What does Hasadiah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
וַֽחֲסַדְיָ֛ה a son of Zerubbabel. 1

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   1 a son of Zerubbabel.
   Additional Information: Hasadiah = “Jehovah has been faithful”.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Hasadiah
Favoured by Jehovah, one of the sons of Pedaiah (1 Chronicles 3:20 ), of the royal line of David.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Hasadiah
(hass uh di' uh) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh is gracious.” Son of Zerubbabel and descendant of David (1 Chronicles 3:20 ). See Zerubbabel .
Hitchcock's Bible Names - Hasadiah
The mercy of the Lord
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Hasadiah
Zerubbabel's son (1 Chronicles 3:20). ("beloved of Jehovah"), marking the hopeful spirit of the returned exiles.
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Hasadiah
Son of Zerubbabel, a descendant of David. 1 Chronicles 3:20 .
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Hasadiah
HASADIAH (‘J″ [1] is kind’). A son of Zerubbabel ( 1 Chronicles 3:20 ).

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Hashubah - (See Hasadiah
Hasadiah - Hasadiah (‘J″ Chronicles, the Books of - The names of the scribes before the restoration express the national hope at the time (1 Chronicles 3:19-20): Hananiah (Jehovah's grace); Berechiah (Jehovah's blessing); Hasadiah (Jehovah's mercy); Jushab-hesed ("mercy returns"