What does Orchidaceous mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Orchidaceous
(a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a natural order (Orchidaceae) of endogenous plants of which the genus Orchis is the type. They are mostly perennial herbs having the stamens and pistils united in a single column, and normally three petals and three sepals, all adherent to the ovary. The flowers are curiously shaped, often resembling insects, the odd or lower petal (called the lip) being unlike the others, and sometimes of a strange and unexpected appearance. About one hundred species occur in the United States, but several thousand in the tropics.

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Orchidean - ) Orchidaceous
Orchideous - ) Same as Orchidaceous
Peristeria - ) A genus of Orchidaceous plants
Orchid - See Orchidaceous
Cypripedium - ) A genus of Orchidaceous plants including the lady's slipper
Pseudo-Bulb - ) An aerial corm, or thickened stem, as of some epiphytic Orchidaceous plants
Caudicula - ) A slender, elastic process, to which the masses of pollen in Orchidaceous plants are attached
Twayblade - ) Any one of several Orchidaceous plants which have only two leaves, as the species of Listera and of Liparis
Lady's Slipper - Any Orchidaceous plant of the genus Cypripedium, the labellum of which resembles a slipper
Ladies' Tresses - A name given to several species of the Orchidaceous genus Spiranthes, in which the white flowers are set in spirals about a slender axis and remotely resemble braided hair
Puttyroot - ) An American Orchidaceous plant (Aplectrum hyemale) which flowers in early summer
Vanilla - ) A genus of climbing Orchidaceous plants, natives of tropical America
Orchis - See Orchidaceous
Lip - See Orchidaceous