What does Enigma mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
וּמְלִיצָ֑ה satire 1

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   1 satire, mocking poem, mocking song, taunting, figure, Enigma.

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Webster's Dictionary - Enigma
(n.) A dark, obscure, or inexplicable saying; a riddle; a statement, the hidden meaning of which is to be discovered or guessed.
(n.) An action, mode of action, or thing, which cannot be satisfactorily explained; a puzzle; as, his conduct is an enigma.

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Riddle - Hebrew chidah proverbs, Judges 14:12-19; Greek Enigma ; 1 Corinthians 13:12, "darkly," literally, "in Enigma," "an obscure allegory" (Augustine)
Enigmas - ) of Enigma...
Unriddle - ) To read the riddle of; to solve or explain; as, to unriddle an Enigma or a mystery
Enigmatical - ) Relating to or resembling an Enigma; not easily explained or accounted for; darkly expressed; obscure; puzzling; as, an Enigmatical answer
Charade - ) A verbal or acted Enigma based upon a word which has two or more significant syllables or parts, each of which, as well as the word itself, is to be guessed from the descriptions or representations
Enigma - ) An action, mode of action, or thing, which cannot be satisfactorily explained; a puzzle; as, his conduct is an Enigma
Riddle - The word "darkly" in 1 Corinthians 13:12 is the rendering of the Greek Enigma; marg
Proverb - ) A striking or paradoxical assertion; an obscure saying; an Enigma; a parable
Quiz - ) A riddle or obscure question; an Enigma; a ridiculous hoax
Riddle - An Enigma something proposed for conjecture, or that is to be solved by conjecture a puzzling question an ambiguous proposition. ...
RID'DLE, To speak ambiguously, obscurely or Enigmatically
Mystery - ) Anything artfully made difficult; an Enigma
Baptism For the Dead - First Corinthians 15:29 remains an Enigma, although over thirty "explanations" have been suggested
Foundation - The foundation of 2 Timothy 2:19 is an Enigma
Way (2) - ’ The declaration was an Enigma
Proverb - (4) The obscurity referred to was sometimes made the leading feature and motive of the proverb, and it was then called an ‘enigma’ or ‘ dark saying ’ ( Psalms 49:4 , Proverbs 1:6 ; Proverbs 30:15-31 ). ’ An Enigma for the study of books is: ‘Black seeds on white ground, and he who eats of the fruit becomes wise
Glass - In 1 Corinthians 13:12 the sense is: "now (in our present state) we see in a mirror (the reflection seeming behind, so that we see it through the mirror) darkly (in Enigma)"; the ancient mirrors being at best unequal to ours, and often being tarnished and dim
Saul - ...
The Enigma of Saul was sensed by David who refused to lift his hand against “the Lord's anointed” (1Samuel 26:9-11,1 Samuel 26:23 ) and at his death provided a fitting elegy (2 Samuel 1:17-27 )
Mephibosheth - MEPHIBOSHETH has been an Enigma of motive and a study in self-interest from David's day down to our own day. Wherever the heart of man comes in you have always an Enigma of motive and a study in self-interest. The sacred writer sets us the Enigma of Mephibosheth and his servant Ziba; but he gives us no hint at all as to how we are to decipher that Enigma. I think I shall die still but minting and aiming to be a Christian man!'...
This, then, is the prize for finding out that Enigma of motive, Mephibosheth's hidden heart
Find - To unriddle to solve as, to find out the meaning of a parable of an Enigma
Dark, Darken, Darkly, Darkness - , "in an Enigma," is rendered "darkly" in 1 Corinthians 13:12 . , "enigmas"); God's communications to Moses were not such as in the case of dreams, etc
Cherubim - The prophet Ezekiel and the results of Babylonian excavations assist us in solving the Enigma
Essenes (2) - ...
What makes the Essenes ‘the great Enigma of Hebrew history’ (Lightfoot, Col
Jachin And Boaz - ...
The names ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’ present an Enigma which still awaits solution
Hutchinsonians - The Hutchinsonians maintain that the great mystery of the trinity is conveyed to our understandings by ideas of sense; and that the created substance of the air, or heaven, in its three-fold agency of fire, light, and spirit, is the Enigma of the one essence or one Jehovah in three persons
Elisha - The answer was that he might certainly recover, yet he should die: an apparent Enigma; but it was fully explained by Hazael causing his death when he would otherwise have recovered
John, the Gospel of - ...
Part of the Enigma of John is its distinctiveness from the other three canonical Gospels
Hardening - Nor have any later theologians or philosophers solved the Enigma
Sinlessness - ...
However the Enigma is to be solved, certain it is that Jesus was tempted. Death is for sinners; but why should one die who is sinless? This was the puzzle with which the followers of Jesus were perplexed when He was lying in the grave, and it seemed as if His cause had perished in this unanswerable Enigma
Tabernacle - But the altar raises its own questions: How can a bull or a sheep or a goat die in the place of a person who has been made just a little lower than God himself (Micah 6:6-8 )? For the Old Testament believer, the solution to this Enigma was, in many ways, a mystery
Essenes - -The whole subject of Essenism is wrapped in obscurity: the Essenes remain, and will remain, the ‘great Enigma of Jewish history
Wisdom - , of Joseph or Solomon, in the earlier literature of the OT, is ‘the clever judicial decision, the faculty of clothing a practical experience in a rule of life or a witty saying, the acuteness which can solve an Enigma’ (Duncker, quoted by Skinner in Cent
Last Supper - When an honest attempt is made to arrive at a conclusion, a great authority on the history of Christ’s ministry is compelled to confess his inability to solve the Enigma
Jeremiah - ...
( b ) Jeremiah’s attitude towards Josiah’s reformation is the Enigma of his history
Revelation (2) - They have felt, moreover, that this is the only intelligible interpretation of life; and that without this revelation—for such it is—of its meaning, life would be chaos, and the secret of the future a dreadful and portentous Enigma
Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy - Since most of the solutions to this Enigma have been based on etymologies or terms in cognate languages, it is small wonder that no resolution has been forthcoming. " Other prophets would receive no less a revelation from God, but in their case the means God would use to communicate his word would be the less direct, somewhat Enigmatic form of dreams and visions. Some symbols, however, are deliberately left unexplained; hence the partial Enigmatic quality of prophecy
Christ in the Early Church - If the latter is true, the appearance of Christ and its subsequent effect on the world must remain an insoluble Enigma,—a miracle even more difficult of credence than the stupendous statement of the Nicene formula