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As stated in the preceding article the Lentenfast does not include all the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter,for the Sundays are so many days above the number forty. They areexcluded because the Lord's Day is always kept as a Festival andnever as a Fast. These six Sundays, therefore, are called "SundaysIN Lent, not of Lent; they are in the midst of it, but do not formpart of it; on these Sundays we continue without interruption tocelebrate our Saviour's Resurrection." The Sundays in Lent arenamed in the Prayer Book First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth; thelast Sunday being set forth as "The Sunday next before Easter."Popular usage, however, has assigned other names to the closingSundays in Lent, for example, the Fourth Sunday is usually calledMid Lent Sunday, for the reason that the Lenten Fast is half over.It is also called Refreshment Sunday, from the Gospel for the Daywhich gives the account of our Lord miraculously feeding thefive thousand in the wilderness; another name is Mothering Sunday(which see). The Fifth Sunday is called Passion Sunday, from thefact that on that day the Church begins the solemn recital of ourLord's sufferings. The Sixth Sunday is known as Palm Sunday as itwas on this day our Lord made His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem,when the people hailed Him as King and strewed palm branches in Hisway, crying "Hosanna to the Son of David."

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