What does Enhakkore mean in the Bible?


Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Enhakkore
("fount of him who cried".) (See LEHI.) It burst out at Samson's, cry, when athirst after slaying a thousand Philistines with a donkey's jawbone (Judges 15:19; Psalms 34:6). As the rocky precipice was named Lehi, "the jawbone," so the hollow place in the rock was named Maktesh, "the tooth hollow." Samson cried to Jehovah ("God of grace"), and Elohim ("God of nature") split the hollow place at Lehi, so that water came out of it, as at Horeb and Kadesh (Exodus 17:6; Numbers 20:8; Numbers 20:11), and the fountain was called "the fount of him who cried in Lehi."
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Enhakkore
This name, signifying 'the caller's spring,' was given by Samson to the place where God gave him water in answer to his call. The spring was doubtless in the rock, not in the jawbone (see margin ), because of the words following, "which is in Lehi unto this day." Judges 15:19 .

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e'Tam, the Rock, - (Judges 15:8,11 ) This natural stronghold was in the tribe of Judah; and near it, probably at its foot, were Lehi and Ramath-lehi and Enhakkore