What does Moralism mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Moralism
(n.) A maxim or saying embodying a moral truth.

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Sibylline Oracles - ]'>[17] They chose this pagan form in order not only to convey threats of doom against persecuting powers like Assyria and Rome, but also to win a hearing among outside circles for their own monotheism and Moralism. ’...
A passage like this breathes so much of the monotheistic Moralism which was common to Orphism, Judaism, and Christianity that we have no definite criteria for assigning it to either a Jewish or a Christian Sibyllinist; either might have written it, subordinating his dogmatic idiosyncrasies to the need of preserving the dramatic probabilities of the situation
Heart - A legalistic Moralism
Heart - A legalistic Moralism
Lord's Supper. (i.) - He penetrates through the crust of unimaginative Moralism to the living prophetic stream which in His day found its way to the surface only in tiny rivulets