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Charles Buck Theological Dictionary - Misrepresentation
The act of wilfully representing a thing otherwise than it is. "This, " as an elegant writer observes, "is one of the greatest mischiefs of conversation. Self-love is continually at work to give to all we say a bias in our own favour. How often in society, otherwise respectable, are we pained with narrations in which prejudice warps, and self-love blinds!
How often do we see that withholding part of a truth answers the worst ends of a falsehood! How often regret the unfair turn given to a cause, by placing a sentiment in one point of view, which the speaker had used in another! the letter of truth preserved, where its spirit is violated! a superstitious exactness scrupulously maintained in the under parts of a detail, in order to impress such an idea of integrity as shall gain credit for the misrepresenter, while he is designedly mistaking the leading principle! How may we observe a new character given to a fact by a different look, tone, or emphasis, which alters it as much as words could have done! the false impression of a sermon conveyed, when we do not like the preacher, or when through him we wish to make religion itself ridiculous! the care to avoid literal untruths, while the mischief is better effected by the unfair quotation of a passage divested of its context! the bringing together detached portions of a subject, and making those parts ludicrous, when connected, which were serious in their distinct position! the insidious use made of a sentiment by representing it as the opinion of him who had only brought it forward in order to expose it! the relating opinions which had merely been put hypothetically, as if they were the avowed principles of him we would discredit! that subtle falsehood which is so made to incorporate with a certain quantity of truth, that the most skilful moral chemist cannot analyze or separate them! for a good misrepresenter knows that a successful lie must have a certain infusion of truth, or it will not go down. And this amalgamation is the test of his skill; as too much truth would defeat the end of his mischief, and too little would destroy the belief of the hearer. All that indefinable ambiguity and equivocation; all that prudent deceit, which is rather implied than expressed; those more delicate artifices of the school of Loyala and of Chesterfield, which allow us, when we dare not deny a truth, yet so to disguise and discolour it, that the truth we relate shall not resemble the truth we heard; these, and all the thousand shades of simulation and disimulation, will be carefully guarded against in the conversation of vigilant Christians."
Miss H. More on Educ. vol. 2: p. 91.
Webster's Dictionary - Misrepresentation
(n.) Untrue representation; false or incorrect statement or account; - usually unfavorable to the thing represented; as, a misrepresentation of a person's motives.

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Traducement - ) The act of traducing; Misrepresentation; ill-founded censure; defamation; calumny
Calumny - ) False accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; malicious Misrepresentation; slander; detraction
Misrepresentation - ) Untrue representation; false or incorrect statement or account; - usually unfavorable to the thing represented; as, a Misrepresentation of a person's motives
Coloring - ) Change of appearance as by addition of color; appearance; show; disguise; Misrepresentation
Falsification - ) Willful misstatement or Misrepresentation
Falsehood - ) Want of truth or accuracy; an untrue assertion or representation; error; Misrepresentation; falsity
Injustice - Perhaps its most common form so far as good name is concerned is misjudgment or Misrepresentation of another's religion because of culpable ignorance or prejudice
Aetians - " It is added, that he taught God had revealed to him things which he had "concealed from the Apostles;" which, perhaps, is only a Misrepresentation of what he taught on the doctrine of divine influences
West - He attributed such disregard and Misrepresentation to self-delusion resulting from insincerity
Action Francaise - The Action Francaise rebelled into an active opposition of defiance, Misrepresentation, and calumny
Demetrius - 5), and strenuously encouraged him to continue his work, when his indiscreet zeal had exposed him to Misrepresentation ( ib
Blasphemy - But a man may commit virtually the same sin by continued malignant resistance of the gracious Spirit in one's own heart, with, at the same time, blasphemous and Satanic Misrepresentation of it to others
Philemon, the Epistle to - Manly and straightforward, without insincere compliment, suppression, or Misrepresentation of facts, it at once charms and persuades
Cry, Crying - ...
Note: A recent translator renders this verb in Matthew 27:50 "uttered a scream," an utterly deplorable mistranslation and a Misrepresentation of the nature of the Lord's "cry
Publishing - It would only provoke calumny or Misrepresentation
Alexander the Coppersmith - Now, what do you say? What do you do? Suppose such a man as Alexander the coppersmith has arisen in your community and is doing Alexander's very same work over again under your eyes every day, what do you do in that case? Do you content yourself with despising and detesting the mischief-making man in your heart? Should you not rather take some of his more wicked letters and speeches and point out to the simple and inexperienced the great lessons that lie on the face of such things? Is malice and Misrepresentation less important to point out to a young man entering on life, than bad grammar and slovenly composition? There are studies in sheer malignity set us every day, as well as studies in style; and a teacher of morals should treat the one kind just as a teacher of letters always treats the other. Why should we be so careful to point out solecisms and careless composition to our young people, and pass by studied malice, Misrepresentation, perversion, and suppression of the truth? And malice, too, that is not limited and localised in its scope as Alexander's malice was in his day, but which has all the resources of civilisation in our day to spread it abroad
Libertines - The first accusation brought against our Lord was based upon a Misrepresentation of words of His about the Temple (John 2:19, Mark 14:58), and in Acts 6:13-14; Acts 7:48-50 we see that St
Zephyrinus - He defends Callistus against the libel on his character, which, however, he allows may have had some ground, but acquits Hippolytus of wilful Misrepresentation, supposing him to have been partly misled by false reports and partly by prejudice, being himself a strict maintainer of ancient discipline, while Callistus was a liberal
Baptism, Christian - It is altogether a Misrepresentation to allege, as is sometimes done by Baptists, that their doctrine is "believers' baptism
Devil - His Misrepresentation of God as one arbitrary, selfish, and envious of His creature's happiness, a God to be slavishly-feared lest He should hurt, rather than filially loved, runs through all pagan idolatries
Old - Golden - ...
Revelation 21:15 (a) The measuring reed is represented as being golden to remind us - and to assure us that all of GOD's measurements and weights and decisions are without stain of sin, without deceit, and without Misrepresentation
Mary - Luke, and called in the English translation "a sinner," had formerly been a Heathen; but whether subsequently a proselyte to Judaism or not, is uncertain; and that, having been brought to the knowledge of Christian truth, and having found mercy from the Redeemer, she pressed into Simon's house, and gave the strongest proofs of her gratitude and veneration by anointing the Saviour's feet, bedewing them with her tears, and wiping them with the hairs of her head:—that by a wilful and malicious Misrepresentation, the Jews confounded Mary Magdalene with Mary the mother of Jesus, and represented her as an infamous character;—and that, from the blasphemous calumny of the Jews, a stigma of infamy has been affixed to the name of Mary Magdalene, and caused her to be regarded in the false light of a penitent prostitute
Anger (2) - ’ The objects of Christ’s anger here are the people in the synagogue, who maintained an obstinate and prejudiced silence when He asked them, ‘Is it lawful on the Sabbath day to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?’ What roused His anger was partly their inhumanity, which eared nothing for the disablement of the man with the withered hand, but even more, perhaps, the Misrepresentation of God of which they were guilty, when in His honour (as they would have it) they justified inhumanity on the Sabbath day. ...
Putting the whole of the passages together, and generalizing from them, we may infer that the two things in human conduct which moved Jesus most quickly and deeply to anger, were (1) inhumanity, wrong done to the needs or rights of men; and (2) Misrepresentation of God by professedly religious people, and especially by religious teachers
the Angel of the Church in Smyrna - O my Lord, when I remember in how many ways Thou didst suffer detraction and Misrepresentation, I know not where my senses are when I am in such haste to defend and excuse myself
Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis - Of far inferior value are his attempted refutations, which are further marred by fanatical abuse, Misrepresentation of opinions, and attacks on character
Paul the Apostle - In response Paul speaks disparagingly of the "law, " by which he often means his opponents' legalistic Misrepresentation of the Old Testament in the light of then-current oral tradition
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - O my Lord, when I remember in how many ways Thou didst suffer detraction and Misrepresentation, who in no way deserved it, I know not where my senses are when I am in such a haste to defend and excuse myself
Priscillianus And Priscillianism, Priscillian - The Priscillianist system, already sufficiently dark and perplexed, has had new obscurity added by unstinted Misrepresentation
Sanhedrin (2) - There is no trace of ‘tendency,’ and no motive for Misrepresentation
Ebionism (2) - But it is altogether a Misrepresentation of the facts to say that this is the type of the ideal Christian life as it meets us in Luke, or that his references to riches and poverty ‘rest on the idea that wealth is pernicious in itself and poverty salutary in itself’ (Weiss, Introd, ii
Righteousness - Paul, speaking of his methods in the Christian propaganda, claims that he employs ‘the weapons of integrity for attack or for defence,’ where δικαιοσύνη, as the preceding words indicate (‘the holy Spirit, unaffected love, true words, the power of God’), is opposed to foul play, Misrepresentation, and rancour; in evangelizing and in controversy, even when controversy is personal, he professes to be clean and honest
Jesus Christ - Observe the application of Old Testament passages which belong to Jehovah, to Jesus in the New Testament, and try whether you can acquit the writers of the New Testament of Misrepresentation, on supposition that Jesus is not God
John, Gospel of - Some modern critics do not shrink from this last hypothesis; but it surely implies a misleading Misrepresentation of facts incredible under the circumstances
Methodists - It will, therefore, be merely necessary to state those views of certain doctrines which it has been thought the Wesleyan Methodists hold in a somewhat peculiar way, or on which they have been most liable to Misrepresentation
Methodists, Protestant - " Thus I have endeavoured to give a view of the tenets of the Wesleyan Methodists; and this I have chosen to do in their own words, in order to prevent Misrepresentation