What does Decision For Christ mean in the Bible?


Charles Spurgeon's Illustration Collection - Decision For Christ
After the disgraceful defeat of the Roman, at the battle of Allia, Rome was sacked, and it seemed as if, at any moment, the Gauls might take the Capitol. Among the garrison was a young man of the Fabian family, and on a certain day the anniversary of a sacrifice returned, when his family had always offered sacrifice upon the Quirinal Hill. This hill was in the possession of the Gauls; but when the morning dawned, the young man took the sacred utensils of his god, went down from the Capitol, passed through the Gallic sentries, through the main body, up the hill, offered sacrifice, and came back unharmed. It was always told as a wonder among Roman legends. This is just how the Christian should act when decision for Christ is called for. Though he be a solitary man in the midst of a thousand opponents, let him, at the precise moment when duty calls, fearless of all danger, go straight to the appointed spot, do his duty, and remember that consequences belong to God, and not to us. I pray God that after this style we may witness for Christ.

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Decision For Christ - This is just how the Christian should act when Decision For Christ is called for
Andrew - Prompt Decision For Christ, not levity, led him to obey
Mary, Sister of Lazarus - She had whole hearted Decision For Christ, and no want of energy where her Master called, arising "quickly" when Martha announced the Master's arrival and call (John 11:28-29)
Accountability, Age of - The first is that of encouraging children to make a Decision For Christ before they are fully aware of the requirements of salvation
Nicodemus - Fear of man holds back many from Decision For Christ (John 7:13; John 9:22; John 12:42-43; John 5:44; Proverbs 29:25; contrast Isaiah 51:7-8; Isaiah 66:5; Acts 5:41)
Faith - Faith is the basic Christian experience, the Decision For Christ Jesus
Time, Meaning of - For each human person, nothing counts but the present moment—the moment of Decision For Christ—which brings the history of divine salvation to a climax of meaning in the life of peoples and individuals