What does Frogs mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
הַֽצְפַרְדְּעִ֖ים frogs. 3
הַֽצְפַרְדְּעִ֔ים frogs. 2
βάτραχοι a frog. 1
בַּֽצְפַרְדְּעִֽים frogs. 1
צְפַרְדְּעִים֒ frogs. 1
הַֽצְפַרְדְּעִֽים frogs. 1
הַצְּפַרְדֵּ֔עַ frogs. 1
הַֽצֲפַרְדְּעִ֔ים frogs. 1
הַֽצְפַרְדְּעִ֗ים frogs. 1
צְפַרְדְּעִ֑ים frogs. 1
וּ֝צְפַרְדֵּ֗עַ frogs. 1

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   1 Frogs.


   1 a frog.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Frogs
(See EGYPT and (See EXODUS). Ζeparda' ; only found in Exodus and the psalms copied from it. The word is Egyptian; an undesigned coincidence confirming the authenticity of Exodus. The magicians, though permitted to increase the plague of frogs, could neither remove it or any of the other plagues. The three unclean spirits like frogs (Revelation 16:13) symbolize
(1) "proud infidelity", opposing Christ and God, "out of the dragon's mouth";
(2) "the spirit of the world", whether lawless socialistic democracy or despotism, setting man above God, "out of the beast's mouth";
(3) "lying spiritualism", superseding the harlot and proceeding "out of the false prophet's mouth."
Awful parody of the Trinity. As frogs croak by night in marshes, so already in our days these unclean spirits in dark error teach lies amidst the mire of filthy lusts. But though the frogs croak at the surface, it does not follow there are not many good. fish beneath, an elect remnant.
Webster's Dictionary - Frogs-Bit
(n.) Frogbit.

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Batrachophagous - ) Feeding on Frogs
Froggy - ) Abounding in Frogs
Discodactyl - ) One of the tree Frogs
Frog - We find Frogs mentioned only in connection with the plague inflicted upon the Egyptians. Naturalists disagree as to the species of Frogs at present found in Egypt
Anurous - ) Destitute of a tail, as the Frogs and toads
Rana - ) A genus of anurous batrachians, including the common Frogs
Discodactylous - ) Having sucking disks on the toes, as the tree Frogs
Frogs - The magicians, though permitted to increase the plague of Frogs, could neither remove it or any of the other plagues. The three unclean spirits like Frogs (Revelation 16:13) symbolize...
(1) "proud infidelity", opposing Christ and God, "out of the dragon's mouth";...
(2) "the spirit of the world", whether lawless socialistic democracy or despotism, setting man above God, "out of the beast's mouth";...
(3) "lying spiritualism", superseding the harlot and proceeding "out of the false prophet's mouth. As Frogs croak by night in marshes, so already in our days these unclean spirits in dark error teach lies amidst the mire of filthy lusts. But though the Frogs croak at the surface, it does not follow there are not many good
Frog - "The river brought forth Frogs abundantly:" but the circumstance of their coming up into the bed chambers, and into the ovens and kneading troughs, needs explanation to us, whose domestic apartments and economy are so different from those of the ancient nations. Their lodgings were not in upper stories, but in recesses on the ground floor; and their ovens were not like ours, built on the side of a chimney, and adjacent to a fireplace, where the glowing heat would frighten away the Frogs, but they dug a hole in the ground, in which they placed an earthen pot, which having sufficiently heated, they stuck their cakes to the inside to be baked. To find such places full of Frogs when they came to heat them in order to bake their bread, and to see Frogs in the beds where they sought repose, must have been both disgusting and distressing in the extreme. Frogs were reckoned unclean by the Hebrews
Frogged - ) Provided or ornamented with Frogs; as, a frogged coat
Discodactylia - ) A division of amphibians having suctorial disks on the toes, as the tree Frogs
Batrachomyomachy - ) The battle between the Frogs and mice; - a Greek parody on the Iliad, of uncertain authorship
Anura - ) One of the orders of amphibians characterized by the absence of a tail, as the Frogs and toads
Frog - three unclean spirits like Frogs come out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. Frogs are remarkable for grovelling in the mire, with great noise and activity in the night
Parotoid - ) Resembling the parotid gland; - applied especially to cutaneous glandular elevations above the ear in many toads and Frogs
Batrachia - ) The order of amphibians which includes the Frogs and toads; the Anura
Lipochrin - It is best obtained from the eyes of Frogs
Ranine - ) Of or pertaining to the Frogs and toads
Amphibious - ) Having the ability to live both on land and in water, as Frogs, crocodiles, beavers, and some plants
Heron - They live upon fish, Frogs, and reptiles
Heron - It lives on slugs, worms, Frogs, and toads (Speaker's Commentary)
Frog - The magicians are said to have brought up Frogs upon the land by their enchantments; but as they could not remove them, it is clear that they did not actually produce them
Frog, - , in which the plague of Frogs is described, and to (Psalm 78:45 ; 105:30 ) In the New Testament the word occurs once only, in (Revelation 16:13 ) There is no question as to the animal meant
Lice - ) Mosquitoes, troublesome in Egypt toward October, soon after the plague of Frogs, not only giving pain, but entering the body through the nostrils and ears; so Septuagint, Philo, and Origen
Frog - Frogs swim rapidly, and take long leaps on land
Weapon - It might be the plague of locusts, Frogs or flies
Egypt, Plagues of - They are: ...
the water of the river and all the canals and pools of Egypt was turned into blood and became so corrupted that the Egyptians could not drink it, and the fish in the waters perished
an immense number of Frogs, which caused great discomfort
swarms of gnats which tormented men and beasts
pest of flies
murrain or cattle-pest which killed only the cattle of the Egyptians
epidemic of boils on man and beast
hailstorm which wrought terrific havoc
plague of locusts
the horrible darkness which covered the earth for three days
the destruction of all the first- born of Egypt on one night
God: His Benevolence in Creation - The hiss of serpents, the croaking of Frogs and toads, the moaning of turtles, the bellowing of crocodiles and alligators, form their gamut of discords
Stork - It feeds on insects, snails, Frogs, and offal, and was reckoned among unclean birds
Plagues of Egypt - ), darkness ( Revelation 8:12 , Revelation 16:10 ), locusts ( Revelation 9:1-11 ), boils ( Revelation 16:2 ), Frogs ( Revelation 16:13 ). And these conditions would be suitable to the rapid multiplication of Frogs. ]'>[14] foretells that He will Himself smite Egypt with Frogs; in the ordinary course of nature ‘the river shall swarm with Frogs. Plagues of Frogs were not unknown in ancient times; and Haggard tells of a plague in the upper Nile valley in modern times ( Under Crescent and Star , p. Frogs are most plentiful in Egypt in September. The mass of dead Frogs collected in heaps ( Exodus 8:14 ) would lead to the breeding of innumerable insects. The decomposing bodies of the Frogs would produce pestilential effects; and bacteriological research shows that some insects, especially mosquitoes, are a serious factor in the spread of disease
Appius, Market of - 4-15) sets down his vivid recollections of a place ‘crammed full of boatmen and extortionate tavern-keepers,’ where ‘the water was utterly bad,’ where at night ‘the slaves bantered the boatmen and the boatmen the slaves,’ where ‘troublesome mosquitoes and marsh Frogs’ kept sleep from his eyes
Plagues of Egypt - Frogs. The magicians also were able to bring up Frogs on the land. The presence of the Frogs was so insufferable that Pharaoh called for Moses, and begged him to entreat Jehovah for their removal, and he would let the people go. The Frogs died and were gathered in heaps; but with the relief, Pharaoh hardened his heart, and would not let the people go
Like - ...
I saw three unclean spirits like Frogs
Creeping Things - The verb is used of Frogs ( Exodus 8:3 )
Plagues, the Ten, - ...
The plague of Frogs . --When seven days had passed after the first plague, the river and all the open waters of Egypt brought forth countless Frogs, which not only covered the land but filled the houses, even in their driest parts and vessels, for the ovens and kneading-troughs are specified. This must have been an especially trying judgment to the Egyptians, as Frogs were included among the sacred animals. The second, that of the Frogs, in September, the time when Egypt often suffers in this way. The second plague, that of the Frogs, struck also at the idolatry of Egypt; for the frog was an object of worship
Plague - ...
The plague of Frogs (Exodus 8:1-15 )
Stork - It feeds upon serpents, Frogs, and insects, and on this account might be reckoned by Moses among unclean birds
Nile - Two of the ten plagues sent upon Pharaoh and Egypt before the departure of the Israelites were turning the water of the Nile into blood and bringing forth Frogs from the river
Nile River - It would also kill off the fish which would decompose and infect the Frogs (the second plague) leading to successive plagues of lice, flies, and pestilences
Exodus, the Book of - The plague of Frogs attacked the Egyptian worship of nature under that revolting form (Heka, a female deity with a frog's head, the symbol of regeneration, wife of Chnum, the god of the inundation; Seti, father of Rameses II, is represented offering wine to an enshrined frog, with the legend "the sovereign lady of both worlds"); this was in September, when the inundation is at its height and the Frogs (dofda , usually appea ). The lice or mosquitoes (kinnim ) penetrating into the nostrils and ears, or rather the tick (the size of a grain of sand, which when filled with blood swells to the size of a hazel nut), came soon after the Frogs, early in October
Plagues of Egypt - ...
The second plague of Egypt was that of the Frogs. The first was remote and distant, confined to the rivers and water; but this second is brought nearer home, and comes near their persons, in their houses, and their chambers, "Their land, (saith the Psalmist,) brought forth Frogs in abundance in the chambers of their kings
Magi - So they produced Frogs after Moses had done so, i
Sadducees - This "leaven" (see Leviticus 2:11; 1 Corinthians 5:8) Jesus warns against; called "doctrine" in Matthew 16:12, "hypocrisy" in Luke 12:1, "the leaven of Herod" Mark 8:15; Antichrist's antitrinity, the three Frogs out of the mouth of the dragon, the false prophet, and the beast (Revelation 16:13-14)
Plagues of Egypt - ...
In the plague of Frogs, their sacred river itself was made an active instrument of their punishment, together with another of their gods. This plague, therefore, was particularly disgraceful to the magicians themselves; and when they tried to imitate it, but failed, on account of the minuteness of the objects, (not like serpents, water, or Frogs, of a sensible bulk that could be handled,) they were forced to confess that this was no human feat of legerdemain, but rather "the finger of God. Philo, the Jew, has a fine observation on the plagues of Egypt: "Some, perhaps, may require, Why did God punish the country by such minute and contemptible animals as Frogs, lice, flies, rather than by bears, lions, leopards, or other kinds of savage beasts which prey on human flesh? Or, if not by these, why not by the Egyptian asp, whose bite is instant death? But let him learn, if he be ignorant, first, that God chose rather to correct than to destroy the inhabitants; for, if he desired to annihilate them utterly, he had no need to have made use of animals as his auxiliaries, but of the divinely inflicted evils of famine and pestilence
Celsus, Polemical Adversary of Christianity - In one of the most unpleasing passages of his work, he compares Jews and Christians to a set of worms or Frogs squabbling in the mud, and saying, "God is, and we are next to Him, and it is for our sake that the whole world is made; and God will come and take us up to heaven, except those who are bad, whom He will burn with fire
Miracle - ...
Frogs brought and removed, Exodus 8:6,13
Moses - ), Frogs ( Exodus 8:1-4 ; Exodus 8:8-15 a), flies ( Exodus 8:20-32 ), murrain ( Exodus 9:1-7 ), hail ( Exodus 9:18 ; Exodus 9:17 f
Sea, the Salt, - The springs on the margin of the lake harbor snipe, partridges, ducks, nightingales and other birds as well as Frogs; and hawks, doves and hares are found along the shore
Exodus - It was only by the mighty hand of God that their deliverance was effected; and there seems to have been a special vindication of his glory in the fact that the Nile, the flies, the Frogs, fishes, cattle, etc
Demon - The demons accordingly instigate evil men against the good; they are ‘unclean spirits, as it were Frogs’ coming ‘out of the mouth of the dragon … for they are spirits of demons,’ instigating the ‘kings of the whole world’ to the ‘war of the great day of God’ (Revelation 16:13 f
Fall - There fell out a bloody quarrel betwixt the Frogs and the mice
Miracles - ...
Water made blood Exodus 7:20-25 ...
Frogs Exodus 8:5-14 ...
Lice Exodus 8:16-18 ...
Flies Exodus 8:20-24 ...
Murrain Exodus 9:3 - 6 ...
Boils and blains Exodus 9:8-11 ...
Thunder and hail Exodus 9:22-26 ...
Locusts Exodus 10:12-19 ...
Darkness Exodus 10:21-23 ...
Death of the Firstborn Exodus 12:29-30 ...
Parting of the Red Sea Exodus 14:21-31 ...
In the Wilderness
Divination - These plagues were 'turning the water into blood' and 'bringing up Frogs upon the land
Egypt - The marshes and ponds of Egypt make it the fit scene for the plague of Frogs. The plague of Frogs attacked the female deity with a frog's head, Heka, worshipped in the district Sah, i
Miracles - So the Frogs, accordant with natural phenomena usual in September, but miraculous in extent, intensity, and connection with Moses' word and act