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מַתְכֻּנְתּ֖וֹ measurement 1

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   1 measurement, proportion, tale.
      1a tale, tally (of bricks).
      1b measurement, proportion.

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1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Original Sin
Not sin in the ordinary sense of a transgression of the law of God which one commits deliberately. It is one of the consequences of the sin of our first parent, Adam. As father of the human race, he was endowed with immortality, with reason and will in perfect control of the lower appetites, and with Divine grace enabling him to know and serve God in a manner far beyond the capacity of his natural powers, and therefore in a state above nature: the supernatural state. Through him these endowments were to be transmitted to the entire human race. When by his sin he lost them for himself, they were lost also for his descendants. Now the loss or privation of Divine grace, the chief consequence of sin, means the privation of the supernatural goodness to which God destined us, and therefore it is called our original stain or sin. Other consequences of Adam's sin are death, and concupiscence, or the rebellion of our lower appetites against reason and will. This concupiscence, though often the occasion of sin, is not in itself sinful; it is not original sin, as the early Protestants held, nor does it consist, as Luther believed, in such a decadence of our nature as to leave our reason incapable of understanding, our will without freedom, and our whole nature evil. Original sin does not so corrupt our natural powers as to render them incapable of natural virtues: it deprives us of the grace needed for virtues beyond our natural powers. All this is based on Holy Scripture, particularly on Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans 5: "Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world, and by sin death; and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned." It is the subject of the Fifth Session of the Council of Trent.
1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Justice, Original
The aggregate of all those organically correlated prerogatives which constituted the state of our first parents in Paradise. This primitive state before the Fall included the gift of sanctifying grace, exemption from concupiscence, bodily immortality, habitual infused science, and the non-necessity of suffering. The first named gift is strictly supernatural; the others, less strictly supernatural, and more commonly called preternatural gifts, were allied with this to form the rich endowment which Adam was to transmit to all his descendants.
1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Original Justice
The aggregate of all those organically correlated prerogatives which constituted the state of our first parents in Paradise. This primitive state before the Fall included the gift of sanctifying grace, exemption from concupiscence, bodily immortality, habitual infused science, and the non-necessity of suffering. The first named gift is strictly supernatural; the others, less strictly supernatural, and more commonly called preternatural gifts, were allied with this to form the rich endowment which Adam was to transmit to all his descendants.
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sin, Original
This term is often used by theologians, but they are not agreed as to its signification. It is not found in scripture. Man has derived an evil nature from Adam, but his sins are his own. Death passed upon all men because of Adam's sin, but all have sinned. Romans 5:12 .
Charles Buck Theological Dictionary - Original Sin
CARM Theological Dictionary - Original Sin
This is a term used to describe the effect of Adam's sin on his descendants (Romans 5:12-21). Specifically, it is our inheritance of a sinful nature from Adam. The sinful nature originated with Adam and is passed down from parent to child. We are by nature children of wrath (Ephesians 2:3).
Webster's Dictionary - Original
(a.) Before unused or unknown; new; as, a book full of original matter.
(n.) An original thinker or writer; an originator.
(n.) A person of marked eccentricity.
(a.) Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order; primitive; primary; pristine; as, the original state of man; the original laws of a country; the original inventor of a process.
(a.) Having the power to suggest new thoughts or combinations of thought; inventive; as, an original genius.
(n.) Origin; commencement; source.
(n.) That which precedes all others of its class; archetype; first copy; hence, an original work of art, manuscript, text, and the like, as distinguished from a copy, translation, etc.
(a.) Not copied, imitated, or translated; new; fresh; genuine; as, an original thought; an original process; the original text of Scripture.
(n.) The natural or wild species from which a domesticated or cultivated variety has been derived; as, the wolf is thought by some to be the original of the dog, the blackthorn the original of the plum.
1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Sin, Original
Not sin in the ordinary sense of a transgression of the law of God which one commits deliberately. It is one of the consequences of the sin of our first parent, Adam. As father of the human race, he was endowed with immortality, with reason and will in perfect control of the lower appetites, and with Divine grace enabling him to know and serve God in a manner far beyond the capacity of his natural powers, and therefore in a state above nature: the supernatural state. Through him these endowments were to be transmitted to the entire human race. When by his sin he lost them for himself, they were lost also for his descendants. Now the loss or privation of Divine grace, the chief consequence of sin, means the privation of the supernatural goodness to which God destined us, and therefore it is called our original stain or sin. Other consequences of Adam's sin are death, and concupiscence, or the rebellion of our lower appetites against reason and will. This concupiscence, though often the occasion of sin, is not in itself sinful; it is not original sin, as the early Protestants held, nor does it consist, as Luther believed, in such a decadence of our nature as to leave our reason incapable of understanding, our will without freedom, and our whole nature evil. Original sin does not so corrupt our natural powers as to render them incapable of natural virtues: it deprives us of the grace needed for virtues beyond our natural powers. All this is based on Holy Scripture, particularly on Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans 5: "Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world, and by sin death; and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned." It is the subject of the Fifth Session of the Council of Trent.
King James Dictionary - Original
1. Origin. See Origin, with which it accords in signification. 2. Fountain source cause that from which any thing primarily proceeds that which gives existence or beginning. The apostasy is believed to have been the origin of moral evil. The origin of many of our customs is lost in antiquity. Nations, like individuals, are ambitious to trace their descent from an honorable origin. ORIG'INAL, a. L. orginialis.
1. First in order preceding all others as the original state of man the original laws of a country original rights or powers the original question in debate. 2. Primitive pristine as the original perfection of Adam. Original sin, as applied to Adam, was his first act of disobedience in eating the forbidden fruit as applied to his posterity, it is understood to mean either the sin of Adam imputed to his posterity, or that corruption of nature, or total depravity, which has been derived from him in consequence of his apostasy. On this subject divines are not agreed.
In strictness, original sin is an improper use of words, as sin, Exodus 6termini, implies volition and the transgression of a known rule of duty by a moral agent. But this application of the words has been established by long use, and it serves to express ideas which many wise and good men entertain on this subject.
3. Having the power to originate new thoughts or combinations of thought as an original genius.
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Original Sin
See Sin.

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Original - ) Before unused or unknown; new; as, a book full of Original matter. ) An Original thinker or writer; an originator. ) Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order; primitive; primary; pristine; as, the Original state of man; the Original laws of a country; the Original inventor of a process. ) Having the power to suggest new thoughts or combinations of thought; inventive; as, an Original genius. ) That which precedes all others of its class; archetype; first copy; hence, an Original work of art, manuscript, text, and the like, as distinguished from a copy, translation, etc. ) Not copied, imitated, or translated; new; fresh; genuine; as, an Original thought; an Original process; the Original text of Scripture. ) The natural or wild species from which a domesticated or cultivated variety has been derived; as, the wolf is thought by some to be the Original of the dog, the blackthorn the Original of the plum
Autograph - An Original writing of a biblical document. The Original manuscript written. The autographs would be the actual, Original written document from which copies are made
Etymon - ) Original or fundamental signification. ) An Original form; primitive word; root
Manuscript - A document or a copy of an Original writing. There are thousands of existing manuscripts of the biblical documents ranging from vellum (animal skins) to papyri (plant material) upon which the Original and copies of the Original writings were made
Original - First in order preceding all others as the Original state of man the Original laws of a country Original rights or powers the Original question in debate. Primitive pristine as the Original perfection of Adam. Original sin, as applied to Adam, was his first act of disobedience in eating the forbidden fruit as applied to his posterity, it is understood to mean either the sin of Adam imputed to his posterity, or that corruption of nature, or total depravity, which has been derived from him in consequence of his apostasy. ...
In strictness, Original sin is an improper use of words, as sin, Exodus 6termini, implies volition and the transgression of a known rule of duty by a moral agent. Having the power to originate new thoughts or combinations of thought as an Original genius
Primitive - ) Original; primary; radical; not derived; as, primitive verb in grammar. ) Of or pertaining to the beginning or origin, or to early times; Original; primordial; primeval; first; as, primitive innocence; the primitive church. ) An Original or primary word; a word not derived from another; - opposed to derivative
Originant - ) Originating; Original
Salem - Original name of Jerusalem
Copy - A writing like another writing a transcript from an Original or a book printed according to the Original hence, any single book , or set of books, containing a composition resembling the Original work as the copy of a deed, or of a bond a copy of Addisons works a copy of the laws a copy of the scriptures. The form of a picture or statue according to the Original the imitation or likeness of any figure, draught, or almost any object. An Original work the autograph the archetype. To write, print or engrave, according to an Original to form a like work or composition by writing, printing or engraving to transcribe often followed by out, but the use is not elegant. To paint or draw according to an Original. To imitate or attempt to resemble to follow an Original or pattern, in manners or course of life
Originally - ) At first; at the origin; at the time of formation or costruction; as, a book Originally written by another hand. ) In the Original time, or in an Original manner; primarily; from the beginning or origin; not by derivation, or imitation
Primal - ) First; primary; Original; chief
Originalist - ) One who is Original
Heth - Son of Canaan, great grandson of Noah, and Original ancestor of the Hittites, some of the Original inhabitants of Palestine (Genesis 10:15 )
Ectype - ) A copy from an Original; a type of something that has previously existed. ) A copy, as in pottery, of an artist's Original work
o Lux Beata Trinitas - This is the Original text of the hymn; the Roman Breviary text is "Jam sol recedit igneus". There are 12 translations of the Original text; the title given above is by J
o Trinity of Blessed Light - This is the Original text of the hymn; the Roman Breviary text is "Jam sol recedit igneus". There are 12 translations of the Original text; the title given above is by J
Aboriginal - ) An Original inhabitant of any land; one of the aborigines. ) First; Original; indigenous; primitive; native; as, the aboriginal tribes of America. ) Of or pertaining to aborigines; as, a Hindoo of aboriginal blood
Originalness - ) The quality of being Original; Originality
Primitial - ) Being of the first production; primitive; Original
Eth - the Original third pers
Unborrowed - ) Not borrowed; being one's own; native; Original
Originality - ) The quality or state of being Original
Repristinate - ) To restore to an Original state
Ascititious - ) Supplemental; not inherent or Original; adscititious; additional; assumed
Repristination - ) Restoration to an Original state; renewal of purity
sa'ra-i - (my princess ) the Original name of Sarah wife of Abraham
Elementariness - ) The state of being elementary; Original simplicity; uncompounded state
Originary - ) Primitive; primary; Original
Autochthon - ) That which is Original to a particular country, or which had there its origin. ) One who is supposed to rise or spring from the ground or the soil he inhabits; one of the Original inhabitants or aborigines; a native; - commonly in the plural
Jeezer - ” Original head of a clan in tribe of Gilead (Numbers 26:30 ). Apparently, the same name is intended in Joshua 17:2 where Abiezer occurs, quite probably the Original name
Primigenial - ) First born, or first of all; Original; primary
Fontal - ) Pertaining to a font, fountain, source, or origin; Original; primitive
African Rite - A development of the Original Roman Rite; it is no longer used
Seven Churches of Asia - Original recipients of Book of Revelation (Revelation 1:4 )
Primogenial - ) First born, made, or generated; Original; primary; elemental; as, primogenial light
Corporator - one of the Original members
Rite, African - A development of the Original Roman Rite; it is no longer used
Atavism - ) The recurrence, or a tendency to a recurrence, of the Original type of a species in the progeny of its varieties; resemblance to remote rather than to near ancestors; reversion to the Original form
Phacolite - ) A colorless variety of chabazite; the Original was from Leipa, in Bohemia
Reconvertible - ) Capable of being reconverted; convertible again to the Original form or condition
Retranslate - ) To translate anew; especially, to translate back into the Original language
Hadassah - Esther's Original name (Esther 2:7)
Ectypal - ) Copied, reproduced as a molding or cast, in contradistinction from the Original model
Detort - ) To turn form the Original or plain meaning; to pervert; to wrest
Chic - ) Original and in good taste or form
Integrity - Integrity as a preternatural gift was a part of man's initial equipment in the state of Original justice. It was lost to the human race as a result of Original sin, but by special privilege of God, has been granted in greater or lesser degrees to various saints. Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, completely innocent of Original sin
Copied - Taken off written or transcribed from an Original or form imitated
Isla de Los Apostolos - Original name of Long Island, New York, given to it by the Spaniards in 1525
Isle of the Apostles - Original name of Long Island, New York, given to it by the Spaniards in 1525
Prochorus - One of the seen Original deacons, Acts 6:5 , of whom nothing more is known
ra'Hel, - the Original form in our Authorized Version of the now familiar Rachel
Primeval - ) Belonging to the first ages; pristine; Original; primitive; primary; as, the primeval innocence of man
Hodevah - (hoh' dih vah) Transliteration of Hebrew text in Nehemiah 7:43 for Original Hodaviah
Immaculate Conception - The teaching that Mary was conceived without Original sin
Archetypal - ) Of or pertaining to an archetype; consisting a model (real or ideal) or pattern; Original
First-Hand - ) Obtained directly from the first or Original source; hence, without the intervention of an agent
Gizonite - Some Greek manuscript evidence points to Guni as the Original reading. Some Bible students suggest the Original reading was Gimzoni from Gimzo
Hakupha - ” Original ancestor of clan of Temple servants (Ezra 2:51 )
Polygenism - ) The doctrine that animals of the same species have sprung from more than one Original pair
Tropology - ) A rhetorical mode of speech, including tropes, or changes from the Original import of the word
Keystone State - Pennsylvania; - a nickname alluding to its having been the central one of the 13 Original United States
Elm - The Original Hebrew word here, elsewhere translated oak, probably denotes the terebinth
Anil - ) A West Indian plant (Indigofera anil), one of the Original sources of indigo; also, the indigo dye
Anil - ) A West Indian plant (Indigofera anil), one of the Original sources of indigo; also, the indigo dye
Shimon - Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:20 )
si'Rach, - the father of Jesus (Joshua), the writer of the Hebrew Original of the book of Ecclesiasticus
Shuthelah - Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Ephraim (Numbers 26:35 )
Luz - The Original spot called afterwards "Bethel, the house of God
Shilshah - ” Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Asher (1 Chronicles 7:37 )
Areli - (uh ree' li) ARELITES Son of Gad (Genesis 46:16 ) and Original ancestor of clan of Arelites (Numbers 26:17 )
Sabtah - The Cushites here form the middle connecting link between Ethiopia their Original home, and the Cushite settlement on the Euphrates, the Original basis of the Babylonian population
Jehiel (1) - Hebrew Original text, kethib , has Jeuel (1 Chronicles 9:35-39)
Polyplastic - ) Assuming, or having the power of assuming, many forms; as, a polyplastic element which does not preserve its Original shape
Polygenist - ) One who maintains that animals of the same species have sprung from more than one Original pair; - opposed to monogenist
Chancellor - The word in the Original signifies 'master of counsel or decrees
Dravida - ) A race of Hindostan, believed to be the Original people who occupied the land before the Hindoo or Aryan invasion
Maonites - The LXX reads MADIAM, but they were probably the Original inhabitants of Maon
Tortoise - The Hebrew word rather denotes a species of lizard, so named in the Original for its slowness of motion
Hushah - ” Member of tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:4 ) listed along with Bethlehem and thus probably Original ancestor of clan who lived in town of Hushah, perhaps modern Husan near Bethlehem. Some Bible students think that in the copying process the name was changed from an Original Shuah (1 Chronicles 4:11 ) through transposition of Hebrew letters
Servile - ) Not belonging to the Original root; as, a servile letter. ) An element which forms no part of the Original root; - opposed to radical
Fall of Adam - Since by the grace of Original justice Adam was elevated to a supernatural state, his loss of that grace is termed his fall
Tikvath - (tihk' vath) KJV alternate form of Tikvah (2 Chronicles 34:22 ), perhaps representing Original form of foreign name written in Hebrew as Tikvah
Sapan Wood - It is the Original Brazil wood
Protyle - ) The hypothetical homogeneous cosmic material of the Original universe, supposed to have been differentiated into what are recognized as distinct chemical elements
Adam, Fall of - Since by the grace of Original justice Adam was elevated to a supernatural state, his loss of that grace is termed his fall
Aborigines - ) The Original fauna and flora of a geographical area...
Primitively - ) Originally; at first. ) According to the Original rule or ancient practice; in the ancient style
Adam - ) "Original sin;" human frailty
Jebus, Jebusi - The Original name of Jerusalem
Disposition - In every man, says lord Kaims, there is something Original that serves to distinguish him from others, that tends to form a character, and to make him meek or fiery, candid or deceitful, resolute or timorous, cheerful or morose. This Original bent, termed disposition, must be distinguished from a principle; the latter signifying a law of human nature makes part of the common nature of man; the former makes part of the nature of this or that man
Text - Thus the Bible itself is said to be faithfully translated out of the Original tongues, that is, the text: in opposition to what may be called human composition. And hence, the translation becomes a faithful one, being taken from the Original text
Hezron - Son of Reuben, grandson of Jacob (Genesis 46:9 ), and Original clan ancestor of Hezronites (Numbers 26:6 ). Grandson of Judah, great grandson of Jacob (Genesis 46:12 ), Original clan ancestor of Hezronites (Numbers 26:21 ) through whom David was born (Ruth 4:19 ). Hezron's first son was Jerahmeel, Original ancestor of the Jerahmeelites ( 1 Chronicles 2:25 )
Sheleph - ” Son of Joktan and Original ancestor of Yemenite tribes living near Aden (Genesis 10:26 )
Silverling - Only Isaiah 7:23 , where the Original reads ‘a thousand of silver,’ the denomination to be supplied being ‘shekels’ (See Money, p
Shaveh-Kiriathaim - Plain of Kirja-thaim where Chedorlaomer defeated the Emims, the Original inhabitants (Genesis 14:5 )
Hazezon-Tamar - Pruning of the palm, the Original name of the place afterwards called ENGEDI (q
British - ) Of or pertaining to Great Britain or to its inhabitants; - sometimes restricted to the Original inhabitants
Lebana - ” Original ancestor of clan of Temple servants (Ezra 2:45 ; Nehemiah 7:48 )
Pristine - ) Belonging to the earliest period or state; Original; primitive; primeval; as, the pristine state of innocence; the pristine manners of a people; pristine vigor
Secondhand - ) Not Original or primary; received from another
Rhoda - The name in the Original means rose
Tabarder - ) A scholar on the foundation of Queen's College, Oxford, England, whose Original dress was a tabard
Presbyter - The Original word for "Elder" in the New Testamentis Presbuteros, shortened in English to Presbyter; furthershortened to Prester, and finally to PRIEST (which see, alsoELDER)
Carnary - ) A vault or crypt in connection with a church, used as a repository for human bones disintered from their Original burial places; a charnel house
Ashbel - ” Son of Benjamin, grandson of Jacob, and Original ancestor of Ashbelite clan (Genesis 46:21 )
Pattern - Numbers 8:4 a different Original and Arts and Crafts, § 3 ), others a copy of the Original model as Hebrews 8:5 RV For Thine is the Kingdom, And the Power, And the g - An addition to the Original text of the prayer of Our Lord, the Our Father, inserted in the East and adopted in the form used by Protestants
Lecah - (lee' cuh) Personal name meaning “go!” Apparently the Original ancestor for whom a town in Judah was named (1 Chronicles 4:21 )
Copier - ) One who copies; one who writes or transcribes from an Original; a transcriber
Deuel - Father of Eliasaph, prince of Gad ( Numbers 1:14 ; Numbers 7:42 ; Numbers 7:47 ; Numbers 10:20 ) = Reuel , Numbers 2:14 (perhaps the Original name)
Bible, Editions of the - The autograph Originals and the earliest copies have all been lost, the oldest extant manuscripts of the whole Bible having been written in the 4th century. Handwritten copies, even if made by painstaking scribes, inevitably contain variations from the Original, and the number of such variants were greatly increased by the hands of careless or ignorant copyists. Therefore, by the middle of the 15th century, when printing was invented, there existed a vast number of manuscript copies of the Original Bible text, differing from one another in thousands of passages. It has been the task of Scripture scholars, by the comparison and appraisal of these manuscripts, to reconstruct the Original as exactly as possible. ,of the Original text, in whole or in part, is an edition
Editions of the Bible - The autograph Originals and the earliest copies have all been lost, the oldest extant manuscripts of the whole Bible having been written in the 4th century. Handwritten copies, even if made by painstaking scribes, inevitably contain variations from the Original, and the number of such variants were greatly increased by the hands of careless or ignorant copyists. Therefore, by the middle of the 15th century, when printing was invented, there existed a vast number of manuscript copies of the Original Bible text, differing from one another in thousands of passages. It has been the task of Scripture scholars, by the comparison and appraisal of these manuscripts, to reconstruct the Original as exactly as possible. ,of the Original text, in whole or in part, is an edition
Ishvi - ” Son of Asher (Genesis 46:17 ) and Original clan ancestor of Ishvites (Numbers 26:44 )
Rithmah - Wild broom, a station in the wilderness (Numbers 33:18,19 ), the "broom valley," or "valley of broombushes," the place apparently of the Original encampment of Israel, near Kadesh
Merran - Original, and the name = Midian (cf
Salah - ("extension"); implying the spread of the Shemites from their Original seat toward the Euphrates
Crisping Pins - (Isaiah 3:22 ) The Original word means some kind of female ornament, probably a reticule or richly ornamented purse, often made of silk inwrought with gold or silver
Coupled - * Note: The word "coupled" is inserted in italics in 1 Peter 3:2 , the more adequately to express the Original, which is, lit
Counterprove - ) To take a counter proof of, or a copy in reverse, by taking an impression directly from the face of an Original
Authenticity - ) Genuineness; the quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the Original
Presidents - The name in the Original is Sarkhin , probably a Persian word meaning perfects or ministers
Beon - Probably a copyist's change from Original Meon (Numbers 32:3 ), a short form of Beth-meon or Beth-baal-meon
Script - ) An Original instrument or document
Prototype - ) An Original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype
Comforter - The Original word is Paraclete , and means first Advocate, a defender, helper, strengthener, as well as comforter
Shillem - ” Son of Naphtali and Original ancestor of clan in that tribe (Genesis 46:24 )
Lotan - Son of Seir the Horite and apparently the Original ancestor of clan in Edom (Genesis 36:20-29 )
Garden of the Soul - A popular work of devotion for the laity, Originally brought out by Bishop R. Challoner in 1740, but so altered in subsequent editions that little of the Original work remains
Dogcart - The Original dogcarts used in England by sportsmen had a box at the back for carrying dogs
Vaisya - ) The third of the four great Original castes among the Hindus, now either extinct or partially represented by the mercantile class of Banyas
Kale - ) A variety of cabbage in which the leaves do not form a head, being nearly the Original or wild form of the species
Shimron - Son of Issachar and Original ancestor of clan in that tribe (Genesis 46:13 ). Some commentators think the Original name was Shimon and identify it with modern khirbet Sammuniyeh five miles west of Nazareth in the Esdraelon Valley
Authentic - ) An Original (book or document). ) Having a genuine Original or authority, in opposition to that which is false, fictitious, counterfeit, or apocryphal; being what it purports to be; genuine; not of doubtful origin; real; as, an authentic paper or register
Dualism - ) A system which accepts two gods, or two Original principles, one good and the other evil. ) A view of man as constituted of two Original and independent elements, as matter and spirit
Duplicate - ) An Original instrument repeated; a document which is the same as another in all essential particulars, and differing from a mere copy in having all the validity of an Original
Jam Sol Recedit Igneus - This is the Roman Breviary text of the hymn; the Original text is O Lux Beata Trinitas
Eri - Original ancestor of clan of Erites (Numbers 26:16 )
Enuine - ) Belonging to, or proceeding from, the Original stock; native; hence, not counterfeit, spurious, false, or adulterated; authentic; real; natural; true; pure; as, a genuine text; a genuine production; genuine materials
as Fades the Glowing of Day - This is the Roman Breviary text of the hymn; the Original text is O Lux Beata Trinitas
Inflicted - * Note: This is inserted in 2 Corinthians 2:6 to complete the sentence; there is no corresponding word in the Original, which lit
Kyriological - ) Serving to denote objects by conventional signs or alphabetical characters; as, the Original Greek alphabet of sixteen letters was called kyriologic, because it represented the pure elementary sounds
Autograph - ) That which is written with one's own hand; an Original manuscript; a person's own signature or handwriting
Beri - Many Bible students think a copyist has changed Original text which may have read, bene (sons of)
Casluhim - Their Original seat was probably somewhere in Lower Egypt, along the sea-coast to the south border of Palestine
Cloff - ) Formerly an allowance of two pounds in every three hundred weight after the tare and tret are subtracted; now used only in a general sense, of small deductions from the Original weight
Bilgah - Original ancestor of one of divisions of priesthood (1 Chronicles 24:14 )
Eldaah - ” Son of Midian and grandson of Abraham thus Original ancestor of clan of Midianites (Genesis 25:4 )
Gether - They are Semites, their Original ancestor being the grandson of Shem and great grandson of Noah (Genesis 10:23 )
en Clara Vox Redarguit - Of the 27 translations, seven are written from the Original text; the English title given is by E
Chesed - His name may indicate he was the Original ancestor of the Chaldeans
Haggi - Son of Gad and grandson of Jacob and thus Original ancestor of clan of Haggites (Genesis 46:16 ; Numbers 26:15 )
Counterpane - ) A coverlet for a bed, - Originally stitched or woven in squares or figures. , corresponding with the Original; - now called counterpart
Arod - He was the Original ancestor of the Arodite clan
Protoplast - ) The thing first formed; that of which there are subsequent copies or reproductions; the Original
Eucharist - The word, in its Original Greek, ευχαριστια , properly signifies giving thanks; from the hymns and thanksgivings which accompanied that holy service in the primitive church
Aught - , in John 4:33 , "ought to eat" (there is no word in the Original there for "ought")
Hupham - (hyoo' fam) Original ancestor of clan of Benjamin in the wilderness (Numbers 26:39 ). Hupham may be the Original reading behind Huppim in Genesis 46:21 and 1Chronicles 7:12, 1 Chronicles 7:15
Native - Produced by nature Original born with the being natural not acquired as native genius native affections a native talent or disposition native cheerfulness native simplicity. Original that of which any thing is made as mans native dust
Happizzez - ” Leader of one course of the priests (1 Chronicles 24:15 ) and thus the Original ancestor for that priestly clan
Occupy - ’ The Original meaning of the Eng
Janohah - of Yanun is Khirbet Yanun, which may be the site of the Original town
Darwinian - ) Pertaining to Darwin; as, the Darwinian theory, a theory of the manner and cause of the supposed development of living things from certain Original forms or elements
Designer - ) One who produces or creates Original works of art or decoration
Seminar - ) A group of students engaged, under the guidance of an instructor, in Original research in a particular line of study, and in the exposition of the results by theses, lectures, etc
Conduit, - Tradition, both oral and as represented by Talmudical writers, ascribes to Solomon the formation of the Original aqueduct by which water was brought to Jerusalem
Dead, Sacraments of the - They are so named because from Divine institution, their primary purpose is to remit grave sin, either Original or actual, and to confer sanctifying grace on those who are spiritually dead from sin
Dear Maker of the Starry Skies! - There are about 30 translations, including both the Original and the Roman Breviary texts; the English title given is by E
Ephai - EPHAI or OPHAI in the Ketib or Original text (Jeremiah 40:8; Jeremiah 40:13)
Superstition And Superstitious - Paul found the Athenians "much addicted to devotion," such as it was: perhaps "religion" and "religiously inclined" may better express the sense of the Original
Sacraments of the Dead - They are so named because from Divine institution, their primary purpose is to remit grave sin, either Original or actual, and to confer sanctifying grace on those who are spiritually dead from sin
Contraposition - ) A so-called immediate inference which consists in denying the Original subject of the contradictory predicate; e
Oshea - Joshua's Original name (Numbers 13:8)
Cognation - ) Relationship by blood; descent from the same Original; kindred
Barkos - ” The Original ancestor of a clan of Nethinim or Temple employees who returned to Jerusalem from Exile in Babylon with Zerubbabel about 537 B
Facsimile - ) A copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so as to give every part and detail of the Original; an exact copy or likeness
Exemplar - ) A model, Original, or pattern, to be copied or imitated; a specimen; sometimes; an ideal model or type, as that which an artist conceives
Inerrancy - In Christianity, inerrancy states that the Bible, in its Original documents, is without error regarding facts, names, dates, and any other revealed information
e'Lamites - This word is found only in (Ezra 4:9 ) The Elamites were the Original inhabitants of the country called Elam; they were descendants of Shem, and perhaps drew their name from an actual man Elam
Colorado Beetle - It has migrated eastwards from its Original habitat in Colorado, and is very destructive to the potato plant; - called also potato beetle and potato bug
Libni - Original ancestor of clan of Levites (Exodus 6:17 ; Numbers 3:21 ; Numbers 26:58 )
Ahoah - Grandson of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:4 ), but lists in 1 Chronicles 7:7 ; 1 Chronicles 8:7 ; and evidence of early translations may point to Ahijah as the Original name
Why, Impious Herod, Vainly Fear - There are approximately 25 translations, including the Roman Breviary and the Original texts; the English title given is by J
Mup'Pim - (serpent ), a Benjamite, and one of the fourteen descendants of Rachael who belonged to the Original colony of the sons of Jacob in Egypt
Rafter - ) The Original tree from which a scion has been taken for grafting upon another tree
Helek - ” Son of Gilead from the tribe of Manasseh and Original clan ancestor of the Helekites (Numbers 26:30 )
Sir'Ion - (3:9) The use of the name in ( Psalm 29:6 ) (slightly altered in the Original--Shirion instead of Sirion) is remarkable
Elephant - Not found in Scripture except indirectly in the Original Greek word (elephantinos) translated "of ivory" in Revelation 18:12 , and in the Hebrew word (shenhabim, meaning "elephant's tooth") rendered "ivory" in 1 Kings 10:22 and 2 Chronicles 9:21
Cunabula - ) The earliest abode; Original dwelling place; Originals; as, the cunabula of the human race
Diklah - He was apparently the Original ancestor of a tribe in Arabia which settled in an oasis where dates were grown, but nothing more is known of him
Hashem - The parallel passage in 2 Samuel 23:32 may preserve the Original spelling—Jashen
Holy Pillar - Half of the Original pillar is preserved in the church of Saint Praxedes, Rome, the remainder being in Jerusalem
Ideogram - ) An Original, pictorial element of writing; a kind of hieroglyph expressing no sound, but only an idea
Rafter - ) The Original tree from which a scion has been taken for grafting upon another tree
Aholiba'Mah - ( Genesis 36:2,26 ) In the earlier narrative, (Genesis 26:34 ) Aholi-bamah is called Judith, which may have been her Original name
Lizard - All interpreters agree that the Original word here signifies a sort of lizard
Lancet - In the Original edition of the Authorized Version (1611) the word is "lancers
Joktan - He was Original ancestor of several tribes in the Arabian desert, particularly in Jemin
Wizard - A pretender to supernatural knowledge and power, "a knowing one," as the Original Hebrew word signifies
Scotists - Duns Scotus, a Scottish cordelier, who maintained the immaculate conception of the Virgin, or that she was born without Original sin, in opposition to Thomas Aquinas and the Thomists
Printing in - A process by which cloud effects or other features not in the Original negative are introduced into a photograph
Exemplification - ) A copy or transcript attested to be correct by the seal of an officer having custody of the Original
Mouflon - It is supposed by some to be the Original of the domestic sheep
Pension - This archaism is first found in the Geneva version, and is used in the Original sense of ‘payment’ (Lat
Feast of Our Lady of Victory - The Original title of the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary. Pope Gregory XIII transferred the feast to the first Sunday of October with the title Most Holy Rosary since it victory was won through invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary In the reform of the liturgy the feast was returned to its Original day
Our Lady of Victory, Feast of - The Original title of the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary. Pope Gregory XIII transferred the feast to the first Sunday of October with the title Most Holy Rosary since it victory was won through invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary In the reform of the liturgy the feast was returned to its Original day
Hadassah - It was either her Original Hebrew name or a title that was given to her
Iezer - Son of Gilead in tribe of Manasseh and Original clan ancestor of Iezerites (Numbers 26:30 )
Imnah - A son of Asher and Original ancestor of the Imnites (Numbers 26:44 KJV's Jimnah)
Beauteous Light of God's Eternal Majesty, the - Including the Original and the Roman Breviary texts, there are at least 12 translations; the English title given is by Monsignor C
Bethcar - The location is not known unless copyists changed an Original Beth Horon as some Bible students think
Shebuel - the Original form of the name
Ashchenaz - A son of Gomer (Genesis 10:3 ) and Original ancestor of people called kingdom of Ashkenaz (Jeremiah 51:27 )
Averroes - He is the author of an important medical work, and is also known for his "Commentaries" on Aristotle and Original philosophic treatises
Ascents, Song of - The title's Original meaning cannot be clearly established, though most interpreters see reference to a procession in which worshipers marched to Jerusalem and sang the psalms as they marched
Zelah - ) One of the 14 towns that Originally belonged to Benjamin (Joshua 18:28). The last resting place of the bones of Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel 21:14); probably therefore the Original seat of the Kish family
Beginner - The person who begins he that gives an Original the agent who is the cause an author
Protoplasm - ) The viscid and more or less granular material of vegetable and animal cells, possessed of vital properties by which the processes of nutrition, secretion, and growth go forward; the so-called " physical basis of life;" the Original cell substance, cytoplasm, cytoblastema, bioplasm sarcode, etc
Glede - The Original Hebrew word is rendered "vulture" in Leviticus 11:14, R
Genesis - The Original name in Hebrew is Berescheth, beginning
Ascents, Song of - The title's Original meaning cannot be clearly established, though most interpreters see reference to a procession in which worshipers marched to Jerusalem and sang the psalms as they marched
Carmi - A son of Reuben (Genesis 46:9 ) and thus Original ancestor of a clan in the tribe of Reuben (Numbers 26:6 )
Ir - Some Bible students refer to Genesis 46:23 and think a copyist misread the name, writing Ir rather than an Original Dan, which looks much like Ir in Hebrew (REB)
Pronounce - 9 (it is absent from the Original), for AV, "cometh" (italicized)
Beth-Barah - Many Bible scholars think copyists have changed the Original text, introducing a place name not in the text
Bazlith - ” Original ancestor of clan of Temple employees who returned from Exile in Babylon with Zerubbabel in 537 B
Ben-Ammi - Ben-ammi was the Original ancestor of the Ammonites
Kaiwan - As is often the case when foreign gods were referred to, the Original vowels of the name were probably replaced with the vowels of the Hebrew word for “abomination
Tropical - ) Rhetorically changed from its exact Original sense; being of the nature of a trope; figurative; metaphorical
Transcript - ) That which has been transcribed; a writing or composition consisting of the same words as the Original; a written copy
Apharsites - The verse is difficult to read in the Original language, and no satisfactory interpretation has been offered
e'Rech - (length ), one of the cities of Nimrod's kingdom in the land of Shinar, ( Genesis 10:10 ) doubtless the same as Orchoe, 82 miles south and 43 east of Babylon, the modern designations of the site --Warka, Irka and Irak --bearing a considerable affinity to the Original name
Stripe - , in the Original, "by whose bruise," not referring to Christ's scourging, but figurative of the stroke of Divine judgment administered vicariously to Him on the Cross (a comforting reminder to these Christian servants, who were not infrequently buffeted, ver. ...
2: πληγή (Strong's #4127 — Noun Feminine — plege — play-gay' ) "a blow, stripe, wound" (akin to plesso, "to strike," and plektes, "a strikereo"), is rendered "stripes" in Luke 12:48 (the noun is omitted in the Original in ver
Grafting - Its roots are the Patriarchs, the Original branches are the Jews, and the branches of the wild olive which have been grafted in are the Gentile Christians. Some of the Original branches have been broken off owing to their lack of faith, and by a wholly unnatural process shoots from a wild olive have been grafted into the cultivated stock. But this is no ground for self-adulation: all the blessings which the Gentiles derive come from the Original stock into which they have been grafted through no merit of their own; let them beware, therefore, lest through pride and want of faith they also are cut off, for it would, on the one hand, be a much less violent proceeding to cut off the wild branches; which have been grafted in, than it was to cut off the Original branches: while, on the other hand, it would be far easier and far more natural to graft the Original cultivated branches back into the stock on which they grew than it was to graft the Gentiles, who are merely a slip cut from a wild olive, in amongst the branches of the cultivated olive
Hadattah - Some Bible students think Greek had the Original reading
Christo Profusum Sanguinem - There are five translations of the Original hymn and eight of the Roman Breviary text; the English title given is from a translation by J
Kirjath Arba - Hebron was the Original name, then Mamre ("the sacred grove near the town"), then Kirjath Caleb restored the name Hebron
Iru - Many Bible students think the Original text read Ir, a copyist joining the final u to the name when it should have been the first letter of the following word, meaning, “and
Javan - ” Son of Japheth (Genesis 10:2 ), and father of Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim (Genesis 10:4 ), thus the Original ancestor of Greek peoples
Beth-Gader - Some students of Joshua suggest the Original text read Gezer or Gerar
Meribbaal - ” Original name of Mephibosheth
Tel-Abib - The Babylonians may have thought it was the ruined site of the Original flood
Pasticcio - ) A falsified work of art, as a vase or statue made up of parts of Original works, with missing parts supplied
Heterogenesis - ) That method of reproduction in which the successive generations differ from each other, the parent organism producing offspring different in habit and structure from itself, the Original form, however, reappearing after one or more generations; - opposed to homogenesis, or gamogenesis
Namely - " (2) In 1 Corinthians 7:26 the RV, "namely," and AV, "I say," do not translate anything in the Original, but serve to reintroduce the phrase "that this is good
Mow - "The cognate words seem to show that the sense of cutting or mowing was Original, and that of gathering-in secondary" (Liddell and Scott, Lex
Shelah - ” Son of Judah and Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Judah (Genesis 46:12 ; Numbers 26:20 ; 1 Chronicles 2:3 ; 1 Chronicles 4:21 )
Dover's Powder - Dover's Original prescription) with nitrate and sulphate of potash and licorice
Decompose - ) To separate the constituent parts of; to resolve into Original elements; to set free from previously existing forms of chemical combination; to bring to dissolution; to rot or decay
Translation - The translation should give a complete transcript of the ideas of the Original. The style and manner of the Original should be preserved. The translation should have all the ease of Original composition. "Neither, " as one observes, "metaphysical acuteness, nor the most perfect knowledge of the principles of translation in general, will enable a man knows not accurately, and therefore cannot give a complete transcript in the ideas of the Original work
Hul - ” A son of Aram, son of Shem, and grandson of Noah in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10:23 ), thus the Original ancestor of an Aramean or Syrian tribe
Shearing-House, the - Possibly the Original should be left untranslated and appear as a place-name Beth-eked , which has not been identified
Sar hamashkim - Was incarcerated in the same prison-dungeon as Joseph, where Joseph correctly deciphered a dream he had, interpreting it as a sign that he would be restored to his Original post
Becher - Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Ephraim (Numbers 26:35 )
Pharaoh's butler - Was incarcerated in the same prison-dungeon as Joseph, where Joseph correctly deciphered a dream he had, interpreting it as a sign that he would be restored to his Original post
Palingenesy - ) That form of evolution in which the truly ancestral characters conserved by heredity are reproduced in development; Original simple descent; - distinguished from kenogenesis
Abi-Albon - Original name in 2Samuel may have been Abi-baal, whose letters were then transposed to a new name to avoid the idolatrous name
Cankerworm - The same Original word is rendered "caterpillar" in Psalms 105:34; Jeremiah 51:14; Jeremiah 51:27
Frog - The Original Hebrew word signifies a marsh-leaper
Mat'Thew, Gospel of - ...
Its Original language . --The testimony of the early Church is unanimous that Matthew wrote Originally in the Hebrew language. If there was a Hebrew Original, it disappeared at a very early age. The Jewish historian Josephus furnishes an illustration of the fate of the Hebrew Original of Matthew. Josephus himself informs us that he, wrote his great work "The History of the Jewish Wars," Originally in Hebrew, his native tongue, for the benefit of his own nation, and he afterward translated it into Greek. No notices of the Hebrew Original now survive. If there was an Original Hebrew Gospel, an earlier date belongs to it --Ellicott
Mash - (massh) A son of Aram (Genesis 10:23 ) in Table of Nations and thus Original ancestor of Syrian tribal group, possibly from Mount Masius (Tur Abdin) in Northern Mesopotamia or the Mashu mountains of the Gilgamesh epic, probably the Lebanon and anti-Lebanon mountains
Earing - " It is used in the Authorized Version in Genesis 45:6 ; Exodus 34:21 ; 1 Samuel 8:12 ; Deuteronomy 21:4 ; Isaiah 30:24 ; but the Revised Version has rendered the Original in these places by the ordinary word to plough or till
Wise Men - The word in the Original (hakamim) probably means "medicine men
Flacians - He taught that Original sin is the very substance of human nature; and that the fall of man was an event which extinguished in the human mind every virtuous tendency, every noble faculty, and left nothing behind it but universal darkness and corruption
Epher - Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Manasseh (1 Chronicles 5:24 )
Wool - Symbolizing purity and whiteness (Isaiah 1:18, "shall be as wool" restored to its Original undyed whiteness; Daniel 7:9; Revelation 1:14)
Caphtor - (cayf' tawr) The Original home of the Philistines (Amos 9:7 )
Laish - The Original name of the town of Dan ( Judges 18:7 ; Judges 18:14 ; Judges 18:27 ; Judges 18:29 )
Juniper - Unquestionably, the Original intends the rçlem (Rçtama r¿tam), a shrub of the broom family, attaining a height of about 12 feet
Argenteuil, France - The Original monastic foundation was a changed into a nunnery by Charlemagne, and the repentant Heloise, beloved of Abelard, was for a time abbess
Lake - In the Original we should read Bor as a lake, or pit, or cistern
Detainer - ) The keeping possession of what belongs to another; detention of what is another's, even though the Original taking may have been lawful
Mennonite - They believe that the New Testament is the only rule of faith, that there is no Original sin, that infants should not be baptized, and that Christians ought not to take oath, hold office, or render military service
he'Brew Language - It is one of the earliest of known languages, and some suppose that it was the Original language of man
Jubilee - In that year all land that had changed ownership during the previous forty-nine years returned to its Original owner. ...
Since all land returned to the Original owners in the fiftieth year, the sale price of land had to be reduced from its Original value so that it was proportionate to the number of years that remained to the fiftieth year (Leviticus 25:13-17)
Kenizzite - They are not mentioned among the Original inhabitants of Canaan (Exodus 3:8 ; Joshua 3:10 ), and probably they inhabited some part of Arabia, in the confines of Syria
Hepher - Original family ancestor in clan of Gilead and father of Zelophehad (Numbers 26:28-37 )
Hiddekel - This shows the dependence of the important areas of subsequent world history owed their fertility to God's Original garden of creation
la Marck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, c - which assumes Original creation
Cheyenne - Their Original habitat appears to have been Minnesota, whence they have moved westward and are now settled chiefly in Montana and Oklahoma
Jean de la Marck - which assumes Original creation
Jeshurun - It may represent a play on Jacob, the Original Israel, known for deception
Jorah - Many interpreters believe Hariph to be the Original reading, though it is difficult to explain the change
Gabbai - Many modern commentators think copying errors have introduced the name into the text from an Original Hebrew text meaning, “heroic men,” though no existing Hebrew text has this reading
Giddel - Original clan father of a group of royal servants who returned from the Babylonian Exile with Zerubbabel about 537 B
lo, the Dim Shadows of the Night Are Waning - based on the Original text, but has been partly changed to suit the text of the Roman Breviary
Town Clerk, - (Acts 19:35 ) The Original service of this class of men was to record the laws and decrees of the state, and to read them in public
Seminal - ) Contained in seed; holding the relation of seed, source, or first principle; holding the first place in a series of developed results or consequents; germinal; radical; primary; Original; as, seminal principles of generation; seminal virtue
Baalath - ” City in Original inheritance of tribe of Dan (Joshua 19:44 )
Beelzebub - The Greek version of the New Testament has Beelzebul (prince of filth), perhaps an intentional change of the Original word
Lasha - A point on the Original border of Canaan (Genesis 10:19 )
Chica - ) A popular Moorish, Spanish, and South American dance, said to be the Original of the fandango, etc
Estrange - ) To divert from its Original use or purpose, or from its former possessor; to alienate
Shekel - ) It is found inscribed only with the Samaritan character, the Original form of the Hebrew
Trope - ) The use of a word or expression in a different sense from that which properly belongs to it; the use of a word or expression as changed from the Original signification to another, for the sake of giving life or emphasis to an idea; a figure of speech
Ecce Jam Noctis Tenuatur Umbra - based on the Original text, but has been partly changed to suit the text of the Roman Breviary
Calneh - One of the Original cities of Nimrod's empire, Genesis 10:10; Amos 6:2, apparently the same with Calno, Isaiah 10:9, and Canneh, Ezekiel 27:23
Fundamental - Hence: Essential, as an element, principle, or law; important; Original; elementary; as, a fundamental truth; a fundamental axiom
Metamorphic - ) Pertaining to, produced by, or exhibiting, certain changes which minerals or rocks may have undergone since their Original deposition; - especially applied to the recrystallization which sedimentary rocks have undergone through the influence of heat and pressure, after which they are called metamorphic rocks
Rulers of the World of This Darkness - As a consequence of Original sin the world had been given over to the "world-rulers of this darkness," but by the redeeming death of Christ it was bought back to the kingdom of God and of light
Ruthenians - Their name dates from the time of Charlemagne, and they claim to be the Original Russians
Loft - Spenser seems to have used the word for the highest floor or top, and this may have been its Original signification
Free Will Baptists - For a long time this body had no particular name, later being called Free Will Baptists and still later becoming known as Original Free Will Baptists. Since 1890 they have dropped the term "Original
Principle - ) An Original faculty or endowment. ) Any Original inherent constituent which characterizes a substance, or gives it its essential properties, and which can usually be separated by analysis; - applied especially to drugs, plant extracts, etc
Tiller - ) A shoot of a plant, springing from the root or bottom of the Original stalk; a sucker. ) To put forth new shoots from the root, or round the bottom of the Original stalk; as, wheat or rye tillers; some spread plants by tillering
Baptists, Free Will - For a long time this body had no particular name, later being called Free Will Baptists and still later becoming known as Original Free Will Baptists. Since 1890 they have dropped the term "Original
Cashmere - ) A dress fabric made of fine wool, or of fine wool and cotton, in imitation of the Original cashmere. , Originally made in Cashmere from the soft wool found beneath the hair of the goats of Cashmere, Thibet, and the Himalayas
Bride - ,sect 2 This is the true Original sense of the word
Charaathalan - But ‘Charaathalan leading them and Allar’ is due to some perversion of the Original, which has ‘Cherub, Addan, Immer,’ three names of places in Babylonia, from which the return was made ( Ezra 2:59 ; cf
Secu - ’ Perhaps the name represents a word in the Original best rendered ‘the height,’ referring to the highest part of the town of Ramah
Tibhath - In 2 Samuel 8:8 the name of the town is Betah , but the Original reading was probably Tebah , as in the Syriac version, and as a tribal name in Genesis 22:24
Ashkenaz - They are mentioned in connection with Minni and Ararat, and hence their Original seat must have been in Armenia (Jeremiah 51:27 ), probably near the Black Sea, which, from their founder, was first called Axenus, and afterwards the Euxine
Jachin - ” Son of Simeon and Original ancestor of a clan in the tribe (Genesis 46:10 ; spelled Jarib in 1 Chronicles 4:24 )
Jimna(h) - Son of Asher, grandson of Jacob, and Original ancestor of clan in tribe of Asher (Genesis 46:17 ; Numbers 26:44 )
Haroeh - The same person is apparently called Reaiah in 1 Chronicles 4:2 , an easy change to make in copying Hebrew and probably the Original name
Frock - ’ The Hebrew Original has, ‘he that wraps himself in a mantle of hair’ (Smend), for which see Dress, § 4 ( c )
Barretter - The Original form consisted of an extremely fine platinum wire loop attached to terminals and inclosed in a small glass or silver bulb
Siderography - ) The art or practice of steel engraving; especially, the process, invented by Perkins, of multiplying facsimiles of an engraved steel plate by first rolling over it, when hardened, a soft steel cylinder, and then rolling the cylinder, when hardened, over a soft steel plate, which thus becomes a facsimile of the Original
Jochebed - One of the seventy Original members of Jacob’s household that emigrated to Egypt
Pone - ) An Original writ, now superseded by the writ of certiorari, for removing a case from an inferior court into the Court of Exchequer
Tango - The dance is of Spanish origin, and is believed to have been in its Original form a part of the fandango
Temper Together - 1: συγκεράννυμι (Strong's #4786 — Verb — sunkerannumi — soong-ker-an'-noo-mee ) "to mix or blend together," is used in 1 Corinthians 12:24 , of the combining of the members of the human body into an organic structure, as illustrative of the members of a local church (see 1 Corinthians 12:27 , where there is no definite article in the Original)
Pathros - Isaiah 11:11 Jeremiah 44:1,15 Ezekiel 29:14 30:14 , one of the three ancient divisions of Egypt, namely, Upper or Southern Egypt, which Ezekiel speaks of as distinct from Egypt, and the Original abode of the Egyptians; as indeed Ethiopia and Upper Egypt really were
Sara - Her Original name, Sarai, was changed by God's command (17)
Cherethites, Cherethim - Crete may have been their Original home
Likeness - The picture is a good likeness of the Original
Offence - This word answers to two different terms in the Original, the one signifying a breach of the law, Romans 5:15,17 , the other a stumbling-block or cause of sin to others, Matthew 5:29 ; 18:6-9 ; or whatever is perverted into an occasion or excuse for sin, Matthew 15:12 ; John 6:61 ; Romans 9:33 ; Galatians 5:11
Jeremoth - Ezra 10:29, "and Ramoth" in the Hebrew margin (Qeri), but Jeremoth in the Hebrew Original text (Κethib )
Halah - Some Bible students think the Original text of Obadiah 1:20 contained a promise for the captives in Halah
Shemer - Original owner of the mount of Samaria for whom Samaria was named (1 Kings 16:24 )
Shem - ” Noah's oldest son and Original ancestor of Semitic peoples including Israel (Genesis 5:32 ; Genesis 6:10 ; Genesis 7:13 ; Genesis 9:18-27 ; Genesis 10:1 ,Genesis 10:1,10:21-22 ,Genesis 10:21-22,10:31 ; Genesis 11:10-11 )
Hen (Person) - Hebrew word for “grace, favor” used as either a proper name or a title (meaning “favored one”) of Josiah son of Zephaniah (Zechariah 6:14 ; compare Zechariah 6:10 ) if the present Hebrew text is Original
Library, Palatine - Original name of the Vatican Library, whose present name dates from 1588 when Pope Sixtus V commissioned Fontana to erect a new building to house the books of the old Palatine Library
Palatine Library - Original name of the Vatican Library, whose present name dates from 1588 when Pope Sixtus V commissioned Fontana to erect a new building to house the books of the old Palatine Library
Jetur - ” A son of Ishmael and thus Original ancestor of Arabian tribe or clan (Genesis 25:15 )
Kirjath-Arba - City of Arba, the Original name of Hebron (q
Girgashite - Dwelling in clayey soil, the descendants of the fifth son of Canaan (Genesis 10:16 ), one of the Original tribes inhabiting the land of Canaan before the time of the Israelites (Genesis 15:21 ; Deuteronomy 7:1 )
Burschenschaft - ) In Germany, any of various associations of university students formed (the Original one at Jena in 1815) to support liberal ideas, or the organization formed by the affiliation of the local bodies
Ichabod - The name means ‘inglorious,’ but probably should be ‘Jahweh is glory,’ from an Original Jochebed
Archetype - ) The Original pattern or model of a work; or the model from which a thing is made or formed
Josheb-Basshebeth - But the text is corrupt, and the Original name Jashobeam must be restored from the parallel passage, 2 Chronicles 11:11 , just as the ‘Hachmonite’ must be substituted for the ‘Tahchemonite
Creation - ) That which is created; that which is produced or caused to exist, as the world or some Original work of art or of the imagination; nature
Beginning - First entering upon commencing giving rise or Original taking rise or origin
Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - It originated in Spain, when the feast of the Annunciation (March 25,) was transferFed to December 18, because of the regulation forbidding feasts in Lent, and remained on this date after the Annunciation was again celebrated on its Original date
je'Thro - ( Numbers 10:31,33 ) (He is called Exodus 2:18 ) And Numbers 10:29 ), The same word int he Original for both)
Tuscan - The Original of this order was not used by the Greeks, but by the Romans under the Empire
Adamant - The Original word occurs again in Jeremiah 17:1, where it is translated "diamond," with which the writer's pen is said to be pointed
Cockatrice - The Original signifies a creature that "hisses," doubtless some species of serpent
Firmament - The Original, therefore, does not convey the sense of solidity, but of stretching, extension; the great arch of expanse over our heads, in which are placed the atmosphere and the clouds, and in which the stars appear to be placed, and are really seen
Hell - " The Original Greek wordfor "Hell," as the place of torment, is GEHENNA (which see)
Chemarim - ]'>[1] this word is found only in Zephaniah 1:4 ; but the Original of which it is the transliteration is used also at 2 Kings 23:5 and Hosea 10:5 , and in both instances Chĕmârim is placed in the margin of AV Joshua (1) Stylites, a Syrian Monk - A full description, with quotations from the Original Syriac, is given by Assemani (Bibl. It was published at Leipzig in 1878, in the Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes , in the Original Syriac, with a French trans
Cushan-Rishathaim - Some have tried to see Aram as an unintentional copying error for an Original Edom, but no evidence exists for this conjecture
Joel Harris - " He is best known by his "Uncle Remus" stories, which created an Original department in American literature, and were translated into 27 languages
Christ Child Society - Its Original object was to provide a gift at Christmas, or "from the Christ Child," for all poor children
Quarrel - The Original meaning of this Eng
Tabering, - " The Authorized Version reproduces the Original idea
Mattaniah - ...
The Original name of Zedekiah (q
Bible, Luther's - Luther translated the Bible into German (1522-1534) from the Original Hebrew and Greek, also making use of the Latin version of Lyra, a Hebrew-Latin text, and an older German translation
Eve - ” The first woman created and thus Original ancestor of all people (Genesis 3:20 ; compare Genesis 4:1-2 ,Genesis 4:1-2,4:25 )
Shield - 1: θυρεός (Strong's #2375 — Noun Masculine — thureos — thoo-reh-os' ) formerly meant "a stone for closing the entrance of a cave;" then, "a shield," large and oblong, protecting every part of the soldier; the word is used metaphorically of faith, Ephesians 6:16 , which the believer is to take up "in (en in the Original) all" (all that has just been mentioned), i
Hozai - ]'>[1] seems the only defensible one, but perhaps the Original reading was ‘his seers
Luther's Bible - Luther translated the Bible into German (1522-1534) from the Original Hebrew and Greek, also making use of the Latin version of Lyra, a Hebrew-Latin text, and an older German translation
Golden Rule - The principle of the Golden Rule can be found in many religions, but Jesus' wording of it was Original and unique
Cordite - A variety containing less nitroglycerin than the Original is known as cordite M
Avitus, Saint - He is the author of a poem dealing with the scriptural narrative of Original sin, expulsion from paradise, the Deluge, and crossing of the Red Sea; Milton made use of this in preparing Paradise Lost
Turkey-Trot - The Original form, owning to the positions assumed by the dancers, is offensively suggestive
Decomposition - ) The state of being reduced into Original elements
Alcimus Ecdicius, Saint - He is the author of a poem dealing with the scriptural narrative of Original sin, expulsion from paradise, the Deluge, and crossing of the Red Sea; Milton made use of this in preparing Paradise Lost
Aberdeen, University of - The College of the Holy Virgin in Nativity (now called King's College) was erected by papal bull, 1494, and established in 1497 by Bishop William Elphinstone of Aberdeen, Hector Boece being its first principal; the Original chapel still remains
Lucifer - The Original word signifies brilliant star, i
Chub - ” If “Libya” is not the Original reading, “Chub” remains a people about whom nothing is known except that Ezekiel announced judgment on them as a partner of Egypt
Harris, Joel Chandler - " He is best known by his "Uncle Remus" stories, which created an Original department in American literature, and were translated into 27 languages
Society, Christ Child - Its Original object was to provide a gift at Christmas, or "from the Christ Child," for all poor children
University of Aberdeen - The College of the Holy Virgin in Nativity (now called King's College) was erected by papal bull, 1494, and established in 1497 by Bishop William Elphinstone of Aberdeen, Hector Boece being its first principal; the Original chapel still remains
Horites - The Horites were the Original inhabitants of the region around Mt Seir, south of the Dead Sea
Legends of the Saints - In these legends there is a certain Original truthful fact, or facts, which gradually has been obscured by imagination and credulity. After the age of the martyrs, the Original truthful Acta were gradually encrusted with these details, so that, with the popular credulity, the romantic elements have quite buried the truthful facts. The task of Catholic historical scholarship is to detect and discard that which is fictitious, and to attain to the Original truthful account
Original Sin - Now the loss or privation of Divine grace, the chief consequence of sin, means the privation of the supernatural goodness to which God destined us, and therefore it is called our Original stain or sin. This concupiscence, though often the occasion of sin, is not in itself sinful; it is not Original sin, as the early Protestants held, nor does it consist, as Luther believed, in such a decadence of our nature as to leave our reason incapable of understanding, our will without freedom, and our whole nature evil. Original sin does not so corrupt our natural powers as to render them incapable of natural virtues: it deprives us of the grace needed for virtues beyond our natural powers
Sin, Original - Now the loss or privation of Divine grace, the chief consequence of sin, means the privation of the supernatural goodness to which God destined us, and therefore it is called our Original stain or sin. This concupiscence, though often the occasion of sin, is not in itself sinful; it is not Original sin, as the early Protestants held, nor does it consist, as Luther believed, in such a decadence of our nature as to leave our reason incapable of understanding, our will without freedom, and our whole nature evil. Original sin does not so corrupt our natural powers as to render them incapable of natural virtues: it deprives us of the grace needed for virtues beyond our natural powers
Shuah - Son of Abraham (Genesis 25:2 ) and possibly thought of as Original ancestor of the Suhu mentioned in Assyrian sources as living on the Euphrates River below the mouth of the Chabur
Seir - Mount Hor formed part of Seir, and is the only part that retains its Original name
Dowdall, George - Under Queen Mary he led the Catholic party, endeavored to repair the injuries to religion, suffered during the preceding reigns, and having renounced the schism, was appointed by the pope to his Original see
de Profundis - The Original abbey-church and the great church erected 1164 were demolished 1600
Derry, Ireland, Diocese of - The Original abbey-church and the great church erected 1164 were demolished 1600
Out of the Depths - The Original abbey-church and the great church erected 1164 were demolished 1600
Doctor, Ecstatic - He was, however, a compiler rather than an Original thinker
Denys the Carthusian - He was, however, a compiler rather than an Original thinker
Denys Van Leeuwen - He was, however, a compiler rather than an Original thinker
Sheshach - The word is, however, no part of the Original text of Jeremiah, being a conceit of later editors
Carthusian, Denys the - He was, however, a compiler rather than an Original thinker
Cor - In 1 Kings 4:22 ; 5:11 ; 2 Chronicles 2:10 ; 27:5 , the Original word is rendered "measure
Capital - In Romanesque and Gothic capitals the classic orders were supplanted by the Original inspiration of each artist, resulting in endless variety of historical and legendary scenes, floral designs, and grotesque figures
Anger - In itself it is an Original susceptibility of our nature, just as love is, and is not necessarily sinful
Bigvai - Either he or another person of same name was Original clan ancestor of 2,056 people who returned (Ezra 2:14 )
Melleray - The Original monastery was erected in 1145 by Guitern, its first abbot
Tidal - " or "king of nations," is Turanian or Hamitic, the Original element of Babylonia's early population
Conception, Immaculate - without Original sin: held on the 8th of December
Arrival - ) The act of arriving, or coming; the act of reaching a place from a distance, whether by water (as in its Original sense) or by land
Mene - " "Peres," in the Original language, is the same word with "Upharsin," but in a different case or number
Bela - He became Original ancestor of clan of Belaites (Numbers 26:38 ; 1 Chronicles 7:7 )
Sardine (Stone) - These stones represent a wide variety in values, so that probably we are being told that Satan in his Original exalted position with GOD had all the values that could be given to a created spirit
Infant Baptism - In the Catholic Church infant baptism washes away Original sin and is regenerative
Abbey, Stanbrook - It is under the immediate jurisdiction of the Benedictine monks of the English Congregation, whose Original foundation was at Cambrai, Flanders in 1625
Ecstatic Doctor - He was, however, a compiler rather than an Original thinker
Moving Picture - A series of pictures, usually photographs taken with a special machine, presented to the eye in very rapid succession, with some or all of the objects in the picture represented in slightly changed positions, producing, by persistence of vision, the optical effect of a continuous picture in which the objects move in some manner, as that of some Original scene
Carbuncle - The Original words here may mean "sparkling stones;" perhaps the Oriental garnet is intended
Sheep Market - The Original might with at least equal propriety be rendered sheep gate; and a gate so called is mentioned in Nehemiah 3:1 - 32 ; 12:39
Stanbrook Abbey - It is under the immediate jurisdiction of the Benedictine monks of the English Congregation, whose Original foundation was at Cambrai, Flanders in 1625
George Dowdall - Under Queen Mary he led the Catholic party, endeavored to repair the injuries to religion, suffered during the preceding reigns, and having renounced the schism, was appointed by the pope to his Original see
Deaconess - In Romans 16:1 , Phebe is said to be a "servant" of the church at Cenchrea; but in the Original Greek she is called deaconess
Rubies - (Job 28:18 ) see also Proverbs 3:15 ; 8:11 ; 31:10 Some suppose "coral" to be in tended; others "pearl," supposing that the Original word signifies merely "bright in color," or "color of a reddish tinge
Jashobeam - 2 Samuel 23:8 spells the name Josheb-basshebeth (see modern translations), the last part of which represents the Hebrew word for shame, at times used by scribes instead of an Original name containing the Canaanite god's name Baal, leading some interpreters to see the Original name here as Yishbaal
Pit - Numbers 16:33 (a) The Original word is sheol, which in the Original Hebrew means hell, or the place of departed spirits
Counterfeit - ) To imitate with a view to deceiving, by passing the copy for that which is Original or genuine; to forge; as, to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc. ) Fabricated in imitation of something else, with a view to defraud by passing the false copy for genuine or Original; as, counterfeit antiques; counterfeit coin
Fatling - Compare Matthew 22:4 , where the word used in the Original, sitistos, means literally "corn-fed;" i
Hezion - Others think both names have been changed from an Original Hezron or Hazael
Deacons, Seven - Men elected by the Original Christian community at Jerusalem and ordained by the Apostles, their office being chiefly to look after the poor, as the number of believers among the Grecian Jews had rapidly increased and their widows and children were being neglected
Catholic Benevolent Legion - The Original figures of these have been increased to meet the requirements of sounder insurance
Irnahash - 1 Chronicles 4:12 lists it as a personal name in the descendants of Judah, using the device of the “Table of Nations” ( Genesis 10:1 ) and other passages of listing cities by Original ancestors in the form of a genealogy
Hosen - The article of dress denoted by the Original is uncertain
Bebai - Original ancestor of clan of whom 623 (Nehemiah 7:16,628 ) returned with Zerubbabel from Exile in Babylon about 537 B
Laadan - Original ancestor of clan of Levites and son of Gershon (1 Chronicles 23:7-9 ; 1 Chronicles 26:21 ), though elsewhere Gershon's son is named Libni. Some suggest that Laadan Originally belonged to family of Libni, but his clan became more prominent and overshadowed that of Libni in later times
Luz - Original name of Bethel (Genesis 28:19 )
Sibbec(h)ai - 1 Chronicles 11:29 lists him among David's military heroes, leading many commentators to see Sibbecai as the Original reading for Mebunnai in 2 Samuel 23:27 resulting from a confusion of Hebrew letters by early scribes
Importunity - It is probable, however, that it had lost some of its Original force, and that ‘importunity’ is a fair rendering. word signified Originally ‘difficulty of access’ ( in-portus ), hence persistence
Primordial - ) Originally or earliest formed in the growth of an individual or organ; as, a primordial leaf; a primordial cell. ) First in order; primary; Original; of earliest origin; as, primordial condition
Annihilation - It is a tenet of the Original Adventists, of the Catharists, and, as some believe, of the Buddhists
All to Break - The correct spelling (as in the Original ed
Paraphrase - ) A restatement of a text, passage, or work, expressing the meaning of the Original in another form, generally for the sake of its clearer and fuller exposition; a setting forth the signification of a text in other and ampler terms; a free translation or rendering; - opposed to metaphrase
Leek - Its Original meaning is supposed to be greens or grass
Seven Deacons - Men elected by the Original Christian community at Jerusalem and ordained by the Apostles, their office being chiefly to look after the poor, as the number of believers among the Grecian Jews had rapidly increased and their widows and children were being neglected
City of David - Its Original reference may have been only to the southeastern hill and the Jebusites' military fortress there
Tares - The two names used in the Original text point to plants of quite different characters: ...
(1) a general term applicable to all ill-smellingand harmful plants;
(2) the bearded darnel, the only grass with a poisonous seed
Gilgal - Joshua set up Gilgal as the border between Judah and Benjamin (Joshua 15:7 ; compare Joshua 18:17 ), though many Bible students think the border town must be south of the Original camp. This could be the same Gilgal of Deuteronomy 11:30 , if Joshua's Original town is not meant. This was apparently tell Jiljulieh about three miles southeast of Shiloh, though it could still be Joshua's Original Gilgal. The earliest Greek translation reads this as “kings of the nations in Galilee,” which many scholars think is the Original reading, a copyist of the Hebrew text using the word “Gilgal” since it had become familiar in the earlier chapters of Joshua. If the Hebrew Gilgal is Original, its location is not known
Winefat - The Original word (hypolenion) so rendered occurs only here in the New Testament
Bay - Bay in Zechariah 6:3,7 denotes the colour of horses, but the Original Hebrew means strong, and is here used rather to describe the horses as fleet or spirited
Munition - ]'>[4] ), as the same Original is rendered in 1Ma 10:11
Augmentation - ) In counterpoint and fugue, a repetition of the subject in tones of twice the Original length
Mammon - In the second place, Luke 16:9; Luke 16:11, mammon is more explicitly wealth, called "mammon of unrighteousness" because it is the substance of a system, an avaricious system, which never could have existed had Original righteousness not been lost
Samgar-Nebo - Many modern scholars seek to reconstruct the Original Akkadian name
Seminary - ) Hence, the place or Original stock whence anything is brought or produced
Plantation - ) An Original settlement in a new country; a colony
Iniquity - Original want of holiness or depravity
Behemoth - The Original word in Arabic signifies a brute of beast in general, especially a quadruped
Abelians - They condemned marriage, considering it a means of perpetuating Original sin, but each couple adopted a boy and a girl who inherited the property of their foster-parents on condition of living together in like manner in mature life
Abelites - They condemned marriage, considering it a means of perpetuating Original sin, but each couple adopted a boy and a girl who inherited the property of their foster-parents on condition of living together in like manner in mature life
Abelonians - They condemned marriage, considering it a means of perpetuating Original sin, but each couple adopted a boy and a girl who inherited the property of their foster-parents on condition of living together in like manner in mature life
Havilah - There must have been other, and perhaps many, Havilahs beside the Original one, a part of the numerous and wide-spread posterity of Cush
Jasper - The Greek and Latin name, jaspis, as well as the English jasper, is plainly derived from the Hebrew, and leaves little room to doubt what species of gem is meant by the Original word
Luz - A city in the land of the Hittites, built by an inhabitant of the Original Luz, who was spared when the city was sacked, Judges 1:23; now Luweizîyeh, four miles northwest of Banias
Bancroft, George - His revised edition (1883-1885) is inferior in scholarship to the Original
Solomon Islands - Original missionary work was entrusted to the Marist Fathers
Analysis - ) A resolution of anything, whether an object of the senses or of the intellect, into its constituent or Original elements; an examination of the component parts of a subject, each separately, as the words which compose a sentence, the tones of a tune, or the simple propositions which enter into an argument. ) The tracing of things to their source, and the resolving of knowledge into its Original principles
Copy - ) An imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an Original work; as, a copy of a letter, an engraving, a painting, or a statue. ) To make a copy or copies of; to write; print, engrave, or paint after an Original; to duplicate; to reproduce; to transcribe; as, to copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc
Harrow - 306 several reasons were given for rejecting the universal modern rendering of the Original by ‘harrow. ’ This conclusion has since been confirmed by the discovery of the Original Hebrew of Sir 38:26 where ‘who setteth his mind to “harrow” in the furrows’ would be an absurd rendering
Writ - ...
Writs are Original or judicial. An Original writ, in England, is issued from the high court of chancery
Demon - ...
In the New Testament the word is synonymous with the evil spirit, and in English versions of the Bible is rendered "devil" and consequently designates a maleficent being, a meaning not necessarily implied in the Original yord "demon
Faribault, George Barthelemy - His splendid collection of rare books and Original manuscripts, inspired by his love of Canada, burned with Montreal Parliament House, 1849; his second collection was bequeathed to Laval University
Maccarthy, Denis Florence - His Original writings include: "Ballads, Poems, and Lyrics"; "The Bell Founder"; "Under Glimpses"; "Shelley's Early Life
Denis Maccarthy - His Original writings include: "Ballads, Poems, and Lyrics"; "The Bell Founder"; "Under Glimpses"; "Shelley's Early Life
Liturgy, Ethiopic - The normal and Original Ethiopic use is the Liturgy of the Twelve Apostles, which was translated from the Coptic by Saint Cyril
Throughly - ]'>[1] we find both forms used, ‘thoroughly’ in Exodus 21:18 , 2 Kings 11:18 , and ‘throughly’ elsewhere; but in the Original edition of 1611 the spelling is ‘throughly’ everywhere
Earrings - In Isaiah 3:20 the Authorized Version has "ear-rings," and the Revised Version "amulets," which more correctly represents the Original word (lehashim), which means incantations; charms, thus remedies against enchantment, worn either suspended from the neck or in the ears of females
Jobab - He was thus the Original ancestor of a Semite tribe, probably in southern Arabia
Avulsion - The property in the part thus separated, or cut off, continues in the Original owner
Lasharon - The Original Hebrew text may have indicated Aphek in Sharon to distinguish it from other Apheks
Creature - ]'>[1] ‘creature’ is used in the general (and Original) sense of ‘what is created
Ambrosian Basilica - Church, Milan, dating from the 9th century and restored in the 12th, replacing the Original edifice erected by Saint Ambrose and consecrated, 386
Archelaus, Supposed Bishop of Carchar - It is extant in a Latin translation from a Greek text, but some think the Greek is derived from a Syriac Original
Basilica, Ambrosian - Church, Milan, dating from the 9th century and restored in the 12th, replacing the Original edifice erected by Saint Ambrose and consecrated, 386
Genesis - In the Original Hebrew, this book has no title the present title was prefixed to it by those who translated it into Greek
Torrens System - The system has been generally adopted in Australia and British Columbia, and in its Original or a modified form in some other countries, including some States of the United States
Ethiopic Liturgy - The normal and Original Ethiopic use is the Liturgy of the Twelve Apostles, which was translated from the Coptic by Saint Cyril
Lady - 1 is not quite in accord, in the Original, with those in 2 John 1:13 ; 3 John 1:1
Neck - 1: τράχηλος (Strong's #5137 — Noun Masculine — trachelos — trakh'-ay-los ) is used (a) literally, Matthew 18:6 ; Mark 9:42 ; Luke 17:2 ; of "embracing," Luke 15:20 ; Acts 20:37 ; (b) metaphorically, in Acts 15:10 , of "putting a yoke upon;" Romans 16:4 , singular in the Original, "(laid down their) neck," indicating the figurative use of the term rather than the literal
George Faribault - His splendid collection of rare books and Original manuscripts, inspired by his love of Canada, burned with Montreal Parliament House, 1849; his second collection was bequeathed to Laval University
Burnt Offering - The meaning of the whole burnt offering was that which is the Original idea of all sacrifice, the offering by the sacrificer of himself, soul and body, to God--the submission of his will to the will of the Lord
Debtor - ...
A surety was liable in the same way as the Original debtor (Proverbs 11:15 ; 17:18 )
Hamor - Hamor was the Original clan ancestor of the city of Shechem (Judges 9:28 )
Immer - Son of Immer in other instances could mean, “descendant of Immer” and refer to this Original priestly ancestor
Orange, Council of - Its deliberations were against the errors of the Semi-Pelagians concerning Original sin, grace, and predestination
Menochio, Giovanni Stefano - His exegetical work is deservedly famous; he studied the text in the Original and sought to find the literal meaning in the Bible and the Fathers; in this he was aided by his vast knowledge of Jewish antiquities
Cento - (Latin: rag, patchwork) ...
Literary composition constructed by choosing passages of prose or poetry from one or more authors so as to form a whole having no connection with the Original subjects, especially popular during the Middle Ages
Seraphim - ) This word, in the Original, is used elsewhere only of the "fiery serpents" ( Numbers 21:6,8 ; Deuteronomy 8:15 ; Compare Isaiah 14:29 ; 30:6 ) sent by God as his instruments to inflict on the people the righteous penalty of sin
Celtic Rite - They were composed of Original, Gallic, and Roman elements
Decapolis - Other cities afterward receiving similar privileges cause confusion as to which are the Original ten; probably Scythopolis (W
Girgashite - ” One of the list of Original tribal groups inhabiting Canaan, traced back to Canaan, son of Ham and grandson of Noah (Genesis 10:16 )
Nobah - ’ This may have been the Original settlement of the clan of that name
Dor - The Original inhabitants were not expelled, but David made them tributary, and Solomon stationed one of his commissariat officers there (1 Kings 4:11; Judges 1:27-28)
Aryan - ) The language of the Original Aryans
Gomer - Their Original home appears to have been north of the Euxine, but by the 7th cent
Ira - His name is omitted from the Original (?) passage in 2 Samuel 8:18 , and from the passage in 1 Chronicles 18:17
Veracity of God - " He is true in and of himself; he truly and really exists; he is the true and living God: all his perfections are true and real; truth is essential to him; it is pure and perfect in him; it is the first and Original in him; he is the fountain of truth: all his works in creation, providence, and grace, are according to truth
Giovanni Menochio - His exegetical work is deservedly famous; he studied the text in the Original and sought to find the literal meaning in the Bible and the Fathers; in this he was aided by his vast knowledge of Jewish antiquities
Spain - The Iberian language (from whence the country derived one of its names and its river Iberus or Ebro was designated) was the Original of the Basque
Dike - ) A wall-like mass of mineral matter, usually an intrusion of igneous rocks, filling up rents or fissures in the Original strata
Henry Ryder - Ward's Scheme of Dogmatic Authority, and Poems Original and Translated
Protocol - ) The Original copy of any writing, as of a deed, treaty, dispatch, or other instrument
Evil, Powers of - Since Original sin is ascribed to the instigation of the devil: "By the envy of the devil, death came into the world" (Wisdom of Solomon 2), and according to Saint Paul (Ephesians 6), the evil spirits are the most dangerous enemies of our souls, the real powers of evil in the world are the fallen angels
Modulation - ) A change of key, whether transient, or until the music becomes established in the new key; a shifting of the tonality of a piece, so that the harmonies all center upon a new keynote or tonic; the art of transition out of the Original key into one nearly related, and so on, it may be, by successive changes, into a key quite remote
Diamond - It was doubtless some hard stone; for the Original Hebrew term implies striking
Jacinth, - This is simply a different English rendering of the same Greek Original
Bramble - The author of "Scripture Illustrated" says, that the bramble seems to be well chosen as the representative of the Original; which should be a plant bearing fruit of some kind, being associated, Judges 9:14 , though by opposition, with the vine
Chiun - ” The Hebrew word kiyun appears to represent an intentional change by the Hebrew scribes, inserting the vowels of siqquts , “abomination,” for an Original reading, Kaiwan , the name of a Babylonian God of the stars equivalent to the Greek god Saturn
Kindly - This Johnson supposes to be the Original sense but it is also used as a derivative of the adjective, in the sense of ...
Lunatic - A word formed from the Latin luna, the moon, and thus corresponding to the Original Greek word and to the English "moonstruck;" applied to a class of persons mentally and often corporally diseased, who were believed to suffer most when the moon was full
Rite, Celtic - They were composed of Original, Gallic, and Roman elements
Ibleam - Many Bible students think Ibleam was the Original reading for the Levite city in Joshua 21:25 , where the Hebrew text now reads “Gath-rimmon,” also read in Joshua 21:24 . 1 Chronicles 6:70 reads Bileam, pointing to Ibleam as Original
Fresh - ...
(superl) New; Original; additional. ...
(superl) Possessed of Original life and vigor; new and strong; unimpaired; sound
Hachmon - ” Original ancestor of an Israelite clan called the Hachmonites
Abiel - ]'>[1] have Abiel : possibly the Original was Abibaal
Causey - word was used in the Original edition of AV Latin Architecture - All three were destroyed, and only the latter was rebuilt in the Original form
Zamzummim - A name given by the conquering Ammonites to the Rephaim , the Original inhabitants of the land ( Deuteronomy 2:20 )
Hivites - One of the Original tribes scattered over Palestine, from Hermon to Gibeon in the south
Jerahmeel - Son of Hezron (1 Chronicles 2:9 ), brother of Caleb (1 Chronicles 2:42 ), and Original clan ancestor of Jerahmeelites (1 Samuel 27:10 )
Horror - This passion is the Original of superstition, as a wise and well- tempered awe is of religion
Dean - The word is used in the American Church, but with aconsiderable modification of its Original meaning
Slave - ), but not there found in the Original
Massa - The use of Massa in the titles of collections of proverbs (Proverbs 30:1 ; Proverbs 31:1 ) probably refers to the nationality of the Original compiler
Decapolis - Originally a league of ten cities, Greek in population and constitution, for mutual defence against the Semitic tribes around them. The Original ten cities, as enumerated by Pliny, were Scythopolis, Pella, Dion, Gerasa, Philadelphia, Gadara, Raphana, Kanatha, Hippos, and Damascus
Architecture, Latin - All three were destroyed, and only the latter was rebuilt in the Original form
Erratic - ) Any stone or material that has been borne away from its Original site by natural agencies; esp
Engraving - Engraving is used for the decoration of the surface itself; also, for producing an Original, from which a pattern or design may be printed on paper
Consultation - Writ of consultation, in law, a writ awarded by a superior court, to return a cause, which had been removed by prohibition from the court Christian, to its Original jurisdiction so called because the judges on consultation find the prohibition founded
Caphtor - A chaplet, the Original seat of the Philistines (Deuteronomy 2:23 ; Jeremiah 47:4 ; Amos 9:7 )
Knipperdolings - A denomination in the 16th century; so called from Bertrand Knipperdoling, who taught that the righteous before the day of judgment shall have a monarchy on earth, and the wicked be destroyed: that men are not justified by their faith in Christ Jesus; that there is no Original sin; that infants ought not to be baptized, and that immersion is the only mode of baptism; that every one has authority to preach and administer the sacraments; that men are not obliged to pay respect to magistrates; that all things ought to be in common, and that it is lawful to marry many wives
Libertines (1) - Guyse supposes that those who had obtained this privilege by gift were called liberti (free men, ) and those who had obtained it by purchase, libertini (made free, ) in distinction from Original native free-men
Adonai - The words in the Original are, JEHOVAH said unto my Adonai
Tarnish - ) A thin film on the surface of a metal, usually due to a slight alteration of the Original color; as, the steel tarnish in columbite
Beelzebub - Beelzebub, in the Original Greek, is, in every instance, "Beelzebul
Pattern - An Original or model proposed for imitation the archetype an exemplar that which is to be copies or imitated, either in things or in actions as the pattern of a machine a pattern of patience
Why - The Original phrase is for what, for why
Gomor'Rah - (Genesis 19:23-29 ) One of them only, Zoar (or Bela; which was its Original name), was spared at the request of Lot, in order that he might take refuge there
Mouse - The Original word denotes a field-ravager, and may therefore comprehend any destructive rodent
Hire, Hired - ...
Note: In Matthew 20:9 there is no word for "hired" in the Original
Galatia - The Original settlement was in central Asia Minor. Did he visit Phrygian-dominated cities or the true Galatians in the countryside? Was his letter addressed to the Original territory in the north or to the Roman province with its southern additions? See Galatians
Sabaoth - What was the Original meaning of the title is still a subject of dispute. Whatever the Original meaning of the phrase, it came afterwards to denote the all-controlling power of God, as represented by the rendering of the Septuagint κύριος παντοκράτωρ; cf
Year of Jubilee - (2) All land was to revert back to the Original owner (Leviticus 25:10-34 ; Leviticus 27:16-24 ). The Original distribution of land was to remain intact. All property which the Original owner had been obligated to sell (and had not yet been redeemed) was to revert (without payment) to the Original owner or his lawful heirs
Melchites - Originally the name signified all those who remained faithful to the Council of Chalcedon (451), when the greater part accepted the Monophysite heresy. After several attempts at reconciliation they were united to Rome in the 18th century under the Patriarch Cyril VI who, with his successors, represents the Original line of Antioch
Floretti - Probably the translation of a Latin Original, "Floretum," it cannot be traced to one author, being rather an embodiment of traditions
Little Flowers of Saint Francis - Probably the translation of a Latin Original, "Floretum," it cannot be traced to one author, being rather an embodiment of traditions
Travail - ]'>[1]2 spells the word ‘travail,’ which was the Original spelling of AV Erech - Its Original Accadian name was UNU, UNUG, or UNUGA;the Babylonians and Assyrians called it URUKor ARKU; hence the Hebrew name Erech, and the Arab Warka
Izhar - Son of Kohath and grandson of Levi, thus Original ancestor of a priestly clan (Exodus 6:18 )
Joses - Barnabas' Original name was Joseph in the Greek of Acts 4:36
Kenath - Its conqueror Nobah named it after himself (Judges 8:11); the Original name has supplanted his name
Calneh - One of Nimrod' s Original seats meaning "the fort of the god Anu" (worshipped afterwards at Babylon) in the land of Shinar, i
Melkites - Originally the name signified all those who remained faithful to the Council of Chalcedon (451), when the greater part accepted the Monophysite heresy. After several attempts at reconciliation they were united to Rome in the 18th century under the Patriarch Cyril VI who, with his successors, represents the Original line of Antioch
Ashurite - If people from Ashur are meant in either of the Original texts, we know nothing else about them
Adoni-Bezek - The passage ( Judges 1:5-7 ) which speaks of Adoni-bezek does not appear to be intact; the Original form probably gave more details
Author - It is appropriately applied to one who composes or writes a book, or Original work, and in a more general sense, to one whose occupation is to compose and write books opposed to compiler or translator
Abbey of Citeaux - Original mother-house of the Cistercian Order, 12 miles south of Dijon, France
Document - ) An Original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else; - in its most extended sense, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information in the case; any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol
Baptists, Regular - A group of Baptist associations all of whom claim to be the Original English Baptists before the distinction between Calvinistic or Particular and Arminian or General became prominent
Henry Rawes - One of the Original members of the Oblates of Saint Charles, and a priest in 1857
Acrostic - The acrostic Psalms 9 (Hebrew 9-10) is only appreciable in the Original Hebrew
Adult Baptism - Baptism given absolutely remits actual as well as Original sin
Chit'Tim, Kit'Tim - Josephus considered Cyprus the Original seat of the Chittim
Elah - Terebinth trees, which gave the Original title to the valley, are still found there
Regular Baptists - A group of Baptist associations all of whom claim to be the Original English Baptists before the distinction between Calvinistic or Particular and Arminian or General became prominent
Rawes, Henry Augustus - One of the Original members of the Oblates of Saint Charles, and a priest in 1857
Saint Francis, Little Flowers of - Probably the translation of a Latin Original, "Floretum," it cannot be traced to one author, being rather an embodiment of traditions
Baptism, Adult - Baptism given absolutely remits actual as well as Original sin
no'Bah - C 1450) For a certain period after the establishment of the Israelite rule the new name remained, (Judges 8:11 ) but it is not again heard of, and the Original appellation, as is usual in such cases, appears to have recovered its hold, has since retained; for in the slightly-modified form of Kunawat it is the name of the place to the present day
Paarai - There was a tradition among the Rabbins, as it is related by Jerome in his questions on Genesis, that Arbe, the Original name of Hebron, was so called because it means four, and Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were buried there
Gehenna - In the Original Greek of the New Testament Scripturesthere are two words unfortunately translated by our one Englishword "Hell. " The second is Hades, which also occurs in theoriginal Greek of the Creed, and means the hidden, covered,intermediate world where the soul rests between death and thegeneral Resurrection
Images, Veneration of - ,it refers to the Original. When the Iconoclastic heresy forced the Church to declare upon the matter, the Seventh General Council, the second of Nice (787), defined the Catholic position, distinguishing between divine (latreutical) adoration and veneration of honor (Greek: time), between absolute and relative veneration, the latter due to images, because referred to the Original
Veneration of Images - ,it refers to the Original. When the Iconoclastic heresy forced the Church to declare upon the matter, the Seventh General Council, the second of Nice (787), defined the Catholic position, distinguishing between divine (latreutical) adoration and veneration of honor (Greek: time), between absolute and relative veneration, the latter due to images, because referred to the Original
Remnant - ...
A remnant represents morally the Original whole, and does not imply an inferior remaining portion. It is of God's grace that any are enabled to be stedfast to the Original truth and calling during a general apostasy from it
Sin - Original sin is that whereby our whole nature is corrupted, and rendered contrary to the law of God; or, according to the 9th article of the church of England, "It is that whereby man is very far gone from Original righteousness, and is, of his own nature, inclined to evil. " This is sometimes called indwelling sin, Romans 7:1-25 : The imputation of the sin of Adam to his posterity is also what divines generally call, with some latitude of expression, Original sin. " ...
See ATONEMENT, REDEMPTION; and Edwards, Wesley, and Taylor, on Original Sin; Gill's Body of Div
Basilica - ) Originally, the place of a king; but afterward, an apartment provided in the houses of persons of importance, where assemblies were held for dispensing justice; and hence, any large hall used for this purpose. ) A digest of the laws of Justinian, translated from the Original Latin into Greek, by order of Basil I
Hagarite - 1 Chronicles 11:38 names a Hagarite among David's military heroes, but some interpreters think that 1 Samuel 23:36 is evidence of an Original Gadite, which would be written quite similar to Hagarite in Hebrew
Limbo - Theologians distinguish a two-fold limbo: the limbo of the Fathers (limbus patrum), where the just that died before Christ, were detained until heaven, which had been closed in punishment for the sin of Adam, was reopened by the Saviour; and the limbo of infants (limbus infantium), where those who die in Original sin, but without personal mortal sin, are deprived of the happiness which would come to them in the supernatural order, but not of happiness in the natural order
Hallel - Scholars disagree as to the Original extent of the “Great Hallel” with some limiting the Hallel to Psalm 136:1 , some including Psalm 135:1 , and still others including the “Songs of Ascents” (Psalm 120-134 )
Chelod - ]'>[3] Original has been made
Chiun - However, it is far more probable that they, conscious of its reference, substituted for the Original vowels those of the word shiqqûts (‘abomination’) an epithet often applied to strange gods
Duties of Parents - As they are born in Original sin and liable to inordinate passions they must be directed by their parents towards good and brought under the saving influence of the Church and its means of salvation
Swan - Neither of these birds occurs elsewhere in the catalogue; both would be familiar to residents in Egypt, and the Original seems to point to some water-fowl
Lip - ), is used in the Original (saphah) metaphorically for an edge or border, as of a cup (1 Kings 7:26 ), a garment (Exodus 28:32 ), a curtain (26:4), the sea (Genesis 22:17 ), the Jordan (2 Kings 2:13 )
Crete - " Some have supposed that it was the Original home of the Caphtorim (q
Eliakim - ...
The Original name of Jehoiakim, king of Judah (2 Kings 23:34 )
Impeccability - Concupiscence and actual sin flow from Original sin which we contract by reason of our carnal descent from Adam, but Christ was conceived miraculously through the operation of the Holy Ghost
Bedan - This is usually seen as work of copyist, but the Original reading is uncertain
Beriah - He thus became Original ancestor of clan of Beriites (Numbers 26:44 )
Lentils - It is of a reddish-brown colour, and is certainly the Original ‘ red pottage ’ of Esau ( Genesis 25:30 )
Primer - ) Originally, a small prayer book for church service, containing the little office of the Virgin Mary; also, a work of elementary religious instruction. ) First; Original; primary
Answerable - Correspondent; agreeing with; in conformity with; as, the features expressed in a picture are answerable to the Original
Apron - The fig leaf is soft like velvet, and under the heat of the sun shrinks to about one-forth of the Original size
Verner's Law - A statement, propounded by the Danish philologist Karl Verner in 1875, which explains certain apparent exceptions to Grimm's law by the Original position of the accent. Primitive Indo-European k, t, p, became first in Teutonic h, th, f, and appear without further change in old Teutonic, if the accent rested on the preceding syllable; but these sounds became voiced and produced g, d, b, if the accent was Originally on a different syllable
Text - ) A discourse or composition on which a note or commentary is written; the Original words of an author, in distinction from a paraphrase, annotation, or commentary
Antelope - ...
The Original NIV read “antelope” in Isaiah 13:14 , but more recent editions read, “gazelle
Muckrake - The Original allusion was to a character in Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" so intent on raking up muck that he could not see a celestial crown held above him
Bay-Tree - " Aben Ezra, Jarchi, Kimchi, Jerom, and some others say that the Original may mean only a native tree; a tree growing in its native soil, not having suffered by transplantation
Knockabout - The Original type was twenty-one feet in length
Watches of the Night - The Original division of the night was into three watches—"the beginning of the watches," from sunset to 10 o'clock, Lamentations 2:19; "the middle watch," from 10 to 2 o'clock, Judges 7:19; and "the morning watch," from 2 o'clock to sunrise, Exodus 14:24; 1 Samuel 11:11—but after the captivity the Jews adopted the custom of Rome and Greece, which divided the twelve hours of the night into four watches, beginning with 6 in the afternoon—"even," from 6 to 9 o'clock; "midnight," from 9 to 12; "cock-crowing," from 12 to 3; and "morning," from 3 to 6
Shintoism - (Chinese: shin, god; tao, way) ...
The Original national religion of Japan, with millions of adherents
Deacon - The Original meaning of this word is an attendant, assistant, helper
Hag'Gai, Prophecy of - But the brevity of the prophecies is so great, and the poverty of expression which characterizes them so striking, as to give rise to a conjecture, not without reason, that in their present form they are but the outline or summary of the Original discourses
Golgotha - (The name Calvary is not in the Original New Testament, but has been taken from the Vulgate, a fourth century Latin translation
Boanerges - ]'>[4] If the Evangelist be right in saying that the Original title meant ‘sons of thunder,’ we must suppose that Βοανη or Βοανε is due to inaccurate transliteration of בִּנִי, or to a conflation of two readings with a single vowel (see Dalm. Others prefer to think that the Original title was בִּנִי רְנַז = ‘sons of wrath,’ or בְּנַי רְנַשׁ = ‘sons of tumult,’ and that υἱοὶ βροντῆς is an inaccurate translation on the part of the Evangelist. In that case the Evangelist, misreading or mishearing his Aramaic Original, has fused two names into one, and has tried to give a rough translation of the word thus formed
Kings, Books of - In the Douay Bible these number four, corresponding to Samuel and Kings in the Original Hebrew Bible, according to the nomenclature given in the Talmud: "Our rabbins teach the order of Nebim. " Thus, the nomenclature is as follows: Original Hebrew Vulgate and Douay: Samuel 1,2Kings Kings 3,4Kings Septuagint Protestant Versions Kingdoms A and B 1,2Samuel Kingdoms C and D 1,2Kings "Kings" are the rulers of the united and divided Hebrew kingdom (c
Jeremiah, Book of - Version of this book is, in its arrangement and in other particulars, singularly at variance with the Original. About 2,700 words in all of the Original are omitted
Bible - ) The Book by way of eminence, - that is, the book which is made up of the writings accepted by Christians as of divine origin and authority, whether such writings be in the Original language, or translated; the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; - sometimes in a restricted sense, the Old Testament; as, King James's Bible; Douay Bible; Luther's Bible
Justification - Removal of Original sin by Baptism is called first justification; forgiveness, in the Sacrament of Penance, of mortal sin committed after Baptism, is called second justification
Asshur - In Genesis 2:14 "Assyria" ought to be "Asshur," which was the Original capital of Assyria, a city represented by the mounds of Kalah Sherghat, on the west bank of the Tigris
Jehoiakim - His Original name had been Eliakim (2 Kings 23:34 )
Dor - The Original inhabitants seem never to have been expelled, although they were made tributary by David
Ashkenaz - He derives the name from As (the Original of As-ia) and genos , gens , "a race," our "kin
Demetrius - He may have carried 3John from John to its Original readers
Dodanim - If Dodanim is Original, the identification of the people is not simple
Harmon - Whatever the precise reading of the Original, Amos' intention was to describe the drastic fate waiting the sinful women of Samaria, a fate using terminology connected with slaughter of animals and exile
Firmament - The Original therefore does not convey the sense of solidity, but of stretching, extension the great arch or expanse over our heads, in which are placed the atmosphere and the clouds, and in which the stars appear to be placed, and are really seen
Gregorian Sacramentary - At first these additions were carefully distinguished from the Original text, but eventually they became part of it
Glastonbury Thorn - The legend is that the Original tree grew from the staff of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who came to Glastonbury A
Accho - Accho was Asher's portion, but never was wrested from the Original dwellers (Judges 1:31)
Asmodaeus - It would seem that the Book of Tobit is really a Median folk-story, adapted for edification by a Jew, with sundry uncomprehended features of the Original left unchanged
Herbert of Lea, Elizabeth, Lady - , and producing several Original works: "Impressions of Spain" (1866), "Wives and Mothers of the Olden Time" (1871), "Wayside Tales" (1880), etc
Hara - There is much to be said for the suggestion that the Original text read hârç Mâdai , ‘mountains of Media,’ corresponding to the cities of Media of the parallel passages (LXX Harness - The only passage where ‘harness’ as a verb has its modern signification is Jeremiah 46:4 ‘harness the horses,’ the verb in the Original being that used in Genesis 46:29 , Exodus 14:6 etc
Templar - ) A student of law, so called from having apartments in the Temple at London, the Original buildings having belonged to the Knights Templars
Heal - ) To restore to Original purity or integrity
Elizabeth, Lady Herbert of Lea - , and producing several Original works: "Impressions of Spain" (1866), "Wives and Mothers of the Olden Time" (1871), "Wayside Tales" (1880), etc
Earring - The Original word generally translated "earring" is ambiguous, and may signify an ornament for the ear or for the nose
Naphtuhim - He is farther conjectured, and not without reason, to be the Original of the Heathen god Neptune; who is represented to have been a Lybian, and whose temples were generally built near the sea coast
Cana - Clarke, who says, "It is worthy of note, that, walking among the ruins of a church, we saw large massy stone pots, answering the description given of the ancient vessels of the country; these were not preserved nor exhibited as reliques, but lying about, disregarded by the present inhabitants, as antiquities with whose Original use they were unacquainted
Sacramentary, Gregorian - At first these additions were carefully distinguished from the Original text, but eventually they became part of it
Version, Revised - The intervening two centuries and a half had seen a considerable advance in scholarly study of the Original text; moreover, numerous expressions in the Authorized Version had become archaic
Revised Version - The intervening two centuries and a half had seen a considerable advance in scholarly study of the Original text; moreover, numerous expressions in the Authorized Version had become archaic
Thorn, Glastonbury - The legend is that the Original tree grew from the staff of Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who came to Glastonbury A
Judith, Book of - It is highly probable that the Greek version is derived from a Hebrew or Chaldaic Original. Saint Jerome wrote his Vulgate translation with the help of a Chaldaic version, but the admitted carelessness of this work makes it difficult to determine which of the two texts, the Greek or the Chaldaic, is closer to the Original
Hamor - bars or rings of silver of a certain weight, perhaps stamped with a "lamb," see margin, all the versions translated "lambs," which were the Original representative of wealth) a parcel of a field. The cruel retaliation by Simeon and Levi of Shechem's wrong to Dinah (Genesis 34) left a lasting soreness in the minds of the Hivite remnant, who even without such ancient grudge would be ready enough to cast off Israel's yoke and revert to their Original government by Hivite sheikhs
Pionius, Martyr at Smyrna - We only know them by a Latin translation, of which two types are extant—one which seems more faithfully to represent the Original, published by Surius and reprinted by the Bollandists (Feb. The common Original was certainly read by Eusebius, who (H
Eber - Numbers 24:24 apparently refers to him as the Original ancestor of a people associated with the Assyrians and threatened by Balaam with destruction by Kittim
Hodiah - Other scholars would assume copyists have changed the text from an Original “sons of his wife the Jewess
Hushai - ” The name could represent copying transposition from an Original Shuah
Damascene, John, Saint - His contributions to theology are encyclopedic rather than Original; he is considered by some the precursor of the Scholastics, by others the first Scholastic
John Damascene, Saint - His contributions to theology are encyclopedic rather than Original; he is considered by some the precursor of the Scholastics, by others the first Scholastic
Maronite Congregation of Aleppo - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
Maronites of the Baladite Congregation - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
Maronites of the Congregation of Saint Isaias - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
Tile, Tiling - The former occurs only in Ezekiel 4:1 for ‘brick’ the usual rendering of the Original
Chaldean Antonians of the Congregation of Saint ho - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
Divorce - Moses had suffered a man to put away his wife for any cause, as we see in Deuteronomy 24:1,3 ; but the Lord maintained God's Original ordinance that what God had joined together, man had no right to put asunder, therefore a man must not put away his wife except for fornication, when she herself had broken the bond
Mattaniah - King Zedekiah's (Jehovah's justice) Original name, changed when Nebuchadnezzar put him on the throne instead of his nephew Jehoiachin (2 Kings 24:17)
Ithra - Many Bible students think Ishmaelite was the Original reading in 2Samuel, since it would be unusual and unnecessary to identify an Israelite (REB, TEV, NRSV)
Weights - ...
Shekel, "a weight," only in the Old Testament, and frequently in its Original form (Genesis 23:15,16 ; Exodus 21:32 ; 30:13,15 ; 38:24-29 , etc
Dimon - This may be the Original reading, but that would go against the normal type of copying mistakes scribes make in that it would substitute an unknown place for a famous place
Dumah - A son of Ishmael and the Original ancestor of the Arabian tribe (Genesis 25:14 ) centered in the oases of Dumah, probably modern el-Gof, also called Dumat el-Gandel, meaning Dumah of the Rocks
Rimmon - See Joshua 19:13 ; 1 Chronicles 6:77 ), probably the Original reading for present Dimnah (Joshua 21:35 )
Straitly - ), arguing for the presence of the noun, consider that it "clearly reflects the literal rendering of a Semitic Original reported to Luke from an eye-witness, was it Paul?" (3) A similar construction, parangello with the noun parangelia, occurs in Acts 5:28 , "we straitly charged you," lit
Primary - ) First in order of time or development or in intention; primitive; fundamental; Original
Gallican Rite - Some hold it to be of Roman descent, others Eastern, others a local development of the Original common rite brought by the first missionaries
Fig (Leaves) - Fig leaves shrink very quickly, and reduce in size to about one-fourth their Original size
Arpachshad - Probably two words in the Original of Genesis 10:22 were combined into one, the latter being Chesed and the former Arpach , which is a region south-west of Assyria, possibly the same as the Arrapachitis of Ptolemy
Antonians - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
Almighty - Recent study has tended to see “The Mountain One” as the most likely Original meaning
Aleppines - The Original society was founded in the 4th century by Saint Anthony
High Places - Perhaps in the Original design of them, they had been made sacred spots, and hallowed to the service of the true God of Israel; but, in process of time, they were used for idol-worship
Paradise - according to the Original meaning of the term, whether it be of Hebrew, Chaldee, or Persian derivation, signifies, "a place enclosed for pleasure and delight
Achaia - This was the Original name of a district in the northwest of the Peloponnesus: in New Testament times it had a wider signification; for the Roman provinces of Achaia and Macedonia comprehended the whole of Greece
Rite, Gallican - Some hold it to be of Roman descent, others Eastern, others a local development of the Original common rite brought by the first missionaries
Dan'Iel, Apocryphal Additions to - The Greek translations of Daniel contain several pieces which are not found int he Original text
Divorce - Moses threw the responsibility of the violation of the Original law on the man himself; tolerating it indeed (as a less evil than enforcing the Original law which the people's "hardness of heart" rendered then unsuitable, and thus aggravating the evil) but throwing in the way what might serve as an obstacle to extreme caprice, an act requiring time and publicity and formal procedure. Adulterous connection with a third party makes the person one flesh with that other, and so, ipso facto dissolves the unity of flesh with the Original consort (1 Corinthians 6:15-16)
Chamberlain - , where the Original is ‘eunuch’ ( sârîs ); but it is generally believed that this name is not to be taken always in a literal sense, and hence it is often rendered by the word ‘officer
Hoshea -
The Original name of the son of Nun, afterwards called Joshua (Numbers 13:8,16 ; Deuteronomy 32:44 )
Beeroth - Its Original occupants repaired to the Philistine Gittaim (Nehemiah 11:33; 2 Samuel 4:2-3; 2 Samuel 4:7)
Isaiah, Martyrdom of - The Original was probably written in Hebrew or Aramaic and then translated into Greek in the pre-Christian era or perhaps in the first or early second century A
Lud - Thus, Lud will be the Original stock of the Lydians
Lees - has been like wine undisturbed, and not "emptied from vessel to vessel," never having been dislodged from his Original settlement, "his scent (i
Gath-Rimmon - Most scholars recognize that a copyist repeated Gath-rimmon from 1 Chronicles 6:24 , the Original reading probably being Ibleam
Mattaniah - Original name of King Zedekiah of Judah (2 Kings 24:17 )
Bartolomeo Eustachius - Appointed professor of anatomy at the Roman University, he availed himself of opportunities for Original work and recorded his anatomical investigations in a series of plates with text attached, Clement XI defraying the expense of publishing those which had been deposited in the Vatican Library
Eustachius, Bartolomeo - Appointed professor of anatomy at the Roman University, he availed himself of opportunities for Original work and recorded his anatomical investigations in a series of plates with text attached, Clement XI defraying the expense of publishing those which had been deposited in the Vatican Library
Crystal - " The Original term signifies something of exceeding purity
Zamzummim - These, together with the Anakim, another family of giants, were all evidently of a race foreign to the Original inhabitants of the countries where they were found; they were probably tribes of invading Cushites
Gomer - In fact, under the names of Cimmerii, Cimbri, Cymrig, Cumbri, Umbri, and Cambri, the tribes of Gomerians extended themselves from the Euxine to the Atlantic, and from Italy to the Baltic; having added to their Original names those of Celts, Gauls, Galatae, and Gaels, superadded
Officer - 1: ὑπηρέτης (Strong's #5257 — Noun Masculine — huperetes — hoop-ay-ret'-ace ) for the Original of which see MINISTER , A, No
Sisters of Charity of the General Hospital of Mont - The Original community of Montreal has schools, orphanages, a foundling asylum, hospitals, homes for working girls, and an institution for the blind in Canada, particularly in the far North, and in the United States
Penny - So in Revelation 6:6 , "a measure of wheat for a penny" expresses to the English reader the idea of great plenty; whereas the Original indicates a distressing scarcity
Ashdod - Today it is a smaller town and is known by its Original name, Ashdod
Christian Church, General Convention - Stone, one of the Original leaders of the "Christians," joined them in 1832 on condition that the Bible should be basis of union. The greater part of the Original body remained, although a large number of "Christians" in Kentucky and Ohio followed Stone
Deal With, Have Dealings With - ...
(3) In 1 Thessalonians 2:11 the italicized phrase "we dealt with" (RV), has no corresponding word in the Original, but is inserted in order to bring out the participial forms of the verbs "exhorting," "encouraging," "testifying," as showing the constant practice of the apostles at Thessalonica. The incompleteness of the sentence in the Original illustrates the informal homeliness of the Epistle
Basilica, Saint Peter's - Its rebuilding during the early Renaissance is regrettable, as the plans were garbled by successive popes and their architects, Michelangelo finally preserving, to some extent, Braroante's Original plan. The longer they built, the more the Original magnificent plans were spoiled, so that the present exterior of the structure, begun in 1450 and finished in 1626, is on the whole, aesthetically unsatisfactory, chiefly because the extension of the nave conceals Michelangelo's sublime dome from view at close range
Saint Peter's Basilica - Its rebuilding during the early Renaissance is regrettable, as the plans were garbled by successive popes and their architects, Michelangelo finally preserving, to some extent, Braroante's Original plan. The longer they built, the more the Original magnificent plans were spoiled, so that the present exterior of the structure, begun in 1450 and finished in 1626, is on the whole, aesthetically unsatisfactory, chiefly because the extension of the nave conceals Michelangelo's sublime dome from view at close range
Sin - ...
Original sin. ...
"Original sin" is frequently and properly used to denote only the moral corruption of their whole nature inherited by all men from Adam. This inherited moral corruption consists in, (1) the loss of Original righteousness; and (2) the presence of a constant proneness to evil, which is the root and origin of all actual sin. Pelagians deny Original sin, and regard man as by nature morally and spiritually well; semi-Pelagians regard him as morally sick; Augustinians, or, as they are also called, Calvinists, regard man as described above, spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1 ; 1 John 3:14 ). ...
The doctrine of Original sin is proved, ...
From the fact of the universal sinfulness of men
Hammath - Original ancestor of Kenites and Rechabites ( 1 Chronicles 2:55 ; KJV reads, “Hamath”; TEV, REB see a verbal construction meaning, “intermarried” or “connected by marriage
Levitical Priesthood - The Original duties of the priests were the following: ...
to offer the daily sacrifice in the court of the Tabernacle or Temple (Exodus 29; 3Kings 8)
to sprinkle the blood of the victims on the altar (Leviticus 1)
to burn the victims on the altar (Leviticus 1)
to renew the loaves of proposition every Sabbath (Leviticus 24)
to offer incense morning and evening (Exodus 30)
to supply the lamps in the sanctuary with oil every day (Exodus 27)
to inspect the lepers (Leviticus 14)
to purify women after childbirth (Leviticus 12)
to teach and interpret the Law to the people (Leviticus 10)
to pray for the people (Leviticus 5)
Slander, Talebearing - Jeremiah 9:4 ) is in the Original identical with ‘going about as a talebearer’ ( Leviticus 19:16 , Proverbs 11:13 ; Proverbs 20:19 ; cf
Tishbite - In 1 Kings 17:1 the word rendered "inhabitants" is in the Original the same as that rendered "Tishbite," hence that verse may be read as in the LXX
Apostasy - Original, in which we have all participated, Romans 3:23 ;...
Nachor - She formed a tie between Abraham's seed and the Original Mesopotamian family
Mattaniah - The Original name of king Zedekiah ( 2 Kings 24:17 )
Rosh - Hengstenberg supports KJV: "Magog was Gog's Original kingdom, though he acquired also Meshech and Tubal, so as to be called their 'chief prince
Herb - In the NT it is (except in Hebrews 6:7, where the Original has βοτάνη) the rendering of λάχανα (Matthew 13:32, Mark 4:32, Romans 14:2) or λάχανον (Luke 11:42), which denotes garden-herbs or vegetables
Dayspring - Original which was a well-understood personal designation of the Messiah (combining the ideas of ‘light’ and ‘sprout’); it would then be a poetical equivalent for ‘Messiah from heaven
Foundation - Original rise as the foundation of the world
Albanenses - They denied free will, did not admit Original sin, and never administered baptism to infants
Variation - ) Repetition of a theme or melody with fanciful embellishments or modifications, in time, tune, or harmony, or sometimes change of key; the presentation of a musical thought in new and varied aspects, yet so that the essential features of the Original shall still preserve their identity
Flour - Were not the whole of these offerings with an eye to Christ? Was not Jesus the first of the finest flour? And if the church, while presenting their offerings of the finest flour, with an eye to Christ, were in the appointments of the Lord, may we not, without violence to the Original, suppose, that JEHOVAH feeding the people with the finest wheat had an eye to Christ?...
Affect - In hysteria, the affect is sometimes entirely dissociated, sometimes transferred to another than the Original idea
Dragon - The Original word for this in the Bible has three meanings
es'Dras - 6, are the Original portions of the book, and the rest is a transcript more or less exact of the book of Ezra, with the chapters transposed and quite otherwise arranged, and a portion of Nehemiah
Dromedary - This name answers to two words in the Original, בכר , and feminine בכרה , Isaiah 60:6 ; Jeremiah 2:24 ; and אחשתרנים , Esther 8:10 , "young dromedaries;" probably the name in Persian
Virtue - 1: ἀρετή (Strong's #703 — Noun Feminine — arete — ar-et'-ay ) properly denotes whatever procures preeminent estimation for a person or thing; hence, "intrinsic eminence, moral goodness, virtue," (a) of God, 1 Peter 2:9 , "excellencies" (AV, "praises"); here the Original and general sense seems to be blended with the impression made on others, i
Inward, Inwardly - 1: ἔσω (Strong's #2080 — Adverb — eso — es'-o ) "within, inward," is used adjectivally in Romans 7:22 , "(the) inward (man);" 2 Corinthians 4:16 , with "man" expressed in the preceding clause, but not repeated in the Original, "(our) inward (man)" (some mss
Whale - The Original word representing "whale" is often translated "dragon" or "leviathan," and according to the derivation of the Hebrew, the word denotes a creature of great length, without being restricted to marine animals
Gall - In many other places, where a different word is used in the Original, it refers to some better and noxious plant, according to some, the poppy
Semites - Their languages are closely related to one another, being dialects of a single linguistic group, the purest form being found in Arabia; and from this and other circumstances it has been concluded that Arabia is the Original home of the Semitic race
Owe - This is the Original sense, but now obsolete
Earth - ...
Thus in Matthew 27:45 we might, so far as the Original word is concerned, render either "there was darkness over all the land," or over all the earth
Weep - This is the Original sense
es'Dras - 6, are the Original portions of the book, and the rest is a transcript more or less exact of the book of Ezra, with the chapters transposed and quite otherwise arranged, and a portion of Nehemiah
Eli'Akim - " (Isaiah 22:21 ) ...
The Original name of Jehoiakim king of Judah
Amen - (Revelation 3:14) And the meaning of it, in the Original language, shews the great blessedness of it, as it concerns his people, in the Lord Jesus condescending to do so. For the word, in the Original Greek, from whence it is taken, means verily, certain, sure, true, faithful. ...
And it is worthy our closest remark, that our Lord very frequently began his discourses with this word, and repeated it-"Verily, verily, I say unto you;" that is, in plain terms, (and indeed, it is the very word in the Original) Amen, Amen
Cruse - The Original word is translated "dish" in 2 Kings 21:13, "pans" in 2 Chronicles 36:13, and "bosom" in Proverbs 19:24; Proverbs 26:15, A
Italo-Greeks - They comprise the, Original Greek-speaking inhabitants of southern Italy, which was withdrawn from the jurisdiction of Rome and given to the Patriarch of Constantinople by Emperor Leo the Isaurian in 726
Migne, Jacques Paul - Unfortunately he fell under censure for the misuse of Mass stipends as a means of purchasing his books, and he died without regaining his Original prosperity
Orientation - The practise of turning toward the east in prayer, a pagan custom adopted by the early Christians who attached to it a new significance, for the East was man's Original home, in the East Christ lived on earth, and from the East He will come to judge mankind
Logia Jesu - Some have read in the expression of Papias an Original or a source anterior to our First Gospel and made up exclusively of logia or discourses, but it would be difficult to substantiate this claim, from which important conclusions are derived as to the composition of the Gospels
Jacques Migne - Unfortunately he fell under censure for the misuse of Mass stipends as a means of purchasing his books, and he died without regaining his Original prosperity
Ed - Witness, a word not found in the Original Hebrew, nor in the LXX
Clopas - But the identification rests on the derivation of both names from a common Greek Original, Cleopatros, and is denied by those who regard Clopas as a Semitic name (see Deissmann, Bible Studies, English translation p
Mesech - Magog was Gog's Original kingdom; he acquired also Mesech and Tubal, becoming their "chief prince" ("rest"; the Scythian Τauri and the Araxes were called Rhos , from whence Russia)
Candle - Lamp more accurately represents the Original than candle
Wife - Monogamy was the Original law under which man lived, but polygamy early commenced (Genesis 4:19 ), and continued to prevail all down through Jewish history
Ransom - The Original owner receives back his alienated and lost possession because he has bought it back "with a price
Idolatry - ...
Catholic veneration of images is not directed to the images as such, but is a form of respect paid to them as representative of the Original to whom alone honor is due and attributed
Riddle - The Philistines reply is in the form of another riddle (Judges 14:18 ) whose Original answer was probably “love
Luz - Luz is also the name of a city built on Hittite territory after the destruction of the Original Canaanite city ( Judges 1:26 )
Simeon - Alternate form in Greek for Simon, Original Greek name of Peter
Natural - Natural branches refer to Original or native branches as opposed to ingrafted ones (Romans 11:21 ,Romans 11:21,11:24 )
Seed - ) That from which anything springs; first principle; Original; source; as, the seeds of virtue or vice
Acre - it retained its Original signification, that of any open field, until it was limited to a definite quantity by statutes 31
Light - He it is that first caused the light to shine out of darkness in the Original creation of nature
Derivative - ) Obtained by derivation; derived; not radical, Original, or fundamental; originating, deduced, or formed from something else; secondary; as, a derivative conveyance; a derivative word
Escheat - ) The reverting of real property to the State, as Original and ultimate proprietor, by reason of a failure of persons legally entitled to hold the same
Ahithophel - (uh hihth' oh fehl) Personal name meaning, “brother of folly” if it is not a scribal attempt to hide an Original name including a Canaanite god such as Ahibaal
Forgive - The Original and proper phrase is to forgive the offense, to send it away, to reject it, that is, not to impute it, put it to the offender
Gender - But although this was the Original design of different terminations, yet in the progress of language, other words having no relation to one sex or the other, came to have genders assigned them by custom
Annals of the Four Masters - They continue down to 1616, but of the Original compilation, the present name of which was conferred by Father Colgan, scarcely one volume remains
True - ) Right to precision; conformable to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate; as, a true copy; a true likeness of the Original
Curse - CURSE and CURSES...
We cannot be too attentive to those terms, as they refer to the Original curse pronounced on the fall of our first parents, and those curses again proclaimed at the giving of the law on mount Sinai, as the penalty of disobedience
Bracelet - The bracelet, it must be acknowledged, was worn both by men and women of different ranks: but the Original word, in the second book of Samuel, occurs only in two other places, and is quite different from the term which is employed to express the more common ornament known by that name
Wormwood - In the Septuagint the Original word is variously rendered, and generally by terms expressive of its figurative sense, for what is offensive, odious, or deleterious; but in the Syriac and Arabic versions, and in the Latin Vulgate, it is rendered "wormwood;" and this is adopted by Celsius, who names it the absinthium santonicum Judaicum, Jeduthun - The names Asaph and Heman appear along with that of Jeduthun as Original ancestors of Temple musicians
Jehoiachin - Jehoiachin's Original name seems to have been Jeconiah or Coniah
Septuagint - It was the parent of the first Latin, the Coptic, and many other versions, and was so much quoted and followed by the Greek and Roman fathers as practically to supersede the Original Hebrew, until the last few centuries
Saba - These details point to two Sabas, one in the south near Hadhramot, one in the north near Taima; the place of their Original home cannot be decided, some identify it with the Saba whose queen visited Solomon (3Kings 10)
Sabeans - These details point to two Sabas, one in the south near Hadhramot, one in the north near Taima; the place of their Original home cannot be decided, some identify it with the Saba whose queen visited Solomon (3Kings 10)
Where - Where seems to have been Originally a noun, and was so used by Spenser. In this sense, it is obsolete yet it implies place, its Original signification
Luz - When the Original Luz was destroyed, through the treachery of one of its inhabitants, the man who had introduced the Israelites into the town went into the "land of the Hittites" and built a city which he named after the former one
en'-Gedi - (Ezekiel 47:10 ) Its Original name was Hazezon-tamar, on account of the palm groves which surrounded it
Lice - Some commentators, and indeed modern writers generally, suppose that gnats are the animals intended by the Original word; while, on the other hand, the Jewish rabbis, Josephus and others, are in favor of the translation of the Authorized Version
Philis'Tia - The word thus translated (in) ( Psalm 60:8 ; 87:4 ; 108:9 ) is in the Original identical with that elsewhere rendered Palestine, which always means land of the Philistines
Jirjatha'im - " ...
A town in Naphtali not mentioned in the Original list of the possession allotted to the tribe, see (Joshua 19:32-39 ) but inserted in the list of cities given to the Gershonite Levites in (1 Chronicles 6:76 ) in place of KARTAN in the parallel catalogue, Kartan being probably only a contraction thereof
Pelagianism - Hence, no Original sin
Question, Questioning - , "word") and Luke 20:3 , AV, "one thing:" there is no word in the Original for "one," hence the RV, "a question. ...
Notes: (1) In Matthew 22:41 , there is no word in the Original for "question
Concubine - But when man fell, and, in the course of developing corruption, strayed more and more from the Original law, God provisionally sanctioned a code which imposed some checks on the prevalent licentiousness, and exercised His divine prerogative of overruling man's evil to ultimate good. Thus, limits were set within which concubinage was tolerated until "the times of this ignorance" which "God winked at" (Acts 17:30) passed by, and Christ restored the Original pure code
Positive - ) Corresponding with the Original in respect to the position of lights and shades, instead of having the lights and shades reversed; as, a positive picture. ) A picture in which the lights and shades correspond in position with those of the Original, instead of being reversed, as in a negative
Baptism - " The Sacrament of Baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation, because all are subject to Original sin: wherefore Christ's words to Nicodemus, "Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" (John 3). The chief effects of this sacrament are: ...
the impression of a character or seal by which we are incorporated with Christ (Galatians 3; 1 Corinthians 6); ...
regeneration and remission of Original sin (and actual if necessary), as well as punishment due to sin, and infusion of sanctifying grace (with its gifts)
Work, Theology of - The opportunity to labor was part of God's Original commission to mankind to subdue the earth. ...
Whereas the entrance of sin did not precipitate humanity's need to labor, it has affected the Original circumstances of people's work. In the garden imagery, cultivation was the scope of the Original pair's labor
Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Also known as Feast of the Immaculate Conception...
Immaculate Conception of Mary...
Mary, the Immaculate Conception...
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception ...
Memorial December 8, ...
Profile The Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of Original sin in the first instant of her conception in the womb of her mother. By her conception is meant not the act or part of her parents in it, nor the formation of her body, nor the conception of Christ later in her own womb; from the moment her soul was created and infused into her body, it was free from Original sin and filled with sanctifying grace. Her soul was never stained by Original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of Original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Immaculate Conception - Also known as Feast of the Immaculate Conception...
Immaculate Conception of Mary...
Mary, the Immaculate Conception...
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception ...
Memorial December 8, ...
Profile The Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of Original sin in the first instant of her conception in the womb of her mother. By her conception is meant not the act or part of her parents in it, nor the formation of her body, nor the conception of Christ later in her own womb; from the moment her soul was created and infused into her body, it was free from Original sin and filled with sanctifying grace. Her soul was never stained by Original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of Original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Immaculate Conception, Feast of the - Also known as Feast of the Immaculate Conception...
Immaculate Conception of Mary...
Mary, the Immaculate Conception...
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception ...
Memorial December 8, ...
Profile The Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of Original sin in the first instant of her conception in the womb of her mother. By her conception is meant not the act or part of her parents in it, nor the formation of her body, nor the conception of Christ later in her own womb; from the moment her soul was created and infused into her body, it was free from Original sin and filled with sanctifying grace. Her soul was never stained by Original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of Original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Hebrew Language - The vowels were not Originally written; latterly they were put as points under the consonants, which are read from right to left. , are pictorial names, possibly Hebrew equivalents for the Original names. The Bible retains some of the Original connection, all the ancient names being significant of things. The Aramaic is decidedly Semitic, and was Abraham's Original tongue. As Hebrew sprang from the confusion of Babel, it cannot have been the language of Adam and the whole earth when there was but one speech; still, though an offshoot like the rest, it may retain most of the primitive type, a view which the Hebrew Bible names favor, though these be modified from the Original form
Jashar, Book of - In the OT there are two quotations from this book ( a ) Joshua 10:12-13 ; the Original form must have been a poetical description of the battle of Gibeon, in which would have been included the old-world account of Jahweh casting down great stones from heaven upon Israel’s enemies. , the Song of Deborah ( Judges 5:1-31 ) and some other ancient pieces, which Originally may have had a reference to their source in the title ( e
Johann Eck - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Johann Eckius - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Johann Maier - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Maier, Johann - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Wars of the Lord, Book of the - The quotations in Numbers 21:17-18 ; Numbers 21:27-30 are probably from the same Original
Hilkiah - Some have supposed that this "book" was nothing else than the Original autograph copy of the Pentateuch written by Moses (Deuteronomy 31:9-26 )
Mesopotamia - The northern portion of this fertile plateau was the Original home of the ancestors of the Hebrews (Genesis 11 ; Acts 7:2 )
Nethinim - The tradition is that the Gibeonites (Joshua 9:27 ) were the Original caste, afterwards called Nethinim
Proportion - The fact that there is a definite article before "faith" in the Original does not necessarily afford an intimation that the faith, the body of Christian doctrine, is here in view
Gomer - they were driven out of their Original seat by the Scythians, and overran western Asia Minor, whence they were afterwards expelled
Meonenim, the Oak of - That where under Jacob hid the strange gods and talisman earrings of his household was close by Shechem (Genesis 35:4), the same where Abram built his first altar in Palestine (Genesis 12:6); here also Joshua, alluding to the patriarch Jacob's address and the Original idolatry of Israel's forefathers, urges the people similarly to "put away the strange gods," etc
Mash - Cappadocia was the Original home of the Moschi (Meshech); its population was a mixed one, and a portion connected with Aram (Syria)
Anakim - They were probably a remnant of the Original inhabitants of Palestine before the Canaanites, a Cushite tribe from Babel, and of the same race as the Phoenicians and the Egyptian shepherd kings
Decalogue - The name given by the Greek fathers to the ten commandments; "the ten words," as the Original is more literally rendered (Exodus 20:3-17 )
Maon, Maonites - The passage is interesting as showing how long the Original Canaanites held their own in the land after the Israelite invasion
Near - Close not loose, free or rambling as a version near the Original
Jair - His brilliant exploit was, he took Argob or Trachonitis, the Lejah, and called from his own name certain villages or groups of tents ("kraals "), 23 Originally, Havoth Jair (Numbers 32:41), afterward increased to 30 (Judges 10:4). His 30 sons rode 30 asses, and had 30 cities, the number to which the Original Havoth Jair had grown
Compassion - Butler much more properly considers it as an Original distinct particular affection in human nature
Levi - Third son of Jacob and Leah (Genesis 29:34 ) and Original ancestor of Israel's priests
Mill - The Original purpose of mills was to comminute grain for food, but the word mill is now extended to engines or machines moved by water, wind or steam, for carrying on many other operations
Concubine - ...
Christianity has restored the sacred institution of marriage to its Original character, and concubinage is ranked with the sins of fornication and adultery (Matthew 19:5-9 ; 1 Corinthians 7:2 )
Glastonbury Abbey - The church was built between 1184,1186, to take the place of the Original church which had been destroyed in the fire of 1184
Abbey, Glastonbury - The church was built between 1184,1186, to take the place of the Original church which had been destroyed in the fire of 1184
Mandrakes - (Song of Song of Solomon 7:13) The Original name is Dudaim, and is only mentioned in the instance of Reuben finding them in the field, and bringing them to his mother, (See Genesis 30:14-18) and in this place of the Canticles
Chaldees - These men cultivated the ancient Cushite language of the Original inhabitants of the land, for they had a "learning" and a "tongue" (1:4) of their own
Teraphim - The translators of the Bible have retained the word as it is in the Original, in this place, and also Hosea 3:4; but the same word, Genesis 31:19, they have rendered images, though they still have preserved the word Teraphim in the margin at that verse
Daniel - In view of the accepted priority of Mark and his closer fidelity, and also of Matthew’s fondness for OT references, the absence of the clause raises the suspicion that it is not part of the Original utterance, but a comment added by the latter Evangelist
Derivation - ) The formation of a word from its more Original or radical elements; also, a statement of the origin and history of a word
Ascension - It probably took place on Mount Olivet; an oratory has been erected on the site, the Original Christian basilica having been destroyed and rebuilt and finally destroyed by the Mohammedans
Hence - From this source or Original
Eckius, Johann - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Eck, Johann - He published a German version of the Scriptures, of which he translated the Old Testament from the Original
Branch - (Isaiah 4:2 and Isaiah 11:1; Jeremiah 23:5 and Isaiah 33:15; Zechariah 3:8) The word Branch in the Original is Netzer, which signifies, a city of plants
Kadesh-Barnea - Travellers are at a loss to determine whether the Original Kabesh we read of Genesis 14:7 is the same with the Kadesh, Numbers 13:26
Nettles - We find this name given to two different words in the Original
Branded - ...
Note: In the RV of Galatians 6:17 , "branded" does not represent a word in the Original; it serves to bring out the force of the Apostle's metaphor of bearing in his body the stigmata, the marks, of the Lord Jesus
Rite - The four parent rites and those derived from them are: ...
I - Antiochene
Pure Antiochene
Rite of Saint James (Greek, Syriac, and Maronite)
II - Alexandrine
Greek, Saint Mark
Coptic (Saint Cyril, Saint Gregory, Saint Basil)
III - Roman
Original Roman
Roman with Gallican additions
IV - Gallican
In addition, some religious orders have their own rites, e
Job - This seems to be nearly the Original sense
Concubine - The gospel has restored the Original law of marriage, Genesis 2:24 Matthew 19:5 1 Corinthians 7:2 , and concubinage is ranked with fornication and adultery
Pastor - The grammatical link between the two words in the Original language indicates that they refer to the same people, pastor-teachers. ...
Another point that is clearer in the Original language than in English is the connection between the words ‘pastor’, ‘shepherd’ and ‘flock’
Statue - 39:6 tselem means “shadow” of a thing which represents the Original very imprecisely, or it means merely a phantom (ghost?), a thing which represents the Original more closely but lacks its essential characteristic (reality): “Surely every man walketh in a vain show [1]; surely they are disquieted in vain: he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them” (cf
Sin (2) - Sin is a degeneracy from Original good, not an Original existence, creation, or generation; not by the Creator's action, but by the creature's defection (Ecclesiastes 7:29). )...
Original sin is as an hereditary disease, descending from the first transgressor downward (Psalms 51:5)
Gate (2) - —The gate of a city, like the entrance to a tent and the door of a house, was a place of special importance, and its Original use gave rise to various associated meanings. In the charge to Peter, where the gates of Hades are said to be unable to prevail against the Church of Christ, the Original meaning of defensive strength seems to pass into that of aggressive force (Matthew 16:18). It has sometimes been thought that this was referred to when Christ spoke of a camel passing through the eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24); but there is nothing either in the sense of the Original words or in Eastern custom to support such a supposition
Nazarene - It is an error to connect Matthew 2:23 with Isaiah 11:1-16, from a fancied relation of the Original Hebrew word there translated "branch" with the name Nazareth
Heber - He was the Original clan ancestor of the Heberites (Numbers 26:45 )
Hodaviah - Original ancestor of clan in half-tribe of Manasseh living east of the Jordan (1 Chronicles 5:24 )
Hanani - Original leader of one course of Temple musicians (1 Chronicles 25:25 )
Free Church of Scotland - A small minority resisted fusion and these were successful in the House of Lords in claiming, as the Original Free Church, nearly all the buildings
Christian Union - Local organizations are now known by various names; in the Middle West, where the movement began, the Original name, The Christian Union, is still retained, while farther west the names Church of Christ, and Church of Christ in Christian Union, are employed
School, Schoolmaster - ’ The Original is paidagôgos , lit
Jansen, Cornelis - The Original edition of the "Augustinus" contains a statement of his undying loyalty and submission to the Church
Jansenius, Cornelis - The Original edition of the "Augustinus" contains a statement of his undying loyalty and submission to the Church
Birmingham, England, City of - The oldest parish church, Saint Martin's, now Anglican, dates from the 13th century, but the Original building has been replaced
Fain - " There is no verb for "wouldest" in the Original, but it brings out the sense
Spikenard - It has been suggested that the Original reading was pistakes, i
Gedor - If Gedor is the Original reading, its location in the tribal allotment of Simeon ( 1 Chronicles 4:24 ) is not known
Euraquilo - , reads Euroaquilo , which points to a Greek Original reading Euroakylon
Procession - Processions are said to be of Pagan Original
Doublet - ) One of two or more words in the same language derived by different courses from the same Original from; as, crypt and grot are doublets; also, guard and ward; yard and garden; abridge and abbreviate, etc
Secondary - ) Subsequent in origin; - said of minerals produced by alteertion or deposition subsequent to the formation of the Original rocks mass; also of characters of minerals (as secondary cleavage, etc
Agree - ) To be conformable; to resemble; to coincide; to correspond; as, the picture does not agree with the Original; the two scales agree exactly
Pul - The LXX read PHUD, which has led to the thought that Phut may have been in the Original
Athanasius, Bishop of Perrha - His case was fully heard, and it was determined that the Original charges against him should be investigated by Maximus at Antioch
Begin - To have an Original or first existence to take rise to commence
Baal - ’ Attempts have been made to show that this was the Original name of the Sun-god, or that it represents the Supreme Being worshipped by the Canaanites
Governor - The Original word is pechah, probably akin to the modern pacha
Bishop - The Original word means "overseer," such as Joseph was in Potiphar's house, Genesis 39:4, or as the 3600 men were in Solomon's temple, 2 Chronicles 2:18, or as Uzzi was of the Levites, Nehemiah 11:22
Demons - The words in the Original Greek are different from the word used when the devil is referred to
Devils - The words in the Original Greek are different from the word used when the devil is referred to
Damn - Paul tells the Corinthians, that "he that eateth and drinketh" of the Lord's Supper "unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself," 1 Corinthians 11:29 ; the Original word, κριμα , there is thought by many to import no more than temporal judgments, and that the Apostle explains himself in the same sense when he says, "For this cause many among you are weak and sickly, and many sleep," or die
Kedar - This name signifies black in the Original; and hence Bochart concludes that it refers to a people or tribe of Arabs who were more than others burned by the sun; but none of the Arabs are black
Belial - Its Original meaning was either "worthlessness" or "hopeless ruin" (see the RV , margin)
Beetle - The word still remains in the Arabic, and is derived from an Original, alluding to the vast number of their swarms
Quarry - I know not whether the Original sense of this word was a pit or mine, from digging, or whether the sense was a place for squaring stone
Union, Christian - Local organizations are now known by various names; in the Middle West, where the movement began, the Original name, The Christian Union, is still retained, while farther west the names Church of Christ, and Church of Christ in Christian Union, are employed
Scotland, Free Church of - A small minority resisted fusion and these were successful in the House of Lords in claiming, as the Original Free Church, nearly all the buildings
Porter - In Psalms 84:10 the Original is different, and should probably be rendered: ‘I had rather be Fulfilled - Sometimes also the phrase, "that it might be fulfilled," signifies that the occurrence to which it is applied is a secondary fulfilment, a verification, or simply an illustration of the Original prophetic passage-yet foreknown and foreordained of God
ar'Abah - Although this word appears in the Authorized Version in its Original shape only in ( Joshua 18:18 ) yet in the Hebrew text it is of frequent occurrence
Peter, Festival of Saint - His Original name was Simon or Simeon, which was changedinto Cephas, which in the Syrian language, signifies a stone orrock; from this it was derived into the Greek Petros, and sotermed by us Peter
Tongues, Confusion of - The Original unity of speech was restored in Noah. The elements of the one Original language may have remained, but so disguised by variations of pronunciation and by the introduction of new combinations as to be practically obliterated
Enoch - , though it is not possible to say which version is the more Original. A trace of an Original connexion with the sun-god has been suspected in the 365 years of Enoch’s life (the number of days in the solar year)
Author - The pronoun "our" does not correspond to anything in the Original, and may well be omitted. ...
Note: In 1 Corinthians 14:33 , the AV, "the author," represents no word in the Original; RV "a God of
Jachin And Boaz - ...
The Original description, thus freed from later glosses such as the difficult ‘lily work’ of Jeremiah 52:19 , consists of three parts; the pillars, their capitals, and the ornamentation of the latter. [10], 447 551 point to a possible Original nomenclature as Baal and Jachun the latter a Phœnician verbal form of the same signification (‘he will be’) as the Heb. ...
The Original significance and purpose of the pillars, finally, are almost as obscure as their names. ...
For another, and entirely improbable, view of their Original purpose, namely, that they were huge candelabra or cressets in which ‘the suet of the sacrifices, was burned, see W
Collation - ) The act of comparing the copy of any paper with its Original to ascertain its conformity
Josephites (2) - They were in demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the Original object of the institute was gradually modified
Word - Both in the OT and in the NT the Original terms employed may pass from the meaning ‘speech’ to signify ‘the subject matter of speech
Thessalonica - The "rulers of the city" before whom the Jews "drew Jason," with whom Paul and Silas lodged, are in the Original called politarchai, an unusual word, which was found, however, inscribed on an arch in Thessalonica
Cartographers -
Cardinal Fillastre (1348-1428) had Ptolemy's maps drawn from a Greek Original
Cartography -
Cardinal Fillastre (1348-1428) had Ptolemy's maps drawn from a Greek Original
Courses - This arrangement was re-established by Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:2 ); and afterwards the four sacerdotal courses which are said to have returned from the Captivity were re-divided into the Original number of twenty-four by (Ezra 6:18 )
Three - 1 Timothy 5:19 ; Hebrews 10:28 ; the mention in 1 John 5:7 is in a verse which forms no part of the Original; no Greek ms
Azariah - ...
The Original name of Abed-nego (Daniel 1:6,7,11,16 )
Gadarene - Whatever the Original name, Gentiles and their pigs dominated the area
Mephibosheth - ” The Original name would be Meribaal (1 Chronicles 8:34 )
Jehoiarib - But the Talmud makes these professed representatives of the old 24 courses to have been not really descendants from the Original heads, except from four of them, Jedaiah, Immer, Pashur, and Harim, for which the Babylonian Talmud has Joiarib (as implied in Ezra 2:36-39; Nehemiah 7:39-42); and that these four were subdivided into six each to make the 24; and that the 24 took the old names (Luke 1:5)
Togarmah - (Daniel 11:40); Bochart makes Goghasan the Original form, among the Colchians, Armenians, and Chaldaeans, for which the Greeks gave Caucasus
Michal - There seems to have been no revival of Michal’s Original love for David
Faculty - ) Ability to act or perform, whether inborn or cultivated; capacity for any natural function; especially, an Original mental power or capacity for any of the well-known classes of mental activity; psychical or soul capacity; capacity for any of the leading kinds of soul activity, as knowledge, feeling, volition; intellectual endowment or gift; power; as, faculties of the mind or the soul
Bani - Original ancestor of clan of whom 642 returned from Babylonian Exile with Zerubbabel about 537 B
Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani - ’ For sabachthani the Codex Sinaiticus reads sabaktani , which may be the Original reading
Geshur - of Bashan, adjoining Argob and Aram, conquered by Jair of Manasseh, but left in the hands of the Original inhabitants (Joshua 13:13; Deuteronomy 3:14; 2 Samuel 15:8)
Hoshea - The Original name of JOSHUA the son of Nun
Abbey of Bursfeld - The foundation of the union, however, is attributed to John of Hagen, who restored the Divine Office to the Original form of the Benedictine Breviary, and introduced liturgical and disciplinary uniformity in the monasteries, according to the reform followed at Bursfeld
Caesara Philippi - According to some its Original name was Baal-Gad ( Joshua 11:17 ), or Baal-Hermon (Judges 3:3 ; 1 Chronicles 5:23 ), when it was a Canaanite sanctuary of Baal
Acceptable Year of the Lord - There may be an allusion to the year of Jubilee (type of the millennium) when servants were liberated, debts cancelled, and when family possessions were restored to their Original owners
Mirrors - To speak of "looking glasses made of steel," and "glasses molten," is palpably absurd; whereas the term mirror obviates every difficulty, and expresses the true meaning of the Original
Lapse - ) To fall or pass from one proprietor to another, or from the Original destination, by the omission, negligence, or failure of some one, as a patron, a legatee, etc
Word - Long before the coming of Christ, the Jewish paraphrasts of the Bible used "The Word" in the passage where Jehovah occurred in the Original; and the term was familiar to Jewish writers as the name of a divine being, the Son of God
Sons of Saint Joseph - They were in demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the Original object of the institute was gradually modified
Saint Joseph, Sons of - They were in demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the Original object of the institute was gradually modified
Seed - That from which any thing springs first principle Original as the seeds of virtue or vice
Palsy - Every sinner, until healed by Christ, is palsied in all his faculties; so that in all the instances of palsy we behold in the present day, we see living evidences before our eyes of the effects both of Original and actual sin
Case - " ...
Note: In Acts 25:14 the phrase in the Original is "the things concerning Paul," AV, "cause" (as if translating aitia); RV, "Festus laid Paul's case before the king
Correct, Correction, Corrector, Correcting - , 'become')," the RV has "evils are corrected," AV, "worthy deeds are done;" there is no word for "worthy" or for "deeds" in the Original
Papylus, a Martyr - This is a mistake of the Bollandist Henschenius, arising out of the Latin version of Eusebius, which inserts the words "sub id tempus," which have no equivalent in the Greek Original
Marriage - Here we have its Original charter, which was confirmed by our Lord, as the basis on which all regulations are to be framed (Matthew 19:4,5 ). It is evident that monogamy was the Original law of marriage (Matthew 19:5 ; 1 Corinthians 6:16 )
Samaritan Pentateuch - the generality of divines hold, that the Samaritan Pentateuch, and that of the Jews, are one and the same work, written in the same language, only in different characters; and that the difference between the two text is owing to the inadvertency and inaccuracy of transcribers, or to the affectation of the Samaritans, by interpolating what might promote their interests and pretensions; that the two copies were Originally the very same, and that the additions were afterwards inserted. ...
And in this respect the Pentateuch of the Jews must be allowed the preference to that of the Samaritans; whereas others prefer the Samaritan as an Original, preserved in the same character and the same condition in which Moses left it. Some of these interpolations serve to illustrate the text; others are a kind of paraphrase, expressing at length what was only hinted at in the Original; and others, again, such as favour their pretensions against the Jews; namely, the putting Gerizim for Ebal
Maranatha - The Original meaning of the term has been disputed, but it is now generally agreed that it is a component of two distinct words (cf. Original significance of the expression
Gallus (11), Abbat, the Apostle of Switzerland - The Original documents are to be found in Wartmann's Nerkundenbuch der Abtei St. ...
He undoubtedly was of Irish birth, and his Original name was Cellach, Calech, or Caillech
Alphaeus - (β) The alleged derivation of the names Alphaeus and Clopas from a common Aramaic Original. But this has not been satisfactorily established: there is even a lack of agreement as to the form of the Original
Amorites - They intermarried so widely with the Original Canaanites that it became common practice to use the words ‘Canaanite’ and ‘Amorite’ interchangeably as names for the whole mixed population of Canaan (Genesis 15:16; Joshua 24:15; Joshua 24:18). Because most of the Original Canaanites were descendants of Ham, the Amorites who later became Canaanites could regard both Ham and Shem as their ancestors (Genesis 10:1; Genesis 10:6; Genesis 10:15-16)
Abba - ]'>[1]...
Lightfoot on Galatians 4:6 argues that the bilingual expression is a liturgical formula originating with Hellenistic Jews, who, while clinging to the Original word which was consecrated by long usage, added to it the Greek equivalent; but he supports an alternative theory that it took its rise among Jews of Palestine after they had become acquainted with the Greek language, and is simply an expression of importunate entreaty, and an example of that verbal usage whereby the same idea is conveyed in different forms for the sake of emphasis. ; but is rather an Original formula, the genesis of which is to be sought further back, perhaps in the actual words used by our Lord Himself. It is significant however of the limited extent of strictly Jewish Christianity that we find no other Original examples of the use than these three. Paul’s prayers-a theory based on the Apostle’s ‘Abba, Father’-remarks that ‘the peculiar sacredness of association belonging to the first word of the Lord’s Prayer in its Original tongue supplies a far more probable account of its liturgical use among Gentile Christians
Horites - Therefore, another suggestion holds that the biblical Horites were not Hurrians, but simply the Original cave-dwelling (the Hebrew hor means “cave”) population of Edom (Mt
Belong - To be the native of to have Original residence
Suburb - Practically the same Original is retained as a proper name Parbar , 1 Chronicles 26:18 (RVm Sycamore - This was the Original employment of the prophet Amos, as he says
Seventy - (Luke 10:1, etc,) Some have thought that this was in honour of the seventy called the Septuagint, who were the first that translated the Original Hebrew into Greek, in the time of Eleazin the High Priest, about 240 years before the manifestation of Christ in the flesh
Space - (5) In James 5:17 there is no word in the Original representing the phrase "by the space of," AV (RV, "for")
Deaconess - In manyplaces the order has of late years been revived and is demonstratingits Original usefulness
Matthew - His Original name was Levi, Mark 2:14; Luke 5:27; Luke 5:29, which, like that of Simon and of Saul, was changed on his being called to the apostleship
Millo - The extension of Jerusalem beyond the Original Jebusite city David captured stretched northward to include the Hill of Moriah, the site of the future Temple
Caphtor - The further conjecture might be hazarded that the writing of the Hebrew waw as a vowel-letter in an Original Kafto gave rise to the additional rçsh
Marry - The first was the Original sense,but both are now well authorized
Descend - ) To come down, as from a source, Original, or stock; to be derived; to proceed by generation or by transmission; to fall or pass by inheritance; as, the beggar may descend from a prince; a crown descends to the heir
Remphan - (Acts 7:43) And in this very passage which Stephen is quoting, it is from the writings of the prophet Amos 5:25-26 -but it is remarkable that Stephen doth not quote it as the Original is, or even the translation, but in the place of Chiun substitutes Remphan
Spices - In 2 Kings 20:13 margin, "house of spicery" expresses the Original design of the house; but it was used ultimutely for storing Hezekiah's other "precious things
Docket - ) An abridged entry of a judgment or proceeding in an action, or register or such entries; a book of Original, kept by clerks of courts, containing a formal list of the names of parties, and minutes of the proceedings, in each case in court
Betray - ...
This river betrays its Original in its name
Ancient of Days - It is impossible to determine the origin or Original meaning of this term
Allelujah - This word which is become so general in use, in our churches and places of worship, is preserved to us in many parts of Scripture, as it is in the Original Hebrew, compounded of Hallelu, Praise ye, and Jab, Lord
Thessalonica - The "rulers" of the city, Acts 17:6; Acts 17:8, are called, in the Original, "politarchs
Pine Tree - The word jasmin and jasemin of the Turks, resembles strongly the shemen of the Hebrew Original here
Rahab - Others think she was only a hostess or innkeeper, and that this is the true signification of the Original word
Very - , act, bold, many, precious, sorrowful, well), there is no separate word in the Original
Angel - ...
"They are called 'holy' in Mark 8:38 , and 'elect,' 1 Timothy 5:21 , in contrast with some of their Original number, Matthew 25:41 , who 'sinned,' 2 Peter 2:4 , 'left their proper habitation,' Jude 1:6 , oiketerion, a word which occurs again, in the NT, only in 2 Corinthians 5:2
Office - (3) In 1 Timothy 3:1 , the word "office," in the phrase "the office of a bishop," has nothing to represent it in the Original; the RV marg
Brass - There can be no doubt that copper is the Original metal intended
Heath - In Jeremiah 48:6 , the Original word is ערוער , which the Septuagint translators have read ערוד , for they render it ονος αγριος , wild ass; and, as this seems best to agree with the flight recommended in the passage, it is to be preferred
Regesta, Papal - The most important fragments of the various periods: are: about 850 letters of the regesta of Gregory I (590-604); some letters of John VIII (872-882), 55 of which are in the British Museum, together with correspondence of six other popes; about 70 letters from the regesta of Adrian IV (1154-1159) and several others, at Cambridge; 381 letters of Gregory VII (1073-1085), constituting, however, merely an extract of the Original regesta, in the Vatican archives. Many of the above are not actual Originals, which fact has been discerned by the science of diplomatics
Death - ...
Natural death is described as a yielding up of the breath, or spirit, expiring, Psalm 104:29 ; as a return to our Original dust, Genesis 3:19 Ecclesiastes 12:7 ; as the soul's laying off the body, its clothing, 2 Corinthians 5:3,4 , or the tent in which it has dwelt, 2 Corinthians 5:1 2 Peter 1:13,14
Score - In music, the Original and entire draught of any composition, or its transcript
TRUE - Exact right to precision conformable to a rule or pattern as a true copy a true likeness of the Original
Mattani'ah -
The Original name of Zedekiah king of Judah, which was changed when Nebuchadnezzar placed him on the throne
Arme'Nia - (land of Aram ) is nowhere mentioned under that name in the Original Hebrew, though it occurs in the English version, ( 2 Kings 19:37 ) for Ararat
Deacon - [1] The two are mentioned together in (Philippians 1:1 ; 1 Timothy 3:2,8 ) Its Original meaning implied a helper, an assistant
Thing, Things - " (3) When "thing" represents a separate word in the Original, it is a translation of one or other of Nos
Carnutum - Many of the Original stained glass windows, of exceptional beauty, from which the "blue of Chartres" has become renowned, are still preserved; the damaged glass and frames are being restored through the munificence of John D. The cathedral became famous for the threefold devotion paid to Our Lady through veneration of: (1) the statue of Notre-Dame-sous-Terre, a reproduction of the Original Druid figure; (2) the Vierge Noire de Notre-Dame-du-Pilier (Black Virgin), in the upper church; and (3) the Voile de la Vierge (Veil of the Blessed Virgin), given to Charlemagne by Constantine Porphyrogenitus and Irene, transferred from Aachen to Chartres, c
Chartres, France - Many of the Original stained glass windows, of exceptional beauty, from which the "blue of Chartres" has become renowned, are still preserved; the damaged glass and frames are being restored through the munificence of John D. The cathedral became famous for the threefold devotion paid to Our Lady through veneration of: (1) the statue of Notre-Dame-sous-Terre, a reproduction of the Original Druid figure; (2) the Vierge Noire de Notre-Dame-du-Pilier (Black Virgin), in the upper church; and (3) the Voile de la Vierge (Veil of the Blessed Virgin), given to Charlemagne by Constantine Porphyrogenitus and Irene, transferred from Aachen to Chartres, c
Hebron - But "Hebron would appear to have been the Original name of the city, and it was not till after Abraham's stay there that it received the name Kirjath-arba, who Confession - A confession of the meanness of our Original, our distance from God, our subjection to him, and constant dependence on him. A confession of our sins, both Original and actual, in thought, life, omission and commission
Autricum - Many of the Original stained glass windows, of exceptional beauty, from which the "blue of Chartres" has become renowned, are still preserved; the damaged glass and frames are being restored through the munificence of John D. The cathedral became famous for the threefold devotion paid to Our Lady through veneration of: (1) the statue of Notre-Dame-sous-Terre, a reproduction of the Original Druid figure; (2) the Vierge Noire de Notre-Dame-du-Pilier (Black Virgin), in the upper church; and (3) the Voile de la Vierge (Veil of the Blessed Virgin), given to Charlemagne by Constantine Porphyrogenitus and Irene, transferred from Aachen to Chartres, c
Platonists - The outlines of Plato's philosophical system were as follows:—that there is one God, eternal, immutable, and immaterial; perfect in wisdom and goodness, omniscient, and omnipresent: that this all-perfect Being formed the universe out of a mass of eternally preexisting matter, to which he gave form and arrangement: that there is in matter a necessary, but blind and refractory force, which resists the will of the supreme Artificer, so that he cannot perfectly execute his designs; and this is the cause of the mixture of good and evil which is found in the material world: that the soul of man was derived by emanation from God; but that this emanation was not immediate, but through the intervention of the soul of the world, which was itself debased by some material admixture; that the relation which the human soul, in its Original constitution, bears to matter, is the source of moral evil; that when God formed the universe, he separated from the soul of the world inferior souls, equal in number to the stars, and assigned to each its proper celestial abode: that these souls were sent down to earth to be imprisoned in mortal bodies; hence arose the depravity and misery to which human nature is liable: that the soul is immortal; and by disengaging itself from all animal passions, and rising above sensible objects to the contemplation of the world of intelligence, it may be prepared to return to its Original habitation: that matter never suffers annihilation, but that the world will remain for ever; and that by the action of its animating principle it accomplishes certain periods, within which everything returns to its ancient place and state. The new academy almost entirely relinquished the Original doctrines of Plato, and verged toward the skeptical philosophy
Theodotion, Otherwise Theodotus - It deviates from the Original in every possible way; transposes, expands, abridges, adds or omits, at pleasure. He seems, moreover, to have found the task of bringing its text to conform to the Original by the aid of Theodotion's a hopeless one, as we may judge by his asterisks, obeli, and marginalia in the two MSS. The chief, and apparently the only, ground for this is his practice of frequently transliterating words of his Original. He proves at least that he diligently consulted the Original, and often shews a wise discretion in forbearing to translate a word whose meaning cannot be determined, or for which the Greek language has no equivalent
Dedan - The Original ancestor of an Arabian tribe listed in the table of nations as a son of Cush (Genesis 10:27 )
Fraticelli - Thereupon, they professed themselves the Original Friars Minor, denied the validity of the papal decrees through which, they said, John XXII had forfeited the papacy, and further asserted that all religious and prelates in the state of mortal sin were devoid of sacerdotal powers
Distraction - Distractions do not completely vitiate vocal prayer, though they diminish its perfection, provided always that the Original intention of praying was present
Magdeburg, Centuriators of - The Centuries of Magdeburg were edited in thoroughgoing, systematic, and skilful fashion and were based on such Original sources as the editors considered useful for their purpose
Centuriators of Magdeburg - The Centuries of Magdeburg were edited in thoroughgoing, systematic, and skilful fashion and were based on such Original sources as the editors considered useful for their purpose
Kirjath Jearim - Its other names BAALAH, BAALE of Judah, KIRJATH BAAL, betray its Original connection with Baal worship (Joshua 15:9; Joshua 15:60; Joshua 18:14; 1 Chronicles 13:3; 1 Chronicles 13:6)
Spread - (3) In 2 Corinthians 8:18 , the RV "is spread" (AV, "is") represents nothing in the Original
Rather - (4) In Luke 10:20 , AV, "rather rejoice," there is no word in the Original for "rather" (see the RV)
Conduit - Probably he repaired Solomon's Original watercourse
Samaritans - 677), the king of Assyria, brought from Babylon and other places and settled in the cities of Samaria, instead of the Original inhabitants whom Sargon (B
Ephah - Ephah was thus the Original ancestor of a clan of Midianites, and the clan name could be used in poetry in parallel with Midian to talk about the Midianites (Isaiah 60:6 )
Sid'Dim - But the Original of the passage seems to imply that the Salt Sea covers the actual space formerly occupied by the vale of Siddim
Kir - When Tiglath-pileser III conquered the area during the reign of Ahaz (2 Kings 16:9 ), the descendants of the Original immigrants to Syria were sent back to Kir (compare the aversion of the ancient Hebrews to being sent back to Egypt in Deuteronomy 17:16 ; Deuteronomy 28:68 )
Descent - A proceeding from an Original or progenitor
Asaph - At first the Asaphites alone seemed to have formed the Temple choir, and in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah (wherever we have the memoirs of the latter in their Original form) they are not yet reckoned among the Levites
Correct - A correct edition of a book is exactly according to the Original copy
Hanging, Hangings - ]'>[4] of a different Original denoting the curtains ‘of fine twined linen’ which surrounded the court (Exodus 27:9 etc
Fragments - The surplus thus collected far exceeded the amount of the Original stock, and bore witness to the abundance of the meal partaken of
Infants - 324, 327; Edwards on Original Sin, p
Ordinary - ) An officer who has Original jurisdiction in his own right, and not by deputation
Blasphemy - But the Original words in scripture had often a wider signification, and meant evil-speaking, slander, reviling generally
Apparel, Apparelled - The word is not in the Original in the next verse, but is supplied in English to complete the sentence
Business - " In 1 Thessalonians 4:11 , the noun is not expressed in the Original but is supplied in the English versions by "business," "your own business
Cockatrice - The Original Hebrew word has been variously rendered, the aspic, the regulus, the hydra, the hemorhoos, the viper, and the cerastes
Lime - But Moses did not account even this precaution sufficient for the due preservation of his law in its Original purity; for he commanded that it should beside be engraven on stones, and these stones kept on a mountain near Sichem, in order that a genuine exemplar of it might be transmitted even to the latest generations
Robert Grosseteste - His insistence on experiment in science won the praise of Roger Bacon, and in addition to a commentary on Aristotle's "Physics," he wrote Original treatises in meteorology and optics, and pointed out the defects of the Julian calendar
Fish, Fisher - The Original word, both in Hebrew and Greek, Matthew 12:40 , means a fish, and not specifically a "whale
Mat'Thew - His Original name was Levi, and his name Matthew was probably adopted as his new apostolic name was a Jew
Barnabas, Feast of Saint - His Original name was Joses, but after our Lord'sAscension he was called Barnabas, meaning the "Son of Consolation
New Platonics - Ammonius supposed that true philosophy derived its origin and its consistence from the eastern nations, that it was taught to the Egyptians by Hermes, that it was brought from them to the Greeks, and preserved in its Original purity by Plato, who was the best interpreter of Hermes and the other oriental sages. He maintained that all the different religions which prevailed in the world were in their Original integrity, conformable to this ancient philosophy: but it unfortunately happened that the symbols and fictions under which, according to the ancient manner, the ancients delivered their precepts and doctrines, were in process of time erroneously understood, both by priests and people, in a literal sense; that in consequence of this, the invisible beings and demons whom the Supreme Deity had placed in the different parts of the universe as the ministers of his providence, were by the suggestions of superstition converted into gods, and worshipped with a multiplicity of vain ceremonies
Epaenetus - 3), who appear in 1 Corinthians 16:19 and again in 2 Timothy 4:19 as living in Ephesus, has given rise to the suggestion that this section of Romans was Originally addressed to the Church of Ephesus. The term ‘firstfruits’ had a special religious significance-that of dedication to God-and this idea must have been present when the Original nucleus of a church was so called. 7); also the prominence given to Mnason as an ‘original’ disciple in Acts 21:16
Pattern - In the EV_ of the NT ‘pattern’ occurs seven times, representing four different words in the Original-τύπος, ὑποτύπωσις, ὑπόδειγμα, and ἀντίτυπον. Paul may have used the word in its Original meaning to suggest that his experiences as a saved sinner were an ‘adumbration’ of those of subsequent believers
Tyrannus - ...
There is a remarkable variation in the Greek text, and the Original reading is doubtful. Another variation is found in the addition by D and T and several versions of ἀπὸ ὥρας πέμπτης ἕως δεκάτης, which is accepted as Original by several critics, including Blass, Belser, Nestle, Zöckler, while Wendt sees in it a passage in which D has retained some elements of the Original text, otherwise lost. ) expresses the view that the phrase is probably part of the Original text or at least that the tradition gives an actual account of the real state of affair’s. ...
The word σχολή, translation ‘school,’ means Originally ‘leisure,’ then ‘the products of learned leisure,’ ‘treatises,’ and lastly ‘the place where literary instruction is given,’ a ‘school
Hebrew Language - Jacob and Laban, it is clear, by the names they gave to the cairn, or memorial of stones, spoke two different dialects; and it is nearly equally evident, that the language of Laban was the dialect of Ur of the Chaldees, the Original speech of the Hebrew race. Sharpe adopts the opinion, that the Hebrew was the Original language; not indeed that the Hebrew is the unvaried language of our first parents, but that it was the general language of men at the dispersion; and, however it might have been improved and altered from the first speech of our first parents, it was the Original of all the languages, or almost all the languages, rather dialects, that have since arisen in the world. Arguments have also been deduced from the nature and genius of the Hebrew language, in order to prove that it was the Original language, neither improved nor debased by foreign idioms
Apostle - According to the word’s Original meaning, an apostle was a sent one’. ...
As the church grew, other people were acknowledged as having equal authority with the Original apostles. Because people other than the Original twelve might now be apostles, warnings were given against false apostles (2 Corinthians 11:13; Revelation 2:2). ...
Although apostles increased in number beyond the Original twelve, their position was still unique in the church
Decree - Any translator using “decree” is interpreting the meaning of a more general Hebrew or Greek term, resulting in each translation using “decree” for several different words of the Original language
Monita Secreta - Credit for the supposed Original discovery was most commonly assigned to Duke Christian of Brunswick
Shunem - Shunammite is applied (1) to Abishag ( 1 Kings 1:2 ), who is perhaps the Original of the Shulammite of Song of Solomon 6:13 , the interchange of t and n being exemplified in the modern Solam = Shunem; (2) to the unnamed friend of Elisha in 2 Kings 4:8 ff; 2 Kings 8:1-6
Gall - " The Original probably denotes some bitter, poisonous plant, most probably the poppy, which grows up quickly, and is therefore coupled with wormwood ( Deuteronomy 29:18 ; Jeremiah 9:15 ; Lamentations 3:19 )
Fervent, Fervently - " There is nothing in the Original corresponding to the word "effectual
Due - , "according to time"), and "in due time," 1 Peter 5:6 , there is no word representing "due" in the Original, and the phrases are, lit
Banner, Ensign, Standard - This word is of frequent occurrence both in the Original sense and in the figurative sense of a rallying point, in the prophetic announcements of the future ( Isaiah 5:26 ; Isaiah 11:10 , Jeremiah 4:21 and often)
Libya - Its Original name was revived by Vespasian, who divided Cyrene into Libya Superior and Libya Inferior
Type - ) The Original object, or class of objects, scene, face, or conception, which becomes the subject of a copy; esp
Gabbatha - The word Gabbatha our translators have thought proper to preserve, in our Testaments, in the Original Hebrew; and yet have given the English of it, calling it Pavement
zo'ar - Its Original name was BELA
Secreta, Monita - Credit for the supposed Original discovery was most commonly assigned to Duke Christian of Brunswick
Philip'pi - The Original town, built by Philip of Macedonia, was probably not exactly on the same site
Thief, Thieves - 1: κλέπτης (Strong's #2812 — Noun Masculine — kleptes — klep'-tace ) is used (a) literally, Matthew 6:19,20 ; 24:43 ; Luke 12:33,39 ; John 10:1,10 ; 12:6 ; 1 Corinthians 6:10 ; 1 Peter 4:15 ; (b) metaphorically of "false teachers," John 10:8 ; (c) figuratively, (1) of the personal coming of Christ, in a warning to a local church, with most of its members possessed of mere outward profession and defiled by the world, Revelation 3:3 ; in retributive intervention to overthrow the foes of God, Revelation 16:15 ; (2) of the Day of the Lord, in Divine judgment upon the world, 2 Peter 3:10 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:2,4 ; in 1 Thessalonians 5:2 , according to the order in the Original "the word 'night' is not to be read with 'the day of the Lord,' but with 'thief,' i
Jude - It is generally believed that the author of the letter of Jude was the younger brother of Jesus, whose Original name Judas was later shortened to Jude (Mark 6:3)
Serapion, Surnamed Scholasticus - 85), was for the first time printed in its Original form by Brinkmann in 1894
Pronunciation of Proper Names - , of Oxford, Originally contributed to the Queen’s Printers’ Teachers’ Bible of 1877 (Eyre & Spottiswoode); (2) that contributed by Professor W. An examination of the lists will show the very considerable extent of the variation which exists even among those who may be regarded as guides in the matter, and it will show also that a great part of the variation may be accounted for by the degree to which the Editors of the respective lists are disposed to give weight to the forms of the word in the Original, or to what may be considered the popular and current pronunciation. In particular, the Original pronunciation is not the only, nor perhaps the chief, influence. If it were better understood how impossible it is to pronounce Hebrew names as the ancient Hebrews did, there would be less temptation to lay stress on the Original as the best guide. Here it is impossible to conform our pronunciation to that of the Original language; yet if we are not to pronounce at haphazard, and follow each his own taste and habit, we must reflect upon the conditions, and frame at least general rules for our guidance. Professor Stevenson holds that the influences ‘which must affect the treatment of Scripture names are (1) The Original pronunciation; (2) the characteristic tendencies of purely English speech; (3) the fixed customary pronunciation of certain words resembling others less common. The weak point of the position is that the analogies founded on by one scholar will not be equally familiar, or commend themselves to the same extent, to another; and it may well appear to many that Professor Stevenson in his list of proper names concedes too much to popular usage, and would in some cases attain a more desirable result by approximating more closely to the form of the Original. ...
(3) The question often arises in the case of names of three or more syllables, especially when the last two are significant in the Original, whether the accent should be placed on the penultimate or thrown farther back in accordance with general English practice . Professor Stevenson says: ‘The English stress accent in ancient foreign names is determined, with limitations, by the Original length of the vowels, not by the Original stress. , notwithstanding the length of the penultimate in the Original. Let the reader ascertain in all doubtful cases the form and pronunciation of the name in the Original,* Servant - Old and New Testaments alike use the one word ‘servant’ to translate a variety of words from the Original languages. ...
In English ‘slaves’ and ‘servants’ suggest different classes of people, but this distinction is not so clear in the Original languages
Abijah - But the four were divided into the Original 24, with the Original names
Eusebius, Bishop of Rome - All such doubt was now set at rest by the discovery, in the crypt referred to, of 46 fragments of a slab bearing a copy of the Original inscription, and of the Original slab, identified by the peculiar characters of Damasine inscriptions
Witness (2) - ...
What constitutes, according to the NT, the equipment and competence of a witness of Jesus Christ? Were His Original disciples the only genuine witnesses? Are not those also ‘who have not seen and yet have believed’ (John 20:29) competent witnesses? In the first place, then, let us inquire how the Original witnesses were prepared for their office. The Original disciples, it is true, were the only eye-and ear-witnesses. The Original heralds of Christ did indeed lay a certain stress upon their being eye- and ear-witnesses. Even for these Original disciples the time must come when their fellowship with their Lord should be wholly independent of the senses. It is clear from the NT that after Pentecost the Original disciples were immovable in their persuasion that they possessed and had fellowship with their exalted Lord. What the Original witnesses enjoyed, others should enjoy too—the same immediate fellowship, the same certainty. And as was the design, so also is the actual experience under the gospel: where the word is truly preached the Spirit does energize and seal it, and those who believe receive the same certainty as the Original disciples possessed. ...
Have, then, the Original witnesses no peculiar privilege and authority? So far as personal certainty is concerned, they have no advantage over true believers of any age. Nevertheless, in the economy of the gospel dispensation, the word of the Original witnesses is manifestly of cardinal importance
Apocrypha - ...
Most of these books are found in their Original form in Greek, with the exceptions noted below, and not in the Hebrew; therefore the Jewish religious leaders did not regard them as inspired. The book is known in a Greek Original, though it was translated, according to Jerome, from a Hebrew Original that was current in his day (end of 4th cent. The Original text is Greek. Its Original language is Greek, though there is reason for believing that Sir 1:1 to Sir 3:8 was first written in Hebrew. Its Original is Greek. Its Greek Original, if it had one, has been lost, and the work is extant in Latin, Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopic, and Armenian. The character of the matter shows that some Christian interpolated the Original to give it a Christian colouring. The book was Originally written in Hebrew, and in this language about one half of it has recently been discovered in Egypt and published. Its Original text was Greek
Text, Versions, And Languages of ot - The OT, except certain small sections, was written in Hebrew , and it has been preserved in its Original language. But Jeremiah 10:11 , Daniel 2:4 to Daniel 7:28 , Ezra 4:8 to Ezra 6:18 ; Ezra 7:12-26 are in Aramaic , though it is disputed in the case of Daniel 2:4 to Daniel 7:28 whether this was the Original language, or that of an Aramaic version which has replaced a Hebrew Original. ...
Though in the oldest Hebrew MSS of the Bible the consonants of the Original text are accompanied by the vowels which express at once the traditional pronunciation and the traditional interpretation of the text, it is now as generally accepted that the vowels formed no part of the Original text as that the earth revolves round the sun. The text of the OT has been transmitted to us through circumstances singularly different from those which mark the transmission of the NT text; and the results are a difference in the relative value attaching to different classes of evidence, and a much less close and sure approach to the Original text when the best use has been made of the material at our disposal. For example, the H in the word BhBR א M ( Genesis 2:4 ) is written small in all Hebrew MSS; it was doubtless written Originally so by accident or owing to pressure of room; but under the influence of a school of Jewish scholars, of whom R. The value of the Massorah in perpetuating a form of the Hebrew text for many centuries has doubtless been great; but it has also long served to obscure the fact that the text which it has perpetuated with such slight variation or mutilation was already removed by many centuries from the Original text and had suffered considerably. The vowels, it must be repeated, are merely an interpretation of the Original text of Scripture, and not part of it, and different Hebrew MSS show as a matter of fact two distinct systems of vocalization, with different symbols. Though in some respects, as for example through expansion by insertion of matter from parallel passages, the Samaritan is more remote than the Jewish from the Original text, it has also preserved better readings, often in agreement with the LXX [7] , represent different lines of tradition; in so far as the Original text of the LXX [7] ; (2) the detection of the Hebrew text which lay before the translators; and (3) In cases where the Hebrew text there recorded differs from the present Hebrew text, the determination of the more Original of the variants. A complete solution of the problems will never be reached, for it will be no more possible to establish beyond dispute the Original text of the LXX Manasseh - ]'>[2] of Judges 18:30 Manasseh is a scribal change for dogmatic purposes, the Original being Moses (see Gershom, 1). ‘It would appear,’ so runs the conclusion, ‘that in the Original story the epithet Manasseh was a fitting title of Jacob himself, which might be borne by his worshippers as in the case of Gad. ’ But it is extremely unlikely that Jacob was Originally regarded as a deity, as Luther ( ZATW [10] ’s account of the settlement of Reuben and Gad ( Numbers 32:1-42 ) there was nothing said Originally of this half-tribe being associated with them. As we have seen in Judges 5:14 , where Machir takes the place of Manasseh, he appears to be in possession on the West; and Machir, the son of Manasseh, is said to have gone to Gilead and taken it ( Numbers 32:39 ), and if so, he must have operated from his Original seat
Matthew - There has also of late been great difference of opinion concerning the language in which this Gospel was Originally written. Erasmus was one of the first who contended that the present Greek is the Original; and he has been followed by Le Clerc, Wetstein, Basnage, Whitby, Jortin, Hug, and many other learned men. It is, however, universally allowed, that the Greek translation was made very early, and that it was more used than the Original. Matthew's Original Gospel was commonly spoken, that Original would soon be forgotten; and the translation into Greek, the language then generally understood, would be substituted in its room. This early and exclusive use of the Greek translation is a strong proof of its correctness, and leaves us but little reason to lament the loss of the Original
Judas Iscariot - Matthias infers that the inclusion of the traitor in the number of the apostles and his obtaining a share in their ministry was a mysterious dispensation by which was fulfilled the prediction of Psalms 41:9, so recently quoted by our Lord Himself (John 13:18), together with its necessary consequences as foreshadowed in two other Psalms (Psalms 69:25; Psalms 109:8): that is, if John 13:20 be an Original part of St. In Psalms 41:9 the actual wording bears little likeness to the Septuagint , being a more literal rendering of the Hebrew, while its Original reference is to some treacherous friend (e. In Psalms 69:25 the text is more exact, but the Original figure employed (ἡ ἔπαυλις αὐτῶν, not αὐτοῦ) suggests a nomad encampment of tents rendered desolate because of the cruel persecutions which their occupants had practised, while Psalms 109:8 has in view one particular official, like Doeg or Ahithophel, who has been false to his trust, and therefore it is, to our modern notions, more appropriately and with less strain transferred to the case of Judas
Jubilee - ) The 50th Jubilee, after seven weeks of years, when alienated lands returned to the Original owners and Hebrew bondservants were freed (Leviticus 25:8-16; Leviticus 25:23-55; Leviticus 27:16-25; Numbers 36:4). The "original proprietor" or "the nearest of kin" (goel ) could redeem the land at any time. The Jubilee secured rest and restoration for the body politic, to recover that general equality which Joshua's Original settlement contemplated; hence no religious observances were prescribed, simply the trumpets sounded the glad note of restoration
Natural Law - Because of the consequences of Original sin, Revelation alone can provide complete knowledge of its secondary and especially of its remote principles as applied to the complexities of life
Law, Natural - Because of the consequences of Original sin, Revelation alone can provide complete knowledge of its secondary and especially of its remote principles as applied to the complexities of life
Bethabara - The leopards having come back after their temporary ejectment, during which the name Bethabara prevailed, the place resumed its Original name
Euphrates And Tigris Rivers - Farther south was the site of Asshur, religious center and Original capital of Assyria
Jozabad - ” Copying changes have made it impossible to determine precisely the Original names
Easy, Easier, Easily - ...
(2) In 1 Corinthians 13:5 , AV, "is not easily provoked," there is no word in the Original representing "easily;" RV, "is not provoked
Nimrod - bar; and though this expectation has been dispelled by the discovery of the true pronunciation Gitgamesh , there is enough general resemblance to warrant the belief that the Original of the Biblical Nimrod belongs to Babylonian lore
se'ir - " (Genesis 14:6 ) It is the Original name of the mountain range extending along the east side of the valley of Arabah, from the Dead Sea to the Elanitic, Golf. The Horites appear to have been the chief of the aboriginal inhabitants, (Genesis 36:20 ) but it was ever afterward the possession of the Edomites, the descendants of Esau
Cycle - ) A series of operations in which heat is imparted to (or taken away from) a working substance which by its expansion gives up a part of its internal energy in the form of mechanical work (or being compressed increases its internal energy) and is again brought back to its Original state
Cord, Rope - It is difficult for the English reader to recognize the same Original in the Psalmist’s bow ‘string’ ( Psalms 11:2 ) and the ‘green withs ’ (RVm Dispense - , to weigh, primarily to move and perhaps the Original idea of expending was to weigh off, or to distribute by weight
Gadara, Gadarenes - How the reading Γαδαρηνῶν crept in, or, if Original, what exactly it meant, we may not be able to explain satisfactorily, but one thing is certain,—the miracle cannot have taken place at the city of Gadara, the modern Umm Keis
Agree - To resemble to be similar as, the picture does not agree with the Original
Pharisees - Others, not sincere, may have joined themselves to the sect, and it thus degenerated from its Original design, until its moral state became such as was exposed and denounced by the Lord
At - From this Original import are derived all the various uses of at
Ark of the Covenant - It was used as a representative of the former on the day of expiation, and a repository of the Original copy of the holy Scriptures, collected by Ezra and the men of the great synagogue after the captivity; and, in imitation of this, the Jews, to this day, have a kind of ark in their synagogues, wherein their sacred books are kept
Radical - ) Hence: Of or pertaining to the root or origin; reaching to the center, to the foundation, to the ultimate sources, to the principles, or the like; Original; fundamental; thorough-going; unsparing; extreme; as, radical evils; radical reform; a radical party
Affliction (2) - —In AV of the Gospels ‘affliction’ occurs only twice (Mark 4:17; Mark 13:19), corresponding both times to θλῖψις in the Original
Oak - The religious veneration paid to this tree by the Original natives of our island in the time of the Druids, is well known to every reader of British history
At - From this Original import are derived all the various uses of at
Socialism - In its Original program, socialism was revolutionary rather than parliamentarian; but in practise socialists have yielded to opportunism, forming political parties, seeking seats in parliaments, and seeking to effect their policies by parliamentary means
Architecture - (Genesis 47:3 ) They had therefore Originally, speaking properly, no architecture. Of the Original splendor of these great works no doubt can be entertained; but of their style and appearance we can only conjecture that they were formed on Greek and Roman models
Language - The Original language was not the growth of a mere faculty of speech in man, but a creation of gift of God. ...
To the student of the Bible, one of the most important subjects is the character and history of the Original languages in which that holy book was written. In respect to the Original Greek of the New Testament, some remarks have been made under the article GREECE. These various dialects form substantially one language, of which the Original home was Western Asia
Hell - The Revisers have retained this rendering in the historical books with the Original word in the margin, while in the poetical books they have reversed this rule
Hermetic Literature - God then created the anthropos , the Original man
Sceva - But these seem to be but explanations of a difficult Original text; and the RV Jubilee - All landed property during that year reverted to its Original owner (13-34; 27:16-24), and all who were slaves were set free (25:39-54), and all debts were remitted
Week - That the week rests on a theological ground may be cheerfully acknowledged by both sides; but nothing is determined by such acknowledgment as to the Original cause of adopting this division of time
Candlestick, Seven-Branched - The Bible does not say what became of the Original seven-branched candlestick
Deep, Deepness, Deeply, Depth - The Original has two separate verbs, skapto, "to dig," and bathuno; the RV therefore has "digged and went deep
Bourignonists - She held many extravagant notions, among which, it is said, she asserted that Adam, before the fall, possessed the principles of both sexes; that in an ecstacy, God represented Adam to her mind in his Original state; as also the beauty of the first world, and how he had drawn from it the chaos; and that every thing was bright, transparent, and darted forth life and ineffable glory with a number of other wild ideas
Tabernacles, Feast of - The Jews, at a later time, introduced two appendages to the Original festival, viz
Whole - Those who were made whole were restored to their Original condition of health and strength, with all damage removed, and all marks or evidences of disease taken away
Idumaea - ]'>[1] only in Mark 3:8 ) of the name Edom , Originally the territory east of the Jordan-Arabah valley and south of the land of Moab. the geographer Ptolemy restricts Idumæa to the cis-Jordanic area, and includes the Original trans-Jordanic Edom in Arabia
Earnest - For instance, KJV uses “earnest” or “earnestly” 24 different times as the translation of 13 different words, phrases, or constructions in the Original languages
Descend - To proceed from a source or Original to be derived
Feud - In the north of Great Britain, the word is still used in its Original sense denoting a combination of kindred to revenge the death of any of their blood, on the offender and all his race, or any other great enemy
File - An Original writ may be filed after judgment
Almond Tree - Luz, the Original name of Bethel, was derived from one species of almond (Genesis 28:19; Genesis 30:37), luz
Valentinians - The sister of Nous they called Aletheia or Truth; and these constituted the first quaternity of AEons, which were the source and Original of all the rest; for Nous and Aletheia produced the world and life, and from these two proceeded man and the church
Oak - ...
It is probably sprung from some far back offshoot of the Original grove under which he pitched his tent (Genesis 13:18), "Abram dwelt at the oaks of Mamre in Hebron
Azazel - the goat that is allowed to escape, which goes back to the caper emissarius of the Vulgate) obscures the fact that the word Azazel is a proper name in the Original, and in particular the name of a powerful spirit or demon supposed to inhabit the wilderness or ‘solitary land’ ( Leviticus 16:22 RV Comforter - For the meaning of the Original and the probable source from which St
Church - This seems to be the Original meaning of the word
Abbey - Monasteries were at first nothing more than religious houses, whither persons retired from the bustle of the world to spend their time in solitude and devotion: but they soon degenerated from their Original institution, and procured large privileges, exemptions, and riches
Abstract - ) A powdered solid extract of a vegetable substance mixed with sugar of milk in such proportion that one part of the abstract represents two parts of the Original substance
Gadarenes - There are various readings of the name in the Original text of the Gospels
Horeb - (1 Corinthians 10:4) So that Horeb, which in its Original sense signifies a desert and dryness, was admirably suited both to Moses and Israel, to teach them that from the dry and desert state of our fallen nature ariseth the very cause of finding springs in Christ
Academics - ]'>[1] ...
The academics are divided into those of the first academy, who taught the doctrines of Plato in their Original purity; those of the second or middle academy, who differed materially from the first, and inclined to skepticism; and those of the new academy
Augsburgh - It consisted of twenty-one articles, including the following points:—The Trinity, Original sin, the incarnation, justification by faith, the word and sacraments, necessity of good works, the perpetuity of the church, infant baptism, the Lord's Supper, repentance and confession, the proper use of the sacraments, church order, rites and ceremonies, the magistracy, a future judgment, free will, the worship of saints, &c
Lollards - ...
In England the followers of Wickliffe were called Lollards by way of reproach, either on account of the humble offices of the Original Lollards, (the Cellites,) or from the attachment of the Wickliffites to singing hymns
Nature - Some regard this as the course of birth or of creation, or the course of man's "nature" according to its Original Divine purpose; Major (on the Ep
O - In words derived from the oriental languages, it often represents the vau of those languages, and sometimes the ain the Original sound of the latter being formed deep in the throat, and with a greater aperture of the mouth
Gethsemane - The place now enclosed by a low stone wall may be but a part of the Original "garden
Ransom - The money or price paid for the redemption of a prisoner or slave, or for goods captured by an enemy that which procures the release of a prisoner or captive, or of captured property, and restores the one to liberty and the other to the Original owner
Unicorn - One-horned, corresponding to the word Monoceros, by which the Original Hebrew REEM is translated by the Seventy
Dizahab - ]'>[1] ); and Vaheb , in the Original, is almost the same as Zahab , which, indeed, the LXX Seven-Branched Candlestick - The Bible does not say what became of the Original seven-branched candlestick
Hell - See 2 Peter 2:4 , the rebellious angels are said, in the Original Greek, to have been cast down into "Tartarus," this being the Grecian name of the lowest abyss of Hades
Gird, Girdle - The girdle, moreover, answered the purpose of a purse or pouch, to carry money and other things; see Matthew 10:9 Mark 6:8 , where the word purse in the English is put for girdle according to the Original Greek
Josiah - While cleaning and repairing the temple at his command, the priests found the temple copy of the five books of the law, perhaps the Original copy from Moses' own hand
Olive Tree - " And it is remarkable, that when the Psalmist saith, (Psalms 116:7) "Return unto thy rest, O my soul!" the Original is, Return unto thy Noah, thy Christ; for he is the rest wherewith the Lord causeth the weary to rest
Undivided Church - The Original Unity of the Church was finallybroken by the great schism between the East and the West which tookplace A
Molech, Moloch - Melech (‘king’) was evidently the title of this god; and the present form is due to the combination of the Original consonants with the vowels of bôsheth (‘shame’). ]'>[1] offer evidence that the Original reading in this passage may have been ‘Milcom,’ as in 1 Kings 11:5 and 1 Kings 11:3
Ground - Fundamental cause primary reason or Original principle. In painting, the surface on which a figure or object is represented that surface or substance which retains the Original color, and to which the other colors are applied to make the representation as crimson on a white ground
Shiloh (2) - ...
On the lintel over the doorway, between two wreaths of flowers, is carved a vessel shaped like a Roman amphora , so closely resembling the "pot of manna ," as found on coins and in the ruins of the synagogue at Capernaum, that it doubtless formed part of the Original building. The mosque's title, the mosque of the Eternal, points to its Original occupation by Jehovah's sanctuary
Indulgences - Instead of confining them, according to their Original institution, to the ordinary purposes of ecclesiastical discipline, they extended them to the punishment of the wicked in the world to come; instead of shortening the duration of earthly penance, they pretended that they could deliver men from the pains of purgatory; instead of allowing them gratuitously, and upon just grounds, to the penitent offender, they sold them in the most open and corrupt manner to the profligate and abandoned, who still continued in their vices. The sums required for indulgences were first published by Anthony Egane, a Franciscan friar, in 1673; and the Original pamphlet was republished by Baron Maseres, in 1809, in his last volume of "Occasional Essays
Ephesus - ...
Unfortunately, the Ephesian Christians had become so concerned with opposing false teaching year after year, that in the process their love for Christ had lost its Original warmth. God warned them that if they did not change and regain their Original spirit of love, he would act against them in judgment and bring their church to an end
ir-ha-Heres - of the modern Cairo, in ancient times the chief centre of the sun-worship in Egypt, and full of obelisks dedicated to the sun-god Ra (‘Cleopatra’s needle,’ now on the Thames Embankment, was Originally one of these obelisks, erected by Thothmes iii. These facts have indeed no bearing on Isaiah 19:18 , supposing the passage to be really Isaiah’s; but many modern scholars are of opinion that Isaiah 19:16-25 (Isa 18:16 25) are not Isaiah’s, and even those who do not go so far as this would be ready to grant that Isaiah 19:18 b (from ‘one shall be called’) might be a later addition to the Original text of Isaiah. MSS), being the Original reading, which was altered afterwards by the Jews of Palestine into heres , ‘destruction,’ in order to obtain a condemnation of the Egyptian temple, and by the Jews of Egypt into tsedek , ‘righteousness’ (LXX Episcopacy - They were, in fact, for a considerable time, considered as one with the Original church: the bishop sent to them the elements of the Lord's Supper as the pledge of unity; and we find it asserted by ancient writers, that there was one altar and one bishop. The ministers who were sent to the recently erected churches had probably different powers, according to the numbers to whom they were to officiate, the situation of the churches in respect of the Original church, and the tranquillity or persecution which was their lot. Such subordinate bishops continued for a considerable time; but it might, from the beginning, have been foreseen that they would soon aspire to an equality with the Original bishops; and they were at length suppressed, under the pretence that, by multiplying the higher order in places of little consequence, the church would detract from the respectability of that order, and lessen the reverence with which it should be regarded
Confusion of Tongues - Some learned men, prepossessed with the notion that all the different idioms now in the world did at first arise from one Original language, to which they may be reduced, and that the variety among them is no more than must naturally have happened in a long course of time by the mere separation of the builders of Babel, have maintained, that there were no new languages formed at the confusion; but that this event was accomplished by creating a misunderstanding and variance among the builders, without any immediate influence on their language. Another opinion ascribes the confusion to such an indistinct remembrance of the Original language which they spoke before, as made them speak it very differently; so that by the various inflections, terminations, and pronunciations of divers dialects, they could no more understand one another, than they who understand Latin can understand those who speak French, Italian, or Spanish, though all these languages arise out of it. Wotton, &c, not satisfied with either of the foregoing methods of accounting for the diversity of languages among mankind, have recourse to an extraordinary interposition of divine power, by which new languages were framed and communicated to different families by a supernatural infusion or inspiration; which languages have been the roots and Originals from which the several dialects that are, or have been, or will be, spoken, as long as this earth shall last, have arisen, and to which they may with ease be reduced. If these conclusions are well founded, they warrant the inference, that, in the ancient Hebrew, there are still to be found the traces of the Original speech. Whether this ancient Hebrew more nearly resembled the Chaldean, the Syrian, or what is now termed the Hebrew, it is unnecessary here to inquire; these languages, it has never been denied, were Originally and radically the same, though, from subsequent modifications, they appear to have assumed somewhat different aspects
Manuscripts - It appears that the books of the Bible were written Originally on scrolls of papyrus, a material made from dried and flattened strips of papyrus reed (see WRITING). Papyrus did not last well, and the Original writings all perished long ago. But from the beginning people had made copies of the Original writings, and others continued to make copies down through the centuries. ...
Although the Original writings were written by ordinary people in ordinary human language, they were at the same time written under the special direction of the Spirit of God. There are so many good manuscripts in existence that people with the necessary skills are able to determine the Original wording fairly accurately. ...
Old Testament manuscripts...
The language of the Old Testament, Hebrew, reads from right to left and was written Originally with consonants only. ...
Over an extended period from the sixth to the eleventh centuries AD, Hebrew scholars called Massoretes introduced a system of vowel signs, or ‘points’, to ensure that the meaning of the Original writing was not lost
Wisdom of Solomon - 1-9) in which the Hebrew parallelism is observed indicates that Greek is not the Original language in which the work was composed; for those Israelites who composed Original works in Greek naturally adopted Hellenic literary styles, the tragedian Ezekiel (Clem. That the Original language was Hebrew is made certain by the preservation in the Jewish Oral Tradition (Genesis Rabba, 96, and Jer. The Oral Tradition employs it for a different purpose; if its phrase - be the Original of εἰκόνα ποιήσας, the language must have already been affected by Greek. 4:18, ὄψονται καὶ ἐξουθενήσουσιν, ‘they shall see and despise,’ where the context requires ‘they shall see and pine away’; the Original -, which signifies both, can be restored with certainty from Psalms 112:10; in 13:10, ‘or a useless stone, the work of an ancient hand,’ ‘useless’ is the new-Hebrew sense of -, which should have been rendered ‘carved. In 19:9 (of the Israelites in the bed of the Red Sea), ὡς γὰρ ἵπποι ἐνεμήθησαν καὶ ὡς ἀμνοὶ διεσκίρτησαν, ‘they fed like horses and skipped like lambs,’ the author clearly did not intend ‘fed’; from Isaiah 63:13 as explained by Kimchi it would seem that the Original had øöå, ‘they ran’ (used of horses in Joel 2:4, Amos 6:12), misread -. ’...
In many cases, however, the phrase employed shows clear signs of mistranslation, but restoration of the Original is difficult; examples are 1:16b ‘thinking him a friend they melted,’ where the sense requires something like ‘they summoned him’; 7:4 ‘I was reared in swaddling-clothes and cares’; 4:19a ‘for he will break them voiceless prone’; 5:7 ‘we were filled (ἐνεπλήσθημεν) with the paths of lawlessness and destruction’; 12:24b ‘thinking gods the despicable even among the beasts of the enemies’; 18:3c ἥλιον δὲ ἀβλαβῆ φιλοτίμου ξενιτείας παρέσχες. ...
The notion that Greek is the Original language of the book is probably due to its containing paragraphs which, both in style and in content, bear little resemblance to the OT. In 18:16 the Almighty Word which slew the first-born of the Egyptians is said to have ‘touched heaven, while standing upon the earth,’ καὶ οὐρανοῦ μὲν ἥπτετο, βεβήκει δʼ ἐπὶ γῆς; the Original of the phrase seems to be found in 1 Chronicles 21:16, where the destroying angel ‘stands between heaven and earth’; yet the Greek of Wisdom may be influenced by the description of Strife in Il. The fragment preserved in the Oral Tradition indicates that the Original did not exhibit the phenomenon which characterizes the Greek-complete absence of proper names. ...
The relation of the Original work to the books of the OT is very much more difficult to determine
Samaritan Pentateuch - As there was no Masorah to fix the Samaritan text, it is likely each successive century added its own emendations, so that the Original Samaritan text was very different from our present one. It remains therefore uncertain whether...
(1) the Original Samaritan was inherited from the ten tribes whom the Samaritans succeeded; or...
(2) from Manasseh (Josephus Originally written. ...
(1) The Original Samaritan having become to the common people a dead tongue, it was translated into the current Samaritan, dialect, a mixture of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac. It slavishly copies the Original, sometimes at the sacrifice of sense; but this close verbal adherence makes it a more valuable help for studying the Samaritan text
Hebrews - Ἑβραῖος) is a transcription of the Aramaic ‘ebrâyâ, the equivalent of the Original word עִבְרִי, the proper Gentile name of the people who were also described as ‘Israelites’ or ‘Children of Israel. These facts have led to the conjecture that the name ‘Hebrews’ was Originally given to the race of Abraham by their Canaanite neighbours, and that this name continued to be the designation of the race by outsiders all through their history, just as the Magyars are known as ‘Hungarians’ by other nations of Europe. ...
The derivation of the term does not render much help in discovering its Original significance. This theory, which has generally been accepted by the Rabbis, carries with it the implication that the name was Originally given by the Original inhabitants of Canaan to the Hebrew immigrants
Bible, Hermeneutics - 3) The primary aim of the interpreter is to discover the Original meaning of the author who wrote the passage under consideration. The meaning of a passage might depend upon knowing whether the Original audience was Jewish or Gentile. You must consult a lexicon or dictionary to find the meaning key words had when the Original writer used them. His words may have a different meaning today, and you must know what they meant when Originally used. The Bible is made to say many things the Original writers did not intend by interpreting particular statements without regard to their contexts. It is important to know what the Bible said to its Original readers, the people to whom it was Originally addressed
Clementine Literature - The Ebionitism with which the Original work had been strongly coloured was first softened, then removed. The Original is lost, but the work is preserved in a translation by Rufinus, of which many MSS. We can test his work in the case of fragments of the Original preserved by quotation, and, moreover, we have a Syriac trans. One of the books is described as treating of the Apostles' disputation at the temple; and therefore it seems needless to look for the Original of this part in the Ascents of James or elsewhere. It is not easy to say which form is the Original. Neither the Latin nor Syriac version of the Recognitions translates any preface; but Rufinus mentions having found in his Original a letter of Clement to James, which he does not prefix, because, as he says, it is of later date and he had translated it elsewhere. to be the Original for the first three books, H. Lipsius regards both as independent modifications of a common Original. Without speaking over-confidently, our own conclusion is, that while neither of the existing documents can claim to be the Original form, they are not independent; that H. Probably the Original form contained little but discourses, and was probably an esoteric document, in use only among the Ebionites; and the author of R. , a strong Ebionite, may have restored some of the Original discourses, retaining the little romance which no doubt had been found to add much to the popularity and attractiveness of the volume. is not an Original. is not Original in respect of the: Caesarean sections, but still more decisively refutes Lehmann's own hypothesis that it was H. who ornamented an Originally simpler story with the romance of the recognitions. , but only as a silent character; and it is urged that the Original form is more likely to be that in which this well-known adversary of Judaism conducts a disputation, than that in which he is but an insignificant companion of Simon. not Original
Morality - Moreover, on account of Original sin, man's vision of the moral law has become obscured, and the control of his passions has been lost, and hence without Divine aid he cannot long observe the moral law
Shoe - (For the Original motive see RS Apocrypha - Those which were in existence in the time of Christ, but were not admitted by the Jews into the canon of the Old Testament, because they had no Hebrew Original and were regarded as not divinely inspired
Becher - , were probably added, after the change in the Original
Matthew - Mark (Mark 2:14, compare Mark 3:18) and Luke (Luke 5:27, compare with Luke 6:15) veil his former less honorable occupation of a publican under his Original name Levi; but Matthew himself gives it, and humbly puts himself after Thomas, an undesigned mark of genuineness; whereas Mark (Mark 3:18) and Luke (Luke 6:15) put Matthew before Thomas in the list of apostles
Separate - 20); there is no pronoun in the Original representing "themselves
Provocation, Provoke - 2), is used metaphorically, signifying "to rouse to anger, to provoke," in the Passive Voice, in Acts 17:16 , RV, "was provoked" (AV, "was stirred"); in 1 Corinthians 13:5 , RV, "is not provoked" (the word "easily" in AV, represents no word in the Original)
Reuben, Tribe of - It thus embraced the Original kingdom of Sihon
Pride - It is the root sin, the means that Satan used in successfully tempting the Original humans to rebel against their maker (Genesis 3:1-6; 1 John 2:16)
Siloam, Pool of - These were, however, recovered by the efforts of the British Consul at Jerusalem, and have been restored to their Original place
False Confidences - What is this but crossing the crazy bridge in a sedan-chair? In determining to believe whatever their guide affirms, they are in reality choosing to make every single exercise of faith which follows that Original determination; and they are choosing to believe he is infallible into the bargain There are at least as many chances of error as before against every single article of faith in the creed which they adopt upon their guide's authority; and there are also additional chances against that authority itself
Firmament - The Original Hebrew word Gaqiacspode notes a strip of hammered out metal
Galilee - ” Many scholars see the Greek as Original (NRSV, REB)
Macedonia - In their Original dominions they remained a hardy and vigorous race
Officer - ’ The shôtçr , accordingly, was Originally, it would seem, a subordinate official attached to the higher military, civil, and judicial officers of the State for secretarial purposes (see Driver’s summary of their duties in his Com. see), but, as Genesis 39:1 shows, the Original ( sârîs ) must here signify, more generally, a court official
Tibe'Rias, - --The ancient name has survived in that of the modern Tubarieh , which occupies the Original site
Lamech - It is now commonly believed, owing to the identity of some names and the similarity of others in the two genealogies, that they are merely different versions of one Original list
Gezer - The Original inhabitants remained and paid tribute to Israel (Judges 1:29; 1 Kings 9:16-17)
Jot - ’...
The proverbial phrase ἰῶτα ἒν ἣ μία κεραία (Matthew 5:18 only) derives its point from the fact that ἰῶτα in the Greek alphabet, like its equivalent letter and Original yod in the Hebrew, is the smallest character
Lamech - And as from an authority which becomes unquestionable, the married state is declared to be sacred, as typical of Christ's union with his church, the abettors of double marriages would farther do well to consider, what a running counter this is to this blessed doctrine, as well as to the Original appointment of heaven
Bush - ’]'>[1] refers to the ‘Burning Bush’ (Exodus 3:2-4, Deuteronomy 33:16 where LXX Septuagint uses βάτος to translation סְנָה of the Original)
Art - The coloured representations which Ezekiel saw with abhorrence on the Temple walls were not true paintings, but, as the Original implies, figures chiselled in outline, with the contours filled in with vermilion (Ezekiel 23:14 f
Court - The Original constitution of Connecticut established a General Court in 1639
Glory - The former word glory, though the same in the Original, is to be understood in a figurative sense
Green - Properly, growing, flourishing, as plants hence, of the color of herbage and plants when growing, a color composed of blue and yellow rays, one of blue and yellow rays, one of the Original prismatic colors verdant
Jehoiakim - JEHOIAKIM , whose Original name was Eliakim , was placed upon the throne of Judah by Pharaoh-necho, who deposed the more popular Jehoabaz
Rent - ) That portion of the produce of the earth paid to the landlord for the use of the "original and indestructible powers of the soil;" the excess of the return from a given piece of cultivated land over that from land of equal area at the "margin of cultivation
Trace - ) The intersection of a plane of projection, or an Original plane, with a coordinate plane
Hittites - Hittites evidently, therefore, were in the neighborhood: they were subsequently in the mountainous region near the Amorites and Jebusites, Numbers 13:29; Joshua 11:3; and were perhaps some of the Original inhabitants of Jerusalem, Ezekiel 16:3; Ezekiel 16:45, as well as in the neighborhood of Bethel
Unction - So by his becoming the anointed for this express purpose, proves the Original anointing of the church in him, and for him; and sets forth the everlasting love of all the persons of the GODHEAD to the church of Christ in all ages
Harlot - The Original Hebrew Zona, (Joshua 2:1) means a harlot
Bether - In Song of Song of Solomon 2:17, the word is retained in its Original, Berber; but in Song of Song of Solomon 8:14, it is translated "mountains of spices
Concubine - The New Testament teaching restores marriage to its Original character, requiring a man to be the husband of one wife
One Another or One ... Another, One ... the Other - " (4) In 1 Peter 3:8 , AV, "one of another" represents nothing in the Original (the RV, "compassionate" sufficiently translates the adjective sumpathes: see COMPASSION , C
Ordain - (8) In Romans 7:10 , AV, "ordained" represents no word in the Original (see RV)
Blood - , prefix haem,), besides its natural meaning, stands, (a) in conjunction with sarx, "flesh," "flesh and blood," Matthew 16:17 ; 1 Corinthians 15:50 ; Galatians 1:16 ; the Original has the opposite order, blood and flesh, in Ephesians 6:12 ; Hebrews 2:14 ; this phrase signifies, by synecdoche, "man, human beings
Jubilee - It served to maintain a degree of equality among the Hebrew families; to perpetuate the division of lands and households according to the Original tribes, and secure a careful registry of the genealogy of every family
Race - radix and radius having the same Original
Capital - Capital stock, is the sum of money or stock which a merchant, banker or manufacturer employs in his business either the Original stock, or that stock augmented
Murder - The designed and malevolent taking of human life, was by the Original appointment of God, a crime to be punished by death
he'Bron - (Genesis 13:18 ) Its Original name was Kirjath-arba, (Judges 1:10 ) "the city of Arba;" so called from Arba the father of Anak
Canon of Scripture, the, - may be generally described as the "collection of books which form the Original and authoritative written rule of the faith and practice of the Christian Church," i
Philadel'Phia, - The Original population of Philadelphia
What - versions, the adjective not being repeated in the Original); (f) hostis, "what (things)," Philippians 3:7 ; (g) in Matthew 26:40 , houtos, "thus, so," is used as an exclamatory expression, translated "What" (in a word immediately addressed by the Lord to Peter), lit
Marcia, Concubine of Commodus - For the Original authorities, see ECLECTUS
Marcus, Surnamed Eremita - ...
(4) ἀπόκρισις πρὸς τοὺς ἀποροῦντας περὶ τοῦ θείου βαπτίσματος , an important treatise on the doctrine of baptism, states distinctly that by the grace of baptism Original sin is put away and the baptized are in exactly the condition Adam was before the fall
Lamb - ) Abel’s offering was probably a lamb (Genesis 4:4), Abraham considered a lamb to be the natural animal for a burnt offering (Genesis 22:7-8), and the Israelites in Egypt offered sacrificial lambs at the time of the Original Passover (Exodus 12:3-8; see PASSOVER)
Murder (2) - Thus the guilt of murder is predicated of Barabbas (Mark 15:7, Luke 23:19; Luke 23:25, John 18:40 ‘robber’), and of the unwilling guests (Matthew 22:7), and Satan is designated the Original ἀνθρωποκτόνος (John 8:44)
Dan - In the Original division of Canaan, Dan received its tribal portion on the Philistine coast between Judah and Ephraim (Joshua 19:40-48; Judges 5:17; Judges 13:1-2; Judges 14:1; Judges 16:23; for map see TRIBES)
Thomas Edessenus - The latter, Originally Magian by religion, was converted to Christianity, learnt Syriac at Nisibis, and Greek at Edessa from Thomas a Jacobite, whom he afterwards took with him to Alexandria and there with his help translated the Scriptures ( or , the books) from Greek into Syriac (Gregory Bar-hebr. Chosroes called on him to return to his Original faith or to conform to Christian orthodoxy
Biblical Commission - , universal creation by God, the special creation of man, the formation of the first woman from man, the unity of the human race, the Original happiness and subsequent fall of Adam and Eve, and the promise of a Redeemer. The Gospels and the Acts are historically reliable; the first three Gospels were written in the following order: Aramaic Saint Matthew (the Greek translation being substantially the same as the Original), Saint Mark, Saint Luke; this arrangement excludes the "Two Document Theory" advocated by most non-Catholic critics as a solution of the Synoptic problems; under these restrictions the Synoptic problem is left open to discussion
Tabernacles, Feast of - From the Original character of the Festival, it is obvious that no precise date could be fixed at first. This may have been the case, even though that particular rite was regularly omitted on the eighth day; but the teaching of Jesus seems to be very different, at least from the Original thought of the rite on this Feast of Ingathering
Accho - He also considers the style of architecture to be in some degree the Original of our ornamented Gothic, before its translation from the holy land to Italy, France, and England. The Saracenic remains are only to be partially traced in the inner walls of the town; which have themselves been so broken down and repaired, as to leave little visible of the Original work; and all the mosques, fountains, bazaars, and other public buildings, are in a style rather Turkish than Arabic, excepting only an old, but regular and well-built khan or caravanserai, which might perhaps be attributed to the Saracen age
Samaritans - But in the New Testament this name is the appellation of a race of people who sprung Originally from an intermixture of the ten tribes with gentile nations. In consequence of this refusal, and the subsequent state of enmity, the Samaritans not only took occasion to calumniate the Jews before the Persian kings, Ezra 4:4 Nehemiah 4:1-23 , but also, recurring to the directions of Moses, Deuteronomy 27:11-13 , that on entering the promised land half of the people should stand on Mount Gerizim to respond Amen to the covenant pronounced by the Levites, they erected a temple on that mountain, and instituted sacrifices according to the prescriptions of the Mosaic law, although the Original altar, according to the Hebrew Scriptures, stood on Mount Ebal, Deuteronomy 27:4 Joshua 8:30-35 . There are various classes of different readings, but few or none in which the Samaritan does not appear to be a corruption of the Original
Sozomen, Author of a History - It thus covers the same period as that of Socrates, and as both were written about the same time and have many resemblances, the question arises as to which was the Original and which not unfrequently the copyist. He also gives not a few important particulars concerning both the events and men of the time covered by it, particularly of the council of Nicaea, the persecutions, the general progress of the gospel, the conversion of Constantine, the history of Julian, the illustrious Athanasius, and many bishops and martyrs of the age; and also a number of Original documents
Matthew, Gospel According to - the Original Aramaic Mt. in India, but the story is very uncertain; Epiphanius says that the Aramaic Gospel of Matthew existed in his day, in the possession of an Ebionite sect (distinguished in modern times as Elkesaites), and describes it; and Jerome describes what he alleges to be the Original of Mt. ...
( b ) What does Papias mean about the Original language of Matthew? All the testimony as to its being Aramaic [3] probably reduces itself to this one sentence. is clearly an Original composition, derived from Greek sources, such as Mk. We have then to ask, Did Papias make a mistake about the Original language? We know that there was a ‘Gospel of the Hebrews’ current early in the 2nd cent. the Original of the Greek ‘non-Markan document’ (see art. Both these solutions seem to be quite possible; but it is not possible to suppose that our First Gospel was Originally written in Aramaic. The titles need not be, indeed almost certainly are not, those of the Original authors, but they must have been applied at a very early date. These considerations may lead us to prefer the second solution mentioned above, in § 1 ( b ) that Matthew the Apostle composed the Aramaic Original of the Greek ‘non-Markan document,’ the ‘Logia’ (not consisting of sayings only, but of sayings and narrative combined), and that in this way his name became attached to the First Gospel
Unwritten Sayings - ( John 7:53 to John 8:11 ) being regarded by critical scholars as additions to the Original texts, which may at the same time embody authentic traditions. Though interesting and sometimes striking, these have no claim to represent Original traditions, but are frequently traceable to Gospels canonical or apocryphal. Here again some of the ‘Sayings’ have Gospel parallels, while others bear a more Original character
Eve - All four passages in the Bible that contain the name "Eve" refer to the wife of the Original man, Adam (Genesis 3:20 ; 4:1 ; 2Col 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:13 ). Although that covenant subsequently includes her (3:2-3), she is not an Original party to it. " The Original Hebrew form of the name, hawwa [3], is apparently a derivative of, or a paronomasia on, the verb haya [4], which means "live
sa'Tan - The word itself, the Hebrew satan , is simply an "adversary," and is so used in ( 1 Samuel 29:4 ; 2 Samuel 19:22 ; 1 Kings 6:4 ; 11:14,23,25 ; Numbers 22:22,33 ; Psalm 109:6 ) This Original sense is still found in our Lord's application of the name to St. Of the nature and Original state of Satan, little is revealed in Scripture. We cannot, of course, conceive that anything essentially and Originally evil was created by God. "trial," is essential to man, and is accordingly ordained for him and sent to him by God, as in (Genesis 22:1 ) It is this tentability of man, even in his Original nature, which is represented in Scripture as giving scope to the evil action of Satan
Melchizedek - The Original meaning was probably ‘My king is Zedek’; but the name is interpreted ideally in Hebrews 7:2, where it is taken to mean ‘king of righteousness,’ and at the same time, because of Melchizedek’s rule over Salem (= ‘peace’), ‘king of peace. The Original source of the story is Genesis 14:17-20, of which the literary history is still uncertain. -The writer need not be conceived as going back through Psalms 110:4 to the Original tradition in Genesis 14 and working upon it independently; for there is sufficient reason to believe that the narrative had for a couple of centuries engaged the attention of some of the religious leaders of the people, and in the interpretation an interesting development may be traced
Ark of the Covenant - names the Original container for the Ten Commandments and the central symbol of God's presence with the people of Israel. The word “covenant” in the name defines the ark from its Original purpose as a container for the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandments (sometimes called the “testimony”) were inscribed. After the sin of the golden calf and the breaking of the Original decalogue tablets, Moses made a plain box of acacia wood as a container to receive the new tables of the law
Sin - Original sin is that whereby our whole nature is corrupted, and rendered contrary to the nature and law of God; or, according to he ninth article of the church of England, "It is that whereby man is very far gone from Original righteousness, and is, of his own nature, inclined to evil. The imputation of the sin of Adam to his posterity, is also what divines call, with some latitude of expression, Original sin
Balaam - ]'>[2] connecting Balaam with Israel’s uncleanness has nothing to do with the Original narrative. This Original narrative is contained in Numbers 22:1-41 ; Numbers 23:1-30 ; Numbers 24:1-25 . Although the details of this analysis are not certain, we may take it that the Original story proceeds from J Blood - When animals were granted to Noah for food, the blood was reserved; and when the same law was reenacted among the Israelites, the Original prohibition is repeated, with an explanation which at once shows the Original ground upon which it rested: "I have given it upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls. That it is a mistake to suppose that the declaration of Moses to the Jews, that God had "given them the blood for an atonement," is an "additional reason" for the interdict, not to be found in the Original prohibition to Noah. Now, by turning to the Original prohibition in Genesis, we find that precisely the same reason is given: "But the flesh with the blood, which is the life thereof, shall ye not eat
Ten Commandments - But many critics think that Exodus 10:28 b Originally referred not to the ‘ten words’ of Exodus 20:1-26 , but to the laws of Exodus 34:11-26 , and that these laws were J New Testament - " (1 Corinthians 16:21 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:17 ; Colossians 4:18 ) The Original copies seem to have soon perished. History affords a trace of the pure apostolic Originals. Even at a very early period the Original text of a parchment MS. In lapse of time the Original writing frequently reappeared in faint lines below the later text, and in this way many precious fragments of biblical MSS. It is commonly referred to Euthalius, who, however, says that he borrowed the divisions of the Pauline Epistles from an earlier father and there is reason to believe that the division of the Acts and Catholic Epistles which he published was Originally the work of Pamphilus the martyr. The titles of the sacred books are from their nature additions to the Original text. In the twelfth century the Original writing was effaced and some Greek writings of Ephraem Syrus were written over it. ...
Various causes: readings are due to some arose from accidental, others from intentional alterations of the Original text. This great prelate as early as 1502 engaged the services of a number of scholars to superintend an edition of the whole Bible in the Original Hebrew and Greek, with the addition of the Chaldee Targum of Onkelos, the LXX
Augustinians Hermits - The Original branches of the Hermits were: the Williamites, the Bonites, the Brittinians, the Hermits of the Holy Trinity in Tuscany, and other houses in Italy
Illinois - , at the Original village of Kaskaskia near the present Utica
Tiberias - " In its Original form, and in all manuscripts, the Hebrew is written without vowels; hence, when it ceased to be a spoken language, the importance of knowing what vowels to insert between the consonants
Catholic Association - In the course of years the association's work has been modified as some of the former official bodies have ceased to function, and by the advent of fresh Catholic societies which specialize more directly on its Original main purpose
Ashkelon - The present Ashkelon is the Maiumas of Ascalon; the Original Ashkelon was probably inland, and is now buried in sand
Felicitas, Martyr at Carthage - There are three texts of these Acts —the Original Lat
Zedekiah - His Original name was Mattaniah; but when Nebuchadnezzar placed him on the throne as the successor to Jehoiachin he changed his name to Zedekiah
Preface - ...
The Original English title of this book used the word Directory rather than Dictionary, partly to appeal to readers who may not want a book that sounds academic, and partly because the book does not, like a ‘proper’ dictionary, deal with all the words and names in the Bible
Witness - In the New Testament the Original notion of a witness is exhibited in the special form of one who attests his belief in the gospel by personal suffering
Eliakim - King JEHOIAKIM'S Original name
Comfort - ]'>[2] ), 1 Thessalonians 2:11 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:14 ; the Original of ‘comfort’ ( soothing ) in Colossians 4:11 is an isolated expression kindred to the last
Elhanan - The Original text, of which each of these two verses is a corruption, probably ran: ‘And Elhanan the son of Jair, the Bethlehemite, slew Goliath the Gittite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver’s beam
Importunity - ’ The Original meaning of ‘importune’ was ‘inopportune,’ ‘untimely’; in Sirach 32:4 ‘display not thy wisdom out of season,’ Coverdale has ‘at an importunyte
Leper - It was, without doubt, among the Hebrews, not only a loathsome disease in itself, but was intended to denote in the strongest characters the nature of sin both Original and actual
Score - ) The Original and entire draught, or its transcript, of a composition, with the parts for all the different instruments or voices written on staves one above another, so that they can be read at a glance; - so called from the bar, which, in its early use, was drawn through all the parts
Hermits of Saint Augustine - The Original branches of the Hermits were: the Williamites, the Bonites, the Brittinians, the Hermits of the Holy Trinity in Tuscany, and other houses in Italy
Association, Catholic - In the course of years the association's work has been modified as some of the former official bodies have ceased to function, and by the advent of fresh Catholic societies which specialize more directly on its Original main purpose
Eve - This is, of course, a man’s account of the origin of sin, and happily the Original story, with all the Rabbinical and other unworthy inferences that have been drawn from it, is no longer among the Christian credenda
Language - Admitting, however, that it is of divine Original, we cannot suppose that a perfect system of it was all at once given to man
Ishi - Our translators have thought proper to preserve the word in its Original, giving the meaning of it in the margin, my husband
Likeness - …”...
Third, demûth signifies the Original after which a thing is patterned: “To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him?” ( Emilianus (8), Solitary - The only Original source of information about him is his Life by St
Cleopas - " In our translation of Luke 24:31 , it is said that Jesus "vanished out of their sight;" but the Original is more properly rendered, "He suddenly went away from," the word being often applied by the Greek writers to those who in any way, but especially suddenly and abruptly, withdraw from any one's company
Chronicles - Those ancient registers were much more extensive than these are; and the books of Chronicles themselves refer to those Original memoirs, and make long extracts from them
Gold - In Job 28:15-19 , gold is mentioned five times, and four of the words are different in the Original:...
Lamb - The young of the sheep, though the Original word means also the kid or young of the goat; and by the Jewish law it is expressly provided that the sacrifice at the passover might be a lamb, either of the sheep or goat
Cause - In all its applications, cause retains something of its Original meaning, struggle, impelling force, contest, effort to obtain or to effect something
Sisters of Saint Clare - Saint Colette carried on a reform within the order, emphasizing its Original spirit of poverty; followers of her reform were known as Collettine sisters. Originally solely a contemplative order, in 1804 a change was made in its rule permitting the religious to take part in active work
Second Order of Saint Francis - Saint Colette carried on a reform within the order, emphasizing its Original spirit of poverty; followers of her reform were known as Collettine sisters. Originally solely a contemplative order, in 1804 a change was made in its rule permitting the religious to take part in active work
Midianites - The Original and appropriate district of the Midianites seems to have been on the east side of the Elantic branch of the Red Sea, where the Arabian geographers place the city Midian, Acts 7:29
Sabeans - This word represents two distinct people, who, in accordance with the Original Hebrew, might have been more properly called Sebaeans and Shebaeans
Beth'el - (Genesis 35:1-8 ) The Original name was Luz
Made - (2) In Luke 3:5 , AV (3rd statement), the future tense of eimi, "to be," is translated "shall be made" (RV, "shall become"); in the next sentence there is nothing in the Original representing "shall be made
Poor Poverty - In Matthew 5:3 our Lord’s words are repeated in a different form-‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’; and while we may be inclined to think that Luke gives us the more Original form of the words, the gloss, if it be such, of Matthew’s Gospel is very possibly just in substance
Calvary - The first has been preserved without mutilation: being a piece of ground about ten yards square, in its Original position; and so high above the common floor of the church, that there are, according to Chateaubriand, twenty-one steps to ascend up to it. The truth is, that in the alterations which were made on Calvary, to bring all the principal places within the projected church, the earth around the sepulchre was dug away; so that, what was Originally a cave in the earth has now the appearance of a closet or grotto above ground. It was this sepulchre, so close at hand, and so appropriate, which he resigned for the use of our Lord; little thinking perhaps, at the time, how soon it would again be left vacant for its Original purpose by his glorious resurrection
Nineveh, Ninevites - One of two conclusions is inevitable; either that there was a current Haggadic tradition about Jonah and Nineveh which was known to our Lord and His hearers but has been lost to us, or that the word ‘Ninevites’ has supplanted some other word in the Original text of St. ’ It is conceivable that this was the more Original form of the words in St
Evil (2) - Before man existed, there were myriads of finite spirits, higher in the order of creation than he, and of these some fell from their Original innocence and became devils. ...
(2) Original sin. —There is no recorded teaching of Jesus about Original sin. It may, perhaps, be argued from John 9:1-3, that He would not have approved of any theory of Original sin which regarded men as obnoxious to punishment from God merely because of an ancestral taint that they could not help inheriting. 3, 4: Tennant, The Origin and Propagation of Sin; and The Fall and Original Sin; Bull, The State of Man before the Fall; Paley, Natural Theology, xxvi
Bible, Methods of Study - It helps to reconstruct the Original situation of the text, to understand the needs and expectations of the people involved, to see the manifold aspects of reality touched, and to avoid wrong applications if important aspects have changed today. It is helpful to compare different translations; occasionally they may even reflect variant readings of the Original. a reformulation in our own words, usually somewhat longer than the Original. What is the contribution of the text, first in the Original situation, then also in the history of the early church, the entire history of salvation? Contribution comprises both effect and message, activity and doctrine
Pillar - Such, in the present form of the story for the probable Original form, see § 4 below was the stone which Jacob set up and anointed at Bethel ( Genesis 28:18 ; Genesis 28:22 ; cf. Originally ten in number, eight of them are still standing in situ . ’ The smaller dimensions are those of the second stone of the series, which is supposed to have been the Original beth-el (see next §) of the high place. In Genesis 28:1-22 it is admitted that we have a later adaptation of a Canaanite temple myth, which explained the origin of the sanctuary at Bethel, and especially the sanctity attaching to the Original beth-el , i. In the Original form of the story the anointing of the stone was an offering to the indwelling numen . The cavities in the other recently discovered mazzçbâhs , above mentioned, were no doubt Originally intended to receive similar offerings of blood, wioe, or oil (cf
Medes - The phrases "the Medes and Persians" and "Media and Persia," even after the Persians got the supremacy (Esther 10:2), show the Original supremacy of Media, which still in legal and religious formalities was retained. Herodotus (1:131) makes their Original religion the worship of the elements, tire, etc. Rawlinson however makes dualism (the worship of both a good and an evil principle eternally existing: Ormuzd the good object of trust, Ahriman the object of fear) to have been their Original faith as described in the Zendavesta, and that the worship of the elements was subsequently taken from the Scythians (the fire worshippers of Armenia and Mount Zagros, among whom Magism existed from of old) and was Magian
Nations - ]'>[2] has ‘Greek,’ following the Original. ]'>[1] ‘Gentiles’ often corresponds to ‘Greeks’ in the Original, as in John 7:35 , Romans 3:9 etc. and Greek) translated ‘nation’ have their Original and literal sense in many parts of the OT and NT, as in Ezekiel 46:1-2458 ; Genesis 10:10 etc
Galatia - This is the second sense in which the term Galatia is used in ancient documents, namely, the sphere of duty which included the ethnic districts, Papblagonia, Pontus Galaticus, Galatia (in the Original narrower sense), Phrygia Galatica, and Lycaonia Galatica (with ‘the Added Land,’ part of the Original Lycaonian tetrarchy). There is an alternative ‘Gallia,’ which, even if it be not the Original, suggests that the word ‘Galatia’ there should be taken in the sense of ‘Gallia’ (that is, France)
Image of God - Significantly, this passage links God's Original creation of humans in his likeness with the subsequent human procreation of children in Adam's image and likeness. ...
Sadly, the pristine beauty and harmony of this Original created order were shattered by the rebellion of Adam and Eve, and the record in Genesis 3 as well as the history of human cultures show how alienation between humans and God, humans and other humans, and humans and nature quickly became the normal state of affairs. The Original created order encompassed not only a "spiritual" relationship to God but also a social relationship to other humans and a material relationship to the world
Baruch, Apocalypse of - 70, and now preserved only in Syriac, This Syriac is a translation from the Greek, of which only a tiny fragment is extant; the Greek itself seems to have been a translation from an Aramaic or Hebrew Original. Charles as the survival of Original Hebrew idioms, persisting through the lost Greek intermediary. ’ This sentence sufficiently shows how difficult it would be to reconstruct the Greek from the Syriac of Baruch, and how impossible to argue back to the wording of a hypothetical Hebrew or Aramaic Original. As Charles has founded an argument on these for a Hebrew Original, it is necessary to point out that the evidence is really indecisive. And, further, it is almost certain that they must have been Originally composed in the same language, either both in Greek, or both in Hebrew or Aramaic. עלאה); but as it was also a name of God in Greek its occurrence proves nothing as to the Original language of our book. excedens excessit, 4:2) cannot thus be disposed of, and at present no real example of this idiom is known in works composed Originally in Greek, though it is common in translations such as the Septuagint . But, as explained above, we are very far from being able to reconstruct the text of this hypothetical Hebrew or Aramaic Original (lxiv. ...
Not only the language, but also the contents, of Baruch favour a Hebrew or Aramaic Original. Baruch is known to us only from a single manuscript of a not very literal translation into Syriac of a Greek translation of a Hebrew or Aramaic Original
Man - He had in his Original state God's law written on his heart, and had power to obey it, and yet was capable of disobeying, being left to the freedom of his own will
Liberalism - ), it spread to the world from France, developing with the different revolutions in Europe, and is classified as follows: ...
(1) Anti-ecclesiastical liberalism which includes: the Original drawing-room variety of Mme
Job, Book of - The Original language was Hebrew with perhaps an Aramaic foundation
Liguorians - In the United States new communities were organized, so that by 1875 the Original American province was divided into the eastern province of Baltimore, and the western province of Saint Louis
Ham - The names Shem (the man of name or renown), Ham (the settler in hot Africa), and Japbet (father of fair descendants, or of those who spread abroad), may not have been their Original names, but derived from subsequent facts of their history
Province - The Original meaning was the district within which a magistrate, whether consul or pretor, exercised supreme authority. ...
2: κανών (Strong's #2583 — Noun Masculine — kanon — kan-ohn' ) Originally denoted "a straight rod," used as a ruler or measuring instrument, or, in rare instances, "the beam of a balance," the secondary notion being either (a) of keeping anything straight, as of a rod used in weaving, or (b) of testing straightness, as a carpenter's rule; hence its metaphorical use to express what serves "to measure or determine" anything
Piece - , "those namely") by "on other things;" there is no word in the Original representing "pieces
Caphtor - The Original seat of the Philistines (Deuteronomy 2:23)
Intercession - Hence, the Holy Spirit has the same title as Christ, the Ρaraclete (which in KJV is translated "Advocate" in the case of Christ, "Comforter" in the case of the Holy Spirit; the Original word is the same for both)
Restitution - (rehss tih tyoo' shuhn) The act of returning what has wrongfully been taken or replacing what has been lost or damaged and the Divine restoration of all things to their Original order
Sharon - In Joshua 12:13 Lassharon is mentioned as one of the royal cities of Canaan; as ‘the king of’ is omitted in the Original, the passage may read ‘king of Aphek in the Sharon
Easter - 300 most churches divided the Original observance, devoting Good Friday to the crucifixion and Easter Sunday to the resurrection
Sennach'Erib, - [1] His name in the Original is read as Tsinakki-irib , the meaning of which, as given above indicates that he was not the first-born of his father
Confusion of Tongues - ...
Some, again, ascribe the confusion to such an indistinct remembrance of the Original language which they spoke before, as made them speak it very differently: but the most common, opinion is, that God caused the builders actually to forget their former language, and each family to speak a new tongue; whence originated the various languages at present in the world
Check - ) To verify, to guard, to make secure, by means of a mark, token, or other check; to distinguish by a check; to put a mark against (an item) after comparing with an Original or a counterpart in order to secure accuracy; as, to check an account; to check baggage
Lamb of God - ’ The term used in the Greek Original is not the same as that found in the Baptist’s phrase, but the connexion is probably similar
Mephibosheth - A son of Jonathan ( 2 Samuel 4:4 ), called also in 1 Chronicles 8:34 ; 1 Chronicles 9:40 Merib ( b ) aal , really the Original form of the name ‘Baal contends’ or ‘Baal’s warrior
Ecce Homo - It deals with the manhood of our Lord in an Original and striking way, and does not deny, although it does not discuss, His Divinity
Prime - ) First in order of time; Original; primeval; primitive; primary
At - ...
From this Original import are derived all the various uses of at
Hesychius (3), Egyptian bp - 216) as additions to the Original decree "made at the time it was republished in Spain under the name of Hormisdas, c
Barley - The word occurs twice (John 6:9; John 6:13), and in both cases represents the adjectival form κρίθινος in the Original
Philosophy - The nearer we approach to the sources of Eastern tradition the more conspicuous appears the radiance of the heavenly light of Original revelation; we find no mortals yet exalted to divinities, no images in their temples, no impure or cruel rites (Juvenal, Eustochium, 3rd Daughter of Paula - She spoke Greek and Latin with equal facility, and learnt Hebrew to sing the Psalms in the Original (i
Banner - The Original רגל , is rendered by lexicographers and translators under this word, as a noun, in which form it often occurs, a standard, banner; as a verb, once, to set up a banner; Psalms 20:5 ; as a participle pahul, vexillatus, one distinguished by a banner, the chief; as a participle niphal, bannered, or with banners
Zeal - The Original word, in its primary signification, means heat; such as the heat of boiling water
Blaspheme, Blasphemy, Blasphemer, Blasphemous - " ...
There is no noun in the Original representing the English "blasphemer
Vinegar - From the Original word, probably, we have our term cider or sider, which among us, exclusively means the fermented juice of apples
Hell - In a broad sense it may mean: ...
the limbo of infants (limbus parvulorum), where those who die in Original sin, but without personal mortal sin, are deprived of the happiness which would come to them in the supernatural order, but not of happiness in the natural order; ...
the limbo of the Fathers (limbus patrum) where the souls of the just who died before Christ awaited their admission to heaven, which had been closed against them in punishment for the sin of Adam; ...
purgatory, where the just who die in venial sin or who still owe a debt of temporal punishment for sin are cleansed by suffering before their admission to heaven
Church Year - ...
The Original Christian festival and the basic building block for all the church year is the Lord's day, Sunday
Redemptorists - In the United States new communities were organized, so that by 1875 the Original American province was divided into the eastern province of Baltimore, and the western province of Saint Louis
Dan - In the "security" and "quiet," (Judges 18:7,10 ) of their rich northern possession the Danites enjoyed the leisure and repose which had been denied them in their Original seat. " The name of the place was Originally LAISH or LESHEM
o'Phir - (Hence we conclude that Ophir was in southern Arabia, upon the border of the Indian Ocean; for even if all the things brought over in Solomon's ships are not now found in Arabia, but are found in India, yet, there is evidence that they once were known in Arabia and, moreover, Ophir may not have been the Original place of production of some of them, but the great market for traffic in them
Matter, Matters - In older English the word "matter" actually meant "wood" (like its Latin Original, materia)
Pinianus, Husband of Melania the Younger - 417) his book on grace and Original sin
Even, Even as, Even so - ...
Notes: (1) In Romans 1:26 , there is no word representing "even" in the Original. " (9) In Ephesians 1:10 there is no word in the Original for "even
Day - " (3) In Mark 2:26 , AV, "in the days of," there is no word for "days" in the Original; RV (from best mss. (5) In 2 Thessalonians 2:3 , "that day shall not come" (AV) translates nothing in the Original; it is inserted to supply the sense (see the RV); cp
Sep'Tuagint - The poetical parts are, generally speaking, inferior to the historical, the Original abounding with rarer words and expressions. Supposing the numerous glosses and duplicate renderings, which have evidently crept from the margin into the text, to be removed and forming a rough estimate of what the Septuagint was in its earliest state, we may perhaps say of it that it is the image of the Original seen through a glass not adjusted to the proper focus; the larger features are shown, but the sharpness of definition is lost
Blessedness - The Original experience of Adam and Eve in Eden is a blessedness derived from a creation in which God provides for their spiritual well-being with his companionship and their physical needs with the garden's trees (Genesis 2 ). The lost blessedness of the Original paradise is fully restored by the cross and is now associated with the redemption (Luke 23:43 )
Pharisees - This sect was one of the most ancient and most considerable among the Jews, but its Original is not very well known; however, it was in great repute in the time of our Saviour, and most probably had its Original at the same time with the traditions
Jephthah - In the story before us we obviously must not expect to see the Original form; it is a compilation from more than one source, and has been worked over in the interests of later religious conceptions; that two totally distinct practices have, therefore, got mixed up together need cause no surprise. In their Original form (in which human sacrifice played a part) these rites were intended, and believed, to be the means of assisting Nature to bring forth the fruits of the earth
Damasus, Pope - The Original root of bitterness had been Arianism; and Felix the Arian antipope Perpetua, Vibia - He published an edict forbidding any fresh conversions from Paganism to Judaism or Christianity, while imposing no penalties on Original Jews or Christians. 615) thinks they may have been Originally written in Greek. , notes, and Original Lat
Sabbath - The Sabbath was appointed at the creation of the world, and sanctified, or set apart for holy purposes, "for man," for all men, and therefore for Christians; since there was never any repeal of the Original institution. The passage from our Lord's sermon on the mount, with its context, is a sufficiently explicit enforcement of the moral law, generally, upon his followers; but when he says, "The Sabbath was made for man," he clearly refers to its Original institution, as a universal law, and not to its obligation upon the Jews only, in consequence of the enactments of the law of Moses. ...
Thus, even if it were conceded, that the change of the day was made by the agreement of the Apostles, without express directions from Christ, which is not probable, it is certain that it was not done without that general authority which was confided to them by Christ; but it would not follow even from this change, that they did in reality make any alteration in the law of the Sabbath, either as it stood at the time of its Original institution at the close of the creation, or in the decalogue of Moses. The same portion of time which constituted the seventh day from the creation could not be observed in all parts of the earth; and it is not probable, therefore, that the Original law expresses more, than that a seventh day, or one day in seven, the seventh day after six days of labour, should be thus appropriated, from whatever point the enumeration might set out, or the hebdomadal cycle begin. So that those persons in this country and in America, who hold their sabbath on Saturday, under the notion of exactly conforming to the Old Testament, and yet calculate the days from midnight to midnight, have no assurance at all that they do not desecrate a part of the Original Sabbath, which might begin, as the Jewish Sabbath now, on Friday evening, and, on the contrary, hallow a portion of a common day, by extending the Sabbath beyond Saturday evening. Holden, that in the Original institution it is stated in general terms, that God blessed and sanctified the seventh day, which must undoubtedly imply the sanctity of every seventh day; but not that it is to be subsequently reckoned from the first demiurgic day. ...
Traces of the Original appointment of the Sabbath; and of its observance prior to the giving forth of the law of Moses, have been found by the learned in the tradition which universally prevailed of the sacredness of the number seven, and the fixing of the first period of time to the revolution of seven days. But the truth is, that the seventh day was set apart from the beginning as a day of rest; and it was also strictly enjoined upon the Israelites in their law, both on the ground of its Original institution, Exodus 20:8-11 , and also to commemorate their deliverance from the bondage of Egypt, Deuteronomy 5:15
Christian Science - She built the Original "Mother Church," 1894-1895, when the Bible and "Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures" were "ordained" as pastor of the church, Mrs Eddy holding the position of Pastor Emeritus until her death
Intention - In the virtual intention a chain of representations and dictates is forged, one leading to another, and thus preserving the force of the Original actual intention
Shemaiah - Original ancestor of a priestly family (Nehemiah 10:8 ; Nehemiah 12:6 ,Nehemiah 12:6,12:18 )
Order of Friars Minor Capuchins - Aiming at a more perfect return to the primitive observance of the Rule of Saint Francis, in resistance to the secularizing tendency which accepted certain relaxations, Father Matteo sought and obtained from Pope Clement VII permission for strict adherence to the traditional rule of poverty, wearing the Original Franciscan habit, and preaching the Word of God
Copper - The Original excavator thought these were built by Solomon for processing both copper and iron, but subsequent research has shown them to be earlier than Solomon
Tithes - Although tithes were, of course, intended to be offered once a year ( Deuteronomy 14:22 ), it would appear from Amos 4:4 though the words are ironical that in their anxiety to more than fulfil the requirements of the Law, many worshippers brought them more frequently (the Original Hebrew, however, is ambiguous)
Sim'Eon - On the other hand the definite statement of ( 1 Chronicles 4:41-43 ) proves that at that time there were still some of them remaining in the Original seat of the tribe, and actuated by all the warlike, lawless spirit of their progenitor
Capuchin Friars Minor - Aiming at a more perfect return to the primitive observance of the Rule of Saint Francis, in resistance to the secularizing tendency which accepted certain relaxations, Father Matteo sought and obtained from Pope Clement VII permission for strict adherence to the traditional rule of poverty, wearing the Original Franciscan habit, and preaching the Word of God
Eli - (Mark 15:34 ), as usual, gives the Original Aramaic form of the word, Eloi
Regard - ...
3: φρονέω (Strong's #5426 — Verb — phroneo — fron-eh'-o ) "to think, set the mind on," implying moral interest and reflection, is translated "to regard" in Romans 14:6 (twice); the second part in the AV represents an interpolation and is not part of the Original
Thessaloni'ca - The Original name of this city was Therma; and that part of the Macedonian shore on which it was situated retained through the Roman period the designation of the Thermaic Gulf
Christianity - The Original promise to Abraham, "in thee
Jebus, Jebusites - It was formerly supposed that Jebus was the Original name of Jerusalem, but the letters of Abdi-Khiba among the el-Amarna tablets prove that the city was called Jerusalem ( Uru-salim ) about b
Jubilee, Year of - ...
Third, the land reverted to its Original owner
Jupiter - The people cried out in the speech of Lycaonia, and the Original name of the local god given by them to Barnabas has been here replaced by the Greek equivalent, Zeus
Siloam - Birket Silwân is built within the rock-hewn space occupied by the Original pool, 75 ft
Increase - Increment profit interest that which is added to the Original stock
Jubilee - It was proclaimed with the sound of rams' horns: no servile work was done on it; the land lay untilled; what grew of itself belonged to the poor and needy; whatever debts the Hebrews owed to one another were wholly remitted; hired as well as bond-servants of the Hebrew race obtained their liberty; inheritances reverted to their Original proprietors
Barbarian - ’ Here the word is used in the Original sense of one who speaks in an unknown tongue
Lot - (Genesis 13:1 ) and then to their Original settlement between Bethel and Ai
Gerizim - As to the Original of the temple upon Gerizim, we must take Josephus's relation of it
Stoics - Their distinguishing tenets were, that God is underived, incorruptible, and eternal; possessed of infinite wisdom and goodness: the efficient cause of all the qualities and forms of things; and the constant preserver and governor of the world: That matter, in its Original elements, is also underived and eternal; and is by the powerful energy of the Deity impressed with motion and form: That though God and matter subsisted from eternity, the present regular frame of nature had a beginning originating in the gross and dark chaos, and will terminate in a universal conflagration, that will reduce the world to its pristine state: That at this period all material forms will be lost in one chaotic mass; and all animated nature be reunited to the Deity: That from this chaotic state, however, the world will again emerge by the energy of the efficient principle; and gods, and men, and all forms of regulated nature be renewed and dissolved, in endless succession: And that after the revolution of the great year all things will be restored, and the race of men will return to life
Litany - " When the miraculous gift of the Spirit began to cease, they wrote down several of these forms, which were the Original of our present litanies
Surety - The substance of their remarks is, that the Original term employed by the Apostle, and which occurs no where else in Scripture, is εγγυος , which is derived from εγγυς , near, and signifies one who draws near, or who brings others near; which sense of the word will not very well accord with that of a substitute or representative The Greek commentators very properly explain, the word by μεσιτης , a mediator
Lamp - ...
Note: There is no mention of a candle in the Original either in the OT or in the NT
Nought - ...
C — 1: καταργέω (Strong's #2673 — Verb — katargeo — kat-arg-eh'-o ) is used in 1 Corinthians 1:28 , "(that) He might bring to nought;" 1 Corinthians 2:6 (Passive Voice in the Original); 1 Corinthians 6:13 ; RV, "will bring to nought" (AV "will destroy"); so 2 Thessalonians 2:8 ; Hebrews 2:14
Order - ...
Note: In 2 Corinthians 11:32 , RV, the phrase "in order to" (as with the AV, "desirous to") represents nothing in the Original: the infinitive mood of the verb piazo expresses the purpose, viz
Science, Christian - She built the Original "Mother Church," 1894-1895, when the Bible and "Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures" were "ordained" as pastor of the church, Mrs Eddy holding the position of Pastor Emeritus until her death
Epistle - The epistles and James, by Peter and Jude, are very different in their style and application from those of Paul written to the Gentiles; and those of Paul written to the Gentiles; and those of Paul no doubt contain expressions and allude to facts much more familiar to their Original readers than to later ages
Babel - Their object in building the city and tower, was to concentrate the population and the dominion at that spot; and as this was contrary to the divine purpose of replenishing the earth with inhabitants, and betrayed an ungodly and perhaps idolatrous disposition, God frustrated their designs by miraculously giving to different portions of the people different languages, or different modes of pronunciation and divergent dialects of the Original language of man, thus causing them to disperse over the globe
Lot - (Genesis 13:1 ) and then to their Original settlement between Bethel and Ai
Hell - It is unfortunate that many of the older versions of the English Bible use the one word ‘hell’ to translate several words in the Original languages
Lucanus (1) - The Lucianites are reckoned as a sect distinct from the Marcionites, as well by Origen as by Hippolytus and his followers; but lack of authentic report of any important difference in doctrine leads us to believe that Lucanus did not separate from Marcion, but that after the latter's death Lucanus was a Marcionite teacher (probably at Rome), whose celebrity caused his followers to be known by his name rather than by that of the Original founder of the sect
Majorianus, Julius Valerius - An outline of these laws is given by Gibbon; the seventh enacted that a curialis who had taken orders to avoid the duties of his position, if below the rank of a deacon, should be at once reduced to his Original status, while, if he had been ordained deacon, priest, or bishop, he was declared incapable of alienating his property
Melania the Younger, Daughter of Publicola - Their intercourse with Augustine continued, and in answer to their questions on the Pelagian controversy he wrote his treatise On Grace and Original Sin , a
Theonas, Bishop of Alexandria - It is obviously a translation from a Greek Original, which no one will now hesitate to ascribe to Theonas of Alexandria
Hosea, Book of - In several other cases ( Hosea 5:10 ; Hosea 5:12-14 , Hosea 6:4 , Hosea 12:2 ) it is possible that the editor has pointed the Original prophecies at his own people of the South by substituting ‘Judah’ where Hosea had written ‘Israel’; thus, although at present Jacob-Judah are mentioned in Hosea 12:2 , the terms ‘Jacob’ and ‘Israel,’ synonyms for the people of the Northern Kingdom, were certainly in the mind of the writer of Hosea 12:2-3 , for in Hosea 12:3 he puns on these names: ‘In the womb he Jacobed his brother, and in his manhood Israeled with God. ...
Apart from the intentional modifications of the Original words of Hosea by later editors, the text has suffered very seriously from accidents of transmission
Ammi - (See Hosea 2:1) There is a great sweetness in these words, and the translators of our Bible, having retained them in their Original language, as they have done, while at the same time giving the English of them in the margin, (as the reader will perceive if he consults his Bible) seem to show their view of the importance of the words themselves, and their wishes that the English reader should, in some measure, be acquainted with them, so as to have some apprehension of their importance. I will say to [1] them which were [2] not my people, Thou my people, and they shall say, Thou my God; that is, I will put them in mind of the whole cause of my mercy towards them; namely, my covenant relation with them in Christ
Gospel - It has been much disputed whether this gospel was Originally written in Hebrew or Greek. The unanimous testimony of ancient writers is in favor of a Hebrew Original, that is, that it was written in the language of Palestine and for the use of the Hebrew Christians. But, on the other hand, the definiteness and accuracy of this testimony is drawn into question; there is no historical notice of a translation into Greek; and the present Greek gospel bears many marks of being an Original; the circumstances of the age, too, and the prevalence of the Greek language in Palestine, seem to give weight to the opposite hypothesis
Assyr'ia, as'Shur, - ...
Original peopling. --The Mesopotamian researches have rendered it apparent that the Original seat of government was not at Nineveh, but at Kileh-Sherghat, on the right bank of the Tigris. -- The civilization of the Assyrians was derived Originally from the Babylonians. They were a Shemitic race Originally resident in Babylonia (which at that time was Cushite) and thus acquainted with the Babylonian inventions and discoveries, who ascended the valley of the Tigris and established in the tract immediately below the Armenian mountains a separate and distinct nationality
Sabbath - ...
We here have an account of the Original INSTITUTION of the day of rest. ...
The CHRISTIAN SABBATH is the Original day of rest established in the Garden of the Eden and reenacted on Sinai, without those requirements, which were peculiar to Judaism, but with all its Original moral force and with the new sanctions of Christianity
Interpretation - As they understand the circumstances in which the Holy Spirit inspired the Original writings, the same Spirit can apply the meaning of those writings to them today. ...
Unless people are reading the Bible in the Original languages (Hebrew in the Old Testament, Greek in the New), whatever they are reading is a translation (see MANUSCRIPTS; SCRIPTURES). The words and expressions that the Original writers used have to be understood in the context of their ancient cultures
Text of the Gospels - ]'>[1] to Westcott and Hort’s The New Testament in the Original Greek) the ‘Syrian’ Text. For reasons that will be explained later on in this article, Hort considers that the Antiochian text affords practically no evidence for the reconstruction of the Original Greek of the NT, and he may therefore be considered as the most extreme opponent of the Textus Receptus . But it is a different thing to go on to say: ‘therefore this text must be the Original authentic text. We have pointed out above that a large, and the most enlightened, portion of the Christian Church read the Scriptures in the Vulgate, or Latin translation of Jerome, and regarded it as the only authoritative exponent of the true text and sense of the Original. Thus the argument goes in a circle, unless either it can be proved that the two separate readings existed at a time when it can be shown that the conflate reading did not, or the conflate reading is so obviously wrong that it cannot conceivably be the Original reading. of his ‘Causes of Corruption,’ and makes out a fairly good case for the Originality of the supposed conflate readings. ...
Moreover, we often feel great doubt whether the quotation stands in our printed editions in its Original form. ...
The case of Fathers writing in a language other than Greek presents further difficulties, because it is often impossible to say how far the form of the quotation is due to a knowledge of the Original Greek, and how far to familiarity with the version in their own language. ...
It is an obvious truth that, if the Original of a document exists, no number of copies will possess any value for settling its text, which can be ascertained by reference to the document itself. If three independent copies have been made of a document which has itself perished, it may fairly be assumed that where all three agree they correctly represent the Original; and further, in cases where two of the copies agree against the third, we shall confidently judge that these two preserve the right text, and that the third is in error. Now suppose that fifty copies have been made of this third Original copy, and that it has itself perished, then it is clear that the evidence of the two extant primary copies outweighs the evidence of the fifty secondary ones
Tongues, Confusion of - )...
This is a trace of the Original unity of races so distinct, subsequently, as the Hamitic Canaanites and the Semitic Hebrew. Whatever differences of tongue arose before the flood, the Original unity of speech was restored in Noah. Amidst the varieties, traces of unity appear in the Original material, in the stages of formation, and in the general grammatical expression. ...
The essential identity of many words in Semitic and Indo-European gives a strong presumption of their Original unity; thus, qeren , cornu , "horn"; masak , misgo , misceo , "mix"; karak , circa , "circle"; 'erets , terra , "earth" (German erde ); chalaq , glaber , glisco , "glide" (glatt ); qum , "gum", 'am , cum , "sun", koinos , "common"; malee' , pleos , plenus , "full" (voll ); bor , purus , "pure"; barah , vorare , bora , "voracious"; parah , ferop , barus , feroo , "bear"; 'apha , epso , "epula"; mar , "amarus"; carath , "curtus"; zarah , "serere"; muth , math (Sanskrit), mor(t)s , "mortal"; 'attah , tu , su), "thou"; "n" in Hebrew stands for "m" in the Indo-European, as representing the first personal pronoun; shesh , sex , hex , "six"; the other numerals in Hebrew and Indo-European, one to five, are probably identical. )...
The plateau of central Asia was the Original seat of the Indo European race. The languages of the aboriginal races who preceded the Aryans in India were Turanian. of the Baltic, Originally were spread southward, but were thrust back by the Teutons and Slavonians. Hindustan, Bhotiya of Thibet, the Tai of Siam and Pegu, the Malay Originally in the isles, from whence subsequently it passed to the mainland
Easter Day - ...
The Original name of the Festival was Pascha, derived from theHebrew word for Passover
Galilee - It continued long to be occupied by the Original inhabitants, and hence came to be called "Galilee of the Gentiles" (Matthew 4:15 ), and also "Upper Galilee," to distinguish it from the extensive addition afterwards made to it toward the south, which was usually called "Lower Galilee
Hebron - ’ Its Original name seems to have been Kiriath-arba ( i
Jacob's Well - The vault has fallen, so that stones have fallen in and much reduced its Original depth, in Maundrell's time it was 105 feet deep; now it is often dry, at other times it has a few feet of water. to Life of Christ) says Sychar Originally extended further to the S
Abel - In the Original story (Genesis 4:1-7) his offering was probably regarded as mere pleasing on account of the material of his Sacrifice
Asher - Whether this fact operated in its naming, or whether the name was Originally that of a divinity of a militant Canaanite clan mentioned frequently in the Tell el-Amarna letters as the Mârî abd-Ashirti (‘Sons of the servant of Asherah’), or whether the Canaanite tribe ‘Asaru , known from the inscriptions of the Egyptian king Seti I. The two last theories imply an amalgamation of Original inhabitants with a Hebrew clan or tribe, which, probably prior to the entrance of the southern tribes, had found its way into the North
Andronicus - ]'>[4] ) as an ‘early’ or ‘original’ disciple in Acts 21:16
Doorway - 8:8 it represents an “entrance” not included in the Original design of the building: “… When I had digged in the wall, behold a door
Eusebius (99), Presbyter of Cremona - Rufinus apparently sent the translated letter to Rome, accusing Jerome of having falsified the Original
Lice - However, the Original, according to the Syriac, and several good interpreters, signifies "lice
Land - ...
Note: In Luke 4:26 , the RV, "in the land (of)" and AV, "a city (of)," represent no word in the Original, but give the sense of the phrase
Simon Peter - (Greek: petra, rock) ...
Peter, Originally Simon, son of Jona, was a fisherman of Bethsaida, a town on Lake Genesareth. 258) his remains were placed with those of Saint Paul in a catacomb on the Appian Way, where the Church of Saint Sebastian now stands; they were restored to their Original place of burial by Constantine the Great, who built a basilica over the grave at the foot of the Vatican Hill; this basilica was replaced by the present Saint Peter's, where one half of his body now rests; the other half is in the Church of Saint Paul on the Ostian Way; his head is in the Lateran Church
Judea - ...
The Original territory of the tribe of Judah was an elevated plain, much broken by frequent hills, ravines, and valleys, and sinking into fine plains and pasture-grounds on the west and south, Zechariah 7:7
Fig - It has, indeed, small and hidden blossoms, but the passage in Habakkuk 3:17 , should read, according to the Original Hebrew, "Although the fig tree should not bear," instead of "blossom
Temper - This use of the word is common, though a deviation from its Original and genuine meaning
Abel - In the Original story (Genesis 4:1-7) his offering was probably regarded as mere pleasing on account of the material of his Sacrifice
Joannes Iii, Bishop of Jerusalem - Zacharias, one of the leading men of Caesarea, gaining a secret interview with the imprisoned bishop, persuaded him to feign assent to Anastasius's requirements and promise, if he would release him from prison, to publicly signify, on the following Sunday, his agreement to the Original conditions
Laurentius (15) - Original sin therefore corresponds, in a manner, with the pre-Christian period
Victor, Claudius Marius - to Salomon is a poem of about 100 hexameters, and more Original, though not of special interest
Surpliced Choir - " In this wholepassage we see the Original of those surpliced choirs by which thesame Psalms of David have been sung in every age of the ChristianChurch
Levi - ]'>[2] ’s enlargement of the Original. It portrays early relations between the Israelites and the Original inhabitants
Minister - minister = ‘ servant ,’ and generally it may be said that wherever it is found in the Bible, whether in OT or in NT, its Original meaning is its primary one, service being the idea it is specially meant to convey. The man who serves and follows Christ is His minister ( John 12:26 ; ‘my diakonos ’ is the expression in the Original); and the minister of Christ will not fail to minister also to the brethren ( 1 Corinthians 12:5 , 1 Peter 4:10 )
Nature, Natural - ...
God's Original creation order established certain distinctions that he declared to be good. Similarly, although creation suffers under the curse of the fall, it too looks forward to the restoration of the Original creation order
Ass - The Original homeland of the ass ( equus asinus ) was probably Africa. ...
The precise difference in meaning of the various words for “ass” is not always evident to modern Bible students, though the differences were surely clear to the Original writers and readers
Dinooth, Dinothus, Abbat of Bangor Iscoed - Originally a North British chieftain, reverses drove him into Wales, where he found a protector in Cyngen, prince of Powys. 122), where the answer is quoted in the Original Welsh with Spelman's Latin translation. Two copies of the Original MS
Supper - This was the Original sacrifice of the passover. Like the Jews, we have the Original sacrifice: "Christ our passover is sacrificed for us," and by his substitution our souls are delivered from death
Cain (1) - ...
Exile from the Original seat of the human family and the scene of God's manifestations was the sentence, a mild one, in consonance with the mild administration of the divine government before the flood. ...
But ethnologists from the art-formed flints in the gravel and drift formations on the earth's surface infer three successive ages, the flint, the bronze, the iron; also from the lower type of older skulls they infer that civilization was a slow growth from Original barbarism. All that Scripture states is man's Original innocence, and that his state was not savagery but rudimentary civilization
Pelagians - He, with his friend Celestius, travelled to Rome, where they resided very early in the fifth century, and opposed with warmth certain received notions respecting Original sin, and the necessity of divine grace. Whatever parts were visited by these unorthodox friends, they still asserted their peculiar opinions; and they were gradually engaged in a warm contest, in the course of which they were probably led to advance more than had Originally occurred to them. The Pelagian controversy, which began with the doctrines of grace and Original sin, was extended to predestination, and excited continual discord and division in the church. " That many who have held some tenets in common with the true Arminians have been, in different degrees, followers of Pelagius is well known; but the Original Arminians were in truth as far from Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian errors, granting the opinions of Pelagius to be fairly reported by his adversaries, as the Calvinists themselves
Marriage - --The institution of marriage dates from the time of man's Original creation. (Matthew 19:9 ) (3) Monogamy, as the Original law of marriage (4) The social equality of man and wife. Our Lord and his apostles re-established the integrity and sanctity of the marriage bond by the following measures: (a) By the confirmation of the Original charter of marriage as the basis on which all regulations were to be framed
Cush - Thus in this Table of Nations he is seen as the Original ancestor of inhabitants of Cush, the land
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, City of - A few years later, 1663, the Original Compagnie de Notre-Dame, now reduced to eight members and weary of the losing struggle to carry on their colony, ceded their rights and duties to the Society of Saint-SuIpice
Basilidians - These angelic beings, advanced to the government of the world which they had created, fell by degrees from their Original purity, and soon manifested the fatal marks of their depravity and corruption
Apostle - ...
Luke has given some account of Peter, John, and the two Jameses (Acts 12:2,17 ; 15:13 ; 21:18 ), but beyond this we know nothing from authentic history of the rest of the Original twelve
Homily - Lardner apprehends that the Clementine homilies were the Original or first edition of the Recognitions; and that they are the same with the work censured by Eusebius under the title of Dialogues of Peter and Appion
Irony - The second case is similar, but events have unexpected consequences when the actor brings about a result contrary to the Original purpose
Olive - The Gentile church is the wild twig "engrafted contrary to nature" on the Original Jewish olive stock; it marks supernatural virtue in the stock that it enables those wild by nature to bear good fruit; ordinarily it is only a superior scion that is grafted on an inferior
Sorrow - Just as Jesus’ resurrection changed the Original disciples’ sorrow to joy, so it gives joy to believers of all generations; and nothing, not even grief, can take that joy from them (John 16:20; John 16:22; Romans 8:38-39; Philippians 3:21; Philippians 4:1; Philippians 4:4-7; see JOY)
Close - ) Adhering strictly to a standard or Original; exact; strict; as, a close translation
Zerubbabel - The Original leader of the Jews was Sheshbazzar (Ezra 1:8; Ezra 5:14), but his leadership was soon replaced by the joint leadership of the governor Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua (Ezra 2:2; Haggai 1:1)
Fit - The Original phrase is, he fits a coat to his customer
Mercy-Seat - But the analogy of the Arabic kaffârat seems to justify Lagarde (and many others) in holding (1) that the Septuagint has rendered the Original quite accurately, and (2) that ἱλαστήριον means ‘the propitiating thing,’ or ‘the propitiatory gift
Goshen - Doubtless named in remembrance of Israel's Original place of sojourn in Egypt
Enter - ) To make report of (a vessel or her cargo) at the customhouse; to submit a statement of (imported goods), with the Original invoices, to the proper officer of the customs for estimating the duties
Advocate - ...
The Earl of Buckingham advocated the Original resolution
Iron - It probably has a direct reference to the fact that those who teach and preach must know the subject well, must; be enthused in the matter, must have Original thoughts, and must know how to present the subject to others in an effective way
Seraphim - Satan's "serpent" (nachash ) form in appearing to man may have some connection with his Original form as a seraph (singular) of light
Amorites - see) as the Original Inhabitants of the country
Ham - The Original (?) use of the name as = Egypt appears in Psalms 78:51 ; Psalms 105:23 ; Psalms 105:27 ; Psalms 106:22
Canaanites - Migrating from their Original home, they seem to have reached the Persian Gulf, and to have there sojourned for some time
Flock, Fold - But it may be noted here that, whereas in John 10:1; John 10:16 we find in Authorized Version ‘fold’ three times (‘he that entereth not by the door into the sheep-fold’; and ‘other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and … there shall be one fold and one shepherd’), there is in the Original a marked distinction
Hagar - When Isaac was weaned, Ishmael, the son of Hagar, who was now about fifteen years of age, offended Sarah by some mockery or ill treatment of Isaac; the Original word signifies elsewhere, "to skirmish," or "fight," 2 Samuel 2:14 ; and St
Brier - This word occurs several times in our translation of the Bible, but with various authorities from the Original
Enter - ) To make report of (a vessel or her cargo) at the customhouse; to submit a statement of (imported goods), with the Original invoices, to the proper officer of the customs for estimating the duties
Babylon (2) - It was Originally known as the "land of Shinar" and the "land of Nimrod. In architecture, sculpture, science, philosophy, astronomical and mathematical knowledge, and in learning, the Babylonians made Original investigations and discoveries not surpassed by any other ancient people
Sin - ...
As contrary to the nature, worship, love, and service to God, sin is called ungodliness; as a violation of the law of God and of the claims of man, it is a transgression or trespass; as a deviation from eternal rectitude, it is called iniquity or unrighteousness; as the evil and bitter root of all actual transgression, the depravity transmitted from our first parents to all their seed, it is called "original sin," or in the Bible," the flesh," "the law of sin and death," etc
Tadmor or Tamar - The Original name was preserved till the time of Alexander, who extended his conquests to this city, which then exchanged its name Tadmor for that of Palmyra, both signifying that it was a "city of palms. It was Originally about ten miles in circumference; but such have been the destructions effected by time, that the boundaries are with difficulty traced and determined
Pity - This word is entirely synonymous with compassion both in OT and NT, except, perhaps, in 1 Peter 3:8 , where ‘sympathetic’ would better express the meaning of the Original word (see RVm Barnabas - His Original name was Joseph (Acts 4:36)
Pachomius, Saint - from the Original Greek MSS
Scillitan Martyrs - text of Usener as an Original document and the source of all the Latin texts, replied to Usener's arguments, pointing out that Greek was largely spoken at Carthage in the latter half of 2nd cent
Seal, Signet - , with reproductions of the eize of the Original and enlarged. It is impossible to decide whether or not the Shema of the Megiddo seal is identical with the I Original owner of another seal of the more severe type above described, the legend of which runs: ‘[2] of Shema, the servant of the king
Seed (2) - In the parable itself, which is undoubtedly genuine, the Original reference is to the experiences of Jesus Himself as a preacher. Certainly, whatever be the Original nucleus, the editorial reflexions indicate a rather advanced period in the history of the early Church’s mission and discipline
Sabbath - This was the Original name first used by the Hebrews for the Lord's day. " In the Original it is, return to thy Noah
Ezra, Book of - ]'>[3]...
It seems probable that these memoirs were not used by the Chronicler in their Original form, but in a form adapted and arranged by a later hand, to which Ezra 10:1-44 is due. , and cited Original documents
Ban - The Original idea, common to all the Semitic languages, is that of withdrawing something from common use and setting it apart for the exclusive use of a deity. The Original motive of the ban is probably reflected in Numbers 21:2 f
Text of the New Testament - The materials available for ascertaining the true text of the NT (and, in their measure, of all other ancient works of literature) fall into three classes: (1) Manuscripts, or copies of the NT in the Original Greek; (2) Versions, or ancient translations of it into other languages, which were themselves, of course, Originally derived from very early Greek MSS, now lost; (3) Quotations in ancient writers, which show what readings these writers found in the copies accessible to them. It is practically certain that the Originals of the NT books were written on rolls of papyrus , that being the material in universal use for literary purposes in the Greek- and Latin-speaking world. Codex Sinaiticus , Originally a complete codex of the Greek Bible. Tischendorf attributes the Original text of the MS to four scribes, one of whom he believes (though, in the opinion of many, this is very questionable) to have been also the scribe of the Codex Vaticanus (B); and the corrections to six different hands, of whom the most important are א a (about contemporary with the Original scribe), and א ca and א cb (of the 7th cent. It contains the whole Greek Bible, with the exception of 40 lost leaves (containing Matthew 1:1 to Matthew 25:6 , John 6:50 to John 8:52 , James 1:1-2770 to 2 Corinthians 12:6 ); it also Originally contained the two Epistles of Clement and the Psalms of Solomon, but the Psalms and the conclusion of the Second Epistle have disappeared, together with one leaf from the First Epistle. The text of the NT is written by three scribes, with two columns to the page: there are many corrections by the Original scribes and by an almost contemporary reviser (A a ). It Originally contained the whole Bible (except the Books of Maccabees), possibly with additional books, like א and A ; but it has lost from Hebrews 9:14 to the end of the NT, including the Pastoral Epistles (but not the Catholic Epistles, which follow the Acts and hence have escaped) and Apocalypse. a manuscript of which the Original writing has been partially washed or scraped off the vellum in order to use it again to receive other writing. In this case the Original writing was the text of the Greek Bible, written in the 5th cent. Only 64 leaves of the OT now survive, and 145 of the NT (out of 238); and often it is impossible to decipher the Original writing. Originally at Mt. Rather less than half the Original MS is now extant, including portions of all Gospels. The MS forms part of a group with three other purple MSS, Σ , Σ b , and Φ , all probably having been Originally produced at Constantinople, and descended from a single not remote ancestor. Its text is closely akin to that of N, both being probably copies of the same Original. It is only the earlier versions that can be of service in recovering the Original text of the NT; modern translations are of importance for the history of the Bible in the countries to which they belong, but contribute nothing to textual criticism
Odes of Solomon - We shall try to analyze the principal theories, and examine which of them seems to be most in accordance with the Original text and with the general course of ecclesiastical history. Grimme edited the Syriac text at Heidelberg, and translated it into Hebrew, with the intention of showing that the Syriac version was dependent on a Hebrew Original. ...
As to the modern versions made upon these texts, besides the works that we have mentioned concomitantly with the editions of the Original, the following publications appear to be the most important. So far as the text is concerned, few amendments worth noticing have been suggested, and the very few linguistic difficulties that the Original offers will remain for a long time insoluble, owing to the scarcity of Manuscripts and the lack of exact Patristic quotations. He had to conform his thoughts and his phraseology, and sometimes to assimilate even his personality, to that of the Jewish Odist; both writers must have been deeply influenced by the same Johannine atmosphere; and the Christian interpolator must have lived in a milieu not far removed from that of the Original Jewish writer. The Original language of the Odes. -The question of the Original language of the Odes is very important, because it may furnish a good starting-point for the solution of many problems dealing with the country, the age, and the aim of the whole collection. The majority (but we ought to say at once that some of them are not good Semitic scholars) hold to a Greek Original. The present writer has ventured to suggest that Aramaic may have been the language in which they were Originally written. The Aramaeans were far more influenced by this current than any other Semitic people, and distinct traces of Hellenism are frequent in books Originally written in Aramaic, or directly translated from the Hebrew. The only conclusion that we can safely draw from the arguments of some critics for a Greek Original of the Odes, is that their problematic author was a man of good Hellenic culture; and, as a matter of fact, in Syria and in Palestine, from the 1st to the 8th cent. ...
We may open our discussion with an examination of Grimme’s theory of a Hebrew Original
New Testament - The Old Testament Vulgate (the translation which is authorized by Rome) is in the central column, between the Greek Septuagint and the Hebrew (the Original); and the editors compare the first to Christ crucified between the impenitent (the Hebrew) and the penitent (the Greek) thief!...
Though there is no Greek authority for 1 John 5:7, they supplied it and told Erasmus that the Latin Vulgate's authority outweighs the Original Greek! They did not know that the oldest copies of Jerome's Vulgate omit it; the manuscript of Wizanburg of the eighth century being the oldest that contains it. The providence of God at the dawn of the Reformation thus furnished earnest students with Holy Scripture in the Original language sanctioned by the Holy Spirit. ...
To the outcry against hint for omitting the testimony of the three heavenly witnesses he replied, it is not omission but non-addition; even some Latin copies do not have it, and Cyril of Alexandria showed in his Thesaurus he did not know it; on the Codex Montfortianus (originally in possession of a Franciscan, Froy, who possibly wrote it, now in Trinity College, Dublin) being produced with it, Erasmus INSERTED it. Frequent handling and transmission soon destroyed the Originals. Criticism does not make variations, but finds them, and turns them into means of ascertaining approximately the Original text. The Latin version before Jerome's having become variously altered in different copies caused the need for his translation from the Original Greek of manuscripts current at Rome (and in a few passages probably from Origen's Greek manuscripts in the Caesarean library), at Damasus' suggestion. ...
Alexandria was in the early ages the center for publishing Greek manuscripts; hence, our oldest manuscripts were copied there, though the Originals were written elsewhere. Also, the Original does not have epistles to Timothy, Titus, Philemon. It was Originally written in the middle of the fourth century in Egypt; its text agrees with Alexandrian authorities. Mutilated and interpolated; the interpolations are easily distinguished from the Original. It has peculiarities that were probably not in the sacred Originals. It adheres to the Original Greek tenses, cases, etc. The copies, though varying, have a mutual resemblance, indicating there was Originally one received Latin version. pure Syriac, version, called so from its chose adherence to the Original Greek; second century
Koran - In reality, the necessity of forgiving enemies, though frequently inculcated in the Alcoran, is of a later date among the Mahometans, than among the Christians; among those later than among the heathens; and to be traced Originally among the Jews, (...
See Exodus 33:4-5 . ...
The Alcoran, while Mahomet lived, was only kept in loose sheets: his successor, Abubeker, first collected them into a volume, and committed the keeping of it to Haphsa, the widow of Mahomet, in order to be consulted as an Original; and there being a good deal of diversity between the several copies already dispersed throughout the provinces, Ottoman, successor of Abubeker, procured a great number of copies to be taken from that of Haphsa, at the same time suppressing all the others not conformable to the Original. It is the general belief among the Mahometans that the Koran is of divine Original; nay, that it is eternal and uncreated; remaining, as some express it, in the very essence of God: and the first transcript has been from everlasting, by God's throne, written on a table of vast bigness, called the preserved table, in which are also recorded the divine decrees, past and future; that a copy from this table, in one volume upon paper, was by the ministry of the angel Gabriel sent down to the lowest heaven, in the month of Ramadan, on the night of power, from whence Gabriel revealed it to Mahomet in parcels, some at Mecca, and some at Medina, at different times, during the space of twenty-three years, as the exigency of affairs required; giving him, however, the consolation to show him the whole (which they tell us was bound in silk, and adorned with gold and precious stones of paradise) once a year; but in the last year of his life he had the favour to see it twice. The Mahometans have taken care to have their Scripture translated into the Persian, the Javan, the Malayan, and other languages; though, out of respect to the Original, these versions are generally, if not always, interlineated. The modern nations of Europe all possess some Original author, who, rising from the darkness of former ages, has begun the career of composition, and tinctured with the character of his own imagination the stream which has flowed through his posterity. They were not confined, therefore, to that admiration which is so liberally bestowed on the earliest productions of genius, or to that fond attachment with which men every where regard the Original compositions of their country; but with their admiration they blended their piety. In succeeding ages, the additional sanction of antiquity or prescription, was given to those compositions which their fathers had admired; and while the belief of its divine Original continues, that admiration which has thus become the test and the duty of the faithful, can neither be altered nor diminished. In this instance, particularly, the copy is far below the great Original, both in the propriety of its images and the force of its descriptions. ' The Koran, therefore, upon a fair examination, far from supporting its arrogant claim to a supernatural work, sinks below the level of many compositions confessedly of human Original; and still lower does it fall in our estimation, when compared with that pure and perfect pattern which we justly admire in the Scriptures of truth
Assumption of Moses - -The Latin text presents a difficult task to the critical reconstructor of the Original Hebrew text. In the next place, it is not the Original Latin translation but a copy, in which the Latin itself has been corrected and corrupted. The version, however, is very literal, and, in spite of corruptions and carelessness, its Greek source is occasionally evident; and the Original Hebrew idiom is frequently preserved, Greek words like clibsis (= θλῖψις, 3:7) and heremus (= ἐρῆμος, 3:11), and even a reading like finem in 2:7, which presupposes ὅρον in Greek [2], suffice, to prove translation from the Greek; while corrupt passages like 4:9; 5:5; 10:4; 11:12 (see Charles’ text) require re-translation into the Original Hebrew in order to explain the corruption. An Aramaic Original postulated by Schmidt, Merx, and others is not necessitated by the order in 1:10; 3:2 (see Charles, 1897, pp. The Original ‘Assumption of Moses. 257-258), we find references to a natural death or Moses, which may be derived from the Original ending of the ‘Testament
Number - It is a matter of opinion how far the numerous ‘sevens,’ ‘tens,’ and ‘twelves’ were Originally intended as exact numbers. Probably, however, in many cases what were Originally round numbers were taken afterwards to be exact. Without attempting an exhaustive consideration of the accuracy of numbers as given by the Original authors, we may point out that we should not expect a large measure of mathematical accuracy even in Original numbers. ...
But apart from any question as to the accuracy of the Original figures, the transmission of the text by repeated copying for hundreds and thousands of years introduces a large element of uncertainty. , in which our books have been preserved, shows that numbers are specially subject to alteration, and that in very many cases we are quite uncertain as to what numbers were given in the Original text, notably where the numbers are large. There are ten sephiroth or primary emanations from God, one Original sephira , and three derivative triads; there are twelve channels of Divine grace; 613 commandments, etc. Thus in Genesis 14:14 Abraham has 318 ‘trained servants,’ 318 is the sum of the consonants of the name of Abraham’s steward Eliezer in its Original Hebrew form
Division of the Earth - ...
And this furnishes an additional proof of the justice of the expulsion of the Canaanites, as usurpers, by the Israelites, the rightful possessors of the land of Palestine, under Moses, Joshua, and their successors, when the Original grant was renewed to Abraham, Genesis 15:13-21 . The "seasons," as well as the "boundaries" of their respective settlements were equally the appointment of God; the nearer countries to the Original settlement being planted first, and the remoter in succession. " These aboriginal ‘Ιαονες of Greece are not to be confounded, as is usually the case, with the later Ιωνες who invaded and subdued the Javanian territories, and were of a different stock. The Original family settlement of Abraham was "Ur of the Chasdim," or Chaldees, Genesis 11:28 , who are repeatedly mentioned in Scripture, Isaiah 13:9 ; Daniel 9:1 , &c. ) Canaan has been noticed already; and the Original extent of the land of Canaan is carefully marked by Moses. Heth, his second son, and the Hittites, his descendants, appear to have settled in the south, near Hebron, Genesis 23:3-7 ; and next to them, at Jerusalem, the Jebusites, or descendants of Jebus, both remaining in their Original settlements till David's days; 2 Samuel 11:3 ; 2 Samuel 5:6-9 . This country of Aram is frequently rendered Syria in Scripture, Judges 10:6 ; Hosea 12:12 , &c; which is not to be confounded with Palestine Syria, into which they afterward spread themselves, still retaining their Original name of Αριμοι , or Arameans, noticed by Homer in his "Iliad
Minucius Felix, Marcus - He shews that it is false that the Romans owed their prosperity to their religion, since it was by a multitude of irreligious acts that their empire grew, and because their Original native gods, to whom, if to any, must be ascribed the origin of their greatness, had been deposed from their position by the adoption of gods of the conquered peoples. It is more loosely constructed, and evidently more hastily written, than that of Minucius, but bears a strong stamp of Originality. Tertullian, it has been said, is one of the most Original of writers, Minucius quite the reverse. If Tertullian were the Original, Minucius would have a change of arrangement forced on him by the plan of his work, while the changes in form of expression either improve the Latinity or make the sentence more pointed; whereas if Minucius were the Original, Tertullian's changes can hardly have any other object than to disguise his obligation. ) to consider Minucius the Original, and Ebert's ability in arguing the case obtained for a time general acceptance of his opinion
Hymn - also the so-called Psalter of Solomon, which may have been intended ‘for public or oven liturgical use,’ and which almost certainly goes lack to a Hebrew Original See ed. They are ascribed to the Virgin Mary, Simeon, Zacharias, and the Angels respectively; but it is more probable that they are to be regarded as Original liturgical compositions, refleeting the piety and devotion of the early Jewish-Christian community in Palestine. Probably, too, they are translations from Hebrew Originals, and were at first sung or chanted in Hebrew. ‡ [13] Here also Professor Briggs deteets a trimeter poem Originally arranged in three parts. It is noteworthy that the Original form without these additions occurs only in the Fourth Gospel. also the so-called Psalter of Solomon, which may have been intended ‘for public or oven liturgical use,’ and which almost certainly goes lack to a Hebrew Original See ed
Septuagint - Patristic writers for the most part accepted it not merely as the best version of the Hebrew OT, but as no less inspired than the Original. ’ ‘It was argued that the errors of the Greek text were due to accidents of transmission, or that they were not actual errors, but Divine adaptations of the Original to the use of the future Church’ (Swete, Pt. Dispersion), yet one and all had lost the knowledge of the classical Hebrew of the Scriptures, with the exception of the learned—the priests and Rabbis—of whom the Original language of the OT was almost the exclusive property
Interpretation - A part of the early community ordinarily spoke Aramaic (Acts 6:1), but Greek writers naturally followed the Septuagint rendering, even when the Original tradition was in Aramaic or Hebrew. Its free handling of the text, its disregard for the Original setting, its logical vagaries, its slight tendency to become artificial, were all Jewish traits. , where an Original statement about the historic earthly career of Abraham is made the basis for an inference about his future heavenly career
Version, the Revised English - "...
The mere style of the English is of little consequence in comparison to giving the sense of the Original without any room for uncertainty
Goshen - ...
The Original meaning of the term is still debated
Hussites - The followers of Hus, venerating him as a holy martyr of the old religion rather than as a founder of a new one, objected to the appellation "Hussites," which implied separation from the Universal Church, for they believed their creed to be truly Catholic; but during the Hussite Wars the name became commonly applied both to the Original followers of Hus and to the subsequent smaller sects into which they divided
Hiram - (Huram in Chronicles usually, except 1 Chronicles 14:1, in the ketibh , the Original Hebrew text)
Hebron - A city in the hill country of Judah, Originally Kirjath (the city of) Arba (Joshua 15:13; Joshua 14:15). Hebron was the Original name, changed to Kirjath Arba during Israel's sojourn in Egypt, and restored by Caleb, to whom it was given at the conquest of Palestine (Genesis 23:2; Joshua 14:13-15)
Galilee, Sea of - The Original name of the Sea seems to have been Chinnereth or Chinneroth , which a hazardous etymology connects with the Heb
Issachar - ...
The Original seat of the tribe appears to have been S
Stewardship - Jesus asked for obedience to God's Original intention for the world
Cherubim - Originally, no doubt, they were far from being merely allegorical. ) which are the Original of the ‘living creatures’ of Revelation 4:6-8, there may be the signs of the zodiac (Gunkel). ’ As the symbols were blazoned on the doors, walls, and curtains of the Temple, their general appearance must Originally have been quite well known, but time once more threw a veil of mystery over them, and Josephus declares that ‘no one can tell or guess what the cherubim, were like’ (Ant
Apostles - And as for Paul, his Apostolic title was bitterly contested; and he triumphantly defended it on the double ground that, though he had not companied with Jesus in the days of His flesh, he had seen Him after His glorification on the road to Damascus ( 1 Corinthians 9:1 ), and though he was not one of the Original Apostles, his Apostleship had the Lord’s own sanction ( 1 Corinthians 9:2 , 2 Corinthians 12:12 )
Gospel - The same word in the Original is rendered in Romans 10:15 by the two equivalents "gospel" and "glad tidings
Hell - ...
It represents four different words in the Original of Scripture—Sheôl, Hades, Gehenna, and Tartarus
Interpreter - The Original word, translated interpreter, (Genesis 42:23) which is Malats, means something that is persuasive, smooth, or to soften, like our English word mollify
Ebal - Moreover, the Hebrew particle, in the Original, signifies, near, over against, as well as at the top, Joshua 8:33
Hind - There is a difficulty and incoherence here which the learned Bochart removes by altering a little the punctuation of the Original; and it then reads, "Naphtali is a spreading tree, shooting forth beautiful branches
Lot - With them he took refuge in Egypt from a famine, and with them returned first to the "South," Genesis 13:1, and then to their Original settlement between Bethel and Ai
Sabbath - The term is used of days or times, generally every seventh day, or a seventh portion of time, separated and sanctified for God's service, Leviticus 19:3; Leviticus 19:30; Leviticus 25:4, and in the Original text of the New Testament for a whole week
See, Roman - The succession of bishops in the Roman See is a guarantee that Apostolic doctrine has been preserved in its Original purity
Roman See - The succession of bishops in the Roman See is a guarantee that Apostolic doctrine has been preserved in its Original purity
Utraquists - The followers of Hus, venerating him as a holy martyr of the old religion rather than as a founder of a new one, objected to the appellation "Hussites," which implied separation from the Universal Church, for they believed their creed to be truly Catholic; but during the Hussite Wars the name became commonly applied both to the Original followers of Hus and to the subsequent smaller sects into which they divided
Doubt - ]'>[2] , of Romans 4:20 ; ( b ) in Matthew 14:31 ; Matthew 28:17 ‘to be of two opinions,’ ‘to waver,’ is the force of the Original: the vb
King, - The Original idea of a Hebrew King was twofold: first, that he should lead the people to battle in time of war; and, a second, that he should execute judgment and justice to them in war and in peace
Heart, Heartily - " (5) In Luke 21:26 , where there is no word for "hearts" in the Original, the RV has "men fainting (for fear)
Monoimus - But there is a common source of this language in the Ἀπόφασις μεγάλη of Simon, this passage also being clearly the Original of the description given by Monoimus of the contradictory attributes of his first principle
Pastor - The Original authority for the story appears to be a letter purporting to be written by Pastor to Timothy (see Boll AA
Nahum (2) - So the Original words, minzaraik , taphsarika , for "crowned" or "princes" (Nahum 3:17) and "captains" or "satraps " (also in Jeremiah 51:27); contact with Assyria brought in these words. Nahum 2:18, "the faces gather blackness," corresponds to Isaiah 13:8; Joel 2:6; Joel is probably the Original
Chaldaea - Ur or Umqueir, more toward the mouth of the Euphrates, was the Original chief city of Chaldaea; here inscriptions of the 22nd century B. The mountains of Armenia are thought by some to be their Original seat (the Carduchian mountains, according to Xenophon, Graciousness - ’ The words of the Original, ἐπὶ τοῖς λόγοις τῆς χάριτος, suggest such a rendering, since the Original meaning of χάρις, as it is found in Gr
Chance - ’ In the Original the phrase is κατὰ συγκρίαν, Vulgate accidit ut. ’ But in both cases we have to do in the Original simply with conjunctions and particles, εἰ ἅρα in the one passage and μή ποτε in the other
Giant - The story of their origin is, however, common in more or less degree to many ancient races; and it is thought by some to have no Original connexion with the Flood story. ]'>[3] , is used of several probably different aboriginal peoples of Palestine, and probably meant ‘giants. ’ As, however, the four are said in 2 Samuel 21:22 to have fallen by the hand of David and his servants, and not one of them is described as slain by David, the passage is evidently incomplete, and the Original probably contained the story of some encounter by David, with which the story of Goliath came to be confused
Gideon - This, together with other indications, leads to the belief that in its Original form the earliest source gave an account of Gideon as king . This section is evidently a fragment of the Original source, which presumably went on to detail what further action the Ephraimites took during the Midianite campaign; for that the Midianite oppression was brought to an end by this one battle it is impossible to believe
Thorn - " Celsius says that the same word, and of the same Original in Arabic, is the" black thorn," or "sloe tree," the prunus spinosa of Linnaeus. The Septuagint preserves the Original word
Babel - Here, under the command of their new leader, and his dominant military and sacerdotal Cuthites, by whom the Original scheme of idolatry, the groundwork of which was probably laid in Armenia, was now perfected; and, with the express view to counteract the designs of the Almighty in their dispersion into different countries, they began to build the city and tower, and set up a banner which should serve as a mark of national union, and concentrate them in one unbroken empire; when they were defeated and dispersed by the miraculous confusion of tongues. The tower of Belus in Babylon, mentioned by Herodotus, was probably either the Original tower of Babel repaired, or it was constructed upon its massive foundations
Coins - Although the Original text mentions only “silver” with no specific coin, scholars feel that the figure “thirty” recalls the compensation required by law for killing a slave by accident ( Exodus 21:32 ). The KJV translates the Original words as “two mites, which make a farthing” while the RSV reads “two copper coins, which made a penny” (NIV: “two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny
Passover - ...
The Jews called the Passover Paschah or Pesach, and the Original meaning is flight or passage—perhaps in allusion to the flight or hasty departure of Israel from Egypt. If the lamb was set apart four days before the Passover—so was Christ, not only in the Original purpose, and council, and foreknowledge of God before all worlds, but also in four days' entrance into Jerusalem, as it is remarkable Christ did before his sufferings and death
Sabellianism, or Patripassianism - Others identified the Persons of the Godhead with the Father, a theory which was called Sabellianism, though that name is not derived from the Original inventor of this view. 4), and when the work of man's salvation is completed the Logos will be withdrawn from the humanity of Christ into that personal union and identity with the Father which existed from eternity, while the humanity will be absorbed into the Original Divine nature
Ulfilas - of Silistria, who is thus an Original witness. He returned to Dacia, laboured there for 7 years, and then migrated into Moesia, driven from his Original home by a persecution, probably between 347 and 350
Victor, Bishop of Capua - The discrepancies between the index and text in F shew that it underwent further changes after assuming a Latin shape but it is impossible to say how far the differences between it and T proceed from such subsequent alterations or are due to the Original adapter. , partly consisting of extracts from various fathers, partly Original
Versions - "...
Originally it was oral, lest it might acquire undue authority; at the end of the second century it was generally read. Those extant are the Targum of Onkelos (or AQUILA, Smith's Bible Dictionary) on the Pentateuch (so named not because written by Aquila but because in Aramaic it did what Aquila aimed at in his Greek version, namely, to counteract the arbitrary corruptions of the Septuagint and to produce a translation scrupulously literal, for the benefit of those not knowing the Original language); the Targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel on the first and last prophets, more probably of Rabbi Joseph the blind, in the middle of the fourth century, full of invectives against Rome (Isaiah 34:9 mentioning Armillus (Antichrist), Isaiah 10:4; Germany, Ezekiel 38:6); also his targum on the Pentateuch; the Targum of Jerusalem on parts of the Pentateuch. He and Tyndale just before the latter's imprisonment had determined to edit the complete Bible and Apocrypha, based on the Original not on the Vulgate, etc. Words not in the Original are printed in different type; an asterisk marks diversity in the Chaldee and Hebrew; marginal references are given, but no notes; shrinking from so depreciatory an epithet as the Apocrypha, the editors substitute "Hagiographa," giving Matthew's preface to these disputed books otherwise unaltered; from whence arises the amusing blunder that they were called "Hagiographa," because "they were read in secret and apart" (which was the derivation, rightly given in Matthew's preface, for Apocrypha). ...
The Bishops' Bible was to be as little altered as the Original would permit. ...
Other translations to be followed when more agreeing with the Original than the Bishops' Bible, namely, Tyndale's, Coverdale's, Matthew's, Cranmer's, and Geneva. The main difficulty is to decide what Original text to adopt for translation
Testament - ’ It might be supplemented in details, but ‘in essence the second will must confirm the Original will’ (Ramsay, op
Fall of Man - They prove the loss not only of innocence but of Original righteousness, and, with it, of the favour and fellowship of God
Tongues, Confusion of - word bâlal , ‘to confuse’), and partly by the presence, at or near Babylon, of the ruins of some great tower, which looked as though it had Originally been designed as a means to scale heaven. ‘whether man appeared Originally on the globe at one centre or at many centres. ); but that between these families of speech there is so great a difference of structure, that their descent from one Original tongue seems highly improbable
Vengeance - Divine vengeance in the Old Testament is not to be understood as God's desire for self-gratification in exacting punishment, but as an expression of displeasure over all unrighteousness to restore the Original balance (Joel 3:19-21 )
Josiah - While this work was being carried on, Hilkiah, the high priest, discovered a roll, which was probably the Original copy of the law, the entire Pentateuch, written by Moses
Hittites - Palestine and Syria appear to have been Originally inhabited by three different tribes. The Original seat of the Hittite tribes was the mountain ranges of Taurus
Calf Worship - As having the Original cherubim in the temple at Jerusalem, she did not need the copies at Dan and Bethel
Faith - (5) In Galatians 3:23 , though the article stands before "faith" in the Original, "faith" is here to be taken as under (a) above, and as in Galatians 3:22 , and not as under (c), "the faith;" the article is simply that of renewed mention
Socinians - Original sin and absolute predestination they esteem scholastic chimeras
Genealogies - to the Original ancestor of the family, clan or nation
Heredity - Such are the materials from which NT theology works out its doctrine of Original sin , not a transmitted tendency or bias towards evil, but a submission to the power of the devil which may be predicated of the whole race
Eden - The traditions of almost all nations have preserved the truth, in some form, that there was an Original abode of man's innocence; the Greek and Latin garden of the Hesperides; the Hindu golden Mount Meru; the Chinese enchanted gardens; the Medo-Persian Ormuzd's mountain Albordj (compare Ezekiel 28:13; Joel 2:3)
Ishbosheth - ("man of shame"); substituted for his Original name Esh-baal (1 Chronicles 8:33; 1 Chronicles 9:39) in contempt of Baal, from some connection of the family with whom he had been named; so Jerub-baal, Jerub-besheth (Judges 8:35; Hosea 9:10)
Redeemer - The goel , nearest of kin, had three rights:...
(1) To purchase back the forfeited inheritance for an Israelite who, through poverty, had sold his land; as Boaz ("might in him"; the name of one of the two temple pillars; a type of Christ) did for Ruth (Ruth 4:3-5); or to hold land in possession for an impoverished kinsman until the year of Jubilee, when it should revert to the Original owner (Leviticus 25:10; Leviticus 25:13-16; Leviticus 25:24-28)
Thessalonica - Therma was its Original name, which Cossander changed into Thessalonica in honour of his wife, Philip's daughter
Levitical Cities - Moreover, such a house, if not redeemed, reverted to its Original Levitical owner during the year of Jubilee
Molech - Another view sees an Original fire ceremony dedicating, but not harming children, that later was transformed into a burnt-offering ceremony
Bethel - Luz was the Original name of the town
Rams Horns - No doubt, we have borrowed the word Ram from the Original Hebrew; but have very differently applied it
Habibus, Deacon, Martyr at Edessa - The Original Syriac account of Habib which Metaphrastes abridged has been discovered, and was ed
Ararat - The suggestion of Nöldeke, that Ararat is a late substitution for Ḳardû in the Original text of Genesis, has nothing to recommend it
Hard - In this phrase,the word retains its Original sense of pressed, or pressing
Have - The Original, but now a vulgar use of the word
Mischna - The Original has been published with a Latin translation by Surenhusius, with notes of his own and others from the learned Maimonides, &c
Ecclesiasticus - It is now evident that the work was written Originally in Hebrew to which reference had been made in ancient times (Talmud, Saint Jerome). According to the other theory, the book as we have it in the Greek is a compilation, the final redaction of which was made by the translator though in its major portion it may represent an Original composed by the son of Sirach
Covenant - And as the glorious person by whom the whole conditions of the covenant on the part of man was to be performed, had now, according to the Original settlements made in eternity, been manifested, and agreeably to the very period proposed, "in [1] the fulness of time, appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself," it was, therefore, called Covenant, in his blood
Baptists - Other societies of this denomination observe the seventh day of the week as their Sabbath, apprehending the Original law of the Sabbath to remain in force, unaltered and unrepealed
Weaving - Weaving, when reduced to its Original principle, is nothing more than the interlacing of the weft or cross threads into the parallel threads of the warp, so as to tie them together, and form a web or piece of cloth
Hair - The Apostle's remark on this subject corresponds entirely with the custom of the east; as well as with the Original design of the Creator: "Does not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given her for a covering," 1 Corinthians 11:14 . Some are of opinion that camlet derives its name from the camel, being Originally composed of the wool and hair of camels; but at present there is no camel's hair in the composition of it, as it is commonly woven and sold among us
Only Begotten - In the Original the definite article is omitted both before "only begotten" and before "Father," and its absence in each case serves to lay stress upon the characteristics referred to in the terms used
Begin, Beginning, Beginner - In Hebrews 6:1 , where the word is rendered "first principles," the Original has "let us leave the word of the beginning of Christ," i
Alexandria - The additional or "new library" in the Serapeum, afterward increased to about 500,000 volumes, including the Original 300,000 volumes, was destroyed by the fanatical vandalism of the Saracens in a
Time - wpa in its Original sense, opportunity, occasion, a fall, an event, that which comes
Pamphylia - Luke’s narrative with Galatians 4:13, Ramsay infers that, while the Original intention of the apostles was to carry on a prolonged mission in Pamphylia, which seemed, after Cilicia, to have the next claim to the gospel, a sudden illness-probably malarial fever-prostrated St
Faith - (5) In Galatians 3:23 , though the article stands before "faith" in the Original, "faith" is here to be taken as under (a) above, and as in Galatians 3:22 , and not as under (c), "the faith;" the article is simply that of renewed mention
Theodotus of Byzantium - ]'>[1] These heretics claimed to hold the Original doctrine of the church which, they alleged, had continued incorrupt till the episcopate of Victor, the truth being first perverted by his successor Zephyrinus (c
Samuel, Books of - The two Books of Samuel are really parts of what was Originally one book. In any effort to recover the Original text large use must be made of the Septuagint, which is based upon a Hebrew text at least as old as the 3rd cent. , and has preserved the Original reading in many cases, while showing traces of it in others. In the attempt, however, to resolve the narrative into its Original elements, two different schools of analysts have been formed
Jerusalem - This name is in the Original in the dual form, and means "possession of peace," or "foundation of peace. ...
The city of David included both the upper city and Millo, and was surrounded by a wall built by David and Solomon, who appear to have restored the Original Jebusite fortifications. The priests' quarter grew up on Ophel, south of the Temple, where also was Solomon's Palace outside the Original city of David
Sermon on the Mount - contain sayings of Jesus which were not parts of the Original Sermon. Original form. (especially with the discourse in Luke 6) raises the question as to which of these two versions of our Lord’s utterances is the more Original. They must have been working on two different collections of Logia, though perhaps both Originally based on Matthew’s Hebrew collection; and the divergence must have taken place earlier—among irresponsible transcribers—by more gradual stages. ...
In this connexion the most important question is that of the Original form of the Beatitudes, in regard to which the following points claim our attention: (1) In Mt. Now, in favour of the Originality of Mt. , it may be urged that the greater spiritual value of its version of the Beatitudes points to their Originality, for we cannot believe that it was given to copyists and catechists to greatly enrich their Master’s teachings. But we may admit the genuineness of the sayings and yet deny them a place in the Original Sermon on the Mount; for it has been shown above that Mt. (c) It is difficult to think that if our Lord gave the sayings Originally with their ethical and spiritual characterization, this could have dropped out accidentally, or have been deliberately eliminated so as to confine them to social relations
Example - In the teaching of Jesus no truth is more essential than that God the Father Himself is the Original and absolute example for all personal life. He is the ‘archetype,’ the ‘original,’ of our personal life. Now an Original is not passively there to be copied; it sustains some sort of active causal relation to the copy. So Christ is our example in this more vital sense: He is at once example and Original (admirably expressed in Ger. As our ‘original,’ Christ not only (as in the case of mere examples in personal life) mysteriously impresses us, but also imparts life and power through His Spirit (John 1:16-17; John 5:24-26, Romans 8:2, Galatians 2:20, Colossians 3:3-4, 1 John 5:11 ff
Scripture - The italics in the English versions do not indicate emphatic words, but are inserted by the translators to complete the sense and to show that there are no words in the Original Hebrew or Greek to correspond with these English words in italics. The Original text of the Old Testament is Hebrew (except a small portion in Chaldaic); the New Testament was written in Greek. The toils of a long succession of scholars have sufficed to furnish a text that satisfactorily represents the Original. The Jews, however, abandoned it, and returned to the study and use of the Original Hebrew. It was the first complete English translation from the Original Hebrew and Greek texts, and the first English Bible divided into modern chapters and verses
Mss - , which were incorporated into the Peshiṭta to fill the gap caused by their Original omission there, and a single MS of the Apoc. After 431 this version was revised by the help of Greek MSS received from Constantinople, which were apparently akin to B א , and thereby the Original features of the version were much obscured. The kinship which the text of the OL has with the Old Syriac bas caused Antioch to be suggested (by Sanday) as the Original home of the version, that being a metropolis where Syrian and Latin elements met, and whence versions of the Scriptures in either tongue might radiate from a common centre. It is not possible, even approximately, to reconstruct the Original OL text; it is even a matter of dispute whether it had one Original or more. At his request, Jerome, the leading Biblical scholar of the day, who had devoted many years to the study of the Scriptures in the East in their Original tongues, undertook, as he says in his preface to the NT, to ‘make a new work out of an old one’ by revising the existing Latin texts with reference to the Original languages. Where the existing text fairly represented the sense of the Original, he let it stand, without enforcing complete accuracy; only where errors affected the sense did he feel bound to make alterations. In favour of an early date is the fact that the Apocalypse was apparently not Originally contained in it; this book seems to have been generally accepted after the end of the 3rd cent
Valentinus, Founder of a Gnostic Sect - Then follows, in the same Original work as quoted by Irenaeus ( Haer. Tertullian indicates Axionikos as the only one who in his day still represented the Original teaching of Valentinus. —Statements concerning Valentinus and his school are very numerous, but many are so contradictory that it is difficult to distinguish the Original doctrine of Valentinus from later developments. The Original authority on which this description is based cannot have been the same as that in the Syntagma which belonged to the anatolic school, the former being a product of the Western or Italian. But his Original authority is entirely independent of the sources used by Irenaeus. —A review of the accounts given by the Fathers confirms the judgment that, with the means at our command, it is very difficult to distinguish between the Original doctrine of Valentinus and the later developments made by his disciples. Could we otherwise assume that the fragment is genuine, it would serve to prove that the doctrine of the Oriental school concerning the pneumatic body of Christ was in fact the Original teaching of Valentinus. When, however, we find him designating the Demiurge as author of death, we can hardly suppose that he derived the transitory nature and other imperfections of the terrestrial universe from an Originally evil material substance. " We may therefore regard as an axiom to be adhered to in our investigations that of any two Valentinian doctrines that is the older and more Original which approaches more closely to the older and vulgar Gnosis (Iren
Jonah - ...
It has been maintained by some that Matthew 12:40 is no part of our Lord’s Original utterance, but is either an amplification by the Evangelist of Matthew 12:39 (and cf. (4) Add that (3) harmonizes well with Luke 11:30, which was perhaps the Original out of which Matthew 12:40 was evolved. (4) Luke 11:30, instead of being the Original, may well be a summary report of Matthew 12:40 as suggested above,—an explanation rendered not improbable by the whole form and tenor of the passage in Lk. On the whole, the conclusion that this verse is really part of our Lord’s Original utterance can be fully justified
Esdras, the Second Book of - consists of 16 chapters; but the first two and last two are separate works which have been added to the Original book, and have no inward connexion with it. -The Original text no longer exists; but versions are extant in Latin, Syriac, Ethiopic, Arabic (two), and Armenian. The basis of all the existing versions, with the possible exception of the Armenian, is generally acknowledged to be a Greek text, now lost; but some difference of opinion has arisen as to whether that was the Original text. While the more prevalent view that the book was composed in Greek has found such defenders as Lücke, Volkmar, and Hilgenfeld, some recent scholars, including Wellhausen, Charles, Gunkel, and Box, contend for a Hebrew Original
Resurrection - The notion of an incorruptible germ, or that of an Original and unchangeable stamen, out of which a new and glorious body, at the resurrection, is to spring, appears to have been borrowed from the speculations of some of the Jewish rabbins. Now, if they have this by Original quality, then the same quality may just as easily be supposed to appertain to every particle which composes a human body; so that, though it be used for food, it shall not be capable of assimilation, in any circumstances, with another human body. But if these germs, or stamina, have not this quality by their Original nature, they can only be prevented from assimilating with each other by that operation of God which is present to all his works, and which must always be directed to secure the execution of his own ultimate designs. To suppose that he cannot prevent this, is to deny his power; to suppose him inattentive to it, is to suppose him indifferent to his own designs; and to assume that he employs care to prevent it, is to assume nothing greater, nothing in fact so great, as many instances of control, which are always occurring; as, for instance, the regulation of the proportion of the sexes in human births, which cannot be attributed to chance, but must either be referred to superintendence, or to some Original law
Hebrews - Clement, of Alexandria, Eusebius, and Jerom, thought that this epistle was Originally written in the Hebrew language; but all the other ancient fathers who have mentioned this subject speak of the Greek as the Original work; and as no one pretends to have seen this epistle in Hebrew, as there are no internal marks of the Greek being a translation, and as we know that the Greek language was at this time very generally understood at Jerusalem, we may accede to the more common opinion, both among the ancients and moderns, and consider the present Greek as the Original text. It is no small satisfaction to reflect, that those who have denied either the genuineness or the Originality of this epistle have always supposed it to have been written or translated by some fellow labourer or assistant of St. ) As to the language in which the epistle was Originally written, there has been a difference of opinion among critics, both in ancient and modern times. It is quite plain also, that these fathers were led to the conclusion, that the Epistle to the Hebrews was Originally written in the dialect of Palestine, from their belief, so universal in ancient times, of its having been addressed to some church, or to the churches, in that country. Why should it not be supposed, that if, as is probable, this epistle was Originally directed to Palestine, it was written in the dialect of that country? So the fathers above quoted evidently thought and reasoned; although other fathers have said nothing on this point, and do not appear to have coincided in opinion with those to whom I have just referred. Yet, assuming such a meaning, he thence concludes, that the Original writer must have expressed a different idea, and that the translator mistook his meaning. He then undertakes to conjecture what the Original Hebrew must have been. On the other hand, Bolton, a sharp-sighted critic, and well acquainted with the Aramean language, who has gone through with the New Testament, and found almost every where marks, as he thinks, of translation from Aramean documents, confesses, that, in respect to this epistle, he finds not a single vestige of incorrect translation from an Aramean Original, and no marks that there ever was such an Original. This testimony is of considerable importance in respect to the question before us, as it comes from a critic who spent many years on the study of that which is most intimately connected with the very subject under consideration, namely, the detection of the Aramean Originals of the various parts of the New Testament. ) The principal arguments in favour of a Hebrew Original are deduced from two sources: That Hebrews are addressed in our epistle, to whom the Hebrew language would have been more acceptable and intelligible, and many of whom, indeed, could not understand Greek, certainly could not read it: That the diversity of style in the Epistle to the Hebrews is so great, when compared to that of St. But, whatever may be the estimation put upon arguments of this nature, there are internal marks of its having been Originally composed in Greek, which cannot well be overlooked
Greek Versions of ot - Not only are its relations to the Original Hebrew of the OT more difficult and obscure than those of any other version to its Original, but, as the Greek OT of the Christian community from its earliest days, it has a special historical importance which no other version can claim, and only the Vulgate can approach. That the Letter of Aristeas is substantially right in assigning the Original translation of the Law to the time of one of the early Ptolemys there is no reason to doubt; but the story has the air of having been considerably written up, and it is impossible to say precisely where history stops and fiction begins. ]'>[1] ; Job, the Original LXX Version - This translation of the Old Testament seems to have been made not from the Original Hebrew but from the LXX. It is regarded as the sacred Original in the Roman Catholic Church
Versions, Ancient, of the Old And New Testaments, - ...
The Targums were Originally oral, and the earliest Targum, which is that of Onkelos on the Pentateuch, began to be committed to writing about the second century of the Christian era; though if did not assume its present shape till the end of the third or the beginning of the fourth century. In the early times of Syrian Christianity there was executed a version of the Old Testament from the Original Hebrew, the use of which must have been as widely extended as was the Christian profession among that people. The Old Syriac has the peculiar value of being the first version from the Hebrew Original made for Christian use
Mansion - But while the English ‘mansion’ and the identical French word maison have retained from their common Original only the developed meaning of ‘dwelling-place,’ the Greek μονή is nowhere in extant literature found with this meaning, save only in John 14:2. 2 and 23, concrete and abstract respectively, will be derived from the idea of rest that has become attached to the word, as well as from the Original idea of remaining
Preaching - On these occasions the lesson from the Law was read in the Original Hebrew, and explained in the form of a paraphrase in the Aramaic vernacular by a methurgemân (dragoman) or interpreter. Thus Originally the sermon was essentially an exposition (of a legal kind) of some part of Scripture. But Original as they were in substance, these addresses were still Semitic in form, and we must guard against importing our Western ideas of rhetoric into what were essentially Eastern homilies
pe'Ter - The Original name of this disciple was Simon, i. It is observable; however, that on that occasion he is called by his Original name, Simon not Peter; the higher designation was not restored until he had been publicly reinstituted, so to speak, by his Master
New Commandment - Here more signally than elsewhere the Fourth Evangelist betrays the influence of the later Church-idea which had narrowed the Original intention of the teaching of Christ. The true Originality of the moral demand of Jesus consisted in its breaking away from the idea of outward requirement. In a subsequent age, which had drifted out of sympathy with the Original teaching of Jesus, the ‘new commandment’ became literally the nova lex
Divorce - Jesus reminds them of God's Original ideal for marriage in Genesis 2:24 : a male and a female were created to become a permanent "one flesh" union. Jesus states that 1618100602_14 permitted divorce solely because of man's hard (sinful) heart, but this was not God's Original plan for marriage ( Matthew 19:8 ). However, one must accept the exception clause as genuine, valid, and Original in Matthew
Reason - ...
After the exercise of reason has established in our minds a firm belief that Christianity is of divine Original, the second use of reason is to learn what are the truths revealed. In order to attain the meaning of these books we must study the language in which they were written; and we must study also the manners of the times, and the state of the countries, in which the writers lived; because these are circumstances to which an Original author is often alluding, and by which his phraseology is generally affected; we must lay together different passages in which the same word or phrase occurs, because without this labour we cannot obtain its precise signification; and we must mark the difference of style and manner which characterizes different writers, because a right apprehension of their meaning often depends upon attention to this difference. The Christian doctrine has been vindicated by their masterly exposition from various misrepresentations; the arguments for its divine Original have been placed in their true light; and the attempts to confound the miracles and prophecies upon which Christianity rests its claim, with the delusions of imposture, have been effectually repelled
Old Testament - (Psalm 40:7 ; Jeremiah 36:14 ; Ezekiel 2:9 ; Zechariah 5:1 ) The Original character in which the text was expressed is that still preserved to us, with the exception of four letters, on the Maccabaean coins, and having a strong affinity to the Samaritan character. In someplaces,again, the a words of the Original are taken up, but employed with a new meaning. and that without a reference to this Original source the most essential features of the fulfillment of Zechariah's prophecy would be misunderstood
Acts of the Apostles - -It is probable from the quotations in Aphraates and Ephraim that there existed Originally an Old-Syriac Version of Acts, corresponding to the Evangelion da-Mepharreshe represented by the Curetonian and Sinaitic Manuscripts ; but no manuscript of this type has survived. They regarded δ5 (Codex Bezae) as representing the ‘Western’ text, and δ1 and δ2 as representing as nearly as possible the Original text. ), using the new facts as to the Manuscripts summarized above, has revived Blass’s theory in so far that be thinks that the interpolated text witnessed to by δ5 and the Latin Versions and Fathers really goes back to a single Original; but, instead of assigning this Original to Luke, he attributes it to Tatian, who, he thinks, added a new recension of Acts to his Diatessaron. It is also very desirable to investigate how far it is possible to prove that there was an I text, derived from I-H-K, which nevertheless did not possess, in its Original state, all the ‘Bezan’ interpolations. But it does not follow that the text omitting πνικτοῦ, in which this interpolation is placed, is not Original
Shiloh - ...
The Original name, as shown by the gentilic Shilonite , was Shiôn
Tadmor - Nevertheless it is quite certain that Tamar is the Original reading
Sil'Oam - The present pool is not the Original building; it may be the work of crusaders, perhaps even improved by Saladin, whose affection for wells and pools led him to care for all these things
Jehovah Our Righteousness - The margin of our Bible hath preserved the Original Hebrew, JEHOVAH Tzidkenu, in both places where meet with this glorious name of the Lord Jesus, (Jeremiah 23:6; Jer 33:16) and a most blessed and soul-comforting name it is for the present and everlasting joy of a poor sinner, conscious that in himself he is void of all righteousness
Bible And the Popes, the - Pius X continued the work of his distinguished predecessor through the issuance of several letters, chief of which are the Apostolic letter of November 18, 1907, in which he gives instructions regarding the methods to be employed in the teaching of Sacred Scriptures in the seminaries; a letter written December 3, 1907, addressed to Abbot Gasquet, authorizing him to begin the revision of the Vulgate with a view to reproducing as far as was possible the Original text of Saint Jerome; and the Apostolic letter, "Vinea Electa," May 7, 1909, through which medium he officially established the Pontifical Biblical Institute at Rome
Seed - ...
As to 1 John 3:9 , "his seed abideth in him," it is possible to understand this as meaning that children of God (His "seed") abide in Him, and do not go on doing (practicing) sin (the verb "to commit" does not represent the Original in this passage)
Power - (3) The subject of power in Scripture may be viewed under the following heads: (a) its Original source, in the Persons in the Godhead; (b) its exercise by God in creation, its preservation and its government; (c) special manifestations of Divine "power," past, present and future; (d) "power" existent in created beings, other than man, and in inanimate nature; (e) committed to man, and misused by him; (f) committed to those who, on becoming believers, were "empowered" by the Spirit of God, are indwelt by Him, and will exercise it hereafter for God's glory
Generation, Eternal - The Father is said by some divines to have produced the Word, or Son, from all eternity, by way of generation; on which occasion the word generation raises a peculiar idea: that procession which is really affected in the way of understanding is called generation, because, in virtue thereof, the Word becomes like to Him from whom he takes the Original; or, as St
Midrash - ...
An important use of the Midrash is that it gives the interpreter of Scripture a greater insight into interpretation from a people closer to the Original appearance of the Old Testament books, as well as an understanding of the text across history by Jewish people
Fear - ...
The fundamental and Original idea expressed by these terms covers a semantic range from mild easiness to stark terror, depending on the object of the fear and the circumstances surrounding the experience
Malachi - However, with no one to replace the Original strong leaders, people of later generations drifted from God
Rechab - its safeguard, and that their austere followers were "sells of the chariot," which phrase was subsequently, through ignorance of the Original meaning, made "sons of Rechab
Widow - 8) that the word ‘widow’ here may have been ‘Gentile’ in some Aramaic Original, ܐܪܡܢܬܐ (armaitha), the feminine of ‘Gentile’ or ‘Syrian ‘having been confused with ܐܪܡܠܬܐ (armalta), ‘a widow
Cuttings in the Flesh - ’ The same prohibition, otherwise expressed in the Original, is found in the earlier Deuteronomic legislation ( Deuteronomy 14:1 ). The object in view may have been either so to disfigure the living that they should be unrecognizable by the malignant spirits of the dead, or, more probably, by means of the effusion of blood which Originally, perhaps, was brought into contact with the corpse to maintain or renew the bond of union between the living and the dead
Epaphroditus - In virtue of the designation ἀπόστολος (Philippians 2:25) the Greek Church places Epaphroditus in the same rank with Barnabas, Silas, and others; but the contest suggests the Original meaning, ‘messenger
Michael - 1, however, it is the angel of the presence who instructs Moses and delivers to him the tables of the Law, and in what was probably the Original Assumption of Moses (preserved only in Greek fragments) ‘Michael the archangel’ is expressly said to have taught Moses at the giving of the Law
Shadow - The tabernacle itself was made by Moses only according to the ‘pattern’ (τύπον) of the heavenly Original, the ‘true tabernacle’ pitched by God (Hebrews 8:2)
Gehenna (2) - ’ It is a ‘deep and yawning gorge’ (Wilson), and ‘never contains water’ (Socin), its descent from its Original source to Bir Eyyub being approximately 670 ft
Malchus - Josephus (see Niese’s index) mentions five persons who bore it under the form of Μάλχος or Μάλιχος, whence an Original מָלִיךְ has been inferred (Dalman, Gram
Spikenard - 1–15) conjectures an Original form, σπειστικῆς (= ‘liquid’), which, being a ἅπαξ λεγόμενον, might have been corrupted into πιστικῆς
Corn - —In Authorized Version of the Gospels ‘corn’ is used to translate four distinct words in the Original:...
(1) σπόριμα: ‘Jesus went on the Sabbath day through the corn’ (Matthew 12:1)
Colony - The careful reader of Acts 16:12, the only place in the NT where the term ‘colony’ (κολωνία, a mere transliteration of the Latin Original) occurs, sees at once that a Roman colony must have been very different from what we understand by the word ‘colony
Composition - Mutual agreement for the discharge of a debt, on terms or by means different from those required by the Original contract, or by law, as by the payment of a different sum, or by making other compensation
Affection - It is distinguishable from disposition, which being a branch of one's nature Originally, must exist before there can be an opportunity to exert it upon any particular object; whereas affection can never be Original, because having a special relation to a particular object, it cannot exist till the object have once, at least, been presented
Darkness - In the natural sense of the word, it means the obscurity, such as is described at the Original state of things, when JEHOVAH went forth in acts of creation
Kinsman - So again Job 19:25 "For I know that my Redeemer liveth," In the Original it is the same word Goel, meaning kinsman, Redeemer
Hate - And every one that knows the Original word here made use of to express the verb hate, knows that Misei can mean no other than to hate
Cluster - The word camphire is in the Original, copher, and in the Misnah is translated, cyprus
Complete - However, this Hebrew root is also found in words with so many nuances and applications that at times its Original and basic intent is all but obscured
Ambassage - Both in the Original and the translation the abstract is used for the concrete; a term meaning the office or message of an ambassador or body of ambassadors for the ambassadors themselves
Evagrius - Not a few Original documents, decrees of councils, supplications to emperors, letters of emperors and bishops, etc
Temple - However, since Scripture portrays the presence of the royal judgment throne in heaven, it is not altogether impossible that the Original authors had a royal “palace” in mind
Abuse, Abusers - ’ Tests like this apply in their Original freshness and strength to times of crisis (cf
But - 2 Kings 7 ...
The common people in America retain the Original and correct phrase,usually employing a negative
Rephidim - " On their way to Rephidim, the Amalekites, the Original inhabitants of the country, who are noticed in Abraham's days, Genesis 14:7 , not having the fear of God before their eyes, nor regarding the judgments recently inflicted on the Egyptians, attacked the rear of the Israelites when they were faint and weary; but were defeated by a chosen party, under the command of Joshua, the faithful lieutenant of Moses, who is first noticed on this occasion, and even then pointed out by the Lord as his successor
Divorce - Finding himself, however, unable, to overrule feelings and practices of very ancient standing, he merely annexed to the Original institution of marriage a very serious admonition to this effect, viz
Friends - The latter are considered as having departed from the Original doctrines of the Friends, and very far from the leading doctrines of Christianity, as held by Protestant Christians in general
Seismology - The Original seismoscope for the detection of earthquakes assembled by a Chinese named Choko in 134, was first modified by Jean Hautefeuille, French physicist and Catholic priest
mo'ab - The Moabites first inhabited the rich highlands which crown the eastern side of the chasm of the Dead Sea, extending as far north as the mountain of Gilead, from which country they expelled the Emims, the Original inhabitants, (2:11) but they themselves were afterward driven southward by the warlike Amorites, who had crossed the Jordan, and were confined to the country south of the river Arnon, which formed their northern boundary
Azari'ah - ...
The Original name of Abednego
Way - ...
Note: In Luke 5:19 ; 19:4 the noun is not expressed in the Original, but is understood
Mouth Lips - It was the instrument of the Original revelation of the OT, given, e
Pamphilus, Presbyter of Caesarea - 3) and the Tetrapla and Hexapla of Origen in the Original copy (Hieron
Paronomasia - had a Hebrew or Aramaic Original. * Petrus, Bishop of Sebaste - Gregory's Original intention was to limit his refutation to the first of Eunomius's two books
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - " That both titles belong to the Original form appears probable from the phrase "the Twelve Apostles. But, as in the case of the Apostles' Creed, a title apparently Originally only intended to assert conformity with apostolic teaching, came to be understood as an assertion of authorship, and later authorities undertook to specify the portions contributed by each apostle; and later works founded on the Didaché are divided into sections supposed to be contributed by individual apostles. Thus, scanty though the Western notices are, they seem to prove that the Didaché , in Bryennius's form, never circulated in the West; that the Latin Doctrina Apostolorum , even as regards the section on the "Two Ways," was not a translation of Bryennius's Didaché , but contained a different manipulation of a probably common Original; and that beyond the "Two Ways" there is no evidence that the Latin form had anything in common with the Didaché . If Barnabas and the Didaché independently copied an Originally Jewish document, the Christian elements they might add would not be likely to be the same. The phenomena are explained if we assume an Original document in substantial agreement with the Latin, enlarged in the Didaché by additions from N. We cannot say positively whether this Original proceeded beyond the "Two Ways. " The Latin fragment breaks off too soon to give any information as to the length of the Original: the Church Ordinances cease to present coincidences with the Didaché after the section on the "Two Ways"; but this may be because the directions for ritual and discipline had become out of date when the Ordinances were put together, the editor therefore designedly substituting what better agreed with the practice of his own age. If the editor of Bryennius's form knew Hermas, he might also have known Barnabas, with whom he has a second coincidence in a passage about almsgiving, which, as implying a knowledge of Acts and Romans, Barnabas was not likely to have found in his Original. In this case the Original seems clearly that of Hermas. We conclude, then, without disputing the greater antiquity of the Original Didaché , that the interpolator who brought the work to the form published by Bryennius was later than Hermas, and drew from him
Pelagianism And Pelagius - His name undoubtedly looks like a Grecized version of some earlier name; but the tradition that the Original name of the heresiarch was Morgan (Marigena, Πελάγιος and that he came from Bangor in N. Coelestius, Originally an advocate, was led by Pelagius to a strict religious life, and very soon became an ardent disciple and a propagandist of his master's views. This novel doctrine appeared to Augustine to deny the teaching of the church, as it virtually involved the denial of any guilt of Original sin which needed forgiveness. The work Originally consisted of two books. The first established the positions that death in man was the penalty of sin, and not a mere condition of his natural constitution; that the whole offspring of Adam was affected by his sin, and that baptism of infants was for the remission of Original sin, the guilt of which they bear from their birth. Augustine added to this treatise as a third book a letter he wrote to Marcellinus when, a very few days after the compilation of the two books, he became acquainted with some fresh arguments against Original sin advanced in the exposition of the Epistles of St. , while arguing strongly against the views of the nature of Original sin propounded by Pelagius, he speaks of Pelagius with marked respect, calling him a signally Christian man, a highly advanced Christian ("vir ille tam egregie Christianus," de Pecc. From it we learn that the Pelagians now taught that infants were baptized not because they needed any remission of the guilt of Original or actual sin from which they were wholly free but that they might enter the kingdom of God and thereby obtain salvation and eternal life. Nature was magnified, as if the admission of a subsequent corruption was derogatory to the goodness of the Original creation. They specially marked some passages in Pelagius, from which they thought Innocent must inevitably conclude that Pelagius allowed no other grace than the nature with which God had Originally endowed man. Anathemas were pronounced on the doctrine that infants derive no Original sin from Adam which needs expiation in baptism, and that there is some middle place of happiness in the kingdom of heaven for infants who die unbaptized
Create, Creation - The seas, which are remnants of the Original watery chaos, are assigned borders at earth's edges (vv. , seven words in the Original Hebrew version of the introductory verse [4]; seven paragraphs corresponding to the seven days following the introductory verse fourteen words in v. Although the term "covenant" is not found in Genesis 1-2 , it is implicit in the reciprocity of God's provisions for the Original human couple and their conformity to his expectations of them. ...
It should be pointed out that Genesis emphasizes the spiritual equality and interdependence of the Original human couple (1:26-28; 2:18-23). The theme of Original creation also gives rise to another important theological concept: re-creation. ...
The idea of a new creation in an eschatological sense brings the Original theme full circle
Mark, Gospel According to - Aramaic or Greek Original. Is our Second Gospel the Original Mark?...
Literature. We shall then be able to come to a conclusion about questions of date, authorship, and place of writing, of the Original language, and of the integrity of the Gospel. Finally, we will consider the question of an ‘Ur-Marcus,’ that is, if the Gospel in our hands is the Original work of St. 24) takes ‘quibus tamen’ as the equivalent of an Original οἶς δέ—for the fragment is a Latin translation from Greek. ...
Putting together the statements, references, and quotations, and deferring the question of an editor later than the Original writer of the Gospel (see § vii
Baptize, Baptism - ...
Luke's account of apostolic baptism assumes the rite's Original association with repentance and remission (Acts 2:38 ), with washing away sin (22:16), and with admission to the religious community. ...
Reflection on the church's practice enriched further the theological and ethical significance of baptism, without varying its conditions or abandoning its Original meaning. ...
So, too, Paul assumes the Original method of immersion (Romans 6 ) and the accompanying confession of Christ's lordship (Romans 10:9-13 ), which in 1618100602_28:19-20 , and Galatians 3:29,5:24 clearly implies belonging to Christ. ...
Paul retained, too, the Original interpretation of baptism as entrance to the religious community: "We were all baptized into one body" (1 Corinthians 12:13 )
Devil - Used with the definite article, its Original meaning was that of the accuser or traducer of men (see Satan), whence it soon came to denote the supreme spirit of evil, the personal tempter of man and enemy of God. With the indefinite article it stands for a malignant being of superhuman nature and powers, and represents the conception expressed by the Greeks in the Original of our term ‘ demon . Death is his realm ( Hebrews 2:14 , Wis 2:24 ), and not a part of the Original Divine order; though not inflicted at his pleasure, he makes it subservient to his purposes, and in its spiritual sense it becomes the fate of those who accept his rule. He is not conceived as the Original or only source of evil, but as its supreme personal representative
Plan - Was the Messianic claim an Original part of this programme? We have here the crucial issue on which the whole question of the plan of Jesus may be said to hinge. The first intention of Jesus was, they say, simply to proclaim the Kingdom of God; and the assumption of Messiahship was forced upon Him by the failure of His Original message. It is difficult, however, to avoid the conclusion that from Caesarea Philippi onward His Original plan was set aside. It seems clear, however, from numerous indications in the Gospels, that His Original plan was confined to a mission to Israel
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs - The Original work was written in Hebrew in the later years of John Hyrcanus, probably 109-106 b. , some of which are as bitter in their attacks on the Hasmonaeans as the Original Testaments were fervent in their praises. -The text supplies several indications of the date of the Original work. Original language. -Until the last few years it was generally agreed that the Testaments, as we now have them, were not a, translation but were Originally written in Greet. 33-49, 109-117), has put forward an unanswerable case for a Hebrew Original (see his Greek Versions of the Testaments, pp. 1) is no proof that the Original was in Greek, as the reference appears to be to שׂריון (Sirion) and שׁדיון (‘body armour’)-a word (occurring in the parallel passage in Hebrew in the Midrash Wajjissau), which is more properly rendered θώραξ; in Test. -The Hebrew Original is not extant, but we have valuable evidence available towards the restoration of corrupt and difficult passages in kindred literature:...
Gospels, Apocryphal - It may even have been one form of the Original Gospel of Jesus, co-ordinate with the Logia of Matthew and the earliest section of the Book of Luke. At all events, the Gospel is to be distinguished from the Hebrew Original of the canonical Gospel of Matthew mentioned by Papias (Euseb. The probability that it represents the Original Evangelic tradition is not as strong as in the case of the Gospel according to the Hebrews. It is not impossible, however, that the Gospel of the Egyptians contained the Original tradition, but in form sufficiently variant to admit of manipulation by groups of heretics. The Original cannot well be later than the middle of the 2nd cent. It exists to-day in Greek, Latin, and Syriac versions, which, however, do not altogether agree, and all of which are apparently abbreviated recensions of the Original Gospel. The Original Gospel of Thomas, the nature of which is, however, very much in dispute, may have been in existence in the middle of the 2nd century
Sabbath - But the Original proclamation of it in Exodus places it on a ground which, closely connected no doubt with these others is yet higher and more comprehensive. They had invented many prohibitions respecting the Sabbath of which we find nothing in the Original institution
Esau - Isaac too erred through carnal partiality, which he sought to stimulate by eating his favorite's venison, determining to give to Esau the blessing in spite of the Original divine intimation, "the elder shall serve the younger," and in spite of Esau's actual sale of the birthright to Jacob, and though Esau had shown his unworthiness of it by taking when he was forty years of age two Hittite wives from among the corrupt Canaanites, to his father's and mother's grief. He carried away all his substance from Canaan there, to take full possession of Seir and drive out its Original inhabitants
Arabia - The Arabah, Originally restricted to one wady, came to be applied to all Arabia. "...
Joktan, son of Eber (Genesis 10:25), was the Original founder, Ishmael the subsequent head, of its population. The Hagarenes, Originally the same as the Ishmaelites, subsequently are mentioned as distinct (1 Chronicles 5:10; 1 Chronicles 5:19; 1 Chronicles 5:22; Psalms 83:6). Cush, son of Ham, Originally peopled Arabia (the ruins of Marib, or Seba, and the inscriptions are Cushite; in Babylonia too there are Cushite traces); then Joktan, of Shem's race (Genesis 10:7; Genesis 10:20; Genesis 10:25; Genesis 10:30). Sabeanism, or the worship of the hosts, the sun, moon, and stars, was the first lapse from Original revelation (Job 31:26-27); but just before Mahomet they were divided between it, Judaism, Magianism, and corrupted Christianity
Spirit - ) In the following list the omission of the definite article marks its omission in the Original (concerning this see below): "Spirit, Matthew 22:43 ; Eternal Spirit, Hebrews 9:14 ; the Spirit, Matthew 4:1 ; Holy Spirit, Matthew 1:18 ; the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19 ; the Spirit, the Holy, Matthew 12:32 ; the Spirit of promise, the Holy, Ephesians 1:13 ; Spirit of God, Romans 8:9 ; Spirit of (the) living God, 2 Corinthians 3:3 ; the Spirit of God, 1 Corinthians 2:11 ; the Spirit of our God, 1 Corinthians 6:11 ; the Spirit of God, the Holy, Ephesians 4:30 ; the Spirit of glory and of God, 1 Peter 4:14 ; the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead (i. ]'>[2] ...
The use or absence of the article in the Original where the "Holy Spirit" is spoken of cannot always be decided by grammatical rules, nor can the presence or absence of the article alone determine whether the reference is to the "Holy Spirit
Phoenice - The language is Semitic (from Shem), and was acquired by the Hamitic settlers in Canaan from the Original Semitic occupants; it probably has a Hamitic element too (these Semitics were related by common Noachic descent to the Hamites, hence the languages too are related). Abram Originally spoke the language of Ur of the Chaldees, Aramaic, as did Laban (Genesis 11:31; Genesis 31:47); but soon his descendants, as Jacob, spoke the Canaanite or Phoenician Hebrew as their own tongue, compare Deuteronomy 26:5. The Original Greek and Phoenician letters resembled one another, though not so the modern Hebrew and later Greek. The Hebrew or Phoenician Originally are rude pictures of the objects signified by the names: 'Αleph ( א ), of an ox head; Gimel ( ג ), of a camel's back; Daleth ( ד ), of a tent door; Vav ( ו ), of a hook or peg; Lamed[1] ( ל ), of an ox goad; 'Αyin ( ע ), of an eye; Qoph ( ק ), of the back of the head; Resh ( ר ), of a head; Τav [3] ( ת ), of a cross. This proves that when the Greeks received Originally the letters from the East the names by which they learned them were Aramaic
Hosea - The name of the prophet Hosea, though distinguished by the English translators, is identical with that of the last king of Israel and with the Original name of Joshua; in these cases it appears in the EV Bible, History of Interpretation - This was the analysis of all of the available biblical manuscripts, comparing the variant readings, and making an informed judgment as to what the Original text of the Scriptures really was. Much effort was expended on determining who the Original writer of a portion of Scripture was and learning what the historical-cultural conditions of his setting were
Caesar, Caesar's Household - ’ Luke alters his Original to the good Greek word φόρος (Lat. The right of appeal (provocatio) was one of the bulwarks of the Original republican constitution
Judaizing Christians - Paul is directed against the Judaizing teachers who inculcated the Original tenet of their brethren. The other party, who were called Ebionites, either from Ebion, the name, it is alleged, of their leader, from their poverty, or from the low notions which they entertained of Christ, for all these reasons have been specified, showing sufficiently that the matter is really uncertain,— maintained the Original tenet that their law was binding upon all men, and that without observing what it required it was impossible to be justified
Noah - Smith has deciphered the account of the flood in three distinct copies, containing duplicate texts of an ancient Original. The Original, according to the tablets, belonged to the city of Erech, and was in Semitic Babylonian. The Assyrian copyists did not always know the modern representatives of the ancient forms of the characters in the Original, so have left some in their obsolete hieratic form. ...
The scribe has recorded the divisions of lines in the Original. What were Originally explanatory glosses have been incorporated in the text. Smith thinks the Original text was about 1700 B. The various yet mainly agreeing accounts imply the Original unity of mankind diverging from one common center after the flood, and carrying to their various lands the story which has by corruption assumed various shapes. ...
Yet the earth was deluged by that water out of which it had Originally risen; (2 Peter 3:6) "by which (plural Greek) heavens and earth, in respect to the waters which flowed together from both, the then world perished, in respect to its occupants, men and animals, and its existing order" (kosmos ); for "the fountains of the great deep were broken up" from the earth below, and "the windows of heaven above were opened
Manuscripts - The simplest course will be to divide them into the languages in which they are written, premising that the Gospels were Originally written in Greek, and that the versions in other languages are translations, generally direct, from the Greek. It has been twice revised, once by a corrector contemporary with the Original scribe (called B2 [1] ), and again by another of the 10th or 11th cent. Originally it contained probably Mt. It contains, therefore, many Original elements, which have been worked over at a very early date. He considers N and Σ to be copies of the same lost Original. In its Original state it contained Mt. In its Original form the MS had 166 leaves, containing the four Gospels in the usual order. Of the two Manuscripts this must be regarded as the better representative of the Original translation
Sirach - -The person who bore this name was the father of a Jesus, author of a Hebrew work of which the Original is lost, but which is preserved in a Greek translation called Σοφία Ἰησοῦ υἱοῦ Σειράχ, a Syriac translation called The Words of Jesus son of Simon called son of Asira (i. The Hebrew Original doubtless perished when the rest of the non-canonical literature in that language was destroyed; and such specimens as are preserved in the collections of oral tradition are exceedingly inaccurate, inconsistent, and mixed up with biblical and other matter, while at times sayings of Ben-Sira are ascribed to other Rabbis. ...
To the Greek translation there is prefixed a preface of great interest, said to be the only known honest paragraph by any Israelite of this period, in which the translator states that the Original was by his grandfather, a diligent student of the Law, the Prophets, and the other national books (a phrase which represents the Rabbinical TNK, i. Various ways have been devised of reconciling the dates of the Original and the translation, which according to this would be separated by about 150 years, though the translator was the grandson of the author; probably the solution is to be found in the great uncertainty which attaches to the list of the high priests, as may be seen from the works of those who have endeavoured to restore it (e. Thus a portion of the prophecies is called the Remonstrances (48:10), of which we recognize the Original in התוכתות similarly used in Jerus. ...
Since the aphorisms are very largely counsels of prudence, rules of conduct and behaviour, or observations on ‘things in general,’ even where they are not reproductions of OT verses, they contain little that is Original or distinctive; man in all known societies has developed largely the same characteristics, which therefore have been noticed by observers in very different countries and periods
Peter - His Original name was "Simon" or "Simeon
Chariot - The Original home of the chariot was Western Asia, from which it passed to Egypt and other countries. They were doubtless dedicated Originally to J″ Litany of Loreto - ...
Queen conceived without Original sin, pray for us
Sardis - As time advanced, extension was necessary, and a lower city was built on the west and north sides of the Original city, near the little river Pactolus, and probably also on the east side
Bethel - More altars, besides the Original one were erected
Speak - (9) In Galatians 4:15 , there is no verb in the Original for the AV, "ye spake of" (see RV)
Seal - ...
Note: In Revelation 7 , after the 5th verse (first part) the Original does not repeat the mention of the "sealing" except in ver
Tell - In such instances B (the one told) is spatially separated from the Original source of the information
Beersheba - The series of events recalls to Isaac's mind the Original name and that which gave rise to the name; so he restores both the well itself and the name
Babylon, Kingdom of - Among its chief cities may be mentioned Ur (now Mugheir or Mugayyar), on the western bank of the Euphrates; Uruk, or Erech (Genesis 10:10 ) (now Warka), between Ur and Babylon; Larsa (now Senkereh), the Ellasar of Genesis 14:1 , a little to the east of Erech; Nipur (now Niffer), south-east of Babylon; Sepharvaim (2 Kings 17:24 ), "the two Sipparas" (now Abu-Habba), considerably to the north of Babylon; and Eridu, "the good city" (now Abu-Shahrein), which lay Originally on the shore of the Persian Gulf, but is now, owing to the silting up of the sand, about 100 miles distant from it. They were the Original home of the Kalda, or Chaldeans
Peace - In the Original languages of the Bible, the word ‘peace’ had a meaning far wider and richer than that which people commonly associate with the word today
Sanctification - The connection between sanctification and holiness is clearer in the Original languages of the Bible than in the English of today
Tongues - The speaking in tongues was a striking outward and visible demonstration that the people concerned had received the Holy Spirit and were introduced into the church the same as the Original disciples were on the Day of Pentecost
Nebo - Whether either form exactly corresponds to the Original name is uncertain
Loreto, Litany of - ...
Queen conceived without Original sin, pray for us
Thebes - The approach to Karnak from the south is marked by a series of majestic gateways and towers, which were the appendages of later times to the Original structure
Unrighteousness - He cannot, however, be legitimately claimed as supporting the view that this unrighteousness is the sequel of a lapse from an ‘original righteousness’ in which the ‘first parents’ of mankind were created (cf
Diana - Her Original temple founded 580 B
Repetitions - ’ The Original word (βατταλογέω, written by modern scholars with a in the second syllable, after אB) seems to be unknown to classical Greek, occurring only in the comment of Simplicius on Epictetus (c
Micah, Micaiah - This very interesting narrative has undoubtedly a basis in fact: it records though later editors have somewhat altered its Original form how the sanctuary in Dan first came to be established (see esp
Milk - ]'>[7] ( 1 Samuel 17:18 , 2 Samuel 17:29 , Job 10:10 ); in each case the Original has a different word
Priest - The order in which the several courses were to serve was determined by lot; and each course was, in all succeeding ages, called by the name of its Original chief
Earthquake - In LXX Septuagint σεισμός (or συνσεισμος) is employed to render רִעִשׁ of the Original
Generation - ...
Originally רד must have meant the period defined by the life of a man or of a family (Job 42:16). In the sense of (c) it is found only in Matthew 1:17 and apparently never in its Original sense (a)
Predestination - The verb predestinate is of Latin Original (praedestino, ) and signifies in that tongue to deliberate before-hand with one's self how one shall act, and, in consequence of such deliberation, to constitute, fore-ordain, and predetermine, where, when, how, and by whom any thing shall be done, and to what end it shall be done
Magistrate - The word ‘magistrates’ in the NT is as a rule a translation either of the abstract word αἱ ἀρχαί (literally ‘the authorities’), as in Luke 12:11, Acts 17:6-857 or of the cognate word, Originally a participle, οἱ ἄρχοντες. below), the Original name of the consuls at Rome, e
Gomorrah - Volcanic agency and earthquake, accompanying the fire shower, may have produced the deep depression of the sea, and so arrested the Jordan's Original onward course through the Arabah into the gulf of Akabah
Atticus, Archbaptist of Constantinople - 14, 407) removed the Original ground of the schism
Choice - It would be an advantage to accurate Christian thought if the rendering ‘elect’ were eliminated from the NT, and were replaced by ‘chosen’ or ‘select,’ although it is a direct derivative of the Original
Deliverer - Once (Acts 7:35) the Original word is ὁ λυτρωτής and once (Romans 11:26) it is ὁ ῥυόμενος
Condemnation - The reason is that the process of degeneration, which had begun before the translation of the Authorized Version , linked up the term with conceptions of finality and eternity, Originally alien to it, and thus made it no longer representative of apostolical thought. In Romans 5:16; Romans 5:18 condemnation is the consequence of an Original act of evil, and suggests the antithesis of a single act of righteousness, the effects of which overflow to the potential justification of all men; and the freedom from condemnation continues beyond the initial stage of forgiveness and ripens into all the assured experiences of union with Christ (Romans 8:1)
Cerinthus - 32), ‘confesses not’ in 1 John 4:3 was substituted for an Original ‘dissolves’ or ‘disrupts’ (λύει, so Vulgate solvit)
Masora - ...
The text of the sacred books, it is to be observed, was Originally written without any breaks or divisions into chapters or verses, or even into words: so that a whole book, in the ancient manner, was but one continued word: of this kind we have still several ancient manuscripts, both Greek and Latin. In regard, therefore, the sacred writings had undergone an infinite number of alterations; whence various readings had arisen, and the Original was become much mangled and disguised, the Jews had recourse to a canon, which they judged infallible, to fix and ascertain the reading of the Hebrew text; and this rule they call masora; "tradition, " from tradit, as if this critique were nothing but a tradition which they had received from their forefathers
Apparition - ’ There is always connected with this term the idea of a startling or unexpected appearance, which seems also associated with the Original φάντασμα
Isaacus Ninivita, Anchorite And Bishop - 1407, by a monk who freely abridged and altered the order of his Original
Unperfect - So that the words themselves are, in their Original sense and meaning, not the same; and can by no rule be used synonimously
Anchor - In the Original the word ‘hope’ of Hebrews 6:18 is not repeated in Hebrews 6:19
Japheth - ...
Japheth signifies enlargement; and how wonderfully did Providence enlarge the boundaries of Japheth! His posterity diverged eastward and westward; from the Original settlement in Armenia, through the whole extent of Asia, north of the great range of Taurus, distinguished by the general names of Tartary and Siberia, as far as the Eastern Ocean: and in process of time, by an easy passage across Behring's straits, the entire continent of America; and they spread in the opposite direction, throughout the whole of Europe, to the Atlantic Ocean; thus literally encompassing the earth, within the precincts of the northern temperate zone, while the enterprising and warlike genius of this hardy hunter race frequently led them to encroach on the settlements, and to dwell in "the tents of Shem," whose pastoral occupations rendered them more inactive, peaceable, and unwarlike; as when the Scythians invaded Media, and overran western Asia southwards, as far as Egypt, in the days of Cyaxares; and when the Greeks, and afterward the Romans, subdued the Assyrians, Medes, and Persians, in the east, and the Scythians and Jews in the south, as foretold by the Assyrian Prophet Balaam:...
"And ships shall come from the coast of Chittim, And shall afflict the Assyrians, and afflict the Hebrews; ...
But he [1] shall perish himself at last
Idumea - The name given by the Greeks to the land of Edom, or mount Seir, which extended Originally from the Dead sea to the Elanitic gulf of the Red sea, including a territory about on hundred miles long, and fifteen or twenty wide. ...
The Original inhabitants of this country were called Horites, and were dispossessed by the Idumaeans of history, Genesis 14:6 36:21 1 Chronicles 18:11-1311
Apostle - (one sent forth ), in the New Testament Originally the official name of those twelve of the disciples whom Jesus chose to send forth first to preach the gospel and to be with him during the course of his ministry on earth. -- (1) The Original qualification of an apostle, as stated by St
Gen'Esis - This is obvious in the English translation, but still more so in the Hebrew Original
Many - (4) In John 7:40 there is no word in the Original representing "some" or "many
Earthquake - In LXX Septuagint σεισμός (or συνσεισμος) is employed to render רִעִשׁ of the Original
Generation - ...
Originally רד must have meant the period defined by the life of a man or of a family (Job 42:16). In the sense of (c) it is found only in Matthew 1:17 and apparently never in its Original sense (a)
Patrophilus of Scythopolis - Patrophilus (1) of Scythopolis, one of the Original Arian party, took a leading part in all their principal acts and was one of the most relentless opponents of Athanasius, by whom he is designated as a πνευματόμαχος ( adv
Petronilla, Saint And Virgin - Petronilla determined the Original positions of her sarcophagus and the tombs of SS
Baptism With the Spirit - They then received the Holy Spirit, as the Original disciples had on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 19:1-7)
Zechariah, Book of - They are generally regarded as anonymous prophecies which became attached to the Original book, and are often spoken of as Deutero-Zechariah. There follows the symbolic act of crowning Joshua (more probably, in the Original text, Zerubbabel). With glorious promises for the peace and prosperity of Jerusalem, with the nations coming to seek Jehovah, the Original Book of Zechariah closes
Dominicans - The Franciscans maintained that the Virgin Mary was born without the blemish of Original sin; the Dominicans asserted the contrary. In this and some subsequent scenes (the detail of whose enormities, for the sake of brevity, we shall here omit) the impostor talked much to Jetzer of the Dominican order, which he said was peculiarly dear to the Blessed Virgin: he added, that the Virgin knew herself to be conceived in Original sin; that the doctors who taught the contrary were in purgatory; that the Blessed Virgin abhorred the Franciscans for making her equal with her Son; and that the town of Bern would be destroyed for harbouring such plagues within her walls. The Virgin, thus equipped, addressed a long discourse to Jetzer, in which, among other things, she told him that she was conceived in Original sin, though she had remained but a short time under that blemish
Evangelist (2) - It is obvious at once that Eusebius had two senses of the word before him; that he knew that its Original import was a preacher of the gospel, but that this meaning had been largely displaced by another, that of a writer of a Gospel. Accordingly the references of Eusebius to the Original force of the term are all associated with the earlier history of the Church. Further, it is difficult on this hypothesis to explain the fact that the Original signification of ‘evangelist’ as a preacher was current long after the Gospels had obtained the fullest recognition within the Church
Inspiration - It is the Original Scriptures whose words have inspired authority, not the subsequent copies or versions. ) Moreover God has preserved by human means a multitude of manuscripts, patristic quotations, and ancient versions, enabling us to restore the Original text almost perfectly for all practical purposes. While some passages affecting vital doctrines are on examination rejected as not in the Original, the doctrines themselves stand firm as ever, because they rest on the agreeing testimony of the whole of God's word; in other passages the orthodox truths are confirmed more fully by restoring the Original text
Vine, Allegory of the - It has been suggested that the allegory of the vine may have been Originally a parable which John has worked up into its present form. Weiss believes he can find the Original elements in John 15:2; John 15:4; John 15:6, and thinks that it had taught that, as the husbandman does all in his power to make the vine productive, but if his efforts are in vain casts forth the worthless branches and burns them up, so God’s purpose in the planting of the Kingdom of God in Israel had been to increase the fruitfulness of its members, and if that purpose is not fulfilled the only result will be the exclusion of Israel from the Kingdom. But the Evangelist, who ever puts the personal relation to Christ in the foreground, made this abiding in Christ as the condition of fruitfulness in the religious life the central thought, though in John 15:2; John 15:6 the Original tendency of the parable is still apparent (in Meyer’s Kommentar, 1893, ad loc. Jülicher thinks that Weiss is influenced by a desire to make John approach as closely as possible to the Synoptists; and while he does not believe the allegory as preserved by John to be genuine, confesses himself unable to conjecture what its Original form was, supposing it to be based upon authentic reminiscences (Die Gleichnisreden Jesu, 1888, pp. The latter thinks that the allegory in its Original parabolic form, of which the main point was a warning against unfruitfulness, belongs to the period of crisis in the life of Christ, when the multitudes who had been attracted to Him fell away, and He foresaw that even one of the Twelve was to prove unfaithful
Joshua - He is called Hoshea in Deuteronomy 32:44 , Numbers 13:8 ; and in Numbers 13:16 this is represented as his Original name. show that ‘Joshua’ was probably the Original reading. And while it is difficult on any reading of the history to understand why all our sources say nothing about the conquest of Central Palestine, this becomes doubly difficult if Originally this was the scene of Joshua’s first activity and influence. In his work he does not add independent material to his Original, but by his arrangement and omissions gives a new aspect to the account. But the break at this point in the Original source gave occasion to insert Joshua 18:1 here
Alexander, of Alexandria - to the whole Christian episcopate, giving an account of the opinions for which the Egyptian synod had excommunicated the Original Arians, adducing Scriptural texts in refutation, and warning his brethren against the intrigues of Eusebius (Socr. ]'>[3] The Arians were condemned, and the Nicene Creed, in its Original form, was drawn up
Abgar - A church in Genoa makes a rival claim to the possession of the Original handkerchief portrait. ...
Any suspicion that Eusebius fabricated the documents that he professes to translate was set aside by the discovery and publication of what have been accepted as the Original Syriac documents (The Doct
Gods - Princes, magistrates, and great men are called gods in the following passages: "If a slave is desirous to continue with his master, he shall be brought to the judges," Exodus 21:6 , in the Original, to the gods. Again: "If the thief be not found, then the master of the house shall be brought unto the judges," Exodus 22:8 , in the Original, to the gods: and in the twenty-eighth verse of the same chapter, "Thou shalt not speak evil of the gods" that is, of the judges or great men
Josiah - It was in repairing the temple that Moses' copy of the law, in his own handwriting, or at, least the Original temple copy from his, was found. These too all accepted it, evidently because they and he had always recognized its truths generally (as his extirpation of idolatry already implied), but now he and they are brought into immediate contact, as it were, with Moses himself, through the Original temple copy
Only Begotten - The Latin translators were quite right when Originally they rendered the expression υἱὸς μονογενής simply by filius unicus, not by filius unigenitus. ’ In the Original form of the so-called ‘Apostolic Symbol’—the ‘Old Roman Symbol’—we read: καὶ εἰς Χριστὸν Ἰησοῦν τὸν υἱὸν αὐτοῦ τὸν μονογενῆ τὸν κύριον ἡμῶν; and in the Latin text, which in all probability belongs to the same date (i. ’ The present writer, in an exhaustive inquiry into the historical meaning of the Original form of the Apostolic Symbol (see Literature cited at end), has defended the hypothesis that the latter combination is the correct one
Poverty of Spirit - (Luke 6:20) the words τῷ πνεύματι are omitted; and there can be little doubt that this simpler form of the Beatitude is the more Original. is to attach a deeper, moral significance to the Original idea of poverty
Priest - Among the 4289 priests who accompanied Zerubbabel, only four courses were represented, Ezra 2:36-39; Nehemiah 7:39-42, and courses are afterward mentioned which cannot be identified with any of the Original ones
Order of Saint Benedict - This was a deviation from the Original idea of Saint Benedict, who sought the total independence of each abbey
Shewbread - ...
As regards the Original significance of the shewbread offering there can be no doubt. This number had probably an astrological origin, having reference Originally to the twelve months of the year, or the twelve signs of the Zodiac
Ten Commandments - And the record was as exceptional as the Original revelation
Levi - Son of Alphaeus; the Original name of Matthew the publican and afterward the apostle (Mark 2:14; Luke 5:27; Luke 5:29; Matthew 9:9)
Declare, Declaration - ...
(2) In 2 Corinthians 8:19 , "declaration" does not represent any word in the Original
Targum - They help to explain many words and phrases in the Hebrew Original, and they hand down to us many of the ancient customs of the Jews
Kadesh Barnea - Kadesh gradually sank to its Original obscurity as a watering place for the nomads of the desert
Temptation - In the Original languages of the Bible, the words commonly translated ‘temptation’ had a range of meanings
Scriptures - Also, the Original writings were not divided into the chapters and verses that we are familiar with today
Reconciliation - Now as all the legal sacrifices of atonement, and the truly expiatory sacrifices of Christ, were offered not to the offenders, but to God, to reconcile him in them, what can reconciliation by the death, blood, or cross of Christ mean, but that the law and justice of God were thereby satisfied, and all obstructions, on his part, to peace and friendship toward sinners are removed, that he might not pursue his righteous demands upon them, according to the holy resentments of his nature and will, and the threatenings of his law for their sins; but might mercifully forgive them, and take them into a state of favour with himself, upon their receiving the atonement, or reconciliation (Romans 5:11 , ) by faith, after the offence that sin had given him, and the breach it had made upon the Original friendship between him and them?" ...
Tabernacle - ...
The Original “tent of meeting” was a provisional edifice where God met with His people (Exodus 33:7-11 ; Exodus 34:34-35 )
Desert - It could be described like the Original chaos prior to creation (Deuteronomy 32:10 ; Jeremiah 4:23-26 )
Benedictine Order - This was a deviation from the Original idea of Saint Benedict, who sought the total independence of each abbey
Benedictines - This was a deviation from the Original idea of Saint Benedict, who sought the total independence of each abbey
Magnificat - There is fairly general agreement among critics that the Original text must have been simply ‘and she said,’ so that both ‘Mary’ and ‘Elisabeth’ should be regarded as glosses
Mark (John) - Paul, and was his ‘fellow-worker’ and a ‘comfort’ to him ( Colossians 4:11 , Philippians 1:24 ), and useful to him ‘for ministering’ ( 2 Timothy 4:11 ) this was Mark’s special office, not to be an Original organizer but a useful assistant (Swete)
Redeem, Redemption, Redeemer - The Original owner could regain ownership by paying a redemption price for it
Undressed Cloth - By the rendering ‘undressed cloth’ Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 brings out the point of the Original, which is quite lost in the colourless ‘new cloth’ of Authorized Version , though suggested by the ‘raw or unwrought’ of AVm Caesarea - The city, however, was so ruined that when restored it covered only one-tenth of the Original ground
Mind - The participle ‘minded’ is met with in the Authorized Version in a number of phrases-‘likeminded’ (Romans 15:5, Philippians 2:2), ‘feeble-minded’ (1 Thessalonians 5:14), ‘doubleminded’ (James 1:8; James 4:8), ‘highminded’ (Romans 11:20, 1 Timothy 6:17, 2 Timothy 3:4), ‘soberminded’ (Titus 2:6), which are represented in the Original by various verbs and adjectives
Guide - As a verb, ‘guide’ in Authorized Version of Gospels represents two different words in the Original
Shepherd - 196) of spiritual rulers as shepherds rests on the Original Jewish Didascalia (preserved in the so-called Apostolic Constitutions, ii
Giants - " Ham may be the Original of Rabbath Ammon
Altar - ...
Brazen Exodus 27:1-2 (c) This may be taken as a type of the cross of Calvary, where the Lamb of GOD was offered as a sacrifice for Original sin, and a sacrifice for sins committed, and also as a sacrifice for our own wicked selves
Abomination, Abomination of Desolation - The Original passage in Daniel serves as the textual and historical presaging for later applications
Ark - is an embellishment upon Exodus 16:33) and Aaron’s rod that budded, which in the Original narratives were laid up before the Lord (ἐναντίον τοῦ θεοῦ, Exodus 16:33; ἐνώπιον τῶν μαρτυρίων, Numbers 17:10) are supposed by the writer of Hebrews to have been within the ark
Impute - The Original debtor, and the Surety, who pays for that debtor, cannot both have the debt at the same time charged, upon them
Hardness of Heart - (Acts 28:27) And is there the least contradiction in the account? Most certainly not; the very Original passage in the prophet explains itself
Caesarius, Bishop of Chrysostom - We only possess it in a Latin translation, though a few fragments of the Greek Original are found in Anastasius and John Damascene and elsewhere
Alpha And Omega - To those who believe in a Jewish Original for the NT Apocalypse, its presence there will cause no surprise, and its application to Christ will constitute an instance of the Christian remodelling which that book has undergone
Nestorians - Now of these two hypostases it is added, they had only one barsopa, the Original term used by Nestorius, and usually translated by the Greeks, "person;" but to avoid the appearance of an express contradiction, Dr
Apocrypha - The word Apocrypha is of Greek origin, and is either derived from the words απο της κρυπτης , because the books in question were removed from the crypt, chest, ark, or other receptacle in which the sacred books were deposited whose authority was never doubted, or more probably from the verb αποκρυπτω , to hide or conceal, because they were concealed from the generality of readers, their authority not being recognised by the church, and because they are books which are destitute of proper testimonials, their Original being obscure, their authors unknown, and their character either heretical or suspected
Canticles - The sacred writers were, by God's condescension, authorized to illustrate his strict and intimate relation to the church, by the figure of a marriage; and the emblem must have been strikingly becoming and expressive to the conceptions of the Jews, since they annexed ideas of peculiar mystery to this appointment, and imagined the marriage union to be a counterpart representation of some Original pattern in heaven
Need, Needs, Needful - , Matthew 3:14 ; 6:8 ; 9:12 , RV, "(have no) need," AV, "need (not)," the RV adheres to the noun form; so in Matthew 14:16 ; Mark 14:63 ; Luke 5:31 ; 22:7 ; Ephesians 4:28 ; 1 Thessalonians 4:9 ; in the following, however, both RV and AV use the verb form, "to need" (whereas the Original has the verb echo, "to have," with the noun chreia as the object, as in the instances just mentioned): Luke 15:7 ; John 2:25 ; 13:10 ; 16:30 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:8 ; 1 John 2:27 ; Revelation 22:5 ; in all these the verb "to have" could well have been expressed in the translation
Ark - It is observable that the "window" which Noah is said to have opened, Genesis 8:6, is not in the Original the same word with that occurring in 6:16
Rest - resto, if the latter is a compound of re and sto but is an Original word
Nicopolis - On this hypothesis, the letter to Titus, in its Original, comparatively brief form, must have been written before St
Flesh - The Original sinful human nature remains with them till the end of their present earthly existence, but through Christ they are now free from its power (Romans 6:14; Romans 6:18; Romans 8:1-2; Romans 8:10-12; see JUSTIFICATION)
Psalms, Theology of - Most biblical scholars concede that psalm titles in general, and these links with the Davidic narratives in 1,2Samuel in particular, are not to be attributed to the Original authors but probably to postexilic Jewish editors and interpreters. Furthermore, an analysis of the Original Hebrew and subsequent daughter versions of Psalms reveals that the titles were subject to variation and expansion during the course of their transmission in postexilic times and beyond, in contrast to the poems themselves whose text remained relatively constant. This evidence does, however, highlight the fact that psalm titles cannot be relied upon to elucidate the Original context and meaning of biblical psalms. One is that such expressions were uttered after deliverance had been experienced but that they were joined to the Original complaint when these psalms were compiled in their present form. This fact raises hermeneutical queries with regard to both the intentions of the Original Hebrew poets and the uses to which the New Testament puts the passages in question. This is readily observable when one compares the same passages in their Original and secondary contexts
Fall - Tennant, The Fall and Original Sin, 1903, p. ’ But such a view does not seem to have been universal, for Edersheim says expressly of the teaching of the Talmud: ‘So far as their opinions can be gathered from their writings, the great doctrines of Original Sin, and of the sinfulness of our whole nature, were not held by the ancient Rabbis’ (LT Augustine - Concerning Original sin, he maintained that it was derived from our first parents; and he believed he had ascertained in what the Original sin conveyed by Adam to his posterity consisted. In his sentiments, however, upon the latter point he was rather inconsistent, at one time asserting that the essence of Original sin was concupiscence, and at another expressing doubts respecting his own position. ]'>[7] Consider that if you will aver, that baptism washes away otherwise than sacramentally, that is, obsignatorily, Original sin; yet you must allow that manner of washing for future actual sins; and you must make two sorts of justification, one for children, another for adulti; [8] and (which passes all the rest) you must find some promise in God's covenant wherein he binds himself to wash away sin without faith or repentance. Augustine frequently compared his copies of the Latin version with those of the Greek Original. In this he besought him, in the name of all the African churches, to apply himself to the translation into Latin of the Greek interpreters of Scripture, rather than to enter upon a new translation from the Original Hebrew; and to point out those passages in which the Hebrew differed from the Septuagint, as he had previously done in the book of Job
Creation - Though bara' extends to other acts of God besides the Original creation, it is only in a secondary application, without reference to preexisting materials; still, except in the Original creation, they are not excluded. God ordered His own work on a system of law, and from time to time supplied new forces, or gave new directions to existing forces; not that He changed His design, or found His Original plan defective. The figure of the earth is that naturally assumed by a plastic mass revolving about its axis; also its traces of intense heat accord with the nebular theory as modified by revelation; also the sun's state as a nebulous star which has not yet gathered up the whole of the Original nebula. of the Lawrence; the lower laurentian has been displaced from its Original horizontal position before the upper was deposited above it
Manicheans - From Zoroastrism he took his Dualism, which consisted of two independent principles absolutely opposed to each other, with their opposite creations: on the one side God (Ahura-Mazda), the Original good from whom nothing but good can proceed; on the other side Original evil (Angro-Mainyus), whose essence is wild, self-conflicting tumult, matter, darkness, a world full of smoke and vapour. This is man as he is now, shaped after the image of the primitive man with whom they Originally waged war. In both systems asceticism was the practical result of the opposition between matter and spirit; the more matter could be crushed, the nearer the spirit came to its Original source (cf. During their persecution upon the death of Manes, they fled into Transoxania, whence they maintained a constant communication with Babylon, their Original seat, as the head of the sect always remained there till the Mohammedan invasion
Bible, Texts And Versions - Basic problems in using a translation to seek to study the earlier wording of the Hebrew text are: the difficulty of determining the exact readings of the Hebrew text(s) used by the Original translators because of the innate differences in all languages, the difficulties in establishing the Original readings of the Greek translation by studying the many manuscripts of it, and uncertainty concerning the quality of the translation itself. The Original papyrus manuscripts contained only portions of the New Testament, such as the Gospels and Acts or Paul's letters or the Revelation or some or all of the General Epistles
Adam (1) - Original records are perhaps traceable as employed in the inspired record of Moses. Trench remarks: "The whole history of man, not only in his Original creation, but also in his after restoration and reconstitution in the Son, is significantly wrapped up in this double statement; which is double for this very cause, that the divine mind did not stop at the contemplation of his first creation but looked on to him as renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him (Colossians 3:10); because it knew that only as partaker of this double benefit would he attain the true end for which he was made. Christ came to reveal not only God, but MAN to us; He alone is therefore called "THE Son of man"; the common property of mankind; who alone realizes the Original ideal of man: body, soul, and spirit, in the image and likeness of God, the body subordinate to the animal and intellectual soul, and the soul to the spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23), combining at once the man and woman (Galatians 3:28); and in whom believers shall realize it by vital union with Him: having the masculine graces, majesty, power, wisdom, strength, courage, with all woman's purity, intuitive tact, meekness, gentleness, sympathetic tenderness and love, such as Roman Catholics have pictured in the Virgin Mary
Abraham - There he received a confirmation of the promise, specifying "this land" as that which the Original more general promise pointed to. Babylon was Originally the predominant power; but a recently deciphered Assyrian record states that an Elamitie king, Kudur Nakhunta, conquered Babylon 2296 B. His faith was rewarded by the Original promises being now confirmed by Jehovah's oath by Himself (Hebrews 6:13; Hebrews 6:17); and his believing reply to his son, "God will provide Himself a lamb," received its lasting commemoration in the name of that place, Jehovah Jireh, "the Lord will provide. ...
His care that he and his should be utterly separated from idolatry appears in his strict charge to Eliezer as to the choice of Isaac's wife, not to take a Canaanite woman nor yet to bring his son back to Abraham's Original home
Biblical Criticism - " Textual criticism is made necessary because the Original manuscripts of the sacred writers have not been preserved and the earliest copies of them exhibit many different readings. ...
METHODS In his endeavors to restore the Original text, the textual critic collects and compares the various readings found in the extant copies of the book, in translations, and in quotations from it by early writers
Fall - These coincidences are sufficiently striking to suggest the inference that a mythical account of man’s Original condition and his fall existed in Babylonia, and had obtained wide currency in the East. It is a reasonable conjecture that such a legend, ‘stripped of its primitive polytheism, and retaining only faint traces of what was probably its Original mythological character, formed the material setting which was adapted by the [2] narrator for the purpose of exhibiting, under a striking and vivid imaginative form, the deep spiritual truths which he was inspired to discern’ (Driver). Man, as Originally created, was exempt from them; and to the question, Whence came they? the answer is that they are the effect of a Divine curse to which the race is subject; though it is to be noted that no curse is pronounced on the first pair, but only on the serpent as the organ of temptation, and the ground which is cursed for man’s sake
Animal - That it is a mistake to suppose, that the declaration of Moses to the Jews, that God had "given them the blood for an atonement," is an additional reason for the interdict, not to be found in the Original prohibition to Noah. Now, by turning to the Original prohibition of Genesis, we find that precisely the same reason is given: "But the flesh with the blood, which is the life thereof, shall ye not eat
Assyria - The name derived from the city Asshur on the Tigris, the Original capital of the country, was Originally a colony from Babylonia, and was ruled by viceroys from that kingdom
Nazareth - After His birth and the sojourn in Egypt Joseph and Mary took the child to their Original home in Nazareth, six miles W
Redemption - (The words ‘redeem’ and ‘ransom’ are related to the same root in the Original languages
Soul - There is some variety also in the usages of the Original words from which ‘soul’ has been translated
Catholic Epistles - 36) and the Original ‘Euthalius’ (ed
Martin Luther - A violent reaction resulted; after having placed undue reliance on his efforts towards justification and confused concupiscence with Original sin, he declared that man was hopelessly corrupt and that all his works, even those done from charitable or pious motives, were grave sins; that he could be saved by faith alone, in virtue of which God clad him as with the mantle of Christ's merits and concealed but did not blot out sin
Luther, Martin - A violent reaction resulted; after having placed undue reliance on his efforts towards justification and confused concupiscence with Original sin, he declared that man was hopelessly corrupt and that all his works, even those done from charitable or pious motives, were grave sins; that he could be saved by faith alone, in virtue of which God clad him as with the mantle of Christ's merits and concealed but did not blot out sin
Nag Hammadi - While the documents are written in the Coptic language, an ancient language of Egypt, they are probably translations of Greek Originals. While there is debate as to the dates of the Original texts, some were probably written before A
Isaac - Apparent discrepancies in the story, such as that Isaac, on his deathbed ( Genesis 27:1 ; Genesis 27:41 ), blessed Jacob, and yet did not die until many years afterwards ( Genesis 35:27 ), are evidently due to Original differences of tradition, which later editors were not careful to remove
Fruit - In his Original creation God commanded the land to produce "vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds" (Genesis 1:11 )
Adultery - The junction of the two into one flesh when sexual intercourse takes place with a third is dissolved in its Original idea
Isaiah - ...
With regard to the Original Messianic import of the passages applied in the Gospels to Jesus Christ and His work, there is no difficulty in those cases where the ‘Servant of Jehovah’ is identified with the Messiah
Amalekites - Arab writers represent them as sprung from Ham, and Originally at the Persian gulf, and then pressed westward by Assyria, and spreading over Arabia before its occupation by Joktan's descendants. The execution was delayed; but the Original sentence at Rephidim was repeated by Balaam, and 400 years subsequently its execution was enjoined at the very beginning of the regal government as a test of obedience; compare 1 Samuel 12:12-15
Godliness - In the Original Paulinism the supreme stress lies on the religious relation to God, and the central idea is that of justification by faith; while the ethical note is struck only in the second place, and in connexion with the peculiar Pauline mysticism
A - In some words of Greek Original, a is privative, giving to them a negative sense, as in anonymous
Marriage - From the whole of which taken together, I think it is very plain, not only of the Original design from the beginning, that every woman should have her own husband, and, every husband his own wife, but also that the married state was intended, in the most dear and tender manner, to set forth and display Christ's union with his church
Genesis, Book of - The creation is the first thing recorded; both the Original creating out of nothing, and the ordering of the earth for man
Mediator - It was fit that he should be a holy and righteous man, free from all sin, Original and actual, that he might offer himself without spot to God, take away the sins of men, and be an advocate for them, Hebrews 7:26 ; Hebrews 9:14
Fall - How precious the thought! So then, our present fallen state is not the Original state of man, neither is it the final state
Turtle - Every one, that knows the Original, knows that the words are (osei peristeran), which is, as the words are rendered in our Testament, like a dove; but if it had been meant to say, that the Holy Ghost came down in the shape and form of a dove, the words ought to have been, osei peristeras
Sojourn, Dwell - In the land of Canaan the possession of land was limited to members or descendants of the Original tribal members
Catharine, Martyr of Alexandria - Catharine, with its Latin Original from the Cotton MSS
Dionysius (19), Monk in Western Church - His performances were not Original discoveries, but improvements on those of others. His own was a corrected edition of that earlier version, so far as regards the canons of Nicaea, Ancyra, Neo-Caesarea, Gangra, Antioch, Laodicea, and Constantinople—165 in all—together with 27 of Chalcedon: all Originally published in Greek, and all, except the Laodicean, already translated in the Prisca Versio
Fathers - Parr, his erudite biographer, will convey his sentiments on this very interesting subject: "Indeed he had so great an esteem of the ANCIENT AUTHORS, for the acquiring any solid learning, whether sacred or profane, that his advice to young students, either in divinity or antiquity, was, not to spend too much time in epitomes, but to set themselves to read the ancient authors themselves; as, to begin with the FATHERS, and to read them according to the ages in which they lived, (which was the method he had taken himself,) and, together with them, carefully to peruse the CHURCH HISTORIANS that treated of that age in which those fathers lived: by which means the student would be better able to perceive the reason and meaning of divers passages in their writings, (which otherwise would be obscure,) when he knew the Original and growth of those heresies and heterodox opinions against which they wrote, and may also better judge what doctrines, ceremonies, and opinions prevailed in the church in every age, and by what means introduced
Judge - 1), is used (a) of God, Hebrews 12:23 , where the order in the Original is "to a Judge who is God of all;" this is really the significance; it suggests that He who is the Judge of His people is at the same time their God; that is the order in Hebrews 10:30 ; the word is also used of God in James 4:12 , RV; (b) of Christ, Acts 10:42 ; 2 Timothy 4:8 ; James 5:9 ; (c) of a ruler in Israel in the times of the Judges, Acts 13:20 ; (d) of a Roman procurator, Acts 24:10 ; (e) of those whose conduct provides a standard of "judging," Matthew 12:27 ; Luke 11:19 ; (f) in the forensic sense, of one who tries and decides a case, Matthew 5:25 (twice); Luke 12:14 (some mss
Sacrament - is generally regarded by theologians as a sacrament, instituted by God to remit Original sin; in an infant this was effected by the faith of the parents in the promised Redeemer; in an adult by the faith of the recipient
Germany - As a result of the World War there has been a tendency to return to the Catholic Church, for the fall of the empire left Protestantism with no official head; many religious orders and congregations evicted under the imperial regime are returning, some to their Original property
Ara'Bia - (desert, barren ), a country known in the Old Testament under two designations:--
The East Country , ( Genesis 25:6 ) or perhaps the East, ((Genesis 10:30 ; Numbers 23:7 ; Isaiah 2:6 ) and Land of the Sons of the East , ( Genesis 29:1 ) Gentile name, Sons of the East , ( Judges 6:3 ; 7:12 ; 1 Kings 4:30 ; Job 1:3 ; Isaiah 11:14 ; Jeremiah 49:28 ; Ezekiel 25:4 ) From these passages it appears that Land of the East and Sons of the East indicate, primarily, the country east of Palestine, and the tribes descended from Ishmael and from Keturah; and that this Original signification may have become gradually extended to Arabia and its inhabitants generally, though without any strict limitation
Zedeki'ah - 2 Kings 23:31 His Original name was Mattaniah, which was changed to Zedekiah by Nebuchadnezzar when he carried off his nephew Jehoiachim to Babylon and left him on the throne of Jerusalem
Pen'Tateuch, the, - " This title is derived from "pente",five, and "teucos") which, meaning Originally "vessel" "instrument," etc. He had observed that throughout the book of Genesis, and as far as the 6th chapter of Exodus, traces were to be found of two Original documents, each characterized by a distinct use of the names of God; the one by the name Elohim, and the other by the name Jehovah
Angels - ...
Good and bad angels...
At some time before the creation of humans, some of the angels, under the leadership of one who became known as Satan, rebelled against God and so fell from their Original sinless state (2 Peter 2:4; Judges 1:6)
Isaiah - ...
With regard to the Original Messianic import of the passages applied in the Gospels to Jesus Christ and His work, there is no difficulty in those cases where the ‘Servant of Jehovah’ is identified with the Messiah
Masona, Bishop of Merida - If it was a duly summoned national council, the Acts were purposely or accidentally omitted from the Original redaction of the Spanish Codex Canonum made within the first 40 years of 7th cent
Polychronius, Bishop of Apamea - Daniel and the Greek additions, refusing to comment upon the Song of the Three Children as not being in the Original
Prochorus, a Deacon - Though the writer makes some use of the Gnostic Acts, he can hardly have known them in their Original text
Judges (1) - It may well be questioned whether the title of this book was Originally ‘Judges,’ for it is difficult to see where the difference lies, fundamentally, between the ‘judges’ on the one hand, and Joshua and Saul on the other; in the case of each the main and central duty is to act as leader against the foes of certain tribes. This section ( 1:1 2:5) serves as a kind of Introduction to the book, and certainly cannot have belonged Originally to it; ‘the whole character of Judges 1:1 to Judges 6:1-105 gives evidence that it was not composed for the place, but is an extract from an older history of the Israelite occupation of Canaan’ (Moore, p. The chapters contain two distinct narratives, and are, in their Original form, very ancient; in each narrative there occurs twice the redactional note, ‘In those days there was no king in Israel’ ( Judges 9:42-457 , Judges 18:1 , Judges 19:1 , Judges 21:25 ), showing that the period of the Judges is implied. ’ Although these chapters have been very considerably worked over by later hands, it is probable that they have some basis in fact; it is difficult to account for their existence at all on any other hypothesis, for in themselves they are quite purposeless; there cannot Originally have been any object in writing such a gruesome tale, other than that of recording something that actually happened. It is therefore clear that there must have existed among the various Israelite tribes a body of traditional matter regarding the deeds of tribal heroes which Originally floated about orally within the circumscribed area of each particular tribe. In the first place, there must have taken place at some time or other a collection of these ancient records which belonged Originally to different tribes; one may confidently assume that a collection of this kind would have been put together from written materials; these materials would naturally have been of varying value, so that the collector would have felt himself perfectly justified in discriminating between what he had before him; some records he would retain, others he would discard; and if he found two accounts of some tradition which he considered important, he would incorporate both. In this way there would have arisen the immediate antecedent to the Book of Judges in its Original form . in their Original form they were the immediate antecedents of our present accounts in Judges 4:4 ff; Judges 5:1 ff. ...
(3) We may assume, then, as reasonably certain, the existence of a body of traditional matter which had been compiled from different sources; this compilation represents our Book of Judges in its Original form; it is aptly termed by many scholars the pre-Deuteronomic collection of the histories of the Judges. 6 8, which combine two accounts of the history of Gideon, have a strong historical basis; they contain much ancient matter, but even in their Original forms there were assuredly some portions which cannot be regarded as historical, e
Gospels (2) - Discussion of the evidence from Papias as to an Original Hebrew Gospel. Other considerations hearing on an Original Hebrew Gospel. As far as the Original witnesses were concerned, their memory would enable them to tell all that was necessary of the Saviour’s life, even as much as is contained in the longest of our present Gospels. But as the number of evangelists who had not ‘known Christ after the flesh’ multiplied in every direction, it would very soon become impossible for the Original witnesses even to instruct all those who were to teach others. It is natural to suppose that at first such narratives were used to refresh the memory of the evangelists; afterwards, when the first generation of believers had quite passed away, the written Gospels would be openly read, as being the most authentic account of what the Original witnesses had seen and heard
Beatitude - It is therefore suggestive that the Christian conception of beatitude should find expression in a word closely associated with descriptions of the blessedness of the gods and ‘originally stronger and more ideal than εὐδαίμων. ’ But the non-occurrence of a saying in Luke is no proof that it is ‘secondary,’ unless it is certain that Luke is more primitive, and not a selection from the more Original tradition in Matthew. Abbott thinks ‘it is more probable that Luke represents the letter of the Original words of Jesus more closely than Matthew, however much the latter may better represent the spirit of them’ (Enc. ’ The Beatitudes peculiar to Matthew are not relegated to an editor, but are held to be the true teaching of our Lord, though probably not in their Original context. On the authority of one who probably heard these words of Blessing, the Beatitudes peculiar to Matthew are regarded not only as authentic sayings of Jesus, but also as parts of the Original discourse. On either supposition, Luke, ‘while faithfully reproducing at least a part of our Lord’s teaching on the hill,’ may state that teaching ‘not in its Original setting, but readapted so as to serve the practical purpose of Christian instruction’ (The Expositor’s Greek Test
Obadiah, Book of - ...
The prediction (Obadiah 1:15-21 ) scarcely appears to be the Original and immediate continuation of the former part of the chapter, but is, like Obadiah 1:8-9 , a subsequent addition. It is admitted by all that the resemblances between Obadiah 1:1-5 ; Obadiah 1:5 ; Obadiah 1:8 and Jeremiah 49:14-15 ; Jeremiah 49:9-10 a, Jeremiah 49:7 are so close as to imply the literary dependence of one of the two passages on the other; it is further admitted by most, and should be admitted, that the common matter is in its more Original form in Obadiah, and that therefore so much at least of Obadiah is prior to Jeremiah 49:14-16 ; Jeremiah 49:9-10 a, Jeremiah 49:7 , and therefore prior to the year b
Pass'Over, - --As the Original institution of the Passover in Egypt preceded the establishment of the priesthood and the regulation of the service of the tabernacle. (Leviticus 23:10 ) In the latter notices of the festival in the books of the law there are particulars added which appear as modifications of the Original institution
Bible - These, and similar appellations, are derived from the divine Original and authority of the Bible. ) The first canon or catalogue of the sacred books was made by the Jews; but the Original author of it is not satisfactorily ascertained. The Original of the Pentateuch had been carefully preserved in the side of the ark, and had been probably introduced with the ark into the temple at Jerusalem. The law, after being so long concealed, would be unknown almost to all the Jews; and thus the solemn reading of it by Josiah would awaken his own and the people's earnest attention; more especially, as the copy produced was probably the Original written by Moses. From this time copies of the law were extensively multiplied among the people; and though, within a few years, the autograph, or Original copy of the law, was burnt with the city and temple by the Babylonians, yet many copies of the law and the prophets, and of all the other sacred writings, were circulated in the hands of private persons, who carried them with them into their captivity. The alterations which any one attempted to make would have been soon perceived; just even as now, in fact, lesser faults in some copies are amended by comparing ancient copies or those of the Original
Law - Deuteronomy is an inspired free repetition of the Original in Exodus, suited to Moses' purpose of exhortation; hence he refers to the Original, in the fifth commandment adding "as the Lord thy God commanded thee. The sacrificial part (3) taught the hope of propitiation, and thus represented the Original covenant of promise, and pointed on to Messiah, through whom the sense of guilt, awakened by the moral law which only condemns men through their own inability to keep it, is taken away, and peace with God is realized
Law - The Year of Jubilee regulations, requiring the return of property to Original families every forty-nine years, seem never to have been enforced as law because (among other reasons) by the time Israel controlled the land, there were no records of the Original owners. Likewise, the principle of establishing truth by two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15 ), Originally limited to courts, is applied more broadly to a church conference (2 Corinthians 13:1 ). Paul maintains the law's moral principle, yet in view of the changed redemptive setting, makes no attempt to apply the law's Original sanction
Advent (2) - This blighter outlook for fallen humanity was confirmed by the assurance given to Abraham that in the line of his descendants the Original promise was destined to be fulfilled (Genesis 12:2-3),—an assurance which was further strengthened when, under Moses, Israel was formed into a nation and entered at Sinai into covenant with Jehovah as His chosen people (Exodus 20-24). Scribes and Pharisees on the one hand, and Sadducees on the other, stood in mutual antagonism, striving for ascendency as leaders of national religious feeling,—the scribes and Pharisees combining to enforce the mass of stringent precepts which the former had elaborated to supplement the Original written word; the Sadducees entirely rejecting those precepts, and contending that the Law as written was sufficient, and that the observance of the temple ordinances, its worship and sacrifices, was the central element in religion. The day at last had dawned to which the Original promise to fallen humanity pointed forward, and for which the best minds of the nation had for ages yearned; the divinely-pledged Deliverer from sin and its curse had arrived, to set up the kingdom of righteousness, love, and peace
Joannes, Bishop of Ephesus - With these drawbacks, the work possesses special interest as an Original account. 1853)—a splendid reproduction of the Original—and translated into English by Dr. These versions are of great assistance, many chapters being defective in the Original
Passover (ii. in Relation to Lord's Supper). - , presumably the most Original of all? It is suggestive that Spitta solves the difficulty by pronouncing the whole paragraph in which Mk. How, then, are we to explain this entire transformation of what, according to this theory, was the Original tradition—a transformation so early that it must have been completed before Paul became a Christian and received from the first Apostles the story of what took place in the Upper Room on that night in which the Lord Jesus was betrayed? It is hard to see how, within a few years of Christ’s death, and at the headquarters of the primitive Church, there could have grown up a tradition as to a simple matter of fact that was an entire falsification of what the Eleven knew to be the truth. The narrative of Exodus 24:3-8 makes it clear that the Original covenant rested on the fact of a covenant-sacrifice, and there seems little reason to question that in its essence this sacrifice was of a piacular nature (cf
Simon Magus - But since the history, as it has come down to us, leaves much to be desired as an intentional libel on Paul, we must modify the legends so as best to adapt them to this object, and must then believe we have thus recovered the Original form of the legend. Thus, the Homilies represent the final disputation between Peter and Simon to have occurred at Laodicea; but we must believe that the Original form laid it at Antioch, where took place the collision between Peter and Paul (Galatians 2 ). The Clementines represent Simon as going voluntarily to Rome; but the Original must surely have represented him as taken there as a prisoner by the Roman authorities, and so on
Image of God - Every human being is an Original
Interpretation - As the Hebrew tongue ceased to be that of the common people, interpreters were required at the sacred services to translate or explain the Law and the Prophets after the reading of the Original (see W
Rome - The Original Rome was built on one hill only, the Palatine, but the neighbouring hills were successively included, and about the middle of the sixth century b
Stranger - The ger was Originally a man who transferred himself from one tribe or people to another, seeking, and usually obtaining, some of the rights of natives. ‘dweller’) is a post-exilic substitute for gçr (‘sojourner’) in the Original non-religeous sense of the latter
Dan (1) - to a distance from their Original allotment, namely, to Leshem or Laish, (which 600 of their warriors armed went forth from Zorah and Eshtaol to seize on, in the far N
Mephibosheth - Originally Merib-baal, an ancestor being named Baal (1 Chronicles 8:30; 1 Chronicles 8:33; 1 Chronicles 8:24; 1 Chronicles 9:36). Bearing a name of reproach like Mephibosheth, instead of his name of innocence; banished to the outskirts of the moral wilderness, like Mephibosheth in Lodebar; liable to perish by the sword of justice, as Saul's other sons (2 Samuel 21); paralyzed by Original sin, as Mephibosheth lamed from infancy in both feet; invited by the Lord and Savior, after having spoiled principalities, to sit down at the royal table (Matthew 8:11; Revelation 19:7; Revelation 19:9), as Mephibosheth was by David after conquering all his foes, on the ground of the everlasting covenant (Jeremiah 31:3); as David regarded Mephibosheth because of his covenant with Jonathan (1 Samuel 20:15; 1 Samuel 20:42)
Essenes (2) - For Original information regarding them we are dependent on Josephus (B
Evil - By contrast, the Original creation is very good (Genesis 1:31 )
Baal (1) - Moses subsequently, when warning the people from this example, notices no circumstance of it but one, which, though in the Original narrative not stated, was infinitely the most important to advert to, but which none but spectators of the fact, perfectly acquainted with every individual concerned in it, could possibly feel the truth of
Hilkiah - ...
Still the place where it was found, the temple, and its not having been found before but only brought to light during the repairs, and that by the high priest, identify it with the Original temple copy deposited by Moses' command by the side of the ark within the veil (Deuteronomy 31:9; Deuteronomy 31:26)
Tradition - Whately likened tradition to the Russian game a number sit in a circle, the first reads a short story in the ear of his next neighbour, he repeats it orally to the next, and so on; the last writes it as it, reaches him; the amusement is, when read and compared with the Original story it is found wholly metamorphosed, and hardly recognizable as the same story
Passion - The Original of the passions are from impressions on the senses; from the operations of reason, by which good or evil are foreseen; and form the recollections of memory
Lamp Lampstand - ...
In conclusion, reference may be made to the representation of the seven-branched lampstand on the Arch of Titus, often reproduced, which is probably a copy of the Original (Encyclopaedia Biblica , article ‘Candlestick’); to contemporary Roman practice in lighting (see H
Lily - The Original name in the Jewish Scriptures, is Susan or Schuschan
Regeneration - ...
Now then, as in the first instance, while the soul actuates the body that body is alive, but without; the soul so actuating, the body would be dead; so in the second, unless Christ, who is the life of the soul, actuates the soul by regeneration, that soul continues dead as by Original transgression was induced
Despise - (3) If the connexion with Matthew 18:1-4 is Original, the young are not to be ‘despised,’ because the childlike disposition is the true way to eternal life; the humility which is essential for entering into the Kingdom of heaven has its symbol in the consciousness of weakness and imperfection that belongs to children, who are therefore not to be ‘despised’ but ‘received’ (cf
False Christs - , it probably belongs to the Original text of the eschatological discourse. Either, then, we must suppose that the phrase ‘in my name’ has been inserted by the Evangelists in order to stamp as Christian what was Originally a Jewish prediction, or the phrase must be taken as equivalent to ‘in the name of Messiah,’ as is implied in ‘I am he
Atheist - And yet, these shameful beggars of principles give this precarious account of the Original of things; assume to themselves to be the men of reason, the great wits of the world, the only cautious and wary persons that hate to be imposed upon, that must have convincing evidence for every thing, and can admit of nothing, without a clear demonstration of it" ...
Eleusius, Bishop of Cyzicus - Though usually found acting with the tyrannical and unscrupulous party, of which Macedonius was the Original leader, and sharing in the discredit of their measures against the holders of the Homoousian faith, Eleusius was uncompromising in opposing the pronounced Arians, by whom he was persecuted and deposed
Eleutherus, Bishop of Rome - There is, however, nothing improbable in the Original story itself, and it is more likely to have had some fact than pure invention for its origin, and the Welsh traditions about Lleirwg, though unnoticed by Gildas, may have been ancient and genuine ones, independent of Bede's account
Conscience - " He therefore considers conscience as an Original faculty of our nature, which decides clearly, authoritatively, and instantaneously, on every object that falls within its province
Olives - ...
The olive is still found growing in patches at the foot of the mount to which it gives its name; and "as a spontaneous produce, uninterruptedly resulting from the Original growth of this part of the mountain, it is impossible," says Dr
Age - In Luke 3:23 there is no word in the Original corresponding to age
Manna - ...
Our translators and others make a plain contradiction in the relation of this account of the manna, by rendering it thus: "And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, It is manna; for they knew not what it was;" whereas the Septuagint, and several authors, both ancient and modern, have translated the text according to the Original: "The Israelites seeing this, said one to another, What is it? מן חוא ; they could not give it a name
Jubilee, the Year of - When the jubilee arrived, it again reverted to the Original owners
Babylon - A celebrated city situated on the Euphrates, the Original foundation of which is described under the word Babel
Job - It has all the freedom of an Original composition, bearing no marks of its being a translation; and if so, it would appear that its author must have been a Hebrew, since it is written in the purest Hebrew
Image - , not the essential and substantial form of them; the contrast has been likened to the difference between a statue and the shadow cast by it; (3) of the relations between God the Father, Christ, and man, (a) of man as he was created as being a visible representation of God, 1 Corinthians 11:7 , a being corresponding to the Original; the condition of man as a fallen creature has not entirely effaced the "image;" he is still suitable to bear responsibility, he still has Godlike qualities, such as love of goodness and beauty, none of which are found in a mere animal; in the Fall man ceased to be a perfect vehicle for the representation of God; God's grace in Christ will yet accomplish more than what Adam lost; (b) of regenerate persons, in being moral representations of what God is, Colossians 3:10 ; cp
Junilius, Quaestor of the Sacred Palace - This is clearly incorrect with regard to several of them, and one is tempted to think ( pace Kihn) that Junilius himself added this reference to Jerome and did not find it in his Greek Original
Maximus the Cynic, Bishop of Constantinople - When the second oecumenical council met at Constantinople in 381, Maximus's claim to the see of Constantinople was unanimously rejected, the last of its Original four canons decreeing "that he neither was nor is a bishop, nor are they who have been ordained by him in any rank of the clergy" (Labbe, Concil
Paula, a Roman Lady - She had (through her father's family) a good knowledge of Greek, and she learnt Hebrew to be able to repeat and sing the Psalms in the Original (c
Samson - 16, though an integral part of the Original cycle of stories, was apparently at one time omitted by the compiler; see the repeated note in Judges 15:20 ; Judges 16:31 . 681 712) has a remarkable parallel to the burning of the corn by the foxes (or jackals?); at the Cereaila, foxes with lighted torches tied to their tails were let loose in the Circus; he explains the custom as Originally due to the act of a mischievous boy, who burned his father’s corn in the same way. It appears in the account of his birth, perhaps hardly a part of the Original cycle, but added later to justify his inclusion among the Judges
Psalms, Book of - Also, every cultic or Original life situation is not discernible. However, such identification helps the reader to know that type of psalm is being read, with a possible Original context or a fitting present context in worship
Chronicles, i - Originally formed one book. , which had Originally formed its second and concluding portion. ]'>[1] , the Original order has been restored, but Chron. According to the Original account ( 2 Kings 11:1-21 ), Jehoiada was assisted in his rebellion against Athaliah by the foreign bodyguard
Language of Christ - We may think we have good grounds for believing that they accurately represent His utterances; but to hear the Original sounds we must recover, if that be possible, the Semitic vernacular which underlies the traditional Greek. The Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis , and Lord’s Prayer, for example, which must be translations, in accordance with our view of the use of a Semitic vernacular, are thought to savour rather of Original composition than of translation
New Covenant - But she grew up to be a prostitute, unfaithful to her Original benefactor. Jesus likely conceived himself as the eschatological Passover sacrifice bringing about the eschatological salvation of all Israel, typologically parallel to the Original exodus
Mammon - Weiss, Wernle, and Jülicher, all five verses are regarded as editorial glosses, the solution becomes fairly simple, the Original parable having nothing to do with the use of money at all, as Christ meant it. But Luke 16:9 may well be the Original sequel to Luke 16:8 (so Wellhausen recently), in which case ‘the mammon of unrighteousness’ there and in Luke 16:11 is explained by ‘what belongs to another’ in Matthew 16:12. Luke’s ‘ascetic’ bias in estimating some of Christ’s sayings on wealth in the Third Gospel, where logia, perhaps Originally genuine, have been sharpened (e
Polytheism - As to the circumstances which led to polytheism, it has been observed, that taking it for granted that our Original progenitors were instructed by their Creator in the truths of genuine theism, there is no room to doubt but that those truths would be conveyed pure from father to son as long as the race lived in one family, and were not spread over a large extent of country. The first wanderers would, no doubt, retain in tolerable purity their Original notions of Deity, and they would certainly endeavour to impress those notions upon their children; but in circumstances infinitely more favourable to speculation than theirs could have been, the human mind dwells not long upon notions purely intellectual
Gelasius (1) i, Bishop of Rome - There had been other grounds of complaint against Acacius, notably his disregard of the authority of the Roman see; but the above had been the Original cause of quarrel. Its main drift was to justify the excommunication of Acacias by asserting that he had exceeded his powers in absolving Peter Mongus without the authority of the Roman see, and plainly asserts the supremacy of the apostolic see over the whole church as due to the Original commission of Christ to St
Gospel - The sacred narratives then represent to us the high character that he assumed; the claim he made to a divine Original; the wonderful miracles he wrought in proof of his divinity; the various prophecies which plainly marked him out as the Messiah, the great Deliverer of the Jews; the declarations he made that he came to offer himself a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind; the cruel indignities, sufferings, and persecutions to which, in consequence of this great design, he was exposed; the accomplishment or it, by the painful and ignominious death to which he submitted, by his resurrection after three days from the grave, by his ascension into heaven, by his sitting there at the right hand of God, and performing the office of a Mediator and Intercessor for the sinful sons of men, till he shall come a second time in his glory to sit in judgment on all mankind, and decide their final doom of happiness or misery for ever. Though we have only four Original writers of the life of Jesus, the evidence of the history does not rest on the testimony of four men
Pharisees - Their traditions were regarded with greater veneration than the Original Law. 665) that in the Gospels the word ‘Pharisee’ has been substituted for an Original ‘Sadducee’ in the denunciations of Jesus is to be mentioned only as a curiosity, according to the evidence we possess, it has to be said that the Church paid back with interest the persecutions and calumnies she suffered from the Jews
English Versions - Originally written in the northern dialect, it soon spread over all England, and many MSS of it still exist in which the dialect has been altered to suit southern tastes. The Original nucleus seems, indeed, to have consisted of the four larger Catholic Epistles and the Epistles of St. This part of the work is free and vigorous in style, though its interpretation of the Original is often strange, and many sentences in it can have conveyed very little idea of their meaning to its readers. In the first place, it was translated from the Latin Vulgate, not from the Original Hebrew and Greek, with which there is no reason to suppose that Wyclif or his assistants were familiar. For the Latin Bible (the form in which the Scriptures had hitherto been mainly known in Western Europe) there was indeed so great a demand, that no less than 124 editions of it are said to have been issued before the end of the 15th century; but it was only slowly that scholars realized the importance of utilizing the printing press for the circulation of the Scriptures, either in their Original tongues, or in the vernaculars of Europe. In England, Caxton inserted the main part of the OT narrative in his translation of the Golden Legend (which in its Original form already contained the Gospel story), published in 1483; but no regular English version of the Bible was printed until 1525, with which date a new chapter in the history of the English Bible begins
Jesus Christ - The Original conclusion has been lost, but there can be no doubt that it went on to relate at least certain Galilæan appearances of the risen Lord. is now usually regarded as a second and enlarged edition of an Apostolic Original. for the general framework, and derives from the Original Mt. Further, that Gospels composed in the second generation can be trusted to have reproduced the Original testimony with general accuracy may be held on two grounds. There is every reason to believe the ecclesiastical traditions that the contents of Original Mt. The general trustworthiness is further supported by the consideration of the Originality of the Synoptic picture of Jesus and His teaching. Moreover, a very genuine religious Originality and fervour had continued to find expression in the Apocalyptic literature of later Judaism (see Apocalyptic Literature)
Divinity of Christ - The aim is nothing short of recovering the image of the Original Founder of the Faith, expressed in His authentic words and acts; to bring back in all the distinct lineaments of a living Personality the great Teacher whom we now see in the Gospels ‘as through a glass darkly. ’ It seeks by a study of the Original records in the light of all the historical and critical aids now open to us, and guided by the modern idea of evolution, not only to bring us face to face with Jesus of Nazareth, to listen to His direct words of wisdom, but to trace all the steps of His spiritual advance, all the steps by which He grew into the Messiah of Israel and the Ideal of humanity, giving the deepest interpretation to the prophetic dream of His nation, and so lifting it into that higher region in which the freely accepted Cross became the necessary means to the deliverance of man. The more we throw off her encrustments, the nearer we get to the Original, the nearer we are getting to the real Jesus, and, in Him, to the truth of our religion. Herein rests the real Originality of His message, by which His gospel differentiates itself from all other religions on the one hand, and from all merely philosophical or ethical Idealisms on the other; in virtue of which also all interpretations of His Person on humanitarian lines prove inadequate. The Messianic claims of Jesus may be made (as they are made) to rest on the facts; but the facts are not exhausted in those claims, even in the immensely enriched and Original form in which Jesus made them. Subsequent theology accepted the assurance, departed widely from the purely Messianic portraiture, yet claimed, and with perfect justice, that the new departures were in no sense new additions to the Original Gospel, but fresh interpretations, designed to recover and vitalize truths discernible in the Gospels, but imperfectly understood by the Gospel writers
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - The fact that our Lord commonly spoke Aramaic implies, of course, that all the reports of His speeches and conversations are translations, and this at the outset necessarily complicates the question we wish to investigate, for the references that are clearly obvious to the OT or other writings may be the work of the translator; and, on the other hand, many traces of OT language present in the Original address may now be lost sight of. It is a further question whether and how far the existing Gospels depend upon an Aramaic Original or Originals. The well-known tradition, derived from Papias, that Matthew’s Gospel was Originally composed in Aramaic, has been taken as a basis for various theories, that seek to account for existing divergences among the Synoptics by the supposition that these consist of different translations of the same Original. ...
(b) The second difficulty that attaches to the preliminary investigation of the subject is as to whether our Lord Himself quoted from the Original Hebrew text of the OT, or from the Septuagint. ’ It is very difficult to decide what is meant by this last reference, the supposed Original passage (2 Chronicles 24:21) having a different name for the father of Zachariah (see Barachiah)
Papias - But, whatever his mental calibre, Papias’ importance lies rather in his endeavour to keep in touch with historical witness, as far as possible first-hand witness, to the true or Original meaning of the Lord’s own teaching. Paul, with Ephesus as base of influence; and hither were attracted not a few of the leading personal disciples of Jesus, including, perhaps, several of the Original Apostles. ’...
Here we have a defence of the trustworthiness of Mark’s narrative, so far as it goes, save on the score of the arrangement of its material, which, having Originally been delivered by Peter in an order determined by the exigencies of Christian instruction (διδασκαλίαι, as distinct from public preaching, κήρυγμα), was reproduced by Mark with simple fidelity. Then in the extract which Eusebius immediately subjoins, Papias sums up (οὖν) the net result of his discussion touching the accuracy of ‘the Oracles’ as Originally compiled by that Apostle. ’ In this rendering, which keeps as closely as possible to the order of the Original,† Common - It consists of a chief justice and three other justices, and has cognizance of all causes, real, personal or mixed, as well by Original writ, as by removal from the inferior courts
Salt - The Original idea in this extended ritual use of salt was doubtless this that just as salt was an indispensable accompaniment of man’s dally food, so it could not be absent from the ‘food of God,’ as the sacrifices are termed in Leviticus 21:6 ; Leviticus 21:17
Simeon - There, however; they came into contact with nomad tribes of Edomites and Arabs a circumstance which doubtless contributed to their failure to rehabilitate themselves and win a permanent abode among the Original occupants of the land
Urim And Thummim - There is thus a wide divergence among scholars as to the Original signification of the words. ]'>[8]3 was influenced by the analogy of the Babylonian ‘tablets of destiny’ worn by Marduk on his breast, but the further position that these ‘and the Urim and Thummim were Originally one and the same’ (Muss-Arnoit, Urim and Thummim , 213 and passim ), as has been recently maintained, has yet to be proved
Sabbath - ...
The Sabbath, Originally instituted for man at his creation, is of permanent and universal obligation. Originally at creation the seventh day of the week was set apart and consecrated as the Sabbath. As Creator, Christ was the Original Lord of the Sabbath (John 1:3 ; Hebrews 1:10 ). It was Originally a memorial of creation
Deborah - It begins with a reference to Jehovah's Original, grand, and awful manifestation at Sinai (Exodus 19; Deuteronomy 33:2), the sealing of the covenant with Israel, and the ground of all His subsequent interpositions for them
Pray, Prayer - (2) In 1 Thessalonians 5:23 ; 2 Timothy 4:16 , there is no word in the Original for "I pray," see the RV
Darius - Tatnai and Shethar Boznai's effort to hinder it only occasioned the ratification of Cyrus' Original decree by Darius
Esther, Theology of - ...
The writer of Esther kept the Original story, even with its questionable brutality, nationalism, intrigue, and secularism, but gave it a new theological interpretation within the worship and sacred tradition of Israel
Ebal - ...
"The Canaanites" are mentioned in Deuteronomy 11:30, as in Genesis 12:6, as then already in the land, which Originally was held by a Semitic race, but was afterward taken by the Hamitic Canaanites whose Original seat was near the Red Sea, from whence they migrated northwards
Reproach - Paul takes OT phraseology out of its Original context and employs it for his own purpose
Cyprus - )...
Besides Barnabas we have mention of Mnason, an ‘original convert,’ as coming from Cyprus (Acts 21:16 ), but we have no knowledge of how the Church grew in the island until it included 15 bishoprics
Jairus - form of the story the most Original, and explains the representation in Mk
Consecrate, Consecration - These last uses would at least point to the conclusion that τελειόω and τελείωσις tended to become semi-technical terms for the consecration of the priest, having Originally been used to translate the verb in the Heb. Most probably its Original sense is suggested in the corresponding Assyrian kâtû mullû = ‘hand over to one (or make one responsible for) a person or thing or office’ (cf
Ashtoreth - ‘Ashtaroth , Judges 2:13 ; Jdg 10:6 , 1 Samuel 7:13 ; 1 Samuel 12:10 ); in Syria, ‘Atbar, and in Phœnicia, ‘Astart, whence the Hebrew ‘Ashtoreth, with the vowels of bôsheth (‘shameful thing’) substituted for the Original
Ambrosiaster, or Pseudo-Ambrosius - There can be little doubt that, whoever was the author, the work no longer retains its Original form
Shushan - "Loftus" (Chaldaea Susiana ) ascertained next the position of all the 72 pillars of the Original palace
Evolution - In particular, for the formation of our planetary system there is the theory elaborated by Chamberlain and Moulton (and subsequently by Jeans), according to which the planets and their motion are the result of a near encounter between the Original mass of the sun and another large heavenly body which has long since passed on its way
Concubine - " (Compare Genesis 2:24 with Mark 10:9) Now the introduction of a concubine, of how inferior a degree soever she may be, is, to all intents and purposes, a destroying this junction, and, by so much, a breach of the Original appointment of the Lord
Joseph - ...
As Joseph was the beloved son of Jacob, and distinguished by his father with special tokens, of his affection, and which excited the envy of his brethren; so Christ, the beloved and only begotten son of God, by means of that distinguishing token of JEHOVAH, in setting him up, the Head of his body the church, and giving him a kingdom, in his glorious character of Mediator, called forth, as is most generally believed, that war we read of in heaven in the Original rebellion of angels
Anointing - This is not the place to investigate the Original signification of the act of anointing in religious ceremonies (see Robertson Smith, Rel
Eulalius, an Antipope - Fifthly, eventually, serious provocation being given, he settled the question on his own authority, without the sanction of a synod or regard to the canonicity of the Original election
Nimrod - The meaning of the word Nineveh may lead us to his Original name, Nin, signifying "a son," the most celebrated of the sons of Cush
Judges - Sigonius supposes that these elders and judges of cities were the Original constitution settled in the wilderness by Moses, upon the advice given him by Jethro, Exodus 18:21-22 , and continued by divine appointment after the settlement in the land of Canaan; whereas others imagine that the Jethronian prefectures were a peculiar constitution, suited to their condition while encamped in the wilderness, but laid aside after they came into Canaan
Rome - Its first growth is obscure, there being, however, three clearly-defined Original tribes, Ramnians (Latins), Titians (Sabines), and Luceres (Etruscans)
Out - From, noting copy from an Original as, to cite or copy out of Horace
Pleroma - The obscurity of this statement is removed by the active interpretation; the supplementary ‘unfulled’ patch takes away from the Original garment
Phoeni'ce, Phoenic'ia - Concerning the Original race to which the Phoenicians belonged, nothing can be known with certainty, because they are found already established along the Mediterranean Sea at the earliest dawn of authentic history, and for centuries afterward there is no record of their origin
Punishments - Of secondary punishments among the Jews, the Original Principles were, ...
Retaliation , "eye for eye," etc
Witness - 7 (it was a marginal gloss which crept into the Original text: see THREE); it finds no support in Scripture; (c) of the Scriptures, to Christ, John 5:39 ; Hebrews 7:8,17 ; (d) of the works of Christ, to Himself, and of the circumstances connected with His Death, John 5:36 ; 10:25 ; 1 John 5:8 ; (e) of prophets and apostles, to the righteousness of God, Romans 3:21 ; to Christ, John 1:7,8,15,32,34 ; 3:26 ; 5:33 , RV; 15:27; 19:35; 21:24; Acts 10:43 ; 23:11 ; 1 Corinthians 15:15 ; 1 John 1:2 ; 4:14 ; Revelation 1:2 ; to doctrine, Acts 26:22 (in some texts, so AV; see No
Nonnus of Panopolis - The style is very florid, marked by a luxuriance of epithets and Original compounds (often of very arbitrary formation), elaborate periphrasis, and metaphors often piled together in hopeless confusion; and many unusual forms are invented
Pelagius ii., Bishop of Rome - Augustine as to the necessity of all churches being united to apostolic sees, but further cites Cyprian de Unitate Ecclesiae (with interpolations that give the passages a meaning very different from their Original one) in support of the peculiar authority of St
Polycarpus, Moyses of Aghel - ...
It seems highly probable that we have a considerable portion of this Original Philoxenian, in the version of the four minor Catholic Epistles (II
Talents - The first two slaves bring the capital they have Originally received and that which they have made by trading. There is, therefore, no substantial reason for assuming that the same Original parable has developed into these two very different stories. But it is a mere prejudice, on the other side, to imagine that similarities are always to be accounted for as variants of the same Original, and we may well hold that Jesus deliberately developed a similar story along these two different lines, just because He thus brought out significantly different lessons. The total amount is in each case merely a doubling of the Original capital, and the contrast between half and the whole is exaggerated if it is described as a contrast between few and many
Jacob - His name is probably an elliptical form of an Original Jakob’el , ‘God follows’ ( i. ]'>[4] are closely interwoven, though a degree of Original independence is shown by an occasional divergence in tradition, which adds to the credibility of the joint narrative. Again Jacob’s stay must not be measured by days; for he erected an altar ( 2 Chronicles 33:20 ) and dug a well ( John 4:6 ; John 4:12 ), and was detained by domestic troubles, if not of his own Original intention
Apocalyptic Literature - ) The Original ground-work of the present book is to be found in chs. ...
( b ) The (Slavonic) Secrets of Enoch probably had a pre-Christian Original, and further, presupposes the existence of the Ethiopic Enoch. The book is no doubt closely related to the Apocalypse of Baruch , and both apparently reproduce the same Originally Jewish material. It exists to-day in Greek and Syriac versions, with a strong probability that both are derived from Original Hebrew writing
Antichrist - It is not, however, an idea Original to Christianity, but an adaptation of Jewish conceptions which, as Bousset has shown (The Antichrist Legend), had developed before the time of Christ into a full-grown Antichrist legend of a hostile counterpart of the Messiah who would make war against Him but whom He would finally overthrow. The myth appears to have belonged to the common stock of Semitic ideas, and must have become familiar to the Hebrews from their earliest settlement in Canaan, if indeed it was not part of the ancestral tradition carried with them from their Original Aramaean home. Revelation 13:13-1572 Luke 21:20), which occurs in the great eschatological discourse, some critics have seen a parallel to 1618100603_69 and an evident allusion to the Jewish Antichrist tradition; but they do so on the presumption that the words were not spoken by Jesus Himself and are to be attributed to a redactor of the Original source
Son - The word "again" in the AV in Acts 13:33 represents nothing in the Original. He who was thus seen was indeed the "Son of Man," but the absence of the article in the Original serves to stress what morally characterizes Him as such
Unity - Yet this duality exists within the circumference, so to say, of an eternal unity before and after; an Original self-existent principle of evil is excluded by NT thought. -As has been said, the NT attempts no solution of the problem how duality has arisen out of an Original unity, and the same is largely true of the converse problem, how the existent duality is to be finally overcome, resolved into the eternal unity of Divine truth and love
the Angel of the Church in Thyatira - Nay, the more impossible to receive the offered reading is the more certain it is to have stood in the Original text. ...
It was not the schools of the prophets in Israel that made Hosea the great and Original and evangelical prophet that he was
Simeon - " His mentioning his Original name accords with his design in 2 Peter, to warn against coming false teachers (2 Peter 2) by setting forth the true "knowledge" of Christ on the testimony of the Original apostolic eye witnesses like himself
Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Perhaps, then, Originally Jehoiakim ended the second division, and Jehoiachin began the third, and they became confused owing to the similarity of spelling and were written alike (as in 1 Chronicles 3:15 , Jeremiah 52:31 LXX no'ah - The word occurs only in Genesis and in ( Exodus 2:3 ) In all probability it is to the old Egyptian that we are to look for its Original form. With the well-known facts, then, before us regarding this depressed Asiatic region, let us suppose that the human family, still amounting to several millions, though greatly reduced by exterminating wars and exhausting vices, were congregated in that tract of country which, extending eastward from the modern Ararat to far beyond the Sea of Aral, includes the Original Caucasian centre of the race
Cabbala - It is Originally Hebrew, קבלה , and properly signifies reception; formed from the verb קכל , to receive by tradition, or from father to son; especially in the Chaldee and Rabbinical Hebrew. Such is the Original notion of the cabbala. Many learned moderns, relying implicitly upon these authorities, have maintained the same opinion; and have thence been inclined to credit the report of the divine Original of the Jewish cabbala
no'ah - The word occurs only in Genesis and in ( Exodus 2:3 ) In all probability it is to the old Egyptian that we are to look for its Original form. With the well-known facts, then, before us regarding this depressed Asiatic region, let us suppose that the human family, still amounting to several millions, though greatly reduced by exterminating wars and exhausting vices, were congregated in that tract of country which, extending eastward from the modern Ararat to far beyond the Sea of Aral, includes the Original Caucasian centre of the race
Power - ...
In Authorized Version of Gospels ‘power’ is used with about equal frequency to represent two words in the Original, δύναμις and ἐξονσία. In dealing with the most venerated religious precepts and traditions, He acts with the ease and freedom of Original authority, noting limitations and supplying enlarged meanings and higher applications (Matthew 5:33-48). The same qualities of range and Originality are recognized in His sympathy with the outcast and suffering (Luke 7:34; Luke 13:11, John 11:35), in His knowledge of the heart and its temptations (Luke 5:20; Luke 7:47, John 4:18), and in His controversies with the Jewish leaders (Matthew 22:15-46)
Dan - He was the Original ancestor of the tribe of Dan
Zebulun - ...
The Original form of the name is uncertain, there being some evidence in favour of Zebulon , and even Zebul . ’ Zebul is here used of the dwelling of God, elsewhere of the sun and moon, and, therefore, probably designated Originally, in harmony with the Assyrian, a lofty abode, a bçth-har , or mountain sanctuary, such as is referred to in Deuteronomy 33:19 as being in the territory of Zebulun and Issachar
Covenant - Still, here and in the Original (Exodus 24:8) quoted by Christ the idea of testamentary disposition enters
Theudas - ...
(3) Still other interpreters think the Theudas incidents of Acts and of Josephus are so similar in general content that they must have been Originally identical, but it is Josephus, they hold, rather than Acts that is erroneous. Originally he had given no name, or else a different one, and some Christian copyist under the influence of Acts 5:36 introduced the name of Theudas. But most scholars who find Acts at fault think the error a part of the Original composition and due to the author’s defective knowledge of Josephus
Tiberias - The Original inhabitants were foreigners, whom Herod either forced to reside in the new city or to whom he gave special inducements if they would
Devil, Satan, Evil, Demonic - Satan was evidently perfect in his Original state
Baptism of the Holy Spirit - It is unlikely that anybody in John's Original audience knew exactly what he meant by these predictions
Marriage - The institution of marriage dates from the time of man's Original creation
New Heavens And a New Earth - The world God Originally created suffered the catastrophe of sin and all of its consequences but the future new world will be a perfect world in which the effects of sin are no longer present. This provides a continuity and fulfillment of the purposes God began in the Original creation and has now been brought to completion
Martha - Luke was not an Original author but an editor of the Evangelic Tradition, and his aim was not chronological accuracy but the exhibition of Jesus
Matthew (2) - ]'>[2] Levi, according to the analogy of Simon and Peter, may have been the Original name and Matthew the acquired; though, according to Edersheim (Life and Times, i
Flood, the - All the Original generic types then existing were gathered into the ark, from which the species, under many varying circumstances, may have greatly increased
Inspiration - But if the translation conveys exactly the same meaning as in the Original, the words can be said to be inspired: for instance, the words 'God is love,' may surely be said to be the same as ὁ θεὸς ἀγάπη ἐστίν, or Deus caritas est, Dieu est amour, or Dio è carità, to those who can read them
Son of Man - He comes again as man to reinstate man in his Original glory, never to be dispossessed of it
Altar - The Original purpose of an altar was to serve as a means by which the blood of an animal offered in sacrifice might be brought into contact with, or otherwise transferred to, the deity of the worshipper
History, Church - ,state the facts without bias and in their proper perspective, as found in the sources; based on Original sources, i
Minister - The Bible should be well studied, and that, if possible, in the Original language
Law - It was most solemnly proclaimed by God himself at Sinai, to confirm the Original law of nature, and correct men's mistakes concerning the demands of it. Laws, remedial, a fancied law, which some believe in, who hold that God, in mercy to mankind, has abolished that rigorous constitution or law that they were under Originally, and instead of it has introduced a more mild constitution, and put us under a new law, which requires no more than imperfect sincere obedience, in compliance with our poor, infirm, impotent circumstances since the fall
Knowledge of God (1) - It is owing to this state that even arbitrary governments seem to have lost something of their Original ferocity, and that there is a source of improvement in Europe which will, we hope, in future times, shed the most delightful influences on society, and unite its members in harmony, peace, and love
Shem - Methuselah and Shem were the two links between Adam and Isaac, so that the record of creation and man's fall came to Isaac on the testimony of the Original chief actor, transmitted by only two intervening links. Aryan races subsequently occupied the places respectively assigned them by Providence in Canaan and elsewhere; but the Semitics were probably (as the Semitic Melchizedek exemplifies) in Canaan Originally, and the Hamite Canaanites acquired their language
Arminians - Wetstein, Goodwin, Whitby, Taylor, Fletcher, &c Some of the principal writers on the other side have been Polhill in his Book on the Decrees; John Edwards in his Veritas Redux, Cole in his Sovereignty of God; Edwards on the Will, and Original Sin; Dr
Tree - ...
Ezekiel 31:8 (a) This allegory describes Satan in his Original beauty and glory
Borrow - Hence, therefore, the Original word is not, in the strict sense of it, to borrow as a loan; but may be rendered, to ask or request, or beg and crave
Holy - ” The Semitic languages have two separate Original forms of the root
Covenant - This is like their Original promise: “All that the Lord hath spoken we will do” ( Ethelbert, King of Kent - Augustine, according to the Original Documents , by A
Old - A — 1: ἀρχαῖος (Strong's #744 — Adjective — archaios — ar-khah'-yos ) "original, ancient" (from arche, "a beginning:" Eng. , from the first days onward in the sense of Originality, not age; (d) of Mnason, "an early disciple," Acts 21:16 , RV, not referring to age, but to his being one of the first who had accepted the Gospel from the beginning of its proclamation; (e) of things which are "old" in relation to the new, earlier things in contrast to things present, 2 Corinthians 5:17 , i
Synagogue - In our own day the Jews erect synagogues wherever they are sufficiently numerous, and assemble on their Sabbath for worship; this being conducted, that is, the reading or chanting of the Old Testament and of prayers, in the Original Hebrew, though it is a dead language spoken by few among them
Ath'Ens - The inhabitants were previously called Cecropidae, from Cecrops, who, according to tradition, was the Original founder of the city
ba'Bel - On the seventh stage there was probably placed the ark or tabernacle, which seems to have been again 15 feet high, and must have nearly, if not entirely, covered the top of the seventh story The entire Original height, allowing three feet for the platform, would thus have been 156 feet, or, without the plat-form, 163 feet
Vulgate - The position of the Latin Vulgate, as a version of the Original texts of the Bible, has been dealt with in the two articles on the Text of the OT and the NT. Although the English Bible, to which we have been accustomed for nearly 300 years, is in the main a translation from the Original Hebrew and Greek, it must be remembered that for the first thousand years of the English Church the Bible of this country, whether in Latin or in English, was the Vulgate. 404, the Latin Bible as left by him was a very complex structure, the parts of which differed very considerably in their relations to the Original Greek and Hebrew texts. Gall before 842, the Original form of the Glossa Ordinaria , the standard commentary on the Bible in the Middle Ages. After Alcuin and Theodulf no important effort was made to recover the Original text of the Vulgate, though some attempt in this direction was made by Lanfranc, of which no traces seem to survive; but the history of its diffusion can to some extent be followed by the help of the extant MSS, which now begin to increase greatly in number
Rome - -There is a general consensus of opinion that the Original Rome, Roma Quadrata (‘Square Rome’), was on the Palatine Hill only-the hill of Pales, the shepherds’ god. The temple was Originally built about 500 b. The level of the ground round about has been gradually raised in the period intervening between the Original date of the building and the present day. The Original building on this site goes back to the year 179 b. On its destruction by fire, he built a much larger building, which retained the Original name. The Original building, erected in 27 b. The building, Originally erected to all the divine protectors of the Julian house, has since a
Simon Magus - It is probable that these versions are independent re-castings of a common Original. The question in doubt is whether the Original story told only of a conflict between Simon and Peter in Syria, or whether it related an earlier conflict in Syria and a later one in Rome. Probably this is a piecing together of two stories, Originally independent. George Salmon brought light into darkness by distinguishing between Simon of Gitta and the Original Simon Magus. ’ His conclusions are: ‘(1) That all we know of the Original Simon Magus is contained in Acts; (2) that from very early times he has been confused with another Simon’; and he adds: ‘Before such an amalgam of paganism and Christianity could be propounded, it is evident that Christianity must have been for some little time before the world, and that the system cannot possibly be traced back to Simon Magus. His disciples became a sect which bore his name and which persisted long after the death of the Original members
Enoch Book of - (out of their Original order), xvii-xix. And so is the demonology: the origin of evil is traced back to the Satans and an Original evil spirit-world. are Original to this section; lxxx. 1 (see heading), and the Original order of the first four chapters was xcii. -The text is not extant in the Original Semitic form, but we possess a Greek translation of a part, and an Ethiopic version of the whole
Hieronymus, Eusebius (Jerome) Saint - Otto Zöckler (Gotha, 1865); the former gives a vivid, artistic, and, on the whole, accurate picture of his life, with large extracts in the Original from his writings, the latter a critical and comprehensive view of both. according to the Original Greek, as well as from other passages ( e. He began also his studies on the Original of O. They knew Greek; learned Hebrew that they might sing the Psalms in the Original; learned by heart the writings of their teacher (lxxvii. Some portions are taken from Eusebius, but the design and most of the details are Original
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - ) It is commonly cited under the briefer title πρός αἱρέσεις ( contra Haereses ) We possess it entire in the Latin version only, which, however, must have been made from the Greek Original very soon after its composition, since the Latin was used by Tertullian some ten years after, in his tractate adv. Most of the Original work being now lost, the slavish literality of the translator imparts to his version a very high value. Beside this Latin version, which appears to have soon superseded the Greek Original in the Western church, there was a Syriac translation, of which numerous fragments are extant and were first put together by Harvey in his ed. The Greek Original, said to have been still extant in the 16th cent. the first two, we owe the greater part of the Original Greek of bk
Lutherans - ...
Upon Original sin the doctrine of the schoolmen was no less fanciful and remote from every Scriptural idea, than flattering to human pride. Original sin the Roman schoolmen directly opposed to Original righteousness; and this they considered not as something connatural with man, but as a superinduced habit of adventitious ornament, the removal of which could not prove detrimental to the native powers of his mind. Avoiding all intricate questions upon the subject, they taught that Original sin is a corruption of our nature in a general sense, a depravation of the mental faculties and the corporeal appetites; that the resplendent image of the Deity, which man received at the creation of the world, although not annihilated, is nevertheless greatly impaired; and that, in consequence, the bright characters of unspotted sanctity, once deeply engraven on his mind by the hand of the living God are become obliterated, the injury extending to his intellect, and affecting as well his reason and his will as his affections and passions. " The disciples of Lombard, in whatever mode disposed to pervert reason and annihilate Scripture, universally held, that neither before nor after the fall was man in himself capable of meriting heaven; that by the gratuitous endowments of his creation, even in paradise, he was only enabled to preserve his innocence, and not to sin; and that he was utterly incompetent to proceed one step farther, efficaciously to will a remunerable good, and by his natural exertions to obtain a reward above his nature; Original righteousness being reputed not a connate quality, but a supernatural habit
Virgin Birth - The secret of Jesus’ birth may have been for long jealously guarded within the narrow circle among whom it was Originally known. The real reply of Mary to the Original announcement in Luke 2:30-32; Luke 2:36-37 follows in Luke 2:38 ‘Be it unto me according to thy word,’ and her submission to the heavenly will wins the blessing of Elisabeth (Luke 2:42). ]'>[4] The verses are of the same character as the rest of the narrative, and must be the work of a Jewish writer; and there is every reason to believe, with Gunkel, that they are translated from a Hebrew Original. The Hebrew Original of συλλήψῃ there would be a participle,¶ Romans Epistle to the - The indications come from the last two chapters; did these form part of the Original Epistle? In particular, even if ch. -There are here two distinct, though possibly related, problems to be considered: (a) the Original destination of ch. 16 Originally addressed to Rome?-We are at once struck by the fact that though St. ...
It will be understood that the evidence for the doxology after Romans 14:23 is also evidence for the existence of a short recension, since the doxology cannot have stood Originally between Romans 14:23 and Romans 15:1 making a complete break in the sense. ...
We have, then, these three textual phenomena-the existence of a short recension of the Epistle; the displacement, or omission, of the doxology; and the omission of the words ‘in Rome’-together with the doubt attaching to the Original destination of Romans 16:23, though it is not yet clear how far they are all connected. He suggests that the Original Epistle consisted of chs. (1) The Epistle may have Originally ended with Romans 15:33; the short prayer is quite in keeping with St. It must, however, be remembered that if Lake’s view that the Epistle was not Originally intended for Rome be accepted, the reference of the details of the Epistle to the circumstances of the Roman Church will fall to the ground
Resurrection - Paul’s exposition of the resurrection clearly implies a resurrection before the Messianic kingdom in order that the dead may share in its blessings, it is possible that the idea may have been already present in his Original scheme of eschatology, although he had not imparted it to his converts. Paul’s indebtedness to the mystery-religions for any ideas as to the resurrection belongs rather to the discussion of the development of his doctrine than to the evidence for his Original stock of ideas on the subject. ...
Into this Original stock of eschatological belief there broke the new conception of a Messiah who had died and risen. The resurrection of Christ assumes a catastrophic colouring, so to speak: it becomes the first act of Divine intervention in the introduction of the Kingdom, the first step of a process whose culmination also has a catastrophic character derived from the Original scheme of eschatology
Bible - ...
Within the books of the Bible there were Originally no divisions, except in the case of the Psalms, which were always indicated as separate poems, and elsewhere in the case of definite statements of differences of contents, such as the Song of Miriam, the Song of Deborah, ‘the words of Agur,’ and ‘the words of King Lemuel’ (in Prov. Original Languages . All the NT was Originally written in Greek. , Symmachus, who, according to Epiphanius, was a Samaritan turned Jew, although Eusebius calls him an Ebionite, produced a version the aim of which was to render the Original text into idiomatic Greek of good style, with the result, however, that in some places it became a paraphrase rather than a translation. , but there is much difference of opinion as to the Original text of the former. The Original Gothic Version was the work of Ulfilas in the 4th century
Immanuel - It is necessary, first of all, to examine the Original prophecy before discussing the Evangelist’s application of it to Jesus. We are accordingly confronted with the problem whether the Original text is here preserved. Nevertheless, when we look at Isaiah 7:16 we see that it is practically compounded of part of Isaiah 7:22 and part of Isaiah 7:16, whereas the words ‘whose two kings thou abhorrest’ make a much greater impression of Originality. It is quite plain that this interpretation was in general very little controlled by the Original sense of the OT passage quoted. In its Original meaning ‘it expresses the fact that the great mythic mother-goddess was independent of the marriage tie’ (p
Psalms (2) - Here is a case—and there are others—where the argument holds only on the basis of the Greek translation; it would be irrelevant and inapplicable on the basis of the Original Hebrew (cf. Doubtless time might prove that the meaning of a psalm was larger than the Original intention of its composer: this is true more or less of all great literature. But to understand truly its deeper meaning, we must start from its Original intention, and from the situation in view of which it was composed. This is a noble application of the passage, full of poetic and spiritual insight; but it does not justify us in supposing that the psalm was, in its Original intention, Messianic
Matthew, the Gospel According to - (Ηebruikois grammasin ) Probably this Nazarene was the Original Hebrew Gospel of Matthew interpolated and modified, yet not so much so as the Ebionite Gospel. The Original Hebrew of which Papias, etc. ...
A translator would not have presumed to alter Matthew's Original so as to have the air of Originality which it has; if he had, his compilation would never have been accepted as the authentic Gospel of the inspired apostle Matthew by the churches which had within them men possessing the gift of "discerning spirits" (1 Corinthians 12:10)
Language of Christ - It is, therefore, quite possible that Christ possessed a knowledge of Hebrew, and had thus access to the Scriptures in the Original. ’ The theory which Professor Marshall in these articles works out with great ability and skill is that the variant Greek words in parallel passages of the Synoptic Gospels can be traced to one Original Aramaic word; and the result of the application of his theory is that the Aramaic Gospel contained, speaking generally, the ministry of Christ in Galilee. Abbott, Essays chiefly on the Original Texts of OT and NT, 1891, p
Helena, Saint, Mother of Constantine the Great - The Original motive of her journey, he says, was to return thanks to God for His peculiar mercies to her family and to inquire as to the welfare of the people of the country. 403) to Sulpicius Severus, and sending him a piece, as he says, of the true cross brought from Jerusalem by Benedicta Melanius, adds an account of its Original discovery, because, as he says, it is so difficult to credit. He adds that, though pieces were frequently taken from the cross, its Original bulk was miraculously preserved ( Ep
Hebrews - Many have speculated that Hebrews was Originally a sermon preached to a church in Rome (notice the reference to “hearing” and “teaching” in Hebrews 10:19-2059 ) and later sent to a church outside of Rome (Hebrews 13:24 ), perhaps experiencing similar circumstances. In this case, Hebrews 1-12 would represent the Original sermon, and Hebrews 13:1 would represent the brief note ( Hebrews 10:26-313 ) attached for the second congregation. Hebrews 10:32-34 describes a time of persecution endured by the Original recipients
Canticles; the Song of Solomon - The union of Christ and His church was the Original fact in the mind of God, on which human marriage is based (Ephesians 5:23-32). This idea pervades all Scripture, from the Original Eden (Song of Solomon 6:13) down to the restored paradise (Psalms 45:9-15; Revelation 21:2; Revelation 21:9-10; Revelation 22:17)
Jerusalem - The lower portion of the eastern part was the Original fortress, built by prehistoric inhabitants. Zion, the name of the Original fortress, now became synonymous with the city of David
the Unprofitable Servant - "The more," says Newman in one of his thrice-written sermons, "any man succeeds in regulating his own heart, the more he will discern its Original bitterness and guilt. "A Book," says the noble-minded and generous-hearted Chalmers, "of great mental wealth and great mental vigour, rich in scholarship, and of a massive and an Original power
Tiberius - The Emperor Tiberius belonged to the family of the Claudii Nerones, a branch of the patrician gens Claudia which separated from the Original family about the middle of the 3rd cent. These statements are now regarded as historically valueless, and may have been taken from some apocryphal work, possibly the Original Acts of Pilate, known to Justin (Apol
Harmony of the Gospels - ...
The first “modern” solution focused on the hypothesis of a single, Original gospel which is now lost to us. Therefore, some modern questioners will find themselves extremely frustrated when they expect scientifically precise answers about documents, the Original purpose of which was to be religiously reliable about the exciting good news from God through Jesus Christ
Creation - It is not improbable that the scheme of days is a modification of the Original cosmogony, introduced in the interest of the Sabbath law; and this adaptation may account for some anomalies of arrangement which seem to mar the consistency of the scheme. ), the earth as Originally made by Jahweh was an arid lifeless waste, in which no plant could grow for lack of moisture, and where there was no man to till the ground (vv. Looking, however, to the vastly higher antiquity of the Babylonian narrative, to its conformity (even in points which affect the Biblical record) to the climatic conditions of the Euphrates Valley, and to the general indebtedness of Israel to the civilization of Babylon, it cannot reasonably be doubted that the Hebrew narrative is dependent on Babylonian models; though it is of course not certain that the particular version preserved in the tablets referred to is the exact Original by which the Biblical writers were influenced
Hosanna - supra) as ‘corruptions of the Original version’: the addition ‘in the highest,’ he declares to be ‘words which no longer give any sense. Hosanna was, says Alford (on Matthew 21:9), ‘originally a formula of supplication, but [1] conventionally [2] of gratulation, so that it is followed by a dative, and by “in the highest,”—meaning “may it also be ratified in heaven,”—and he cites 1 Kings 1:36, where Benaiah answers David, saying, ‘Amen: the Lord, the God of my lord the king, say so too. But it seems unnatural to postulate so violent an alteration in the meaning of the word—from ‘supplication’ to ‘gratulation,’ when, taken in its Original meaning, it yields a sufficient sense: ‘Save now, for it is to thee, O Son of David, that the power to save us has been given
Magnificat - But most critics (Burkitt, Harnack, Wordsworth) agree that the Original text must have been καὶ εἶπεν without either name. But if the Original text of the Gospel had καὶ εἶπεν Μεγαλύνει, κ
Commandments - This is recognized in the Fourth Gospel, where the Originality of the Christian law is brought into clear prominence (see art. The ethical teaching of Jesus is directed, in the first place, to restoring the commandments to their Original simplicity and purity. ...
(3) Not only is the Moral Law restored to its Original purity, but it is simplified still further
the Man Who Took a Rain of Mustard Seed And Sowed it in His Field - ...
To begin with, the kingdom of heaven in Old Testament times was like a grain of mustard seed in its Original smallness, and then in the great tree that it ultimately became. And in like manner, all our divinity halls had their first Original in that small school which Samuel set up on his father's little property at Ramah
Manichees - ...
The beings engendered from this Original stock consist of a body formed out of the corrupt matter of the kingdom of darkness, and of two souls; one of which is sensitive and lustful, and owes its existence to the evil principle; the other rational and immortal, a particle of that divine light which had been carried away in that contest by the army of darkness, and immersed into the mass of malignant matter. ...
Those souls who believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, renounce the worship of the god of the Jews, who is the prince of darkness, and obey the laws delivered by Christ, and illustrated by Manes the comforter, are gradually purified from the contagion of matter; and their purification being completed, after having passed through two states of trial, by water and fire, first in the moon and then in the sun, their bodies return to the Original mass (for the Manicheans derided the resurrection of bodies, ) and their souls ascend to the regions of light
Nazarene - " In the Original the word separate is Nezer, that is, a Nazarite among his brethren. " In the Original the very same word for separate is used as Genesis 49:26—so that Moses as well as Jacob, declared by the type Joseph, that the great Antitype should be the Nazarite or separate from among his brethren
Prophecy Prophet Prophetess - It was the spoken utterance of the man of vision and inspiration; it was a declaration of the ‘word of Jahweh’; it was a revelation of the Divine will not so much in the sense of prediction-an aspect of prophecy not Original, but subordinate-but rather in the sense of spiritual instruction involving a special degree of religious and ethical insight. Christian prophets are referred to in the context of Acts 2:18, where προφητεύσουσιν is not part of the Original quotation; and the gift which developed at Pentecost in the Church at Jerusalem was destined to spread wherever a Christian society came into being
Corinth - , seven of the Original thirty-eight columns still stand
Red Heifer - ]'>[7] ) has its parallels elsewhere, the Original significance of several of the details is still very obscure. , who suggests that the cow may have been Originally a sacrifice to the dead)
Magi - " Muller (Herzog Cyclopedia) says that the Median priests were not Originally called Magi, but by the names found in the Zendavesta "Atharva," guardians of the fire, and that the Chaldaeans first gave them the name Magi. ...
The Magians probably lost some of the Original purity of the simpler Median religion by contact with the superstitions of Babylon: still there remained some elements of truth and opposition to idolatry, which formed common ground between them and Daniel (Daniel 5:11; Daniel 6:3; Daniel 6:16; Daniel 6:26; Ezra 1:1-4; Isaiah 44:28)
Tree of Life - Tennant, The Sources of the Doctrines of the Fall and Original Sin, Cambridge, 1903, p
Temple - God’s Original plan for such a dwelling place was the tabernacle, which, being a tent, was a movable shrine that could be set up anywhere
Colosse - ...
The Phrygians' Original tendency had been to a mystic worship, namely, that of Cybele; so, when Christianized, they readily gave heed to the incipient gnosticism of Judaizers
Establishments - Among the Celtes, or the Original inhabitants of Europe, the druids were both their priests and their judges, and their judgment was final
Heart - ]'>[3] of the Original text, the heart is said to be conscious both of sorrow and of joy; cf
Nehemiah, Book of - The two books, separated in our Bible and appearing there as Ezra and Nehemiah , Originally formed a single book (as appears from the Talmud, the LXX Righteousness - “Righteousness” in the Original languages denotes far more than in English usage; indeed, biblical righteousness is generally at odds with current English usage
River - The Original Paradise (Genesis 2:10) possessed a river, and Paradise Regained must possess one too
Origenists - As in the material system there is a gravitation of the less bodies towards the greater, there must of necessity be something analogous to this in the intellectual system; and since the spirits created by God are emanations and streams from his own abyss of being, and as self-existent power must needs subject all beings to itself, the Deity could not but impress upon her intimate natures and substances a central tendency towards himself; an essential principle of reunion to their great Original
Church, Gallican - This church always enjoyed certain franchises and immunities, not as grants from popes, but as derived to her from her first Original, and which she took care never to relinquish
Sex, Biblical Teaching on - This overlording by males is a result of sin distorting God's Original plan for humans
New Jerusalem - Second Baruch 4 compares the new city to the Original "paradise, " an interesting comparison in light of Revelation 2:7
Gerizim - It was at Shechem also that all Israel gathered to make Rehoboam king (1 Kings 12:1), and this was the Original capital of the Northern Kingdom
Holy One - Now, since the two passages in which ὅσιος occurs are in a quotation from the LXX Septuagint, and the signification of the term is most likely to be derived from a Hebrew Original, it will be necessary to ask if these two words are uniformly used to represent corresponding Hebrew ones, or used indiscriminately to translation different Heb
Lebbaeus - ...
That there was another Judas besides the traitor among the Twelve is attested by John 14:22, and it is possible that later his name was less used to avoid remembrance of the traitor and confusion with him, and that his Original name ‘Judas’ was replaced by ‘Thaddaeus’ in Mk
Longsuffering - These forms, however, occur in the Original in a number of passages, where the English Bible (both Authorized Version and Revised Version ) has as their rendering ‘patient,’ ‘patiently,’ ‘patience’ (Matthew 18:26, Acts 26:3, Hebrews 6:12; Hebrews 6:15, James 5:7-8; James 5:10)
Daniel, Book of - Four explanations have been offered: ( a ) This section was Originally written in Aramaic, about b. Original was lost and its place filled by an already current Aram. 260) rightly remarks that internal evidence appears to show that (1) and (2) Originally had a separate circulation
Colossae - (Κολοσσαί in the opening of the Epistle, 1:2; in the title, which is not Original, there is about equal authority for Κολοσσαεῖς and Κολασσαεῖς; in the subscription the authority for Κολασσαεῖς predominates)
Colours - Among the writers of the NT the sense of colour is strongest in the author of the Revelation, who partly reproduces the colour-symbolism of earlier authors, priestly, prophetic, and apocalyptic, and partly is Original
Illuminati (3) - But that a set of men of learning and abilities, such as Weishaupt and his associates are allowed to be, should form a conspiracy to overturn, and with more than Gothic rage utterly abolish the arts and sciences, and to restore the supposed Original savage state of man, appears to us a phenomenon in the history of the human heart totally unaccountable
Acacius (7), Patriarch of Constantinople - Acacias was Originally at the head of an orphanage at Constantinople, which he administered with conspicuous success (Suidas, s. The Original documents, exclusive of the histories of Evagrius, Theophanes, and Liberatus, are for the most part collected in the 58th volume of Migne's Patrologia
Areopagite, Areopagus - ...
Areopagus (Acts 17:19 Authorized Version and Revised Version ; Acts 17:22 Authorized Version ‘Mars’ Hill,’ Revised Version ‘Areopagus’; the Revised Version is correct in rendering ‘Areopagus’ in both places, as it preserves the ambiguity of the Original)
Version, the Authorised - The Bishops' Bible was to be followed, being as little altered as the Original would permit
Army - He at once undertook that task of military reorganization which was perhaps his greatest and most Original achievement
Fellow - And if I were writing a Concordance for the learned, and not for the poor man, I should say the Original will justify that it should be, non prœ consortibus, sedpropter consortes
a'Braham - But we find him after a few years in his Original residence at Hebron, for there Sarah died, (Genesis 23:2 ) and was buried in the cave of Machpelah
Name - Sometimes proper names are translated into other languages, losing their Original form, while they preserve their signification
Ark of the Covenant - The only use that was made of it was to be a representation of the former on the great day of expiation, and to be a repository of the Holy Scriptures, that is, of the Original copy of that collection of them made by Ezra after the captivity; in imitation of which the Jews, in all their synagogues, have a like ark or coffer in which they keep their Scriptures
Pilate - However, neither Eusebius nor Jerom, who were both inquisitive and understanding persons, nor any other author who wrote afterward, seems to have seen them, at least not the true and Original acts
Agur - Reasoning from analogy, we may infer that all the proper names in the Old Testament, at their Original imposition, were intended to denote some quality or circumstance in the person or thing to which they belong; and though many, from transference, have ceased to be personally characteristic, yet are they all significative
Rab - "...
In Job 32:9 , it is said, that the רבים , which we render "great men, are not always wise;" a rendering which well expresses the Original meaning of the word
Arise, Arose, Arouse, Raise, Rise, Rouse - , of Christ as a prophet, Acts 3:22 ; 7:37 ; as God's servant in the midst of the nation of Israel, Acts 3:26 ; as the Son of God in the midst of the nation, 13:33 (not here of resurrection, but with reference to the Incarnation: the AV "again" has nothing corresponding to it in the Original, it was added as a misinterpretation: the mention of His resurrection is in the next verse, in which it is stressed by way of contrast and by the addition, "from the dead"); as a priest, Hebrews 7:11,15 ; as king over the nations, Romans 15:12 ; (d) of a spiritual awakening from lethargy, Ephesians 5:14 ; (e) of resurrection from the dead: (1) of the resurrection of Christ, Matthew 17:9 ; 20:19 ; Mark 8:31 ; 9:9,10,31 ; 10:34 ; Luke 18:33 ; 24:7,46 ; John 20:9 ; Acts 2:24,32 ; 10:41 ; 13:34 ; 17:3,31 : 1 Thessalonians 4:14 ; (2) of believers, John 6:39,40,44,54 ; 11:24 ; 1 Thessalonians 4:16 ; of unbelievers, Matthew 12:41
Ravels - In the Original text, in the Samaritan, in the Chaldee and Arabic, it is said that the raven "returned" to the ark; but the Greek interpreters, the Syriac, the Latin, and most of the eminent fathers and commentators, say that it did not return any more
Lord's Supper - --"The Original supper was taken in a private house, an upper chamber, at night, around a table, reclining, women excluded, only the ordained apostles admitted
Precious Stones - ...
The idea of a New Jerusalem built of precious stones (Revelation 21:19-21) was not Original, for it occurs in the prayer of Tobit (Tobit 13:16-17). ...
It is probable that precious stones were Originally valued less for their beauty and rarity than for the magical and medicinal powers which they were supposed to possess
Make - " (7) In Acts 22:1 the verb "I make" represents no word in the Original, lit
Faith - In the Original language of the New Testament, the noun ‘faith’ and the verb ‘believe’ are different parts of the same word
Silvester, Bishop of Rome - The Original Acts have not been preserved
Hebrews, Letter to the - Since the title ‘To the Hebrews’ is not part of the Original writing, there is no clear statement in the Bible to indicate to whom the letter to the Hebrews was written
Levite - A feature of some of the reforms was the organization of temple duties for priests and Levites according to David’s Original plan (2 Chronicles 29:25-30; 2 Chronicles 31:2-19; 2 Chronicles 35:1-15)
Tabernacle - That this is the more correct rendering of the Original ’ôhel mô‘çd , as compared with AV
The open frames after being overlaid with gold according to our present but scarcely Original text (1 Kings 7:29 ) are to be ‘reared up,’ side by side, along the south, west, and north sides of a rectangular enclosure measuring 30 cubits by 10 ( 1 Kings 3:1 ), the east side or front being left open. 30, 31) which, there is reason to believe is a later addition to the Original contents of the Priests’ Code
Fulfilment - Also, as already implied, Authorized and Revised Versions sometimes introduces ‘fulfil’ or ‘be fulfilled’ where the Original has merely ‘do’ or ‘be. And the question may be raised, whether the NT writers were alive to the implication of steady quantitative growth towards fulfilment? Or had the Original suggestions of quantity and of continuousness passed away,—was there assumed a mere between the word and its fulfilment? (If one pours water into a vessel, it fills degrees. But when (as Marti advises) we refer back to Isaiah 5:19, we find that the word ‘hasten’ was introduced Originally to express the temper of a sneerer—‘Let God hurry up, if He is really going to act [8]. We might take Matthew 5:17 b either as spoken here in pure abstraction—‘I am not a destroyer but a fulfiller’—or as Originally a separate logion worked into this context by the Evangelist. On Christ’s Originality in this matter, comp. Thus, after all, the evidence of the Epistles as to the Original meaning of Matthew 5:17 is neutral, or at any rate not decisive
Bible - ...
These sections were divided into verses; of which division, if Ezra was not the author, it was introduced not long after him, and seems to have been designed for the use of the Targumists, or Chaldee interpreters; for after the return of the Jews from the Babylonish captivity, when the Hebrew language ceased to be their mother tongue, and the Chaldee grew into use instead of it, the custom was, that the law should be first read in the Original Hebrew, and then interpreted to the people in the Chaldee language; for which purpose these shorter sections were very convenient. The subdivision of the chapters into verses, as they now stand in our Bibles, had its Original from a famous Jewish Rabbi, named Mordecai Nathan, about 1445. The Bohemians have a Bible translated by eight of their doctors, whom they had sent to the schools of Wirtemberg, and Basil on purpose to study the Original languages: it was printed in Moravia in 1539. The judicious Selden, in his Tabletalk, speaking of the Bible, says, "The best translation in the world, and renders the sense of the Original best; taking in for the English translation the Bishops' Bible, as well as king James's
Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy - The older Gesenius Lexicon edited by Tregelles hypothecated that the noun "prophet" came from the verb naba [1], in which the Original final letter, ayin , was softened into an aleph ( naba [1]); this verb meant "to bubble up" or "boil forth. If the noun nabi [1]1, "prophet, " is the Original form, then the suggestion of W. Even though this call does not come until we are six chapters into the book, it is not to be concluded, as some interpreters have complained, that this was not Isaiah's Original call, for part of the call of God was in the desperate spiritual vacuum that had grown up in Israel. ...
Therefore, the predictive sections of biblical prophecy exhibit certain key characteristics: (1) they are not isolated sayings, but are organically related to the whole of prophecy; (2) they plainly foretell things to come rather than being clothed in such abstruse terminology that they could be proven true even if the opposite of what they appear to say happens; (3) they are designed to be predictions and are not accidental or unwitting predictions; (4) they are written and published before the event, so that it could not be said that it was a matter of human sagacity that determined this would take place; (5) they are fulfilled in accordance with the Original utterance, unless expressly attached to a condition; and (6) they do not work out their own fulfillment, but stand as a verbal witness until the event takes place
Apocrypha - The Original work (chapters 3–14) affords significant evidence of the melancholy condition into which Jewish Messianic hopes had sunk during the gloomy interval between the destruction of Jerusalem and the rise of Bar-Cochba, the reign of Domitian (a. Its Christian interpolations do not materially hinder us from discovering the Original text. Here all we can say of the subject is that the allegorizing is very vivid, so vivid as to be on the verge of the mythopœic, but still in the Original intention of the writer not meant to be more than the glorification of a great quality found primarily in God, impressed on nature, and commended to mankind as a highly desirable attainment. The imagination would so vividly realize the allegorical picture that the idea would seem to assume form and body, condensing to an apparently concrete and even personal presence, so that it would be regarded for the time being as a person, and yet in the course of the meditation this would melt again into an abstraction, and in the less imaginative passages be regarded in its Original character purely as a mode of thought or action. Here we have a curious parallel to the Johannine conception of the Word Originally with God and then becoming incarnate and dwelling with men
Trinity - The doctrine itself bears such striking internal marks of a divine Original, and is so very unlikely to have been the invention of mere human reason that there is no way of accounting for the general adoption of so singular a belief, but by supposing that it was revealed by God to the early patriarchs, and that it was transmitted by them to their posterity. In its progress, indeed, to remote countries, and to distant generations, this belief became depraved and corrupted in the highest degree; and he alone who brought "life and immortality to light," could restore it to its Original simplicity and purity. From this word the Pagan title of Iao and Jove is, with the greatest probability, supposed to have been Originally formed; and in the Golden Verses of Pythagoras, there is an oath still extant to this purpose, "By Him who has the four letters. The Chaldee Paraphrasts translate the Original Hebrew text by Mimra da Jehovah, literally, "the word of Jehovah," a term totally different, as Bishop Kidder has incontestably proved, in its signification, and in its general application among the Jews, from the Hebrew dabar, which simply means a discourse or decree, and is properly rendered by pithgam. The error was propagated from age to age through a long succession of despots, and at length Judaic apostasy arrived at such a pitch of profane absurdity, as to affirm that very phraseology to be borrowed from man which was the Original and peculiar language of the Divinity
Language of the nt - (1) NT writers were steeped in the language of the Greek OT, a translation which largely followed the Hebrew Original with slavish literalness. Help derived from Modern Greek, and from reconstructed Aramaic Originals . The possibility of reconstructing to some extent the Original of our Greek Gospel sources is drawing nearer; and the co-operation of Greek and Semitic scholars promises marked advances in our knowledge of the very kernel of the NT (cf
Tares - have worked over the same Original parable, Mt. ’s parable and the Original parable, the companion of the Net, while the explanation is from the same editor’s hand
Nineveh - At Kileh Sherghat is the presumed Original capital," Asshur," 60 miles S. the rest is nothing!" The language of its inscriptions is Semitic, for the main population was a colony of Asshur, son of Shem; and besides the prevalent Semitic a Turanian dialect has been found on tablets at Koyunjik, derived from its Original Cushite founder Nimrod of Babylon and his band
Hebrews, the Epistle to the - Clement of Alexandria refers it to Paul, on the authority of Pantaenus of Alexandria (in the middle of the second century) saying that as Jesus is called the "apostle" to the Hebrew, Paul does not in it call himself so, being apostle to the Gentiles; also that Paul prudently omitted his name at the beginning, because the Hebrew were prejudiced against him; that it was Originally written in Hebrew for the Hebrew, and that Luke translated it into Greek for the Greeks, whence the style resembles that of Acts. The interweaving of the Septuagint peculiarities into the argument proves that the Greek epistle is an Original, not a translation. The Hebrew Old Testament would have been quoted, had the Original epistle been Hebrew...
Pauline authorship. Rome Originally received this epistle through Clement of Rome, then rejected it, until in the fourth century she saw her error: a refutation of her claim to unchangeableness and infallibility
Repentance - Repentance (μετάνοια) is one of two words used in the NT, both of which Originally denoted a change of mind of any sort. This is equally true of the sermons of the Original apostles and of St. Further, he does not lay great emphasis on the Original and simple change of attitude in his converts
Justice - In Daniel 4:37 ‘His ways are judgment,’ the Original is dîn . In Exodus 18:13-27 we have what purports to be the Original institution of the administration of justice by the elders of clans, Moses himself acting in the capacity of a kind of court of appeal ( Exodus 18:26 ); it is, of course, quite possible that, so far as Israel was concerned, this account is historically true, but the institution must have been much older than the time of Moses, and in following Jethro’s guidance, Moses was probably only re-instituting a régime which had long existed among his nomad forefathers
Life - We find the ground of this feeling in the view that God is not only the Original Creator or Source of life, but directly its Sustainer in all its forms ( Psalms 36:6 , Psalms 104:1-35 ; Psalms 145:1-21 passim ). equivalent of three terms used in the Original (1) zôç
Gods And Goddesses, Pagan - Original meaning of the name is unknown but the Old Testament form, Baal-zebub, means "Lord of the flies"; in Jesus' day this god is derisively called Beel-zebul (NIV Beelzebub), "lord of dung, " and identified with Satan, the ruler of demons (Matthew 12:24 ). Enlil was the Original chief god until the Code of Hammurabi and the Creation Epic focused on Marduk instead
Revelation, Idea of - Such a reflection helps anchor our understanding and use of Scripture in the religious veneration and doctrinal authority of the Bible books in their Original communities, which reaches its remarkable climax in the use made of the Old Testament Scriptures by Jesus himself, which set the pattern for the Christian understanding of both Old and New Testaments. The conventional and reasonable response has been to focus on the "original" text, the autograph of the human author
Mockery - Even if Original in Mk. Frazer urges as an objection to this that, while it is possible that the Saturnalia may have been celebrated in Jerusalem at what seems to have been its Original date in March, it is much more likely that it was really held in December, which, of course, does not harmonize with the time of year at which the Crucifixion took place. Originally Haman and Mordecai were the same, but one personated the dead and the other the risen deity
the Angel of the Church of Ephesus - When that great genius and great saint comes upon the Nicolaitans in these Epistles, he has an Original way of interpretation all his own. And not the Nicolaitans of Ephesus only; but the Egyptians, and the Babylonians, and as often as the name of any "enemy" occurs in the Old Testament, and it occurs in the Psalms continually, that so great and so Original man interprets and translates them all into his own sinful thoughts and sinful feelings and sinful words and sinful actions
Various Readings - ...
It must be borne in mind that from the time the New Testament was Originally written till about A. ...
All the above editions are very similar, but at this period more attention was called to the variations in the manuscripts, and they were carefully compared, with the laudable aim to discover what was the text as it stood Originally . ...
Besides the Greek manuscripts there are other helps by which to ascertain what was the Original Greek text. ...
From the above it may be conceived what labour was involved in the Original examination of so many witnesses for or against a reading
Man - ...
This noun is related to the verb 'âdom, “to be red,” and therefore probably relates to the Original ruddiness of human skin. Original knowledge, righteousness, and holiness are destroyed
Daniel - Special and extraordinary, Original and unparalleled seasons of prayer, when you literally do nothing else day nor night but pray. ' And Daniel was of Pascal's deep and Original mind
Creation - The term is therefore most generally applied to the Original production of the materials whereof the visible world is composed. We also see in these passages the rudiments of the Platonic philosophy, the eternal ideas in the divine mind, &c; and were any question to arise respecting the Original author of these notions, we should have little hesitation in giving it against the Greeks
Psalms the Book of - The titles or inscriptions of the Psalms are not by the Original authors, but belong to an early age
Hebrew - While most nouns were derived from a verbal root, some were Original nouns which gave rise to verbs (denominatives)
Reuben - ’ The names given here must be the Original names, as it is improbable that the author would allow the worshippers of Jahweh to couple with the names of their cities the gods Nebo and Baal
Lord's Day - The Sabbath was Originally instituted as a provision for deep physical and spiritual needs of human nature. Our Lord found the Original institution almost hidden beneath a mass of traditional regulations. The Acts shows us that the Christians who were Originally Jews observed both the Sabbath and the Christian Lord’s Day ( Acts 21:20 f
Nazirite - This, then, seems to have been the Original observance. ...
The Nazirite vow was Originally a life-long obligation
Ransom - Hollmann has sought by elaborate investigation to discover the Aramaic term of which λύτρον is the equivalent; he thinks that this inquiry results more favourably for the idea of ‘liberating’ than of ‘covering’ in the Hebrew Original (Die Bedeutung des Todes Jesu, Tübingen, 1901, p
Monk - " This Original of monks seems to have been this: The persecutions which attended the first ages of the Gospel forced some Christians to retire from the world, and live in deserts and places most private and unfrequented, in hopes of finding that peace and comfort among beasts, which were denied them among men; and this being the case of some very extraordinary persons, their example gave such reputation to retirement, that the practice was continued when the reason of its commencement ceased
Vine - The "gathering out of the stones" answers to God's dislodging the Original inhabitants before Israel, and the "fencing" to God's protection of Israel from surrounding enemies
Hosea - He declares throughout that a return to Jehovah is the only remedy for the evils existing and impending: the calf worship at Bethel, established by Jeroboam, must be given up (Hosea 8:5-6; Hosea 10:5; Hosea 13:2); unrighteousness toward men, the necessary consequence of impiety towards God, must cease, or sacrifices are worthless (Hosea 4:2; Hosea 6:6, based on Samuel's Original maxim, 1 Samuel 15:22). No more remarkable prophecy exists of Israel's anomalous and extraordinary state for thousands of years, and of her future restoration, than Hosea 3:4-5; "Israel shall abide many days without a king (which they so craved for Originally), without a sacrifice (which their law requires as essential to their religion), without an image
Raca - The words of Jeremiah are understood in this passage as a prediction of the slaughter of the Innocents, but in their Original connexion they refer to a historical incident in the prophet’s own life
Bible, Formation And Canon of - Respect grew later when the Original witnesses began to die off and the epistles circulated among the churches
Peter, Second, Theology of - They have compounded their guilt and punishment by turning against Jesus Christ and by luring recent converts back into their Original corruption (2:20-22)
High Priest (2) - —The terms ‘high priest’ and ‘chief priest’ in the NT represent the same Original (ἀρχιερεύς), varied in translation to correspond with the uses of the term as explained below
Kindness - In all these passages (except Acts 27:3; Acts 28:2, where it renders φιλανθρώπως, φιλανθρωπία, Titus 2:5, where it renders ἀγαθός, and 2 Peter 1:7, where ‘brotherly kindness’ renders φιλαδελφία) the Original has χρηστός, χρηστότης, χρηστεύειν
Marriage (ii.) - According to the Original Divine purpose, man and wife were no longer two persons but one flesh
Stephen - The first line is this-that the Original covenant made between God and Israel was concluded not with Moses but long before with Abraham and the patriarchs, and, since the Mosaic covenant had been thus preceded by an earlier and more spiritual one, it might also be followed by a later and more spiritual one (‘A covenant confirmed beforehand by God, the law, which came four hundred and thirty years after, doth not disannul, so as to make the promise of none effect’ (Galatians 3:17)
Silas or Silyanus - As this implies the presence of Silas again at Antioch, it may be supposed that Paul has sent for him to Jerusalem, or that he has returned of his own accord after reporting to the primitive Church the fulfilment of his Original mission; Acts 15:34 (Authorized Version , ‘it pleased Silas to abide there still’), which appears with variations in some ancient Manuscripts , is generally regarded as a gloss
Creation - That Genesis 1:1 refers to the Original creation of the heaven and earth out of nothing; that the different beds were formed with the varying objects that are found therein as fossils, occupying a very long period
Spitting - If Adam hath made us by Original sin naked, and we all by actual transgression have done the same—behold Jesus
Dereliction - שׁבַקחָּני (σαβαχυανει), D [α]'>[1]ζαφυανεί, being a reminiscence of the Original
Galerius, Emperor - 18; nicknamed Armentarius from his Original occupation
Man - This constituted his Original righteousness, which was universal, both with respect to the subject of it, the whole man, and the object of it, the whole law
Apostolic Fathers - Five Apostolic Fathers appear in the Original seventeenth century list: Barnabas, Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, and Hermas
Didymus, Head of the Catechetical School - He also asserts the transmission of Original sin: a Saviour born by ordinary generation would have incurred the sin entailed on Adam's whole posterity
Water - ...
First, “water” is one of the Original basic substances
Angels of the Seven Churches - ’ Even on the supposition that the Ethiopic version, supported by some Greek Manuscripts , is a correct translation of the Original, and the simple word ‘Church’ is substituted for ‘angel of the Christian Church,’ we are confronted by the primitive identification of the Church and its angel (see Charles, Asc
Nazareth - But because his countrymen had no faith in him, and were offended at the meanness of his Original, he did not many miracles here, Matthew 13:54 ; Matthew 13:58 , nor would he dwell in the city
Monk - The Original of monks seems to have been this: The persecutions which attended the first ages of the Gospel forced some Christians to retire from the world, and live in deserts and places more private and unfrequented, in hopes of finding that peace and comfort among beasts which were denied them among men; and this being the case of some very extraordinary persons, their example gave such reputation to retirement, that the practice was continued when the reason of its commencement ceased
Luke - Whoever will examine the evangelist's and the Apostle's account of the eucharist in their respective Original works, will observe a great coincidence of expression, Luke 22; 1 Corinthians 11, St
Sacrament - It is supposed to be necessary that the priest, in pronouncing the words, has the intention of giving to the matter that divine virtue; otherwise it remains in its Original state
Jericho - There was, therefore, a city of Jericho which stood in the neighbourhood of the Original Jericho
Mount Mountain - The words ‘a mount’ are not in the Original of Hebrews 12:18, but they are implied by the words ‘mount Zion’ in Hebrews 12:22 (cf
Pass - passus, a step, and this is from pando, to extend n being casual, the Original word was pado
Ptolemae'us, - The critical faculty was called forth in place of the creative, and learning in some sense supplied the place of Original speculation
Mount Mountain - The words ‘a mount’ are not in the Original of Hebrews 12:18, but they are implied by the words ‘mount Zion’ in Hebrews 12:22 (cf
Man - ...
Note: In many cases the word "man" is combined with an adjective to translate one word in the Original
Rabbulas, Bishop of Edessa - ...
Nearly all his few surviving works were printed by Overbeck in the Original Syriac text, in his ed
Elder - These names are translations of only two words in the Greek of the Original New Testament, presbuteroi and episkopoi, and both words seem to apply to the same office and person
Sanctification - Neither was so distorted by the fall so as to obliterate God's Original purpose and design completely. ...
God sought Adam and Eve, indicating that restoration of the Original purpose would be undertaken by him. Its purpose for unbelievers is to show them how far from the Original design they have come
Genealogies of Jesus Christ - For about 460 years, from David to the Captivity, we have 14 names, and know there should be 18; for about 590 years, from the Captivity to Christ, we have, against all reasonable probability, only 13 (perhaps Originally 14) names. This Original document may or may not have ended ‘Joseph begat Jesus’ (Ἰωσὴφ δὲ ἐγέννησεν τὸν Ἰησοῦν): it is perhaps the easiest solution of the difficulties of this verse to suppose that, if it did so end, the compiler omitted the last step, as in conflict with his belief in the Virgin-birth, and added a note to the previous step to explain the relation in which Jesus stood to Joseph. He discusses fully the reading in Matthew 1:16, and concludes that we cannot look on the reading of the Sinaitic Syriac (‘Jacob begat Joseph; Joseph, to whom was betrothed Mary the Virgin, begat Jesus, who is called the Christ’) as containing traces of an Original text. If, therefore, the compiler followed a pedigree ready to hand, he did so only as far as the step ‘Jacob begat Joseph’; and textual criticism will not help us to reconstruct the presumed Original document beyond that point
Holiness Purity - -The Original idea is stated by A. Jahweh, as holy, in Hebrew thought is not Originally opposed to the universe, but rather is guarded or guards Himself, on the one hand against the arrogance and presumption of man (1 Samuel 6:20) and, on the other, against the false deity of the national gods (Joshua 4:19 ff. ...
The real antithesis to ‘holy’ in this Original sense is, therefore, ‘profane’ or ‘common’ (ḥôl, βέβηλος, lit. ἄγιος is applied to God, or to the ‘name’ of God (Luke 1:49, Revelation 4:8), In both these usages the significance is the same, and recalls the Original meaning
Papyri And Ostraca - ...
Suppose for a moment that chance excavations in an absolutely dry mound of rubbish were to lead to the discovery of whole bundles of Original private letters, contracts, wills, judicial reports, etc. Then comes a long series of other early Christian Original letters in Greek and Coptic, from the 3rd cent. Centuries that had long been supposed to be knowable only from the folios of Fathers of the Church are made to live again by these Original documents documents of whose complete naïveté and singleness of purpose there can be no doubt. The existence of Semiticisms in the Greek Bible is of course not denied by recent Biblical investigators in the books translated from Semitic Originals they are really numerous but the number of Semiticisms has been considerably reduced, and in proportion as the Semitic character of the NT recedes, its popular character is made to advance
Christianity - We have therefore to ask, What was precisely the nature of the religion founded by Christ as recorded in the Gospels and Epistles? Has it remained in substance the same without fundamental change? If, as is obvious, it has markedly altered during a long period of growth and expansion, has its development been legitimate or illegitimate? That is, has the Original type been steadfastly maintained, or has it been seriously perverted? Is a norm fairly ascertainable and a return to type from time to time possible?...
iii. According to Newman’s theory, the Original germs of doctrine and worship were developed normally and legitimately as determined by the criteria he specifies—Preservation of type, Continuity of Principle, Power of assimilation, Logical sequence, and the rest. Had the growth of fifteen hundred years in doctrine, worship, and organization simply made explicit what was implicit in the New Testament; or were the accretions to the Original faith excrescences, exaggerations, or more serious corruptions; and how was a line to be drawn between false and true? The Reformation was a protest against abuses which had become ingrained in Catholicism. The Reformers claimed to be returning to Original principles—to the New Testament instead of the Church; to justification by faith instead of salvation by baptism, absolution, and the Mass; and to direct acknowledgment of the Headship of Christ instead of blind submission to the edicts of His vicar upon earth
Originality - ORIGINALITY. —It is not surprising that attempts should have been made to dispute Christ’s claim to Originality. Under whichever aspect we regard His Person, whether we consider Him in His historical relations, or contemplate the eternal truth revealed in Him, on either side opportunity presents itself for disputing the Originality of His doctrine. And under this aspect of the Saviour’s doctrine the question presents itself, whether it may not be sufficiently accounted for on the lines of a natural development of the religious tendencies of the age in which He lived, and whether He has indeed contributed anything new and Original to the religious history of the world. ...
But, on the other hand, the tendency to emphasize the eternal truth revealed in the Person of Christ, while it seems to rebut such attempts to reduce His doctrine to the product of the religions developments of the age in which He lived, may lead indirectly to the challenging of His Originality from another side. The very fact that the truth which Christ proclaimed is eternal, may be regarded as a proof that He can lay no claim to Originality in the declaration of it. ’ It is easy to understand how, from this point of view, arguments might be urged against the Originality of Christ, in a spirit very different from that which animates Augustine in his remark. And on the strength of the occasional points of resemblance, which have been thus collected, between the teaching of the Saviour and that of those who have gone before Him, the Originality of Christ has been disputed, and His claim to be the founder of a new religion denied. ...
We propose to consider some of the attempts which have thus been made from different sides to prove the indebtedness of Christ to those who preceded Him, and to discuss the worth of the charge of want of Originality based upon the evidence thus adduced. In some of the cases we have to consider, it is the question of the Originality not so much of Christ as of Christianity that is involved, as the Person of Christ is either left out of account as a pure piece of fiction, or reduced to such mean proportions as rob it of all historical significance. But inasmuch as in such cases the attempt is made to disprove the Originality of that religious movement which we, at any rate, associate with the Person of Christ, we may fitly consider them here, so far, at least, as the criticism in question involves the doctrine of the Master as distinguished from the Apostles. Still, In some cases the correspondence between the NT parallels and the Original utterances of Seneca is so close, that Bauer is of opinion that the NT authors must have had the writings of the Roman sage before them. —From the side of Buddhism, also, attacks have been made on the Originality of Christianity. ...
To account for the presence of so much material in the Gospels borrowed front Buddhist sources, Seydel formulates the hypothesis that, in addition to the two sources generally recognized as underlying the Synoptic Gospels—the collection of Sayings, and the Original Mark—there must also have existed a third source, a poetic-apocalyptic Gospel, in which the Christian material must have been worked up after the pattern of the Buddhist Gospels, with the incorporation of much that was derived from Buddhist sources. If we claim Originality for Him, we recognize that Originality does not mean an entirely new start, the severance of all the links which bind the new Teacher to the religious development of the nation to which He belongs. Such Originality is an idle figment of the imagination. If the Original teacher is to be a teacher at all, if he is to exercise any influe
Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia - Julian's visit was doubtless the occasion upon which Theodore wrote his book Against the Defenders of Original Sin . Fragments of the Greek Original survive in the catena of Nicephorus (Lips. More recently attention has been called to a Syriac version (Baethgen), and new fragments of a Latin version and of the Original Greek have been printed. In the Original it reached the prodigious length of 25 (Phot. Augustinum defendentem Originale peccatum et Adam per transgressionem mortalem factum catholice disserentem
Judas Iscariot (2) - ), but argues that it cannot be part of the Original text. ) thinks that Ἰσκαριώθ was the Original reading, and points back to the Hebrew, whilst ὁ ἁπὸ Καριώτου corresponds to the equivalent Aramaic דִּקִרִיוֹת or דְּמִן קְרִיוֹת Hence the surname Iseariot probably means ‘a Kariothite. But the definite article is not found with this phrase in any other passage in the Gospels; moreover, it is almost impossible to believe that when the Gospels were written the assertion that Judas was ‘the chief’ or even primus inter pares had a place in the Original text. ) of the disciples; perhaps it was Originally the question of Judas, though St. ‘To suppose that Judas is now brought before us as one Originally doomed to perdition, and that his character was but the evolving of his doom, would contradict not only the meaning of the Hebraic expression “son of” (which always takes for granted moral choice), but the whole teaching of this Gospel
Birth of Christ - 1 and 2, he has also introduced touches acceptable to a Greek, and that one word, in common use to-day, was wanting in the Original Christian phraseology, the word ‘Saviour. 23) to admit that the whole of the story of Simeon is told in a strongly Hebraistic style, he maintains that it is not said that the Original motive of the incident is also of Hebrew origin. ...
(c) If the interpolator of these two verses in question had done his work so ‘clearly and effectively’ as Schmiedel maintains, it is surely surprising that he should have allowed any of those passages in the Original document to stand which could refer in any way to Joseph’s parentage
Adam - Not that it could be a matter of more difficulty to Omnipotence to create man than any thine beside; but principally, it is probable, because he was to be the lord of the whole and therefore himself accountable to the Original proprietor; and was to be the subject of another species of government, a moral administration; and to be constituted an image of the intellectual and moral perfections, and of the immortality of the common Maker. ...
The notion that the Original resemblance of man to God must be placed in some one essential quality, is not consistent with holy writ, from which alone we can derive our information on this subject. Man, therefore, in his Original state, was sinless, both in act and in principle
Hebrews, Epistle to - Whether, however, this conclusion was based on sound traditional evidence or was merely arrived at from the internal character of the writing itself, must be left to research or conjecture; for we must not suppose that the words ‘to Hebrews’ form any part of the Original document. Paul wrote it Originally in Hebrew, suppressing his name from motives of expediency, and that St. A formidable array, however, of NT critics, especially Continental, now advocate the theory that, in spite of appearances to the contrary, the Original readers of our Epistle were Gentiles or mainly Gentiles ( e
Tombs - ...
The present chamber in the church of the Holy Sepulchre was formed when the church was built, by cutting away a portion of the Original tomb chamber so as to leave a sort of cave, and the floor was leveled at the same time. " The fact that the locuhs tomb was formed out of an Original koka tomb, whereas our Lord's loculus tomb was a "new" one "wherein was man never yet laid" (John 19:41), seems to be fatal to the claim of the so-called Holy Sepulchre, independently of the argument of its having been probably inside the walls
Corinthians, Second Epistle to - There is no ground for supposing that the letter is not now in its Original form. Our authorities for the text are early enough to make us question the possibility of a sufficient time elapsing for so serious a modification of the Original text
Lord (2) - in that part of the Gospel which is regarded by critical editors as not belonging to the Original Manuscripts . The variation of title in addressing Jesus suggests that in the Original language of the Gospels at least two titles were employed
Peter - Nature herself, as we call her, had, with her ever-bountiful and Original hands, stamped his supremacy upon Peter before he was born. And when he came to be a disciple of Jesus Christ he entered on, and continued to hold, that natural and aboriginal supremacy over all inferior men, till a still more superior and supreme man arose and took Peter's supremacy away from him. Peter was naturally and constitutionally of the enthusiastic temperament, and his conversion and call to the discipleship did not decompose or at all suppress his true nature; the primal elements of his character remained, and the Original balance and the proportion of those elements remained
Jews - The land had to be taken by force from the Original inhabitants
Resurrection - ...
Not just the Original disciples but all disciples are changed because of Jesus’ resurrection (Ephesians 2:5-6; Revelation 1:17-18)
Paul - ...
Background and conversion...
Paul’s Original name was Saul
Unicorn - Good says, "the Original reem, by all the older translators rendered rhinoceros, or unicorn, is by some modern writers supposed to be the bubalus, bison, or wild ox
Creation - The term is therefore most generally applied to the Original production of the materials whereof the visible world is composed
Work - In the Original languages of the Bible, the word ‘work’ had a broad meaning. As a result of sin, people lost the spiritual power that God Originally gave, so that the physical creation, which was intended for their enjoyment, became the means of their torment
Quirinius - We might suppose that the clause Luke 2:2 was not in the Original narrative, but was a marginal date inserted by an early copyist, who made a mistake as to the census intended; but the Manuscripts afford no warrant for this suggestion
Wisdom of Christ - In the growth of the child Jesus, God saw for the first time human nature expanding and perfecting itself according to its Original ideal and plan, unhindered and undistorted by sin; and upon the gracious spectacle God and man looked with approval (Luke 2:40; Luke 2:52)
Capital Punishment - Has the Lord spoken forever against eating rare meat and for executing killer animals? Is it sound biblical interpretation if we interpret “by man shall his blood be shed” as a divine command for capital punishment yet consistently ignore the other commands in the context in which it is found?...
How do we explain the Lord's protection of Cain in Genesis 4:15 where a “mark” was placed on him to fend off self-appointed executioners? God's grace spared the Original first-degree murderer
Service - ...
διάκονος is used in what was doubtless the Original meaning of the word, i
Sorcery - ’ The place of the word and the well-known custom of the time suggest that the true meaning, in conformity with the Original designation of the word, is ‘poisoning
Abomination of Desolation - The Original reference is clearly to the desecration of the Temple by the soldiers of Antiochus Epiphanes, the ceasing of the daily burnt-offering, and the election of an idol-altar upon the great Altar of Sacrifice in b
Diana - Afterwards various developments in this Original conception take place
For - "And Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for flocks, and for the cattle of the herds " that is, according to the Original, he gave them bread against horses like the Gr
Doxology - —It can no longer be doubted that this was not a part of the prayer as it stood Originally in Matthew. Of this final doxology the Original source may have been 1 Chronicles 29:11, which shaped the Synagogue usage and thereby that of the Christian Church
Fruit (2) - The Original application of the parable is, doubtless, to the scribes and the chief priests who rejected Jesus, but it is equally applicable to any who think they can do as they please with their life and ignore all obligations to the Giver and Lord
Vulgate, the - " The evils could only be remedied by going back to the Original Greek
Evil - Samuel Clarke, in his "Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God," deduces from the possibility and real existence of human liberty an answer to the question, What is the cause and Original of evil? For liberty, he says, implying a natural power of doing evil, as well as good; and the imperfect nature of finite beings making it possible for them to abuse this their liberty to an actual commission of evil; and it being necessary to the order and beauty of the whole, and for displaying the infinite wisdom of the Creator, that there should be different and various degrees of creatures, whereof, consequently, some must be less perfect than others; hence there necessarily arises a possibility of evil, notwithstanding that the Creator is infinitely good
Paul - " In them we observe the transforming and elevating power of grace in one Originally turbulent and passionate-making him a model of many and Christian excellence; fearless and firm, yet considerate, courteous, and gentle; magnanimous, patriotic, and selfsacrificing; rich in all noble sentiments and affections. These epistles, in which the principles of Christianity are developed for all periods, characters, and circumstances, are among the most important of the primitive documents of the Christian religion, even apart from their inspired character; and although they seem to have been written without special premeditation, and have reference mostly to transient circumstances and temporary relations, yet they everywhere bear the stamp of the great and Original mind of the apostle, as purified, elevated, and sustained by the influences of the Holy Spirit
Minister - , Mark 1:31 ; Luke 10:40 , "serve;" John 12:2 , "served;" (c) of relieving one's necessities, supplying the necessaries of life, Matthew 25:44 ; 27:55 ; Mark 15:41 ; Acts 6:2 , "serve;" Romans 15:25 ; Hebrews 6:10 ; more definitely in connection with such service in a local church, 1 Timothy 3:10,13 , [1]; (d) of attending, in a more general way, to anything that may serve another's interests, as of the work of an amanuensis, 2 Corinthians 3:3 (metaphorical): of the conveyance of materials gifts of assisting the needy, 2 Corinthians 8:19,20 , RV, "is ministered" (AV, "is administered"); of a variety of forms of service, 2 Timothy 1:18 ; of the testimony of the OTs prophets, 1 Peter 1:12 ; of the ministry of believers one to another in various ways, 1 Peter 4:10,11 (not here of discharging ecclesiastical functions)
Baptism - The Original meaning of ‘baptize’ was ‘dip’ or ‘immerse’, suggesting that believers were immersed in water
Doxology - —It can no longer be doubted that this was not a part of the prayer as it stood Originally in Matthew. Of this final doxology the Original source may have been 1 Chronicles 29:11, which shaped the Synagogue usage and thereby that of the Christian Church
Stephanus i., Bishop of Rome - " Cyprian's answer was: "As to your custom, however old, it is a corrupt one, and not primitive; no custom can be set against truth, to get at which we must go back to the Original fountain
Zephyrinus - In addition to this testimony of Tertullian (whose treatise against Praxeas, written in the time of Zephyrinus, has been supposed, not without reason, to have been directed against the reigning pope as much as against the Original heresiarch) we have that of the Refutation of all Heresies , attributed to HIPPOLYTUS, a learned writer of great note in his day, whose real ecclesiastical position is still open to discussion
Aristion (Aristo) - as the Original ending). ), that the Appendix to Mark is not the Original full narrative, but an excerpt, constitutes the next step in the solution of our problem. 758) had access to it in a fuller, more Original form; for he adds after v
Religion (2) - Thus Schleiermacher in his Reden über die Religion has nothing to say on religious authority, and in a chapter on the nature of religion practically identifies revelation with intuition and Original feeling (p. The OT provided Him not only with illustrations of His own Original thought (Matthew 12:39-42, Luke 4:25-27), but with canons of judgment and standards of authority (Matthew 5:18), and even with personal assurance in the time of moral temptation (Matthew 4:4; Matthew 4:7; Matthew 4:10) and of mortal weakness (Matthew 27:46, Luke 23:46). In this medium, too, much of the pure impression of the Original production is lost. Whether they were Originally offered in fear of malevolent deities, or in commemoration of the ghosts of the departed, or to renew the covenant of a tribe with its proper deity, does not greatly matter
Trial of Jesus - —The question whether Jesus was legally condemned to death starts an interesting problem in historical jurisprudence, but it was not present to the minds of the Evangelists or of the Original reporters of the Passion; and this, combined with the condensed, fragmentary, and even discrepant character of their traditions, renders it extremely difficult to answer the question with any confidence in the affirmative or the negative. But this does not necessarily prove that it is more Original, for St. ...
The traditional order of the text in John 18, however, does not appear to represent the Original
God - 165) perhaps to have been Originally the name of a Canaanite deity, but applied to the true God. What it Originally signified is uncertain; the root from which it is derived might mean ‘to blow’ or ‘to breathe,’ or ‘to fall,’ or ‘to be. 409), the important thing for us to know is not what the name meant Originally, but what it came actually to denote to the Israelites. This name seems Originally to have referred to God’s presence with the armies of Israel in the times of the monarchy; as fuller conceptions of God became prevalent, the name received an ampler meaning. The descriptions written so many centuries later are necessarily coloured by the ideas of the author’s age, and we have to depend largely on the survival of old customs in historical times customs which had often acquired a new meaning, or of which the Original meaning was forgotten. But, on the other hand, the Second Commandment need not have formed part of the Original Decalogue; and there is a very general opinion that the making of images of Jahweh was thought unobjectionable up to the 8th cent. , though Kautzsch believes that images of wood and stone were preferred to metal ones because of the Canaanitish associations of the latter ( Exodus 34:17 , but see Judges 17:3 ); he thinks also that the fact of the Ark being the shrine of Jahweh and representing His presence points to its having contained an image of Jahweh (but see § 3 above), and that the ephod was Originally an image of Jahweh ( Judges 8:26 f. β ); even the common use of the plural name ‘Elohim,’ whatever its Original significance (see § 2 above), would necessarily prepare them for the doctrine of distinctions in the Godhead, as would the quasi- personification of ‘the Word’ and ‘Wisdom’, as in Proverbs, Job, Wisdom, Sirach, and in the later Jewish writers, who not only personified but deified them (Scott, in Hastings’ DB Man - In Romans 7 he recognizes no ‘original sin,’ no hereditary influence even, as active in producing the captivity from which the Spirit of Christ delivers. But when we read that ‘through one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners’ (Romans 5:19), we must not assume with Augustine that this refers to the peccatum Originale handed down by the inherent concupiscentia of the sexual act; nor must we be influenced unconsciously by the popular science of to-day, so as to imagine that there is a reference to heredity. It should be noted that contemporary Jewish theology gives no sufficient warrant for ascribing a doctrine of ‘original sin’ to St. Paul would postulate the Original mortality of human nature, with a potential immortality lost through sin (Romans 5:12)
Job - ]'>[4] as restored to its Original form by means of the Sahidic translation first published in 1889. A few have found in this shorter edition the Original text of the book, but most ascribe the minus of the LXX Ascension of Isaiah - Further, the Original was probably written in Hebrew. The fusion of the three Originally distinct conceptions of the Antichrist, of Beliar, and of Nero Redivivus cannot well be put earlier than a. ) are probably Original to the work. The title ‘Son of Man’ in the Latin and Slavonic versions of 11:1 is probably Original, and was excluded by the editor of the present Greek version for doctrinal reasons (see Charles, Asc
Mahometanism - He entrusted his beloved wife, Raphsa, the daughter of Omar, with the keeping of the chest of his apostleship, in which were laid up all the Originals of the revelations he pretended to have received by the ministration of the Angel Gabriel, and out of which the Koran, consisting of one hundred and fourteen surats, or chapters, of very unequal length, was composed after his death. Far from supporting its arrogant claim to a supernatural work, it sinks below the level of many compositions confessedly of human Original; and still lower does it fall when compared with that pure and perfect pattern which we justly admire in the Scriptures of truth. Here, too, may be traced the grand and Original outlines of that sensual paradise, and those luxurious enjoyments, which were so successfully employed in the Koran, to gratify the ardent genius of the Arabs, and allure them to the standard of the prophet. Of these, however, the merit is to be ascribed, not to the feeble imitation, but to the great and perfect Original from which they were manifestly drawn
Peter - ’ Both names seem to have been employed, and usually with discrimination, by Jews in the Hellenistic period; but ‘Simon’ was the more common, and this in all probability was the Apostle’s Original name. Paul being especially commissioned to carry on this temporary enterprise of evangelizing the Gentiles, but the Original and fundamental task was still Peter’s. It fell to Peter’s lot to engage in the work of preserving, or restoring, the Original branches, a work with which St
Ordination - , which are derived from a common Original that is perhaps of the time of Hippolytus, we can conjecturally determine the ordination prayer of the lost Original. But his phrase in Luke 13:3 must mean that Symeon, Lucius, and Manaen (and possibly other prophets and teachers, if any unnamed ones were present) Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - Matthew's Gospel had been Originally written in Hebrew, and St. Matthew and Mark, but to their unknown Originals; and accordingly many constantly speak of "the Original Matthew," the "Ur-Marcus," though there is no particle of evidence beyond what may be extracted from this passage of Papias that there ever was any Gospel by SS. Matthew had written it; that the Greek Matthew was but an unauthorized translation from a Hebrew Original which individuals had translated, each for himself as he could. The ultimate Original of this story of Papias was a Jewish apocryphal book made known by Ceriani, Monumenta Sac
Isaiah, Book of - 1 35 which are of post-exilic origin (see below) as interpolations rather than as what, in many cases at least, they probably are, Original parts of the booklets incorporated in chs. There is no reason for believing that the present arrangement of this matter, even within the several booklets, goes back to Isaiah himself; the division into chapters and verses is of course of very much later origin, and in several cases does violence to the Original connexion, either by uniting, as in ch. 5, Originally quite distinct pieces, or dividing, as in the case of Isaiah 9:8 to Isaiah 10:4 , what formed an undivided whole
Entry Into Jerusalem - seems the Original. ...
Dalman suggests that the Original cry of the people was ‘Hosanna, Blessed in the name of J" Confession (of Christ) - A corresponding twofold use of terms meets us in the Original, the verbs ὁμολογέω and ἐξομολογέω being used to denote both confession of sin and confession of faith (e. There can be little doubt that the so-called Apostles’ Creed was Originally a baptismal confession. And Hort, Harnack, and others have shown that what is known as the Nicene Creed is in reality not the Original creed of the bishops of Nicaea, but a creed which gradually grew up in the East out of the struggles of the Church with varying shapes of heresy, and the nucleus of which is probably to be sought in the baptismal formula of the Jerusalem Church (Hort, two Dissertations, ii
Dress - fairly reflect a similar wealth of terminology in the Original Hebrew and Greek, more especially the former. ’çzôr ), Originally a strip of skin or cloth wrapped round the loins and fastened with a knot. and Deuteronomy 24:13 ; Deuteronomy 24:17 on the one hand, and Numbers 15:38 and Deuteronomy 22:12 on the other, are compared in the Original, it will be found that three terms are used indiscriminately for the ordinary upper garment of the Hebrews, and, further, that this garment had four corners , to each of which a tassel had to be attached (see more fully Fringes) a detail which suggests a plain four-cornered plaid like the himation , not a made-up garment like the chitôn or the ‘aba
Peter (2) - At the same time, he indicates clearly that the Apostle’s Original name was ‘Simon’ (John 1:42), and he places this name on the lips of Jesus just as the other Evangelists do (John 1:43). Why, if Peter is the rock, did not Jesus simply say ‘on thee’? Whence, too, the distinction in the present text between the two words for ‘rock’ (πέτρος and πέτρα), a distinction which must surely have been found in some form in the Original Aramaic? But be the rock Peter himself or his confession, it is clear that our Lord was deeply gratified with the declaration, and that He recognized in it a spiritual insight and capacity which qualified the speaker for high office and service in the Kingdom of God
Pseudo-Chrysostomus - ...
It has been questioned whether the Original language of this commentary were Greek or Latin but it appears to us that it was certainly Latin. His fanciful interpretations of Scripture though including some few of what may be called patristical commonplaces seem to be mostly Original
Moses - ’ Perhaps it was Originally coupled with the name of an Egyp. ]'>[4] ; it is doubtful if the Original narrative has been preserved; but J Jonah, Theology of - Here the captain meets Jonah and unknowingly repeats some of the wording of Jonah's Original commission ("Rise, call" 1:2,6)
Palestine - Originally denoted only the sea-