What does Myriad mean in the Bible?


Holman Bible Dictionary - Myriad
(mihr ee awd) Greek term literally meaning 10,000 but frequently used to mean countless or innumerable. See Jude 1:14 ; Revelation 5:11 ; Revelation 9:16 ; Luke 12:1 ; Acts 19:19 ; Acts 21:20 ; Hebrews 12:22 .
Webster's Dictionary - Myriad
(n.) An immense number; a very great many; an indefinitely large number.
(a.) Consisting of a very great, but indefinite, number; as, myriad stars.
(n.) The number of ten thousand; ten thousand persons or things.

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Eyed - ) Heaving (such or so many) eyes; - used in composition; as sharp-eyed; dull-eyed; sad-eyed; ox-eyed Juno; Myriad-eyed
Myriad - ) Consisting of a very great, but indefinite, number; as, Myriad stars
Innumerable - ...
2: μυριάς (Strong's #3461 — Noun Feminine — murias — moo-ree'-as ) denotes either "ten thousand," or, "indefinitely, a Myriad, a numberless host," in the plural, Acts 19:19 ; lit. , "the Myriads"); Acts 21:20 , "thousands;" Hebrews 12:22 , "innumerable hosts;" Jude 1:14 , "ten thousands" (RV, marg. , in each place, "myriads")
Idolatry - Disordered affections, need of sense-images, ignorance of God's excellence, and diabolical agency have led unbridled imagination to attribute divine power to Myriad false gods of every kind
Safety of Feeble Saints - May I be found among his flowers, if only as one out of Myriad daisies, who with sweet simplicity shall look up and wonder at his love for ever
Thousand - (2) Murias, "a Myriad, a vast number," "many thousands," Luke 12:1 , RV; Acts 21:20 ; it also denotes 10,000, Acts 19:19 , lit. , "myriads of Myriads;" in Revelation 9:16 in the best texts, dismuriades muriadon, "twice ten thousand times ten thousand" RV (AV, "two hundred thousand thousand"): see INNUMERABLE
Mem'Phis - At Memphis was the reputed burial-place of Isis; it has also a temple to that "myriad-named" divinity
Company - " ...
(3) Murias, a noun connected with the adjective murios ("numberless, infinite"), signifies "a Myriad" (whence the English word), and is used hyperbolically, of vast numbers, e
Greece - ‘The great power of Isis “of Myriad names” was that, transfigured by Greek influences, she appealed to many orders of intellect, and satisfied many religious needs or fancies’ (S