What does Ramath-Lehi mean in the Bible?


Holman Bible Dictionary - Ramath-Lehi
(ray' math-lee' hi) See Ramath .
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Ramath-Lehi
RAMATH-LEHI . See Ramah, No. 6 .
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Ramath-Lehi
Elevation of Lehi, or the jawbone height; i.e., the Ramah of Lehi (Judges 15:15-17 ). The phrase "in the jaw," ver. 19, Authorized Version, is in the margin, also in the Revised Version, "in Lehi." Here Samson slew a thousand Philistines with a jawbone.
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Ramath Lehi
So Samson named the scene of his slaying a thousand Philistines with a jawbone. Judges 15:17, "the height of Lehi." In Judges 15:9 "Lehi" is used by anticipation, Samson calling it so subsequently, or else he played on the name which it had already, "Ramath Lehi," as expressing what he now has done, namely, "lifted up the jawbone." (But (See LEHI.)
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Ramath-Lehi
Elevation of the jaw-bone

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Ramath-Lehi - Ramath-Lehi
Ramath - ” An element of several names: Ramath-Lehi meaning, “height of the jawbone,” site of Samson's victory over the Philistines (Judges 15:17 ); Ramath-Mizpeh (alternately Ramath-Mizpah) meaning, “height of lookout or watchtower” (Joshua 13:26 ); Ramath-Negeb meaning, “Ramath of the South,” (Joshua 19:8 ; 1 Samuel 30:27 )
e'Tam, the Rock, - (Judges 15:8,11 ) This natural stronghold was in the tribe of Judah; and near it, probably at its foot, were Lehi and Ramath-Lehi and Enhakkore
Samson - Ramath-Lehi (‘the height of Lehi’) is taken to mean ‘the casting away of the jawbone’; En-hakkore (‘Partridge spring’), ‘the spring of him who called’; and incidents are suggested to explain the supposed meanings