What does Never mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
οὐ no 17
לֹֽא־ not 16
μὴ no 16
לֹא־ not 14
οὐδέποτε never. 14
לֹ֣א not 12
וְלֹֽא־ not 8
לֹ֥א not 6
וְלֹא־ not 4
לֹ֤א not 3
οὐκ no 3
לְעוֹלָֽם long duration 3
אַל־ not 3
בַּל־ not 3
לְעוֹלָ֖ם long duration 2
לָנֶ֖צַח eminence 2
וּלְמִ֣י ׀ who? 1
עַד־ as far as 1
לָנֶ֔צַח eminence 1
לָנֶֽצַח eminence 1
לֹ֖א not 1
לְעוֹלָ֔ם long duration 1
לְעוֹלָ֣ם long duration 1
לְעוֹלָ֥ם long duration 1
לָ֣א no 1
ἐκλείψουσιν fail. 1
כְּל֥וֹא not 1
וְלֹ֥א not 1
וְלֹ֨א not 1
וְלֹ֤א not 1
וְלֹ֣א not 1
אֲכַזֵּֽב to lie 1
בְּלִ֣י wearing out adv of negation. / without 1
וְֽאַל־ not 1
οὔτε neither 1
οὐχ no 1
〈οὐ〉 no 1
μηδέποτε never. 1
לְעוֹלָ֑ם long duration 1

Definitions Related to Never


   1 no, not lest.


   1 Never.


   1 no, not; in direct questions expecting an affirmative answer.
   Additional Information: Wigram’s frequency count is 1535 not 1453.


   1 eminence, perpetuity, strength, victory, enduring, everlastingness.
      1a eminence.
      1b enduring of life.
      1c endurance in time, perpetual, continual, unto the end.
      1d everlastingness, ever.


   1 long duration, antiquity, futurity, for ever, ever, everlasting, evermore, perpetual, old, ancient, world.
      1a ancient time, long time (of past).
      1b (of future).
         1b1 for ever, always.
         1b2 continuous existence, perpetual.
         1b3 everlasting, indefinite or unending future, eternity.


   1 neither, and not.


   1 not, no, nor, neither, nothing (as wish or preference).
      1a do not, let not (with a verb).
      1b let there not be (with a verb understood).
      1c not, no (with substantive).
      1d nothing (as substantive).


   1 not, no.
      1a not (with verb—absolute prohibition).
      1b not (with modifier—negation).
      1c nothing (subst).
      1d without (with particle).
      1e before (of time).


   1 no, not, nothing.


   1 Never.


   1 to lie, tell a lie, be a liar, be found a liar, be in vain, fail.
      1a (Qal) liar (participle).
      1b (Niphal) to be proven to be lying.
      1c (Piel).
         1c1 to lie, tell a lie, tell a lie with, deceive.
         1c2 to disappoint, fail.
      1d (Hiphil) to make a liar, prove to be a liar.


   1 fail.
      1a to leave out, omit, pass by.
      1b to leave, quit.
   2 to fail.
      2a to leave off, cease, stop.
      2b of the failing or eclipse of the light of the sun and the moon.

Frequency of Never (original languages)

Frequency of Never (English)


King James Dictionary - Never
NEVER, adv.
1. Not ever not at any time at no time. It refers to the past or the future. This man was never at Calcutta he will never be there. 2. It has a particular use in the following sentences. Ask me never so much dower and gift. Genesis 34 .
Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely. Psalms 58 .
A fear of battery-though never so well grounded, is no duress.
This is a genuine English use of never, found in our Saxon authors, and it ought to be retained. Ask me so much dower as never was done that is, dower to any extent. The practice of using ever in such phrases, is corrupt. It not only destroys the force but the propriety of the phrase.
3. In no degree not. Whoever has a friend to guide him, may carry his eyes in another mans head and yet see never the worse.
4. It is used for not. He answered him never a word that is, not ever. This use is not common. 5. It is much used in composition as in never-ending, never-failing, never-dying, never-ceasing, never-fading but in all such compounds, never retains its true meaning.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Never
1: οὐδέποτε (Strong's #3763 — Adverb — oudepote — oo-dep'-ot-eh ) from oude, "not even," and pote, "at any time," is used in definite negative statements, e.g., Matthew 7:23 ; 1 Corinthians 13:8 ; Hebrews 10:1,11 , or questions, e.g., Matthew 21:16,42 ; in Luke 15:29 (1st part), RV, "never" (AV, "neither ... at any time"); AV and RV, "never" (2nd part).
2: μηδέποτε (Strong's #3368 — Adverb — medepote — may-dep'-ot-eh ) virtually the same as No. 1, the negative me, however, conveying a less strong declarative negation, 2 Timothy 3:7 .
3: οὐδέπω (Strong's #3764 — Adverb — oudepo — oo-dep'-o ) "not yet," is translated "never (man) yet" in John 19:41 ("man" representing the idiomatically used negative pronoun oudeis, "no one"); some mss. have it in Luke 23:53 , instead of oupo, "not yet."
Notes: (1) In Mark 14:21 , AV the negative particle ouk, "not," is translated "never" (RV, "not"); the negative particle me, "not" (which suggests non-existence when the existence was after all possible, or even probable, in contrast to ou, which implies non-existence absolutely) is translated "never" in John 7:15 , AV and RV (2) The phrase eis ton aiona, "for ever" (not to be rendered literally, "unto the age," see ETERNAL), preceded by the double negative ou me, denotes "never," John 4:14 ; 8:51,52 ; 10:28 ; 11:26 ; 13:8 ; so preceded by ouk, "not," in Mark 3:29 (3) In 2 Peter 1:10 , "never" is the translation of ou me pote, i.e., "by no means ever;" so with the double negative followed by the extended word popote, i.e., "by no means not even at any time," John 6:35 (2nd part). (4) Popote follows oudeis, "no one," in the dative case ("to no man"); so in Luke 19:30 , where oudeis is in the nominative case, RV, "no man ever yet" (AV, "yet never man").

Sentence search

Never - Never, adv. This man was Never at Calcutta he will Never be there. Ask me Never so much dower and gift. ...
Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming Never so wisely. ...
A fear of battery-though Never so well grounded, is no duress. ...
This is a genuine English use of Never, found in our Saxon authors, and it ought to be retained. Ask me so much dower as Never was done that is, dower to any extent. Whoever has a friend to guide him, may carry his eyes in another mans head and yet see Never the worse. He answered him Never a word that is, not ever. It is much used in composition as in Never-ending, Never-failing, Never-dying, Never-ceasing, Never-fading but in all such compounds, Never retains its true meaning
Marble - The picture is given to us by Solomon to represent the Lord JESUS who would always walk with us and Never tire. He would fight for us and Never lose. He would go with us and Never fail
Self-Dissatisfaction: a Spur - During the nine years that I was his wife,' says the widow of the great artist Opie, 'I Never saw him satisfied with one of his productions, and often, very often, have I seen him enter my sitting-room, and throwing himself in an agony of despondence on the sofa, exclaim, 'I Never, Never shall be a painter as long as I live!' It was a noble despair, such as is Never felt by the self-complacent daubers of signboards, and it bore the panting aspirant up to one of the highest niches in the artistic annals of his country
Eternity - The very essence of God demands His existence, and that there Never was a possibility of His not being. God alone is eternal, there is in Him no past, no future, everything is the Never beginning and Never ending present
Never - , Matthew 21:16,42 ; in Luke 15:29 (1st part), RV, "never" (AV, "neither . at any time"); AV and RV, "never" (2nd part). ...
3: οὐδέπω (Strong's #3764 — Adverb — oudepo — oo-dep'-o ) "not yet," is translated "never (man) yet" in John 19:41 ("man" representing the idiomatically used negative pronoun oudeis, "no one"); some mss. " ...
Notes: (1) In Mark 14:21 , AV the negative particle ouk, "not," is translated "never" (RV, "not"); the negative particle me, "not" (which suggests non-existence when the existence was after all possible, or even probable, in contrast to ou, which implies non-existence absolutely) is translated "never" in John 7:15 , AV and RV (2) The phrase eis ton aiona, "for ever" (not to be rendered literally, "unto the age," see ETERNAL), preceded by the double negative ou me, denotes "never," John 4:14 ; 8:51,52 ; 10:28 ; 11:26 ; 13:8 ; so preceded by ouk, "not," in Mark 3:29 (3) In 2 Peter 1:10 , "never" is the translation of ou me pote, i. (4) Popote follows oudeis, "no one," in the dative case ("to no man"); so in Luke 19:30 , where oudeis is in the nominative case, RV, "no man ever yet" (AV, "yet Never man")
Judgment-Day: Forgotten - I Never thought of that: I Never thought of that! Why, says the landlord, here is a man who is either a born fool or else a knave. What! Never thought of the reckoning: Never thought of settling with me! After this fashion too many live
Neither at Any Time - * For NEITHER AT ANY TIME, Luke 15:29 , see Never ...
Joyfully - ...
Never did men more joyfully obey
Unbegotten - ) Not begot; not yet generated; also, having Never been generated; self-existent; eternal
Sea of Glass - According to the interpretation of some, "this calm, glass-like sea, which is Never in storm, but only interfused with flame, represents the counsels of God, those purposes of righteousness and love which are often fathomless but Never obscure, always the same, though sometimes glowing with holy anger
Unlearned - Acts 4:13, Peter and John; John 7:15, "how knoweth this man letters, having Never learned?" The Jewish literati did not mean without common education, reading and writing, etc. , and general acquaintance with the Old Testament Scriptures, but that Christ and His disciples were not rabbiically learned, Never had sat at the feet of the great doctors of the law, they were only laics
Henceforth - ...
I Never from thy side henceforth will stray
Unquenchable - That cannot be quenched that will Never be extinguished inextinguishable
Unfrequented - ) Rarely visited; seldom or Never resorted to by human beings; as, an unfrequented place or forest
Unbacked - ) Never mounted by a rider; unbroken
Haste - Celerity of motion speed swiftness dispatch expedition applied only to voluntary beings, as men and other animals Never to other bodies. We Never say, a ball flies with haste
Ever - Psalms 111 ...
Ever learning, and Never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. ...
In modern usage, this word is used for Never, but very improperly. ...
This ought to be, ne'er so long, as the phrase is always used in the Anglo-Saxon, and in our version of the scriptures, that is, so long as Never, so long as Never before, to any length of time indefinitely. As me Never so much dowry. Charmers, charming Never so wisely. Let them charm so wisely as Never before
Eternity - As it is the attribute of human nature, it is a duration that has a beginning, but will Never have an end. They do not bear the least imaginable proportion to it; for these will come to an end, as certainly as a day; but eternity will Never, Never, Never, come to an end! It is a line without end! It is an ocean without a shore! Alas! what shall I say of it! it is an infinite, unknown something, that neither human thought can grasp, nor human language describe!" Orton on Eternity; Shower on ditto: Davis's Sermons, ser
Dead Sea - The name in the Old Testament is Never this, but "the Salt Sea" , "sea of the plain
Cannot - These words are usually united, but perhaps without good reason canst and not are Never united
Jesus Psalter, the - The devotion seems Never to have spread beyond English-speaking countries and was Never indulgenced
Nullity, Decree of - ,never a marriage
Tiberias - Our Lord Never visited it. He was often in the immediate neighborhood; but we Never read of his entering Tiberias
Cryptogamia - ) The series or division of flowerless plants, or those Never having true stamens and pistils, but propagated by spores of various kinds
Acatalepsy - ) Incomprehensibility of things; the doctrine held by the ancient Skeptic philosophers, that human knowledge Never amounts to certainty, but only to probability
Purpose: Unity of - He Never lay down or rose that he did not bless the inventor of compound interest. His one gloomy apartment was Never brightened with coal, candle, or the countenance of a visitor, and he Never ate a morsel at his own expense
Road - This word is Never used in Scripture in the sense of a way or path
Colewort - ) A variety of cabbage in which the leaves Never form a compact head
Capuchins - They are clothed with brown or grey; always barefooted; Never go in a coach, nor ever shave their beards
Dichogamy - ) The condition of certain species of plants, in which the stamens and pistil do not mature simultaneously, so that these plants can Never fertilize themselves
Warrantable - ) Authorized by commission, precept, or right; justifiable; defensible; as, the seizure of a thief is always warrantable by law and justice; falsehood is Never warrantable
Marsh - The Gospel Never reaches them. They live in the mire and the muck of filth, sin and wickedness, and are Never changed, except by the Spirit of GOD
Immortal - Having no principle of alteration or corruption exempt from death having life or being that shall Never end as an immortal soul. Never ending everlasting continual
Sea Serpent - ...
A large marine animal of unknown nature, often reported to have been seen at sea, but Never yet captured
Excuses - I assure you I Never go to balls. ' 'Oh,' said the bishop, 'I perceive you allude to my having been to the Duchess of S: 's party, but I give you my word that I was Never in the same room with the dancers!' 'My lord,' responded the clergy man, 'my horse and I are getting old, and we are Never in the same field with the hounds
Jehovah - It Never has the article before it, nor is it found in the plural form. The Jews Never pronounced this name; and wherever it occurs in the Hebrew Scriptures, the substituted for it, in reading, the word ADONAI, Lord, or ELOHIM, God. ; but Never simply, "I am Jehovah
They - They is Never used adjectively, but always as a pronoun proper, and sometimes refers to persons without an antecedent expressed
Exalted - ...
Time Never fails to bring every exalted reputation to a strict scrutiny
Thummim - The Urim and Thummim were worn in the breastplate of the high priest, but what they were, has Never been satisfactorily ascertained
Sin: Its Hardening Effects - Preston tells us of a professor who on one occasion was found drunk, and when much depressed on account of his folly, the devil said to him, by way of temptation, 'Do it again, do it again; for,' said he, 'the grief you feel about it now you will Never feel any more if you commit the sin again. Preston says that the man yielded to the temptation, and from that time he Never did feel the slightest regret at his drunkenness, and lived and died a confirmed sot, though formerly he had been a very high professor
Sockets - Evidently the spiritual meaning of the passage is that our Lord JESUS CHRIST, concerning whom this passage was written, will Never fail, will Never weaken, and they in turn are supported by the pure gold of Deity
Discovert - ) Not covert; not within the bonds of matrimony; unmarried; - applied either to a woman who has Never married or to a widow
Untraveled - ) Having Never visited foreign countries; not having gained knowledge or experience by travel; as, an untraveled Englishman
Oft - ...
Oft she rejects, but Never one offends
Lucifer - And when he falls, he falls like Lucifer, Never to hope again
Amaranth - ) An imaginary flower supposed Never to fade
Tempter - ...
Those who are bent to do wickedly, will Never want tempters to urge them on
Biogenesis - The most minute and universal research has proved that all visible organisms arise only from germs of the same kind and Never from inorganic matter. Lifeless matter can Never generate life, the contradictory to its essential nature
Colleague - It is Never used of partners in trade or manufactures
Imperative, Categorical - A term coined by Immanuel Kant to characterize the moral law as thus enunciated: ...
"Act so as to use humanity, in your own person or in others, always as an end, and Never merely as a means
Categorical Imperative - A term coined by Immanuel Kant to characterize the moral law as thus enunciated: ...
"Act so as to use humanity, in your own person or in others, always as an end, and Never merely as a means
Chancroid - ) A venereal sore, resembling a chancre in its seat and some external characters, but differing from it in being the starting point of a purely local process and Never of a systemic disease; - called also soft chancre
Welwitschia - It consists of a short, woody, topshaped stem, and Never more than two leaves, which are the cotyledons enormously developed, and at length split into diverging segments
Roar - So wicked rulers are Never satisfied with that which they have conquered, but are seeking more people to crush and to rule. ...
1 Peter 5:8 (a) The Devil is Never satisfied with his conquests
Madeleine de la Peltrie - She sailed to Quebec in 1639 and devoted herself and her fortune to the work of Marie de l'Incarnationat Quebec, though she Never became a nun
Liturgy, Apostle in - Name given, in the Greek Church, to the Epistle of the Mass, which is invariably of Apostolic origin and Never taken from the Old Testament, and also to the book containing the epistles and antiphons for every Sunday and feast-day
Priscilla - The wife of Aquila (Acts 18:2 ), who is Never mentioned without her
Apostle in Liturgy - Name given, in the Greek Church, to the Epistle of the Mass, which is invariably of Apostolic origin and Never taken from the Old Testament, and also to the book containing the epistles and antiphons for every Sunday and feast-day
Gel'Iloth - ( Joshua 18:17 ) The name Geliloth Never occurs again in this locality, and it therefore seems probable that Gilgal is the right reading
Love Feast - It was Never a universal institution in the Church, led to excesses, and disappeared soon after the 5th century
Agape - It was Never a universal institution in the Church, led to excesses, and disappeared soon after the 5th century
Asymptote - ) A line which approaches nearer to some curve than assignable distance, but, though infinitely extended, would Never meet it
Abjuration - ) The act of abjuring or forswearing; a renunciation upon oath; as, abjuration of the realm, a sworn banishment, an oath taken to leave the country and Never to return
Law of Guarantees - This law was Never accepted by Pius IX and his successors because, amongst other reasons, it presupposed the subjection of the pope to the Italian ruler, a status which could Never be admitted by one whose supreme spiritual authority extends to the Universal Church
Guarantees, Law of - This law was Never accepted by Pius IX and his successors because, amongst other reasons, it presupposed the subjection of the pope to the Italian ruler, a status which could Never be admitted by one whose supreme spiritual authority extends to the Universal Church
Nathan'Ael - The evidence for that belief is as follows: St, John who twice mentions Nathanael, Never introduces the name of Bartholomew at all. Luke, (Luke 8:14 ) all speak of Bartholomew but Never of Nathanael
Carriage - ]'>[1] in the literal sense of ‘something carried,’ Never in the modern sense of a vehicle used for carrying
Sessile - ) Permanently attached; - said of the gonophores of certain hydroids which Never became detached
Three Whats - Never forget the three Whats
Reading - In the countries of the Levant the people Never read silently, but go on in a kind of singing voice, aloud
Prevent - Never mean, as at present, "to hinder," but "to go before," "to anticipate
Plead - ]'>[1] ‘plead’ always means to ‘argue for or against a cause’ as in a court of justice, Never to ‘pray’ or ‘beseech
Forest - Although Palestine has Never been in historical times a woodland country, yet there can be no doubt that there was much more wood formerly than there is a t present, and that the destruction of the forests was one of the chief causes of the present desolation
Charity - The word ‘charity’ Never occurs in AV [5] , however, ‘charity’ Never occurs, the Gr
Maiden - ) Used of a fortress, signifying that it has Never been captured, or violated. ) Never having been married; not having had sexual intercourse; virgin; - said usually of the woman, but sometimes of the man; as, a maiden aunt
Serving God: the Sure Reward of - When Calvin was banished from ungrateful Geneva, he said, 'Most assuredly if I had merely served man, this would have been a poor recompense; but it is my happiness that I have served him who Never fails to reward his servants to the full extent of his promise
Cononites - He taught that the body Never lost its form; that its matter alone was subject to corruption and decay, and was to be restored when this mortal shall put on immortality
Service: Christian to be Ever Ready For - ' So should the believer say of Christ; what might excuse us from other labour shall Never prevent our engaging in his service
Shalmanezer - King of Assyria, whose name would, most probably Never have reached the present day, but from his connection with Scripture history
Annulment - (Latin: ad, to; nullus, none: to nothing) ...
A declaration by the ecclesiastical or civilauthorities that a reputed marriage Never was valid because owing to some known or hidden invalidating impediment it was not contracted validly and is therefore null and void
Russian Church - The czar is the head of the church, but he has Never claimed the right of deciding questions of theology and dogma
Troublesome - My mother will Never be troublesome to me
Days, Fast - The law Never binds, however, on Sundays nor on feast-days of precept (except feast-days in Lent)
Fast Days - The law Never binds, however, on Sundays nor on feast-days of precept (except feast-days in Lent)
Merchandise - But provisions daily sold in market, horses, cattle, and fuel are not usually included in the term,and real estate Never
Alike - ...
This adjective Never precedes the noun which it qualifies
Epidermis - As stems grow old this layer is lost, and Never replaced
Head: Christ - Adam had feet to stand with, but we have lost them by his disobedience; yet glory be to God, we have found a Head, in whom we abide eternally secure, a Head which we shall Never lose
Christ: With us in Trial - One thing which contributed to make Caesar's soldier invincible was their seeing him always take his share of danger, and Never desire any exemption from labor and fatigue
Amber Room - The amber was removed by occupying German troops during the Second World War and has, as of 1997, Never been recovered
Meat - 806, ‘There was Never any meat, except the forbidden fruit, so deare bought as this broth of Jacob
Invention - Such was Never intended by GOD
Grievance - That which causes grief or uneasiness that which burdens, oppresses or injures, implying a sense of wrong done, or a continued injury, and therefore applied only to the effects of human conduct Never to providential evils
Lay-Brothers - They wear a different habit from that of the religious, but Never enter into the choir, nor are present at the chapters; nor do they make any other vow than that of constancy and obedience
Thallogen - ) One of a large class or division of the vegetable kingdom, which includes those flowerless plants, such as fungi, algae, and lichens, that consist of a thallus only, composed of cellular tissue, or of a congeries of cells, or even of separate cells, and Never show a distinction into root, stem, and leaf
Barak - He so completely routed the Canaanitish forces, that they Never recovered from the blow
Amalek - The flesh Never gets converted, and Never becomes holy in itself. As the flesh lusts against the Spirit ( Galatians 5:17), so Amalek fought against Israel constantly, and the Lord declared that this battle was to continue and Never cease
Revive - 18 ‘Henry is dead, and Never shall revive
Hope (2) - Alas! poor men, if we were all as destitute of the blessed comfort itself as these Tamul speakers are of the word! What must be the misery of souls in hell where they remember the word, but can Never know hope itself! ...
Doctrines: False (2) - The church has Never had worse enemies than false teachers; infidels and persecutors do but mild injury to her, but her heretical preachers have been as evening wolves
Self-Conceit: Its Danger - Grant, most gracious God, that I may Never hold so high an opinion of my own spiritual health as to prevent my being in very deed full of thy grace and fear! ...
Chamois - The Hebrew word is zemer, Deuteronomy 14:5 , which is held to signify 'leaper,' and would thus suit the chamois; but this animal is unknown in Palestine and is supposed Never to have existed there
Besides - This word, though radically the same as beside, and a corruption of it, ought not to be confounded with it, for it is Never used in the senses explained under beside, except in the second
Gladness - Acts 2 ...
Gladness is rarely or Never equivalent to mirth, merriment, gayety and triumph, and it usually expresses less than delight
Howling - ...
Innumerable artifices and stratagems are acted in the howling wilderness and in the great deep,that can Never come to our knowledge
Limelight - Hence, consspicuous position before the public; as, politicians who are Never happy except in the limelight
Second Crusade - These crusaders besieged Damascus, 1148, but Never reached Edessa
Reason And Faith - 'Well,' says this old writer, 'on a given day Reason says to Faith, 'O good Faith, let me walk with thee;' Faith replies, 'O Reason, thou canst Never walk with me!' However, to try their paces, they set out together, but they soon find it hard to keep company. When they come to a deep river, Reason says, 'I can Never ford this,' but Faith wades through it singing
Forgive - ...
As savages Never forget a favor, so they Never forgive an injury
Victuals - This word is now Never used in the singular. We Never apply this word to that on which beasts or birds feed, and we apply it chiefly to food for men when cooked or prepared for the table
Otto, Saint - A Swabian noble, he entered the service of Henry IV with whom he sympathized in the investiture conflict, though Never himself a partisan; received the pallium from Pope Paschal IV
Nephew - KJV Never used nephew in this sense
Mischief - The mischief was, these allies would Never allow that the common enemy was subdued
Perennial - ) Continuing without cessation or intermission; perpetual; unceasing; Never failing
Fuel - Never, alas! the dreadful name, that fuels the infernal flame
Slander - Slander differs from detraction inasmuch as it is the imputing gf a misdeed Never committed, while detraction reveals an actual but hidden fault
Fodder - The word is Never applied to pasture
Infidelity - The condition of one who is without the true faith, either because faith, once accepted, was culpably rejected (apostasy); or because faith was Never possessed owing to one of the following reasons: ...
ignorance of sufficient motives for accepting the faith (negative infidelity)
culpable negligence to inquire into its credentials when these were proposed (privative infidelity)
obstinate refusal to accept a well authenticated revelation (positive infidelity)
Sermons: Must Have the Gospel in Them - I hope Bala people will Never take up with anything short of that
Raven - ...
Jeremiah 17:1 (a) The sins of Israel are indelibly written upon the pages of history and can Never be erased or effaced from their persons
Immortality - The quality of Never ceasing to live or exist exemption from death and annihilation life destined to endure without end as the immortality of the human soul
Aberdeen Breviary - By royal mandate it was to be used generally throughout Scotland, but it was Never widely adopted and its use ceased at the overthrow of the Church in Scotland, 1560
Lord - This name belongs to God by preeminence; and in this sense ought Never to be given to any creature
Raven - ...
Jeremiah 17:1 (a) The sins of Israel are indelibly written upon the pages of history and can Never be erased or effaced from their persons
Self-Righteousness: Destroyed by Conviction of Sin - The squirrel in his wire cage continually in motion but making no progress, reminds me of my own self-righteous efforts after salvation, but the little creature is Never one half so wearied by his exertions as I was by mine. Dickens's cab-horse, which was only able to stand because it was Never taken out of the shafts, was strength and beauty itself compared with my starveling hopes propped up with resolutions and regulations. Slavery in mines where the sun Never shines must be preferable to the miseries of a soul goaded by an awakened conscience to seek salvation by its own merits
Leaven - The Gospel is Never called leaven. The leaven is Never the Gospel
Bartholomew, Feast of st - John in his Gospel Never mentions Bartholomew, while he oftenspeaks of Nathanael, and the other Evangelists, though they mentionBartholomew, Never take notice of Nathanael
Gilead - Jesus' blood is a Never-failing balm; and he himself a physician which Never failed of a cure. If this balm be Never used, and this physician Never known or regarded, how shall the blessings of either be experienced? (Jeremiah 8:22)...
I must not dismiss this article of Gilead without first taking notice of a beautiful similitude of our Lord's in Scripture, when comparing his church to this mount, on account of its loveliness
Zemaraim - Here the armies of Abijah and Jeroboam engaged in a bloody battle, which issued in the total defeat of the king of Israel, who Never "recovered strength again," and soon after died
Maynooth's Catechism - " A new revision was undertaken by a committee of priests, in 1892, under the direction of William Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, but the revised catechism was Never published
Catechism, Butler's - " A new revision was undertaken by a committee of priests, in 1892, under the direction of William Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, but the revised catechism was Never published
Catechism, Maynooth's - " A new revision was undertaken by a committee of priests, in 1892, under the direction of William Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, but the revised catechism was Never published
Minister: Need of Personal Tenderness - Speaking of the temper requisite to the right discharge of ministerial duty, Payson said, 'I Never was fit to say a word to a sinner, except when I had a broken heart myself; when I was subdued and melted into penitency, and felt as though I had just received pardon to my own soul, and when my heart was full of tenderness and pity
Impanation - It was Never held by any large number of adherents without variations, and is clearly opposed to the doctrine of transubstantiation
Tappuah (2) - ) But the continuation of the genealogy, and Korah being Never mentioned as a place, requires Hebron to be a person
Conversation - This word is Never used in Scripture in the sense of verbal communication from one to another (Psalm 50:23 ; Hebrews 13:5 )
Hieronymus Emser - His defense of the Church was masterly and he Never descended to scurrility
Restless - ) Never resting; unquiet; uneasy; continually moving; as, a restless child
Rudiment - ) An imperfect organ or part, or one which is Never developed
Horse-Leech - Its thirst for blood—never satisfied till its body is completely filled—may illustrate the insatiable cravings of lust, avarice, and cruelty
Emser, Hieronymus - His defense of the Church was masterly and he Never descended to scurrility
Shadow - The swift, Never ceasing motion of a shadow is an emblem of human life, 1 Chronicles 29:15 Psalm 102:11
Her'Mas - It was Never received into the canon, but yet was generally cited with respect only second to that which was paid to the authoritative books of the New Testament
Doctor, Ecstatic - Though not infrequently styled Blessed, the cause of his beatification has Never begun
Denys the Carthusian - Though not infrequently styled Blessed, the cause of his beatification has Never begun
Denys Van Leeuwen - Though not infrequently styled Blessed, the cause of his beatification has Never begun
Arcturus - This word ('ash) is supposed to be derived from an Arabic word meaning night-watcher, because the Great Bear always revolves about the pole, and to our nothern hemisphere Never sets
Carthusian, Denys the - Though not infrequently styled Blessed, the cause of his beatification has Never begun
Nathanael - His name occurs only in the Gospel of John, who in his list of the disciples Never mentions Bartholomew, with whom he has consequently been identified
Prudence (False): Its Mischief - ' Equally destructive to all usefulness is that excessive prudence upon which some professor pride themselves; not only do they escape all persecution, but they are Never able to strike a blow, much less fight a battle for the Lord Jesus
Guido of Crema - The Church Never ratified this act, and the Third Lateran Council, 1179, annulled all his ordinances
Creep - Acts 10:12 (b) This is a type of worldly people who are so attached to this earth and its affairs that they Never appreciate spiritual values
Attrition - (Latin: atterere, to rub) ...
Contrition for sin without perfect motive; a sorrow of soul and a hatred of sin committed, with a firm purpose of Never sinning again, the sorrow being based not on the pure love of God, whom sin has grievously offended, which would be perfect contrition, but on some inferior though supernatural motive such as the loss of heaven, or the punishment of hell, or the heinousness of sin itself
Continued - Extended in time without intermission proceeding without cessation unceasing as a continued fever, which abates but Never entirely intermits
Auditor - The auditor is Never allowed to pronounce final sentence (canon 1582)
Tears - Psalm 42:3 (b) Some people feed on their sorrows constantly and Never seem to be satisfied unless they are grieving over past tragedies
Ecstatic Doctor - Though not infrequently styled Blessed, the cause of his beatification has Never begun
Jegarsahadutha - ) Jacob called it Galeed and Mizpah; as if he had said, let the Galeed be witness, and this Mizpah be witness, There is something very tender and interesting in this parting of natural ties Never to meet again
Allegiance, Civil - In the light of Christian principles this duty does not involve submission to a force which may Never be resisted, nor compliance with a condition for the sake of peace and security; it is a religious duty founded on obedience to God by whose authority the civilrulers exercise their power
Nuts - (Song of Song of Solomon 6:11) The word rendered nuts in this passage is Never used elsewhere in the Bible
Lucinum - It Never occurs naturally in the free state, but is always combined, usually with silica or alumina, or both; as in the minerals phenacite, chrysoberyl, beryl or emerald, euclase, and danalite
Outcast - Scripture Never employs outcast in the now common sense of one rejected by society
Fail - it is said, fortune Never fails the brave. In bold enterprises, courage should Never fail the hero. The inventive God, who Never fails his part. There shall Never fail thee a man on the throne. In strictness, the verb is not transitive, and the passive particple is, I believe, Never used
Pit - He Never did it before, and has Never done it since
Bartholomew - This opinion is founded on the circumstance, that as the evangelist John Never mentions Bartholomew in the number of the Apostles, so the other evangelists Never mention Nathanael
Old School Baptists - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Defense, Self - The force employed must Never be more harmful than is necessary for one's protection
Horseleech - The leech is used symbolically of a rapacious person, who is Never satisfied, graphically delineated by the leech's two daughters, who say, 'Give, give
Hard-Shell Baptists - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Grade - While questions, periods, and grades and privileges are Never once formally discussed
Baptists, Old School - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Baptists, Primitive - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Anti-Mission Baptists - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Augustins - This rule was to have all things in common; the rich who enter among them to sell their possessions, and give them to the poor; to employ the first part of the morning in labouring with their hands, and the rest in reading: when they go abroad, to go always two in company; Never to eat but in their monastery, &c
Alexander v, Pope - He Never reached Rome
Manoah - , and who Never slumbers nor sleeps, caring for his oppressed people
Baptists, Hard Shell - 1835and have Never organized as a denomination
Self-Defense - The force employed must Never be more harmful than is necessary for one's protection
Delilah - She enticed Samson into revealing to her that the secret of his great strength lay in his hair, which had Never been cut
Impotent - Impotence in the KJV Never refers to sexual inability
Appurtenance - In a strict legal sense, land can Never pass as an appurtenance to land
Mammon - In the second place, Luke 16:9; Luke 16:11, mammon is more explicitly wealth, called "mammon of unrighteousness" because it is the substance of a system, an avaricious system, which Never could have existed had original righteousness not been lost
Dower - Ask me Never so much dowry and gift
Bush - ...
Luke 6:44 (b) This is descriptive of a small character who Never gives out blessing but injures and damages those who come near him
Pharpar - Smaller than the Barada, and sometimes dried up in its lower course, which the Barada Never is
Orontes River - This river is Never actually mentioned in the Bible but was famous for its association with Antioch, which owed to the river the fertility of its district
Jehoz'Adak - ) He himself Never attained the high priesthood, but he was the father of Jeshua the high priest, and of all his successors till the pontificate of Alcimus
Conversation - Private concerns should Never be mentioned, unless particularly enquired into, and even then as briefly as possible. When the conversation is flowing in a serious and useful channel, Never interrupt it by an ill-timed jest. "I resolve, " said bishop Beveridge, "never to speak of a man's virtues to his face, nor of his faults behind his back
Hades - It is contemplated as a kind of kingdom which could Never overturn the foundation of Christ's kingdom (16:18), i. , Christ's church can Never die
Tophet - Here the dead carcasses of beasts and every offal and abomination were cast, and left to be either devoured by that worm that Never died or consumed by that fire that was Never quenched
Leslie, John - From 1561 he was in the service of Mary Queen of Scots, and Never wavered in his fidelity
John Leslie - From 1561 he was in the service of Mary Queen of Scots, and Never wavered in his fidelity
Desolate - Destitute or deprived of inhabitants desert uninhabited denoting either stripped of inhabitants, or Never having been inhabitated as a desolate isle a desolate wilderness
Arminianism - The Calvinist Synod of Dort condemned the Remonstrant heresy, but extreme Calvinism Never recovered from Arminius's defection
Ash'Dod, - It was assigned to the tribe of Judah, (Joshua 15:47 ) but was Never subdued by the Israelites
World: a Huge Desert - Some are at rest because they Never look beyond the borders of the church, but those whose sympathies reach to all humanity will have to carry a life-long 'burden of the Lord
Antinomianism - Though often acted upon by some extremists in Germany and England, it was Never favored by any Protestant sect
Despair - ...
Never despair of Gods blessings here, or of his reward hereafter
Name of Mary - The Irish language has a special word, "Muire," which is Never given to any Mary but the Mother of God
Dunmow, England - Two miles east is Little Dunmow, formerly the seat of a priory where Robert Fitzwalter in 1224 instituted the custom of presenting a flitch of bacon to any couple who spent the first year of their married life in harmony and Never regretting their union
Ashdod - One of the five chief cities of the Philistines, assigned to the tribe of Judah, but Never conquered by them, Joshua 13:3 ; 15:47 ; 1 Samuel 5:1 ; 6:17 ; Nehemiah 4:7
Faithful Witness - ,one who may be trusted and whose testimony Never falls short of the truth
Bishop - The term bishop is Never once used to denote a different office from that of elder or presbyter
Buchanites - They Never increased much; and the death of their leader within a year or two afterwards, occasioned their dispersion, by putting an end to their hopes of reaching the New Jerusalem without death
Knife - The Egyptians Never used bronze or steel in preparing the mummies, stone being regarded as purer and more sacred
Mary, Name of - The Irish language has a special word, "Muire," which is Never given to any Mary but the Mother of God
Nether - It is used only in implied comparison, as in the nether part, the nether millstone but we Never say, one part is nether than another
Accho - Sultry or sandy, a town and harbour of Phoenicia, in the tribe of Asher, but Never acquired by them (Judges 1:31 )
Samson - Samson’s Philistine wife, Delilah, persuaded him to reveal to her the source of his great strength—his Never-cut hair
Shimshon - Samson�s Philistine wife, Delilah, persuaded him to reveal to her the source of his great strength�his Never-cut hair
Rehoboth by the River - As Edom Never extended to the Euphrates' "river," probably an Assyrian invasion put Shaul from Rehoboth on the Edomite throne
Body - In NT, though the body may be the seat of sin and death ( Romans 6:6 ; Romans 7:24 ), it is Never treated with contempt ( Romans 12:1 , 1 Corinthians 6:13 ; 1 Corinthians 6:19 ); Philippians 3:21 is a well-known mistranslation
Antinomianism - Though often acted upon by some extremists in Germany and England, it was Never favored by any Protestant sect
Judaea Wilderness of - It seems Never to have had many inhabitants, and no cities
Agag - We should Never permit any Agag to remain in our lives
Fasten - ...
Isaiah 22:23 (a) GOD has set CHRIST securely in history and in prophecy, so that He can Never be avoided, evaded, nor obscured
Moab - Let us Never think that we can find more blessing in the world among GOD's enemies than in the church among GOD's people
Forest - ) An extensive wood; a large tract of land covered with trees; in the United States, a wood of native growth, or a tract of woodland which has Never been cultivated
Antinomy - Though often acted upon by some extremists in Germany and England, it was Never favored by any Protestant sect
Cripple - A lame person primarily, one who creeps, halts or limps one who has lost, or Never enjoyed the use of his limbs
Grope - ...
But Strephon, cautious, Never meant ...
The bottom of the pan to grope
Sow (Animal) - There Never was a true conversion in his soul, but only a renovation of the outside
Prevent - idea of merely ‘hindering’ Never occurs in AV They - It is Never used adjectively, but always as a pronoun referring to persons, or as a substitute referring to things
Reputation - Reputation is a valuable species of property or right, which should Never be violated
Witness, Faithful - ,one who may be trusted and whose testimony Never falls short of the truth
Tomb - 1: μνημεῖον (Strong's #3419 — Noun Neuter — mnemeion — mnay-mi'-on ) is almost invariably rendered "tomb" or "tombs" in the RV, Never "grave," sometimes "sepulchre;" in the AV, "tomb" in Matthew 8:28 ; 27:60 ; Mark 5:2 ; 6:29
Abba - ...
Jews of Old Testament times Never used abba when addressing God, but Jesus used it when praying to his Father (Mark 14:36)
Hermon - It was included in the territory God promised to Israel, but Israel’s control Never extended beyond its southern foothills (Joshua 11:16-17)
Lachish - It was resettled after the Jews’ return from captivity, but Never regained its previous importance (Nehemiah 11:25; Nehemiah 11:30)
Perseverance: Necessity of - The devil frustrates their efficacy by cutting off their ends; their un profitable history is made up of plans and projects, schemes of usefulness that were Never gone about, and magnificent undertakings that were Never carried forward; societies that were set a going, then left to shift for themselves, and forlorn beings who for a time were taken up and instructed, and just when they were beginning to show symptoms of improvement were cast on the world again
Lend - But in the United States, I believe, the word is Never thus used, except in reference to money. We lend money upon interest, but Never lend a coach or horse for a compensation
Meekness - He Never made a show to attract praise for himself, and Never damaged the faith of even the weakest believer (Matthew 12:19-20; Matthew 18:5-6; Matthew 21:5). Yet he Never hesitated to denounce cruelty, pride, injustice and hypocrisy, even when it made him unpopular (Matthew 15:7-14; Matthew 21:12-13; Matthew 23:13; Matthew 23:33)
Heaven - ...
We Never read in the Bible that the believer "goes to Heaven. " Probably the reason is that the Holy Spirit Never calls our attention to the place where we are going, but always to the Person by whom we go, and to whom we go. " We should notice that it is always the Person, and Never the place that gives comfort to the heart
Mortmain - The policy Never found favor in the colonies except in Pennsylvania, in order to prevent dedications of property to superstitious usee, and it can have no place in the jurisprudence of the United States
Causey - word is literally ‘a raised way,’ and is used of a public road, but Never of a street in a city
Canons on Hunting - The former is not to be habitual with clerics as we gather from the words "Ne indulgeant"; to do so occasionally would therefore be no fault against this law; the chase, however, they are Never to follow
Affliction: Right View of - Yet they are not made of pasteboard, and will Never be light in themselves, though our Lord can lighten them by his presence
Bartholomew - In the synoptic gospels Philip and Bartholomew are always mentioned together, while Nathanael is Never mentioned; in the fourth gospel, on the other hand, Philip and Nathanael are similarly mentioned together, but nothing is said of Bartholomew
Bible: Why Priests Withhold it - Such trash as they trade in would Never go off their hands if they did not keep their shops thus dark; which made one of their shavelings so bitterly complain of Luther for spoiling their market, saying that but for him they might have persuaded the people of Germany to eat hay
Hunting, Canons on - The former is not to be habitual with clerics as we gather from the words "Ne indulgeant"; to do so occasionally would therefore be no fault against this law; the chase, however, they are Never to follow
Self-Examination: Its Right Offices - A highlander who purchased a barometer under a mistaken idea of its purpose, complained that he could not see that it had made any improvement in the weather; and those who use signs and evidences for an intent which they will Never answer, will be sure to complain that their faith is not increased, though they are always practising self-examination
Understanding: no Time For - ' ...
Alas! there may be much hearing, much reading, much attendance at public services, and very small result, and all because the word was not the subject of thought, and was Never embraced by the understanding
Discontent - Man Never appears in a worse light than when he gives way to this disposition
Hours, Scriptural - In both Greek and Roman times the idea of an hour as the twenty-fourth part of a day, appears occasionally in scientific works but Never in popular literature, or common life
Particle - ) A subordinate word that is Never inflected (a preposition, conjunction, interjection); or a word that can not be used except in compositions; as, ward in backward, ly in lovely
According - It is Never a preposition
Cripple - ) One who creeps, halts, or limps; one who has lost, or Never had, the use of a limb or limbs; a lame person; hence, one who is partially disabled
Dissipate - of the dispersion of things that can Never again be collected or restored
Dwarf - A man that Never grows beyond two or three feet in highth, is a dwarf
Gebal - It was theoretically (never actually) within the borders of the Promised Land ( Joshua 13:5 )
Husk - The husks of the small grains, when separated, are called chaff but in America we apply the word chiefly to the covering of the ears or seeds of maiz, which is Never denominated chaff
Assurance - Texts often used to support assurance of salvation are John 10:28 “and I give eternal life to them, and they shall Never perish; and no one shall snatch them out of My hand,” and 1 John 5:13, “These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may know that you have eternal life
Lawless - A kindred word is translated 'transgression of the law' in 1 John 3:4 , which as a definition of sin is a serious error: it should be 'sin is lawlessness,' and this term is equally applicable to those who Never had the law
Scriptural Hours - In both Greek and Roman times the idea of an hour as the twenty-fourth part of a day, appears occasionally in scientific works but Never in popular literature, or common life
Hatred - It is Never permitted to hate another with hostile sentiment or action, wishing him ill,rejoicing over his sufferings, injuring him in any way no matter how abominable his deeds or qualities may be
Phaselis - 77, and it seems Never to have recovered its former importance
Vanish - How cheering is the well founded hope of enjoying delights which can Never vanish!
Perfection - Under the Old Testament program, the priests could Never rest. The priests could Never rest from their labors
Heifer - Moses and Aaron were instructed to deliver the divine command to the children of Israel that they should procure "a red heifer, without spot," that is, one that was entirely red, without one spot of any other colour; "free from blemish, and on which the yoke had Never yet come," that is, which had Never yet been employed in ploughing the ground or in any other work; for according to the common sense of all mankind, those animals which had been made to serve other uses, became unfit to be offered to God,—a sentiment which we find in Homer and other Heathen writers
Conscience - In man, however, though this conviction that we must do what is right Never fails, yet the value of conscience is greatly impaired by its inhering in a depraved soul, whose evil tendencies warp and pervert our judgment on all subjects. No bodily tortures can equal the agony it inflicts; and though it may slumber here, it will hereafter be like the worm that Never dies and the fire that Never can be quenched
Plough - The slight scratching which constitutes eastern ploughing Never requires more than one pair of cattle, and often a single cow or ass or camel was doubtless used, as now
Gier Eagle - Tristram thinks that the Hebrew name, which is derived from a root meaning "to love," is given to it from the fact that the male and female bird Never part company
Constancy - When applied to the human mind, it is a steady adherence to those schemes and resolutions which have been maturely formed; the effect of which is, that a man Never drops a good design out of fear, and is consistent with himself in all his words and actions
Quichuan - ) Designating, or pertaining to, a linguistic stock of South American Indians, including the majority of the civilized tribes of the ancient Peruvian Empire with some wild tribes Never subjugated by the Incas. Nevertheless, they represent one of the highest of native American civilizations, characterized by agricultural, military, and administrative skill rather than by science or literature, although they were adept potters, weavers, and goldsmiths, and preserved by the aid of the mnemonic quipu a body of legendary lore in part written down since the introduction of writing
Plight - ) To pledge; to give as a pledge for the performance of some act; as, to plight faith, honor, word; - Never applied to property or goods
Marah - All creature-comforts are in themselves disposed to produce bitterness: until Christ is seen and enjoyed in them, even our most common comforts will always prove unsatisfying, and Never produce what they propose
Flint - He often brings deliverance from sources that we Never thought of
Hunger - ...
Luke 15:17 (b) The prodigal could Never find heart satisfaction away from his father's house
Empty - Matthew 12:44 (c) The word is used to describe the condition of the unsaved person who has had a reformation in his life but has Never received the Lord JESUS to fill his heart and soul
Antonelli, Giacomo - He has been much praised and severely criticized; he was a statesman rather than a churchman, Never having been ordained priest, although zealous in his religious duties
Legion, Thebian - Though this story had Never wanted patrons, yet it is disbelieved by many
Cameronians - His followers were Never entirely reduced till the Revolution, when they voluntarily submitted to King William
Asher - But of the northern half of this territory, that is, from Tyre northward, this tribe Never became possessed, not having expelled the Phoenician inhabitants, who are supposed not to have been pure Canaanites, but a mixture of this people with a Cuthite colony from Egypt
Rechabites - For their obedience a promise was given them that their family should Never be extinct
Shimel - Shimei gave his parole Never to leave Jerusalem; but broke it by pursuing his fugitive servants to Gath, and was put to death on returning, 2 Samuel 16:5-14 ; 19:16-23 ; 1 Kings 2:8,9,36-46
Semmes, Raphael - His political disabilities were Never removed
Raphael Semmes - His political disabilities were Never removed
Ordinance - In the United States, it is Never applied to the acts of Congress, or of a state legislature
Tall - We say, a tall man or woman, a tall boy for his age a tall tree, a tall pole, a tall mast but we Never say, a tall house or a tall mountain
Highways - These are Never cared for, no repairs are made or obstacles removed
Men-Stealers - , in a catalogue of property and in combination with tetrapoda, "four-footed things" (andrapodon, aner, "a man," pous, "a foot"); andrapodon "was Never an ordinary word for slave; it was too brutally obvious a reminder of the principle which made quadruped and human chattels differ only in the number of their legs" (Moulton and Milligan, Vocab
Robe - ...
it Never wears out. ...
it Never needs cleaning or mending
Wine - But Never was it known to do what Christ's love hath done, to raise a sinner dead in trespasses and sins. Here the largest draughts can Never injure as the juice of the grape; but as Jesus gives, so may souls receive the largest portions, not only unhurt, but more blessed
Yet - , Mark 14:29 ; 1 Corinthians 4:4,15 ; 9:2 ; (3) mentoi, "nevertheless," John 4:27 ; 20:5 ; (4) akmen, "even to this point of time" (the accusative case of akme, "a point"), Matthew 15:16 ; (5) ouketi, "no longer," Mark 15:5 , AV, "yet . , AV, "nothing yet"); oudepo, John 19:41 , "never yet;" John 20:9 , "as yet . indeed"); (9) ge, a particle meaning "indeed," "yet," Luke 11:8 ; (10) oudeis popote, Luke 19:30 , RV, "no man ever yet," AV, "yet Never man," lit
Divine Right of Kings - Such claim was approved by Luther and Melanchthon, but Never by the Catholic Church
Eclipse - The darkness at the crucifixion has been ascribed to an eclipse (Matthew 27:45 ); but on the other hand it is argued that the great intensity of darkness caused by an eclipse Never lasts for more than six minutes, and this darkness lasted for three hours
Eating - Women were Never present as guests at meals (q
Conversion (Sudden): Not All Genuine - Fish sometimes leap out of the water with great energy, but it would be foolish to conclude that they have left the liquid element for ever, in a moment they are swimming again as if they had Never forsaken the stream; indeed, it was but a fly that tempted them aloft, or a sudden freak, the water is still their home, sweet home
Resentment - The man who retires to meditate mischief, and to exasperate his own rage, whose thoughts are employed only on means of distress and contrivances of ruin, whose mind Never pauses from the remembrance of his own sufferings, but to indulge some hope of enjoying the calamities of another, may justly be numbered among the most miserable of human beings; among those who are guilty; who have neither the gladness of prosperity, nor the calm of innocence
Formalism: Tricks of - 'The duchess said that on Sunday she Never saw company, nor played cards, nor went out: in England, indeed, she did so, because every one else did the same, but she would not introduce those manners into this country (Scotland)
so: God so Loved Etc - In these days of advanced mechanism even greater marvels in miniature have been achieved, but Never has so much meaning been compressed into so small a space as in that famous little word 'So,' in the text which tells us that 'God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life
Ignorance: Possible in Most Constant Hearers - Samuel Wesley visited one of his parishioners as he was upon his dying bed: a man who had Never missed going to church in forty years
Repentance: (Thorough): Searches Out Sin - is,' saith he, 'a bullet is lodged here; this must come out, or the wound will Never close
Maimed - He expected disciples to invite the maimed who could Never repay (Luke 14:13 )
Light: Detested by the Wicked - The lover of the right courts anything which may manifest the wrong, but those who love evil have Never a good word for those disturbing beams of truth which show up the filthy corners of their hearts and lives
Adversary - Since the prisoner can Never pay the debt he must remain there forever
Destroy - You will note from the above Scriptures that the word "destroy" Never means "annihilation" nor "obliteration" as is taught by some
Continual - Continual fever, or continued fever, a fever that abates, but Never entirely intermits, till it comes to a crisis thus distinguished from remitting and intermitting fever
Fleece - This word is rarely or Never used for plundering in war by a licentious soldiery but is properly used to express a stripping by contributions levied on a conquered people
Ritualism - , and Never, as they maintain, forbidden by competennt authority, although generally disused
Cypress - The Hebrew word indicates a tree with hard-grained wood, not the cypress, but probably the Syrian juniper which grows wild upon Lebanon, is meant, as the cypress Never does in the Holy Land
Destruction - In some passages destruction is spoken of as a place or a state of existence, thus "Hell and destruction are before the Lord;" "Hell and destruction are Never full
Liable - We Never say, a man is liable to happiness or prosperity, but he is liable to disease, calamities, censure he is liable to err, to sin, to fall
Saint - ...
Over against the church stands a large hospital, erected by a shoemaker who has been beautified, though Never sainted
Reverend - ...
This epithet is, I believe, Never applied to the Supreme Being, or to his laws or institutions
Wages - We speak of servants wages, a laborers wages, or soldiers wages but we Never apply the word to the rewards given to men in office, which are called fees or salary
Archela'us - Archelaus Never properly bore the title of king, ( Matthew 2:22 ) but only that of ethnarch
Casual Security - 'Never mind,' is the answer, 'I have the key. So many of our hearers are saying, 'Oh, yes! what the preacher says is well enough, but you know we can repent whenever we like; we have power to obtain the grace of God whenever we please; we know the way; have we not been told over and over again simply to trust Christ?–and we can do that whenever we please–we are safe enough. ' Ah, but suppose you cannot believe whenever you phase? Suppose the day shall come when you shall call upon the Lord, and he will not answer; when you shall stretch out your hand, but no man shall regard! Suppose you should one day cry, 'Lord, Lord, open to us,' and the answer should be, 'I Never knew you, depart, ye cursed!' O procrastinator, if you think that you can repent now, why do you not repent now? You believe that you have full power to do so! Oh, do it, do it, and do not trifle with that power, lest when the power is gone, you find, too late, that in one sense you Never possessed it! ...
Imagination - (Latin: imago, image) ...
The faculty of representing to oneself objects not present, characters not existing in real life, conjunctions of events or circumstances Never actually witnessed. The new psychology, so called, or the study of the soul which ignores the soul's existence, is largely to blame for this, since it stops at the imagination, or consideration of images, and Never rises to the study of intellect and ideas
Fall - The ears Never fall away, nor does the nose, for they are a part of the body. There are those who profess to be saved but have Never really been born again
Sleep - ...
First, Jesus is Never said to have fallen asleep. Second, unbelievers are Never said to fall asleep. Death is, in fact, not death anymore, and those who believe in Jesus will Never really die, even though they might still experience what used to be called death (John 11:25-26 ). Fourth, believers are Never said to have fallen asleep in the death of Jesus; rather, we died with him (Colossians 2:20 ; 2 Timothy 2:11 ) or were crucified with him (Galatians 2:20 ). Finally, not only do believers Never experience death (in the old way) anymore, although they must go through what is metaphorically called sleep; there are some who will not even experience that—that single generation of believers, who are alive at the second coming of Christ (1 Corinthians 15:51 ), they will not sleep, but will be transformed instantaneously into their new unending life
Didascalia Apostolorum - Often called the earliest attempt to compile a corpus (body) of canon law, it Never had a great vogue and was superseded by the Apostolic Constitutions
Instructions of the Apostles - Often called the earliest attempt to compile a corpus (body) of canon law, it Never had a great vogue and was superseded by the Apostolic Constitutions
Shinar - Its former identification with Sumer , or Southern Babylonia, Never regarded as very satisfactory, is now given up
Cecil Calvert - Opposition at home prevented his accompanying the colonizing expedition of 1633, and during his long rule he Never visited the colony
Cecilius Calvert - Opposition at home prevented his accompanying the colonizing expedition of 1633, and during his long rule he Never visited the colony
Calvert, Cecil - Opposition at home prevented his accompanying the colonizing expedition of 1633, and during his long rule he Never visited the colony
Calvert, Cecilius - Opposition at home prevented his accompanying the colonizing expedition of 1633, and during his long rule he Never visited the colony
Dor - The original inhabitants seem Never to have been expelled, although they were made tributary by David
Arcturus - The Great Bear always revolves about the pole, and to our northern hemisphere Never sets
Lysanias - 2:12, section 8), and Never ruled Abilene, but his son, who is meant by Luke 3:1
Eonians - He left behind him a number of followers, whom persecution and death, so weakly and cruelly employed, could not persuade to abandon his cause, or to renounce an absurdity, which, says Mosheim, one would think, could Never have gained credit but in such a place as Bedlam
Martyr d'Anghiera, Peter - Charles V made him Count Palatine, and Pope Clement VII, Abbot of Jamaica, an island which he Never visited
Preaching: Its Force the Main Consideration - I had tried to drive certain long brass-headed nails into a wall, but had Never succeeded except in turning up their points, and rendering them useless
Slander: Rebuked - ' He then added very impressively,' She was Never heard to speak ill of an absent friend
Memphis - Its overthrow was distinctly predicted by the Hebrew prophets; Isaiah 19:13; Jeremiah 46:19; and it Never recovered from the blow inflicted upon it by Cambyses, 525 b
Distraction - Never was known a night of such distraction
Mercy: Seen in Our Lives - Never was a shelter more opportune, a refuge more welcome. God's hospice may be confidently looked for whenever the way is more than ordinarily difficult
Accho - Accho was Asher's portion, but Never was wrested from the original dwellers (Judges 1:31)
Conversant - ...
Never to be infected with delight, nor conversant with ease and idleness
Battle Abbey - The first monks came from the Benedictine Abbey of Marmoutier, and though the buildings were designed for 140, the community Never exceeded 60
Audry, Saint - She founded the minster of Ely, built on an estate which had been given to her by her first husband Tonbert, with whom she had Never lived in wedlock
Thistle - He was meddling with trouble, and causing difficulties that Never should have existed
Life - Eternal life is that Never-ending state of existence which the saints shall enjoy in heaven, and is glorious, Colossians 3:4
Etheldreda, Saint - She founded the minster of Ely, built on an estate which had been given to her by her first husband Tonbert, with whom she had Never lived in wedlock
Jesting - , the poet Pindar speaks of one Jason as Never using a word of "vain lightness," a meaning deteriorated, and it came to denote "coarse jesting, ribaldry," as in Ephesians 5:4 , where it follows morologia, "foolish talking
Lamp - Torches and lanterns, John 18:3 , were very necessary in ancient cities, the streets of which were Never lighted
Reproof - We should Never reprove unseasonably, as to the time, the place, or the circumstances. That it is nothing but pride to suppose that we are Never to be the subjects of reproof, since it is human to err
Communion With Christ: Joy of - Some pilgrims to heaven appear Never to have passed the summit of religious difficulty; they are still toiling over the Devil's Bridge, or loitering at Andermatt, or plunging into the deep snowdrifts of their own personal unworthiness, ever learning, but Never coming to a full knowledge of the truth; they have not attained to a comfortable perception of the glory, preciousness, and all-sufficiency of the Lord Jesus, and therefore abide amid the winter of heir doubts and fears
Formality: Habits of Worthless - When he got home, he said, 'I am glad that I have returned without broken bones, but Never will I drive a religious horse again. ' ...
Persons who go to places of worship from mere habit and without entering into the devotions of the service, may here see that their religion is only such as a horse may possess, and a horse's religion will Never save a man
Trouble: Needed - I Never felt before how needful darkness is for the welfare of our bodies and minds. Consequently, the heat of the day Never cooled down, and accumulated until it became almost unendurable at last
Cistern - " Cisterns yield only a limited supply of water, not an everflowing spring; representing creature comforts soon exhausted, and therefore Never worth forsaking the Never failing, ever fresh supplies of God
Slavery - Even in pagan Greece and Rome the slave was often treated humanely, Never so badly as the slaves under Moslem masters, and Never worse than slaves under reputed Christian masters in modern times
Jehovah - This name, the Tetragrammaton of the Greeks, was held by the later Jews to be so sacred that it was Never pronounced except by the high priest on the great Day of Atonement, when he entered into the most holy place. Whenever this name occurred in the sacred books they pronounced it, as they still do, "Adonai" (i. ...
It is worthy of notice that this name is Never used in the LXX
Nathanael - For this reason, combined with the fact that John Never mentions the name of Bartholomew, it is generally supposed that the two are identical
Alabaster - Mark says "she brake the box," signifying probably, that the seal upon the box, or upon the neck of the vase of bottle, which kept the perfume from evaporating, had Never been removed; it was on this occasion first opened
Moore, Arthur, Count - During the Gladstone Parliament, 1880-1885, he was a follower of Parnell, but Never advocating violent measures, he did not favor the full program of the Land or National Leagues
Salecah - On account of its commanding position it has always been of strategic importance; but it was probably Never permanently occupied by any of the Israelitish people
Exorcist - The power of casting out devils was conferred by Christ on his apostles (Matthew 10:8 ), and on the seventy (Luke 10:17-19 ), and was exercised by believers after his ascension (Mark 16:17 ; Acts 16:18 ); but this power was Never spoken of as exorcism
Ephratah - " In Psalm 132:6 it is mentioned as the place where David spent his youth, and where he heard much of the ark, although he Never saw it till he found it long afterwards at Kirjath-jearim; i
Cemetery - As the martyrs were buried in these places, the Christians chose them for building churches on, when Constantine established their religion; and hence some derive the rule which still obtains in the church of Rome, Never to consecrate an altar without putting under it the relics of some saint
Hearing: Useless Alone - Go from room to room of the royal feast, and the sight of the tables will Never stay thy hunger
Ghost - The KJV Never uses ghost for the disembodied spirits of the dead
Apostrophe - ) The mark [1] used to denote that a word is contracted (as in ne'er for Never, can't for can not), and as a sign of the possessive, singular and plural; as, a boy's hat, boys' hats
Canaan - Many Christians stop at Jabesh-Gilead and Never cross over Jordan to the land of grapes, figs, olives and victory
Potter's Field - but Never named there
Arthur Moore - During the Gladstone Parliament, 1880-1885, he was a follower of Parnell, but Never advocating violent measures, he did not favor the full program of the Land or National Leagues
Confusion - O Lord, let me Never be put to confusion
Else - Who else is coming? What else shall I give? Do you expect any thing else? This word, if considered to be an adjective or pronoun, Never precedes its noun,but always follows it
Forest - In America, the word is usually applied to a wood of native growth, or a tract of woodland which has Never been cultivated
Leek - These are used as types of various kinds of pleasures and pursuits offered by the world to those who belong to this world and have Never tasted the heavenly manna
Beryl - It Never exhibits the deep rich green of that gem, being in general pale green, and sometimes yellowish, bluish, brownish, or colourless
Poison - The Jews Never adopted the barbarous custom
Memory - ) The reach and positiveness with which a person can remember; the strength and trustworthiness of one's power to reach and represent or to recall the past; as, his memory was Never wrong
Carpenter - The word is Never applied, as in Italy and Spain, to a coach-maker
Gebal - Their land and all Lebanon were assigned to the Israelites, but Never fully possessed, Joshua 13:5
Our - Ours, which is primarily the possessive case of our, is Never used as an adjective, but as a substitute for the adjective and the noun to which it belongs
Weave - The regular form, weaved, is rarely or Never used
Maundy Thursday - The celebration of the Holy Eucharist on this dayhas great significance, and is Never omitted where it is possibleto be had
Parched Ground - " ...
"Far as we rode in the direction of the apparition, we Never came any nearer to it; the whole seemed to recoil, step for step, with our advance. Never had I seen any landscape so vivid as this seeming one; Never water so bright or trees so softly green, so tall and stately
Joannes, Silentiarius, Bishop of Colonia - "He thought it the greatest of all virtues Never to be washed"; "determined Never to be seen, even by his own eyes, without his clothes. He Never left his cell for four years afterwards, and was seen by none but the brothers who served him, except at the dedication of a church in the community, when he was obliged to pay his respects to archbp
Mass, Nuptial - The nuptial blessing is read by the priest after the Pater Noster of the Mass, and is Never given apart from the Mass
Zeruiah - ’ The father’s name is Never mentioned, and he may have died early; or the mother may have been so remarkable a woman that her husband’s name was not preserved; or we have a survival of the ancient custom of tracing kinship through the female line
Ashdod - It belonged to the tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:47 ), but it Never came into their actual possession
Bittern - But the hedgehog or porcupine would Never "lodge" or perch on the chapiters of columns," as margin Zephaniah 2:14 says of the qippod
Matthias - After His descent on Pentecost casting of lots was Never repeated, as "the discerning of spirits" in the church made it no longer needful
Esteem - Our esteem of God manifests itself in Never mentioning his name without reverence; in bowing the knee; in prayer and praise; in all the several forms of outward devotion, and in quick resentment of any dishonour done to him
Nehiloth - Hengstenberg on Psalm 5 title objects, el ("upon") is Never used to introduce the instruments
Lees - has been like wine undisturbed, and not "emptied from vessel to vessel," Never having been dislodged from his original settlement, "his scent (i
Nuptial Mass And Blessing - The nuptial blessing is read by the priest after the Pater Noster of the Mass, and is Never given apart from the Mass
Thunder - (1 Samuel 12:17 ) Rain in harvest was deemed as extraordinary as snow in summer, (Proverbs 26:1 ) and Jerome states that he had Never witnessed it in the latter part of June or in July
Uzzi - Between Abishua and Zadok in the genealogy, yet Never high priest (Josephus Collegians - They are said to be all either Arians or Socinians: they Never communicate in the college, but meet twice a year, from all parts of Holland, at Rhinsberg (whence they are also called Rhtnsberghers, ) a village two miles from Leyden, where they communicate together; admitting every one that presents himself, professing his faith in the divinity of the Holy Scriptures, and resolution to live suitably to their precepts and doctrines, without regard to his sect or opinion
Contraction - ) The shortening of a word, or of two words, by the omission of a letter or letters, or by reducing two or more vowels or syllables to one; as, ne'er for Never; can't for can not; don't for do not; it's for it is
Differ - Well Never differ with a crowded pit
Swallow - " In Proverbs 26:2 the sense is "as the bird ("sparrow") by wandering, as the swallow (deror ) by flying, Never lights upon us, but flies to the winds, so the curse for which we have given no just cause shall not come" to hurt us; contradicting the common superstition that a curse brings its fulfilment, however undeserved; nay Providence shields His people from Satan's and his agents' malice
God - There have Never been any Gods before Him nor will there be any after Him (Isaiah 43:10)
Nathanael - It is thought by many that Nathanael was an apostle, and was the same as Bartholomew, whom John Never otherwise mentions
Carriage - Appropriately the word is applied to a coach and carts and wagons are rarely or Never called carriages
Cistern - During nearly half the year no rain falls in Palestine, and Never-failing streams and springs are rare
Cease - The poor shall Never cease out of the land
Goats' Hair - The hair of the goats of Asia, Phrygia, and Cilicia, is very bright and fine, and hangs to the ground; in beauty it almost equals silk, and is Never sheared, but combed off
Zeal (2) - So let it be with the church; Never should she need to be forced to reluctant action, but full of irrepressible life, she should long for conflict against everything which is contrary to God
Reuben, Tribe of - In the great struggles of the nation he Never took part. , resolutions which were Never carried out, the people idly resting among their flocks as if it were a time of peace (Judges 5:15,16 )
Boldness (Holy): Congruous With the Gospel - Jesus was humble, and his servants must not be proud; but Jesus was Never mean or cowardly, nor must his servants be. Blush to preach of a dying Savior? Apologize for talking of the Son of God condescending to be made man, that he might redeem us from all iniquity? Never! Oh! by the grace of God let us purpose, with
Testament, New - The proper Greek word for covenant is not found in the New Testament, and occurs only thrice in the Septuagint, where it is Never employed for rendering the word Berith. In the latitude wherein the term is used in holy writ, the command under the sanction of death, which God gave to Adam, may, with sufficient propriety, be termed a Covenant; but it is Never so called in Scripture; and when mention is made of the two covenants, the old and the new, or the first and the second, there appears to be no reference to any thing that related to Adam
Raven - Genesis 8:7, Noah's first messenger from the ark, which kept going forth and returning, resting on the ark but Never entering, feeding on the floating carcasses; type of the carnal soul that having left God finds no rest (Isaiah 57:20-21); like Satan (Job 1:7; Job 2:2). With their hoarse cry they unconsciously appeal to their Maker and Preserver for their necessary food, and Never in vain, though they neither sow nor reap neither have storehouse nor barn
Government Governor - The procurator (agent) was really a servant of the Emperor’s household, Never of higher rank than equestrian, and belonged to the lowest class of governor. He is Never called by his own (Greek) name (ἐπίτροπος) except in a variant reading of Luke 3:1
Stumbling (Block And Stone) - Leviticus 19:14 (a) We should Never teach an unsaved person in such a way that he would be hindered from getting to CHRIST and becoming a Christian. He is a building stone, a foundation stone for those who believe in Him, but He stands in the way of all others so that they can Never find GOD, nor walk with GOD, nor have a place in the presence of GOD, for CHRIST blocks the way
Satisfied, To Be - 2:5), wine seems to be referred to as Never “being satisfied, Never having enough
Genealogy - " From hence the Jews conclude, that such a priest will stand up, and restore and complete the genealogies of their families: though others suppose these words to import, that they should Never exercise their priesthood any more; and that, "till there shall stand up a priest with Urim and Thummim," amounts to the same as the Roman proverb, ad Graecas calendas, [1] since the Urim and Thummim were now absolutely and for ever lost
Rail - In New England, this is Never called a beam pieces of timber of the proper size for rails are called scantling. In New England we Never call this series a rail, but by the general term railing
Needle - 273) speaks of ‘the eye which Never tastes of sleep and is Never filled with tears
Humility - It Never underestimates its own worth, but in utter unselfishness it is ready to sacrifice its own claims at any moment for the general good. Genuine humility loses all its self-conceit but Never loses its self-respect. He Never forgot His dignity. Yet He Never forgot His humility
Maronites - Authorities disagree as to their history before the 16th century, some claiming that they succumbed to the Monothelite heresy (6th century) and were converted from it in the 12th century, others stating that they were governed by an unbroken line of patriarchs commencing with Saint John Maro (whose existence seems doubtful) and were Never schismatical or heretical
Charity - Charity, in the strict sense of the word, cannot exist in a person who has Never heard of revelation, though he may perform many works from the sole motive of pleasing God
Son of God - But, besides these four, many think that he is called the Son of God in such a way and manner as Never any other was, is, or can be, because of his own divine nature, he being the true, proper, and natural Son of God, begotten by him before all worlds, John 3:16
Eternal Things And Fleeting - Yet the mountain is unsubstantial as the cloud, and the cloud is Never permanent as the mountain
Gift of Tongues - An ability given to the apostles of readily and intelligibly speaking a variety of languages which they had Never learnt
Affliction: Endears the Promises - We Never prize the precious words of promise till we are placed in conditions in which their suitability and sweetness are manifested
Repentance: Must be Real - The gondoliers at Venice, when we were sojourning in that queen of the Adriatic, frequently quarrelled with each other, and used such high words and ferocious gestures that we were afraid murder would come of it; yet they Never came to blows, it was only their rough way of disputing
Vows - A vow unfulfilled is worse than a vow Never made
Shushan - And what is the sense of both, bearing the same name, but a confirmation of all the precious truths contained in the charter and covenant of grace! They are the same in name, in likeness, in pursuits, desires, affections; but then let it Never be forgotten it is wholly on Christ's account
Maranatha - In addition to what was then observed under this head, it may not be improper to remark yet farther, that when the apostle Paul useth this form of expression, which signifies, Let the offender that loves not the Lord Jesus Christ be punished when the Lord comes, he useth it not as a matter that was new, or a form that was Never heard of before, but rather one well known
Poor - that "the poor should Never cease out of the land," and in the enactments of the law they were cared for by Jehovah
Albanenses - They denied free will, did not admit original sin, and Never administered baptism to infants
Adamites - They detested marriage; maintaining that the conjugal union would Never have taken place upon earth, had sin been unknown
Tribulation - Besides the application of this term to any time of distress, and its special reference to this dispensation, respecting which it is said, "In the world ye shall have tribulation," John 16:33 — the Lord spoke of a distinct period of distress, such as Never had been, or should be again
Antinomianism - While it is true that obedience to the law will Never earn salvation for anyone (Ephesians 2:8-9 ), it is equally true that those who are saved are expected to live a life full of good works (see, for example, Matthew 7:16-20 ; Ephesians 2:10 ; Colossians 1:10 ; James 2:14-26 )
Scourge - But the whip, with which these stripes were given, consisting of three separate cords, and each stroke being accounted as three stripes, thirteen strokes made thirty-nine stripes, beyond which they Never went
Enoch - It was Never received as canonical
Limb - But we Never say, the limb of a board, of a tract of land or water, &c
Common - ” Thus Peter declares that he has Never eaten anything “common or unclean
Simony - The Church has repeatedly and strongly condemned this vice in the encyclicals of Popes and Synods, but Never was her condemnation more strong than in the decrees of Saint Gregory VII
Peter, Epistles of - The genuineness of the first has Never been disputed; it is referred to as his accredited work by several of the apostolical fathers
Weep - Weeped, I believe is Never used
Zeal - Cold truth, even cold gospel truth, is Never attractive
River - " It will Never run dry
James the Lord's Brother - Think out for yourselves those three years, the like of which Never came to any other family on the face of the earth. The unpardonable and irreparable mistake of my whole life was this, that my eyes were Never opened at home till it was too late. I Never once saw what was for thirty years, day and night, staring me in the face, if I had not been stone-blind. It Never entered my mind all those years that He was any better than I was myself. A Christian character may be displayed before our eyes at home, and we may Never discover it, just because it is at home. ...
And James is a warning to us all in this respect also, that he Never, to the very end, became a true and complete New Testament believer. Whether it was that he had been too long an unbeliever, and Never could make up for the opportunities he had lost; or whether it was that he yielded to his natural temper too much, and let it take too deep a hold of him; or whether it was that he was Never able to suppress himself so as to submit to sit at Paul's feet; or whether it was that he could Never shake off the hard and narrow men who hampered and hindered him; or whether it was his life-long chastisement and impoverishment for neglecting the incomparably glorious opportunity God had given him for thirty-three years,-whatever was the true explanation of it, the fact is only too clear on too many pages of the New Testament, that James, all his days, was far more of a Jew than a genuine Christian. Though his risen Brother appeared to James as he appeared to Paul, at the same time, God could Never be said to have manifested His Son in James as He had manifested Him in Paul. Account for it as we may: brother of our Lord, Bishop of Jerusalem, pillar of that Church as he was and all, James Never came within sight of Paul as a New Testament saint of Christ and an evangelical apostle. James Never entered himself, and he Never led his people, into the glorious liberty of the sons of God
American Protective Association - In failing to prevent the nomination of William McKinley (1896) and also to secure representation in the Republican platform for some principles of the order, its prestige received a blow from which it Never recovered
John xv, Pope - Although he Never existed, the fact that he has been catalogued has thrown into disorder the numeration of the popes named John, and the true John XV is often called John XVI
Christianity - The religion of Christ; the faith which He has inspired; the teachings and moral practises inculcated by this faith; the spirit of justice, charity, of obedience to law, purity of morals, and sanctity of domestic life which characterize the manners of those who adhere to this faith; and the consequent character of the civilization which is known as Christian and which influences even those who have Never believed in Christ or who have lost that faith
Declaration, Royal - " This last was Never objected to by Catholics, being a simple promise to govern justly and maintain "the Protestant Reformed Religion established by Law
Teil Tree - " ...
This tree "is seldom seen in clumps or groves, Never in forests, but stands isolated and weird-like in some bare ravine or on a hill-side where nothing else towers above the low brushwood" (Tristram)
Trumpet - They had the trumpet to call the people to their religious service; the fast trumpet, the feast trumpet, and the war trumpet, beside the Jubilee trumpet, which was heard but once in nine and forty years; and though it was Never heard but on that day, yet so particular was the sound of it that no captive in Israel could mistake its meaning
Knock - "Though Orientals are very jealous of their privacy, they Never knock when about to enter your room, but walk in without warning or ceremony
Election - He that decreed that any one should be finally saved, decreed that it should be in the way of prayer; as much as he that has decreed what we shall possess of the things of this life, has decreed that it shall be in the way of industry; and as we Never think of being idle in common business, because God has decreed what we shall possess of this world's good, so neither should we be slothful in the business of our souls, because our final state is decreed
Heaven: a Sustaining Prospect - ' His reply was as beautiful as it was conclusive: 'Sir, I long for those springing flowers which shall Never fade away
Noise - Socrates lived in Athens during the great plague which has made so much noise in all ages, and Never caught the least infection
Exorcism - The term "exorcise" is Never up
Ehud - He girt on" his right thigh" where its presence would Never be suspected, the left being the sword side and where to his left hand it would be most convenient
Regeneration: Need of - ' 'Ah!' was the reply, 'I Never thought of that; and it strikes me that's just what I do want
Partridge - It also means, as given by Moffatt, "like a partridge hatching eggs it Never laid, so is the man who makes money unfairly; it leaves him ere his life is over, and in the end he proves himself a fool
Powers of the Mind - Reid, "so many, so connected, and complicated in most of their operations, that there Never has been any division of them proposed which is not liable to considerable objections
Sapphire - Our sapphire is the azure or indigo blue, crystalline corundum; but the Latin and Greek sapphire was "refulgent with spots of gold, azure, Never transparent, not suited for engraving when intersected with hard crystalline particles" (Pliny, H
Averse - ...
This word and its derivatives ought to be followed by to, and Never by from
Artificer - It would seem that the Jews Never afterwards lost this skill, as the remains of the walls of Jerusalem indicate
Famine - ...
Luke 15:14 (b) The gifts of GOD may be used up, but the love of GOD Never fails
Colony - There was Never a colony formed of better materials
Apocrypha - ...
The books accepted as inspired and included in the Catholic Bible are Tobit, Judith, 1,2Maccabees Wisdom of Solomon Sirach (also known as Ecclesiasticus), and Baruch...
The Jews Never recognized these books as being canonical (inspired)
Washing - ' One who is cleansed in this sense Never needs to be thus washed again; he is, as the Lord said, 'clean every whit,' yet in order to have 'part with' Christ, he needs, because of the defilement of the way, that his feet should be washed (here the word is νίπτω), John 13:5-14 , an action which is applied to parts of the body only
Tongues, Confusion of - The apostles had Never spoken those languages before
a.p.a. - In failing to prevent the nomination of William McKinley (1896) and also to secure representation in the Republican platform for some principles of the order, its prestige received a blow from which it Never recovered
Engelbert of Cologne, Saint - He was considered to have made amends by his martyrdom for his human weakness, but was Never formally canonized
Jethro - This man is rendered memorable in Scripture history from his connection with Moses; but for this, it is more than probable he would Never have been known even by name in the christian church
Asia - This word in scripture Never means the continent, as with us
Elath - It was again recovered by the Idumeans; and once more subdued by Uzziah, king of Judah; but Rezin, king of Syria, took it at length from the Jews, who seem Never again to have recovered it
Jehoiachin - He retained the title “king of Judah” even in Exile, but he Never returned to Judah to exercise rule there. Nevertheless, he was ultimately released from prison by Evil-merodach of Babylon and accorded some honor in the land of his captivity (2 Kings 25:27-30 )
Rend - We Never say, to lacerate a rock or a kingdom, when we mean to express splitting or division
University of Rome - Numerous chairs were added by succeeding pontiffs, and the schools, especially that of law, flourished, although the student attendance was Never large, often being smaller than the number of professors
Rome, University of - Numerous chairs were added by succeeding pontiffs, and the schools, especially that of law, flourished, although the student attendance was Never large, often being smaller than the number of professors
Royal Declaration - " This last was Never objected to by Catholics, being a simple promise to govern justly and maintain "the Protestant Reformed Religion established by Law
Utter - He Never utters a syllable of what I suppose to be intended as a secret
Luz - ( Judges 1:28 ) Its situation, as well as that of the land of the Hittites," has Never been discovered, and is one of the favorable puzzles of Scripture geographers
Nicarete, a Lady of Nicomedia - Her humility and self-distrust would Never allow her to become a deaconess, and she declined the office of lady superior of the consecrated virgins when Chrysostom earnestly pressed it on her
James the Apostle - In the Gospels, he is Never mentioned by himself, but always together with his more famous brother
Will: Not Violated by Grace - His key insinuates itself into the wards; the will is not enslaved but enfranchised; the reason is not blinded but enlightened, and the whole man is made to act with a glorious liberty which it Never knew till it fell under the restraints of grace
Abyss - Abyssos [ ἄβυσσος ]'>[1] Never translates Sheol , so in the Old Testament it Never carries the idea of the realm of the dead or the afterlife
Importunity - ’...
To bring out the striking contrast which our Lord’s parable suggests, it is necessary to show that persistence in asking becomes those who know that prayer is Never troublesome to God, and Never out of season
Leper - (See Matthew 8:2-3; Mark 1:40; Luke 5:12) The poor man could have had no conception, that Jesus in the cure would have done what was Never done before, put his hand upon him: but, as it was sweetly said of Jesus, "himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses;" so Christ, as if to shew the love of his heart and sympathy to our poor nature, not only healed the leper, but put forth his hand and touched him, (Matthew 8:17; Isaiah 53:4) There is somewhat in such views of Christ as tends to endear him in the highest possible degree of endearedness, and which ought Never to be lost sight of in the mind of his people
Lord - This glorious name is peculiarly and properly the distinguishing name of JEHOVAH, and ought to have been so hallowed and sacred, as Never upon any occasion whatever to have been applied to any other, For we read that JEHOVAH is very jealous of His name, and will not allow the very mention of it, unless in a way of reverence to himself, without attaching guilt to the person that doth it. " With what reverence and sanctity, therefore, ought the glorious name of JEHOVAH, Lord, to be held? Indeed, though among men, master and lord are sometimes used from servants to their superiors, yet the incommunicable name of JEHOVAH, is Never used in this way by any
Fuller - Revelation 3:4-5; Revelation 3:18; Revelation 6:11; Revelation 7:9; Revelation 7:14; Ecclesiastes 9:8, "let thy garments be always white"; the present, even if gloomy, should Never rob saints of the festive joyousness of spirit which faith bestows, in consciousness of peace with God now, and in the prospect of glory for ever. " Job 9:30, "if I make my hands Never so clean," translated, "if I cleanse my hands with lye
Allegory - We Never can be sufficiently thankful to God the Holy Ghost, for bringing the church acquainted with the blessed truths which were folded up in this patriarchal history. Never would it have entered into the breast of any man alive, untaught of the church's almighty Teacher, that such glorious things were intended by the Lord to be shadowed forth in the children of the bond woman and the children of the free
Homosexuality - Homosexual desires or feelings are Never mentioned as such in Scripture, but homosexual behavior is strongly condemned as a deviation from God's will for human beings. Although Jesus Never mentioned such behavior, probably because the problem Never arose during His ministry among Jewish people, Paul clearly condemned homosexuality
Lion - It is Never constructive, but always destructive in all its actions. It is Never a friend of man, but always his enemy. Satan is Never satisfied. He is always in the business of devouring and destroying and is Never a blessing to men
Marcion - Married persons could Never rise above the catechumenate in his sect, in which the baptized were virgins, widows, celibates, and eunuchs
Marcionites - Married persons could Never rise above the catechumenate in his sect, in which the baptized were virgins, widows, celibates, and eunuchs
Johann Pestalozzi - Pestalozzi Never forgot that he was treated kindly by Catholics, and encouraged by the Capuchins when he was distrusted and ridiculed by others
de Smet, Pierre Jean - His association with the Indians, however, Never ended
Hre - From the first, it was an abstract concept; the relationship between Pope and Emperor was defined in various ways at different times, and but seldom agreed to by both; even the territorial extent of the Empire was always vague, though it may be stated roughly as comprising: all the German-speaking lands in Europe; certain territories to the west of these; and a shadowy claim, Never substantiated, to the whole of Italy, though at one period the emperors had a firm hold on Sicily and resided there
Wolf - It is seldom seen to-day, and Never goes in packs, though commonly in couples; it commits its ravages at night, hence the expression ‘wolf of the evening’ ( Jeremiah 5:6 , Zephaniah 3:3 ); it was one of the greatest terrors of the lonely shepherd ( John 10:12 ); persecutors are compared to wolves in Matthew 10:18 , Acts 20:29
Snow - (Psalm 147:16 ; 148:8 ) The snow lies deep in the ravines of the highest ridge of Lebanon until the summer is far advanced and indeed Never wholly disappears; the summit of Hermon also perpetually glistens with frozen snow
Discontent: Chronic With Some - Some people are Never content with their lot, let what will happen
Badger - The dugong, very plentiful in the shallow waters on the shores of the Red Sea, is a marine animal from 12 to 30 feet long, something between a whale and a seal, Never leaving the water, but very easily caught
Inactivity: the Evils of - The owners had far better let them at the lowest rent than suffer them to remain empty, for the boys make targets of the windows, enterprising purveyors for the marine store shops rend off all the lead, thieves purloin every movable fitting, damp swells the window frames and doors, and mustiness makes the whole place wretched to all the senses ; into the bargain the district gets a bad name which it probably Never loses
Blight - ) To be affected by blight; to blast; as, this vine Never blights
Michal - As punishment Michal was Never allowed to bear children (2 Samuel 6:16-23 ; compare 2 Samuel 21:8 )
Sin: Aroused by the Law - A contended citizen of Milan, who had Never passed beyond its walls during the course of sixty years, being ordered by the governor not to stir beyond its gates, became immediately miserable, and felt so powerful an inclination to do that which he had so
Omen - Toplady, "that all omens are not worthy of observation, and though they should Never be so regarded as to shock our fortitude, or diminish our confidence in God, still they are not to be constantly despised
Prosperity: Evils of - Afflictions might almost be prayed for if we Never had them, even as in long stretches of fair weather men beg for rain to lay the dust
Leaf, Leaves - Ezekiel's vision of the new Jerusalem included trees whose leaves Never wither and whose leaves have healing power (Ezekiel 47:12 ; compare Revelation 22:2 )
Holy Roman Empire - From the first, it was an abstract concept; the relationship between Pope and Emperor was defined in various ways at different times, and but seldom agreed to by both; even the territorial extent of the Empire was always vague, though it may be stated roughly as comprising: all the German-speaking lands in Europe; certain territories to the west of these; and a shadowy claim, Never substantiated, to the whole of Italy, though at one period the emperors had a firm hold on Sicily and resided there
Man: Natural State of - Cadogan, 'since I too have had my surprise; I have from the pulpit set before you the most striking and affecting truths; I have found notes that might have awaked the dead; I have said, Surely he will feel now; but you Never seemed charmed with my music, though infinitely more interesting than yours
Longings: of the Soul Often Painful - Have you Never seen a caged eagle with its breast or wing bleeding from blows received by dashing against the wire of its cage? The poor creature dreamed of the forest and the craggy rock, and, filled with aspirations for sublimest flight, it stretched its wings and flew upward, only to bring itself into sharp contact with its prison
Allegory - In pure allegory the chief object aimed at is Never directly expressed
Asleep - The body of the sinner will Never be permitted to walk again in the enjoyment of GOD's blessings, but will awake to shame and everlasting contempt
Archer - The true Christian should Never lose an opportunity to expose the evils of the false religious sects who deceive the people and hold them in darkness and superstition
Beelzebub, - He also denounces the dreadful blasphemy of saying that the work done by the Holy Spirit was accomplished by the influence of Satan: this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was the sin that should Never be forgiven
Hesychasm - Interest in the question gradually waned and although there was a faint echo of Hesychasm in the West, it Never has achieved a following among Catholics
Host - Homer Never entertained guests or hosts with long speeches
Legend - A liar of this kind can Never pass undiscovered; but an honest relater of truth and matter of fact is safe: he wants no artifice, and fears no examination
Empire, Holy Roman - From the first, it was an abstract concept; the relationship between Pope and Emperor was defined in various ways at different times, and but seldom agreed to by both; even the territorial extent of the Empire was always vague, though it may be stated roughly as comprising: all the German-speaking lands in Europe; certain territories to the west of these; and a shadowy claim, Never substantiated, to the whole of Italy, though at one period the emperors had a firm hold on Sicily and resided there
English in English Bibles, the - Attention is also called to the many plain English words that were put in the Bible by Rhemes, but which the Authorized Never used (e
Alms - It is declared that the poor would Never cease out of the land; and if not relieved and they cried to the Lord, it would be accounted a sin against those who should have aided them
Administration - ...
The administration of the Roman Empire is Never directly referred to in the NT, and is best considered under its various aspects (Caesar, Proconsul, etc
Gift of Tongues - an ability given to the Apostles and others of readily and intelligibly speaking a variety of languages which they had Never learned
Anti-Libanus - The Hebrew text Never mentions Antilibanus; but uses the general name Libanus: and the coins struck at Laodicea and Hierapolis, have the inscription, "cities of Libanus," though they belong rather to Antilibanus
Samuel - Samuel began the order of the prophets, which was Never discontinued till the death of Zechariah and Malachi, Acts 3:24
Alabaster - This had Never been removed, but was on this occasion broken, that is, first opened
Carbuncle - Bishop Lowth observes that the precious stones, mentioned Isaiah 54:11-12 , and Revelation 21:18 , seem to be general images to express beauty, magnificence, purity, strength, and solidity, agreeably to the ideas of the eastern nations; and to have Never been intended to be strictly scrutinized, and minutely and particularly explained, as if they had some precise moral or spiritual meaning
Sentence - Penalties are Never cohsidered to be latae sententiae unless explicitly expressed in the law
Path - A way beaten or trodden by the feet of man or beast, or made hard by wheels that part of a highway on which animals or carriages ordinarily pass applied to the ground only, and Never to a paved street in a city
Reign - This word is Never applied to the exercise of supreme power by a legislative body or the executive administration, in the United States
Concubine - Concubinage, however, became a general custom, and the Law of Moses restricted its abuses, Exodus 21:7-9 Deuteronomy 21:10-14 , but Never sanctioned it
Society of the Blessed Sacrament - In the houses of these Fathers, the Blessed Sacrament is always exposed for adoration, and the sanctuary Never without adorers
Delos - It Never fully recovered, and in the Empire became insignificant
Rabbabbi - ...
Another form of the word was rabban or rabbon, from which comes also rabboni, John 20:16 ; this was regarded as the highest title of honor, and was Never formally bestowed on more than seven persons, who all belonged to the celebrated school of Hillel, and were preeminently distinguished by their rank and learning
Retire - ...
As when the sun is present all the year, and Never doth retire his golden ray
Marcionites - Married persons could Never rise above the catechumenate in his sect, in which the baptized were virgins, widows, celibates, and eunuchs
Eternal - , of God, Romans 16:26 ; of His power, 1 Timothy 6:16 , and of His glory, 1 Peter 5:10 ; of the Holy Spirit, Hebrews 9:14 ; of the redemption effected by Christ, Hebrews 9:12 , and of the consequent salvation of men, Hebrews 5:9 , as well as of His future rule, 2 Peter 1:11 , which is elsewhere declared to be without end, Luke 1:33 ; of the life received by those who believe in Christ, John 3:16 , concerning whom He said, 'they shall Never perish,' John 10:28 , and of the resurrection body, 2 Corinthians 5:1 , elsewhere said to be 'immortal,' 1 Corinthians 15:53 , in which that life will be finally realized, Matthew 25:46 ; Titus 1:2 . ...
"Aionios is also used of the sin that 'hath Never forgiveness,' Mark 3:29 , and of the judgment of God, from which there is no appeal, Hebrews 6:2 , and of the fire, which is one of its instruments, Matthew 18:8 ; 25:41 ; Jude 1:7 , and which is elsewhere said to be 'unquenchable,' Mark 9:43
Hope - ' They Never could refrain from service, for Hope Never could refrain from song
Emmanuel - Who, indeed, can undertake to say? Nevertheless, if what we propose be wholly scriptural, and supported by Scripture authority, we can Never err. " The Hebrew word Almah, virgin, strictly and properly speaking, a virgin, who hath Never been seen by man
Tell - Tush, Never tell me. We say, to tell this, that or what, to tell a story, to tell a word, to tell truth or falsehood, to tell a number, to tell the reasons, to tell something or nothing but we Never say, to tell a speech, discourse or oration, or to tell an argument or a lesson
Hagar - But we Never should have known the spiritual import of it, had not God the Holy Ghost graciously taught the church, by the ministry of his servant the apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Galatians. Without this divine illustration the mind of man Never could have conceived such an idea, neither have entered into a proper apprehension of the subject. Had Ishmael Never been born, no interruption would have taken place in respect of the promised seed; but had Isaac Never been born, the promise itself could not have been fulfilled; for so the terms of the charter ran, "in Isaac shall thy seed be called
Touch - The god vindictive doom'd them Never more, ...
Ah men unbless'd! to touch that natal shore. --That Never touch was welcome to thy hand ...
Unless I touch'd. Never give the least touch with your pencil, till you have well examined your design. I Never bore any touch of conscience with greater regret
Rock - ...
2 Samuel 22:2 (a) David uses this as a type of the strength and stability of the Lord who Never changes, Never sinks, but is always dependable and safe. ...
Psalm 27:5 (a) Whenever David was in trouble he turned to the Lord for security, safety and rest. ...
Psalm 114:8 (a) CHRIST Never seems to be attractive until after we are saved. GOD Never builds anything on the failures of men. He Never builds on anything that is not Jewish. GOD Never builds anything on men outside the Jewish faith. Peter Never claimed to be this rock, nor is he ever referred to in the Bible as this rock
WHERE were Gershom and Eliezer all this time? Were they both dead? Or, if living, had theyno heart for their father's God till it had been better for them and for their father that they had Never been born? Can it be possible that even Moses had come so far short as this, in the supreme duty and fast-passing opportunity of bringing up his own sons? Had her husband been so cumbered with the exodus, and with the law, and with all the cares and labours of the leadership in Israel, that he had no leisure so much as to eat his meals beside Zipporah and her two sons? Had Moses been far too long in accepting a staff of elders to assist him in ruling and judging Israel? And were Gershom and Eliezer grown up and gone clean out of hand before their father had wakened up to that and was aware of it? But, when all is said, it is far less the father than the mother in this matter. You will sometimes see stranger young men crowding around a minister in his classes and in his congregational work, and saving their own souls by so doing, while those young men that have been born in the family are Never so much as seen or heard of. Wordsworth has two such boys:...
Never did worthier lads break English bread:The finest Sunday that the autumn saw,With all its mealy cluster of ripe nuts,Could Never keep those boys away from church,Or tempt them to one hour of Sabbath breach,Leonard and James!And as such boys rise to he young men they are already promising pillars in the house of their fathers' God. And Joshua, the son of Nun, was the first figure and far-off forerunner of all such young men as he stood before Moses, and was his minister, and went up with him to the mount, and Never departed out of the tabernacle. But both Moses and John shine splendidly to all time in their rebukes to their disciples, and show themselves to be the true masters of such deserving disciples in their Never-to-be-forgotten answers and lessons and reproofs. But Never, all his days, was Joshua more or better the servant of God, and the best and the most far-seeing friend of the people of Israel, than he was just at that solitary, slanderous, murderous moment. And Joshua from that day learned how to enter on the wars of the Lord in a way he Never forgot. ' And all down sacred history, through Israel, and not less through England and Scotland, there have Never failed prophets to preach how to war a good warfare, nor has the Lord's hosts lacked leaders like Joshua, who fell at that Divine Captain's feet and worshipped. To the young soldier He appears in vision as a captain, to the young preacher He appears as a preacher, to the young pastor He is the chief shepherd, to the young merchant He is an example of successful buying and selling, to a master He appears as a master, and to a servant as a servant; sometimes He is a lover, sometimes He is a husband, sometimes a son, and sometimes a brother, and so on, till He Never leaves any man at his entrance on life without a divine vision, and an ideal example, and a sacred summons to take his shoes off his feet. And they made as if they were come to him from a far country, a country that he would Never have commission or interest to conquer, but with whose people it would be to his advantage in many ways to be good friends and in a league of peace. ...
Joshua Never ceased all his life long to mourn over the great mistake he had made at Gilgal. Joshua had Never forgotten that day of days in the great days of his youth, when Moses took his young servant up with him to the top of the mount, ay, and even into the cleft rock itself. ...
From that awful day Never a day, Never a night, Never an hour of a day or a night, had passed over Joshua that he had not heard the Lord passing by and proclaiming, The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity, and transgression, and sin. Are you yourselves to be, and are you to bring up your children after you to be, Amorites, and Hittites, and Hivites, and Canaanites, and Jebusites in the land? Are you to let ambition, and envy, and pride, and anger, and self-will rule in your hearts and be your household gods? No! Never, Never! Not so long as you have still this day in your choice for yourselves and for your households the Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, and abundant in goodness and truth
Hook - When a beast becomes unruly they have only to draw the cord on one side, which, by stopping his breath, punishes him so effectually that after a few repetitions he fails not to become quite tractable whenever he begins to feel it" (Michaelis). So God's agents are Never beyond his control
Ezra, Book of - ...
There is no quotation from this book in the New Testament, but there Never has been any doubt about its being canonical
Rainbow - The rainbow served to remind Israel and her God of His covenant with Noah to Never again destroy the earth by flooding (Genesis 9:8-17 )
Modin - A village in the Shephçlah, Never mentioned in the OT, but of great importance as the home of the Maccabees
Otto i, Emperor - When John turned against Otto, the latter set up an antipope, Leo VIII, and made the Romans swear Never to elect a pope without his or his son's approval
Otto the Great - When John turned against Otto, the latter set up an antipope, Leo VIII, and made the Romans swear Never to elect a pope without his or his son's approval
School, Schoolmaster - ‘child-conductor,’ ‘pedagogue’ an old and trusty slave, who accompanied the Greek child to and from school and ‘was bound Never to lose sight of him, to carry his lyre and tablets, and to keep him out of mischief’ (Gardner and Jevons, Manual of Gr
Thummim - They were Never seen after the return from captivity
Hachilah - David and Saul Never afterwards met
Error - 1), "a wandering, a forsaking of the right path, see James 5:20 , whether in doctrine, 2 Peter 3:17 ; 1 John 4:6 , or in morals, Romans 1:27 ; 2 Peter 2:18 ; Jude 1:11 , though, in Scripture, doctrine and morals are Never divided by any sharp line
God: Love of - The forms of men shall be as they had Never been; The blasted groves shall lose their fresh and tender green; The birds of the thicket shall end their pleasant song, And the nightingale shall cease to chant the evening long; The kine of the pasture shall feel the dart that kills, And all the fair white flocks shall perish from the hills; The goat and antlered stag, the wolf and the fox, The wild boar of the wood, and the chamois of the rocks, And the strong and fearless bear, in the trodden dust shall lie; And the dolphin of the sça, and the mighty whale shall die, And realms shall be dissolved, and empires be no more; And they shall bow to death, who ruled from shore to shore; ...
And the great globe itself (so the holy writings tell), With the rolling firmament, where the starry armies dwell, Shall melt with fervent heat: they shall all pass away, Except the love of God, which shall live and last for aye
Corn - The wheat root will send up many stalks, but Never more than one ear upon one stalk
Trials: of Young Believers - Thus may it often occur that those early trials which appear almost to destroy the faith of young believers are their best friends, since they Never would have been so useful had they been left to flourish as their heart desired
Sin: Insidious Nature of - Yet there was a day when the ivy was a tiny aspirant, only asking a little aid in climbing; had it been denied then, the tree had Never become its victim, but by degrees the humble weak-S ling grew in strength and arrogance, and at last it assumed the mastery, and the tall tree became the prey of the creeping, insinuating destroyer
Remembrance: How to be Had in - 'There,' said he, pointing to a bank of 'garden flowers grown wild,' 'there are the Findernes' flowers, brought by Sir Geoffrey from the Holy Land, and do what we will, they will Never die!' So be it with each of us
Lud - God promised even the isolated peoples like Lydia who had Never heard of His glory would be invited to share in that glory (Isaiah 66:19 )
Colossae - Paul himself Never visited any of them ( Colossians 2:1 )
Maimed - The composite word indicates an extreme form of bodily mutilation, and Jesus is Never said to have restored one so suffering
Preachers: How They Gain Perspicuity - Preachers who all along have aimed to suit the educated Never become so simple or efficient as those who have made a point of explaining even the elements of faith to the ignorant
Floor - ...
Isaiah 21:10 (c) This is a heart cry concerning the loss of that which had been gathered in from the harvest, but was Never enjoyed
Hid - ...
Psalm 17:14 (b) GOD blesses the wicked rich with good things, and with things that most people Never can possess
Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz - The prophet's son Never heard himself called by this name, but it served to remind every faithful Israelite that heard it, of the Lord's hastening his purposes of redemption
Murder - This injunction was repeated in the law, and has Never been rescinded or modified
Orion - The three bright stars which form Orion's girdle Never change their relative positions
Six - GOD Never intended man to have a five day week, nor an eight hour day
New - One is καινός, 'new' in the sense of Never having existed or been used before, that is, new in the sense of 'different'; and νέος 'new' in the sense of 'fresh, youthful
Accuser - Apart from John 6:70 , men are Never spoken of as devils
Limit - ) A determinate quantity, to which a variable one continually approaches, and may differ from it by less than any given difference, but to which, under the law of variation, the variable can Never become exactly equivalent
Patara - ...
Lycia was Never definitely colonized by Greeks, and the Lycians spoke a non-Aryan language
Vail - In some eastern countries, certain classes of females Never appear abroad without vails
Wag - ...
The counselor Never pleaded without a piece of packthread in his hand, which he used to twist about his finger all the while he was speaking the wags used to call it the thread of his discourse
Apostolic Fathers - The ApostolicSuccession is simply the evidence of the fact that the ChristianMinistry has Never failed to exist since the time when our Lordcommissioned it and sent it forth
Incarnation, the - , took our nature upon Him; and also forthe Doctrine that "the Godhead and Manhood were joined together inone Person Never to be divided" (II Article of Religion)
Priscus, Saint Archbaptist of Lyons - Nicetius, out of malice and jealousy, and Never wearied of declaiming against his memory
Intention - The intention is habitual, when in the agent is found a disposition to an end, which Nevertheless does not influence the act. This happens when the agent previously intended an end and Never retracted the intention; but the act he now performs is not elicited in virtue of that intention. A good intention can Never hallow an action, the content of which is bad
Meribah - This repetition of the miracle disproves the notion from 1 Corinthians 10:4 that the stream literally "followed" them from Rephidim (Exodus 17) to Canaan; all that is meant is a supply of water from time to time was provided naturally or miraculously, so that they Never perished from thirst (so Exodus 15:24-25; Numbers 21:16). The Rock Christ was smitten once for all, Never to be so again (Hebrews 9:25-28; Hebrews 10:10; Hebrews 10:14)
Nippur - Although it is Never mentioned in the Bible, its history is important in the larger context of the biblical world. ” Nippur was for more than two thousand years the undisputed cultural and religious center, although it Never was used as the capital city for any kingdom
Affliction - The afflictions of a good man, says an elegant writer, Never befall without a cause, nor are sent but upon a proper errand. These storms are Never allowed to rise but in order to dispel some noxious vapors, and restore salubrity to the moral atmosphere
Mental Characteristics - The vehemence of His feelings was such as would have overbalanced the will or unsteadied the intellect of another; but He Never lost balance or clarity. The lucid understanding which Never failed in things great or small would have subordinated feeling, or even sapped its strength, in most; but the calm sweep of His discernment Never made Him less warm-hearted towards ‘one of the least of these my brethren,’ and He condemned at once any use of reason which restrained responsiveness, as when His disciples were inclined to check the children brought to Him and He was ‘moved with indignation’ (Mark 10:14), or when He promptly defended the woman’s ‘waste’ of the costly ointment which her uncalculating love so gladly spent on Him (Mark 14:6). The narrative of the Temptation in the wilderness, which must have been derived from the Lord Himself, can hardly be paralleled in its dauntless determination, except indeed by the narrative of how He followed out in His work the ideal here resolutely formed, and Never faltered in following it still when it led Him through the valley of the shadow of death. But Never was a dreamer of dreams so intensely practical. ’ Yet Never were such tremendous assertions made by any one about himself, or such unfaltering emphasis laid upon the place he must hold in the eyes of others, and the claims he made upon them: ‘He that loveth father or mother … son or daughter, more than me, is not worthy of me. ’ Thus exaltation Never passed into ecstasy; zeal Never into rashness or one-sidedness; sympathy Never into sentimentality; determination Never into obstinacy; conscience Never into scrupulosity; the habit of moral discrimination Never into casuistry; standing indignation against the hypocrisies of the day Never made Him censorious; a wonderful tenderness of heart left Him stern and uncompromising; and an energy which rejoiced in work, and shrank from nothing, Never led Him to become exacting towards others or inconsiderate of their weakness. And He Never hesitated to adopt and use freely the practices and religious language which He found in the Israel of His age. And to this day it continually receives corroboration from many quarters, for His disciples, drawn from many races, Never find Him alien to their own needs. ’ (e) Jesus was Never critical. Here are all the faculties for critical efficiency, but the Lord Jesus was Never critical. It was Never so intended, but was the particular remedy for the ‘one thing lacking’ in that one young man. Probably the scribe to whom this was first spoken Never found himself in circumstances that were similar; but if he gained the higher standpoint which this story gave him, and saw into the very heart of truth in that one case, he would be able, like thousands of others who have heard the story since, the better to answer his own question in his own circumstances. ...
It was a consequence of this love of the concrete, and avoidance of that vagueness which belongs to all that lies short of the widest generalization, that Jesus Never gave definitions
David - These he kept in the most excellent order, and by their valour he gained signal advantages for his country; but Never employed them in rebellion against the king, or in a single instance to distress or subvert his government. On the contrary such was the veneration he paid him, and such the generosity of his temper that though it was thrice in his power to have him cut off, he spared him, and was determined Never to destroy him, whom God had constituted the king of Israel. His friendship with Jonathan, the king's son, was a friendship of strict honour, for he Never seduced him from his allegiance and filial duty. When pressed by the king, into whose dominions he retired, to join in a war against his own country and father-in-law, he prudently gave him such an answer as his situation required; neither promising the aid demanded of him, nor tying up his hands from serving his own prince, and the army that fought under him; only assuring him in general, that he had Never done any thing that could give him just reason to think he would refuse to assist him against his enemies. Against them he Never lost a battle; he Never besieged a city without taking it; nor, as for any thing that can be proved, used any severities against those he conquered, beyond what the law of arms allowed, his own safety required, or the cruelties of his enemies rendered just, by way of retaliation; enriching his people by the spoils he took, and providing large stores of every thing necessary for the magnificent temple he intended to erect, in honour of the God of Israel. After this, when obliged, by the command of God, to give up some of Saul's family to justice, for the murder of the Gibeonites, he spared Mephibosheth, Micah, and his family, the male descendants of Saul and Jonathan, who alone could have any pretence to dispute the crown with him, and surrendered only Saul's bastard children, and those of his daughter by Adriel, who had no right or possible claim to the throne, and could Never give him any uneasiness in the possession of it; and thus showed his inviolable regard for his oaths, his tenderness to Saul, and the warmth of his gratitude and friendship to Jonathan. When David is called "the man after God's own heart," a phrase which profane persons have often perverted, his general character, and not every particular of it, is to be understood as approved by God; and especially his faithful and undeviating adherence to the true religion, from which he Never deviated into any act of idolatry
Grafting - 328): ‘Grafts must necessarily be branches from a cultivated olive inserted into a wild stock, the reverse process being one which would be valueless, and is Never performed. In response to inquiries made in the main olive-growing districts of Palestine, he is assured that it is Never done; and that, for the purpose indicated, it would be perfectly futile. He exhorts the Gentiles to humility, because God in His goodness has done for them in the spiritual sphere a thing which they had no reason to expect, since it, according to Sanday-Headlam, Never, according to Ramsay, very seldom, is done in the natural
Apostasy - Based on the concept of God's sovereign grace, some hold that, though true believers may stray, they will Never totally fall away. Others affirm that any who fall away were Never really saved. Though they may have “believed” for a while, they Never experienced regeneration
Levirate Marriage - God permitted, but Never commanded, polygamy
Abana, And Pharpar - As these rivers of Damascus were Never dry, but made the region they watered like the Garden of Eden for fertility and beauty, Naaman might well contrast them with most of "the waters of Israel," which dry up under the summer sun
Ahaziah - His messengers, sent to consult the god of Ekron regarding his recovery from the effects of a fall from the roof-gallery of his palace, were met on the way by Elijah, who sent them back to tell the king that he would Never rise from his bed (1Kings 22:51; 2 Kings 1:18 )
Mercy Seat - Never called "the cover" (kaporeth ) merely of the ark, but made a distinct thing
Gospel - : but they were Never received by the Christian church, being evidently fabulous and trifling
Marriage, Levirate - God permitted, but Never commanded, polygamy
Rabbi - ...
Luke Never used the term rabbi , but the word epistata , the equivalent of “school-master,” a term more meaningful to his predominantly Greek first readers (Luke 17:13 )
Murder, Ritual - Father Elphage Vacandard states that "ritual murder has Never been proved in a single instance of the cases that have been examined
Nigh - Nigh is Never a preposition
Detraction - Nothing can be more incongruous with the spirit of the Gospel, the example of Christ, the command of God, and the love of mankind, than a spirit of detraction; and yet there are many who Never seem happy but when they are employed in this work: they feed and live upon the supposed infirmities of others; they allow excellence to none; they depreciate every thing that is praise-worthy; and, possessed of no good themselves, they think all others are like them
Schools (2) - It is easy to see that there is a ring in his nose, or he would Never be led by the nose so readily
New Birth - Rededication and renewal may come often in one's lifetime, but the new birth Never reoccurs
Rainbow - Now we Never see a complete rainbow
Ring - It tells of an eternal devotion, which will Never be broken
Aholah - The Assyrians on whom she had leaned carried her away captive to Assyria, whence she has Never returned (2 Kings 15:18-29; 2 Kings 15:17)
Lodge - The mustard seed Never should produce a tree
Alpha - He wants us to remember and Never forget that He is the beginning of all literature
Form - " He Never emptied Himself of His being on an equality with God in essence, but only of the form of God for the time of His humiliation
Benedictus i, Pope - Though they Never actually penetrated into the city of Rome, they ravaged the suburbs, violated the cemeteries, and persecuted the Christians
Sheep - The Lord said, "My sheep shall Never perish
Ziklag - Ziklag appears Never to have been a part of Philistia proper
Execution - It is used after do, to do execution Never after make
Gaza - Gaza was Never for long in Israelite hands
Art, Byzantine - The forms of Byzantine art embraced painting on wood and plaster, miniatures, mosaic work which has Never been surpassed, and a multitude of lesser arts such as the illumination of missals, metalwork, jewelry, ivory-carving, and the production of beautiful vestments
Antinomianism - Paul speaks against the concept of antinomianism in Romans 6:1-2: "Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? May it Never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?"
Tongues, Gift of - ' At Pentecost it was shown that the gift of 'tongues' was in a person speaking a language which he had Never learnt, but which was at once understood by those who knew it
Mount Gerizim - (See Genesis 12:1-6) So that though Moses himself had Never been there, nor ever would, yet here blessings should immediately, on their arrival, be pronounced, to Israel's fidelity, in the very spot where, in ages before, the Lord had first revealed himself to their father Abraham
Adultery - (Leviticus 19:20-22 ) At a later time, and when owing, to Gentile example, the marriage tie became a looser bond of union, public feeling in regard to adultery changed, and the penalty of death was seldom or Never inflicted
Horse-Leech - As the horse-leech had two daughters, cruelty and thirst of blood, which cannot be satisfied, so the oppressor of the poor has two dispositions, rapacity and avarice, which, Never say they have enough, but continually demand additional gratifications
Ahimaaz - We hear nothing more of Ahimaaz, and, comparing 1 Kings 4:2; 1 Chronicles 6:8-9; 1 Chronicles 6:53, it seems probable that he died before his father, and was Never high priest
School - The punishment employed was beating with a strap, Never with a rod
Ritual Murder - Father Elphage Vacandard states that "ritual murder has Never been proved in a single instance of the cases that have been examined
Wolf - Wolves Never bark, but only howl
Care - Great masters in painting Never care for drawing people in the fashion
Partridge - The reference in Jeremiah 17:11 is hard to understand; it may perhaps refer to the fact that when disturbed from their nests such birds sometimes Never return
Scorn - This my long suff'rance and my day of grace, those who neglect and scorn, shall Never taste
Seat - The seat of Eden has Never been incontrovertibly ascertained
Mile'Tus, - After a brief period of spirited independence, it received a blow from which it Never recovered, in the siege conducted by Alexander when on his eastern campaign
Jabin - They Never needed to fight another battle with the Canaanites (Judges 5:31 )
Poor - 11) "the poor shall Never cease out of the land
Dreams - Under the Christian dispensation, while we read frequently of trances and vision, dreams are Never referred to as vehicles of divine revelation
Milk - " While logos denotes "a word," the adjective logikos is Never used with the meaning assigned to it in the AV, nor does the context in 1 Peter 1:23 compel this meaning
Impute - 1: λογίζομαι (Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee ) "to reckon, take into account," or, metaphorically, "to put down to a person's account," is Never rendered in the RV by the verb "to impute
Watchfulness: When Special Need of - We are disarmed by kindness, but it is Never safe to be disarmed in an enemy's country
Hebrew - ...
In the patriarchs' wanderings they Never used interpreters until they went to Egypt. In Israel's bondages in the time of the judges they Never lost their language; but in the 70 years' captivity in Babylon their language became in a great degree Aramaic or Chaldee, and they adopted the present Hebrew alphabet
Quit - Never a worthy prince a day did quit with greater hazard and with more renown. This word, though primarily a participle, and Never placed before its noun, has properly the sense of an adjective
Pamphylia - Through lack of cultivation it has in modern times become very malarious, and in ancient times, though better cultivated, the district was Never favourable to the development of a vigorous population. But the Greek element Never prevailed, and though Side and Aspendos were half-Greek cities in the 5th cent
Offering - The bread offered for the altar was without leaven; for leaven was Never offered on the altar, nor with the sacrifices, Leviticus 2:11-12 . Honey was Never offered with the sacrifices, but it might be presented alone, as first fruits, Leviticus 2:11-12
Enoch - Enoch! He has not read the first chapter of the book till it is as clear as day to him that Enoch Never saw the book that goes under his ancient name; and besides, it is simply impossible that any man who had ever walked with God as Enoch walked could have written a single chapter of such an inflated and fantastic book. Enoch's heart ran over to God when his first child was born; and his tender, noble, princely heart Never went back from that day from God, Never grew cold again, Never grew hard again, and Never again forgot or neglected God. But Enoch Never saw death, because he ever saw God. Enoch Never died. Enoch, the true and genuine Enoch, Never wrote a book, far less The Book of Enoch. Walk with Him into whose presence death Never comes, and in whose whole kingdom no grave is ever dug. It will only be a striking and a Never-to-be-forgotten incident and experience to you. If you will only walk close enough with Enoch and with Enoch's God you will Never really taste death
Joseph - But he was only seventeen as yet, and he had Never been for an hour out of his father's flattering sight. Other men dreamed last night as well as we, but they Never get their mouths open where we are. We Never think that all the other people at table are as full of themselves as we are. We Never see that they also are bursting to get at the only topic that interests them, which is not at all the same topic that so interests us. Is that another subtlety of Moses? Does Moses insinuate that Joseph's brothers had Never till now sat down to eat bread in entire peace since the day that Joseph began to dream? With all their faults, Joseph would have been eating bread at that moment with the patriarchs but for his spotted coat and his irrepressible dreams. But if only he were not so full of himself, what a welcome guest he would be! And with such talents, and with such a position, what might he not do!'...
There are some men, on the other hand, whom you can Never waylay into once opening their lips about themselves. Never they. Whether it is pride-I sometimes think it is; or whether it is scorn of their company-as it may well be; or whether it is absence of mind, or age, or experience, or knowledge of the hearts of men, till they will not commit themselves to men, I am sometimes divided; but, be it what it may, I Never yet saw either of them take up a single moment of Joseph's time. And, tomorrow, when you buy an apprentice, or a message boy, of his widowed mother for five shillings a week, think of Joseph for a moment, and say to yourself, Who knows what the future may have in store for my message boy and for me? Who knows how I may go down, while he goes up? Who knows the talents of God that may lie hidden in that friendless buy? Who knows what place he may be predestined to fill in the church and in the world? And even if he comes to nothing of all that; if he Never becomes a great man, yet, even so, such thoughts, such imaginations, such forecasts will help you to treat him well, and will help to make you a good man and a good master, whatever your slave-boy may come, or may not come, to be. And the Lord is with them also as He Never was so long as they were spoilt sons at home, getting all things their own way. 'How many saints,' William Law rejoices, 'has adversity sent to heaven! And how many poor sinners has prosperity plunged into everlasting misery! This man had Never been debauched, but for his fortune and advancement; that had Never been pious, but through his poverty and disgrace
Paul as a Pastor - Paul had been the minister and the moderator of the kirk-session of Ephesus for three Never-to-be-forgotten years. Paul Never spoke better. There is all that stateliness that Never forsakes Paul. There was a colossal pride in Paul, and at the same time a prostrate humility, such that they had Never seen anything like it in any other man; a submissiveness and a self-surrender to all men, such that, as those three years went on, taught to all the teachable men among them far more for their own character and conduct than all his inspired preaching. We would not have lost such outbursts as this for anything, or we would Never have known Paul, or have loved him, or have believed in him and in his gospel, as we do, had we not been present at that table beside those men who had seen Paul with all their eyes day and night for three years. Paul would Never have said what he did say at that heart-melting moment, and he would Never have said it with the heart-melting emphasis he did say it, unless be had been speaking straight to the point. He would Never again either please or displease any of those elders, or any of their wives or children any more. All other callings may be accomplished and laid down; may reward and may bring pride to those who follow them with all their might; but Never in this world the Christian ministry. Paul was Never in his bed. And I Never can get over it that, in spite of all else, had Edwards been a pastor like Paul, that terrible shipwreck could Never have taken place. Jesus Christ, who finished the work given Him to do, Never said more than that
Holy One of Israel - In this sense the holiness and the omnipotence of God are nearly allied, though Never synonymous
Bethuel - The consistency of omission is too marked to be accidental, and yet such as a forger would Never have devised
Circumcision, the - In the Annotated Prayer Book there is the following note: "January1st was Never in any way connected with the opening of the ChristianYear; and the religious observance of this day (New Year's Day) hasnever received any sanction from the Church, except as the Octave ofChristmas and the Feast of the Circumcision
Tritheists - Conon held, on the contrary, that the body Never lost its form; that its matter alone was subject to corruption and decay, and was consequently to be restored when this mortal shall put on immortality
Ambition - In all probability, Napoleon Never longed for a sceptre till he had gained the baton, nor dreamed of being emperor of Europe till he had gained the crown of France
Midwives - Egyptians: translated Exodus 1:15 "midwives of the Hebrew women," for Pharaoh would Never employ Hebrew women to destroy the males of their own nation; the answer of the midwives implies they were used to attend Egyptian women (Exodus 1:19)
Shiloh - Later, Shiloh was partly rebuilt, but Never again was the tabernacle set up there (1 Kings 14:4)
Secundus - He is Never again mentioned in the NT, but the name occurs in the well-known inscription of Thessalonica (CIG Sin: Mans Readiness to Invent Excuse For - After many fruitless efforts he lay down in his hammock, and soliloquized aloud, 'Well, I have travelled all the world over; I lived five years in Cuba, four in Jamaica, five in Brazil, I have travelled through Spain and Portugal, and been in Africa, but I Never yet was in such an abominable country as this, where a man is obliged to go to bed with his boots on
Profession: the Vanity of Mere - Yet such must be the life of the man who professes to feed on the bread of heaven and knows not its sustaining virtues, who boasts of drinking the water of life and has Never sipped that heavenly stream
Salvation: in Christ - Even so Jesus Christ has taken my poor guilty soul ever since I believed in him, and has wrapped around me the blood-red flag of his atoning sacrifice, and before God can destroy me or any other soul that is wrapped in the atonement, he must insult his Son and dishonor his sacrifice, and that he will Never do, blessed be his name
no, no-Amon - Mortally wounded, the city Never fully recovered
Door - Such a passage is seldom or Never called a gate
Alleluia - ) Never found in the palms of David and his singers, Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun: but in later psalms, namely, those of the captivity and the return, the Fifth Book
Golgotha - hewn in stone wherein Never man before was laid" (Luke 23:53; John 19:41)
Haiti - The island was discovered in 1492 by Columbus who returned in 1493 bringing several Dominican missionaries; since then the western part of the island has Never lacked pastors
Bethany - He wanted them to remember, and Never forget, that only the Lord JESUS CHRIST can give life to those who are dead (Example of Lazarus)
Coast - Hence it is Never used for the bank of a river
Dwell - We use abide for the resting of a night or an hour but we Never say, he dwelt in a place a day or a night
Gifts - It was usual also to take presents to prophets, 1 Samuel 9:7 ; and as the prophets were sometimes judges, the gifts were liable to become bribes, as they did with the sons of Samuel, though Samuel himself could challenge the people, and they admitted the fact, that he had Never taken a bribe to blind his eyes therewith
Ebenezer - It is a compound meaning Eben, or Aben, a stone, JEHOVAH laid in Zion, in whom whosoever believeth, shall Never be confounded? (Compare Isaiah 28:16 with 1 Peter 2:6-8)...
Asher - The noun, which is taken from the root, is Never used but in the plural number, blessedness instead of blessed, as in the first word of Psalms 1:1-6
Allelujah - So that in the prospect of this Never-ending eternity, we may now, by faith, mingle our Hallelujahs with theirs, until by sight we all surround together "the throne of God and the Lamb
Male - It occurs 82 times and usually in early prose (Genesis through Deuteronomy), only 5 times in the biblical prophets, and Never in biblical wisdom or poetical literature
Sanctification - Sanctification in this world must be complete; the whole nature must be sanctified, all sin must be utterly abolished, or the soul can Never be admitted into the glorious presence of God, Hebrews 12:14 ; 1 Peter 1:15 ; Revelation 21:27 ; yet the saints, while here, are in a state of spiritual warfare with Satan and his temptations, with the world and its influence, 2 Corinthians 2:11 ; Galatians 5:17 ; Galatians 5:24 ; Romans 7:23 ; 1 John 2:15-16
Knock - We Never use this word to express beating with a small stick or whip
Giants - These, however, appear to have been exceptions; and if we judge from the mummies of Egypt, and from the armor and implements of the earliest antiquity, found in ancient tombs, in bogs, and in buried cities, we should conclude that mankind Never exceeded, in the average, their present stature
Doctrine - ’ It is noteworthy that didaskalia is Never used of the teaching of Jesus, always didachç ; also that didaskalia is found chiefly in the Pastoral Epp
Satisfy - Earthly good Never satisfies
Israelites - After their captivity by Shalmaneser, the Israelites as a nation Never returned
ra'Chel - " (Genesis 35:19,20 ) The site of Rachel's tomb, "on the way to Bethlehem," "a little way to come to Ephrath," "in the border of Benjamin," Never been questioned
Wake - It is not used in the metaphorical sense of "to be alive;" here it is set in contrast with katheudo, "to sleep," which is Never used by the Apostle with the meaning "to be dead" (it has this meaning only in the case of Jairus' daughter)
Oppression - Oppression of guilt weighing upon the sinner’s soul was a condition which Never failed specially to elicit ‘Christ’s sympathy and pity (Matthew 11:28-30 according to the interpretation that commends itself to the present writer)
Investiture - As early as the Synod of Rheims (1049) anti-investiture legislation had been enacted, but had Never been enforced. In England and France the investiture quarrel Never reached such great proportions as in Germany and hence was more easily settled
God - ELYON, SHADDAI, and JEHOVAH are Never used but of GOD; Jehovah the personal God of the Jews, and of the church in particular. ELOHIM concentrates all the divine attributes assigned to the idols severally, and, besides those, others which corrupt man Never of himself imagined, infinite love, goodness, justice, wisdom, creative power, inexhaustible riches of excellence; unity, self existence, grace, and providence are especially dwelt on, Exodus 3:13-15; Exodus 15:11; Exodus 34:6-7
Feet - Never surely, was there an instance of equal humility. And it were to be wished, that every poor, tried, and humble believer, would Never lose sight of this feature of character in the Lord Jesus Christ
Salvation, Saviour - Such external deliverances, however, it is to he observed, are Never divorced from spiritual conditions. But there Never failed a godly kernel, who cherished more spiritual hopes, and waited in patience and prayer for ‘the consolation of Israel’ (Luke 2:25 ). The fact Never to he forgotten about it is, that it has been obtained at the infinite cost of the redeeming death of God’s own Son (cf
Parents - Nothing can be more criminal than the conduct of some parents in the inferior classes of the community, who Never restrain the desires and passions of their children, suffer them to live in idleness, dishonesty, and profanation of the Lord's day, the consequence of which is often an ignominious end. Paley observes, "have no natural right over the lives of their children, as was absurdly allowed to Roman fathers; nor any to exercise unprofitable severities; nor to command the commission of crimes: for these rights can Never be wanted for the purposes of a parent's duty. Nor have parents any right to sell their children into slavery; to shut up daughters and younger sons in nunneries and monasteries, in order to preserve entire the estate and dignity of the family; or to use any arts, either of kindness or unkindness, to induce them to make choice of this way of life themselves; or in countries where the clergy are prohibited from marriage, to put sons into the church for the same end, who are Never likely to do or receive any good in it sufficient to compensate for this sacrifice; nor to urge children to marriages from which they are averse, with the view of exalting or enriching the family, or for the sake of connecting estates, parties, or interests; nor to oppose a marriage in which the child would probably find his happiness, from a motive of pride or avarice, of family hostility or personal pique
Foot - When Christ washed the disciples’ feet, the cleansing meant not only that the feet under which His sacred hands had been placed could Never turn aside to paths of evil, but that they could Never be set down with harsh and proud authority over the lives and rights of others. His service could Never lay upon those disciples any greater humiliation than had been rendered to them
Apocrypha - The word Apocrypha is of Greek origin, and is either derived from the words απο της κρυπτης , because the books in question were removed from the crypt, chest, ark, or other receptacle in which the sacred books were deposited whose authority was Never doubted, or more probably from the verb αποκρυπτω , to hide or conceal, because they were concealed from the generality of readers, their authority not being recognised by the church, and because they are books which are destitute of proper testimonials, their original being obscure, their authors unknown, and their character either heretical or suspected. To this decisive evidence against the canonical authority of the apocryphal books, we may add that they were Never read in the Christian church until the fourth century; when, as Jerom informs us, they were read "for example of life, and instruction of manners; but were not applied to establish any doctrine. To conclude: notwithstanding the veneration in which these books were held by the western church, it is evident that the same authority was Never ascribed to them as to the Old and New Testament until the last council of Trent, at its fourth session, presumed to place them all (except the Prayer of Manasseh and the third and fourth books of Esdras) in the same rank with the inspired writings of Moses and the Prophets
Willows - In many of the streams of Moab it forms a complete screen, which the sun's rays can Never penetrate to evaporate the precious moisture
Gate - "The gates of hell" (RSV, "gates of Hades") Matthew 16:18 , are generally interpreted as meaning the power of Satan, but probably they may mean the power of death, denoting that the Church of Christ shall Never die
Indissolubility of Marriage - The Church, for grave reasons, can dissolve the contract of marriage when the sacrament has not been received, as explained in the article on the Pauline Privilege, but when the sacrament has been received and has been ratified by marital cohabitation, marriage cannot be and Never has been dissolved
John Calvin - He was Never an ardent Catholic, though he became a cleric and by family influence obtained a benefice
ne Temere - It does not affect the marriages of non-Catholics who have Never been Catholics, but does affect Catholics who have fallen away from their faith
Honesty - Jacob's sons repeatedly assured Joseph of their honesty (Genesis 42:11 ,Genesis 42:11,42:19 ,Genesis 42:19,42:31 ,Genesis 42:31,42:33-34 ), Never guessing that their brother knew their deceptive natures all too well (Genesis 37:31-33 )
Aloes - Modern botanists distinguish two kinds: the one grows in Cochin China, Siam, and China, is Never exported, and is of so great rarity in India, as to be worth its weight in gold
Knox, John - In 1569, five years after his second marriage, he suffered an apoplectic stroke from which he Never fully recovered
Calvin, John - He was Never an ardent Catholic, though he became a cleric and by family influence obtained a benefice
Hinnom - The word Gehenna [1] was Never used in the time of Christ in any other sense than to denote the place of future punishment
Bible Societies - The Catholic Church has steadfastly refused to endorse these societies or their activities, because as the Divinely authorized custodian and interpreter of the Sacred Scriptures, she has deemed inadvisable the dissemination of the bare text, which needs emendation and explanation in so many places; and because these societies have repeatedly shown hostility to the Church by their many attempts to impose unauthorized and mutilated Protestant versions of the Bible on Catholic peoples; and also because of their lack of good faith, for they have Never offered to spread among Catholics a Catholic version with imprimatur and approved notes
John Knox - In 1569, five years after his second marriage, he suffered an apoplectic stroke from which he Never fully recovered
Marriage, Indissolubility of - The Church, for grave reasons, can dissolve the contract of marriage when the sacrament has not been received, as explained in the article on the Pauline Privilege, but when the sacrament has been received and has been ratified by marital cohabitation, marriage cannot be and Never has been dissolved
Tamar - These acts were part of Nathan's property that the sword would Never depart from David's house (2 Samuel 12:10 )
Mary Stuart - More than once her sympathizers planned to release her, although Elizabeth's life was Never in peril despite the legends accepted by many Protestant writers
Scroll (Roll) - To this day the Scriptures are always read in the synagogue from rolls, Never from a codex
Worm - The Lord Jesus represents here both the worm and those on whom it preys as Never dying
Sin: Power Over the Unregenerate - We may say of sins as Longfellow of birds of prey, in his song of Hiawatha ...
'Never stoops the soaring vulture On his quarry in the desert, ...
On the sick or wounded bison, But another vulture watching, From his high aerial look-out Sees the downward plunge and follows; And a third pursues the second, Coming from the invisible ether, First a speck, and then a vulture Till the air is dark with pinions
Well - ’ The appeal of the thirsty to one drawing, ‘Give me to drink,’ is Never refused
Leaven - However, bread made with leaven or honey, both associated with the process of fermentation and thus a source of corruption, was Never to be used as offerings to be burned on the alter (Leviticus 2:11-12 )
Zoan - ...
Moses' exposure must have been in a branch of the Nile not infested by crocodiles, for neither would the parents have exposed him nor would Thermuthis ("the great mother", a designation of Neith the deity of Lower Egypt), Pharaoh's daughter, have bathed in a place infested by them; therefore not at Memphis where anciently they were common, but at Zoan on the Tanitic branch, near the sea, where crocodiles are Never found, probably the western boundary of the district occupied by Israel
An - So an and a are Never used except with a noun but one like other adjectives, is sometimes used without its noun, and as a substitute for it "one is at a loss to assign a reason for such conduct
Alive - In the resurrection we shall have a physical body which will Never die
Wheat - The chaff represents hypocrites, who are raised among the wheat, and close to the wheat, but Never become "wheat
Isaac - Gentle, pious, conciliating as he was through the rest of his days, he Never rose higher in after life; he hardly fulfilled this promise of his youth
Beware - ...
This word though here admitted as a verb, from the Saxon,is rarely used as a verb in fact or if a verb, is now Never used except in the imperative mode It is a compound of be and the Old Eng
Faint - A faint heart Never wins a fair lady
Foil - ...
Death Never won a stake with greater toil, nor e'er was fate to near a foil
Stretch - He is trying to find rest for his soul in a doctrine, or a church, or a faith which was Never suited to him at all
Drowning - —Drowning Never was or could be a recognized form of capital punishment in so poorly watered a country as Palestine, as it was in Assyria and Babylonia
Urim And Thummim - This great privilege has Never yet been restored
Life - This instituted capital punishment for murder, which law has Never been rescinded or altered
Blasphemy - He Never applies to the fountain of unlimited virtue; and so he remains uncleansed forever
Endor - Bryant derives Endor from En-Ador, signifying fons pythonis, "the fountain of light," or oracle of the god Ador: which oracle was probably founded by the Canaanites, and had Never been totally suppressed
Gentiles - Pompey, Nevertheless, went even into the sanctuary, but behaved with strict decorum; and the next day he commanded the temple to be purified, and the customary sacrifices to be offered. The wisest in vain remonstrated with them on the danger this would bring on their country; urged that their ancestors had Never rejected the presents of Gentiles; and that the temple was mostly adorned with the offerings of such people; at the same time, the most learned priests, who had spent their whole lives in the study of the law, testified that their forefathers had always received the sacrifices of strangers
Bastard - In Persia the son of a concubine is Never placed on a footing with the legitimate offspring; any attempt made by parental fondness to do so would be resented by the relations of the legitimate wife, and outrage the feelings of a whole tribe
Stuart, Mary - More than once her sympathizers planned to release her, although Elizabeth's life was Never in peril despite the legends accepted by many Protestant writers
Scourge - Moses limits the number of stripes to forty, which might Never be exceeded, Deuteronomy 25:1-3
Elias Bonibarone - He became a Franciscan, and in 1221 was chosen by Saint Francis vicar general of tbe order, although he was Never ordained
Elias Bonusbaro - He became a Franciscan, and in 1221 was chosen by Saint Francis vicar general of tbe order, although he was Never ordained
Elias of Cortona - He became a Franciscan, and in 1221 was chosen by Saint Francis vicar general of tbe order, although he was Never ordained
Cisterns - During half the year no rain falls, and Never- failing streams and springs are rare indeed
Lamentations of Jeremiah - See 2 Chronicles 35:25 ; and Never was a subject more worthy of tears, nor treated with more tender and affecting sentiments
Societies, Bible - The Catholic Church has steadfastly refused to endorse these societies or their activities, because as the Divinely authorized custodian and interpreter of the Sacred Scriptures, she has deemed inadvisable the dissemination of the bare text, which needs emendation and explanation in so many places; and because these societies have repeatedly shown hostility to the Church by their many attempts to impose unauthorized and mutilated Protestant versions of the Bible on Catholic peoples; and also because of their lack of good faith, for they have Never offered to spread among Catholics a Catholic version with imprimatur and approved notes
Bethesda - Bethesda, even if known and accessible to us, has lost its healing power; but the fountain Christ has opened for sin, guilt, and death, is nigh to all and of Never failing virtue
Reuben - His tribe was Never numerous or powerful in Israel
Perga - It was the chief native city of Pamphylia, and Never seems to have come much under Greek influence, but it had a coinage of its own from the 2nd cent
Phoenix - Luke makes a mistake in his description of a harbour which he Never reached
Trouble - Never trouble yourself about those faults which age will cure
Wonder - To try things oft, and Never to give over, doth wonders
Her'Mon - ) The height of Hermon has Never been measured, though it has often been estimated
Apoc'Rypha - They are go entirely inferior to the genuine books, so full of nonsensical and unworthy stories of Christ and the apostles, that they have Never been regarded as divine, or bound up in our Bibles
Rehobo'am - [1] An expedition to reconquer Israel was forbidden by the prophet Shemaiah, (1 Kings 12:21 ) still during Rehoboam's lifetime peaceful relations between Israel and Judah were Never restored
River - It is Never applied to the fleeting fugitive torrents of Palestine
Talk - The RV rendering is preferable; the idea of "chat" or "chatter" is entirely foreign to the NT, and should Never be regarded as the meaning in 1 Corinthians 14:34,35
Apostacy - They Never give up their faith in Christ
Bartholomew - The three synoptical Gospels Never mention Nathanael, John Never mentions Bartholomew; the two names belong probably to the same person
Urim And Thummim - Thummim is Never by itself. Never after David are the ephod and its Urim and Thummim and breast-plate used in consulting Jehovah
Shepherd - And hence he saith himself, "I give unto my sheep eternal life, and they shall Never perish, neither shall any pluck them out, of my hand. " (John 10:28-30)...
I must not enlarge on this point, how sweet soever and interesting it is; but I do beg the reader who is conscious of being one of Christ's fold, and especially, the lambs of that fold, Never to lose sight of Jesus under this pastoral office
Meat - Their griefs are Never comforted, and their conversation is continually about the troubles they have had. They are Never satisfied unless they weep over former losses
Travail - They Never seem to get the job done, and therefore Never rest
Ischyras, Egyptian bp - He had given out that he was a presbyter of the pseudo-bishop COLLUTHUS (2), but no one out of his own family believed him, as he Never had a church, and no one in the neighbourhood looked on him as a clergyman (74, 75). He Never attended ecclesiastical assemblies as a presbyter (28)
Hospitality - Even feasts are Never held in houses. The house of a Hindoo serves for the purposes of sleeping and cooking, and of shutting up the women; but is Never considered as a sitting or a dining room
Frontlets - On the contrary, others maintain that these precepts should be taken figuratively and allegorically, as denoting that the Jews should very carefully preserve the remembrance of God's law, and observe his commands; that they should always have them before them, and Never forget them. The prophets Never inveigh against the omission or neglect of them, nor was there any question concerning them in the reformation of manners at any time among the Hebrews
Hell - " implies that not only the worm but they also on whom it preys die not; the language is figurative, but it represents corresponding realities Never yet experienced, and therefore capable of being conveyed to us only by figures. Jesus has its keys, and will at last consign it to the lake of fire which is the second death; implying that Christ and His people shall Never again be disembodied spirits. )...
In an Assyrian tablet of the goddess Ishtar, daughter of Sin, the moon goddess, Ηades is described as having seven gates," the house of the departed, the house from within which is no exit, the road the course of which Never returns, the place within which they long for light, where dust is their nourishment and their food mud, light is Never seen, in darkness they dwell, spirits like birds fill its vaults, over the door and its bolts is scattered dust!" What a contrast to the gospel (2 Timothy 1:10)
Rock (2) - The man who listens to Christ’s words but does not carry them out, Never allowing them to affect his character, is one who builds upon the sand. Zion, and was faced by the dark rocks of the valley of Hinnom, a scene of death and corruption; so the new city of God, the ἐκκλησία of Christ, is to be founded on imperishable foundations, so that the opposing gates of Hades (all the power of evil) should Never prevail against it. Peter, but Never St
Eternal Punishment - Daniel teaches that whereas the godly will be raised to Never-ending life, the wicked will be raised to Never-ending disgrace (12:2). , Through No Fault of Their Own? The Fate of Those Who Have Never Heard ; L
Eternal Sin - It has the merit of emphasizing the essential matter, which any interpretation, to be adequate, must take into account, that an ‘eternal sin’ is a sin which ‘hath Never forgiveness. ’ The absoluteness of the sentence is already declared in the words ‘hath Never forgiveness;’ it is the ultimate ground of this judgment which is further declared. ...
The doom of the finally impenitent is here negatively told: ‘hath Never forgiveness’; but that includes the uttermost penalty, exclusion from the Kingdom of the Father, loss of the ‘eternal life
Adoption - Some Old Testament traditions approach the idea that Israel's relationship with God was that of an adopted child (Exodus 4:22 ; Deuteronomy 14:2 ; Hosea 11:1 ), though the idea is Never stated explicitly (compare Romans 9:4 ). Physical birth Never has and Never will guarantee membership in God's family
Time - See Never. (14) In Luke 15:29 , AV, oudepote, "never," is rendered "neither . at any time" (RV, "never")
the Woman With the Issue of Blood - Never mind the gaping crowd pressing behind and before on Him and on you. Never mind what they do, or do not do. Never mind the people in the same seat staring at you, and thinking you are mad. Never mind that you have not all your days till tonight so much as once touched Christ by faith. "...
And then, if you succeed in touching Him tonight, you must not do that once for all, and Never again. Did you ever read Richard Baxter's Reasons why the Rest that remains for the people of God is Never entered on and enjoyed here? What a splendid debate that seraphic preacher holds with all those saints of God whose hearts are broken continually with an unalleviable pain and with an insatiable hunger after holiness. This horrible and loathsome incubus, myself, for ever cast off, and for ever cast down into the depths of hell, Never to come up again
Mauritania - Parts of Mauretania Never became Roman
Mauretania - Parts of Mauretania Never became Roman
Sadducees - They are Never mentioned in John's Gospel
Domestic And Foreign Missionary Society - The Society should be remembered in making wills, andits constant needs should Never be forgotten since it must regularlyeach and every year provide for so great a work
Human Race - History has not yet succeeded in proving this thesis; perhaps it Never will; its documents are too scanty
Kenites - In addition to their nomadic character, the biblical evidence also indicates that the Kenites were Never completely absorbed by another people but maintained a separate existence throughout their history
Preacher: to Avoid a Lofty Style - Both the jets, and the basin into which they fall, are above the reach of any man of ordinary stature; yet the fountain was intended to supply the public with water, and it fulfils its design by a method which we Never saw in use before; every person brings a spout or trough with him long enough to reach the top of the fountain and bring the water down into his pitcher
Life: the Power of an Earnest - The dignity of standing still will Never win the prize, we must run for it
Flame - Exodus 3:2 (c) Probably this teaches us the lesson that GOD would dwell among His people Israel, would deal with them severely when they sinned, but would Never destroy them
Ant - The ant is tireless, Never ceasing to work
Molech - The root of their idolatrous course was that they had Never in heart made a clean break from Egypt
Architecture - The Hebrews Never developed a native style of architecture
Uncertainly - When the butterfly leaves the flower, you Never can tell where it is going
Key - He has Never delegated this power to another
Spots - This represents the sinner who thinks there is a great deal of good in him, and thinks there are just certain bad spots here and there, which he has Never been able to change or remove, and perhaps does not care to do so
Jesus - He Never lost his divinity
Paradise - An earthly paradise can Never make up for losing a heavenly paradise (Revelation 2:7; Revelation 22:1-2; Revelation 22:14)
Lectures Bampton - He also directs in his will, that no person shall be qualified to preach these lectures unless he have taken the degree of master of arts, at least in one of the two universities of Oxford or Cambridge, and that the same person shall Never preach the same sermon twice
Hagar - The church is of God's eternal counsel, heavenly, and is Never in scripture called a mother
Abihu - " Thatfire was Never to go out, and doubtless the fire Abihu should have used was the fire that was upon the brazen altar, as is ordained in Leviticus 16:12
Amphipolis - , and Never recovered it
Jabbok - On this side of the stream, at the spot where we forded it, was a piece of wall, solidly built upon the inclined slope, constructed in a uniform manner, though of small stones, and apparently finished at the end toward the river, so that it Never could have been carried across, as we at first supposed, either for a bridge, or to close the pass
Simeon - As to Levi, he Never had any fixed lot or portion; and Simeon received only a canton that was dismembered from the tribe of Judah, Joshua 19:1 , &c, and some other lands they went to conquer in the mountains of Seir, and the desert of Gedor, 1 Chronicles 4:27 ; 1 Chronicles 4:39 ; 1 Chronicles 4:42
Jonah - It is highly instructive, as showing that the providential government of God extends to all heathen nations, and that his grace has Never been confined to his covenant people
Weak - I believe Never used in New England
Real Presence - Being assured of this fact, it is useless and only fruitful indoubt and perplexity, to speculate upon the manner of this Presence,which is a Mystery of the Gospel; as such the Church has receivedand taught it, but has Never explained or defined
Hannah - But, Elkanah, sorrow upon sorrow at home, and yearly worship and sacrifice at Shiloh and all, Never could undo the wrong he had done to Hannah and to all his house. But, unless God was mocked on Mount Ephraim as He has Never been mocked anywhere else, it does not need a prophet to tell us, if not Peninnah's past as a maiden and a young wife, then her future as an old mother and a widow. Let me have the grace to preach to them out of Hannah's song, as I have Never yet done. Hannah would Never have crossed the threshold of any but a good man. You would Never, all her days, have seen Hannah the wife of a son of Belial. ' Little did her adversary think-only, people like Hannah's adversary Never think-little, I was going to say, did Peninnah think what a life of sin she had plunged Hannah into. There are men we have Never seen, and men who have Never seen us, who are yet provoked and fretted out of all their composure and all their grace and truth at the bare hearing or reading of our names. We Never saw them or they us; and if we had the opportunity we would forgive them and do them a service; yet such are the blind and furious passions of their hearts that our very names are a madness to them. Surely we should seek obscurity, and wish with all our heart that our so offensive name should Never be spoken in this world again, or written or read. 'Among all the saints I have Never found one,' said Santa Teresa, 'out of whose case I could take any comfort
Paul as a Man of Prayer - And thus it was that their fine minds Never had full justice done to them in this life. The truth is, beyond the best adorations and doxologies of the Apostle Paul, the soul of man will Never rise on this side the adorations and doxologies of the Beatific Vision itself. You will Never be able to read in that way the doctrinal parts of the Romans, and the Ephesians, and the Colossians, or, indeed, any of Paul's Epistles, without being, now completely melted and broken, and now completely caught up into paradise, till you are a second Paul yourself. As also because it is Never out of my own hand; and, naturally, I would like it Never to be out of your hand either. How can any man cease, for a single moment, from repentance and prayer who has a heart full of sin in his bosom, and that heart beating out its sinfulness into his body and into his mind every moment of the day and the night? That man will Never cease from prayer till he has ceased from sin, any more than Paul ceased. Those men may Never have hurt a hair of your head; they will Never suspect what a temptation they are to you; but such is the rooted and ineradicable malice of your heart towards them, that, as long as you and they live in this world, you will have to pray for yourself and for them without ceasing. You will Never acquit Paul of having gone extravagant, and of being beside himself about prayer, till you equal and exceed him in unceasing prayer, both for yourselves and for all men. An horology for one day like that would make you at night read both Paul's doctrines and his doxologies as you Never read them before. How many children, sick people, heart-broken people, has God laid on our hands, and we have Never once brought them to His mercy-seat
Jacob - But Jacob had Never been out of sight of his mother's tent-pole till now. Jacob had Never seen or heard the like of it in his country. We Never see what wickedness thore is in lies, and treachery, and cheatery, and injury of all kinds till we are cheated, and lied against and injured. ' But, to Jacob's consternation, Esau Never looked at those lowing, snow-white herds, but put on his armour in silence, and came posting north at the head of four hundred men. That staff felt like so much lead when Jacob took it into his hand to run from home; but he would need it, and, though it sometimes burned his hand to a red-hot cinder, somehow he Never could throw it away. They were Never found separated. Jacob Never felt alone when he had his staff in his hand; and many a time he was overheard talking to it, and it to him. Whether in the body, Jacob to the day of his death could Never tell; or whether out of the body, Jacob could Never tell; but such a night of terror and of battle no other man ever spent. It was both God and Esau; till Jacob to the day of his death could Never tell Who the terrible Wrestler really was Just before the morning broke, with one last wrench Jacob was left halt and lame for life. We would Never have called Jacob a prince
Superstitious - [2] 378) that the ominous word ‘demon’ could Never have conveyed anything but a bad sense to a Jew, which is borne out by Josephus’ use of the word. Paul would Never have commenced a speech with a studied insult, but he was a man who said what he thought, and the word was most applicable to the popular religion of the day
Call, Calling - It is considered in the Scripture as an holy calling, 2 Timothy 1:9 ; an high calling, Philippians 3:14 ; an heavenly calling, Hebrews 3:1 ; and without repentance, as God will Never cast off any who are once drawn to him, Romans 11:29 . Proverbs 2:13 ; that, as we know not who are the elect, we cannot tell but he may succeed our endeavours by enabling those who are addressed to comply with the call, and believe; that it is the Christian minister's commission to preach the Gospel to every creature, Mark 16:1-20 ; that the inspired writers Never confined themselves to preach to saints only, but reasoned with and persuaded sinners, 2 Corinthians 5:11 :...
and, lastly that a general address to men's consciences has been greatly successful in promoting their conversion
Sin - The reason why this sin is Never forgiven, is not because of any want of sufficiency in the blood of Christ, nor in the pardoning mercy of God, but because such as commit it Never repent of it, but continue obstinate and malignant until death
Dead - The undertaker may be dead to GOD, having no Saviour, no eternal life, and has Never been born again. Never again can that person see or have any relationship whatever with the GOD and the Saviour who would have saved him had he trusted Him
Saints - And with respect to the holiness of men or angels it is possible, yea more than possible, even highly probable, that when a sinner is washed from all his sins in Christ's blood, he is holier than an angel which Never sinned; and eminently on this account—the holiness of the sinner in his renewed nature is the holiness of God our Saviour, from a life received from Jesus and union with Jesus: whereas the holiness of the angel is but the holiness of the creature, a created holiness, and not derived from any life-union with Christ. If this be true, let the reader contemplate, if he can, the personal glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in this holiness of his nature, and his redeemed in him, Such honour have all his saints! And when he hath duly pondered this most blessed of all subjects, let him add this to it, namely, that it is an holiness that Never can be lost, sullied, or lessened
Rams Horns - The law Never did; it Never was designed for that purpose, for it is the ministration of death
Circle - The stars within this circle Never set. Circle of perpetual occultation, another lesser circle at a like distance from the equator, which includes all the stars which Never appear in our hemisphere
Coney - The saphan, then, is not the rabbit; which last, unless it was brought to him by his ships from Europe, Solomon Never saw. "He is above all other animals so much attached to the rocks, that I Never once," says Mr
Use - Books can Never teach the use of books. Where Never foot did use
Humility - He was Never boastful and Never acted in a way that advanced his own interests
Existence of God - It has also been objected, that whole nations have been found in Africa and America who have no notion of a Deity: but this is what has Never been proved; on the contrary, upon accurate inspection, even the most stupid Hottentots, Saldanians, Greenlanders, Kamtschatkans, and savage Americans are found to have some idea of a God. an indistinct idea of a Being of infinite perfection, and a readiness to acquiesce in the truth of his existence, whenever they understand the terms in which it is expressed. It is self-evident that they Never could form themselves out of nothing, or in any of their respective forms; and that chance, being nothing but the want of design, Never did nor could form or put into order any thing; far less such a marvellous and well connected system as our world is. Who can consider the motions of the heavenly luminaries, exactly calculated for the greatest advantage to our earth, and its inhabitants; the exact balancing and regulating of the meteors, winds, rain, snow, hail, vapour, thunder, and the like; the regular and Never-failing return of summer and winter, seed-time and harvest, day and night; the astonishing and diversified formation of vegetables; the propagation of herbs, almost every where, that are most effectual to heal the distempers of animal bodies in that place; the almost infinite diversification of animals and vegetables, and their pertments, that, notwithstanding an amazing similarity, not any two are exactly alike, but every form, member, or even feather or hair of animals, and every pile of grass, stalk of corn, herb, leaf, tree, berry, or other fruit, hath something peculiar to itself: the making of animals so sagaciously to prepare their lodgings, defend themselves, provide for their health, produce and protect, and procure food for their young; the direction of fishes and fowls to and in such marvellous and long peregrinations at such seasons, and to such places, as best correspond with their own preservation and the benefit of mankind; the stationing of brute animals by sea or land, at less or greater distances as are most suited to the safety, subsistence or comfort of mankind, and preventing the increase of prolific animals, and making the less fruitful ones, which are used, exceedingly to abound; the so diversifying the countenances, voices, and hand-writings of men, as best secures and promotes their social advantages; the holding of so equal a balance between males and females, while the number of males, whose lives are peculiarly endangered in war, navigation, &c. The wisest of men Never made the attempt
John - For he meditated day and night on his Master, and on his Master's words, till he was like David's tree that was planted by the rivers of water so that its leaf Never withered, nor was its fruit ever wanting in its season. Why are our minds so blighted and so barren in the things of God? Why have we so little faith? Why have we so little hold of the reality and nobility of Divine things? The reason is plain-we seldom or Never meditate. We pray sometimes, or we pretend to pray; but do we ever set ourselves to prepare our hearts for the mercy-seat by strenuous meditation on who and what we are; on who and what He is to whom we pretend to pray; and on what it is we are to say, and do, and ask, and receive? We may Never have heard of Philo, but we all belong to his barren school. The thought of Jesus Christ seldom or Never quickens, or overawes, or gladdens our heart. And when he was asked why he always said that, and Never said any more than that, he always replied, "Because this is our Lord's sole commandment, and if we all fulfil this, nothing more is needed
Deluge - Can an universal deluge be more clearly expressed? If the deluge had only been partial, there had been no necessity to spend an hundred years in the building of an ark, and shutting up all sorts of animals therein, in order to re-stock the world: they had been easily and readily brought from those parts of the world not overflowed into those that were; at least, all the birds Never would have been destroyed, as Moses says they were, so long as they had wings to bear them to those parts where the flood did not reach. petrified; which the best naturalists are agreed could Never have come there but by the deluge. That the Greeks and western nations had some knowledge of the flood, has Never been denied; and the Mussulmen, Chinese, and Americans, have traditions of the deluge
Damascus, Damascenes - Damascus has no means of self-defence, has Never done anything memorable in warfare, has been captured and plundered many times, and more than once almost annihilated, but it has always quickly recovered itself, and to-day the white smokeless city, embowered in its gardens and orchards and surrounded by its hundred villages, is to every Arab what it was to young Muhammad gazing down upon it from the brow of Salahiyeh-the symbol of Paradise. Paul had instructions to deal summarily ‘with any that were of the way’ (Acts 9:2), but the letters which he carried ‘for the synagogues’ (Acts 9:2) were Never delivered, and his ‘commission’ (Acts 26:12) was Never executed
Zedekiah - Thus the double prophecy concerning him—that he should be carried to Babylon, but Never see it—was literally fulfilled
Final Cause - It is habitual if it once existed and has Never been retracted
Joppa - It was Never wrested from the Phoenicians
Mediator - They are Never separated in the exercise of the office of mediator
Cause, Final - It is habitual if it once existed and has Never been retracted
Sunday - But although it was in the primitive times indifferently called the Lord's Day, or Sunday, yet it was Never denominated the Sabbath; a name constantly appropriate to Saturday or the seventh day, both by the sacred and ecclesiastical writers
God: is Light - Suppose the case of a cripple who had spent his life in a room where the sun was Never seen
Hearing: For Others - 'What!' he exclaimed, 'you tell me you Never heard of that before? You say, ministers often tell us we lose our souls for our stinginess, and for being covetous: but who ever heard of a man that hurt himself by going too far t'other way? I tell you how they do it
Forgiveness - "The feuds and animosities, in families, and between neighbours, which disturb the intercourse of human life, and collectively compose half the misery of it, have their foundation in the want of a forgiving temper, and can Never cease but by the exercise of this virtue on one side, or on both
Faith - It was a fatal mistake, they were both in imminent peril, but the one was drawn to shore because he had a connection with the people on the land, whilst the other, clinging to the loose, floating log, was borne irresistibly along, and Never heard of afterwards
Noah - On coming from the ark he built an altar, made an offering, and received a promise that the world should Never again be destroyed by a flood
Loyola, Ignatius, Saint - Ignatius called his Order the Society of Jesus, and Never used the term Jesuit, which was first used in derision by his adversaries
Ignatius Loyola, Saint - Ignatius called his Order the Society of Jesus, and Never used the term Jesuit, which was first used in derision by his adversaries
Nathanael - but the following are reasons for believing that he was identical with Bartholomew , who is Never mentioned by St
Scapegoat - ...
Although the scapegoat is not mentioned by name in the New Testament, Hebrews 10:3-17 contrasts sanctification through the sacrifice of Christ with the blood of bulls and goats which can Never take away sins
Manna - ‘I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall not hunger, and he that believeth on me shall Never thirst
Fitches - In Ezekiel 4:9 kussemeth , KJV "fitches," is rather "spelt" or dhourra , less suitably rendered "rye" Exodus 9:32; Isaiah 28:25, where the illustration from the husbandman shows that God also adapts His measures to the varying exigencies of the several cases and places, now mercy, now judgment, here punishing sooner there later (an answer to the scoff that His judgments were so slow that they would Never come at all, Isaiah 5:19); His aim not being to destroy His people any more than the husbandman's aim in threshing is to destroy his crop
Shepherd - ...
In the church there are those who by reason of gift are called pastors, to feed and shepherd the sheep; but Christ is the chief Shepherd, who is over all, whose own the sheep are, and who has given His word that they shall Never perish
Barsumas, Nestorian Bishop of Nisibis - He worked upon his enmity to the Roman power to obtain his patronage for a development of doctrine which had been formally condemned by the emperor and his assembled bishops, representing to him that the king of Persia could Never securely reckon on the allegiance of his subjects so long as they held the same religious faith with his enemies
Ape-Men - Yet man is essentially different from them all, for he is rational; and no matter how defective, or even deranged, a human being may be, he is Never essentially irrational as the animal is
Envy - ...
All human virtue, to its latest breath, ...
Finds envy Never conquered, but by death
Humble - ...
Without a humble imitation of the divine author of our blessed religion, we can Never hope to be a happy nation
Sheep - "...
The sheep Never existed in a wild state, but was created expressly for man, and so was selected from the first for sacrifice
Alexander vi, Pope - His election as pope met with general approval, and the attempts to attribute it to simony were Never clearly proven
End - It is habitual if it once existed and has Never been retracted
Baptist - The reader will recollect, that concerning John the Baptist, Jesus himself declared, that "among them that were born of women, there had Never arisen a greater prophet than John the Baptist
Foundation - But in Scripture language it means Christ, the foundation God hath laid in Zion, and on which JEHOVAH hath built his church; and against which the gates of hell can Never prevail
Nice - 883, when Nicholas the First was pope, they were allowed, and from that time they have stood in the Nicene creed, in all the western churches; but the Greek church has Never received them
Faith - So those who believe in Christ, accepting his offered mercy, relying on his Never-forfeited word, are for his sake regarded as God's children
Like - The like lmay Never happen again
Ship - Though Joppa and in Christ's time Caesarea were Jewish ports, 2 Chronicles 2:18 Jonah 1:3 , yet the Jews were Never a maritime people, and most of their foreign navigation would appear to have been carried on by the aid of Phoenicians, 1 Kings 9:26 10:22 22:49,50
Pipe - (Jeremiah 48:36 ) It was even used in the temple choir, as appears from (Psalm 87:7 ) In later times the funeral and death-bed were Never without the professional pipers or flute-players, (Matthew 9:23 ) a custom which still exists
Pute'Oli - In the fifth century it was ravaged by both Alaric and Genseric, and it Never afterward recovered its former eminence
Backsliding - Absence of such divine discipline is an indication that they were Never really God’s children (Hebrews 12:6-8; 2 Peter 2:9)
Manna - ‘I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall not hunger, and he that believeth on me shall Never thirst
Laughter - Thus the statements—‘We are Never told that (Jesus) laughed, while we are once told that He wept’ (Farrar, Life of Christ, p. 242); ‘we Never read that Jesus laughed, and but once that He rejoiced in spirit’ (Jer. ...
Against the a priori view that Jesus Never laughed, a view which is based upon a misdirected reverence and a one-sided conception of His nature, has to be set the consideration that such a view tends to dehumanize the ‘Son of Man. ]'>[6] There may be saintly men to whom anything like boisterous hilarity is impossible, but he whose face is Never lit with a smile, and whose voice Never has the infectious ring of joy, is lacking in fullorbed humanity (cf. Was Jesus an exception to this rule? Is there any real reason for refusing to apply to His case the saying, Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat? Can it be said that He Never used the Socratic method of proving the reasonableness of His teaching by showing the incongruous and even ridiculous position in which those who rejected it involved themselves? It has been very generally assumed that such a method was beneath the dignity, or foreign to the nature of the Son of God. Thus it is said, ‘He brought peace wherever He came, but He Never awakened mirth … The inquiry whether Jesus had the sense of humour is not simply trivial and irreverent; it betrays a fundamental misconception of that holy life of redeeming love
Forgiveness - Hence it is used of remitting a debt (Matthew 18:27; Matthew 6:12; Matthew 6:14), equivalent to οὐ λογἱζεσθαι (2 Corinthians 5:19; see also Sanday-Headlam, Romans 5 [3], 100); the creditor tears up the bill, so to speak, or Never enters the debt in his ledger. This is very rare in the Gospels (it is Never attributed to Christ Himself, save in quotations and in the institution of the Eucharist in Matthew 26:28 -not in the parallels). Christ the Son of God dies for our sin; and this same death we also die, by faith, to sin; hence, we are justified before God-that is, we are like men who have Never contracted a debt; and there is nothing for us but acquittal. ‘The importance of faith, however, is Never left unexpressed, faith being at once surrender to, reliance on, and identification with its object
Esau - His ear Never slept. Esau's arrow Never missed its mark. 'And much good may it do you! It has Never been worth a haunch of good venison to me. A more powerful and a more fruitful chapter for the sacred ends of tragedy was Never written than the tragical chapter of Isaac's deathbed. But they Never read a good book. They Never attend a good teacher. Oh! Never, Never do it. Die, and we shall bury you with honour, and with assurance; but, oh! my son, my brother, Never, Never, till the day of your death, sell to man or woman or devil your divine birthright
Logic - Logicians have Never agreed as to how logic should be defined, and have doubted as to whether it is a mode of knowing or an instrument of knowledge, a science or an art
Order of Our Lady of Bethlehem - Repeated attempts were made to make the Hospitallers of the Holy Ghost military, although they Never resorted to arms
Order of the Holy Ghost - Repeated attempts were made to make the Hospitallers of the Holy Ghost military, although they Never resorted to arms
Holy Ghost, Order of the - Repeated attempts were made to make the Hospitallers of the Holy Ghost military, although they Never resorted to arms
Samaritans - After the battle of Issus the Samaritans offered assistance to Alexander, and were allowed to build a temple on Gerizim , where they sacrificed after the manner of the Jews though they were quite ready to repudiate Jewish origin, rite, and prejudice whenever occasion arose (see Jos. From this and other sufferings later inflicted by Zeno and Justinian they Never recovered
Sceva - The word ‘seven’ could Never have been inserted if it were not St
Life - The organized bodies, however, besides exercising transient activities are endowed with other activities Never found in the inorganic, e
Christendom - Clergy and laity have probably Never since been so united
Joan of Arc, Saint - French radicalism in its worst form has Never succeeded in eradicating devotion to her from the heart of the people
Eden - Old age was unknown; the body Never lost its vigour; existence was a perpetual feast without a taint of evil
Eternal Death - Their condition after casting off the mortal body is spoken of in these expressive words: "Fire that shall not be quenched" (Mark 9:45,46 ), "fire unquenchable" (Luke 3:17 ), "the worm that Never dies," the "bottomless pit" (Revelation 9:1 ), "the smoke of their torment ascending up for ever and ever" (Revelation 14:10,11 )
Branch - ...
Degenerate human nature, even Judaism, could Never have produced Him
Daemons - As to the meaning of the word Daemon in the fathers of the Christian church, it is used by them in the same sense as it was by the heathen philosophers, especially the latter Platonists; that is, sometimes for departed human spirits, and at other times for such spirits as had Never inhabited human bodies
Ashdod - Ashdod had been originally assigned to Judah (Joshua 15:47), but Never occupied by the Jews, nay, made a point of attack on them: not until King Uzziah was its "wall broken down and cities built about it," i
Wealth - There are three things that are Never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough: the grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough
Hattemists - The Verschorists and Hattemists resemble each other in their religious systems, though they Never so entirely agreed as to form one communion
Heaven: to be Shut Out of at Last - The circumstance made an impression upon him at the time which he could Never afterwards forget, and he was led to ask himself the question, 'Shall it be so at the last? Shall I come up to the gate of heaven only in time to be too late, to find the last ransomed one admitted, and the door everlastingly shut?' ...
Darkness - "Outer darkness" refers to the darkness of the streets in the East, which are Never lighted up by any public or private lamps after nightfall, in contrast with the blaze of cheerful light in the house
Habits: Destructive Power of - I shall Never forget the expression of the dead man's face: the clenched teeth, and fearful distortion of the countenance, while coils of long trailing weeds clung round his body and limbs, the muscles of which stood out stiff and rigid, whilst his hands grasped thick masses, showing how bravely he had struggled for life
Vincentius - But he Never fulfilled the office of presbyter
Eden - ...
“Eden” appears twenty times in the Old Testament but Never in the New Testament
Midian, Midianites - They Never again threatened Israel; but Midian did harbor Solomon's enemy Hadad (1 Kings 11:18 )
Envy - Contrary to modern translations, the Greek word used for envy here (phthonos ) is always used in a negative sense, Never in the positive sense of God's jealousy (Greek zealos )
Louis ix, Saint - He Never published the so-called "Pragmatic Sanction," often quoted as a royal decree, limiting the pope's authority over the French Church
Christian - The Jews, since they denied that Jesus is the Christ, would Never originate the name "Christians," but called them "Nazarenes" (Acts 24:5)
Nicodemus - Jesus replied that Nicodemus could Never see the kingdom of God without being “born again” (John 3:3 ) or “born of water and of the Spirit” (John 3:5 )
Service - Interestingly, the Old Testament Never ascribes service to other gods
Lamb of God - ...
Revelation often refers to the exalted Christ as a Lamb, but Never as “the Lamb of God,” nor with the same Greek word for “lamb” as used elsewhere in the New Testament
Millstone - Septuagint φωνὴ τῆς ἀληθούσης in Ecclesiastes 12:4), the familiar murmur of domestic life, will Never be heard again in the ruined city, which will have become a city of death (Revelation 18:22)
Levite - Barnabas of Cyprus, where there were numerous Jews and Christians (1 Maccabees 15:23, Acts 11:19), was a landowner, though a Levite (Acts 4:36), the old ordinance (Numbers 18:24) against the possession of real estate having long before fallen into abeyance, and probably having Never been meant to apply to land outside Palestine
Money-Making: Nothing But Play - Ask a great money-maker what he wants to do with his money: he Never knows
Avenger, Avenger of Blood - God has invested man with governmental authority to carry out this universal command, which was given long before the law by Moses, and which has Never been repealed or relaxed
Bow (Rainbow) - So far as known a complete rainbow has probably Never been seen on earth
Lunatic - " (Mark 5:7) What a sweet and endearing view it gives of Christ! Jesus is the first in every act of mercy: we cannot make our application to Jesus, however early, before that Jesus hath first applied to us by his blessed Spirit, Did the Lord withhold his blessings till we asked them, or until we had prepared ourselves for them, they would Never be received at all
Field - Wheat and cockleburs should Never be sowed together in the field
Maker - (Ecclesiastes 12:1) So again in Job, (Job 35:10) the word is plural, where is God my Makers? And yet that the church night Never lose sight of the unity of the divine Essence, while thus believing in the existence of a threefold character of person in the GODHEAD, the Lord, by Moses, delivered this glorious fundamental truth in the plainest and strongest terms; "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord!" (Deuteronomy 6:4) Oh! that these sacred, hallowed truths, were both duly and reverently considered and pondered over, agreeably to their immense sublimity, in these days of Arian and Socinian blasphemy!...
Barley - It was a domestic sorrow, that Never ought to occur; but if the sin was there it must be judged
Possessed of the Devil - Never would he have been allowed to bruise the heel of the Lord's chosen, but that finally the Lord might bruise his head
Alexander the Great - While Alexander is Never directly named in the Bible, the culture which he brought to Palestine greatly affected the biblical world, especially during the time between the writing of the Old and New Testaments
Copy - ...
They Never fail, when they copy, to follow the bad as well as the good
Earnest - They are Never more earnest to disturb us, than when they see us most earnest in this duty
Fare - Fare is Never used for the price of conveying goods this is called freight or transportation
Henry iv, King - The reasons approved were lack of necessary dispensations (the ceremony had been performed by the Cardinal of Bourbon, before the dispensations necessary because of difference in religion were granted) and want of consent of one of the parties (Margaret claimed that she had Never consented to the contract and had been forced by her brother, Charles IX)
Abbey - They prevailed greatly in Britain before the reformation, particularly in England; and as they increased in riches, so the state became poor, for the lands which these regulars possessed could Never revert to the lords who gave them
Hophni - They were what the prophet called "greedy dogs, that Never could have enough
Hell - "If thine hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands, to go into hell, into the fire that Never shall be quenched: where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched
Friend - He is now carrying on the whole purposes of redemption, and Never intermits one moment an unceasing attention to our present and everlasting interests; neither will he, until that he hath brought home all his redeemed to glory, that "where he is, there they may be also
Ark - Never is it said in the word of God of more than one ark; no more than one Lord Jesus Christ
Ascension - With peculiar reference to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Psalmist demands, "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord?" (Psalms 24:3) And in answer to the enquiry, we may truly say, that the glorious doctrine of the ascension is Never cordially received, nor indeed properly understood, until that we are taught by the Lord the Spirit, to have both a just apprehension of his person who is ascended, and the blessed purposes included in that ascension for his church and people
Philemon, Epistle to - Many may Never have thought of seeking their conversion, or may have been prejudiced against it
Murder - The elders of the city nearest to it were to take a heifer which had Never yet borne the yoke, and were to lead it into some rude and uncultivated place, which had not been ploughed or sowed, where they were to cut its throat
Hireling - This custom, which I have Never seen in any other part of Asia, forcibly struck me as a most happy illustration of our Saviour's parable of the labourers in the vineyard in Matthew 20; particularly when, passing by the same place late in the day, we still found others standing idle, and remembered his words, ‘Why stand ye here all the day idle?" as most applicable to their situation; for in putting the very same question to them, they answered us, ‘Because no man hath hired us
Bull - the male of the beeve kind; and it is to be recollected that the Hebrews Never castrated animals
Almah - Jerom, in his commentary on this passage, observes, that the Prophet declined using the word bethaul which signifies any young woman, or young person, but employed the term almah, which denotes a virgin Never seen by man
Flax - Wrought into garments, it constituted the principal dress of the inhabitants, and the priests Never put on any other kind of clothing
Hamath - The western part of its territory is the granary of the northern Syria, though the harvest Never yields more than ten for one, chiefly in consequence of the immense numbers of mice, which sometimes wholly destroy the crops
Old - We Never say, the old sun, or an old mountain
Unicorn - The hunters Never venture in any numbers to oppose these ferocious animals face to face; but conceal themselves in the thickets or in the branches of the trees, whence they attack the buffaloes as they pass along
Hell - The wrath of God will Never cease to abide upon the lost soul, and it will always be "the wrath to come
Josiah - The sacred book was too much neglected in those days of declension; and even the pious Josiah seems to have been impressed by the closing chapters of Deuteronomy as though he had Never read them before
Vary - Gods, that Never change their state, vary oft their love and hate
am'Mon - On the west of Jordan they Never obtained a footing
Lord's Prayer, - ( Isaiah 1:2 ); Mali 1:6 Or mentioned as a last resource of the orphan and desolate creature, (Isaiah 63:16 ) but Never brought out in its fullness, as indeed it could not be, till he was come by whom we have received the adoption of sons. It is omitted in the Revised Version; but it Nevertheless has the authority of some manuscripts, and is truly biblical, almost every word being found in ( 1 Chronicles 29:11 ) and is a true and fitting ending for prayer
Hades - It Never denotes the grave, nor is the permanent region of the lost; in point of time it is, for such, intermediate between decease and the doom of Gehenna
Hebron - ...
At the time of Israel’s conquest under Joshua, Hebron’s local inhabitants were a tall powerfully built people whom many thought could Never be conquered (Numbers 13:21-28; Numbers 13:31-33)
Hospitality - ...
God’s people must be ready always to practise hospitality to those in need, whether close friends or people they have Never seen before
Catholic And Protestant Countries Compared - The true religious spirit of Christ is Never national, Never contemptuously proud, embraces and seeks all good, hates sin, but remains charitably kind to sinners
Esarhaddon - ...
Esarhaddon was perhaps the most potent of the Assyrian kings, warring in the far East, according to the monuments, with Median tribes "of which his father had Never heard the name"; extending his power W. palace of Nimrud that it was a building "such as the kings his fathers before him had Never made
Darkness - The darkness which now covered Judea, and the neighbouring countries, beginning about noon, and continuing till Jesus expired, was not the effect of an ordinary eclipse of the sun, for that can Never happen but at the new moon, whereas now it was full moon; not to mention that the total darkness occasioned by eclipses of the sun Never continues above twelve or fifteen minutes; wherefore it must have been produced by the divine power, in a manner we are not able to explain
Pardon - An act that Never will be repealed, Micah 7:19 . Pardon is of men that are sinners, and who remain such, though pardoned sinners; but justification is a pronouncing persons righteous, as if they had Never sinned
Brotherly Love - This kind of love is Never used for the love of God nor for erotic love. ...
Jesus constantly taught His followers the principle of “brotherly love,” even though the New Testament Never records Him using this very word
Ground - We apply ground to soil,sand or gravel indifferently, but Never apply it to the whole mass of the earth or globe, nor to any portion of it when removed. We Never say a shovel full or a load of ground
Allegory - Jewish proponents of allegory, however, Never abandoned the historical meaning of their traditions to the extent that Greek proponents did. ...
While Jesus Never made allegorical interpretations of the Old Testament, some of His parables were interpreted as allegories
Bartholomew - (1) Bartholomew being a patronymic, the bearer may easily have had another name; (2) the Synoptists Never mention Nathanael, St. John Never mentions Bartholomew; (3) the Synoptists in their lists place Bartholomew next to Philip, as James next to his probable caller John, and Peter (in Mt. A person with Isaiah 9:1 in his mind, and convinced that rich blessings would come from Galilee, might Nevertheless think that Nazareth was not a likely place to be the dwelling-place of the Messiah
Darkness - For Never was the Father more glorified than by those sufferings of the Lord Jesus. Never was Christ more glorified than by those sufferings
Morning - " There Never surely was a more beautiful, a more just, more enlivening representation or figure of the Lord Jesus than what those words have given. Surely no figure comes up to our Lord Jesus with an exactness more full and complete than the beautiful one the Holy Ghost hath given by his servant David, "he shall be as the light of the morning when the sun riseth, eveen a morning without clouds!"...
Think of Jesus under this sweet figure, I beseech you, reader; yea, Never lose sight of him if possible
Christ - Should it be asked, Is the word Christ Never to be understood in the New Testament as a proper name, but always as having a direct reference to the office or dignity? it may be replied, that this word came at length, from the frequency of application to one individual, and only to one, to supply the place of a proper name. To this purpose, Grotius remarks, that in process of time the name Jesus was very much dropped, and Christ, which had Never been used before as the proper name of any person, and was, for that reason, a better distinction, was substituted for it; insomuch that, among the Heathens, our Lord came to be more known by the latter than by the former
Fire - The sting and remorse of conscience is the worm that will Never die; and the wrath of God upon their souls and bodies, the fire that shall Never go out
Johanan - After the lesson just given in Jerusalem's overthrow, one would have thought the Jews would Never more have doubted God's faithfulness to His threats as well as to His promises. Bad men when resolved on a bad act Never want a pretext for it
Macedonius ii, Patriarch of Constantinople - Anastasius, annoyed at this answer, and irritated because Macedonius would Never release him from the engagement he had made at his coronation to maintain the faith of the church and the authority of the council of Chalcedon, sought means to drive him from his chair. But Anastasius Never kept his promises, and Macedonius died in exile
Praxeas, a Heretic - Tertullian wrote a treatise against him and places his scene of activity first of all at Rome, but Never mentions Noetus, Epigonus, Cleomenes, Sabellius or Callistus. On the other hand, Hippolytus, who denounces these in his controversial works for the very same tenets, Never once mentions Praxeas as teaching at Rome or anywhere else
Sabbath - "I am more and more sure by experience that the reason for the observance of the Sabbath lies deep in the everlasting necessities of human nature, and that as long as man is man the blessedness of keeping it, not as a day of rest only, but as a day of spiritual rest, will Never be annulled. This, we may be sure, they Never would have done without the permission or the authority of their Lord. ...
After his resurrection, which took place on the first day of the week (Matthew 28:1 ; Mark 16:2 ; Luke 24:1 ; John 20:1 ), we Never find Christ meeting with his disciples on the seventh day
Wonders - The word τέρας, ‘wonder,’ Never occurs in the NT except in connexion with σημεῖον, ‘sign’ (wh. ...
It was easy for Origen to answer that Jesus Never wrought His signs and wonders only for show, as magicians did, and that His constant aim was the reformation of character, as that of the magicians most evidently was not. Origen calls attention to the fact that Jesus, as indeed the entire NT, Never calls miracles by the name τέρατα alone, but always joins this to some other term suggesting higher things (in Joan, xviii
Fasting - The word (tsum ) Never occurs in the Pentateuch. The Mosaic law, though directing minutely the foods to be eaten and to be shunned, Never enjoins fasting. But this continuance of the existing Jewish usage Never divinely ordered does not make it obligatory on us, except in so far as we severally, by experience, find it conducive to prayer
Magi - The Magian priests kept their sacred fire with the greatest diligence, watching it day and night, and Never suffering it to be extinguished. They fed it only with wood stript of the bark, and they Never blowed it with their breath or with bellows, for fear of polluting it; to do either of these was death by their law. The Jews had their sacred fire which came down from heaven upon the altar of burnt offerings, which they Never suffered to go out, and with which all their sacrifices and oblations were made Zoroaster, in like manner, pretended to have brought his holy fire from heaven; and as the Jews had a Shekinah of the divine presence among them, resting over the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies, Zoroaster likewise told his Magians to look upon the sacred fire in their temples as a Shekinah, in which God especially dwelt
Ask - ...
In this respect it is significant that the Lord Jesus Never used aiteo in the matter of making request to the Father. "The consciousness of His equal dignity, of His potent and prevailing intercession, speaks out in this, that as often as He asks, or declares that He will ask anything of the Father, it is always erotao, an asking, that is, upon equal terms, John 14:16 ; 16:26 ; 17:9,15,20 , Never aiteo, that He uses. she ascribes that aiteo to Him which He Never ascribes to Himself, John 11:22 " (Trench, Syn
Paul Apprehended of Christ Jesus - A sensibility to sin so exquisite and so spiritual as that of the apostle Never yet came to any man but after long long years of the holiest of lives. To ninety-nine out of a hundred, even of truly converted men, it Never comes at all. And, once it begins to come, it will Never cease coming more and more, till you will almost be driven beside yourself with it. One will go straight home after this service, and will Never all his days have Saul's sudden and unexpected conversion out of his mind, such a divine pattern is it to be of his own conversion. ...
The best expositor by far that ever took Paul's epistles up into a pulpit, has said that the apostle Never fell into a single inconsistency after his conversion. That he Never fell into a single inconsistency could only be said about One Man; and we Never speak about His conversion. Speaking here for myself, and not venturing to speak for any of you, when I read a thing like that, and a thing said by such a master in Israel as he was who said that, and then look at my own life in the searching light of that, I feel as if I can Never up till now have been converted myself at all
Simon Magus - At the same time, this must be said, that Simon Magus had Never come out in his true colours till after Peter's arrival, and till after all the true converts had received the Holy Ghost. But, with all his wonder and with all his conviction, he was Never truly converted. Now, Peter had Never liked the look of Philip's great convert, and it completely justified Peter's incurable suspicions when Simon Magus came one night into Peter's lodgings, and, setting down a bag of money on the table, said, 'What will you take for the Holy Ghost? If you will show me the secret of your apostleship so that I may work your miracles like you, I have plenty of money, and I know where there is plenty more. You Never nowadays hear the once universal pulpit word. He might Never have heard the word, and I would Never mention it to him unless, indeed, he was a man of some mind. It is not, and it Never will be, till, as Calvin says, and as Christ says, you deny yourself daily. Never search the papers to see what they are saying about you
the Angel of the Church in Thyatira - We would Never have heard so much as Hosea's name had it not been for his wife and her children. We might have heard that there was a certain minister in that ancient city in the days of the Revelation, but this so terrible Epistle would Never have been written to him or transmitted to us but for his household catastrophe-a catastrophe so awful that it cannot be so much as once named among us. But his co-presbyter in Thyatira had Never known what the love of God really was till all his household love had decayed, and had died, and had been buried, and had all turned to corruption and pollution. We have Never had deeper-wading preachers than Jonathan Edwards and Thomas Boston, and Never since the garden of Eden has there been two ministers happier at home than they were. ...
A jest's prosperity lies in the earOf him that hears it, Never in the tongueOf him who makes it
Evil - The first of these is not properly an evil: for every power, faculty, or perfection, which any creature enjoys, being the free gift of God, which he was no more obliged to bestow, than he was to confer being or existence itself, it is plain the want of any certain faculty or perfection in any kind of creatures which Never belonged to their nature, is no more an evil to them than their Never having been created, or brought into being at all, could properly have been called an evil. The second kind of evil, which we call natural evil, is either a necessary consequence of the former; as death, to a creature on whose nature immortality was Never conferred; and then it is no more properly an evil than the former; or else it is counterpoised, in the whole, with as great or greater good, as the afflictions and sufferings of good men, and then also it is not properly an evil; or else, lastly, it is a punishment; and then it is a necessary consequent of the third and last sort of evil, namely, moral evil. And though many questions may yet be asked, respecting a subject so mysterious as the permission of evil by the Supreme Being, this is a part of his counsels of which we can have no cognizance, unless he is pleased to reveal them; and as revelation is silent upon this subject, except generally, that all his acts, his permissive ones as well as others, are "wise, and just and good" we may rest assured, that beyond what is revealed, human wisdom in the present state can Never penetrate
the Labourer With the Evil Eye - For the like of this husbandman has Never been seen before nor since in Galilee, nor in Jewry, nor in Samaria, nor anywhere else. Those who are still in the early morning of their days have Never heard of the thief on the cross. They have Never once read his so heart-encouraging history. Even if you were a perfect stranger to me; even if I had Never seen you before, I would undertake to tell to all men the name of the man you both envy and hate, if I were near enough to see your eye when your rival is being praised and rewarded in your presence. A more stupid remark Never fell from an able man's pen. A more senseless and self-exposing annotation was Never made. Instead of there being no envy among the disciples of Jesus Christ, and among those who labour in His Father's vineyard, as this stupid old annotator would have us believe; instead of that, the true hellishness of envy is Never tasted by any man till he is far up in the kingdom of heaven, and is full of its mind and spirit
Job - If I wash myself with snow water, and make my hands Never so clean, yet Thou wilt plunge me into the ditch, and mine own clothes shall abhor me. And every morning and every evening till the days of their feasting were all gone about Job Never ceased his sacrifices and intercessions in his children's behalf. And we shall reflect that the games, and sports, and talks of the playground will bring things out of our children's hearts that we Never see nor hear at home. It had been better they had Never been born; it were better they died even now than that they should live to possess the iniquities of their youth, and to be put into those terrible stocks that God still keeps for young sinners. ...
The curse that always waits in this world on controversy and contradiction has Never been clearer seen than it is seen in Job's case. For Never was so much shrewd truth, and so many truly pious positions, and so much divine and human eloquence heard on both sides, and from any other five debating men, as was heard all round Job's ash-heap. It was when Job had been taught of God to see and to say all that, as Never before; it was then that the Lord took pity and turned the captivity of Job
Nazareth - His followers could Never object to be named ‘the Nazarenes,’ as they were, e. ...
It is a significant fact that Nazareth, which is so dear to Christendom, is Never named in the OT, Josephus, or the Talmud. He was Never far from the crowds, often (such were Roman oppression and Jewish sedition) the madding crowds of Galilee, and ‘all the rumour of the Empire entered Palestine close to Nazareth’ (G
Nazareth - His followers could Never object to be named ‘the Nazarenes,’ as they were, e. ...
It is a significant fact that Nazareth, which is so dear to Christendom, is Never named in the OT, Josephus, or the Talmud. He was Never far from the crowds, often (such were Roman oppression and Jewish sedition) the madding crowds of Galilee, and ‘all the rumour of the Empire entered Palestine close to Nazareth’ (G
Purity (2) - , Never by ‘clean,’ ‘cleanse,’ or the like. It is, however, worth while to notice that, with the exception of the last mentioned instance, the second group of words is Never met with in the Gospels. But when the lesson has been learnt that purity can Never consist in externals or negations, but must be a positive characteristic of the heart or inner man, there still remains the harder question, Wherein does such purity consist? This has often been discussed by moralists, and it is curious how little they have to give in answer. Reverence is the root from which purity grows; and Never was the essential nature of purity set in more vivid contrast with that blind and brutal profanity which is its opposite, than in Christ’s striking utterance, ‘Give not that which is holy to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before the swine, that they may Never trample them between their feet, and, turning, rend you’ (Matthew 7:6)
Donatio Constantini - At any rate the popes Never considered this "Donation" as the basis of their power, but placed upon entirely different grounds the foundation of the papal prerogatives and the powers exercised by the Holy See
Donation of Constantine - At any rate the popes Never considered this "Donation" as the basis of their power, but placed upon entirely different grounds the foundation of the papal prerogatives and the powers exercised by the Holy See
Ephesians, Epistle to the - The right of this epistle to a place in the canon of inspired books has Never been contested, while its Pauline authorship is proclaimed both by its style and contents, and by the universal testimony of antiquity
Tad'Mor - From this blow Palmyra Never recovered, though there are proofs of its having continued to be inhabited until the downfall of the Roman empire
Stork - While the black stork is Never found about buildings, but prefers marshy places in forests and breeds on the tops of the loftiest trees, the white stork attaches itself to man and for the service which it renders in the destruction of reptiles and the removal of offal has been repaid from the earliest times by protection and reverence, The derivation of chasidah (from chesed , "kindness") points to the paternal and filial attachment of which the stork seems to have been a type among the Hebrews no less than the Greeks and Romans
Marriage-Feasts - After the first circle have satisfied themselves, those lower in honour sit down to the rest, the whole company being men, for women are Never seen at a feast
Adjure - " And while the reader thus observes the law of adjuration, so faithfully fulfilled by Christ, I hope he will Never lose sight of the Lord Jesus Christ's answer: "Thou sayest that I am
Matthew - Son of Alphaeus (not the father of James the Less, for Matthew and James are Never coupled as brothers)
Scribe - The priests being the official interpreters of the Law, the "scribes" ere long became an independent company; though they Never held political power, they became leaders of the people
Zidon - It lay within the lot of the tribe of Asher, but was Never subdued (Judges 1:31 )
Fathers - One caution, however, is necessary, which is this; that though the judgment of antiquity in some disputable points certainly may be useful, yet we ought Never to put them on the same footing as the Scriptures
Stephen - He showed firstly that God had Never limited himself to one location (Acts 7:2; Acts 7:9; Acts 7:30; Acts 7:44; Acts 7:48), and secondly that the people of Israel had always rejected God’s messengers (Acts 7:9; Acts 7:25; Acts 7:35; Acts 7:40)
Money - David and Solomon Never saw any coined money
Massah And Meribah - ...
Massah Never stands alone, save at Deuteronomy 6:11 ; Deuteronomy 9:22
Schools - The punishment employed was beating with a strap, Never with a rod
Thessalo'Nians, Second Epistle to the, - Its genuineness, in fact, was Never questioned until the beginning of the present century
Flock - ...
Although the flock is sometimes scattered in judgment (Ezekiel 34:12 ) it is Never without the hope of regathering (Jeremiah 23:1-3 )
Window - 98), it was apparently Never used by them or their Jewish neighbours for windows, which were mere apertures-or apertures fitted with lattice-work-in the walls of houses
Sympathy: Fruit of Experience - The Chief Justice rose, and, leaning over the bench, said, in a half-whisper, 'Brother, have you ever been in the stocks?' 'Really, my lord, Never
Leviathan - To what degree these myths of Leviathan influenced the Hebrews, if any, may Never be known
Salutation - Paul Never opened his letters with this greeting; instead, the apostle fused the Greek word for the typical Hebrew blessing, “Peace” (einrene), with the noun form of the Greek blessing, “Grace” (charis), to yield the distinctly Christian salutation: “Grace and Peace” (charis kai eirene)
Dispute - An officer is Never to dispute the orders of his superior
Perfect - The word is Never used in connection with the Christian being sinless, or with all sin eradicated, nor anything else that pertains to the character
Gift - Some people boast of gifts, and then Never give them (Proverbs 25:14 )
Prayer: Believing - Is it not a sad thing that we should think it wonderful for God to hear prayer? Much better faith was that of a little boy in one of the schools in Edinburgh, who had attended a prayer-meeting, and at last said to his teacher who conducted it, 'Teacher, I wish my sister could be got to read the Bible; she Never reads it
Ask - Ask me Never so much dowry
Three - " (1 John 5:7) It is somewhat remarkable that the word Trinity is Never used by any of the sacred writers: that is to say, by the translators of the Bible into our mother tongue, while they are so express in numberless instances, giving the sum and substance of it
Weight - " He Never deals unjustly with His people
Exorcists - The incident recorded in Acts 19:13-16 , raises the question as to what was an 'exorcist'? The disciples of the Lord who were able to cast out demons were Never so called
Seal - But be this as it may the Scripture sense of sealing is the same; Christ desires his church, and his church desires her Christ, that there may be such a nearness, and connection, and union, and intimacy between them as is formed between those where the arm is always lifted up to protect and help, and the heart hath an everlasting impression in love abiding, so that the person and interest is Never taken off from the mind
Sepharvaim - The Lord hath promised that his church, which is founded upon a rock, shall Never be removed, neither shall the gates of hell prevail against it; but he hath no where promised that that church shall be confined to any nation or kingdom
Anger - ]'>[1] ‘wrath,’ thumos is Never tr
Joppa - , but Never before the Exile in Israelite hands, being in Philistine territory
Zealot - A true zealot revolutionary would Never advocate, "Love your enemies" (Matthew 5:44 ), paying taxes to Caesar (Matthew 22:21 ; Mark 12:17 ; Luke 20:25 ), and satisfaction with two swords (Luke 22:38 )
Token - ...
Genesis 9:12 (b) The rainbow is GOD's testimony that He will Never again send a universal flood to destroy life upon the earth
Amen - He Never said it at the end of a statement, but always at the beginning: “Amen, I say to you” (Matthew 5:18 ; Matthew 16:28 ; Mark 8:12 ; Mark 11:23 ; Luke 4:24 ; Luke 21:32 ; John 1:51 ; John 5:19 )
Epistle to the Ephesians - The right of this epistle to a place in the canon of inspired books has Never been contested, while its Pauline authorship is proclaimed both by its style and contents, and by the universal testimony of antiquity
Kingdom of Christ - By the kingdom of Christ is meant, his mediatorial kingdom, as the head of his body the church; and though this supreme power and glory of the Lord Jesus hath undoubtedly its foundation in his eternal power and GODHEAD, inasmuch that had, he not been one with the Father over all, God blessed for ever, he Never could have formed this kingdom as Mediator, yet his sovereignty, as the glorious Head of his church is distinct from that kingdom of his oneness in the GODHEAD with the Father and the Holy Ghost
Hosanna - "Have ye Never read, Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?" (Matthew 21:16; Psalms 8:2)...
Gomer - Contracts for marriages, it is said, were Never formed without giving with the woman a certain measure of corn, as well as money, for a marriage portion
Eusebius (96), Presbyter, Confessor at Rome - The Bollandist and Tillemont point out grave historical difficulties in this narration, especially that Constantius, Liberius, and Eusebius Never could have been in the city together
Calf - For example, Aaron proclaimed "a feast to the Lord," Exodus 32:5; and Jeroboam, we may fairly believe, Never hoped to keep his subjects from resorting to Jerusalem, by at once setting up a god in downright opposition to Jehovah
Quicken, to: - It is therefore sometimes used as the equivalent of resurrection, but the word is Never applied to the wicked dead
Music - Hence the great variety of the names we meet with at the head of numberless Psalms, can Never be supposed to refer to such things
Roofs - The stairs which lead to the roof are Never placed on the outside of the house in the street, but usually in the gateway, or passage room to the court, sometimes at the entrance within the court
Collection For the Poor Saints - Luke Never mentioned the offering specifically in Acts
Quarrel - It is Never used of armies and navies in combat
Sidon - Upon the division of Canaan among the tribes by Joshua, Great Zidon fell to the lot of Asher, Joshua 11:8 19:28 ; but that tribe Never succeeded in obtaining possession, Judges 1:31 3:3 10:12
Kingdom of Heaven - It will be perfected in heaven, Matthew 8:11 , and will Never cease, Luke 1:33 , even when the mediatorial reign of the Savior is accomplished, 1 Corinthians 15:28
Sacrifice - We should Never sacrifice health to pleasure, nor integrity to fame
Pisidia - The name ‘Pisidian Antioch’ ( Acts 13:14 ) would seem to record this fact, since Antioch was Never included in Pisidia
Laodicea - This letter to the Laodiceans was Never collected as part of the sacred writings
Photinus, a Galatian - Constantius being absent when sentence was first passed on Photinus in his own city, the popularity he had gained there stood him in good stead, in spite of his avowed opinions, which Socrates tells us he would Never disclaim
Anglican Church, the - Thus the Englishnation from that early period of the Church's first introductioninto Britain down to the present time, has Never been without theOrthodox Faith; the Apostolic Ministry in three orders—Bishops,Priests and Deacons; the Sacraments and the ancient Liturgy. The supremacy of Rome hasnever been borne patiently by the English people, whose churchorganization was established long before Rome took the trouble tointerfere with it; and several English kings had quarreled beforeHenry the Eighth's time with the Holy See
Jonathan - Jonathan had stood beside his father Saul, and had been a spectator of the Never-to-be-forgotten scene. And had Plato read Hebrew, how he would have hailed Jonathan and David as another example of two long-lost and disconsolate souls, finding rest in their primogenial, spousal, re-knit, and Never-again-to-be-separated soul. Jeremiah Never said of thee in the bitterness of his heart that he heard the defaming of many. Thou Never saidest concerning the friendless prophet, Report, and I will report it. ' Thy sin Never found thee out. Thou Never knewest the plague of a villain's heart. Thou Never criedst, Create in me a clean heart, O Lord! Isaiah said, but thou Never needest to say, I am a man of unclean lips. There was something in Jonathan's love that David had Never met with in any of the women whose love he had ever been blessed with, Abigail's, or Michal's, or Solomon's mother's love, or any love his fathers had told him of in their days
Intercession - And it is highly important to remark, and a point that should Never be lost sight of, that Christ in all his intercessions Never once prayeth for the Father's love to the church, but for the fruits and effects of that love and his own merits and death
Die, Dead, Dying - As life Never means mere existence, so "death," the opposite of life, Never means nonexistence
Yoke - He wore it always, Never worked without it; Never against it, always with it (John 8:29)
Horse - In the NT, as in the OT, the horse is always the war-horse, Never the gentle, domesticated creature beloved by the modern Arab. Strict Pharisees, however, Never rode on horseback, and it is at least as likely that he and his companions were mounted on asses or mules
Loans - But love your enemies, and do them good, and lend, Never despairing; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be sons of the Most High: for he is kind toward the unthankful and evil’ (Luke 6:34 f. The difficulty, in part one of textual reading, but mainly of interpretation, finds adequate representation in ‘hoping for nothing again’ (Authorized Version ), ‘never despairing’ (Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ), ‘despairing of no man’ ((Revised Version margin) )
Choice - Stress is Never laid chiefly on the election or predestination of the Almighty, but on the fact that such and such are actually found among those whom God has culled for Himself, and who constitute His own people. Moreover, God’s choice is always viewed as an actual fact seen in its results, and Never as an intention in advance; except perhaps in reference to St
God - But certain it is, that Never until this revelation by Moses, did the church understand how the incommunicable name of JEHOVAH became the security of fulfilling all the promises. The Jews had so high a veneration for this sacred name, that they Never used it but upon memorable occasions
the Penitent Thief - This man, and many more like him, went back to their farm, and to their merchandise, and to their toll-booth, and to their robber-cave, but they took with them memories, and visions, and hearts, and consciences, they could Never forget. And all the way, as already in the high priest's palace, and in the Prætorium, and now at Golgotha, all hell was let loose as Never before nor since. And the thing that made him come to himself was this: Our Lord had Never opened His mouth. And it was the same voice-the thief had Never heard another voice in all the world to compare with it! For, looking up into the fast-darkening heavens, our Lord exclaimed, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. The swiftness of the thief's repentance, and faith, and confession, and pardon, and sanctification, and glorification, is something very blessed for us all to think about, and Never to forget; and, especially, those of us who must make haste and lose no more time if we are to be for ever with him and with his Lord in Paradise. ' For our Lord Never, all His life, got such a surprise and such a delight as He got on the cross that day,-not from Peter, not from the Syrophænician woman, not from the centurion, not from Mary Magdalene, as He got on His cross that morning from the thief who hung beside Him
Greece - 38), the contribution of Greece can Never be neglected. These States combined for once, with brilliant results, in face of the Asiatic peril, but they Never afterwards seemed to be capable of united action. There was a province of Achaia, but Never of Hellas, Such cities as Athena and Sparta were spared the humiliation of being placed under the fasces of a Roman governor and having to pay tribute to Rome. Nevertheless, the free communities had little more than a simulacrum of their ancient power. The national union, often dreamed of and Never attained in better times, was thereby created, and what youth had wished for old age possessed in imperial fulness. Gladiatorial shows were Never popular in Greece, except in the Roman colony of Corinth, and Dio Chrysostom (i. And the great religious festivals-Olympic, Isthmian, Pythian-never failed to attract crowds
the Man Who Went Out to Borrow Three Loaves at Midnight - It has been said sometimes that our Lord Never laughed. Never mind who cries shame, says our Lord to us. "The devil Never so nearly had my soul for ever, as just after another fall of mine, and when he cried, For shame, O woman, for shame. " These are her very identical words to us in this matter: "Never let any one leave off prayer on any pretence whatsoever; great sins committed, or any pretence whatsoever. The thing could Never have taken place in the daytime. I was greatly struck, no longer ago than last night, with what I had Never felt with such force before
the Unmerciful Servant - You would have been like Apelles the painter who Never passed a day without drawing at least one line and filling it in. And thus it was that, in all His ministry, He was Never once taken unawares or unprepared. How did your reckoning time come to you? What was it that brought your debt to a head? What was it that brought you up to God's judgment seat before the time? What great trespass was it of yours? What great accumulation of debt was it of yours? And did you do like this Galilean procurator? Did you fall down and worship God and appeal to His patience? Did you promise to pay all the debt if only He would let you have sufficient time in which to pay it? Did you swear to Him that you would Never commit that great trespass again? Did you engage also that you would watch, and pray, and would crucify your flesh, with its affections and lusts, if only He would not deliver you to the tormentors. From the heart to forgive debts like these no, Never, I cannot do it. It has Never been done, and it Never will be done, so as to justify my Heavenly Father in forgiving me my trespasses
Matthew - And then, with that Never-to-be-forgotten look and accent of mingled anger and mercy, our Lord went immediately into the publican's office and said to him: 'Matthew, thou must leave all this life of thine and come and follow Me. He had given suppers on occasion before, but Jesus had Never been invited, nor Peter, nor James, nor John. For, Never once did our Lord sit down on a mountain side or on a sea-shore to teach His disciples; Never once did He enter a synagogue and take up the Prophets or the Psalmists to preach; Never once did He talk at any length by the way, that Matthew was not instantly at His side. " Now, we would Never have known that but for Matthew himself
Elijah - As Elijah Never died, so he was Never born, as we are born. We Never see Elijah that he is not subject to some passion or other. But you Never hear him now, he so despises himself, and so honours, and respects, and yields up to you. That no man may glory before God, after all that Elijah has done, we see him before he dies just as weak, and as downcast, and as embittered, and as unhappy as if he had Never known how to subdue and subject and sanctify his passions. Samuel's wisdom and sweetness and absolute heavenly-mindedness Never came out more than in his solitary and superseded old age, when he counselled and comforted the people, and said, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you; but I will still teach you the good and the right way
Samson - How twice happy are those parents who get a child born in the Lord, and then live to see their child married in the Lord! What a crown of blessing it is to a godly mother to get a second daughter in her son's wife; and what a happy father he is who gets a second son in his daughter's husband! But, then, all the more, what a gnawing sorrow it is when a son or a daughter marries away outside of all sympathy with their father's house! Better, cries many a mother's broken heart-better they had Never been born than to be so mis-married. Samson's father and mother Never saw another happy day after that day when their son-miraculous birth, Nazarite vow and all-went down to Timnath and saw a woman, a daughter of the Philistines, and said, Get her for me to wife! Then his father and his mother said to Samson, Is there Never a woman of the daughters of thy brethren, that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines? Was it for this day they had sanctified their unborn child? In his misery Manoah declared that he would Never all his days pray for anything after this, lest it should turn to his bane, as his prayer for a son had so turned. We shall, therefore, set it down to Samson's credit that, with all his licence and with all his riot, he Never became a drunkard. And, as a sad consequence to them and to us, that our dramatists and tragedians can Never again give us such masterpieces as their forerunners have left behind them. Till one of those passions, even after he had judged Israel twenty years, again broke out, and laid Samson low, Never to rise again in this world. Only, over again against light and truth that Samson Never saw
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - And, therefore, we will go back upon the ruins of our ministry with this self-condemning chapter in our hands, and will recall the tumults that so wounded the Church of Christ, and so many hearts in her, and all the unpardonable part we took in those tumults, that would Never have been what they were had we not been in them. Oh, my brethren, the Never-to-be-redeemed opportunities of our pulpits; and the lasting blame of God and our people, and our own consciences, for our misuse and neglect of our pulpits! Rock of Ages, cleft for ministers! The "unedifying converse" of our pastorate, and so on: till we take up this terrible chapter, and read it continually, deploring before God and man, to our dying day, all that Paul was, and that we were not: and all that he was not, and that we were. You do not need to keep up our faults and failures and offences against us, for we Never forget them for a single day. You may safely forgive us, for we shall Never in this world forgive ourselves. I am sure you will Never intentionally insult him, however much you may have to remonstrate with him. ...
And, then, both ministers, and all manner of men, Never allow yourselves to answer again, when you are blamed. Never defend yourself. Never so much as explain your meaning, under any invitation or demand whatsoever
Propitiation - It is Never used of any act whereby man brings God into a favorable attude or gracious disposition. Never is God said to be reconciled, a fact itself indicative that the enmity exists on man's part alone, and that it is man who needs to be reconciled to God, and not God to man. Hence, in connection with Jewish sacrifices, 'the blood' is mentioned without reference to the victim from which it flowed, but in connection with the great antitypical sacrifice of the NT the words 'the blood' Never stand alone; the One Who shed the blood is invariably specified, for it is the Person that gives value to the work; the saving efficacy of the Death depends entirely upon the fact that He Who died was the Son of God
Oath - "...
Remove God once out of heaven, and there will Never be any gods upon earth. If man's nature had not something of subjection in it to a Supreme Being, and inherent principles, obliging him how to behave himself toward God and toward the rest of the world, government could Never have been introduced, nor thought of. " Oaths, also, must Never be taken but in matters of importance, nor irreverently, and without godly fear
Ignorance - ...
(3) According to the apostles, ignorance could Never be wholly eliminated from Christian life, while the circle of knowledge must be constantly enlarged. The apostles were Never content to leave even the humblest Christians in a state of ignorance, and one indication of this desire may be found in the phrase that recurs so often in the Epistles of St. The apostles proclaimed that the love of God was made known pre-eminently in the life and death of Christ, but there were depths in God’s love that could Never be fathomed by human knowledge
Inheritance - The nation is described as God's inheritance (1 Kings 8:51,53 ; Psalm 78:71 ; Isaiah 19:25 ; 1 Corinthians 6:9-105 ) whom the Lord will Never forsake (Psalm 94:14 ). Believers are promised "an inheritance that can Never perish, spoil or fade—kept in heaven for you" (1 Peter 1:4 ). He Never states exactly what constitutes the believer's inheritance of the kingdom, but asserts emphatically that unbelievers will not inherit the kingdom (1653218797_88 ; Galatians 5:21 ; Ephesians 5:5 )
Look - ...
It is further to be observed, in the same connexion, that even the more vivid words for looking, as a synonym for ‘seeing,’ ‘beholding,’ are Never used of Christ so as to draw attention to the manner of His look. Paul flashing an indignant look at Elymas the sorcerer, Acts 13:9), is Never associated with our Lord. ’ Christ and His words can Never be separated
Longsuffering - The Greek term thus comes to have a double meaning whilst the Hebrew equivalent has only one, Never being used in the sense of ‘patience. 191) observes that μακροθυμία always refers to persons, Never to things. The difference between μακροθυμία and ἀνοχή (Romans 2:4; Romans 3:26) seems to be that in ἀνοχή the idea of the temporariness of the suspension of punishment is given with the word as such, whereas μακροθυμία, so far as the word is concerned, might be Never exhausted
Isaacus, Egyptian Solitary - He prays Never who even upon his knees is distracted by wandering thoughts. Old and trembling as he was, he would Never bid me do anything; he would rise by himself, and hand the water-cruse ( τὸ βαυκάλιον ) to me and the rest. ' I said, 'Father, I came to thee to profit: why dost not bid me do somewhat?' He answered Never a word; but when the old men asked him the same thing, he broke out with, 'Am I Coenobiarch, that I should command him? If he like, what he sees me doing, he will himself do
Prophet - Samuel himself Levite of the family of Kohath, ( 1 Chronicles 6:28 ) and almost certainly a priest, was the instrument used at once for effecting a reform in the sacerdotal order (1 Chronicles 9:22 ) and for giving to the prophets a position of importance which they had Never before held. Nevertheless it is not to be supposed that Samuel created the prophetic order as a new thing before unknown. So successful were these institutions that from the time of Samuel to the closing of the canon of the Old Testament there seems Never to have been wanting due supply of men to keep up the line of official prophets. But to this might be answered, ...
That God Never forces men to believe, but that there is such a union of definiteness and vagueness in the prophecies as to enable those who are willing to discover the truth, while the willfully blind are not forcibly constrained to see it
Nature - No countenance is given to either of the two modern extremes of thought: there is no disparagement of Nature’s teachings; and, on the other hand, they are Never set forth as sufficient for man’s spiritual needs. Paul’s purpose is answered when he has asserted ‘the fact that the Gentiles possessed lofty conceptions of God which Nevertheless had not proved to them the way of salvation. ‘For whenever any of them instinctively put in practice the precepts of the law, their own moral sense supplies them with the law they need’ (Sanday-Headlam, International Critical Commentary , ‘Romans’5, 1902, p. In the NT ‘nature’ is Never used in what may be called its prevailing meaning in modern thought; the early Christians had no conception of ‘nature’ such as is implied in definitions which make it ‘co-extensive with science, which deals with sequences only, reserving all beyond for philosophy, which deals with causes also. Paul had an altogether persuasive and beautiful word for the supernatural, which he was Never weary of using, and which the Church should count one of her chief treasures-the Grace of God’ (J
Blasphemy (2) - Nevertheless it is not beyond the reach of pardon. Therefore one who was Never forgiven would have to bear his sin eternally, and so would be said to have an eternal sin. Therefore we must understand Him to mean either (1) that to be guilty of such a sin a man must be so hardened that he Never would repent, or (2) that such a sin cannot be overlooked, forgotten, and swallowed up in the general flood of mercy. Against (1) and for (2) is the fact that our Lord says nothing of the offender’s disposition, but only refers to the sin, its heinous character, and consequent Never-to-be-denied or forgotten ill-desert. Therefore a third charge, Never mentioned in the Jewish trial,—laesae majestatis, treason against Caesar,—was concocted for use at the Roman trial. He is Never accused of direct blasphemy, speaking insulting words about God
Paul as a Believing Man - But Paul Never says that. The men and the women and the children he had haled to prison; the holy homes he had desolated with his temple hordes; the martyrdoms he had instigated, the blood of which would Never in this world be washed off his hands; in these, and in a thousand other things, Paul was a child of wrath even as others. The only difference is that Paul always met that rising wrath with a faith in Christ crucified that has Never been equalled. Truly the law is magnified and made honourable in Paul's case! Ten thousand times more honourable than if it had Never been broken, since the Divine Lawgiver Himself has satisfied the broken law, and has Himself been crucified for Paul's transgressions. As it is, though nobody will believe it, or make sense of how it can so be, your unspeakable sinfulness Never gets the length even of darkening your mind or imprisoning your conscience. Then you will be able to die in peace, and to awake for ever to Christ and His Never-to-be-broken peace. "I am crucified with Christ, Nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me. "...
"Himself for me, Himself for me!" There is a faith that for once surely, if Never again, will satisfy even Jesus Christ, and will set Him free to do some of His mightiest works
Paul's Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow of Heart - Calvin also has suffered no little vituperation for sitting all day over his Institutes, and Never once lifting up his eyes to give us a description of the Alps overhead. The prince of Scripture commentators will Never be forgiven for Never having once stood up in rapture over the sun-risings and the sun-settings on the eternal snows. How was it possible for Paul to travel through those so famous scenes, how was it possible for him to live in those so classic cities, and Never to give us a single sentence about persons and places, the very names of which make our modern hearts to beat fast in our bosoms to this day?...
In vain to me the smiling mornings shine,And reddening Phœbus lifts his golden fire;The birds in vain their amorous descant join,Or cheerful fields resume their green attire. Right or wrong; praise Paul or blame him; try to understand him, and to feel with him and for him, or no; the thing is as clear as day, that some iron or other has so entered Paul's soul, and an iron such, that it will Never depart from his soul in this world. Among all the heathenish doxologies of her voluminous devotees, nature has Never had half such a noble tribute paid to her true greatness, as Paul pays to her, in three verses of his immortal eighth chapter. "I Never could allow myself," he says, "much exuberant joy in any created thing
Peter - His Master spoke words of approval, and praise, and even blessing to Peter the like of which He Never spoke to any other man. Lo, we have left all and followed Thee; what shall we have therefore? Be it far from Thee, Lord; this shall Never be to Thee. Thou shalt Never wash my feet. " And, to crown all his impertinent and indecent speeches, "Not so, Lord, for I have Never eaten anything that is common or unclean. And as a consequence he was Never able to come within sight of the work that Paul alone could do. His Divine Master saw in Simon latent qualities of courage, and fidelity, and endurance, and evangelical humility that Never as yet had fully unfolded themselves amid the untoward influences round about his life. That sudden and complete prostration before Christ at that moment seated Peter in a supremacy and in a prelacy that has Never been taken from him
Joab - David's sudden and unparalleled exaltation was Never forgiven him at home. His brothers and his sisters were sufficiently proud of David toward all their neighbours; at the same time they could Never enough let him see how much they thought themselves as good as he was when they were alone together. Had Jonathan been spared to be second to David this would Never have happened. David would Never have dared to send such a letter as that to Jonathan. Unless you can tell us, we shall Never in this world know why Joab murdered Uriah after that letter. Joab had no more pity than a tiger, and the tiger's claws were Never out of David's flesh from the matter of Uriah down to David's death. And the writer of them walking softly, and Never ceasing from prayer and tears on account of them all his days
Matthias the Successor to Judas Iscariot - ...
Now, somewhat remarkable to say, Never before the day of his election, and Never after it, is Matthias's name so much as once mentioned in all the New Testament. Tremendous as the moment is: everlasting as the issues are that hang upon that moment: you may Never have heard so much as the name of that candidate for the pastorate of your immortal soul. You may Never so much as have heard him once open his mouth either to pray or to preach. It is the true servant's part to be ready; which the truest of all servants Never feels that he is. " And you will all recall Sir Thomas Browne's noble protestation: "Now, honestly, I bless myself that I Never saw Christ nor His disciples. Only, are you sure you will recognise them when they appear and preach in your pulpit? For-...
A jest's prosperity lies in the earOf him that hears it, Never in the tongueOf him that speaks it
Aaron - He had taken the shoes off his feet so often before God that he Never could put them on again or walk in them with any ease or any freedom before men. And one great statesman of England speaking of another great statesman, says of him, He was without any power to be called oratory, and yet I Never heard a man speak in the House of Commons who had so much power over the House. I should Never speak. Moses felt beside Aaron that he would Never open his mouth again. Aaron did splendid service through all that, and both his great name and his great service would have gone on growing in love and in honour to the end if only he had Never let Moses out of his sight. And you may be quite sure that Aaron Never slew a sacrifice for sin that he did not lay the golden calf, and the nakedness, and the dancing, and the shame, and all the Never-to-be-forgotten sin upon its bleeding head. You may be quite sure that Aaron Never went into the holy place any day for the sin of others till he had gone first for his own sin. You may rely upon it that many an Israelite whose sin had found him out had a prayer offered for him and for his case at the altar such that the penitent Never knew where all the compassion, and all the sympathy, and all the humility, and all the holiness, and all the harmlessness of his high priest came from
Obadiah - Its canonicity is based on the following considerations: though Never cited in the New Testament, it was ever embodied in the lists of Prophets; it is quoted by Jeremias, in chapter 49; it is comprised in the commendation of Sirach 49:12; it was ever recognized by the Church
Moses - Only a few can be enumerated here: The Passage of the Red Sea and the Canticle of Moses (Exodus 14-15); the Manna (16); the promulgation of the Law on Mount Sinai (19-31); the many revolts of the people, who are saved each time by the intervention of their leader (Exodus 16; Numbers 13-14,21); the march from Mount Sinai to Cades, and the stay at Cades for 38 years during which the present generation is condemned Never to enter the Promised Land (Numbers 10-20); Moses himself is excluded from it because of his lack of confidence at the "Waters of Contradiction" (ib
Tiberias - ...
Constantine built a church and established a bishopric at Tiberias, but Christianity Never flourished there
California - In Spanish colonial times California included also the peninsula of Lower California; this Never was a part of the United States, and now belongs to Mexico
Kansas - The proto-martyr of the United States, the Franciscan Father Juan de Padilla, slain by the Indians, 1541, is thought to have shed his blood within the limits of the present Kansas, although the exact spot has Never been determined
Essenes - (Judas being the earliest mentioned), but are Never noticed in New Testament, the reason doubtless being their isolation from general society
Sodom - Nevertheless, the fiery destruction was also the work of God, for its timing and extent were exactly as God had previously announced (Genesis 19:24-29). Jesus warned that Jews of his day, who heard his teaching and saw his mighty works yet rejected him, would receive a more severe judgment than people of those wicked Gentile cities who had Never heard of him
Charity: Spies Out the Good Points in All - It was a dead dog with a halter round his neck, by which he appeared to have been dragged through the dirt; and a viler, a more abject ,a more unclean thing Never met the eyes of man
Rachel - Laban Never regained his idols, but Jacob made sure that Rachel did not keep them once the family entered Canaan (Genesis 31:34-35; Genesis 35:1-4)
Armageddon - Although these decisive battles were fought before Megiddo, the place-name Never became fixed in Jewish tradition as designating the place of decisive battle
Miss - She would Never miss one day ...
A walk so fine, a sight so gay
Red - We Never see sin compared to the color "black
Lycia - ), and the country Never recovered its old prosperity
Loaf - The loaf is Never cut; it is broken or torn asunder
Jeremiah - We find him sensitive to a most painful degree, timid, shy, hopeless, desponding, constantly complaining, and dissatisfied with the course of events, but Never flinching from duty
Breed - I think it is Never used of plants, and in animals is always applied to the mother or dam
Child - JESUS was Never called a child of Joseph, nor the child of man, nor the child of GOD
Life - Keep alive, I beseech thee, the renewed life thou hast given me in thyself; and cause me to enter into the full apprehension and enjoyment of that most glorious proclamation of thine in which thou hast, said, "I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were deadly, yet shall he live, and he that liveth and believeth in, me shall Never die
Almighty - That it renders Shaddai rather than Sabaoth seems proved (in spite of Revelation 4:8 from Isaiah 6:3 ) by the fact that it always either stands alone or qualifies ‘God,’ Never ‘Lord
Command - Command and force may often create, but can Never cure, an aversion
Gross - It Never has the plural form
Taste - They will Never have any experience whatever of the blessings of salvation here, nor of the presence of GOD hereafter
Judgment - We should keep our minds always open to receive truth, and Never set limits to our own improvements
Wilderness - There is need of constant dependence or there is failure, while the experience is gained of knowing One who Never fails to succour
Alms - That these people, give them what you will, will Never by thankful; ...
Abdias, Book of - Its canonicity is based on the following considerations: though Never cited in the New Testament, it was ever embodied in the lists of Prophets; it is quoted by Jeremias, in chapter 49; it is comprised in the commendation of Sirach 49:12; it was ever recognized by the Church
Begging - (Psalms 37:25; Mark 10:46) It should seem, by the precept delivered by Moses, that the Lord thereby intimated that there should be no poor unrelieved among them, in that the Lord had so greatly blessed Israel, that Israel would prevent the necessity of begging; though, for the exercises of their brotherly love, the poor should Never cease out of the land
Hagiography - This word is not used in the Bible, but, Nevertheless, as it hath been used by the Jews in a way of distinction concerning certain parts of the word of God in the Old Testament Scripture, it may not be improper to notice it in a work of this kind. The reason of denying that those writings were prophetical is easily seen, because they are so pointed to the person of the Lord Jesus, that when fulfilled in him, as they evidently were, and in such a way as they Never could be fulfilled in any other, must have left the Jews without the least excuse, if they confessed them to have been prophetical
Burn - ...
Interestingly, śâraph is Never used for the “burning” of a sacrifice on the altar, although a few times it designates the disposal of refuse, unused sacrificial parts, and some diseased parts
Mustard - But whatever kind of tree our Lord meant, it is clear, from the fact that he Never takes his illustrations from any objects but such as were familiar, and often present in the scene around him, that he spoke of one which the Jews well knew to have minute seeds, and yet to be of so large growth as to afford shelter for the birds of the air
Sapphire - " ...
"These seem," says Bishop Lowth, "to be general images to express beauty, magnificence, purity, strength, and solidity, agreeably to the ideas of the eastern nations; and to have Never been intended to be strictly scrutinized, or minutely and particularly explained, as if they had each of them some precise moral or spiritual meaning
Eagle - Its flesh, like that of all birds of prey, was unclean to the Jews; and is Never eaten by any body, unless in cases of necessity, Matthew 24:28 Luke 17:37
Fly - No remedy remains but to leave the black earth, and hasten down to the sands of the desert; and there they remain while the rains last, this cruel enemy Never daring to pursue them farther
Genealogy - Never was a nation more careful to preserve their genealogies than the Hebrews, for on them rested the distinction of tribes, the ownership of lands, and the right to the highest offices and privileges, 1 Chronicles 5:1,17 9:1 2 Chronicles 12:15 Ezra 2:62
Grapes - They Never ripen, and are good only for verjuice
Pay - The merchant receives pay for goods sold the soldier receives pay for his services,but the soldiers of the American revolution Never received full pay
Reductions of Paraguay - The missions were allotted to the Franciscans but Never regained their former state of excellence
Magic, Magicians - It was so strictly forbidden by the law that it could Never afterward have had any: recognized existence, save in times of general heresy or apostasy and the same was doubtless the case in the patriarchal ages
Marriage - " ...
These utterances unfold the mind of the Church in the times nearestthe days of our Lord and His Apostles, and in all ages ever sincethe Church has Never abandoned this position in her practice andformularies
Syria - Separated from one another by great mountain barriers, they have Never formed a political unity, but during the centuries in which their freedom was undisturbed by the military powers on the Nile and Euphrates valleys they developed types of civilization and culture which, through the commerce of Phcenicia and the religion of Judaea , have powerfully influenced mankind. 1260), and Never recovered its old prosperity
Schism - Never withhold these proofs of your brotherly love, unless they depart from the doctrines or spirit of the Gospel. whenever any brother is sinking in the esteem of his flock through their caprice, perverseness, or antinomianism, endeavour to hold up his hands and his heart in his work. Never espouse the part of the factious schismatics, till you have heard your brother's account of their conduct
Temptation - )...
To be expected...
God may allow people to meet temptations and trials in order to test their faith, but he will Never tempt them to do evil. Jesus’ nature was not corrupted by sin, and his behaviour was Never spoiled by sin, yet he met temptation constantly (Luke 4:1; Luke 4:13; cf
Courtesy - The warm Oriental temperament, indeed, which had so much to do with creating these courtesies, and which found so much satisfaction in observing them, was ready, under certain circumstances, to violate them to an extent that the colder Western temperament would Never have done. They were Never mere forms to Him, much less forms used to hide the real intents of His heart
Hilarion (1), a Hermit of Palestine - The boy hermit was clad in a sackcloth shirt, which he Never changed till it was worn out, a cloak of skins which Anthony had given him, and a blanket such as peasants wore. Business ceased throughout Palestine, the minds of men being wholly occupied with hopes and fears about his departure; but he left them, and with a few monks, who seem soon to have left him, he went his way, Never to return
Salt - It was a sacred pledge of hospitality which they Never ventured to violate. Numerous instances occur of travellers in Arabia, after being plundered and stripped by the wandering tribes of the desert, claiming the protection of some civilized Arab, who, after receiving them into his tent, and giving them salt, instantly relieves their distress, and Never forsakes them till he has placed them in safety
Salvation - ...
Finally, to be saved as Christ came to save mankind, is to be translated, after this life is ended, into a state of eternal felicity, Never more to die or suffer, Never more to know pain and sickness, grief and sorrow, labour and weariness, disquiet, or vexation, but to live in perfect peace, freedom, and liberty, and to enjoy the greatest good after the most perfect manner for ever
Nail - Jesus is the nail on which his people hang their all, their persons, life, and salvation; so that between him and them there Never can be a separation, for he saith himself: "Because I live, ye shall live also. " (John 14:19) But while their persons, and their present and eternal all are secured in him, he is himself cut off and removed when bearing their sins, and consequently their sins are cut off Never more to arise against them; "for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it;" while he himself riseth again as the nail fastened in a sure place, that he may appear with all his people, whose sins he hath borne, whose persons he hath redeemed, and who are enabled by his grace to hang all their high hopes of mercy and salvation upon him as the Lord their righteousness
Asleep, Sleep - ...
A — 2: κοιμάω (Strong's #2837 — Verb — koimaomai — koy-mah'-o ) is used of natural "sleep," Matthew 28:13 ; Luke 22:45 ; John 11:12 ; Acts 12:6 ; of the death of the body, but only of such as are Christ's; yet Never of Christ Himself, though He is "the firstfruits of them that have fallen asleep," 1 Corinthians 15:20 ; of saints who departed before Christ came, Matthew 27:52 ; Acts 13:36 ; of Lazarus, while Christ was yet upon the earth, John 11:11 ; of believers since the Ascension, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-15 ; Acts 7:60 ; 1 Corinthians 7:39 ; 11:30 ; 15:6,18,51 ; 2 Peter 3:4 . " ...
C — 1: ὑπομένω (Strong's #5278 — Verb — hupnos — hoop-om-en'-o ) is Never used of death
Peter - And as Peter Never resided at Rome, he was Never made the head of the church universal
Joannes Talaia, Bishop of Nola - Felix wrote to inform Zeno of this, and to let him know that "the apostolic see would Never consent to communion with Peter of Alexandria, who had been justly condemned long since" ( Ep. ...
All these efforts to procure his reinstatement were of no avail; John Never returned to Alexandria, but received, as some compensation, the see of Nola in Campania, where, after many years, he died in peace (Liberat
the Much Forgiven Debtor And His Much Love - It is not easy for us to do that, but we will Never read a single page of the four Gospels aright, unless we go back in imagination to the exact circumstances of that extraordinary time. What a scene! I will Never hear the end of it. I will Never forgive myself for it. I should Never have had him across my doorstep. But, blameless or no, I am sure of this about Simon, that the holy law of God had Never once entered Simon's heart. And then when His voice rose to a tenderness and a solemnity they had Never heard in any man's voice and manner before, it was no wonder that they said within themselves, Who is this that forgiveth sins also?...
Now, listen to this, may brethren
Jeroboam - There has Never been, and there Never will be, respect of persons with the God of Israel. But Jeroboam Never loved Ahijah. He was Never at home, as we say, with Ahijah. He was Never happy when he was alone with Ahijah, His heart, neither on the wall nor on the throne, was ever single enough for Ahijah's all-searching eyes. And thus it was that Satan still kept his place in Jeroboam's heart, and was still Jeroboam's counsellor in all the affairs of the state, and in all the affairs of the family, till Jeroboam's great fall, from which he and his people Never recovered, came about in this way
Lazarus - Lazarus's name is Never to be read in the New Testament till the appointed time comes when he is to fall sick, and to die, and to be raised from the dead, for the glory of God. But Lazarus Never takes offence at that. They laughed him to scorn, they shot out the lip at him, and he Never saw it. At any rate, he Never returned it. Let Martha sweat and scold; let Mary sit still and listen; and let Lazarus only be of some use to them, that he would Never believe he was, and that was Lazarus's meat and drink. So much so, that the world would Never have heard so much as Lazarus's name unless the glory of God had been bound up with Lazarus's sickness, and death, and resurrection
Daniel - There is Never at any time anything common or conventional in anything that Daniel says or does. Unless you had been in the secret you would Never have supposed that Daniel was not eating and drinking with the same self-indulgence as all the rest. It is because you are not being emptied from vessel to vessel all the week that we Never see you at the prayer-meeting. Jeremiah, a great authority on why some men pray, and why other men Never pray, has this about you in his book: 'Moab hath been at his ease from his youth up: he hath settled on his lees: he hath not been emptied from vessel to vessel: neither hath he gone into captivity; and, therefore, his taste remaineth in him, and his scent is not changed. He prayed, and fasted, and returned to an agony of prayer, as if he had Never heard of the near deliverance: he prayed in its very presence as if he despaired of ever seeing it. Read it and pray as Never before after the answer has actually begun
Reprobation - But does it not involve a serious reflection upon the truth and sincerity of God which men ought to shudder at, to assume, that at the very time the Gospel is thus preached, no part of this good news was ever designed to benefit the majority, or any great part, of those to whom it is addressed? that they to whom this love of God in Christ is proclaimed were Never loved by God? that he has decreed that many to whom he offers salvation, and whom he invites to receive it, shall Never be saved? and that he will consider their sins aggravated by rejecting that which they Never could receive, and which he Never designed them to receive? It is no answer to this to say that we also admit that the offers of mercy are made by God to many whom he, by virtue of his prescience, knows will Never receive them. On the former, the offer is made to those whom God Never designed to embrace it; on the latter to none but those whom God seriously and in truth wills that they should avail themselves of it; on one theory, the bar to the salvation of the non-elect lies in the want of a provided sacrifice for sin; on the other, it rests solely in men themselves; one consists, therefore, with a perfect sincerity of offer, the other cannot be maintained without bringing the sincerity of God into question, and fixing a stigma upon his moral truth
Paul as a Preacher - Paul's prescription, as the physicians call it, Never fails me. Never. I am crucified with Christ: Nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me. And Never more so than when he is putting forth all his stupendous power to preach that divinest doctrine of his, that our best obedience, if offered in the very least measure for our salvation, is a complete abandonment, and a fatal denial of the cross of Christ. I beseech Him every hour of the day, that I may be spared for some more years yet, in order that I may grow, as I have Never yet grown, into this selfsame faith of the Son of God. And to preach all that as I have Never yet preached it: and, then, you would perhaps take my epitaph out of Luther on the Galatians, and would write this sentence over me-"Come, and see, all ye that pass by, for here lies a right divine
Inheritance - But the extermination of the Canaanites was Never effected; and although the conquest was achieved only by the most strenuous effort, yet the Israelites were so strongly impressed with a vivid sense of Jehovah’s intervention on their behalf, that to subsequent generations it seemed as if they had entered into the labours of others, not in any sense whatever by their own power, but solely by Jehovah’s grace. As Lightfoot remarks, ‘Our Father Never dies; the inheritance Never passes away from Him; yet Nevertheless we succeed to the full possession of it’ ( Galatians 165). ( a ) The Jews Never lost the conviction that Jehovah was the supreme overlord of the land, and of the people that dwelt in it
People - ...
The most noteworthy thing in regard to the religious use of the word in the Gospels is, that it is Never in any of them employed by Christ Himself. Why, then, did He Never let it fall from His lips when addressing His audiences in public and in private?...
One of His reasons must have been the significance of the phrase as it presented itself to His own mind. He knew and Never lost sight of the truth that moral unity and universality can Never come to actual realization in the Kingdom of heaven, or, in other words, in the relations between God and His people, unless in so far as men are saved, and become morally perfect as individuals
People - ...
The most noteworthy thing in regard to the religious use of the word in the Gospels is, that it is Never in any of them employed by Christ Himself. Why, then, did He Never let it fall from His lips when addressing His audiences in public and in private?...
One of His reasons must have been the significance of the phrase as it presented itself to His own mind. He knew and Never lost sight of the truth that moral unity and universality can Never come to actual realization in the Kingdom of heaven, or, in other words, in the relations between God and His people, unless in so far as men are saved, and become morally perfect as individuals
Abstain, Abstinence - The King James Version Never uses this group in the Old Testament and only seven times in the New Testament. Making vows was Never imposed upon an Old Testament believer as an obligation (Deuteronomy 23:22 ), but once a vow was made, it was a solemn and binding duty to keep it (Deuteronomy 23:21-23 ; Malachi 1:14 ; cf. Scripture Never promotes asceticism as a means to an end, but it does encourage voluntary symbols of dedication to God that proceed from proper motives
Samaritans - These answers Never came to the hands of Scaliger. They add farther, that they Never defer circumcision beyond the eighth day; Never marry their nieces, as the Jews do; have but one wife; and, in fine, do nothing but what is commanded in the law; whereas the Jews frequently abandon the law to follow the inventions of their rabbins
Samuel - It was her favourite substance and her favourite pattern, and the old prophet would Never wear anything else. Wherever Samuel lived I am sure he lived a good life, and was Never idle. The impure in heart Never see God. Hophni and Phinehas Never saw God. They had no mother, and therefore they Never saw God till they came to their awful end. And Never lie down in your own bed without prayer for them till you are sure that they see God. Seeing God; remembering what Abraham said to God on one occasion about the Judge of all the earth; able to tell men all that was in their hearts; Israel Never had a judge like Hannah's son. The golden rule is written, as if with nature's own finger, on some men's hearts; while other men are Never able all their days to learn that rule. And what did Samuel do to occupy his talents in his ripe age, and still to serve God and God's people? Never mortal man did a better, or a more fruitful thing than Samuel now did
Lot - When the Lord spoke to Abraham, the uncle Never hid from the nephew any word of the Lord that could either guide him in his behaviour or confirm him in his pilgrimage. With all his early opportunities, and with all his early promises, Lot was not, and Never became, a high-minded man. We are Never told all his life one large-hearted, or one noble-minded, or one single self-forgetful thing about Lot. And then hear this, and resolve Never, all your days, under any offer, or opportunity, or temptation of any kind to do what miserable, mean-spirited Lot did. And how often our young men make their choice as if the history of Lot had Never been written. Till you try to break loose from an old evil way, you will Never believe me how impossible it is for you to do it. And with all the vexations that wrung his heart Lot could Never make up his mind to be done with Sodom and Gomorrah for ever
Micah - The canonicity of his prophecy was Never seriously questioned
Micheas - The canonicity of his prophecy was Never seriously questioned
Feel - Would I had Never trod this English earth, or felt the flatteies that grow upon it
Navarre - At his death the lands were divided Never to be reunited, and Navarre became dependent upon its more powerful neighbors
Everlasting Punishment - The Old Testament Never directly addresses the issue of “everlasting punishment
Apocalypse - ...
"To explain this book perfectly," says Bishop Newton, "is not the work of one man, or of one age; probably it Never will be clearly understood till it is all fulfilled
Tarshish (1) - TARSHISH is frequently mentioned in the OT, but its position is Never definitely indicated
Stranger - The existence of such a class of persons among the Israelites is easily accounted for the "mixed multitude" that accompanied them out of Egypt, ( Exodus 12:38 ) formed one element the Canaanitish Population,which was Never wholly extirpated from their native soil, formed another and a still more important one captives taken in war formed a third; fugitives, hired servants, merchants, etc
Assurance - " ...
This assurance may in various ways be shaken, diminished, and intermitted, but the principle out of which it springs can Never be lost
Eternity of God - From his dominion and government, said Never to end, Jeremiah 10:10
Everlasting Punishment - The Old Testament Never directly addresses the issue of “everlasting punishment
Christ: the Preacher's Great Theme - And,' said he, 'I have Never yet found a text that had not a plain and direct road to Christ in it; and if ever I should find one that has no such road, I will make a road, I would go over hedge and ditch but I would get at my Master, for a sermon is neither fit for the land nor yet for the dunghill, unless there is a savor of Christ in it
Trance - As in many miracles, there is a natural form of trance analogous to the supernatural, namely, in ecstatic epilepsy the patient is lost to outward impressions and wrapped in a world of imagination; Frank, who studied catalepsy especially, stated he Never knew the case of a Jew so affected
Divorce - Sentences which release the parties a vinculo matrimonii, on account of impuberty, frigidity, consanquinity within the prohibited degrees, prior marriage, or want of the requisite consent of parents or guardians, are not properly dissolutions of the marriage contract, but judicial declarations that there Never was any marriage; such impediment subsisting at the time as rendered the celebration of the marriage rite a mere nullity
Samson - He Never really freed Israel from the dominion of the Philistines
Forerunner - ’ The word is Never applied to him in the NT, but he was the ‘messenger’ sent ‘before the face’ of the Lord ‘to prepare his way’ ( Matthew 11:10 , Mark 1:2 , Luke 7:27 ; cf
Gihon - ) The Septuagint, Jeremiah 2:18, identify it with the Nile; but the writer of Genesis, so well acquainted with Egypt, would Never have connected the Nile with the Euphrates
Lame - It is significant that Jesus is Never said to have restored the ἀνάπηροι, the badly mutilated—deprived of their limbs (see Maimed)
Grafting - A graft from a wild tree inserted into a cultivated stock would of course be useless, and such a process is Never performed; hence the point of St
Weighing - But, that the eastern prince of those modern days might Never come into the condemnation, or even the apprehension of such an event as took place to the Chaldean monarch, the eastern prince is put into one of the scales for trial, and his weight is made out by sliver in the other, which afterwards is distributed to the poor
Ascension - He has taken His place as man where man Never was before, and He is also glorified with the glory which He had before the world was, besides the glory which He graciously shares with His saints
Reed - Never was there any but Jesus crowned with thorns; for though all his people feel the briars and the thorns, yet it was he, and he only, on whom and in whom the sentence at the fall was to be completely fulfilled
Quails - Children Never carve for themselves but they cut their fingers
Scriptures - Grafee in New Testament is Never used of a secular writing
Anastasius, a Presbyter of Antioch - Theophanes styles him the "syncellus," or confidential secretary of Nestorius, who Never took any step without consulting him and being guided by his opinions
Septuagint, the - ...
The Septuagint can Never take the place of the Hebrew Scriptures; but it is often useful to show how the Jews at that early period, who understood both Hebrew and Greek, translated many of the words or sentences; as well as to see how far the Lord and His apostles quoted that version verbatim, or how their citations differed from it
Silver - A forger would Never have ascribed this kind of wealth to a nomadic people
Heliodorus, Bishop of Altinum - But their friendship was Never broken
Pontius Pilate - Like Judas, it had been well for him if he had Never been born, though alas, the Jewish rulers, who delivered up the Lord after having seen His miracles and heard His words, had the greater sin
Ai - It Never reappears in history, though it continued to be inhabited: it is the Aiath in Isaiah’s description of the march of the Assyrian ( Joshua 10:28 ), and the Aija of Nehemiah 11:31
Hit - There you hit him--that argument Never fails with him
Golgotha - And from that period to the present hour, and so on to the end of time, these views have Never since been darkened
Bread - And concerning leavened bread, with which the blood of the sacrifice was Never to be offered, what a beautiful type was this of the untainted, pure offering of the body of Jesus Christ, once for all
Daniel, the Stylite - " In his last will to his disciples, after commending them to the common Father of all, and to the Saviour Who died for them, Daniel bade them "hold fast humility, practise obedience, exercise hospitality, keep the fasts, observe the vigils, love poverty, and above all maintain charity, which is the first and great commandment; avoid the tares of the heretics; separate Never from the church your mother: if you do these things your righteousness shall be perfect
Testator - We may render somewhat literally thus: "For where a covenant (is), a death (is) necessary to be brought in of the one covenanting; for a covenant over dead ones (victims) is sure, since Never has it force when the one covenanting lives' [1]
Jehovah - It Never assumes a plural form
Sheep - He did so, and it instantly left its pasturage and its companions and ran up to the hands of the shepherd with signs of pleasure and with a prompt obedience which I had Never before observed in any other animal
Shepherd - He did so, and it instantly left its pasturage and its companions and ran up to the hands of the shepherd with signs of pleasure and with a prompt obedience which I had Never before observed in any other animal
Hell - The location of hell has Never been revealed and is a matter on which the opinions of theologians differ
Relief - A complete relief from the troubles of life is Never to be expected
Load - Load is Never used for the cargo of a ship this is called loading, lading, freight, or cargo
Sack - This word is Never, I believe, applied to the robbing of persons, or pillaging of single houses, but to the pillaging of towns and cities and as towns are usually or often sacked, when taken by assault, the word may sometimes include the sense of taking by storm
Want - The unhappy Never want enemies
Joy - The one only Man who Never had to be so brought — because His delight was ever in God, as God's was in Him: He who is called a "man of sorrows" — this perfect and blessed One had His own deep joy in communion with and in dependence upon God; and He desires for His own in the world that this His joy might be theirs
Crown - ...
A — 2: διάδημα (Strong's #1238 — Noun Neuter — diadema — dee-ad'-ay-mah ) is Never used as stephanos is, it is always the symbol of kingly or imperial dignity, and is translated "diadem" instead of "crown" in the RV, of the claims of the Dragon, Revelation 12:3 ; 13:1 ; 19:12
Lie - Those who habitually lie are giving an indication that they have Never known God’s salvation and the new life that comes with it
Goodness - ...
Likewise, although the law of God is good (Psalms 119:39; Romans 7:12; Romans 7:16), obedience to the law will Never produce a satisfactory standard of goodness (Romans 7:18-19)
Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus - O, LORD Jesus Christ, Who has said, 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you!' mercifully attend to our supplications and grant us the gift of your divine charity, that we may ever love you with our whole heart and Never desist from Thy praise. Give us, O Lord, a perpetual respect and love of Thy holy name; for you Never cease to govern those whom you instruct in the solidity of Thy love
Litany of the Holy Name - O, LORD Jesus Christ, Who has said, 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you!' mercifully attend to our supplications and grant us the gift of your divine charity, that we may ever love you with our whole heart and Never desist from Thy praise. Give us, O Lord, a perpetual respect and love of Thy holy name; for you Never cease to govern those whom you instruct in the solidity of Thy love
Holy Name, Litany of the - O, LORD Jesus Christ, Who has said, 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you!' mercifully attend to our supplications and grant us the gift of your divine charity, that we may ever love you with our whole heart and Never desist from Thy praise. Give us, O Lord, a perpetual respect and love of Thy holy name; for you Never cease to govern those whom you instruct in the solidity of Thy love
King, Christ as - His dominion is everlasting and shall Never pass away. His kingdom shall Never be destroyed (Daniel 7:13-14 ). Whenever believers follow the lordship of Christ, the Savior is exercising His ruling or kingly function
Fig Tree - Tares can Never become wheat; neither can wheat become tares. The fig tree of the hedge, Never planted in the vineyard of Jesus, hath no fruit in him; and, consequently, always barren
Dionysius (19), Monk in Western Church - Gelasius, he says himself, he had Never seen in life; in other words, he had Never been at Rome up to Gelasius's death
Colosse - That this salutary purpose might be effectually accomplished, Paul, accompanied by Silas and Timothy, went at different times into Phrygia, and preached the Gospel in many cities of that country with great success; but it is thought by many persons, that the Epistle to the Colossians contains internal marks of his Never having been at Colosse when he wrote it. Paul had Never been either at Laodicea or Colosse; but surely it is very improbable that he should have travelled twice into Phrygia for the purpose of preaching the Gospel, and not have gone either to Laodicea or Colosse, which were the two principal cities of that country; especially as in the second journey into those parts it is said, that he "went over all the country of Gallatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples;" and moreover, we know that it was the Apostle's practice to preach at the most considerable places of every district into which he went
Hardening - The Divine sovereignty Never excludes the possibility of initiative on his part. His will is Never coerced; it is by his own deeds that he merits the penalty which is ultimately inflicted upon him. God’s word can Never return unto Him void. ...
The hardening of Pharaoh’s (or of any other guilty man’s) heart is a judicial, not an arbitrary, act of God, who Never hardens a good man’s heart. 396), it is practically enough if Christianity maintains that in relation to free beings the will of God is Never an arbitrary will, enforcing itself without moral means
Marcellus, Bishop of Ancyra - Hilary, who also says nothing of his profession, bears them out in their decision on the book; adding that Marcellus was Never again tried or condemned in any subsequent synod ( Frag. Now this creed Marcellus Never ventures to call the creed of his own church, yet must have meant that Julius should think it so, as he designates it "what he had been taught by his spiritual fathers, had learnt from holy Scripture, and preached in church," and he begs Julius to enclose copies of it to those bishops with whom he was corresponding, that any to whom he was unknown might be disabused of wrong notions formed of him from hostile statements. Whether by his own contrivance or otherwise, this profession was Never made public, nor appealed to by him again. There was one point of which Marcellus Never lost sight and traded upon through life, with whatsoever errors he was charged. § 54), he Never seems to have regained his see
Science (2) - In the first, islands are said to exist which have Never been observed, and in the other the number of actually existing seas is artificially increased in order to bring in the sacred seven. They Never made experiments. , though constantly implied in the OT, is Never abstractly stated. In a unique way He lived in the realities of things, Never compromising, Never with double mind. But the Jewish idea was Never purely religious. While He was a keen observer of nature (Matthew 6:26; Matthew 6:28; Matthew 13:31-32; Matthew 13:36-43, Genesis 28:17, Luke 13:6-9; Luke 13:20-21), His utterances about nature Never attempted explanations beyond the reach of observation; and while His judgment was to an unequalled degree independent, He neither criticised the scientific opinions of His day nor attempted to add to humanity’s inadequate store of knowledge. ‘He did not weigh a truth,’ says Bishop Moorhouse, ‘in what we should call critical balances … the question of the age or authorship of any passage in the OT was Never either stated by our Lord Himself or raised by His opponents. The vivid originality, profound simplicity, and pictorial impressiveness of His speech make every reader of His words agree that ‘never man so spake. Jesus is Never abstract, Never modern—but always particular and Hebrew
Hopefulness - 41) writes in his diary: ‘The fart of our Lord Never mentioning His own faith or hope is a proof of His Divinity. Thus it happens that He Never definitely mentions His own hope. And if He felt no hope, Never rejoiced in coming good, Never was upborne when wearing the cross by anticipation of the crown, but lived His life in the cold calm of duty, then the Stoic is the ideal of our race
the Man Who Cast Seed Into the Round And it Grew up he Knew Not How - You have Never been taught, you complain, to recognise style when you see it. And you ask me Never to pass a piece of what I would call real style without stopping and calling your attention to it. God Never leaving Himself without a witness. In our Lord's experimental words about it, the sanctification of the soul is first in the blade, then in the ear, and it is Never, in this world, any more: it is Never in this world the full corn in the ear. That is your case, is it not? It is dying by inches, is it not? It is having the two-edged sword driven daily into your heart, and Never in this life healed out of your heart
Josiah - Monica's son, like Jedidah's son, had drunk in the name of Jesus Christ with his mother's milk; and all the folly of philosophy, and all the sweetness of sensuality could Never seduce nor satisfy Augustine's heart. The Five Books of Moses were as completely lost out of the whole land long before Josiah's day as much so as if Moses had Never lifted a pen. There Never was a nobler proof of our Lord's great New Testament principle that he that doeth the will of God shall know the doctrine. Humanly speaking, we should Never have heard of the Five Books of Moses, as we have heard of them, but for Josiah's tender heart. At any rate,-this is far more to your purpose-be sure of this, that both Moses, and David, and Paul, and John, and Jesus Christ Himself, are all as good as Never written; they are as good as completely lost to you; till you take to them a tender heart, and out of that, a reformed and a repaired life. ' And the Word of God has Never yet been aright read to you, or aright heard and believed by you, unless you feel like Josiah, and Jeremiah, and Peter, and Andrewes every day
Mary of Cleophas - Joseph too was dead, for he is Never mentioned after Luke 2
Oates, Titus - In 1667 he was entered as a sizar at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, but soon migrated to Saint John's, where Dr Watson wrote of him: "He was a great dunce, ran into debt, and, being sent away for want of money, Never took a degree
Laity, Bible Reading by - In the history of the Church there Never has been a general prohipition against the reading of the Bible by the laity
Law of Abstinence - Except in Lent a holy day of obligation is Never a day of abstinence
New Code of Canon Law - The council Never finished its work and no attempt was made to bring the legislation up to date
Bible Reading by Laity - In the history of the Church there Never has been a general prohipition against the reading of the Bible by the laity
Canon Law, New Code of - The council Never finished its work and no attempt was made to bring the legislation up to date
Festivals, Religious - "During the whole period between Moses and Christ we Never read of an enemy invading the land at the time of the three festivals
Lebanon - It was assigned to Israel, but was Never conquered (Joshua 13:2-6 ; Judges 3:1-3 )
Keilah - ) Saul too looked to God, as if His providence had "delivered" David to him by David's entering a town with "gates and bars," Saul's hope was presumption, for God would Never be the minister to gratuitous and murderous malice
Reason - But we cannot, nor must we, be led to take the words of Scripture in such a sense as expressly and evidently contradicts all sense and reason, as transubstantiation: for the two great lights of God, reason and revelation, Never contradict each other, though one be superior to the other
Pilate - He was ordered back to Rome to answer for his actions, and Never returned to Judea
Redemption - What a creature Never could obtain, and therefore entirely of free grace
Obedience - ...
Religious exercises are Never a substitute for obedience to the commands of God
Israel, Spiritual - This is in contrast to most references in the Old Testament to religious or secular assemblies or to those in the New Testament that designate a local congregation of Christians, but Never in any way mean a building
Mysteries - By revelation He tells us something of His nature or His works which otherwise we should Never know
Thessaloni'ca - The name ever since, under various slight modifications, has been continuous, and the city itself has Never ceased to be eminent
Christianity - If Christianity had not been of God, it could Never have prevailed, without human might or learning, to supersede the system of the mightiest and most civilized nations (1 Corinthians 1-2)
Tree - 37; so in Acts 16:24); rarely a living tree (as in Revelation 22:2; Revelation 22:14; Revelation 22:19); and Never a cross
Nob - "...
They Never are named in the same passage as distinct
Vanity - ) is equally harmonious with the context as indicating the opposite of τέλειος, that is, the disappointing character of the present existence with its unfulfilled aims and its pursuit of ends Never realized
Turtle (Dove) - Owing to its being migratory and timid, the turtle was Never domesticated as the pigeon; but being numerous, and building its nest in gardens, it afforded its young as an easy prey to those who did not own even pigeons
Cedar - Solomon's 80,000 hewers must have inflicted such havoc that the cedar forest Never recovered it completely
Noah - Then the Lord promised Never again to destroy living creatures as He had done in the flood and established a covenant with Noah and his sons and sealed that covenant with a rainbow
Fool - The folly of the nâbhâl is Never mere intellectual deficiency or stupidity; it is a moral fault, sometimes a crime, always a sin
Jubilee, Year of - People who vowed a portion of their fields to the Lord and then sold them to escape their vows could Never get their land back; rather, the ownership transferred to the priests (Leviticus 27:21 )
Prophesyings - The queen was so inflamed with this letter, that the archbishop was sequestered from his office, and he Never afterwards recovered the queen's favour
Dead Sea - end disappeared under the surface in 1892, and has Never been seen since
Shepherds - ...
Reader, the offence of the cross is not yet ceased, and blessed is it for Christ's people it Never will
Providence - We should Never give any glory to the creatures of God which belongs only to God himself; and to ascribe to providence what belongs only to the God of his providences, is certainly doing so
Abiathar - He is mentioned in Mark 2:25-26 ‘Have ye Never read what David did, when he had need, and was an hungred, he, and they that were with him? How he went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the shewbread?’ The Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885, however, translates, ‘when Abiathar was high priest
Apollinaris, the Elder, of Alexandria - 273, 406) that he was Never at a loss for an expression
Grow - Until within a few years, we Never heard grow used as a transitive verb in New England, and the ear revolts at the practice
Jubilee - caused his birth-day to be observed in the manner of a jubilee, when he became fifty years of age in 1362, but Never before nor after
Marcionites - Marcion was of Pontus, the son of a bishop, and at first made profession of the monastical life; but he was excommunicated by his own father, who would Never admit him again into communion with the church, not even on his repentance
Zion, Sion, Mount Zion - In scripture Zion Never means the church: it always signifies blessing on earth, and is specially in connection with Israel, when the ultimate blessing of the nations will be through Israel; Nevertheless Christians now enter into its spiritual import as being under the reign of grace while here on earth
Aramaic - ...
Old Testament Although the Arameans Never founded a great national state or empire, by the eleventh century they had established several small states in Syria, and their language came to be known from Egypt to Persia
England, Church of - It cannot have Orders, for at the first it disclaimed the institution of a sacrificing priesthood; it has no jurisdiction apart from what it receives from the sovereign and Parliament; it Never had Apostolic succession, since it originated in a repudiation of the Holy Roman See, the only remaining source of Apostolicity
Abstinence, Law of - Except in Lent a holy day of obligation is Never a day of abstinence
Alabaster - ’ This is generally interpreted as merely meaning ‘unfastened the seal’; but is it not in accordance alike with a profound instinct of human nature and with Oriental ideas to interpret the words literally? The box which had been rendered sacred by holding the ointment with which Jesus was anointed would Never be put to a lower use
Mem'Phis - The city Never recovered from the blow inflicted by Cambyses
Beast - therion is Never used of sacrificial animals; the word ktenos (see below) is reserved for these
Temple - Hieron is Never used figuratively
Glass - Thee word looking-glass occurs in our version of Sir_12:11 , "Never trust thine enemy; for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness
Ammon Ammonites Children of Ammon - On the west of Jordan they Never obtained a footing
Purim - But this is not convincing, for ( a ) Purim was Never one of the great national solemnities which called for attendance at Jerusalem: it was observed locally and not only at the capital; ( b ) Christ would naturally go up for the Passover in the next month
Titus Oates - In 1667 he was entered as a sizar at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, but soon migrated to Saint John's, where Dr Watson wrote of him: "He was a great dunce, ran into debt, and, being sent away for want of money, Never took a degree
Ward - We now Never apply ward to the thing to be defended, but always to the thing against which it is to be defended
na'Bal - It was the custom of the shepherds to drive them into the wild downs on the slopes of Carmel; and it was whilst they were on one of these pastoral excursions that they met a band of outlaws, who showed them unexpected kindness, protecting them by day and night, and Never themselves committing any depredations
Create, Creation, Creator, Creature - ...
Note: It is a significant confirmation of Romans 1:20,21 , that in all non-Christian Greek literature these words are Never used by Greeks to convey the idea of a Creator or of a creative act by any of their gods
Luke - He seems to have been a humble person, Never self-assertive, but always dependable
Ancestors - Yet this should Never be used as an excuse for wrongdoing
Justinus - On the whole, we feel bound to refer the system of Justinus to the latest stage of Gnosticism, when a philosophy, in which any unproved assumption was regarded as sufficiently justified by any remote analogy, had reached its exhaustion, and when its teachers were forced to seek for novelty by wilder and more audacious combinations; and we are not disposed to quarrel with the verdict of Hippolytus that he had met with many heretics, but Never a worse one than Justinus
Purple (2) - ...
The fiery-red purple (proper) of antiquity had practically no resemblance, as a colour, to the modern purple: the latter could Never be described, even approximately, as ‘scarlet’ (Matthew 27:28)
Antioch in Syria - Next it saw its responsibility to spread the gospel into more distant places where people had Never heard it
Rome - As administrators, lawyers, soldiers, engineers, architects, and builders they have Never been surpassed. In the arts they Never attained more than a respectable standard
Justice - Because he is just, God Never shows partiality or favoritism (Matthew 5:45 ; Acts 10:34-35 ; Romans 2:6,11 ; Ephesians 6:9 ; 1 Peter 1:17 ). The righteous judge must Never show partiality to the rich (Deuteronomy 24:17 ), nor for that matter to the poor (Leviticus 19:15 ); he must render true judgment at all times
Joppa - ...
Down to the time of the Maccabees, Joppa was a heathen town, which the Jews sometimes used but Never possessed. Peter probably Never realized so intensely the need of ceremonial purification before his midday meal as when he brought into the tanner’s house the defilement of contact with so many lawless and profane people
Puritans - A name given in the primitive church to the Novatians, because they would Never admit to communion any one, who from dread of death, had apostatized from the faith; but the word has been chiefly applied to those who were professed favourers of a farther degree of reformation and purity in the church before the act of uniformity, in 1662. Those who formed the colony of Massachusetts's Bay, having Never relinquished the principles of a national church, and of the power of the civil magistrate in matters of faith and worship, were less tolerant than those who settled at New Plymouth, at Rhode Island, and at Providence Plantations
Helladius, Bishop of Tarsus - accepted Cyril's letter because he found it orthodox, but he would Never desert Nestorius ( ib. He had now to justify his conduct to Nestorius, whom he had repeatedly promised Never to forsake
Ever, Everlasting - …” When used with the negative, ‛ôlâm (or ‛olam) can mean “never”: “We are thine: thou Never barest rule [4] over them …” ( Earth - It was Never to stop its productivity, for “while the earth stands, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” ( Never again all flesh on the earth,” we can be sure that “He is coming to judge the earth” ( Raise - This verb intransitive has Never been used in New England in a transitive sense, until recently some persons have adopted it from the English books. We always use raise, but in New England it is Never applied to the breeding of the human race, as it is in the southern states
Meletius, Bishop of Lycopolis - The council of Nicaea in its comments upon, and condemnation of, Meletius, takes no note of impiety; and the statement of Epiphanius—Meletius "was orthodox in his belief, and Never dissented from the creed of the church in a single point. The uncompromising sternness of Athanasius was contrasted with the "clemency" of the council and of Alexander; Arian and Meletian, schismatic and heretic banded together against the one man they dreaded, and so pitiless and powerful was their hate that it wrung from him the comment on the pardon accorded to Meletius by the council of Nicaea "Would to God he had Never been received!"...
Before his death, the date of which is not known, Meletius nominated, contrary to the decree of the Nicene council, his friend John as his successor (Soz
Pound - But innate law must prevail (Luke 19:26), and indifference Never ends in itself—the callous soon betray diminished receptivity. Steel rusts when Never out of the sheath, and the saddest cases in religion are seen in those who start fair, but achieve nothing
Reserve - It was Never Jesus’ custom to meet religious curiosity or speculation. The simple acknowledgment by Jesus that He was the Messiah could Never have brought to him enlightenment and faith as to that Kingdom of heaven whose least disciple was greater than he. ...
Reserve, as practised by Jesus, was Never a politic means of leading men’s minds gradually to doctrines which might startle or offend them at first sight; it consisted only in seeking, with a single aim, the practical needs of faith in the heart—belief in that Divine Love whose outgoings are redemptive, and in whose fellowship and service stands eternal life
Sign - The Spirit of GOD gave them immediately the power to preach the Gospel in foreign tongues which had Never been learned. This has Never been repeated since the apostles' day. If today those from this country could go to China or Russia and immediately speak freely and fluently in the language of those countries, though they had Never learned those languages, that would be a sign to the natives of that country that GOD was working
Fire - " (Exodus 13:21) Yea, the unceasing representation of the Lord on the altar, was by the "holy fire that Never went out. He speaks of a worm that Never dieth, and a fire that Never is quenched
Influence - They Never could make up their minds who He was, but yet were convinced He was no ordinary person. —When we remember who He was, the Word made flesh, the eternal Son of God, we are perhaps surprised that our Lord Never used the influence of His unique position. It may be asked—But what about His miracles? In the first place, they were Never done as a proof of His claims. He Never proclaimed a great truth and then worked a miracle to show it was true. Never in anyone had there been such rich human gifts, such wide sympathies, such intimate knowledge of men’s ways and hearts. It is needless to point out that Christ Never sought influence that way. Our Lord Never supposes they will be effective through education or culture or the presence of gifts
Jephthah And His Daughter - ' 'How many saints,' exclaims Law, 'has adversity sent to heaven! And how many poor sinners has prosperity plunged into everlasting misery! This man had Never been debauched, but for his fortune and advancement; that had Never been pious, but through his poverty and disgrace. Buffeted about from his birth by his brothers; trampled upon by all men, but most of all by the men of his father's house; called all manner of odious and exasperating names; his mother glad to get the servants' leavings for herself and her son; when a prophet came to dine, sent away to the fields to be out of sight; My son, his mother said, as she died on her bed of straw among Gilead's oxen-My son, shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? And from that day, if earth had been hell to Jephthah before, the one drop of water that had hitherto cooled his tormented heart was now spilt to him for ever, Never to be gathered up again. And he would Never have got through his mission to Tob that day unless Jephthah had made his daughter spread out some venison on a shelf of a rock and pour out some of the old wine of their mountains. That old elder's sin found him out that day, when the sweetest woman-child he had ever seen washed his feet, and anointed his head, and kissed his outstretched and deprecating hand, Jephthah's daughter shall Never wash my feet! the old man had said; but she both washed his feet and kissed them too, in her beautiful honour to old age. Moses had laid down a law that Jephthah was Never to get a wife out of any family in Israel, nor was he ever to be let worship God in the same house with the virtuous elders of Israel. And, come what may, you Never go back
Physical - But Nevertheless many things which fall under the description of both terms, as scientifically used, occupy a large place in all the Gospels; and there high importance is necessarily and designedly attached to them. And so it becomes obvious that if He had not entered into these incarnate relations with the physical order of things, He Never could have become the Son of Man, and if He had Never become the Son of Man He Never could have revealed Himself to humanity as the Son of God (John 1, 2 Corinthians 4:6). God as a Moral Being—and because as such He is perfect—can Never act unless morally, even in the system of things physical. The term ‘law,’ as defined by science, is of modern origin, and therefore it is Never employed in this sense in the Gospels. It is to be admitted, again, that He Never made the physical order of things a direct subject of teaching, but always made it subservient to the religious or moral ends He had in view. He Never spoke of providence as in effect a system of Divine activities in which God, interposing in the interests of the objects of His care, either ignored the established order of physical existence or made breaches in its established arrangements
Repentance (2) - He Never prays for forgiveness. He Never knows of a time when He was not in peace and harmony with God; He Never speaks of coming into peace and harmony with God. Though He teaches insistently that all others must repent and become sons, and even then must pray for the forgiveness of their sins, yet He Himself knows nothing but that He is the Son of His Heavenly Father, and He Never loses by any act the consciousness of the Father’s approval
Paul's Visit to Jerusalem to See Peter - But, all the time, you have Never once seen your Master in the flesh, as His twelve disciples had seen Him. And Never before nor since had Peter such a hungry hearer as just his present visitor and interrogator from Arabia and Damascus. Would you have asked anything? How far would you go tonight to have an interview with Peter? Honestly, have you any curiosity at all about Jesus Christ, either as He is in heaven now, or as He was on earth then? Really and truly, do you ever think about Him, and imagine Him, and what He is saying and doing? Or are you like John Bunyan, who Never thought whether there was a Christ or no? If you would tell me two or three of the questions you would have put to Peter, I would tell you in return just who and what you are; just how you stand tonight to Jesus Christ, and how He stands to you: and what He thinks and says about you, and intends toward you. You will Never read the four Gospels with true intellectual understanding, and with true spiritual appreciation, till you have first read and understood and appreciated Paul's Epistles
Paul in Arabia - Thy word is more to me than my necessary food, and thy love is better than wine!...
What a three years were those three years that Paul spent in Arabia! Never did any other lord receive his own again with such usury as when Paul went into Arabia with Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms in his knapsack, and returned to Damascus with the Romans and the Ephesians and the Colossians in his mouth and in his heart. "Jesus Christ is Never out of Paul's mouth. Paul was Never out of the Psalms on those days that he observed so solemnly at Sinai. But God the Father revealed His Son in Paul the Apostle, as He had Never revealed Him before, and as He has Never revealed Him since in mortal man
Ordeals - They were Never made use of by the tribunals of Rome
Most High - Whatever the origin of the title Elyon , it Never occurs in strictly prose passages of the OT, though we find it in the Songs of Balaam ( Numbers 24:16 ), Moses ( Deuteronomy 32:8 ), and David ( 2 Samuel 22:14 )
Christ, Divinity of - When speaking in the same breath of God's relation to Himself and to His disciples He Never says "Our Father" but "My Father" and "Your Father," thereby indicating that the filiations of the two are not of the same order
Divinity of Christ - When speaking in the same breath of God's relation to Himself and to His disciples He Never says "Our Father" but "My Father" and "Your Father," thereby indicating that the filiations of the two are not of the same order
Jerobo'am - The calamity was severely felt; he Never recovered the blow, and soon after died, in the 22d year of his reign, (2 Chronicles 13:20 ) and was buried in his ancestral sepulchre
Hebrew Language - It was Never spoken in its purity by the Jews after their return from Babylon
Book - In man's point of view it has in it names of highly privileged professors who have but a name to live, but are dead spiritually, and therefore may be blotted out, as was Judas (Revelation 3:5; Matthew 13:12; Matthew 25:29); but in God's point of view it contains those only who are Never blotted out, but elected finally to life (John 10:28-29; Acts 13:48; Revelation 20:12; Revelation 20:15), "written among the living in (the heavenly) Jerusalem" (Isaiah 4:3)
Soul - The rational soul is simple, uncompounded, and immaterial, not composed of matter and form; for matter can Never think and move of itself as the soul does
Chiliasm - The view, however, was Never regarded as strictly orthodox, although advocated by prominent writers on both the Continent and in England
Heresy - hairesis ) is Never used in the NT in the technical sense in which we find it by the first quarter of the 2nd cent
Creed, Apostles' - The fathers of the first three centuries, in disputing against the heretics, endeavour to prove that the doctrine contained in this creed was the same which the apostles taught; but they Never pretend that the apostles composed it
Jacob's Well - ...
The patriarchs had Never want of pasture in Canaan, but often difficulties as to water (Genesis 21:25-30; Genesis 26:13-15; Genesis 26:18-22)
Rending of Garments - In this case the high priest was enjoined to rend ‘both his outer and his inner garments with a rent that could Never be repaired
Jesuits - ' Hereupon some of the more credulous and bold among them were again, by this deceit, snatched up; and therefore when afterwards he came, as before, to entice them forth, they would come out no more, but answered, 'Talk what you can, we will Never believe you; you bear still a cat's heart within you
Andrew - ...
When we admire the foremost apostle through whom 3000 were added to the church on Pentecost, let us not forget that, without Andrew, Simon would Never have become Peter
Ancient - We say, an old man, an ancient record but Never the old sun, old stars, an old river or mountain
Blind - They have Never seen the light of life
Temptation - And that sweet promise which belongs to the covenant, and is a part of it, Never hath failed, neither can fail to every one of the people—"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not suffer yon to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it
Gehazi - With this dread sentence, Gehazi is ushered off the stage of sacred history, Never to reappear
Aerius, Founder of the Heretical Sect of the Aerians - This was Never forgiven by Aerius
Uncircumcised - ...
Ezekiel 44:7, Ezekiel 44:9 (a) These hearts and these people have Never come under the judgment and the will of GOD as represented by circumcision
Finger - By the gesticulation of the body, the motion of the eye, or the expression of the finger, directions were conveyed, and Never misunderstood
General Chronology - The order of the days of the week has Never been interrupted in the Christian period and is the same in the Old Style and in the New
Armenian Church - About this time, Clement IX, wrote to the king of Persia, in favour of some Catholic converts in Armenia, and...
received a favourable answer; but the Armenian church could Never be persuaded to acknowledge the authority of Rome
Sidon - It then fell successively under the power of the Saracens, the Seljukian Turks, and the sultans of Egypt; who, in 1289, that they might Never more afford shelter to the Christians, destroyed both it and Tyre
Lice - Because their name comes from the radix כזן , which signifies to make firm, fix, establish, which can Never agree to gnats, flies, &c, which are ever changing their place, and are almost constantly on the wing
Judaism - After their seventy years' captivity, many among them gave too much place to the Greek idolatries, but as a nation they were Never again guilty of the crime
Lamp - The houses of Egypt, in modern times, are Never without lights: they burn lamps all the night long, and in every occupied apartment
Grass - The inspired poets draw this picture with such inimitable beauty as the laboured elegies on mortality of ancient and modern times have Never surpassed
Stork - It has long been remarkable for its love to its parents, whom it Never forsakes, but tenderly feeds and cherishes when they have become old, and unable to provide for themselves
Zidon - Zidon was one of the limits of the tribe of Asher, Joshua 19:28, but was Never possessed by the Israelites
Judea - After the captivity, as most of those who returned were of the kingdom of Judah, the name Judah, or Judea, was applied generally to the whole of Palestine, Haggai 1:1,14 2:2 ; and this use of the word has Never wholly ceased
Long - A tale should Never be too long
Heaven - ...
There are different degrees in that glory, and Never-ceasing advancement
Olive - The olive is Never a very large or beautiful tree, and seldom exceeds thirty feet in height: its leaves are dark green on the upper surface, and of a silvery hue on the under, and generally grow in pairs
Say - We Never use the phrases to say a sermon or discourse, to say an argument, to say a speech, to say testimony
World - ...
There may be other worlds, where the inhabitants have Never violated their allegiance to their Almighty sovereign
God - The name is Never applied to a false god, nor to any other being except one, the ANGEL-JEHOVAH who is thereby marked as one with God, and who appears again in the New Covenant as "God manifested in the flesh
Manna - They use it like honey or butter with their unleavened bread, but Never make it into cakes or eat it by itself
Samuel - If we love him, it is because he first loved us, It was the Lord first called Samuel, yea, repeated that call, or Samuel Never world have called upon the Lord. Samuel Never lost sight of it, I venture to believe, through all the after-stages of his life
Body - , the Scriptures Never represent the physical body as a prison from which the spirit must be freed. It is Never represented as an impediment to communion, service, or worship of God
Esther, Theology of - The book is Never alluded to in the New Testament or Dead Sea Scrolls, and even comments about it by the church fathers are rare. Furthermore, the author Never explicitly condemns her shortcomings, but seems to describe her triumphs with approval
Jehoahaz - Zedekiah, though put before Jehoahaz or Shallum in 1 Chronicles 3:15, was younger; 2 Chronicles 36:11 he is given precedence because of his longer reign, namely, eleven years, whereas Jehoahaz reigned but three months, then was carried by Pharaoh Necho to Egypt, Never to return. The people set up Jehoahaz out of order; Johanan is Never after mentioned; the pagan Pharaoh set up Jehoiakim; Nebuchadnezzar Zedekiah
Jehovah - ...
If JEHOVAH had been a name of more recent introduction, the whole nation would Never have accepted it with such universal reverence. The Hebrew said the Elohim, in opposition to false gods; but Never the Jehovah, for Jehovah means the true God only
Hair - This probably Never applied to the Arabs, who still wear the hair in long plaits. ...
The hair of the lifelong Nazirite might Never be cut ( Judges 13:5 , 1 Samuel 1:11 )
Law of Moses - But greater light having come in, the Galatian Christians are sharply rebuked for putting themselves under law, where, as Gentiles, they Never had been. A converted Jew was no longer under the law — how much less a Gentile believer whom God had Never put under the law! See SCHOOLMASTER
Judges - Salian has observed, that they not only presided in courts of justice, but were also at the head of the councils, the armies, and of every thing that concerned the government of the state; though they Never assumed the title either of princes, governors, or the like. They Never undertook war at their own pleasure, but only when they were commanded by God, or called to it by the people. The power of the judges, while in office, was very great; nor does it seem to have been limited to a certain time, like that of the Roman dictators, which continued for half a year; Nevertheless, it is reasonable to suppose, that, when they had performed the business for which they were appointed, they retired to a private life
Life - ...
Even though physical death is the common experience of all, believers will Never be separated from God (John 8:51; Romans 8:38-39). ...
Being part of a world affected by sin and death, believers may have to pass through physical death, but they will Never die in the sense that really matters (John 11:25-26)
Eli - For Eli Never forgave himself for his hasty words to Hannah. And he Never says that about Eli or any other man. I shall Never believe that Eli is lost. And I Never hear them complaining of that, unless it is when they think of their children. Let me consider well how, conceivably, it could come about that Hophni and Phinehas could be born and brought up at Shiloh and not know the Lord? Well, for one thing, their father was Never at home. What with judging all Israel, and what with sacrificing and interceding for all Israel, Eli Never saw his children till they were in their beds. the very early ripeness of his sons was against Eli; He thought he would one day have time; but it was his lifelong regret that he had Never had time
Religious Experience - ’* Esther - You hire a cabman to drive you to church, and he sits in the wet street waiting for you, and you Never ask him how he manages to live with no Sabbath. But, Eugenia, you may Never be married so as to show married people how to live. Oh, Eugenia, full to the eyes of so many vain imaginations!...
You Never heard of Eugenia, and Fervidus, and Clemens before, and do not know where to find them. There Never was. Never mind them. Never mind them. I do not wonder that Fervidus Never forgave his father for not having made him a minister. Even we who will Never now fill it-unless it is with tears and prayers night and day-we see, when it is too late, the incomparable life it at one time held out to us, and now holds out to you
Simeon - They had Never even seen Him. Some, again, were poisoned against Him by what other people, and people of power, said against Him; some through envy, and some just because they had once begun to speak against Him, and could Never give over what they had once begun to do. The chances are that, once you begin it, you will Never be able to give it over
Ransom (2) - Here the fact is to be noticed—of interest in the NT connexion—that in all this range of meanings the word ‘ransom’ is Never in the OT directly connected with the propitiatory sacrifices. But the victim, even in sin- and trespass-offerings, is Never spoken of as ‘ransoming’ the offerer. Redemption has the two aspects, which can Never be separated—redemption by ‘ransom,’ i. This theory, connected in the early Church with Origen and Gregory of Nyssa (though Origen, at least, frequently expresses himself in a quite contrary sense), prevailed extensively in the Middle Ages, but Never really stood alone, or gained ascendency over the abler minds
Salt - (Genesis 19:26) We read in the prophecy of Ezekiel also concerning the miry places, and the marshy places, which were Never to be healed, but to be given to salt. The salt was Never to be wanting; with all offerings the salt was to be offered. " (Leviticus 2:13)...
Now if we first consider the property of salt, that it is to save from corruption, we discover that the salt, which was Never to be omitted in the offering, was the grand object the Lord had regard to in the whole. " (2 Corinthians 4:3) Where Christ, the salt of the covenant, is rejected, that land, that people, that family, is given up to perpetual, barenness: it Never can be healed
Ebionites - Horsley replies, that both Jews and Heathens called the first Christians Nazarenes, in allusion to the mean and obscure birthplace of their Master, Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 2:23 ; Acts 10:38 ; but insists, and answers every pretended proof to the contrary, that the term Nazarenes was Never applied to any distinct sect of Christians before the final destruction of Jerusalem by Adrian. Never, I conceive, was there a more unfortunate and fatal alliance formed than that between the Ebionites and modern Unitarians. If it had not been for them, we should Never have known that these persons believed Jesus to be born of human parents: the same fathers unanimously add, that in this point they differed from the preceding Gnostics, though agreeing with them on other points. But the fact can Never be denied nor evaded
Maria of Jesus - Inasmuch as no efficacious and complete decree of this temporal generation could exist without at the same time including his Mother, and such a Mother, the most holy Mary, was then and there conceived within that beautiful Immensity, and Her eternal record was written in the bosom of the Divinity, in order that for all the ages it should Never be blotted out
Language in Liturgy - In the East, Greek, while quite common, was Never the sole language of culture
Liturgy, Language in - In the East, Greek, while quite common, was Never the sole language of culture
Divine Retribution - Humans cannot determine the causes of suffering and should Never overlook God's patience, forgiveness, and mercy
Modernism - Its exponents Never agreed
Sea - They keep coming and Never cease
Ever, For Ever, Evermore - , "unto the age," "for ever" (or, with a negative, "never"), Matthew 21:19 ; Mark 3:29 ; 11:14 ; Luke 1:55 ; John 4:14 ; 6:51,58 ; 8:35 (twice), 51,52; 10:28; 11:26; 12:34; 13:8; 14:16; 1 Corinthians 8:13 ; 2 Corinthians 9:9 ; Hebrews 5:6 ; 6:20 ; 7:17,21,24,28 ; 1 Peter 1:25 ; 1 John 2:17 ; 2 John 1:2 ; (c) eis tous aionas, lit
Asher - The portion near Zidon, Dor, Accho, Ahlab, Achzib, Helbah, Aphik, Rehob, they Never made themselves masters of (Judges 1:31-32; Joshua 19:24-31; Joshua 17:10-11
Divorce - The reflection that, once divorced and married again, she could Never return to her first husband, would check the parties from reckless rashness
Impute - That of Adam's sin to all his posterity; that it is so, Paul proves by the fact of all, even infants who have Never actually sinned, suffering its penalty death (Romans 5:12-14; Romans 5:19), even as all inherit his corrupt nature
Leaven - Salt was its opposite, and was Never to be absent from the altar burnt offering, representing the incorruptible imperishableness of Jehovah's covenant
Teacher (2) - His contemporaries felt His superiority and could not withstand the influence of His teaching, ‘for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes’ (Matthew 7:29), and ‘never man so spake’ (John 7:46)
Evil Speaking - Never to speak in severe terms without reasonable warrant or apparent just cause;...
Enthusiasm - On the other hand, if the mind be enlightened, if the will which was perverse be renovated, detached from evil, and inclined to good; if the powers be roused to exertion for the promotion of the divine glory, and the good of men; if the natural corruptions of the heart be suppressed; if peace and joy arise from a view of the goodness of God, attended with a spiritual frame of mind, a heart devoted to God, and a holy, useful life: however this may be branded with the name of enthusiasm, it certainly is from God, because bare human efforts, unassisted by him, could Never produce such effects as these
Gaza - While both biblical and extra-biblical sources attest to Gaza's lengthy history, the site has Never had a thorough archaeological excavation
Sheep - He did so, and it instantly left its pasturage and its companions and ran up to the hands of the shepherd with signs of pleasure and with a prompt obedience which I had Never before observed in any other animal
Confession - This authority of pardoning sins immediately in relation to God (the foundation of the pretended duty of secret confession, ) without any reference to church censures, was Never claimed for many ages after Christ
Balaam - Peter described his generation of false leaders as those with eyes full of adultery, who Never stop sinning by seducing the unstable
Mizpah, Mizpeh - While a major excavation has Never been done at Nebi Samwil, the stories of Samuel seem to fit this location
Sin Unto Death - Hebrews 2:3 ; 6:6 ; 10:29-31 ), but 1 John 2:19 indicates that "apostates" were Never really in the community to begin with
Gog - " (compare Ezekiel 39:2), who "shall do according to his will, and exalt and magnify himself above every god, and speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall enter also into the glorious land and plant the tabernacles of his palaces between the seas in the glorious holy mountain, and shall come to his end," through Michael's interposition, after a "time of trouble such as Never was since there was a nation" (Daniel 11:21-45; Daniel 12:1; Zechariah 13:9; Zechariah 14:2-3)
Agreda, Maria de - Inasmuch as no efficacious and complete decree of this temporal generation could exist without at the same time including his Mother, and such a Mother, the most holy Mary, was then and there conceived within that beautiful Immensity, and Her eternal record was written in the bosom of the Divinity, in order that for all the ages it should Never be blotted out
Architecture, Gothic - In Italy, Burgundy, Aquitaine, and Spain the fundamental principles of Gothic were Never accepted, although it influenced decoration and design
Ship - I shall venture to believe the reader, if he hath Never seen a Bill of Lading for a Ship, will thank me for inserting it under this article
Fountain - We should Never turn away from the living GOD
Flesh - The body is Never transformed, nor born again, nor converted
Helvidius, a Western Writer - " This argument is just as suitable to our own as it was to patristic times, Never losing anything by repetition
Sabbath - ...
The Sabbath was Never given to the nations in the same way as to Israel, and amid all the sins enumerated against the Gentiles, we do not find Sabbath-breaking ever mentioned. Nevertheless, it appears to be a principle of God's government of the earth that man and beast should have one day in seven as a respite from labour, all needing it physically
Gothic Architecture - In Italy, Burgundy, Aquitaine, and Spain the fundamental principles of Gothic were Never accepted, although it influenced decoration and design
Canaanites - The extermination of these tribes, however, was Never fully carried out
Knowledge - Presume not too much upon a bright genius, a ready wit, and good parts; for this, without study, will Never make a man of knowledge
Frontlets - By frontiers between the eyes, they say, was shadowed, that all the Lord commanded should be continually before their eyes, that they might Never lose sight of his precepts
Ambassador - ’ The same preposition (ὑπέρ) occurs in Ephesians 6:20; thus πρεσβεύω is Never found in the NT without it. Nevertheless, his is a humble pride, for only grace has put him in his lofty position (cf
Bells - A horse which had not been trained was by the Greeks called, "one that had Never heard the noise of bells
Fo - For they believe that the souls of their ancestors transmigrate into irrational creatures; either into such as they liked best, or resembled most in their behaviour; for which reason they Never kill any such animals; but, while they live, feed them well, and when they die bury them with respect
Paradise - The word is Never used by Jesus or St
Pity - The teaching of Jesus, moreover, broadened its conception in the human mind by insisting that henceforth it could Never be confined to the members of the Jewish nation (cf
Trade - But we Never say, the trade of a farmer or of a lawyer or physician
Trust - Never violate a sacred trust
Jehu - But people Never forgot his butchery, and his dynasty was doomed to end, as it had begun, with violence (2 Kings 10:30; Hosea 1:4)
Joining the Church - Because, in whatever religious teachingthey receive, their Baptism is Never referred to, and they are Neverreminded that they are now God's children by adoption and gracebecause baptized, it comes to pass that, when these same childrenare asked to be confirmed, they think and act as if they wereinvited to "join the Church
Tabernacle - The veil separating these two chambers was a double curtain of the finest workmanship, which was Never passed except by the high priest once a year, on the great Day of Atonement. It was afterwards removed to Shiloh (Joshua 18:1 ), where it remained during the time of the Judges, till the days of Eli, when the ark, having been carried out into the camp when the Israelites were at war with the Philistines, was taken by the enemy (1 Samuel 4 ), and was Never afterwards restored to its place in the tabernacle
Decrees - The language of this psalm was Never literally fulfilled by any Davidic king during the monarchy, but rather finds its ultimate fulfillment in Christ. Paul in his epistles Never utilized this decree of Acts 15 as church "law, " however, even where he could have
Amen - ...
Amen is Never used solely to confirm a blessing in the Old Testament, but Israel did accept the curse of God on sin by it (twelve times in Deuteronomy 27 , and in Nehemiah 5:13 ), and once Jeremiah affirms God's statements of the blessings and the curses of the covenant with an amen (Jeremiah 11:5 ). Likewise, prophets Never spoke on their own authority. ...
In this way, whenever Jesus says "amen lego humin" [1], he shows awareness of his authority, his deity
Tabernacles, Feast of - Joy was the prominent feature, from whence the proverb, "he who has Never seen the rejoicing at the pouring out of the water of Siloam has Never seen joy in his life" (Succah 5:1)
Peace - The true prophets argued that peace could Never be achieved apart from righteousness and justice. ...
One cannot overlook the fact that this harmony will Never happen until man has a right relationship (salom [ Isaiah 9:6 ; see Jeremiah 33:8-9 )
Energy - Jesus was Never idle. The reason was that the springs of His energy Never ran dry
Liberality - The complete bestowal of earthly possessions on the poor, accompanied by ‘taking up the cross’ and following Christ, which is required of the rich young ruler in addition to the observance of the commandments (Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22), is not necessarily a rule of universal obligation, but evidently intended to meet this special case; underlying it is the idea, Never absent from our Lord’s teaching as to the use of wealth, that wealth is a trust from God, and to be renounced when it becomes a hindrance to spiritual life. While liberality is assured of a reward, the reward, or even return, is not to be the object of the giver (Luke 6:35, where μηδὲν ἀπελπίζοντες may be ‘hoping for nothing again,’ as in Authorized Version ; or ‘never despairing,’ as in Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ; or, if read μηδένα, ‘driving no one to despair,’ or ‘despairing of no man,’ as in (Revised Version margin) )
Hierocles of Alexandria, a Philosopher - He Never, in his extant works, directly mentions Christianity; what degree of tacit opposition is implied in his philosophy is a difficult question. A wife by her tender offices refreshes those who are wearied with external toil; she makes her husband forget those troubles which are Never so active and aggressive as in the midst of a solitary and unfriended life; sometimes questioning him on his business pursuits, or referring some domestic matter to his judgment, and taking counsel with him upon it: giving a savour and pleasure to life by her unstrained cheerfulness and alacrity
Stand - Idols “stand upright” in one spot, Never moving. The suggestion here is that they Never do anything that is expected of living things ( Love - Yet the distinction between the two verbs remains, and they are Never used indiscriminately in the same passage; if each is used with reference to the same objects, as just mentioned, each word retains its distinctive and essential character. ...
Phileo is Never used in a command to men to "love" God; it is, however, used as a warning in 1 Corinthians 16;22 ; agapao is used instead, e
Grape - For the same beneficent purpose the second vintage was reserved: this, in those warm countries, was considerable, though Never so good nor so plentiful as the former. "It appears," says Manti, "that the cultivation of the vine was Never abandoned in this country
Death - ...
There is no need to imagine the chaos of an over-populated world had human beings Never sinned and no one ever died. Like other people, they may experience physical death, but they will Never die in the sense that really matters (John 11:25-26; see HEAVEN)
Perfection (of Jesus) - He Never turned aside from His path. There He looked into the Father’s purpose, till the glory that lay beyond and the love that shone through it kindled their reflexion on His face, till He saw His way so clearly that He could Never miss it, Never be in any hesitation about it,—the way, amid the conflicting passions of men, to His throne on Calvary. The sick and the sorrowful Never appealed to Him in vain; His hand was laid gently and lovingly on the loathsome body of the leper; the sinful and outcast knew there was understanding and gentle judgment with Him. And His miracles of healing were Never demonstrations, seals of His Messiahship; personal sympathy was their source and regulator. And the woman who bathed His feet in Simon’s house, and Zacchaeus who lodged Him for the night, and Peter who listened to Him in the boat, all bear witness how, in His gracious presence, the sincere soul felt the evil of sin and the inflexible order of righteousness as it had Never felt them before. So the individual can Never have permanent or universal value. But Never will the mind of the world pass beyond the bounds of that ideal, or draw light from any further source. The world will Never lack such guides, for riches and honour and power gather quickly to them. It has been said that He was a man of melancholy, one who Never laughed, one marked and scored by the world’s evil, grown old before His time
Barnabas, Epistle of - —Two points are especially insisted on by the writer: first, that Judaism, in its outward and fleshly form, had Never been commended by the Almighty to man, had Never been the expression of God's covenant; secondly, that that covenant had Never belonged to the Jews at all. The first was Never intended by God; they who satisfy themselves with it are rather deceived by "an evil angel. His chief trust is in the γνῶσις , that deeper, that typical and allegorical, method of interpreting Scripture which proceeded upon the principle that the letter was a mere shell, and had Never been intended to be understood literally. The conclusion, therefore, could not be mistaken; Judaism in its outward and carnal form had Never been the expression of God's covenant. By the importance they always attached, and still attach, to outward rites they prove that they have Never entered into the mind of God; that they are the miserable victims of the wiles of Satan (cc
Bible - The apocryphal books are Never found in the Hebrew canon, and exist only in the Greek Septuagint. Paul says that one grand preeminence of the Jews was that unto them were committed the oracles of God (Romans 3:2), and they are Never accused of unfaithfulness in their trust. Though they hated and killed the prophets, they Never mutilated their prophecies. Also for 14 centuries the church, though in various sections of it falling into various unscriptural heresies, has Never added to, nor taken from, the New Testament canon. Whenever their gods became personal, they ceased to be ONE; they were mere personifications of various powers of nature; fate, not the will of God, ruled all. Bad men could Never have written so holy a book, and good men would Never have written it if it were an imposture
Lois And Eunice - But let Lois only give her consent; let Lois only give her dear daughter to him in marriage; and she will Never have to repent putting her great trust in his hands. " For some reason or other, that so apposite promise was Never fulfilled to that so mismanaged marriage. Whether it was that Lois failed in her part as a mother-in-law, as she had so conspicuously failed as a mother; or whether it was that Eunice failed in fulfilling her part of the Apostle's promise; or whether it was owing to the pride and the obstinacy of the heathen heart of her husband; whatever was the cause, the father of Eunice's goodly child Never came to walk with a perfect heart before his house at home. He was Never won, as at one time he so solemnly promised that he would be won, and at that warm-hearted time actually was almost won, to his believing wife's Holy Scriptures and to her God and Saviour. The Greek father's bad conscience because he had Never even tried to fulfil to those two over-trustful women what he had so often so solemnly promised them; his bad conscience would often exasperate his temper at them, and at the Scriptures they were always reading
Virgin Birth - Pre-Christian Jewish tradition Never anticipated a virgin birth of the Messiah. It appears that Judaism Never understood Isaiah 7:14 as messianic or describing a virgin birth and that Philo, a first-century Jewish scholar, Never imagined a literal divine betting in his allegorical understanding of the birth of several Old Testament characters (cf. To strip it of its supernatural character is to make the story nothing more than a moral example or ideal: It humanizes Christ's birth, devalues the redemptive significance of his coming, and makes God untrue in that he Never did what was claimed he would do in regard to Jesus' birth. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will Never end" (Luke 1:32-33 )
Unpardonable Sin - —It is the solemn declaration of Jesus that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall Never be forgiven which forms our fundamental authority. And then, suddenly changing His tone as He passed from the logical weakness of His adversaries to lay His finger on their moral and spiritual fault, He uttered those memorable words in which He declared that while all other sins and blasphemies, even blasphemy against Himself, shall be forgiven, whosoever shall blaspheme against the Holy Spirit shall Never be forgiven (Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29; cf. For there we find Him saying of the man who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit that he ‘hath Never forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin’ (Mark 3:29 Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ). Even if it stood by itself, ‘hath Never forgiveness’ would carry a sound of finality with it. The sin is unpardonable because the sinner has no desire for pardon; it ‘hath Never forgiveness’ because it is not repented of
Individuality - ...
This insistence on the importance of individuality by Romanticism, Nevertheless, bore large fruit in both ethics and religion. Though the many attempts at painting His human individuality, from the Apocryphal Gospels downwards, cannot be regarded as nearer a true likeness than the attempts at portraying His human features, every reader of the Gospels feels that, amid all the things He surrendered, He Never surrendered His own marked human individuality. He went His own way, thought His own thoughts, lived His own life, and Never accorded anything to that tyranny of fashion to which, in our weak regard for others, we continually sacrifice what is greatest and best in our natures. To be poor in spirit is not to be poor-spirited, not to bend and break under every trial, but is to be rich in a faith which accepts poverty or anything else in the assurance of Never being broken or bent. Purity of heart Never could survive in this world as mere innocence and ignorance of evil; the soft people who seek to shun everything disagreeable are the chief makers of dispeace; and only persons of determined character and decided principles ever run any risk of being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Nevertheless it is no true development of Christian faith or morals, as Newman (in his Development) and countless others have argued, that the faith has been elaborated into a creed that omits no detail of doctrine, and the morality into a code that lays down every detail of duty. ...
To leave room for this individuality is one of the most difficult and most neglected tasks of theology, and to leave scope for it in the Church is a task that has Never been very anxiously pursued by the ecclesiastic
the Prodigal Son - A young man who has Never been from home can have no idea of the pleasures that are provided in the city for young men whose fathers have money. He runs as he Never ran before. His father had Never been the same man since that evil day when his son had left his father's door without kissing his father. And all through the darkness he listened all night for a footstep that Never came. But Paul Never spoke in that superficial fashion about himself
Shimei - Shimei knew as well as you do that David had Never shed a single drop of Saul's blood. But you Never yet knew a fierce political or ecclesiastical partisan who had charity. David had nothing to do with the fall of Saul on Mount Gilboa; but the fall of Uriah in the front of the battle before Rabbah was ever before David, and Never more so than it was that day as he crossed the Kedron, and passed through Gethsemane, and descended upon Bahurim. This brings us to David's deathbed; and David's deathbed has Never been without its own difficulties to thoughtful and reverential readers. And then the last explanation is the most painful one of all, and it is this, that David had Never really and truly, and at the bottom of his heart, forgiven Shimei for his brutality and malignity at Bahurim
the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia - Cormick used to say in his humility that had it not been for the liberality of Lady Fowlis he would Never have got to College at all, and that had it not been for the leniency of some of his professors he would Never have got the length of being a minister, Be that as it may, it will be to the everlasting salvation of many that Daniel Cormick was ever sent to College, was carried through his studies, and was ordained a minister. There Never was a kirk-session in Kirriemuir or anywhere else like Daniel Cormick's kirk-session, and the pillars of it were almost all and almost wholly of their minister's own quarrying and hewing and polishing and setting up. The minister of Sardis, who Never prayed at any other time in all the week, to be called prayer, was always in real anxiety and earnestness before he entered the pulpit, because he had such a name for preaching to keep up. Never weary for one moment in thy well-doing
Paul as a Controversialist - You have Never been in Paul's presence before, and therefore your present feelings are so new to you. You could not have shut Paul out of your heart, with all your prejudices at him, and with all your determination Never to like him, and Never to give in to him. I do not deny that; only, I must say I have Never known a case of it. You will Never set a man's opinion right if you begin by hurting his pride and crossing his temper
Barnabas - " If Barnabas had Never done anything else but what he did in those days for Saul of Tarsus, he would deserve, and he would receive, our love and our honour for ever. Barnabas was not predestinated to shine in the service of Christ and His Church like Paul; but Paul himself Never did a more shining deed than Barnabas did when he took Saul to his heart at a time when every other heart in Jerusalem was hardened against him. Whoever will quarrel, and fall out, and forget what they owe to one an other, that can Never, by any possibility, happen to Paul and his old patron Barnabas-so you would have said. And this sad story is told us to this day, not that we may take sides in it, but that the like of it may Never again happen amongst ourselves. And, then, this warning and this rebuke also, that at the end of such a life, even Paul and Barnabas should contend so sharply with one another that they scandalised the whole Church of Christ, and departed asunder Never to meet again, unless it was to dispute again in this world
Absalom - And, then, all the plots and counter-plots connected with Absalom's revenge, and flight, and restoration, and too-late reconciliation to his father; his deep-laid schemes to wrench the kingdom out of his father's hands; and then his defeat and murder by Joab-all that, if we have the courage to look at it, will give us a picture of the men and the times, humiliating beyond all words, and Never to be forgotten. ...
'The inconceivable evil of sensuality' was surely Never more awfully burned in upon any sinful house than it was upon David's house. 'It helped me, too,' says Santa Teresa in her happy 'Life of Herself'; 'It helped me much that I Never saw my father and my mother respect anything but goodness. It had been better Absalom had Never been born! If he rebelled, who shall blame him? I, David, drove Absalom to rebellion. And then let us set on the other side David and all those fathers and mothers on whom God took vengeance, and said, Now, therefore, the sword shall Never depart from thine house
Individuality - ...
This insistence on the importance of individuality by Romanticism, Nevertheless, bore large fruit in both ethics and religion. Though the many attempts at painting His human individuality, from the Apocryphal Gospels downwards, cannot be regarded as nearer a true likeness than the attempts at portraying His human features, every reader of the Gospels feels that, amid all the things He surrendered, He Never surrendered His own marked human individuality. He went His own way, thought His own thoughts, lived His own life, and Never accorded anything to that tyranny of fashion to which, in our weak regard for others, we continually sacrifice what is greatest and best in our natures. To be poor in spirit is not to be poor-spirited, not to bend and break under every trial, but is to be rich in a faith which accepts poverty or anything else in the assurance of Never being broken or bent. Purity of heart Never could survive in this world as mere innocence and ignorance of evil; the soft people who seek to shun everything disagreeable are the chief makers of dispeace; and only persons of determined character and decided principles ever run any risk of being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Nevertheless it is no true development of Christian faith or morals, as Newman (in his Development) and countless others have argued, that the faith has been elaborated into a creed that omits no detail of doctrine, and the morality into a code that lays down every detail of duty. ...
To leave room for this individuality is one of the most difficult and most neglected tasks of theology, and to leave scope for it in the Church is a task that has Never been very anxiously pursued by the ecclesiastic
Death, Mortality - Death indeed, like fire, seemed Never to be satisfied (Proverbs 30:16 ). ...
Fatalism is Never a response to mortality. Taking one's life is Never recommended. Even in the Book of Job it is Never taken up as an option
Mary, the Virgin - shall be really what the name means) the Son of the Highest, and the Lord God shall give Him the throne of His father David (not merely His throne in heaven whereon David Never sat, but on Zion, Jeremiah 3:17), and He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there shi all be no end. She and Joseph (who is Never after mentioned) "understood not Jesus' sayings, but Mary kept them all in her heart. In all the epistles her name Never once occurs. It is remarkable how with prescient caution she Never is put forward during Christ's ministry or after His departure
Ishmael - " Many conquerors have marched into the Arabian wilderness, but they have Never been able to catch this wild donkey and to tame him" (Baumgarten). "And he shall dwell in the presence of (in front of) his brethren," in close proximity to their kindred races, hovering round, but Never mingling with them, Never disappearing by withdrawal to some remote region, but remaining in that high table land S. The only fruit Ishmael derived from his crimes was being forced to flee as an outlaw, bearing about, Cain like, the murderer's brand, and a self torturing conscience, the earnest of the worm that Never dieth
the Man Who Had Not on a Wedding Arment - The great invitation, and the coming supper in the king's palace, would Never be out of your thoughts for a moment. You have Never been much in good society, not to say in such society as a crowned head keeps, and it would not be to be wondered at if you scarcely slept with anxiety till it was all over and you were safely home again. And if you could accuse yourself of neglecting the very utmost precaution, and thus fell into some disgraceful blunder at court, you would Never forget it, and you would Never forgive yourself, to your dying day
Eternity - He speaks of the duration of an imperfect nature, as sliding from the present to the future, expecting something of itself which is not yet in being; and of a perfect nature being essentially immutable, having a permanent and unchanging duration, Never losing any thing of itself once present, nor yet running forward to meet something of itself which is not yet in being. A...
perfect nature Never loses any thing of itself, nor expects more of itself than is possessed; but this does not arise from the attribute of its duration, however that attribute may be conceived of, but from its perfection and consequent immutability. It is true, with the past we lose knowledge and pleasure; and expecting in all future periods increase of knowledge and happiness, we are reminded by that of our present imperfection; but this imperfection does not arise from our successive and flowing duration, and we Never refer it to that. What is so obvious an excellency in the spirit of man, and in angelic natures, can Never be thought an imperfection in God, when joined with a nature essentially perfect and immutable. The ocean is measured by leagues; and the extension of the ocean, and the measure of it, are distinct; they, Nevertheless, answer to each other
Macarius Magnus, Magnes, a Writer - Nicephorus, then or afterwards patriarch of Constantinople, had Never heard of him, and only after long search could he procure a copy of the work containing the extract ( Spicilegium Solesmense , i. The devil had seen so many proofs of His divinity that he dared not assault Him again and so there was danger that that Passion which was to be the salvation of the world should Never take place. It is not to be supposed Christ intended His disciples to do what He Never did Himself and He Never moved a literal mountain
Lord's Supper - Christ was once for all sacrificed for our redemption, Never to be offered again; the Lord's supper continually realizes Him and His finished work to the soul, so that we feed on Him by faith (Hebrews 9:25-27; Hebrews 10:1-18). In the same sense His words are still true, though He is no longer in His sacrificed state but in His Never dying state of life. ...
Epistle to Hebrew (Hebrew 9 and Hebrew 10) proves that the sacrifice on Calvary next day has Never since been repeated, and therefore the Lord's supper is not a repetition of it
Miracles - However, messengers of God Never used miracles just to impress people or to persuade people to believe them (Acts 4:10; Luke 23:8). ...
Nevertheless, it is clear that many of those who saw Jesus’ miracles were filled with awe and glorified God (Matthew 9:8; Luke 5:26; Matthew 14:15-21; Hebrews 2:3-46). They were Never of the senseless or unbelievable kind such as we find in fairy stories. Jesus did not perform miracles as if they were acts of magic, and he Never performed them for his own benefit (cf
Providence - As applied to God, it expresses His Never ceasing power exerted in and over all His works. , David's adultery and murder punished retributively by Absalom's lying with his father's concubines and by the sword Never departing from David's house (2 Samuel 12). ...
The remarkable working of providence secretly (for God's name Never occurs in the book) is apparent in the case of Esther, whereby the fate of the whole Jewish nation hung upon a despot's whim, acted on by a favorite
Drunkenness - There would have been no scandal in His habitually partaking of a beverage which was Never harmful. ...
It is noticeable that there was Never any organized movement in the Apostolic or post-Apostolic Church against the use of strong drink. It is safe to say that if spirits had Never been discovered the history of the question would have been entirely different’ (A
God - , my Lord, is used where God is reverently addressed, and is always substituted by the Jews for "Jehovah," which they Never pronounce
Offering - With this was connected the drink-offering, which was Never used separately, but was an appendage of wine to some sacrifices
Deposing Power, Papal - This indirect power of the pope has Never been defined as an article of faith but it is the common teaching of theologians
Charlemagne - His canonization by the antipope Paschal III was Never ratified
Charles the Great - His canonization by the antipope Paschal III was Never ratified
Pastor - He saith himself, "My sheep shall Never perish, neither shall any pluck them out of my hand
Father - Christ Never associated Himself with them by using the personal pronoun "our;" He always used the singular, "My Father," His relationship being unoriginated and essential, whereas theirs is by grace and regeneration, e
Dan - ...
"But like Lot under a similar temptation, they seem to have succumbed to the evil influences around them, and to have sunk down into a condition of semi-heathenism from which they Never emerged
Kenites - The Kenites did not as Edom dwell in the rocks (Obadiah 1:3-4), but by leaving their nomadic life near Horeb to join Israel wandering in quest of a home the Kenite really placed his rest upon a safe rock, and would only be carried away when Assyria and Babylon took Israel and Judah; with the difference however that Judah should be restored, but the Kenites not so because they forfeited God's blessing by maintaining independence of Israel though intimately joined and by Never entering inwardly into God's covenant of grace with Israel
Regeneration - It is an act, the blessings of which we can Never finally lose, John 13:1
Blasphemy - The hearer of the blasphemy rent his garment, which might Never be mended, and laid his hand, putting the guilt wholly, on the offender's head
Megiddo - ...
Barak would Never desert the heights of Tabor to march 15 miles over a boggy plain and attack Sisera strongly placed on the low hills of Taanach
Suffering (2) - Therefore in the NT the sombre background of physical and spiritual suffering is Never absent from the thought of the writers
Sycamine - It is not to be supposed,1 [3] he adds, ‘that He who spake as man Never spoke would select this tree, with its short, feeble roots, to illustrate the irresistible power of faith
Hussites - The dogma of Utraquism, introduced by Jacobellis von Mies, was Never preached by Hus, who first thought it "wise not to introduce such an innovation without the approbation of the Church
Evangelist - In the first place, then, the evangelist was a travelling Christian missionary, one who preached the good news of Christ to those who had Never heard it before
Stewardship - Jesus Never seemed to be satisfied with a slice of the pie of our obedience
Guilt - By the smallest words of hostility we make ourselves "liable for" the fires of hell (Matthew 5:21-22 ), a debt we can Never pay and remain alive (cf
Rapes - He is stating that Job is a hypocrite and will Never be able to produce good fruit in his life
Lust (2) - There is no limit to the iniquity and abandonment to which such evil possession or corruption may drag the blinded, besotted soul intent upon brutish delights Never realized
Canon of Scripture - The books were written in the Jews' language — the Hebrew — with which the Apocrypha Never had a place
Ransom - Never in all the annals of mankind was there ever heard of such unparalleled love
Arsacius - On this, Palladius asserts, he swore voluntarily that he would Never accept the see of Constantinople (Pallad
Genealogy of the Lord Jesus - ...
There is more difficulty as to the genealogy in Luke: is it the lineal line of Joseph or Mary? Women are Never quoted as forming a line of succession, yet Christ is spoken of as the 'seed' of the woman, Genesis 3:15 ; 'come of woman,' Galatians 4:4 ; 'the seed of Abraham,' Hebrews 2:16 ; 'the seed of David according to flesh,' Romans 1:3 ; 2 Timothy 2:8 ; 'the offspring of David
Shiloh (1) - shall Never depart
Root - A true root, however, may Never reach the ground, but may be attached to a wall, etc
Athens - Clarke, the traveller, remarks, "It is not possible to conceive a situation of greater peril, or one more calculated to prove the sincerity of a preacher, than that in which the Apostle was here placed; and the truth of this, perhaps, will Never be better felt than by a spectator, who from this eminence actually beholds the monuments of Pagan pomp and superstition by which he, whom the Athenians considered as the setter forth of strange gods, was then surrounded: representing to the imagination the disciples of Socrates and of Plato, the dogmatist of the porch, and the skeptic of the academy, addressed by a poor and lowly man, who, ‘rude in speech,' without the ‘enticing words of man's wisdom,' enjoined precepts contrary to their taste, and very hostile to their prejudices
Fountain - As those springs or fountains of water are the most valuable and highly prized which Never intermit or cease to flow, but are always sending forth their streams; such is Jehovah to his people: he is a perennial source of felicity
Tribute - Matthew 22:16-17 , &c, the answer that Jesus Christ returned to the Pharisee, who came with an insidious design of tempting him, and asked him, whether or not it was lawful to pay tribute to Caesar? and in John 8:33 , where the Jews boast of having Never been slaves to any body, of being a free nation, that acknowledged God only for master and sovereign
Behemoth - Unless when accidentally provoked, or wounded, he is Never offensive; but when he is assaulted or hurt, his fury against the assailants is terrible
Bird - Beside, the young Never knew the sweets of liberty; the dam did: they might be taken and used for any lawful purpose; but the dam must not be brought into a state of captivity
Benjamin - But the Benjamites Never showed much attachment to Saul or his family
See, Roman - In attempting to destroy this claim the Lutherans and Calvinists, and more recently some Rationalists have tried to prove that Saint Peter Never was at Rome
Roman See - In attempting to destroy this claim the Lutherans and Calvinists, and more recently some Rationalists have tried to prove that Saint Peter Never was at Rome
Sheep - ...
The sheep or lamb was the common sacrifice under the Mosaic law; and it is to be remarked, that when the divine legislator speaks of this victim, he Never omits to appoint that the rump or tail be laid whole on the fire of the altar, Exodus 29:22 Leviticus 3:9
Utraquists - The dogma of Utraquism, introduced by Jacobellis von Mies, was Never preached by Hus, who first thought it "wise not to introduce such an innovation without the approbation of the Church
School - He's gentle, Never school'd, yet learn'd
Foot - The Turks Never enter their mosques till after they have washed their feet and their hands, and have put off the outward covering of their legs
Balaam - ...
The people of Old Testament Israel Never forgot the evil of Balaam (Deuteronomy 23:5; Joshua 24:9; Nehemiah 13:2; Micah 6:5)
Flood - Scene after scene exhibits a disclosure of God, the moral nature of His acts, His self-consistent righteousness, His ever abiding love, His determined will to extricate humanity from its self-inflicted ruin, His determination Never to see wrong as ultimately victorious, but to see the fulfilment of His purposes finally and fully. Accordingly, He vowed Never to doom the world again despite the enormous, continuing evil of the human creatures, an evil inconsistent with all God made and intended
Establishments - That the case of the Jews can Never be considered in point, as they were under a theocracy, and a ceremonial dispensation that was to pass away, and consequently not designed to be a model for Christian nations. In the three first and purest ages of Christianity, the church was a stranger to any alliance with temporal powers; and, so far from needing their aid, religion Never flourished so much as while they were combined to suppress it
Fast, Fasting - Fasting is nowhere commanded in the Torah and, in fact, is Never attested earlier than the time of the judges of Israel (cf. ...
The purpose of fasting is Never explicitly stated in Scripture but its connection to penitence, mourning, and supplication suggests a self-denial that opens one to God and to the immaterial aspects of life
Fatherhood of God - It should be pointed out that although Jesus addressed God as "Father" and taught his disciples to do the same, he Never referred to God as "our Father. It is also seen in Matthew 5:16,45 , 48 ; 6:1,4 , 6 ; 7:21 ; 10:32-33 , where Jesus refers to "your" (singular and plural ) and "my" father but Never "our" father
Water - It is a striking fact that in his review of the Levitical ordinances this writer Never quotes the LXX phrase ὕδωρ ῥαντισμοῦ, ‘water of sprinkling,’ which occurs four times in Numbers 19, but coins in its place the phrase αἷμα ῥαντισμοῦ, ‘blood of sprinkling’ (Hebrews 12:24). Historically the baptism and death of the Messiah were crises in His activity, occurring once for all at the beginning and the end of His ministry, but spiritually He ever abides with and in the water and the blood, which are ‘the two wells of life in His Church, His baptism being repeated in every fresh act of baptism, and His blood of atonement Never failing in the communion cup’ (H
Perseverance - To the first of these passages it is answered, that their love might be said to wax cold without totally ceasing; or there might have been an outward zeal and show of love where there Never was a true faith. it is replied, that this may refer to the joy with which some may entertain the offers of pardon, who Never, after all, attentively considered them
Goodness - To them He was the human expression of the Divine Goodness, and it mattered little whether a man should say that the Goodness was from eternity, so that by its nature sin had Never been a moment’s possibility, or that at birth Christ had been uniquely endowed with a passion for goodness that turned naturally from everything selfish, injurious to others, or sinful either to God or man; or that at His baptism He had been set aside to that brief ministry (which is nearly all men know of His earthly life), when the voice from heaven was heard saying, ‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased’ (Matthew 3:17). It was as though, in His purity and sinlessness, the very forces of nature became obedient to His transparent will,—the one will that sin has Never overcome, the one luminous purity in which sin has found no vitalizing atmosphere
Shame - Shame is mentioned in several passages of the OT which are usually applied to Christ’s sufferings (Psalms 44:15; Psalms 69:7; Psalms 69:19; Psalms 89:45, Isaiah 50:6); but the word is, curiously enough, Never so used in the Gospels. They ought Never to do, or wish to do, things that might evoke the feeling of shame
Rebels - ...
I humbly conceive that by the term, in the language of Scripture, is meant reprobate; and therefore is Never used in application to any of God's children, in confirmation of this opinion, I beg the reader to consult all the places in Scripture where the word occurs; and these, as far as I recollect, are only five, namely, Numbers 17:10; Num 20:10; Jeremiah 50:21 —in the margin of the Bible, Ezekiel 2:6; Eze 20:38. Rebels they Never were, nor of the seed of the serpent
Mouth - The gates are Never closed; the entrance is Never barred
Trees - When questioned about her spiritual condition, she had Never been born again, knew nothing about the Scriptures, and had no spiritual experience. This blind man had Never seen such a sight
Lama, Grand - ...
The grand lama, it has been said, is Never to be seen but in a secret place of his palace, amidst a great number of lamps, sitting cross-legged on a cushion, and decked all over with gold and precious stones, where at a distance the people prostrate themselves before him, it not being lawful for any, so much as to kiss his feet. According to the doctrine of this metempsychosis, the soul is always in action, and Never at rest; for no sooner does she leave her old habitation, than she enters a new one
Lord's Supper - The eating of the bread and drinking of the wine being always connected in Christ's example, they ought Never to be separated: wherever one is given, the other should not be withheld. ...
As to the latter, a table posture seems most eligible, as having been used by Christ and his apostles, and being peculiarly suitable to the notion of a sacred feast; and kneeling, which was Never introduced into the church till transubstantiation was received, may prove an occasion of superstition. Nevertheless, provided it be not absolutely imposed as a term of communion, it will be the part of Christian candour to acquiesce in the use of it in others by whom it is preferred
Aenon - 558–570), but has Never received the attention it deserves. Verily, thought i, we have stumbled upon Enon!… Portions of aqueducts, both of pottery and stone, and in a tolerable state of preservation, too, in many places, are still found remaining on each side of the valley, indicating the extent to which the valley was at one time irrigated; and richer land i have Never seen than is much of this charming valley
Dualism - In the NT generally the doctrine of the devil current in Judaism is taken over, but the Divine supremacy is Never denied, and the Divine victory over all evil is always confidently anticipated. )...
While in the Bible there are these traces of the threefold dualism, it is Never developed; and monotheism is throughout maintained, God’s sole eternity, ultimate causality, and final victory being asserted, while God is distinguished from the world, and in the world a distinction between matter and mind is recognized
Faith - People can Never be saved from sin, Never be accepted by God, on the basis of their good works or their law-keeping
Shame - Shame is mentioned in several passages of the OT which are usually applied to Christ’s sufferings (Psalms 44:15; Psalms 69:7; Psalms 69:19; Psalms 89:45, Isaiah 50:6); but the word is, curiously enough, Never so used in the Gospels. They ought Never to do, or wish to do, things that might evoke the feeling of shame
Baptism - Matthew, Never occurs in the same words, either in the book of the Acts, or in any of the Epistles. Matthew Never appears elsewhere, the thing intended thereby is always implied. The Quakers assert, that water baptism was Never intended to continue in the church of Christ any longer than while Jewish prejudices made such an external ceremony necessary. As for any objection which, may be drawn from 1 Corinthians 1:17 , it is sufficiently answered by the preceding verses, and all the numerous texts, in which, in epistles written long after this, the Apostle speaks of ...
all Christians as baptized and argues from the obligation of baptism, in such a manner as we can Never imagine he would have done, if he had apprehended it to have been the will of God that it should be discontinued in the church. Some deferred it out of a tender conscience; and others out of too much attachment to the world; it being the prevailing opinion of the primitive times, that baptism, whenever conferred, washed away all antecedent stains and sins. ) That this right of infants to church membership was Never taken away: and this being the case, they argue, that infants must be received, because God has appointed it; and, since they must be received, it must be either with baptism or without it; but none must be received without baptism; therefore, infants must of necessity be baptized. "The catholic church every where declares," says Chrysostom, in the fifth century, "that infants should be baptized;" and Augustine affirmed, that he Never heard or read of any Christian, catholic or sectarian, but who always held that infants were to be baptized. They farther believe that there needed no mention in the New Testament of receiving infants into the church, as it had been once appointed and Never repealed
Pharaoh - And, in our measure, we should all be instructed statesmen, like the royal patron of Mordecai and Esther; and it will go ill with us, and with those who come after us, if we are like Pharaoh, who had Never heard of Joseph, and what Joseph had done for the land of Egypt. This is all that remains on the statute-book of Egypt to testify to the statesmanship of that king of Egypt who had Never heard of Joseph the son of Jacob, the servant of Potiphar, and the counsellor and deliverer of the kingdom. Laugh at their weak impressions and at their foolish praises, and tell them that they have Never heard preaching to be called preaching. And if it turns out with you like Pharaoh, and if Pharaoh rises up in the day of judgment to condemn you, then stand up on the left hand and tell the Judge to His face that He Never gave you and your children a chance. With such a minister, you Never had fair play and a proper chance. You have gone on doing the things you swore to God and to man you would Never do again
Osee, Book of - The canonicity of this book was Never seriously questioned; this may be due to the frequency and fundamental bearing of the citations made in the New Testament
Heresy - ...
The word has several usages in the New Testament, but Never has the technical sense of “heresy” as we understand it today
Matthew, Gospel According to - It is confessed that this Gospel has Never been found in any other form than that in which we now possess it
Easter Controversy - The Christians of Rome and Alexandria charged that the Jews had adopted very arbitrary methods in determining their year and had become neglectful of the law that the 14th of Nisan must Never precede the equinox
Quartodeciman Controversy - The Christians of Rome and Alexandria charged that the Jews had adopted very arbitrary methods in determining their year and had become neglectful of the law that the 14th of Nisan must Never precede the equinox
Fall of Man - If man had Never fallen there would have been no opportunity of showing divine mercy
Grave - 2 Samuel 18:18 anticipates the use of pillars, but this practice was Never widespread in biblical times
Human Sacrifice - Yet the abomination of human sacrifice, stated Jeremiah, Never entered the mind of Yahweh (Jeremiah 19:5 )
Lamb - GOD will Never let us forget that the Lord JESUS became a sacrifice for our sins, and for ourselves
Noah - As a sign and witness of this covenant, the rainbow was adopted and set apart by God, as a sure pledge that Never again would the earth be destroyed by a flood
Sennacherib - ...
Though Sennacherib survived this disaster some twenty years, he Never again renewed his attempt against Jerusalem
Prov'Erbs, Book of - Who was Agur and who was Jakeh, are questions which have been often asked and Never satisfactorily answered
Philippians, Epistle to - But the name and fame and spiritual influence of that church will Never pass
Corinthians, First Epistle to the - ...
This is one of the epistles the authenticity of which has Never been called in question by critics of any school, so many and so conclusive are the evidences of its Pauline origin
Midian - The defeat by Gideon was so decisive that Midian Never afterward appears in arms against Israel; symbolizing Messiah's, Israel's, and the church's final triumph over the world: Isaiah 9:4; Habakkuk 3:7 "the curtains (tents) of Midian tremble
Dispersion - They Never returned to their own land as a distinct people, although many individuals from among these tribes, there can be no doubt, joined with the bands that returned from Babylon on the proclamation of Cyrus
Jonathan - Third, Jonathan left Saul's table angrily to inform David that the king would Never receive David again (1 Samuel 20:1-42 )
Calf Worship - Hence, this was the only idolatry into which Judah Never fell
Joseph - ...
The question of the historicity of the narrative in Genesis was Never raised by the Apostolic Church, nor by the modern Church till the dawn of the age of criticism
Sabbath - For the first three centuries of the Christian era the first day of the week was Never confounded with the "sabbath;" the confusion of the Jewish and Christian institutions was due to declension from apostolic teaching
Self-Defence - Some condemn all resistance, whatsoever be the evil offered, or whosoever be the person that offers it; others will not admit that it should pass any farther than bare resistance; others say, that it must Never be carried so far as hazarding the life of the assailant; and others again, who deny it not to be lawful in some cases to kill the aggressor, at the same time affirm it to be a thing more laudable and consonant to the Gospel, to choose rather to lose one's life, in imitation of Christ, than to secure it at the expense of another's in pursuance of the permission of nature
Self-Love - This, indeed, they Never can do; for though the introduction of evil into the world, and the different ranks which it makes necessary in society, put it in the power of a man to raise himself in the present state by the depression of his neighbour, or by the practice of injustice; yet, in the pursuit of the glorious prize which is set before us, there can be no rivalship among the competitors
Flesh And Spirit - Nevertheless, it remains true that the Bible frequently contrasts flesh with spirit. Essentially, the emphasis that Paul provides is not intended to suggest that the Spirit is good and the flesh is evil, but rather that the flesh should Never rule the spiritual life of a man. ” Some Christians are carnal Christians (1 Corinthians 3:1 ) meaning that, while they have been saved, they Nevertheless are ruled more by their fleshly desires than by the Spirit
Heredity - But the Bible Never commits itself to a theory of the generation or procreation of the spirit, which is apparently given by God to each individual ( Genesis 2:7 ; Genesis 7:22 , Job 33:4 ) constitutes the personality (‘life’ 2 Samuel 1:9 , ‘soul’ Numbers 5:6 ), and is withdrawn at death ( Ecclesiastes 12:7 )
Demon Possession - The New Testament Never shows Jesus or the apostles using magical rites to deliver the afflicted from demon possession. Whenever Christ spoke the word, the demons were forced to obey Him (Mark 1:27 ; Luke 4:41 )
Eden - The Paradise regained can Never be lost by those who overcome through the Lord Jesus (Revelation 2:7; Revelation 22:14)
Rhegium - From this calamity it Never quite recovered, but it profited by fidelity to Rome in the Punic Wars and to Augustus in the Civil Wars
Rhodes - ), that she Never again attained her old prosperity
Tiberias - Our Lord avoided Tiberias on account of the cunning and unscrupulous character of Herod Antipas whose headquarters were there (Luke 13:32); Herod Never saw Him until just before the crucifixion (Luke 23:8)
Tiberias, Sea of - The Gospels - according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke - Never use the designation "sea of Tiberias" (still bahr Τubariyeh ), but the local name," sea" or "lake of Galilee," which shows they must have written before that became the universal designation, as it had in the time of John's writing
Zacchaeus - ...
One is Never quite safe in venturing upon a pronouncement with regard to motives—they are generally so curiously mixed; and possibly a variety of motives contributed to the impulse which brought Zaechaeus into contact with Jesus that day
Hosea, Book of - The canonicity of this book was Never seriously questioned; this may be due to the frequency and fundamental bearing of the citations made in the New Testament
Midian, Mtdianites - From this blow the tribe Never recovered, and disappears from history
Sheol - Its inhabitants are weak, trembling shades (Job 26:5 ; 1653218798_38 ; Isaiah 14:9-10 ) who can Never hope to escape from its gates (Job 10:21 ; 17:13-16 ; Isaiah 38:10 )
Agony - ...
The powers of darkness then returning with double force, after Satan's defeat in the temptation (Luke 4:13, "for a season," Greek "until the season," namely, in Gethsemane, Luke 22:53), the prospect of the darkness on Calvary, when He was to experience a horror Never known before, the hiding of the Father's countenance, the climax of His vicarious sufferings for our sins, which wrung from Him the "Εli Εli lama sabacthani" , apparently caused His agonizing, holy, instinctive shrinking from such a cup. There is a beautiful progression in the subjecting of His will to the Father's: "O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me, Nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt" (Matthew 26:39): "Abba, Father, all things are possible unto Thee," (lest His previous IF should harbor a doubt of the Father's power) "take away this cup from Me, Nevertheless not what I will but what Thou wilt" (Mark 14:86): "Father, if Thou be willing" (marking His realizing the Father's will as defining the true limits of possibility), remove this cup from Me, Nevertheless not My will, but Thine be done" (Luke 22:42): "Oh My Father, if (rather since) this cup may (can) not pass away from Me except I drink it, (now recognizing that it is not the Father's will to take the cup away), Thy will be done" (Matthew 26:42): lastly, the language of final triumph of faith over the sinless infirmity of His flesh, "The cup which My Father hath given Me shall I not drink it?" (John 18:11
Adonijah - Foolishly indulged by his father, who "had not displeased him at any time in saying, Why hast thou done so?" Never crossed when young, he naturally expected to have his own way when old; and took it, to his father's grief in his old age, and to his own destruction
Mirror - ’ Mediate knowledge can Never be so sure and satisfying as immediate
Lydda - Re-occupied by the Jews after the Exile (Nehemiah 11:35), it was Nevertheless governed by the Samaritans till the time of Jonathan Maccabaeus, when the Syrian king Demetrius II. Later, it was known as Diospolis, though its old name was Never displaced, and it became the seat of a bishop
Offering - We are Never sinless
Anathema - It Never passed beyond the region of deepfeeling, wherein he was transported momentarily out of all other considerations into the all absorbing one, "an ecstasy of charity" (Bacon)
Balance - Between right and wrong, Never balance a moment
Temple - the fire upon the altar, which Never went out; 4
Smyrna - ...
When urged to recant he said, "four-score years and six I have served the Lord, and He Never wronged me; how then can I blaspheme my King and Saviour?" The accuser, the devil, cast some of the Smyrna church into prison, and "it had tribulation ten days," a short term (Genesis 24:55; Numbers 11:19), whereas the consequent joy is eternal (many Christians perished by wild beasts or at the stake because they refused to throw incense into the fire to sacrifice to the genius of the emperor): a sweet consolation in trial
Between - Scholars believe that the pure form of this word is bayin but this form Never occurs in biblical Hebrew
Paran - How strikingly accurate are Scripture details! We should Never have guessed that a nomadic people like the Midianites would have wrought mines; but research confirms fully the truth of Scripture, which represents them as having ornaments and tablets of gold, and chains for their camels' necks
Adultery - ...
But this can Never amount to a justification, unless it could be shown that the obligation of the marriage vow depends upon the condition of reciprocal fidelity; a construction which appears founded neither in expediency, nor in terms of the vow, nor in the design of the legislature, which prescribed the marriage rite
Pillars - Translated as Greek "the firm foundation of (laid by) God (namely, the word of truth 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Timothy 2:18, contrasted with Hymenseus' word eating as a canker) standeth" fast; the church being the house (2 Timothy 2:20) cannot be also the foundation, which would make the house to be founded on the house! The believer shall at last be a pillar immovably firm (unlike earthquake-shaken Philadelphia) and "never more at all go out" (Greek Revelation 3:12), being under "the blessed necessity of goodness
Dove - , takes this to mean, ‘Be prudent in regard to dangers in which you are placed, quick to see and avoid dangers; and always be full of uprightness, Never taking any questionable way of escape
Publican - In the New Testament are meant not the "publicani " (never mentioned in the New Testament) who were generally wealthy Roman knights, capitalists at Rome, that bought for a fixed sum to be paid into the treasury (in publicum ) the taxes and customs of particular provinces
Hand - By thus representing the Lord Jesus in those familiar acts of our own nature, it implies, what the church Never should lose sight of, that sympathy of Jesus to our nature, whose hands are unceasingly stretched forth to lead, guide, and defend, and whose ears are always open to the cries of his redeemed, and whose eyes are upon them for good, for his delight, and their happiness
Cloud - ...
In its first biblical occurrence, ‛ânân is used in conjunction with God’s sign that He would Never again destroy the earth by a flood: “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth” ( Annas (2) - The duration of his rule, and the fact that of his sons no fewer than five succeeded him at intervals in the high priesthood (‘which has Never happened to any other of our high priests’), caused him to be regarded by his contemporaries as a specially successful man (Ant
Coelicolae - The fierce bitterness of the edicts of Constantine and Constantius was Never perhaps renewed, but the decrees of Theodosius the Great (379–395) and his son Honorius (395–423) were sufficiently strong and cruel to make it evident how the Roman emperors were influenced, both theologically and politically
Elijah - There are those who believe that the prediction of Elijah's coming has not yet had its full accomplishment; and they expect, before the second appearing of the Lord, that the old stern prophet of Gilead, who Never died, will tread the earth again
Jansenists - That there are divine precepts which good men, notwithstanding their desire to observe them, are, Nevertheless, absolutely unable to obey; nor has God given them that measure of grace which is essentially necessary to render them capable of such obedience. ...
The Jesuits, their implacable enemies, Never ceased until they prevailed upon their sovereign, Louis XIV, to destroy the abbey of Port Royal, and banish its inhabitants
Ear-Rings - These rings are of gold, and have commonly two pearls and one ruby between them, placed in the ring; I Never saw a girl, or young woman in Arabia, or in all Persia, who did not wear a ring after this manner in her nostril
Nonconformists - "...
By this act, the clergy were required to subscribe, ex animo, [1] their "assent and consent to all and every thing contained in the book of Common Prayer," which had Never before been insisted on, so rigidly as to deprive them of their livings and livelihood
Bottle - The Arabs and Persians Never go a journey without a small leathern bottle of water hanging by their side like a scrip
Caleb - Others, however, dissuaded the people from making the attempt, assuring them that their would Never make themselves masters of it
Swallows - In the very ancient poem of a Dschorhamidish prince, published by a Schulten, in which he laments that his tribe had been deprived of the protection of the sanctuary of Mecca, it is said,...
"We lament the house, whose dove ...
Was Never suffer'd to be hurt: ...
She remain'd there secure; in it, also, The sparrow built its nest
Providence - Although the OT does not contain the word ‘providence,’ it is a continuous and progressive revelation of Him ‘whose Never-failing providence ordereth all things both in heaven and earth
Law - It was written by the Creator on the conscience of man, and sin has Never fully erased it, Romans 1:19 2:12-15
Taste - The valiant Never taste of death but once
Pharaoh - (At this point in the narrative Shishak comes in: he is Never called Pharaoh, see above
Time - Lost time is Never found again
Refuge, Cities of - But this command was Never fulfilled
Kings, First And Second Books of, - --Their canonical authority having Never been disputed, it is needless to bring forward the testimonies to their authenticity which may be found in Josephus, Eusebius, jerome, Augustine, etc
Luke, Gospel of, - --It has Never been doubted that the Gospel was written in Greek, whilst Hebraisms are frequent, classical idioms and Greek compound words abound, for which there is classical authority
Pamphylia - Its chief maritime cities-Attalia, Perga and Side-had to deal only with a limited traffic, and Never rose to any great importance
Walk - 1: περιπατέω (Strong's #4043 — Verb — peripateo — per-ee-pat-eh'-o ) is used (a) physically, in the Synoptic Gospels (except Mark 7:5 ); always in the Acts except in Acts 21:21 ; Never in the Pauline Epistles, nor in those of John; (b) figuratively, "signifying the whole round of the activities of the individual life, whether of the unregenerate, Ephesians 4:17 , or of the believer, 1 Corinthians 7:17 ; Colossians 2:6
Galatians, Letter to the - The law was Never intended to be a way of salvation, though in showing people their sin it helped prepare the way for the Saviour (3:15-4:7)
Aaron - God punished them by assuring them that they would Never enter the promised land (Numbers 20:2; Numbers 20:10-13)
Joab - But David saw it as murder and Never forgave Joab (2 Samuel 2:12-23; 2 Samuel 3:23-39; 1 Kings 2:5-6)
Marcella, Friend of Jerome - She was not immoderate in her asceticism, and followed the counsels of her mother, from whose society she Never departed
Pammachius, a Roman Senator - But he was Never ordained
Theodotus of Byzantium - He taught that at the baptism of Jesus, Christ descended on Him in the form of a dove, and that He was then able to work miracles, though He had Never exhibited any before: but even so He was not God; though some of the sect were willing to acknowledge His right to the title after His resurrection
Grace - People have Never been saved through obeying the law or offering sacrifices (Romans 3:24-26; Galatians 3:17-22)
Prince - Had they known the Lord of glory, they would Never have committed such a fatal mistake
Temple - On the contrary, it is at least in part equivalent to a substantial justification of the doctrine complained of, since it declares at its close that the worship of God in this temple ‘made with hands’ had Never been in accordance with the will of God. This he Never did, and, to prove that the charge was groundless, he was advised, during his last visit to Jerusalem, to conciliate the great mass of Christian Jews by performing the vow of a Nazirite in the Temple. Had he been advised by James to prove that he habitually observed the Law as a matter of conscience, he could Never have consented
John, the Letters of - The author Never identifies himself by name. Twice he claims the title “the elder” (2 John 1:1 ; 3 John 1:1 ), but he Never calls himself an apostle. 1 John 2:19 explains that those who had left the community Never really belonged to it, or else they would have remained with it
Church - Εkkleesia in the New Testament Never means the building or house of assembly, because church buildings were built long AFTER the apostolic age. Also called Christ's "flock," Never to be plucked out of His hand (John 10:28), "branches" in Him "the true Vine. That the Christian ministry is not sacerdotal, as the Old Testament ministry, is proved by the title hiereus , the Greek of the Latin sacerdos, Never once being used of Christian ministers
Confession (of Sin) - —That our Lord Never made confession to man, and Never felt the need of doing so, is sufficiently shown by His challenge, ‘Which of you convicteth me of sin?’ (John 8:46). ...
But, above all, it is to be noted that while Jesus taught His disciples to pray for the forgiveness of sins, we Never find Him humbling Himself before God on account of sin, and asking to be forgiven
Begotten - Our capacities are, at present, incompetent to form any adequate conception, and perhaps, even in our future state, they Never may be able. Had this begetting referred to the eternal generation of the Son of God as God, how could it be called this day? Eternity is Never spoken of as a day in Scripture. I shudder to think to what lengths this misapplication of the words begetting souls to Christ, and spiritual fathers, have hurried men, when I have heard it hath been said from the pulpit, or committed to the press, that such preachers, at the last day, will have to say, "Behold I, and the children which the Lord hath given me!" Words which can belong to none but the Lord Jesus Christ, and Never were intended to be used, or can with truth be used, by any other
Euphemius, Patriarch of Constantinople - Neither letter remains, but the reply of Gelasius shews that Euphemius, in congratulating the Roman church on its pontiff, added that he himself was not sufficiently his own master to do what he wished; that the people of Constantinople would Never agree to disgrace the memory of their late patriarch Acacius; that if that were necessary, the pope had better write to the people about it himself, and send someone to try and persuade them; that Acacius had Never said anything against the faith, and that if he was in communion with Mongus, it was when Mongus had given a satisfactory account of his creed. Anastasius was deeply offended, and thenceforth Never ceased to persecute his old opponent
Pity - John’s Gospel we Never find any word used which conveys the meaning of ‘pity’ or ‘compassion’; Christ is Never described as ‘merciful’ or as ‘showing mercy,’ nor does He so speak of the Father; while even the exhortation to mercy as a duty of man to man is not found there. Pity is the demand for help, and as an object of our help Christ Never appealed to men
Ecclesiastes, Theology of - It, first of all, made explicit what the author skillfully and intentionally Never stated, most notably the identification of Qohelet and Solomon. Nevertheless, the Targum makes the identification and this identification in part helped the religious communities accept the book. It is noteworthy that the New Testament Never directly quotes Ecclesiastes. He is obviously moved by what he sees, but he Never sees ways to soften the suffering of the oppressed or even to become one of the comforters that they lack (4:1). He Never considers action (doubly surprising if he is actually a king), but seems resigned to it all: "Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?" (7:13). As a human being he can Never be certain that this is the "right time, " and this lack of knowledge, this lack of certainty, frustrates him to the point that he thinks that life "under the sun" is meaningless
Entry Into Jerusalem - The colt, Never before used (so Lk. The Davidic descent of Jesus, Never refuted by His opponents, was accepted by St. The growing predominance of the priestly office of the Messiah is also expressed in the choice of the colt ‘whereon Never man sat’ (Mk. Numbers 19:3 ‘a red heifer … upon which Never came yoke. He Never seems to move in solitary state in the Temple; crowds are always around Him; He is the topic of the people’s conversation and the subject of the priests’ conspiracy
Saul - We Never hear of Saul's mother; but what kind of a father can Kish have been? We know all about Samuel. The Spirit of God came upon Saul for outward and earthly acts, but Never for an inward change of heart. He had Never heard of Samuel. Saul all his days was Never so near the kingdom of heaven as when he said to Samuel, 'Am not I a Benjamite, of the smallest of the tribes of Israel, and my family the least of all the families of Benjamin? Wherefore, then, speakest thou so to me?' That is the language of a man whose heart is really touched for the time with divine grace. Never let your eye off that man
Paul the Aged - And Cicero goes on to fortify first himself and then his readers, with such examples as those of Plato, who died at his desk at eightyone; and Isocrates, who wrote one of his best books at ninety-four, and who lived another five years on the fame of it; and Gorgias the Leontine, who completed a hundred and seven years, and Never to the end loitered in his love of work, but died leaving this testimony on his deathbed, "I have had no cause for blaming old age," he said. Comparing the Odyssey with the Iliad, Longinus says, "If I speak of old age, it is Nevertheless the old age of Homer. Never, then, be out of your Old, and especially, Never be out of your New Testament. Never lay it down, unless it is to take up another letter of Samuel Rutherford, or another pilgrim's crossing of the river; or, if you have head enough left for it, another great chapter of the Saint's Rest. And come up from the mouth of that horrible pit, and up to that rock on which you now stand, and see if the result will not be the same in you that it was in Paul and in those two most Pauline of preachers and writers; see if it will not make you hate sin with a more and more perfect hatred, as also to make you long again, and as Never before, to be for ever with the Lord
Michal, Saul's Daughter - SHE DESPISED HIM IN HER HEART...
NEVER, surely, were man and wife more unequally yoked together than was David, the man after God's own heart, with Michal, Saul's daughter. David Never did anything by halves, and least of all his worship of God. But Michal's ear had Never been opened to the music of the ark. They were Never made for one another. David's overflowing joy that day had its deep and full spring in that far-off but Never-to-be-forgotten day when Samuel came to Bethlehem with his horn of oil
Repentance - Apart from this passage, however, the possibility that repentance may be for some men unattainable is Never hinted at. But it may be that such a stimulus Never occurs. Peter Never refers, save by way of allusion, to his own repentance; and the long description of the stages previous to repentance and conversion in Augustine’s Confessions and Bunyan’s Grace Abounding would seem to be foreign to the spirit of the NT writers. The attitude of the NT writers is rather that of the normal believer, who knows that his attitude of mind changed (see above), and that he once willed a very different set of actions, while he is equally sure that this change could Never have happened apart from the grace of God (Romans 11:33)
Thomas - " "Master," they answered, "the Jews of late have been seeking opportunity to stone Thee to death, and goest Thou thither again?" And it was when Thomas saw that his Master was walking straight into the jaws of certain destruction that he said, in sad abandonment of all his remaining hope, "Let us also go, that we may die with Him," Thomas felt sure in his foreboding heart that his Master would Never leave Judea alive; Thomas loved his Master more than life, and therefore he determined to die with Him. The discipleship-life, at its very best, had Never been very satisfying to Thomas's heart; and, of late, it had been becoming absolutely unbearable to this melancholy and morose man. But, as it was, he was the last to see Him, and ran a close risk of Never seeing Him in this world. You neither expected Him nor wished for Him: and He Never comes to the like of you till He comes at last and too late
the Merchant Man Who Sold All That he Had And Bought the Pearl of Great Price - He is Never at home. He is engaged in exploring a certain market of precious stones, when suddenly his eye falls on a pearl the like of which he had Never supposed to exist. Its great size, its perfect form, its exquisite beauty, its dazzling light-he had Never expected to see such a gem. O my God, give me of the fulness of Christ! May I Never lose sight of Christ, that through Him I may pass from death unto life
Hebrews Epistle to the - Such doubts may well have arisen in a small band of Christians, but they were Never characteristic of the Church as a whole. It can Never be superseded because it has perfectly fulfilled the object for which all priesthood exists (7). It can Never be repeated because by the taking away of sins it has established for ever that perfect union with God which all sacrifice symbolizes. -The Law was only an outline sketch of good things to come; its repeated sacrifices were symbols, calling attention to man’s sins, but incapable of cleansing, for blood of bulls and goats could Never take away sins. That is why, in contrast to the Levitical priest ever offering, Never atoning, He sits enthroned at the right hand of God, ‘waiting till his enemies become his footstool. Seek peace and sanctification; Never give up your eternal birthright for mere present enjoyment (Hebrews 12:14-17). In His own Person He has inseparably united man with God, and opened a way of access into the Divine presence which can Never again be closed (Hebrews 6:20; Hebrews 10:19-20)
Sacrifices in the Old Testament - These food-offerings accompanied every holocaust and peace-offering, but Never sacrifices for sin or guilt, save at the cleansing of a leper. Oil and wine were the only liquid articles used in connection with sacrifices, and were Never offered independently
Old Testament, Sacrifices in the - These food-offerings accompanied every holocaust and peace-offering, but Never sacrifices for sin or guilt, save at the cleansing of a leper. Oil and wine were the only liquid articles used in connection with sacrifices, and were Never offered independently
Romans, Letter to the - The Spirit enables believers to practise the righteousness that the law aimed at but could Never produce (8:1-11). Then the world will enjoy the salvation of God as Never before (11:1-36)
Earth, Land - They Never asked (again in literal translation), “Who brought us up from the land [2] of Egypt?” They Never asked who led them “in a land of deserts and pits, in a land of drought and deep darkness, in a land that none passes through and where no person dwells” (Jeremiah 2:6 )
Nero - He was fond of the arts, especially music and poetry, but he Never attained more than a respectable standard in either. His life of ease and luxury had weakened a nature Never inured to hardship, and when the hour of danger came he sought a refuge in suicide
Immortality - ...
Peter says Christians have been given "new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can Never perish, spoil or fade" (1 Peter 1:3-4 ). Indeed, Paul assumes that immortality as a permanent, incorruptible, Never-ending state and life not only await the Christian after death but is actually the present possession of the believer
Philosophists - king of Prussia, who wished to be thought a philosopher, and who, of course, deemed it expedient to talk and write against a religion which he had Never studied, and into the evidence of which he had probably Never deigned to inquire
Apollonius of Tyana - Philosophy and magic, the search after knowledge and the search after power, were familiar to men who had Never heard of Christianity; but this ideal is different from either, and from both of them united. Those who affirm that Philostratus Never thought of the Christian history in his work, say that he intended Apollonius as a rival to Pythagoras
Dereliction - ’ Jesus Never endured the wrath of God. For how should He be angry with His beloved Son in whom His mind rested?’ At every step of His progress through the world He was the beloved Son, and He was Never so well pleasing to the Father as in that hour when He hung a willing victim on the cross, ‘obedient even unto death’ (Philippians 2:8)
Feasts - And I venture to believe, that though this trumpet was Never sounded but once in forty-nine years, and consequently few, if any, ever heard it before, or ever lived to hear it a second Jubilee, yet there was not a soul in the camp but understood the joyful sound, and felt the meaning (if I may be allowed the expression,) like the archangel's trumpet, as it will be understood by all flesh, when Jesus comes to judgment. And what were the feelings of the poor oppressed servant, whom the Lord hath then made free, when the mor nirgshered in the sound of the blessed, though Never before heard, trumpet!...
I hope the reader will not overlook the sweetest and most interesting part of this feast of the Jubilee
Didymus, Head of the Catechetical School - When only four years old he lost his sight from disease; and consequently was Never taught, as he himself declared, even the usual rudiments of learning. except Jerome, laid Origenism to his charge; and with regard to the alleged condemnation of his memory by the 5th general council, as he is Never named in the Acts, the utmost that can be made of such a statement is, that the condemnation of Origen in that synod's 11th anathema (Mansi, ix
Merciful, Mercy - In the NT the word Never means to conciliate God; it signifies (a) "to be propitious, merciful," Luke 18:13 , in the prayer of the publican; (b) "to expiate, make propitiation for," Hebrews 2:17 , "make propitiation. With regard to his sin, an expiation is necessary, consistently with God's holiness and for His righteousness' sake, and that expiation His grace and love have provided in the atoning sacrifice of His Son; man, himself a sinner, justly exposed to God's wrath (John 3:36 ), could Never find an expiation
Palm Tree - On the top of the tree is a kind of tuft or coronet, which Never falls off, but is continually the same in verdure. Many parts of Scripture correspond in speaking of the real disciple of Christ as one whose "leaf shall Never fade nor fall;" and certainly, in the unceasing spring and summer of his glorious head, into whom he is ingrafted, there are no wintery dispensations or change
Olympias, the Younger - Her whole time and strength were given to ministering to the wants of the poor and sick, and to the hospitable entertainment of bishops and other ecclesiastics visiting the imperial city, who Never left her roof without large pecuniary aid, sometimes in the form of a farm or an estate, towards their religious works. 603 C ) leads us to believe that she was Never allowed to remain long in one spot, her persecutors hoping that thus her spirit might be broken and she induced to yield
Procurator - ...
Procuratores were of many kinds, but were Never of higher rank than the equestrian. These officials, to avoid the appearance of partiality, were Never natives of the provinces in which they served
Canon - Therefore, Shemaiah, and Iddo, and Nathan, and Gad, might have written some things by inspiration which were Never intended to form a part of the sacred volume. There is reason to believe that, until the canon of sacred Scripture was closed, the succession of prophets was Never interrupted. These oracles were committed to the Jews as a sacred deposit, and they are Never charged with unfaithfulness in this trust. Paul said, "I wrote to you in an epistle not to company with fornicators," 1 Corinthians 5:9 , he referred to an epistle which he had written to the Corinthians, before the one now called the First; it might Never have been intended that this letter should form a constituent part of the canon; for although it treated of subjects connected with Christian faith or practice, yet, an occasion having arisen, in a short time, of treating these subjects more at large, every thing in that epistle (supposing it ever to have been written) may have been included in the two Epistles to the Corinthians which are now in the canon. Our Saviour Never charges the Jews, who perverted the sacred Scriptures to their own ruin, with having lost any portion of the sacred deposit intrusted to them. Paul's history and writings, Never mention any such epistle: neither Clement, Hermas, nor the Syriac interpreter, knew any thing of such an epistle of St
Temptation - He seems to confess His own liability to temptation when He refuses the epithet ‘good’ (Luke 18:19), although He Never confesses to have fallen before temptation; and the attitude He assumes to sinners implies His own sinlessness. The attempt to influence Him was Nevertheless renewed by His brethren, when they advised Him to go up to the feast and so manifest Himself to the world (John 7:3-4). Omniscience has an insight into the moral character of all conduct, and a foresight into the moral issues of all choice, which exclude even the possibility of temptation; omnipotence has such a command over all its moral resources that its moral efforts, can Never involve any moral strain, such as is experienced in temptation; omniscience and omnipotence, therefore, cannot know the disturbance of feeling which is possible to limited knowledge and power. The lower passions and appetites seem Never to have assailed Him
Adoption - A state of adoption is Never without a separation from defilement, 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 . The new name in adoption is Never given till the new creature be formed. "The inheritance of the saints is incorruptible, undefiled, and Never fadeth away, " 1 Peter 1:4
Hopkinsians - Also, that inability, which consists in disinclination, Never renders any thing improper to be the subject of a command. If that system and scene of operation, in which moral evil should Never have existence, was actually preferred in the divine mind, certainly the Deity is infinitely disappointed in the issue of his own operations. " Such a "disinterested benevolence," therefore, as implies no peculiar anxiety for our personal salvation and happiness, can Never be required of us
Temptation - He seems to confess His own liability to temptation when He refuses the epithet ‘good’ (Luke 18:19), although He Never confesses to have fallen before temptation; and the attitude He assumes to sinners implies His own sinlessness. The attempt to influence Him was Nevertheless renewed by His brethren, when they advised Him to go up to the feast and so manifest Himself to the world (John 7:3-4). Omniscience has an insight into the moral character of all conduct, and a foresight into the moral issues of all choice, which exclude even the possibility of temptation; omnipotence has such a command over all its moral resources that its moral efforts, can Never involve any moral strain, such as is experienced in temptation; omniscience and omnipotence, therefore, cannot know the disturbance of feeling which is possible to limited knowledge and power. The lower passions and appetites seem Never to have assailed Him
Worldliness (2) - The contrast of opposition established by Christianity is Never between the spiritual and the material, but always between the spiritual and the anti-spiritual. The material, it is true, may be made the instrument of the anti-spiritual; but the two are essentially distinct, and confusion between them, signally absent from the Gospel teaching, must Never be condoned in its exponents. What Christ teaches is that they must Never be allowed the first place, for that belongs to God (see Matthew 6:33, where both elements are recognized and the true order is laid down; and for a striking illustration in OT, 1 Kings 3:4-15). Those who have truly learnt the mind of Christ will Never shrink from their obligations to the full-orbed life of the world in which lie has set them. Like his Lord, he Never condemns as inherently evil the things which are temporal and material, but throughout his life he subjects them to what is spiritual and eternal (cf
Self-Control - His self-respect was complete, Never degenerating into immodest vanity or giving place to servility (John 6:15; John 12:12-15; John 18:21; John 18:37). Acts 1:6), tempers and views that were discordant and unseemly, with a traitor lurking in the midst; yet Christ Never allowed the strain of His work, or the uncongeniality or impotence of the men who were nearest to Him, to divert His sympathy or to ruffle the settled quiet of His demeanour. In the freedom of His contact with nature and man, His heart Never more than momentarily failed, and His self-control in times of confusion and danger helped to make Him the most consummate Leader of sinful men, serene and strong, and always confident in God and in the issue. ‘For my sake’ gives the secret of a self-control that Never breaks down; and the love and devotion are continuously fed by the Spirit of the Father (Matthew 10:20, John 16:14). By the forgiveness of sins Christ sets the will free from bondage to past evil, and His Spirit, ruling in the life because in the heart, becomes an unfailing source of strength and peace, reproducing in mortal experience the self-control of Him who Never wavered from duty, or yielded to temptation, or allowed the Kingdom within to be disturbed by a breach of will between Himself and the Father
Achan - Had Joshua happened to post the ensign of Judah opposite the poor men's part of the city, this sad story would Never have been told. But when once Achan's eyes lighted on that rich garment he Never could get his eyes off it again. Drop that stolen flesh! There is a coal in it that shall Never be quenched. You will sing yet as you Never sang in the days of your youth. You Never sang songs like these in the days of your youth, or before your trouble came,-songs like these: The Lord will be a refuge for the overwhelmed: a refuge in the time of trouble
David - in His Services - One of David's greatest and best services to God and man Never went further than the good intention. For, instead of refusing to rise up and eat bread with the elders of his house, David was Never in a happier frame of mind than he was all that night. David not only consented that it was both good, and right, and seemly, that hands like his should not touch a stone of the house of God; but, that his son should be chosen of God to build Him an house-that set David's heart on fire as Never Old Testament heart was set on fire like David's heart. But when I trace that blessing up to its true source, I find that true and grace-gushing source in Jesus of Nazareth, whom I see growing in grace every day as He goes about in Galilee with David's Psalms Never out of His hands. And I have Never, with all my search, seen an intelligent attempt made to face that mystery
Athens - It was the very flower of ancient civilization; its schools of philosophy were the most illustrious in the world, and its painters, sculptors, and architects have Never been surpassed
Sil'Oam - This pool is oblong, about 52 feet long, 18 feet broad and 19 feet deep; but it is Never filled, the water either passing directly through or being maintained at a depth of three or four feet
Ezra - " "He is," says Professor Binnie, "the first well-defined example of an order of men who have Never since ceased in the church; men of sacred erudition, who devote their lives to the study of the Holy Scriptures, in order that they may be in a condition to interpret them for the instruction and edification of the church
Lebanon - Lebanon was assigned to Israel, but Never conquered (Joshua 13:2-6; Judges 3:1-3)
Joppa - ...
When Canaan was conquered, the tribe of Dan received Joppa; but it Never came firmly into Hebrew hands
Righteousness - , becomes in Christ all that God requires a man to be, all that he could Never be in himself
Seed - Alternatively, the "seed" signifies the principle of spiritual life as imparted to the believer, which abides in him without possibility of removal or extinction; the child of God remains eternally related to Christ, he who lives in sin has Never become so related, he has not the principle of life in him
Ahijah - Saul ought to have had the conscientiousness which would have led him Never to take such an oath, rather than the scrupulosity which condemned the people and Jonathan instead of himself
Forgive, Forgave, Forgiveness - " It is Never used of the remission of sins in the Sept
Self-Deception - Includes all those various frauds which we practise on urselves in forming a judgment, or receiving an impression of our state, character, and conduct; or those deceits which make our hearts impose on us in making us promises, if they may be so termed, which are not kept, and ontracting engagements which are Never performed
Brother - The naming of Jesus' brethren with His virgin mother so often may be because Jesus and she took up their abode at the home of Mary, the Virgin's sister, after Joseph's death; for that he soon died appears from his name being Never mentioned after Luke 2
Generation, Eternal - ...
And hence it is, they say, that the second person is called the Son; and that in such a way and manner as Never any other was, is, or can be, because of his own divine nature, he being the true, proper, and natural Son of God, begotten by him before all worlds
Baxterians - Hence he infers, that though Christ Never absolutely intended or decreed that his death should eventually put all men in possession of those benefits, yet he did intend and decree that all men should have a conditional gift of them by his death
Toleration, Tolerance - Of the reality of His power they entertained no doubt, though they could assign it to a Satanic origin (Luke 11:15, Matthew 9:34; Matthew 12:24); and yet so confident were they of impunity, that they Never anticipated injury at His hands, and they ridiculed Him openly (Luke 16:14)
Mass - All the others are variable to some extent, and though the Gloria or Credo Never change, they are frequently omitted
Assurance - Forces external to them will Never be able to separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:35-39 ); no power (symbolized by robber or wolf) is able to steal believers (symbolized by sheep) out of the loving arms of God's Son (John 10:28 )
Malachi - ...
Summary of contents...
In answering the people’s complaint that God no longer loves them, Malachi gives them undeniable evidence that God’s love has Never forsaken them (1:1-5)
Vengeance - The word ‘vengeance’ (ἐκδίκησις), with its corresponding substantive ‘avenger’ (ἔκδικος, 1 Thessalonians 4:6, Romans 13:4), is an essentially NT word and Never carries with it the suggestion of arbitrary or vindictive reprisals: it is always a just retribution, and a retribution inflicted by God Himself or His instruments (1 Peter 2:14)
Eagle - God stirred up Israel from the foul nest of Egypt, which of their own accord they would have Never left, so satisfied were they with its fleshpots in spite of its corruptions
Fable - As it moves on ground common to man and lower creatures, its teaching can Never rise to a high spiritual level
Number - Ladies are always of great use to the party they espouse, and Never fail to win over numbers
Night - Those who go to Heaven dwell in the light constantly, and there are Never any shadows there
Necromancy - Biblical evidence suggests that it was Never eradicated
Grave - Ezekiel prophesies that Judah will Never again defile God's name with the corpses of their kings
Lycaonia - ), it was given to the Attalids of Pergamos; but as they Never effectively occupied it, the northern part of it was claimed by the Galatians, while the eastern was added to Cappadocia
Games (2) - 1) to have instituted solemn games in honour of Caesar; but such practices Never won the approval of the Rabbis, or of the nation as a whole
Gehenna (2) - ’ It is a ‘deep and yawning gorge’ (Wilson), and ‘never contains water’ (Socin), its descent from its original source to Bir Eyyub being approximately 670 ft
Galatians, Epistle to the - The North Galatian theory Never lacked able defenders and in recent years has been coming into favor again; its chief recommendation is that it better satisfies the strict demands of the text of the epistle especially in the phrase "through infirmity of the flesh" (4:13) in which Paul says that he had first preached among the Galatians because of some illness
Manna - And what rendered this daily mercy the more miraculous was, that on the Sabbath-days it Never fell, during the whole of this eventful period
Tares - Never can the children of the kingdom become devils, however too often found in such company, and doing Satan's service, and wearing his livery
Testimony - If, for example, we consider the common and general acceptation of the word law, surely the Psalmist David could Never be supposed to say, that the law of Moses as a covenant of works was his delight and joy, as he saith the law was in this Psalm, (Psalms 119:72; Psa 119:97, etc
Aphraat (Aphrahat, Farhad - This is consistent with the fact that the "church of the East" was so isolated that it was Never asked to accept the Nicene Creed till the year 410; and apparently used, till that date, the formula that Aphraat gives ( Hom. Nevertheless, all are warned that open abandonment of the resolution and avowed marriage is better than secret incontinence
Arsenius - Whenever he came into a church he hid himself behind a pillar; he even shrank at times from his brother hermits, remarking that the ten thousands of angels had but one will, but men had many. " A very famous saying of his referred to faults of the tongue: "often have I been sorry for having spoken—never for having been silent
Ephraim - Ezekiel 37:16-22 , where the twelve tribes are to become one nation in their own land, with one king over them: a prophecy which clearly has Never yet been fulfilled, but which will surely be accomplished in God's own time
Affection - It is distinguishable from disposition, which being a branch of one's nature originally, must exist before there can be an opportunity to exert it upon any particular object; whereas affection can Never be original, because having a special relation to a particular object, it cannot exist till the object have once, at least, been presented
Poor - In Deuteronomy 15:4 the creditor must not exact a debt in the year of release, "save when there shall be no poor among you," but as Deuteronomy 15:11 says "the poor shalt Never cease out of the land," translated "no poor with thee," i
Epistle to the Galatians - The North Galatian theory Never lacked able defenders and in recent years has been coming into favor again; its chief recommendation is that it better satisfies the strict demands of the text of the epistle especially in the phrase "through infirmity of the flesh" (4:13) in which Paul says that he had first preached among the Galatians because of some illness
Blasphemy - But he that should blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath Never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation
Cedar Tree - Taught by such an infallible Teacher methinks I would Never read of the Cedar of Lebanon, without connecting with it some sweet resemblance to be discovered in his people, which he saith himself are the branch of his planting, and which are so, that they might be called trees of righteousness, "the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified
Aceldama - ...
As the holy body of Jesus was not to see corruption, but to arise the third day from the dead; this new sepulchre, wherein Never man had laid, not only corresponded to the dignity of his person, but served to identify that person, as an article of faith to the believer; that it was Jesus, the very Lord of life and glory, whom the disciples placed there, that arose the third day, as he had promised, from the dead
Apocrypha - 30, the Lord Never in any way alludes to any part of it; nor do any of the writers of the N
Complete - ...
Without any deficiency or flaw in executing justice, God is likewise Never lacking in mercy and power to bestow benevolences of every kind
Make (Cut) a Covenant - ” God told Noah that “all flesh [2] be cut off … by the waters of a flood …” ( Acceptance (2) - And though as the well-beloved Son He had Never for a moment lost favour in His Father’s sight, it was through enduring the cross and despising the shame that He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God (Hebrews 12:2; cf
Eustathius (22), Bishop of Berytus - Ibas indignantly disclaimed the blasphemies attributed to him, and produced a protest, signed by a large number of his clergy, that they had Never heard him utter words contrary to the faith ( ib
Whoring, To Go; Harlot, To Be - ...
While the term means “to commit fornication,” whether by male or by female, it is to be noted that it is almost Never used to describe sexual misconduct on the part of a male in the Old Testament
Divorce - As the ancient Hebrews paid a stipulated price for the privilege of marrying, they seemed to consider it the natural consequence of making a payment of that kind, that they should be at liberty to exercise a very arbitrary power over their wives, and to renounce or divorce them whenever they chose. He farther enacted in reference to this subject that the husband might receive the repudiated wife back, in case she had not in the meanwhile been married to another person; but if she had been thus married, she could Never afterward become the wife of her first husband; a law, which the faith due to the second husband clearly required, Deuteronomy 24:1-4 , compare Jeremiah 3:1 , and Matthew 1:19 ; Matthew 19:8
Kingdom - Campbell, in which there is a manifest allusion to the predictions in which the dispensation of the Messiah was revealed by the prophets in the Old Testament, particularly by Daniel, who mentions it as "a kingdom which the God of heaven would set up, and which should Never be destroyed,"...
Daniel 2:44
Nile - ...
Very little rain ever falls in Egypt, Never sufficient to fertilize the land; and but for the provision of this bountiful river, the country would be condemned to perpetual sterility
Hell - The confusion that has arisen on this subject has been occasioned not only by our English translators having rendered the Hebrew word sheol and the Greek word gehenna frequently by the term hell; but the Greek word hades, which occurs eleven times in the New Testament, is, in every instance, except one, translated by the same English word, which it ought Never to have been
Mark, Gospel of - --As to the language in which it was written, there Never has been any reasonable doubt that it was written in Greek
Damascus - They cloth called Damask is supposed to have originated here, and Damascus steel has Never been equaled
Ptolemais - So strong a fortress, guarding so fertile a plain, and a port on the highroad to such rich lands to north, east, and south, could Never have been overlooked by hostile armies, and so we find the Egyptian Thothmes iii
Corn - It Never means, as in America, simply maize, or Indian corn
Under - Several young men could Never leave the pulpit under half a dozen conceits
Jehoshaphat - The kingdom of Judah was Never more prosperous than under his reign
Ephraim - Ezekiel 37:16-22 , where the twelve tribes are to become one nation in their own land, with one king over them: a prophecy which clearly has Never yet been fulfilled, but which will surely be accomplished in God's own time
Neighbour - ...
πλησίον is Never literal, i
Exodus - ...
The pattern repeated...
Even with the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC and the subsequent captivity in Babylon, God’s people Never forgot his redeeming power
Leontius, Bishop of Antioch - " Those who watched Leontius could Never make out more of his doxology than "world without end
Maximus of Ephesus - Julian had Never seen miracles like those with which Maximus was credited; so he bade Eusebius stick to his learning and hurried off to Maximus
Pleasure - All the pleasure the world can afford will Never compensate for what is lost in such a pursuit (Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36, Luke 9:25)
Serapion, Bishop of Heraclea - Socrates records, as a characteristic speech, that Chrysostom, having vainly endeavoured to enforce his strict notions of discipline on his worldly and luxurious clergy, Serapion exclaimed in their hearing, "You will Never be able to master these men, bishop, unless you drive them all with one rod" (Socr
Liturgy - Rome's power and influence being introduced intoEngland did, indeed, made its impress on the national religiouslife, but the English Liturgy Never lost its distinctive Easterncharacteristics which remain to this day
Eutyches And Eutychianism - Eusebius of Dorylaeum was present, and at its conclusion complained that Eutyches defamed "the holy Fathers and himself, a man who had Never been suspected of heresy," alleging himself prepared to convict Eutyches of being untrue to the orthodox faith. " Eusebius exclaimed, "Certainly Eutyches does not acknowledge this; he has Never believed it, but taught the very opposite to every one who came to him. Eutyches was interrogated; and when the archbishop put the plain question: "Do you confess that Christ is of two natures?" Eutyches answered, "I have Never yet presumed to dispute about the nature of my God; that He is consubstantial with us have I Never said. The true faith received in the East a shock from which it has Never completely recovered since. The church witnessed the separation from herself of nations which have Never returned to her and perhaps Never will" (Martin). " "True," interrupted Eusebius, "but Eutyches has Never told us whence Christ did take His manhood; "and Diogenes and Basil of Seleucia affirmed that Eutyches, though pressed upon this point at Constantinople, had refused to speak out
Nestorian Church - not to Antioch or Rome (the "Nestorian" church Never deemed herself subject to either of them), but to the nearest important sees to the west of him, Nisibis and Edessa. Papa was recognized as catholicos, with Shimun as colleague, cum jure successionis , and the right of the throne concerned to the primacy has Never since been disputed. ...
Mar Aba, the greatest man in the series of patriarchs of the East, reformed the abuses in the church, going round from diocese to diocese with a "perambulatory synod," which judged every case on the spot with plenary authority—a precedent so excellent that it is surprising that it has Never been followed. , would Never allow his execution, but feared also to protect him efficiently, and for 7 of the 9 years of his tenure of office he was in prison, ruling his flock thence. Nevertheless, there was a growing estrangement, and a conviction on either side that the other was somehow wrong, which was strengthened as the church in Persia slowly realized that the man whom they called "the interpreter" par excellence , Theodore of Mopsuestia, had been condemned at Constantinople. On the other hand, the feudal seigneurs were very seldom of it, and soldiers practically Never. ...
The clergy were usually married, but there was a growing feeling in favour of celibate bishops, though the law passed by Bar-soma was Never repealed
Ephesians, Book of - This opinion, which was Never widely held, took the position that Paul was writing from an imprisonment in Ephesus and that the “Laodicean” letter was what we have as “Ephesians. Unlike neighboring Laodicea, Colosse was Never built back. He offered instead Christianity as a religion of divine provision, salvation by faith in God's providing what humans could Never attain. In the New Testament, theology and ethics are bound together; they are Never to be separated
Insight - The limits or even the precise nature of this faculty of insight have Never been adequately defined. Here the difficulty of interpretation frequently lies in the fact that the commentator often attempts to force upon them a materialistic meaning that was Never intended. He Never argues. This is everywhere the doctrine of Scripture, and has Never been more clearly or beautifully stated than in the Westminster Confession of Faith (ch
the Rich Man And Lazarus - And if he is not a truly good man before he is a rich man; if he is not a meek, modest, humble-minded, considerate Christian gentleman before he is a rich man, a thousand to one he Never will become such a gentleman after he has become rich. And Abraham said, Son, remember! And the smoke of their torment went up, as Never before, when they all began again to remember. 'Only, I Never opened them. He Never spoke to me alone
Common Life - It was Never His purpose to draw up anything like a code of laws for the regulation of human life. There were, indeed, the Essenes at the time of Christ, but that community was Never a large one, nor were their tenets so opposed to the truths He taught as to demand His special attention. The Baptist, it is true, was an ascetic (Matthew 3:4 || Mark 1:6, Matthew 11:18 || Luke 19:11-274); but we Never find him commanding others to lead his life. Wealth is Never really our own
the Ethiopian Eunuch - But, better late than Never. And my prayer lies there to this day, like Philip's sermon, Never finished, and that is five-and-twenty years ago. "I see it!" and we both sprang to our feet; and, instead of the rest of my prayer to God I said to the farmer, "Never lose sight of it, then. Never lose sight of it all your days!" He did lose sight of it, and went back, to the breaking of his minister's heart
the Queen of Sheba - For, so far as I have seen, that wonderful woman has Never had adequate justice done to her. If I once find the Name of the Lord in the life of any Old Testament man or woman, I can Never again forget that man or that woman. You remember it, and Never an hour of any day can you forget it. But I would have had things in my heart worse than captiousness or frivolousness; things that I would Never have told to Solomon, or to Nathan, or even to the high priest over the scapegoat
Christ - When, as in the former, the apostle saith, "he is the Image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature; for by him were all things created that are in heaven, and that are in earth;" nothing can be more plain, than that this could Never be said of the Son of God, as the Son of God only, for in his GODHEAD, he could Never be said to be "the first born of every creature;" neither could it be of the Lord Jesus as man only, for then, how could "all things be created by him that are in heaven, and in earth?" But if we read the whole passage, as the apostle evidently meant it, with an eye to Christ, as the Christ of God, that is, God and man in one person, constituting God-man Mediator; in this sense every, difficulty vanisheth. " And who was it that the apostle saith, in this same chapter, was anointed with the oil of gladness above his fellows? Whom are the angels commanded to worship, when JEHOVAH brings in this first begotten into the world? Not surely, the Son of God as God only, neither the Son of man as man only; for of either, separately, these things could Never be spoken. Without him they are void of meaning, and Never to be fulfilled; but in him they are all yea, and amen
Antioch - 20]'>[1]), but its moral repute was Never high. ...
‘Amidst all this luxury the Muses did not find themselves at home; science in earnest and not less earnest art were Never truly cultivated in Syria and more especially in Antioch. Their wit Never spared anybody who seemed worthy of their attention. While Antioch was Never wanting in respect for Jerusalem, contributing liberally to its poor in a time of famine, and consulting its leaders in all matters of doctrine and practice, her distinguishing characteristic was her evangelistic originality
Jacob - Nevertheless, Isaac intended to bestow the blessing of the firstborn upon Esau. The blind father pronounced the blessing he could Never recall. Laban proposed the terms as (1) Never ill-treating his daughters, (2) Never marrying any other women, and (3) establishing the site of the covenant as a boundary neither would cross with evil intent
Widow - Job's comforters accused him of heinous crimes, particularly of oppressing the widow (Job 22:9 ), but he countered with the argument that he Never sent away a begging widow without food and he often made her broken heart sing (29:13; 31:16). I will Never be a widow or suffer the loss of children" (Isaiah 47:8 ). The church was a widow, while proud Rome boasted: "I sit as a queen; I am not a widow, and I will Never mourn" (Revelation 18:7 )
David - With these, however, unaccustomed as he was to such harness (an additional proof that he had Never yet been Saul's armor-bearer), David refuses to go. The sword was Never to depart from his house. And it Never did
Jephthah - Further, Jephthah reasons, Balak did not strive against Israel for the once Moabite land taken by the Amorites then transferred to Israel; he bribed Balaam indeed to curse them, but Never fought against them. ...
They would Never have come to praise a human sacrifice; Scripture would Never have recorded without censure an anti-theocratic abomination
Arabia - It has, in agreement with prophecy, Never been subdued; and its inhabitants, at once pastoral, commercial, and warlike, are the same wild, wandering people as the immediate descendants of their great ancestor Ishmael are represented to have been. And although the current of trade is now turned, caravans of merchants, the descendants of these people, may still be found traversing the same deserts, conveying the same articles, and in the same manner as described by Moses!...
The singular and important fact that Arabia has Never been conquered, has already been cursorily adverted to. Gibbon, "are temporary or local; the body of the nation has escaped the yoke of the most powerful monarchies: the arms of Sesostris and Cyrus, of Pompey, and Trajan, could Never achieve the conquest of Arabia; the present sovereign of the Turks may exercise a shadow of jurisdiction, but his pride is reduced to solicit the friendship of a people whom it is dangerous to provoke, and fruitless to attack. Petra, the capital of the Stony Arabia, and the principal settlement of the Nabathaei, it is true, was long in the hands of the Persians and Romans; but this Never made them masters of the country. ...
The Arabian tribes were confounded by the Greeks and Romans under the indiscriminate appellation of Saracens; a name whose etymology has been variously, but Never satisfactorily, explained. So little, indeed, did the physicians of Europe in that age know of the history of their own science, that they were astonished, on the revival of learning, to find in the ancient Greek authors those systems for which they thought themselves indebted to the Arabians!...
The last remnant of Arabian science was found in Spain; from whence it was expelled in the beginning of the seventeenth century, by the intemperate bigots of that country, who have Never had any thing of their own with which to supply its place. But perhaps their sense of perfect equality in the mind of their chief could not be more forcibly shown, than in the share they took in the objects which appeared to interest his feelings; and as I looked from the elders or leaders of the people, seated immediately around him, to the circles beyond circles of brilliant faces, bending eagerly toward him and his guest, (all, from the most respectably clad to those with hardly a garment covering their active limbs, earnest to evince some attention to the stranger he bade welcome,) I thought I had Never before seen so complete an assemblage of fine and animated countenances, both old and young: nor could I suppose a better specimen of the still existing state of the true Arab; nor a more lively picture of the scene which must have presented itself, ages ago, in the fields of Haran, when Terah sat in his tent door, surrounded by his sons, and his sons' sons, and the people born in his house
Christianity - It represents its Founder as now exercising the office of the High Priest of the human race before God, and as having sat down at his right hand, a mediatorial and reconciling government being committed to him, until he shall come to judge all nations, and distribute the rewards of eternity to his followers, and inflict its Never-terminating punishments upon those who reject him. Of its just and sublime conceptions and exhibitions of the divine character; of the truth of that view of the moral state of man upon which its disciplinary treatment is founded; of the correspondence that there is between its views of man's mixed relation to God as a sinful creature, and yet pitied and cared for, and that actual mixture of good and evil, penalty and forbearance, which the condition of the world presents; of the connection of its doctrine of atonement with hope; of the adaptation of its doctrine of divine influence to the moral condition of mankind when rightly understood, and the affecting benevolence and condescension which it implies; and of its noble and sanctifying revelations of the blessedness of a future life, much might be said:—they are subjects indeed on which volumes have been written, and they can Never be exhausted. Those who Never enjoyed the benefit of revelation, Never conceived justly and comprehensively of that moral state of the heart from which right and beneficent conduct alone can flow; and therefore when they speak of the same virtues as those enjoined by Christianity, they are to be understood as attaching to them a lower idea. To this influential motive as a reason of obedience, is added another, drawn from its end: one not less influential, but which Heathen moralists Never knew,—the testimony that we please God, manifested in the acceptance of our prayers, and in spiritual and felicitous communion with him. A Pagan could draw, though not with lines so perfect, a beau ideal of virtue, which he Never thought attainable; but the "full assurance of hope" is given by the religion of Christ to all who are seeking the moral renovation of their nature; because "it is God that worketh in us to will and to do of his good pleasure. Beside, the Gospel was first preached and first believed by multitudes in Judea, where Jesus exercised his ministry, and where every individual had the means of knowing whether the things that were told him were matters of fact; and in this country, the scene of the principal transactions on which its credibility depended, the history of Christ could Never have been received, unless it had been true, and known to all as truth
Cross, Crucifixion - While crucifixion is not mentioned often in the book, two key places let us know that it is Never far from Paul's mind. Those who are compelling others to be circumcised are avoiding being persecuted "for the cross of Christ" (6:12), and Paul expressly declares that he will Never boast in anything except "the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world" (v
Malachi - Not identical with Ezra, as Chaldee paraphrase represents, for Malachi is Never called a scribe, always a prophet, but Ezra always a scribe, Never a prophet
Canon of the Old Testament - " The Apocrypha was Never in the Hebrew canon. It Never accuses them of altering the Scriptures
Unicorn - But this is by no means so well founded, as to be admitted as the only argument for establishing the existence of...
an animal, which Never has appeared after the search of so many ages. " The rhinoceros, though next in size, yet in docility and ingenuity greatly inferior, to the elephant, has Never yet been tamed, so as to assist the labours of mankind, or to appear in the ranks of war
Death - ...
Through the cloud of his humiliation his native lustre often broke forth, but Never did it shine so bright as now. This was the hour of Christ's triumph over all the powers of darkness; the hour in which he overthrew dominions and thrones, led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men; then it was that the foundation of every pagan temple shook; the statue of every false god totterd on its base; the priest fled from his falling shrine, and the heathen oracles became dumb for ever!...
This was the hour when our Lord erected that spiritual kingdom which is Never to end
Wisdom of Christ - Only abstract possibilities, which were Never to be realized, were hidden from Him. Human nature is essentially finite, and therefore the human soul of Christ, though glorified, can Never completely know the Infinite Essence of God
Motives - Motives pose at least a twofold dilemma: (1) the status of a good deed done for the wrong reason or an evil deed done with good (or even without) intent; and (2) the effect of a motive (good or bad) that Never has opportunity to find fulfillment. ...
God's careful scrutiny of motives ("searching the heart") indicates that motives and intentions Never resulting in action are still judged by God
Lie, Lying - It can Never be right to lie because it is contrary to the nature of God. Never, however, is lying a prerequisite to fulfilling the divine plan
Minister - Instead of the poor Italian water-bearer, we see before us the man of God, whose voice is heard in the chief places of concourse, proclaiming the divine invitation, 'Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters!' until he grows grey in the service, ançl men say, 'Surely those aged limbs have need of rest ;' yet rest he courts not, but pursues his task of mercy; Never laying down his charge till he lays down his body, and Never ceasing to work until he ceases to live
Decius, Emperor - Fear did its work on many whose faith had Never had any real groundwork in conviction. Some who thus withdrew from the common life of men Never returned to it (e
Ararat - ...
The summit of Ararat has Never been reached, though several attempts have been made; and if the ark rested on the summit, it is certain that those who have spoken of its fragments being seen there in different ages, must have been imposed upon. Porter, "have Never been trodden by the foot of man since the days of Noah, if even then; for my idea is, that the ark rested in the space between these heads, and not on the top of either
Stumbling - I therefore proposed to the guide to exchange with me; a favour which he had hitherto Never refused, and for which I was the more anxious as the beast that he rode was of the very best kind. Should we meet with a band of those Curds, what could we do but fly? And if you, Frank, rode this horse, and I that, we could Never escape; for I doubt you could not keep him up from falling under ME , as I did under YOU
Only- Begotten - ‘The Divine essence was so peculiarly communicated to the Word that there Never was any other person naturally begotten of the Father, and in that respect Christ is the only begotten Son of God’ (Pearson; cf. In the later writers Christ is said to be ἀγένητος in His Godhead-there Never was a time before He came into existence; but He was not ἀγέννητος
Restoration - ...
Similarly, the same fact of the eternal and necessary association of suffering with sin is expressed in Mark 9:43-48 ‘the worm that dieth not,’ and ‘the fire that Never shall be quenched. John 3:14) He declares that His ‘lifting up’ shall be the means of ‘drawing all men’ to Himself, and His words are naturally interpreted as expressing His hope and expectation of a complete redemption of mankind, and can scarcely be satisfied by saying that though this is the natural effect, it may Never be the actual effect of His supreme sacrifice. ’ And though this may be conceded, and though we must not be blind to the fact that the issues thus gloriously expressed were not fully thought out by the Apostle or applied to the question of Restoration, yet, based as they are upon the Person of Christ and supplemented by the principles of His teaching and revelation, they may be taken to express a sober and restrained hopefulness for the ultimate issue, which shall Never for a moment be suffered to lessen the evangelic urgency that ‘Now is the accepted time; now is the day of salvation’ (2 Corinthians 6:2). ...
The hope of a final completion of the Divine purpose in the restoration from sin’s dominion of all mankind must derive much of its force from a contemplation of the alternatives; from the difficulty of supposing a Divine purpose and will eternally active yet Never attaining to its desire, or of conceiving of any human soul as eternally incapable of responding to the all-pervasive Love of God, or of thinking of any eternal felicity of the blessed which can be undisturbed by the knowledge of living souls abiding in a hopeless doom. They are reinforced by the human love for its own kind, which at its highest finds voice in Browning (Saul):...
‘Would I fain in my impotent yearning do all for this man,...
And dare doubt He alone shall not help him, who yet alone can?’...
And on these rests the conviction that ‘faith in the exceeding grandeur of reality shall Never be confounded’ (Sir O
Balaam - The Great Prophet Himself Never answered Balak better than that. And even Aaron, who was Moses' mouth, Never came within sight of the sacred eloquence of Balaam. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name, and in Thy name have cast out devils‚ and in Thy name have done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I Never knew you. We would Never have taken that angel for an angel of the Lord had he not been so named of the sacred writer. You may try to shut your eyes, and you may let Balak lead you about promising you your wages, but you shall Never see the place where you can give your whole heart to evil, or where you can sin on without an inward rebuke
Wandering Stars - ...
Of the three great Asiatic religions which have poured into Europe, the youngest has Never found any difficulty about war; to Islam war is a power, not a problem. -The religion of Jesus was Never intended to spread by force of arms. He Never aimed at heading a Galilaean revolt against the Roman power, and in fact. Josephus is speaking more as a pro-Roman than as a Pharisee when he argues that, as the Jews have Never succeeded in war, they are evidently meant by God to be pacifists (see below), but the Pharisaic party practically acted on a policy of inaction. But Christians are Never for a moment supposed to take any part in the former; it is a clash of pagan powers. There was Never any serious fear of armed rebellion on the part of Christians against the Roman power. But, whenever investigations were made, the idea of a political menace disappeared
Peter - The genuineness of 1 Peter has Never been seriously questioned
Crete - (creete) A long, narrow, mountainous island south of mainland Greece, running 170 miles east-west but Never more than about 35 miles wide
Chariot - It was not from Egypt, however, which was Never a horse-breeding country, that these were imported as stated in the corrupt text of 1 Kings 10:28 f
Woman - In OT ( ’ishshâh , ‘woman,’ ‘wife’; nĕqçbâh [1], ‘female’) woman’s position is one of inferiority and subjection to man ( Genesis 3:13 ); and yet, in keeping with the view that ideally she is his companion and ‘help meet’ ( Genesis 2:18-24 ), she Never sinks into a mere drudge or plaything
Good, Goodness - ...
For the Christian or the faithful Israelite, goodness has Never been a matter of outward behavior alone; it comes from within
Bethel - It was ordered by God that the votaries of the calf worship at Bethel Never dared to violate the sepulchre and title of the prophet who denounced their idol
Enter, Entering, Entrance - ...
Notes: (1) Erchomai, "to come," is Never translated "to enter," in the RV; in the AV, Mark 1:29 ; Acts 18:7
Talmud - Some of the popes, with a barbarous zeal, and a timidity of spirit, for the success of the Christian religion, which the belief of its divinity can Never excuse, ordered great numbers of the Talmud to be burned
Babylon, Kingdom of - 538, and though it revolted more than once in later years, it Never succeeded in maintaining its independence
Strife - Paul was a keen controversialist, he Never wrote a letter that did not contain the word ‘peace
Hell - a worm that Never dies, Mark 9:44 ; Mark 9:48 , the second death, Revelation 21:8
Hell - a worm that Never dies, Mark 9:44 ; Mark 9:48 , the second death, Revelation 21:8
Thomas - His unbelief was Never a failure to respond to the spiritual truth and love brought to him by his Master; at most it was an inability to accept unexpected and marvellous external manifestations of that truth
Circoncelliones - Never was a stronger proof what horrors superstition can beget in minds destitute of knowledge and humanity
Vision - Peter’s vision, whilst it conveyed to him God’s revelation as to his treatment of the conscientious Gentile, was presented in a concrete form, the objectivity of which seems Never to have been questioned (Acts 10)
Reconciliation - But as God's love was side by side from everlasting with His justice, Christ's sacrifice is Never expressly said to propitiate God (but Hebrews 2:17 virtually implies something like it), lest that sacrifice should seem antecedent to and producing God's grace
Measure - I'll Never pause again, ...
Till either death hath clos'd these eyes of mine, ...
Or fortune given me measure of revenge
Judgment - The gods of the heathen were capricious and unpredictable; their worshipers could Never know what they would do next, nor whether what they themselves did would be pleasing to their deities or not
Priest - ...
There is sufficient reason, however, to believe, that it was Never disposed of but to some descendant of Aaron capable of filling it, had the older branches been extinct
Generation - In the sense of (c) it is found only in Matthew 1:17 and apparently Never in its original sense (a)
Governor - They administered the law with a competence and a justice which have Never been surpassed
Atticus, Archbaptist of Constantinople - " This gave great offence to pope Boniface and the emperor Honorius, and the decree was Never put into execution
Dancing - —In the East, dancing has Never been regarded as an end in itself and promoted as an entertainment chiefly for those actively taking part in it, but rather as a demonstration of feeling due to some special incident or situation
Leaf - The godly Christian will Never hide his identity with CHRIST, but will always be confessing Him
Philip the Evangelist - " for He was Never incarcerated), i
Asiarch - The word Ἀσιάρχης is Never feminine, whereas the title ‘high priestess of Asia’ is often applied to the wife of the high priest
Idolatry - The Hebrews Never had any idols of their own, but they adopted those of the nations around
Eating - The Jews Never sat down to the table until that they had first washed their hands
Esau - This he wholly disregarded, and Never repented that he had so done
Faith - An Almighty Promiser that Never can out-promise himself
Unperfect - It Never could be said to be imperfect
Crucified - "...
As crucifixion was not only the most painful but the most disgraceful of all deaths, the Roman law Never allowed a Roman, be his crime whatever it might, to be thus degraded
Evagrius Ponticus, Anchoret And Writer - 260), and including in his book de Monachis many who Never were monks at all, and also Origenists who had been condemned by their bishops
Jeremi'ah - We find him sensitive to a most painful degree, timid, shy, hopeless, desponding, constantly complaining and dissatisfied with the course of events, but Never flinching from duty
Baruch - He appears to have acted as his secretary during a great part of his life, and Never left him till they were parted by death
New - These languages, however, were 'new' and 'different,' not in the sense that they had Never been heard before, or that they were new to the hearers, for it is plain from Acts 2:8 that this is not the case; they were new languages to the speakers, different from those in which they were accustomed to speak
Like, Liken - (3) In John 7:46 , AV, the combination of the adverb houtos, thus, with hos, "as," is translated "like," RV "(never man) so (spake)
Philistines - It resembles our own western prairies; and bears splendid crops year after year, though miserably cultivated and Never manured
Psychology - ...
Heart is used for the inner life, the principles, motives, purposes ( Genesis 6:5 , Psalms 51:10 , Ezekiel 36:26 , Matthew 15:19 , 2 Corinthians 3:3 ), without precise distinction of the intellectual, emotional, or volitional functions; but it can Never, as the preceding terms, be used for the whole man
Spirit - Thus Christ "preached" to the Ephesians, whom he Never visited in person, Ephesians 2:17
Samaritans - Great interest has been taken in them by the learned of Europe; and a correspondence has several times been instituted with them which, however, has Never led to results of any great importance
Ostrich - Shaw remarks, "forsakes her eggs or her young ones, to which, perhaps, she Never returns; or if she does, it may be too late either to restore life to the one, or to preserve the lives of the others
Waste - He will Never, I think, in the way of waste, attempt us again
Isaiah - "Like Xerxes in Greece, Sennacherib Never recovered from the shock of the disaster in Judah
Jeremi'ah - We find him sensitive to a most painful degree, timid, shy, hopeless, desponding, constantly complaining and dissatisfied with the course of events, but Never flinching from duty
Pheoenix - Luke Never saw the harbour in question, but merely described it from hearsay, he may have received the wrong impression that it looked N
Generation - In the sense of (c) it is found only in Matthew 1:17 and apparently Never in its original sense (a)
Day of Atonement - The high priest laid his hands on the animal’s head, confessed over it the sins of the people, and sent it far away into the wilderness so that it could Never return
Ecclesiastes - The writer is frustrated that he cannot know God’s purposes, but he Never doubts that those purposes exist (3:11; 8:16-17; 9:1a)
Bible, Canon of the - The Torah or Pentateuch was immediately acknowledged as authoritative and Never questioned thereafter. Therefore, the Jewish people of Bible times Never had the complete Old Testament as we know it. Analysis of the process is more historical than biblical, since the church of the New Testament, like the Israel of the Old Testament, Never had the complete canon during the time spanned by its canonical literature
Woman (2) - This fact, though it could have been known to only a very few during His lifetime, had Nevertheless its own particular bearing. From this it is clear that whilst He gave her, who was blessed indeed amongst women in being His mother, full opportunities for the development of her mind and spirit, Never checking during those thirty years those natural desires to know all that He would tell her of the Kingdom of which the angel had spoken to her, yet He chiefly valued in her the growth of those spiritual graces which had led to her being selected for the high position she held. His hatred of the sin Never dominates over His love of the sinner. Simon was right in feeling that a prophet who knew the character of the woman who had intruded into his house would Never have allowed her such close fellowship as the Saviour allowed
Creation - Naturally such constructions confine their operations to the systematic and semi-scientific account of Genesis 1:1-31 ; for it has probably Never occurred to any one to vindicate the scientific accuracy of the more imaginative narrative of J Education (2) - ]'>[4] ...
Not being designed for a Rabbi, Jesus Never studied at any of the Scribal Colleges; but once He sat at the feet of the Rabbis in the House of the Midrash at Jerusalem—on that memorable occasion when, on attaining the age of twelve years and becoming ‘a son of the Law,’ He for the first time (?) accompanied Joseph and Mary on their annual pilgrimage to the sacred capital to celebrate the Feast of the Passover. ...
It made Jesus an object of disdain in the eyes of the rulers that He had Never attended a Rabbinical College. They called Him ‘a Samaritan,’ which was a nickname that they had for one who had Never sat at the feet of the Rabbis
Death - And to the vast mass of mankind to say ‘he is dead’ has Never meant ‘he is non-existent. In the few stories which we have in the Gospels of His raising the dead to life, the raising is Never represented as a deliverance and a good for the person brought back. This gives point also to our Lord’s promise that the believer shall Never die ( John 11:26 )
Music - This is a contrivance which the Greeks, with all their ingenuity, Never hit upon. "I have Never been able," says the doctor, "to discover in any remains of Greek sculpture, an instrument furnished with a neck; and Father Montfaucon says that in examining the representations of near five hundred ancient lyres, harps, and citharas, he Never met with one in which there was any contrivance for shortening the strings during the time of performance, as by a neck and finger board. Nevertheless, the following passage makes it evident that women, likewise, were thus employed: "God gave to Heman fourteen sons and three daughters; and all these were under the hands of their father for song in the house of the Lord, with cymbals, psalteries, and harps, for the service of the house of God," 1 Chronicles 25:5-6
Houses - The principal design of this quadrangle, is to give light to the house, and admit the fresh air into the apartments; it is also the place where the master of the house entertains his company, who are seldom or Never honoured with admission into the inner apartments. These large windows admit the light and the breeze into spacious apartments of the same length with the court, but which seldom or Never communicate with one another. I Never saw any picture that could give a more correct idea of a deluge than the valley of the Nile in this season
the Man Which Sowed Good Seed in His Field But His Enemy Came And Sowed Tares Among the Wheat - And, moreover, what I have acted on more than once as I had opportunity, and have proved it to be true and trustworthy teaching, and have Never repented it. And, besides, such are the resources and appliances of civilisation in our day, that you can sow your evil seed under cover of anonymity, and your best friend will Never know whose hand it was that stabbed him in the dark. And now, before leaving this point, I will add this-I am not an author, nor a journalist, but a preacher, and I will therefore add this-that he is a happy preacher who has lived through many times and seasons of temptation, and has Never sown some of the tares of his own temper, and of his own partial mind, in his preaching, and even in his prayers. For, from the beginning, that poisonous seed was, somehow, insinuated, and was already buried deep in the very original ground and soil of the soul; and so insinuated, and so rooted, that with the best husbandry it is Never got out of the soil of the soul in this world
Paul as an Evangelical Mystic - Almighty God Never designed nor decreed nor executed anything in eternity or in time, to compare, for one moment, for mysteriousness, with Christ. "I am the bread of life: he that cometh to Me shall Never hunger; and he that believeth in Me shall Never thirst. I am crucified with Christ, Nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ Iiveth in me. And if God expresses it Never so plainly and properly, he will still think that God is speaking in riddles and parables. " But why argue out such remote and historical instances when we have it all within ourselves? Let any man among ourselves carry about Christ in his own heart; let any man abide in Christ as the branch abides in the vine: let any man cleave as close to Christ as a member of our body cleaves close to its head: let any man say unceasingly every day, and in every cross and temptation of every day, "I am crucified with Christ: Nevertheless I live: yet not I, but Christ liveth in me;" and you will be absolutely sure to find that man the most willing, the most active, the most practical, and the most efficient man in every kind of Christian work
WATCH well, Miriam, and Never let thine eyes off that ark of bulrushes Watch that little ark with all thy wit, for no other maiden shall ever have such another watch till the fulness of time, when another Miriam shall watch over another child still more fair to God. Aaron Never had much mind of his own. Was she glad in her heart when she heard of Miriam's leprosy? Did she laugh behind the door like Sarah? Did she say, Let her rot in the wilderness, for she deserves it? Was she sad all the eighth day and night after Miriam had been healed? Or, did she go up to the court of the Ethiopians, and there importune her brother Aaron to importune his God on behalf of his sister? Did she look out at the gate many times every day all that week, but could Never see or hear Miriam for weeping? Did she buy the two birds for the cleansing of a leper with her own money, and did she have them all ready with her own hands for days before Aaron could as yet take Miriam back? I do not know. Miriam's name is Never heard of again in Israel
Righteous, Righteousness - self-development is included in the end, but it can Never come through selfishness. The Lord’s Prayer opens, not with petition, but with adoration and thanksgiving; and petition must be qualified with the thought, ‘nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done’ (Luke 22:42). He uses also the term ‘brother’ in a no less catholic sense, in all probability, though He Never explicitly tells His disciples that they are to consider all men as brethren (see Matthew 7:3; Matthew 18:15; Matthew 18:21, Luke 17:3-4). Mark 9:35); and He called the scribes and Pharisees ‘children of hell’ (Matthew 23:15)—a term which he Never applies even to the publican or the harlot—because He found in their self-exaltation and censoriousness (cf. He made a rule of observing it, but Never in a literal, slavish manner. * Bethlehem - It is noteworthy that Bethlehem is Never mentioned as having been visited by our Lord or in any way associated with His ministry. ...
Bethlehem, notwithstanding its royal associations and its renown as the birthplace of the world’s Redeemer, has Never been, and is Never likely to be, more in the eye of the world than ‘little among the thousands of Judah’ (Luke 2:10-11). ’ Even so, it can Never be deprived of its associations with the Messianic King of Israel, ‘whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting’ (Micah 5:2), associations which exalt it to the loftiest eminence, and surround it with a glory that cannot fade. 13) says, ‘The angel commanded the beast to stop, for her time to bear had come; and he directed the Blessed Mary to come down from the animal and to enter a cave below a cavern in which there was Never any light, but always darkness, because it could not receive the light of day
Death - Jesus waited until Lazarus had been dead four days and declared to Martha, “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall Never die” ( 1653218798_3 ). Because the Bible also affirms the value of life as a gift from God, death is sometimes depicted as threatening and Never entirely desirable
Jonah, Theology of - One cannot even go out on the sea to the farthest reaches of the earth where the Word of God has Never been spoken (1:4; cf. ...
While life still remains, it is Never too late to pray for salvation
Alexander, of Alexandria - He is also said by tradition to have Never read the Gospels in a sitting posture, and to have Never eaten on fast days while the sun was in the sky (Bolland
Greek Church - They administer the communion in both kinds to the laity, both in sickness and in health, though they have Never applied themselves to their confessors; because they are persuaded that a lively faith is all which is requisite for the worthy receiving of the Lord's supper. The secular clergy are subject to no rules, and Never rise higher than high-priest
Hutchinsonians - ...
The doctrines of the Christian faith are attested by the whole natural world: they are recorded in a language which has Never been confounded; they are written in a text which shall Never be corrupted
Sea, the Salt, - Robinson "could Never swim before, either in fresh or salt water," yet here he "could sit, stand, lie or swim without difficulty. But on the other hand, there is something in the prevalent sterility and the dry, burnt look of the shores, the overpowering heat, the occasional smell of sulphur, the dreary salt marsh at the southern end, and the fringe of dead driftwood round the margin, which must go far to excuse the title which so many ages have attached to the lake, and which we may be sure it will Never lose
Esther, Book of - Of its authorship we know nothing further than that the writer was a Jew who must have been in some way connected with Persia; the book shows him to have been one whose racial prejudice was much stronger than his religious fervour; it is extraordinary that a book of the Bible should Never once mention the sacred name of God; the secular spirit which is so characteristic of the book must have been the main reason of the disinclination to incorporate it into the Scriptures, which has been already referred to. In the night after the first banquet, Ahasuerus, being unable to sleep, commands that the book of records of the chronicles be brought; in these he finds the account of Mordecai’s former service, which has Never been rewarded
Malachi, Theology of - God would Never forget his covenant with Abraham by abandoning his people (3:6). His love for Israel continued in spite of their sin, and he would Never forget that they were his covenant people (3:6)
Learning - ...
Of Jesus Himself His enemies asked (John 7:15), ‘How knoweth this man letters (γράμματα), having Never learned?’ No doubt it was true that He had Never studied Jewish theology at any of the great Rabbinical schools
Red Heifer - Moses was commanded to speak unto the children of Israel to bring a red heifer without spot, wherein was no blemish, and upon which Never came yoke. " (1 Peter 1:19)...
Thirdly, that particularity of the red heifer in the Jewish church, that it should be one upon which there Never came yoke, is of all others the most striking, as typical of Christ; and the more so, be cause, among all the sacrifices under the law, it is the only one we ever meet with of such an appoint ment
Samuel - Samuel assures them Nevertheless God will forgive and bless them if loyal to Him, but otherwise He will consume both them and their king (1 Samuel 9-12). not that sacrifice was not required, for God ordained it, but it can Never be made a cloak for neglecting the moral, spiritual end for which the positive ordinance of sacrifice existed. Tender sympathy Never led Samuel to give Saul public sanction; but now he is called on to anoint another in Saul's room, and to be of one mind with God in all that God does
Millennium - Though there have been no age of the church in which the millennium was not admitted by individual divines of the first eminence, it is yet evident, from the writings of Eusebius, Irenxus, Origen, and others, among the ancients, as well as from the histories of Dupin, Mosheim, and all the moderns, that it was Never adopted by the whole church or made an article of the established creed in any nation. That the Scriptures afford us ground to believe that the church will arrive to a state of prosperity which it Never has yet enjoyed, Revelation 20:4 ; Revelation 20:7
Angel - Others (cherubim and archangels) are Never compared to one another in terms of rank. But when God created angels the Bible Never reveals
John, Gospel of - But his name Never appears in John’s Gospel. Some even thought he would Never die (John 9:1-1295)
Poverty of Spirit - In the poor, the instinct for truth had Never been perverted by mistaken habit and education. God could not bestow His gift on those who had Never, in a deep sense of personal unworthiness, realized their need of it
Incarnation (2) - Christian theology has thrown off the blight of the old Deism, listens with delight to the expositions of Science, and names the thought, reason, law, life, force, whose operations science can trace, but whose essence she can Never define, God, the same God who is the life of man. (1) Between Him and God the relations were such as Never existed in the case of any other man. Jesus, moreover, loved God with the strength of a nature which had Never been injured by any breach with God. He who taught others to pray for forgiveness, and Never besought it of the Divine mercy for Himself; He who proclaimed the necessity of regeneration for all men, and Himself Never passed through any such phase of experience; He who in tenderest sympathy drew close to the sinner’s side, and yet always manifested a singular aloofness of spirit, and Never included Himself among the objects of the Divine compassion; He who made it His vocation to die for the remission of sins, must have been, in actual fact, sinless:—either that, or He must have been sunk in a moral darkness more profound than sin ordinarily produces, even in the worst of men. The difference between Jesus and other good men is this, that while He has produced a conviction of sin immeasurably more profound than they have evoked among their admirers, He has also awakened a confidence and a peace which they have Never wrought in their closest imitators
Desire - Pleasure, according to Plato, is always a process towards the normal condition of a subject, and is Never in itself an end. The absence of finality from pleasure proves that pleasure taken by itself could Never be the end of life. He is Never merely intellectual, and is Never wholly practical. For the merely logical understanding Never leads to action. ’ Thus Mill would find it necessary to show that people Never do desire anything save pleasure or happiness. An analysis of mental states can Never give a complete account of the system to which the self belongs, and of the interests and values which are such because they are referred to the self
Authority of Christ - When Jesus said to the rich ruler, ‘Sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me, (Mark 10:21), He failed to win the will of one who Nevertheless was conscious that in refusing obedience he chose the worse part. ...
This holds true whenever we think of the moral or practical authority of Jesus. It is Never legal: that is, we can Never take the letter in which it is expressed and regard it as a statute, incapable of interpretation or modification, and binding in its literal meaning for all persons, all times, all social conditions. His precepts are legal in form, but He came to abolish legalism, and therefore they were Never meant to be literally read. He must be prepared to go all lengths with love, and no matter how love is tried, he must Never renounce it for an inferior principle, still less for an instinctive natural passion, such as the desire for revenge. It is He who contemplates the vain pleas which men will address to Him ‘in that day’—men who with religious profession and service to the Church have Nevertheless been morally unsound. He had not simply intelligence, but intelligence which had been moulded by a certain education, and could only reveal itself through a certain language; and both of these are conditions which (while essential to historical reality) Nevertheless involve limitation. They do not, as they think, set aside the authority of Jesus in doing so: their idea rather is that in these regions Jesus Never claimed to have or to exercise any authority. Hence in regard to all such subjects the question of Jesus’ authority ought Never to be raised: it is not only misleading, but unreal. He filled Jerusalem with His presence in the early days of the Church as He had Never done while He lived on earth; from the very hour when they condemned Him (Matthew 2
Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Her soul was Never stained by original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Wages - The ‘hired servants’ were Never numerous, and mainly aliens
Catholic Indian Missions of the United States - These missions Never attained much prosperity because of the intrigues of English traders, general neglect, and continual attacks from the Indians and were brought to a close by the expulsion of the Jesuits (1764)
Gate - This may mean either the powers of hell, or invisible spirits; or simply death,—the church shall be replenished by living members from generation to generation, so that death shall Never annihilate it
Ten Commandments - (7) It can scarcely be doubted that Jesus had his eye specially if not exclusively on this law, (5:18) as one Never to be repealed from which not one jot or tittle should ever pass away
Temple, Herod's - 70), and was Never rebuilt
Enoch - ...
It vindicates God's government of the world, spiritual and natural, recognizes the Trinity, also Messiah "the Son of man" (the name "Jesus" Never occurs), "the Elect One" from eternity, before whom "all kings shall fall down, and on whom they shall fix their hopes," the supreme Judge, who shall punish eternally the wicked and reward the just
Death, Death-Stroke - "Death" is the opposite of life; it Never denotes nonexistence
Saul, King of Israel - ...
After this, Saul Never saw Samuel again (1 Samuel 15:35). Nevertheless, he brought stability and security to Israel through victories over all those nations that had previously attacked around Israel’s borders (1 Samuel 14:47-48; 1 Samuel 15:7; 1 Samuel 17:52-53)
Lord's Name Taken in Vain - To such I would earnestly say...
Suppose you had some beloved friend, ...
to put the case still more strongly, a departed friend, ...
a revered parent, perhaps, ...
whose image Never occurs without awakening in your bosom sentiments of tender love and lively gratitude; how would you feel if you heard this honoured name bandied about with unfeeling familiarity and indecent levity; or, at best, thrust into every pause of speech as a vulgar expletive?...
Does not your affectionate heart recoil at the thought? And yet the hallowed name of your truest Benefactor, your heavenly Father, your best Friend, to whom you are indebted for all you enjoy; who gives you those very friends in whom you so much delight, those very talents with which you dishonour him, those very organs of speech with which you blaspheme him, is treated with an irreverence, a contempt, a wantonness, with which you cannot bear the very thought or mention of treating a human friend
Servant of the Lord - Those ideals Never became a reality for the nation Israel, and only to a limited extent did they characterize the faithful remnant
Communion (1) - Gratian and the master of the sentences, prescribe it as a rule for the laity to communicate three times a year; at Easter, Whitsuntide, and Christmas: but in the thirteenth century the practice prevailed of Never approaching the Eucharist at Easter; and the council thought fit to enjoin it then by a law, lest their coldness and remissness should go farther still: and the council of Trent renewed the same injunction, and recommended frequent communion without enforcing it by an express decree
Meat - " Thus of the three divisions of offerings "the burnt, the meat, and the peace offering," the meat offering is a "present or oblation" (minchah from a root "to send or offer"), consisting only of flour, grain, and oil, flesh Never being in it as in the other two
Heathen - Doddridge, seems to be this; that none of the heathens will be condemned for not believing the Gospel, but they are liable to condemnation for the breach of God's natural law: Nevertheless, if there be any of them in whom there is a prevailing love to the Divine Being, there seems reason to believe that, for the sake of Christ, though to them unknown, they may be accepted by God; and so much the rather, as the ancient Jews, and even the apostles, during the time of our Saviour's abode on earth, seem to have had but little notion of those doctrines, which those who deny the salvability of the heathens are most apt to imagine, Romans 2:10-22 . Newton, favour the same opinion; the latter of whom thus observes: "If we suppose a heathen brought to a sense of his misery; to a conviction that he cannot be happy without the favour of the great Lord of the world; to a feeling of guilt, and desire of mercy, and that, thought he has no explicit knowledge of a Saviour, he directs the cry of his heart to the unknown Supreme, to have mercy upon him; who will prove that such views and desires can arise in the heart of a sinner, without the energy of that Spirit which Jesus is exalted to bestow? Who will take upon him to say, that his blood has not sufficient efficacy to redeem to God a sinner who is thus disposed, though he have Never heard of his name? Or who has a warrant to affirm, that the supposition I have made is in the nature of things impossible to be realized?" Newton's Messiah; Dr
Immaculate Conception - Her soul was Never stained by original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Immaculate Conception, Feast of the - Her soul was Never stained by original sin, nor by the depraved emotions, passions, and weaknesses consequent on that sin, but created in a state of original sanctity, innocence, and justice
Desert - Arabah is Never used to describe pasturelands
Magnificat - No personal fear of the reproach of shame, which might be, and indeed was, levelled against her, no personal pride in the destiny vouchsafed to her, mar our impression of a soul accustomed to commune with God, and therefore Never lacking words of praise
Adam - ...
The anticipation of being like God Never materialized
Sad'Ducees - (Matthew 16:1,4,6 ) Christ Never assailed the Sadducees with the same bitter denunciations which he uttered against the Pharisees
Heir - A Jew could Never wholly alienate his land by sale (Leviticus 25:23-24)
Repose - The words of Jesus, however, teach that to take His yoke and bear His burden, to live and serve as He teaches and as He lived and served Himself, will itself be ἀνάπαυσις as compared with other modes of living and serving, the yoke of which is Never to be resumed
Reward (2) - Christian labour and sacrifice are Never in vain
Nestorians - They believed that in Christ there were not only two natures, but two persons; of which the one was divine, even the eternal word; and the other, which was human, was the man Jesus: that these two persons had only one aspect: that the union between the Son of God and the son of man was formed in the moment of the virgin's conception, and was Never to be dissolved: that it was not, however, an union of nature or of person, but only of will and affection. Nevertheless, the Nestorians in general persevere to our own times in their refusal to enter into the communion of the Romish church, notwithstanding the earnest entreaties and alluring offers that have been made by the pope's legate to conquer their inflexible constancy
Do - ...
A jest with a sad brow will do with a fellow who Never had the ache in his shoulders
Saints - ...
Saints, in the New Testament, are Never deceased individuals who have been canonized by the church and given sainthood
Spain - Paul ever reached this goal, he must have made Latin for a time his missionary language, for even when half the population of Rome was speaking Greek, Spain was Never in any degree Hellenized
Gift - He will Never refuse the gift of the Holy Spirit to them that ask (Luke 11:11-13, Matthew 7:11), for it is His ‘good pleasure’ to give them ‘the kingdom’ (Luke 12:32)
Hair (2) - ‘Kamitha had seven sons who all performed the office of high priests; they asked of her how she came to this honour? She answered, “The rafters of my house Never saw the hair of my head” ’ (Vayyikra Rabba, fol
Deacon - ...
In Acts the word diakonos is Never once employed, but Acts 6:1-6 , where we read of the appointment of the Seven, sheds a ray of light on its history, and probably serves to explain how from the general sense of one who renders Christian service it came to be applied to a special officer of the Church
Baptism - We should note that it is Never the element that is moved, but always the person
Camel, Camel's Hair - 38), ‘As for those who declare our signs to be lies, and who scorn them, the doors of heaven will not be open to them, nor will they enter Paradise, until a camel shall penetrate into the eye of a needle’—that is, Never
Consolation - Amid the storms of this changeful life we cry: ‘Carest thou not that we perish?’ (Mark 4:38),—and Nevertheless the very purpose of His mission was and is that we should have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). His ears are Never closed to our cry (Matthew 21:22)
Blood - Dâm is used to denote the “blood” of animals, birds, and men (never of fish)
Decapolis - Our Lord visited the Jewish population of Peraea in His later ministry, but He seems Never to have made a tour to the great cities of the Decapolis
Hermes (1) Trismegistus, Writings of Unknown Authorship - The name "Hermes Trismegistus" Never belonged to any single writer
Head - ) The seat of the intellect; the brain; the understanding; the mental faculties; as, a good head, that is, a good mind; it Never entered his head, it did not occur to him; of his own head, of his own thought or will
Bear - ...
I believe this phrase is obsolete, or Never used in America
Marriage - that bishops or pastors ought Never to marry a second wife
Beelzebub or Beelzebul - —It is strange that this name has Never yet been satisfactorily explained; stranger still that no trace of it has been found as yet among the scores of Jewish names for angels and spirits
Martyr - Eusebius, indeed, composed a martyrology, but it Never reached down to us; and those since compiled are extremely suspected
Learning - But to such we can only say what a judicious preacher observed upon a public occasion, that if all men had been as unlearned as themselves, they Never would have had a text on which to have displayed their ignorance
Kingdom, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven - In Daniel 2:44 it is predicted that "In the days of these kings [1] shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall Never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever:" cf
Judge - And what tends infinitely to endear the Lord Jesus under all these characters is, that while he carries on the authority of the one he Never forgets the tenderness of the other
Lucian - There entered then upon the contest two classes of men, who have Never since ceased to persecute Christianity. " He has no farther accusation to make against them here, except the ease with which they allowed their benevolence toward their fellow Christians to be abused by impostors, in which there may be much truth, but there is, Nevertheless, some exaggeration
Name - The Jews were so tenacious of it, that they Never made use of it in their ordinary discourse, even when intending to speak with reverence; but always substituted some other expression, to intimate their meaning without using the very name
Pre-Existence of Jesus Christ - Nor can it be said of Christ, as man, that he was rich, if he were Never in a richer state before than while he was on earth
Mystery - The mystery of godliness, or of true religion, consisted in the several particulars here mentioned by the Apostle; particulars, indeed, which it would Never have "entered into the heart of man to conceive," 1 Corinthians 2:9 , had not God accomplished them in fact, and published them by the preaching of his Gospel; but which, being thus manifested, are intelligible, as facts, to the meanest understanding
Platonists - The outlines of Plato's philosophical system were as follows:—that there is one God, eternal, immutable, and immaterial; perfect in wisdom and goodness, omniscient, and omnipresent: that this all-perfect Being formed the universe out of a mass of eternally preexisting matter, to which he gave form and arrangement: that there is in matter a necessary, but blind and refractory force, which resists the will of the supreme Artificer, so that he cannot perfectly execute his designs; and this is the cause of the mixture of good and evil which is found in the material world: that the soul of man was derived by emanation from God; but that this emanation was not immediate, but through the intervention of the soul of the world, which was itself debased by some material admixture; that the relation which the human soul, in its original constitution, bears to matter, is the source of moral evil; that when God formed the universe, he separated from the soul of the world inferior souls, equal in number to the stars, and assigned to each its proper celestial abode: that these souls were sent down to earth to be imprisoned in mortal bodies; hence arose the depravity and misery to which human nature is liable: that the soul is immortal; and by disengaging itself from all animal passions, and rising above sensible objects to the contemplation of the world of intelligence, it may be prepared to return to its original habitation: that matter Never suffers annihilation, but that the world will remain for ever; and that by the action of its animating principle it accomplishes certain periods, within which everything returns to its ancient place and state
Levites - This innovation was displeasing to the priests; and the Jewish historian remarks, that the ancient customs of the country were Never forsaken with impunity
Aichmalotarch - After that day he lived in a sort of stately oriental seclusion, Never quitting his palace, except to go to the schools of the learned, where, as he entered, the whole assembly rose and continued standing, till he took his seat
Apocalypse - " "To explain this book perfectly," says Bishop Newton, "is not the work of one man, or of one age; but probably it Never will be clearly understood, till it is all fulfilled
Proselyte - Gentiles were allowed to worship and offer sacrifices to the God of Israel in the outer court of the temple; and some of them, persuaded of the sole and universal sovereignty of the Lord Jehovah, might renounce idolatry without embracing the Mosaic law; but such persons appear to me Never to be called proselytes in Scripture, or in any ancient Christian writer
Goat - עתודים , a word which Never occurs but in the plural, and means, the best prepared, or choicest of the flock; and metaphorically princes, as, Zechariah 10:3 , "I will visit the goats, saith the Lord," that is, I will begin my vengeance with the princes of the people
Romans, Epistle to the - Internal evidence is so strongly in favor of the genuineness of the Epistle to the Romans that it has Never been seriously questioned
Church - And the clamor of many to make a united visible church by attacking all creeds and confessions holding the great doctrines of the Scriptures, and in their place to adopt the assumptions of idolatrous churches, will Never be realized
Province - This word, of unknown derivation, originally meant simply ‘a sphere of (magisterial) duty,’ and was applied, for example, to the duty of the prætor urbanus , who was Never permitted to leave Rome
Levites - His innovation in this matter is mentioned by Josephus, who remarked that the ancient customs of the country were Never forsaken with impunity
Rest - A body is at rest, when it ceases to move the mind is at rest, when it ceases to be disturbed or agitated the sea is Never at rest
Apocalyptic Literature - ...
By this time, the ministry of Israelite prophets, which had Never been as prominent after the captivity as before, had almost disappeared entirely
Occupation (2) - He Never allowed danger to interfere with duty—‘Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world
Paradise (2) - This man Never knew much of any world beyond his own world of violence and rapine
Edom - Judah lost Ezion-geber to Edom in the reign of Ahaz and Never regained it (2 Kings 16:6)
Advent, Second - ...
There are two aspects of the coming of the Lord Jesus which should Never be confounded, namely, His coming for His saints, and His coming with His saints
Jews - God's marvellous favours, however were still continued in conducting and supplying them with meat; and the streams issuing from the rock Meribah, followed their camp about thirty-nine years, and their clothes Never waxed old. The kingdom of Israel, Ephraim, or the ten tribes, had Never so much as one pious king: idolatry was always their established religion. That the law shall Never be altered, and that God will give no other. The bush of Moses, surrounded with flames, ever burnt, and is Never consumed. Their land itself seems to lie under a Never-ceasing curse. Let us Never abridge their civil liberty, nor ever try to force their consciences
Individualism - To be taught of God means to be saved from this kind of individualism, to discover that it is not our right position and not our true selves, but is alienation from our true life and our true home; it is to learn that not only is love part of our nature, but that we have Never found ourselves at all till it takes us out of ourselves (Luke 17:33, Matthew 10:39). Competition has become a sacred word in these days, but it Never has been a Christian word, and if some higher law does not rule above it, the fittest that will survive by it will not be the best but only the most rapacious. The Individualist thinks a better society can be formed only out of better individuals, and regards force as the great obstacle; whereas the Socialist thinks the individual will Never have a chance in the present kind of social conditions. ...
The method of Socialism, Nevertheless, is not the method of the gospel, and the usual course of the Socialist is that which Mr. It was there waiting to be adopted; yet He lived chiefly in conflict with it, and He Never attempted to reform it or work through it. ...
It is argued that the full meaning and claim of Christianity can Never be explicable on the basis of Individualism, because ‘from first to last it deals with minds which are in relation with actual truth in regard to the soul, the world, and God, and which have not fully attained even the limits of their own nature till they are united in the Spirit-bearing Body, through Christ to the Father’ (Strong)
Arminianism - There are, indeed, certain points with regard to which he has been strictly and uniformly followed by almost all his pretended adherents; but there are others of equal or of greater importance, dogmatically insisted on by them, to which he unquestionably Never gave his sanction, and even appears to have been decidedly hostile. He is accused, by the ignorant and the prejudiced, of introducing corruptions into the Christian church, which he probably Never thought of, and which certainly have no place in his works. Martinius of Bremen seems to have spoken much more correctly, when he told his friends, "I believe now what Gregory Nazianzen says, that he had Never seen any council attended with good effects, but that it always increased the evil rather than removed it. I declare as well as that father, that I will Never set my foot in any synod again. O Dort! Dort! would to God that I had Never seen thee!" The Arminians, it is contended, asked more indulgence than they had reason to expect; however, it is certain that the treatment which they received from the synod, was arbitrary, faithless, and oppressive. That this divine grace or energy of the Holy Ghost begins and perfects every thing that can be called good in man, and consequently all good works are to be attributed to God alone; that, Nevertheless, this grace is offered to all, and does not force men to act against their inclinations, but may be resisted and rendered ineffectual by the perverse wills of impenitent sinners
Hypocrisy - Not only may prayer Never be used for show; true prayer is with ourselves and our Father in secret alone. For this reason our Lord Never directly assails vices of impulse. But the door, He knew, could Never be made so narrow that the hypocrites would not at least appear to enter. Even Barnabas was almost carried away by their hypocrisy (Galatians 2:13), showing how the vice seeks to deceive, if possible, the elect; while their attempts to suppress Paul were limited only by their power and Never by their scruples—showing that it is a vice which always persecutes as well as perverts
Sorrow, Man of Sorrows - ...
The title is Never applied to Christ in the NT. If the view is correct that it was Never intended to apply to an individual, but was typical of the nation, or of part of it, it will none the less remain true that the figure the writer has chosen is that of bodily sickness. Neither Christ nor the true Christian can for a moment wish, like a Job or a Jeremiah, that he had Never been born. The Beatitudes express His own humanly discovered secret of happiness; He has Himself known the blessedness or mourning, though Never, of course, over His own sin, and He imparts the secret to His follower
Hebrews, Epistle to the - ...
The tender way in which the apostle deals with the consciences of the Jews still clinging to Judaism, stands in marked contrast to the severe manner in which he writes to the Galatians, who as Gentiles Never should have placed themselves under law. His work had Never to be repeated, like the yearly sacrifices of the high priests. The yearly sacrifices Never perfected those who brought them; else they would have ceased to be offered by worshippers having no more conscience of sins; sins were in fact brought to mind every year, not put away for ever. Their sins would Never be remembered, the Holy Ghost being witness
Collection - Its apparently early abandonment leads to the conclusion that its promoters soon realized that a permanent settlement of social evils could Never be arrived at by practical communism. 58 he Never loses sight of the importance and justice of the collection, not alone as it affected those who were to receive it, but also as it affected the givers (see Romans 15:27; 2 Corinthians 9:6; 2 Corinthians 8:6 ff; 2 Corinthians 12). Of one fact he constantly reminds them-he Never accepted the smallest help towards his own support during his two visits to Corinth (cf. Kennedy, The Second and Third Epistles to the Corinthians, 1900), we find that the Apostle’s indignation was so keen that he expressly determined, before he wrote the more conciliatory Third Epistle (2 Corinthians 1-9), Never to accept monetary aid at their hands (2 Corinthians 11:9; 2 Corinthians 11:12; 2 Corinthians 12:14)
Solomon - ...
The Holy Child Himself Never dreamed a better dream than that dream was which Solomon dreamed after that day of a thousand burnt-offerings on the altar of Gibeon. And a nobler choice was Never made by any elect man in his most waking and most enlightened hours, than was the choice that Solomon made that midnight in his sleep. But in the case of a king of Solomon's birth and upbringing and great gifts, such a libel would Never have been let light had it not been that it is a real relief to hear it. Had Solomon lived up to that prayer; no, I must not say that, for no man could do that, not Nathan himself; but if Solomon in all his unspeakable sensualities and idolatries had ever given the least sign or symptom that he felt shame for his life, or remorse when he remembered his prayer: had it not been for that, I, for one, could Never have let it light on my mind that any one but Solomon himself composed what is here called Solomon's prayer
Baxterianism - " But the peculiarity of Baxter's scheme will be seen from the following farther extracts:—...
"Though Christ died equally for all men, in the aforesaid law sense, as he satisfied the offended legislator, and as giving himself to all alike in the conditional covenant; yet he Never properly intended ...
or purposed the actual justifying and saving of all, nor of any but those that come to be justified and saved; he did not, therefore, die for all, nor for any that perish, with a decree or resolution to save...
them, much less did he die for all alike, as to this intent. " Their friend Bishop Bedell, however, maintained, that "reprobates coming to years of discretion, after baptism, shall be condemned for original sin; for their absolution and washing in baptism was but conditional and expectative; which doth truly interest them in all the promises of God, but under the condition of repenting, believing and obeying, which they Never perform, and therefore Never attain the promise. " "This,"...
says one of Baxter's apologists, "seems to me very inexplicable!" and in the same light it will be viewed by all who recollect that this "sufficient grace or power" is that "portion of special grace which Never fails to accomplish its design,—the salvation of the individual on whom it is bestowed!" Baxter's celebrated "Aphorisms of Justification," published in 1649
Hypocrisy - Not only may prayer Never be used for show; true prayer is with ourselves and our Father in secret alone. For this reason our Lord Never directly assails vices of impulse. But the door, He knew, could Never be made so narrow that the hypocrites would not at least appear to enter. Even Barnabas was almost carried away by their hypocrisy (Galatians 2:13), showing how the vice seeks to deceive, if possible, the elect; while their attempts to suppress Paul were limited only by their power and Never by their scruples—showing that it is a vice which always persecutes as well as perverts
Election - Yet, as it is axiomatic that there is no unrighteousness with God ( Isaiah 48:1-221 ); that His loving will embraces the whole world ( John 3:16 , 1 Timothy 2:4 ); that He can Never, in even the slightest degree, act partially or capriciously ( Acts 10:34 , 2 Timothy 2:13 ); and that, as salvation in the case of none is compulsory, but is always in accordance with the saved person’s own free choice, so none perishes but by his own fault or unbelief it is obvious that difficult problems arise on this subject which can be solved, so far as solution is possible, only by close attention to all Scripture indications. From the first, then, we see that God’s purpose advances by a method of election, but observe also that, while sovereign and free, this election is Never an end in itself, but is subordinated as a means to a wider end. ...
As carrying us, perhaps, most deeply into the comprehension of the NT doctrine of election, it is lastly to be observed that, apart from the inheritance of ideas from the OT, there is an experiential basis for this doctrine, from which, in the living consciousness of faith, it can Never be divorced
Paul as Sold Under Sin - Tragedies! Tragedies of hatred and of revenge! If you would see hatred and revenge red-hot, and poured, not on the head of a hated enemy, but, what I have Never read in any of your stage-tragedies, poured in all its redhotness in upon a man's own heart; if you would see the true hatred and the true revenge, come to this New Testament theatre. " "Ah, Duncan man," said old David, laying his hand on his friend's shoulder, "they Never say Fauch! i' the grave. A born slave, with a slave's heart, and a slave's habits, Never complains that he is a slave
Claims (of Christ) - ), by Never making confession of sin in His own prayers, though enjoining it upon His disciples (Matthew 6:12 ||), by Never even joining with His disciples in common prayers, of which confession would necessarily form an element (on this point see Forrest, Christ of History and of Experience, p. John 5:22), and is confirmed by the fact that throughout the rest of the NT the office of the final Judge is constantly assigned to Jesus (Acts 10:42; Acts 17:31, Romans 2:16; Romans 14:10, 2 Corinthians 5:10, 2 Timothy 4:1; 2 Timothy 4:8; 1 Peter 4:5, James 5:8-9), an office, be it noted, which was Never ascribed to the Messiah either in the OT revelation or in the popular Jewish belief (see Salmond, Christian Doct
the Angel of the Church in Smyrna - "Eighty-and-six years," answered Polycarp, "I have served Jesus Christ, and He has Never once wronged or deceived me, how then can I reproach Him!" And then as some of the executioners were binding the aged saint, and others were lighting the fire, certain who stood by took down this prayer from his lips: "O Father of Thy well-beloved Son Jesus Christ. " Now though these exact words have Never before been applied to Him whose Epistle to Polycarp we are now engaged upon; at any rate, we may surely go on to apply these so expressive words to His so-talented amanuensis. Indeed, I Never heard of any one speaking evil of me, but I immediately saw how far short he came of the full truth
the Thorn in Paul's Flesh - Never mind the commentators on Paul's thorn; no not the very best of them, lest they draw your attention away from your own. No man ever discovered and laid bare Paul's thorn to you, and you will Never open your thorn to any man who has not already suffered from, and so discovered, his own. You Never made a greater mistake yourself than Paul made
the Mother of Zebedee's Children - Who is Andrew? And who is Peter? And who is their father? And who is their mother, I would like to know, that they should presume to be princes over my sons? It shall Never be! Leave it to me, my sons; leave it to me. Where had Salome lived all her days? What kind of a mother had she herself had? In what synagogue in all Israel had she worshipped God? Who had been her teachers in the things of God? What had she been thinking about all the time our Lord had been teaching and preaching in her hearing, as He did every day, about seeing with other people's eyes, and feeling with other people's hearts, and doing to other mothers and to their sons as she would have them do to her and to her sons? How could she have lived in this world, and especially in the day and in the discipleship of Christ, and how could she have borne and brought up her sons to be His disciples, and still be capable of this disgraceful scheme? Had she possessed one atom of experience of the world, not to say of truth and wisdom and love, she could Never have petitioned for a place of such offence and such danger for her two sons. Just because she was His mother's sister; just because James and John were His cousins; she and they should have kept in the background of the discipleship, and should Never have come out of that background but with tender and slow and softly-taken steps
Judas - ...
See Iscariot...
The awful character of this man is related to us so fully in the gospels, that there can need nothing more than a reference to those sacred records to obtain the most complete account of him, together with his tremendous doom: for what can more fully decide the everlasting ruin of the traitor than the Lord Jesus's account of him, when summing up all in one the most finished picture of misery, Jesus saith "good were it for that man, if he had Never been born!" (Mark 14:11)...
It hath been a subject of some debate in the early church respecting Judas Iscariot, whether he did or did not receive the Lord's Supper. These things can Never be injured by outward causes. -To all the tremendous miseries of eternity he had to add, the special and peculiar aggravation in the everlasting and unceasing thought-that he, of all the creation of God, had this worm of conscience that Never dieth, to prey upon him to all eternity, that he it was that betrayed the Lord of life and glory
John the Baptist - "A greater man has Never been born of woman," said He who knew all men. "What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind!" He who said that Never smiled, say some. ' John was a great man and a great preacher, but, as we are wont to say, he Never quite escaped out of the seventh of the Romans
Ananias And Sapphira - And yet, with all that before our eyes, as plain as plain can be, here we are, at this time of day, blundering about and telling lies, many of us, like Ananias and Sapphira, without any method, or principle, or rule in our givings, any more than if Scripture had Never spoken on this matter, or as if a rule of love and common-sense had Never been laid down. Till we waken up, and take the Patriarchal, and Mosaic, and Prophetic, and Apostolic, and even Pagan way of taxing our income, and laying aside a definite and a liberal part of it for church and charity, we need Never expect to inherit the promises, or to enter into that liberty of heart and hand which awaits us and our children
Mary Magdalene - Because it is a law of devils; it is their diabolical nature, and it is a first principle of their existence and indwelling and possession of a man, that they Never make their presence known in any man till he begins to name them and cast them and curse them out. And the divine truth to me in this matter is this: That in my heart, if not in Dante's, both pride and envy have their full scope together; and that they Never, in the very least, either exclude, or drink up, or narrow down, the dreadful dominion of one another. ...
Since ever there were women's hearts in this world, were there ever two women's hearts with such emotions in them as when Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, stood together beside His Cross? Did you ever try to put yourself into His mother's heart that day, or into Mary Magdalene's heart? They stood and wept as Never another two women have wept since women wept in this world, till John at Jesus' command took His mother away from Calvary and led her into the city
Almighty - It arises from the infinite perfection of God, that his power can Never be actually exhausted; and, in every imaginable instant in eternity, that inexhaustible power of God can, if it please him, be adding either more creatures to those in existence, or greater perfection to them; since "it belongs to self-existent being, to be always full and communicative, and, to the communicated contingent being, to be ever empty and craving. Were we to forget, for a moment, what is the fact, that their noblest notions stand connected with fancies and vain speculations which deprive them of their force, still their thoughts Never rise so high; the current is broken, the round of lofty conception is not completed, and, unconnected as their views of divine power were with the eternal destiny of man, and the very reason of creation, we Never hear in them, as in the Scriptures, "the THUNDER of his power
Joannes Presbyter - Dionysius takes for granted that the author of the gospel was John the apostle, and has no difficulty in conceding that the name of the author of the Apocalypse was also John, since the writer himself says so; but urges that he Never claims to be the apostle. 30) and was Never doubted by subsequent writers. ...
The supposition that John the apostle was Never in Asia Minor has been embraced by Keim (Jesu von Nazara ), Scholten (Der Apostel Johannes in Kleinasien ) and others
Bereans - The opponents of the Berean doctrines allege that this new system of faith would Never have been heard of, had not Mr. But this the Bereans argue is beyond the natural powers of human reason; and therefore our knowledge of God is from revelation alone, and that without revelation man would Never have entertained an idea of his existence. These they reckon inseparable, or rather the same, because (say they) "God hath expressly declared, he that believeth shall be saved; and therefore it is not only absurd but impious, and in a manner calling God a liar, for a man to say I believe the Gospel, but have doubts, Nevertheless, of my own salvation. As to their practice and discipline, they consider infant baptism as a divine ordinance, instituted in the room of circumcision; and think it absurd to suppose that infants, who all agree are admissible to the kingdom of God in heaven, should, Nevertheless, be incapable of being admitted into his visible church on earth
Peter - Although they had Never studied in the Jewish religious colleges, they developed skills in teaching and debate through their association with Jesus (Acts 4:13). Sometimes he spoke or acted with too much haste and had to be rebuked (Matthew 14:28-31; Matthew 16:22-23; Mark 2:1; Mark 9:5-7; Luke 5:4-5; John 13:6-11; John 18:10-11; John 21:7), but he Never lost heart
Election - (4) Israel's election was Never intended to be a pretext for pride, but rather an opportunity for service. We should Never speak of predestination apart from this central truth
Devil - For any subordinate agent of this kingdom, man or demon, to oppose another agent would be, reasons Christ, a division of Satan against Satan (involving the fall of his kingdom), which division Satan would Never sanction (Ephesians 6:12-13). The Spirit of God in the evangelists would Never have sanctioned such distinction, or left people under a superstitious error, not merely connived at but endorsed, if the belief were really false
Cherub (1) - ...
They were "the provisional occupants of man's lost inheritance" (Fairbairn), the pledge of the restoration of man and the creaturely world closely allied with and subject to him (Psalm 8; Isaiah 11:6-9; Romans 8:17-24; Ezekiel 34:25; Revelation 4:6-93); the symbolical prophecy of the recovery of the tree of life; for they guard it, not against but for man, against the time when man shall be fit to enjoy it and Never to lose it. heaven's court will be transferred here (Revelation 21:3), and the world is subject to a Never ending theocracy" (DeBurgh)
Timothy, the First Epistle to - ...
Not knowing the true use of "the law" (1 Timothy 1:7-8) the false teachers "put away good conscience," as well as "the faith" (1 Timothy 1:19; 1 Timothy 4:2), "spoke lies in hypocrisy, corrupt in mind," regarded "piety as a means of gain" (1 Timothy 6:5; Titus 1:11); "overthrew the faith" by heresies "eating as a canker, saying the resurrection is past, leading captive silly women, ever learning yet Never knowing the truth, reprobate as Jannes and Jambres (2 Timothy 3:6-8), defiled, unbelieving, professing to know God but in works denying Him, abominable, disobedient, reprobate" (Titus 1:15-16). ...
As to Acts 20:25, "all" the Ephesian elders called to Miletus "never saw Paul's face" afterward; Paul "knew" this by inspiration; but this assertion of his is compatible with his visiting Ephesus again (1 Timothy 1:3; 2 Timothy 1:18; 2 Timothy 4:20)
Truth - But the apostles Never exalted mere ‘spirituality’ at the expense of the moral side of life, for they insisted that nothing hindered the reception of truth more than a low ethical life. Paul foretold a time when men would be guilty of all excesses, loving pleasure more than God, and, led away by divers lusts, would be ‘ever learning, and Never able to come to the knowledge of the truth’ (2 Timothy 3:1-7), and the same Apostle ascribed the lack of the free expansion of truth in some people to the fact that they kept it down by their unrighteous lives (Romans 1:18)
Judge Judging (Ethical) - But our Lord Never countenances the easy-going tolerance which in effect abrogates the right of moral judgment. We are not to indulge in the habit of fault-finding: ‘Who art thou that judgest thy neighbour?’ We are Never to judge from any other motive than the moral improvement of the person judged: we are to remember our own defects, and to utter our verdict with a due sense of responsibility; otherwise we ‘speak against the law and judge the law
Sincerity - His gentleness and His sternness are alike the expression of His holy love, and Never spring from idle sentiment, or personal feeling, or those cross-motives which break the peace of other lives. Jesus proves His sincerity by His stedfastness in His calling; dark as the way becomes, He Never wavers (Matthew 16:22-23)
Hold - It rarely or Never signifies the first act of seizing or falling on, but the act of retaining a thing when seized or confined. Keep your hold Never quit your hold
Faith - A dead, inoperative faith is also supposed, or declared, to be possessed by wicked men, professing Christianity; for our Lord represents persons coming to him at the last day, saying, "Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?" &c, to whom he will say, "Depart from me, I Never knew you. If Christ has not merited, God had not promised; if God had not promised, justification had Never followed upon this faith; so that the indissoluble connection of faith and justification is from God's institution, whereby he hath bound himself to give the benefit upon performance of the condition
Council - It is matter of historical record, and therefore cannot be denied, that the convening of all these councils appertained solely to the respective emperors; that they alone exercised authority on such occasions; that the bishop of Rome was Never thought to possess any, although his power may be said to have been set up between the fifth and sixth general councils; nor did the bishop himself, pro tempore, think himself entitled to an authority of the kind. Never did any philosopher suffer death with so much courage, as they endured the fire
Jesuits - Empress Catherine of Russia and Frederick II of Prussia opposed this measure and maintained the Society as a teaching body, so that the Society was Never wholly suppressed
Jesus, Company of - Empress Catherine of Russia and Frederick II of Prussia opposed this measure and maintained the Society as a teaching body, so that the Society was Never wholly suppressed
Jesus, Society of - Empress Catherine of Russia and Frederick II of Prussia opposed this measure and maintained the Society as a teaching body, so that the Society was Never wholly suppressed
Scripture - Later the reception of the Hagiographa and the Prophets into the Canon led to those collections being regarded also as Scripture, though Never with quite the authority attached to the Law
Temptation - ’ Can a Christian pray to he exempted from the testing without which sheltered innocence cannot become approved virtue? Can he ask that he may Never be exposed to those trials upon the endurance of which his blessedness depends ( James 1:12 )? The sufficient answer is that He who was ‘in all points tempted like as we are’ ( Hebrews 4:15 ) has taught us to pray ‘after this manner. Their experience is not joyous, but grievous; Nevertheless, Divine wisdom enables them to ‘count it all joy’ as being a part of the discipline which is designed to make them ‘perfect and entire, lacking in nothing
Theophilanthropists - They Nevertheless have temples erected by the hands of men, in which it is more commodious for them to assemble, to hear lessons concerning his wisdom. Rest firmly attached to them, without attacking or defending any religious system; and remember, that similar discussions have Never produced good, and that they have often tinged the earth with the blood of men
Nazareth - Nazareth is Never named in Old Testament
Candlestick - It has Never since been heard of
Fulfill - The ethical sense of fulfill appears in the Old Testament only in connection with meeting the requirements of a vow (Leviticus 22:21 ; Numbers 15:3 ), Never in connection with the law
Troas - Paul Never again visited Troas, it must be assumed that this was the occasion on which he left behind him the cloak and the parchments which Timothy was afterwards requested to bring to Rome (2 Timothy 4:13)
Dove - As the raven messenger "going forth to and fro," alighting on but Never entering into the ark, symbolizes the unbelieving that have "no peace," "like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest" (Isaiah 57:20-21): so the dove, in its threefold embassy, represents respectively the first return of the soul to its rest, the loving hand of Jesus; its subsequent reception of the dovelike spirit, the earnest of the final inheritance (Ephesians 1:13-14); and its actual entrance finally on the new heaven and new earth (Revelation 21), where there will be no need of the arklike church to separate between the world and God's people, between the saved and unsaved, where all shall be safe and blessed forever and the church shall be co-extensive with the world
Patriarchs - were Never subject to the authority of the patriarch of Rome, whose authority only extended to the suburbicary provinces
Virgin - ...
Of the two Hebrew words, the more commonly used is the one that refers to a young woman who had Never had sexual intercourse (Genesis 24:16; Leviticus 21:14; Judges 21:12; 2 Samuel 13:2; 2 Samuel 13:18; cf
Saints - Elsewhere in the NT it is Never used of any but Christians (e
Salt (2) - The previous context interprets the personal, salutary judgment by fire, by which the life is to he prepared as an acceptable sacrifice: ‘If thy hand offend thee, cut it off; it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that Never shall be quenched’ (cf
Mari - to 1760, when the city was demolished by Hammurabi of Babylon, Never again to rise to a stature of prominence
Church - It can Never be destroyed
Knowledge - While speaking with authority, and in a way which precludes the possibility of fallibility in the deliverance of the Divine message, He Never enlarged our store of natural knowledge, physical or historical
Knowledge - ...
In the Gospel of John, knowledge is a key concept, although the noun “knowledge” itself Never occurs in John's Gospel
Rich (And Forms) - He Never is bankrupt in any grace
Rest - Also, the Greek text of Psalm 95:11 ("they shall Never enter my rest") is cited eight times
Envy (2) - ), they had begun to hate Him because of the popular confidence in Him, and especially because this confidence was of a degree and a quality which they Never had received, and which they could not hope to receive
Bonifacius i, Pope - Never had it been lawful to reconsider what had once been decided by the Apostolic see" (see documents in Labbe, iv
Gregorius Theopolitanus, Bishop of Antioch - Sergius the disciple afterwards reminded his master that he had Never treated other visitors, although some had been bishops and presbyters, as he had treated father Gregory
Lamp - GOD Never failed even in the darkest hour to send the light of His truth to the people
Philippi - " Paul cast out the spirit; and her owners brought him and Silas before the magistrates, the duumvirs, who inflicted summary chastisement, Never imagining they were Romans
False Prophets - 1 Kings 19:19), the methods of prophetic instruction (Jeremiah 28:10), and the use of the prophetic formula, ‘Thus saith Jehovah’ (Jeremiah 23:25; Jeremiah 23:31, Ezekiel 13:6), but who had Never come under the influence of, or had failed to remain in personal contact with, the revealing Spirit ‘who spake by the prophets
Fathers - The phrase, however, is Never met with in the Gospels
Assurance - ...
Faith in Christ certainly includes some idea of assurance; for, except we be assured that he is the Saviour, we shall Never go to or rely upon him as such: but faith in Christ does not imply an assurance of our interest in him; for there may be faith long before the assurance of personal interest commences
Ostrich - 345); also its Never swerves from the course it once adopts, so that hunters often kill it by taking a shortcut, to which it only runs faster
Send - 38:20 the first idea is in view: When “Judah sent the kid by the hand of his friend … , he found her not”; it Never reached its goal
Cease - The Mosaic law made provision for the poor, since they would “never cease out of the land” ( Father - But unlike the word ’em, 'âb is Never used of animals
Damasus, Pope - Peter, even if, as his enemies alleged, acquired by violent means, was Never more respected nor vigorous than during his bishopric
Leb'Anon, - (Joshua 13:5,6 ; Judges 3:3 ) The whole mountain range was assigned to the Israelites, but was Never conquered by them
Fathers - Though the judgment of antiquity in some disputable points may certainly be useful, yet we ought Never to consider the writings of the fathers as of equal authority with the Scriptures
Archangel - ...
"To ascertain, if we can, to what order of beings the archangel Michael may belong, let us see how he is described by the Prophet Daniel, who Never mentions him by that title; and what action is attributed to him in the book of Daniel and in another book, in which he bears a principal part
Breastplate - This ornament was Never to be separated from the priestly garment; and it was called the memorial, because it was a sign whereby the children of Israel might know that they were presented to God, and that they were had in remembrance by him
Eating - We are assured that this is still practised in China; and that many in India Never eat out of the same dish, nor on the same table, with another person, believing that they cannot do so without sin; and this, not only in their own country, but when travelling, and in foreign lands
Veil - In modern times, the women of Syria Never appear in the streets without their veils. " But it must Nevertheless be remarked, that, at different times, and in different parts of the east, the use, or partial use of the veil has greatly varied
Vine - Many are of opinion that wine was not unknown before the deluge; and that this patriarch only continued to cultivate the vine after that event, as he had done before it: but the fathers think that he knew not the force of wine, having Never used it before, nor having ever seen any one use it
Poetry, Hebrew - The writers were Hebrews of the Hebrews, drawing their inspiration from the mountains and rivers of Palestine, which they have immortalized in their poetic figures, and even while uttering the sublimest and most universal truths Never forgetting their own nationality in its narrowest and intensest form
Society of Jesus - Empress Catherine of Russia and Frederick II of Prussia opposed this measure and maintained the Society as a teaching body, so that the Society was Never wholly suppressed
Jesus Christ - The world had Never produced, nor even conceived of such a character, and its portraiture in the gospels is a proof of their divine origin, which the infidel cannot gainsay
Ara'Bia - Magianism, an importation from Chaldaea and Persia, must be reckoned among the religions of the pagan Arabs; but it Never had very numerous followers
Olive - The pressing-surface is nearly always square or rectangular, and Never more than from 1 to 1½ ft
Trouble - , 2 Corinthians 4:8 (RV, "pressed"); 7:5, but Never in the RV: see AFFLICT , No
Prochorus, a Deacon - His notions of the situation, size, and general characteristics of the island, which he certainly Never saw, are most extraordinary
Regeneration (2) - ...
It should be remarked, in passing, that John Never uses μετάνοια or στρέθεσθκι in the moral sense (except in the quotation from LXX Septuagint at John 12:40), and that the Synoptists Never use ‘regeneration’ of the individual, or speak of a new birth (except by the allusion in Matthew 18:3); but it is one and the same experience which they respectively describe by these terms. Paul of the absolute newness of the Christian life, he Never uses the figure of regeneration to convey this. He speaks of the new covenant of which he is a minister (2 Corinthians 3:6), of the new creature (καινὴ κτίσις, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 6:15) which he has become, of the new world in which he lives (2 Corinthians 5:17), of the new man who has been created according to God in righteousness and holiness of truth (Ephesians 4:24), and who is being renewed unto knowledge after the image of Him that created him (Colossians 3:10); he speaks also of being transformed by renewal of the mind (Romans 12:2), and (if Titus 3:5 be his) of a renewal wrought by the Holy Spirit at baptism; of walking in newness of life (Romans 6:4), and serving God in newness of spirit (Romans 7:6); but he Never speaks formally of being born again. But, as has been already pointed out, Paul Never uses the figure of a birth to elucidate or make intelligible the process of this change
Miracle - ...
"Thus, were a physician to cure a blind man of a cataract, by anointing his eyes with a chemical preparation which we had Never before seen, and to the nature and effects of which we are absolute strangers, the cure would undoubtedly be wonderful; but we could not pronounce it miraculous, because, for any thing known to us, it might be the natural effect of the operation of the unguent on the eye. "If miracles be effects contrary to the established constitution of things, we are certain that they will Never be performed on trivial occasions. It is likewise to be observed, that there are many truths of the utmost importance to mankind, which unassisted reason could Never have discovered. Hume, indeed, endeavoured to prove, that 'no testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle? and the reasoning employed for this purpose is, that 'a miracle being a violation of the laws of nature, which a firm and unalterable experience has established, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience' can be: whereas our experience of human veracity, which (according to him) is the sole foundation of the evidence of testimony, as far from being uniform, and can therefore Never preponderate against that experience which admits of no exception. From every page of the Gospel this is so evident, that the philosophical adversaries of the Christian faith Never suppose the apostles to have been themselves deceived, but boldly accuse them of bearing false witness
Christianity - The men who were first called Christians (Acts 11:26 ) had Never seen Jesus or listened to His teaching, and the gospel that laid its grasp upon them and won for them this distinctive name was neither a hare repetition of the Master’s teaching nor a mere exhibition of His perfect life. Paul and the sermons reported in Acts the gospel of One who not only lived a spotless life and spake as Never man spake, but died for our sins and was raised again for our justification, and was thereby declared to be the Son of God with power. The modern study of Comparative Religion is enabling us to realize this as it has Never been realized before; but the NT makes the general truth perfectly plain. God speaks to man in the visible world ( Romans 1:20 ), He writes His law on the natural heart ( Romans 2:15 ), He Never leaves Himself without witness ( Acts 14:17 )
Living (2) - A study of the OT passages shows that God is called ‘the living God,’ not only as contrasted with the dead idols of the heathen, but also as the God of active Providence, as Israel’s Protector and Helper, as He who is Life, and the Never-failing Source of spiritual life to men. As ‘living water’ is water that Never ceases to gush forth, so ‘living bread’ is bread that Jesus Never ceases to multiply for the supply of our spiritual wants,—bread, therefore, by which our spiritual sustenance is perpetually renewed (cf. It is bread in ever-multiplying, unmeasured store, that can Never be exhausted by the famishing
Jesuits - "They cannot sing," said their enemies: "for birds of prey Never do. The gradation of ranks was only a gradation in slavery; and so perfect a despotism over a large body of men, dispersed over the face of the earth, was Never before realized. Expediency, in its most simple and licentious form, was the basis of their morals, and their principles and practices were uniformly accommodated to the circumstances in which they were placed; and even their bigotry, obdurate as it was, Never appears to have interfered with their interests. Its progress, Nevertheless, was at first remarkably slow. They have produced a greater number of ingenious authors than all the other religious fraternities taken together; and though there Never was known among their order one person who could be said to possess an enlarged philosophical mind, they can boast of many eminent masters in the separate branches of science, many distinguished mathematicians, antiquarians, critics, and even some orators of high reputation
Ark of the Covenant - ...
The ark was Never seen save by the high priest; symbol of God whom no man can see, and whose likeness is only to be seen in Christ (John 1:18; Hebrews 1:3), the true Ark, and our High Priest with the Father. It was Never carried in procession
John, the Gospel of - Jesus heals no lepers, and demons are Never mentioned. Some Never believe because they love the darkness and the glory of men rather than the glory of God
Predestination - Predestination Never eliminates human will. There has Never been a time, not even before creation, when God has not shown redemptive love for His creation
Church - It does not appear, say they, that the primitive churches were national; they were not even provincial; for, though there were many believers and professing Christians in Judea, in Galilee, and Samaria, in Macedonia, in Galatia, and other provinces, yet we Never read of a provincial church in any of those places. Such a church is a body distinguished from the civil societies of the world by the spiritual nature and design of its government; for, though Christ would have order kept in his church, yet without any coercive force; a thing inconsistent with the very nature of such a society, whose end is instruction; and a practice suitable to it, which can Never in the nature of things be accomplished by penal laws or external coersion, Isaiah 33:22
Ecclesiastes, the Book of - ...
(2) Words Never found in Hebrew writings until the Babylonian captivity; as zimaan , "set time," for moed ; Ecclesiastes 3:1, namely, in Nehemiah 2:6; Esther 9:27; Esther 9:31. Its canonicity rests on the testimony of the Jewish church, "to whom were committed the oracles of God," and who are Never charged in the New Testament with unfaithfulness in that respect, though so unfaithful in other respects (Romans 3:2)
Destructionists - So the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are said to have suffered the vengeance of an eternal fire; that is, they were so effectually consumed, or destroyed, that they could Never be rebuilt; the phrase, eternal fire, signifying the irrevocable destruction of those cities, not the degree or duration of the misery of the inhabitants who perished. But if all wicked men shall suffer torments without end, how can any of them be said to suffer but a few stripes? All degrees and distinctions of punishment seem swallowed up in the notion of Never-ending or infinite misery
Pre-Existence of Jesus Christ - Nor can it be said of Christ as man, that he was rich, if he were Never in a richer state before, than while he was on earth. The angels who have appeared since our blessed Saviour became incarnate, have Never assumed the names, titles, characters, or worship, belonging to God
Bason - As we understand the matter, the Galilaean disciples, either because they bad Never adopted the Pharisaic strictness about ‘washings’ or (less probably) because our Lord had condemned them, were not in the habit of observing them (Matthew 15:2, Mark 7:1-4). ’...
The tesht and ibreeq are made of either metal or earthenware, with a strainer of the same material placed inside the tesht (or basin), Never outside or under, and in the middle of the strainer there is a small raised place for the soap
Aeon - In every case it is used in the plural, and, except in two places, in the intensive formula εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας τῶν αἰώνων-a form which is Never found in the Gospels or Acts. of John αἰών is Never used in this sense, but κόσμος is employed instead; e
Essenes - They appear to have been an enthusiastic sect, Never numerous, and but little known; directly opposite to the Pharisees with respect to their reliance upon tradition, and their scrupulous regard to the ceremonial law, but pretending, like them, to superior sanctity of manners. The Therapeutae were more rigid than the Essenes, since the latter, although they made it a practice to keep at a distance from large cities, lived, Nevertheless, in towns and villages, and practised agriculture and the arts, with the exception of those arts which were made more directly subservient to the purposes of war. We must conclude that the Essenes did also busy themselves with theosophy, and pretended to impart to those of their order disclosures relating to the supernatural world of spirits, because those who were about to be initiated, were obliged to swear that they would Never make known to any one the names of the angels then to be communicated to them
Jeremiah - Never did city suffer a more miserable fate, Never was ruined city lamented in language so exquisitely pathetic
Omniscience - But as to the righteous, the eyes of the Lord are said to be over them; that they are kept by him who Never slumbers or sleeps; that he is Never far from them; that his eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in their behalf; that foes, to them invisible, are seen by his eye, and controlled by his arm; and that this great attribute, so appalling to wicked men, affords to them, not only the most influential reason for a perfectly holy temper and conduct, but the strongest motive to trust, and joy, and hope, amidst the changes and afflictions of the present life
Ecclesiastes - And to this conclusion he incessantly returns, whenever he finds life’s mysteries insoluble: Ecclesiastes 2:24 f. He Never uses the personal name ‘Jahweh. At the same time he Never commits himself to any definitely pantheistic statements
Christ in Reformation Theology - ‘My Saviour,’ says Athanasius, ‘must be the great God who made heaven and earth; and He must unite the human and Divine natures which He possesses, in a union which for me is a mystery to be believed, but which my intelligence can Never explain or penetrate. He maintained that in the heart of the system there was, instead of the God whom Jesus had revealed, the abstract entity of pagan philosophy, an unknown deity—for God could Never be revealed by metaphysics. For centuries the breath of pure devotion to Christ Never fertilized the learning of the schools, and no genius arose—no great churchman in whom personal religion was the inspiration of a mind at once critical and constructive. ...
The reader of the second part of the second book of the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas cannot help seeing that the really evangelical aspirations of the great Schoolmen are everywhere thwarted and finally slain outright because the theologian has to start with the thought that God has been first defined as either the Absolute, or the Primum Movens, or the Causa efficiens prima, or the Intelligens a quo omnes res naturales ordinantur in finem—conceptions which can Never imprison, without destroying, the vision of the Father who has revealed Himself to us in Jesus Christ. ...
The older theology had Never grasped the thought that Jesus Christ filled the whole sphere of God. ...
In any case, the theoretic distinctions between reverence and worship Never applied to the adoration of the consecrated host
God - But let us suppose motion eternal too, yet matter, incogitative matter, and motion could Never produce thought: knowledge will still be as far beyond the power of nothing to produce. The minutest particles of matter knock, impel, and resist one another, just as the greater do; so that if we suppose nothing eternal, matter can Never begin to be; if we suppose bare matter without motion eternal, motion can Never begin to be; if we suppose only matter and motion to be eternal, thought can Never begin to be; for it is impossible to conceive that matter, either with or without motion, could have originally in and from itself, sense, perception, and knowledge, as is evident from hence, that then sense, perception, and knowledge must be a property eternally inseparable from matter, and every particle of it. ארכּ? פים , EREC APAYIM long- suffering, the Being who, because of his tenderness, is not easily irritated, but suffers long and is kind; רב , RAB, the great or mighty One: חסד , CHESED, the bountiful Being, he who is exuberant in his beneficence; אמת , EMETH, the Truth, or True One, he alone who can neither deceive nor be deceived; נצר חסד , NOTSER CHESED, the Preserver of bountifulness, he whose beneficence Never ends, keeping mercy, for thousands of generations, showing compassion and mercy while the world endures; נשא עון ופשע וחטאה , NOSE AVON VAPESHA VECHATAAH, he who bears away iniquity, transgression, and sin; properly the Redeemer, the Pardoner, the Forgiver, the Being whose prerogative it is to forgive sin, and save the soul; נקה לא ינקה NAKEH LO YINNAKEH, the righteous Judge, who distributes justice with an impartial hand; and עין פקד , PAKED AVON, &c, he who visits iniquity, he who punishes transgressors, and from whose justice no sinner can escape; the God of retributive and vindictive justice. It is thus that Christian philosophers, even when they do not use the language of the Scriptures, are able to speak on this great and mysterious doctrine, in language so clear, and with conceptions so noble; in a manner too so equable, so different from the sages of antiquity, who, if at any time they approach the truth when speaking of the divine nature, Never fail to mingle with it some essentially erroneous or grovelling conception
Lutherans - In commenting upon the celebrated Book of Sentences, a work once not much less revered than the Scriptures themselves, the disciples of Lombard Never failed to improve every hint which tended to degrade the grace of God and exalt the pride of man. Avoiding all intricate questions upon the subject, they taught that original sin is a corruption of our nature in a general sense, a depravation of the mental faculties and the corporeal appetites; that the resplendent image of the Deity, which man received at the creation of the world, although not annihilated, is Nevertheless greatly impaired; and that, in consequence, the bright characters of unspotted sanctity, once deeply engraven on his mind by the hand of the living God are become obliterated, the injury extending to his intellect, and affecting as well his reason and his will as his affections and passions. According to their conception, we are endowed with an innate propensity to good, which vice itself can Never obliterate, and are able not only to reverence and adore the supreme Being, but to love him above other objects. Although mutable in her decisions, Nevertheless complete controller of her conduct, she becomes at pleasure either the servant of righteousness or the slave of sin; and, disdaining to be anticipated by God himself, prevents him in his supernatural gifts by a previous display of her own meritorious deeds, challenging, as a congruous right, that which only could have been otherwise conferred as a favour undeserved. Luther advanced a proposition which proved highly offensive to the Papists, and which they Never ceased to condemn and calumniate. They represented it as an effect produced by the infusion of divine grace into the mind; not as a consequent to a well spent life, but as preceding all remunerable obedience, as the intervening point between might and day, the gloom of a guilty and the light of a self-approving conscience; or, in other words, and to adopt their own phraseology, as the exact boundary where merit of congruity ends and where merit of condignity begins, the infallible result of a previous disposition on our part, which Never fails of alluring from on high that supernatural quality which, being itself love, renders the soul beloved. But even here it was not conceived that a total deliverance takes, place; a liberation from guilt and eternal punishment is effected, but not from temporal, which is Never remitted unless either by the infliction of some personal suffering or satisfactory compensation required of him who is already justified and approved by Heaven. But, after all, and in spite of the boasted authority of the keys, complete confidence in divine forgiveness was Never inculcated; for it was neither the interest nor the inclination of the church of Rome to teach the simple doctrine of Christian faith, but rather to involve it in metaphysical obscurity
Wilderness of the Wanderings - ...
The non waxing old of their raiment means God so supplied their wants, partly by ordinary and occasionally by miraculous means, that they Never lacked new and untattered garments and shoes to prevent the foot swelling. ...
Next Etham, their strength, the believer's confidence of Never being moved (Psalms 30:6-7). Arab tradition makes these remains "the relics of a large hajj caravan, who on their way to Ain Hudherah lost their way in the desert Tih and Never were heard of again
Reality - The distress and suffering that are in the world (Matthew 6:19-20; Matthew 12:15), the mysteries of Providence (Luke 13:1-4, John 9:3), the value and needs of the soul (Matthew 16:26-27, Luke 12:20-21), the curse of sin (Matthew 26:47, Luke 13:3, John 8:24), the certainty of retribution (Matthew 18:6; Matthew 23:33, Mark 9:43-48), the necessity of spiritual renewal (Matthew 9:17, John 3:3-7), the burden of responsibility (Matthew 11:20-24; Matthew 23:14, Luke 10:13-16), the imperative obligations of duty (John 9:4), the supreme authority of God (Matthew 19:17, John 4:34; John 10:29),—on all these Jesus kept His eye fixed with an intensity of vision and purpose that was Never relaxed from the beginning to the end of His career. —While drawing a sharp distinction between the two kinds of worth,—the material and the spiritual (Matthew 4:23; Matthew 6:25),—Jesus did not denounce material success, though for Himself He Never sought it. —Dazzling as the outbursts of such enthusiasm were, Jesus would Never permit Himself to indulge in the luxury of self-gratulation, but, anxious to preserve the purity of His high spiritual aims, He deliberately seized the earliest opportunity of escaping to the mountains or the wilderness for solitary communion with the Father (Matthew 14:23, Mark 3:13; Mark 6:31)
Scribes - They Never, indeed, became the governing class, but in the councils of the nation their influence could always be depended upon to outweigh that of the priestly aristocracy, who held the high appointments. The School of Hillel was distinguished for its mildness in the interpretation of the Law, and that of Shammai for its strictness, corresponding to the traditional characters of the respective founders; but the points of difference between them concerned only the trivial minutiae, and Never touched the weightier matters of the Law. But the two all-important duties were these—first, to keep everything faithfully in memory; and, second, Never to teach anything otherwise than it had been taught by the master. But whenever a Scribe—a skilled lawyer—was available, the choice of the community naturally fell upon him, as, in virtue of his qualifications, he was considered best fitted for the post
Law - For example, "work" is prohibited on the sabbath yet is Never defined legally. In an attempt to make sure the command proper was Never violated, the rabbis created secondary, rigid rules which, if followed, would theoretically prevent a person from ever violating the biblical command itself. The Year of Jubilee regulations, requiring the return of property to original families every forty-nine years, seem Never to have been enforced as law because (among other reasons) by the time Israel controlled the land, there were no records of the original owners
Lazarus - ...
It might be expected that Lazarus of all men should have stood by Jesus during the last dread ordeal; but he Never appears after the banquet in Simon’s house. Not only was the miracle Never wrought, but there was Never such a man as Lazarus
Nicodemus - It had Never once entered his snow-white head to doubt for one moment but that be would sit on a throne up at the right hand of the Messiah. And then, as He shook hands with Nicodemus just as the cock was crowing in Martha's garden, Jesus said to Nicodemus, with a look and with a manner that the old ruler Never forgot, "But he that doeth good cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God. And this evangelist, after that ever-memorable day at Bethabara, and that equally memorable midnight and morning at Bethany, Never lets Nicodemus out of his sight
Plan - According to this view, His Messianic work was in a manner thrust upon Him, and was Never followed out deliberately except perhaps for a brief season at the very close. As Messiah, He would have been committed at once to action of a conspicuous nature, and could Never have pursued His work of teaching, healing, comforting. Paul, and in a missionary enterprise which can Never know pause or limit
Evil - Then later we have the figure of the Adversary or Satan, who, though still dependent on the will of God, is Nevertheless so identified with evil that he is represented as taking the initiative in seduction ( Zechariah 3:1 , 1 Chronicles 21:1 , but cf. In the NT moral evil is Never ascribed to God ( James 1:13 ), being essentially hostile to His mind and will ( Romans 1:18-21 ; Rom 5:10 , 1 John 1:5-7 ; 1 John 2:16 ; 1Jn 2:29 ; 1 John 3:4 ; 1 John 3:9 ); but to the Evil One ( Matthew 6:13 ; Matthew 13:19 , 1 John 5:19 ), an active and personal being identical with the Devil ( Matthew 13:39 , John 8:44 ) or Satan ( Matthew 4:10 , Mark 4:15 , Luke 22:31 , John 13:27 ), who with his angels ( Matthew 25:41 ) is cast down from heaven ( Revelation 12:9 , cf
Tabernacle - ’ Never referring to the Temple, always to the tabernacle, he lingers over the description of ‘the vessels of the ministry’ (Hebrews 9:21), entering into details which would have been superfluous had he been writing merely to Jewish readers
Say - In the NT laleo Never has the meaning "to chatter
Mephibosheth - A cripple and a Benjamite could Never dream of being preferred by Judah to the handsome Absalom; interest and gratitude bound him to David
Heart - Judicial hardness is very seldom perceived, and Never lamented; a broken and contrite heart is the least thing such desire; but it is otherwise with believers, for the hardness they feel is always a matter of grief to them, Romans 7:24
Revelation - Ryland, "has had no answer, and I am persuaded it Never will meet with a solid confutation
Naphtali - When the Syrian kingdom fell before the Assyrian armies, northern Israel was exposed, as Never before, to the relentless legions of the East; and ‘in the days of Pekah, king of Israel, came Tiglath-pileser Prayer - ...
"Prayer is like the dove that Noah sent forth, which blessed him not only when it returned with an olive-leaf in its mouth, but when it Never returned at all
Hilkiah - Probably Josiah, owing to the neglect of the law in Manasseh's and Amon's ungodly reigns, had Never heard the law read from before
Iconium - ), it was presented by the Romans to the king of Pergamos; but as he Never took effective possession of it, the Galatians appropriated it about 165 b
Heaven - ...
"The kingdom of the heavens" in Matthew, for "the kingdom of God" in Mark and Luke, is drawn from Daniel 4:26, "the heavens do rule," (Daniel 2:44) "the God of heaven shall set up a kingdom which shall Never be destroyed
Thieves - The one instance is recorded, that none may despair; but one, that none may presume, He was Never called before; now, when called, he instantly obeys: but we are all called from childhood
Tradition - The apostles Never appeal to human tradition, always to Scripture (Acts 15:2; Acts 15:15-17; Acts 17:11; Acts 24:14; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Because the apostles' oral word, whenever they claim inspiration, was as trustworthy as the written word, it does not follow that the oral word of those neither apostles nor inspired is as trustworthy as the written word of those who were apostles or inspired
Wisdom - )...
However, the wisdom teachers Never forgot that true wisdom was not something they themselves invented
Torah - Jesus Never denied the authority of the Torah, but denounced the elevation of ritual concerns above “weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith” (Matthew 23:23 NRSV)
Soul - ...
Nepes [1] in the Old Testament is Never the "immortal soul" but simply the life principle or living being
Perfect, Perfection - For others it is not the pride of possessions but the pride of self-expression that must go: "If anyone is Never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check" (James 3:2 )
Harp - ...
‘To accompany singing, or at all events sacred singing, stringed instruments only were used, and Never wind instruments’ (Appendix to Wellhausen’s ‘Psalms’ Gentleness (2) - So, although Jesus Never formally held forth ἐπιείκεια as an ideal of Christian life, He left us an example that we should follow His steps (1 Peter 2:21)
Adonijah - Adonijah is ‘pardoned’ ( 1 Kings 1:52-53 ); it would nave been dangerous, owing to the attitude of the people ( 1 Kings 2:15 ), to put him to death until Solomon was secure on the throne; but as he was rightful heir, the safety of Solomon’s throne could Never be guaranteed as long as Adonijah was alive
Lily - But while this distinction is Never to be lost sight of, but thankfully preserved in the recollection, it is very blessed to see, that from our union with him, and interest in him, such as Jesus is so are we in this world
Israel - As far as is known they Never returned, though doubtless individuals found their way back in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, and in the four hundred years that followed before the Lord appeared
Dry Dried Drieth - " The man Never was converted, he was only polished, cleaned up and made religious
Levi - We have the account, Num 3They were subordinate to the priests, and their consecration to their offices was not with so much ceremony, (see Numbers 7:5-7) Nevertheless they were all of one tribe, (see 2 Chronicles 29:34) Their provision was noble. With him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; and with him only could the Urim and Thummim be said to be, and with him to be for ever; for though the high priest wore on his breast the representations of the Urim and the Thummim, yet during the Babylonish captivity all this was done away, and Never after was it restored under the second temple
Ark of God - ...
No further mention is made of the ark: it is supposed to have been carried away with the sacred vessels to Babylon, and to have Never been returned: if so there was no ark in the second temple nor in the temple built by Herod, nor do we read of the ark in connection with the temple described by Ezekiel
Captivity - Samaria was Never again inhabited by the Israelites
Blasphemy - Paul, who reasoned against idolatry, Never used opprobrious language about the religion of Greece or Rome
Armour - Nevertheless, it was impossible for Christians not to be profoundly interested in the brave men who were taught that it was dulce et decorum pro patria mori, and Christ Himself sanctioned the use of illustrations drawn from the warfare of kings (Luke 14:31). There is he defence for the back, which should Never need any
Blessedness (2) - —Though the word ‘blessedness’ itself is Never found in the recorded utterances of our Lord nor in the pages of the Gospels, the idea conveyed by it is very frequent
Atheist - ...
A man that sees Henry the Seventh's chapel at Westminster might with as good reason maintain (yea, with much better, considering the vast difference betwixt that little structure and the huge fabric of the world) that it was Never contrived or built by any means, but that the stones did by chance grow into those curious figures into which they seem to have been cut and graven; and that upon a time (as tales usually begin) the materials of that building, the stone, mortar, timber, iron, lead, and glass, happily met together, and very fortunately ranged themselves into that delicate order in which we see them now, so close compacted, that it must be a very great chance that parts them again
Fool - , was not that it challenged the distinctive forms of Christian faith, but that it gave rise to the bitterness of religious controversy-sacrificed the love which Never failed in value for the sake of the mere forms of knowledge, which at the best necessarily passed away in the coming of greater light (1 Corinthians 13:11)
Blessedness - In 1 Timothy 1:11; 1 Timothy 6:15 (never in the Gospels) it is applied to God, but in this sense εὐλογητός is usual
Anabaptists - The English and Dutch Baptists do not consider the word as at all applicable to their sect; because those persons whom they baptize they consider as Never having been baptized before, although they have undergone what they term the ceremony of sprinkling in their infancy
Ammi - Plead, therefore, (saith the Lord) with her (Ammah) mother, plead; work upon her maternal feelings, give her to see, that though by adulteries she is by law justly liable to be divorced for ever, yet the right and interest of her (Ishi) husband, hath Never been lost
Heritage - Their God and Father Never dies to render their rightful enjoyment necessary
Glorify - ...
But then it should be carefully remembered at the same time, and Never lost sight of, that all this, and ten thousand times more, in giving glory to JEHOVAH, doth not in fact add an atom to his glory
Lie - (It is Never used of animals or inanimate things
Salutations - " The Mohammedans of Egypt and Syria Never salute a Christian in these terms: they content themselves with saying to them, "Good day to you;" or, "Friend, how do you do?" Niebuhr's statement is confirmed by Mr
Israel, Kingdom of - Even these were gathered up by the conqueror and carried to Assyria, Never again, as a distinct people, to occupy their portion of that goodly and pleasant land which their forefathers won under Joshua from the heathen
Age - , of God, Romans 16:26 , His power, 1 Timothy 6:16 , His glory, 1 Peter 5:10 , the Holy Spirit, Hebrews 9:14 , redemption, Hebrews 9:12 , salvation, 5:9, life in Christ, John 3:16 , the resurrection body, 2 Corinthians 5:1 , the future rule of Christ, 2 Peter 1:11 , which is declared to be without end, Luke 1:33 , of sin that Never has forgiveness, Mark 3:29 , the judgment of God, Hebrews 6:2 , and of fire, one of its instruments, Matthew 18:8 ; 25:41 ; Jude 1:7
Ostrich - Shaw, "or trivial occasion, she forsakes her eggs, or her young ones; to which perhaps she Never returns; or if she does, it may be too late either to restore life to the one or to preserve the lives of the others
Manna - It is evident that the Israelites Never saw it before; for Moses says, "He fed thee with manna which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know," Deuteronomy 8:3 ; Deuteronomy 8:16 ; and it is very likely that nothing of the kind had ever been seen before; and by a pot of it being laid up in the ark, it is as likely that nothing of the kind ever appeared after the miraculous supply in the wilderness had ceased
Jubilee, the Year of - (4) "This law of entail, by which the right heir could Never be excluded, was a provision of great wisdom for preserving families and tribes perfectly distinct, and their genealogies faithfully recorded, in order that all might have evidence to establish their right to the ancestral property
Baal - In the times of the kings it became the religion of the court and people of the ten tribes, 1 Kings 16:31-33; 1 Kings 18:19; 1 Kings 18:22, and appears Never to have been wholly abolished among them
Babylon - Even before Babylon reached the summit of its glory, Isaiah prophesied: "Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah: It shall Never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation; neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there; but wild beasts of the desert shall lie there
Circumcision - ...
But circumcision had Never been a requirement for salvation
Paulinus, Missionary to Northumbria - Whether or no, by virtue of the gift of this pall, he has a just claim to be considered an archbishop, he Never went back to Northumbria
Theodotus, Martyr at Ancyra - Before he would eat, Theodotus sent some of their number to summon the presbyter from the neighbouring village of Malus to dine with them, pray with them before they started afresh on their journey, and ask a blessing on their food, for, says the Acts, "the saint Never took food unless a presbyter blessed it
Sacraments - In the NT it is Never applied to institutions or observances, the nearest approach to such a significance being in Ephesians 5:32, where St. Harnack, indeed, places the grouping together of Baptism and the Eucharist as among ‘a series of the most important Christian customs and ideas’ whose origin is involved in obscurity and ‘in all probability will Never be cleared up’ (History of Dogma, Eng. Nevertheless, the affinity of these two principal sacraments appears to have been recognized from the earliest times. Paul could Never have expressed himself as he did in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 had he reckoned its value to be secondary, or its sacredness to be negligible, or its obligation to be anything less than imperative upon all members of the Church. But saving graces and the means of grace are Never placed in contrast in apostolic doctrine
Righteousness - Thus, in Romans 9:30-32 he writes: ‘Gentiles who Never aimed at righteousness have attained it-that is, righteousness by faith; whereas Israel who did aim at the law of righteousness Miracles (2) - (5) The word τέρατα (‘prodigies’) is Never applied by Jesus to His own working. They arise out of the occasion—are Never deliberated, unless the raising of Lazarus be an exception (John 11:4), but spring from the present practical impulse of compassion and desire to help man, and the prompting of the Divine Spirit (John 2:4 ff. The miracles of Jesus ever sought the highest and Divinest ends, and were Never ends in themselves. His action Never issued in meaningless marvels or needless wonders and in those that seem farthest removed from the requirements of mankind a revelation was given of the kind of power which animated and sustained all nature, and ordered its course
Jesus Christ - That the far greater part of Christians have continued to worship Jesus, will not be doubted; now, if Christ be not God, then the Christians have been guilty of idolatry; and if they have been guilty of idolatry, then it must appear remarkable that the apostles, who foretold the corruptions of Christianity, 2 Timothy 3:1-17 : should Never have foreseen nor warned us against worshiping Christ. Though regardless of the pleasures, and sometimes destitute of the comforts of life, he Never provokes our disgust by the sourness of the misanthrope, or our contempt by the inactivity of the recluse. upon the thoughts; he collected human duty into two well-devised rules; he repeated these rules, and laid great stress upon them, and thereby fixed the sentiments of his followers; he excluded all regard to reputation in our devotion and alms, and, by parity of reason, in our other virtues; his instructions were delivered in a form calculated for impression; they were illustrated by parables, the choice and structure of which would have been admired in any composition whatever: he was free from the usual symptoms of enthusiasm, heat, and vehemence in devotion, austerity in institutions, and a wild particularity in the description of a future state; he was free also from the depravities of his age and country; without superstition among the most superstitious of men, yet not decrying positive distinctions or external observances, but soberly recalling them to the principle of their establishment, and to their place in the scale of human duties; there was nothing of sophistry or trifling, though amidst teachers, remarkable for nothing so much as frivolous subtilties and quibbling expositions: he was candid and liberal in his judgment of the rest of mankind, although belonging to a people who affected a separate claim to divine favour, and, in consequence of that opinion, prone to uncharitableness, partiality, and restriction; in his religion there was no scheme of building up a hierarchy, or of ministering to the views of human governments; in a word, there was every thing so grand in doctrine, and so delightful in manner, that the people might well exclaim...
Surely, Never man spake like this man!" As to his example, bishop Newcome observes, "it was of the most perfect piety to God, and of the most extensive benevolence and the most tender compassion to men. ...
Never was a character at the same time so commanding and natural, so resplendent and pleasing, so amiable and venerable
Progress - ...
Lastly, He Never uttered a word to indicate directly and explicitly that He entertained any hope of the regeneration of the civil, or political, or economical conditions and organizations of human society. For the time being He devoted Himself wholly and exclusively to the moral task which His Father had given Him to do; and in doing this, and doing it successfully, He rendered to the cause of human progress a service which will Never cease increasing the glory of His name. So true is this that a great deal of His teaching—the most of it, indeed, when properly understood—can be construed into a theory of what is meant by the progress of humanity,—a theory Never stated by Himself in abstract terms, but embodied in the general order of ideas that found such diversified forms of expression in His teaching. Though He Never used the word ‘Mediator’ in this connexion, He often spoke of His relation to God and men in expressions meaning the same thing
Perseverance - All who are predestinated receive the Divine