What does Jehoadah mean in the Bible?


Hitchcock's Bible Names - Jehoadah
Passing over; testimony of the Lord
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Jehoadah
1 Chronicles 8:36; in 1 Chronicles 9:42 JARAH, a transcriber's error.
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Jehoadah
Holman Bible Dictionary - Jehoadah
(jih hoh' uh duh) Personal name perhaps meaning, “Yahweh is ornamentation.” Descendant of Saul in tribe of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:36 ), the list showing a continued interest in lineage of Saul long after his death.

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Jehoaddah - (jeh hoh' ad duh) Modern translations' spelling of Jehoadah. See Jehoadah
Jarah - Called Jehoadah in 1 Chronicles 8:36
Alameth - Son of Jehoadah, who is called Jarah in 1 Chronicles 9:42
al'Emeth - (covering ), a Benjamite, son of Jehoadah or Jarah, ( 1 Chronicles 8:36 ; 9:42 ) and descended from Jonathan the son of Saul
Jarah - ” Descendant of King Saul (1 Chronicles 9:42 ), apparently the same as Jehoadah in 1 Chronicles 8:36 , the words being spelled the same except for one similarly written letter in Hebrew
Alemeth - ...
One of the sons of Jehoadah, or Jarah, son of Ahaz (1Chronicles 8:36)
Azmaveth - Son of Jehoadah, descendant of Saul
Zimri - Son of Jehoadah, a Benjamite