What does Piece Of Silver mean in the Bible?

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קְשִׂיטָ֣ה a unit of unknown value. 1

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   1 a unit of unknown value.
      1a perhaps weight, money.

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Smith's Bible Dictionary - Piece of Silver
I. In the Old Testament the word "pieces" is used in the Authorized Version for a word understood in the Hebrew (if we except) (Psalm 68:30 ) The phrase is always "a thousand," or the like, "of silver." (Genesis 20:16 ; 37:28 ; 45:28 ; Judges 9:4 ; 16:5 ; 2 Kings 6:25 ; Hosea 3:2 ; Zechariah 11:12,13 ) In similar passages the word "shekels" occurs in the Hebrew. There are other passages in which the Authorized Version supplies the word "shekels" instead of "pieces," (22:19,29; Judges 17:2,3,4,10 ; 2 Samuel 18:11,12 ) and of these the first two require this to be done. The shekel, be it remembered, was the common weight for money, and therefore most likely to be understood in an elliptical phrase. The "piece" or shekel of silver weighed 220 grains, or about half an ounce, and was worth a little more than half a dollar (55 cents). II. In the New Testament two words are rendered by the phrase "piece of silver:"
Drachma , ( Luke 15:8,9 ) which was a Greek silver coin, equivalent, at the time of St. Luke, to the Roman denarias (15 or 16 cents).
Silver occurs only in the account of the betrayal of our Lord for "thirty pieces of silver." ( Matthew 26:15 ; 17:3,5,6,9 ) It is difficult to ascertain what coins are here intended. If the most common silver pieces be meant, they would be denarii. The parallel passage in Zachariah, (Zechariah 11:12,13 ) must, however, be taken into consideration where shekels (worth about 55 cents) must be understood. It is more probable that the thirty pieces of silver were tetradrachms than that they were denarii (80 cents).
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Piece of Silver
PIECE OF SILVER.—See Money, p. 200a.

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Piece of Silver - PIECE OF SILVER
Drachm, - In Luke denarii (Authorized Version "piece of silver") seem to be intended
Drachma - The DRΑCΗΜΑ is different, it was a Greek coin which the Roman DΕΝΑRΙUS (translated unfortunately "penny" Revelation 6:6, a laborer's daily wages Matthew 20:2-9) superseded: Luke 15:8-9, "PIECE OF SILVER," Greek drachmee
Pieces of Gold - Piece of Silver: probably shekels (weight); Genesis 20:16; Genesis 37:28; Genesis 45:22
Betrothment - Among the ancient Jews, the bethrothing was performed either by a writing, or by a Piece of Silver given to the bride
Candle - In beautiful contrast, as the woman in the parable "lit the candle, swept the house, and sought diligently until she found" the lost Piece of Silver, so God (Luke 15:8) searches out His elect so that not one is lost, and takes each out of the darkness of this world, and restores the divine image, with a view to their salvation
Coin - , "lambs") was the Hebrew Kesitah , Probably an uncoined Piece of Silver of a certain weight in the form of a sheep or lamb, or perhaps having on it such an impression
Weights And Measures - ...
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With respect to 'Piece of money' (Genesis 33:19 ; Job 42:11 ) and 'Piece of silver' (Joshua 24:32 ) qesitah, Gesenius compares Genesis 33:19 with Genesis 23:16 and supposes the weight to equal 4 shekels. 'Piece of silver' in the A
Piece of Silver - In the New Testament two words are rendered by the phrase "piece of silver:"
Drachma , ( Luke 15:8,9 ) which was a Greek silver coin, equivalent, at the time of St
Money - 1: ἀργύριον (Strong's #694 — Noun Neuter — argurion — ar-goo'-ree-on ) properly, "a Piece of Silver," denotes (a) "silver," e
Parable - ...
Lost Piece of Silver, Luke 15:8-10
Bread - “Bread” was baked in loaves: “And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left in thine house shall come and crouch to him for a Piece of Silver and a morsel of bread …” ( Paul's Visit to Jerusalem to See Peter - And then he went on with the good Samaritan, and the lost Piece of Silver, and the lost sheep, and the lost son
Parable - The two debtors (Luke 7:41), the merciless servant (Matthew 18), the good Samaritan (Luke 10:30), the friend at midnight (Luke 11:5), the rich fool (Luke 12:16), the figtree (Luke 13:6), the great supper (Luke 14:16), the lost sheep, Piece of Silver, son (Luke 15; Matthew 18:12), the unjust steward (Luke 16:1), Lazarus, etc
Eye - The method of performing this among the women in the eastern countries at the present day, as described by Russel, is by a cylindrical Piece of Silver or ivory, about two inches long, made very smooth, and about the size of a common probe; this is wet with water, and then dipped into a powder finely levigated, made from what appears to be a rich lead ore, and applied to the eye; the lids are closed upon it while it is drawn through between them
Parable - It was precious, a Piece of Silver
Friendship - (1) In the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Piece of Silver, He touches upon the much debated basis of friendship
Money (2) - Drachm (δραχμή, Luke 15:8-9 Authorized Version and Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 Piece of Silver)
Proverbs - ...
‘I have observed,’ says old Thomas Fuller, ‘some at the church door cast in sixpence with such ostentation that it rebounded from the bottom and rang against both sides of the bason (so that the same Piece of Silver was the alms and the giver’s trumpet), whilst others have dropped down silent five shillings without any noise