What does Copy mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
פַּתְשֶׁ֣גֶן copy. 3
פַּרְשֶׁ֣גֶן copy. 3
ὑποδείγματι a sign suggestive of anything 1
מִשְׁנֵ֨ה double 1
מִשְׁנֵה֙ double 1
פַּרְשֶׁ֤גֶן copy. 1

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   1 Copy.


   1 Copy.


   1 double, Copy, second, repetition.
      1a double.
      1b Copy (of law).
      1c second (in order).
         1c1 second rank.
         1c2 second in age.
      1d second quarter or district.


   1 a sign suggestive of anything, delineation of a thing, representation, figure, Copy.
   2 an example: for imitation.
      2a of the thing to be imitated.
      2b for a warning, of a thing to be shunned.

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Webster's Dictionary - Copy
(n.) To imitate; to attempt to resemble, as in manners or course of life.
(v. i.) To make a copy or copies; to imitate.
(n.) A writing paper of a particular size. Same as Bastard. See under Paper.
(n.) Manuscript or printed matter to be set up in type; as, the printers are calling for more copy.
(n.) That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or example; as, his virtues are an excellent copy for imitation.
(v. i.) To yield a duplicate or transcript; as, the letter did not copy well.
(n.) An imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an original work; as, a copy of a letter, an engraving, a painting, or a statue.
(n.) To make a copy or copies of; to write; print, engrave, or paint after an original; to duplicate; to reproduce; to transcribe; as, to copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc.; - often with out, sometimes with off.
(n.) Copyhold; tenure; lease.
(n.) An abundance or plenty of anything.
(n.) An individual book, or a single set of books containing the works of an author; as, a copy of the Bible; a copy of the works of Addison.
King James Dictionary - Copy
COPY, n. See Cope and Cuff. Literally, a likeness, or resemblance of any kind. Hence,
1. A writing like another writing a transcript from an original or a book printed according to the original hence, any single book , or set of books, containing a composition resembling the original work as the copy of a deed, or of a bond a copy of Addisons works a copy of the laws a copy of the scriptures. 2. The form of a picture or statue according to the original the imitation or likeness of any figure, draught, or almost any object. 3. An original work the autograph the archetype. Hence, that which is to be imitated in writing or printing. Let the child write according to the copy. The copy is in the hands of the printer. Hence, a pattern or example for imitation. His virtues are an excellent copy for imitation. 4. Abundance. L. COPY,
1. To write, print or engrave, according to an original to form a like work or composition by writing, printing or engraving to transcribe often followed by out, but the use is not elegant. The men of Hezekiah copied certain proverbs of Solomon.
2. To paint or draw according to an original. 3. To form according to a model, as in architecture. 4. To imitate or attempt to resemble to follow an original or pattern, in manners or course of life. Copy the Savior in his humility and obedience. COPY, To imitate or endeavor to be like to do any thing in imitation of something else. A painter copies from the life. An obedient child copies after his parent.
They never fail, when they copy, to follow the bad as well as the good.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words - Copy
1: ὑπόδειγμα (Strong's #5262 — Noun Neuter — hupodeigma — hoop-od'-igue-mah ) from hupo, "under," deiknumi, "to show," properly denotes "what is shown below or privately;" it is translated "example," Hebrews 8:5 , AV (RV, "copy"). It signifies (a) a sign suggestive of anything, the delineation or representation of a thing, and so, a figure, "copy;" in Hebrews 9:23 the RV has "copies," for the AV, "patterns;" (b) an example for imitation, John 13:15 ; James 5:10 ; for warning, Hebrews 4:11 ; 2 Peter 2:6 (AV "ensample"). See EXAMPLE , PATTERN.
Note: Cp. hupogrammos (hupo, "under," grapho, "to write"), "an underwriting, a writing copy, an example," is used in 1 Peter 2:21 .

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Copying - ) From Copy, v. ) of Copy...
Exemplify - ) To Copy; to transcribe; to make an attested Copy or transcript of, under seal, as of a record. ) To prove or show by an attested Copy
Copy - ) To make a Copy or copies; to imitate. ) Manuscript or printed matter to be set up in type; as, the printers are calling for more Copy. ) That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or example; as, his virtues are an excellent Copy for imitation. ) To yield a duplicate or transcript; as, the letter did not Copy well. ) An imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an original work; as, a Copy of a letter, an engraving, a painting, or a statue. ) To make a Copy or copies of; to write; print, engrave, or paint after an original; to duplicate; to reproduce; to transcribe; as, to Copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc. ) Copyhold; tenure; lease. ) An individual book, or a single set of books containing the works of an author; as, a Copy of the Bible; a Copy of the works of Addison
Copy - Copy, n. A writing like another writing a transcript from an original or a book printed according to the original hence, any single book , or set of books, containing a composition resembling the original work as the Copy of a deed, or of a bond a Copy of Addisons works a Copy of the laws a Copy of the scriptures. Let the child write according to the Copy. The Copy is in the hands of the printer. His virtues are an excellent Copy for imitation. Copy, ...
1. Copy the Savior in his humility and obedience. Copy, To imitate or endeavor to be like to do any thing in imitation of something else. ...
They never fail, when they Copy, to follow the bad as well as the good
Copyholder - ) One possessed of land in Copyhold. ) One who reads Copy to a proof reader. ) A device for holding Copy for a compositor
Photolithograph - ) To produce (a picture, a Copy) by the process of photolithography. ) A lithographic picture or Copy from a stone prepared by the aid of photography
Facsimile - ) A Copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so as to give every part and detail of the original; an exact Copy or likeness
Copies - ) of Copy...
Copied - ) of Copy...
Exscript - ) A Copy; a transcript
Antigraph - ) A Copy or transcript
Recopy - ) To Copy again
Ectype - ) A Copy from an original; a type of something that has previously existed. ) A Copy, as in pottery, of an artist's original work
Transcript - ) That which has been transcribed; a writing or composition consisting of the same words as the original; a written Copy. ) A Copy of any kind; an imitation
Exscribe - ) To Copy; to transcribe
Transumpt - ) A Copy or exemplification of a record
Duplicate - ) That which exactly resembles or corresponds to something else; another, correspondent to the first; hence, a Copy; a transcript; a counterpart. ) To make a duplicate of (something); to make a Copy or transcript of. ) An original instrument repeated; a document which is the same as another in all essential particulars, and differing from a mere Copy in having all the validity of an original
Miscopy - ) A mistake in Copying. ) To Copy amiss
Transcriber - ) One who transcribes, or writes from a Copy; a copier; a Copyist
Transcriptive - ) Done as from a Copy; having the style or appearance of a transcription
Copy - 1: ὑπόδειγμα (Strong's #5262 — Noun Neuter — hupodeigma — hoop-od'-igue-mah ) from hupo, "under," deiknumi, "to show," properly denotes "what is shown below or privately;" it is translated "example," Hebrews 8:5 , AV (RV, "copy"). It signifies (a) a sign suggestive of anything, the delineation or representation of a thing, and so, a figure, "copy;" in Hebrews 9:23 the RV has "copies," for the AV, "patterns;" (b) an example for imitation, John 13:15 ; James 5:10 ; for warning, Hebrews 4:11 ; 2 Peter 2:6 (AV "ensample"). hupogrammos (hupo, "under," grapho, "to write"), "an underwriting, a writing Copy, an example," is used in 1 Peter 2:21
Copied - See Copy
Amanuensis - ) A person whose employment is to write what another dictates, or to Copy what another has written
Polytype - ) A cast, or facsimile Copy, of an engraved block, matter in type, etc. ) A cast, or facsimile Copy, of an engraved block, matter in type, etc
Counterdraw - ) To Copy, as a design or painting, by tracing with a pencil on oiled paper, or other transparent substance
Polygraphical - ) Done with a polygraph; as, a polygraphic Copy
Transcribe - ) To write over again, or in the same words; to Copy; as, to transcribe Livy or Tacitus; to transcribe a letter
Sacrist - ) A sacristan; also, a person retained in a cathedral to Copy out music for the choir, and take care of the books
Pinxit - A word appended to the artist's name or initials on a painting, or engraved Copy of a painting; as, Rubens pinxit, Rubens painted (this)
Cambridge Manuscript - A Copy of the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, in Greek and Latin. From this and the Clermont Copy of St
College - KJV translation (2 Kings 22:14 ) of Hebrew word meaning, “repetition, Copy, second,” referring to the second district or division of Jerusalem
Counterprove - ) To take a counter proof of, or a Copy in reverse, by taking an impression directly from the face of an original
Lyphography - ) A process similar to etching, in which, by means of voltaic electricity, a raised Copy of a drawing is made, so that it can be used to print from
Alvanoplastic - ) Of or pertaining to the art or process of electrotyping; employing, or produced by, the process of electolytic deposition; as, a galvano-plastic Copy of a medal or the like
Correctness - ) The state or quality of being correct; as, the correctness of opinions or of manners; correctness of taste; correctness in writing or speaking; the correctness of a text or Copy
Cymograph - ) To trace or Copy with a cymograph
Samaritan Pentateuch - 1616 that a MS Copy of it was discovered. At first it was considered by some as far superior to the Hebrew Pentateuch, but when other copies came to light (there are now about twenty) and they were examined more carefully, the thought of its superiority was not maintained; it is now regarded only as a Copy of the Hebrew, though it agrees with the LXX in many places where that differs from the present Hebrew text. The origin of it may have been a Copy of the Pentateuch secured by the Israelites on the division of the kingdom
Comprint - ) The surreptitious printing of another's Copy or book; a work thus printed
Porotype - ) A Copy of a print, writing, etc
Counterpane - ) A duplicate part or Copy of an indenture, deed, etc
Tittle - To omit this stroke condemned the entire Copy of the Law made by the scribe
Huldah - The prophetess in the reign of Josiah, consulted respecting the denunciations in the newfound Copy of the Book of the Law, 2 Kings 22:14-20 2 Chronicles 34:22-28 , B
Replication - ) A repetition; a Copy
Exemplar - ) A Copy of a book or writing
Redraw - ) To draw again; to make a second draft or Copy of; to redraft
Copyhold - ) Land held in Copyhold. ) A tenure of estate by Copy of court roll; or a tenure for which the tenant has nothing to show, except the rolls made by the steward of the lord's court
Manuscript - A document or a Copy of an original writing
Exemplification - ) A Copy or transcript attested to be correct by the seal of an officer having custody of the original
Tracing - ) The act of one who traces; especially, the act of Copying by marking on thin paper, or other transparent substance, the lines of a pattern placed beneath; also, the Copy thus producted
Tracing - ) The act of one who traces; especially, the act of Copying by marking on thin paper, or other transparent substance, the lines of a pattern placed beneath; also, the Copy thus producted
Shaphan - He consulted Huldah concerning the newly-discovered Copy of the law which was delivered to him by Hilkiah the priest (8-14)
Manuscript - ) A literary or musical composition written with the hand, as distinguished from a printed Copy
Engross - ) To Copy or write in a large hand (en gross, i. , in large); to write a fair Copy of in distinct and legible characters; as, to engross a deed or like instrument on parchment
Redraft - ) A second draft or Copy
Manuscript - A handwritten Copy of a text
Similitude - ) That which is like or similar; a representation, semblance, or Copy; a facsimile
Exemplary - ) An exemplar; also, a Copy of a book or writing
Huldah - She was consulted after Josiah the king of Judah saw a Copy of the Book of the Law found as preparations were being made to restore the Temple
John Felton, Blessed - Arrested for affixing to the gates of the palace of the Bishop of London a Copy of the Bull of Pope Saint Pius V, excommunicating the queen, he was taken to the Tower, racked three times, hanged, and quartered
Wimple - Isaiah (Isaiah 3:22) introduces it among the concomitants of luxury with which the women of Israel had burdened themselves, so as to Copy the Egyptian and other people's habits of braiding the hair, etc
Publicity Pamphlet - The pamphlet contains a Copy of the proposed law and arguments for and against it by those favoring and opposing it, respectively
Melchizedezians - They affirmed that Melchizedeck was not a man, but a heavenly power superior to Jesus Christ; for Melchizedeck, they said, was the intercessor and mediator of the angels; and Jesus Christ was only so for man, and his priesthood only a Copy of that of Melchizedeck
Reset - ) To set again; as, to reset type; to reset Copy; to reset a diamond
Ratification, the - The American Prayer-book having been set forth,it was duly ratified by the action of the General Convention onOctober 16th, 1789, and the certificate of such ratification appearsin every Copy of the Prayer-book, declaring "it to be the Liturgy ofthis Church," and requiring "that it be received as such by all themembers of the same
Dummy - ) An imitation or Copy of something, to be used as a substitute; a model; a lay figure; as, a figure on which clothing is exhibited in shop windows; a blank paper Copy used to show the size of the future book, etc
Barnabas, Epistles of - It was first published in Greek, from a Copy of father Hugh Menaed, a monk
Attest - ) To bear witness to; to certify; to affirm to be true or genuine; as, to attest the truth of a writing, a Copy of record
Likeness - One that resembles another a Copy a counterpart
Odington, Walter - His most valued contribution, however, preserved in manuscript Copy at Cambridge, is "De Speculatione Musices," written at an earlier period, in which is assembled practically all the 13th-century knowledge of musical subjects
Electro-Tint - , receive a deposition of metal, and produce the required Copy in intaglio
Evesham, Walter of - His most valued contribution, however, preserved in manuscript Copy at Cambridge, is "De Speculatione Musices," written at an earlier period, in which is assembled practically all the 13th-century knowledge of musical subjects
Walter Odington - His most valued contribution, however, preserved in manuscript Copy at Cambridge, is "De Speculatione Musices," written at an earlier period, in which is assembled practically all the 13th-century knowledge of musical subjects
Walter of Evesham - His most valued contribution, however, preserved in manuscript Copy at Cambridge, is "De Speculatione Musices," written at an earlier period, in which is assembled practically all the 13th-century knowledge of musical subjects
Borrow - To take from another, for one's own use to Copy or select from the writings of another author as, to borrow a passage from a printed book to borrow a title. To take for use something that belongs to another to assume, Copy or imitate as, to borrow a shape to borrow the manners of another, or his style of writing
Original - ) That which precedes all others of its class; archetype; first Copy; hence, an original work of art, manuscript, text, and the like, as distinguished from a Copy, translation, etc
Huldah - King Josiah sent to her when a Copy of the law had been found
Defective - ) Wanting in something; incomplete; lacking a part; deficient; imperfect; faulty; - applied either to natural or moral qualities; as, a defective limb; defective timber; a defective Copy or account; a defective character; defective rules
Pattern - In classical Greek it is used of the impress of a seal or the stamp struck by a die, and so comes to mean the figure or Copy of something else. But as the impression on the wax reproduces the engraving on the seal, and the coin or medal the device on the die, the word comes to be transferred, by a familiar process in the history of language, from the effect to the cause, and so is used not only of the Copy but of the example or pattern from which the Copy is made. ’ But ὑπόδειγμα, like τύπος, may denote a Copy as well as a pattern; and in rendering ‘copies’ here the RV_ clearly conveys the correct idea, since the things referred to are ‘the tabernacle and all the vessels of the ministry’ (Hebrews 9:21), which were only copies of ‘the heavenly things themselves. Hebrews 8:5, where the RV_ rightly changes ‘the example (ὑποδείγματι) and shadow of heavenly things’ into ‘a Copy and shadow of the heavenly things
Counterfeit - ) To imitate with a view to deceiving, by passing the Copy for that which is original or genuine; to forge; as, to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc. ) Fabricated in imitation of something else, with a view to defraud by passing the false Copy for genuine or original; as, counterfeit antiques; counterfeit coin
Jesus Psalter, the - It was printed and sold separately as early as 1520, though no Copy exists
Miniature - ) Being on a small; much reduced from the reality; as, a miniature Copy
Collation - ) The act of collating or comparing; a comparison of one Copy er thing (as of a book, or manuscript) with another of a like kind; comparison, in general. ) The act of comparing the Copy of any paper with its original to ascertain its conformity
Pattern - ) Something made after a model; a Copy. ) To make or design (anything) by, from, or after, something that serves as a pattern; to Copy; to model; to imitate
Model - ) To make a Copy or a pattern; to design or imitate forms; as, to model in wax. ) Any Copy, or resemblance, more or less exact
Lasthenes - When Demetrius was endeavouring to make terms with Jonathan the Maccabæan, he wrote to Lasthenes in favour of the Jews, and forwarded a Copy of his letter to the Jewish prince ( 1Ma 11:29-37 )
Counterpart - ) A part corresponding to another part; anything which answers, or corresponds, to another; a Copy; a duplicate; a facsimile
Protocol - ) The original Copy of any writing, as of a deed, treaty, dispatch, or other instrument
Manifold - ) A Copy of a writing made by the manifold process
Pattern - Numbers 8:4 a different original and Arts and Crafts, § 3 ), others a Copy of the original model as Hebrews 8:5 RV Image - Any Copy, representation or likeness. IM'AGE, To imagine to Copy by the imagination to form a likeness in the mind by the fancy or recollection
Pattern - See Copy
Precedent - ) A rough draught of a writing which precedes a finished Copy
Extract - ) A draught or Copy of writing; certified Copy of the proceedings in an action and the judgement therein, with an order for execution
Correct - A correct edition of a book is exactly according to the original Copy. To amend to remove or retrench faults or errors to set right as, to correct a book to correct a Copy for the press or in printing, to correct the press, or errors of the press
Sinaiticus Codex - Returning from their promenade, Tischendorf accompanied the monk to his room, and there had displayed to him what his companion called a Copy of the LXX. of 1844, which he had declared to be the most ancient of all Greek codices on vellum that are extant; but he found not only that, but a Copy of the Greek New Testament attached, of the same age, and perfectly complete, not wanting a single page or paragraph. It is shown by Tischendorf that this codex was written in the fourth century, and is thus of about the same age as the Vatican codex; but while the latter wants the greater part of Matthew and sundry leaves here and there besides, the Sinaiticus is the only Copy of the New Testament in uncial characters which is complete. Copy of the New Testament
Inventory of Church Property - A Copy of this inventory must be kept in the local archives and another in the archives of the diocesan curia and any change in the property should be noted
Lindisfarne Gospels - A Copy of the Four Gospels in Latin with an interlinear Anglo-Saxon translation or gloss, written c
Transcription - ) The act or process of transcribing, or Copying; as, corruptions creep into books by repeated transcriptions. ) A Copy; a transcript
Septuagint - Pertaining to the Septuagint contained in the Greek Copy of the Old Testament
Ensample - , "that which is shown" (from hupo, "under," and deiknumi, "to show"), hence, (a) "a figure, Copy," Hebrews 8:5 , RV, "copy," for AV, "example;" Hebrews 9:23 ; (b) "an example," whether for imitation, John 13:15 ; James 5:10 , or for warning, Hebrews 4:11 ; 2 Peter 2:6 , RV, "example
Type - ) The original object, or class of objects, scene, face, or conception, which becomes the subject of a Copy; esp. ) To furnish an expression or Copy of; to represent; to typify
Probate - ) Official proof; especially, the proof before a competent officer or tribunal that an instrument offered, purporting to be the last will and testament of a person deceased, is indeed his lawful act; the Copy of a will proved, under the seal of the Court of Probate, delivered to the executors with a certificate of its having been proved
Reproduce - ) To make an image or other representation of; to portray; to cause to exist in the memory or imagination; to make a Copy of; as, to reproduce a person's features in marble, or on canvas; to reproduce a design
Example - A pattern a Copy a mode that which is proposed to be imitated. A pattern, in morals or manners a Copy, or model that which is proposed or is proper to be imitated
Mailros, Chronica de - An ancient Copy of the manuscript is in the British Museum and has been edited for the Bannatyne Club by Joseph Stevenson, SJ, who also prepared the English edition in Church Historians of England
Borrow - ) To Copy or imitate; to adopt; as, to borrow the style, manner, or opinions of another
Covenant - The agreement, according to Ancient Near East custom, consists of five parts: 1) Identification of parties, 2) Historical prologue where the deeds establishing the worthiness of the dominant party is established, 3) Conditions of the agreement, 4) Rewards and punishments in regard to keeping the conditions, and 5) Disposition of the documents where each party receives a Copy of the agreement (e
Josiah - While cleaning and repairing the temple at his command, the priests found the temple Copy of the five books of the law, perhaps the original Copy from Moses' own hand
Trace - ) To mark out; to draw or delineate with marks; especially, to Copy, as a drawing or engraving, by following the lines and marking them on a sheet superimposed, through which they appear; as, to trace a figure or an outline; a traced drawing. ) To Copy; to imitate
Example - ) That which is to be followed or imitated as a model; a pattern or Copy
Hilkiah - He found a Copy of the law in the temple, which caused great heart-searchings and repentance
Shaphan - Hilkiah gave the discovered Copy of the law to Shaphan who read it to the king
Tenor - ) An exact Copy of a writing, set forth in the words and figures of it
Manograph - It is also moved at right angles to this direction by a reducing motion, called a reproducer, so as to Copy accurately on a smaller scale the motion of the engine piston
Exact - ) Precisely agreeing with a standard, a fact, or the truth; perfectly conforming; neither exceeding nor falling short in any respect; true; correct; precise; as, the clock keeps exact time; he paid the exact debt; an exact Copy of a letter; exact accounts
True - ) Right to precision; conformable to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate; as, a true Copy; a true likeness of the original
Minims, Order of - For fifty-seven years the Minims had no written rule, but in 1493, the first rule, which was almost a Copy of that of Saint Francis of Assisi, was confirmed by Pope Alexander VI
Order of Minims - For fifty-seven years the Minims had no written rule, but in 1493, the first rule, which was almost a Copy of that of Saint Francis of Assisi, was confirmed by Pope Alexander VI
Hilkiah - Some have supposed that this "book" was nothing else than the original autograph Copy of the Pentateuch written by Moses (Deuteronomy 31:9-26 )
Creep - To steal in to move forward unheard and unseen to come or enter unexpectedly or unobserved as, some error has crept into the Copy of a history
Book - " (Philippians 4:3; Revelation 20:12) It is our happiness to have all that it behoves us to know, concerning the book of life, in the Copy of it of the Bible, which becomes indeed, in the proclamation of grace it contains, "the book of life
Bartholomew, Feast of st - Bartholomew is thought to have preached the Gospel in NorthernIndia, where he is said to have left a Hebrew Copy of St
Enroll, Enrollment - A — 1: ἀπογράφω (Strong's #583 — Verb — apographo — ap-og-raf'-o ) primarily signifies "to write out, to Copy;" then, "to enroll, to inscribe," as in a register. ...
B — 1: ἀπογραφή (Strong's #582 — Noun Feminine — apagraphe — ap-og-raf-ay' ) primarily denotes "a written Copy", or, as a law term, "a deposition;" then, "a register, census, enrollment," Luke 2:2 ; Acts 5:37 , RV, for AV, "taxing
Statue - Tselem (צֶלֶם, Strong's #6754), “statue; image; Copy. ...
This word signifies an “image or Copy” of something in the sense of a replica: “Wherefore ye shall make images of your emerods, and images of your mice that mar the land; and ye shall give glory unto the God of Israel …” ( Shadow - The material, sensible world is not the real, but only the shadowy Copy of the heavenly pattern. Furthermore, the priests of the Levitical system only ‘serve a Copy’ (ὑπόδειγμα) and shadow (σκιά) of the heavenly things’ (Hebrews 8:5). Like every other part of the Levitical system, the tabernacle was only a ‘copy,’ the ‘pattern’ (τύπον) of which exists eternally in heaven
Imitation: of Good Men Its Limit - One is your Master, to Copy him in every jot and tittle will be safe enough
Alexandrian Manuscript - A famous Copy of the Scriptures, in four volumes quarto
Patrocius, a Martyr - The priest sat up all night Copying them, and then returned the book to the traveller, who went his way. An army, however, shortly afterwards invaded Italy, and brought back an identical Copy of the Acts, thus proving the good faith of the priest
Example - A Copy or pattern. In a moral sense, is either taken for a type, instance, or precedent for our admonition, that we may be cautioned against the faults or crimes which others have committed, by the bad consequences which have ensued from them; or example is taken for a pattern for our imitation, or a model for us to Copy after
Appeal - Within the next month, unless the lower judge grants an extension of the time, the one appealing must follow up his application by calling on the higher court to amend the decision, enclosing a Copy of the sentence and of his own bill of appeal
Ambassador, Ambassage - ]'>[3] ‘the Copy of their words
Correction - That which is substituted in the place of what is wrong as the corrections of a Copy are numerous set the corrections in the margin of a proof-sheet
Index, Expurgatory - Another index was published in Spain in 1584, a Copy of which was snatched out of the fire when the English plundered Cadiz
Aquila And Priscilla - Some scholars think the church at Ephesus received a Copy of the last chapter of Romans
Eusebius (99), Presbyter of Cremona - Eusebius sent a Copy of this to Bethlehem, where Jerome denounced it as a mistranslation. Rufinus replied that Eusebius had obtained an imperfect Copy, either by bribing the Copyist or by other wrong means, and had also tampered with the MS
Calk - ) To Copy, as a drawing, by rubbing the back of it with red or black chalk, and then passing a blunt style or needle over the lines, so as to leave a tracing on the paper or other thing against which it is laid or held
TRUE - Exact right to precision conformable to a rule or pattern as a true Copy a true likeness of the original
Polyglot - Origen arranged in different columns a Hebrew Copy, both in Hebrew and Greek characters, with six different Greek versions
Esther (2) - ), "cotton," "crown," "nobles," "a Copy," and "lot
Bible - In the time of Edward I, 1250, it required the earnings of a day laborer for fifteen years to purchase a manuscript Copy of the entire Bible. Now, a printed Copy may be had for the earning of a few hours. The first Copy of this was made by forty-seven of the most learned men in England, divided into six companies. This first Copy was then revised by a committee of twelve, or two from each of the six companies; and then again by two others
Bible - ...
The first Copy, called the Septuagint, in Greek, so called from the seventy pious men devoted to this service, was produced about two hundred and forty years before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, including all the sacred books, as we now have them, from Genesis to Malachi. ...
The second Copy consisted of the Old Testament, from Hebrew into Greek by a Jew named Aquila, being converted to the Christian faith, in the time of the Emperor Adrian. Afterwards Hieronymus translated it out of the Hebrew into the Latin tongue; this is what is called the sixth Copy
Follow - ) To Copy after; to take as an example
Uide - ) A strip or device to direct the compositor's eye to the line of Copy he is setting
Hilkiah - Possibly Moses' own autograph Copy, but "by the hand of Moses" may mean only that God gave it by means of him (2 Chronicles 35:6; John 1:17; Galatians 3:19; Exodus 9:35 margin, Exodus 35:29; Nehemiah 10:29). ...
Still the place where it was found, the temple, and its not having been found before but only brought to light during the repairs, and that by the high priest, identify it with the original temple Copy deposited by Moses' command by the side of the ark within the veil (Deuteronomy 31:9; Deuteronomy 31:26). The directions for the reading of the law every seventh year or year of release, also the direction (Deuteronomy 17:18-19) that a Copy of the law should be made for the king distract from that of the priests and Levites, imply a paucity of readers and of copies (compare 2 Chronicles 17:9; 2 Kings 14:6; 2 Kings 18:5-6)
Calf - The golden calf which Aaron made (Exodus 32:4 ) was probably a Copy of the god Moloch rather than of the god Apis, the sacred ox or calf of Egypt
Example - , "an under-writing" (from hupographo, "to write under, to trace letters" for Copying by scholars); hence, "a writing-copy, an example," 1 Peter 2:21 , said of what Christ left for believers, by His sufferings (not expiatory, but exemplary), that they might "follow His steps
Express - ) To make or offer a representation of; to show by a Copy or likeness; to represent; to resemble
Ark of the Covenant - It was used as a representative of the former on the day of expiation, and a repository of the original Copy of the holy Scriptures, collected by Ezra and the men of the great synagogue after the captivity; and, in imitation of this, the Jews, to this day, have a kind of ark in their synagogues, wherein their sacred books are kept
Scapular of the Help of the Sick - At their reception, members are given a scapular of black woollen cloth; the portion over the breast is a Copy of the above picture of the Mother of God and at her feet are Saint Joseph and Saint Camillus, the two other patrons of the sick and of the confraternity
Help of the Sick, Scapular of the - At their reception, members are given a scapular of black woollen cloth; the portion over the breast is a Copy of the above picture of the Mother of God and at her feet are Saint Joseph and Saint Camillus, the two other patrons of the sick and of the confraternity
Serapion, Bishop of Antioch - They are—(1) a letter to Caricus and Pontius against the Cataphrygian or Montanist heresy, containing a Copy of a letter of Apollinaris of Hierapolis, and substantiated as to the facts by the signatures of several other bishops, including some of Thrace; (2) a treatise addressed to Domninus, who during the persecution of Severus had fallen away to the Jewish "will-worship"; and (3), the most important, directed against the Docetic gospel falsely attributed to St
Theodorus, Bishop of Tyana - Their friendship, however, was not weakened, and on the completion, in 382, of the Philocalia —the collection of extracts from Origen made by him and Basil many years before—Gregory sent Theodore a Copy as an Easter gift (Ep
Christendom - The revived empire in the 10th century was an imperfect Copy of the Carlovingian
Seraiah - Jeremiah gave a special Copy of the prophecy to Seraiah where with to console the Jews in their Babylonian exile
Express - To represent to exhibit by Copy or resemblance
Matter - ) Written manuscript, or anything to be set in type; Copy; also, type set up and ready to be used, or which has been used, in printing
Image - An exact and complete Copy or counterpart of any thing
Write - To Copy to transcribe
Damascus - The ungodly Judean king Ahaz worshipped the Syrian gods there, and built a Copy of the Syrian altar in Jerusalem (2 Kings 16:10-16; 2 Chronicles 28:22-24)
Esther, Book of - 3 a Copy of Artaxerxes' decree against the Jews. 8 a Copy of the king's letter for reversing the previous decree, in which Haman is called a Macedonian! and the statement made that he had been plotting to betray the kingdom of Persia to the Macedonians!...
Pamphilus, Presbyter of Caesarea - Among other priceless literary treasures now lost was a Copy of the so-called Hebrew text of the Gospel of St. 3) and the Tetrapla and Hexapla of Origen in the original Copy (Hieron. In the catechetical school of Alexandria Pamphilus had conceived a most ardent admiration for Origen, with whose works he made it his special object to enrich his library, Copying the greater part himself (Hieron
Samaritan Pentateuch - Pietro della Valle in 1616 procured a complete Copy, after it had been lost sight of since its mention by early Christian (Jerome, Prol. ...
Grove in 1861 brought a 4to Copy from Nablus for the Count of Paris, in whose library it is. Kirchhelm observes that, in difficult readings where probably the Copyist after Ezra, in transcribing from the old Samaritan characters into the modern square Hebrew letters, mistook Samaritan letters of similar form, our Samaritan Pentateuch has the same text as the Hebrew; therefore the Samaritan must be copied from a Hebrew not a Samaritan manuscript. ...
It is certain the Samaritan was distinct from the Hebrew Copy in Deuteronomy 27:4; Deuteronomy 27:8, three hundred years B. 1000; a good Copy is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, presented by Dr
Vulgate, the - The Latin text of the Greek Codex E, but is judged to be a Copy of d. A Copy of this is in the British Museum, but is of later date than Charlemagne. It existed long before papal supremacy and for many centuries was the only Copy of the New Testament that was available to the mass of Christians, and was largely used by the Reformers until they could obtain a Copy of the Greek, and were able to read it
Masora - Each of these published a Copy of the whole Hebrew text, as correct, says Dr. The eastern Jews have followed that of Ben Naphtali, and the western that of Ben Asher: and all that has been done since is to Copy after them, without making any more corrections, or masoretical criticisms
Take - ) To form a likeness of; to Copy; to delineate; to picture; as, to take picture of a person. ) The quantity or Copy given to a compositor at one time
Gospels - Did the evangelists Copy from one another? The opinion is well founded that the Gospels were published by the apostles orally before they were committed to writing, and that each had an independent origin
Record - ) An authentic official Copy of a document which has been entered in a book, or deposited in the keeping of some officer designated by law
Rent - There are also rents of assize, certain established rents of free-holders and Copy-holders of manors, which cannot be varied called also quit-rents
Chronicles - In many places, where the history of the same kings is related, the narrative in Chronicles is almost a Copy of that in Kings; in other places, the one serves as a supplement to the other
Samar'Itans - To their Copy of the law they arrogated an antiquity and authority greater than attached to any Copy in the possession of the Jews
Muratorian Fragment - had come from the Irish monastery of Bobbio, and the fragment seems to have been a Copy of a loose leaf or two of a lost volume. It is defective in the beginning, and breaks off in the middle of a sentence, and the mutilation must have taken place in the archetype of our present Copy. This Copy was made by an illiterate and careless scribe, and is full of blunders; but is of the greatest value as the earliest-known list of N
Figure - , "a striking back;" metaphorically, "resisting, adverse;" then, in a Passive sense, "struck back;" in the NT metaphorically, "corresponding to," (a) a Copy of an archetype (anti, "corresponding to, and No
New Code of Canon Law - The scholars began the work and a Copy of the first draft was sent to the bishops for suggestions
Canon Law, New Code of - The scholars began the work and a Copy of the first draft was sent to the bishops for suggestions
Aramaic - In Ezra 4:7 the letter sent to Artaxerxes was written in Aramaic, and interpreted in Aramaic, that is, the Copy of the letter and what follows as far as Ezra 6:18 is in that language and not in Hebrew
Ebionites - Matthew, otherwise called the Gospel of the twelve apostles; but they corrupted their Copy in abundance of places; and particularly had left out the genealogy of our Saviour, which was preserved entire in that of the Nazarenes, and even in those used by the Cerinthians
Gallienus p. Licinius, Emperor - 13), which might have been done without a legal recognition of Christianity; but Eusebius has preserved a Copy of the encyclical rescript which the emperor addressed to the Christian bishops of the Egyptian province, which shews that the position of "the bishops" is perfectly recognized by the pagan government
Marcionites - In his own Copy of St
Ahaz - He built a Copy of their altar of sacrifice to replace the existing altar of sacrifice in the Jerusalem temple (2 Kings 16:10-16; 2 Chronicles 28:22-24), and built shrines for the foreign religions throughout the towns of Judah (2 Chronicles 28:25)
Samaritan Pentateuch - Pietro della Valle purchased a very neat Copy at Damascus, in 1616, for M
Rending of Garments - There were four occasions on which rending of garments was enjoined by the Jewish Law: (1) death; (2) the apostasy of a member of the family; (3) the destruction, during persecution, of a Copy of the Law; (4) blasphemy
Mill - ) A hardened steel roller having a design in relief, used for imprinting a reversed Copy of the design in a softer metal, as copper
Out - From, noting Copy from an original as, to cite or Copy out of Horace
Josiah - It was in repairing the temple that Moses' Copy of the law, in his own handwriting, or at, least the original temple Copy from his, was found. These too all accepted it, evidently because they and he had always recognized its truths generally (as his extirpation of idolatry already implied), but now he and they are brought into immediate contact, as it were, with Moses himself, through the original temple Copy
Gerizim - )...
Henceforward the Samaritans and Jews assumed mutual antagonism; but whereas the Jerusalem temple and worship were overthrown soon after our Lord's crucifixion, the Samaritan on Gerazim have continued from age to age, and the paschal lamb has been yearly offered by this interesting community; they possess a Copy of the law, attributed to Manasseh, and known to the Christian fathers of the second and third centuries
Fravitta, Bishop of Constantinople - The joy of the pope was finally destroyed by the arrival at Rome of a Copy of the letter which Fravitta had sent to Mongus
Follow - To imitate to Copy as, to follow a pattern or model to follow fashion
Caius, Pope - 9, at which date a Copy of the inscription set up by Sixtus III
Double - ) A person or thing that is the counterpart of another; a duplicate; Copy; (Obs
Josiah - While this was in progress Hilkiah the priest found a Copy of the law, which had evidently been lost sight of
Ark of the Covenant - ...
Besides the tables of the covenant, placed by Moses in this sacred coffer, God appointed the blossoming rod of Aaron to be lodged there, Numbers 17:10 Hebrews 9:4 ; a golden vase of manna gathered in the wilderness, Exodus 16:33,34 , and a Copy of the book of the law, Deuteronomy 31:26
Josiah - While this work was being carried on, Hilkiah, the high priest, discovered a roll, which was probably the original Copy of the law, the entire Pentateuch, written by Moses
Follow, Follower - Matthew 18:23-35 ) or Copy Christ's example of suffering wrong rather than inflicting it (1 Peter 2:20-23 )
Salamis - His relics, with a Copy of the First Gospel, were ‘discovered’ in a
Eusebius, Bishop of Rome - All such doubt was now set at rest by the discovery, in the crypt referred to, of 46 fragments of a slab bearing a Copy of the original inscription, and of the original slab, identified by the peculiar characters of Damasine inscriptions
Throne - ...
The more frequent sense of kissê' is “throne” or “seat of honor,” also known as the “royal seat”: “And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a Copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites” ( Josiah - This was, probably, a Copy of the Pentateuch, which had been lodged there for security by some pious priest in the reign of Ahaz or Manasseh
Life - The living form real person or state in opposition to a Copy as, a picture is taken from the life a description from the life
Law - The Pentateuch was probably "the law," a Copy of which every king was to transcribe for himself and study, and which was to be made known to young and old, in public and in private, Deuteronomy 6:7 17:18,19 31:9-19,26
Take - To Copy. To draw to Copy to paint a likeness as a likeness taken by Reynolds. To Copy. ...
To take after, to learn to follow to Copy to imitate as, he takes after a good pattern
Patricius, or Saint Patrick - ...
We have a Copy of the Confession more than 1,000 years old preserved in the Book of Armagh, one of the great treasures of the library of Trinity College, Dublin. This Copy professes, in the colophon appended to it, to have been taken from the autograph of St. The contents of the book are: 1st, Patrician documents, including the oldest Copy of the Confession; 2nd, the N. is remarkable as the only complete Copy which has come down from the ancient Celtic church
Book(s) - ...
The Book of the Law During the reign of Josiah, Hilkiah, the high priest, found a Copy of the “Book of the Law” in the Temple (2 Kings 22:8 ). The book is not explicitly identified in 2Kings, but by comparing the measures undertaken by Josiah and the laws of Deuteronomy it is very likely that the “Book of the Law” was a Copy of Deuteronomy
Versions, Ancient, of the Old And New Testaments, - --In the year 431, Joseph and Eznak returned from the Council of Ephesus bringing with them a Greek Copy of the Scriptures. Cureton noticed a Copy of the Gospels, differing greatly from the common text; and this is the form of text to which the name of Curetonian Syriac has been rightly applied
Mount Mountain - Of the two passages in Hebrews, the first (Hebrews 8:5) affirms that the tabernacle constructed in the wilderness was a mere Copy and shadow of the heavenly things, made by Moses according to the pattern that was showed him in the Mount (cf. Even the furniture of the earthly tabernacle had its heavenly archetypes; so also the priesthood of Aaron and his descendants is but a Copy of the priesthood of Jesus
Mount Mountain - Of the two passages in Hebrews, the first (Hebrews 8:5) affirms that the tabernacle constructed in the wilderness was a mere Copy and shadow of the heavenly things, made by Moses according to the pattern that was showed him in the Mount (cf. Even the furniture of the earthly tabernacle had its heavenly archetypes; so also the priesthood of Aaron and his descendants is but a Copy of the priesthood of Jesus
Cast - a reproduction or Copy, as of a work of art, in bronze or plaster, etc
Heart - ...
To get or learn by heart, to commit to memory to learn so perfectly as to be able to repeat without a Copy
Macedonius ii, Patriarch of Constantinople - At last the emperor commanded him to send by the hands of the master of the offices the authentic Copy of the Acts of the council of Chalcedon signed with the autographs of the bishops
Versions of the Scripture, Ancient - A remarkably beautiful Copy of the Gothic Gospels is called the CODEX ARGENTEUS, being written in silver, with the initial words in gold. It having been revised and modified by one called Thomas of Harkel, very little of the original translation is left, except in one Copy at Rome uncollated. Still the translation from the Greek is so literal that it leaves no doubt as to what the Greek Copy contained
Diognetus, Epistle to - scribe, saying, "Thus I found a break in the Copy before me also, it being very ancient. ...
No other ancient Copy of the Greek of any of the writings published in 1592 has been found; but the writer To Greeks , with whom the writer To Diognetus was in the MS. ...
Probably an old Copy exhibited three works of Ambrosius—an avowal of Christianity, and answers To Greeks and To Diognetus , each a brave act as well as a solid work, the first now lost, the second a fine sample of a class of controversial works of which samples are numerous, the third, To Diognetus , preserved in fragments only, but unique, not apologetic merely, but catechetical, a portraiture of early Christianity not in its manifestation only, but in its springs, bringing us to the gates of the Paradise of God
Magistrate - In coloniae it was a Copy as nearly as possible
Go Away, Leave - ”...
Thus gâlâh can be used of “making something” openly known, or of “publicizing” it: “The Copy of the writing for a commandment to be given in every province was published unto all people, that they should be ready against that day” ( Samaritans - They have a Copy of the Pentateuch, professedly made by Abishua the son of Phinehas, 1400 years before Christ
Table - In England, the chirographer tables the fines of every county, and fixes a Copy in some open place of the court
Macarius Magnus, Magnes, a Writer - Nicephorus, then or afterwards patriarch of Constantinople, had never heard of him, and only after long search could he procure a Copy of the work containing the extract ( Spicilegium Solesmense , i. he became again the subject of controversy through the Jesuit Turrianus, who had found a Copy of the Apocritica in St. In 1867 there was found at Athens what there is good reason to believe was this Copy, which, by theft or otherwise, had found its way to Greece
Example - Timothy is to hold fast the ‘type’ of doctrine which he had received from Paul, and this ‘type’ is not regarded as Timothy’s Copy of Paul’s, but as something which had now become common to both]'>[1]. —ὑτογραμμος is a ‘writing-copy’ (model), to be imitated by the pupil. And because He knows God as the Son knows the Father—immediately and perfectly (John 7:29; John 8:55; John 10:15, Matthew 11:27), and because He perfectly fulfils the will of God, Jesus demands an unconditional following, which shall consist, not in Copying the outward form, but in the most inward appropriation of the ruling principle of His life (Matthew 7:21-27; Matthew 28:20; Matthew 10:32-39; Matthew 11:28-29; 1618175165_62; Matthew 16:24-25; Matthew 20:22; John 17:21-23; Matthew 8:19-22; Matthew 19:21, John 15:8-10; John 8:12; John 12:35-36; John 12:44-50; John 13:12-17; John 15:4-7; Matthew 26:39; John 21:22). The relation of His followers to Jesus is something more than that of those who are striving to Copy a model. Now an original is not passively there to be copied; it sustains some sort of active causal relation to the Copy
Law - The king was instructed to have a Copy of the “law” prepared for him at his coronation ( Line - ) To mark with a line or lines; to cover with lines; as, to line a Copy book
Bible, Texts And Versions - Before that date, the only way that a person could have a Copy of any written work was to make a Copy (or have it made) by hand, letter by letter. Certainly not every church, let alone every Christian, could afford to have a Copy of the Scriptures
Typology - ” The writer of Hebrews stressed that Christ could not be an earthly priest, for such priests served in the Copy and shadow of heavenly things. Moses saw an earthly Copy of the heavenly reality
Sep'Tuagint - ; the Jewish slaves whom he set free, paying their ransom himself the letter of the king: the answer of the high priest; the choosing of six interpreters from each of the twelve tribes and their names; the Copy of the law, in letters of gold; the feast prepared for the seventy two, which continued for seven days; the questions proposed to each of the interpreters in turn, with the answers of each; their lodging by the seashore and the accomplishment of their work in seventy
Pentateuch - In other places the same Samaritan Copy adds what is deficient in the Hebrew; and what is contained more than the Hebrew seems so well connected with the rest of the discourse, that it would be difficult to separate them
Philippi - Immediately after Polycarp wrote to the Philippians, sending at their request a Copy of all the letters of Ignatius which the church of Smyrna had; so they still retained the same sympathy with sufferers for Christ as in Paul's days
Aristeas - The author pretends to have been one of the two ambassadors—Andreas, ἀρχισωματοφύλαξ of the king, being the other—sent by king Ptolemaeus Philadelphus to the high priest Eleazar of Jerusalem in order to get for him a Copy of the Law, and men to translate it for the Royal Library at Alexandria
Luciferus i, Bishop of Calaris - Hearing of his arrival in Egypt, Athanasius sent a letter from Alexandria, full of praise and congratulations, asking him to let him see a Copy of his work After receiving it, Athanasius thanked him in a still more laudatory letter, and calls him the Elias of the age
Bible - Prideaux thinks, that during the preceding reigns the book of the law was so destroyed and lost, that, beside this Copy of it, there was then no other to be obtained. He adds, that the surprise expressed by Josiah and the people, at his reading the Copy found by Hilkiah, may be accounted for by adverting to the history of the preceding reigns, and by recollecting how idolatrous a king Manasseh had been for fifty-five years, and that he wanted neither power nor inclination to destroy the copies of the law, if they had not been secreted by the servants of God. The law, after being so long concealed, would be unknown almost to all the Jews; and thus the solemn reading of it by Josiah would awaken his own and the people's earnest attention; more especially, as the Copy produced was probably the original written by Moses. From this time copies of the law were extensively multiplied among the people; and though, within a few years, the autograph, or original Copy of the law, was burnt with the city and temple by the Babylonians, yet many copies of the law and the prophets, and of all the other sacred writings, were circulated in the hands of private persons, who carried them with them into their captivity. It is certain that Daniel had a Copy of the Holy Scriptures with him at Babylon; for he quotes the law, and mentions the prophecies of Jeremiah, Daniel 9:2 ; Daniel 9:11 ; Daniel 9:13 . The whole which Ezra did may be comprised in the following particulars: He collected as many copies of the sacred writings as he could find, and compared them together, and, out of them all, formed one complete Copy, adjusted the various readings, and corrected the errors of transcribers
Lamp Lampstand - ...
In conclusion, reference may be made to the representation of the seven-branched lampstand on the Arch of Titus, often reproduced, which is probably a Copy of the original (Encyclopaedia Biblica , article ‘Candlestick’); to contemporary Roman practice in lighting (see H
True, Truly, Truth - 1; (d) His ways, Revelation 15:3 ; (e) His judgments, Revelation 16:7 ; 19:2 ; (f) His riches, Luke 16:11 ; (g) His worshipers, John 4:23 ; (h) their hearts, Hebrews 10:22 ; (i) the witness of the Apostle John, John 19:35 ; (j) the spiritual, antitypical tabernacle, Hebrews 8:2 ; 9:24 , not that the wilderness tabernacle was false, but that it was a weak and earthly Copy of the heavenly
Ephesians, Letter to the - Paul’s letter to the church in Laodicea may have been another Copy of this letter (Colossians 4:16)
Song of Solomon - ...
As a matter of interest it may be added that in the Alexandrian Copy of the LXX some of the above divisions are made, and the speaker pointed out. In the Codex Sinaiticus these intimations are much more numerous than in the Alexandrian Copy
New Testament - Moreover, by the mutual help of the various copies, all the faults may be mended - one Copy preserving the true reading in one place, another in another. Bengel (1734) laid down the principle, "the hard is preferable to the easy reading," the Copyist would more probably originate an easy than a hard reading. The Byzantine or Constantinopolitan mutually concur, because copied from one another; the Alexandrian have some mutual discrepancies which render their concurrence in many more passages against the received text the weightier, because they prove the absence of collusion and mutual Copying. " Also, coeteris paribus, "the shorter is preferable to the longer reading," for Copyists tend to add rather than omit; notes in the margin, such as the parallel words of the same incident in different Gospels, creep into the text, and texts, like snowballs, grow in transmission. the synoptical Gospels) he prefers those testimonies in which accordance is not found, unless there be good reason to the contrary, for Copyists tried to bring parallel passages into accordance. In the Pauline epistles 'aleph, A, B, C, D (and E Sangermanensis, its Copy), and H; the cursives 17 and 37 agree with the oldest manuscripts. ...
H, Coislinianus, at Paris; fragment of Paul's epistles; brought from Mount Athos; Montfaucon edited it in 1715; though Constantinopolitan in origin it agrees with the ancient authorities, not the Byzantine and received text; sixth or seventh century, but its authority is that of the best text of Caesarea in the beginning of the fourth century; the transcriber's note is, "this Copy was collated with a Copy in Caesarea belonging to the library of S. Adamantius' ("Origen") copies appealed to by Jerome (on Matthew 24:36; Galatians 3:1) were written probably by Origen; Pamphilus' Copy was from Origen's text
Sanctuary - He began with the "heavenly sanctuary" (8:22) as the model or "pattern" (8:5) of which the "earthly" and "man-made sanctuary" (9:1,24) was only a "copy" (9:23-24)
Keep - To Copy carefully
Polycarpus, Moyses of Aghel - 14623 (7), written 823, is the oldest extant Copy of this version
Deuteronomy, the Book of - These two verses contain instructions to the king about making “a Copy of this law” to be read regularly and obeyed faithfully. The Septuagint translators rendered the above phrase “this second law” instead of “a Copy of this law
Inspiration - Whether we have a correct Copy is quite another question
Altar - A third variety of primitive altar is the mound of earth ( Exodus 20:24 ), a Copy in miniature of the hill-tops which were at all times favourite places of worship (see High Place)
Eustathius (3), Bishop of Berrhoea - of Berrhoea he was one of the orthodox prelates to whom Alexander of Alexandria sent a Copy of his letter to Alexander of Constantinople concerning Arius and his errors (Theod
Judges - ...
Afterward, the king was expected to hear causes in person, and therefore should write and read continually a Copy of the law (2 Samuel 15:1-4; Deuteronomy 17:18-19)
Theodotion, Otherwise Theodotus - Thus in these books we have fuller materials for learning the character of his version than that of either of the others; and still more in his version of Daniel, which has come down to us entire, having since before Jerome's time (how long before we are not told) superseded that of the LXX so completely that the latter was lost for centuries, and is now extant only in a single Greek Copy, the Cod
Versions of the Scripture, English - They then asked that every incumbent should purchase a Copy and that every abbey should take six copies. The result was that the king ordered by royal proclamation that a Copy should be set up in every church, the cost being divided between the clergy and the people
Damascus - Damascus had one last influence on Judah; for when Ahaz went to Damascus to pay tribute to Tiglath-pileser, he liked the altar he saw there and had a Copy made for the Jerusalem Temple (2 Kings 16:10-16 )
Antiochus - Pagan sacrifices were ordered in every town in Judæa, and every month a search was made to discover whether any Jew possessed a Copy of the Law or had circumcised his children
Ark of the Covenant - The only use that was made of it was to be a representation of the former on the great day of expiation, and to be a repository of the Holy Scriptures, that is, of the original Copy of that collection of them made by Ezra after the captivity; in imitation of which the Jews, in all their synagogues, have a like ark or coffer in which they keep their Scriptures
English Versions - Some are large folio volumes, handsomely written and illuminated in the best, or nearly the best, style of the period; such is the fine Copy, in two volumes (now Brit. It was assigned by Forshall and Madden, the editors of the Wyclifite Bible, to John Purvey , one of Wyclif’s most intimate followers; but the evidence is purely circumstantial, and rests mainly on verbal resemblances between the translator’s preface and known works of Purvey, together with the fact that a Copy of this preface is found attached to a Copy of the earlier version which was once Purvey’s property. ) has printed in parallel columns the charges against Hun and the corresponding passages in Purvey’s prologue, which leave no possibility of doubt that Hun was condemned for possessing a Copy of the version which is commonly known as Purvey’s, or as the later Wyclifite version
Thessalonians, First And Second, Theology of - Accordingly, Paul employs the technical concept of imitation to challenge his readers to follow or Copy his way of life as a significant model (1 Thessalonians 1:6-7 ; 2:14 ; 2 Thessalonians 3:7-9 ; cf. He himself is Copying the model of Christ, and his readers are to Copy that model of Christ as well (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 ; cf
Elesbaan, a King, Hermit, And Saint of Ethiopia - 518-527), when the king of the people of Axum, being about to war against the Homeritae, sent to ask the governor of Adulis for a Copy of a certain inscription; which Copy Cosmas and another monk were charged to make (Migne, Patr
Crimes And Punishments - ...
The offenses that make one liable to being “cut off” are: the men of Israel who are uncircumcised (Genesis 17:14 ; compare Exodus 4:24 ; Joshua 5:2-9 ), eating leavened bread during the feast of unleavened bread (Exodus 12:15 ,Exodus 12:15,12:19 ), trying to Copy or using the holy anointing oil on outsiders (Exodus 30:33 ), profaning the Sabbath (Exodus 31:14 ), partaking of sacrifices in an unclean state (Leviticus 7:20-21 ,Leviticus 7:20-21,7:25 ; Leviticus 19:8 ; compare 1 Samuel 2:33 ), eating blood (Leviticus 7:27 ; Leviticus 17:10 ,Leviticus 17:10,17:14 ), offering sacrifices in a place other than the tabernacle (Leviticus 17:3-4 ,Leviticus 17:3-4,17:8-9 ), certain sexual offenses (Leviticus 18:29 ; Genesis 38:24 ), child sacrifices to Molech (Leviticus 20:1 ,Leviticus 20:1,3:1 ,Leviticus 3:1,5:1 ), consulting wizards or mediums (Leviticus 20:6 ; Micah 5:12 ), approaching holy things in an unclean state (Leviticus 22:3 ; Numbers 19:13 ,Numbers 19:13,19:20 ), improperly observing the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:29<
Version - having ordered a Copy of it to be got for every church
Obadiah - Jeremiah would be more likely to Copy from an old prophet than from a contemporary
Timothy, Letters to - People had tried to Copy the Jewish teachers of the law by developing imaginative theories based on ancient myths, legends and genealogies (1 Timothy 1:3-7; 1 Timothy 6:3-5)
Temperance - To Copy this perfect Ideal and to reach this goal we, by a life lived in union with Him and by the power of the Holy Ghost, must strive to be temperate in all things
Stephen - Secondly, there is the suggestion that since God was worshipped acceptably long before temple or even tabernacle (after which the Temple was modelled, the tabernacle itself being but a Copy of the heavenly tabernacle seen on the mount) was built, and again since God was acceptably worshipped in spots far removed from the Land of Canaan, and Solomon, at the very moment of building the Temple, declared that God dwells not in ‘houses made with hands’ (Acts 7:48), it is at least possible that God may be worshipped, and worshipped acceptably, elsewhere than in the Temple
Samaritans - They have a Hebrew Copy of the Pentateuch, differing in some respects from that of the Jews; and written in different characters, commonly called Samaritan characters; which Origen, Jerom, and other fathers and critics, ancient and modern, take to be the primitive character of the ancient Hebrews, though others maintain the contrary
Pentateuch - Can any clearer proof than this be desired of the constant and universal acknowledgment of the divine authority of the Pentateuch throughout the entire nation of the Jews, notwithstanding the idolatries and corruptions which so often prevented its receiving such obedience as that acknowledgment ought to have produced? The argument from this certain antiquity of the Pentateuch, a Copy of which existed in the old Samaritan character as well as in the modern Hebrew, is most conclusive as to the numerous prophecies of Christ, and the future and present condition of the Jews which it contains
Temperance - To Copy this perfect Ideal and to reach this goal we, by a life lived in union with Him and by the power of the Holy Ghost, must strive to be temperate in all things
Rufinus of Aquileia - 368, to Copy out for him the works of Hilary upon the Psalms and upon the councils of the church ( Ep. At Milan he met Eusebius in the presence of the bishop, and confronted him when he read heretical passages from a Copy of the Περὶ Ἀρχῶν received from Marcella and purporting to be Rufinus's work (Ruf. Of this letter he received a Copy from Apronianus (Apol
Creation - The Hebrew Copy of the Bible, which we Christians, for good reasons, consider as the most authentic, dates the creation of the world 3944 years before the Christian era
Son of God - Deniers of Jesus' Godhead on the plea of God's unity Copy the Jews, who crucified Him because of His claim to be God
Manes, Called Also Mani - 167, gives a Copy
Palladius, Bishop of Helenopolis - The magistrates having decreed that the house of any who harboured bishop, priest, or layman who communicated with Chrysostom should be confiscated, Palladius, with many other ecclesiastics, fled to Rome, arriving about the middle of 405, with a Copy of the infamous decree which had driven him from Constantinople (ib
Pantaenus, of Alexandria - Bartholomew had already preached the Word and had left there a Copy of St
King - have written for him) a Copy of the law out of that before the priests and Levites; he should read therein all his life, to keep all the words, that his heart might not be lifted up above his brethren, to the end that he might prolong his days in his kingdom" (Deuteronomy 17:18-20)
Ephesians, Epistle to - Origen also had access to a Copy of the Epistle from which they were absent
Samaria - The Pentateuch was their sole code; for their Copy they claimed an antiquity and authority above any Jewish manuscript Jewish renegades joined them; hence they began to claim Jewish descent, as the Samaritan woman (John 4:12) says "Jacob our father
Matthew - After the destruction of Jerusalem, the language of the Jews, and every thing which belonged to them, fell into great contempt; and the early fathers, writing in Greek, would naturally quote and refer to the Greek Copy of St
King - Above all, the Israelite king was to have a personal Copy of God’s law and study it carefully, so that he might govern Israel justly and righteously according to God’s standards (Deuteronomy 17:18-20; cf
Mss - The earliest with an actual date (which is also the earliest dated Biblical MS in existence) is a Copy of some books of the Pentateuch, written in 464 (now in the British Museum; and the two earliest NT MSS may be assigned to about the same date. Contains the whole NT, the Gospels being arranged in the same manner as in Tatian’s Diatessaron , on the basis of a Copy of a Latin version of that work accidentally found by Bishop Victor. A well-written Copy of a good text, but of a different family from A
Text of the Gospels - 145) refers to an extreme instance of supineness and ignorance on the part of even a fairly recent editor: he gave in his MS the first and last words of quotations, and left the printer to fill them up from a printed Copy of the NT. Now suppose that fifty copies have been made of this third original Copy, and that it has itself perished, then it is clear that the evidence of the two extant primary copies outweighs the evidence of the fifty secondary ones. In this example it is assumed that the exact parentage of every Copy is known
Bible - Mill observes, that this version was made from a Latin Copy of the old Vulgate. Lilly, 1638; the genuine Copy by Edm. Expenius published an Arabic New Testament entire, as he found it in his manuscript Copy, at Leyden, 1616
Polycarpus, Bishop of Smyrna - A second note states that these Acts were transcribed by Socrates (or Isocrates) of Corinth, from a Copy made by Caius, a companion of Polycarp's disciple Irenaeus. A third note states that this again had been transcribed by Pionius from a Copy much decayed by time, the success of his search for which was due to a revelation made by Polycarp himself, "as will be shewn in what follows," from which we infer that the martyrdom was followed by a Life of Polycarp. Probably Pionius, when he recovered the very ancient Copy of the martyrdom, translated the date 2nd Xanthicus into one more widely intelligible and thus determined the date of subsequent commemorations
Chronology of the Old Testament - The Copy of the Pentateuch which circulated among the Samaritans has a still different system
Manuscripts - Writing skills varied and Copyists at times made errors. Some of the common errors were to misread the master Copy, misspell words, or misplace, omit, or repeat words or lines. There were also cases where Copyists deliberately changed the wording to make a sentence mean what they thought it should mean. In making fresh manuscripts, the Hebrew Copyists were almost fanatical at preserving every letter exactly as it was in the former manuscripts
Jude, Epistle of - Peter took alarm and wrote his Second Epistle, sending a Copy to St
Liberty (2) - lest the very strength and assurance of the new-found liberty may lead you to flourish it boastfully, thus courting temptation yourself, and perhaps ruining the weaker brethren, who, seeing you able to join in certain practices unharmed, will be tempted to Copy you, to their own hurt
Bible, - For a long time it was thought that their great care and exactitude in Copying had preserved the manuscripts from error; but it has been abundantly proved that those Copyists erred, as all others have erred in this respect, and numerous errors have been discovered in the MSS, though many of them are seen at once to be mistakes of the pen, some doubtless caused through the similarity of the Hebrew letters, and are easily corrected. ...
As to the text of the NEW TESTAMENTthere is no particular Copy that claims any authority, though the Received Text (Elzevir, 1624) was for a long time treated 'as if an angel had compiled it,' as one expressed it
Hold - The estate is held by Copy of court-roll
Discipleship - It is no injunction to Copy Him, though, of course, the imitation of Christ must enter into the aim of every disciple
Idatius (3), Author of Well-Known Chronicle - —Idatius tells us in the prologue to his Chronicle that he was born "in Lemica civitate," "Lemica" being a Copyist's error for Limica in Portugal. He was released in 3 months, and after his return to Chiaves lived at least 8 years under the Suevian kingdom which he had too hastily declared to be "destructum et finitum" in 456 (? " pene destructum," as Isidore, his Copyist in Hist. On the chronology of the last five years and on possible interpolations of certain chronological notes by the Copyist, see ed. branches off from the Fasti Idatiani , a Copy of the Constantinople Fasti came westward, received certain additions in Italy and then reached Spain, where a Spanish reviser and continuator gave them the shape under which we now know them as the Fasti Idatiani
Eusebius, Bishop of Dorylaeum - It begins by conjuring its readers to make its contents known or give a Copy of it to all bishops, clergy, and laity in Constantinople
Priest - This, indeed, was essential to his whole conception of the Law as having a shadow of the good things to come ( Hebrews 10:1 ), and of the priests who offer gifts according to the Law as serving ‘that which is a Copy and shadow of the heavenly things’ ( Hebrews 8:5 )
Versions - A Copy was ordered by royal proclamation to be set up in every church, the cost being divided between the clergy and the parishioners. A Copy of 15 instructions was sent to each translator
Leander (2) - Finally, the pope sent Leander certain codices; part of the Homilies on Job, which he had asked for, were to follow, as the librarii had not been able to finish the Copy in time
Maxentius, Joannes, Presbyter And Archimandrite - ...
Maxentius and his friends, having returned to Constantinople, sent a Copy of the writings of Faustus of Riez to Fulgentius and the other exiles in Sardinia, requesting him and his brethren to send their opinion of these (ib
Type - ), the method of its apologetic argument is given when the legal service of tabernacle and temple is described as ‘a Copy and shadow of the heavenly things’ (Hebrews 8:5 Revised Version ), and the Levitical Law generally as ‘having a shadow of the good things to come, not the very image of the things’ (Hebrews 10:1). The anticipatory and typical relation of the Levitical priesthood, as serving that which is a Copy and shadow of the heavenly things (Hebrews 8:5), to the high priesthood of Christ, as ministering the heavenly things themselves (Hebrews 9:23) in the heavenly sanctuary (Hebrews 8:1-2), is carried by the author into great detail
Jeremiah, Book of - The LXX appears to have been made from a faulty Copy, or the text was misunderstood by the translators, for there are many deviations from the Hebrew
Hellenists - " So indeed the Alexandrian manuscript reads, but it is supported by no other Copy
Old Testament - Of the documents which directly bear upon the history of the Hebrew text, the earliest two are the Samaritan Copy of the Pentateuch and the Greek translation of the LXX
Manuscripts - A Copy of the MS made before its present mutilation exists in the Vallicellian Library, Rome, as U. , London, 1880); reports on the Copy in the Vallicellian Library were published by H
Greek Versions of ot - A separate Copy of the four main Greek versions was also made, and was known as the Tetrapla. , that he collated the MS with a very early Copy, which itself had been corrected by the hand of Pamphilus
Book - About the year 1400, a Copy of John of Meun's "Roman de la Rose" was sold before the palace gate at Paris for forty crowns, or 33 l . The countess of Anjou paid, for a Copy of the homilies of Haimon, bishop of Halberstadt, two hundred sheep, five quarters of wheat, and the same quantity of rye and millet. These were either ταχυγραφοι , amanuenses, notarii, " hasty writers," or καλλιγραφοι , librarii, fair writers," or βιβλιογραφοι , librarii, "copyists
Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis - 52) that Eusebius is not wont without some special reason to Copy references made by his predecessors to undisputed books of the Canon. If Papias's Copy of St
Bible, Canon of the - The seven churches of Asia were clearly all expected to receive a Copy of the Revelation of John for reading in their assemblies
Games - The provinces soon learned to Copy the evil example of the mother country (W
the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans - " On the margin of a Copy of Thomas Adam' Private Thoughts now preserved among the treasures of the British Museum, Coleridge has written these pencilled lines: "For a great part of my life I did not know that I was poor, and naked, and blind, and miserable
Ethics - ...
Being like Christ does not mean that Christians in different cultures and eras must try to Copy the actions of the Messiah who lived in first century Palestine
Koran - ...
"And hence, " say they, "proceed that disorder and confusion visible in the work;" which, in truth, are so great, that all their doctors have never been able to adjust them; for Mahomet, or rather his Copyist, having put all the loose verses promiscuously in a book together, it was impossible ever to retrieve the order wherein they were delivered. It is the general belief among the Mahometans that the Koran is of divine original; nay, that it is eternal and uncreated; remaining, as some express it, in the very essence of God: and the first transcript has been from everlasting, by God's throne, written on a table of vast bigness, called the preserved table, in which are also recorded the divine decrees, past and future; that a Copy from this table, in one volume upon paper, was by the ministry of the angel Gabriel sent down to the lowest heaven, in the month of Ramadan, on the night of power, from whence Gabriel revealed it to Mahomet in parcels, some at Mecca, and some at Medina, at different times, during the space of twenty-three years, as the exigency of affairs required; giving him, however, the consolation to show him the whole (which they tell us was bound in silk, and adorned with gold and precious stones of paradise) once a year; but in the last year of his life he had the favour to see it twice. In this instance, particularly, the Copy is far below the great original, both in the propriety of its images and the force of its descriptions
Tabernacle - The language used there might suggest that the author thought the earthly tabernacle was a Copy of an eternal heavenly one
Lazarus - But a post-canonical author has these entries in his Arabic diary, which I will faithfully Copy out for your satisfaction about Lazarus
Septuagint - For this purpose, it is reported, that he sent Aristeas and Andreas, two distinguished officers of his court, to Jerusalem, on an embassy to Eleazar, then high priest of the Jews, to request of the latter a Copy of the Hebrew Scriptures, and that there might also be sent to him seventy-two persons, six chosen out of each of the twelve tribes, who were equally well skilled in the Hebrew and Greek languages
Mediator - The priesthood of Christ, and the tabernacle in the mount, were the originals; of the former of which, the Levitical priesthood was a type; and of the latter, the tabernacle made by Moses was a Copy
Jordanis, Historian of the Goths - It is largely a literal Copy of the introduction by Rufinus to his trans
Text of the New Testament - Fragmentary remains of a Copy of the Pauline Epistles, written in the 6th (or perhaps the 7th) century. A palimpsest Copy of Lk
Vulgate - There is clear evidence to show that the celebrated Lindisfarne Gospels (Y in Wordsworth’s numeration) was copied from one of these MSS, and the same was probably the case with another Northern Copy of the Gospels now in the British Museum (Royal 1 B vii. The first book to be printed in Europe was the Latin Bible, published in 1456 by Gutenberg and Fust (now popularly known as the Mazarin Bible, from the circumstance that the first Copy of it to attract notice in modern times was that in the library of Cardinal Mazarin)
Hieronymus, Eusebius (Jerome) Saint - Hearing that they were going into Gaul, the country of Hilary, Rufinus begged Jerome to Copy for him Hilary's commentary on the Psalms and his book upon the Councils ( Ep. ), cultivating a garden, and making baskets of rushes, or, more congenially, Copying books. ), in or close to the monastery, surrounded by his library, to which he continually added, as is shewn by his constant reference to a great variety of authors, sacred and profane, and by his account of obtaining a Copy of the Hexapla from the library at Caesarea (Comm
Christ in Jewish Literature - Christian writers who succeeded in finding a Copy speak of it as being jealously secreted by Jews, and to be obtained only by bribery. 148) says: ‘We procured a Copy from a friend who bought it from “verpo quodam” for some Hungarian gold pieces
Archaeology And Biblical Study - The secrets of Mesopotamia began to unfold following the Copying and decipherment of the Behistun inscription by Rawlinson begun in 1835, and by the later discovery in 1852 of Ashurbanipal's library by Rassam. Archaeology and the Biblical Text The oldest complete Copy of the Old Testament in Hebrew, the Leningrad Manuscript, has a date of A. A complete Copy of the Book of Isaiah was written about 100 B
Clemens Romanus of Rome - He had commissioned a Copy of the Philoxenian version of the N. proved to be only a Copy of the well-known Peshito
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles - it at the close of 1883, no other Copy being known to exist in MS. Even the later form of the Didaché may well be considerably older than Clement; and he might easily have met with a Copy during his travels in the East
Heaven, Heavens, Heavenlies - His redemptive work is completely efficacious because, unlike the priests of the old economy who ministered in a Copy of the heavenly temple, Christ alone was qualified to enter the presence of God in heaven (9:23-24)
Essenes - ...
(2) Did the Apostolic Church Copy the Order?-The resemblances are striking, and we shall mention and examine the most important
the Ten Virgins - And here is a Copy of the heavenly advertisement: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you
the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia - Brand's Copy of Halyburton's Memoirs, with his name and my mother's name on it in his own handwriting, is always within reach of my chair, and I am sure I have read it at least as often as Dr
Pentateuch - " In Deuteronomy 17:18-19, the king is required to "write him a Copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests, the Levites"; and Deuteronomy 31:9-11, "Moses wrote this law and delivered it unto the priests, the son of Levi," who should "at the end of every seven years read this law before all Israel in their hearing"; and Judges 11:15-27" Moses made an end of writing the words of this law in a book," namely, the whole Pentateuch ("the law," Matthew 22:40; Galatians 4:21), "and commanded the Levites
Dionysius, Pseudo-Areopagita - 827, when Michael the Stammerer sent a Copy to Louis le Débonnaire, son of Charlemagne
Ibas, Bishop of Edessa - Only three witnesses supported the accusation, and brought forward a Copy of the celebrated letter to Maris ( ib
Minister, Ministration - ...
In Luke 4:20 the ὑπηρέτης is the synagogue official called the hazzân, who during public worship ‘hands the Copy of the Scriptures to the reader, and receives it back from the hands of the man who has read the final lesson
Gratianus, Emperor - I desire you to send me a Copy of the same treatise, which you sent before Paul the Aged - Lest you might not be able to lay your hands on what Calvin says about Paul's books, I will Copy out the passage for you
Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint - " This has disappeared, but a Copy is preserved in a MS
Manicheans - The good God, in order to guard His boundaries, produced the Aeon Mother of Life, by whom the first or spiritual man was produced, together with the five elements, wind, light, water, fire, and matter, to carry on the struggle; which, however, are not identical with the actual elements, but are the elements of the higher world, of which the mundane and actual elements are a Copy framed by the Prince of Darkness, a view we find worked out by the Cathari of the 12th cent
Psalms of Solomon - The first edition of the Greek text was published in 1626 by John Louis de la Cerda; it was printed from a faulty Copy of a MS_ which is now in Vienna (V) and which is derived from H
Kings, the Books of - He gives chronological notes: 1 Kings 6:1 (the number 480 is a Copyist's error, (See CHRONOLOGY; JUDGES. The frequent reference to the Pentateuch accords with the interest Jeremiah was sure to feel in the discovery under Josiah of the temple Copy (Jeremiah 11:3-5 compare Deuteronomy 27:26; Jeremiah 32:18-21 compare Exodus 20:6; 2 Kings 21:10-16 Jeremiah 34:14 compare Deuteronomy 15:12)
Canon of the Old Testament - This may be due to the requirement of the Synagogue that the Copy in use should be perfect, and that any roll deficient in a word or letter should be suppressed, if not destroyed
Galatians, Epistle to the - Paul kept a Copy of his letters, he might well have elaborated his hastily sketched argument in Galatians into the treatise in Romans, at some little interval of time
Ebionism (2) - on Matthew 12:13); and on one occasion refers to a Copy of it which he himself had seen and translated as though he believed it to be the original Hebrew (ipsum Hebraieum) of St
Red Sea - And a Copy of these queries was left, also, for Bruce, to join his inquiries likewise; his observations on which are excellent: "I must confess, however learned the gentlemen were who proposed these doubts, I did not think they merited any attention to solve them
Sanctify, Sanctification - ...
(α) Sometimes sanctification is promised to those who Copy His example
Gospels - - They differ in language and details, so that the later cannot have been mere Copyists of their predecessors. Yet that Mark does not Copy Matthew appears from his restoring the true order of events before the Baptist's death, from which Matthew had departed to give prominence to the Sermon on the Mount and the apostolic commission, and to make less prominent the narrative, which is but one third of the whole
Assumption of Moses - In the next place, it is not the original Latin translation but a Copy, in which the Latin itself has been corrected and corrupted. In 11:2 the Copyist has misread ‘eum’ as ‘cum,’ and corrects ‘Monses’ into ‘Monse’ accordingly
Papyri And Ostraca - ...
Beginning then with Biblical MSS, and first of all MSS of the Hebrew Bible, we have in the Nash Papyrus a very ancient Copy of the Ten Commandments
Jeremiah - ...
The finding of the book of the law, the original temple Copy (See HILKIAH) exercised a palpable effect on his later writings
Inspiration - The only use which has been made of human agency in the book has been to Copy down with pen, ink, and paper what has been dictated by the Divine Spirit
Acts of the Apostles - Moreover, seeing that he was at least a man of great literary ability, it is remarkable that he was so clumsy as to retain the pronoun ‘we’ if he was a late writer Copying a 1st cent. Paul would be the last to have, as long as he was with him, a Copy of his correspondence
Jesus Christ - To be "in Christ," which occurs upward of 70 times in Paul's epistles, is not merely to Copy but to be in living union with Him (1 Corinthians 15:18; 2 Corinthians 12:2), drawn from Christ's own image (John 15:1-10)
Old Testament - This also was a ‘copy and shadow (ὑπόδειγμα καὶ σκιά) of the heavenly things,’ an earthly adumbration of the worship carried through in the eternal temple above (Hebrews 8:5)
Nestorian Church - "Then be judged by the Gospel," retorted Miles, placing his own Copy in the midst
Aristion (Aristo) - This, however, is unquestionably important, especially if, as Conybeare maintains, ‘it must have stood in the older Copy transcribed
Romans Epistle to the - Paul sent a Copy of the letter to Rome, adding ch
Noah - The Assyrian Copyists did not always know the modern representatives of the ancient forms of the characters in the original, so have left some in their obsolete hieratic form. The Assyrians used commonly to Copy Babylonian classics
Slave, Slavery - So also the Didache (4) exhorts Christian masters not to show harshness towards their slaves, ‘whose hope is in the same God,’ and slaves to submit to their lords as being a type, or Copy, of God
Gnosticism - The lower was but a shadow of the higher; still it was a Copy of it
Hermas Shepherd of - The aged lady again appears, and gives him a little book that he may Copy its contents and report them to the elect of God
Boyhood - No son of pious Jewish parents could Copy even the innocent side of these exercises (Brough, 76, 77)
Job - Elihu , who has been shown to be almost certainly the creation of another writer, is not by any means a Copy of one of the three
Apocalyptic Literature - This came first as an intimation that a Copy of a Slavonic version of the Ethiopic Enoch was in existence (Kozak in Jahrb
Personality - Indeed, ‘complete personality can be in God only, while to man can belong but a weak and faint Copy thereof, (Lotze, Outlines, p
Text, Versions, And Languages of ot - The available MSS of the Samaritan Pentateuch are considerably later than the earliest Massoretic MSS; nor is it probable that the Copy at Nâblus, though perhaps the earliest Samaritan MS in existence, is earlier than the 12th or 13th cent
Canon of the New Testament - ’ He regards Jude as ‘indisputably an extract or Copy from 2Peter
Gospels, Apocryphal - Jerome obtained from the Syrian Christians a Copy of this Gospel, which was written in Aramaic, and was used among the sects of the Nazarenes and Ebionites, by which two classes he probably meant the Palestinian Christians of the non-Pauline churches
Clement of Rome, Epistle of - Let those of you who are the occasion of strife, Copy his self-effacement (liv
Hilarius (7) Pictaviensis, Saint - Some apologetic notes, shewing much courtesy and gentleness, appended by Hilary to a Copy sent to Lucifer, were first published in the Benedictine ed
Augustine - One of his Christian countrymen, Pontinius, who held a high situation at court, having perceived a Copy of St
Old Testament (ii. Christ as Student And Interpreter of). - Take such a Copy of the Greek text as that of Westcott and Hort
John, Gospel of (Critical) - Luke, and is able to prove that Marcion’s Gospel is a mutilated Copy
Ambrosius of Milan - In the following year Gratian wrote a letter, preserved with those of Ambrose, in which he requests another Copy of that work, together with an additional argument upon the divinity of the Holy Spirit
Gregorius (51) i, (the Great), Bishop of Rome - With this pious lady, a zealous Catholic, Gregory kept up a highly complimentary correspondence, sending her also a Copy of his four books of dialogues
Hermas, Known as the Shepherd - In another vision, a year after, he saw again the lady and her book, and received the book to Copy, but still it conveyed no idea to his mind
Hippolytus Romanus - The rest of the work is mentioned by no extant writer, and but for the chance preservation of a single Copy in the East would have altogether perished
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch - The interpolator found it in his Copy, for it stands in all his epistles except that to Polycarp and in all the MSS
Eutyches And Eutychianism - He was a staunch upholder of the views and conduct of Cyril of Alexandria, who had even sent him, as a special mark of favour, a Copy of the Acts of the council of Ephesus, a
Confession - It consists of fourteen articles, of which the following is a Copy, taken from the Cambridge MSS, and bearing date A
Jews - For three years and a half, the time predicted by Daniel, the daily sacrifice was taken away, the temple defiled and partly destroyed, the observance of the law prohibited under the most severe penalties, every Copy burned which the agents of the tyrant could procure, and the people required to sacrifice to idols, under pain of the most agonizing death
Inspiration - It was therefore highly expedient, and even necessary, for the faith of future ages, that, beside those opportunities of information which the Apostles enjoyed, and that tried integrity which they possessed, their understanding and their memory should be assisted by a supernatural influence, which might prevent them from mistaking the meaning of what they had heard, which might restrain them from putting into the mouth of Jesus any words which he did not utter, or omitting what was important, and which might thus give us perfect security, that the Gospels are as faithful a Copy as if Jesus himself had left in writing those sayings and those actions which he wished posterity to remember
Synods - This they indignantly rejected, inasmuch as their predecessors, who attended the council of Sardica, left no record of it; and because the eastern patriarchs, whom they consulted on the occasion, not only disclaimed all knowledge of any such canon being in existence, but furnished their brethren with an exact Copy of the Nicene canons, among which the Sardican one was not to be found
Nestorius And Nestorianism - In 435 laws were enacted ordaining that the Nestorians should be called Simonians (their own name for themselves was Chaldeans); that the writings of Nestorius should be burnt; that all bishops who defended his opinions should be deposed; punishments were decreed against any one who should Copy, keep, or even read his writings or those of his supporters; and all meetings of Nestorians for public worship were rigorously proscribed
Pelagianism And Pelagius - He gave an account of the formal condemnation of Coelestius by the council of Carthage in 412, and mentioned that Augustine was writing a treatise in answer to a work of Pelagius, and read a Copy of the letter from Augustine to Hilary