What does Mikneiah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
וּמִקְנֵיָ֨הוּ one of the Levites of the 2nd rank 1
וּמִקְנֵיָ֙הוּ֙ one of the Levites of the 2nd rank 1

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   1 one of the Levites of the 2nd rank, gatekeepers of the ark, appointed by David to play in the temple band.
   Additional Information: Mikneiah = “possession of Jehovah”.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Mikneiah
Holman Bible Dictionary - Mikneiah
(mihk nee' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh acquires” or “Yahweh creates.” Levitic musician in David's time (1Chronicles 15:18,1 Chronicles 15:21 ).
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Mikneiah
MIKNEIAH. A gate-keeper of the ark ( 1 Chronicles 15:18 ).
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Mikneiah
Levite, musician and door-keeper. 1 Chronicles 15:18,21 .

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