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Webster's Dictionary - Exclusive
(a.) Not taking into the account; excluding from consideration; - opposed to inclusive; as, five thousand troops, exclusive of artillery.
(n.) One of a coterie who exclude others; one who from real of affected fastidiousness limits his acquaintance to a select few.
(a.) Having the power of preventing entrance; debarring from participation or enjoyment; possessed and enjoyed to the exclusion of others; as, exclusive bars; exclusive privilege; exclusive circles of society.
1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Exclusive Brethren
A branch of the Plymouth Brethren; sometimes known as Plymouth Brethren I. Formed in the United States in 1885 by a group who believed that eternal life in Christ is the common blessIng of all believers of every age. They are more conservative than the Open Brethren.

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Exclusive - ) Not taking into the account; excluding from consideration; - opposed to inclusive; as, five thousand troops, Exclusive of artillery. ) Having the power of preventing entrance; debarring from participation or enjoyment; possessed and enjoyed to the exclusion of others; as, Exclusive bars; Exclusive privilege; Exclusive circles of society
Monopolize - ) To acquire a monopoly of; to have or get the Exclusive privilege or means of dealing in, or the Exclusive possession of; to engross the whole of; as, to monopolize the coffee trade; to monopolize land
Exclusiveness - ) Quality of being Exclusive
Exclusionary - ) Tending to exclude; causing exclusion; Exclusive
Prerogatived - ) Endowed with a prerogative, or Exclusive privilege
Alonely - ) Exclusive
Exclusivism - ) The act or practice of excluding being Exclusive; Exclusiveness
Alone - ) Sole; only; Exclusive. ) Solely; simply; Exclusively. ) Quite by one's self; apart from, or Exclusive of, others; single; solitary; - applied to a person or thing
Monopoly - ) Exclusive possession; as, a monopoly of land. ) The Exclusive power, or privilege of selling a commodity; the Exclusive power, right, or privilege of dealing in some article, or of trading in some market; sole command of the traffic in anything, however obtained; as, the proprietor of a patented article is given a monopoly of its sale for a limited time; chartered trading companies have sometimes had a monopoly of trade with remote regions; a combination of traders may get a monopoly of a particular product
Cliquish - ) Of or pertaining to a clique; disposed to from cliques; Exclusive in spirit
Unneighborly - ) Not neighborly; distant; reserved; solitary; Exclusive
Euthalius - (Greek: euthaleia, bloom) ...
Deacon of Alexandria, later Bishop of Sulca (flourished 5th century), author of the Euthalian Sections or division of the New Testament (exclusive of the Gospels, already so divided by Ammonius of Alexandria, and the Apocalypse) into chapter and verse. He also elaborated a uniform scheme of selections from the New Testament (exclusive of the Gospels and the Apocalypse) for reading in the public liturgical services of the Church
Expropriation - ) The act of expropriating; the surrender of a claim to Exclusive property; the act of depriving of ownership or proprietary rights
Ownership - ) The state of being an owner; the right to own; Exclusive right of possession; legal or just claim or title; proprietorship
Trade-Mark - ) A peculiar distinguishing mark or device affixed by a manufacturer or a merchant to his goods, the Exclusive right of using which is recognized by law
Proprietor - ) One who has the legal right or Exclusive title to anything, whether in possession or not; an owner; as, the proprietor of farm or of a mill
Cnidaria - , Exclusive of the sponges
Traditionlism - , the doctrine that all religious faith is to be based solely upon what is delivered from competent authority, Exclusive of rational processes
Ordovician - ) Of or pertaining to a division of the Silurian formation, corresponding in general to the Lower Silurian of most authors, Exclusive of the Cambrian
Vainglory - Exclusive vanity excited by one's own performances empty pride undue elation of mind
Reichsrath - ) The parliament of Austria (exclusive of Hungary, which has its own diet, or parliament)
Roundfish - ) Any ordinary market fish, Exclusive of flounders, sole, halibut, and other flatfishes
Know-Nothing - ) A member of a secret political organization in the United States, the chief objects of which were the proscription of foreigners by the repeal of the naturalization laws, and the Exclusive choice of native Americans for office
Peculium - ) The saving of a son or a slave with the father's or master's consent; a little property or stock of one's own; any Exclusive personal or separate property
Octroi - ) A privilege granted by the sovereign authority, as the Exclusive right of trade granted to a guild or society; a concession
Rison - It is about two feet long, Exclusive of the tail
Selfishness - ) The quality or state of being selfish; Exclusive regard to one's own interest or happiness; that supreme self-love or self-preference which leads a person to direct his purposes to the advancement of his own interest, power, or happiness, without regarding those of others
Master of the Sacred Palace - The right to condemn, and give permission to print books were once Exclusive prerogatives of this office
Singularity - ) Possession of a particular or Exclusive privilege, prerogative, or distinction
Ave Regina Caelorum - (Hail, O Queen Of Heaven, Enthroned) Antiphon recited from the end of Compline on February 2, until Maundy Thursday, Exclusive
Hail, o Queen of Heaven, Enthroned - (Hail, O Queen Of Heaven, Enthroned) Antiphon recited from the end of Compline on February 2, until Maundy Thursday, Exclusive
Hinterland - with reference to the so-called doctrine of the hinterland, sometimes advanced, that occupation of the coast supports a claim to an Exclusive right to occupy, from time to time, the territory lying inland of the coast
Prerogative - ) An Exclusive or peculiar privilege; prior and indefeasible right; fundamental and essential possession; - used generally of an official and hereditary right which may be asserted without question, and for the exercise of which there is no responsibility or accountability as to the fact and the manner of its exercise
Legion - It originally consisted of three thousand men, but in the time of Christ consisted of six thousand, Exclusive of horsemen, who were in number a tenth of the foot-men
Attention - ) The act or state of attending or heeding; the application of the mind to any object of sense, representation, or thought; notice; Exclusive or special consideration; earnest consideration, thought, or regard; obedient or affectionate heed; the supposed power or faculty of attending
Potipherah - The Egyptians and Hebrew were not then so Exclusive as afterward; Joseph was now naturalized with an Egyptian name, as viceroy
Maniple - ) A division of the Roman army numbering sixty men Exclusive of officers, any small body of soldiers; a company
Zadokites - The developing role of Jerusalem as the Exclusive center of Israel's worship furthered the position of the Zadokites
Jealous - ) Exacting Exclusive devotion; intolerant of rivalry
Proprietary - ) A proprietor or owner; one who has Exclusive title to a thing; one who possesses, or holds the title to, a thing in his own right
Peculiar - ) That which is peculiar; a sole or Exclusive property; a prerogative; a characteristic
Primogeniture - ) The Exclusive right of inheritance which belongs to the eldest son
Caraites - But about the year 750, Anan, a Babylonish Jew, declared openly for the written word of God alone, Exclusive of all tradition; and this declaration produced a schism
Orders - In the Romish church there are seven, Exclusive of the episcopate; all which the council of Trent enjoins to be received and believed on pain of anathema
Citizenship - The use of this term in Scripture has Exclusive reference to the usages of the Roman empire
Laicism - (Latin: laicus, lay) ...
Exclusive administration of the affairs of the church by lay-men
False Humanitarianism - An ethical system which places the welfare of the human race as the Exclusive goal of human effort and the basic standard of conduct
Boreal - ) Designating or pertaining to a terrestrial division consisting of the northern and mountainous parts of both the Old and the New World; - equivalent to the Holarctic region Exclusive of the Transition, Sonoran, and corresponding areas
Humanitarianism, False - An ethical system which places the welfare of the human race as the Exclusive goal of human effort and the basic standard of conduct
Holiness - Objective holiness in any creature denotes its Exclusive dedication to the service of God: priests by ordination, religious by vows, sacred vessels, vestments, etc
Moravian Church - During colonial times Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Lititz, in Pennsylvania, and Salem, North Carolina, were organized as Exclusive Moravian villages. Between 1844,1856 this Exclusive system was abolished and the church organization was remodeled to suit modern conditions
Unitas Fratrom - During colonial times Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Lititz, in Pennsylvania, and Salem, North Carolina, were organized as Exclusive Moravian villages. Between 1844,1856 this Exclusive system was abolished and the church organization was remodeled to suit modern conditions
Unity of Brethren - During colonial times Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Lititz, in Pennsylvania, and Salem, North Carolina, were organized as Exclusive Moravian villages. Between 1844,1856 this Exclusive system was abolished and the church organization was remodeled to suit modern conditions
Appropriate - ) To take to one's self in exclusion of others; to claim or use as by an Exclusive right; as, let no man appropriate the use of a common benefit
Exemption - The most important example is the freedom of certain religious frqm the jurisdiction of local Ordinaries in all matters save the few expressly mentioned in the law; such religious come under the immediate and Exclusive jurisdiction of the pope
Anastasis, Church of the - In the fire of 1808 the rotunda fell in upon the Sepulcher and the Orthodox Church obtained from the Turkish government Exclusive permission to restore it
Monkey - such as have a long tail and prehensile feet) Exclusive of apes and baboons
Sadducees - The Pharisees made proselytes, but the Sadducees were much more Exclusive, and therefore remained fewer in number
Aaron's Rod - In a very complicated section of the Hexateuch ( Numbers 16:1-50 ; Numbers 17:1-13 ; Numbers 18:1-32 ), dealing with various revolts against the constituted authorities in the wilderness period, the Exclusive right of the tribe of Levi to the duties and privileges of the priesthood is miraculously attested by the blossoming and fruit-bearing of Aaron’s rod
Zerubbabel - In the first year of Cyrus, king of Persia, he led the first band of Jews, numbering 42,360 (Ezra 2:64 ), Exclusive of a large number of servants, who returned from captivity at the close of the seventy years
Property - ) The Exclusive right of possessing, enjoying, and disposing of a thing; ownership; title
Census - ...
The next census was in the time of David, when the number, Exclusive of the tribes of Levi and Benjamin, was found to be 1,300,000 (2 Samuel 24:9 ; 1 Chronicles 21:5 )
Patent - ) Appropriated or protected by letters patent; secured by official authority to the Exclusive possession, control, and disposal of some person or party; patented; as, a patent right; patent medicines
Matrimonial Court - In the Romani "Curia" or Court, the Congregation of the Holy Office has Exclusive jurisdiction concerning the, Pauline Privilege, the impediment of disparity of worship and that of mixed religion; but it may refer cases to another Congregation, such as that of the Sacraments, or to the Tribunal of the Rota
Bishop - Besides two archbishops, there are twenty-four bishops in England, Exclusive of the bishop of Sodor and Man
Hypnotism - The all-potent factor and the Exclusive cause of the phenomena are suggestion and the absolute surrender of the patient to the practitioner
Title - ) That which constitutes a just cause of Exclusive possession; that which is the foundation of ownership of property, real or personal; a right; as, a good title to an estate, or an imperfect title
Retreat - ) A period of several days of withdrawal from society to a religious house for Exclusive occupation in the duties of devotion; as, to appoint or observe a retreat
Biblical Institute at Rome, the - By virtue of a Motu Proprio issued September 30, 1928, by His Holiness Pope Pius XI, the Biblical Institute was incorporated into the Gregorian University, though, nevertheless, it is to remain under the Exclusive jurisdiction and obedience of the Roman pontiff
ti'Gris - Its length, Exclusive of windings, is reckoned at 1146 miles
Eliashib - He can have had no sympathy with the Exclusive policy of Ezra and Nehemiah, for both he himself and members of his family allied themselves with the leading foreign opponents of Nehemiah
Holy Office, Congregation of the - It has Exclusive jurisdiction over questions about the Pauline Privilege and the impediments of disparity of worship and mixed religion
Jurisdiction - Nations claim Exclusive jurisdiction on the sea, to the extent of a marine league from the main land or shore
Sell - To transfer property or the Exclusive right of possession to another for an equivalent in money
Binding And Loosing - It is not an Exclusive gift to any one person or church
Essenes - They were an Exclusive society, affecting severe asceticism and benevolence to all men
Title - Right or that which constitutes a just cause of Exclusive possession that which is the foundation of ownership as a good title to an estate or an imperfect title
Judging Rash - We claim an Exclusive possession of goodness and wisdom; and from approving warmly of those who join us, we proceed to condemn, with much acrimony, not only the principles, but the characters of those from whom we differ
Once - , "what they once were" (to be preferred to the text, "whatsoever they were"), the reference probably being to the association of the twelve Apostles with the Lord during His ministry on earth; upon this their partisans based their claim for the Exclusive authority of these Apostles, which Paul vigorously repudiated; in Ephesians 5:8 , RV, "once" (AV, "sometimes")
Architecture, Byzantine - Christian architecture of the East which supplanted the early forms held in common by East and West, characterized by Exclusive use of vaulted roofs and rejection of wood in construction, balancing of thrusts by counter-thrusts instead of dead weight, and classic Roman structural elements modified by oriental ideas, of which the most important is the dome supported on pendentives
Parmenianus, a Bishop of Carthage - About 372 Tichonius, a Donatist, well versed in Scripture, becoming sensible of the narrow and Exclusive views of the sect, wrote a book to condemn them, but without abandoning his party
Life - All of these activities are living, vital, and in the corporeal universe are found to be the Exclusive properties of bodies which we call living
Cities of Refuge - The 2,000 cubits also specified mean probably the sum of the two single thousands on opposite sides of the city, Exclusive of the city itself; as here shown
Malice - The point is important, because ‘malice’ has acquired its Exclusive meaning ‘spitefulness’ only since the 17th century
Creeping Things - By eliminating the first and third classes, which respectively include domesticated quadrupeds, and the wild animals, we see that the expression ‘creeping things’ is, roughly speaking, equivalent to our term ‘reptiles,’ Exclusive of those which are aquatic
Horse - The most striking feature in the biblical notices of the horse is the Exclusive application of it to warlike operations; in no instance is that useful animal employed for the purposes of ordinary locomotion or agriculture, if we except (Isaiah 28:28 ) The animated description of the horse in (Job 39:19-25 ) applies solely to the war-horse
Pilgrimage - Hezekiah's and Josiah's reforms attempted to destroy the pagan sites of pilgrimage and idol worship (2 Kings 18:4 ; 2 Kings 23:8 ) and make Jerusalem the Exclusive focus of pilgrimage
Command - The right or power of governing with chief or Exclusive authority supreme power control as, an officer has a brigade under his command he takes command of the army in France an appropriate military term
Adultery - Idolatry (Ezekiel 23:27 ) and other pagan religious practices (Jeremiah 3:6-10 ) were viewed as adulterous unfaithfulness to the Exclusive covenant that God established with His people
Evening - It is at least certain that the reckoning from eve to eve became the Exclusive method in Israel with the triumph of the Law
Patroclus, Bishop of Arles - On the ground that Arles was the fountain-head of Gallic Christianity, the pope confirmed to the see all parishes it had ever held, whether within the province or not, and gave Patroclus Exclusive rights of ordination over the independent provinces of Vienne, Narbonensis Prima, and Narbonensis Secunda, and deposed Proculus, bp
Jealousy (2) - First, in the Exclusive claims which He makes for Himself: ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’ (Exodus 20:3); ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,’ etc. This Exclusiveness or intolerance of God—His jealousy for Himself, as it may be called—pervades the OT. In this sense the jealousy of God is represented in the mind of Christ by the Exclusive claims which He makes for Himself, and in the rest of the NT by the reiteration of these claims through the lips of His disciples. Apart from their use in the sense of an ardent and Exclusive devotion to God in Christ, and to the cause of Christ in His people (2 Corinthians 11:2), the associations of the words ζῆλος, ζηλοῦν in the NT are rather repellent
Israelite - This feeling of Exclusive national privilege led in many cases to the rejection of the gospel by the Jews, who did not wish their privileges to be extended to the heathen world
Roman Rite - It is the Exclusive rite of the Latin Patriarchate and with the exception of Milan, Toledo, and the Byzantine Churches of Southern Italy, Sicily, and Corsica, is used throughout all of Western Europe, and in all countries colonized from there
Rite, Roman - It is the Exclusive rite of the Latin Patriarchate and with the exception of Milan, Toledo, and the Byzantine Churches of Southern Italy, Sicily, and Corsica, is used throughout all of Western Europe, and in all countries colonized from there
Intention - Hence, an act which is otherwise good, is vitiated, when one's intention or motive is bad, if the bad intention be the Exclusive reason for performing the act
Barbarian - ’ The Apostle has been speaking of the abolition of all distinction in the offer of the gospel, and the classes selected are not mutually Exclusive but mentioned with reference to heresies in the Colossian Church (cf
Ring - ) A clique; an Exclusive combination of persons for a selfish purpose, as to control the market, distribute offices, obtain contracts, etc
High Priest - The high priest's most solemn, peculiar, and Exclusive duty was to officiate in the most holy place on the great day of atonement
Faith, Science And - Science and faith cannot exist in the same intellect with regard to the same object, because the object of science must be luminously evident while that of faith is not intrinsically evident; hence these two from this point of view are mutually Exclusive
Sidon - The natural result of these Exclusive advantages to the inhabitants of Sidon was, a high degree of wealth and prosperity; and content with the riches which their trade and manufactures brought them, they lived in ease and luxury, trusting the defence of their city and property, like the Tyrians after them, to hired troops; so that to live in ease and security, is said in Scripture to be after the manner of the Sidonians
Woman - If woman was first in the Fall, she was honored in the Exclusive parentage of the Savior of mankind; and women were the truest friends of Christ while on earth
Science And Faith - Science and faith cannot exist in the same intellect with regard to the same object, because the object of science must be luminously evident while that of faith is not intrinsically evident; hence these two from this point of view are mutually Exclusive
Moral Aspects of Monopoly - (Greek: monopolia) ...
Signifies Exclusive sale or Exclusive privilege of selling
Monopoly - (Greek: monopolia) ...
Signifies Exclusive sale or Exclusive privilege of selling
Monopoly, Moral Aspects of - (Greek: monopolia) ...
Signifies Exclusive sale or Exclusive privilege of selling
Josiah - A major thrust of the Book of Deuteronomy was to call the nation Israel to Exclusive loyalty to Yahweh
Joel - He is a rigid and Exclusive Israelite
Grecians Greeks - They were free from the narrowness and provincialism of the native Jews of Palestine, and the message of the Christian missionaries found much more willing hearers among this class than among the prejudiced and Exclusive Palestine Jews
Alms, Almsgiving - ), and until a period within living memory the care of God’s poor continued to be the almost Exclusive privilege of the Christian Church
Shiloh (1) - ...
"Until" ('ad kiy ) is not Exclusive (Psalms 110:1); "and (until) to Him shall the willing obedience (as of a son yiqhath ; Proverbs 30:17) of the peoples be
Grecians Greeks - They were free from the narrowness and provincialism of the native Jews of Palestine, and the message of the Christian missionaries found much more willing hearers among this class than among the prejudiced and Exclusive Palestine Jews
Inheritance - The Hebrew Bible has no Exclusive term for “inheritance
Dove - ...
Exclusive of the turtle-dove, four species of dove are found in Palestine: Columba palumbus, the ring-dove, or wood-pigeon; Columba aenas, the stock-dove, found in Gilead and Bashan and the Jordan Valley; Columba livia, the rock-dove, abundant along the coast and in the uplands; Columba schimperi, closely allied to the preceding, and found in the interior
Kings, First And Second Books of, - The history therefore comprehends the whole time of the Israelitish monarchy, Exclusive of the reigns of Saul and David
Luke, Gospel of, - The four verses could not have been put at the head of a history composed under the Exclusive guidance of Paul or of any one apostle and as little could they have introduced a gospel simply communicated by another
Divorce - ...
Therefore, although the Old Testament presents God's ideal for marriage as monogamous, permanent, and Exclusive, the Old Testament likewise recognizes that divorce and remarriage are present because of sin and must be regulated. God's ideal for marriage is a monogamous, permanent, and Exclusive union. God-ordained marriage is a monogamous, permanent, and Exclusive union
May Laws - Preliminary to the May Laws was the abolition of the Catholic department in the ministry of public worship (1871), the placing of the State in Exclusive control of education, and the expulsion of the Jesuits from the empire (1873)
Laws, May - Preliminary to the May Laws was the abolition of the Catholic department in the ministry of public worship (1871), the placing of the State in Exclusive control of education, and the expulsion of the Jesuits from the empire (1873)
Rapture Ecstasy - James, who works out the psycho-physical accompaniments of these states, dwells upon the authoritative value they have for the experients themselves, and shows that they tend to break down the Exclusive authority of the non-mystical or rational consciousness
Cuttings in the Flesh - ]'>[2] and His worship, these practices, with their animistic background and heathen associations, were seen to be unworthy of a people who owed Exclusive devotion to their covenant God, a thought implied in the concluding words of Leviticus 19:28 ‘I am Jahweh
Ahab - The champion of Jahweh’s Exclusive right to the worship of Israel was Elijah
Elders - But it is credible, that as there were twelve tribes, there were seventy-two elders, six from each tribe, and that seventy is set down, instead of seventy-two; or rather, that Moses and Aaron should be added to the number seventy, and that, Exclusive of them, there were but four elders from the tribe of Levi
Indulgences - In the eleventh century, therefore, when the dominion of the popes was rising to its zenith, and their power was almost irresistible, they took to themselves the Exclusive prerogative of dispensing indulgences, which they carried to a most unwarrantable length
Fornication - No matter how strong a person’s sexual urges may be, the only satisfaction God allows for those urges is within the Exclusive commitment of one person to another in lifelong marriage (1 Corinthians 7:2; 1 Corinthians 7:9; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4; Hebrews 13:4; see MARRIAGE)
Polygamy - Paley) if to one man be allowed an Exclusive right to five or more women, four or more men must be deprived of the Exclusive possession of any; which could never be the order intended
Clear - Clear or in the clear, among joiners and carpenters, denotes the space within walls, or length and breadth clear or Exclusive of the thickness of the wall
Greece - There it is used in a narrow sense of the Greek peninsula, Exclusive even of Macedonia: it is in fact used in the sense of Achaia (wh
Herod - Not less than six Herods Exclusive of Archelaus are noted in Scripture:...
Apostle - The third apostolic period is marked by the almost entire disappearance of the twelve from the sacred narrative and the Exclusive agency of St
Tichonius, an African Donatist - He was apparently a layman with a strong turn for church matters including theology was well versed in Scripture and though a Donatist revolted from the Exclusive views of the sect and occupied a position intermediate as Neander says between it and the church (Ch
Harmony of the Gospels - Streeter agreed with the two document theory to a point, but thought it failed to go far enough in explaining the existence of material which was Exclusive to either Matthew or Luke. The “L” Source The fourth and final source in the four document hypothesis is believed to contain the material Exclusive to Luke. If Matthew, Mark and Luke used other documents to write their gospels, does God still have a place in their authorship? Careful thought will reveal that “sources” and inspiration are not mutually Exclusive
Bible, Canon of the - It designates the Exclusive collection of documents in the Judeo-Christian tradition that have come to be regarded as Scripture. ...
The first Exclusive list of our twenty-seven books is in the festal letter #96 of Athanasius (a. The first Exclusive list of our twenty-seven books in their current familiar order is in the writings of Amphilocius of Iconium in a
Miracle - The simple and grand truth that the universe is not under the Exclusive control of physical forces, but that everywhere and always there is above, separate from and superior to all else, an infinite personal will, not superseding, but directing and controlling all physical causes, acting with or without them
Syria - of Palestine, Exclusive of Phcenicia
Priesthood of the Believer - No longer does a professional priesthood have an Exclusive channel for holy communication
Respect of Persons - On this assertion of God’s character, as free from partiality to one nation above other nations, the Apostle bases his repudiation of the Exclusive covenant of Israel
Felix - Paul was brought to Caesarea, Felix was recalled to Rome in connexion with a strife which had broken out at Caesarea between the Jews and the Syrians in that town-the Jews asserting for themselves certain Exclusive rights, which the others denied
Universalists - They teach the doctrine of election, but not in the Exclusive Calvinistic sense of it
Romans, Epistle to the - In an assemblage so various we should expect to find, not the Exclusive predominance of a single form of error, but the coincidence of different and opposing forms
Pelagius i., Bishop of Rome - of Arles, after their example, and according to ancient custom, supreme and Exclusive jurisdiction over Gaul, as vicar of the apostolic see
Mission(s) - ...
Clearly, God's mission concern is inclusive, not Exclusive. When God called Abraham and his descendants, they were chosen, not to be Exclusive vessels, but rather to be a means of blessing “all families of the earth” (Genesis 12:1-3 : Genesis 18:16-19 ; Genesis 22:9-19 ; Genesis 26:1-5 ; Genesis 28:10-14 )
Fall of Man - The loss of those perfections and that happiness which his Maker bestowed on him at his creation, through transgression of a positive command, given for the trial of man's obedience, and as a token of his holding every thing of God, as lord paramount of the creation, with the use of every thing in it, Exclusive of the fruit of one tree
Joshua - His piety, courage, and disinterested integrity are conspicuous throughout his whole history; and, Exclusive of the inspiration which enlightened his mind and writings, he derived divine information, sometimes by immediate revelation from God, Joshua 3:7 ; Joshua 5:13-15 ; at others from the sanctuary, through the medium of Eleazar, the high priest, the son of Aaron, who, having on the breast plate, presented himself before the mercy seat on which the Shechinah, or visible symbol of the divine presence, rested, and there consulted Jehovah by the Urim and Thummim, to which an answer was returned by an audible voice
Nation - In the ancient heathen world, national life had been particular and Exclusive: the nations were isolated from and ignorant of each other
Minister - This corresponds with the other fact that the priesthood of a selected class has been superseded by a universal Christian priesthood, and that a ministry of lowliness and serviceableness (which diakonos specially implies) has taken the place of the old ministry of Exclusive privilege and ritual performance, diakonia is the distinctive Christian word for ‘ministry,’ and diakonos for ‘minister
Kill - Râtsach is rare in rabbinic Hebrew, and its usage has been increased in modern Hebrew with the Exclusive meaning of “to murder
Phoeni'ce, Phoenic'ia - When the simple-minded Jews, therefore, came in contact with a people more versatile and apparently more enlightened than themselves, but who nevertheless, either in a philosophical or in a popular form admitted a system of Polytheism an influence would be exerted on Jewish minds tending to make them regard their Exclusive devotion to their own one God Jehovah, however transcendent his attributes, as unsocial and morose
Phar'Isees, - (Luke 10:29 ) Finally, instead of endeavoring to fulfill the great end of the dispensation whose truths they professed to teach, and thus bringing men to the Hope of Israel, they devoted their energies to making converts to their own narrow views, who with all the zeal of proselytes were more Exclusive and more bitterly opposed to the truth than they were themselves
Song of Solomon - Love Is Exclusive (Song of Song of Solomon 3:1-5 )
Devote, Devoted - The Hebrew noun used to denote Exclusive dedication of something to God is herem [1]. This property is Exclusively Yahweh's and may be used constructively or be set apart for destruction
Foreigner - By the time of the New Testament, Israel had become extremely Exclusive, largely forgetting her mission to the nations
History, Church - A special Providence watches over this simultaneously Divine and human institution and an Exclusive study of human causes and effects will fail to furnish a satisfactory and exhaustive account of ecclesiastical events
Ban - The original idea, common to all the Semitic languages, is that of withdrawing something from common use and setting it apart for the Exclusive use of a deity
Sexuality, Human - Accordingly, human social ethics are not founded Exclusively on a person's organic relationship to other human beings through participation in a common ancestor or a covenant community such as Israel or the church. Christian marriage can be considered a loving, bonded, sexually Exclusive relationships that is publicly declared to exist between a man and a woman in a manner recognized by society as licit and proper. If an inquiry be made as to what are the characteristics of that union, the following emerge from the Edenic narrative: ...
It is an Exclusive union. The generally dim view taken of promiscuity by the Old Testament may then be explained as seeing premarital sexual intercourse to be a potential weakening of the marital union by rendering it less Exclusive: that is, the more frequent the person's premarital sexual liaisons, the less Exclusive is the initial act of sexual intercourse with one's spouse
Marriage - The peace of human society, in cutting off a principal source of contention, by assigning one or more women to one man, and protecting his Exclusive right by sanctions of morality and law. It is connected with the peace of society by assigning one woman to one man, and the state protects him, therefore, in her Exclusive possession
False Worship - Exclusively a male religion, emphasizing power and strength, Mithraism was especially popular in the Roman army. ...
The primary forms of false worship are addressed in the Decalogue (Exodus 20:1 ): “Thou shalt have no other gods before [1] me” (Exodus 20:3 )—a command for Exclusive loyalty to and worship of Yahweh; “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image” (Exodus 20:4 ) —a clear requirement of imageless, that is, spiritual worship; and “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” (Exodus 20:7 ) —a command to honor in all of life the God whose name the Hebrews claimed and bore
Colosse - Object: to counteract the Jewish false teaching there, of which Paul had heard from Epaphras (Colossians 4:12), by setting before them their standing in CHRIST ALONE, Exclusive of angels
Chief Priests - And most scholars now take the view that the ἁρχιερεῖς were high priests rather than ‘chief priests,’ not leading representatives from the general body of the priesthood, but members of an Exclusive high priestly caste
Wisdom - The paradigms of Israel's religion—law, prophecy, and wisdomwere not Exclusive to Israel but were shared by other ancient Near Eastern cultures
Acacius (7), Patriarch of Constantinople - The original documents, Exclusive of the histories of Evagrius, Theophanes, and Liberatus, are for the most part collected in the 58th volume of Migne's Patrologia
Fellowship - This is an Exclusive fellowship: ‘what fellowship have righteousness and iniquity? or what communion hath light with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14). John, strive hard to maintain this Exclusiveness in their churches-not for reasons of utility, as in the case of the Greek clubs; not from national prejudice, as in the case of the Jewish synagogues; but from the standpoint of Christian morals: the fulfilment of the high ordinances of the gospel is only possible in the midst of a Christian congregation (1 Corinthians 6:1-11). ...
To this Exclusiveness in externals there corresponds an inward intensity: to be of one accord, to have the same mind (1 Corinthians 1:10, 2 Corinthians 13:11, Philippians 2:2, Romans 12:16), to love the brethren (Romans 12:10, 1 Thessalonians 4:9, etc
Power of the Keys - Peter personally, given him in any Exclusive sense? As regards the second part of it, clearly not; for on a later occasion in this same Gospel we find Jesus bestowing precisely the same privilege on His disciples generally (Acts 18:18 ; cf. And if the power of binding and loosing was not given to him Exclusively, the presumption is that the same thing holds of the parallel power of the keys
Right - Just claim legal title ownership the legal power of Exclusive possession and enjoyment
Chronology of the New Testament - are not Exclusive; that Jesus was a little less than 30 years old at His baptism, and over 40 when He died. is Exclusive, and that the notes of time there are intended to correct a false chronology deduced from the Synoptics
Monotheism - ...
There are also passages in which the epithet ‘one’ or ‘only’ is directly applied to the Divine Ruler, thus claiming for Him with more or less emphasis the sole dominion and the Exclusive right to homage
Nations - But when the belief in Jahweh’s absolute and Exclusive claims possessed the mind of Israel, as it began to do in the time of the earliest literary prophets (see Amos 9:1-15 ff. ...
The feeling of national Exclusiveness and antipathy was intensified by the captivity in Babylon, when the prophetic and priestly instructors of the exiled Jews taught them that their calamities came upon them on account of their disloyalty to Jahweh and the ordinances of His religion, and because they compromised with idolatrous practices and heathen nations. In Rabbinical writings Jewish Exclusiveness manifested itself even more decisively (see Eisenmenger, Entdecktes Judenthum , vol
Unclean And Clean - Swine are liable to disease from foul feeding, and in Palestine are not very wholesome food; so also fat and blood; but the spiritual reason of prohibition was the main one, the swine's uncleanness of feeding typifying moral impurity, and the fat and the blood being God's Exclusive perquisite for sacrifice on the altar
Coming Again - 297, 305) that it is on the utterances of Jesus regarding His spiritual coming in the hearts of believers that the Fourth Gospel lays the principal and almost Exclusive stress; and probably it is in the light of Jesus’ predictions of this spiritual or dynamical coming that we are to find the clue to what He meant in His sayings respecting the historical coming or comings, and the great apocalyptic coming, which the Synoptics report with special fulness and detail
Cosmopolitanism - —That the Jews were of all nations the most Exclusive, was familiar to classic writers (cf. ...
Jewish Exclusiveness was apparently endorsed by Christ Himself (Matthew 5:47 ( Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885) 6:7, 32); the Twelve are forbidden to go into any way of the Gentiles (Matthew 10:5); and the Syrophœnician woman is at first addressed in thoroughly Jewish language (Matthew 15:21, Mark 7:24). ...
It is true that the Gospels are full of protests against Jewish Exclusiveness (Matthew 3:9 ‘Think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father’; cf. See also articles Exclusiveness, Grecians, and Universalism
Apostle - Their Exclusive office was to found the Christian church; so their official existence was of Christ, and prior to the churches they collectively and severally founded
Phoenice - It seemed narrow minded to be so Exclusive as to maintain that Jehovah of Israel alone was to be worshipped
Service - This service is complete in its self-dedication and Exclusive in its object
Jew, Jewess - Their Exclusive religion and their contempt of the heathen kept them together as a community within the larger population where they found a home, and their capacity for commerce often enabled them to become extremely wealthy. Their Exclusiveness and the commercial dishonesty of many of them led to their being hated by the common people, while their wealth made them exceedingly useful to rulers and princes, who thus were induced to protect them
Jew - During fifty generations of the children of Adam the family of this man, or rather the descendants of a part of it, "elected according to the purpose of God," Romans 9:11, enjoyed Exclusive privileges; to the Israelites alone "pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises, whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever
Marriage - God's ideal was for marriage to be permanent and Exclusive. God's ideal Exclusiveness of the "one flesh" relationship disallows any other relationship: homosexuality, polygamy, adultery, premarital sex, concubinage, incest, bestiality, cultic prostitution. Commitment to Exclusive sexual intimacy is treated with dignity, considered honorable and undefiled (Hebrews 13:4 )
False Prophet - ...
The theology of the false prophets was characterized by the following: (1) a selective appeal to the Davidic/Zion and Sinaitic covenants as a type of fire insurance against any threatened calamity; (2) an Exclusive teaching of hope/salvation with no attention given to any potential adversities for lack of obedience to God's Word; and (3) a constant appeal to what the masses wanted to hear as a basis for promoting their own power and the status quo
Jonah, Theology of - Salvation is Yahweh's Exclusive possession (2:10)
Palestine - Originally denoted only the sea-coast of the land of Canaan inhabited by the Philistines (Exodus 15:14 ; Isaiah 14:29,31 ; Joel 3:4 ), and in this sense Exclusively the Hebrew name Pelesheth (rendered "Philistia" in Psalm 60:8 ; 83:7 ; 87:4 ; 108:9 ) occurs in the Old Testament. ...
Exclusive of Idumea, the kingdom of Herod the Great comprehended the whole of the country originally divided among the twelve tribes, which he divided into four provinces or districts
Heresy - 100: 7, Lollardy was also made a temporal offence, and indictable in the king's courts; which did not thereby gain an Exclusive, but only a concurrent jurisdiction with the bishop's consistory
Jehoiachin - The 1,000 "craftsmen" may be Exclusive of the 10,000
Gentiles (2) - The material and moral evils which the ïm had brought upon Israel in its later history tended to intensify the feelings of hostility with which the Jews looked out upon them from their own religious Exclusiveness; and accordingly, in our Lord’s day and in the generations following (see Acts and the Epistles ), they were regarded by the Jews generally as aliens, having no claim whatever to the Divine recognition. ...
The fact that Jesus did not pass His youth in the religiously Exclusive atmosphere of Jerusalem, but in the freer and more liberal surroundings of semi-Gentile Galilee, fits in with the prophetic word of Simeon at the Presentation, and the declarations of His forerunner: He was to be ‘a light to lighten the Gentiles’ (Luke 2:32); and, God was able to raise up to Abraham children (Luke 3:8) who could not boast any natural descent from the patriarch. And, finally, at the end of His ministry, in the allegory of the sheep and the goats, spoken Exclusively with reference to Gentiles, He applies to those on the right hand the word ‘righteous,’ which in the Jewish language was so often the technical term to designate only the chosen people (Matthew 25:37)
Immanence - But immanence and transcendence are not Exclusive of each other
Communion - When he says that the Jews by eating the sacrifices have communion with the altar, he means spiritual communion with God whose representative is the altar (note that the phrase ‘communion with God’ is avoided-a true mark of Rabbinism); and when he says that to partake of a supper connected with a heathen sacrifice brings men into communion with demons, he does not accept the popular idea that the food itself was quasi-infected by demonic influence (he declares formally that to eat such flesh unconsciously does not harm a Christian); but he says; ‘ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils: ye cannot partake of the table of the Lord and of the table of devils,’ because partaking of the table constitutes a spiritual and moral communion which is Exclusive in its effect
Attributes of Christ - —Jesus claimed a unique knowledge of the Father and the Exclusive power of revealing Him (Matthew 11:27)
Feeding the Multitudes - In the first instance (reported in Mark 14:15-21, Mark 6:35-44, Luke 9:12-17, John 6:5-13) the number is given as 5000, Exclusive (so Mt
Matthew - This early and Exclusive use of the Greek translation is a strong proof of its correctness, and leaves us but little reason to lament the loss of the original
Marriage - ...
The allegorical and typical allusions to marriage have Exclusive reference to one object, viz
Bible, Methods of Study - ...
The methods need not be mutually Exclusive but should assist each other
Septuagint - Dispersion), yet one and all had lost the knowledge of the classical Hebrew of the Scriptures, with the exception of the learned—the priests and Rabbis—of whom the original language of the OT was almost the Exclusive property
Deuteronomy, Theology of - The rare occurrences of Elohim (23 times) and other names and epithets (about 18 times) reinforce the covenant character of the book and its almost Exclusive attention to Israel, for these names, especially Elohim and its byforms, occur most regularly in contexts describing God's more cosmic or universal interests in creation and history. They are adumbrated in the Shema of 6:4-5, the confessional fulcrum of Old Testament faith that defines Yahweh as the unique Sovereign and reduces Israel's obligation to him to one of Exclusive love, that is, obedience. ...
The Exclusiveness of Yahweh is underscored by the insistence that worship be centralized in one place, the place where Yahweh would choose to "put his Name" (12:5,11). Finally, Yahweh's Exclusiveness is celebrated by the tribute paid him by his vassal people Israel
John the Baptist - If we accede to the opinion of those who contend for the year 97, this late date, Exclusive of the authorities which support it, seems favoured by the contents and design of the Gospel itself. But decreasing love is an Exclusive criterion and failing, which the Apostle reprimands in no other community
Education - In character Hebrew education was predominantly, one might almost say Exclusively, religious and ethical. In the Beth hammidrash (house of study) the Exclusive subjects of study were the interpretation of the OT, and the art of applying the regulations of the Torah, by means of certain exegetical canons, to the minutest details of the life of the time
Psalms, Book of, - There are none to which the period of his reign at Hebron can lay Exclusive claim. Now there are in the Psalter at least three psalms of which the interest evidently centers in a person distinct from the speaker, and which, since they cannot without violence to the language be interpreted of any but the Messiah, may be termed directly and Exclusively Messianic
Synagogue - église) became the Exclusive name for the Christian Church in the double sense of congregation and house of worship (Schürer, GJV Galatians, Letter to the - With the coming of Christ, faith and law had become mutually Exclusive as ways to approach God
High Priest - He figures in the narrative of Numbers 16:1 where the offering of incense is affirmed as the Exclusive prerogative of the priests and in the red heifer ceremony ( Numbers 19:1 )
Sol'Omon - Apparently his influence over his son's character was one Exclusively for good. (1 Kings 10:28,29 ) The total amount thus brought into the treasury in gold, Exclusive of all payments in kind, amounted to 666 talents
Captivity - From Jeremiah 52:12; Jeremiah 52:15; Jeremiah 52:28-29; Jeremiah 52:30 we learn Nebuchadnezzar in his seventh (or eighth, according to the month with which the counting of the year begins) year carried away 3,023; but in 2 Kings 24:14; 2 Kings 24:16; Jeremiah 22:18-19; 2 Kings 24:000, and 7,000 men of might, and 1,000 craftsmen; the 3,023 were probably of Judah, the remaining 7,000 were of the other tribes of Israel, of whom some still had been left after the Assyrian deportation; the 1,000 craftsmen were Exclusive of the 10,000
Angels - )...
Rejoice over each recovered penitent (Luke 15:10); are present in Christian congregations (1 Corinthians 11:10); exercising some function in presenting the saints' prayers, incensed by Christ's merits, the one Mediator, before God (Revelation 8:3; Revelation 5:8); not to be prayed to, which is thrice forbidden (Revelation 19:10; Revelation 22:9; Colossians 2:18): when we send an offering to the King, the King's messenger durst not appropriate the King's Exclusive due
Labour (2) - ...
A charge, which has been brought again and again against the Christian religion, is that it is too Exclusive in its other-worldliness to be of practical value in the midst of life’s stern realities
Perfect Perfection - ” ’ But even if the two meanings are not mutually Exclusive, the primary appeal is for reconciliation, in order that the personal perfecting in grace of the members of the Church may not be hindered
Optatus, Bishop of Milevis - This chair with whose Exclusive claim for respect the little Donatist community can in no way compete carries with it necessarily the "angel" ("ducit ad se angelum") unless the Donatists have this gift enclosed for their own use in a narrow space and excluding the seven angels of St. (3) The holy spirit of adoption which Donatists claim Exclusively for themselves applying to Catholics unjustly the words of our Lord about proselytism (Mat_23:15) (4) The fountain (probably faith) of which heretics cannot partake and (5) its seal "annulus" (probably baptism) (Son_4:12). As a theological treatise it is often loose and rambling, with frequent repetition; but it exposes with clearness and force the inconsistency of the Donatists, and of all who, like them, fix their attention Exclusively on the ethical side of religion, estimated by an arbitrary standard of opinion, to the disregard of other conditions of the greatest importance in the constitution of a church
Pharisees - This tendency towards an Exclusiveness of culture increased, and the breach widened between the Pharisee and the ’am haarets. Manifestly this was in opposition to the Pharisaic tendency towards Exclusiveness, and it was the latter that conquered. We may take it that this ended all missionary enterprise, and that after the fall of the city the Exclusive tendency reigned supreme. Paul is meritorious not more as the Apostle of the Gentiles than by the fact that he, a former Pharisee, saw so clearly the danger of this incipient neo-Pharisaism with its Exclusiveness and ‘desire to be under the law,’ and combated it so successfully
Covenant - ...
If we believe, therefore, in a Trinity, it is more proper to suppose that they were all engaged in this plan of the covenant, than to suppose that the Father and Son were engaged Exclusive of the Holy Spirit, 1 John 5:6-7
Violence - ‘Every man’ (πᾶς) is perhaps emphatic, showing that the Pharisees and the scribes must no longer look on the Kingdom as the Exclusive possession of their nation or class; it was open to all nations, and might be entered by even the lowest men, though it would appear from the warning of the following verses that not all would seek it in the right spirit
Sin - )...
What then is the answer to the dilemma? A possible answer is the fact that the Jewish mind had no problem in admitting two mutually Exclusive ideas into the same system of thought
Joshua, Theology of - In return, his covenant requires Exclusive loyalty to the Lord as the only God worshiped in Israel
Idol, Idolatry - The covenant provided legal parameters for this unique relationship, and the limitation of Exclusive worship was a significant part of the covenant
Antichrist - ...
Antichrist's characteristics (2 Thessalonians 2; 1 John 2:18-22; 1 John 4:3) shall be open opposition to God and religion, a claim to God's Exclusive prerogatives, lawlessness, power of lying miracles and of beguiling souls under Satan's energizing, having a lamb's horns, i
Paul as a Preacher - ...
WHEN it pleased God to reveal the cross of Christ in Paul, from that day the cross of Christ was Paul's special, peculiar, and Exclusive Gospel
Pharisees - " On the return from Babylon the Jews became more Exclusive than ever. Isaiah (Isaiah 65:5) foretells their characteristic formalism, pride of sanctimony, and hypocritical Exclusiveness (Judges 1:18)
Carpocrates, Philospher - Thus the Carpocratians gave honour, but not an Exclusive honour, to Christ
Gnostics - With respect to the origin of this system the same author observes: There is no system of philosophy which has been traced to a greater number of sources than that which we are now discussing; and the variety of opinions seems to have arisen from persons either not observing the very different aspects which Gnosticism assumed, or from wishing to derive it from one Exclusive quarter
Jehoram - ...
The king's want of faith, yet mixed with recognition of God's Exclusive omnipotence, appears in his answer to the Syrian king's command that he should heal Naaman of his leprosy, "Am I God to kill and to make alive, that this man," etc
Thessalonians, the Epistles to the - Their defect was the Exclusive dwelling of some on Christ's kingdom to such a degree as to neglect present duties (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12)
Census - ) numbered 1496, Exclusive of women and children (Ezra 8:1-14)
Logos - The Evangelist shows, it is true, as Kirn points out, that the absoluteness of Christ’s historical mission and His Exclusive mediation of the Divine saving grace are guaranteed by the fact that the roots of His personal life reach Back into the eternal life of God
Salvation - Peter's certainty of this relation between "Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified" and the "God [who raised him]'>[2] from the dead" moves him to the Exclusive confession that salvation belongs only to the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:10-12 )
Hell - They are mutually Exclusive, if taken literally, for the fires of hell conflict with its "utter darkness
Minister Ministry - ’ This passage is one of those which point to ‘the fundamental idea of the Christian Church, in which an universal priesthood has supplanted the Exclusive ministrations of a select tribe or class
Hermogenes (1), a Teacher of Heretical Doctrine - Tertullian holds Scripture so Exclusive an authority that its mere silence is decisive, and, since it does not mention pre-existent matter, that those who assert its existence incur the woe denounced against those who add to that which is written
Calling - In none of these passages is the doctrine of the Exclusive calling of a set number of men contained; and the synod of Dort, as though they felt this, only attempt to infer the doctrine from a text already quoted; but which we will now more fully notice: "Whom he did predestinate, them he also called; and whom he called, them he also justified; and whom he justified, them he also glorified," Romans 8:30
Nazarene - And by this Exclusive personal right in our Jesus to this Nazarite of God, we plainly discover this sweet feature of character in our Lord, which endears him to his people, and shews the solemn dedication of himself for them to God
Law - Moses, conscious of the degeneracy of the Israelites, their ignorance of, or their inattention to, the true God, and the difficulty and danger of any attempt to recall them to his Exclusive worship, and to withdraw them from Egypt, seems to decline the task; but when absolutely commanded to undertake it, he said unto God, "Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses, I am that I am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you,"...
Exodus 3:13-14 . Interpreted in this natural and rational latitude, how comprehensive and important is this summary of moral duty! It inculcates the adoration of the one true God, who "made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is;" who must, therefore, be infinite in power, and wisdom, and goodness; the object of Exclusive adoration; of gratitude for every blessing we enjoy; of fear, for he is a jealous God; of hope, for he is merciful
Persecution - We can trace in Elijah’s attitude the germ of that Exclusiveness which is inevitable when the terms ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘true’ and ‘false’ are introduced into religion. Right is Exclusive; truth is intolerant. The prophet is necessarily insistent, uncompromising, intolerant, Exclusive. Conscious of the nature of the possession which he had in his religion, he cultivated national self-confidence and self-reliance, which ultimately degenerated into national pride and Exclusiveness. The Emperor had no deep-rooted objection to the religion of Judah-except its Exclusiveness. They were rigorously and Exclusively Jewish in their outlook
Tares - This ties the parable to the historical situation in which it was spoken, forbidding an Exclusive reference to the future; while the fact that it is the Son of Man (= Messiah) who has sown the good seed (cf
Disciples - Thus, others in the Pauline missionary party were called, for example, “brother,” “fellow worker,” or “bond servant” (Romans 16:3 ; Philippians 2:25 ; Colossians 4:7-14 ; 1 Thessalonians 3:1 ); but the term “apostle” had a more Exclusive, and thus more restricted, meaning
Flood, the - ...
Many lines of biblical evidence converge in affirming the universal extent of the flood and also reveal the theological significance of this conclusion: (1) the trajectory of major themes in Genesis 1-11 creation, fall, plan of redemption, spread of sinis universal in scope and calls for a matching universal judgment; (2) the genealogical lines from both Adam (Genesis 4:17-26 ; 5:1-31 ) and Noah (Genesis 10:1-32 ; 11:1-9 ) are Exclusive in nature, indicating that as Adam was father of all preflood humanity, so Noah was father of all postflood humanity; (3) the same inclusive divine blessing to be fruitful and multiply is given to both Adam and Noah (Genesis 1:28 ; 9:1 ); (4) the covenant (Genesis 9:9-10 ) and its rainbow sign (Genesis 9:12-17 ) are clearly linked with the extent of the flood (Genesis 9:16,18 ); if there was only a local flood, then the covenant would be only a limited covenant; (5) the viability of God's promise (Genesis 9:15 ; cf
Rufus - 107), is ‘depreciatory,—not indeed of the Twelve themselves, but of the extravagant and Exclusive claims set up for them by the Judaizers
Luke, Gospel of - ...
Some scholars have posited an “L” source (an abbreviation for Luke) identifying some 500 verses Exclusive to Luke, including the 132 verses of Luke 1:39-56 and Luke 2:1
Joel, Theology of - True, the two are not mutually Exclusive; but neither are they identical
Ebionism - After the Fall of Jerusalem, just as Judaism became more intolerant and more Exclusive, so we may suppose this judaizing sect followed suit, and, retiring more and more from fellowship with the Church at large, and seeking to strengthen their own position, they by degrees formulated the system we have described
Sanctify - First, it can mean “to declare something holy” or to declare it to be med Exclusively for celebrating God’s glory. ...
This stem may also be used of putting something or someone into a state reserved Exclusively for God’s use: “Sanctify unto me all the first-born, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine” ( Exclusive use by God’s people ( Exclusively for divine service—for rest from labor ( Rufus - 107), is ‘depreciatory,—not indeed of the Twelve themselves, but of the extravagant and Exclusive claims set up for them by the Judaizers
Baptism - But Christ's baptism was performed by His disciples, not Himself, that He might mark His Exclusive dignity as baptizer, with the Holy Spirit (John 4:2), and that the validity of baptism might not depend on the worth of the minister but on God's appointment. Circumcision was the badge of Jewish Exclusiveness in one aspect; baptism is the badge of God's world-wide mercy in Christ
Ezra, the Book of - 26-27, and ending with that Exclusive ministry to them for three and a half years after His crucifixion, ceasing through their own rejection of Him when preached by the apostles and evangelists (Acts 7-8)
Law - " The order of the ten indicates the divine hand; God's being, unity, Exclusive deity, "have no other gods before My face" (Hebrews 4:13); His worship as a Spirit without idol symbol; His name; His day; His earthly representatives, parents, to be honoured; then regard for one's neighbour's life; for his second self, his wife; his property; character; bridling the desires, the fence of duty to one's neighbour and one's self
Reality - —(3) In His bearing towards the bigoted Exclusiveness of His day. The same superiority to the Exclusive temper of His time is evinced also in His relations with the despised Samaritans (John 4:4-12, Luke 17:11-19; cf
Heaven, Heavens, Heavenlies - The nearly Exclusive word for heaven in the Old Testament, samayim Golden Rule - The two views are complementary and not mutually Exclusive
Aaron - ...
The consecration comprised a sin offering for reconciliation, a burnt offering to express whole-hearted self-consecration to God, and a meat offering (minchah ), unbloody, of flour, salt, oil, and frankincense, to thank God for the blessings of nature (these marking the blessings and duties of man); then also the special tokens of the priestly office, the ram of consecration, whose blood was sprinkled on Aaron and his sons to sanctify them, the sacred robes "for glory and for beauty," breast-plate, ephod, robe, embroidered coat, mitre, and girdle, and linen breeches (Exodus 28); and the anointing with the holy oil, which it was death for anyone else to compound or use (Exodus 30:22-38), symbolizing God's grace, the Exclusive source of spiritual unction
Amazement - ...
Θαυμάζω is a broad term, primarily expressing the complete engagement of the mind with an object which seizes so powerfully upon the attention as to compel Exclusive occupation with it
Apostle - ...
To the Apostles belonged the peculiar and Exclusive prerogative of writing doctrinal and preceptive books of authority in the Christian church; and it sufficiently appears that no epistles or other doctrinal writings of any person who was of a rank below that of an Apostle, were received by Christians as a part of their rule of faith
New Testament - Tischendorf catalogues about 500 of the Gospels, 200 of the Acts and Catholic Epistles, 250 of the Pauline Epistles, and a little less than 100 of the Apocalypse (exclusive of lectionaries); but this enumeration can only be accepted as a rough approximation, ...
Having surveyed in outline the history of the transmission of the written text and the chief characteristics of the MSS
Joannes, Bishop of Ephesus - ...
His attitude to the great controversy of his day is that of one thoroughly convinced that his own party holds Exclusive possession of the truth
Woman - The mutual dependence of man and woman, and their common origin in God, teach that the male has no Exclusive place ‘in the Lord’ (1 Corinthians 11:11-12)
Leviticus, Theology of - It is a coherent unit of regulations focusing almost Exclusively on the problem of purity (i. " In its various contexts this "I am the Lord (your God)" formula emphasizes the importance of Exclusive worship and obedience to Yahweh because he is truly the Lord
God, Names of - God retains Exclusive prerogative as deity. " Yahweh as God is Exclusively God: "This is what the Lord saysIsrael's King and Redeemer, the Lord Almighty: I am the first and I am the last; apart from me there is no God" (Isaiah 44:6 )
Coming to Christ - On the other hand, Christ’s call is an Exclusive call. The phrase ‘coming to Christ’ belongs, it is true, almost Exclusively to the Gospels, and is found in its highest meaning mainly in that of St
Friendship - —(b) The Exclusive type of friendship is displayed in the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15)
Song of Songs - The Exclusive use of the abbreviated pronoun occurs in no early document, and cannot be explained as a peculiarity of the northern dialect
Bible - " The term "Bible," though dating only from the 5th century in its sacred and Exclusive use, is virtually expressed in the designations occurring in itself: "The Scripture" (John 10:35; John 20:9; Romans 4:3; 2 Peter 1:20); "the Book" (Psalms 40:7, cepher ); "the Scripture (kithab ) of truth" (Daniel 10:21)
Canaan, History And Religion of - It was not possible to worship both, for Yahweh demanded Exclusive allegiance
Holy Spirit - Thus the possession of the Spirit was not the Exclusive privilege of an official class, but was granted to the entire community entrusted with the service of God, and baptism is accordingly offered to all in view of the promise of the Spirit (Acts 2:38; Acts 19:2 f. Had the Spirit occupied a position independent of Christ, the primitive faith would inevitably have acquired that mystical tendency which finds the evidences of Divine grace Exclusively in the inner life of man
Prophet - Herein they rose above Jewish Exclusiveness, drew forth the living spirit from beneath the letter of the law, and prepared for a perfect, final, and universal church. The college training was but a preparation, then in the case of the few followed God's Exclusive work: Exodus 3:2, Moses; 1 Samuel 3:10, Samuel; Isaiah, Isaiah 6:8; Jeremiah, Jeremiah 1:5; Ezekiel
Baxterianism - It is a singular fact, that the Presbyterians, though at first more rigid in their doctrinal views, and more Exclusive in their spirit and system of church government, than the Independents, became before the death of Baxter the more liberal party
Circumcision - It had not only no reason remaining, but the continuance of the rite involved the recognition of Exclusive privileges which had been terminated by Christ
Israel, History of - In the lengthy rule of Manasseh (687-642), Judah jettisoned much of the concern for Exclusive Yahwism
Sanhedrin (2) - The administration of secular affairs tended to produce in this caste a certain worldliness, a more or less Exclusive interest in worldly business and culture, and consequently a readiness to fall under the influence of Hellenism. Passively opposed to them were the Hăsîdîm, the pious students of the Law and the legal tradition, whose interests and aspirations were Exclusively religious and ecclesiastical. At the time of John Hyrcanus, therefore, the Sanhedrin consisted of adherents of the Hasmonaean dynasty—the new aristocracy combined with the remnants of the old, representing two of the three elements of the later court, the chief priests and the elders—and was overwhelmingly, if not Exclusively, Sadducee. The new Sanhedrin had no political authority, and was composed Exclusively of Rabbis, whose discussions and decisions were mainly theoretical
Saviour (2) - To be a Saviour is God’s Exclusive prerogative (Psalms 60:11; Psalms 108:12, Isaiah 43:11; Isaiah 45:22)
Gospel - Through all his letters, the contrast between Law and gospel as mutually Exclusive is developed in the antitheses, law and faith, works and grace, wages and free gift-‘Ye are severed from Christ, ye who would be justified by the law; ye are fallen away from grace’ (Galatians 5:4)
Living (2) - But in the verses following (Isaiah 12:4-6), it was implied that the water so drawn was not to be Israel’s Exclusive possession, but that the salvation which it symbolized was to be communicated to other nations (Isaiah 12:5 ‘let this be known in all the earth,’ Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885 )
Solomon - )...
He walked in David's godly ways but there being no one Exclusive temple yet, he sacrificed in high places, especially at the great high place in Gibeon, where was the tabernacle with its altar, while the ark was in Zion
Red Sea - ...
The particulars of this transaction demonstrate, that neither the host of the Israelites, nor the host of Pharaoh, could possibly have passed at the head of the gulf near Suez; where the sea was only half a league broad, according to Niebuhr's own supposition, and consequently too narrow to contain the whole host of Pharaoh at once; whose six hundred chariots alone, Exclusive of his cavalry and infantry, must have occupied more ground
Sabbath - The question respects the will of God as to this particular point,— Whether one day in seven is to be wholly devoted to religion, Exclusive of worldly business and worldly pleasures
Parable - They taught with pride and complacency that the Kingdom of God had reached its final consummation and embodiment in their own Exclusive circle, whereas the message of Christ was to be borne over new areas of progress and expansion until it reached and conquered the uttermost parts of the earth
Oath - Any exceptions to this strongly Exclusive phrase must bear the burden of proof, and to apply it strictly in the meantime is the only natural course, and the precise reverse of ‘hair-splitting’ (T
Philanthropy - But without for the moment setting against these passages others in which the sympathy of Jesus is seen to be as catholic as it was tender, it may very well be argued that these two incidents do not establish Exclusiveness in Christ, and in any case the Exclusiveness broke down and gave way to the very opposite feeling in Him. There could be no finer method of revealing to the disciples the contrast between that Exclusiveness of spirit which He had come to destroy, and the larger trust in the all-comprehending love of God which He came to fulfil. Whether He spoke the words to Nicodemus or not, it is clear that John learnt from Him that the love of God was not the Exclusive privilege of the Jew, but that God loved ‘the world,’ and that His salvation was within the reach of whosoever should believe (John 3:16)
Church - The Popish doctrine is certainly not found in their writings; and so far were they from making provision for the government of this one supposed church, by the appointment of one visible and Exclusive head, that they provide for the future government of the respective churches raised up by them in a totally different manner, that is, by the ordination of ministers for each church, who are indifferently called bishops, and presbyters, and pastors
Food - The food of a typical Hebrew household in historical times was almost Exclusively vegetarian. According to the author of the Priests’ Code, indeed, the food of men and beasts alike was Exclusively herbaceous in the period before the Deluge ( Genesis 1:29 f. Under the simpler conditions of early times the Exclusive source of supply was the householder’s own herd ( Genesis 18:7 ) or flock ( Genesis 27:9 ), his vineyard and oliveyard or his ‘garden of herbs’ ( 1 Kings 21:2 )
Hellenistic And Biblical Greek - for Modern Greek, with its dialects (exclusive, however, of the Tsaconic spoken in the Parnon Mts
Galatians Epistle to the - Paul’s stay in the city was limited to fifteen days (1618530945_17), or that he was unknown by sight to the Christians of Judaea , unless it be assumed that ‘Judaea ’ means the outlying districts Exclusive of Jerusalem (cf
Money (2) - ...
On the other hand, the supply of copper money must have been almost, if not quite, Exclusively of native production. It is true that this was to be Exclusive of his necessary expenses; but, on the other hand, the position was one of trust, and would naturally be more highly remunerated than field labour)
Asceticism (2) - The Kingdom of God is the highest good, and as such establishes a claim on man’s Exclusive devotion
Progress - The religion of the Prophets, which in its ideas, sentiments, and strivings had begun to cross the boundaries of Exclusive nationality, had been changed, as a system of law, as a method of Divine worship and service, as a way of salvation, and as a political ideal, into a narrow, rigid, national institution; and this institution, it was claimed, had a right to exist throughout all ages, although it was, in effect, a wall of separation not only between Jews and Gentiles, but also between the latter and God. For the time being He devoted Himself wholly and Exclusively to the moral task which His Father had given Him to do; and in doing this, and doing it successfully, He rendered to the cause of human progress a service which will never cease increasing the glory of His name
Propitiation - But in OT theological terminology, kipper, which holds an important place, is used always in a figurative or moral sense with the collateral idea, which in time became the dominant if not the Exclusive one, of conciliating an offended person or screening an offence or offender
Missions - These wide and lofty prophetic aims had to struggle against particularist tendencies, which made the Jews one of the most narrow and Exclusive of the races of mankind
Miracles - He justified His healing on the Sabbath on the same ground as God is above the Sabbath law, working on it as on other days for the sustenance of all life and being (John 5:17), "My Father worketh hereto and I work," thus as the Jews truly alleged calling "God His own (in an Exclusive sense, idion ) Father," and "making Himself equal with God
Amos, Theology of - Beneath the surface, it is not the pure form of the worship of Yahweh envisioned in the Pentateuch with its Exclusive devotion to Israel's God and its centralized cult (Exodus 20:2-6 ; Deuteronomy 5:6-10 ; 6:4-5 ; 12:1-13:18 ). ...
Hope and Restoration The message of Amos is largely a gloomy one, but not Exclusively so
Inspiration - (a) Inspiration and dictation are, as has more than once been pointed out, two different, even mutually Exclusive, operations
Money - ...
A noteworthy feature of the entries of prices in the pre-exilic writings of the Hebrews is the disappearance of the mina, the sums being stated in terms of shekels and talents Exclusively. ...
To such an extent was the shekel the Exclusive unit in all ordinary transactions, that the Hebrew writers frequently omit it in their statements of prices
Quakers - "To monthly meetings also belongs the allowing of marriages; for our society hath always scrupled to acknowledge the Exclusive authority of the priests in the solemnization of marriage
Virgin Birth - ]'>[13] But the two ideas are not mutually Exclusive
Ideas (Leading) - The natural tendency was to regard this as the Exclusive privilege of the chosen people
John, Theology of - This is a relationship that is Exclusively reserved for Jesus and cannot be shared by others. As Son, he has an Exclusive knowledge of God (6:47; 10:15; 17:25) and therefore enjoys equal glory with God among people (5:23). These are gifts possessed Exclusively by those who belong to Jesus' flock (10:1-10) and which remain mysterious to those in the world, whose domain is darkness. The description of Nicodemus's rebirth focuses Exclusively on spirit, leaving water behind
Eschatology (2) - ]'>[4] have reached on these points the most negative conclusions, do not doubt that in the fatter part of His career, and perhaps habitually, Jesus held the apocalyptic view of the final Kingdom and of the glorious advent of the Messiah; and, even if we exclude the title ‘Son of Man’ from those passages in the Gospels which have no eschatological reference, there remains a sufficient number (about a third of the entire number, Exclusive of John) where the eschatological reference is distinct. ) had in view mainly (we cannot say Exclusively) those Israelites who had sealed their fidelity to the law of Jahweh with their blood, but it may be taken for certain that, long before the time represented by the Gospels, all idea of the blessings of the Kingdom being restricted to members of the holy nation who had suffered death for their fidelity (if such an idea was ever entertained), had completely disappeared
Ascension (2) - The motives, moreover, which prompted the Senate to give each successive emperor a place among the gods, or the Hindu devotee to regard his hero as divine, are easy to trace: in the former instance political; in the latter, religious indeed, but too naïve for the Jew, who had no natural tendency to deify—such a tendency has not been proved, it is incompatible with the Exclusive and stubborn monotheism of the race
Apocalypse - This circumstance alone might warrant the almost Exclusive devotion of this article to an account of this book, but such concentration offers, besides, the advantage of showing the leading features of the apocalyptic style as they appear, so to speak, synthetically, interwoven with an actual situation-a crisis-on which the mind of the apocalyptist reacts
Methodists - Their regular preachers were eight hundred and forty-six in Great Britain; in Ireland, a hundred and forty-six; in foreign stations, Exclusive of catechists, a hundred and eighty-seven
Ordination - But probably the list given is Exclusive
Julius (5), Bishop of Rome - It certainly implies no claim to Exclusive jurisdiction over all churches
Joseph - Pharaoh himself was invested with the highest sacerdotal dignity, and could remove all disqualifications, so as to enable Joseph to be allied to the proud and Exclusive priest caste
Prayer - The Lord's prayer, it is observed, was not given to be a set form, Exclusive of extemporary prayer
Education - ’ Reading thus came to be a universal accomplishment among the Jewish people, and it was a necessary qualification where the sacred books were not the Exclusive concern of a priestly caste, but were meant to be read and studied in the home as well as read aloud and expounded in the synagogue. Down to the Roman period at least, this educational Exclusiveness was maintained, and only the sons of those who were full citizens were the subjects of education, although there were cases in which daughters rose to distinction in letters, and even examples of slaves, like the philosopher Epictetus, who burst the restraints of their position and showed themselves capable of rising to eminence in learning and virtue
Ethics (2) - Theology is still tainted with the propensity, inherited from Rationalism, to see in the production of ideas the all but Exclusive factor in the making of history or the progress of man
Church - It was through the Christian Church that God filled the world with His Spirit; to it belonged the glorious future and the final triumph; for by it the religion of an Exclusive nation had been transformed into a religion for the whole world
Jesus Christ - The serious defect, from the Johannine point of view, is that they represent Galilee as the Exclusive scene of the Ministry until shortly before the end, and that they know nothing of a series of visits, extending over two years, which Jesus made to Jerusalem and Judæa in fulfilment of His mission
Freedom of the Will - In reality, therefore, freedom and necessity are not Exclusive states
Arabia - The greater part of this division was more Exclusively the possession of the Midianites, or land of Midian; where Moses, having fled from Egypt, married the daughter of Jethro, and spent forty years keeping the flocks of his father-in-law: no humiliating occupation in those days, and particularly in Midian, which was a land of shepherds; the whole people having no other way of life than that of rearing and tending their flocks, or in carrying the goods they received from the east and south into Phenicia and Egypt. ...
It is not the least singular circumstance in the history of this extraordinary people, that those who, in the enthusiasm of their first successes, were the sworn foes of literature, should become for several ages its Exclusive patrons
Christianity - Nor ought it to be forgotten that the religion to which such numbers were proselyted, was an Exclusive one
Prophet - The apologetic use of prophecy in the past no doubt led to a too Exclusive consideration of this aspect of the prophetic books; and the Church has gained much by regarding the prophets as men inspired by Jehovah with special moral messages to the age in which they lived
Law (2) - He gives His verdict in favour of the temple at Jerusalem, but He asserts that the hour has already come for both sanctuaries to lose whatever Exclusive legitimacy they may possess
Christ in Modern Thought - By constructing a theory in which the Infinite and the finite, the Divine and the human, are not Exclusive of each other, it demonstrated the rationality of the Incarnation
Christ in Reformation Theology - ‘They still believed in an Exclusive priesthood, in magical sacramental grace, in prayers to saints, and works of merit and Papal dispensations
Hippolytus Romanus - This inscription must have been placed before that section had disappeared and Latin had become the Exclusive language of the church
Clemens Romanus of Rome - The writer is distinctly a Gentile, and contrasts himself and his readers with the Jewish nation in a manner quite unlike the genuine Clement; and his quotations are not, like Clement's, almost Exclusively from O. , at which time our four gospels were in a position of Exclusive authority
Lutherans - That justification is the effect of faith Exclusive of good works; and that faith ought to produce good works purely in obedience to God, and not in order to our justification; for St. Under the pretext, therefore, of relieving the throbbing breast from its apprehensions, they had recourse to numerous inventions for propping the insecure fabric of penitential hope; asserting, among other extravagancies, that the sacraments are in themselves efficacious by virtue of their own operation, Exclusively of all merit in the recipient; and that the sacrament of the altar, in particular, acts so powerful in this respect as to communicate grace not only to those who partake of it, but to others from whom it is received by substitution, provided its operation be not hindered by confessedly flagrant immorality
Confession - 180,) which relates Exclusively to the reality of Christ's personality and sufferings in opposition to the Docetae, the earliest document of this kind is to be found in the writings of Irenaeus, who flourished toward the end of the second century of the Christian aera. Though the Romish church early appropriated to itself the Exclusive title of catholic, or universal; and though, for many centuries, its unscriptural tenets pervaded the far greater part of Europe; not only were there always some individuals who adhered to the doctrines of genuine Christianity, but, long before the Protestant reformation, there appear to have been whole congregations who maintained, in considerable purity, the substance of the faith contained in Scripture
Palestine - In the heart of the invaded country Jerusalem remained bitterly Exclusive and hostile to all the world, so far as the Pharisees could keep it so. Far from the centre of Jewish Exclusiveness, crossed by great high roads from the sea to the east, and actually inhabited by multitudes of Gentiles from various lands, Galilee was the most open-minded and tolerant part of the land
Paul (2) - We may distinguish—not sharply, and as though they were mutually Exclusive, but rather as at one time in alliance and at another in opposition—two main streams, the Rabbinical and the Apocalyptic
Perfection (of Jesus) - And so, though born among the most Exclusive of nations, a son of Abraham after the flesh, He is no Jew: He is the first Citizen of the world; in Paul’s revealing phrase, ‘the last Adam