What does Rubiaceous mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Rubiaceous
(a.) Of or pertaining to a very large natural order of plants (Rubiaceae) named after the madder (Rubia tinctoria), and including about three hundred and seventy genera and over four thousand species. Among them are the coffee tree, the trees yielding peruvian bark and quinine, the madder, the quaker ladies, and the trees bearing the edible fruits called genipap and Sierre Leone peach, besides many plants noted for the beauty or the fragrance of their blossoms.

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Rondeletia - ) A tropical genus of Rubiaceous shrubs which often have brilliant flowers
Yaw-Weed - ) A low, shrubby, Rubiaceous plant (Morinda Royoc) growing along the seacoast of the West Indies
Morinda - ) A genus of Rubiaceous trees and shrubs, mostly East Indian, many species of which yield valuable red and yellow dyes
Madder - See Rubiaceous
Blolly - ) The Rubiaceous shrub Chicocca racemosa, of the same region