What does Conaniah mean in the Bible?

Greek / Hebrew Translation Occurance
(כָּֽנַנְיָ֣הוּ‪‬) a Levite ruler in the time of Hezekiah. 1
(כָּֽנַנְיָ֙הוּ֙) a Levite ruler in the time of Hezekiah. 1
(וְ֠כָֽנַנְיָהוּ) a Levite ruler in the time of Hezekiah. 1

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   1 a Levite ruler in the time of Hezekiah.
   2 a Levite chief in the time of Josiah.
   Additional Information: Cononiah or Conaniah = “Jehovah has established”.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Conaniah
Whom Jehovah hath set, a Levite placed over the tithes brought into the temple (2 Chronicles 35:9 ).
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Conaniah
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Conaniah
CONANIAH . 1. A Levite who had charge of the tithes and offerings in the time of Hezekiah ( 2 Chronicles 31:12-13 ). 2. A chief of the Levites in Josiah’s reign ( 2 Chronicles 35:9 ); called in Esther 1:9 Esther 1:9 Jeconias .
Holman Bible Dictionary - Conaniah
(cahn uh ni' ah) Personal name meaning, “Yahweh has established.” 1. Levite in charge of collecting Temple offerings under King Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 31:12 ). 2 . He and other Levites contributed 5,000 sheep and goats and 500 bulls for Josiah's Passover offering (2 Chronicles 35:9 ). He may have been a grandson of 1. above.

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Jeconias - One of the captains over thousands in the time of Josiah ( 1E Esther 1:9 ); called in 2 Chronicles 35:9 Conaniah
Conaniah - Conaniah
Shemaiah - A Levite at Josiah's Passover (2 Chronicles 35:9); Conaniah his brother's name occurs in Hezekiah's time, as also Shemaiah, for the same names recur in different generations