What does Silverlings mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
ἀργυρίου silver. / money. / a silver coin 1

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   1 silver.
   2 money.
   3 a silver coin, silver piece, a shekel.

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Smith's Bible Dictionary - Silverlings,
a word used once only in the Authorized Version, (Isaiah 7:23 ) as a translation of the Hebrew word elsewhere rendered "silver" or "money."
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Silverlings
Found only in Isaiah 7:23 , and the Hebrew is the same as 'silver,' and 'pieces of silver,' as money.
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Silverlings
Isaiah 7:23. (See PIECES OF SILVER.) "A thousand vines at 1,000 silverlings," i.e. shekels (2s. 3d. each); a large price.

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Silverlings - ) "A thousand vines at 1,000 Silverlings," i
Vine - Vineyards were sometimes rented for a share of their produce, Matthew 28:20 ; and from other passages we may perhaps infer that a good vineyard consisted of a thousand vines, and produced a rent of a thousand Silverlings, or shekels of silver, Isaiah 7:23 , and that it required two hundred more to pay the dressers, Song of Song of Solomon 8:11-12
Money - ‘ Silverlings ’) of Acts 19:19 were denarius-drachms