What does Demand mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
αἴτημα petition 1
ἐπερώτημα an enquiry 1
בִקַּ֔שְׁתִּי to seek 1
מִלַּ֥ת word 1

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   1 word, thing.
      1a word, utterance, command.
      1b thing, affair, matter.


   1 to seek, require, desire, exact, request.
      1a (Piel).
         1a1 to seek to find.
         1a2 to seek to secure.
         1a3 to seek the face.
         1a4 to desire, Demand.
         1a5 to require, exact.
         1a6 to ask, request.
      1b (Pual) to be sought.


   1 petition, request, required.


   1 an enquiry, a question.
   2 a Demand.
   3 earnestly seeking.
      3a craving, an intense desire.

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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Demand
* Note: For DEMAND (Matthew 2:4 ; Acts 21:33 ), see INQUIRE; for its use in Luke 3:14 ; 17:20 , see under ASK.
Webster's Dictionary - Demand
(v. i.) To make a demand; to inquire.
(v. t.) A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to possess; request; as, a demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great demand.
(v. t.) To ask or call for with authority; to claim or seek from, as by authority or right; to claim, as something due; to call for urgently or peremptorily; as, to demand a debt; to demand obedience.
(v. t.) To inquire authoritatively or earnestly; to ask, esp. in a peremptory manner; to question.
(v. t.) To require as necessary or useful; to be in urgent need of; hence, to call for; as, the case demands care.
(v. t.) To call into court; to summon.
(v. t.) The asking or seeking for what is due or claimed as due.
(v. t.) The act of demanding; an asking with authority; a peremptory urging of a claim; a claiming or challenging as due; requisition; as, the demand of a creditor; a note payable on demand.
(v. t.) Earnest inquiry; question; query.
(v. t.) That which one demands or has a right to demand; thing claimed as due; claim; as, demands on an estate.
(v. t.) The right or title in virtue of which anything may be claimed; as, to hold a demand against a person.
(v. t.) A thing or amount claimed to be due.
King James Dictionary - Demand
DEMAND, L. To command to send hence, to commit or entrust. To ask is to press or urge.
1. To ask or call for, as one who has a claim or right to receive what is sought to claim or seek as due by right. The creditor demands principal and interest of his debt. Here the claim is derived from law or justice. 2. To ask by authority to require to seek or claim an answer by virtue of a right or supposed right in the interrogator, derived from his office, station, power or authority. The officers of the children of Israel-were beaten, and demanded, wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task in making brick. Ex. 5.
3. To require as necessary or useful as, the execution of this work demands great industry and care. 4. To ask to question to inquire. The soldiers also demanded of him, saying, what shall we do? Luke 3 .
5. To ask or require, as a seller of goods as, what price do you demand? 6. To sue for to seek to obtain by legal process as, the plaintiff, in his action, demands unreasonable damages. In French, demander generally signifies simply to ask, request, or petition, when the answer or thing asked for, is a matter of grace or courtesy. But in English, demand is now seldom used in that sense, and rarely indeed can the French demander be rendered correctly in English by demand, except in the case of the seller of goods, who demands, asks, requires, a certain price for his wares. The common expression, a king sent to demand another kings daughter in marriage, is improper.

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Redemand - ) To Demand back; to Demand again. ) A Demanding back; a second or renewed Demand
Demand - ) To make a Demand; to inquire. ) A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to possess; request; as, a Demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great Demand. ) To ask or call for with authority; to claim or seek from, as by authority or right; to claim, as something due; to call for urgently or peremptorily; as, to Demand a debt; to Demand obedience. ) To require as necessary or useful; to be in urgent need of; hence, to call for; as, the case Demands care. ) The act of Demanding; an asking with authority; a peremptory urging of a claim; a claiming or challenging as due; requisition; as, the Demand of a creditor; a note payable on Demand. ) That which one Demands or has a right to Demand; thing claimed as due; claim; as, Demands on an estate. ) The right or title in virtue of which anything may be claimed; as, to hold a Demand against a person
Mand - ) A Demand
Flagitation - ) Importunity; urgent Demand
Demanded - ) of Demand...
Require - ) To Demand or exact as indispensable; to need. ) To Demand; to insist upon having; to claim as by right and authority; to exact; as, to require the surrender of property
Demanding - ) of Demand...
Conjurement - ) Serious injunction; solemn Demand or entreaty
Overproduction - ) Excessive production; supply beyond the Demand
Sciscitation - ) The act of inquiring; inquiry; Demand
Revendicate - ) To reclaim; to Demand the restoration of
Flagitate - ) To importune; to Demand fiercely or with passion
Postulant - ) One who makes a request or Demand; hence, a candidate
Revindicate - ) To vindicate again; to reclaim; to Demand and take back
Set-Off - ) A counterclaim; a cross debt or Demand; a distinct claim filed or set up by the defendant against the plaintiff's Demand
Scarce - Not plentiful or abundant being in small quantity in proportion to the Demand. We say, water is scarce, wheat, rye, barley is scarce, money is scarce, when the quantity is not fully adequate to the Demand
Requisition - ) A Demand by the invader upon the people of an invaded country for supplies, as of provision, forage, transportation, etc. ) A notarial Demand of a debt. ) The act of requiring, as of right; a Demand or application made as by authority. ) A formal Demand made by one state or government upon another for the surrender or extradition of a fugitive from justice
Reconvention - ) A cross Demand; an action brought by the defendant against the plaintiff before the same judge
Requisitive - ) Expressing or implying Demand
Cognovit - ) An instrument in writing whereby a defendant in an action acknowledges a plaintiff's Demand to be just
Overbuild - ) To build too much; to build beyond the Demand
Urgency - ) The quality or condition of being urgent; insistence; pressure; as, the urgency of a Demand or an occasion
Post Note - A note issued by a bank, payable at some future specified time, as distinguished from a note payable on Demand
Request - ) A state of being desired or held in such estimation as to be sought after or asked for; Demand. ) The act of asking for anything desired; expression of desire or Demand; solicitation; prayer; petition; entreaty
Demand - * Note: For Demand (Matthew 2:4 ; Acts 21:33 ), see INQUIRE; for its use in Luke 3:14 ; 17:20 , see under ASK
Demand - Demand, L. The creditor Demands principal and interest of his debt. The officers of the children of Israel-were beaten, and Demanded, wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task in making brick. To require as necessary or useful as, the execution of this work Demands great industry and care. The soldiers also Demanded of him, saying, what shall we do? Luke 3 . To ask or require, as a seller of goods as, what price do you Demand? 6. To sue for to seek to obtain by legal process as, the plaintiff, in his action, Demands unreasonable damages. In French, Demander generally signifies simply to ask, request, or petition, when the answer or thing asked for, is a matter of grace or courtesy. But in English, Demand is now seldom used in that sense, and rarely indeed can the French Demander be rendered correctly in English by Demand, except in the case of the seller of goods, who Demands, asks, requires, a certain price for his wares. The common expression, a king sent to Demand another kings daughter in marriage, is improper
Compliance - ) The act of complying; a yielding; as to a desire, Demand, or proposal; concession; submission
Rogation - ) The Demand, by the consuls or tribunes, of a law to be passed by the people; a proposed law or decree
Claim - ) To ask for, or seek to obtain, by virtue of authority, right, or supposed right; to challenge as a right; to Demand as due. ) A Demand of a right or supposed right; a calling on another for something due or supposed to be due; an assertion of a right or fact. ) A right to claim or Demand something; a title to any debt, privilege, or other thing in possession of another; also, a title to anything which another should give or concede to, or confer on, the claimant. ) The thing claimed or Demanded; that (as land) to which any one intends to establish a right; as a settler's claim; a miner's claim
Requirement - ) The act of requiring; Demand; requisition
Incredulity - The withholding our assent to any proposition, notwithstanding arguments sufficient to Demand assent
Debenture Stock - By the terms of much debenture stock the holders are not entitled to Demand payment until the winding up of the company or default in payment; in the winding up of the company or default in payment; in the case of railway debentures, they cannot Demand payment of the principal, and the debtor company cannot redeem the stock, except by authority of an act of Parliament
Remittance - to a distant place, as in satisfaction of a Demand, or in discharge of an obligation
Scandalize - I Demand who they are whom we scandalize by using harmless things? ...
Sequestrator - ) One who sequesters property, or takes the possession of it for a time, to satisfy a Demand out of its rents or profits
Recession - ) The act of receding or withdrawing, as from a place, a claim, or a Demand
Devotion - (Latin: devovere, to vow) ...
The prompt surrender of the will to every Demand of God's service; called sensible devotion when it affects the feelings
Unjust - Contrary to justice and right wrongful as an unjust sentence an unjust Demand an unjust accusation
Scarce - ) Not plentiful or abundant; in small quantity in proportion to the Demand; not easily to be procured; rare; uncommon
Acquittance - ) A writing which is evidence of a discharge; a receipt in full, which bars a further Demand
Abia - Son of Samuel, whose maladministration as judge furnished one plea for Israel's Demand for a king (1 Samuel 8:1-5)
Garnishee - In law, one in whose hands the property of an absconding or absent debtor is attached, who is warned or notified of the Demand or suit, and who may appear and defend in the suit, in the place of the principal
Claim - To call for to ask or seek to obtain, by virtue of authority, right or supposed right to challenge as a right to Demand as due as, to claim a debt to claim obedience, or respect. A Demand of a right or supposed right a calling on another for something due, or supposed to be due as a claim of wages for services. A right to claim or Demand a title to any debt, privilege or other thing in possession of another as, a prince has a claim to the throne. The thing claimed, or Demanded
Challenge - ) The act of a sentry in halting any one who appears at his post, and Demanding the countersign. ) A claim or Demand. ) An exception to a juror or to a member of a court martial, coupled with a Demand that he should be held incompetent to act; the claim of a party that a certain person or persons shall not sit in trial upon him or his cause. ) To claim as due; to Demand as a right. ) To question or Demand the countersign from (one who attempts to pass the lines); as, the sentinel challenged us, with "Who comes there?"...
Unjust - ) Contrary to justice and right; prompted by a spirit of injustice; wrongful; as, an unjust sentence; an unjust Demand; an unjust accusation
Instruction - The minister received instructions from his sovereign to Demand a categorical answer
Ask - To claim, require or Demand, as the price or value of a commodity to set a price as, what price do you ask? 6. ...
This sense is nearly or entirely obsolete ask being superseded by require and Demand. ...
Ask is not equivalent to Demand, claim, and require, at least, in modern usage much less, is it equivalent to beg and beseech. The first three words, Demand, claim, require, imply a right or supposed right in the person asking, to the thing requested and beseech implies more urgency, than ask. The French Demander is correctly rendered by ask, rather than by deman
Challenge - Literally, a calling, or crying out, the primary sense of many words expressing a Demand, as claim. A claim or Demand made of a right or supposed right. To claim as due to Demand as a right as, the Supreme Being challenges our reverence and homage. In law, to call off a juror, or jurors or to Demand that jurors shall not sit in trial upon a cause
Bank Note - (1):...
A promissory note issued by a bank or banking company, payable to bearer on Demand
Satisfaction - ) The act of satisfying, or the state of being satisfied; gratification of desire; contentment in possession and enjoyment; repose of mind resulting from compliance with its desires or Demands. ) Settlement of a claim, due, or Demand; payment; indemnification; adequate compensation
Silver Certificate - A certificate issued by a government that there has been deposited with it silver to a specified amount, payable to the bearer on Demand
Interrogation - 1: ἐπερώτημα (Strong's #1906 — Noun Neuter — eperotema — ep-er-o'-tay-mah ) primarily a question or inquiry, denotes "a Demand or appeal;" it is found in 1 Peter 3:21 , RV, "interrogation" (AV, "answer")
Concession - ) The act of conceding or yielding; usually implying a Demand, claim, or request, and thus distinguished from giving, which is voluntary or spontaneous
Gammadim - ’ No place of the name of Gammad is known, but a proper name is what the context seems to Demand
Recede - ) To withdraw a claim or pretension; to desist; to relinquish what had been proposed or asserted; as, to recede from a Demand or proposition
Require - To Demand to ask, as of right and by authority. To make necessary to need to Demand
Require - 1: ζητέω (Strong's #2212 — Verb — zeteo — dzay-teh'-o ) "to seek, seek after," also signifies "to require, Demand," "shall be required," Luke 12:48 ; in 1 Corinthians 4:2 , "it is required (in stewards). 1), also denotes "to Demand, require," Luke 11:50,51 , of executing vengeance for the slaughter of the prophets (cp. ...
3: ἀπαιτέω (Strong's #523 — — apaiteo — ap-ah'ee-teh-o ) "to ask back, Demand back" (apo, "from," or "back," aiteo, "to ask"), is translated "shall be required" in Luke 12:20 , lit. " It is used in the papyri frequently in the sense of "demanding, making Demands
Crave - ) To call for, as a gratification; to long for; hence, to require or Demand; as, the stomach craves food
Methusaleh - His name carries somewhat of an idea respecting it; one who Demands his death, from Shelah, to Demand; and Muth, death
Bank Bill - (1):...
In America (and formerly in England), a promissory note of a bank payable to the bearer on Demand, and used as currency; a bank note
Encore - ) A call or Demand (as, by continued applause) for a repetition; as, the encores were numerous
Sale - ) Opportunity of selling; Demand; market
Rab-Shakeh - ]'>[1] officer, who with the Tartan and the Rab-saris was sent by Sennacherib to Hezekiah to Demand the surrender of Jerusalem ( 2 Kings 18:1-37 f
Reasonable - ) Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper; as, a reasonable Demand, amount, price
Sacrifice - The universality of sacrificial rites is a powerful argument on behalf of their naturalness; they meet the Demand of the sinner for some way of appeasing the offended divinity
Tartan - ]'>[1] officers, one of whom was sent by Sargon to Ashdod ( Isaiah 20:1 ), while the other, with the Rab-saris and the Rab-shakeh , was sent by Sennacherib to Demand from Hezekiah the surrender of Jerusalem ( 2 Kings 18:17 )
Micaiah - A faithful and fearless prophet, consulted by King Ahab at the Demand of Jehoshaphat as to the issue of their proposed campaign against the Syrians
Fetch - " "Fetch" is not sufficiently dignified for the just Demand made
Benedictbeurn Abbey - In 1901Freiherr von Kramer-Klett, restorer of several monasteries, offered 5,500,000 marks for the property, but was met by a Demand for 12,000,000, which he refused
Abbey, Benedictbeurn - In 1901Freiherr von Kramer-Klett, restorer of several monasteries, offered 5,500,000 marks for the property, but was met by a Demand for 12,000,000, which he refused
Collect - ) To Demand and obtain payment of, as an account, or other indebtedness; as, to collect taxes
Rabsaris - The rabsaris was among the ambassadors who called on the kings to Demand payment
Dun - ) An urgent request or Demand of payment; as, he sent his debtor a dun
Amos - His prophecies Demand fair treatment of the poor and sincere worship of G-d
Definition, Papal - Such definitions Demand the unconditional adherence of every member of the Church
Canossa - Henry, who had been excommunicated and whose excesses had prompted his subjects to Demand his deposition, took the initiative of meeting the pope, who, hearing of his coming, but not knowing his intentions, had taken refuge at Canossa
Borrow - But the word (sha'al) so rendered here means simply and always to "request" or "demand
Barabbas - All four Gospels record that when Pilate offered to release Jesus, the assembled crowd Demanded the release of Barabbas instead. Pilate gave in to the Demand, ordered Jesus crucified, and set Barabbas free
Drug - ) Any commodity that lies on hand, or is not salable; an article of slow sale, or in no Demand
Desire - ) To require; to Demand; to claim
Exaction - The act of Demanding with authority, and compelling to pay or yield authoritative Demand a levying or drawing from by force a driving to compliance as the exaction of tribute or of obedience. That which is exacted tribute, fees, rewards or contributions Demanded or levied with severity or injustice
Urijah - He confirmed the predictions of Jeremiah against Judah; and having fled to Egypt for refuge from the enraged king, and been sent back by Pharaoh-necho on Demand, he was wickedly slain and dishonorably buried, Jeremiah 26:20-23
Plead - ) To present an answer, by allegation of fact, to the declaration of a plaintiff; to deny the plaintiff's declaration and Demand, or to allege facts which show that ought not to recover in the suit; in a less strict sense, to make an allegation of fact in a cause; to carry on the allegations of the respective parties in a cause; to carry on a suit or plea. ) To allege or cite in a legal plea or defense, or for repelling a Demand in law; to answer to an indictment; as, to plead usury; to plead statute of limitations; to plead not guilty
Request - ...
In request, in Demand in credit or reputation. In this it differs from Demand
Jesuit's Bark - To meet the Demand for medicinal consumption extensive cinchona plantations are cultivated in South America, Java, India, Ceylon, and Burma
Contentment - An internal satisfaction which does not Demand changes in external circumstances
Bark, Jesuit's - To meet the Demand for medicinal consumption extensive cinchona plantations are cultivated in South America, Java, India, Ceylon, and Burma
Bark, Peruvian - To meet the Demand for medicinal consumption extensive cinchona plantations are cultivated in South America, Java, India, Ceylon, and Burma
Refuse - ) To deny, as a request, Demand, invitation, or command; to decline to do or grant
Tyrant - ) Specifically, a monarch, or other ruler or master, who uses power to oppress his subjects; a person who exercises unlawful authority, or lawful authority in an unlawful manner; one who by taxation, injustice, or cruel punishment, or the Demand of unreasonable services, imposes burdens and hardships on those under his control, which law and humanity do not authorize, or which the purposes of government do not require; a cruel master; an oppressor
Josiah - The Demand of the book for a thorough reformation powerfully affected the king and his officers. Its central Demand was the removal of all altars in the country except the one at Jerusalem
Rab-Saris - ]'>[1] official who was sent by Sennacherib to Hezekiah to Demand the surrender of Jerusalem ( 2 Kings 18:17 )
Essenes - Some of them passed their lives in a state of celibacy; others embraced the state of matrimony, which they considered as lawful, when entered into with the sole design of propagating the species, and not to satisfy the Demand of lust
Chapter - , to Demand chapter and verse
Hypocrisy - It is to be feared that many a brave show of godliness is but an arras to conceal rank hypocrisy; and this accounts for some men's religion being but occasional, since it is folded up or exposed to view as need may Demand
Ask - ) To require, Demand, claim, or expect, whether by way of remuneration or return, or as a matter of necessity; as, what price do you ask?...
Satisfy - ) To answer or discharge, as a claim, debt, legal Demand, or the like; to give compensation for; to pay off; to requite; as, to satisfy a claim or an execution
Exact - ) To Demand or require authoritatively or peremptorily, as a right; to enforce the payment of, or a yielding of; to compel to yield or to furnish; hence, to wrest, as a fee or reward when none is due; - followed by from or of before the one subjected to exaction; as, to exact tribute, fees, obedience, etc
Plea - ) That which is alleged by a party in support of his cause; in a stricter sense, an allegation of fact in a cause, as distinguished from a demurrer; in a still more limited sense, and in modern practice, the defendant's answer to the plaintiff's declaration and Demand
Abate - ) To bring down or reduce from a higher to a lower state, number, or degree; to lessen; to diminish; to contract; to moderate; to cut short; as, to abate a Demand; to abate pride, zeal, hope
Remit - to a distance, as money in payment of a Demand, account, draft, etc
Refuse - To deny a request, Demand, invitation or command to decline to do or grant what is solicited, claimed or commanded
Dispensation - Those who dispense from their own law can do so validly even without a proportionate cause, though they, too, usually Demand one; but inferiors cannot validly dispense from law of their superiors except for a just reason
Hear - ) To accede to the Demand or wishes of; to listen to and answer favorably; to favor
Trespass - ) To go too far; to put any one to inconvenience by Demand or importunity; to intrude; as, to trespass upon the time or patience of another
Discount - ) A counting off or deduction made from a gross sum on any account whatever; an allowance upon an account, debt, Demand, price asked, and the like; something taken or deducted
Branch - It seems, therefore, to Demand our more particular attention
Opposition - Will any opposition be made to the suit, to the claim or Demand? 3
Sanction - Divine Wisdom and Justice Demand a truly adequate sanction
Sequester - ) To separate from the owner for a time; to take from parties in controversy and put into the possession of an indifferent person; to seize or take possession of, as property belonging to another, and hold it till the profits have paid the Demand for which it is taken, or till the owner has performed the decree of court, or clears himself of contempt; in international law, to confiscate
Distress - The act of distraining the taking of any personal chattel from a wrong-doer, to answer a Demand, or procure satisfaction for a wrong committed
Defend - To drive from to thrust back hence, to deny to repel a Demand, charge, or accusation to oppose to resist the effect of which is to maintain ones own claims
Josephites (2) - They were in Demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the original object of the institute was gradually modified
Horse-Leech - As the horse-leech had two daughters, cruelty and thirst of blood, which cannot be satisfied, so the oppressor of the poor has two dispositions, rapacity and avarice, which, never say they have enough, but continually Demand additional gratifications
Sons of Saint Joseph - They were in Demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the original object of the institute was gradually modified
Saint Joseph, Sons of - They were in Demand everywhere for the direction of schools and colleges, so that the original object of the institute was gradually modified
Active - ) Brisk; lively; as, an active Demand for corn
Reclaim - ) To claim back; to Demand the return of as a right; to attempt to recover possession of
Occasion - Incidental need casual exigency opportunity accompanied with need or Demand
Vent - Opportunity to sell Demand
Seek - , Matthew 12:46,47 , RV, "seeking" (AV, "desiring"); Luke 9:9 , RV, "sought" (AV, "desired"); John 7:19 , RV, "seek ye" (AV, "go ye about"); so John 7:20 ; Romans 10:3 , RV, "seeking" (AV, "going about"); of "seeking" the kingdom of God and His righteousness, in the sense of coveting earnestly, striving after, Matthew 6:33 ; "the things that are above," Colossians 3:1 ; peace, 1 Peter 3:11 ; (c) "to require or Demand," e. , God, Romans 3:11 ; the Lord, Acts 15:17 ; in Hebrews 11:6 , RV, "seek after" (AV, "diligently seek"); Hebrews 12:17 , RV, "sought diligently" (AV, "sought carefully"); 1 Peter 1:10 , RV, "sought" (AV, "have inquired"), followed by exeraunao, "to search diligently;" (b) "to require or Demand," Luke 11:50,51
Grecians Greeks - On the other hand, internal evidence seems to Demand the reading Ἔλληνες of א3 A D, which is accepted by Scrivener, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, and the text of the Revised Version . Why call attention to the fact that the men of Cyprus and Cyrene preached to Grecians when that had already been done? If the writer intends to refer to a new departure in missionary enterprise, the context seems to Demand the reading ‘Greeks’ (cf
Ift - So the Christian may develop a gift for GOD under the leadership of the Spirit and be greatly in Demand by those who are seeking for the best in Christian service. All of these gifts give one a great place among the people of GOD and are in Demand for the ministry and service of the King
Call - ) The privilege to Demand the delivery of stock, grain, or any commodity, at a fixed, price, at or within a certain time agreed on. ) To make a Demand, requirement, or request
Grecians Greeks - On the other hand, internal evidence seems to Demand the reading Ἔλληνες of א3 A D, which is accepted by Scrivener, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, and the text of the Revised Version . Why call attention to the fact that the men of Cyprus and Cyrene preached to Grecians when that had already been done? If the writer intends to refer to a new departure in missionary enterprise, the context seems to Demand the reading ‘Greeks’ (cf
Nabal - " Nabal insultingly resented the Demand, saying, "Who is David, and who is the son of Jesse?" (1 Samuel 25:10,11 )
Nob - see) to Gath; this would suit a site near Jerusalem, though it does not Demand such a position, unless, indeed, we infer (cf
Abate - To lessen to diminish to moderate as to abate zeal to abate pride to abate a Demand to abate courage
Oil - The great Demand for it in Egypt led the Jews to send it thither
Tender - To offer in payment or satisfaction of a Demand, for saving a penalty or forfeiture as, to tender the amount of rent or debt
Call - ...
To call for, to Demand, require or claim, as a crime calls for punishment or to cause to grow. To call on, to make a short visit to also, to solicit payment, or make a Demand of a debt. Demand requisition public claim as, listen to the calls of justice or humanity
International Catholic Truth Society - Attacks and misrepresentations of Catholic affairs in the public press are promptly refuted and explained, if possible, in the paper in which the false statements appeared; pamphlets on subjects of Catholic interest are printed and distributed, largely by means of the Catholic clergy; lists of Catholic books are distributed to the officers in Public Libraries and to anyone who may apply, that a Demand may be created for these standard works and that students may find available fair statements of the Catholic point of view; and the remailing of Catholic papers and magazines is accomplished by individual members of the Society remailing their own copies to people whose names are furnished by the Society, and to whom Catholic periodical literature would not otherwise be accessible
Abijah - Second son of Samuel whose crooked acts as judge led Israel to Demand a king (1 Samuel 8:2-5)
Pay - ) To discharge, as a debt, Demand, or obligation, by giving or doing what is due or required; to deliver the amount or value of to the person to whom it is owing; to discharge a debt by delivering (money owed)
At - ) The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to Demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands
At - ) The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to Demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands
Hell - This word sheol is derived from a root-word meaning "to ask," "demand;" hence insatiableness (Proverbs 30:15,16 )
Incardination - An Ordinary is not to incardinate an extern cleric unless the necessity or the utility of the diocese Demand it
Manuscripts, Illuminated - In the 13th century studios of illuminators arose to supply the Demand for manuscripts
Devour - Ezekiel 2:8 ; 3:1-3 ; Jeremiah 15:16 ); (b) metaphorically, "to squander, to waste," Luke 15:30 ; "to consume" one's physical powers by emotion, John 2:17 ; "to devour" by forcible appropriation, as of widows' property, Matthew 23:14 (AV only); Mark 12:40 ; "to Demand maintenance," as false apostles did to the church at Corinth, 2 Corinthians 11:20 ; "to exploit or prey on one another," Galatians 5:15 , where "bite
Apollonius of Ephesus - This work of Apollonius was thought sufficiently important by Tertullian to Demand an answer; bk
Illuminated Manuscripts - In the 13th century studios of illuminators arose to supply the Demand for manuscripts
Coal - The charred roots of the desert broom (rôthem, see Psalms 120:4) make an excellent fuel, and are much in Demand in Cairo (Tristram, Nat
Implicit Faith - " What madness! what blasphemy! For a church to Demand belief of what she teaches, and a submission to what she enjoins, merely upon her assumed authority, must appear to unprejudiced minds the height of unreasonableness and spiritual despotism
Protest - ) A declaration made by a party, before or while paying a tax, duty, or the like, Demanded of him, which he deems illegal, denying the justice of the Demand, and asserting his rights and claims, in order to show that the payment was not voluntary
Hophni - (Leviticus 7:31-34) For the servants, therefore, to Demand the portion for his master before the Lord's portion, was irreverent and unbecoming
Charge - ) The price Demanded for a thing or service. ) To fix or Demand as a price; as, he charges two dollars a barrel for apples. ) To Demand a price; as, to charge high for goods
Ask - In Matthew 16:1 , it virtually signifies to Demand (its meaning in later Greek). See Demand , DESIRE , QUESTION. ...
A — 4: πυνθάνομαι (Strong's #4441 — Verb — punthanomai — poon-than'-om-ahee ) to ask by way of enquiry, not by way of making a request for something, is found in the Gospels and the Acts, five times in the former, seven in the latter; in Matthew 2:4 , AV, "demanded," RV, "enquired," so Acts 21:33 . See Demand , INQUIRE , UNDERSTAND
Direction, Spiritual - Each individual case will Demand individual care according to its actual state. Begging light in prayer he forms his judgment gradually to be the foundation of his direction, which Demands from the one under guidance obedience
Feudalism And the Church - They were willing to meet every Demand of their lord if they received an office from him
Borrow - ...
The Egyptians could not for a moment have expected the Israelites would return them; for Jehovah's Demand, "Let My people go, that they may serve Me," enforced by the rapidly successive plagues, must have convinced the Egyptians that Israel had before them some far more momentous movement than a three days' march to a feast
Boom - ) A strong and extensive advance, with more or less noisy excitement; - applied colloquially or humorously to market prices, the Demand for stocks or commodities and to political chances of aspirants to office; as, a boom in the stock market; a boom in coffee
Hazael - ) The form and fragmentary character of the OT references to Hazael Demand caution in drawing conclusions from them
Demetrius - Paul was so powerful that devotion to the goddess became less prevalent, the Demand for such offerings was reduced, and Demetrius felt his livelihood in danger
Sarah, Sarai, Sara - When he was weaned, Ishmael was seen mocking, which roused Sarah to Demand the expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael
Meet - ) To come up to; to be even with; to equal; to match; to satisfy; to ansver; as, to meet one's expectations; the supply meets the Demand
Calf - The first was when Aaron, at the Demand of the people, made of their golden earrings a molten calf, hollow probably, or of gold plating upon wood
Spiritual Direction - Each individual case will Demand individual care according to its actual state. Begging light in prayer he forms his judgment gradually to be the foundation of his direction, which Demands from the one under guidance obedience
False Witness - ...
At the preliminary investigation before Caiaphas, the chief priests and the whole council sought (ἐζήτουν) false witness on which such a capital charge might be based as would Demand Pilate’s attention (Matthew 26:59, Mark 14:55); ὡς μὲν ἐκείνοις ἐδόκει μαρτυρίαν, ὡς δὲ τῇ ἀληθείᾳ ψευδομαρτυρίαν (Euthym. ) take ἴσαι in the sense of ‘sufficient for the purpose, equal to the Demand for weighty evidence, and justifying condemnation. ; they held that the punishment should be inflicted only if the falsely accused had been punished, whereas the Pharisees Demanded punishment if the sentence had been pronounced, whether it was executed or not
Immortality - Now activities such as these Demand a subject or agent (the soul) that is intrinsically independent of matter and material conditions, an agent that is immaterial or spiritual
Deluge, the - The earliest year before Christ mentioned in the texts and ancient traditions Isaiah 3100, but scientists Demand for many reasons that the deluge be placed at a much earlier time
Flood, the - The earliest year before Christ mentioned in the texts and ancient traditions Isaiah 3100, but scientists Demand for many reasons that the deluge be placed at a much earlier time
King - But there came a time in the history of that people when a king was Demanded, that they might be like other nations (1 Samuel 8:5 ). " The misconduct of Samuel's sons was the immediate cause of this Demand
Testing - ...
Arrogant people sometimes try to test God by challenging him to do what they Demand as a proof of his knowledge, power or love
Bill - ) A writing binding the signer or signers to pay a certain sum at a future day or on Demand, with or without interest, as may be stated in the document
Meekness - The meek do not Demand revenge, but leave the matter in God’s hands (Numbers 12:1-3; Numbers 16:4-5; 1 Peter 2:20-23). At the same time he Demanded that they accept his lordship in their daily lives (Matthew 11:28-30; cf
Right - Higher ethical judgments, too, many under certain circumstances Demand the waiving of undoubted rights
Prudence - The idea of prudence, says one, includes due consultation: that is, concerning such things as Demand consultation in a right manner, and for a competent time, that the resolution taken up may be neither too precipitate nor too slow; and a faculty of discerning proper means when they occur
Action - ) A suit or process, by which a Demand is made of a right in a court of justice; in a broad sense, a judicial proceeding for the enforcement or protection of a right, the redress or prevention of a wrong, or the punishment of a public offense
Jeroboam - On the king’s death he returned, and although he did not appear on the scene when the northern tribes made their Demand of Rehoboam, he was probably actively enlisted in the movement
Tender - ) To offer in payment or satisfaction of a Demand, in order to save a penalty or forfeiture; as, to tender the amount of rent or debt
Bill - ) A writing binding the signer or signers to pay a certain sum at a future day or on Demand, with or without interest, as may be stated in the document
Cause - A suit or action in court any legal process which a party institutes to obtain his Demand, or by which he seeks his right or his supposed right
Judge - Cases may arise, however, where Christians feel they should Demand their legal rights in order to clear Christianity of false accusations (Acts 16:36-39; Acts 22:25; Acts 25:10-11)
Meat - ...
"The prayer to God, Give us this day our daily bread, is accompanied by the Demand on God's part, Give Me today My daily bread. This Demand is answered by the church when it offers to God in good works that for which God has endowed it with strength, benediction, and prosperity
New Commandment - There is no indication of a wider Demand, in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount and the parable of the Good Samaritan. In outward form the Demand was an old one, and this is acknowledged in the Synoptic parallels by the quotation from Leviticus. The true originality of the moral Demand of Jesus consisted in its breaking away from the idea of outward requirement. Paul, in full accordance with the Synoptics, Demanded a new spirit (cf
Spices - From very early times spices were in great Demand among the peoples of Palestine and surrounding countries
Insurrection - Such men had a deep hold on the popular sympathy, which goes to explain the strong Demand of the people for the release of their hero, and the interest which the priests showed on behalf of Barabbas, notwithstanding their pretence to holiness
Dust - To throw dust was a sign of contempt (2 Samuel 16:13 ), though to throw it in the air may have been a Demand for justice (Acts 22:23 )
Abomination - ...
Pharaoh was so moved by the fourth plague, that while he refused the Demand of Moses, he offered a compromise, granting to the Israelites permission to hold their festival and offer their sacrifices in Egypt
Answer - His defence was skilfully directed in each case to the rebutting of the charges, to the conciliation of his judges, and to the Demand that as a Roman citizen he should be tried before Caesar. ) interprets it of the baptismal question or Demand
Commandments - ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ Demands chastity of heart as well as of outward act. He subordinates the law of the Sabbath to the requirements of duty and humanity (Mark 2:27, Luke 6:9; Luke 13:15-16); He confronts the formal piety of His time with the Divine Demand as stated by Hosea: ‘I will have mercy and not sacrifice’ (Matthew 9:13; Matthew 12:7); He challenges the whole system of rules concerning meat and drink by His great principle, ‘that which cometh out, not that which goeth in, defileth a man’ (Matthew 15:11, Mark 7:15). The Law in its multiplicity runs back to the two root-demands of love to God and love to men. The love to man which it Demands is the outward expression, the evidence and effect of love to God (cf. His Demand is for an inward disposition so attempered to the will of God that it yields a spontaneous obedience. This Demand is implicit in the ‘summary,’ couched though it is in the terms of formal enactment. (a) Its Demands are positive as distinguished from the old system of prohibitory rule. (b) The ethic of Jesus makes an absolute Demand in contrast to the limited requirements of the ancient Law. This absolute Demand is likewise involved in the substitution of an inward spirit for a statutory law. What He Demands in the last resort is a change of nature such as can be effected only by faith in Him and possession of His spirit
Sign - , Matthew 12:38,39 (1st part); John 2:11 , RV, "signs;" John 3:2 (ditto); 4:54, "(the second) sign," RV; John 10:41 (ditto); 20:30; in 1 Corinthians 1:22 , "the Jews ask for signs," RV, indicates that the Apostles were met with the same Demand from Jews as Christ had been: "signs were vouchsafed in plenty, signs of God's power and love, but these were not the signs which they sought
Aaron - Left, on Moses' departure into Sinai, to guide the people, Aaron is tried for a moment on his own responsibility, and he fails from a weak inability to withstand the Demand of the people for visible "gods to go before them," by making an image of Jehovah, in the well-known form of Egyptian idolatry (Apis or Mnevis)
Justice - The equal protection of each person in civil and judicial procedures is represented in the Demand for due process ( Deuteronomy 16:18-20 ). Jesus affirmed for His day the centrality of the Old Testament Demand for justice (Matthew 23:23 ). The same caring for the needy groups of the society is Demanded of the ruler (Psalm 72:4 ; Ezekiel 34:4 ; Jeremiah 22:15-16 ). ...
Justice is also a central Demand on all people who bear the name of God. Its claim is so basic that without it other central Demands and provisions of God are not acceptable to God
Sennacherib - Lachish fell, and the Tartan, the Rab-sbakeh and Rab-saris were sent to Demand the surrender of Jerusalem ( 2 Kings 19:8 ff
Answer - ) To be or act in compliance with, in fulfillment or satisfaction of, as an order, obligation, Demand; as, he answered my claim upon him; the servant answered the bell
Prayer - In the synoptic Gospels the word used in connection with Christ is that most commonly employed for "praying," but in John's gospel the word is that generally rendered, 'ask' or, 'demand
Samuel - ...
Their Demand of a king, in view of the advanced age of Samuel and the vile character of his sons, showed a great want of faith in God and of submission to his will
Perfect - God is free from incompleteness; He can, therefore, Demand from believers, and enable them to receive, completeness (Matthew 5:48 )
Pitcher - 3) must have been employed on that day; but the Demand for water for ordinary purposes alone will suggest the inference that in a city whose population was so enormously increased, the pitcher borne by this slave could pot be distinctive
Surpliced Choir - But after awhile when the Church here got more thoroughly established andbegan to put on strength we find that its growing devotion Demandedthe restoration of the vested choir. This Demand became so generalthat to-day there are very few parishes in which the music is notthus rendered
Thomas - " But he said with an unreasonable Demand for sense evidence which is alien to the very idea of faith, and at the same time with language that marks the vivid impression which his Lord's body nailed on the cross had made on his mind, "except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side (one sense, seeing, is not enough; not even feeling also will satisfy him unless he feels with both hand and finger the spear mark as well as the nail marks) I will not and cannot believe" (oumee pisteusoo ). The case of Thomas does not sanction but condemns skepticism, for if others were to Demand the same tangible visible proofs as Thomas Demanded miracles would have to be so continual as to cease to be miraculous, and sight would supersede faith
Moses - ]'>[4] ’s message, and Demand permission from Pharaoh to sacrifice in the wilderness. Moses spoke to the elders and they believed; and then they made their Demand to Pharaoh, which led to his increased severity ( Exodus 4:10-12 ; Exodus 4:29-31 , Exodus 5:3 ; Exodus 5:6 ; Exodus 5:23 , Exodus 6:1 ). Moses returned to Egypt, meeting Aaron on the way; they made their Demand to Pharaoh, and were refused ( Exodus 4:17 f
Bibles, Chained - This demonstrates how strong was the popular Demand for an open Bible in the medieval Church, and how earnestly the Church strove to make that open Bible a reality for all its communicants
Chained Bibles - This demonstrates how strong was the popular Demand for an open Bible in the medieval Church, and how earnestly the Church strove to make that open Bible a reality for all its communicants
Nahash - Saul, enraged at this cruel Demand, summoned all Israel, slew, and dispersed the Ammonite host
Servant - Paul sent back Onesimus, a runaway slave, to his master, who was a Christian, and did not Demand his liberation: but he beautifully puts before Philemon that he should possess Onesimus no longer as a slave, but as a brother beloved
Abijah - His conduct, along with that of his brother, as a judge in Beer-sheba, to which office his father had appointed him, led to popular discontent, and ultimately provoked the people to Demand a royal form of government
Aaron - While Moses was absent in Mount Sinai receiving the law, Aaron weakly yielded to the people's Demand to have some image of a deity for them to worship
Belief (2) - And all through the experience of man, belief is an expression of human need, and is the Demand which a living creature makes on the Universe for a place to live in, to grow in, and to furnish itself with what shall satisfy its need. Thus the initial postulate of belief is that it is in a world in which it may make itself at home, and the final Demand of belief in developed humanity is that it shall find itself in a rational, intelligible world, in which its ideals of unity, intelligibility, beauty, and worth may and will find their realization. They are postulates, and are Demands which our nature makes on the Universe. So the vision grew; and as one personality after another revealed to men the possible synthesis of the ideal greatness of a perfect personality, men were educated to perceive what they ought to Demand in the ideal of a perfect personality in whom they might completely and absolutely trust. And each part of man’s complex nature makes its own Demand and contributes its own share towards the realization of the ideal. Our intelligent nature Demands unity and intelligibility in the Universe, and in Him in whom the Universe lives and moves and has its being. Our moral nature Demands its ideal of perfect goodness, righteousness, and holiness in order to meet the needs of our moral nature, and to give us scope for the exercise of reverence towards that which is above us, love towards all that helps and sustains us, and benevolence towards all that needs our help. The aesthetic nature furnishes its ideal of perfect beauty and harmony, and Demands that reality shall meet this as it meets every other Demand. The heart Demands goodness and love, and furnishes in its own action the type of what it Demands. First, as to the Demands which our needs make on Christ; and, second, as to His ability to meet them. The main Demands of our nature may be summed up in the ideals we have noted above: the Demand for unity, the Demand for purity, the longing for beauty and harmony, the thirst for love and goodness and fulness of life. The Demand for unity, and the belief that unity is there, have led men on towards the conquest of the world,—which conquest has embodied itself, so far as it has gone, in the sciences and their practical applications and in the philosophies of the world. The Demand for beauty and harmony, and its result in the poetries, arts, and beautiful human constructions, and in increasing appreciations of the beauty of the Universe; the Demand for goodness, righteousness, love, which has embodied itself in the ethical and spiritual life of the world, are illustrations of the faith of man in the unity, beauty, goodness, and worth of reality, and his own achievements are tributes to the validity of his faith
Ark of Noah - It is thus referred to in 1 Peter 3:20,21 , "into which few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water: which figure also now saves you, [1] baptism, not a putting away of [2] filth of flesh, but [2] Demand as before God of a good conscience, by [2] resurrection of Jesus Christ
Saul - The people Demand a king, which Samuel interprets to be a rejection of Jehovah, their true king, and Saul, after protest, is elected by lot at Mizpah. He remained quietly at home till Nahash’s cruel Demand that the men of Jabesh-gilead should surrender to him, and each one lose the right eye, roused him
Justice - ...
When Jesus told his followers that they were not to Demand ‘an eye for an eye’, he was not undermining the basis of civil justice (which does Demand ‘an eye for an eye’ and positively ‘returns evil for evil’ by imposing a penalty to fit the offence)
Vengeance - Such a view characterizing the Old Testament as absolute Demand for vengeance overlooks Joseph's forgiving his brothers (Genesis 45:1-4 ) and David's sparing the lives of Saul (1 Samuel 26 ) and later Saul's family (2 Samuel 9:9-13 )
Declamation - The dogmatic requires a plain uniform tone of voice only, and the menaces of God's word Demand a greater force than its promises and rewards; but the latter should not be pronounced in the soft tone of a flute, nor the former with the loud sound of a trumpet
Discharge - To free from claim or Demand to give an acquittance to, or a receipt in full, as to a debtor
Matter - Subject of complaint suit Demand
Answer - God tells Israel that before they besiege a city they should Demand its surrender
Joab - ...
The darker side of Joab’s character is to be seen in his vindictiveness and ruthless cruelty ; for although it is only fair to plead the spirit of the age, the exigencies of the State’s weal, and the Demand of blood-revenge, yet the treacherous and bloodthirsty acts of which Joab was guilty constitute a dark blot upon his character (see 2 Samuel 3:22-27 , 1 Kings 11:16 ; cf
Sing - ”...
Rânan is often used to express joy, exultation, which seems to Demand loud singing, especially when it is praise to God: “Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee” ( Burden, Burdened, Burdensome - A — 1: βάρος (Strong's #922 — — baros — bar'-os ) denotes "a weight, anything pressing on one physically," Matthew 20:12 , or "that makes a Demand on one's resources," whether material, 1 Thessalonians 2:6 (to be burdensome), or spiritual, Galatians 6:2 ; Revelation 2:24 , or religious, Acts 15:28
Portion - ’...
In one single instance ‘portion’ or ‘part’ occurs in the unique sense of one of the ways in which God is served; but here the word is μερίς, not μὲρος (Luke 10:42 ‘Mary hath chosen the good part’; the context seems to Demand the sense of ‘the best part’)
Supralapsarians - We Demand, say they, an explanation of what they mean by this principle. ...
Again; we Demand how, according to this hypothesis, it can be conceived that God is not the author of sin? In the general scheme of our churches, God only permits men to sin, and it is the abuse of liberty that plunges man into misery: even this principle, all lenified as it seems, is yet subject to a great number of difficulties; but in this scheme, God wills sin to produce the end he proposed in creating the world, and it was necessary that men should sin: God created them for that
Napoleon i - From the failure of the Russian campaign (after which the tentative Concordat of 1813 was made law despite Pius's protests), the gradual circumscription of Napoleon's power modified his attitude until, on Demand of the allies, 1814, Pius was conducted to Piacenza and liberated
Fundamental Theology - What means God may use thus to speak to man, what utility there is in the communication, how man is to judge between genuine and spurious revelation, these are questions that next Demand satisfactory answers. What its Founder's intention is as to the constitution of the Church, next Demands attention
Judging - Paul’s Demand, ‘Why dost thou judge thy brother?’ ( Romans 14:10 ), his injunction, ‘Let us not therefore judge one another’ ( Romans 14:13 ), his bold claim that he that is spiritual is judged of no man ( 1 Corinthians 2:15 )
Circumcision - But Paul would by no means consent to the Demand that Titus should be circumcised (Galatians 2:3-5 )
Debt - This consideration makes for the modern view, that the passage implies only the suspension for a year of the creditor’s right to Demand payment
Alexander the Great - While besieging Tyre Alexander sent to Demand the submission of the Jews; but was told they were faithful vassals of Darius
Theology, Fundamental - What means God may use thus to speak to man, what utility there is in the communication, how man is to judge between genuine and spurious revelation, these are questions that next Demand satisfactory answers. What its Founder's intention is as to the constitution of the Church, next Demands attention
Mouth Lips - The same idea underlies the Demand that the mouths of evil speakers be stopped (Titus 1:11, ἐπιστομίζειν; cf
Forgiveness - God alone can grant this forgiveness (Mark 2:7; Mark 2:10; Acts 5:31), but sinners are in no position to Demand it of him
Denial - It is admitted that ‘His earlier Demand that men should fulfil the condition of participation in the Kingdom of God by repentance and trust in the message of salvation, became narrowed down afterwards to the Demand that men should unite themselves to Him as the Messiah, and cleave fast to Him in trust’ (Wendt, Teaching, ii
Scribes - The result was a greater Demand for copies of the law, and consequently greater prominence for the scribes (Nehemiah 8:1-4; Nehemiah 8:8; Nehemiah 9:3)
Breath - Ultimately, they are responsible to God because He has the right to Demand that they be put to death (Deuteronomy 20:16 ; Joshua 10:40 )
Unrighteousness - One unfaltering Demand is made of the Christian in the primitive Church-he must ‘depart from iniquity’ (2 Timothy 2:19). Due thought of God’s perfect righteousness, together with man’s relation to Him, Demands this heightening of the conception of unrighteousness
Right (2) - His teaching is at once a Demand for that which is right and the source of all instruction about it. Our Lord contrasts the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees with that which He Demanded from His followers (Matthew 5:20)
Samuel - Samuel foreshadowed Elijah in his call for rain during the wheat harvest, the usual dry season, as vindication of his word of judgment concerning Israel's Demand for a king (1 Samuel 12:17-18 )
Sinners - To the latter the Law came with the inexorable Demand for absolute and complete obedience, as something to be dreaded, therefore
Take - ) To employ; to use; to occupy; hence, to Demand; to require; as, it takes so much cloth to make a coat
Daniel the Prophet - But they declared that this was an unheard-of Demand
Answer - " It was used by the Greeks in a legal sense, as a "demand or appeal
King, Kings - " Their Demand for a king was offensive to him, as an unbelieving and rebellious departure from the more immediate headship of Jehovah, 1 Samuel 8:7
Day of Atonement - The sprinkling of the blood on the mercy seat reminded Israelites that even at the climax of their highest religious exercise, they could still not Demand forgiveness
Oven - The ordinary village usually has one of these, in which baking is done on three or more days of the week, and the towns are furnished with a larger number in daily use on account of the increased Demand
Fear - God's work, His power, majesty, and holiness evoke fear and Demand acknowledgment. ...
Fear as obedience Deuteronomy sets out a relationship between the fear of God and the observance of the Demands of the covenant. Fear becomes a Demand that can be learned (Deuteronomy 17:19 ). Fear of God was a requirement Demanded from every judge (Exodus 18:21 )
Poverty of Spirit - From those who would enter into His Kingdom our Lord Demands this receptivity, which in His own time He found, almost exclusively, among the poor,—the common people who heard Him gladly (Mark 12:37). The rich man could boast, like the Pharisee in the parable, that he was not as other men, since he had fulfilled to the letter every Demand of the Law. It is not, however, an outward poverty that our Lord Demands, but a ‘poverty or spirit,’ an inward renunciation. There may be no Demand for a literal abandonment of worldly possessions, but the true disciple will hold them indifferent. Among the poor of His own land and time our Lord discovered the truest examples of the receptive, humble, unworldly temper which He Demanded in His followers
Saul, King of Israel - After Israel’s Demand to have a king as the other nations, God directed Samuel to Saul
Deacon - The qualifications Demanded of them ( Acts 6:8 , cf. That it had to do with the distribution of Church moneys, and so brought temptations to pilfering, is further suggested by the Demand that the deacon should not be greedy of filthy lucre ( 1 Timothy 3:8 ) and that his female counterpart should be ‘faithful ( i
Courage - The Demand for courage is all the more severe that it is not the courage of resisting, but of enduring wrong
Epiphanius, Patriarch of Constantinople - , the successor of Hormisdas, became thoroughly alarmed; and in 525, at the Demand of Theodoric, proceeded to Constantinople to obtain the revocation of the edict against the Arians and get their churches restored to them (Marcellin
Julianus, Bishop of Cos - 449 he was present at the synod in Constantinople, granted by the emperor at the Demand of Eutyches to verify the records of the former council
Theophany - It is also clear that in the events at the Jabbok ford, Jacob somehow received a revelation through an encounter with God, although neither a strict reading of the text (Genesis 32:22-32 ) nor its later interpretation by Hosea (12:3-4) Demand a theophany
Godliness - In the Pastoral Epistles, however, it is justification by faith and the specifically religious relation to God which are in the background; while the ethical Demand of Christianity comes to the front in connexion with a fresh idea-that of adhesion to the Church, its doctrine and practice
Gervasius - Two distinct points Demand attention: 1st, the finding of the bodies; 2nd, the reputed miracles
Masona, Bishop of Merida - Eulalia, his persecution at the hands of Leovigild, who sent two Arian bishops, Sunna and Nepopis, at different times, to undermine Masona's influence and oust him from his church, his intercourse with Leovigild at Toledo, where his resistance to the king's Demand led to his exile, and his final restoration to his see after Leovigild's various supernatural warnings
Christ, Christology - " Scholars note "the radical nature of the Demand, " in view of which it should be asked what sort of person would make such a claim except one who is certain of his divine calling and the presence of God's reign in his ministry. In making such an absolute Demand of his hearers, Jesus implies that he considers himself absolutely worth following. , " which underscores the radical nature of Jesus' Demand and points to his sense of messianic confidence. Jesus' use of the personal pronoun "I" in the formula "I tell you the truth" lends additional weight not only to the Demand but to the view that Jesus is indwelling the saying with an intentional authority as he understands himself to have the right to make Demands that only God has the right to make
Incarnation (2) - ...
Therianthropic polytheism, as in the religion of Egypt, however gross and repulsive it may seem to be, finds its strength in the Demand for vital union with the Divine source of life. Anthropomorphic polytheism, as in the religion of Greece, even though its religious aspect may be overlaid by its aesthetic beauty, has yet its roots in the elemental Demand for union with the Divine principle of being. In those religions which for good or evil have recoiled from all contact with space and time, as in the pantheism which is the substratum even to-day of the Hindu consciousness, the Demand has become clear and passionste. ’ From them, again, it has descended, in ever deepening complexity, to the days when the absolute idealism of Hegel is met by the Demand to do justice to the reality and independence of the Self. ...
(b) The other system, which expresses the Demand of the age for union with God, and which helps us to understand the attitude of the Greek mind toward Christianity, when it came forth with its great message of reconciliation accomplished, was that which originated with Philo, and which at a later stage, as elaborated by Plotinus, presented itself as a rival to Christianity. Do the facts regarding Him warrant the transcendent claim made on His behalf? Is this man Divine as well as human? Does He indeed meet the Demand for union with God? These questions must not be approached with any dogmatic presuppositions
Blasphemy - That emperor, ‘probably the wickedest man who ever lived’ (Renan), was the first to Demand that Divine honours should be paid to himself in his lifetime
Form - ...
Two other passages in the Epistles Demand consideration
Joannes, Bishop of Antioch - " Relying on imperial favour, John strove in vain to persuade the Ephesians to Demand a new bishop in the place of Memnon. The emperor, at the urgent Demand of Celestine, had pronounced the banishment of Nestorius. John might not unreasonably fear a Demand for his own deposition. But the Demand for the condemnation of the appended extracts called forth indignant protests
Sabbath - Experience also proves that the moral and spiritual necessities of men also Demand a Sabbath of rest
Cross - To supply the enormous Demand, they were alleged to have been miraculously multiplied! In the church of the Holy Jerusalem Cross at Rome, relics of the top of the cross with the inscription are annually exhibited to the people for veneration
Egypt - For the Deuteronomist, the right of God to Demand worship from his people is based partly on his historic role as liberator
Draw - ) To make a draft or written Demand for payment of money deposited or due; - usually with on or upon
Dinooth, Dinothus, Abbat of Bangor Iscoed - For any internal evidence to the contrary, the "Answer" might have been penned in reply to some Demand made upon the British church by the see of Canterbury centuries after Dinooth
Jacobus, Bishop of Nisibis - On the vacancy of the see of his native city he was compelled by the popular Demand to become bishop
Romans, Book of - The best understanding of justification is one which includes both the new status of a person before God and the new life that this status Demands. Salvation is thus, according to Paul, both God's gift of a righteous status before Him in Christ (Romans 6:23 ) and God's Demand to live the new life which Christ makes possible. Paul, for example affirmed the gift—”you have been freed from sin” (Romans 6:22 NRSV); but in the same context he exhorted his readers to live up to the Demand—”Present your members as slaves to righteousness” ( Romans 6:19 NRSV). In this life (in the flesh) believers must rise to the Demand of God's gift to us through Christ and walk “according to the Spirit” (Romans 8:4-8 )
Black People And Biblical Perspectives - The preacher who only “tells the story” is in less Demand
Circumcision - This Demand required them to recognize that, in addition to bearing the physical mark of covenant membership, they were also under obligation to manifest specific spiritual qualities of commitment and obedience to the Lord's will. Jeremiah (4:4) made precisely the same Demands upon his contemporaries because of their evil deeds, which were the very opposite of what God required
Forgiveness - ...
An emphasis upon God's Demand for a repentant heart as the basis for forgiveness, while not totally absent earlier (see Ps
Judgment Day - Paul's discussion in Romans 2:1-16 underscores that Demand for obedient commitment to Christ as well
Trial of Jesus - The Jews had to convince a Roman judge that their Demand for capital punishment was justified
Altar - ), in accordance with the fundamental Demand of the Deuteronomic law-code ( Deuteronomy 12:1 ff
Barabbas - ...
Only one Barabbas meets us in the Gospels, the criminal whom Pilate released instead of Jesus at the Demand of the people
Unbelief (2) - He makes’ large Demands for faith, trust, belief; what He will not have is that mere credulity which bespeaks the inert mind, that superficiality which is ready to assent to anything. By implication, a Demand is made that tests be applied, discrimination exercised. —A characteristic feature should be duly noted, the enhanced Demand for belief in the Son of God (‘statt der Sache überall nur die Person’ is the distinction drawn by Wernle [1]). How then should they have ready acceptance for the One in whom another, and a higher, revelation had been given?...
The attitude of the rulers referred to in John 12:42-43 Demands consideration
James, Theology of - Central to this "law" is Jesus' own Demand that we love one another (2:8): a Demand that he scolds his readers for violating when they show favoritism toward the rich (2:1-7)
Reconcilation - He did not Demand satisfaction be given by someone because His honor and dignity had been degraded by a person or by humanity, nor did a person have to offer up sacrifice to placate His hostility
Truth - Some “forbid marriage and Demand abstinence from foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth” (1 Timothy 4:3 NRSV
Circumcision - ...
So he resisted the Demand that Titus should be circumcised; for, being a Greek, Titus did not fall under the rule of expediency that Jewish born Christians should be circumcised, as Timothy was (Acts 15; Acts 16:1; Acts 16:3; Galatians 2:3-5)
Ointment - A great Demand arose for ointments as people attempted to protect themselves against the hot wind from the desert and the arid condition of the land
Word - Three aspects of this word Demand special attention. This word of God addressed human beings and Demanded a response. This word also Demands response: faithful obedience will bring God's blessing while disobedience will lead to a curse ( Deuteronomy 30:15-20 ). As in the Old Testament, so also Jesus' word Demanded decision on the part of the hearers (John 8:51 ; John 12:47 )
Neighbor - Essentially, then, the Mosaic laws Demand both compassion and justice to be guaranteed for the foreigner because God loves the sojourner (Deuteronomy 10:18 )
Enthusiasm - His Demands on His disciples to abandon all, and to cleave to Him (Luke 9:60; Luke 9:62; Luke 14:26), and the Beatitudes He pronounced on the spiritually aspiring, and on the persecuted (Matthew 5:6; Matthew 5:12), spring from the same inward source. When Jesus presented the same contrast in His Demand to Nicodemus (John 3:5), it is not probable that He referred to judgment, but to the inspiration which He brought to men in His ministry, the enthusiasm for God and His kingdom which He imparted
Discipline (2) - Mark 1:17-18), our Lord assumed His right to claim from His followers that utter self-repudiation, and confidently expected on their part a willing response to His Demand (Matthew 9:9; Matthew 19:21)
Goel - If the thirst of vengeance is quenched by a price paid to the family of the deceased, this tribute is called thliluasa, or, ‘the price of blood;' but neither princes nor usdens accept such compensation, as it is an established law among them to Demand blood for blood. " "When a man or woman is murdered," says Malcolm, "the moment the person by whom the act was perpetrated is discovered, the heir-at-law to the deceased Demands vengeance for the blood
Right - We often have occasion to Demand and sue for rights not in possession
Prophet - The germs both of the prophetic and of the regal order are found in the law as given to the Israelites by Moses, (13:1; 18:20; 17:18) but they were not yet developed, because there was not yet the Demand for them
Victor, Bishop of Capua - The discrepancies between index and text Demand a date considerably before the latter limit but it must have been made after the Vulgate had become well known and popular which was not till long after it appeared
Pharaoh - What! Moses! of all men in the world, to come into my presence with a Demand like that! Had Moses been some great ambassador who had come in a ship from some far country; had Moses and Aaron come with great gifts and in a great name to negotiate a royal league with Egypt, Pharaoh would have done them honour. But, all the time, the evil seed of all Pharaoh's after life and death of sin lay at the heart of that innocent-looking, hopeful-sounding Demand. For, innocent as it looked, and hopeful as it sounded, Pharaoh's Demand put upon God, and upon Moses and Aaron, the first step of Pharaoh's repentance and obedience
Paul in Arabia - Only, it will Demand all that is within the most Paul-like writer, to fit him out for his splendid enterprise. It will Demand, and it will repay, all his learning, and all his intellect, and all his imagination, and all his sinfulness, and all his salvation
Lazarus - ...
God's great Demands that He sometimes makes on His great saints, is the great lesson that Lazarus teaches us. And, accordingly, that God made His greatest Demands on His own lowly-minded Son, the meekest and the most self-emptied of all men. A Demand on Lazarus that made his divine Friend mourn and weep for him, as he came down to earth to comply with the Demand. ...
Now, God's work in this world Demands this very same meekness, and lowly-mindedness, and self-emptiness, and laying aside of our own glory, from some men among us every day. Who will offer themselves to take up the kenotic succession? Some humiliation, some self-emptying, some surrender, as of heaven itself in exchange for earth, may be Demanded of you as your contribution to the glory of God, and to the glory of the Son of God
Desire, Desirous - 3, with epi, intensive, "to ask, interrogate, inquire of, consult, or to Demand of a person;" in Matthew 16:1 , RV, "asked
Abstain, Abstinence - Careful biblical interpretation, however, requires that the choice to abstain be made for reasons other than the Demand of the biblical pattern
Mansion - ...
In John 14:2, however, the immediate mention of ‘a place’ seems to Demand a concrete meaning for μοναί, though it has no parallel elsewhere
Circumcision - The Judaizing party found that an uncircumcised Gentile-Titus-had been brought into their midst, and they immediately Demanded his circumcision. With this Demand St
Chapters - His son, Henry Stephens, was the first to record this for the reformation of posterity, in the preface to his Greek Concordance to the New Testament; in which he says, that two facts connected with it equally Demand our admiration: "The first is that my father, while travelling from Paris to Lyons, finished this division of each chapter into verses, and indeed the greater part of it [2] when riding on his horse
Election - ...
No one can argue with God concerning his work of election, for the entire human race is guilty before him and in no position to Demand mercy from him
Circumcision - The Judaizing party found that an uncircumcised Gentile-Titus-had been brought into their midst, and they immediately Demanded his circumcision. With this Demand St
Servant of the Lord - ...
(1) Two passages have been considered to Demand a distinction between the servant and Israel. One of these, Isaiah 53:8 , as already stated, certainly does Demand it, if the text be sound; but this is doubtful
Henoticon, the - " The Demand of Hormisdas for the public anathematization of the authors and maintainers of the "Henoticon" was indignantly rejected by Anastasius. He had seconded all the measures of Anastasius, but at the Demand of the mob he now hastily assembled a synod of 40 bishops, which anathematized all upholders of the "Henoticon," recalled the banished bishops, and deposed the so-called usurpers. Hormisdas profited by the favourable opportunity to press his Demands, which were admitted without question. Fresh disturbances were created when it was found that Hormisdas Demanded the condemnation of all who had communicated with Acacius, and turned a deaf ear to the repeated applications of both emperor and patriarch for some relaxation of these terms (Evagr
Relics - As the Demand for relics was prodigious and universal, the clergy employed the utmost dexterity to satisfy all Demands, and were far from being nice in the methods they used for that end
Prayer - Job's Demand for answers from God was eclipsed by the awesome privilege of encountering Him (Job 38-41 )
Sign - The New Testament often rebukes the Demand for a sign to confirm God's work (Matthew 16:1 ; John 2:18 ; John 4:48 ; 1 Corinthians 1:22 )
House (2) - First the natural cave would be used, and, as there was Demand, artificially enlarged
Self-Examination - In Christian discipleship, the most arduous, as it is the most noble, of all pursuits, there is the same imperative Demand
God - His purposes, His ways, and what He has done for sinful man, all Demand universal reverence, adoration, and worship
Diana - Among her other attributes was that of goddess of childbirth, goddess of women in general, especially goddess of death (particularly for women), and as such she Demanded human sacrifice. The Demand for offerings decreased; hence the meeting and the riot
Ordination - Surely all may agree thus far, that various forms or modes, seeming to be used in the mission or ordination of ministers in primitive times, may give a reasonable occasion or colour for sincere and honest searchers after truth to follow different opinions on this head, and do therefore Demand our candid and charitable sentiments concerning those who differ from us
Praise - God may Demand praise from His creatures in commands transmitted to them through prophets and Apostles, but if man praises Him from the heart, it is because of the imperative Inseparable from the very being and nature of God
Perfection (Human) - It will Demand the constant exercise of love towards enemies as well as friends, towards Gentiles as well as Jews, towards the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:43-48). ...
To many persons ‘counsels of perfection’ are synonymous with ‘demands of the impossible. Absolute perfection belongs to God, and is Demanded of no one of His creatures
Son of God - On the contrary, the closeness of the ethicoreligious relation may be such as to Demand a metaphysical relationship of an intimate and peculiar kind between Father and Son. In like manner the Messiahship of Jesus may rest on a spiritual and ethical relationship to God; but this may be of so intimate a kind as to Demand a peculiar relationship to the Father physically or metaphysically; and in all the Gospels there is reference, more or less, to all the three. ...
Another passage which is confidently appealed to as demonstrating the identity of meaning between the two terms, is the Demand addressed by the high priest to Jesus, on His trial, to say whether He were ‘the Christ, the Son of God
Ibas, Bishop of Edessa - The same Demand was made by Proclus of all the Eastern bishops; but Ibas and the bishops generally refused to condemn Theodore's propositions ( ib. On his Demand to be restored in accordance with the verdict of Photius and Eustathius at Berytus and Tyre, the Acts of that synod were read, and the next day the pope's legates gave their opinion that Ibas, being unlawfully deposed, should be at once restored
Ethics - The three are: (1) the Bible's moral statements were meant to be applied to a universal class of peoples, times, and conditions, (2) Scripture's teaching has a consistency about it so that it presents a common front to the same questions in all its parts and to all cultures past and present; (3) the Bible purports to direct our action or behavior when it makes a claim or a Demand. Ethics is a response to grace in love not a response to Demand in fear
Baptism, Christian - ' One may reasonably Demand very stringent proofs before accepting this as a fair representation of the sort of welcome Christ offers to parents who come to his door bringing their children with them
Heresy - when the eyes of the Christian world began to open, and the seeds of the Protestant religion (under the opprobrious name of Lollardy) took root in this kingdom, the clergy, taking advantage from the king's dubious title to Demand an increase of their own power, obtained an act of parliament, which sharpened the edge of persecution to its utmost keenness. Sir Matthew Hale is, indeed, of a different opinion, and holds that such power resided in the diocesan also: though he agrees that in either case the writ de haeretico comburendo was not Demandable of common right, but grantable or otherwise merely at the king's discretion
War - God alone can Demand absolute obedience (cf
Gentiles (2) - ...
There are two passages in the Gospels which Demand a passing notice, as they might seem at first sight to be in opposition to our Lord’s usual attitude towards the Gentiles
Amos - Practical righteousness is God's ultimate Demand of His people (Amos 5:21-27 )
Run - ) To make numerous drafts or Demands for payment, as upon a bank; - with on. ) A continuing urgent Demand; especially, a pressure on a bank or treasury for payment of its notes
New Testament - The Demand for written and authentic narratives was forcibly realized only when Apostles and eye-witnesses began to pass away (2 Peter 1:15 ff
English Versions - As time went on, however, and monasteries were founded, many of whose inmates were imperfectly acquainted either with English or with Latin, a Demand arose for English translations of the Scriptures. The earliest form, so far as is known, in which this Demand was met was the poem of Caedmon , the work of a monk of Whitby in the third quarter of the 7th cent. For the Latin Bible (the form in which the Scriptures had hitherto been mainly known in Western Europe) there was indeed so great a Demand, that no less than 124 editions of it are said to have been issued before the end of the 15th century; but it was only slowly that scholars realized the importance of utilizing the printing press for the circulation of the Scriptures, either in their original tongues, or in the vernaculars of Europe
Ethics - ...
Appealing simply to his own moral insight Amos Demands that Israel turn from her petty gods to seek him who made heaven and earth, day and night; who through repeated recent catastrophes has wrestled with Israel's waywardness, and will yet bring judgment upon all crimes against humanity, wherever committed. It Demands "a heart to know, " and a simple, contended, just, and generous mind. How seriously this Demand was taken may be judged from the most searching confession ever penned (Psalm 51 ), and the moving testimonies to God's forgiveness (103:8-14, five times). ...
In the psalms cries for righteousness are heard repeatedly, sometimes impatiently, Demanding that God will arise, wake up, stir himself to intervene within his world. ...
The Baptist's manner, his Demand for repentance, and his regime of fasting and prayer appealed to the new ascetic tendency (Matthew 11:16-18 ; Mark 2:18 ; Luke 11:1 ), adding prophetic authority
Miracle - It also discloses God's merciful initiatives prior to his giving of the law (20:1-2); in the Old Testament as in the New Testament, salvation by grace precedes God's Demands for good works. Whereas the Synoptics use "signs" in a negative sense as that which unbelieving skeptics Demand but do not receive save for the resurrection as the "sign of Jonah" (Matthew 12:38-42 ), John consistently speaks of Jesus' miracles as "signs" meant to lead people to faith in Christ (2:11; 4:54; Demand, if only one exercises adequate faith
Matthew, Theology of - 5-7), a sermon that is designed by Matthew to present to the church the covenantal Demand of God for the new people of God. Matthew's Gospel is synonymous with the Demand of God for righteousness. If Jesus Demanded that his followers obey him, and those who were obedient to his will would be called "righteous, " it is also the case that he called his followers to a life of love: for God and for others
Individual - They are not concerned to reform institutions or Demand new laws. The very idea of a reality so important as to be inextinguishable, while all its manifestations Demand its extinction, he would ascribe to the pernicious influence of the abstract Platonic idea of the soul
Moses - Moses posed his Demands to the Pharaoh, announced a sign that undergirded the Demand, secured some concession from the Pharaoh on the basis of the negotiations, but failed to win the release of the people
Family - A childless widow could Demand, though not enforce, re-marriage with her brother-in-law ( 1618401015_50 )
Error - ...
There are a few striking illustrations of these principles in the Gospels which Demand our attention
Sincerity - It is also clear that Christ Demanded of men sincerity, if they were to enter and to abide in the Kingdom of God. Nowhere is there a more stern Demand for truth and sincerity than in the Apostolic writings, which owe their inspiration to ‘the mind of Christ. ’ It is impossible to regard as one among many phases of Oriental religion a faith which in its preparatory history declared that God Demanded truth in the inward parts, and in its fulfilment manifested to the world One who was known as ‘the Truth. —Everywhere Jesus Demands reality. Oaths are condemned as likely to take from the severe Demands of truthful speech
Christianity - ...
(2) On the other hand, we must avoid the error of those who, when they insist on going ‘back to Christ,’ and Demand the substitution of the Christ of history for the Christ of dogma, assume that nothing that is supernatural can he historical, and that the Christ whom we find in the NT the Christ of the Incarnation and the Resurrection and the Atonement, the Christ who wrought miracles and claimed to be the Son of God, and was so accepted by those who had known Him in the flesh and subsequently knew Him in the Spirit is not the Jesus of history at all. And when His death and resurrection and the experiences of Pentecost had revealed Him to His followers in His fuller glory, faith in Christ crucified and risen became the first Demand of the Christian preacher ( Acts 2:36 ff; Acts 3:15 f
Antiochus - He also sent Athenobius to Jerusalem to oblige Simon to restore to him Gazara and Joppa, with the citadel of Jerusalem; and to Demand of him five hundred talents more, as reparation for injuries the king had suffered, and as tribute for his own cities. Simon Maccabaeus, prince and high priest of the Jews, being treacherously murdered by Ptolemy, his son-in-law, in the castle of Docus, near Jericho, the murderer immediately sent to Antiochus Sidetes to Demand troops, that he might recover for him the country and cities of the Jews. Three years after, Antiochus marched against the Persians, or Parthians, and Demanded the liberty of his brother Demetrius Nicanor, who had been made prisoner long before by Arsaces, and was detained for the purpose of being employed in exciting a war against Antiochus
Toleration Act - That no congregation or assembly for religious worship shall be permitted or allowed by this act until the place of such meeting shall be certified to the Bishop of the diocess, or to the Archdeacon of that archdeaconry, or to the justices of the peace at the General or Quarter Sessions of the peace for the county, city, or place in which such meeting shall be held, and registered in the said Bishop's or Archdeacon's court respectively, or recorded at the said General or Quarter Sessions; the register or clerk of the peace whereof respectively is hereby required to register the same, and to give certificate thereof to such person as shall Demand the same; for which there shall be no greater fee or reward taken than the sum of sixpence
James, the Letter - Appropriate responses to life's Demands and pressures are suggested in James 5:1 . These “works” further Demand active resistance to the devil (James 4:7 ), submission to God (James 4:7 ), and even brokenhearted repentance for sins (James 4:9 )
Holiness - ...
Three uses Demand special notice
Lord's Prayer - ) the article before ‘earth’ is omitted in some MSS; but as, by a well-known rule, the article in Greek is often implied, but not expressed, after a preposition, the omission does not Demand a change in the translation
Vengeance (2) - But this was more than a Demand for a new attitude. It is this conception of the essential love of God issuing in forgiveness, in love, that is the basis of the high Demands of Christ, and the inspiration and possibility of our response (Matthew 5:43-45; Matthew 5:48; Matthew 18:23-35, Luke 6:35
Draw - To Demand payment by an order or bill, called a draught
Circumstantiality in the Parables - And so long as the significance attached to these details is relevant to the tenor of the whole, the interpreter may well Demand on what ground it may be objected that the details in question are not to be regarded as symbolical
Euric, King of Toulouse - Euric persisted in the Demand for Auvergne, and accordingly, in return for a renewal of the foedus ("fidelibus animis foederabuntur," Sid
Jeremiah - In the course of his ministry he met with great difficulties and opposition from his countrymen of all degrees, whose persecution and ill usage sometimes wrought so far upon his mind, as to draw from him expressions, in the bitterness of his soul, which many have thought hard to reconcile with his religious principles; but which, when duly considered, may be found to Demand our pity for his unremitted sufferings, rather than our censure for any want of piety and reverence toward God
Hebrews - The Demand of the people for a king occasioned to Samuel, the prophet-judge, great disquietude; for he regarded it as a rejection of the theocratic government, 1 Samuel 8:6,7
Covenant - No human being could negotiate an agreement with God or make Demands upon him. It does not Demand obedience to a set of laws, but puts God’s laws in people’s hearts
Pity - Pity is the Demand for help, and as an object of our help Christ never appealed to men
Poverty (2) - the command to the rich young ruler, ‘Sell all that thou hast,’ Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22, in which there was evidently some personal appropriateness; the Demand was not universally made. Christ Demanded the surrender not of money in itself, but of everything that could interfere with the interests of the Kingdom of heaven; in this sense the verb ἀφίημι, ‘to give up, leave’ (Matthew 19:29, Mark 10:28, Matthew 4:20, Mark 1:18; cf
Punishment (2) - If, therefore, punishment is an expression of Love, it will contain the elements of discipline and retribution in such proportion as Love Demands. —(a) Among punishments mentioned as of general imposition are several which Demand no detailed treatment
Fact And Theory - Accordingly it is natural that a Demand for a truly undogmatic Christianity should arise, seeking to be rid not only of Scripture doctrine, but also of the rational element into which it had been distilled. ...
This Demand was made by Dreyer in his Undogmatisches Christentum, the first edition of which appeared in 1888. The liberal theology fails to satisfy the Demands of the ‘pious heart,’ while orthodox dogma is in conflict with modern culture. He will not allow our idea of history to be governed by any dogmatic supernaturalism, and consequently, at the Demand of an equally dogmatic anti-supernaturalism, he tells us the ‘myth-forming process’ is seen in the Gospel record of the life of Christ
Sanctify, Sanctification - The first Demand is for love towards God. These hints prepare us for the Demand, ‘Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 18:3 ||)
Regeneration - Many do marvel, like Nicodemus, at the strangeness and universality of this Demand of Christ; yet the strangeness will disappear, and the need of a supernatural agent to effect the change will be felt, if due consideration is given (1) to the vastness of the change, and (2) to the condition of the human nature in which the change is to be made
Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata - The Arians, anxious to destroy this proof of their complicity, persuaded Constantius to Demand, by a public functionary, the reddition of the document. ) begs a visit at the time of the festival of the martyr Eupsychius, since many things Demanded mutual consideration
Genseric, King of the Vandals - How then do you dare to make such a Demand?" and was with difficulty restrained by the entreaties of his attendants from drowning the petitioners in the adjoining sea. Sebastian evaded his Demands by a dexterous reply, which Genseric was unable to answer, but some other excuse for his execution was shortly found
Judgment - The inadequacy and inequalities of punishment here seem to Demand a final adjusting of the accounts of all men on principles of eternal equity. Judgment stands in the Gospels as the natural terminus of an aeon in the life of the race which began with Creation, was continued under a purpose and revelation of Redemption, and Demands a Judgment as its proper culmination
Son, Sonship - Yet the day also came when He illustrated in His own experience His own exacting Demand (Matthew 10:37), and showed how filial regard must yield to higher claims, summing all up in the impressive logion of Mark 3:34 f
Temptation - The desire of the people for healing (John 4:48) and bread (John 6:28), the Demand of His enemies for a sign (Matthew 16:1), the attempt to make Him a king (John 6:15), may be regarded as illustrations of the three kinds of temptation recorded
Reward - We cannot Demand recompense from the Lord, but he can sovereignly give rewards if he so wills
Sermon on the Mount - Luke's parallel, the Sermon on the Plain (6:17-49), with its 33 verses compared to Matthew's 107 or 109, does not match its detail, organization, complexity of interpretation, and unequivocal Demands. The Demand for unalloyed faith (6:25-33, esp
Goodness (Human) - But as a rule δίκαιος is not less comprehensive than ἀγαθός, covering the Divine Demand in all its reach (Romans 3:10)
Jeremiah - ...
Outline of the book...
The first six chapters of the book deal with the main features of Jeremiah’s early ministry: his call to be a prophet (1:1-19); his denunciation of Judah for its unfaithfulness, idolatry and immorality (2:1-3:5); his Demand for true, inward repentance (3:6-4:4); and his warning of the coming destruction of Jerusalem (4:5-6:30)
Temptation - The desire of the people for healing (John 4:48) and bread (John 6:28), the Demand of His enemies for a sign (Matthew 16:1), the attempt to make Him a king (John 6:15), may be regarded as illustrations of the three kinds of temptation recorded
Weights And Measures - There is some reason to suppose that even before the Roman measurement of the roads of Palestine, the Jews had a mile of 1000 paces, alluded to in ( Matthew 5:41 ) It is said to have been single or double, according to the length of the pace; and hence the peculiar force of our Lord's saying: "Whosoever shall compel thee [1] to go a mile, go with him twain" --put the most liberal construction on the Demand
Nebuchadnezzar - ...
Angel "watchers" Demand that every mortal be humbled whosoever would obscure God's glory
Discipline - The Demand for it was more urgent than aver; but, while some communities remained faithful to this duty, others grew more lax (e
Elisha - And we must not Demand of our young preachers that they shall all stride out with the same step, and pronounce just with the same accent as the Elijah of our youth
Proselyte - With the fall of the Temple sacrifice lapsed, though at first it was made a burden on the proselyte to lay aside enough to pay for the sacrifice, should the Temple again be restored; but even this Demand was in course of time allowed to lapse, as the prospect of restoration vanished. All through the Dispersion we find the same disposition to conciliate the Gentiles who were willing to share in the Jewish faith in any measure, by relaxing the ritual Demands. They never did anything, however, to lower or compromise the moral Demands of their faith
Peter Epistles of - A most important question in this connexion is, When were the Christians of northern Asia Minor suffering this type of affliction? Of the various answers which have been given in the past, only three Demand detailed consideration. It is also said that in 1 Peter Christians are not being called upon to pay homage to the Emperor’s image (but see 1 Peter 3:14), while this Demand has become very offensive by the time Revelation was written (Revelation 13:15, Revelation 20:4)
David - The central Demand of life in covenant with God, both from the mouth of Moses and Jesus, was to love him with the whole heart (Deuteronomy 6:5 ; Mark 12:30 )
the Wedding Guest Who Sat Down in the Lowest Room - My friends, expect nothing for yourselves and you will not be disappointed; Demand nothing for yourselves and you will be continually surprised how praise and promotion will pour in upon you, and that at the most unexpected times and from the most unexpected people
Prophecy, Prophets - Paul Demanded orderly, Christ-honoring, upbuilding prophecy which submits to apostolic authority (1 Corinthians 14:26-40 ). Circumstance may even Demand that the dress of men and women prophets be stipulated (1 Corinthians 11:5-7 )
Reconciliation - On the manward side, as necessity, duty, and privilege, it is not less clearly implied in the invitation to come to Him (Matthew 11:28); in the Demand for ‘repentance’—a changed mind and life (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15 etc
Ordination - ...
Surely, all may agree thus far, that various forms or modes, seeming to be used in the mission or ordination of ministers in primitive times, may give a reasonable occasion or colour for sincere and honest searchers after truth to follow different opinions on this head, and do therefore Demand our candid and charitable sentiments concerning those who differ from us
Wealth (2) - It is implied even in the Demand which He made of the Rich Young Ruler and others to part with wealth (Matthew 19:21, Luke 18:22; Luke 12:33; Luke 14:33), and in the exhortation, ‘Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth’ (Matthew 6:19). In these passages wealth is regarded as a trust committed by God to man, Demanding in the possessor of it fidelity, watchfulness, and foresight
Heal, Health - The resurrection of Jesus makes all lesser miracles crediblebut not every Christian credulous: quality, motive, evidence, still Demand consideration. God's kingdom cannot be built on signs and wonders (Luke 4:3-4,9-12 ); a generation that Demanded "signs" was "evil"incapable of discerning God wherever and however he spoke and acted
Jude Epistle of - But, while all these indications point to some rudimentary form of Gnosticism, it cannot be said that they definitely Demand such a reference
Holy Day - Accordingly we may conjecture that, apart from the Demand for circumcision, St. If that be so, the days in question would be days on which flesh might or might not be eaten, while in some eases complete abstinence from flesh might be Demanded
Games - ’ While the Demand of the age was for spectacles, a supply of competitors had still to be found; which means that professional athletes existed, who in the case of Rome seem to have been mostly imported from Greece
the Bidden to the Reat Marriage Supper And Some of Their Excuses - 'Did you do all that it was commanded you to do?'-it will be Demanded of him on that day! 'You knew quite well that that man there, and that woman there, were no more saved than were the seats they sat on, and what did you do? Did you let them fall asleep while you delivered my message to them? Did you tell them plainly how it would end with them? Or were you afraid to offend them, and lose their approval and their patronage? Did you Demand of them every Sabbath day what provision they had made against death and judgment? Did you preach every sermon of yours as if it were your last and their last? And as if you and they might be summoned before the great white throne at the end of your sermon? Did you compel them to see that there were only two things possible before them-the right hand or the left: heaven or hell: the wrath of the Lamb, or His everlasting love? If you did all that, then you are clear of their blood
Family (Jesus) - But this does not make it impossible for circumstances to arise in the lives of particular individuals which Demand the postponement of family claims to those of the Kingdom of God
Eternity - It is to Demand of us to think without ideas
Divination - The above is the list given in Deuteronomy 18:10,11 ; a few still Demand attention
Plagues of Egypt - ...
The narratives of the plagues Demand study from three points of view: (1) their literary history; (2) the relation of the several plagues to natural phenomena; (3) their religious significance
Reconciliation - On the manward side, as necessity, duty, and privilege, it is not less clearly implied in the invitation to come to Him (Matthew 11:28); in the Demand for ‘repentance’—a changed mind and life (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15 etc
Law - Law ( tôrah ) means oral direction, gradually crystallizing into consuetudinary law, which, so far from excluding, may almost be said to Demand, the idea of a definite code as the basis of its interpretative function. Life is more complex; and religious problems unknown to an earlier generation Demand and receive full treatment
Socialism - Here ‘Socialism,’ as an active Christian principle, comes in; for though Christians must always claim the supreme importance of personal regeneration, as against those who think that society can be made perfect by the mere operation of the State, it must also be admitted that a religion which attempts to deal only with the individual, and leaves society to its own devices and the laws of supply and Demand, is untrue to itself, and is doomed to failure. The Christian men who opposed Shaftesbury were Individualists; they left society to the laws of supply and Demand—in other words, to competition; they regarded the aim of Christianity as the salvation of individuals—or perhaps of a small minority of the elect, for Calvinism was in truth the theological parent of this Individualism
Divinity of Christ - There has been a ceaseless Demand of the human race for an embodiment of Deity. The Demand is a product of the hungry human heart for closer communion with God and larger loyalty to Him. The high Demands He brings raise no fear, for He who Demands approaches with the means of fulfilling, which He is ready to impart
Language of the nt - Paul’s letter needed no translating, and a Latin Bible was first Demanded far away from Latium. The conditions of Palestine Demand a few more words
High Place, Sanctuary - With the early death of Josiah the local cults revived, and it needed the discipline of the Exile to secure the victory of the Deuteronomic Demand for the centralization of the cultus
Numbers, Book of - ( v ) The story was probably to explain the existence of the bronze serpent which Hezekiah afterwards destroyed; it is difficult to see how such a figure in bronze could have been manufactured in the desert with the rapid haste which the occasion would Demand...
Disciples - Though the criteria employed for replacing Judas among the twelve (Acts 1:12-22 ) included being an eyewitness not only of the resurrected Jesus but also of the ministry of Jesus from the days of His baptism by John, there developed in the early church a slightly broader application of the term “apostle” which did not Demand an eyewitness knowledge of Jesus' ministry. Jesus oftentimes Demanded extreme levels of personal renunciation (loss of family, property, etc
Exodus, the - ...
Pharaoh's refusal of this reasonable request (Exodus 3:18) ended in Moses' Demand for their absolute manumission and departure (Exodus 11; Exodus 12:31-33)
Rufus - Here three things Demand our attention
Unconscious Faith - He was condemning the contemporary generation in Galilee for its want of faith shown in the repeated Demand for a ‘sign. And this unconscious faith of heathens is deemed worthy to shame and condemn the faithlessness of the generation which demurred to Christ’s claims, and Demanded signs
Marriage - Jesus taught that marriage Demands faithfulness within a relationship based on a lifetime commitment (Matthew 19:3-9 ). When the disciples said that this concept made marriage too Demanding, Jesus replied that singleness—whether involuntary or voluntary—has its own Demand, abstinence from sexual union (Matthew 19:10-12 ). Love Demands that followers of Christ seek to help persons caught in the grip of sin, being careful not to become involved in the sin themselves (Ephesians 5:25-6 )
Bible, Texts And Versions - The missionary Demand of Jesus requires that the process of translation go forward in all languages in which those for whom Christ died daily seek to communicate
Tabernacle - The tragedy of the story is that at the very moment they were Demanding that Aaron meet their needs, God was giving Moses the instructions that would meet those needs in a much more complete way than Aaron's feeble efforts ever could. ...
Inside the Holy Place three objects Demand attention
Stoics - ...
(2) Self-repression, with the object of attaining complete ‘apathy,’ was the fundamental Demand of Stoicism, but how the ordinary man was to effect this it did not show
Jonah - John 12:37), some of which were, after all, like those performed by their ‘sons’ (Matthew 12:27, Luke 11:19), Demanded of Him a special sign, most probably, as in Matthew 16:1 || Mark 8:11, from heaven, since such a sign would at once attest His Divine mission (cf. He replied: ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it [1] but the sign of Jonah the prophet: for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. such as they Demanded (cf. (3) The clause is unnecessary, and interferes with the balance which without it exists in Matthew 12:41-42 || Luke 11:31-32, for it was Jonah’s preaching and the consequent repentance of the Ninevites, in contrast with His own preaching and the indifference of the men of His generation, to which Jesus especially alluded; His words without Luke 11:40 are a complete answer to their Demand for a sign: the repentance-preaching Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites of God’s mercy; the repentance-preaching Jesus of Nazareth was a sign, though a greater one, to the Jews. ...
To these objections it may be replied: (1) There is no contradiction of the Gospel story, for the scribes and Pharisees plainly Demanded a sign of a different character from those which they had so far witnessed (see above)
Body - And so, side by side with the truth that the body is a Divine sanctuary, he sets the Demand that sin should not be allowed to reign in our mortal bodies, that we should obey it in the lusts thereof (Romans 6:12)
the Samaritan Who Shewed Mercy - ...
But some lawyer here, willing to justify himself, will stand up to tempt me, and will Demand of me whether I mean to deny all my late sermons on the Romans? And to teach tonight that this Samaritan was justified before God simply because of this good deed of his? I quite admit that both our Lord, and His Apostle, sometimes teach economically, and paradoxically, and one-sidedly even, on occasion
the Thorn in Paul's Flesh - Don't you see, you Demand of us, that this very prescription proclaims the malady; the very medicine more than half discovers the disease. Without ever once asking either his Master or himself why that thorn had been sent to him; without ever looking once into his own heart for the sure explanation and the clear justification of the thorn, he instantly Demanded that it should be removed
the Importunate Widow - You never hear from their lips a Demand for vengeance against any adversary of theirs but one
Apocrypha, New Testament - Pilate gives in to popular Demand and hands Jesus over to be crucified
Sanctify - 20:12 the stem presents the word in the meaning “trust as holy”; Moses did not follow God’s orders recognizing His Demand for perfect obedience (cf
Joseph And Mary - " Gabriel was sent to reassure Joseph's despairing heart, to Demand the consummation of the broken-off marriage, and to announce the Incarnation of the Son of God
Rufus - Here three things Demand our attention
Back to Christ - It was borrowed from I Hellenistic philosophy; and what it originally answered was not any religious need, but the purely intellectual Demand that all the manifoldness of this time-world shall be reducible to the unity of a single principle. The facts that give to His inner life its character are His moral perfection and consciousness of sinlessness, His assertion of a unique knowledge of God, and of a Sonship different in kind from that possible to His disciples, His assertion of His Messiahship and pre-existence, His Demand for absolute devotion to His Person, His claim to a superhuman authority in forgiving sins and in dealing with OT institutions and laws, His claim to be the Saviour of the world, the arbiter of human destiny, the final Judge. Christ is brought before us as primarily a problem that Demands solution
Chrysostom, John, Bishop of Constantinople - The Demand for a large subsidy to pay a liberal donative to the army had exasperated the citizens. 400 Gainas, the haughty Goth who had had a large share in the downfall of Eutropius, Demanded the surrender of three leading ministers, Aurelianus the consul, Saturninus, and count John the empress's chief favourite. Chrysostom resorted to Gainas's camp, pleaded the cause of the hostages, and endeavoured to persuade the Goth to lessen his extravagant Demands to be made consul and commander-in-chief, which would have placed the emperor at his mercy. Gainas had urged his claim for one of the churches of Constantinople for Arian worship, but Chrysostom's eloquence and spiritual authority overpowered him, and he desisted for a time at least in pressing his Demand (Soz
Preaching Christ - Changing conditions may Demand for it different forms, but presumably under all forms there will be a vital continuity or rather identity in the substance which is preached. … The disciples Demanded faith in Him as the Messiah exalted to God, and in the conception of His death as an atonement appointed by God for sins. They would expect to find some kind of moral congruity between His life on the one hand, and His transcendent dignity and calling on the other; there would be a Demand, from the very beginning, for facts about Him
Theodoretus, Bishop of Cyrrhus - He was, however, precluded from accepting the terms of peace which John and others were increasingly inclined to acquiesce in, by the Demand that he should anathematize the doctrine of Nestorius and Nestorius himself. For it Demanded acceptance of the deposition of Nestorius, the anathematizing of Nestorius's doctrines, and the giving up the four metropolitans of his party who had been deposed at Constantinople. The indictment was formulated by a presbyter of Antioch named Pelagius, who, in language of the most atrocious violence, proceeded to Demand of the council to take the sword of God and, as Samuel dealt with Agag, and Elijah with the priests of Baal, pitilessly destroy those who had introduced strange doctrines into the church
Judges, Theology of - Will God's holiness, his Demand for obedience to his commands, override his promises to Israel? Or will his irrevocable commitment to the nation, his gracious promises to the patriarchs, mean that he will somehow overlook their sin? As much as theologians may seek to establish the priority of law over grace or grace over law, the Book of Judges will not settle this question
Baptize, Baptism - This is why John's baptism needed no explanation, though his authority to perform it was challenged and his Demand for purification of "children of Abraham" gave deep offense (Matthew 3:7-9 ; John 1:19-24 )
Reality - The Demand thus made was severely searching, yet it was fully met by Jesus in His own person
James, Epistle of - Paul, with an overwhelming experience working on a mystical temperament, such a Demand is almost meaningless
Aaron - Left alone to guide the people, he betrayed his instability of character in his weak and guilty concession to the people's Demand for visible gods to go before them in the absence of Moses, their recognized leader under Jehovah; and instead of the pillar of cloud and fire wherein the Lord heretofore had gone before them (Exodus 13:21; Exodus 32)
Call, Calling - And here we get important light on the Demand that the rich young ruler should give away his property
Common Life - There were, indeed, the Essenes at the time of Christ, but that community was never a large one, nor were their tenets so opposed to the truths He taught as to Demand His special attention. It is ever the religion of heart and life, not that of ceremonial, that He Demands of His followers. In so far, then, as they conflicted with that higher good, that eternal treasure, Christ Demanded renunciation in regard to them
the Man Who Cast Seed Into the Round And it Grew up he Knew Not How - We must not Demand of them that they shall sit up at night to read our favourite authors
the Sower Who Went Forth to Sow - Have you prayed more these last three weeks? Have you been oftener, and longer at a time, on your knees? Have you been like Halyburton's mother-have you prayed more, both with and for your son, these three weeks? I did not hear the sermon, and I could not get anybody to tell me very much about it, beyond-O the eloquence and the delight of it! But some of you heard it, and God's Demand of you tonight is,-with what result on your heart, on your temper, on your walk and conversation, on your character? Or, is it written in heaven about you since that Sabbath night,-'This is he who hears sermons with such applause, but has never had any root in himself
Hormisdas, Bishop of Rome - ...
Hormisdas, building on the emperor's political necessities, sent in 517 a second embassy to the East with increased Demands. Such Demands ended the negotiations, and Anastasius peremptorily dismissed the legates, and sent a reply to Hormisdas (July 11, 517) which ended: "We can bear to be injured and set at naught; we will not be commanded" (Hormisd. The pope persisted in his Demand, and urged Justin, as a duty, not to shrink from coercion
Joab - That letter was still deep down in Joab's breast-pocket when Benaiah at David's Demand fell upon him and slew him in spite of the horns of the altar
Matthias the Successor to Judas Iscariot - Now, if there were a divinity student here I would ask and Demand of him out of this Scripture for students-Are you so companying with Christ while you are still at college? Do you see with all your inward eyes what you read in your New Testament? Do you believe and believe and believe your way through the four Gospels? Is your faith the very substance itself of the things you hope for, and the absolute and conclusive evidence of the things you do not as yet see? Do you pray your way through the life of Christ? Do you put the lepers, and the sick, and the possessed with devils, and the dead in their graves, out of their places, as you read about them; and do you put yourself into their places, and say what they say, and hear and accept what is said to them? For, if so, then you will receive, all your preaching and pastoral days, the end of your faith, the salvation of your own soul, and the salvation of the souls of your people
Nabal - Who is he? we Demand, with all the contempt and scorn we can call up out of our contemptuous and scornful hearts
Nicodemus - "Who art thou?" Nicodemus Demanded. Do you rejoice in an evil report? Demand boldly of them
New Testament - The nominal or real adherence of the higher ranks to the Christian faith must have largely increased the Demand for costly MSS
Obedience (2) - He went beneath the letter of the Law to its spirit, and this was His Demand of men, that they should obey the spirit of the Law. The spirit will bring him into eventual accord with the objective Demands of reason and conscience
Greece, Religion And Society of - Once each year the Senate asked: “Does the safety of the State Demand a vote of ostracism?” If a person to be ostracized were named, the assembly would vote; and, if the vote required, the person would be banished from Athens for ten years
Music, Instruments, Dancing - Psalm 137:1 further alludes to the Demand of the Babylonians for the Hebrew captives to “sing us one of the songs of Zion” ( Psalm 137:3 )
Job, the Book of - Job's faith turned to a challenging, seeking faith, confronting God, Demanding escape and explanation. They cannot Demand that God give all the answers we might want. Job: An intelligent person Demands an answer from the all-powerful, all-knowhying God, not from other humans (Job 12:1-14:22 )
Economic Life - Once the nation was formed and the monarchy established, the Demands of the local and international markets, government stability, and the effects of international politics also came into play. From that point on, the economic efforts (farm production, industry, and trade) of the nation were largely controlled by the tribute Demands of the dominant empires (2 Kings 18:14-16 ) and the maintenance of international trade routes. Prices, as always, were determined by the law of supply and Demand (2 Kings 6:25 ; Exodus 21:7-115 ), with an extra markup to cover the costs of transport, and, where applicable, manufacturing. ...
Urbanization and the imposed Demands of foreign conquerors brought greater complexity to the economic life of the people of Palestine. Travel and trade increased, and the variety of goods and services was magnified by the increased Demands of consumers and the influx of new ideas and technologies from outside the country
Exodus, the Book of - " Pharaoh consented, but on hearing Moses' Demand that young and old, sons and daughters, flocks and herds, should go, refused peremptorily, saying "evil is before you," i
Marriage - Submission never signifies that a wife gives in to her husband's every Demand. If Demands are unrighteous, she submits to her higher authority, Jesus. The wife demonstrates a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4 ), not Demanding her own way or insisting on her rights
Homosexuality - In this view, when the Sodomites Demand to "know" Lot's visitors, they want to interrogate them, and Lot considers this breach of hospitality as so objectionable that he offers to distract the men with sex, offering his own daughters
God, Names of - The Demand for human holiness is rooted in divine holiness or cleanness (Leviticus 19:2 ; 21:6 )
Locust - Now these three conditions cannot be fulfilled, and in such a case it may well seem chimerical to Demand a systematic classification, in accordance with present zoological principles, of the various locusts mentioned in the Bible
Beda, Historian - His fame, if we may judge from the Demand for his works immediately after his death, extended wherever English missionaries or negotiators found their way, and must have been widespread during his life
Coming to Christ - Matthew 10:37 may be compared with Luke 14:26, not as toning down the Demands of Christ, but as helping us to understand them. But there is a Demand that these shall stand aside, shall be put aside ruthlessly and with the heart’s whole passion, so far as they come into conflict or rivalry with the claims of Christ. ’ Further, Christ Demands the taking up of the cross; that is, not the acceptance of trials, often trifling trials, as they come to us, to which in common use this great word has been reduced, but the readiness, for His sake, to follow Him to shame and to death
Confession (of Christ) - But while any profession of faith would have as its implicate the acceptance of the great facts of the historical tradition, all that was actually Demanded of converts at first may have been the confession, ‘Jesus is Lord’ (1 Corinthians 12:3; cf. At a later time the growth of heretical opinions rendered it necessary to formulate the beliefs of the Church more exactly, and to Demand a fuller and more precise confession on the part of those who professed to be Christ’s disciples. ...
It may be noticed here that it was out of the confession of personal faith which was Demanded of the candidate for baptism that the formulated ‘Confessions’ of the Church appear to have sprung
Paul's Blamelessness as a Minister - Never so much as explain your meaning, under any invitation or Demand whatsoever
the Man Which Sowed Good Seed in His Field But His Enemy Came And Sowed Tares Among the Wheat - Only, there will no doubt yet emerge and arise new Donatist debates, and new Demands for toleration of opinion, even of erroneous opinion, and with that, new calls for the utmost caution, and faith, and patience, especially in church censures, and in church discipline. But all that will only the more provoke some of you to retort on me and to Demand,-Do you really mean to say, that so and so are to be tolerated, and tolerated where they are? Now, I will not answer that which you put so passionately; for I am not debating with you, but am teaching to the teachable among you, a little of what I have been taught myself
Example - And because He knows God as the Son knows the Father—immediately and perfectly (John 7:29; John 8:55; John 10:15, Matthew 11:27), and because He perfectly fulfils the will of God, Jesus Demands an unconditional following, which shall consist, not in copying the outward form, but in the most inward appropriation of the ruling principle of His life (Matthew 7:21-27; Matthew 28:20; 1618401015_64; Matthew 11:28-29; Matthew 20:24-28; Matthew 16:24-25; Matthew 20:22; Matthew 26:39; Matthew 8:19-22; Matthew 19:21, John 15:8-10; John 8:12; John 12:35-36; John 12:44-50; John 13:12-17; John 15:4-7; John 17:21-23; John 21:22). Christ’s Demand of an unconditional personal following is reproduced in the Apostolic preaching
Agriculture - ), or sending to Demand its fruits (Matthew 21:33 ff
Amen (2) - ...
The modern practice of singing Amen at the close of hymns in public worship is partly due to a musical Demand for a suitable cadence to conclude the tune: but it is also in harmony with the most ancient practice of closing hymns with doxologies, which naturally carried an Amen with them
Locust - Now these three conditions cannot be fulfilled, and in such a case it may well seem chimerical to Demand a systematic classification, in accordance with present zoological principles, of the various locusts mentioned in the Bible
Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint - 471, united in a clamorous Demand that Sidonius should succeed him
Faith - ’ Under the Old Covenant the people formed the religious unit; the relations of the individual Israelite to Jehovah were mediated through the sacred institutions, and the Law Demanded outward obedience rather than inner faith hearing the voice of Jehovah, ‘keeping his statutes,’ ‘walking in his way’; so (in the language of Galatians 3:23 ) the age of faith was not yet. Faith was our Lord’s chief and incessant Demand from men; He preaches, He works ‘powers,’ to elicit and direct it the ‘miracle-faith’ attracted by ‘signs and wonders’ being a stepping-stone to faith in the Person and doctrine of God’s Messenger
Kings, Books of - The attitude taken towards the high places is distinctly Deuteronomistic, for the Demand that these sanctuaries should be abolished was first formulated by Deuteronomy
Ethics - And no state of things in which the individual consciousness disappears will satisfy this Demand ‘(Strong, op
Light - ), there are three applications of the metaphor of light in the Synoptic Gospels which Demand attention
Holy Spirit - As the Spirit makes the human will perfectly obedient to the Divine will, the entire Demand Which is set before believers may be summed up in the precept, ‘Walk by the Spirit’ (Galatians 5:16)
Fire - They Demand honesty and genuineness
Children of God - In this connexion the Demand for the new birth must be noticed. Jesus connected entrance into that Kingdom which He came to found, with being ‘born anew’ (John 3:3); He Demanded that His disciples should be converted and become as little children if they would enter the Kingdom (Matthew 18:3 ||)
Force - And as He fully realized that the principle alluded to was hostile to the nature, interests, and laws of the heavenly kingdom, and warned His disciples against it (Mark 10:42-45), it may be concluded that He did not express Himself in the language of the force which the dominating powers of the ancient world employed, meaning thereby that places in the kingdom of heaven, as He understood and wished His hearers to understand the latter, were in great Demand, and that men were eagerly doing their utmost to secure them
Jonath - What is that upstart Germany that she should make better merchandise and sell it cheaper than England! What is that volatile France that she should with such insistence Demand what we intend to do in Egypt! And what is our secular rival Russia that she should seek an outlet to any ocean east or west! Does Britannia not rule the waves by Divine right and by her ironclad fleet! Let England expand and increase, and let all the other nations of the earth keep silence
Jesus Christ - Because he was God, Jesus Demanded that total allegiance which only God could Demand (Matthew 10:37-39; Mark 8:34-35; Mark 2:9-12). Although Jesus lived a genuinely human life, he did so in the perfection that his deity Demanded
Preaching - Weiss, ‘like Jesus Himself, His apostles commence, not with a religious doctrine or an ethical Demand, but with the proclamation of a fact’ (Biblical Theol
Timothy And Titus Epistles to - -(1) Those who have children or other relatives, or who are in the employ of a Christian woman: Christian piety Demands that their support must fall upon these (" translation="">1 Timothy 5:3-4; " translation="">1 Timothy 5:8; " translation="">1 Timothy 5:16). The dignity of the office Demands that charges preferred against elders are not to be lightly received; though, if they be substantiated, the rebuke is to be public. )...
(b) Circumstances which Demand faithful service in the gospel on the part of Timothy (2TI " translation="">2 Timothy 2:14 to " translation="">2 Timothy 4:8)...
" translation="">1 Timothy 6:3
Faith - The commands of God Demand a proper response. Individuals are to acknowledge his Demands, regard him as trustworthy, and be obedient to him
Sanhedrin (2) - They Demanded that Hyrcanus should resign the high-priesthood, and thus destroy the constitution and government which his father and uncles had established. His refusal to concede the Demand made the opposition of the Pharisees to the ruling party more acute, and under Alexander Jannaeus there was open war
Forgiveness - God as merciful made unconditional promises to Abraham and his descendants, but God as righteous Demanded obedience to the Torah as the condition for the realization of these promises for each generation. Consistency should Demand that the violations of the Torah to be expiated on the Day of Atonement be those unknown and forgivable violations committed by individuals during the past year
Lord's Supper. (i.) - With respect to this also we must assume that Jesus was a creator of spiritual truth, for the consistency of the Synoptic portraiture of Jesus, and the purity of His own views as to His mission, Demand that our interpretation of His outlook into the future of the Kingdom should not be limited by the current ideas of Jewish apocalypses, or by the literal symbolism of OT prophecy
Old Testament - Transcription subsequently has much corrupted their version, it being in great Demand and often therefore transcribed hastily without the scrupulous care with which the Hebrew text was most carefully guarded
Eli - Eli's fine benediction spoken over Hannah the next moment after he had mistaken her for a daughter of Belial; his openhearted adoption of little Samuel to be his assistant and successor in the temple service; his rich and recompensing benediction pronounced on Samuel's mother because she had lent little Samuel to the Lord; his midnight lesson to his little elect companion; his solemn Demand next morning to be told what the Lord had said to the prophetic child during the night; and his instant acceptance of the terrible message that little Samuel was compelled to deliver,-all that shows us that Eli, with all his shipwreck of life and opportunity and privilege, had the root of the matter all the time in him. And may something of that same kind not be the explanation of some of those sad cases where the houses of able and good and devoted ministers come to such ruin? What with the pulpit of our land and our day-more than enough of itself; and what with the resulting and accompanying pastorate-more than enough of itself also for one man working at it in season and out of season; with so many public Demands and claims, and with such incessant calls and encroachments at all hours of the day and night, there is neither time nor strength to do any part of a minister's work as it ought to be done
Aaron - On the other hand, what are those men to do, who, like Aaron, have no such depth, and grasp, and originality, and productivity of mind as Moses and the great thinkers and great scholars of our race have had? A common man and a man of no gifts may be set in a place, and may have a calling of God that he cannot escape-a place and a calling which Demand constant speaking and constant teaching at his hands. The loud Demands and the angry threats of the excited people soon serve to discover whether the wonted leader is really able and really worthy to lead or no
Oath - ) has already maintained, an appeal to reverence, though this is indissociably combined with the Demand for veracity. translation , 1838), in which he will feel that God is implicated? It may be said that this surrounding ‘evil’ of the world would make only the Demanding of the oath to be wrong, not the taking of it
Parable - Comparison enters into this class only through the Demand made upon the listener to test his life and conduct by that depicted in the story
Teaching - Next, the existence of ‘many teachers’ within the Church (James 3:1) promoted an unhealthy spirit of rivalry and faction which could be eliminated only by a Demand for a ‘good life’ in one who professed, as a teacher, to be ‘wise and understanding’ (James 3:13). He insisted on the primary Demands of the Moral Law
Life And Death - The old life must be renounced if the new life is to begin; that is what is meant by the Demand for repentance
Food - In addition to the Demand for fresh fish, a thriving trade was done in the salting and curing of fish for sale throughout the country
Government - The old nomadic ideal of people following their own individual ways of life overtook the covenant concept of communal and spiritual solidarity and led to the Demand for a king to maintain order (1 Samuel 8:5 )
Sin - Bad trees bear bad fruit, blasphemous words spring from hearts filled with evil, and wicked men Demand signs when they have already seen enough to warrant faith (Matthew 7:17-20 ; 12:33-39 )
Money (2) - 72), the heavier royal tetradrachms would tend to be driven out of circulation by the lighter Phœnician coins, which, besides, as corresponding exactly to the Hebrew shekel, were in special Demand in Palestine for religious purposes (see below, under ‘Didrachm’)
Asceticism (2) - Just as elsewhere, in His pregnant, paradoxical way, Jesus bids men ‘hate’ father, and mother, and wife, and children (Luke 14:26), if their claims tend to supersede the claims of God (Matthew 10:37); so here He bids those who are convinced that God’s claims Demand the whole of their time and energy, to refrain altogether from entering the marriage state
Atonement (2) - A consequence of this method of thought has been the revival, in this country by Bishop Westcott and others, of speculations like those of Rupert of Deutz and the Scotists, which postulate an Incarnation independent of those conditions of human life which Demand the forgiveness of sins
Bethlehem - Models of the cave of the Nativity, figures of Christ and the Virgin, apostles and saints, are in great Demand
Anger - This Demand of law is obviously not indicative of Divine displeasure or opposition
Absolution - Evangelical religious newspapers have found that they supply a Demand by setting apart a column, often largely used, for the answers of some minister of reputation to men who open their minds to him, confess their chief sins, doubts, or temptations, and seck comfort through him
Peter, First Epistle of - Similar stress is laid on hope and obedience; the fortunes of old Israel are employed in both to illustrate the Demand for faith on the part of new Israel, and a similar use is made of the sufferings of the readers
Immortality (2) - ...
The literal Demands of these passages would be satisfied by what has sometimes been termed ‘racial’ or ‘collective’ immortality; in which the race might be supposed to persist, while the individuals, each and all in turn, perished. Here it need only be said that parables such as those of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Wise and Foolish Virgins, or the Wedding Feast, do not in themselves suggest or Demand any inequality of treatment as regards the mere duration of the allotted punishment or reward; and that references to the Judgment, the Day of Judgment, or the Last Day are equally neutral, as far as direct statement is concerned
Inspiration - The prophets Demand attention to their words by prefacing them with the announcement, ‘Thus saith the Lord
Last Supper - The opinion of such a writer Demands respectful consideration, and a similar explanation is adopted by many. It seems reasonable to Demand that the less distinct and somewhat inexact language of the other three should be interpreted in the light of the last account
Anger (2) - The whole passage, in which the moral Demands of discipleship are set at the highest, vibrates with indignation. No provocation can be so insulting, no Demand can be so unjust, so irrational, so exasperating, as that His disciples shall be entitled to cast love overboard, and meet the world with weapons like its own
Esther - The great war with Greece; the great national feast consequent on that great war; the absolute intoxication of the king's mind with pride, and with ambition, and with wine; the brutal summons to Vashti; her brave refusal of her master's brutal Demand; her fall and her banishment; the election and elevation of Esther, and her immense influence with the despot; all these things were so many stepping-stones on which Esther had so providentially risen to her splendid opportunity
Arminianism - This moderate Demand, at all times reasonable and just, was particularly so in Holland, which had thrown off the yoke of civil and spiritual despotism, and where the received confession of faith had not determined the questions under debate
Liberius, Bishop of Rome - of Cagliari, being then in Rome, was, at his own suggestion, sent by Liberius to the emperor, to Demand another council
Offence (2) - This always implies the risk that we may stumble at what He actually does—refuse to recognize Him in Jesus because the manifestation does not square with our Demands. And in John 6:61 we find disciples put out, as it were, by the hard sayings about eating the flesh of the Son of Man, and drinking His blood: it is almost more than they can stand, and Jesus asks τοῦτο ὑμᾶς σκανδαλίζει; ‘Doth this cause you to stumble?’ Almost anything in Jesus may become a ground of stumbling—the Demands He makes, the sacrifices which fidelity to Him entails, His disappointment of our expectations, the paradoxical and apparently impossible elements of His teaching. What it was in Christ over which men stumbled, Peter does not say: but in Paul it is clear that what the Jews could not get over was the Demand involved in Christ’s atoning death, that they should renounce the pursuit of a righteousness of their own, and humble themselves to receive in faith the gift of a Divine righteousness
Priest (2) - Does it not betoken a lack of spiritual perception to Demand that Christ should always be doing something? Why may we not be content with the thought that He is there, and that in His presence above is the secret of peace, the assurance of access, and the guarantee of permanent relation with God? It is just at this point that one essential difference between type and antitype is noticed
Money - shekel these Tyrian coins were much in Demand for the payment of the Temple tax of one half-shekel (see next §)
Romans Epistle to the - The most that can be said is that while these expressions suit Rome, they do not positively Demand it
Sacrifice - Whilst they did not Demand a religion without a cultus, i
Roman Empire - In 238 the Carthaginians had had to fight their own rebellious mercenary troops, and Rome took advantage of this state of affairs to Demand Sardinia and Corsica, which were made into a second province
Trial of Jesus - Taylor Innes, sums up his inquiry in the words: ‘A process,’ begun, continued, and apparently finished in the course of one night, commencing with witnesses against the accused who were sought for by the Judges, but whose evidence was not sustained even by them; continuing by interrogations which Hebrew law does not sanction; and ending with a Demand for confession which its doctors expressly forbid; all followed, twenty-four hours too soon, by a sentence which described a claim to be the fulfiller of the hopes of Israel as blasphemy—such a process had neither the form nor the fairness of a judicial trial
Turning - For it was addressed directly to the Twelve at a time long subsequent to their call to the Apostolate; and, with the exception of Judas, who will venture to say that the Apostles at this period were ‘unconverted’ men? Moreover, the turning which Jesus Demanded of them was not that absolute turning from sin in order to follow Himself which the word ‘conversion’ is used to denote, but a turning from those foolish, unworthy ambitions which had just prompted the question, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ (v. Peter, preaching to the multitude in Solomon’s Porch, says, ‘Repent ye therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out’ (Acts 3:19), the turning he Demands is unquestionably the kind of turning that conversion implies. And what are those great appeals that Jesus constantly makes—for a taking up of the cross in order to follow Him (Matthew 16:24 ||), for a willingness to lose one’s life in order to find it (Matthew 10:39, Matthew 16:25, Luke 10:6), for a ‘hating’ of one’s dearest friends in order to be His disciple (Luke 14:26)—but a Demand for conversion, even though the figure of turning is not employed?...
In the story of the Apostolic Church, again, we have constant illustrations of the great spiritual change—the 3000 souls brought into the Church on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:41), and those who thereafter were added to them day by day (Acts 2:47); the results that everywhere followed the preaching of the word, whether by the lips of evangelists (Acts 8:5-6; Acts 8:12, Acts 11:21; Acts 11:24) or Apostles (Acts 9:35, Acts 10:44, Acts 14:1 etc
Samuel, First And Second, Theology of - 9-18) about what a king like those in all the other nations would be like, they persisted in their Demand to be given a king "to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles" (v
Jesus Christ - He spoke out against false trust in one's Jewishness, Demanded conversion in the light of the coming judgment, required a changed life as evidence of conversion, and spoke of the coming Messiah, of whom he was the forerunner. Pilate made a series of attempts to release Jesus, including the offer to release a prisoner (they chose Barabbas instead) and the flogging of Jesus as punishment, but death by crucifixion was their ultimate Demand
God - At the heart of that system was the Demand for undeviating loyalty to God and his will
Gospel (2) - In particular, there is an increasing Demand for a social gospel, whilst some maintain that the gospel cannot be concerned with social conditions
Luke, Gospel According to - This, however, is not the place to plead for the oral hypothesis, nor has the present writer any wish to do more than Demand for it a dispassionate consideration
Hellenism - The writing becomes more popular in form as well as in contents: romance and novel attain to a large circulation; there is a Demand for biography, special history, travellers’ guide-books, and the like; many subjects are treated in the form of letters
Old Testament (i. Christ as Fulfilment of) - It was characterized by an imperative Demand for a righteousness which consisted in a thoroughgoing obedience to God, and this was just what Jesus Demanded and exemplified
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola - In compliance with a sudden popular Demand, he was ordained priest, but without any especial cure of souls, by Lampius, bp
Elijah - ...
Emerging from some recess of Carmel and taking his seat on "the hill" or "mount" (Hebrew), he thence met the captain's Demand, "Man of God, the king saith, come down," with "If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty
Sanctification - The ‘saint’ develops a certain type of character in accordance with certain inward moral Demands that are essential to the preservation of the ‘holy’ relation to God. According to the Demands of the Old Covenant, the relationship with God implied in ‘holiness’ was restored by the blood of bulls and goats, but the Demands of the New Covenant are infinitely more exacting. The Incarnate Son, by His eternal sacrifice, has lifted humanity into the very presence of God Himself; and in the white light of that environment, with all its moral Demands, the Christian life must be lived. The barrier of guilt is constituted for Paul by inability to keep the law of God, understood as a moral Demand quite as penetrating and comprehensive as in Hebrews. ...
This condition, therefore, of absolute holiness Demands on our part both faith and conduct. A certain ‘walk’ is Demanded of us, if we are to maintain and affirm the new friendship with God
Education - Writing may not have been so general an accomplishment, but it must also have been in considerable Demand. Pamphilus, the friend of Eusebius, whose library at Caesarea was famous, had Bibles copied to keep in stock and to be given away as occasion Demanded, ‘not only to men but also to women whom he saw devoted to the reading of Scripture’ (Jerome, Apol
Eusebius (60), Bishop of Nicomedia - Constantine had probably been led to this step by Eusebius of Nicomedia and the strong pressure put upon Alexander to receive Arius into communion corresponds with the subsequent persistent Demand of the Eusebians
Possession - Of the mass of the people it is said, ‘But though he had done so many signs before them, yet they believed not on him’ (John 12:37), but continued to Demand a sign not on earth but from the heavens
Victorinus Afer - further points in his theology which Demand notice; IV
Law (2) - All this apparatus of piety Demanded leisure to master and perform, such leisure as no man with his daily bread to earn could command; hence arose a morality unfitted for the normal human life. ) of the New Covenant, but in the prophetic Demand for a circumcision of the heart (Jeremiah 4:4; Jeremiah 9:26; cf
Gregorius (14) Nazianzenus, Bishop of Sasima And of Constantinople - His flight from the work of the priesthood Demanded an explanation, and Gregory determined to give an answer worthy of the question and of himself. Invited by the bishop to fill the place vacated by Basil's retirement to Pontus, he does not hesitate to assert that the treatment of Basil was unjust and to Demand reconciliation with his friend as the price of his own influence ( Epp
Gregorius (51) i, (the Great), Bishop of Rome - Gregory instructed his apocrisiarius at Constantinople to Demand from the new patriarch, Cyriacus, as a condition of intercommunion, the renunciation of the proud and impious title which his predecessor had wickedly assumed
Calvinism - How the passage may be proved from its context to have no respect to the eternal state of men at all; but, if that were less obvious, it gives no answer to the objection; and we are brought round again, as indeed he confesses, to his former, and indeed only, argument, that the whole matter as he states it, is to be referred back to the divine will; which will, though perfectly arbitrary, is, as he contends, the highest rule of justice: "I say, with Augustine, that the Lord created those whom he certainly foreknew would fall into destruction; and that this was actually so, because he willed it; but of his will, it belongs not to us to Demand the reason, which we are incapable of comprehending; nor is it reasonable, that the divine will should be made the subject of controversy with us, which is only another name for the highest rule of justice
Neology - Peter had been engaged in a fishery for two years, "and can easily do it; go and get enough to pay the Demand? Go, then, to the sea, cast your hook, and take up πρωτον ιχθυν , the first and best fish
Palestine - —Syria is an Eastern land, and the relations and differences between East and West are the first aspects of this subject which Demand attention
Mahometanism - These refugees were kindly received by the Najashi, or king of Ethiopia, who refused to deliver them up to those whom the Koreish sent to Demand them, and, as the Arab writers unanimously attest, even professed the Mahometan religion. Prideaux thinks he invented it either to answer the expectations of those who Demanded some miracles as a proof of his mission; or else, by pretending to have conversed with God, to establish the authority of whatever he should think fit to leave behind by way of oral tradition, and make his sayings to serve the same purpose as the oral law of the Jews