What does Exemplar mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Exemplar
(n.) A model, original, or pattern, to be copied or imitated; a specimen; sometimes; an ideal model or type, as that which an artist conceives.
(n.) A copy of a book or writing.
(a.) Exemplary.

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Exampler - ) A pattern; an Exemplar
Prototype - ) An original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; Exemplar; archetype
Exemplary - ) Serving as a pattern; deserving to be proposed for imitation; commendable; as, an Exemplary person; Exemplary conduct. ) Serving as a warning; monitory; as, Exemplary justice, punishment, or damages. ) An Exemplar; also, a copy of a book or writing
Mirror - ) That which gives a true representation, or in which a true image may be seen; hence, a pattern; an Exemplar
Resurrection - ) The cause or Exemplar of a rising from the dead
Bishop - ; Christ himself is their great Exemplar
Pattern - An original or model proposed for imitation the archetype an Exemplar that which is to be copies or imitated, either in things or in actions as the pattern of a machine a pattern of patience
Pastor - A Pastor is a Teacher, Guide,Exemplar, Friend, Administrator
Pattern - ) Anything proposed for imitation; an archetype; an Exemplar; that which is to be, or is worthy to be, copied or imitated; as, a pattern of a machine
Lime - But Moses did not account even this precaution sufficient for the due preservation of his law in its original purity; for he commanded that it should beside be engraven on stones, and these stones kept on a mountain near Sichem, in order that a genuine Exemplar of it might be transmitted even to the latest generations
Author - In Hebrews 12:2 where Christ is called the "Author and Perfecter of faith," He is represented as the one who takes precedence in faith and is thus the perfect Exemplar of it
Gentleness - The supreme Exemplar of gentleness is Israel's God
Eusebius, Bishop of Vercellae - is probably the most valuable Exemplar of the old Latin in its unaltered state
Apollonius of Tyana - ) does not set him up as an ideal Exemplar
Evolution (Christ And) - These three aspects of His work are specially related to His human life as our great Exemplar; to His Cross and Passion as our Sacrifice and Reconciler; to His Resurrection and Ascension into the unseen world, and His influence through His Spirit on the individual and wider life of mankind. Yet beneath all this we see a true revelation of the Perfect Man, universal in its scope, yet appealing to each individual man as his Exemplar; Ideal in its purity and holiness, yet throbbing with contagious life; beyond the reach of literal imitation, yet quickening each of His followers to the realization of his own individual life and personality
Moses - In mediating this theology and setting an example of it in his own life of dedication to God and fellowship with him, Moses serves as the Exemplar of spirituality for all Israel to observe
Abraham - The man who for Paul was the Exemplar of faith (Romans 4:16-22 ; Galatians 3:6-12 ) was understood by James to demonstrate that justification by faith is proved in works that issue from such a faith (James 2:20-24 )
Lord's Prayer, the - Matthew then would have been written within the nascent Jewish Christian mission originating in and emanating from Jerusalem, reflecting Jesus' Exemplary training of the first line of missioners with a view to serving as model for all his subsequent followers. Where Adam failed he succeeds in his redemptive and Exemplary work. Jesus defeated the tempter by successfully passing the probation of testing (Matthew 4:1-11 ), and hence proved worthy as his disciples' savior and Exemplar
Diognetus, Epistle to - The Greek writing known under this name was first printed in 1592 by Henricus Stephanus, along with a companion piece To Greeks , as hitherto unknown writings of Justin Martyr, taken by him from a single faded Exemplar
Isaiah - To these we may add, that there is such sweetness in the poetical composition of his sentences, whether it proceed from art or genius, that, if the Hebrew poetry at present is possessed of any remains of its native grace and harmony, we shall chiefly find them in the writings of Isaiah: so that the saying of Ezekiel may most justly be applied to this prophet:—...
"Thou art the confirmed Exemplar of measures, Full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty
Proverbs, Theology of - His Exemplar drawn from the cosmic order functions to instruct the faithful that discipline can overcome social chaos
Baptism - 112) ‘panem quidem in Exemplar quod dicit Graecus antitypum corporis Christi’; so Cyr
Obedience (2) - As the victorious contestant and the perfect character, He calls out the veneration and enthusiastic loyalty of His followers, incites them to greater efforts, and fills them with loftier courage than any imperfect prophet could do, however excellent otherwise, and thus becomes the true ‘exemplar and leader’ (ἀρχηγός, Hebrews 12:2) of our faith
Baptism - 112) ‘panem quidem in Exemplar quod dicit Graecus antitypum corporis Christi’; so Cyr
Ham - Ham's old instructor and Exemplar had gone down quick to hell as soon as the ark was finished and shut in. If a father would pray every day to God to inspire his children with true piety, great humility, and strict temperance, what could be more likely to make the father himself become Exemplary in these virtues? How naturally would he grow ashamed of wanting such virtues as he thought necessary for his children
Faith - Paul recognized in Abraham the Exemplar of personal religion, antedating the legal system the faith of the man who stands in direct heart-relationship to God
Communion (2) - In this respect, as in others also, His life of communion, while in one sense unique (Luke 10:22), is seen to be the Exemplar of our own
Perseverance - The resources and Exemplar of the new life are in Him
Beatitude - ’...
With a ‘proposal of the end—blessedness,’ says Jeremy Taylor, ‘our excellent and gracious Lawgiver begins His sermon’ (The Great Exemplar, pt
Christ in Modern Thought - Only as an historical Exemplar of this eternally true idea can such a figure as that of Jesus be presented to us