What does Holywell mean in the Bible?


1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Holywell
Market town of Flintshire, North Wales, taking its name from the miraculous well of Saint Winefride. According to legend, a stream burst from the ground on the spot where Saint Winefride was slain by Caradoc, c.634,and has flowed ever since. The 14th-century Gothic chapel which encloses it is now used for Welsh services of the Anglican church and the well itself which sends up 21 tons of water a minute has been leased by the Jesuits of the mission. For more than a thousand, years, the town has been a place of pilgrimage and there have been numerous cures. The parish church is built over the remains of Basingwerk Abbey, used as a monastery before 1119. The Catholic buildings are the church of Saint Winifred, a convent, and a hospice for poorer pilgrims.

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Asaph, Saint - Local tradition at Tengenel, near Holywell, points out his ash-tree, well, and valley (Onen Asa, Fynnon Asa, Uanasa, Pantasa)
Beuno, Saint - According to tradition he restored his niece Saint Winefride to life at Holywell where many miracles have since then taken place