What does Excerpt mean in the Bible?


Webster's Dictionary - Excerpt
(v. t.) To select; to extract; to cite; to quote.
(n.) An extract; a passage selected or copied from a book or record.

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Offprint - ) A reprint or Excerpt. ) To reprint (as an Excerpt); as, the articles of some magazines are offprinted from other magazines
Excerpted - ) of Excerpt...
Excerpting - ) of Excerpt...
Scrap - ) Specifically, a fragment of something written or printed; a brief Excerpt; an unconnected extract
Felicitas, Martyr at Carthage - text, probably an Excerpt from the Gk
Ezra, Book of - Nehemiah, Book of - That part of this voluminous work which now bears the title Nehemiah is so called because it deals largely with the career of the Jewish patriot whose name it carries, and embodies Excerpts of considerable extent from his personal memoirs. This passage is an Excerpt from the memoirs, but has been abridged and revised by the compiler
Manasseh - In Numbers 32:39 ; Numbers 32:41-42 ( Numbers 32:40 is not original) we have an Excerpt from JE Acts of the Apostles (Apocryphal) - ’ This apocryphal correspondence was contained in the Acts of Paul, but it also circulated in some Syriac and Armenian NT Manuscripts ; no doubt it was an Excerpt from the Acts, but it is not clear whether Ephraim knew the Acts or the Excerpt
Christ, Christology - " In this Excerpt from Jesus' larger manual for mission in the Sermon on the Mount he is presenting the proper attitude of discipleship in the inaugurated age of evangelization when the disciples, following the example of their Messiah, place themselves at the disposal of sinners to bring them to salvation
Aristion (Aristo) - ), that the Appendix to Mark is not the original full narrative, but an Excerpt, constitutes the next step in the solution of our problem
Greek Versions of ot - But MSS so huge could not easily be copied, and the natural tendency was to Excerpt the LXX Ignatius - 63, Excerpt
Valentinus, Founder of a Gnostic Sect - 11, and the title prefixed to the Excerpts of Clemens Εκ τοῦ Θευδότου καὶ τῆς Ἀνατολικῆς καλουμένης διδασκαλίας ). 40); the older work, on the other hand, Excerpted by Irenaeus is apparently correct in naming him first as Valentinus's earliest disciple ( Haer. Beside the numerous fragments and quotations in Irenaeus and the Philosophumena , and in the Excerpts from Theodotus, and the anatolic school, which seem yet to need a closer investigation, we may mention: the letter of Ptolemaeus to Flora (ap. ; Excerpt. The general character of these Excerpts is similar to others in other writings of Clemens Alexandrinus, and does not justify the assumption that their present abrupt fragmentary form proceeded from Clemens himself. ...
Very little is obtainable from the Syntagma of Hippolytus, preserved in the Excerpts of Pseudo-Tertullian ( Haer