What does Jonan mean in the Bible?


Holman Bible Dictionary - Jonan
(joh' nuhn) Greek spelling of Hebrew personal name Jehohanan, meaning “Yahweh is gracious” (compare 1 Chronicles 26:3 ). Ancestor of Jesus (Luke 3:30 ). Greek uses the “m” ending, while Hebrew has the “n.” See Jonam .
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Jonan
A dove; multiplying of the people
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Jonan
Son of Eliakim in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. Luke 3:30 .
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Jonan
Johanan, in Christ's genealogy (Luke 3:30); compare, the similar names, as often occurs in a family, Luke 3:26-27.

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Jonam - (joh' nuhm) Modern translation spelling of Jonan. See Jonan
jo'Nam - (gift or grace of God ), the form given to Jonan in the Revised Version of (Luke 3:30 )
Eli'Akim - (Matthew 1:13 ) ...
son of Melea, and father of Jonan
Joseph - Son of Mattathias; son of Juda; and son of Jonan — three in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus
jo'Seph - ) ...
One of the ancestors of Christ, (Luke 3:30 ) So of Jonan