What does Fir (Tree) mean in the Bible?


Holman Bible Dictionary - Fir Tree
KJV term for a tree most often identified with the aleppo pine (NIV, REB, TEV). Others have identified the tree with the juniper (NAS at Isaiah 41:19 and Isaiah 60:13 only) or cypress (NRSV, NAS elsewhere). See Plants in the Bible .
Webster's Dictionary - Fir Tree
See Fir.
Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types - Fir (Tree)
2 Kings 19:23 (b) This is a type of the finest and best of Israel's men. (See also Isaiah 37:24).
Isaiah 14:8 (b) Probably this refers to the millennial time when Satan will be cast down and will be unable to bring trouble on the earth. The fir tree is a type of the happy life of a believer. It is a picture of joy particularly when found in the life of a leader. So these leaders may rejoice in peace when Satan is cast out of the earth and chained for the thousand years.
Isaiah 41:19 (c) This is a picture of the joy of the Lord that fills the believer's heart when he is in the midst of distressing and disturbing conditions.
Ezekiel 31:8 (a) This is a type of the great men of Assyria who excelled in might, power, pomp and dress. They were not like the great men of Israel, but were more beautiful and attractive in their appearance and demeanor.
Hosea 14:8 (c) By this figure is represented a happy Christian life, a life of usefulness for the Lord, and a happy situation.
Nahum 2:3 (b) By this figure is indicated that the great men of Israel, the leaders of their worship and service, were to be humbled and defeated by GOD's command.
Zechariah 11:2 (b) The comparison here is between the size of the little fir tree and the great cedar tree. The lesser person weeps and grieves when the greater person dies or falls in the battle. This Scripture was used at Spurgeon's funeral.
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Fir, Fir-Tree,
berosh. This is supposed to be one of the conifers, but the species alluded to is not known. It came from Lebanon, and was used in the construction of houses, and for musical instruments. 2 Samuel 6:5 ; 1 Kings 5:8,10 ; 1 Kings 6:15,34 ; 2 Chronicles 2:8 ; 2 Chronicles 3:5 . It will be produced instead of the thornin the millennium, and Israel, when she returns in blessing, will say, "I am like a green fir-tree." Isaiah 55:13 ; Hosea 14:8 .
Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary - Fir Tree
ברוש , occurs 2 Samuel 6:5 ; 1 Kings 5:8 ; 1 Kings 5:10 ; 1 Kings 6:15 ; 1 Kings 6:34 ; 1 Kings 9:11 ; 2 Kings 19:23 ; 2 Chronicles 2:8 ; 2 Chronicles 3:5 ; Psalms 104:17 ; Isaiah 14:8 ; Isaiah 37:24 ; Isaiah 41:19 ; Isaiah 55:13 ; Isaiah 60:13 ; Ezekiel 27:5 ; Ezekiel 31:8 ; Hosea 14:8 ; Nahum 2:3 ; Zechariah 11:2 . The LXX render it so variously as to show that they knew not what particular tree is meant; the Vulgate, generally by abietes, the "fir-tree." Celsius asserts that it is the cedar; but Millar maintains that it is the fir. The fir tree is an evergreen, of beautiful appearance, whose lofty height, and dense foliage, afford a spacious shelter and shade. The trunk of the tree is very straight. The wood was anciently used for spears, musical instruments, furniture for houses, rafters in building, and for ships. In 2 Samuel 6:5 , it is mentioned that David played on instruments of fir wood; and Dr. Burney, in his "History of Music," observes, "This species of wood, so soft in its nature, and sonorous in its effects, seems to have been preferred by the ancients, as well as moderns, to every other kind for the construction of musical instruments, particularly the bellies of them, on which the tone of them chiefly depends. Those of the harp, lute, guitar, harpsichord, and violin, in present use, are always made of this wood."
People's Dictionary of the Bible - Fir Tree
Fir Tree. Probably the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis), which is almost as large as the cedar, is now found on Lebanon, and was formerly doubtless abundant through Palestine. Hosea 14:8. Sometimes the cypress and juniper may have been included under this name, as well as other pines found here.

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