What does Incantation mean in the Bible?


1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Incantation
The chanting or saying of a magical formula to produce a magical effect. Sometimes employed to force a god to fulfill the magician's will, an incantation often recites the effect intended to be produced. The language of the formula generally differs from that of daily life. The term also denotes the manual act or ceremony performed in connection with the oral rite.

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Diabley - ) Devilry; sorcery or Incantation; a diabolical deed; mischief
Cantrip - ) A charm; an Incantation; a shell; a trick; adroit mischief
Orator -
The Authorized Version rendering in (Isaiah 3:3 ) for what is literally "skillful in whisper or Incantation
Magic - ) A comprehensive name for all of the pretended arts which claim to produce effects by the assistance of supernatural beings, or departed spirits, or by a mastery of secret forces in nature attained by a study of occult science, including enchantment, conjuration, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, Incantation, etc
Orator - , but signifies 'a whisper,' 'incantation,' and may be translated 'one versed in enchantments
Incantation - Sometimes employed to force a god to fulfill the magician's will, an Incantation often recites the effect intended to be produced
Conjuration - ) The act or process of invoking supernatural aid by the use of a magical form of words; the practice of magic arts; Incantation; enchantment
Orator - Incantation (Psalms 58:5), lachash
Enchantment - The act of producing certain wonderful effects by the invocation or aid of demons, or the agency of certain supposed spirits the use of magic arts, spells or charms Incantation
Enchantment - ) The act of enchanting; the production of certain wonderful effects by the aid of demons, or the agency of supposed spirits; the use of magic arts, spells, or charms; Incantation
Charm - ) To subdue, control, or summon by Incantation or supernatural influence; to affect by magic. ; an Incantation
Cantus - See also:...
Ambrosian chant
Gregorian chant
plain chant
(2) An Incantation used by primitive races to cure disease, to placate the gods, to charm beasts, and to affect the weather
Chant - See also:...
Ambrosian chant
Gregorian chant
plain chant
(2) An Incantation used by primitive races to cure disease, to placate the gods, to charm beasts, and to affect the weather
Exorcists - Exorcists were thought to have gained this power by secret studies respecting the nature of demons, and the powers of certain herbs, drugs, and stones, and were accustomed to use various forms of adjuration and Incantation in their unlawful art; but the whole was delusion and imposture, and strictly forbidden
Babylonians - Many magical and Incantation tablets show that they were in great fear of evil spirits: they called upon 'the spirit of heaven' and 'the spirit of earth' to deliver them
Endor - " Caves abound there, in one of which probably the Incantation took place; eight miles, over rugged ground, from the Gilboa heights; so that Saul must have passed the Philistine camp on his way from his own army to the witch, and the way the unhappy king crept round in the darkness may be traced step by step
Midian - It was at this time that the Midianites, alarmed at the numbers and the progress of the Israelites, united with the Moabites in sending into Syria for Balaam, the soothsayer; thinking to do that by Incantation which they despaired of effecting by force
Assurance - ...
Such divine concern in the life of an individual or a community of faith is not to be likened to some superficial good luck charm or magical Incantation that protects a person against the traumas and tragedies of human existence
Martinus, Bishop of Dumium - 1 instead of on the March equinox, when in the beginning God "divided the light from the darkness" by an equal division, the burning of wax tapers at stones, trees, streams, and crossways, the adornment of tables, the pouring of corn over the log on the hearth, the placing of wine and bread in the wells, the invocation of Minerva by the women at their spinning, the worship of Venus, the Incantation of medicinal herbs, divination by birds and by sneezing, are all denounced as pagan superstitions, offensive to God and dangerous to him who practises them. The holy Incantation, viz. the Creed, is the Christian's defence against diabolical Incantations and songs
Jonah, Theology of - He cannot be manipulated into action by Incantation or ritual
New Moon - 704]'>[3] quotes an old Norse Incantation, calling upon ‘New Moon, gracious Lord’ (cf
Eschatology - The Hebrew Scriptures do not give us any considerable material for elaborating a theory as to life in Sheol, but from the warnings against necromancers, as well as from the story of Saul and the witch of Endor ( 1 Samuel 28:3-18 ), it is clear that, alongside of the Jehovistic religion as found in the literature of the Hebrews, there was a popular belief in continued existence and conscious life of the spirits of men after death, as well as in the possibility of recalling such spirits from Sheol by some form of Incantation
Holy, Holiness - He offers no offering or Incantation
Create, Creation - Neither is his creative word the sort of magical Incantation that is attributed to Ptah and Re in Egyptian mythology