What does Instead mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
ἀλλὰ but. 13
תַּ֣חַת the under part 6
תַּ֥חַת the under part 5
תַּ֖חַת the under part 5
תַּ֤חַת the under part 4
ἀντὶ over against 3
ἀλλ’ but. 3
תַּ֚חַת the under part 2
תַ֨חַת the under part 1
תַּחַת֩ the under part 1
תַּ֧חַת the under part 1
תַּחְתֶּֽיהָ the under part 1
וְתַֽחַת־ the under part 1
תַּ֗חַת the under part 1
וְתַ֤חַת the under part 1
(וְתַ֥חַת) the under part 1
וְתַ֨חַת the under part 1
μᾶλλον more 1
מֵֽאָבִיךְ֙ father of an individual. / of God as father of his people. / head or founder of a household 1
ἀνθ’ over against 1
תַּֽחַת־ the under part 1
וּכְלִמָּ֖ה disgrace 1
מִכָּב֔וֹד glory 1
וְהִנֵּ֣ה ׀ behold 1
הִנֵּ֥ה behold 1
וַיְבַקֵּ֣שׁ to seek 1
וְאֶת־ sign of the definite direct object 1
אֲשֶׁ֣ר (relative part. 1
וַיֵּאָסְפ֧וּ to gather 1
תַּחְתָּֽיו the under part 1

Definitions Related to Instead


   1 but.
      1a nevertheless, notwithstanding.
      1b an objection.
      1c an exception.
      1d a restriction.
      1e nay, rather, yea, moreover.
      1f forms a transition to the cardinal matter.


   1 over against, opposite to, before.
   2 for, Instead of, in place of (something).
      2a Instead of.
      2b for.
      2c for that, because.
      2d wherefore, for this cause.


   1 glory, honour, glorious, abundance.
      1a abundance, riches.
      1b honour, splendour, glory.
      1c honour, dignity.
      1d honour, reputation.
      1e honour, reverence, glory.
      1f glory.


   1 father of an individual.
   2 of God as father of his people.
   3 head or founder of a household, group, family, or clan.
   4 ancestor.
      4a grandfather, forefathers—of person.
      4b of people.
   5 originator or patron of a class, profession, or art.
   6 of producer, generator (fig.
   7 of benevolence and protection (fig.
   8 term of respect and honour.
   9 ruler or chief (spec.


   1 to seek, require, desire, exact, request.
      1a (Piel).
         1a1 to seek to find.
         1a2 to seek to secure.
         1a3 to seek the face.
         1a4 to desire, demand.
         1a5 to require, exact.
         1a6 to ask, request.
      1b (Pual) to be sought.


   1 the under part, beneath, Instead of, as, for, for the sake of, flat, unto, where, whereas.
      1a the under part adv accus.
      1b beneath prep.
      1c under, beneath.
         1c1 at the foot of (idiom).
         1c2 sweetness, subjection, woman, being burdened or oppressed (fig).
         1c3 of subjection or conquest.
      1d what is under one, the place in which one stands.
         1d1 in one’s place, the place in which one stands (idiom with reflexive pronoun).
         1d2 in place of, Instead of (in transferred sense).
         1d3 in place of, in exchange or return for (of things mutually interchanged) conj.
      1e Instead of, Instead of that.
      1f in return for that, because that in compounds.
      1g in, under, into the place of (after verbs of motion).
      1h from under, from beneath, from under the hand of, from his place, under, beneath.


   1 disgrace, reproach, shame, confusion, dishonour, insult, ignominy.
      1a insult, reproach.
      1b reproach, ignominy.


   1 to gather, receive, remove, gather in.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to gather, collect.
         1a2 to gather (an individual into company of others).
         1a3 to bring up the rear.
         1a4 to gather and take away, remove, withdraw.
      1b (Niphal).
         1b1 to assemble, be gathered.
         1b2 (pass of Qal 1a2).
            1b2a to be gathered to one’s fathers.
            1b2b to be brought in or into (association with others).
         1b3 (pass of Qal 1a4).
            1b3a to be taken away, removed, perish.
      1c (Piel).
         1c1 to gather (harvest).
         1c2 to take in, receive into.
         1c3 rearguard, rearward (subst).
      1d (Pual) to be gathered.
      1e (Hithpael) to gather oneself or themselves.


   1 more, to a greater degree, rather.
      1a much, by far.
      1b rather, sooner.
      1c more willingly, more readily, sooner.

Frequency of Instead (original languages)

Frequency of Instead (English)


King James Dictionary - Instead
INSTEAD, insted'. a compound of in and stead, place but stead retains its character of a noun, and is followed by of instead of, in the same manner as in the stead of.
In the place or room of.
Let thistles grow instead of wheat. Job 31 .
Absalom made Amasa captain of the hose instead of Joab. 2 Samuel 17
This consideration is instead of a thousand arguments. In this use, instead may be equivalent to equal to.
When instead is used without of following, there is an ellipsis, or some words are understood.

Sentence search

Instead - Instead, insted'. a compound of in and stead, place but stead retains its character of a noun, and is followed by of Instead of, in the same manner as in the stead of. ...
Let thistles grow Instead of wheat. ...
Absalom made Amasa captain of the hose Instead of Joab. 2 Samuel 17 ...
This consideration is Instead of a thousand arguments. In this use, Instead may be equivalent to equal to. ...
When Instead is used without of following, there is an ellipsis, or some words are understood
Metallophone - ) An instrument like a pianoforte, but having metal bars Instead of strings. ) An instrument like the xylophone, but having metallic Instead of wooden bars
Antonomasia - ) The use of some epithet or the name of some office, dignity, or the like, Instead of the proper name of the person; as when his majesty is used for a king, or when, Instead of Aristotle, we say, the philosopher; or, conversely, the use of a proper name Instead of an appellative, as when a wise man is called a Solomon, or an eminent orator a Cicero
Eshbaal - " Instead of Mephi-baal, they said Mephi-bosheth; and, Instead of Esh-baal, they said Ish-bosheth, 2 Samuel 2:8
Viviparous - ) Producing young in a living state, as most mammals, or as those plants the offspring of which are produced alive, either by bulbs Instead of seeds, or by the seeds themselves germinating on the plant, Instead of falling, as they usually do; - opposed to oviparous
Preventative - ) That which prevents; - incorrectly used Instead of preventive
Block Book - A book printed from engraved wooden blocks Instead of movable types
Potpie - ) A meat pie which is boiled Instead of being baked
Larviparous - ) Depositing living larvae, Instead of eggs; - said of certain insects
Breech-Loading - ) Receiving the charge at the breech Instead of at the muzzle
Triploidite - ) A manganese phosphate near triplite, but containing hydroxyl Instead of fluorine
Naos - ) A term used by modern archaeologists Instead of cella
Viceman - ) A smith who works at the vice Instead of at the anvil
Homotypy - ) A term suggested by Haeckel to be Instead of serial homology
Drawfiling - ) The process of smooth filing by working the file sidewise Instead of lengthwise
Contrate - ) Having cogs or teeth projecting parallel to the axis, Instead of radiating from it
Courche - ) A square piece of linen used formerly by women Instead of a cap; a kerchief
Demicadence - ) An imperfect or half cadence, falling on the dominant Instead of on the key note
Lieu - ) Place; room; stead; - used only in the phrase in lieu of, that is, Instead of
Estoile - ) A six-pointed star whose rays are wavy, Instead of straight like those of a mullet
to-Name - ) A name added, for the sake of distinction, to one's surname, or used Instead of it
Affirmant - ) One who affirms, Instead of taking an oath
Pizzicato - A direction to violinists to pluck the string with the finger, Instead of using the bow
Phlegethon - ) One of the principal rivers of Hades, in the channel of which fire flowed Instead of water
Carvelbuilt - ) Having the planks meet flush at the seams, Instead of lapping as in a clinker-built vessel
Firebrand - Instead of this, GOD sent mercy, goodness and grace many times so that He saved them, Instead of destroying them
Pad Elephant - An elephant that is furnished with a pad for carrying burdens Instead of with a howdah for carrying passengers
Epispadias - ) A deformity in which the urethra opens upon the top of the penis, Instead of at its extremity
up-Over - ) Designating a method of shaft excavation by drifting to a point below, and then raising Instead of sinking
Marmottes Oil - It is used Instead of olive or almond oil
Skittles - ) An English game resembling ninepins, but played by throwing wooden disks, Instead of rolling balls, at the pins
Ancipitous - ) Two-edged Instead of round; - said of certain flattened stems, as those of blue grass, and rarely also of leaves
Roach-Backed - ) Having a back like that of roach; - said of a horse whose back a convex Instead of a concave curve
Butt Joint - A joint in which the edges or ends of the pieces united come squarely together Instead of overlapping
Curiologic - ) Pertaining to a rude kind of hieroglyphics, in which a thing is represented by its picture Instead of by a symbol
Ishi (1) - ]'>[1] Instead of Baali (‘my lord’)
Obrogate - ) To annul indirectly by enacting a new and contrary law, Instead of by expressly abrogating or repealing the old one
Shushan purim - Purim as observed on the fifteenth of Adar, Instead of the fourteenth, in certain cities (including Jerusalem) that were walled in ancient times ...
Overland - ) Being, or accomplished, over the land, Instead of by sea; as, an overland journey
Divinity - (Latin: divus, divine) ...
An abstract name for the nature of God; a term much used by Protestants Instead of theology, or study of God
Firmer-Chisel - It has a tang to enter the handle Instead of a socket for receiving it
Filoselle - It is much used in embroidery Instead of floss
Polygeny - ) The theory that living organisms originate in cells or embryos of different kinds, Instead of coming from a single cell; - opposed to monogenesis
Coursing - ) The pursuit or running game with dogs that follow by sight Instead of by scent
Dichromic - ) Furnishing or giving two colors; - said of defective vision, in which all the compound colors are resolvable into two elements Instead of three
Paragonite - ) A kind of mica related to muscovite, but containing soda Instead of potash
Cross-Reading - ) The reading of the lines of a newspaper directly across the page, Instead of down the columns, thus producing a ludicrous combination of ideas
Porporino - ) A composition of quicksilver, tin, and sulphur, forming a yellow powder, sometimes used by mediaeval artists, for the sake of economy, Instead of gold
Shachia - In the pointed Hebrew the name is 'Shabiah,' but several Hebrew MSS have CH Instead of B
Baali - My lord, a title the prophet (Hosea 2:16 ) reproaches the Jewish church for applying to Jehovah, Instead of the more endearing title Ishi, meaning "my husband
Arillode - ) A false aril; an aril originating from the micropyle Instead of from the funicle or chalaza of the ovule
Augite - ) A variety of pyroxene, usually of a black or dark green color, occurring in igneous rocks, such as basalt; - also used Instead of the general term pyroxene
Barabbas - (Aramaic: Bar-abba, son of the father) A notable robber and murderer who was released Instead of Jesus by Pilate at the desire of the people (John 18)
Rozing Iron - (1):...
A tool with a hardened steel point, formerly used Instead of a diamond for cutting glass
Wapentake - Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire are divided into wapentakes, Instead of hundreds
Peltated - ) having the stem or support attached to the lower surface, Instead of at the base or margin; - said of a leaf or other organ
Eurc'Quila, - the word used in the Revised Version Instead of euroclydon in (Acts 27:14 ) It is compounded of two words meaning east and north , and means a northeast gale
Antidoron - (Greek anti, Instead of; doron, a gift) ...
In the Greek Rite, remains of loaves from which portions have been cut for Consecration, distributed after Mass for consumption by the faithful
Aquarian - ) One of a sect of Christian in the primitive church who used water Instead of wine in the Lord's Supper
Easter - The KJV of pascha (to be translated Instead as "the Passover") in Acts 12:4
Meloe - These beetles are sometimes used Instead of cantharides for raising blisters
Marksman - ) One who makes his mark, Instead of writing his name, in signing documents
Mantelletta - (Latin: diminutive of mantellum, cloak) ...
Outer vestment reaching to knees, open in front, with slits Instead of sleeves, in color according to season, worn by cardinals, bishops and certain other prelates
Chromatic - ) Proceeding by the smaller intervals (half steps or semitones) of the scale, Instead of the regular intervals of the diatonic scale
Civil Service Reform - the merit system Instead of the spoils system in making appointments to office
Antimensium - (Greek: anti, Instead of; Latin: mensa, table) ...
Consecrated corporal of silk or linen containing relics of saints, which is spread on the altar of Greek churches for the celebration of Mass
Shetharboznai - An official of the king of Persia who, Instead of hindering the Jews, was ordered by Darius to help them in the building of the temple
Elohist - ) The writer, or one of the writers, of the passages of the Old Testament, notably those of Elohim Instead of Jehovah, as the name of the Supreme Being; - distinguished from Jehovist
Fenestral - ) A casement or window sash, closed with cloth or paper Instead of glass
Aquarians - Those who consecrated water in the Eucharist Instead of wine
Borough-English - ) A custom, as in some ancient boroughs, by which lands and tenements descend to the youngest son, Instead of the eldest; or, if the owner have no issue, to the youngest brother
Sapindus - The fruits of some species are used Instead of soap, and their round black seeds are made into necklaces
Parusia - ) A figure of speech by which the present tense is used Instead of the past or the future, as in the animated narration of past, or in the prediction of future, events
Pronoun - ) A word used Instead of a noun or name, to avoid the repetition of it
Hendiadys - ) A figure in which the idea is expressed by two nouns connected by and, Instead of by a noun and limiting adjective; as, we drink from cups and gold, for golden cups
Cremate - ) To burn; to reduce to ashes by the action of fire, either directly or in an oven or retort; to incremate or incinerate; as, to cremate a corpse, Instead of burying it
Jahzerah - A similar list in Nehemiah 11:13 lists Ahasai Instead of Jahzerah
Chromatoscope - ) A reflecting telescope, part of which is made to rotate eccentrically, so as to produce a ringlike image of a star, Instead of a point; - used in studying the scintillation of the stars
Geruth-Chimham - Instead of gçrûth we should perhaps read gidrôth ‘hurdles
Water Barometer - A barometer in which the changes of atmospheric pressure are indicated by the motion of a column of water Instead of mercury
Mass of Requiem - Instead of "Miserere nobis" at the Agnus Dei, the priest says "dona eis requiem. Instead of "Ite missa est" is said "Requiescat in Pace"
Requiem, Mass of - Instead of "Miserere nobis" at the Agnus Dei, the priest says "dona eis requiem. Instead of "Ite missa est" is said "Requiescat in Pace"
Madia - This oil is sometimes used Instead of olive oil for the table
Erector - ) An attachment to a microscope, telescope, or other optical instrument, for making the image erect Instead of inverted
Quillaia Bark - The bark is finely laminated, and very heavy with alkaline substances, and is used commonly by the Chilians Instead of soap
Cockle - Job asked that if he had done wickedly cockle might grow Instead of barley: in the margin it reads 'noisome weeds
Jonas - ...
The father of the apostles Peter (John 21:15-17 ) and Andrew; but the reading should be (also in 1:42), as in the Revised Version, "John," Instead of Jonas
Zair - A place in Idumea where Joram defeated Edom after having been first shut in, then cutting his way through; 2 Chronicles 21:9, omit Zair and have Instead im saraio , "with his captains
Jashen - 2 Samuel 23:32; but in 1 Chronicles 11:34 HASHEM ("the Name"' used by Othordox Jews Instead of uttering the ineffable name of Υahweh
Deed Poll - A deed of one part, or executed by only one party, and distinguished from an indenture by having the edge of the parchment or paper cut even, or polled as it was anciently termed, Instead of being indented
Geneva - But Instead of these berries,the spirit is now flavored with the oil of turpentine
Permulator - ) A special form of rotary converter with stationary commutator and rotating brushes, in which the exciting field is induced by the alternating current in a short-circuited magnetic core Instead of being produced by an external magnet
Tenebrae - ) The matins and lauds for the last three days of Holy Week, commemorating the sufferings and death of Christ, - usually sung on the afternoon or evening of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Instead of on the following days
Tandem - ) One after another; - said especially of horses harnessed and driven one before another, Instead of abreast
Anem - This name is not found in the lists in Joshua 19 and 21 but EN-GANNIMis mentioned Instead
ja'Are-or'Egim - In the parallel passage, (1 Chronicles 20:5 ) Jair is found Instead of Jaare, and Oregim is omitted
Endogenous - ) Increasing by internal growth and elongation at the summit, Instead of externally, and having no distinction of pith, wood, and bark, as the rattan, the palm, the cornstalk
Couching - ) Embroidering by laying the materials upon the surface of the foundation, Instead of drawing them through
Troglodyte - ) One of any savage race that dwells in caves, Instead of constructing dwellings; a cave dweller
Jerioth - Keil, with the oldest Syriac (Peshito) and Vulgate manuscripts, reads Instead of the text, which is corrupt, "he begat, with Azubah his wife, Jerioth (a daughter); and these are her sons
Blueberry - ) The berry of several species of Vaccinium, an ericaceous genus, differing from the American huckleberries in containing numerous minute seeds Instead of ten nutlets
Sir'Ion - (3:9) The use of the name in ( Psalm 29:6 ) (slightly altered in the original--Shirion Instead of Sirion) is remarkable
Seth - , compensated me with]'>[1] another seed Instead of Abel, whom Cain slew
Zaanaim - Instead of 'the Plain of Zaanaim' it is more accurately translated the 'oak of Zaanaim
Doublethreaded - ) Having two screw threads Instead of one; - said of a screw in which the pitch is equal to twice the distance between the centers of adjacent threads
Sheth - The word occurs also in Numbers 24:17 , where, Instead of 'children of Sheth,' it is better to read 'sons of tumult;' that is, 'tumultuous war will be destroyed:' cf
Preterition - Instead, only those elected to salvation will be saved and passed over all others
Rock Shaft - A shaft that oscillates on its journals, Instead of revolving, - usually carrying levers by means of which it receives and communicates reciprocating motion, as in the valve gear of some steam engines; - called also rocker, rocking shaft, and way shaft
Host - have it Instead of strateia, in 2 Corinthians 10:4 ("warfare")
Host - have it Instead of strateia, in 2 Corinthians 10:4 ("warfare")
Monodical - ) Homophonic; - applied to music in which the melody is confined to one part, Instead of being shared by all the parts as in the style called polyphonic
Brad - ) A thin nail, usually small, with a slight projection at the top on one side Instead of a head; also, a small wire nail, with a flat circular head; sometimes, a small, tapering, square-bodied finishing nail, with a countersunk head
Jehovah-Nissi - Modern versions translate the name Instead of following KJV in transliterating it
Effrontes - This ceremony served them Instead of baptism
Sauropoda - ) An extinct order of herbivorous dinosaurs having the feet of a saurian type, Instead of birdlike, as they are in many dinosaurs
Petalism - It was similar to the ostracism in Athens; but olive leaves were used Instead of shells for ballots
Oe - In many words in common use, e alone stands Instead of /
Excellency - Title of patriarchs by a decree of the Congregation of Ceremonies, June 3, 1893, Instead of "His Beatitude," which is reserved for the sovereign pontiff
Deliver us From Evil - Closing petition in the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father; the very words of Our Lord, Instead of the Greek substitution adopted in later editions of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer: "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever
Libera Nos a Malo - Closing petition in the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father; the very words of Our Lord, Instead of the Greek substitution adopted in later editions of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer: "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever
Tahtim-Hodshi - It is conjectured that, Instead of this word, the reading should be, "the Hittites of Kadesh," the Hittite capital, on the Orontes
Sarabaites - Wandering fanatics, or rather impostors, of the fourth century, who, Instead of procuring a subsistence by honest industry, travelled through various cities and provinces, and gained a maintenance by fictitious miracles, by selling relics to the multitude, and other frauds of a like nature
Sheth - Read Instead of "the sons of Sheth
Harpsichord - ) A harp-shaped instrument of music set horizontally on legs, like the grand piano, with strings of wire, played by the fingers, by means of keys provided with quills, Instead of hammers, for striking the strings
Gold, Cloth of - Vestments of cloth of gold may be used Instead of white, green, or red, especially in poorer churches which are unable to possess vestments of all the prescribed colors
Metonymy - ) A trope in which one word is put for another that suggests it; as, we say, a man keeps a good table Instead of good provisions; we read Virgil, that is, his poems; a man has a warm heart, that is, warm affections
Twibil - , a tool like a pickax, but having, Instead of the points, flat terminations, one of which is parallel to the handle, the other perpendicular to it
Heresy - (Greek: hairesis, choice) ...
Deciding for oneself what one shall believe and practise Instead of accepting the truth taught by Christ, and His moral teachings
Hadattah - The earliest Greek translations apparently read the Hebrew word for “their villages” that reappears in this section of Joshua Instead of Hadattah
Myself - ) I or me in person; - used for emphasis, my own self or person; as I myself will do it; I have done it myself; - used also Instead of me, as the object of the first person of a reflexive verb, without emphasis; as, I will defend myself
Metallography - ) A substitute for lithography, in which metallic plates are used Instead of stone
ed - Instead of 'called the altar Ed,' it has been translated 'gave a name to the altar
Tabeal - The scheme of Rezin of Syria and Pekah of Israel was to set up Tabeal's son as a vassal king Instead of Ahaz, in Judah
Episcopal Sandals - Sandals of simpler design are worn by members of certain religious orders, Instead of shoes
Abia - My father is the Lord, the Greek form of Abijah, or Abijam (Matthew 1:7 ), Instead of Abiah (1 Chronicles 7:8 )
Rose Colour - Rose-colored vestments may be used Instead of purple on the third Sunday of Advent and on the fourth Sunday of Lent
Sandals, Episcopal - Sandals of simpler design are worn by members of certain religious orders, Instead of shoes
Congregation - 1: ἐκκλησία (Strong's #1577 — Noun Feminine — ekklesia — ek-klay-see'-ah ) is translated "congregation" in Hebrews 2:12 , RV, Instead of the usual rendering "church
Tract - ) Verses of Scripture sung at Mass, Instead of the Alleluia, from Septuagesima Sunday till the Saturday befor Easter; - so called because sung tractim, or without a break, by one voice, Instead of by many as in the antiphons
Also - , the RV rightly has "are we also blind?" Instead of "are we blind also?" In Acts 2:26 the RV has "moreover My flesh also," Instead of "moreover also
Anticipate - , and Vespers in Lent an hour before noon Instead of afternoon
Day Lily - (1):...
A genus of plants (Hemerocallis) closely resembling true lilies, but having tuberous rootstocks Instead of bulbs
Onfanon - ) A name popularly given to any flag which hangs from a crosspiece or frame Instead of from the staff or the mast itself
Beth-Abara - Many of the best Greek manuscripts and recent editions have Bethany, also unknown, Instead of Beth-abara
Laetare Jerusalem - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Laetare Sunday - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Mothering Sunday - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Mediana Sunday - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Uknaz - ]'>[1] gives ‘Uknaz’ Instead of ‘even Kenaz’ (AV Hay - Properly so called, was not in use among the Hebrews; straw was used Instead
Eshan - A text tradition in the earliest Greek translation reads, “Soma,” Instead of Eshan, possibly pointing to a location at modern khirbet hallat Sama
Golden Rose Sunday - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Hanes - City in Egypt to which the ambassadors of Israel were sent when they trusted in Egypt Instead of in Jehovah
Sunday, Golden Rose - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Sunday, Laetare - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Sunday, Mediana - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Sunday, Mothering - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Sunday, Rose - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Rejoice, o Jerusalem - Celebrated in joyful spirit because the observance of Lent is half over, rose-colored vestments are worn Instead of purple, and flowers are allowed on the altar
Naboth - ) Septuagint (1 Kings 21:1) omit "which was in Jezreel," and read Instead of "the palace" "the threshing floor of Ahab king of Samaria. Ahab's blood in retribution was washed from the chariot in the pool of Samaria, where harlots were bathing (so translated Instead of "and they washed the armour"), while dogs licked up the rest of the blood (1 Kings 22:38); the further retribution was on his seed Joram (2 Kings 9)
Cain - ...
Hebrews 11:4 (c) He represents any person who offers to GOD the products of his own life, imagination, and thought as a sacrifice for his sins Instead of the Blood of the Lamb. ...
Judges 1:11 (a) This is a picture of those who reject the sacrifice of CHRIST, pursue a path of religious activity, and offer it to GOD Instead of the merits of the Saviour
Broom Rape - They are destitute of chlorophyll, have scales Instead of leaves, and spiked flowers, and grow attached to the roots of other plants, as furze, clover, flax, wild carrot, etc
Jorah - The parallel list (Nehemiah 7:24 ) has Hariph Instead of Jorah (compare Nehemiah 10:19 )
Acephalous - ) Having the style spring from the base, Instead of from the apex, as is the case in certain ovaries
Amalecites - Instead of showing ordinary humanity to the stragglers of the Israelites when emerging from Egypt, they slew them, and incurred the Israelites' everlasting hatred
Cloth - Instead, He gives a new nature, a new hope, and a new life
Asperges - During the paschal time "Viai aquam" is sung Instead of "Asperges"
Ere - ...
In these passages, ere is really a preposition, followed by a sentence, Instead of a single word, as below
Pompon - ) A tuft or ball of wool, or the like, sometimes worn by soldiers on the front of the hat, Instead of a feather
Ribband of Blue - It denotes that the character of Christ, the heavenly Man, should govern the ways of the Christian, Instead of the self-will and presumption of the flesh
Apron - of Authorized Version, Ruth 3:15 , correctly rendered Instead of "vail
Punishment - blots out the attribute of retributive justice; transmutes sin into misfortune Instead of guilt; turns all suffering into chastisement; converts the piacular work of Christ into moral influence
Bow-Compass - Its legs are often connected by a bow-shaped spring, Instead of by a joint
Zephathah - The earliest Greek translation translated Zaphon , “north” Instead of Zephathah
Snail - Attempts to translate “miscarriage” Instead of “snail” do not seem to be based on good linguistic evidence
Dolman - ) A woman's cloak with capelike pieces Instead of sleeves
Plica - ) A diseased state in plants in which there is an excessive development of small entangled twigs, Instead of ordinary branches
Tablature - ) An ancient mode of indicating musical sounds by letters and other signs Instead of by notes
Underhung - ) Resting on a track at the bottom, Instead of being suspended; - said of a sliding door
Akrabbim - Instead of "the ascent of Akrabbim," we have in the Hebrew the name "Maaleh-Acrabbim," scorpion heights, in Joshua 15:3
Shibboleth - If they could not pronounce it, and said "sibboleth" Instead, they were put to death (Judges 12); in modern times, a password, a slogan, a peculiarity of pronunciation or accent which indicates a person's origin
Scibboleth - If they could not pronounce it, and said "sibboleth" Instead, they were put to death (Judges 12); in modern times, a password, a slogan, a peculiarity of pronunciation or accent which indicates a person's origin
Piety - (1 Timothy 5:4 ) The choice of this word here Instead of the more usual equivalents -of "godliness," "reverence," and the like, was probably determined by the special sense of pietas , as "erga parentes," i
Proper Lessons - The word "Proper" as thus used is intended toindicate that the Lesson is appropriate to the Sunday or Holy Dayand is to be read on that day Instead of the Lesson appointed forthe Daily Office
Joy to Thee, o Queen of Heaven! Alleluia - Antiphon of Our Lady said, standing, Instead of the Angelus, and also after the Divine Office, from Compline on Holy Saturday until None of the Saturday after Pentecost, inclusively
Chalazogamy - ) A process of fecundation in which the pollen tube penetrates to the embryosac through the tissue of the chalaza, Instead of entering through the micropyle
And - ) In order to; - used Instead of the infinitival to, especially after try, come, go
Poker Dice - when marked with the ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and nine Instead of the usual digits
Plunger - ) A long solid cylinder, used, Instead of a piston or bucket, as a forcer in pumps
Bishlam - It will be seen that in the margin Instead of Bishlam is read 'in peace,' and this is the reading in the LXX, Arabic, and Syriac Versions
Misgive - ) Specifically: To give doubt and apprehension to, Instead of confidence and courage; to impart fear to; to make irresolute; - usually said of the mind or heart, and followed by the objective personal pronoun
Regina Caeli Laetare, Alleluia - Antiphon of Our Lady said, standing, Instead of the Angelus, and also after the Divine Office, from Compline on Holy Saturday until None of the Saturday after Pentecost, inclusively
Eleloheisrael - God had just before altered his name into Israel, 'a prince of God;' Jacob connected the blessing involved in this name with a piece of land he bought, Instead of with God's house at Bethel, and calls the altar he had erected 'God, the God of Israel
Hazar-Susah - Instead of the feminine form Susah, 1 Chronicles 4:31 has the plural form Susim
Good Thief - Traditionally known as Dismas, one of the thieves crucified with Christ, who rebuked his companion for demanding that Christ should save them, prayed Instead a share in His Kingdom, and received the assurance: "This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise
Dismas, Saint - Traditionally known as Dismas, one of the thieves crucified with Christ, who rebuked his companion for demanding that Christ should save them, prayed Instead a share in His Kingdom, and received the assurance: "This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise
Executioner - Instead of the Greek word, Mark here uses a Latin word, speculator, which literally means "a scout," "a spy," and at length came to denote one of the armed bodyguard of the emperor
Pine Tree - In Nehemiah 8:15 the Revised Version has "wild olive" Instead of "pine
Spear - of the NT), to the effect that the sponge was put on a spear (hussos, "a javelin," the Roman pilum, Instead of hussopos, "hyssop")
Barabbas - , son of Abba or of a father, a notorious robber whom Pilate proposed to condemn to death Instead of Jesus, whom he wished to release, in accordance with the Roman custom (John 18:40 ; Mark 15:7 ; Luke 23:19 )
Carmelites - They wear no linen shirts, but, Instead of them, linsey-wolsey
Bithynia - The Holy Spirit prevented them from doing so and directed them Instead to Macedonia
Ezel - At 1 Samuel 20:41 Instead of "out of a place toward the S
Nobah - The town so named by Nobah Instead of its former name, Kenath (Judges 8:11)
Shaper - ) A kind of planer in which the tool, Instead of the work, receives a reciprocating motion, usually from a crank
Easement - ) A curved member Instead of an abrupt change of direction, as in a baseboard, hand rail, etc
Exequatur - If the enactment is made by a subject of the ruler the term regium placet (royal consent) is used Instead of exequatur
Abel, the Great - Delitzsch believes that this is not a proper name and that Abel is a mistake for eben, 'a stone,' the final n being put Instead of l : and if so it would be simply "the great stone," which is also mentioned in verses 14 and 15
Regium Placet - If the enactment is made by a subject of the ruler the term regium placet (royal consent) is used Instead of exequatur
Thief, Good - Traditionally known as Dismas, one of the thieves crucified with Christ, who rebuked his companion for demanding that Christ should save them, prayed Instead a share in His Kingdom, and received the assurance: "This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise
Thief, Penitent - Traditionally known as Dismas, one of the thieves crucified with Christ, who rebuked his companion for demanding that Christ should save them, prayed Instead a share in His Kingdom, and received the assurance: "This day thou shalt be with Me in paradise
Cow - A state of great poverty is described in the words of Isaiah 7:21-25 , where, Instead of possessing great resources, a man shall depend for the subsistence of himself and his family on what a single cow and two sheep could yield
Bethmarcaboth - As Madmannah appears Instead of Bethmarcaboth in the list 1 Chronicles 4:31 possibly Bethmarcaboth was substituted for Madmannah in Joshua 19:5, in Solomon's times
Sceva - The evil spirit jumped on them Instead
Concision - Instead of the warning, "Beware of the circumcision" (peritome) i
Altar Screen - A permanent or movable structure of metal, stone, or wood was later introduced Instead of the cloth; the side facing the church is called the retable; the reverse, the counterretable
Shibboleth - They used the Samech Instead of the Shin
Incorruption, - In Romans 2:7 , and 2 Timothy 1:10 the word is the same as the above, and should be translated 'incorruption' Instead of 'immortality
Hemihedral - ) Having half of the similar parts of a crystals, Instead of all; consisting of half the planes which full symmetry would require, as when a cube has planes only on half of its eight solid angles, or one plane out of a pair on each of its edges; or as in the case of a tetrahedron, which is hemihedral to an octahedron, it being contained under four of the planes of an octahedron
Holy, Holiness - Instead, it is a command of our practice and thought
Tears - ...
Psalm 80:5 (b) This indicates that GOD would give to Israel an abundance of sorrow, grief and pain Instead of the blessings of good crops, with peace and plenty
Behalf - ...
2: ὑπέρ (Strong's #5228 — Preposition — huper — hoop-er' ) "on behalf of," is to be distinguished from anti, "instead of
Screen, Altar - A permanent or movable structure of metal, stone, or wood was later introduced Instead of the cloth; the side facing the church is called the retable; the reverse, the counterretable
Brick - Instead of that they made altars of brick, and bricks are made by men. They substituted their own works (bricks), for and Instead of GOD's works (stones)
Pluralist - Instead of a plurality of churches to one pastor, they say, we ought to have a plurality of pastors to one church, Acts 14:23
Rather - ) On the other hand; to the contrary of what was said or suggested; Instead
Compo - ) A carver's mixture of resin, whiting, and glue, used Instead of plaster of Paris for ornamenting walls and cornices
Consubstantiation - Instead, the association is limited to the sacramental action
Emmaus - Some manuscripts, however, read one hundred and sixty furlongs, Instead of sixty; and Eusebius and Jerome locate Emmaus at the ancient Nicopolis, twenty miles west-north-west of Jerusalem, where a village called Amwas still exists
Chimney - Often used Instead of chimney shaft
Retardation - ) The keeping back of an approaching consonant chord by prolonging one or more tones of a previous chord into the intermediate chord which follows; - differing from suspension by resolving upwards Instead of downwards
Enquirers: Not to be Discouraged - 585, bishops were forbidden to keep dogs in their houses, or birds of prey, lest the poor should be bit by these animals Instead of being fed
Merab - Modern translators based on context and a few ancient texts often read Merab Instead of the Hebrew text's Michal in 2 Samuel 21:8
Incense - ...
Exodus 30:9 (c) In this case, the strange incense is a figure of human activities and religious performances which are offered to GOD for His acceptance in competition with and Instead of the life of the Lord JESUS
Drawbore - ) To enlarge the bore of a gun barrel by drawing, Instead of thrusting, a revolving tool through it
Roadster - ) A hunter who keeps to the roads Instead of following the hounds across country
Mutilate - ) Having finlike appendages or flukes Instead of legs, as a cetacean
Ashes - God threatens to shower down dust and ashes on the lands Instead of rain, Deuteronomy 28:24 ; thereby to make them barren Instead of blessing them, to dry them up Instead of watering them
Jehoiada - By a copyist's error, Benaiah is said to have been the father of Jehoiada Instead of the son. It has been proposed to read "83" Instead
Footstool - ]'>[1] and versions, accepts ὑποκάτω Instead of ὑποπόδιον, and translates, ‘till I put thine enemies under thy feet. note); but (as also in Luke 20:43 and Matthew 5:35) translates more correctly ‘footstool of thy (or his) feet’ Instead of Authorized Version ‘thy (or his) footstool
Eldad - He, with Medad, prophesied in the camp Instead of going with the rest to the tabernacle, as Moses had commanded
Bay Tree - Instead of "like a green bay tree" in the Authorized Version, the Revised Version has, "like a green tree in its native soil
Seth - ]'>[1] assigns a characteristic etymology for the name, Eve being made to say, ‘God hath set ( shâth ) for me another seed Instead of Abel,’ for which reason she called him Shçth ( i
Fir, Fir-Tree, - It will be produced Instead of the thornin the millennium, and Israel, when she returns in blessing, will say, "I am like a green fir-tree
Thicket - They were useless, harmful and injurious, Instead of being profitable and attractive
Modus - ) A fixed compensation or equivalent given Instead of payment of tithes in kind, expressed in full by the phrase modus decimandi
Lozenge - ) A form of the escutcheon used by women Instead of the shield which is used by men
Silver - In employing it as a medium of trade, the ancient Hebrews weighed it out, Instead of having coins
na'Omi - Here her husband and sons died; and on her return to Bethlehem she wished to be known as Mara, bitterness , Instead of Naomi, sweetness
Orangemen - It spread rapidly, having lodges in England and Canada; Instead of suppressing it, the Government condoned its lawless acts, while the Catholics were being persecuted
Christian Workers For Fellowship - " Instead of churches they have "temples" subject to the authority of a general assembly
Swallow - ]'>[2] ( Isaiah 38:14 , Jeremiah 8:7 ), ‘swallow’ Instead of ‘ crane ’ (AV Tychicus - In later years either he or Artemas was to have been sent to Crete, apparently to take Titus’ place ( Titus 3:12 ); but he was sent to Ephesus, probably Instead of to Crete ( 2 Timothy 4:12 )
Mortar - Mortar for pulverizing (Proverbs 27:22 ) grain or other substances by means of a pestle Instead of a mill
Treasury - , money-gifts Instead of the sacrifices; four chests for freewill-offerings for wood, incense, temple decoration, and burnt-offerings" (Lightfoot's Hor
Tadmor - Early Hebrew scribes read Tadmor as the city Instead of Tamar of the written text in 1 Kings 9:18
Nobah - reads ‘Nobah which is on the desert,’ Instead of ‘ Nophah which reacheth unto Medeba
Directory - , a book of directions for the conduct of worship; as, the Directory used by the nonconformists Instead of the Prayer Book
Twill - ) An appearance of diagonal lines or ribs produced in textile fabrics by causing the weft threads to pass over one and under two, or over one and under three or more, warp threads, Instead of over one and under the next in regular succession, as in plain weaving
Meal - Since the meal offering represents the life of CHRIST offered to the Father Instead of our own, we are rather inclined to believe that this meal may represent the blessed Person of our Lord JESUS who delivers from all evil doctrines, and every poisonous faith
Black - Under the figure of a bride the remnant of Israel says, I am 'black,' describing herself as having become dark or swarthy by the rays of the sun; the scorching effect of affliction, Song of Solomon 1:5,6 : 'burning Instead of beauty
Circumcision - Instead, a circumcision of the heart of the Christian is taught (Romans 2:29; Colossians 2:11-12)
Free Knowledge - In other words, because God created one possible existence Instead of another, the range of His knowledge regarding actual existence would have been different had He created something different in the first place
Shawm - Prayerbook version of Psalms, Instead of the Bible version, "cornet
Vapor Galvanizing - A process for coating metal (usually iron or steel) surfaces with zinc by exposing them to the vapor of zinc Instead of, as in ordinary galvanizing, to molten zinc; - called also Sherardizing
Esther - She had been adopted by her father's brother, Mardochai, and her beauty caused Assuerus to choose her as his queen Instead of his divorced wife Vasthi
Shibboleth - For the Ephraimites could not, from disuse, pronounce the Hebrew letter shin; therefore, they said Sibboleth Instead of Shibboleth, Judges 12:6
Perish - It evidently indicates that the voice is saved Instead of being wasted. The money is saved Instead of being squandered. The time is saved Instead of being wasted, and the talents are being put to profitable use
Liturgy, Peace in - A bishop celebrating salutes the people with Pax vobis (peace be to you) Instead of "The Lord be with you!" It occurs also in the liturgy for Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost
Zaphon - ]'>[1] ) Instead of ‘northward’ (AV Flea - read "come out to seek my life" Instead of "to seek a flea
Enam - In Genesis 38:14; Genesis 38:21, read as margin "in the gate (phathach ) of Enaim," Instead of "in an open place
Bamah - " Your sacrifices even to ME on a "high place" Instead of My "altar" in the temple, were therefore a "provocation," Ezekiel 20:28 (Deuteronomy 12:1-5)
Box - Some read this in Ezekiel 27:6, Instead of "the Ashurites
Sackcloth - The sackcloth was worn either over the top of, or Instead of, their normal clothing (2 Kings 6:30; Job 16:15; Jonah 3:6; see DRESS)
Commute - ) To pay, or arrange to pay, in gross Instead of part by part; as, to commute for a year's travel over a route
Lice - ]'>[1] suggests ‘ sandflies or fleas ’ Instead of ‘lice
Bellows - Instead of 'the bellows are burned,' some prefer to translate 'the bellows puff, or blow, and the lead is consumed in the fire,' lead being formerly used to purify silver
Borne - They made their religious life a burden and a grief Instead of a joy and a blessing
Tail - By his evil sayings he becomes the object of contempt Instead of the object of praise and honor
Amillennialism - Instead, it teaches that we are in the millennium now, and that at the return of Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18; 1Th 5:1-2) there will be the final judgment and the heavens and the earth will then be destroyed and remade (2 Peter 3:10)
Atheism - Instead, atheists willingly suppress the knowledge of God by their unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-19)
Decapolis - Josephus inserts Otopos Instead of Canatha
Praise - When passing its natural line, it becomes the ruling spring of conduct; when the regard which we pay to the opinions of men encroaches on that reverence which we owe to the voice of conscience and the sense of duty; the love of praise, having then gone out of its proper place, Instead of improving, corrupts; and Instead of elevating, debases our nature
For - ) Indicating that on place of or Instead of which anything acts or serves, or that to which a substitute, an equivalent, a compensation, or the like, is offered or made; Instead of, or place of. ) Indicating that Instead of which something else controls in the performing of an action, or that in spite of which anything is done, occurs, or is; hence, equivalent to notwithstanding, in spite of; - generally followed by all, aught, anything, etc
For - ) Indicating that on place of or Instead of which anything acts or serves, or that to which a substitute, an equivalent, a compensation, or the like, is offered or made; Instead of, or place of. ) Indicating that Instead of which something else controls in the performing of an action, or that in spite of which anything is done, occurs, or is; hence, equivalent to notwithstanding, in spite of; - generally followed by all, aught, anything, etc
Asherah - Asherim in Revised Version, Instead of "grove" and "groves" of the Authorized Version
Succorer - It is a word of dignity, evidently chosen Instead of others which might have been used (see, e
Descent Into Hell - The Rubric before the Creed gives thisinterpretation of the word, and permission is given to churchesto use Instead of it, the words "place of departed spirits," "whichare considered as words of the same meaning in the Creed
Communication - ) A trope, by which a speaker assumes that his hearer is a partner in his sentiments, and says we, Instead of I or you
Barabbas - All four Gospels record that when Pilate offered to release Jesus, the assembled crowd demanded the release of Barabbas Instead
Galeed - It is pretty certain that we should read ‘Laban’ Instead of ‘Jacob’ in Genesis 31:45
Naaman - He went to the king Instead of to the prophet
Projector - ) An optical instrument for projecting a picture upon a screen, as by a magic lantern or by an instrument for projecting (by reflection Instead of transmission of light) a picture of an opaque object, as photographs, picture post-cards, insects, etc
Wages - The wages are lost Instead of saved because they are not invested for the glory of GOD
Empty - ...
Mark 12:3 (b) This is the condition of a servant of GOD who should have received the best from those to whom he ministered, but Instead, he received the worst
Propitiation - A kindred word (the verb) occurs in Hebrews 2:17 , where, Instead of 'to make reconciliation,' should be read "to make 'propitiation' for the sins of the people
Trap - ...
Psalm 69:22 (a) In this Messianic prophecy our Lord is telling us that His presence should have been a blessing to them, but Instead of that it excited their evil hearts and they became murderers of the One who loved them, and would have saved them
Adonists - A party among divines and critics, who maintain that the Hebrew points ordinarily annexed to the consonants of the word Jehovah are not the natural points belonging to that word, nor express the true pronunciation of it; but are the vowel points belonging to the words Adonai and Elohim, applied to the consonants of the ineffable name Jehovah, to warn the readers, that Instead of the word Jehovah, which the Jews were forbid to pronounce, and the true pronunciation of which had long been unknown to them, they are always to read Adonai
Yew - ) An evergreen tree (Taxus baccata) of Europe, allied to the pines, but having a peculiar berrylike fruit Instead of a cone
Mince - ) To suppress or weaken the force of; to extenuate; to palliate; to tell by degrees, Instead of directly and frankly; to clip, as words or expressions; to utter half and keep back half of
Orator - They were employed in causes of importance Instead of the common patron
Sabbatarianism - Some of them, while observing Sunday, have sought to make it as rigorous as the Sabbath of the Old Law; others, more consistently, keep the seventh day of the week Instead of the first, as a day of rest
Sabbatarians - Some of them, while observing Sunday, have sought to make it as rigorous as the Sabbath of the Old Law; others, more consistently, keep the seventh day of the week Instead of the first, as a day of rest
na'Hor - ) The order of the ages of the family of Terah is not improbably inverted in the narrative; in which case Nahor Instead of being younger than Abraham, was really older
Hardly - in Luke 9:39 , Instead of No
Stork - ), Instead of the expression "or wings and feathers unto the ostrich" (marg. , Instead of "kindly," reads "like the stork's")
Shobi - 164) suggests that the text of 2 Samuel 17:27 is corrupt, and that it originally read ‘and Nahash came,’ Instead of ‘Shobi, son of Nahash
Camauro - For a while it was worn by cardinals, though without the ermine trim, but in 1464 it was restricted to the pope with cardinals wearing the scarlet zucchetto Instead
Thunder - In Job 39:19 , Instead of "thunder," as in the Authorized Version, the Revised Version translates (ra'amah) by "quivering main" (marg
Belial - Latterly "Rake" ("vain fellows" (2 Samuel 6:20, harekim ), and "Fool" were used Instead: Matthew 5:22
Hypocrites: Discovered on Nearer Inspection - How many are like that famous painting of the olden time, in which the artist depicted what seemed at a distance a holy friar with a book before him, and his hands crossed in devotion, looking like a saint indeed, but when you came close to the venerable impostor, you found that his hands, though clasped, enclosed a lemon, and Instead of a book there was a punch-bowl into which he was squeezing the juice
Urijah -
A high priest in the time of Ahaz (2 Kings 16:10-16 ), at whose bidding he constructed an idolatrous altar like one the king had seen at Damascus, to be set up Instead of the brazen altar
Chimham - Taken by David to court, Instead of Barzillai the Gileadite, his father, to whom the king owed a debt of gratitude for help in his flight from Absalom
Carburettor - Alcohol and other volatile inflammable liquids may be used Instead of gasoline
Ashima - ” Hebrew writers may have deliberately written a word associated with guilt Instead of the name of the god or goddess
Sihor - In Jeremiah 2:18 Israel is warned against seeking the waters of the Nile; that is, trusting in Egypt Instead of in God: cf
Penny - In Revelation 6:6 "a measure (choenix , two or three pints) of wheat for a penny," implies comparative scarcity when a man's whole day's wages would only buy a day's provisions, Instead of, as ordinarily, buying 16 to 20 measures
Evolution - The Scriptures do not speak about evolution but Instead negate the theory by stating that God created all things (Genesis 1:1-31)
Leviathan - In Job 3:8 it should be translated 'leviathan,' Instead of 'their mourning,' and this confirms the general meaning of some monster
Cheese - Instead of rennet, the milk is coagulated either with buttermilk or a decoction of the flowers of the wild artichoke; and putting the curds into small baskets made with rushes, or with the dwarf-palm, they bind them up close and press them
Letter - Thus the Arabs roll up their letters, and then flatten them to the breadth of an inch and paste up the end Instead of sealing them; and the Persians make up their letters in the form of rolls, about six inches long, and paste a bit of paper around them with, gum and seal them with an impression of ink
Sackcloth - Sometimes it was worn under the ordinary clothes, bound upon the loins, or Instead of any other kind of dress; occasionally it was spread on the ground to be lain upon
Little Office of Blessed Virgin Mary - It was modified by Pius V in the 16th century and, Instead of a supplementary office, became the office of the day for certain Saturdays, for those bound to the recitation of the Roman Breviary
Soap - "The ancients made use of alkali mingled with oil, Instead of soap ( Job 9:30 ), and also in smelting metals, to make them melt and flow more readily and purely" (Gesenius)
Bracelet - ) In Genesis 38:18; Genesis 38:25, Instead of "bracelets" translate (pathiyb ) "the ribband" or guard by which Judah's signet was suspended to his neck
Corruptions: Strengthened by Habit - We must not wonder if the severest processes of affliction should be tried upon us, if the pick-axe is used Instead of the spade, that our stony places may yet yield soil for the plants of grace and holiness
Christ: Love of Proved - How know we this? It was his own father, and the love he bore his son was proved in this way: when the lists were called, the father, whose name was exactly the same as the son cried to the name, and the father rode in the gloomy tumbril out to the place of execution, and his head rolled beneath the axe Instead of his son's, a victim to mighty love
Brier - In Isaiah 55:13 "instead of the brier (sirpad ) shall come up the myrtle tree
Harod - Some Bible students see a reference to Judges 7:1 in Psalm 83:10 and make a slight change in the Hebrew text to read “Harod” Instead of “En-dor
Carriages - Isaiah 46:1; "your carriages were heavy laden," rather "(the images) which used to be carried by you (in solemn procession) are become heavy burdens"; Instead of carrying you as Jehovah does His people (Isaiah 46:3-4), they have to be carried as heavy burdens by you
Pillar - ) Having a support in the form of a pillar, Instead of legs; as, a pillar drill
Chicken - In Luke 13:34, where the word "brood" is used Instead of the word "chickens," we learn that in the early part of His ministry, CHRIST intended to gather all of Israel under His wings
Myrtle - During the millennium, 'instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree,' so that it seems to be a type of peace and blessing
Adaiah - The father of Maaseiah, who helped make young Joash king Instead of Athaliah, the queen mother (2 Chronicles 23:1 )
Worthy - ) Having suitable, adapted, or equivalent qualities or value; - usually with of before the thing compared or the object; more rarely, with a following infinitive Instead of of, or with that; as, worthy of, equal in excellence, value, or dignity to; entitled to; meriting; - usually in a good sense, but sometimes in a bad one
Chain - ...
Notes: (1) Some ancient authorities have seira, "a cord, rope, band, chain," in 2 Peter 2:4 , Instead of seiros, "a cavern," RV, "pits
Rain - Palestine differed from Egypt in that its vegetation was dependent on the rain from heaven, Instead of having to be watered from the river
Badger - Burckhardt remarks that he "saw parts of the skin of a large fish, killed on the coast, which was an inch in thickness, and is employed by the Arabs Instead of leather for sandals
Shem - In Genesis 10:21 , the word elder may be applied to Shem, Instead of Japheth
Advent - The Benedicite is sung Instead of the Te Deum;the Benedictus is recited in full, and the Collect for the FirstSunday in Advent is used daily throughout the Season
Fence - He reminds them that this is not true, and that GOD will destroy them Instead of they destroying him. Instead of appreciating this wonderful protection, they discarded His care, and became followers of the idolatry of the neighboring nations
Curse, the - Thorns and briers were the proof of a curse, Isaiah 32:13 ; but a time is coming when "instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and Instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree
Straw - This was the straw that Pharaoh refused to give to the Israelites who were therefore compelled to gather "stubble" Instead --a matter of considerable difficulty, seeing that the straw itself had been cut off near to the ground
Mattaniah - King Zedekiah's (Jehovah's justice) original name, changed when Nebuchadnezzar put him on the throne Instead of his nephew Jehoiachin (2 Kings 24:17)
Knop - In Amos 9:1 Instead of "lintel" (kaphtor ), and Zephaniah 2:14 translated "the sphere-like capital of the column
Pitcher - Instead of that they are compared to clay, which has little value, is easily broken, and contains nothing of value
Sickle (2) - The Palestinian sickle is a little longer than our common shearing-hook; the blade describes a somewhat wider curve, and the point, Instead of terminating sharply, is slightly turned backward
Seneh - In going from Geba to Michmash, Instead of going round by the passage of Michmash where the two valleys unite, Jonathan went directly across the ridge over the two rocks which lay between the passages or valleys
Frog - ) An oblong cloak button, covered with netted thread, and fastening into a loop Instead of a button hole
Windlass - In vessels the windlass is often used Instead of the capstan for raising the anchor
Abdon - Instead of Hebron, though most of the ancient versions favour Hebron
Abihu - They used strange, or common, fire, Instead of the sacred fire which they were required to use from the altar of burnt offering
Conversation - ...
A — 2: τρόπος (Strong's #5158 — Noun Masculine — tropos — trop'-os ) "a turning, a manner," is translated simply "be ye," RV in Hebrews 13:5 , Instead of "let your conversation be
Medal, Scapular - A blessed medal worn Instead of one or more of the small scapulars, authorized as a substitute by decree of Pope Pius X on December 16, 1910
Lemuel - Instead of "Lemuel
Matthias - Elected to the apostleship Instead of Judas the traitor
Vinegar - Instead of cordials, Christ's enemies gave Him on the cross first vinegar mixed with gall (Matthew 27:34), and myrrh (Mark 15:23); which after tasting He declined, for He would not encounter sufferings in a state of stupefaction by the myrrh; to criminals it would have been a kindness, to the Sinbearer it was meant as an insult (Luke 33:36)
Kiriath-Arba - ‘mother-city,’ Instead of ’abi , ‘father
Hen - Instead of calling the "brood," He called the "chickens" - the individual persons of Israel
Backslider - sug , 'to go back:' 'the backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways,' Instead of God's ways
Swallow - Balaam could not curse Israel whom God had blessed (Deuteronomy 23:5), nor Shimei David, nay God requited David good Instead (2 Samuel 16:5-12; Psalms 109:28)
Augsburgh or Augustan Confession - A civil was followed this diet that lasted upwards of twenty years, but which only spread the new opinions, Instead of extirpating them
Esar-Haddon - He sent priests to the Cuthaeans, whom Salmaneser, king of Assyria, had planted in Samaria, Instead of the Israelites: he took Jerusalem, and carried King Manasseh to Babylon, of which he had become master, perhaps, because there was no heir to Belesis, king of Babylon
Cockle - He says that this interpretation is certain, because, as Celsius had observed, ביש , in Arabic, denotes the aconite; and he intimates that it best suits Job 31:40 , where it is mentioned as growing Instead of barley
Scapular Medal - A blessed medal worn Instead of one or more of the small scapulars, authorized as a substitute by decree of Pope Pius X on December 16, 1910
Rite, Byzantine Orthodox - Instead of a Missal and Breviary, it has many service books, 20 in number
Rite of Constantinople - Instead of a Missal and Breviary, it has many service books, 20 in number
te Deum - The Te Deum is sung in the Church serviceevery day except during Advent and Lent when the Benedicite issung Instead
Affusion - Therecan be little doubt that affusion was practiced Instead of immersion,at the discretion of the Priest, in ancient as well as in moderntimes
Gibeah - It earned itself a bad reputation during the time of the judges when the men of Gibeah committed a serious crime and the leaders of Benjamin, Instead of punishing them, defended them
Becher - In 1 Chronicles 8:1 the reading possibly ought to be" Bela, Becher, and (instead of 'his firstborn,' only one Hebrew letter is thus omitted) Ashbel. ...
Becher, or his heir, would marry one, and so be reckoned among the Ephraimites Instead of in Benjamin
Tammuz - ...
Instead of" weeping for Tammuz," the idol of beauty and licentiousness, the women ought to have wept for the national sins. Christian women, Instead of weeping over fictitious tales of morbid love and carnal sorrows, ought to consecrate their fine sensibilities to the active promotion of the glory of Him who is altogether lovely, and whose bitter and unmerited sufferings should call forth our tears of grateful and glowing love
Salutation - Instead, Jesus endorsed a salutation when it signified the long-awaited presence of messianic “peace” (Hebrew, shalom ), that is the “peace” of the kingdom of God (Luke 10:5-13 ; Luke 19:42 ; John 14:27 ; John 20:21 ; Mark 15:18 ; compare Luke 2:14 ,Luke 2:14,2:29 ). Paul never opened his letters with this greeting; Instead, the apostle fused the Greek word for the typical Hebrew blessing, “Peace” (einrene), with the noun form of the Greek blessing, “Grace” (charis), to yield the distinctly Christian salutation: “Grace and Peace” (charis kai eirene)
Son - In Romans 9:26,27 ; 2 Corinthians 3:7,13 ; Galatians 3:7,26 ; Ephesians 2:2 ; Ephesians 5:6 ; Colossians 3:6 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:5 ; Hebrews 11:22 ; Hebrews 12:5 ; Revelation 2:14 ; Revelation 7:4 ; Revelation 12:5 ; Revelation 21 : 12 (and often in the Gospels and the Acts) 'sons' (υἱός) should be read Instead of 'children,' On the other hand, in John 1:12 ; 1 Corinthians 4:14,17 ; Philippians 2:15,22 ; 1 Timothy 1:2,18 ; 2 Timothy 1:2 ; 2 Timothy 2:1 ; Titus 1:4 ; Philippians 10 ; 1 John 3:1,2 , 'children' (τέκνον) should be read Instead of 'sons
Migdol - Ezekiel 29:10 ; Ezekiel 30:6 , where ‘from Migdol to Syene’ is the true reading, Instead of ‘from the tower of Seveneh
Doors - In the interior of Oriental houses, curtains were frequently used Instead of doors
Rehoboam - Instead of taking the advice of the older men, he acted on the counsel of those who wanted to increase further the burden
Nadab - It is often suggested that ‘strange’ fire means fire taken from a common source Instead of from the altar (cf
Watches of Night - The Jews, like the Greeks and Romans, divided the night into military watches Instead of hours, each watch representing the period for which sentinels or pickets remained on duty
Religion - James as president of the Jerusalem council (Acts 15:13-21) had decided against ritualism; so he teaches, Instead of Judaic ceremonialism, true religious service is (1) active, (2) passive (Micah 6:7-8; Matthew 23:23); compare Acts 26:5, "our religion"; Colossians 2:18, "worshipping," threeskeia
Ethan - Instead of ‘the Ezrahite’ it has been proposed to render ’ezrâhî of 1 Kings 4:31 ‘the native,’ i
Corrupt - Proverbs 25:26 (a) This is a picture of what GOD thinks of one who by virtue of his position and knowledge should be giving out blessings to the people, but Instead is giving out that which defiles the people
Prophet - Instead, he retains his own will, mind, and thoughts as he speaks for God
More - ) With an adjective or adverb (instead of the suffix -er) to form the comparative degree; as, more durable; more active; more sweetly
Dromedary - The most observable difference between it and the camel is, that it has but one protuberance on the back; and Instead of the slow solemn walk to which that animal is accustomed, it will go as far in one day as the camel in three
Accho - The Romish monks have an inn, whih serves them Instead of a convent
Telesphorus, Bishop of Rome - If so, Eusebius erred in placing his martyrdom in the reign of Antoninus Pius Instead of Hadrian
Anah - ) read son Instead of daughter , which would identify this Anah with 2
Abihu - The second son of Aaron, consecrated to the priesthood with his three brethren, Exodus 28:21 ; but consumed shortly after by fire from the Lord, with Nadab his brother, for burning incense with common fire Instead of that kept perpetually on the altar of burnt-offering, Leviticus 10:1-2 16:12 Numbers 16:46
Proconsul - 1: ἀνθύπατος (Strong's #446 — Noun Masculine — anthupatos — anth-oo'-pat-os ) from anti, "instead of," and hupatos, "supreme," denotes "a consul, one acting in place of a consul, a proconsul, the governor of a senatorial province" (i
Scorpion - The Lord's rhetorical question as to the provision of a "scorpion" Instead of an egg, Luke 11:12 , is firstly, an allusion to the egg-like shape of the creature when at rest; secondly, an indication of the abhorrence with which it is regarded
Bilhah - Blunt says, so vivid was the desire for the promised Redeemer, that "the wife provoked, Instead of resenting, the faithlessness of her husband, the mother taught her own child deceit, daughters deliberately worked their own and their fathers' shame, and the daughter-in-law courted the incestuous bed, and to be childless was a by-word" (Genesis 16:2; Genesis 30:3; Genesis 30:9; Genesis 25:23; Genesis 27:13; Genesis 19:31; Genesis 38:14)
Persons - 1), the fault of one who, when responsible to give judgment, has respect to the position, rank, popularity, or circumstances of men, Instead of their intrinsic conditions, preferring the rich and powerful to those who are not so, Romans 2:11 ; Ephesians 6:9 ; Colossians 3:25 ; James 2:1
Doctrines: Not For Controversy - It covered part of the property of each, nor could it be easily decided to whom the unexpected visitor belonged: but the honest rustics Instead of troubling the gentlemen of the long robe with their dispute, wisely resolved to end it by each party excavating the half of the rock on his own grounds, and converting the whole into two useful cottages, with comfortable rooms, and cellars for their little stock of wine, and there they now reside with their families
Election - But I now see that the doctrine of election is the greatest encouragement Instead of a discouragement to prayer
Weaving, Weavers - " We read also of the "warp" and "woof" ( Leviticus 13:48,49,51-53,58,59 ), but the Revised Version margin has, Instead of "warp," "woven or knitted stuff
Jareb - Instead of "avenger" to ward off foes, the expected protector proved to be God's "avenger" for Israel's and Judah's sins
Willows, Brook of the - end of the peninsula of the Dead Sea, so that Arabah in Amos 6:14 may mean "willow brook" Instead of brook of the Arabah, or Ghor, the southern continuation of the depressed valley of the Jordan and Dead Sea, toward the Red Sea
Napkin - Luke 19:20 (b) This is a type of the preparations made by gifted Christians for keeping and preserving their gifts, Instead of using them for the blessing of others
Bag - ...
Haggai 1:6 (b) This represents a business that failed, stocks and bonds that lose their value, barrenness in the fields caused by crop failure, the loss of sheep and cattle - generally speaking, the failure of those enterprises into which GOD's people put their money Instead of giving it to Him
Escutcheon - ) A marking upon the back of a cow's udder and the space above it (the perineum), formed by the hair growing upward or outward Instead of downward
Calvinism - It is completely undeserved by Man and is not based on anything God sees in man (Ephesians 1:1-11), 3) Limited atonement: that Christ did not bear the sins of every individual who ever lived, but Instead only bore the sins of those who were elected into salvation (John 10:11; Joh 10:15), 4) Irresistible grace: that God's call to someone for salvation cannot be resisted, 5) Perseverance of the saints: that it is not possible to lose one's salvation (John 10:27-28)
Thorns, Thistles - ...
In the millennium, "instead of the thorn shall come up the myrtle tree
Laban - His prompt hospitality towards Abraham's servant shows a heart disposed by the Lord in answer to prayer; but why he took the lead Instead of Bethuel, his father, is not revealed
Parbar - If we read bappĕrâdîm Instead of bapparvârîm , we get the meaning ‘who was over the mules
Stone - In early ages, flint-stone knives were in common use, Instead of steel, Exodus 4:25 Joshua 5:2
Gibeon - Instead the people of the town tricked the Israelites into promising to preserve them
Jonath Elem Rechokim, Upon - Instead of impatient self justification David in meek silence committed his cause to God (Psalms 38:13; compare as to his being like a "dove" far from home Psalms 55:6-7)
Impute, Imputation - This does not mean that God accepted Abraham's faith Instead of righteousness as an accomplishment meriting justification. Instead these are considered or reckoned as children of God (Romans 4:7-8 ,Romans 4:7-8,4:11 ,Romans 4:11,4:23-24 )
Mistakes: Our Aptness to Make - Alas, for our friend's happiness during the whole of the next twenty-four hours! The motion of the carriage made him miss his aim, and the bottle fell on the head of the woman Instead of into her basket. ours! We meant to cheer a troubled conscience and Instead thereof we wounded it yet more
Positive - ) Corresponding with the original in respect to the position of lights and shades, Instead of having the lights and shades reversed; as, a positive picture. ) A picture in which the lights and shades correspond in position with those of the original, Instead of being reversed, as in a negative
Ishmael - ...
In New Testament times, Paul saw this as a picture of those who try to achieve salvation through law-keeping Instead of through faith in Jesus Christ. They are in bondage to the law Instead of being free people in Christ (Galatians 4:21-26)
Thorn - He is informing them that he will bring weeds Instead of grain, and will curse their land Instead of blessing it. Instead of the blessing and profit, there will come sorrow and loss
Menology - The term, too, is at times used Instead of Menaion, or again, for the historical accounts contained therein
Matins - The first nocturn is introduced by Psalms 94 and a hymn; the third nocturn concludes with the Te Deum Instead of the ninth response
Hanging - , Instead of "hangings," has "tents" or "houses
Bethany -
The Revised Version in John 1:28 has this word Instead of Bethabara, on the authority of the oldest manuscripts
Flee, Fled - have this verb Instead of No
Exchange - A — 1: ἀντάλλαγμα (Strong's #465 — Noun Neuter — antallagma — an-tal'-ag-mah ) "the price received as an equivalent of, or in exchange for, an ariticle, an exchange" (anti, "instead of," allasso "to change," akin to allos, "another"), hence denotes the price at which the "exchange" is effected, Matthew 16:26 ; Mark 8:37
Divine - This word, Instead of theos, was purposely used by the Apostle in speaking to Greeks on Mars Hill, as in accordance with Greek usage
Beth-Aven - Instead of a house of God, Beth-el had become a house of deception and idolatry
Menologe - The term, too, is at times used Instead of Menaion, or again, for the historical accounts contained therein
Menologium - The term, too, is at times used Instead of Menaion, or again, for the historical accounts contained therein
Levi - In the parallel account in the Gospel of Matthew the man's name is given as “Matthew” Instead of “Levi” (Mark 9:9 )
ex - The form e- occurs Instead of ex- before b, d, g, l, m, n, r, and v, as in ebullient, emanate, enormous, etc
Accad - In the inscriptions of Sargon the name is applied to the Armenian mountains Instead of the vernacular Ararat" (Rawlinson, Herodotus, 1:319, note)
Canaan - read, "land of the Phoenicians," Instead of "land of Canaan
Ahaziah - The prophet Elijah announced Ahaziah would die because he sent for help from Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron, Instead of from Yahweh
Choose - The verb, in these phrases, is really transitive the following verb standing as the object, Instead of a noun
Gall - In Mark 15:23 myrrh is read Instead of gall; the meaning would be the same
Orge - ) A primitive device used Instead of a fishhook, consisting of an object easy to be swallowed but difficult to be ejected or loosened, as a piece of bone or stone pointed at each end and attached in the middle to a line
Almond, Almond Tree - In Ecclesiastes 12:5 , when everything seems to be decaying Instead of 'the almond tree shall flourish,' it may be translated 'the almond tree shall be despised;' others say, 'cause loathing;' others prefer to compare the almond tree to the white head of an old man hastening to the grave
Anti-Libanus - The Septuagint, on the contrary, puts Antilibanus often Instead of Libanus
Disciple - Disciple is often used Instead of Apostle in the Gospels; but, subsequently, Apostles were distinguished from disciples
Affirm - have it in Revelation 2:2 , Instead of the verb lego, "to say
Better - ...
Note: In Luke 5:39 the most authentic texts have chrestos, "good," Instead of the comparative, chrestoteros, "better
Better - ...
Note: In Luke 5:39 the most authentic texts have chrestos, "good," Instead of the comparative, chrestoteros, "better
Bdellium - The rabbins are followed by Reland in calling it a crystal; but some, Instead of bedolah, read berolah, changing the ד into ר , which are not always easily distinguished, and are often mistaken by transcribers; and so render it the beryl, which, say they, is the prime kind of crystal
Scorpion - Luke 11:12 seems to mean merely the bestowal of a dangerous and unwelcome gift rather than a good one, and may refer to the Greek proverb: "A scorpion Instead of a perch
Lot - Terah had intended to travel to Canaan, but stayed in Haran Instead (Genesis 11:31 ). Lot protected his guests and offered them his daughters Instead. Lot, Instead of going to the hills for safety, decided to live in another city (Zohar). ...
As it turned out, Lot feared to live in the city of Zohar and decided to live in the surrounding caves Instead. The followers of Jesus are warned not to desire their former lives, like Lot's wife, but to be willing Instead to lose their lives
Name - In Isaiah 65:15, "ye shall leave your name for a curse unto My chosen, for the Lord shall call His servants by another name": Instead of a "curse," as the name of Jew had been, the elect Jews shall have a new name, God's delight, "Hephzibah," and married to Him, "Beulah," Instead of "forsaken" and "widow" (Isaiah 62:2-4)
Book - have xulon, "tree (of life)," Instead of "biblion. Some texts have it also in verse Revelation 10:8 , Instead of biblion (but see beginning of No
Indulgences - Instead of confining them, according to their original institution, to the ordinary purposes of ecclesiastical discipline, they extended them to the punishment of the wicked in the world to come; Instead of shortening the duration of earthly penance, they pretended that they could deliver men from the pains of purgatory; Instead of allowing them gratuitously, and upon just grounds, to the penitent offender, they sold them in the most open and corrupt manner to the profligate and abandoned, who still continued in their vices
Hodaviah - Ezra 3:9 reads Judah Instead of Hodaviah, probably a copyists' change from the less familiar to the more familiar word
Scorpion - More probably He has in mind some such form of proverb as was current among the Greeks: ‘Instead of a perch, a scorpion
Rabbi - And if there were more than one person dignified with the name of master, doctor or Lord, Instead of Rabbi, my master, they were called Rabbim, masters
Jashobeam - 2 Samuel 23:8 spells the name Josheb-basshebeth (see modern translations), the last part of which represents the Hebrew word for shame, at times used by scribes Instead of an original name containing the Canaanite god's name Baal, leading some interpreters to see the original name here as Yishbaal
Religion: Must be Personal - ' Ellen quickly did so, and brought it to his bedside; but, Instead of taking it in his own hand, he quietly said, 'Now, dear, will you drink it for me?' 'Me drink it! What do you mean? I am sure I would, in a minute, if it would cure you all the same; but you know it won't do you any good, unless you take it yourself
Christians of st Thomas - In the Eucharist they consecrate with little cakes made of oil and salt, and Instead of wine make use of water in which raisins have been infused
Bible: to be Read With Delight - Hone was so touched with the sincerity of that expression, that he read the Bible himself, and Instead of being an opponent to the things of God, came to be a friend of divine truth
Nahor - Some think we have, Instead, the name of a lost tribe once resident in the neighbourhood of Haran, from which the Aramæar tribes were descended
Meshech - These two peoples, possibly kindred, appear almost always in conjunction in OT; so even in Isaiah 66:18 , where read ‘Meshech’ Instead of ‘that draw the bow’ (the word for ‘bow’ being a supplementary gloss)
Pit - ...
Psalm 88:6 (b) Since this was written by the sons of Korah, whose father went down to hell alive, therefore, it may be that these sons are indicating that they too should have been punished by GOD, but Instead were saved by His grace
Nicodemus - He came to the Lord by night for instruction, and was greatly astonished to find that, Instead of instruction, he needed to be born again
Baldness - Artificial baldness was used as a token of mourning; it is threatened to the voluptuous daughters of Israel, Instead of well set hair, Isaiah 3:24
Between - , among, or in the midst of, hence, between, is used in 1 Corinthians 6:5 , of those in the church able to decide between brother and brother, Instead of their going to law with one another in the world's courts
Gloria in Excelsis - By the rubric permission is given to use a hymn Instead of it, and this is often done duringAdvent and Lent, thus reserving the Gloria in Excelsis for usein more joyous seasons such as Christmas, Easter, etc
Reward - This can happen if they live for themselves Instead of for God. They build their lives according to the world’s values Instead of according to God’s
Barzillai - ...
Instead of grasping at honors and favors at court, he remembers his age, fourscore, "How long have I to live, that I should go P" and prefers to die among his own people, independent though in less grandeur
Forty Days, the Great - Matthias in the place of the traitorJudas—thus indicating the perpetuity of the Apostolate; theobservance of the first day of the week Instead of the seventh; theordaining of Deacons thus indicating "divers orders" in His Church;the Rite of Confirmation; Frequent Communion, Infant Baptism andmany other things to be noted in the Acts of the Apostles,which have become inherent features of the Church; how else arethey to be accounted for and explained but as being among "the thingspertaining to the Kingdom of God" of which the Master spake duringthese Great Forty Days? If not, then how came about their universalacceptance and continuance even unto this present day?...
Vine - ...
Hosea 10:1 is rendered in the Revised Version, "Israel is a luxuriant vine, which putteth forth his fruit," Instead of "Israel is an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit unto himself," of the Authorized Version
Coney - Proverbs 30:26; "the coneys are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks:" exactly true of the hyrax; with weak teeth, short incisors, and nails Instead, it seems defenseless, but its security is in rocky hiding places, such as Ain Feshkah on the Dead Sea shore
Obadiah, Book of - Instead the Edomites took the opportunity to plunder the helpless city (Obadiah 1:17-2127; Obadiah 1:13)
Teraphim - Related perhaps to seraphim , the recognized symbol attending Jehovah; so perverted into a private idol meant to represent Him, a talisman whereby to obtain responses, Instead of by the lawful priesthood through the Urim and Thummim
Hanani - of Syria, to help him against Baasha of Israel, Instead of "relying on the Lord his God," "whose eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him" (Jeremiah 17:5)
Malefactor - Hence it is maintained by Alford and others that we ought to read ‘two other malefactors’ (without a comma after ‘other’) Instead of ‘two others, malefactors’ (Authorized Version and Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 )
Anah - " Instead of "mules" (Genesis 36:24) translate yemin "water springs"; not as Luther, "he invented mules" (Leviticus 19:19), but "discovered hotsprings" (so Vulgate and Syriac vers
Crop - ) A riding whip with a loop Instead of a lash
Balaam - He was hired by Balak king of Moab to curse Israel, but God compelled him to bless Instead of curse His chosen people
Creeper - ) A kind of patten mounted on short pieces of iron Instead of rings; also, a fixture with iron points worn on a shoe to prevent one from slipping
Distemper - Tempera) Instead of oil, usually for scene painting, or for walls and ceilings of rooms
Air - Inept boxers hit the air Instead of opponents (1 Corinthians 9:26 )
Antinomianism - Instead, we are to be controlled by the love of God and in that way bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-25)
Jump - ) A bodice worn Instead of stays by women in the 18th century
Antichrist - 1: ἀντίχριστος (Strong's #500 — Noun Masculine — antichristos — an-tee'-khris-tos ) can mean either "against Christ" or "instead of Christ," or perhaps, combining the two, "one who, assuming the guise of Christ, opposes Christ" (Westcott)
Blind, Blindness - have prosaites, "a beggar," RV, Instead of tuphlos, "blind
Rachel - When the time was expired Jacob was cheated by Laban, and Leah was given him Instead
Beer-Sheba - According to the first, the well was dug by Abraham, and the name given, Genesis 21:31; the other narrative ascribes the origin of the name to Isaac Instead of Abraham
Wilderness - Instead of entering the Promised Land immediately from Kadesh, they were driven back into the wilderness for their disobedience, and there wandered for 40 years
Ken'Ite, the, - " ( Judges 1:16 ) But one of the sheikhs of the tribe, Heber by name, had wandered north Instead of south
Dispersion - Instead they spoke Greek, the common language of the Roman Empire, and so became known as Hellenists (from the word hellas, meaning ‘Greece’)
Julianus, Missionary Priest to the Nubians - The empress Theodora warmly encouraged the undertaking and consulted Justinian about it, who became interested but objected to Julian as a Monophysite, and named another Instead, whilst Theodora persisted in favouring Julian
Gold - , "exactress," adopting the reading Marhebah , Instead of the usual word Madhebah )
Person - (3) In Philemon 1:12 , the pronoun autos, "he," placed in a position of strong emphasis, is translated "in his own person," RV, stressing the fact that in spite of the Apostle's inclination to retain Onesimus, he has sent him, as being, so to speak, "his very heart," Instead of adopting some other method
Deacon - " For a long period a feeling of mutual jealousy had existed between the "Hebrews," or Jews proper, who spoke the sacred language of palestine, and the "Hellenists," or Jews of the Grecian speech, who had adopted the Grecian language, and read the Septuagint version of the Bible Instead of the Hebrew
Trumpets, Feast of, - Instead of the mere blowing of the trumpets of the temple at the time of the offering of the sacrifices, it was "a day of blowing of trumpets
Hephzibah - ) Jehovah's name for Jerusalem when restored to His favor (Isaiah 62:4); Instead of being as now "desolate" and "forsaken
Eliab - ; he knew himself still less than he did David); uncharitable surmising Instead of the love that thinketh no evil ("thou art come down that thou mightest see the battle"
Whelp - They should have been as lambs, raised among the sheep, but were wild Instead
Burnt Offering - Genesis 8:20 (c) This offering represents the perfect life and the perfect person of the Lord JESUS offered up to GOD in the place of and Instead of our imperfect character and unholy life
Achish - ...
The unbelieving propensity to calculate probabilities, Instead of trusting implicitly to God, misleads even believers into self sought positions of great spiritual danger
Communication - In rhetoric, a trope by which a speaker or writer takes his hearer or speaker as a partner in his sentiments, and says we, Instead of I or you
Potiphar - Potiphar scarcely believed his lustful wife's story, or he would have killed Joseph at once; but Instead he put him in severe imprisonment at first, then with Potiphar's connivance the prison keeper put the same confidence in Joseph as Potiphar himself had put in him when he was free
Tiglathpileser, Tilgathpilneser - Scripture relates that Ahaz met him there, and also that he paid a heavy tribute; but the final result was that Tiglath-pileser, Instead of helping Ahaz, distressed him, and carried away captive the tribes on the east of the Jordan
Asher - The noun, which is taken from the root, is never used but in the plural number, blessedness Instead of blessed, as in the first word of Psalms 1:1-6
no - Instead of 'populous No,' 'No of Amon' should be read, referring to the Egyptian god Amon; and in Jeremiah 46:25 for 'the multitude of No,' 'Amon of No' should be read
Agate - Others translate the word 'minarets, pinnacles, battlements,' and Instead of ' agates' many prefer rubies
Following - 4:25: “And Adam [1] his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed Instead of Abel
Abihu - the son of Aaron, the high priest, was consumed, together with his brother Nadab, by fire sent front God, because he had offered incense with strange fire, Instead of taking it from the altar, Leviticus 10:1-2
Ahimaaz - But Instead of him Joab sent Cushi to carry the news, and told Ahimaaz that he would send him to the king upon some other occasion; but soon after Cushi was departed, Ahimaaz applied again to Joab, praying to be permitted to run after Cushi; and, having obtained leave, he ran by the way of the plain, and outran Cushi
Candlestick, - In Solomon's temple, Instead of or in addition to this candlestick there were ten golden candlesticks similarly embossed, five in the right and five on the left
Viper - Paul, Acts xxviii, whom the people of Melita, when they saw the viper leap upon his hand, presently concluded to be a murderer; and as readily made a god of him when, Instead of having his hand inflamed, or falling down dead, one or other of which is usually the effect of these bites, he without any harm shook the reptile into the fire: it being obvious enough to imagine that he must stand in a near relation at least to the gods themselves, who could thus command the messengers of their vengeance, and counterwork the effects of such powerful agents
Palm - Among seamen, an instrument used in sewing canvas Instead of a thimble
Score - Madam, I know when, Instead of five, you scored me ten
Bottle - The great leathern bottles are made of the skin of a he-goat, and the small ones, that serve Instead of a bottle of water on the road, are made of a kid's skin
Candlestick, - In Solomon's temple, Instead of or in addition to this candlestick there were ten golden candlesticks similarly embossed, five in the right and five on the left
Hypocrisy - They thought that their show of religion would impress people and please God, but it brought Instead condemnation from Jesus (Matthew 6:2-5; Matthew 23:13-36; Luke 12:56)
Millennium - "Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and Instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree. ...
There will be universal peace and blessing all over the earth: Instead of the invention of weapons of slaughter, the swords will be beaten into ploughshares
Honey - The ancients used honey Instead of sugar (Psalm 119:103 ; Proverbs 24:13 ); but when taken in great quantities it caused nausea, a fact referred to in Proverbs 25:16,17 to inculcate moderation in pleasures
Orphanages - Instead of one large building in which all the orphans live a common life, a number of small houses are provided, and the children are distributed among them in groups containing different ages and different types, supervised by an adult who should strive to fill the role of a parent to them
Straw, Stubble - Accordingly, when the Hebrews in Egypt ‘gathered stubble for straw’ ( Exodus 5:12 ), what they did was to pull up the stalks of wheat left standing in the fields and cut them up into short pieces suitable for brick-making, Instead of being allowed to procure the tibn ready to their hand from the local threshing-floors
On - Versions have "Heliopolis" ("city of the sun") Instead of On in Genesis and of Aven in Ezekiel
Samaritans - 677), the king of Assyria, brought from Babylon and other places and settled in the cities of Samaria, Instead of the original inhabitants whom Sargon (B
Bull - Hosea 14:2; "so shall we render the calves of our lips;" Instead of sacrifices of calves, which we cannot offer to Thee in exile, we present the praises of our lips
Borrow - ...
In Matthew 5:42 , Jesus cites generosity “from him that would borrow of thee” as one example of an unexpected, loving response (instead of the typical self-protective response) to others' demands and abuses
Panel - ) A slab or plank of wood upon which, Instead of canvas, a picture is painted
Seraiah - In verse 59, Instead of 'a quiet prince,' it is better translated 'chief chamberlain,' as in the margin
Abba - " Instead of the definite article which the Hebrew uses before the word, the Chaldee or Aramaic adds a syllable to the end, producing thus the emphatic or definitive form
Kid - The milk which should have sustained the little kid was used Instead to boil it
Truck - ) The practice of paying wages in goods Instead of money; - called also truck system
Fight - Instead of swords, words spoken by a lying tongue are often used “to fight” against God’s servants ( Tribe - Instead of twelve tribes, there were now thirteen, that of Joseph being two
Vent - ...
Instead of vent in the latter sense, we use vend
Magnentius, , Flavius Popilius, Emperor - 18, 350, he was proclaimed emperor Instead of Constans, then absent on a hunting expedition
Sin Offering - The victim was a ram Instead of a female sheep or goat. ) The later Jews, Instead of setting the scape-goat free in the wilderness, led it to a high precipice called Sook ("narrow") and dashed it down
Organ - Reed organs, having vibrating metal tongues Instead of pipes, came into use c1500 Modern church organs are supplied with air by powerful electric blowers
Shepherd - Sometimes the word "pastor" is used Instead (Jeremiah 2:8 ; 3:15 ; 10:21 ; 12:10 ; 17:16 )
Seraiah - Jeremiah 51:59 is rendered in the Revised Version, "Now Seraiah was chief chamberlain," Instead of "was a quiet prince," as in the Authorized Version
Chapel - If there be a presentation ad ecclesiam Instead of capellam, and an admission and institution upon it, it is no longer a chapel, but a church for themselves and families
Salt - Thus in Genesis 19:26 he would read "pillar of asphalt;" and in Matthew 5:13 , Instead of "salt," "petroleum," which loses its essence by exposure, as salt does not, and becomes asphalt, with which pavements were made
Omri (1) - Omri was at the siege of Gibbethon at the time, and his troops acclaimed him king Instead of his rival
Robbery - Instead, the emphasis is upon restoration of the stolen property to its lawful owner (Exodus 22:1 ,Exodus 22:1,22:4 ,Exodus 22:4,22:7 ,Exodus 22:7,22:9 ; Leviticus 6:1-7 ; Numbers 5:5-8 )
Women - Instead of being immured in a harem, or appearing in public with the face covered
Chittim - (Hebrew, Instead of "the company of the Ashurites," "they have made thy (rowing) benches of ivory inlaid in the daughter of cedars," i
Remphan - " Instead of "Chiun your images" Pusey, deriving Chiun from chun "to fix firmly," translated Amos, "ye did bear the (portable) shrine of your idol king, and the pedestal of your images," etc
Ecbatana - Ezra, living a century after, would not have been likely to have fixed on Ecbatana as the place of finding Cyrus' decree, had he been inventing, Instead of recording facts
Azure Vestments - According to a decree of the Congregation of Rites, February 12, 1884, by special indult some dioceses of Spain must use blue vestments Instead of white on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, during its octave, and during the year whenever the Mass of the Immaculate Conception is said
Shoes - For shoes of 'iron and brass,' Deuteronomy 33:25 , some translate 'bolts' Instead of 'shoes
Litany - Before the last review of the common prayer, the litany was a distinct service by itself, and used sometimes after the morning prayer was over; at present it is made one office with the morning service, being ordered to be read after the third collect for grace, Instead of the intercessional prayers in the daily service
Abiathar - Some suppose that the names should be transposed, and that Abiathar is meant; but this Ahimelech may have been a son of the above-named Abiathar (it not being at all unusual to name a son after his grandfather) and for some reason he is mentioned in these passages as priest Instead of his father
zo'ar - (Genesis 19:15 ; 23:27 ) The definite position of Sodom is, and probably will always be, a mystery; but there can be little doubt that the plain of the Jordan was at the north side of the Dead Sea and that the cities of the plain must therefore have been situated there Instead of at the southern end of the lake, as it is generally taken for granted they were
Cheer, Cheerful, Cheerfully, Cheerfulness - , in Acts 24:10 , Instead of the comparative degree, euthumoteron
Vestments, Azure - According to a decree of the Congregation of Rites, February 12, 1884, by special indult some dioceses of Spain must use blue vestments Instead of white on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, during its octave, and during the year whenever the Mass of the Immaculate Conception is said
Vestments, Blue - According to a decree of the Congregation of Rites, February 12, 1884, by special indult some dioceses of Spain must use blue vestments Instead of white on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, during its octave, and during the year whenever the Mass of the Immaculate Conception is said
Salvation - Thus, Instead of saying, God saves them and protects them, they say, God is their salvation
Thrust - ...
Notes: (1) In Matthew 11:23 ; Luke 10:15 the best texts have katabaino, "to go down" (RV), Instead of katabibazo, in the Passive Voice, "to be thrust down or brought down" (AV)
Thief, Thieves - ' The use of the present tense Instead of the future emphasizes the certainty of the coming
Token - 1: σημεῖον (Strong's #4592 — Noun Neuter — semeion — say-mi'-on ) "a sign, token or indication," is translated "token" in 2 Thessalonians 3:17 , of writing of the closing salutations, the Apostle using the pen himself Instead of his amanuensis, his autograph attesting the authenticity of his Epistles
Sophronius, Ecclesiastical Writer - They were well received, and were read in many of the Eastern churches Instead of the Septuagint
Denial - Believers ‘deny self’ for the sake of Christ by allowing their lives to be ruled by Christ Instead of by themselves
Calf Worship - ...
Hosea denounces the calf worship, and calls Bethel Bethaven, the house of vanity, Instead of the house of God (Hosea 8:5-6; Hosea 10:5-6). In Hosea 14:2 we read "calves of our lips": Instead of calves which we can no longer offer in our exile, we present praises of our lips; so Hebrews 13:15
Equality - All disciples are in danger of desiring to be honoured by titles here, Instead of awaiting God’s bestowal of dignity in the new life beyond (Matthew 23:8-12). This precept of service, Instead of insistence upon equality (Luke 22:26-27), was beautifully and touchingly practised by the Master-Servant on the night of His betrayal (John 13:5)
Manna - They came to detest the manna and longed Instead for the rich foods of Egypt (v. But Jesus wanted his disciples to seek for the bread of heaven that gives life to the world, Instead of physical bread to satisfy their appetites
Offering - ...
Burnt Offering Leviticus 1:3 (c) This represents the offering of the entire person of the Lord JESUS to be accepted Instead of our entire person. ...
Meat Offering Leviticus 2:1 (c) This is a picture of the beautiful, smooth life of the Lord JESUS CHRIST offered to GOD Instead of the horrible, rough life that we have lived
Archippus - immediately after a reference to Laodicea; (2) the alleged unlikelihood of Archippus being addressed in Colossians 4:17 indirectly Instead of directly, if he were himself an official of the Church to which St. Theophylact, in his commentary, supposes that the apostolic message is purposely made public, Instead of being conveyed in a private letter, riot so much to suggest Archippus’ special need of admonition, as to enable him, without offence, to deal in like manner with brethren under himself
Targum - And Abraham went and brought the ram, and offered him for a burnt offering Instead of his son. So Abraham went and took him, and offered him for a burnt offering Instead of his son
Begin, Beginning, Beginner - " In Acts 11:4 the RV suitably has "began, and expounded," Instead of "from the beginning. , aparchen, Instead of ap' arches)
Bar-Kochba - Severus avoided direct confrontation, weakening the rebels Instead by capturing them in small groups, cutting supply lines, besieging fortresses, and starving them
Seed, Seedtime - ‘seed’ Instead of the plur
Hand - , Instead of, as in the Authorized Version, "My sore ran in the night," etc
Mahanaim - Here also, after a troubled reign, Ishbosheth was murdered by two of his own bodyguard (2 Samuel 4:5-7 ), who brought his head to David at Hebron, but were, Instead of being rewarded, put to death by him for their cold-blooded murder
Fellowship - have koinonia, Instead of oikonomia, "dispensation," RV
Faith - The thoughtless and confused bargeman, Instead of seizing the rope, laid hold on the log
Mosque - About every mosque there are six high towers, called minarets, each of which has three little open galleries one above another: these towers as well as the mosques are covered with lead, and adorned with gilding and other ornaments; and from thence, Instead of a bell, the people are called to prayers by certain officers appointed for that purpose
Micah - But Micah did not come from the priestly tribe, so when a Levite happened to visit his house, Micah made him priest Instead (Judges 17)
Benaiah - His unquestioned loyalty to David led Adonijah not to include him as he attempted to replace David as king Instead of Solomon (1 Kings 1:8-26 )
Poison - Instead of this, Israel produced hatred, idolatry and lust
Milk - Instead it was used to destroy the tender, young animal
Architecture, Byzantine - Christian architecture of the East which supplanted the early forms held in common by East and West, characterized by exclusive use of vaulted roofs and rejection of wood in construction, balancing of thrusts by counter-thrusts Instead of dead weight, and classic Roman structural elements modified by oriental ideas, of which the most important is the dome supported on pendentives
Communicate - Instead of this, in America, at least in New England, commune is generally or always used
Excellency, Excellent - at Ecclesiastes 2:13 , where Instead of ‘wisdom excelleth folly’ is suggested ‘there is an excellency in wisdom more than in folly
Gifts, Spiritual Gifts - Instead, they are available to the believer...
if and when God decides it is beneficial to use them
Sheep - The Syrian cooks use the mass of fat Instead of the rancid Arab butter
Leprosy - " That is, the leprosy, Instead of striking inwards, had worked itself out, typical of a man truly confessing his sin; then the effect only of the defilement remains
Babe - It is used (a) of "infants," Matthew 21:16 ; (b) metaphorically, of the unsophisticated in mind and trustful in disposition, Matthew 11:25 and Luke 10:21 , where it stands in contrast to the wise; of those who are possessed merely of natural knowledge, Romans 2:20 ; of those who are carnal, and have not grown, as they should have done, in spiritual understanding and power, the spiritually immature, 1 Corinthians 3:1 , those who are so to speak partakers of milk, and "without experience of the word of righteousness," Hebrews 5:13 ; of the Jews, who, while the Law was in force, were in state corresponding to that of childhood, or minority, just as the word "infant" is used of a minor, in English law, Galatians 4:3 , "children;" of believers in an immature condition, impressionable and liable to be imposed upon Instead of being in a state of spiritual maturity, Ephesians 4:14 , "children
Without - In this sentence, without is a preposition still, but followed by a member of a sentence, Instead of a single noun
Kiss - To testify abject submission, and in asking favors, the feet are often kissed Instead of the hand
Psaltery - The Greek psalterium ( psalterion ), from which our word is derived, denotes an instrument played with the fingers Instead of a plectrum or quill, the verb being used of twanging the bow-string
Veil - " (Song of Song of Solomon 5:7) If the reader enters into the full apprehension of the custom of the vail, he will consider the spouse of Christ as here clothed with her Radid, her marriage vail, shewing who she was, and that she was in subjection to her own husband, (Ephesians 5:23-24) seeking him in the ordinances, which are here called the streets of the city, were she ought to seek him; and the watchmen, the ministers of the gospel, found her in this enquiry, but Instead comforting her with some new and sweet view of her Lord, speaking to her in her then dispirit case and circumstances, in shewing her the safety of a soul justified in Christ's blood and righteousness, however dark and uncomfortable in herself; Instead of this, time keepers took away her vail, her covering in Christ, treated her as if a strumpet, as though she was not married to Jesus, and had no right to the Radid, or marriage vail. ...
I pause over this view of the subject to ask my own heart, while I desire the reader to consult his own also, whether this treatment may not in the present hour be too often shewn to the church, the spouse of Christ, in numberless instances of the individual members of his mystical body, when ministers, watchmen, and keepers of the walls of Zion, Instead of strengthening seeking souls in the Lord Jesus's blood and righteousness, are taking away their confidence in him, to direct them in seeking somewhat in themselves. Oh, how little do the best-taught ministers of Christ know of their people's sorrows, and of Jesus's all-suitableness and all-sufficiency! But to take away the believer's Radid, her marriage vail, her wedding garment, her nuptial band, in Christ, oh! what a wounding, what smiting, of a poor sin-sick soul must this be! And it is possible yea, more than possible, that Christ own ministers may but too often fall into this error, when, Instead of making Christ what God the Father had made him, the Alpha and Omega of his church, they are directing their people to somewhat besides Jesus for comfort and consolation
Harlot - , Instead of the rendering of the Authorized Version, "now they washed," of 1 Kings 22:38
Hazor - The name here should probably be connected with the word following, Ithnan, HAZOR-ITHNAN Instead of "Hazor and Ithnan
Even, Evening, Eventide - have the word in Acts 20:15 , "in the evening (we touched)," Instead of hetera, "next (day)
Equal, Equality - , "equalities;" "in the RV the words are translated 'on an equality with God,' Instead of 'equal with God,' as in the AV
Catechism - In this way they will know nothing but words: it will prove a laborious task, and not a pleasure; confirm them in a bad habit of dealing in sounds Instead of ideas; and after all, perhaps create in them an aversion to religion itself
Dance - Michal should, in accordance with the example of Miriam and others, have herself led the female choir, Instead of keeping aloof on the occasion and "looking through the window
Treaty - This was particularly so when Israel (or Judah) trusted for military victory in an alliance with a foreign nation Instead of trusting in God (1 Kings 15:18-20; Isaiah 30:1-3; Isaiah 30:15)
Sprinkle, Sprinkling - ) Instead of baptizo
Security - It is natural to meet a Latin legal term in this Roman court; the politarchs of Thessalonica may even have used the Latin Instead of the κοινή
Almond Tree - In Ecclesiastes 12:5, Instead of "the almond tree shall flourish," Gesenius translates "(the old man) loathes (through want of appetite) even the (sweet) almond;" for the blossom is pink, not white, the color of the old man's hair
Five - GOD recognizes the poverty and inability of His children and gives them the privilege of bringing turtle doves which cost nothing Instead of larger offerings which cost much
Coal - The destruction of the forests of Palestine and Syria may be assigned as the main reason for the absence of timbered gables, and the universal prevalence, Instead, of brickwork cupola roofs, and also for the wretched substitutes for fuel now employed by the natives, such as sun-dried cakes of chaff and dung, etc
Strange - Instead of that they produced idolatry, evil and sinful products which were a terrible offense to GOD
Implicit Faith - Jortin, is too often no more than a temple consecrated to implicit faith; and he who enters in there to worship, Instead of leaving his shoes, after the eastern manner, must leave his understanding at the door; and it will be well if he find it when he comes out again
Web - ) A disk or solid construction serving, Instead of spokes, for connecting the rim and hub, in some kinds of car wheels, sheaves, etc
Keri And Chethib - The keri (or qeri ) are placed in the notes, and signify 'to be read,' Instead of what is in the text, which latter is called chethib (or kethib ), 'written
Ark - " And it were to be wished, that such men would call to mind the Lord's jealousy in the case of the men of Bethshemesh, (1 Samuel 6:19) and also the circumstance of Uzzah, (1 Chronicles 13:10) What was the sin of all those but overlooking Christ? And wherein do those differ, who talk of arks Instead of one ark, and that expressly, and on no other account valuable, than as it represented the Lord Jesus? (1 Samuel 4:3; 2 Samuel 15:24)...
Shut - Sâgar is used for the first time in the Old Testament in the story of the creation of the woman from the rib of the man: “And the Lord God … closed up the flesh Instead thereof” ( Mine - Also, in the old style, used attributively, Instead of my, before a noun beginning with a vowel
Mount - ) A mass of earth, or earth and rock, rising considerably above the common surface of the surrounding land; a mountain; a high hill; - used always Instead of mountain, when put before a proper name; as, Mount Washington; otherwise, chiefly in poetry
Bondage - 1, in being transitive Instead of intransitive, signifies "to make a slave of, to bring into bondage," Acts 7:6 ; 1 Corinthians 9:19 , RV; in the Passive Voice, "to be brought under bondage," 2 Peter 2:19 ; "to be held in bondage," Galatians 4:3 (lit
Goat - A well-known animal, resembling the sheep, but covered with hair Instead of wool
Sisters of Saint Joseph - The movement for general government, with a member of the congregatjon as superior Instead of episcopal control, was begun in 1860 and brought to a successful issue in 1877
High Places - The Israelites were commanded to destroy these places of idol worship, Deuteronomy 12:2 , but Instead of this, they imitated the heathen, and at first worshipped Jehovah in high places, 1 Samuel 9:12 1 Kings 3:4 , and afterwards idols, 1 Kings 11:7 2 Kings 17:10,11
ez'ra - The principal works ascribed to him by the Jews are--
The instruction of the great synagogue; ...
The settling the canon of Scripture, and restoring, correcting and editing the whole sacred volume; ...
The introduction of the Chaldee character Instead of the old Hebrew or Samaritan; ...
The authorship of the books of Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and, some add, Esther; and, many of the Jews say, also of the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and the twelve prophets; ...
The establishment of synagogues
Piece of Silver - There are other passages in which the Authorized Version supplies the word "shekels" Instead of "pieces," (22:19,29; Judges 17:2,3,4,10 ; 2 Samuel 18:11,12 ) and of these the first two require this to be done
Hades - have thanatos, "death," in the 2nd part of the verse, Instead of "hades," which the AV wrongly renders "grave" ("hell," in the marg
Tradition - The observance of the first day of the week Instead of theseventh
Fool, Folly - The writers apply it to those who rely entirely on their own understanding and ability Instead of relying on God
Laurentius (36) - ) that his narration was gained from tradition Instead of reciting the Acts as his custom was (S
Damascus - But Instead of making Damascus the provincial capital, the new rulers built a new capital at Antioch
Boasting - One result of pride and self-sufficiency is that people boast of their achievements Instead of giving honour to God (Deuteronomy 8:11-14; Jeremiah 9:23; Daniel 4:30; 1 Corinthians 4:7; James 4:13-16)
Vettius Epagathus - Vettius was probably a Roman citizen, and as such was simply beheaded Instead of undergoing the tortures of the amphitheatre
Ben-Hadad - But Instead of smiting the ground repeatedly he only smote thrice from want of faith; so, Instead of destroying the Syrians as he might have done, he only was to smite them thrice, which he did in Aphek (2 Kings 13:14-19) in the Esdraelon plain, where Ahab had defeated Ben-Hadad I (1 Kings 20:26); compare Amos 1:3-4, which foretells Ben-Hadad's overthrow
Pleasure - Yet, far more than all this, the pursuit of pleasures is disloyalty, because it is the following after will-o’-the-wisps (as it were) Instead of the steadfast regard to the Light of the world (John 8:12; John 9:5). It is really a folly to accumulate the means of pleasure (Luke 12:15; Luke 12:19); but for the Christian it is treason to pursue pleasure Instead of leaving all and following Him (Luke 5:11)
Humour - Would a father, for example, offer a hungry child a stone Instead of bread, a snake Instead of a fish, a scorpion Instead of an egg (Matthew 7:9-10, Luke 11:11-12)? The Pharisee, He says, is like a man who cleans the outside of his cup and forgets that he drinks from the inside (Matthew 23:26)
Eden - How different will be the aspect and arrangement of this favoured spot, if it be placed where only, according to the words of Moses, it can be placed; namely, at the heads or fountains of the rivers described, Instead of their mouths. ...
The country of Eden, therefore, according to others, was some where in Media, Armenia, or the north of Mesopotamia; all mountainous tracts, and affording, Instead of the sickening plains of Babylonia, some of the grandest, as well as the richest scenery in the world. Wells, in order to support his hypothesis of the situation of Eden on the lower parts of the Euphrates and Tigris, after giving these rivers a distribution which has now no existence, makes the Pison and Gihon to be parts of the Tigris and Euphrates themselves: an arrangement at perfect disagreement with the particular description of Moses; beside, that the Gihon thus called, Instead of compassing the whole land of Cush, can only be said to skirt an extreme corner of it
Simon - said that Simon was crucified Instead of Jesus
Feudalism And the Church - Instead of being a universal Church, she was threatened with separating into a number of national churches under territorial princes
Kadesh - Here the people murmured for want of water, as their forefathers had done formerly at Rephidim; and Moses, irritated by their chidings, "with his rod smote the rock twice," Instead of "speaking to the rock before their eyes," as the Lord had commanded him (Compare Numbers 27:14 ; Deuteronomy 9:23 ; Psalm 106:32,33 )
Lame - Some are weak Christians and stumble along the way Instead of being able to stand for the faith, resisting the enemy
Bochim - ...
As there they entered into covenant with the Lord with the ritual act of self consecration, and so were assured of victory from the Lord, so here at Bochim (unknown geographically) the divine Angel makes known to them that by their making peace with the Canaanites, Instead of rooting them out, they have broken the covenant and so must pay the penalty
Scribe - ; Luke 11:46 ; by their traditions the Law, Instead of being a help in moral and spiritual life, became an instrument for preventing true access to God, Luke 11:52
Covetousness - the idolatry of the heart; where, as in a temple, the miserable wretch excludes God, sets up gold Instead of him, and places that confidence in it which belongs to the Great Supreme alone
Kadesh - Here the people murmured for want of water, as their forefathers had done formerly at Rephidim; and Moses, irritated by their chidings, "with his rod smote the rock twice," Instead of "speaking to the rock before their eyes," as the Lord had commanded him (Compare Numbers 27:14 ; Deuteronomy 9:23 ; Psalm 106:32,33 )
Feast - These, Instead of being set apart for pious exercises, were abused in indolence, voluptuousness, and criminal practices
Stephen - But Instead, they turned against him (Acts 6:11)
Massah And Meribah - It has been plausibly suggested that Meribôth-kadesh is the correct reading Instead of ‘ten thousands of holy ones’ in Deuteronomy 33:2
Matthias - ( b ) They prayed for guidance, and then, Instead of trusting to Divine direction, they had recourse to the superstitious practice of casting lots a practice nowhere else observed in the Apostolic Church
Thessalo'Nians, Second Epistle to the, - Instead of subsiding, had gained ground since the writing of the First Epistle
Javan - Then Instead of "going to and fro" translated "from Uzal
Headdress - Instead of this the ordinary priests wore "bonnets" (rather caps) "for glory and for beauty
Direct - ) Pertaining to, or effected immediately by, action of the people through their votes Instead of through one or more representatives or delegates; as, direct nomination, direct legislation
Horse - ...
Psalm 33:17 (b) This is a type of any human resource in which people trust for deliverance Instead of in the living GOD
Anastasius ii, Bishop of Rome - But Anastasius, in the year of his accession, sent two bishops, Germanus of Capua and Cresconius of Todi, (Baronius) to Constantinople, with a proposal that Acacius's name, Instead of being expunged from the roll of patriarchs of Constantinople as Gelasius had proposed, should be left upon the diptychs, and no more be said upon the subject
Aurelian, Roman Emporor - "It would seem," he said, "as if you were holding your meetings in a church of the Christians Instead of in the temple of all the gods
Congregation - In Tindale’s Version (1534) and in Cranmer’s (1539) ‘congregation’ was used Instead of ‘church’ to translate both ἐκκλησία and συναγωγή
Smooth - Instead of taking the precious words of the Lord from His wonderful book, they take interesting statements of great men or women, beautiful phrases of religious leaders, and make them the law of the life
Satisfied, To Be - ” Instead of “wine,” the Habakkuk Dead Sea Scroll reads “wealth,” which seems more appropriate in the context which points to Assyria as the concern of Habakkuk’s complaint
Indulgence - The following paraphrase well presents the contrast between the asceticism which "practically treats the body as an enemy, and the Pauline view which treats it as a potential instrument of a righteous life:" ordinances, "which in fact have a specious look of wisdom (where there is no true wisdom), by the employment of self-chosen acts of religion and humility (and) by treating the body with brutality Instead of treating it with due respect, with a view to meeting and providing against over-indulgence of the flesh" (Parry, in the Camb
Never - have it in Luke 23:53 , Instead of oupo, "not yet
Abel - Instead of "the great stone of Abel," in 1 Samuel 6:18, the Septuagint, and Chaldee versions, and some Hebrew manuscripts, read "the great stone;" as in the margin, and the 14th and 15th verses
Balaam - But Instead of cursing, he was constrained by the Spirit of God to bless the children of Israel
God - The name I AM means the same as JEHOVAH , the first person being used Instead of he third
Wait - Instead of this, we use await
Carnal, Carnally - , sensual, controlled by animal appetites, governed by human nature, Instead of by the Spirit of God, 1 Corinthians 3:3 (for ver
Jezreel - (Six Hebrew MSS, the LXX, and the Vulgate read 'sons' Instead of 'father
Secundus, Bishop of Tigisis - Optatus says that amid the uproar of mutual incrimination [1] Purpurius of Limata taxed Secundus with tradition, because, Instead of leaving his post of duty before the inquisition, he remained until dismissed in safety, which would not have been the case unless he had purchased his safety by act of surrender
Hymns - This modern style is in somerespects a return to the old style of the Sixteenth and SeventeenthCenturies, with this distinction, that the harmonies Instead ofbeing pure diatonic are more chromatic and less plain
Thorn - So the blessing shall come in the regenerated earth, "instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and Instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree" (Isaiah 55:13)
Manasseh - Jerome, the Vulgate, three Hebrew MSS, and two or three ancient copies of the LXX read Moses Instead of Manasseh. Doubtless Moses should be read Instead of Manasseh
Oven - In the warning of Leviticus 26:26, the predicted scarcity of fuel and flour would be such that ten women in one cluster or section of the village houses, Instead of using in turn the same oven for their separate households, would have to unite their little stock of flour to make a baking to be done by one of them, and then receive by weight the share of bread belonging to each. The oven recess, Instead of being a hollow in the ground, is now a vault about twelve feet long, four feet high, and eight feet broad, built in the bake-house
Babel - It represents Shem as dying nearly a century and a half before the death of Peleg, Instead of more than that number of years afterward, and almost four centuries and a half before the death of Abraham; whom, in accordance with the history, it makes to survive his father Terah precisely a hundred years. It removes the difficulties with which the Hebrew chronology invests the whole history, by giving time, while it allows the dispersion to have taken place in the latter part of Peleg's life, for the thirteen sons of his younger brother Joktan to have become heads of families; for Noah and his sons to have died, as it is proved they must have done, prior to the emigration from Armenia; for Nimrod, Instead of being a boy, to have been of an age suitable to his exploits, and to have acquired the sovereign command, not, in the face of all probability, while the four great patriarchs were living, but after their decease; and for the families of mankind to have multiplied sufficiently to undertake the stupendous work of the tower. It explains also the silence respecting Shem in the history of Abraham, by making the former die in Armenia four hundred and forty years before the latter was born, Instead of surviving him thirty-five years; and, lastly, it makes sacred history accord with profane; the Babylonic history of Berosus, and the old records consulted by Epiphanius, both placing the death of Noah and his sons before the emigration from Armenia
Christ, Genealogy of - Only it must be supposed that at several points, Instead of the actual descent, the one or the other of the lists gives the legal relationship based on adoption in some manner
Lachish - If the theories of experts are correct, the use of the hot-air blast Instead of cold air (an improvement in iron manufacture patented by Neilson in 1828) was known fifteen hundred years before Christ
Room - 1 ...
C — 1: ἀντί (Strong's #473 — Preposition — anti — an-tee' ) "in place of, Instead of," is translated "in the room of" in Matthew 2:22
Ashkelon - version of Genesis 20:1-2; Genesis 26:1, Ashkelon stands Instead of Gerar; and curiously tradition in Origen's time pointed out wells there as those dug by Isaac
Cabbalists - Instead of such faithful and honest endeavours to know the will of God, they stimulated a sportive fancy, a corrupt and often absurd ingenuity, to the invention of meanings the most remote from the design of the inspired writer, and the most foreign from the dictates of an unsophisticated understanding
Rachel - Jacob worked seven years for Laban as payment for Rachel, but when the wedding day came, Laban deceived Jacob by giving him the older daughter, Leah, Instead
Horn - In Joshua 6:4-5, Instead of "trumpets of rams' horns," translated "Jubilee trumpets
Dung - In Malachi 2:3, "I will spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts," the point is, the maw was the priests' prequisite (Deuteronomy 18:3); you shall get the dung in the maw , Instead of the maw
Hall - Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 more consistently renders αὐλή by ‘court’ Instead of ‘palace,’ everywhere except in John 10:1 ἡ αὐλὴ τῶν προβάτων, where it has ‘the fold of the sheep’ (cf
Wine - " Instead He gives a new birth so that the new-born soul, with a new life and a new nature may enjoy Heaven's blessings
Abiathar - While Abiathar remained faithful to David during Absalom's rebellion (2 Samuel 15:1 ), he later supported Adonijah as successor of King David Instead of Solomon (1 Kings 1:7 )
Hadad - Instead of Mitsraim (Egypt) Mitsri should be read in the Hebrew as the name of a region west of Edom, which in the old MSS was several times confounded with the word for Egypt
Jeroboam - It is fair to assume also that he had precedent for celebrating the autumn festival in the eighth Instead of the seventh month
Spring - Instead of this the church has in many cases become a social club, with the Word of GOD neglected, the Spirit of GOD ignored, and no spiritual blessing being given out to the people
Inghamites - It happened in a few years, that some individuals, who were much respected, and who applied for admission, Instead of speaking of their own attainments, or the comfortable impressions on their minds, which they only considered as productive of strife and vain glory, declared their only hope was the finished work of Jesus Christ, and as to themselves they were sensible of their own vileness
Methodist - The Methodists of the second class were of opinion, that the most expedient manner of reducing the Protestants to silence, was not to attack them by piecemeal, but to overwhelm them at once by the weight of some general principle, or presumption, or some universal argument, which comprehended or might be applied to all the points contested between the two churches; thus imitating the conduct of those military leaders, who, Instead of spending their time and strength in sieges and skirmishes, endeavoured to put an end to the war by a general and decisive action
Snare - Usually this word is used Instead of trap
Phase - Some of the herons which appear in white and colored phases, and certain squirrels which are sometimes uniformly blackish Instead of the usual coloration, furnish examples
Euzoius, Arian Bishop of Antioch - On the death of Athanasius in 373, Euzoïus was, at his own petition, dispatched by Valens, with Magnus the imperial treasurer and troops, to instal the imperial nominee, the Arian Lucius of Samosata, Instead of Peter the duly elected and enthroned bishop
Genealogy of Christ - Only it must be supposed that at several points, Instead of the actual descent, the one or the other of the lists gives the legal relationship based on adoption in some manner
Dance - reads "feasting" Instead of "dancing;" Job 21:11; Jeremiah 31:4; Jeremiah 31:13; Luke 15:25
Sisters of Saint Clare - Reference to the rule of Saint Francis Instead of to that of Saint Benedict was inserted in the rule of the order under Pope Innocent IV
Second Order of Saint Francis - Reference to the rule of Saint Francis Instead of to that of Saint Benedict was inserted in the rule of the order under Pope Innocent IV
Seal, Sealing - Instead of the impression of a seal, probably on account of the heat of the climate, Job 38:14
Phil'ip the Evangelist - He has four daughters, who possess the gift of prophetic utterance and who apparently give themselves to the work of teaching Instead of entering on the life of home
Judges, Book of, - But probably some of the judges were contemporary, so that their total period Isaiah 299 years Instead of 410
Jotham - ) The olive, fig, and vine, the most valuable products of Palestine, represent the nobler persons like Gideon, who bear fruit to God's glory and man's good, and wish no transference to kingly positions ("to float about restless and insecure", nuwah , Instead of being rooted in the soil: Judges 9:9)
Adultery - Israel had been espoused to Jehovah, but Instead of being a faithful wife she had sought other lovers
Isaac - God had said that the elder should serve the younger, but Rebekah, Instead of leaving the matter in God's hands, contrived by a deceitful stratagem to get the blessing for Jacob Instead of Esau the firstborn
Septuagint - ), it helps towards arriving at the true text in doubtful passages; so Psalms 22:16, where Septuagint "they pierced" gives the true reading Instead of "as a lion," Aquila a Jew (A. 133) so translated "they disfigured"; (Psalms 16:10) "Thy Holy One" singular, Instead of our Masoretic "Thy holy ones
Cry, Crying - , Instead of kraugazo); of the shouts of the children in the Temple, Matthew 21:15 ; of the people who shouted for Christ to be crucified, Matthew 27:23 ; Mark 15:13,14 ; of the "cry" of Christ on the Cross at the close of His sufferings, Matthew 27:50 ; Mark 15:39 (see No. , Instead of krazo); John 11:43 ; 12:13 (in the best mss
Occupation (2) - People indulged in pagan-like worry over the question, What shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and wherewith shall we be clothed? Instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:31 ff. Thus a man’s occupation, Instead of being a hindrance to religion, is a part of it,—that sphere in which he can prove himself a doer of the word,—and faithfulness is required there as much as anywhere else (Luke 16:10)
Heaven - Instead of the land of Canaan, we have heaven; for the earthly Jerusalem, we have the heavenly, the city of the living God; in place of the congregation of Israel after the flesh, we have the general assembly and church of the first-born, that is, all true believers "made perfect;" for just men in the imperfect state of the old dispensation, we have just men made perfect in evangelical knowledge and holiness; Instead of Moses, the mediator of the old covenant, we have Jesus the Mediator of the new and everlasting covenant; and Instead of the blood of slaughtered animals, which was sprinkled upon the Israelites, the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the sanctuary, to make a typical atonement, we have the blood of the Son of God, which was shed for the remission of the sins of the whole world; that blood which doth not, like the blood of Abel, call for vengeance but for mercy, which hath made peace between heaven and earth, effected the true and complete atonement for sin, and which therefore communicates peace to the conscience of every sinner that believes the Gospel
Owl - and Vulgate, "hedgehog," reading in the text, kippod, Instead of kippoz
Dash - Dashes are also sometimes used Instead of marks or parenthesis
Rainbow - But Instead of the word for ‘bow’ found in the LXX Catholic Prisoners' Aid Society - Cases frequently occur in which the magistrates, Instead of sentencing an offender to imprisonment, discharge her on probation, but require her (under penalties) to remain for a time under the friendly supervision of a lady probation officer
Burden - Recent translations have tended to render the word "oracle" Instead of "burden
Esther - When the appointed day arrived, Instead of the Jews being destroyed, they were able, not only to defend themselves, but avenge themselves on their enemies, ending with a day of feasting and gladness
Beriah - if Beriah mean a "gift," he will be regarded as an extraordinary gift from God to Ephraim, now old, to stand "instead of" his sons whom he had lost; such was Seth (Genesis 4:25 margin)
Stumbling Block - ...
The Jews refused to trust in Jesus’ death on the cross for their forgiveness, but tried Instead to win God’s favour by their good deeds
Confirmation - That it might precede baptism Instead of following it is shown by Acts 9:17-18 ; which further shows that it might be performed by one who was not an Apostle or even an official of the Church
Forerunner - Instead of the AV Mephibosheth - ’...
David, on succeeding to the throne, Instead of destroying all the family of Saul, as was usual on such occasions, spared Mephibosheth out of regard for his father Jonathan (2 Samuel 9:1 )
Onesimus - Instead of violently convulsing society by stirring up slaves against their masters, Christianity introduces love, a principle sure to undermine slavery at last; "by christianizing the master, Christianity enfranchises the slave" (Wordsworth)
Earthly And Heavenly - The earthly things were those of which Christ had been speaking,—the necessity and mystery and reality of the new birth,—and also, as Godet rightly infers from John 3:12 (note use of plural Instead of singular in addressing Nicodemus), the truths previously preached by Christ
Armour - ...
Isaiah 22:8 (c) This armor represents human powers made by human instruments for human purposes and relied upon Instead of the armor of GOD which only He can provide
Christ, the Christ, - ...
In Daniel we read that Messiah the Prince would be cut off and have nothing (margin), which was fulfilled when, Instead of being hailed as Messiah by the Jews, He was rejected, cut off, and had, at the time, nothing of His Messianic honours, though, in His death, He laid the foundation of His future glory on earth, as well as effecting eternal redemption for the saved
Cnidus - Instead of taking a straight course to the north of Crete-the wind not permitting this (μὴ προσεῶντος ἡμᾶς τοῦ ἀνέμον)-she had to run under the lee of the island
Pontius Pilate - Unlike former governors he fixed the headquarters of the army at Jerusalem Instead of Caesarea
Bowl - The word is used in the Revised Version Instead of ‘vial’ to translate φιάλη, which occurs 12 times in Revelation
Ahab - Ahab made two attacks on Benhadad king of Syria and was helped by God so that he obtained the victory; on the second occasion Instead of destroying Benhadad (whom the Lord had doomed to destruction) he made a treaty with him
Reign - So it was said: “And let the maiden which pleaseth the king be queen Instead of Vashti” ( Birthright - In consequence of this fact—that God had taken the Levites from among the children of Israel, Instead of all the first-born, to serve him as priests—the first-born of the other tribes were to be redeemed at a valuation made by the priest, not exceeding five shekels, from serving God in that capacity
Midian - The result of this measure, the constraint imposed on Balaam to bless Instead of to curse, and the subsequent defeat and slaughter of the Midianites, forms one of the most interesting narratives in the early history of the Jews, Numbers 22-25, 31
Travelling - " Instead of the Koran of modern times, let us conceive of Abraham, and other patriarchal emirs, collecting their numerous dependents and teaching them the true religion, and we then see with what truth they are called the Lord's "prophets
Potter - Instead of ‘potter’ (יוצר) reads ‘treasury’ (אוצר), which is generally accepted as correct
Jehovah - Jerom, and Eusebius, testify that in their time the Jews left the name of Jehovah written in their copies in Samaritan characters, Instead of writing it in the common Chaldee or Hebrew characters; which shows their veneration for this holy name: and the fear they were under, lest strangers, who were not unacquainted with the Chaldee letters and language, should discover and misapply it
Sheep - It is of a substance between fat and marrow, and is not eaten separately, but mixed with the lean meat in many of their dishes, and often also used Instead of butter
Sheep - The cooks use this mass of fat Instead of Arab butter
Shepherd - The cooks use this mass of fat Instead of Arab butter
Christ - In later times the name JESUS was comparatively disused; and CHRIST , as a proper name, was used Instead of JESUS
Society, Catholic Prisoners' Aid - Cases frequently occur in which the magistrates, Instead of sentencing an offender to imprisonment, discharge her on probation, but require her (under penalties) to remain for a time under the friendly supervision of a lady probation officer
Firstfruits - The portion given was Instead of the whole, in acknowledgement that all was due to God
Myra - Instead of sailing straight for Italy, and, in doing so, contending with the westerly winds which prevail in the Eastern Mediterranean during the summer months, it was better seamanship to make for the S
Crown - ...
A — 2: διάδημα (Strong's #1238 — Noun Neuter — diadema — dee-ad'-ay-mah ) is never used as stephanos is, it is always the symbol of kingly or imperial dignity, and is translated "diadem" Instead of "crown" in the RV, of the claims of the Dragon, Revelation 12:3 ; 13:1 ; 19:12
Artaxerxes - Asa had another serious failure of faith late in his reign when, suffering from a disease in the feet, he looked for healing through pagan sorcerers Instead of trusting in God (2 Chronicles 16:12-14)
Joshua the Son of Jehozadak - Instead they crowned the priest Joshua, to avoid any action that may have appeared to the Persians as treason
Potter - Instead of ‘potter’ (יוצר) reads ‘treasury’ (אוצר), which is generally accepted as correct
Teach - Tôrâh is not restriction or hindrance, but Instead the means whereby one can reach a goal or ideal. Instead of seeing tôrâh as a guideline, it became an external body of rules, and thus a weight rather than a freeing and guiding power
Tithes - ...
If people so desired, they could offer money Instead of their produce or animals. If the offerers lived so far from the tabernacle (or later the temple) that transporting their goods was a problem, they could sell their tithes locally and take the money Instead (Deuteronomy 14:22-27)
A - A is also an abbreviation used before words beginning with an articulation as a table, Instead of an table, or one table. Merchants also number their books by the letters - A,B,C, Instead of figures
Trespass - 5:15, since the sin is here out of ignorance Instead of a deliberate act of treachery. ...
In view of the additional significance of “treachery,” many versions translate the verb “to act unfaithfully” or “to act treacherously” Instead of “to transgress” or “to commit a trespass
Book - Afterwards, the leaves of the palm-tree were used Instead of wooden tablets, and also the finest and thinnest bark of trees, such as the lime, the ash, the maple, the elm: hence the word liber, which denotes the inner bark of trees, signifies also a book. ...
Ancient writers, Instead of writing their books, etc
Bethshemesh - one twentieth Instead of one tenth of the population, as sometimes; seventy men in all, out of the population of Bethshemesh, which amounted to 1,400 in this view
Possess, Possession - , Instead of giving way to adverse circumstances
Patience - He is patient with sinners, withholding his judgment and providing Instead a way of salvation (Psalms 103:8-9; Jonah 4:2; Romans 3:25-26; 1 Peter 3:20)
Irrigation - Instead, farmers relied upon the winter rains to provide all the water necessary for crops during the coming year
But - ; - so named because fastened on the edge of the door, which butts against the casing, Instead of on its face, like the strap hinge; also called butt hinge
Friend, Friendship - ” Instead, both the Old and New Testaments present friendship in its different facets
Neither - It is often used in the last member of a negative sentence Instead of nor, as in the passage above cited
Timnah - The substitution of b for m, which we see in Tibneh for Timnah, occurs also in Atab for Etam (Judges 15:8; Judges 15:11, where Instead of KJV "top" translated "he went down and dwelt in the cleft" seiph of the rock Etam)
Uzzah - Instead of this David and Israel had followed the Philistines' method (1 Samuel 6:7, ff)
Legion - Instead of brigades, battalions, companies, and sections, there were 10 cohortes, each commanded by a tribunus militum, 3 manipuli in each cohors, and 2 centuriœ in each manipulus
Prophesyings - The archbishop, however, Instead of obeying the commands of his royal mistress, thought that she had made some infringement upon his office, and wrote the queen a long and earnest letter, declaring that his conscience would not suffer him to comply with her commands
Well - There, with the wife of his youth, he may enjoy all that his heart desires, Instead of seeking for satisfaction elsewhere
Bands - ...
Isaiah 28:22 (a) This solemn warning is to inform us that the evil habits of life will be made permanent if the evildoer persists in his path Instead of coming to the Lord for salvation
Calf, Golden - ...
This form of idolatry is more specious than that of disowning God altogether and setting up an idol Instead, but it is as really idolatry, and it was signally punished by God
Providence - Both providence and grace are creatures of God; and however the Lord is carrying on his merciful purposes of redemption by both to his church and people, yet to give glory to either, Instead of glorifying the Author of either, is to overlook the loveliness of the Lord in the loveliness of his creatures, and to place secondary things in the stead of the first
Wear - ) To cause to go about, as a vessel, by putting the helm up, Instead of alee as in tacking, so that the vessel's bow is turned away from, and her stern is presented to, the wind, and, as she turns still farther, her sails fill on the other side; to veer
Aloes - 21) describes an aromatic wood which was imported from India and Arabia, and was not only used for medicinal purposes, but also burned Instead of frankincense
Litany - At present it forms one office with the morning service, being ordered to be read after the third collect for grace, Instead of the intercessional prayers in the daily service
Indeed - g, Matthew 15:27 , RV, "for even," Instead of the AV "yet;" the woman confirms that her own position as a Gentile "dog" brings privilege, "for indeed the dogs, etc
Scorpion - The scorpions which the haughty Rehoboam threatened to use Instead of whips, 1 Kings 12:11 , were probably scourges armed with knobs like the joints of a scorpion's tail; and like the sting of that animal, occasioned extreme pain
Corinthians - He then takes occasion to put them on their guard against teachers of false philosophy, and resting their faith on the wisdom of men Instead the simple but mighty word of God
Adam - But Instead of submitting to God, Adam attempted to live independently of God and so fell into sin (Genesis 3:1-7)
do, Done - The Apostle Paul uses prasso in the sense of practicing, and the RV so renders the word in Romans 1:32 ; 2:2 , Instead of AV, "commit," though, strangely enough, the RV translates it "committed," Instead of "practiced," in 2 Corinthians 12:21
Responsibility - Instead, he had them focus on the truth that "The soul who sins is the one who will die" (v. Humankind rejected truth, choosing Instead to follow a lie and worship created things rather than the Creator (1:25)
Lord's Supper - Instead of being a love feast, it was a selfish feast. Instead of being a supper in honour of the Lord, it was very much a supper for themselves (1 Corinthians 11:20-22; cf
Adoption - However, as well he as his posterity, Instead of being reckoned to the family of Judah, as they would have been by their paternal descent from Hezron, is reckoned as sons of Machir, the father of Gilead
Faith (2) - As soon as the emperor left, the soldier laid down his gun, saying, 'He may take it who will,' and Instead of returning to his comrades, he approached the group of staff officers
Nethinim - So the Levites were "given" (nethunim ) unto Jehovah Instead of the firstborn, and by Jehovah "given" to Aaron (see Numbers 3:9; Numbers 8:16-19)
Maon - The Maonites are mentioned Instead of the Edomites, to imply that not only Edomites but tribes from other parts of Mount Seir joined the invasion
Expect, Expectation - In Philippians 1:20 the Apostle states it as his "earnest expectation" and hope, that, Instead of being put to shame, Christ shall be magnified in his body, "whether by life, or by death," suggesting absorption in the person of Christ, abstraction from aught that hinders
Easter Day - This joyous salutation seems to be retained in ourservices, for Instead of the Venite we have as the Invitatory,the Easter anthem, in which we call upon one another to "keep theFeast," for that "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us," andis also "Risen from the dead; and become the first-fruits of themthat slept
Boar - ...
Instead of gratitude for the deliverance, the Gadarenes prefer their swine, though at the cost of the demons' presence, to the Savior at the cost of sacrificing their swine; so they entreat Him to "depart out of their coasts," forgetting His word, "Woe to them when I depart from them" (Hosea 9:12); a striking contrast to him who was delivered from the demons and who "prayed that he might be with Jesus (Mark 5:15-18)
Thyatira - Thyatira's "last works were more than the first," realizing 1 Thessalonians 4:1, Instead of retrograding from "first love and first works" as Ephesus (Revelation 2:4-5); the converse of Matthew 12:45; 2 Peter 2:20
Hang - ) To hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position Instead of erect; to droop; as, he hung his head in shame
Justifying One's Self - The character of the question reveals a selfish man whose one thought was about some one being neighbour to him Instead of inquiring as to whom he could be a neighbour
Star - This may represent the bitterness of the water with which men seek to quench their thirst, Instead of partaking of the water of life
Screw - ) A steam vesel propelled by a screw Instead of wheels; a screw steamer; a propeller
Doors - The same figure is used in Malachi 3:10 where "windows" are used Instead of doors
Temptation - " (Revelation 3:19) But this is not as if to see how those whom Jesus loves will improve the trials and temptations by which he is exercising their gifts and graces; for if this were the case it would be to make the event of his grace to depend upon their use or abuse of the mercies given them, and Instead of a covenant of his grace, render their final hope dependent upon a covenant of their good works
Festus, Porcius - ...
Both certainly were touched; and Festus, forgetting that it was his own proposal to try Paul at Jerusalem, the place where already Paul's life had been conspired against (Acts 23), and virtually to deliver him up to the Jews (Acts 25:11), that drove Paul in self defense to appeal to Rome, said, "This man doeth nothing worthy of death and bonds" (why then had he not released him?); and Agrippa, in compliment to Festus, laid the blame of his detention on Paul himself Instead of on Festus, "This man might have been set at liberty if he had not appealed to Caesar
Salt - Instead of destroying the sinner as it punishes him, it will act as a preservative and keep him alive and conscious of his punishment
Swallow - Instead they were so cold, neglected and unused that the birds felt free to make their nests in them
Dioscorus, the Monk - For the manner in which Theophilus turned the tables on Chrysostom, becoming the accuser Instead of the accused, and securing his deposition, see Chrysostom; Theophilus (8)
Lamp - In many parts of the east, and in particular in the Indies, Instead of torches and flambeaux, they carry a pot of oil in one hand, and a lamp full of oily rags in the other
Wolf - " Instead of protecting the innocent and restraining the evil doer, or punishing him according to the demerit of his crimes, they delight in violence and oppression, in blood and rapine; and so insatiable is their cupidity, that, like the evening wolf, they destroy more than they are able to possess
Names - Sometimes the mother's was used Instead
World - The same phraseology is found in the New Testament, but the dividing-line is marked by the second Instead of the first advent of the Messiah
Rate - ...
Instead of rating the man by his performances, we too frequently rate the performance by the man
Fig - It has, indeed, small and hidden blossoms, but the passage in Habakkuk 3:17 , should read, according to the original Hebrew, "Although the fig tree should not bear," Instead of "blossom
Esther - ...
Mordecai then became chief minister Instead of Haman
Michal - ) Meanwhile, Michal loved David; and Saul on hearing of it from his attendants made it a trap for David (1 Samuel 18:21), saying, "thou shalt be my son in law in a second way," and requiring, Instead of the dowry paid to the father according to Eastern usage, 100 Philistines' foreskins. ...
His ardor for her was certainly at first the same, as his keenness to claim her proves; but she alienated him from her forever by her cutting sneer when, after dancing with all his might before Jehovah, in a thin ephod with short-shoulder dress, as representative of the priestly nation, stripped of royal robes in the presence of the great King, "he returned to bless his household"; Instead of pious and affectionate congratulations at the bringing up of Jehovah's ark to Zion, already "despising him in her heart" she came out to meet him, and said in bitter irony, "how glorious was the king of Israel today, who uncovered himself today in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovered himself!"...
Michal had teraphim (1 Samuel 19:13), but like Saul she had no regard for Jehovah's ark (1 Chronicles 13:3), and was offended at the king because in pious enthusiasm he humbled himself to the level of the priests and nation before Jehovah
Jehovah - ...
The Jews by a misunderstanding of Leviticus 24:16 ("utters distinctly" Instead of "blasphemeth") fear to use the name, saying Instead "the name," "the four lettered name," "the great and terrible name
Abide, Abode - , "to abide under" (hupo, "under"), signifies "to remain in a place Instead of leaving it, to stay behind," e. , "to wear through by rubbing, to wear away" (dia, "through," tribo, "to rub"), when used of time, "to spend or pass time, to stay," is found twice in John's Gospel, 3:22 and 11:54, RV "tarried," Instead of "continued;" elsewhere only in the Acts, eight times, 12:19; 14:3,28; 15:35; 16:12; 20:6; 25:6,14
Impute - Instead of "imputing their trespasses to men," God "hath made Him to be sin for us who knew no sin, that we might be made (Greek that we may become) the righteousness of God in Him," i
Irony - Instead of getting rich on Moabite gold by cursing Israel, he was thwarted by God and had to bless Israel and curse Moab
Cyprus - Barnabas visited his native island again, with his nephew Mark, when Paul had refused to allow Mark's attendance because of his former departure from them from Pamphylia, Instead of going forward with them to the work (Acts 15:36-39)
Helps - The fact that ‘helps’ are named before ‘governments,’ and especially that abstract terms are used Instead of concrete and personal ones as in the earlier part of the list, shows that it is functions, not offices, of which the Apostle is thinking throughout
Blindness - Called to be watchmen protecting the nation, they Instead blindly preyed on the people (Isaiah 56:10 )
Zerubbabel - They therefore placed the crown on Joshua Instead of on Zerubbabel; but the words used in the ceremony referred to Zerubbabel
Lydia - Ramsay (Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols) , article ‘Lydia’) regards the name as a familiar name (nickname), used Instead of the personal proper name and meaning ‘the Lydian’ (so Zahn, Introd
Ethnarch - 198), where a man is ‘proclaimed βασιλεύς Instead of ἐθνάρχης of the Bosporus
Bishop - The above two passages prove that, Instead of a bishop being set over a large district, with inferior clergy (as they are called) under him, as is now the custom in Christendom, each city had more than one bishop or overseer, and at that time there was only one assembly in a city
Felix - ) Greed of gain supplanted conscience, so that Instead of repenting of his shameful life he would not even do common justice to Paul, but left him a prisoner because he got no bribe to set him free
Alms - This does not include Matthew 6:1 , where the preferred reading is “righteousness” (NAS, NIV) Instead of “alms” (KJV)
Beast - If these were actual beasts, then the Apostle, who had come off conqueror in the fight, Instead of being handed over to the executioner, was set free by the provincial magistrate (cf
Ambassador - Instead, we find the verb πρεσβεύω, ‘to be an ambassador,’ while the cognate collective noun (Revised Version ‘ambassage’) is used in Luke 14:32; Luke 19:14
King - have the word basileia, "kingdom," Instead of the plural of basileus, AV, "kings," RV, "a kingdom (to be priests)," and "a kingdom (and priests)
Redemption - ' God having smitten the firstborn of the Egyptians, claimed all the firstborn of Israel, and received the Levites Instead of them; but there not being an equivalent number of the Levites, the residue of the firstborn were redeemed by money: they were thus set free
Lydia - Ramsay (Hasting's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols) , article ‘Lydia’) regards the name as a familiar name (nickname), used Instead of the personal proper name and meaning ‘the Lydian’ (so Zahn, Introd
Philippians, the Epistle to the - Also to express Christian sympathy, and to exhort to imitation of Christ in humility and lowly love, Instead of existing dissensions, as between Euodias and Syntyche (Philippians 4:2), and to warn against Judaizers. In Ephesians 6:19-20 he is free to preach; but, here in Philippians 1:13-18 he dwells on his "bonds"; not Paul himself but others preach and make his imprisonment known; Instead of anticipating release (Philemon 1:22) he knows not but that death is near
Proverbs, the Book of - Instead of philosophical reasonings and argument, the results of observation are embodied in terse proverbial similitudes and maxims. A cautious and mournful tone is thought to mark the language as to rulers, Instead of the joy and reverence of the middle and older division; the, state of the nation under Hezekiah at the close of the eighth century B. This first division is continuous description and elucidation of truth, Instead of the single proverb which characterizes the middle collection; the poetic parallelism is synonymous, not antithetic or synthetic, as in the middle division
Serve - ...
3: λατρεύω (Strong's #3000 — Verb — latreuo — lat-ryoo'-o ) primarily "to work for hire" (akin to latris, "a hired servant"), signifies (1) to worship, (2) to "serve;" in the latter sense it is used of service (a) to God, Matthew 4:10 ; Luke 1:74 ("without fear"); 4:8; Acts 7:7 ; 24:14 , RV, "serve" (AV, "worship"); Acts 26:7 ; 27:23 ; Romans 1:9 ("with my spirit"); 2 Timothy 1:3 ; Hebrews 9:14 ; 12:28 , AV, "we may serve," RV, "we may offer service;" Revelation 7:15 ; (b) to God and Christ ("the Lamb"), Revelation 22:3 ; (c) in the tabernacle, Hebrews 8:5 , RV; 13:10; (d) to "the host of heaven," Acts 7:42 , RV, "to serve" (AV, "to worship"); (e) to "the creature," Instead of the Creator, Romans 1:25 , of idolatry: see WORSHIP
Reckon, Reckoning - 3); in Romans 4:3,5,6,9,11,22-24 , of "reckoning" faith for righteousness, or "reckoning" righteousness to persons, in all of which the RV uses the verb "to reckon" Instead of the AV "to count or to impute;" in Romans 4:4 the subject is treated by way of contrast between grace and debt, which latter involves the "reckoning" of a reward for works; what is owed as a debt cannot be "reckoned" as a favor, but the faith of Abraham and his spiritual children sets them outside the category of those who seek to be justified by self-effort, and, vice versa, the latter are excluded from the grace of righteousness bestowed on the sole condition of faith; so in Galatians 3:6 (RV, "was reckoned," AV, "was accounted"); since Abraham, like all the natural descendants of Adam, was a sinner, he was destitute of righteousness in the sight of God; if, then, his relationship with God was to be rectified (i
Sick, Sickly, Sickness - " The choice of this verb Instead of the repetition of No
Lydia - For quietness and freedom from interruption it was "outside of the gate" (so the Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, and Alexandrinus manuscripts read Instead of "out of the city"), and "by the river side" for the sake of the ablutions connected with the worship
Rehoboam - After three days, having consulted with a younger generation of courtiers that had grown up around him, Instead of following the advice of elders, he answered the people haughtily (6-15)
Moon - ) Instead of being regarded as a person and worshipped, as it was by the surrounding nations, in Scripture it is God's creature "made for signs, seasons, days, and years" (Psalms 104:19)
Urim And Thummim - Music then, Instead of visions, became the help to the state of prayer and praise in which prophets revealed God's will (1 Samuel 9:9)
Plow (And Forms) - ...
Luke 9:62 (b) Putting the hand to the plow is a type of Christians taking hold of the service of the Lord (such as teach a Sunday School class or taking any other Christian work); then Instead of going forward, they keep looking back with longing eyes and hearts to the former life
Rapes - Instead, they dishonored Him, hated Him, disobeyed Him, and grieved Him
Interest - —‘Interest,’ found twice in Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 of the Gospels (Matthew 25:27, Luke 19:23) Instead of ‘usury’ of Authorized Version, represents the Greek τόκος which in the LXX Septuagint is the equivalent of the Heb
Double - ) A feast in which the antiphon is doubled, hat is, said twice, before and after the Psalms, Instead of only half being said, as in simple feasts
Meat - ...
Psalm 69:21 (a) When our Saviour was hanging on the Cross hungry, thirsty and torn with grief and sorrow, they gave Him the bitter gall Instead of the comfort and the water that He so much needed
Stream - ...
Isaiah 94:9 (b) The Lord is telling us that He will destroy the sources of blessing and dry up the waters of pleasure and profit so that life will become wretched and miserable Instead of sweet and pleasant
Zephaniah, Prophecy of - The people are addressed as a nation 'without shame' (instead of 'not desired'): they are called to seek Jehovah, if haply a remnant might be hidden in the day of His wrath
Interpreter - And it would have been no violence to the passage if, Instead of reading it as it is in our Bibles, it had been read, "and they knew not that Joseph heard them, for the Advocate was between them
Nazarite - ...
Christ was morally the true Nazarite; He was the holy one, and Instead of having earthly joy He was emphatically 'the man of sorrows' when here, but also He has died to sin and lives to God
Jude - Instead of referring to a book called the "Assumption or Ascension of Christ," which probably was a forgery much later than his time, it is much more credible that St
Tribe - Instead of twelve tribes, there were now thirteen, that of Joseph being divided into two
Accomplish, Accomplishment - In Hebrews 8:5 the margin rightly has "complete" Instead of "make," with regard to the tabernacle
Sheep - It is of a substance between fat and marrow, and is not eaten separately, but mixed with the lean meat in many of their dishes, and also often used Instead of butter
Balaam - Balaam obeyed, and Instead of announcing a curse on Israel he announced a blessing (Numbers 22:35; Numbers 22:41; Numbers 23:1-12)
Aram - ...
Written Aramaic used letters that were similar to Hebrew letters, and isolated sections of the Old Testament are written in Aramaic Instead of the usual Hebrew (Ezra 4:8-24; Ezra 5; Ezra 6:1-18; 1618735185_6; Jeremiah 10:11; Daniel 2:4-49; Daniel 3; Daniel 4; Daniel 5; Daniel 6; Daniel 7)
False Worship - ...
False worship includes trusting in military power (Isaiah 31:1 ), trusting in the “works of your hands” (Jeremiah 25:7 ), serving God in order to receive physical and material blessings (as Job's friends), offering unacceptable, tainted or maimed sacrifices to God Instead of the best (Malachi 1:6-8 ). False worship also occurs when one prays, fasts, or gives alms “before men to be seen of them” Instead of in sincere devotion to God (Matthew 6:1-18 )
Hosea - Ephraim, Instead of turning to Jehovah in his sickness, had sought the Assyrian — a king who could not cure them. They had, like Adam (Hosea 6:7 , Instead of 'men'), transgressed the covenant: cf
Melchizedek - The thought in Hebrews is clearly an advance, parallel in part to that between the Philonic and the Johannine Logos, but confronting the reader with a religion Instead of a philosophy, and with a supreme personal Helper Instead of with a dubious process of reasoning
Jacob - ...
Jacob, who had tricked his brother, was treated in a similar way by Laban, and Leah was given to him as wife Instead of Rachel, though he had Rachel, the one he loved, afterwards. He then feigned that he would follow Esau to Seir, but turned aside to Shechem, where he bought the portion of a field, thus settling down for his own ease in the midst of the Canaanites, Instead of going to Beth-el, God's house, from whence he had started
Jacob - ...
Jacob, who had tricked his brother, was treated in a similar way by Laban, and Leah was given to him as wife Instead of Rachel, though he had Rachel, the one he loved, afterwards. He then feigned that he would follow Esau to Seir, but turned aside to Shechem, where he bought the portion of a field, thus settling down for his own ease in the midst of the Canaanites, Instead of going to Beth-el, God's house, from whence he had started
Jacob - Laban tricked Jacob by giving him Leah, the elder daughter, Instead. He humbled himself before Esau and begged his forgiveness, with the result that Instead of further tension and conflict between the two brothers there was friendship and cooperation (Genesis 33:1-17)
Ephraim - When the aged Jacob gave his parting blessings to his family, he gave the firstborn’s blessing to Joseph Instead of to Reuben (because of Reuben’s immorality with Jacob’s concubine; Genesis 35:22; Genesis 49:3-4; 1 Chronicles 5:1-2). This meant that Joseph would father two tribes in Israel Instead of one
Aaron - And the Lord said to Moses, 'Who hath made man's voice? Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people; he shall be to thee Instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him Instead of God. And he shall be, even he shall be to thee, Instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him Instead of God. Now, what is such a man to do? What, but just to take Moses Instead of God. ...
All went well with Aaron as long as he had Moses beside him to inspire him, and to support him, and to be to him Instead of God
Easter Controversy - The Church of Antioch, however, Instead of computing this Sunday as the first after the 14th day of the full moon of the vernal equinox, began to compute it as the first after the 14th day of Nisan
Quartodeciman Controversy - The Church of Antioch, however, Instead of computing this Sunday as the first after the 14th day of the full moon of the vernal equinox, began to compute it as the first after the 14th day of Nisan
Thaddaeus - ...
Instead of, or in addition to, ‘Thaddæus,’ we find the variant Lebbæus
Transfiguration, the - Instead of the six days of Matthew and Mark, Luke has about eight days
Confidence - The result of his newfound confidence was that Instead of being a persecutor he willingly accepted the role of becoming a persecuted one for Christ (cf
Epistles - The modern Arabs roll up their letters, and then flatten them to the breadth of an inch, and paste up the end of them, Instead of sealing them
Sabbath - The Lord's attitude towards the "sabbath" was by way of freeing it from these vexatious traditional accretions by which it was made an end in itself, Instead of a means to an end (Mark 2:27 )
Elect, Elected, Election - have it in John 1:34 , Instead of huios, "Son;" (b) angels, 1 Timothy 5:21 , as "chosen" to be of especially high rank in administrative association with God, or as His messengers to human beings, doubtless in contrast to fallen angels (see 2 Peter 2:4 ; Jude 1:6 ); (c) believers (Jews or Gentiles), Matthew 24:22,24,31 ; Mark 13:20,22,27 ; Luke 18:7 ; Romans 8:33 ; Colossians 3:12 ; 2 Timothy 2:10 ; Titus 1:1 ; 1 Peter 1:1 ; 2:9 (as a spiritual race); Matthew 20:16 ; 22:14 ; Revelation 17:14 , "chosen;" individual believers are so mentioned in Romans 16:13 ; 2 John 1:1,13
Promise - have this word, Instead of angelia, "message
Far - , Instead of hos, which the AV renders "as it were;" Acts 17:15 , "unto;" Acts 23:23 , "to
Footwashing - Instead, the footwashing, like baptism and the Supper, bears witness to the same salvific event, the selfless giving of Christ in the humilitating death of the cross
Evidence: Experimental - Instead of reasoners, an old lady, carrying a basket, wearing an ancient bonnet, and altogether dressed in an antique fashion, which marked both her age and her poverty, came upon the platform
Laver - ...
The "oxen" in 2 Chronicles 4:3 Instead of "gourds" or "knops" in Kings is a transcriber's error
Family - ” Most versions keep the translation “family”; but Instead of “kindred” and “kind,” some read “relative” (NASB) or “clan
Miriam - Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? Hath He not spoken also by us?" But the phrase "sister of Aaron" (a phrase not likely to have been applied to Miriam by a later writer than Moses) marks her as ranking, not with Moses but with Aaron, and like him subordinate to Moses, the mediator of the Old Testament, and standing to Aaron "instead of God" (Exodus 4:16)
Flesh And Spirit - Instead, the flesh must be subjugated and made useful to the spiritual purposes and goals of humanity
Pilate, Pontius - Instead, a relatively small group of Jerusalem priests, including the high priest, wanted to forestall any kind of a messianic movement by the people because of the repression it would provoke from the Romans (see John 11:47-50 ,John 11:47-50,11:53 )
Rhetoric - In Isaiah 5:7 , God looks for righteousness (mishpat ) but finds riots (mishpach ) Instead and for legality (tsedhaqa ) but here is lamentation (tse' aqa )
Hobab - Moses' entreaty, "Leave us not, I pray thee, forasmuch as thou knowest how we are to encamp in the wilderness, and thou mayest be to us Instead of eyes," implies that Hobab was younger than Moses' father-in-law could now have been
Sheol - Sheol will devour no longer; Instead God will swallow up Death (Isaiah 25:8 )
Obed Edom - Instead of the Levites bearing the ark (as was commanded, Numbers 7:9), David had put it in a cart, in the Philistine fashion (1 Samuel 6:8)
Arden - ...
Isaiah 1:8 (a) Here is a type which describes the woeful conditions of the nation of Israel which should have been filled with useful and beautiful fruit, but Instead produced only a strange, worthless useless fruit of the cucumber vine
Zadok - So Solomon put Zadok Instead of Abiathar, fulfilling the curse on Eli (1 Samuel 2; 3; 1 Kings 2:27; 1 Kings 2:35; 1 Kings 4:4; 1 Chronicles 29:22)
Book (2) - The distinction between the books (τὰ βιβλία) and the parchments (τὰς μεμβράνας) in the passage just referred to was, in all probability, simply one relating to the material used and not to the form of the manuscript, although it is not absolutely certain at what date parchments began to be folded Instead of rolled
Cananaean - Luke, on the two occasions on which he gives a list of the Apostles (Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13), employs ὁ Ζηλωτής, Instead of ὁ Καναναῖος, to describe Simon—which seems to show that the two epithets are synonymous
Gregorius, Bishop of Merida - The number of canonically invalid ordinations recently, made is, he says, so great that otherwise the existing confusion would be made worse Instead of better
Vine - Instead of doing so, it brought forth evil fruit in most of the cases where it refers to Israel
Law - ...
The LAW OF LIBERTY, James 1:25 ; James 2:12 , implies that, the nature being congruous, the things enjoined, Instead of being a burden, are a pleasure
Abyssinian Church - ...
Instead of this, however, the emperor sent for a new patriarch from Alexandria, imprisoned Bermudes, and declared the pope a heretic
Superstition - But as he has no idea of that which the Divinity really is, he cannot duly understand this feeling of estrangement from God, this consciousness of divine wrath, and, Instead of seeking in moral things the source of this unquiet feeling, which leaves him no rest by day or night, and from which there is no escape, he fancies that by this or that action, which of itself is perfectly indifferent, he may have offended this higher power, and he seeks by outward observances again to reconcile the offended power
Shushan - These mounds bear some resemblance to the pyramids of Babylon; with this difference, that Instead of being entirely made of brick, they are formed of clay and pieces of tile, with irregular layers of brick and mortar, five or six feet in thickness, to serve, it should seem, as a kind of prop to the mass
Coney - Instead of holes, they seem to delight in more airy places, in the mouths of caves, or clefts in the rock
Wash - have it Instead of luo, "to loose," in Revelation 1:5 (see RV)
House - Instead of being a wandering people who lived in tents and other temporary shelters, they were now a settled people who lived in houses (cf
Judas - Instead he committed suicide; though first he tried to ease his conscience by returning the money that the priests had given him (Matthew 27:3-5)
Nets - σαγήνη is found in the Gospels only in Matthew 13:47 (translation ‘net,’ the word ‘draw-net, is not in the English text, but only in the Authorized Version chapter-heading), where the choice of this term Instead of δίκτυον or ἀμφίβληστρον greatly strengthens the meaning of the parable
Prince - The title ‘author of life’ is specially suggestive in the passage in Acts in virtue of the contrast it presents to the ‘murderer’ whom they desired Instead
Prophesy - God promised to appoint Aaron (Moses’ brother) to be the speaker: “And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee Instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him Instead of God” ( Humanity, Humankind - But because of sin, all these relationships are in a state of conflict Instead of harmony, tension Instead of peace (Genesis 3:8-24; see SIN)
Cross - ) The crosslike mark or symbol used Instead of a signature by those unable to write
Elisha - ...
We then find Elisha at Damascus, to carry out the command given to his master to anoint Hazael king over Syria (2 Kings 8:7-15 ); thereafter he directs one of the sons of the prophets to anoint Jehu, the son of Jehoshaphat, king of Israel, Instead of Ahab
Care - When one's desires are inordinate with the result being a focus on temporal existence Instead of eternal life, the consequence can be harmful
Righteousness - 'For' in these places is eis, which does not mean 'instead of,' but 'with a view to
Nail - The hearers too, Instead of being vexed, should feel thankful when by the word they are "pricked in their heart" (Acts 2:37; Ephesians 6:17; Psalms 45:3)
Ahijah - Saul ought to have had the conscientiousness which would have led him never to take such an oath, rather than the scrupulosity which condemned the people and Jonathan Instead of himself
Censer - In Revelation 8:3; Revelation 8:5, λινβανωτός, which is strictly ‘frankincense,’ the gum exuding from the λίβανος, is used Instead of λιβανωτίς (or -τρίς) for ‘censer,’ corresponding to the πυρεῖον (πύριον) or θυίσκη (‘fire pan’) of the Septuagint
Singing - But on the other side, it is remarked, that nothing should be done in or about God's worship without example or precept from the New Testament; that, Instead of aiding devotion, it often tends to draw off the mind from the right object; that it does not accord with the simplicity of Christian worship; that the practice of those who lived under the ceremonial dispensation can be no rule for us; that not one text in the New Testament requires or authorises it by precept or example, by express words or fair inference; and that the representation of the musical harmony in heaven is merely figurative language, denoting the happiness of the saints
Sermon on the Mount - ...
Instead of being forgiving, the scribes used the law as an excuse for personal revenge
Esarhaddon - Having conquered Merodach Baladan's sons, Esarhaddon made Babylon directly subject to the Assyrian crown, Instead of being governed by viceroys, and as king of each of the two empires resided by turns at Nineveh and Babylon
Baasha - Instead, the people of Judah took away the stones and timber of Ramah to build Geba of Benjamin and Mizpah
Sin (2) - Selfishness is the root of sin, it sets up self and self will Instead of God and God's will
Assurance - Instead, assurance in God provides an anchor of confidence and hope (Hebrews 6:18 ) in the midst of pain and sorrow, because the believer has learned the secret of casting all worries and cares on God, who is genuinely concerned for people (1 Peter 5:7 )
Hananiah - Identified by some with Joanna (the Jah or Jehovah being put at the beginning Instead of at the end, as in Hanan-jah, "graciously given by Jehovah"), Luke 3:27
Darkness - The Septuagint, our translation of the Bible, and indeed most others, in explaining Moses's account of this darkness, render it "a darkness which may be felt;" and the Vulgate has it, "palpable darkness;" that is, a darkness consisting of black vapors and exhalations, so condensed that they might be perceived by the organs of feeling or seeing; but some commentators think that this is carrying the sense too far, since, in such a medium as this, mankind could not live an hour, much less for the space of three days, as the Egyptians are said to have done, during the time this darkness lasted; and, therefore, they imagine that Instead of a darkness that may be felt, the Hebrew phrase may signify a darkness wherein men went groping and feeling about for every thing they wanted
Dinah - Dinah, then at maturity between 13 and 15 years old, through her parents' remissness and her own love of sight seeing (she "went out to see the daughters of the land"), Instead of being a "keeper at home" as young women ought to be (Titus 2:2), gave occasion to Shechem to "see" (contrast Job 31:1), and lust after, and defile her
Reconciliation - Instead, the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit whom he has given to us (Romans 5:5 )
Sennacherib - Sennacherib put one of his own sons on the throne Instead of Belibus
Book With the Seven Seals - At the seventh vision the scheme, Instead of moving directly to its completion, branches out into new ramifications
Boasting - Whereas in Authorized Version they are rendered by ‘boasting’ and ‘glorying’ in about equal proportions, in Revised Version ‘boasting’ has almost completely disappeared, and ‘glorying’ is found Instead
Cross - The mark of a cross, Instead of a signature, on a deed, formerly impressed by those who could not write
Exchange - In mercantile language, a bill drawn for money is called exchange, Instead of a bill of exchange
Hagar - The presence of the story in sources where such different interests are represented is in favour of its historicity; and Instead of the assumption that Hagar is but the conjectural mother of the personified founder of a tribe, the more obvious explanation is that she was the actual ancestress of the people of Ishmael
Shemaiah - A prophet under Rehoboam, commissioned to charge the king and his 180,000 warriors of Judah not to fight against their brethren of Israel, but to return every man to his house, Instead of striving to regain northern Israel from Jeroboam (1 Kings 12:22; 2 Chronicles 11:2), for that the severance is Jehovah's doing; so they desisted in obedience to the Lord
Test - ” In the RSV, NASB, and NIV the verb “to test” is given Instead of “to try
Ambassage - —This term is used in Luke 14:32 (Authorized Version and Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885) and in Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 of Luke 19:14 (more accurately Instead of Authorized Version ‘message’)
Flesh - ...
The word means the “meaty part plus the skin” of men: “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh Instead thereof” ( Caius, Ecclesiastical Writer - 2, where the present text, doubtless by a transcriber's error, reads Patroclus Instead of Proclus (Niceph
Elders - But it is credible, that as there were twelve tribes, there were seventy-two elders, six from each tribe, and that seventy is set down, Instead of seventy-two; or rather, that Moses and Aaron should be added to the number seventy, and that, exclusive of them, there were but four elders from the tribe of Levi
First-Born - In consequence of God having taken the Levites from among the children of Israel Instead of all the first-born to serve him as priests, the first-born of the other tribes were to be redeemed, at a valuation made by the priest not exceeding five shekels, from serving God in that capacity, Numbers 18:15-16 , Luke 2:22 , &c
Kill - , Luke 22:2 ; in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 , Instead of the future tense of this verb, some texts (followed by RV marg
Scorpion - The Greeks have a proverb, αντι περκης σκορπιον , Instead of a perch, or fish, a scorpion
Samaria - It became the favorite residence of the kings of Israel, Instead of Shechem and Thirzah the former capitals
Manna - It fell every morning, with the dew, about the camp of the Israelites, and in so great quantities during the whole forty years of their journey in the wilderness, that it was sufficient to serve the entire multitude Instead of bread, Exodus 16:35 Deuteronomy 29:5,6 Joshua 5:12
Joel, Book of - The army of insects was but a precursor, but as a present thing, Instead of joy and gladness being in the house of God, God was judging
Altar - (1 Kings 8:64 ; 2 Chronicles 7:7 ) It had no grating, and Instead of a single gradual slope, the ascent to it was probably made by three successive platforms, to each of which it has been supposed that steps led
Cause - , "instead of this," i
Fornication - ...
Wrong desires produce wrong behaviour...
Often fornication occurs because people, Instead of trying to avoid sexual temptation, encourage it
Johanan - All they gained by forcing Jeremiah and Baruch to accompany them to Egypt was that Jeremiah there under the Spirit foretold their doom and that of Pharaoh upon whom they trusted Instead of God
Aaron - ...
The first mention of Aaron is in Exodus 4:14; where, in answer to Moses' objection that he did not have the eloquence needed for such a mission as that to Pharaoh, Jehovah answers: "Is not Aaron, the Levite, thy brother? I know that he can speak well: and thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth; and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do; and he shall be thy spokesman unto the people; and he shall be Instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him Instead of God. Left alone to guide the people, he betrayed his instability of character in his weak and guilty concession to the people's demand for visible gods to go before them in the absence of Moses, their recognized leader under Jehovah; and Instead of the pillar of cloud and fire wherein the Lord heretofore had gone before them (Exodus 13:21; Exodus 32). ...
Nadab and Abihu, probably (see Leviticus 10:8-9) under the effects of wine taken when about to be consecrated, Instead of taking the sacred fire from the brazen altar, burned the incense on the golden altar with common fire; or, as Knobel and Speaker's Commentary think, they offered the incense in accompaniment of the people's shouts, not at the due time of morning or evening sacrifice, but in their own self-willed manner and at their own time
Malachi - ...
(2) Against the priests for contemptible offerings, profaning Instead of honoring their Master and their Father, unlike Levi of old, who walked with God in a covenant of life and peace, turning many from iniquity, whereas they departed out of the way and caused others to stumble; therefore God will send a curse upon them, making them contemptible, even as they contemned and failed to give glory to His name (Malachi 1:6-2:9). He shall on the one hand refine the sons of Levi, so that Judah's offering shall be pleasant unto Jehovah; on the other hand He shall be a swift witness against wrong doers, wherefore "return unto Me," Instead of "robbing Me of tithes," "prove Me now herewith and I will pour you out a blessing," etc
Reserve - He painted, Instead, another picture for the inward eye of the heart. He made practical use of it, Instead, as a call to repentance
For - In the place of Instead of noting substitution of persons, or agency of one in the place of another with equivalent authority. In the place of Instead of as, to translate a poem line for line
Jacob - Instead of occupying the first place of honour in the family he had to flee for his life; Instead of a double portion, he fled with only the staff in his hand. Next follows his seven years' service under greedy Laban, in lieu of presents to the parents (the usual mode of obtaining a wife in the East, Genesis 24:53, which Jacob was unable to give), and the imposition of Leah upon him Instead of Rachel; the first installment of his retributive chastisement in kind for his own deceit. ...
The assigning of 40, Instead of 20, years to his sojourn with Laban allows time for Er and Onan to be grown up when married; their strong passions leading them to marry, even so, at an early age for that time. Instead of with his father in the S
Bethsaida - Thus adulation must under two reigns have suppressed a name, from which otherwise the city might have wished to derive benefit to itself; and for some time it was called by its ancient name Bethsaida Instead of Julias
Temple, the Second - ...
Haggai 2:9 is rightly rendered in the Revised Version, "The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former," Instead of, "The glory of this latter house," etc
Laban (2) - " (On the length of Jacob's service, 40 years probably, Jacob Laban imposed at the first seven years' close the unattractive Leah on him Instead of the younger Rachel whom he loved and for whom he had served
Zebulun - "They shall call the peoples to the mountain (of the Lord's inheritance, Exodus 15:17); there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness"; Instead of making their abundance into mammon they would consecrate it to the Lord
Samaria - , Samaria, as the new capital of his kingdom Instead of Tirzah (1 Kings 16:24 )
Epiphanes, a Gnostic Writer - Instead of accounting for the existence of evil as the work of a hostile principle, this theory would represent moral evil as a mere fiction of human laws, perversely instituted in opposition to the will of the Creator
Fool, Foolishness, And Folly - This aloofness is also described in terms of the farmers who “follow worthless pursuits” Instead of tending to the farm (Proverbs 12:11 NRSV)
Break - ) To fail in musical quality; as, a singer's voice breaks when it is strained beyond its compass and a tone or note is not completed, but degenerates into an unmusical sound Instead
Humility - His spirit may be full of envy Instead of humility
Nebo - ’ It is significant that this detailed description is absent from the Samaritan text, which has, Instead, a shorter description which defines the land of Israel but not the view
Blasphemy - Instead of testifying by lifestyle to the character of the Lord, David's action confirms the blasphemous belief of the nations that the Lord is no different from any other national god
Malachi - Instead of blessings they faced drought, famine, poverty, oppression, and unfaithfulness to spouses and to God
Micah, Micaiah - But a Levite, named Jonathan, comes to the house of Micah while journeying; Micah induces him to be his priest Instead of the son whom he had first consecrated
Gaza - they carried all away and left none; see 2 Chronicles 21:17; 2 Chronicles 28:18) to deliver them up to Edom (the Philistines of Gaza, Instead of hospitably sheltering the Jewish refugees fleeing before Sennacherib and other Assyrian, invaders, sold them as captives to their bitter foes, the Edomites; compare Isaiah 16:4)
Priest - Then, indeed, the high-priesthood was sometimes set up to sale, and, Instead of continuing for life, as it ought to have done, it seems, from some passages in the New Testament, to have been nothing more than an annual office
Brass (Brazen) - ...
Isaiah 60:17 (a) GOD is reminding His people that He will add greatly to the blessings of His people, bringing to them valuable treasures Instead of less consequential things
Abimelech - ...
Rather, as Keil and Delitzsch, Instead of "he," translate "this is to thee a covering of the eyes (i
Abner - " But Joab, Instead of waiting for his being delivered up with the legal formalities to the authorized penalty (if he were really guilty, which he was not), as an assassin, stabbed him as a worthless fellow (1 Kings 2:5)
Derbe - It is a striking fact that he made Derbe the last stage of his missionary progress, Instead of going on to the neighbouring and greater city of Laranda
Deliverer - ’ It is a free quotation, the Septuagint having ἐκ Σιών Instead of ἕνεκεν Σιών, while the Hebrew has ‘to Zion
Tribes, the Twelve - After Levi was separated for the priesthood, the number twelve was maintained by Ephraim and Manasseh being mentioned Instead of Joseph
Idolatry - the idolatrous themselves, who become their own statues; or internal, as false ideas, which are set up in the fancy Instead of God, such as fancying God to be a light, flame, matter, &c
Galley - But, saith the Lord by the prophet, "the glorious Lord will be, Instead of all these to us, a place both of broad rivers and streams
Unperfect - ...
I cannot close this article without expressing my wish that the faithful of the Lord's people may always use the word unperfect, Instead of imperfect, when reading this most blessed verse, in this most blessed Psalm
God - ) forming the incommunicable name of Jah,) they always take the Teth and the Vau, that is the 9 and the 6, Instead of it, to make the number fifteen by
Stone - In those elder ages, before the use of writing, these monuments were Instead of inscriptions, pyramids, medals, or histories
Offer, Offering - ...
Notes: (1) In Luke 11:12 , AV epididomi, "to give" (epi, "over," in the sense of "instead of," and No
Altar - It had no grating, and Instead of a single, gradual slope, the ascent to it was probably made by three successive platforms, to each of which it has been supposed that steps led
On - So we say, Philadelphia is situated on the Delaware Middlebury is on the Otter Creek Guilford stands on the Sound that is, near the river or Sound, Instead of on the bank, side or shore
Camel - The old versions of the New Testament, Instead of, "strain at" a gnat, have, "strain out," which conveys the true meaning
Samaritans - ...
From all these and other circumstances, the national hatred between the Samaritans and Jews, Instead of being at all diminished by time, was, on the contrary, fostered and augmented Luke 9:52,53
Help, Holpen - , "to take Instead of, or in turn" (akin to A, No
Curse, Cursing, Cursed, Accursed - , in John 7:49 , RV, "accursed," Instead of No
Heaven - The Jews so identified heaven with God that they often used the word ‘heaven’ Instead of ‘God’
Joseph the Son of Jacob - Joseph, by receiving two tribes Instead of one, received the inheritance of the firstborn (Genesis 48; Genesis 49:22-26; 1 Chronicles 5:1-2)
Ecclesiastes - People should not therefore waste time searching after what God has kept for himself, but Instead enjoy what God has given to them, namely, life (3:12-13; 5:18-19)
Jehoram - of the Dead Sea, Instead of directly E. Much less those taken not in open battle, but by a device, combined with mental blindness sent by God), and caused him Instead to set bread and water, "great provision" (2 Kings 6:22-23), before them, and then to send them home, the effect being that love melted the enemy's heart, and Syrian "bands" (i. Married Athaliah, Ahab's daughter, the reflex of her wicked mother Jezebel; he yielded himself up to the evil influences of his wife Instead of following the example of his pious father
Law - Instead of being bound by a set of rules, they have inner spiritual power to do God’s will. Instead of having to offer sacrifices repeatedly, they have their sins taken away once and for all. Instead of having to approach God through priests, they have direct fellowship with God (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 8:8-13; Hebrews 10:1-4; Hebrews 10:16-18)
Eschatology - Instead of being primarily concerned with one nation, God now calls all peoples. Instead of establishing a geographical kingdom, God gathers them into the church. Instead of being deeply concerned with the socio-political affairs, God's work in the Church Age focuses chiefly on spiritual matters. Instead of coming as a warrior Messiah to destroy the pagan nations and their gods, God came as a humble Servant who was put to death, but then was unexpectedly resurrected. For Instead of all the righteous being raised, Jesus alone had been, as the “firstfruits” of final harvest (1 Corinthians 15:20 , 1 Corinthians 15:23 )
Passover - ...
Talmudists call this "the little Passover," and say it lasted but one day Instead of seven, and the Hallel was not sung during the meal but only when the lamb was slain, and leaven was not put away. Instead of a part only being eaten and the rest burnt, as in other sacrifices, the whole except the blood sprinkled was eaten when roast; typifying Christ's blood shed as a propitiation, but His whole man hood transfused spiritually into His church who feed on Him by faith, of which the Lord's supper is a sensible pledge. ...
Moreover, the Passover lambs were to be slain at the sanctuary, and their blood sprinkled on the altar, Instead of on the lintel and doorposts (Deuteronomy 16:1-6). Instead therefore of the father of the family slaying the lamb and handing the blood to the priest, to sprinkle on the altar, the Levites did so; also at Josiah's Passover (2 Chronicles 35:6; 2 Chronicles 35:11). The modern Jews use dry thin biscuits as unleavened bread; a shoulder of lamb thoroughly roasted, Instead of a whole one; a boiled egg, symbolizing wholeness; sweet sauce to represent the sort of work in Egypt; a vessel of salt and water (representing the Red Sea) into which they dip their bitter herbs; a cup of wine stands all the night on the table for Elijah (Malachi 4:5); before filling the guests' cups a fourth time an interval of dead silence follows, and the door is opened to admit him
David - God protected David, and David refused to injure Saul, Instead promising not to cut off Saul's family (1 Samuel 24:21-22 ). He then began plans to build a temple but learned from Nathan, the prophet, that he would Instead build a dynasty with eternal dimensions (2 Samuel 7:1 )
King - Impatience of God's yoke (the laws of the theocracy), eagerness to imitate the nations around, and unbelief in trial, Instead of seeking for the cause of their misfortunes in themselves, were the sin of their request. Instead of being, like Eastern kings, of a distinct royal caste, he was simply to be first among equals, like his subjects bound by the fundamental law of the nation (compare Matthew 23:9)
Body - Instead, they comprise the one individual human in an inseparable union. It means, Instead, the total transformation of “flesh and blood” into a “spiritual body,” that is a personality created and formed anew by God's Spirit
Retaliation - The interest of the scribes lay not in the effort to do the will of God as between man and man, but in the academic discussion of the compensation to be awarded, in soulless casuistry Instead of in the effort to make straight the way in the practical business of life (Mark 7:11). Christ put forward a principle Instead of insisting upon the observance of a multitude of details
Magic - As with magic, the biblical writers did not view divination as connected with the gods, but Instead considered it a magic or wisdom art that revealed secrets of God in a wrong way (Isaiah 19:3 ; Ezekiel 21:26 ; Hosea 4:12 ). The Israelites preferred the simple technique of lot inquiry, addressing God and relying on his decision Instead of going through an elaborate system of ritual
Separation - It is hard to see why our Lord should have been at such pains to point out what must be perfectly obvious to everybody, that the world is evil, and why He should recommend a tolerant attitude toward the evil, Instead of making it a reason for earnest evangelistic effort. The infliction of censure or punishment in the case of gross offenders was intended to have a healing effect, and Instead of aiming at permanent exclusion from religious fellowship and privileges, had ultimate restoration to these in view
Satan - Instead of being a rival power to good and God, as in the Persian belief as to Ormuzd and Ahriman, he is subordinate; his malicious temptation of David was overruled to work out Jehovah's anger against Israel (2 Samuel 24:1; 1 Chronicles 21:1). being taken as saved captives by him ("the servant of the Lord", 2 Timothy 2:24; autou ) so as to follow the will of Him" (ekeinou ; God, 2 Timothy 2:25): ezogreemenoi , taken to be saved alive, Instead of Satan's thrall unto death, brought to the willing "captivity of obedience" to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)
Righteous, To Be - The NEB reads “fair offer” Instead
Allegory - Whereas, if, Instead of describing the vine as wasted by the boar from the wood, and devoured by the wild beasts of the field, the Psalmist had said, it was afflicted by Heathens, or overcome by enemies, which is the real meaning, the figurative and the literal meaning would have been blended, and the allegory ruined. When several metaphors succeed each other, they alter the form of the composition; and this succession has, very properly, in reference to the etymology of the word, been denominated by the Greeks αλληγορια , an allegory; although Aristotle, Instead of considering it as a new species of figure, has referred it to the class of metaphors
Gods - The pious Israelites had so great an aversion and such an extreme contempt for strange gods, that they scorned even to mention them; they disguised and disfigured their names by substituting in the room of them some term of contempt; for example, Instead of Elohim, they called them Elilim, "nothings, gods of no value;" Instead of Mephibaal, Meribaal, and Jerubaal, they said "Mephibosheth, Meribosheth, and Jeribosheth
Temptation - Instead they should be aware of the weakness of sinful human nature, and give it no opportunity to satisfy its desires (Romans 6:12; Romans 13:14)
Nehemiah, the Book of - In Nehemiah 8; Nehemiah 9; and Nehemiah 10, the prominence of Ezra is probably the cause why Nehemiah uses the third person of himself, Instead of the first which he uses elsewhere
Samar'Itans - (Ivah,) (2 Kings 18:34 ) and from Hamath, and front Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria Instead of the children of Israel and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof
Ignorance (2) - To put the matter in another way, the truths of Natural Religion carry their own evidence with them, and those who worship the creature Instead of the Creator, or who deny that there is a God, or who think that there is no essential difference between virtue and vice, wilfully blind themselves to the truth (cf
World - Instead they trust in the methods of those who still ‘belong to the world’, who still live ‘in the flesh’ (Galatians 3:3; Galatians 4:9-11; Galatians 5:1; Colossians 2:20-23; see FLESH)
Undressed Cloth - In the parallel passage Luke 5:36, where, however, a somewhat different turn is given to the saying, ἱμάτιον καινόν (‘new garment’) occurs Instead of ῥάκος ἄγναφον
Veil - The Gospel according to the Hebrews, as quoted by Jerome, had in the above passage ‘lintel’ Instead of ‘veil’ (‘superliminare templi infinitae magnitudinae fractum esse atque divisum’)
Suffering - Instead, Christians can grow stronger spiritually through trials (Romans 6:4-8 ; 1 Peter 4:1 ; Hebrews 12:11 ) and share Christ's ultimate triumph (Mark 13:9 ; John 16:33 ; 2 Thessalonians 1:5 ; Revelation 5:5 ; Revelation 20:9 ,Revelation 20:9,20:14-15 ) even now as they experience daily victories (Romans 8:37 ; 1 John 2:13-14 ; 1 Peter 5:10 )
Wilderness - Desert in the lands of the Bible is usually rocks Instead of sand dunes
Kohath, Kohathites - (1) During the desert wanderings the Kohathites were on the south side of the Tent ( Numbers 3:30 ), and they carried the screen of the sanctuary and its furniture, after it had been prepared for travel by the greatest of all the descendants of Kohath Aaron and his sons ( Numbers 3:31 , Numbers 4:4-18 , Numbers 10:21 ); they were privileged to carry their burden upon their shoulders ( Numbers 7:9 ), Instead of in waggons, as the Gershonites and Merarites; they were superintended by Eleazar, Aaron’s son ( Numbers 4:16 )
Sleep - It is only because of Jesus' death, and our death in him, that death no longer holds any terror, becoming Instead a peaceful sleep and a blessedness ( Revelation 14:13 )
Sodom - Luke, on the other hand, the words form part of the charge to the Seventy; he has ‘Sodom’ for ‘the land of Sodom,’ ‘Gomorrah’ is omitted, and Instead of St
Baptism - He went down under the flood Instead of us
Abiathar - But in Adonijah's attempt to be David's successor, Instead of Solomon, Abiathar, probably from jealousy of Zadok, who was on Solomon's side, took Adonijah's part
Altar - The life of CHRIST which was perfect was offered to GOD Instead of our lives which are so imperfect
Lion - ...
Jeremiah 12:8 (a) This represents GOD's own people who should have been of the sheep of His pasture, but Instead turned against Him in hatred and rebellion
Sanctification - They can thus dwell together in peace, Instead of having to separate from an unbelieving partner, as in Old Testament times
Excommunication - Paul wished to end, lest the punishment should defeat its end and lead to ruin Instead of recovery, and so Satan should hold what was only, metaphorically speaking, lent to him to hurt
Marriage - And, farther, were it allowed, young persons Instead of entering into marriage upon mature consideration, with a settled esteem and friendship, and a proper concern and provision for the support and education of children, would be in danger (through the intimacy and affection produced by their near relation, and being bred together) of sliding in their inconsiderate years into those criminal familiarities which are most destructive of the great ends of marriage
Philip the Apostle - Instead of going direct to Jesus, he first tells his fellow townsman Andrew (a mark of humility and discreet reverence), who had been the first to come to Jesus; then both together tell Jesus
Tabernacle - Solomon built it and the finished structure was known as “the house,” the temple Instead of the dwelling place (mishkân) In later literature mishkân is a poetic synonym for “temple”: “I will not give sleep … until I find out a place for the Lord, a habitation for the mighty God of Jacob” ( Watch - Instead, those charged were held for a very short time (sometimes) immediately preceding trial until the trial could be arranged ( Lucian - The firm hope of eternal life which taught them to meet death with tranquillity, their brotherly love one toward another, might have indicated to him some higher spirit which animated these men; but Instead of this he treats it all as delusion, because many gave themselves up to death with something like fanatical enthusiasm
Lord's Supper - The former deliverance was typical of the latter; and Instead of keeping the Jewish passover, which was now to be abrogated, they were to commemorate Christ, their passover, who was sacrificed for them; the bread broken was to represent his body offered upon the cross; and the wine poured out was to represent his blood, which was shed for the salvation of men
Calvary - Jolliffe, forty-three yards from the cross, presents rather a singular and unexpected appearance to a stranger; who, for such a place, would naturally expect to find an excavation in the ground, Instead of which, he perceives it altogether raised, as if artificially, above its level
Levites - God chose the Levites Instead of the first-born of all Israel, for the service of his tabernacle and temple, Numbers 3:6 , &c
Demon - did not use the word 'demon' where these words occur Instead of 'devil,' for which there is another Greek word, διάβολος, signifying 'accuser
Anoint, Anointing - The RV translates it "anointing" in all three places, Instead of the AV "unction" and "anointing
Levites - God chose the Levites for the service of his tabernacle and temple, Instead of the firstborn of all Israel, to whom such duties naturally belonged, and who were already sacred to God in memory of the great deliverance in Egypt
Phrygia - along the direct route which passed through the higher country from Metropolis to Ephesus, Instead of the high road which followed the valley of the Lycus
Apocalyptic Literature - Such writings enabled the Jews to comment safely on the oppressors who ruled them; for they were able to use symbols (usually beasts) Instead of the names of their overlords (Daniel 7:1-8; Mark 13:14; Revelation 13:1-4; Revelation 17)
Mesrobes - His first step was to restore, if not to invent, an alphabet for the Armenian tongue Instead of depending on the Syriac character
Veil - The Gospel according to the Hebrews, as quoted by Jerome, had in the above passage ‘lintel’ Instead of ‘veil’ (‘superliminare templi infinitae magnitudinae fractum esse atque divisum’)
Flood, the - The detailed chiastic literary structure of Genesis 6-9 argues for the unity of the flood narrative Instead of small textual units (J and P) as suggested by the Documentary Hypothesis. "...
The choice of divine names throughout the flood narrative, Instead of indicating separate sources, seems to highlight different aspects of God's character: the generic Elohim when his universal, transcendent sovereignty or judicial authority is emphasized; and the covenant name Yahweh when his personal, ethical dealings with Noah and humankind are in view. These problems are not insurmountable given the supernatural nature of the flood; numerous recent scientific studies also provide a growing body of evidence for diluvial catastrophism Instead of uniformitarianism
Tongues, Confusion of - ...
Moreover, no sharp line of demarcation separates the three: the isolating are not wholly so, the agglutinative as the Finnish and Turkish are sometimes inflecting, the inflecting as Hebrew is often agglutinative and has separate particles to express relations; the Indo European (inflecting) appends to its substantival stems suffixes of case and number; the Ural Altaian (agglutinative) adds governing particles, rendering them post positional Instead of prepositional; the Semitic expresses grammatical variations by vowel changes within the root, the Indo European by affixes without. The governing noun is altered in termination before the governed noun, in Hebrew, Instead of the governed noun being put in the genitive. The isolating tongues, as the Chinese, Instead of the Indo-European verbal composition, employ manifold combinations of radical sounds with an elaborate method of accenting and intoning
Wages - Instead of having land, the people live in exile; Instead of numerous descendants, the population has been decimated. A theme in Ecclesiastes is that there is no profit to be made in anything in life (1:3; 2:11,13; 3:9; 5:15); yet, in contrast to Grecian thought, Ecclesiastes encourages faith Instead of moral licence
the Samaritan Who Shewed Mercy - But he, willing to justify himself, began, lawyer-like, to raise speculative and casuistical questions, Instead of immediately setting about to do his duty. And Instead of wishing to justify Himself; Instead of saying, But who is My neighbour-you know what He said, and what He did, and to whom He said it and did it
the Labourer With the Evil Eye - " And in like manner, Instead of it being difficult to believe that there was ever such a dog in the manger as this murmuring labourer, we are all such dogs, and he who does not know and confess it-the shell is yet on his head. Instead of there being no envy among the disciples of Jesus Christ, and among those who labour in His Father's vineyard, as this stupid old annotator would have us believe; Instead of that, the true hellishness of envy is never tasted by any man till he is far up in the kingdom of heaven, and is full of its mind and spirit
Apostle - Instead of being led and guided, the Twelve now become leaders and guides or rather, Instead of having a visible Guide, they now have an invisible one-instead of Jeans, ‘the Spirit of Jesus’ (Acts 16:7), who helps them to lead others
Prayer - They are arrogantly commanding God Instead of humbly depending on him; they are wanting their will to be done Instead of God’s (Matthew 20:20-23; John 17:20-234)
Tongues, Gift of - This would have been the natural use for him to have urged their possessors to put them to, Instead of interrupting church worship at home by their unmeaning display. " Paul thus applies it: ye see it is a penalty to encouuter men of a strange tongue, yet this you impose on the church by abusing Instead of using the tongue intelligibly
Ezekiel, Book of - Hence it does not mention the times of the Gentiles or the four monarchies, but passes on to the end, when the throne of government will again return to Jerusalem, Instead of judging it. In Ezekiel 38:2 , Instead of "O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal," the LXX reads, "O Gog,
Pentateuch - Instead of doing so, they rebelled and God punished them
Lot (1) - In the spirit of a child of God Abram goes to Lot himself, Instead of listening to subordinates' reports, and begs as they are brethren there should be no strife between them (contrast Acts 15:39), and offers Lot precedency, though as his senior Abram might have claimed it; "if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right," etc
Micaiah - " Instead of Moses' blessing on Ephraim awaiting Ahab, as Zedekiah had said, Moses' picture of what Israel would be at his death, "Jehovah's congregation as sheep having no shepherd," if no successor were appointed, would be realized (Numbers 27:17)
Hagar - Lack of faith moved Sarai to suggest, and moved Abram to adopt, a fleshly device Instead of waiting the Lord's time and way
Uncleanness - Murder made the land unclean, and the uncleanness could be removed only by the death of the murderer; or, if the murderer could not be found, by the ritual slaughter of an animal Instead (Deuteronomy 21:1-9)
Olive - They are universally eaten by the fellahîn with bread sometimes the oil is eaten Instead, much as butter is used in our home lands
Temptation of Jesus - When the people came to make Him king, He eluded them, choosing Instead to be exalted (“lifted up” in Greek) on the cross
Bread, Bread of Presence - Instead, the bread was placed before Yahweh as a token of gratitude for his provision for his people
Tithes - He solemnly professed he had done so every third and sixth year (of the septennial cycle), when Instead of taking the second or vegetable tithe to the sanctuary he used it at home in charity and hospitality (Deuteronomy 26:13-14; Deuteronomy 14:28-29)
Troas - 79), Julius Caesar had thoughts of making it the capital of the Empire Instead of Rome, and Augustus may have played with the same idea (Hor
Dove - The offering of a dove was the alternative permitted to those unable to afford a more costly one, an alternative adopted Instead of the lamb by the Virgin mother at her purification, a proof of the poverty to which our Lord stooped at His incarnation
Salim - But Instead of seeking the place west of the Jordan at Sheikh Salim, Mommert now seeks aenon east of it at ‘Ain Djirm (‘well of the leprosy’), at the foot of the hill ‘Scharabil,’ as he spells it, or ‘Scharhabît’ as it is spelt on the map of Fischer-Guthe, opposite to Tell Ridhgah, with which it has been identified hitherto
Nag Hammadi - In 1945 an Arab peasant digging in an ancient cemetery for soft dirt to be used as fertilizer, found Instead a large earthenware jar
Knowledge - John Instead frequently uses the verbs “to know
Clean, Unclean, Common - His vision (Acts 10) woke him, and, though he relapsed for an instant (Galatians 2:9), the work was done; and when that generation passed away, the religious nature of these distinctions had gone from Christianity; cleanliness, Instead of being godliness, was next to godliness
Day And Night - Similarly the ‘ten days’ of tribulation (Ezekiel 2:10), Instead of being regarded as a round-number expression for a short and limited period (cf
Barachiah - In this case the omission of υἱοῦ Βαραχίου from Matthew 23:35 in א* would be due to someone who wondered at the ‘Barachiah’ Instead of ‘Jehoiada
Cassianus, Julius, a Heretical Teacher - " There is little doubt that we are to read Instead of Tatianus Cassianus
Luke, Gospel of - The one is endeavouring to account for the Gospel of Luke by mere human agency, Instead of recognising that the writer was led and guided by the Holy Spirit
Micah, Book of - " All the earth was involved in the judgements that God was going to bring upon His chosen people: a solemn consideration when the people of God, Instead of being a testimony for Him, bring the judgements of God down on the world
Asa - Concerning this year, however, there are difficulties; and some think that we should read the twenty-fifth, Instead of the thirty-fifth; since Baasha, who made war on Asa, lived no longer than the twenty-sixth year of Asa, 1 Kings 16:8
Barrenness - Then did the wife forget her jealousy, and provoke, Instead of resenting, the faithlessness of her husband, Genesis 16:2 ; Genesis 30:3 ; Genesis 30:9 ; then did the mother forget a parent's part, and teach her own child treachery and deceit, Genesis 25:23 ; Genesis 27:13 ; then did daughters turn the instincts of nature backward, and deliberately work their own and their father's shame, Genesis 19:31 ; then did the daughter-in-law veil her face, and court the incestuous bed, Genesis 38:14 ; and to be childless, was to be a by- word, Genesis 16:5 ; Genesis 30:1 ; and to refuse to raise up seed to a brother, was to be spit upon, Genesis 38:26 ; Deuteronomy 25:9 ; and the prospect of the promise, like the fulfilment of it, did not send peace into families, but a sword; and three were set against two, and two against three, Genesis 27:41 ; and the elder, who would be promoted unto honour, was set against the younger, whom God would promote, Genesis 4:5 ; Genesis 27:41 ; and national differences were engendered by it, as individuals grew into nations, Genesis 19:37 ; Genesis 26:35 ; and even the foulest of idolatries may be traced, perhaps, to this hallowed source; for the corruption of the best is the worst corruption of all, Numbers 25:1-3
Veil - Many of the Turkish women, Instead of the smaller handkerchief, use a long piece of black crape stiffened, which, sloping a little from the forehead, leaves room to breathe more freely
Aloe - But Instead of εκατον it might originally have been written δεκατον , ten pounds' weight
Herod - On the death of his father, when he was seventeen years old, Instead of causing him to succeed to his father's kingdom of Chalcis, which had belonged to his Uncle Herod
To - Sometimes it is used Instead of the ancient form, for to, noting purpose
Jonah - Jonah was directed to go and cry against that great city Nineveh; but Instead of obeying, he fled from the presence of the Lord
Honor - 1); (9) as an advantage to be given by believers one to another Instead of claiming it for self, Romans 12:10 ; (10) to be given to elders that rule well ("double honor"), 1 Timothy 5:17 (here the meaning may be an honorarium); (11) to be given by servants to their master, 1 Timothy 6:1 ; (12) to be given to wives by husbands, 1 Peter 3:7 ; (13) said of the husband's use of the wife, in contrast to the exercise of the passion of lust, 1 Thessalonians 4:4 (some regard the "vessel" here as the believer's body); (14) of that bestowed upon; parts of the body, 1 Corinthians 12:23,24 ; (15) of that which belongs to the builder of a house in contrast to the house itself, Hebrews 3:3 ; (16) of that which is not enjoyed by a prophet in his own country, John 4:44 ; (17) of that bestowed by the inhabitants of Melita upon Paul and his fellow-passengers, in gratitude for his benefits of healing, Acts 28:10 ; (18) of the festive honor to be possessed by nations, and brought into the Holy City, the heavenly Jerusalem, Revelation 21:26 (in some mss
Temple - The 35 cubits Instead of 18 cubits, in 2 Chronicles 3:15, arose from a copyist's error (confounding yah = 18 with lah = 35 cubits). Instead of the one seven-branched candlestick ten new ones were made of pure gold, five for the right or N. The brazen altar of burnt offering was four times as large as that of the tabernacle; 20 cubits on each side and in height, Instead of five cubits (2 Chronicles 4:1). , the chambers all around were 20 in width Instead of the ten of Solomon's temple; probably, Instead of as heretofore each room of the priests' lodgings being a thoroughfare, a passage was introduced between the temple and the rooms
Containers And Vessels - Typical of this period was a cornet with a hollow conical base Instead of the pointed end of a standard cornet. Instead of the rounded shapes, containers became more angular
John, the Gospel of - Instead of the short, pithy sayings that characterize Jesus' words in the Synoptics, one finds in John extended discourses. Instead, Jesus washes the disciples' feet
Daniel - a governor over a province, Instead of its being left under the native kings (2 Kings 25:23). " Daniel writing for Jews under Persia at the time uses naturally the familiar Persian term "satrap" Instead of the corresponding Babylonian term
Sin - ...
Ever since Adam’s sin, the human story is one of people running from God, loving themselves Instead of God, and doing their will Instead of God’s (Romans 1:19-23)
Abraham - The severing of emotional ties was bound to be costly, yet Abraham went forward without once questioning God's directives, believing Instead in God's power to fulfill his promises. Instead, the participants in the Abrahamic covenant are seen as real persons with whom modern Christians are privileged to join in witness to God's power and his plan of salvation through Christ
Image - An instance of its use in the NT which may be regarded as focusing the range of its varied application and as a transition from the above discussion to those which follow, is found in Hebrews 10:1, where the Mosaic Law is spoken of as being a mere ‘shadow’ of the coming bliss, Instead of representing its reality or being its ‘very image. That glory takes up its abode in the Christian, and Instead or fading as in the case of Moses, becomes ever more glorious (cf
Love - The King James Version uses the word charity Instead of “love” to translate the Greek word Paul used ( agape ). Instead of using a word for love already filled with meaning, Paul took the seldom-used term and filled it with Christian meaning
Joab - Possibly Joab at first was disposed to join the rebel; but Absalom's appointment of Amasa to the command "instead of Joab" determined Joab's course (2 Samuel 17:25), and made him thenceforward bitter against Absalom, so that after thrusting three darts through his heart he had his corpse cast into a pit and heaped with stones. Joab's and Jeshua's sons were probably, in the registration of those who returned, represented by the sons of Pahath Moab, so Instead of "of" translated "for (i
Jonathan - Instead of jealousy, unselfish love made him rejoice in his friend's prospective exaltation at his own cost, and only covet to be next in rank to David: as he said when he went to David "and strengthened his hand in God," his last interview with him in the wood of Ziph (1 Samuel 23:16-17). "Shammah" in 2 Samuel 23:33 stands Instead of "son of Shage," probably all error of the transcriber from ver
Law - Jesus, in accord with Leviticus 19:18 , teaches patient suffering Instead of the misapplication of lex talionis for personal revenge (Matthew 5:38-42 ). Dispensationalism concludes from these statements that Christians are under no Mosaic laws, not even the Decalogue, but are Instead under the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2 ; 1 Corinthians 9:21 ). Instead, salvation is a gift obtained by faith, not works (1618735185_51 ; Ephesians 2:8-10 ; Apostolic Constitutions And Canons - 14, 18: ‘We now assembled, Peter and Andrew, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus who is surnamed Thaddaeus, and Simon the Canaanite, and Matthias who Instead of Judas was numbered with us, and James the brother of our Lord and bishop of Jerusalem, and Paul … and have written to you this catholic doctrine [1] we have sent by our fellow-minister Clement. 24), where Instead the Didascalia mentions persecution. The dependence of the ‘Constitutions’ on these Canons, though not noted in the complete Manuscripts (unless, indeed, the old conjecture were revived that in the title, after Κλήμεντος … ἐπισκόπου should be read καὶ Ἱππολύτου, Instead of τε καὶ πολίτου), is pointed out by the title Διατάξεις τῶν ἁγίων ἀποστόλων περὶ χειροτονιῶν διὰ Ἱππολύτου, in excerpts from book viii
Faith - It is not a work which God graciously accepts Instead of perfect obedience, but is only the hand by which we take hold of the person and work of our Redeemer as the only ground of our salvation
Habakkuk - idolize their own might and military skill, Instead of giving the glory to God (Deuteronomy 8:17; Isaiah 10:13; Isaiah 37:24-25)
Mephibosheth - Bearing a name of reproach like Mephibosheth, Instead of his name of innocence; banished to the outskirts of the moral wilderness, like Mephibosheth in Lodebar; liable to perish by the sword of justice, as Saul's other sons (2 Samuel 21); paralyzed by original sin, as Mephibosheth lamed from infancy in both feet; invited by the Lord and Savior, after having spoiled principalities, to sit down at the royal table (Matthew 8:11; Revelation 19:7; Revelation 19:9), as Mephibosheth was by David after conquering all his foes, on the ground of the everlasting covenant (Jeremiah 31:3); as David regarded Mephibosheth because of his covenant with Jonathan (1 Samuel 20:15; 1 Samuel 20:42)
Games - Runners or charioteers rounded the pylons, racing back and forth Instead of circling an oval track
Chronicles, Books of - This is seen particularly in the substitution of modern names of places, such as were in use in the writer's day, for the old names; thus Gezer (1 Chronicles 20:4 ) is used Instead of Gob (2 Samuel 21:18 ), etc
Soul - Instead of splitting a person into two or three parts, Hebrew thought sees a unified being, but one that is profoundly complex, a psychophysical being
Lamp Lampstand - ), the lampstands are single and number seven, Instead of being one shaft, divided into seven branches
Ark of God - In Eli's days when Israel was defeated they fetched the ark from Shiloh that it might save them, but they were again defeated, and the ark, in which they had placed their confidence Instead of in Jehovah, was seized by the Philistines
Moab, Moabites - Balaam was compelled by God to bless them Instead of cursing them, buthe gave to Balak the fatal advice to try to weaken them by seductive alliances (which would cause them to fall under the Lord's discipline), and this, alas, was only too successful: cf
Blasphemy - In 2 Timothy 3:2 the Revised Version has ‘railers’ Instead of ‘blasphemers’; in Acts 13:45 m and Acts 18:6 m it gives ‘rail’ as an alternative, and in Revelation 2:9 m ‘revile
Exhortation - ); but in all cases where the Authorized Version renders it ‘exhortation’ the Revised Version does the same (except in 1 Corinthians 14:3, where it might with advantage be retained Instead of ‘comfort’)
Stretch Out - This noun is often used elliptically Instead of “the rod of the tribe of”; the word signifies “tribe” (cf
Amalekites - It is remarkable, that most authors make Saul's pursuit of the Amalekites to commence from the lower Euphrates, Instead of from the southern border of the land of Canaan
Neonomianism - One opinion is, that the new covenant of grace which, through the medium of Christ's death, the Father made with men, consists, according to this system, not in our being justified by faith, as it apprehends the righteousness of Christ; but in this, that God, abrogating the exaction of perfect legal obedience, reputes or accepts of faith itself, and the imperfect obedience of faith, Instead of the perfect obedience of the law, and graciously accounts them worthy of the reward of eternal life
True, Truly, Truth - 1, signifies that He is veracious, "true" to His utterances, He cannot lie); (b) of Christ, John 1:9 ; 6:32 ; 15:1 ; 1 John 2:8 ; 5:20 (thrice); Revelation 3:7,14 ; 19:11 ; His judgment, John 8:16 (in the best texts, Instead of No
Job - In the second part, the same order is observed and in the third also, except that after Job's reply to Bildad, the three friends have no more to urge, and Instead of Zophar, a fourth friend named Elihu takes up the word; and the whole is concluded by the decision of Jehovah himself
Mountains - What a garden of delights this must have been, when Instead of grass making green the surface, verdant and luxuriant vines were their clothing
ju'Das Iscar'Iot - (5) Perhaps disappointment because Christ insisted on foretelling his death Instead of receiving his kingdom
Philadelphia - Hating Instead of loving, they are a synagogue not of God, but of Satan
Day of the Lord - But the rebels, Instead of turning to God in repentance, will hate him and persecute his people even more (Revelation 9:18; Revelation 9:20-21; Revelation 11:7-10; Revelation 12:17; Revelation 16:9; Revelation 16:21)
Mourning (2) - Extra-Talmudical regulations enjoined that the mourner should sit on the floor and take his food from a chair Instead of a table, and, as is still the custom, that he should eat eggs dipped in ashes with salt
Pound - The ultimate reason of their remissness is the wrong idea of God (Luke 19:21), whom they figure as a taskmaster who exacts, Instead of a kindly father who bestows
Little Ones - In the first place, Instead of the simple ‘he that’ receiveth, we have here the emphasized universal ‘whosoever’; there is no danger of failure here. Next, Instead of the simple, comprehensive ‘receiveth,’ the least conceivable benefit is here specified—‘shall give to drink a cup of cold water only’: the slightest goodness to the disciples shall be noted and rewarded. Next, Instead of the simple statement that the beneliter shall share the reward of the benefited, we have a solemn asseveration that in no case will a due reward be missed: the nature of the reward is left in large vagueness, and it is hinted only that it shall be appropriate, treated as of obligation, and surely given. Lastly, Instead of the cold ‘disciple,’ we have the tender ‘one of these little ones
Galatians, Letter to the - Instead, in Galatians 1:6-9 Paul expressed distress at their fickle faith. To return to legalism is to accept slavery Instead of sonship (Galatians 3:1-5:12 )
Temptation - His words to His mother in Cana (John 2:4) are explicable only if in her request He found a suggestion of evil, that He should use His miraculous power at the bidding of His natural affection Instead of at God’s command alone. He was tempted to abuse His miraculous power, His privileged position, His supreme authority as Son of God, to fulfil the popular expectations Instead of His own ideal of the Messiahship, to shrink from the agony and desolation of the Cross
Atonement, Day of - In Leviticus 16:10; Leviticus 16:26, Instead of "the goat for the scape-goat," which is tautology, translate "the goat for complete sending away" (from the Arabic root 'azal, "to remove completely. The one "for Jehovah," by its death, expresses Christ's life sacrificed Instead of our forfeited lives; the "goat for complete sending away" expresses the blessed effect of that sacrifice, "as far as the E
Mammon - Instead of serving God and mammon alike, he is to use mammon wisely in the interests of his relation to God and the heavenly Kingdom, the wisdom consisting in the practice of charity (cf. for the good of the needy, Instead of hoarding it up selfishly
Jeremiah - Considering itself now the master of Judah, Egypt removed Jehoahaz, the new Judean king, and made his older brother Jehoiakim king Instead (2 Kings 23:31-37). Foolishly, Zedekiah followed their advice Instead of Jeremiah’s, and brought upon Judah a long and devastating siege
Optatus, Bishop of Milevis - When they disclaim the right of princes to interfere in the affairs of the church they contradict their forefathers, who, in the matter of Caecilian, petitioned Constantine to grant them judges from Gaul Instead of from Africa. They regard them as the generating power of the church Instead of the essentials (viscera) viz
Temptation - His words to His mother in Cana (John 2:4) are explicable only if in her request He found a suggestion of evil, that He should use His miraculous power at the bidding of His natural affection Instead of at God’s command alone. He was tempted to abuse His miraculous power, His privileged position, His supreme authority as Son of God, to fulfil the popular expectations Instead of His own ideal of the Messiahship, to shrink from the agony and desolation of the Cross
Simeon - Instead of Gedor , the LXX Tiglath-Pileser - Pekah and Rezln withdrew their forces from Judah, but, Instead of uniting against the common foe, awaited the Assyrian king’s attack each in his own territory
Suffering - Instead they should look for ways of giving the sufferers the comfort and strength they need (Mark 1:40-41; Mark 14:34-41; 2 Corinthians 1:4)
Egypt - Instead, he will fulfill the will of God and follow the lifelong road to Jerusalem
Ezra - ...
He and Malachi probably settled the inspired canon of Scripture, comprising the three, "the law, the prophets, and the hagiographa"; the division of verses, the vowel pointings, and the keri or margin readings, and the Chaldee characters Instead of the old Hebrew or Samaritan, are also attributed to him
Jehoahaz - "to whom it is requited"; a second "Shallum," son of Jabesh, who reigned only one mouth in Samaria (2 Kings 15:13), Instead of Shalom, "peaceful," like Solomon: bitter irony! The popular party set great hopes upon him (Jeremiah 22:10-12), as though he would deliver the kingdom from Pharaoh Necho, and "anointed" him with extraordinary ceremony to compensate for his defective title to the throne
Wicked - In eight of these RV has substituted some other reading: ‘evil’ in Matthew 12:45, Luke 11:26, Ephesians 6:16, Colossians 1:21, 1 John 5:19, ‘lawless’ in Acts 2:23 (on the basis of a different reading: διὰ χειρὸς ἀνόμων Instead of TR διὰ χειρῶν ἀνόμων), 2 Thessalonians 2:8, ‘amiss’ in Acts 25:5
Ishmael - It is probable that Ishmael resented Nebuchadnezzar’s appointment of Gedaliah as governor of Judæa ( Jeremiah 40:5 ) Instead of some member of the ruling family, and considered him as unpatriotic in consenting to represent an alien power
Minister - Even more significant than the uses to which leitourgos and its cognates are put in the NT is the fact that they are used so seldom, and that diakonos and diakonia are found Instead when the ideas of minister and ministry are to be expressed
Lasciviousness - It should be read Instead of ἀπώλεια in 2 Peter 2:2
Honour - ‘instead of shame you find the honour or ornament of your life in Christ
Self- Examination - The Communion had been allowed to degenerate into an ordinary feast Instead of being a means of sanctifying grace
Fruit - Instead of being thus welcomed, exalted and received, He was rejected and despised
Profane - " In the margin of the Bible the word is rendered, Instead, of eaten, hath not made it common, that is, profaned it
Germanus, Saint, Bishop of Auxerre - His wife became to him as a sister; he distributed his property to the poor; he became a severe ascetic, and, as his biographer Constantius says, a "persecutor of his body," abstaining from salt, oil, and even from vegetables, from wine, excepting a small quantity much diluted on Christmas Day or Easter Day, and from wheat bread, Instead of which he ate barley bread with a preliminary taste of ashes ( cinerem praelibavit )
Exclusiveness - The evidence, Instead of proving want of sympathy, is all the other way
Anthropomorphism - Instead, God is affirmed as active in daily life
Eutychius - In this treatise Eutychius argues against the Quartodecimans, against the Hydroparastatae who use water Instead of wine at communion (he says that the only apostolic tradition is the mixture of both), against certain schismatic Armenians who used only wine, and against some Greeks and Armenians who adored the elements as soon as they were offered and before consecration
Promise - ]'>[2] gives ‘speak’ or ‘say’ Instead of ‘promise
Pleroma - ’ Instead of making this expression identical in meaning with the more definite statement in Colossians 2:9 , it is better with Meyer ( Com
Phar'Isees, - (Luke 10:29 ) Finally, Instead of endeavoring to fulfill the great end of the dispensation whose truths they professed to teach, and thus bringing men to the Hope of Israel, they devoted their energies to making converts to their own narrow views, who with all the zeal of proselytes were more exclusive and more bitterly opposed to the truth than they were themselves
Natural - To Renan’s outburst, ‘Nature cares nothing about chastity,’ the true reply is, ‘Instead of saying that Nature cares nothing about chastity, let us say that human nature, our nature, cares about it a great deal’ (Matthew Arnold, Discourses in America, London, 1896, p
Marcellinus, Bishop of Rome - His burial in the cemetery of Priscilla Instead of that of Callistus, where his predecessors since Zephyrinus (236) had been interred, may be accepted without hesitation, the Felician Catalogue being apparently trustworthy as to the burial-places of popes, and the place where he lay being spoken of as well known in the writer's day
Genesis - In accordance with God’s will, the blessing of Abraham passed to Jacob Instead of to Esau
Ten Commandments - Instead of going into philosophical arguments about unity and origins, God merely tells his people that if they wish to be in covenant with him, they must refuse to recognize any other god. ...
Instead of emptying God of significance by an attempt to use his name magically for our own ends, we are called upon to "hallow" his name, that is, to show the true perfection of his character and power by the quality of our lives (Leviticus 22:31-33 ). Knowing that fact, we do not have to see others as rivals and enemies; Instead we can treasure their individuality as God does
Justification (2) - Instead of attaining a righteousness by his own efforts, the believer submissively receives a righteousness which is wholly of God, and His gift (Romans 5:17, Romans 10:3, Philippians 3:9). In so far as the believer, Instead of acting on his own initiative, allows himself to be determined by God (Romans 10:3), faith is a species of obedience; thus St. Christ’s death was the work of the Divine grace in that God ordained it as an expiatory sacrifice for sin, Christ dying Instead of sinners, that in the act of justification He might not appear indulgent of sin (Romans 3:25; cf. Paul does not mean that faith is a work, and that grace simply reckons the work of faith Instead of the works of the Law
Prophecy, Prophet - Instead of rebuking the people for their sin and so running the risk of becoming unpopular, the false prophets assured the people that God was pleased with them. Over the following centuries, prophets increasingly wrote down their messages as well as, or sometimes Instead of, speaking them ( Deuteronomy, the Book of - The Septuagint translators rendered the above phrase “this second law” Instead of “a copy of this law. The author makes third person references to Moses Instead of first person statements about himself as one would expect Moses to do
Antichrist - He is not to come until "he who now letteth (hinders) and that which withholdeth" (hinders; the same Greek verb as before, only neuter Instead of masculine) be taken out of the way; i. ) Distinct from the" little horn" of Daniel 8, which is connected with the third, not the fourth, kingdom; ANTIOCHUS Epiphanes, of the Syrian fourth part of the divided Graeco-Macedonian or third kingdom, who persecuted the Jews, prohibited circumcision, and substituted the worship of Jupiter Olympius, with whom he identified himself as if God, Instead of that of Jehovah, in the templeat Jerusalem
Asia Minor, Cities of - Revelation makes mention of the riches of the city, admonishing believers to seek Instead spiritual gold of eternal worth, and to anoint their eyes with a spiritual salve. Instead, the church was established by Epaphras during Paul's third missionary journey (Colossians 1:7 ; Colossians 4:12-13 )
Decrees - Providence reverses Ahasuerus/Xerxes' decree to exterminate the Jews (Esther 3:7-15 ) so that the enemies of the Jews are destroyed by royal decree Instead (Esther 8:8-9:16 )
Bone - ...
Psalm 38:3 (a) The innermost being of the Psalmist would rejoice in GOD's delivering power but, Instead, he was filled with sorrow
Parables - Likewise Instead of giving a direct answer to a question or criticism, Jesus sometimes told a parable by which the hearer himself could work out the answer (Luke 10:29-30; Luke 15:2-3)
Tribes - This double portion was the inheritance of the firstborn, an inheritance that Joseph received Instead of the eldest son, Reuben (Genesis 48:13-20; Genesis 49:22-26; 1 Chronicles 5:1-2)
Samuel - But Instead of resisting the social corruption that had become widespread through the people’s disobedience to God, they contributed to it (1 Samuel 8:1-3)
Astrology - ...
Many of those in bondage to horoscopes argue that nowadays the stars are not consulted, but that Instead the predictions are formulated mathematically, and customized to accommodate the latitude and longitude of particular individuals
Witness - Similarly in Revelation 12:12 (where the accusative Instead of the dative is again used)-‘Alas for the earth and for the sea
Judging (by Men) - Those who are critical of others in order to find something to blame, Instead of being critical of themselves in order to become fitted to help them, will but bring upon themselves from God as well as from men the condemnation they are so ready to mete out to others (see also Luke 6:37)
Ancestor-Worship - The idea was that the spirit of the dead person, escaping from the body, might take up its abode in some open vessel Instead of entering the gloomy realms of Sheol
Law - Laws, remedial, a fancied law, which some believe in, who hold that God, in mercy to mankind, has abolished that rigorous constitution or law that they were under originally, and Instead of it has introduced a more mild constitution, and put us under a new law, which requires no more than imperfect sincere obedience, in compliance with our poor, infirm, impotent circumstances since the fall
Barabbas - ...
Only one Barabbas meets us in the Gospels, the criminal whom Pilate released Instead of Jesus at the demand of the people
Love - ...
Phileo is never used in a command to men to "love" God; it is, however, used as a warning in 1 Corinthians 16;22 ; agapao is used Instead, e
Sepulchre - You approach to it at the east side through an entrance cut out of the natural rock, which admits you into an open court of about forty paces square, cut down into the rock with which it is encompassed Instead of walls
Ban - An important modification of the judicial ban is first met with in Ezra 10:8 , where recalcitrant members of the community, Instead of being put to death, are excommunicated, and only their ‘substance forfeited’ (RVm Petrus, Surnamed Mongus - Instead of renewing the explicit censure directed by Basiliscus in a previous circular against the council of Chalcedon, Zeno employed an ambiguous phrase, "We anathematize every one who thinks or ever has thought differently, either at Chalcedon or at any other synod," words which might be explained as pointed at those who were admitted to communion at Chalcedon after disclaiming Nestorianism, while, as their adversaries alleged, they were still Nestorians at heart
Death - Physical effort and bodily functions that should have brought pleasure brought pain and hardship Instead (Genesis 3:16-19)
Job - If, Instead, they receive only hardship and suffering, they will curse him (Job 1:9-11; Job 2:4-5)
Elisha - He wore the ordinary Israelite garment, and Instead of being shunned by kings for sternness, he possessed considerable influence with the king and the "captain of the host" (2 Kings 4:13). Elisha, to teach him humility as the first step to any favor from God, sent a messenger, Instead of coming in person to the door: "Go, wash in Jordan seven times. Untaught by this lesson, Benhadad, in disregard of gratitude and prudence, tried, Instead of the previous marauding forays, a regular siege of Samaria. "...
Joash's half heartedness deprived him of complete triumph; for when told to smite the ground, he smote but thrice, Instead of five or six times
Moses - His impetuous violence retarded Instead of expedited their deliverance. Instead of vindicating himself in the case of Korah (Numbers 16) and Miriam (Numbers 12) he leaves his cause with God, and tenderly intercedes for Miriam. even he shall be to thee a mouth, and thou shalt be to him Instead of God. Moses, Instead of animating them to enter Canaan, now will neither suffer them to proceed, nor yet to return to Egypt; they must march and counter-march in the wilderness for 40 years until every adult but two shall have perished; but their little ones, who they said should be a prey, God will bring in
Sexuality, Human - Instead, they assume a theologically prior dimension whereby a crime against any human being, within or without the community, becomes a blasphemy against him in whose image humanity was fashioned. Instead, the two roles function in a complementary manner, each contributing its unique gifts to the perfecting of a redeemed society. Instead, the emphasis of this term seems to be on the exchange of intimate, unspoken, nonrational information that takes place in properly contextualized sexual activity. Instead, the wife should remember that her "body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband
Lord's Day - ) points out that no one belonging to the circle of Jewish Christians would think of relaxing one of Moses’ commandments; and, even if already in apostolic times Sunday came to be observed, none could think that the Sabbath commandment would be fulfilled through a Sabbath-like observance of another day Instead of the observance of the Sabbath itself. Similarly in the same chapter Justin uses ‘day of Saturn’ (Saturday) Instead of ‘Sabbath. Paul was opposed to the introduction of OT festivals (including the Sabbath) into the churches he founded among the Gentiles, ‘declaring that by the adoption of them the Gentile believer forfeited the benefits of the gospel, since he chose to rest his salvation upon rites Instead of upon Christ (Colossians 2:16; cf. ...
(a) We are frequently reminded by early Christian writers that it was the primitive custom to stand for prayer on that day Instead of kneeling as on other days
David - For example, the faithful Uriah unknowingly honors a king who has been unfaithful to him; Uriah retains his ritual purity during warfare by refraining from sexual intercourse during time of war, only to be sent to his death in battle by a king who enjoyed sexual congress with Uriah's wife Instead of going to the battle (2 Samuel 11 ). Instead of an aged, bed-ridden David who only saves the kingdom for Solomon at the last minute due to the promptings of Bathsheba and Nathan (1 Kings 1 ), the Chronicler shows a smooth transition of power without a ripple of dissent (1 Chronicles 21,28-29 )
Family Life And Relations - Instead, the family was the unit, and the individual found his place in society through the family and its extensions. The end, Instead, is harmony in the home
Balaam - Dismissed by the Moabites in dissatisfaction, He suffered his mind to dwell on the honors and riches which he had lost by blessing Israel, and so Instead of going home he turned to the Midianites, who were joined with Moab in the original application to him. " Hence, Instead of going back to Pethor, he begs them to tarry another night to see "what Jehovah will say unto him more
Ishmael - ...
Abraham's love for him appears in his exclaiming, upon God's giving the promise of seed by Sarah, then 90, Abraham himself being 100, "Oh that Ishamel might live before Thee!" whether the words mean that he desires that Ishmael (instead of the seed promised to Sarah) might be heir of the promises, or, as is more consonant with Abraham's faith, that Ishmael might be accepted before God so as to share in blessings. But now, in spite of Jeremiah's remonstrance from the Lord, he, Instead of checking, promoted the panic, and led all the recovered captives, Jeremiah included, into Egypt (Jeremiah 41:16-17; Jeremiah 41:42; Jeremiah 43:5-7)
Chronicles, the Books of - The mention in both 1 Chronicles 29:7 and Ezra 2:69 of the Persian coin, "darics" (as it ought to be translated Instead of "dram"), is another proof. Asa's terrifying his kingdom and overcoming' Zerab the Ethiopian's vast host (2 Chronicles 14); his suppression of idolatry with the help of Azariah's prophecy (2 Chronicles 15); Hanani's reproof of Asa's reliance on Syria Instead of on Jehovah (2 Chronicles 16)
Micah, Theology of - Joel's prophecy begins, "and afterward "' (Joel 2:28 ), but Instead of this introduction Peter substitutes the words of Micah 4:1 and the parallel passage in Isaiah 2:2 . However, Instead of responding to his grace with a total commitment of trust in him that leads to covenant fidelity and obedience, they reduced the covenant to a bargaining contract (vv
Versions of the Scripture, English - , Instead of mixing it with the canonical books, as in the Vulgate. ...
This edition was printed in Roman type Instead of the black letter which had formerly been employed
God - 18:31, where 'ĕlôah is found Instead of 'êl, as in the parallel passage of Instead, He demanded a degree of obedience that would enable Abraham and his descendants to walk in His presence, and live blameless moral and spiritual lives ( House - Around the walls were mattresses or low sofas, Instead of chairs. Instead of this parapet wall, some terraces are guarded in the same manner the galleries are, with balustrades only, or latticed work; in which fashion probably, as the name seems to import, was the net, or lattice,' as we render it, that Ahaziah, 2 Kings 1:2 , might be carelessly leaning over, when he fell down from thence into the court
Presentation - Instead of the firstborn, however, God took for the service of His sanctuary the tribe of Levi (Numbers 3:12; Numbers 8:14-18), requiring, at the time of this substitution, that as many firstborn as there were in Israel in excess of the number of the Levites must be redeemed by the payment of five shekels for each one (Numbers 3:44-51). Mary’s availing herself of the permission, as a poor woman, to offer the two doves Instead of the costlier lamb is not consistent with the idea that the gold offered by the Wise Men was at her disposal: while St
Damascus - Instead, Ahaz sent money to Tiglath-pileser, asking him to rescue Judah from Israel and Damascus
Humanity - Instead, true human freedom is initiated and empowered by the divine Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:17 ; Galatians 4:6-7 ; Galatians 5:13 ,Galatians 5:13,5:16 ; Romans 8:2 )
Victory - Paul rejects such a suggestion outright, Instead insisting that even if every man is false, God will be true, insisting that God will triumph in victory when He is judged (Romans 3:4 )
Manasseh (1) - Kerr shows that the land of Manasseh, Instead of crossing the country from E
Magi - Artaxerxes, Pseudo Smerdis "the "Magian," naturally thwarted the rebuilding of the temple to the one true God, for he had reintroduced a corrupted Chaldaic magianism Instead of Cyrus' purer faith in Ormuzd
Barnabas - )...
Instead of narrow Jewish jealousy at "God s grace" being extended to non-Judaized Gentiles, being "full of the Holy Spirit," be was "glad," and sought Saul as one specially commissioned to evangelize the Gentiles (Acts 26:17; Acts 22:17-21)
Melita - (Euraquilon in the Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus manuscripts Instead of Euroclydon), carrying them under the lee of the island Clauda (or Cauda, Vaticanus manuscript), 20 miles to the S
Sabbath - This was for two purposes: firstly, to set the day apart for God Instead of using it for themselves; secondly, to rest from their daily work and so gain refreshment (Exodus 16:22-30)
Persia - Instead of imposing an imperial law from above, however, the emperor and his satraps gave their authority and support to local law
She'Chem - It is a small, square enclosure of high whitewashed walls, surrounding a tomb of the ordinary kind, but with the peculiarity that it is placed diagonally to the walls, Instead of parallel as usual
Chaldaea - To express the article it employs an affix Instead of a prefix as the Hebrew The dual number and the purely passive conjugations are wanting
Rock - Instead of availing themselves of the blessing of the gospel offered them, they are refusing to submit to its influence, and so come into collision with the power and authority of Christ
Manasseh, Tribe of - ...
When Jacob determined to give the firstborn’s blessing to Joseph Instead of to Reuben (for Reuben had disqualified himself by raping one of his father’s concubines; Genesis 35:22; Genesis 49:3-4; 1 Chronicles 5:1-2), he raised Joseph’s two sons to the same status as Joseph’s brothers (Genesis 48:5-6)
Treasure - ‘Go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven’ (Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22), they take to mean merely, ‘Give away thine earthly wealth, and God shall give thee Instead heavenly blessedness’; but so to interpret the words is to miss by far the most valuable part of their teaching
Neighbor - Thus, Moses prescribes rites of conversion for the foreigner who wants to eat Passover with Israel (Exodus 12:43-49 ) and, even more, prohibits the reaping of the crops entirely; Instead, some crops were to be left "for the poor and the alien" (Leviticus 19:9-10 ; cf
Smyrna - It was because the Jews of Smyrna were morally wrong-hating Instead of loving-that they forfeited their traditional titles and privileges (cf
Piety - ' How hard is it to disentangle ourselves from associates with whom we have been long familiar, and who have proved a snare to our souls! Some evils, indeed, are remediless; persons have formed alliances which they cannot dissolve: but they did not walk by the rule, 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:' they are now wedded to miscry all their days; and repentance, Instead of visiting them like a faithful friend, to chide them when they do wrong, and withdraw, is quartered upon them for life
Long-Suffering - In the parable of the Unmerciful Servant the prayer of that unworthy man was for long-suffering (Matthew 18:26), but a full pardon was given Instead, until his subsequent conduct caused the withdrawal of the boon (Matthew 18:29)
Absalom - He repaired thither after four (so we ought to read Instead of "forty," 2 Samuel 15:7) years, under the hypocritical pretense of a vow like that of pious Jacob (compare 2 Samuel 15:8 with Genesis 28:20-21); David alludes to the hypocrisy of the rebels in Psalms 4:5
Colossae - Paul’s delegate or representative (ὑπὲρ ἡμῶν, Instead of ὑμῶν, is the true reading in Colossians 1:7), to evangelize his native valley
Apollinaris the Younger, Bishop of Laodicea - He reached only a θεός σαρκοφόρος as Nestorianism only an ἄνθρωπος θεοφόρος Instead of the proper θεάνθρωπος
Gideon - ...
The offer of the kingship , Judges 8:22-28 : On the Israelites offering to Gideon and his descendants the kingship, Gideon declines it on theocratic grounds, but asks Instead for part of the gold from the spoil taken from the Midianites; of this he makes an image ( ephod ), which he sets up at Ophrah, and which becomes the cause of apostasy from Jahweh
Zephaniah, Theology of - Instead of abandoning God, Judah is to return to him (2:3), abandoning apathy and syncretism for humility and right living
Pharaoh - National vanity would prevent the Egyptian priests from telling Herodotus of Egypt's loss of territory in Syria (which Josephus records) and of Nebuchadnezzar's share in raising Amasis to the throne Instead of Hophra The language of Jeremiah 44:30 is exact to the truth: "I will give Pharaoh Hophra into the hands of his enemies, and of them that seek his life," namely, Amasis and his party; Nebuchadnezzar is not mentioned until the end of the verse
Illuminati (3) - In the fury and rage of war, Goths, Vandals, and Turks, may burn and destroy monuments of art and repositories of science; but when the wars are over, Instead of returning to the savage state, the barbarous conquerors miss and amalgamate with the conquered, and become themselves more or less civilized
Angel - To suppose, say they, that no creatures whatever, neither angels nor other worlds, had been created previous to the creation of our world, is to suppose that a Being of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness, had remained totally inactive from all eternity, and had permitted the infinity of space to continue a perfect vacuum till within these 6000 years; that such an idea only tends to discredit revelation, Instead of serving it
Friends Friendship - Thus Instead of ‘friends’ and ‘friendship’ we read much of ‘brothers’ and ‘fellowship’ (κοινωνία)
Army - 8, where τάγμα is used Instead of the more correct σπεῖρα)
Jephtha - ...
Let us suppose, that Instead of Jephtha's daughter, some unclean bird or beast, forbidden by the law in sacrifice, had come forth to meet him—what would he have done in this case? Surely, he could not have offered it: then must it have been destroyed, since it could not have been consecrated to the Lord
Seek - The prophets often used dârash as they called on the people to make an about-face in living and Instead “seek ye the Lord while he may be found …” ( Mouth - ” It is often used of a human “mouth”: “And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee Instead of a mouth …” ( Acts of the Apostles - ...
Antioch, Instead of Jerusalem, now became a centre of evangelisation, independent of apostolic authority, yet without breaking the unity of the Spirit by forming a separate church
Agrippa - " Instead of rejecting these impious flatteries, Agrippa received them with an air of complacency; and the angel of the Lord smote him because he did not give God the glory
Appear, Appearing - 1, signifies, in the Active Voice, "to manifest;" in the Passive Voice, "to be manifested;" so, regularly, in the RV, Instead of "to appear
Propitiation - ]'>[3] renders ‘to make propitiation for the sins of the people,’ Instead of, as in AV David - He was "the Lord's anointed," chosen by God to be king of Israel Instead of Saul, and consecrated to that office by the venerable prophet Samuel long before he actually came to the throne, 1 Samuel 16:1-13 , for which God prepared him by the gift of his Spirit, and a long course of vicissitudes and dangers
Coins - ...
From two parables told by Jesus we get the impression that the word “talent” had come in New Testament times to represent a large sum of money Instead of just a measure of weight
Balaam - He had difficulty in undertaking the task, and he found, whenever he essayed to curse Israel, that the Lord had forbidden him to do so, and that his burden must be blessing Instead
Elisha - Instead Elisha captured the Syrian soldiers and led them to the Israelite capital, Samaria
Feasts - When Haman’s ‘lucky day’ arrived, the Jews, Instead of being slaughtered, took revenge on their enemies (Esther 9:1)
Meletius, Bishop of Antioch - of Calaris, had gone direct to Antioch Instead of to the council of Alexandria
Levite - For the service of the tabernacle, however, God used the Levites Instead of the firstborn (Numbers 3:11-13; Numbers 3:40-51)
Victor, Bishop of Capua - Inquiring into its authorship he concludes though with some doubt that it was identical with the works of TATIANUS (T) which by a blunder he calls Diapente Instead of Diatessaron
Idol - Again no outward form can image God, it only debases Instead of helping the worshipper. , must be added to Jupiter; and, Instead of one omnipresent God, deities whose power was restricted to localities were worshipped (1 Kings 20:23; 1 Kings 20:28; 2 Kings 17:26). Israel's kings (when Israel had chosen a visible head Instead of the invisible King alone) were under God as their feudal superior (1 Kings 3:14; 1 Kings 11:11)
Versions - Its cheapness and greater portableness (a small 4to, Instead of Cranmer's folio), its division into verses, the Roman type then first introduced into Bibles Instead of the black letter, its helpful notes, and the accompanying Bible dictionary of editions after 1578, all recommended it. Calvinism appears in the translated" such as should be saved" (Acts 2:47); "any man" is inserted Instead of "he" in Hebrews 10:38; "the just shall live by faith, but if (any man) draw back," to avoid what might oppose the doctrine of final perseverance
Jesus, Life And Ministry of - Jesus made no attempt to defend or make use of His divine sonship but appealed Instead to an authority to which any devout Jew of His day might have appealed—the holy Scriptures—and through them to the God of Israel. ” He had Instead a way of using the emphatic “I” when it was not grammatically necessary and a habit sometimes of referring to Himself indirectly and mysteriously as “Son of man
Luke, the Gospel According to - "Lawyers" six times stand Instead of "scribes"; epistatees , "master," Instead of rabbi six times, as more plain to Gentiles
Thousand Years - Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Cyprian, expected an earthly millennial kingdom; not until millennial views carnally confounded the state of the transfigured king-priests with that of the subject nations in the flesh, and the church itself sought a present visible kingdom with Rome as its center, Instead of hoping for it only when Christ shall come, was the doctrine abandoned by the church and apostasy set in. ...
Art and music will be the handmaids to spiritual worship, Instead of drawing off the soul to sensuousness
Sacrifice And Offering - Malachi chastised the people for offering the lame and sick animals to God Instead of the best, as the Levitical law required. They, Instead, denounced the people's misuse of it
Gods And Goddesses, Pagan - On some occasions, however, she comes across as a fierce opponent of Baal—particularly when she thought she would lose her authority or influence among other members of the pantheon or when Baal preferred Anath Instead of Asherah as his sexual intimate. Enlil was the original chief god until the Code of Hammurabi and the Creation Epic focused on Marduk Instead
Tabernacle - Here, Instead of limited gifts and no participation (32:3-4), everyone has something to contribute, whether in talent or material (35:4-10). And here, Instead of further alienation from God (32:9), the glory of God's presence is revealed in the midst of human life (40:35)
Jonah - Again, the verse concerning the rising up of the men of Nineveh in the judgment follows that referring to the queen of the south Instead of preceding it as in Mt. (4) Luke 11:30, Instead of being the original, may well be a summary report of Matthew 12:40 as suggested above,—an explanation rendered not improbable by the whole form and tenor of the passage in Lk
Numbers, Book of - Moses begged of Hobab his father-in-law to go with them to be 'instead of eyes;' but he refused. This was well; for they might have depended on him Instead of upon God, who had provided the cloud of glory to guide them
Ananias And Sapphira - And it struck Ananias like a thunderbolt, when Peter, Instead of smiling upon him and praising him, denounced and sentenced him so sternly. And that, to some persons, a sudden death stands Instead of a long and an explicit repentance
War - ]'>[4] that 2 Samuel 12:31 should still read as it does, Instead of as in the margin (see Cent
Version - This version reads Ipsa_ Instead of _ipse In Genesis 3:15 , "She shall bruise thy head
Korah - ...
Korah's sin answers to that of sacerdotalist ministers who, not content with the honour of the ministry (nowhere in the New Testament are Christian ministers called "sacrificing" or "sacerdotal priests," hiereis, a term belonging in the strict and highest sense to Jesus alone; restricted to Him and the Aaronic and pagan priests, and spiritually applied to all Christians: Matthew 8:4; Acts 14:13; Hebrews 5:6; Revelation 1:6; Revelation 5:10; Revelation 20:6; 1 Peter 2:5; 1 Peter 2:9), usurp Christ's sacrificing and mediatorial priesthood; also to that of all men who think to be saved by their own doings Instead of by His mediatorial work for us (Numbers 16:33-350)
Supper - Instead of coming together as brethren in Christ, the worshippers came and hastily devoured that which they had brought themselves, not waiting to share it with the poor or others who had failed to supply themselves
Ahaz - Distress, Instead of turning Ahaz to Him who smote them, the Lord of hosts (Isaiah 9:12-13), only made him "trespass yet more," sacrificing to the gods of Damascus which had smitten him, that they might help him as he thought they had helped the Syrians; "but they were the ruin of him and of all Israel
Arms - The light armed troops (psiloi ), Instead of shield and cuirass, wore a garment of leather, and fought with parts, bows, stones, and slings
Flesh - Instead, perfect in life and death, He died to provide salvation for all other persons, since they do give in to fleshly desires
Micah, Book of - Instead, the message from God was the imminent devastation of Judah (Micah 3:5-12 )
Freedom - The ability of a person or group to be and do what they want Instead of being controlled by another
Hosea - Political makeshifts to remedy moral corruption only hasten the disaster which they seek to avert; when the church leans on the world in her distress, Instead of turning to God, the world the instrument of her sin is made the instrument of her punishment
Kingdom of God - Instead, they began to speak of eternal life, salvation, forgiveness, and other themes
Judas Iscariot - Judas sinned terribly, but he terribly repented, and one wishes that, Instead of destroying his miserable life, he had rather fled to the Cross and sought mercy at the feet of his gracious Lord
Philosophy - " The fact that Paul quotes some of their poets (17:28) corroborates the notion that he was not anti-intellectual; Instead, he gives a reasonable, philosophical deposition when challenging the intellectuals of Athens
Lamb - ...
According to Revelation 5:6, in the central place before the throne, in the midst of the four and twenty elders, and the four living creatures, the Revelationist turned to see a Lion, symbol of majesty and overmastering power, when lo! Instead of a lion he beheld a Lamb, standing, bearing still the wound by which He was slain in sacrifice, yet with the emblems of power and wisdom in the highest degree
Spitting - " (Psalms 69:19-20) When therefore, under the pressure of a broken heart, Jesus cried out, "Eli, Eli, why hast thou forsaken me?" instantly they perverted the cry of Jesus, and jeered him, as if Instead of calling as he did, upon his God and Father, he had called for one that was no helper, in Elias, and cruelly insulted him with adding,"Let be, let us see whether Elias will come to save him!"...
Reader, I would only add, amidst the glories of Jesus, in the hall of Pilate, and on the cross, do not overlook the glory of the Son of God in the voluntary shame he endured
Dereliction - It was indeed possible for God to inflict upon Jesus the punishment which is due to sinners; but it is inconceivable that He should have transferred His wrath from them to Him—as it were saying, ‘I will be angry with Him Instead of them
Good - Among the first settlers of New England, it was used as a title Instead of Mr
World - Instead one must live a godly life (Titus 2:12 ), avoiding the snares of the "present evil age" from which Christ's death has set his people free (Galatians 1:4 )
Alaric - Gibbon says that "the invasion of the Goths, Instead of vindicating the honour, contributed, at least accidentally, to extirpate the last remains of Paganism" (vol
Dish - Matthew not only adds a more distinct note by employing the aorist (ἐμβάψας) Instead of the present Middle (ἐμβαπτόμενος), by which he evidently intended to convey the idea of time, but he also informs us that Jesus gave a direct affirmative reply (σὺ εἶπας) to Judas’ question
Corinthians - Instead of eating together, and refreshing their poor brethren out of that which they had brought with them, each one, as he came, ate his own, without waiting for any one else, and feasted often to excess, while the needy was fasting, 1 Corinthians 11:17
Feasts - These days, Instead of being set apart for pious exercises, were spent in indolence, voluptuousness, and criminal pursuits; and were less consecrated to the service of God, than employed in the indulgence of sinful passions
Water - Agreeably to this custom Rebecca went Instead of her mother to fetch water from the well, and the servant of Abraham expected to meet an unmarried female there who might prove a suitable match for his master's son
Clothing, Cloths, Clothes, Cloke, Coat - It is used in Ezekiel 9:2 , where Instead of "linen" the Sept
Keep, Keeping - The conjecture that the meaning is "courts are now being held" (sunodoi being understood as meetings of the court Instead of "days") is scarcely so appropriate to the circumstances
Vine - The writer means rather to say that their vine, that is figuratively their corrupt character, Instead of yielding good grapes, bears only poisonous fruit, like that for which the shores of the Dead Sea have always been famed- such as "the apples of Sodom," for example, said to be beautiful without, but nothing but shreds or ashes within
Proverbs, Book of - There follows a collection of quatrains, Instead of couplets
Idol, Idolatry - Instead they turned away from the Creator and made created things their idols (Romans 1:19-23)
Elder - Instead he left them to respond to the church’s needs as his Spirit directed them
Evil - Instead, morality is defined by theology, which carries within it certain cultic affirmations and prohibitions together with the ethical. Instead, what constitutes social evil is what is so defined by God, and in that respect (i. Instead, it describes the evaluation of God's reaction to Israel's idolatry and his decision not to go with them any longer
Christianity - ...
The substitution of the worship of the Virgin Mary as an intercessor with her Divine Son for reverent intercourse with Christ Himself; the offering of the sacrifice of the Mass by an officiating priest for the benefit of the living and the dead, Instead of a simple observance of communion with Christ and fellow-disciples at the Lord’s Table; the obtaining of absolution only after private confession to a priest Divinely appointed to dispense it, in place of free and direct forgiveness granted to the penitent believer in Christ,—changes like these made in a religion are not slight and superficial. The Reformers claimed to be returning to original principles—to the New Testament Instead of the Church; to justification by faith Instead of salvation by baptism, absolution, and the Mass; and to direct acknowledgment of the Headship of Christ Instead of blind submission to the edicts of His vicar upon earth
Expiation - When we speak, too, of vicarious sacrifice, we do not mean either, on the one hand, such a substitution as that the victim should bear the same quantum of pain and suffering as the offender himself; or, on the other, that it was put in the place of the offender as a mere symbolical act, by which he confessed his desert of punishment; but substitution made by divine appointment, by which the victim was exposed to sufferings and death Instead of the offender, in virtue of which the offender himself was released. The true question then is, whether such sacrifices were appointed by God, and accepted Instead of the personal punishment or life of the offender, which otherwise would have been forfeited, as in the other cases; and if so, if the life of animal sacrifices was accepted Instead of the life of man, then the notion that "they were mere mulcts and pecuniary penalties" falls to the ground, and the vicarious nature of most of the Levitical oblations is established. Moses Ben Nachman says, with respect to a sinner offering a victim, "It was just that his blood should be shed, and that his body should be burned; but the Creator, of his mercy, accepted the victim from him, as his substitute and ransom; that the blood of the animal might be shed Instead of his blood; that is, that the blood of the animal might be given for his life
Palestine - Dale, ‘from the preceding history of the Jewish race … Many people seem to suppose that they may approach the subject as if the Lord Jesus Christ had appeared in Spain or in China, Instead of in Judaea and Galilee’ (Living Christ and the Four Gospels, 89). ‘If, negatively,’ says Hausrath, ‘it be self-evident that Jesus’ mission would have assumed another character had He grown up under the oaks of Germany Instead of under the palms of Nazareth, that the subject of Arminius or Maroboduus would have been different from that of Antipas, that the opponent of the Druids would have differed from the opponent of the Rabbis, so, positively, it is indisputable that for Jesus Himself the facts of His consciousness were given Him under those forms of viewing things in which Jewish thought in general was cast. Now Instead of Egypt there was Rome, at the height of its military power, and armed also with the spiritual weapons of Greece, whose national power it had destroyed and by the deed had set free its spirit. The eastern empires of Nineveh and Babylon were gone, and Instead of them were those changing hosts of Persian and Parthian warriors who were soon to dispute the world with Rome
Jesus Christ - ...
When apprehended, Instead of sharing the disciples' indignation He rebuked it; Instead of rejoicing in His enemy's suffering, He removed it (Luke 22:50-51); Instead of condemning His murderers He prayed for them: cf6 "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34)
Eunomius, Bishop of Cyzicus - As the pupil and secretary of Aetius, he formulated his master's system with a preciseness which stamped the name of Eunomians Instead of that of Aetians on the Anomoean heretics. Eunomius's poor and low idea of the knowledge of God placed it merely in a formal illumination of the understanding and a theoretical knowledge of God and spiritual truth, Instead of in that fellowship with God as made known to us in Christ and that knowledge which comes from love, which the church has ever held to be the true life of the soul
Law - ...
The fourth commandment begins with "keep" Instead of "remember," the reason for its observance in Deuteronomy is Israel's deliverance from Egypt Instead of God's resting from creation
Croisade, or Crusade - The emperors of Constantinople, Instead of assisting, did all in their power to disconcert their schemes: they were jealous, and not without reason, of such an inundation of barbarians. These states, Instead of assisting, made war upon each other, and on the Greek emperors; and thus became an easy prey to the common enemy
Reality - Invariably, in describing startling events, Instead of dwelling on their startling character, they content themselves with such bare statements as that ‘fear came upon all’ (Luke 1:65), that ‘all men did marvel’ (Matthew 8:27, Mark 5:20), that men were ‘amazed’ (Luke 4:36; Luke 5:26), that ‘they glorified God’ (Matthew 9:8; Matthew 9:33, Mark 2:12, Luke 5:26), or that ‘they were astonished with a great astonishment’ (Mark 5:42). When the multitudes, excited by the fame of His deeds, pressed round, expecting Him to take some step which would lift Israel to new heights of glory, Instead of playing on their credulity, as for a while He might have done, He struck directly at their sensuous and extravagant hopes, insisting on their deeper needs and the more vital work which had first to be effected in their hearts (John 6:27 ff
Woman - Instead of rejecting her public display or chiding her for extravagance, He commended her for her act of love. While making religion a matter of the heart Instead of the law, Jesus elevated women to the level of full personhood, from the level of sexual exploitation
Money - Instead of personally fulfilling the vow, the individual could pay a monetary substitute, determined in accord with the person's sex, age, and economic class (Leviticus 27:1-8 ). It is ironic that money loses its ability to protect its owner (Luke 12:20-21 ), who on the contrary is soon consumed with protecting the money Instead (Ecclesiastes 5:13 )
Metaphors - If, Instead of spitting on the tongue, He ‘spat out,’ this would receive explanation from the custom of the Jews to spit in contempt when idols were mentioned; as also in the early Church, where converts coming to baptism spat out as a sign that they renounced the kingdom of Satan. Instead of Mt
Antioch - Instead of either race being improved by the contact, each rather infected the other with its characteristic vices. τὴν Πισιδίαν, ‘Pisidian Antioch,’ which is the correct reading, Instead of Ἀ
Teach, Teacher - Instead, the land's inhabitants were to be eliminated in order to do away with false teaching (Deuteronomy 20:18 )
Esau - Esau like Nimrod was "a cunning (skillful) hunter," "a man of the field" or "desert," wild, restless, and selfindulgent, Instead of following his fathers' peaceful pastoral life, "dwelling in tents
Destroy, Destroyer, Destruction, Destructive - have aselgeiais, "lascivious," Instead of apoleiais
Corrupt, Verb And Adjective. Corruption, Corruptible, Incorruption, Incorruptible - It is translated "destroyeth" Instead of "corrupteth," in the RV of Luke 12:33 , of the work of a moth; in Revelation 8:9 , of the effect of Divine judgments hereafter upon navigation; in Revelation 11:18 , of the Divine retribution of destruction upon those who have destroyed the earth; in 2 Corinthians 4:16 it is translated "is decaying," said of the human body
Samuel - 16) to go to Bethlehem and anoint David, the son of Jesse, as king over Israel Instead of Saul
Phoenice - ...
The -a termination of the Greek letters is the Aramaic status emphaticus ; the definite article he , Instead of being prefixed was subjoined to the noun; so in Genesis 31:47 the Aramaean (Syrian) Laban adds -a to sahaduth "testimony," Jegar Sahadutha; nine out of the 16 Cadmeian letters are in the Aramaic status emphaticus , i
Unicorn - Instead of trusting him to bring home the grain, the husbandman will endeavour to prevent his entry into the fields, and hinder his destructive ravages
Body of Christ - Instead of displays of arrogance (vv
Work - Work, Instead of bringing physical pleasure, brought pain and hardship (Genesis 3:16-19; Ecclesiastes 2:22-23)
Death - Instead of being the reproach of his followers, it was to be their boast, and their glory
Jehoiakim - Jehoiakim "slew him with the sword, and cast his dead body into the graves of the common people," Instead of burial in the cemetery of the prophets (Matthew 23:29)
Bible, History of Interpretation - Calvin insisted (in the preface to his commentary on Romans) “It is the first business of an interpreter say what he [1] does, Instead of attributing to him what we think he ought to say
Repentance - Paul did not "regret" the sorrow caused by his severe letter to Corinth (2 Corinthians 7:8 ); Instead, the pain brought "repentance" (metanoia [2]) that leads to salvation, and leaves no "regret" (vv
Laodicea - Paul regarded as his deputy (Colossians 1:7 [5], reading ὑπὲρ ἡμῶν Instead of ὑμῶν), and whose labour on behalf of the three communities evoked a warm encomium (Colossians 4:12-13)
Minister - Instead of the poor Italian water-bearer, we see before us the man of God, whose voice is heard in the chief places of concourse, proclaiming the divine invitation, 'Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters!' until he grows grey in the service, ançl men say, 'Surely those aged limbs have need of rest ;' yet rest he courts not, but pursues his task of mercy; never laying down his charge till he lays down his body, and never ceasing to work until he ceases to live
Abomination of Desolation - ἑστηκότα; and Instead of the quite general phrase ὅπου οὐ δεῖ has the more definite ἐν τόπῳ ἁγίῳ,—an expression which may refer to the Temple (cf
Corban - Zadok said, Instead of appealing to the honour due to parents, let them appeal to the honour due to God; then might rash vows cease to be made
Book of Life - The actual phrase occurs in six passages only of the NT: Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5; Revelation 13:8; Revelation 17:8; Revelation 20:12; Revelation 20:15; Revelation 21:27 (in Revelation 22:19 the evidence for the reading ‘book of life’ [1] Instead of ‘tree of life’ [2] is negligible)
Diana - Instead of being kept on a spiritual level, it was continually made the excuse for brutalizing and enervating practices-prostitution, incest, etc
Abercius, Bishop of Hierapolis - the writings of Paul, Ramsay; but Lightfoot and Di Rossi apparently 'with Paul as my comrade'; whilst Zahn conjectures ἔποχον , or rather ἐπ᾿ ὀχῶν Instead of ἑπόμην ), while Faith everywhere led the way, and everywhere placed before me food, the Fish from the fountain, mighty, pure, which a spotless Virgin grasped (Ramsay refers to the Virgin Mary, but see also Lightfoot and Farrar)
Dropsy - ἄνθρωπος) Instead of the noun
Statute, Ordinance - 26:5 with torah Instead of mishpat)
Dionysius (3), Bishop of Corinth - But he apparently persevered in his own opinion, for he exhorts Dionysius to impart to his people some more advanced instruction, lest if he fed them always with milk Instead of with more solid food, they should continue in the state of children
Judaizing Christians - Paul, Instead of submitting to apostolic authority they set it at defiance, rejecting his epistles, and branding him as an enemy to the truth
Scribes - Hence arose those numberless glosses, and interpretations, and opinions, which so much perplexed and perverted the text Instead of explaining it; and hence arose that unauthorized maxim, which was the principal source of all the Jewish sects, that the oral or traditionary law was of Divine origin, as well as the written law of Moses
Appoint, Appointed - The RV translates it by "appoint" in Titus 1:5 , Instead of "ordain," of the elders whom Titus was to "appoint" in every city in Crete
Food - Cereals were so valuable that people at times used them Instead of money when trading (Hosea 3:2)
Manes, Called Also Mani - He then boasted he had a garden planted with men Instead of trees
Martinus, Bishop of Dumium - 1 Instead of on the March equinox, when in the beginning God "divided the light from the darkness" by an equal division, the burning of wax tapers at stones, trees, streams, and crossways, the adornment of tables, the pouring of corn over the log on the hearth, the placing of wine and bread in the wells, the invocation of Minerva by the women at their spinning, the worship of Venus, the incantation of medicinal herbs, divination by birds and by sneezing, are all denounced as pagan superstitions, offensive to God and dangerous to him who practises them
David - When David became king, Instead of returning evil for evil he made Eliab head of the tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 27:18), Elihu = Eliab. Next, after Saul broke his promise of giving Merab his older daughter to be David's wife, by giving her to Adriel Instead, Michal, Saul's second daughter, became attached to David. Unbelieving calculation of probabilities, Instead of doing the right thing in prayerful faith, led David to flee to Israel's enemies, the Philistines and Achish of Gath
Sanhedrin - , Instead of Sanhedrin, probably because the latter had become more what he calls (Vita, 12) ‘the Sanhedrin of the Jerusalemites,’ i. Yômâ, 1:3, according to which he receives his mandates from the Sanhedrin), and Instead have masters of the Pharisean schools placed regularly at its head. Now there is a trace of seven judges Instead of the Talmudic three in each city court (Sanh
Work - In the absence of the knowledge of God's works, human effort is directed toward death Instead of life. Instead of building a tower to heaven, Abraham and his family are constantly building altars, thereby demonstrating God's dominion over the new land (1618735186_89 ; 21:33 ; 26:25 ; 28:18 ). ...
In order for human beings to be restored to their rightful place as masters of the universe Instead of its prisoners, individuals must trust in Jesus Christ, God's work, and not in themselves
Acts of the Apostles (Apocryphal) - He begins by referring to those who use ‘apocryfa, id est secreta,’ Instead of the canonical OT and NT, and mentions as the chief of those who do this the ‘Manichaei, Gnostici, Nicolaitae, Valentiniani et alii quam plurimi qui apocryfa prophetarum et apostolorum, id est Actus separatos habentes, canonicas legere scripturas contemnunt. They used this corpus Instead of the canonical Acts, and the Priscillianists used it in addition to the Canon. At his execution milk spurted from his neck Instead of blood, and afterwards he appeared to Nero, who was so impressed that he ended the persecution
Mahometanism - But in his various representations of another life, he generally descends to an unnecessary minuteness and particularity, which excite disgust and ridicule, Instead of reverence. Instead of improving on the Christian precepts by a superior degree of refinement; Instead of exhibiting a purer and more perfect system of morals than that of the Gospel; the prophet of Arabia has miserably debased and weakened even what he has borrowed from that system
Leviticus, Theology of - Instead, the only real danger is that the people of Israel might defile the sanctuary of God so that he himself might break out against them (cf. Instead, 20:25-26 assumes chapter 11 and, therefore, uses the clean and unclean animal laws to link 1-16,17-27 together in spite of the obvious separation and differences between them
Grace - ]'>[11] Grace then becomes a material quantity, Instead of spiritual quality. From that fact we may trust in the apostles,’ balance of mind and credibility, since the very richness of their spiritual vision points to an unusually large Subconscious life of ‘the natural man’ and its insurgent impulses, not easy to subdue, yet which, Instead of dominating, is so exquisitely kept in place as to become a chief instrument and material of their life’s worth and works
Zechariah, Theology of - Also, Instead of the blood of dead animals, God desires us to offer our bodies as "living sacrifices" (Romans 12:1 ) and to offer continually the "sacrifice of praise" (Hebrews 13:15 ). Instead God promises that if the people return to him, he will return to them (1:2-6; Habakkuk, Theology of - Habakkuk searches feverishly for theoretical answers, but Instead he is given a practical way of relating to his life
Ephraim (1) - But Manasseh, Instead of crossing the country from E
Cain (1) - In Nod ("exile") he built a city and named it from his son Enoch (high dedication); the first step in the founding of the spiritual world city upon which the carnal fix their affections as their lasting home, Instead of seeking the heavenly city and continuing pilgrims on earth (Psalms 49:11; Hebrews 11:10-16), To make up for his loss of unity in the fellowship of God and His people, Cain creates for himself and his an earthly center of unity
Sea, the Salt, - , Instead of 10 lbs
Jehoiachin - In the fourth year of his uncle Zedekiah (so called by Nebuchadnezzar Instead of Mattaniah), false prophets encouraged the popular hope of the return of Jehoiachin to Jerusalem (Jeremiah 28:4)
Timothy - ...
Paul left Timothy there to superintend the church temporarily as the apostle's locum tenens or vicar apostolic (1 Timothy 1:3), while he himself went to Macedonia and Philippi, Instead of sending Timothy as he had intended (Philippians 2:19; Philippians 2:23-24)
Marriage - Husbands have at times thought this responsibility gives them special privileges that allow them to treat their wives as inferiors Instead of as equals (Genesis 3:16), but such a state of affairs was not God’s original intention
Holy Spirit, the - ...
The full outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Israel and on the nations is yet future (Isaiah 44:3; Isaiah 36:25-27; Zechariah 12:10; Joel 2:28), of which the earnest was given on Pentecost (Acts 2:16; Acts 2:21); the law of God, which is love, being written on the heart, Instead of on stone as the Decalogue (Jeremiah 31:33-34; Hebrews 8:8; Hebrews 8:12; Hebrews 10:16-17; 2 Corinthians 3:3)
Nile - Egypt having only a little rain (Zechariah 14:17-18) depends on the Nile for its harvests; see in Deuteronomy 11:10-12 the contrast to the promised land, where the husbandman has to look up to heaven for rain Instead of looking down, irrigating the land
Bishop - Conversely, Titus 1:6-7 describes elders Instead, and nearly in the same words
Malachi, Theology of - Instead of "robbing" God, the people were to bring their gifts to the Levites, and the Lord would "throw open the floodgates of heaven" and provide crops in such abundance that they would "not have room enough for it" (3:9-10)
Persecution - Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly" (1 Peter 2:21-23 )
Nahum, Theology of - Instead of bringing an immediate and violent judgment, Jesus healed the sick and exorcised demons
Mark (John) - The lure of Egypt may have drawn him there Instead
Samaria - After Shalmaneser's capture of Samaria and carrying away of Israel to Halah and Habor, and in the cities of the Medes (2 Kings 17:5-6; 2 Kings 17:23-24), Esarhaddon or Asnapper planted "instead" men of Babylon (where Esarhaddon resided in part: 2 Chronicles 33:11), Cuthah, Ava, and Sepharvaim (Ezra 4:2-3; Ezra 4:10)
Zechariah, Book of - This ephah Instead held a woman, who symbolizes impurity
Firstborn - ]'>[4] especially as in Numbers 3:12 it is said: ‘Behold, I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel Instead of all the firstborn that openeth the womb among the children of Israel; and the Levites shall be mine’ (cf
Deliver - This word can also signify an act of friendship as when Jehonadab “gave his hand” (instead of a sword) to Jehu to help him into the chariot (2 Kings 10:15); an act of oathtaking, as when the priests “pledged” (“gave their hands”) to put away their foreign wives (Ezra 10:19); and “making” or “renewing” a covenant, as when the leaders of Israel “pledged” themselves (“gave their hands”) to follow Solomon ( Callistus, Pope - 218, and Callistus was elected bishop Instead; and Hippolytus does not scruple to avow that by this act the Roman church had formally committed itself to heresy
Necessitarians - ...
The doctrine of necessity is nearly connected with that of predestination, which, of late years, has assumed a form very different from that which it formerly possessed: for, Instead of being considered as a point to be determined almost entirely by the sacred writings, it has, in the hands of a number of able writers, in a great measure resolved itself into a question of natural religion, under the head of the philosophical liberty or necessity of the will; or, whether all human actions are, or are not, necessarily determined by motives arising from the character which God has impressed on our minds, and the train of circumstances amidst which his providence has placed us? The Calvinistic doctrine of predestination is, that "God, for his own glory, hath foreordained whatsoever comes to pass
King - Instead they chose to ignore God and to try to solve their problems by changing the political system
John, Gospel of - The writer, following a common practice of not mentioning his own name, used Instead the descriptive name by which he was well known (John 13:23; John 19:26; John 7:28-3075; see JOHN THE APOSTLE)
Only Begotten - —This passage is of interest because the question arises whether Instead of υἱὸς μονογενής we ought not to read θεὸς μονογενής
Philaster, Bishop of Brixia - 113) who call the days of the week by their heathen names Instead of the scriptural names first day second day etc
Ham - 'What a strange person Keble is! There is Law's Serious Call-instead of leaving it about to do people good, I see he reads it, and puts it out of the way, hiding it in a drawer. Then will I teach transgressors Thy way! And Ham himself would have fallen on his father's neck, and would have said, I am not worthy to be called thy son! Fathers and mothers, when our children are overtaken again in a fault, Instead of cursing them and striking at them, and casting them out of doors as Noah did, let us say to ourselves that we have only begotten our children in our own image
Isaiah - The prophet further announced to Hezekiah that all his treasures which he had ostentatiously shown to the Babylonian ambassadors should be carried off to that very land, and his descendants be made eunuchs in the Babylonian king's palace, the world on which Judah rested Instead of on God being made her scourger. to be; Instead of synonyms the same words repeated in the parallel members of verses; hymns interspersed; "the remnant of olive trees," etc
Truth (2) - The Asiatic-Greek audience for which the book was immediately composed, learnt that He was a king of truth (John 18:36), Instead of being king of some realm whose Jewish Messianic associations failed to impress Hellenic readers. ’ Finally, there is the living witness of the Spirit of Truth (see below) in the Church, which, unlike the so-called Gnostic revelations of fresh knowledge, is ever loyal to the historical personality of Christ, and aims consistently at glorifying, Instead of obscuring or diminishing, the vital significance of His life for the human soul
Faith - ’ Again, the fact that oppression and suffering entered so largely into the life of OT believers has coloured their confessions in psalm and prophecy; Instead of believing in Jehovah, they speak of cleaving to Him, taking refuge under His wings, making Him a shield, a tower , etc. There is nothing distinctively Christian about faith understood in the bare significance of ‘seeing the invisible’ ‘the demons believe , and shudder’; the belief that contains no more is the ‘dead faith,’ which condemns Instead of justifying ( James 2:14-26 )
War, Holy War - Instead, he refuses the gift of Arunah, the Jebusite's threshing floor, choosing to pay him for it (2 Samuel 24:18-23 ). Instead they proceed to walk around the city and will use only faith to bring the walls down
Philippians, Theology of - He was God's Anointed, God's "Christ" par excellence!...
Paul came to understand all this as a result of having encountered the living, resurrected Christ on the road to Damascus, who, in a moment, had transferred him out of the kingdom of darkness, freed him from the power of evil, saved him from his sin, and gave him life Instead of death. And he has done it all through Christ!...
Instead of the word "salvation" Paul prefers in Philippians 3 to use a word that certainly includes the idea of salvation but exceeds it in meaning
Elect, Election - ...
The variant reading ὁ ἐκλελεγμένος Instead of ὁ ἀγατητός (Mark 9:7 = Matthew 17:5) is generally recognized as the genuine one, not only on account of the high authority of א and B, but also because, according to an obvious canon of textual criticism, it is the more likely reading of the two (see Scrivener’s . his use of the verb ᾘΡέΤΙΣΑ, Matthew 12:18, Instead of the merely descriptive Ὁ ἘΚΛΕΚά ΜΟΥ of Isaiah 42:1)
Collection - Indeed, it is conceivable that, Instead of curing the ills of poverty, wide-spread and deep-seated as it was in Jerusalem, it aggravated and perpetuated them. Instead of sailing direct, he made the return journey through Macedonia, where he celebrated the Passover (Acts 20:6), and only arrived in Jerusalem in time for the feast of Pentecost, when he finally discharged the task he had set himself to carry out (cf
Joseph - Instead of regarding the arrangement as a precedent to be followed in different states of civilization, ground has been found in it for charging Joseph with turning the needs of the people into an occasion for oppressing them; and certainly the effect upon the character and subsequent condition of the people was not favourable. Instead of using opportunities for the indulgence of resentment, he recognizes the action of Providence, and nourishes the brothers ( Sir 49:15 ) who had lost all brotherly affection for him
Pronunciation of Proper Names - Instead, it has been thought better to prepare the way, in some degree, for an authoritative list by discussing briefly some of the principles which should govern its construction. So, if Abim′elech and the class of names ruled by it be allowed, a great deal might be said for Abin′adab, Abi′athar, and similar words being pronounced thus, Instead of Abina′dab, Abia′thar, etc
Grace - ]'>[11] Grace then becomes a material quantity, Instead of spiritual quality. From that fact we may trust in the apostles,’ balance of mind and credibility, since the very richness of their spiritual vision points to an unusually large Subconscious life of ‘the natural man’ and its insurgent impulses, not easy to subdue, yet which, Instead of dominating, is so exquisitely kept in place as to become a chief instrument and material of their life’s worth and works
Biblical Criticism - Many critics however rely exclusively on internal evidence and as a consequence they wander off after their own fantasies Instead of keeping to facts
Tomb, Grave, Sepulchre - Inside the chamber the recess for the body, Instead of running in at right angles to the wall, was simply cut parallel with the wall, and formed a shelf on which the body was laid
Messiah - Instead, Jesus tried to instill in their minds the prospect that the road to His future glory was bound to run by way of the cross, with its experience of rejection, suffering, and humiliation
Timothy, the First Epistle to - Paul's writing with his own hand, Instead of by an amanuensis, as he did to Galatians and Philemon, accounts for the more concise, abrupt, and forcible style and phraseology
Issachar - The strong boned he-ass used for field work (not the lighter and swifter she-ass for riding), crouching down between panniers or amidst sheepfolds, symbolizes a race content with agricultural labours Instead of aspiring to political rule; a robust race, with a pleasant inheritance inviting to ease, as not requiring such toil as less fertile lands; ease at the cost of liberty
Neonomians - "The new covenant of grace which, through the medium of Christ's death, the Father made with men, consists according to this system, not in our being justified by faith, as it apprehends the righteousness of Christ, but in this, that God, abrogating the exaction of perfect legal obedience, reputes or accepts of faith itself, and the imperfect obedience of faith, Instead of the perfect obedience of the law, and graciously accounts them worthy of the reward of eternal life
Nativity of Christ - Instead of being a season of real devotion, it is a season of great diversion
Voice (2) - Only, the Rabbis shrank from saying baldly, ‘God said so and so,’ and made use of the phrase ‘A Bath Kol came (or was given)’ Instead
Wine - Instead of "flagons," 'ashishah ought to be translated "grape cakes" (2 Samuel 6:19; Hosea 3:1, etc
Mission(s) - Instead of looking to foreigners to come to Jerusalem as did the Old Testament, the church's mission is to go into all the world and not wait for the world to come to it
Law, Ten Commandments, Torah - Because of man's sinfulness, the Law became a curse Instead of a blessing (Galatians 3:10-13 )
Number Systems And Number Symbolism - Jacob worked a complete cycle of years for Rachel; then, when he was given Leah Instead, he worked an additional cycle of seven (Genesis 29:15-30 )
Pharisees - Instead, it seems to denote something like a "religious party, " "community, " or "denomination" within mainstream Judaism
Ahab - ...
The close relation of the northern kingdom with Tyre in David's and Solomon's time, and the temporal advantage of commercial intercourse with that great mart of the nations, led to an intimacy which, as too often happens in amalgamation between the church and the world, ended in Phoenicia seducing Israel to Baal and Astarte, Instead of Israel drawing Phoenicia to Jehovah; compare 2 Corinthians 6:14-18
Hunger - Just as in man’s physical life hunger is a sign of health, and becomes an evil only when its cravings cannot be satisfied, so Jesus counts those blessed whose soul’s health is robust enough to cause them to cry out from hunger after righteousness (note the peculiar construction which has the accusative τὴν δικαιοσύνην after πεινῶντες Instead of the genitive of classical writers; cf
Marriage (i.) - On that day, the bridegroom, Instead of following the primitive custom of going to claim his bride or to meet her procession on the way, remained absent from the house with his relatives or friends until all preparations had been fully made
Isaiah, Book of - They seek counsel of and trust in Egypt Instead of in God
Augustinus, Archbaptist of Canterbury - This Ethelbert, Instead of destroying, made over to the archbishop, who dedicated it to St
Sea, the Salt - Instead of 10, the weight of distilled water
Materialists - A sect in the ancient church, composed of persons, who, being prepossessed with that maxim in philosophy, "ex nihilo mihil fit, " out of nothing nothing can arise, had recourse to an eternal matter, on which they supposed God wrought in the creation, Instead of admitting Him alone as the sole cause of the existence of all things
Divorce (2) - But Instead He is represented as affirming that πορνεία constitutes an exception
Providence - times to be brought, as Job at last was, to abase themselves under God's visiting hand, and Instead of calling God to account to acknowledge His ways are right and we are sinful, even though we do not see the reason why He contends with us (Job 40:4-5; Job 42:2-6; contrast Job 10:2; Job 33:13)
Caracalla, the Nickname of m. Aurelius Severus Antoninus Bassianus - ]'>[3] Thus martyrdom, Instead of the obstinacy of an abject alien superstition, became the bold and cheerful resistance of free citizens to the arbitrary will of one who, when he began to torture, became a barbarous tyrant
Bread - Shaw informs us, serves both for baking and frying; for the bagreah of the people of Barbary differs not much from our pancakes; only, Instead of rubbing the pan in which they fry them with butter, they rub it with soap, to make them like a honey-comb
Church of England - When the articles were formed in 1552, I do not find that any deference was paid to Calvin's judgment or authority: Instead of that, the assistance he offered was, to his no little grief and dissatisfaction, refused
Triumphs - Instead of celebrating his own heroism, or the valour of his troops, on this memorable occasion, that excellent prince sung with his whole army the praises of the Lord of hosts, who disposes of the victory according to his pleasure
Election - Some embraced it, and submitted to be the elect people of God, on the new ground of faith, Instead of the old one of natural descent; and therefore the Apostle, Romans 11:7 , calls the believing part of the Jews, "the election," in opposition to those who opposed this "election of grace," and still clung to their former and now repealed election as Jews and the descendants of Abraham; "But the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded
Offices of Christ - Under the OT dispensation the three principal offices were those of prophet, priest, and king; and ‘the innermost pulse, so to speak, of the history of prophecy is to be found in the effort to interweave these three offices together, and to contemplate them in the Messianic image Instead of in their distribution among several persons’ (Dorner, System of Christ
Premeditation - The builder who chooses his site carelessly may build on sand Instead of solid foundations, and all the finely dreamed temple of his faith be brought to the ground (Matthew 7:24 || Luke 6:46); or he may commence a tower too great for him to finish, as a king may carelessly engage in a ruinous war (Luke 14:28 ff
Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch - 26) and speaking of Pausanias as having only run a risk of starvation Instead of being actually starved to death in the temple of Minerva (ib
Temple of Jerusalem - Jeremiah in his great Temple sermon warned all who came into the Lord's house in Jerusalem that if they trusted primarily in the Temple, Instead of the Lord, He could destroy Solomon's Temple just as He had the previous one at Shiloh ( Jeremiah 7:1-15 ; Jeremiah 26:1-6 ). It was now separated from the holy place by a veil Instead of a door
Ezekiel, Theology of - If then this man's son, the third generation, reacts against his father's immoral ways and lives Instead like his grandfather, this man will not suffer for his father's sin but will stand justified (vv. ...
Oholibah learned nothing from her sister's experience but Instead behaved even worse
Hezekiah - ...
Ahaz the former king's counselors recommended worldly alliances and compromises of principle for political expediency, Instead of Isaiah's counsel to rest on Jehovah alone. This was foretold by Isaiah (Isaiah 14:29-30): "Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the God of him that smote thee (Uzziah, 2 Chronicles 26:6) is broken (namely, under Ahaz), for out of the serpent's (as Uzziah was regarded by the Philistines) root shall come forth a cockatrice," an adder, to the Philistines, Hezekiah; "and the firstborn of the poor (the poorest) shall feed" in safety, Instead of constant alarms of Philistine invasions
Humility - The magnificent figure drawn by the Greek philosopher disappears, and, Instead, Christ presents the image of the little child (Matthew 18:2). Instead of proscribing, it promotes the growth of virtues unlike yet not unfriendly to itself’ (Liddon on ‘Humility and Action’ in University Sermons)
Red Sea - Instead of proceeding from Etham, round the head of the Red Sea, and coasting along its eastern shore, the Lord made them turn southward along its western shore, and, after a stage of about twenty or thirty miles, to encamp in the valley of Bedea, where there was an opening in the great chain of mountains that line the western coast, called Pi-hahiroth, the mouth of the ridge between Migdol westward, and the sea eastward, "over against Baal-zephon," on the eastern coast; to tempt Pharaoh, whose heart he finally hardened, to pursue them when they were "entangled in the land," and shut in by the wilderness on their rear and flanks, and by the sea in their front. Instead of crossing the sea at or near Ethan, their second station, the Israelites turned southward, along the western shore; and their third station at Pi-hahiroth, or Bedea, was at a full day's journey below Ethan, as Bryant has satisfactorily proved from Scripture, Exodus 14:2
Parable - ‘The qualities and properties of the first are transferred to the last, and the two thus blended together, Instead of being kept quite distinct and placed side by side, as is the case in the parable’ (Trench, On Parables , ch. Instead of being an element of disruption, this was to them the guarantee of all other sequences
Oath - On the other hand, James 5:12 may possibly be secondary; for Instead of ‘Let your “yea” be (a reliable and unadorned) “yea” and your “nay,” “nay,” it may be rendered: ‘Let yours be the “yea, yea,” “nay, nay” (enjoined in Mt. Moreover, if that were His only object, then Instead of ‘Swear not at all’ (for one cannot evade the reference to God), He would have needed to say, ‘Never let any matter of importance be settled without an oath, and that directly by the name of God
Ark of the Covenant - Manasseh set up an idol, a carved image, Instead of the ark which contained the testimony against him
Lamentations - ...
He also indirectly teaches his fellow countrymen that "searching our ways and turning again to the Lord," Instead of complaining against what is the punishment due for sins, is the true way of obtaining deliverance from Him who "doth not afflict willingly the children of men
Surname - Codex D reads, Instead of Elymas, Ἐτοιμᾶς, meaning ‘son of the ready,’ a reading adopted by Ramsay and Blass
James, the Letter - Avoid acting selfishly Instead of asking God (James 4:1-3 )
Hope - ‘By this hope’ were they ‘saved,’ being enabled in its strength to bear joyfully the ills of life and the universal contempt and persecution of the world around them, which stimulated Instead of quenching their courage ( Revelation 22:14 ; Romans 8:18-25 , 2 Corinthians 4:13 ; 2 Corinthians 5:8 , Philippians 1:20 f
Messiah - Instead he called himself the Son of man
Destructionists - ...
Nay, if we can form any idea in the present state of what would be dreadful or desirable in another, Instead of its being any punishment to be annihilated after a long series of torment, it must be a deliverance, to which the sinner would look forward with anxious desire
God, Name of - The Lord, however, declines this request and says Instead, "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence
New Creation - Finally, in 4:24 Paul says that God has solved the dilemma of the old way of life (sin leading to death) by "creating" a "new" human, whose life is characterized Instead by righteousness and holiness
Freedom - The problem is that, because of sin, the law was impotent to grant life and freedom; Instead, it cursed and killed (Romans 7:9-11 ; 8:3 ; Galatians 3:10 )
Promise - Instead, while sharing in all the benefits of Abraham's covenant (Ephesians 3:6 ), the Christian looks forward to a time when the kingdom of God, which was ushered in with the age of grace, will be realized when Christ returns to complete the kingdom of believers and establish it for all eternity before God in heaven
Love-Feast - Batiffol maintains that Jude is in the habit of using plurals Instead of singulars, and understands him here to mean ‘love’ with no reference to the Agape
Confession (of Sin) - It was the total absence of the element of confession from the Pharisee’s prayer, and the presence Instead of a self-satisfied and self-exalting spirit, that made his prayer of no effect in the sight of God; while it was the publican’s downcast eyes, his smitten breast, his cry, ‘God be merciful to me a sinner!’ that sent him down to his house ‘justified rather than the other’ (Luke 11:4; cf
Bethesda - Instead of Βηθεσδά (TR), the most ancient authorities have other spellings, as א Βηθζαθά, L and Eus
Duty - Had He instituted a definite social, political, or ecclesiastical order, or prescribed a scheme of duties for His followers, the gospel would have possessed for Ethics only an historical interest, Instead of affording, as it does, principles by which we may criticise every action and reform every institution
Begotten - Instead of being astonished that we know no more, the only astonishment is, that we know so much
Aeon - of John αἰών is never used in this sense, but κόσμος is employed Instead; e
Exodus - Their course was southeast as far as Etham; but then, Instead of keeping on directly to Sinai, they turned to the south, Exodus 14:2 , on the west side of the Red Sea, which they reached three days after starting, probably near Suez
Judah - ...
Then Judah touchingly appealed to the supposed Egyptian prince to detain him as a bondservant Instead of his youngest brother, by describing his father's love for Benjamin after having lost Joseph, and the danger of bringing down his grey hairs with sorrow to the grave, so that Joseph could refrain no longer but made himself known (Genesis 44)
Lactantius - The eighth which had disappeared also was claimed by Baluze as recovered by him; it was published in 1679 at the commencement of his second book of Miscellanies but with the title Liber ad Donatum Confessorem de Mortibus Persecutorum Instead of de Persecutione Liber unus which is that of St
Pity - ’ The familiar cry for help, found so often in the first three Gospels (ἐλέησον ἡμᾶς), is not the message sent by the sisters, but Instead, it is a direct appeal to love—‘He whom thou lovest is sick’ (John 11:3)
Punishment (2) - Instead of seeking to dogmatize on what does not at present fall within the sphere of our understanding, it would seem wise to confine our conclusions to two broad principles:...
John, Gospel of (ii. Contents) - Instead of the Davidic ancestry of Joseph, we have the eternal generation of the μονογενής; Instead of the Lord’s Prayer, taught to the disciples, we have the High-Priestly prayer of ch. Instead of the variety which we find in them, we have a small number of essential thoughts repeated again and again under a small number of images
Babylon - They were built of brick, cemented with bitumen Instead of mortar; and were encompassed by a broad and deep ditch, lined with the same materials, as were also the banks of the river in its course through the city: the inhabitants descending to the water by steps through the smaller brazen gates before mentioned. " The course of the Tigris through Babylonia, Instead of being adorned with cities, is marked with the sites of "ancient ruins. Instead of taking the bricks from thence, the shepherd might very readily erect a defence from wild beasts, and make a fold for his flock amidst the heaps of Babylon; and the Arab who fearlessly traverses it by day, might pitch his tent by night
Sanctify, Sanctification - Under this influence holiness was again interpreted ceremonially Instead of morally. Instead of reiterating familiar maxims, He minted new precepts for men’s daily use
Jesus Christ, Name And Titles of - Instead, it is usually God (1:11; 9:7) or, as in this passage, demons (5:7) who know who Christ is before the crucifixion. Nothing could be worse than denying "the Holy and Righteous One" and asking for the release of a murderer Instead (3:14)
Hellenistic And Biblical Greek - the forms ἤμην (for ἧν), κρύβω (= κρύπτω), γραῖα (γραῦς), σικχαίνομαι (instead of βδελύττομαι); what they defend and explain is alien to it, as e. ἧν, ἔστην, νεοττός (instead of νοσσός)
Christ in the Seventeenth Century - Instead of reconsidering the first principles involved, the orthodox theologians wasted their ingenuity in inventing distinctions to conceal the most obvious doctrinal inconsistencies. Instead of such a communication between the natures as the Lutherans maintained, they were content to think of the human nature of Christ as working in harmony with the Divine through the anointing and activity of the Holy Spirit
Ephraim (4) the Syrian - " Benedict, followed by Lengerke, Instead of ecclesiastical translates historical ; what Ephrem really says is that there is first the literal interpretation, and secondly a spiritual one, which generally refers to the church. 480) the Syriac version has Instead of cracknels a rare word signifying sweetmeats
Isaac - What Isaac's sacrifice wanted to perfect the type was actual death and vicarious substitution; the offering of the ram's life Instead of the human life, hereby saved, supplied the defect; the ram and Isaac jointly complete the type
Fall - Instead, he argued that God's motive was to keep the couple from being like God
Edom - round the Dead Sea Instead of from the E
Poor And Poverty, Theology of - Instead of defending the poor and upholding the Law of God they took bribes and gifts to pervert justice (Isaiah 1:23 )
Simple, Simplicity - The natural antithesis to ἁπλοῦς would have been διπλοῦς, Instead of which πονηρός is used, both to turn attention sharply from the physical to the moral which it was meant to illustrate, and, by avoiding the thought of ‘seeing double,’ which διπλοῦς in itself would naturally suggest, to make it easier to think of the unusual attempt to see things in opposite directions, and so pass to the common moral experience of cherishing, as objects of ambition, things that are diametrically opposed
Jeremiah, Book of - Some judge it to have been a vision only, and others that Ephrath (that is Bethlehem) is meant Instead of the Euphrates
Ave Maria - Instead of the parched abstractions that with us so often take the place of the mystical indwelling, they preached ‘Jesus and the resurrection’ (Acts 17:18), ‘Jesus Christ and him crucified’ (1 Corinthians 2:2)
Parable - The thing signifying and the thing signified are united together, the properties and relations of one being transferred to the other; Instead of being kept distinct side by side, as in the parable; it is a prolonged metaphor or extended simile; it never names the object itself; it may be about other than religious truths, but the parable only about religious truth
Amen - This was sometimes altered later, in opposition to the Christian practice, and ‘God Faithful King’ was used Instead
Arms - These were part of the military ammunition; for in those times bows were used Instead of guns, and arrows supplied the place of powder and ball
Eye - To be eyes to the blind, or to serve them Instead of eyes, is sufficiently intelligible, Job 29:15
Reason - For they who use translations and commentaries rely only upon the reason of others, Instead of exercising their own
Commerce - ...
For those who chose to take the overland routes, Instead, the Romans constructed paved roads that facilitated the movement of their armies, as well as people and wagons loaded with goods for sale
Tabernacle - ...
Such was the external appearance of the sacred tent, which was divided into two apartments by means of four pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold, like the pillars before described, two cubits and a half distant from each other; only they stood in sockets of silver Instead of brass, Exodus 26:32 36:36 ; and on these pillars was hung a veil, formed of the same materials as the one placed at the east end, Exodus 26:31-33 36:35 Hebrews 9:3
Deluge - She reproached Bel for destroying all mankind Instead of one city only
Create, Creation - Instead they are referred to as the greater and lesser lights. Verse 1 may, Instead, serve as a dependent, temporal clause (i
Judas Iscariot (2) - ’ Nestle thinks that ἁπὸ Καριώτου, a reading of Codex Bezae, found four times in Jn Instead of Ἰακαριώτης, is a paraphrastic rendering of Iscariot by the author of the Fourth Gospel. Instead of δς καὶ παρέδωκεν αὐτόν (‘who also betrayed him,’ lit
Isidorus Pelusiota, an Eminent Ascetic - For many of those at Ephesus accuse you of pursuing a personal feud, Instead of seeking the things of Jesus Christ in an orthodox way. When Cyril, two years later, came to an understanding with John of Antioch, Isidore exhorted him to be consistent and said that his most recent writings shewed him to be "either open to flattery or an agent of levity, swayed by vainglory Instead of imitating the great athletes" of the faith, etc
Anger (2) - * Humility - The magnificent figure drawn by the Greek philosopher disappears, and, Instead, Christ presents the image of the little child (Matthew 18:2). Instead of proscribing, it promotes the growth of virtues unlike yet not unfriendly to itself’ (Liddon on ‘Humility and Action’ in University Sermons)
Hosea, Theology of - Instead of moving back to God they went to their idols and formed alliances with Egypt and Assyria (7:11; 11:5)
Christians, Names of - Few of them appear as static proper names; Instead, the New Testament contexts in which they occur largely determine their meaning
Moab - of Jordan, after these had been carried captive, as if Ammon, Instead of Judah, Israel's own brother, were Israel's heir (Jeremiah 49:1)
Atonement - The sinless Jesus' sacrifice for, and Instead of, us sinners was the mean so appointed
Sea - Paul, on arriving at the coast, changed his plan, and, Instead of taking ship for Athens at Methone or Pydna, went on foot, it is impossible to say
Son - * [* The Western text of Luke 3:22 reads "Thou art My Son, this day have I begotten Thee," Instead of "Thou art My beloved Son, in Thee I am well pleased
Esther - ; born abroad, of a family which chose to remain Instead of returning to Jerusalem
Nebuchadnezzar - a complete sacred cycle of time, a week of years, had passed over him, and with the glimmer of reason left he "lifted up his eyes unto heaven," Instead of beast like turning his eyes downward (compare Jonah 2:1-2; Jonah 2:4), and turned to Him that smote him (Isaiah 9:13), and "honoured Him" whom before he had robbed of His due honour
Ransom (2) - Thus in Isaiah 43:3-4 Jehovah is metaphorically said to have given Egypt, Ethiopia, and Seba as a ransom for (‘instead of’) Israel
Elijah - Instead of granting his request, God sends an angel who ministers to the prophet’s physical needs
Joshua, Theology of - Instead, this promise looks forward to the completion of the settlement process and the full occupation of the land by Israel such as would be confirmed by the Bible during the reigns of David and Solomon
Happiness - Instead of reflecting the sadness of households, Jesus removed it (John 11:23, Luke 8:52)
Mary - For we road that at the creation, the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh Instead thereof: and the rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman
Amos - Instead of threatenings there are now promises
Timothy, Epistles to - Instead of this some were seeking to be law-teachers
Red Sea - The latest theory is that which Brugsch-bey has lately revived that the word translated Red Sea is "Sea of Reeds or Weeds," and refers to the Serbonian bog in the northeastern part of Egypt, and that the Israelites crossed here Instead of the Red Sea
David - After he had married Saul's younger daughter Michal, Instead of the elder Merab, who had been promised him, Saul, further enraged by David's increasing credit with the nation, and understanding, it is likely, by this time, that the young Bethlehemite was the chosen of the Lord, to whom the kingdom was to be transferred, sent to arrest him in his house
Lucianus, a Famous Satirist - Lucian once had an interview with him, and stooping down, Instead of kissing his hand, as was the custom, bit it severely
Mystery - Mystery—religion transcended all lines of mere nationality, substituting its own brotherhoods of initiates, and offered the idea of personal deliverance and immortality as the goal; as the means, it offered sacramental (instead of sacrificial) union with a Redeemer-god (θεὸς σωτήρ), who, in contrast with the Olympian divinities, participated in the suffering and death of humanity, and won for men victory over their spiritual foes
Power - Instead of pride and ambition, the lust of power and possession that had created and controlled other dynasties, its regalia and administration are entrusted to the poor in spirit who claim no homage
Jephthah - This spiritual burnt offering answers somewhat to Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac (Hebrews 11:17) in will though not in deed, and to the Israelites redeeming their firstborn belonging to Jehovah Instead of sacrificing them (Exodus 13:1-13; Acts 2:7), and to Aaron's offering the Levites to the Lord for an offering for Israel (Numbers 8:10-16), and redeeming vowed persons at an estimation (1618735186_21; 1 Samuel 1:22; 1 Samuel 1:28; 1 Samuel 2:20; Leviticus 27:1, etc
Aristion (Aristo) - The designation μαθηταί Instead of ἀπόστολοι is employed because the function in consideration is that of transmitting μαθήματα—the precepts (ἐντολαί) learned from the Lord. Instead of attaching the story after Luke 21:36, as the Gosp
Redemption - ’ Instead of them, however, the NT writers elected to employ forms which embody in their very structure an open assertion that the mode of deliverance spoken of is by ‘ransom. He speaks of giving His life as a ransom ‘for,’ or rather ‘in the place of,’ ‘instead of,’ ‘many,’ the preposition (ἀντί) employed emphasizing the idea of exchange, or, we may say shortly, of substitution
Wandering Stars - But, when he found they were horny-handed sons of toil, simple peasants of Palestine, Instead of turbulent Jews or influential agitators, and when he heard that Christ’s kingdom was a pious dream of the far future, he dismissed the alleged revolutionaries with contempt (Eus. ) preserves the tradition that John the Baptist, Instead of ordering the soldiers† who consulted him to leave the army, merely told them that it was their duty to abstain from what was called concussio, or the ill-treatment of civilians, i
Turning - ‘convert,’ but renders the reflexive στρέφεσθαι, ἐπιστρέφεσθαι as if they were genuine passives, and Instead of ‘turn’ has ‘be converted. ’ Most, if not all, of the blame for this incorrect use of the word must be laid at the door of the Authorized Version , with its ‘be converted’ Instead of ‘turn
God - ...
The generic term for God in the New Testament is theos, but kurios , the Greek rendering of the Hebrew YHWH, is frequently used Instead of the generic term. Instead, they gave to this four-consonant name (YHWH) the vowels of another Hebrew word, Adonai, which means "my Master" or "my Lord
Immanuel - * Lord's Supper (ii) - in that (1) he has ‘this is my blood of the covenant’ Instead of ‘this is the new covenant in my blood’; (2) he omits ‘this do, as oft as ye drink it, as my memorial’; (3) he adds ‘which is poured out for many’; (4) he adds ‘Verily I say unto you, I will no more drink of the fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God. ’ There is little here different from Mark’s account which calls for comment: (α) ‘unto remission of sins’ is added to ‘poured out,’ specifying distinctly the object of the sacrificial offering of our Lord’s blood; (β) the words ‘with you’ are added in the description of the future ‘new’ drinking of ‘this fruit of the vine’; (γ) the phrase ‘my Father’s kingdom’ is used Instead or ‘the kingdom of God,’ both phrases alike being desc
Son of God - Instead of a studied reticence on the subject of who and whence He was, such as we encounter in the previous Gospels, Jesus places this subject in the foreground, and Instead of letting His higher claims escape only at rare intervals and in the society of His chosen friends, He proclaims them to all and sundry, and, as one might say, from the housetops
Hellenism - γογγύζω, κλίβανος, and so did forms like λαός, ναός, ἤμην Instead of ἦν, οἴδαμεν Instead of ἴσμεν
Boyhood of Jesus - For instance, the eating of the lamb in a recumbent Instead of a standing posture was a change (Exodus 12:11, 1 Samuel 1:9 ‘rose up,’ Luke 22:14-15 etc. In dealing with this suggestion we have to notice the expression τελειωσάντων τὰς ἡμέρας Instead of the ὡς (ὅτε) ἐπλήσθησαν αἱ ἡμέραι of Luke 1:23; Luke 2:6; Luke 2:21-22, and ἐπλήσθη ὁ χρόνος of Luke 1:57
Julius (5), Bishop of Rome - Having treated as frivolous their plea of the short time allowed them to get to the Roman council, he meets their further complaint that his letter of summons had been addressed only to Eusebius and his party, Instead of the whole Eastern episcopate. using milk, or the expressed juice of grapes, Instead of wine; administering the bread dipped in the wine, after the manner of the Greeks at the present day; and using a linen cloth soaked in must, reserved through the year and moistened with water, for each celebration
Psalms (2) - One passage, indeed, does not seem even to regard the psalm as Messianic, at least in the narrower sense: in Revelation 2:27 the promise of Psalms 2:9 that the king would ‘break’ (LXX Septuagint and NT read ποιμανεῖ(ς), ‘shepherd,’ ‘rule,’ pointing תִּרְעֵם Instead of תְּר֙עֵם) the nations with a rod of iron, as the vessels of the potter are broken, is applied, in the message addressed to Thyatira, to the Christian who overcomes and keeps the works of Christ to the end. ’ The NT follows the LXX Septuagint , which reads ‘praise’ Instead of the Hebrew ‘strength,’ ‘bulwark’; but the essential meaning of the psalm is finely brought out by the citation—the power, on the one hand, or the insight, on the other, of the children (cf
Joseph - His generous principle of dealing with them then, asking only a fifth after establishing the right to all, won their universal approval of an evenly distributed Instead of an unequal taxation. Joseph's policy was to centralize power in the monarch's hands, a well ordered monarchy being the best in the existing state of Egypt to guard against the recurrence of famines by stores laid by systematically, and by irrigation in the absence of the Nile's overthrow, and by such like governmental works, Instead of leaving all to the unthrifty and unenterprising cultivators
Cooking And Heating - After the olives had been beaten from the trees and crushed in the olive press, the olive oil was used both for binding the flour Instead of water, and for frying
Daniel, Theology of - Instead of savior of national Israel, who leads his people to victory over enemy nations that are evil, the Messiah becomes victorious over evil in general
Canticles; the Song of Solomon - Israel," made like the chariots of Amminadib" ("My willing people") Instead of as heretofore "Lo-ammi," not My people (Acts 2:38), shall "look forth as, the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, terrible as an army with banners" (Ephesians 2:14; Revelation 12:1; Revelation 19:14)
John - Instead, he reasons with them and urges the church to abide in what it has received and what it has heard from the beginning
Daniel, the Book of - What a strange testimony then does Porphyry unwillingly bear to the divine inspiration of the book; the events so minutely fulfilling the prophecies about Antiochus that it might be supposed to be a history of the past Instead of, as it is proved to be, a prediction of events then future
Sacrifice - The blood around the door showed that an animal had been killed Instead of the person under judgment (Exodus 12:13)
Revelation of God - They do not like the God to which the truth leads them so they invent substitute gods and religions Instead
Thessalonians, the Epistles to the - " Also Instead of warning in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 stricter discipline is substituted, now that the evil has become worse (2 Thessalonians 3:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:14, "withdraw from the company"
Touch - Instead of the spoken ‘word’ of the OT prophets, addressed only to the hearing, there is now the living ‘Word,’ meeting the lives of men in warm and friendly contact
Unbelief (2) - Pleading the compassion of Jesus Instead of his own faith, he unconsciously shows a genuine faith (Gould, St
Census - It was not so much the act which was faultworthy (for indeed the taking of the census was recognized in the pentateuch: Exodus 30:12) as the motive, trust in the arm of flesh Instead of in Jehovah (Jeremiah 17:5)
Lord - Instead, both they and their gods were subject to the same higher power—that is, fate
Leviticus - Thus the sin-offering for the congregation is a bullock in Leviticus 3:14 Instead of the goat of Leviticus 9:15 and Numbers 15:24 ; and the high priest’s sin-offering ( Numbers 15:3-12 ) is more elaborate than that in Numbers 9:8-11 and Numbers 29:10-14 ; Leviticus 5:1-13 (examples of unintentional sins which require a sin-offering, and mitigations for the case of those who cannot afford a lamb or a goat) has suffered change, since Leviticus 5:2-3 evidently break the connexion between Leviticus 5:1 and Leviticus 5:4
Mark, the Gospel of - Instead, the religious leaders turned the devotion of worshipers into financial profit (Mark 11:15 ,Mark 11:15,11:17 )
Gospel - The first debtor in Matthew 18:23-35 has earned nothing but the right to be sold into slavery; Instead the king cancels his enormous debt
Mercy - His behavior deserved judgment, but God in his mercy bestowed salvation Instead
Heal, Health - When the trouble was not removed, he sought Instead the meaning of his "thorn"and discovered it
Gideon - ...
But his unambitious spirit is praiseworthy; he, the great Baal fighter, "Jerubbaal," Instead of ambitiously accepting the crown, "went and dwelt in his own house" quietly, and died "in a good old age," having secured for his country "quietness" for 40 years, leaving, besides 70 sons by wives, a son by a concubine, Abimelech, doomed to be by ambition as great a curse to his country as his father was in the main a blessing
Emmaus - ]'>[2] read ‘160’ Instead of ‘60
Hosanna - ‘Hoshana Rabbah’) that ‘the Gospels by a mistake place the custom in the season shortly before the Passover, Instead of in the feast of Booths
Impotence - ...
(c) Of the means or instrument, or personal agency employed, where a simple dative might have been used Instead of ἐν (Matthew 3:11 ‘I baptize you with [1] water’; cf
Laughter - ), of men who have eyes but do not see (Mark 8:18), of one blind man guiding another (Matthew 15:14), of a father who should give his son a stone Instead of a loaf (Matthew 7:9)—these are all instances of that perception of the incongruous which is the soul of humour
Games - An improved reading of 1 Timothy 4:10, incorporated in the Revised Version , gives ἀγωνιζόμεθα, ‘strive,’ Instead of ὀνειδιζόμεθα, ‘suffer reproach’ (Authorized Version )
the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans - " But Instead of taking that timeous reproof to heart, Archippus had gone steadily down in his declension and decay till he had this last reproof addressed to him, and which has been a last reproof to so many ministers and their people since his day and down to our own day
Samuel, First Book of - Israel was smitten before the Philistines; but Instead of turning to the Lord and confessing their sins, they sent for the ark of the covenant, saying that it should save them, and made a great shout; but God was not in this act, the Israelites were smitten, including the two sons of Eli, and the ark was captured by the Philistines
Cosmas (3), Indian Navigator - g the absurdity of the supposition of the existence of antipodean regions inasmuch as the beings on the other side of the world must drop off and the rain would fall upwards Instead of downwards; while the supposed rotatory motion of the universe is disproved by the disturbance that would be caused to the repose of the blessed in heaven by their being perpetually whirled through space
Nimrod - But then, as time went on, and as Nimrod's ambition grew, he would seem to have taken to hunting men Instead of beasts
Idolatry - The Chaldean priests, in process of time, being by their situation early addicted to celestial observations, Instead of conceiving as they ought to have done concerning the omnipotence of the Creator and Mover of the heavenly bodies, fell into the impious error of esteeming them as gods, and the immediate governors of the world, in subordination, however, to the Deity, who was invisible except by his works, and the effects of his power
Jephthah - The subject of it was to be utterly destroyed, Instead of being "most holy unto the Lord
Houses - Instead of the parapet wall, some terraces are guarded, like the galleries, with balustrades only, or latticed work
David - ...
David, now at his ease Instead of fighting the Lord's battles, falls into great sin respecting Bath-sheba and Uriah
Sea - The boat of Lieutenant Lynch met with a gale on entering it from the Jordan; and "it seemed at if the bows, so dense was the water, were encountering the sledgehammers of the Titans, Instead of the opposing waves of an angry sea
Prophecy Prophet Prophetess - To use the latter gift, which issued in a jargon of words and unduly excited the speaker, was to speak to God Instead of man’ (Selwyn, Christian Prophets, p
Ethics - Instead, as each occasion arose, Jesus emphasized whatever aspect of God’s truth was related to the circumstances (e
Macarius Magnus, Magnes, a Writer - 455) of flowing milk Instead of blood from St
Martinus, Saint, Bishop of Tours - But Priscillian, on his arrival at Bordeaux, Instead of defending his cause by argument, appealed to the emperor
God - They want to be independent, but Instead they become slaves of sin (Genesis 3:1-7; John 8:34; see SIN)
Prayer - An excessive fondness of elegance and finery of style in prayer discovers the same pride and vanity of mind, as an affection to many jewels and fine apparel in the house of God: it betrays us into a neglect of our hearts, and of experimental religion, by an affection to make the nicest speech, and say the finest things we can, Instead of sincere devotion, and praying in the spirit. ...
It is farther argued, that a form cramps the desires; inverts the true order of prayer, making our words to regulate our desires, Instead of our desires regulating our words; has a tendency to make us formal; cannot be suited to every one's case; that it looks as if we were not in reality convinced of our wants, when we want a form to expess them; and, finally, in answer to the two first arguments, that it is seldom the case that those who are truly sensible of their condition, and pray extempore, do it in an impious and extravagant manner; and if any who have the gift of prayer really do so, and run into the extreme of enthusiasm, yet this is not the case with the generality, since an unprejudiced attention to those who pray extempore must convince us, that, if their prayers be not so elegantly composed as that of a set form, they are more appropriate, and delivered with more energy and feeling
Bible - ...
These sections were divided into verses; of which division, if Ezra was not the author, it was introduced not long after him, and seems to have been designed for the use of the Targumists, or Chaldee interpreters; for after the return of the Jews from the Babylonish captivity, when the Hebrew language ceased to be their mother tongue, and the Chaldee grew into use Instead of it, the custom was, that the law should be first read in the original Hebrew, and then interpreted to the people in the Chaldee language; for which purpose these shorter sections were very convenient. Ezra changed the names of several places which were grown obsolete, and, Instead of them, put their new names by which they were then called in the text
Vicarious Sacrifice - It may mean ‘instead of’ (ἀντί), or ‘in behalf of’ (ὑπέρ). In Luke 22:37 there is a deeper thought than Hollmann has in mind when he says: ‘He is only thinking of the dreary fact that His countrymen are going to treat Him as a criminal Instead of as the Holy One of God,’ for this passage was associated in the minds of His hearers with a Messianic work of the greatest significance
Holy Spirit (2) - It was the facts of His baptism which led them to believe (a) in a normal coincidence of baptism with the Spirit and water baptism, Instead of in the displacement of the latter by the former; (b) in the Spirit received in baptism as specifically the spirit of sonship; and (c) in that same Spirit as one consecrating them to God and to service in His kingdom. Abnormal conditions such as are here supposed do not persist in sane minds, and to call Jesus an ‘ecstatic’ or a ‘pneumatic’ in this sense is only to avoid calling Him a fanatic by using a natural Instead of a moral term to describe Him
Mental Characteristics - They enabled Him to put the lesson He desired in the concrete Instead of the abstract. Instead, He fixed the type in some particular fact or instance
Freedom of the Will - Instead of the free impulse of the Spirit within them, or of Christ’s living in them, they were being guided by rules which demanded a merely external obedience and appealed to merely selfish desires, aptly symbolized by an operation on the external surface of the body. made a son Instead of a slave, he is not simply transferred to a new kind of obedience; he is entered by a new spirit; his freedom is the freedom of the Father Himself; he suffers no cancelling of personality; nor is he really subjected again to law in any full sense; he attains the only freedom which is complete
Apocrypha - Accordingly the Syriac reads ‘30’ Instead of ‘400,’ evidently a Christian emendation. ’ The Ethiopic of 7:28, Instead of ‘My son Jesus’ reads ‘My Messiah,’ and the Armenian, ‘the anointed of God
Messiah - Whereas the Jews, in their synagogues, were wont to pray for the Grand Seignior, he orders those prayers to be forborne for the future, thinking it an indecent thing to pray for him who was shortly to be his captive; and, Instead of praying for the Turkish emperor, he appoints prayers for himself. During these things, the Jews, Instead of minding their trade and traffic, filled their letters with news of Sabatai their Messias, and his wonderful works
Arabia - ...
Arabia Felix is inhabited by a people who claim Joktan for their father, and so trace their descent direct from Shem, Instead of Abraham and Ham. Instead of being shepherds and robbers, they are fixed in towns and cities; and live by agriculture and commerce, chiefly maritime
Paul - Bacon notes this in a tone of disapproval; but he falls too easily a victim to the temptation besetting critics who ascribe the form of biblical books to more or less incompetent editors, of attributing difficulties to these lay-figures, Instead of exerting himself to find out the true explanation. Paul developed the greeting into an elaborate form of his own, in which he described both himself and his correspondents in their relations to God and Christ, and wished them, Instead of the goodwill of an ordinary letter, the primary blessings of the gospel
Time - The NT takes over the latter word, and makes a Greek noun of it, whilst to the Christian and to the Christian Church, the first day of the week becomes the important day, Instead of the seventh, and is for Christians the day of gathering together ‘to break bread’ ( Acts 20:7 ), and of making collections for the needs of the faithful ( 1 Corinthians 16:2 ), and also wins for itself the name of ‘the Lord’s day’ ( Revelation 1:10 )
Destroy, Destruction - Instead he brings his trembling sons home (Hosea 5:14-15 ; 11:11 )
Ezekiel - Instead, the devastated nation needed encouragement that there was hope for the future
Corinth - Even those who declared themselves Paul's followers did so in a party spirit, glorying in the minister Instead of in Christ
Tares - The parable therefore discloses the fact that, Instead of being victorious at one stroke, the progress of the Kingdom is to be continually hindered and hampered (cf
Exodus, the - Instead of the direct way to Canaan by Philistia on the S
Rufus - The most important differences from the latter are the following:—...
(α) Instead of צָעִיר לִחְיוֹת, lit
Widows - In Hermas we find repeatedly such sentiments as the following: ‘Instead of fields then buy ye oppressed souls as each one can, and widows and orphans mercifully visit (ἐπισκέπτεσθε) and do not overlook them’ (Sim
Justice - ]'>[2] has ‘Justice’ Instead of ‘vengeance
Genesis, Theology of - Abraham obeys, only he is prevented from carrying out the sacrifice by the angel of the Lord and sacrifices a ram Instead
Infancy - , the use made of dream-warnings (Matthew 2:12-13; Matthew 2:19; Matthew 2:22); the peculiarities in the leading of the ‘star’ (seen first in the East, then lost sight of—else they had not gone to Jerusalem Instead of Bethlehem—only to reappear and go before them to Bethlehem, moving in the heavens, and at last stopping ‘over where the young child was’); the symbolic character of the threefold offering (Matthew 2:11); and, lastly, the dominant interest in the element of prophetic fulfilment, making each turn in the story answer to some passage from the prophets (Matthew 2:6; Matthew 2:15; Matthew 2:17; Matthew 2:23), the correspondence in some cases being but remote and obscure
the Blind Leaders of the Blind - ' But Instead of the timidity and the restraint the disciples would have had their Master observe to those men of such power, He all the more went on with some of the most plain-spoken words He ever uttered
Paul in Arabia - NO sooner was Paul baptized by Ananias, than, Instead of returning home to Jerusalem, he immediately set out for Arabia
the Mother of Zebedee's Children - But Instead of that, this cruel woman to her own flesh and blood was for exposing her two sons to every possible shaft and spear of envy, and anger, and ill-will, and injury
Angel - messengers of God, is the same as in the earlier books; for example, in Ezekiel 2:2 it is a ‘spirit,’ Instead of an ‘angel,’ who acts as an intermediary being, see, too, Ezekiel 3:12 ff
Exorcism - The effort proved more than futile, for the recitation of the formula, Instead of bringing Jesus into such effective touch with the man that the evil spirit had to yield possession to Him, roused the spirit to stir into activity that abnormal muscular strength often possessed by those mentally deranged (cf
Euchites - ad Magnam , 21) couples with Adelphius of Mesopotamia, Alexander, who polluted Constantinople with like teaching, and against whom he contends that their idleness, Instead of aiding devotion, gave scope to evil thoughts and passions and was inimical to the true spirit of prayer
Alexander the Coppersmith - ' Instead of cursing Alexander to God, William Law would the more have prayed for him late every night, according to that great man's life-long practice-'if you pray for a man sufficiently often, and sufficiently fervently, and sufficiently in secret, you cannot but love that man, even were he Alexander the coppersmith
Resurrection - Instead of this, he goes on immediately to remind the objector of the differences which exist between material bodies as they now exist;
Ecclesiastical Polity - " Had the compilers believed that this ancient constitution was of divine obligation, they would have expressed themselves much more strongly with respect to it; and Instead of representing the return to it as what ought not to be hindered, they would have enjoined it, as what it was a violation of the law of God to neglect
Principality Principalities - But this may be only a hypothesis like Galatians 1:8, and the point is that nothing, however powerful, whether likely to harm us or not, can separate us from the love of God; and Godet well says that what is itself good may contribute to lead us astray, if our attachment or adoration stops short at the creature, Instead of rising to God
Philippi - Paul re-visited Macedonia, giving the believers ‘much exhortation’ (Acts 20:2); and in the spring of the following year, having unexpectedly to begin his journey from Greece to Palestine by land Instead of by sea, he had the happiness of keeping the Passover with the brethren of Philippi (Acts 20:6)
Presence - There are collective experiences to which the recluse is a stranger, and the monk, whether he live in a cell or walk the fields Instead of joining with those who assemble themselves together, shuts himself off from some of the highest possibilities
Passion Week - Instead of the ‘two days’ (Mark 14:1, Matthew 26:2), Lk
Rufus - The most important differences from the latter are the following:—...
(α) Instead of צָעִיר לִחְיוֹת, lit
John, Gospel of (Critical) - Justin certainly uses ἀναγεννηθῆτε (‘born again’) Instead of γεννηθῇ ἄνωθεν (‘born from above’) of the Fourth Gospel, but this variation is at least a possible rendering of the Johannine expression. Justin is certainly the first writer who displays the tendency to attach a separate value to the four Gospels; he is the first to speak of εὐαγγέλια Instead of εὐαγγέλιον; but he can scarcely be expected to have completely emancipated himself, at this transition stage, from the older conception of the gospel as embracing equally the contents of the four
Simon Magus - Instead of the Simon of the tradition being treated as a historical character, the name is to be interpreted as a term of reproach for Paul. But is it not likely that, when Simon was brought face to face with the deeper meanings of Christianity, he failed to respond? Instead of advancing in Christian knowledge, he seceded from a community with which his connexion had been anomalous
Back to Christ - Comparing the gospel of the Church with that of Christ, we find complication Instead of simplicity, theological construction Instead of intuition, and sometimes morbidness and exaggeration in place of sanity
Belief (2) - Instead of considering social institutions, ideas, and phenomena as spontaneous products of the nameless multitude, modern Psychology rightly considers them the outcome of individual genius, subsequently consolidated, diffused, and preserved for the whole species by imitation. It would take many treatises to do that work, Instead of one brief article
Synods - With respect to all these, the fact is, that, Instead of being councils or synods in any proper sense, they were mere meetings of the church at Jerusalem, and all of them ordinary meetings except the third, when they assembled upon the request of the deputies from Antioch who came to ask advice. And farther, the provincial synods would necessarily become prejudicial to the progress of the churches, if, Instead of providing for the advantage of the churches according to the changing wants of each period, they wished to lay down unchanging laws in changeable things
Theodoretus, Bishop of Cyrrhus - The ear of the emperor was gained, and Theodoret was represented as a turbulent busybody, constantly at Antioch and other cities, taking part in councils and assemblies Instead of attending to his diocese; a troublesome agitator, stirring up strife wherever he moved (Ep. He often, Instead of his own opinion, cites that of his great masters Diodorus of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia, and Origen
Lois And Eunice - Instead of that, and especially after the birth of little Timothy, the two God-fearing women set themselves all the more to a far more Scriptural, a far more prayerful, and a far more obedient, life than ever before
Judges, Theology of - But not so! Instead, Abimelek, Gideon's son by a concubine, attempts to seize power
Assur - ...
In the disturbed 10 years before Tiglath Pileser's accession, he probably deprived Assyria of her western province and invaded Palestine from the Assyrian direction, and so was loosely designated "king of Assyria" Instead of "Babylon
Ephesians, Book of - He offered Instead Christianity as a religion of divine provision, salvation by faith in God's providing what humans could never attain
Hebrews, Epistle to - ]'>[6] Instead of the Hebrew OT
Sadducees - ) Instead of attempting the ambitious task of expressing the differences in any one phrase, we shall do better simply to set down what is known of them as they existed
Jews, Judaism - Others opposed the alliance between political power and religious authority, advocating Instead lay leadership
Hebrews, Theology of - Instead of a temporary covering for sin it provides for each believer "a purifying of the conscience to serve the living God, " from a heart motivated totally by confidence in the unconditional nature of his redemptive love
House - Except in the better houses, no glass is used in the windows; oiled cotton or paper serves Instead of glass in the winter, being removed in the summer
Individuality - Instead we see one who is the old man in the hundred, one who will not walk with the crowd in the broad way, one who has something of the singularity of the prophet which will ensure for him the singularity of the prophet’s reward
Lord (2) - Possibly Judas indicated his position of detachment or opposition by using ‘Rabbi’ Instead of the title employed by the rest of the disciples
Simon Magus - Instead of that the poor impostor tried to get Peter to share his apostolic popularity with him for thirty pieces of silver! If you are a platform, or a pulpit, or any other kind of mountebank, seek obscurity, for your soul's salvation lies there
Christian (the Name) - On the principle of nomen et omen, they retort upon their critics and opponents, ‘If our name has this meaning, why hold it up to opprobrium? Does it not suit our characters?’ Perhaps, too, as Harnack conjectures, the very choice of the imperfect appellabat, Instead of the present appellat, indicates that Tacitus seeks to draw a distinction between the popular mistake in a
Commission - The unity in Trinity of the Godhead is distinctly marked by the use of the singular τὸ ὄνομα Instead of τὰ ὀνόματα
the Ethiopian Eunuch - "I see it!" and we both sprang to our feet; and, Instead of the rest of my prayer to God I said to the farmer, "Never lose sight of it, then
Paul's Great Heaviness And Continual Sorrow of Heart - And Instead of offering you my own weak words on such a high subject, take this classical passage out of the diary of Thomas Shepard's great pupil in the things of the soul, the greatest man, Dr
Apocrypha - 100, so long after the life of Nebuchadrezzar as to have made him king of Nineveh, Instead of Babylon
Wealth - Their leaders' motives for ministry are largely financial (Luke 14:7-24 )! Instead, they should "Seek justice, encourage the oppressed
Zechariah, Prophecy of - (Some translate 'strong,' as in the margin, Instead of 'bay,' in Zechariah 6:3 and Zechariah 6:7
Agony - The sacrifice He was about to offer, in which the sense of His Father’s abandonment was the sting of death, was on behalf of, and Instead of man; and yet not even the men He had chosen would sorrow with Him, although He was suffering for all mankind
Joab - Joab recollected what prices such letters bring in the auction rooms, and, Instead of burning David's letter, he folded it carefully, and buttoned it up in his breast-pocket
Enoch - God has not yet in anger said, Cut that cumberer down! Instead of that, He is still waiting to be gracious to you
Matthias the Successor to Judas Iscariot - But Instead of being invited to do what with all his heart he wished to do, Matthias was deliberately passed over by our Lord in His election of the twelve
Apostle - Gamaliel interposed, by his prudent and moderate counsel; and his speech had so good an effect upon the sanhedrim, that, Instead of putting Peter and John to death, they scourged them, renewed their charge and threats, and then dismissed them
Jeroboam - Next, adopting carnal policy Instead of God's will, which assured him the kingdom on condition of obedience, and which designs ultimately to reunite Israel to Judah after Judah's temporary chastisement for sin, he set up two golden calves, one at Dan the other at Bethel, to obviate the apprehended return of Israel to Rehoboam through going up to the great feasts at Jerusalem
Individuality - Instead we see one who is the old man in the hundred, one who will not walk with the crowd in the broad way, one who has something of the singularity of the prophet which will ensure for him the singularity of the prophet’s reward
Joannes, Bishop of Ephesus - The Monophysites are "the orthodox," "the faithful"; their opponents "Synodites," "Nestorians," or at least "half-Nestorians"; the synod of Chalcedon is "the stumbling-block and source of confusion of the whole church"; "it sunders Christ our God into two natures after the Union, and teaches a Quaternity Instead of the holy Trinity" (i
Kingdom of God - Jews liked to show great respect for the name of God; therefore, because they feared that they might use that name irreverently, they often used the word ‘heaven’ Instead of ‘God’ (Daniel 4:25-26; Luke 15:18; John 3:27)
Plan - Instead of continuing His chosen work until the whole people should spontaneously confess Him as His own disciples had done, He resolved to go up to Jerusalem and proclaim Himself openly at the Passover feast
Greece, Religion And Society of - Instead, marriages were arranged by parents of the bride and groom
Trinity - Consequently, Instead of giving an intellectual statement of doctrine, which might have led to theological and philosophic discussion, and ended only in more Intense opposition to Christianity, the Apostles preached Jesus of Nazareth as a personal Redeemer from sin, and urged on every one the acceptance of Him and His claims
Unbelief - Here this independently proceeding developement of the intellect must have been at open war with the religion of the people; and as intellectual culture spread itself more widely, so also must a disbelief of the popular religion have been more extensively diffused; and, in consequence of the intercourse between the people and the educated classes, this disbelief must also have found its way at last among the people themselves; more especially since, as this perception of the nothingness of the popular religion spread itself more widely, there would naturally be many who would not, with the precaution of the men of old, hide their new illumination from the multitude, but would think themselves bound to procure for it new adherents, without any regard to the injury of which they might be laying the foundations, without inquiring of themselves, whether they had any thing to offer to the people in the room of that of which they robbed them; in the room of their then source of tranquillity under the storms of life; Instead of that which taught them moderation under affliction; and, lastly, in the place of their then counterpoise against the power of wild desires and passions
Temple - [2] Instead of the brazen laver there was "a molten sea" of brass, a masterpiece of Hiram's skill for the ablution of the priests
Lot - Had Lot just held on as he began; had he kept close to Abraham, and had he been content to share Abraham's prospects and prosperity and peace, Lot would have lived a pure and a happy life; he would have escaped many sorrows, and, Instead of being scarcely saved; saved indeed, but saved with the fire and brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah smouldering in his skirts; he would have gone down to a truly patriarchal grave, an elder of a good report and a father of a blameless name
Ibas, Bishop of Edessa - Instead of declaring the fact that, after examination made, they had acquitted Ibas, they made pitiful excuses as to their inability to arrive at the truth from the distance of the place of trial to Edessa, and endeavoured to shift the burden by saying that an investigation had subsequently been held at Edessa itself, which had received the approbation of the emperor, and that the wisest course for the council would be to inquire what was the decision there
Exodus, Theology of - Instead, deliverance comes from Yahweh through the parting of the sea
Isaiah, Book of - Justice can he done to the prophetic literature only when the brevity of the several pieces is recognized, Instead of being obscured by treating several distinct pieces as a single discourse
Jacob - Isaac was dismayed, but Instead of revoking the blessing confirmed it ( Genesis 27:33-37 ), and was not able to remove Esau’s bitterness
Homosexuality - " The wording here is ambiguous with regard to rape or manipulation versus mutual consent; Instead, the focus is on the act itself as a mutual defilement
Paul the Apostle - Instead, as Paul himself suggests, he was a Jew in terms of his circumcision, Benjaminite lineage, Hebrew ancestry, and Pharisaic training (Philippians 3:5 )
Meekness (2) - ]'>[1] has governed the interpretation, Instead of the conception represented by the underlying Hebrew word
Saul - " The secret of Saul's disobedience he discloses, "because I feared the people and obeyed their voice," Instead of God's voice (Exodus 23:2; Proverbs 29:25)
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - Instead of saying to us Here is Philippi, and here is Ephesus, and here is Corinth, and so on: Paul says to us Here were afflictions, and here were necessities, and here were troubles on every side
the Man Which Sowed Good Seed in His Field But His Enemy Came And Sowed Tares Among the Wheat - And if, Instead of debating about it, you also will receive it, and will act upon it, you also will live to prove it true
Will of God - At its most basic level, belief in an all-encompassing will of God means the belief that things are moving in a direction such as Romans 1:9-10 ("I remember you in my prayers at all times; and I pray now at last by God's will the way may be opened for me to come to you"), Romans 15:32 ("so that by God's will I may come to you"), and James 4:15 ("Instead, you ought to say, If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that'")
Expediency - And so, while the law of love calls upon the strong not to use their liberty in a reckless manner, and demands that in certain cases they should abstain from certain disputed modes of action, in order not to shock the weak members, and thus to break down the Church Instead of building it up, still this love requires that this submission shall not be unlimited
Demoniac - Our Lord and his Apostles adapted their instructions to this prevailing notion, and used the language which had been formed upon it; just as Moses, in his account of the creation, adapts himself to the popular astronomy of his time, Instead of laying before us the true system of the heavenly bodies
Magi - Instead of admitting the existence of two first causes, with the magians, he asserted the existence of one supreme God, who created both these, and out of these two produced, according to his sovereign pleasure, every thing else
Scripture - This translation Instead of the Hebrew was translated into Latin by the early Christian fathers, and is the authority in the Greek Church today
Peter, Second Epistle of - In 2Peter false teaching Instead of persecution is a source of danger; knowledge takes the place of hope, and piety that of holiness
Philippians, Epistle to - But this imprisonment, Instead of hindering the gospel, has really led to a more eager preaching of Christ by the Christians of the city of Rome
Peter (2) - At Capernaum, Peter, undismayed and unmoved by the rapid fall in our Lord’s popularity due to His refusal to become a political Instead of a religious leader, affirmed Him to be the only possessor of the words of eternal life, the Holy One of God (John 6:66 ff
Pilate - Pilate proposed Instead to release Jesus, knowing that hatred had been the motive of the high priests in handing Him over
Political Conditions - Instead, the country was made a kind of annex to the province of Syria, with a governor (procurator) of its own, of equestrian rank, who was charged particularly with the control of the army and the finances, and with the task of turning the district into a bulwark of the Empire
Presence (2) - And our safeguard against the errors of Pantheism and of all such systems as tend to merge the Divine in the human Instead of moulding the human by the Divine, is to be found in one small but significant phrase, ‘ἐν Χριστῷ
Paul - ...
Paul took with him Silas, Instead of Barnabas, and began his second missionary journey about A
Temple - on 1 Kings 6:31 ; 1 Kings 6:33 ), but pentagonal; in other words, the lintel of the door, Instead of being a single cross-beam, consisted of two beams meeting at an angle
Canaan - ...
"Instead of casting the seed of godliness on the swamps, God took in a little ground to be His seed plot
Mission - Instead of considering Himself as being merely one among a number of Divine messengers, Jesus knew Himself to be the Messenger-Son (Mark 12:6-7)
Abortion - Various elements here do not pretend to be reasoned descriptions of cosmic or biological reality, but have Instead a primarily rhetorical or emotive function, proclaiming forcefully that the infinite God cares profoundly for human individuals, whenever, wherever, and however they may be found
Ethics - Morality is under Divine protection: are not the tables of the Law in the Ark that occupies the most sacred place in Jehovah’s shrine ( Exodus 40:20 , Deuteronomy 10:5 , 1 Kings 8:9 , Psalms 78:5-62 )? The commandments, Instead of being arbitrary, are the outflowings of the character of God
Revelation, Theology of - Instead of the Lamb's seven horns it has a monstrous seven heads and ten horns, with diadems on the horns to rival the Lamb (13:1; 17:3,7)
Jeremiah, Theology of - A spiritually restored people will be intent on the worship of Yahweh Instead of idols (30:9,17; 31:6)
Influence - It is true the disciples ought to have known their Scriptures; but, like good people to-day, they followed current interpretations Instead of searching the Holy Writings for themselves
Light - ]'>[6] , 4377, 4384–4385), Instead of weakly relapsing into some esoteric or Essene-like seclusion
Lord's Prayer (i) - the form ἐλθέτω Instead of ἐλθάτω, and the article τῆς before γῆς
Merit - Instead of this, we have the conception that through His work He becomes a saving Personality, or, as Rothe puts it, that through it He ‘qualifies Himself to become a Redeemer’ (Theol
Sorrow, Man of Sorrows - There is no blessedness attached to vain regret for the past (Matthew 25:11; Matthew 27:3, Mark 10:22), or to the sorrow which finds its vent in weary sleep Instead of in prayer (Luke 22:45)
Fire - Instead of this they rebelled against GOD, they refused to obey GOD's rule and follow GOD's order
Paul as a Man of Prayer - Instead of the life of prayer being a monotony and a weariness, as we think it, there is simply no exercise of the body, and no operation of the mind, and no affection of the heart, for one moment to compare with prayer, for interest, and for variety, and for freshness, and for elasticity, and for all manner of intellectual and spiritual outlet and reward
Zechariah, the Book of - Instead of Jerusalem's past limiting wall, her population shall spread out beyond into the open country and need no wall, Jehovah Himself being "a wall of fire round about, and the glory in the midst of her" (Ezekiel 41:42; Ezekiel 38:11)
Jacob - ...
What a down-come it was from the covenant-heights of Bethel to the cattle-troughs of Haran! What a cruel fall from the company of ascending and descending angels into the clutches of a finished rogue like Laban! Jacob had been all but carried up of angels from Bethel and taken into an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled; but, Instead of that, he is taken down to Padan-arain, where he is cheated out of his wages, and cheated out of his wife, and cheated, and cheated, and cheated again, ten times cheated, and that too by his own mother's brother, till cheating came out of Jacob's nostrils, and stank in his eyes, and became hateful as hell to Jacob's heart
Nebuchadnezzar - After his orders had been disobeyed-in his own palace, remember, and at his own table-in the matter of the meat that Daniel and his three companions were to eat, and the wine they were to drink: and after he was compelled publicly to admit that the prince of the eunuchs had acted on far better advice than the king's commandment,-instead of Melzar's head being endangered to the king, Nebuchadnezzar communed with Daniel, and Daniel stood before the king
Acts of the Apostles - ), using the new facts as to the Manuscripts summarized above, has revived Blass’s theory in so far that be thinks that the interpolated text witnessed to by δ5 and the Latin Versions and Fathers really goes back to a single original; but, Instead of assigning this original to Luke, he attributes it to Tatian, who, he thinks, added a new recension of Acts to his Diatessaron
David - in His Services - For, Instead of refusing to rise up and eat bread with the elders of his house, David was never in a happier frame of mind than he was all that night
Baxterianism - He understood the causes of difference and contention better than their remedies; hence the measures which he used frequently aggravated Instead of curing the disease
Preaching - Instead of appealing to popes and canons, and founders and fathers, they only quoted them, and referred their auditors to the Holy Scriptures for law
Temple - This porch had a very large portal or gate, which, Instead of folding doors, was furnished with a costly Babylonian veil, of many colours, that mystically denoted the universe
Christ, Christology - Instead, He consistently viewed His life and mission as fulfilling the role of the “Son of man” (a title drawn from Daniel 7:13-14 where it stands for God's Representative on earth who suffers out of loyalty to the truth and is at length rewarded by being promoted to share the throne of God) and God's chosen Servant, a pattern for ministry which Jesus evidently found in Isaiah's servant songs ( Isaiah 42:1-4 ; Isaiah 49:5-7 ; Isaiah 52:13-53:12 )
Paul - They had the opportunity of recognizing God as Creator and themselves as dependent creatures, but Instead they have rejected God and established themselves as the ultimate authority
Jesus Christ - ...
Jesus from all eternity had existed as God, yet he willingly sacrificed the supreme glory of heaven and took Instead the place of a servant
Manicheans - Manicheism differed from Gnosticism, for the latter did not wish to alter anything in the constitution of the existing church, but only desired to add to the Confession of Faith for the ψυχικοί a secret doctrine for the πνευματικοί ; while Manes, as the Paraclete, set up a new church Instead of the old, which, even in the persons of the apostles, had been corrupted by Jewish traditions
Israel, History of - Instead, the Assyrian troops under Shalmaneser V came to Israel and took the area around Samaria quickly
Tabernacle - But the author of Exodus 26:1-14 does not apply the term ‘tent’ to the curtains of the dwelling, but, as we have seen, to those of the goats’ hair covering, and Instead of poles and stays we find a different and altogether unexpected arrangement in Exodus 26:15-30
Kings, the Books of - Nathan announced Solomon's appointment as successor (2 Samuel 12:25; 1 Chronicles 22:9); anointed and installed him Instead of Adonijah, the older brother (1 Kings 1)
Prayer - Instead, "my Father" is characteristic of the ipsissima vox Jesu
Holy Spirit, Gifts of - Instead, the telos [1:7)
Holy, Holiness - Instead, God is looking for total trust and commitment to covenant that he binds his own existence to (15:17-18; 17:19)
Forgiveness - Instead, God forgave David (and presumably Bathsheba), although he was punished for his deeds (2 Samuel 12 )
Election - God is here represented as taking them for His own (the verb is εἵλατο, not ἐξελέξατο), and it is ‘from the beginning,’ from eternity (there is a reading ἀπαρχήν, ‘firstfruits,’ Instead of ἀπʼ ἀρχῆς), that the transaction dates
Leprosy - The Rabbinical comments, Instead of correlating the Levitical description with known medical facts, are rather engaged in impressing the importance of a literal adherence to the text of the Mosaic law
David - David, however, finds the armour too cumbersome, and discards it, taking Instead nothing but five smooth stones and a sling
Pharaoh - But Instead of saying, This is the Lord, and proclaiming an edict that the people should go free, Pharaoh called in his sorcerers and his magicians, and they did in like manner with their enchantments
Offerings, the - In the sweet-savour offerings the offerer was left free to choose a victim, and the different value of the animals offered gave evidence to the measure of appreciation of the sacrifice: thus if a rich man brought a sheep Instead of a bullock, it would show that he undervalued the privileges within his reach
Doctrines - Instead of this it is a spiritual blessing, the gift of God to receptive souls, for the individual and for the community of believers a condition of heart and life gradually developed in them by the power of Divine love
Anthropology - Instead, a person is a living soul
Balaam - Had Balaam not been given over to making a great name for himself and a great fortune; had this prophet been working out his own salvation with fear and trembling, Instead of making beautiful pictures of salvation, and astonishing people with his eloquence on salvation, then Balaam would have put on strength when he saw that long string of camels on their way to his house
Serpent - It is the only species of serpent which the almighty Creator has provided with wings, by means of which, Instead of creeping or leaping, it rises from the ground, and leaning upon the extremity of its tail, moves with great velocity
Weights And Measures - version of Hosea 3:2 , Instead of lethek of barley)
Woman - But Paul's own explanation appeals Instead to the order of creation (1 Timothy 2:13 ); the explicit evidence of women's roles in the Ephesian heresy elsewhere in the Pastorals is entirely limited to their roles as victims rather than propagators (2 Timothy 3:6-7 )
Life And Death - But when mortality shall be swallowed up of life, Christ’s people, Instead of being ‘unclothed,’ shall be ‘clothed upon’ (2 Corinthians 5:2; 2 Corinthians 5:4)
Revelation, the Book of - Instead of an unidentified human figure, we learn that the exalted agent of God is none other than the crucified Jesus, the Lamb and Lion of God, now enthroned and therefore worthy to take the book and break the seals
Trade And Commerce - ]'>[3] , 3920), taking the dangerous route by the south of the Peloponnese on each occasion, Instead of the easier method of trans-shipment over the Isthmus of Corinth
Wisdom of Solomon - The fact that the idol so fashioned has then to be secured by a nail appears in its right place in Wisdom of Solomon 13:15, whereas in Isaiah 41:7 it is remembered, but is out of its right place; further, Isaiah 41:6-7 gives the appearance of being a confused reminiscence of Wisdom of Solomon 15:9, where the potter is shown to be the most contemptible of all idol-makers, for, Instead of reflecting that he is clay himself, he tries to rival the goldsmith and the worker in bronze
High Priest - Of eight articles of priestly dress the coat or tunic, girdle, breeches, and bonnet or turban belonged also to the common priests; the breast-plate, ephod with the curious girdle, mitre (instead of the ordinary priest's turban) and robe of the ephod were peculiar to the high priest
Vespasian - In this year also a consular legate was sent to govern the province Cappadocia, Instead of a procurator as hitherto
Government - They tended to resist government from the capital, preferring Instead the nomadic system of rule by tribal chiefs
Sin - Third, sin is proud; hence it resists God and his salvation and offers a counterfeit salvation Instead (2 Thessalonians 2:2-4 )
Holy Spirit - When Saul no longer remains God's choice for the throne, the Spirit leaves him and comes upon David Instead (1 Samuel 16:13-14 )
Genealogies of Jesus Christ - ; the names Jehoiakim and Eliakim are inserted between Jechoniah and Josiah as if they referred to two different persons, Instead of being two names for the same man; and also Amaziah, Joash, and Ahaziah between Uzziah and Joram (see Resch, TU Golgotha - According to this view, the soldiers, Instead of taking their prisoner across the city towards the west, or out in the direction of the Roman road, hurried Him through the nearest gate and crucified Him near the road leading to Bethany
Life - The Life which He possesses is analogous to the life in man, but of a higher order, spiritual Instead of earthly
Miracles (2) - The prevailing negative attitude of science shows signs of being abandoned in view of enlarging understanding of the possibilities both in Matter and in Spirit, and theology is coming to see that the miraculous events recorded of Him who was the Son of God and the Regenerator of the Race must not be conceived of as in any sense or degree a violation of the order of Nature; and that viewed in this way they become, Instead of difficulties and stumbling-blocks in the way of faith, some of its most convincing reinforcements
Samuel - All Samuel's past life had been spent in animating and purifying, and restoring the republic; but when he saw that a kingdom was coming in, Instead of meeting it with resistance and obstinacy and lifelong hostility, the great man bowed to the will of God and the will of Israel, and cast in his lot with the new dispensation
Covenant - the former sin, and that the law of Jehovah, Instead of being an outward, objective covenant obligation, will become an inward, subjective covenant reality, written on the heart in consequence of the universal and perfect knowledge of Jehovah which will prevail
Gregorius Thaumaturgus, Bishop of Neocaesarea - " He reduced things to their "pristine elements," "going over the nature of the whole and of each several section," "he filled our minds with a rational, Instead of an irrational, wonder at the sacred oeconomy of the universe and the irreprovable constitution of all things
Peter - Instead of a rock Peter became a stumbling-block ("offense," scandalous)
Assumption of Moses - His hero, Taxo, Instead, of taking up arms, withdraws into a cave to die, with the words ‘Let us die rather than transgress
Asceticism (2) - Jesus knew that men tend to become absorbed in their property, to give their heart to it, to become its slaves Instead of its masters; and the idea of such bondage filled Him with horror
Atonement (2) - —The Atonement is the reconciling work of Jesus Christ the Son of God, in gracious fulfilment of the loving purpose of His Father; whereby, through the sacrifice of Himself upon the Cross once for all, on behalf and Instead of sinful men, satisfaction was made for the sins of the world and communion between God and man restored
Papyri And Ostraca - Whole bundles of documents that were too old to be worth preserving were thrown on these rubbish heaps by the authorities, Instead of being burned; and private persons did the same when they wished to get rid of written matter that had accumulated and was considered valueless
Jeremiah - (In Jeremiah 45, concerning an individual, subjoined to his prophecies concerning nations, though belonging to the time just after (Jeremiah 36) the close of Jehoiakim's reign, Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 18-19 (probably in Jeconiah's reign), by the symbols of the remaking by the potter of the marred vessel, and of the breaking of the bottle in the valley of Hinnom, sets forth God's absolute power over His creatures to give reprobates to destruction, and to raise others Instead of the people who prove unfaithful to His election (Isaiah 45:9; Isaiah 64:8; Romans 9:20-21)
Propitiation (2) - The false notions of His Kingdom entertained by His disciples made them invincibly opposed to His establishing it through the Cross Instead of a crown
Jerusalem - In punishment for his walking in the Israelite Ahab's idolatries Instead of the ways of his father, and for his slaying his brothers, Jehovah smote him with a great stroke, stirring up the spirit of the Philistines and the Arabians near the Ethiopians to break into Judah, slay all his sons except the youngest (in retributive justice both to himself and his sons: 2 Chronicles 21:4; 2 Chronicles 21:10-20; 2 Chronicles 22:1; 2 Chronicles 24:7), and carry away all the substance in the king's house, and his wives; he himself also died of sore disease by Jehovah's visitation, and was excluded from "the sepulchres of the kings," though buried in the city of David
Amos, Theology of - Instead of reflecting the humanitarian and egalitarian character of much pentateuchal legislation (Exodus 23:9 ; Leviticus 19:15 ; 25:35-43 ; Deuteronomy 17:18-20 ; 24:14-18 ), Israelite society is fractured into classes defined by economics and political influence (Amos 2:6-8 ; 3:9-10,15 ; 4:1 ; 5:11-12 ; 6:1,4-7,11 ; 7:1 ; 8:4-6 )
Wisdom - ” The word the Hindus left out were in Christ; Instead of “apprehension of the mercy of God in Christ” they read simply, “apprehension of the mercy of God
Herod - Instead of this, through Agrippa's influence, H
Individualism - Instead of more submission to their teachers and more obedience to their rulers, the Scripture hope of progress is still what it was of old, ‘Would that the Lord’s people were all prophets,’—would that each man were less concerned about his neighbour and more about his own message and his own call! Men are always ready to organize others; the fruitful and difficult task is to organize one’s own soul
Inspiration - The authors, Instead of being passive recipients of information and ideas and feelings, represent themselves as active, deliberating, laborious, intensely interested
Preaching - Instead of appealing to popes, and canons, and founders, and fathers, they only quoted them, and referred their auditors to the Holy Scriptures for law
Lord's Prayer (ii) - ’s τοῦ πονηροῦ by ‘the evil one’ Instead of ‘evil
Caesarea Philippi - Instead of improving, the conditions will become worse
Paul - ) Instead of appealing to the Scriptures, he appeals to what they knew, the witness of God in His gifts of "rain and fruitful seasons "; he urges them to "turn from these vanities ("dead idols") to serve the living God who made all things," in undesigned coincidence with Pauline language (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10)
Animals - ‘Lambs’ is used Instead of ‘sheep,’ to bring out more strongly the appeal to care, and the consequent complete confidence in Peter (M
Esther - If it had been better for you and me that we had been born in Jerusalem, and had been exiles in Shushan, and subjects of King Ahasuerus, Instead of the free-men of Queen Victoria, Almighty God could as easily have ordered it so when He was ordering all such matters
Egypt - ...
Yet this fact, Instead of militating against the truth of prophecy, may, possibly at no distant period, serve to illustrate other predictions
Adam - " And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and while he slept, he took one of his ribs, "and closed up the flesh Instead thereof;" and of that substance which he took from man made he a woman, whom he presented to him
Priest (2) - To regard our Lord as now offering, or representing, or re-presenting Himself in heaven, is to think of Him in the attitude of a worshipper Instead of on the throne
Teaching of Jesus - ), was that as many, not as few, as possible of the average hearers addressed might, by seeking and its discipline, come to find aright, Instead of resting in imaginary possession of a knowledge that was really error
Feasts And Festivals of Israel - Instead of a thanksgiving harvest festival, in that year the Israelites held a special day of mourning and repentance because of the devastation of the crops
Romans Epistle to the - It is possible that the households of Aristobulus and Narcissus (Romans 16:10-11) may refer to the slaves of the Imperial household inherited from Aristobulus, the grandson of Herod the Great, and to those of the Narcissus who was executed by Agrippina, but again the names are common, and, as Lake points out, we should expect οἱ Ναρκισσιανοί Instead of οἱ Ναρκίσσου, words ending in -ani being usually transliterated
Religion (2) - He denounced the advocates of ‘Corban,’ and those who ‘devoured widows’ houses and for a pretence made long prayers’; demanded ‘mercy Instead of sacrifice, and reconciliation rather than ritual’ (Matthew 9:13; Matthew 5:23 f
Noah - "The sons of God (the Sethites, adopted by grace, alone keeping themselves separate from the world's defilements, 'called by the name of Jehovah' as His sons: Genesis 4:26 margin, or as KJV; while the Cainites by erecting a city and developing worldly arts were laying the foundation for the kingdom of this world, the Sethites by unitedly 'calling on Jehovah's name' founded the church made up of God's children, Galatians 3:26) saw the daughters of men (Cainites) and they took them wives of all which they chose" (fancy and lust, Instead of the fear of God, being their ruling motive)
Roman Empire - After the Ligurian War Roman influence reached as far as the Alps Instead of the Apennines
Corinthians, First Epistle to the - Paul reproves the Corinthians for taking their umpires from among the heathen Instead of from among their Christian brethren
Jesus Christ - Pilate made a series of attempts to release Jesus, including the offer to release a prisoner (they chose Barabbas Instead) and the flogging of Jesus as punishment, but death by crucifixion was their ultimate demand
Second Coming of Christ - Instead of hope the writer may refer to confidence: "Love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment" (4:17)
Offerings And Sacrifices - But in that case the animal was not offered upon the altar but Instead sent as far away from the altar as possible (e
Galatia - ’ א and C actually read Γαλλία Instead of Γαλατία, and, besides, the latter word was often applied by Greek writers to European Gaul
Man - He is concerned with his own experience as a zealous Pharisee, eager to find the secret of morality, and discovering Instead his own captivity to sin
Heaven - We have Instead the phrases ‘where I am,’ ‘with me,’ ‘receive you unto myself
Luke, Gospel According to - Mark by putting the Cleansing of the Temple into the first year’s ministry (John 2:13-22) Instead of the last
Matthew, Gospel According to - In four or five passages he has, Instead, the ‘kingdom of God
Mediator - He includes both parties in His own Person, Instead of coming between them
Colossians, Epistle to the - He warns his readers against esoteric cults which have dealings with the angel world, Instead of with Christ, the supreme Head of all (Colossians 2:6-10)
Terah - But, Instead of the faithful, Noah lived to become the father of all those who drown all their covenants of faith and of works alike, both with God and with man, in the wine-fat
Arius, Followers of - The result was just the opposite: to convert the moderates into a distinctly semi-Arian party, laying especial stress on the likeness of the Son's essence ( ὁμοιούσιον ) to that of the Father, Instead of minimizing the likeness, as the Homoeans had done
Day of Judgment - Instead of a balancing of good deeds and bad, it is evident from both the Synoptics and the Fourth Gospel that He recognized in eternal life the summum bonum, which is quite other than the sensuous joys of Enoch and some of the Rabbis
Jeremiah - The Judæans, Instead of being cowed by the recent punishment, were eager for a rising; public opinion expressed itself in Hananiah’s contradiction to Jeremiah’s warnings (ch
Job - Instead of reasoning with His servant, Jahweh reminds him of a few of the wonders of creation and providence, and leaves him to draw the inference
John, Gospel of - Instead, he alludes to ‘ the disciple whom Jesus loved ’ in such a way that by a process of exhaustion it may be proved from chs
Beatitude - This general truth is first expressed; it is immediately afterwards brought home to the disciples as our Lord, using ‘ye’ Instead of ‘they,’ reaffirms (Luke 6:11) the blessedness of His hearers, should they endure reproach for His sake
Innocentius, Bishop of Rome - of Rome as the successor of the prince of the apostles; the removal of the seat of empire to Constantinople, leaving the pope, when there was but one emperor, the sole Western potentate, and when there were two, as in Innocent's time, the fixing of the imperial residence at Ravenna Instead of Rome,—such were among the causes of the aggrandizement of the Roman see
Palestine - ...
Its undulations are crossed by perennial streams from the central hills, which Instead of spreading into marshes, as now, might be utilized for irrigation
Announcements of Death - It is a ransom Instead of many
Book - The leaves of the palm-tree were afterward used Instead of wooden planks, and the finest and thinnest part of the bark of such trees as the lime, ash, maple, and elm; and especially the tilio, or phillyrea, and Egyptian papyrus
Abram - " Abraham, turning, saw a ram entangled in the bush by his horns; and he offered this animal as a burnt- offering, Instead of his son Isaac
Trade And Commerce - ]'>[3] , 3920), taking the dangerous route by the south of the Peloponnese on each occasion, Instead of the easier method of trans-shipment over the Isthmus of Corinth
Ordination - The introduction in the West, in the Middle Ages, of the declaratory form, in addition to (not Instead of) the ordination prayer, was very probably due to a desire to follow our Lord’s example exactly
Revelation, the - A great eagle (as is now read by the editors, Instead of 'angel'), cries, "Woe, woe, woe" on those who make the earth their home
Atonement - Whether we approach the meaning of this term (see Ransom) from Christ’s conception of His life-work as a whole, or by closer exegetical or historical study of the word itself, it is clear that the giving of His life was to Jesus much more than the normal experience of dying; it was a dying which was to issue in largeness and freedom of life for mankind-it was probably even more than ‘on behalf of,’ ‘in the service of’; it was ‘instead of’ (ἀντί) men
Babel - Thenceforward, Semitic superseded Cushite influences and the Babylonian kings have Assyrian Instead of Turanian or Cushite names
Science (2) - ‘Instead of saying man is free, Scripture says man can choose; he can act; he can do’ (Delitzsch, Syst
Sea of Galilee - It has been said that ‘the shores of the Lake seem to have borne cities and towns Instead of harvests’ (Tristram, Land of Israel, 444); and this, understood in the light of what we have already said, is very true
Egypt - ...
Wheat was the chief produce; barley and spelt (asin Exodus 9:32) ought to be translated Instead of "rie," Triticum spelta, the common food of the ancient Egyptians, now called by the natives doora, the only grain, says Wilkinson, represented on the sculptures, but named on them often with other species) are also mentioned
Israel - Similarly Genesis 22:1-24 is a story designed to account for the fact that the Israelites sacrificed a lamb Instead of the firstborn
Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy - Instead, there must have been an internal voice by which the consciousness of the prophet suddenly was so heightened that he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he said or what he was to do was exactly what God wanted done in that situation
Ethics (2) - the instruction of the people in the law of God (Matthew 23:4), they discharged in such a way as to superinduce the very reverse of what was intended: Instead of bringing men into the Kingdom (Matthew 23:13) they keep them out by imposing intolerable burdens, in the bearing of which they render not the slightest help
Clement of Rome, Epistle of - ), had become a stumbling-block Instead of an example to the world (xlvii
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - Certainly the former word seems necessary Instead of the latter in the phrase (bk
John, Theology of - John to indicate this relation ‘children,’ Instead of ‘sons’ as is usual with St
Miracles - On this consideration of the subject, miracles, Instead of contradicting nature, might form a part of it
Trinity - The Hebrews considered that name in so sacred a light, that they never pronounced it, and used the word Adonai Instead of it
Materialism - All the premises then well considered, judge whether, Instead of saying that this inhabitant of our heads (the soul) is a system of matter to which a faculty of thinking is superadded, it might not be more reasonable to say, it is a thinking substance intimately united to some fine material vehicle, which has its residence in the brain
Moses - During this long exile Moses was trained in the school of humble circumstances for that arduous mission which he had prematurely anticipated; and, Instead of the unthinking zeal which at first actuated him, learned to distrust himself
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - Again, in Proverbs 4:21 the LXX Septuagint , Instead of ‘Let them not depart from thine eyes,’ reads ‘in order that thy fountains may not fail thee,’ using a metaphor which recurs frequently in the pages of the book (see Proverbs 18:4; Proverbs 14:27; Proverbs 16:22), and is frequently employed by our Lord Himself in His language with reference to the ‘water of life’ (cf
Pharisees (2) - Instead of the other-worldliness of Pharisaic piety,—an attempt to imitate the transcendent God,—Jesus taught a present joy in a present Father for all men, ‘amhâ’ârez as well as scribe and Pharisee
Poet - Each of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 illustrates this mode, while Matthew 5:12 of the same chapter adopts the more complex form of the balanced triplet Instead of couplet
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - The proconsul lavished similar entreaties on a youth named Germanicus but the lad was resolute and Instead of shewing fear provoked the wild beasts in order to gain a speedier release from his persecutors
Valentinus, Founder of a Gnostic Sect - not merely found in books—read with Heinrici κοινά Instead of κενά) "are words from the heart"; and proceeds "The law written in the heart is the People of the Beloved One both loved and loving" (Grabe was wrong in proposing to emend λαός into λόγος)
Text of the New Testament - Vellum had two great advantages: It was much more durable, and (being made up in codex or book-form, Instead of rolls) it was possible to include a much greater quantity of matter in a single manuscript
Ambrosius of Milan - Maximus had Theodosius to deal with behind the boy-emperor and his mother; and his first act, when Gaul had fallen into his hands, was to send to Theodosius and propose to him, Instead of war, the partition of the empire
Christ in Jewish Literature - After his death another Christian teacher arose in Rome, who annulled the laws given by Simon Kepha, and gave new ones, instituting baptism Instead of circumcision, and the Sunday in place of the Sabbath
Christ in Modern Thought - In Him the single personality is regarded as capable of taking up the perfect will of God into itself, and thereby of attaining absolute worth and becoming a true representative Instead of a transitory husk of the Divine life
Christ in Reformation Theology - He maintained that in the heart of the system there was, Instead of the God whom Jesus had revealed, the abstract entity of pagan philosophy, an unknown deity—for God could never be revealed by metaphysics
Gregorius (51) i, (the Great), Bishop of Rome - ...
After his accession he continued in heart a monk, surrounding himself with ecclesiastics Instead of laymen, and living with them according to monastic rule
Hermas, Known as the Shepherd - 133) that Hermas was one of those to whom, as Dion Cassius tells (68, 2), Nerva made restitution by giving land Instead of the goods of which they had been despoiled by Domitian
Apostles - They were to capture men Instead of fish
Art - 6); and he advises them to practise their art in other directions—‘gild slippers Instead of statues’—‘We urge men generally to such kinds of handicrafts as do not come in contact with an idol’ (ib
Fact And Theory - Dogma replied to Dreyer that Instead of an undogmatic Christianity we need a ‘new dogma’ which grows out of Christian faith. Dogma replied to Dreyer that Instead of an undogmatic Christianity we need a ‘new dogma’ which grows out of Christian faith
Methodists, Protestant - This, which one should have thought would have been attended with praise Instead of censure, quickly drew upon them a kind of persecution; some of the seniors of the university began to interfere, and it was reported "that the college censor was going to blow up the godly club
Chrysostom, John, Bishop of Constantinople - Instead of banqueting with the laity, he ate the simplest fare in his solitary chamber (ib
Clementine Literature - Clement, Instead of meeting Barnabas in Rome, has been induced by an anonymous Christian teacher to sail for Palestine; but being driven by storms to Alexandria, there encounters Barnabas
God - In the same manner, none of the attributes of God are demonstrated in Scripture by reasoning: they are simply affirmed and illustrated by facts; and Instead of a regular deduction of doctrines and conclusions from a few admitted principles, we are left to gather them from the recorded feelings and devotional expressions of persons whose hearts were influenced by the fear of God
Jerusalem - Instead of a wretched and ruined town, by some described as the desolated remnant of Jerusalem, we beheld, as it were, a flourishing and stately metropolis, presenting a magnificent assemblage of domes, towers, palaces, churches, and monasteries; all of which, glittering in the sun's rays, shone with inconceivable splendour
Lutherans - "How," they reasoned, "are we to be assured that our contrition has been either sufficient or sincere, and whether it has been so in the obliteration not only of one crime, but of all; whether it has atoned for past transgressions of every kind, the number of which may perplex, as well as their guilt confound, us?" Instead, therefore, of penitence in its strictest acceptation as a perfect virtue, God, they said, in condescension to human infirmity, has substituted for general practice the sacrament of penitence, which, for the attainment of full remission, requires only a moderate compunction of soul, with confession to the priest, and the discharge of such satisfaction as he may enjoin
Bible - Ezra also changed the old names of several places that were become obsolete, putting Instead of them the new names by which they were at that time called; instances of which occur in Genesis 14:4 , where Dan is substituted for Laish, and in several places in Genesis, and also in Numbers, where Hebron is put for Kirjath Arba, &c
Worship - When the Montanists wished to introduce and make imperative new fasts, which were fixed to certain days, the Epistle to the Galatians was very properly brought to oppose them; but Tertullian, who stood on the boundary between the original pure evangelic times and those when the intermixture of Jewish and Christian notions first took place, confuses here the views of the two religions, because he makes the evangelical to consist, not in a wholly different method of considering festivals altogether, but in the celebration of different particular festivals; and he makes the Judaizing, which the Apostle condemns, to consist only in the observation of the Jewish Instead of the peculiarly Christian festivals
Jesus Christ - Instead of showing his boundless knowledge on every occasion, he checks and restrains it, and prefers utility to the glare of ostentation
Marcion, a 2nd Century Heretic - Some counted three first principles Instead of two: a good Being who rules over the Christians, a just one over the Jews, a wicked one over the heathen
Nestorius And Nestorianism - In 435 it was thought that Nestorius was nearer the patriarch of Antioch than was convenient, so his exile to Petra in Arabia was decreed, though he was actually taken to Egypt Instead
Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens - , Instead of "to Cyrus (Κύρῳ ) His anointed," etc
Christ in Mohammedan Literature - 336) suggested that the initial ע Instead of the final was due to mishearing on Mohammed’s part, whereas the other alterations were due to his desire to make the word rhyme with Mûsâ (Moses); and this accounts for the facts (cf