What does Jehovist mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Jehovist
(n.) The writer of the passages of the Old Testament, especially those of the Pentateuch, in which the Supreme Being is styled Jehovah. See Elohist.
The author of the passages of the Old Testament, esp. those of the Hexateuch, in which God is styled Yahweh, or Jehovah; the author of the Yahwistic, or Jehovistic, Prophetic Document (J); also, the document itself.
(n.) One who maintains that the vowel points of the word Jehovah, in Hebrew, are the proper vowels of that word; - opposed to adonist.

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Yahwist - of Jehovist...
Jahwist - of Jehovist...
Jahvistic - ) See Jehovist, Jehovistic
Jahvist - of Jehovist...
Adonist - " See Jehovist
Elohist - ) The writer, or one of the writers, of the passages of the Old Testament, notably those of Elohim instead of Jehovah, as the name of the Supreme Being; - distinguished from Jehovist
Adam (1) - ...
But the theory of an Elohist author for Genesis 1, and a Jehovist author for Genesis 2, distinct from Moses, on the ground that ELOHIM is the divine name in Genesis 1, but JEHOVAH ELOHIM in Genesis 2, is untenable
Jeremiah - A popular Jehovist party existed; but this was the most dangerous factor in the situation