What does Jehosheba mean in the Bible?

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יְהוֹשֶׁ֣בַע daughter of king Joram of Judah and wife of the high priest Jehoiada. 1

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   1 daughter of king Joram of Judah and wife of the high priest Jehoiada.
      1a alternate spelling ‘Jehoshabeath’—03090.
      Additional Information: Jehosheba = “Jehovah has sworn”.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Jehosheba
(jih hahssh' ih buh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh is fullness or fortune.” Sister of King Ahaziah who, after his death, took young Joash and protected him from Queen Athaliah so Athaliah could not have him killed as she did the other royal children (2 Kings 11:2 ). Her name is spelled Jehoshabeath in 2 Chronicles 22:11 .
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Jehosheba
("Jehovah's oath, i.e. devoted to Him".) Daughter of king Joram of Israel. Jehoiada's wife. So Elisheba (God's oath) was Aaron's wife, Elizabeth Zacharias'. (See JEHOIADA.) Athaliah is not specified as her mother, but this may be due to the sacred writer's abhorrence of her name. Possibly her mother may have been another wife of Joram (2 Kings 11:2). Jehosheba is the only instance of a princess marrying the high priest. Her position enabled her through God's providence to rescue the little prince Joash, and hide him and his nurse in a bedchamber in the palace, afterward in the temple (2 Chronicles 22:11; 2 Chronicles 23:11; 2 Kings 11:2-3), where he was brought up with her sons, who assisted at his coronation. Zechariah, Jehoiada's successor, one of them, was afterward slain, a martyr for the truth. (See ZECHARIAH.)
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Jehosheba
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Jehosheba
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Jehosheba
JEHOSHEBA ( 2 Kings 11:2 ; Jehoshabeath in 2 Chronicles 22:11 ). Daughter of Jehoram of Judah. On the death of her half-brother Ahaziah, she was instrumental in preserving the Davidic stock, by concealing the infant Jehoash in a lumber-room of the palace (RVm [1] ). According to the Chronicler, she was wife of Jehoiada.
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Jehosheba
The aunt of Joash, king of Judah, whose life in infancy and childhood she saved, in spite of the designs of Athaliah, 2 Kings 11:1 - 3 .
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Jehosheba
Jehovah-swearing, the daughter of Jehoram, the king of Israel. She is called Jehoshabeath in 2 Chronicles 22:11 . She was the only princess of the royal house who was married to a high priest, Jehoiada (2 Chronicles 22:11 ).

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Jehoshabeath - (jee' hoh ssha' bih ath) Variant form of Jehosheba. See Jehosheba
Jehoshabeath - See Jehosheba
Jehoshabeath - She is called Jehosheba in 2 Kings 11:2
Jehosheba - Jehosheba ( 2 Kings 11:2 ; Jehoshabeath in 2 Chronicles 22:11 )
Athaliah - Only Joash her grandson, then an infant, was saved by his aunt Jehosheba
Jehosheba - Jehosheba is the only instance of a princess marrying the high priest
Jehoiada - He married Jehosheba, or Jehoshabeath, the daughter of king Jehoram (2 Chronicles 22:11 ), and took an active part along with his wife in the preservation and training of Jehoash when Athaliah slew all the royal family of Judah
Jehoiada - The Book of Chronicles makes him the husband of the princess Jehosheba (or Jehoshabeath, 2 Chronicles 22:11 ), by whose presence of mind the infant prince Jehoash escaped the massacre by which Athaliah secured the throne for herself
Athali'ah - ( 2 Kings 11:1 ) From the slaughter one infant, named Joash, the youngest son of Ahaziah, was rescued by his aunt Jehosheba wife of Jehoiada, (2 Chronicles 23:11 ) the high priest
Athaliah - She was married to Jehoram, king of Judah; and, when her son Ahaziah was slam by Jehu, she destroyed the rest of the royal family except Joash, an infant, who was concealed in the temple by his aunt Jehosheba (most likely not Athaliah's daughter), the wife of Jehoiada the high priest
Jehoiada - A high priest of the Jews, and husband of Jehosheba
Athaliah - The persons active in this were Jehosheba, sister of Ahaziah, and her husband Jehoiada, the chief priest
Jeho-i'Ada - He married Jehosheba; and when Athaliah slew all the seed royal to Judah after Ahaziah had been put to death by Jehu, he and his wife stole Joash from among the king's sons and hid him for six years in the temple, and eventually replaced him on the throne of his ancestors
Athaliah - But Jehosheba, the sister of Ahaziah, by the father's side only, was at this time married to Jehoiada, the high priest; and while Athaliah's executioners were murdering the rest, she conveyed Joash the son of Ahaziah away, and kept him and his nurse concealed in an apartment of the temple, during six years
Joash - Joash was hidden by Jehosheba his aunt for six years, at the end of which time he was popularly proclaimed as the legitimate ruler of Judah in a move instigated by Jehoiada
Joash - On the murder of his brethren by Athaliah, he was saved by his aunt Jehosheba, the wife of Jehoiada the high priest, who hid him for six years in one of the rooms of the temple
Jehoash - While yet an infant, he was saved from the general massacre of the family by his aunt Jehosheba, and was apparently the only surviving descendant of Solomon (2 Chronicles 21:4,17 )
Jehoram - His daughter Jehosheba was married to the high priest Jehoiada
Athaliah - Ahaziah's youngest son Jonah alone escaped her murderous hand, secreted by Jehosheba, his aunt, daughter of Jehoram (probably not by Athaliah, but another wife) and wife of the priest Jehoiada (2 Chronicles 22:11-12)
Joash - But Jehosheba, the sister of Ahaziah, and wife to the High Priest Jehoiada, rescued young Joash, then a child, from the cruelty of Athaliah, and lodged him in the temple with his nurse
Joash - When his grandmother Athaliah attempted to cut off all the seed royal, Joash, then an infant, was hidden and preserved by his aunt, Jehosheba, the wife of Jehoiada the high priest
Jehoiada - Married, king Jehoram's daughter, sister of king Ahaziah, on whose death by Jehu's hands the queen mother Athaliah slew all the seed royal; but Jehosheba stole Joash the youngest son, and with her husband hid him in the house of God six years. (See Jehosheba; ATHALIAH; JOASH