
      1f in return for that, because that in compounds.
      1g in, under, into the place of (after verbs of motion).
      1h from under, from beneath, from under the hand of, from his place, under, beneath.


   1 spotless.
   2 metaph.
      2a free from censure, irreproachable.
      2b free from vice, unsullied.


   1 a Spot.
   2 a fault, moral blemish.
      2a of base and gluttonous men.


   1 place, any portion or space marked off, as it were from surrounding space.
      1a an inhabited place, as a city, village, district.
      1b a place (passage) in a book.
   2 metaph.
      2a the condition or station held by one in any company or assembly.
      2b opportunity, power, occasion for acting.
      Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 5561, chora; and 5564, chorion.
      See entry 5875 for comparison of synonyms.


   1 blemish, Spot, defect.
      1a of physical defect.
      1b of moral stain.


   1 a harmless eruption of the skin, skin Spot.


   1 preservation of life, sustenance.
      1a preservation of life.
      1b sustenance.
      1c reviving.
      1d the quick of the flesh, live flesh, tender or raw flesh.

Frequency of Spot (original languages)

Frequency of Spot (English)


Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Spot
A — 1: σπίλος (Strong's #4696 — Noun Masculine — spilos — spee'-los ) "a spot or stain," is used metaphorically (a) of moral blemish, Ephesians 5:27 ; (b) of lascivious and riotous persons, 2 Peter 2:13 .
A — 2: σπίλος (Strong's #4696 — Noun Masculine — spilas — spee'-los ) is rendered "spots" in Jude 1:12 , AV: see ROCK , No. 2.
B — 1: σπιλόω (Strong's #4695 — Verb — spiloo — spee-lo'-o ) akin to A, No. 1, is used in Jude 1:23 , in the clause "hating even the garment spotted by the flesh," the garment representing that which, being brought into contact with the polluting element of the flesh, becomes defiled: see CLOTHING , No. 3 (last par.). See DEFILE , No. 4.
C — 1: ἄσπιλος (Strong's #784 — Adjective — aspilos — as'-pee-los ) "unspotted, unstained" (a, negative, and A), is used of a lamb, 1 Peter 1:19 ; metaphorically, of keeping a commandment without alteration and in the fulfillment of it, 1 Timothy 6:14 ; of the believer in regard to the world, James 1:27 , and free from all defilement in the sight of God, 2 Peter 3:14 .
Note: For amomos, in Hebrews 9:14 , AV, see BLEMISH , B.
Webster's Dictionary - Eye-Spot
(n.) A simple visual organ found in many invertebrates, consisting of pigment cells covering a sensory nerve termination.
(n.) An eyelike spot of color.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Spot
Skin blemishes of differing kinds indicating sickness that made a person ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 13:1-8 ). The priest declared such persons clean or unclean. Only animals “without spot” (Numbers 28:3 ) could be used for an offering to Yahweh. Jesus Himself was spoken of by Peter as “a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 Peter 1:19 ). The faithful are urged to obey “without spot” (1 Timothy 6:14 ). In this sense it means to be morally pure and obedient to God's will. See Sacrifice and Offering .
Webster's Dictionary - Forty-Spot
(n.) The Tasmanian forty-spotted diamond bird (Pardalotus quadragintus).
Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types - Spot
Numbers 19:2 (c) By this type we understand the spotless character of our Lord JESUS CHRIST on whom there was no sin nor fault, and in Him no evil of any kind. (See also Numbers 28:3; Numbers 29:17; 1 Peter 1:19).
Deuteronomy 32:5 (b) The Lord brands His people as the Shepherd brands the sheep. In this case those mentioned do not bear the mark of GOD's ownership. Probably the mark was that of a godly life, holy ambitions, and obedience to the Word of GOD. (See also Revelation 3:12).
Song of Solomon 4:7 (c) This may be taken as a statement by the Lord concerning His church, or His bride, for He sees no fault nor sin in His people who are washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Or, it may be taken as the Word of the bride concerning the Bridegroom, for certainly He is absolutely perfect, beautiful, sinless and stainless. Both things are true.
Ephesians 5:27 (b) Here we see a beautiful type of the perfection of GOD's church, each member of which has been cleansed in the Blood of the Saviour, made pure and white in GOD's sight.
1 Timothy 6:14 (c) Probably the type in this case represents a perfect obedience, in which there is no hypocrisy, and no compulsion. It is an obedience based on the love of GOD, and from a grateful heart.
Hebrews 9:14 (a) By this figure we understand that the Lord JESUS offered Himself to GOD, with no sin connected with His offering, no pride, no selfishness, no ulterior motives, no evil of any kind. He was a perfect offering in every sense of the word, and therefore was acceptable to GOD.
2 Peter 3:14 (a) It is the will of GOD that the Christian should live a clean, true, pure upright life, with no blemishes that would disfigure his life and cause the people to point to him with scorn. The Christian is to be a good example of a blameless believer.
Judges 1:12 (b) The presence of an ungodly man among the people of GOD blots and blurs, hinders and harms the fellowship of GOD's saints.
Judges 1:23 (b) This probably refers to any so-called righteousness or plan of salvation, which is contaminated by the works of the flesh, or by depending upon merit in the sight of GOD.

Sentence search

Freckle - ) To become covered or marked with freckles; to be Spotted. ) To spinkle or mark with freckle or small discolored Spots; to Spot. ) A small yellowish or brownish Spot in the skin, particularly on the face, neck, or hands. ) Any small Spot or discoloration
Fleck - ) A Spot; a streak; a speckle. ) To Spot; to streak or stripe; to variegate; to dapple
Blotch - ) A blot or Spot, as of color or of ink; especially a large or irregular Spot
Gol'Gotha - (skull ), the Hebrew name of the Spot at which our Lord was crucified. " Two explanations of the name are given: (1) that it was a Spot where executions ordinarily took place, and therefore abounded in skulls; or(2) it may come from the look or form of the Spot itself, bald, round and skull-like, and therefore a mound or hillock, in accordance with the common phrase --for which there is no direct authority-- "Mount Calvary. " Whichever of these is the correct explanation, Golgotha seems to have been a known Spot
Charbon - ) A small black Spot or mark remaining in the cavity of the corner tooth of a horse after the large Spot or mark has become obliterated
Fleckless - ) Without Spot or blame
Unspotted - * For UNSPOTTED see Spot, C ...
Tainture - ) Taint; tinge; difilement; stain; Spot
Maculatory - ) Causing a Spot or stain
Spot - Only animals “without Spot” (Numbers 28:3 ) could be used for an offering to Yahweh. Jesus Himself was spoken of by Peter as “a lamb without blemish and without Spot” (1 Peter 1:19 ). The faithful are urged to obey “without Spot” (1 Timothy 6:14 )
Uttiform - ) Drop-shaped, as a Spot of color
Foothot - ) Hastily; immediately; instantly; on the Spot; hotfloot
Tatch - ) A Spot or stain; also, a trick
Umboil - ) A small suppurting inflamed Spot on the gum
Maculation - ) The act of Spotting; a Spot; a blemish
Pterostigma - ) A thickened opaque Spot on the wings of certain insects
Stark, Canon a - Did researches valuable in ascertaining sun-spot periodicity
Allon-Bachuth - Oak of weeping; the Spot where Rebekah's nurse was buried, Genesis 35:8
Lucule - ) A Spot or fleck on the sun brighter than the surrounding surface
Misgab - ("the elevated Spot"
Hollow-Hearted - ) Insincere; deceitful; not sound and true; having a cavity or decayed Spot within
Blesbok - ) A South African antelope (Alcelaphus albifrons), having a large white Spot on the forehead
Massa - A memorable Spot in the journies of Israel, signifying temptation
Fumarole - ) A hole or Spot in a volcanic or other region, from which fumes issue
Oasis - ) A fertile or green Spot in a waste or desert, esp
Pro Thyalosoma - ) The investing portion, or spherical envelope, surrounding the eccentric germinal Spot of the germinal vesicle
Lady's Thumb - An annual weed (Polygonum Persicaria), having a lanceolate leaf with a dark Spot in the middle
Mamre - The hallowed Spot where the Lord appeared unto Abraham
Luz - The original Spot called afterwards "Bethel, the house of God
Unspotted - ) Not Spotted; free from Spot or stain; especially, free from moral stain; unblemished; immaculate; as, an unspotted reputation
Heartseed - ) A climbing plant of the genus Cardiospermum, having round seeds which are marked with a Spot like a heart
Lunulet - ) A small Spot, shaped like a half-moon or crescent; as, the lunulet on the wings of many insects
Ypsiliform - ) Resembling the / in appearance; - said of the germinal Spot in the ripe egg at one of the stages of fecundation
Bipupillate - ) Having an eyelike Spot on the wing, with two dots within it of a different color, as in some butterflies
Cnidus - The Spot is now called Cape Krio
v Moth - A common gray European moth (Halia vauaria) having a V-shaped Spot of dark brown on each of the fore wings
Zeph'Athah - (watch-tower ) , The valley of, the Spot in which Asa joined battle with Zerah the Ethiopian
Unspotted - UNSPOT'TED, a. Not stained free from Spot. Free from moral stain untainted with guilt unblemished immaculate as unspotted reputation
Cytoblast - ) The nucleus of a cell; the germinal or active Spot of a cellule, through or in which cell development takes place
Tache - ) A Spot, stain, or blemish
Bethel - ) A place of worship; a hallowed Spot
Ecchymosis - ) A livid or black and blue Spot, produced by the extravasation or effusion of blood into the areolar tissue from a contusion
Maculate - ) To Spot; to stain; to blur. ) Marked with Spots or maculae; blotched; hence, defiled; impure; as, most maculate thoughts
be-er-e'Lim - (well of heroes ), a Spot named in ( Isaiah 15:8 ) as on the "border of Moab
Dapple - ) One of the Spots on a dappled animal. ) To variegate with Spots; to Spot
Discoloration - ) A discolored Spot; a stain
Mona - The body is dark olive, with a Spot of white on the haunches
Lafayette - ) A market fish, the goody, or Spot (Liostomus xanthurus), of the southern coast of the United States
a'Chor, Valley of - (valley of trouble ), the Spot at which Achan was stoned
Fullers - A Spot close to the walls of Jerusalem
Mas'Sah - (temptation ), a name given to the Spot, also called Meribah, where the Israelites tempted Jehovah
Ebal - It was the famous Spot from whence the curses were pronounced on the breaches of the law. And the place seemed to be well suited for this purpose, for it was a barren unfruitful Spot
Eye-Spot - ) An eyelike Spot of color
Scotomy - ) Obscuration of the field of vision due to the appearance of a dark Spot before the eye
Mottle - ) To mark with Spots of different color, or shades of color, as if stained; to Spot; to maculate
Locale - ) A place, Spot, or location
Playa - ) A beach; a strand; in the plains and deserts of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, a broad, level Spot, on which subsequently becomes dry by evaporation
Mig'Ron - (precipice ), a town or a Spot in the neighborhood of Gibeah
Mass'Rekah - (vineyard of noble vines ), an ancient place, the native Spot of Samiah, one of the old king of the Edomites
Jehovah-Shalom - Jehovah send peace, the name which Gideon gave to the altar he erected on the Spot at Ophrah where the angel appeared to him (Judges 6:24 )
Tamar (1) - A Spot S
Ocellus - ) An eyelike Spot of color, as those on the tail of the peacock
Take-Off - ) The Spot at which one takes off; specif
Callosity - ) A hard or thickened Spot or protuberance; a hardening and thickening of the skin or bark of a part, eps
Jabbok - A brook on the other side Jordan, rendered memorable from being near the Spot where Jacob wrestled with the angel, (Genesis 32:22-24) The name signifies to make empty
Umbra - ) The fainter part of a sun Spot; - now more commonly called penumbra. ) The central dark portion, or nucleus, of a sun Spot
Visible - ) Perceivable by the eye; capable of being seen; perceptible; in view; as, a visible star; the least Spot is visible on white paper
Blot - ) To Spot, stain, or bespatter, as with ink. ) A Spot on reputation; a stain; a disgrace; a reproach; a blemish. ) A Spot or stain, as of ink on paper; a blur
Mole - ) A Spot; a stain; a mark which discolors or disfigures. ) A Spot, mark, or small permanent protuberance on the human body; esp. , a Spot which is dark-colored, from which commonly issue one or more hairs
Nimrim, Waters of - The stream of the leopards, a stream in Moab (Isaiah 15:6 ; Jeremiah 48:34 ); probably the modern Wady en-Nemeirah, a rich, verdant Spot at the south-eastern end of the Dead Sea
Pihahiroth - The memorable Spot where the Lord displayed his grace to Israel. What a contempt did the Lord throw upon the idols of Egypt, in making this the memorable Spot to deliver Israel
Satinette - ) One of a breed of fancy frilled pigeons allied to the owls and turbits, having the body white, the shoulders tricolored, and the tail bluish black with a large white Spot on each feather
Mil'lo, the House of - ...
The Spot at which King Joash was murdered by his slaves
Heliostat - ) An instrument consisting of a mirror moved by clockwork, by which a sunbeam is made apparently stationary, by being steadily directed to one Spot during the whole of its diurnal period; also, a geodetic heliotrope
Engrail - ) To variegate or Spot, as with hail
Wem - ) Spot; blemish; harm; hurt
Mino Bird - It is black, with a white Spot on the wings, and a pair of flat yellow wattles on the head
Mahaneh-Dan - The locality of this Spot is given in these two passages as ‘behind Kiriath-jearim,’ and as ‘between Zorah and Eshtaol. The exact position of the Spot has not been identified, as the site of Eshtaol (wh
Monk - ) A blotch or Spot of ink on a printed page, caused by the ink not being properly distributed. It is distinguished from a friar, or white Spot caused by a deficiency of ink
Shaky - ) Shaking or trembling; as, a shaky Spot in a marsh; a shaky hand
Moil - ) A Spot; a defilement
Cupping - ) The operation of drawing blood to or from the surface of the person by forming a partial vacuum over the Spot
Debouch - ) To march out from a wood, defile, or other confined Spot, into open ground; to issue
Macule - ) A Spot
Helkath-Hazzurim - The name given to the Spot at Gibeon where the fatal combat took place between the twelve champions chosen on either side from the men of Abner and Joab ( 2 Samuel 2:16 )
Baal-Perazim - At this Spot, the Philistines were put to flight by David, (2 Samuel 5:20; 1 Chronicles 14:11) The margin of the Bible hath rendered this name, the plain of breaches
Ader - The empress Helena built a church on this Spot, the remains of which are still visible
Basilisk - (In RSV, Isaiah 11:8 ; 14:29 ; 59:5 ; Jeremiah 8:17 ), the "king serpent," as the name imports; a fabulous serpent said to be three spans long, with a Spot on its head like a crown
Fuller's Field - A Spot near Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:17 ; Isaiah 36:2 ; 7:3 ), on the side of the highway west of the city, not far distant from the "upper pool" at the head of the valley of Hinnom
Jasper - Revelation 4:3 (c) Probably a very valuable stone, translucent or transparent, typical of the preciousness of our GOD in whom there is no flaw, defilement, evil, nor Spot of any kind
Haddock - It has a dark lateral line and a black Spot on each side of the body, just back of the gills
Hammon - (ham' muhn) Place name meaning, “hot Spot,” probably from a hot spring
Bethcar - to the Spot beneath, Bethcar being on a height
Oody - ) An American fish; the lafayette or Spot
Outgo - 1: προέρχομαι (Strong's #4281 — Verb — proerchomai — pro-er'-khom-ahee ) "to go forward, go in advance, outgo," is used of time in Mark 6:33 , "outwent," of the people who in their eagerness reached a Spot earlier than Christ and His disciples
Mold - ) A Spot; a blemish; a mole
Antipatris - It was built by Herod the Great in a well-watered Spot surrounded by a wood, and named after his father. At Ras el-Ain, 32 6' N, 34 56' E, are ruins which are held to mark the Spot
Babylonish - The city stood on the river Frat, or Euphrates, and it is supposed, on the Spot where the tower of Babel was founded
la'Sha - Jerome and other writers identify it with Callirrhoe, a Spot famous for hot springs, near the eastern shore of the Dead Sea
Allon-Bachuth - Oak of weeping, a tree near Bethel, at the Spot where Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, was buried (Genesis 35:8 )
Mote - A small particle any thing proverbially small a Spot
Turnus - The wings are yellow, margined and barred with black, and with an orange-red Spot near the posterior angle of the hind wings
Arden - ) A rich, well-cultivated Spot or tract of country
Shebarim - of the town (Keil), or else a Spot where were fissures in the soil, gradually deepening until they ended in a precipice to the ravine by which Israel had come from Gilgal, "the going down" margin, Hebrew Ηa-Μorad
Ur - The memorable Spot from whence the Lord called Abraham when an idolater
Zophim - If the word rendered "field" be taken in its usual sense, then the "field of Zophim" was a cultivated Spot high up on the top of Pisgah
Blemishes - In this provision of the law there was an allusion to the great High priest of our profession, who offered himself without Spot to God
Sorek - , a torrent-bed, now the Wady Surar, "valley of the fertile Spot," which drains the western Judean hills, and flowing by Makkedah and Jabneel, falls into the sea some eight miles south of Joppa
uz'za, the Garden of, - the Spot in which Manasseh king of Judah and his son Amon were buried
zo'Phim - (watchers ) , The field of, a Spot on or near the top of Pisgah, from which Balaam had his second view of the encampment of Israel
Blot - To Spot with ink to stain or bespatter with ink as, to blot a paper. A Spot or stain on paper,usually applied to ink. A Spot in reputation a stain, a disgrace a reproach a blemish
Air Hole - ...
A hole to admit or discharge air; specifically, a Spot in the ice not frozen over
Abarim - Nebo became ever-memorable, as being the sacred Spot where Moses the man of God died
Garden - A rich, well cultivated Spot or tract of country a delightful Spot
Calvary - It is more probable that it was a bare round Spot, in shape something like a skull; hence, perhaps, the notion that it was a hill. There is no topographical question more keenly disputed than whether the Spot now venerated as the site of the holy sepulchre is really the ancient Golgotha or Calvary: the latest explorations do not support the tradition, but point to a site outside the walls of Jerusalem, near the so-called Grotto of Jeremiah
Jehovah-Jireh - Surely there was a prophecy in these words relating to the very Spot of Abraham's mercy, as well as the mercy itself. And was not this with an eye to the Lamb of God, in after-ages to be provided for the whole church, as well as the ram the Lord had then provided for Abraham's burnt offering? Recollect that this mount Moriah was near the Spot, if not the very Spot itself, afterwards called mount Calvary
Roundel - ) A circular Spot; a sharge in the form of a small circle
Siloam, Village of - The village Κeir Silwan is at the foot of the third height of Olivet, at the Spot where Solomon built the temples to Chemosh, Ashtoreth, and Milcom; "the mount of corruption," E
Locate - ) To place; to set in a particular Spot or position
Baal-Zephon - Exodus 14:2 , Numbers 33:7 ; the name of a place near the Spot where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, apparently a shrine of ‘Baal of the north
Ace - ) A unit; a single point or Spot on a card or die; the card or die so marked; as, the ace of diamonds
Golgotha - The common name of the Spot where Jesus was crucified. It is obvious from the evangelists that it was some well-known Spot outside the gate (Compare Hebrews 13:12 ), and near the city (Luke 23:26 ), containing a "garden" (John 19:41 ), and on a thoroughfare leading into the country
Blaze - ) A Spot made on trees by chipping off a piece of the bark, usually as a surveyor's mark. ) A white Spot on the forehead of a horse
Gethsemane - A Spot, now walled round and preserved as a European flower garden, on the N. A more retired Spot would seem more fitting
Hinnon - The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah both speak of this awful Spot. (Isaiah 30:33; Jeremiah 7:31) And it is said, that Josiah, the good king, "defiled the place;" that is, he destroyed it for the purpose for which it had been used, by those wretched parents who had been deluded to sacrifice their children to the idol-god Molech, in this Spot
Mori'ah - A tradition which first appears in a definite shape in Josephus, and is now almost universally accepted, asserts that the "Mount Moriah" of the Chronicles is identical with the "mountain" in "the land of Moriah" of Genesis, and that the Spot on which Jehovah appeared to David, and on which the temple was built, was the very Spot of the sacrifice of Isaac
Holon - (hoh' lahn) Place name meaning, “sandy Spot
Bog - ) A little elevated Spot or clump of earth, roots, and grass, in a marsh or swamp
Sodom - A city ever-memorable in Scripture, and now most probably the very Spot of the Dead Sea
Smear - ) Hence, a Spot made by, or as by, an unctuous or adhesive substance; a blot or blotch; a daub; a stain
ab'Arim - Its most elevated Spot was "the Mount Nebo, 'head' of 'the' Pisgah," from which Moses viewed the Promised Land before his death
Locality - ) Position; situation; a place; a Spot; esp
o'Reb, the Rock, - the "raven's crag," the Spot, east of Jordan, at which the Midianite chieftain Oreb with thousands of his countrymen, fell by the hand of the Ephraimites, and which probably acquired its name therefrom
Patmos - The barrenness of the island made it a suitable Spot for the banishment of Roman criminals
Texts: Memorable - We rail them off in a special enclosure and place them where the highways meet, that others may look on them and find their coronations at the selfsame Spot
Pisgah - Balaam offered sacrifices there, and it was the Spot from which Moses viewed the promised land, and near to which he died
Yuen - The females are yellowish white, with a dark Spot on the breast and another on the crown
Rithmah - Rithmah is a descriptive epithet, from the broom abounding there; probably applied to the encampment in this neighborhood in the first march toward Canaan, to distinguish it from the second encampment in the same district, but not the same Spot, in the 40th year (Numbers 33:36-38; Numbers 13:21-26)
Bald - ) Marked with a white Spot on the head; bald-faced
Mahanaim - ) Here David retreated from the rebellion of Absalom, (2 Samuel 17:24) Jacob gave the name to this Spot, from the angels he met there
Christianìs Life: the Power of - There is a Spot on the Lago Lugano, where the song of the nightingale swells sweetly from the thickets on the shore in matchless rush of music, so that the oar lies motionless and the listeners hushed into silent enhancement; yet we did not see a single bird, the orchestra was as hidden as the notes were clear
Mars - From this Spot Paul delivered his address to the men of Athens
Moriah - On the third day after leaving Beer-sheba, Abraham saw the mount afar off, and it was doubtless some lonely Spot suitable for such an incident
Tiberias - He is supposed to have chosen, for the erection of his new city, a Spot where before stood a more obscure place called Chenereth or Cinnereth, which also gave its name to the adjoining lake or sea
za-Ana'im - (removings ), The plain of, or more accurately, "the oak by Zaanaim," a tree-probably a sacred tree --mentioned as marking the Spot near which Heber the Kenite was encamped when Sisera took refuge in his tent
Carmel - One part towards its east end is still called Mukrakah, 'place of burning,' the traditional Spot of the above encounter. The Spot is about 1,600 feet above the sea, and Elijah's servant had to go but a short distance to have the Mediterranean in view and to watch for a cloud. It is well wooded with shrubberies and brushwood, Isaiah 33:9 ; Micah 7:14 , and is beautiful with the multitude of its flowers, in fact the Spot is declared to be even now the fragrant lovely mountain as of old
Sore - A wounded or diseased Spot or a plague (Leviticus 13:42 ). An inflamed Spot sometimes interpreted as smallpox or a skin disease akin to leprosy (Exodus 9:9-11 ; Leviticus 13:18-20 ; 2 Kings 20:7 ; Isaiah 38:21 )
Domine Quo Vadis - A church situated on the Appian Way near Rome, on the traditional Spot where, according to Saint Ambrose, Saint Peter was vouchsafed a vision of Christ
Feast of Our Lady of the Snow - The feast receives its name from the legend that the Blessed Virgin had indicated with snow the Spot on which she wished a basilica erected in her honor
Our Lady of the Snow, Feast of - The feast receives its name from the legend that the Blessed Virgin had indicated with snow the Spot on which she wished a basilica erected in her honor
Zarethan - The most probable Spot is near the Jisr ed-Damieh at the junction of the Jabbok and the Jordan
Hazar-Enan - Ruins mark the Spot
Dot - ) A small point or Spot, made with a pen or other pointed instrument; a speck, or small mark. ) To mark with dots or small Spots; as, to dot a line
Basilisk - It is described as about a foot long, black and red in color, with a white, crown-like Spot on the head, whence its name
White - Having the color of purity pure clean free from Spot as white robed innocence
Fuller's Field, the, - a Spot near Jerusalem, (2 Kings 8:17 ; Isaiah 7:3 ; 36:2 ) so close to the walls that a person speaking from there could be heard on them
Naboth - Anxious to secure this Spot to use it for a garden, the king proposed to buy it; but Naboth declined to sell
Offense, Mount of - The Mount is venerated by Christians as a favorite resort of Our Lord during the last days of His public life; it is the Spot where He wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19) and prophesied its ruin and the end of the world (Matthew 24)
Olivet, Mount - The Mount is venerated by Christians as a favorite resort of Our Lord during the last days of His public life; it is the Spot where He wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19) and prophesied its ruin and the end of the world (Matthew 24)
Mount of Offense - The Mount is venerated by Christians as a favorite resort of Our Lord during the last days of His public life; it is the Spot where He wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19) and prophesied its ruin and the end of the world (Matthew 24)
Mount Olivet - The Mount is venerated by Christians as a favorite resort of Our Lord during the last days of His public life; it is the Spot where He wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19) and prophesied its ruin and the end of the world (Matthew 24)
el-Elohe-Israel - Jacob so called the altar he built on the Spot before Shechem, already consecrated by Abram (Genesis 12:7; Genesis 33:19-20)
Trogyllium - The darkness, owing to its being the time of dark moon, was the occasion of the ship's stay in this sheltered Spot (Acts 20:6; Acts 20:15)
Daub - ) A viscous, sticky application; a Spot smeared or dabed; a smear
Euchre - ) A game at cards, that may be played by two, three, or four persons, the highest card (except when an extra card called the Joker is used) being the knave of the same suit as the trump, and called right bower, the lowest card used being the seven, or frequently, in two-handed euchre, the nine Spot
Araunah - This Spot was indicated by the prophet Gad as the place where an altar should he erected to J″ Shiloh - "No Spot in Central Palestine could be more secluded than this early sanctuary, nothing more featureless than the landscape around; so featureless, indeed, the landscape and so secluded the Spot that from the time of St
Cana - Robinson, namely, Khirbet Kana or Kana el Jelil, but the balance of evidence supports the traditional Spot
Heres - ]'>[1] ) ‘the ascent of Heres’ is mentioned as the Spot from which Gideon returned after the defeat of Zebah and Zalmunna
Holiness as a Mark of the Church - Saint Paul writes to the Ephesians: ...
Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it: that He might sanctify it; cleansing it by the laver of water in the word of life: That he might present it to himself, a glorious church, not having Spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy, and without blemish
Point-Blank - ) The white Spot on a target, at which an arrow or other missile is aimed
Heifer - Moses and Aaron were instructed to deliver the divine command to the children of Israel that they should procure "a red heifer, without Spot," that is, one that was entirely red, without one Spot of any other colour; "free from blemish, and on which the yoke had never yet come," that is, which had never yet been employed in ploughing the ground or in any other work; for according to the common sense of all mankind, those animals which had been made to serve other uses, became unfit to be offered to God,—a sentiment which we find in Homer and other Heathen writers
Jehosh'Aphat, Valley of - (valley of the judgment of Jehovah ), a valley mentioned by Joel only, as the Spot in which, after the return of Judah and Jerusalem from captivity, Jehovah would gather all the heathen, ( Joel 3:2 ) and would there sit to judge them for their misdeeds to Israel. At what period the name "valley of Jehoshaphat" was first applied to this Spot is unknown
Net - Being without flaw or Spot
Shalem - Moreover, if Shalem were Salim, Jacob's well and Joseph's tomb would have to be removed from their appropriate traditional site to a Spot further E
Marah - A memorable Spot, so rendered from the murmurings of Israel
Hinnom - To drown the shrieks of the victims thus inhumanly sacrificed, musical instruments, called in the Hebrew tuph, tympana or timbrels, were played; whence the Spot derived the name of Tophet
ki'Shon - The part of the Kishon at which the prophets of Baal were slaughtered by Elijah was doubtless close below the Spot on Carmel where the sacrifice had taken place
Defile, Defilement - ...
A — 4: σπιλόω (Strong's #4695 — Verb — spiloo — spee-lo'-o ) "to make a stain or Spot," and so "to defile," is used in James 3:6 of the "defiling" effects of an evil use of the tongue; in Jude 1:23 , "spotted," with reference to moral "defilement. " See Spot. spilos, "a Spot, a moral blemish," Ephesians 5:27 ; 2 Peter 2:13 ; aspilos, "without Spot, Spotless," 1 Timothy 6:14 ; James 1:27 ; 1 Peter 1:19 ; 2 Peter 3:14 ; spilas, Jude 1:12 , "hidden rocks," RV (AV "spots," a late meaning, equivalent to spilos)
Clod - ) The ground; the earth; a Spot of earth or turf
Mend - emendo, menda, a fault, Spot or blemish
Cistern - The rendering of a Hebrew word Bor , Which means a receptacle for water conveyed to it; distinguished from Beer , Which denotes a place where water rises on the Spot ( Jeremiah 2:13 ; Proverbs 5:15 ; Isaiah 36:16 ), a fountain
Gallio - The Greeks who were present, pleased with the rebuff the persecuting Jews had received, fell upon Sosthenes their leader, and beat him upon the Spot, a mode of retribution that Gallio ought not to have allowed
Potsherds - At this day it is common to find pieces of broken jars at eastern wells and pools, to drink from and to see hot embers and coals carried in them from one Spot to another
Visible - Perceivable by the eye that can be seen as a visible star the least Spot is visible on white paper air agitated by heat becomes visible as the air near a heated stove, or over a dry sandy plain, appears like pellucid waves
Mount Olivet - Sweet and sacred Spot from whence the Lord Jesus ascended, when having finished redemption-work, he returned to glory! and where, according to the voice both of prophets and angels, his feet shall again stand, when the mountains shall cleave in the midst, and Jesus shall come to reign before his ancients gloriously. ) The reader, if not much acquainted with the sacred history will be surprized to find that the Spot rendered so memorable to David by sorrow should be prophaned by Solomon his son. ) Blessed be the Lord for taking away the corruption, and making the Spot infinitely more hallowed than it had ever been before, by the presence and ascension of the Lord Jesus from it, when he had finished the sacred purposes of his redemption
Sodom - The Lord over night announced to him Sodom's doom, at some Spot on the way from Mamre or Hebron toward Sodom, to which he had accompanied the angels (Genesis 18:16). Tradition says the Spot was Caphar Berucha, from which the Dead Sea is visible through a ravine
Area - ) A Spot or small marked space; as, the germinative area
Appropriate - ) To set apart for, or assign to, a particular person or use, in exclusion of all others; - with to or for; as, a Spot of ground is appropriated for a garden; to appropriate money for the increase of the navy
Tiphsah - A traveller in the winter of 1841-2 found but twenty inches of water in the Euphrates at this Spot
Galilee - Isaiah, speaking of the gospel, ages before Christ came, pointed to this memorable Spot, as comprehensive of all blessings in the advent of Jesus; and Matthew made application of the prophet's words to Christ
Kingbird - The feathers on the head of the adults show a bright orange basal Spot when erected
Succoth - A Spot in the valley of the Jordan and near the Jabbok, where Jacob set up his tents on his return from Mesopotamia, Genesis 33:17
Habits: Destructive Power of - On repairing to the Spot, we found the poor fellow in his last struggle, manfully attempting to extricate himself from the meshes of ropelike grass that encircled his body; but, to all appearance, the more he labored to escape, the more firmly they became coiled round his limbs. After some delay, a raft was made, and we put off to the Spot, and sinking a pole some twelve feet, a native dived, holding on by the stake, and brought the body to the surface. 'Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his Spots?' ...
Calvary - The traditional site of the Holy Sepulchre is now well within the city of Jerusalem, and great efforts have been made to prove that this Spot was at that time outside the city, but this is not at all credible. It is also a Spot from whence the crucifixion could have been seen by the passers-by (on the road from the Damascus gate)
Abila - Αbel (Hebrew) means "a grassy Spot. The lively and refreshing green of the Spot is noticed by Burckhardt
Gethsemane - It is the Spot which the Christian visitor at Jerusalem first seeks out, and where he lingers longest and last ere he turns homeward. The animal lay on the ground, with its feet tied, the man's knee pressed rudely against its side, while it seemed as if every movement of the shears would lacerate its flesh; yet during the whole, it struggled not and opened not its moutha touching memento, upon that sacred Spot, of the Lamb of God, Isaiah 53:7
Bethlehem - Over that lovely Spot the guiding star hovered; there the eastern sages worshipped the King of kings, and there where David watched his flock and praised God, were heard the songs of the angelic host at the Savior's birth, Luke 2:8 . Half a mile north is the Spot pointed out by traditional as Rachel's tomb, Genesis 35:16-20 ; and about two miles south-west are the great reservoirs described under Solomon's Pools
Mars' Hill, - The Spot is memorable as the place of meeting of the Council of Areopagus. The Areopagus possesses peculiar interest to the Christian as the Spot from which St
Ai - " The Spot which is most probably the site of this ancient city is Haiyan, 2 miles east from Bethel
Beer - A station in the journey from Arnon to the Jordan, mentioned Numbers 21:18 , with a poetical extract commemorating the digging of a well at this Spot
Aarons Rod - 1 Kings 8:9) preserves it ‘before’ the ark, on the Spot on which it had budded (see Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols) i
Enrogel - Bir Eyub, about half amile south of Jerusalem was long supposed to be the Spot, but this is a well, not a spring
Beersheba - In process of time, a considerable town was built on the same Spot, which retained the same name
Succoth - Succoth is named once again after this—in 1 Kings 7:46; 2 Chronicles 4:17—as marking the Spot at which the brass founderies were placed for casting the metal work of the temple
Gihon - A pool still exists in the Spot referred to, three hundred feet long, two hundred wide, and twenty deep, with steps at two corners; and recently, in digging to lay the foundations of the Anglican church, an immense conduit was discovered running east and west, thirty feet under ground built of stone and coated with cement, and partly cut out of solid rock
Quails - The flocks of quails, therefore, which came up to the camp of Israel, are entirely credible; and the miracle seems especially to have consisted in these immense flocks being directed to a particular Spot, in the extreme emergency of the people by means of "a wind from the Lord," Exodus 16:13 ; Numbers 11:31 ; Psalm 78:27
Sermon on the Mount - After this solemn consecration of the twelve, he descended from the mountain-peak to a more level Spot (Luke 6:17 ), and there he sat down and delivered the "sermon on the mount" (Matthew 57-7 ; Luke 6:20-49 ) to the assembled multitude
Kerioth - Hazor implies a pastoral Spot; Kerioth, kir ("a wall"), kirjah , imply "military fortifications"; Welsh, caer
Aphik - The ruins of the temple, "magnificent ruins" in a "spot of strange wildness and beauty", are still seen at Afka, on the north-west slopes of Lebanon, near the source of the river Adonis (now Nahr Ibrahim), 12 miles east of Gebal
Naboth - The murder of Naboth seems to have deeply impressed the popular mind, and the deaths of Joram and Jezebel near the Spot were regarded as Divine retribution on the act ( 2 Kings 9:25 ; 2 Kings 9:36 )
Holywell - According to legend, a stream burst from the ground on the Spot where Saint Winefride was slain by Caradoc, c
Flare - ) A defect in a photographic objective such that an image of the stop, or diaphragm, appears as a fogged Spot in the center of the developed negative
Aceldama - It was believed in the middle ages that the soil of this place had the power of rapidly consuming bodies buried in it, and in consequence of this, or of the sanctity of the Spot, great quantities of the earth were taken away
Enrogel - This well is situated in what is now the prettiest and most fertile Spot around Jerusalem
Rachel - Her sepulchre, half an hour's walk north of Bethlehem, is shown unto this day, the Spot being marked by a Mohammedan wely or tomb, a stone enclosure and a dome
Ger'Izim - Some scholars think there is ground for the first belief (so Smith); but careful observers of the locality discredit it and believe Moriah to be the Spot
Basilica, Saint Peter's - It contains an altar which marks the traditional Spot of Saint Peter's crucifixion. Under Constantine the simple sanctuary erected on this Spot gave way to a roagnificent basilica, partly demolished 12 centuries later
Saint Peter's Basilica - It contains an altar which marks the traditional Spot of Saint Peter's crucifixion. Under Constantine the simple sanctuary erected on this Spot gave way to a roagnificent basilica, partly demolished 12 centuries later
Pavement - Of recent years beautiful pavements have been found in many places in Palestine; but so far there is no evidence outside the NT that any locality in Jerusalem was generally known as either Gabbatha or the Pavement, and no attempted identification of the Spot is quite satisfactory. That the reference is to the paved forecourt of the Temple, or to the usual meeting-place of the Sanhedrin, is rendered unlikely by the absence of the designation from Jewish literature, as well as by the improbability that Pilate would choose any partially consecrated Spot for the inquiry. 46) as carrying about with him on his military expeditions a tessellated pavement, which was laid down in his encampments as marking the Spot from which judicial decisions and addresses to the soldiers were given. The provincial basilicas were often law-courts as well as exchanges, the tribunal being set in the semicircular apse, of which the raised floor was certainly paved, and exactly the kind of Spot to attract a designer
Olives - About half way up the ascent is a ruined monastery, built, as the monks tell us, on the Spot where our Saviour wept over Jerusalem. At a short distance from the summit is shown the supposed print of our Saviour's left foot; Chateaubriand says the mark of the right was once visible, and Bernard de Breidenbach saw it in 1483! This is the Spot fixed upon by the mother of Constantine, as that from which our Lord ascended, and over which she accordingly erected a church and monastery, the ruins of which still remain. Richardson, "I visited this memorable Spot; and each time it was crowded with devout pilgrims, taking casts of the holy vestige. The village of Bethany is small and poor, and the cultivation of the soil is much neglected; but it is a pleasant and somewhat romantic Spot, sheltered by Mount Olivet on the north, and abounding with trees and long grass. "It is truly a curious and interesting fact," adds the learned traveller, "that, during a period of little more than two thousand years, Hebrews, Assyrians, Romans, Moslems, and Christians, have been successively in possession of the rocky mountains of Palestine; yet, the olive still vindicates its paternal soil, and is found, at this day, upon the same Spot which was called by the Hebrew writers Mount Olivet and the Mount of Olives, eleven centuries before the Christian era," 2 Samuel 15:30 ; Zechariah 14:4
Camp - ) The ground or Spot on which tents, huts, etc
Hammath - (ham' muhth) Place name meaning, “hot Spot,” probably due to hot spring, and personal name meaning, “hot one
Migdol - Exodus 14:2 , Numbers 33:7 , on the border of Egypt, near the Spot where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea: probably a mere guardhouse on the road
Moriah - Here Solomon's temple was built, on the Spot that had been the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite (2 Samuel 24:24,25 ; 2 Chronicles 3:1 )
Blaze - A white Spot on the forehead or face of a horse, descending nearly to the nose
Bethshan, Bethshean - It is doubtless on the same Spot as SCYTHOPOLIS, mentioned in 2 Maccabees 12:29 , and which was one of the ten cities of Decapolis
Areopagus, or Mars Hill - Sixteen stone steps still lead up to the Spot
Canterbury, Augustine of, Saint - Augustine went to Gaul to receive episcopal consecration from the Archbishop of Arles, and on his return, at a Spot still called Augustine's Oak in Malmesbury, he convoked a synod of the Celtic bishops of southern Britain, in an unsuccessful attempt to introduce ecclesiastical uniformity in Britain
Tahapanes, Tahpanhes, Tehaphnehes - On digging among the ruins many relics of Grecian pottery were found, there evidently having been a Greek colony on the Spot at some period, and this would account for the Greek name Daphnae
le Verrier, Urbain Jean Joseph - 100,000, proving the stability of the solar system, but his great triumph was his theoretical calculation of the exact Spot where the hitherto undiscovered planet Neptune was to be found, as was done under his direction by Galle at Berlin, September 23, 1846
Position - ) The Spot where a person or thing is placed or takes a place; site; place; station; situation; as, the position of man in creation; the fleet changed its position
Pinnacle of the Temple - The pinnacle of the temple, therefore, though high and elevated, yet formed a sufficient Spot for walking upon
Augustine of Canterbury, Saint - Augustine went to Gaul to receive episcopal consecration from the Archbishop of Arles, and on his return, at a Spot still called Augustine's Oak in Malmesbury, he convoked a synod of the Celtic bishops of southern Britain, in an unsuccessful attempt to introduce ecclesiastical uniformity in Britain
Slop - ) Water or other liquid carelessly spilled or thrown aboyt, as upon a table or a floor; a puddle; a soiled Spot
Aceldama - The traditional Spot is on the slope of the hill south of Jerusalem, where there is a ruined structure, long used as a charnel-house
Moriah - On the same Spot Solomon afterward built the temple, Genesis 22:1-27 ; when it was included within the walls of the city
Eder - Jerome mentions a Jewish tradition that this Eder was the site of the Temple, but himself prefers to think that it was the Spot on which the shepherds received the angels’ message
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December 12, patronal feast of Mexico and a holy day of obligation there, commemorating the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to an Indian convert, Juan Diego, in 1531, whom she instructed to convey to the bishop her desire that a chapel be erected in her honor on the Spot where she had appeared
Rhodes - It was the last Spot where the Christians of the East held out against the advancing Saracens, and was subsequently noted as the home and fortress of the knights of John
Mamre - ...
Constantine, to suppress the superstitions veneration to the terebinths, erected a basilica or church on the Spot
Zacchaeus - When our Lord reached the Spot he looked up to the publican among the branches, and addressing him by name, told him to make haste and come down, as he intended that day to abide at his house
Athens - It is supposed that they originated in the practice of letting loose a flock of sheep and goats in the streets of Athens on the occasion of a plague, and of offering them up in sacrifice, at the Spot where they lay down, "to the god concerned
Nicopolis, - 31, on the Spot where he had had his camp before the battle of Actium
Wayside - They had probably taken their station at a Spot near the city where several paths met, and which may have been planted with trees
Macedonia - The third great world-kingdom, the Macedonian empire, received its name from this comparatively little Spot
Pyramid - ) The game of pool in which the balls are placed in the form of a triangle at Spot
Guadalupe, Feast of Our Lady of - December 12, patronal feast of Mexico and a holy day of obligation there, commemorating the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to an Indian convert, Juan Diego, in 1531, whom she instructed to convey to the bishop her desire that a chapel be erected in her honor on the Spot where she had appeared
Tirzah - ...
It is said to have been a beautiful, Spot, and the name Tirzah, which, comes from a root, signifying somewhat grateful, evidently seems, to say so, Jesus compares his church to it
Hollow - ) A low Spot surrounded by elevations; a depressed part of a surface; a concavity; a channel
Araunah - He there built an altar, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings, without anything being said of his building a house for the Lord on the Spot: whereas in Chronicles David gave to Ornan 600 shekels of gold by weight for the place
Glorious - If she be without Spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, and made comely, it is only "from the comeliness Jesus hath put upon her
ai, Hai - Travellers say that when on the Spot, the Biblical narrative of the capture of Ai can be vividly realised
Thresh - A level Spot was selected for the threshing-floor, generally in an exposed situation where advantage might be taken of the wind for winnowing or separating the corn from the chaff when the threshing process was completed
Threshing - A level Spot was selected for the threshing-floor, generally in an exposed situation where advantage might be taken of the wind for winnowing or separating the corn from the chaff when the threshing process was completed
Nahum - His prophecy consists of three chapters, which form one discourse, in which he foretells the destruction of Nineveh in so powerful and vivid a manner, that he might seem to have been on the very Spot
Pinnacle - ]'>[1] from the Vulgate of Matthew 4:5 ( pinnaculum ) to indicate the Spot within the Temple enclosure from which the devil tempted our Lord to cast Himself down
Reph'a-im, the Valley of, - (1 Samuel 5:18,22 ; 23:13 ; 1 Chronicles 11:15 ; 14:9 ; Isaiah 17:5 ) also in (Joshua 15:8 ) and Joshua 18:16 It is translated in the Authorized Version " the valley of the giants ," a Spot which was the scene of some of David's most remarkable adventures
Battering-Ram, - In some bas-reliefs the battering-ram is without wheels: it was then perhaps constructed upon the Spot and was not intended to be moved
Edrei - There is no water there, and the Spot seems chosen for security
Ur - The other is an abundant spring, issuing in a pool of transparent clearness, and embosomed in a mass of luxuriant verdure, which, amidst the dull brown desert all around, makes and must always have made, this Spot an oasis, a paradise, in the Chaldaean wilderness. Among the ruins which are now seen at the Spot are the remains of one of the great temples, of a model similar to that of Babel, dedicated to the moon, to whom the city was sacred
Place - ) Any portion of space regarded as measured off or distinct from all other space, or appropriated to some definite object or use; position; ground; site; Spot; rarely, unbounded space. ) To assign a place to; to put in a particular Spot or place, or in a certain relative position; to direct to a particular place; to fix; to settle; to locate; as, to place a book on a shelf; to place balls in tennis
Potter - Matthew 27:8 states that this Spot came in consequence to be known as ‘the field of blood—that is, the field bought with the price of blood; but a different reason for that name is given in Acts 1:18-19, where Judas himself purchases the field, and commits suicide in it. The ‘field of blood,’ or Akeldama (חֲקֵל דְּמָא), is generally identified with a Spot in which there are numerous tombs, and where also clay is found, lying to the south of Jerusalem, in the valley of Hinnom, not far from the point where it joins the valley of the Kidron (Baedeker, p
Potter - Matthew 27:8 states that this Spot came in consequence to be known as ‘the field of blood—that is, the field bought with the price of blood; but a different reason for that name is given in Acts 1:18-19, where Judas himself purchases the field, and commits suicide in it. The ‘field of blood,’ or Akeldama (חֲקֵל דְּמָא), is generally identified with a Spot in which there are numerous tombs, and where also clay is found, lying to the south of Jerusalem, in the valley of Hinnom, not far from the point where it joins the valley of the Kidron (Baedeker, p
Sil'Oam - Yet the Spot is the same. " ( Nehemiah 2:14 ) The expression in (Isaiah 8:6 ) "waters of Shiloah that go softly," seems to point to the slender rivulet, flowing gently though once very profusely out of Siloam into the lower breadth of level where the king's gardens, or royal paradise, stood, and which is still the greenest Spot about the holy city. Siloam is a mere Spot even to the Moslem; much more to the Jew
Mole - A Spot, mark or small permanent protuberance on the human body, from which usually issue one or more hairs
Topaz - Placing a vessel over the Spot as a mark, they dig [1] up by day
Spot - A — 1: σπίλος (Strong's #4696 — Noun Masculine — spilos — spee'-los ) "a Spot or stain," is used metaphorically (a) of moral blemish, Ephesians 5:27 ; (b) of lascivious and riotous persons, 2 Peter 2:13 . ...
A — 2: σπίλος (Strong's #4696 — Noun Masculine — spilas — spee'-los ) is rendered "spots" in Jude 1:12 , AV: see ROCK , No. 1, is used in Jude 1:23 , in the clause "hating even the garment Spotted by the flesh," the garment representing that which, being brought into contact with the polluting element of the flesh, becomes defiled: see CLOTHING , No. ...
C — 1: ἄσπιλος (Strong's #784 — Adjective — aspilos — as'-pee-los ) "unspotted, unstained" (a, negative, and A), is used of a lamb, 1 Peter 1:19 ; metaphorically, of keeping a commandment without alteration and in the fulfillment of it, 1 Timothy 6:14 ; of the believer in regard to the world, James 1:27 , and free from all defilement in the sight of God, 2 Peter 3:14
Decision For Christ - Though he be a solitary man in the midst of a thousand opponents, let him, at the precise moment when duty calls, fearless of all danger, go straight to the appointed Spot, do his duty, and remember that consequences belong to God, and not to us
Heart: Seat of Spiritual Disease - Thinking that the illness proceeds from a certain inflammatory process on a portion of your skin, you anxiously direct his attention to the Spot
Salvation: Theme For Thought - The first was a leaf of black paper, black as jet; the next was a leaf of red-scarlet; and the last was a leaf of white, without Spot
Mail - Also, a Spot
Mahanaim - The Spot on the east of the Jordan where Jacob met 'the angels of God
Shield - ) A Spot resembling, or having the form of, a shield
Raw - ) A raw, sore, or galled place; a sensitive Spot; as, to touch one on the raw
Taint - ) A blemish on reputation; stain; Spot; disgrace
Colors - ), is applied in the Hebrew to gold, Psalms 68:13, and to the leprous Spot
mo'Din, - The description of the monuments seems to imply that the Spot was so lofty as to be visible from the sea, and so near that even the details of the sculpture were discernible therefrom
Patrocius, a Martyr - The prelate was suspicious, taxed him with forgery, and, according to the stern discipline of the Gallic church, flogged him on the Spot
Moriah - Jehovah's vision to David in the same Spot, before the preparation for building the temple there, revived the name Moriah (2 Samuel 24:16; 2 Samuel 24:24-25. ) The threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite was the Spot on which David reared an altar by Gad's direction from Jehovah
Olives, Mount of - Perhaps no Spot on earth unites so fine a view, with so many memorials of the most solemn and important events. It was probably near Bethany, and not as tradition says on the middle summit, that our lord ascended to heaven, Luke 24:50 Acts 1:12 , though superstition has built the "Church of the Ascension" on the pretended Spot, and shows the print of his feet on the rock whence he ascended! From the summit, three days before his death, he beheld Jerusalem, and wept over it, recalling the long ages of his more than parental care and grieving over its approaching ruin
Calvary - Fisk, while visiting the Spot under the natural desire to identify the scene of the crucifixion; that the rock shown column he saw, half concealed by iron-work, might have been that to which our Lord was bound when scourged; that the small fragment of rude stone seen by the light of a small taper, through a kind of iron filigree, might have been the place of our Lord's burial and resurrection: but when he saw the neat juxtaposition of all these things, and knew that in order to provide for the structure of the church the site had to be cut down and leveled; when he reflected that on the very Spot a heathen temple had stood, till removed by the empress Helena, to make room for this church; and, moreover, when he considered the superstitious purpose all these things were to serve, and the spirit of that church which thus paraded these objects of curiosity, he could not bring himself to feel they were what they professed to be
Eben-Ezer - The Spot where the stone was erected was somewhere "between Mizpeh and Shen
Juniper - Our Arabs always selected the place of encampment, if possible, in a Spot where it grew, in order to be sheltered by it at night from the wind; and during the day, when they often went on in advance of the camels, we found them not unfrequently sitting or sleeping under a bush of retem to shelter them from the sun
Cloud - ) A dark vein or Spot on a lighter material, as in marble; hence, a blemish or defect; as, a cloud upon one's reputation; a cloud on a title
Ramoth Gilead - The Spot called by Jacob in his covenant with Laban, of which the pillar and stone heap was pledge, Galeed and Mizpah
Mount Gerizim - (See Genesis 12:1-6) So that though Moses himself had never been there, nor ever would, yet here blessings should immediately, on their arrival, be pronounced, to Israel's fidelity, in the very Spot where, in ages before, the Lord had first revealed himself to their father Abraham
Mail - ) A Spot
Beer-Sheba - There are at present on the Spot two principal wells and five smaller ones
Walls - A little beyond this Spot, towards the south, is the fragment of an immense arch of forty-one feet span, one of five or six which supported a lofty causeway, from mount Zion to the temple area at its southern portico, 1 Kings 10:5 1 Chronicles 26:16,18
Suburb - ]'>[3] ‘the Precinct’), where the reference is probably to the same Spot as in the former passage
Dove - (Song of Song of Solomon 2:14) And the comparison is certainly very just; for as the dove in nature is a very beautiful, and clean, and affectionate creature, so the church in grace, when washed in Christ's blood, and justified in Christ's righteousness, and made comely from the comeliness her Lord hath put upon her, is all-glorious within, and hath no Spot, or blemish, but is without blame before Jesus in love
Baal-Zephon - It was in this very Spot, as if, at once, to shew Israel the folly of such ridiculous idols; and to shew Egypt of what little avail their dunghill deities were; Israel was commanded to encamp, from whence they should behold the arm of the Lord displayed for their deliverance, and at the same time Egypt's destruction
Kabzeel - to Petra; a Spot likely to be occupied, though remote, as a stronghold, the key of Palestine toward Moat and Edom, guarding the pass Ez Zuweirah, by which the Moabites under Sanballat, the Ammonites under Tobiah, and the Arabians under Geshem, might attack the Jews (Nehemiah 4:12)
Hebron - There is still a large town on the Spot, with some 18,000 inhabitants, called el Khulil, 31 32' N, 35 6' E
Euphemitae, Praying People - We learn from Epiphanius with some surprise that some of the magistrates put several of these people to death for perversion of the truth and unwarranted imitation of church customs, and that in particular Lupicianus, having thus punished some of them, gave occasion to a new error, for they buried the bodies, held services at the Spot, and called themselves martyriani
Mahanaim - Merrill suggests a ruin called Suleikhat in the Wady Ajlûn , near its entrance to the Jordan valley; others consider the site of Jerash, which is first mentioned, as Gerasa, in the time of Alexander Jannæus, as a likely Spot for so prominent and, apparently, so attractive a city
Aim - ) To point or direct a missile weapon, or a weapon which propels as missile, towards an object or Spot with the intent of hitting it; as, to aim at a fox, or at a target
Barn - To escape the tax-gatherer, again, it is frequently made in a secluded Spot, and so skilfully turfed over that discovery is almost impossible (cf
Antioch in Syria - It stood on a beautiful Spot on the river Orontes, where it breaks through between the mountains Taurus and Lebanon
Therapeutae - Their headquarters were at no great distance from Alexandria, in a quiet pleasant Spot on the shores of the Lake Moeris, where they lived, like the anchorites in later periods, shut up in separate cells, and employed themselves in nothing but prayer, and the contemplation of divine things
Gethsem'a-ne - The probability would seem to be that they were planted by Christian hands to mark the Spot unless, like the sacred olive of the Acropolis, they may have reproduced themselves
Senochus, Saint - He became a Christian, and in some ruined buildings by Tours built himself a cell, at a Spot where an old oratory existed, in which St
a'Arat - Various opinions have been put forth as to the Spot where the ark rested, as described in (Genesis 8:4 ) (but it is probable that it rested on some of the lower portions of the range than on the lofty peak to which exclusively) Europeans have given the name Ararat, the mountain which is called Massis by the Armenians, Agri-Dagh , i. Arguri, the only village known to have been built on its slopes, was the Spot where, according to tradition, Noah planted his vineyard
Rachel - has fixed the Spot 4 miles S
Suc'Coth - (Joshua 13:27 ) Succoth is named once again after this --in (1 Kings 7:46 ; 2 Chronicles 4:17 ) --as marking the Spot at which the brass founderies were placed for casting the metal work of the temple
Sid'Dim - It has so far a suitable Spot for the combat between the four and five kings, ver
Hatch - ) To cross; to Spot; to stain; to steep
Bethsaida - A few rude houses and heaps of stones are all that mark the Spot
Areopagus - But it does not appear that the apostle was, properly speaking, tried; rather he was placed on this Spot in order that what he had to say might be more readily heard by the multitude
Observation - We apply the word to simple vision, as when one says, a Spot on the sun's disk did not fall under his observation or to the notice or cognizance of the mind, as when one says, the distinction made by the orator escaped his observation
Saturninus, Bishop of Toulouse - by Launibodes on the Spot where he was bound to the bull and which came to be known as du Taur or du Taureau (ii
Shot - ) A place or Spot for setting nets
Black - ) A stain; a Spot; a smooch
Shepherd - "In early morning he led forth the flock from the fold, marching at its head to the Spot where they were to be pastured
Felix (26) i, Bishop of Aptunga - The emperor gave orders to Aelianus, the proconsul of Africa, to hold an inquiry on the Spot, which took place on Feb
Gabbatha - (John 19:13) It means an elevated Spot; probably it formed a balustrade, or gallery, from whence to the court below, Pilate might more conveniently speak to the people
Gadarenes - It forms a most interesting miracle, in the account of Christ's ministry, (See Mark 5:1-30) Who can say, but that the Lord Jesus directed his steps to this very Spot, purposely for the salvation of this poor man, and him only? For we are told, that while he sat at the feet of Jesus, (after that the Lord had dispossessed the evil spirit) clothed, and in his right mind: the Gadarenes began to pray Jesus to depart out of their coasts
Jabbok - On this side of the stream, at the Spot where we forded it, was a piece of wall, solidly built upon the inclined slope, constructed in a uniform manner, though of small stones, and apparently finished at the end toward the river, so that it never could have been carried across, as we at first supposed, either for a bridge, or to close the pass
Shushan - Large blocks of marble, covered with hieroglyphics, are not unfrequently here discovered by the Arabs when digging in search of hidden treasure; and at the foot of the most elevated of the pyramids stands the tomb of Daniel, a small and apparently a modern building, erected on the Spot where the relics of that prophet are believed to rest. These dervishes are now the only inhabitants of Susa; and every species of wild beast roams at large over that Spot on which some of the proudest palaces ever raised by human art once stood
ka'Desh, ka'Desh-Bar'ne-a - ( Numbers 13:3,26 ; 14:29-33 ; 20:1 ; 2:14) It is probable that the term "Kadesh," though applied to signify a "city," yet had also a wider application to a region in which Kadesh-meribah certainly, and Kadesh-barnea probably, indicates a precise Spot. Clay Trumbull of Philadelphia, visiting the Spot in 1881, succeeded in rendering almost certain that the site of Kadesh is Ain Kadis (spelled also Gadis and Quadis ); "the very same name, letter for letter in Arabic and Hebrew, with the scriptural fountain of Kadesh --the 'holy fountain,' as the name means-- which gushed forth when Moses smote the rock
Red Heifer - Moses was commanded to speak unto the children of Israel to bring a red heifer without Spot, wherein was no blemish, and upon which never came yoke. " (Song of Song of Solomon 5:10)...
Secondly, this red heifer was to be without Spot, and wherein there was no blemish. What could more strikingly depicture the features of him "who with out Spot offered himself to God!" He was indeed, as the Holy Ghost hath drawn him, "holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens. " (Hebrews 7:26) We are told that the Jews were so very tenacious that this heifer should be exactly corresponding to the %ordinance in those particulars, that if the animal had but a Spot of different colour from the red, yea, but in a single hair, it was rejected. Surely nothing could be more in reference to the "lamb of God who was without blemish and without Spot
Ai - Across the intervening valley is the Spot where Joshua stood when giving the preconcerted signal
Lass - ...
James 1:23 (b) This is a way of saying that a man sees in the Scripture the Spots and the blemishes of his life but does not use the remedy to get rid of them. ...
Revelation 15:2 (c) GOD's angels and GOD's wrath are without Spot, shadow, or sin of any kind
White - ) Having the color of purity; free from Spot or blemish, or from guilt or pollution; innocent; pure
Hor - The mountain is marked far and near by its double top, which rises like a huge castellated building from a lower base and is now surmounted by a circular dome of the tomb of Aaron, a distinct white Spot on the dark red surface of the mountain
Lamb - The lamb is symbolical of meek submissiveness, and when selected for the sacrifices, must be without blemish and without Spot: a very apt type of the Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God. He, the submissive and Spotless One, was "like a lamb dumb before his shearer," and was proclaimed by John as "the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world;" and again as 'the Lamb of God' as an object for the soul's contemplation
ne'bo - (Notwithstanding the minuteness of this description, it is only recently that any one has succeeded in pointing out any Spot which answers to Nebo
Bethel - House of God, the name of a city west of Hai, on the confines of the tribes of Ephraim and Benjamin, Genesis 12:8 28:10-22 , and occupying the Spot where Jacob slept and had his memorable dream, the name he then gave it superseding the old name Luz, Judges 1:23
ne'bo - (Notwithstanding the minuteness of this description, it is only recently that any one has succeeded in pointing out any Spot which answers to Nebo
be-er'-Sheba, - There are at present on the Spot two principal wells and five smaller ones
Florida - The landing took place on September 5, and Mass was immediately offered in honor of the Nativity of Our Lady, at a Spot always afterwards called Nombre de Dios (Name of God), near the present Fort Marion
Gethsemane - It is impossible to have the very idea of this hallowed Spot cross the recollection, without awakening the tenderest emotions
Enrogel - The Spot is one of the most fertile round Jerusalem
Smooth Places: Peril of - That enchanted ground of which Bunyan tells us that the air naturally tended to make one drowsy, is just the Spot to which we refer; men had need be watchful whose path lies through that deceitful country
Lamb of God - Peter stressed this sacrificial motif when he described redemption accomplished with “the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot” (1 Peter 1:18 )
Zaretan - )...
Not far from this Spot was apparently the "house of the ferry," which gave its name to Bethabara
Jehoshaphat, Valley of - ‘Jehovah judges,’ to an ideal Spot
Mary Magdalene - Mary however could not leave the Spot; and looking again into the tomb, she saw two angels there, to whom she lamented the loss of the body
Murder - When a dead body was found in the fields of a person slain by a murderer unknown, Moses commanded that the elders and judges of the neighbouring places should resort to the Spot, Deuteronomy 21:1-8
Abner - Joab consented: the twenty- four engaged; and fell together on the Spot
Philip - From the midst of these happy scenes he was called away to labor in a distant Spot, with a single soul; but the gospel light was carried by the Ethiopian eunuch into the darkness of Africa, and is supposed to have there enlightened multitudes
Leviticus - The whole scheme was "a shadow of good things to come," typical of the Lamb "who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without Spot unto God
Jacob's Well - A series of buildings of various styles, and of different ages, have cumbered the ground, choked up the well, and disfigured the natural beauty and simplicity of the Spot
Hor - The mountain is marked far and near by its double top, which rises like a huge castellated building from a lower base, and is surmounted by a circular dome of the tomb of Aaron, a distinct white Spot on the dark red surface of the mountain
Jezebel - Elijah was soon on the Spot to tell Ahab his doom, and of his wife he said, "The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel
Radegundis, Saint - 663); and also from the fact that in Gregory's time, after Radegund's death, the attention of all France was drawn to the Spot by the scandalous outbreak of a body of the nuns, headed by Chrodieldis, a natural daughter of king Charibert I
Tadmor - Since water, although not in great abundance, was also found on the Spot, Tadmor supplied a peaceable and intelligent population with all the conditions necessary for a metropolis of the caravan trade. ’ Finally, it is unlikely that the palm was ever extensively cultivated on the Spot
Sepulchre - ...
The sepulchre of the Lord Jesus, no doubt, became a sacred Spot, dear to every beholder, as soon as the eastern world became subject to the christian faith. They who have made again of relics, and got money by shewing Spots and places, do, no doubt to this hour, pretend to shew the tomb where Jesus lay, and numberless circumstances connected with the history. "...
Indeed as a confirmation to this, it is well known that the emperor Adrian, the bitter enemy of Christianity, in contempt to Christ, caused an image of heathenish idolatry to be erected in those hallowed Spots where Jesus was born, and another where he was crucified, and a third at his speulchre. ...
But while it remains an impossibility in the present hour to ascertain the very Spot of Christ's sepulchre, the sepulchre itself opens the same sacred subject of devout meditation
Nazareth - The traditionary "Mount of the Precipitation" is nearly two miles from the town, too remote to have answered the purpose of the enraged Nazarenes; while there were several precipitous Spots close at hand, where the fall is still from thirty to fifty feet. Robinson in his "Biblical Researches in Palestine," "I remained for some hours upon this Spot, lost in the contemplation of the wide prospect and of the events connected with the scenes around. " ...
"He must often have visited the fountain near which we had pitched our tent; his feet must frequently have wandered over the adjacent hills, and his eyes have doubtless gazed upon the splendid prospect form this very Spot
Gerasenes, Gergesenes - There is one Spot only on the eastern shore which answers completely to the description of the Synoptists. Were that all we had to guide us, identification of the Spot would be impossible, for there are caves, which may have been used as tombs, all along the mountain side. This Spot is at Khersa just below Wâdy es-Semak
Diseases - The Spot is commonly small, and resembling in its appearance the small red Spot that would be the consequence of a puncture from a needle, or the pustules of a ringworm. ...
The Spots for the most part make their appearance very suddenly, especially if the infected person, at the period when the disease shows itself externally, happens to be in great fear, or to be moved with anger, Numbers 12:10 ; 2 Chronicles 26:19 . The white Spot or pustule, בהרת , morphea alba, and also the dark Spot, ספחת , morphea nigra, are indications of the existence of the real leprosy, Leviticus 13:2 ; Leviticus 13:39 ; Leviticus 14:56 . From these it is necessary to distinguish the Spot, which, whatever resemblance there may be in form, is so different in its effects, called בהק , and also the harmless sort of scab, which occurs under the word סמפחת , Leviticus 13:6-8 ; Leviticus 13:29 . Moses, in the thirteenth chapter of Leviticus, lays down very explicit rules for the purpose of distinguishing between those Spots which are proofs of the actual existence of the leprosy, and those Spots which are harmless, and result from some other cause. Those Spots which are the genuine effects and marks of the leprosy gradually dilate themselves, till at length they cover the whole body. The words of Moses, which may be found in Leviticus 13:38-39 , are as follows: "If a man or woman have white Spots on the skin, and the priest see that the colour of these Spots is faint and pale, it is, in this case, the bohak that has broken out on the skin, and they are clean. A black boy at Mocha, who was attacked with this sort of leprosy, had white Spots here and there on his body. The Spots in this disease are of unequal size. The rest of the skin of this patient was blacker than that of the people of the country was in general, but the Spots were not so white as the skin of an European when not sunburnt. The Spots, in this species of leprosy, do not appear on the hands, nor about the navel, but on the neck and face; not, however, on that part of the head where the hair grows very thick
Stand - One may “stand” for a definite purpose at a particular Spot: “… Wait for him by the river’s brink …” ( Spot; the soles of the priests’ feet “rested” (stood still, unmoving) in the waters of the Jordan ( Spot, never moving
Olives - Christ did not ascend from the Spot where now stands the church of the Ascension: it was rather from some point over the summit, near to Bethany
Moreh, - The same Spot may be indicated by the terebinths of Moreh ( Deuteronomy 11:30 ), mentioned as indicating the position of Ebal and Gerizim
Moriah - The Targumists emphasized the worship of Abraham at the Spot, perhaps connecting the name with the verb ‘to fear’ which is equally impossible
Coming to Christ: as a Sinner (2) - Those who were in the mine, gathered to a Spot where the last remains of air could be breathed
False Confidences - One day, however, a very nervous lady, hurrying home to dress for the evening, came suddenly upon the Spot without, till that moment, remembering the danger
Massah And Meribah - ]'>[1] ) tells of a miraculous gift of water at a Spot near Horeb, which was called Massah and Meribah (‘testing’ and ‘contention’) because the people tested Jahweh by doubting His providence and contended with Moses
Topheth - A Spot in the valley of the son of Hinnom; S
Chase - ) A division of the floor of a gallery, marked by a figure or otherwise; the Spot where a ball falls, and between which and the dedans the adversary must drive his ball in order to gain a point
Shade - ) An obscure place; a Spot not exposed to light; hence, a secluded retreat
Pit - ) A depression or thin Spot in the wall of a duct
Ashurbanipal - Egypt was a trouble Spot for him
Sepharvaim - )...
Nebuchadnezzar built the old temple, as the sacred Spot where Xisuthrus deposited the antediluvian annals before entering the ark, from whence his posterity afterward recovered them (Berosus Pit - ) A depression or thin Spot in the wall of a duct
Engedi - The Spot where this transaction took place, was a cavern in the rock, sufficiently large to contain in its recesses the whole of David's men, six hundred in number, unperceived by Saul when he entered
Cedar - Gabriel Sionita, a very learned Syrian Maronite, who assisted in editing the Paris Polyglott, a man worthy of all credit, thus describes the cedars of mount Lebanon, which he had examined on the Spot: "The cedar grows on the most elevated part of the mountain, is taller than the pine, and so thick, that five men together could scarcely encompass one
Murder - If a corpse were found in the open fields, and the murderer could not be discovered, the town nearest to the Spot was obliged to purge itself by a solemn ceremony, lest it should become liable to the judgments of God, Deuteronomy 21:1-9
Obadiah - "Forasmuch (saith he) as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot
Caesarea Philippi - Water is in abundance, for the city is near the Spot where the spring Nahr Baniyas, one of the sources of the Jordan, gushes from a cave in the bluffs. When Herod the Great was king of the Jews, he built a temple out of white marble near the same Spot and dedicated it to Emperor Augustus
Jael - On his defeat by the Israelites, Sisera fled to the tent of Jaei, a Spot which was doubly secure to the fugitive, on account both of intertribal friendship and of the rules of Oriental hospitality
ta'Mar - ) ...
A Spot on the southeastern frontier of Judah, named in (Ezekiel 47:19 ; 48:28 ) only, evidently called from a palm tree
Kansas - The proto-martyr of the United States, the Franciscan Father Juan de Padilla, slain by the Indians, 1541, is thought to have shed his blood within the limits of the present Kansas, although the exact Spot has never been determined
Blank - ) The point aimed at in a target, marked with a white Spot; hence, the object to which anything is directed. ) A piece or division of a piece, without Spots; as, the "double blank"; the "six blank
Disabilities And Deformities - ...
Old Testament Several words in the Old Testament describe typical disabilities and deformities:...
Blemish meant a deformity or Spot (Leviticus 21:17-21 )
Siloam - Robinson was on the Spot
Fly - Bruce says, "It is, in size, very little larger than a bee, of a thicker proportion, and has wings which are broader than those of a bee, placed separate, like those of a fly; they are of pure gauze, without color or Spot upon them; the head is large
Grapes - The law also allowed one who was passing a vineyard to pick a few grapes to eat on the Spot, but not to carry any away, Deuteronomy 23:24
Beth'el - If we are to accept the precise definition of ( Genesis 12:8 ) the name of Bethel would appear to have existed at this Spot even before the arrival of Abram in Canaan
Phocas, of Sinope - A monastery was subsequently built on the Spot, in which his relics were deposited, the abbats of which are often mentioned in early times (Du Cange, Constant
Olives, Mount of - The road by which David fled from Absalom across Kedron, and passed through trees to the summit, where was a consecrated Spot (an old sanctuary to Εlohim , like Bethel) at which he worshipped God (2 Samuel 15:30; 2 Samuel 15:32). of the central mount are: the tomb of the Virgin, then successively up the hill, namely, an olive garden, cavern of Christ's prayer and agony, rock where the disciples slept, place of Jesus' capture, Spot from whence the Virgin saw Stephen stoned, Spot where her girdle dropped at her assumption, Spot of Jesus' lament over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41), tombs of the prophets, including Haggai and Zechariah (the Jews say; Matthew 23:29), place of the ascension, and church. 6:18); not that she fixed the precise Spot but she erected a memorial ascension church with a glittering cross on this conspicuous site near the cave, the reputed place of Christ's teaching the disciples. ...
So public a Spot as the summit, visible for miles from all points, would ill suit the ascension of Him who after the resurrection showed Himself "not unto all the people but to witnesses chosen before of God" (Acts 10:41-42)
Mamre - The ‘terebinths of Mamre’ are the Spot at which Abraham pitched his tent in Hebron. 7) to the present day, terebinths or oaks called by the name of Abraham have been shown at different Spots near Hebron; but none has any real claim to mark the authentic site of the ancient ‘Mamre
Vale - Shaveh in Genesis 14:5 is a dale or level Spot
Golgotha - This was the memorable Spot where the Lord Jesus was crucified; a mountain north-west of Jerusalem
Sechem - Clarke says, "The traveller directing his footsteps toward its ancient sepulchres, as everlasting as the rocks in which they are hewn, is permitted, upon the authority of sacred and indisputable record, to contemplate the Spot where the remains of Joseph, of Eleazer, and of Joshua, were severally deposited
Leviathan - Having understood that he had killed a horse a day or two before, and had taken him into a small river, I proceeded to the Spot, accompanied by my host, closed the mouth of the river with strong nets, and attacked the huge brute with guns and spears
Kishon River - of Carmel is the Spot El Mahraka, "the burning," the scene of Elijah's sacrifice, a rocky height abruptly shooting up on the E
Bethshemesh - Providence fitly arranged that Bethshemesh being a priests' city (Joshua 21:16; 1 Chronicles 1:59) had Levites and priests ready on the Spot duly to receive the ark and sacrifice before it
Example - In him we behold all light without a shade, all beauty without a Spot, all the purity of the law, and the excellency of the Gospel
Pick - ) A particle of ink or paper imbedded in the hollow of a letter, filling up its face, and occasioning a Spot on a printed sheet
Ammon - A temple, it is said, was built to his honour, in the midst of the sandy deserts of Lybia, upon a Spot of good ground, about two leagues broad, which formed a kind of island or oasis in a sea of sand
Ahaziah - Jehu killed Joram dead upon the Spot: Ahaziah fled, but Jehu's people overtook him at the going up of Gur, and mortally wounded him; notwithstanding which, he had strength enough to reach Megiddo, where he died
Babel - Their object in building the city and tower, was to concentrate the population and the dominion at that Spot; and as this was contrary to the divine purpose of replenishing the earth with inhabitants, and betrayed an ungodly and perhaps idolatrous disposition, God frustrated their designs by miraculously giving to different portions of the people different languages, or different modes of pronunciation and divergent dialects of the original language of man, thus causing them to disperse over the globe
Lily - Nothing surely could be more suited, to denote the unequalled humility of the Son of God, than the figure of the lily, which loves the retired, low, and obscure Spot of the valley. " And when we consider the modesty, the whiteness, the fragrancy, the fruitfulness, in short, the whole loveliness of this beautiful flower, what can more pointedly set forth the Lord Jesus, under all these endearednesses of character, than the lily of the vallies? Oh, thou holy, harmless, undefiled Lamb of God, without blemish, and without Spot!...
But we must not stop here
Olives, Mount of - The majority of these sacred Spots now command little or no attention; but three still remain, sufficiently sacred--if authentic--to consecrate any place. These are-- (1) Gethsemane, at the foot of the mount; (2) The Spot from which our Saviour ascended on the summit; (3) The place of the lamentation of Christ over Jerusalem, halfway up. This solemn ceremonial was enacted on the central mount, and in a Spot so carefully specified that it would seem not difficult to fix it
Theodotus, Martyr at Ancyra - During the meal Theodotus suggested the Spot as a fit place for a martyrium or receptacle for relics, and exhorted the priest to build one. Discovering what they were guarding, he made them drunk with his own wine and carried off the martyr's body, placing it in the Spot Theodotus had marked as the site of a martyrium
God: Vague Conceptions of - One day an elephant happened to pass through the place: the villagers crowded to the Spot where this animal was standing
Moab - The long-predicted doom of Moab is now fulfilled, and the 48th chapter of Jeremiah is verified on the Spot by the traveller
Ittai - His resolution foreshadows the like resolution, though not so faithfully kept, of the disciples of the Son of David almost on the same Spot (Matthew 26:30; Matthew 26:35)
Play - ) To engage in sport or lively recreation; to exercise for the sake of amusement; to frolic; to Spot
Eden - ...
Another location of Eden is now preferred by many interpreters-near the Spot where the Euphrates and Tigris from a junction after their long wanderings, a hundred and twenty miles north of the Persian gulf, and where the river Ulai flows in from the northeast
Threshing - A farmer chooses out a level Spot in his fields, and has his corn carried thither in sheaves, upon asses or dromedaries
Mizpah -
A place in Gilead, so named by Laban, who overtook Jacob at this Spot (Genesis 31:49 ) on his return to Palestine from Padan-aram
Dan (2) - Already in Abraham's time, the Spot was called by him Dan, the scene of God's "judgment" on Chedorlaomer and the invaders (Genesis 14:14; compare Isaiah 41:1-3)
Shiloh - Perhaps when Israel chose a Spot for the tabernacle, Shiloh was available for Joshua to use as the place to allot land to the tribes ( Joshua 18:1 )
Gerizim - ) But Genesis 22:4 means simply that Abraham saw the Spot at such a distance as the place admitted
Den - Foreign Jews would thus be able to obtain on the Spot both the Temple half-shekel required by the Law (Exodus 30:13), and also animals necessary for sacrifice, probably with the additional advantage that the latter would have an official guarantee of Levitical fitness for sacrifice, which must be obtained for any animal purchased elsewhere
Parched Ground - We returned lowly to our Arabs, who had not stirred from the Spot where we left them
Go Down - ”...
Interestingly, one may “go down” to a lower Spot in order to reach a city’s gates ( Spot; it is a more technical use of the verb
Eden - Its local features, too, if in this situation, must have been of the most uninteresting kind; the whole of that region, as far as the sight can reach, being a dead, monotonous, sandy, or marshy flat, without a single undulation to relieve the eye, or give any of the beauties which the imagination involuntarily paints to itself as attendant on a Spot finished by the hand of God as the residence of his creatures in a state of innocence; whose minds may be supposed to be tuned to the full enjoyment of the grand and beautiful in nature. How different will be the aspect and arrangement of this favoured Spot, if it be placed where only, according to the words of Moses, it can be placed; namely, at the heads or fountains of the rivers described, instead of their mouths
Shechem - Stanley says it is "the most beautiful, perhaps the only very beautiful, Spot in Central Palestine
Machpelah - Here Sarah was buried by her husband; and subsequently Abraham himself, Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, and Jacob were laid to rest in the same Spot ( Genesis 49:31 )
Mourning - The Jews still wail weekly, each Friday, at Jerusalem, in a Spot below the temple wall, where its two courses of masonry (with blocks 30 ft
Golgotha - In favour of this site it may be argued with great plausibility that it is very unlikely that all tradition of a Spot so important in the eyes of Christians should have been lost, even allowing all consideration for the vicissitudes that the city passed through between the Crucifixion and the days of Constantine
Ransom - " And to heighten the subject, beyond all possible conception, of the greatness of the value, Peter was commissioned to tell the church that "they were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish and without Spot
Sin Offering - Conder has discovered the Spot, the hill el Muntar, half a mile beyond the well of Suk beside the ancient road from Jerusalem
Isdigerdes i, King of Persia - His character is described as noble and generous, tarnished only by this one dark Spot in the last year of his reign or in a brief period in the middle of it
Mark - ) To be a mark upon; to designate; to indicate; - used literally and figuratively; as, this monument marks the Spot where Wolfe died; his courage and energy marked him for a leader
Athens - The sublime scene here exhibited is so striking, that a brief description of it may prove how truly it offers to us a commentary upon the Apostle's words, as they were delivered upon the Spot
Sepulchres - " The following extract from Buckingham illustrates this: "Not far from the Spot at which we halted to enjoy this enchanting view, was an extensive cemetery, at which we noticed the custom so prevalent among eastern nations of visiting the tombs of their deceased friends
Sixtus ii., Bishop of Rome - That the cemetery of Praetextatus was the scene of his martyrdom ancient tradition bears witness, and in accordance with it an oratory was afterwards built on the Spot, "coemeterium ubi decollatus est Xystus
Church - The assembly will be eventually presented by Christ to Himself as His bride, without Spot or wrinkle or any such thing. There can be no false members of Christ's body, and no Spot or wrinkle in His bride
Areopagite, Areopagus - There is no reason why the Stoics and Epicureans should have carried away the Apostle to an isolated Spot. further, Ramsay truly remarks: ‘The Athenians were, in many respects, flippant; but their flippancy was combined with an intense pride in the national dignity and the historic glory of the city, which would have revolted at such an insult as that this stranger should harangue them about his foreign deities on the Spot where the Athenian elders had judged the god Ares and the hero Orestes’ (St
Point - ) A Spot to which a straight run is made; hence, a straight run from point to point; a cross-country run. ) An indefinitely small space; a mere Spot indicated or supposed
Wells And Springs - Its existence at a given Spot decided the nightly resting-place of caravans, the encampment of armies, and the location of towns, 1 Samuel 29:1 2 Samuel 2:13 . Around it is a platform, and the remains of a church built over the Spot by the empress Gelena
Galilee, Sea of - And this large and varied population, with access to all nations and countries, attracted the Lord Jesus, and induced him to make this Spot the centre of his public ministry
Heifer, Red - The meaning of the rite is divinely declared in Hebrews 9:13, "if the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without Spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?" The Egyptian priests, the Persians according to the Zendavesta, the Romans, and Greeks, and the modern New Zealanders, have had strict rules as to defilement by contact with the dead
Rama - RAMA or RAMAH ("an elevated Spot"
Gabbatha - Such a Spot might well be known amongst one class of the people (the Romans and their associates) as the Pavement, and amongst another as Gabbatha
White - He was stainless, Spotless, harmless and holy. ...
Daniel 7:9 (b) Here is a beautiful type of the holiness of the Judge in whom is no Spot nor shadow of turning
Temple - And independent of every other consideration, how blessedly did the very Spot typify Christ, the true temple for the glory of JEHOVAH to be manifested in
Pillars - " In Judges 9:6 Abimelech is crowned "by the oak ('elown , not "plain") of the pillar (or memorial) at Shechem," in the same Spot where Joshua held the last national assembly and renewed
Find - In a very similar usage, the dove sent forth by Noah searched for a Spot to land and was unable to “find” it ( Divination - Camden relates of the Irish, that they looked through the bare blade bone of a sheep; and if they saw any Spot in it darker than ordinary, they believed that somebody would be buried out of the house
Sion - Each terrace is divided from the one above it by a low wall of dry stone, built of the ruins of this celebrated Spot
Blame, Blameless - Christ was amomos in that there was in Him no Spot or blemish, and He could say, 'Which of you convinceth (convicteth) Me of sin?' but in strictness of speech He was not amemptos (unblamed), nor is this epithet ever given to Him in the NT, seeing that He endured the contradition of sinners against Himself, who slandered His footsteps and laid to His charge 'things that He knew not' (i
Shushan - Large blocks of marble, covered with hieroglyphics, are not unfrequently here discovered by the Arabs, when digging in search of hidden treasure; and at the foot of the most elevated of the pyramids (ruins) stands the tomb of Daniel, a small and apparently a modern building, erected on the Spot where the relics of that prophet are believed to rest
Joseph - A Mohammedan wely or tomb covers the Spot regarded generally, and it may be correctly, as the place of his burial
David, Welsh Saint - In course of time David became head of a society of his own, founding or restoring a monastery or college at a Spot which Giraldus calls Vallis Rosina (derived, as is generally supposed, from a confusion between Rhos , a swamp, and Rhosyn , a rose), near Hen-Meneu, and this institution was subsequently named, out of respect to his memory, Ty Dewi, House of David, or St. These writers convey a vivid impression of the "strange and desolate scenery" of the Spot now named after St
Nazareth - The pilgrims who visit these holy Spots are in the habit of knocking off small pieces of stone from the walls, which are thus considerably enlarging. But the said precipice is shown as that which the Messiah leaped down to escape from the Jews; and as the monks could not pitch upon any other place frightful enough for the miracle, they contend that Nazareth formerly stood eastward of its present situation, upon a more elevated Spot. It is above the Maronite church, and, probably, the precise Spot alluded to by the text
Leper, Leprosy - The principal morbid features are a rising or swelling, a scab or baldness, and a bright or white Spot. A Spot most innocent in other respects, if it "spread much abroad," was unclean; whereas, as before remarked, the man so wholly overspread with the evil that it could find no further range was on the contrary "clean
Jericho - One must be amid these wild and gloomy solitudes, surrounded by an armed band, and feel the impatience of the traveller who rushes on to catch a new view at every pass and turn; one must be alarmed at the very tramp of the horses' hoofs rebounding through the caverned rocks, and at the savage shouts of the footmen, scarcely less loud than the echoing thunder produced by the discharge of their pieces in the valleys; one must witness all this upon the Spot, before the full force and beauty of the admirable story of the good Samaritan can be perceived. And here, too, the compassion of the good Samaritan is doubly virtuous, from the purity of the motive which must have led to it, in a Spot where no eyes were fixed on him to draw forth the performance of any duty, and from the bravery which was necessary to admit of a man's exposing himself, by such delay, to the risk of a similar fate to that from which he was endeavouring to rescue his fellow creature
Shechem - The former Spot is now covered by a Mohammedan Wely, or sacred tomb; and the latter by an arched stone chamber, entered by a narrow hole in the roof, and the mouth of the well within is covered by a large stone. " ...
"The Spot is so distinctly marked by the evangelist, and so little liable to uncertainty, from the circumstance of the well itself and the features of the country, that, if no tradition existed for its identity, the site of it could hardly be mistaken
Hannah - He would have been a perfect and a Spotless gentleman but for one hard Spot in his heart; a hard and a dark Spot in his heart that came out in a hard and a dark Spot on his life. It was because of that hard Spot in Elkanah's heart that Moses had consented to let Elkanah take two wives. Elkanah and Hannah invented a sin against married life on Mount Ephraim, and, while they were forgiven for it, all the time the vengeance that was taken on it, and on them on account of it broke every bone in their body and every hard Spot in their heart
Athens - Here the Spot is yet pointed out from which the eminent orators addressed the people
Arabah - ) The article in Hebrew marks it as some definite Spot, namely, the deep sunken gorge extending from mount Hermon to the Elanitic gulf of the Red Sea; the most extraordinary depression on the earth
Kidron (1) - Near this Spot (as well as higher up) there are a number of ancient tombs; among them on the W
Melita - As it is scarcely likely that the Spot was identified by special investigations in the Middle Ages, this is a remarkable instance of the permanence and correctness of some early traditions
Caesarea - The Arab and the shepherd avoid the Spot’ (Giant Cities, 235). To the missionary, Caesarea is one of the most interesting Spots on earth, having been the cradle of the Gentile Church
Cana - 288) suggests as a possible site a Spot nearer to Nazareth than Kefr Kennâ, called ‘Ain Kânâ, and not far from Reineh
Shiloh (2) - There is a curious excavation in the rock which may have been the actual Spot where the ark rested; for its guardians would select a place sheltered from the bleak winds of the highlands
Morning - " For in himself he is a sun without a Spot, a light in which there is no shade, a perfection of glory and beauty without alloy
Beloved - Yea, the Lord Jesus not only calls her his beloved, and tells her that she is all fair, and that there is no Spot in her, but he saith, in that sweet prayer he put up to the Father, in the night before his sufferings and death, that "the Father loveth the church as the Father loved him
Ptolemais - Although so very casually mentioned in OT and NT, this place has had as varied and tragic a history as almost any Spot in Palestine. On a coast peculiarly unfriendly to the mariner, the Bay of ‘Akka is one of the few Spots where nature has lent its encouragement to the building of a harbour; its importance in history has always been as the port of Galilee and Damascus, of the Hauran and Gilead, while in the days of Western domination the Roman Ptolemais and the Crusading St
Paulus i, Bishop of Constantinople - The people would not hear of violence being done to their bishop; they rushed upon the house where the general was, set fire to it, killed him on the Spot, tied a rope round his feet, pulled him out from the burning building, and dragged him in triumph round the city
Ararat - It is, however, not necessary to suppose that the ark rested upon either of its tops; and that Spot would certainly be chosen which would afford the greatest facility of descent. From the Spot on which I stood, it appeared as if the hugest mountains of the world had been piled upon each other, to form this one sublime immensity of earth, and rock, and snow
Temple, the Second - First they erected and dedicated the altar of Jehovah on the exact Spot where it had formerly stood, and they then cleared away the charred heaps of debris which occupied the site of the old temple; and in the second month of the second year (B
Hierapolis - 320-there issued fumes of mephitic vapour, which seemed to come from Hades, so that the awe-inspiring Spot was called the Plutonion or Charonion (Strabo xiii
Siloam, the Pool of - Siloam was called so from sending its waters to refresh the gardens below, still the greenest Spot about Jerusalem, and abounding in olives, figs, and pomegranates
Cedron - Oh! the blessedness of beholding it thus explained to us by God the Holy Ghost, in reference to the Lord Jesus Christ! Here would my soul take frequent wing, and by faith, alight near the hallowed Spot
Euthymius (4), Abbat in Palestine - Euthymius ordered a little recess for water to be hollowed out in the side of the cave, and baptized them on the Spot, the father taking the name of Peter
Tadmor - The mere circumstance of wholesome water being afforded by any Spot in such a country was sufficient to give it importance, and to draw toward it the stream of communication, for whatever purpose
Accho - The Christian ruins are...
altogether gone, scarcely leaving a trace of the Spot on which they stood
Jacob's Well - The Spot is so distinctly marked by the evangelist, John iv, and so little liable to uncertainty from the circumstance of the well itself, and the features of the country, that, if no tradition existed to identify it, the site of it could scarcely be mistaken
Journey, Journeyings - In regard to Acts 1:12 , there is no discrepancy between this and Luke 24:50 , where the RV rightly translates by "over against Bethany," which does not fix the exact Spot of the Ascension
Emmaus - The position of this place is easy to determine; it must have been situated between Jerusalem and Jaffa, nearer the latter, at the Spot where the slopes of the mountainous region descend towards the great maritime plain. A vain attempt has been made to connect it with the root hamam, and to prove thereby that baths existed at this Spot. From the point of view of distance this would be sufficiently exact, but there is nothing to lead us to conclude in favour of this particular Spot rather than any other within the same circuit
Rome, - [2] The story, however, of the imprisonment in the Mamertine prison seems inconsistent with (2 Timothy 4:11 ) (5) The chapel on the Ostian road which marks the Spot where the two apostles are said to, have separated on their way to martyrdom. Not far from the Spot where St
New Orleans, Louisiana, City of - In 1718 Bienville selected the present site of New Orleans as provincial headquarters and the plans as drawn up by the Chevalier Le Blond de La Tour included a parish church which was dedicated to Saint Louis, and occupied the Spot which the old Saint Louis Cathedral later occupied
Kadesh Barnea - ...
Probably the encampment at Rithmah was during Israel's first march toward Canaan; that at Kadesh was in the same locality, though on a different Spot, 38 years afterward, in the 40th year, when they were about entering Canaan
Fig - ...
Thomson (The Land and the Book) says that in a sheltered Spot figs of an early kind may occasionally be found ripe as soon as the beginning of April, the time of Christ's cursing the fig tree
Face - As the emblem of perfected sainthood and ordered harmony, the Church in its final form is represented as having the beauty of a face without Spot or wrinkle or any such thing (Ephesians 5:27)
Arians - Arius, pressed by a natural want, stepped aside, but expired on the Spot, his bowels gushing out
Judge - Washed in the blood of Christ while upon the earth, they will be found without Spot and blameless then at the court of heaven: clothed in the robe of Jesus's righteousness now, it is impossible to be found naked then
Caesarea - But, as we viewed the ruins of this memorable city, every other circumstance, respecting its history was absorbed in the consideration that we were actually beholding the very Spot where the scholar of Tarsus, after two years' imprisonment, made that eloquent appeal, in the audience of the king of Judea, which must ever be remembered with piety and delight
Redemption - "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish, and without Spot,"...
1 Peter 1:18-19
Calvary - The places which claim the chief attraction of the Christian visitant of this church, and those only perhaps which can be relied on, are, the Spot on which the crucifixion took place, and the sepulchre in which our Lord was afterward laid. This, as well as the rest of the sepulchre, is now faced with marble: partly from the false taste which prevailed in the early ages of Christianity, in disguising with profuse and ill-suited embellishments the Spots rendered memorable in the history of its Founder; and partly, perhaps, to preserve it from the depredations of the visitants
Passover - It is enough for us to be assured, that as Christ is called "our passover;" and the "Lamb of God," without "spot," by the "sprinkling of whose blood" we are delivered from guilt and punishment; and as faith in him is represented to us as "eating the flesh of Christ," with evident allusion to the eating of the paschal sacrifice; so, in these leading particulars, the mystery of our redemption was set forth. The paschal lamb therefore prefigured the offering of the Spotless Son of God, the appointed propitiation for the sins of the whole world; by virtue of which, when received by faith, we are delivered from the bondage of guilt and misery; and nourished with strength for our heavenly journey to that land of rest, of which Canaan, as early as the days of Abraham, became the divinely instituted figure
Mount of Olives - Scattered over the summit is a modern Moslem village—Kefr et-Tûr—which combines with the noisy conduct of its rapacious inhabitants in spoiling the quiet beauty and holy associations of this sacred Spot. The Jews have a strong sentiment about being buried on this Spot, the slopes of the ‘Valley of Jehoshaphat’ being traditionally, with them and with the Moslems, the scene of the resurrection and final judgment. —Although, with the single exception of John 8:1, all the incidents expressly connected with the Mount of Olives belong to the Passion week, there can be no doubt (Luke 21:37) that this quiet Spot was one beloved and frequented by the Master
Sinai - A mountain, or mountain range, in Arabia Petraea, in the peninsula formed by the two arms of the Red Sea, and rendered memorable as the Spot where the law was given to Israel through Moses, Exodus 19:1 -Nu 19:1-10:33 . Our conviction was strengthened that here, or on some one of the adjacent cliffs, was the Spot where the Lord descended in fire and proclaimed the law. ...
In many of the western Sinaite valleys, and most of all in ElMukatteb, which enters Wady Feiran from the northwest, the more accessible parts of the rocky sides are covered by thousands of inscriptions, usually short, and rudely carved in Spots where travellers would naturally stop to rest at noon; frequently accompanied by a cross and mingled with representations of animals. " ...
The giving of the law upon Mount Sinai made it one of the most memorable Spots on the globe
Nazareth - Doubtless in early life Jesus often stood on this Spot and held communion with His Father who, by His Son, had created this glorious scene
Serpent - Preserved as a relic, whether on the Spot of its first erection or elsewhere the brazen serpent, called by the name of Nehushtan , became an object of idolatrous veneration, and the zeal of Hezekiah destroyed it with the other idols of his father
Unknown God - Wherever one of the animals rested, an altar was erected, in the supposition that the sheep was pointing to the god whose shrine was situated nearest to that particular Spot
Jacob's Well - The sacred associations of the Spot, together with the ‘real excellence’ of the water, probably drew visitors regularly both from ʽAskar (¾ mile away) and from Nâblus (1¾ miles distant), in spite of nearer and more copious supplies
Mediator - It was fit that he should be a holy and righteous man, free from all sin, original and actual, that he might offer himself without Spot to God, take away the sins of men, and be an advocate for them, Hebrews 7:26 ; Hebrews 9:14
Aristeas - ’ Philo seems to follow a somewhat different tradition, and mentions that in his days the Jews of Alexandria kept an annual festival in honour of the Spot where the light of this translation first shone forth, thanking God for an old but ever new benefit
Leb'Anon, - The rugged limestone banks are scantily clothed with the evergreen oak, and the sandstone with pines; while every available Spot is carefully cultivated
Damascus - Damascus was the first Gentile city in which Jesus was preached as 'the Son of God;' and though it is now in possession of Muslims, yet in their great mosque a stone has been preserved that formed part of a church erected on the Spot, bearing this inscription in Greek: " Thy kingdom, O Christ, is an everlasting kingdom, and Thy dominion endureth throughout all generations
Dreams - by sleeping in a sacred Spot, such as the temples of Asklepios or Serapis or the grotto of Trophonius; or they could come unsought, when the gods wished either to reveal or to deceive
Benedictus of Nursia, Abbott of Monte Cassino - The cave, the well-known "il Sagro Speco," is shewn about three miles of very steep ascent above the town of Subiaco, and the traditionary Spot marked by a monastery, once famous for its library and for the first printing press in Italy, where the youthful anchoret rolled naked in the thorn-bushes to overcome sensual temptations (Mab. Here for 12 years or more he presided over his followers; here he is believed to have composed the Benedictine Rule, in the same year, it is said, in which the schools of Athens were suppressed, and his famous Code was promulgated by Justinian; and from this sequestered Spot he sent forth his emissaries not only to Anxur (Terracina, Dial
Paul Apprehended of Christ Jesus - Some are such that the very moment, and the very Spot, can ever afterwards be pointed out; while some other men are all their days subject to doubt, just because the change came so easy to them as to be without observation. How could it? At the same time, who knows? your conversion, both in its present insensibility, and in its subsequent spirituality, may be to be of the same kind as Paul's was, if you will only on the Spot submit to it. Read his thrice-told story, and see if there is any lesson plainer, or more pointed to you in it all, than just the unexpectedness, the unpreparedness, and the completeness on the Spot, of Saul's conversion
Moab - There are manifest and abundant vestiges of its ancient greatness: the whole of the plains are covered with the sites of towns, on every eminence or Spot convenient for the construction of one; and as the land is capable of rich cultivation, there can be no doubt that the country now so deserted once presented a continued picture of plenty and fertility. Wherever any Spot is cultivated the corn is luxuriant; and the riches of the soil cannot perhaps be more clearly illustrated than by the fact, that one grain of Heshbon wheat exceeds in dimensions two of the ordinary sort, and more than double the number of grains grow on the stalk. There being no springs on the Spot, the town had two birkets, the largest of which is cut entirely out of the rocky ground, together with many cisterns
Jordan - Twice afterwards its waters were miraculously divided at the same Spot by Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2:8,14 )
Mephibosheth - David in hasty credulity (Proverbs 18:13; John 7:51 on the Spot assigned all Mephibosheth's property to Ziba
Levi - The waters of Meribah was that memorable Spot where the people, soon after the children of Israel came out of Egypt, did chide with Moses and Aaron for want of water
Zacchaeus - Jesus, on reaching the Spot, singled him out among all the crowd for His regard
Ways - The chief magistrate of every district through which he had to pass was, by his office, obliged to have the roads cleared, levelled, and smoothed; and he mentions, that a magistrate of one of the districts, having failed in this part of his duty, was, together with his son, immediately put to death on the Spot, where a thorn happened to catch the garment, and interrupt for a moment the progress of his majesty
Agriculture - In highly-irrigated Spots the seed was trampled by cattle. The sheaves or heaps were carted, ( Amos 2:13 ) to the floor--a circular Spot of hard ground, probably, as now, from 50 to 80 or 100 feet in diameter
Tithes - It is thought that this tithe was not different from the second kind before noticed, except that in the third year it was not brought to the temple, but was used upon the Spot by every one in the city of his habitation
Ostrich - How indeed could an animal so remarkably large, and so wonderfully prolific, and peculiarly suited to the climate as is the ostrich, remain unknown in Africa, and part of Asia, countries peopled from the earliest ages, full of deserts indeed, but where there is not a Spot which has not been traversed by the foot of man? The family of the ostrich, therefore, is of great antiquity
Bethlehem - " The road winds round the top of a valley which tradition has fixed on as the scene of the angelic vision which announced the birth of our Lord to the shepherds; but different Spots have been selected, the Romish authorities not being agreed on this head. The convent is divided among the Greek, Roman, and Armenian Christians, to each of whom separate parts are assigned as places of worship and habitations for the monks, but, on certain days, all may perform their devotions at the altars erected over the consecrated Spots. Here is an altar dedicated to the wise men of the east, at the foot of which is a marble star, corresponding, as the monks say, to the point of the heavens where the miraculous meteor became stationary, and directly over the Spot where the Saviour was born in the subterranean church below! A flight of fifteen steps, and a long narrow passage, conduct to the sacred crypt or grotto of the nativity, which is thirty-seven feet six inches long, by eleven feet three inches in breadth, and nine feet high. It is lined and floored with marble, and provided on each side with five oratories, "answering precisely to the ten cribs or stalls for horses that the stable in which our Saviour was born contained!" The precise Spot of the birth is marked by a glory in the floor, composed of marble and jasper encircled with silver, around which are inscribed the words, Hic de Virgine Maria Jesus Christus natus est Ebal - " These "terebinths of Moreh" near Shechem were familiar to the people, as marking the Spot where Abraham first entered the land (Genesis 12:6)
Humour - ‘Is it lawful on the Sabbath days to do evil or to do good?’ (Luke 6:9), was, His critics on the Spot would feel, an absurd question, except that it caught them in a dilemma
Shimei - Son of Gera, a Benjamite, of Saul's house; at Bahurim, a marked Spot on the way from the Jordan valley to Jerusalem, just within Benjamin; to this point Phaltiel followed Michal (2 Samuel 3:16)
Caecilianus, Archdeacon And Bishop of Carthage - " The rigoristic party appealed to the justice of the emperor, and courted full inquiry to be conducted in Gaul—at a distance, that is, from the Spot where passions and convictions were so strong and one-sided
Tabor - "Any one," he adds, "who examines the fourth chapter of Judges, may see that this is probably the Spot where Barak and Deborah met at Mount Tabor with their forces, and went to pursue Sisera; and on this account, it might have its name from that great prophetess, who then judged and governed Israel; for Josephus relates, that Deborah and Barak gathered the army together at this mountain
Judas Iscariot - But when Judas, who attended the whole trial, saw that it turned out quite contrary to his expectations, that Jesus was capitally convicted by the council, as a false Christ and false prophet, notwithstanding he had openly avowed himself; and that he wrought no miracle, either for their conviction or for his own deliverance, as Judas well knew he could, even from the circumstance of healing Malchus, after he was apprehended; when he farther reflected, like Peter, on his Master's merciful forewarnings of his treachery, and mild and gentle rebuke at the commission of it; he was seized with remorse, and offered to return the paltry bribe of thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders instantly on the Spot, saying, ‘I sinned in delivering up innocent blood;' and expected that on this they would have desisted from the prosecution
the Publican - He was a man of a Spotless life. If our Lord in His great mercy to the publican's misery had only said sanctified what a happy worshipper the publican would have been from that day! And what a happy house he would have had at home from that day! Now, why did our Lord not say the word? Why did He not both say it and do it to this poor wretch on the Spot? He would need to have a good reason to show why He did not say sanctified. An act, on the Spot, of God's own mind and heart and holy will
Abel - ...
Where, then, is Abel thy brother? Answer that on the Spot. Where hast thou hid him? Say on the Spot, Lord, come with me and I will shew Thee
Tiberias - Schürer speaks of Tiberias as ‘the most beautiful Spot in Galilee,’ which, however, is an exaggeration
Carmel - Hence, as being a sacred Spot, he had convened Israel and Ahab there
Lot - One wonders if Lot would be more successful in this garden Spot than Adam and Eve had been
Set On, Set Up - 14:1 God commands Israel not “to fix” a bald Spot on their foreheads for the sake of the dead
Pillar - It has been said that among the few ruins of Philadelphia there are four strong marble pillars standing in one Spot, and on the sides of these pillars inscriptions are found
Helena, Saint, Mother of Constantine the Great - On the latter Spot a beautiful basilica erected by Constantine is noticed, as also on Mount Olivet and at Bethlehem. ...
(3) Cyril of Jerusalem, whose catechetical lectures were delivered, he says, upon the very Spot where our Lord was crucified, and, as we know from other sources, not more than 20 years after the alleged discovery (viz. He says that the crosses were found near the same Spot (ἑτέρωθι περὶ τὸν αὐτὸν τόπον ) as they had been left by the soldiers in confused order, the inscription still remaining on the tablet
Antioch - The Spot was carefully chosen, and religious sanction given to it by the invention of a story that sacred birds had revealed the site while he watched their flight from a neighbouring eminence. 280 261), introduced an abundant water supply into the city, so that every private house had its own pipe, and every public Spot its graceful fountain
Tabernacles, the Feast of - But the culminating point of was the establishment of the central Spot of the national worship in the temple at Jerusalem
Temple, Solomon's - Before his death David had "with all his might" provided materials in great abundance for the building of the temple on the summit of Mount Moriah (1 Chronicles 22:14 ; 29:4 ; 2 Chronicles 3:1 ), on the east of the city, on the Spot where Abraham had offered up Isaac (Genesis 22:1-14 )
Peniel - A Spot remarkable in Scripture from the vision of Jacob
Bethabara - LXX Septuagint in Exodus 35:24), Bethany being οἶκος ὑπακοῆς, adding a play upon the name as befitting the Spot where the messenger sent to prepare (κατασκευάζειν, Matthew 11:10) the way of the Lord should baptize
Ephesus - It is, as described by different travellers, a solemn and most forlorn Spot
Nile - ...
It must not, however, be supposed that the Nile spreads itself over every Spot of land, and waters it sufficiently without artificial aid
Passover - " (Revelation 13:8)...
If the lamb appointed in the Jewish Passover was to be a male of the first year without blemish and without Spot; such was Christ
Jerusalem - -Although tradition has fixed on one Spot as being the special meeting-place of the first Christians, there can be no doubt they still continued to frequent the Temple. -This fortress is about the most certainly defined Spot within the walls of Jerusalem. The traditional Spot was shown in the 12th cent. Peter, the Spot is not remote from the Palace of Herod
Exodus, the - "No Spot in the world combines in a greater degree commanding height and a plain from whence the two million of Israel could see and hear all that is narrated. A small height at the entrance of the convent valley is named as the Spot from whence Aaron witnessed the feast of the golden calf
the Merchant Man Who Sold All That he Had And Bought the Pearl of Great Price - Ascertaining from its owner the great price of the pearl, the merchant man forthwith sells all that he possesses, and buys up on the Spot that pearl of great price. Who, then, on the Spot will sell all that he has, and will be for ever after the wisest of merchant men? Nay, who will take away with him tonight God's greatest Pearl as God's free gift, without money and without price? For the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord
the Importunate Widow - Who is your adversary? Who makes your life a burden to you? Who persecutes and oppresses and impoverishes your soul day and night continually? Against whom is it that you, almost demented, cry without ceasing, Avenge you of your adversary? Sin is the Spot of God's children. Have you that Spot? Have you that seal? Has your sin dispossessed you, and beggared you, and driven you beside yourself? Nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal
Consecrate - For example, the Holy of Holies is the most separate Spot and evidences the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship
Temperance - The Jesus of the Gospels presents to us a life which is the very embodiment of temperance, a life of perfect self-restraint, of complete self-mastery; a life free from excess on the one hand and defect on the other, well-balanced, well-proportioned, without flaw, without Spot, perfect in all its parts; a life which had for its object the glory of God, from the time when He came into the world, saying, ‘Lo, I come to do thy will, O my God’ (Hebrews 10:7), to the time when, having finished all, He exclaimed with the voice of a conqueror, ‘I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do’ (John 17:4)
Husbandman - As we move with Him by the highways and the hedges, we descry in one field the servant ploughing or feeding cattle (Luke 17:7), in another the well-remembered Spot where gleams of joy lit up the rustic’s eyes who happed upon hid treasure (Matthew 13:44)
Lamb - -(2) In 1 Peter 1:19, Christ is compared with a sacrificial lamb; as an offering on behalf of sin He gave Himself (1 Corinthians 5:7), without blemish and without Spot (cf
Sanctification - It is said that the whole purport of redemption is that he might finally and fully, and completely, present his church to himself "a glorious church not having Spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish
Spitting - ...
Let the reader pause over the solemn and affecting subject; let his faith take wing, and flee to the solemn Spot of Gethsemane, Pilate's hall, and Mount Calvary; let him in imagination behold the meek and unoffending lamb of God in the midst of the bulls of Bashau, and view him giving his back to the smiters, and his cheeks to them that plucked off his hair, and hiding not his face from shame and spitting; let him behold the crown of thorns, and the reed for a sceptre, and the gorgeous robe, the bowing of the knee in mockery, and the wagging of the head in derision, spitting in his face, blindfolding him, and striking him with the palms of their hands; let him behold all these forming a horrid mixture of cruelties, and the whole will serve, in some measure though faintly, to represent the Redeemer's sufferings in this particular
Set - ) To cause to stop or stick; to obstruct; to fasten to a Spot; hence, to occasion difficulty to; to embarrass; as, to set a coach in the mud
Foreknowledge - Peter when in his First Epistle he speaks of the blood of Christ, a Lamb without blemish and without Spot, ‘who was foreknown indeed before the foundation of the world, but was manifested at the end of the times for your sake’ (1 Peter 1:20)
Temple, the - All these, though not exactly on the same Spot, will fall within the 'holy oblation,' though the part on which the city will stand is also called 'profane,' or 'common
Firstborn - " (1 Corinthians 5:7) And as this Passover, in the sprinkling of the blood of the lamb of the first year, without blemish, and without Spot, on the houses of the Israelites, become the only cause of safety, to make all the difference between the first-born of Israel and the first-born of Egypt; are we not taught herefrom, that the year of Christ's redeemed is no less the day of Christ's vengance? (Isaiah 63:4) God will have a sacrifice of judgment in the firstlings of his enemies, as well as of mercy in the firstlings of his people
Flies - ערב , Exodus 8:20 ; Psalms 78:45 ; Psalms 105:31 , which those interpreters who, by residing on the Spot, have had the best means of identifying, have rendered the dog-fly, κυνομυια , and it is supposed to be the same which in Abyssinia is called the zimb
Wells - When the pool, the fountain, and the river fail, the oriental shepherd is reduced to the necessity of digging wells; and, in the patriarchal age, the discovery of water was reckoned of sufficient importance to be the subject of a formal report to the master of the flock, who commonly distinguished the Spot by an appropriate name
Olympias, the Younger - 603 C ) leads us to believe that she was never allowed to remain long in one Spot, her persecutors hoping that thus her spirit might be broken and she induced to yield
Temperance - The Jesus of the Gospels presents to us a life which is the very embodiment of temperance, a life of perfect self-restraint, of complete self-mastery; a life free from excess on the one hand and defect on the other, well-balanced, well-proportioned, without flaw, without Spot, perfect in all its parts; a life which had for its object the glory of God, from the time when He came into the world, saying, ‘Lo, I come to do thy will, O my God’ (Hebrews 10:7), to the time when, having finished all, He exclaimed with the voice of a conqueror, ‘I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do’ (John 17:4)
Golgotha - ...
‘Such language, certainly, would hardly he appropriate in speaking of a Spot well known and definitely marked by long tradition. ” The mere removal of obstructions from a well-known Spot could hardly have been described as a miracle so stupendous. 72–77) labour to show that there was a previous tradition which determined Constantine’s selection of the Spot, but the only proofs they adduce are: (a) vague allusions to visits made by early pilgrims to the ‘Holy Places’ of Palestine, an expression which is used of the Holy Land at large, and not of the Holy City only; and (b) the alleged regular succession of bishops from the Apostle James to the time of Hadrian, through whom a knowledge of the place might have been handed down. The very Spots are pointed out where Christ was bound, where He was scourged, where His friends stood afar off during the Crucifixion, where His garments were parted, where His body was anointed, where He appeared to His mother after the Resurrection, and to Mary Magdalene; the rock tombs also of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathaea; the place where Helena’s throne stood during the ‘Invention of the Cross,’—and many others
Bethlehem - 72), ‘the Jew is even more a stranger than in any other Spot of his own land; and during the Middle Ages neither Crusader nor Saracen suffered him to settle there. Rachel’s grave is marked now by a Mohammedan wely, or monumental mosque, at the point where the Bethlehem road breaks off the road leading from Jerusalem to Hebron; and though the monument has been repaired and renewed from generation to generation, it serves still to recall a real event, and to distinguish the Spot where Rachel’s ‘strength failed her, and she sank, as did all the ancient saints, on the way to the birthplace of hope’ (Dr. At the east end there is a shrine where fifteen silver lamps burn night and day, and in the floor, let into the pavement, a silver star of Greek pattern marks the very Spot of the Nativity with the inscription: ‘Hic de Virgine Mariâ Jesus Christus natus est
Tombs - Isaiah (Isaiah 22:16) at the very Spot accosts him, "what hast thou here, and whom hast thou here, that thou hast hewed thee out a sepulchre here, as he that heweth him out a sepulchre on high and that graveth an habitation for himself in a rock?" (See SHEBNA. " Warren (Palestine Exploration) supposes David, having hewn stones from the quarries called the cotton grotto (probably the same Spot as "the royal caverns"), for the building of the temple, converted the subterranean recesses so made into his sepulchre
Gennesaret, Land of - They describe it as possessing both ‘gardens and paradises’; as one of the garden Spots of the world; as irrigated and cultivated so that no portion of it was barren; and as being dotted over thickly with towns and villages. Then, it was a most charming Spot—‘the unparalleled garden of God,’ as a certain Rabbi calls it; and ‘the gem of Palestine,’ as Merrill speaks of it (Galilee in the Time of Christ, 33): now, it is, as Thomson says, ‘pre-eminently fruitful in thorns,’ a veritable thicket of oleanders and nubk trees, of gigantic thistles and brambles. Surely no other Spot of like size can possibly be of equal interest, to the Christian who loves to trace the footprints of His Master’s earthly career, with what has justly been called ‘the most sacred region of the Lake,’ ‘the gem of Palestine
Fig-Tree - ...
(b) The withering of the tree (Mark 11:20-25), a sequel of the next day after the cursing (Mark 11:12-14), occupies a different position in Matthew 21:19-22, taking place ‘on the Spot. In Matthew 21:19-22 the language is alien (παραχρῆμα, ‘on the Spot,’ Matthew 21:19-20, occurs 17 times in Lk
Nicodemus - " And, had Nicodemus only been alone that day, there is no saying what he might not have said and done on the Spot. And who but John would denounce so fiercely and so contemptuously such secret affections as these are in you? But then, if John and then Jesus denounce, and despise, and deny you, what will it profit you if you gain the whole of this world? But, happily, there is a second lesson out of Nicodemus, and out of his subsequent history, and it is this: Though you have been a coward and a dark friend to truth and to duty up to this night, if God in His great goodness should give you yet another offer and opportunity, seize it on the Spot
Joshua - Ganneau suggests that Sartabeh the mountain was the Spot whereon the Captain of Jehovah's host, Hebrew: Sarsaba , appeared to Joshua, and thence takes its name. On the people expressing still their resolution to serve Jehovah, Joshua made a covenant between God and them; and wrote the covenant and the words spoken on both sides in the law book of God, adding it to that written by Moses, and set up a stone as a memorial on the Spot, under a terebinth tree by the sanctuary (or place hallowed to Jehovah by Abraham), and as a visible silent witness of their engagement
Samuel - This was the Spot where, twenty years before, the Israelites had suffered a great defeat, when the ark of God was taken
Womanliness - ‘But woman is at home in the region of feeling and affection, and she finds her highest vocation in the cultivation of those loves and sympathies that make home the dearest Spot on earth
Bible, History of Interpretation - ...
The School of Antioch was the bright Spot in the ancient world, so far as biblical interpretation was concerned
Gardens - The land of promise has been, from the earliest ages, an unenclosed country, with a few Spots defended by a hedge of thorny plants, or a stone wall built without any cement. Chandler visited, consisted only of a very small Spot of ground, walled in, and containing only two vines, a fig and a pomegranate tree, and a well of excellent water
Job, Book of - then shalt thou lift up thy face without Spot
Joannes (520), Monk And Author - 92) shews Moschus at this Spot, described as "in the desert of the holy city," Gregory being archimandrite
Temple - We learn from the Talmud that the gate of the inner temple to which this passage led was called the "water gate;" and it is interesting to be able to identify a Spot so prominent in the description of Nehemiah. There is no reason for doubting that the sanctuary always stood on identically the same Spot in which it had been placed by Solomon a thousand years before it was rebuilt by Herod
Jacob - He marked the sanctity of the Spot by setting up as a sacred pillar the boulder on which his head had rested, and undertook to dedicate a tithe of all his gains. Before starting, due preparations were made for a visit to so sacred a Spot
Jerusalem - Just below the city, on the east side of the valley of the Kidron, lies the miserable village of Siloa; farther down, this valley unites with that of Hinnon, at a beautiful Spot anciently "the king's gardens;" still below, is the well of Nehemiah, anciently En-rogel; and from this Spot the united valley winds among mountains southward and eastward to the Dead sea
Samuel - At the very Spot where 20 years previously Israel was routed Israel set up the Eben-Ezer stone, commemorating victory over the Philistines by Jehovah's help (1 Samuel 7:7-14)
Burial - But it has recently been shown with great cogency that what probably is meant is that the grave-clothes were found undisturbed on the very Spot where Jesus had lain, the linen cloths on the lower ledge which had upheld the body, the napkin ‘by itself on the slightly raised part of the ledge which formed a kind of pillow for the head
Alexandria - It was founded by Alexander the Great: who being struck with the advantageous situation of the Spot where the city afterward stood, ordered its immediate erection; drew the plan of the city himself, and peopled it with colonies of Greeks and Jews: to which latter people, in particular, he gave great encouragement
Moravians - The synods are generally held once in seven years; and beside all the bishops, and the deputies sent by each congregation, those women who have appointments as above described, if on the Spot, are also admitted as hearers, and may be called upon to give their advice in what relates to the ministerial labour among their own sex; but they have no decisive vote in the synod
Temple - There has, however, been considerable difference of opinion in the past as to the precise Spot within the Haram area on which the ‘holy house’ itself was reared. ’...
The remarkable persistence of sacred sites in the East is a phenomenon familiar to all students of religion, and there can be little doubt that the Chronicler is right in identifying the site of ‘the altar of burnt-offering for Israel’ (1 Chronicles 22:1 ) with the Spot ‘by the threshing-floor of Oman [3] the Jehusite,’ where the angel of the plague stayed his hand, and on which David by Divine command erected his altar of commemoration (see, further, § 6 ( b ))
Esau - No man sells his birthright on the Spot. You may have it, and my oath on it on the Spot, for a good dish at once, and be quick, of your smoking pottage
Tyre - Saladin was repelled in 1187, but the Spot was abandoned in 1291, and the Moslems took possession of it
Exodus - The exact Spot of their encampment before they crossed the Red Sea cannot be determined
Dress - White being the ordinary color a Spot was immediately visible (Judges 1:23; Revelation 3:4)
Ahab - " Ahab's treachery did not secure his escape, an arrow "at a venture" humanly speaking, but guided by God really, wounded him fatally; and the dogs licked up his blood, according to the Lord's word of which Joram's case in 2 Kings 9:25 was a literal fulfillment (1 Kings 21:19), on the very Spot, while his chariot and armor were being washed (1 Kings 22:38)
Agriculture - Boaz slept on the threshingfloor, a circular high Spot, of hard ground, 80 or 90 feet in diameter, exposed to the wind for winnowing, (2 Samuel 24:16-18) to watch against depredations (Ruth 3:4-7)
Ecbatana - A miserable bazaar or two are passed through in traversing the town; and large lonely Spots are met with, marked by broken low mounds over older ruins; with here and there a few poplars, or willow trees, shadowing the border of a dirty stream, abandoned to the meanest uses; which, probably, flowed pellucid and admired, when these places were gardens, and the grass-grown heap some stately dwelling of Ecbatana. In one or two Spots I observed square platforms, composed of large stones; the faces of many of which were chiselled all over into the finest arabesque fretwork, while others had, in addition, long inscriptions in the Arabic character. " The Jews at Hamadan have no tradition of the cause of Esther and Mordecai having been interred at that place; but however that might be, there are sufficient reasons for believing the validity of their interment in this Spot
Animal - Still farther, if animal sacrifice was of divine appointment, it must be concluded to be typical only, and designed to teach the great doctrine of moral atonement, and to direct faith to the only true sacrifice which could take away the sins of men;—"the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,"—the victim "without Spot," who suffered the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God
Pillar - , Joshua 24:27 ) in particular the appearance or manifestation of a Divine being (a theophany) at a given Spot
Offices of Christ - ’ ‘Christ executeth the office of a priest in His once offering Himself a sacrifice without Spot to God, to be a reconciliation for the sins of His people; and in making continual intercession for them
Sacrifice - They must be without Spot or blemish; but a disproportioned victim was allowed in a free will peace offering (Leviticus 7:16-17; Hebrews 10:7-95). )...
The offerer's sin, and the victim's freedom from blemish, and the priest's atoning for him, all pointed to the Spotless Saviour, at once the perfect Victim and Priest, so entering into God's presence for us as a sweet savour (Leviticus 4:20; Leviticus 4:26; Leviticus 5:6; Leviticus 6:7; Leviticus 12:8; Hebrews 10:19-21; Ephesians 5:2). ...
The sacrifice had no intrinsic efficacy, and could never "make him that did the service perfect as pertaining to the conscience" (Leviticus 16:21-22; Hebrews 10:1; Hebrews 10:11); but they vividly typified "Christ who through the eternal Spirit offering Himself without Spot to God purges the conscience front dead works to serve the living God" (Hebrews 9:14); so that we can "draw near with a true heart, in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience" (Hebrews 10:22)
Red Sea - ...
In the queries of Michaelis, sent to Niebuhr, when in Egypt, it was proposed to him to inquire upon the Spot, whether there were not some ridges of rocks where the water was shallow, so that an army at particular times may pass over; secondly, whether the Etesian winds, which blow strongly all summer from the north-west could not blow so violently against the sea as to keep it back on a heap, so that the Israelites might have passed without a miracle. Yet Diodorus Siculus says the Troglodytes, the indigenous inhabitants of that very Spot, had a tradition from father to son, from their very earliest ages, that ‘once this division of the sea did happen there; and that, after leaving its bottom some time dry, the sea again came back, and covered it with great fury
Blood - ...
In the language of sacrifice we have “expiation” (removal of sins, Romans 3:25 ); “sprinkling of the blood of Jesus” (1 Peter 1:1-2 ); “redeemed by precious blood as of a lamb without Spot and without blemish” (1 Peter 1:19 ); “blood of His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7 ); “blood that cleanses the conscience” (Hebrews 9:14 ); and “blood of an eternal covenant” (Hebrews 13:20 )
Believe - ...
In the causative stem, 'âman means “to stand fast,” or “be fixed in one Spot,” which is demonstrated by Job 39:24: “He [2] swalloweth the ground with fierceness and rage: neither believeth he that it is the sound of the trumpet
Euphemius, Patriarch of Constantinople - The patriarch appeared before the conventicle with menacing gestures and drove them from the Spot
Pilate - Pilate sent troops to the Spot, who, after a massacre, dispersed the multitude
Province - The Senate appointed commissioners (legati), usually (if not always) ten in number, who left Rome together for the country in question, and studied its circumstances on the Spot
Basilius, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia - The year 358 saw Basil again at Caesarea resolved on the immediate carrying out of his purpose of retiring from the world, finally selecting for his retreat a Spot near Neocaesarea, close to the village of Annesi, where his father's estates lay, and where he had passed his childhood under the care of his grandmother Macrina. The natural beauties of the Spot, with its ravines, precipices, dashing torrents, and waterfalls, the purity of the air and the coolness of the breezes, the abundance of flowers and multitude of singing birds ravished him, and he declared it to be more beautiful than Calypso's island ( Ep. In this secluded Spot Basil passed five years, an epoch of no small importance in the history of the church, inasmuch as it saw the origin under Basil's influence of the monastic system in the coenobitic form
Type - In 1 Peter the Apostle takes the unblemished lamb of the Passover (Exodus 12:5) to typify Christ as a lamb without blemish and without Spot (1 Peter 1:19), and sees in Noah’s ark a prefiguration of baptism as a means of salvation (1 Peter 3:21). In the passage of the high priest once a year into the holy place with his sacrifice of blood, the Holy Ghost signifies that the way into the holy place has not yet been made manifest (Hebrews 9:8), and that Christ Himself must come as the Mediator of the New Covenant, offering Himself through the eternal Spirit without Spot unto God (Hebrews 9:14 f
Jerusalem - The hill on which the temple stood is 2440 feet high, "dropping abruptly," Bays Selah Merrill, "at the northeast corner 100 feet, at the southeast corner 250 feet, at the southwest corner 140 feet, and on the west side about 100 feet, while toward the north, beyond what afterward became the temple area, the ridge rose gradually about 100 feet, its highest point being at the Spot now known as Jeremiah's Grotto. We can point to the Spot where the castle of Antonia stood, and thus fix the eastern terminus of the 'second wall
Moses - But when the task of concealment became difficult, Jochebed contrived to bring her child under the notice of the daughter of the king by constructing for him an ark of bulrushes, which she laid among the flags which grew on the edge of the river at the Spot where the princess was wont to come down and bathe
Wilderness (2) - Since the time of the Crusades, ecclesiastical tradition has contrived to localize that event in a particular, well-defined Spot, and has chosen for it the wild and desolate mountain which arises almost vertically above the Fountain of Elisha, west from the oasis of Jericho
Alexandria - (1) The Museum , which was not a place where collections were laid out for instruction, but a Spot where the fine arts, science, and literature were studied
Shepherds - Refusing to confine themselves to any particular Spot, (for the pastures were not yet appropriated,) they lived in tents, and removed from one place to another in search of pastures for their cattle
Nineveh - And if the only Spot that bears its name, or that can be said to be the place where it was, be indeed the site of one of the most extensive of cities on which the sun ever shone, and which continued for many centuries to be the capital of Assyria,—the principal mounds, few in number, which show neither bricks, stones, nor other materials of building,—but are in many places overgrown with grass, and resemble the mounds left by intrenchments and fortifications of ancient Roman camps, and the appearances of other mounds and ruins less marked than even these, extending for ten miles, and widely spread, and seeming to be the wreck of former buildings,—show that Nineveh is left without one monument of royalty, without any token whatever of its splendour or wealth: that their place is not known where they were; and that it is indeed a desolation, "empty, void, and waste," its very ruins perished, and less than the wreck of what it was
Abram - Then it was, no doubt, that his eye was opened to perceive in the dim future another sacrifice, of a dearer Son yielded by a higher Father (and probably on or near that very Spot), a sacrifice actually consummated, by the virtue of which a propitiation of world-wide virtue was effected
Egypt - It was he who discerned the local advantages of the Spot on which the city bearing his name afterward stood, who projected the plan of the town, superintended its erection, endowed it with many privileges, and peopled it with colonies drawn from other places for the purpose, chiefly Greeks. " After the lapse of two thousand and four hundred years from the date of this prophecy, a scoffer at religion, but an eye witness of the facts, thus describes the self-same Spot: "In Egypt," says Volney, "there is no middle class, neither nobility, clergy, merchants, landholders. Egypt has, indeed, lately somewhat risen, under its present spirited but despotic pasha, to a degree of importance and commerce
Marriage - gave Himself for the church, that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that He might present it to Himself a glorious church not having Spot
Lazarus - He was "glad" that He had not been on the Spot before, that Lazarus' death and rising might awaken the disciples out of the deadness of unbelief
Altar - Spots hallowed by divine revelations or appearances were originally the sites of altars (Genesis 12:7; Genesis 13:18; Genesis 26:25; Genesis 35:1). Rabbis pretended it stood on the Spot where man was created
Salt - ...
The first account we read of salt is Genesis 14:3; where mention is made of the Salt Sea in the vale of Siddim; and this is probably what elsewhere is called the Dead Sea, forming the Spot where once stood Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities of the plain, which the Lord destroyed by fire, and over which Jordan in the seasons of its overflowing pours itself
Jerusalem - ...
The Jews are not allowed in the Temple area, therefore they assemble on a Spot near Robinson's arch, called the JEWS' WAILING PLACE, where they can approach the walls of the area which are built of very large and ancient stones. Of these arbitrary identifications the one that appears the most improbable is that of the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE, said to cover the Spots where the Lord was crucified and where He was buried, which is within the city
Atonement - Through the perfect love not only of God, the giver, but of Him, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without Spot to God, propitiation is made, expiation for sin, itsaspect being toward God, while the effect applies to us in cleansing and justifying, though it goes much farther
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - And thus it was that that happy disciple, whoever he was, got on the Spot, "Our Father, which art in heaven," as his Master's answer to his request
the Unmerciful Servant - Give Him suddenly any Old Testament text to open up and He was ready on the Spot to do it
the Angel of the Church in Pergamos - O poor and much-to-be-pitied ministers! With Satan concentrating all his fiery darts upon you, with the deep-sunken pillars of his seat not yet dug out of your hearts, with all his thirty-two captains fighting day and night for the remnants of their master's power within you, and all the time, a far greater than Satan running you through and through with that terrible sword of His till there is not a sound Spot in you-O most forlorn and afflicted of all men! O most bruised in your mind, and most broken in your heart, of all men! Pity your ministers, my brethren, and put up with much that you cannot as yet understand or sympathise with in them
Holiness - "Christ (saith he) loved the church, and gave himself for it: that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water, by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having Spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish
Adam - 27) rejects it, saying that it arose from the discovery of an ancient human skull at that Spot
Ammonites - Buckingham describes a building among the ruins of Ammon, "the masonry of which was evidently constructed of materials gathered from the ruins of other and older buildings on the Spot
Houses - The rapid stream carried off all that was before it; men, women, children, cattle, corn, every thing was washed away in an instant, and left the place where the village stood without any thing to indicate that there had ever been a house on the Spot
David - The pestilence broke forth, and 70,000 men fell, and as the angel was about to smite Jerusalem, Jehovah stayed his hand; and David erected an altar on the Spot, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings
Adam - 27) rejects it, saying that it arose from the discovery of an ancient human skull at that Spot
Sea of Galilee - Studying the subject on the Spot, the present author was convinced that one of these must be the place where the sermon from the boat was preached (Matthew 13:2 etc. It was probably the drinking from a Spot of this kind that led Strabo (Geog
High Place, Sanctuary - In the wider sense of ‘sanctuary,’ as above defined, any arbitrarily chosen Spot may become a holy place, if tradition associates it with a theophany, or visible manifestation of a Divine being
Abraham - ) A terebinth tree was supposed in Josephus' time to mark the Spot
the Labourer With the Evil Eye - But if He will still take us at the eleventh hour, we are His on the Spot
the Blind Leaders of the Blind - Had those three doctors put their finger on the deadly Spot, and said, thou ailest here and here; and thou ailest with this kind of agony and that,-then that dead man would have been back at his work within a week
John the Baptist - " No thanks to John not to be jealous of the Son of God! But had Jesus been simply a carpenter of Nazareth, and John's cousin to boot, turned suddenly such a popular preacher with all men, and with all John's baptized disciples going after him; and had John, in that case, said all this about his own decreasing, then I would down on the Spot and kiss his feet
Man - ...
'Âdâm is also used in reference to any given man, or to anyone male or female: “When a man [5] shall have in the skin of his flesh a rising, a scab, or bright Spot, and it be in the skin of his flesh like the plague of leprosy; then he shall be brought unto Aaron …” ( Naaman - Go on the Spot
Elijah - Suppose that Elijah was concealed from Ahab in some rocky or mountainous Spot, where travellers never came; and that here a number of voracious birds had built their nests upon the trees which grew around it, or upon a projecting rock, &c
Mediator - He is "the great High Priest of our profession," who, having "offered himself without Spot to God," has entered the holiest to make intercession for us, and to present our prayers and services to God, securing to them acceptance by virtue of his own merits
Take - To draw out to remove to clear or cleanse from as, to take out a stain or Spot from cloth to take out an unpleasant taste from wine
Patricius, or Saint Patrick - Down, and landed at the mouth of the Slaney, which flows into the upper waters of the Lough, within a few miles of the church of Saul, a Spot successfully identified by Mr
Deuteronomy, the Book of - Psalm 90, which is Moses' work, resembles it: Psalms 90:1; Psalms 90:13-16, with Deuteronomy 32:4; Deuteronomy 32:7; Deuteronomy 32:36; explain Deuteronomy 32:5 "they are not His children but their Spot," i
Wilderness of the Wanderings - ...
Rithmah (from retem the "broom" abounding there) designates the encampment during the first march toward Canaan (Numbers 33:18); Kadesh the second encampment, in the same district though not on the same Spot, in the 40th year (Numbers 33:36-38); N
James - , 2:6) records a tradition that James's prosecutor was moved by his bold confession to declare himself a Christian on the Spot; he begged James's forgiveness, and the apostle kissed him, saying "peace be to thee"; they were both beheaded together
Virgin Virginity - ) urges husbands to love their wives ‘as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it; that he might sanctify it, having cleansed it by the washing of water with the word, that he might present the church to himself a glorious church, not having Spot or wrinkle or any such thing
Lazarus - A crowd followed Him thither, and, undisturbed by His adversaries, He exercised a ministry which recalled, while it surpassed, the work of John the Baptist on the same Spot three years earlier
Aaron - The mountain is now surmounted by the circular dome of the tomb of Aaron, a white Spot on the dark red surface
the Prodigal Son - Supply me with a knife deep enough and sharp enough to cut that corrupt Spot out of my memory, and I will, from this moment, cast it out on the dunghill of the devil for ever-as we had, at last, to cut off and cast him
Call, Calling - Luke has the same narrative (Luke 5:1-11) in a more picturesque form; the borrowing of Peter’s boat, in order to teach from it as a pulpit; payment after sermon in the form of a miraculous draught of fishes; Peter’s fear as a sinner at the near presence of the supernatural; the same kindly bon mot; all four fishermen [8] on the Spot; all four becoming disciples
the Disobedient Prophet - Bethel was built on that very Spot on which their father Jacob had slept and dreamed when he was on his lonely way to Padan-aram; and it is that very heaven out of which the ladder was let down on Jacob's pillow that is today to be darkened by the unclean incense of Jeroboam's altar-fires
the Man Who Found Treasure Hid in a Field - Carefully covering up the shining Spot, before the sun had time to set, he had already sold all that he possessed, and had made such an offer for the field that it was handed over to him, with all that it contained, before he slept. What solid gold lies hidden in all these several Spots of this rich field
Joab - How could he plan an attack, and sham a retreat, and risk a defeat, and all to murder a noble, Spotless, unsuspecting comrade? It was not soldierly obedience. And David dried his eyes on the Spot like a cowed child, and turned to the business of the kingdom, cursing Joab all the time in his heart
Enoch - Every step you take out of an angry heart and into a meek heart; out of envy and into admiration and honour; out of ill-will and into good-will;-on the Spot your heavenly Father seeth you and loveth you, and sayeth to His angels, Hast thou considered My new servant? Enoch, on the day his first child was born, just began to lay aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil-speakings, and as a new-born babe desired the sincere milk of the word that he might grow thereby
Josiah - ' And, all the time, while Josiah still sought the Lord, and till he found Him, the tenderness of Josiah's heart kept him safe and unspotted from all the corruptions of the world. Josiah was worthy; and God's recognition and reward of Josiah's worth came to Josiah at the very best moment, and in the very best way; for it came to him as the very law of the living God; and that, too, as good as if it had been written on the Spot by God's own living hand
Atonement - " In the First Epistle of Peter, is also a strong and very apposite text, in which the application of the term "lamb" to our Lord, and the sense in which it is applied, can admit of no doubt: "Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot," 1 Peter 1:18-19
Sacrifice And Offering - Not that sacrifice could be offered at any Spot the worshipper might choose; it must be one hallowed by the tradition of a theophany: ‘in every place where I record my name I will come unto thee and I will bless thee’ ( Exodus 20:24 RV Economic Life - This would have been the site of the heaviest traffic in any town and the most likely Spot, other than private homes (Jeremiah 18:2-3 ), for stalls and shops to be set up for business
Agriculture - The Spot selected always stood higher than the surrounding ground, so that it should be open to the air currents, and that rain, if it occurred, though it was rare in harvest time (1 Samuel 12:17), might run off without doing injury
Palestine - Originally, its northern border was the Arnon River, but the Moabites pushed north, giving their name to the plains east of the Spot where the Jordan enters the Dead Sea (Ammon attempted to establish herself between Gilead and Moab using Rabbath-Ammon as her stronghold
Temple - Near the southwest corner certain huge stones mark the beginning of an arch, a part of the stately bridge which anciently connected the temple are with Mount Zion; and a little north of this Spot is the celebrated wailing-place of the Jews
Prayer - Where there was no synagogue, a Spot outside the town was chosen, near some stream, for hand-washing before prayer ( Acts 16:13 ; Acts 16:16 )
Pilate - His body is said to have been first thrown into the Tiber, but the evil spirits so haunted the Spot as to terrorize the populous neighbourhood, and it was conveyed to Vienne in the South of France and sunk in the Rhone
Paul - The fatal Spot was reached; he knelt beside the block; the headsman's axe gleamed in the sun and fell; and the head of the apostle of the world rolled down in the dust" (probably A
Canaan - No Spot on earth could have been selected which could have better supplied the writers of the book, intended to instruct the men of every climate, with illustrations familiar cue or other of them to dwellers in every region
Leadership - Their dwellings thus formed the buffer zone to prevent others from incurring God's wrath by approaching too nearly to this holy Spot (1:53; 3:28; 8:19)
Paul as a Pastor - Paul would often drop in, as we say, not indeed to curse the weather, and to canvass the approaching marriages, like William Law's minister, but, all the same, to rejoice with the bridegroom and the bride, and to set down their exact date in his diary, so as to be sure to be on the Spot in good time, and in his best attire
Hebrews, Epistle to the - The blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without Spot to God, was efficacious in complete contrast to the bloodor ashes of the victim of old
Paul as a Man of Prayer - You are so beset with men whom you cannot meet in the street, or hear or see their very names, but you must surely, on the Spot, flee to Christ to forgive, and heal, and hide you
Achan - I would lie down on the Spot beside you, and would share your trouble, and you would share mine, and I would lift you up and share your joy
Temple - This also was the Spot where it was predicted that the abomination of desolation, or the Roman ensigns, should stand, Daniel 9:27 ; Matthew 24:15
Idol - "Fastened with nails that it should not be moved" (Isaiah 41:7), to keep the god steady! and that his influence might be secured to the Spot (Isaiah 40:19-20; Isaiah 45:20; Ezekiel 16:16-18; margin Judges 3:19; Judges 3:26 (See EGLON, (See EHUD); Deuteronomy 7:25)
Christianity - Paul and the sermons reported in Acts the gospel of One who not only lived a Spotless life and spake as never man spake, but died for our sins and was raised again for our justification, and was thereby declared to be the Son of God with power. , Ephesians 5:23 ), there will come the realization of that perfect Society which is variously shadowed forth in the NT under the figures of a Kingdom from which there have been cast forth all things that cause stumbling ( Matthew 13:41 ), a glorious Church without Spot or wrinkle or any such thing ( Ephesians 5:27 ), a Holy City, the New Jerusalem, ‘descending out of heaven from God’ ( Revelation 21:10 f
Jacob - ...
Recognizing God's manifestation as sanctifying the Spot, he made his stony pillow into a pillar, consecrated with oil (See BETHEL), and taking up God's word he vowed that as surely as God would fulfill His promises (he asked no more than "bread and raiment") Jehovah should be his God, and of all that God gave he would surely give a tenth to Him; not waiting until he should be rich to do so, but while still poor; a pattern to us (compare Genesis 32:10). " Jacob then required as wages all the speckled and Spotted sheep and goats, which usually are few, sheep in the East being generally white, the goats black or brown, not speckled. Peeling rods of (Gesenius) storax ("poplar"), almond ("hazel"), and plane tree ("chesnut") in strips, so that the dazzling white wood of these trees should appear under the dark outside, he put them in the drinking troughs; the cattle consequently brought forth Spotted, speckled young, which by the agreement became Jacob's. Thus by trickery he foiled Laban's trickery in putting three days' journey between his flock tended by Jacob and Jacob's stipulated flock of Spotted and speckled goats and brown put under the care of his sons
Galatians, Epistle to the - They would have had to return almost to the Spot from which they started on their hypothetic journey to N
Leprosy - Of these diseases, to take a few examples, we seem to be able to recognize psoriasis in the expression ‘a leper white as snow’; favus (a common disease among Eastern Jews to-day) and perhaps ‘ringworm’ in the description of the ‘plague of the head and the beard’ (Leviticus 13:29-30); and the disease vitiligo in the symptom termed ‘freckled Spot’ (בֹּהַק, Leviticus 13:39), the exactly equivalent word بهق (bohak) being used for this condition in Palestine and Arabia to-day
Old Testament - The Septuagint and Samaritan Pentateuch agree in the easier reading of Deuteronomy 32:5, "they (belong) not to Him, children of Spot" (defilement); compare Ephesians 5:7; but the Hebrew text is intelligible, "they are not His children, but their blemish," i
Abraham - Does that amazing Man still stand offering me His death for me, and His living and everlasting friendship to boot? Then, this moment; then, in this house, and on the Spot, I am His friend, and He is my friend
Balaam - And that other who changes his minister for the peace of his conscience, he also is Balak and Balaam seeking a Spot where they can get at their sin without that restraint. They are Spots in your feasts of charity, feeding themselves without fear; clouds they are without water; trees without fruit; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever
Deluge - To overspread the plains of the arctic circle with the shells of Indian seas, and with the bodies of elephants and rhinoceri, surrounded by masses of submarine vegetation; to accumulate on a single Spot, as at La Bolca, in promiscuous confusion, the marine productions of the four quarters of the globe; what conceivable instrument would be efficacious but the rush of mighty waters? These facts, about which there is no dispute, and which are acknowledged by the advocates of each of the prevailing geological theories, give a sufficient attestation to the deluge of Noah, in which "the fountains of the great deep were broken up," and from which precisely such phenomena might be expected to follow
Jeru'Salem - ( Nehemiah 3:15 ) The Mount of Olives, as its name, and the names of various places upon it seem to imply, was a fruitful Spot
Prayer (2) - ...
Not much is said in the Gospels about times of prayer; but we read of Christ rising up before daylight and going to a desert Spot to pray (Mark 1:35), and of His continuing all night in prayer before the choosing of the twelve Apostles (Luke 6:12)
Weights And Measures - The distance was doubled by a legal fiction: on the eve of the Sabbath, food was placed at a Spot 2000 cubits on, and this new place thus became the traveler’s place within the meaning of the prescription of Exodus 16:29 ; there were also other means of increasing the distance
Temple (2) - In reference to the wing or pinnacle of the temple (Matthew 4:5, Luke 4:9) πτερύγιον τοῦ ἱεροῦ is used; as to where this Spot was precisely scholars differ
High Priest - Their bodily soundness typifies His faultless perfection without blemish or Spot (Hebrews 7:26)
Sanctification - Though God instructed his people to choose animals for sacrifice that were "without Spot, " this was technically impossible
Samuel - In ancient Rome they used to put on a white robe when they went out to ask for the votes of the voters, and it was for this that they were called 'candidates' in the language of Rome: Spotless men, that is, in our language. Ramah was Elkanah's old property; it had now come into Samuel's hands; and at Naioth, the quietest and sweetest Spot of all his patrimonial estate, Samuel set up the first divinity hall; the first school for prophets and psalmists in Israel
Law of Moses - ( Leviticus 19:9,10 ; 24:19-22) (b) Slight trespass (eating on the Spot) to be allowed as legal. The king's power limited by the law, as written and formally accepted by the king; and directly forbidden to be despotic. It is supreme over the governors, as being only the delegates of the Lord, and therefore it is incompatible with any despotic authority in them
Perseverance - Its end is ‘to be found in him’ (Philippians 3:9) and ‘by him to be presented blameless, unreproached, without Spot’ in the end (1 Corinthians 1:8
Thecla - " Arrived at Iconium she first visited the house of Onesiphorus and there prostrating herself on the Spot where St
Animals - ’ The purity of the lamb, without Spot and without fault, on which St
Nestorian Church - ...
Mar Aba, the greatest man in the series of patriarchs of the East, reformed the abuses in the church, going round from diocese to diocese with a "perambulatory synod," which judged every case on the Spot with plenary authority—a precedent so excellent that it is surprising that it has never been followed
Sacrifice - Exodus 24:8); ‘ye were redeemed … with precious blood, as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot, even the blood of Christ’ (Exodus 1:18); cf. It was an offering, on our behalf and as our representative, of a pure and Spotless life
Redemption - On the other hand, intimating the source of its efficacy, he compares it with the blood ‘of a lamb without blemish and without Spot’ (1 Peter 1:19)
Trial of Jesus - ...
The probability is, therefore, that while, no doubt, Caiaphas, Annas, and some others were on the Spot, the Council was not formally convened until the early morning, about 6 a
Slave, Slavery - Slave-dealers followed the armies on their campaigns and purchased on the Spot those who were taken captive
Mediator - By that blood, ‘as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot,’ we were ‘redeemed’ (1 Peter 1:18-19)
Calendar, the Christian - It was natural that those who lived in the land where the events narrated by the sacred history took place, should wish to commemorate them on the Spot by annual observances
Ascension (2) - means to give an exact Spot
Canaan - Rich in its soil; glowing in the sunshine of an almost perpetual summer; and abounding in scenery of the grandest, as well as of the most beautiful kind; this happy country was indeed a land which the Lord had blessed: but Mohammedan sloth and despotism, as the instruments employed to execute the curse of Heaven, have converted it into a waste of rock and desert, with the exception of some few Spots, which remain to attest the veracity of the accounts formerly given of it. The limestone rocks and stony valleys of Judea were entirely covered with plantations of figs, vines, and olive trees: not a single Spot seemed to be neglected
Atonement - -(3) Ransomed ‘with precious blood, as of a lamb without blemish and without Spot, even the blood of Christ’ (1 Peter 1:19), combines the idea of the sacrificial lamb with possibly an echo of the ‘ransom’ of Mark 10:45
Sinlessness - In those times of inward storm, due to many causes, to which young minds are subject, it is sometimes of the greatest advantage to find a Spot of shelter in which to cast anchor, till the onset of doubt has subsided a little; and for this purpose the sinlessness of Jesus is without a rival
Text of the Gospels - , far more naturally takes the ἐξελθών to mean ‘having landed,’ and thus the only objection that Hort could find to the language of the fuller reading falls to the ground: the crowd were the first to reach the Spot whither Jesus and His disciples were going, they ran together on the beach to meet Him; and as He landed He saw them, and realized that He could not secure the quiet He sought
Babel - Oppert confirms this by examinations on the Spot, which show an area within the wall of 200 square miles
Trial-at-Law - If the res were immoveable, the court adjourned to the place, and vindicatio was made there, though at a later date some turf or stone taken from the Spot was accepted in lieu of the property
Moravians - At length, in 1792, by the mercy of God, and the kind interference of friends in the Dutch government, the opposition of evil- minded people was over-ruled, and leave granted to send out three missionaries, who, on their arrival, were willing, at the desire of the governor, to go first to Bavians Kloof, about one hundred and sixty English miles east from Capetown, and there to commence their labours on the Spot where George Schmidt had resided
John (the Apostle) - On the morning of the resurrection Mary Magdalene tells him and Peter of the empty grave, and they hasten together to the Spot (John 20:2-3)
Christianity - The God of the Bible is "holy," without Spot; "just," without partiality; "good," boundlessly benevolent and beneficent; and his law is the image of himself, "holy, just, and good. It has softened the rigours of despotism, and tamed the insolence of conquest
Moses - From an obscure passage in the New Testament, in which Michael the archangel is said to have contended with the devil about the body of Moses, Judges 1:9 , some have thought that he was buried by the ministry of angels, near the scene of the idolatry of the Israelites; but that the Spot was purposely concealed, lest his tomb might also be converted into an object of idolatrous worship among the Israelites, like the brazen serpent
Passover - Again we have Christ compared to a ‘lamb without blemish and without Spot’ (1 Peter 1:19), absolute purity, however, being a general requirement in any sacrifice offered to God (Deuteronomy 17:1)
Montanus - ...
We think that the Montanists had appealed to Rome ; that the church party solicited the good offices of their countrymen settled in Gaul, who wrote to Eleutherus representing the disturbance to the peace of the churches (a phrase probably preserved by Eusebius from the letter itself) which would ensue if the Roman church approved what the church on the Spot condemned
Hippolytus Romanus - Prudentius describes the subterranean tomb of the saint and states that he saw on the Spot a picture representing this execution, and that this martyrdom was commemorated on Aug
Art - These were easily to be seen, and could be wrought on the Spot, which was an important consideration in days when it was difficult to order Christian sculpture from pagan shops
Authority of Christ - It lay in the Good Master Himself, in His own identification with the good cause, in His own renunciation of all things for the Kingdom of God’s sake; it lay in His power to reveal to this man the weak Spot in his moral constitution, and in the inward witness of the man’s conscience (attested by his sorrow as he turned away) that the voice of Jesus was the voice of God, and that through obedience to it he would have entered into life
Babylon - "...
Many other prophecies against Babylon, and the whole land of Chaldea, are found in the Old Testament; and though the limits of this article will only allow a reference to be made to the exact fulfilment of a few, there is not one of the great number of predictions on record, the accomplishment of which has not been remarked by numerous writers, and more especially by those who have visited the Spot. "...
"The whole country between Bagdad and Hillah is a perfectly flat and (with the exception of a few Spots as you approach the latter place) uncultivated waste
Jerusalem - In the western quarter, and in the centre of the city, the houses stand very close; but, in the eastern part, along the brook Kedron, you perceive vacant spaces; among the rest, that which surrounds the mosque erected on the ruins of the temple, and the nearly deserted Spot where once stood the castle of Antonia and the second palace of Herod
Worship - " Justin adds, that when he came to Rome, he was accustomed to dwell in one particular Spot, and that those Christians who were instructed by him, and wished to hear his discourses, assembled at his house
Jesus Christ - The Spot of Christ's nativity was distant from the place of the abode of his parents, and the region in which he began his ministry was remote from the place of his birth; and another prophecy respecting him was in this manner verified: "In the land of Zebulun and Naphtali, by the way of the sea beyond Jordan, in Galilee of the nations, the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined," Isaiah 9:1-2 ; Matthew 4:16 . In diametrical opposition to every dispensation of Providence which is registered in the records of the Jews, it represents Spotless innocence suffering by the appointment of Heaven; death as the issue of perfect obedience; God's righteous servant as forsaken of him; and one who was perfectly immaculate bearing the chastisement of many guilty; sprinkling many nations from their iniquity, by virtue of his sacrifice; justifying many by his knowledge; and dividing a portion with the great and the spoil with the strong, because he hath poured out his soul in death
Person of Christ - The NT belief in the sinlessness of Jesus, which we may suitably consider at this point, is not really an a priori dogma though as Lamb of God He was viewed as being necessarily without Spot or blemish; it is a conclusion drawn from convincing facts at which we have a clear look in the Synoptics
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - Clearly the apostle is an envoy on his way to another place; for it could never have been intended to forbid a missionary to settle down in one Spot for a longer period of preaching
Justinianus i, Emperor - —Justinian was born most probably in 483 at Tauresium, on the borders of Illyricum and Macedonia, a Spot probably a little S. We are told that he was easy of access—a rare merit in the despotic centre of a highly formal court—pleasant and reassuring in manner, but also deceitful and capable of treachery and ingratitude. In spite of his protestations of respect for the clergy, the important place they held at his court, and the privileges which his legislation gave them, he never hesitated to resort to despotism and banishment to bend them to his will
Nestorius And Nestorianism - He laid his finger on the weak Spot of Cyril's anathemas—his union of two hypostases in Christ; and condemned them as "foreign to Christianity
Palestine - The belief in miracle is nowhere so difficult as on the Spot, where every detail of the scene seems so uncompromisingly earthly. This is not merely the result of the fact that local tradition and foolish ways of honouring sacred places have disfigured and stultified so many Spots of Palestine