What does Request mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
؟ בַּקָּשָׁתֵ֛ךְ request 3
דְּבַ֥ר speech 2
תֹּאמְרִ֖י to say 1
שֶׁאֱלָתָ֑ם request 1
שְׁאֵלָ֔ה request 1
שֶֽׁאֱלָתִ֑י request 1
שָׁאַ֣לְתִּי to ask 1
לִשְׁא֤וֹל to ask 1
כְּמֵאמַ֨ר word 1
בַּקָּשָׁתֵ֥ךְ request 1
בַּקָּשָׁתֽוֹ request 1
וַאֲרֶ֥שֶׁת desire 1
בְּבַקָּשָׁתִֽי request 1
בַּקָּשָׁתִ֑י request 1
וּבַקָּשָׁתִֽי request 1
؟ מְבַקֵּ֑שׁ to seek 1
לְבַקֵּ֥שׁ to seek 1
תִּבְחַ֥ר to choose 1
תְחִנָּתִ֖י favour 1

Definitions Related to Request


   1 speech, word, speaking, thing.
      1a speech.
      1b saying, utterance.
      1c word, words.
      1d business, occupation, acts, matter, case, something, manner (by extension).


   1 Request, entreaty, petition.


   1 favour, supplication, supplication for favour.
      1a favour.
      1b supplication for favour.


   1 desire, Request.


   1 Request, thing asked for, demand.
      1a Request, petition.
      1b thing asked for.


   1 to ask, enquire, borrow, beg.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to ask, ask for.
         1a2 to ask (as a favour), borrow.
         1a3 to enquire, enquire of.
         1a4 to enquire of, consult (of deity, oracle).
         1a5 to seek.
      1b (Niphal) to ask for oneself, ask leave of absence.
      1c (Piel).
         1c1 to enquire, enquire carefully.
         1c2 to beg, practise beggary.
      1d (Hiphil).
         1d1 to be given on Request.
         1d2 to grant, make over to, let (one) ask (successfully) or give or lend on Request (then) grant or make over to.


   1 to seek, require, desire, exact, Request.
      1a (Piel).
         1a1 to seek to find.
         1a2 to seek to secure.
         1a3 to seek the face.
         1a4 to desire, demand.
         1a5 to require, exact.
         1a6 to ask, Request.
      1b (Pual) to be sought.


   1 to choose, elect, decide for.
      1a (Qal) to choose.
      1b (Niphal) to be chosen.
      1c (Pual) to be chosen, selected.


   1 word, command.


   1 to say, speak, utter.
      1a (Qal) to say, to answer, to say in one’s heart, to think, to command, to promise, to intend.
      1b (Niphal) to be told, to be said, to be called.
      1c (Hithpael) to boast, to act proudly.
      1d (Hiphil) to avow, to avouch.

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Frequency of Request (English)


Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Entreat, to Request
* For ENTREAT, to request, see INTREAT; for ENTREATY see INTREATY
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Request
A — 1: αἴτημα (Strong's #155 — Noun Neuter — aitema — ah'ee-tay-mah ) denotes "that which has been asked for" (akin to aiteo, "to ask"); in Luke 23:24 , RV, "what they asked for" (AV, "as they required"), lit., "their request (should be done, ginomai);" in Philippians 4:6 , "requests;" in 1 John 5:15 , "petitions." See PETITION , REQUIRE.
A — 2: δέησις (Strong's #1162 — Noun Feminine — deesis — deh'-ay-sis ) "an asking, entreaty, supplication," is translated "request" in Philippians 1:4 , AV (RV, "supplication"). See PRAYER , SUPPLICATION.
B — 1: δέομαι (Strong's #1189 — Verb — deomai — deh'-om-ahee ) akin to A, No. 2, "to beseech, pray, request," is translated "to make request" in Romans 1:10 . See BESEECH , No. 3.
B — 2: αἰτέω (Strong's #154 — Verb — aiteo — ahee-teh'-o ) "to ask," is translated "to make request" in Colossians 1:9 , RV (AV, "to desire"). See ASK , No. 1.
B — 3: ἐρωτάω (Strong's #2065 — Verb — erotao — er-o-tah'-o ) "to ask," is translated "to make request" in 1 John 5:16 . See ASK , No. 2 and remarks on the difference between Nos. 1 and 2.
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Request
See Prayer
Webster's Dictionary - Request
(n.) A state of being desired or held in such estimation as to be sought after or asked for; demand.
(n.) The act of asking for anything desired; expression of desire or demand; solicitation; prayer; petition; entreaty.
(n.) That which is asked for or requested.
(v. t.) To ask for (something); to express desire ffor; to solicit; as, to request his presence, or a favor.
(v. t.) To address with a request; to ask.
King James Dictionary - Request
REQUEST', n. L. requisitus, requiro re and quaero, to seek. See Quest, Question.
1. The expression of desire to some person for something to be granted or done an asking a petition. Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen. Esther 7 .
2. Prayer the expression of desire to a superior or to the Almighty. Philippians 4 . 3. The thing asked for or requested. I will both hear and grant you your requests.
He gave them their request but sent leanness into their soul. Psalms 104 .
4. A state of being desired or held in such estimation as to be sought after or pursued. Knowledge and fame were in as great request as wealth among us now.
In request, in demand in credit or reputation.
Coriolanus being now in no request.
Request expresses less earnestness than entreaty and supplication, and supposes a right in the person requested to deny or refuse to grant. In this it differs from demand.
1. To ask to solicit to express desire for. The weight of the golden ear-rings which he requested, was a thousand and seven hundred shekels of gold. Judges 8 .
2. To express desire to to ask. We requested a friend to accompany us. Court of requests, in England, a court of equity for the relief of such persons as addressed his majesty by supplication.
3. A court of conscience for the recovery of small debts, held by two aldermen and four commoners, who try causes by the oath of parties and of other witnesses.

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Request - , "their Request (should be done, ginomai);" in Philippians 4:6 , "requests;" in 1 John 5:15 , "petitions. ...
A — 2: δέησις (Strong's #1162 — Noun Feminine — deesis — deh'-ay-sis ) "an asking, entreaty, supplication," is translated "request" in Philippians 1:4 , AV (RV, "supplication"). 2, "to beseech, pray, Request," is translated "to make Request" in Romans 1:10 . ...
B — 2: αἰτέω (Strong's #154 — Verb — aiteo — ahee-teh'-o ) "to ask," is translated "to make Request" in Colossians 1:9 , RV (AV, "to desire"). ...
B — 3: ἐρωτάω (Strong's #2065 — Verb — erotao — er-o-tah'-o ) "to ask," is translated "to make Request" in 1 John 5:16
Request - Request', n. Haman stood up to make Request for his life to Esther the queen. The thing asked for or Requested. I will both hear and grant you your Requests. ...
He gave them their Request but sent leanness into their soul. Knowledge and fame were in as great Request as wealth among us now. ...
In Request, in demand in credit or reputation. ...
Coriolanus being now in no Request. ...
Request expresses less earnestness than entreaty and supplication, and supposes a right in the person Requested to deny or refuse to grant. ...
Request', ...
1. The weight of the golden ear-rings which he Requested, was a thousand and seven hundred shekels of gold. We Requested a friend to accompany us. Court of Requests, in England, a court of equity for the relief of such persons as addressed his majesty by supplication
Requested - ) of Request...
Requesting - ) of Request...
Denyingly - ) In the manner of one denies a Request
Entreat, to Request - * For ENTREAT, to Request, see INTREAT; for ENTREATY see INTREATY ...
Postulant - ) One who makes a Request or demand; hence, a candidate
Applicant - ) One who apples for something; one who makes Request; a petitioner
Asking - Requesting; petitioning; interrogating; inquiring. Silently expressing Request or desire
Ishmael - In his boyhood he and his mother were sent into the wilderness by Abraham at the Request of Sara his wife, a Request to which he was directed by God to accede
Request - ) That which is asked for or Requested. ) To ask for (something); to express desire ffor; to solicit; as, to Request his presence, or a favor. ) To address with a Request; to ask
Ask - ) To make inquiry, or seek by Request; - sometimes followed by after. ) To Request; to seek to obtain by words; to petition; to solicit; - often with of, in the sense of from, before the person addressed. ) To Request or petition; - usually followed by for; as, to ask for bread
Petition - ) A prayer; a supplication; an imploration; an entreaty; especially, a Request of a solemn or formal kind; a prayer to the Supreme Being, or to a person of superior power, rank, or authority; also, a single clause in such a prayer. ) A formal written Request addressed to an official person, or to an organized body, having power to grant it; specifically (Law), a supplication to government, in either of its branches, for the granting of a particular grace or right; - in distinction from a memorial, which calls certain facts to mind; also, the written document. ) To make a prayer or Request to; to ask from; to solicit; to entreat; especially, to make a formal written supplication, or application to, as to any branch of the government; as, to petition the court; to petition the governor
Saint Ignatius' College, Ontario - Founded in 1894 by the Jesuits at the Request of Cardinal Vaughan, and enlarged in 1907
Entreat - ENTRE'AT, To make an earnest petition or Request
Pray - ) To address earnest Request to; to supplicate; to entreat; to implore; to beseech. ) To make Request with earnestness or zeal, as for something desired; to make entreaty or supplication; to offer prayer to a deity or divine being as a religious act; specifically, to address the Supreme Being with adoration, confession, supplication, and thanksgiving
University, Copenhagen - Founded by Bull of Sixtus IV, 1475, at the Request of King Christian I, and established by the Archbishop of Lund
Importunity - ...
Pressing solicitation urgent Request application for a claim or favor,which is urged with troublesome frequency or pertinacity
Ask - To Request to seek to obtain by words to petition with of before the person to whom the Request is made. To Request or petition, followed by for as, ask for bread or without for. to inquire, or seek by Request sometimes followed by after. The first three words, demand, claim, require, imply a right or supposed right in the person asking, to the thing Requested and beseech implies more urgency, than ask. Ask and Request imply no right, but suppose the thing desired to be a favor
Desire - ) To express a wish for; to entreat; to Request. ) An expressed wish; a Request; petition
Salome - (Hebrew: peaceful) ...
(1) Daughter of Herod Philip and Herodias, at whose Request John the Baptist was beheaded
Spies - The seeming discrepancy disappears thus; the people begged that they should be sent; Moses laid their Request before God, who thereupon gave the command. In the historical book, Numbers, God's command alone is mentioned; but in Deuteronomy, which treats of the people's conduct toward God, Moses reminds them that the Request which eventuated in their fathers' rebellion and death in the wilderness, emanated from themselves
General Thanksgiving, the - It is called General as being suitableto all men, and in contradistinction to the special Thanksgivingsto be used by Request of members of the congregation for specialmercies vouchsafed
Gaash - of Gaash hill or mount was Timnath Serach, the city given by Israel to Joshua at his Request, in the region "mount Ephraim," where also he was buried (Joshua 19:49-50; Joshua 24:30; Judges 2:9)
Belle Guerin - By Request of Cardinal Vannutelli, she was awarded the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (for Church and Pope), 1922
Reject - ) To refuse to grant; as, to reject a prayer or Request
Guerin, Belle - By Request of Cardinal Vannutelli, she was awarded the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (for Church and Pope), 1922
Occasional Prayers - , which are read on Request
Refuse - ) To decline to accept; to reject; to deny the Request or petition of; as, to refuse a suitor. ) To deny, as a Request, demand, invitation, or command; to decline to do or grant
Serpent - The Lord sees that he is mistaken in his Request and so refuses to give it to him because He knows it would harm. GOD says "no" to the Request
Abishag - After David’s death, Abishag was asked in marriage by Adonijah; the Request cost him his life ( 1 Kings 2:13-25 )
Daughters of zelophehad - These righteous women approached Moses, Requesting to receive their father�s portion in the Land of Canaan. G-d instructed Moses to comply with said Request
Require - ) To ask as a favor; to Request
Importunity - In Luke 11:8 importunity results in a favorable response to a midnight Request for bread (KJV, RSV)
Sisters of Saint Joseph -(Saint Augustine) - Established in 1866 at the Request of Bishop Verot from the mother-house at Le Puy
Sisters of Saint Joseph -(Superior) - Established in 1907 by three sisters from Cincinnati at the Request of Bishop Schinner and with the cooperation of the Jesuits of Cincinnati
Macae'Rus, - Here John the Baptist was imprisoned, and here was held the feast where Herodias, at whose Request John was beheaded, danced before the king
Application - ) The act of making Request of soliciting; as, an application for an office; he made application to a court of chancery. ) A Request; a document containing a Request; as, his application was placed on file
Callieres, Louis Hector de - Appointed governor of Montreal 1684, at the Request of the Sulpicians, he aided Frontenac in saving New France from the Iroquois, and succeeded him as governor, 1698
Louis de Callieres - Appointed governor of Montreal 1684, at the Request of the Sulpicians, he aided Frontenac in saving New France from the Iroquois, and succeeded him as governor, 1698
Jehucal - He was one of the two persons whom Zedekiah sent to Request the prophet Jeremiah to pray for the kingdom (Jeremiah 37:3 ) during the time of its final siege by Nebuchadnezzar
Lucern - ) An animal whose fur was formerly much in Request (by some supposed to be the lynx)
Carving - The arts of carving and engraving were much in Request in the construction of both the tabernacle and the temple
Concession - ) The act of conceding or yielding; usually implying a demand, claim, or Request, and thus distinguished from giving, which is voluntary or spontaneous
Impetration - (Latin: impetrare, to ask and obtain a Request) ...
(1) The begging of favors
Celebret - (Latin: let him celebrate) ...
A testimonial given to a priest when traveling that he is in good standing, with the accompanying Request that he be permitted to say Mass
Festus - Paul the apostle appealed to Porcius Festus for the opportunity of being tried before Caesar, and Festus granted that Request
Petition - Watts, is the fourth part of prayer, and includes a desire of deliverance from evil, and a Request of good things to be bestowed
Accede - Hence, to agree or assent to a proposal or a view; as, he acceded to my Request
Sisters of Saint Joseph -(Brooklyn) - Founded in 1856 at Williamsburg, Long Island, New York at the Request of Bishop Loughlin of Brooklyn, from the Philadelphia community; transferred to Flushing in 1860
Ijon - Captured by Benhadad's captains, at Asa's Request for help against Baasha, king of Israel (1 Kings 15:20; 2 Chronicles 16:4)
Borneol - It is said to occur in the camphor tree of Borneo and Sumatra (Dryobalanops camphora), but the natural borneol is rarely found in European or American commerce, being in great Request by the Chinese
Sisters of Divine Providence (San Antonio) - Founded at Castroville, Texas, in 1866, by Sister Saint Andrew from the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence of Lorraine at the Request of Bishop Dubuis of Galveston
Boanerges - Some suppose it was given on the occasion of their Request that Christ would call for fire from heaven, and destroy a village of the Samaritans, which had refused to entertain them, Luke 9:53,54
Dimissorial Letters - Such letters testify that the subject has all the qualities demanded by canon law for the reception of the order in question, and Request the bishop to whom they are addressed to ordain him
Letters, Dimissorial - Such letters testify that the subject has all the qualities demanded by canon law for the reception of the order in question, and Request the bishop to whom they are addressed to ordain him
Herodias - The head of John the Baptist was granted at the Request of Herodias
Sisters of Saint Joseph -(Boston) - Established at Jamaica Plain in 1873, from the Brooklyn foundation at the Request of Father Thomas Magennis; novitiate opened at Jamaica Plain in 1876, and after three transfers, established at Framingham, Massachusetts, mother-house at Brighton
Hero'Dias, - The head of John the Baptist was granted at the Request of Herodias
Nicholas Iii, Pope - At the Request of the Tatar khan he sent Franciscan missionaries to Persia and China
Simeon ben yohai, rabbi - The anniversary of his passing, the 18th of Iyar, known as Lag BaOmer, is celebrated every year, as per his Request
Giovanni Orsini - At the Request of the Tatar khan he sent Franciscan missionaries to Persia and China
Legion - The Lord said that His Father on His Request would send Him more than twelve legions of angels
Hell, Maximilian - At the Request of the King of Denmark he made observations of the transit of Venus of 1769 at Vardohuus, Norway, which owing to a delay in publication were considered forgeries
Readiness - Promptitude cheerfulness willingness alacrity freedom from reluctance as, to grant a Request or assistance with readiness
Mary Mediatrix - A feast of this title was granted to the dioceses of Belgium, at the Request of Cardinal Mercier, by Benedict XV, January 12, 1921
Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces - A feast of this title was granted to the dioceses of Belgium, at the Request of Cardinal Mercier, by Benedict XV, January 12, 1921
Quest - ) Request; desire; solicitation
Denial - ) A refusal to grant; rejection of a Request
Abishag - Solomon suspected in this Request an aspiration to the throne, and therefore caused him to be put to death (1 Kings 2:17-25 )
John Climacus, Saint - He lived for many years as a solitary at the foot of Mount Sinai, and in 600 acceded to the Request of the monks on Sinai to rule them as abbot, resigning this charge after four years
Achsa, Achsah - At her Request for springs of water Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs for the quickening of dry ground
Grey Nuns of the Cross - These Sisters were members of the Sisters of Charity of the General Hospital of Montreal, or Grey Nuns, and were sent to Ottawa at the Request of Bishop Phelan
Epping, Joseph - He was one of a band of Jesuits who went to Ecuador at the Request of Garcia Moreno, and became professor of mathematics at the Polytechnicum of Quito
Reject - To refuse to grant as, to reject a prayer or Request
Rose - Roses are greatly prized in the East, more especially for the sake of the rose-water, which is much Request
John - At the Request of Jesus, John, however, baptized him. John was beheaded in prison on Herod's birthday, at the Request of the wicked Herodias
John - At the Request of Jesus, John, however, baptized him. John was beheaded in prison on Herod's birthday, at the Request of the wicked Herodias
Domine Quo Vadis - At the urgent Request of the Christians, Peter was fleeing the persecution of Nero, when, seeing Christ, he fell at His feet crying "Lord, whither goest Thou?" Christ's reply that He was going to Rome to be crucified anew was interpreted by Peter as a sign to return to Rome, and he therefore retraced his steps to the city
Modest - ) Evincing modestly in the actor, author, or speaker; not showing presumption; not excessive or extreme; moderate; as, a modest Request; modest joy
Sisters of Notre Dame - In 1847 six sisters emigrated to the United States at the Request of Bishop O'Connor of Pittsburgh and the first convent was established in Baltimore
School Sisters of Notre Dame - In 1847 six sisters emigrated to the United States at the Request of Bishop O'Connor of Pittsburgh and the first convent was established in Baltimore
Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul (Newar - A community founded in 1859 at Newark, New Jersey at the Request of Bishop Bayley by Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan who had previously been a member of the Sisters of Charity in New York, and whose habit and constitutions were retained
Dissolution of a Marriage - But if, after a valid Christian marriage, there has been no intercourse (in Latin, matrimonium ratum sed non consummatum, a marriage made but not consummated), such a marriage may be entirely dissolved by a special act of the pope at the Request of one or both of the parties, or because one or both intend to make a solemn vow of religious profession
Modest - Moderate not excessive or extreme not extravagant as a modest Request modest joy a modest computation
Ono - Four times they made the Request, and every time Nehemiah refused to come
Marriage, Dissolution of a - But if, after a valid Christian marriage, there has been no intercourse (in Latin, matrimonium ratum sed non consummatum, a marriage made but not consummated), such a marriage may be entirely dissolved by a special act of the pope at the Request of one or both of the parties, or because one or both intend to make a solemn vow of religious profession
Entreat - ) To make an earnest petition or Request
Deny - ) To refuse to grant; to withhold; to refuse to gratify or yield to; as, to deny a Request
Abishag - Solomon interpreted the Request as a step toward becoming king and had Adonijah executed (1 Kings 2:23-25 )
Bid - To ask to Request to invite
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet - Established in 1836 by six sisters from the rnother-house at Lyons, at the Request of Bishop Rosati of Saint Louis, Missouri
Bathsheba - Acting as Adonijah’s intercessor in the matter of Abishag, she was most respectfully received by Solomon, but her unwise Request was refused ( 1 Kings 2:13-25 )
Dun - ) An urgent Request or demand of payment; as, he sent his debtor a dun
Prayer - ) The act of praying, or of asking a favor; earnest Request or entreaty; hence, a petition or memorial addressed to a court or a legislative body
Wish - ) Expression of desire; Request; petition; hence, invocation or imprecation
Eugene i, Pope Saint - As pope he demanded a profession of faith from Emperor Constans II, a defender of Monothelitism; the emperor however answered with a Request that the pope should enter into communion with the Patriarch of Constantinople
Quest - Request desire solicitation
Gomor'Rah - (Genesis 19:23-29 ) One of them only, Zoar (or Bela; which was its original name), was spared at the Request of Lot, in order that he might take refuge there
Ask - ...
A — 2: ἐρωτάω (Strong's #2065 — Verb — erotao — er-o-tah'-o ) more frequently suggests that the petitioner is on a footing of equality or familiarity with the person whom he Requests. It is used of a king in making Request from another king, Luke 14:32 ; of the Pharisee who "desired" Christ that He would eat with him, an indication of the inferior conception he had of Christ, Luke 7:36 ; cp. ...
In this respect it is significant that the Lord Jesus never used aiteo in the matter of making Request to the Father. In John 14:14 , where, not a question, but a Request is made by the disciples, aiteo, is used. ...
Both verbs are found in 1 John 5:16 : in the sentence "he shall ask, and God will give him life for them that sin not unto death," the verb is aiteo, but with regard to the sin unto death, in the sentence "not concerning this do I say that he shall make Request," the verb is erotao. See BESEECH , DESIRE , INTREAT , PRAY , Request. ...
A — 4: πυνθάνομαι (Strong's #4441 — Verb — punthanomai — poon-than'-om-ahee ) to ask by way of enquiry, not by way of making a Request for something, is found in the Gospels and the Acts, five times in the former, seven in the latter; in Matthew 2:4 , AV, "demanded," RV, "enquired," so Acts 21:33 . , "that which has been asked for," is used in Luke 23:24 , RV, "what they asked for" (AV, "required"); Philippians 4:6 , "requests;" 1 John 5:15 , "petitions. " See PETITION , Request , REQUIRE
John Xix, Pope - As pope he refused the Request of the Eastern emperor, Basil II, to allow the Byzantine patriarchs to assume the title "AEcumenical patriarch"; crowned Conrad the Salian emperor, 1027; allowed the subjects of King Canute of Denmark and England to travel to Italy free of customs duties; and settled a dispute between the archbishops of Milan and Ravenna in favor of the former
Friend at Midnight - The refusal, however final it may sound, does not discourage the petitioner, who finally obtains his Request
Borrow - But the word (sha'al) so rendered here means simply and always to "request" or "demand
Heber (2) - They had accompanied Israel to Canaan at Moses' Request (Numbers 10:29, etc
Urijah - He is called a faithful witness by Isaiah, Isaiah 8:2 ; but erred in constructing and using at the king's Request an altar unlike that prescribed in the law, Exodus 27:1-8 ; 38:1-7 ; 2 Kings 16:9-12
Romanus - As pope he refused the Request of the Eastern emperor, Basil II, to allow the Byzantine patriarchs to assume the title "AEcumenical patriarch"; crowned Conrad the Salian emperor, 1027; allowed the subjects of King Canute of Denmark and England to travel to Italy free of customs duties; and settled a dispute between the archbishops of Milan and Ravenna in favor of the former
Nabal - He was under great obligations to David, for protecting him from the robbers of the desert; and yet, in the very hour most suggestive of a grateful generosity, he churlishly refused David's modest Request of provisions for his needy troop
Caroline Books - A work in four books, which, though purporting to be Charlemagne's composition, was only written at his Request by another, possibly Alcuin or some Irish theologian at the Frankish court c
Adonijah - Solomon's response to this Request was to have Adonijah put to death
Amorites - The Israelites asked permission of the king to travel through their territory, promising to injure nothing, not even to draw water from their wells; but the Request was refused
Abishag - 2 Samuel 3:7-10; 2 Samuel 12:7-8; 2 Samuel 16:22), Solomon considered Adonijah’s Request to be an attempt to gain David’s throne
Prefer - ; to offer; to present; to proffer; to address; - said especially of a Request, prayer, petition, claim, charge, etc
Forbin-Janson, Charles Auguste Marie Joseph, Comte - At the Request of Bishop Flaget and Bishop Purcell, he was sent by Gregory XVI on a successful missionary tour through the United States and Canada, 1839-1841, and in 1842 went to Rome, where he was made a Roman count and Assistant at the Pontifical Throne
Salo'me -
The wife of Zebedee, (Matthew 27:56 ; Mark 15:40 ) and probably sister of Mary the mother of Jesus, to whom reference is made in (John 19:25 ) The only events recorded of Salome are that she preferred a Request on behalf of her two sons for seats of honor in the kingdom of heaven, (Matthew 20:20 ) that she attended at the crucifixion of Jesus, (Mark 15:40 ) and that she visited his sepulchre
Charles Joseph - At the Request of Bishop Flaget and Bishop Purcell, he was sent by Gregory XVI on a successful missionary tour through the United States and Canada, 1839-1841, and in 1842 went to Rome, where he was made a Roman count and Assistant at the Pontifical Throne
Hobab - When the Hebrews were about leaving mount Sinai, Moses Requested him to cast in his lot with the people of God, both for his own sake and because his knowledge of the desert its inhabitants might often be of service to the Jews. It would appear that he acceded to this Request, Judges 1:16 ; 4:11
Desire - A prayer or Request to obtain: He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him. To express a wish to obtain to ask to Request to petition
Another - One more, in addition to a former number, indefinitely as, grant one Request, they will ask another favor, another and another
Gaza - Mentioned in Acts 8, when the eunuch of Candace, Queen of Ethiopia, returning from Jerusalem where he had gone to worship, met Philip the Deacon and invited him into his chariot, that he might explain the writings of the prophet Isaias as they drove along; Philip "preached unto him Jesus," baptized him at his own Request, "and the eunuch went on his way rejoicing
Ambassador, - , and in the instances of civic strife mentioned (Judges 11:12 ) and Judges 20:12 Ambassadors are found to have been employed not only on occasions of hostile challenge or insolent menace, ( 1 Kings 20:2,6 ; 2 Kings 14:8 ) but of friendly compliment, of Request for alliance or other aid, of submissive deprecation and of curious inquiry
Joannes Scythopolita, Scholasticus in Palestine - Photius had read a work of his in 12 books, Against Separatists from the Church or Against Eutyches and Dioscorus , written at the Request of a patriarch Julianus, probably Julian patriarch of Antioch, A
John the Baptist, Saint - Publicly censoring Herod Antipas for having taken to himself Herodias, the wife of his brother, Philip, he was imprisoned and beheaded at the Request of the dancing daughter of Herodias (Mark 6)
Baptist, John the, Saint - Publicly censoring Herod Antipas for having taken to himself Herodias, the wife of his brother, Philip, he was imprisoned and beheaded at the Request of the dancing daughter of Herodias (Mark 6)
Lend, Lender - ...
A — 2: χράω (Strong's #5531 | 5531 — Verb — kichremi | chrao — khrah'-o ) "to lend," is used in the aorist (or "point") tense, Active Voice, in Luke 11:5 , in the Request, "lend me three loaves
Libel - a declaration, bill, certificate, Request, supplication, etc
Jacques Emery - It was he who at Bishop Carroll's Request sent the first Sulpicians to the United States
Vows - Some, such as the Nazirite vow (Numbers 6:1 ), were made out of devotion to God with no Request placed upon God
Rant - ) To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or Request; to give
Salome - She danced before Herod Antipas, and, by the Request of her guilty mother, asked the head of John the Baptist
Scorpion - Therefore, He does not grant our Request for it in prayer
Absolution - In the Divine Office, it is a short prayer recited by the officiant before each group of lessons at Matins implying permission or a Request that the lessons be recited
Rant - ) To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or Request; to give
Abishag - After his death, Adonijah Requested her in marriage, for which he lost his life; Solomon perceiving in this a design upon the crown also. By this Request he convinced Solomon, that he was still actuated by political views, and this brought upon him the punishment of treason
Septuagint - It takes its name from a false legend which says that at the Request of Ptolemy II (284-247), 72 scholars were sent from Jerusalem to Egypt to translate the Pentatetuch into Greek
Gilbertines - His Request was refused, however, as the Cistercians did not wish to take charge of the government of women
Campion, Edmund, Blessed - " He was captured, subjected to examination under torture, and finally granted his Request for a public disputation in which he was victorious, although denied opportunity for preparation
Tabitha - After Christ's example in the case of Jairus' daughter, "Peter put them all forth," and prayed (compare John 11:41-42), and then when he felt he had obtained his Request spoke the word of power, and gave her his hand to lift her up (Matthew 9:25; Mark 5:40-41)
Milcom - Solomon built sanctuaries to Milcom on the Mount of Olives at the Request of his foreign wives, reviving the ancient cult (1Kings 11:5,1 Kings 11:33 )
Artaxerxes - He granted Nehemiah's Request to go to Judah (Nehemiah 2:5-6 ), making him governor of Judah (Nehemiah 5:14 )
Edmund Campion, Saint - " He was captured, subjected to examination under torture, and finally granted his Request for a public disputation in which he was victorious, although denied opportunity for preparation
Chinnereth - The city apparently gave its name to the Sea and to the surrounding region with its several bays, thus explaining the plural form in 1 Kings 15:20 , which tells of Ben-hadad of Syria defeating the area in answer to the Request of King Asa of Judah
Sisters of Mercy - The Request was granted and the First General Chapter of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States was opened at Mount Saint Mary's Seminary of the West, Norwood, Ohio on August 26, 1929
Corban - The son would say to his needy parents, "It is a gift- whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me," that is, I have already devoted to God that which you Request of me, Mark 7:11 ; and the traditionary teachings of the Jewish doctors would enforce such a vow, and not suffer him to do aught for his parents against it, although it was contrary to nature and reason, and made void the law of God as to honoring parents, Matthew 15:3-9
Refuse - To deny a Request, demand, invitation or command to decline to do or grant what is solicited, claimed or commanded
Require - To ask as a favor to Request
Verb - In grammar, a part of speech that expresses action, motion, being, suffering, or a Request or command to do or forbear any thing
Lima, Rose of, Saint - The collect of her Mass closes with the Request that we may follow "in the good fragrance of Christ," alluding to her name as symbolic of the perfume of her virtue
de Smet, Pierre Jean - In 1851,1858, at the Request of the government, he calmed the troubles caused by the advent of the whites into California and Oregon
Marist Fathers - In the British Isles the Marist foundations began in 1850 at the Request of Cardinal Wiseman
Fathers, Marist - In the British Isles the Marist foundations began in 1850 at the Request of Cardinal Wiseman
Bid - ) To invite; to call in; to Request to come
Borrow - To take from another by Request and consent, with a view to use the thing taken for a time, and return it, or if the thing taken is to be consumed or transferred in the use, then to return an equivalent in kind as, to borrow a book, a sum of money,or a loaf of bread
Festus, Porcius - The Jews at once informed Festus against Paul, but he did not consent to their Request that Paul should be fetched to Jerusalem; he said he should be tried at Caesarea
Grant - To give to bestow or confer on without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or Request. Job 10 ...
God granted him that which he Requested
Requisition - ) To present a requisition to; to summon Request; as, to requisition a person to be a candidate
Tell - ) To order; to Request; to command
Ephod - Hence the church, in allusion to it, vehemently urgeth Christ in that Request, "Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm;" (Song of Song of Solomon 8:6) meaning, that she might be always in his remembrance, to live in his heart, and to be always looked upon as a seal, or signet, on the arm
Zik'Lag - (Joshua 19:5 ) We next encounter it in the possession of the Philistines (1 Samuel 27:6 ) when it was, at David's Request, bestowed upon him by Achish king of Gath
Amorites - This was the kingdom, and Heshbon the capital, of the Amorites, under Sihon their king, when the Israelites, in their way from Egypt, Requested a passage through their country. This Request, however, Sihon refused; and came out against them with all his force, when he was slain, his people extirpated, and his kingdom taken possession of by the Israelites
Society of Mary (Fathers) - In the British Isles the Marist foundations began in 1850 at the Request of Cardinal Wiseman
Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Associations were formed in many schools in Europe and, at the Request of Claudius Acquaviva, S
Adonijah - He considered Adonijah’s Request for Abishag as wife was a claim to David’s concubines, and therefore a claim to David’s throne (1 Kings 2:13-25; see ABISHAG)
Elishama - He taught the book of the law to the people of Judah at the king's Request (2 Chronicles 17:7-9 )
Heart: Seat of Spiritual Disease - When you reiterate your Request that something should be done for the external eruption, he gently shakes his head, and answers not a word
Apply - To make application to have recourse by Request as, to apply one's self to a counsellor for advice
Calling - ...
2 Peter 1:10 (b) Here is a Request to examine one's self carefully and thoroughly to see whether the gift of eternal life has really been implanted in the soul and whether the person is really saved
Loan - That which is lent any thing furnished for temporary use to a person at his Request, on the express or implied condition that the specific thing shall be returned, or its equivalent in kind, but without compensation for the use as a loan of a book or of bread
Philip (st.) And st. James' Day - Philip that certain Greeks went with the Request, "Sir, we wouldsee Jesus
Nicholas v, Pope - At the Request of James II of Scotland, he issued a Bull, 1450-1451, providing for the foundation of the University of Glasgow
Yield - ) To comply with; to assent; as, I yielded to his Request
Benedictus i, Pope - Misery and famine ensued, and Rome was only relieved eventually by a corn fleet from Egypt, dispatched at the pope's Request by the emperor Justin
Invocation - The Protestants censure and reject this opinion, as contrary to Scripture; deny the truth of the fact; and think it highly unreasonable to suppose that a limited, finite being, should be in a manner omnipresent, and, at one and the same time, hear and attend to the prayers that are offered up to him in England, China, and Peru; and from hence infer, that, if the saints cannot hear their Request, it is inconsistent with common sense to address any kind of prayer to them
Ahimaaz - When the royal forces had gained the victory, he offered to convey the news to David; but his Request was refused by Joab because of Absalom's death
Samaritans - 636, declined the Samaritans' Request to be permitted to help build the temple
Kadesh or Kadesh-Barnea - At their second visit occurred the death of Miriam, the murmuring of the people for water, the miraculous supply, the sin of Aaron and Moses in smiting the rock, and the fruitless Request for a passage through Edom, Numbers 20:1-22
Tommaso Parentucelli - At the Request of James II of Scotland, he issued a Bull, 1450-1451, providing for the foundation of the University of Glasgow
Marcellina (2), a Sister of Saint Ambrose - His three books de Virginibus , addressed to her, were written by her Request
Modestus - From this time Basil's influence with Modestus was so great that persons came from a great distance to Request letters from him to the prefect. Basil addresses Modestus with the respect due to his high official position, and expresses much gratitude for his readiness to listen to his Requests
Paulinus, Biographer of Ambrose - Ambrose, a work which he says he undertook at the Request of St
Mennas - On May 2, 536, he presided at a council assembled by Justinian at Constantinople at the Request of 11 bishops of the East and of Palestine, and of 33 other ecclesiastics, to finish the case of Anthimus, and to decide those of Severus of Antioch, Peter of Apamea, and the Eutychian monk Zoara. The Request had been made to pope Agapetus, who had died on Apr
Jean Racine - After the failure of Phedre in 1677, Racine severed his stage connections for 12 years, partly from conscientious motives and partly because of unjust criticism and rivalry; but, at the Request of Mme
Seventy - It is true that the church of God, by the Lord's appointment, is highly indebted to their ministry on this occasion, It is said to have been undertaken at the Request of Ptolomeus Philodelphus, then King of Egypt
Grain of Wheat - A parable occurring in John 12, given as an explanation, when after the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Philip and Andrew presented to Jesus the Request of some Gentiles to see Him, of why He must suffer and die before His glorification
Ananias - He was a good man who was ready to do GOD's will, He is a type of that servant of GOD who is ready to do that which he dreads naturally, and is willing to go on a moment's notice on any errand that GOD may Request
Zebedee - In Matthew 8:21 the disciple's Request, "Lord, suffer me first to go (home) and (wait until the death of, and) bury my father," may possibly refer to Zebedee; for the name "disciple" was given to but few, and a boat contained all the disciples Matthew 9:37; Matthew 8:23)
Apply - ) To make Request; to have recourse with a view to gain something; to make application
Keeper - " (John 17:12) So again the same or a similar Request is made, John 17:15 so also Psalms 121:5
Ramah - Baasha, king of Israel, sought to build or fortify the place against Asa, king of Judah, but this was averted by Israel being attacked by the king of Syria at the Request of Asa, who sent him a rich present of gold and silver
Knock - A stroke on a door, intended as a Request for admittance a rap
Racine, Jean - After the failure of Phedre in 1677, Racine severed his stage connections for 12 years, partly from conscientious motives and partly because of unjust criticism and rivalry; but, at the Request of Mme
Concubine - To seize on royal concubines for his use was probably the intent of Abner's act, (2 Samuel 3:7 ) and similarly the Request on behalf of Adonijah was construed
Pleasure - ...
Chêphets (חֵפֶץ, Strong's #2656), “pleasure; delight; desire; Request; affair; thing. “To do one’s desire” is to grant a Request (1 Kings 5:8)
Plagues of Egypt - They are introduced and performed by Moses; they cease at his Request
Calf, Golden - Image of God made by Aaron at the foot of Mount Sinai, pursuant to the Request of the Hebrews wearied by the protracted stay of Moses on the mountain (Exodus 32)
Well - While surprised that a Jew, even when urged by thirst, should thus accost a Samaritan, the woman did not deny the Saviour’s Request
Demand - ) A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to possess; Request; as, a demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great demand
Golden Calf - Image of God made by Aaron at the foot of Mount Sinai, pursuant to the Request of the Hebrews wearied by the protracted stay of Moses on the mountain (Exodus 32)
Abishai - We find the consistency of character maintained throughout the history; the same spirit prompting the Request at Hachilah," Let me smite Saul" (1 Samuel 26:8), as subsequently at Bahurim, when Shimei cursed David, prompted his exclamation "Why should this dead dog curse my Lord the king? let me take off his head" (2 Samuel 16:9)
Excuse - His inability to comply with the Request must be his excuse
Beseech - See PRAY , Request
Call - ) To make a demand, requirement, or Request. ) To command or Request to come or be present; to summon; as, to call a servant
Require - (2) In Luke 23:24 , AV, the noun aitema (see Request), "that which is asked for," is translated "as they required" (RV, "what they asked for")
Salome - John the Baptist, at that time a prisoner in the dungeons underneath the castle, was at her Request beheaded by order of Herod, and his head given to the damsel in a charger, "and the damsel gave it to her mother," whose revengeful spirit was thus gratified
Card - ) A published note, containing a brief statement, explanation, Request, expression of thanks, or the like; as, to put a card in the newspapers
Litany - A general supplication used in public worship to appease the wrath of the Deity, and to Request those blessings a person wants
Beer-Elim - But when the reader hath satisfied his mind on this point, there is another object, and that of an higher nature, that I would Request the reader to attend to
Jonah - But being overtaken by a storm, he was thrown overboard at his own Request, and miraculously preserved by being swallowed by a large fish
Yield - To comply with as, I yielded to his Request
Petrus, Bishop of Edessa - 505, Peter made a second application to the emperor, who received him with frowns and rebuked him for leaving his distressed flock at such a time, but, feeling the justice of the Request, remitted the taxes for the whole province, sending the order without informing Peter (ib
Petrus, Abbat of Saint Augustine's Monastery - " He must have returned some time before the death of Augustine and been appointed or designated by him and Ethelbert as the future head of the monastery, which at his Request Ethelbert was building outside the walls of Canterbury
Siivanus, Bishop of Calahorra - The first letter shows that Silvanus had, 7 or 8 years before, consecrated a bishop without any Request from the places comprised in his see or the approval of Ascanius
Pammachius, a Roman Senator - On Rufinus coming to Rome Pammachius, with Oceanus and Marcella, watched his actions in Jerome's interest, and on his publication of a translation of Origen's Περὶ Ἀρχῶν wrote to Jerome to Request a full translation of the work ( Epp. After this we hear of Pammachius only in connexion with the Bible-work of Jerome, who dedicated to him his commentaries on the Minor Prophets (406) and Daniel (407), and at his Request undertook the commentaries on Is
Call - To Request to meet or come. Also, to speak for to ask to Request as, to call for a dinner. Invitation Request of a public body or society as, a clergyman has a call to settle in the ministry
Demand - In French, demander generally signifies simply to ask, Request, or petition, when the answer or thing asked for, is a matter of grace or courtesy
Hear - God is said, speaking after the manner of men, to hear prayer, that is, to attend to it, and comply with the Requests it contains: "I love the Lord, because he hath heard," hath attended to, hath complied with, "the voice of my supplication," Psalms 116:1 . On the contrary, God is said not to hear, that is, not to comply with, the Requests of sinners, John 9:31 . Men are said to hear, when they attend to, or comply with, the Request of each other, or when they obey the commands of God: "He who is of God heareth," obeyeth, practiseth, "God's words,"...
John 8:47
Parmenianus, a Bishop of Carthage - Augustine, who, at the Request of his friends, discussed it in a treatise in three books, c
Lithuania - In the 13th century a Diocese of Lithuania, dependent directly on Rome, was created at the Request of the ruler, Prince Mendog; he and his family had embraced Christianity, but reverted to paganism before missionary work had made much progress
John Hughes - During the Civil War he went, in 1861, at the Request of the government, to France, where he helped to secure French loyalty to the federal government
Philemon - Paul Requested that Philemon forgive and receive Onesimus not as a slave but as a brother (Philippians 1:16 ). This Request was not made from Paul's apostolic authority but tenderly as a Christian friend
Hughes, John - During the Civil War he went, in 1861, at the Request of the government, to France, where he helped to secure French loyalty to the federal government
Ezra - " He was among the captives in Babylon, and by his own Request was permitted to return to Palestine
Abigail - He heard about Nabal's feast and Requested some food. Nabal, in a drunken state, refused the Request and insulted David's ten messengers
Could - He thought at first he could not comply with the Request but after consideration he determined to comply
Jezebel - He killed Joram and wounded the king of Judah, then as he rode into Jezreel, Jezebel, with painted face and head attired, looked from a window and taunted him with "Had Zimri peace who slew his master?" But on Jehu asking who was on his side, the eunuchs looked out, and at his Request they threw her down to the ground
Paulinus of Perigueux - The short dedication poem for the new basilica was written later, at the Request of Perpetuus
Polycrates, Bishop of Ephesus - This Request was made in the name of his church, as we learn from the use of the plural in the reply of Polycrates
Name - ...
Where there was such a connection between name and character, the Request to know a person’s name was a Request to know the character indicated by the name (Genesis 32:29; Exodus 3:13; Judges 13:17)
Aceldama - Now as the Lord Jesus, being considered by the law as a criminal, (John 18:30) was thus liable to have been cast out with the common dead; what an overruling power must it have been, to prompt the minds of the honourable counsellor, Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews, to have begged the forfeited body from Pilate!...
And there was another providence, directing all this to the accomplishment of the purpose intended; in that the Request was so well timed before the chief priests could influence Pilate's mind to refuse; and Pilate's mind so guided by the Lord, to grant the Request before that he had power to deliberate
Pray, Prayer - ...
A — 3: ἐρωτάω (Strong's #2065 — Verb — erotao — er-o-tah'-o ) "to ask," is translated by the verb to pray in Luke 14:18,19 ; 16:27 ; John 4:31 ; 14:16 ; 16:26 ; 17:9,15,20 ; in Acts 23:18 , RV, "asked" (AV "prayed"); in 1 John 5:16 , RV, "should make Request" (AV "shall pray"). 4), then, "an asking, entreaty, supplication," in the NT is always addressed to God and always rendered "supplication" or "supplications" in the RV; in the AV "prayer," or "prayers," in Luke 1:13 ; 2:37 ; 5:33 ; Romans 10:1 ; 2 Corinthians 1:11 ; 9:14 ; Philippians 1:4 (in the 2nd part, "request"); 1:19; 2 Timothy 1:3 ; Hebrews 5:7 ; James 5:16 ; 1 Peter 3:12 . ...
Notes: (1) Proseuche is used of "prayer" in general; deesis stresses the sense of need; it is used sometimes of Request from man to man
Mark, Saint Evangelist - Roman tradition relates that Saint Mark wrote his Gospel at the Request of the Roman Christians and under the direction of Saint Peter
Michelangelo Buonarroti - Meanwhile from 1524-1534 he had worked on the tombs of the Medici, in the sacristy of San Lorenzo, Florence, designed by him at the Request of Pope Clement VII
Appeal - Hence: To call on one for aid; to make earnest Request
Anthimus, Bishop of Tyana - Faustus immediately applied to Anthimus, who at once complied with his Request, thus setting canonical rules at defiance (Basil, Ep
Demetrius - He took an active interest in the Catechetical School, and is said to have sent one of its early chiefs, Pantaenus, on a [1] mission "to the Indians" on their own Request (Hieron
Gad - Moses granted their Request, on condition that they would accompany their brethren, and assist in the conquest of the land beyond Jordan
Gad - Moses granted their Request, on condition that they should accompany their brethren, and assist in conquering the land west of Jordan, Numbers 32:1-42
Marana And Cyra - These they laid aside at Theodoret's Request, but resumed after he left
Nebridius, a Friend of Saint Augustine - By and by Nebridius undertook to assist Verecundus in his grammar lectures at his earnest Request and that of Augustine
Cry - To call importunately to utter a loud voice, by way of earnest Request of prayer. A loud voice in distress, prayer or Request importunate call
King - The Request of the people (1 Samuel 8:5, etc. " It was not the mere desire for a king which is blamed, but the spirit of their Request and the circumstances under which they made it. Impatience of God's yoke (the laws of the theocracy), eagerness to imitate the nations around, and unbelief in trial, instead of seeking for the cause of their misfortunes in themselves, were the sin of their Request. It was sacrilegious to kill him, even at his own Request (1 Samuel 24:5-6; 1 Samuel 24:10; 1 Samuel 26:9; 1 Samuel 26:16; 2 Samuel 1:14; Lamentations 4:20)
Bashan-Havoth-Jair - Reuben's and Gad's Request to have the eastern Jordanic region followed immediately after Israel's conquest of Og and Sihon, and Jair immediately occupied Bashan The events in Numbers 22, etc
Mind - ...
Cease to Request me let us mind our way
Galilei, Galileo - In 1615 Galileo came to Rome at the Request of the Holy Office, which condemned the Copernican system as anti-scriptural and therefore heretical
Galileo Galilei - In 1615 Galileo came to Rome at the Request of the Holy Office, which condemned the Copernican system as anti-scriptural and therefore heretical
Ahasuerus - was the king of Persia, who advanced Esther to be queen, and at her Request delivered the Jews from the destruction plotted for them by Haman
Sisters of Saint Clare - The privilege of absolute poverty for the community as well as for individuals of the order had been granted by Pope Innocent III at the Request of the foundress
Second Order of Saint Francis - The privilege of absolute poverty for the community as well as for individuals of the order had been granted by Pope Innocent III at the Request of the foundress
Victricius - While there he received, in answer to a Request for information, the famous letter of Innocent I
Flavianus (16), Bishop of Antioch - of Alexandria, with letters of communion, and a Request for the same in return (Evagr. This exasperated Anastasius, who readily acceded to the Request of Xenaias and Soterichus that a council should be convened, ostensibly for the more precise declaration of the faith on the points at issue, but really to depose Flavian and Elias of Jerusalem; but it was broken up by the emperor's mandate, to the extreme vexation of Soterichus and Xenaias, without pronouncing any sentence (Labbe, Concil
Joannes Philoponus, Distinguished Philosopher - ...
At the Request of Sergius (ordained patriarch of Antioch by the Monophysites c. He complied with their Request, and the matter was committed to Joannes Scholasticus, who had succeeded Eutychius on his refusal to subscribe the Julianist edict of Justinian, A
Liguorians - At the Request of the Emperor Francis I, the first house of the Redemptorists was canonically established in Vienna, 1820
Charles Borromeo, Saint - In 1565, at his own Request, he took up residence at his episcopal city which had fallen into disorder through the absence of a resident archbishop for a period of 80 years; he devoted the rest of his life to reforming his diocese, creating parishes and establishing monasteries
Nehemiah - Raised to the office of cup-bearer to the Persian monarch, Nehemiah did not forget his desolated country, and was commissioned, at his own Request, to visit Jerusalem and rebuild the city; which he accomplished under the most perplexing difficulties
Ahimaaz - Zadok and Abiathar, who took back the ark to the city at David's Request, were to tell them while staying outside the city at Enrogel whatever Hushai directed
Quails - And he gave them their Request, but sent leanness into their soul
Apollos - Apollos refused the Request of the Corinthians for a speedy second visit ( 1 Corinthians 16:12 )
Counsel - Advice opinion, or instruction, given upon Request or otherwise, for directing the judgment or conduct of another opinion given upon deliberation or consultation
Face - ...
To accept ones face, is to show him favor or grant his Request
Reason - ) To support with reasons, as a Request
Redemptorists - At the Request of the Emperor Francis I, the first house of the Redemptorists was canonically established in Vienna, 1820
Reuben - At their Request, Reuben had their possession on the east of the Jordan, because it was 'a place for cattle
Bonifacius i, Pope - Boniface refused to entertain their Request until sent through the hands and with the consent of the papal legate, Rufus, archbp. Boniface immediately complained to Honorius that this law infringed the privileges of his see, and Theodosius, on the Request of his uncle, annulled it
Charge - To lay on, give or communicate, as an order, command or earnest Request to enjoin to exhort. To lay on, give or communicate, as an order, command or earnest Request to enjoin to exhort
Maximinus ii., Emperor - 7) copied from a pillar in Tyre, were issued, ascribing the famines, earthquakes, and pestilences to the wrath of the gods at the spread of the creed which was denounced as atheistic, and decreeing, at the alleged Request of the Syrians themselves, perpetual banishment against all who adhered to their denial of the state religion. From Nicomedia and the neighbouring cities the Christians were banished by an imperial edict, issued here as elsewhere, as at the Request of the citizens themselves (ix
Possidius, Bishop of Calama - In 407 he was one of a committee of seven appointed by Xanthippus, primate of Numidia, at the Request of Maurentius, bp. In 409, on June 14, a council was held at Carthage, and a deputation of four bishops, Florentinus, Possidius, Praesidius, and Benantus, was appointed to Request the protection of the emperor against the Donatists
Prayer - The pray-er should feel free to make Requests of God, which, according to biblical material is equivalent to letting God know the desires of one's heart (see Job 6:8 ; Psalm 21:2 ; Philippians 4:6 ). The human questions (Genesis 15:2,8 ), Requests guidance (Exodus 5:22-23 ; 32:11-13 ), complains (Numbers 11:1-15 ), reasons (Genesis 18:23 ), and bargains (Genesis 28:20-22 ). Indeed, by giving the disciples the paradigm prayer with the address "Our Father, " Jesus invited his followers to share in the same relationship with God he had, for it was customary in the Judaism of that time for individual religious groups to be united and characterized by a particular prayer (hence the disciples' Request in Luke 11:1 ). God can let himself be determined by the pray-er and grant what is asked for or, because God is Person, he can refuse the petitioner and deny the Request. (The very notion of "petition" or "request" implies this. But while this belief is presupposed by those who pray and teach about prayer in the Gospels and the New Testament church, in two prominent cases God's will is precisely not changed by human petitioning: in Jesus' Gethsemane prayer and in Paul's thrice-prayed Request to have his "thorn in the flesh" removed. We have already implied it by noting that God maintains the prerogative of denying the pray-er's Request. Such remembrances establish the ground on which a Request can be made and guide the petitioner to make appropriate Requests. By so praying, we also guard against the self-centered Request for personal gain, away from which biblical prayer seems to move, at least in the New Testament. The precise meaning of the Spirit's role in Romans 8:26-27 is variously interpreted, though it is usually associated with the regulation and purification of our Requests as the interpreter of the mind of God. Some argue that these parables teach perseverance in a Request until either our wills or the circumstances of our lives are altered
i am - A shortened form of God's response to Moses' Request for the name of the God of the patriarchs (Exodus 3:13-14 )
Sign - The sign need not be supernatural ( 1 Samuel 2:34 , Isaiah 8:18 ; Isaiah 20:3 ); but the Jews in the time of Christ desired miracles as proofs of Divine power ( Matthew 12:38 ; Matthew 16:1 , John 4:48 , 1 Corinthians 1:22 ), a Request which Jesus refused and condemned
Oregon - The two missionaries sent out by Bishop Signay of Quebec to the Oregon country in 1838, Reverend Francois Norbert Blanchet and Reverend Modeste Demers, settled by Request of the Hudson Bay Company in the Cowlitz valley within the present state of Washington, and it was not until the close of the year that Father Blanchet began his ministry in Oregon proper
Naaman - Through an Israelite slave-girl Naaman hears of the man of God who works miracles, and in the hope of being cured of his leprosy he comes to Elisha; it is, however, noteworthy that he comes at Elisha’s Request ( 2 Kings 2:8 ) in order that he may learn that ‘there is a prophet in Israel
Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalem - He at once resumed the oversight of his see at the earnest Request of all (ib
Reverence - In these passages we have reference to the adoration of Jesus by the Magi, Herod’s desire to do homage to the child at Bethlehem, the Request of the devil that Jesus should worship him, the disciples doing homage to their Lord by the sea, the Canaanite woman humbling herself before Jesus, the mother of James and John as she made her bold Request for her two sons, the disciples after the resurrection of Christ, the demoniac of Gadara before Jesus, the mock homage paid to Jesus on the Cross
Adonijah - The Request which Adonijah asks Bathsheba to convey (1 Kings 2:17 ) was the most grievous insult that could have been offered to the king; Adonijah would have known precisely what the result would be, viz. Secondly, Bathsheba is quite the last person he would have asked to prefer this Request; as mother of the king, and prime mover in the successful conspiracy which had robbed him of his succession, he would know better than to place himself so gratuitously within her power
Symmachus q. Aurelius - In 382 he headed a deputation in the name of the majority of the senate, to the emperor Gratian, to Request the replacement of the altar of Victory in the senate house and the restoration of their endowments to the vestals and the colleges of priests. 128, 129), and sternly refused the Request of another to be released from her vows before her time of service ended ( Epp
Hour - ’...
A similar tumult of emotion was produced towards the end of His ministry, by the Request of the Greeks to see Him (John 12:20). … Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone,’ is relevant to a prospect of possible exemption from the cross which the Request raised in Him, rather than to the Request itself
Foot - “To fall at someone's feet” showed humble submission, often when one had a Request (1 Samuel 25:24 ; Luke 17:16 )
Forgive - ...
The psalmist appealed to God’s great name in his Request for “forgiveness”: “For thy name’s sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great” ( Joannes Iii, Bishop of Jerusalem - The whole East followed the example of the capital, and John could, without fear of consequences, summon his synod to make the same profession of faith with his brother-patriarch in the imperial city, and was received into communion by pope Hormisdas, at the Request of Justin ( ib
Healing - On some occasions God may heal out of his love and compassion, without a Request from the afflicted (Matthew 14:14; Luke 4:40); on other occasions he may heal in response to the faith of the afflicted (Matthew 9:27-30; Mark 5:34; Mark 10:52; James 5:14-15)
Fig Tree - Disappointed by continual failure which leaves no hope for the future, the owner orders the tree cut down, but at the Request of the vine dresser he consents to try again and to spare the tree for another year
Kibroth Hattaavah - God punishes murmurers by "giving them their Request, but sending leanness into their soul" (Psalms 106:15)
Cyprus - , at his Request they preached before Sergius Paulus the "proconsul," KJV "deputy
Louvain, University of - Founded as a studium generale by a Bull of Pope Martin V, 1425, at the Request of John IV, Duke of Brabant; the faculty of theology was created by Pope Eugene IV, 1431
Bishop - In Great Britain, bishops are nominated by the king, who, upon Request of the dean and chapter, for leave to elect a bishop, sends a conge d'elire, or license to elect, with a letter missive, nominating the person whom he would have chosen
University of Louvain - Founded as a studium generale by a Bull of Pope Martin V, 1425, at the Request of John IV, Duke of Brabant; the faculty of theology was created by Pope Eugene IV, 1431
Joannes, Silentiarius, Bishop of Colonia - of Sebastia, metropolitan of the district, at the Request of the people of Colonia, consecrated him bishop of that see against his will
Bread - In some cases He sees that the thing we Request is like a stone. For this reason, He has to say "no" to our Request
Gold - Solomon is commended because he did not make Request for riches (1 Kings 3:11)
Report - ) An account or statement of the results of examination or inquiry made by Request or direction; relation
Aaron - ...
Aaron, alas, had not the stability of his brother,* but at the Request of the people, and apparently without a protest, made for them the golden calf: he also built an altar before it, and made proclamation of a feast to Jehovah on the morrow
Compassion, Merciful - …” We have the equivalent Aramaic word in Daniel’s Request to his friends: “That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret …” ( Chromatius, Bishop of Aquileia - ...
It was at his Request that St
Gold - Solomon is commended because he did not make Request for riches (1 Kings 3:11)
Proclus, Saint Patriarch of Constantinople - In 439, at the Request of a deputation from Caesarea in Cappadocia, he selected as their new bishop Thalassius, who was about to be appointed pretorian prefect of the East
Pilate Pontius - Of the Jews it is only asserted that, though they found no cause of death in Jesus, yet they desired Pilate that He should be slain; to Pilate no determination to release Him is ascribed, or even a disinclination to yield to their Request
Guest - ...
It should be noted here that the Request of Jesus to the Samaritan woman, ‘Give me to drink’ (John 4:7), was virtually, according to Eastern ideas, a claim on her hospitality, and in ordinary circumstances it would have been recognized and responded to at once. Her astonishment at the Request reminds us that between Jew and Samaritan there was no recognition of the law of hospitality (cf
Harvest - Ruth had not proposed to Naomi, her mother-in-law, to go to the field, and glean after the reapers; nor had the servant of Boaz, to whom she applied for leave, so readily granted her Request, if gleaning had not been a common practice in that country. These opinions receive some countenance from the Request which Ruth presented to the servant of Boaz, to permit her to glean "among the sheaves;" and from the charge of Boaz to his young men, "Let her glean even among the sheaves;" a mode of speaking which seems to insinuate that though they could not legally hinder Ruth from gleaning in the field, they had a right, if they chose to exercise it, to prohibit her from gleaning among the sheaves, or immediately after the reapers
John Carroll - In 1776, at the Request of the Continental Congress, he accompanied Charles Carroll, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Chase on a mission to Canada in a vain endeavor to secure the cooperation, or the neutrality, of that country in the Revolution
Carroll, John - In 1776, at the Request of the Continental Congress, he accompanied Charles Carroll, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Chase on a mission to Canada in a vain endeavor to secure the cooperation, or the neutrality, of that country in the Revolution
Meshach - " Daniel, when promoted to be chief governor over all the wise men of Babylon and ruler over the whole province, remembered his three friends (contrast Genesis 40:23; Ecclesiastes 9:15-16; Amos 6:6); and at his Request the king set them over the affairs of the province of Babylon (Daniel 2:48-49)
Maryland - In the Catholic colony of Maryland, established 1634, by Leonard Calvert, second son of George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, at whose Request the charter had been granted, "religious liberty," as Bancroft says, "obtained a home, its only home in the wide world
Salmon - Matthew’s account of the ambitious Request of the sons of Zebedee, she is represented as coming with her sons and prostrating herself before Jesus
Naming - That God knew Moses by name occasioned the granting of Moses's Request for divine presence (Exodus 33:12 ,Exodus 33:12,33:17 )
Solomon - " (Zechariah 6:13)...
But when we have looked at Solomon, king of Israel, as in those and the like instances, as becoming a lively type of the ever-blessed Jesus, and see in our Lord Jesus Christ a greater than Solomon in every one, I would Request the reader to detach from the person and character of David's son all that belongs not to him in those Scriptures, and particularly in the book of the Psalms, which are as if directed to him and spoken of him, but certainly with him have nothing to do
Zadok - At Absalom's revolt Zadok and the Levites bearing the ark accompanied David in leaving Jerusalem, but at his Request returned with the ark and along with Hushai and Abiathar became David's medium of knowing events passing in the city, through Jonathan and Ahimaaz
Peter - The Lord had intimated to him that he would die the death of a martyr (John 21:19 ), and historians relate that he was crucified, and with his head downward by his own Request: they also state that his wife died with him
Voice - 3:17), complying with another’s Request ( Ear-Rings - They wore ear-rings beside; for the household of Jacob, at his Request, when they were preparing to go up to Bethel, gave him all the ear- rings which were in their ears, and he hid them under the oak which was by Shechem
Caleb - When Joshua had entered the promised land, and conquered a considerable part of it, Caleb, with the people of his tribe, came to meet him at Gilgal, and finding that he was about to divide the land among the twelve tribes, Caleb petitioned to have the country which was inhabited by the giants allotted to him, on which Joshua blessed him and granted his Request
Solomon - He interpreted a Request from Adonijah as treason and executed him (1 Kings 2:13-25). ...
Solomon’s love for lavish religious ceremony also led him into trouble (1 Kings 3:3-4), but his Request for wisdom won God’s approval (1 Kings 3:5-14)
Gift, Giving - In other cases the return is of a less material character, consisting of the granting of a Request or the restoring of favour. Its acceptance was the sign of favour and of the granting of the Request ( Judges 13:23 , 2 Chronicles 7:1 ); its rejection, of disfavour ( Genesis 4:4 , Malachi 1:10 )
pe'Ter - At the last supper Peter seems to have been particularly earnest in the Request that the traitor might be pointed out. Origen says that Peter felt himself to be unworthy to be put to death in the same manner as his Master, and was therefore, at his own Request, crucified with his head downward
Temptation - His words to His mother in Cana (John 2:4) are explicable only if in her Request He found a suggestion of evil, that He should use His miraculous power at the bidding of His natural affection instead of at God’s command alone. May His refusal of the Request of the Syrophœnician woman (Matthew 15:24-27) not have been due to the fear lest a ministry of healing among the Gentiles might divert Him from the path of sacrifice to which He knew that His Father called Him? The Request of the Greeks also (John 12:21) stirred so deep emotion, because it seemed to suggest the possibility of an escape from the Cross, which had to be rejected as a temptation
Temptation - His words to His mother in Cana (John 2:4) are explicable only if in her Request He found a suggestion of evil, that He should use His miraculous power at the bidding of His natural affection instead of at God’s command alone. May His refusal of the Request of the Syrophœnician woman (Matthew 15:24-27) not have been due to the fear lest a ministry of healing among the Gentiles might divert Him from the path of sacrifice to which He knew that His Father called Him? The Request of the Greeks also (John 12:21) stirred so deep emotion, because it seemed to suggest the possibility of an escape from the Cross, which had to be rejected as a temptation
Napoleon i - On his Request, Pius sent him a chaplajn, to whom he said, 1821, "I was born in the Catholic religion
Elisha - He possessed, according to his own Request, "a double portion" of Elijah's spirit (2 Kings 2:9 ); and for the long period of about sixty years (B
Ezra - Artaxerxes manifested great interest in Ezra's undertaking, granting him "all his Request," and loading him with gifts for the house of God
Gibeon - During one of the sacrifices Solomon made in Gibeon, the Lord appeared and granted the new king's Request for wisdom (1 Kings 3:3-14 ; compare 1 Kings 9:2 )
Martha - When Jesus, after delaying for four days ( John 11:17 ) to come in response to their joint Request ( John 11:3 ), arrived, Martha was the first to hear of His arrival, and at once went to meet Him
Greatness - The basis for his Request revolves around the greatness of God's lovingkindness (Nehemiah 13:22 )
Aphraat (Aphrahat, Farhad - —These consist of a collection of 22 Homilies , written at the Request of a friend (a monk) to give an exposition of the Christian faith
Arsenius - ; and when a high-born Roman lady visited him during one of his occasional sojourns outside the desert, her Request to be remembered in his prayers was met by the brusque expression of a hope that he might be able to forget her
Gennadius (10), Bishop of Constantinople - ...
Gennadius ordained Daniel the Stylite presbyter, as related in that saint's life, at the Request of the emperor Leo, standing at the foot of the Pharos and performing the ceremonies there
Heart - ...
I could not for my heart refuse his Request
Festus - Festus supported Agrippa in demanding the removal of this wall, but yielded to the Request of the Jews that the whole matter might be referred to Nero, who upheld the appeal and reversed the judgment of his procurator
Calf - With this Request, preferred tumultuously, and in a menacing manner, Aaron in a moment of weakness complied
Johanan - ) Johanan consulted the prophet that Jehovah, Jeremiah's God, might show the Jewish remnant "the way wherein to walk, and the thing to do" (Jeremiah 42); imitating pious Hezekiah's Request for Isaiah's intercession (Isaiah 37:4), "lift up thy prayer for the remnant that is left
Leontius, Bishop of Antioch - Leontius could not forbid this popular devotion, but Requested its leaders to hold their meetings in church, a Request with which they complied
Prayer (2) - The third (which frequently means to ask a question), when used of making Requests, generally asks a person to do something (Mark 7:26, Luke 8:37, John 4:40; John 4:47; John 14:16; John 17:15; John 16:23-24). The fourth indicates a simple Request to give something (Matthew 7:7-11, Luke 11:9-13, John 14:13-14), the middle voice sometimes adding intensity to the Request. That men ‘ought always to pray and not to faint’ was evidently a marked feature in His teaching, and it appears in three different forms: (1) On two occasions, apparently, once spontaneously (Matthew 6:5-15), and once at the Request of a disciple (Luke 11:14), Christ gave His followers a definite form of prayer. Any Request which is consistent with His character and office, as represented by His name, may be made to His Father, with confidence that the prayer will be heard (John 15:7; John 15:16). Both Requests were made in spiritual ignorance. But even where this worship is accompanied by a Request that He would cleanse a leper (Matthew 8:2) or raise the dead (Matthew 9:18), this act of prostration does not necessarily imply more than that He was regarded as a great prophet (1 Kings 18:7, Daniel 2:46)
Peter - Origen adds, however, that Peter, deeming himself unworthy to suffer death in the same manner as his Master, was at his own Request crucified with his head downward
Micah, Micaiah - Micaiah, the son of Imlah ; a prophet of Jahweh who is called by Ahab, at the Request of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to prophesy concerning the result of a projected expedition against the Syrians
Gomorrah - Zoar or Bela alone of the five, at Lot's Request, escaped destruction by the fire from the Lord
Ear - ...
2 Kings 19:16 (a) This is a Request from the man of GOD for GOD to listen closely to his petition
Abimelech - Feeling his wound mortal, he was slain by his armorbearer, at his own Request, lest it should be said a woman slew him
Foolishness - The parable (Luke 12:16-21) was inspired by a Request which showed to Christ a heart so absorbed in thought of material good that it could not listen to His message
Naaman - He also Requested the prophet, that he might have two mules' load of earth to carry home with him from the land of Israel, most probably intending to build an altar with it in his own country; which seems, indeed, to be implied in the reason with which he enforces his Request: "Shall there not, I pray thee, be given to thy servant two mules' burden of earth; for thy servant will henceforth offer neither burnt-offering nor sacrifice to other gods but unto Jehovah
Help, Holpen - " It is used, in the Middle Voice, in Martha's Request to the Lord to bid her sister help her, Luke 10:40 ; and of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in helping our infirmities, Romans 8:26
Porphyrius, Patriarch of Antioch - Forewarned of his real character, pope Innocent received Porphyry's Request for communion with silence ( ib
Severianus, Bishop of Gabala - The Request was acceded to with applause
Parents (2) - Request and rejoinder have been explained of proverbial allusion (Adeney); it has been held that the permission really sought was to remain and support an aged father until he died (Theophylact); and this is possible. It is certainly hard to believe that, with burial following so quickly upon death as is the case in the East, a Request so thoroughly in accord with Jewish feeling (cf
si'Mon - According to Hippolytus, the earliest authority on the subject, Simon was buried alive at his own Request, in the confident assurance that he would rise on the third day
ti'Tus - He sends him back from Macedonia to Corinth, in company with two other trustworthy Christians, bearing the Second Epistle, and with an earnest Request, ibid
Repose - ) and the calmness of the whole attitude of Jesus (Mark 5:36); the quiet response, ‘I will come and heal him’ (Matthew 8:7), and the hurried, eager Request of the Roman captain on behalf of his servant
Do - ...
Do is also used in the imperative, to express an urgent Request or command as, do come help me, do make haste, do
Wanderings in the Wilderness - Their Request to pass through Edomite territory and to proceed along the King's Highway through Moab and into the Jordan Valley opposite Jericho was blocked by a show of military force by the king of Edom
Vengeance - In Jesus' parable of the unjust judge, a widow's persistent Request for vindication from her enemy is grudgingly granted
Gift - ...
It is notable that Christ’s only recorded Request for a personal favour should have been the occasion of that deep saying concerning ‘the gift of God’ (John 4:10)
Colossians, Epistle to the - ) A message to Archippus: the salutation by the hand of Paul, and a Request to remember his bonds close the epistle with "Grace be with you
Aaron (2) - Three of the passages contain historical references only: Luke 1:5 where Elisabeth is described as ‘of the daughters of Aaron’; Acts 7:40 which refers to the Request of the Israelites that Aaron would ‘make them gods’; and Hebrews 9:4 ‘Aaron’s rod that budded
Book - It might contain a written order, a commission, a Request, or a decree, as in: “And [2] wrote in the king Ahasuerus’ name, and sealed it [1] with the king’s ring, and sent letters by posts on horseback, and riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries” ( Philemon, the Epistle to - "...
"Paul was the common friend of the parties at variance; he must conciliate a man who had good reason to be offended; he must commend the offender, yet neither deny nor aggravate the fault; he must assert Christian equality in the face of a system which hardly recognized the humanity of the slave; he could have placed the question on the ground of his own personal rights, yet must waive them to secure an act of spontaneous kindness; his success must be a triumph of love, and nothing be demanded for the sake of the justice which could have claimed everything; he limits his Request to a forgiveness of the wrong and g restoration to favor, yet so guards his words as to leave scope for all the generosity which benevolence might prompt toward one whose condition admitted of so much alleviation
Foot - To kneel down and clasp the feet and even to kiss them is still the Oriental preliminary to an important Request
Epiphanius, Patriarch of Constantinople - John and count Licinius to Macedonia to receive the documents "libellos," or subscriptions of those who wished reunion with the Catholic church, at the Request of the apocrisiarius of Dorotheus bp
Hezekiah - " And to confirm to him the certainty of all these tokens of the divine regard, the shadow of the sun on the dial of Ahaz, at his Request, went backward ten degrees
Add - ...
2: προστίθημι (Strong's #4369 — Verb — prostithemi — pros-tith'-ay-mee ) "to put to" (pros, "to," tithemi, "to put"), "to add, or to place beside" (the primary meaning), in Luke 17:5 is translated "increase," in the Request "increase our faith;" in Luke 20:11,12 , "he sent yet" (AV, "again he sent"), lit
Joannes Talaia, Bishop of Nola - He obtained an edict from the emperor complying with this Request (Evagr
Lord's Prayer (ii) - ’s version being regarded as two separate Requests. ’ The petition is that we may not be brought into temptation, but may be delivered from the Tempter; and these are two aspects of the selfsame Request. For the prayer for bread naturally suggests the Request of the child to the Father, the prayer for forgiveness the petition of the subject to the King, and the prayer for deliverance from the Tempter the cry of one who feels in the presence of the world’s evil his utter dependence upon the strong and holy will of his Master and Lord. But it also reminds us that if we are the children of the heavenly Father, His home is the true home of our souls, and that, as always, so especially when we bow before His throne with our Requests, we must set our mind on the things that are above. The prayer is not to be spiritualized, with most of the Fathers, into a Request for the Bread of Life; it is literal bread, bread for bodily sustenance, that Jesus means us to ask for. Apart from Requests of a personal and particular kind, everything that the universal Christian heart need ask for is explicitly stated or implicitly enfolded here, whether things on earth or things in heaven, things human or Divine, things of the body or the spirit, things of the life that now is or of that which is to come. It teaches us that we are not heard for our much speaking, that long and elaborate prayers are unnecessary, that a simple Request like that of a child to a father is enough. The earthly has its claims, but the heavenly comes before it; and all Requests must be made in subordination to the Divine will. And Jesus justified the Request by replying, ‘When ye pray, say, Our Father,’ etc. ’ The invocation is addressed to ‘our Father,’ the Requests are on behalf of others as well as ourselves: ‘give us,’ ‘forgive us,’ ‘bring us not,’ ‘deliver us
Septuagint - According to one account, Ptolemy Philadelphus, king of Egypt, caused this translation to be made for the use of the library which he had founded at Alexandria at the Request and with the advice of the celebrated Demetrius Phalereus, his principal librarian. For this purpose, it is reported, that he sent Aristeas and Andreas, two distinguished officers of his court, to Jerusalem, on an embassy to Eleazar, then high priest of the Jews, to Request of the latter a copy of the Hebrew Scriptures, and that there might also be sent to him seventy-two persons, six chosen out of each of the twelve tribes, who were equally well skilled in the Hebrew and Greek languages. Farther, this version was neither made by the command of Ptolemy, nor at the Request nor under the superintendence of Demetrius Phalereus; but was voluntarily undertaken by the Jews for the use of their countrymen
Questions And Answers - In a few cases the questions are simply Requests for information. ) relates that Christ asked a similar question of Philip on the same occasion, ‘Whence are we to buy loaves, that these may eat?’ But the Evangelist is careful to show that he does not understand this to be simply a Request for information, by adding, ‘And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do. ’ The following is a list of simple Requests for information; it will be noted that they occur mostly in Mk. Again, Jesus often asked questions to lead men to an exact understanding of the circumstances connected with a question addressed to Himself, or with a Request asked of Him: Mark 10:3 (contrast Matthew 19:7) leads to a clear statement of the position of the Mosaic Law in regard to divorce, and enables Christ to contrast with it the higher law of God; Mark 10:38 = Matthew 20:22 corrects the false notions of the sons of Zebedee in regard to the Messianic Kingdom; cf
Doubt - If we have faith in God and do not doubt, we can move mountains and receive our Request through prayer (Matthew 21:21 ; Mark 11:23 )
Micaiah - Consulted by Ahab at Jehoshaphat's Request when undertaking the joint expedition against Ramoth Gilead, which Benhadad had engaged to restore (1 Kings 20:34)
Calf, Golden - At the Request of the people, who had begun to despair of Moses’ return from the mount, Aaron consented to make a god who should go before them on the journey to Canaan
Laying on of Hands - That this endowment does not mean the essential gift of spiritual life, but some kind of ‘manifestation’ ( 1 Corinthians 12:7 ), is proved when Acts 9:17 (‘filled with the Holy Ghost’) is compared with Acts 2:4 , and when Acts 8:15 ; Acts 8:17 is read in the light of the Request of Simon Magus ( Acts 8:18 ff
Theophany - At the conclusion of the book the Lord appears in a thunderstorm to deliver two discourses, designed to grant Job's Request for a hearing and arguably to supply at least one of the meanings for Job's affliction: God is sovereign
Ass - Achsah's ass ( Joshua 15:18), "a time to get," when she lighted off her ass to make her Request and get what she asked
David - Jehovah denies David’s Request, but promises to build for him an everlasting house, a dynasty without end
Philippi - Immediately after Polycarp wrote to the Philippians, sending at their Request a copy of all the letters of Ignatius which the church of Smyrna had; so they still retained the same sympathy with sufferers for Christ as in Paul's days
Remove, Depart - God says He will “accept” Lot’s Request; He reassures Lot that things will go the way he wants them to ( Speak - 8:13), He granted his Request
David - Jehovah denies David’s Request, but promises to build for him an everlasting house, a dynasty without end
Petrus, Patriarch of Jerusalem - The emperor, flattered by this appeal at once to his ability as a theologian and his authority as a ruler, the petition being supported by a Roman deputation, headed by Pelagius, then at Constantinople on ecclesiastical business, granted the Request and issued a decree condemning the heresies of Origen, and ordering that no one should hereafter be created bishop or abbat without first condemning him and other specified heretics
Lord's Prayer - ...
The Request of one of the disciples ‘Lord, teach us to pray’ (Luke 11:1 ) expresses a desire which doubtless found a place in the hearts of all. Christ had been engaged in prayer; then, in response to a Request, He delivered a form for the use of His disciples, and enforced the instruction by a parable and exhortations teaching the power of earnestness in prayer
Leo i, the Great - Again, after the disastrous termination of the Ephesine synod, Leo cannot obtain from the emperor his Request for a gathering in Italy. Theodosius had sent a Request that Leo would be present at the council. ), there are two to the emperor, urgently Requesting that a more oecumenical council may be held in Italy. This Request, made in the name of all the bishops and churches of the West ("nostrae partes," xliv. The ground of the Request is especially the appeal of Flavian to Rome an appeal for the justification of which Leo offers the authority of a Nicene canon ( Ep. 25 Leo, still surrounded by his council, presses his Request to the emperor again (Ep. This he demands somewhat peremptorily, sending legates to explain his views, and renewing his Request for an Italian council ( Ep
Titus, Epistle to - It may have been a reply to a Request from Titus for guidance, or may have been written by the Apostle on his own initiative, to assist his delegate in the difficulties that faced him
Struggles of Soul - The language He used shows that He felt as temptations to turn from His Divinely appointed path, His mother’s appeal at Cana (John 2:4), and Peter’s remonstrance at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:23); and even the Request of the Greeks for an interview (John 12:27)
Thirst - Early in His public ministry, as He was journeying back from Judaea to Galilee, leaving the former country as a result of Pharisaic hostility, the writer of the Fourth Gospel notices that Jesus suffered the pangs of thirst, and records His Request for a drink of water from the Samaritan woman as she came to draw water from ‘Jacob’s spring’ (πηγὴ τοῦ Ἰακώβ, John 4:6)
Legs - The Jews did not make their Request to Pilate with the desire to intensify the sufferings of Jesus and the robbers, but because only in this way could they have the bodies taken down
Perish - ” After the second plague Pharaoh’s counsellors told him to grant Israel’s Request to leave because the nation was in ruins: “… knowest thou not yet that Egypt is destroyed [3]?” ( Eucherius, Saint, Bishop of Lyons - The Collationes of Cassian, composed at the Request of Eucherius, had given so vivid a picture of the hermits of the Thebaid as to call forth this epistle
Anitipas - " The king was afflicted at this Request; but in consideration of his oath, and of the persons at table with him, he sent one of his guards, who beheaded John in prison
Benhadad - Thus completely defeated, Benhadad submitted to beg his life of the king of Israel, who not only granted his Request, but gave him his liberty, and restored him to his crown upon certain conditions, 1 Kings 20
Meletius, Bishop of Lycopolis - At Alexander's Request he handed in a list of his clerical adherents, including 29 bishops, and in Alexandria itself 4 priests and 3 deacons
Dominion (2) - —The word ‘dominion’ occurs only once in the Authorized Version of the Gospels, as part of the phrase ‘exercise dominion over’ (κατακυριεύουσιν), in that passage in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 20:25) which records our Lord’s reply to the ambitious Request of Salome on behalf of her sons, and the words which He addressed to the disciples at the time. The answer of Jesus in both cases—to the ambitious Request of Salome, and to the dispute among the disciples—was the same, and the principle which He laid down was to this effect
Simeon - Judges 1:3 ; Judges 1:17 makes Simeon join with Judah, at the latter’s Request, in making the first attack upon the Canaanites, over whom they won a decisive victory at Bezek
Deborah - Deborah accompanied him at his Request
Rebuke - ’ (4) The Pharisees’ Request that Jesus would rebuke His followers for hailing Him as Messiah, only served to make more clear and definite His acceptance of that homage with all it meant (Luke 19:39)
Reuben - So, at their Request, they were allowed to occupy Og's and Sihor's territories E
Mary - ...
At the wedding in John 2:1-12Jesus appears to reject his mother's Request and then immediately does what she asks! However, she is there as his first disciple to behold his first miraculous sign
Jairus - of a Request that one dead should be restored to life
Exclusiveness - He granted the Request of the Roman centurion who sought the healing of his servant, eulogizing at the same time his faith as something without a parallel even in Israel (Matthew 8:10)
Jacobus, Bishop of Nisibis - Anthony at Venice, together with a Request for some of his works from a Gregory and James's reply
Miltiades, Bishop of Rome - Constantine, according to Optatus, was greatly annoyed at being called upon to settle disputes among the clergy, but he complied with the Request, nominating three Gallic bishops whom he commanded to go speedily to Rome to adjudge the matter in conjunction with Miltiades
Prayer - ...
(3) The words for ‘seek’ and ‘ask’ may be used of Requests or inquiries made to man ( e. One word denotes the Request of the will ( e. Matthew 6:8 ), another the Request of need ( e. Acts 8:22 ), another the form of the Request ( e. Not seldom, however, there is a more spiritual aim: in Psalms 51:1-19 pardon is sought for its own sake, not to avert punishment, and Psalms 119:1-176 is notable for repeated Requests for inward enlightenment and quickening
Rufinus of Aquileia - That he made the acquaintance of Jerome in early life is shewn by his Request to him when about to go into Gaul, c. They were undertaken in no distinct order, but according to the Request of friends. The preface says it is written in response to repeated Requests of the monks on the Mount of Olives. § 4) grounds upon this with much reason the theory that Petronius, having been in the East, and having received the Request of the Olivetan monks, but having himself, as Gennadius testifies, but little skill in composition, on his return to the West begged Rufinus to write the history. The letter of Anastasius which told him of the rumours against him at Rome and Requested him to come there to clear himself, drew from him the Apologia ad Anastasium , a short document of self-defence not lacking in dignity. He enjoyed the friendship of Chromatius, at whose Request he consented to cease his strife with Jerome, though Jerome, adjured by the same bishop, refused to do so (Hieron
Esther - The Jews defended themselves so effectually on the day appointed by Haman for their slaughter that in Shushan the palace alone they slew 500 and Haman's ten sons on one day, and, by Esther's Request granted by the king, slew 300 at Shushan; and the Jews in the provinces, "standing for their lives," slew 75,000, "but on the spoil laid they not their hand. ...
The hand of Providence is to be traced palpably in the overruling of the king's reckless feastings and wanton deposing of Vashti because she shrank from violating her own self respect, to laying the train for His appointed instrument, Esther's elevation; in Mordecai's saving the king's life from the two would-be assassins, and the recording of the fact in the royal chronicles, preparing the way for his receiving the royal honors which his enemy designed for himself; in Haman's casting Pur, the lot, for an auspicious day for destroying the Jews, and the result being, by God's providence which counterworked his appeal to chance, that the feast of Purlin is perpetually kept to commemorate the Jews' preservation and his destruction; in Esther's patriotic venture before the king after previous fasting three days, and God's interposing to incline the king's heart to hold out to her the golden scepter, ensuring to her at once life and her Request (Proverbs 21:1); in Haman's pride at being invited to the queen's banquet and his preparing the gallows for Haman, and Providence, the very night before it, withdrawing sleep from the king so that the chronicles were read for his pleasure, and Mordecai's service was thus brought to his remembrance, so that when Haman came to solicit that Mordecai should be hanged the king met him with the question, "What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honor?"...
Then, in Haman supposing himself to be the object of honor, and suggesting the highest royal honors (such as Joseph had from the Egyptian king, Genesis 41:43), and thus unwittingly being constrained with his own voice and hand to glorify him whom he had meant to destroy; then in the denouement at the queen's banquet, and Haman's execution on the very gallows he erected for Haman (Psalms 7:14-16); and the consequent preservation from extinction of the holy race of whom Messiah must spring according to prophecy, and of whom Isaiah (Isaiah 54:17) writes, "no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee thou shalt condemn. At the same time Scripture does not hide from us the fact of her not being above the vindictiveness of the age and the country, in her Requesting that Haman's ten sons should be hanged, and a second day given the Jews to take vengeance on the enemies who had sought to kill them
Benediction - The Request made to Christ is that He should touch the children (Mark 10:13 = Luke 18:15; but cf. || Matthew 19:13), and that is something different from a Request that He should bless them (see Mark 5:28, and cf
Peter - 68); being at his own Request nailed to the cross head downwards, since he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as his Lord. He wrote it, Jerome says, at the Request of the brethren at Rome when he was there with Peter; and on hearing it Peter approved it and authorized its use by the Church
Benediction - The Request made to Christ is that He should touch the children (Mark 10:13 = Luke 18:15; but cf. || Matthew 19:13), and that is something different from a Request that He should bless them (see Mark 5:28, and cf
Look - ...
A — 6: ἐπιβλέπω (Strong's #1914 — Verb — epiblepo — ep-ee-blep'-o ) "to look upon" (epi, "upon"), is used in the NT of favorable regard, Luke 1:48 , RV, "he hath looked upon" (AV, "hath regarded"), of the low estate of the Virgin Mary; in Luke 9:38 , in a Request to the Lord to "look" upon an afflicted son; in James 2:3 , RV, "ye have regard" (AV, "
Borrow - Hence, therefore, the original word is not, in the strict sense of it, to borrow as a loan; but may be rendered, to ask or Request, or beg and crave
Save - This is a Request to preserve them from possible death
Protestant - The Emperor Charles V called a diet at Spire, in 1529, to Request aid from the German princes against the Turks, and to devise the most effectual means for allaying the religious disputes which then raged in consequence of Luther's opposition to the established religion
Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria - Sozomen corrects this by saying that Theodosius granted to Theophilus, at his own Request, the temple of Dionysus, on the site of which he proposed to build a church (vii. In 395, at the Request of bp. At his Request the Augustal prefect decreed their expulsion from Egypt; and Theophilus is said to have attacked the Nitrian settlement by night at the head of a force which was to execute this order. Meantime the "Brothers" had laid before the emperor Arcadius their charges against Theophilus, and Requested the empress Eudoxia to promote a formal hearing of the case, and even to cause Theophilus to be brought to Constantinople to be tried by its bishop
Kiss - Hence the spouse in the Canticles, speaking of her soul's desire for the coming and manifestation of Christ in the flesh, with all the blessings connected with that manifestation, sums up her very ardent Request in that comprehensive expression, "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for his love is better than wine
Body - (Luke 1:26-53) And I would farther beg him to turn to the Scriptures of the prophets, who, with one voice, pointed to this great event in all their ministrations, (Isaiah 7:14; Isa 9:6; Micah 5:2) And when the reader hath gone over all these Scriptures of the Old Testament, I Request him to finish the enquiry in reading the history of the facts themselves, as they are recorded in the New, and bless God for his grace and condescension in bringing the church acquainted with such an event, in the interest of which our present and everlasting happiness is so intimately concerned
Esther - The king granted her Request. When Esther prepares herself to present herself unrequested into the presence of the king, prayer does not accompany fasting
Titus - Probably he met Paul, as the apostle Requested, at Nicopolis, for his journey into Dalmatia subsequently would be more probable from Nicopolis than from distant Crete (2 Timothy 4:10; Titus 3:12). His energy appeared in his zeal at Paul's Request to begin at his former visit to Corinth the collection about which the Corinthians were somewhat remiss (2 Corinthians 8:6; 2 Corinthians 8:16-17; 2 Corinthians 8:18)
Gerizim - ’ This Request was refused (Ezra 4:1-3), and thus the founding of a rival shrine became inevitable
Look - The first natural Request of a child—‘You are going to tell me about Jesus, then tell me what He was like’—puts a question the Evangelists do not even begin to answer; and in a tale generally so frank and childlike this fact is not without significance
Antonius - 335 he revisited Alexandria, at the urgent Request of Athanasius, to preach against the Arians (Theod
Jephtha - It hath been said, however, by those who suppose she was, that the distress of the father in meeting her at his return home, the expression he made use of, and the Request she made him of a given space to be allowed her for lamentation, and his doing with her according to his vow after that time was expired, are proofs in point
Andrew - And the second occurred when to Philip, again perplexed by the desire of certain Greeks (Gentiles, therefore) to see Jesus, Andrew suggested that the true course was at least to lay the Request before Jesus Himself, and leave Him to decide whether or not it could be granted (John 12:20 ff
Mark - The following passage in Eusebius appears to contain so probable an account of the occasion of writing this Gospel, and comes supported by such high authority, that we think it right to transcribe it: "The lustre of piety so enlightened the minds of Peter's hearers at Rome, that they were not contented with the bare hearing and unwritten instruction of his divine preaching, but they earnestly Requested St. Peter, at the Request of the brethren at Rome, which, when St
Leave, Left - leave" (AV, "suffer" and "suffered"); in John 19:38 , of Pilate's permission to Joseph to take away the body of the Lord; in Acts 21:39 , of Paul's Request to the chief captain to permit him to address the people, RV, "give
Balaam - At the Request of Balak he changed his position again and again on the heights above the Dead Sea, in the hope of obtaining a different oracle, but the message he had to deliver remained the same, and he foretold the future splendour of Israel ( Numbers 24:2 ff
Philemon, Epistle to - He founds his appeal on what he has heard of Philemon’s love ‘toward all the saints’ ( Colossians 4:9 ; Philippians 1:9 ); yet makes it also a personal Request from ‘Paul the aged and now a prisoner,’ who has claims upon Philemon’s service ( Philippians 1:9-14 ; Philippians 1:17 ; Philippians 1:20 ), with just a hint of an authority which he will not press ( Philippians 1:8 ; Philippians 1:19 ; Philippians 1:21 , ‘obedience’)
Timotheus, Called Aelurus - The emperor Leo refused the Request of the emissaries of Timotheus for immediate action against the authority of the council of Chalcedon, which he had already constructively upheld by confirming the ecclesiastical acts of his predecessors (cf. 524), but yet deemed it expedient to send copies of both memorials to the bishops of Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, and Jerusalem, and to 55 other prelates and three leading monks (one of them being Symeon Stylites), Requesting their opinion as to the case of Timotheus and as to the authority of the council (Evagr
Exodus, the - ...
Pharaoh's refusal of this reasonable Request (Exodus 3:18) ended in Moses' demand for their absolute manumission and departure (Exodus 11; Exodus 12:31-33). The result was, the latter were so anxious for Israel's departure that these "asked" (not "borrowed," shaal ) and the Egyptians freely "complied with the Request by giving" (not "lent," hishil ) raiment and jewels (Exodus 12:35-36)
John, the Gospel According to - Written at Ephesus at the Request of the Asiatic bishops to set forth more profoundly Christ's Divinity (Jerome, Prolegomena in Matthew). 3, confirms the statement) that John wrote at his friends' Request to give Christ's "spiritual" aspect, the former Gospels already having given His "bodily" aspect
Synagogue - They had asked their Master to give them a distinctive one, and he had complied with their Request, ( Luke 11:1 ) as the Baptist had done before for his disciples, as every rabbi did for his
Sight - Royal saliva was greatly in Request for healing purposes, and an instance is recorded of Vespasian using his saliva with excellent effect, after having first inquired of the physician if the malady were curable (Tacitus, Hist
Blindness (2) - ’ Jesus seems unwilling at first to grant their Request, as we are told that it was not till they had entered the house with Him that He turned a favourable ear to their entreaty
Apostolic Fathers - ...
Polycarp's Epistle of Polycarp is a cover letter sent with “as many as he had” of the letters of Ignatius at the Request of the church of Philippi
Linus (1) - Peter Requests to be crucified head downwards desiring out of humility not to suffer in the same way as his Master. " Linus relates how during Peter's crucifixion God at the Request of the apostle opened the eyes of his sorrowing disciples and so turned their grief into joy
Olympias, the Younger - Among these Palladius enumerates Amphilochius, Optimus, the two brothers of Basil, Gregory Nyssen (who dedicated to her the Commentary on a portion of the Song of Solomon, which he had written at her Request, Greg
Sedulius, 5th-Cent. Poet - This was dedicated to Macedonius, and afterwards, at his Request, was translated into prose ( Opus Paschale )
Leucius, Author of n.t. Apocryphal Additions - 14) as to John's composition of Fourth Gospel at the Request of his friends. In the Muratorian Fragment the Request is urged by the apostle's fellow-bishops in Asia; he asks them to fast three days, begging for a revelation of God's will, and then it is revealed to Andrew that John is to write. Thus they tell that the cause of the Request that John should write was the spread of Ebionite heresy, which required that something should be added concerning the divinity of our Lord to what St
Hieronymus, Eusebius (Jerome) Saint - He undertook, at the Request of Damasus, a revision of the version of the Psalms (vol. He, also at the Request of Damasus, revised the N. He also, at the Request of Damasus and others, wrote many short exegetical treatises, included among his letters (on Hosanna , xix. ) Jerome had already, as we have seen, translated in part his book on the Holy Spirit; and now, at the Request of his distinguished pupil, Didymus composed his Commentary on Hosea and Zechariah (Hieron
Augustinus, Aurelius - ) and a friend, a bishop, himself a convert from Manicheism, whom she entreated to argue with her son, while wisely refusing her Request, dismissed her with the words, "It cannot be that the son of those tears of yours should be lost. Ambrose had in answer to his Request for advice recommended him to read Isaiah. The de Musica was a portion of the above-named unfinished work on the "liberal arts": he wrote it at the Request of an African bishop. to the Romans, and at the Request of his friends committed the results to writing (see below, § 10)
Nehemiah - Request?" Nehemiah ejaculated his Request to God first, then to the earthly king
Samuel - This Request was very displeasing to Samuel
Gestures - The raising of hands in prayer is a gesture signifying one's Request is unto God (Psalm 141:2 ; 1 Timothy 2:8 )
Zacharias - Others have asked why Zacharias should be censured here, and not the virgin Mary (Luke 1:34-35), not observing that hers was not a question of doubt, ‘Whereby shall I know?’ but a Request for direction (πῶς ἔσται τοῦτο;), ‘How is it to be brought about?’—a question implying faith as to the event itself
Comfort - ’ (The use of παράκλησις as ‘request’ occurs in 2 Corinthians 8:17; παραμύθια is rendered ‘consolation’ in 1 Corinthians 14:3; παραμύθιον, translated ‘consolation,’ rather indicates persuasive address in Philippians 2:1; the verb is used in 1 Thessalonians 2:11; παρηγορία = ‘comfort’ in Colossians 4:11
Cassianus (11) Johannes, Founder of Western Monachism - 420 at the Request of Castor, bp
Dionysius (3), Bishop of Corinth - in speaking of them, but adds that they were written at the Request of brethren
Alexander - With this Request Alexander readily complied
Palladius, Bishop of Helenopolis - On the departure of the Italian deputation sent by Honorius to his brother Arcadius, Requesting that the whole matter should be subjected to a general council, Palladius and the other refugees accompanied them (Pallad. The work takes its name from one Lausus or Lauson, chief chamberlain in the imperial household, at whose Request it was written and to whom it is dedicated
Philip - But it is equally characteristic that, as he realized the greatness and significance of the Request, coming as it did from pure Gentiles, he should hesitate to act upon it on his own responsibility
Alexander, of Alexandria - Alexander's next step was to write to Arius and his supporters, including two bishops, five priests, and six deacons, exhorting them to renounce their "impiety"; and the majority of the clergy of Alexandria and the Mareotis, at his Request, subscribed his letter
Timothy - " The last notice of Timothy is Paul's Request (2 Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 4:21) that he should "do his diligence to come before winter" and should "bring the cloak" left with Carpus at Troas, which in the winter Paul would so much need in his dungeon: about A
Moses - ...
Moses again put his Request to Pharaoh, and again Pharaoh refused (Exodus 7:1-13)
Gentiles (2) - Moreover, it was in the same Gentile-infected Galilee that the most important part of His ministry was carried on, and He even went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon (Mark 7:24), and also taught and healed those who came to Him from thence, together with those who sought Him from Decapolis (Matthew 4:25), and from Idumaea, and from beyond Jordan (Mark 3:8); nor did He disdain to remain on one occasion for two days among the Samaritans at their Request (John 4:40)
Samuel - This was the occasion of the Israelite elders Requesting for a king. ...
Displeased at the Request, Samuel had one unfailing resource, he prayed to Jehovah
Elijah - The brook at length becoming dry, he went to Zarephath belonging to Zidon at the commandment of the Lord, where he lodged with a poor widow, whose faith was tested at the outset by the prophet's Request that she should provide for his need first from her slender store of meal and oil, on the assurance of the Lord God of Israel that her barrel of meal and cruse of oil should not waste till He sent rain on the earth
Deliver - The verb also is used of “giving” or “granting” a Request ( Nebuchadnezzar the Great - At his Request he granted to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, the oversight of the works of the same province of Babylon
Elijah - The brook at length becoming dry, he went to Zarephath belonging to Zidon at the commandment of the Lord, where he lodged with a poor widow, whose faith was tested at the outset by the prophet's Request that she should provide for his need first from her slender store of meal and oil, on the assurance of the Lord God of Israel that her barrel of meal and cruse of oil should not waste till He sent rain on the earth
Petrus ii., Archbaptist of Alexandria - To promote the peaceful succession of an orthodox bishop, Athanasius, being Requested to recommend one who could be elected by anticipation, named Peter, whom Gregory Nazianzen describes as honoured for his wisdom and grey hairs ( Orat. When describing the uncanonical intrusion of Lucius, he refers to the three elements of a proper episcopal election, as fixed by "the institutions of the church"—(1) the joint action of the assembled bishops of the province, (2) the vote (ψήφω ) of "genuine" clergy, (3) the Request of the people (αἰτήσει , the Latin suffragium , as Cyprian uses it, Ep. collegio"; and for the "requests" of the people, sometimes urgently enforced, see Athan
Philaster, Bishop of Brixia - When Augustine at length yielding to his correspondent's Request wrote a short treatise on heresies he first gives an abstract of the 60 post-Christian heresies discussed by Epiphanius and then adds a list of 23 more from Philastrius remarking that this author gives others also but that he himself does not regard them as heresies
Prayer - A Request or petition for mercies; or it is "an offering up our desires to God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, by the help of his Spirit, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies. We should not always confine ourselves to one set form of words to express any particular Request; nor take too much pains to avoid an expression merely because we used it in prayer heretofore. It has been objected, that, "if what we Request be fit for us, we shall ha
Maccabees - 37) by Antony at the Request of Herod (Jos. At the Request of his sister he was made high priest by Herod (b
Joseph - " Pilate having ascertained from the centurion that the death had really taken place, granted Joseph's Request, who immediately, having purchased fine linen (Mark 15:46 ), proceeded to Golgotha to take the body down from the cross
Spirituality - God is even argued with, particularly to persuade God that the pray-er's cause is just and that God would be benefited if the Request were granted (Genesis 18:25 ; Exodus 32:11-12 )
Ahab - A prophet invested with the divine commission ("in the word of the Lord": Haggai 1:13) Requested his neighbor to smite him; refusing, he was slain by a lion. Another, at his Request, smote and wounded him
Marriage (i.) - An ardent suitor once sent to the present writer a sum of £40, with the Request that it be given to a friend, on condition that he should secure the goodwill of a certain maiden, and the consent of her parents to his suit
Elisha - The creditor was paid, and she and her sons lived on the remainder, showing how God far exceeded her Request
Following - (3) A third offered to follow, but wished first to say farewell to his relatives: he showed a divided affection; apparently, therefore, his Request involved special danger
Solomon - This Request pleased the Lord, and was fully granted by him
Pharaoh - It looked a very innocent Request. If no miracle had followed his Request, then Pharaoh would have felt fully justified in holding to his refusal. What are their sorrows? What are their complaints? What are their Requests? Then he would have soon after said, Yes, let them sacrifice to their God without molestation; and then let them come back again to their work
John the Apostle - In Mark 10:35 they come to Christ with an eager Request that to them might be allotted the two highest places in His Kingdom, and they profess their complete readiness to share with Him whatever suffering or trying experiences He may be called to pass through. According to Matthew 20:20 , their mother accompanied them and made the Request, but Matthew 20:24 shows that indignation was roused ‘concerning the two brethren,’ and that the desire and petition were really their own
Antiochus - After some hesitation, Zabdiel complied with the Request; and Tryphon carried Antiochus into Syria, and put the crown on his head. The king not only granted this Request, but sent them bulls with gilded horns, and vessels of gold and silver filled with incense, to be offered in the temple
Lord's Prayer, the - ...
The second unit in the prayer comprises three parallel "us" petitions that Request divine help in the mission to which Jesus' followers are being called: "give us"; "forgive us"; "deliver us
God, Name of - In response to God's assurance that his presence would go with Israel, Moses Requests to see God's glory (vv. The Lord, however, declines this Request and says instead, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence
Jonathan - At their Request he consulted God for them and promised them success
Maxentius, Joannes, Presbyter And Archimandrite - The legates, at the urgent Request of the emperor Justin and Vitalian, consented to hear the case, but without pronouncing a decision. exiled by the Arians, wrote to Hormisdas, Requesting his opinion as to the orthodoxy of the writings of Faustus and urging that Vitalian and Justinian were equally anxious to hear from Hormisdas on the subject (Possess. ...
Maxentius and his friends, having returned to Constantinople, sent a copy of the writings of Faustus of Riez to Fulgentius and the other exiles in Sardinia, Requesting him and his brethren to send their opinion of these (ib
Ambrosius of Milan - Ambrose complied with the pious youth's Request by writing two books de Fide. In the following year Gratian wrote a letter, preserved with those of Ambrose, in which he Requests another copy of that work, together with an additional argument upon the divinity of the Holy Spirit. ) are addressed to the emperor Valentinian, after the death of Gratian, to exhort him not to comply with a Request of Symmachus, prefect of the city, that he would replace the altar of Victory in the Senate House, and restore the funds for certain heathen ceremonies. He was in Gaul at the time of his death, and Ambrose was at that moment crossing the Alps to visit him there, partly by the desire of the Italian magistrates, who wished Valentinian to return to Italy, and partly at the Request of the emperor himself, who was anxious to be baptized by him. 394), received there a letter from Theodosius Requesting him to offer a public thanksgiving for his victory
Nestorius And Nestorianism - of Cyrus, now (430) came forward, at the Request of John of Antioch, in defence of Nestorius. Nestorius came at the appointed time, but fearing the violence of his adversary, Requested a guard from the emperor. His Request was granted. This modest Request was not granted
Oracles - ...
Why Were Oracles Given? We must distinguish between oracles that were sought and those that came without any Request
Divination - Saul's Request, "bring me him up whom I shall name," explains the previous "divine (qacomi ) unto me by the familiar spirit
Genseric, King of the Vandals - In 454, however, he yielded to Valentinian's Requests so far as to allow Deogratias to be consecrated for Carthage. Genseric, at the Request of the emperor's ambassador Severus, released those prisoners who had fallen to his own or his sons' lot, and allowed him to ransom as many others as he could (Malchus, de Legationibus , 3, ed
Discourse - Luke 10:23); on Divorce (Matthew 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12); response to the Rich Young Ruler, with discourse on the Perils of Wealth and on Forsaking All and Following Him (Matthew 19:6-30, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 18:18-30); the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-18); response to the Request of certain Greeks, with remarks on His Death and Glory (John 12:30-36)
Philemon Epistle to - He limits his Request to a forgiveness of the alleged wrong, and a restoration to favor and the enjoyment of future sympathy and affection, and yet would so guard his words as to leave scope for all the generosity which benevolence might prompt’ (including emancipation)
Moab - "...
Israel's Request for a passage through Edom and Moab, and liberty to purchase bread and water, was refused (Judges 11:17; Numbers 20:14-21)
Jacob - The leading citizens followed the king in the Request
Elijah - Instead of granting his Request, God sends an angel who ministers to the prophet’s physical needs
King, Christ as - Samuel acquiesced to their Request, and anointed Saul as their king (Jeremiah 23:5-630-25 ; 11:14-15 )
Abram - ...
I cannot dismiss these observations on Abraham's name until that I have Requested the reader to connect with the review, the sweet consideration, that all true believers in Jesus take part in the same. And when he hath so done I Request him to attend to a short observation which I would offer upon Abraham's conduct, in this particular
Work - However, the prayer of the psalmist includes the Request that the “works” of God’s people might be established: “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it” ( Elisha - ...
Elijah's mantle is one of our most expressive proverbs, and so is Elisha's Request for a double portion of his departing master's spirit
Jephthah - This claim was so far true that Israel had taken all the Amorite Sihon's land (because of his wanton assault in answer to Israel's peaceable Request for leave to pass through unto "his place," i
John the Apostle - Even her ambitious Request that her two sons, James and John, might sit on either side of our Lord in His coming kingdom shows that she was heartily looking for that kingdom
Arius, Followers of - But when he demanded of Athanasius that he should allow the use of one church to the Arians in Alexandria, the latter preferred a Request in his turn that the same thing should be done in cities where the Arians were in possession—a Request which Constantius did not deem it prudent to grant
Apocalyptic Literature - The sentence upon the fallen angels is communicated to Enoch (12), and he reveals it to them; but, at their urgent Request, he composes a petition on their behalf, that they might obtain forgiveness; while rehearsing this, preparatory to presenting it, he falls asleep and is informed in a dream that their Request for forgiveness will not be granted, and once more makes known to the angels their impending doom (13–16)
Innocentius, Bishop of Rome - of Carthage, Requesting him to announce in synod the day for keeping Easter in 414, with the view of its being announced, as was then customary, to the church by the bp. ) The synodal letters inform Innocent of the renewal of the condemnation of Pelagius and Coelestius pronounced five years previously at Carthage, and very respectfully Request him to add the authority of the apostolical see to the decrees of their mediocrity ("ut statutis nostrae mediocritatis etiam apostolicae sedis auctoritas adhibeatur"); setting forth the heresies condemned, and arguments against them. It Requests them to protest against what had been done, and to continue in communion with the writer. His third letter, sent under the advice of a synod assembled by the pope at his Request, urged the assembling of a combined council of Easterns and Westerns at Thessalonica. He desired Innocent to appoint five bishops, two priests, and one deacon as a deputation from the Western church; and these he charged with this third letter, in which he Requested his brother to summon the Oriental bishops
Seven Words, the - He sees in the cross a throne, and in the thorn-crowned sufferer a king seated upon it, and he prefers his Request, ‘Lord, remember me, when thou comest in thy kingdom
Upper Room (2) - Peter’s Request that St
Kings, 1 And 2 - God honors His humble leader's Request and equips him with divine wisdom (1 Kings 3:1-28 )
King, Kingship - This Request betrayed their rejection of the kingship of Yahweh (1 Samuel 8:7 ; 10:19 ; 12:12 ) and denial of the covenant
Gideon - "Angel of Jehovah," but manifested as JEHOVAH) replied, "Go in this thy might (the might now given thee by ME, Isaiah 40:29), and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites; have not I sent thee?" Then followed the Requested "sign," the Angel of the Lord with the end of the staff in His hand consuming with fire Gideon's "offering" (minchah ), not a strict sacrifice but a sacrificial gift), the kid and unleavened cakes (compare Genesis 18, the theophany to Abraham very similar). Gideon Requested Ephraim to intercept the fleeing Midianites at the waters of Bethbarah and Jordan, namely, at the tributary streams which they would have to cross to reach the Jordan. Then followed the churlish unpatriotic cowardice of Succoth and Penuel, in answer to his Request for provisions, through fear of Midian and disbelief of God's power to make victorious so small and so "faint" a force as Gideon's 300
Martyr - 1) says that he was, at his own Request, placed on the cross head downwards
Popery - But between these living and dead mediators there is no similarity: the living mediator is present, and certainly hears the Request of those who desire him to intercede for them; the dead mediator is as certainly absent, and cannot possibly hear the Requests of all those who at the same instant may be begging him to intercede for them, unless he be possessed of the divine attribute of omnipresence; and he who gives that attribute to any creature, is unquestionably guilty of idolatry
James - The special favour accorded to the two brothers (and perhaps their kinship to Jesus) probably prompted the ambitious Request of Salome that they might sit as assessors to Him in His kingdom (Mark 10:35-40, Matthew 20:20-23)
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - And thus it was that that happy disciple, whoever he was, got on the spot, "Our Father, which art in heaven," as his Master's answer to his Request
Samuel, First Book of - ' God had separated them from all the nations, and He bade Samuel tell them that in asking a king they were rejecting, not Samuel merely, but Himself; yet He told Samuel to listen to their Request
Cosmas (3), Indian Navigator - The work was not all published at one time, nor indeed originally planned in its present extent; but gradually grew as book after book was added by him at the Request of his friends, or to meet the objections of the opponents of his theory
Marriage - The parents of the girl consented to the Request, and every previous arrangement was made
Nazarene - ...
And first, then, I Request to remark on the expression of the evangelist Matthew, (Matthew 2:23) "And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets—he should be called a Nazarene?"...
The question is, what prophets are there who so spake concerning Christ? To which I answer, all the writers of the Old Testament are generally called prophets, because many of their sayings are really and truly prophesies
Jephthah - Jephthah yielded to this Request, and at the end of two months, according to the opinion of many, her father offered her up in sacrifice, as a burnt-offering to the Lord, Judges 11:34-39
Marcellus, Bishop of Ancyra - ...
"Marcellus," Athanasius says, in his history to the monks (§ 6), "went to Rome, made his apology, and then at their Request gave them his faith in writing, of which also the Sardican council approved
Martinus, Saint, Bishop of Tours - At the Request of his military tribune, he stayed in the army two years after baptism. Convinced of the divine aid, Valentinian granted all Martin's Requests and took him into favour
Trial-at-Law - presided over Roman justice as a whole), on hearing the claims of both parties in iure, drew up a judicial formula, embodying a brief statement of the case in dispute (demonstratio), the plaintiff’s claim (intentio), a Request to the judge to adjudicate the person or property as he thought most fitting (adjudicatio), and instructions to condemn the accused or dismiss the case as the evidence warranted (condemnatio). A criminal charge was likewise opened by a personal postulatio or Request to the praetor for permission to institute proceedings
Sacrifice (2) - There is no thought of death or even of guilt; but there is a thought of sin—of the sin of self-seeking, bound up as it was with the expectation of material glory in an earthly kingdom, which had just prompted the Request of James and John, and of the selfish indignation of the other disciples who resented that Request as an attempt to obtain an unfair advantage over them
Vicarious Sacrifice - This announcement is followed by the ambitious Request of James and John for chief seats in His Kingdom. Are ye able to drink the cup which I drink, or be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?’ Then follows in an address to the disciples, who are indignant at James’ and John’s Request, the notable words, ‘For the Son of Man also came not to be ministered to, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many
English Versions - Ælfric, at the Request of Æthelweard. The prologue narrates that the translation was made at the Request of a monk and a nun by their superior, who defers to their earnest desire, although, as he says, it is at the risk of his life
Paul - Paul as far as Athens, where they left him carrying back a Request to Silas and Timothy that they would speedily join him. But Festus would not comply with their Request, He invited them to follow him on his speedy return to Caesarea, and a trial took place there, closely resembling that before Felix
Monophysitism - Eutyches next demanded a new trial, but though the emperor granted his Request, Flavian refused to revise the sentence. Therefore, though not without many energetic protests, Leo's letter was recognized, at the Request of the emperor, and a definition of doctrine in accordance with that letter was drawn up
Thousand Years - Jesus implies, in reply to the Request of Zebedee's two sons, that there are places of peculiar honour reserved by the Father for those who drink Christ's bitter cup (Matthew 20:22-23)
Mockery - The first consisted of spitting, blindfolding, buffeting, and the Request that He should prophesy
Star (2) - ” ’...
The Midrash then goes on to relate that at his Request Satan was allowed to see the Messiah, and at the sight of him trembled and sank to the ground, crying out; ‘Truly this is the Messiah, who will deliver me and all heathen kings over to Gehenna
Numbers, Book of - ...
Numbers 32 : Moses accedes to the Request of the Reubenites and Gadites to have their possession on the east of the Jordan, provided in the first instance they go armed before their brethren over Jordan: type of Christians stopping short of the purpose of God in regard to them through refusing to accept death with Christ
the Mother of Zebedee's Children - The splendid humility of the Syrophænician woman completely overcame Him, and now He is equally overcome with the splendid shamelessness of Salome's Request
Elesbaan, a King, Hermit, And Saint of Ethiopia - Arethae ; where also it is told how the patriarch of Alexandria, at the Request of Justin, urged Elesbaan to invade Yemen, offering up a litany and appointing a vigil on his behalf, and sending to him the Eucharist in a silver vessel
Philippi - In the end the magistrates saved themselves by begging the prisoners to leave the town quietly, and the historian’s point is that in acceding to this Request the apostles forfeited the unquestionable right to appeal against a gross maladministration of justice. His visit made so deep an impression on the Philippian Church that they soon after Requested the martyr’s young friend Polycarp to write them and send them copies of St
Jordanis, Historian of the Goths - He had been made pope by the influence of Belisarius at Rome, at the Request of the empress Theodora
Prosper, Saint, a Native of Aquitaine - This doctrine was taken up warmly by many monks at Marseilles, and both Prosper and Hilary (as to whom see further on), afraid lest a doctrine they believed erroneous should become prevalent among the monks, were thinking of writing to Augustine to Request him to explain some of his statements
Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria - " The Request was conceded. Constans had shewn himself friendly to Athanasius, who at his Request had sent him from Alexandria some bound copies of the Scriptures ( Ap. of Milan, behind the veil of the audience-chamber, and received with "much kindness" by Constans, who told him that he had already written to his brother, "requesting that a council might be held
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch - He does not deny that his Request that messengers should be sent to Antioch is an unusual one, but dwells upon the great benefit which will result ( Pol. ), and at the Request of the Philippians forwards all the epistles of Ignatius to which he had access, viz
Eutyches And Eutychianism - Eutyches, he asserted, had written and circulated among the monks a little book on the faith, to which he had Requested their signatures. During the session, information was brought to Flavian that certain monks and deacons, friends of Eutyches, and Abraham, archimandrite of a neighbouring monastery, Requested an audience. At the Request of the bishops, Theophilus narrated what had occurred. Marcian assented at once and cordially to the pope's Request for a council
Unpardonable Sin - ]'>[3] In 1 John 5:16 the writer distinguishes between ‘a sin unto death’ and ‘a sin that is not unto death’; and while urging Christians to pray for one another with respect to the latter, says that he does not bid them make Request to God concerning the former
Money - ...
There was also a monetary substitution that could be applied to those who vowed themselves into God's service contingent on God's fulfillment of a Request they asked of him
House - Paul’s Request, Philemon would doubtless offer his own guestroom
Shimei - But since our Saviour's death did put some bloodInto thy face;Thou art grown fair and full of grace,Much in Request, much sought for as a good
the Ten Virgins - For, who and what are the ten virgins, and why are they so called? Why are they exactly ten, and why are they so equally divided into five and five? What are their lamps also, and what are their vessels with their lamps, and what is the oil that the wise had, and that the foolish had not? What does the tarrying of the bridegroom mean, and what the slumbering and sleeping of the whole ten? And then who are they that make the midnight cry, Behold the bridegroom cometh? And then the hurried trimming of the lamps, with the going out of the lamps of the foolish,-what is the meaning of all that? The Request of the foolish for a share of the oil of the wise, with the refusal of the wise to part with any of their oil,-what are the spiritual meanings hidden under all that? And specially, who sell the oil, and where do they sell it, and at what price? And then the shutting of the door? And then what it is to be ready? as well as what it is to watch, and when we are to watch, and where? It would have been an immense service done to us all had the disciples petitioned their Master for His own authoritative answer to all these questions
Pentateuch - The Request for a king (1 Samuel 8:5-6) accords with Moses' words (Deuteronomy 17:14); also Deuteronomy 16:19 with 1 Samuel 8:3
Agony - It is substantially the same Request, expressed in the characteristically Johannine language
New Testament - The Request was made on April 17,1515 and the whole work was finished in February, 1516
Obedience (2) - But the appellation ‘Woman’ was not disrespectful, for it was used in the tenderest way at the cross (John 19:26); nor was it disrespectful to reprove officious interference; nor was Mary left unsatisfied (John 19:5), but expected His compliance with her hinted Request
Solomon - His Request to Bathsheba ( 1 Kings 2:13 ) may have been part of a renewed attempt on the kingdom (as heir he claims his father’s wives), or may have been due to real affection
Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis - He wrote this at the Request of Acacius and Paulus, two presbyters and heads of monasteries in Coele-Syria, and in it attacks the Gnostic sects of the 2nd and 3rd cents
Economic Life - The tradition was so strong that Naboth could refuse King Ahab's Request to purchase his vineyard saying he could not give him “the inheritance of my fathers” (1 Kings 21:3 )
Romans, Book of - Taking these facts seriously, scholars now feel that Paul knew much more about the Roman Christians than earlier scholars realized and wrote to the church with several purposes in mind: (1) to Request their prayers as he faced the threatening situation in Jerusalem, (2) to alert them to his intended visit, (3) to acquaint them with some of his understanding of what God had done in Christ, (4) to instruct them in areas where the church faced specific problems, and (5) to enlist their support in his planned missionary venture to Spain. ...
In the conclusion to the letter (Romans 15:14-16:27 ), Paul summarized his ministry and his plans for the future, Requesting their prayers (Romans 15:14-33 ); then he commended Phoebe (Romans 16:1-2 ), sent greetings to individual Christians (Romans 16:3-24 ), and ended his letter with praise for God—“to the only wise God through Jesus Christ be glory for endless ages! Amen” (Romans
Exodus, Theology of - He Requests a look at God's glory (33:18). The audacity of the Request is overlooked, and Yahweh promises to reveal all his "goodness" (33:19)
Saul - When his sin found him out, and when salvation was at his very door, the poor graceless castaway had no higher Request to make of Samuel than this: 'Honour me, I pray thee, before the people
Coming to Christ - The latter is one of many cases in which the faith of those who came to Him was tested by Jesus before He complied with their Request (cf
Gratianus, Emperor - Gratian in his rescript to Aquilinus the vicar (of Rome?) grants and confirms several privileges, but says nothing of the latter Request
Nehemiah - Then I was very sore afraid, and said unto the king, Let the king live for ever! Why should not my countenance be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers' sepulchres, lieth waste, and the gates thereof are consumed with fire? Then the king said to me, For what dost thou make Request? So I prayed to the God of heaven, says the cupbearer
Demoniac - They positively and directly inform us, that a demon "enters into" a man, and "comes out" of him; they represent the demons as speaking, and reasoning, and hoping, and fearing, as having inclinations and aversions peculiar to themselves, and distinct from those of the person who is the subject of the possession; they tell us of one unhappy sufferer who was vexed with many devils; and, in the case of the demoniac of Gadara, they assure us that the devils were "cast out" of the man, and were permitted, at their own Request, to "enter into" a herd of swine which were feeding in the neighbourhood, and that immediately the herd ran violently down a steep place, and were drowned in the sea
Philippians, Epistle to - Hort, who is in favour of the priority of Philippians, holds that the Request to Philemon to prepare a lodging is not to be taken in a ‘crude literal sense,’ and that in the contemporary Colossians there is no expectation of a speedy release
Passover (i.) - 3) he relates that, at the Request of Cestius, the priests counted the number of lambs slain as 256,500
Pilate - Pilate, being anxious to please the crowd, gratified both their Requests. ) gives the incident of the deputation to Pilate with the Request for permission to seal the tomb, and the granting of that permission
Political Conditions - —The situation of Judaea, on the confines of Egypt and Arabia, was of such military importance that Rome could not wisely concede the repeated Request of the people for the investiture of their high priest with all the functions of civil government
Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint - At the Request of bp. But at his friends' Requests he criticized compositions and wrote hymns in honour of martyrs
Leadership - The people were no longer satisfied to have God as their King, and God viewed their Request as a rejection of himself (1 Samuel 8:7 ; 12:12 )
Paul as a Pastor - And thus it is that at his special Request an in hunc effectum meeting of kirk-session has been called, an extract-minute of which is to be read by the curious to this day in the twentieth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles
Ephesians Epistle to the - The section passes into a Request for prayer for the writer in prison (Ephesians 6:19-20), and thus it naturally leads up to a commendation of Tychicus, the bearer of the letter, and then to a final greeting
Thessalonians Epistles to the - ...
The Epistle ends with a prayer for their complete sanctification, a Request for their intercessions, a command to circulate the Epistle itself, and a final benediction (1 Thessalonians 5:23-28)
Versions - "...
MILES COVERDALE published his Bible in 1535, probably at Zurich, and at Cromwell's Request, who saw that "not until the day after doomsday" (Cromwell's words) were the English people likely to get their promised 'Bible from the bishops if he waited for them
Revelation of John, the - 100) came to John at Ephesus, bringing him copies of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and Requested his apostolic judgment concerning them; he pronounced them genuine, authentic, and inspired, and at their Request added his Gospel to complete the fourfold aspect of Christ (Muratori Canon; Eusebius iii
Humility - —This ideal of service was presented on two distinct occasions: the one when the sons of Zebedee came forward with their Request for the leading places in the Kingdom; and the other when the same love of dignity, and the jealous exclusion of each other’s claims, gave rise to the strife that marred the Last Supper
David - The question arises whether David shall join with the forces of Achish against the Israelites; David himself seems willing to fight on the side of the Philistines ( 1 Samuel 29:8 ), but the princes of the Philistines, rightly or wrongly, suspect treachery on his part, and at the Request of Achish he returns to Ziklag
Children - He celebrates the delight of the mother in her baby, obliterating even the pangs of birth (John 16:21); the fostering love of the father who cuddles his children up with him in bed (Luke 11:7); the parental affection which listens eagerly to the child’s every Request, and knows how to grant it only things that are good (Matthew 7:9, Luke 11:11; Luke 11:13)
Isidorus, Archbaptist of Seville - —Addressed to his sister Florentina and apparently written at her Request
John the Baptist - John, therefore, undertook, perhaps at the Request of the true believers in Asia, to write what Clement of Alexandria called a spiritual Gospel; and, accordingly, we find in it more of doctrine, and less of historical narrative, than in any of the others
Synagogue (2) - From the example of the Baptist in teaching his disciples to pray, and from the Request for similar instruction addressed to Jesus (Luke 11:1), it may be inferred that forms of prayer were not yet familiar to the Jews, and possibly that a disposition towards the adoption of such forms was now arising
High Priest - ) states that Jaddua's brother Manasseh was at Sanballat's Request made the first high priest of the Samaritan temple by Alexander the Great
Atonement (2) - Mark, stands in close relation to the Request of the sons of Zebedee for eminent places in the Messianic kingdom
Father, Fatherhood - Moreover, He granted the woman’s Request, though He thus spoke; and in no case did He turn a Gentile away empty who came to Him for help
Philippians Epistle to the - A certain person (Synzygus) is asked to help in their reconciliation: ‘I would Request you (ἐρωτῶ), genuine Synzygus (or yoke-fellow), help those women, inasmuch as they laboured with me in the gospel and with Clement and other fellow-labourers of mine whose names are in the book of life’ (Philippians 4:2-4)
Joannes, Bishop of Antioch - Nine provinces subject to the patriarch of Antioch renounced communion with John, who had at length to Request the imperial power to force them into union by ejecting the bishops who refused the agreement he had arranged with Cyril. 894), and formally Requested Theodosius to expel him from the East and deprive him of the power of doing mischief (Evagr. This letter he sent first to John Requesting that he and his council would sign it (Liberat
Thecla - Two persons named Demas and Hermogenes who under a hypocritical guise of seeking instruction in the gospel had attached themselves to the apostle on his journey were at their urgent Request admitted along with him by Onesiphorus (though not without demur)
Mark, Gospel According to - [3] Irenæus above), Mark wrote down what he said at the Request of the hearers, Peter neither forbidding it nor urging it
James And John, the Sons of Zebedee - The next recorded incident is that of the ambitious Request (Mark 10:35 ff
Caesarea Philippi - Returning to Galilee, He feeds the four thousand, refuses the Request of the Pharisees and Sadducees for a sign from heaven, with its evident Messianic implication, warns His disciples against the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees (so Matthew 16:6; Mark 8:15 has ‘Pharisees and Herod’), heals a blind man near Bethsaida (Mark 8:22 ff
Esther - For she obtained favour in the sight of the king; and the king held out to her the golden sceptre that was in his hand, and said to her, 'What wilt thou, Queen Esther? And what is thy Request? For it shall be given thee to the half of the kingdom
Humility - —This ideal of service was presented on two distinct occasions: the one when the sons of Zebedee came forward with their Request for the leading places in the Kingdom; and the other when the same love of dignity, and the jealous exclusion of each other’s claims, gave rise to the strife that marred the Last Supper
Proverbs - Is it credible that Jesus should have rivalled the Rabbis in heartless arrogance? The difficulty disappears when it is understood that the disciple’s Request was merely a pretext for delay
Samuel, First And Second, Theology of - ...
First, kingship as Requested by the people was a denial of the covenant (1 Samuel 1-8 ). But the Lord told Samuel that even though the Request meant that "they have rejected me [4] as their king" (v. The Lord told Samuel that although the people had sinned in Requesting a king (1 Samuel 10:19 ; 12:17,19 ), the time to establish kingship in Israel had arrived (1 Samuel 8:9,22 ; 9:16 ; 10:1 ). , the role it played at the crossing of the Jordan [7]) it is not surprising that when the Israelites were defeated by the Philistines (1 Samuel 4 ) the elders Requested that the ark be brought to the battlefield
Second Coming of Christ - Earlier there had been a Request that the places of honor in the kingdom should be given to the sons of Zebedee
God - God acceded to this Request and promised his personal presence
Grace - " In the passage, the conversation between Moses and the Lord has to do specifically with the favor that God shows to Moses, and Moses Requests that God demonstrate that favor toward him. 3), and that he has found favor with God; he Requests that God teach him his ways, so that he may "know you and continue to find favor with you" (v. ...
Moses then makes one of the most remarkable Requests of God ever made in Scripture, asking God to "show me your glory. " Just as remarkable is that God answers his Request positively. ...
Remarkably, the life of David is devoid of references to finding favor in the eyes of the Lord, though often he finds favor in the eyes of men, or Requests such favor (1 Samuel 16:22 ; 20:3,29 , etc
Day of Judgment - Revelation 17:8), and may be inferred also from the Request of the sons of Zebedee to occupy seats on the right and left of Jesus when He came in His kingdom (Matthew 20:21 || Galatians 2:6-96)
Gregorius Nyssenus, Bishop of Nyssa - At the Request of Nectarius Gregory delivered the homily bearing the erroneous title, de Ordinatione , which is evidently a production of his old age (t
Announcements of Death - ...
(e) The Request of the Greeks during the last week brought forth one of the deepest words of Jesus concerning the necessity of His death (John 12:23-25)
Annunciation, the - Nor is her ‘How?’ a Request for an explanation
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola - In the same letter Paulinus speaks of his own abandonment of the world, and Requests Augustine to instruct and direct him. His letters to Delphinus and Amandus exhibit his deep humility and cheerful humour but are chiefly remarkable for the earnest Request made to both that they will offer their prayers on behalf of his deceased brother of whom he speaks with great affection but with deep regret for his neglect in spiritual matters hoping that by their prayers he may obtain some refreshment in the other world (Epp
Mss - At his Request, Jerome, the leading Biblical scholar of the day, who had devoted many years to the study of the Scriptures in the East in their original tongues, undertook, as he says in his preface to the NT, to ‘make a new work out of an old one’ by revising the existing Latin texts with reference to the original languages
Elijah - The "hardness" of Elisha's Request, and its granting being dependent on his seeing Elijah ascend, imply that it is to be got from God not (Matthew 19:26) man; that therefore he must look up to Him who was about to translate Elijah, not to Elijah himself
Ignatius - It would be difficult to believe that this Request for news of Ignatius could by any possibility be later than the receipt of the tidings of his death
Gospels - ‘bodily’) facts had already been sufficiently set forth in the other Gospels, composed, at the Request of his disciples and with the inspiration of the Spirit, a ‘spiritual’ Gospel (quoted by Eusebius, HE vi
Psalms, Theology of - ...
Finally, in conjunction with this assurance concerning Yahweh's favorable response to suppliant Requests, there is normally a proclamation of praise or a vow that praise will be forthcoming once deliverance has been experienced (7:17; 13:5-6; 22:22-31; 28:6-7; 35:9-10,18, 28; 43:4; 51:13-15; 54:6; 56:12; 69:30-31; 79:13; 109:30; 140:13). In Psalm 18 Yahweh is thanked for having responded to the kind of Request contained in the preceding prayers
Materialism - The reason, Request, or friendly admonition, which is the true motive, can make no impression upon matter
Moses - To reward and strengthen the faith of Moses, God was pleased, at his Request, to grant him a fuller view of the divine glory, or presence, than he had hitherto done
Poet - The Request of two of them for places on His right hand and on His left (Mark 10:37) hints at gorgeous dreams on their part
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - When he had been bound (at his own Request not nailed) to the stake and had offered up a final prayer the pile was lit but the flame bellied out under the wind like the sail of a ship behind which the body could be seen scorched but not consumed
John, Gospel of (Critical) - The further statement is made that he resolved to write it after a fast had been held, and at the Request of contemporary Christians (cohortantibus condiscipulis et episcopis suis), and the concurrence is also claimed of the rest of the Apostles (recognoscentibus cunctis)
Gregorius (14) Nazianzenus, Bishop of Sasima And of Constantinople - Eusebius yielded to this Request, but the vote of the aged bp
Gregorius (51) i, (the Great), Bishop of Rome - His letter was intercepted by the prefect of Rome, and another sent, in the name of senate, clergy, and people, earnestly Requesting confirmation. In 595, at the Request of king Childeric, he conferred the pallium on Virgilius of Arles, the ancient metropolitan see, whose bishop pope Zosimus had confirmed in his metropolitan right, and made vicar as early as 417
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - ) the Request of a friend for some instruction as to the heretical opinions of the Valentinians and how to refute them
Methodists, Protestant - This Request he generally refused, and, where it could be conveniently done, sent some of the clergymen who officiated at the New Chapel in London to perform these solemn services
Clementine Literature - " Then follows the Request that Peter would accept him as his inseparable companion
Eusebius of Caesarea - The emperor was satisfied that this document was in harmony with the faith of Nicaea, and sent Arius and Euzoius to Jerusalem, Requesting the synod to consider their confession of faith and restore them to communion. The bishops at the dedication festival had scarcely executed the Request, or command, of the emperor's first letter, when they received another written in a very different temper ( ib
Jerusalem - Cambyses appears to have been too busily engaged in his Egyptian expedition to pay any attention to this malicious Request
Synods - With respect to all these, the fact is, that, instead of being councils or synods in any proper sense, they were mere meetings of the church at Jerusalem, and all of them ordinary meetings except the third, when they assembled upon the Request of the deputies from Antioch who came to ask advice
Julianus, Flavius Claudius, Emperor - This Request produced great irritation among men who had enlisted on the understanding that they were not to be required to cross the Alps—an irritation fomented no doubt by the friends of Julian, particularly, it is said, by Oribasius (Eunap. But to these public and open Requests he added a threatening and bitter private missive, which had the effect, whether intentionally or not, of rendering his negotiations abortive (Amm