What does Jaazaniah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
וְיַֽאֲזַנְיָ֙הוּ֙ a Judean 1
יַאֲזַנְיָ֧ה a Judean 1
וְיַאֲזַנְיָ֨הוּ a Judean 1
יַאֲזַנְיָ֤ה a Judean 1

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   1 a Judean, son of the Maachathite, a captain of the Judean forces who visited Gedaliah at Mizpah after Gedaliah had been appointed governor of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar.
   2 son of Shaphan, an elder of Israel in the days of Ezekiel.
   3 son of Azur, one of the princes of the people against whom Ezekiel was directed to prophesy.
   4 a Rechabite, son of Jeremiah the prophet.
   Additional Information: Jaazaniah = “Jehovah hears”.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Jaazaniah
(jay az uh ni' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh hears.” 1. Member of party led by Ishmael who opposed Gedaliah after the Babylonians made him governor over Judah following their destruction of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. Jaazaniah may also have been in Ishmael's party that assassinated Gedaliah (2 Kings 25:23-25 ). His name has a slightly different spelling in Jeremiah 40:8 . See Ezekiel 8:11 ). His father Shaphan may have been the counselor of Josiah (2 Kings 22:1 ). If so, the son did not imitate the faithful father. 3. A government official whom Ezekiel accused with his associates of giving wicked advice. His name in Hebrew is an abbreviated form of Jaazaniah. 4. The same abbreviated Hebrew name belonged to a Rechabite whom Jeremiah used as an example of faithful obedience to God (Jeremiah 35:3 ). See Rechabite.
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Jaazaniah
1. "Son of the Maacathite," a "captain of the forces" who accompanied Johanan in waiting on Gedaliah, the governor over the Jewish remnant after the capture of Jerusalem, and afterward in rescuing them from Ishmael, and in going to Egypt in spite of the Lord's prohibition (2 Kings 25:23; Jeremiah 41:11; Jeremiah 43:4-5).
2. Son of Shaphan. Stood as leader in the midst of the 70 ancients (elders) of Israel with censers in their hands, worshipping idols portrayed upon the wall of the court of Jehovah's house; seen by Ezekiel (Ezekiel 8:11). Shaphan was the scribe who read to Josiah the law. The son's spiritual privileges increased his guilt (2 Kings 22:10-14). His very name, meaning" Jehovah hears," gave the lie to the unbelief which virtually said "Jehovah seeth not" (Ezekiel 9:9; Psalms 10:11; Psalms 10:14; Psalms 50:21; Psalms 94:7; Psalms 94:9). The elders incurred further guilt in usurping the priests' office by offering incense.
3. Son of Azur, leader of the 25 priests (Ezekiel 11:1). Azur means help, their names reminding them, if they would have heeded it, that God would have "heard" if they had sought His "help" to save the city.
4. Jeremiah 35:3.
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Jaazaniah
JAAZANIAH. 1. A Judæan, one of the military commanders who came to Mizpah to give in their allegiance to Gedaliah ( 2 Kings 25:23 = Jeremiah 40:8 Jezaniah ). 2. A chieftain of the clan of the Rechabites ( Jeremiah 35:3 ). 3. Son of Shaphan, who appeared in Ezekiel’s vision as ringleader of seventy of the elders of Israel in the practice of secret idolatry at Jerusalem ( Ezekiel 8:11 ). 4. Son of Azzur, against whose counsels Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy ( Ezekiel 11:1 ff.).
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Jaazaniah
1. Son of Hoshaiah, a Maachathite, and a captain among those left in the land by the king of Babylon. 2 Kings 25:23 . Called JEZANIAH in Jeremiah 40:8 ; Jeremiah 42:1 .
2. A Rechabite, son of Jeremiah: he refused to drink wine, and was blessed for his obedience to his forefathers. Jeremiah 35:3 .
3. Son of Shaphan, and leader of the seventy elders who were seen in a vision by Ezekiel offering incense to idols. Ezekiel 8:11 .
4. Son of Azur, and one of the princes who devised mischief and gave wicked counsel to the people. Ezekiel 11:1 .
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Jaazaniah
Whom the Lord will hear

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Habaziniah - ” Grandfather of Jaazaniah, the Rechabite leader Jeremiah tested with wine (Jeremiah 35:3 ). See Jaazaniah
Jezaniah - See Jaazaniah
Jezaniah - Jaazaniah in 2 Kings 25:23. (See Jaazaniah
Habaziniah - Ancestor of Jaazaniah, chief of the Rechabites in the time of Jeremiah
Habazziniah - The grandfather of Jaazaniah, one of the Rechabites who were put to the proof by the prophet Jeremiah ( Jeremiah 35:3 )
Azur - Father of Jaazaniah, prince of the people, against whom Ezekiel prophesied
Jezaniah - He is called in 2 Kings 25:23 Jaazaniah, and is apparently to be identified also with Azariah of Jeremiah 43:2
a'Zur, - (Jeremiah 28:1 ) ...
Father of Jaazaniah, one of the princes of the people against whom Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy
Jaazaniah - Jaazaniah may also have been in Ishmael's party that assassinated Gedaliah (2 Kings 25:23-25 ). His name in Hebrew is an abbreviated form of Jaazaniah
Shaphan - Son of Azaliah and perhaps father of Ahikam, Gemariah, Elasah, and Jaazaniah: he was scribe or secretary to king Josiah
Shaphan - See Ahikam ; Elasah ; Gedeliah; Jaazaniah
Jaazaniah - Jaazaniah
Jeremiah - Father of Jaazaniah a Rechabite
Shaphan - The ‘Jaazaniah, son of Shaphan,’ denounced in Ezekiel 8:11 as ringleader in idolatry, was possibly, but not certainly, a son of the same Shaphan
Azariah - Jeremiah 43:2 , son of Hoshaiah (the Maacathite, Jeremiah 40:8 ), also called Jezaniah ( Jeremiah 40:8 , Jeremiah 42:1 ) and Jaazaniah ( 2 Kings 25:23 )
Jeremiah - The son of Habazziniah and father of Jaazaniah, the head of the Rechabites ( Jeremiah 43:1-134 ) in the time of the prophet Jeremiah 7:1-34