What does Silverling mean in the Bible?


Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Silverling
SILVERLING . Only Isaiah 7:23 , where the original reads ‘a thousand of silver,’ the denomination to be supplied being ‘shekels’ (See Money, p. 628 b ).
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Silverling
(Isaiah 7:23 ). Literally the words are "at a thousand of silver", i.e., "pieces of silver," or shekels.
Webster's Dictionary - Silverling
(n.) A small silver coin.

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Silverling, Isaiah 7:23—small silver coin
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The shekel of silver, or the Silverling, Isaiah 7:23 , originally weighed three hundred and twenty barleycorns; but it was afterward increased to three hundred and eighty-four barleycorns, its value being considered equal to four Roman denarii, was two shillings and seven pence, or according to Bishop Cumberland, two shillings and four pence farthing
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