What does Sabbath-Day's Journey mean in the Bible?


Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Sabbath Day's Journey
SABBATH DAY’S JOURNEY . See Weights and Measures, I.
Smith's Bible Dictionary - Sabbath-Day's Journey
(Acts 1:12 ) The law as regards travel on the Sabbath is found in (Exodus 16:29 ) As some departure from a man's own place was unavoidable, it was thought necessary to determine the allowable amount, which was fixed at 2000 paces, or about six furlongs from the wall of the city. The permitted distance seems to have been grounded on the space to he kept between the ark and the people, (Joshua 3:4 ) in the wilderness, which tradition said was that between the ark and the tents. We find the same distance given as the circumference outside the walls of the Levitical cities to be counted as their suburbs. (Numbers 33:5 ) The terminus a quo was thus not a man's own house, but the wall of the city where he dwelt.
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Sabbath Day's Journey
Supposed to be a distance of 2,000 cubits, or less than half-a-mile, the distance to which, according to Jewish tradition, it was allowable to travel on the Sabbath day without violating the law (Acts 1:12 ; Compare Exodus 16:29 ; Numbers 35:5 ; Joshua 3:4 ).
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Sabbath Day's Journey
SABBATH DAY’S JOURNEY.—See preceding art. and Travel.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Sabbath Day's Journey
Distance a Jew in Jesus' day considered ritually legal to walk on the seventh day. This phrase appears only once in the Bible (Acts 1:12 ), describing the distance from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem. Scholars have surmised that the expression came from God's instruction to the children of Israel as they prepared to cross the Jordan into Canaan (Joshua 3:4 ). As they followed the priests bearing the ark of the covenant, they must maintain a distance of 2,000 cubits from it. Earlier, while in the wilderness, they had been told not to leave home on the Sabbath (Exodus 16:29 ). Rabbis eventually interpreted these commands as limiting Sabbath travel to 2,000 cubits. That was the farthest that a loyal Jew should be from his center of worship on the Sabbath. The length of the cubit depended on who was counting. Greeks said it was 1 foot, 6 inches; but Romans claimed it was 1 foot, 9 inches. Thus, 2,000 cubits could be from 3,000 to 3,600 feet, somewhat more than a half mile. Anyone who wanted to “bend” the rule could carry a lunch sometime before the Sabbath to a place about half mile from his home. Then, by eating it on the Sabbath, he could claim that place as a “legal” home and go another Sabbath day's journey. See Sabbath .
W. J. Fallis
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sabbath-Day's Journey
This is mentioned as the greatest distance a Jew was allowed to travel on the Sabbath. There is no injunction as to this in the law, but when some of the people went out to gather manna on the Sabbath, Moses enjoined, "Abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day." Exodus 16:29 . In N.T. times it was understood that a person might travel two thousand cubits (about five furlongs); this extent had been fixed on because when the Israelites were marching they were commanded to keep the above named distance from the ark, and it was concluded that when they were encamped, there was the same distance between the tabernacle and the tents, and that this space was constantly travelled for worship. When they were in the land the distance was reckoned from the gate of the city from which the traveller started. Acts 1:12 . The Lord perhaps referred to this custom when He bade the disciples pray that, in the judgement of Jerusalem, their flight should not be "on the Sabbath-day." Matthew 24:20 .

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A Sabbath-Day's Journey Isaiah 2,000 paces or yards from the city walls ( Acts 1:12 )
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Journey - A "sabbath-day's journey," among the Jews, seems to have been reckoned at about seven furlongs, or nearly one mile, Matthew 24:20 Acts 1:12
Weights And Measures - " (Exodus 16:29 ) An exception was allowed for the purpose of worshipping at the tabernacle; and, as 2000 cubits was the prescribed space to be kept between the ark and the people as well as the extent of the suburbs of the Levitical cities on every side, (Numbers 35:5 ) this was taken for the length of a Sabbath-Day's Journey measured front the wall of the city in which the traveller lived. Computed from the value given above for the cubit, the Sabbath-Day's Journey would be just six tenths of a mile
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