What does Example mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
τύπον the mark of a stroke or blow 2
ὑπόδειγμα a sign suggestive of anything 2
δεῖγμα a thing shown. / a specimen of any thing 1
ὑπογραμμὸν a writing copy 1
ὑποδείγματι a sign suggestive of anything 1

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   1 the mark of a stroke or blow, print.
   2 a figure formed by a blow or impression.
      2a of a figure or image.
      2b of the image of the gods.
   3 form.
      3a the teaching which embodies the sum and substance of religion and represents it to the mind, manner of writing, the contents and form of a letter.
   4 an Example.
      4a in the technical sense, the pattern in conformity to which a thing must be made.
      4b in an ethical sense, a dissuasive Example, a pattern of warning.
         4b1 of ruinous events which serve as admonitions or warnings to others.
      4c an Example to be imitated.
         4c1 of men worthy of imitation.
      4d in a doctrinal sense.
         4d1 of a type i.e. a person or thing prefiguring a future (Messianic) person or thing.


   1 a sign suggestive of anything, delineation of a thing, representation, figure, copy.
   2 an Example: for imitation.
      2a of the thing to be imitated.
      2b for a warning, of a thing to be shunned.


   1 a writing copy, including all the letters of the alphabet, given to beginners as an aid in learning to draw them.
   2 an Example set before one.

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Frequency of Example (English)


Easton's Bible Dictionary - Example
Of Christ (1 Peter 2:21 ; John 13:15 ); of pastors to their flocks (Philippians 3:17 ; 2 th 3:9 ; 1 Timothy 4:12 ; 1 Peter 5:3 ); of the Jews as a warning (Hebrews 4:11 ); of the prophets as suffering affliction (James 5:10 ).
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Example
A — 1: δεῖγμα (Strong's #1164 — Noun Neuter — deigma — digh'-mah ) primarily "a thing shown, a specimen" (akin to deiknumi, "to show"), denotes an "example" given as a warning, Jude 1:7 . Note: The corresponding word in 2 Peter 2:6 is No. 2.
A — 2: ὑπόδειγμα (Strong's #5262 — Noun Neuter — hupodeigma — hoop-od'-igue-mah ) see ENSAMPLE , No. 3.
A — 3: τύπος (Strong's #5179 — Noun Masculine — tupos — too'-pos ) see ENSAMPLE , No. 1.
A — 4: ὑπογραμμός (Strong's #5261 — Noun Masculine — hupogrammos — hoop-og-ram-mos' ) lit., "an under-writing" (from hupographo, "to write under, to trace letters" for copying by scholars); hence, "a writing-copy, an example," 1 Peter 2:21 , said of what Christ left for believers, by His sufferings (not expiatory, but exemplary), that they might "follow His steps."
B — 1: δειγματίζω (Strong's #1165 — Verb — deigmatizo — digh-mat-id'-zo ) "to make a show of, to expose" (akin to A, No. 1), is translated "to make a public example," in Matthew 1:19 (some mss. have the strengthened form paradeigmatizo here; "put ... to an open shame," Hebrews 6:6 ); in Colossians 2:15 , "made a show of."
B — 2: ὑποδείκνυμι (Strong's #5263 — Verb — hupodeiknumi — hoop-od-ike'-noo-mee ) primarily, "to show secretly" (hupo, "under," deiknumi, "to show"), "to show by tracing out" (akin to A, No. 2); hence, "to teach, to show by example," Acts 20:35 , RV, "I gave you an example," for AV, "I showed you." Elsewhere, "to warn," Matthew 3:7 ; Luke 3:7 ; 12:5 , RV, for AV, "forewarn;" "to show," Luke 6:47 ; Acts 9:16 . See FOREWARN , SHOW , WARN.
Charles Buck Theological Dictionary - Example
A copy or pattern. In a moral sense, is either taken for a type, instance, or precedent for our admonition, that we may be cautioned against the faults or crimes which others have committed, by the bad consequences which have ensued from them; or example is taken for a pattern for our imitation, or a model for us to copy after. That good examples have a peculiar power above naked precepts to dispose us to the practice of virtue and holiness, may appear by considering, "
1. That they most clearly express to us the nature of our duties in their subjects and sensible effects. General precepts form abstract ideas of virtue; but in examples, virtues are most visible in all their circumstances.
2. Precepts instruct us in what things are our duty, but examples assure us that they are possible.
3. Examples, by secret and lively incentive, urge us to imitation. We are touched in another manner by the visible practice of good men, which reproaches our defects, and obliges us to the same zeal, which laws, though wise and good, will not effect." The life of Jesus Christ forms the most beautiful example the Christian can imitate. Unlike all others, it was absolutely perfect and uniform, and every way accommodated to our present state. In him we behold all light without a shade, all beauty without a spot, all the purity of the law, and the excellency of the Gospel. Here we see piety without superstition, and morality without ostentation; humility without meanness, and fortitude without temerity; patience without apathy, and compassion without weakness; zeal without rashness, and beneficience without prodigality. The obligation we are under to imitate this example arises from duty, relationship, engagement, interest, and gratitude.
See article JESUS CHRIST. Those who set bad examples should consider,
1. That they are the ministers of the devil's designs to destroy souls.
2. That they are acting in direct opposition to Christ, who came to save, and not to destroy.
3. That they are adding to the miseries and calamities which are already in the world.
4. That the effects of their example may be incalculable on society to the end of time, and perhaps in eternity; for who can tell what may be the consequence of one sin, on a family, a nation, or posterity?
5. They are acting contrary to the divine command and thus exposing themselves to final ruin. Massillon's Ser. vol. 2: ser. 9 Eng. Trans. Clarke's Looking Glass, ch. 48. Tillotson's Ser. ser. 189, 190. Barrow's Works, vol. 3: ser. 2 and 3. Mason's Ser. vol. 2: ser. 17.
Webster's Dictionary - Example
(n.) One or a portion taken to show the character or quality of the whole; a sample; a specimen.
(n.) That which is to be followed or imitated as a model; a pattern or copy.
(n.) That which resembles or corresponds with something else; a precedent; a model.
(n.) That which is to be avoided; one selected for punishment and to serve as a warning; a warning.
(n.) An instance serving for illustration of a rule or precept, especially a problem to be solved, or a case to be determined, as an exercise in the application of the rules of any study or branch of science; as, in trigonometry and grammar, the principles and rules are illustrated by examples.
(v. t.) To set an example for; to give a precedent for; to exemplify; to give an instance of; to instance.
Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types - Example
James 5:10 (c) Bible characters are examples of certain truths and the patterns of certain attributes which James asks us to consider.
Here are a few:
Abel, the model speaker.
Enoch, the model walker.
Noah, the model worker.
Job, the model of patience.
Moses, model of faithfulness.
Joseph, the model of piety.
David, the model of praise.
Jonathan, the model friend.
Abraham, the model of faith.
Samuel, the model of godliness.
Elijah, the model reformer.
Elisha, the model helper.
Ebedmelech, model of kindness.
Nehemiah, model man of business.
Daniel, the model of decision.
John the Baptist, the model of devotion.
Paul, the model of earnestness.
Peter, model of impulsiveness.
JESUS, model of every virtue.
King James Dictionary - Example
EXAM'PLE, n. egzam'pl. L. e xemplum.
1. A pattern a copy a mode that which is proposed to be imitated. This word, when applied to material things, is now generally written sample, as a sample of cloth but example is sometimes used. 2. A pattern, in morals or manners a copy, or model that which is proposed or is proper to be imitated. I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. John 13 .
Example is our preceptor before we can reason.
3. Precedent a former instance. Buonaparte furnished many examples of successful bravery. 4. Precedent or former instance, in a bad sense, intended for caution. Lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. Hebrews 4
Sodom and Gomorrah--are set forth for an example,suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Jude 1:7
5. A person fit to be proposed for a pattern one whose conduct is worthy of imitation. Be thou an example of the believers. 1 Timothy 4 .
6. Precedent which disposes to imitation. Example has more effect than precept.
7. Instance serving for illustration of a rule or precept or a particular case or proposition illustrating a general rule, position or truth. The principles of trigonometry and the rules of grammar are illustrated by examples. 8. In logic, or rhetoric, the conclusion of one singular point from another an induction of what may happen from what has happened. If war has produced calamities of a particular kind in one instance, it is inferred that it will produce like consequences in other cases. This is an example. EXAM'PLE, To exemplify to set an example. Not used.
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Example
A. Linquistic usage.—The word ‘example’ (or ‘ensample’) occurs 15 times in the AV and 17 times in the RV of the NT. In the two versions it stands 7 times (1 Corinthians 10:6, John 15:4-76 1 Thessalonians 1:7, 2 Thessalonians 3:9, 1 Timothy 4:12, Titus 2:7 RV, 1 Peter 5:3) for τύτος, once (1 Timothy 1:18 RV) for ὑποτύπωσις, once (1 Corinthians 10:11) in adverbial phrase for τυτικῶς, 5 times (John 13:15, Hebrews 4:11; Hebrews 8:5, James 5:10, 2 Peter 2:6) for ὑτοδειγμα, once (Acts 20:35) as partial rendering of ὑτοδείκνυμι, once (Judges 1:7) for δεῖγμα, once (Matthew 1:19) as partial rendering of δειγματιζω, and once (1 Peter 2:21) for ὑτογραμμὸς. For our present purpose Matthew 1:19 falls quite out of account. δεῖγμα (Matthew 10:32-39) is a ‘specimen,’ ‘an (illustrative) exhibit’—in this instance set forth as a warning, though of itself this simple form hardly suggests either imitation or shunning, as ὑπόδειγμα does. The other passages all more or less illustrate the topic in hand. Besides these, there are, of course, many other passages which, though not employing the term ‘example,’ are no less relevant and significant than these.
Τύτος, whether tr. ‘example’ or ‘pattern,’ ‘type,’ has generally an important bearing upon our topic. Primarily the ‘mark,’ ‘impression’ of a stroke or blow (John 12:44-50 ‘print’), hence ‘figure,’ ‘image’ (John 14:9-10), τύτος is generally ‘pattern,’ ‘type,’ ‘example.’ Sometimes the example is by way of warning, as 1 Corinthians 10:6; 1 Corinthians 10:11. Generally, however, it is an example to be imitated. A corresponding sense is to be ascribed to ὑτοτύτωσις (1 Timothy 1:16, 2 Timothy 1:13). [1].—ὑτοδειγμα is a concrete illustration or exhibition, designed for imitation or for warning—generally the former. In one instance in the NT ὑποδειγμα is used for after-representation (Ger. Abbild).—ὑτογραμμος is a ‘writing-copy’ (model), to be imitated by the pupil. Hence an example set before one for close imitation. This is perhaps the most vivid of the NT terms indicative of Christ’s exampleship. The term itself implies the strictest imitation; though both the context and the general teaching of the NT will save us from the error of conceiving Christ’s example as something formal and external.
Among the other terms which give expression to the idea of Christian example, the most prominent are μιμέομαι and μιμητῆς (AV ‘follow’ and ‘follower,’ RV ‘imitate’ and ‘imitator’). The verb occurs 4 times in the NT (2 Thessalonians 3:7; 2 Thessalonians 3:9, Hebrews 13:7, 3 John 1:11), in one of these instances in connexion with τύτος. The noun occurs 6 times (1 Corinthians 4:16; 1 Corinthians 11:1, Ephesians 5:1, 1 Thessalonians 1:6; 1 Thessalonians 2:14, Hebrews 6:12—at 1 Peter 3:13 the reading μιμηταί is to be rejected), in every instance signifying ‘imitator’ in the ethico-religious sense. In Ephesians 5:1 we find μιμηταὶ τοῦ θεοῦ, in Hebrews 6:12 it is the exemplary saints who are to be imitated, in 1 Corinthians 4:16 St. Paul exhorts to the imitation of himself, rather than to turn away from him, inasmuch as he was their father in the faith. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 he bids his readers imitate him as he imitates Christ. In 1 Thessalonians 1:6 it is ‘imitators of us and of the Lord,’ while in 1 Thessalonians 2:14 it is ‘the churches of God in Judaea,’ of whom the Thessalonians had become imitators.
Jesus in gathering His disciples about Him generally bade men ‘follow’ Him (ἀκολουθεω; in one instance, Matthew 4:19, δεῦτε ὁτισω). Primarily the expression means no more than ‘to accompany’ as a disciple, and yet manifestly it became, in our Lord’s use of it, one of the most characteristic and intensely significant expressions of the idea of discipleship in all its deepest import. So where Christ bids the rich young ruler sell all that he has and ‘come, follow me,’ or in the words on ‘taking up the cross and following,’ and elsewhere (see esp. Matthew 20:24-28; Matthew 10:36; Matthew 16:24, John 12:26; John 21:22). The verb is not found in the Epistles, except at 1 Corinthians 10:4.
Christ is represented as the ‘image’—εἰκών—which Christians are to resemble (Romans 8:29, 1 Corinthians 15:49, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Colossians 3:10). But those passages also which represent Christ as the image of God must be taken no less into account; for Christ’s claim to an unconditional personal authority is expressly based upon the fact that He is the image—the apprehensible representation—of the invisible God (John 1:18; John 1:16-173 ff., 2 Corinthians 4:4, Acts 7:43 Hebrews 1:3—in the last passage the word is χαρακτηρ). In this connexion mention must be made also of the expressions ‘children of God,’ ‘of your Father,’ ‘of the Highest’ (Matthew 5:9; Matthew 5:45, Luke 6:35; Luke 20:36). Also in the Epistles the filial relation is made to imply the following of the example of God in Christ (e.g. Ephesians 5:1; Ephesians 5:8; 1 Peter 1:14, 1 John 5:21).
Besides the terms already considered, which give more or less formal expression to the Christian idea of exampleship, there are many more, which—some of them in the most elementary and untechnical terms—no less definitely express the same thought. The very idea of discipleship in our Lord’s teaching involved the idea of the personal exampleship of the Master (see esp. Matthew 10:24-25, Luke 14:26-27; Luke 14:33, John 13:35; John 15:8). The same thought is expressed in Ephesians 4:20 ‘Ye have not so learned Christ.’ In Hebrews 6:20 Jesus is called our ‘Forerunner.’ His temptations are typical (Hebrews 2:9-18; Hebrews 4:15), and He is our example in the enduring of temptation (Hebrews 3:1 ff; Hebrews 12:3 ff.). True believers have the ‘mind of Christ’ (1 Corinthians 2:16, Philippians 2:5, cf. Romans 8:6; Romans 8:27; Romans 12:2). Christ is the ‘life,’ and as such is the ‘light’ of men (John 1:4; John 1:9; John 1:14; John 1:18, cf. John 3:19; John 8:12; John 9:5; John 12:35-36; John 12:46, 1 John 1:1-3). He is Himself ‘the way,’ etc. (John 14:6). Believers are to ‘put on’ Christ (Romans 13:14, Galatians 3:27, Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10). The Christian’s ‘walk’ is to be according to Christ (see esp. John 12:35, 1 John 1:7; 1 John 2:6, Ephesians 5:2; Ephesians 5:8, Colossians 2:6). Finally,—for an exhaustive study of the linguistic usage is not intended,—many of the most characteristic expressions of the thought of exampleship in Christianity are effected without the use of any peculiar terms. The word ‘as,’ or something else equally simple and direct, often hest serves the purpose (e.g. Matthew 5:48; 1 Peter 1:15, Ephesians 4:32; Ephesians 5:2, 1 John 3:2; 1 John 4:7-21).
B. The Doctrine
i. The example of Christ.—1. In the teaching of Jesus no truth is more essential than that God the Father Himself is the original and absolute example for all personal life. The Law is holy, for it is the expression of the will of God. But the letter apart from God’s immediate personal will is dead. As Jesus expounds the Law, the disciples learn to look through the particular commandment to the personal will of the living God. It is not enough to keep the commandment in the most scrupulous fashion, as if it were something standing apart and complete in itself (Matthew 5:20). We have to do directly with God Himself. His will and personal nature are our sole and absolute standard (Matthew 5:44-48). In answer to the young ruler who asked what good thing he should do in order to have eternal life, Jesus refuses to be regarded as one who might propose some novel good—some good other than that which is already known from God. Apart from God there is no good (Matthew 19:16-17). To love God is the first commandment; and the coming of His kingdom and the doing of His will should be man’s first concern (Matthew 22:38; Matthew 6:10; 1 John 4:2-3).
But Jesus does more than point to God as the absolute standard for personal life. He comes to make God known. It is not enough to know that God is the standard, so long as God’s nature is unknown. So Jesus was sent as the perfect revelation of the Father (Colossians 1:15,). Not that God was hitherto unknown: what the Jews worshipped they knew (John 4:22). Jesus came to complete the revelation of God. He gives a perfect interpretation of the mind and will of God, and in His own Person perfectly exemplifies that mind and will. He is conscious of perfect accord with the will of the Father (Matthew 12:50; Matthew 5:10-11, John 5:19; John 4:34; John 6:38; John 8:29; John 14:31). His words and acts He has learned from the Father, even from the Father’s example (John 8:38; John 5:17; John 5:19). This principle determines His whole treatment of the Mosaic Law. The inevitable limitations of mere statutes He overcomes by an appeal to the Divine example and order (as in the case of the law of the Sabbath and the law of marriage, John 5:17, Matthew 19:4-9, in the latter case appealing also to Scripture as well as to fact). And because He knows God as the Son knows the Father—immediately and perfectly (John 7:29; John 8:55; John 10:15, Matthew 11:27), and because He perfectly fulfils the will of God, Jesus demands an unconditional following, which shall consist, not in copying the outward form, but in the most inward appropriation of the ruling principle of His life (Matthew 7:21-27; Matthew 28:20; Judges 1:7; Matthew 11:28-29; Matthew 19:21; Matthew 16:24-25; Matthew 20:22; Matthew 26:39; Matthew 8:19-22; Matthew 19:21, John 15:8-10; John 8:12; John 12:35-36; John 20:25; John 13:12-17; 1618179532_31; John 17:21-23; John 21:22). He does not set Himself forth as a substitute for the Father, but as the One who knows God and teaches us to know Him. He is the Light of Life, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the visible manifestation of God (John 8:12; John 14:6; John 14:9). Christ’s claim to absolute authority (which expressly included the judgment of the world, e.g. John 5:22) is based not upon His prophetic office alone, but upon that unity of word and deed which constituted the perfect revelation of the will of God. Jesus’ own Person was not left out of His gospel (cf. Harnack’s statement, Wesen des Christentums, p. 91: ‘Nicht der Sohn, sondern allein der Vater gehört in das Evangelium, wie es Jesus verkündigt hat, hinein’). Not, indeed, as one doctrine among many, nor as an addition to the doctrine of the Father, did Jesus present the truth concerning Himself. But He claimed to be the perfect and unique embodiment and exemplification of the Father’s will. Yet He is more than mere example. He does not merely show the way; He is the Way. At the same time He is the Truth and the Life. He gives not only the perfect example but also life-power. In this sense, therefore, Jesus, even according to His own teaching, is more than an element in the gospel: He is the very essence of the gospel.
2. Christ’s demand of an unconditional personal following is reproduced in the Apostolic preaching. But after Christ’s passion, resurrection, and exaltation, the thought of His exampleship is expanded and heightened. The Christ who died for the sin of the world is the perfect revelation of God’s holy love (e.g. 1 John 4:9-10), while His exaltation, coupled with the gift of His Spirit, affords assurance that the coveted likeness to Christ and the promised sharing of His glory shall be realized (e.g. Romans 8:2-3; Romans 8:26-39). The thought of Christ as our example is so variously and abundantly applied by the NT writers, that it will suffice here to notice particularly only the more characteristic passages. The concreteness of the revelation in a personal life is most frequently and most strikingly set forth by St. John (John 1:4; John 1:14; John 1:18, 1 John 1:3; 1 John 4:2-3). Jesus is the perfect example of the life of faith, even its Author and Perfecter (Hebrews 12:2). He was tempted like as we are (John 2:9-18; John 4:15), and is the perfect pattern of patient endurance of all temptation, even unto death (John 3:1 ff., John 12:3 ff., 1 Peter 1:11; 1 Peter 2:21-23; 1 Peter 3:18; 1 Peter 4:1; cf. Gethsemane and Calvary in the Gospels). He is our example of mercy and forgiveness (Ephesians 4:32, Colossians 3:13, 2 Corinthians 2:10); in self-denial and humble service (Philippians 2:5 ff., 2 Corinthians 8:9, Romans 15:2-3; Romans 15:7); in meekness, gentleness, and forbearance (2 Corinthians 10:1, Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:2; 1 Peter 2:23); in the love that suffers, labours, and dies for others (1 John 3:16, 2 Corinthians 4:10; 2 Corinthians 5:14-15, Ephesians 5:2; Ephesians 5:25, Galatians 6:2, Philippians 2:5 ff.); in holiness and purity (Ephesians 4:20 ff., 1 Peter 1:15, 1 John 3:1 ff; 1 John 4:17). And then, more broadly, believers are exhorted to ‘put on Christ,’ or ‘the new man,’ renewed after ‘Christ’s image (Romans 13:14, Ephesians 4:13-15; Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10-11, Galatians 3:27); and to ‘walk’ in, or according to, Christ (Ephesians 5:8, Colossians 2:6, 1 John 1:7; 1 John 2:6). The highest destiny of believers is to be made like Christ (Romans 8:29, 1 John 3:2). In this connexion the significance of those passages in which Christ is called the image of God (Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3, cf. John 1:14) should not be overlooked; for God has given us this perfect revelation in a Person just in order that we might find in Him our true example and archetype.
In addition to these and all other specific expressions of the thought of Christ’s exampleship, there stands the great fact that the whole picture which the Evangelists drew of Jesus was made under the powerful influence of the twofold conviction that He was the image of the Father, so that by Him we know the ‘Christ-like God,’ and that He was the Ideal Man—not an ideal creation of human fancy, but the Ideal-Real come from God Himself.
3. It has already been briefly noted that Christ Himself as well as His disciples bore witness that He was to His own much more than mere example. The relation of His followers to Jesus is something more than that of those who are striving to copy a model. Christ is example in a deeper sense. He is not only ‘type,’ but also ‘archetype’ (e.g. 1 Corinthians 15:20 ff., 1 Corinthians 15:45-49, Romans 8:29, Hebrews 2:11-12; Hebrews 2:17). An example for personal life must in any case be something better than a mould for the multiplication of its own form. Personality is interested in inward traits and principles, which are to be independently developed in the greatest variety of forms. But Jesus’ relation to us lies even deeper than this. He is the ‘archetype,’ the ‘original,’ of our personal life. Now an original is not passively there to be copied; it sustains some sort of active causal relation to the copy. So Christ is our example in this more vital sense: He is at once example and original (admirably expressed in Ger. Vorbild and Urbild). As our ‘original,’ Christ not only (as in the case of mere examples in personal life) mysteriously impresses us, but also imparts life and power through His Spirit (1618179532_36; John 5:24-26, Romans 8:2, Galatians 2:20, Colossians 3:3-4, 1 John 5:11 ff., and many more passages). He who, having fulfilled the Law, is henceforth Himself the Law (Romans 10:4, Galatians 3:24, 1 Corinthians 9:21), has engaged to work likeness unto Himself in all who believe. So we may say with Augustine: ‘Give what Thou commandest, and command what Thou wilt.’ If Christ is to us mere example, without renewing power, we are, after all, ‘under law,’ and not ‘under grace.’ ‘But the Word became not only flesh, but also spirit’ (Kähler, Wissenseh. d. ehr. Lehre3 [2] , p. 510. See John 20:21-22; John 6:63; John 7:39, 2 Corinthians 3:17-18). Yet the inward operation of the Spirit in producing likeness to Christ has constant and express reference to the historic Christ (John 16:14, Matthew 6:33).
4. The actual validity of the picture of Christ as example implies the genuine humanness of the life and the adequate fulness and clearness of the picture. Furthermore, the example must be capable of universal application. As to the humanness of the life of Jesus, it is sufficient in this connexion to point out that the Biblical witness is without a trace of questioning as to its reality. Even the highest co

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Ensample - An Example a pattern or model for imitation. 1 Peter 5 ...
ENSAM'PLE, To exemplify to shew by Example. See Example
Ensample - ) To exemplify, to show by Example. ) An Example; a pattern or model for imitation
Exemplarily - ) In a manner fitted or designed to be an Example for imitation or for warning; by way of Example
Unprecedented - ) Having no precedent or Example; not preceded by a like case; not having the authority of prior Example; novel; new; unexampled
Example - This word, when applied to material things, is now generally written sample, as a sample of cloth but Example is sometimes used. I have given you an Example, that you should do as I have done to you. ...
Example is our preceptor before we can reason. Buonaparte furnished many Examples of successful bravery. Lest any man fall after the same Example of unbelief. Hebrews 4 ...
Sodom and Gomorrah--are set forth for an Example,suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Be thou an Example of the believers. Example has more effect than precept. The principles of trigonometry and the rules of grammar are illustrated by Examples. This is an Example. EXAM'PLE, To exemplify to set an Example
Ensample - τύπος 'type, model, Example. ὑπόδειγμα 'example, pattern
Bethany - He wanted them to remember, and never forget, that only the Lord JESUS CHRIST can give life to those who are dead (Example of Lazarus). (Example Mary and Martha at the grave) He reminded them that only He Himself could cleanse from the leprosy of sin. (Example Simon, the leper) He would have them remember that only He Himself should occupy the heart's affections rather than the service which we render, (Example Martha who was cumbered). (Example the woman who brought the alabaster box of ointment in Mark 14:3) He wanted them to remember that they must endure the neglect of His children. (Example He returned from Bethany hungry because no one invited Him home for breakfast) He wanted them to be convinced that only He Himself could set the captive free from the bondage of tradition and habit. (Example Lazarus brought out of the tomb though wrapped in grave clothes)
Paradigm - ) An Example of a conjugation or declension, showing a word in all its different forms of inflection. ) An Example; a model; a pattern
Copy - 1: ὑπόδειγμα (Strong's #5262 — Noun Neuter — hupodeigma — hoop-od'-igue-mah ) from hupo, "under," deiknumi, "to show," properly denotes "what is shown below or privately;" it is translated "example," Hebrews 8:5 , AV (RV, "copy"). It signifies (a) a sign suggestive of anything, the delineation or representation of a thing, and so, a figure, "copy;" in Hebrews 9:23 the RV has "copies," for the AV, "patterns;" (b) an Example for imitation, John 13:15 ; James 5:10 ; for warning, Hebrews 4:11 ; 2 Peter 2:6 (AV "ensample"). See Example , PATTERN. hupogrammos (hupo, "under," grapho, "to write"), "an underwriting, a writing copy, an Example," is used in 1 Peter 2:21
Exemplification - ) The act of exemplifying; a showing or illustrating by Example. ) That which exemplifies; a case in point; Example
Exampleless - ) Without or above Example
Exampled - ) of Example...
Leading - ) Suggestion; hint; Example. ) Guiding; directing; controlling; foremost; as, a leading motive; a leading man; a leading Example
Exampling - ) of Example...
Examplary - ) Serving for Example or pattern; exemplary
Foreleader - ) One who leads others by his Example; aguide
Paradigmatize - ) To set forth as a model or Example
Ensample - ‘Ensample’ and ‘example’ (both from Lat. That version used ‘example’ probably as being nearer the Vulg
Unexampled - ) Having no Example or similar case; being without precedent; unprecedented; unparalleled
Exemplariness - ) The state or quality of being exemplary; fitness to be an Example
Tachygraph - ) An Example of tachygraphy; esp
Precedented - ) Having a precedent; authorized or sanctioned by an Example of a like kind
Deleterious - ) Hurtful; noxious; destructive; pernicious; as, a deleterious plant or quality; a deleterious Example
Tubulibranchiata - Vermetus is an Example
Anomoura - ) A group of decapod Crustacea, of which the hermit crab in an Example
Centriscoid - ) Allied to, or resembling, the genus Centriscus, of which the bellows fish is an Example
Cimex - ) A genus of hemipterous insects of which the bedbug is the best known Example
Precedential - ) Of the nature of a precedent; having force as an Example for imitation; as, precedential transactions
Bignoniaceous - ) Of pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the trumpet flower is an Example
Cactaceous - ) Belonging to, or like, the family of plants of which the prickly pear is a common Example
Cycloganoidei - The bowfin (Amia calva) is a living Example
Brachioganoidei - ) An order of ganoid fishes of which the bichir of Africa is a living Example
Actinozoa - The sea anemone, or actinia, is a familiar Example
Elucidate - ) To make clear or manifest; to render more intelligible; to illustrate; as, an Example will elucidate the subject
Provection - ) A carrying forward, as of a final letter, to a following word; as, for Example, a nickname for an ekename
Ensample - See Example , FASHION , FIGURE , FORM , MANNER , PATTERN , PRINT. , "that which is shown" (from hupo, "under," and deiknumi, "to show"), hence, (a) "a figure, copy," Hebrews 8:5 , RV, "copy," for AV, "example;" Hebrews 9:23 ; (b) "an Example," whether for imitation, John 13:15 ; James 5:10 , or for warning, Hebrews 4:11 ; 2 Peter 2:6 , RV, "example. " See Example , PATTERN
Cycadaceous - The sago palm is an Example
Taeniata - The Venus's girdle is the most familiar Example
Example - A — 1: δεῖγμα (Strong's #1164 — Noun Neuter — deigma — digh'-mah ) primarily "a thing shown, a specimen" (akin to deiknumi, "to show"), denotes an "example" given as a warning, Jude 1:7 . , "an under-writing" (from hupographo, "to write under, to trace letters" for copying by scholars); hence, "a writing-copy, an Example," 1 Peter 2:21 , said of what Christ left for believers, by His sufferings (not expiatory, but exemplary), that they might "follow His steps. 1), is translated "to make a public Example," in Matthew 1:19 (some mss. 2); hence, "to teach, to show by Example," Acts 20:35 , RV, "I gave you an Example," for AV, "I showed you
Copier - ) An imitator; one who imitates an Example; hence, a plagiarist
Job - Ezekiel 14:14 (a) An Example of one who can and did pray the prayer of faith which moved GOD to perform miracles
Basidium - ) A special oblong or pyriform cell, with slender branches, which bears the spores in that division of fungi called Basidiomycetes, of which the common mushroom is an Example
Pluroderes - The matamata is an Example
Arum - The cuckoopint of the English is an Example
Elucidation - ) A making clear; the act of elucidating or that which elucidates, as an explanation, an exposition, an illustration; as, one Example may serve for further elucidation of the subject
Remontant - ) Rising again; - applied to a class of roses which bloom more than once in a season; the hybrid perpetual roses, of which the Jacqueminot is a well-known Example
Praxis - ) An Example or form of exercise, or a collection of such Examples, for practice
Arum - The cuckoopint of the English is an Example
Precedent - ) Something done or said that may serve as an Example to authorize a subsequent act of the same kind; an authoritative Example
Zeuzerian - The goat moth is an Example
Unisilicate - ) A salt of orthosilicic acid, H4SiO4; - so called because the ratio of the oxygen atoms united to the basic metals and silicon respectively is 1:1; for Example, Mg2SiO4 or 2MgO
Edification - (Latin: ædifico, to build up) ...
Saint Paul's expression for the manner in which Christians, by giving good Example to one another, should build up the mystical body of Christ, the Church
Meni - , "that number;" RSV, "destiny"), probably an idol which the captive Israelites worshipped after the Example of the Babylonians
Disciple - A disciple of Christ is one who believes his doctrines, imbibes his spirit, and follows his Example
Littorina - The common periwinkle is a well-known Example
Trilogy - " is an Example
Tetrazone - ) Any one of a certain series of basic compounds containing a chain of four nitrogen atoms; for Example, ethyl tetrazone, (C2H5)2N
Agaric - ) A fungus of the genus Agaricus, of many species, of which the common mushroom is an Example
Cormus - ) A vegetable or animal made up of a number of individuals, such as, for Example, would be formed by a process of budding from a parent stalk wherre the buds remain attached
Apophasis -
Logic - For Example, People exist. For Example, each night I get tired at 10 PM
Apse Chapel - Saint Martin's, Tours, France, is the Common Example of the ambulatory and radiating chapels
Bouncer - ) Something big; a good stout Example of the kind
Emulous - ) Ambitiously desirous to equal or even to excel another; eager to emulate or vie with another; desirous of like excellence with another; - with of; as, emulous of another's Example or virtues
Exemplify - ) To show or illustrate by Example
Immutability - The incarnation is just such an Example of variation. For Example, the enmity between God and man is removed (Romans 5:10)
Imitate - (2) To follow an Example ( Philippians 3:17 ; 2Thessalonians 3:7,2 Thessalonians 3:9 where Paul's Example of self-support is in view). Paul exhorted the Corinthians to follow him not primarily by following his personal Example but by following his “ways in Christ” which he taught “everywhere in every church” (1 Corinthians 4:16-17 ). The Corinthians were to follow Paul's Example by heeding his counsel to do all for the glory of God without causing offense (1 Corinthians 11:1 ; compare 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 ). The command of 3 John 1:11 is general, though specific Examples of good (Demetrius) and bad (Diotrephes) are in view
Meat - Modern translations use meat in this sense, where KJV used the term “flesh” (for Example, Numbers 11:4-33 ; Judges 6:19-21 ; 1Samuel 2:13,1 Samuel 2:15 ). KJV used meat in two senses: (1) for food, especially solid food in contrast to drink (for Example, 1 Corinthians 3:2 ; Hebrews 5:12 ,Hebrews 5:12,5:14 ); and (2) for a meal, especially the evening meal (for Example, 1 Samuel 20:5 ; Matthew 26:7 ). Modern translations, for Example NRSV, frequently replace the KJV's meat with a more specific term in light of the context: provisions (Genesis 45:23 ); scraps [1] (Judges 1:7 ); present (2 Samuel 11:8 ); meager fare (2 Samuel 12:3 ); solid food (1 Corinthians 3:2 ; Hebrews 5:12 )
Liturgical Use of Creed - Other usages are peculiar to each rite, the Roman Rite, for Example, prescribing the Apostles' Creed at the ordination of priests
Epimere - ) One of the segments of the transverse axis, or the so called homonymous parts; as, for Example, one of the several segments of the extremities in vertebrates, or one of the similar segments in plants, such as the segments of a segmented leaf
Thomas Sanchez - " His life was an Example of holiness
Sanchez, Thomas - " His life was an Example of holiness
Architecture, Ecclesiastical - An Example is Saint Paul-without-the-Walls, Rome. ...
Byzantine, of which Examples are numerous, with particular reference to Saint Sophia's, Constantinople, and Saint Mark's, Venice. Under Justinian as emperor the architects Anthemius and Isodorus designed its principal Examples. An Example is the cathedral of Speyer. An Example of pure Gothic in the Cathedral of Saint Stephen's, Vienna. Lincoln Cathedral, an Example of Early English Gothic, is said to have been the beginning of this particular style, among the exponents of which Alan of Walsingham was responsible for the finest Examples of Decorated English Gothic. ...
Renaissance, which began in Italy in the early part of the 15th century, an Example of which is Saint Peter's, Rome. Barocco flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries, an Example of which is the church of San Maria della Salute, Venice
Ecclesiastical Architecture - An Example is Saint Paul-without-the-Walls, Rome. ...
Byzantine, of which Examples are numerous, with particular reference to Saint Sophia's, Constantinople, and Saint Mark's, Venice. Under Justinian as emperor the architects Anthemius and Isodorus designed its principal Examples. An Example is the cathedral of Speyer. An Example of pure Gothic in the Cathedral of Saint Stephen's, Vienna. Lincoln Cathedral, an Example of Early English Gothic, is said to have been the beginning of this particular style, among the exponents of which Alan of Walsingham was responsible for the finest Examples of Decorated English Gothic. ...
Renaissance, which began in Italy in the early part of the 15th century, an Example of which is Saint Peter's, Rome. Barocco flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries, an Example of which is the church of San Maria della Salute, Venice
Hamstring - The hamstringing of oxen (Genesis 49:6 modern translations) is an Example of rash anger
Beth-Arbel - ” Sight of infamous battle Hosea could use as Example of what would happen to Israel (Hosea 10:14 )
Paraleipsis - ) A pretended or apparent omission; a figure by which a speaker artfully pretends to pass by what he really mentions; as, for Example, if an orator should say, "I do not speak of my adversary's scandalous venality and rapacity, his brutal conduct, his treachery and malice
Seed - A lengthy and interesting Example is found in Galatians 3
Follower - One that takes another as his guide in doctrines, opinions or Example one who receives the opinions, and imitates the Example of another an adherent an imitator
Eisegesis - An Example would be in viewing 1 Corinthians 8:5 which says, "For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many," (KJV). With this verse, Mormons, for Example, bring their preconceived idea of the existence of many gods to this text and assert that it says there are many gods
Wink - ’ It is a good Example of the colloquial language of the English Versions
Evil-Speaking - It is spoken of also with abhorrence (Psalm 15:3 ; Proverbs 18:6,7 ), and is foreign to the whole Christian character and the Example of Christ
Portraiture - ) A portrait; a likeness; a painted resemblance; hence, that which is copied from some Example or model
Adiaphora - An Example might be whether or not to use a sound-board in a church, to meet in a tent or a building, to have two or more services or simply one on the day of worship
Those - See These, and the Example there given
Ninevites - The Ninevites served as an Example of Gentiles who repented and were accepted by God (compare Jonah 3 ; Luke 4:26-27 ; Luke 7:9 ; Luke 11:31 ; Luke 17:15-18 )
Continence - Scipio the younger exhibited the nobles Example of continence recorded in Pagan history an Example surpassed only by that of Joseph in sacred history
Pharisee - Matthew 23:13 (c) These people are held up to us as an Example or a symbol of every religious hypocrite
Twinning - ) The assemblage of two or more crystals, or parts of crystals, in reversed position with reference to each other in accordance with some definite law; also, rarely, in artificial twinning (accomplished for Example by pressure), the process by which this reversal is brought about
Amphipoda - The beach flea is an Example
Anthropomorphic - For Example, God has hands and feet in Exodus 24:9-11 and is loving (1 John 4:8)
Christian - A real disciple of Christ one who believes in the truth of the Christian religion, and studies to follow the Example, and obey the precepts, of Christ a believer in Christ who is characterized by real piety. Belonging to the religion of Christ relating to Christ, or to his doctrines, precepts and Example as christian profession and practice
Motu Proprio - In legislative enactments, designates informal method the Pope uses to make a decree, for Example Pius XI made the chapels of Knights of Columbus and Roman playgrounds papal by his Motu Proprio of March 25, 1929
Cadouin - The cloister is an excellent Example of Flamboyant Gothic mingled with Early Renaissance
Gardiner, German, Blessed - His courage was aroused by the Example of the martyrs, especially Blessed Thomas More, and he suffered the death of a traitor
Corruptible - Manners are corruptible by evil Example
Transitive - ) Passing over to an object; expressing an action which is not limited to the agent or subject, but which requires an object to complete the sense; as, a transitive verb, for Example, he holds the book
German Gardiner, Blessed - His courage was aroused by the Example of the martyrs, especially Blessed Thomas More, and he suffered the death of a traitor
Riddle - The oldest and, strictly speaking, the only Example of a riddle was that propounded by Samson (Judges 14:12-18 )
Sceptre - There is no Example on record of a sceptre having ever been actually handled by a Jewish king
Disciple - A disciple of Christ is one who (1) believes his doctrine, (2) rests on his sacrifice, (3) imbibes his spirit, and (4) imitates his Example (Matthew 10:24 ; Luke 14:26,27,33 ; John 6:69 )
Doxology - Any form or verse in which glory is ascribed to God orthe Blessed Trinity, for Example, the Gloria in Excelsis, whichis called the greater Doxology, and the Gloria Patri, the lesserDoxology
Aptness - ) Disposition of the mind; propensity; as, the aptness of men to follow Example
Berea - Paul preached the Gospel with great success, and where his hearers were careful to compare what they heard with the scriptures of the Old Testament, Acts 17:10 ; for which they are commended, and held out to us as an Example of subjecting every doctrine to the sole test of the word of God
Anagogical - The anagogical sense is given when the text is explained with regard to the end which Christians should have in view, that is, eternal life: for Example, the rest of the Sabbath, in the anagogical sense, corresponds to the repose of everlasting blessedness
Silence - " As for Example: "Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon," in Hebrew, be silent
Rechab - Their fidelity in obeying these commands was praised by God himself and given as an Example to the Jews (Jeremias 35)
Rechabites - Their fidelity in obeying these commands was praised by God himself and given as an Example to the Jews (Jeremias 35)
Romanus, Saint - According to his legend he was a soldier, converted to Christianity by the Example of Saint Lawrence, by whom he was baptized
Harmony - Term used in Scripture studies, especially of the four Gospels, to designate: ...
an explanation of differences found in various accounts of the same events
a combination of all four Gospels into one continuous narrative of which a good Example is H
Example - EXAMPLE...
A. —The word ‘example’ (or ‘ensample’) occurs 15 times in the AV and 17 times in the RV of the NT. Besides these, there are, of course, many other passages which, though not employing the term ‘example,’ are no less relevant and significant than these. ‘example’ or ‘pattern,’ ‘type,’ has generally an important bearing upon our topic. Primarily the ‘mark,’ ‘impression’ of a stroke or blow (John 20:25 ‘print’), hence ‘figure,’ ‘image’ (Acts 7:43), τύτος is generally ‘pattern,’ ‘type,’ ‘example. ’ Sometimes the Example is by way of warning, as 1 Corinthians 10:6; 1 Corinthians 10:11. Generally, however, it is an Example to be imitated. Hence an Example set before one for close imitation. This is perhaps the most vivid of the NT terms indicative of Christ’s Exampleship. The term itself implies the strictest imitation; though both the context and the general teaching of the NT will save us from the error of conceiving Christ’s Example as something formal and external. ...
Among the other terms which give expression to the idea of Christian Example, the most prominent are μιμέομαι and μιμητῆς (AV ‘follow’ and ‘follower,’ RV ‘imitate’ and ‘imitator’). Also in the Epistles the filial relation is made to imply the following of the Example of God in Christ (e. ...
Besides the terms already considered, which give more or less formal expression to the Christian idea of Exampleship, there are many more, which—some of them in the most elementary and untechnical terms—no less definitely express the same thought. The very idea of discipleship in our Lord’s teaching involved the idea of the personal Exampleship of the Master (see esp. ’ His temptations are typical (Hebrews 2:9-18; Hebrews 4:15), and He is our Example in the enduring of temptation (Hebrews 3:1 ff; Hebrews 12:3 ff. Finally,—for an exhaustive study of the linguistic usage is not intended,—many of the most characteristic expressions of the thought of Exampleship in Christianity are effected without the use of any peculiar terms. The Example of Christ. In the teaching of Jesus no truth is more essential than that God the Father Himself is the original and absolute Example for all personal life. His words and acts He has learned from the Father, even from the Father’s Example (John 8:38; John 5:17; John 5:19). The inevitable limitations of mere statutes He overcomes by an appeal to the Divine Example and order (as in the case of the law of the Sabbath and the law of marriage, John 5:17, Matthew 19:4-9, in the latter case appealing also to Scripture as well as to fact). Yet He is more than mere Example. He gives not only the perfect Example but also life-power. But after Christ’s passion, resurrection, and exaltation, the thought of His Exampleship is expanded and heightened. The thought of Christ as our Example is so variously and abundantly applied by the NT writers, that it will suffice here to notice particularly only the more characteristic passages. Jesus is the perfect Example of the life of faith, even its Author and Perfecter (Hebrews 12:2). He is our Example of mercy and forgiveness (Ephesians 4:32, Colossians 3:13, 2 Corinthians 2:10); in self-denial and humble service (Philippians 2:5 ff. John 1:14) should not be overlooked; for God has given us this perfect revelation in a Person just in order that we might find in Him our true Example and archetype. ...
In addition to these and all other specific expressions of the thought of Christ’s Exampleship, there stands the great fact that the whole picture which the Evangelists drew of Jesus was made under the powerful influence of the twofold conviction that He was the image of the Father, so that by Him we know the ‘Christ-like God,’ and that He was the Ideal Man—not an ideal creation of human fancy, but the Ideal-Real come from God Himself. It has already been briefly noted that Christ Himself as well as His disciples bore witness that He was to His own much more than mere Example. Christ is Example in a deeper sense. An Example for personal life must in any case be something better than a mould for the multiplication of its own form. So Christ is our Example in this more vital sense: He is at once Example and original (admirably expressed in Ger. As our ‘original,’ Christ not only (as in the case of mere Examples in personal life) mysteriously impresses us, but also imparts life and power through His Spirit (John 1:16-17; John 5:24-26, Romans 8:2, Galatians 2:20, Colossians 3:3-4, 1 John 5:11 ff. ’ If Christ is to us mere Example, without renewing power, we are, after all, ‘under law,’ and not ‘under grace. The actual validity of the picture of Christ as Example implies the genuine humanness of the life and the adequate fulness and clearness of the picture. Furthermore, the Example must be capable of universal application
Shining - ) Splendid; illustrious; brilliant; distinguished; conspicious; as, a shining Example of charity
Hena - Sennacherib used the historical Example to brag and to persuade Hezekiah not to rely on God for protection against Sennacherib
Sample - ) Example; pattern
Permissive Decree - An Example of a permissive decree would be the fall of Adam into sin
Nonna, Mother of Gregory Nazianzen - Nonna (1) , mother of Gregory Nazianzen; a lady of good birth, the child of Christian parents, Philtatius and Gorgonia, brought up in the practice of the Christian virtues, of which she was so admirable an Example. To her Example, aided by her prayers, he ascribes the conversion of his father from the strange medley of paganism and Christianity which formed the tenets of the Hypsistarian sect, to which by birth he belonged (Greg
Allegory - We have a fine Example of an allegory in the eightieth Psalm, in which God's chosen people are represented by a vineyard. The following line in Virgil is an Example of an allegory
Wine - In the General Convention which met in Chicago in1886, the House of Bishops declared by resolution that "the use ofunfermented wine was unwarranted by the Example of our Lord, andcontrary to the custom of the Catholic Church. " This was still morestrongly affirmed by the Lambeth Conference which met in 1888, inthe following resolution: "That the Bishops assembled in thisconference declare that the use of unfermented juice of the grapeor any other liquid other than true Wine diluted or undiluted, asthe element in the Administration of the Cup in Holy Communion, isunwarranted by the Example of our Lord and is an unauthorizeddeparture from the custom of the Catholic Church
Lamentation - The first Example of this form of poetry is the lament of David over Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel 1:17-27 )
Agapitus, Saint - Two churches in Palestrina are dedicated to him; his heroic martyrdom was an Example to many early saints and martyrs
Cantata - The church music of Giacomo Carissimi (1604-1674) is an excellent Example of the earlier type of cantata
Campanile - The town hall of Siena is an Example of civicbuilding with campanile
Chevet - An Example of this is the Basilica of Saint Martin, Tours, from which others have been copied
Beer - For Example, Beer-sheba means “well of seven
Disciple - We follow in the teaching and Example of what He said and did
Candle - It is used as a figure of conscience (Proverbs 20:27 ), of a Christian Example (Matthew 5:14,15 ), and of prosperity (Job 21:17 ; Proverbs 13:9 )
Monolatry - Mormonism is an excellent Example of monolatry
Jukes the - Dugdale as an Example of the inheritance of criminal and immoral tendencies, disease, and pauperism
Pattern - But as the impression on the wax reproduces the engraving on the seal, and the coin or medal the device on the die, the word comes to be transferred, by a familiar process in the history of language, from the effect to the cause, and so is used not only of the copy but of the Example or pattern from which the copy is made. ὑπόδειγμα (from ὑποδεικνύναι, ‘to show,’ with the suggestion of placing what is shown under the very eyes) is properly a thing exhibited as an Example or pattern. John 13:15, ‘I have given you an Example’; James 5:10, ‘an Example of suffering affliction’). Hebrews 8:5, where the RV_ rightly changes ‘the Example (ὑποδείγματι) and shadow of heavenly things’ into ‘a copy and shadow of the heavenly things
Law of Non-Contradiction - For Example, the chair in my living room, right now, cannot be made of wood and not made of wood at the same time. For Example, we have a set of two statements about Judas
Example - In a moral sense, is either taken for a type, instance, or precedent for our admonition, that we may be cautioned against the faults or crimes which others have committed, by the bad consequences which have ensued from them; or Example is taken for a pattern for our imitation, or a model for us to copy after. That good Examples have a peculiar power above naked precepts to dispose us to the practice of virtue and holiness, may appear by considering, "...
1. General precepts form abstract ideas of virtue; but in Examples, virtues are most visible in all their circumstances. Precepts instruct us in what things are our duty, but Examples assure us that they are possible. Examples, by secret and lively incentive, urge us to imitation. " The life of Jesus Christ forms the most beautiful Example the Christian can imitate. The obligation we are under to imitate this Example arises from duty, relationship, engagement, interest, and gratitude. Those who set bad Examples should consider, ...
1. That the effects of their Example may be incalculable on society to the end of time, and perhaps in eternity; for who can tell what may be the consequence of one sin, on a family, a nation, or posterity?...
Hook - Some biblical uses, for Example, hanging curtains (Exodus 26:32 ; Exodus 27:10 ) or fishing (Isaiah 19:8 ; Job 40:24 ; Habakkuk 1:15 ; Matthew 17:27 ), are familiar today
Sha'Drach - After their deliverance from the furnace, we hear no more of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, except in ( Hebrews 11:33,34 ) but there are repeated allusions to them in the later apocryphal books, and the martyrs of the Maccabaean period seem to have been much encouraged by their Example
Instant - For Example, “they were instant” (Luke 23:23 , KJV) means “they kept urgently demanding” (NRSV); “continuing instant in prayer” (Romans 12:12 , KJV) means “persevere in prayer” (NRSV) or “faithful in prayer” (NIV); “be instant” (2 Timothy 4:2 , KJV) means “be persistent” (NRSV) or “be prepared” (NIV)
Hospice - Perhaps the most famous Example, enduring to our day, is the Hospice of Saint Bernard, conducted by Augustinian monks, upon the passes of Saint Bernard across the Alps
Lodge - In Biblical usage, a temporary resting place, for Example, in a private home (Joshua 2:1 ; Acts 10:18 ), or a campground (Joshua 4:3 ,Joshua 4:3,4:8 ; Isaiah 10:29 )
Monument - ) A saying, deed, or Example, worthy of record
Disciple - A disciple of Christ may now be defined as one who believes his doctrine, rests upon his sacrifice, imbibes his spirit, imitates his Example, and lives to do his work
Kenosis - ...
According to the kenotic theory, when the Son of God was incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, He “emptied himself” of some of His divine attributes (for Example, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence) and lived for a period on earth within the limitations of human existence. Jesus retained other divine attributes according to the theory (for Example, holiness, love, and righteousness). For Example, when Isaiah (a poetic book) is read, one would not come away believing that mountains and hills have the ability to sing nor that the trees of the fields have the ability to clap their hands ( Isaiah 55:12 ). The best Example of selfless love and humility of which Paul was aware was the Example of Jesus Christ
Abihu - A standing Example of that divine wrath which shall consume all who offer God devotion kindled at any other save the one Altar and Offering of Calvary, whereby "He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified
Concerning - ...
This word has been considered a preposition, but most improperly concerning, when so called, refers to a verb, sentence or proposition as in the first Example, the word applies to the preceding afirmation
Doctrine - In Christianity, for Example, a true biblical doctrine is that there is only one God in all existence (Isaiah 43:10; Isa 44:6; Isa 44:8)
Anagogical - The anagogical sense is when the sacred text is explained with regard to eternal life, the point which Christians should have in view; for Example, the rest of the Sabbath, in the anagogical sense, signifies the repose of everlasting happiness
Absolution - ) An absolving from ecclesiastical penalties, - for Example, excommunication
Humility - It is often extolled in the Bible, Proverbs 15:33 16:19 ; and the Savior especially exalts it, Matthew 18:4 , and ennobles and endears it by his own Example, John 13:4-17 Philippians 2:5-8
Honey - 1: μέλι (Strong's #3192 — Noun Neuter — meli — mel'-ee ) occurs with the adjective agrios, "wild," in Matthew 3:4 ; Mark 1:6 ; in Revelation 10:9,10 , as an Example of sweetness
Hospitality - The good Samaritan stands for all ages as an Example of Christian hospitality. 1 Timothy 5:10 To remember Abraham's Example, ( Hebrews 13:2 ) to "use hospitality one to another without grudging," (1 Peter 4:9 ) while a bishop must be a "lover of hospitality (Titus 1:8 ) cf. In the patriarchal ages we may take Abraham's Example as the most fitting, as we have of it the fullest account
Idle - Scripture distinguishes between those unwilling to work who should not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10 ) and those unable to earn a living (for Example, “true” widows, 1 Timothy 5:9 ) for whom the community of faith is responsible. In the New Testament, Paul called attention to his own Example as a bi-vocational minister to encourage the Thessalonian Christians to be hard workers (2 Thessalonians 3:7-8 )
Pattern - ) To serve as an Example for; also, to parallel. ) A part showing the figure or quality of the whole; a specimen; a sample; an Example; an instance
Leb-Kamai - This is generally recognized as being an Example of the Kabbalistic rule of hermeneutics whereby a cipher word was obtained by taking the letters of the alphabet in the reverse order, the last for the first, the last but one for the second, and so on
Traduce - ) To represent; to exhibit; to display; to expose; to make an Example of
Mammon - He also charges us, from the Example of the unjust steward, so to use worldly goods, which are generally sought and used sinfully "the unrighteous mammon" as to have God the Judge our friend, and receive the true riches in heaven, Luke 16:9,11
Name of Mary - The name Mary has been given many meanings, for Example: "the well-beloved," "the magnificent," "bitter," "star w the sea," "lady," "beautiful," "the perfect one
Ladislaus, Saint - In the government of his realm he followed the illustrious Example of Saint Stephen, thus winning the respect and love of his subjects
Jean Cousin - The windows of the Sainte Chapelle of Vincennes, painted by him, are the finest Example of glass painting in France
Mary, Name of - The name Mary has been given many meanings, for Example: "the well-beloved," "the magnificent," "bitter," "star w the sea," "lady," "beautiful," "the perfect one
Glede - The Hebrew root suggests a bird with keen eyesight, for Example a member of the hawk family
Dilligence - The shortness of our time; the importance of our work; the pleasure which arises from discharging duty; the uncertainty of the time of our dissolution; the consciousness we do not labour in vain; together with the Example of Christ and all good men, should excite us to the most unwearied diligence in the cause of God, of truth, and our own souls
Alphabetic Psalms - Another Example of alphabetic arrangement in Hebrew poetry is found in the Lamentations of Jeremias in the Office of Tenebrae during Holy Week
Philetus - Paul’s Epistle to Timothy ( 2 Timothy 2:17 ) as an Example of one of those who were doing harm by their false teaching on the subject of the resurrection of the body
Versicles - For Example,...
Hazelelponi - They would restore the text to read, “these were the sons of Hareph: the father of Etam,” Since many of the other names in the list are names of towns (for Example, Penuel, Bethlehem), Hazeleponi may also represent a town name
Hold - Modern translations generally render the underlying Hebrew as stronghold (for Example, Judges 9:46 ,Judges 9:46,9:49 ; 1 Samuel 22:4 ; 2 Samuel 5:7 )
John de Feckenham - On her accession he refused to save his monastery by apostasy, and spent 23 years in jail, where he died from privation, a striking Example of Elizabeth's ingratitude
Added, Saint - According to the legend, while Felix was being led to his execution, a stranger, inflamed by his heroic Example, professed the Faith, and was also martyred
Felix, Saint 30 Aug - According to the legend, while Felix was being led to his execution, a stranger, inflamed by his heroic Example, professed the Faith, and was also martyred
Chapter House - In England it was the object of careful designing, culminating in the polygonal chapter house of which Lincoln Cathedral (1240-1260) has perhaps the earliest Example
John Howman - On her accession he refused to save his monastery by apostasy, and spent 23 years in jail, where he died from privation, a striking Example of Elizabeth's ingratitude
Adjuration - We have in the New Testament a striking Example of this (Matthew 26:63 ; Mark 5:7 ), where the high priest calls upon Christ to avow his true character
Howman, John - On her accession he refused to save his monastery by apostasy, and spent 23 years in jail, where he died from privation, a striking Example of Elizabeth's ingratitude
Massa - The Hebrew term is used in the special sense of oracle, especially at the beginning of prophecies of judgment (for Example, Isaiah 13:1 ; Nahum 1:1 ; Habakkuk 1:1 )
Ava - Their gods did not help them against the Assyrians and could be used as an Example to call Jerusalem to surrender (2 Kings 18:34 , where Ivvah refers to the same people)
Adoni-Zedek - Joshua made a public Example of the kings before executing them (Joshua 10:22-26 )
Adauctus, Saint - According to the legend, while Felix was being led to his execution, a stranger, inflamed by his heroic Example, professed the Faith, and was also martyred
Jehovah - We find it sometimes joined with certain leading characters of the GODHEAD, all descriptive of the divine glory, as for Example:...
Fish - (See Leviticus 11:9-12) Our adorable Redeemer, when coming to deliver his people from a yoke that neither we nor our fathers were able to bear, both by his precept and Example, taught, that what he had cleansed became no longer unclean
Doves' Dung - It is an Example of the actual extremity of the siege comparable with the threats of the approaching siege of 2 Kings 18:27
Pattern - An instance an Example
Borrow - ...
In Matthew 5:42 , Jesus cites generosity “from him that would borrow of thee” as one Example of an unexpected, loving response (instead of the typical self-protective response) to others' demands and abuses. In each Example (Matthew 5:38-42 ) the disciple's primary concern is the other person, not protecting one's own vested interests
Casuistry - ...
For Example, moral theology teaches that a person should be just in all his dealings. For Example, the law of the Church obliges us to hear Mass on Sundays; the natural law demands that we help our neighbor who is in need. Should one stay with the sick person and miss Mass; or leave the person alone and go to church? Another Example may be taken from the administration of the sacraments. Suppose he should use some water, which is not exactly prescribed, but which belongs to the species of water; or suppose that he should substitute one or two words for those which are required by the ritual; will the Sacrament thereby be invalid? ...
These Examples illustrate the cases proposed and solved by moralists. Others have followed his Example
Shechaniah - Man who led the people by Example, putting away his foreign wife (Ezra 10:2-4 )
Gnashing of Teeth - In the New Testament, gnashing of teeth is associated with the place of future punishment (for Example, Matthew 8:12 ; Matthew 13:42 ,Matthew 13:42,13:50 )
Damian, Saint - Martyrs, born Arabia; died Ægea (now Ayass), Cilicia, c303They were twin brothers, physicians, and practised at Ægea; they accepted no money from the poor, and, being Christians, their good Example brought many to the Faith
Lombardic Architecture - The best Examples of this style are two churches: Sant' Ambrogio in Milan, and San Michele in Pavia. A fine Example is the gallery in the central tower of the Cistercian church at Chiaravalle near Milan
Walls - The choice of material varied with the locality: Lachish ( Tell el-Hesy ), for Example, was almost entirely a brick town; in Gezer brick is the exception
Lamech - His address to his two wives, Adah and Zillah (4:23,24), is the only extant Example of antediluvian poetry
Son of God - It has many facets, for Example: It shows that He is to be honored equally with the Father (John 5:22-23)
Forbearance - The beautiful Example of Christ, Hebrews 12:3
Frugality - The Example of Christ, John 6:12
Type - The Greek word Tupos Is rendered "print" ( John 20:25 ), "figure" (Acts 7:43 ; Romans 5:14 ), "fashion" (Acts 7:44 ), "manner" (Acts 23:25 ), "form" (Romans 6:17 ), "example" or "ensample" (1 Corinthians 10:6,11 ; Philippians 3:17 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:7 ; 2 th 3:9 ; 1 Timothy 4:12 )
Executioner - The execution of Jesus is the chief Example of such an abuse of power
Hercules - As a personification of the sun he afforded an Example of the nature-worship so common among the Phœn
Lombard Romanesque - The best Examples of this style are two churches: Sant' Ambrogio in Milan, and San Michele in Pavia. A fine Example is the gallery in the central tower of the Cistercian church at Chiaravalle near Milan
Plasmid - The cells thus altered may produce desirable proteins which are extracted and used; in the case of genetically altered plant cells, the altered cells may grow into complete plants with changed properties, as for Example, increased resistance to disease
Polarity - ) That quality or condition of a body in virtue of which it exhibits opposite, or contrasted, properties or powers, in opposite, or contrasted, parts or directions; or a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties corresponding to a contrast of positions, as, for Example, attraction and repulsion in the opposite parts of a magnet, the dissimilar phenomena corresponding to the different sides of a polarized ray of light, etc
Jotham - His parable of the reign of the bramble is the earliest Example of the kind, Judges 9:7 to Judges 21:2
Architecture, Lombardic - The best Examples of this style are two churches: Sant' Ambrogio in Milan, and San Michele in Pavia. A fine Example is the gallery in the central tower of the Cistercian church at Chiaravalle near Milan
Document - ) An Example for instruction or warning
Postmodernism - An Example of postmodern thought would be the validation of homosexuality as an equally legitimate sexual expression over and against the Judeo-Christian ethic of heterosexual monogamy
Tangent - ) A tangent line curve, or surface; specifically, that portion of the straight line tangent to a curve that is between the point of tangency and a given line, the given line being, for Example, the axis of abscissas, or a radius of a circle produced
Purpose - ) Instance; Example
Remainder - ) An estate in expectancy, generally in land, which becomes an estate in possession upon the determination of a particular prior estate, created at the same time, and by the same instrument; for Example, if land be conveyed to A for life, and on his death to B, A's life interest is a particuar estate, and B's interest is a remainder, or estate in remainder
Shechaniah - Man who led the people by Example, putting away his foreign wife (Ezra 10:2-4 )
Baldachinum - The most notable Example is that of Saint Peter's in Rome, designed by Bernini for Urban VIII
Romanesque, Lombard - The best Examples of this style are two churches: Sant' Ambrogio in Milan, and San Michele in Pavia. A fine Example is the gallery in the central tower of the Cistercian church at Chiaravalle near Milan
jo'Tham - ) His parable of the reign of the bramble is the earliest Example of the kind
Lay Sisters - Sister Marie Lataste of the Society of the Sacred Heart is an illustrious Example of the piety generally characterizing this class of religious
Family - The perfect Example of family life is the Holy Family
Host - This Example was followed by David (1 Chronicles 27:1 ), and Solomon (1 Kings 4:26 ), and by the kings of Israel and Judah (2 Chronicles 17:14 ; 26:11 ; 2 Kings 11:4 , etc
Job - He survived the period of trial for one hundred and forty years, and died in a good old age, an Example to succeeding generations of integrity (Ezekiel 14:14,20 ) and of submissive patience under the sorest calamities (James 5:11 )
Skin - " A whole goatskin, for Example, would be used with the apertures bound up, and when filled, tied at the neck
Ordain - The word usually means ‘appoint’, as for Example when Jesus appointed apostles (Mark 3:13-14; John 15:16; see APOSTLE), and the apostles appointed church leaders (Acts 6:3; Acts 6:6; Acts 14:23; see DEACON; ELDER)
Deposition - ) An opinion, Example, or statement, laid down or asserted; a declaration
Communicatio Idiomatum - For Example, John 17:5 is where Jesus, the man, says, "And now, glorify Thou Me together with Thyself, Father, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was
Verner's Law - Example: Skt. Examples in English are dead by the side of death, to rise and to rear
Sisters, Lay - Sister Marie Lataste of the Society of the Sacred Heart is an illustrious Example of the piety generally characterizing this class of religious
Apocrypha - This is the name given to certain books generally boundwith the Old and New Testament Scriptures which the Sixth Articleof Religion describes as "The other books (as Hierome saith) theChurch doth read for Example of life and instruction of manners;but yet doth it not apply them to establish any doctrine
Mote And the Beam, the - It was not intended to discourage fraternal correction, but directed against all those, of whom the Pharisees were striking Examples, who are inclined to judge harshly of others and to disregard the correction of their own faults. Then enlightened by their own experience they would know better how to direct others; and enlightening others by their good Example, they could reprove and counsel with more authority and persuasiveness ...
Metz, Arnulf of, Saint - Later he became Bishop of Metz and an Example of virtue and wisdom
Lap (Noun) - The NIV frequently replaces bosom with lap (for Example, Proverbs 6:27 ; Ecclesiastes 7:9 )
Mortar - Modern translations sometimes replace the mortar of the KJV with another term, for Example, plaster (Leviticus 14:42 ,Leviticus 14:42,14:45 ) or whitewash (Ezekiel 13:10-11 ,Ezekiel 13:10-11,13:14-15 )
Self-Control - It calls for a self-disciplined life following Christ's Example of being in the world but not of the world
Giovanni Cimabue - The only authentic Example of his work is the mosaic of "John the Baptist" in the apse of the Pisa cathedral
Highway - By their ministry and Example they will prepare the hearts of the people to hear GOD's Word, and to talk with Him
Believer - πιστός, 'trusting, trusty,' also from πίστις, 'faith,' 1 Timothy 4:12 ; "be thou an Example of the believers" The same word is used for "What part hath he that believeth with an infidel, or unbeliever?" 2 Corinthians 6:15
Arnulf of Metz, Saint - Later he became Bishop of Metz and an Example of virtue and wisdom
Abelians - They regulated marriage after the Example of Abel, who, they pretended, was married, but lived in a state of continence: they therefore allowed each man to marry one woman, but enjoined them to live in the same state
Exemption - The most important Example is the freedom of certain religious frqm the jurisdiction of local Ordinaries in all matters save the few expressly mentioned in the law; such religious come under the immediate and exclusive jurisdiction of the pope
Deceit - For Example, in Letter, Papal - The first Example apart from the Epistles of Saint Peter is that of Pope Clement I. The early popes insisted that rescripts issued for individual cases should be observed in analogous ones, an Example followed by the popes of the Middle Ages, a period during which the number of papal letters increased enormously
Jude, Epistle of - The style of the epistle is that of an "impassioned invective, in the impetuous whirlwind of which the writer is hurried along, collecting Example after Example of divine vengeance on the ungodly; heaping epithet upon epithet, and piling image upon image, and, as it were, labouring for words and images strong enough to depict the polluted character of the licentious apostates against whom he is warning the Church; returning again and again to the subject, as though all language was insufficient to give an adequate idea of their profligacy, and to express his burning hatred of their perversion of the doctrines of the gospel
Author And Finisher - ’ In classical Greek it is used for a ‘leader,’ one who precedes others by his Example, and so for an ‘originator. The writer, in summing up the list of heroes of faith, bids us look unto Jesus, who is pre-eminently the Leader in that great company, and the Perfect Example of that virtue of which to a certain extent they have been witnesses
Patience - Jesus is the great Example of endurance (Hebrews 12:1-3 ). Job's perseverance is another Example for suffering Christians (James 5:11 )
Statute - The statutes related to sacrifices for the unwitting sin are a good Example of case law. ...
Leviticus 10 provides a good Example of ritual law based on a specific case that results in an apodictic statute: Nadab and Abihu had been drinking before they entered the tabernacle to perform their duties. Uriah the Hittite is a good Example of an alien who had joined himself to Yahweh and Israel
Humiliation of Christ - His humiliation was necessary (1) to execute the purpose of God (Acts 2:23,24 ; Psalm 40:6-8 ), (2) fulfil the Old Testament types and prophecies, (3) satisfy the law in the room of the guilty (Isaiah 53 ; Hebrews 9:12,15 ), procure for them eternal redemption, (4) and to show us an Example
Humility - Christ has set us an Example of humility (Philippians 2:6-8 )
Decretal - in 1227, following the Example of Theodosius and Justinian, formed a constitution of his own, collecting into one body all the decisions and all the causes which served to advance the papal power; which collection of decretals was called the Pentateuch, because it contained five books
Ghost - All eleven Old Testament references involve the phrase “give up the ghost” (for Example, Genesis 25:8 ; Genesis 35:29 ) which means to cease breathing or simply to die
Another - " This word is often used without a noun, becoming a substitute for the name of the person or thing as in the last Example
Hagustald Abbey - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Abbey, Hagustald - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Abbey, Hexham - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Abbey, Hextold - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Hexham Abbey - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Hextold Abbey - The Saxon crypt of Saint Wilfrid, a wonderful Example of the earliest architecture, built of Roman stones, lies under the abbey church of Saint Andrew, a beautiful relic of the 13th century
Truth - ) Conformity to rule; exactness; close correspondence with an Example, mood, object of imitation, or the like
Gospels, the - For Example, St
John of God, Saint - There, won over to the religious life by the teaching and Example of Blessed John of Avila, he devoted himself to caring for the sick, and founded, for that purpose, the Grand Hospital at Granada and the Brothers Hospitallers
Martha, Saint 29 Jul - She also served Him in the house of Simon the Leper, and because of her solicitous care for His physical comfort she is taken as the Example of the practical religious life
Jaazaniah - The same abbreviated Hebrew name belonged to a Rechabite whom Jeremiah used as an Example of faithful obedience to God (Jeremiah 35:3 )
God, John of, Saint - There, won over to the religious life by the teaching and Example of Blessed John of Avila, he devoted himself to caring for the sick, and founded, for that purpose, the Grand Hospital at Granada and the Brothers Hospitallers
Relief - It was practised largely by the Egyptians, whose works are hence known by the Greek derivative koilana-glyphs (hollow carvings), and is often used tinted, as in Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek art; in Gothic and Renaissance art it was customary to tint wood, terra-cotta, and stucco, but not marble or stone; an Example of tinting is the "Annunciation" of Andrea della Robbia. Besides Della Robbia's Bambini in the Hospital of the Innocents, Florence, Donatello's high and low reliefs are admirable, among the best Examples of which is the Head of Saint John presented to Herod. The finest Example extant of low relief is that of the frieze around the cella of the Parthenon, much of which may be seen in the British Museum
Hivites - Most frequently the name appears in the list of nations God would drive out of the land during the Israelite conquest (for Example, Deuteronomy 7:1 )
Onanism - In extreme cases, for Example, when there is danger to health or life to one or both parties, married persons should simply abstain from the conjugal act
Sidon - For Example, Tyre, being the larger and more prosperous port, may have symbolized the greed and arrogance that Phoenicia as a whole developed because of its international shipping activity (Isaiah 23:1; Isaiah 23:8; Isaiah 23:17; Ezekiel 27:3; Ezekiel 27:25; Ezekiel 28:5; Ezekiel 28:9; Ezekiel 28:16)
Example - ) An instance serving for illustration of a rule or precept, especially a problem to be solved, or a case to be determined, as an exercise in the application of the rules of any study or branch of science; as, in trigonometry and grammar, the principles and rules are illustrated by Examples. ) To set an Example for; to give a precedent for; to exemplify; to give an instance of; to instance
Alloy - ) Any combination or compound of metals fused together; a mixture of metals; for Example, brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc
Pursue - ) To follow as an Example; to imitate
Antinomianism - While it is true that obedience to the law will never earn salvation for anyone (Ephesians 2:8-9 ), it is equally true that those who are saved are expected to live a life full of good works (see, for Example, Matthew 7:16-20 ; Ephesians 2:10 ; Colossians 1:10 ; James 2:14-26 )
Recompense, Reward - Sometimes it means “to complete or finish”—for Example, completing the temple (1 Kings 9:25)
Religious State - Essentially, that is in the observance of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the religious state was instituted by Christ, both by His Example and the evangelical counsels; accidentally, that is in the degree and manner of observing poverty and obedience, it is of human origin, such observance depending upon the will and intention of the founders of the religious institutes
State, Religious - Essentially, that is in the observance of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the religious state was instituted by Christ, both by His Example and the evangelical counsels; accidentally, that is in the degree and manner of observing poverty and obedience, it is of human origin, such observance depending upon the will and intention of the founders of the religious institutes
Dome - The Roman dome, of which the Pantheon is the finest Example, is a hemisphere supported by a circular wall
Abijah - In war with Jeroboam he gained a signal victory, 2 Chronicles 13:1-22 ; yet he followed the evil Example of his father
Peter, First Epistle of - He counsels (1) to steadfastness and perseverance under persecution ((1-2:10);); (2) to the practical duties of a holy life ((2:11-3:13);); (3) he adduces the Example of Christ and other motives to patience and holiness ((3:14-4:19);); and (4) concludes with counsels to pastors and people (ch
Show - For its other occurrence, Matthew 1:19 , see Example , B, No
Candle - Of believers' bright Example leading others to spiritual light (Matthew 5:14)
Riddle - The classic biblical Example of a riddle is that posed by Samson to the Philistines
Tabitha - After Christ's Example in the case of Jairus' daughter, "Peter put them all forth," and prayed (compare John 11:41-42), and then when he felt he had obtained his request spoke the word of power, and gave her his hand to lift her up (Matthew 9:25; Mark 5:40-41)
Rend - This is a perfect Example of the meaning of this passage
Pelagianism - Therefore, there is no need of redemption and the crucifixion of Jesus is merely a supreme Example of love, humility, obedience, and sacrifice
Arch - The KJV translates the word as porch elsewhere (for Example, 1 Kings 6:3 ; 1Kings 7:12,1Kings 7:19,1 Kings 7:21 )
Amon - Following his father's Example, Amon devoted himself wholly to the service of false gods, but was killed in a conspiracy
Septuagint - The chronology of the Septuagint differs materially from that of the Hebrew text, adding, for Example, 606 years between the creation and the deluge
Vicar - For Example, the term has been applied to certain clergy ofTrinity Church, New York, who have charge of chapels which possessthe dignity of parishes, but the support of which is derived mainlyfrom the Parish Corporation
Enemy - ...
The Bible speaks of enemies other than one’s fellow human beings; for Example, Satan, death and evil spiritual forces
Isaac - ...
New Testament In the New Testament Isaac appears in the genealogies of Jesus (Matthew 1:2 ; Luke 3:34 ), as one of the three great patriarchs (Matthew 8:11 ; Luke 13:28 ; Acts 3:13 ), and an Example of faith (Hebrews 11:20 ). Isaac's sacrifice by Abraham (Hebrews 11:17-18 ; James 2:21 ), in which he was obedient to the point of death, serves as a type looking forward to Christ and as an Example for Christians
Jeroboam - Rather he became the Example of evil kings in Israel because he built temples in Dan and Bethel with golden calves representing God's presence. All the following northern kings suffered the biblical writers' condemnation because they walked in the ways of Jeroboam, encouraging worship at Dan and Bethel (see for Example 1Kings 15:26,1 Kings 15:34 ; 1Kings 16:19,1 Kings 16:31 )
Self-Denial - To enable us to practise this duty, let us consider the injunction of Christ, Matthew 16:24 ; his eminent Example, Philippians 2:5 ; Philippians 2:8 ; the encouragement he gives, Matthew 16:25 ; the Example of his saints in all ages; Hebrews 11:1-40 :; the advantages that attend it, and, above all, learn to implore the agency of that Divine Spirit, without whom we can do nothing
Poetry of the Hebrews - Synonymous; where the two members express the same idea in different, but closely and often literally, corresponding words: as for Example, ...
What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou dost visit him? Psalm 8:4 . Antithetical; where an antithesis of thought is expressed by corresponding members; as for Example, ...
The house of the wicked shall be overthrown; but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish. Synthetic; which is a mere juxtaposition; or rather, the thought is carried forward in the second member with some addition; the correspondence of words and construction being as before: as for Example, ...
The law of the lord is perfect, converting the soul: ...
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. This is the most imperfect species of parallelism, and may be compared with the hexameter, divided by the caesura, as for Example, ...
Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. ...
Of compound parallelisms there are various kinds; as when the verse has three members either parallel with each other, a sin Job 3:4 , or two of them standing opposed to the third: as for Example, ...
The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib; but Israel do the not know, my people doth not consider. ...
We may name Psalm 2:1-12 15:1-5 , as affording Examples of most of the species of poetic parallelism. Besides this, there are other peculiarities; as for Example, the strophe, as in 1618179532_8 , and in Psalm 42:1-43:5 , where verses 5,11, and 5, are burdens or refrain, repeated at the end of each strophe
Orphans - For Example, placing a nervous, sensitive child with irritable foster parents is to invite difficulties for both parties
Disorderly - ...
C — 1: ἀτακτέω (Strong's #812 — Verb — atakteo — at-ak-teh'-o ) signifies "to be out of rank, out of one's place, undisciplined, to behave disorderly:" in the military sense, "to break rank;" negatively in 2 Thessalonians 3:7 , of the Example set by the Apostle and his fellow missionaries, in working for their bread while they were at Thessalonica so as not to burden the saints
Injury - For Example, if the victim of an assault was confined to bed, the assailant was to pay the injured party for time lost from work as well as “health care” expenses to ensure recovery (Exodus 21:22 )
Temperance - ...
And, lastly, the Example of Christ should be a most powerful stimulus to it
Purification - For Example, the case of the leper (Leviticus 1314,14 ), and of the house defiled by leprosy (14:49-53; see also Matthew 8:2-4 )
Sin - For Example: if you lie, you have sinned
Commination - It is substituted in the room of that godly discipline in the primitive church, by which ( as the introduction to the office expresses it ) "such persons as stood convicted of notorious sins were put to open penance, and punished in this world, that their souls might be saved in the day of the Lord; and that others, admonished by their Example, might be the more afraid to offend
Service: the Road to Honour - ' The honour which appertains to office in the church of God lies mainly in this: that the man who is set apart for such service has the privilege of being first in holiness of Example, abundance of liberality, patience of longsuffering, zeal in effort, and self-sacrifice in service
Maschil - Others suggest that maskil might be a musical notation or an indication that these psalms were performed at festivals (for Example, Psalm 78:1 )
Valley - The classic Example of this is Psalm 23:4
Master - Luke often uses epistates (manager, chief) where Matthew and Mark have teacher (didaskalos), rabbi, or Lord (for Example, Luke 5:5 ; Luke 8:24 ,Luke 8:24,8:45 ; Luke 9:33 ,Luke 9:33,9:49 ; Luke 17:13 )
Genevieve, Saint - She encouraged the inhabitants of Paris not to flee on the approach of Attila, and when the city was later besieged by Merowig she was an Example of devotedness and self-sacrifice
Brook - is distinguished from a river by its flowing only at particular times; for Example, after great rains, or the melting of the snow; whereas a river flows constantly at all seasons
Arrow - Jerom, Theodoret, and the modern commentators after them, believe that this prince took several arrows, and upon each of them wrote the name of the king, town, or province, which he was to attack; for Example, upon one, Jerusalem; upon another, Rabbah, the capital of the Ammonites; and upon another, Egypt, &c
Salt of the Earth - ,by their teaching and Example they must keep men measuring up to the principles of right living laid down by Christ
na'Than - (2 Samuel 7:2,3,17 ) He next comes forward as the reprover of David for the sin with Bathsheba; and his famous apologue on the rich man and the ewe lamb, which is the only direct Example of his prophetic power, shows it to have been of a very high order
Brotherhood of st. Andrew - This work wasprompted by the Example of the Apostle St
Theodosius of Syria - He speedily gathered a colony of ascetics, whom he taught industrial arts, as weaving sackcloth and haircloth, making mats, fans, and baskets, and cultivating, setting an Example of laborious diligence, and carefully superintending every department
Shame And Honor - In Jeremiah 2:26 , for Example, a thief once caught suffers shame, that is, the loss of esteem in the public eye. Honoring parents (Exodus 20:12 ), for Example, involves providing for their material needs (Matthew 15:4-5 ) so that their poverty would not be a source of shame
Stumbling Block - Idolatry, for Example, was a stumbling block to Jews of Old Testament times (Exodus 23:33; Ezekiel 7:19-20; Ezekiel 14:3-4), and to some Christians of New Testament times. A bad Example can be a stumbling block to those of weaker faith (Matthew 17:27; Matthew 18:6-8; Romans 14:13; 1 Corinthians 8:7-12; 2 Corinthians 6:3)
Letter Form And Function - 3 John 1:2 is the sole New Testament Example. The body of a Hellenistic letter frequently began with a concise statement of the letter's primary theme, for Example, the role of faith in salvation (Romans 1:16-17 ), the problems of division in the church (1 Corinthians 1:10 ), the impossibility of another “gospel” (Galatians 1:6 ). New Testament Examples of letters of censure or blame are found in Galatians (See 2 Thessalonians 1:6 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:1 ) and five of the letters to the churches in Asia Minor in Revelation 2-3 (excluding Smyrna and Philadelphia). The letters to the churches at Smyrna and Philadelphia serve as Examples of letters of praise ( Revelation 2:8-11 ; Revelation 3:7-13 ). Philemon serves as the New Testament Example of a letter of mediation. ” Second John serves as an excellent Example of a letter offering specific advice (2 John 1:10-11 )
Be - ” Here the focus is on the simple occurrence of the events—as seen, for Example, in the statement following the first day of creation: “And so it happened” ( Example, this verb not only is used to specify the object of the action but also the dynamic forces behind and within the action. 12:2, for Example, records that God told Abram: “… I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be [1] a blessing
Come - For Example, the meaning “come” appears in the Babylonian letters of Mari (1750-1697 B. For Example, the prophets speak of the “coming” day of judgment ( Example, during the Exodus, God “appeared” in the cloud and fire that went before the people ( Shape - ) Form of embodiment, as in words; form, as of thought or conception; concrete embodiment or Example, as of some quality
Innocent xi, Pope - Elected pope, he at once directed his efforts to reducing the expenses of the Curia, setting an Example by his strict economy
Tab'Itha - Upon his arrival Peter found the deceased already prepared for burial, and laid out in an upper chamber, where she was surrounded by the recipients and the tokens of her charity after the Example of our Saviour in the house of Jairus, ( Matthew 9:25 ; Mark 5:40 ) "Peter put them all forth," prayed for the divine assistance, and then commanded Tabitha to arise
Diptychs - This was done toexcite and lead the living to the same happy state by followingtheir good Example; and also to celebrate the memory of them asstill living, according to the principles of our Religion, and notproperly dead, but only translated by death to a more Divine Life
Honorina de Abreu - Through her work, and her Example, Sister Maria Jose sparked a revival of interest in the monastic life, and the founding of several houses
Magistrate - Possibly, judges and magistrates handled different cases, for Example, cases involving traditional law and royal cases in which the state had special interest
Pharaoh - ...
Romans 9:17 (c) In this passage GOD presents Pharaoh as an Example of one in whom He works and deals as He will with all other obstinate sinners
Cain - as an Example of wickedness and self-will
Predestine, Predestination - For Example, the crucifixion was brought about by sinful men who unjustly put Jesus to death (Acts 4:27); yet, in that death, we are reconciled to God (Romans 5:10)
Six - ...
The great giant had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot, for he represented the perfect Example of that race of giants
Cain - as an Example of wickedness and self-will
Onesimus - He carried, for Example, that which was written to the Colossians, while St
Isle, Island - " It means island when used of Caphtor, for Example, or Crete, Jeremiah 47:4 2:10 Psalm 97:1 Esther 10:1 , where the phrase isles of the sea is in antithesis with the land or continent
Education - The wisdom therefore and instruction, of which so much is said in the book of Proverbs, are to be understood chiefly of moral and religious discipline, imparted, according to the direction of the law, by the teaching and under the Example of parents
Amen - It was used as a formula expressing agreement to a variety of statements or announcements; for Example, an oath (Numbers 5:19-22), a blessing or curse from God (Deuteronomy 27:11-26; Jeremiah 11:5), an announcement (1 Kings 1:36), a prophecy (Jeremiah 28:6), an expression of praise (1 Chronicles 16:36; Psalms 41:13; Judges 1:24-25), a prayer (1 Corinthians 14:16), a statement (Revelation 1:7) or a promise (Revelation 22:20)
Spirit, Fruits of the - For Example, the first three, "Love, Joy, and Peace," havereference to the life of a Christian in his intercourse with God
Patience - ...
Jesus was the perfect Example of forbearance and longsuffering (Matthew 26:50-53; Luke 9:51-56; 1 Timothy 1:16; 1 Peter 2:21-23). His Example assures Christians that patience is more than tolerance; it is endurance and steadfastness (2 Thessalonians 3:5; Hebrews 12:3)
Friend, Friendship - Consequently, friendship may be simple association ( Genesis 38:12 ; 2 Samuel 15:37 ) or loving companionship, the most recognizable Example being that between David and Saul's son, Jonathan (1Samuel 18:1,1 Samuel 18:3 ; 1 Samuel 20:17 ; 2 Samuel 1:26 ). Echoing the Old Testament, James pointed to Abraham, the friend of God, as one whose Example of active faith is to be followed (James 2:23 )
Emperor Worship - The most obvious Example of emperor worship in the Old Testament is the well-known story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3:1 ). ...
A specific New Testament Example of emperor worship is the worship of the beast in the Book of Revelation
Ancestors - ...
If, generation after generation, people instruct their children in the knowledge of God, later generations will benefit from the faith and Example of their ancestors. On the other hand, the forefathers might leave behind a bad Example and a worthless manner of life for their descendants (Ezra 9:7; 1 Peter 1:18)
Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament - For Example, Romans 11:8-10 quotes from the Law ( Deuteronomy 29:4 ), the Prophets (Isaiah 29:10 ) and the writings (Psalm 69:22-23 ). The “stumbling stone” motif reflected in Romans 9:33 ( Isaiah 8:14 ; Isaiah 28:16 ) and 1 Peter 2:6-9 ( Isaiah 8:14 ; Isaiah 28:16 ; Psalm 118:22 ) is a good Example of this method. For Example, Paul quoted Genesis 15:6 in his discussion of Abraham ( Galatians 3:6 ) and Genesis 12:3 ( Galatians 3:8 ) with no acknowledgment or introductory formula. For Example, the reader might easily miss the fact that the words spoken from the cloud at the transfiguration of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 17:5 combine three separate Old Testament texts: “Thou art my Son” ( Psalm 2:7 ), “in whom my soul delighteth” (Isaiah 42:1 ), and “unto him ye shall hearken” (Deuteronomy 18:15 ). The quotation of Psalm 78:24 in John 6:31 is a good Example of such usage. A good Example of this use may be seen in Romans 1-3 . While many of the Old Testament texts quoted in the New Testament had already been accepted as messianic (for Example, Psalm 110:1 ) or could in light of Jesus' actual life claim to be messianic (Psalm 22:1 ; Isaiah 53:1 ), for the early Christians, all Scripture was to be interpreted by the fact of Christ because it is to Him that the Old Testament Scripture points (John 5:39 )
Martyr - A martyr chooses to die rather than deny his faith by word or deed; he suffers patiently, that is, after the Example of Christ, he does not resist his persecutors; he suffers death at the hands of one who, though he may assign some other reason, really acts through hatred of the Christian religion or of some Christian virtue
Law, Mendel's - " For Example, the offspring of tall and dwarf varieties of crossed sweet peas were of the tall type to the exclusion of the dwarf, the tall trait being known as dominant; while the self-fertilized seeds of the tall generation produced specimens of each in a definite ratio of 3:1, the temporarily obscured trait, dwarfishness, known as recessive
Imagination - For Example, the RSV used imagination only four times: for the inclination to do evil (Genesis 6:5 ; Genesis 8:21 NRSV reads, “inclination”); for the plans of the proud ( Luke 1:51 NSRV reads “thoughts”); and in connection with the making of idols ( Acts 17:29 ) where imagination may mean creativity or more likely a depraved mind
Word - ’ For Example, 1 Kings 11:41 RVm Innocents, Slaughter of the - For Example, when lying near death Herod ordered that all the Jewish leaders be captured and slaughtered upon his death, thus assuring grief at his passing
Copy - ) That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or Example; as, his virtues are an excellent copy for imitation
Mendel's Law - " For Example, the offspring of tall and dwarf varieties of crossed sweet peas were of the tall type to the exclusion of the dwarf, the tall trait being known as dominant; while the self-fertilized seeds of the tall generation produced specimens of each in a definite ratio of 3:1, the temporarily obscured trait, dwarfishness, known as recessive
Lydia - The incident in Acts 16:1-40 is one Example out of many of the comparatively Independent position of women in Asia Minor and Macedonia
Minister - The perfect minister, who is an Example to all others, is Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:28; John 13:14-16; Romans 15:8)
Detraction - Nothing can be more incongruous with the spirit of the Gospel, the Example of Christ, the command of God, and the love of mankind, than a spirit of detraction; and yet there are many who never seem happy but when they are employed in this work: they feed and live upon the supposed infirmities of others; they allow excellence to none; they depreciate every thing that is praise-worthy; and, possessed of no good themselves, they think all others are like them
Miriam - Later biblical writers remembered her as an Example to Israel in cases of leprosy (Deuteronomy 24:9 ) and as a leader sent by God (Micah 6:4 )
New Man - For Example, the New Revised Standard Version and the New International Version translate the words as "new self" in Ephesians 4:24 and Colossians 3:10
Balaam - he is held up as an Example of consummate wickedness and apostasy
Chapter - ...
In modern times this ancient Example was imitated, and many attempts of the kind were made before the existing division into chapters was fixed
Clothe - In this Example from Pope, it signifies merely to cover
Behold - Thus for Example, the Lord JEHOVAH calls upon the church to regard with all possible attention, the person and character of his dear Son
Desolate, To Be - For Example, after being raped by her half-brother, Tamar is said to have remained in her brother Absalom’s house, “desolate” ( Model - ) Anything which serves, or may serve, as an Example for imitation; as, a government formed on the model of the American constitution; a model of eloquence, virtue, or behavior
Adultery - (Leviticus 19:20-22 ) At a later time, and when owing, to Gentile Example, the marriage tie became a looser bond of union, public feeling in regard to adultery changed, and the penalty of death was seldom or never inflicted
Widow - This law was not confined to brothers-in-law only, but was extended to more distant relations of the same kind; as we see in the Example of Ruth, who married Boaz after she had been refused by a nearer kinsman
Adoption - For Example, it is an act of regeneration (new birth), for it gives spiritual life to those who are dead in sins (see REGENERATION). Old Testament Israel is a good Example of this gracious act of God; for he chose Israel from among all the peoples of the world and made the nation his son (Exodus 4:22; Deuteronomy 14:1; Hosea 11:1; Romans 9:4)
Deliver - When used of a liquid, the word means to “send forth” in the sense of “spilling,” for Example, to spill blood ( Example, “to pay” ( Example, the land will “give” (“yield”) its fruit ( Example, “to give” or “turn” a stubborn shoulder ( Example: “For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not” ( Example is Persecution - Ahab's Example in this respect was followed by Manasseh, who "shed innocent blood very much, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another" (2 Kings 21:16 ; Compare 24:4)
Deaconess - In the Apostles' time there were holy women set apartfor the work of the Church, for Example Phoebe, the servant ordeaconess, who was commended by St
Zeal - The Example of Christ, Acts 10:38
Kere-Kethib - An Example is the perpetual kere involving God's personal name, where the Hebrew text contains the consonants yhwh with the vowels a, o, a from adonai , the Hebrew word for Lord in which i is actually a Hebrew consonant. Some Examples may have been theologically motivated, as the change in the divine name warned the reader not to pronounce the sacred name but to replace it with adonai or Lord
Kish - The description of Saul as being from the humblest family of the tribe of Benjamin is probably a good Example of oriental modesty (1 Samuel 9:21 )
Caesar - This is the cognomen or surname of the gens Julia , which was borne, for Example, by its most illustrious representative, Caius Julius Cæsar
Authority - The power derived from opinion, respect or esteem influence of character or office credit as the authority of age or Example, which is submitted to or respected, in some measure, as a law, or rule of action
Built - Examples are Mormonism, Russellism, Seventh Day Adventism, Roman Catholicism, Unity, Christian Science, and many others. An Example of this is the Sudan Interior Mission by R
Ebenezer - A well known name and I believe, often used by the Lord's people, after the Example of Samuel, upon numberless occasions in life
Rechabites - ...
God instructed Jeremiah to hold up the obedience of the Rechabites as an Example to the men of Judah
Abihu - It had a vastly more important meaning,—this instance of vengeance is a standing Example of that divine wrath which shall consume all who pretend to serve God, except with incense kindled from the one altar and offering by which he for ever perfects them that are sanctified
Ant - This insect is mentioned twice in the Old Testament: in ( Proverbs 6:6 ; 30:25 ) In the former of these passages the diligence of this insect is instanced by the wise man as an Example worthy of imitation; in the second passage the ant's wisdom is especially alluded to; for these insects "though they be little on the earth, are exceeding wise
Hypocrisy - It shows itself in many ways, as, for Example, when people accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves (Matthew 7:5; Luke 13:15; Romans 2:1-3; Romans 2:19-24)
Simplicianus, Saint, Bishop of Milan - 386, became acquainted with Simplician, whose account of the conversion of Victorinus awakened an eager desire to follow his Example (Conf
Benevolence - Christian benevolence is this disposition of heart informed by the Example and precept of Christ, this informing of the heart being the work of His Holy Spirit. By precept as well as by Example benevolence is enjoined upon the ministry in the first commission to the Twelve: ‘Freely ye have received, freely give’ (Matthew 10:8)
Plead - Micah 6 is a classic Example of such a legal case against Judah, calling on the people “to plead” their case (6:1) and progressively showing how only God has a valid case (6:8)
Dominical Letter - For Example, the year 1901 began on Tuesday and the firstweek of that year with the first seven letters of the alphabetwould give us the following table:...
Alms - Our Lord and his attendants showed an Example also in this (John 13:29 )
Pity - Jesus used a compassionate Samaritan as an unexpected Example of active pity ( Luke 10:33 NIV)
Asa - Yet his reign was, on the whole, one of the happiest which Judah enjoyed, and the Bible repeatedly commends his piety as an Example
Inner Man - ) is an Example of the Paulinism which pervades this encyclical letter (see Moffatt, Historical NT 2 , p
Kidney - When the word is used figuratively of humans, KJV usually translates the term as “reins” (for Example, Jeremiah 12:2 ; Revelation 2:23 ); NRSV uses “mind” (Revelation 2:23 ), “heart” (Job 19:27 ; Psalm 7:9 ; Psalm 16:7 , Psalm 73:21 ; Jeremiah 12:2 ), “vitals” (Lamentations 3:13 ), “soul” (Proverbs 23:16 ), or “inward parts” (Psalm 139:13 ; but see Job 16:13 )
Witchcraft - It is wrong to have any thing to do with them, as it is setting an awful Example to others
Father - ) One who, or that which, gives origin; an originator; a producer, author, or contriver; the first to practice any art, profession, or occupation; a distinguished Example or teacher
Antitype - To take a simple but beautiful Example, a lamb was offered up for a burnt offering both morning and evening under the law; and in the N
Utter - This affords an Example of the tendency for certain words to become softened in force in late Greek
Ruth, Book of - The Example of filial piety and its reward is particularly striking
Jude, Epistle of - (Jude 1:20,21 ) while they earnestly sought to rescue others from the corrupt Example of those licentious livers, vs
Lent, Sundays in - "Popular usage, however, has assigned other names to the closingSundays in Lent, for Example, the Fourth Sunday is usually calledMid Lent Sunday, for the reason that the Lenten Fast is half over
Pontitianus, a Soldier - Pontitianus and the fourth member of the party coming up, the other two endeavoured to persuade them to follow their Example, but without success
Hate, Hatred - For Example, they are to hate whatever opposes God. For Example
Apostles - ’ The term was applied by Jesus to the twelve disciples whom He attached to Himself to aid Him in His ministry and to be trained by the discipline of His Example and precept for carrying it on after His departure ( Luke 6:13 , Matthew 10:2 ). Perhaps it was his Example that emboldened others outside the ranks of the Twelve and the Seventy to claim Apostleship on the score of Apostolic gifts, real or supposed ( 2 Corinthians 11:13 , Revelation 2:2 )
Conscience - The Examples of wise and good men may become rules of conscience: but here it must be observed, that no Example or judgment is of any authority against law: where the law is doubtful, and even where there is no doubt, the side of Example cannot be taken till enquiry has been first made concerning what the law directs. Maintain the freedom of conscience, particularly against interest, passion, temper, Example, and the authority of great names
As - ) For instance; by way of Example; thus; - used to introduce illustrative phrases, sentences, or citations
Rod - For Example, the twigs which Jacob peeled in the device recorded in Genesis 30:37 ff
Self-Seeking - Micah 2:1-2 ; that it is contrary to the Example of all wise and good men: that the most awful Examples of the punishment of this sin are recorded in Scripture; as Pharaoh, Achan, Haman, Gehazi, Absalom, Ananias and Sapphira, Judas, and many others
Beneficence - ...
Obligations to beneficence arise from the law of nature, Acts 17:26 ; the law of revelation, Hebrews 13:1-25 the relations we stand in to each other, Galatians 6:1-2 ; the Example of Christ and illustrious character, Acts 10:38 ; the resemblance we herein bear to the best of Beings, Acts 14:17 ; and the pleasure we receive and give in so noble an employ
El - Exodus 34:14 is an Example of the expression “other god”; Psalm 44:20 and Psalm 81:9 are translated “strange god
Omri (1) - ...
Omri’s political measures included an alliance with the Phœnicians , in which he had the Example of David and Solomon, though subsequent generations condemned him for it
Ecstasy - ...
In the New Testament Paul's experience of being caught up into the third heaven or paradise (2 Corinthians 12:2-4 ) is an Example of an ecstatic experience
Devotion - Among these may be reckoned a profound humility in the sight of God, a high veneration for his presence and attributes, an ardent zeal for his worship and honour, a constant imitation of our Saviour's divine Example, a diffusive charity for men of all denominations, a generous and unwearied self-denial, a total resignation to Providence, an increasing esteem for the Gospel, with clearer and firmer hopes of that immortal life which it has brought to light
Month - A common practice was to refer to a month by its number rather than by its name; for Example, ‘the fourth month’ rather than ‘Tammuz’ (2 Kings 25:3)
Torment (2) - The one Example of the figurative use of the word in the Gospels is in the parable of Dives and Lazarus (Luke 16:23-28 βάσανος, ‘torment’; ὀδυνᾶσθαι, ‘to be tormented’)
Castaway - Paul used his own Example of personal discipline to ensure that his preaching proved true in life as a call to others to do the same (1 Corinthians 9:27 )
Pit - For Example, enemies seek to harm the psalmist by "digging a pit" for his life (Psalm 35:7 )
Follow - ) To copy after; to take as an Example
Architecture - The many magnificent buildings of Herod, for Example, including the colonnades and gates of the Temple, were entirely built in the prevailing Græco-Roman style
As - ) For instance; by way of Example; thus; - used to introduce illustrative phrases, sentences, or citations
Bathsheba - David repented of his sin (2 Samuel 12:13; Psalms 51), but God’s forgiveness did not remove the evil Example that David had already set before his family
Juliana, Mother of the Virgin Demetrias - ) vindicating free will by her Example
Kingdom of God - As an Example of this see Denial - ...
Jesus was the supreme Example of self-denial, and in his case self-denial led eventually to death (Philippians 2:5-8)
Footwashing - The ethical sense is emphasized in John 13:14-15 where Jesus presented Himself as the Example of humble, loving service. The Anabaptists practiced footwashing as a symbol of washing in the blood of Christ and to impress the Example of Christ's deep humiliation
Follow, Follower - Matthew 18:23-35 ) or copy Christ's Example of suffering wrong rather than inflicting it (1 Peter 2:20-23 ). Frequently Christian leaders provide this Example for their people (Hebrews 13:17 )
Gate - An interesting Example falling within this period is Acts 12:13, where mention is made of τὴν θύραν τοῦ πυλῶνος. There is one Example to be classed alone, which shows how an entrance was filled up
Abraham - ” The first Hebrew patriarch, he became known as the prime Example of faith. ...
For Paul Abraham was the great Example of faith (Romans 4:1 ; Galatians 3:1 )
Preface - Even when the wording of the large Dictionary has been retained, as in the case, for Example, of proper names of minor importance, every statement has been verified anew. The whole subject of Magic Divination and Sorcery, for Example, has been dealt with in a single article
Family - He has, for Example, given parents authority over their children, and children naturally recognize that authority (Genesis 22:7-8; Exodus 20:12; Luke 2:51). ...
The teaching that parents give their children must be supported by the Example of right conduct in the parents’ lives (Romans 2:21-24; 1 Thessalonians 2:10-12)
Mishnah - For Example, Benedictions (Berakoth ) are treated in the first division on agricultural produce. For Example, almost always the halakah is according to Hillel rather than Shammai, even though Shammai's opinion is also quoted. For Example, the Mishnah preserves an entire section dealing with the Temple organization and sacrifice, in spite of the fact that the Temple no longer existed at the time of the writing of the Mishnah. For Example, Jesus' saying in Matthew 7:12 is quite similar to rabbinic statements in the Mishnah. For Example, evidence from Nashim (on women) helps us to reconstruct the social position of Palestinian Jewish women in the first century
King, Kingship - Kings were of three basic kinds in the Ancient Near East: (1) kings of great nations often identified with a god (for Example, in Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt); (2) kings from a military elite who had taken control of a local population by force (for Example, Canaanite city kings); and (3) kings who arose from tribal or clan-oriented groups whose election to or inheritance of the kingship was determined in part by the people's will (for Example, Israel, Edom, Moab, and Ammon). ...
As Israel became more settled in Canaan, the old tribal institutions of leadership began to dissolve (see, for Example, 1 Samuel 8:3 ). Many of the Psalms speak of God as King (for Example, Psalm 24:1 ; Psalm 93:1 ; Psalm 95-98 )
Pharaoh - ” An Example of his divine power was that he daily conducted “the Rite of the House of the Morning,” an early morning ritual in which he broke the seal to the statue of the sun god, waking him up with a prayer
Shallum - He did not imitate the Example of his father (2 Kings 23:32 ), but was "a young lion, and it learned to catch the prey; it devoured men" (Ezekiel 19:3 )
Sobriety - The Example of Jesus Christ, and 4
Drunkenness - It is a most pernicious awful Example to others
Sunday - The ancient Saxons called it by this name, because upon it they worshipped the Sun; and shall Christians keep up the memory of that which was highly displeasing to God, by calling the Sabbath by that name rather than by either of those he hath appointed? It is, indeed, called Sunday, only because it is customary: but this, say they, will not justify men in doing that which is contrary to the Example and command of God in his word
Forgiveness - "This, " says an ingenious writer, "was a lesson so new, and utterly unknown till taught by his doctrines and enforced by his Example, that the wisest moralists of the wisest nations and ages represented the desire of revenge as a mark of a noble mind; but how much more magnanimous, how much more beneficial to mankind, is forgiveness! It is more magnanimous, because every generous and exalted disposition of the human mind is requisite to the practice of it; and it is the most beneficial, because it puts an end to an eternal succession of injuries and retaliation
Catholic - ...
The word is, also, used to describe that which is believed on theAuthority of the Church, as for Example, the doctrine of the BlessedTrinity is a catholic doctrine because it is the universallyaccepted teaching of the Church and having the sure warrant of HolyScripture
Sodom And Gomorrah - The memory of their destruction provided a picture of God's judgment (Isaiah 13:19 ; Jeremiah 49:18 ; Matthew 10:14-15 ; Matthew 11:23-24 ) and made them an Example to be avoided (Deuteronomy 29:23-25 ; 2 Peter 2:6 )
Sidon And Tyre - Ezekiel 28:1 characterizes the king of Tyre as the ultimate Example of pride. Jesus spent time in Tyre and Sidon and in contrast to the prophets' attitude toward the cities, He contrasted them with the Jews as Examples of faith ( Matthew 11:20-22 )
Notwithstanding - For Example, "I will surely rend the knigdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant notwithstanding, in thy days I will not do it, for david thy father's sake
Milk - Baptism is an Example
Architecture, Byzantine - The style, which reached its height in the church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople (early 6th century), also appeared in the architecture of the West where the most magnificent Example is Saint Mark's, Venice (978-1096), and the most notable of modern times the Cathedral of the Precious Blood, Westminster, England (consecrated, 1910)
Counsel, To - A tragic Example was the case of King Ahaziah of Judah, whose mother “was his counselor to do wickedly” ( Saul - He reigned forty years, but exhibited to posterity a melancholy Example of a monarch, elevated to the summit of worldly grandeur, who, having cast off the fear of God, gradually became the slave of jealousy, duplicity, treachery, and the most malignant and diabolical tempers
Other - ...
With the sign of the possessive, other is preceded by the, as in the last Example
Fasting - In the Bible no Example is mentioned of fasting, properly so-called, before Moses
Type - For Example, the paschal lamb and all the victims sacrificed under the law were types of the Lamb of God, and illustrated his great atonement; showing that guilt deserved death, and could only be atoned for by the blood of an acceptable sacrifice
Elder - For Example (quoting the RSV), in Acts 20:17 Paul sends for the elders (presbuteroi) of the Ephesian church, but when they arrive (v. As a leader he is in a position of Example to others, and therefore his family life and public reputation must be of the highest order (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). The Example of the apostles in the early church suggests that the existing elders are the ones who make the appointment (Acts 1:21-26; cf. Elders can learn how to be true shepherds of the flock by following the Example of the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for it (1 Peter 5:4; cf
Imitation - The dangerous one-sidedness of this glorious book is not due to externalizing Christ’s Example. It is also to be recognized that Protestant Christianity, with its emphasis on the Pauline Gospel of the cross—Christ died for us had less receptiveness for the thought of Christ’s Example, in several of its forms. Ritschl and some other modern Protestants even assert that Christ’s Example amounts to no more than faultless fulfilment of vocation—a vocation very different from ours. ‘Example’ rather than to the present article. Can this wonderful many-sided Example be exchanged for a dry scholastic formula like ‘fidelity to a vocation’? We have to be on our guard lest Protestantism, with its rediscovery of the gospel of God’s love, and with its repudiation of false (monastic) conceptions of the higher life, should blur at some points that moral claim which is, in truth, high as heaven—high as Christ Himself. The socialistic reading of Christ’s words—socialism crossed with crazy altruism; anarchistic socialism or socialistic anarchism; extremes meet!—is primarily a wooden way of conceiving Christ’s teaching, just as imitation is a wooden way of following Christ’s Example
Manuscripts, Illuminated - The most ancient Examples of this art are on Egyptian papyri. The "Book of Kells" (7th century) is a famous Example
Hall - Elsewhere KJV translated the term “palace” (for Example Matthew 26:58 ; Mark 14:54 ; John 18:15 )
Dead Sea - These features of the Dead Sea plus its location in an hot and arid area inspired the biblical writers to use it as an Example of a life apart from the law of God
Money-Changers - , where the complexity of exchange in the Palestine of to-day is graphically set forth), changed the large denominations into the smaller, giving denarii, for Example, for tetradrachms, and gave silver for gold, copper for silver
Edification, Edify, Edifying - ; the most authentic have the noun oikodomos); 1 Peter 2:7 ; (b) is used metaphorically, in the sense of "edifying," promoting the spiritual growth and development of character of believers, by teaching or by Example, suggesting such spiritual progress as the result of patient labor
Dance - Michal should, in accordance with the Example of Miriam and others, have herself led the female choir, instead of keeping aloof on the occasion and "looking through the window
Temptation of Christ - He set an Example of firmness and virtue to his followers
Philemon - Commendation for Philemon's Love, Faith, and Example (4-7)...
Illuminated Manuscripts - The most ancient Examples of this art are on Egyptian papyri. The "Book of Kells" (7th century) is a famous Example
Proselytes - Tacitus (History Matthew 23:5 ) complains, for Example, that proselytes despised the gods, disdained their kindred, and abjured their fatherland
Ablution - For Example, the elders of the nearest village where some murder was committed were required, when the murderer was unknown, to wash their hands over the expiatory heifer which was beheaded, and in doing so to say, "Our hands have not shed this blood, neither have our eyes seen it" (Deuteronomy 21:1-9 )
Men - Older men are to be an Example to younger men in demonstrating the worth of a life of self-control (Titus 2:2)
Reflectiveness - The Virgin Mary herself is a beautiful and pathetic Example of fruitful reflectiveness (Luke 2:19; Luke 2:51)
Will (2) - Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a perfect Example of how our great possession of freedom should be used, has shown us by His own perfect subordination of His will to the will of His Father, that the goal at which we should aim is to have our wills in perfect accord with the will of God, whether it be His will as to our enduring or His will as to our doing
Lust - NRSV, for Example, used crave/craving (Numbers 11:34 ; Psalm 78:18 ); covet (Romans 7:7 ); desire (Exodus 15:9 ; Proverbs 6:25 ; 1 Corinthians 10:6 ); long for (Revelation 18:14 )
Slothfulness - ‘Our great Example, the life of our blessed Lord Himself, what was it but one continual exercise of labour? His mind did ever stand bent in careful attention, studying to do good
Maker - As for Example, (Genesis 1:26) it is there expressed; "And God said, Let us make man after our image, after our likeness
Accept - ” For Example: “Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams …?” ( Foot - Disciples, after Christ's Example, were to wash one another's feet, "by love serving one another" (Galatians 5:13)
Copy - Hence, a pattern or Example for imitation
Apochrypha - The apocryphal books are in general believed to be canonical by the church of Rome; and, even by the sixth article of the church of England, they are ordered to be read for Example of life and instruction of manners, though it doth not apply them to establish any doctrine
Love, Brotherly - The Example of Christ should allure us to it, 1 John 3:16
Anoint - In Esther 2:12 , for Example, the oil of myrrh is used as a cosmetic
Chrysippus, Guardian of the Holy Cross - This is a very early Example of the dreams indicating the position of valuable relics which we meet with so frequently in the middle ages, by which the failing fortunes of a religious house were revived, or the rival attractions of another establishment emulated (Cyrill
Accubation - The same custom, of lying upon couches at their entertainments, prevailed among the Jews also in our Saviour's time; for having been lately conquered by Pompey, they conformed in this, and in many other respects, to the Example of their masters
Sign - A sign or token is often put for the proof or evidence of a thing: For Example, "This shall be a token or sign unto thee, that I have sent thee," Exodus 3:12
Hospitality - Church leaders in particular should be an Example to the rest of the church by their hospitality (1 Timothy 3:2; Deuteronomy 23:4)
Courage - Such courage is an Example to others, urging them to greater confidence and increased boldness (Philippians 1:12-14)
Lord's Day - Our Lord has also taught usby His Example as well as by precept, that works of mercy, bothspiritual and corporal, are lawful to be done on this day, and arepeculiarly appropriate to it
Convert, Conversion - Examples of conversion, outside the New Testament, emerge when one looks at the term "proselyte, " the convert from a Gentile way of life to Judaism. Such an Example pictures in everyday Greek terminology what a convert looked like. Technical terminology for turning does not occur here, but the Example of the proselyte coming to Yahweh from Gentile origins does. ...
Examples of converts appear throughout the Book of Acts, although the technical terminology is not present. Among such Examples are Paul's change of direction at the Damascus road, Cornelius, the instant response of the Philippian jailer, and the picture of Lydia
Singing - But on the other side, it is remarked, that nothing should be done in or about God's worship without Example or precept from the New Testament; that, instead of aiding devotion, it often tends to draw off the mind from the right object; that it does not accord with the simplicity of Christian worship; that the practice of those who lived under the ceremonial dispensation can be no rule for us; that not one text in the New Testament requires or authorises it by precept or Example, by express words or fair inference; and that the representation of the musical harmony in heaven is merely figurative language, denoting the happiness of the saints
Saying And Doing - Of this doing of God’s will Jesus Himself set the supreme and inspiring Example (John 4:34; John 5:30; John 6:38). It was the great sin of the religious leaders of the time that they were so strong in profession and precept, and so neglectful of practical righteousness; ‘they say, and do not’ (Matthew 23:3); and many too readily followed their Example of easy formalism,—‘This people honoureth me with their lips’ (Matthew 15:8)
All - Another Example: “Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards” ( Example: “… They have made thy beauty perfect [3]
Fellowship - ...
Fellowship ‘with’ means sharing ‘in’...
An Example of the biblical meaning of fellowship is the Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion. From this latter Example ‘fellowship’ developed the more specialized meaning of ‘financial contribution’ (cf
Seeing - (1) The first usage under this head is where the verb ‘to see’ is used of the recognition of objects not strictly visible, as, for Example, when it is said of Peter that he saw the wind (Matthew 14:30); or when men are told that, if they first cast out the beam out of their own eye, they will then be able to see clearly to cast the mote out of their brother’s eye (Matthew 7:5); or, again, when it is said that a man shall see death (Luke 2:26, John 8:51); or when the Lord speaks of a man as ‘seeing the light of this world’ (John 11:9), where, of course, it is more strictly the vision of objects made possible through the presence of the light of day. In the Beatitudes, for Example, the blessing of the pure in heart is that they shall see God (Matthew 5:8). ’ For Example, in Matthew 24:6 we read, ‘See that ye be not troubled’; and in Mark 8:15 two words are combined in the warning, ‘Take heed (ὁρᾶτε), beware (βλέπετε) of the leaven of the Pharisees, and the leaven of Herod
Education in Bible Times - ...
Primary ways of imparting religious knowledge to children were Example, imitation, conversation and stories. The father had an obligation to teach his children the Law by words and Example. Amos is a notable Example of a prophet who was not educated in one of these schools (Amos 7:14-15 ). Timothy is a notable Example of a child who had been educated in the Scriptures in the home (2 Timothy 1:5 )
Apocalyptic - For Example, the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs take the form of testaments, but poetic composition appears in the Sybilline Oracles. Examples of dualism or determinism in some literature does not mean every writer of apocalyptic works believed in a world dominated by dualism and determinism. The idea that the devil is lord of the present age was not shared by all apocalyptists; for Example, in Daniel 4:25 , Nebuchadnezzar was told that he would be humbled until he learned that “the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will,” (compare Revelation 13:5-10 ). The end therefore is good !...
Most apocalyptic works are ascribed to an ancient saint, as their names imply (for Example, the books of Enoch , the Apocalypse of Abraham , of Noah , of Ezra , of Baruch ). Pseudonymity, however, was not a necessary adjunct of apocalyptic work; the literature of Qumran is without it, and the supreme Example of apocalyptic writing, the Book of Revelation, was issued in the name of its author
Psalms, the Book of - ; as for Example, the "songs of degrees," Psalm 120:1-7 , etc. Religious and moral songs of a general character; containing the poetical expression of emotions and feelings, and therefore subjective: as for Example, confidence in God, Psalm 23:1-6 62:1-12 125:1-5 ; devotedness to God, Psalm 16:1-11 ; longing for the worship of the temple, Psalm 42:1-43:5 ; prayers for the forgiveness of sin, etc. ...
The whole collection of the Psalms appears to have first existed in five books, after the Example, perhaps, of the Pentateuch. Some occur as parts of other psalms; as for Example, Psalm 70:1-5 forms also a part of Psalm 40:1-17
Hearing - For Example, Jesus predicts the coining of the hour ‘when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God’ (John 5:25; John 5:28). For Example, we read that at the grave of Lazarus ‘Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou heardest me. For Example, referring to the multitude generally, Jesus said to the disciples, ‘Therefore speak I to them in parables: because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand’ (Matthew 13:13, Mark 4:12, Luke 8:10). For Example, some of the Samaritans are reported as having said to the woman who conversed with Jesus at the well, ‘Now we believe, not because of thy speaking: for we have heard for ourselves’ (John 4:42). For Example, the verses at the close of the Sermon on the Mount, ‘Every one which heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them … Every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not’ (Matthew 7:24; Matthew 7:26, Luke 6:47; Luke 6:49)
Name - ...
The name "Samuel, " for Example, may be translated "asked of God" (Matthew 1:22-2380 — or possibly, "Name of El" )
Bigotry - If we consider the different makes of men's minds, our own ignorance, the liberty that all men have to think for themselves, the admirable Example our Lord has set us of a contrary spirit, and the baneful effects of this disposition, we must at once be convinced of its impropriety
Thanksgiving - The Example of all good men
Redemption - It is the plain doctrine of Scripture that "Christ saves us neither by the mere exercise of power, nor by his doctrine, nor by his Example, nor by the moral influence which he exerted, nor by any subjective influence on his people, whether natural or mystical, but as a satisfaction to divine justice, as an expiation for sin, and as a ransom from the curse and authority of the law, thus reconciling us to God by making it consistent with his perfection to exercise mercy toward sinners" (Hodge's Systematic Theology)
Testament, New - An Example of the use of the former application we have in 2 Corinthians 3:14
Vale, Valley - Of this there is fortunately one Example which can be identified with certainty --the deep hollow which compasses the southwest and south of Jerusalem
Bird - They were sympathetically watched and studied; we read, for Example, of their migrations (Jeremiah 8:7 etc
Languages of the Bible - New Testament Greek is heavily infused with Semitic thought modes, and many Aramaic words are found rendered with Greek letters (for Example, talitha cumi , Mark 5:41 ; ephphatha , Mark 7:34 ; Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani , Mark 15:34 ; marana-tha , 1 Corinthians 16:22 )
Kinsman - ...
The Old Testament Book of Ruth is the most striking Example of a kinsman who used his power and Jewish law to redeem
Jealousy - Probably the most striking Example of the anthropomorphic portrayal of God is in those passages where he is said to be jealous
Sarah, Sarai, Sara - as an Example of faith, Hebrews 11:11 ; and also as a wife who was in subjection to her husband
Benefactor - And this after the Example of the Lord Himself, who, being the true Εὐεργέτης, ‘came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many’ (see the parallel passage Matthew 20:25-28, and cf
Hittites - They then occupied the southern part of the land, as Hebron, Genesis 23:3-18, extending towards Beersheba; since Esau married Hittite wives, and Isaac and Rebekah feared that Jacob might follow his Example
Calf - For Example, Aaron proclaimed "a feast to the Lord," Exodus 32:5; and Jeroboam, we may fairly believe, never hoped to keep his subjects from resorting to Jerusalem, by at once setting up a god in downright opposition to Jehovah
Trumpet - For Example, Ehud sounded the trumpet, to assemble the Israelites against the Moabites, who oppressed them, and whose king Eglon he had lately slain, Judges 6:27
Repetitions in Prayer - The word rabboni, for Example, answering to our word Lord, he would bind himself to repeat a hundred or two hundred times, twice a day; and, accordingly, went on in the hearing of all the party; and, on his knees sometimes with his face directed steadily to heaven, and at other times bowing down to the ground, and calling out rabboni, rabboni, rabboni, rabboni, rabboni, &c, as fast as he could articulate the words after each other, like a school boy going through his task, not like a man who, praying with the heart and the understanding also, continues longer on his knees, in the rapture of devotion, whose soul is a flame of fire, enkindled by his Maker, and fixing upon his God, like Jacob, will not let him go until he bless him
Hell - It is clear that in many passages of the Old Testament Sheol can only mean "the grave," and is rendered in the Authorized Version; see, for Example, ( Genesis 37:35 ; 42:38 ; 1 Samuel 2:6 ; Job 14:13 ) In other passages, however, it seems to Involve a notion of punishment, and is therefore rendered in the Authorized Version by the word "hell
Marana And Cyra - For their maidens a small hovel was constructed within earshot, so that they could encourage them by their Example and by their words to a life of prayer and holy love
Paulus of Asia - The chief difficulty was with the bishops, and Paul of Aphrodisias was singled out for the first Example (p
Ananias - ...
At the beginning of the course of the New Testament church an awful Example was given to guard her in guileless sincerity from the world's corruption's; just as at the beginning of the course of the Old Testament church, Israel, a similar Example was given in Achan's case, to warn her that she was to be a holy people, separate from and witnessing against the world's pollution's by lust (Joshua 7)
Evil-Speaking - Women who are called to the office of the diaconate must not be slanderers (1 Timothy 3:11), and the same applies to aged women who are to influence the younger by their words and Example (Titus 2:3). Peter turns the minds of his readers to the perfect Example of Christ, who, being reviled, reviled not again (1 Peter 2:23), and bids them render, as He did, ‘contrariwise blessing’ (1 Peter 3:9)
Sozomen, Author of a History - He believed in Christianity, and even in the more ascetic forms of it, with a genuine faith, "for I would neither," he says, "be considered ungracious, and willing to consign their virtue [1] to oblivion, nor yet be thought ignorant of their history; but I would wish to leave behind me such a record of their manner of life that others, led by their Example, might attain to a blessed and happy end" (i. 3), being attracted to the subject both by his own taste and the Example of Eusebius
Poetry - ...
First, the books deemed "poetic" do not always yield solid Examples of biblical poetry. For instance, Ecclesiastes does not consistently exhibit Examples of verse. However, Old Testament poetry does not rhyme, and Examples of alliteration and assonance are rare. Despite the uncertainties, enough texts exhibit clear metrical patterns that meter cannot be dismissed outright (for Example, Genesis 49 generally manifests a 3:3 pattern ). ...
Consider the following Example: ...
Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows. Most Examples of antithetical parallelism occur in the Wisdom Literature, where the two paths, the way of wisdom and that of folly, are contrasted for the one who would be wise. Before we proceed with the discussion, it might prove helpful to examine Examples: ...
Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord (Psalm 139:4 ) I will sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted. A well-known Example is: ...
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. Note the following Example: ...
Ephraim will not be jealous of Judah, nor Judah hostile toward Ephraim. The kenosis passage in Philippians 2:6-11 offers an excellent Example. Indeed, current studies in narrative strategies, for Example, well illustrate a concern with style
Poetry - Attempts to establish a classical system of meter (iambic feet, for Example) have failed. Psalm 42:1 ...
This Example shows a 3+4 meter. Psalm 42-43 present a good Example of clear-cut stanzas
Sermon on the Mount - Other figurative or poetic elements as well do not lend themselves to a literal interpretation (for Example Matthew 5:13-16 ; Matthew 6:20 ; Matthew 7:6 ,Matthew 7:6,7:13-27 ). ...
Some interpreters of the Sermon on the Mount have emphasized the poetic and metaphoric nature of Jesus' language (for Example, calling His disciples salt and light, Matthew 5:13-16 ) and His use of hyperbole or consciously exaggerated speech designed to make His point vivid and memorable (for Example, plucking out the eye and cutting off the hand that offends, Matthew 5:29-30 )
Greatness - According to His teaching as well as His Example (see above), to be great is not to exact, but to give, as much service as possible. In a glorious paradox the highest in the Kingdom is he who assumes the lowest place (Matthew 23:11, John 13:14-16, and, for the supreme Example, Philippians 2:5-11). The very title which our Lord uses of Himself in appealing to His own Example (Mark 10:45 ||), suggests that the nearer a man’s life approaches to the ideal of humanity, the more completely will he realize his greatness in the service of others
Prayer (2) - ...
In discussing the subject of prayer in reference to Christ and the Gospels, we may consider these topics: (1) the words used to express the idea of prayer; (2) places and times of prayer; (3) attitude in prayer; (4) Christ’s Example; (5) Christ’s doctrine. But He Himself knelt in the garden (Luke 22:41): and it was perhaps in consequence of His Example on that occasion that in the NT the first Christians are always represented as kneeling. Christ’s Example. —Much more important than terminology, or the mention of places, times, and postures for prayer, is the fact that Jesus Christ, by His own Example, has taught us the duty of prayer. Not that we need suppose that He prayed merely in order to set us an Example: prayer was one of those things which became Him, in order that He might ‘fulfil all righteousness’ (Matthew 3:15). But Example, as set by Him, is of the very strongest. Moreover, He has left us an Example of intercession, not merely for groups of persons, large and small, but also for an individual. —In addition to His weighty Example as to the duty and blessedness of prayer, we have Christ’s frequent sayings on the subject. Repetition of prayers, even in the same form of words, is encouraged by our Lord, both by precept (Luke 18:1-8) and by Example (Matthew 26:44)
Christ, Humanity of - Christ willed to experience bodily suffering in order to expiate our sins and to give us a superlative Example of all virtues
Names in New Testament - They are: ...
Ananias, Jehovah protects
Elizabeth, worshipper of God
Gabriel, strong man of God
Gamaliel, God recompenses
Heli, Jehovah is high
Jesus, Jehovah saves
John, gift of God
Matthias, gift of Jehovah
Michael, who is like God?
Nathanael, gift of God
Timothy, honoring God
Zachary, Jehovah remembers
Zebedee, gift of God
A large class of proper names for men and women is made up of adjectives denoting personal characteristics, such as ...
Andrew, manly
Asyncritus, incomparable
Bernice, victorious
Clement (Latin), kind
Eunice, victorious
Pudens, modest
Timon (Hebrew), honorable
Zacheus, pure
Names of things, and words referring to trades or avocations were taken as proper names: ...
Andronicus, conqueror
Anna, grace
Caiphas, oppressor
Judas, praise
Malchus, ruler
Manahen, comforter
Mary (Hebrew), bitter sea
Philip, lover of horses
Prochorus, leader of a chorus
Salome, peace
Tyrannus, tyrant
Some names seem to have been suggested by particular circumstances: ...
Cleophas, of an illustrious father
Joseph, whom the Lord adds
Mnason, he who remembers
Onesiphorus, bringer of profit
Philologus, lover of words
Sosipater, saviour of his father
Names of animals and plants are not frequent, the only Example being ...
Damaris, heifer
Dorcas and Tabitha, gazelle
Susanna, lily
Rhode, rosebush
Names derived from numbers are ...
Quartus, fourth
Tertius and Tertullus, third
Names without Christian significance and probably derived from pagan mythology are: ...
Apollo, contracted form, of Apollonios, belonging to Apollo
Diotrephes, nourished by Jupiter
Epaphroditus, beautiful
Phebe, shining
"Bar" in a name means "son of," e
New Testament, Names in - They are: ...
Ananias, Jehovah protects
Elizabeth, worshipper of God
Gabriel, strong man of God
Gamaliel, God recompenses
Heli, Jehovah is high
Jesus, Jehovah saves
John, gift of God
Matthias, gift of Jehovah
Michael, who is like God?
Nathanael, gift of God
Timothy, honoring God
Zachary, Jehovah remembers
Zebedee, gift of God
A large class of proper names for men and women is made up of adjectives denoting personal characteristics, such as ...
Andrew, manly
Asyncritus, incomparable
Bernice, victorious
Clement (Latin), kind
Eunice, victorious
Pudens, modest
Timon (Hebrew), honorable
Zacheus, pure
Names of things, and words referring to trades or avocations were taken as proper names: ...
Andronicus, conqueror
Anna, grace
Caiphas, oppressor
Judas, praise
Malchus, ruler
Manahen, comforter
Mary (Hebrew), bitter sea
Philip, lover of horses
Prochorus, leader of a chorus
Salome, peace
Tyrannus, tyrant
Some names seem to have been suggested by particular circumstances: ...
Cleophas, of an illustrious father
Joseph, whom the Lord adds
Mnason, he who remembers
Onesiphorus, bringer of profit
Philologus, lover of words
Sosipater, saviour of his father
Names of animals and plants are not frequent, the only Example being ...
Damaris, heifer
Dorcas and Tabitha, gazelle
Susanna, lily
Rhode, rosebush
Names derived from numbers are ...
Quartus, fourth
Tertius and Tertullus, third
Names without Christian significance and probably derived from pagan mythology are: ...
Apollo, contracted form, of Apollonios, belonging to Apollo
Diotrephes, nourished by Jupiter
Epaphroditus, beautiful
Phebe, shining
"Bar" in a name means "son of," e
Swine - In Rameh in Galilee, for Example, considerable herds are kept and pastured in the surrounding fields
Biblical Genealogies - For an Example of omission of names see the genealogy of Esdras in 1 Esdras 7, and 1Paralipomenon 6
Scribes - Such, for Example, was Baruch, who "wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the Lord" (Jeremiah 36:4,32 )
Zedekiah - The kingdom was at that time tributary to Nebuchadnezzar; but, despite the strong remonstrances of Jeremiah and others, as well as the Example of Jehoiachin, he threw off the yoke of Babylon, and entered into an alliance with Hophra, king of Egypt
Inquire of God - Such shrines were regarded as one Example of the evil that resulted when there was no king and “every man did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6 )
Faithful - For Example, in 1 Corinthians 7:25 Paul commended himself to the Corinthians as one who is “faithful” (KJV) or “trustworthy” (NAS)
Add - For Example, the dove that Noah sent out “returned not again” ( Timothy - For Example, when Paul was unable to go to Corinth, he sent Timothy to represent Paul and his teachings (1 Corinthians 4:17 )
Humanity of Christ - Christ willed to experience bodily suffering in order to expiate our sins and to give us a superlative Example of all virtues
Faithfulness - The most profound Example of his faithfulness is the bond between God and the people of the northern kingdom of Israel
Widow - Later, other churches followed their Example, though some families abused the system by using the church’s welfare program as a way of avoiding their responsibilities
Meekness - ...
Jesus is the perfect Example of meekness
Stone - The most obvious Example is the writing of the Ten Commandments on stone by the Spirit of God when Moses went up on Mount Sinai
Wages - Balaam, for Example, was paid “fees for divination” in exchange for his cursing of Israel (Numbers 22:7 ), and Shemaiah was hired by Sanballat to trap Nehemiah with a false prophecy (Nehemiah 6:10-13 )
Jeremiah - He was a noble Example of the triumph of the moral over the physical nature
Good Samaritan, Parable of the - A priest approaches, who might be expected to give good Example and obey the Law's precept of charity towards the neighbor, especially as the victim is apparently a fellow countryman, but he passes by
Jacob - The Example of Jacob is quoted by the first and the last of the minor prophets
Enoch - A bright Example in those early days of how by grace a man can have communion with God, and so please God, and be made sensible of it, thus enjoying the light of His countenance in walking with Him in a sinful world
Methodist - The one comprehends those doctors whose method of disputing with the Protestants was disingenuous and unreasonable; and who followed the Example of those military chiefs, who shut up their troops in intrenchments and strong holds, in order to cover them from the attacks of the enemy
Lessons - As to the second lessons, the church observes the same course both on Sundays and week-days; reading the Gospel and Acts of the Apostles in the morning, and the Epistles in the evening, in the order they stand in the New Testament; excepting on saints' days and holy days, when such lessons are appointed as either explain the mystery, relate the history, or apply the Example to us
Doctor (2) - In the last Example Authorized Version has ‘teacher’ and in the other two ‘doctor of the law
Continuity - ” In other groups of passages, the word emphasizes “regular repetition”: for Example, Likeness - 1:10, for Example, the word represents the “form” or “likeness” of the faces of the living creatures Ezekiel describes
Spirit (of the Dead), Necromancer - For Example, the medium of Endor could not snatch Samuel out of God’s hands against His wishes
Adorning - Romans 7:22, Ephesians 3:16), and may be a further Example of that dependence of 1 Peter on Pauline writings which is now generally recognized (Moffatt, Introd
Genealogies, Biblical - For an Example of omission of names see the genealogy of Esdras in 1 Esdras 7, and 1Paralipomenon 6
Stephen - And when he had said this, he fell asleep," an Example of the majesty and meekness of true Christian heroism, and as the first, so also the pattern, of all subsequent martyrs
Dance - We have an Example of this alter the passage of the Red Sea
Sisters of Saint Clare - Following the Example of Saint Clare, groups of women banded together in various cities, and Cardinal Ugolino, Bishop of Ostia (later Pope Gregory IX), drew up a rule for them based on that of Saint Benedict
Second Order of Saint Francis - Following the Example of Saint Clare, groups of women banded together in various cities, and Cardinal Ugolino, Bishop of Ostia (later Pope Gregory IX), drew up a rule for them based on that of Saint Benedict
Noah - " Noah, however, was an Example of real faith: he believed the warning of God, was moved by fear, and pursued the necessary course of action, Hebrews 11:7
Neth'Inim - The Example set by David was followed by his successor
Lent, the Season of - From these references we learn thatit is both Scriptural and helpful that this Season of Penitenceshould be prolonged for us, that bearing in mind theseincidents of "forty years" and "forty days" of devotion anddiscipline which characterized the history of God's people, andalso our Lord's Example, we may be like minded in prayer, indiscipline and in turning to God
Tiberius ii., Emperor of Constantinople - Tiberius presented a striking Example of toleration in an intolerant age
Redeem, Redemption, Redeemer - For Example, if a person owned an ox which was known to be dangerous but did not keep the ox secured and the ox gored the son or daughter of a neighbor, both the ox and the owner would be stoned to death. At the sea God redeemed His people from slavery in Egypt (for Example, Exodus 6:6 ; Exodus 15:13 ; Deuteronomy 7:8 ; Psalm 77:15 )
Wisdom Literature - The first, represented by the book of Proverbs, gives the principles of right and wrong as they apply to life in general; for Example, the righteous will prosper but the wicked will perish (Proverbs 11:5-8). The second, represented by the books of Job and Ecclesiastes, looks at the exceptions; for Example, the righteous often have all sorts of troubles, while the wicked enjoy peace and prosperity (Job 12:4; Job 21:7-13; Ecclesiastes 7:15; Ecclesiastes 8:14)
Pride - ...
mr 7:22 includes arrogance in a list of vices, the only such Example in the Gospel texts. ...
Finally, a remarkable Example of hyperephanos [ Luke 1:51 )
Sodom - ’...
The typical use of ‘Sodom’ as an Example of sin reaches its height in Revelation 11:8, where Jerusalem is described as ‘the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt. ’ The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is also coupled with the Deluge in 2 Peter 2:5-7 as an Example of punishment
Lot - In him they had before their eyes an illustrious Example of the exercise of genuine piety, supported by unsullied justice and benevolent actions. We see the use of lots among the Hebrews in many places of Scripture: God commands, for Example, that lots should be cast upon the two goats which were offered for the sins of the people, upon the solemn day of expiation, to know which of the two should be sacrificed, and which liberated, Leviticus 16:8-10
Passover - But those who had any lawful impediment, as a journey, sickness, or uncleanness, voluntary or involuntary, for Example, those who had been present at a funeral, &c, were to defer the celebration of the passover till the second month of the ecclesiastical year, the fourteenth day of the month Jair, which answers to April and May. We see an Example of this postponed passover under Hezekiah, 2 Chronicles 30:2-3 , &c
Chronology of the Old Testament - For Example, we learn that Jehoshaphat of Judah came to the throne in the fourth year of Ahab of Israel; also that Ahab reigned 22 years. ...
This Example makes us give up the synchronisms and turn our attention to the length of reigns, where we have reason to suppose that the figures are drawn from earlier documents. If a king dies in the tenth year of his reign, for Example, the calendar year may continue to be called his tenth; and the next calendar year will be the first of his successor. In the genealogy of the sons of Adam, for Example (Genesis 5:1-32 ), we read how Adam was 130 years old when he begat Seth, Seth 105 years old when he begat Enosh, and so on down to the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in which the Flood came
Hebrew - For Example, s and sh were represented by the letter shin, “ and g (sayin and gayin) by the letter sayin, and h and ch by the letter heth. For Example there is the shibboleth-sibboleth incident in Judges 12:5-6 . Some Bible students think many of the difficulties of the text of Hosea may be clarified by considering the Hebrew of that book as an Example of northern or Israelite idiom
Monk - " This original of monks seems to have been this: The persecutions which attended the first ages of the Gospel forced some Christians to retire from the world, and live in deserts and places most private and unfrequented, in hopes of finding that peace and comfort among beasts, which were denied them among men; and this being the case of some very extraordinary persons, their Example gave such reputation to retirement, that the practice was continued when the reason of its commencement ceased. Almost about the same time, Aones, or Eugenius, with their companions Gaddanus and Azyzias, instituted the monastic order in Mesopotamia, and the adjacent countries; and their Example was followed with such rapid success, that in a short time the whole east was filled with a lazy set of mortals, who abandoning all human connexions, advantages, pleasures, and concerns, wore out a languishing and miserable existence amidst the hardships of want and various kinds of suffering, in order to arrive at a more close and rapturous communication with God and angels. Martin, the celebrated bishop of Tours, erected the first monasteries in Gaul, and recommended this religious solitude with such power and efficacy both by his instructions and his Example, that his funeral is said to have been attended by no less than two thousand monks
Monk - The original of monks seems to have been this: The persecutions which attended the first ages of the Gospel forced some Christians to retire from the world, and live in deserts and places more private and unfrequented, in hopes of finding that peace and comfort among beasts which were denied them among men; and this being the case of some very extraordinary persons, their Example gave such reputation to retirement, that the practice was continued when the reason of its commencement ceased. ...
Almost about the same time, Aones, or Eugenius, with their companions, Gaddanus and Azyzas, instituted the monastic order in Mesopotamia, and the adjacent countries; and their Example was followed with such rapid success, that in a short time the whole east was filled with a lazy set of mortals, who, abandoning all human connections, advantages, pleasures, and concerns, wore out a languishing and miserable existence amidst hardships of want, and various kinds of suffering, in order to arrive at a more close and rapturous communication with God and angels. Martin, the celebrated bishop of Tours, erected the first monasteries in Gaul, and recommended this religious solitude with such power and efficacy, both by his instruction and Example, that his funeral is said to have been attended by no less than two thousand monks
Margaret Hallahan - ...
Born January 23, 1803 at London, England ...
Died May 10, 1868 at Stone, England ...
Venerated; pending; if you have information relevant to the Cause of Mother Margaret, contact...
Dominican Sisters of Stone...
Station Road...
Stone, Staffs ST15 8EN, UNITED KINGDOM ...
Additional Information Catholic Encyclopedia...
Readings Prayer for Beatification of Mother Margaret Hallahan: ...
Lord, in the life of Margaret of the Mother of God, you give us an Example of zeal for your glory, love of your will, devotion to your Immaculate Mother, loyalty to your Vicar on earth
Everlasting Punishment - ” Only God, his attributes, his word, his dwelling place and his possessions are everlasting (for Example, Genesis 21:33 ; Deuteronomy 33:27 ; Psalm 41:13 ; Isaiah 33:27 )
Collection - A negative Example of those who lie while making such a donation occurs in Acts 5:1-11
Figure - ...
Notes: (1) The synonymous noun hupotuposis, "an Example, pattern," 1 Timothy 1:16 ; 2 Timothy 1:13 , denotes simply a delineation or outline
Pastor - But whereas the shepherd-leaders of Israel were often concerned only for themselves (Ezekiel 34:2-6), the Christian’s Example of a shepherd-leader, Jesus Christ, gave himself for the flock (Matthew 9:36; Matthew 10:6; John 10:1-15; 1 Peter 5:1-4)
Everlasting Punishment - ” Only God, his attributes, his word, his dwelling place and his possessions are everlasting (for Example, Genesis 21:33 ; Deuteronomy 33:27 ; Psalm 41:13 ; Isaiah 33:27 )
Synoptics, Synoptists - In the early Church, and indeed until the time when the modern view of the mutual relations of the Gospels was first stated by Griesbach in 1774, the Example of Tatian was followed, and the Synopsis was made to embrace all four Gospels; some, like Irenaeus, being led by various reasons, more or less fanciful, to lay stress upon the fourfold nature of the Gospel
Episcopacy - For Example, anon-Episcopal divine has set forth his conclusions in the followingstatement: "The Apostles embodied the Episcopal element into theconstitution of the Church, and from their days to the time of theReformation, or for fifteen hundred years, there was no other formof Church government anywhere to be found
Order - Jesus Christ was a most beautiful Example of regularity
Robbery - Patrokles and Douda, for Example, set up an epitaph in memory of their son Sousou, a policeman who was slain by robbers, while there is evidence also for the existence of an official-the stationarius-who had to lend assistance in the capture of runaway slaves, a class from which the ranks of the mountain robbers might be must easily recruited
Confirmation - In the ‘Order of Confirmation’ in the Book of Common Prayer, ‘the laying on of hands upon those that are baptized and come to years of discretion,’ as performed by the bishop, is said to be done ‘after the Example of Thy holy Apostles
Memorial - Ezekiel provides another notable Example, but he often uses memory to chastise Israel for her sins (16:60-63)
Ecce Homo - ’ He was bidding men look to the perfect man, the incarnate Son of God, men’s perfect Example, their Divine yet most truly human Redeemer
Honour (2) - Therefore such conceptions of ‘honour’ must be regarded as briers choking the word (Mark 4:19); for whatever justification codes of ‘honour’ may claim (as from Matthew 7:12), they are impatient of the spirit of meekness inculcated by Christ in precept (Matthew 5:39) and in Example (Matthew 27)
Lawyer - The most general representative of law was the cognitor, or attorney, whose place (in Gaius’s time) was partially filled by the procurator litis, or legal agent; but in court the case was pleaded by the patronus or orator, the skilled counsel of whom Cicero is so illustrious an Example, often assisted by the advocatus, or legal adviser
Hallahan, Margaret - ...
Born January 23, 1803 at London, England ...
Died May 10, 1868 at Stone, England ...
Venerated; pending; if you have information relevant to the Cause of Mother Margaret, contact...
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Readings Prayer for Beatification of Mother Margaret Hallahan: ...
Lord, in the life of Margaret of the Mother of God, you give us an Example of zeal for your glory, love of your will, devotion to your Immaculate Mother, loyalty to your Vicar on earth
Hecebolius, a Rhetor at Constantinople - After the death of Constantius however Hecebolius followed the Example of his former pupil and became a "fierce pagan" (γοργὸς Ἕλλην; Socr
Altar - For Example, the sacrificial animal may have been bound to these horns in order to allow its blood to drain away completely ( Ill - Bad or evil, in a general sense contrary to good, physical or moral applied to things evil wicked wrong iniquitous as, his ways are : he sets an Example
Spot - The Christian is to be a good Example of a blameless believer
Philadelphia - "Among the Greek churches of Asia Philadelphia is still erect, a column in a scene of ruins, a pleasing Example that the paths of honour and safety may be sometimes the same
Eustochium, 3rd Daughter of Paula - 290) and to whom she set an Example by undertaking all menial offices (i
ja'Cob - The Example of Jacob is quoted by the first and the last of the minor prophets
Imposition of Hands - This they retain as an ancient practice, justified by the Example of the Apostles, when no extraordinary gifts were conveyed
Amen - '" ...
"Once in the NT 'Amen' is a title of Christ, Revelation 3:14 , because through Him the purposes of God are established, 2 Corinthians 1:20 ...
"The early Christian churches followed the Example of Isreal in associating themselves audibly with the prayers and thanksgivings offered on their behalf, 1 Corinthians 14:16 , where the article 'the' points to a common practice
Barley - The Hebrews, however, frequently used barley bread, as we find by several passages of Scripture: for Example, David's friends brought to him in his flight wheat, barley, flour, &c, 2 Samuel 17:28
Lawyer - The most general representative of law was the cognitor, or attorney, whose place (in Gaius’s time) was partially filled by the procurator litis, or legal agent; but in court the case was pleaded by the patronus or orator, the skilled counsel of whom Cicero is so illustrious an Example, often assisted by the advocatus, or legal adviser
Pentateuch - Some modern writers, it seems, have asserted that Moses did not compose the Pentateuch, because the author always speaks in the third person; abridges his narration like a writer who collected from ancient memoirs; sometimes interrupts the thread of his discourse, for Example, Genesis 4:23 ; and because of the account of the death of Moses at the end, &c. It is observed, also, in the text of the Pentateuch, that there are some places that are defective: for Example, in Exodus 12:8
Mind - ” For Example, Moses said, “The Lord hath sent me to do all these works; for I have not done them of mine own mind” (Numbers 16:28 ; compare 1 Samuel 9:20 ; Nehemiah 4:6 ). An Example is Paul's statement: “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind” ( Romans 14:5 )
Adultery - But when the territorial system of Moses fell into desuetude, and Gentile Example corrupted the Jews, while the law nominally remained it practically became a dead letter. In Matthew 1:19, Joseph" not willing to make the Virgin a public Example (paradeigmatisai ) was minded to put her away privily"; i
Ear - For Example, primitive psychology, in its ignorance of the nervous system, distributes psychical and ethical attributes to the various physical organs. ); one Example is quoted from the OT and applied by St
Come Up, Ascend - The verb may be used in a special sense meaning “to extend, reach”—for Example, the border of Benjamin “went up [1] through the mountains westward” ( Example, the Pharaoh feared the Israelites lest in a war they join the enemy, fight against Egypt, and “overpower” the land ( Remove, Depart - ...
The meaning “to lift up” or “to bear” is seen, for Example, in Example, “to lift up” one’s hand
Speak - Exceptions to this generalization occur, for Example in Job 32:7, where Elihu personifies “days” (a person’s age) as that which has the right “to speak” first. ”...
There is much discussion regarding the “word” as a hypostatization of divine reality and attributes as seen, for Example, in John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Word
Image, Nebuchadnezzar's - Others see a succession of kingdoms rather than kings, for Example, (1) Babylon, Media, Persia, and Greece or (2) Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander the Great, and Alexander's Hellenistic successors
Micah - The style of Micah is nervous, concise, and elegant, often elevated, and poetical, but sometimes obscure from sudden transitions of subject; and the contrast of the neglected duties of justice, mercy, humility, and piety, with the punctilious observance of the ceremonial sacrifices, affords a beautiful Example of the harmony which subsists between the Mosaic and Christian dispensations, and shows that the law partook of that spiritual nature which more immediately characterizes the religion of Jesus
Hezekiah - In public life he followed the Example of his great-granfather Uzziah
Shame - ...
C — 4: παραδειγματίζω (Strong's #3856 — Verb — paradeigmatizo — par-ad-igue-mat-id'-zo ) signifies "to set forth as an Example" (para, "beside," deiknumi, "to show"), and is used in Hebrews 6:6 of those Jews, who, though attracted to, and closely associated with, the Christian faith, without having experienced more than a tasting of the heavenly gift and partaking of the Holy Ghost (not actually receiving Him), were tempted to apostatize to Judaism, and, thereby crucifying the Son of God a second time, would "put Him to an open shame
Vows - In the OT we have Examples of (1) in Genesis 28:22; Genesis 28:22, Judges 11:30, 1 Samuel 1:11. Of (2) the Nazirite vow taken for life (Judges 16:17) or for a fixed period (Numbers 6:13) is an Example
Children - The mother's Example and authority were weighty over sons and daughters alike (Proverbs 10:1; Proverbs 15:20), even with a royal son (1 Kings 2:19)
Bottle - A certain outward conformity was expected in religious teaching and Example, and the absence of fasting among His disciples seemed to create a perplexing and objectionable departure
Poetry - " Proverbs 10:7 ...
From these simple Examples the form of the stanzas varies in many ways. The first Example we meet with is what Lamech said to his wives
Exercise - A lesson or Example for practice
Lukewarmness - To overcome such a state of mind, we should consider how offensive it is to God: how incongruous with the very idea and nature of true religion; how injurious to peace and felicity of mind; how ungrateful to Jesus Christ, whose whole life was labour for us and our salvation; how grievous to the Holy Spirit; how dreadful an Example to those who have no religion; how unlike the saints of old, and even to our enemies in the worst of causes; how dangerous to our immortal souls, since it is indicative of our want of love to God, and exposes us to just condemnation, Amos 6:1
Resurrection of the Dead - In the Old Testament also we find, though less frequently, the doctrine asserted; as for Example, Isaiah 26:19 Daniel 12:2
Blasphemy - But they often acted blasphemously, as seen for Example when they turned from God to serve idols (Ezekiel 20:27-28)
Head - People in Bible times, for Example, often referred to the head in a figurative sense
Intercession - ...
Moses intervened between God and Pharaoh as he tried to get permission for the people to leave Egypt (for Example, Exodus 8:8 ). Paul in his letters constantly referred to his prayers for the readers, and Jesus set forth the supreme Example of intercession (Luke 22:32 ; Luke 23:34 ; John 17:1 )
Shew - an Example"). See Example , WARN
Security of the Believer - ...
Along with great promises of assurance, the Bible contains strong warnings that call Christians to consistent living, even as they have yielded to temptations and sin and capitulated to the hostile forces of evil (for Example, 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 ; Hebrews 2:1-3 ; Hebrews 3:12-19 ; Hebrews 6:1-8 ; Hebrews 10:26-31 ; James 5:19-20 ). Christians are expected to resist temptations and flee ungodly activity (for Example, 1 Corinthians 10:13-14 )
Build - For Example, Adam “begat sons and daughters” ( Example is a prophet who followed Elijah (1 Kings 20:35; cf
Go Out, Go Forth - For Example, Example, an “utterance” ( Perseverance - Such understanding accords well with the frequent New Testament references to Christ as the Example for his followers (1 Peter 2:21 ; 1 John 2:6 ). ...
James appeals to Job as an Example of those who had persevered. While the prophets were Examples of patience (makrothymia [5:10, a term meaning "longsuffering" or "forbearance" ), Job's experience mirrored perseverance. This Example of perseverance is set between God's gift of life (1:3-4) and the anticipation of being welcomed into the eternal kingdom of Christ (1:11)
Patience - Paul is set forth as an Example of patience: ‘By reason of jealousy and strife Paul by his Example pointed out the prize of patience. But we can quote against the idea that this joy is to exterminate the sense of pain not only the explicit confession in Hebrews 12:11, but also the Example of Jesus and St
Only- Begotten - Here we have an excellent Example of the change in the use of technical theological words, of which hypostasis furnishes another and a later Example. It is also an Example of the fluid state of theological terminology that some 2nd cent
Patience - Paul is set forth as an Example of patience: ‘By reason of jealousy and strife Paul by his Example pointed out the prize of patience. But we can quote against the idea that this joy is to exterminate the sense of pain not only the explicit confession in Hebrews 12:11, but also the Example of Jesus and St
Poor And Poverty, Theology of - A striking Example from the northern kingdom shows the predicament of an indebted woman who, having lost her husband, was about to lose her sons to a creditor. God's provisions through Elisha is but one Example of his "listening" to the cry of the poor in the Bible (2 Kings 4:1-7 ). ...
Certainly the most grievous Examples of poverty and severest rebukes come from the prophets. Their treatment is a striking Example of the waywardness of God's people from the covenant obligations and their unique relationship with the Lord. Ezekiel, for Example, reminded the people that they had joined with the leaders in such oppression (22:26-29) and pointed out the primary responsibility of the individual was to obey God (18:16-17)
Self- Denial - The Example of Christ constrains us to renounce privileges, liberties, ease, even life itself, for the sake of bringing blessing to others-‘we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren’ (1 John 3:16). Paul connects the Example of Jesus often with this self-denial, and this Example is not simply a human Example but that of One who, though He was rich, for our sakes became poor; of One who, though He was Divine, yet became obedient unto death, the death of the Cross
Pride (2) - It is in the positive precepts and general Example and teaching of the Master that we find the principles which have made pride so repugnant to the Christian consciousness. Chief of all these forces is the Example of our Lord’s own life. Henceforth lowliness of station and self-forgetting passivity were consecrated by the Divine Example. They had Him as an Example, who came not to receive service, but to minister to the needs of others, even to the point of giving up His life for them (Matthew 20:28)
Targums - Seeing that this Targum rests on tradition, it will be clear that we have in it an ancient witness to Jewish exegesis; indeed, it is the earliest Example of Midrashic tradition that we possess; and not only so, but as this Targum is mainly a translation, it is a most important authority for the pre-Massoretic text of the Pentateuch. As with the Targums generally, so with that of Onkelos, there is a marked tendency to avoid anthropomorphisms and expressions which might appear derogatory to the dignity of God; this may be seen, for Example, in Genesis 11:4 , where the words ‘The Lord came down,’ which seemed anthropomorphic, are rendered in this Targum, ‘the Lord revealed Himself. A good Example of this, and one which will also illustrate the general character of this Targum, is the following; it is the rendering of Genesis 3:8 ff. ’ In one important respect this Targum is quite similar to that of Onkelos, namely, in its avoidance of anthropomorphisms, and in its desire not to bring God into too close contact with man; for Example, in Exodus 34:6 we have these words: ‘And the Lord descended in a cloud, and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. An interesting Example of this Targum is the following paraphrase of Isaiah 52:13-15 : ‘Behold, my servant the Messiah shall prosper, he shall be exalted and extolled, and he shall be very strong
Denial - Other Examples of denial of Christian faith and practice include the Sadduccees' rejection for the doctrine of the resurrection of the body (Luke 20:27 ), and the believer's failure to care for relatives, especially members of the immediate family (1 Timothy 5:8 ). Israel serves as a warning and Example to us of God's ultimate judgment against the denial of true faith and godliness (John 12:48 ; Hebrews 12:25 )
Barak - Barak is made an Example of faith (Hebrews 11:32), though it was weak; he was therefore deprived of the glory of stronger faith by a woman, Jael (compare Judges 4:8)
Joshua - He was able to challenge his people by both word and Example
Infant Baptism - ...
Baptists and other adherents of believer's baptism raise the following arguments and counter-arguments: (1) The New Testament prerequisite of baptism is faith (Acts 18:8 ) which is evidenced by confession (Romans 10:9-10 ) and repentance (Acts 2:38 ); (2) infant baptism rests ultimately on the fear that infants are held accountable for organic sin; Baptists counter with a doctrine of an age of accountability at which conscious sin occurs (Genesis 8:21 ; Psalm 25:7 ; Jeremiah 3:25 ) and at which a conscious response to God is possible (1 Kings 18:12 ; Psalm 71:5 ,Psalms 71:5,71:17 ); (3) household baptisms need not have included children; baptism is prefigured in the salvation of Noah and his exclusively adult household in the ark (1 Peter 3:20-21 ); (4) Jesus' blessing of the children demonstrates Christ's love for children; children are presented as an Example to disciples rather than as disciples themselves (Matthew 18:2-4 ); (5) circumcision is an imperfect analogy to baptism; only males participated in circumcision, whereas in baptism there is “neither male nor female” (Galatians 3:28 ); the witness of the New Testament is that “what is born of the flesh is flesh” and that a spiritual birth is necessary to enter God's kingdom (John 3:5-6 ); it is not the Israel of the flesh that inherits the promises of God but those who are spiritual Israel by a faith commitment (Romans 6-8 ; Galatians 6:16 ); (6) the responsibility of the faith community to its children is instruction in the way of the Lord (Deuteronomy 4:9-10 ; Deuteronomy 11:19 ; Proverbs 22:6 ); participation in covenant renewal is educational for children
Samson - ...
When, for Example, the Philistines won a bet against him through cheating, Samson killed thirty of their citizens (Judges 14:18-19)
Honor - God the Father, for Example, is honored when people do the things that please him (1 Corinthians 6:20 )
New - For Example, Hebrews 8:8,13 refers to the new covenant with the word kaine while 12:24 calls it a neos [1] covenant
Worship of God - It affords an excellent Example to others, and excite them to fear God, &c
Ascension - See, for Example, the Assumption of Moses
Hedge - ...
Ezekiel 13:5 (a) By this figure we understand that the prophets were not protecting GOD's people as they should by proper teaching, leading and Example
Bonifacius ii, Pope - ) that the double election was brought about by Athalaric the Gothic king, that he might have an opportunity to intervene after the Example of Theodoric, and place a partisan of his own upon the papal throne
Candle - ...
In the teaching of the Son of Man the illuminating sign of God’s presence in the world is human Example and personal witness, as, e
Affliction - ...
To endure during times of affliction, Christians should: (1) pray to the Lord (Psalm 25:18 ; Lamentations 1:9 ; James 5:13 ); (2) comfort others (James 1:27 ; Philippians 4:14 ); (3) remain faithful through the patient endurance of suffering (2 Corinthians 6:4 ; 1 Timothy 4:5 ; James 1:2 ,James 1:2,1:12 ; 1 Peter 4:13 ); (4) cultivate an attitude of joy (James 1:2 ); and (5) follow the Example of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:19-23 )
Hallelujah - ...
The ‘Hallel’ (Psalms 113:1-9 ; Psalms 114:1-8 ; Psalms 115:1-18 ; Psalms 116:1-19 ; Psalms 117:1-2 ; Psalms 118:1-29 ), which forms a liturgical unit in the synagogue liturgy, is the most complete Example of ‘Hallelujah’ psalms in collected form
Bath, Bathing - John 5:2-7 gives us an Example of such bathing, though Christ’s miracle dispensed with the waters of Bethesda
Doorway - 7:5, for Example, the prophet mourns the low morality of his people and advises his hearers to trust no one, telling them to guard their lips (literally, the “openings” of their mouths)
Time - ” In its first biblical appearance, for Example, ‛êth represents the “time” (period of the day) when the sun is setting: “And the dove came in to him in the evening [1] …” ( Solomon - 1015-975, and was uniformly peaceful, and favorable to the people, if we except the evils of a corrupt Example and an excessive taxation
Philadelphia - lxiv): ‘Among the Greek colonies and churches of Asia, Philadelphia is still erect, a column in a scene of ruins: a pleasing Example that the paths of honour and safety may sometimes be the same
Gideon - Others soon followed their Example and Gideon was able to assemble a fighting force
Joannes Iii, Bishop of Jerusalem - The whole East followed the Example of the capital, and John could, without fear of consequences, summon his synod to make the same profession of faith with his brother-patriarch in the imperial city, and was received into communion by pope Hormisdas, at the request of Justin ( ib
Reproach - Paul (Romans 15:3), in appealing to the ‘strong’ to bear the infirmities of the ‘weak,’ adduces the Example of Christ, who ‘also pleased not himself, but’-and here the Apostle breaks the grammatical construction in order to introduce intact an OT quotation-‘the reproaches of them that reproached thee fell upon me. ...
The passage so used is an interesting Example of the way in which St
Sanctification - These fall into three groupings: those whose sanctity was inherent (for Example, firstborn males of female animals and human beings, Exodus 13:2 ,Ephesians 5:26-2799:11-13 ; Leviticus 27:26 ); objects whose sanctification was required (for Example, tithes of crops and pure animals, Leviticus 27:30-33 ; Deuteronomy 26:13 ); and gifts whose sanctification was voluntary (see partial list in Leviticus 27:1 )
New Command - This act of servanthood was to serve as a model or Example to the disciples of their relationship with another: "I have set you an Example that you should do as I have done for you" (John 13:15 )
Ephesians, Theology of - For Example, in the greeting "Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ" (6:24) the pronoun is part of a standard expression and has no specialized reference. ...
The significance of this pronoun use can be seen in the following Example. ...
The first Example and the most significant perhaps is in 2:5 where, following three compound verbs describing the uniting of Jews and Gentiles together in Christ ("made alive together, raised together, and made to sit together"—sunezoopoiesen, sunegeiren [4], and sunekathisen ), Paul states (v. ...
The second Example of the special use of first-person plural pronouns is in 2:16-18 where Paul asserts that God has reconciled them both into one body and created of the two one new person. ...
A third Example is in 3:8, where Paul calls himself the "less than the least of all God's people (Jewish Christians)" who was given the commission to "preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. ...
A fourth Example may be found in 4:13, where it is stated that the work of God's people (Jewish Christians) in building up the body of Christ by including the Gentiles, will continue until we all attain unto the oneness of the faith
Property (2) - —Under this title two questions arise: (1) Is the possession of private property right according to the principles of the teaching and Example of Jesus? (2) In what ways is a follower of Jesus to acquire and to use his property? These questions touch one another when it is suggested that a Christian should give away all his property and not seek to gain any more. Therefore, inevitably, the teaching and Example of Jesus have an important bearing upon the question of property. The question to be settled is—May we infer from the teaching and Example of Jesus that the private ownership of property is unjustifiable? The relation of the teaching and Example of Jesus to modern Socialism opens up a wide field for discussion, and this is seriously complicated by the difficulty of defining Socialism and disentangling it, as a clear economic theory, from the general revolt against the hardships of poverty and the tyranny of riches, from which it springs, and which is reflected in the generous literature and thought of all ages and countries. ...
Before the actual teaching and Example of Jesus on the subject are analyzed, it is desirable to consider how far the glimpses we receive in the Acts of the Apostles of the social life of the first Christians at Jerusalem form an authoritative commentary upon them. ...
An analysis of the teaching and Example of Jesus brings out quite clearly that the denial of a right to the possession of private property cannot be extracted from them. ...
The duty of work and of making provision for worldly needs by work may be clearly inferred from the teaching and Example of Jesus, though it is not specifically inculcated
False Prophet - For Example, the man of God from Judah was a true prophet, for what he said came to pass, both in his immediate and distant predictions (1 Kings 13 ). For Example, the prophet Nathan told David to go ahead and build the temple to the Lord (2 Samuel 7:1-2 ), but that night God informed Nathan that this was not his plan. For Example, if anyone denies that Jesus has come in the flesh, that person is not a true prophet from God (1 John 4:1-3 )
Self-Denial - There are five such kinds of discipline recommended or countenanced by our Lord’s teaching and Example: (1) fasting, (2) celibacy and sexual restraint, (3) almsgiving, (4) vigils, (5) the refusal of luxury in the surroundings of life. In the sub-Apostolic age, probably as a result of the Example of the Pharisees, fasting on stated days became a common form of self-denial (Did. Examples of vigil services are to be found in the records of the Apostolic Church (Acts 12:12; Acts 20:7) and in the practice of St. Our Lord’s own Example (Matthew 8:20) was appealed to, and certain hints in His teaching were felt to have a bearing on the subject (Matthew 10:10; Matthew 11:8, Luke 16:19)
Almsgiving - ’...
Almsgiving is, according to Christ, a duty even towards our enemies, and those with whom we have little to do (Matthew 5:42-45, Luke 6:33-36; Luke 10:37); it is a means whereby we may conform ourselves to the Example of our Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:45, Luke 6:35); it is the first exercise of righteousness (Matthew 6:1-4). Again, by His own Example, in the case of the woman of Canaan (Matthew 15:21-28), He cuts off another unworthy motive, too often active in our so-called almsgiving, the wish to get rid of a beggar’s importunity; while, both in the case of this woman and of her with the issue of blood (Matthew 9:20, Mark 5:25, Luke 8:43), He shows by His own Example that true kindness is not indiscriminate, but takes the most careful account, not so much of the immediate and material, as of the ultimate and spiritual benefit which may be done, by its assistance, to the afflicted or the needy
Disciple, Discipleship - Peter exhorts those in the church to look at Jesus' Example and to follow in his steps (1 Peter 2:21 ). This is very similar to Paul's emphasis when he points to Jesus' emptying himself to become a servant: Jesus provides the Example of the way the Philippian believers are to act toward one another (Philippians 2:1-8 ). ...
As disciples become salt and light in this world, walking the narrow path, loving and providing hope to the world, they become living Examples for others to follow. Such is Paul's entreaty, "Follow my Example, as I follow the Example of Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1 )
Cush - Nahum used this historical Example to pronounce doom on Nineveh, the capital of Assyria (Nahum 3:9 )
Humility - ...
New Testament Jesus Christ's life provides the best Example of what it means to have humility (Matthew 11:29 ; 1 Corinthians 4:21 ; Philippians 2:1-11 )
Conscience - ...
Although the word “conscience” does appear in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word usually translated “heart” does refer to conscience in a number of passages, for Example, “Afterward David's heart smote him” (1 Samuel 24:5 )
Dead Sea Scrolls - ...
Contents They comprise three main kinds of literature: (1) copies of Old Testament books, the oldest we now possess; (2) some non-biblical Jewish books known from elsewhere (such as 1Enoch and Jubilees), probably written by the Essenes; (3) the community's own compositions, including: biblical commentaries (for Example, on Habakkuk and Nahum), which interpret biblical prophecies as applying to the community and its times; rules of community conduct; and liturgical writings such as prayers and hymns
Prize - " ...
After reviewing the arguments pro and con Gifford takes the latter to be the right meaning, as conveying the purpose of the passage "to set forth Christ as the supreme Example of humility and self-renunciation
Lamech - ...
This is the earliest Example of Hebrew poetry, the principle of versification being parallelism, with rhythm, assonance, strophe, and poetic diction
Ananias - In all this, however, it may be explained, Paul, with all his excellency, comes short of the Example of his divine Master, who, when he was reviled, reviled not again
Evil Speaking - It is opposite to the Example of Christ, whom we profess to follow
Symbol - For Example, the sacrificial lamb in the Old Testament points to the sacrificial death of Christ
Enemy - Though the word “enemy” is not used there, the first chapter of Amos is a classic Example of this
Wealth - Christians, by contrast, should follow the Example of Jesus and put other people’s interests before their own (2 Corinthians 8:9; 1618179533_6)
Carchemish - Assyria's ultimate capture of the city was noteworthy enough that Isaiah used it as a rhetorical Example in one of his oracles (Isaiah 10:9 )
Fear - This appeal is warranted by our Lord’s words ( Matthew 10:28 ) as well as by Apostolic Example ( Hebrews 4:1 ; Heb 10:31 , 1 Timothy 5:20 , Judges 1:23 )
Mother - Jesus set an Example for all to follow by the provision He made for His mother (John 19:25-27 )
Kinsman-Redeemer - Christ can, however, be regarded as an Example of a kinsman-redeemer since he identified himself with us and redeemed us because of our need
Leading - It is repeated in the fundamental law of the Kingdom, where self-denial or cross-bearing is enjoined (Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23, John 12:25); but here the reference is to Jesus as a supreme Example rather than a present guide, and the instruction is primarily spiritual
Architecture, Gothic - French 15th-century architecture was secular, and the best Examples are found in guildhalls, palaces, manors, and memorials. Its most famous Examples are the cathedrals of Lincoln and Exeter, and Westminster Abbey. Cologne cathedral was its first Example
Sarah - ...
An Example of faith, though she erred in abetting Abram's pretence that she was his sister (her beauty was then great: Genesis 12:13, etc
Asterius, Bishop of Amasea - ) contrasts him with his Arian namesake, as stanch in the faith, devoting himself to the care of his flock, and setting an Example of a virtuous and godly life
Abaddon - Jesus who unites both in Himself (Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 2:14) sets us the Example: Mark 14:36; Galatians 4:6
Alms - Every three years, for Example, the tithe of the produce of the year was to be brought to the towns and made available to the Levites, the aliens in the land, the orphans, and the widows (Deuteronomy 14:28-29 )
Gothic Architecture - French 15th-century architecture was secular, and the best Examples are found in guildhalls, palaces, manors, and memorials. Its most famous Examples are the cathedrals of Lincoln and Exeter, and Westminster Abbey. Cologne cathedral was its first Example
Face - Thus for Example;—when JEHOVAH promiseth to send his angel before the people, and commandeth them to obey his voice, he adds, "for my name is in him
Fear - "...
I will only add, for the comfort and encouragement of the Lord's timid and tried ones, who, in the midst of strong faith, feel at times much natural fear, that it is sweetly accommodating to consider the Lord Jesus Christ, in the days of his flesh, was graciously pleased in this, as in all other points of grace, to be our Example
Wisdom (1) - For Example, God told Moses, Exodus 31:3 , that he had filled Bezaleel and Aholiab with wisdom, and understanding, and knowledge, to invent and perform several sorts of work for completing the tabernacle
Lunatics - Thus those sick persons were called, who were thought to suffer most severely at the changes of the moon; for Example, epileptical persons, or those who have the falling sickness, insane persons, or those tormented with fits of morbid melancholy
Prophecy - For Example, the general subject of the predictions in Matthew 24:1-51 is the coming of Christ, to judge his foes and deliver his friends
Coins - For Example, the coin mentioned in Jesus’ story of the hired vineyard-workers, the Roman denarius, represented the wages of a labourer for one day (Matthew 20:2)
Pachomius, Saint - Athanasius, during his visit to Rome, made the name Pachomius familiar to the church there through Marcella and others, to whom he held up Pachomius and his Tabennensian monks as a bright Example (Hieron
James, Letter of - They must not, for Example, favour the wealthy or ignore the poor, but love all people regardless of class, as God does (2:1-13)
Seal, Signet - Many seals, however, whose owners, to judge from their names, were Hebrews, bear figures and symbols in the field, one of them showing the earliest Example of the so-called ‘shield of David. Wine jars, for Example, invariably had their stoppers covered with soft clay, on which the owner impressed his seal
Job - The book of Proverbs gives an Example of the former kind of teaching, the book of Job an Example of the latter
Messiah - The Egyptian texts, for Example, speak of a divine king who would bring deliverance and prosperity but this god-king and his work were totally different from the biblical concept of the messiah. For Example, anointing a shield (smearing it with oil) (2 Samuel 1:21 ; Isaiah 21:5 ), while preparing and qualifying it for effective service, did not have messianic intentions; nor did men and women who anointed themselves for cleansing, beautifying, or preparing for participation in worship have messianic significance. A further qualification to be kept in mind is that not all objects that had a messianic significance, for Example, types of Jesus Christ the Messiah, his person and work, were anointed. Classic Examples of this are the tabernacle, temple, and sacrifices. Thus, a passage in Scripture should be considered to be referring to the messiah when reference is made, for Example, to the character, task, and influences of the messiah even though there is no direct mention of the personal messiah himself
Number Systems And Number Symbolism - In all preexilic inscriptions, small numbers are represented by individual strokes (for Example, //// for four). ...
As the last Example shows, multiples of seven frequently had symbolic meaning. For Example, the Hebrew letters of the name Eliezer, Abraham's servant, have a numerical value of 318
Moses - But his existence cannot be disproved, either, since other prominent Old Testament figures have neither names nor monuments, as, for Example, the Pharaoh with whom Moses contended, and the Egyptian princess who rescued the infant Moses from the Nile. He is to abstain from the iniquitous ways of pagan neighboring nations, and be to them an Example of what God himself is by nature (Exodus 34:6-7 ). In mediating this theology and setting an Example of it in his own life of dedication to God and fellowship with him, Moses serves as the exemplar of spirituality for all Israel to observe
Prophecy - And men are termed prophets, Abraham for Example, Genesis 20:7, of whom it is nowhere recorded that they uttered a single prophecy in the sense of foretelling future events
Tabor (1) - Although not directly recorded, the condition of the hill before and after would lead one to suppose that it was an inhabited site at the time of Christ, while the requirements of the Biblical narrative ( Mark 8:27 ; Mark 9:2-10 , Luke 9:28-36 ) suggest a site near Cæsarea Philippi, such, for Example, as an isolated spur of Hermon
Tomb, Grave, Sepulchre - The most extensive Example of such tombs is found in the catacombs of Rome
Fornication - ” The clearest Example is that of Tamar sitting on the roadway to entice Judah ( Genesis 38:12-34 )
Oath - ...
Even God sometimes bound himself by an oath; for Example, in his covenant promises to Abraham (Genesis 15:5-20; Genesis 22:16-17; Luke 1:68-73; Hebrews 6:13-14), to David (Psalms 89:34-36; Acts 2:30), to the messianic king (Psalms 110:4; Hebrews 7:15-22; Hebrews 7:28), and to his redeemed people (Hebrews 6:16-17)
Lydia - This is the first Example of that family religion to which Paul often refers in his epistles (1 Corinthians 1:11; 1 Corinthians 1:16; 1 Corinthians 16:15; Romans 16:5; Philemon 1:2)
Heaven - There have been various attempts to locate heaven, as, for Example, in Sirius as the central sun of our system
Allegory - For Example, birds as a symbol for Satan, rather than being alien were commonly used to depict Satan in rabbinic literature (e
Vinegar - There is here an Example of the style of modification which the Evangelic tradition—in this instance correctly reproduced by St
Beth-Shean - Excavations have confirmed the Egyptian role in the life of Beth-shean in these periods (for Example, through the discovery of scarabs and a cartouche bearing the name Thutmose III)
Banking - Still banking was carried out in transactions between individuals, not as an institution, as we see in an Example from Nehemiah
Year of Jubilee - So the sale of a house, for Example, was equivalent to renting it for a specified period of time (Leviticus 25:29-34 )
Gentleness - Following Jesus' Example, Paul treats his people gently, "like a mother caring for her little children" (1 Thessalonians 2:7 )
Bear - For Example, the child that Naomi nursed was a “boy” (Ruth 4:16)
Travail - ...
1 Thessalonians 2:9 (a) Paul was a marvelous Example of one who accompanied his faith by his works
Isdigerdes i, King of Persia - Under the Example and influence of Maruthas, bp
Street - Craftsmen plied their trade on certain “streets” named after the guild—for Example, the Bakers’ Street: “Then Zedekiah the king commanded that they should commit Jeremiah into the court of the prison, and that they should give him daily a piece of bread out of the bakers’ street, until all the bread in the city were spent” ( New; New Moon - For Example, in Brother - One Example is found in 2 Kings 9:2: “And when thou comest thither, look out there Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi, and go in, and make him arise up from among his brethren, and carry him to an inner chamber” (cf
Ebal - When they were thus disposed in order, the priests turned toward Mount Gerizim, on the top of which were the six heads of the six tribes who were at the foot of the same mountain, and pronounced, for Example, these words:— "Blessed be the man that maketh not any graven images
Pietists - That the whole course of their education was to be so directed as to render them useful in life, by the practical power of their doctrine, and the commanding influence of their Example
Bread - The show-bread could be lawfully eaten by none but the priests; nevertheless, David having received some of these loaves from the high-priest Abimelech, ate of them without scruple in his necessity, 1 Samuel 21:1-6 ; and our Savior quotes his Example to justify the disciples, who had bruised ears of corn, and were eating them on the Sabbath-day
Banking - Still banking was carried out in transactions between individuals, not as an institution, as we see in an Example from Nehemiah
Caleb - Having set an Example by his conquest of Hebron, he offered his daughter as a wife to any man who could conquer the neighbouring town of Debir
Body - In this they will be following the Example of Jesus Christ (Matthew 14:14-16; Mark 1:40-42); though like Jesus Christ they will realize that ‘life is more than food and the body more than clothing’ (Matthew 6:25)
Platter - A dish might be soiled with dust and stains, and yet be technically free of impurity, unless it were laid on a table on which, for Example, a few drops of milk had previously fallen
Murder - Paul speaks Greek, asks: ‘Art thou not then that Egyptian, which before these days stirred up to sedition and led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins (τετρακισχιλίους ἄνδρας τῶν σικαρίων)?’ The Sicarii must have been the easy instrument at hand to every clever impostor, and the incident referred to here was the most notable Example
Guilt - For Example, a direct violation of law would make one guilty of violating that law. For Example, Job insisted on his righteousness before the Lord (Job 27:1-6 )
Transjordan - See, for Example, the allusions in Amos 4:1 and Psalm 22:12 to the cows and bulls of Bashan. Weaker kings, such as Rehoboam and Jehoash of Judah for Example, will have had little or no influence in the Transjordan
Edom - Isaiah 63:1 , for Example, speaks of one that “cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah, glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength. This would explain, for Example, the bitter verbal attacks on Edom in passages such as Genesis 32:3 and the Book of Obadiah
Elder - In the New Testament, frequent reference is made to the elders of the Jews, usually in conjunction with the chief priests or scribes (for Example, Matthew 21:23 ; Mark 14:43 ). For Example, in Romans 12:6-9 , Paul referred to those with gifts for prophecy, serving, teaching, and several other aspects of ministry (compare 1 Corinthians 12:1 )
Fire - For Example, to the Israelites at Sinai "the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire" (Exodus 24:17 ; cf. Other Examples of fire as the expression of God's acceptance of offerings are those of Gideon (Judges 6:19-24 ) and of the father and mother of Samson (Judges 13:15-20 ). This is probably an Example of lightning, which otherwise is clearly a means of inflicting divine judgment and destruction (cf
Discipline (2) - The story of His sufferings is the story of His life (for a few Examples see Mark 8:31 || Mark 14:32 ff. (1) There is, for Example, a discipline to which Christians are rendered liable by falling into error (1 Corinthians 11:29 ff. Christ’s own Example, in suggestive contrast with that of His forerunner, leads us to the very opposite conception of religious discipline (Matthew 11:18 f
Separate - For Example, the earliest use of nâzar in the Pentateuch is in Example, Acts 18:18 says that Paul sailed with Priscilla and Aquila, “having shorn his head … for he had a vow” (cf
Faith - For Example, if someone out of kindness decides to give a friend a gift, the friend must accept that gift in order to own it. Consider another Example
Humility - In Judaism and the Rabbinical literature we meet with a variety of Examples and maxims enforcing the truth that ‘God is the highest type of humility. ’ These anticipations prepare us for the new and enlarged conception of humility which rills the NT, and was embodied in the teaching, Example, and character of Jesus Christ. Of humility as the animating principle of Christian character, Jesus Himself was the great Example, being ‘lowly in heart’ (Matthew 11:29), not merely in appearance like the professional religious leaders of the time. A presentiment of the Christian virtue may be met with in Greek writers (see Examples in Neander’s Church History, vol. Our Lord’s Example and teaching...
1. Passing from Christ’s Example, the main lines of His teaching are two...
(1) Humility in relation to God, or the Law of Grace. Christ first saw the hatefulness and unworkableness of a world without a child!...
(b) The servant, the practical Example of humility (Matthew 20:20-28; Matthew 23:1-12, Mark 10:35-45, Luke 22:24-27, John 13:1-17). Such an ideal and Example of service have slowly effected a revolution in the moral sentiment and practice of mankind
Liturgy - ...
The origin of Liturgy is to be found in the institution by Christ of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Sacraments, as well as in His Example and precepts concerning the necessity and mode of prayer
Greeting - 3 John 1:2 provides the best New Testament Example: “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul” (NRSV)
Imagery - A challenging corrective is offered by the less familiar feminine images for God, for Example, that of a mother bird sheltering her young (Ruth 2:12 ; Psalm 17:8 )
Sheol - In the majority of these passages a restoration to physical life is clearly intended, though several (for Example Psalm 49:15 with its image of God's receiving the one ransomed from Sheol) point the way toward the Christian understanding of afterlife with God
Water - For Example, in the Old Testament water is a metaphor or simile for fear (Joshua 7:5 ), death (2 Samuel 14:14 ), sin (Job 15:16 ), God's presence (Psalm 72:6 ), marital fidelity (Proverbs 5:15-16 ), the knowledge of God (Isaiah 11:9 ), salvation (Isaiah 12:3 ), the Spirit (Isaiah 44:3-4 ), God's blessings (Isaiah 58:11 ), God's voice (Ezekiel 43:2 ), God's wrath (Hosea 5:10 ), and justice (Amos 5:24 )
Human Sacrifice - For Example, both Egyptians and Sumerians before 2000 B
Confidence - Rooted in the confidence that came through the resurrection of Jesus, the early Christians were willing to follow their Lord's Example of suffering and even death
Compassion - ...
Believers learn about compassion through Example and exhortation
Sin Offering - The trespass offering is closely connected with the sin offering in Leviticus, but at the same time clearly distinguished from it, being in some cases offered with it as a distinct part of the same sacrifice; as, for Example, in the cleansing of the leper
Sanctification, Sanctify - , it cannot be transferred or imputed, it is an individual possession, built up, little by little, as the result of obedience to the Word of God, and of following the Example of Christ, Matthew 11:29 ; John 13:15 ; Ephesians 4:20 ; Philippians 2:5 , in the power of the Holy Spirit, Romans 8:13 ; Ephesians 3:16
Fashion - ...
A — 4: τύπος (Strong's #5179 — Noun Masculine — tupos — too'-pos ) "a type, figure, Example," is translated "fashion" in the AV of Acts 7:44 , RV, "figure," said of the tabernacle
Humility - The Example of Christ, Philippians 2:6-8 ...
Famine And Drought - For Example, the sins of Adam, Eve, and Cain resulted in unfruitfulness of the earth (Genesis 3:17-18 ; Genesis 4:12 )
False Prophet - ” Other Examples are in Jeremiah 23:21-33 and Zechariah 10:2 . A familiar Example is the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-39 )
Socinians - They deny the doctrines of satisfaction and imputed righteousness, and say, that Christ only preached the truth to mankind, set before them in himself an Example of heroic virtue, and sealed his doctrines with his blood
Say, Speak, Answer - Ancient Near Eastern letters from, for Example, Mari (1750-1697 B
Salvation - The picture of a sacrificial offering expresses further aspects of salvation; for Example, the death of a sacrificial victim in the place of the sinner (Hebrews 9:26; see SACRIFICE), and the presentation of an offering to turn away God’s anger against sin (Romans 3:25; see PROPITIATION)
Napkin (2) - ...
With regard to Luke 19:20 the words put into the lips of the unfaithful servant are an Example of Christ’s irony, and help to show us the true character of the servant
Servant - Christ himself is an Example of the sort of servant a Christian should be (Luke 22:27; John 13:12-15; see SERVANT OF THE LORD)
Therapeutae - From comparing Philo's account of this sect with the state of philosophy in the country where it flourished, it seems likely that the Therapeutae were a body of Jewish fanatics, who suffered themselves to be drawn aside from the simplicity of their ancient religion by the Example of the Egyptians and Pythagoreans
Instruction - Jesus is the ultimate moral teacher and Example for the people of God
Flesh And Spirit - The word translated carnal, for Example, in Romans 8:7 , in which we are told that the “carnal mind” is enmity against God is a derivative of the Greek word for “flesh
Envy - Old Testament Examples of the sin of jealousy include the rivalry of Joseph's brothers over the favor that Joseph received at the hand of God (Genesis 37:12-36 ; Acts 7:9 ), and Saul's animosity toward David for his physical and spiritual prowess (1 Samuel 18 ). ...
As an Example from former days, the righteous judgment of Yahweh against Edom was measured out in accordance with the measure of Edom's jealousy toward the people of God (Ezekiel 35:11 )
Kindness - Consider, for Example, the relationship of love, goodness, kindness, and mercy in Luke 6:35-36
Love Feast - Jesus' last meal with His disciples may represent one specific Example of such a fellowship meal causing some to trace the origins of the love feast directly to this event
Sovereignty of God - There is no greater Example of his care for His creation
Orphan - Consequently the yardstick by which Israelite society is measured in the prophetic critique is its concern to protect and provide for the totally dependent, a prime Example of which was the orphan (Isaiah 1:23 ; 10:2 ; Jeremiah 5:28 ; Ezekiel 22:7 ; Malachi 3:5 )
Love Feast - In the Greco-Roman or Jewish household of that day sharing in a meal signified acceptance and fellowship, and the love feast in the church was to be a living Example of unity
Elijah - In 4 Ezra (7:109) Elijah is cited as an Example of intercession pro his qui pluviam acceperunt
Anathema - This gives the true view of the dooming of the Canaanites; the sinners themselves were to be made an awful Example of God's punitive justice to which they were set apart; their possessions were properly the Lord's, but were given by Him to Israel as a gift henceforth to be used to His glory
Answer - For Example, in Bone - ” For Example, the Passover lamb is to be eaten in a single house and “thou shalt not carry forth aught of the flesh abroad out of the house; neither shall ye break a bone thereof” ( Between - For Example, “This is the token of the covenant which I make between [4] me and you and every living creature …” ( Sardis - Not that either had renounced apparent opposition to the world, but neither so faithfully witnessed by word and Example as to "torment them that dwell on the earth" (Revelation 11:10)
Business - ...
In the conduct of their business Christians are required to set an Example to the world
Feet - The tendency to Individual detail, which gives so much vividness to Semitic narrative, accounts for some of the references to the feet (πόδες) in apostolic writings, as, for Example, the reference in St
Hate - ” For Example, śânê' may indicate that someone is “untrustworthy,” therefore an enemy to be ejected from one’s territory
Sing - One such Example is found in Nation - 7:1) and was an Example of true godliness before them ( Find - ” For Example, Joseph’s brothers said: “God hath found out the iniquity of thy servants …” ( Philippians, Epistle to the - In view of religious pretensions, in which men gloried, the apostle presents himself as the Example of a man running a race
Josiah - 640; and at a period when idolatry and wickedness, encouraged by his father's profligate Example, very generally prevailed
Fruit - The fruit of the righteous, that is, the counsel, Example, instruction, and reproof of the righteous, is a tree of life, is a means of much good, both temporal and eternal; and that not only to himself, but to others also, Proverbs 11:30
Nazarites - This is certain, that it had the approbation of God, and may be considered as affording a good Example of self-denial in order to be given up to the study of the law, and the practice of exact righteousness
Admonition, Admonish - For Example, though Eli remonstrated with his sons, 1 Samuel 2:24 , he failed to admonish them, 1 Samuel 3:13 , LXX
Love Feast - Jesus' last meal with His disciples may represent one specific Example of such a fellowship meal causing some to trace the origins of the love feast directly to this event
Jeroboam - He followed the Example of the first Jeroboam in keeping up the worship of the golden calves (2 Kings 14:24 )
Galatians, Letter to the - The Galatians should know this from their own experience of conversion (3:1-5), but the Example of Abraham makes the point even clearer
Blessing - Probably the most striking Example of a blessing carrying with it the power of certain fulfilment was God’s blessing to Abraham that promised him a people and a land (Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 26:24)
Judas - ...
For Example, Jesus’ group of twelve apostles included a second man named Judas, but when writers mention him they point out that he was the son of a man named James, and not Judas Iscariot
Humility - ...
Jesus Christ is the great Example of humility
Hopefulness - Rather have we an Example of hope in the mind of Jesus for a desired good, which circumstances disappointed, and which He turned to a moral purpose. ...
Perhaps the most clearly expressed Example of hope on the part of our Lord, an Example which unequivocally shows His feeling of the emotion, is to be found in the words with which He commenced the Paschal meal
Altar - By the time of the Levitical laws, the animal was slaughtered in front of the altar, dismembered, and only the fatty portions to be burned were placed on the altar (for Example, Leviticus 1:2-9 ). A number of Examples of stone altars have been excavated in Palestine. More importantly, the horns of the altar were the place where blood from a sacrificial animal was applied for atonement from sin (for Example, Exodus 29:12 ; Leviticus 4:7 ). The circular Canaanite altar mentioned above may be an Example of a “high place,” an elevated place of sacrifice and worship
Columbanus, Abbat of Luxeuil And Bobbio - The great principle of this Rule was obedience, absolute and unreserved; and the next was constant and severe labour, to subdue the flesh, exercise the will in daily self-denial, and set an Example of industry in cultivation of the soil. ]'>[1]...
It is the great distinction of Columbanus, as Neander has observed, that he set the Example at the end of the 6th cent. 597) and the same length of time before the death of Columba the apostle of Caledonia, that Columbanus, fired perhaps by the Example of this energetic missionary, passed over into Gaul
Ezekiel - Also, some believe his intimate knowledge of events in Jerusalem (for Example, his description of worship practices in the Temple, Ezekiel 8:1-18 ; Pelatiah's death, Ezekiel 11:13 ) would require that he was in Jerusalem. Prophets frequently delivered messages for audiences not present (for Example, the messages against foreign nations as in Ezekiel 25-32 ). He has been labeled neurotic, paranoid, psychotic, or schizophrenic because of his unusual behavior (for Example, lying on one side for 390 days and on the other for 40 days, Ezekiel 4:4-6 ; shaving off his hair, Ezekiel 5:1-4 ; and his many visions). These chapters are interpreted by some to be a literal description of the Temple to be rebuilt after the Exile, by some as an allegorical picture of the church, by others as a literal temple to be rebuilt as part of the fulfillment of the dispensational premillennial interpretation of Daniel's seventieth week (Daniel 9:2-27 ), and by others as an Example of apocalyptic language to describe God's coming kingdom in understandable terms of the destruction of wickedness and the establishment of a sanctified people in whose midst God would dwell
Apocrypha, New Testament - The term was also used by certain groups (for Example, Gnostics) to describe their writings as secretive. Take the following Example (2:1-5): “When this boy Jesus was five years old he was playing at the ford of a brook, and he gathered together into pools the water that flowed by, and made it at once clean, and commanded it by his word alone. The Gospel of Nicodemus (Acts of Pilate) is another Example of an apocryphal passion gospel. Other gospels in this class include those under the names of Holy Women (for Example, the Questions of Mary and the Gospel According to Mary ), and those attributed to a chief heretic such as Cerinthus, Basilides, and Marcion
Ideas (Leading) - The Great Example. But the perplexity vanishes when it is seen that these sayings contain not laws but Examples, illustrations of the application of a principle (see Matthew 5:20), which has been already laid down. As Examples or illustrations, they must be considered in relation to circumstances, which inevitably limit every particular case. All the Examples which He gave to show that the righteousness of the Kingdom must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, display the operation of this principle. By precept and Example He taught His followers to think of the Almighty as their Father in heaven. Why not have made a Jew assist a Samaritan, or even a Gentile, in order to illustrate the principle? But our Lord wished to teach by an Example appealing rather to the humanity than to the national feelings of His hearer. The Great Example. In these passages our Lord holds Himself up as an Example. It is very hard to realize how vast was the change effected by the teaching and Example of Christ. Above all, our Lord’s Example shows us the principle of love at work in human life
Timothy, Letters to - He mentions Onesiphorus as an Example of whole-hearted faithfulness (1:15-18), and impresses upon Timothy the need for endurance (2:1-13). In view of this, Timothy is to be an Example to all, through enduring suffering patiently and preaching the Word constantly (3:10-4:5)
Temperance - , for those who are to rescue the victims of strong drink, for we all know that Example is far more powerful than precept; we are far more likely to be able to help those who have fallen into this abyss by saying to them, ‘Do as we do,’ than by saying, ‘Do as we tell you. This is the goal set before us; and to reach this goal our attitude must be that of the spiritual athlete, straining every nerve and exerting every muscle, keeping under the body and bringing it into subjection, running the race set before us, ‘looking unto Jesus’ (Hebrews 12:2), looking unto Him as our Example, looking unto Him for strength, pressing onward from stage to stage, from strength to strength, from one degree of perfection unto another, ‘unto a full-grown man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ’ (Ephesians 4:13)
Kingdom of God - However, in the Old Testament God is spoken of as ruling (for Example, Psalm 47:2 ; Psalm 103:19 ; Daniel 4:17 ,Daniel 4:17,4:25-37 ). ...
When will God establish his kingdom? In one sense, the kingdom will not come until some unspecified time in the future (see, for Example, Matthew 25:1-46 )
Fruit of the Spirit - For Example, as Paul writes, if I speak in the tongues of men or of angels and do not have love, the fruit of the Spirit, I am just noise (1 Corinthians 13:1 ). For Example, the fruit of the Spirit is love and yet Christians are commanded to love God with all their heart and to love their neighbor as themselves (Matthew 22:37-39 ; Galatians 5:13-14 ). ...
Either by direct commands or by divinely approved Examples, such as the self-control Paul declared was his practice as a Christian (1 Corinthians 9:25-27 ), it is the responsibility of each Christian to yield to the Holy Spirit
Philosophy - To be under this demonic influence was not necessary because Christ "disarmed the rulers and authorities and made a public Example of them, triumphing over them in it" ( Colossians 2:15 ). Two Examples are given: "worship of angels" and "dwelling on visions. ...
Another Example of Paul's cultural sensitivity can be found in Acts 19:9
Dish - ...
The form of the Greek equivalent (τρύβλιον, Vulgate catinum [1], but in Matthew 26:23 Vulgate has paropsis, for which see below) is that of a diminutive, although there is no Example of a cognate or simpler form (see Liddell and Scott, s. A very good Example of the way in which the didactic sayings of Jesus were caught up and handed down by His different hearers is afforded by the Matthaean and Lukan versions of the words by which He denounced the legal quibblings and Pharisaic hypocrisy of His day (Matthew 23:1 ff
Ammonites - We know from the latter, for Example, that an Ammonite king named Ba'sha, along with Ahab of Israel and other kings of the region, defended Syria-Palestine against Shalmaneser III in 853 B. See for Example Amos' oracle against the Ammonites in Amos 1:13-15
Good - For Example, ṭôb is used in the sense “pleasant” or “delightful”: “And he saw that [1] was good, and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear [2] …” (Job 13:9 is one Example of the word’s meaning, “to be good”: “Is it good that he should search you out?”...
Cassiodorus (or Rather, Cassiodorius) Magnus Aurelius - The monks were incited by his Example to the study of classical and sacred literature, and trained in the careful transcription of manuscripts, in the purchase of which large sums were continually disbursed. Nor was the influence of his Example confined to his own age, institution, or country; the multiplication of manuscripts became gradually as much a recognized employment of monastic life as prayer or fasting; and for this the statue of Cassiodorus deserves an honourable niche in every library
Temperance - , for those who are to rescue the victims of strong drink, for we all know that Example is far more powerful than precept; we are far more likely to be able to help those who have fallen into this abyss by saying to them, ‘Do as we do,’ than by saying, ‘Do as we tell you. This is the goal set before us; and to reach this goal our attitude must be that of the spiritual athlete, straining every nerve and exerting every muscle, keeping under the body and bringing it into subjection, running the race set before us, ‘looking unto Jesus’ (Hebrews 12:2), looking unto Him as our Example, looking unto Him for strength, pressing onward from stage to stage, from strength to strength, from one degree of perfection unto another, ‘unto a full-grown man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ’ (Ephesians 4:13)
Daniel - Through the Example of his life and the visions recorded in his book, Daniel had a great influence upon people of later generations. The name that Jesus most commonly used of himself, the Son of man, was taken from Daniel’s vision of the heavenly and universal king (Daniel 7:13-14; Mark 2:28; Mark 14:62); the writer to the Hebrews used Daniel as an Example of the person of true faith (Hebrews 11:33); and John, in the book of Revelation, recorded visions that were based largely on those of Daniel (cf
Samson - 14 is the clearest OT Example of a sadika marriage (see Marriage, § 1). But if Samson stands as an Example ‘of impotence of mind in body strong,’ he also stands, in Milton’s magnificent conception, as an Example of patriotism and heroism in death, to all who ‘from his memory inflame their breast to matchless valour and adventures high
Reward - For Example, in Matthew 5:11-12 , Jesus says, "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. For Example, some may spend a great deal of time and money on personal hobbies that have no eternal worth. For Example, if they seek the praise of others, they can have that praise but receive no reward from God later (Matthew 6:1-18 )
Hymn - ” Numerous doxologies (Luke 2:14 ; 1 Timothy 1:17 ; 1 Timothy 6:15-16 ; Revelation 4:8 , for Example) doubtless were used in corporate worship
Lives of Christ - The "Life of Christ" by the late Father Walter Elliott (New York, 1901), is "a contribution to the devotional study of our Redeemer's teaching and Example
Ezra - " "He is," says Professor Binnie, "the first well-defined Example of an order of men who have never since ceased in the church; men of sacred erudition, who devote their lives to the study of the Holy Scriptures, in order that they may be in a condition to interpret them for the instruction and edification of the church
Care - For Example, the negative effects of anxiety can be seen in one's health status
Catholic And Protestant Countries Compared - Religious beliefs had no more to do with this trend of development than in the parallel Example of the development of a commercial city in the midst of country villages
Mary, Sister of Lazarus - ...
She may not have been fully conscious of the significancy of her act; but He unfolds it to her praise, and her name has been and ever will be cited as an Example of self sacrifice to Christendom; so that when John 11:2 was written it had already become her characteristic designation
Food Offered to Idols - ” Compare 1 Corinthians 10:28 where Paul used one of these terms as an Example of a possible comment by a non-Christian to a Christian. In canonical order, the first Examples are to be found in the Book of Acts
Toleration, Tolerance - While by Example and teaching He sought to build a bridge of kindly consideration from the side of Judaism, He built also from the other side, and declared in Samaria that the Jews were to be respected as the possessors of the means of salvation (John 4:22; cf
Word - )...
Prophets, for Example, were God’s spokesmen, and their announcements were the authoritative Word of God for his people (Isaiah 1:2-4; Isaiah 1:18; Jeremiah 23:22; Ezekiel 1:3; Hosea 4:1; Joel 1:1; Amos 1:3; Hebrews 1:1-2; see PROPHECY)
Blasphemy - The incident of the man gathering sticks on the Sabbath seems to be a concrete Example of blasphemy ( Numbers 15:32 f
Man From Heaven - Jesus tells Nicodemus, for Example, not only that he is from heaven but that those who wish to see the "kingdom of God" must be born from above by water and Spirit (3:5) because "flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit" (v
Necromancy - ...
Of course, one clear Example of necromancy occurs in the biblical narrative: the story of Saul and the medium of Endor (1 Samuel 28 )
Power - For Example, the King James Version uses "power" for a large number of Hebrew and Greek terms
Greatness - Christ set the Example
Jannes And Jambres - [1] 268) makes the two apostles warn Nero against Simon Magus by the Example of Pharaoh, who was drowned in the Red Sea through listening to Jannes and Jambres
Burden - As an Example, we may think of the father and mother who have an afflicted child
Esther, Book of - The king being unable to sleep on the very night when it was needed he should remember Mordecai is a signal Example of His watchfulness
Testimony - If, for Example, we consider the common and general acceptation of the word law, surely the Psalmist David could never be supposed to say, that the law of Moses as a covenant of works was his delight and joy, as he saith the law was in this Psalm, (Psalms 119:72; Psa 119:97, etc
Zacharias - ) at the angel' s announcement of John's birth was retributively punished by dumbness (contrast Psalms 116:10; 2 Corinthians 4:13), a warning to Israel whose representative he was of the consequences of unbelief if the nation should reject the gospel just coming; just as Mary on the contrary was an Example of the blessedness which would flow if they believed (Luke 1:45; Luke 1:38)
Colony - (A good Example is the case of the Lombardy Plain and the Campaigns of Marius
Ahab - He became a prime Example of evil (Micah 6:16 )
Allegory - For Example, interpreting the Song of Solomon as an allegory of God's love for Israel rather than as a collection of romantic love songs may have played a role in the acceptance of that book into the Old Testament canon. The parable of the soils (Mark 4:1-20 ) and the parable of the tares (Matthew 13:24-30 ,Matthew 13:24-30,13:36-43 ) are prime Examples
First-Fruit - These men, with all likeminded, were the first-fruits of a new creation achieved by the spirit of Christianity, and they were the pledge of others who would follow their inspiring Example
Affection - Jesus Christ himself affords us an Example of the most lively and vigorous affections; and we have every reason to believe that the employment of heaven consists in the exercise of them
Poor - ) Mendicancy in the ease of the able bodied is discouraged, and honest labour for one's living is encouraged by precept and Example (1 Thessalonians 4:11; Ephesians 4:28; 2 Thessalonians 3:7-12)
Complete - In the NASB, for Example, shâlam is represented with such words as: “fulfill, make up, restore, pay, repay, full, whole, wholly, entire, without harm, friendly, peaceably, to be at peace, make peace, safe, reward, retribution, restitution, recompense, vengeance, bribe, peace offering
Whoring, To Go; Harlot, To Be - An Example might be in Thank, Thanks, Thankful, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving, Thankworthy - 1 Thessalonians 2:13 ); virtually so in Philemon 1:4 ; (2) for fellowship shown, Philippians 1:3 ; (3) for God's gifts to them, 1 Corinthians 1:4 ; (d) is recorded (1) of Paul elsewhere, Acts 27:35 ; 28:15 ; Romans 7:25 ; 1 Corinthians 1:14 ; 14:18 ; (2) of Paul and others, Romans 16:4 ; 1 Thessalonians 2:13 ; of himself, representatively, as a practice, 1 Corinthians 10:30 ; (3) of others, Luke 17:16 ; Romans 14:6 (twice); 1 Corinthians 14:17 ; Revelation 11:17 ; (e) is used in admonitions to the saints, the Name of the Lord Jesus suggesting His character and Example, Ephesians 5:20 ; Colossians 1:12 ; 3:17 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ; (f) as the expression of a purpose, 2 Corinthians 1:11 , RV; (g) negatively of the ungodly, Romans 1:21
Melania, a Roman Lady - 377, properly 375), she was such a wonderful Example of virtues, and especially of humility, that she received the name of Thecla
Paronomasia - There are many Examples in the OT, e. The best known and most certain Example is Matthew 16:18 σὐ εἶ Πέτρος (a rock), καὶ ἐπὶ ταύτῃ τῇ πέτρᾳ (? fragment of rock) οἰκοδομήσω μου τὴν ἐκκλησίαν. ...
There are also possible Examples of paronomasia in Matthew 2:23; Matthew 3:9. * John the Apostle - Their boldness amid persecution was an Example to all (Acts 1:13; Acts 3:1-4; Acts 3:11; Acts 4:13-20; Acts 5:40)
Humility - In Judaism and the Rabbinical literature we meet with a variety of Examples and maxims enforcing the truth that ‘God is the highest type of humility. ’ These anticipations prepare us for the new and enlarged conception of humility which rills the NT, and was embodied in the teaching, Example, and character of Jesus Christ. Of humility as the animating principle of Christian character, Jesus Himself was the great Example, being ‘lowly in heart’ (Matthew 11:29), not merely in appearance like the professional religious leaders of the time. A presentiment of the Christian virtue may be met with in Greek writers (see Examples in Neander’s Church History, vol. Our Lord’s Example and teaching...
1. Passing from Christ’s Example, the main lines of His teaching are two...
(1) Humility in relation to God, or the Law of Grace. Christ first saw the hatefulness and unworkableness of a world without a child!...
(b) The servant, the practical Example of humility (Matthew 20:20-28; Matthew 23:1-12, Mark 10:35-45, Luke 22:24-27, John 13:1-17). Such an ideal and Example of service have slowly effected a revolution in the moral sentiment and practice of mankind
Virgin Birth - Greek and Egyptian mythology, for Example, depict lustful pagan deities begetting male offspring through carnal relations with women. Luke, for Example, indicates in his Gospel preface (1:1-4) that the content of his Gospel (and Acts) is reliable tradition received from his predecessors. To strip it of its supernatural character is to make the story nothing more than a moral Example or ideal: It humanizes Christ's birth, devalues the redemptive significance of his coming, and makes God untrue in that he never did what was claimed he would do in regard to Jesus' birth. The most powerful biblical Example of such obedience is with the One virgin-bornfor Jesus, his willingness to obey God's call led him to certain death
Hebrews, Theology of - The theme now takes the form of an urgent call for the readers to place their trust unswervingly in the sufficiency of Jesus as eternal high priest (10:19-39), motivated by the supreme Example of faith and endurance he demonstrated during the days of his flesh (12:1-4). Perseverance, of which Jesus presents the supreme Example, (5:7-9; 12:1-4), is demonstrated through "holding on" to our assurance firm to the end (3:6,14). Finally, from the broader perspective, God's gallery of heroes and heroines in chapter 11, culminating with Jesus as the supreme Example of faith and endurance (12:1-4) is followed by a call to be disciplined by grace in the remainder of the epistle. It is Jesus, more than the Old Testament heroes of chapter 11, to whom we are to fix our eyes on for our Example of what it means to persevere (12:1-4)
Devotion - The two streams of volition, human and Divine, met and merged in Him; and thus He becomes for men at once an Example of perfect devotion and a pledge of perfect grace. And the devotion of Christ is an Example for man, not only because it exhibits human triumph over temptation and human fellowship with God, but also because of the similarity of the means and aids. But the Example of Christ Himself is, in this matter, a sufficient safeguard and sanction, and is enforced by teaching of at least two types. Beyond the Example of the Saviour, an encouragement to quiet meditation may be found in Mark 6:31, a commendation of private prayer in Matthew 6:6
Barnabas - We have had instruction, and Example, and warning, and rebuke, enough out of Barnabas already. Instruction and Example in Barnabas's splendid liberality with his Cyprus possessions. Instruction and Example in his openness and hospitality of mind and heart toward a suspected and a friendless man. And still more instruction and Example in his noble absence of all envy and all jealousy of a man far more gifted, far more successful, and soon to be far more famous than himself
Obedience (2) - It was therefore more than a mere expression as to a definite Example when He said: ‘It becometh us [1] to fulfil all righteousness’ (Matthew 3:15). —Christ came not only as a Teacher and Redeemer, but also as an Example. It might be said of all His life, as He said when He washed the disciples’ feet, ‘I have given you an Example, that ye also should do as I have done to you’ (John 13:15). There is no Example given us in the Gospels of the attainment by a disciple of such perfection as was in the Master
Apocrypha - First Esdras, for Example, is primarily a retelling of the material found in 2 Chronicles 35:1-36:23 , Ezra, and Nehemiah 7:6-8:12 ; Psalm 151 purports to be an additional psalm of David. The Protevangelium of James, for Example, tells the story of Mary's birth, childhood, and eventual marriage to Joseph (a widower with children), culminating in a detailed account of the birth of Jesus (in a cave) and a strong affirmation of Mary's virginity. The latter present, in contrast to the relatively reserved statements in the New Testament, vivid descriptions of hell, where sinners are punished in accordance with their sins: blasphemers, for Example, hang by their tongues over a blazing fire
Clement of Rome, Epistle of - ), had become a stumbling-block instead of an Example to the world (xlvii. When the Epistle was written this persecution was a matter of past history, but its victims are still spoken of as ‘those champions who lived very near to our own time’ and ‘the noble Examples which belong to our generation’ (τοὺς ἔγγιστα γενομένους ἀθλητάς … τῆς γενεᾶς ἡμῶν τὰ γενναῖα ὑποδείγματα, v. Paul are included amongst the ‘examples of our own generation’ (v. These Examples ought to warn us who have to face the same expression of the world’s envy to be free from envy ourselves. Let us be obedient to His call, following the Example of Enoch and Noah (ix. What an Example of humility was set by Christ Himself (xvi. Does not the Creator rejoice to work unceasingly? We must follow His Example, for we are made in His image (xxxiii. In this they followed the Example of Moses, who appointed a succession of priests, and to prevent all future dispute, confirmed the appointment of Aaron’s line by the miracle of the budding rod (xliii. ), and follow the Examples of those noble heathens-rulers and citizens, even women-who over and over again in the course of history have been willing to give up all for the good of their nation (lv. Follow the Example of the Fathers; submit yourselves to authority. Yet He was no mere Example to men
Christ in Art - ), ‘after the Example of our Ichthus Jesus Christ, are born in water. before the Sack of Rome in 410), and this is the so-called Greek or equilateral Cross +, which has no special connexion with the Eastern Church; a small 4th cent, Example of this Cross has been found in the nameless hypogeum near St. ; another similar Example in the same place is attributed to the 6th or 7th. ...
The earliest Christian Example of any kind is on a panel of the 5th cent, doors of St. The third is in a Syrian MS of the year 586, and is the earliest dated Example. The story of Jonah was the most popular of all (there are 57 Examples), as a type of the Resurrection which had been established by Christ Himself (Matthew 12:40). Class b begins very early, 3 Examples of the end of the 1st cent. Statues were probably not introduced before the time of Constantine, but an exception was made in the case of the Good Shepherd; and the most lovely Example of all is the statue of the 3rd cent. ’ None the less, although the positive object of the decree was attained, the representation of the Agnus Dei was one of the most common symbols of the Middle Ages, in sculpture, in glass, in metal work and embroidery, and sometimes in painting, as in the culminating Example of the Van Eycks’ great picture at Ghent (circa (about) 1430), where the Lamb stands wounded upon an altar, the blood flowing into a chalice, surrounded by a great company of angels and saints
Prayer - ...
New Testament Jesus' Example and teaching inspire prayer. (1) With Jesus' Example in mind we must not think that faith will always cause our wishes to be granted
Death - He was now to teach all mankind, by his Example, how to suffer, and how to die. With all the dignity of a sovereign, he conferred pardon on a penitent fellow-sufferer: with a greatness of mind beyond Example, he spent his last moments in apologies and prayers for those who were shedding his blood
Waterpot - ‘I do not know of any Example in Attic Greek of ἀυτλεῖν in the sense of ‘draw wine’ (for which ἀρύτω or ἀφύσσω (in poetry) would be expected) except the following from a fragment of Pherecrates, the comic poet, κόραι … πληρεις χύιχας σἴνου μέλαιδς ἀνθοσμίου ἤυτουν διὰ χώνης τοῖσι βουλομένοις πιεῖν (Meineke, Frag. —It may be added that if it was the entire contents of the vessels that became wine, the magnitude of the gift is an Example of our Lord’s abundant mercies, with which we may compare the miracle of the loaves and the twelve baskets of fragments that were left
Wisdom of Christ - He therefore passed through every age, becoming an infant for infants, thus sanctifying infants; a child for children, thus sanctifying those who are of this age, being at the same time made to them an Example of piety, righteousness, and submission; a youth for youths, becoming an Example to youths, and thus sanctifying them for the Lord’ (Against Heresies, ii
Head, Headship - He offers himself as an Example of one who tried to please everybody for the sake of their salvation (1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1 ). ...
Sarah is presented as an Example of the submissive wife (1 Peter 3:5-6 )
Thankfulness, Thanksgiving - For Example, when David brings the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, the people sing psalms that call Israel to give thanks again and again (1 Chronicles 16:4,7,8,34,35,41 ). For Example, Paul thanks God for the faith of the Romans (1:8), for his grace given to the Corinthians so that they lack no spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 1:4-7 ), and for the Philippians' partnership in the gospel (1:3-5; see also 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3 ; 2 Thessalonians 1:3-4 )
Service - When at length His self-imposed task was complete, ‘He said unto them, A servant is not greater than his Lord; … I have given you an Example that ye also should do as I have done unto you’ (John 13:1-17). The service that is grudged or unwilling is not to be discovered in His Example. Both in the terms that are used and in the Examples afforded, it is taught that sacrifice, even that ultimate form of sacrifice which for mortals is realized in death, is the one condition of service
Baptism - Paul, for Example, preferred someone else to baptize his converts, to avoid the appearance of building a personal following (1 Corinthians 1:14-16). God’s covenant with Abraham, for Example, included his household, and the males within that household were circumcised as the formal sign that they were part of that covenant (Genesis 17:4; Genesis 17:7; Genesis 17:10-14; Genesis 21:4; see CIRCUMCISION; COVENANT)
Timothy And Titus Epistles to - -The gospel ministry of Divine power and salvation from sin was granted by an act of God’s grace in Christ Jesus to the most unworthy Apostle, whose redemption is an Example of many others to come; for all of which the writer makes solemn thanksgiving to God. The fearful Example of two apostates excommunicated in the hope that punishment would lead to their reformation. The Church holds forth the truth, in opposition to error, of which an Example is given (" translation="">1 Timothy 4:1-6). Timothy must overcome his diffidence, which arises partly from his youth, and in the constant exercise of his Divinely inspired gift of teaching become an Example in life and doctrine of what the Christian minister should be. He has always been Timothy’s Example, even in suffering; and with the invasion of these impostors sufferings will multiply
Children - Alexion’s list, for Example, does not contain even all the terms of this class that occur in the Gospel narratives. As an Example it is indeed set beyond our reach. … He therefore passed through every age, becoming an infant for infants, thus sanctifying infants; a child for children, thus sanctifying those who are of this age, being at the same time made to them an Example of piety, righteousness, and submission; a youth for youths, becoming an Example to youths, and thus sanctifying them for the Lord. It is from this, for Example, that the interference of the disciples, which called out the Master’s rebuke, ‘Let the little children come to me; forbid them not,’ receives its explanation
Dream (2) - 641), for Example, opens a treatment of the subject dominated by this idea with the statement that, ‘as everywhere in antiquity, dreams play a preponderant rôle in the religion of the Hebrews. ...
It is very misleading to say, for Example (Barry in Smith’s DB
So little, indeed, do emptiness and disorder enter into the very essence of dreaming, that common experience supplies innumerable Examples of dreams thoroughly coherent and consequent. Condorcet informs us that he often completed his imperfect calculations in his dreams; and the same experience has been shared by many other mathematicians, as, for Example, by Maignan, Göns, Wähnert
Archangel - For Example, Hagar encountered an angel, but she referred to the Lord who spoke to her (Genesis 16:7 ,Genesis 16:7,16:13 ; Genesis 21:17 )
Household - ” Genesis 7:1 is an Example of the use of the term “house” to refer simply to kinfolk, the members of one's own family. Examples of lists of house rules or codes may be found in Colossians 3:18-4:1 ; Ephesians 5:21-6:9 ; 1 Peter 2:13-3:7
Temple, the Second - On the invitation of Zerubbabel, the governor, who showed them a remarkable Example of liberality by contributing personally 1,000 golden darics (probably about ,000), besides other gifts, the people with great enthusiasm poured their gifts into the sacred treasury (Ezra 2 )
Servant - , Acts 16:17 ; Titus 1:1 ; 1 Peter 2:16 ; Revelation 7:3 ; 15:3 ; the perfect Example being Christ Himself, Philippians 2:7 ; (2) of Christ, e
Lion - Lion hunting is depicted as the amusement of the Ninevite kings, who followed the great hunter Nimrod's Example
Humility - The classic Example in the NT is John 13:3-15
Nebo - Nebâ, for Example, it is possible to see Mt
Titus, Epistle to - Titus was to be an Example to all (1 Timothy 2:7 )
Shame - For Example, poverty ( Proverbs 13:18 ), leprosy ( Numbers 12:14 ), widowhood ( Isaiah 54:4 ) may be viewed as involving ‘shame,’ though there is no blame
Blasphemy - In this, he sets an Example for Christians to follow
Age, Ages - Both words usually depend on a preposition (for Example, ad olam and eis ton aionon are rendered "forever")
Paulicians - They rejected, after the Example of the greatest part of the Gnostics, the books of the Old Testament; and looked upon the writers of that sacred history as inspired by the Creator of this world, and not by the Supreme God
Lamentations, Book of - Factors which favor authorship by Jeremiah are the antiquity of the tradition associating him with the book, the similarity in tone between Lamentations and portions of Jeremiah's book (Jeremiah 8-9 ;Jeremiah 8-9;14-15 ), and a similar perspective in Lamentations and Jeremiah as to the cause of the fall of Jerusalem (for Example, Lamentations 1:2-18 ; Lamentations 2:14 ; Lamentations 4:13-17 ; Jeremiah 2:18 ; Jeremiah 14:7 ; Jeremiah 16:10-12 ; Jeremiah 23:11-40 ; Jeremiah 37:5-10 )
Governor - Examples of Imperial provinces are Syria, the Gauls (except Narbonensis), Judaea, and Egypt. A procurator, for Example, could be cast aside by the Emperor and ruined for life, without the slightest chance of redress
Labour - Paul enforced his teaching by his own Example
Sinners - Thus He exculpated His disciples, who had plucked ears of corn on the Sabbath day, by citing the Example of David (Matthew 12:1-4)
Magistrate - For Example, at Arretium in Etruria (Persius, Sat
Gomorrah - ...
Scripture does not say the cities were immersed in the sea, but that they were destroyed by fire from heaven (Deuteronomy 29:23; Jeremiah 49:18; Jeremiah 50:40; Zephaniah 2:9; 2 Peter 2:6; Judges 1:4-7, "an Example unto those that after should live ungodly"; Amos 4:11)
Baal, Master - For Example: “If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband [5] will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine” ( Greece - The dynasties founded by his generals, the Seleucids and Ptolemys for Example, continued his work, and when Rome began to interfere in Eastern politics about the beginning of the 2nd cent. When they wrote books, they wrote them in Greek: Philo and Josephus are Examples
Accountability, Age of - They must be able to understand that their life-styles should be patterned after the Example of Christ (Romans 10:9-14 )
Nakedness - ...
The phrase “indecent thing” represents any uncleanness in a military camp or any violation of the laws of sexual abstinence—nocturnal emission not properly cleansed, sexual cohabitation and other laws of purity (for Example, excrement buried in the camp): “For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing [1] in thee, and turn away from thee” ( Walk - For Example, Adam and Eve heard the sound of God “walking” to and fro in the garden of Eden ( Euthymius (4), Abbat in Palestine - The empress obeyed, and her Example was followed by a multitude of monks and laymen
Jeremi'ah - ( Jeremiah 1:18 ) he was a noble Example of the triumph of the moral over the physical nature
Fasting - We see no Example of fasting, properly so called, before Moses. Since the time of Moses, Examples of fasting have been very common among the Jews
Jeremi'ah - ( Jeremiah 1:18 ) he was a noble Example of the triumph of the moral over the physical nature
Hebrews - (Compare, for Example, Romans 1:1-7 ; 1 Corinthians 1:1-3 ; 2 Corinthians 1:1-2 . In the beginning Christians were persecuted by Jews as can be seen in Acts (for Example, Acts 4:17-18 ; Acts 5:27-42 ; Acts 7:54-8:1 ). ...
The writer also encouraged the recipients to remain faithful in the midst of suffering by giving them Examples of others who were able to remain faithful (Hebrews 11:1-39 ). The writer reminded them of their own past faithfulness in suffering (Hebrews 10:32-39 ) and of the Example of their former leaders (Hebrews 13:7 )
Family Life And Relations - An even more severe Example may be seen in Amnon's rape of his half-sister Tamar and his subsequent murder by Absalom (2 Samuel 13:1-29 ). Joseph's brothers, for Example, were seated in order of their birth, with the eldest presumably having the seat of honor (Genesis 43:33 ). Sarah, for Example, after urging Abraham to have sexual relations with Hagar to father a child, expels both the girl and her infant child over Abraham's protests (Genesis 21:9-13 ). Oft-cited Examples are Achan's sin that brought guilt on his family and through it, to the entire people of Israel (Joshua 7:24 )
Prophecy, Prophets - For Example, God's past blessing and future judgment should provoke social justice and mercy for the disadvantaged. For Example, a prophet may rebuke another country to offer assistance to Israel (Isaiah 46-47 ), make Israel examine its own conduct (Amos 1-2 ), or to bring a nation to repentance (Jonah 3:4,8-9 ). For Example, in Luke the angel's visitation and prediction (Luke 1:11 ,Luke 1:11,1:26-27 ) provoked Mary and Zecharias to prophesy (Luke 1:46-67 ; Luke 67-79 )
Animals - For Example, both animals and people are dependent on the providence of God ( Psalm 104:10-30 ; Luke 12:22-24 ) and animals bear the consequences of God's judgment along with people (Genesis 6:7 ; 1 Chronicles 29:11 ; Jeremiah 14:5-6 ; Zephaniah 1:2-3 ). ...
The Use and Treatment of Animals Animals are of service to people, for Example, for transport ( 1 Samuel 16:20 ; Esther 8:10,14 ) or for clothing (Genesis 3:21 ). For Example, in Isaiah 40:11 we read: "he tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young" (cf
Lord - ”...
The designation of Yahweh as adonai led to varied forms of conflict with Baal and his worshipers during the history of Israel: for Example, prior to the conquest ( Numbers 25:1 ); during the time of the Judges (Judges 6:25-32 ); during the monarchy (1 Kings 18:1 ; 1 Kings 22:54 ; 2 Kings 3:2 ; 2 Kings 10:18-28 ). ...
Before His resurrection, Jesus was addressed with the Jewish title of honor Rabbi (“teacher”, Mark 9:5 ; Mark 11:21 , for Example). Such calling must be accompanied by actions which correspond to the teachings of the resurrected, Crucified One and to His Example ( Matthew 7:21-22 ; John 13:14-15 )
Keeping - For Example, at the marriage in Cana the ruler of the feast is reported as having said to the bridegroom, ‘Thou hast kept (τηρέω) the good wine until now’ (John 2:10). For Example, we read that Herod ‘exercised a watchful care’ over the Baptist, ‘but when his birthday was kept’ (ἄγω, Authorized Version ), he was found off his guard (Matthew 14:6). The point to notice is that the experience, and the only experience, of Divine ‘keeping’ which Christ by His Example encourages men to pray for and anticipate, consists not in immunity from adversity, injuries, suffering, sorrow, and death, but in maintenance in a condition of certitude with regard to the Father’s love and of perseverance in the path and practice of goodness—freedom from evil
Evangelist (2) - For, he adds, there were still many evangelists of the word who sought earnestly to use their inspired zeal, after the Example of the Apostles, for the building up of the Divine word (v. But this inference is precarious, and it is possible that Hippolytus was the first to employ it, and that Tertullian imitated his Example and gave it a Latin form. The mode of illustration pursued by Irenaeus strikes us to-day as forced and profitless, but the Example he set was followed by Hippolytus (Hipp
Poetry - Sometimes their aim seems to have been to discover new Examples, whether by direct study or by inexact methods. What would otherwise appear to be a careful choice of synonyms, for Example, perhaps to secure climacteric effect, may be simply the operation of this principle. The finest Example is that of David over Saul and Jonathan ( 2 Samuel 1:17 ff. is claimed to he an Example of the songs often sung to celebrate the discovery of a spring or the successful digging of a well. See, for Example, Judges 5:1-31
Evil - For Example, the same Decalogue that declares that stealing and murder are wrong likewise forbids idolatry and blasphemy. For Example, awon 2 Kings 4:41 ) and the bad water he heals (2 Kings 2:19 ). For Example, the husband's charge of nonvirginity in his bride "gives her a bad [8] name" (Deuteronomy 22:14,19 ). For Example, Jeremiah 17:16-18 indicates that the "day of evil" (RSV) is a day on which Yahweh judges those who are his enemies, in this case, those who persecute the prophet. Some suggestions, however, that have been offered about moral evil are: (1) while God is perfect, creation is only pronounced "very good" (Genesis 1:31 ); it is impossible for a created universe to rival God in perfection and the existence of moral evil is one Example of its imperfection; (2) to compel all beings to act morally is to override their free will; likewise, to grant them free moral agency is to concede the possibility that someone at some time will act in an evil manner; and (3) God in his infinite wisdom created the best of all possible worlds; one can only consider that, were the world created any other way it would have been less than the best of all possibilities
Little Ones - Now comes the application, marked as such (and not the continuation of the Examples) by a change of construction. The Apostles had been disputing about their relative claims to greatness in the Kingdom of heaven; and the Lord teaches them a much needed lesson in humility by the Example of a little child. Hahn, for Example, argues strenuously that the disciples at large cannot be meant; but that the designation presupposes gradations among the disciples (cf. In Matthew 10:42, for Example, the broad identification of ‘one of these little ones’ with ‘a disciple’ excludes from thought all divisions within the body of disciples; and the definition of ‘these’ as the disciples to whom our Lord was speaking, as He spoke of them as ‘these little ones,’ looks in the same direction. When Jesus speaks of His followers as ‘children of the kingdom,’ for Example, He is applying to them a Messianic designation; or, to confine ourselves to the circle of ideas most closely related to the passages of the Old Testament supposed to be in His mind in the instance holding our attention, when He calls them His ‘sheep’ (Matthew 26:31) or more pointedly His ‘little flock’ (Luke 12:32), these are Messianic designations which He is applying to them. Reuss, for Example, thinks they were called ‘little ones’ because they were drawn from the most humble, the least distinguished section of society; de Wette, because they were despised and meanly esteemed for Christ’s sake; Dr
Death - Injustice could be accepted in individual lives (for Example, prosperity among the wicked, misfortune among the righteous) because it was assumed that justice eventually prevailed in the group . In Luke's birth narrative, for Example, Simeon asked God to let him “depart in peace” because he had seen God's salvation (Luke 2:29 )
Joshua, the Book of - For Example, the accounts are from the standpoint of the general who led the entire nation, whereas the Book of Judges is more from the standpoint of the foot soldier who did the actual fighting. Holy war was not set up as an eternal Example (compare Deuteronomy 20:16 )
Salvation - Israel recounted God's deliverance from Egyptian slavery in the Passover ritual (Exodus 12:1-13 ), in sermon (Nehemiah 9:9-11 ), and in psalms (for Example, Psalm 74:12-13 ; Micah 4:1-48 ,Psalms 78:13,78:42-54 ; Psalm 105:26-38 ). The prophets also hinted of a salvation that lies outside history (for Example, Isaiah 51:6 )
John the Baptist - For Example, the inclusion of the suffering and death of John may foreshadow the pain and death of Jesus on the cross. For Example, the scathing accusations and warnings of John are associated with the ministry of Jesus (Luke 3:7-18 ), but in the end are not typical of his message
Punishment - For Example, Assyria was seen as the Lord's rod of wrath (Isaiah 10:5 ). An Example of its enforcement is found in Numbers 15:32-36 , where the penalty was stoning
Ministry, Minister - By washing the feet of his disciples he gave an Example (John 13:15 ) of true service; and in the Upper Room he declared, "I am among you as one who serves" (Luke 22:27 ). The unique, ministerial servant Example of Jesus is beautifully commended by Paul (Philippians 2:5-8 ) and Peter (1 Peter 2:21-25 )
Remember, Remembrance - For Example, after the crossing of the Jordan twelve stones were set up by Joshua in obedience to God as a memorial (Joshua 4:3,7 ). For Example, there is a remembering in prayer before God
Faithfulness - Two general Examples may be given. In the earlier sections of that Epistle, where the writer is comparing the work of Christ with that wrought by angels and prophets, he shows that both Moses and Christ were Examples of faithfulness, but Christ excelled, insomuch as a son’s faithfulness over God’s house excels in quality that of a servant in the house. -In the background of every Christian life the apostles placed the Example of Christ and the attributes of God, and thus the faithfulness they sought to practise and instil was linked with the faithfulness of God. This is only one Example of the apostolic belief that constant faithfulness in Christian life came from faith in Christ, ‘the faithful and true,’ while apostatizing from the living God came from an evil heart of unbelief (Hebrews 3:12)
Allegory - We have also a very fine Example of allegory in Psalms 80; in which the people of Israel are represented under the image of a vine, and the figure is supported throughout with great correctness and beauty. An Example of this kind occurs in Solomon's well-known allegory, Genesis 49:9 , in which old age is so admirably depicted
Pelagians - In addition to his previous concessions Pelagius granted, that the grace of Christ was requisite beside the two kinds which he had enumerated; but he attributed it entirely to the doctrine and Example of Christ that we are aided in our endeavours not to commit sin: we likewise admit that the doctrine and Example of Christ afford us some aid in refraining from sin, but in addition to their influence we also place the gift of the Holy Spirit with which God endues us, and which enlightens our understandings, and confers strength and power upon our will to abstain from sinning
Gods - The true God is often called so, as are sometimes angels, judges, and princes, and sometimes idols and false gods; for Example: "God created the heaven and the earth," Genesis 1:1 . The pious Israelites had so great an aversion and such an extreme contempt for strange gods, that they scorned even to mention them; they disguised and disfigured their names by substituting in the room of them some term of contempt; for Example, instead of Elohim, they called them Elilim, "nothings, gods of no value;" instead of Mephibaal, Meribaal, and Jerubaal, they said "Mephibosheth, Meribosheth, and Jeribosheth
Sinai - And, indeed, the close connexion evident between Sinai or Horeb and Midian, which appears, for Example, in Exodus 3:1-22 , makes this a theory worth consideration
Wages - An Example may be given from Meissner ( op
Peter, Letters of - ...
Suffering is inevitable if Christians live rightly, and in this matter Christ is the perfect Example (3:13-22)
Pharisees - The Pharisees, for Example, believed in the continued existence of the soul after death, the resurrection of the body and the existence of angelic beings, whereas the Sadducees did not (Matthew 22:23; Acts 23:8)
Talmud - For Example, discussion of the segments of Mishnah that deal with the Temple service are omitted, presumably because the Jewish community in Babylon did not anticipate the rebuilding of the Temple in the near future (interestingly, the Jerusalem Talmud does discuss these sections)
Sad'Ducees - (1 Kings 1:32-45 ) To these sons of Zadok were afterward attached all who for any reason reckoned themselves as belonging to the aristocrats; such, for Example, as the families of the high priest, who had obtained consideration under the dynasty of Herod
Trump Trumpet - We read of it, for Example, in Josephus (Bellum Judaicum (Josephus) IV
Parents - They should be catechised; allured to a cheerful attendance on divine worship; instructed in the Scriptures; kept from bad company; prayed with and for; and, above all, a good Example set them, Proverbs 22:6 . So, among the great, permitting their children to spend their time and their money as they please, indulging them in perpetual public diversion, and setting before them awful Examples of gambling, indolence, blasphemy, drinking, and almost every other vice; what is this but ruining their children, and "bequeathing to posterity a nuisance?" But, while we would call upon parents to exercise their authority, it must not be understood that children are to be entirely at their disposal under all circumstances, especially when they begin to think for themselves
Call, Calling - ” For Example, God called to Adam (Genesis 3:9 ); Moses called the elders together (Exodus 19:7 ); and Joel gave a command to call a solemn assembly (Joel 1:14 ). The call of Moses (Exodus 3:4-22 ) and the call of Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1 ) are good Examples
Kin - If a Hebrew, for Example, were reduced to selling a part, or the whole, of his property, it was the duty of his next of kin to purchase the property, if it was in his power to do so
Vengeance - A further Lukan Example is found in Stephen's speech this time retribution (Acts 7:24 )
Spiritual Gifts - Examples of this are: Bezaleel, who was given the gift of craftsmanship (Exodus 31:2-3 ); Othniel, who was equipped to be a judge (Judges 3:9-10 ); Gideon, who was given military skills (Judges 6:34 ); Samson, who was given physical strength (Judges 14:6 ,Judges 14:6,14:19 ); Saul, who was given political skills (1 Samuel 10:6 ); and Micah, who was given prophetic gifts (Micah 3:8 ). ...
Some Christians today tend to want to distinguish spiritual gifts from natural abilities, but this distinction seems not to have occurred to Paul, for he included both in his lists (see, for Example, Romans 12:6-8 )
Spain - ) are well known: ‘Paul … having taught the whole world righteousness, and having come to the bound of the West (ἐπὶ τὸ τέρμα τῆς δύσεως ἐλθών), and having borne witness (μαρτυρήσας) before the rulers, so was released from the world and went to the Holy Place, having become the greatest Example of patience
Hand - Paul could display his toil-marked hands to the Ephesian elders, as evidence of his Example of unselfish service (Acts 20:34; cf
Guide - Christ Himself ratified the guidance afforded by Scripture at crises of His life, in which Example and precept were wedded together in indissoluble union, as in the Temptation, the Cleansing of the Temple, and on the Cross (Luke 4:1-44; Luke 19:46; Luke 23:46)
Acrostic - ]'>[2] does not give the initials in the other poems; but they will be found, in the case of the Psalms, in (for Example) Kirkpatrick’s Psalms (Cambridge Bible), Cheyne’s Book of Psalms , Driver’s Parallel Psalter
Atone - For Example, Courage - ...
Of this high moral courage Jesus Himself is the supreme Example
Philemon, the Epistle to - Luther says: "it shows a lovely Example of Christian love
Martyr - On these days the Christians met at the graves of the martyrs, and offered prayers and thanksgivings to God for the Example they had afforded them: they celebrated the eucharist, and gave alms to the poor; which, together with a panegyrical oration or sermon, and reading the acts of the martyrs, were the spiritual exercises of these anniversaries
Law - The natural father might also instruct his son in wise living, even as a Godfearing woman was an Example of kind “instruction”: “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness” ( Fill - For Example, in 1 Kings 2:27 we read: “So Solomon thrust out Abiathar from being priest unto the Lord; that he might fulfill the word of the Lord, which he spake concerning the house of Eli in Shiloh
Caesarea - Perhaps there has not been in the history of the world an Example of any city, that in so short a space of time rose to such an extraordinary height of splendour as did this of Caesarea; or that exhibits a more awful contrast to its former magnificence, by the present desolate appearance of its ruins
Apocrypha - To this decisive evidence against the canonical authority of the apocryphal books, we may add that they were never read in the Christian church until the fourth century; when, as Jerom informs us, they were read "for Example of life, and instruction of manners; but were not applied to establish any doctrine
Hezekiah - But Hezekiah was not deterred by this alarming Example from refusing to pay that tribute to the Assyrians which had been imposed on Ahaz: this brought on the invasion of Sennacherib, in the fourteenth year of the reign of Hezekiah, of which we have a very particular account in the writings of the Prophet Isaiah, who was then living, Isaiah 36
Aichmalotarch - He exhorted them to charity, and set the Example by offering liberal alms to the poor
Light - It signifies, also, instruction, both by doctrine and Example, Matthew 5:16 ; John 5:35 ; or persons considered as giving such light, Matthew 5:14 ; Romans 2:19
Elder - Possibly it was from this Example that the Sanhedrin was afterwards constituted
Province - This word, of unknown derivation, originally meant simply ‘a sphere of (magisterial) duty,’ and was applied, for Example, to the duty of the prætor urbanus , who was never permitted to leave Rome
Onesimus - Was it thought an object of everlasting moment thus to preserve in the book of God the history of a poor fugitive, and to let the church know that, in the instance of this slave, the Lord's grace outruns even all our undeservings? Was it indeed meant to shew in this, as well as in a thousand and ten thousand other instances, that "where sin aboundeth grace doth much more abound?"...
What a precious Example is held forth in this epistle to ministers of the word of God, to parents, masters of families, and all that are interested in the care and government of incautious youth, to feel what Paul felt, and to take an earnest concern in the recovery of transgression of every description and character! Did Paul count this runaway servant a brother, yea, his son, and speak of him as his own bowels, with what affection ought the ties of the minister and his people, the parent and his children, the master and his servant, to be felt and acknowledged in all the circumstances of life! How tenderly the same great apostle elsewhere recommends those gracious principles as the common actions of the christian! "Put on therefore (saith the apostle) as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forbearing one another, and forgiving one another; if any man have a quarrel against any, even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye
Hand - Paul could display his toil-marked hands to the Ephesian elders, as evidence of his Example of unselfish service (Acts 20:34; cf
Lending - For Example, they could not take a millstone, as it would leave a person with no way of grinding flour to make food for the family
Maximus, Bishop of Turin - Peter, and of the custom of washing the feet at the same time, after the Example of Christ
Occupation (2) - But Christ’s strenuous Example proved the possibility of being diligent in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord
Pelagius i., Bishop of Rome - of Arles, after their Example, and according to ancient custom, supreme and exclusive jurisdiction over Gaul, as vicar of the apostolic see
Text, Versions, And Languages of ot - 1400), in part from Canaanitish names contained in ancient monuments, as, for Example, the list of places in Canaan recorded as among his conquests by Thothmes iii. Certainly any large presence of Aramaisms, and in particular any conspicuous Aramaizing of the syntax, due to the influence on their writings of the language which the later writers commonly spoke, such as we find, for Example, in Daniel and Ecclesiastes, points to a late date. For Example, the H in the word BhBR א M ( Genesis 2:4 ) is written small in all Hebrew MSS; it was doubtless written originally so by accident or owing to pressure of room; but under the influence of a school of Jewish scholars, of whom R. In order to secure the perpetuation of the text exactly as it existed, a mass of elaborate rules and calculations was gradually established; for Example, the number of occurrences of cases of peculiar orthography, the number of words in the several books, the middle word in each book, and so forth, were calculated and ultimately embodied in notes on the margins of the MSS containing the Scriptures. Though in some respects, as for Example through expansion by insertion of matter from parallel passages, the Samaritan is more remote than the Jewish from the original text, it has also preserved better readings, often in agreement with the LXX Talmud - In order to give some idea of what the Talmud is, and of the enormous masses of material gathered together there, the following Example may be cited, abbreviated from Bacher ( op. ...
This is, of course, the merest skeleton of an Example of the mass of commentary which is devoted to the Mishna, section by section. The following outline of a Haggadic passage from the Yerushalmi will serve as an Example; It is intended as a rebuke to ‘Scandal-mongers,’ and a text ( Deuteronomy 1:12 ) is taken as a starting-point, namely, ‘ How can I myself alone bear your cumbrance and your burden and your strife? ’ It then continues: ‘How did our forefathers worry Moses with their cumbrances? In that they were constantly slandering him, and imputing evil intentions to him in everything that he did. Or, to give one other Example: in pointing out the evils which come from a father’s favouring one son above the others, it is said: ‘This should not be done, for because of the coat of many colours which the patriarch Jacob gave his favourite son Joseph ( Genesis 37:1 ff
Disciples - The shaliach , for Example, had a function that was more legal than religious (to serve documents, collect money, carry information), was applied generally to human representation (whether individuals or groups), and lasted for only a limited period. ” There is, for Example, a striking absence of the term with reference to Timothy (2 Corinthians 1:1 ; Philippians 1:1 ; Colossians 1:1 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:1 ; 2 Thessalonians 1:1 ), Sosthenes (1 Corinthians 1:1 ), and Silas (1 Thessalonians 1:1 , 2 Thessalonians 1:1 ), who were certainly not only Paul's fellow workers but also preachers of the gospel (compare 2 Corinthians 1:19 ). Thus, others in the Pauline missionary party were called, for Example, “brother,” “fellow worker,” or “bond servant” (Romans 16:3 ; Philippians 2:25 ; Matthew 10:24-42 ; 1 Thessalonians 3:1 ); but the term “apostle” had a more exclusive, and thus more restricted, meaning
Lots - ; (b) the reverent manipulation of sacred things through which the deity had indicated his pleasure to make known his will, a good Example of which is the use by the Hebrew priests of ‘the Urim and the Thummim’; (c) the selecting of a method by which the deity was perfectly free to express his will without human interference, a good Example of which is seen in the action of Jonathan (1 Samuel 14:9-13). We have a conspicuous Example of rhabdomancy in the budding and fruit-bearing of Aaron’s rod (Numbers 17:1-8 [8]),†† Cross, Cross-Bearing - In this instance βαστάζω, not αἴρω, is used, the only NT Example of the figurative, as John 19:17 is the only NT instance of the literal, use of the verb with σταυρός (Plummer, Internat. Each Example in the NT is a quotation from the LXX Septuagint. It was not the Example of Jesus that St
Parables - For Example, the parable of the mustard seed (Mark 4:30-32 ; Matthew 13:31-32 ; Luke 13:18-19 ) compares or juxtaposes a microscopically small seed initially with a large bush eventually. ” Examples are the paired parables of the treasure and the pearl (Matthew 13:44-46 ), the tower builder and the warring king (Luke 14:28-32 ), and the lost sheep and lost coin (Luke 15:3-10 ). ...
Special Literary Considerations Narrative parables and the simple parables total more than forty Examples. For Example, seed parables such as those of the sower, the seed growing of itself, and the mustard seed in Mark 4:1 focus on the nature of the coming kingdom. These and other Examples of the refusal to do the will of God recognize the reality of human pride, stubbornness, hypocrisy, and rejection Jesus encountered during His proclaiming ministry. For Example, He chose from His larger following a special group of twelve disciples (Mark 3:13-19 ), symbolizing His creation of a new Israel
Sabbath - The Priestly Code not only exalts the Sabbath by basing its sanction on the Example of the Creator ( Genesis 2:2-4 , Exodus 31:17 ), but seeks to enforce its observance by the imposition of the death penalty ( Exodus 31:14 , Numbers 15:32-36 ), and sets the Example of guarding its sanctity by prohibitive regulations ( Exodus 35:3 )
Court Systems - In this role the king himself was the leading Example of a just and honest judge and was personally involved in hearing cases as well as appointing other judges. Solomon is the supreme Example of the just king, having been granted discernment and wisdom by God (1 Kings 3:1 )
Philippians - His compatriots have gained confidence through his bold Example (Philippians 1:14 ). In the context of Philippians, however, the kenosis passage is used to highlight the humility and selfless service demonstrated by Jesus, whose Example the Christian is to follow
Typology - Persons as Examples or patterns When people internalize the gospel, their lives begin a process of transformation. Paul spoke of himself and his fellow workers as Examples or patterns. He urged the Philippians to become imitators of himself: “you have us as an Example or pattern” (Romans 3:17 ). Paul obtained mercy and God showed His forbearance to Paul “for a model, pattern, Example for those who were about to believe in Christ” (1 Timothy 1:16 ). Peter urged all the elders to become Examples or patterns for the flock rather than “lording it over” the flock (1 Peter 5:3 ). Paul pointed to this conduct of the majority who angered God as types or warning patterns, models, Examples for Christians ( 1 Corinthians 10:6 )
Truth - The standard of ethical truth was embodied in Jesus, who was set forth as the Example to which Christians should conform. John offers the chief Example of the revelation of truth being given by direct vision, and in his Apocalypse he shows how he received in this way the knowledge of things present and future when he was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day
Luke (2) - The biography found in many Manuscripts of the Gospel in Latin, and printed, for Example, in Wordsworth and White’s Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Latine, Pars i. —The name Λουκᾶς appears to be unexampled elsewhere. The NT itself is not without Examples of such names; Σίλας (Σιλέας) for Σιλουανός, Ἀμπλιᾶς (Romans 16:8) for Ἀμπλίατος, Ὀυμπᾶς (Romans 16:15) for Ὀλυμπιόδωρος, Δημᾶς (Colossians 4:14) for Δημήτριος, Ἐπαφρᾶς (Colossians 4:12) for Ἐπαφρόδιτος, Ἀπολλώς for Ἀπολλώνιος, Ζηνᾶς (Titus 3:13) for Ζηνόδωρος, Ἀντιπᾶς (Revelation 2:13) for Ἀντίπατρος, Στεφανᾶς (1 Corinthians 16:15) for Στεφανηφόρος. There appears to be no Example of the nominative in Manuscripts , but the accusative cata lucanum is regular (see C
Mercy - When we look at Christ’s own life for an Example, we do not find in His case the indebtedness of one who has been forgiven, but we do find the readiness of unreserved surrender to His Father’s will. Thus the mercy of God does not work in vacuo, but in the concrete Example of Christ and of men possessed by His spirit, and made vehicles of His mercy (Romans 11:31, 1 John 4:12)
Discipleship - The fact that we speak of ‘following an Example’ too often leads to the misinterpretation of this pregnant call to discipleship which was so characteristic of the Lord Jesus. For I gave you an Example that ye also should do as I have done to you’ (John 13:12 ff
Drunkenness - There was evidently a tendency among Christian liberals, who rightly gloried in their free evangelical position, to say, ‘If men will pervert and abuse our Example, we cannot help it; the fault is their own, and they must bear the consequences. Many of the Fathers, following the Example of Philo-who wrote a book περὶ μέθης on Genesis 9:21 -dealt with the subject at length
Mercy - When we look at Christ’s own life for an Example, we do not find in His case the indebtedness of one who has been forgiven, but we do find the readiness of unreserved surrender to His Father’s will. Thus the mercy of God does not work in vacuo, but in the concrete Example of Christ and of men possessed by His spirit, and made vehicles of His mercy (Romans 11:31, 1 John 4:12)
Temptation - ’ His own prayer in Gethsemane ( Matthew 26:42 ), and His exhortation to His disciples ( Matthew 26:41 ), prove, by Example and by precept, that when offered in subjection to the central, all-dominating desire ‘Thy will be done,’ the petition ‘Bring us not into temptation’ is always fitting on the lips of those who know that ‘the flesh is weak
Seal - " For Example, Satan's ineffectiveness is secured by God's sealing of the abyss (Revelation 20:3 )
Doubt - ...
Abraham, as a positive Example, is said not to have wavered" through unbelief [1] regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith" (Romans 4:20 )
Delight - ...
As our supreme Example, Jesus took great pleasure in honoring and obeying his father (John 5:30 ; 8:29 )
Even, Even as, Even so - Examples are Matthew 5:46,47 ; Mark 1:27 ; Luke 6:33 (RV); 10:17; John 12:42 ; Galatians 2:13,17 , where "also" should be "even;" Ephesians 5:12 . Examples where the RV corrects the AV "and" or "also," by substituting "even," are Luke 7:49 ; Acts 17:28 ; Hebrews 11:11 ; in 1 John 4:3 the RV rightly omits "even. , "nevertheless," an Example of hyperbaton, by which a word is placed out of its true position)
Tithes - ...
The Bible records two pre-Mosaic Examples of tithing. When tithing animals, for Example, the owner counted the animals as they passed through the gate, setting aside every tenth one for God, regardless of whether it was good or bad (Leviticus 27:30; Leviticus 27:32-33)
Hagar - It was punished by consequent family disquiet, and the bad Example copied by the Ishmaelites has proved morally and physically a curse to the race
Rock (2) - Peter is an Example of all who should hereafter believe (cf
Fulfill - ...
Temporal phrases such as “the time is fulfilled” point to times ordained by God, for Example, the time of Christ's ministry (Mark 1:15 ; Galatians 4:4 ; Ephesians 1:10 ), the time of Gentile domination of Israel (Luke 21:24 ), or the time of the appearance of the lawless one (2 Thessalonians 2:6 )
Bread, Bread of Presence - ...
The manna in the wilderness is the quintessential Example of bread as a provision of God
Eternal Punishment - "...
Jude speaks of hell in terms of fire when he cites Sodom and Gomorrah as an earthly Example of "those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire" (v
Anger - But Jesus the God-Man gives us the best Example of how to express righteous anger (Matthew 23:1-36 ; Mark 3:5 ; 11:15-17 ; John 2:13-17 )
Laying on of Hands - A more explicit Example of this is Jesus' laying hands on children to bless them (Mark 10:16 ; Matthew 19:13-15 )
Laying on of Hands - Matthew 9:18 ||, Mark 7:32 ) an Example which was followed by the Apostolic Church ( Acts 9:12 ; Acts 9:17 ; Acts 28:8 )
Knowledge - ” Jesus and the Father have a mutual knowledge (John 10:14-15 ), and Jesus' knowledge of God is perfect (John 3:11 ; John 4:22 ; John 7:28-29 , for Example)
Obedience - ...
The reality of this new covenant was portrayed in Jesus' supreme Example of obedience to the heavenly Father, when he gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice for atonement of sin
Loaf - He was to be a double Example to all of Israel of a godly and a holy king
Marriage - Such, for Example, as Abraham's Hagar and Ke-turah
Fathers - The ‘fathers,’ then, in the language of our Lord and His contemporaries, could mean ancestors in general, or the ancestors of some particular period, as, for Example, the wandering in the wilderness (John 6:31; John 6:49; John 6:58), or ancestors of notable piety or renown, more especially the three patriarchs who were regarded as the founders of the people
Pass Over - For Example, one who “passes over” the sea is a seafarer or sailor ( Trespass - Joshua challenged Israel not to follow the Example of Achan: “Did not Achan the son of Zerah commit [1]7 a trespass [1]7 in the accursed thing, and wrath fell on all the congregation of Israel?” ( See, Perceive - For Example, râ'âh can refer to “perceiving or ascertaining” something apart from seeing it with one’s eyes, as when Hagar saw that she had conceived ( Light - ) One who is conspicuous or noteworthy; a model or Example; as, the lights of the age or of antiquity
Condemn, Condemnation - It is used metaphorically of "condemning" by a good Example, Matthew 12:41,42 ; Luke 11:31,32 ; Hebrews 11:7
Light - ) One who is conspicuous or noteworthy; a model or Example; as, the lights of the age or of antiquity
Oath - A NT Example of the latter, which Jesus vigorously denounced, occurs in Matthew 23:16-22. 261); and apart from that, the actual Examples of asseveration in his Epistles are not very convincing (see H. ...
On this evidence it cannot be held, with any confidence, that Jesus accepted the adjuration, and His Example does not, therefore, justify oaths in law, as distinguished from private conversation. ; (2) that the Divine Example, especially in the handling of something dangerous, is not always enjoined upon man. There are also the objections that the ascription of oath-taking to God may be simply anthropomorphic-which is the very opposite of following a Divine Example; and that His swearing ‘by Himself’ is irreconcilable with the ordinary definition of an oath (see above), for it avowedly does not include an appeal to a higher power (Hebrews 6:13), still less the invocation of a penalty
Parable - Aristotle classes parable and fable together as means of indirect proof, more convenient and easier to use than historical Example for one who is able to detect resemblances, but less effective. Proverb (Luke 4:23), paradox (Mark 7:17), similitude (Mark 4:30), allegory (Mark 4:13), and Example or illustrative instance (Luke 12:16) are so named. ), and designated in them all as a parable, is a good Example. There is here no thought of the resemblance of details, as, for Example, between summer and the Parousia; but in both instances it is pointed out that with equal certainty, from the signs of the coming, the nearness of the coming itself can be inferred. We might call such illustrations, which stand apart from the groups previously enumerated, Narrative Examples, or perhaps it will be better to term them, with Jülicher, Illustrative Instances. The Wicked Husbandmen and the Tares are better Examples of allegory; but even in these there are several features without allegorical significance
Confess, Confession - It is perhaps because Timothy faces such persecution that Paul urges him to imitate his Lord's Example before the Roman governor Pontius Pilate by making "your good confession in the presence of many witnesses" (1 Timothy 6:12 ; cf. In Ezra's day, for Example, confession of sin in taking foreign wives was to be followed by a putting away of those wives (Ezra 10 )
Ebla - Independent cities related to Ebla either by treaty (for Example, Asshur and Hama) or the payment of tribute, (for Example, Akkad and Kanish) were independently ruled by local kings
Roman Law - The father, for Example, was the person who decided whether or not to allow a newborn infant to die. For Example, it was not unknown to transfer jurisdiction to the accused's place of origin (compare Pilate's sending Jesus to Herod in Luke 23:6-7 )
Unbelief - But there is not in this Epistle the forecast of the glorious future yet in store when Israel would turn again, only an insistence upon the need of giving diligence to enter into that rest, ‘that no man fall after the same Example of disobedience’ (Hebrews 4:11). An Example of this phase may be found in the Corinthian church, where many failed to believe in the resurrection of the dead and were not slow to express openly their unbelief
Vessels And Utensils - Implements or containers ordinarily used as in, for Example, the Temple service or household activities. Excavations there have produced Examples of all sizes and types, from large stone jars (John 2:6 ) turned on a lathe to cups carved by hand. Job, for Example, used a handy potsherd to scrape his sores (Job 2:8 )
Freedom - The fourth commandment, for Example, had reference not only to God's resting on the seventh day of creation (Exodus 20:8-11 ), but also to the liberation of Israel from the hands of Egypt (Deuteronomy 5:12-15 ). Hellenistic philosophers, for Example, tended to place considerable emphasis on the concept of natural human freedom, but Paul appears to reject any such idea
Reconciliation - Of this, the oppugners of the doctrine of the atonement have availed themselves to argue, that as there can be no such affection in the divine nature, therefore, reconciliation in Scripture does not mean the reconciliation of God to man, but of man to God, whose enmity the Example and teaching of Christ, they tell us, is very effectual to subdue. The feeble criticism of Socinus, on this passage, in which he has been followed by his adherents to this day, is thus answered by Grotius: "In this passage the dative Θεω , to God, can only be governed by the verb αποκαταλλαξη , that he might reconcile; for the interpretation of Socinus, which makes to God stand by itself, or that to reconcile to God is to reconcile them among themselves, that they might serve God, is distorted and without Example
Ebla - Independent cities related to Ebla either by treaty (for Example, Asshur and Hama) or the payment of tribute, (for Example, Akkad and Kanish) were independently ruled by local kings
Christ in the Middle Ages - He thought of Christ ‘as of a man of excellent wisdom,’ virginborn and surpassing other men, an Example to us of ‘eontemning temporal things for the obtaining of immortality. The God-man, virgin-born and without concupiscence, he regarded as both a mediator between God and man, and an Example for us. He thought of the death of Christ as an exhibition of the Divine love, and as an Example wherewith to teach us not to fear the misfortunes and sufferings of this world, but rather to avoid earthly good fortune. God constituting the personality in Christ, there was no occasion for prayer except to furnish an Example to us and to do honour to God. ’ He preferred to say in effect, ‘in the man Jesus, God worked’; that ‘in Jesus the wisdom of God revealed itself, in order to lead men to salvation by doctrine and Example’ (Theologia Christiana, iv. This thought he is never weary of iterating and enforcing, that whatever our Lord did in the flesh was for our instruction by way of Example
Birds - Biblical writers cite the raven as an Example of God's care for His creation (Job 38:41 ; Psalm 147:9 ; Luke 12:24 ). Besides providing basic food needs (for Example, the quails in the wilderness), birds function as messengers. Examples of this latter role include the dove and the raven in the flood story and the ravens who provided food in the Elijah narratives. Examples of this function include Abraham's offering in Genesis 15:1 , laws about sacrifices in Leviticus, and Mary's offering in Luke 2:24 . Jesus used the Example of the hen gathering her chicks under her wing as a figure of His sacrificial love for man (Matthew 23:37 ; Luke 13:34 )
Trust - Certain it is that the writers of the NT saw in Christ more than Teacher and Example. His life is the glorious Example of trust in the Father’s love. But it is not through the contagious Example of the ‘inner life’ of Jesus that men are led into perfect filial trust
Woman - The story of Ruth is a good Example of a traditional woman who was admired for her role as a good daughter-in-law. The woman at the well in Samaria is another Example of Jesus seeing women as persons. For Example, he spoke of meat offered to idols ( Romans 14:1 ), and women wearing jewelry and braiding their hair (1 Timothy 2:8-12 )
Heaven, Heavens, Heavenlies - For Example, it has windows (2 Kings 7:2 ), a foundation (2 Samuel 22:8 ), a gate (Genesis 28:17 ), ends (Deuteronomy 3:43 ), a remote part (Nehemiah 1:9 ), and is like a curtain (Isaiah 40:22 ). Job, for Example, suffered many things unrelated to his faith and obedience. When the godly suffer at the hands of the unrighteous, for Example, rejoicing is commanded knowing that a great reward in heaven awaits (Matthew 5:12 )
Law - For Example, whereas capital offenses state the maximum penalty for certain crimes, extenuating factors could lead a judge, legitimately, not to execute the offender. For Example, "work" is prohibited on the sabbath yet is never defined legally. For Example, cases of striking pregnant women resulting in miscarriage (presumably an unusual circumstance) occur in HL 17, Sumerian Laws 1-2, LH 209-214, MAL A 21,50-52 as well as Exodus 21:22-25
Common Life - Consider, for Example, His fulfilling of the Law in the Sermon on the Mount. ...
But it is rather the whole tendency of the teaching and Example of Jesus, than any explicit statement, that in Christianity assigns to common life a dignity which it receives in no other religion. Jesus as the universal Man, the Example for all the world, assumed for Himself the most universal experience
Canaanites - This being the actual persuasion which then prevailed in the world, no matter whether well or ill founded, how were the neighbouring nations, for whose admonition this dreadful Example was intended, how were they to be convinced of the supreme power of the God of Israel above the pretended gods of other nations; and of the righteous character of Jehovah, that is, of his abhorrence of the vices which prevailed in the land of Canaan? How, I say, were they to be convinced so well, or at all indeed, as by enabling the Israelites, whose God he was known and acknowledged to be, to conquer under his banner, and drive out before them, those who resisted the execution of that commission with which the Israelites declared themselves to be invested, namely, the expulsion and extermination of the Canaanitish nations? This convinced surrounding countries, and all who were observers or spectators of what passed, first, that the God of Israel was a real God; secondly that the gods which other nations worshipped were either no gods, or had no power against the God of Israel; and thirdly, that it was he, and he alone, who possessed both the power and the will, to punish, to destroy, and to exterminate from before his face, both nations and individuals, who gave themselves up to the crimes and wickedness for which the Canaanites were notorious. "...
In reading the Old Testament account, therefore, of the Jewish wars and conquests in Canaan, and the terrible destruction brought upon the inhabitants thereof, we are always to remember that we are reading the execution of a dreadful but just sentence, pronounced by Jehovah against the intolerable and incorrigible crimes of these nations; that they were intended to be made an Example to the whole world of God's avenging wrath against sins, which, if they had been suffered to continue, might have polluted the whole ancient world, and which could only be checked by the signal and public overthrow of nations notoriously addicted to them, and so addicted as even to have incorporated them into their religion and their public institutions; and that the Israelites were mere instruments in the hands of a righteous Providence for effecting the extirpation of a people, of whom it was necessary to make a public Example to the rest of mankind; that this extermination, which might have been accomplished by a pestilence, by fire, by earthquakes, was appointed to be done by the hands of the Israelites, as being the clearest and most intelligible method of displaying the power and the righteousness of the God of Israel; his power over the pretended gods of other nations; and his righteous indignation against the crimes into which they were fallen
Night (2) - It was at eventide, for Example, that Jesus sat down with His disciples; before ‘cock-crowing’ Peter denied Him; and in the ‘morning’ Jesus was carried away to Pilate. ...
It may be urged that Jesus teaches by His Example the value of prayer in the silence of night. ...
It is impossible to discover with accuracy the character of these Syrian nights, so wide is the variation in the climate between place and place, season and season; it is not clear whether, for Example, it is literally true to say, ‘For thee I trembled in the nightly frost
Painting, Religious - Recent excavations in Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor have brought to light Examples of religious painting dating from the first centuries after Constantine's championship of Christianity (313). The Sienese school, including Duccio di Buoninsegua, Simone Martini, and the Lorenzetti brothers, produced beautiful Example of a reverent familiarity in treating religious themes; the somewhat later work of Orcagna shows a growing realism
Rome - The Emperors themselves stood for just as well as efficient administration, and most of them gave a noble Example by strenuous devotion to administrative business
Contribution - A clear Old Testament Example of such a collection for widows and the poor is the story of Naomi and Ruth (Ruth 2:2-8 ). The Examples of a candidate for alms is the lame man of Acts 3 , while exemplary almsgivers include Cornelius (Acts 10:2,4,31 ) and Paul (24:17)
Baal (1) - Moses subsequently, when warning the people from this Example, notices no circumstance of it but one, which, though in the original narrative not stated, was infinitely the most important to advert to, but which none but spectators of the fact, perfectly acquainted with every individual concerned in it, could possibly feel the truth of
Thirst - ...
Following the Example of OT thinkers, Jesus employed the idea embodied in the word ‘thirst’ to express the conscious needs of the human soul for something higher and more satisfying than it could discover in its earthly experiences (cf
Games - Examples of dice have been found together with gameboards in tombs where they were placed for use in the afterlife. A beautifully preserved Example from Thebes has ivory playing pieces and three knucklebones with it. The Examples at Megiddo date to about 1300 B
Voice - Take the classical Example of the narratives of St
Torah - Torah , for Example, is used in connection with terms for requirements, commands, and decrees (Genesis 26:5 ; Exodus 18:16 )
Responsibility - For Example, at Sinai, the Lord commanded the people not to make an idol to worship
Obadiah, Theology of - Edom is an Example of God ultimately calling all nations to account for their deeds
Joppa - It is remembered as the home of a gentlewoman who was believed to have been raised from death to life, and whose Example has in all ages been an incentive to ‘good works and almsdeeds’ (Acts 9:36-42)
Gentleness (2) - His reception of the little children (Matthew 18:2; Matthew 19:13), His thoughtfulness for the multitude lest they should faint by the way (Matthew 15:32), the brotherly touch of His hand upon the leper (Mark 1:41), the delicacy of His approach to the sorrowing (Luke 7:13, John 11:35), His tender tones to His perplexed disciples—‘little children,’ ‘I will not leave you orphans’ (John 13:33; John 14:18), and His sense of their frailty in the words, ‘Sleep on now and take your rest’ (Matthew 26:45), His consideration, even in the agony of death, for His mother (John 19:26-27),—are but Examples of that gracious gentleness which consisted with, and was the expression of, a Divine dignity of love. So, although Jesus never formally held forth ἐπιείκεια as an ideal of Christian life, He left us an Example that we should follow His steps (1 Peter 2:21)
Greetings - Mackie gives a good Example of the more elaborate trifling of the Syrians (Bible Manners and Customs, p
Ark of God - The law had directed how the ark was to be carried, and the new cart was following the Example of the Philistines: Uzzah disregarded God's plain direction and heeded not the sacredness of that which represented the presence of God
Damascus, Damascenes - It had power, for Example, to issue warrants to the congregations (synagogues) in Damascus for the apprehension of the Christians that quarter’ (Schürer, History of the Jewish People (Eng
Despise - ’ No hostile action must be taken towards them, even unconsciously, no carelessness as to conduct or Example which might hurt them; ‘hindrances’ to the life of young disciples, ‘despised’ because of their weakness, are sins against His love to them
Angel - For Example: “Then I answered and said unto the angel that talked to me, ‘What are these, my lord?’ And the angel answered and said unto me, ‘These are the four spirits Form - ) remain as Examples of fine scholarship, but it is now generally recognized that St. ]'>[1] an ‘outline sketch,’ and so a ‘pattern’ or ‘example
Lie - ...
Shâkab can also be used of lying down on a bed, for Example, when one is sick
Ways - in Scripture, means conduct: for Example: "Make your paths straight
Proverb - Thus the whole influence of Example and environment is compressed into the proverb, ‘As is the mother, so is her daughter’ ( Ezekiel 16:44 )
Religious Painting - Recent excavations in Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor have brought to light Examples of religious painting dating from the first centuries after Constantine's championship of Christianity (313). The Sienese school, including Duccio di Buoninsegua, Simone Martini, and the Lorenzetti brothers, produced beautiful Example of a reverent familiarity in treating religious themes; the somewhat later work of Orcagna shows a growing realism
Trade And Commerce - The Roman writers, for Example, constantly employ metaphors from book-keeping. Besides these, smaller Imperial mints existed throughout the provinces, and the senate had a mint at Syrian Antioch; Lugudunum (Lyons), for Example, served as a mint for the Gallic provinces. For Example, various Syrian and Phœnician cities had factories at Puteoli, Rome, Naples, Portus, Ravenna. 2 1/2 per cent) duty was also in use, for Example, in the province of Asia, in the Bithynia-Pontus and Paphlagonia group, and in the ‘Three Gauls’ (Gallia Lugudunensis, Gallia Belgica, Gallia Aquitanica)
Type - From this last meaning the transition is easy to the ethical sense of an Example of conduct. In 1 Corinthians 10:6 it designates an Example that is to be avoided; in other cases (Philippians 3:17, 1 Thessalonians 1:7, 2 Thessalonians 3:9, 1 Timothy 4:12, Titus 2:7; 1 Peter 5:3) an Example that is to be copied. Sometimes it is hardly distinguishable from the use of historical Examples for purposes of illustration (1 Peter 3:6, James 2:21; James 2:25; James 5:11; James 5:17), but at other times it stands out with unmistakable clearness. Paul to his converts (Philippians 2:17) or theirs to him (Philippians 2:30) may be taken as an Example
Sanctification - For Example, God commanded the nation of Israel, "consecrate to me every firstborn male" (Exodus 13:2 ). For Example, God used Pharaoh even though he did not let Israel go (Romans 9:17 ). For Example, participation in the new covenant "Table of the Lord" sanctifies the believer. For Example, the Sabbath and other designated days were to be kept "holy" (Genesis 2:3 ; Exodus 20:11 ; Numbers 29:1 )
Papyri And Ostraca - leases, accounts and receipts, contracts of marriage and divorce, wills, denunciations, notes of trials, and tax-papers, are there in innumerable Examples; moreover, there are letters and notes, schoolboys’ exercise-books, horoscopes, diaries, petitions, etc. From the time of the persecution of the Christians under the Emperor Decius, we possess, for Example, no fewer than five libelli issued to libellatici, i. It is possible, for Example, to place the whole theory of the prepositions on a new basis. For Example, the so-called ‘paratactic’ style of St. Men of the people themselves, they spoke as the people spoke, and in the Gospels, for Example, they for the first time introduced the language of the people with vigour into literature. Turn over the pages of the second volume of Oxyrhynchus Papyri published by Grenfell and Hunt, and you find that the non-literary Examples are almost exclusively documents of the 1st cent
Oracles - Other Examples, although the word oracle is not used, include Elijah's word to Ahab ( 1 Kings 21:17-19 ) and Elisha's word to Jehoram (2 Kings 3:13-20 ). For Example, David needed to know the right time to attack the Philistines. At times, Israel or Judah heard their name included among foreign nations (for Example, Amos 2:4-16 ). Examples of such objects include the High Priest's Urim and Thummim and the ephod
Lord's Prayer, the - The Lord's Prayer serves as an Example or how to pray briefly. In His behavior Jesus is an Example of one who prays
Suffering - Peter was one of the chief witnesses (1 Peter 5:1), and he points out Christ as the great Example (1 Peter 2:21). The prophets gave an Example of suffering (James 5:10)
Trinity - ...
For Example, in the Old Testament references to the creation there was an inseparable connection between God, the creative power of God’s Word, and the life-giving power of God’s Spirit (Genesis 1:1-3; Job 33:4; Psalms 33:6). ...
Jesus Christ, for Example, could not be humankind’s Saviour if he were not the unique person that he is
Temptation - His moral teaching gains force from His moral Example, and He can be a moral Example to us only because He passed through a human moral development
Fall - Their ambition affected every dimension of human experience; for Example, they claimed the right to decide what is good and evil. Even today the mark of sin is seen in the degrading domination of women—for Example, rape, polygamy, and pornography
Gnosticism - The followers of the gnostic Valentinus claimed, for Example, that Theodus, a friend of Paul's, had been the means of transmission of the secret data. In 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 , for Example, Paul chides the Corinthian Christians for being “people of the flesh” (NRSV) or carnal when they should be spiritual
Trinity - For Example, the word of God is recognized as the agent of creation (Psalm 33:6 ,Psalms 33:6,33:9 ; compare Proverbs 3:19 ; Proverbs 8:27 ), revelation, and salvation (Psalm 107:20 ). Matthew 28:19 , for Example, follows the triple formula of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that distinguishes Christian baptism
Labour (2) - ...
Not only does the life of Jesus exhibit the great Example of self-sacrificing labour for the sake of the souls of men; it furnishes, moreover, the principle that human life in all its phases is, at its best, a life of service. Ephesians 4:28, 1 Thessalonians 4:11), while he set the Example in his own life of unflagging industry (see Acts 18:3 etc
Guilt - An Example of this is found in Cain’s despairing complaint, where the word ‘punishment’ ( Genesis 4:13 EV Abraham - ‘Abraham’s bosom,’ like the Hades in which the rich man lifts up his eyes, is part of the figurative or pictorial setting of the parable, and indicates no more than a haven of repose and felicity, the home and resting-place of the righteous with Abraham, who is the typical Example of righteousness. , for Example, Pirke Aboth v
Money - Take, for Example, the circulation of coin; at one time it is Greek coin; at another, Roman; at another time ancient Jewish. But how accurately is even this stated according to history, and the arrangement of things! The ancient imposts which were introduced before the Roman dominion were valued according to the Greek coinage; for Example, the taxes of the temple, the διδραχμον , Matthew 17:24
Abraham - ‘Abraham’s bosom,’ like the Hades in which the rich man lifts up his eyes, is part of the figurative or pictorial setting of the parable, and indicates no more than a haven of repose and felicity, the home and resting-place of the righteous with Abraham, who is the typical Example of righteousness. , for Example, Pirke Aboth v
Temptation - His moral teaching gains force from His moral Example, and He can be a moral Example to us only because He passed through a human moral development
Salt - New-born infants, for Example, were rubbed with salt ( Ezekiel 16:4 ) a practice in which a religious, rather than a hygienic, motive may be detected
Suffering - ...
In some cases, for Example, believers may regard their suffering as a means of teaching them endurance, trust and other virtues
Backsliding - ...
Israel serves as an Example to us
Body - For Example, the sin of Adam and Eve not only affected their spiritual status before God, but had physical consequences as well
Age, Old (the Aged) - Elders were protected from malicious accusations, but if they persisted in sin, they were to be rebuked publicly as an Example for all believers (1 Timothy 5:19-20 )
Colours - The darker colours likewise merge into each other, black and brown, for Example, not being clearly distinguished
Glory - This is true, for Example, when Scripture speaks of the earth being full of the glory of the Lord (Isaiah 6:3 )
Miletus - The whole Euxine, for Example, and the Propontis, and many other places, are peopled with their settlers
Humour - Would a father, for Example, offer a hungry child a stone instead of bread, a snake instead of a fish, a scorpion instead of an egg (Matthew 7:9-10, Luke 11:11-12)? The Pharisee, He says, is like a man who cleans the outside of his cup and forgets that he drinks from the inside (Matthew 23:26)
Self- Examination - The apostolic Christian is urged to follow his Lord’s Example (1 Timothy 2:6, 1 Peter 2:21), and to look away to Jesus (Hebrews 12:2) rather than to engage in the exercises of self-scrutiny
Abba - [1]...
Lightfoot on Galatians 4:6 argues that the bilingual expression is a liturgical formula originating with Hellenistic Jews, who, while clinging to the original word which was consecrated by long usage, added to it the Greek equivalent; but he supports an alternative theory that it took its rise among Jews of Palestine after they had become acquainted with the Greek language, and is simply an expression of importunate entreaty, and an Example of that verbal usage whereby the same idea is conveyed in different forms for the sake of emphasis. It is significant however of the limited extent of strictly Jewish Christianity that we find no other original Examples of the use than these three. Mark to have used it, both Examples of its use in the Pauline writings convey a similar impression of solemnity as connected with the Christian believer’s assurance of sonship-and sonship (let it be noted) not in the general sense in which all humanity may be described as children of God, but in the intimate and spiritual connotation belonging to υἱοθεσίαν, or ‘adoption,’ into the family of God
Will - ...
As in every area of human life, Jesus is the supreme Example of perfect obedience to the will of God without the diminution of personal choice
Type - type); Philippians 3:17 ; 1 Thessalonians 1:7 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:9 ; Genesis 22:1-183 ; and 'example,' 1 Corinthians 10:6 ; 1 Timothy 4:12 . ...
A few Examples of types are here appended: the student of scripture will find it profitable to search out (in dependence upon the Holy Spirit) the numerous types of the O
Promise - ’ A typical Example is Ber. The possession of Canaan, the growth of the nation, universal blessing through the race, are Examples of promises of which the patriarchs did not receive the outward fulness ( Hebrews 11:18 )
Moses - Some things were added by a later inspired hand; as for Example, Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Psalm 90:1-17 also is ascribed to him; and its noble and devout sentiments acquire a new significance, if received as from his pen near the close of his pilgrimage
Phoeni'ce, Phoenic'ia - ...
The Phoenician religion had in other respects an injurious effect on the people of Palestine, being in some points essentially demoralizing, For Example, it mentioned the dreadful superstition of burning children as sacrifices to a Phoenician god
Jacobus, Bishop of Nisibis - 338, 346, 350, James maintained the faith of the inhabitants in the divine protection, kindled their enthusiasm by his words and Example, and with great military genius and administrative skill thwarted the measures of the besiegers
Woman - In fact, the exaltation of womanhood is justly claimed as one of the best Examples of what Christianity has done for the world. ‘At the worst, these vices infected only a comparatively small class, idle, luxurious, enervated by the slave system, depraved by the Example of a vicious court. Another probable Example is supplied by Domitilla (banished in a. The Jewish training of Paul, for Example, accounts for much in his attitude, such as the argument that women should be veiled ‘because of the angels’ (1 Corinthians 11:10)
Resurrection - For Example, Jeremiah 31:30 says, "But everyone will die for his own iniquity" (NASB). The early second-century SyriActs (translated from Greek) text 2Baruch is an Example. ...
For Example, the fourth of Paul's conclusions"you are still in your sins" (v
Spirit - In this respect we have a good Example of the almost instinctively creative power of Jewish, and especially of Christian-Jewish, religious thought. An interesting Example of a subtle psychological distinction between πνεῦμα and ψυχή is found in the personal experiences of Jesus with two distinct sources of trouble and sorrow. ...
Instances are not wanting in the Gospels of contrasts, simple and definite, in which this word plays a part, though we have no Example of the antitheses so familiar to students of the Pauline Christology
Jesuits - He can be of no benefit to mankind but by his Example and by his prayers. There has not been, perhaps, in the annals of mankind, any Example of such a perfect despotism exercised, not over monks shut up in the cells of a convent, but over men dispersed among all the nations of the earth. Not satisfied with trade alone, they imitated the Example of other commercial societies, and aimed at obtaining settlements
Philippians, Epistle to - Paul and his followers are to be their Example, for their Commonwealth and its ideals are above, whence Christ will soon come to transfigure them into His likeness. Paul their Example for Christian joy and conduct ( Philippians 4:4-9 ). ...
Philippians is an excellent Example of the Pauline method of sustaining Christian life by doctrinal truth which is the outcome of personal experience
Lots - ; (b) the reverent manipulation of sacred things through which the deity had indicated his pleasure to make known his will, a good Example of which is the use by the Hebrew priests of ‘the Urim and the Thummim’; (c) the selecting of a method by which the deity was perfectly free to express his will without human interference, a good Example of which is seen in the action of Jonathan (1 Samuel 14:9-13). We have a conspicuous Example of rhabdomancy in the budding and fruit-bearing of Aaron’s rod (Numbers 17:1-8 [8]),†† Education in Bible Times - In addition to being teachers and drill masters, parents (in the home) and tutors (in the formal schools) also functioned as mentors and role-models, teaching by Example and lifestyle. For Example, the details of Yahweh's covenant with Abraham fills but three chapters in Genesis (12,15, 17). Of course, the primary Example of this historical trajectory in Hebrew education is the Passover feast and exodus from Egypt (Exodus 12:24-27 ; 13:11-16 ). Specific Examples of community education include: the three great pilgrimage festivals (Unleavened Bread, Weeks, and Tabernacles Deuteronomy 16:16 ; cf. For Example, the family remains the primary context for education, with prominence also given to the church as the extended family or community of faith
Romans, Theology of - While fine commentaries on Romans can bracket the question of historical setting (Cranfield's commentary is an Example; he deals with the setting only at the end of his study), subtle nuances of Paul's theology appear only when the reader has the original occasion in mind. ...
Paul now proceeds to show the continuity between the old and the new by citing Abraham as a primary Example of the person of faith and humility (4:1-25), making the point that the faith principle was operating before Abraham became technically a Jew by circumcision. ...
The Old Testament Example of Abraham is complemented in 5:1-21 with a fuller comparison of two principial personalities, Adam I and Adam II. As an Example of the kinds of people he has in mind to carry out this honorable task, Paul lists twenty-nine people of various ethnic and social backgrounds and gender who are exemplary and well-known to the Romans (16:1-16)
Gospels (Uncanonical) - We can see, for Example, from the evidence which Eusebius rather grudgingly furnishes for the repute of the Gospel of the Hebrews in certain circles, that an uncanonical Gospel like this had a vogue which was only partially affected by the necessity of excluding it from the canon. The problem is still further complicated by the probability that now and then a Gospel of un-heretical character was re-issued in the interests of later parties, while a Gospel originally Gnostic, for Example, may occasionally have been pruned of its objectionable features and started on a career within the Church. 23) ends his catalogue of the canonical or accepted Scriptures with the remark that his object in drawing it up has been ‘that we may know both these works and those cited by heretics under the name of the apostles, including, for Example, such books as the Gospels of Peter, of Thomas, of Matthias, or of any others besides them … They are not to be placed even among the rejected writings (ἐν νόθοις), but are all to be put aside as absurd and impious. ; and several so-called Gnostio ‘Gospels’ were no more than treatises on religion, as, for Example, the Valentinian ‘Gospel of the Truth’ (Iren
Fire - ...
(γ) The only parallel to the expression Eternal Fire, used in the Synoptic Gospels to denote the future punishment of the wicked, is found in Judges 1:7, where the writer declares that the cities of the Plain are ‘set forth as an Example, suffering the vengeance (Revised Version ‘punishment’) of eternal fire’ (πῦρ αἰώνιον). ’ An alternative rendering to that of the Authorized Version and Revised Version , takes δεῖγμα with πυρός in the sense of ‘an Example (or ‘testimony’) of eternal fire,’ the punishment which began with the destruction of the cities, and still continues, fitting them to serve as such Example. Whichever view be taken, it is evident that the Example, in order to be effective, must point to the fate which awaits the wicked after the Last Judgment
Fire - ...
(γ) The only parallel to the expression Eternal Fire, used in the Synoptic Gospels to denote the future punishment of the wicked, is found in Judges 1:7, where the writer declares that the cities of the Plain are ‘set forth as an Example, suffering the vengeance (Revised Version ‘punishment’) of eternal fire’ (πῦρ αἰώνιον). ’ An alternative rendering to that of the Authorized Version and Revised Version , takes δεῖγμα with πυρός in the sense of ‘an Example (or ‘testimony’) of eternal fire,’ the punishment which began with the destruction of the cities, and still continues, fitting them to serve as such Example. Whichever view be taken, it is evident that the Example, in order to be effective, must point to the fate which awaits the wicked after the Last Judgment
Jacob - ...
Between the Testaments other Jews received the name Jacob; the one New Testament Example is the father of Joseph and thus the earthly grandfather of Jesus (Matthew 1:16 ). Paul presented...
Jacob as an Example of the sovereign choice of God and of the predestination of the elect (Romans 9:10-13 ). The writer of Hebrews held up Jacob as one of the Examples of active faith (Hebrews 11:9 ,Hebrews 11:9,11:20-22 )
Sea - Hence it is an Example of the wonder-working power of faith. -For Example, in Acts 4:24 ff
Prophecy, Prophet - In present-day language the words ‘prophecy’ and ‘prophet’ are usually used in relation to foretelling events; a prophet is one who predicts (for Example, a weather prophet). For Example, a prediction of blessing may not have been fulfilled, because the people were disobedient
Sin - The Bible affirms that every person who has lived since has followed their Example. That person who constantly and consistently follows a sinful course will become so enmeshed in sin that for all practical purposes he or she is enslaved to sin (Romans 6:1 , for Example)
Widow - The story of Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38 ) is an Example of this custom of "levirate" marriage. The Book of Ruth provides a historical Example of the application of the law
Socinians - A striking Example of this took place in the time of Faustus Socinus. They deny the doctrine of satisfaction and imputed righteousness, and say, that Christ only preached the truth to mankind, set before them in himself an Example of heroic virtue, and sealed his doctrines with his blood
Patriarchs, the - His fidelity and obedience were characteristic features of his personality and made this renowned forefather of Israel (compare Romans 4:1-4 ) an Example of the way in which men and women are justified before God. The situation improved slightly for Rachel when Jacob, following Abraham's Example, had two sons by Bilhah, Rachel's maid (Genesis 30:3-8 )
Praise (2) - The most classical Examples of this are perhaps the great ‘Benediction of Song’ (ברבח חשׁיר)† [11], they were afraid, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men’)
Song of Solomon - Thus, the Song is best taken as an Example of Israel's wisdom poetry (compare Proverbs 5:15-20 ; Proverbs 6:24-29 ; Proverbs 7:6-27 ; Proverbs 30:18-20 )
Vanity - A partial exception is James 2:20 a rare Example of the absolute use of the word
Golden Rule - The classic Example of God's love for the alien can be found in the Book of Jonah
Parables - ...
For Example, in the parable of Matthew 20:1-15 Jesus was not teaching that an employer should give his workers equal pay for unequal work
Mediator, Mediation - Well-known Scripture Examples are the intercession of Abraham for Sodom ( Genesis 18:23-33 ), of Moses for Israel ( Exodus 32:30-34 ), of Samuel for Israel ( 1 Samuel 7:8-12 ). In earlier times the head of the family was the priest; an interesting Example of patriarchal mediation is given in the Book of Job ( Job 1:5 for his sons; cf
Amen - When Jesus instructed Nicodemus, for Example, he appealed not to Scripture but to his own authority, saying "Amen, amen, I say to you" (John 3:3,5 ; see also Matthew 6:2,5 , 16 ; 18:3 ; Luke 13:35 ; John 5:19,24 , 25 ; 6:26,32 , 47,53 )
Astrology - What may have been an Example of celestial phenomena being given an astrological interpretation involved the appearance of an unusual star in the heavens
Rahab (1) - But as an Example of grace, justifying through an operative as opposed to mere verbal faith, none could be more suitable than the saved "harlot
Lot - For Example, the Jordan Valley is described as being well watered “like the garden of the Lord” (Genesis 13:10 ) reminding one of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Tithe, Tithing - Following the Example of Christ, who gave even his life (2 Corinthians 8:9 ), we should cheerfully give as much as we have decided (2 Corinthians 9:7 ) based on how much the Lord has prospered us (1 Corinthians 16:2 ), knowing that we reap in proportion to what we sow (2 Corinthians 9:6 ) and that we will ultimately give account for our deeds (Romans 14:12 )
Energy - Such precepts receive double force from the Example of His life of unresting labour (John 5:17; John 9:4)
Sabbath - (See Deuteronomy 4:19; 2 Kings 23:11; Job 31:26-28; Ezekiel 8:16) It is strange, therefore, that the name should be retained when the Holy Scriptures have never once mentioned such a name, and the apostle's Example so sweetly recommends what ought to be so dear when we speak with reverence of the Sabbath, that we call it the Lord's day
Bless - ) are other familiar Examples of this. For Example, “Take, I pray thee, my blessing that is brought to thee; because God hath dealt graciously with me, and because I have enough
Covetousness - In the last resort of psychological analysis ‘no man can serve two masters’ (Matthew 6:24), and the Pharisees are pilloried for evermore as the awful Example of hypocrisy in this respect
Minister - They should not only possess a luminous mind, but set a good Example
Law - ...
Christ himself came not to destroy, but to fulfil it; and though we cannot do as he did, yet we are commanded to follow his Example
Knowledge of God (1) - the brightness of his Example, Acts 10:38
Land - This use, for Example, is in Ethelbert, King of Kent - Among the many "good services which he rendered to his people," Bede reckons those "dooms" or decrees which, "after the Example of the Romans, he framed with the consent of his wise men," and among which he first of all set down what satisfaction ( bôt ) was to be made by any one who robbed the church, the bishop, or the clergy
Go Down - For Example, to “ascend” before a king is to go into the presence of someone who is on a higher social level
Corinth - In the centre of the city was a celebrated temple of Venus, a part of whose worship consisted in prostitution; for there a thousand priestesses of the goddess ministered to dissoluteness under the patronage of religion: an Example which gave the Corinthians very lax ideas on the illicit intercourse of the sexes
Hand - For Example: "Doth not David hide himself with us in strong holds, in the woods, in the hill of Hachilah, which is on the south of Jeshimon?" in Hebrew, "on the right hand of Jeshimon
Ban - The treatment of the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 15:1-35 is a familiar Example
Poverty - the collocation ‘publicans and sinners’), but almsgiving was strongly inculcated as a religious duty, the early Christians following in this respect the Example set by the synagogue (cf
Work, Wrought - 1 Thessalonians 2:13 (Middle Voice; AV, 'effectually worketh'); (d) supernatural power, undefined, Matthew 14:2 ; Mark 6:14 ; (e) faith, as the energizer of love, Galatians 5:6 ; (f) the Example of patience in suffering, 2 Corinthians 1:6 ; (g) death (physical) and life (spiritual), 2 Corinthians 4:12 ; (h) sinful passions, Romans 7:5 ; (i) the spirit of the Evil One, Ephesians 2:2 ; (j) the mystery of iniquity, 2 Thessalonians 2:7
Judea - The name was used sometimes for Palestine as a whole, as for Example when Herod the Great governed the region (Luke 1:5)
Pillar - … Among the Greek colonies and churches of Asia, Philadelphia is still erect, a column in a scene of ruins: a pleasing Example that the paths of honour and safety may sometimes be the same’ (E
Punishment - Punishment may also be imposed with a view to reform the offender or to deter others from the commission of like offences by making an Example of him
Offerings And Sacrifices - For Example, according to Deuteronomy 32:13-14 the Lord fed the people the best of the land including, among other things, the "fat" of lambs, rams, goats, and even wheat as well as the "blood" of grapes. For Example, according to Leviticus 22:10-16 the holy food gifts were to be eaten by the priests and those in their household, not the common people. The assumption is that he might come to know his error either through remembering after the fact or being informed by another person that, for Example, the meat he had eaten was from the "holy" portion that belonged to a priest and his family. ...
A good Example of the use of the guilt offering is the ritual procedure for the cleansing of the "leper" (Leviticus 14:1-20 ; the term "leper" probably includes any person whose skin showed any kind of infectious blemishes )
Trade And Commerce - The Roman writers, for Example, constantly employ metaphors from book-keeping. Besides these, smaller Imperial mints existed throughout the provinces, and the senate had a mint at Syrian Antioch; Lugudunum (Lyons), for Example, served as a mint for the Gallic provinces. For Example, various Syrian and Phœnician cities had factories at Puteoli, Rome, Naples, Portus, Ravenna. 2 1/2 per cent) duty was also in use, for Example, in the province of Asia, in the Bithynia-Pontus and Paphlagonia group, and in the ‘Three Gauls’ (Gallia Lugudunensis, Gallia Belgica, Gallia Aquitanica). But this sort was ousted from the market by the superior pure white silk of China (sericae [6] or holosericae [7] uestes Canaan - ...
In Ham's sin lies the stain of the whole Hamitic race, sexual profligacy, of which Sodom and Gomorrah furnish an awful Example. " The Canaanites had the respite of centuries, the awful Example of the cities of the plain, and the godly Example of Abraham, Melchizedek, and others; but all failed to lead them to repentance
Diseases - A good biblical Example of this is the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-15 ). For Example, a clay tablet containing fifteen prescriptions from a Sumerian source has been found. Perhaps the most dramatic Example of mental illness related in the Bible concerns the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:1 ). ...
Several Examples of sickness are mentioned in the Bible where no description of the treatment given is described
Collection - It was probably the Example thus set that gave St. It is a good Example of the Apostle’s method, and recalls the accusation of wiliness (πανοῦργος δόλῳ, 2 Corinthians 12:16) brought against him by the Corinthian Christians. It may be that his reference to the Example of the Galatian collection (see the emphatic ὑμεῖς, 1 Corinthians 16:1) points to a work already successful
Persecution - Had men been guided solely by the spirit and the precepts of the Gospel, the conduct of its blessed Author, and the writings and Example of his immediate disciples, we might have boldly affirmed that among Christians there could be no tendency to encroach upon freedom of discussion, and no approach to persecution. ...
Upon a subject thus enforced by precept and Example, it is not to be supposed that the first converts, deriving their notions of Christianity immediately from our Lord or his Apostles, could have any opinion different in theory, at least, from that which has been now established. There was, however, in this proceeding of Victor, too clear a proof that the church was beginning to deviate from the perfect charity by which it had been adorned, and too sure an indication that the Example of one who held so high an office, when it was in harmony with the corruption or with the worst passions of our nature, would be extensively followed
Paul - ...
(4) When Paul thought about the person who accepts God's offer of reconciliation in Christ, he described persons of faith, using Abraham as a worthy Example (Romans 4:3 ). (b) It witnesses to God's power to reconcile humankind to Himself by its Example of Christian fellowship within its walls and by evangelistic outreach beyond itself (Ephesians 3:10 ). After exhorting believers to be concerned about their actions toward each other, Paul gave one of his most beautiful descriptions of the Example of Jesus' giving Himself for others (Philippians 2:1-11 )
History - The absence of a progressive historical view is illustrated by the often cited Example from Homer's Iliad. For Example, biblical language often intends to report (about history) but it also seeks to evoke faith (John 20:21 )
David - For Example, the king who will not seize the kingdom from Saul (2 Samuel 2-5 ) is nevertheless willing to seize a woman who is the object of his desire (Bathsheba); she who is seemingly passive in her seduction will later seize the kingdom for Solomon. For Example, the faithful Uriah unknowingly honors a king who has been unfaithful to him; Uriah retains his ritual purity during warfare by refraining from sexual intercourse during time of war, only to be sent to his death in battle by a king who enjoyed sexual congress with Uriah's wife instead of going to the battle (2 Samuel 11 )
Thessalonians, the Epistles to the - ...
He laboured here with his own hands to further the gospel by giving an Example to the idle. ...
Paul and Silas had to flee by night to Berea; but the church and ministers had been constituted, and the Thessalonians became missionaries virtually themselves (for which the city's commerce gave facilities) both by word and by Example, the report of which had reached Macedonia where Paul had been, and Achaia where he now was, at Corinth (1 Thessalonians 1:7-8)
Illustrations - He spoke in similes and metaphors and parables; general rules He illustrated by Examples or stated in concrete instances. ...
Illustrative Examples serve also to make abstract truth more easily understood. ) is more than an illustrative Example, it is as Jülicher classes it, ‘an Example of the spiritual worth of humility before God
Lord's Supper, the - The foot washing is an allegory of the Lord's Supper"I have set you an Example, that you also should do as I have done for you. It is also the inspiration for the life of love in following the Example of Jesus himself
Holy Day - The life and work, the Example and precept, and above all the Resurrection of Jesus, implied the complete abrogation of the Mosaic dispensation; but as that dispensation was still part of the personal environment, and eventually bound up with the personal religion of individual Christians-both Jew and Gentile-for many generations, it is not to be expected that its cogency would at once cease to be felt. Davies, The Example of Christ, do
Games - ), or even a reference to the extreme penalty of martyrdom suffered by some, after the Example of ‘the author and perfecter of our faith. The provinces soon learned to copy the evil Example of the mother country (W
Marriage - Husbands are placed in a relation to their wives, similar to that which Christ bears to his church, and his Example is thus made their rule. This practice likewise was authorized by the Example of the patriarchs. The Jews did not always content themselves with the allowance of two wives, as may be seen in the Examples of David, Solomon, and many others
Chronicles, Books of - 1,2Chronicles is an excellent Example of teaching the law of the Lord in Israel. Compare, for Example, the reign of wicked King Ahaz with that of good King Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 28:1-4 , 2 Chronicles 29:1-11 )
History - The absence of a progressive historical view is illustrated by the often cited Example from Homer's Iliad. For Example, biblical language often intends to report (about history) but it also seeks to evoke faith (John 20:21 )
mo'Ses - He is the first as he is the greatest Example of a prophet in the Old Testament. " (Numbers 12:8 ) Of the special modes of this more direct communication, four great Examples are given, corresponding to four critical epochs in his historical career. " All that is told of him indicates a withdrawal of himself, a preference of the cause of his nation to his own interests, which makes him the most complete Example of Jewish patriotism
Red Heifer - This applies, for Example, to the red colour of the cow, and to the addition to her ashes of the ‘cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet’ (for various suggestions see, in addition to Gray, op
Heart - In the Old Testament, for Example, Israel is commanded: “You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason with your neighbor, lest you bear sin because of him” (Leviticus 19:17 RSV)
Victory - For Example, "victory" occurs only eleven times in the Authorized Version, while the Revised Standard Version contains forty-four occurrences of the word
Desire - For Example, 1 Corinthians 10:6 refers to godless desire
Vision(s) - As such, the "vision" of the Old Testament prophets represents not just a visionary drama perceived by the eyes (as in Isaiah 6 , for Example), but also a distinctive worldview or perception of reality that was proclaimed through the prophets
Oracle - For Example, such was the voice that was heard at the baptism of Jesus Christ, saying, This is my beloved Son, &c. The scripture affords us Examples likewise of profane oracles
City - The area of Lachish, for Example, did not exceed 15 acres; Taanach and Megiddo each occupied from 12 to 13 acres an area about equal to the probable extent of the Jehusite city on Ophel captured by David ( 2 Samuel 5:6 ff. ‘The cities of Canaan,’ says Vincent, ‘were almost invariably perched upon a projecting spur of a mountain slope, or upon an isolated eminence in the plain: Megiddo, Gezer, Tell-es-Safy [1] not to mention the hill of the primitive Jerusalem are characteristic Examples of the former site, Taanach and Lachish of the latter
Heart - Jacob, for Example, seems to have suffered in his old age from weakness of the heart; a sudden failure of its action occurred on receipt of the unexpected but joyful news of Joseph’s great prosperity ( Genesis 45:26 )
Fast, Fasting - The fact that Jesus and the disciples sanctioned it by their own Example (Matthew 4:2 ; Acts 13:2-3 ), however, is sufficient justification for its practice in biblical times and, in fact, in modern times as well
Bible, Inspiration of the - Jesus puts it directly into the mouth of God: "The Creator made them male and female, ' and said, For this reason '" Since this Example fits so well into Jesus' other use of Scripture, its significance is beyond doubt: He regarded all of Scripture as that which God has spoken
Virtue - 2 Corinthians 5:10]'>[4]); (3) the promise of faith, reinforced by the inspiration of ancient heroes and the general exemplarship of Jesus (Hebrews 11, 12); the Example of Jesus is specifically a motive for humility (Philippians 2:5 f
Origenists - This text must be understood of Christ's human soul, because it is unusual to propound the Deity as an Example of humility in Scripture
Worship - Both the Hebrew (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament) words usually translated ‘worship’ indicate a kind of humble submission; for Example, the submission of a servant to a master
Circumcision - The Arabians circumcised in the 13th year, after Ishmael's Example (Genesis 17:25)
Word - For Example, when Isaac discovered he had been deceived and wrongly gave his blessing to Jacob, he declared that his blessing had been given and Jacob “shall be blessed” (Genesis 27:33 )
Hosea - ' In Hosea 4:15 Judah is warned not to follow the evil Example of Israel
Temptation, Test - The classic Example in the Old Testament is the Israelites in the wilderness, who tested God by doubting his presence with them and care for them (Exodus 17:2,7 )
Piety - With what difficulty do some good men establish family worship, after living in the view of children and servants, so long in the neglect of it!...
but this would have been avoided, had they early followed the Example of Joshua: 'As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
Graciousness - Wyclif and the Rhemish version support the rendering of the Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885, following in all probability the Example of the Vulgate in verbis gratiae which they rendered literally. literature, is that of ‘comeliness’ or ‘winsomeness’ (see the Lexicons for Examples)
Honesty - On the surface, at all events, this appears to be a fraudulent action; and yet the steward is commended for it, and held up to the disciples as an Example for them to follow
Hatred - By precept and Example Christ constrains men to love one another as He has loved them
Shekinah - Another Example where the same idea may be implicit is Matthew 18:20 ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’; compare with this Pirke Aboth iii
Sidon (2) - ’s connexion indicates that Jesus journeyed into the Gentile land with His disciples, on the occasion of the abolition of the Levitical distinctions as to the ceremonially clean and unclean, so as to give to His followers an Example and object lesson as to the same
Daniel, Book of - is the earliest Example of a fully developed Apocalypse
Antonius - ...
The fame of Anthony spread rapidly through Christendom; and the effect of his Example in inducing Christians, especially in the East, to embrace the monastic life is described by his biographers as incalculable
Lord's Supper - The eating of the bread and drinking of the wine being always connected in Christ's Example, they ought never to be separated: wherever one is given, the other should not be withheld
Friends Friendship - When, for Example, Martha was feverishly busy with domestic cares, Mary was with Jesus, not saying much perhaps, nor even listening in that hour to parable or precept, but ministering to Him the ‘one thing needful’-the quiet, loving, sympathetic response to One who cased a heavy spirit to her as He could not do to His uncomprehending apostles
Sow - ...
A good Example of the need for free translation of the inherent meaning rather than a strictly literal rendering involves zâra‛, in both its verb and noun forms
Husbandry - Moses, following the Example of the Egyptians, made agriculture the basis of the state
Idolatry, - The singular reverence with which trees have been honored is not without Example in the history of the Hebrew
Urim And Thummim - It appears also to have been used only in the case of an oath being transgressed which the whole people had taken, or the leader of the host in their name, but not in the case of other crimes; for an unknown murder, for Example, was not to be discovered by recourse to the sacred lot
Isaac - But, if from this trial of the faith of the parent we turn our attention to the conduct of Isaac, the victim destined for the slaughter, we behold an Example of faith and of dutiful obedience equally conspicuous with that of his honoured parent
Leave, Left - ...
10: ὑπολιμπάνω (Strong's #5277 — Verb — hupolimpano — hoop-ol-im-pan'-o ) limpano being a late form for leipo, "to leave," is used in 1 Peter 2:21 , "leaving (us an Example)
Bible - Other similar association have followed nobly this glorious Example; and of these none had labored with more effect than the American Bible Society, which was formed in 1816, and has now, 1859, issued thirteen millions of Bibles and Testaments
Passover - I cannot dismiss this part of the subject without first remarking, that as far as decency and seriousness are observed by them in their seasons of worship, it were to be wished that many Christians would follow their Example
Creation - He made animals and humans, for Example, out of materials he had made earlier (Genesis 2:7; Romans 1:20-23)
Oneness - They imply the moral perfection of Jesus so that His life and Example become the manifestation of the Divine; and not moral perfection only, for His character and teaching constitute the revelation of the Father Other passages indicate the mutual knowledge and love of the Father and the Son, and their mutual indwelling (John 17:21-25); but the main lesson is that Christ is for us the revealer and representative of God
Thessalonians Epistles to the - The constancy of the Thessalonians under persecution not only had proved them worthy of their ‘election,’ but had also caused their Example to be held up for imitation to all believers throughout Macedonia and Achaia (1 Thessalonians 1:2-10; 1 Thessalonians 3:5-8) yet they were beset by dangers. One mark of its presence will be such quiet performance of daily duties as will be an Example to heathen neighbours (1 Thessalonians 4:9-12). Such conduct is opposed both to the teaching and to the Example of the apostles
Ideal - As an Ideal, Christ becomes an Example (wh. He claimed to be an Example (Matthew 11:29; Matthew 20:26-28 || Luke 22:27, John 13:15; John 13:34; John 15:12). —We have seen that Christ in His teaching holds up an ideal, that He embodies this ideal historically in His own person, and sets it before us as an Example which we must strive to follow. The sinful woman in the house of Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:36-50), Zacchaeus, the grasping publican of Jericho (Luke 19:1-10), Matthew, leaving the receipt of custom to become an Apostle (Matthew 9:9 ||), may serve as Examples
Prayer - The immediate source of this confidence came from the teachings and Examples of Jesus himself, such as the model prayer he offered (Matthew 6:9-13 ; Luke 11:2-4 ) and his assurance that one had only to ask the Father in order to receive what was needed (Matthew 7:7 ; Luke 11:9 ). For Example, one thinks of Abraham's intercession for Sodom (Genesis 18:22-23 ), Moses' intercession for his people (Numbers 14:12-20 ), or Israel's desire to have a king against God's wishes (1 Samuel 8:19-22 ). ...
This Old Testament emphasis is not as clearly set forth in the New Testament, which may account, for Example, for some disagreements about the intention of the first three petitions in the Lord's Prayerwhether they are a call for God to act alone (Lohmeyer, for Example) or a call to God for help (Augustine, Luther). ...
The psalms offer some of the best Examples of this. Other outstanding Old Testament Examples of contention with God in prayer include the prophets Jeremiah (see Jeremiah 12:1 ) and Habakkuk (see Habakkuk 1:2-4 )
James Epistle of - (2) The Scripture Example to which both writers appeal is much more favourable to St. For Example, if we compare St. (2) Abraham was, in the Jewish schools, a stock Example of faith (see Lightfoot, Galatians 5, London, 1876, p
Prayer - He himself set us an Example of it, Luke 6:12 ; and it has been the practice of the saints in every age, 1618179533_58 : Job 1:4-532 . It is true there is no absolute command for this in God's word; yet from hints, allusions, and Examples, we may learn that it was the practice of our forefathers: Abraham, Genesis 18:19 . Christians are greatly encouraged to this kind of prayer from the consideration of the promise, Matthew 18:20 ; the benefit of mutual supplications; from the Example of the most eminent primitive saints, Malachi 3:16 . Jesus Christ recommended it both by his Example and instruction, Matthew 18:20 . If we look to the authority and Example of Christ and his apostles, every thing is in favour of extempore prayer
Sacrifice (2) - John, then, the efficacy of the sacrifice of Christ lay in this—that it was an act of perfect obedience to the will of the righteous Father (John 14:31) and of love to the world (John 10:11, John 15:13),—an Example, therefore, and an inspiration; but also that it broke the power of sin, and, through the glorified life which of necessity followed it, became a means of spiritual energizing and sanctification to all believers. The Apostle explains the death of the Lord as an Example, as a power of redemption, and as a deliverance from the sense of guilt. ’ By following Christ’s Example men are to be delivered. To get rid of sin and to be assured of pardon are the two essentials to salvation, which by His death Christ has procured, but He has procured them only for those who make Christ their Example by suffering Him to write God’s law upon their hearts—who appropriate God’s life unto themselves
Gospels (Apocryphal) - The Gospels of the Infancy and Childhood, for Example, are full of legendary matter drawn from various sources, or freely invented by the fancy of the writers. ...
As an Example of the way in which the Christian haggadist worked, it may suffice to mention his treatment of OT texts. The proverbial simplicity of truth receives a striking commentary when (for Example) the miracles of the Canonical Gospels are compared with those of the Apocryphal writings. ...
When, for Example, one reads in the Childhood Gospel of Thomas the account of the miracles wrought by the child Christ, and marks the spirit of diablerie so frequently exhibited, one is conscious of nothing but a painful feeling of wonder, that fables so bizarre and so revolting could ever have been tolerated in a community of Christians
Transportation And Travel - One clear Example of this is found in 2 Kings 8:9 (NIV). ...
No physical remains of chariots have been found in Palestine, although a magnificent Example of a royal Egyptian chariot was discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamon (about 1300 B
Scripture, Unity And Diversity of - An Example by analogy is the matter of Luke's record of the Quirinius census at the time of Jesus' birth. Examples include composite authors who were attached to rival sects (e. This article will cite the more positive Examples of diversity, which should be viewed from the human perspective as God-ordained diversity. One striking Example occurs between Paul and John's description of gospel proclamation
Luke, Gospel of - Scholars have identified a source “Q” (an abbreviation for the German word Quelle , meaning “source”), referring to passages and sections of written material apparently available to Matthew and Luke either unavailable or unused by Mark (for Example, Matthew 3:7-10 /Luke 3:7-10/3:7-9 ; Matthew 24:45-51 /Luke 24:45-51/12:42-46 ). One obvious Example is the birth narratives of John the Baptist and Christ
Kings, First And Second, Theology of - For Example, Solomon's relations with Hiram of Tyre are important only because of the mention of the construction of the temple. For Example, Solomon was rewarded with the continuation of his dynasty and a lengthy reign (1 Kings 3:14 )
Last Day(s), Latter Days, Last Times - There are problems with the terminology of "the latter days" in that, for Example, the King James Version quite often refers to "the latter days, " an expression not found in modern translations. Similarly Daniel says that God has shown Nebuchadnezzar what is to happen in "the latter days" (2:28; for other Examples of his use of the expression, see 8:23; 10:14; 11:29). This is foreshadowed in the Old Testament, for Example, in the great passage in which Job says, "I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth
Joy (2) - Many of the parables, other than those already named, set forth the inherent joy of the Kingdom, as, for Example, those of the Wedding Supper and the Ten Virgins. He was, for Example, an honoured guest at a wedding feast (John 2:1), and at many a social meal (cf
Sepulchre - Abraham, for Example, buried Sarah in the cave of Machpelah (Genesis 23:9; Genesis 23:17). Certain very interesting antique Examples still exist at Kadesh-Naphtali, Tell Hum, Malal, Teiasir, and ‘Ain el-B’anieh. Even the Jews perpetuate the memory of certain celebrated Rabbis by honouring their tombs through the building of synagogues over them, which in turn have become centres of pilgrimage; that of the celebrated Talmudist Rabbi Meir, near Tiberias, is an illustrious Example
Angel - ’ Moreover, Jahweh’s original identity with an angel, according to the early Hebrew conception, is distinctly seen by comparing, for Example, such a passage as Exodus 3:2 with Exodus 3:4 ; in the former it is the ‘angel of the Lord’ who appears in the burning bush, in the latter it is God; there is, furthermore, direct identification in Genesis 16:10 ; Genesis 16:13 ; Genesis 21:17 ff. messengers of God, is the same as in the earlier books; for Example, in Ezekiel 2:2 it is a ‘spirit,’ instead of an ‘angel,’ who acts as an intermediary being, see, too, Ezekiel 3:12 ff
Mediator - And whereas it is objected, that all this is merely by way of allusion to the sacrifices of the Mosaic law, the Apostle on the contrary affirms, that "the law was a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things," Hebrews 10:1 ; and that the "priests that offer gifts according to the law, serve unto the Example and shadow of heavenly things, as Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle: for see, saith he, that thou make all things according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount," Hebrews 8:4-5 ; that is, the Levitical priesthood was a shadow of the priesthood of Christ; in like manner as the tabernacle made by Moses was according to that showed him in the mount. Nor do the inspired writers at all confine themselves to this manner of speaking concerning the satisfaction of Christ; but declare that there was an efficacy in what he did and suffered for us, additional to and beyond mere instruction and Example
Ecclesiastical Polity - Cranmer, in an official reply which he made to certain questions that had been submitted for his consideration, declared, "that the civil ministers under the king's majesty be those that shall please his highness for the time to put in authority under him; as, for Example, the lord chancellor, lord great master, &c; the ministers of God's word under his majesty be the bishops, parsons, vicars, and such other priests as be appointed by his highness to that ministration; as, for Example, the bishop of Canterbury, &c
Philippi - Paul’s mode of saving her is an Example of the mighty workings (δυνάμεις) of which he speaks (1 Corinthians 12:28). The writer congratulates the Church of Philippi on ‘the sturdy root of their faith, famous from the earliest days’ (1), warns them against certain doctrinal and practical errors, and sets before them the Example of apostles and saints who have gone to their rest
Crimes And Punishments - This is especially true in cases of homicide, idolatry, and sexual offenses (see, for Example, Obadiah 1:9-1043 ; Deuteronomy 21:1-9 ; 2 Kings 24:1-7 )
Consecrate - For Example, the Holy of Holies is the most separate spot and evidences the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship
Supper - For Example, the most awful penalty that could possibly be inflicted on the opponents of Zoroastrianism is that their corpses should be given over to the ravens
Sabbath - " These are evils greatly to be lamented; they are an insult to God, an injury to ourselves, and an awful Example to our servants, our children, and our friends
Fellowship - For Example, in Jewish literature produced during the intertestamental period, called the Apocrypha, the Greek root koin - was used to express ideas such as friendship (Sirach 42:3 ) and table fellowship (Sirach 6:10 )
Nations - In nearly every Example the singular ‘nation’ stands for ‘Israel,’ though we have a few exceptions, as in Exodus 9:24 (of Egypt), Proverbs 14:34 (general), and Matthew 21:43
Freedom - In the Example of the Exodus and the preaching of the prophets, whoever is oppressed is viewed as a slave, and God desires that the oppression stop
Raca - ’ Then he gives Examples from Tanchum, fol. No Example, however, has been found as yet of this use in Syriac. This want of Examples may, however, be due to the fact that a word was avoided, the use of which was denounced in the Gospel
Vain - ) in prayer, as well as from His own Example, when He sought relief from the weight and pressure of His work and ‘continued all night in prayer to God’ (Luke 6:12), or when He ‘offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death’ (Hebrews 5:7), satisfying the fervour of His feeling of Sonship with the cry, ‘Abba, Father,’ and returning to His oratory in the depth of the Garden to offer the same prayer as before (Mark 14:39 (Matthew 26:44) τὸν αὐτὸν λόγον εἰπών, ‘the same petition,’ rather than ‘the same words’; cf
Kindness - The χρηστότης of Titus 3:4 is shown by the context to be God’s kindness towards sinful, undeserving man, and held up as an Example for the Christian of abstention from evil-speaking, contentiousness, and pride
Apollonius of Tyana - ...
The central aim of his biography is to set forth, not merely wise precepts in the abstract, but an Example of supreme wisdom for humanity to imitate
Set - ) To establish as a rule; to furnish; to prescribe; to assign; as, to set an Example; to set lessons to be learned
Fulness - ...
The term with such an application is a startling novelty in NT phraseology, and is an instructive Example of the hospitality of early Christian thought, of the promptitude with which it appropriated from its complex intellectual and religious environment such categories as it could convert to its own use
Apostolic Fathers - In part one (1-36) Clement appealed on behalf of the Church of Rome for unity, using numerous biblical Examples. Written to strengthen faith in time of persecution, the account is somewhat embellished by miraculous happenings, for Example, so much blood spurting from a wound in Polycarp's side that it extinguished the fire consuming him
People - The word is quite often combined with divine names and titles in people’s names (theophoric names) where God is set forth as the God of a particular tribe, clan, or family—for Example, Jekameam (God has raised up a clan or family, Way - One Example of this verb’s usage is found in Job 34:7-8: “What man is like Job … which goeth in company with the workers of iniquity, and walketh with wicked men
Clean, To Be - On the Day of Atonement, for Example, prescribed ceremonies were performed to “cleanse” the altar from “the uncleanness of the children of Israel” and to “hallow it” ( Corinthians - Paul's Example, 1 Corinthians 7:7-8 ; and this they also recommended to others, 1 Corinthians 7:1-25
Cerinthians - There is also strong evidence that in this instance Cerinthus followed his Example
Type - We usually consider a type as an Example, pattern, or general similitude to a person, event, or thing which is to come: and in this it differs from a representation, memorial, or commemoration of an event, &c, which is past
Mount Mountain - For Example, St
Vine - The writer means rather to say that their vine, that is figuratively their corrupt character, instead of yielding good grapes, bears only poisonous fruit, like that for which the shores of the Dead Sea have always been famed- such as "the apples of Sodom," for Example, said to be beautiful without, but nothing but shreds or ashes within
Proverbs, Book of - The second book among the ‘Writings’ is the most characteristic Example of the Wisdom literature in the OT. They are the successful, upright, prosperous men, safe Examples in affairs of common life
Miracle - The miracles wrought by Christ, for Example, were such as God only could perform; were wrought in public, before numerous witnesses, both friends and foes; were open to the most perfect scrutiny; had an end in view worthy of divine sanction; were attested by witnesses whose character and conduct establish their claim to our belief; and are further confirmed by institutions still existing, intended to commemorate them, and dating from the period of the miracles
Preaching - The following Example of an old Rabbinic address, based on the words ‘He hath clothed me with garments of salvation,’ which come from the chapter in Isaiah (61) from which Jesus took His text in His address in the synagogue at Nazareth, will illustrate the character of contemporary Jewish sermons:...
Seven garments the Holy One blessed be He has put on, and will put on from the time the world was created until the hour when He will punish the whole of wicked Edom (= the Roman Empire)
Mount Mountain - For Example, St
Nectarius, Archbaptist of Constantinople - His Example was followed by nearly all other bishops
New Commandment - This, however, overstrains the meaning of καθώς, which says nothing of the quality of Christ’s love, but states the simple fact of His Example
Siricius, Bishop of Rome - He followed the Example of Damasus in maintaining the authority of the Roman see
Fulness - ...
The term with such an application is a startling novelty in NT phraseology, and is an instructive Example of the hospitality of early Christian thought, of the promptitude with which it appropriated from its complex intellectual and religious environment such categories as it could convert to its own use
Humanity, Humankind - ...
For Example, we must not think that, because Jesus told people to love God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength, they are made up of four parts (Mark 12:30); or that, because Paul prayed for the Thessalonians to be kept blameless in spirit, soul and body, they are made up of three parts (1 Thessalonians 5:23); or that, because Jesus spoke of the destruction of soul and body, they are made up of two parts (Matthew 10:28)
Sanctify, Sanctification - ...
The details of the teaching may be summarized conveniently under some of the leading categories of thought used by Jesus:—...
(1) His own Example. ...
(α) Sometimes sanctification is promised to those who copy His Example. ’ The truth is identified with ‘thy word,’ which has been given to the disciples by Jesus (John 17:14), partly by His words (John 14:10), and partly by His character and Example (John 1:14, John 14:9)
Food - At least four varieties of bean, for Example, are named, also the chickpea (which the Vulgate substitutes for the ‘parched pulse’ above referred to), various species of chicory and endive the bitter herbs of the Passover ritual ( Exodus 12:8 ) mustard ( Matthew 13:31 ), radish, and many others. Passing now to the ‘food-trees’ ( Leviticus 19:23 ), we may follow the Example of Jotham in his parable ( Judges 9:8 ff. The bakers, for Example, who gave their name to a street in Jerusalem ( Jeremiah 37:21 ), not only fired the dough prepared in private houses, as at the present day, but, doubtless, baked and sold bread to the public, as did their successors in the first and second centuries (see Mishna, passim )
Asceticism (2) - We meet with an Example of this class in the Banus, mentioned by Josephus, who lived in the desert, clothed himself with the leaves of trees, ate nothing save the natural produce of the soil, and bathed day and night in cold water for purity’s sake (Josephus Vit. —Now it cannot be denied that from very early times there were circles of Christian ascetics who pointed to Jesus as the Founder and Example of the ascetic life (Clem. Offering, as He did, a most wonderful Example of self-forgetfulness and self-denial in the service of others, Jesus exhibited nothing of that asceticism which characterized the Essenes, or John the Baptist, or Christian saints like St
Sin - A related Example appears in Examples are Example of Example is in Peter, First Epistle of - By recalling the fact of the resurrection of Christ, and by an appeal to the Example of His remedial sufferings, the author seeks to awaken their faith and hope in God. Christ is set forth as the Example for the sufferer, as though His silent endurance of reviling and the agony of the sinless One had been indelibly impressed on the author’s memory; and, as in the Synoptics, Jesus Christ fulfils the prophecy of the Suffering Servant. Both have the same view of faith, of Jesus Christ as an Example, and as the One who introduces the believer to God, of His death as the sacrifice ratifying the new covenant and taking away sin
Thecla - Castelius was at first disposed to listen favourably to Paul as he declared the works of Christ; but afterwards finding that Thecla would give no reply to his interrogations but remained silent with her eyes fixed on Paul and being wrought on by her mother who demanded that her daughter should be burnt alive as an Example to warn other women he scourged Paul and cast him out of the city and sentenced Thecla to the stake. Tertullian refuses to admit the authority of certain writings falsely assuming the name of Paul which some alleged in support of the claim of women to teach and baptize after "the Example of Thecla"; for these (he says) were the production of a certain "presbyter of Asia," who was on his own confession proved to have composed them "through love of Paul" (as he said) and who for this fraud was degraded from the presbyterate. It is hardly likely that if Thecla had not existed her history and Example could have so powerfully impressed themselves on the mind of Christendom for so many ages and been honoured by so many generations of the devout faithful including some of the foremost intellects of the church
Archaeology And Biblical Study - One thinks, for Example, of early attempts to excavate the cities of Ur, Babylon, and Jerusalem. Examples of eight different writing scripts in Palestine which antedate the time of Moses have solved the question debated in the last century of whether or not Moses could have known writing. Examples of decipherable Hebrew found by archaeologists begin at about the time of Solomon with the Gezer calendar. Ugaritic is the earliest Example of a language written in an alphabetical script. For Example, some parts of the canon were still not finalized during the time of this Jewish community (ca. For Example, excavations beginning in 1906 by German archaeologists in what is now Turkey recovered the lost empire of the Hittites
Joshua - But we are not all soldiers, and we civilians have this same Divine Man as our forerunner and Example as well as soldiers. To the young soldier He appears in vision as a captain, to the young preacher He appears as a preacher, to the young pastor He is the chief shepherd, to the young merchant He is an Example of successful buying and selling, to a master He appears as a master, and to a servant as a servant; sometimes He is a lover, sometimes He is a husband, sometimes a son, and sometimes a brother, and so on, till He never leaves any man at his entrance on life without a divine vision, and an ideal Example, and a sacred summons to take his shoes off his feet
Sympathy - In all these cases the Divine Example is adduced as the chief motive. God makes His rain to fall on the evil and on the good, on the just and on the unjust; and His children must be ready to follow His Example, to reconcile an offended brother, and to forgive an enemy
Virgin Virginity - , says this is the first Example of this usage). They ‘peopled the Apostolic age with virgins living in community and presided over by the Virgin Mary: see, for Example, Dormitio Mariae (Tischendorf, Apocal
Scripture (2) - Such a phrase as ‘Moses’ γράμματα’ (John 5:47), for Example, probably ascribes to Moses only a single book—what we call the Pentateuch; and such a phrase as ἱερὰ γράμματα (2 Timothy 3:15) does not suggest to us a ‘Divine library,’ but brings the OT before us as a unitary whole. This is a sufficiently remarkable use of the plural, no other Example of which occurs in the NT; but it is an entirely legitimate one for the NT, and in its context a perfectly natural one
Matthew, the Gospel of - A disciple is (1) one who willingly becomes a learner of the Master's teaching and seeks to follow His Example by implementing His teaching, and (2) who passes on to others what one has learned. So when Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world and teach, they were aware that he had already begun the movement by His Example in His earthly ministry. Jesus warned the people about the Examples of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Matthew 23:1-38 )
Testimony - Job, for Example, appeals to God to defend him as his witness, advocate, intercessor, and friend (Job 16:19-21 ). The interrelation between testifying and preaching in the New Testament closely resembles the Old Testament Example in Isaiah 43-44
Confession - By reason of jealousy and strife Paul by his Example pointed out the prize of patient endurance. … Unto these men of holy lives was gathered a vast multitude of the elect, who through many indignities and tortures, being the victims of Jealousy, set a brave Example among ourselves
the Woman Who Took Leaven And Hid it in Three Measures of Meal - And His Example, and Paul's Example, would seem to say to all preachers-give your people one or two illustrations taken from things they are only too well acquainted with already, and then leave them to prosecute the parable further for themselves
Flowers - For Example, in 1 Kings 14:15 the giant reed Arundo donax may be meant
Bishop - He who has a virtuous wife and family will more attractively teach those who have similar ties, not only by precept but by Example
Phoenice - The northern kingdom near Phoenice was more corrupted than Judah; but Judah copied her bad Example (2 Kings 17:19; Jeremiah 3:8)
Timothy - As his son in the gospel, he understands fully the Apostle’s mind and purpose, and is an Example to the brethren of what Paul would have them become (1 Corinthians 4:17; 1 Corinthians 16:10-11, Philippians 2:19-23)
Gestures - Jesus' looking at Peter at the point of his denial is an Example of eyes showing both hurt and condemnation (Luke 22:61 )
Motives - For Example, a difference between first- and second-degree murder resides in whether or not the homicide was intentional: the former is punishable by death, while the latter allows for clemency (Exodus 21:12-14 ; Numbers 35:9-25 ; Deuteronomy 19:4-13 ; Joshua 20:1-9 )
Repentance - A striking Example is found in Isaiah 1:16-17 : "Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed
Gods - ) affords an excellent Example both of the style of Jesus’ arguments with His Jewish adversaries and of His attitude to the OT
Israel - Paul and the Example of St
Care - ...
Christ’s own life is the supreme Example of perfect peace, conditioned by absolute trust in the Heavenly Father, and loving obedience to His will
Iconoclastes - The council of Paris assembled in 824 by Louis the Meek, resolved to allow the use of images in the churches, but severely prohibited rendering them religious worship: nevertheless, towards the conclusion of this century, the Gallican clergy began to pay a kind of religious homage to the images of saints, and their Example was followed by the Germans and other nations
Poor (Person), Weak (Person) - For Example, the dallim may be viewed as the opposite of the rich ( Decius, Emperor - The wiser and more prudent bishops such as Dionysius of Alexandria and Cyprian of Carthage followed the counsel of their Lord (Mat_10:23) and the Example of Polycarp fled from the storm themselves and exhorted their followers to do the same
Altar - The most striking Example of the antithesis is found in 1 Maccabees 1:54-59
Gather - When Jacob blessed his sons, for Example, he “summoned” them to him and then told them to gather around closer ( Job, Book of - Job is also held up as an Example of endurance, and as showing what the end of the Lord is, that He is very pitiful, and of tender mercy
Acts, Book of - ...
Christians were sometimes involved in civil disturbances, but Luke shows by one Example after another that the Christians were not the cause of the trouble
Altar - The most striking Example of the antithesis is found in 1 Maccabees 1:54-59
Pantaenus, of Alexandria - 19), names him as an Example—the earliest, apparently, that he can adduce—of a Christian doctor who availed himself of his heathen learning
Petrus, Saint, Archbaptist of Alexandria - Peter felt it his duty to follow the precedents he had cited in his 8th canon and the Example of his great predecessor Dionysius by "seeking for safety in flight" (Burton, H
Reccared - 587 he declared himself a Catholic, and, convening a synod of the Arian bishops, induced them and the mass of the Gothic and Suevic nations to follow his Example
Stephanus i., Bishop of Rome - of Rome, Cornelius and Lucius, whose Example he exhorts Stephen to follow, Cyprian seems to imply a doubt whether the latter was disposed to do his duty ( ib
Redemption - In this great declaration our Lord is commending a life of service to His disciples by His own signal Example. He adduces His Example after a fashion which runs on precisely the lines repeated by Paul in Philippians 2:5 ff. He calls Himself by the lofty name of the Son of Man, and, by thus throwing the exaltation of His Person into contrast with the lowliness of the work He was performing, He enhances the value of His Example to a life of service
Turning - Paul himself—the most typical and remarkable Example the world has ever seen of that complete and conscious turning of the soul which we name conversion (Acts 9:3 ff. We have often heard it said, for Example, that someone ‘has got converted. Of the former the NT affords numerous Examples; indeed, nearly all the NT conversions are evidently sudden in their mode. Timothy suggests to us an Example in NT times of gradual or nurtural conversion (Acts 16:1, 1 Timothy 1:5); though it was through St
Sexuality, Human - A man, for Example, is physically incapable of childbearing. Since the degree of intimacy and solidarity diminishes as the size of any group increases, it becomes clear that monogamy is premised not only on the Example of Adam and Eve as the first married couple, but also on the metaphor "one flesh" and the nature of the relationships implied by it. For Example, she calls him "a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts" (1:13), his left arm cradling her head while his right arm embraces her (2:6)
God - For Example, the creation narrative of Genesis 1 employs Elohim [1] since the creation of the universe is in view and God is acting in his sovereign role, but the parallel narrative of Genesis 2 introduces the dual name Yahweh God (Lord God), in view of Yahweh's personal involvement in the creation of man and woman. He speaks, sees, hears, and walks, for Example, without requiring the physical organs that human beings must have to enable these activities. ...
For Example, God calls Israel to be holy premised on his being holy: "Be holy, for I am holy" ( Leviticus 11:44-45 ; 19:2 ; 20:26 ; 21:8 )
Man - In His own person, He gave to man an Example, a motive, and an approach to God which have made His teaching a religion as well as a philosophy. the parallel phenomenon in Philo) being the most notable Example of it. to the Hebrews (along a different line from that of the Johannine tendency noticed above) is further illustrated by the outlook in 1 Peter, where the Example of Christ is specially emphasized ( Calendar, the Christian - It would not be easy for Christian working men to absent themselves from their avocations on a day when everyone around them was working; and this may have been the reason why the synaxis took place at night or before dawn, as in the Examples in Acts and in Pliny. the work as it was before it was incorporated in the Apostolic Constitutions, and as we have it, for Example, in the Verona Latin Fragments, edited by Dr. 19) says: ‘If the Station has received its name from the Example of military life—for we are God’s military Apocalypse - The OT was the Bible of the early Christians, and such an Example as that of Judges 1:14 f. There is the general question as to how that age of early Christians came to value and even to produce apocalyptic books, which we convert here into the more concrete question, How could it produce the Apocalypse of John? There is the dogmatic question, What are the elements in this book which entitle it to the position of authority it holds to this day? For (b), Examples of Christian interpolation may be found in The Ascension of Isaiah, which is Christian in all but 2:1-3:12 and 5:2-14; and in chs. ...
As an Example or distinctively Christian work, produced under more decidedly Hellenic influence than is to be found in works of Jewish origin, may be mentioned the Apocalypse of Peter, a large part of which was edited for the English reader in 1892. But what could the Syrian do with the influence of writings that were three centuries old? The Example of the author of Daniel made pseudonymity a fashion. ...
On the side of good, we have (to take great Examples) God and His throne, angels such as Michael and Gabriel, or angelic beings resembling men (of whom the chief, when he appears at all, is the Messiah), books written with the names of the saints, the paradise of God with its trees of healing and nourishment, the new creation with its wonders specialized in the new city and temple. Examples of the problems
Offering - For Example, when Jacob was on his way back home after twenty years, his long-standing guilt and fear of Esau prompted him to send a rather large “present” (bribe) of goats, camels, and other animals ( Examples. Another Example of terûmâh in the sense of taxes may be seen in Examples of the use of qorbân is Numbers 7. For Example, Eliab’s “offering was one silver charger, the weight whereof was a hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, … both of them full of fine flour mingled with oil for a meat offering; One golden spoon of ten shekels, full of incense; One young bullock, one ram, one lamb of the first year, for a burnt offering” ( Ordination - In this case the ‘porrectio instrumentorum’ was substituted; a reader, for Example, was given a book. The introduction in the West, in the Middle Ages, of the declaratory form, in addition to (not instead of) the ordination prayer, was very probably due to a desire to follow our Lord’s Example exactly. The Seven, for Example, were to be full of [7] Spirit and wisdom before they were elected by the people and appointed and ordained by the apostles (Acts 6:3)
Rome, Romans - The Gospels testify to the ultra-national feeling of those Jews who were antagonistic to the Roman power, and illustrate the hatred and contempt felt for those of their countrymen—the tax-gatherers, for Example—who took employment from the government. The Emperors themselves stood for just as well as efficient administration, and most of them gave a noble Example by strenuous devotion to administrative business
Incarnation - (1) Christ offers an Example of perfect and sinless humanity: He is the unique Example of man as God intended him to be
Locust - ...
We must also avoid the error of thinking that the various terms employed, for Example, by Joel and Nahum refer to locusts at various stages in their development. One who has read, for Example, Joel 1-2, or has seen with his own eyes the ravages of the locusts, is not surprised to find in Revelation 9:3-11 this insect playing an apocalyptical part and accomplishing a mission of destruction
Zechariah, Theology of - ...
This provides an Example for us today. For Example, Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey shows that he is the king whom the prophet foretold (Zechariah 9:9-10 ; Matthew 21:4-5 ; John 12:14-15 )
Friendship - ’ Jewish literature treated the same subject, as, for Example, in Sirach (Sirach 6:15), ‘There is nothing that can be taken in exchange for a faithful friend. —Christianity is a life as well as a system of teaching; and as each virtue or quality is best interpreted in the light of the highest Example of its kind, so also human friendship becomes transfigured by the friendship which Jesus offers to all who will receive Him
Expediency - For Example, although in itself one kind of meat is neither better nor worse than another, the law of Christian love imposes restraint where indulgence would cause offence or lead to a violation of conscience. And in this mode of conduct he claims to be following the Example of Christ (Romans 15:1 ff
Magi - In that Cyrus acknowledged the true God to be supreme, and thus renounces his former faith; and the Example, the public Example, of a prince so beloved, and whose reign was so extended, could not fail to influence the religious opinions of his people
Locust - ...
We must also avoid the error of thinking that the various terms employed, for Example, by Joel and Nahum refer to locusts at various stages in their development. One who has read, for Example, Joel 1-2, or has seen with his own eyes the ravages of the locusts, is not surprised to find in 1618179533_61 this insect playing an apocalyptical part and accomplishing a mission of destruction
David - ” David was cited as an Example of similar behavior by Jesus (Matthew 12:3 ); and David called Him, “Lord” (Luke 20:42-44 )
Incarnation - (For Example, Peter, in his sermon at Pentecost, declared that Jesus is “a man approved of God among you ,” Acts 2:22 )
Conversion - ...
Biblical Examples of Conversion The Old Testament records experiences of several men who in the most basic sense turned to God (they were converted). A classic biblical Example of conversion is the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:1 )
Jonah, Theology of - The Book of Jonah is a specific, concrete Example of that ruling
Baptism, Christian - How is their case to be treated? How, for Example, are Lydia and her neighbour the keeper of the city prison to be treated? Both have been converted
Justification - Hosea provides the best Example of this infidelity because it was personified in his life
Theophilus (2) - As, for Example, Beck, who, in his Prolog des Lk
Pseudepigrapha - For Example, Reuben stressed his adultery with Bilhah (Genesis 35:22 ), and Simeon told of his jealousy of Joseph
Body - For Example, in Genesis 9:11-17 , “my flesh” means “I
Fellowship - For Example, in Acts 2:42 we encounter the word Koinonia [1] and read that the new converts continued in "the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship
Isaiah - But, so far as we can see, he exercised a more direct, immediate, and decisive influence, owing to the fact that over a long period of years he was able to apply this teaching to the changing political conditions, insisting, for Example, at the several political crises mentioned above, that the duty of Jahweh’s people was to trust in Jahweh, and not in political ailiances, whether with Assyria, Egypt, or Ethiopia (cf
Heart - The Lord, who knows our hearts (Luke 16:15 ), experiences its full range of emotions: for Example, its joy (Deuteronomy 28:47 ; 1 Samuel 2:1 ; Proverbs 15:15 ) and its sorrow (1 Samuel 1:8 ); its raging (2 Kings 6:11 ) and its peace (Colossians 3:15 ); its feeling troubled (John 14:1 ) and its rejoicing (1 Samuel 2:1 ; Psalm 104:15 ); its love (Romans 5:5 ; 1 Peter 1:22 ) and its selfish ambition (James 3:14 ); its modes of doubts (Mark 11:23 ) and of fear (Genesis 42:28 ) and its mode of trusting (Proverbs 3:5 ); when it rises up in repulsive pride (Deuteronomy 8:14 ) or, as in the case of Jesus, is lowly and humble (Matthew 11:29 ); and when one loses heart (Hebrews 12:3 ) or takes heart (John 16:33 )
Malachi, Theology of - According to 1:6-14 the priests set a poor Example by showing contempt for the sacrificial system by offering crippled or diseased animals
Persecution - Just as the Bible graphically describes the introduction and spread of sin in the world, it also depicts the presence and reality of oppression and persecution in the world and presents many Examples of people persecuting God, people persecuting people, nations persecuting nations, the wicked persecuting the righteous, and even, in some cases, the righteous persecuting the wicked or other righteous persons. Both the Old Testament and New Testament give Examples of physical, social, mental, and spiritual persecution. An Example of extreme mental and spiritual persecution is seen when Peter and John were threatened not to preach the gospel (Acts 5:28,40 ). Examples in the Old Testament include Abel, who offered a better sacrifice than Cain (Genesis 4:4-10 ; Hebrews 11:4 ); Lot, also a "righteous man who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men" (2 Peter 2:7 ) who rejected him and who "kept bringing pressure on [3] and moved forward to break down the door" of his house in Sodom (Genesis 19:9 ); Elijah, who spoke against the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:25-40 ) and against the idolatry of Israel (1 Kings 18:16-21 ), and was persecuted by Jezebel for his godly stand (1 Kings 19:1-3 ); David, who conducted himself in a godly manner despite the machinations and pursuit of Saul (1 Samuel 9-27:1 ); Jeremiah, who spoke God's message of condemnation against Judah for her sins and the coming judgment against her to be brought by the Babylonians (Jeremiah 9:11,13-16 ; 21:3-7 ; 25:1-14 ), had his message rejected (Jeremiah 36-37 ), was beaten (Jeremiah 37:15 ), and finally dropped into a muddy cistern (Jeremiah 38:6-13 ). Examples in the New Testament include John the Baptist, who spoke out against the adultery of Herod Antipas and was beheaded (Mark 6:21-29 ); Stephen, the deacon, who, preaching the gospel before the Sanhedrin and proclaiming God's judgment because of the sins of the people, was rejected and stoned (Acts 6:5 ; 7:1-60 ); Paul, who was persecuted, beaten, and imprisoned as he preached from place to place, and was finally killed in Rome (2 Timothy 4:6-8 ); and climactically, Jesus himself who preached God's grace and judgment (Matthew 4:17 ; 11:28-29 ), was persecuted by his hearers (Luke 4:28-30 ), plotted against by his adversaries (Mark 3:6 ), rejected (Luke 13:34 ; John 6:66 ), tried (John 18:12-40 ), and finally crucified (John 19:16-37 ; Philippians 2:9 ). The Bible gives Examples of good people pursuing and persecuting others (Judges 8:16 , ; Gideon against the men of Succoth, to teach them a lesson Mark 9:38-41 , ; the disciples, in prejudice, opposing a brother witnessing to God's power ). The Scriptures are also full of Examples of evil persons persecuting the good and righteous persons for various reasons, such as jealousy for a godly sacrifice (Genesis 4:2-10 ); revenge for a godly humanitarian deed done (1 Samuel 21:1-19 ); vengeance for action against heathen worship (1 Kings 19:2 , ; Jezebel against Elijah ); vengeance for warnings against idolatry and ungodly living, as exemplified by opposition to the messages of Jeremiah and John the Baptist (Jeremiah 37 ; Matthew 4:1-12 ); vengeance against preaching the gospel and condemnation of rebellion against God (1618179533_86 ); opposition to the Jerusalem church for its stand for Jesus (Acts 8:1 ; 11:19 ), to the Thessalonian Christians for their stand for Christ (1 Thessalonians 3:3-4 ) to Paul for his faithfulness to the Lord Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:16-33 ; cf
Friend, Friendship - ...
One of the greatest biblical Examples of the "friend who sticks closer than a brother" is the relationship between David and Jonathan. While Paul, for Example, encourages special concern for believers, he does so in connection with encouragement to "do good to all" (Galatians 6:10 )
Hope - Abraham serves as a prime Example here
Gentiles (2) - ); it was a good Samaritan who was set forth as an Example in one of His most famous parables (Luke 10:30 ff
Judaizing - We cannot go into all these references, but, as an Example, we may quote the narrative in Acts 21:20 ff
Simeon - Still, for all that, I have a sufficiently strict account to give to God for the bad Example I am to all about me in some other respects
Aquila And Priscilla - ‘They furnish the most beautiful Example known to us in the Apostolic Age of the power for good that could be exerted by a husband and wife working in unison for the advancement of the Gospel’ (McGiffert, 428)
Feeding the Multitudes - The power was His, and He used it for the good of His fellow-men in whatever way was needful for their immediate welfare, and for setting an Example of helpfulness in the everyday affairs of life to His disciples in all the centuries to follow
Angel - ...
Guardian Angels Jesus' comment in Matthew 18:10 and some passages which assign protective roles to angels (for Example, Michael, angelic prince over Israel, Daniel 12:1 ; angels of specific churches in Daniel 10:13 ; Acts 12:15 ; Revelation 1:20 ; Revelation 2-3 ) imply that a heavenly counterpart represents each person in heaven
Mediator - Thus for Example, in his Epistle to the Ephesians, the first chapter, and the tenth verse, where speaking, of the design of JEHOVAH in redemption, to bring and centre all things in Christ, and finally to make him the glorious end of creation, he saith, that "in the dispensation of the fulness of time, he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are in earth, even in him
Righteous, To Be - The righteous person followed God’s Example
Matthew, Gospel by - The Lord forewarns His disciples of what awaited Him, and gives them instruction to follow His Example
Culdees - Some writers, whose attention has been arrested by this singular circumstance, and who could not be influenced by local attachments, have ascribed the disparity to the relative influence, however remote it may seem, of the doctrine and Example of the Culdees
Moravians - He hoped that the religious state of the Lutherans in his neighbourhood would be greatly improved by the conversation and Example of these devout emigrants; and he therefore sought to prevail upon the latter to join the Lutheran church altogether
Atonement - The exhortation to suffer with Christ by expressing His spirit in the life of discipleship obviously emphasizes the ethical appeal of His Example, but this is based upon a due appreciation of His sufferings on our behalf. -(4) The close connexion of Christ who ‘suffered for you, leaving you an Example, that ye should follow his steps, and its ethical appeal, with the clear interpretation of the Passion as a sin-bearing, ‘who his own self bare our sins in his body upon the tree’ (1 Peter 2:24), and its profound moral issues, ‘that we having died unto sins, might live unto righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed’-shows how intimately what are termed the objective and subjective conceptions of the atonement are associated in the writer’s thought; the end is moral and dominates the means, but the means are clearly substitutionary, to the extent that the obligations to righteousness involved in ‘our sins’ are assumed by the sinless Lamb of God. -(5) The writer once again glides with simple ease and familiarity from the force of the Example of Christ to the abiding fact of His sin-bearing (1 Peter 3:18): ‘Because Christ also suffered for sins once (ἅπαξ, ‘once fur all’), the righteous for (ὑπέρ) the unrighteous, that He might bring us to God
Gospels - A striking Example is in Matthew 9:6 = Mark 2:10 = Luke 5:24 . A real Example of double attestation, on the other hand, is the reference in 1 Corinthians 13:2 to the ‘faith that removes mountains,’ as compared with Matthew 17:20 ; Matthew 21:21 . The self-assertion of the great Example of humility is equally great in all the Gospels, and is the great stumbling-block of all the thoughtful upholders of a purely humanitarian Christ
Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy - For Example, Samuel knew that he was to anoint one of Jesse's sons, but he did not know which one (1 Samuel 16 ). For Example, the head of gold on Daniel's image was the nation Babylon with its king Nebuchadnezzar while the stone that grew to fill the whole earth was the kingdom of God (Daniel 2:37-39 ). Scripture is replete with Examples of such activity, which can best be described as outdoor theater, pantomimes, or parables in action. Examples are the covenants made with Abraham and David and the new covenant. For Example, Jeremiah laid before King Zedekiah two possible scenarios (Jeremiah 38:17-19 ), and he did the same for the people of Judah (Jeremiah 42:10-16 )
Poet - It is an elusive spirit to those who would define it in scientific terms, and it can only be appreciated in concrete Example by those who are themselves in sympathy with it. A splendid Example of the sensitive response to emotion which produces literary effect of the most delicate though unconscious poetic quality, is to be found in the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). How subtle, for Example, is the imaginative insight that first described ‘the branch abiding in the vine’ (John 15:4)! Again, who but the rarest of poets would have imagined the birds sowing, reaping, and gathering into barns (Matthew 6:26), or have separated in thought the idea of the lily and its robes, the-flower ‘clothing itself according to its nature,’ or rather ‘God clothing the grass of the field (Matthew 6:30)’? In reference to this nature-work, Dr
Ethics - ...
Yet Christ's Example of love includes sternness against evil enjoyed or inflicted; it sets high standards, warns of consequences, exposes hypocrisy, speaks of judgment. And all is illustrated, unforgettably, by the living Example of Jesus, and therefore summed up in his "Follow me
Worldliness (2) - Respect for them was scrupulously evinced alike in His advice (Mark 12:17) and in His Example (Matthew 17:27). —Our Lord’s Example and teaching, thus briefly reviewed, enable us to infer the Christian’s true relation to the temporal world, (a) Like his Master, he will be fully cognizant of its charms and fully responsive to its lawful claims
Kings, Books of - A complete Example is the following: ‘Jehoshaphat reigned over Judah in the fourth year of Ahab, king of Israel. Solomon was the builder of the Temple, and to this extent an Example of piety; his prosperity was in proportion
Leadership - For Example, through a prophet Asa was told that if he sought the Lord, he would let him find him; but if he forsook God, God would forsake him (2 Chronicles 15:2 ). But others fared worse, for Example, Elijah with Ahab and Jezebel, Amos with Jeroboam and Amaziah, priest of the Bethel calf cult, and Jeremiah with Josiah's three reigning sons and grandson
Revelation, Theology of - Christ's imminent warning to some at Pergamum, for Example, borrows the image of his coming to make war with the sword of his mouth, from eschatology (2:12,16; Example, compare the exaggerated details of David's sufferings in Psalm 22:14-18 ; with Jesus' crucifixion, or note Isaiah's use of the term "day of the Lord" for the downfall of the Babylonian empire: Isaiah 13:6 ; 13:1 )
Ethics - -There is, moreover, in the consciousness of the Apostolic Age something more potent than belief in a historical Example. It partly accounts for that special prominence of humility in Christian ethics which has been so often commented on from different points of view, for humility is regarded not only as a duty enforced by the Example of Christ, but also as the practical means for preserving the unity and harmonious working of the body (Philippians 2:3-5, etc
Lord's Prayer (i) - ’ Where fixed forms of prayer are in use, as was the case, it seems, with the Jews in the time of Christ, it is but natural that petitions on particular subjects should be added to them; such additions are mentioned as made, for Example, by R. ’ Moulton adds: ‘To God we are bidden, by our Lord’s precept and Example, to present the claim of faith in the simplest, directest, most urgent form with which language supplies us
Begetting - They must have been largely influenced by traditional opinions on the subject of the Messiah, and would therefore interpret the words, ‘This day have I begotten thee,’ as referring not to any event in a past eternity or to any period prior to the Incarnation of the Son of God, but to some definite point in the history of His manifestation to the world, as, for Example, to the period of the birth of Jesus, or of the Baptism, when the voice from heaven declared Him to be God’s Beloved Son, or, as St. Similar references occur elsewhere in the discourses of Jesus as recorded in the Fourth Gospel, for Example, that of John 6:46 ‘Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God (lit
Peter, the Epistles of - By the heavenly prospect before them, and by Christ the Example, Peter consoles the partially persecuted, and prepares them for a severer ordeal coming. After Christ's Example in suffering, maintain a good "conversation" (conduct) in every relation (1 Peter 2:11-3:14), and a good "profession" of faith, having in view Christ's once offered sacrifice and His future coming to judgment (1 Peter 3:15-4:11); showing patience in adversity, as looking for future glorification with Christ...
(1) in general as Christians (1 Peter 4:12-19),...
(2) each in his own relation (1 Peter 5:1-11)
Jacob - It is part of Moses' subtlety, as Philo calls it, to tell us how much more Rebekah loved Jacob than she loved Esau, whom Isaac loved; and then, to go on to give us two Examples, and two Examples only, of that love. The first Example of Rebekah's motherly love is seen when she dresses up Jacob in Esau's clothes, and drills him into the very tones of Esau's voice, as also into all Esau's hearty huntsman's ways in the house, till she has rehearsed her favourite son Jacob into a finished and perfect supplanter. No; nor, worst of all, a good Example
Preaching - He himself set the Example of each; and how he and Aaron preached, we may see by several parts of his writings. The fathers were fond of allegory; for Origen, that everlasting allegorizer, had set them the Example
Call, Calling - Peter twice uses the phrase "to this you were called" with reference to the meekness Christians must show their opponents, following the Example of Jesus (1 Peter 2:21 ; 3:9 )
Bereans - A sect of protestant dissenters from the church of Scotland, who take their title from and profess to follow the Example of the ancient Bereans, in building their system of faith and practice upon the Scriptures alone, without regard to any human authority whatever
Inspiration of Scripture - Paul's letter to the Corinthians is an Example of this: “Now for the matters you wrote about” (1 Corinthians 7:1 NIV)
Election - From time to time the children of Israel were tempted to presume upon God's gracious favor, to assume, for Example, that because the Lord had placed His temple at Jerusalem, they were exempt from judgment
Mission - ...
Paul was a missionary sent by a church into unevangelized areas, and his Example shows that missionaries must have plans and goals
Reproach (2) - Paul exhorts Christians to a life of unselfish consideration for others by pointing to the Example of the Master, and quotes in this connexion the exact words of the LXX Septuagint translation of Psalms 69:9 (Psalms 68:10) ‘The reproaches of them that reproached (οἱ ὀνειδισμοὶ τῶν ὀνειδιζόντων) thee fell upon me
Family - In addition to his concubines a man might take several wives, and from familiar Examples in the OT it seems that it was usual for wealthy and important personages to do so; Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, occur as instances. Elkanah, the husband of Hannah and Peninnah, is an interesting Example of a man of no particular position who nevertheless had more than one wife; this may be an indication that bigamy, at least, if not polygamy, was not confined to the very wealthy and exalted
Grace - 14 17: contrasted with ‘law,’ and co-extensive with ‘truth’) supplies the only Example of ‘grace’ used with the Pauline fulness of meaning. This passage, and the Lukan Examples in Acts ( Acts 6:3 ; Acts 11:23 ; Acts 13:43 ; Acts 14:8 ; Acts 15:11 ; Acts 20:24 ; Acts 20:32 ), with the kindred uses in Hebrews 1:1-14 , Hebrews 1:2 Peter. Ten of the latter Examples belong to salutation-formulæ (so in Revelation 22:21 ), the fullest of these being 2 Corinthians 13:14 , where ‘the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ’ is referred to ‘the love of God’ as its fountain-head; In the remaining five detached instances the context dictates the combination ‘grace of Christ’ (‘our Lord,’ etc
Law, Ten Commandments, Torah - Law refers both to the revelation of the will of God in the Old Testament and to the later elaboration on the law referred to as the “traditions of the elders” in the New Testament (for Example, Mark 7:5 )
Samuel, Books of - God Gives His People an Example of Dedicated Leadership (1 Samuel 1:1-7:17 )
Pharisees - For Example, belief in immortality resulted in expanded messianic and eschatological views
Hunger - The incident affords an Example of the way in which the Evangelists, in their choice of literary material, were guided to subordinate the selection of historical facts to the moral and spiritual importance attaching to them
Septuagint - And His disciples afterwards followed His Example both in their speeches and in their writings (Acts 8:35)
Interpretation - Their emphasis upon the Example of their Master, their preservation of His teaching, their harking back to the ancient worthies, are all in line with Jewish custom
Amphilochius, Archbishop of Iconium - Heraclidas, lodged in a large hospital ( πτωχοτροφεῖον ) recently erected by Basil near Caesarea, and enjoying the constant instructions of the bishop, urges Amphilochius to obtain leave from his father to visit Caesarea and profit by the teaching and Example of the same instructor (Ep
Augustinus, Archbaptist of Canterbury - At the next assembly, therefore, of the Witan , the matter was formally referred to the authorities of the kingdom, and they decided to follow the Example of Ethelbert
Consecrate, Consecration (2) - The consecration of Jesus is His own act, but He does not pray that apart from Him the disciples may follow His Example and consecrate themselves; His consecration is the pattern of theirs, therefore the same word is used of the Master and of His disciples; but without His consecration ‘for their sakes’ (ὑτὲρ αὑτῶν), their consecration would be impossible, therefore it is said of the Master alone that He consecrates Himself on behalf of others
Hadrianus, Publius Aelius, Emperor - In 120–121 he visited Gaul Germany and Britain erecting fortresses and strengthening the frontier defences of which an Example is his Roman wall from the Solway to the mouth of the Tyne
Galatians, Epistle to the - ...
The epistle is an Example of the energy and rapidity of the apostle's style, and ofthe spiritual power of his argument
Fornication - The Example of Israel tempted by Moabitish women to apostasy and lust at Balaam’s instigation was a warning (Revelation 2:14, 1 Corinthians 10)
Fruit - The list may be supplemented, for Example, by Hebrews 13:15, where ‘praise’ is the fruit of a thankful heart expressed by the lips, and Romans 15:28, where the generosity of the Gentile Christians towards the Judaea n poor is the fruit of the spiritual blessing which St
Mennonites - He appears, moreover, to have been a man of probity, of a meek and tractable spirit, gentle in his manners, pliable and absequious in his commerce with persons of all ranks and characters, and extremely zealous in promoting practical religion and virtue, which he recommended by his Example as well as by his precepts
Following - ...
The literal meaning tends to merge partly or wholly into the metaphorical sense of conforming to the Example of Jesus in living, and also, if need be, in dying; cf
Diseases - The catalepsy, which is caused by a contraction of the muscles in the whole or a part of the body, for Example, in the hands, and is very dangerous
Triumphs - The song of Moses at the Red Sea, which was sung by Miriam and the women of Israel to the dulcet beat of the timbrel, is a majestic Example of the triumphal hymns of the ancient Hebrews
Language - Nay, I think it justly doubtful, whether, without inspiration from God in this point, man could ever attain the true ends of his being; at least, if we may judge in this case, by the Example of those nations who, being destitute of the advantages of a perfect language, are, in all probability, from the misfortune of that sole defect, sunk into the lowest condition of barbarism and brutality
Take - on"); of sin in "finding (occasion)," RV (AV, "taking"), Romans 7:8,11 , where sin is viewed as the corrupt source of action, an inward element using the commandment to produce evil effects; of the power of temptation, 1 Corinthians 10:13 ; of "taking" an Example, James 5:10 ; of "taking" peace from the earth, Revelation 6:4 ; of Christ in "taking" the form of a servant, Philippians 2:7 ; of "taking" rightful power (by the Lord, hereafter), Revelation 11:17
Nero, Claudius Caesar - Paul shew how easily an outbreak of popular fury might be excited by Jews or heathens, who, either on religious or private grounds, were hostile to the new doctrine, and how easily in such an outbreak a conspicuous Christian might be murdered without any state edict against Christianity, or without the public authorities interfering at all, and it is not unreasonable to suppose that, when Nero set the Example of persecution, many provincial magistrates would take a harsher view than previously of the case of any Christian brought before them
Paulus of Samosata, Patriarch of Antioch - He indulged freely in the pleasures of the table, and enjoyed the society of two beautiful young women, as spiritual sisters, "subintroductae," and encouraged other clergymen to follow his Example, to the scandal of all and the moral ruin of many
Timothy, First And Second, Theology of - The same emphasis found, for Example, in Ephesians 2:8-10 and in all of the practical sections of Paul's writings, is stressed heavily in 1,2Timothy. For Example, Paul commands Timothy to "keep this command, " probably a reference to the whole Christian way of life (1 Timothy 6:14 )
Faith - The centurion's servant (Matthew 8:13 ), a paralytic (Matthew 9:2 ), a woman who had been sick for twelve years (Mark 5:34 ), a twelve-year-old child who died (Mark 5:36 ), and a blind beggar (Luke 18:42 ) are all Examples from the Synoptic Gospels of those who are told by Jesus: "Your faith has healed you. Because Mark is intent on clarifying for the church the central truth that Jesus as the Son of Man is a suffering-servant Messiah whose Example they must be willing to follow, a blind Bartimaeus, who is healed as he exercises faith, becomes the model disciple as he follows Jesus to Jerusalem and the way of the cross with his new sight. ...
The church, in responding to the Example and words of Jesus radicalized the Old Testament meaning of faith. The writer to the Hebrews uses this same definition, plus the Examples of Old Testament persons of faith and Jesus, as a basis for the exhortation to live the life of faith and Jesus, as a basis for the exhortation to live the life of faith in the face of its hindrances (Hebrews 10:35-12:12 )
Ezekiel, Theology of - The classic Example of this is said to be Joshua 7 , where Achan's family shares in the guilt of his actions and are put to death. There in the very house of God Ezekiel saw several Examples of Jerusalem's apostasy. Against Ammon, for Example (25:1-7), Ezekiel makes the point that because they gloated over the fall of the Jerusalem sanctuary, God would hand them and all their possessions over to foreigners from the east
Unity (2) - It is to be gathered (1) from His Example, (2) from His recorded sayings. His Example suggests no extremity of circumstance under which separation from the Divine Society becomes the course of duty
Communion (2) - The thirty years of quiet preparation for a three years’ ministry (the proportions are suggestive; for other Examples of equipment in seclusion see Exodus 3:1, Luke 1:80, Galatians 1:15-17) may without doubt be summed up as one long experience of fellowship with His Father. Sometimes, for Example, it is set forth as an abiding in Christ who also abides in the believer (John 15:4 ff. The importance of this our Lord emphasized by His own Example
Anthropology - Genesis 1-2 , for Example, boldly affirms God as Creator and Lord of all. (For Example, “the hand of God” would come to refer to an actual, physical hand
Egypt - For Example, the singular disappearance of Noph (i
Time - The most outstanding Old Testament Example of this is Israel's redemption from Egypt (Nehemiah 9:9-25 ; Psalm 78:12-55 ; Hosea 11:1 ); in the New Testament it is the coming of Jesus as Messiah, Savior, and Lord (Acts 3:12-26 ; 10:34-43 ; 13:16-41 )
Joseph (2) - ]'>[2] Joseph, not willing to make Mary a public Example, ‘was minded to put her away privily’ (Matthew 1:18)
James, the Letter - In James 5:7-11James returns to the subject, citing both Job and the prophets as appropriate Examples of patience in the midst of tribulation. For Example, Martin Luther referred to the book as “an epistle of straw” when compared with Paul's writings
Holiness - For all the Ancient East, Phœnicians and Babylonians as well as Hebrews, a god was a holy being, and anything specially appropriated to one, for Example an ear-ring or nose-ring regarded as an amulet, was also holy
Hope - verb for ‘believe’; Genesis 49:18 , Ruth 1:12 , Job 14:7 , Psalms 25:5 ; Psalms 25:21 , Ezekiel 37:11 , Hosea 2:16 afford good Examples. The Greek word for ‘hope’ ( elpis , noun; elpizô , verb) primarily meant expectation of good or evil commonly, in effect, the former; but ‘in later Greek, at the time when hope made its presence so powerfully felt in the Christian sphere, elpis elsewhere came to be increasingly used with the sense of anxiety or fear , of which there is not a single Example in the LXX Idolatry - For Example, Samuel sacrifices in one of those ‘high places’ ( 1 Samuel 9:12 ff
Abraham - For such implicit obedience Abraham was to become an Example of covenant fidelity
Scripture - The true servant of God believes ‘all things which are according to the law, and which are written in the prophets’ (Acts 24:14), and sets an Example to others not, even in their estimate of the apostles, to go ‘beyond the things which are written’ (1 Corinthians 4:6)
Worldliness - The outstanding Example is, of course, the lust of possession-covetousness which is ‘idolatry’ (Colossians 3:5), a fruitful source of spiritual disaster (1 Timothy 6:9), a root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10), and incompatible with inheritance in the Kingdom of God (Ephesians 5:5)
Mediator, Mediation - It provides an excellent Example of how God has stooped to our weakness and used language readily intelligible in any culture to describe his holiness, our sin, and his gracious provision of Christ as the "one mediator" of our salvation
Promise - Mesopotamia, a classic Example being the one between Laban and Jacob (Genesis 31:43-55 ), when the latter was seeking his independence
Love-Feast - But it is probable that even more operative was the Example of the common meals of the various gilds which were a prominent feature of social life in Greek cities
Gnosticism - One Example of this danger may be given
Redeem - For Example: “Draw nigh unto my soul, and redeem it: // deliver me because of mine enemies” ( Serve - 1:1 is one Example: “Now after the death of Moses the servant [7] of the Lord it came to pass, that the Lord spake unto Joshua, the son of Nun, Moses’ minister [8]
Judgment - But that Example would not have suited his purpose; unless, by the burning of the present heavens and earth, he had meant the destruction of the material fabric
Essenes - This is a sufficient proof that although the Essenes might possess a certain inward religious life, and a certain practical piety, yet that these qualities with them, as well as with many other mystical sects, as for Example, those of the middle ages, were connected with a theosophy, which desired to know things hidden from human reason, εμβατευειν εις α τις μη εωρακεν , and therefore lost itself in idle imaginations and dreams, and were also mixed up with an outward asceticism, a proud spirit of separation from the rest of mankind, and superstitious observances and demeanours totally at variance with the true spirit of inward religion
Education - ‘book-men’) or scribes , of whom Ezra is the typical Example ( Ezra 7:6 )
Jerusalem - Constantine, animated by her Example, searched for the holy sepulchre, and built over the supposed site a magnificent church, which was completed and dedicated A
Church - ...
According to Christ’s command and the early church’s Example, those who repent and believe the gospel should be baptized (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2:38; Acts 2:41; Acts 10:48; see BAPTISM)
Gnosticism - The mythological personages among whom in the older Gnosis the work of creation was distributed are in these Hellenic systems replaced by a kind of abstract beings (of whom the Valentinian aeons are an Example) which personify the different stages of the process by which the One Infinite Spirit communicates and reveals itself to derived existences. Carpocrates makes Jesus a man like others, only of more than ordinary steadfastness and purity of soul, possessing no prerogatives which other men may not attain in the same or even higher degree if they follow, or surpass, His Example. Besides furnishing an Example, He was also supposed to have made a revelation of truth, to secret traditions of which the followers of Carpocrates appealed
Christ in Modern Thought - Not as though the idea of a humanity well pleasing to God were first invested with power and obligation by means of an Example furnished by experience; rather has the idea its reality in itself, since it is founded on our moral reason. ’ Jesus first declared the moral to be the only saving, and afforded in His life and death an Example of it. ...
Opposition to Kant’s interpretation of religion as mere ethics and of Christ as a Moral Example, impelled more genial minds like Hamann, Herder, Jacobi, and others to reactionary insistence on the immediacy of the religious consciousness and the speciality of the Christian revelation; but with neither critical nor philosophical depth
Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons - In the name of all the Gallican churches he remonstrated with Victor, in a writing of which a considerable fragment is extant, reminding him of the Example set by his predecessors, who had found no occasion in these differences of paschal observance for excommunicating their brethren of Asia Minor. of having taken them as an Example of the way in which all heretics are to be refuted ("tanquam speculum habuimus eos totius eversionis "). Paul had emphasized the antithesis between law and gospel, the Gentile churches after his time attached themselves more closely to the doctrinal norm of the older apostles, and laid stress on the continued validity of the law for Christians; though, as it was impossible to bind Gentiles to observe the ceremonial law, its precepts were given, after the Example of the Jewish religious philosophy of Alexandria, a spiritual interpretation
Death of Christ - ...
In these ways the death of Christ is an Example for the Christian. Yet in no place in the New Testament is the Example of Christ's suffering and death presented without the emphasis also being on what was done in his death "for us
Marriage - The marriage of Joseph ( Genesis 41:45 ) is due to stress of circumstances, but David ( 2 Samuel 3:3 ) and Solomon ( 1 Kings 3:1 ; 1 Kings 11:1 ) set a deliberate Example which was readily Imitated ( 1 Kings 16:31 ). The case of Timothy’s parents ( Acts 16:1-3 ) is an Example of the greater laxity which prevailed in central Asia Minor
Union With Christ - In Ephesians, for Example, the phrase "in Christ" is predominantly used in the instrumental sense, signifying Christ as the channel through whom God works his will, elects, redeems, forgives, blesses, imparts new life, and builds up the church. This is more than a gospel of ethical Example (an impossible ideal), but the indwelling of Christ who provides the motive power to live in obedience to God
Government - One of these, Eridu, is the earliest Example of settled occupation discovered so far in Iraq, dating back to 4000 b. Paul set an Example for all believers by submitting to the laws of the Roman Empire, which in any event was a matter of moral obligation since he was a Roman citizen
Jesus Christ - , exhibits to us an Example of the most perfect and delightful kind. upon the thoughts; he collected human duty into two well-devised rules; he repeated these rules, and laid great stress upon them, and thereby fixed the sentiments of his followers; he excluded all regard to reputation in our devotion and alms, and, by parity of reason, in our other virtues; his instructions were delivered in a form calculated for impression; they were illustrated by parables, the choice and structure of which would have been admired in any composition whatever: he was free from the usual symptoms of enthusiasm, heat, and vehemence in devotion, austerity in institutions, and a wild particularity in the description of a future state; he was free also from the depravities of his age and country; without superstition among the most superstitious of men, yet not decrying positive distinctions or external observances, but soberly recalling them to the principle of their establishment, and to their place in the scale of human duties; there was nothing of sophistry or trifling, though amidst teachers, remarkable for nothing so much as frivolous subtilties and quibbling expositions: he was candid and liberal in his judgment of the rest of mankind, although belonging to a people who affected a separate claim to divine favour, and, in consequence of that opinion, prone to uncharitableness, partiality, and restriction; in his religion there was no scheme of building up a hierarchy, or of ministering to the views of human governments; in a word, there was every thing so grand in doctrine, and so delightful in manner, that the people might well exclaim...
Surely, never man spake like this man!" As to his Example, bishop Newcome observes, "it was of the most perfect piety to God, and of the most extensive benevolence and the most tender compassion to men
Galatians, Letter to the - Personal Example proves faith is the only requirement to be right with God (Galatians 1:11-2:21 )
Daniel, Book of - It provides the highest Example of Old Testament ethics and the climax of Old Testament teaching about the future of God's people
Apostles - He, along with other apostles, appeared on the scene late as poor fools for Christ to be an Example over against the pride of the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 4:9 )
Slave, Slavery - If the slave in this case were a non-Israelite (which, however, is not certain), the law would be a remarkable Example of the humane tendencies in Deut
Divorce - One Example is the breaking of the marriage covenant by divorcing ("breaking faith with") the wives "of their youth" (v
Ezra, Book of - For Example, Ezra prayed as though walls were already in place in Jerusalem (Ezra 9:9 ), yet they were built by Nehemiah
Episcopacy - As to the ancient writers, it is observed, that though Clemens Romanus recommends to the Corinthians the Example of the Jewish church, where the high priest, ordinary priest, and Levites knew and observed their respective offices, yet he never mentions presbyters and bishops as distinct, nor refers the contending Corinthians to any one ecclesiastical head as the centre of unity, which he would probably have done if there had been any diocesan bishops among them; nay, he seems evidently to speak of presbyters as exercising the episcopal office
Psalms, Book of - ...
A lament is expressed both by the community (for Example, 44; 74; 79) and by the individual (22; 38; 39; 41; 54)
Ugarit - Many of these names are known in the Old Testament: El, Baal, Asherah, Anath, Yarih (moon), Shahar, Shalim, Mot, Dagon, for Example
Apostle - For Example, Luke-Acts uses the term "apostle" to refer almost exclusively to the Twelve, while Paul uses it in relation to a broader group of individuals
Elijah - James uses Elijah as a powerful Example of a supplicant (5:17), relying on Jewish tradition, which credited Elijah with a reputation for prayer (although this is not specifically mentioned in 1 Kings 17-18 )
Wilderness (2) - —The word or words (more or less synonymous) which the Authorized and Revised Versions translation by ‘wilderness’ or ‘desert’ afford a striking Example of the difficulties which translators, and after them the ordinary readers of Holy Scripture, have to contend with, because that word does not convey to our mind the idea of something we know: in our western European countries there is not, properly speaking, any desert or wilderness, in the Biblical sense of the word
Language of Christ - The Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis , and Lord’s Prayer, for Example, which must be translations, in accordance with our view of the use of a Semitic vernacular, are thought to savour rather of original composition than of translation
Weights And Measures - So, for Example, the Babylonian system used a talent of sixty minas, a mina of sixty shekels, and a shekel of twenty-four gerahs . Inscribed Examples recovered by archaeologists average over six grams and may have been half of the heavy shekel mentioned above
Sermon on the Mount - Where Matthew's Sermon has the Lord's Prayer as part of a general instruction given by Jesus to the disciples (6:9), Luke has the disciples asking Jesus to follow the Example of John the Baptist who taught his disciples to pray (11:1)
Head - It would certainly have appealed to him as an Example of ‘spiritual’ law in the ‘natural’ world, confirming and enforcing his own moral and spiritual conception of the Hebrew doctrine of the Spirit
Intercession - ...
In the NT human capacity for this work is seen to be immeasurably increased through the Example and teaching of the Lord Jesus, and by the co-operation of the Holy Spirit, who intercedes ‘with groanings which cannot be uttered’ and ‘according to the will of God’ (Romans 8:26-27)
Jeremiah, Book of - The faithfulness of the Rechabites is held up as a worthy Example: God would bless them and their posterity
Genealogy - ) gives further Examples from Rome (genealogies traced to Numa), Scotland, India, Arabia, and Africa; the Berbers (‘barbarians’) of N. A good Example is found in what we learn of Caleb and the Calebites
Jordan - Lot, for Example, is said to have chosen ‘all the circle of the Jordan’ because ‘it was well watered everywhere’ ( Genesis 13:10 ); Joshua and all Israel crossed over the Jordan on dry ground ( Joshua 3:17 ); Ehud seized the fords of the Jordan against the Moabites, cutting off their retreat ( Judges 3:28 ); Gideon, Jephthah, David, Elijah, and Elisha were all well acquainted with the Jordan; Naaman the Syrian was directed to go wash in the Jordan seven times, that his leprosy might depart from him ( 2 Kings 5:10 )
Ave Maria - An interesting Example of its use is given by Maskell (Monumenta Ritualia, ii
End - however, qâtsâh is used of abstract objects; one Example is of God’s way (Job 26:14): “These are but the fringe of his power; and how faint the whisper that we hear of him!” (NEB)
Amen - ...
‘Amen’ would naturally have passed from the synagogues to the churches which took their rise among the synagogue-worshippers, but the Master Himself gave a new emphasis to its value for Christians by the Example of His own practice. ...
The rest of the NT presents Examples of all the older uses of the phrase, though the earliest is found only in the Jewish Apocalypse (Revelation 7:12; Revelation 19:14) which has probably been worked up into the Christian Book of ‘Revelation,’ and in one passage (Revelation 22:20) christianized from it
Adultery - " The priest then wrote the terms of the law in this form:—"If a strange man hath not come near you, and you are not polluted by forsaking the bed of your husband, these bitter waters, which I have cursed, will not hurt you: but if you have polluted yourself by coming near to another man, and gone astray from your husband,—may you be accursed of the Lord, and become an Example for all his people; may your thigh rot, and your belly swell till it burst; may these cursed waters enter into your belly, and being swelled therewith, may your thighs putrefy. And, in fact, such a right is not altogether unexampled; for, according to Oldendorp's History of the Mission of the Evangelical Brethren, in the Caribbee Islands, it is actually in use among some of the savage nations in the interior parts of Western Africa
Abram - His faith we are to follow: his good Example we should diligently imitate
Philemon Epistle to - In the Reformation epoch, Luther (in his German Bible) eulogizes it as showing a ‘right noble and lovely Example of Christian love’; and Calvin (Com
Optatus, Bishop of Milevis - The purpose of Optatus is to shew that it was not the church which cast off the Donatists, but they who separated from the church, following the Example of Korah and his company
Pre-Eminence - In 1 Corinthians Christ is God’s power and wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:24; 1 Corinthians 1:30), the only Foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11), the true Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7), our perfect Example (1 Corinthians 11:1), and the Second Adam, who gives life to all in Him (1 Corinthians 15:45)
Head - It would certainly have appealed to him as an Example of ‘spiritual’ law in the ‘natural’ world, confirming and enforcing his own moral and spiritual conception of the Hebrew doctrine of the Spirit
Intercession - ...
In the NT human capacity for this work is seen to be immeasurably increased through the Example and teaching of the Lord Jesus, and by the co-operation of the Holy Spirit, who intercedes ‘with groanings which cannot be uttered’ and ‘according to the will of God’ (Romans 8:26-27)
Mahometanism - Saad Ebn Abbi Wakkus, AtZobeir al Awam, and Telha Ebn Obeid'allah, all principal men of Mecca, to follow his Example. He also sent letters of the like purport to several Arab princes; particularly one to Al Hareth Ebn Abi Shamer, king of Ghassan, who returning for answer that he would go to Mahomet himself, the prophet said, May his kingdom perish; another to Hawdha Ebn Ali, king of Yamama, who was a Christian, and, having sometime before professed Islamism, had lately returned to his former faith: this prince sent back a very rough answer, upon which Mahomet cursing him, he died soon after; and a third to Al Mondar Ebn Sawa, king of Bahrein, who embraced Mahometanism, and all the Arabs of that country followed his Example. Their Example was quickly followed by all the inhabitants of that province, except only those of Najran, who, being Christians, chose rather to pay tribute
Job, Theology of - ...
Job denies the accusations of his three friends that he is being punished for sin and openly questions the validity of the retribution dogma by citing counterexamples of the prosperity of the wicked (21:7-16,31). ...
The heated debate between the impatient Job and his dogmatic "friends" must not overshadow Job's overall Example of practical holiness and ethical purity. This Example is unique and unparalleled until the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7 )
Preaching - Himself set the Example of each; and how he and Aaron sermonized, we may see by several parts of his writings. The fathers were fond of allegory; for Origen, that everlasting allegorizer, had set them the Example
Lunatic - Following the Example of many illustrious predecessors, he divides mental diseases: (1) according to the mental symptoms manifested, and (2) according to the causes of the disorder and to the relationships of the disease to the great physical periods of life and to the activities other than mental. He speaks of himself and the evil power as one—‘What have we to do with thee?’ This may be explained as an Example of a well-known delusion classed as demonomania, but the question must not be fore-closed (see below)
Mark, Gospel According to - As an Example we may take Polycarp, Phil. Our Lord, for Example, does not at once proclaim His Messiahship, nor does He allow evil spirits to proclaim it in-opportunely (Mark 1:25; Mark 3:12; cf
Consciousness - See, as Examples, John 1:51; John 2:19; Matthew 11:27-299; John 5:17-29; John 6:38-42; Luke 5:8; John 8:14; John 8:46, (sinlessness) Mark 9:23-24; Joh_10:38; Joh_12:49-50; Joh_13:3; Joh_14:9-10 etc. Take, as an Example, the Sermon on the Mount, the most distinctively ethical part of His teaching. Perhaps the most remarkable Example is His proof of the future life from the revelation at the Bush (Matthew 22:32, Mark 12:26-27, Luke 20:37-38)
Anger (2) - It is an Example which justifies indignation with those who by unworthy controversial methods profane or render ridiculous subjects in which the dearest concernments of humanity are involved. If this died out of the world, society would swiftly rot to extinction; but the gospel, in the sense of the words, the Example, and the spirit of Jesus, is so far from proscribing this that it is the greatest of all powers for keeping it alive
Offence (2) - Here we see—what will repeatedly come up later—that an inconsiderate use of our spiritual liberty as children of God may prove a stumbling-block to those who do not understand it; and we are taught by the Example and word of Jesus that conduct is never to be decided merely by the abstract principle that this or that is in itself legitimate; part of the motive on which a Christian must always act is consideration for others, and the moral significance of his conduct for them. They know, for Example, that an idol is nothing in the world, and that is enough to answer all questions about their relation to idolatry—about buying and eating meat which had been sacrificed in a pagan temple, about attending a pagan friend’s feast in the temple, and so forth
Tithes - In reminding the Ephesian elders, gathered at Miletus, of his own Example, St
Lazarus - Plumptre (Smith's Dictionary) identifies Simon the leper with Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:36-40); Martha had the Pharisees' belief in the resurrection (John 11:24); Mary's gift of the ointment was after the Example of the sinful woman in Simon's house; the leprosy came on subsequently
Deuteronomy, the Book of - For Example, the call for centralization of worship (Deuteronomy 12:1 ) is matched by Josiah's destruction of all altars except the one in the Temple in Jerusalem (2 Kings 23:4-20 )
Apocalyptic - ...
The Bible contains two great Examples of apocalyptic: Daniel and Revelation. It is interesting that this is when the Book of Revelation is usually dated—undoubtedly the greatest Example of apocalyptic
Romans, the Epistle to the - Abraham an Example, David's testimony (Romans 4)
Fulfillment - Even if it is plain that God was acting as the causative agent, as in creation, for Example, all that can be said with certainty is that there was a consistently high quality of power and planning that guided the process in all of its phases, and that quality controls ("and God saw that it was good") were being exercised at certain intervals
Idol, Idolatry - ...
In contrast to such a bleak picture it is interesting to note that some of the highest accolades of Scripture are reserved for those individuals who shunned idolatry: Abraham, the friend of God; Moses, to whom God spoke face to face; and David, a man after God's own heart, are three Examples. Teaching about foods offered to idols is an excellent Example of the struggle of maturing Christians with idolatry
Sabbath - For Example, Moses instructed the people to bake and boil the manna and put it aside until morning (Exodus 16:23-24 ), hinting that cooking was not fitting for the Sabbath
Endurance - (a) Under suffering: for His spirit, words, and demeanour were admittedly supreme Examples of His own teaching, e. ), whereas He afforded no Example of it in His own case
Happiness - Also the Examples of the earlier leaders created a preference for suicide, which was a confession of failure to procure the well-being of life. The characteristic word of Christianity is Life; for while the moral code and Example of Christ are superior to others, it is not on this that His supremacy rests
Atonement - An Example of representation is Paul's contrast between Adam and Christ (Romans 5:12-21 ; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49 )
Fall - Labor to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same Example of unbelief
Genealogy of Jesus Christ - is obviously so; for Example, its omissions were apparently made only so as to produce an equality between the three divisions
Excommunication - ’...
(2) The Example of the Jewish nation and Church
Work - For Example, with the object “book” the verb means “to write”: “… Of making many books there is no end …” ( Anointing (2) - (2) The position of the incident in Matthew-Mark is merely an Example of the freedom wherewith the Synoptic editors were wont to handle the material of the Evangelic tradition, arranging it topically rather than chronologically
Carpocrates, Philospher - According to Hippolytus, Carpocrates taught that Jesus surpassed other men in justice and integrity ( σωφροσύνῃ καὶ ἀρετῇ καὶ βίῳ δικαιοσύνης , Epiphanius), and no doubt our Lord's Example might have been cited only in reference to freedom from Jewish ceremonial obligations; yet the version of Irenaeus seems more trustworthy, which does not suggest that the superiority of Jesus consisted in anything but the clearer apprehension of eternal truths which His intellect retained
Docetism - For Example we are told (Iren
Propitiation - This is not supported by a single Example
Trajanus, m. Ulpius - Those who denied that they were or ever had been Christians I thought should be released when they had, after my Example, invoked the gods and offered incense and wine to your image, which I had ordered to be brought for the purpose along with those of the gods, and had also blasphemed Christ, none of which things, it is said, can those who are really Christians be compelled to do
Feasts And Festivals of Israel - Yeast was not used in most grain offerings to God (see, for Example, Leviticus 2:11 ). For Example, Exodus 23:16 states that the Feast of Booths (Tishri 15) occurred "at the end of the year
God - The fact of the very slow growth of conceptions of God is made much clearer by our increased knowledge with respect to the composition of the OT; now that we have learnt, for Example, that the Mosaic code is to be dated, as a whole, centuries later than Moses, and that the patriarchal narratives were written down, as we have them, in the time of the Kings, and are coloured by the ideas of that time, we see that the idea that Israel had much the same conception of God in the age of the Patriarchs as in that of the Prophets is quite untenable, and that the fuller conception was a matter of slow growth. The defective idea of individuality is seen, for Example, in the putting of Achan’s household to death ( Joshua 7:24 f
Samuel, First And Second, Theology of - Note, for Example, when Saul's forces were closing in on David in their effort to capture him and "a messenger came to Saul saying, Come quickly! The Philistines are raiding the land. David is clearly not a perfect Example of the covenantal king
Grace - There are Examples of man's favor to man, but the theological concept of importance to us is the grace of God demonstrated toward man. " This is a remarkable Example of the unconditional and full character of the grace of God. ...
The last prominent Example of grace in the Old Testament is found in the Book of Esther
Hebrews Epistle to the - ...
(6) Practical applications to present difficulties: appeal to the Example of the Fathers: renewed exhortation and final greeting. Wherever we turn in the sacred records we meet these Examples of faith in the unseen, and the chief of them all is Jesus. Follow the Example of your old leaders now departed (Hebrews 13:7)
Luke, Gospel According to - For Example, in Mark 15:39 we find the Latin word κεντυρίων, but in the parallel passages St. Such speeches, of which the Sermon on the Mount is a typical Example, do not correspond to any Sermon that was ever preached, but are compiled for the simplification of teaching, and for the preservation of important Utterances which were in danger of being lost
Son of God - It seems to be strangely forgotten in many quarters that ethical intimacy is, in all cases, limited by the closeness of metaphysical relationship; the limitation of the intimacy between a dog and a man, for Example, is due to the lack of metaphysical unity between them, whereas the closeness of sympathy and intimacy possible between a woman and a man is due to their metaphysical oneness. The kingship of a king, for Example, may be, first, official, he being actually the reigning monarch; secondly, personal, he possessing the ethical qualities which become and secure his position; thirdly, physical or metaphysical, because he is of the blood royal, and has in his composition the hereditary instincts of long descent. Now, it is argued, they could not have omitted this, had it contained a momentous addition to the acknowledgment of the Messiahship; against which the only caveat that can be hinted is that there are many Examples to prove that it is perilous to rest much on the silence of one or more of the Gospels
John, Epistles of - But there is nothing to show that any of those condemned as enemies of Christ had more fully developed tendencies than, for Example, Cerinthus is known to have manifested in his Christology at the end of the 1st century. The evil Example of Diotrephes is held up for condemnation, whilst in contrast to him, a certain Demetrius is praised, whose reputation in the Church was excellent, who had won the confidence of the Apostle, and higher commendation still had ‘the witness of the truth itself
Faith - ...
If the Epistle was written in very early times, the argument must move more on Judaic than on Christian grounds, and a certain corroboration of this is found in the fact that the illustrations are taken from OT Examples like Abraham and Rahab, and that the typical Example chosen is belief in the unity of God, which was the war-cry of the Jew as it became in later days that of the Muhammadan. The greatest Example of this faith was Jesus Himself, ‘the author and perfecter of faith’ (Hebrews 12:2), who led the way in the career of faith and embodied in His own life its full realization
Beatitude - In the earliest Example of its use quoted in Murray’s Dictionary (1491, Caxton), it signifies supreme blessedness; hence it was frequently used to describe the bliss of heaven. Early Examples of its use in this significance are—‘The eight beatitudes that … spryngeth of grace’ (1531, Pilgr. For Example, all who would enter the Kingdom of heaven need to be told that its blessings are bestowed on the poor in spirit; but it is to His true disciples and not to the multitude that Jesus says, ‘Ye, in your poverty, are blessed
Palesti'na - Not that if contains independent mountain chains, as in Greece for Example but that every part of the highland is in greater or less undulation. Of the Pachydermata the wild boar, which is frequently met with on Taber and Little Hermon, appears to be the only living wild Example
Faith - ...
If the Epistle was written in very early times, the argument must move more on Judaic than on Christian grounds, and a certain corroboration of this is found in the fact that the illustrations are taken from OT Examples like Abraham and Rahab, and that the typical Example chosen is belief in the unity of God, which was the war-cry of the Jew as it became in later days that of the Muhammadan. The greatest Example of this faith was Jesus Himself, ‘the author and perfecter of faith’ (Hebrews 12:2), who led the way in the career of faith and embodied in His own life its full realization
Cooking And Heating - Only in recent times have cooking and heating become separated, so that central heating, for Example, works independently of the microwave
Spinning And Weaving - Now, with a heavy warp, the rods must have been of considerable thickness, a stout branch of a tree serves as a leash-rod, for Example, in a modern Anatolian loom figured in Smith’s Dict
the Unprofitable Servant - "...
Now, it is all this that explains Paul, and justifies Paul, and makes Paul our greatest evangelical Example, where he says with such assurance of heart,-"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith
Sacrifice - ...
Besides being the only way of atonement, the sacrifice of Christ is an Example to Christians of the sort of life they should live
Liberty - Self-limitation for the sake of others is, indeed, an Example of the truest exercise of freedom
Family - As an Example, he might “lose favor” (Deuteronomy 24:1 )
Pottery in Bible Times - ), though a few Examples have been identified belonging to the Early Bronze age. Jericho, Shagr19/|! ar ha-Golan and other sites in the Jordan Valley have provided the best Examples of these early cultural developments. The maritime trade connections further are evident, for Example, in widespread appearance of Rhodian amorphae
Hospitality - ), and also by Example ( Hebrews 13:2 )
Harmony of the Gospels - Streeter's “M” and “L” sources involved the implausibility of sources containing, for Example, infancy narrative, assorted parables, and nothing else
Angel - ...
In a material world that is also populated by good and evil spirits, the Bible teaches that the heavenly angels set an Example of enthusiastic and resolute fulfillment of God's will
Jehoram - Married Athaliah, Ahab's daughter, the reflex of her wicked mother Jezebel; he yielded himself up to the evil influences of his wife instead of following the Example of his pious father
Reward - It might be thought, for Example, that the Johannine conception of salvation as eternal life, a life developing by its own inner necessity, would exclude the idea of reward
World - As an Example of the elasticity which characterizes the use of these terms, it may be noted that to express the same thought of the world-wide field for the dissemination of the gospel St
Crimes And Punishments - Imprisonment , for Example, has no place in the Pentateuch codes as an authorized form of punishment, although frequent cases occur in later times and apparently with legal sanction (see Ezra 7:26 )
Kings, 1 And 2 - ...
For Example, when the author of 1Kings concludes the discussion of Solomon, we find these words: “The rest of the acts of Solomon, and all that he did , and his wisdom, are they not written in the book of the acts of Solomon?” (1 Kings 11:41 ; emphasis added)
Mark, the Gospel of - For Example, Mark found irony in pairing the story of the disciples questioning the identity of Jesus after the stilling of the storm, “What manner of man is this?” (Mark 4:41 ) with the account of the demons who are quick to shout, “Jesus, thou son of the most high God” (Mark 1:35-39 )
Religion - So, for Example, he knows both the external Acts of all human beings and the secrets of every human heart
Mercy - In view of these Examples, it is not exaggerating to say that life in Christ gives birth in believers' hearts to a consciousness not only of being recipients of God's mercy in one gift of salvation, but also of being daily recipients of fresh "mercies" of God, emblems of his ownership of us and care for us (Romans 12:1 ; 2 Corinthians 1:3 ; all of the greetings cf. ...
The awareness in Judaism and early Christianity of the responsibility to show mercy is evident in the practice of almsgiving (eleemosyne [ Matthew 6:2-4 ), but in Luke's writings especially it is cited as an Example of true spirituality
Salvation - For Example, the Genesis narrative develops the theme of God's blessing, which though resting on certain individuals, renders them agents for some greater work of God. In these Examples salvation means not only forgiveness of sin but mitigation of its effects
Hell - ...
Some annihilationists have argued that when the Greek adjective for eternal, aionios Proverbs, Theology of - For Example, after the wonderful promises in 3:1-10, Solomon adds: "My son, do not despise the Lord's discipline" (vv
Heal, Health - )...
Paul offers his own Example
Eternal Fire (2) - The destruction by fire of Sodom and Oomorrah supplied the typical Example, and it is frequently referred to as such (Deuteronomy 29:23, Isaiah 1:9; Isaiah 13:19, Jeremiah 49:18, Amos 4:11, Wisdom of Solomon 10:7, 3 Maccabees 2:5; cf. See for other Examples of the unquenchable fire, 2 Kings 22:17, Isaiah 1:31, Jeremiah 4:4; Jeremiah 21:12, Ezekiel 20:47-48, Amos 5:6. Sodom, Gomorrah, and Edom are given as Examples of places on which the doom of eternal fire fell, and they still bear its proof-marks. , we have Examples of what is meant by ‘suffering the doom of eternal fire’; but this does not mean that ever since the fire destroyed the cities their inhabitants have been enduring its pains
Imagination - —The Example of the Great Teacher still applies to those whose business it is to carry on the Christian function of preaching
Epicureans - An Example of their unceasing allegiance to their master may be found in the statues erected in Epicurus’ honour after his death
Excommunication (2) - ’ That ἐκκλησία in this passage means the community of Christian believers, and not, as Hort, for Example, thinks (Christian Ecclesia, p
Dwelling - They were, in the providence of God, pilgrims in a land which should be given as a settled home to their posterity; wholesome lessons being thus taught them, and their Example being to be afterwards quoted for the confirmation of the faith of the church
Devil - These are all the Examples in which the word, though used indefinitely or without the article, evidently denotes our spiritual and ancient enemy; and the Examples in which it occurs in this sense with the article, are too numerous to be recited. In the old Testament, particularly in the first two chapters of Job, this evil spirit is called Satan; and in the New Testament, he is spoken of under various titles, which are also descriptive of his power and malignity; as for Example, he is called, "the prince of this world," John 12:31 ; "the prince of the power of the air," Ephesians 2:2 ; "the god of this world," 2 Corinthians 4:4 ; "the dragon, that old serpent, the devil," Revelation 20:2 ; "the wicked one,"...
1 John 5:19
Jephthah - Jephthah was manifestly a superstitious and ill-instructed man, and, like Samson, an instrument of God's power, rather than an Example of his grace
Houses - This incident proves the necessity of the law which was graciously dictated from Sinai, and furnishes a beautiful Example of God's paternal care and goodness; for the terrace was a place where many offices of the family were performed, and business of no little importance was occasionally transacted
Divination - As an Example of the meaning of this word we have the woman at Endor whom Saul consulted: she is said to have had a familiar spirit
Plagues of Egypt - Such storms are rare in Egypt, but are not without Example
Prayer - ’...
Following the Example of our Lord, both kneeling and prostration were also adopted; Stephen (Acts 7:60), Peter (Acts 9:40), Paul (Acts 20:36, Acts 21:5), all knelt
Prophecy Prophet Prophetess - Paul mentions three functions of the prophet: ‘He that prophesieth speaketh unto men edification, and comfort, and consolation’: in other words, he builds up the Christian character, utters ethical precepts and warnings, and gives the encouragement arising from personal testimony, Example, and sympathy
Ethics - His requirement, for Example, that people sell their houses or leave their families applied not in all cases, but only in those where people had put their interests before God’s (Matthew 19:16-22; Luke 9:57-62)
Macarius Magnus, Magnes, a Writer - Other Examples could be easily added: e. 7) of the diversities which exist among the population of a great city he chooses Antioch as his Example
World - As an Example of the elasticity which characterizes the use of these terms, it may be noted that to express the same thought of the world-wide field for the dissemination of the gospel St
Vincentius Lirinensis - The author then, to shew that his view is no offspring of private presumption, adduces the Example of the council of Ephesus, held nearly 3 years before the time of writing, in the consulship of Bassus and Antiochus
Text of the Gospels - Obviously eight Examples, taken four from Mark and four from Luke, afford but a slender foundation on which to build: it may be, and has been, urged that these eight Examples are only specimens taken from a large number available, but until further Examples are collected and published the case must be judged by the eight given. ...
It will be convenient to follow Hort’s Example in giving at this point some general considerations in regard to the character and the use of Patristic evidence. In this Example it is assumed that the exact parentage of every copy is known
Ignatius - For Example, E. If they do this, they will be following the Example of several churches, some of whom have sent a bishop, and some presbyters or deacons (x
Psalms, Theology of - Vivid Examples may be found in 12:3-4; 35:1-8; 58:6-10; 59:10-13; 69:22-28; 83:9-17; 109:6-20; 137:7-9; 140:9-11. Unfortunately, no Example of such an oracle exists in the canonical psalms. ...
For Example, Psalm 41 , either a lament/liturgy for someone enduring sickness, the slander of enemies and the perfidy of a close friend or a thanksgiving song sung after the experience of deliverance, is cited in connection with Judas's betrayal of Jesus (Acts 1:15-20 )
Ethics (2) - He gives as an Example the gross case of one who evades the plain human duty of supporting his parents by the manœuvre of dedicating to the Temple the money he might have spared for them: once the fateful word ‘Corban’ is spoken, then every penny so consecrated belongs to God, and is, as sacred property, interdicted from all secular uses, and so from that of the parents. When challenged, He appeals to the Example of David (Mark 2:23-26)
Socialism - There had indeed always existed a better tradition: the Quakers* Persecution - The Example of the throne was a potent influence in the life of Israel. Elijah stemmed the tide and a strong party refused to follow the Example of the throne
Polycarp - This beautiful fragment forms the oldest known Example of acts of martyrdom. This is the earliest Example of the use of καθολικός in contrast with αἱρετικός
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - This is, as is well known, revealed in certain expressions in that language quoted in the Gospels, as, for Example, the words upon the Cross and those spoken at the raising of Jairus’ daughter. ...
In the passage, for Example, in which He refers to Noah’s flood (Matthew 24:37 ff
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - When, at the extremity of human life, it seemed as if he could do no more for the church but continue his Example of holiness, piety, and orthodoxy, a persecution broke out in which he, as the venerated head of the Christian community in Asia Minor, was specially marked out for attack. The coincidences with Clement's epistle are beyond what can fairly be considered accidental, and probably the celebrity gained by Clement's epistle set the Example to bishops elsewhere of writing to foreign churches
Revelation, Book of - Normally this literature consisted of a narrative, an apocalypse, and some form of doctrinal writing; as, for Example, the Gospel of Peter , the Apocalypse of Peter , and the Preaching of Peter
Bible, Authority of the - ...
The serpent's question in Genesis 3 is not simply the most striking Example of a challenge to the authority of God; it is the fruit of the challenge of Lucifer who as the devil stands behind, or within, the serpent
Discipline - Paul, for Example, probably borrowed some notions from Jewish groups like the Pharisees of whose disciplinary procedures he was himself a recipient
Jesus, Life And Ministry of - From the start He had defined His mission, at least in part, as that of the “Servant of the Lord” described in Isaiah 40-46 (see, for Example the citation of Isaiah 61:1-2 in Luke 4:18-19 )
Scripture - His Example, as well as his precepts, is full of precious and most important instruction; and it is a remarkable circumstance, which ought never to be forgotten, that he began his public ministry, in the synagogue of Nazareth, by reading a portion of Scripture out of the book of the prophet Isaiah; Luke 4:15 ; Luke 4:19
High Place, Sanctuary - ...
The excavations at Gezer have also furnished us with by far the most complete Example of a high place of the Semitic invaders who took possession of the country about the middle of the third millennium b. ...
Several Examples of another type of high place have been discovered on a rocky summit overlooking Petra ; the most complete is that described in Hastings’ DB Rome And the Roman Empire - He followed Augustus's Example of not expanding the borders of the empire and thus avoiding war
Music And Musical Instruments - For Example, even the Hebrew accents, though of comparatively late origin, and always confined in Jewish use to acting as guides in the proper recitation of the text, have been pressed into the service, as though employed for the purpose of a kind of’ figured bass,’ and thus indicating an acquaintance with musical harmony
Atonement - The saying of course primarily relates the death of Christ to the metaphor of service; giving his life is the greatest Example of servanthood that can be imagined
Rufus - ...
Our Lord, it is true, speaks of the exercise of domination and coercion that is characteristic of the rulers of the Gentiles as an Example to be avoided by His disciples as members of a Kingdom not of this world: ‘so shall it not be among you
Marriage - The Gospels are filled with Examples of how Jesus delt with persons who were struggling with guilt and failure (Luke 19:1-10 ; John 8:2-11 ), including one woman who had been married five times and who was living with a man who was not her husband (John 4:1-42 ). For Example, he advised younger widows to remarry (1 Timothy 5:10-14 ). The Bible provides considerable support for traditional roles of husbands and wives; however, the Bible provides Examples of a variety of masculine-feminine roles
Galatians, Theology of - It is clear, for Example, that much rabbinic teaching appreciated the biblical emphasis on divine grace and that the Pharisees did not necessarily have a crass view of "works righteousness
Priest, Priesthood - ...
Sometimes this involved presiding over certain specified sacrificial cleansing procedures on irregular occasions: for Example, the burnt and sin offering rituals for the woman after childbirth (Leviticus 12:6-8 ), the combination of two bird, guilt, sin, and burnt offering rituals for the cleansing of the leper (Leviticus 14:4-20 ), the sin and burnt offering rituals for the man or woman with an irregular discharge (Leviticus 15:13-15,25-30 ), and the preparation of the ashes of the red heifer for purification for touching a dead corpse (Numbers 19:1-10 )
Joel, Theology of - The cosmic phenomena theme comes to expression again in the New Testament, as, for Example, in the Lord's prediction of future events (Mark 13:24 ; Luke 21:26 ) and in the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:12 )
Revelation, Idea of - Two straightforward Examples can be offered from the psalms. His lengthy interviews with God are followed by the giving of the law, the most sustained and formal Example of the divine speech in Holy Scripture which offers usin the Ten Commandments, but also in the whole of the extensive Mosaic legislationthe paradigm of divine speech issuing in divine writingof, precisely, inscripturation
God - The Epistles, for Example, were written for the immediate needs of the time and place, doubtless without any thought arising in their writers’ minds of their being in the future canonical writings of a new volume of the Scriptures
God (2) - It has parallels in the OT, as, for Example, in Psalms 51:6 and Habakkuk 1:13; but the clearness and intensity with which it is expressed in the Gospels are unique
Session - This is the sense in which the Fathers interpret the words; as Westcott points out in his notes on Hebrews 8:1, they carefully avoided all puerile anthropomorphism in their treatment of ‘the right hand of God,; for Example, ‘plenitudinem majestatis summamque gloriam beatitudinis et prosperitatis debemus per dexteram intelligere in qua filius sedet’ (Primas
Star (2) - Acts 27:20, Hebrews 11:12 ‘as the stars of heaven in multitude’), but more often some definite symbolical application is apparent, as, for Example, when a period of calamity marking a Divine visitation is described as a time when the light of the sun and the moon is withdrawn and ‘the stars fall from heaven’ (Matthew 24:29, || Revelation 6:13; Revelation 8:10-11; cf
the Labourer With the Evil Eye - It is the thief on the cross who, of all saved men, is our especial Example
Hilarius Arelatensis, Saint, Bishop of Arles - He must have been very young when the Example and the entreaties of his friend and kinsman Honoratus of Arles induced him to renounce all secular society for the solitude of the isle of Lérins
Paul in Arabia - A little understood writing; and no wonder!...
The Apostle came back from Arabia to Damascus, after three years' absence, absolutely ladened down with all manner of doctrines, and directions, and Examples, for us and for our salvation, if we would only attend to them and receive them. Directions and Examples of which this is one of the first. And we have a still better Example of all that than even Paul
Prayer - Examples confirm the command to pray. Above all, the intercession in John 17, His beginning of advocacy with the Father for us; an Example of the highest and holiest spiritual communion
Joseph And Mary - Conclude the marriage he could not, but neither could he consent to make Mary a public Example, and there was only left to him the sad step of revoking the contract and putting her away privately
Ananias And Sapphira - Chalmers's conception of the Sustentation Fund was derived and developed from the spirit and the Example of the Apostolic Church of Jerusalem
Alexander the Coppersmith - And such men among us are sent to school, not to David on his deathbed, nor to Paul in his prison, but to Jesus Christ on His Cross; Who, when He was reviled, reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not; leaving us an Example, that we should follow His steps
Septuagint - Their Example was followed by the earlier fathers and doctors of the church, who, with the exception of Origen and Jerom, were unacquainted with the Hebrew: notwithstanding their zeal for the word of God, they did not exert themselves to learn the original language of the sacred writings, but acquiesced in the Greek representation of them, judging it, no doubt, to be fully sufficient for all the purposes of their pious labours
Resurrection - In the present state the organs and senses appointed to transmit the impressions of objects to the mind, have a manifest relation to the respective objects: the eye and seeing, for Example, to light; the ear and hearing, to sound
Synagogue - They retained also essentially the same mode of worship with that of the synagogues, excepting that the Lord's Supper was made an additional institution, agreeably to the Example of Christ, Acts 2:42 ; Acts 20:7-11 ; 1 Corinthians 11:16-34
Church - The Hebrew term (qahal ) meant simply “assembly” and could be used in a variety of ways, referring for Example to an assembling of prophets (Romans 12:1-13 ), soldiers (Numbers 22:4 ), or the people of God (Deuteronomy 9:10 )
Jonah - But God's plan was by pagan Nineveh's Example to teach the covenant people Israel how inexcusable is their impenitence; Israel must, if she continue impenitent, go down, and pagan Assyria rise over her
Principality Principalities - Peirce’s paraphrase is, ‘and having taken from the good angels their authority, He subjected them to Christ, and proposed them publicly as an Example of cheerful obedience to Him (i
Providence - That He believed in the value and the need of prevision and forethought we may learn from His own Example
Rufus - ...
Our Lord, it is true, speaks of the exercise of domination and coercion that is characteristic of the rulers of the Gentiles as an Example to be avoided by His disciples as members of a Kingdom not of this world: ‘so shall it not be among you
Vulgate - They are obviously modelled on the Anglo-Celtic MSS, of which the Lindisfarne Gospels is the most eminent Example. Cavensis and Toletanus are the most prominent Examples, except in the Gospels, which are akin rather to the Irish type; and a contemporary hand has added a number of variants, which are often Alcuinian in character. Of these the best Examples come from England or northern France. For Example, one such volume, containing the whole Bible with ample margins, measures 5 1 / 2×3 1 /2×1¾ inches, and consists of 471 leaves
John, Gospel of (Critical) - If, on the other hand, the writer was the beloved disciple, an eye-witness possessing a specially intimate knowledge of the mind and character of Jesus, we have an assurance that when, for Example, he wrote the opening sentences of the Gospel, he felt himself in touch not merely with current theological. He strongly protests, for Example, against the inclusion of Hermas in the Canon, though he has no objection to its being ‘read
Law (2) - It is possible, however, that Beysehlag is correct in thinking that the parable of the undressed cloth on the old garment is a justification of John’s disciples in fasting, while the parable of the new wine in the old bottles is a justification of the disciples of Jesus for refusing to follow their Example (NT Theol. If the assertion about Corban is untrue, of course it cannot be ascribed to Jesus, who could not have quoted, as a conclusive proof that the Jews cancelled the Law by their tradition, an Example which His hearers would know to have no existence
Augustinus, Aurelius - Augustine longed to follow the Example of his public profession of faith, but the flesh still held him back, like a man heavy with drowsiness who sinks back to sleep though he knows that the hour for rising has struck. Moreover, the Example of the monastic life spread rapidly ( Ep
Gregorius (51) i, (the Great), Bishop of Rome - ...
He also set himself resolutely against the prevalent simony, forbidding all bishops and clergy to exact or accept fee or reward for the functions of their office; and he set the Example himself by refusing the annual presents which it had been customary for the bishops of Rome to receive from their suffragans, or payment for the pallium sent to metropolitans, which payment was forbidden to all future popes by a Roman synod in 595. ]'>[3]...
Of his relations with Constantinople and the Eastern church, the year 593 affords the first Example
Jews - 167,) eminent for his piety and resolution, and the father of five sons, equally zealous for their religion, encouraged the people by his Example and exhortations, "to stand up for the law:" and having soon collected an army of six thousand men, he eagerly undertook to free Judea from the oppression and persecution of the Syrians, and to restore the worship of the God of Israel; but being very old when he engaged in this important and arduous work, he did not live to see its completion. He was soon after smitten with a most loathsome and tormenting disease, and died, a signal Example of divine justice, about a year and a quarter after the birth of our Saviour, and in the thirty-seventh year of his reign, computing from the time he was declared king by the Romans
Worship - The Scriptural obligation of public worship is partly founded upon Example, and partly upon precept; so that no person who admits that authority, can question this great duty without manifest and criminal inconsistency. Thus, Clemens of Alexandria warns the Christians, from the Example of Christ, not to attribute too much value to outward beauty: "The Lord himself was mean in outward form; and who is better than the Lord? But he revealed himself not in the beauty of the body, perceptible to our senses, but in the true beauty of the soul as well as of the body; the beauty of the soul consisting in benevolence, and that of the body in immortality!"...
Fathers of entirely opposite habits of mind, the adherents of two different systems of conceiving divine things, were nevertheless united on this point by their common opposition to the mixture of the natural and the divine in Heathenism, and by the endeavour to maintain the devotion to God, in spirit and in truth, pure and undefiled
Originality - Augustus was the prince of peace who healed the wounds of the Civil War; Tiberius, the servant of the community; Caligula, the god-man and world-judge; Nero, the philanthropist who dedicated himself to the service of humanity; Vespasian caused the Jewish oracle, which had called him to be ruler of the world, to be carried before his legions; Nerva and his successors gave to the Roman world an Example of mildness and tranquillity. ...
(2) Seydel finds the 40 days’ fast of Jesus in the wilderness inexplicable in view of the contrast He Himself drew between His own conduct and the asceticism practised by John the Baptist, and suggests that this incident is borrowed from the Example of Buddha
Pelagianism And Pelagius - Augustine, who had read it, declared that it dwelt almost entirely upon the power and capacity of nature, only referring most cursorily to divine grace, and leaving it doubtful whether by grace Pelagius meant only the forgiveness of sins and the teaching and Example of Christ, or that influence of the Spirit of God which corresponds to grace proper and is an inward inspiration. The critical passage in Rom_5:12 "By one man sin entered into the world," they interpreted to mean that Adam sinned by an act of free choice and so caused all his descendants to sin by the imitation of his Example. It was alleged that he had said that man can if he will be without sin and that in writing a letter of commendation to a widow who had assumed the ascetic life he used fulsome and adulatory language which glorified her unexampled piety as superlatively meritorious
Covenant - We have several Hittite Examples but few Assyrian ones for study. This is the typical Example of a political covenant
Sanctification, Sanctify - To Paul belong 8 out of the 10 Examples of the noun, and 11 out of the 28 Examples of the verb in NT (including Acts 20:32 ; Acts 26:18 ); 7 of the latter are found in Hebrews. = Luke 11:2 ) the unique Example of such use of ‘sanctify’ in the NT, apart from the citation in 1 Peter 3:15 ; elsewhere ‘glorify thy name’ ( John 12:28 etc
Judges, Theology of - Gideon serves the Deuteronomic historian as an Example of abortive kingship
Nehemiah - Nehemiah also remedied the state of debt and bondage of many Jews by forbidding usury and bond service, and set an Example by not being chargeable all the twelve years that he was governor, as former governors had been, on the Jews; "so did not I," says he, "because of the fear of God" (Nehemiah 5)
Mediation Mediator - Here we have the notion of Example rather than of redemption
Ephesians, Book of - That love follows the Example of Christ's love for His church
Hebrews, Epistle to - ...
The Muratorian Fragment does not include it in its catalogue, and implicitly denies its Pauline authorship (‘The blessed Apostle Paul himself, following the Example of his predecessor John, wrote only to seven Churches by name,’ etc
Meals - In NT the blessing before a meal has the repeated sanction of our Lord’s Example ( Matthew 15:36 ; Matthew 26:25 , etc
Baptize, Baptism - ...
The rite gained yet deeper meanings and greater authority from Jesus' Example and experience
Croisade, or Crusade - The greatest criminals were forward in a service which they considered as an expiation for all crimes; and the most enormous disorders were, during the course of these expeditions, committed by men inured to wickedness, encouraged by Example, and impelled by necessity
Tombs - The tomb of Helena, queen of Adiabene, is the only dated Example of the loculus tomb with stone closed mouth; it was made in the first century (Josephus 20:4, section 3)
Woe - wealthy and devout) widows (Plummer cites Examples from the Talmud), and deceiving simple-minded people (Theophylact) by the long prayers they make (Matthew 23:14); for carrying on a most laborious propaganda for the purpose of gaining proselytes (cf. Matthew 15:14 || Luke 6:39); as, for Example, when they subverted truth and justice by the sophistical distinctions they made in regard to the binding nature of different kinds of oaths (Matthew 23:16-22, cf
Corinthians, Second Epistle to - The Example of Macedonia
James, Epistle of - Christ is only twice mentioned by name ( James 1:1 , James 2:21 ); not a word is said of His death or resurrection, His Example of patience ( James 5:10-11 ; contrast 1 Peter 2:21 ), or of prayer ( James 5:17 ; contrast Hebrews 5:7 )
Occupations And Professions in the Bible - The Israelite king was the political ruler and spiritual Example and leader to his people
Money - Extraordinarily high interest rates could make loans a lucrative enterprise, when, for Example, annual interest rates on silver in Mesopotamia were attested as high as 80 percent
Jews, Judaism - For Example, John's Gospel contains sixty-three references to the Jews, of which approximately 60 percent are negative in nature, with another 20 percent neutral and a group of 20 percent that reflect a positive image
Pietists - Hence they proposed, in the first place, a thorough reformation of the schools of divinity; and they explained clearly enough what they meant by this reformation, which consisted in the following points: That the systematic theology which reigned in the academies, and was composed of intricate and disputable doctrines, and obscure and unusual forms of expression, should be totally abolished; that polemical divinity, which comprehended the controversies subsisting between Christians of different communions, should be less eagerly studied, and less frequently treated, though not entirely neglected; that all mixture of philosophy and human learning with divine wisdom, was to be most carefully avoided; that, on the contrary, all those who were designed for the ministry, should be accustomed from their early youth to the perusal and study of the holy Scriptures; that they should be taught a plain system of theology, drawn from these unerring sources of truth; and that the whole course of their education was to be so directed as to render them useful in life, by the practical power of their doctrine, and the commanding influence of their Example. The second great object that employed the zeal and attention of the persons now under consideration, was, that the candidates for the ministry should not only for the future receive such an academical education as would tend rather to solid utility than to mere speculation, but also that they should dedicate themselves to God in a peculiar manner, and exhibit the most striking Examples of piety and virtue
Gestures - And inasmuch as the Apostles would follow the Example of Jesus in lesser and greater things alike (cf. The following are Examples of cases where apparently no gesture was used: the paralytic (Mark 2:10 and || Mt
Golden Rule - ...
The unique value of the Golden Rule of Jesus does not depend upon its never having been uttered by any earlier teacher in its positive form, but upon its connexion with His revelation of man’s chief good, His perfect Example of devotion to that good, and His power to inspire and sustain those who, at His bidding, become followers of that which is good. Other Examples are Const
Shimei - Samuel Rutherford, for Example, comes often upon it in his Letters and in all his books
Paul as the Chief of Sinners - " "My daughters," said Santa Teresa on her deathbed, "do not follow my Example; for I have been the most sinful woman in all the world
the Disobedient Prophet - But then, 'some sins,' says that noble piece, the Westminster Larger Catechism, 'receive their aggravation from the persons offending; if they be of riper age, greater experience in grace, eminent for profession, gifts, place, office, and as such are guides to others, and whose Example is likely to be followed by others
Peter - But by degrees, and under the teaching, the Example, and the training of his Master, Peter's too-hot heart was gradually brought under control till it became the seat in Peter's bosom of a deep, pure, deathless love and adoration for Jesus Christ
Apocrypha - As a piece of lyrical work the Psalms of Solomon is the best Example in this group
Acts - These are but three Examples of Jesus' vital involvement in the spread of the gospel in Acts. He also mentioned regularly the conversion of nameless women at various stops on the missionary journeys of Paul (see Acts 17:4 as one Example)
Judgments of God - ...
His distemper increased till his entrails were all corrupted, and came out of his body; and thus he perished, as signal an Example as ever was known of the divine justice rendering to the wicked according to their deeds. The Examples we have mentioned are dreadful: these that follow are not less astonishing, and they are all delivered upon the best authorities
Hormisdas, Bishop of Rome - " and hoped he would "repel from himself the odium of so great a crime, and in reconciliation to the faith would at length follow the Example of those who had returned
Apostolic Constitutions And Canons - He makes, for Example, an unhappily conceived attempt at an elaborate analogy between a well-arranged church and a ship, the deacons being the sailors, the congregation passengers, and so forth
Amazement - ), must needs depend on an inferential method, the inconclusiveness of which has been repeatedly pointed out of old, as, for Example, by Augustine (e
Enoch - Take him for your Example
Coelestinus, Commonly Called Celestine, b.p. of Rome - 14) to the clergy and laity of Constantinople, exhorting the orthodox clergy to endure manfully, and to take Example from St
Nabal - Great Example! Great Refuge and Great Strength to us all! The Butt, the Jest, the Scoff, the Flout of all who pass by! We come to Thee
Job - It is scarcely to be believed that a divinely inspired Apostle would refer to an imaginary character as an Example of patience, or in proof of the mercy of God
War - The first were such as God appointed them to undertake: for Example, against the Amalekites and the Canaanites, which were nations devoted to an anathema
Apostle - After Peter had laid the foundation of a Christian church among the devout Gentiles, others imitated his Example, and a great number of persons of this description embraced the Christian faith, more especially at Antioch, where the disciples, whom their enemies had hitherto called Galileans, Nazarenes, and other names of reproach, and who, among themselves, had been called "disciples," "believers," "the church," "the saints," and "brethren," were denominated, probably not without a divine direction, Christians
New Testament - In the tenth century cotton paper was generally employed in Europe; and one Example at least occurs of its use in the ninth century. Examples occur in every page, almost in every verse, of the New Testament
Jeroboam - " Rejecting Jehovah's will, he was no longer king by the will of God, but a successful usurper, whose Example others followed
Sin - For Example, in one verse three distinct words occur in connexion with Divine forgiveness (‘forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin ,’ Exodus 34:7 ), and though there is a certain vagueness in the precise meaning to be attached to each of these words, whether it be guilt or punishment, rebellion or sin-offering, wickedness considered as a condition, or trespass, which is in the writers’ minds, the thoughts underlying each have to do with the relations between God and His people
Music, Instruments, Dancing - Guilds of musicians, known through reference to their founders in some psalm headings (for Example, “the sons of Korah”), were evidently devoted to the discipline of liturgical music
Job, the Book of - Undoubtedly, Job was a most respected man, for not only did the prophet Ezekiel refer to him as one of the greatest of Israel's ancestors (Ezekiel 14:14 ), but even James used him as an excellent Example of patient and persistent faith (James 5:11 )
Insects - Proverbs 6:6-8 praises her as the supreme Example of industry
Ethics - The major Example is the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17 ; Deuteronomy 5:6-21 ). ...
Several Examples of the content of biblical ethics may help to better understand how the character of God, especially of His holiness, sets the norm for all moral decision-making
Matthew, Gospel According to - The principles of interpretation common among the Jews are applied; a text, for Example, which in its literal sense applies to the Exodus, is taken to refer to the departure of the Child Jesus from Egypt ( Matthew 2:15 , Hosea 11:1 ), and the Evangelist conceives of events as coming to pass that prophecy might be fulfilled ( Matthew 1:22 f
Romans, Book of - Paul, for Example affirmed the gift—”you have been freed from sin” (Romans 6:22 NRSV); but in the same context he exhorted his readers to live up to the demand—”Present your members as slaves to righteousness” ( Romans 6:19 NRSV)
Ecclesiastes, Theology of - The Targum to the book (Levine) is an instructive Example
Exodus, Theology of - ...
Parting the Red Sea stands as a great Example of God's power (chap
Vine, Allegory of the - The exhortation to abide in Him is finally strengthened by an appeal to the Example of God and Christ in their relation to one another
Isaiah, Book of - Here this alone can be said: the period over which and down to which the history of the growth of the Book of Isaiah extends, and the complexity of that growth, would easily allow of these passages being incorporated as suggested by the theory; and we have the presumption created, for Example, by the absence of the last clause of ch
Homosexuality - In the case of slavery, for Example, the biblical message is ambiguous; in the case of homosexual Acts, on the other hand, what little material we have is all decidedly negative
Leviticus, Theology of - For Example, although these chapters still make reference to the holy offerings, here they are viewed from the perspective of how the priests, their families, and the rest of the people of Israel should handle the offerings at communal feasts (chap
Paul the Apostle - Both Paul's Example and his teaching affirm that God is to be feared, love, and served
Hating, Hatred - ’ According to the teaching of Christ, therefore, the hatred of sin only is permissible, which is the necessary corollary of the Gospel of Love, and is according to His own Example; cf
Humanity of Christ - Thus, for Example, He had a love for esteem, manifested in His notice of the omission of certain acts of courtesy in Luke 7:44-46; He displayed the natural affections, such as love of friends (John 15:15), of family (John 19:26), of country (Matthew 23:37-39); He exercised complacent love (Mark 14:8), moral indignation (Luke 11:46, John 8:44); His spiritual background was that of joy and peace (John 14:27, Luke 10:21)
Meekness (2) - Against this interpretation of the law of Christ in an absolute sense we have to set not only Christ’s own Example, when in the sacred name of justice He challenged the man who smote Him at the bar of judgment (John 18:23), but also the whole tenor of the Christian law
Minister, Ministration - So, when we follow His Example and are lifted out of ourselves by His Spirit of ministering love, everything that came to Him will come to us, according to the measure in which we, who are infinitely inferior to Him, will be found meet for it,—God’s approval of our life, increasing influence for good, that true greatness which consists in our becoming better able to elevate and bless our fellow-men (cf
Confession (of Christ) - The Authorized Version affords many illustrations of this use, and the Examples are still more numerous in the Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885, which in several passages has quite consistently substituted ‘confess’ and ‘confession’ for ‘profess’ and ‘profession’ of the Authorized Version in the rendering of ὁμολογέω, ὁμολογία (Hebrews 10:22-2316 1 Timothy 6:12, Hebrews 3:1; Hebrews 4:14; Hebrews 10:23). In 1 Timothy he commends the young minister of the Church in Ephesus because be had ‘confessed the good confession in the sight of many witnesses’ (1 Timothy 6:12), and finds in this matter the perfect Example for Christian imitation in the ‘good confession’ which Christ Jesus Himself witnessed before Pontius Pilate (1 Timothy 6:13); while in 2 Timothy we have an evident re-echo of the Lord’s own language in the warning, ‘If we shall deny him, he also will deny us’ (2 Timothy 2:12)
Samson - The whole magnificent drama of Samson Agonistes begins and ends, according to ancient rule and best Example, within the space of twenty-four hours
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - And then on the other side of the sacred site, the pureness, the knowledge, the patience, and suchlike, by all of which your great forerunner and Example-minister came out of it all having given offence in nothing, but with an everlastingly honoured name
Nehemiah - And, with still more self-disgust and self-despair, he will have seen what an Old Testament type and Example the Jews always are of ourselves
Demoniac - They argue, too, that the devil himself, the chief of the apostate spirits, is often represented in holy writ as exerting his malignity in opposition to the designs of infinite goodness; and in the case of our first parents, as a remarkable Example, he tempted them to disobedience, and led them to their fall
Bride - The ambassadors at first made some scruple of that compliance; but when they were told that it was a custom observed by all ambassadors, and that no doubt the king would take it very ill at their hands if they presented themselves before him without the marks of his liberality, they at last resolved to do it; and, after their Example, all the rest of the retinue
Word - They say, for Example, that it was the Memra, or the Word, which created the world, which appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, which gave him the law, which spoke to him face to face, which brought Israel out of Egypt, which marched before the people, and which wrought all those miracles that are recorded in Exodus
Psalms - The Israelitish polity, and the law of Moses, were purposely framed after the Example and shadow of things spiritual and heavenly; and the events which happened to the ancient people of God were designed to shadow out parallel occurrences, which should afterward take place in the accomplishment of man's redemption, and the rise and progress of the Christian church, ( See PROPHECY
Scripture - For Example, they divided the "Law, the five books of Moses, into 54 portions, and these were subdivided into smaller sections
Dress - The universal sign of mourning, for Example, was the ‘girding’ of the waist with an ’çzôr of hair-cloth (EV Political Conditions - The Example of oppression in Rome, whence the Jews were expelled by Imperial edict, was imitated so closely in Judaea, that several deputations were sent to Tiberius to protest against the masterfulness and avarice of his representative, with little other result than that of additions to the army of occupation
Presence (2) - A bright Example was John Woolman (b
Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint - A letter is extant, addressed to Apollinaris when almost 16 years old, commending his blameless behaviour, and warning him against the bad Example and vicious society of some profligates at Lyons, where he was studying ( Ep
Day of the Lord, God, Christ, the - " Its first occurrence (Amos 5:18 ), for Example, does not refer to the end of the world; in the New Testament, however, such a meaning emerges
Colossians, Theology of - His preeminence extends into all areas, for not only did he create the cosmos and sustain it; he also is the means and Example of its redemption
Ham - All the time the ark was a-building, and for long before that, Ham had been making himself vile under the old pitch-boiler's instructions and Examples. ...
In his beautiful sermon on 'The World's Benefactors,' Dr Newman asks, 'Who, for Example, was the first cultivator of corn? Who first tamed and domesticated the animals whose strength we use and whom we make our food? Or who first discovered the medicinal herbs which, from the earliest times, have been our resource against disease? If it was mortal man who first looked through the animal and vegetable worlds, and discriminated between the useful and the worthless, his name is unknown to the millions whom he has benefited
Mission - As all departments of life were to be purified and enriched by His Example and teaching, so all men were to feel that they could be saved by His grace
Baptism - ...
Though there are no express Examples in the New Testament of Christ and his apostles baptizing infants, yet this is no proof that they were excluded. But Christ, it is said, set an Example of adult baptism
War, Holy War - ...
The first Example of this kind of warfare in the Hebrew Bible is found in Exodus 17:8-16 . ...
These Examples indicate that God is not to be manipulated into giving victory because a certain set "recipe" was followed. Controlling your own spirit and winning back an offended brother are Examples ( Proverbs 16:32 ; 25:28 )
Kingdom of God - In certain passages, for Example, it is clear that the kingdom of God is future. ...
How should one deal with this apparently contradictory data? Should we decide the issue by majority vote? If so, the "future" interpretation would win over the "present" one, because there are more Examples in its support in the Gospels
Jerusalem - Isaiah, for Example, understood that the Lord would shield Jerusalem (31:5), but he was also aware that certain conditions did apply (1:19-20; 7:9b)
Hypocrisy - The classical Example of lying to the Holy Ghost found its occasion in the first flush of the Church’s faith and love (Acts 5)
Influence - That our Lord’s influence would have remained with them had He not risen again is, of course, certain; but it would have been the influence of a holy life and a great Example, not of an abiding Presence and a magnificent hope
Justice (2) - Under the influence of Pharisaic teaching and Example, the moral law had come to be regarded as merely an external rule of conduct; the inner world of thought and motive and feeling being overlooked or regarded as of only secondary importance
Demon, Demoniacal Possession, Demoniacs - † Word - Balaam, for Example, speaks as "one who hears the words of God, who has knowledge from the Most High" (1 John 1:1-32 ; cf
Family - It was owing to the good Example set a’ Christian slaves to their heathen masters that Christianity, which at first took root in the lower social circles of society (1 Corinthians 1:26), spread rapidly upwards
Dress (2) - This is known as the u‘bb or ‘bosom,’ and in this are carried many things; for Example, the bread and olives for the midday meal, the seed or corn for sowing (Luke 6:38), or, in the case of a shepherd, a newborn lamb or kid (cf
Foresight - It may perhaps be natural to surmise in the first instance that they intend to convey merely the conviction that in Jesus was manifested a prophet of supreme greatness, in whom, as the culminating Example of prophecy (cf
Inspiration - I think, for Example, that the evangelists could not have written the history of Christ if they had not enjoyed miraculous aid
David - in His Races - Nor at his very youngest and best is David set forward as an Example to the disciples of Jesus Christ
Alpha And Omega (2) - ) adds Examples of this (general) use from Martial (v. Here the best Example is the Kabbalistic designation of the Shekinah as אח, according to Buxtorf = ‘principium et finis’ (. Similar attributes are applied to Athene and Asclepius in Examples quoted by Wetstein
Acts of the Apostles - δ5 (D) is the best Example of this text, but has suffered from the addition of a much greater degree of Tatianic corruption than really belongs to the I text, owing to Latin influence
Jonathan - And had Plato read Hebrew, how he would have hailed Jonathan and David as another Example of two long-lost and disconsolate souls, finding rest in their primogenial, spousal, re-knit, and never-again-to-be-separated soul
Letters - But it is, in fact, far from being proved, that the hieroglyph, or picture writing, of Egypt for Example, was more ancient among that people than alphabetic writing
Transubstantiation - Cudworth and Bishop Warburton, for Example, represented the sacrament of the supper under the view of a feast upon a sacrifice; but such speculations have not influenced the faith of any large denomination of Christians
Division of the Earth - By this event, considered as a wise dispensation of Providence, bounds were set to the contagion of wickedness; evil Example was confined, and could not extend its influence beyond the limits of one country; nor could wicked projects be carried on, with universal concurrence, by many small colonies, separated by the natural boundaries of mountains, rivers, barren deserts, and seas, and hindered from associating together by a variety of languages, unintelligible to each other
Jesus Christ - If, for Example, he wanted to go from one place to another, he travelled the same as others and put up with the weariness of the journey
Hypocrisy - The classical Example of lying to the Holy Ghost found its occasion in the first flush of the Church’s faith and love (Acts 5)
Manicheans - As the Paraclete promised by Christ, he, after Christ's Example, chose twelve apostles, in whom the government of the sect was placed
Preaching - The Epistles should not be regarded as specimens of apostolic preaching, being rather, in form and content, Examples of primitive teaching. The effective preaching of Philip to the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:35) may be quoted as an earlier Example of this ‘hand-to-hand work’ in Christian evangelization
Christ, Christology - " In this excerpt from Jesus' larger manual for mission in the Sermon on the Mount he is presenting the proper attitude of discipleship in the inaugurated age of evangelization when the disciples, following the Example of their Messiah, place themselves at the disposal of sinners to bring them to salvation
Dead Sea Scrolls - One noteworthy Example is the interpretation of Habakkuk 2:4 ("The righteous shall live by faith"), which was so important for Paul's understanding of justification by faith in Christ ( Romans 1:17 ; Galatians 3:11 ): the commentator views the righteous as those who are characterized by obedience to the Law and faithfulness to (the teachings of) the Teacher of Righteousness
Idol - Judah, following the bad Example in her turn, has prophets sent whom she rejects and even kills, and at nearly the same interval between the sin and the punishment follows Israel into captivity
Christianity - The author of Hebrews shows us that the ministries of Tabernacle and Temple were Examples and shadows of Christ’s heavenly Priesthood. The ethics of Jesus are the ethics of His own Example; ‘the mind of Christ’ is the Christian’s indwelling law ( Philippians 2:5 )
Gods, Pagan - The kings of Israel and Judah, for Example, often bore names which contained a shortened form of the Hebrew name of Yahweh: Jo-, Jeho-, or -iah
Eternal Life, Eternality, Everlasting Life - Paul, originally the arch-enemy of Christ, tells Timothy that his conversion serves "as an Example for those who would believe on [5] and receive eternal life" (1 Timothy 1:16 )
Hezekiah - " Probably his mother, being daughter of Zechariah "who had understanding in the visions of God" (2 Chronicles 26:5), was pious, and her influence counteracted the bad Example of his father
Saviour (2) - In Hebrews, however, the rendering ‘captain,’ which brings out the idea of military leadership, and the general rendering ‘author,’ are inadequate; the word plainly has the connotation of ‘model,’ ‘example,’ ‘forerunner,’ the leader first experiencing in Himself and receiving in Himself that to which he leads others. Examples are adduced from Cicero, whose rhetorical exaggerations in speaking of great Romans are believed to have sprung from his knowledge of the Oriental forms of speech
Universalism (2) - It was plausible for Jewish Christians to hold that the Master’s Example sanctioned particularism rather than universalism
Holy Spirit, Gifts of - No text enables us to determine the relation of spiritual gifts to "natural" talents or abilities; scriptural Examples suggest that some are given entirely de novo (e. Verses 1-3 illustrate this point with four representative Examples: tongues, prophecy, faith, and giving. This suggests that verses 8-9 offer similar Examples, making a point that could have been illustrated with any of the giftsthat, compared with love, all are temporary. Here the specific Examples focus solely on gifts for leadership (v. God will bestow this gift on many of his people irrespective of gender, age, or social class (Acts 2:17-21 ; for additional Examples, see Deuteronomy 18:21-223 ; 21:9 ). ...
Faith is the clearest Example of a gift that amplifies an attribute required of all Christians (1 Corinthians 12:9 ). Against the view that maintains, from the lack of the more supernatural gifts throughout much of church history, that these charisms were limited to the apostolic age, three points must be noted: (1) these gifts did not end at the close of the first century, but continued well into the third; (2) their subsequent diminution can best be attributed to a growing, unscriptural institutionalization of the church and an overreaction to the abuse of the gifts in heretical (most notably Montanist) circles; (3) even then, no era of church history was completely without Examples of all the gifts
Gospel - It is nothing strange that both go to the story of Abraham (Genesis 15:6) for an apposite Example, for it has been pointed out (Lightfoot, Gal
Guilt (2) - It is this, for Example, that makes the problem of the ‘marred visage’ of Jehovah’s Servant (Isaiah 52:13-15; Isaiah 53)
Leprosy - Of these diseases, to take a few Examples, we seem to be able to recognize psoriasis in the expression ‘a leper white as snow’; favus (a common disease among Eastern Jews to-day) and perhaps ‘ringworm’ in the description of the ‘plague of the head and the beard’ (Leviticus 13:29-30); and the disease vitiligo in the symptom termed ‘freckled spot’ (בֹּהַק, Leviticus 13:39), the exactly equivalent word بهق (bohak) being used for this condition in Palestine and Arabia to-day. The Talmud teaches that ẓâra‘ath refers to any disease with cutaneous eruptions or sores, and indeed some references appear to demonstrate that the writers considered the disease non-contagious; as, for Example, the rule that a bridegroom, suspecting himself affected, might wait till seven days after his marriage before reporting his condition
Living (2) - There is comprehended in it the completeness of that triumph over death which was afterwards so richly unfolded to the mind of the Church by the Holy Spirit, as, for Example, when St
Lord's Supper. (i.) - To take an Example, Jesus is supposed to have uttered the words of the Supper recorded in the Gospels on the impulse of the moment
Emperor-Worship - Egypt, Babylon, Persia, China-it was the custom from early times to speak of the ruler as ‘son of God,’ and in other ways to pay him divine honour-a custom which may easily be derived from the general tendency there to cringing adulation and extravagant flattery on the part of the subject (in Acts 12:22 we have a good Example), and from a natural desire on the part of the monarch to confirm so useful a sanction of his authority
Old Testament - 1105), Aben Ezra (1167), Kimchi (1240), and especially Nicholas of Lyre (1341, in his Postillae Perpetuae) set the Example of literal interpretation
Dependence - The error into which Schleiermacher, for Example, fell when he made religion consist in a feeling of dependence (Abhangigkent) on a Higher Power is obviously an error of defect, as it leaves out of account the element of Personality just referred to (see his Christliehe Glaube)
Christian Life - The Christians lived a happy family life; the members were ‘brethren’; new converts were received into the fellowship by baptism (Acts 2:41); the practice of charity produced noble Examples of generosity like that of Barnabas (Acts 4:36), and incidentally provoked unworthy ambition, of which the deceit of Ananias and Sapphira (ch. James in their several ways indicate the undying influence of Christ’s Example and teaching. We see that the Christian standard is not attained at once (Philippians 3:12); there are express references to flagrant Examples of moral failure necessitating a ban of excommunication; and the ‘saints’ are good men and women still in the making; hence the hortative form so largely adopted by this Apostle
Doctrines - And although, when He received the first disciples, John and Andrew, Peter, Nathanael and Philip, He accepted their confession that in Him they had found the Messiah (John 1:41-51), it was in but few cases that He declared Himself in so many words to be the Christ of God; as, for Example, in that of His conversation with the woman of Samaria (John 4:26); again when He declared to His townsmen in Nazareth that Isaiah’s prophecy of the Messiah as the great preacher and healer was fulfilled in Himself (Luke 4:21); and again when He answered the doubting question of the Baptist, ‘Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?’, by pointing to the testimony of His teaching and of His works of mercy (Matthew 11:2-6 || Luke 7:19-23)
Eli - What a lesson is here, and what a noble Example to all old castaways among ourselves! The Spirit and the providences of God in His Church have stood still in our day
Jesuits - The Example of the king of Spain was immediately followed by Ferdinand VI, of Naples, and soon after by the prince of Parma
Parable - The parable then became an Example in the ordinary sense of the term (Luke 14:8 ; Luke 14:12-13 )
Heaven - For Example, the Rabbinical tradition could think of the Law, the Temple, and other central ideas of Judaism as laid up with God before the creation of the world
Organization (2) - ’...
His first step was to form a circle of disciples, learners (μαθηταί), those who would differ from the crowd of listeners by their whole-hearted obedience, becoming imitators (μιμηταί), actually doing the things taught after the Teacher’s Example (‘if ye abide in my word, then are ye truly my disciples, John 8:31)
Teaching - Paul,’ for Example, is ambiguous, since ‘teaching’ may mean either ‘instruction’ (the act of imparting truth) or ‘doctrine’ (the body of truth imparted)
Synagogue (2) - From the Example of the Baptist in teaching his disciples to pray, and from the request for similar instruction addressed to Jesus (Luke 11:1), it may be inferred that forms of prayer were not yet familiar to the Jews, and possibly that a disposition towards the adoption of such forms was now arising
Sacraments - The same may be said regarding the reference to the Eucharist in 1 Corinthians 10:16-17; while the one Example afforded of direct instruction upon the subject of the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:17-34) expressly adverts to instruction previously given (1 Corinthians 11:23) as well as to supplementary instruction to be administered on a future occasion (1 Corinthians 11:34)
Righteous, Righteousness - —What, in brief, was the ideal of which Christ was the perfect Example, and which He sets before His followers? Obviously an adequate answer to this question is far beyond the limits of this article. Matthew 6 opens with a warning against ostentation in δικαιοσύνη (if, indeed, that is the right reading); and the Examples given are those of almsgiving (Matthew 6:2), prayer (Matthew 6:5), and fasting (Matthew 6:16)—the second of which, at least, is often treated by us as outside morality
Vespasian - For Example, these colleagues planned anew, or refounded, the city of Rome
Jesus Christ, Name And Titles of - For Example, if a stranger expected hospitality, he first had to indicate to his host what his name was
Miracles (2) - ...
As an Example, apply the process to Mark 1-3
Samuel - And I do not know that history, either sacred or profane, holds out a better Example of this large-hearted, public-spirited wisdom than Samuel the deposed judge, and now the chief counsellor of Saul
Character - The result of thus opening the fountains of a great deep was to be seen in a new humility and tenderness, an unexampled moral scrupulousness and solicitude, for the pride of the natural man is overwhelmed by the sense of what be owes (Matthew 18:21-35, 1618179534_68 Revelation 1:5-69 Colossians 3:12-13). When it is understood in the light of the words and Example of Jesus Himself rather than of Messianic expectations, which again and again He disappointed in favour of spiritual interests (Luke 9:54-55, John 6:14-15; John 6:25-26; John 6:41; John 6:65-68, Acts 1:6-8), its effect is purifying and searching to the last degree, and arms the personality with the weapon of a new hope in the conflict with its environment (Philippians 3:13-14)
Peter - John did not venture to enter until Peter set the Example; fear and reverence held him back, as in Matthew 14:26, but Peter was especially bold and fearless
Assumption of Moses - ’ For Example, in Ceriani’s Latin manuscript in 10:12 we have the reading ‘From my death [1] until His advent
Baruch, Apocalypse of - excedens excessit, 4:2) cannot thus be disposed of, and at present no real Example of this idiom is known in works composed originally in Greek, though it is common in translations such as the Septuagint
Anger - Paul claims that, ‘when reviled, we bless; when persecuted, we bear it patiently; when slandered, we try to conciliate’ (1 Corinthians 4:12), thus following the Example of Jesus (1 Peter 2:23)
Ephraim (4) the Syrian - "...
An Example will shew him much more at home in Greek than in Hebrew
Canon - For Example: suppose that when St
Law of Moses - See ( Joshua 11:6 ) For an Example of obedience to this law see (2 Samuel 8:4 ) and of disobedience to it see (1 Kings 10:26-29 ) (17:14-20) comp
Philippians Epistle to the - Again, in Philippians 4:10-2084 ‘Brethren, unitedly imitate me, and mark (approvingly) those so walking even as you have us as an Example’ (καθὼς ἔχετε τύπον ἡμᾶς), other leaders are probably included as well as Timothy
Joannes, Bishop of Antioch - He enlarged on the danger of schism, warning Nestorius that the East, Egypt, and Macedonia were about to separate from him, and exhorted him to follow the Example of Theodorus of Mopsuestia in retracting words which had given pain to the orthodox, since he really held the orthodox faith on these points (Baluz
Create, Creation - Fertility is not something to be deified, as it is in Canaanite religion, for Example, but a capacity created by God (vv. 2 seven instances of the fulfillment formula signifying that what God called for did take place seven Examples of the approval formula stating that what God saw was good seven occurrences altogether of the terms "light" and "day" in the first paragraph [5]; seven references to water in paragraphs 2,3 [6]; three consecutive sentences of seven words each in 2:2-3a; that are part of the seventh paragraph 2:1-3]; whose subject is the seventh day thirty-five words in the seventh paragraph thirty-five occurrences of the word "God" and twenty-one of the word "earth" throughout the narrative )
Mark, Gospel According to - An Example of this is seen in passages where Mark tells us that Jesus ‘could not’ do a thing ( Mark 1:45 , Mark 6:5 , Mark 7:24 )
Law - Here he shows himself to be a genuine disciple of Jesus in recognizing, after the Example of Peter, the supremacy of grace, and in refusing to put the yoke of the Law upon the Gentile Christians, whom rather he receives as brethren, while he acknowledges St. James’s view of the Law, in fact, coincides on the whole with the view urged by Jesus: in substance the new Law does not differ from that of the OT, and in James 2:9-12 he finds his Examples in the latter (the Decalogue and Deuteronomy 1:17); while there is no difficulty in seeing why he never makes the slightest reference to the ceremonial Law-for readers such as his it was quite unnecessary to insist upon that side of the old religion, nor, for that matter, did Jesus Himself lay any emphasis upon it
Prophecy - It was intended to keep the people, to whom God revealed himself, from idolatry; a sin to which the Jews would be inclined, both from the disposition to it which they had acquired in Egypt, and from the contagion of bad Example
Holiness - ...
The last recorded Example of our Lord’s use of the word ‘holy’ is in His intercessory prayer
Immortality (2) - More than one parable bears emphatic witness to the same belief, for Example that of the King and the Wedding Feast (Matthew 22:1 ff
Immortality - For Example, the idea of a spiritual body was not new; it occurs in Midr
Childhood - Mark’s special touch again), was held up to the disciples as an Example and guide to greatness
Egypt - Jowett has given a striking Example of the extraordinary fertility of the soil of Egypt, which is alluded to in Genesis 41:47 : "The earth brought forth by handfuls
Jesus Christ - (Luke 3:22); it was "as He prayed, the fashion of His countenance was altered, and His raiment was white and glistering" (Luke 9:29); when the angel strengthened Him in Gethsemane, "in an agony He prayed more earnestly," using the additional strength received not to refresh Himself after His exhausting conflict, but to strive in supplication, His Example confirming His precept, Luke 13:24 (Luke 22:44; Hebrews 5:7). " His tender considerateness for His disciples after their missionary journey, and His compassion for the fainting multitudes, outweighing all thought; of His own repose when He was weary, and when others would have been impatient of their retirement being intruded on (Mark 6:30-37), are lovely Examples of His human, and at the same time superhuman, sympathy (Hebrews 4:15)
Old Testament - Thus the narrowing of Abraham’s ‘seed’ to Christ (Galatians 3:16) is a thoroughly characteristic Example of the verbal exegesis of the Rabbis. ), and the history of Israel was read typically (τυπικῶς, ‘by way of pattern’ or ‘figure’), as a series of illustrative moral Examples, ‘written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come’ (1 Corinthians 10:11). , 2 Corinthians 9:9, Ephesians 6:2, 1 Timothy 5:18, 2 Timothy 2:19), and with equal freedom adduces OT heroes as Examples or warnings (e. In the same way the Apostle refers to Rahab, Job, and Elijah as notable Examples of works, patience, and prayer respectively (James 2:25, James 5:11; James 5:17 f
Priest - (4) In personal character He was holy and guileless (Hebrews 7:26; 1 Peter 3:18, Acts 3:14), not only free from moral disqualification, but an Example of virtue and godliness, with a personal right of access to God
Resurrection - ...
In the Apocalypse of Baruch, for Example, the questions were asked, ‘In what shape shall those live who live in thy day?’ ‘Will they then resume this form of the present, and put on these entrammelling members, which are now involved in evils, and in which evils are consummated, or wilt thou perchance change these things which have been in the world, as also the world?’ (49
Quakers - From the same sacred collection of the most excellent precepts of moral and religious duty, from the Example of our Lord himself, Matthew 5:1-48 &c
Aristion (Aristo) - Harnack sets the Example of peremptorily refusing the suggestion of Resch (TU Inspiration And Revelation - ; Psalms 77:11-20; Psalms 105; Psalms 106, Habakkuk 3 are typical retrospects of the hand of God in Israel’s history; Proverbs 8:22-31, Job 28, Sirach 24, Wisdom 7, 8 are equally typical Examples of the praise of Divine Wisdom as expressed in creation and in the ordering of human life. A good Example may be seen in several passages of Romans 8 : e
House - At Tell el-Hesy (Lachish), for Example, we find at one period house walls of ‘dark-brown clay with little straw’; at another, walls of ‘reddish-yellow clay, full of straw’ (Bliss, A Mound of Many Cities , 44)
Biblical Theology - He not only proclaimed but was perhaps the most notable Example of the efficacy of the cross of Christ he preached
Regeneration (2) - In spite, for Example, of our Lord’s feeling of the continuity of His work with the OT (‘I came not to destroy, but to fulfil,’ Matthew 5:17), He has the equally strong feeling that with the time of fulfilment a new era has dawned (‘The law and the prophets were until John: from that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every one presses into it,’ Luke 16:16)
Corinthians, First Epistle to the - He teaches self-denial and earnestness from the Example of the Isthmian games ( 1 Corinthians 9:24 ff
Second Coming of Christ - Paul, for Example, mentions it in most of his letters
Lord's Day - If the two expressions were equivalent and interchangeable, how strange that the latter should occur so regularly and the former be found in but one solitary instance!...
On the other hand, we have an undisputed early Example of the use of ἡ κυριακὴ ἡμέρα (in noteworthy abbreviation) as = ‘Sunday’ in Didache, xiv. For other Examples see Deissmann, Bible Studies, Eng. Perhaps we may more reasonably regard both these expressions and others given above as being independent but co-ordinate Examples of the application of the epithet κυριακός
Gnosticism - Probably it would be justifiable to add as a fourth Example the Jewish Kabbâlâ
Gospels (2) - ...
It is scarcely necessary to add that these facts or requirements would be ‘commended to every man’s conscience’ (2 Corinthians 4:2) by Examples of the wisdom, sublimity, and beauty of the Saviour’s moral and spiritual teaching. Of this we have an Example in St
Immanuel - This is true, for Example, of Hosea’s children, and, what is still more to the point, of Isaiah’s children
Heaven - For Example, the Rabbinical tradition could think of the Law, the Temple, and other central ideas of Judaism as laid up with God before the creation of the world. Unlike the Pauline passages, these Examples are quite unequivocal evidence of the writer’s belief on this point
Matthew, Gospel According to - A good Example is to be found in the discourse on the Last Things
Mediator - This acceptance of death was not a mere Example of perfect resignation
Terah - But, with all his excellent natural qualities and abilities, and with all that Terah could teach his son,-and then, to crown all, when he took his staff in his hand and walked out of Ur not knowing whither he went,-with all that parental instruction and Example, Abram still had, himself, great things both to undergo and to perform before he was ready to be made the father of a faithful seed
Boyhood - Paul’s reference (2 Timothy 1:5; 2 Timothy 3:14-15) to the Example and teaching of Lois and Eunice, which no doubt was only one instance out of many of good maternal influence
Greek Versions of ot - [For Examples, and for the grammar of the LXX [1] includes the episodes of Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, and the Song of the Three Children, which have now been relegated (in obedience to Jerome’s Example) to the Apocrypha
Job - Job is referred to in the OT in the book bearing his name, and in Ezekiel 14:12-20 , where he is mentioned as a conspicuous Example of righteousness; in the Apocr Work - A generation later, the conquest of Jericho is a dramatic Example of trust in God's work (Joshua 6-7 )
Barnabas, Epistle of - There is no direct appeal to either the teaching or the Example of our Lord
Announcements of Death - He is Himself the supreme Example of saving life by losing it
Methodists - All the preachers were itinerants, and, animated by the Example of Mr
Mahometanism - It has allowed private revenge, in the case of murder; it has given a sanction to fornication; and, if any weight be due to the Example of its author, it has justified adultery
Canaan - The empress Helena, in the fourth century, set the Example of repairing in pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to visit the scenes consecrated by the Gospel narrative; and the country became enriched by the crowds of devotees who flocked there. Such extraordinary instances of coincidence even with the customs of the country as they are now exhibited, and so many wonderful Examples of illustration afforded by contrasting the simple narrative with the appearances presented, made us only regret the shortness of our time, and the limited sphere of our abilities for the comparison
Abram - Paul, he lived in tents in preference to settling in the land of Canaan, though it had been given to him for a possession, in order that he might thus proclaim his faith in the eternal inheritance of which Canaan was a type; and in bearing this testimony, his Example was followed by Isaac and Jacob, the "heirs with him of the same promise," who also thus "confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims," and that "they looked" for a continuing and eternal city in heaven
Paul the Apostle - By way of Example (to take but a few instances), it may be noted that Ignatius ( c Old Testament (i. Christ as Fulfilment of) - If thou see the ass of him that hateth thee lying under his burden, and wouldest forbear to help him, thou shalt surely help with him’; 1618179534_79 the Example of David in sparing the life of Saul when he had him in his power; also the similar instance of Elisha in sparing the Syrians (2 Kings 6:22); Psalms 7:5 b (4b) ‘Yea, I have delivered him that without cause was mine adversary. Like the Semitic mode of presenting principles by concrete Examples, so was His use of the OT Scriptures by definite illustrations and allusions to individuals
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola - Peter following in this the Example of Scripture saints Christ Himself and the first Christians
Psalms (2) - Psalms 37:11); but, with the single exception—if it be an exception—of Psalms 110, to be afterwards discussed, He does not seem directly to countenance, by His own Example, that Messianic interpretation of the Psalter upon which the Church has, from her earliest days, uniformly insisted
Joseph - But now his virtue encountered a severer test than that of his brothers' bad Example; Potiphar's wife, with the lustfulness of Egyptian women, conceived a passion for his beauty and tempted him
Mss - Written in Bohemia, and a remarkable Example of a late survival of OL
Covenant - For Example, to steal would hurt a neighbor (social) while acting disobediently against Yahweh (spiritually) in the cultural area
Elijah - " Blessed in that she believed, she by her Example strengthened Elijah's faith in God as able to fulfill His word, where all seemed hopeless to man's eye
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs - In all except two Joseph is held up as an Example of chastity or forgiveness
Trial-at-Law - A suggestive Example is found in the well-known picture on the shield of Achilles (Homer, Il
Sanctification - Our norm is neither the teaching nor the Example of Jesus by themselves, but the experience of His work, and of His risen life
Vicarious Sacrifice - (8) Finally, the difficulty of getting at the meaning attached to terms among the Palestine Jews of Jesus’ time, such terms, for Example, as ‘ransom,’ redemption,’ ‘propitiation,’ and certain legal expressions
Education - The Example of Priscilla, the wife of Aquila, shows that a Jewess (who did not owe all her training to Christianity) might be possessed of high gifts and attainments (Acts 18:26). Down to the Roman period at least, this educational exclusiveness was maintained, and only the sons of those who were full citizens were the subjects of education, although there were cases in which daughters rose to distinction in letters, and even Examples of slaves, like the philosopher Epictetus, who burst the restraints of their position and showed themselves capable of rising to eminence in learning and virtue
Eucharist - He holds up before them the Example of the Israelites, who, though they were ‘baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea,’ and ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink, yet died in the wilderness because of their sins (1 Corinthians 10:1-6)
Josephus - Next, after recounting the two Jewish tumults referred to, he relates two events which evidently had already been conjoined in the Roman tradition (Cluvius Rufus?), for only the second belongs to his subject (as giving an Example of the ill-fortune that beset the Jews): the first deals with the outrage in the Temple of Isis in Rome, where the priests lent themselves to a trick by which a Roman lady of repute was beguiled sub praetextu religionis to yield herself to a lover (xviii
John Epistles of - And Christ’s Example has shown what love is
Joram - There is not another Example of such a marked depression on the surface of our globe, except with tracts covered by the seas; the other cases which may be cited attain much less depths; the greatest is about 300 feet in the Sahara, while, taking into account the depth of the Dead Sea (1300 feet), we get a total of almost 2600 feet
Dates (2) - For Example, Luke 3:1 ‘in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius’ may be reckoned from Augustus’ death, Aug
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - ...
After his baptism he became an edifying Example of a good Christian layman
Church - A sketch which has to be gathered piecemeal from different sources, and which, when put together, is incomplete both in outline and in contents, cannot be made an authoritative Example
John, Theology of - The doctrine of the New Birth is one Example of this
Augustus (2) - His own Example, unfortunately, did not enable him to take up a very high position on the subject of marriage
Koran - ...
The more effectually to engage people to hearken to him, great part of the Koran is employed in relating Examples of dreadful punishments formerly inflicted by God on those who rejected and abused his messengers; several of which stories, or some circumstances of them, are taken from the Old and New Testaments, but many more from the apocryphal books and traditions of the Jews and Christians of those ages, set up in the Koran as truths, in opposition to the Scriptures, which the Jews and Christians are charged with having altered; and, indeed, few or none of the relations of circumstances in the Koran were invented by Mahomet, as is generally supposed; it being easy to trace the greatest part of them much higher, as the rest might be, were more of these books extant, and were it worth while to make the inquiry. The chief differences in the present copies of this book consist in the points, which were not in use in the time of Mahomet and his immediate successors; but were added since, to ascertain the reading, after the Example of the Massorettes, who added the like points to the Hebrew texts of Scripture
Paul - His caution in distinguishing between the occasional suggestions of inspiration, and the ordinary exertions of his natural understanding, is without Example in the history of enthusiasm
Montanus - We learn that the Montanists brought as Scripture Examples of ecstasy the text "the Lord sent a deep sleep (ἔκστασιν ) upon Adam," that David said in his haste (ἐν ἐκστάσει ) "all men are liars," and that the same word is used of the vision which warned Peter to accept the invitation of Cornelius. The magistrate, urging Achatius to sacrifice, presses him with the Example of the Cataphrygians, "homines antiquae religionis," who had already conformed
Rome - Apart from its historical value, the monument has been described as ‘the most important Example of an attempt to create a purely Roman art filled with the Roman spirit
John, Gospel of (ii. Contents) - A few Examples are necessary, to justify the view here taken that symbolism or allegorism pervades the whole Gospel. The Examples are far too numerous to be accidental. For Example, the 153 fish may be the ‘fulfilment’ of 10+7; 1 + 2 + 3 + … + 17 = 153; or, as Bishop Wordsworth suggests, it may be the square of 12 + the square of 3
Simon Magus - Discussing the term ‘believe,’ he writes, ‘The Example of Simon Magus seems conclusive
Enoch Book of - ’...
We have only to take the single Example of the unique portrait of the ‘Son of Man’ in the Parables-eternally pre-existent with God, recognized now by the righteous, and hereafter to be owned and adored by all, even His foes-to be assured of the truth of this verdict
Jerusalem (2) - Quite possibly before the area to the north was so thickly inhabited, when, for Example, this well was outside the walls, a certain amount of good water may have been obtainable here, but now what collects is a foul and smelling liquid which percolates to the valley bottom from the neighbouring inhabited area, and it is unfit for even its present use—in a Turkish bath
Ambrosius of Milan - But he was an earnest Christian in his belief, and had only been kept from seeking baptism by a religious awe, of which there were then many Examples. (For Example, speaking of the resurrection of Christ, he says, "Resurrexit in eo mundus, resurrexit in eo coelum, resurrexit in eo terra," de Fide Res
Gregorius (14) Nazianzenus, Bishop of Sasima And of Constantinople - He rejoices to tell of the Examples set him at home and of the bent given to his studies by companionship with good men. There is a time for yielding as for everything else; (3) the Example of the prophet Jonah—and this weighed most with him, for every letter of Scripture is inspired for our use—who deserved pardon, but he himself would not if he still refused
Hippolytus Romanus - If He had willed to make you a god He could have done so; you have the Example of the Logos
Authority of Christ - He is reproaching an impenitent people, and He refers to the Book of Jonah for a great Example of repentance, and that on the part of a heathen race; the men of Nineveh who repented will condemn His unrepentant contemporaries in the day of judgment
Back to Christ - We cannot, for Example, revive the primitive expectation of the world’s speedy end, or the ideas about angels, Satan, unclean spirits as the agents in disease, which Jesus shared with His contemporaries
Fact And Theory - For Example, Farrar maintains that any attempt to explain the nature of the Atonement is a ‘futile endeavour to be wise above what is written, and to translate the language of emotion into that of rigid scholasticism
Methodists, Protestant - "Have you faith in Christ? Are you going on to perfection? Do you expect to be perfected in love in this life? Are you groaning after it? Are you resolved to devote yourself wholly to God and to his work? Have you considered the rules of a helper? Will you keep them for conscience' sake? Are you determined to employ all your time in the work of God? Will you preach every morning and evening? Will you diligently instruct the children in every place? Will you visit from house to house? Will you recommend fasting both by precept and Example? "We then man receive him as a probationer, by giving him the Minutes of the Conference, inscribed thus:...
'To A
Chrysostom, John, Bishop of Constantinople - His disinclination to the life of a lawyer was much increased by the influence of the Example of his intimate friend Basil, the companion of his studies and the sharer of all his thoughts and plans
Donatus And Donatism - Augustine set the Example of receiving Donatist-ordained deacons, though apparently he declined to receive again—in an official capacity—those who had previously passed from the church to the sectarians
Eusebius of Caesarea - , and Samaritan texts, and conjectures that the Hebrews, to justify by patriarchal Example their love of early marriages, systematically shortened the intervals between the birth of each patriarch and that of his first son
God - No person, for Example that knows the principles of optics, and the structure of the eye, can believe that it was formed without skill in that science; or that the ear was formed without the knowledge of sounds; or that the male and female in animals were not formed for each other, and for continuing the species
Jerusalem - The absurdity, for Example, of hewing the rocks of Judea into shrines and chapels, and of disguising the face of nature with painted domes and gilded marble coverings, by way of commemorating the scenes of our Saviour's life and death, is so evident and so lamentable, that even Sandys, with all his credulity, could not avoid a happy application of the reproof conveyed by the Roman satirist against a similar violation of the Egerian fountain
Lutherans - Futile, however, as the scholastical tenet appeared to be, although deficient in proof and unsupported by Example, upon this, he remarked with indignation and grief, was founded the whole system of papal delusion
Calvinism - " He proceeds to quote the Example of Jacob and Esau, as loved and hated before they had done good or evil, to show that the only reason of election and reprobation is to be placed in God's "secret counsel
Inspiration - Luke, who proposed to follow the Example of those αυτοπται in writing what he knew; and he describes his own knowledge by the word παρακολουθηκοτι , which is more precise than the cicumlocution, by which it is translated, "having had understanding of all things
Jesus Christ - ...
"He sets an Example of the most perfect piety to God, and of the most extensive benevolence and the most tender compassion to men
Neology - "I remember," he says, "that a theologian of no common learning, piety, and practical knowledge, νυν εν αγιοις , told me, that a certain monarch, at his suggestion, applied to a university, where there was a large concourse of students of theology, for two candidates for holy orders, who, by the excellence and purity of their doctrine, and by holiness of life, might serve as an Example to the congregation committed to their charge; the professors candidly answered that there was no such student of theology among them
Odes of Solomon - An Example will show the nature of this process
Palestine - If, however, he will follow the Example of the Psalmist, and ‘lift up his eyes unto the hills,’ he will find the realization of Christ an easier matter
Paul (2) - What can be more intense or more elevated than the feeling of Romans 8:31-39, or more exquisitely delicate than that of 1 Corinthians 13? And passages like the first of these and Romans 11:33-36 are striking Examples of the way in which theological thought supplies the ground for, and passes into, religious emotion. We might take as an Example his treatment of Abraham s faith
Preaching Christ - Thus, to take as an Example what many regard as the supreme category in the teaching of Jesus—the Kingdom of God: what is meant by preaching Christ here? It is very likely impossible for us to understand precisely what the expression ‘Kingdom of God’ conveyed in the mental atmosphere of Judaism or of the 1st cent
Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens - " The words of Christ (Mat_26:41) should help them to subject the flesh to the spirit the weaker to the stronger; the Example of the heathens Lucretia and Mucius Heraclitus and Peregrinus Dido and the wife of Hasdrubal would teach them to count their sufferings trifling if by enduring them they might obtain a heavenly glory and a divine reward
Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia - 2) John begs him to retract, urging the Example of Theodore, who, when in a sermon at Antioch he had said something which gave great and manifest offence, for the sake of peace and to avoid scandal, after a few days as publicly corrected himself