What does Leading mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
ἡγούμενος to lead. / to consider 3
ἡγουμένους to lead. / to consider 2
ἀπάγουσα to lead away. 2
ἄγουσιν to lead 1
πρώτων first in time or place. / first in rank. / first 1
לִפְנֵ֖י face. 1
וַיִּנְהַג֙ to drive 1
לְמוֹאָ֔ב a son of Lot by his eldest daughter. 1
χειραγωγοῦντες to lead by the hand. 1
φέρουσαν to carry. / to bear 1
πρώτοις first in time or place. / first in rank. / first 1
προϊστάμενος to set or place before. 1
πρώτη first in time or place. / first in rank. / first 1
πλανώντων to cause to stray 1
θριαμβεύοντι to triumph 1
ἡγουμένοις to lead. / to consider 1
ἡγουμένων to lead. / to consider 1
ἐξάγουσιν to lead out. 1
διὰ through. 1
רָאשִׁ֖ים head 1

Definitions Related to Leading


   1 to lead.
      1a to go before.
      1b to be a leader.
         1b1 to rule, command.
         1b2 to have authority over.
         1b3 a prince, of regal power, governor, viceroy, chief, Leading as respects influence, controlling in counsel, overseers or leaders of the churches.
         1b4 used of any kind of leader, chief, commander.
         1b5 the leader in speech, chief, spokesman.
   2 to consider, deem, account, think.
   Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 1380, dokeo; 3543, nomizo; 3633, oiomai; and 5316, phaino.
   See entry 5837 for comparison of synonyms.


   1 to lead away.
      1a esp.
      of those who are led off to trial, prison, or punishment.


   1 a son of Lot by his eldest daughter.
   2 the nation descended from the son of Lot.
   3 the land inhabited by the descendants of the son of Lot.
   Additional Information: Moab = “of his father”.


   1 to drive, lead, guide, conduct.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to drive, lead on, drive away, drive off.
         1a2 to behave itself (fig.
         ) (of heart).
      1b (Piel).
         1b1 to drive away, lead off.
         1b2 to lead on, guide, guide on.
         1b3 to cause to drive.
   2 (Piel) to moan, lament.


   1 to set or place before.
      1a to set over.
      1b to be over, to superintend, preside over.
      1c to be a protector or guardian.
         1c1 to give aid.
      1d to care for, give attention to.
         1d1 profess honest occupations.


   1 to lead, take with one.
      1a to lead by laying hold of, and this way to bring to the point of destination: of an animal.
      1b to lead by accompanying to (into) a place.
      1c to lead with one’s self, attach to one’s self as an attendant.
      1d to conduct, bring.
      1e to lead away, to a court of justice, magistrate, etc.
   2 to lead,.
      2a to lead, guide, direct.
      2b to lead through, conduct to: to something.
      2c to move, impel: of forces and influences on the mind.
   3 to pass a day, keep or celebrate a feast, etc.
   4 to go, depart.


   1 to triumph, to celebrate a triumph.
   2 cause one to triumph.
   Additional Information: From the root word meaning a hymn sung in festal processions in honour of the god Bacchus.


   1 to cause to stray, to lead astray, lead aside from the right way.
      1a to go astray, wander, roam about.
   2 metaph.
      2a to lead away from the truth, to lead into error, to deceive.
      2b to be led into error.
      2c to be led aside from the path of virtue, to go astray, sin.
      2d to sever or fall away from the truth.
         2d1 of heretics.
      2e to be led away into error and sin.


   1 to lead out.


   1 first in time or place.
      1a in any succession of things or persons.
   2 first in rank.
      2a influence, honour.
      2b chief.
      2c principal.
   3 first, at the first.


   1 head, top, summit, upper part, chief, total, sum, height, front, beginning.
      1a head (of man, animals).
      1b top, tip (of mountain).
      1c height (of stars).
      1d chief, head (of man, city, nation, place, family, priest).
      1e head, front, beginning.
      1f chief, choicest, best.
      1g head, division, company, band.
      1h sum.


   1 to lead by the hand.


   1 to carry.
      1a to carry some burden.
         1a1 to bear with one’s self.
      1b to move by bearing; move or, to be conveyed or borne, with the suggestion of force or speed.
         1b1 of persons borne in a ship over the sea.
         1b2 of a gust of wind, to rush.
         1b3 of the mind, to be moved inwardly, prompted.
      1c to bear up i.e. uphold (keep from falling).
         1c1 of Christ, the preserver of the universe.
   2 to bear, i.e. endure, to endure the rigour of a thing, to bear patiently one’s conduct, or spare one (abstain from punishing or destroying).
   3 to bring, bring to, bring forward.
      3a to move to, apply.
      3b to bring in by announcing, to announce.
      3c to bear i.e. bring forth, produce; to bring forward in a speech.
      3d to lead, conduct.


   1 face.
      1a face, faces.
      1b presence, person.
      1c face (of seraphim or cherubim).
      1d face (of animals).
      1e face, surface (of ground).
      1f as adv of loc/temp.
         1f1 before and behind, toward, in front of, forward, formerly, from beforetime, before.
      1g with prep.
         1g1 in front of, before, to the front of, in the presence of, in the face of, at the face or front of, from the presence of, from before, from before the face of.


   1 through.
      1a of place.
         1a1 with.
         1a2 in.
      1b of time.
         1b1 throughout.
         1b2 during.
      1c of means.
         1c1 by.
         1c2 by the means of.
   2 through.
      2a the ground or reason by which something is or is not done.
         2a1 by reason of.
         2a2 on account of.
         2a3 because of for this reason.
         2a4 therefore.
         2a5 on this account.

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Frequency of Leading (English)


Charles Spurgeon's Illustration Collection - Sorrows: Leading to Conversion
Augustine says that his God was 'mercifully rigorous' to him, besprinkling with most bitter alloy all his unlawful pleasures, 'that he might seek pleasures without alloy.'
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Ideas (Leading)
IDEAS (LEADING).—The leading ideas of our Lord may be divided into two classes, Moral and Religious. This is not an artificial division: it corresponds to two stages in His public teaching which are very clearly marked in the Gospels. The earlier stage is prevailingly ethical, and finds its most characteristic utterance in the Sermon on the Mount. The later is, in comparison, distinctively religious, and deals with the relation of God to man. Yet we are not to separate the two elements, for they inter-penetrate one another. They are inter-dependent, and form together an organic whole.
i.Moral ideas.
1.The Kingdom.
2.The Pure Heart.
3.The infinite Value of the human Soul.
4.The Law of Love.
5.The Universality of Love.
6.The Great Example.
ii.Religious Ideas.
1.The Fatherhood of God.
2.The Son.
4.The Coming of the Kingdom.
5.The Paraclete.
i. Moral ideas
1. The Kingdom.—This idea must be placed first on account of its position in our Lord’s teaching. ‘Repent ye; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,’ was the message of the Baptist and the first public utterance of Jesus (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15). From the beginning the idea of the Kingdom may be traced throughout the Gospels, and everywhere it will be found to indicate the supreme blessing which comes to man from God. In Mt. it is usually termed the Kingdom of Heaven. Elsewhere the phrase Kingdom of God is uniformly employed.
The idea of a Kingdom of God does not appear first in the NT. in the OT, the sovereignty of God is a fundamental conception. Jehovah was regarded as King over His chosen people. Israel was a theocracy. Always, whether under judges, kings, prophets, or priests, the human leaders were looked upon as representatives or agents of Jehovah, the true King. The natural tendency was to regard this as the exclusive privilege of the chosen people. Nevertheless, in the OT is to be found the vision of a great world-wide Kingdom of God. In the Book of Daniel especially we find how, to the prophetic mind, there was opened the glorious prospect of a universal Divinely-established sovereignty. Daniel 7:13-147; 1618398961_99 are the clearest. The latter of these two passages is especially important, because from it, most probably, our Lord adopted the title ‘Son of Man’ by which He usually described Himself. It was therefore a passage much in His thoughts, and it is scarcely possible to believe that, as He proclaimed ‘the kingdom,’ He had not clearly in mind the words ‘His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.’
It is plain that among the Jews in our Lord’s time there was a widely spread expectation of some great person who was to be leader of the chosen people, and through whom that people were to be established as a great world-power. The Jews of that age were looking for a kingdom. And to them came John the Baptist and then Jesus of Nazareth, proclaiming the coming of a Kingdom. As our Lord’s ministry and teaching developed, He made it quite clear that the Kingdom He proclaimed was very different from the kingdom of popular expectations. Yet the two conceptions cannot be wholly unrelated. Our Lord would not have used the popular language if His meaning had no relation to the ideas of the popular mind.
This consideration is important, because of late years there have been efforts to show that the Kingdom, as conceived by our Lord, had no social content whatever; that, by the Kingdom of God, He meant a spiritual illumination in the heart of the individual (Harnack, What is Christianity? Lect. iii. He holds that our Lord shared the eschatological ideas of the Jews of His time, but that the essence of His teaching is that the Kingdom is the rule of God in the heart of the individual). This view rests mainly on a single text, Luke 17:21 ‘The kingdom of God is within you,’ and is supported by the consideration that the primary meaning of the word which is translated ‘kingdom,’ βασιλεία, is ‘rule’ or ‘dominion.’
The sentence (Matthew 15:18-20,) ‘The kingdom of God is within you’ (ἑντος ὑμῶν) is capable of being translated, ‘The kingdom of God is in the midst of you,’ and this rendering suits the context better than any other, for the saying was addressed to the Pharisees. But it must be granted that the ‘New Sayings of Jesus,’ recently discovered by Grenfell and Hunt, have thrown fresh light on this question. The words occur in the Second Saying, and in a connexion which precludes the translation’ in the midst of you.’ ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you, and whoever shall know himself shall find it.’ This is, at least, a very early witness to the sense attached to the words in primitive times.
But we cannot found our interpretation of our Lord’s teaching on a single passage, especially when we are dealing with a leading conception which was always more or less in His mind. Some of the parables which were intended to throw light on the nature of the Kingdom, e.g. the Mustard Seed, the Tares and the Wheat, the Draw-net, seem explicable only on the understanding that the Kingdom was regarded as a visible community.
The only way of combining the two elements which seems to be truly satisfactory, is to regard the Kingdom as the rule of God, whether in the individual or in the community. It is then the Summum Bonum, the Absolute Good in which both the individual and the community find their realization. It is thus both a present blessing and an ideal to guide all future development. It is realized here and now whenever man stands in a right relation to God and to his fellows. Its perfect realization belongs to the great future: it is the end to which all creation and all history are tending. The Kingdom as a conception is thus at once moral, social, religious, and eschatological. All these aspects are distinctly visible in our Lord’s teaching, and all are harmonized by the view which has just been adopted. We are now concerned with the moral aspect of this great idea.
The Sermon on the Mount, as we have it in Mt., must be taken as the fullest statement of our Lord’s moral teaching. Whether it be accepted as a single discourse, or be regarded as a collection of sayings, the unity which pervades it and its perfect harmony with the rest of our Lord’s utterances are manifest. Its place in the gospel of the Kingdom, as proclaimed by our Lord, is clearly defined. The Sermon is a statement of the Law of the Kingdom.
This is evident from Matthew 5:17-20, in which a general principle concerning the ethical relation of the gospel to the Mosaic Law is laid down, and from Matthew 5:21-43, in which several important illustrations of the practical application of this new principle are given. Matthew 6:1-33; Matthew 7:21-27 agree with this view of the nature of the Sermon. In the former passage, the whole subject of rewards and motives is dealt with, and the end which is to govern our religious life (Matthew 6:1-18) and our secular life (Matthew 6:19-29) is declared to be, not the praise of men (Matthew 6:2; Matthew 6:5; Matthew 6:16), not earthly rewards (Matthew 6:19; Matthew 6:25), but God’s Kingdom and God’s righteousness (Matthew 6:33). This end includes all necessary goods (Matthew 6:33). It therefore lifts the soul above anxiety (Matthew 16:24-27,). It is an eternal treasure (Matthew 6:20). It must be pursued with whole-hearted devotion (Matthew 6:24). In the latter passage (Matthew 6:21-27) the importance of doing the will of God, as contrasted with mere profession, is insisted on as a condition of entering into the Kingdom.
It is thus perfectly clear that the whole Sermon on the Mount regards human life from the point of view of the Kingdom, and lays down the moral principles which belong to that point of view. It may therefore be fitly described as the Law of the Kingdom.
At the same time, it is necessary to observe that the Sermon on the Mount is not a new Decalogue. Our Lord did not issue commandments like those of the old Law. On the contrary, He laid down principles, and taught His disciples how to apply them.
This is an important distinction. Commandments which classify actions, forbidding some and enjoining others, however necessary they may be for purposes of moral education, have always this defect, that they are sure, sooner or later, to come into conflict, and so give rise to perplexity and to casuistry. Principles, on the other hand, are truly universal, and therefore cannot conflict. There are parts of our Lord’s moral teaching which have seemed perplexing to many, e.g. Matthew 5:34; Matthew 5:39-42. But the perplexity vanishes when it is seen that these sayings contain not laws but examples, illustrations of the application of a principle (see Matthew 6:25-342), which has been already laid down. As examples or illustrations, they must be considered in relation to circumstances, which inevitably limit every particular case.
Among moral principles laid down by our Lord, the Kingdom stands first and supreme. The passage which presents this truth most clearly has been already noticed. It occupies the whole of Matthew 6, which fills the central space in the moral teaching of Jesus as we have it in St. Matthew’s report of the Sermon. Here we have the motives of conduct dealt with. First, the prevailing wrong motives are pointed out: the praise of men which too often destroys the reality of the religious life (Matthew 6:2; Matthew 6:5; Matthew 6:16; Matthew 6:18); greed of gain, the laying up of earthly treasures (Matthew 6:19-24), which makes the ‘single eye’ impossible; anxiety for the necessaries of life, food and clothing, things that will surely be given us if we live a true life (1618398961_71).
It is characteristic of our Lord that it is in connexion with this last subject that He reveals the true motive. He contemplates the life of the average man toiling for his daily bread and filled with anxiety lest that bread should fail. There is an extraordinary tenderness and sympathy in our Lord’s language here. The passage is perhaps the most beautiful in all His teaching. And the lesson reaches the highest heights of spiritual vision. ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (the necessaries of life) shall be added unto you’ (Matthew 6:33).
It is singularly impressive that this teaching should be given in connexion with those common everyday duties at which the vast majority of human beings must spend their lives. To the great mass of the world’s toilers our Lord says: Be not anxious about your bodily needs. In doing your daily work, seek the Highest, and the necessaries of life will not fail. And what is that Highest? It is the Kingdom and righteousness of God. The answer presents both sides of the truth, the external and the internal, the objective aim and the quality of character which corresponds to it.
When we come to consider more carefully what is the nature of this highest objective aim which is termed the Kingdom, we are met by the difficulty that our Lord nowhere gives a formal definition of it. His manner of referring to it is rather an indication that He desired in the first instance to convince His hearers of its existence, and for the rest to approach it in many different ways, so as to exhibit different aspects of a thing too great for its nature to be made evident by any one statement. But certain characteristics emerge with sufficient clearness. What these characteristics are will be seen as we examine the other leading ideas of our Lord’s moral teaching. See also art. Kingdom of God.
2. The Pure Heart.—‘Blessed are the pure in heart,’ said the Lord; ‘for they shall see God.’ The idea expressed in this Beatitude is one of the most fundamental in the interpretation of the Law in terms of the gospel. Our Lord insisted upon the inwardness of all true goodness. An external morality had no value in His eyes. This teaching was not altogether new. Great prophets and psalmists had seen it (Jeremiah 31:33, Psalms 51:10). Greek philosophers had taught the priority of being to doing. But Jesus gave to the world as a whole what had hitherto been the possession of select souls. By showing the power of this principle to deepen the received code, He was able to alter the popular conception of the moral ideal. He taught that within the Kingdom the only goodness which would be recognized would be goodness of heart. All the examples which He gave to show that the righteousness of the Kingdom must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, display the operation of this principle. See Matthew 5:22; Matthew 5:28; Matthew 5:34-37; Matthew 5:44-48, Luke 6:45. Our Lord did not abolish the old Law. He fulfilled it (Matthew 5:17). He penetrated to the inner meaning and deeper truth which underlay it. And what is true of the good is true also of the evil: its nature is spiritual, it proceeds from the heart, and is not merely concerned with the outward action (Luke 17:21 Mark 7:21, Luke 6:45, see also Matthew 12:34-35).
There is a tendency to regard this purity of heart as concerned only with the negation of one class of fleshly appetites. Our Lord did indeed apply the principle most impressively with that reference (Matthew 5:27 ff.) But, as all the illustrations show, the principle is one of universal application, and concerns the very essence of all goodness. It is the principle which the philosopher Kant stated in the terms: ‘Nothing can possibly be conceived in the world, or even out of it, which can be called good without qualification, except a Good Will.’ It is the doctrine which modern Ethics expresses when it declares that the goodness or badness of conduct depends upon the motive. In the last resort, the ‘single eye’ and the ‘pure heart’ are the same. They both express the inward determination to do the good just because it is the good, and for no other reason. The former regards this moral attitude from the point of view of the end which is aimed at, the second contemplates the disposition of the heart, the moral condition of soul, out of which the good inevitably springs.
3. The Infinite Value of the human Soul.—This idea is very frequent in the teaching of our Lord. Explicitly or implicitly, it occurs everywhere. See Matthew 6:26 ff., Matthew 10:29 ff., Matthew 10:40; Matthew 10:42; Matthew 12:11-12 l Matthew 16:26; Matthew 18:5 ff., Mark 8:36-37; Mark 9:37; Mark 9:42, Luke 9:25; Luke 9:48; Luke 10:29 ff., Luke 12:7 ff., Luke 12:24; Luke 12:28; Luke 14:5; Luke 15:4 ff., John 13:5-17 ff., Luke 15:11 ff., Luke 19:10, John 3:16; John 4:7 ff; John 10:11 ff. All passages which tell of the love of God for the individual soul or of the sacrifice by which the salvation of the soul was effected, are witnesses to the same truth. Every person, no matter how poor, wretched, sinful or degraded, is of infinite value when compared with any mere thing. The gospel was preached to the poor. The Christ received the publicans and sinners who came to Him. None were too miserable or too lowly for His compassion. The Great Father in heaven is ever watching over His human children. The very hairs of their heads are all numbered. Better to die a miserable death than be the cause of injury to one of His little ones. God so cares for even the most sinful among His children, that He is compared to the shepherd seeking the lost sheep, to the woman searching for her lost piece of money. There is joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth. God is like a loving father who rejoices over the returning prodigal. As we have it in St. John, ‘God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son’ (John 3:16).
Apart from the religious value of these teachings, their ethical importance is incalculable. They conveyed to mankind one of the greatest gifts which even Christianity had to bestow: the belief that each human soul is of absolute value, above all price or estimation. It is the doctrine which philosophical Ethics expresses, when it declares that every person is to be regarded as an end in himself, never as a means only. This is the doctrine which underlies the mission of the Church to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:19). It is the principle which has overthrown tyrannies, abolished slavery, and justified all our modern enthusiasms for liberty and for the welfare of humanity.
This doctrine, combined with that of the Fatherhood of God, affords the true proof of individual immortality. Our Lord’s teaching is quite clear on this subject. There must be a future life for men because God calls Himself their God. ‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living’ (Matthew 22:31 ff., Mark 12:27, Luke 20:37 ff.). That is, God cares for men, they are precious in His sight, therefore He cannot permit them to perish. The great Father will never forsake His children.
4. The Law of Love.—Christianity teaches us to think of love as the nature of God and as the highest law of human life. We owe this noble teaching to our Lord Himself. By precept and example He taught His followers to think of the Almighty as their Father in heaven. While never ignoring the justice, the righteousness of God, He made His hearers realize the supremacy of the Divine Love. Out of this great love of God should flow a human love of the same nature, a beneficent love (Matthew 5:44-45, Luke 6:27-36), a love which embraces even those who are bitterly hostile. Not only so, but our Lord teaches that the Law of Love is the supreme law of conduct. It includes all the commandments (Matthew 22:37-39, Mark 12:30 ff.). In strict accordance with this teaching is the Law of Service. He is greatest who serves best (Matthew 20:25 ff., Mark 10:43 ff., Luke 22:24-27, Luke 15:8). Loving service is the true test of the life (Matthew 25:35 ff.).
This teaching shows clearly that our Lord designed to give to men a blessing which should be, not merely an illumination for the soul of the individual, but a social bond. He set free a principle which would bless all in the blessing of each. That principle may be described as the family principle exalted to heaven for the good of all the earth. If God is ‘Our Father,’ then all we ‘are brethren’ (Matthew 23:8). The kingdom of God is thus the kingdom of Love in which each is blessed in the blessing of all. And this is the true Summum Bonum, the ideal end, which finds its partial realization in every instance of genuine goodness in the individual life as well as in the life of the community, and which is the highest principle of all moral and social progress, its perfect realization is the great hope of the future, the coming of the Kingdom in glory.
5. The Universality of Love.—The Law of Love in its relation to our duty to one another is expressed by the command, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’ But the question arises, What is the scope of this love? Or, as it was put to our Lord Himself, ‘Who is my neighbour?’ (Luke 10:29). The answer to this question is contained in the passage already referred to (Matthew 5:43-48). Our love is to be, like God’s, a blessing for all who need it, the evil as well as the good, the just as well as the unjust, our enemies as well as our friends. In the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30 ff.), the same answer is given in a way which makes its meaning even more distinct. To enforce the lesson, our Lord selected as the hero of His parable a man belonging to a race which was hated and despised by the Jews. There was an exquisite wisdom in this choice. Why not have made a Jew assist a Samaritan, or even a Gentile, in order to illustrate the principle? But our Lord wished to teach by an example appealing rather to the humanity than to the national feelings of His hearer. Had the act of mercy been shown by a Jew to a Samaritan it might have seemed condescension, a work of supererogation. Shown by a Samaritan to a Jew, the true character of the goodness it reveals becomes, from the Jewish point of view, far more evident. We are taught that love should be universal in its nature. It should break down the barriers erected by race, or privilege, or religion.
It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this teaching. Ancient civilizations were for the most part founded on slavery or on the subjection of races or classes. Underlying the whole Jewish system was the idea of a privileged people. Our Lord broke through the most inveterate of prejudices, and taught the universal obligation to love and to bless. He laid the foundation of liberty and of philanthropy.
6. The Great Example.—In Matthew 6:33, the ideal is set before us in two ways, as an objective aim and as a type of character: ‘Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness.’ The righteousness of God is the standard. There is, and must be, a correspondence between the outward and the inward, between the Kingdom of God as a universe of souls bound together by the great love of their Father in Heaven and their love one to another, and the moral condition of each individual soul. When the latter side is considered, we ask, What is its quality? what is its standard? The answer is—the character of God. This is implied in the very name ‘Father’ (Matthew 5:45). The teaching is, ‘Be sons of your Father,’ be like unto God. Even more explicit is the statement in Matthew 5:48 ‘Ye therefore shall be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ This standard may seem too high. It may seem unreal to say to ordinary men and women, ‘Be perfect as God.’ But all realization of good character in human creatures is, so far as it goes, an imitation of God, a reproduction of the Divine. Goodness is always a following of God, though it be a very long way off. What we have here is the absolute standard, the highest possible ideal of character. Our Lord will set nothing lower before us. But the ideal is brought near to us in a way which is characteristic of Christianity. Jesus Christ Himself is the incarnation of the ideal. See Matthew 11:29; Matthew 20:25-28, Mark 10:42-45, Luke 6:40; Luke 22:27, John 13:15; John 13:34-35; John 15:12. In these passages our Lord holds Himself up as an example. And there can be no doubt that the influence of His character has been as potent a moral force as His words. He elevated humanity by being what He was. It is very hard to realize how vast was the change effected by the teaching and example of Christ. The conception of the ideal of character was altered. To see this truth we have but to compare Aristotle’s picture of the ‘great-souled man’ with our Lord. Noble and virtuous with the splendid but imperfect nobility and virtue of pagan Greece, the great-souled man is proud, self-satisfied and pompons. His very ‘greatness,’ as conceived by Aristotle, makes him a poor creature when placed beside Jesus of Nazareth. Above all, our Lord’s example shows us the principle of love at work in human life.
7. Self-renunciation.—When dealing with the lofty principles of absolute morality, our Lord’s teaching is characterized by the most extraordinary sweetness. With joyous confidence His thought lingers on the sunny heights of truth. But when He comes to speak of the struggle through which the soul must pass in its upward progress, His manner changes. There is an awful force in the language and imagery with which He teaches the necessity of self-sacrifice. From this we learn His attitude towards sin. See Matthew 5:29-30; Matthew 18:6-9, Mark 9:42-48; Mark 10:37-39. Such passages show that His tenderness towards the repentant sinner involved no condoning of sin. Our Lord received sinners, but He never regarded their sins with complaisance. The following passages are important: Matthew 10:37 ff; Matthew 6:34 Mark 8:34 ff., Luke 9:23 ff; Luke 14:25-35; Luke 17:33, John 12:25, also Matthew 7:13-14, Luke 13:24 ff. In these passages the necessity of self-renunciation is expressed in terms of the most vivid intensity. Yet the denial of self is nowhere represented as an end in itself. It is a means, or rather the inevitable means. It is the way, not the goal. Yet it is a way which cannot be avoided if the goal is to be reached.
Our Lord clearly sets before us the reward of goodness and the punishment which awaits unrepented sin. The subject is a puzzling one, because of the ambiguities of language. But our thoughts will be set free from confusion if we consider our Lord’s teaching as it stands, apart from certain popular misconceptions. It will be found that, in His teaching, the Kingdom is itself the reward. To gain this is to gain all, to lose it is to lose all. Sometimes it is described as ‘the joy of thy Lord’ (Matthew 25:21), sometimes plainly as ‘the kingdom’ (Matthew 25:34), sometimes as ‘eternal life’ (Matthew 25:46). But all alike are ways of describing that one glorious end which is the Summum Bonum, the true and final good, that end in which God Himself with all His children shall have one undivided blessedness. To live for this reward is to live for the good itself. The goodness or badness of working for rewards depends altogether on the nature of the rewards which are sought. To work for selfis
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Leading
LEADING.—‘Lead’ is used in the Gospels in its ordinary senses: intransitively in the description of the ways that lead to life or destruction (Matthew 7:13-14), and transitively often. The OT metaphor of Jehovah as a Shepherd leading His people like a flock (Psalms 23:1; Psalms 80:1) is repeated in the parables representing Christ as a Shepherd whose sheep recognize and obey Him (John 10:3-4; John 10:27). The general conception of God’s leading His people, so frequent in the Psalms and in Deutero-Isaiah and elsewhere, is assumed in the petition ‘Lead us not into temptation’ (Matthew 6:13, Luke 11:4); for the true life is along a right path wherein God leads His children.
The leadership of religious authorities is referred to in the description of scribes and Pharisees as ‘blind guides’ or ‘blind leaders of the blind’ (Matthew 23:16; Matthew 15:14); the metaphor being based on the sight, familiar in Eastern cities, of rows or files of blind persons each holding by the one in front. But, as this saying is placed by St. Luke (Luke 6:39) in immediate connexion with the appointment of the Twelve, it may be presumed that Jesus pressed on His disciples the necessity of their recognizing and qualifying for the duties of true leadership. They are required to have light and to let it shine, to be, in short, ‘men of light and leading.’
The position of Jesus as a Leader is most frequently expressed in terms of following. The imperative ‘Follow me’ is addressed to individuals, as Peter and Andrew, James and John (Matthew 4:19; Matthew 4:21), Matthew (Matthew 9:9), and Philip (John 1:43); and to unnamed disciples or listeners (Matthew 8:22; Matthew 19:21). It is repeated in the fundamental law of the Kingdom, where self-denial or cross-bearing is enjoined (Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23, John 12:25); but here the reference is to Jesus as a supreme example rather than a present guide, and the instruction is primarily spiritual. It may be said that during His whole public ministry Jesus was leading and training disciples to carry on His work; while the risen Christ is the Head of the Church and the Leader of the Christian army (Matthew 28:18-20).
Four times the term ‘Leader’ (ἀρχηγός) is applied to Christ: in the Authorized and Revised Versions phrases ‘Prince of life,’ ‘Prince,’ ‘Captain (Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 ‘Author’) of salvation,’ ‘Author of faith’ (Acts 3:15; Acts 5:31, Hebrews 2:10; Hebrews 12:2); and a similar meaning is expressed by πρόδρομος, ‘Forerunner’ (Hebrews 6:20). In these passages the leadership is through death from life on earth to life in heaven.
Literature.—II. Bushnell, The New Life, p. 74; Phillips Brooks, Mystery of Iniquity, p. 171; B. B. Warfield, Power of God unto Salvation, p. 151.
R. Scott.
Webster's Dictionary - Leading Edge
same as Advancing edge, above.
Webster's Dictionary - Leading
(n.) Suggestion; hint; example.
(a.) Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; as, a leading motive; a leading man; a leading example.
(n.) The act of guiding, directing, governing, or enticing; guidance.
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lead
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lead
A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography - Nomus, Leading Personage at Constantinople
Nomus, a leading personage at Constantinople in the latter years of Theodosius II., with whom he was all-powerful— τὰ τῆς οἰκουμένης ἐν χερσὶν ἔχων πράγματα (Labbe, Concil. iv. 407). Nomus filled in succession all the highest offices in the state. In 443 he was "magister officiorum" ( Cod. Theod. Nov. p. 14, 1); consul in 445; patrician in 449, the year of the infamous "Latrocinium." He was the confidential friend of Chrysaphius the eunuch and shared with him the government of the emperor and the empire. Through them Dioscorus of Alexandria and the Eutychian doctrines he supported were brought into favour at court. Through Nomus the feeble Theodosius was induced to publish a decree in 448 confining Theodoret to his own diocese. The interesting series of letters, to the principal men of the empire, in which Theodoret, while observing the mandate, protested against its arbitrary character, contains several addressed to Nomus. With the death of Theodosius and the accession of Marcian and Pulcheria, Nomus's power sensibly waned. He took, however, a leading position as a high state official at the council of Chalcedon (Labbe, iv. 77, 475, etc.), where a libel or petition against him was presented by a nephew of Cyril, Athanasius by name, a presbyter of Alexandria, accusing him of violence and extortion which had reduced Athanasius and his relatives to beggary and caused his brother to die of distress ( ib. 407–410).

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Leitmotif - ) See Leading motive, under Leading, a
Leading - ) Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; as, a Leading motive; a Leading man; a Leading example
Dade - ) To walk unsteadily, as a child in Leading strings, or just learning to walk; to move slowly. ) To hold up by Leading strings or by the hand, as a child while he toddles
Haggedolim - ” Zabdiel a Leading priest was the son of Haggedolim (Nehemiah 11:14 KJV, “the great men”; TEV, “a Leading family”). Bible students have suggested that haggedolim is probably not a Hebrew proper name and have interpreted it as a copyists' change of an unfamiliar name for a more familiar word or title, an honorary title for a Leading family, or a title for the high priest
Uptake - ) The pipe Leading upward from the smoke box of a steam boiler to the chimney, or smokestack; a flue Leading upward
Hegemonical - ) Leading; controlling; ruling; predominant
Bivious - ) Having, or Leading, two ways
Dissociative - ) Tending or Leading to dissociation
Guiding - Leading conducting directing superintending
Retroduction - ) A Leading or bringing back
Consols - ) The Leading British funded government security
Headman - ) A head or Leading man, especially of a village community
Luhith, Ascent of - The hill Leading up to a sanctuary of Moab (Isaiah 15:5)
Pantheistical - ) Of or pertaining to pantheism; founded in, or Leading to, pantheism
Misleading - ) Leading astray; delusive
Blastopore - ) The pore or opening Leading into the cavity of invagination, or archenteron
Propylaeum - ) Any court or vestibule before a building or Leading into any inclosure
Amud - "column"); prayer lectern where the chazan-cantor stands when Leading the prayers...
Associative - ) Having the quality of associating; tending or Leading to association; as, the associative faculty
Bithron - A ravine Leading to Mahanaim
Shmuel munkes - one of the Leading Chassidim of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi; known for his wit and �Chassidic pranks� ...
R. yitzchak eizik epstein of homel - (Gomel): a Leading chassid of the first three Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbes; head of the Rabbinic Court in Homil ...
R. shmuel munkes - one of the Leading Chassidim of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi; known for his wit and �Chassidic pranks� ...
Uidance - ) The act or result of guiding; the superintendence or assistance of a guide; direction; government; a Leading
Stairs, Rood - Stairs, often spiral and finely sculptured, Leading from either side of the rood screen to the rood loft
Rood Stairs - Stairs, often spiral and finely sculptured, Leading from either side of the rood screen to the rood loft
Alshich - Rabbi Moshe Alshich (1521-1593), one of the Leading rabbis of Safed, author of a commentary on the Torah...
Choke-Strap - ) A strap Leading from the bellyband to the lower part of the collar, to keep the collar in place
Haziel - ” A Leading Levite in the time of David (1 Chronicles 23:9 )
Madon - A Leading Canaanite city, whose king Jobab was killed at Merom with Jabiu's confederates (Joshua 11:1; Joshua 12:19)
Animosity - ) Violent hatred Leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike
Hackamore - ) A halter consisting of a long leather or rope strap and headstall, - used for Leading or tieing a pack animal
Motive - ) The theme or subject; a Leading phrase or passage which is reproduced and varied through the course of a comor a movement; a short figure, or melodic germ, out of which a whole movement is develpoed. See also Leading motive, under Leading
Admatha - ” One of the Leading advisors to King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) of Persia (Esther 1:14 )
Conclusive - ) Belonging to a close or termination; decisive; convincing; putting an end to debate or question; Leading to, or involving, a conclusion or decision
Sheshai - One of Anak's three sons at Hebron, driven out and slain by Caleb Leading Judah (Numbers 13:22; Joshua 15:14; Judges 1:10)
Protagonist - ) One who takes the Leading part in a drama; hence, one who takes lead in some great scene, enterprise, conflict, or the like
Pressure Wires - Wires Leading from various points of an electric system to a central station, where a voltmeter indicates the potential of the system at those points
Diphenyl - C6H5, obtained by Leading benzene through a heated iron tube
Tevet 10 - fast day commemorating the date on which the Babylonians laid siege around the walls of Jerusalem, Leading to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple
Gath-Hepher - It lay near Sepphoris, on a road Leading to Tiberias
Horse-Gate - A gate in the wall of Jerusalem, at the west end of the bridge, Leading from Zion to the temple (Nehemiah 3:28 ; Jeremiah 31:40 )
Eliahba - ” A Leading soldier in David's army (2 Samuel 23:32 )
Shin Shu - The Leading and most progressive Buddhist sect of Japan, resting its faith rather upon Amida than Gautama Buddha
up-Line - ) A line or track Leading from the provinces toward the metropolis or a principal terminus; the track upon which up-trains run
Unciton - Anointing, 1 John 2:20,27 , the special communication of the influence of the Holy Spirit by Christ to believers, Leading them into all truth and holiness
Conduction - ) The act of Leading or guiding
Seventy elders - Appointed by Moses, at G-d�s behest, to assist him in Leading the Israelites
Shinab - ” King of Admah who joined coalition against Chedorlaomer (Genesis 14:2 ) Leading eventually to Abraham's rescue of Lot
Corridor - ) A gallery or passageway Leading to several apartments of a house
Circumduction - ) A Leading about; circumlocution
Pentathionic - ) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of sulphur obtained by Leading hydrogen sulphide into a solution of sulphur dioxide; - so called because it contains five atoms of sulphur
Malassimilation - ) Imperfect digestion of the several Leading constituents of the food
Pagnino, Bantes - A Leading philologist of his day
Pagnino, Xantes - A Leading philologist of his day
Bantes Pagnino - A Leading philologist of his day
Bahu'Rim - (low ground ), a village, ( 2 Samuel 16:6 ) apparently on or close to the road Leading up from the Jordan valley to Jerusalem, and near the south boundary of Benjamin
Clarinet - It is the Leading instrument in a military band
Sallu - A Leading priest after the Exile (Nehemiah 12:7 )
Perron - ) An out-of-door flight of steps, as in a garden, Leading to a terrace or to an upper story; - usually applied to mediaevel or later structures of some architectural pretensions
Case System - The system of teaching law in which the instruction is primarily a historical and inductive study of Leading or selected cases, with or without the use of textbooks for reference and collateral reading
Downcome - ) A pipe for Leading combustible gases downward from the top of the blast furnace to the hot-blast stoves, boilers, etc
Aggression - ) The first attack, or act of hostility; the first act of injury, or first act Leading to a war or a controversy; unprovoked attack; assault; as, a war of aggression
Zeru'Iah - (balsam ), the mother of the three Leading heroes of David's army --Abishai, Joah and Asahel-- known as the "sons of Zeruiah
Gideon - Leading an army of 300 men, he caused the 135,000-strong occupying Midianite army to panic and flee
R. israel of ruzhin - known as the "Holy Ruzhiner"; 1796-1850; great-grandson of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch; one of the Leading chassidic rebbes of his time; a close associate of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch, third Chabad rebbe ...
Premiere - ) The Leading woman of a group, esp
Kerchiefs - Veil or small shawl with which the women who prophesied covered the head of persons of 'every stature:' alluding probably to their Leading people blindfold by their divinations, to catch their souls
Self-Excite - ) To energize or excite (the field magnets of a dynamo) by induction from the residual magnetism of its cores, Leading all or a part of the current thus produced through the field-magnet coils
Aleph - This word signifies, prince, chief, or thousand, expressing, as it were, a Leading number
Beth-Nimrah - Numbers 32:3,36 ; Joshua 13:27 , and Nimrim, Isaiah 15:6 ; Jeremiah 48:34 ; a town in Gad, a little east of the Jordan, on a watercourse Leading, from near Ramoth-Gilead, southwest into that river
Accentor - ) One who sings the Leading part; the director or leader
Litany - ) A solemn form of supplication in the public worship of various churches, in which the clergy and congregation join, the former Leading and the latter responding in alternate sentences
Goliath - Young David accepted the challenge and killed Goliath with his slingshot, Leading to the Philistines’ defeat
Science - Scripture describes Daniel's knowledge with admiration and approval but warns against meaningless debate of issues for the sake of human pride not Leading to useful knowledge
Electrode - , the ends of the wires or conductors, Leading from source of electricity, and terminating in the medium traversed by the current
Zeruiah - Stricken of the Lord, David's sister, and the mother of Abishai, Joab, and Asahel (1 Chronicles 2:16 ), who were the three Leading heroes of David's army, and being his nephews, they were admitted to the closest companionship with him
Antechamber - ) A chamber or apartment before the chief apartment and Leading into it, in which persons wait for audience; an outer chamber
Eubulus - A Leading member of the Christian community at Rome, who sends greeting to Timothy through St
Shemeber - ” King of Zeboiim who rebelled against Chedorlaomer, Leading to Abraham's rescue mission of Lot (Genesis 14:2 )
Naaran - Probably NAARATH or Naarah, a southern landmark of Ephraim (Joshua 16:7), between Ataroth and Jericho, in one of the torrent beds Leading down from the Bethel highlands to the Jordan valley
Valedictory - ) A valedictory oration or address spoken at commencement in American colleges or seminaries by one of the graduating class, usually by the Leading scholar
Editorial - ) A Leading article in a newspaper or magazine; an editorial article; an article published as an expression of the views of the editor
Fizeau, Armand Hippolyte Louis - He was associated with Foucault in the optical experiments Leading to the downfall of the emission theory
Milan, Ateneo of - Established, 1859, by Jesuits and directed by them; comprises a military school, preparatory school, and high school, and classical, scientific, pre-medical, and college courses Leading to degrees of A
Bartholomites - A religious order founded at Geneva in 1307; but, the monks Leading irregular lives, it was suppressed in 1650, and their effects confiscated
Ateneo of Manila - Established, 1859, by Jesuits and directed by them; comprises a military school, preparatory school, and high school, and classical, scientific, pre-medical, and college courses Leading to degrees of A
Mosera - It has been identified with el-Tayibeh, a small fountain at the bottom of the pass Leading to the ascent of Mount Hor
Ophni - Ophni was likely in the vicinity of Geba and is perhaps Jifna, three miles northwest of Bethel near the intersection of the Jerusalem-Shechem road and the road Leading from the Plain of Sharon to Bethel
Flue - ...
A passage for smoke in a chimney, Leading from the fireplace to the top of the chinmey, or into another passage as a chinmey with four flues
Meekness - In a wider sense it controls every disorderly affection Leading one to resent another's action
Hall - The "porch" (proaulion ) was the vestibule Leading to it (Mark 14:68)
Tagalog - ) Any member of a certain tribe which is one of the Leading and most civilized of those native of the Philippine Islands
Billabong - ) In Australia, a blind channel Leading out from a river; - sometimes called an anabranch
Sar hamashkim - He later recommended that Joseph interpret Pharaoh's dreams, Leading to Joseph's appointment as viceroy of Egypt
Pharaoh's butler - He later recommended that Joseph interpret Pharaoh's dreams, Leading to Joseph's appointment as viceroy of Egypt
Pandect - ) The digest, or abridgment, in fifty books, of the decisions, writings, and opinions of the old Roman jurists, made in the sixth century by direction of the emperor Justinian, and forming the Leading compilation of the Roman civil law
Peasantry - Various commentators have suggested Leading class, warriors, and strength as possible meanings
Mars Hill - Paul discussed religion with the Leading minds of Athens on Mars Hill
Musical - ) A social entertainment of which music is the Leading feature; a musical party
Saint David's, Wales, Diocese of - From the 7th to the 11th centuries it asserted metropolitan jurisdiction over South Wales, the town, a celebrated place of pilgrimage, being the Leading religious center of Wales for upwards of 1000 years
Leader - ) The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a Leading or main editorial article. ) A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for Leading ropes in their proper places. ) A net for Leading fish into a pound, weir, etc
Heman - He was one of the "seers" named in 2 Chronicles 29:14,30 , and took a Leading part in the administration of the sacred services
Ishvah - He is not named in Numbers 26:44 , Leading some scholars to think that a copyist duplicated the following name Ishvi with a minor variation
Sur, Gate of - Some feel that it may be the gate Leading from the king's palace to the Temple spoken of in the account of the murder of Queen Athaliah (2 Kings 11:1 )
Adum'Mim - (the going up to ), a rising ground or pass over against Gilgal," and "on the south side of the 'torrent'" ( Joshua 15:7 ; 18:17 ) which is the position still occupied by the road Leading up from Jericho and the Jordan valley to Jerusalem, on the south face of the gorge of the Wady Kelt
Limelight - ) That part of the stage upon which the limelight as cast, usually where the most important action is progressing or where the Leading player or players are placed and upon which the attention of the spectators is therefore concentrated
Fundamental - ) A Leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article, which serves as the groundwork of a system; essential part, as, the fundamentals of the Christian faith
Beth-Abara - and some of the best manuscripts read Bethany for Beth-abara; possibly it was at Beth-nimrah, or Nimrîn; or, as Conder thinks, at ʾAbarah, a Leading ford of the Jordan on the road to Gilead
Banim, John - The Banims rank as the Leading Irish national novelists
Venerable - The title of a person who has been declared heroic in virtue during the investigation and process Leading to canonization of a saint
Hook, Hooks - (Job 41:2 ; Isaiah 19:8 ); Habb 1:15 ...
A ring, such as in our country is placed through the nose of a bull, and similarly used in the East for Leading about lions -- (Ezekiel 19:4 ) where the Authorized Version has "with chains --camels and other animals. Called "thorn" in (Job 41:2 ) A similar method was adopted for Leading prisoners
Living Waters - ...
(2) The life of Grace on earth Leading to life everlasting in heaven, "
Charaathalan - But ‘Charaathalan Leading them and Allar’ is due to some perversion of the original, which has ‘Cherub, Addan, Immer,’ three names of places in Babylonia, from which the return was made ( Ezra 2:59 ; cf
John o'Hagan - In his earliest manhood he was one of the Leading poets of "The Nation" group, and late in life wrote the first English poetical translation of "La Chanson de Roland
Ireland, Catholic University of - University College and the Catholic University school of medicine are now merged in the new University College, Dublin, which is the Leading constituent college of the National University, established, 1909
Catholic University of Ireland - University College and the Catholic University school of medicine are now merged in the new University College, Dublin, which is the Leading constituent college of the National University, established, 1909
Gimzo - ), Leading him to ask Assyria for help and pay tribute to them (2 Chronicles 28:18 )
Potipherah - Potipherah and Potiphar are the same in Egyptian, Leading some to believe that one name was slightly changed in Hebrew to distinguish between the captain of the guard and the priest
o'Hagan, John - In his earliest manhood he was one of the Leading poets of "The Nation" group, and late in life wrote the first English poetical translation of "La Chanson de Roland
o'Growney, Eugene - As editor of the "Gaelic Journal" and one of the founders of the Gaelic League, he played a Leading part in the movement to save the Irish language from extinction, especially through a valuable series of "Simple Lessons in Irish
Siddim - ” A variant name for the Dead Sea where the coalition faced Chedorlaomer and his allies, Leading to Abraham's rescue of Lot (Genesis 14:1 )
Haakon the Good - Subsequently he introduced judicious reforms, but his efforts to crush paganism failed, Leading to civilwar, in which he was slain by Eric's sons
Good, Haakon the - Subsequently he introduced judicious reforms, but his efforts to crush paganism failed, Leading to civilwar, in which he was slain by Eric's sons
Downcomer - ) A pipe for Leading the hot gases from the top of a blast furnace downward to the regenerators, boilers, etc
Banim, Michael - The Banims rank as the Leading Irish national novelists
Allar - In 1 Es ‘Cherub, Addan, and Immer’ appear as ‘Charaathalan Leading them and Allar
Seduction - ) That which seduces, or is adapted to seduce; means of Leading astray; as, the seductions of wealth
Eugene o'Growney - As editor of the "Gaelic Journal" and one of the founders of the Gaelic League, he played a Leading part in the movement to save the Irish language from extinction, especially through a valuable series of "Simple Lessons in Irish
Waters, Living - ...
(2) The life of Grace on earth Leading to life everlasting in heaven, "
Chenaniah - Chief of the Levites under David who instructed people in singing and played a Leading role in bringing the ark back to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:22 , 1 Chronicles 15:27 )
Onward - Conducting Leading forward to perfection
Ashdoth Pisgah - of the Dead Sea are hereby defined; "the springs" is one of the Leading physical divisions of the country, namely, those at the base of the Moabite mountains (Joshua 10:40; Joshua 12:8)
Stair - These were probably the steps Leading down from the castle of Antonia to the Temple
Theudas - ” Acts 5:36 refers to a Theudas who was slain after Leading an unsuccessful rebellion of 400 men prior to the census (A
Luhith - The way Leading through Wâdy Bene Hammâd , from the district of Zoar to the eastern plateau, may be intended
Chedor-Laomer - (chehd awr lay' oh muhr) King of Elam who joined coalition of kings against kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, Leading to Abraham's involvement and victory (Genesis 14:1 )
R. yaakov yitzchak of peshischa - (Yid Hakadosh): Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak of Peshischa, 1766-1813, known in the chassidic world by the title "The Holy Jew" (Yid Hakadosh), was the Leading disciple of the "Seer of Lublin," but subsequently split off to form the famous Peshischa movement of Chassidut
Halter - ) A rope or strap, with or without a headstall, for Leading or tying a horse
Hermann Busembaum - His work on moral theology is a classic, and has been used by the Leading moralists, among them Saint Alphonsus Liguori, as the basis of their treatises
Assassins, the - They took a Leading part in the Jewish War
Pelican - ) A retort or still having a curved tube or tubes Leading back from the head to the body for continuous condensation and redistillation
Abbey, Sherborne - Sherborne School is now a Leading public school
Kingdom - ) An extensive scientific division distinguished by Leading or ruling characteristics; a principal division; a department; as, the mineral kingdom
Lawyers - They were as the blind Leading the blind, Matthew 28:20 Luke 10:25 11:52
Sherborne Abbey - Sherborne School is now a Leading public school
Leading - LEADING. The OT metaphor of Jehovah as a Shepherd Leading His people like a flock (Psalms 23:1; Psalms 80:1) is repeated in the parables representing Christ as a Shepherd whose sheep recognize and obey Him (John 10:3-4; John 10:27). The general conception of God’s Leading His people, so frequent in the Psalms and in Deutero-Isaiah and elsewhere, is assumed in the petition ‘Lead us not into temptation’ (Matthew 6:13, Luke 11:4); for the true life is along a right path wherein God leads His children. They are required to have light and to let it shine, to be, in short, ‘men of light and Leading. It may be said that during His whole public ministry Jesus was Leading and training disciples to carry on His work; while the risen Christ is the Head of the Church and the Leader of the Christian army (Matthew 28:18-20)
Jabin - Jabin does not act in the story of Judges 4:1 ; rather Sisera, his general, represents him and is killed, Leading to Jabin's loss of power. This Jabin must certainly be differentiated from the one Joshua fought, Leading to the assumption by many scholars that a dynasty of kings in Hazor carried the name Jabin
Prince - ) KJV used prince as a title for Israel's king ( 1 Samuel 13:14 ), a Leading priest (1 Chronicles 12:27 ), a Midianite tribal chief (Numbers 25:18 ), the Leading men of a city or province (Genesis 34:2 ; 1 Kings 20:15 ; Jeremiah 34:19 ), and for rulers in general (Matthew 20:25 ; 1Corinthians 2:6,1 Corinthians 2:8 )
Helkath-Hazzurim - ” Site of “play” (2 Samuel 2:14 ) battle between young warriors of Saul and those of David Leading to defeat of Ish-bosheth's army (2 Samuel 2:12-17 )
Linacre, Thomas - On his return to England he ranked as the Leading humanist, and in addition was physician to Henry VIII and Wolsey
Zadokites - As a reward for Zadok's loyalty to Solomon and as punishment for the sins of Eli's sons, Zadok's descendants (the line of Eliezer) replaced the descendants of Ithamar as the Leading priests
Thomas Linacre - On his return to England he ranked as the Leading humanist, and in addition was physician to Henry VIII and Wolsey
Joiarib - Leading priestly family after return from Exile (Nehemiah 12:19 )
Eliam - A Leading warrior under David (2 Samuel 23:34 )
Tophet - Child sacrifice was practiced at Tophet, Leading the prophet to declare a slaughter of people there when God would come in vengeance (Jeremiah 19:6-11 )
Tola - In Genesis 46:13 , Numbers 26:23 , 1 Chronicles 7:1 he appears as the son of Issachar; Tola was apparently the name of the Leading clan of the tribe
Princess - Feminine form of the common word for leader or ruler applied to a king's wife ( Psalm 45:13 NIV, NRSV) and to the Leading women of Judah ( Jeremiah 43:6 NRSV)
Mattithiah - Levite whom David appointed a Tabernacle musician with special responsibility for Leading lyre music (1Chronicles 15:18,1 Chronicles 15:21 ; 1Chronicles 25:3,1 Chronicles 25:21 )
Sibbec(h)ai - 1 Chronicles 11:29 lists him among David's military heroes, Leading many commentators to see Sibbecai as the original reading for Mebunnai in 2 Samuel 23:27 resulting from a confusion of Hebrew letters by early scribes
Hospital Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus - While Leading a contemplative life, they are dedicated by special vow to the care of the sick
Abihail - Father of Zuriel, a Leading Levite under Moses (Numbers 3:35 )
Alexander v, Pope - At the Council of Pisa, 1400, he was the Leading spirit and in June was elected to the papacy
Kedar - From him descended the Leading tribes of Arabia and of the land east of Palestine
Zephath - The name is supposed to be traceable in Sufah, a long and rough pass Leading from the south up into the mountains of Judah
Enshemesh - the road Leading up from the Jordan valley) and the spring of Enrogel
Fishhook - Amos 4:2 refers to the practice of ancient conquerors of Leading captives with hooks through their lips
Door-Keeper - Persons were appointed to keep the street door Leading into the interior of the house ( John 18:16,17 ; Acts 12:13 )
Viper - Jesus spoke of the wicked religious leaders as vipers (Matthew 3:7 ) because of their venomous attacks on Him and their evil character in Leading the people astray
Yoav - Helped David secure his kingship, and loyally served him for the duration of his reign, Leading the troops into battle time and again; fighting foreign enemies as well as quashing internal revolts
American Federation of Catholic Societies - Organization founded in Cincinnati, 0hio, 1901, for the purpose of advancing the civil,social, and religious interests of Catholics, with membership composed of the Leading Catholic organizations
Joab ben zeruiah - Helped David secure his kingship, and loyally served him for the duration of his reign, Leading the troops into battle time and again; fighting foreign enemies as well as quashing internal revolts
Shepherd - Isaiah 44:28 (a) It is used to represent King Cyrus as he took a Leading place in the rebuilding of the temple, and restoring Israel to their land
Fallopio, Gabriello - The tube Leading from the ovary to the uterus, and the canal through which the facial nerve passes from the auditory, are both called by his name
Michaiah - Member of a Leading family in Jeremiah's time (Jeremiah 36:11 ,Jeremiah 36:11,36:13 ); 5
Gabriello Fallopio - The tube Leading from the ovary to the uterus, and the canal through which the facial nerve passes from the auditory, are both called by his name
Brute - ...
2 Peter 2:12 (a) By this is described Leading men of the church who desire only those things which satisfy the natural cravings of the human heart and mind
Discord - ) Want of concord or agreement; absence of unity or harmony in sentiment or action; variance Leading to contention and strife; disagreement; - applied to persons or to things, and to thoughts, feelings, or purposes
Valens, Arian Bishop of Mursa - of Mursa in Pannonia, and together with Ursacius the Leading Western opponent of Athanasius
Captivity, Assyrian - Theglathphalasar III conquered Israel and deported many of the Leading Israelites to Assyria (4Kings 15)
Metheg-Ammah - ]'>[4] ‘the bridle of the mother-city,’ which has been interpreted to mean authority over the metropolis, or the suzerainty exercised by the Philistines, it being assumed that Gath was the Leading city
Eliezer - He is now dealing with us, communing with us, giving us gifts, and Leading us along the way until He brings us to the Son at the great marriage feast
Assyrian Captivity - Theglathphalasar III conquered Israel and deported many of the Leading Israelites to Assyria (4Kings 15)
Excommunication - Matthew 18:1-35 is generally used as the model of procedures Leading up to excommunication
Repentance - ...
There is true and false repentance, "For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, Leading to salvation; but the sorrow of the world produces death" (2 Corinthians 7:10)
Theme - ) The Leading subject of a composition or a movement
Leah - She was the mother of seven children, among whom were Reuben- Jacob's firstborn-and Judah, the ancestor of the Leading tribe among the Jews, of the royal line, and of our Lord, Genesis 29:16-35 ; 30:1 - 21
Anatomy - It is of special interest to Catholics because the Leading pioneers in the science were Catholics, and with the encouragement of the Church, although the authorities of the Church have been erroneously, as is now admitted, accused of persecuting distinguished anatomists
Hymenaeus - Name of a fellow worker of Paul whose faith weakened and whose life-style changed, Leading Paul to deliver him to Satan (1 Timothy 1:20 )
Florentine School of Painting - Founded 14th century, largely through the efforts of Giotto di Bondone, and in the 15th century the Leading school of the world
Hall - The "porch" in Matthew 26:71 is the entrance-hall or passage Leading into the central court, which is open to the sky
Law of Moses - The great Leading principle of the Mosaic law is that it is essentially theocratic; i
Stairs - Also wells and cisterns in many cities in Palestine would have stairs Leading down to the water
Skeleton - ) Consisting of, or resembling, a skeleton; consisting merely of the framework or outlines; having only certain Leading features of anything; as, a skeleton sermon; a skeleton crystal
Stoics - Pantheism, fatalism, and pride were the Leading features of the stoics
Jehovah - We find it sometimes joined with certain Leading characters of the GODHEAD, all descriptive of the divine glory, as for example:...
Bewitch - , "fascinate" is connected), is used figuratively in Galatians 3:1 , of Leading into evil doctrine
Presbyter - ’ In this case the Revisers doubtless put ‘presbyters’ In the margin because the passage furnishes one of the Leading proofs for the identity of the presbyter or elder with the bishop or overseer (cf
Publius - (Πόπλιος)...
Publius was the Leading man of Malta at the time of St
Eve - However, she too readily listened to the temptations of Satan and is blamed for Leading Adam into sin (Genesis 3:1-7; 2 Corinthians 11:3; Genesis 1:27; see ADAM)
Jehiel - A Leading Levite (1 Chronicles 23:8 ). A Leading priest under Josiah who distributed large offerings to the priests for their Passover offerings (2 Chronicles 35:8 )
Nomus, Leading Personage at Constantinople - Nomus, a Leading personage at Constantinople in the latter years of Theodosius II. He took, however, a Leading position as a high state official at the council of Chalcedon (Labbe, iv
Labre, Benedict Joseph, Saint - After unsuccessful attempts, because of his youth and poor health, to obtain the religious habit in the Trappist, Cistercian, and Carthusian orders, he devoted his remaining 13 years to traveling over Europe, visiting famous shrines, and Leading a life of great mortification
Kentigern, Saint - For thirteen years he preached and taught there, Leading a life of great austerity
Bernardine of Siena, Saint - The fame of his eloquence spread and he gained influence over the Leading Italian cities
Benedict Joseph Labre, Saint - After unsuccessful attempts, because of his youth and poor health, to obtain the religious habit in the Trappist, Cistercian, and Carthusian orders, he devoted his remaining 13 years to traveling over Europe, visiting famous shrines, and Leading a life of great mortification
Beth-Haccerem - Its Leading official helped Nehemiah repair the dung gate (Nehemiah 3:14 )
Mungo, Saint - For thirteen years he preached and taught there, Leading a life of great austerity
Myra - A large Byzantine church in the gorge Leading to the mountains testifies of the Christianity probably first introduced by Paul
Zoba(h) - It was the Leading Syrian power before the rise of Damascus
Siena, Bernardine of, Saint - The fame of his eloquence spread and he gained influence over the Leading Italian cities
Judas Barsabas - A Leading man among the brethren at Jerusalem (Acts 15:22)
Highway - It may signify either the roads Leading out of the town into the country, or the crossings of such, or the streets Leading into the open spaces or square in front of the town
Indians, Moxos - In savage state they subsisted upon hunting and fishing, living in rude huts and Leading a wandering life
Moxos Indians - In savage state they subsisted upon hunting and fishing, living in rude huts and Leading a wandering life
Moyos - In savage state they subsisted upon hunting and fishing, living in rude huts and Leading a wandering life
Othniel - He gained her hand as a reward for his bravery in Leading a successful expedition against Debir (q
Standards - The Assyrian standards were emblematic of their religion, and were therefore the more valuable as instruments for Leading and guiding men in the army
Deceiver - 1: πλάνος (Strong's #4108 — Adjective — planos — plan'-os ) is, properly, an adjective, signifying "wandering, or Leading astray, seducing," 1 Timothy 4:1 , "seducing (spirits);" used as a noun, it denotes an impostor of the vagabond type, and so any kind of "deceiver" or corrupter, Matthew 27:63 ; 2 Corinthians 6:8 ; 2 John 1:7 (twice), in the last of which the accompanying definite article necessitates the translation "the deceiver," RV
Salt, Valley of - It is conjectured that while David was Leading his army against the Ammonites and Syrians, the Edomites invaded the south of Judah, and that David sent Joab or Abishai against them, who drove them back and finally subdued Edom
Seir - ” A mountain range which runs the length of biblical Edom, Leading at times to an equation of Edom and Seir
Vashti - No records yet have been recovered which name Vashti as the queen of any king of the Medo-Persian Empire, Leading some to speculate whether she was a historical person
Dew - (2 Samuel 1:21 ; 1 Kings 17:1 ; Haggai 1:10 ) It becomes a Leading object in prophetic imagery by reason of its penetrating moisture without the apparent effort of rain, (32:2; Job 29:19 ; Psalm 133:3 ; Hosea 14:5 ) while its speedy evanescence typifies the transient goodness of the hypocrite
Stratonice, Martyr at Cyzicum - The wife of a Leading magistrate of the town, she came to see a large number of Christians tortured
Ruler - In Acts 14:5 the Leading men among the Jews at Iconium are intended, probably including the honorary rulers of the synagogue. In Acts 16:19 Luke first uses the general term ἄρχοντες, and then the specific στρατηγοί for the two Leading Roman magistrates of the colonia Philippi (see under Praetor). In Acts 17:8, again, it is the Leading magistrates of Thessalonica, the πολιτάρχαι, to whom reference is made (see under Magistrate)
Lawrence of Brindisi, Saint - Represented Leading the Christian army against the Turks, and receiving the embrace of the Child Jesus
Meshullam - ...
One of the Leading Levites in the time of (Ezra 8:16 )
Adummim - The road still passes the same way, Leading up from Jericho (four miles off) and the Jordan valley to Jerusalem, eight miles distant, S
Laban - There Laban was, and took the Leading part in the betrothal of his sister Rebekah to Isaac
Society of the Divine Word - Besides other publications, Anthropos, published by them, is a Leading anthropological journal containing articles in various languages
Gog - pictures as Leading a great host of nations from the far North against the restored Israel, and as being ignominiously defeated, by J″
Upon the basis of Ezekiel 38:1-23 ; Ezekiel 39:1-29 , ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’ appear often in the later Jewish eschatology as Leading the final, but abortive, assault of the powers of the world upon the Kingdom of God
Hodiah - A Levite who helped Ezra explain the meaning of the Law to the people (Nehemiah 8:7 ; note KJV spelling, Hodijah) and had a Leading part in Israel's confession of sin and worship (Nehemiah 9:5 )
Divine Goodness: Unceasing - Providential goodness is an endless chain, a ream which follows the pilgrim, a wheel perpetually revolving, a star for ever shining, and Leading us to the place here he is who was once a babe in Bethlehem
Zichri - Father of the Leading Benjaminite in postexilic Jerusalem (Nehemiah 11:9 )
Ditch - The metaphor has been interpreted as referring to Gehenna: more probably it refers simply to danger of hurt, or even ruin, from wilful or careless perversion of the truth Leading to moral wandering and fall
Abel-Misraim - On this occasion the funeral procession was, at the command of Joseph, attended by "all the elders of Egypt, and all the servants of Pharaoh, and all his house, and the house of his brethren, chariots and horsemen, a very great company;" an affecting proof, as it has been remarked, of Joseph's simplicity and singleness of heart, which allowed him to give to the great men of Egypt, over whom he bore absolute rule, an opportunity of observing his own comparatively humble origin, by Leading them in attendance upon his father's corpse to the valleys of Canaan, the modest cradle of his race, and to their simple burial places
Access - , "a Leading or bringing into the presence of" (pros, "to," ago, "to lead"), denotes "access," with which is associated the thought of freedom to enter through the assistance or favor of another
Asses - The Street of Tombs (each formed of one granite block) Leading to the great gate is a striking feature
Van - ) The front of an army; the first line or Leading column; also, the front line or foremost division of a fleet, either in sailing or in battle
Development - ) The elaboration of a theme or subject; the unfolding of a musical idea; the evolution of a whole piece or movement from a Leading theme or motive
Abiezer - Oldest son of Gilead, descendant of Manasseh; head of a Leading family, of which were Joash and Gideon (Judges 6:11-24; Judges 6:34; Judges 8:2)
Hincmar - Hincmar took a Leading part in opposing the predestination theories of Gottschalk
Augsburgh or Augustan Confession - The Leading doctrines of this confession are, the true and essential divinity of the Son of God; his substitution, and vicarious sacrifice; and the necessity, freedom, and efficacy of Divine grace
Heart - The heart in all languages is considered as the Leading principle of action and of character
Montessori Method - Leading features are freedom for physical activity (no stationary desks and chairs), informal and individual instruction, the very early development of writing, and an extended sensory and motor training (with special emphasis on vision, touch, perception of movement, and their interconnections), mediated by a patented, standardized system of "didactic apparatus," which is declared to be "auto-regulative
Heresy - , "parties"); such erroneous opinions are frequently the outcome of personal preference or the prospect of advantage; see 2 Peter 2:1 , where "destructive" (RV) signifies Leading to ruin; some assign even this to (b); in the papyri the prevalent meaning is "choice" (Moulton and Milligan, Vocab
Judah, Son of Jacob - ...
Jacob saw clearly that Judah’s tribe would become the Leading tribe in the Israelite nation
Eight - ...
ac8 - is a new experience of Phillip in personal work, the Leading of the Spirit, and the conversion of an Ethiopian. ...
ro8 - brings a new revelation of the Leading of the Spirit
Benvenuto Cellini - He worked exclusively as a goldsmith, the Leading one of his day, until he visited the court of Francis I, in 1537, when he began casting bronze statues
John Capistran, Saint - He was employed as papal legate on numerous occasions, and was the Leading spirit in the crusade against the Turks in Hungary where he led the left wing of the Christian army at the battle of Belgrade
Cellini, Benvenuto - He worked exclusively as a goldsmith, the Leading one of his day, until he visited the court of Francis I, in 1537, when he began casting bronze statues
Capistran, John, Saint - He was employed as papal legate on numerous occasions, and was the Leading spirit in the crusade against the Turks in Hungary where he led the left wing of the Christian army at the battle of Belgrade
Pit - , the shaft Leading down to the abyss, AV, "(bottomless) pit;" in Luke 14:6 , RV, "well" (AV, "pit"); in John 4:11,12 , "well
Andrew - Andrew brought the lad with his lunch to Jesus, Leading to the feeding of the five thousand (John 6:8 )
Jehoiachin - He was carried captive to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, along with the flower of the nobility, all the Leading men in Jerusalem, and a great body of the general population, some thirteen thousand in all (2 Kings 24:12-16 ; Jeremiah 52:28 )
Degrees, Song of - Jewish tradition relates the title to the fifteen steps Leading from the court of the women to the court of Israel in the Temple
Micah - A shortened form of Micaiah, who is like Jehovah?
A man of Mount Ephraim, whose history so far is introduced in Judges 17 , apparently for the purpose of Leading to an account of the settlement of the tribe of Dan in Northern Palestine, and for the purpose also of illustrating the lawlessness of the times in which he lived (Judges 18 ; 19:1-29 ; 21:25 )
Charles Butler - He was a conspicuous figure in the controversies among the Catholic laymen and clergy in connection with the Catholic Committee and was the Leading opponent of Bishop Milner
Timnath-Serah - " It is a "square chamber with five excavations in three of its sides, the central one forming a passage Leading into a second chamber beyond
Jehoiada - Leading priest in the time of Jeremiah preceding Zephaniah (Jeremiah 29:25-26 )
Candle - Of believers' bright example Leading others to spiritual light (Matthew 5:14)
Dissipation - Deceptive desires Leading to a life-style without discipline resulting in the dizzy hangovers of drunkenness
Jehoshaphat (2) - Three Leading explanations have been given
Scribe - In the days of our Lord the scribes were among the Leading men of the nation
Arch - In Ezekiel's vision of the Temple, each gate Leading into the court of the Gentiles also had a vestibule (Ezekiel 40:7-26 ) as did the gates to the court of the Israelites (Ezekiel 40:29-37 )
Amos - His language indicates an acquaintance with things that would be familiar to one Leading an agricultural life: cf
Main - ), a principal pipe Leading to or from a reservoir; as, a fire main
Conduct - Literally, the act of Leading guidance command. The word seems originally to have been followed with life, actions, affairs, or other term as the conduct of life the conduct of actions that is, the Leading along of life or actions
Lead, Led - ...
3: ἀπάγω (Strong's #520 — Verb — apago — ap-ag'-o ) "to lead away" (apo, "away"), is used of a way "leading" to destruction, Matthew 7:13 ; to life, Matthew 7:14 ; of those who "led" Christ away from Gethsemane, Mark 14:44 ; in some mss. John 19:16 ; of "leading" an animal away to watering, Luke 13:15 ; of being "led" away to idolatry, 1 Corinthians 12:2 , RV, "led away" (AV, "carried away"). ...
5: φέρω (Strong's #5342 — verb — phero — fer'-o ) "to bear, carry," is used metaphorically of a gate, as "leading" to a city, Acts 12:10 . 12), is used metaphorically of "leading into error," Mark 13:22 , RV, "lead astray" (AV, "seduce"); Passive Voice in 1 Timothy 6:10 (AV, "erred")
Francis Jaccard, Blessed - Shortly afterward he was brought to trial, accused of preaching the Christian religion and of Leading a band of Christians to usurp the property of their heathen brethren
Pallen, Conde Benoist - One of the editors of Universal Knowledge, and of The New Catholic Dictionary, and regular contributor to Leading Catholic periodicals
Jaccard, Francis, Blessed - Shortly afterward he was brought to trial, accused of preaching the Christian religion and of Leading a band of Christians to usurp the property of their heathen brethren
Superscription - The wording varies: the essential words are the same, and the variation serves to authenticate the narratives, showing that there was no consultation Leading to an agreement as to the details
Err - 1), is used metaphorically of Leading into error, Mark 13:22 , AV, "seduce," RV, "lead astray;" 1 Timothy 6:10 , in the Passive Voice, AV, "have erred," RV, "have been led astray
Golgotha - It is obvious from the evangelists that it was some well-known spot outside the gate (Compare Hebrews 13:12 ), and near the city (Luke 23:26 ), containing a "garden" (John 19:41 ), and on a thoroughfare Leading into the country
Cappadocia - ...
The approach to Cappadocia from Palestine and Syria was by the pass called "the Cilician gates," Leading up through the Taurus range from the low region of Cilicia
Ephraim - He was the progenitor of the tribe of Ephraim, which occupied a region slightly to the northwest of the Dead Sea (Joshua 16:1 ) and was the Leading tribe of the Northern Kingdom, ever ready to assert its rights (Joshua 17:15 ; Judges 3:27 ; Judges 4:5 ; Judges 7:24-8:3 ; Judges 12:1 )
Gamaliel - A Leading Jewish rabbi in the late first and early second centuries A
Hor - Its western side is an unscalable precipice; it is ascended from the pass Leading into Petra
Egyptian, the - Later the Egyptian gathered 30,000 in the wilderness, Leading the multitude to the Mount of Olives from which, so he promised, they would see the walls of Jerusalem fall at his command
Miriam - She was the eldest of three children who grew up to play a Leading part in the establishment of Israel as a new and independent nation (1 Chronicles 6:3; Micah 6:4)
Belshazzar - From the standpoint of Babylonian history, Belshazzar was not a particularly important personage except that he participated in the decisions and events Leading to the fall of the Babylonian empire
Old Testament - The Writings (all other books) contain the account of the return from Exile, collected wisdom literature from throughout the nation's history, and selected stories about God's Leading in individual lives
Iron - The iron gate Leading from the fortress of Antonia into the city of Jerusalem opened to St
Derivation - ) A Leading or drawing off of water from a stream or source
Administration - Leading a church involves ministering to or serving the needs of its members
Fever - The name is given to many diseases of which fever is the Leading symptom, as e
Mother - , and acts as a means of conveying the oxygen of the air to the alcohol and other combustible principles of the liquid, thus Leading to their oxidation
Conduit - The location of the Jerusalem conduit is a matter of debate with different scholars favoring the Pool of Siloam, the Gihon Spring, or outside the wall to the northwest of the city beside the major north-south highway Leading to Samaria
la'Ban - ) The elder branch of the family remained at Haran, Mesopotamia, when Abraham removed to the land of Canaan, and it is there that we first meet with Laban, as taking the Leading part in the betrothal of his sister Rebekah to her cousin Isaac
Adonijah - But God had showed David that Solomon was to succeed him (1 Chronicles 28:5), and Solomon had the support of the commander of the royal bodyguard Benaiah, the other Leading priest Zadok, and the prophet Nathan (1 Kings 1:8)
Fever - The name is given to many diseases of which fever is the Leading symptom, as e
Hodaviah - He was kin to the Leading priest Joshua or to a Levite with the same name (compare Ezra 2:2 ,Ezra 2:2,2:36 )
Jashobeam - 2 Samuel 23:8 spells the name Josheb-basshebeth (see modern translations), the last part of which represents the Hebrew word for shame, at times used by scribes instead of an original name containing the Canaanite god's name Baal, Leading some interpreters to see the original name here as Yishbaal
Error - planetes, "a wandering," Jude 1:13 , and the adjective planos, "leading astray, deceiving, a deceiver
Perfection, Perfecting, Perfectness - A — 1: κατάρτισις (Strong's #2676 — Noun Feminine — katartisis — kat-ar'-tis-is ) "a making fit," is used figuratively in an ethical sense in 2 Corinthians 13:9 , RV, "perfecting" (AV, "perfection"), implying a process Leading to consummation (akin to katartizo, see PERFECT , B, No
Euodias - " Being early converted, they would naturally take a Leading part in teaching the gospel to other women, in a private sphere of labor (1 Timothy 2:11-12)
Decalogue - " While the commandmentswere originally introduced to our Liturgy as a warning and safeguardagainst the lawlessness of extreme Puritans, they are, nevertheless,helpful to all as a preparation for the right reception of the HolyCommunion; Leading the congregation to an examination of their"lives and conversation by the rule of God's commandments
Belt - ) A narrow passage or strait; as, the Great Belt and the Lesser Belt, Leading to the Baltic Sea
Sheminith - Those Psalms beyond all doubt have an eye to Christ, and express sweet Leading features of his office-character as Messiah
Eulogius, Bishop of Edessa - Modestus the prefect commanded the Leading ecclesiastics to obey the emperor and communicate with the new prelate
Patrobas - In each case the names mentioned probably represent ‘the first nucleus, the Leading individuals,’ of the congregation (see C
Beryllus, Bishop of Bostra - Origen, however, who, having been recently degraded from Holy Orders and excommunicated at Alexandria, was then residing at Caesarea, had been invited to the synod, and by his intellectual superiority, dialectical skill, and friendly moderation succeeded in proving to Beryllus the unsoundness of his tenets, and in Leading him back to the orthodox faith. The Leading ideas of his teaching as developed by Dorner from Eusebius were as follows: (1) there existed a πατρικὴ θεότης in Christ, but not an ἰδία θεότης : (2) Christ had no independent existence in a circumscribed form of being of His own (κατ᾿ ἰδίαν οὑσίας περιγραφήν ), before His Incarnation (ἐπιδημία )
Patrophilus of Scythopolis - Patrophilus (1) of Scythopolis, one of the original Arian party, took a Leading part in all their principal acts and was one of the most relentless opponents of Athanasius, by whom he is designated as a πνευματόμαχος ( adv. 27, 359, Patrophilus was a Leading member of the shifty Acacian party pledged to the Homoiousion. 360), when Aetius and the Anomoeans were condemned, several Leading semi-Arians deposed, the Ariminian creed imposed, and Eudoxius enthroned bp
Cord - , with human methods, as a father would draw his child by Leading strings
Ekron - of the wady Surar; a village consisting of 50 mud houses, with two well-built wells, is all that remains of the once Leading Philistine city, fulfilling the prophecy that she should be rooted up
Desertion - Neglect of duty, improper views of Providence, self-confidence, a worldly spirit, lukewarmness of mind, inattention to the means of grace, or open transgression, may be considered as Leading to this state
Faculty - ) Ability to act or perform, whether inborn or cultivated; capacity for any natural function; especially, an original mental power or capacity for any of the well-known classes of mental activity; psychical or soul capacity; capacity for any of the Leading kinds of soul activity, as knowledge, feeling, volition; intellectual endowment or gift; power; as, faculties of the mind or the soul
Bani - May be same man who helped Ezra interpret the law to the people (Nehemiah 8:7 ), led the worship service of repentance Leading to Nehemiah's covenant to obey God's law (Nehemiah 9:4-5 ; a second Bani was also involved here), sealed Nehemiah's covenant along with the second Bani (1618398961_93 )
Eliashib - He can have had no sympathy with the exclusive policy of Ezra and Nehemiah, for both he himself and members of his family allied themselves with the Leading foreign opponents of Nehemiah
Holy Office, Congregation of the - It also judges heresy and all offences Leading to a suspicion of heresy
Streets - During the New Testament era, Roman engineers designed cities throughout the empire with wide, straight, and well-constructed streets, usually Leading to a central plaza or temple
Market Place - Amidst the shops, children played (Matthew 11:16 ), day laborers gathered to be hired (Matthew 20:2-3 ), and Pharisees and other Leading citizens wandered, exchanging greetings (Matthew 23:7 ; Luke 11:43 )
Entry - ) That by which entrance is made; a passage Leading into a house or other building, or to a room; a vestibule; an adit, as of a mine
Jezebel - Jezebel planned and executed the murder of Naboth, using the authority and name of the king, and showing her remarkable influence over the wicked Ahab and over the Leading men in the kingdom
Toe - It was anointed with blood to show that the walk of the Christian was to be under the cleansing Blood of CHRIST, and the anointing of oil was to show that the walk was to be devoted to the Leading of the Spirit
Jesh'ua - He came up from Babylon in the first year of Cyrus, with Zerubbabel, and took a Leading part with him in the rebuilding of the temple and the restoration of the Jewish commonwealth
Blindness - An ignorant or erring teacher is compared by our Lord to a blind man Leading a blind man;—a strong representation of the presumption of him that professes to teach the way of salvation without due qualifications, and of the danger of that implicit faith which is often placed by the people in the authority of man, to the neglect of the Holy Scriptures
Entry - ) That by which entrance is made; a passage Leading into a house or other building, or to a room; a vestibule; an adit, as of a mine
Eagle - The references to nesher are specially appropriate as applied to the griffon vulture ( Gyps fulvus ), a magnificent bird, ‘the most striking ornithological feature of Palestine’ (Tristram), found especially around the precipitous gorges Leading to various parts of the Jordan Valley
Rephaim - It was a broad and fertile valley, Isaiah 17:5 , beginning near the valley of Hinnom, and extending several miles south-west from Jerusalem, when it contracted to a narrow passage Leading off towards the Mediterranean
Jesh'ua - He came up from Babylon in the first year of Cyrus, with Zerubbabel, and took a Leading part with him in the rebuilding of the temple and the restoration of the Jewish commonwealth
Scapula, Proconsul of Africa - If, as had been done in another province, the Christians of Carthage were to present themselves in a body before the proconsul's tribunal, the magistrate, he says, would find before him thousands of every age, sex, and rank, including many Leading persons, and probably relations and intimates of his own friends, and might well shrink from severities which would decimate the city
Severus, Bishop of Mileum - 409 wrote to Augustine expressing his great delight in his writings as Leading him to greater love of God and begging him to write in return (Epp
Epicureans - Paul’s visit to Athens ( Acts 17:15-34 ) led to an encounter with ‘certain of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers,’ representatives of the two Leading schools of philosophy of that time. It takes its place as one of the negative but widening influences, Leading up to ‘the fulness of time’ which saw the birth of Christianity
End Justifies the Means - When challenged to prove it by Father Dasbach, a member of the Reichstag, he submitted passages from thirteen Leading Jesuit theologians
Shittim - Joel’s reference to the ‘Valley of Shittim’ ( Joel 3:18 ) must refer to some valley Leading from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea (cf
Semi-Pelagians - Cassian, who had been a deacon of Constantinople, who was afterwards a priest at Marceilles, was the chief of these Semi-Pelagians, whose Leading principles were, ...
Tarshish - One of seven Leading officials of King Ahasuerus of Persia (Esther 1:14 )
Eliashib - A Leading priest under David (1 Chronicles 24:12 )
Gamaliel - Saul his pupil was a Leading persecutor when Stephen opposed Pharisaism; and probably Gamaliel would not altogether disapprove of his zeal in such a cause, though his own tendency was to leave the claims of Christianity to be tested by time
Apostolici - Their Leading principle seems to have been the rejection of private property
Israelites - Ephraim, the Leading tribe among the ten, seems to have shown an early spirit of rivalry towards Judah; Joshua had belonged to Ephraim, the ark had long rested within its borders at Shiloh, and Jeroboam was also an Ephraimite
Proclus, a Montanist Teacher - 21) that the Montanists were divided into two sections by the Patripassian controversy, Proclus Leading the section whose doctrine on that subject agreed with that of the church, and Aeschines the opposite section
Market, Market-Place - The Palestine village had a path of communication Leading through it to other villages, and this thoroughfare, or the widest and most central part of it, became the market-place. Such was the agora of Ephesus (Acts 16:19; Acts 17:17), Leading in a direct line, with branching side streets of the ordinary kind, from the canal quay to the amphitheatre at the other end
Johann Gorres - In 1827 he was called to the University of Munich, and became the Leading spirit in a brilliant Catholic circle including Arndts, Dollinger, Mohler, Phillips, and other scholars, who worked for a renovation of the spiritual life, and the civilliberty of Catholics
Beth-Horon - Between the two places was the ascent and descent of Beth-horon, Leading from Gibeon down to the western plain (Joshua 10:10,11 ; 18:13,14 ), down which the five kings of the Amorites were driven by Joshua in that great battle, the most important in which the Hebrews had been as yet engaged, being their first conflict with their enemies in the open field
Epiphany, the - A Feast of the Church observed on January 6th tocommemorate the Manifestation of Christ by the Leading of a star
Milk - In the East a Leading element in men's diet also
Nahum, Book of - This is the more probable opinion, internal evidences Leading to that conclusion
Nail - This is also the better rendering in Zechariah 10:4 , where it is synonymous with ‘corner-stone,’ both terms signifying the princes or Leading men of the State as its supports
East Gate - (1) KJV refers to the East Gate of Jerusalem as Leading to the Hinnom Valley (Jeremiah 19:2 )
Runner - ) A trough or channel for Leading molten metal from a furnace to a ladle, mold, or pig bed
Gorres, Johann Joseph - In 1827 he was called to the University of Munich, and became the Leading spirit in a brilliant Catholic circle including Arndts, Dollinger, Mohler, Phillips, and other scholars, who worked for a renovation of the spiritual life, and the civilliberty of Catholics
Luke, Lucas - He was Paul's beloved fellow-labourer, and in his own writings has skilfully hidden himself that the work of God by His servants Paul and others might, by the Leading of the Holy Spirit, be faithfully recorded, and come into prominence
Runner - ) A trough or channel for Leading molten metal from a furnace to a ladle, mold, or pig bed
Science - In philosophy, a collection of the general principles or Leading truths relating to any subject
Condemn, Condemnation - , Mark 12:40 ; Luke 23:40 ; 1 Timothy 3:6 ; Jude 1:4 ; (b) "the process of judgment Leading to a decision," 1 Peter 4:17 ("judgment"), where krisis (see No. In these (a) the process Leading to a decision and (b) the pronouncement of the decision, the verdict, are to be distinguished. 3, denotes "a judgment against, condemnation," with the suggestion of the process Leading to it, as of "the ministration of condemnation," 2 Corinthians 3:9 ; in 2 Corinthians 7:3 , "to condemn," more lit
león, Spain - In the 10th century under Ordoño II Castile was subjugated, the cathedral of Leon founded, and Leon became the Leading Christian state of western Spain
Omri - For four years there was continued opposition to his reign, Tibni, another claimant to the throne, Leading the opposing party; but at the close of that period all his rivals were defeated, and he became king of Israel, "Tibni died and Omri reigned" (B
Ecstasy - Prophetic ecstasy could be accompanied by irrational behavior (1 Samuel 19:24 ; perhaps 1 Samuel 21:15 ) Leading prophets to be identified with madmen (2 Kings 9:11 ; Jeremiah 29:26 ; Hosea 9:7 )
Lye - The same Hebrew spelling also means, “purity” ( Psalm 18:20 ,Psalms 18:20,18:24 ) Leading to confusion in English translations
Bachiarius, Monk. - Bachiarius's profession of faith is thoroughly orthodox in all Leading points
Galatia - Ancyra (now Angora) was their capital; Tavium and Pessinus were Leading cities
Amphipolis - Occupying an eminence on the left bank of the Strymon, just below the egress of the river from Lake Cercinitis, 3 miles from the Strymonic Gulf, it commanded the entrance to a pass Leading through the mountains into the great Macedonian plains
Elder - The term elder, or old man as the Hebrew literally imports, was one of extensive use, as an official title, among the Hebrews and the surrounding nations, because the heads of tribes and the Leading people who had acquired influence were naturally the older people of the nation
Bathsheba - While her husband Uriah was out fighting battles for David (he was one of David’s Leading soldiers; 2 Samuel 11:3; 2 Samuel 23:39), David made love to her and she became pregnant (2 Samuel 11:2-5)
Bar-Kochba - Most of the Leading rabbis of the day died after the defeat
Abijah - A Leading priest in the days of the return from Exile (Nehemiah 12:4 ), and then a priestly house (Nehemiah 12:17 ) to which Zechariah, father of John the Baptist, belonged (Luke 1:5 )
Covetousness - Those who accept bribes are coveting, Leading to murder (Ezekiel 22:12 )
Eliezer - Eliezer placed the jewels on Rebekah which she wore on her way to Isaac, answering to the graces or fruit of the Spirit with which He adorns those He is Leading to the heavenly Bridegroom
Revelation, Book of - " ...
As to the relation between this book and the Gospel of John, it has been well observed that "the Leading ideas of both are the same
Church Missions House - Here all the Leading interests of the Church arecentred
Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea - A coldness grew up between Eusebius and Basil, Leading to Basil's three years' retirement to Pontus
Sadducees - This name was applied in the time of Jesus to a portion or sect of the Jews, who were usually at variance with the other Leading sect, namely, the Pharisees, but united with them in opposing Jesus and accomplishing his death, Matthew 16:1-12 ; Luke 20:27
Conviction - A sense of guilt and shame Leading to repentance
Tent - Among the Leading characteristics of the nomad races, those two have always been numbered whose origin has been ascribed to Jabal the son of Lameth, (Genesis 4:20 ) viz
Bands - (I) Of love (Hosea 11:4), parallel to "cords of a man," not such as oxen are led by, but humane methods, as a father draws his child by Leading strings, "teaching him to go (Hosea 11:1)
Ahab - After three years of peace, for some cause Ahab renewed war (1Kings 22:3) with Ben-hadad by assaulting the city of Ramoth-gilead, although the prophet Micaiah warned him that he would not succeed, and that the 400 false prophets who encouraged him were only Leading him to his ruin
Ekron - Ekron lies on the road Leading from Ashdod into the Judean hill country and up to Jerusalem through the Sorek Valley
Midian, Midianites - Abraham sent him and his brothers away to the east, Leading to the assocation of the Midianites with the “children of the east” (Judges 6:3 )
Envy - Envy (sometimes translated jealousy by modern translations) was the motive Leading to the arrest of Jesus (Matthew 27:18 ; Mark 15:10 ) and to opposition to the gospel in Acts (Acts 5:17 , Acts 13:45 ; Acts 17:5 )
Chaldea - ...
Relation to Babylonia At first the Chaldeans lived in tribal settlements, rejecting the urban society of the Babylonians to the northwest—so-called after the Leading city-state of the region, Babylon, to which the Old Testament refers over 300 times
Great Supper - After these have been brought there is still room left, then he sends the servant to bring in all whom he may find on the roads Leading to the city, so that there will be no room for those that were invited
Bell - To bear the bell, is to be the first or leader, in allusion to the bell-wether of a flock, or the Leading horse of a team or drove, that wears bells on his collar
Jeshua - He took a Leading part in the erection of the altar of burnt-offering and the laying of the foundations of the Temple ( Ezra 3:2 ff
Gibeon - The Leading city of the four which beguiled Joshua into making a league with them, on the plea of their being far distant
Honey - And when the church is in public prayer, or a believer is in private devotion, and the Holy Ghost is Leading the soul in those sacred exercises, it is indeed "sweet as the honeycomb to the soul, and health to the bones
Acts of the Apostles, - Under these Leading heads all the personal and subordinate details may be arranged
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - The society was founded in May 1833 in Paris, France by six students, the Leading spirit of whom was Frederic Ozanam, and in a short time had spread throughout the world
Teach - to show, may be of one family all implying sending, passing, communicating, or rather Leading, drawing
Earth - -- (1) The Hebrew cosmogony is based upon the Leading principle that the universe exists, not independently of God, nor yet co-existent with God, nor yet in opposition to him as a hostile element, but dependently upon him, subsequently to him and in subjection to him
Moses - Moses (3) ( Moyses ), Roman presbyter (? of Jewish origin), a Leading member of an influential group of confessors in the time of Cyprian, about the commencement of the Novatianist schism
Nicolaus, Bishop of Myra - Nicolaus is a Leading one in the celebrated Blenheim Raphael in the National Gallery
Sisinnius, Bishop of Novatianists - Though a bishop of a schismatic body, he was much esteemed by the orthodox bishops, especially by Atticus, and was the honoured friend of Leading aristocrats of Constantinople
Nile River - ...
Even today water is brought to the individual fields by small channels Leading off the arterial ditches. It would also kill off the fish which would decompose and infect the frogs (the second plague) Leading to successive plagues of lice, flies, and pestilences
Friends - ...
The true Friends are orthodox, as to the Leading doctrines of Christianity, but express themselves in peculiar phrases. The latter are considered as having departed from the original doctrines of the Friends, and very far from the Leading doctrines of Christianity, as held by Protestant Christians in general
Josiah - ...
With this encouragement from God, Josiah gathered Jerusalem’s Leading citizens together at the temple, where the law was read to them. The nation’s Leading officials joined Josiah in providing large numbers of sacrificial animals for the festival
Irenaeus, Bishop of Tyre - To counteract the influence of Dalmatius and the monastic party at Constantinople, the Eastern bishops deputed Irenaeus to proceed thither with letters to the emperor and the Leading officers of state, narrating their side (Labbe, ib. His doctrinal views seem also to have received some modification during this period, for at its close the banished heretic suddenly reappeared as the unanimous choice of the bishops of the province of Phoenicia for the vacant metropolitical see of Tyre, their choice being ratified by the Leading members of the episcopate of Pontus and Palestine and accepted with warm commendation by Proclus of Constantinople. Since the reconciliation of John of Antioch and Cyril, a kind of truce had existed between the two parties—the Egyptians and Orientals—which this elevation of a Leading Nestorian sympathiser to the episcopate rendered no longer possible
Bezer - Into what sweet fellowship and communion doth Jesus bring all his people!...
It is a very blessed addition to this merciful design of the Lord, that he so graciously appointed the whole six cities of refuge to suit the different situations of the people, that if they were central in the place where the manslaughter was committed, or at the remote end of their town, at each extremity there were avenues Leading to the one or other of the city of refuge. And it was a law in Israel we are told, that one day in every year there were persons sent to repair the roads Leading to them, and to remove all stumblingblocks or stones, which might by time have fallen in the way; and to see also, that the posts of direction, which were set up at every corner Leading to the city, were carefully preserved, and the name Miklat, (that is, refuge) legible upon them
Magna Carta - The Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, played a prominent part in the negotiations Leading up to the drafting and acceptance of Magna Carta and it contained five guarantees of value to the Church
Riblah - From this position the Phœnician cities of the coast were within easy command, as also were Cœle-Syria and the kingdom of Damascus, along with the land-routes Leading farther south
Stoics - ...
The Leading Stoic maxim is, ‘Live according to nature
Carta, Magna - The Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, played a prominent part in the negotiations Leading up to the drafting and acceptance of Magna Carta and it contained five guarantees of value to the Church
Phoenicia - Leading cities were Tyre, Sidon, Byblos (Gebal), and Berytos (Beirut)
Thessalo'Nians, Second Epistle to the, - In the Second Epistle, on the other hand, his Leading motive seems to have been the desire of correcting errors in the church of Thessalonica
Medes - 625 took a Leading part in the destruction of Nineveh
Carnal - People walk either in the flesh or in the Spirit, Leading to death or to life
Direct - Leading or tending to an end, as by a straight line or course not circuitous
Cloud - Cloud, the pillar of, was the glory-cloud which indicated God's presence Leading the ransomed people through the wilderness (Exodus 13:22 ; 33:9,10 )
Direct - ) Straight; not crooked, oblique, or circuitous; Leading by the short or shortest way to a point or end; as, a direct line; direct means
Baal, Baalim - Thus did Satan succeed in Leading aside to idolatry God's favoured people for whom He had done so much
Felix (174), Bishop of Tubzoca - " Three days were given him for reconsideration, during which time he was committed to the private custody of Vincentius Celsinus, a Leading citizen
Cave - "The excavations at Deir Dubban, on the south side of the wady Leading to Santa Hanneh, are probably the dwellings of the Horites," the ancient inhabitants of Idumea Proper
Abimelech - His mother belonged to one of the Leading Canaanite families in Shechem, although Judges 8:31 calls her a concubine, and Jotham ( Judges 9:18 ) brands her as a maidservant
Gamaliel - Soon after the day of pentecost, when the Jewish sanhedrim began to be alarmed at the progress the Gospel was making in Jerusalem, and consequently wished to put to death the Apostles, in the hope of checking its farther progress, they were apprehended and brought before the national council, of which Gamaliel seems to have been a Leading member
Athaliah - In the seventh year, his uncle Jehoiada being determined to place him on the throne of his ancestors, and procure the destruction of Athaliah, he engaged the priests and Levites, and the Leading men in all the parts of the kingdom in his interest, and in a public assembly produced him, and made them take an oath of secrecy and fidelity to him
Lift - ) A rope Leading from the masthead to the extremity of a yard below; - used for raising or supporting the end of the yard
Porch - ’ In both cases the covered gateway Leading from the street to the court is probably meant
Maternus, Julius Firmicus - It describes every Leading form of idolatry then current and gives us information not found elsewhere
Acts of the Apostles - ...
In order to read the Acts of the Apostles with intelligence and profit, it is necessary to have a sufficient acquaintance with geography, with the manners of the times and people referred to, and with the Leading historical events
Florentius, a Chief Minister of State at Constantinople - 60), and disclaimed all desire to dogmatize, or to forget his position as a layman; but he took a very Leading and authoritative part in the discussion, and manifested a strong leaning towards the acquittal of Eutyches
Abyss - Here, abyssos [ Revelation 9:1-11 ), the shaft Leading to the abyss is opened, releasing the demonic hoard of locusts
Pantheism - A philosophical species of idolatry, Leading to atheism, in which the universe was considered as the Supreme God
City - The root meaning of the Hebrew terms for "city," 'ar or 'ir (from 'ur "to keep watch"), and kirat (from qarah "to approach as an enemy," Genesis 23:2) implies that a Leading object of gathering into towns was security against marauders
Nero - The latter was a Leading Stoic philosopher who was able, for a time, to moderate Nero's more excessive tendencies
Prudence - Plato styles prudence the Leading virtue; and Cicero observes, "that not one of the virtues can want prudence, " which is certainly most true, since without prudence to guide them, piety would degenerate into superstition, zeal into bigotry, temperance into austerity, courage into rashness, and justice itself into folly
Peter, Second Epistle of - And this becomes the occasion of the apostle's Leading the minds of the saints beyond the thoughts of the kingdom to that which, resting on perfect moral foundations, is eternal and unchangeable
Coelestius, Heretic of Hibernian Scots - Coelestius had for some time studied law, and then become a monk, when his speculations upon the conditions of grace and nature attracted attention, as he affirmed the Leading points of what were afterwards known as the Pelagian heresy upon the fall of man and the need of supernatural assistance, in effect denying both
Bourignonists - The Leading principles which pervade her productions are these:...
that man is perfectly free to resist or receive divine grace; that God is ever unchangeable in love toward all his creatures, and does not inflict any arbitrary punishment, but that the evils they suffer are the natural consequences of sin; that true religion consists not in any outward forms of worship, nor systems of faith, but in immediate communion with the Deity, by internal feelings and impulses, and by a perfect acquiescence in his will
Profane - ‘Profane babblings and oppositions of knowledge falsely so-called’ (1 Timothy 6:20, 2 Timothy 2:16), if they are not Gnostic, are Leading to Gnosticism, its hair-splittings, cloud of words, pride of knowledge, unnatural asceticism, and moral looseness
Ethiopia - It even challenged Assyria, which was the Leading power of the time (2 Kings 19:8-9; Nahum 3:8-9)
Sad'Ducees - This explanation elucidates at once (Acts 5:17 ) The Leading tenet of the Sadducees was the negation of the Leading tenet of their opponents
Crown - As a symbol of his authority, the crown was worn when the king was on his throne and when Leading his forces in combat (2 Samuel 1:10 )
Poetry - Alternatively, the second part may add to the first for the purpose of giving an application or Leading to a climax (Psalms 56:4; Psalms 68:18; Jeremiah 31:20)
Synoptics, Synoptists - ’ It is so used because these Gospels are so constructed that, together, they present a synopsis or conspectus of the Leading features of the work and teaching of our Lord
Tomb of Jesus - ...
This description suggests a typical Jewish tomb of the Herodian period consisting of (1) an antechamber, (2) a slow doorway which could be sealed with a stone (in many cases a rolling stone fitted into a groove or track so that the tomb could be opened and closed by rolling the stone back and forth in front of the doorway), and (3) a passageway Leading to a rectangular-shaped tomb chamber
Lip - Twice ( 2 Kings 19:28 , Isaiah 37:29 ) we have an allusion to the cruel Assyrian custom of passing a ring through the lips of captives and Leading them about with a rope or thong
Earthly And Heavenly - words are found in the Gospels only in John 3:12 Army - Saul first established a standing, professional army in Israel (1 Samuel 13:2 ), at first Leading it himself with his son but then appointing a professional commander (1 Samuel 17:55 )
Ascension - Leading His eleven apostles out as far as Bethany, on the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives, in the act of blessing them He ascended up to heaven, and a cloud hid Him from their sight
Fenced Cities - Canaan's "cities fenced up to heaven" were Leading causes of the spies' and Israel's unbelieving panic (Numbers 13:28; Deuteronomy 1:28; Deuteronomy 9:1-2)
Astrology - The Assyrians and Babylonians were the Leading exponents of this science among the ancients, while the Egyptians developed it approximately to its present condition
Zechariah - Leading priest in time of Joiakim's high priesthood, possibly the same as the prophet (Nehemiah 12:16 )
Alliance - ]'>[1] , Leading to sin and idolatry ( 1618398961_14 ), and is politically unsound, resting ‘on a broken reed
Libertines (2) - Libertines of Geneva were a cabal of rakes rather than of fanatics; for they made no pretence to any religious system, but pleaded only for the liberty of Leading voluptuous and immoral lives
Concupiscence - Desire brings temptation, Leading to sin, resulting in death (James 1:14-15 )
Joy - " Many more passages might be cited to show how joy is one of the Leading characteristics of those who have been brought to know God
Opposition - ...
The Sadducees, with the Leading priestly families at their head, had a special grudge against Jesus, on account of His cleansing of the Temple and condemnation of the traffic carried on in its courts,—a traffic in which they had a direct interest
Forest - But in the Bible the woods appear in the valleys and defiles Leading from the highlands to the lowlands, so they were not extensive
Intention - In the virtual intention a chain of representations and dictates is forged, one Leading to another, and thus preserving the force of the original actual intention
Shemaiah - His preaching humbled Rehoboam and the leaders of Judah, Leading God not to permit Shishak of Egypt to destroy Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 12:1 )
Philip - While he was there he received a divine command to proceed toward the south, along the road Leading from Jerusalem to Gaza
Gezer - It provides a military post for the highway junction of the Via Maris and the road Leading to the valley of Ajalon to Jerusalem, Jericho, and over the Jordan
Riblah - Riblah or Riblathah in the land of Hamath, on the high road between Palestine and Babylon, where the Babylonian kings remained in directing the operations of their armies in Palestine and Phoenicia; where Jehoahaz was put in chains by Pharaoh Necho (2 Kings 23:33), and Zedekiah, after seeing his sons slain, had his own eyes put out (Jeremiah 39:5-7; literally, Jeremiah 39:9-10), and other Leading captives were slain, probably by the Assyrian death of impaling (Jeremiah 39:24; Jeremiah 39:27), as depicted on the monuments
Nippur - His authority was transmitted to the human kings through the priesthood of his temple, the Ekur (“mountain house”), the Leading shrine in the area
Requirement - ...
What the Lord requires for reconciliation with wayward people is not exorbitantly expensive offerings, but repentance Leading to decent behavior toward others, love of "mercy" (hesed [ Micah 6:6-8 )
Serjeants Lictors - These men were taken from the lowest class of the people or from the class of freedmen to act as attendants upon the Leading magistrates in Rome
Andreas Samosatensis of Samosata - 506), but he took a Leading part in the controversies between Cyril and the Oriental bishops that succeeded it
Basilius, Bishop of Seleucia - He took a Leading part in the council at Constantinople in 448, at which Eutyches was condemned; and the next year, when the fidelity of the acts of the council was called in question, was one of the commission appointed to verify them (Labbe, Concil
Dianius, Bishop of Caesarea - If, as Tillemont holds, he is the Danius who heads the list of bishops to whom pope Julius directed his dignified reply to the insolent letter addressed to him from Antioch, he took a Leading part in the synod held at that city in the early months of a
Palladius, Bishop of Helenopolis - He never remained long in one place, but sought the acquaintance of the Leading solitaries and ascetics of his day to learn all that could be gathered of their manner of life and miraculous deeds. Palladius appears during this period to have traversed the whole of Upper Egypt as far as Tabenna and Syene, and to have visited all its Leading solitaries. Socrates refers to Palladius as a Leading authority on the lives of the solitaries, but is wrong in calling him a monk and stating that he lived soon after the death of Valens (H
Areopagus - Sixteen stone steps in the rock still exist, Leading from below to Mars' hill, and directly above is a bench of stones cut in the rock facing S
Dispersion - Africa were Leading members of the church of Antioch
Samson - His greatest triumph was on the day of his death when, through faith in the power of God, he killed all the Philistine rulers along with three thousand of their Leading people (Judges 16:23; Judges 16:28; Judges 16:30; Hebrews 11:32-34)
Chiliasm - The Augsburg and Helvetic Confessions, however, condemn Chiliasm, and the Leading Reformers, while they expected the speedy coming of Christ, did not attempt to literalize descriptions of this event
Heresy - 1) Leading to ‘licentious doings’ (v
Well - Beersheba, Rehoboth, and Jacob's well are Leading instances of wells (Genesis 21:19; Genesis 26:22)
Milk - After setting awhile, the drink would carry an intoxicating effect Leading some to believe that the fermented variety is the drink that Jael gave to Sisera (Judges 4:19 )
Hedge - ...
Ezekiel 13:5 (a) By this figure we understand that the prophets were not protecting GOD's people as they should by proper teaching, Leading and example
Gaal - " In Judges 9:39 it is translated: "Gaal went out in the sight of the lords of Shechem," not at their head, but Leading his own men; not until the "morrow" did the Shechemites go out
Misrepresentation - How often in society, otherwise respectable, are we pained with narrations in which prejudice warps, and self-love blinds!...
How often do we see that withholding part of a truth answers the worst ends of a falsehood! How often regret the unfair turn given to a cause, by placing a sentiment in one point of view, which the speaker had used in another! the letter of truth preserved, where its spirit is violated! a superstitious exactness scrupulously maintained in the under parts of a detail, in order to impress such an idea of integrity as shall gain credit for the misrepresenter, while he is designedly mistaking the Leading principle! How may we observe a new character given to a fact by a different look, tone, or emphasis, which alters it as much as words could have done! the false impression of a sermon conveyed, when we do not like the preacher, or when through him we wish to make religion itself ridiculous! the care to avoid literal untruths, while the mischief is better effected by the unfair quotation of a passage divested of its context! the bringing together detached portions of a subject, and making those parts ludicrous, when connected, which were serious in their distinct position! the insidious use made of a sentiment by representing it as the opinion of him who had only brought it forward in order to expose it! the relating opinions which had merely been put hypothetically, as if they were the avowed principles of him we would discredit! that subtle falsehood which is so made to incorporate with a certain quantity of truth, that the most skilful moral chemist cannot analyze or separate them! for a good misrepresenter knows that a successful lie must have a certain infusion of truth, or it will not go down
Joannes Iii, Bishop of Jerusalem - Zacharias, one of the Leading men of Caesarea, gaining a secret interview with the imprisoned bishop, persuaded him to feign assent to Anastasius's requirements and promise, if he would release him from prison, to publicly signify, on the following Sunday, his agreement to the original conditions
Victorius of Aquitaine - Victorius is by later writers sometimes called Victorinus and Victor, the last mistake Leading to confusion with Victor of Capua
Mark, Gospel According to - '" The Leading principle running through this Gospel may be expressed in the motto: "Jesus came
Silas - For this work Silas’ double qualification as a Leading Jewish Christian and a Roman citizen would eminently fit him
Bibles, Chained - Hence we find that the Leading Protestant libraries contained chained books in great numbers
Chained Bibles - Hence we find that the Leading Protestant libraries contained chained books in great numbers
Bithynia - Paul, always drawn to the great centres of Graeco-Roman civilization, attempted with Silas to enter Bithynia (ἐπείραζον εἰς τὴν Βιθυνίαν πορευθῆναι), intending probably to evangelize Nicaea and Nicomedeia, but the Spirit of Jesus, who was Leading them on westward, did not permit them (Acts 16:7)
Close - ) A narrow passage Leading from a street to a court, and the houses within
Enemy - He has revealed himself as such throughout history by seeking to hurt men and women, Leading them away from God
Presence of God - The cloud and fire symbolized the presence of God Leading on the journey to Canaan
Blindness - To avoid the plague of spiritual blindness and escape the condemnation of Leading others into spiritual ruin, believers must be quick to appropriate and obey the Word of God
Concordance - A dictionary or index to the Bible, wherein all the Leading words are ranged alphabetically, and the books, chapters, and verses wherein they occur referred to, to assist in finding out passages, and comparing with the several significations of the same word
Manasseh - The people were powerful and brave, taking a Leading part in the wars of Gideon, of Jephthah, and of David
Air - A song or piece of poetry for singing also, the Leading part of a tune, or that which is intended to exhibit the greatest variety of melody
Firstfruits - Times of apostasy brought a neglect of this duty; the restoration of the offering of both kinds was a Leading point in the reformation under Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:5; 2 Chronicles 31:11), and under Nehemiah (Nehemiah 10:35; Nehemiah 10:37; Nehemiah 12:44)
Force - ) To compel (an adversary or partner) to trump a trick by Leading a suit of which he has none
Silas - A chief (Greek "leading") man of the church at Jerusalem, a prophet (Acts 15:22-32)
Slide - ) A grace consisting of two or more small notes moving by conjoint degrees, and Leading to a principal note either above or below
Caius, Pope - The persecution is not represented as general, but as aimed at a few obnoxious devotees, and Caius does not appear as Leading, accompanying, or inciting them, but only as exercising a fatherly supervision
Aaron - He aided Moses in Leading the Hebrews out of Egypt; and was consecrated the first high priest of the Hebrew nation
Jehoiakim - In returning to Babylon, the conquerors took with them selected captives from the Leading families of Jerusalem (2 Kings 24:7; Jeremiah 46:2; Daniel 1:1-4)
Samuel - Samuel showed his authority among his people by demanding that they get rid of their foreign gods and by Leading them in prayer and confession to God (1 Samuel 7:3-6). Saul was chosen (1 Samuel 10:17-25) and, after Leading Israel to victory in his first battle, was crowned king in a national ceremony at Gilgal (1 Samuel 11:12-15)
Walk - The mature Christian will walk in accordance with the Holy Spirit's Leading (Romans 8:4 ) via the Lord's commands given to him in the Scriptures (2John). This Leading is not some ethereal, mystical kind of guidance but comes in the form of clear "Thou shalts" and "Thou shalt nots
Fear - In good men, the fear of God is a holy awe or reverence of God and his laws, which springs from a just view and real love of the divine character, Leading the subjects of it to hate and shun every thing that can offend such a holy being, and inclining them to aim at perfect obedience
Tomb, Grave, Sepulchre - Both the primitive Israelite sepulchre and its Greek successor might be of a compound form, having a passage Leading from one chamber to another, each with its kokim or loculi
Judah - He may be the official who joined Nehemiah in Leading the celebration of the completion of the Jerusalem wall (Nehemiah 12:34 )
Lydia - First came her faith, then her Leading all around her to Christ, then her and their baptismal confession, then her love evidenced in pressing hospitality (Hebrews 13:2; 1 Peter 4:9; 1 Timothy 5:10), finally her receiving into her house Paul and Silas after their discharge from prison; she was not "ashamed of the Lord's prisoners, but was partaker of the afflictions of the gospel
Cappadocia - Pagan Cappadocia was devoted chiefly to the cult of Ma, and the strength of its anti-Christian forces is indicated in Strabo’s description of two Leading cities, Comana and Morimene
Arsacius - Those who had taken a Leading part in them were apprehended and tortured, and a fierce persecution commenced of the adherents of Chrysostom
Shiloh (1) - The Messianic interpretation is evaded by translated "until he (Judah) shall come to Shiloh," Judah Leading in the march (Numbers 2:3-9; Numbers 10:14); and when Israel came to Shiloh they pitched the tabernacle there (Joshua 18:1-10), and Judah's principality ceased
Exegesis - (Greek: a Leading out, explanation) ...
The art and science of expressing the sense of the Sacred Scriptures
Exegete - (Greek: a Leading out, explanation) ...
The art and science of expressing the sense of the Sacred Scriptures
Chromatius, Bishop of Aquileia - of Aquileia, one of the most influential Western prelates of his day, the friend and correspondent of Ambrose, Jerome, Rufinus, and other Leading ecclesiastics, and a warm supporter of Chrysostom against his Oriental assailants
Canaan (2) - The land of Canaan was called the land of Israel, 1 Samuel 13:19, because it was occupied by the descendants of Jacob or Israel; the holy land, Zechariah 2:12; the land of promise, Hebrews 11:9, because it was promised to Abraham and his posterity as their possession; the land of Judah, Jeremiah 39:10, because Judah was the Leading tribe; the land of the Hebrews, Genesis 40:15, or the descendants of Eber, an ancestor of Abraham
Cross, Crucify - ...
As for the Chi, or X, which Constantine declared he had seen in a vision Leading him to champion the Christian faith, that letter was the initial of the word "Christ" and had nothing to do with "the Cross" (for xulon, "a timber beam, a tree," as used for the stauros, see under TREE)
Elder - In this context the elders, apparently members of Leading families, had some authority but were not the principal leaders in either religious or political affairs. Elders did have Leading roles in the government of synagogues and after the fall of the Temple became even more central to Jewish religious life
Chief Priests - And most scholars now take the view that the ἁρχιερεῖς were high priests rather than ‘chief priests,’ not Leading representatives from the general body of the priesthood, but members of an exclusive high priestly caste. 1), and were, formally at least, the Leading personages in the Sanhedrin
Ezra - He doubtless stood at the head or, at any rate, was a Leading figure of a new order which had grown up in the Exile among the Jews of the ‘Golah’ or captivity in Babylonia. ’ Moved by religious zeal, and also, it would seem, with the statesman-like view of making Jerusalem once more the real spiritual metropolis of Judaism, Ezra conceived the idea of Infusing new life and new ideals into the Judæan community, by Leading a fresh hand of zealously religious exiles from Babylonia back to Judæa on a mission of reform
Casuistry - Although the morality of the Gospel is distinguished by its purity and by its elevation, it is necessarily exhibited in a general form; certain Leading principles are laid down; but the application of these to the innumerable cases which occur in the actual intercourse of life, is left to the understanding and the conscience of individuals. The manner, however, in which the Gospel inculcates the law of God, combined with other causes in Leading to a species of moral discussion, which, pretending to ascertain in every case what ought to be practised, and thus to afford plain and safe directions to the conscience, terminated in what has been denominated casuistry
Philis'Tines - The Israelites attributed their past weakness to their want, of unity, and they desired a king, with the special object of Leading them against the foe. It was no longer in the central country, but in a ravine Leading down to the Philistine plain, the valley of Elah, the position of which is about 14 miles southwest of Jerusalem
Sanhedrin - Since the high priest presided, the Sadducean priestly party seems to have predominated; but some Leading Pharisees also were members (Acts 5:34 ; Acts 23:1-9 )
Matthew, Gospel According to - ...
The Leading characteristic of this Gospel is that it sets forth the kingly glory of Christ, and shows him to be the true heir to David's throne
Canaanites - The Leading Phœnician cities were such commercial centres that ‘Canaanite’ afterwards became equivalent to ‘trader’ (cf
Sheshbazzar - Then, further, it is not unlikely that the younger man, Zerubbabel, took the Leading part in the work of restoration, and as a result his uncle’s memory would fall into the background
Equality - Unity rather than equality is the Leading characteristic of the internal economy of the Kingdom of heaven (John 10:16; John 11:52; John 17:11 etc
Dance - " His Leading thought was to do honor to God who had delivered him from all his enemies (1 Chronicles 13:8; 1 Chronicles 13:16; 2 Samuel 6:21-23)
Rhegium - For a time it held its own among the Leading cities of Magna Graecia, but in revenge for a slighted Offer of friendship it was totally destroyed by Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse (387 b
Confession of Faith - Creeds in their commencement were simply expressions of faith in a few of the Leading and undisputed doctrines of the Gospel
Thessalonica - coast of Macedonia and Thrace, connecting thereby those regions with Rome, Thessalonica, with its harbour on the other hand connecting it commercially with Asia Minor, naturally took the Leading place among the cities in that quarter
Castle - The term apparently referred to the massive masonry structures connected with the defense of the palace and possibly of the homes of other Leading citizens (Amos 6:8 ; compare Amos 1:4 )
Epaphras - (shortened probably from Epaphroditus, but not to be identified with the evangelist so named)...
Epaphras was a native or citizen of Colossae (Colossians 4:12), the founder, or at least an early and Leading teacher of the Church there (Colossians 1:7, where καί, ‘also,’ is omitted in the oldest Manuscripts ), who had special relations with the neighbouring churches of Laodicea and Hierapolis (Colossians 1:4-6)
Gedaliah - Jealousy of Gedaliah's presidency was Ishmael's motive; his royal descent Leading him to regard himself as the rightful ruler
Alms - The duty was recognized among Christians as a Leading one (Luke 14:13; Romans 15:25-27; Galatians 2:10)
Sickness - In all these cases of specific diseases the trouble is described popularly by its Leading symptoms, with the exception possibly of the ailment of Publius’ father
Smyrna - "...
The allusion is to the "crown-wearing" (stefanofori ), Leading priests at Smyrna It was usual to present the superintending priest with a crown at the end of his year of office; several persons of both sexes are called "crown bearers" in inscriptions
Business - Greek ethics regarded only certain occupations as being fit for these Leading the highest life, and from these commercial activity was excluded (Plat
Castle - Paul was about to be conducted up one of the staircases Leading to the barracks, he was swept off his feet by the rising human tide, and had literally to be carried out of danger by the soldiers; but, recovering himself on the upper steps, he asked and obtained permission to address the baffled and still raging crowd, who turned a sea of angry faces upon him from below
Archippus - ...
Archippus may have been a presbyter bishop, a Leading deacon, an evangelist, or a prominent teacher at the time when St
Worship - The Father and the Son are known, the Father's will is that the Son should be honoured as revealing the fountain of love, and the Son Leading the hearts of the many sons into the Father's love
Antioch - The church at Antioch felt the Leading of the Holy Spirit to set aside Barnabas and Saul for what was the first organized mission work (Acts 13:1-3 )
Jezebel - A priestess and devotee of Baal and Astarte herself, she seduced Israel beyond the calf worship (the worship of the true God under the cherub ox form, a violation of the second commandment) to Baal worship, of which whoredoms and witchcrafts were a Leading part (a violation of the first)
Amos - God demanded repentance (5:1-27), and warned that the nation’s corruption was Leading it to certain destruction (6:1-14)
Paralysis - All the accounts likewise record a mighty expectation of healing on the part of the friends, Leading them to overcome all obstacles in the path to the great Healer—an expectation which we may believe energized also in the one to be healed
Sarbelius, a Edessan Martyr - of the Christians, accompanied by a priest and deacon, thereupon waited on Sarbelius and warned him of his responsibility in Leading so many to worship gods made with hands
Theodotus of Byzantium - Its Leading men in the time of Victor's successor were Asclepiades and another Theodotus, a banker
John, First Epistle of - ...
The Leading truth of this epistle is that eternal life had come down from the Father in the person of Christ; and it was written that ...
1. What is inconsistent and consistent with the light is then referred to, Leading on to the unfolding of the advocacy of "Jesus Christ the righteous" with the Father, and its effects in case any one sinned
Rebekah - The well-known story of the facts Leading up to the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah is told in Genesis 24:1-67 , and gives valuable information as to early marriage customs
Water - To this time also belong many ruins of massive aqueducts, Leading water to the cities from distant sources
Gibeon - Archaeologists have discovered a spiraling shaft and tunnel with circular stairway Leading to water and providing the city a way to get water inside the city walls during enemy attacks
Midrash - Midrash became the basic work Leading to the production of the Targumin (Aramaic paraphrases of Scripture) and of the mainline expression of Judaism (Mishnah, Talmud)
Ark - The ark also had a military role, Leading the march of the people of Israel in the wilderness (Numbers 10:33 ), circling the walls of Jericho (Joshua 4:6 ), and going forth to battle against the Philistines (1 Samuel 4:5 )
Assurance - It is this assurance that God continues to work in the lives of believers that is the basis for the Christian doctrine of perseverance—endurance or continuing response to God's Leading (Ephesians 6:18 ; Hebrews 12:1 ; James 1:25 )
Wall - The practice extended to the stone door Leading into underground tombs (see EBi , art
Works - Deeds Leading to planned results, both by God and people
Michael - (2) In Revelation 12:7 as in Daniel 12 Michael plays a Leading part in the conflict that is to issue in the Messianic triumph of the Last Days
Jailor - The interest of the narrative centres in the conversion of the jailor and his household, and it is as Leading up to this most interesting and happy dénouement that the earlier incidents of the eventful night are depicted
Jannes And Jambres - These two men are referred to in 2 Timothy 3:8 as having withstood Moses; they are traditionally identified with two Leading men among the magicians (Exodus 7:11; Exodus 7:22; cf
John the Apostle - After the ascension, he and James and Peter were the Leading apostles, Galatians 2:9, of the infant church, and guided its counsels
Burden - ...
Deuteronomy 1:12 (b) Moses thus describes the great weight of responsibility that was upon him because of the problems connected with the tremendous host he was Leading to the promised land
Deliverance - Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd, who will even give His life for the sheep (John 10:11); He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6), Leading from earth and time to heaven and eternity; He is the Light of the World (John 8:12), to bring all wanderers safely from darkness and danger to light and safety
Colony - He aimed at planting the gospel in the Leading centres, knowing that it would spread best from these
Peter, First Epistle of - ...
The epistle may be briefly summed up as a gracious Leading of Christians into the sense and reality of their spiritual privileges, but, at the same time, pressing on them the recognition of their being subjects of God's moral government on earth
Ashtaroth - 1Ma 5:43 ) as a place hard to besiege and difficult of access because of numerous passes Leading to it, in whose territory a temple was situated, is applicable to Sa‘dîyeh or to Tell ‘Ashtarâ or even to Tell Ash‘arî , whose double peak at the S
Jonathan - 1 Samuel 13:1-23 ; 1 Samuel 14:1-52 contain a graphic account of the way in which the Israelites threw off the Philistine yoke; in this campaign Jonathan took a Leading part
Sidon - Sidonians is the generic name of the Phoenicians or Canaanites (Joshua 13:6; Judges 18:7); in Judges 18:28 Laish is said to be "far from Sidon," whereas Tyre, 20 miles nearer, would have been specified if it had then been a city of Leading importance
Infidelity - If we enquire into the rise of infidelity, we shall find it does not take its origin from the result of sober enquiry, close investigation, or full conviction; but it is rather, as one observes, "The slow production of a careless and irreligious life, operating together with prejudices and erroneous conceptions concerning the nature of the Leading doctrines of Christianity
Aceldama - But He that had predicted Jesus should make "his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death," (Isaiah 53:9) took care not only that a new sepulchre, suited to the infinite dignity of his person, should be prepared; but all the steps Leading to the accomplishment of placing his holy body there, should make way, so as to answer all the important purposes of that prophecy
Hate - And the love of our near and dear connections in nature, every one knows that is brought acquainted with the feelings of his own heart, is but too often Leading us on the confines of sin and corruption, Hence, to hate whatever opposeth the best and purest desires of the soul, is among the clearest evidences of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ
Alexander - A Leading member of the Jewish community at Ephesus (Acts 19:33), who was put forward by the Jews at the time of the Ephesian riot to clear themselves of any complicity with St
Gospel - But whereas Jesus’ preaching of the gospel was during the period Leading up to his death and resurrection, the early Christians’ preaching followed his death and resurrection
Josephus, Catholicos of Armenia - Exasperated by that bold manifesto, the king ordered the Leading Armenian princes to appear before him, and they, depositing a confession of their faith with Joseph, obeyed (ib
Justinus ii - ) was promulgated addressed to the bishops and Leading men of each province directing them to choose the governors ( praesides ) themselves and to submit the names to the emperor, who would invest them with their offices
Leontius, Bishop of Antioch - 10), and, like many Leading Arians, a disciple of the celebrated teacher Lucian (Philostorg
James the Brother of Jesus - ...
James, in fact, took the Leading part on behalf of the Jerusalem church in confirming that Gentiles were saved by faith alone
Liturgy - While they varyin arrangement and phraseology, yet the Leading and essential ...
                     TABLE SHOWING THE DESCENT OF PRINCIPAL LITURGIES                     ————————————————————————...
                          OUR LORD'S WORDS OF INSTITUTION                                       |                          APOSTOLIC NUCLEUS OF A LITURGY                                       |            ———————————————————————————————            | | | |  Liturgy of St
John the Apostle - By the time Jesus’ ministry had come to an end, Peter and John were clearly the two Leading apostles (Luke 22:8; John 19:26-27; John 20:2-9; John 21:20)
Apocalyptic - The Leading literary features and apocalyptic message were conditioned above all by Israel's history and experience of God. The two ages are a clarification of the prophetic view of history Leading to the day of the Lord, the coming of God, and the fulfillment of His purpose in the victorious kingdom of God
Stumbling - The road is, for the most part, dreary; Leading over lofty and barren hills, the principal of which is Mount Parthenius. "...
In the grand description which Isaiah gives, Isaiah 63:13 , of God "with his glorious arm" Leading his people through the Red Sea, it is said, "That led them through the deep, as a horse in the wilderness, that they should not stumble;" that is, who preserved them from falling amidst the numerous inequalities in the bed of the sea, caused in some instances by deep cavities, and in others by abrupt intervening rocks
Chronology of the Biblical Period - ...
The period of Exile began with the capture of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple, and the second deportation of Leading citizens in 586 B. ) Ezekiel is a Leading prophet among the exiles during this time
Peter - He was the Leading apostle from the day of Pentecost to the Council of Jerusalem, in a
Intercession - And secondly, the Lord Jesus carrieth on this high office not only by a naked appearance in the presence of JEHOVAH for his people, but by pleading the merits and worth of his sacrifice and righteousness. Yea, Christ himself, with all his fulness, blessedness, and glory, is the gift of the Father; for the express doctrine of the gospel in its first and Leading point is, "that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life
Deceit, Deceitful, Deceitfully, Deceitfulness, Deceive, Deceivableness - , "planet"), in the Passive form sometimes means "to go astray, wander," Matthew 18:12 ; 1 Peter 2:25 ; Hebrews 11:38 ; frequently Active, "to deceive, by Leading into error, to seduce," e
Repent, Repentance - , in Matthew 3:8 ; Luke 3:8 ; Acts 20:21 ; 26:20 ; (b) the mercy of God in giving "repentance" or Leading men to it is set forth, e
Sadducees - ...
Most of the Leading priests of New Testament times were Sadducees, and they enjoyed the support of the upper class Jews
Psalms - The "sons of Korah," who formed a Leading part of the Kohathite singers ( 2 Chronicles 20:19 ), were intrusted with the arranging and singing of Psalm 424449848587,44-49,84,85,87 , and 88
Nehemiah - (For events Leading up to the time of Nehemiah see EZRA
Gibeah - of Gibeah branches into two, one Leading to Bethel the "house of God," the other to "Gibeah ("Geba") in the field" sadeh , "cultivated ground"), now Jeba, below which at the base of the hill from whence Gibeah is named was the cave (Syriac, the Hebrew "treeless meadows" will mean not their place of ambush but the open ground across which they advanced to the town) of Gibeah "where the liers in wait hid" (Judges 20:31-33, margin)
Redeemer - ...
We shall set this in a clear point of view, if we consider what forms the great and Leading characters of redemption, in the contemplation of which the glory of Christ will appear abundantly striking as the great Redeemer
Atticus, Archbaptist of Constantinople - ), the architect of the whole cabal, he certainly took a very Leading part in carrying it into execution
Georgius (3), Bishop of Laodicea - As bishop he took a Leading part in the successive synods summoned by the Arian faction against Athanasius
Fig, Fig-Tree - It is noticeable that in the description of the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 8:8) fig-trees are mentioned as one of its Leading natural characteristics
Apostasy - ...
Acts 21:21 states an accusation made against Paul that he was Leading Jews outside Palestine to abandon the law of Moses
Go Away, Leave - 23:18 speaks of “uncovering” harlotries, of “exposing” them constantly or Leading a life of harlotry
Brahmins - The ceremonies Leading to absorption are called by the name of "tupushya," and the persons performing them, a "tupushwee
Prince - ...
Other less frequent terms are nâsîk ‘installed,’ partĕmîm ‘leading men,’ qâtsîn ‘judge,’ shâlîsh ‘officer,’ ‘captain,’ sĕgânîm ‘deputies
Lucius (11) - At the accession of Jovian, according to the Chronicon Acephalum, a Maffeian fragment, four Leading Arian bishops put him forward to address the new emperor at Antioch, hoping to divert Jovian's favour from Athanasius
Porphyrius, Patriarch of Antioch - Although his character was notorious, by his cleverness and adroit flattery he obtained considerable influence with the magistrates, and gained the confidence of some Leading bishops of the province
Severianus, Bishop of Gabala - At the assembly of the Oak, Severian took a Leading part (Pallad
Hutchinsonians - It appears to be a Leading sentiment of this denomination, that all our ideas of divinity are formed from the ideas in nature, that nature is a standing picture, and Scripture an application of the several parts of the picture, to draw out to, as the great things of God, in order to reform our mental conceptions. His actions in the spiritual economy are agreeable to his type in the natural economy; such as inspiring, impelling, driving, Leading, Matthew 2:1-23 ; Matthew 3:1-17 ; Matthew 4:1-25 ; Matthew 5:1-48 ; Matthew 6:1-34 ; Matthew 7:1-29 ; Matthew 8:1-34 ; Matthew 9:1-38 ; Matthew 10:1-42 ; Matthew 11:1-30 ; Matthew 12:1-50 ; Matthew 13:1-58 ; Matthew 14:1-36 ; Matthew 15:1-39 ; Matthew 16:1-28 ; Matthew 17:1-27 ; Matthew 18:1-35 ; Matthew 19:1-30 ; Matthew 20:1-34 ; Matthew 21:1-46 ; Matthew 22:1-46 ; Matthew 23:1
Learning - ’ Probably before that date a lower school system (such as was known to exist in the Greek world) was tentatively tried in all Leading centres. Whether any of the Leading disciples were educated in Jerusalem cannot be definitely known
Saul, King of Israel - After Leading Israel to victory in his first battle, he won the support of the whole nation (1 Samuel 11)
Scriptures - During the time of the early church, Christians recognized the writings of Jesus’ apostles and other Leading Christians also as Scripture, and therefore as having equal authority with the Old Testament writings (1 Corinthians 14:37; 1 Timothy 5:18; 2 Peter 3:16; see CANON)
Judas the Galilaean - 46-48), for Leading a revolt (Ant
Revelation - ...
Just as God had given revelations during the time Leading up to Christ’s coming, so he gave them during the time immediately after Christ’s coming
Mark (John) - ...
(1) John Mark was a Jew and son of Mary, who was a Leading Christian woman at Jerusalem
Mark - ...
With Paul and Barnabas...
Whether the house of the upper room was Mark’s home or not, Mark certainly would have known Peter and the other Leading Christians who often visited his home (Acts 12:12-14)
Wilderness - A particular wilderness, closer to home, lay on the eastern slopes of the Judean mountains in the rain shadow Leading down to the Dead Sea
Guide - —To communities and to individuals, otherwise walking in darkness, Christ is their Guide, the Shepherd Leading His sheep, the Light preceding His people
Galba - 295-334 (a valuable comparison of the Leading ancient authorities), also 2nd series of the same work, do
Persia, Persians - Apparently they were a union of tribes, the ancestors of Cyrus being the chiefs of the Leading clan
Head - ) Principal; chief; Leading; first; as, the head master of a school; the head man of a tribe; a head chorister; a head cook
Gallery - And here they had frequent meetings, unnoticed and unknown to others; in which the Lord opened to his church the secrets of his love, in Leading her into the chambers of his covenant mercy and grace; and the church held him fast in those galleries, not suffering him to depart until "that she had brought him whom her soul loved, as she saith elsewhere, into her mother's house, and into the chamber of her that conceived her
Prepare - So Samson said to the lad who was Leading him: “Suffer me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house standeth, that I may lean upon them” ( Passover - It is enough for us to be assured, that as Christ is called "our passover;" and the "Lamb of God," without "spot," by the "sprinkling of whose blood" we are delivered from guilt and punishment; and as faith in him is represented to us as "eating the flesh of Christ," with evident allusion to the eating of the paschal sacrifice; so, in these Leading particulars, the mystery of our redemption was set forth
Elder - We are not told who these elders were, probably the Leading persons in each tribe
Parable - ...
Blind Leading the blind, Luke 6:39
Phrygia - ’ The natural interpretation of this is that from Lystra they traversed Phrygia Galatica , from Antioch took the road Leading N
Apocalyptic Literature - During the three centuries Leading up to and including the New Testament era, the distinctive kind of literature known as apocalyptic flourished among Jewish writers
Mesrobes - Among the disciples of Mesrobes were all the Leading writers of Armenia, including Leontius presb
Petilianus, a Donatist Bishop - Augustine on the Unity of the Church, written between the second and third of them, and intended to answer the question, "Where is the church?"...
In the inquiry of 411 at Carthage Petilian took a Leading part and was chiefly remarkable for ingenious quibbling and minute subtlety on technical details of procedure—using, in short, as Augustine said afterwards, every artifice in order to prevent real discussion; and on the third day losing his temper and insulting Augustine personally in a coarse and vulgar manner; appearing throughout as a pettifogging advocate, adroit but narrow, dishonest and suspicious of dishonesty in others; spinning out the time in matters of detail, taking every advantage he could, fair or unfair, and postponing, though with much ostentatious protest to the contrary, the real matters in dispute
John, Letters of - ...
Gnostic ideas concerning spirit and matter, besides Leading to wrong teaching about Jesus, led to wrong behaviour among believers
Pharisees - The hostility was especially great during the reign of Alexander Jannaeus (103-76), and they seem to have taken a Leading part in opposition to him; it is usually assumed that Pharisees composed either all or a large part of the eight hundred Jews he later crucified (Ant 13. Later Pharisees appear as part of the leadership of the people during the revolt, some individuals playing a Leading role in it
Flavianus (4) i, Bishop of Antioch - 3, 11) state, he was one of the six Leading clergy of Antioch who had sworn not to seek the bishopric themselves at the death of Meletius or Paulinus, but to acknowledge the survivor. Ambrose and the other Leading Western prelates urged Theodosius to compel Flavian to come to Rome and submit to the judgment of the church
Exodus - ...
This account was evidently written for men who were otherwise acquainted with the Leading facts of the history. It is dominated by two Leading interests: (1) to insist in its own way that everything which makes Israel a nation is due to Jahweh, so that the religion and the history are interwoven; (2) to give a history of the origins, especially of the ecclesiastical institutions, of Israel
Philistia - (Joshua 15:4; Joshua 15:47), a confederacy of the five cities (originally Canaanite) Gaza (the Leading one), Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gath, and Ekron (always put last). But the Philistines laid hold of Gibbethon commanding the defile Leading from Sharon up to Samaria; Israel had a long struggle for its recovery (1 Kings 15:27; 1 Kings 16:15)
Faith - in Scripture, is presented to us under two Leading views: the first is that of assent or persuasion; the second, that of confidence or reliance. To the most unlettered Christian this then will be very obvious, that true and saving faith in Christ consists both of assent and trust; but this is not a blind and superstitious trust in the sacrifice of Christ, like that of the Heathens in their sacrifices; nor the presumptuous trust of wicked and impenitent men, who depend on Christ to save them in their sins; but such a trust as is exercised according to the authority and direction of the word of God; so that to know the Gospel in its Leading principles, and to have a cordial of belief in it, is necessary to that more specific act of faith which is called reliance, or in systematic language, fiducial assent. Yet there is an aptitude in this faith to be made a condition; for no other act can receive Christ as a Priest propitiating and pleading the propitiation, and the promise of God for his sake to give the benefit
Sadducees - His descendants long played the Leading part among the priests, so that Ezekiel regarded them as the only legitimate priests ( Ezekiel 40:46 ; Ezekiel 43:19 ; Ezekiel 44:15 ; Ezekiel 48:11 )
Deacon - ...
Whether the deacons' functions extended to Leading in worship is not clear
Women - But there were times when women were just as guilty as men in Leading people astray through false teaching (Revelation 2:20)
Temptation of Jesus - ...
Matthew (Leviticus 4:1-11 ) spoke of the Spirit Leading Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil
Anger - Strong emotional reaction of displeasure, often Leading to plans for revenge or punishment
Roads - (b) In ordinary circumstances the Jews preferred to avoid intercourse with the Samaritans, hence in going northward they took the road Leading down by Jericho, over the Jordan, and up through Peraea
Calf, Golden - It is also uncertain whether the other chief sanctuaries of the kingdom were at a later period provided with similar images, the Leading passage ( Amos 8:14 ) being capable of another interpretation
Rest - Joshua was given the task by Yahweh of Leading the tribes of Israel into the promised land, into the rest promised them by their God
God And Magog - The prophet depicts this prince as Leading a great host against the restored Israel, and being utterly defeated and overthrown
Bring - In this sense, it is opposed to carry, and it is applied to the person bearing or Leading, in opposition to sending or transmitting by another
Pillar - The manifestation made on both occasions as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, plainly shows that the covenant of redemption, in the seed of the woman, was the great and Leading cause of all
Basilius of Ancyra, Bishop of Ancyra - He was condemned on frivolous and unproved grounds, together with Cyril of Jerusalem, Eustathius of Sebaste, and other Leading prelates
Hagar - Hagar and her son Ishmael, the law-covenant, gendering to bondage; Sarah and her son Isaac, the gospel-covenant, Leading to freedom
Damasus, Pope - He "removed the earth, widened the passages, so as to make them more serviceable for the crowd of pilgrims, constructed flights of stairs Leading to the more illustrious shrines, and adorned the chambers with marbles, opening shafts to admit air and light where practicable, and supporting the friable tufa walls and galleries wherever it was necessary with arches of brick and stone work
Medicine - Luke, "the beloved physician," who practiced at Antioch whilst the body was his care, could hardly have failed to be convenient with all the Leading opinions current down to his own time
Manichaeans - In many Leading principles they thus evidently agreed with the Gnostics, of whom, indeed, they may be considered a branch
Baltimore, Maryland, City of - On the occasion of the diocesan centenary (1889) Leading Catholic laymen participated in a Catholic congress, the first in the United States
Pisidia - 204) think that he chose the steep pass Leading from Attalia to Lake Ascania (Buldur Göl)
Hezekiah - Some of Hezekiah’s Leading officials made a collection of Solomon’s proverbs to instruct the people further (Proverbs 25:1)
Profession - The public confession was not only a testimony for Christ, Leading, it might be, to the conversion of others; it had a strong psychological effect on those who made the confession, confirming them in their relation to Christ, and calling certain forces of their nature to the side of devotion
Altar - Ezekiel's altar had three superimposed levels, each slightly smaller than the preceding, and had steps from the east Leading up to the top. He wrote that the altar was fifty cubits square and fifteen cubits high with a ramp Leading to the top
Condemnation - Our first parents turned away from God's plan, Leading to their death and alienation
Exodus, Book of - ...
In short, the Book of Exodus shows the redemption of the Israelites from slavery; their being brought into relationship with God, with a priesthood to maintain that relationship; and God Leading and dwelling among them
do, Done - , "perform," in Romans 4:21 ; prasso stresses the process Leading to the accomplishment, e
Eusebius, Bishop of Vercellae - Patrophilus, a Leading Arian, was bp
Naphtali - The captain to whom the honour of Leading the Israelites to victory over the hosts of Sisera is ascribed in the prose narrative, Judges 4:1-24 , was Barak of Kedesn-naphtali
Hilkiah - Deuteronomy, the repetition of the law in a summary, was the Leading portion read, just as at the reading in the feast of tabernacles every seventh year, the year of release, not the whole Pentateuch but lessons from it day by day were read (Nehemiah 8:18; Nehemiah 9:3-5, etc
Iconium - So central and prosperous a city, traversed by a trade-route Leading direct to the Cilician Gates, and connected by a cross-road with the great high-way to the Euphrates, naturally attracted many traders and settlers from the outside world
Zeal - It is also a basal motive of σχίσματα, zealous preference for a truth, Leading to the abandonment of a society in which satisfactory prominence is not given to this special object of enthusiasm
Jachin And Boaz - ...
As regards their position relative to the Temple, it may be regarded as certain that they were structurally independent of the Temple porch, and stood free in front of it probably on plinths or bases Jachin on the south and Boaz on the north (1 Kings 7:21 ), one on either side of the steps Leading up to the entrance to the porch (cf
Acacius, Bishop of Caesarea - Acacius took a Leading place among the intriguing prelates, who succeeded in splitting into two the oecumenical council which Constantius had proposed to summon, and thus nullifying its authority
Exhortation - ), reproving (Titus 2:15), encouraging (1 Thessalonians 2:11), commanding (2 Thessalonians 3:12), strengthening (Acts 14:22; Acts 15:32), edifying (1 Thessalonians 5:11), and, where successful, Leading the hearers to a proper state of mind or to right conduct (Titus 2:6 ff
Atheist - The open avowal of atheism by several of the Leading members of the French convention seems to have been an extraordinary moral phenomenon
Stone - ...
1 Corinthians 3:12 (b) The good works of GOD's people carried on for the glory of GOD, the honor of CHRIST, and by the Leading of the Spirit, are solid, substantial and eternal in their character
Chief, Chiefest, Chiefly - ...
C — 1: ἡγέομαι (Strong's #2233 — Verb — hegeomai — hayg-eh'-om-ahee ) "to lead the way, to preside, rule, be the chief," is used of the ambition "to be chief" among the disciples of Christ, Luke 22:26 ; of Paul as the "chief" speaker in Gospel testimony at Lystra, Acts 14:12 ; of Judas and Silas, as chief (or rather, "leading") men among the brethren at Jerusalem, Acts 15:22
Music - The three kinds are alluded to in (Job 21:12 ) On the banks of the Red Sea Moses and the children of Israel sang their triumphal song of deliverance from the hosts of Egypt; and Miriam, in celebration of the same event, exercised one of her functions as a prophetess by Leading a procession of the women of the camp, chanting in chorus the burden of the song of Moses
Proverb - (4) The obscurity referred to was sometimes made the Leading feature and motive of the proverb, and it was then called an ‘enigma’ or ‘ dark saying ’ ( Psalms 49:4 , Proverbs 1:6 ; Proverbs 30:15-31 ). The proverb is not the pleading of the lawyer in favour of a certain view and claim, but the decision of a judge who has heard both sides and adjudicates on behalf of general citizenship
Olives, Mount of - It is only in the deeper and more secluded slope Leading up to the northernmost summit that these venerable trees spread into anything like a forest
Nerva - Some of the informers of Domitian’s reign were put to death, but in general a policy of clemency was followed, and some of the Leading partisans of Domitian continued to enjoy places of honour
Maximus the Cynic, Bishop of Constantinople - We hear of him next at Corinth, with a high reputation for religion, Leading about a band of females—"the swan of the flock"—under colour of devotion (Carm
Pius i., Bishop of Rome - ...
Those who maintain the view of the presbyterian constitution of the early Roman church, and of the earliest so-called bishops having been in fact only Leading presbyters, to whom a distinct episcopal office was afterwards assigned by way of tracing the succession, would attribute the development of the later episcopal system to the age of Pius, Thus Lipsius speaks of him as the first bishop in the stricter sense ("Bischof im engeren Sinn")
Simple, Simplicity - The Leading passage is Matthew 6:22. For the double aim to serve God and mammon is evil, both in its very nature, as being really a rejection of the sole sovereignty of God, and in its results, as Leading inevitably to the double life with its darkness and doom
Jeremiah - )...
Meanwhile to the north, Babylon was growing in power, and with its conquest of Assyria in 612 BC, it established itself as the Leading nation in the region. When Egypt, the Leading nation to Judah’s south, decided to challenge Babylon, Josiah tried to stop the Egyptians from passing through Palestine and was killed in battle (609 BC; 2 Kings 23:28-30)
Acts of the Apostles - " After referring to what had been recorded in a "former treatise" of the sayings and doings of Jesus Christ before his ascension, the author proceeds to give an account of the circumstances connected with that event, and then records the Leading facts with reference to the spread and triumphs of Christianity over the world during a period of about thirty years
Ruth - " Ruth is an instance of natural affection made instrumental in Leading to true religion
Seeing - It is, indeed, one of the words that form a Leading conception in his writing
Corinth - Its situation made it a Leading centre of Christianity
Gilgal - And the rule of divine grace is first to give, then to require; so first He showed His grace to Abraham by Leading him to Canaan and giving the promises, then enjoined circumcision; also He did not give the law to Israel at Sinai until first He had redeemed them from Egypt, and thereby made them willing to promise obedience
Zechariah - Son of Bebai; also returned, Leading 28 males, with Ezra (Ezra 8:11)
Consecrate, Consecration - ἐγκαινίζω ‘includes the motive of Leading into life’ (von Soden, Hebräerbrief3, p
Joseph - I shall particularize in a few Leading features
Dinooth, Dinothus, Abbat of Bangor Iscoed - Bede either here uses the term "sacerdotes" and "monachi" as synonymous, or the priests were in charge of the monks, Leading their devotions
Judas Iscariot - Judas, the Leading trait in whose character was covetousness, was probably induced to follow Jesus at first with a view to the riches, honours, and other temporal advantages, which he, in common with the rest, expected the Messiah's friends would enjoy
Phar'Isees, - (Matthew 12:1-13 ; Mark 3:1-6 ; Luke 18:10-17 ) ...
It was a Leading aim of the Redeemer to teach men that true piety consisted not in forms, but in substance, not in outward observances, but in an inward spirit
Cyrene - It was one of the many places in northern Africa where Jewish people settled during the centuries Leading up to the New Testament era
Jacobus, Bishop of Nisibis - A Leading part is ascribed to him by Theodoret in its debates (Theod
Miltiades, Bishop of Rome - De Rossi supposes the approaches to the old crypt to have been blocked up by the Christians to save it from profanation; and the state in which the passages Leading to it have been found confirms this supposition
Lunatic - Leading cases reported in Gospels. Certain of these systems, some adopted by lnternational Congresses and others determined by representative associations, and generally in use among the Leading mental physicians of Great Britain, are valuable chiefly as giving facilities, the one for international conference, the other for national comparison and correspondence. Leading cases of lunacy reported in NT. ’...
(3) Uncontrolled impulse, Leading the victim in defiance of all that was fitting and customary to burst into the assembly at the hour of worship. The malignant power controlling the life drove him into the tombs and mountains, causing him to utter frenzied cries and Leading to impulses of self-mutilation, apparently also to homicidal tendencies (Matthew 8:28)
Arminianism - It is certain, at least, that he declares his willingness to subscribe to every thing that Calvin has written on that Leading subject of Christianity, in the third book of his Institutes; and with this declaration the tenor of his writings invariably corresponds. He alleges, that Arminius had actually laid the plan of that theological system which was afterward embraced by his followers; that he had inculcated the main and Leading principles of it on the minds of his disciples; and that Episcopius and others, who rejected Calvinism in more points than in that which related to the divine decrees, only propagated, with greater courage and perspicuity, the doctrines which Arminianism, as taught by its founder, already contained. Maurice, being suspected of aiming at sovereign power, was firmly opposed by the Leading persons in the government, who had been the friends and patrons of the Arminians, and to whom, therefore, these adhered at this difficult crisis. For this purpose he got the Leading men cast into prison
Fulfillment - Those of God's servants who observed the covenant stipulations rigorously and obeyed God's Leading were endued with his creative and sustaining power. In the New Testament the fulfillment of prophecy by Christ validated the long-cherished messianic expectation, Leading Paul to state that Jesus was the person in whom every one of God's promises was fulfilled with an emphatic "yes" (2 Corinthians 1:20 )
Idol, Idolatry - Both intermarriage and formal treaties were prohibited because of necessary affiliation with pagan gods (Exodus 23:32-33 ), Leading to eventual fellowship (Exodus 34:15 ) and worship of idols (Numbers 25:2-3 ). Leadership was harshly condemned for Leading the people astray
Socinians - Struck with several declarations of our Lord which seemed to imply that he had descended from heaven, and which militated against his Leading tenet respecting Jesus, he endeavoured to evade the application of them, by supposing or affirming that, previous to the commencement of our Saviour's ministry, he had, through the power of God, been taken up to the celestial regions, and had in them received from the Almighty the truths which he was commissioned to reveal. Some, however, had escaped the operation of the law, and had remained in Poland; but three years after the edict was renewed, and the Socinians who still lingered in their beloved country were driven from it with a rigour and an inhumanity reflecting infamy upon those who were guilty of them, and Leading to the most melancholy reflections upon that dismal perversion of all that is amiable in our nature, which has so often been effected by a mistaken zeal for a religion breathing the tenderest concern for the happiness of mankind
Phoenicia, phNicians - ...
In the Persian period (how Phœnicia became subject to Persia our sources do not tell) Sidon again became the Leading city, Tyre taking a second place. 27, 28) of the trade of Tyre, which, as we have seen, had been the Leading Phœnician city for a century or more before his time
Bone - ...
Ezekiel 24:4 (b) This figure is a prophecy that GOD will gather the choice men, the Leading men of Israel, together for judgment because they forsook Him
Ephesus - Ephesus, the Leading city of Asia Minor, is appropriately the first of the seven churches
Mediator, Mediation - But the idea of mediation, that is, of God dealing with man, or man with God, not directly but through the interposition of another, has a Leading place throughout Scripture
Baptism of the Holy Spirit - A number of years later, when Peter is ministering to Cornelius, the Spirit again manifests itself in dramatically similar ways (leading to the common labeling of this event as the "Gentile Pentecost")
Carmel - It is in the former a vaulted tank, with steps Leading down to it
Rahab (1) - Salmon, then a youth, who married her, was probably one of the two whom she had saved, gratitude Leading on to love and erasing the remembrance of her former life of shame
Joy - NT Greek expresses the emotion by three Leading words: ( a ) the ordinary chara (vb
Gamaliel - The council bad recognized the need for appointing a leap-year, but, as Gamaliel was absent, resolved that their decision should take effect only if it received the subsequent sanction of their Leading man
Martha - ]'>[1] She appears in the Gospel-story on three occasions: (1) when she entertained Jesus on His way to Jerusalem at the season of the Feast of Tabernacles (Luke 10:38-42); (2) when Lazarus died and was revived by Jesus (John 11:1-46); and (3) when Jesus, on His way to the Passover from His retreat at Ephraim (John 11:54), was honoured with a public entertainment at Bethany in the house of a Leading man named Simon the Leper (John 12:1-11 = Matthew 26:6-13 = Mark 14:3-9)
Matthew (2) - Along the north end of the Sea of Galilee there was a road Leading from Damascus to Acre on the Mediterranean, and on that road a customs-office marked the boundary between the territories of Philip the tetrarch and Herod Antipas
History, Church - Besides fulfilling these conditions, the ecclesiastical historian must ever be mindful of the fact that the Church of Christ is a Divine institution with supernatural means, Leading to a supernatural end and with the promises of infallibility and indefectibility, received from its founder
Alexander, Bishop of Hierapolis Euphratensis - His dignity as metropolitan gave him a Leading place in the opposition of which the patriarch John of Antioch was the head, and his influence was confirmed by personal character
Marcus, a Gnostic - We are told also of Marcus having seduced the wife of one of the deacons in Asia (διάκονον τινα τῶν ἐν τῇ Ἀσίᾳ ) and the most natural conclusion is that Asia Minor was the scene where Marcus made himself notorious as a teacher, probably before Irenaeus had left that district; that it was a Leading bishop there who resisted Marcus; and that the heretic's doctrines passed into Gaul by means of the extensive intercourse well known to have then prevailed between the two countries
Punishment - apart from disclosures of Divine grace, Leading to ‘the apprehension of the mercy of God in Christ’ (Shorter Catechism, A
Ideas (Leading) - IDEAS (LEADING). —The Leading ideas of our Lord may be divided into two classes, Moral and Religious. ...
But we cannot found our interpretation of our Lord’s teaching on a single passage, especially when we are dealing with a Leading conception which was always more or less in His mind. What these characteristics are will be seen as we examine the other Leading ideas of our Lord’s moral teaching
Trade And Commerce - Of the slave-trade there are very few notices in the OT, and it may be that the reduction of the aboriginal population by the Israelites to serfs, and the almost continuous warfare Leading to the constant capture of prisoners, rendered the importation of slaves ordinarily unnecessary. A system of roads Leading from Arabia, Egypt, and Mesopotamia appears to have converged at Sela or Petra, whence two branches spread northwards, to Gaza and to the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, continuing northwards on the left bank of the Jordan. 4) asserts that Solomon had the roads Leading to Jerusalem paved with black stone, but his authority for this statement is unknown
Manicheans - We must content ourselves with sketching the Leading principles of the sect. There was first the great body consisting of the auditores, from whom a less strict course of life was demanded, and one of whose Leading duties was to supply the other and higher class, the Elect or Perfect, with food and other necessaries. A proof of their activity in Armenia is found in the work of Eznig, one of the Leading writers of Armenia in the 5th cent
Canon of the New Testament - By God's gracious providence most of the books of the New Testament were in the church's possession years before the death of Leading apostles, all of them before the death of John. Probably each Leading church made for itself a collection of those books which were proved on good testimony to have been written by inspired men, and sanctioned as such originally by men having the "discerning of spirits," as well as by uninspired men in the several churches
Babylon, History And Religion of - In subsequent periods, Marduk (Merodach in Jeremiah 50:2 ) was considered the Leading god and was given the epithet Bel (equivalent to the Canaanite term Baal), meaning “lord” (Isaiah 46:1 ; Jeremiah 50:2 ; Jeremiah 51:44 ). This myth originated in Babylon, where one of its goals was to show how Marduk became the Leading god
Mercy - Yet divine mercy is not blind or dumb; although God tolerated Israel's rebellion with mercy for a very long time (Nehemiah 9:17,19 , 31 ; Jeremiah 3:12 ), ultimately ungodliness in Israel was met by a withdrawal of God's mercy, Leading to judgment (Lamentations 2:2,21 ; Zechariah 1:12 ). Within the relationship, God's mercy is thus closely linked to forgiveness (Exodus 34:9 ; Numbers 14:19 ; Jeremiah 3:12 ; Daniel 9:9 ), a more basic disposition of compassion (Deuteronomy 13:17 ) Leading to forgiveness, and to the steadfast love by which God sustains the covenant and repeatedly forgives his people (Psalm 25:6 ; 40:11 ; 51:1 ; 69:16 ; 103:4 ; 119:77 ; Jeremiah 3:12 ; 16:5 )
Ephesus - To represent Christianity as a religio licita was clearly one of the Leading aims of St. Paul’s pathetic address at Miletus to the elders of Ephesus (Acts 20:16-35), in which he recalls the Leading features of his strenuous mission in the city-his tears and trials (Acts 20:19), his public and private teaching (Acts 20:20), his incessant spiritual and manual toil (Acts 20:31-34)-and declares himself pure from the blood of all men (Acts 20:26), presents as high an ideal of the ministerial vocation as has ever been conceived and recorded
Plagues of Egypt - (See Exodus 9:1-7) Beside the very tremendous judgment on Egypt as a nation by this plague, we may remark somewhat Leading to the gospel dispensation in this appointment. But what I particularly beg the reader to remark in these plagues of Egypt is, the progressive order from bad to worse, Leading on to the most finished and full state of misery
Martinus, Saint, Bishop of Tours - It required what is called a pious fraud to entice him from his monastery; a Leading citizen of Tours, having pretended that his wife was ill, begged Martin to come and visit her. The Leading opponent of Priscillian was the Spanish bp
Vincentius Lirinensis - The second source of information would not be needed had not all the Leading heretics claimed the support of Holy Scripture (cc. How far its Leading principles have been accepted, either explicitly or implicitly, in the past; how far they made a line of demarcation between those who accepted or rejected the Reformation; to what extent they are available in the controversies between the various Christian communions, or in the contest between Christianity and unbelief—these questions have all been keenly discussed
Damascus - , exiling its Leading people (2 Kings 16:7-9 )
Conquest of Canaan - The difficulty with this model is that it ignores the general biblical picture of God constituting the nation of Israel in the desert and Leading them to invade the Promised Land
Truth - ) alçtheia is a Leading and significant term in a sense that is quite distinctive (cf
Oracle - There are, as one observes, several circumstances Leading to the former hypothesis: such as the gloomy solemnity with which many of them were delivered in caves and subterraneous caverns: the numerous and disagreeable ceremonies enjoined, as sometimes sleeping in the skins of beasts, bathing, and expensive sacrifices; the ambiguous and unsatisfactory answers frequently returned: these look very much like the contrivances of artful priests to disguise their villany; the medium of priests, speaking images, vocal groves, &c
Damascus - The street called "Straight" is still there, Leading from one gate to the pasha's palace, i
Mourning Customs - At times one of the chief mourners leans over the body, wringing her hands or wiping away the fast falling tears, and asking why he has left them, and who will discharge the duties that belonged to him alone, pleading for love’s sake to hear only once more the music of the voice now silent, or begging forgiveness on account of selfishness and imperfect service in the days that will never return. Among the singers there are usually one or two who are specially skilful in Leading off with metrical phrases and rhymes of sympathetic appeal, which the others take up and repeat in concert
Righteousness - Salvation and condemnation exist together as the two sides of God's righteousness; the Leading side is always deliverance: God condemns only because He also saves (Psalm 97:1 )
Bible, Inspiration of the - Evangelical bibliology (the doctrine of Scripture that centers on its inspiration), far from Leading to biblio latry (the worship of Scripture), lies at the heart of true worship of God
Tradition - After the destruction of the Temple, however, the title Mishna (from שָׁגָה, ‘repeat’), most probably in the sense of ‘study’ or ‘teaching’ (in spite of the δευτέρωσις of the Church Fathers), came to be applied to the oral Law; and various collections were now made by Leading scholars like Hillel and Aḳiba, the standard edition being that of Judah ha-Nasi (circa, about a
Gerizim - Ebal, at the head of the pass Leading right through from the river Jordan to the sea, and also at the point where the great north road from Jerusalem to Galilee intersects this pass, has given them a commanding place in the topography of the Holy Land, and has led to their association with important events in the history of Israel
Graciousness - The idea, however, covered by the noun is of very frequent occurrence, and may truly be said to be one of the Leading characteristics of Jesus Himself, and of the gospel He came to proclaim
Zerubbabel - ...
The last public act of this great man, whose name marks a Leading epoch in Jewish history, was his causing the returned children of the captivity to keep the Passover with joy, for the Lord had made them joyful (Ezra 6:22)
Attila, King And General of the Huns - The Leading authorities for his life are in Gibbon's Roman Empire (ed
Aurelius, Marcus, Roman Emperor - 1868), may be noticed as maintaining that this emperor is identical with the Antoninus ben Ahasuerus, who is mentioned in the Talmud as on terms of intimacy with one of the Leading Jewish teachers of the time
Deceit, Deception, Guile - Ephesians 4:22, Colossians 2:8, Hebrews 3:13); Matthew 24:4, John 7:12 (τλανκω, ‘lead astray,’ ‘deceive’; πλάνος, ‘deceiver’; πλανη, a ‘leading astray,’ ‘cheating’; cf
Sadducees - Why so? Because the resurrection of the dead (the doctrine denied by the Sadducees), which was scarcely understood during the Gospels' period (Mark 9:10), became the Leading doctrine of Christianity in connection with the apostles' witness for Christ's resurrection at the time described in Acts 1:22; Acts 2:32; Acts 3:12; Acts 4:2 (Greek "preached in the person of Jesus the resurrection from the dead"), Acts 4:10; Acts 5:31; Acts 10:40; and was therefore bitterly opposed by the Sadducees
Zephaniah, Theology of - As many marriages are ruined by loss of interest, often Leading to infidelity, so these two manifestations of trouble are present in the life of the nation that was betrothed to God
Ananias - It was, says Knowling, ‘much more than mere hypocrisy, much more than fraud, pride or greed-hateful as these sins are-the power and presence of the Holy Spirit had been manifested in the Church, and Ananias had sinned not only against human brotherhood, but against the Divine light and Leading which had made that brotherhood possible
Assurance - Assurance, however, is spoken of in the New Testament, and stands prominent as one of the Leading doctrines of religious experience
Analogy of Faith - Undoubtedly there is a class of great and Leading truths in the Scriptures so clearly revealed as to afford principles of interpretation in doubtful passages, and these are so obvious that persons of sound minds and hearts will not need those formal rules for the application of the analogy of faith to interpretation, which have been drawn up by several writers, and which when not misleading, are generally superfluous
Wells And Springs - ...
Wells are sometimes found in Palestine furnished with a well-sweep and bucket, or a windlass; and in some cases there were steps Leading down to the water, Genesis 24:15,16 ; but usually the water is drawn with pitchers and ropes; and the stone curbs of ancient wells bear the marks of long use
Lord's Supper - --The Lord's Supper is a reminder of the Leading truths of the gospel: (1) Salvation, like this bread, is the gift of God's love
Job, Book of - ...
Elihu sums up the argument "The Leading principle of Elihu's statement is that calamity, in the shape of triad, is inflicted on comparatively the best of men; but that God allows a favorable turn to take place as soon as its object has been realized
Passover - And may we not add, that, since all the Leading features of the redemption by the Lord Jesus, in his person, work, offices, and character, are more or less exhibited in shadow and figure in the Passover, surely the Lord the Spirit gave to many a true Israelite grace and faith to eye, in the paschal lamb, the type of the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world
Prison - This was probably a guard-room in the fortress Antonia, situated at the north-west corner of the Temple area, escape from which could be effected only by passing through ‘the first and the second wards,’ lying between it and the iron gate Leading into the city
Manner - Agoge suggests conduct according to one's Leading; anastrophe, conduct as one goes about and mingles with others
Mind - ...
Notes: (1) This word is to be distinguished from phronesis, which denotes "an understanding, Leading to right action, prudence," Luke 1:17 ; Ephesians 1:8
Macrina, the Younger - Gregory was assisted in carrying the bier by Araxius the bishop of the diocese (probably Ibora), and two of the Leading clergy
Jericho - " Jericho strategically was the key of the land, being situated at the entrance of two passes through the hills, one Leading to Jerusalem the other to Ai and Bethel
Cyprus - ...
Barnabas, a Leading man in the early church, came from Cyprus (Acts 4:36)
Timotheus, Called Aelurus - 524), but yet deemed it expedient to send copies of both memorials to the bishops of Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, and Jerusalem, and to 55 other prelates and three Leading monks (one of them being Symeon Stylites), requesting their opinion as to the case of Timotheus and as to the authority of the council (Evagr
Sanhedrin (2) - The priestly nobility were the Leading persons in the community, and they were the most conspicuous members of the Sanhedrin. According to the Mishnic literature, on the other hand, it was a court of Rabbis, presided over by the Leading Rabbi of the time, in which the priestly element as such does not appear, while the Sadducees are mentioned only as heretics to be refuted. —The Mishnic tradition connects the Sanhedrin with Moses’ seventy elders, then with the alleged Great Synagogue of Ezra’s time, then with such names of Leading Rabbis as had escaped oblivion (cf
John Epistles of - If we cut off the first four verses, which are clearly an introduction, and also 1 John 5:13-21, which form a final summary, the main body of the Epistle gives us a triple presentation of two Leading ideas. The Paraclete is pleading their cause in heaven, and He is the propitiation He ministers. He reiterates the Leading ideas of his teaching, already familiar to his readers, to kindle once more the enthusiasm of their faith and first love, which is growing cold, to guard them from the dangers which threaten, and to give them tests by which they may ‘know’ the security of their Christian position. Probably he offers a few Leading truths which in his opinion are the antidote to the manifold errors by which his readers are threatened, while there is one particular party, to whose opinions recent circumstances have given a predominant importance. The Leading ideas-the reality of the Incarnation, the life which springs from Christ and is identified with Him, abiding in Christ and in God, the sending of the Son as the proof of God’s love, the birth from God, the importance of witness, many well-known pairs of opposites-are equally prominent in both writings
Augustus (2) - Luke, with his wider outlook as a cultured Greek writing to a Roman official, it was quite natural to give a distinct place in his record to the decree about the census as Leading up to the birth in Bethlehem. Within the walls of a massive marble screen there was placed the altar on an elevated base, pyramidal, and having marble steps Leading up to it. One of the latest discoveries is that of a shrine of the Lares Publici in front of the Arch of Titus, on the branch of the Via Sacra Leading up to the Palatine by the old Mugonian Gate. There were not wanting schools of philosophy that vied with each other in Leading men to virtue
Law - If we examine the Jewish law, to discover the principle on which the whole system depends, the primary truth, to inculcate and illustrate which is its Leading object, we find it to be that great basis of all religion, both natural and revealed, the self-existence, essential unity, perfections, and providence of the supreme Jehovah, the Creator of heaven and earth. "...
This, then, is one great Leading doctrine of the Jewish code. All fair reasoners will admit that each of these must be understood to condemn, not merely the extreme crime which it expressly prohibits, but every inferior offence of the same kind, and every mode of conduct Leading to such transgression; and, on the contrary, to enjoin opposite conduct, and the cultivation of opposite dispositions. And, to close the horrid catalogue, we see false religions Leading their deluded votaries to heap the altars of their idols with human victims; the master butchers his slave, the conqueror his captive; nay, dreadful to relate, the parent sacrifices his children, and, while they shriek amidst the tortures of the flames, or in the agonies of death, he drowns their cries by the clangour of cymbals and the yells of fanaticism
Star (2) - ’]'>[4] But perhaps the Leading motive in Mt. regards the episode of the visit of the Magi to render homage to the newborn King not so much in the light of a fulfilment of ancient prophecy, as a new prophecy ‘which indicates that the Messiah Jesus, who has been born to save His own people from their sins (Matthew 1:21), will be sought out and honoured by heathen, while the Leading representatives of the religious thought and worship of Israel ask no questions concerning Him, and leave it to the tyrant, who enslaves them, to concern himself about the true King of the Jews, and then only with the object of compassing His destruction
Sepulchre - Sometimes double chambers were made, with a rock-cut passage-way Leading from one into the other. The one probably best known to the student of the Bible is the so-called Tomb of Rachel at the fork of the road Leading to Bethlehem
War - From the days of Saul and David, with their long struggle against the Philistines, war became the affair of the whole nation, Leading, also, to the establishment of a standing army, or at least of the nucleus of one (see Army)
Title on the Cross - John’s view, the witness of language to the King of the Jews, who is also the King of humanity’ (Alexander, Leading Ideas of the Gospels, pp
Abstain, Abstinence - ...
The historical setting of Israel as one of the Leading and most respected wine-producing nations in their part of the ancient world is well documented
Tribulation - ...
Tribulation thus Leading to the Kingdom, joy in tribulation is a phenomenon that can be understood
Hosea - There are two Leading ones: Hosea 1-3; Hosea 4-14
Crucifixion - If it was only the patibulum that Jesus carried, the probable failure of His strength by the way, Leading to the incident of Simon the Cyrenian ( Matthew 27:32 ||), must be attributed not to the weight of His burden, but to sheer physical exhaustion aggravated by loss of blood through scourging, as well as to the anguish that pressed upon His soul
Lazarus - He was honoured with a banquet in the house of one of the Leading men of the village, Simon, who had been a leper and had probably been healed by Jesus ( John 12:2-11 = Matthew 26:6-13 = Mark 14:3-9 )
Bible, Formation And Canon of - ...
Does the Bible itself give this answer? You can see that it does when you consider, first, the fact that Leading figures in the Bible, such as Moses, Jeremiah, Luke, and Paul, are described as writing things down precisely for people who are unable to talk with them directly
Levite - Some of the Levites became involved, however, in the interpretation and teaching of the law (Nehemiah 8:7-8 ) and in the Leading of the people in worship (Nehemiah 9:4-5 ; 12:8-9,27-47 )
Fruit of the Spirit - It demands a yielding of life to the Spirit's Leading by means of the Bible (Romans 8:14 ; Galatians 5:18 ) and this can involve, at times, a real battle
Alexander - Commerce followed the breaking down of national exclusiveness, and everywhere the Jews had their synagogues for prayer and reading of the Old Testament in the Leading cities
Stephen - ...
The speech itself contains three lines of thought, sometimes kept separate, but oftener interlaced, all Leading up to one and the same conclusion
Refuge - ...
We are informed that the Israelites were so much interested in following up the divine commands concerning those cities of refuge, that the magistrates once in every year made a point to examine the roads Leading to those cities from every direction, and to have them put in perfect repair, that no obstruction might be found to stop the fugitive in his flight from the avenger of blood pursuing him
Sanctification - ...
Concerning the first mentioned, the sanctification which means to set apart, to consecrate, or appropriate, to solemn and holy purposes, we meet with expressions in Scripture Leading to this in both Testaments
Field - ...
In the parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:4, Mark 4:4, Luke 8:5), where the Authorized Version has ‘some (seeds) fell by the wayside,’ the picture is really of grains of wheat or barley which fell on the trodden pathway Leading across the field, and so were left exposed where the birds could see and devour them (cf
Aaron - Outside the Hexateuch, two early passages ( 1 Samuel 12:6 ; 1 Samuel 12:8 , Micah 6:4 ) refer to Aaron merely as taking a Leading part in the Exodus
Ammonites - The Ammonites made war on the Israelites of Gilead, Leading the Israelites to appeal to Jephthah, chief of a local band of renegade raiders, to organize and lead their resistance
Abba - It was said by the prophet concerning Him, whom he predicted, that "before the child should know to refuse the evil and choose the good," the event Leading to it should be accomplished
Church - And I trust, the review will be always blessed to the believer's heart, and, under the Holy Ghost's teaching, be always Leading out the affections to the full enjoyment of it, agreeably to the mind and will of God
Encratites - Evidently therefore there were in these countries heretics Leading an ascetic life though it would be unsafe to assert an absolute identity in their teaching
Heaven - Here we are presented with the antitype of almost every Leading circumstance of the Mosaic dispensation
Wells - Many of the Gwzerat wells have steps Leading down to the surface of the water; others have not, nor do I recollect any furnished with buckets and ropes for the convenience of a stranger; most travellers are therefore provided with them, and halcarras and religious pilgrims frequently carry a small brass pot affixed to a long string for this purpose
Bear - 2, with ana, up, is used of "leading persons up to a higher place," and, in this respect, of the Lord's ascension, Luke 24:51
Bear - 2, with ana, up, is used of "leading persons up to a higher place," and, in this respect, of the Lord's ascension, Luke 24:51
Palm Tree - " And there will appear a striking allusion between the believer in Jesus and the palm tree of Engedi, if we consider a few of the Leading particulars
Olympias, the Younger - The imperial orders were carried out with so much harshness that she was even forbidden to go to church for her devotions, or to enjoy the congenial society of the Leading ecclesiastics
Prodigal Son - The younger of a certain man’s sons, dissatisfied with the quiet life he is Leading, resolves to leave his father’s house; and, having received the share of property that fell to him, goes to a distant country and gives himself up with the fullest abandonment to every indulgence that appetite craved
Rabbulas, Bishop of Edessa - Rabbûlas became the Leading prelate of the Oriental church, regarded, according to the exaggerated language of the biographer of Alexander, as "the common master of Syria, Armenia, Persia, nay of the whole world
Daniel - Daniel, now an old man but a Leading official in the Persian administration, was the victim of a plot by jealous fellow officials
Golgotha - All that we know from the Bible is that it was outside the walls of the city (Hebrews 13:12, Matthew 27:31-32, John 19:16-17), that it was nigh to the city (John 19:20), that it was in a conspicuous position (Mark 15:40, Luke 23:49), that it was close to some thoroughfare Leading from the country (Matthew 27:39, Mark 15:21; Mark 15:29, Luke 23:28), and that it was near a garden and a new tomb hewn out of the rock, belonging to Joseph, a rich man of Arimathaea (John 19:41, Matthew 27:57; Matthew 27:60, Mark 15:43; Mark 15:46, Luke 23:53). According to this view, the soldiers, instead of taking their prisoner across the city towards the west, or out in the direction of the Roman road, hurried Him through the nearest gate and crucified Him near the road Leading to Bethany. What more natural than that there should have been a road Leading directly from Antonia to the open country northwards? Here, accordingly, only a short distance north of the city, we find the remains of a Roman road
Covenant - ...
Ezra reformed the restored Jewish community by Leading them to make a covenant together in God's presence. Saul delivered them, Leading to affirmation of Saul's kingship (1 Samuel 11:1 )
Gennesaret, Land of - 395–397), and as Leading up to a fort or castle known as Kal’at ibn Ma’an, and still on to the village of Hattin. —the chief one Leading from Magdala to Khân Minych in a direct course, and skirting the Lake shore within a few hundred feet; the other following the base of the hills along its western side, and striking over the hills northwards
Capernaum - Capernaum was a place where tolls were collected (Mark 2:14 ||), and it is thought that this would be more natural on the main caravan road: but a place of the size of Tell Hûm must in any case have had its tolls, and there was certainly a road along the north end of the Lake Leading to Bethsaida Julias (Guthe). The public ministry, in the more formal sense, was opened here by the call of the four Leading Apostles (Mark 1:16-20); and here, too, were the labours of which we have a graphic and typical description on the Sabbath that followed (Mark 1:21-34 ||)
Roman Catholics - The gross and antiscriptural errors, Leading to superstition, idolatry, and many other evils, which are contained in the peculiarities of the papistical faith, are abundantly pointed out and refuted by the Leading Protestant writers
World, the - ...
The order of the world was explained variously by the Leading schools of philosophy
Cloud, Cloud of the Lord - ...
The pillar of cloud motif-set forth in the exodus account and expanded in the prophetic announcements of a new exodus after the Babylonian exile-encompasses a rich complex of theological meanings and functions: guidance/leading (of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness to Canaan, Exodus 13:21 ; Numbers 14:14 ; Nehemiah 9:12 ; Psalm 78:14 ); a signal for movement (breaking and setting up camp, Exodus 40:36-37 ; Numbers 9:17-23 ); protection from danger (as a barrier of darkness between Israel and the Egyptians, Exodus 14:19-20 ); the sustained, immediate, personal presence of Yahweh/the angel of the Lord (Exodus 13:22 ; 14:19,24 ; 40:38 ; Numbers 9:15-16 ); an agency of summons (to battle, Numbers 10:34-35 ; and to worship, Exodus 33:10 ); both a concealment and manifestation of divine glory (Exodus 16:10 ; 19:9,16 ; 20:21 ; 24:15-18 ; 34:5 ; Deuteronomy 4:11 ; 5:22 ); the place of propositional revelation (as an oracular cloud, Exodus 33:9 ; Psalm 99:7 ); the dwelling place/throne of divinity (over the tabernacle, Numbers 9:18,22 ; 10:11 ; and in particular, over the mercy seat, Leviticus 16:2 ); the locus of cultic theophany (for the investiture of the seventy elders and Joshua, Numbers 11:25 ; Deuteronomy 31:15 ; for the inauguration of the tabernacle, Exodus 40:34-35 ); shade/protection from the sun or storm (Numbers 10:34 ; Psalm 105:39 ; Isaiah 4:5 ); illumination (as a pillar of fire by night, Exodus 14:20 ; Numbers 9:15 ); and an agency of legal investigation and/or executive judgment (against Israel's enemies, Exodus 14:24 ; and against rebels within Israel, Numbers 12:5,10 ; 16:42 )
Expiation, Propitiation - God calls us to demonstrate our gratefulness for His self-sacrifice by Leading lives of holiness, lives that give the world a sign and witness of God's great love for us shown in Jesus Christ
Corrupt, Verb And Adjective. Corruption, Corruptible, Incorruption, Incorruptible - ...
(b) With the significance of destroying, it is used of marring a local church by Leading it away from that condition of holiness of life and purity of doctrine in which it should abide, 1 Corinthians 3:17 (AV, "defile"), and of God's retributive destruction of the offender who is guilty of this sin (id
Judges, Book of - Also, in working out the chronology of Israel's occupation of the land from Joshua to David, a very strong case can be made that some of the judges were contemporaries, one Leading one group of tribes while another led another group of tribes
Justice - Helping the needy means setting them back on their feet, giving a home, Leading to prosperity, restoration, ending the oppression (Psalm 68:5-10 ; Psalm 10:15-16 ; compare 107; Psalm 113:7-9 )
Matthew, Gospel of - ...
Jesus then entered Jerusalem as the messianic king (21:1-11), cleansed the temple (21:12-17), and in a series of disputes with the Jews showed how their rejection of the Messiah was Leading them to national catastrophe (21:18-22:46)
Reserve - ...
Reserve, as practised by Jesus, was never a politic means of Leading men’s minds gradually to doctrines which might startle or offend them at first sight; it consisted only in seeking, with a single aim, the practical needs of faith in the heart—belief in that Divine Love whose outgoings are redemptive, and in whose fellowship and service stands eternal life
Son of Man - The Son of man is to be “lifted up” on the cross, but this “lifting up” is in reality His exaltation, Leading to His ascension to the Father (John 3:14 ; John 8:28 ; John 12:34 )
Cattle - ...
KJV refers to cattle in Luke 17:7 , but the Greek term poimaino refers to the activity of a herdsman Leading sheep or goats to pasture
Sign - John previously noted signs Leading to faith (John 2:11 ; John 4:53 ; John 9:38 )
Perseverance - Testing Leading to approval or showing genuineness, "develops perseverance
Games - The "crown (garland) of righteousness," "of life," "of glory," is "the prize of the high calling (the calling that is above, coming from, and Leading to, heaven) of God in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 2:12), given by "the righteous Judge" (2 Timothy 4:8; 1 Peter 5:4)
Caesar - After some nine years of rule over Judaea, Archelaus was summoned to Rome to answer charges brought against him by a deputation of Leading men from Judaea and Samaria
For - Leading or inducing to, as a motive
Praise - When the national consciousness was aroused, they praised Him for His Leading of the nation, in forms suitable to this service
Paul - ...
We next find him at Jerusalem, apparently about thirty years of age, high in the confidence of the Leading men of the nation
Zephyrinus - This Callistus and his learned opponent Hippolytus appear to have been the Leading spirits of the time at Rome
Job - The only thing that seems to be certain about the poetic method of the writer or writers is the use throughout of the parallelism of members, which has long been known as the Leading feature of ancient Oriental poetry. Of the other five Leading characters by far the most interesting is the Satan of the Prologue, half-angel half-demon, by no means identical with the devil as usually conceived, and yet with a distinctly diabolical tendency. (2) The dialogue, which is unquestionably one of the oldest portions, indicates familiarity with national catastrophes, such as the destruction of the kingdom of Samaria, the overthrow of Damascus, and the Leading away of large bodies of captives, including priests and nobles, from Jerusalem to Babylon ( Job 12:17-25 ), which again, on the assumption that the writer is an Israelite, points to an advanced stage of Israelitish history
John, Epistles of - however, always the best mode of exposition, and if the writer has not consciously mapped out into exact subdivisions the ground he covers, he follows out to their issues two or three Leading thoughts which he keeps consistently in view throughout. Yet the title taken by itself is misleading. The two Leading opinions are (1) that the words ‘elect lady and her children are to be understood literally of a Christian matron in Ephesus and her family; and (2) that a church personified, with its constituent members, was intended. But Diotrephes an official of the church, perhaps its ‘bishop’ or a Leading elder who loved power, asserted himself arrogantly, and was disposed to resist the Apostle’s authority
Apocalypse - This circumstance alone might warrant the almost exclusive devotion of this article to an account of this book, but such concentration offers, besides, the advantage of showing the Leading features of the apocalyptic style as they appear, so to speak, synthetically, interwoven with an actual situation-a crisis-on which the mind of the apocalyptist reacts. -Before passing to an account of the Apocalypse of John we must try to form a definite idea of the characteristic features of apocalyptic literature-its design, form, and Leading ideas. The Leading ideas are simple but great; the tribulation is real
Temple - The great ornament of these inner courts seems to have been their gateways, the three especially on the north end south Leading to the temple court. But the wonder of all was the great eastern gate Leading from the court of the women to the upper court
Exodus, Theology of - His zeal to alleviate oppression leads to misfortune and personal discouragement (2:11-15), but sets up the divine initiative Leading to complete liberation. The book closes with the presence of Yahweh Leading from the sanctuary
Leviticus, Theology of - ...
In the final chapter of Exodus, Moses sets up and prepares the tabernacle for the Lord (40:1-33), Leading directly to his habitation there in the form of the "cloud" of his "glory" that had fire in it by night. A second and somewhat expanded description of the cloud and its function in Leading Israel through the wilderness appears in Numbers 9:15-23
Demoniac - The Leading asseveration of Dr. Farmer's Leading asseveration; namely, "that extraordinary works have never been performed without a divine interposition;" and contend, that as human beings have a certain sphere and agency allotted them, so it is reasonable to believe that malignant spirits have a wider sphere, and an agency less controlled; and that within this sphere, and in the exercise of this agency, they perform actions, the tendency of which is to thwart the purposes of the divine beneficence, and to introduce confusion and misery into the world
Scripture - Of the doctrinal class, some Leading manuscripts—including the Alexandrine and Vatican—make the catholic epistles precede those of Paul; the Hebrews following 2 Thessalonians. —Only a few Leading modern versions can be noticed: 1
David - David followed God's Leading and defeated the celebrating Amalekites, recovering all the spoils of war
Joel - Son of Samuel who became an evil judge, Leading Israel's leaders to ask Samuel to give them a king, thus introducing kingship as a form of government for Israel
King - ...
They set aside Samuel, though appointed by the heavenly King, on the pretext "behold thou art old," though he took a Leading part in state affairs for 35 years afterward (1 Samuel 8:5), "they have not rejected thee but
Justification - Paul described sin almost as a personal power controlling people, preventing them from obeying God, and Leading them to death
Jehoiada - the gate of the guard (2 Kings 11:6; 2 Kings 11:19), the gate Leading from the temple court to the royal palace on Zion; or else this division had to guard the royal avenue to the temple from the palace outside, they watching from a post in the outer courts what went on in the palace
Marriage - Inevitably, jealousy and conflict resulted, Leading them eventually to recognize that God’s ideal of monogamy was best (Genesis 21:8-10; Genesis 29:21-35; Genesis 30:1-24; Deuteronomy 21:15-17; Judges 8:30-35; Judges 9:1-6; 1 Samuel 1:4-8; 2 Samuel 3:2-5; 1 Kings 11:1-8)
Retaliation - Mozley, Leading Ideas in Early Ages (1877), 180, 201; C
Timothy, the Second Epistle to - Compare 1 Timothy 1:13, "I obtained mercy," especially needed by ministers, whose office is the Leading topic in then, (compare 1 Corinthians 7:25)
Colossians, Epistle to the - )...
Many German critics, such as Harnack and Jülicher, are now in agreement with the Leading British scholars in accepting the Epistle as St
Separation - The sifting out of unworthy members results in irreparable loss, at the same time Leading, as it does, to their permanent exclusion from heavenly privileges (Matthew 24:50, Matthew 25:11 f
Burial - But if by the latter, why in the days that followed did they not produce it, and so silence the disciples’ claims? If by the former, then we have no escape from the conclusion that the Church of Christ was founded ‘not so much upon delusion as upon fraud—upon fraud springing from motives perfectly inexplicable, and Leading to results totally different from any that could have been either intended or looked for’ (W
Moses - That being a type of the heavenly blessings of Christianity, it would not have agreed with Moses, as the dispenser of the law, Leading the Israelites into the land: that must be done by JOSHUA, type of Christ risen
Aquila And Priscilla - The decree of expulsion was not enforced permanently; their connexion with a Leading Roman family made it more possible for them to return to Rome than for Jews with no influence; whilst their knowledge of the city, their social standing, as well as their experience in Corinth and in Ephesus, with their devotion to himself, fitted them pre-eminently for such work as St
Aetius, Arian Sect Founder And Head - Of this council Acacius was the Leading spirit, but a split occurred among the Anomoean followers of Aetius
Fulness of the Time - With its chief seat at Alexandria, its Leading representatives, such as Aristobulus and Philo, endeavoured to show that the Mosaic law, correctly understood, contained all that the best Greek philosophers had taught
Poetry - When David became king be gave psalmody a Leading place in the public liturgy
Amos - For individuals who were superficially and confidently “at ease in Zion, and to those who feel secure on the mountain of Samaria” ( Amos 6:1 RSV), their only hope rested in the renewal of authentic religious experience Leading to a life of justice and righteousness which overflow the land ( Amos 1:3-22 )
Advocate - ...
An attention to a few Leading particulars, will make this appear abundantly plain and obvious to every beholder. He saith himself, in his pleadings for them before the throne, (for the words are already given to us) "Father, I will that they whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory which thou hast given me
Judah - The same prophetic spirit that was in Jacob, Leading him to the acknowledgment of Judah under one character typical of the Messiah, prompted him to speak of him under another
je'Sus Christ - --All the Leading events recorded of Jesus' life are given at the end of this volume in the Chronological Chart and in the Chronological Table of the life of Christ; so that here will be given only a general survey
Philaster, Bishop of Brixia - Augustine refuses to believe that Epiphanius whom he accounts far the more learned of the two could have been ignorant of any heresies known to Philaster and explains the difference of enumeration as arising from the word heresy not being one of sharply defined application thus Leading one to count opinions as heresies which were not so reckoned by the other
Severus, Patriarch of Antioch - He caused the name of Peter Mongus to be inscribed in the diptychs; declared himself in communion with the Eutychian prelates, Timotheus of Constantinople and John Niciota of Alexandria; and received into communion Peter of Iberia and other Leading members of the Acephali (Evagr
Simplicius, Bishop of Rome - The most memorable incidents of the pontificate of Simplicius were his negotiations, and eventual breach, with this prelate and with the emperor Zeno who supported him Leading up to the long schism between the churches of the East and West, which ensued in the time of the following pope, FELIX III (or II
John the Baptist - The Leading sects he denounced as a "generation of vipers" (compare Genesis 3:15, the serpent's "seed"), warning them that descent from Abraham would not avail with out doing Abraham's works (compare John 8:39), and telling all practically and discriminatingly that the repentance needed required a renunciation of their several besetting sins; and that whereas, on their confession, he baptized with water baptism, the Mightier One would come baptizing with the Holy Spirit and fire (Matthew 3:11-12)
Montanus - But all the Leading bishops of Asia Minor declared against it. of Rome, pleading (or negotiating, πρεσβεύοντες ) for the peace of the churches. He was at any rate their Leading man at Pepuza; and this was the headquarters of the sect. ...
The formal rejection of Montanism by the Roman church was followed by a public disputation between the Montanist teacher Proclus, and Caius, a Leading Roman presbyter
Canaan - Canaan probably shared in and prompted his father's guilt toward Noah; for Noah's "younger son" probably means his "grandson" (Genesis 9:24), and the curse being pronounced upon Canaan, not Ham, implies Canaan's Leading guilt, being the first to expose to Ham Noah's shame. " The long valley between the ranges of Lebanon, the valley of El Bukaa, Leading to "the entering in of (i
Calvinists - But since the meeting of the synod of Dort, the name has been chiefly applied to those who embrace his Leading views of the Gospel, to distinguish them from the Arminians. The Leading principles taught by Calvin, were the same as those of Augustine
Physical - What, then, were the Leading constructions that He as a religious Teacher put upon the physical order of the world?...
1. ...
What Christ’s ideas were of the Leading features of the administration of this system is suggested by those passages of His teaching to which attention has been called
Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria - He had probably been a Leading member of the Alexandrian clergy. Terrified by the shouts which proclaimed this mandate, the desperadoes abandoned the Serapeum; and Theophilus, with a great body of soldiers, exultant Christians, and astounded pagans, ascended the hundred steps Leading up the mound, and penetrated into the faintly lighted sanctuary, from within which the Christians afterwards believed that Olympius, on the night before the evacuation, had heard a voice chanting "Alleluia" (Soz
Court Systems - In this role the king himself was the Leading example of a just and honest judge and was personally involved in hearing cases as well as appointing other judges
Exile - Israel Assyria took the educated, Leading people from the Northern Kingdom and replaced them with populations from other countries they had conquered (2 Kings 17:24 )
Claudius - The position of importance occupied by these men is in fact a Leading characteristic of the reign, and was most obnoxious to the old aristocracy, which may be said to have thus received its death-blow
Inspiration of Scripture - The actions of God Leading to the writing, preservation, and collection of His words to His people into the Bible
Tomb, Grave, Sepulchre - (d) The shelf was sometimes excavated so as to form a trough in which the body was laid, (e) In the floor of the chamber itself, or in the passage Leading from one chamber to another, a grave might be cut, as in (a), and covered, with a slab
Devil - By speaking in Jesus' name, the disciples subjected demons, Leading Jesus to say, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven” (Luke 10:18 )
Dress - ...
Changes of raiment were a Leading constituent of wealth in the East (Isaiah 3:6-7; Job 27:16; Matthew 6:19; James 5:2) and a usual present (2 Kings 5:5)
Timothy, the First Epistle to - ...
Not knowing the true use of "the law" (1 Timothy 1:7-8) the false teachers "put away good conscience," as well as "the faith" (1 Timothy 1:19; 1 Timothy 4:2), "spoke lies in hypocrisy, corrupt in mind," regarded "piety as a means of gain" (1 Timothy 6:5; Titus 1:11); "overthrew the faith" by heresies "eating as a canker, saying the resurrection is past, Leading captive silly women, ever learning yet never knowing the truth, reprobate as Jannes and Jambres (2 Timothy 3:6-8), defiled, unbelieving, professing to know God but in works denying Him, abominable, disobedient, reprobate" (Titus 1:15-16)
Truth - Peter was marked with the same spirit, for he traced the golden cycle of Christian experience as Leading from purity of soul by obedience to the truth onwards inevitably to the love of the brethren (1 Peter 1:22)
Grace - Christianity first made grace a Leading term in the vocabulary of religion
Samuel, Books of - It points further ahead to the building of the Temple, where God's presence and Israel's worship can be at the center of life Leading the king to be God's humble, forgiven servant
Priest, Christ as - ...
Although the Levites served in the tabernacle and temple, caring for its furnishings and maintenance, and assisting the priests (1 Chronicles 23:28-32 ), the responsibility of presenting offerings and Leading ceremonial rituals was restricted to the levitical family of Aaron and his descendants (Numbers 3:5-10 ; 16:8-11 ; 2 Chronicles 13:9 )
Moses - The final stage involves him liberating the enslaved Hebrews, establishing God's covenant with them in the Sinai desert and Leading them to the borders of the promised land
Genealogy - " Again pedigrees are abbreviated so as to specify the generations alone which show from what Leading houses the person sprang
Marriage (i.) - It was recognized as a step Leading to grave consequences, for, in the case of a daughter, if the marriage should prove unsatisfactory, she would likely return to her former home discredited and unhappy, and there would be a feeling of irritation and injustice between the families concerned
Bible, - Under the name of each book will be found what are considered the Leading thoughts therein, but a few words are now added as to the whole Bible
Isaiah, Book of - ...
The following seven divisions are distinctly marked:...
Isaiah 1 — Isaiah 12 : The sinful condition of the people as still in possession of the land; various pleadings and chastisements culminating in the Assyrian; the introduction of Immanuel; ends with a song. Hezekiah's personal history is appended to this, as figurative of the nation's sense of the judgement of God upon them, Leading to repentance and recovery, and inward or moral deliverance. God's answer to those pleadings
Gaudentius, Bishop of Brescia - But there was a Leading magistrate of Brescia named Benivolus, who had formerly (in 386) thrown up his situation in the imperial service rather than abet the attacks of Justina upon St
Hadrianus, Publius Aelius, Emperor - 3) as a murderer and a robber (φονικὸς καὶ λῃστρικὸς) of the Barabbas type but was recognized by Akiba the Leading rabbi of the time as the Messiah seized 50 fortresses and 985 villages and established himself in the stronghold of Bethera between Caesarea and Lydda (rebuilt by Hadrian and renamed Diospolis)
Materialists - For if this be admitted, it will necessarily follow, that at the commencement of any system, since the several parts of it and their respective situations were appointed by the Deity, the first change would take place according to a certain rule established by himself, the result of which would be a new situation; after which the same laws containing another change would succeed, according to the same rules, and so on for ever; every new situation invariably Leading to another, and every event, from the commencement to the termination of the system, being strictly connected, so that, unless the fundamental laws of the system were changed, it would be impossible that any event should have been otherwise than it was
Proverbs, the Book of - It is the porch, Leading into the interior, the Proverbs proper, loosely connected
Abraham - This connexion is broken in Genesis 12:10-20 by the episode of Abraham’s sojourn in Egypt, which probably belongs to an older stratum of Jahwistic tradition representing him as Leading a nomadic life in the Negeb
Joseph - It is not the constancy with which the son's strong affection for his father had lived through an interval of twenty years' absence, and, what is more, through the temptation of sudden promotion to the highest estate;—it is not the noble- minded frankness with which he still acknowledges his kindred, and makes a way for them, "shepherds" as they were, to the throne of Pharaoh himself;—it is not the simplicity and singleness of heart which allow him to give all the first-born of Egypt, men over whom he bore absolute rule, an opportunity of observing his own comparatively humble origin, by Leading them in attendance upon his father's corpse to the valleys of Canaan and the modest cradle of his race;—it is not, in a word, the grace, but the identity of Joseph's character, the light in which it is exhibited by himself, and the light in which it is regarded by his brethren, to which I now point as stamping it with marks of reality not to be gainsayed
Sinai - Abrupt cliffs of granite, from six to eight hundred feet in height, whose surface is blackened by the sun, surround the avenues Leading to the elevated region to which the name of Sinai is specifically applied
Paulus of Samosata, Patriarch of Antioch - The Leading part was taken by Malchion, a presbyter of Antioch, at one time president of the school of rhetoric there
Ideal - ...
It would be interesting to discriminate the various ideals or ultimate moral aims which, in the progress of the world’s history, have been advocated by the representatives of the Leading religious or philosophical systems. And if we are not to reject the evidence of the Fourth Gospel, with respect even to its testimony as to the Leading ideas in our Lord’s teaching, the fact that in it ‘eternal life’ takes the central place which in the Synoptics is held by ‘the kingdom of God’ points once more to a future reference in Christ’s ideal
Red Sea - The Leading motive with Pharaoh and his servants was to bring back the Israelites to bondage, and of the Egyptians in general, to recover the treasures of which they had been spoiled, Exodus 14:1-5 . That the recovery of the jewels of silver and jewels of gold and raiment, which they asked and obtained of the Egyptians, according to the divine command, Exodus 12:35-36 , was a Leading motive with the Egyptians to pursue them; as the bringing back the Israelites to slavery had been with Pharaoh and his servants, or officers
John the Baptist - These points had been scarcely touched upon by the other evangelists; though they had faithfully recorded all the Leading facts of our Saviour's life, and his admirable precepts for the regulation of our conduct. Who was better qualified to promulgate the Gospel among the believers than Caius, especially if it was to be published at Ephesus?...
The above view is ingenious, and in its Leading parts satisfactory; but the argument from the Apostle's supposed want of "writing materials," is founded upon a very forced construction of the texts
Hittites And Hivites - For 250 years it had been a Leading power by maintaining control over the vital trade routes and the distribution of mineral and agricultural wealth of the ancient Near East
Time - Nor has the tumultuous period Leading up to it
Temple - At the Beautiful Gate-either the Gate of Nicanor Leading into the court of the Israelites or the Eastern Gate of the outer court-they moved the crowd by performing an act of healing in Christ’s name; and in Solomon’s Porch-the long colonnade in the east of the Temple area-Peter testified to the raising of the Prince of Life whom the rulers had in ignorance killed
Scripture - -The peculiar quality of the Scriptures is indicated by the three defining adjectives, ἅγιαι, ἰεραί, and προφητικαί, the notions of ‘holiness’ and ‘sacredness’ bringing the Books into direct relationship with God, and that of ‘prophecy’ Leading forward to the revelation of the mystery of God in Christ
Sadducees (2) - ...
The Leading difference between the two parties is to be found in this, that the Sadducees held by the written Law, and rejected the Pharisaic tradition
Parable - Jesus implicitly claimed to be performing the work of God: as the sower, sowing the kingdom and implanting his word in people; as the director of the harvest, assuming God's role as judge in the endtimes; as the rock, providing the only secure foundation; as the shepherd, seeking out his lost sheep and Leading his own; as the bridegroom in the wedding feast of the kingdom, where fasting is unthinkable; as the father, welcoming repentant sinners into the kingdom and calling his children into his service; as the giver of forgiveness, even to grievous sinners; as the vineyard owner, graciously giving undeserved favor; as the lord, who has final authority over his servants, who calls them into responsible participation in the kingdom, and who will ultimately determine the destiny of each of them, depending on their response to his lordship; and as the king, who has authority to allow or refuse entry into the kingdom, and to increase the responsibility of people who develop his resources, or to take away those resources from people who fail to develop them
New Creation - Finally, in 4:24 Paul says that God has solved the dilemma of the old way of life (sin Leading to death) by "creating" a "new" human, whose life is characterized instead by righteousness and holiness
Abiding - The first has the advantage of being akin to the Greek in derivation, but it is too passive in its sense, and in so far as it includes the conception of expectation it is misleading; the second is too local, and is rather the fitting rendering of κατοικία, κατοικέω; the last is an adequate though not a perfect rendering. The Leading idea is that of steadfast continuance
Gnosticism - We know in order to believe, credence Leading to confidence; and then we believe in order to know more
Possession - Accordingly, He avoids the extreme and exaggerated demonology into which an unduly extended animistic interpretation of the universe was Leading His contemporaries, but does not reject or question the interpretation itself
Pass'Over, - (1) The paschal lamb must of course be regarded as the Leading feature in the ceremonial of the festival
Judah - Judah's "hand was in the neck of his enemies" in his victories as Leading tribe; "his father's children bowed down before him"' when Judah became the royal tribe, of whom sprang David and David's almighty Son
Abiding - The first has the advantage of being akin to the Greek in derivation, but it is too passive in its sense, and in so far as it includes the conception of expectation it is misleading; the second is too local, and is rather the fitting rendering of κατοικία, κατοικέω; the last is an adequate though not a perfect rendering. The Leading idea is that of steadfast continuance
Purity (2) - The Leading instance is Mark 7:14-23 ‘Nothing from without the man going into him can defile (δύναται κοινῶσαι) him
Province - Haverfield, one of the Leading authorities on this subject, do
Clemens Romanus of Rome - of Rome after the apostles, and certainly a Leading member of that church towards the end of the 1st cent. there was no bishop in the church of Rome, and that the names of three of the Leading presbyters have been handed down by some in one order, by others in another. But though it is not actually impossible that the Clement who held a Leading position in the church of Philippi during Paul's imprisonment might thirty years afterwards have presided over the church of Rome yet the difference of time and place deprives of all likelihood an identification merely based upon a very common name
Miracles (2) - But the term is singularly fitting to describe the Divinely significant works of our Lord as signs of another and higher order of things, Leading on the thought and imagination to higher spheres of being, fuller powers of soul, Diviner possibilities for humanity. ...
(a) Preliminary Period, from Baptism to call of Leading Apostles
Peter - Transpose the first and second denials in John; then the first took place at the fire (Matthew 26:69; Mark 14:66-67; Luke 22:56; John 18:25), caused by the fixed recognition of the maid who admitted Peter (Luke 22:56); the second took place at the door Leading out of the court, where he had withdrawn in fear (Matthew 26:71; Mark 14:68-69; Luke 22:58; John 18:17); the third took place in the court an hour after (Luke 22:59), before several witnesses who argued from his Galilean accent and speech, near enough for Jesus to cast that look on Peter which pierced his heart so that he went out and wept bitterly. It was important that Paul should communicate to the Leading mover in the church his own independent gospel revelation; next Peter took visitation tour through the various churches, and raised Aeneas from his bed of sickness and Tabitha from the dead (Acts 9:32)
Galatians, Letter to the - They were on the verge of Leading the Galatians away from the truth of the gospel
Apostles - Having fulfilled their mission of Leading the church's missionary activity and preserving the teachings of Christ, the twelve apostles passed from the scene
High Priest - A number of terms refer to Leading priests other than the high priest: anointed priests (2 Maccabees 1:10 ); chief priests (Ezra 8:29 ; Ezra 10:5 ; Nehemiah 12:7 ); senior priests (2 Kings 19:2 ; Isaiah 37:2 ; Jeremiah 19:1 )
World - Paul conceives of the ‘fall’ of Israel as Leading to ‘the riches of the world,’ and of the ‘casting away’ of them as the ‘reconciling of the world’ ( 1 Corinthians 11:12 ; 1 Corinthians 11:16 ; cf
Peter - ...
He is next called into the rank of the apostleship, and becomes a "fisher of men" (Matthew 4:19 ) in the stormy seas of the world of human life (Matthew 10:2-4 ; Mark 3:13-19 ; Luke 6:13-16 ), and takes a more and more prominent part in all the Leading events of our Lord's life
Repentance (2) - It is an agonizing desire, Leading to an agonizing and persistent effort, to realize such a radical change in the state of the mind as will secure and ensure against wrong-doing in the future
Babylon - ...
Origin Information about Babylon's origin has been lost in antiquity, but it did not rank among the Leading Mesopotamian cities before 3000 B
Imitation - Christ had described the angels as unwedded (Matthew 22:30 ||); an age, preoccupied with problems of sex, fastened upon this as the Leading truth in regard to those exalted beings
Apostolic Fathers - A bishop of a Leading church, having occasion to send a parcel to another brotherhood at a distance, takes the opportunity of writing, in answer to their solicitations, a few plain words of advice and instruction
Psalms, Book of - ...
1 Chronicles 16 and 2 Samuel 22 are examples of the immediate occasions on which psalms were composed, and in the headings of the psalms other instances are mentioned; yet these things in no way hinder the Spirit of God from Leading the psalmist to utter things that would be fully accomplished in Christ alone
Parable - There is one Leading thought round which as center the subordinate parts must group themselves
Foundation - The different elements that constitute the foundation, which is not to be laid again, are three, taken in pairs: (i) personal attitudes of heart and mind: repentance from dead works and faith toward God; (ii) church ordinances: baptism and laying on of lands; (iii) Leading beliefs: resurrection and judgment
Bishop, Elder, Presbyter - there were two Leading theories respecting the origin of the episcopate-that of Theodore of Mopsuestia and that of Jerome-but they are theories and no more
David - How many human hearts have these inspired songs softened, purified, exalted! Of how many wretched beings have they been the secret consolation! On how many communities have they drawn down the blessings of Divine providence, by bringing the affections into unison with their deep devotional fervour, and Leading to a constant and explicit recognition of the government, rights, and mercies of God!...
Nationality - Before the death of Herod the Great, two Pharisees were burnt alive for Leading an assault upon the golden eagle he had fixed over the gate of the Temple court
Jacob - The Leading citizens followed the king in the request
Mark, the Gospel According to - he wrote "some" Leading facts, not a complete history
Marriage - Late in the evening the bridegroom came with his groomsmen ("companions," Judges 14:11; "children of the bridechamber," Matthew 9:15), singers and torch or lamp bearers Leading the way (Jeremiah 25:10); the bride meantime with her maidens eagerly awaited his coming
Sea - Then, chancing on a sand bank between two seas, in the narrow channel Leading into St
Prophecy, Prophet - ...
If prophets were truly God’s messengers, their chief concern was not with foretelling events, but with Leading people to repentance and obedience (Micah 3:8; Micah 7:18; Zephaniah 2:1-3)
House - ...
(8) The cisterns cut in the limestone rock are a Leading feature in the houses at Jerusalem, varying from 4 ft
Walk (2) - 1 [1] , 15, 19), and so Leading us to the confidence expressed in Romans 8:28; Romans 8:35
Sin - He traced sin directly to inner motives stating that the sinful thought Leading to the overt act is the real sin
Government - heads of the Leading families, responsible for its government
Judgment, Day of - For an understanding of judgment day it is important to bear in mind that God knows what goes on in the hearts of all people and he knows accordingly whether they are responding as they should to the Leading he has given them
Antichrist - , outwardly resembling Christ or Messiah (Revelation 13:11); sitting in God's temple as God, apparently restored Israel's persecutor, whence the sacred Hebrew is the language of Daniel 8-12, wherein the little horn from the East is a Leading subject, whereas the world's language, Chaldee, is that of Daniel 7 wherein the Romish little horn is described
Salt - And what gives a strong Leading feature to the whole was this, that this was called "the salt of the covenant of JEHOVAH
Simeon - The mortality consequent on the idolatry of Peor was a Leading cause (Numbers 25:9; Numbers 25:14)
Pharisees - Doubtless because after Christ's resurrection the resurrection of the dead was a Leading doctrine of Christians, which it was not before (Mark 9:10; Acts 1:22; Acts 2:32; Acts 4:10; Acts 5:31; Acts 10:40)
Swedenborgians - On this subject it is strongly and repeatedly insisted that evil must of necessity remain with man, and prove his eternal destruction, unless it be removed by sincere repentance, Leading him to note what is disorderly in his own mind and life; and, when he has discovered it, to fight resolutely against its influence, in dependence on the aid and grace of Jesus Christ
Atheist - The two Leading hypotheses which have prevailed, among Atheists, respecting this world and its origin, are, that of Ocellus Lucanus, adopted and improved by Aristotle, that it was eternal; and that of Epicurus, that it was formed by a fortuitous concourse of atoms
Patriarchs, the - ...
As Abram moved along the trading routes Leading to Shechem, Bethel, and the Hebron area and mingled with the pagan Canaanites, God's promise that the childless Sarai would bear a son could only be accepted by faith
Jacobus Baradaeus, Bishop of Edessa - Paul and the other three Leading bishops of the Monophysites had been summoned to Constantinople under colour of taking measures for restoring unity to the church, and, proving obstinate in the adherence to their own creed, were thrown into prison for a considerable time and subjected to the harshest treatment
Parousia (2) - ), or as the arrival of an absent master at an hour when his servants are not looking for him (Luke 12:42-46), or as the return of the bride-groom in the night-time, Leading his bride and the marriage party to the wedding-feast (Matthew 25:1-13)
Power - Whereas previously in religion men were the supplicants, and sacrificed unto their deities, and propitiated them by gifts and promises of devotion, in this Kingdom God Himself was the chief sacrificer, offering His only-begotten Son; and the Almighty sought to reconcile the weak unto Himself (John 3:16; John 3:18; John 12:27; John 18:37), with this Leading fact of the Kingdom all the others followed in complete agreement
Temple - , the height 100; the side aisles 30 wide and 50 high; there were 40 pillars in each row, with two odd ones forming a screen at the end of the bridge Leading to the palace. 5:5, section 3), with the magnificently gilt and carved eastern gate Leading into it from the outer court, the same as "the Beautiful gate" (Acts 3:2; Acts 3:11)
Eschatology (2) - —Assuming this Leading idea of a Kingdom to come, heavenly in its origin and nature, we must now ask how the various matters preliminary to or accompanying its advent were conceived. All we can say for certain, perhaps, is that the experience of national humiliation quickened in a special degree the peculiar Hebrew genius, Leading it at this time (say from the 6th cent
Greek Versions of ot - The present article can aim only at stating the principal questions which arise in relation to it, and the provisional conclusions at which the Leading students of the subject have arrived. In spite of the dissent of several of the Leading Fathers, such as Origen and Athanasius, the LXX Ascension (2) - His self-consciousness during the earthly ministry, and the teaching it prompted; the definite impression of these on the minds of the disciples Leading to the expectation of further developments of His Being; as well as the most distinct intimations of the preparatory character of His present activity, the specialty of His saving mission, the uniqueness of His relation to the Father and heaven,—all combined in an impressive witness to the assurance that not this world but the heavenly life was His proper and rightful sphere, and that until He had attained to it He was not in possession of His own, the glory He had with the Father before the world was, which was as yet for the most part hid, revealing itself only in hints, and which He was bound to reassume, accentuated, so to speak, with all that virtue He had won in His human nature for bestowal on men. There was another route Leading nearer the summit, on which later tradition sought the site and erected a church
Palestine - The rival empires, Egypt and Babylon-Assyria, could march against one another only along the maritime western plain of Palestine and the Lebanon plain Leading toward and from the Euphrates. Under Rome Caesarea, (now a ruin washed by the sea) and Antipatris in this region were Leading cities of the province
Abram - Abraham, Leading his tribe, first settled at Sechem, a valley between the mountains Ebal and Gerizim, where God appeared to him and promised to give him the land of Canaan, and where, as in other places in which he remained any time, he built an altar to the Lord. This great principle was marked in Abraham with the following characters:—An entire unhesitating belief in the word of God;—an unfaltering trust in all his promises;—a steady, regard to his almighty power, Leading him to overlook all apparent difficulties and impossibilities in every case where God had explicitly promised;—and habitual and cheerful and entire obedience
History - The Exodus Redemption The covenant with Israel that Moses mediated was founded on God's act in history in which He miraculously saved a slave people from the tyranny of the world's most powerful nation by Leading them in the Exodus across the sea and into the wilderness out of Egypt (Exodus 1:1-15:21 )
Jerusalem - taking 10,000 of the Leading people into captivity
Hymn - ‘While the Leading idea of ψαλμ
Levites - ...
The priests occupied the eastern side of the tabernacle, inside Judah the Leading camp; the Kohathites the southern side, inside Reuben; the Gershonites the western side, inside Ephraim; the Merarites the northern, inside Daniel The aggregate of Gershonites (Numbers 3:22), Kohathites (Numbers 3:28), and Merarites (Numbers 3:34), is 22,300; but in the redemption 300 are deducted (probably the firstborn in Levi within the year that had elapsed since the command was issued, Numbers 3:40-43), and 22,000 taken as substituted for Israel's male firstborn
Harmony of the Gospels - Inspiration of both Testaments included God's Leading writers to proper sources and directing in the use of the sources
Revelation of God - God's self-manifestation provides information about Himself for the purpose of Leading men and women into God's presence
God - Thus Jesus receives the same titles as the Father, Leading to a doctrine of the Trinity
Jehoram - Blinding, and then Leading the Syrian hosts sent to surround him in Dothan, into the midst of Samaria, he checked Jehoram who would have smitten them ("wouldest thou smite those whom thou hast taken captive with thy sword?" Surely not
Proverbs, Theology of - The metaphor denotes a traversable road, or movement on a road, Leading to a destination and connotes at one and the same time "course of life" (i
Greece - Christianity was preached in some of the Leading cities of Greece soon after the middle of the 1st cent
Holy Day - Paul is not here condemning the observance of holy days as such, but only as Leading, by way of a revived Judaism, back to Paganism
Death - (= things Leading to destruction); the phrase ‘to death,’ as ‘vexed unto death,’ Judges 13:7 ; ‘sick,’ 2 Kings 20:1 (= to an extreme degree)
Commandment - Of the laws of Moses, the Decalogue, as we might expect, is assigned a position of peculiar importance; it forms the fundamental law of the Old Dispensation (2 Corinthians 3:3 : ‘tables of stone’), and is therefore always cited when the Leading commandments are under consideration (Romans 13:9, James 2:11)
Adam - Paul, who has from 1 Corinthians 15:35 been Leading up to the thought of the resurrection, could at the critical moment throw his argument to the winds, and content himself with saying, ‘according as we have been earthly in our thoughts, let us strive to be heavenly
House - ...
In the middle of the front of each house is usually an arched passage, Leading into the court-not directly, lest the court should be exposed to view from the street, but by turning to one side
History - The Exodus Redemption The covenant with Israel that Moses mediated was founded on God's act in history in which He miraculously saved a slave people from the tyranny of the world's most powerful nation by Leading them in the Exodus across the sea and into the wilderness out of Egypt (Exodus 1:1-15:21 )
Adam - Paul, who has from 1 Corinthians 15:35 been Leading up to the thought of the resurrection, could at the critical moment throw his argument to the winds, and content himself with saying, ‘according as we have been earthly in our thoughts, let us strive to be heavenly
Presentation - Still, the Leading thought in the history of His Presentation in the Temple is that of His having come ‘that the scripture might be fulfilled’ (Luke 21:22-24; Luke 24:44), ‘and that the whole life of the God-man on earth might present a realization of that ideal depicted in the prophetic writings of the OT’ (Oosterzee)
Nero - Both were persons of ungovernable temper and immoral character, and from the first their son had little chance of Leading a noble life
Law - When some of the Leading Christians met at Jerusalem to discuss the matter, they agreed that Gentiles were not to be put under the law of Moses (Acts 15:19)
Romans, Epistle to the - Paul is here putting his Leading thoughts into systematic form ‘does not account for the omission of doctrines which we know Paul held and valued his eschatology and his Christology, for instance’ (Garvie). ...
The theology and Leading ideas of the letter cannot be treated here
Mss - ]'>[1] a and b are the Leading representatives of the European family in the Gospels, with the Latin version of Ireoæus; in Acts, g and Lucifer. At his request, Jerome, the Leading Biblical scholar of the day, who had devoted many years to the study of the Scriptures in the East in their original tongues, undertook, as he says in his preface to the NT, to ‘make a new work out of an old one’ by revising the existing Latin texts with reference to the original languages
Sinlessness - On the whole, the great series of Lives of Christ, which have formed a Leading feature of the theology of the last two generations, have been loyal to the conviction and testimony of Christendom; but, in the very latest productions which have appeared in this field, an uncertain sound is heard (see, e. Not only will they bear pondering, but they will reward it; for if they do not cause the student to stumble, they will have the opposite effect of Leading him further into the mystery of the Person of Christ
Text of the Gospels - The Leading facts in regard to the text of the Gospels may be briefly stated as follows:...
(i. ’ Unfortunately, Burgon wrote in such a contemptuous manner of the Leading textual critics and of the most ancient Manuscripts of the NT that most of his work has the appearance of an ex parte statement rather than of a solid contribution to the investigation of a difficult problem
Ethics (2) - Just as His anger at the profanation of the Temple moved Him to an involuntary display of a religious feeling superior to, and more delicate than, that of His fellows, so His collision with the Leading representatives of Judaism evokes from Him not merely an indignant criticism, but also a manifestation of His own inherent character. It is, in fact, evident that the work of Leading men to God was for them a matter of no consequence whatever
Socialism - As for the prayer against temptation, the temperance movement alone shows that British Christianity has appreciated the social significance of that clause; and in other matters it is clear that, if the worship of Mammon be the antithesis of the worship of God, a society based upon commercial competition is constantly Leading its members into the gravest temptation of all. The two Leading doctrines were that concerning the justum pretium, and that concerning usury: these were enforced not only in the pulpit but also in the ecclesiastical courts
Church - ...
The Tübingen theory that the Leading fact in the Apostolic Church was a struggle between St. ...
The Leading facts in the history of the Apostolic Church are-the freedom won for Gentile converts, the consequent expansion of Christianity and Christendom, and the transfer of the Christian centre from Palestine to Europe
Paul - The sudden light from heaven; the voice of Jesus speaking with authority to his persecutor; Saul struck to the ground, blinded, overcome; the three-days suspense; the coming of Ananias as a messenger of the Lord and Saul's baptism, --these were the Leading features at the great event, and in these we must look for the chief significance of the conversion. Upon his arrival in the province, Festus went up without delay from Caesarea to Jerusalem, and the Leading Jews seized the opportunity of asking that Paul might be brought up there for trial intending to assassinate him by the way
Pharisees (2) - The material was usually regarded as Leading up to the spiritual, and the millennium appeared as a transition from one to the other. Jewish teachers, Leading away from Him, He called thieves and robbers, and the Pharisaic conception of the Messianic Kingdom was earthly and devilish (Matthew 4:8, Luke 4:5 f
Jonah - Another Leading thought of the book is the duty of Israel to make its God known to the Gentiles
Ezekiel - ...
Ezekiel pronounced woes on the false prophets and prophetesses who were Leading the people astray (1618398961_9 )
Herod - He was quite willing to gratify the Jews by putting Leading Christians to death ( Acts 12:1-25 )
Tongues, Confusion of - The steppes of central Asia have always been the home of the agglutinative, the nomadic life expressing itself naturally in giving prominent distinctness to the Leading idea in each word, thereby giving ready communication between families which associate only at intervals; the inflecting tongues on the other hand express higher social cultivation
Rufus - ]'>[8] ἐποίμαινόν σε ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Isaiah 63:11, Jeremiah 2:2 ‘thou wentest after me’—the shepherd Leading); He will bring them back from the Dispersion (Ezekiel 34:12, cf
Chronology - The Genealogies in Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 give only the great Leading links, omitting many intermediate ones
Life - The Leading theme of
Luke, Gospel of - Luke's association with Paul brought him into contact with Leading apostolic witnesses, including James and Peter
Mission - In fact, summaries of the northern kingdom's rebellion Leading to Assyrian subjugation and exile and Judah's similar end at the hands of Babylon stress that again and again God in his pity sent prophets to the people (2 Kings 17:13 ; 2 Chronicles 24:19 ; 36:15 ; Jeremiah 29:19 ; 35:15 ; 44:4 )
Galatians, Theology of - " Because the Leading of the Spirit produces conduct that the Law does not condemn (5:23), by implication those who live by the Spirit are the ones who truly fulfill the Law (cf
Priest, Priesthood - , purification procedures, preparing the showbread and other grain offerings, Leading in the praising of the Lord through song, special responsibilities for festival burnt offerings, etc
Wages - God is depicted as a shepherd Leading his sheep home to Judah from Babylon; the prophet switches the metaphor to describe God as a strong liberator who brings wages to distribute to his people: the wages of grace and salvation (Isaiah 40:10-11 ; 62:11 )
Stoics - -The Leading sources are: Diogenes Laertius, de Vitis Philosophorum, vii
Infancy - , the use made of dream-warnings (Matthew 2:12-13; Matthew 2:19; Matthew 2:22); the peculiarities in the Leading of the ‘star’ (seen first in the East, then lost sight of—else they had not gone to Jerusalem instead of Bethlehem—only to reappear and go before them to Bethlehem, moving in the heavens, and at last stopping ‘over where the young child was’); the symbolic character of the threefold offering (Matthew 2:11); and, lastly, the dominant interest in the element of prophetic fulfilment, making each turn in the story answer to some passage from the prophets (Matthew 2:6; Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:17; Matthew 2:23), the correspondence in some cases being but remote and obscure
Knowledge - There is a kind of knowledge, however, that puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1), and so far from its Leading to faith it begets a self-sufficiency and pride that strike at the very foundations of all Christian faith
Church Government - But no strict line would be drawn between Leading and teaching
Day of Atonement - The results of Christ’s death are ‘a power of God, Leading to salvation’ (Romans 1:16); but the energy remains potential and useless until the human will renders it kinetic by deliberate appropriation
the Children of Capernaum Playing at Marriages And Funerals in the Market-Place - 'Come,' cries a Leading boy, 'Come and let us have a marriage
Paul in Arabia - "One day"-sings concerning Him one of His servants who loved seclusion also, and put it to some purpose-...
"One day forth walked alone, the Spirit Leading,And His deep thoughts, the better to converseWith solitude; till far from track of man,Thought following thought, and step on step led on,He entered now the bordering desert-wild,And, with dark shades and rocks environ'd round,His holy meditations thus pursued
Angel - in Genesis 18:1-33 ; here Jahweh is one of three who are represented as companions, Jahweh taking the Leading position, though equal honour is shown to all; that the two men with Jahweh are angels is directly asserted in Genesis 19:1 , where we are told that they went to Sodom, after it had been said in Genesis 18:33 that Jahweh ‘went his way
Independents - ...
According to them, the qualifications which constitute a regular minister of the New Testament are, a firm belief in the Gospel, a principle of sincere and unaffected piety, a competent stock of knowledge, a capacity for Leading devotion and communicating, instruction, a serious inclination to engage in the important employment of promoting the everlasting salvation of mankind, and ordinarily an invitation to the pastoral office from some particular society of Christians
Ananias And Sapphira - Peter was premier apostle, ruling elder, Leading deacon, and all
Assyria - But in the third and fourth years of Jehoiakim, the successor of Josiah, the two conquerors having taken Nineveh, and finished their war in Assyria, prosecuted their conquests westward; and, Leading their forces against the king of Egypt, as an invader of their right of conquest, they beat him at Carchemish, and took from him whatever he had recently taken from the Assyrians, 2 Kings 24:7 ; Jeremiah 46:2 ; "and therefore we cannot err," says Sir Isaac Newton, "above a year or two, if we refer the destruction of Nineveh, and fall of the Assyrian empire, to the third year of Jehoiakim," or the hundred and fortieth, or according to Blair, the hundred and forty-first year of Nabonassar; that is, the year B
Creation - Most of the writers who come nearest to Moses in point of antiquity have favoured the world with cosmogonies; and there is a wonderful coincidence in some Leading particulars between their accounts and his
Paraclete - The Leading thought underlying the passages in question, however, is in conflict with this interpretation, as Jesus is there speaking of how His disciples shall be enabled to complete their task and, as His messengers, to gather His community together. This relationship, however, lays upon them their special task-that of living and witnessing for Him, of pleading His claims, and of calling upon men to have faith in Him
Church - The guiding principle was that the church was the body of Christ with a mission to accomplish, and the church felt free to respond to the Leading of the Holy Spirit in developing a structure that would contribute to its fulfilling its responsibilities (Romans 12:1-8 ; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 ; Ephesians 4:11-16 )
Jonah - ...
The end of his commission had not failed, namely, Leading Nineveh to repentance
Paraclete - The Leading thought underlying the passages in question, however, is in conflict with this interpretation, as Jesus is there speaking of how His disciples shall be enabled to complete their task and, as His messengers, to gather His community together. This relationship, however, lays upon them their special task-that of living and witnessing for Him, of pleading His claims, and of calling upon men to have faith in Him
John, the Epistles of - ...
Three Leading developments of Christian doctrine are: the Pauline, the Jacobean (between which the Petrine is the intermediate link), and the Johannean
Joannes Presbyter - But might he not first enumerate John in his list of seven apostles, concerning whom he had been able to glean traditions, and a second time in his shorter list of men of the first Christian generation who had survived to his own day? Papias wrote for the men of his time, to whom the facts were well known, and the idea of being misunderstood would no more occur to him than it would to us, if we spoke of one of our Leading statesmen at one moment by his surname only, the next with the addition of his title or Christian name
Rufus - His people are ‘the sheep of his pasture’ (Psalms 95:7; Psalms 100:3); He led them and fed them in the wilderness as a shepherd (Psalms 77:20; Psalms 78:52; Psalms 80:1, Hosea 13:5 [10] ἐποίμαινόν σε ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ, Isaiah 63:11, Jeremiah 2:2 ‘thou wentest after me’—the shepherd Leading); He will bring them back from the Dispersion (Ezekiel 34:12, cf
Basilides, Gnostic Sect Founder - 27) defined the Gospel as "the knowledge of supermundane things" (ἠ τῶν ὑπερκοσμίων γνῶσις) and the idea of the progress of "the Gospel" through the different orders of beings plays a Leading part in the Basilidian doctrine (cc. the lost Hypotyposes, the exposition of the higher doctrine ( τῆς κατὰ τὴν ἐποπτικὴν θεωρίαν γνώσεως ,—τὴν τῷ ὄντι γνωστικὴν φυσιολογίαν ) belonging to the department of knowledge which the Stoics called Physics, beginning with the Creation and Leading up to Theology proper (Strom
Hermas, Known as the Shepherd - Again the acceptance of the book by the church of Rome is inexplicable if it were introduced by no known person containing as it does revelations purporting to have been given among themselves and to a Leading member of their church. ...
Are, then, any indications of date in the book inconsistent with such an early date?...
There is much affinity between the Leading ideas of Montanism and of the book of Hermas, especially as to the fall of many in the church from the ideal of holiness
Hippolytus Romanus - of Portus and a Leading presbyter of Rome, Döllinger urges, besides the weakness of the proof that Hippolytus was bp. It seems to us most likely that Pontianus and Hippolytus were banished early in the reign of Maximin as the two Leading members of the Christian community
Hosius (1), a Confessor Under Maximian - He took a Leading part on the catholic side in the controversies of the first half of the 4th cent. Though we cannot trace the hand of Hosius in the composition of these canons, yet as he was a Leading member of the synod, its decrees would doubtless be in harmony with his convictions
Chrysostom, John, Bishop of Constantinople - A brilliant career was opening before the young man, Leading to all that men most covet, wealth, fame, high place. 400 Gainas, the haughty Goth who had had a large share in the downfall of Eutropius, demanded the surrender of three Leading ministers, Aurelianus the consul, Saturninus, and count John the empress's chief favourite
Eusebius of Caesarea - 325) Eusebius took a Leading part. In this also a Leading part has been assigned to Eusebius by some modern writers (e. Constantine desired pacification but was not insensible to justice; and the personal pleadings of Athanasius convinced him that justice had been outraged (Ap 100 Arian. ...
After pleading that early Greek and even Hebrew chronology present many difficulties, Eusebius, in the first section, gives a sketch of Chaldee and Assyrian history, subjoining a table of Assyrian, Median, Lydian, and Persian kings, ending with the Darius conquered by Alexander
Babylon - And not aware of the presence of an enemy in the midst of Babylon, the king himself, (who had been roused from his revelry by the hand writing on the wall,) excited by the warlike tumult at the gates, commanded those within to examine from whence it arose; and according to the same word, by which "the gates" (leading from the river to the city) "were not shut, the loins of kings were loosed to open before Cyrus the two-leaved gates" of the palace. " On the opposite bank of the Tigris, where Ctesiphon its rival stood, beside fragments of walls and broken masses of brick work, and remains of vast structures encumbered with heaps of earth, there is one magnificent monument of antiquity "in a remarkably perfect state of preservation," "a large and noble pile of building, the front of which presents to view a wall three hundred feet in length, adorned with four rows of arched recesses, with a central arch, in span eighty-six feet, and above a hundred feet high, supported by walls sixteen feet thick, and Leading to a hall which extends to the depth of a hundred and fifty-six feet," the width of the building
Justinianus i, Emperor - One of the emperor's first acts was to summon a conference of Leading theologians on both sides, so as to bring about a reconciliation. JULIAN of Halicarnassus, a Leading Monophysite, in opposition to the view of Severus, patriarch of Antioch, that Christ's body was corruptible up to the resurrection, and only afterwards ceased to be so
Judges, Theology of - However, it is misleading if taken to imply that the story lacks forward movement and direction. It is easy at a distance to point out the foibles and failures of the Leading characters in this downwardly spiraling story
Nehemiah - ...
His prayer (Nehemiah 1:4-11) was marked by importunate continuity, "day and night" (compare Isaiah 62:6-7; Luke 18:7), intercession for Israel, confession of individual and national sin, pleading that God should remember His promises of mercy upon their turning to Him, however far cast out for transgression; also that He should remember they are His people redeemed by His strong hand, therefore His honour is at stake in their persons; and that Nehemiah and they who pray with him desire to fear God's name (Isaiah 26:8; contrast Psalms 66:18; compare Daniel 9, Leviticus 26:33-39; Deuteronomy 4:25-31); lastly he asks God to dispose Artaxerxes' heart to "mercy" (Proverbs 21:1). ...
The law awakened a sense of sin (Nehemiah 9); so first they put away strangers, as Israel must be a separate people, and read the law a fourth of the day, and another fourth confessed sin and worshipped, the Levites Leading; then they made a covenant to walk in God's law, not to intermarry with pagan, to keep the sabbath, and to pay a third of a shekel each for the service of God's temple, to bring the firstfruits and firstborn, and not to "forsake the house of our God," (Nehemiah 10) the princes, Levites, and priests sealing it
Mediation Mediator - -It is the living Christ, active in Leading the disciples (Acts 1:1 f
Law - , not to remove all transgressions, for the law rather stimulates the corrupt heart to disobedience (Romans 7:13), but to bring them out into clearer view (Galatians 3:19; Romans 3:20 end, Romans 4:15; Romans 5:13; Romans 7:7-9), to make men more conscious of their sins as being transgressions of the law, so to make them feel need and longing for the promised Saviour (Galatians 3:17-24), "the law was our "schoolmaster" (paidagoogos , rather guardian-servant Leading us to school), to bring us to Christ
Virgin Virginity - the beautiful story of Peter Leading his wife to martyrdom saying, ‘Oh thou, remember the Lord’ Croisade, or Crusade - Peter, commonly called the Hermit, a native of Amiens in Picardy, had made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem; and being deeply affected with the dangers to which that act of piety now exposed the pilgrims, as well as with the oppression under which the eastern Christians now laboured, formed the bold, and, in all appearance, impracticable design of Leading into Asia, from the farthest extremities of the West, armies sufficient to subdue those potent and warlike nations that now held the holy land in slavery
Scribes - —To the Scribes, as specially skilled in knowledge of the Law, it also naturally fell to take a Leading part in its practical administration
Corinthians, Second Epistle to - 3), the teaching about Christ’s death (2 Corinthians 5:14-21 ), the eschatology ( 2 Corinthians 4:16 to 2 Corinthians 5:8 ), the Christology ( 2 Corinthians 8:19 ), and the Trinitarian expression of the concluding Benediction ( 2 Corinthians 13:14 ), are among the Leading Apostolic thoughts
Lazarus - They honoured Him with a banquet in the house of Simon, one of their Leading men, who had been a leper, and had perhaps been healed by Jesus (see art
Metaphors - ...
So the statement that Jesus spat on the blind man’s eyes and on the dumb man’s tongue (Mark 8:23; Mark 7:33), though omitted for obvious reasons from the other Gospels, becomes peculiarly impressive when we remember that spittle, according to all ancient thought, represented the essence of a man’s inner spirit, the quintessence of himself, and therefore played, from the earliest ages, a Leading part in magic and witchcraft
Confession - He had challenged by a Leading question the confession of St
the Rich Man And Lazarus - ...
But it is time to pass the great gulf, our Lord Leading us across it, in order to learn from Him some of the great lessons that He here sets us to learn, both in heaven and in hell
Call, Calling - also the surnames given by our Lord to the three Leading Apostles, Mark 3:16-17)
Acts - ...
The Purpose of Acts Why did Luke write Acts? What purpose was the Spirit Leading him to fulfill? The years have produced several different answers to those questions
Disease - —The case of the dumb man recorded in Matthew 9:32-33 was associated with features of mental disturbance Leading the people to attribute the dumbness to demonic possession
Apostolic Constitutions And Canons - One Leading consideration is the absence of a polemical theological note, which demands a period sufficiently subsequent to the Council of Nicaea (a
Advent (2) - Devout men and women in varied ranks of society were holding a pure faith and Leading lives of simple sincerity, vaguely dissatisfied with the bondage of legal observances and Rabbinical rules, and yearning to rise into a more spiritual atmosphere, a closer communion with the Divine mind and will
Atonement - ...
How sin may be forgiven without Leading to such misconceptions of the divine character as would encourage disobedience, and thereby weaken the influence of the divine government, must be considered as a problem of very difficult solution
Apostle - Stephen, several of the Leading men among the Christians were dispersed; some of them travelled through the regions of Judea and Samaria, and others to Damascus, Phoenicia, the Island of Cyprus, and various parts of Syria; but the twelve Apostles remained, with undaunted firmness, at Jerusalem, avowing their attachment to the persecuted interest of Christ, and consulting how they might best provide for the emergencies of the church, in its infant and oppressed state
Joshua - Probably he even in Egypt was recognized as an officer among his brethren; for at his first public act, choosing and Leading picked men of Israel against the attacking Amalekites at Rephidim (Exodus 17:9) he is introduced abruptly without description as one already well known by the designation Joshua (not Hoshea) given by anticipation
Joannes, Bishop of Ephesus - The misery of the four bishops was aggravated by the reproaches of the Leading Monophysite laymen, who supposed that their obstinacy alone hindered a compromise which would stop the persecution
Passover (ii. in Relation to Lord's Supper). - ) in which a Leading rôle is assigned to ideas drawn from the modern study of Comparative Religion as to the significance of the ancient rite of the blood-covenant (see Trumbull, The Threshold Covenant, p
Plan - In His previous intercourse with them He had been Leading them, step by step, to this final recognition
Greece, Religion And Society of - These developed for the next 500 years and became known as the Mycenaean age, taking the name from the Leading city of Mycenae
Revelation - God taught men as they were able to bear it, Leading them step by step from the dawn to the noonday of His self-disclosure
Sin - Hitherto God is represented as commanding, punishing, pleading with man, and even encouraging him with hopes of future restoration ( Genesis 3:15 ). The ultimate aim of the Deuteronomist is the Leading of men to hate sin as God hates it, and to love mercy and righteousness as and because God loves them (cf
Lot - Lot therefore is the father of all those men whose righteous souls are vexed with the life they are Leading, but who keep on enduring the vexation
Ibas, Bishop of Edessa - To Proclus the matter appeared so serious that towards the close of 437 he wrote to John of Antioch, as the Leading prelate of the East, though really having no canonical jurisdiction over Osrhoene, begging him to persuade Ibas, if innocent, to remove the scandal by condemning publicly certain propositions chiefly drawn from Theodore's writings against the errors of Nestorius
Ethics - ...
[3] All moral law is doublesided, Leading to a positive act and away from a negative one
Rome, Romans - —Though the name ‘Romans’ appears only once in the Gospels (John 11:48), if we except the adverb Ῥωμαιστί (John 19:20), which is translation ‘in Latin’ by Authorized Version and Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 , Rome and the Romans are a very real presence in the Gospel narratives, forming a sort of background to the action of the Leading figures
Witness (2) - It is one of his ‘leading ideas
Bible, Theology of - These theologians recognize a development of teaching, a progressive revelation, as God has worked with His people Leading them from a point of beginning to the climax of New Testament Christianity
Jacob - ]'>[6] represents Rebekah as pleading with her son his danger from Esau; but P Paul the Apostle - Yet his writings show no conscious imitation, and scarcely any significant influence, of the pagan Leading lights of the era
Minister, Ministration - 260), and to minister to them in the highest way by Leading them to righteousness (Daniel 12:3), and which may also comprehend the power to minister to them in a higher state of being (cf
Soul - … [God’s]'>[3] punishments Bride - While the bridegroom tarried," Leading the procession through the streets of the city, the women and domestics that were appointed to wait his arrival at home, "all slumbered and slept
Peter, Second Epistle of - The Divine names are different, and different conceptions of Christ’s work and of the Christian life are emphasized in 1Peter Jesus is the Messiah whose sufferings, death, and resurrection are the Leading motives for the Christian life; in 2Peter Christ is ‘Saviour,’ who brings power for a godly life to all who have knowledge of Him
Predestination - In Christian experience there is the conviction of this gracious influence which has been beforehand with us in showing us the guilt of sin and Leading us to Christ for salvation, but there is also the consciousness of moral responsibility, requiring from us the constant exercise of faith and the diligent use of all the means of grace
Passover (i.) - Meanwhile the ‘Hallel’ (Psalms 113-118) was recited, the Levites Leading the song, the people repeating the first line of each Psalm and also three others of the closing Psalm, but otherwise responding ‘Hallelujah’ to each line
Priscillianus And Priscillianism, Priscillian - But in 390, at the synod of Toledo, many Leading Priscillianists recanted and were admitted to church communion
Soul - … [God’s]'>[3] punishments Song of Songs - Solomon and a country maiden were supposed to be the two Leading characters
Hannah - He had that profound inquietude which attests a moral nature of a high order, and a mental nature stamped with the seal of the archangel! Pascal is of this Leading and glorious race: he has more than one sign of it in his heart and on his brow: he is one of the noblest of mortal men, but he is sick, and he would be cured
Truth (2) - It is one of the Leading categories or themes of the book, and its proportions, as well as its perspective, are entirely different from anything in the Synoptics
Revelation, Theology of - When a temple was dedicated to Domitian on the western side of the marketplace in Ephesus, the Leading city of Asia Minor and the first to be mentioned in John's letters to the churches, other cities of the province followed suit in a wave of popular fervor
Lord's Prayer (i) - ’...
In the new and enlarged edition of The Lord’s Prayer in Five Hundred Languages, comprising the Leading Languages and their Principal Dialects throughout the World, with the Places where Spoken; with a Preface by Reinhold Rost (London, Gilbert & Rivington, 1905), the Lord’s Prayer is given in English in sixteen forms, namely: Charles 11
Ministry - —The word ‘ministry’ as now used in English has two Leading senses: (a) service rendered, and (b) an official class, especially ecclesiastical
Children of God - But the idea is found there in the figure of the Author of salvation Leading many sons to glory (Hebrews 2:10)
Dress (2) - The long garments of the scribes and Pharisees find their modern counterparts in the long cloak used by Moslem religious leaders, the jibbch, and in the velvet, plush, and silk robes of gorgeous colours favoured by the Leading Rabbis of the Ashkenazim Jews, on Sabbath and feast-days
Evolution (Christ And) - —The widespread acceptance of the Evolutionary philosophy, and the endeavours of its Leading exponents to include the phenomena of religion within the sweep of its categories, have greatly accentuated the problem of the place of the Incarnation in the cosmic order, and of Jesus Christ, His Person, His work, and His redemptive function, in human history
Foresight - Determining all things, determined by none, the life He actually lived, Leading up to the death He actually died, is in their view precisely the life which from the beginning He intended to live, ending in precisely the death in which, from the beginning, He intended this life to issue, undeflected by so much as a hair’s-breadth from the straight path He had from the start marked out for Himself in the fullest prevision and provision of all the so-called chances and changes which might befall Him
Priest - Korah's rebellion, with Levites representing the firstborn, and Dathan and Abiram Leading the tribe of Jacob's firstborn, Reuben, implies a looking back to the patriarchal priesthood
Prophet - Prediction was a Leading function of the prophet (Deuteronomy 18:22; Jeremiah 28:9; 1 Samuel 2:27; Acts 2:30; John 11:50-52; Acts 3:21; 1 Peter 1:10; 2 Peter 3:2). The prophets were Jehovah's remembrancers, pleading for or against the people: so Elijah (1 Kings 17; 1 Kings 18:36-37; Romans 11:2-3; James 5:16; James 5:18; Jeremiah 22:11-12)
Egypt - — The ancient history of Egypt has been divided into three periods by Leading writers: the old monarchy, extending from the foundation of the kingdom to the invasion of the Hyksos; the middle, from the entrance to the expulsion of the Hyksos; and the new, from the re-establishment of the native monarchy by Amasis to the Persian conquest
Circumcision - When the Christ had come, so as fully to enter upon his redeeming offices, he could no longer be the object of faith, as still to come; and this Leading promise of the covenant being accomplished, the sign and seal of it vanished away
Letters - We think it more probable that alphabetical writing is much older than the hieroglyphics; that the phonetic hieroglyphics were fanciful representations of the alphabetic characters, intermingled with those symbols which idolatry and the natural peculiarities of Egypt would suggest; that the whole was originally easy to be deciphered by those who knew letters at all; and that the Leading motive of fixing them on public monuments in preference to literal inscriptions, was the taste of the day, which custom, and antiquity, and superstition at length consecrated
Christ, Christology - How to relate the two sides to Jesus' person—the human and the divine—is not explained in the New Testament; and the writers there bequeath a rich legacy to the later church which formed the substance of the Christological debates Leading to the Council of Chalcedon in A
Necessity - Thus God willed conditionally that the Chosen People should play the Leading part in winning the world to the gospel of Christ (Isaiah 60-62, etc
Tabernacle - ]'>[13]8 should now be compared, the student is referred for the grounds on which the following translation of the Leading passage is based
Dead Sea Scrolls - The long delay in publishing all of the fragments has only fueled the controversy, Leading to accusations of a scholarly and/or ecclesiastical conspiracy to suppress fragments that would be detrimental to Christianity and/or Judaism
Jacob - ...
The assigning of 40, instead of 20, years to his sojourn with Laban allows time for Er and Onan to be grown up when married; their strong passions Leading them to marry, even so, at an early age for that time
Worship - In the evolution of the primitive liturgy we can discern a close adherence to the apostolic combination of prayer and praise with instruction and intercession Leading up to the gift of sacramental grace
Holy Spirit, Gifts of - All Christians must evangelize (Matthew 28:18-20 ), but those with this gift are particularly capable of Leading people to faith in Christ
Guilt (2) - Modern theology, with its Leading idea of solidarity, has tended to obscure the personal action of the Father in admitting mankind to fellowship
Humility - —This ideal of service was presented on two distinct occasions: the one when the sons of Zebedee came forward with their request for the Leading places in the Kingdom; and the other when the same love of dignity, and the jealous exclusion of each other’s claims, gave rise to the strife that marred the Last Supper
Living (2) - With the Leading thought of John 7:38 may be compared what St
Emperor-Worship - (Ramsay) in honour of the birthday of Augustus, and is a decree of the commune of Asia, instituting the Augustan era, and ordered to be put up in all the Leading cities (Ramsay, op
Cures - Probably an aversion existed to surgery, as to the practice of bleeding, on account of the national belief concerning the blood; but later this aversion was overcome, and Jewish physicians fell into line with the Leading classical schools, which freely employed bleeding as a remedy
Christ, Christology - Other grounds of distinction, ultimately Leading to separation, were doubtless latent in their minds-recollections of the Master’s teaching, of His attitude to the Law and the ritual of the Temple
Solomon - The Leading events of his life were selected, under inspiration: namely, his grandeur, extensive commerce, and wisdom, etc
Ebionism And Ebionites - 70), the church was formed at Pella under Symeon, and the Jewish Christians were brought face to face with two Leading facts: firstly, that the temple being destroyed, and the observance of the Law and its ordinances possible only in part, there was valid reason for doubting the necessity of retaining the rest; secondly, that if they adopted this view, they must expect to find in the Jews their most uncompromising enemies
Sabbath - The truth seems to be, that it is a mixed precept, and not wholly positive, but intimately, perhaps essentially connected with several moral principles of homage to God, and mercy to men; with the obligation of religious worship, of public religious worship, and of undistracted public worship: and this will account for its collocation in the decalogue with the highest duties of religion, and the Leading rules of personal and social morality
Prayer (2) - ...
It should be noticed that the instances of Christ’s praying which are recorded in the Gospels are found just before or just after Leading events in the Lord’s life; also that the majority of them are given us by St
Woman - ...
In the same vein, the queens of God's own people may prove murderous and idolatrous, Leading them to ruin (Athaliah 2 Kings 11 ; Jezebel 1 Kings 21 ). The cultural impropriety of women either unveiled or with short hair (often involving sexually misleading connotations) probably lay behind these commands
Church - Paul as to their appointment, there can be no doubt but that these are the "pastors" spoken of in the Epistle to the Ephesians, and that they were designed to be the permanent ministers of the church; and that with them both the government of the church and the performance of its Leading religious services were deposited
Temple (2) - The main entrances to this enclosure were on the west, Leading from the city; here there were four gates, the remains of one of which have been discovered
Revelation, the Book of - The description of the judgments initiated by the first six seals would no doubt tend to overwhelm John's audience, so he interrupted the sequence Leading to the seventh seal to remind us that the people of God need not despair, for, as the “bond-servants of God” (Revelation 7:3 NAS), they have the promise of heaven
Righteous, Righteousness - But we must try to apprehend a few Leading principles
Sanctify, Sanctification - ...
The details of the teaching may be summarized conveniently under some of the Leading categories of thought used by Jesus:—...
(1) His own example
Righteousness - Paul never speaks of Jesus Christ as righteous,’ nor of His righteousness, although this was a familiar predicate of Messiah not only in the OT but in the later Judaism, especially in the Enochic Parables, where righteousness is one of the Leading characteristics of Messiah as well as of the saints
Vespasian - One of their Leading women, a prophetess Veleda, was brought captive to Rome
Transfiguration (2) - Earle, Light Leading unto Light)
Sanctification - Its purpose for believers, however, is to guide them to where grace is Leading them
Holy Spirit - At Pentecost (2:1-41) the Holy Spirit "comes on" the disciples (1:8), but also fills them (2:4), Leading them to speak in foreign languages that they did not previously know
Galatians Epistle to the - Leading ideas...
(a) Righteousness and justification
Metaphor - Paul is a sort of telescopic manner, in which one clause is as it were drawn out of another, each new idea as it arises Leading on to some further new idea’ (Sanday-Headlam, Romans 5, p
Holiness Purity - Hence the method followed in the article has been to use in illustration of the general conceptions certain Leading NT passages. ’ Our idea of holiness is misleading for the interpretation of both OT and NT meaning
Jerusalem - The rock-cut conduit, Leading for 1700 feet under Ophel, connecting the Pool of Siloam with the Virgin's Fountain, in which the Siloam inscription was discovered in 1880, dates from the time of the Hebrew kings
Christ in the Seventeenth Century - The whole tendency of the period was towards a more frankly humanitarian view of Christ’s Person; and Leading representatives of thought, like Milton, Locke, and Newton, whose sympathies were with the Christian faith, were estranged from the orthodox rendering of the Christian verities
Atonement (2) - And in the hour when the things concerning Him had fulfilment, He singled out the Leading feature in the portrait of the Servant as that which above all others fastened its application upon Himself
Bethlehem - Rachel’s grave is marked now by a Mohammedan wely, or monumental mosque, at the point where the Bethlehem road breaks off the road Leading from Jerusalem to Hebron; and though the monument has been repaired and renewed from generation to generation, it serves still to recall a real event, and to distinguish the spot where Rachel’s ‘strength failed her, and she sank, as did all the ancient saints, on the way to the birthplace of hope’ (Dr
Prayer - Whatever reason, therefore, might lead him to connect and interweave the interests of one man with the benevolence of another, will be the Leading reason for that kind of mutual dependence which is implied in the benefit of mutual prayer
Papyri And Ostraca - The young and hopeful science has found a centre in the Archiv für Papyrusforschung , a journal edited by the Leading German papyrologist, Ulrich Wilcken
Peter, First Epistle of - Many close verbal parallels are found between these Epistles, and their Leading religious conceptions are similar
Law of Moses - The Leading principle of the whole is its THEOCRATIC CHARACTER, its reference, that is, of all action and thoughts of men directly and immediately to the will of God
Joannes, Bishop of Antioch - To support their evidently failing cause, John and his fellow-deputies wrote to some Leading prelates of the West, the bps
Progress - (2) But this fact does not imply that the idea of his progress in the path Leading towards his destiny has been familiar to man ever since he began his career of advancement
Propitiation (2) - ‘Sacrifice’ in Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible , where the conclusion is reached that ‘the expiation of guilt is the Leading purpose of Levitical sacrifices,’ and that the expiation is accomplished through the sacrifice taking the place of the offender, and its death being accepted in place of his
Thecla - Paul being called on by the governor for his defence delivered a speech not answering the specific charge of Thamyris but declaring his gospel message and pleading his mission from God. The tradition which we have supposed current in the church of a Christian who incurred the peril of martyrdom for virginity and ended her days as an anchorite near Seleucia would supply his heroine and Leading incidents
Corinthians, First And Second, Theology of - As a result, Christ, through his servants like Paul, is Leading the enemies of God as captives, parading their collapse (2 Corinthians 2:14-18 ; cf
Education in Bible Times - The basic purpose of Christian teaching according to Paul was godlinessinstruction Leading to maturity in Christ (Colossians 1:28 )
Wisdom - whose Leading idea is that the Divinely ordained preparation for the gospel ran in two parallel lines, that of the Jewish Law and Prophets, and that of Greek Philosophy (cf
Herod - ), slew his Leading adversaries there, including the whole Sanhedrin except two, and established his kingly authority
Fortification And Siegecraft - Here we further learn that it was usual to have a stair Leading up to an upper storey in the gate-tower ( 2 Samuel 18:33 ), the roof of which was apparently on a level with the top of the city wall ( 2 Samuel 18:24 )
Romans, Theology of - The major thrust of Paul's theology in the letter, therefore, is to bring them back to their earlier enthusiasm for evangelism and missionary activity by leveling their pride and Leading them forward to a new commitment to Christ and his sovereign plan of salvation
Law - James, the brother of the Lord, who, according to Acts, as also to the Pauline Epistles, occupied a Leading position therein (Acts 15:13-21; Acts 21:18-26, Galatians 2:9; cf
Lust - ) gives a long list of evil desires Leading to death, but to him strife and envy are characteristically causative of this result, as in the case of Cain (iv
Justification (2) - He also expresses the same idea in terms of the parallel conception of adoption, by saying that the believer has received, in place of the spirit of bondage, Leading to fear, the spirit of adoption, ‘whereby we cry, Abba, Father’ (Romans 8:15)
Immortality (2) - —Within the Fourth Gospel, where, if anywhere in the record of our Lord’s teaching, we might expect to find a reasoned and philosophical doctrine of a future life, that teaching is so entirely, or almost entirely, conveyed in connexion with a special phraseology, the Leading terms of which are ζωἠ, ζωἠ αἱώνιος, and εἰς τ
Individualism - It also would be the blind Leading the blind
Judas Iscariot (2) - It finds a fitting place in the introduction to the narrative of the Betrayal in the psychological Gospel which so often gives internal reasons; ‘the Gospel of the physician is also the Gospel of the psychologist’ (Alexander, Leading Ideas of the Gospels, p
Atonement - Up to the Exodus, we have only the generic type of the burnt-offering; the Exodus itself gave birth to the Passover, in which blood sprinkled gave protection from destruction; at the ratification of the Covenant, peace-offerings appear with burnt-offerings ( Exodus 20:24 ; Exodus 24:5 ); finally, the Levitical ritual provided a cultus in which the idea of atonement had a Leading place
Dates - ), in his account of the troubles Leading to the deposition of Cumanus, placed the event in connexion with the year 52
Paul - ) The Leading facts of his life which appear in that history, subsidiary to its design of sketching the great epochs in the commencement and development of Christ's kingdom, are: his conversion (Acts 9), his labours at Antioch (Acts 11), his first missionary journey (Acts 13; 14), the visit to Jerusalem at the council on circumcision (Acts 15), introduction of the gospel to Europe at Philippi (Acts 16),: visit to Athens (Acts 17), to Corinth (Acts 18), stay at Ephesus (Acts 19), parting address to the Ephesian elders at Miletus (Acts 20), apprehension at Jerusalem, imprisonment at Casesarea, and voyage to Rome (Acts 21-27). Unable to deny that Gentiles are admissible to the Christian covenant without circumcision, they denied that they were so to social intercourse with Jews; pleading the authority of James, they induced Peter, in spite of his own avowed principles (Acts 15:7-11) and his practice (Acts 11:2-17), through fear of man (Proverbs 29:25), to separate himself from those Gentiles with whom he had heretofore eaten; this too at Antioch, the stronghold of universality and starting point of Paul's missions to Gentiles
Honorius, Flavius Augustus, Emperor - " He ended with a strong caution against any violence on Christian pretences to pagans or Jews Leading quiet and legal lives, with penalty of triple or fourfold f restitution
Acts of the Apostles (2) - The Jews have not, indeed, seen the Risen One (Acts 10:41), but for that very reason His exaltation is designed as a final means of Leading Israel to repentance (Acts 5:31), for the coming of the era of salvation is bound up with this repentance (Acts 3:19 f
Anger (2) - The sin of sins was that of Leading others into sin, especially ‘the little ones’—the weak, the untaught, the easily perplexed and easily misled—whose hearts were otherwise naturally right with Him
Animals - Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on an ass, ‘not driving chariots like the rest of the kings, not demanding tributes, not thrusting men off, and Leading about guards, but displaying His great meekness even hereby’ (Hom
Joshua - And if she lived to see him at the head of the tribes of Israel, and Leading them on from victory to victory, she would feel herself to have been far more than overpaid for all the watchfulness, and all the care, and all the nights of prayer she had laid out on her noble boy
Humility - —This ideal of service was presented on two distinct occasions: the one when the sons of Zebedee came forward with their request for the Leading places in the Kingdom; and the other when the same love of dignity, and the jealous exclusion of each other’s claims, gave rise to the strife that marred the Last Supper
Priest - ), dishonoured and powerless, or allowed to rule, and Leading on to perfection
Novatianus And Novatianism - This canon was passed in the absence of Agelius of Constantinople, Maximus of Nice, and the bishops of Nicomedia and Cotyaeum, their Leading men (iv
Offence (2) - To ‘offend’ such means to be responsible for Leading them into sin; and when we think what and whose they are, it means to be responsible for their separation by sin from Christ
Hebrews - sometimes called Israelites, from their progenitor, Jacob, surnamed Israel, and in modern times Jews, as the descendants of Judah, the name of this Leading tribe being given to all
Elisha - ...
Joram, in language identical with his mother Jezebel's threat against Elijah (1 Kings 19:2; 2 Kings 6:31), makes Elisha the scape-goat of the national calamity, as though his late act in Leading the blinded Syrians to Samaria and glorifying Jehovah above Baal were the cause, or suspecting it was by Elisha's word of prayer, as it was by Elijah's formerly (1 Kings 17), that the famine came (See JEHORAM); "God do so and more also to me, if the head of Elisha shall stand on him this day
Moses - ) In the 40 years' retirement Moses learned that self discipline which was needed for Leading a nation under such unparalleled circumstances. To Moses' disinterested and humble pleadings of inability to speak, and desire that some other should be sent, Jehovah answers: "Aaron shall be thy spokesman
Inspiration And Revelation - ’ The Divine education of mankind has always worked in this way-by an infinite number of graduated steps, Leading men onwards from one truth to another, from truths that are simple and partial and rude in expression to other truths that are more complex and more comprehensive, more nicely adjusted to the facts which they embrace
Teaching of Jesus - ) here drawn upon, occurs in Mark 2:18 in an address to Leading Roman Jews, and in 1618398962_56 which contains the reflexions of the Evangelist himself
Judgment Damnation - For an understanding of NT eschatology these writings are of such cardinal importance that it is necessary to give some account of their Leading ideas
House - Access to the roof was apparently obtained, as at the present day, by an outside stair Leading from the court
Biblical Theology - Therefore analytic study Leading to synthetic understanding is required to grasp their overarching themes and underlying unities
Regeneration (2) - But everything connected with it, involved in it, or Leading up to it, awoke in the mind the same sense of newness
Roman Empire - The Roman army was broken up into many small portions, Leading strategic points were well garrisoned, and flying columns were dispatched over Italy, Capua, Tarentum, and Syracuse (in Sicily) were in turn lost and recovered
God - Enoch (19:1) Uriel speaks of the evil angels Leading men astray into sacrificing to demons as to gods (see Charles’s note; and also xcix
Hellenism - Stoicism and Cynicism are the Leading schools; their teaching is popular and, indeed, is very often a kind of preaching
Colossians, Epistle to the - The Colossians are therefore not to be misled into thinking that there is some higher way of Leading the Christian life, consisting in special ordinances or a higher asceticism, even if commended by a show of esoteric knowledge (Colossians 2:16-23)
Arius, Followers of - His proximity to the emperor secured to him the Leading influence in affairs ecclesiastical
Death of Christ - How did this happen? What were His Leading thoughts about it as so viewed? He lived and died without sin
Gregorius Nyssenus, Bishop of Nyssa - of Nyssa in Cappadocia (372–395), younger brother of Basil the Great, and a Leading theologian of the Eastern church
Peter - It necessitated, however, considerable readjustment in his thinking, for the Messiah in whom he now believed was not an earthly figure who would demonstrate the validity of His claims by Leading a revolt against the Romans; He was a heavenly apocalyptic Being who would come on the clouds in glory when the day arrived for the final establishment of God’s rule upon earth
Text, Versions, And Languages of ot - was a Leading spirit, all such minutiae of the Scripture acquired a mystic significance
Babel - ...
The temple of Belus was a kind of pyramid, of eight square towers, one above the other, the basement tower being 200 yards each way, and a winding ascent round the tower Leading to the summit, on which was a chapel sacred to the god but containing no statue
Trial-at-Law - The hearing before the judge was always in public, the judge being usually accompanied by a board of assessors (concilium), and the parties by skilled lawyers and orators (advocati and patroni), who helped them in their pleadings. Evidence was produced and commented on during the pleadings. At Thessalonica a similar charge of impiety, combined with the suggestion of treason against the Emperor, was brought by jealous Jews; but here the case was disposed of by the simple course of taking securities from the Leading Christians of the city, while Paul and Silas went free (Acts 17:5 ff
Samaria, Samaritans - Their appearance as a community dates only from the time of their mingling with the Assyrian colonists settled in the land, and it is from the Leading party amongst these that they are frequently designated Cuthaeans (2 Kings 17:24)
English Versions - This does, indeed, prove that the persecution of the English Bible and its possessors by the authorities of the Catholic Church was not so universal or continuous as it is sometimes represented to have been, but it does not go far towards disproving the Wyclifite authorship of versions which can be demonstratively connected, as these are, with the names of Leading supporters of Wyclif, such as Hereford and Purvey; the more so since the evidence of orthodox ownership of many of the copies in question dates from times long after the cessation of the Lollard persecution
Jerusalem - , ‘probably at the end of the bridge Leading to the Royal Cloister’ (The City of Jerusalem, p
Josephus - 2-14 [14]), which he seeks to divest of all political significance, and to represent as the exact counterparts of the philosophic schools of Greece (Pharisees = Stoics; Sadducees = Epicureans; and Essenes = Pythagoreans): an affinity which he tries to establish by introducing quite irrelevant considerations, such as their attitude to the problems of free-will and fate-thus misleading even modern investigators-while, as a matter of fact, the unphilosophical and non-Hellenic character of the sects reveals itself at every point. As another misleading tendency we need only mention his having done his best to suppress the Messianic expectations of his people, or at least to purge them of all political import. He was the Christ; and when, on the indictment of the Leading men amongst us, Pilate had sentenced Him to the Cross, those who loved Him at the first did not cease to do so; for on the third day He again appeared to them alive, as the divine prophets had affirmed these and innumerable other things concerning Him
Gospels (Apocryphal) - ...
(2) A much more powerful motive than the desire to satisfy curiosity, Leading to the production of Gospel writings, was the dogmatic interest, the desire to find support for beliefs which were held in various sections of the Church
Joram - A little to the north of Beisan there is a bridge, which dates from the Middle Ages, the Jisr el-Mujamieh, on the way—an ancient Roman road—leading from the plain of Jezreel to Gadara and Damascus
Mental Characteristics - ...
This was one Leading reason why the use of parables was such a very characteristic feature in Jesus’ teaching; they have been said, in fact, and not without reason, to be the most characteristic of the Lord’s recorded sayings
Arius the Heresiarch - made flesh— σαρκωθέντα —a phrase which was felt to be insufficient and even misleading by itself). So he was exiled to Trier (Trèves), after a number of Leading bishops had been assembled at Constantinople to try him, and Alexander of Constantinople was ordered to receive Arius back into church communion
Christ in Art - Apollinare in Classe, where Abel, Melchizedek, and Abraham Leading Isaac stand round a similar altar
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - But with semi-Arianism, or at any rate with certain Leading semi-Arians, he thought it quite possible to come to an understanding; and it will be seen in the account of his works how earnestly he strove to act as a peacemaker between them and the supporters of the creed of Nicaea. It included a passage of much beauty which bears a slight resemblance to the devout and eloquent pleading of Wisd 9: The work is a longer more methodical and more consecutive anti-Arian argument than Athanasius himself found time to indite
Apocrypha - It is just because this is no actual person posing for admiration, but a truth set forth before us, that the whole picture appears to be sublime, and serves its purpose in Leading to a high appreciation of wisdom
Miracles - The possibility of their interference is a mere hypothesis, depending upon gratuitous assumption, and Leading to very dangerous consequences; and the particular instances in which credulous superstition, or perverted philosophy, has supposed them to interfere, are, as facts, destitute of any clear and solid evidence; or, as effects, often resolvable into natural causes
Arabia - The numbers Leading this wandering and precarious mode of life are incredible
Trinity - It must appear, therefore, to every reader of reflection, exceedingly singular, that when Moses was endeavouring to establish a theological system, of which the unity of the Godhead was the Leading principle, and in which it differed from all other systems, he should make use of terms directly implicative of a plurality in it; yet so deeply was the awful truth under consideration impressed upon the mind of the Hebrew legislator, that this is constantly done by him; and, indeed, as Allix has observed, there is scarcely any method of speaking from which a plurality in Deity may be inferred, that is not used either by himself in the Pentateuch, or by the other inspired writers in various parts of the Old Testament
Papias - Paul, with Ephesus as base of influence; and hither were attracted not a few of the Leading personal disciples of Jesus, including, perhaps, several of the original Apostles
Poet - Not less remarkable, though of a very different kind, are such realistic pictures as that of the blind Leading the blind into the ditch (Luke 6:39)
Rome - Some represent legionary soldiers Leading prisoners from the East in chains. It is on record that an orator with a specially powerful voice who was pleading before one tribunal received applause from the crowds attending in all four courts
Law (2) - In forming our judgment on a question of this kind certain Leading principles must be kept in mind
Ambrosius of Milan - We now see Ambrose zealous in the general affairs of the church, and the Leading ecclesiastic of his time
Character of Christ - The greatness which was coining upon Him was Leading Him nearer to men, not farther away from them
Christ in the Early Church - Their Leading thought is that dead Christians are with Christ in a continued existence of peace and joy
Church (2) - A lack of charity, Leading to party spirit, such as existed at Corinth, was regarded by St
Desire - But may there not be all the characteristics of the action of the self-conscious being, as these are described by Green, present in the course of conduct of a man who wades through slaughter to a throne? In truth, there is needed a further analysis, Leading us beyond the mere processes of a self-conscious being, in order to find a justification for man’s action
Gregorius (14) Nazianzenus, Bishop of Sasima And of Constantinople - Two reasons determined him not to preach at Nazianzus again—(1) that he may cause them to elect a bishop to succeed his father; (2) that his silence may check the mania for theological discussion which was spreading through the Eastern church and Leading everybody to teach the things of the Spirit without the Spirit
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - Victor, who succeeded Eleutherus at Rome (189–198 or 199); and that he took a Leading part in all ecclesiastical transactions and controversies of the time, St
Archaeology And Biblical Study - The Leading question asked the archaeologists by a fascinated public was, “What did you find?” Much was found, and the large museums of the world began to accumulate many items of interest, particularly objects of art
Cyprianus (1) Thascius Caecilius - The moment for election was given by the absence of Decius and his Leading officers on the frontier or in Illyria on account of the base alliance of Priscus with Cniva, and the revolt of Valens
Dioscorus (1), Patriarch of Alexandria - His cause, however, was ruined when the orthodox Pulcheria succeeded to the empire, and gave her hand to Marcian, this event Leading to a new council at Chalcedon on Oct
Donatus And Donatism - Augustine and Possidius to confer with Leading Donatist bishops
Expiation - This very comparison, we may affirm, is utterly unaccountable and absurd on any hypothesis which denies the sacrifice of Christ; for what relation could his death have to the Levitical immolations and offerings, if it had no sacrificial character? Nothing could, in fact, be more misleading, and even absurd, than to apply those terms which, both among Jews and Gentiles, were in use to express the various processes and means of atonement and piacular propitiation, if the Apostles and Christ himself did not intend to represent his death strictly as an expiation for sin:— misleading, because such would be the natural and necessary inference from the terms themselves, which had acquired this as their established meaning:—and absurd, because if, as Socinians say, they used them metaphorically, there was not even an ideal resemblance between the figure and that which it was intended to illustrate. The use of such terms, we have said, would not only be wholly absurd, but criminally misleading to the Gentiles, as well as to the Jews, who were first converted to Christianity. In like manner the Jews had their expiatory sacrifices, and the terms and phrases used in them are, in like manner, employed by the Apostles to characterize the death of their Lord; and they would have been as guilty of misleading their Jewish as their Gentile readers, had they employed them in a new sense, and without warning, which, unquestionably, they never gave. There were also offerings for persons and for things prescribed for purification, which were incidental; but even they grew out of the Leading notion of expiatory sacrifice, and that legal purification which resulted from the forgiveness of sins
Lutherans - " Can we be surprised that a reformer of Luther's manly disposition, who wrote without reserve and reasoned without control, when adverting to opinions of so noxious a tendency, should sometimes, from excess of zeal, lose sight of moderation in his censures? The Lutherans commenced the attack upon these unscriptural dogmas, under a persuasion that the position of their opponents militated against the Leading principles of Christianity
Calvinism - As it is not intended here to enter into this controversy, on which multitudes of books have been written, and the Leading authors are known almost to every one, the above may be sufficient to convey a just notion of Calvin's own opinions
Leo i, the Great - There was an extraordinary paucity of men capable of Leading, whether in church or state
Paul (2) - The other Leading factor that gave shape to his thoughts was the subjective habit and attitude that he brought to bear upon these materials
Pelagianism And Pelagius - The continuance of controversy was obviously Leading Pelagius to a more formal and systematic development of his theory
Theodoretus, Bishop of Cyrrhus - The Leading bishops voted for his restoration, the rest signified their assent by acclamation, and the commissioners gave sentence that by the decree of the holy council Theodoret should receive again the church of Cyrrhus (Labbe, iv
Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia - The flame was fed by Leading men who had been disciples of the Interpreter: by Theodoret, who regarded him as a "doctor of the universal church " ( H