What does Neriah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
נֵרִיָּה֮ son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 2
נֵֽרִיָּ֑ה son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 2
נֵ֣רִיָּ֔ה son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 2
נֵרִיָּ֖ה son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 1
נֵרִיָּ֤הוּ son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 1
נֵרִיָּהוּ֮ son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 1
נֵרִיָּֽהוּ son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. 1

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   1 son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah.
   Additional Information: Neriah = “lamp of Jehovah”.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Neriah
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Neriah
NERIAH. The father of Baruch ( Jeremiah 32:12 ; Jeremiah 32:16 ; Jeremiah 36:4 ; Jeremiah 36:8 ; Jeremiah 36:32 ; Jeremiah 43:3 ; Jeremiah 43:6 ; Jeremiah 45:1 ; Jeremiah 51:59 ). In Bar 1:1 the Greek form of the name, Nerias, is retained.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Neriah
(nih ri' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh is light.” Father of two men who assisted Jeremiah: Baruch the scribe (Jeremiah 32:12 ; Jeremiah 36:4-19 ) and Seraiah the quartermaster (Jeremiah 51:59 ).
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Neriah
Light; lamp of the Lord
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Neriah
Son of Maaseiah and father of Baruch and Seraiah. Jeremiah 32:12,16 ; Jeremiah 51:59 , etc.
The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Neriah
We meet with two of this name. The father of Baruch, Jeremiah 32:12 and the son of Melchi, Luke 3:27. Light of the Lord, or the Lord is my light.

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Neri - See Neriah...
Nerias - See Neriah
ne'ri, - short form for Neriah (Jehovah is my lamp ) son of Melchi and father of Salathiel, in the genealogy of Christ
Neriah - Neriah, NERI...
We meet with two of this name
Baruch - Son of Neriah, An interesting character, as related to us in the prophecy of Jeremiah
Neriah - Neriah
Neri - Contracted from Neriah, "Jehovah is my lamp"; son of Melchi, and father of Salathiel (Luke 3:27)
Maaseiah - Maase'iah, refuge is Jehovah, a priest, the father of Neriah (Jeremiah 32:12 ; 51:59 )
Baruch - (bay' ryooch) The son of Neriah who served as Jeremiah's scribe and friend
ba'Ruch -
Son of Neriah, the friend, (Jeremiah 32:12 ) amanuensis, (Jeremiah 26:4-32 ) and faithful attendant of Jeremiah
Baruch - The son of Neriah, of a distinguished family in the tribe of Judah
Sera'Iah - (Nehemiah 12:12 ) ...
The son of Neriah and brother of Baruch
Maaseiah - Father of Neriah
Baruch - Son of Neriah, and faithful secretary to Jeremiah
Seraiah - Son of Neriah and brother of Baruch ( Jeremiah 51:59-64 )
Seraiah - Son of Neriah: to him was committed by Jeremiah a roll 'written against Babylon,' to be read at Babylon, and then with a stone tied to it, he was to cast it into the Euphrates; and to declare, "Thus shall Babylon sink
Seraiah - ...
The son of Neriah
Baruch - Son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah and brother of Seraiah ( Jeremiah 51:59 ); known from Jeremiah 36:1-32 ; Jeremiah 45:1-5 ; Jeremiah 32:12-16 ; Jeremiah 43:3 ; Jeremiah 43:8 ; by Jeremiah’s side in the conflict with Jehoiakim (b
ma-Ase'Iah - (Jeremiah 35:4 ) comp, 1 Chronicles 9:19 ...
A priest; ancestor of Baruch and Seraiah, the sons of Neriah
Witness - Thus “witness” takes on the new nuance of those able and willing to affirm the truth of a transaction by affixing their signatures: “And I gave the evidence of the purchase unto Baruch the son of Neriah … in the sight of Hanameel mine uncle’s son, and in the presence of the witnesses that subscribed the book of the purchase …” ( Baruch - the son of Neriah, and grandson of Maaseiah, was of illustrious birth, and of the tribe of Judah
Book - When the “book” had been confiscated and burned, Jeremiah wrote another scroll and had another “book” written with a strong condemnation of Jehoiakim and his family: “Then took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words” ( Jeremiah - Indications of affinity or friendship with some of the actors in it occur in the sameness of names: Jeremiah's father bearing the name of Hilkiah, Josiah's high priest; his uncle that of Shallum, Huldah's husband (Jeremiah 32:7; compare 2 Kings 22:14); Ahikam, Jeremiah's protector (Jeremiah 26:24), was also the fellow worker with Huldah in the revival; moreover Maaseiah, governor of Jerusalem, sent by Josiah as ally of Hilkiah in repairing the temple (2 Chronicles 34:8), was father of Neriah, the father of both Baruch and Seraiah, Jeremiah's disciples (Jeremiah 36:4; Jeremiah 51:59)