What does Millenarian mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Millenarian
(n.) One who believes that Christ will personally reign on earth a thousand years; a Chiliast.
(a.) Consisting of a thousand years; of or pertaining to the millennium, or to the Millenarians.

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Chiliastic - ) Millenarian
Millenary - ) The space of a thousand years; a millennium; also, a Millenarian
Thessalonians, First And Second, Theology of - Jewett, The Thessalonians Correspondence: Pauline Rhetoric and Millenarian Piety; A
Millenarians - " During the interregnum in England, in the time of Cromwell, there arose a set of enthusiasts sometimes called Millenarians, but more frequently Fifth Monarchy Men, who expected the sudden appearance of Christ, to establish on earth a new monarchy or kingdom. There is, indeed, an order in the resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15:24 ; but we no where observe mention made of a first and second resurrection at the distance of a thousand years from each other: yet, were the Millenarian hypothesis well founded, the words should rather have run thus: "Christ, the first-fruits, then the martyrs at his coming, and a thousand years afterward the residue of mankind,—then cometh the end," &c. " The Millenarians do not form a sect distinct from others; but their distinguishing tenet, in one view or other, prevails, in a greater or less degree, among most denominations into which the Christian world is divided
Papias - ’ This statement Eusebius, anxious to dissociate John from Papias’ Millenarian views, challenges, saying that he does not claim to have heard Apostles, but only associates of theirs
John, Gospel of (Critical) - Eusebius is speaking of his Millenarian notions, and of the unimaginative way in which he interpreted the figurative language of the Apostolic writings