What does Destitution: Of London mean in the Bible?


Charles Spurgeon's Illustration Collection - Destitution: of London
We have no reason to congratulate ourselves on what we are doing, if we only think of the great work which still buried amid the ruins of Nineveh. In excavating this vas population you have as it were laid bare the head of a huge winged bull, until you can observe that it has a human countenance and will well repay you for your toils. Are you going to congratulate yourselves that you have succeed thus far? Why, there are the colossal feet, and the mighty wings, and all the rest of the body; all these are to be uncovered from the ruins, and the whole mass uplifted from the depth in which it lies imbedded. But, because you have don a little to bless London, and have brought a thousand, three thousand, ten thousand to hear the word of God, are you to sit down and say, 'It is done.' What is to be done with the rest of the three millions? Where are the other tens of thousands who are not hearing the word? Where is the great outlying mass of our leviathan city?