What does Presbytery Reformed mean in the Bible?


Charles Buck Theological Dictionary - Presbytery Reformed
The reformed presbytery in Scotland trace their origin as far back as the reformation, and consider themselves, as the only pure Presbyterians since the revolution. They profess to adhere to the solemn league and covenant agreed to by the nation before the restoration, in which they abjure popery and prelacy, and resolve to maintain and defend the doctrines, worship, discipline, and government of the church, as approved by the parliament and assembly at Westminster, and by the general assembly of the church and parliament of Scotland, 1645-9. It seems, they object not so much to a religious establishment, but to the religious establishment as it exists; they object not to an alliance of the church with the state, but to the alliance of the church with an uncovenanted king and government. Their number, it is said, amounts to about four thousand persons.